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 ���*i \ * ���_     r "    -*"**      _rL' T    "   ���*>    *, J&?*iJ  DAILY EDITION   BY MAIL  FIVE DOLLARS A YEAR  *���*    r  if _  WEEKLY; EDITIONS BY; MAIL  TWO DOLLARS A YEAR  '���*- '_&,  V  *%.i  m  ���ef  '*�����  V*'  *vn4  -'-"-A  NINTH YEAR  &  V  1  iy; NELSON: MONDAY; MORNING EEBRHTAKY 11 1901  PRICE FIVE CENTS  LN.PBD'S  CABLEGRAMS  Tenders for the Issue of Ex-  -. chequer Bonds.  ROBERTS' WAR DISPATCHES  jt  A VOLUMINOUS BUDGET STOOKED  V      WITH MORALS.  Queen' Wilhelmina Will Probably Not  Visit England���Other European Gossip.  New York, February 10.���In a  dispatch dated London, 1 a. in.,  Isaac N. Ford, correspondent of tbe  New *- York Tribune, says : The  issue of exchequer bonds, for which  tenders ,will be opened on Monday,  will probably be the last addition  to the floating debt this'quarter of  the financial" year. There will be  more borrowing before July, but  on a larger scale andiu a more permanent , form of. national security.  The   new * issue "will probably be  ., taken on more favorable terms than  when the exchequer bonds 'were  offered in December,- as the interest  rates in the open market are lower,  - p.nd it is expected  that 'the entire  ^mount-V-��l 1,000,000 sterling���will,  be taken at short notice. '"' '' * .  American-banks' may obtain a  portion, but it vi*s_ considered, more  probable in flnanciarcircles that the,  entire issue will-be taken here.'-The  chancellor 'of the ' exchequer has  waited   until   there   is   an   easier  * money market and Jias, made/ f ult;  use of the borrowing powers with'  which he was armed by parliament.  Instead of applying two or. three  times for a subscription his financial  policy has - been safe rather than  brilliant "and has,, been adapted to  the convenience of the street rather  than the requirements of war time  with steadily increasing expenditures. ~   Lord Roberts' Telegrams.  Referring to _lord -Roberts' dispatches, the .correspondent says:  The official history of the war in  South Africa has been brought  down to August by the publication  of- the dispatches of lord Roberts,  general Buller, general Hunter and  general Baden-Powell. It is a voluminous budget, stocked with  -morals-and--strictures���which^-will-  provide experts with employment  for many months. Lord Roberts-  comments upon the Sannas post  reverse are ambiguous, but colonel  Broad is exempted from responsibility, while sir Henry Colville is  mildly .censured for indecision.  This is the main controversial point  covered by these dispatches. Otherwise lord Roberts' criticism is  mainly directed against the business side ,of' the military management.   '  He has adopted lord Kitchener's  view that there was no organized  transport service for South Africa  when he took command of the  forces, and that that greatly vaunted army service corps had gone to  pieces. Members of that branch of  the service have been reproaching  lord Kitchener since January last  year rfor interference with a well-  organized system, but they will  now have lord Roberts unequivocally against them. General-conclusions fairly based upon these  official reports are, first, that the  power of the fighting line of the  British army is as great as ever,  and, secondly, that the business  management of the various supply  services is as faulty as at the time  of the war in the Crimea. Lack of  mobility has been the chief hindrance to the progress of the British  arms in South Africa, and the business services are held accountable  for it in their" neglect to supply  horses and food systematically and  in good time.  Veterans in the service sarcastically comment upon lord Kitchener's  own failure in the course of twelve  months to provide a better substitute for- the army service corps.  The campaign is apparently dragging because nearly 200,000 soldiers  are needed for the protection of the  lines of communication and barely  more than 20,000' mounted men *are  ayailahle Y- for ,- active ^operations  against Boer commandoes, and they  are held up every fortnight because  their horses have given out and  cannot. be,.replaced. ?The_ week's  excursions .and alarms :tiav9 n��t  been exciting, but it is singular that,  at the close experts'should tile re-  peatinglttie^same old moral which  ' was heard after the occupation of  Bloemfontein and Pretoria,J that'  nothing,but the lack of 50,000 fresh  sblr^^Yprevents a < speedy close of  th^^^^feteSS'arfare.��       '.*,���,  -*���  pffi'ce -is* actively  emplSy^^mm^^j^pfiOOl fresh  troops, raam^^^^ted, to the  theater of war, in -ueglition to the  colonial levies already mustered,  rthe^e seems to be no guarantee that  "there 'will' be horses5 -in" sufficient  lumber's to enable 'the' cavalry -to  hunt down the Boers.  One of the most interesting requests for which parliament can ask  will 'relate - to' the purchases �� bf  horses for the use. of the army in  the'field. ��� * It will reveal a blundering facility for buying horses which  are only fit for three weeks' service  in South Africa.  Bishop Hurtzell, whq���has been in  Londonfor. ten-* days, sailed '."today  for South'Africa to resume mission  work for the Methodist Episcopal  church. The bishop' is an ardent  supporter of the British cause in  South Africa .which, he identifies  withy the   'interests     of-   higher  civilization.   ' *"  - ,   n   y,   ..  y . Chamberlain's Policy.  j Referring tp the reported, change  of^Mr.cClmmberlain'sSouth*African  policy, Mr. Ford says : Mr. Cham  berlain has been annoyed by  unfounded and.fantas.ic report that  he has been in consultation with sir  William" Harcourt and Mr. Morley  with a view' of making proposals to  the Boers for bringing the war to a  close. The denials which* have come  from Birmingham were -hardly  needed. General Kitchener- is the  only peacemaker in sight 'and' the.  [progress of his negotiations witli'  infantry battalions ".and mounted  forces is imperceptible.    '.      ' o  HE HAS MADE NO MISTAKES  EDWARD  VII   SEEMS  INTEREST  IN   HIS'  ' TO 'TAKE  WORK.'  A  <���  an  Discredits the Rumor.     ,  ** * i -  Mr.   Ford   discredits the  rumor  that queen .Wilhelmina intends''  visiting England. . He says: A continental rumor that queen Wilhel-  mina and duke Henry' will visit  England this spring is not credited  here. There is probably no war-'  rant for ttie, current, report that  queen Wilhelmina wrote a letter to  queen Victoria on the subject of  the Boer war which excited' the re-*  sentment of the1 royal' family,-but  her own subjects would not be  pleased if she were to decide to  make a journey torEngland.     _   -  Jefifries-Ruhlin Fight.        \ \  Cincinnati, Ohio, February 10.���  Notwithstanding the proceedings in  court here and the attitude-of���the  government at the state capital,  this has been a busy day with the  sporting men in Cincinnati. All  the visiting and local sports are expressing their opinion as to the two  men. They generally pick Jeffries,  although they concede that Ruhlin  is in better condition.' They will  go through .their regular , practice.  Monday. They will slacken" their  exercise Tuesday, and still more on  Wednesday, doing very little on  Thursday. They, rest on Friday.  As the preliminary bouts between  Childs and Martin for 10 rounds is  not to be called till 9 o'clock Friday  evening it nifty be late when -Jeffries and Ruhlin enter the "ring for  their 20 rounds. Meantime there is  much anxiety over the decision of  judge Hollister and the action of  governor Nash.  It will be known in a day or two  whether judge Hollister will grant  a permanent injunction against the  contest on the ground of a public  nuisance, but the promoters do riot  know what the governor will do or  when he will do it. While the  mayor with his permit promised a  force of police to maintain order, it  is known , that the police will not  protect the event to the extent of  offering any resistance to the military, which is said to have received  marching oiders for Friday evening. - There has been considerable  talk today about postponing the  contest. -If judge Hollister shall  allow the injunction on Tuesday,  the defendants will at once appeal  to the superior court and if they  lose in that intermediate'court they  will carry the case to the supreme  court, which does not sit again till  February 19th. If- this course is  pursued the contest may be postponed from one to two weeks.  jThe King-May Visit GettatayMccom-  3    ponied .^Alexandra, Afte^Par-^  (. i  if  liament Has Opened.  .'ir- j  i c  ���London/ February'-10.���The Trib--  une correspondent, in1."discussing  the.opening acts of (the, reign of lhe  V.'*5'W"* >   '    ->    '      '^*i'.       "-��:���       -ai  king, says:  There is an impression that  the-opening acts of the hew reign  'are colored' by .the 'king!* popularity, but"it is? evident-that no>mis-  takes have been made, and that he  is taking a hearty interest in his  work and employs large, reserves of  tact for the right thing ih'therigtit'  way.      :     '       -,,''' ".   -  A largely attended' meeting of  the privy council was held at Marlborough house today for clearing  off the arrears of state business and  making arrangements for the opening of parliament _next week with  unwonted pomp and splendor. If  the - king shares the _ feeling of  apprehension .entertained, by other  sovereigns respecting^the -risks incurred'in the public appearances of  royalty he conceals "it bravely and  does not neglect ithe duties which,  are'.imposed by tradition*;"; *\j [ ��'- ,*���;  His* marcti>to\ -Westminster will  be conducted in great state and the  ceremonies there will be attended  mainly" "by 'the ^ privileged .class.  , Peeresses t and peers'Y. sons' rare ^already, booked for ^ the'best places  WjVestminster and'there will be a  musterTof"smart society,in the(galr,  leries of both House's. "YIt, is rumored  ,that the king; will, pay 'a visit to  "(Gerniany to "seer'ttie" empress Frederick''as ' 'soon'' as '- parliament has  'been"openedand1 "queen Alexandra  may' accompany' him.- The king  will'probably be entertained by the  German1 emperor before -his return  to England.       ";"   "t  While the plans of the king for a  foreign journey > are, uncertain, the  intelligence that ttie duke of Cornwall and York'.will go to Australia  'and Canada 'and carry out ttie  original'program for opening ttie  first parliament, of ^ ttie new commonwealth-lias caused great satisfaction. _The' announcement ' is  satisfactory proof that ttie alarming  reports about the^ duke's * declining  health' and , increasing feebleness  had bsen unfounded. His ~ (visit to  Australia' is regarded as a state  event of great importance in stimulating enthusiasm for.the imperial  federation. The'duke's title will  probably be' changed" to prince of  Wales about the time of his arrival  .in tlie south seas,  and delicate than any legislation'  respecting army reform or the increased burden of f domestic _taxa_  .tion.7* Lawyers are stilf quibbling  over the" technical ^points;inyolved  in the bad drafting, of ttie law of  1807 dispensing with, the necessity'  for   the   election   of-English and  Welsh members of parliament after'  the  death of  the   sovereign, but,  leaving the Scotch, Irish-and uni-?f  versity members in a state of sua-.'  pense.      r ,    > ?  '   Close, constructionists aver that a;  fresh amendment to the act will be  , required within six months for the.  purpose of clearing the titles of all**  but the English'members from the'  fcloud. T There will be many changes'  iri' the   personnel   of the English!  court in accordance with the king's'  accession,    but    he & is    ordering-  changes slowly and contenting him-'  -self forfttie riiomeht' with' distributing reward) and honors among the  old servants of the queen.  WEEK'S SHIPMENTS OF ORE  t ABOUT  FIVE  WERE  HUNDRED  RECEIVED.  TONS  At   the "Hall   Mines   Smelter-  ' .Amount   Increasing   Weekly-  The ..Producing ^Properties.  -The  Still Undecided.  '; London, , February 10.���With  reference to the.report that the  'duke, of Connaught1 would be appointed commander-in-chief of the  British forces in India it is asserted  here by inbuiry in^official quarter's  that nothing definite has yet been  decided' as^to^ his..1 future .military  status, y *y-   ',--:>/  DEWET MAKES AN ATTACK  v*5  HEAVY FIGHTING AT TABAKAS-  BERO- MOUNTAIN,  .at  The allowances and financial arrangements made by Edward Vilas heir to the throne will continue  until six months after his accession,  but parliament will be required at  the present session to order a fresh  settlement respecting the crown  lands and hereditary revenue and  the civil list must be sanctioned in-  return for thejargeincoine.'"      * ;  All society journals take it for  granted that there will be a marked  transition from the queen's court  in retirement to a luxurious king's  in the metropolis of English millionaires. ,The plutocracy which  the old landed interests vainly,  sought to establish as social barriers  is now coming in with a rush, if  these mentors can be be belief ed,  and the state functions at Buckingham Palace will be the- most brilliant in the world, as befits the  richest capital of the greatest empire.  Social croakers are sounding a  warning against the coming triumphs of spurious* smartness, and  are asserting that the king needs deliverance most of all from the flatterers aud adventurers surrounding  him. The king certainly has known  more about 'the' real character of  English society than the lamented  queen ever understood, and if- his  memory gives him useful service  and he has strength of mind for readjusting social balances, his court  may. not lose dignity as it becomes  more brilliant.  The annuities granted to the heir  to the throne and the members* of  his family will also be determined.  This is not included in the schedule  of important business for which the  leaders of the government and op- [  position are summoning their followers, but it will be more complex I  Major-v Crewe'"'Witti*. a': Force^of _ Only  700'Stan'ds Off the|E_emy-r-0om- 7'7i  7:% plimehtediby"Kitchener.    <  " .  ^-'tz.-.-jj-st. ' _____J_____i' -    t't.-   -'   r  I ^~       '���I J"** < ���   '^-"    " <.r,>-J '   a.- -  J   .  x EXsT'__bNDON,^Cape|Colony/ February -lO.yDetails have, been  ceivedl here of severe ,fighting  - - v.��   ./ij j'. v -'. \      * * ��~"  Tabakasberg mountain,'forty miles  east of the railway and about? mid-  way between Deel and^Bloemfon-  - teiri." ��� Major Crewe, with a^compos-  ite column traveling southwest,  sighted the, mountain on the morning of January , 31st. He ,heard  heavy firing and knowing that  colonel Pilcher's column was on the  other side of the mountain, he concluded*: that this officer .was in ac-  tion.Y Consequently he hurriedfor-  ward only to meet the Boers streaming down and evidently retiring  from colonel Pilcher's lyddite shells.  Immediately Maj or Crewe brought  three 15-pounders and a pompom  to bear on the Boers who, however,  were found to be so numerous1 that  it.was impossible to head them off.  Orders were 'given to' return to  c&mp, about two mileB from tlie~  mountain. The column rested until 4 in ttie afternoon, when the  march was resumed southwest.  Major Crewe was just touching the  southern point of the mountain  when a terrific rifle fire opened  from a large force of' Boers who  were in ambush on the mountain.  The- fight soon became general.  The Boers outnumbered the British  five to one and were attacking  them ou both flanks and the rear.  The British pompom jammed  and became useless. Major Crewe  grasped the situation and by a brilliant movement got the convoy  into a safe position. -��� Between 7  and 8 in the evening the Boers  charged the position and turned  both flanks. .The British ammunition became exhausted and major  Crewe was obliged to retire and  abandon the pompom after the advance party had endeavored to  save it and had sustained severe  losses. A rearguard action was  fought by major Crewe into the  camp where the wagons had been  laagered. He personally superintended the retirement, the Boers  harassing him throughout.  .Entrenchments were thrown up  during the night. When morning  came major Crewe started to join  general Knox 12 mile's southwest.  The Boers immediately reattacked  him, compelling him to fight a rear  guard action a second time for a  few miles. General Dewet personally commanded the Boers, estimated at 2500. Major Crewe's force  was only 700. Eventually the British officer joined general Knox and  returned to Bloemfontein. Lord  Kitchener has highly complimented  major Crewe upon the , achievement.  The shipments of ore to the Hall  .Mines smelter during the past week  are as large, if not larger,' than they  >were the preceding , one.     During.  the'first part of the'.week "the- re-'  ceipts were a little light,1 but at the  close they'came in' stronger." The  , receipts..' amounted   to about ' 500;  'tons. , .  The week sawshipmentsresunied  from' the Iron'King property at  Slocan'Junction, owned by Messrs.  Devlin'& Teetzel of this city._ This  ore is .being, used for  fluxing pur-"  poses'and the property has- oriljr  lately been opened up., Two weeks  ago'the first shipments were made,  but owing to difficulties operations'  were , suspended for several, days.  This week about 100 tons were sent,  in, and it is expected that this rate  will be kept' up.     Before iron ore  -could' be   obtained at   home ���the  smelter.comp'any was forced to look  to the iron properties situated near"  Kamloops for its supply, but during,  the past week-only one twenty-five  ton car has been received from that  district.;; It is thought that in the  near   future the > quantity of  ore  taken. from, .the Slocan properties  will be large enough to meet the de-'  mand < arid that there will be no  further shipments made from Kamloops. ' ��� .This��� newJlenterprise Yaids;  greatly, iii .keeping Jdown, ,ttie���jex��  penses of the smelter company arid  when it once**-becomes "'thoroughly-  "established it is thought' it/will-'be  wholly patronized not only: by the,  Nelson   sriielter^'but 'by",all >the  sinelters.of the1B6undary,country._  , -.The^rlirigton'on Springer creek  sent 'iri. vthe/..Jarge9t;,quantity,Y-the.  amount being over 100,tons.   Ttie  shipments from, this property were  larger than they were the week before." The next in line was the Slocan Sovereign, also situated, in the  Slocan district.   The ore received  from there was 80 tons or over.  .This was a considerable   increase  over that "of  the previous week.-  -The Queen Bess continues to make  as large shipments-as  ever, having  sent in about 80 tons. This amount  came' in   three  shipments.   From  the American, Boy about 40 tons  were' shipped.   The, receipts from  the Hewetf property, near Silver-  ton, were lighter,' but no reason is  assigned.  ,    The consignment   received from there was only 25 tons,  which   is   half   or .less   than   the  amount previously sent.       Some-  cate of this city will be. held at the  board, of trade rooms; at .8 ^ o'clock  tomorrow afternoon. The election  of officers for the ensuing year will  take'place and the reports of the  auditors ;and, consulting engineer  will be reaiJ. 'The only**property  that the company has been developing^ the Imperial group,, on* Fish  creek in theYLardeau district. * The  work on this group has been exceedingly satisfactory and it'is expected that engineer Gracey will  present a good report,   jj,       < \   ^  . Secured an,Option.  ' L.j A": Thurston; a'well known"  'mining man of this city, has just  x taken an option on the Iron Horse  group, situatedsnear the. city limits  of ,t_lo3sland, which he will turn  over to an English company at an  early, date. Mr. Thurston returned  from Itossland Saturday evening,"  arid in speaking of the deal he said  that he had secured the option on  the property for $150,000' from the  Iron Horse Cold-Copper Mining.  Coriipany. This amount is to. be  'paid in two installments of, $75,000  "each! within a year.  The new company^ will send an  'engineer to\examine the property  at,once,*and if his' report is 'favorable the bond will be taken up at  once. A considerable' amount of  development has been done on the  property. '* A'tunnel about 500 feet  long has been run and two,-shafts  have been sunk to,fa considerable  depth. Large rich bbdiesv bf ore  have been- uncovered.') Considerable  ore has been shipped from the property and ttieVgmelter 'returns obtained were from $25 to $30 per  ton in gold values. The mine > is  well equipped with machinery, consisting of a seven drill compressor,  eighty horse-power engine and a  hoist to the capacity, of  tif  wmsm  *     DISPATCHES  Unsuccessful Attack  y      British Column.  on a  ���VA'  BOERS EXCEEDINGLY BITTER  BOTHA HAS AN ARM7 OF SEVEN  ?J  THOUSAND.  v  ' -a'-  He Attacks Smith Dorien's  .   but Is Repulsed After j Severe  y Fighting���The'Losses.   "  Column;^ ^  '���.ut_S|  v  ���<���  _*���*%  -*���   J *   ���*."���*  YESTERDAY'S 'NEWS   IN  1000a, feet;  -'v   "a  BRIEF.  Londqn, February 11.���The war^^ '- ,J  office, hast received yhis,.dispatch�� " ' ^  from lord Kitchener, commander-^: vV;  in-chief in South-Africa: PretoriaA 7  February 9.���The columns working^ Jti,Jt  eastward; occupied Ermelow.-Feb-  ruaryv6tti "with,-slight  times these smaller properties hold  their ore until there is a large  amount on hand and then send it  in one big shipment. These are all  the properties in the. Slocan district that shipped during the week,  but there are several others that  make occasional shipments. It is  expected that this week the receipts will be considerably increased. *    '  The consignments of ore from the  mining district to the east of Nelson are just as large as they have  been for some time past. Frpm the  Molly Gibson, although work was  suspended there early in the week,  00 tons were sent in. There is still  at the property a large quantity of  ore ready to ship, but no further  consignments will be made until  operations are resumed. About 80  tons were received from the Silver  Hill on Crawford bay. The greater  portion of this was brought down  yesterday by the steamer .Kokanee.  It is probable that the shipments  from there will increase as time  goes on "owing to the working force  at the property having just been  increased. From Moyie the shipments have totaled about 80 tons  and the greater portion of it came  from the Society Girl. The St.  Eugene is in this section also, but  the ore taken from this property is  sent elsewhere.  A large amount of coal and coke  is also being shipped through this  port. The supply is principally for  the smelters in the Boundary country which are now under construction and are about ready to  begin operations.  ' '  The Annual Meeting.  The general annual meeting of  the Imperial Development Syndi-  ���; McNiCH.���Professor Maxi^ori Pet-^  tenko'fer, Ihe^distinguislied- German'  chemist, committed*��� suicide 'today  by^shooting himself in a,fit of depression^ f.-r fPvL "gt--s -, ^ j. v-y  *; LiSBON.^Portugal," it~ is alleged^'  is preparirig'to "send troops "to aid;  the British in South Africa.Y: King  Charles will remain- in .London.uri-  'tirtomSrfWy; ; y^-y'yy:":  ' St. PETERSBURG.yOfliciai advices,  from the governor'of* Batuke.the'  scene of the recent naphtha fires,  says thec total loss-of life was 17,  and the, loss of property will not  exceed 1,200,000-roubles.  LoNnoN.���Sir niram Maxim, who  once considered American citizenship superior to any foreign decoration or patent of nobility, was'  yesterday invested with the insignia of the order of knighthood.  Boston.���Three persons dead,  five others, badly injured and a  financial loss of $2500 is a summary  of the damage caused by a fire that  occurred in a four-story brick  dwelling on Harrison street early  this morning.  ���Washington.���Colonel Albert D.  Shaw, member of congress from the  Twenty-fourth district of New  York, was found dead on the floor  of his room at the Biggs house at  10 o'clock this morning. Death  was due to apoplexy.  Shanghai.���It is reported here  that the empress dowager yielding  to foreign pressure has allowed emperor Kwang Su to resume the reins  of government. A dispatch from  Pekin asserts that all the fortified  passes beyond tbe territory held by  the allies are being garrisoned by  the Chiuese and that Boxers are reentering Pekin secretly.  Montreal. ��� D. W. Campbell,  Canadian manager of the Elder-  Dempster line, today received a  cablegram from Jones, managing  director of the line, saying that  Canada would never receive justice  until it has -an independent marine  insurance. Jones offered to subscribe for ��50,000 of stock in a  Canadian company if satisfactorily  arranged.   Otis Explains.  New York, February 10.���General Otis was asked today what he  thought about the letter of the  Chinese minister, Wu Ting Fang,  declining to attend the dinner of  the Genesee society because general  Otis forced the Chinese exclusion  act in the Philippines. General  Otis replied:  "The Chinese came piling over  into the Philippines in such numbers that the Filipino merchants  got scared and rushed to me, beseeching me to keep the Chinese  out altogether. I had to do something to keep the peace with the  Filipino merchants, so I let in those  already aboard vessels in the harbor and kept all the rest out."  families * passed through^Ei'melow_���  .ony] their .way *io Amsterdam, < aiuljS;  large quantities of. stock are being!'  ���j, * ~ -   . ���" ..        -j ii- 'a.**' ya  driven east. _ A* peace delegate,uu-��;  "deV5" sentence' *of death, and ' other ����x  prisoners were -'taken" away bVthey  j,*-_r   _ _ $i*^. "   j%* 7Tj*f V o~  Boers. - Air reports show that��tl;~*'  Boers areexceedingly.bitter.xFifty^".-^,;������ iiH  Boers surrendered^: .-.�� =S_ _�����. 9t ->*& AL^sj.^.m  Boers surrendered.?; ;�� S ��f, z. f*  ��* Louis ���  Botha-4with  men'-  attacked general Smitti-Dorien''ntrlY-<?jyj^  Orange camp, Bothwell,^at~ 3. &.mfi .-*  February^ Oth^'^He'^ was> repulsed,-, ^  after v ^severe-^flghtirig.y^General*-; *','*,*  Spruit^ was^killed, .general I&nde-vv  riieyer.was'v severely ^wbim^ed^two ^ . .  fieldjeornets ;were killed and-twenty"  P$  '?J?M.  of thfe Boer dewi-, were .left,'in' our--  hands/ __ 'Mariy-^JwereV ' severely'  wounded. y_Oiir 'q&ualties* 'were,24  killed and^58 wounded;" -> '! *-' t '.*,>  .Our movement to ttie 'east -is-re- .  ported to tiave.ttiorougtily,upset all >;  the enemy's calculations and created  a-regular panic in the district.,    <  '   Christian Dewet; appears to bo -  crossing the line ,south of Magers-'.  fontein road to the west this morning, having failed to effect a' crossing by the drifts'east bf Bethulia. *"  ''   In Cape Colony Calvinia;has been -  occupied   by colonel   Delisle, ,Yiho7  entered February Oth,  the enemy  retiring towards Kenhardt. Colonel  Haig is driving the'Midland'com- '  mando northward past Aberdeen./  Lord Raglan, under secretary ��� of  state_for_war, informecLthelcorreSi^  pondent of the Associated Press today that general sir Evelyn Wood '  is going to South Africa and' that  no peace commission is contemplated. "The report as to a peace  commission is false from beginning  to end," he said, "the policy of the  government is the very opposite of  what would' prompt such a _ step.  Troops, not peace commissioners, '  are going to South Africa.") It. is  also understood that sir Evelyn  Wood is less likely than any. other  high officer to be chosen for important special duties, as tie is now  so deaf that his retirement is only a  question of a short time.  The Force Against Dewet.  London, February 11.���The Cape  Town correspondent of the Times,  wiring yesterday and giving a general outline of the British offensive  operations, says: The British force  directed against Christian Dewet's '  commando includes seven columns  under Knox, Hamilton, Maxwell,  White, Pilcher and Crewe. They  hoped to force Dewet upon the  British forces concentrated ou the  Orange river.  The Boers, under cover of a detached commando, swung westward  and captured a pompom from major Crewe, and by crossing the railway between Springiontein and  Edenburg evaded the British concentration. Dewet is now probably  in the Philopopolis district, and  this probably accounts for the  northwesterly movement of the  Boers in Cape Colony. The latest  proclamation issued by Dewet and  Steyn closes thus: "I shall now enter Cape Colony to give tbe farmers  there a taste of what we have ourselves suffered through this war."  s    -_  ��� s<VI  ' f-l^'l  St'*}'* I  MX  *&** i  -_* ���wflCneuarasjssKxaKBSi!^  ��Ml.-la-<i-rtu>_iU ��!>w*>iU*ftrff--:  fc-^A-rt--__-i---  SE-SSSS  sees  THE TRIBUNE: JtfELSON  U)AY, FEBRUARY  w  ib  ib  ib  ib  ib  ib  ib  ib  ib  ib  ib  m  ib  HAVE YOU HAD ON THE SIDEWALK��  DURING THE PAST FEW' DAYS? $  ib  ************************ i��  IF YOU HAD WORN A PAIR OF QUR&l  * Rubber Soled Shoes ... .. ��  YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN PERFECTLY ib  SAFE.    CONSIDER THESE PRICES:      $  Men's. Rubber., Soledi Boots-/ in   Black   and Tan,  price $6.00, Snap at $4.50.  Men's   Rubber  Soled   Boots,,vin   Black   and Tan  price- $5.50, Snap at $4.16.  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Some newspapers,  argue . that   a , charter. should be  granted to the United States .rail-,  ��� way promoters-in order that the  tonnage tax which the Crow's Nest-  Pass Coal Company pays might be"  swelled.   That this tax would be  increased there is little doubt,  but  what would it amount to-when set  againstythe���-depreciated values,  created by the stifling of the  smelting industry of the province.  The smelting industry is more to  British Columbia than a dozen  collieries such as that at Fernie.  Tub "Victoria Times suggests that  " Jim" Hill should be granted an:  entrance into Southeast Kootenay  because he does not seek a subsidy  of any kind. This is not putting  the matter fairly. In the first  place the projected road into the  United States could not be built  * without a Dominion charter, and in  the second place if a Dominion  charter were granted it would  carry at least the usual subsidy of  so many thousand dollars per mile.  What Canadians are asked to do is  to subsidize a railway which has for  its object the building up of United.  States smelter centers at the expense of British Columbia smelting  points. '   As the result of a series ,of deals  the railroads of the United' States  are now controlled by six men���J.  Pierpont .Morgan,. James   J.  Hill,  John D._ Rockefeller, E. IL Harriman, W. K. Vanderbilt and George  J. Gould.    These six men now control    railways   which . in    extent  would girdle the��� earth two and a  half times, and have-control of suf-,  ficient money to fight the United-  States wars   if   necessary.   Of all'  the railways qf, the United States,  there are but three important lines  remaining independent of the great  pooiy These-/are   the   Chicago- &  Gtreat Western; the [Rock .Island,'  the Atchison... and the, 'Burlington.  As,_ the   result of'this great deal  there no .longer remains ..rival rail-  ways in;th#.great .republic, and for  the-f uture the -merchants and1 business men of 'the United-States will  tie "forced'-.to. accept such rates as  these _ six   men   shall   dictate.   In  [Wall street this  result.is known.as.  the "harmonizing" of the railway,  interests of the- republic.   One of  its effects'hasbeen^that no one can  travel from New,,York to any'point,  in '-the   western,, states,, without,  paying the price .-fixed- by, the .six  men who control' the railway, situation, and merchants cannot ship to  -the-west-without^payingsuchirates  as   these   six   men may at   their  pleasure set. v In short, it is a case  where   six men   hold up   the-70,-  000,000    people    who    make'  up  the    population   of    the    United  States.   British   Columbia' unfortunately   is     interested   .in    the  movements   of    this*, great,. combine because one of its prime movers  has singled out Southeast Kootenay  for. future operations.   He sees in  British Columbia, with  its   great,  wealth in coal and(other minerals, a  promising field for the,feeding of  the great railway   trust.   He desires in the outset to tap the coal  reserves at Fernie, and whenr the.  output of the collieries is controlled,  to dictate terms to the smelting  and mining interests of British Columbia;, and strange as it may seem  there are newspapers in   Eastern  Canada which say that no barrier  should be placed in   the. way of  securing railway competition such  as offered.by the greatest railway  trust in,the'history, of.the world.  One Million Taels.  New York, February 10.���A dis-.  patch to the Herald; from Pekin  says:   The family of Lu-Sen, minister of foreign affairs,   who was  executedtby the. empress dowager  because he would not sanction the,  anti-foreign movement, have lodged  a,complaint with the international  government    of   Pekin,   charging  bjahopFavier, .who. is now^in; France,  with looting theip. houses of. moneys  andVjvaluabJea, to. an. aggregate, of,  l,000,000,taelfl (about' $700,000) on,  the day after the siege was raised."  stiPREMf couiff ansisssa  {   *     lite Case Before-It Today.    .  The supremecourt which has been  in session here since last Tuesday  will be resumed at 11  o'clock this  morning.   -The first case to come up  will.be that of .Fawcett vs. C. P. R;  in which the plaintiff is  suing for  damages owing to the death of the  late-Mr. Fawcett. who died.f rom in-  juries received,   while, braking   a  train at Robson.    It is of special  interest and will- undoubtedly occupy several days.   For tha. defend-,  -ant there are ten  witnesses,  while'  there are nearly as many for the  plaintiff: This is a special jury case  and those who have been summoned  to serve in this capacity are Arthur  "R. Sherwood, Fred"'Burnett, Harry  .Bird,.Grange.V. Holt,.A* G. Gamble,  Hugh-R.  Cameron,, P. Lamont, P.  -Griddle, ' Hamilton   Byers,   James1  ^Lawrence, H.Y J." Evans,' G. D. Curtisy-  Thomas-Allen, Richard., W. Day, T.>  G. Procts.and C. W. West-  '- - From 10:30 to 11-, Mr. Justice 1&-  ~ving_will hold a session of chambers,  -before which there is a large list  tof applications to come.  At Saturday's session, an unusual  .event occurred in connection1 with  rthe case of Briggs vs. Newswarjdei;.  .On.being examined foi* discovery  the defendant refused to answer  .certain questions. The solicitor for  the plaintiff asked for an'order requiring the: defendant" to answer  the questions and to. attend' court  ..at his own expense, or in the alternative have his, defence struck out;  The order was.granted.  On Saturday afternoon the case  of Brackman &   Ker' vs. ��� Oppen-  ���-heimer, which had been before the  .court for three days, was completed'  and the plaintiff'was allowed $1270  .damages.  '  Pat. Man. Turned.  J Some young men, bantering Doc  Boyd, said':'" "If all* flesh is'/grass,-  'you must'be a-load-of hay."'"  Y, "I' suspect- I   am,"   replied';- tie,  from ttie way the asses are-nibbling  -*a_-*"-~��l-7''(    . ,%      ������   ,. ���*-- r *    "* .  at me. ������ _. ���. ������_  to  to  w  to  m  to:  to  to  to  to  to<  m  to  to  fun aixiuxinxiTiii'ifiiiiiiiTixx--ui-m  *   Ladies'- Misses'-and-  , Children's Under-muslina  at Unheard of Prices  ���������- �����_���-   >J   , * _^  '��� ' TSTtmtWWCTTTTrtTTT  TH.  Embroideries,  Wash Laces and Dome-tics  Greatly Seduced. . >  Hmnilllimimnrmimi -a-��  f |N DAYS SALE OF LADIES' WWITEWE^R  FOR TEN DAYS. WE WILL OFFER, A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF WHITEWEAR ATJ       -..--'  THIS LINE INCLUDES  * " i  La.cUe��!> Nightdresses, 75 ^cehts to .$&.00       s    ; ;  Corset .Gov.eFS, 20 cents to $1.7:5,  Lac(e dt\d Embroidered Underskirts;.75 cents to, $12.00  .p,  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  I  ^^-White-'Cambric Muslin, Nainsooks?. Victoria Lawn, India Linens, White and Colored ty\  ft\ Organdies, Dimities, Fancy Muslins, Plain and Dotted Swiss and Piques f��\  to  ";V-' ' , . ���' "������;���       ��  to The balance of our Winter Stock of Ladies' Tailor-made Costumes, to  to Jackets, Gapes and Skirts at Reduced; Prices to  to '  - ' - '    - . (fV  KOOTEISIAY;..,;.  :'.. coffee; eo.  "************************f  '-\  .    Coffee Boasters -  '". ^o"ln Tea and Coffeey     y  *************&?****'*****.  ..   We are offering at lowest prices the best  frades of Ceylon, Iudia, CBIna and Japan '  'eas.     ' *��� , . J   '  -Our Bes1, Mocha and Java Coffee, per,  pound $40  Mocha and Java Blend,~3' pounds    1 00  . Choice Blend Coffee, i pounds ...'...   1 00,  Special Blepd Coffee, G pounds    1 00  Rio Blend Coffee, 6 pounds    .   1 00  - Special Blend Ceylon Tea, per pound     30  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  KOOTENAY, COFFEE. GO.  Telephone 177.  P. 0. Box* 182.  WEST BAKER' STREET, NELSON.  to  to  to  7** H IK TFT!  TTTTaiiirayT���ryrrTT'  . Our-Winter .Millinery ^  Must be Cleared up in  Order, to Make Eoom'for  Spring-Styles.    -  Fred Irvine & Co.  Baker Street, Nelson, B. C.  riiiiiliiiiimil��mnim-tTTiTTi-Tn  Furs   - |  We are Letting go B  at.Prices to Suit the _  Buyer             - |  to  to  to  m  m_v_\_��1____f ���*  ^^  ^^     -     -     -    ��� ______*    "-*    ^     ^  ^___^ s ^     __.    _, ^^ j * *-�� w_*B__*i  ^_^^____" &^ * 0^ *j__^ * r_W_\_ *i__x   * (______ **^__Y   * *_5l    *0���^ * i__x_  *i__Z  * 4^__l   *1^f * _^f *��_^z   * a^^ * *.^___S *   _j^> ^^^. ���J^^^# *^^_k *^2^ftk*_^___^ V^____k*^5__S- *.^^___>*.^___S * ___Bfc* ^^^ * .^^fe * ^___K *^^____t ^9l^^W  ^^*^S^* ^l'!l!^^ *^fck * ^-^^ *^b^ * ^''^ *^E^* ^kk *^___rr* ^^ *^E^* ^^^ *^tok ��� ^^k *^5k* ^^^ * * ������& * i���&* __B^ * 00* A���0 * 00* _W0 * ____^*^i__f * ^__^" 00 * 00* 00 * 00* _^0 * 0^^_\^0  wmw  821 to SU.Baker.Stn��t.^Nelaon  AmwioAn/wid^Europejuif Plant.  MEALS  CENTS  /,  THOMPSON & DOUGLAS  VietoPia Street.  ���  PAINTERS  Decoratora - and  Paper. Hangers.  Dr. Morrison, Dentist, has removed to his  now odlces in tbo K-W-C blook.  WE HAVE  Improved . Incandescent  Mirror Globe, Lamps  Now in Stock. They  Improve. Electric Light  Fifty-  per,  cent.  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY  & CONSTRUCTION CO.  Nelson, .B. C.  The Cabinet Cigar Store  G. B. MATTHEW, Proprietor.  Headquarters for  "CARAMEL"   "POMMERY"  "SMILAX"   "VIRGIN   GOLD"  Smoking and Pipes.  MUSIC.  Mra. D. B. Mnrray, graduate in vocal and Instrumental .music.-fa now prepared'to rooolvo  pupils for instruction in* voice oulturo, Italian  method* also piano andoHgan.  ^^^^^iffi��1^  AND  IS.CKNTa TO. 91  QUEERS HOTEfc  -   .���     BAKER BTRKBT. NglaBOK..  Lighted by Electricity and MeaXs.  ed with Hot.Air.-  iAige. comfortable - bedroom*. > and - flrsVolaat  dining-room. Bample rooms^for eommercUl men.  , RATES S2 PERDAY;  N|rs. E. C. Clarke, Prop,       __,.*_ Qg THB BOY,- HOTEX. 0-XOABT  ���  ' ��� "' ���*"���    "~- ���^���'   ���'   ��� '   " ' (  ffladden House ^SS^SSS1  The onb liotel In Nelaon that hat remained,"  under one managementalme 1880a_     ...___  Tha bed-rooms are veil furnUhed and Usbtea  by eleotrloltf ���  The bar Is always atooked^ the bert dom an  Uo and Imported liquors end olgart.  THOMAS M-J*tPBiW.,PH��l��totw��  SLOCAN JUNCTION HOTEL  '    J. H. MoMANUS, .Maniser,'  Kelson Saw and Planing IVjills  i :V -   y.Iimtted./        .,'; "~-  CHARLE8, HILLYER, / HARRY/ HOUJSTON,. ;\  Presidents and,. General.Manager...   _      . Secreta^-Treasurer  T    All.Qommunication8rto baiaddressed.to.eitlier of,the,above..  d        ���< n*   * J-      f-t        r   ti, _______r *'*1 t ���        _        t ,   .      -.   t ^ ^      _.   ��   * - _��� ,      ,     v  We are; prepared to Furnish . Y ��� ^   .  by Rail', Barare or Teams a  <;;. DIMENSION LUMBER , -"  :  '_' ROUGH: and, DRESSED LUMBER      '  LOCAL andrCOAST CEILING^  LOG Ah <md\C0AST FLOORING'  z DOUBLE-DRESSED COAST CEDAR  1 RU&TIC;:SHIPLAP,. STEPPING*.   >  BINEjmdLuCEDAR CASINGS :~  d00r jambs, window,stiles .   -.**  .     turned; work, band-sawin&   -  brackets;;neweL:.pqsts  ,  turned* veranda* posts..  store fronts-  DOORS; WINDOWS and* GLASS.  Get .Our .Prloes before, "  purchasing slsewhere. '  OFFICE: CORNER :HALL AND FBONT, STREETS.  FACTORY: HALL STREET, C. P. R. CROSSING. \ MILLS: HALL STREET WHARF"  Bar stooked with bert brands ot wlncs.llauoM..  and Cigars. Beer on draught.   Large oomfork-  abln rooms.   Flmb_ui_i'4abte hoot di  R. REISTERER & CO.  BBSWBBM AMD BORUMIWi  FINE.LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  ' Wholesale and Retail  Head Ornoi'at  NELSON, Bf 0.  Dealers in Meats  Markets ��t Nelson, Rossload, Trail,- Kaslo, Ymir, Sandon,, Silverton, Nei��  Denver, Revelstoke, Fergtuwn-Gruul Forka^ Greenwood,- 0��aoade>Oity,.lfld.  way, and Vancouver.  Mail Orders - Promptly. Forwarded.  WHOLESALE TRADE  2ERATED AUD MINERAL WATERS.  TIHORPB ft: CO.,'LIMITED.-Corner Yeraon  r, and Cedar atreets, Nelaon,.manufacturer* .  of and wholesale dealers ln cerated waters and'  fruit syrups. tSole agenU for. Haloyoa Spring*  ,  mineral water.  Telephone GO.  ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES.  W; F, TEETZKL- ft CO.���Comer.Baker and'^  ���   Josephine atreets, Nelxon, wholaaale deal  era ln  assayers- supplies.- Agento��ior~DonT0  ~  Fire Clay Co. of Dearer. Colorado.,  COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  XT J. KVAN8 l8cr CO.-Baker 'street; Nelson -*���'  ���L-L�� jlwholesale - dealers - ln   liquors, ��olgars ���,  oemont, fire briok andiflro olay, water plpe.and  steel rail*, and general oomuusslon merohanls. <  f*-,  ELECTRICAL  SUPPLIES..  -CON-  Prompt and regular;  delivery to the tmdii.  ���rewery at JialaoB  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.;  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  __ ^Coiner Vlotoria and  P. O. Box 0S9.  Stresteat  OATS) HO, 96  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED. MEATS  ,WHOLB_t_LBANDaBTAEU   .  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson E#  ��  TRAVES,  Manager  V ORniCRfl BT MAIFr RBTIOtVIB.nARIDFni, Ajm.PWfMlgRT ATTmiTKlW.   ROSSLAND   ENQIN^^RINCI  WORKS  cuNLaiPFB &; McMillan  Founders and, Maohlnl8te,j3peulalty,of(-0re .Cars, Ore-BIn Doors and Ceneral Mining Machinery.  List of second-hand machinery on hand,-'which has been .thoroughly overhauled and la as good.  KOOTRNAY BlaECTRIO SUPPIaY^ft-   '81RU0TI0N COMPANY-^-Wholesaledeal-  era In telephones, annunclatore.-bell8,.-batterles,.  . fixtures, etc, Houston blook, Nelsou.,  FLOOR AND FEED. .  BRACKMAN- KKB MILLINa COMPANY  _ ���Cereals, Flour, Grain, Hay. Straight or  mixed' oar* shipped to' all' Kootenay-Points.  Grain elevators at all principal polntson Calgary.,  .Edmonton R. R. Mills at Vlotoria, New Weati  minster. and'J-dmonton, Albertaj    ���     <  t FRESH- AND SALT MEATS.  P    BURNS ft   CO.-Baker  street.   Nelson,  ���  wholesale dealers In fresh and cored meats.  Cold storage.;--"  GROCERIES.  A MACDONALD ft CO.-Corner Front and.  ���- HaU ^streets, wholesale grooers and"  'ohbers In blankets, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers,,  maoklnaws and miners' sundries.  OOTKNAY SUPPLY  COMPANY,   LIMI-  TKD-Vernon   street, Nelaon. wholesale'  grocers.  TOHN OHOLDITOHft CO.-Fronfc stzeeb, Nil-'  **- son, wholesale grooers.  ^Y.' GRIFFIN ft CO.-Front street, Nelsou,  ������wholesale���dealera-in-provlslona,~ourea~~  meats; butter and eggs.  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  H BYERS ft CO.-Corner Baker and Josephine  ��� streets. Nelson, wholesale dealers lnshard-  ware and mining supplies., Agent*.for Giant  Powder Co.  LAWRENCE   HARDWARB    COMPANY  Baker St,' Nelson, wholesale   dealers ln  hardware and mining supplies,iand,water and'  plumbers supplies.  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.      . olgars an            for Pttbst Brewing Da of Milwaukee and Cal,  gary Brewing Co. of Calgary.     t  POWDER, CAPS .AND FUSE,  -a-AM-UrON POWDER COMPANY-Baker,  *-*' street, Nelson, manufaoturers of dynamite,  sporting, stumping and black blasibig powders,  holesale deelenln caps- aud fuse, and eleotrio  Masting apparatus  "WTHLSO.  ���aH       TaTTtfl  1 25-H. P. Locomotive-type boiler, with engine attached and all fittings, roady to turn on steam.  1 bi'U8"_ Double-Cylinder Friction Drain-Hols   1 Sinking Pump, No. 5 Cameron. New York.  J'U8"t Double-Cylinder Friction Draln-Holst, built by Ingersoll Co,  nklng Pump, No. 5 Cameron. New York. ,     ' "  1 Sinkin_r<Pump,10"x6"xl3",> outside,packed.plunger pattern. '  Watch.this advertisement for further lists, ot' write us before you buy for complete list  may have just what jou want. ��� *  -   Agentsj-for-Northey Pumps.   Stock carried.  P.  O., Box, 198.  We  THIRD  AVENUE,  ROSSLAND.  2JS-BMBIIT- COSTS BUT ONE - CENT l__gg,^^^s  For terms and further particulars apply room  5/ A. Macdonald building, oorner Josephine and  VeH-ons-MSl.  Home Grown  Fruit and Ornamental .Trees, Roaos, Shrubs  Vines, Bulbs, Hedge Plants and Seeds.  Extra choice stock- of Peach, Apr"cot, Plum.  Pherry and Prune -Tree's. New importation or  m-bt-clusa Rhododendron3���Roses, Cllmatus, Bay.  Trees, Hollies, etc.  80,000 to choose from. No agents or, commission to pay. No fumigation or inspection ohaiges/  Greenhouse plants, agricultural implements, ier-,  tillzors, bee supplies, oto. Largest and "moat  completo at_ok ia tlie*provt*Qoo.i Send.fericatrj  oiogua before placing jrouroxugES.i Address ^  fy J. HEHBYi Vancouver, B.C*  WlUta Xakbor Only.  To drop ns a post card that we may call and  Never  have any plumbing- done /until., you  ���ive estimates.  It saves many: dollars,  lave seen a our. goods, ana-our prices.,  opposrra _  PlHTOKITfOW.  STRACHAN BROTHERS. Plumbops.  RESLEY & BENDY  SUCCIMSORS TO H.'D. ASHCROFT)  BlACKSRHTHft  AHD   WOOD  W0RKFf.<��  EXPERrH0H8ESH0EINC^  bott->  attention, given to^__ln_U__lrei__Iring.  '  fiom c ._3lde points, ueavy  au ohoit nOUoa.  Pi J. RUSSELIi  Bu^er and _9xpo_ tar_of-.  RAW  FURSY  SASH. AND DOORS.  IN, SAW, AND PLANING. MECJ-I.  UMTTED���Corner Front and HaU,0treets-  Nelaon. manufacturers of and wholesale-'dealors  ln sash and doom all kinds of factory work mado  to order. * -  WINES. AND CIGARS,  CALIFORNIA WINS COMPANY. LIMI-'  THD���Corner Front and Ball��streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in wines (case and bulk,  _nd _Iotmm*Ma .and JmoorMyfilsrarn.        ' -  ANTI-CHINESE  RESOLUTION.  Pursuant to resolutions adopted at a regular  meeting held on. Saturday evening, December  22nd, 1900, all members of Nelson Miners' Union  No. S6, W.< F: M., are requested to use every  legitimate means >  To Discourage tlie Employment or  Patronizing of Chinese  directly or indiroctlv*. All union men and others  who believe In making this a whito man's country, are requested toco operate in giving effect to  the aforesaid resolution.   By order,  NKISO.Vr'MiNBRS,   UNION.  Nelson, December 22nd.  Highest PjlceaY.  ��� ^__._-.f0g  ret  Prompt Ret-Urna'  tit* -feottfott!  Ship by Exp-fSgg. N��iI-_SONf jB��. C  The above resolution has been endorsed b*�� the  Trades and Labor Council of' Nelson, and all  union men, and.others in sympathy with it, are  requested, to govern  themselves   accordingly.  By order J '  TRADES __- LABOR COUNCIL OF NELSON,  Nelson, December 22nd.  ABOHITEOTfl.       OASRIK-Arohltsi  UDOMJMttaam Wafllr. Baker a_Hut. Nebon.  TSfWAfCF Ik - OABS-aB-Arohltseta.   Booms  flW_| _____._.     _. __. __. ^       _      _,��    _ ���   ��� \  ��� -' ,*3  ;**���*��;��� r   �����"��?  '        . "* -        -*    ��� -      .        " v     i-      j ...    -       '    .' t'a.-'a.i'        ib-St,  BANK OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up....102,000.00000  BH8T     7.000,000.00  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       427,180.80  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President  Hon. George A.Drummond ......Vice-President  luiton.'.   S. S. Clouifc  .General Manager  -NELSON BRANCH..  Corner Baker and Kootenay Streets.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  Branohea In London (England) New York,  Chicago, and all the principal cities ln Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable  Transfers.  Graut Commercial and' Travelers'.Credits,  available.ln any part ofsthe world.  Drafts Issued. Collections Made. Eto.  Savings Bank Branch  CURRENT H-TK Or INTKBIty PAID.  CUPID'S ANNUAL PASTIME  ,      -V ��     *", ���  Thursday .Valentine's. Day,, .   1  >   --������>_    ' ��� "*    "*  Thursday ia "SK V*lentine's.day)  the day when a'hosfof sVeetfiea'rtB  the world over receive those simple  v *�� ��� *  tokens bfJ love- from-"their'maid  admirers. Valentines of various  varieties have .pow^ become* the  popular and .'timely .article bf- the  book and stationery and drug stores  of this city. Tn these places; of-  business the valentine counter has  been lively'during the early days of  this month.  The.yaleutine man has not prepared any extraordinary specimens  for the trade of this year as many  of them are similar to 'those offered  for sale last season.   The standard  paper   valentine   seems_ to be the  most' popular  this 'season; ' They,  come* in -pink"and blue with occasional variations and trimmings^ of  purple and red.   The way in which  the printers of today handle paper,,  and the fine coloring which they-  ean impart to it is.given by dealers  as the prime reason for popularity  in paper valentines.   This accounts  for new > shapes being ^introduced.  On* some are printed '"lads- and-las-  sies and flowers, while others ,con-  tain.two hearts joined by the arrow,  of love shot from,the bow of a cupid. i  The celluloid,' 8il_c,-satin and*? a Ifew)  velvetYvaiehtinesYare next .in-line  and a large number of them are being sold. .% ���*!   ._      ,  .    . .:    .  ���, Valentine'literally means a sweetheart chosen on .St. Valentine's day.'  Or it may be-a letter containing!  professions of love, or.a missive of.  a sentimental, comic,-or burlesque  character, but must be..sent_.on%'or>  near Peb'ruary-14th.-;*It was'a'very-  old "potion, /alla_.ed>'tOi by 'Shakespeare that on this day birds begin'  to mate. "'Hence^^i'h'aps.'arb'sethe  custom of. sending love, tokens at  that time".-:'* ,,v�� "     "  - - -THFeAN__M-__$r  BANK OF COMMERCE  WITH WHICH IS AMALGAMATED  THE  BANK  OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  "      "**    HEAD .OFFICE: TORONTO.    -   " ���.  . _ > _ *     '  nTTif tin -��__-  Imperial Bank of Canada  HEAD- OFFICE. TOROjOTO.^ -T  Capital Authorized  Capital Paid up -  Rest  $2,600,000  $2,458,603  S 1,700,000  Paid-up .Capital,  Reserve Fund,  "-a.ooo.ooo  ���S2.000.000  AC4KECATE RES0URCE8-QVER $66,000,000..  Hon. Qco.  A. Cox,  President.  Bobt. Kilgour,         Vice-President.  London Offloe, 60 Lombard Street. K. O.  Mew -York Offloe, te   Bacchango   Place,  and 03 Branches in Canada and tlie  United Stated. '  SAVINGS BANK* DEPARTMENT:    '  Interest allowed cu deposits.   Present-rate,  three por cent. '        '   "   *        "  GRANGE V. HOLT,  ManaKer_Nelson Branch.  called'upon every^ Christian to Ve  active,, irr .'guarding, "against., such  tilings. He mad'efe yigortfus etttack  on ' Sunday * games,- excursions,  saloons,, newspapers, and., many,  other things that oecurredon", that  holy day merely' for) the sake of  pleasure. Mr. Shearer proveb_**to be  an eloquent speaker and also'shbwed  that he understood his subject'well.  In the morning he preached' at St.  Paul's Presbyterian" church and in  the evening at the Baptist' church.  On both'of these occasions his talk  was'along the same line as" that of  the afternoon meeting. On Tuesday  Mr. .Shearer lectiires at Sandon and  the remainder of the week he will  spend in the Boundary country. __  -* The Fancy Dress Carnival.  The   ladies'   ^committee 'of  the^  {fancy dressy carnival in aid of'the  ,general], hospital, fund" is rapidly'  completing   arrangements   for the  event,   which takes   place at the  rink on "Wednesday evening.   All  skaters attending .will- be allowed  on the ice from 8 to 9 o'clock, after  which the. masked skaters will be  allowed   the   ice, until  after' the  judges   have   awarded" the prizes/-:  Th'e< judges are judge Forin;; Mrs.;'  J/'Goepel  and' Mrs!" W. "W". Been  Those who have been selected to  'take'part in 'the" braiding of the'  maypole hold^their -first ^rehearsal  on Saturday, andhthis pavjb of the  program promises to be the* leading  feature of the evening.' .The .'prizes  tbat'will'be"awarded for the ''best'  costumesjnay be seen in the* window of J. J. Walker's jewelry.store.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  _3-_r-L___-w  XTO.  87.  '*.  Hockey at the Biok.     - .-  Two't hockey i game3x*;ofEspecial  interest will be played-fat the rink  this week. This evening the game  will be between the* senior and in-  termedia'te teams of the Nelson  club. The former will consist of  the members who have defeated  both Rossland .and* Sandon, and-  thuS'Jiold the, championship of the  Kootenays.   The other   team   has  .not as yet distinguished itself, having played with none of the outside  teams, but judging from the practice work that they have done they,  will put up a strong fight. Their  forward line is equally as, good as  _that_of-the_senioxwteam_and_they_  have also an excellent combination.  It is safe to say that the game will  be the fastest ever played in Nelson  between local teams.  On Tuesday night*- at 0:30 the R.  M. R. boys ��ind those of the tram-  way_company will play their second,  'match. This also promises to be an  interesting game., In the game  played between the teams last  week the tramway succeeded in  winning by only one point. The  teams are. well, matched, and ;this  time the rifle company will do its  best to secure the-victory. The  teams will consist of practically the  same players that-participated in  the last-game, with probably one or  two changes.-  The senior team of the Nelson  club   will   leave.'for^ Rossland  Wednesday morning.  on  Lord's Day Alliance.   '** ' "'  The mass, meeting held at. the  Congregational church- yesterday  afternoon and* at which Rev. J. G.  Shearer, traveling organizer of the  Lord's Day Alliance, delivered his  famous lecture on "Sunday Observance," was so largely attended that  nearly every seat in the building  was occupied. In delivering his  address, which occupied- about  , three-quarters of an hour, Rev. Mr.  Shearer made many convincing and  strong arguments to illustrate that  Sunday was a-day' of rest and  should by all�� mean be observed  by every one of the inhabitants  of the globe. He asserted that at  the present time Sunday was nearly  universally ��� observed throughout  the Dominion, but notwithstanding  this he said that there were each  day various things. eropping up  which made vigorous.inroads upon  the sanctity of the Sabbath.    He.  A By-Law to mlHO'f 79,000.00 for the purpose of  1 paying off advance, made by Bank of Montreal on debentures hypothecated.  Whereas, By-Laws-Nob. 68. 09, 70,71 and 72 of  the by laws of the'City of Nelson, being respectively a bj-law to,raise '$15000.00 to extend the  wator works hj stem,' a by-law to raise 915,000.00  t. oxtond ana  improve the electric light sys  tern, a by-law to raise ������ $20,000.00 to ox tend .the  sowerago     system,     o      by-law     to      raise  $2-00   to   Improve   the   street*  within -the  citv   of   Nelson,    and. a,  by-law .to   raiso*  *f(!u)0 oo for purchasing a .road making plants-  were duly passed,'and debentures issued there-:  under for the respective sums mentioned iif said*!  by-laws, in all the sum of $76,000.00, but said debentures so issued lenuiln unsold.  And whereas, said debentures so Issued and  unsold wero hypothecated to the Bank of Mont-,  real as security for an advanco theioon of  $76,000.00 for the purposes In the said by-luw. recited.  And whereas,- A petition has /been presented  to tlie Municipal Counoil of- the Corporation of  'tho City of Nelson, signed by tho, owners of at  ���least, one-tenth of tho value of the property in  the said city, as shown by tbe last revised assessment roll, requesting the said council to introduce a by-law to raiso the sum of seventy-nine  thousand ($79,000.00) dollars for tho purposes of  paying off the indebtedness to tho Bank of Montreal and Interest thereon for which said debentures are so hypothecated.  And whereas, It is deemed expedient to bor-  iow the sum of seventy-nine thousand ($79 000.00)  dollars (which is the amount of tho debt intended  to be created i by this . by-law) for tho purposes  aforesaid.'  ���And whereas, The amount of-tho whole rateable real property of the said city, according to  the last revised assessment roll, is two million  sixty-flvo thousand four hundred ($2,005,400) dollars.  And whereas. It will be necessary to raise annually by rate tho sum of sixty boven and ninety-  four (J0I94 00) dollars for paying tho said dobt and  Interest.  Now,, therefore, tlio Municipal Council of tho  'Corporation of tne City of Nelson,'in council assembled, enacta as follows:  1. It sball and may bo lawful for the Mayor of  tho Corporation of tho City of Nelson to borrow,  upon tlio credit of the said corporation, by  way of debentures hereinafter mentioned, from  any porson or persons, body or bodies corporate,  who may bo witling to advanco tho samo as a  loan, a sum of uionoy not exceeding on tho whole  the sum of seventy-nine thousand ($79,000.00)  dollars, and to cause all suoh sums so rulsod or  rooelvod to be paid'into tho hands of the Treasurer of tho said corporation, for the purpose and  witn the object heroinbofoio rocited. '  ' 2. It shall bo lawful for the Mayor of the said  corporation to cause any number of debentures  to be made, executed and issued for suoh sum or  sums as may ba required for tho purposo and  object aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the  sum of seventy-nine thousand���($79,000.0'*.) dollars:  each of' tho said debentures being of the dononi-..  inatlon of one thousand ($1000.00) dollars, and all *  such dobentures shall be.sealed with tho seal of  ���the corporation' and , signed by ���-��� the Mayor  thereof.*' ������'������..���������.--;-.���:���.'���.���.',-..���'.".. x>: x-y.-x .>���;���(..  . 3. The said debentures shall bear date the first  day of April; A. D. 1901; and shall be made payable  in 20 yoars /rom the faid dato in lawful money  of Canada at the office of the. Bank, of-Montreal  in Nelson aforesaid, which said place of payment  shall bo designated by the said .debentures, and  shall, have attached to them coupons for tbe payment of."interest/ and .the'signatures to tbe into rest coupons may be either written,'stamped,  printed or lithographed.- ._���  4. Tho said debentures shall b_ar interest at  the rate of 5 per ��� centum per. ���. annum from the  date thereof, which interest shall be payable  somi-annually at said ofl.ce.of the Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful money of  Canada; on the 1st day of April nnd tlie 1st day  of October respectively, in each year during the  currency thereof, and shall bo expressed.ln said  debentures and coupons to be so payable.   *  5. It shall be lawful for the Mayor of said corporation to negotiate and -sell the said debentures or any of them for. less shanpar; but in no  case shall the said debentures or any of them - be  negotiated or sold for less than ninety-Ave per  centum of their faco value, including the cost of  negotiating and-salo, brokerage ana other inc.-  dental expenses.  ' ' ...*.;;. .-..���..-'  C;There shall be :raised,and levied in each-  year during the currency of said debentures the  sum of thirty-nine hundred and fifty ($3*950,00) dollars for the payment of interest, and the sum of  twenty-eight hundred and forty-four ($2844.00) dol-  larsfortho   ' _..._..._......  debentures   .    rateable land in the paid municipality.  7. It shall be lawful' for the,-.said, municipal  i .   ;- ���   D. R. 'Wllkie, Ge_i____rManager.   ' ,  ,    * .JS. Hay, Inspeote*.. ��� -.    ;V  *      t\  r~^~ ' ' ~*  Nelson Branoh���Burns Btook,-521 Baker Btreet  J. M. LAY. Mana��t__   -   ,.    ,  *'____-__________-^________-_��_��_________^Mi^an-_______Mi--_____pMa^^B^'''a^H^_a   ,������,*.  �� ���-r   *. *��- -��� *    ..'  purchased shall be mode in oonseqnence of. such'  re-purchase. ''-v "���",     '    ���     -���>  }{6. This By-law shall takp. effect on- the date  of the final passage thereof -���" *���'.'-  Don<*f and passed in counoll.at*' the.City of-Nelson; on the. ��� i,.-day of ���'-*���,*-ArD.rlWl. -'���  NOTIpB...;        -.    r" t  Take notice that the.efcbove ia a *_ruecopy.of  the proposed By-Law upon which the'f ote-of *itie  eleotors of the Municipal*}.'. >i��tt)_betaken:-'For  the East Ward at the City Police C6urt, on the  east side of Josephine street, betw^etf.Boker and  Vlctoriaetreets; for the West Ward at the ofllce  of Ward Brothers on the north'-slde of Baker  street, between Stanley and Kootenay streets, la  the City of Nelson, on Tuesday, the nineteenth  ndav of February, instant,*1 between the hours of  :ka. m. and 4 o'clock p.m.  t ' ��' J. K.' STRA-JHA.N, City Clerk.  ��   Nelson.-B. C, February.fith, 1901.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OFNELSON  ' BTr-ii-A-W- _sro. S8.  AiBy-law to raise $21,000.00 to pay off overdraft  due the Bank ot Montreal and accumulated  interest.  Whereas, a petition hr-a been presented to the  said Municipal Council of the Corporation of tho  City of Nelson, signed by the owners of at least  one tenth of the value of the real property ln the  said city, as shown by the last revised assessment  roll, requesting tho said council, to, Introduce-a  by law to raise the sum ot .twenty-one thousand  ($21,fl00)MoHar- for tho purpose of paying .off the  Indebtedness due by the City ot Nelson to the  Bank of "Montreal by way of overdraft and accumulated interest. .  And Whereas. It is deemed expedient to borrow the said sum of a twenty-one thousand ($21.  000.00) dollars (which is the amount of the debt  intended to be created by J this' by-law)' for the -  purposes aforesaid,     -i .       - * i  And Whereas, Theamount,of tho whole rateable real propercy of the said city, according to  the la=t revised assessment roll,1 is two million  sixty-flvo thousand four hundred ($2,065,400.00j  dollars.  And Whereas, It will be necessary to raise an-  annualty by.rate the sum of $180. for paying the  said debt and Interest.  Now Therefore the Municipal Council of tho  Corporation of the City of Nelson ��� in Council as  seramed, onactn as follows:  . 1. It shall and may bo lawful for the Mayor of  tho Corporation of the City of Nelson to borrow,  upon the credit of the said.Corporation, by way  of debentures hereinafter mentioned, from any  person or persons, body or bodies corporate, who  may be willing to advance tho same as a. loan, a  sum of money not exceeding" the whole, the sum  of twenty-one thousand ($21,000.00) dollars, and to  cause all such sums so raised or received to be  paid into tlie hands of the Treasurer of the eaid  Corporation, for the purpose and with the object  herelnbeforo recited. "     '   ** ,-^*  2 It shall be lawful for the Mayor of the said  Corporation tocaoseany number of debentures  to be made, executed and issued for such sum or  .-sums as may bo required for the purposo and object aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the sum  t tw enty one thousand ($21,000) dollars; each of the  ieaid debentures being of tbe denomination of one  ; thousand ($1000.00) dollars; and-all such-rdeben-y  1 tures shall bo sealed with the seal of tho corpora-  i tion aud signed by the Mayor thereof.*  I   3. Tho said debentures shall bear date'the flrst  day of .-April, A."D 1901, and .shall be made  payable in 20 years from the said,date. in the lawful money of Canada-at the ofllce of the Bank of  S Monti eal In Nelson aforesaid,  wblch said' place  the said  do-  ' of payment shall be designated hy  ��� bentures, and shall havo attached to them cou  a pons for the payment of interest, and tho signa-  tures^too the.lnterost coupons-may-be either  written, stamped printed or. lithographed.  4. Tho said debentures shall bear interest at  tho rate'of 5 per contom per annum from the dato  thereof, which interest-uhall be payable semiannually at said offlco at the Bank of Montreal  ' in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful money of C _nada,  on the first day. of. April land the first day of  ��� October respectively. In each year during the  < currency thereof, and shall be expressed in said  ;debentures and coupons to be do payable.  ' 5. It shall be lawful for tho Mayor of said corporation to negotiate and sell the said dobentures  or any of them for less than par; but in no case  shall the said debentures or any >of them be negotiated or sold for less than niney-flve  per  centum of their face value including the cost of  negotiating and sale, brokerage and other incl  dental expanse  < 0.   There shall be raised  and levied in each.  year during the currency of said debentures the  sum of ono thousand and fifty ($1050) dollars'* for  the payment of interest and tho sum of seven  ��� hundred and fifty six ($756) dollars for tbe pay-  , ment of the dobt due undor the said debentures*'  by a rate sufficient thorefore on all" tho rateable  land in said municipality. ���       .    -  7. It shall be lawful for tho said Municipal  Council to re-purchase any of the sai&dobentures  upon such terms as may be agreed upon with .he  legal holder or holders thereof, or any part thore-  of, either at the time of the sale n or any, subsequent time or timos, and all debentures so repurchased shall forthwith be cancelled and destroyed, and no re-issue of debentures so re-purchased shall bo made in consequence of such repurchase.  -  8.   This by-law sb-11 tako effect on tho date of  the final passage thereof.  Done and passed in Counoil at the City of Nelson on the day of A. D. 1901  NOTICE.  ���Tako notice that iho~above Is_a���truo-copy���of*  the proposed By-law upon whloh the vote of the  eleceors of tbo Municipality will be taken: For  tho Kast Ward at the City Police Court, on the  cast sido of Josephine street, between Baker and  VIctoi'a streets; foi tho West Ward In the otllco  of Ward Brothers, on tho" north side of Bakor  street, between 8tanloy and Kootenay stro.ts, in  the City of Nelson, on. Tuesday, the nineteenth  day of February, Instant, between the hours of 8  o'clock a. in. and 4 o'clock p. in.  J. K. SlTtACHAN, City Clerk.  ' NoUon,B. C. February 1th, 1901. '  CORPORATION OFTHE CITY OF NELSON  *B-_r-Xi__.-w 3sro. so.  tyment of thedebtdue under tbesaid  iy a rate sufficient therefor on all the  council to re-purchase aDyof-the said debentures  ���upon suoh terms as .may be- agreed upon with  the legal holder or -holders thereof, or. any. part  thereof, either at the time of pale or any subse-  qient time - or times..and all - debentures- so-repurchased shall, forthwith, be canceled- and destroyed, and no re-issue of debentures:eo're-  A By-law for stopping - up and closing certain  streeta and alloys In the City of Nelson and  empowering, the , Council to convoy   such  streets and allev s so stopped np and closed to  the Canudlan Paclflo Railway Company.  Whereas, It Is doomed advisable  to closo up  certain portions of the streets and alleys' hereinafter described,: within the limits of. the' City of  Nelsop and to. convoy the same to the Canadian  Pacific Railway Company.*     .    ��� -  ��� And Whereas. In /the -.opinion ot the counoil  such portions of streets and -alleys -' are not required for corporate purposes. .'-..  .Therefore. TheMunioipal.Council of the Cor-  poratioh of tho City of Nelson in. council ossem  bled enacts as follows:  .1.' That the following portions of stroots and,  alloys within the limits of- the City- of'Nelson;  namely: Kootenay s'lrcet from ��� -its northern * intersection withVernonstreettotheCnlumbia &  Kootenay right: of .way.   Thafutrlangular ���'.- portion of a stroot having no nariio, being /bounded  on the east br " �����1-�����..--��-    .      .     .  on  1;  the east by the westerly limitof Stanley streot,*  tho north by the Columbia & Kootenay right  of way and on the south by the northerly limit of  Block 04 and the lane or alley in block Oil rom its  intersection with the westerly, limit of ..Stanley-  street to its intersection .with/the Columbia &  Kootenay right of way, be and tho samo are here-,  Jby declared st6ppcd and closed.':  ������'��� '2. Thesaid'City of Nelson* be and- they are'  horeby empowered to sell to the Canadian* Pacific' Railway tho said portions of streets and- al-"  leys in thenext preceding, paragraph described,  aud the Mayor aiid City .Clerk'aro hereby authorized to sign and'seal a propor conveyance of tbe.  same to said Canadian Pacific Railway and the -  said council imay accept- as payment therefor  ei'her money or real property.  ���  This by-law shall take effect on the date of the  final passage thereof.: *  ". Done and passed in Council at'the City of ,No--  sonthis.    ; dayof '.. ... 1901, , "        '  \7 .". *;:*.yNOTICE..       X   ���*.'..  '���' Take notice that the above is a true'copy, of  ���the proposed By-Law upon "which the vote of the  electors of the Municipality will be taken: For  the East Ward at the City Police Court;, on the  east side of Josephine streot, between Baker and  iViotprla/streets; for the .West Ward at the office  of Ward Brothers, oh the north side of Baker  street, between- Stanl-yand Kootenay streets, in -  the City ptNelson, on Tuesday, the nineteenth  day of February, instant; between the -. hours of  ���8-o'olocka, m. and 4 o'clock p-  J. K. STRACHAN, City Clerk.  m.  Nelson.B.Ci February 4th, 1901;  B  W  **************************  I have still a larger stock on hand'than' I wish, to carry, therefore I  will, offer a discount of 10 per cent on the price of every, article;'  All the articles are' new and neat;, and this sweeping discount  makes it'worth your while to help vine get rid of them.  PIANOS.   ,      i AUSTRIAN ARTWARE  ONYX TABLES       PIANO LAMPS  SEWING-MACHINES  STERLING-SILVER  PLATED SILVER  CARVERS, JARDINIERES  __L___m  '-_.  MANICURE SETS-  TABLE LAMPS-  CLOCKS SILVER, NOVELTIES  CUT GLASS -   .   .1847 FLAT WARE1^  FISH.SETS _ CHILDREN'S,SETS-  BISQUE WARE:     OAKWARE   ' -'   -_ a  also all the latest and most unique patterns' in --  . solid gold'jewelry with.:andwithouti settings.. _\r  '_.���.- ' ,   L.    -     -., - Y.  >    * I.      . r        /    i   *? ?r     --*     J  ��   ,   >    '   V  -   '       ���- '  ************************** l  v* ;*y  J"* ''-*'   ' " ��  JACOB DOVER, The JewelOiv  V  Our Jewelry and Watch'Department-Is In full swing.  Hall Orders recelve,our Prompt Attention^  ^!c^ i^i^^ J=*^i^ <^<^ ^Si^ ^S^^ <S^=^ iS<  *^ ^^ ^9 ���<=.���<-=*��� C=>?c3' &^3 ��� C=?^Z> ' ��3'  m  in  i***************t�� -  The census of Canada will be taken in April, and the pop-,  ulation of the several incorporated, cities will be'known a short *-  time 'afterwards.   The Tribune publishes Daily" and ������-Weekly  |; editions at the following rates of subscription by mail: Weekly,  '(  "oue year $2; Daily, six months, $2.50; one year, $5.. .Tlio Daily  is delivered in Nelson by carrier at the "following.- rates: Three -  months,~ $2.50; 'six months, $5; one year, $10.   A large number.  of subscribers are in arrears, and a large number of;Subscriptions  are about to expire, besides a large number?of people in.-Kootenay.   ,  and Yale are'about to renew subscriptions for newspapeis for tlie  year.*;  iii order to make it an object for. all these people to patronize The>Tribune,',the following 'sums are offered as prizes, on-.-  thefollowing conditions: -    ;/   , "- r      " i,--  ;Nelson ....-) $60  Canada- /._. 7.*&.*.- .-$100.:  British Columbia-  25  Northwest Territories-:.    25'  Manitoba'.'.'..r. v.    25-  Ontario J \ vf     26-  !Quebec........ Ay. '^ 25i  New Brunswick' ;- 25-  Nova Scotia ...: 26  .Rossland , - 25 -.  iKaslo '. ......7 25 J  .Sandon   ~..7l. 25"  : Revelstoke....' .*.'...    25'  Grand-Forks -p *-26*- -  - Phoenix* .....'..-' 26  Greenwood ���    25-  '-     The subscriber remitting $2 in payment of either arrears   ���  or advance subscriptions to The Tribune will be entitled to give .  an estimate on the population of any two places in the list named  above; $2.50,.to three estimates; $5.00, to five estimates ; $10, to  ten estimates.' Fillr out 'blank below, in accordance with above.. -'  tSrms, and remit amount of subscription to  ...     , The Tribune Association,.Limited  "       ' NELSON, B^C. .  TrtTTTITTtTTWmillnimT_TlimiTTTmiii|iliriiTr.HTrrt ,iii,.��..t... yi.  Name *   Post Office   Province '.   Amount enclosed $   Subscription to Edition of The Tribune  Estimate as to population of  Canada   ..  British Columbia   North-West Territories.  Manitoba   Ontario     Quebec      New   Brunswick   Nova   Soctia   Pity of Nelson   City of Rossland.' ���  City   of  Kaslo.......  City of Sandon:.'   City of Revelstoke. 7.  City of Grand Forks.  City of Phoenix   City of Greenwood...  * This offer holds good until the 1st of April, 1901.  .TiTlniinilirlllill i.n.mi.n^ tttttttt rTTTTTlTTII 1ITII IlllirTMTTl lilt  WINTER  -AND-  Tuesday to! Saturday  FEBRUARY32-16, 19Q1  EIGHT CURLING CONTESTS  Under-the Auspices  of the- Kootenay Curling-'  AsnocIaUoiJ:  HOCKEY TOURNAMENT  For ' Senion, Junior' and Ladles' Championships  of British Columbia  SNOWSHOE RACES  SKI RACES   SKATING RACES  For Provincial Championships?and for Men and  Boys;: '���  CUTTER AND DOG RACK8  Coasting Contests  . Carnival Masquerade  $3000 in TropHies and Prizes $3000  Rates of a Single Fare for. the Round Trip on all  Railways.- For further partionlars see posters  and programs or addrew.    H. W. C. JACKSON  Secretary Carnival Ctommlttee. Rossland, B. C.  [L.S.]   H_!NRI G. JOLY de LOTBINIERE. **  j CANADA.7-  PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  VICTORIA, by the Grace of God, of, the -United  n Kingdom   of Great   Britain   and ' Ireland, *  ,      Queen, Defender of the Faith, &c, &c , &c.  To our Faithful tho members elected to serve in  the Legislative Assembly of Our Province of  .    British Columbia at Our City of .Victoria.���'  Greeting: ' ~-        ' ���.  A PROCLAMATION.  H. A. Maclean,        "ITjrTHEREAS    Wo'  Deputy Attorney.-Qoneral./ " _are    desirous  and resolved, as soon as may be, to meet our peo-  Kle of our,Provinco of British Columbia, ana* to  avo their advice in Our Legislature :*<.*-  NOW KNOW YE, that for divers causes and  considerations, and taking into consideration the  ease and convenience of Our loving subjects, We  have thought*fltYbv* and with the advice, of Our,.  Executive Council do hereby convoke, and by  ' these presonts onjoin you, and each of you, that  on Thursday*, the twenty-first day of February,;  one thousand nine hundred and one, you moot  Us in Our said Legislature or Parliament of Our^  ,said Province.at Onr City of Victoria, FOR THE  -DISPATCH OF BUSINESS, to treat, do, act,  and conclude upon thoso things which in Our  Legislature of the Province of British Columbia,  by the Common.Council of .Our said Province  may, by the favour of God, be ordained. *->*  ,  >  ..     r K~"    .      x .  r     -t * ' j  ;In Tkstimonv Whereof, We have  caused  - , these Our Letters to be made Patent and the  :     Great Seal'of the said Province to be here-  '   unto affixed:     �����.,       - ,_ ,  ���   Witness, tlie HonourablevSik Henri Gu��-,  tavbJolydb Lotbiniere,- K.C.M.G., Lteu-  '   tenant-Governor  of Our said  Province 'of  .   British* Columbia, In Our City of Victoria, in.  Our said Province, this seventeenth day of  January, in the year of .Our Lord ono thousand nine hundred and ono, and ln the sixty-  fourth year of Our Reign.  By Command.  J. D. PRENTICE. Provincial Secretary.  y" trades UNIONS,:  NELSON MINERS' UNION NO. 96. W. F. cf  M.���Meets ln miners' onion rooms, north- *  eastoorner Vlotoria'-and BJootenaystreeta, overy  Saturday evening at'8-o'clock.*-^Vlsiting mem  bers weloome. M. R. Mowatt,*- President. Jamo  Wilkes,   Seoretary.    Union-Scale of Wages  for Nelson    District���Per  shift,   machine  men, $3.*50: hammersmen miners, (3.2S; muckers, '  carmen, shovelers aud-other underground labor-9  ors, $3 00. ^ ^  TRADES AND LABOR COUNCIL.���The regu-  _ lar meetings of the Nelson Trades and Labor  Council will be held in the miners' union ball,  i corner of Victoria and Kootenay streets, on the  lirst)' and third Thursday* of each month,' at  ,7.30 p.m. G. J. Thorpe, Prosident. J. H. Matheson, Seoretary.  rnHlS regular meetings of the Carpenters' Union  x" are Bold on Wednesday; evening of each  weekTat 7 o'clock, ln the Miners'-Uulon hall onr.  n��r Vlotoria^-and- Kootenay-streets.. Cba les '  Clayton, President.  John MeLeod, Secretary.  ������*���_��*>���  *"'iH  >*.r  'FA  ��� -���.!  v**-5|  AvI  y?  - Provincial Secre-i arv's Okfick,  17th January, 1901.  HIS HONOUR, the Lieutenant-Governor in  Council, under the provisions of tho "Land  Registry Act has .been pleased to establish at  the (itv of Nelson, in Uio County of Koolenar,  a DistrictOAlce for the Recording of Instruments  and Registration of Titles affecting real estate,  utuate within the County of Kootenay.  Tho name of tho said registration district shall  be the Kootonay Land Registration District.  Henry* Fry MacLeod, of the City of Nelson, solicitor, has been appointed to perform tho duties  of tho said District Oflico, which shall bo open  for tho transaetlod of business on and after the  second day^of March, 1901.  By Command.  J. D. PRENTICE, Piovlnclal Secietary.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNERS  To Geo. H. Lammkhs, J. R. Chanson, or to  any person or persons to whom he may havo  transferred his interest ln tho Harvey Joy  mineral claim, at Morning Mountain, Nelson  Mining Division.  You are hereby notified that I havo expended  One Hundred Dollars ln labor and improvements  upon tho above mentioned   mineral claim, ln  order-to hold said  minoral claim  under tho  provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within  ninety days from tho dato of this notice you fall  or reiuae to contribute your proportion of suoh  expenditure, together with all costs of advertising, your interest in said claim will become tho"  property of the subscriber, under section four of  an Act entitled "An Act to Amend tho Mineral  Act, 1900." SILAS H. CROSS.  Datod thiH 12th day of Decembor, 1800.  SOUTH AFRICAN CANADIAN CONTINGENT.  i All uiomboiH of tlio British Columbia Volun-'  ,toer forces recently returned from Africa, who  would like to join ln forming a Guard of Honor  at the opening of-the Provincial Legislature, on  the 21st Instant, are invited to communicate at  onco with the Provincial Secretary.   ,  LAND LEASE NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given, that within sixty days  after the date of this notice, I Intend to apply to  the assistant .commissioner of lands and-works,  at Nelson, for a lease of the following described'  land, for the purpose.of opening up and working*  Btono quarries, situate about two miles in an  easterly direction from the City of Kaslo,' West  Kootenay District:  Commencing atapost planted on the lake shore  marked "J. A. Knauf's N. W. cornor," running  thence east twonty chains; thencesouth twenty  chains; thence west twenty chalna, more or less  to the lake shore; thence north along the lake shore  to the point of commencement; and containing  forty.acres more or less. J. A. KNAUF,  Dated December-19th, 1900.  LAND   NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given, that thirty days after  date I intend to apply to the chief commissioner  of lands and1 works; for permission to purchase  the following described lands about two miles  west of the City of Nelson: Commencing at a  post marked W. J. Bcaven's S.-.E. Corner Poat  planted at S. W. corner post of H. Selous' purchased Lot 60S, Group 1, on the high water line  on the west bank of Kootenay river, thence north  20 chains, thonce west 20 chains,'thence south 20  chainH..more or less to the.high water line on  north bank of Kootenay rivor, thence following  tho meandering of the. aforesaid river in an easterly dirootlon a) chains more or less to point of  commencement. Containing 32 acres more or  less. W. J. BEAVEN.  patedat Nelson this 2_th day of December, 1800,  BARBERSMJNION.���Nelson Union. So. 196,'ot -  thoInternationalJourneymen Barbers Un-   *  Ion of America, meets every first and third Mon-.^  fdayof eaoh month in<Miner's Union" Hall, oorner  of vlotoria and Kootenay streets, at 8:30 p.m.'> *-  .sharp j >. Visiting -brothers cordlaUy.i invited to  attend. * R. McMahon, president* J.TOt Matho-  Json. secretary-treasurer; J. C. Gardnor, recording  ^secretary. ���..-_������        t _>���,   "?  _  T ABORERS' UNION.-Nelson -Laborers'-Pro" ;  j J-1   teotlve Union. No. 8121, A. F.of L., meets in *  .Miners' Union liall,'1C. P. R. blook, corner'-of   c  J.aker and Stanley stroets, overy Monday evening *  at7*^0 p.m. sharp. Visiting members of the Amerl- .  can   Federation   cordially  invited'to attend.���_  A.-"J. Curie,APrealdeuti*   John   "Roberts, **re-% *y  cording secretary.     ������    _t >   ���   ,     �� ���   [' .  XTELSON PAINTERS' UNION-The regular    -  ���*���'   meeting of Ahe  Painters'  Unioa Is held  the flrst and third'Fridays in each month at Miners' Union hall at 7:30 sharp." J. H. Mill ward,  Presidont; Will J. Hatch, Secretary.  COOKS' AND WAITERS'ruNION���Regular ,  meetings every Tuesday evening at 8:30  o'clock, ln Miners' Union -Hull, corner of Baker  and Stanloy streets. Visting brethren cordially  invited. Chris Luft, president; H. Smelser, financial and recording fiecretarj.  PLA8TERHRS' UNION-The O. P. I. A. No.  172. meets every Monday evening ln the  Elliot block, corner Baker and Stanley street-i. at  R o'clock. J. D. Mover, cresldent: William  Vice, socrotary, P. O. Box CIO.  "vll  r.'J&i  ��� w*??l  _^f*2  _*"_!__  * **��5I  ���**���*?!  ���'a-'Vl  v**|  A  FRATERNAL   SO0IETIES.  \ ���������_.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 83, A. V. ft A. M  Meets second Wednesday ln each month.  Sojourning brethren Invited.'  KNIGHTS OK PYTHIAS- Nelson Lodge. No  35, Knights of Pythias, meets In LO. O. F.  Hall, oorner Baker and Kootenay streets, every  Tuesday evening at 8 o'clook. visiting KniehM  c-oraUaUy invited to attend. H. M. Vincent C. C.  A. T. Park. K. of R. Sc'B.  OOTKNAY TENT NO. 7, K. O. T. M.���  Hold their legular meetings on the flrst and  third Thursdays of each month. Visiting Sir  Knights are cordially invited to attend. U. A.  Brown. R, K.; A. W. Purdy, Com.; R. J. Stcol,  D.S.C   ___= __  TaELSON L. O. Lu. No. 1692. meets ln L O. O. F.  A' Hall, oorner Baker and Kootenay streots,  1st and 3rd Friday of eaoh month. Visiting  brethern oordlally Invited. W. W. Bradley, TT  M. A. Mlnty. Recording-Secretary.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  APPLICATIONS WANTED.  Tho undersigned has been authorized by  resolution of tho city council to ask for applications for the position of chief of tlie Fire Department of tho City of Nolson. Applicants will  state ago, nativity, experience and where,  whether married or single, and give recommendation- from chief of' department where  now employed and from underwriters. Mark  applications: "Application for Chief of Fire Department." and address  J. K. STRACHAN, City Clork, Nolson. B. C.  Dated January 2nd, 1901.  Notice of Application to Transfer a  License.  Notice is hcroby glvon that I intend to apply  at the next sitting of the Board of License Commissioners of the City of Nelson for permission to  .transfer my retail liquor license, for the premises  situate on the oast half-'of Lot 4; Block 2, In the  City of Nelson, and known as tho Grand Hotel,  to GusUvus Nelson:  /    JOHN- BLOMBERG.  Dated ut Nolson, B; C, this 3rd day of January,  1901.  ; .'Witness: TnoMAs Stmks.  Notice of Application to Transfer a  License.   -  Notice is hereby given that I Intend to apply ab  the next silting of the Board of License Commissioners of tho City of Nelson .for-permission  to transfer my retail liquor license for the premises situate on the west half of laOt i;* Wrack'2, in  the City of Nelson, and known as tlio Glue PoD  saloon, to Thomas SproatU      GUS. NKLSOaV;  Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 3rd day of January,  1901.    . ���'< .,  Z       i  Witness: John Blombero.  NOTICE.  Rossland, B,C, November 9th, 1900.  To F. B. Salisbury :*,  Notice is hereby given that I, William Griffiths,  Intend to claim the interests in the following '  named minoral claims formerly held by F. B.  Salisbury, on which he has neglected to pay his  share of the expenses of- tho annual assessment  work.  To wit: -        *  A one-half (4) interest In tho "Bunker Hill"  minoral claim.  A ono half (}) interest In tho "Sullivan" mineral  claim.  A one-half (}) Interestin the "Fidelity" minora,  claim. .'������.'  All the adjoining claims, ltuatedon the west  fork, of the north fork of Salmon river, in the  Nelson Mining Division;  This action is taken under Section 11 of Chapter 45,-ot the Btat.ntea of 1899 and amendments of  1900.  .'" :     ���: WOaLTAM a" TOWNS-END,  (Agent for William Griffiths. THE TRIBUKE: lJndU^&'.d'^ONDAT   FEBRUARY 11 1901  ______  Assayers Supplies  We carry in stock a full line of Assayers' and Chemists-  Supplies. The. quality of our goods cannot be excelled  and our prices are  reasonable.*^_====- -=.-...        ���  ' We are British Columbia Agents for-  THE DENVER FIRE CLAY CO.'S GOODS  WM. AINSWORTH & SON'S BALANCES  SMITH 6c THOMPSON'S BALANCES  BRUNSTON'S POCKET TRANSITS 0        .  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  VICTORIA  BLOCK  NELSON,   B. C.  The NelsonClothing House  ..Great Slaughter Sale..  FROM 10 TO 25% DISCOUNT FOR THE  -NEXT THIRTY DAYS. -  in nr,W to make room for Spring Goods, I have decided to sell for the noxt thirty^days all  i i���_f JS. I. IS.Ji.7u rmlnofidDrlces AU heavy goods away down, cost not considered, and in  ^^^\^f^X��^^tc^.mSi Boots and Shoes I will give from 10 to 25 per cent  lili-nntand ^ Rubbler ^~ds at Msfc Aow is the chance to partake of tho best bargains ever  dw 'omit, and all Ku��f��*r Shrill a- is all now and up-to-date and the sale is genuine, so now avail  t ^^S^l^^^\^^l^l^^^ than wholesale price.. 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Prico and terms on application. 4  3 fifty foot lots on Robson streot f800 00  2 twenty-five foot lots, Observatory St.... C00 00  A 25-foot.lot opposite the Phair Hotel, a  bargain 7T.7T. U50 00  Several other good buys aro on my list.  For Rent.  7 Room Houso, Carbonate Street fSO.OO  0 Room House, Mill Street  28.00  A Ground-Floor Office  25.00  1 Room Cottage  12S0  The Hay ward place.   Cabins for rent.  Bee my list of Real Estate.  AUCTION SALE  IMPROVED REAL ESTATE AND  H0UJEH0LD   FURNITURE.  Acting under instructions from T. H. Graham,  tho undersigned will offer for sale a very desirable 7-room cottage on Robson street, together  with a complete assortment of household  furniture on      ^  Tuesday, February 12th, at 2 o'clook p m.  The cottage is designated as No. 170. Robson  street, near Stanloy, and is built upon a lot 50 by  120 feet. It is llttod with hot and cold wator,  bath and all modern Improvements, and the lot  is fenced, containing u lawn and garden.  The property and furniture may bo inspected  on the morning of sale.  Terms.���On the real estate: One-third cash,  one-third in six months, and balance in twelve  months.   Torms on household furniture, cash.  FOR FURTIIKR PARTICULARS APPLY TO  CHAS. A. WATERMAN & CO.  NELSON, H. C. AUCTIONEERS.  THE GRANVILLE SCHOOL  -y   1175 Haro Street, Vancouver.  Boarding and Day School for Girls. Will re  opon January 15th. Terms moderate. For term J,  and prospectus apply to   .  _f__DAJ_OISBLLE KEEN, Principal.  CITY LOCAL SEWS  A meeting of the quarterly official board of the Methodist church  will be held on Thursday evening.  Several matters of importance will  be considered. , .  Several hundred skaters availed  themselves of the excellent skating  on the lake just west of the shipyards yesterday afternoon. The  ice is fine ai\d the sheet extends  over half a mile.  C. Dell-Smith haa just received  word from Water ford, Ireland, that  his mother died there about the  first of this month. Deceased was  80 years of age and the widow of  the late Robert Holmes Smith.  Pat Webb, a laborer, was arrested  yesterday afternoon for causing a  disturbance 'near the Salvation  Army while''they were holding services on Baker street. , He will  como before the magistrate this  morning.  The boat from Arrowhead did  not reach Robson last night aud the  passenger train returned to Nelson  at the".iisual hour, which is 10:10.  The delay "of the boat was due to  the large ��� amount of ice that is  forming in'the upper lakes.  A. J. Robinson, who conducts the  Palace bakery on Stanley street,,  has purchased the business and  goodwill of Robert Hurry. The  papers were signed on Saturday  and the consideration is said to be  about $1500.* Mr. Robinson -will  continue ' the business - at both  stands'.  ' A meeting of the general committee of the Nelson Operatic Society  ball will be held at Ernest Mansfield's office on Baker street at 4:30  this afternoon. As the ball is to be  held on Thursday evening tKe.offi-'  cers wish arrangements completed  as earlyas possible and a full attendance is requested.  MAY AND JENNIE TRAMWAY  To.Be Built at.Once., ,. , .  ' A tram way,'is to be built at the  May and Jennie group, situated on  FortyTnine creek, in the near future.  'A'P. Le'mieux, who is superintending the work on the tramway that  is being erected by B.! O. Riblet at'  the- Tamarac "-group' at - Ymir, -. arrived" iri Nelson last evening- en,  route to the May-and Jennie "property. ' He" said that J. J.- Fleutot,  who represents 'the -TJnibed Mines  Company controlling .the property,  had asked Mr. * Riblet to put in a  tender' on the construction of" a  tramway. He will leave in the  morning and will * make ,-sa '��� preliminary survey for the work. It will  be about 3000 feet in length. *> ���  The company controlling .this  mine bonded it but a few months  ago from A. H. Kelly and since that  time they have been exceedingly  active in bringing it to the front.  The development is progressing  rapidly and a good quantity, of ore  is being removed from the workings. A stamp mill has been  ordered and part of the machinery  is already on the ground. The site  has been cleared and the foundation  completed. The work upon the installing of the, new plant -will be  pushed vigorously and no time will  be lost until it is in operation. A  flume is now being built and will be  completed in a few weeks. A saw  mill is also being erected on the  property. The boilers for this  plant have already arrived  and in a short time the machinery  will be ready to operate. The sawmill will be run continuously so as  to supply sufficient lumber for the  improvements. When the summer  months are at hand there is not the  least doubt that the property will  be added to the shippers of the Nelaon district.  - Eev. Blvth's Lecture.  There was an unusually large attendance at the Emmanuel Congregational church last evening to hear  the sermon delivered by Rev. R. B.  Blyth, B.A., on the subject "A call  to service." Mr. Blyth handled his  subject well and his eloquence was  quite marked. This evening the  reverend gentleman 'will lecture at  the same church on the "Boer War.'*  Whenever he   has   delivered   this  lectureoi hasrmet with strong commendation. 'No' one should miss  hearing Mr, Blytjh this evening, as  he has ^eenjm.ibh real active service'i-i^Sc^ta Africa and has many  t._riilitfg-mst&u<&s t�� relate.  For the Rossland Carnival.  A meeting of the Nelson Curling  Club jvas held, on Saturday, and  four rinks, which are. to take part  iii the crirling-tburnameuts at Rossland.. carnival, which opens there on  Tuesday roornihg, were selected.  Jack Rae leaves this morning for  Rossland to make draws and enter  the riuks. In Rao's rink there is  an alternative lead, it being S. G.  Campbell 'and J. Bunyan. The  rinks are t.3 follows: -    -  >S. G. Campbell*!  J. Bunyan, J  C. U. Mills  ,^D.Sa Stanley.  C. Morrison  Q. E. McLaughlin \V> ���>��� H. Wallace  J. Rao, skip   XK      V1 Frank Tamblyn, ekip  Q. O. Hodge '   ���;_-.    ���  J. H. Vox   ..,-   -*<  B; Walley v,) rf  W. Richardson; skip  1. A. Turner  H. Goodeve       ,  Dr. Forin  J. A. Forin, akip  If possible a match games will h&  arrang^d^between the Twentieth'  Century^ink bf this city and.tKa  green handsYat curling at Rossland.  The rinks leave for Rossland tomorrow morning.' '���-'"*;',  GENERAL HOSPITAL ANNEX  .   Completion of the Cottage.   .  The cottage annex of the general  hospital, which has been under construction for the past few months,  was completed .last week. ��� The furniture -has heen ordered and will  arrive this week, and the building  will probably be occupied by patients a week from - today. The  greater portion of the furniture  has been purchased from D. McArthur & Co!, but the couches have  been ordered from a Toronto firm  and will be the, Gale hospital bed,  which is built especially for hospital use. - The building is built on  modern plans, and is extremely convenient in^'every respect. Every  ward, in the'"*present building is occupied , and'. as t other patients are  seeking-accommodations in the in-  stitutiori-the officials wish'to occupy  the "new building as quickly as'possible.' Several patients have '��� already.* spoken, for ' wards ��� in the  building, and as fioorias it is opened  1 it is probable thtft r every ward will  be taken.v '  . Hospital Notes.  Mr. Beaven, -��� accountant of the  local branch of the Bank of Montreal, who has been confined to the  institution for tlie past two weeks',-  suffering from a'jfractured knee, returned to * his duties Saturday  evening.     '  Mr. Fox, who was operated upon  Jfor appendicitis a week or so ago,  is rapidly recovering and will be  released from the hospital in a few  days.' ���  C. D. Mackenzie, manager of the  Arlington Mining Company of Erie,  who was operated upon a week ago  for appendicitis and who is at the  Crickmay hospital, is still very low.  Their Standing  In regard to the present standing  of all the barristers who r hold the  titleoflirC. thegeneralopinion-is  that all Q. C.'s appointed by the  provincial government have since  the death of queen Victoria simply  the rank of barrister. The act  under which Q. C.'s were appointed  in the province of British Columbia  only provides for the- appointment  of Q. C.. and no provisions are made  for the continuance of the office.  Those appointed by the Dominion  government have had. their office  continued by. a general proclamation. As a result there are now  only three lawyers in the Kootenays  who hold the rank of K. C. They  are Mr. McAnn of Kaslo and the  two gentlemen of Nelsonwho formerly held the title of Q. O.'s under  the Dominion government. Before  those who: held a Q. C. .title, under  the provincial law can again retain'  their rank a new act- will have to  be passed._   ��� Court Presentations.  London, February 11.���The court  circular announces king Edward's  decision: that court  presentations  during the reign of queen Victoria  SAVE YOUR  SIGHT  JVHILE  THERE  IS TIME  HP^nngjsa?^"*^"'-,  SAVE YOUR  SIGHT  WHILE  THERE  IS.TIME  Proffeasor of O,  J. HARVEY, F. O. M. C. I.,  , Doctor of Optica, and Solentiflo Optician, of Toronto,  may bo consulted flteo al  Indistinct Vision. Los  coirect, at H. F. aVlcl  ���tor-  eec. :__r5_r:E__E?,s <fc GO.  XT2_IX_SO-Sr  _s:__.sxaO  S^.2STlDO_Sr  STOVES!   STOVES I   STOVES!  HEATING STOVES, COOKING STOVES, AND STEEL RANGES  ������  't  Sole Agents for the Original Cole's Hot Blast Coal Heaters  SEE OUR GUN8 AND RIFLES  HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL KINDS OF AMMUNITION  TELEPHONE 37 ,'    ' .    '    '' stare. Comer Baker and Josephine Stieet  *  will hold good for the present reign.  Thia will remove the great difficulty  that would have been involved on  thousands if renewed presentations  had been insisted on. At the opening of parliament there will be a  great pageant. The king will wear  a crimson velvet s'tate robe with  trimmings of ermine., Ladies have  permission to wear pearls and  diamonds.  New Governor for the Yukon.  Montreal, February 10.����� La  Patrie publishes a special. dispatch,  dated Vancouver, that their correspondent has been informed .that  Ogilvie, the governor of the Yukon,  will shortly be replaced by a  western political man.  PERSONAL.  Joseph Nicholas of Spokane is at  the Tremont.  S. A. Paulson of Spokane is registered at tho Queen's. - ,    .  G. Frank Beer has left for the  Coast, where he "expects to remain lor several  days. , .  ��� F. Van Agnus of the Athabasca  1. In the city today. He is,registered at the  Phair '*   '  G.'A. Clothier and C. A. Smith of  Moyie and S. J. Cross of Vanoouver are at the  Hume. . '  . '   . l  Rev.'P. Wright", pastor, of St.  Paul's Presbyterian church, spent Sunday with  his faaally at Columbia.     V ..        .._, -  George E. Ellis"pf"Toronto is  stopping in Nelson for.a few'days, after which'he  will resume his trip to the coast.       '    r!    ,  . *. ~~ .    . .  business' mention. . "~  -   .     .���^ =- ~-.'7,     _  .  . Cellar to Rent���Apply The Royal  ,Bank of Canada,. ** .{ . .    , -���   ,  -   Go to the Old  Curiosity Shop if  you want to buy or sell anything. ~\\''      . ' _  , w Cash paid for- scrap_ iron, brass  and copper.   Nelson IronJVorks^     '  r  . , Good- smart boy wanted, <about  15 years old. ; Apply W. F. T��iet-el& Co. -     *,  To let���Furnished -rooms in ^Carney block.   Reasonable rates.       '   *���  *-  Hack calls left, at -the Pacific  Transfer, barn on -Vernon''Jitreet. '"-Telephone  call35.       --���"������I.'' "--'-.-. ���    '���    f  For Rent.���Two fine "offices centrally located.' Apply to A. H. Buchanan, Bank  , of Montreal.     ' .   - _'.".'  "       ..'"''  ' Two large,' well-furnished rooms  to let. 1 and 5 Macdonald block, corner Josephine and Vernon. ���    '  ,) -     '  Rooms and breakfast if desired  at 32. Josephine street, four doors above. Silica  street.   Mrs. Blanoy.       . .   rr-  Wanted���A girl for "general housework. Apply to Mrs. T. M. Ward, corner of  Victoria nnd Josephine streets.,  Wanted^Board and lodging in  private family, for boy attending school/ State  terms to Fred'Adle, Waneta.B. C.  Milk business for sale���The only  dairy in Ferrilf. 20 cows. Will be sold at a bargain.  Apply D. J.-Whltnoy, Fernie, B. C.  For    Sale    Cheap���New    cabin  handy to smelter. Apply to George F. Motion,  at Nolson Wine Company's store. _ ���,  "New   lot   just   in."���For   fresh  candies, fruits, nuts, etc", call at the Bon Ton  -Confeotlonery,_Baker_Btreet, Mlss_A. L. Kllnk__  witz.'  Wanted���A few first-class stonemasons and stonecutters on the Robson bridge.  Union wages paid. Apply at the work.' John  Gunn. *���  Complete life of queen Victoria.  Best book. Best terms. Outfit mailed on receipt  of 16 cents. Address 8. C, Miller 8c Co , Portland,  Oregon,   j-  Eight-roomed house, partly furnished, to rent in tho Hume Addition, either to  one or f wo families. Apply Mrs. Hartwig, Hume  Addition.  Wanted���Active,- steady  young  man for porter at the general hospital. Apply  between 11 and 12 a. m. to Mr. Swannell,(room  6, Turner-Boeckh block.  To Let���House on corner of Victoria and Codar streets. Six rooms, bathroom  and modem conveniences. Rent f 25. Apply to  A. E. Coxhoad. next door on Cedar street.  For Sale���Moving picturfi machine  and stercopticon combined. Films eighty Boer  war slides. F.very thing complete. Never been  used. Great bargain. Apply "Picture" Tribune  olllce.  $100,000.     I want a gold, mine  netting $100,000 annually. Free milling gold properties wanted.. Send price, terms,1 full report,  etc. to Andrew F. Rosenberger, Room 4, K-W-C  Block, Nelson.   Telephone 104  Miss Von' Der Werth���Clairvoyant, palmist and card reading. Gives advice  on commercial business and mlninu;  -    Lille  reunites  Room  20 or 10    Applj  Rosenberger, room i, K-17  lovers and broken-up fami  1, over'Thomson Stationery Company.  For Sale���120 acres-of first-class  agiiculturAl and garden land, 12 miles from Nel;  son on Kootenay Take    Will sell In 10,  acre tracts.   Prli  or address A. F.  Block, Nelson.  The Prospectors' Exchange is the  only place in British Columbia where prospectors  can exhibit samples of tholr ore to the mining  public. Send samples of your ore for exhibition.  No charges made for exhibiting your ore and  li.tingyour property. Room 4. K-W-C Block,  Nelson.   Telephone 104.  Consult W. J. Harvey, F. O. M. C.  I.. Professor <if Opthalmology, Do.tor of Optics  nnd Scientific Optician, about those headaches,  pains in th�� eyes, eyes crossed or diverged, visual  defects on the flttingof spectacles that are absolutely correct, at McLean'sdrug store until February J6th.. Hours 10 to 12 and 2 to 5.  ��� T. W. Bain, chief of police, Revelstoke, In his letter to, W. Harvey, F. O. M. C. I.,  makes tho following statement: It is with pleasure that I testify to tno exactness of the spectacles which you fitted for me, as they are much  better than anything that I have previously  wdrn and glvo me entire satisfaction for the  ���purpose for which they were adjusted; and I  take this opportunity of thanking you for the  .aa-istance which you iiave rendered mi.      L���a  It Counts in Results  The particular, housewife wants  the best, materials for her cooking:  Nice Sweet Butter  Good Fresh Eggs  are our specialties. They ensure a delightful freshness in  all you - cook, and attractive  daintiness when it is 'served  on your table.  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  The Leading Grocers.  Telephone IO  K-W-C . Baker Street  Neelands Shoe Go.  >f    ' ���"���      '. Be   '- /I   1  /   P/             -__v    ���_/1  . / "  /    i - ' ._*.�� - / MB  ~  ��  f v    *.-"���' ttiis���lm  ii  - i(\       " y*?T^' I'M  i   ii  '"iv-v&f���'/^^!__*&r~ntr? if -i ,  H' 1 VS** ti j*!!^^' -Jp-  X'- -7'  irU"1*'^ &    \> 1,  ������P^y^My/^//)  : '   N. --.Xr*<~A-X*  -. '-sg^' ^t*2&  - .    ��� -    -           '           - ' /   *   -.��� ��� ��� ��� '  \     1  (  Two Souls  With but a single thought,  ' To give best values ever bough  '. All shoes may look alike to some  people.' Take our $4.00 and $5.00  'shoes for instance. -Thev,-are .-not  just like other shoes.,,They have  got that. swell, distinctive comfortable look about them.  JI-      J CALL  AND   INSPECT.  Shoe Go.  ��� ���  Made in Two Minutes  �� ���  BY ADDING  A PINT OF BOILING WATER  THE CONTENTS OF A  -12>f-OENT-PAC_&AGE-OF-JELLYyPOWDER-  YOU HAVE A  ��� ���  Pint of Delicious Jelly  ��� ���  ANY FLAVOR YOU WISH.  WM. HUNTER &  Groceries and Crockery.  CO.  REMOVAL  The Gait; Coal office has been  removed to the Ward building, on Baker street���two  doors west C. P. R. offices.  A full supply of Gait Coal  now on hand.  W. P. TIERNEY,  Telephone No. 205  General Agent.  O. W. West & Co.  COAL!      WOOD!  Hud Cool  Anthracite  $10.75l8Siw,BNofl>   38.15  3_>__II_I*V--1-R'H1P  AGENTS IMPERIAL OIL COMPANY, IttD.  No'orderoanbooooeptad Unless aooompanled  byjcaatu   Offloa: Oorner of Hall  and Baker Streets.  TELEPHONE 33. lfSSL^  Surpassing  Display in  Fall Suitings  - All the fashionable creations  in Fall and Winter wear are*  included in my last consignment of Scotch and Irish'  Serges, Tweeds and Worsteds, and Fancy Trouserings  E. Skinner  Neelands' Building, Baker Street).  FKKP J. SQUIRE. Manager.  ARTHUR   GEE  MERCHANT TAILOR.  TREMONT HOTEL BLOCK.  stock of high-class Imported  of the saoare   shoulder���:  latest


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