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 _J ~- -��.     ^  vs* <%*.  J.     \   >��� **       -.   l  j>"!h  v!l  DAILY EDITION   BY MAIL  FIVE DOLLARS A YEAR  '���-    a.��-  **W.  J      *  " a"i- * -i"      ''"���'.>   -.->������.&  .1 m  WEEKLY EDITION BY_ MAIL,  TWO DOLLARS JTYEAR'/  .-   J"'  NINTH YEAR  NELSON:  W^DN^SDAlf rMORNING' FEBRUARY: 6 1901  *�����  v*.  PRICE FIVE CENTS  ���tai  BONDING OF BLACK PRINCE  GROUP OF MINES  EIGHT MILES  FROM SLOGAN CITY.  W. H. Jeffery of Kaslo Will Develop  tho* Property���Consideration  Was  Seventy-Five Thousand Dollars.  ]_..,:  Th-^vwell-k^  grp^i ^i tuated^on  tiyebn Spririgb^^  i abbu��eight miles: from; Slocan  Yhasjfjiwt ;:;beenJbonded^;.-*byJ:"V|  tf^e^bf Y^io forY$7^00^  deaighas  been Jpending , fo^ ?om^  ': tiMei'-f airidijon 7 Monday' 'f Wi-e^-YfitiaV  ajgrMments'-fwere,^gried.; :Tne deal.  ���wasi pot through by] W.EAB^  'Ythis^it-jy.^  y Thelproperty^  '^theliaifeera  development are excellent. The  property adjoins the well known  Two .Friends, and is said to be  among the richest properties in the  district.  From the Alexandria. 0  A. W. and John Gatnba have just  come in from the-Alexandria' mine  situated on the divide between  Lemon and Six-mile creek.- The  Messrs. Gambs had a contract to  run a drift on the lead for 120 feet,  which they completed on Monday.  They report JthatYthe ?s*P^pertyjis  shbwirig/up -wellfari^^riatf- thb Yore  which h^s^be^yinco^  good assayireturns./''^YTfie^rdperty*  is OwnBdabyia";n.iningcompanywith  i'^';headfluarteWat;^  THE KING AND THE KAISER  AFFECTIONATE PASTING OF THE  TWO MONAROHS.  London Expresses -Its Appreciation of  Emperor William's Sympathy  and Devotion.  -  k~I.  :w\\i^^x%^^^^y::}oe^ iidbhe)'  on  i-yit^-iitos^pi^ed^  ���  ���*��::   ��� ������^���.j^af. A':���:'/!���. r~;^:-i: - -'-'���������>.'.*-_!������-,.";-'^Sr."'.'. **��'ar .:. ���"-.-ii- ���  I -y promising ;brie.YK-'Mr.; Jeffery^is now;  Y iO YM^treal^and) ;the ;^persYwer^:  ):l^wj^  ?:new<^^  ;ari^a��a^earl��da^  ^tartwjwi'^  rNbwampi**^^  :*thej^propei*^  . Yycompariy^iritbridl  ; .v^pTOVinjgYtlfet'traeij' Value SotvitsJuiin'VS  I ijierai-|^^it^!#iy#iif;f ^Mp^gs  ���;"!?! ilaTJi^  ^eelS^  ;��fp��*ti_'/ij^^  ] ^STh^tli-*^  plieTOrj^  vgyTrierit-ps^*-^^  yp-tpfliril^^  ' ''V?^-*'':' ���'--:'*.'.^-j:^^^  , :-i^7$'petVM.}^^^^^f^}^:^  *..��t:v�� ^^|OTiigin^^wnCT8^f#h^  ival Ja ;;Success.Y:.'':Y^'Y ��� Y?  ^^;fancy;dfessY carnival  ctf-tbe"*'--!^^  evening, was quite1 aYs^ccess.yThe  rice wasirijexcel^t^  rstat^riri ^Keirivarioua J pr-ettyand  comic costumes presented a pleasing  f��glifcf Y^heiprizes were awarded as  follows; Best lady's Jrostui^JMiss  McMillan;}best |lady# skater^gMissi;  Harvey;lady's comic costume, Mrs.  ?Iri^am*-Jbest?;:giri^  ���;G.^MoDpnM^;bM  ftum^fM^  '*:;_katerp;.%^  ;bomib<-cbs*^^  i^a^ume^^^  icbstuffiejf^  were/mayor Fletcbeiy captain .Dun-.  can" arid ^_lr.:_Angford; -There,-was,  ja?large^��^e^  joyed themselves exceedingly.': 'The  ;R." M.? Riband was in; attendance  iv,*.-';.'5-.-��^ '*a^.'aS>-3fto^'--Xa^'*/.^^S^iVi''tf^SSE2Si.  anifcthejgbw-musicitirenderedawaS'  "iiii4:* S:^v*t-*^;is##;ss:il  lM����'^����'',.,".y r.*.*.-:i  ~,, - .7*-;, ���     -j. -.-.-- .  ^:77&M6iyM<ffi:l&  ��-���,' yjl Cy ���';:'.' ���':���;:;- '-f;-; \lij^'X'"f'H*��^^''~^&Z''''^l^&&?r'  =2y;:At5tti��vi��re^iiit^^  Shlis^ilea^e^n^tfi^^  y^_^g?^eU^W^ri*tYb*pdoii^  ;'iy^op^nt5worlc^^''S^  ;>!Wine\^l^^'S^|npKBilwa ^Jst nibfiginj  I.^the^.we8t^^t^r6m^  7 ;'^ti:Mri-; S *^wyY^  ^o^t^-encpimtOT  ywide and- capribsias^high^yaluesY as^  YY any?ybtYtaken;:biitYofA,theiinineaYj-In^  the Upraise two feet of solid ore has  ���Y;'b^nYuncOTered;;butgvn^  Sbe done on this"untii;lbgtter^veh^  %'latiph^i^ :  C"bein*^^rivei-!th-t-^glV  Yaiid ^when this;is:cbmpletcd work cm-;  Sthe bre;b^)dy?wijibe resumedyy^j::  ;y :'��� Eiye !^{��rlb^s  7 p^iipped # rpmYtlwipf^^^ftP^Pf?;  -yieiMingl'^gbbol ��� returi^YwereYbb^  Ytalo^y/rhe shipments w;ill*bp;cpn-  yblriftaeciy ahd-f-it Yis quite -probable}  ^that'thiey"will be: increased .in .the  linear:futiure. ;lThere is no*trouble in;  Y.:gettingrthejsmelters> to accept the.  ��� :'-.bre.Y:i' Q*reYls; being; rawhidedv frpm*;  Y therv mine: to.��the Y transportation  point every day, arid Ynever before  lini'thehistory-pf**;the'property- has������  Y it ^hbwn'iip so well "as itiY doesY at"  : ::present^J:*:,��� Yy-.Yr-H^;, -77 Yy y;'YV  Y :;The* development- that haa-aK  Y ready'.'beenrdbne JsYquitbiextensiye;.  A crosscut tunnel has been run 140  feet arid ihe main* lead tapped a  aY  depth of ^85* feet. ' Since the vein  was encountered nearly' SOOfeet of  drifting has��� been: done,Yand: the"  : ���^lubYpfv'the .pre increasesI'-as'$he��  work advances.   lAt theYwest:���'-end;  of the drift:abbutri8 inches of rich  7 shipping, Yore: is Sin y the Y" face;; of  /'���theTY'tunn^a^!^^:At!yVtheYY:eas^  nearly; a/ foot of:clean Yorb hass been"  'luncbveied^ J _Jesi^  amount of. cl^ri O.rb^that Yhl*s> been  found, t^yei^tifepugfi  '7 length :cpn^n^a!great deal of icon-)  Y .bent^ing^e.^;The' inmnileM^iiaa  : ibeeri't^ed^for ^distance^ofliYbhree  Y ^ainis.'?i***Seyeral tjfousa^^ns: of;  the concentrates hayo^b^  :!^.pn;tbe.duni-p;^yYA^  >: Y ^ SMC^dftunri  7 :for:th'erp3^ppse'pfitappft  It^ isxin; afeputiYQO'f bet. Yi It "will have  Y1�� be e^rid-3dal^t:4Q^  Ythe lead is-^reaclied. Y^tiv'wil^-cross  the veirijafea:ide ,2p^  ; feet." 7. Aiy "this'������ Ypbint|;:}.it ��� has been  estimated 'byY prbminerit Yen^  that the ybin should be much larger  : aridricheiy ������ ��� ;j ��� Yy '^Y^-: '7% YV'''.-. -���*.< 't  "*>��� The^^groupTconsistsYbf .sir claims.  They-iare^the ��� Black Prince, Black  Prince^ Fictional, ^undas;;Nb:;2i  Suirimeraide, Y Fo.u^y: Friends and  Dairnsall. This' embraces a large  area of valuable mineral land and is  ^o situated that its iacilitiea for  appreci  ii^Jv  ���birr**-*  t.7  T6-;Mbvei|Their^tu^i^||    _  J^ryGuplii^l^e^c^SEpi^  ���engineer, ofY tlie. .C. P. R.,"'aridY'his  p-i-;..."_;-..���-. ��-.,i''>^'a^?':;"^f.^3*-.KTva/J_���1*-V-"VvT^.--'it'-'6��!,-r5'!_)f  staff will move from  their, present  lUw^^_M^0}W^^^^^^i_l'  ?!B*^'erJs*tre'ejb\^  faRaribmentsait^  day.v He^^and his staff ^iil';occupy,  two rooms on the��� ,secbrid\floor''at'  'Ithe-WestendYbf'tKe^uilding.:.^  ���rpbras ^.haye   beenV;es-tx>ciall*jr conV  -arid^tfaey^e mwcl^oCT  than th'e^oid.offices: .yjiist^wlieri^  captain   Troup,: ^ptain Y Gore 'andj  other staffs will move into atjhe' new'  offices  lias 'nbtY-ye't\beeil'.';.decided;  However; when;the change is Wade"  captain Troup ahdstaff .will occupy  the western portion 'of the upper  ^'story^aml-captiu^  kt^bffice-sjnbarSitlie^e  ��� buildirig^y_ldermari^Hariiiltbri; -wnb:  \ is; actings as^^ramsdis^tcner^ *}?_"  peetsi?tb mbye from;the;;bld''staticSi'  -to ithe new onb-iira few* days?&Thb;  rpb^lwhicli] he ^ill^cupy^a^alisbi  ;b^tH^{s*^b^?flporyi^a^  ^graphic; systemlih^  iricbrinectibn w*ithhisT^piEirtriierits.  ���!:.:. .;���-:���'��� .-.=���- ������-���,' ., . - ��� ..- ���,-��� ,��� .-, ���-. ���������-:* ..������..- f% :&_7-  7"7-<'.:;^ h ���-y The * Cuflersiy i 7 tW:M  ��� [  A, strong interest-in curling   con-  etiuues=and=thi,ee:games?wer^  at the riiilc yesterday.�� iu^the after^  ripon,; the*; game :of Y Mackenzie ;ys.  mayor Fletcher resulted in favor of  the former with a score of 17 to- ��� 5.  Mackenzie has selected a riuk,which  will-go to Rossland .during.jthe mid;  winter carnival   heid   there   next  week.   It consists of G.,- Morrison,  O. G; Hodge, Fred,Starkey arid W.  Mackenzie skip.   Mr. Mackenzie is  an old time -buHeri from *Wiririipeg-  arid he is getting* his ririk'intb 'good  shape.     Tlds evening's game . resulted afl-follows':-;  Y -Y    , v   ���?".     .  CO. Miller-'  C. Archibald  :N. T. MoLootl  J. liiiCKkipl!)  D. J. Dowar  ��� Q. Kyddj.Y' !-,'���  J.*A. Turner'  T. Lillie elilp 17  li.8;Slanley  '������ ���>���',.'.  A. Grant.  c; Morrison .  :  ; ':.!t  ��� F. AVTamblyn, skip "12.  ���K.'G. Smyth, y...;  ,0. K. Mlflor: . ���<.,  .  J 'P WolP' '-'''���   * -  J. H.Wallace skip!.!  South African Casualty List.  K London, YFebrnary- oy^TlieSwar ���  oflice issued a very. heayy South  African casualty /list yesterday,  showing in addition to 13Ykilled and  77 jwoiiudedi in" act'iphr;'82^^ .'deaths  froiri disease ;during. ��th.e.''.''preser*uV  month. Last month 31 officers'arid  800"'; non-cbminissipned ' officers: arid  inen were killed in action or died  f rpm jdiseasey The.; totel-^aath%list  from the beginning-of tiiejtvar shows  ;12'9$9:ylctiins.';:yy\.'?*%%. *&^:-<i}.::?  :'l,7- Y.y :-CMnVfl^n^ience.:,:yy^:'^  sij^Mc^adejcabied: to ^e^epartr  -merit Of stiate' that the empress has:  appbirited, Chan Pb Shi Yspecial :am:  bassa^oi^^EnglaridYlto bear^ cojn>,  dblerices on .accburitof the death of*;  queen yictoria' and- also < cbrigratu-  lationstbnYEdward's \accessipn.. On  the reiurri of SHari Po.Sin*' he will  be appointed ";chief chancellor, of  China. KungVJHsinvChahY.is appointed his chief 'secretary.. From  England:they will eome to America,  en route to China.       *  lI^wr^ri-Me^riifbw-iiofY^  i^:'. -l ��i>. " ������'*��% ,:'-.': iay.  ���.���.'-?-.'J-T    -: 3V.r'. _S.-: v-i  '"*: '^-;::y__.irig5   ��� Pi-us^  "��� .S5'.^S*"-i'S3r '-*.:�� SS ���������^-i'-"'-'.-**5':;��.;'!-;"JI�� >*'��*S- ���".<--���-*��  i^flj drag^ni|i,eg.in?^  ^Wiiliam;;Y;-WeaTin^  marshal's 7-unifp^^tto^-duk^Si^  Gonnaught;? inYYthe':'^nifbrm|bf:::a?  ::Prussi*a^re*^ment '^f"Ihussairs:jand^  "pririce Herii-y of ^ussi^l^tiWiEidr,  ���l^r eastitat^  ,'d^wn:by:'i.bu*rYhpr^  Ions and ari 'escort Yp_Y;Life'Guards.  They ^drbyb ��� to ^thjelrwi^y|^tatum::  ^dlool^traij^i^  majesties were loudly acclaimed- byY  :t^*a^sei^lc^ci^*^  ^l^ri-^eirlarriy^a*^  ^tetionltheyl^^  ���WagefY pi^;';_u*_^|^urt S^*_^y-armyv  ^ci^si'yTheSJ^d^^yeS^  Sa^e;tiwf;King,"Y^pr  :fora^:Sandi  w^^riveri^o|Maribb_bughihpus^  '**-���=-'1*-<^��-::'<j-iTT.'.ii--''AiSliiii.i'l^  change ; the   present   force will  remain during the winter.  The question of an"extra session  is still in abeyance, but the opinion  is expressed that '.in the event of  congress     passing  , the    Spooner  Philippine bill an extra session may^i  be avoided, and especially as there*1  seems to be some doubt whether,,  the ' Cuban    constitution   will- be  adopted in time'-for action at- an:  extra session "if filled -soon after'  March 4.   With the Spooner bill  unacted upon by this congress it is  believed an extra {session will be  ���called;v;Y:^yw^^"4fY*:;-::^'-'Y^  yp&ittg^th^e^d'h  ���^tii^nbmiimtitms^p^^  lpt��t^tra^yiBen60!^0ie Ts&mttB^o-i.  'day were discussed a^length: Somev  rearrangement of-tlie list; as proper:  ���fc��:SubMfiBUM*^^  jmi^e^AjiY unusiiw|ra'U_-e;.'w^p^  ^u^b^heYi^sidiE^Ywit^  to the nomination of 'major-generai,  _^elsra^sMilOT|j|^.belYli^  ^generaiy^l^!)qj^^  ation was submitted to the cabinet'  arid iitvf i^eref^^|iwas Y*s*ent Y-feltheY  jsena^.yi^ffletaiJ^  '���'the={ypt^is^taii^  GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS  JOINT MEETING HELD YESTERDAY  IN PEKIN,  ���'**** "K !M  NO LONCER GRAND MASTER  ����� i-tfr/.z:  g-lEmi^i^illiat^-^h^^  |^i^^t!teesi*dMkirig��fi^^  fotwiKlandauSl^iie^  ^-s ���* ..--S. ?.������_ \!-7:ttT_-7.\--������-..:������* ���"'���-������ -    '�����"- ' '������-���^  ^dafi^adaiyyi^��$i��sl?^^  ''^-^*^reet��d5':byi*'a*^*aval^n^e.-��g^  ^_foi^N^ebruS^  r^yilliam has returned^prijboard; the  lim|*riai?��^lit^Spl^^l^^  ;Por_'��^ic^ii^*^^^?^St^  ^(^^jam_*tpi^|p^age:  through'"'* London^ ..was" soiriewhat���  ^erbrfs^- aroi val& a%ip^t^ictpria^*  >*y^ ^"��* J*.*^-����Tfi . ��� -*1i.. .iU'-VV'^-.-'fil'.t' ~ .-'.i'a.i* l'i_*_; -i''"- '�����"*��������' V-Vj ;.j  ';wheii^all;JtherVwar ^vessels j dressed  ^hipi^this^i^further^  .the'exbeptjorial* cordiality existing  !betvi^ri'"thWtyi^^  |^^rii^roKg^lpam|YiH^  panied by." crown prince Frederick  ^illiai^Ya^^;?^  )4.t:'$.'W*as"|'*iit'''''!,��^  ��� station,:'subseqiieut^to the luncheon  lat^MarlbjM^gh^  chief : ovatiou /occurred^;iYThe^Yp^p-  ple, "packed.densely, cheered, loudly.  ���ja|!^^ch^srj^e^^i*^e | wntwniri gY  tfiei��;^erim^^sm^  'sti<rated^M;henisel ves 7 hrorse Ywhen^  behind^ ai brillian tYieicart Yof���Y J^ife  Guard^ emperprY^iliiam|r kingYEdS  ward,orpwri  Ham: arid the duke ffiCon^aught  Idrpye.up IriTthe samel^arriage. > , -  "Tlie- archbishop of York,:;? field;;  marshal earl- Itpberts,7.'.'the^.��� lord)  mayor ' and Y many ^ distinguished  people, includirig tlie members of  the Gerriiaari7embassy arid asnumber  of Officers, Jrgatliered^ on - the:Y platform to bid farewell to- emperor  'William, .f The last was in the highest spirits. He talked, laughed and  shook,; ha^dsysrith'all Y,whb^stbbd^  "iftround,ya,rid'Ismiletl ^cpntinuallyV  King Edward was equally cheerful.  He appeared to be in better health  than for weeks -past, y  '." After ari'affectionate farewell between the two monarchs the train  started but amid the playing of the  national anthem .bythe band of the;  Coldstream Guards arid the cheers  of the people. - King Edward ran  forward to take a firial grip of ertf  perbr' William'si-hand, ;jwhich* was  held, put;'-' of :< ;a; window. ..It was  evident tliat. no one was better  pleased at* events than'the emperor'  himself. A! number of Germa,n de-.  tectives ceaselessly' followedYiri��-his  footsteps arid bbaMed the* iriiperial  trairiYbefore it Ys tar ted. Emperor  Williarii wore a fieldfiriarsharsYuni-  forrii airidYkirig^ EdWard arid -the  ;duke of YGpnnaughfc" -kprer ;Gemian  uniforms.:,.; 7t:.7.:7^7..:..;rvyY; .:��� ���''.*���  Y Fortihefirstitiine^in inany--idays  the flags in th^streets.on the build-  brig's float at'tlrah^d of the staff.  The GermaEuflag was prominently  ;di8p1ayed.y'-Y*;;;>'' y* ' ^������^'#''''���4;  . Y * y Caifiinet anil Ciywress.    _V  '*'-iv ���'"'��� ���"��� '*���'^ "-���*����� -^-t*'- '.* "yy..* v ���>������   -j ���  " ������;���:     ���" ��.  y; W^J3Hi**^pN,l February Y j5;���The  cabirietat^its^ riibeting^tbday again  discussedthe question of: the number of troops to be left in China. A  tentative Y cpriclusibri .wal ���' - reachal  not to augment or decrease the  force now ��� -there.- -Comfortable  quartersyfor ;the troops are- now  beingpreparedaud unless conditions  ACOOEDINO TO PRECEDENT KINQ  ^'���y-^j-  Tr-. >"? jfe'^-.'^-T*  8777.  ;l9M^io^SsM^bf��Tfooat^rb^  ^Ss-Eefated~How;iQueen Victoria^ YY^  tf^*��" *"��� '���-' ^'CH^Medlof^Hi^;:'w"ealthys  aftei^ardslylangjiGeorgffgI^/4who|  resign^ thefofficefptiigrand master  y&��m!&g&_\-.  ^m&f&M  ial grand lodge; will.: be - summoned  ^e^uai^^5pwl-^#it0s|  that the duke of Corinaught will be  ?riomimift^tb|su'^^  ':ns.'t_iMiriA-'mftl&ei_%^rK^^  Chinese Plenipotentiaries Seem Anxious  r  '   to Conciliate the Powers and  .".':   '   . Close Negotiations.   _-  feSPEkiN, _^ijruM5^5y^TheYCWnese:  pleriipbteritiaries, prince Ching and  Li Hung Chang, had a protracted  meeting ^. this- .morning;;with .'the  ���^preignfenvp^  proriiirient ' Chinese ��� officials -were  !'.submitted i with ;the  request ��� that  ^^l..--*,; ,^*-?���>.��� jj*^*. -^iV^'i"' '^"i'^'o^*;,-"-^;-;-^.;^���^:*f^i.i:^^,-_^.^.^.-;^f  Chiiia keep faith with' the'-powers'  i^S'.-j..--- ���* ���������J^Lr-f.:. *^:'.ii^aI-^';-^-;;-ti'^<��- "*^/!,5^--.5>j::-:k,  arid punishithe-persbris,named cbm-ri  vmensurately'-with?: their"; offences  .TJie Chinese plenipotentiaries replied  "3blj*at^^im!s:^ar^  : carry out fully the demands"of: the  powers and that she felt sure the  ^p^ishrii^tfS wlticl^  ;flicfed^puld|ll^g^  jwi^^is^yeredj^ ���;  twelve of ithe persons riahied-"'were  ]tive&<^feax^^  iyin?ic^*iuriyca^  :plenipotentiaries gave.reasons why  -sth^.'piuii8hm(Br^n|^  IbariisHment^nd^pt  ?iri0thatliri|i,hbsei:ca  ticularly desired banishment only,  ^becausej^  |w^^sp^l^y*^re]^e^^  throne.; :;Afte'r ai * long conversation '���  ipn^^e^Subjec^pf|p^  P^^*^We^^hj^ftM|*fOT^  |^^^sfiS^^dr*a^up|*;Jig^  |th��$ccused:^  :;.an<l7.' proyiiicial,7 "with :,-:indictirients_  f^c^fyiuglthe^^  Istalem^t^flttneSpi^sh^  fcquireMwlnch%wouldlbe��'P^esented  ^���������Svi-^./a^i'.''^'*:*''1^--;il''--f''?^  >t��1the|^hinejje'{pleni^te^  ^^nh^lwtibi^Ei^Hung^  ^\<-.:iv-T.^;<.,".^^-u-.'i>j'.:':-vc^V-��->''���^^���^.-i -.^r.frf-^fi^-^^  v^fio^isivjerygweak^from^hjsfc^^nt.;  rtW:*.^.Sii'*iJi>f.:y.:T-*^^--'K*i^*'-'*^^  ;illness.!*had?to^bercarried''in-and] out j  y__"*>;_tt_*_b _* Ui^^^_^��i^��7m.xw_ihi^,i!i^^  ig&i  as  |:ylBa_^B|Throat ^^AUfj]gg^5|||  |sir^^i^Sembri; physfei^JSaa'bjydisrY  ;eases|c#i!l^  Hospital for:Epileps^arid Paralysis  ia^YPKesiden��j;pf ^"er^^ryngp^^  SbcietyY of: JLmdon^  biat^;Prbksy*o; ���'^y^tiSpr-ft^isJ'ip^  YtiyelyY; no K word ^pjE;^ttu)bKv|in^t_ie';  :*sjtory^ publishedY^ing! \.^M United:  '. Stptesiith-iitlkirii?' Edy^d^sg^ufferf'Y  /ing frbinYCanCer; of|the|iprba^  Felix" Seiribri wislies^iit"tpY;ber:/called-T  a "scandalous inyentwnYarid ���ridicri:;.  iouilrepbrfe''^He=hoipesf:t^^^  ;ment-willY be an aMwer^;tb)jcable  dispatches he is nb^receiying: frorn^  America, v He declares! he^t^npt  seen the king for we^s^past^-and  .that^.when .he last; sa^vYhi��n: his  throat arid general :ieoriditibri Ywere,  "never better;" The physician'Y^^s  'that^'anyYYpne ��� hearmg^'tlie:king  speak;; in.. public" woiild^jEribw^in a  minute that there was^nothirig the  :mattesi-*with:his thrc��t-Y:Yy ,y ^y 7.77;  ��� .,d:"V' -���*��'- ^-* ;,- '.   7 'y. "''���" ��� *." . '-.V-rt"'   ^/x^^.X^ ']''."' '";  '      Queen's Will.  r      -"  I. ���*".'.< ���'. ,.:,'.;...-T.'.-    ,    ly. :-,v    ,%.   ->*-.  :������ Londois', February; 5.���The latest  rumor regarding queen Victoria's  wiiris. that it bequeathsyei4d,000  each to the, dukeY of i Corinaught,  ; prince Christian pf;:;Schleswig-Hol-  stein,;princess Louise.rand princess  !Beatrice and includes; liberal bequests for the ��� duchess Y.bf'-Albany  and a number"- of -the elate ^queen's  grandchildren. The^buliyof her  private fortune, howevervY goes; to  king Edward, and both Balmoral  randiQsborne are giybnj-;tp;the king.'  Two houses on theYGsbbrrie' estate  are giyeulto priucbssjBeatrice. f    Y  Will Best at Sandringham.  London, FebruaryY;5.yitYis understood" that ting^^ iEdward-Yand  'queen'*-AlexaridraYwiIt-rest/.at'$and-'  ringbam for the next^^ few Ydays.  The former will returrivteYBucking-  ham palace ,pn Febiiuj^y ^13th; and  hold'a^ privy ;council:''io draft, the  king's speech at the bpeming of  parliament... 7   ���.7i\77:'777777''.,  Capetown.���Officials have been  dispatched to watch all^the.'bays  along the west coast , of Cape Colony against the landing of mercenaries or arms. With':, the exception  of one, all the guins of the British  cruiser Sybille, wrecked last month  near Lambeth bay^;'have been recovered.. .  desirie of both prince ;Chipg arid Li  Hurig:vCharig- to.scome .ipTiterms.  Prince: Ching asked', whether, prpr  ���Yyiti^tSCJ-ffiai^sli^w  /jnraarisliii^  carry-r.out:;the,terms: of ���'-"!the> joint.  ihpife>!*^  ^ea^t^iih-vi*^  iyT^eIforeig^e^^s|r^^  ���thi_;^yM''Wl:suDj  :'discuss:*b^5^d|*|i8^riggf  ij-^i^thi^^'^*'^^  :-)oeHeyed^h^p!^^s|if^^  |mthdr^;tnef^bb^  (cbinirig^spring, ibutY thatythis^ de^  pended largely upon  the Chinese  ���j'tfie'm^elyeis.;;^ Prince 5 ChingYaridf Li  rHurigYGharig^.sa-idYthbydiesireid to  kripWjr the.���;'.haines   of ������ the, YY places  Swhei*e*fguards*wbuld^^  thei purpose of niairitaining.'coirimu-  riicatibn with the sea iri -: accordance  jwith the terms of the joint note.  They were informed that > this was >  .$���^^subject;rbgardirig.^^^which the mili-  Itary au thorities-had "inore accurate  knowledge than the; envoys, "but  that at present no determination  had been reached. Y Y  Prince "Ching ���; was Jj anxiibus ���"' to  know "what prbyisiori would ; be  made to control the legation guards  sand to prevent them from disturbing   business.     He   asked   if  the  :guards would be allowed over all  parts of the city. To this inquiry  the reply was given that the guards  would certainly not be allowed to  interfere with any avocations of  the Chinese, but would be kept to  merely guard the legations in case  of necessity. Prince Ching was  assured that in whatever part of  the city the legation guards might-  go they would be required to,conform to the lawsY which would be  : agreed upon', under, pairi of severe  punishment.  ���' :/ ^Italian'Cabinet Attacked^;  Rome, FebruaryY 5.-^-The long-  expected attack1;. on * theJSiaracaso'  iriinistry was opened in the chamber of deputies this afternoon. The  ministry is in bad odor with, several  of;- the parties on- accburit of its  efforts; to bripg about reforms in  the administration and improvements in the militia and naval service's which, however, have necessitated from financial resources.  The ministry presented its financial  bills, which the budget committee  refused"to accepti The government  then requested Ythe committee to  draft another scheme, but the latter  declined. This.is the situation with  which the chamber was confronted  today, and it is disgruntled with  both tho government and the' committee. The closing of.the chamber  of'commerce of Genoa, which led to  the recent troublesome strike, furnished a peg on which the government was attacked in an interpelr  lation brought forward-, today..  There was a large gathering of deputies and spectators, asv the foil of  the ministry* was 'anticipated.*1^ > ',  l~ - -Loyal Jamaicans:,,     ,r -'>,  Kingston, Jamaica,' February" 5.  ���At a special meeting of. the legis-  ^h-tin-e-just^heMj^Ytake:a^tibn^ri  the death .of .queen. Victoria; the  governor:read a- message; received  last night from the king, beginning:  Jn which i--.li.is naajesty \ promises tto  follow in his, mother's footsteps 'in.  iprpmqting.^:'Jp|��^  throughout his-vast colonial dominions.'   The council 'resolved to send'  :f*M|iMdressYitoj*''<*h^  its loyalty arid the. hope that the.  islarid. will "��� soon ' emerge * from thV  decay into which it has fallen dur-..  ^ngjtl^last?few^*^  bers also referred to'the;. good done:  tp Jatnaica arid the other colonies  :by;_tiejiatei"quberi^  ���;^7i0:-*7^^'-^ -'��� ������*������ "������'���'����������� ^~^%-$<7c.m  '^"-"^"'"^s^NEW-teiN^EiEii  AFRAID   OF   COMPETITION  r~A  ..fi  *v'  ���TC  ���   r\*  *���/���  .  ~&  r.  -*-*  -"    iLV  '' ;�����  >   .  ,   �����  VANCOUVEB CONCLUDES TO PEO-  7:.    TEOT HEE INTESESTS.  Change of Railroad Offi.ial_~-B��-electi_g,  a Conservative Leader���General - . \  1 Jx -' ^ Eastern Canada News. ?��� *������  y-i  .-���& i  'i I  ._t%\  fe?��v.^***'*?*:'-Y4'.:7^s^^  i-ai.-^*'...,*;;.,':.>:.'..ri,-.::.v::Ii^:��-'-^  ^s.;^77-^^^c^^^__tii ^__..ir'_t:. r^^7^msmm-xm I  .J|GAFOT*6wNii^h^isl  ion" has been declared infected with  fMM^yOTlc^islj^  /prpg^s^*^WTi^^��3^^  f||;BwDON^It?w*re^r^  Britishtroopsareadvancing rapidly  ^v|wdsj|h(^OT'i&g*^^  I^PaMI^T^^'*^^^  today adopted article.- three''of the'  |lS;^^fa��ibciatibri^bilifafte^at  i'.s��)��:c-;  :dipussiprir||^|*^:^#:  S:^: -i.-i.iz '-"';*:'Sfiii^M  :^*i'fe*?^  *^%  -;    Hartford, Connecticut.���Frank-  -liri^iS^Burr^oKnearl  :k��\.~.*l**^n-Z<'i^��"':?-^i'^?.. A'W~V*,'-'J-"    ' ''    ''    ���'-���'~J *-.-.--������  __gf.ke!Pp^*r^b__p^^  ^ui^U^ye^^rok^  'y".^y*-^'''.':^-*Y'> ���>:;--^���"���'"i'��^  Ycprnpany^asked^for^^Sp  ?bhi_e^t��  ;i;'-r.*y��j:-^*.i^-.'-^?.*f-.��:.v;,-,-;:-'^ :j'\V,>%K*fr-*-'^~'*^��i  '. nrwrti'i-ti/l.'+.Wo ���l-;-*i*lTV*��iTrt.'il^*^.lifct^  Britannia; Minirigt Gbmp*a1a3��t_da3^&fiM  fari^g^thb;^tCTtw  '? nC'.'4.  1^_*_.',__*"_. r*i**iri+ __. _-_.>?;;'' l-��ir_A *i*1 ia r,","'.";^fc*P/-'!*_"'Wr_ ^1 ___-�������!&_&.  ��^GXraTO^^|Ari|brde^l_a^  fgaz^tedf^raittirig|^li^  |tjion^  ?-5 AAf^!:4-A'.'n'-*.��%% _ 154-t%������������"W^kB��imi t-?i^f.��y~���&J*.'e* ���..'���)�����-�������  febriferredflupTprislearl ^Rbbartfiftthb  Order- of' tlibi; Black JPagle��� 'Jtfie  vailing ���: along ������: the. coast. JSeveral.  wrecks liaye occurred off-Cherbpu rg,.  Sari Francisco last', uight defeated'  -yp^g^i^lcbtt/^^^  ;I*7th��:rpundg'qf.f;;W^  il^eri;^V2i^rburidjgb.J;Y^:^'JYYYffS  |^i^Nr^;-^Pnricia;YHenry^     ?���sS  i'sia,^ whpjr-ej biriedYthbY German','jflag _:  sliipS BadenfjatJ Pbrtsmbuth'_; this  ��� aft^^ori^^ras -gazetted Jtbriight ariY  ;lipribrai^yicb:adri-(iral in the British"  7na^.r.^y^:ip7^  Y YBLbEMPONTEiNyThapeace^m  merit'througlibut - the surrendered;  Boer.districts has hitherto been un-;  successful. ���; Peace envoys wilL visit.  =Gape=Tbwri=and=set,gbiug^newYpe^^  designs.v''M.'Y: 77''" "** 7 7[ 7:7<-7:77;-^'  MoNTRBAri.���Charles   P.  Habert,'  tlie well-knownYCanadiari 'Sculptor,-  ;has been made a"' chevalier, of.;the  Legion of   Honor,;by:Ithe  French;  .government in. reepgnition.of his;  valuable services to artY  Nkw YpRK.-rThe second trial of  Dr. Samuel J. Kennedy for the  murder of .Dolly.YReynplds,at the  Grand hotel on; August 15th, 1898,  was resumed today before justice  Fursmau in the supreme court.  . Oapk Town.���Tlie Boers captured  two hundred British when thoy  rushed Mbdderfontein on January  30fch. The prisoners were subsequently r released.     Thirty British  were killed or wounded. r  ��� '.���'     ���   *' '���      ��� ���*:: '������.���.'���"���"���' ������  .'������-.  London.���/A' special: despatch  from Capetown says that general  Dewet according to Capetown reports; intends to annex various districts1 of Cape Colony- and to commander, men and supplies, although  he is now urging the colonists to.  join him.   -     ������  London.���-The Melbourne cbrre-  sppndentofthe Times says: "Mr.  Gharaberiairi has telegraphed; to  Sydney that Canada is considering  her position as a contracting partner in the Pacific coast in view of  the concessibris granted to the Eastern Extension Gonapany."      .  Want to Oust Wilcox.  'Washinot February 5.���Re-  preseritative Tongue of Oregon"by  request'��� today introduced in the  house the charges against Wilcox  of Hawaii ���which were presented  recently to: the committee on elections ;by attorney; Gear. Accom-,  pany ing the charges is a petition  praying that delegate Wilcox be  ousted from his seat.  Tft>YMbthli'll_ode!s_^  ���::i��.i.��;v '-.<.iSr-:^^.'.isvi1[S'il>c%��*;V..-Ki^  readyiandttWilKbe^blowaiintheTlSthsSSil^  instwandiStheMStandard *'W-���*�����^^ ��*^  . *.j .,-.:���--. ���-j'-~vv'*^**>v< / ���<- T'-i- .", ..���'"'���Vc'i ;= ���'"������:��� '-Ja-r* ���������'i^';:'^-~^'r.'J"^7''y'.i''.^'^i%-^a  Yl;;:MbNTREM%^rui^^  YCyBusi^]yS'|ii_^^  !:iriterid&ut^bf|tlie1Ror^^  "*'i*.     -^-���: ������-���-������������^'���'.'-���r.A^--a''^~:-r,'.--.i^-.1~.--^  :g<^riuri^||^il^5^  :_h^Yri_a_ia,gerf^f*tl^S;i^  ���ari(-^rlriceiIiad^rd'I_la-^-'rail  J;,'*i!Kfe;l  ��� Gircrila'rslfb^mallyifari  appbiritmierit;;mll;: feissuedjinjaife-^^y^^.  'daysK^lt^as^  ���ituss*ell*:|*;w1UiMU!M''Md  :tiriger a-s^'^rierat j:mariage^  as'thelat^'^isj^stjU^  ���mari"''pf��the..'raiiw^  be creart^;^y:the;parimm^  will begiri itssessioritpmbrrow.JMiv7:���7.-:}PS^M\  Russell is ribw*bri; his'ivayritp MbrieK  Ytbri^^yMr^Russelllisiiai^natiyeY  of; New ^Brunswickv beginnirigiYhis J  railway, career on the Intercbloriial      ' s *A'  WSt,:John'lril874.Y^:';;;'";YYr"-^f-y:  : :;:,::vY: :<��� Tupper's-.Successor.J,:,JYY*yy  ': -'.- Ottawa,    February     5.yXfter J  reading sir 'Charles Tupper's. fai;o- 7  well letter, the Conservative ineiri-  bers ot the hous'e held a long caucus  tonight, Y various   nairies,; Jamorig7  them Mr. Borden and^Mr. YMcLean.Y  beingmentioned for the leadership.Y  It was' finally decided' td^'adjOurn  until tonight'when*there j will ;be a  larger representation.   'Y Y      77 ���.'..>���*���  Arbitrating a Railroad Case.Y' ;  ':��� '������ Montreal,' Februa,ry    5. :y The  ; board of arbitration oh the Eastern  Extension Railway '.case examined  several witnesses today.     Tompr^  |row   Mr.    Gollingwbbd7 Schreiber/  deputy   minister ?bf railways and  canals.will be examined.!, .The-arbitration is oyer a claim by the Nova  Scotia goyernriient for   $671,000 in'  connection'with the Eastern;' Rail--  way  from YiNe^YGiasgow,* iiNbvaj  Scotia to the straits of;Gansb. ;|; ;  :  '^yi  7:;-''?7' Y:New;Japanese Consul.J; J::  '���'.-: Montreal^ 'FebraaryYo.���S. ���Shi-,  mizu, imperial Japanese consul forY  Canada and; statioried at "vTancbur  veiv when passingthrough MbntreaL  informed mayor Prefontaine that: a, -  Japariese consui was to be a!ppoirit-7  ed for the lower and maritime provinces at an early date. YMr..Naprbji,  now 'stationed at J Ghicagp^wiU' ���; be '���;  the hew consul, witt.he^qiiarters  in Montreal.J y^'';-; Y: ';'Y-JJ'v ';*"j;'/ ;J  Rouse's Point, New York.T-rThe  worst wind arid snow storm of the  season is raging throughout riorth-  erri New York and the Adirbridacks.  The'trains on all roads are from two  to twelve hours-late.'    ;Y ; Y  n  J  ���m THB TRIBUNE: NELSQff B. C WEDNESDAY; FEBRUAKY ft. 1901  iff  ib  to  s How Many Falls s  to * ib  to  ib  HAVE YOU HAD ON THE SIDEWALK w  DURING THE PAST FEW DAYS? to  to  ***9********************  ib  ib  j* IF YOU HAD WORN A PAIR OF OUR j*  to Rubber Soled Shoes .. .. t  to to  to YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN PERFECTLY to.  Hj SAFE. - CONSIDER THESE PRICES:     ^  _*W    Mftn'r.       Dukkfl^      Cnl_rl       D-./�������� r>       an       OI-oU       and    Titll  '.     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A few more  "deaths'wiirtrarisfef-the~controi~of  the upper chamber from the Conservative to the Liberal party,  which to the mind of the great  Liberal party is the only reform  the senate needs.  The Tribune is in receipt of a  letter from A. R. Barrow, who is  now on his way to London, in which  he takes exception to being designated as a raining engineer. He  explains that he is one of the only  two men in the province who know  nothing of mining engineering;  that he is now on his way to Lon-  - don, and that the other fellow is in  hiding.  It is said that the mine managers  of Kootenay who are stoutly  opposed to paying anything into  -the provincial exchequer in the  way of taxes are anxious that any  encouragement given to the lead  smelting industry should be in the  form of a government bonus rather  than by means of an export duty.  In the one case the people will have  it all to pay and in the other the  mines would pay a portion.  - The application of the property  owners in the lower portion of the  Davies addition to be taken into  the eity" will come before the members of the city council again at  their next meeting Monday evening.  In matters of this kind the electors  of the city have no voice save  through their representatives in the  council. The fate of the petition  theiefore  depends  entirely   upou  the light in which the - members _of  .the .council.- view;--Ait.'-^TJiei��� area  which it is proposed-to:be included  in, the' corporate limits ' comprises  all told', some seventeen ^blocks  between the Nelson" & "Fort Shep-  ,      a. ^ i , X  pard right of way and - the,- upper  portion^ of' the,'park ' reserve, r and  includes the blocks upon which the  , city's reservoir has been constructed/ It   is not- unlikely   that the  council .will be largely guided in its  action upon the. views entertained  by the petitioners with respect to  the immediate prosecution .of public-works' in   the    section   to   be  annexed.   The   present * outlook is  that there will be sufficient employ-  ment-withm-the-present=-corporateT  limits   for-   almost, every   dollar  available for public works this year,  but if the residents of the  Davies  addition    are    modest    in   their  demands 'for  expenditures during  the current year their request may  be regarded with favor.  Joseph Martin has not yet decided whether he will run a candidate in opposition to Robert Maepherson in Vancouver or not. In  the - geueral elections Maepherson  was induced to make the race as a  Martin candidate, with the result  that he lost the seat which he  formerly held. He is now anxious  to run without the Martin handicap, but Joseph cannot see it that  way and it is generally believed  that if Maepherson will not acknowledge Martin his candidature will  be opposed.  -Good Thing for the Coast,  San Francisco, February 5.���  Eugene Zimmerman of Cincinnati  left for Monterey today to visit his  daughter, the duchess of Manchester. Referring to the recent purchase of the Southern Pacific stock  by Union Pacific interests, Mr. Zimmerman *said he thought it a great  transaction.  "It will be a big thing for the  country, as well as for the Pacific  coast," he said. "Do I think these  big consolidations tend toward government ownership? Well, it will  be a long time before the government will go into the railroad business. I do believe, though, that the  deal-will have >an important effect  on rate matters* , It will certainly  put a stop to this fearful slashing  'of rates, and this is bound to benefit the railroads aud their patrons.  I am inclined to think the Vander-  bilts are mixed up in the deal,  though, of course, I am not in a position to say with certainty."  Sentenced for Life.  Georgetown, Kentucky, February 5.���Harry E. Youtsey, stenographer to governor Taylor during  his incumbency, and who was tried  as a ^principal in the shooting of  governor William Goebel and  found guilty, was arraigned before  judge Cantrell late this afternoon  and sentenced to life imprisonment.  When. sentence was pronounced  Youtsey exclaimed: "h am'innocent." No appeal was taken, and  the prisoner was taken to the  state's prison shortly afterwards.  An Immense Appropriation.  Washington, February 5.���The  army -appropriation bill, making  provision for the army under the  plan bf reorganization ' recently enacted, was completed today by the  house committee on military affairs  and reported- by chairman Hull.  It carries approximately $118,000,-  000 as, against .estimates .of about  $180,000,000' made -by the war department officials.1 Chairman Hull  says the present bill will be ample  and will not,entail a deficit measure  later.  SBS  to  to  to  to  to  to  �� ^L~~^ *^kmW m 00*  ���0m~ m 0���~* ��T^__W ��� 0tW -4^_w m m^0 ���fikaw _ ^__W ���g_m\W ��� 0���W ��^__P ��� ^__W ��� 00  r ^_____r^B^***_r 0_^r0__& *t___^^_____a* ���*^_\__^^____\w J^^^^t4^r&te4^v^^ ���____^ flH_-h.^____.  m  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  KOOTENAY....  COFFEE CO.  ************************  Coffee Roasters  Dealers in Tea and Coffee  ************************,  We are offering at lowest prices the best  *es of Ceylon, India, China and Japan  Our Beat, Mocha and Java Coffee, per  pound $ -40  Mocha and Java Blend, 3 pounds    1 00-.  Choice Blend Coffee, 4 pounds    1 00  Special Blend Coffee, 6 pounds .'.    1 00  Rio Blend Coffee, 6 pounds...-: 1 00  Special Blend Ceylon Tea, per pound     30  A TRIAL ORDER, SOLICITED. 7  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  "^    , Telephone 177.      '   "-  ,-*--*   P.O. Box 182..    -    "���  WEST BAKER STREET, NELSON.  THOMPSON,& DOUGLAS  Victoria Street..     y'_  PAINTERS  Decorators and,'  Paper Hangers.'  ,  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  M  wv ���   . -. . ���-<���.-. ' i*  -jC*'  - ���      -      ���     -^   ____��   _____   ____* v        x ���      ^   ^^   v^ /  ^     _ { > * -��� j - ,�������  W^^kf^0��00 ��� 00i*00 ��� ^0-*00_ ��� 00-P00' * _tX0.*00 ��� J_\Wf*_\���0 "x00 *00 ��� ^0-> m40 ��� 00 ��� ��� ^^ * ?___fc'* ^^* _9fc* ^^ ���,^S^�� ^���c * __9t* ^^k * 5___k�� ^1^ * _____fc* ^^ * ^!__h* ^^ ��� ^^ _\^^_*___W_w  m\ ^^______7 _______     ^____W______ _____________ _____________ _____\_____m ______\_____7___A________> ________���________, __________________________ _______________________     __________________________ ____________ _____________ _____________________ _____________________ ____________ ____________  ______���_! ____________________ ______________________ _____________________ _____________________ ____B___ _____________________ _____________________ _______�� ________! ________     _____\\__m^^ _\\m    '  ^^^t ^^^* '^���'^k *^^^* ^1^ *^^^* ^Mk *^^k * ^h^ *^Sk* ^^^ *^^^^* ^^ *^^^* ^^^ a^Mk. * ^^^**^*^ * * 00 * Mt0*i ������0 m 00**A���0 * *00* ������0 * ���10* ���00 * 00* *00 * A^0* 00 * 00m 40 * ____^*_M_^  "*       r*- T** .���-.- T.f. .*" ^^^ *     ^^*     ^^/ " w    - T  S21 to 331 Baker Street. Nelscn  American ai\d .^European Ptarw.  MEALS   J2 ^   QElilT8  Surpassing  Display in  Fall Suitings  BOOMS LIGHTED BY KLKCTRICIT-  AMD HEATED BY STB-Ui   36 CENTS TO $1  QUEEN'S HOTEL  . BAKER BTBEHT. NBLSON.  Lighted by Electricityand Heated with Hot Air.   .  All the fashionable creations  in Fall arid'Winter wear are  included in my last consignment  of  Scotch  and   Irish   ������ ^    r   a   ni��_.L*_    Dwnn  Serges^Tweeds and Worst,   "N-J._0. ClarKe,_ftOR.  eds, and Fancy Trouserings  Large comfortable bedroom* and flrsfroUM  dining-room; -ample rooms tor oommwreu*- iw ���  RATES $2 PER DAY,-���_  __IK or THX BOTH. HOTKL, OALOABT-  E. Skinner  Neelands' Building, Baker Street),  FRED J. SQUIRE. Manager.,.  ARTHUR   GEE  MERCHANT TAILOR.  TREMONT HOTKL BLOCK. ,  N|adden House  Baker and Ward  Street* Nelaou.  Large atookot high-clasa Imported  faoblaninoonU.  apeolMtr of tho square   shoulder���  s.  A  latest  -The onl? hotol ln Nelson that hai remained  under one manageme&t elnoe IBM. " >  The bed-rooms are well furnished and lighted  by eleotrldty. ^   _ _  Thebar.Is always stooked br the best dom %���  Uo and Imported Ilqaors and olgarc  THOMAS MAPPKN. Proprietor.  SLOGAN JUNCtlOfl HOTEL  3. H. MoMANUS, Manager  Limited.  CHARLES HILLYERr- HARRY HOUSTON,  / ' 'President'and GeheraUManager. * 'Secretary-Treasurer  ~ "'    ' AirOommuuications to'-be addressed'to eitherof the above. ~  -.'"'_���- _*->*"'        ,    i '"     **- J  We ai>e ppepaped to Fupnlah / '  by Rail; Bapipe Qp^Teamm-  DIMENSION: LUMBER1. ,  y    ,       ROUGH,and DRESSED.LUMBER,  LOCAL, arid COAST CEILING I.  LOCAL arid COAST FLOORING^ '-->,*  I      , _    DOUBLE DRESSED COAST CEDAR ">--������  " - ,"- RUSTIC,. SHIPLAP, STEPPING  '"    " "  , ,    PINE avid,CEDAR,CASINGS,.7     . " . .  ^ ,. DOOR JAMBS,, WINDOW*STILES ;  TURNEDiWORK, BAND-SAWING ^  -���  BRACKETS,:NEWEL POSTS V  TURNED.VERANDA POSTS .  STORE FRONTS .  DOORS; WINDOWS (ind GLASS.  GetYOup Prices befope  pupohaslnff ���Laewhepe. .   ���  OFFICE: CORNER'HALL AND FRONT STREETS.  FACTORY: HALL STREET, C. P. R. CROSSING., HILLS: HALL STREET WHARF  P. Burns & Go.  WHOLESALE TRADE  '   CRATED AND MINERAL WATEBS. .  THORPE 8c CO., IalMITED.-^ornerjVerrioa!  and Cedar streeta, Nelson, manufaeturera--  ot and wholesale dealers.In.csrated waters and.  fruit syrups.  Sole agents for Halcyon Springe  mineral water. Telephone GO. *-- -; v {  ��"^ <' *��� ���  '  '-'.   .assayers;,,. SUPPLIES.';^ -v ���  Wr. TEETZEL; 8c CO.-Corner Baker'and  ���- Josephine streets. Nelson, whotaealedeal -:  era In  auaayera supplies. < AgepUrrar Itonve.  Fire Clay Co. of Denver. Colorado.  COMMISSION' MERCHANTS.'  HI. EVANS .&' CO.-Baker street,*. Nelson  ���^wholesale    dealers   in   liquors, .olgara  cement, fire brick and fire olay, water plpe.aud -  *teel rails, and general oomi^uslon^merohanti.,.-;  ELEOTBiOAL  SUPPLIEa      .  KOOTENAY BLKCTMC" SUPPLY' ftTcON-  BI RUCTION COMPANY-Wholataledeal-  ers In telephones, annunciators, bolls, batteries,  fixtures, eto., Houston block. Nelson.  *'  ->  FLOjDfR AND FEED.,    .  BRACKMAN - KER  MILLING ..COMPANY  ���Cereals. Flour, Grain, Hay. -Straight or '  mixed oars shipped'to all, Kootenay;JPolnta.   ���  Qraln elevators at all principal polntson Calgary-''  Edmonton R. R.-'Mills at Vlotoria, New W   '  minster, aprt Edmonton, Alberta.   , '       , V.  eatc  FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  BURNS- 8c a CO.���Baker stroet. Nelson,  _ . wholeBale.dealers In freehand oored^ineats.  Cold storage. -  P.  Head Ofjiob at  KELSON, B.  0.  Wholesale and-RetailTV^^  Dealers in Meats  WE HAVE  Improved Incandescent  Mirror Globe Lamps  Now in Stock. They  Improve Electric Light  Fifty   per   cent.  Bar stooked with best brands of wlneB, liquors,  and Cigars. Beer on draught. Large comfortable rooms.  V iNt-rol-se table boa d.          R. REISTERER & CO.  BBaWKBfl AND BOXTLSSfl W,  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY  & CONSTRUCTION CO.  Nelson, B. C.  The Cabinet Cigar Store  G. B. MATTHEW, Proprietor.  Headquarters for  "CARAMEL"   "POMMERY"  "SMILAX"   "VIRGIN   GOLD"  Smoking and Pipes.  REMOVAL  Prompt and regular  dellTerr to the trade  Irawery ��t Nebon  A. R. BARRGW, A.M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  p. a  Victoria and  ��0- ,  Streets.  "ONB NO, 96  Dr. Morrison, Dentist, has removed to faia  new offloea in the K-W-C block.  Home Grrown  Fmit and Ornamental Trees, Roses, Shrubs  Vines, Bulbs, Hedge Plants and Seeds.  Extra choice stock of Peach, Apr'cot, Plum,  Cherry and Prune Trees. New Importation of  fh'stclass Rhododendrons, Roses, Climatus, Bay  Trees, Hollies, etc.  80,000 to chooHO from. No agonts or commission to pay. No fumigation or Inspection charge*.  Greenhouse plains, agricultural implenients, ier-  tillzers, bee supplies, etc, Largest and meet  complotc stock In the province. > Send for catalogue beforo placing your ordtru.  Address  ft|. J. HEMBY, Vauceuvar, B. C.  Wblta l*bex Only.  Markets.��t Nelson, Bossland, Trail, Kaslo, Ymir,* Sandon, Silverton, Ne~>  Denver, Revolatoke, Ferguson Qrand Forks, Greenwood, Oasoade' City, Mid -  way, and Vancouver.  Mall Orders Promptly Forwarded  West Kootenay Butcher Go.  -ALL KINDS OF .  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND,POULTRY IN 8EA80N  Baker Street, Nelson g#   ��  TRAVES,  Meager  fmOURg BY MAIL R1BOIDTVV OAR10BT7I- AMD PROMPT ATTWMTIOW   ROSSaUAIND   BiNQINBHRINO   WORKS  cunliffe & McMillan  Founders, and Machinists, Speolalty of Ore Cars, Ore-Bin Doors and General Mining Maohlnery.  List of second-hand machinery on hand, which has been thoroughly overhauled and is as good  as new: '      ' '  1 25-H. P. Locomotive-type boiler, with engine attached and all fittings, ready to turn on steam.  1 oi"*s8" Double-Cylinder Friction Drain-Hoist, built by Ingersoll Co.  1 Sinking Pump, NoT-6 Cameron, Now York.  1 Sinking Pump, 10"xS"xl8", outside packed plunger pattern.    Watch this advertisement for further lists, or write us before you buy for complete list. We  may have just what you want.  Agents for Northey Pumps.  Stock carried.  P.  P., Box 198. THIRD AVENUE,  ROSSLAND.  2_S HMIIT COSTS BUT ONE OENT|X��_|_l_  -    GROCERIES.,  A . MACDONALD ft CO.-Corner Front and  *��������   Hall    streets,    wholesale "grocers' and  'obbers ln blankets, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers,  maoklnaws and miners' sundries. >, *-  OOTENAY SUPPLY   COMPANY, ,UMI>  TED-vernon , street. Nelson,  wholesale  grooers. --��.*>  TOHN CHOLDITCH ft CO.-Front street, Nel-  M ' eon, wholesalo grocers.       ' .  ***  wholesale   dealors, ln .provisions, ; cured  meats, butter and eggs.-  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  HBYBBS ft CO.-Corner Baker and Josephine  ���  streets,' Nelson, wholesale dealerd ln hard-  waro. and mlnlngsoppllea.   Agents for Giant ���  Powder Co.  AWRENCB   EtARDWABB    COMPANY  '  Baker St., Nelson, wholesale   dealers In  hardware and mining supplies,-and water and  plumbers' supplies.  ,  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  mURNBR, BBBTON ft CO.-Corner .Vernon  A' and Josephine streets.'Nelson, wholesale.,  dealers ln Uauors, (dears and dry goods., Agenta  for Pabst Brewing Ca of Milwaukee and Cal'  gary Brewing Co. of Calgary.  '  POWDER,, CAPS'AND FUSE.  HAMILTON  POWDER  COMPANY-Bakar  street, Nelaon, manufacturers of dynamite;  "      "'       *      ��d black blasting powders,  caps and due, and oleotrlo  sporting, stumping and black  wholesale dealers In  blasting apparatug.'  SASH AND  ^HLSON_BAW   AND^  DOORS.  ..        PLANING lBULLS.  UMITBD-Corner Front and Hall streets,  Nelson, manafaebnrers oi and wholesale doalers.  In sash and doorsi all kinds of factory work made  to order, .   ,  To drop ns a post card that we may call and  Never have any plumbing done , until you  give estimates. It saves many dollars,  have seen our goods and onr, prices.  QPPOBTTB  PTsmiinrro-n.  STRACH.&N BROTHERS. Plumbers.  REILEY&BENOY  SUCCEBSORS TO H. D. ASHCROFT)  BtACKSMITHS  AND   WOOD W0RKtt<��  EXPfRT HONESHOEIMO..  attention given to ull klnda of _  '  from o'.^eldo palwto.  andona$��o wortc i  nuskiiitiiofloe.  [e^vy  P. J. RUSSELL  Buyer and .Exporter of,  RAW  FURS  Highest Prices.,  -gromjpt Returns  ���rtmeqt  ship by Exprew. NELSON; B. G.  WINES ANQ CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA WINE COMPANT, LIMITED���Corner Front and Hall streets,- Nel-'  son, wholesale dealers In wlnea (case and bulk,  ��nd df-naatto and Imoortad atoars. .,   '  ANTI-CHINESE  RESOLUTION.    *  . _______  Pursuant to resolutions adopted at a regular,  meeting held on Saturday evening, December  22nd, 1900. all members of .Nelson Miners' Union  No. 96, W. F, M��� are requested to use every  legitimate means       '  To Discourage the Employment or  * Patronizing of Otiinese <  direotly or indirectly*. All union men and others  who believe In making this a white man's country, are requested toco operate in giving efl'ect to  tike aforebaid resolution.   By order.  NhXSOV MINERS',  UNION.  Nelson, Decembor 22nd. ���>,  The above resolution has been endorsed b'r the  Trades and Labor Council of Nelson, and ell  union men, and others in sympathy with it, aie  requested to govern  themselves   accordingly.  By order:  l ,  TRADES & LABOR COUNCIL OF NELSON  Nelson, December 22nd. .,    ,  ���KOHREOra  urt-A-WfldeeaUocic,  JjJWART ft QARWICr..  toots.   Hoomfl  stZMk, NeJao*. s_s-  ���fiHfe  ____!____9  Exchange and Cable  Credits,'  JJAM;(Elll0fflAl  CAPITAL, aU paid up....$12,000,0)0.00  REST      7.000,000.00  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       427,180.80    .  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President  Hon. George A. Drummond ......Vice-President  B. S. Clouaton ..................General Manager  v   -Y ���  NELSON __"__NCHy;. ���*  Corner Baker and Kootenay Streets.  -  A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  Branches in London (England) New York,  Chicago, and all the principal cltiea ln Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling  ��� *^P pAn nt*rf*fl  ���       - *   *  Grant. Commercial  and Travelers'.  available In: any.'part of ..the. world. .���' '*,  Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Eto.  Saving-s Bank Braneh  '*.'*      OPRBKNT RATE Og INTEBBCT PAID, i        ^Y  -YyOrazy ���Snsie|s.^^*a^ V;, 7. '^777)  Muskogee; I_aiin^ri;i^ry,.Peb|  ruary; 5 -r-Chitto * Hai-jp, or VOi aaj|  ^Snake," the leadferY&ft|'^e^warcia^;  Greek Indians, arid^eyen-^n minoi|  leaders Yof 7. that��tri^'������^4*ve?5b^'tiv  ; landedYinQthe;;federalYdaife)16^  Ywhewi-it'^  ti'iaiYforfo^9c^  brought here frarii^Hekm^tf uttde^  ���.i9S^v\\oixJ^v6o_i77^[. Eighth "���, United  Y Sbateseayaii*y "ft ;an^|il^ite*di S^tes  nmrshal Benn-et&li^  ���;is 8tat^^tha^  ttYwho'it ;i*s ass-e'rt^'Yhere ��im_l^$*'*fcl_&  r Indians,may *Jb^*tMisecuted.y Marshal Bennett states that while piost  of the Indians are in��� hiding, some  are still trying to hold meetings. A  posse will be sent tomorrow to arrest chief Lotah Mekko, the real  chief of the Creeks.  When placed in prison here, jHarjo  and. his^followers -jwevp   searched,,  fumigated,'; their 'shackles removed  and'all placed in one large cell. -" A  newspaper correspondent, with the  assistance of an interpreter, had an  interview with Crazy Snake,, who  said 'that   he'saw no   reason'for  arrest and felt confident when, the^  Indians were. given a .trial before-  the great white father's court they^  would be "released.-) ' He said tfrey*  were acting in good fa|thj and had  papers from Washington" that gave  them the right-to "establish-their,  rights.y*1' ";'"*i >  '.*���*���    -     y-  As to the;talk *of killing -whites,,  he said it was'never their intention'  and they "expectedf only> to ..treat,  f-ihd act with their own people^ and  in so1 doing they expected flnally'to  get all the whitesr"out .of the,country. He saicLthat,the "Great'Spirit"'  would see th'ey<Tgot justice,'even  though   their' "white fathers'-in  Washington and the oil syndicates-  were trying^, to rqb-itheto of^-theic  once happy hunting groundsi,*^/*- ^  . * VermVt'for'lfefen^s^ i***i.  Victoria^ February- *5.^Aftef  being out from 7:30 last night lint 1  2:30 this morning, and again from  10:30 till 11 this,morning, ���ther jury  in the Williains^vs" Britisli1 America  Corporation ..brouglitxin a, .verdict  for defendants. Williams and other  majority shareholders inrthe Le Roi  mine, which was sold to the British  America Corporation, claim $2.30  per share for nearly 300,000 shares,  in addition to-$6 paid them by the;  British America Corporation, on the,  ground-that the, British America  Corporation paid that much more  to the minority shareholders, > and  they agreed to, pay the same to the  majority as to, the minority. The  case willifejappealed,    j��   '  ���^aws  ____  Tl^lMNlDMNy  BANK OF COMMERCE  ! WITH WHICH. IB; AMALGAMATED  THE BANK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  :-   " ? ".'��� HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO. *   ':��� ?'7  ^wa^J^w_^^_^_M.____��^��_______���______^___��________^^____^  Paid-up Capital,  Reserve Fund,  t8.000.00Qi  2.000,000  ACCRECATE RESOURCES OVER $65,000,000.  Hon. Qeo. A. Cox, Robt. Kllgour,  . Preild-nfc  . Vlce-Pre��ident.  London Office, 60 Lombard Street. B. O.  M��W: York Office., ia JSbcchange   Place.  7, and'63 Branches In Canada and the'77 -7i  United States.    '.  7    SAYINGS BANK DEPARTMENT: G  Y Interest allowed ���-: on Ydeposits.; YPresent* irate.-,  three percent.-'   :.���-'.���'"��� ���._������': i~7 '7777'7-'r''. I7"7'-  GRANGE V. HOLiy  r::.y:Y...;:;Y?��� 7_is, ;~Y7 MahaK^^^son;Bgtnoh.^_  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSOM  yf ^.;^?ffi||sp|^ '^  Imperial Bank of ftanatja  . ;:Y./:4nao'*OT^aorai^|:!;*  $2,600,000  $2,458,803  S 1,700,000  Capital Authorized  Capital Paid up  Rest  r-..j**.-jK  x-x.^S  Sy -__>'vi^ to; raise*'. i|W,W.Wfbr tte'*pu'*^ose|fti  ively"a'by-law.'-toraise: $15,000.00; to extendthe  ���water works a;  '  itsi extend an  tern,-a:by-law, _.-.,       --.  sewerage;.���*.*��� system;^ '.a-������J-V ;by-law,*s'.topraise:  5 2 00 - ;to X, improve;? the 7.streeta*'��� jvithln*^ the  -clty^or Nel oj,-J;ahd;j a>;^brlaw,iYto^'raise  ;V5UOO.0O'forypurchiwlnglairoad-making plant,'  /���were duly passed, and debentures. Iasu9d��there-  nnder for the respective sums; mentioned in said  by laws, in all the sum of $76,000.00, but said de  Dentures so Issued remain unsold.  And whereas, said debentures so issued and  unsold were hypothecated to the Bank of Mont  real as security for an advance thereon of  ���$70,000.00 for the purposes in the said by-laws recited. *  Andrwhereas, A petition has been presented  to the Municipal Council of the Corporation of  the City of Nelson, signed by tbe owners of at  least one tenth ot-the value of.the property in  the said city, as shown by the last ia vised assess  ment roll, requesting the sold council 'to intrc-���  duce a by-law^ to raise the sum of seventy-nine r  thousand (SII.OOQ 00) dollars for the pui poses of,  pa} ing off the Indebrednes? to'the Bank of Montreal and interest thereon for which said debentures are so hypothecated.   .J  And whereas, It Is deemed expedient to bor  row the sum of seventy-nine thousand (f 79 000.00)  dollars (which is the amount of the debt intended  to bo created b> this bylaw) for the purpo>es  aforesaid.  And whereas. The amount of tho whole rateable real property of tho said citj, according to  the last' revised ^assessment roll,- is two million  aixtj five thousand four hundred ($2,065,400) Col  flars.,"1 <?"< ."** * --r\ '*-   -    V      1 V  1 ..And whereas, It will be neoessarv* to raise an  nually by rate the sum of  dollars ($-  for paying the said debt and Interest.  Now, therefore, the Municipal Council of the.  Corporation of* tne City of NeTson, in^council as  aembledrenacts as follows:- T    "  ' *"1.' It shall and may be lawful for the Ma} or of  tho Corporation of the City of Nelson to borrow,  upon tho credit of^the  said��corporation, fby  way of debentures hereinafter mentioned, from',  any person or persons,- body or bodies corporate,-  iwhomaybe willing to advance the same as a  loan, a'sum of money not exceeding on the whole  tho sum of Eevency-nine thousand-* ($79,000.00)'  dollars, and to cause all such "tuniB so raised ora  received to be paid into the hands of the Treas  urer of the said corporation, for the purpose and -.  witn the object hereinbefore recited. ~ *    -���  2. It shall be-lawful for the Major of< the said  corporation to cause anj number of debentures  to be made, executed and issued for such sum or  sums as maybe requited  for tho purposo and  t Object afoiesaid, not "exceeding, ��� however, the-  suiii of sevent} -nine thousand ���j'f79,G00.0*'1) dollars:  each of the said debentures being of the denom ���  inat.on of one thousand ($1000.00) dollars, and all'  such debentures shall .be sealed with the seal of-  the-.corporation and. signed,J>y' the^'Mayor*  aof.- ."    "i-T*     ""'  t     ti j- ' ���*-'*  "������ "4   ���^Barglare-B-asy-in-Tacoma.-.^-^^.-  Tacoma, ^February '5.���Burglars  todayiraided thevliouses of*four  ministers, ^securing about $100" in  cash-- and several. gold watches.  Three other residences were also  entered,"l)ut it is not known what  amount of booty was secured. Last  Sunday presumably the same gang  made a similar raid on houses of  British residents.who weie attending memorial ^ervices." -" The' gang is  said to be composed of high-class  cracksmen from Minneapolis and  Chicago. No arrests have been  made or any plunder recovered.  TORONTO STOCK EXCHANGE.  34  12  8  n  38  (15  , TUESDAYS QUOTATIONS.  btock. Asked,  B. C. Gold Fields      Black Tall        Brandon & Golden Crown   Canadian Goldfields Syndicate...  Cariboo (McKinney)   Cariboo Hydraulic   Centre Star         128  Crow's Nest Pass Coal    75 00    fi  3  - 8  31  tl.  45  il  9  fS  (i  <)  7  10  -   4  88  75  12  ,55  31  48.  8  23  05  3  4i  ih  Hi  California  Deer  Trail Consolidated   .  Evening Star... '  .   '.   Fairview Corporation   GoldenStar   Giant .     ���    Granby Smelter   Iron Mask   Jim Blaine.." ..���- '.   Knob Hill   Montreal & London   Morning Glory   Morrison   Mountain Lion   ,        Noble Five   North Star   Old Ironsides   Olive   Payne.... .'   Rambler-Cariboo Consolidated.  Republic       .-' .<...  Slocan Sovereign   Virtue    .   War Eagle Consolidated   Waterloo   White Bear   Winnipeg   ���Sullivan  Bid.  ���    ?  4  7  30  1 51  110  65 00  fi  a  2}  2  m  m  4  40  Sa  t>  _! 4  20  2  801  60  8  47  291  47  5  24  52  I*  4  SALES.  500 Iron Mask   500 Iron Maik  500 Republic. ..   ���  5C0 Republic  500 Republic.  2u00 Cariboo (McKinney)  4Q00 California ...  " 500 Republic.  40}  10}  lb  15  47J  ��8  , i  48  thereof. .  3 "The said debentures shall- bear date the'*-���  day of , A D. 1901, and shall be made parable  "in 20 years from the paid date in lawful money  of Canada at the office of the Bank ot Montreal  in Nelson aforesaid, which said place of pa} ment  shall be designated by the said debentures, and  stall have attached to them coupons for the pay-,  ment of interest, and'the--signatures to the m-f  tcest coupons may be either written, stamped,  printed or lithographed. v  4. The said debentures shall bear interest at  the rate of 5 per centum per annum from the  date~ thereof, which interest shall be pa) able  semi annually at said office of the Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful money of  Canada, ou the 1st day ot April and the ,1st day  of October respectively, in each year during the  ounency thereof, and shall he expressed in said  debentures and coupons to be so payable. -  ,"  5. It sliall be law ful for the Mayor of said cor-  poiation to negotiate and sell the said, debentures or any of them foi less shan par, but In no  case shall the sold debentures or any of them be  negotiated.or sold for less than ninetv-jflve per  centum of their face value, including tho cost of  negotiating and sale, brokerage and, other incidental expenses.,  G. There shall be raised.and levied in each  year during the currency of-said debentures the  sum of thirty-nine hundred and fifty ($3950,00) dollars for the payment of interest, and the sum of  twent}-eight hundred and forty four(t2811.00)dol  larsfor the payment of thedebtdoe under the said  debentures l>y a rate sufficienftherefor oil all tho"  rateable land in tho paid municipality. * _��� -*  .7/It shall be lawful for the said municipal  council to re purchase an} of the said debentures  upon sucl) terms as may be agreed upon with  the legal holder or holders thereof, or any part  thereof, either at tho time of sale or any subsequent timo or times, and all debentures so re  purchased shall forthwith be canceled and de-  Btro} ed, and no re Issue of debentures' eo repurchased shall be made in consequence of such  le purchase.  0. Tills By-law shall take effect on the da}  of final passage theieot, A. D. 1901.  Done and passed in council at the City of Nel  son, ou the day of , A. D. 1901.     <  i1        ...      ,    NOTICE.-    -     /y,  Take notice that the abot e Is a true copy of  the proposed By-Law upon which the vote of the  electors of the Municipality *�� 111 be taken' For  the East Ward at tho Citj Police Court, on tho  east side of Josophlno stroet, between Baker and  Victoria streets; for tho West Ward at the office  of Ward Brothers on tho north side of Baker  streot, between Stanloy und Kootenay streets, in  tho City of Nelson, on Tuesdaj, tho nineteenth  day of February, instant, boLwoen tho hours of  8 o'clock a. in. and 1 o'clock p. in.  J. K. STHACHaN, Citj Clerk.  Nelson, B. C , February 51h, 1901.   CORPORATION OF TH�� CITY OF NELSON  Y Y:.:.S    D.R WUWe, Geneiml-Manaaer.^.Y  -'^ *.* I Y;   :i :-VHay, Inspooj^^uY-yy:;'::  Nelson Branch-Burns Block, 221 Baker Btsreet  *������,*������������'- J. M. LAY. *_Mi^i:-,,*;y.;4'-;*Y:  Corporation,' for the purpose and.with the object'  hereinbefore recited. ":-'-:'t*i?'Yv--if- :':-'.>.'X"X  2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor, of the said  Corporation to cause any number, of debentures  : to be made, executed apd Issued for such sum. or  sums as^maybe required for the purpose an&.ob-  ject aforesaid.' hot exceeding,'ho wever,';.the sum  twenty- one thousand ($21.00(5) dollars; eachOt Uwl  Slid dt bantures being ot the dehotninition of ono  thousand ($1000.00) dollars, and,'all such debentures shall be sealed with-,the seal of the corpora--  * Hon and signed by the MaVgr thej^of.?;'; i-~ -.'iis  -.. 3. The said debentures shall bear date the'^N?  dayjof^5ii*' v- "A.D 1901,--and ahall-be~made.  payable in 20 yeawfrpih the said date, in the lawful money of Canada.'at'the office of tne Bank of^  ���Montreal ln Nelson aforesaid,..'which said place  of payment shall be designated by;-the said do-  'beniures, and shall have attached to them coupons for. the pay ment'of interest; and the slgna-.  turea "toYthe; Interest': 'coupons ,:'mayi-be neither,  :writtcn,,stamped printed or?Uth'ographedi��:?---.':  >?"4;' The said debentures:' shall. bea�� interest at-  thejrate of 5 per centum per anndm from the date'  -^thereof, which int��rest.'Bhallfbe'i.tiayable?.6einI��;  annually at said office at the Ban k.ot,Montreal'  ���.in Nelson of oreeafd, in lawful.inon'ey of ���** C��hadaK  ���> on the*'-- ;���*:''*; iby:ol':-^.'- rf^^^d'ttiem. Xdayioti  r-:w'*!:vt/';?>^:��s'piw'Uvel'jr.'-'In,eao'p7'y'aav.'i^  currency thereof, and shall be expressed in; said  debentures and coupons to be so ���pay'able^^MS'*: -::  ��-*5.'*It shall be lawful for the Mayor of said foor*-  poration to negotiate and sell the. said debentures.  :or any of .them for lessthan'parjibut in 'vo'oisei7  ' shall thesald debentures- or any 'of * them 2 be negotiated or sold for. less than niney-flve-per  centum of their face value including the' cost of  negotiating and.sale, brokerage land other incl  :.dental expensed V .;;���'~."��".:.v-;.tt4i _'"_ &.:;;.:-p;^���;:���s''R:^fc":y?  '" -' 6.' There shall be raised "and' levied* in eaoh  year during the currenoy of said debentuies the  sum of one thousand and fifty ($1050) dollars for  the payment of interest and the sum of seven  hundred and fifty six ($756) dollars for the payment1 of the debt due under the said debentures  by a rate sufficient thorefore on, all the rateable  land in said municipality.  * 7. It shall be lawful, for the said Municipal  Council to re purchase any ot the ealddebentur. a  upon such terms as may be agreed upon wi'h the  legal bolder or holders thereof, or any pnrc there  , of, either at the time of the sale or any subsequent time or limes, and ell debentures so repurchased shall forthw ith be cancelled and destroyed, and no re issue of debentures so re-pur-  cha��ed shall be made in consequence of such' repurchase.  8.   This by-law shall take effect on the   -  dayof <  ' 'A.D. 190I.-1 I i  . Done and passed in Council at the City of Nel.son on the    >   day ot   - ,, A. D. 1901  _ NOTICE.   '    _    --  Take notice that the above ia a true copy of  tho proposed By law upon which the vote of the  eleceors of the Municipality will < be taken: For  the East Ward at the City Police'Court, on the  ea8t,side of Josephine street, between Baker and  Victoria streots; for the-West Ward in the office  of Ward Brothers, on the north side ���*- of Baker  .street, between Stanloy and Kootenay streets, in"  .the City of Nelson, on "Tuesday,  the 'nineteenth^  --day of February, instant; between the hours of 8  'o'clock a. m. and * o'clock p. ni.      ,  -     J'K. STRACHA-N^City Clerk.'-'  \ NeLon.B. C, February 4th, 1901,<      ^ * -��� >  CORPORATION OFTHE CITY OF NELSON  B"sr-r:'Ja.'W  -jsroii  80.  _3-sr-_i,^.-w isro. as.  A By law to raise $21,000.00 to pay off oveidraft  due tho Bank of Montreal and accumulated  Intel est.  Whereas, a petition has boon prosontod to tho  said Municipal Council of tho Corporation of tho  City of Nelson, signed by the ownois of at least  one tenth of tho valuo of tho real propoi ty in the.  si id city, as show n by the last ro\ Ised assessment  roll, requesting the said council to introduce a  by law to raiso the sum of twenty ono thousand  ($21,<*00)2dollar8 for tho purposo of paying off the  Indebtedness due by the City of Nolson to tho  Bank of Montreal by way of overdraft and accumulated interest.  And Whereas. It is deomed expedient to bor-  row tbe said sum of twenty ono thousand ($21,  000.00) dollars (wbioh is the amount of the debt,  intended to be created by this by law) for the  purposes aforesaid.  And Whereas, The amount of tho whole rate'  able real property of the said city, according toi  the la=t rovised assessment roll, is two million  sixty Ave thousand four hundred (92,065,400 00)  dollar,).  And Whe'eas, It will be necessary to raise an '  annually by rate tho sum of ?I80G for pa} ing the  said debt and Interest.  Now Therefore the Municipal Council of the  Corporation of the City of Nelson in Council as.  Al " '       " "  sembled, onacts as followb:  1. It shall and may be lawful for the Mayor of  the Corporation of tlie City of NelBon to borrow,  upon the credit of tho said Corporation, by Yi'ay  of dobonturos hereinafter mentioned," irotfi any  person or persons, body or bodies corporate, who  may be w(U(ng to advenoe tho same as a loan, a  sum of money not exceeding the who1e, the sum  of twenty-one thousand (121,000.00) dollars, and to  -0) ReDubia        47   I causo all such suina so raised or received to bo  $>0 Republic;      47 j paidlntothehands_f the Treasurer of (he said  A By law for stopping-up and~closing' certain  streets and alleys in the City of 'Nelson >and  empowering the' Council to convey   such  *-* streets and alleys so stopped np and closedi to  ;   ** the Canadian Paoiflo Railway Company. -  Whereas, It is deemed "advisable to close up  certain portions of the streets and alleys hereinafter described, .within the limits of the City-of  f Nelson and to,convey the same to the Canadian,  Pacific Railway Company. "��� - ,.  And Whereas, Tn the opinion of tho council  8uch<portions of streets and alleys, are not re  q turea for-corporate purposes. **���   -  . There'ore, The Municipal Council of the Cor  poratloh of the Ciry of Nelson in council assembled enacts as follows: ' -- ������        '  a. That the following portions of sheet* and  'alleys within the limits ot the City of Nelson,  namely: Kootenay street from its northern intersection with yernon street to the Columbia &  Kootenay right of way.. That triangular portion of a street having no name, being bounded  'on the east by the westerly limit of Stanley street,  on the north by tho Columbia 8c Kootenay right  of way and on the south by the northerly limit of  -Block 61 dud the lane or alley iu block 61 from its  -���intersection with the westerly limit of Stanley  street to its intersection'with the Columbia &  Kootenay right of way, be and tho same are here  by declared stopped and closed. .    .  .   2 Tho said City of i Nelson  be and  they are  ��� hereby empowered to sell to the Canadian iPa-  {ciflc Railway the said portions of streets and alleys in the next preceding paragraph described  'and tlie Ma} or and City Clerk are hereby authorized to sign and seal a proper conveyance of the  , same to said Canadian Paciflo Railway and the  > said council tmay accept as payment therefor  ���'eifher money or real property.  1   This by law shall take effect on tiie day of  1901  '   Done and passed in Council at the City of  Nel  !son this dayof    ,     j      1901,  '   NOTICE.  Take notice that the above Is a true copy of  the proposed By Law upon which the.vote of the  electors of the Municipality will bo takon: For  the East Ward at tho City Police Court, on the  east sido of Josephine streot, between Baker and  Victoria streets, for tho West Word at the office  of Ward Brothers, on the north sido of Baker  street, betweon Stanley and Kootenay streets, in  the City of Nelson, on Tuesday, tho nineteenth  day of February, instant, between tlie hours of  8 o'olock a. in. and 1 o'clock p. m.  ��� J. K. STRACHAN, City Clcik.  Nolson, B. C, February 4th, 1901.  as  <3tT^  ��v?!-SS ������;**_.  i':~ei7zse*mk  - .it*yisiii  ��� -Ci-h...  *yY  ���>:-���':<. 15:  " ' Si*?.  py  'i!7,  .^v ���'.���:.���.:>'* ������f-r'*:.:V:.:.**.^  ������������ K'xt..'-'-'-��-''i 0!':"Y';#s*^;3;Y,"K'',';;4:teiViv^^  THEY HAVE STOOD 4>HE TEST M  JOup Jewelry and Watch Department IsY In -full  '.-. .'jii 7__':.:.-_,. r^Aai -j  .75Swf^l0$sM  Will  <X\^<^ .03 ic3l7& .(=> 7i<& i'c773 .&>te3 i'c^".^ -w^-. ^_  ���w**~.t~*<.r*-*   A-r* -AJ-ji*i*a  $500  in  ******************  ���.    j     ���>/'- ~   <-    ���    -       *>�����  . -    The census bf Canada will be taken in April, and the pop- ,  illation bf the several incorporated cities will*be known a short'"  time afterwards.-   The Tribune publishes Daily and "Weekly  editions at the following rates of subscription-by mail": Weekly,  roneyear$2- Daily, six months, $2.50;,one year, $5. ���The Daily  is deliveredjin Nelsoiit by carrier at the following rates: Three  ���i months', $2.50 ( six months, $5 f one year, $10."   A large -number KJ  "of subscribers are1 in'arrears, and a large number bf'subscriptions *���  .are about to",expire,~besides a large number of people'in Kootenay '-  and^Yale, are aboijt'to reuewLSubscriptipns for newspapeis'for'the.'   I  /year.' .-"In-order tbfmake it an object for, allrthese people^topat-.l'J  . ronize1 The-Tribute, the" following Jsumi are offered as prizes,' on *.  4 the following condttionsj      "  I  ' '\     *     y - -        .   v       ', -   ���-  * CiknaAa*-.^.2-%$?.\_.".  ��100    Nelson    -.?... i. '.".*V... .^��60>*  .Canada-vv....^-,,^.,  BritisH; Columbia>.. .  NoriH west jTerBtories  Manitoba ^..r-.yy:.....  Ontario ���...��.'   uebec... .*.,... ....  ew}(.Brunswick '.  ...  Nova Scotia  $100  .Nelson .:..\..:.'.". .V.... S 60'  ."25  "Rossland'...'.\f..r...:... t 26^  . T25    Kaslo \  ?. .f... .-...."..:*. s. ^26"  .    26, ^Sandon   ...... .>.-..: >-f 26'i*  .'  ,25-  RevelstokeY7*...'..'.M*.'..?.'"25,/  .'-25   Grand-Torks .7......:., -26^  .f 26^   Phoenix .. ' :.. " '26' ��  . " 26 Greenwoodl....-:���....��... .s ,26,.  The subscriber, remitting" $2 in payment of either,arrears _,  , cpr advance subscriptions to Thej Tribune will;be entitled ,tq give,'*'^  an estimate on^thle population of any two places in the list'iiamed- ���  above ; $2.50, to three estimates; $5.00, to five estimates ;' $10, to '  ten estimates. Fill >-,out blank below.' in accordance with, above,-.  terms, and remit "amount of-subscription to^-%    .       * "���'""  The Tribune Association, Limited"  ^~ , ."������-* NELSON, B.C.  TTi-nirTiiiiirTTrrTTTTrrrTTTT  PnOVINPIAL Skcrktaky's Ofkick,  , 17th January, 1001.  HIS HONOUII. the Lieutenant Governor In  Council, under tho provisions of tho "Land  Registry Act has been pleased to establish at  tho (.Ity of Nelson, ln tho County of Kootenay,  a District Olllco for tho Recording of Instruments  and Registration of lilies aiFeotIn��� real estate,  ���situate within the County of Kootenay.  Tho name of the said registration distilct shall  be the Kootenr.y Land Registration DiatrioU  Henry Fry Maotood, of the Citv of Nolson, solicitor, lias been appointed to perforin the duties  of the said District Offlco, which shall bo open  foi tho transact iod of business on and after the  second day of March, 1901.  By Command.  J. D. PRENTICE. Provincial Socretary.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT C0-OWNERS  ' a  To Geo. H. Lammkks, j. R. Cranson, or to  any person or peisons to whom he may have  transfeired his inteiest in the Harvey Joy  mineral claim, at Morning Mountain, Nelson  Mining Division.  You are hereby notified that I have expended  Ono Hundred Dollais in labor and improvements  upon the above mentioned  mineral claim, in  order to hold said mineral claim under tho  provisions of tho Mineral Act, and if within  ninety days from the date of this notice you fall  or refuse to contribute your proportion of such  expenditure, together with all costs of advertising, your interest in said c'aim will become the  property of the subscriber, under section four of  an Act entitled "An Act to Amend the Mineral  Act, 1900." SILAS H. CROSS.  Dated this 12th day of December, 1900.  ,LAND   NOTICE. .  Notice Is hereby given, that thirty days after  date I intend to apply to tho chief commissioner  of lands and works for permission to purchaso  the following described lands aboMt two miles  west of tho city of Nelson' Ccunmonclng at a  post marked Wl J. Bcaye^'fi 9. K. Corner Post  planted at S. W. corner post of H. Selous' pur-  . r._. j^on Ulo j^k wator line  ooteuay river, thence north              t 20 chains, thence south 20  chains, more or less to the high water lino on  north bank of Kootenay river, thenco following  tho meandering of the aforesaid rivor ln an easterly direction 2u chains mora or less to point of  commencement. Containing 32 acres moro or  less. W. 3. BEAVEN.  Dated at Nelson tbla 2-ithday of December, 1900.  Name : '....' , '   POO!  *^J| | |C*C ������*  ��� ��� *  ������������������  ��� ���  J  |  * * aj ���  �����������  ���*���*  ������������������  ������������  ��� s ��� ���  ������������  ���   \ - ' " '- -  Province _..:..' - '  Amount enclosed $     <, ,  Subscription to..,  ��� Edition of The Tribune  Estimate as to population of  Canada    >;{..:1.\ '. ."'  British Columbia... r   North-West Territories.  :, i  *SM  ROSSLAND  WINTER  CARNIVAL  ���AND-  CURLING  BONSPIEL  Tuesday to Saturday  FEBRUARY 12-16, 1901  .   _____  EIGHT CURLING CONTESTS  Under tho Auspices of the   Kootenay Curling  Association  HOCKEY TOURNAMENT  , For Benton, Junior and Ladles' Championships  of British Columbia  SNOWSHOE RACES  SKI RACES SKATING RACES  For Provincial Championships and for Mon and  Boys  CUTTER AND DOG RACES  Coasting Contests Carnival Masquerado  $3000 in Trophies and Prizes $3000  Rates of a Single Fare for the Round Trip on all  Railways.   For further particulars see postern  and programs or address     H. W. C. JACKSON  Secretary Carnival Committee, Rossland, B. C.  [IaS.l .HENRI G."JOLYbe LOTBINIERE.  J-\  '      - "   "<* CANADA>'** *���*''���  PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA    ,  VICTORIA, by the Grace of God,-of the 'United  iKingdom, of Great   Britain   and  Ireland,  Queen, Defender of the Faith, &c , &c 1'8ccr-  Toput Faithful tho members'elected to ferveln  ', the Legislative Assembly of Our Province of1  (British Columbia at Our City of Victoria.���  Gieeting: * ������       .  .    v  '      A PROCLAMATIONS  H.A.M_clean,X   '   "ITTTHEREASV'1 AVe  Deputy Attorney General./?*v> are /desirous*  and resolved, as soon as may be," to meet our peo-;  pie of our Province of British Columbia, and to  nave their advice In Our Legislature:  NOWaiKNOWtYE, that for divers causes and  considerations, and taking Into consideration the  ease aud'eonvenienco of Our loving subjects. We  .hate thought fit, by and with the advice of Our  Executive,Council do horeby convoke.^and.by  these presents enjoin you, and each of you, that  on Thursday, the twenty first'day of February,  one thousand nine hundred' and one,' you meet  Us In Our said Legislature or Parliament of Our  said Province, at Our City of Victoria. FORTHE*  DISPATCH, OF BUSINESS, to i treat, do, act,  and conclude upon 'those, things��which' in Our,  Legislature of the Province of British*Colutobla,��  0>y the-iCommon CoanciPof Our'said Province"  may, by the favour of God, be ordained.V,s r  ' In .Testimony <.Whereop,- We have  caused.,  -i ' these Our Letters to be made Patent; and the  '' Great Seal of the,said Province to be here;  .,, unto affixed:     -<* v     -     -.        ^ _- --J  ' WiTNEsa^theYHonourable Sib^-Henri.GuSv  taye Jolt de Lotbiniere,1 K.C.M.U., Llou-  , tenant-Governor .of Our'said Province of.  ' British Columbia, In Our City of Vlotoria,' In  ) Our said Province, this seventeenth' day of  January, in the.) ear ot Our Lord one'thou-'  '���  sand nine hundred and one, and in the sixty-  fourth year of Our Reign. . *     "   "  i By,Command.  -   '   J. D. PRENTICE, Provincial Socretary.-.  HIS HONOUR the Lieutenant Governordlrecta  . the publication of the following Proclamation and Notices received from the Honourable'  the secretary of State for Canada. '       <  .  J. D. PRENTICE,  '    *    i  ; Provincial Seoretary.  Provincial Secretary's Department,  2-Crh January, 1901.  ���-v*  TRADES  UNIONS.  ;7U~  NKLSON MINERS' UNION NO. 96, W.   M.���Meets In miners'/unlon'rooms, north-  rehlftj   wu&bM~'XC^<f$yQ  dergronnd Ubor- r TV* -C^W  c     -1 >  , J'i, t~7_<.   _l"^Mi   Z I'^-K-f*'*}.      ^^"'SSf  [L S.]  MINTO  CANADA  PROCLAMATION.  EDWARD VII., by the Grace of God, of the  United Kingdom of Groat Britain and Ireland, King, 7)ofendci of the Faith, &c, &c.  To all  lo whom theso presents shall come or  whom the same may in anj wise concern,���   Gbeeiing;  1TTTHEREAS, Sat-  %.) v��      urday.    the  Da\ id Mills,  Attorney General, Canada.,   --       ...-..,.  second day of February, has been fixed fbr tbe  obsequies of Her late Malcsty, Our Royal Mother  of blessed and glorious niomory  And whereas, well knowing that Our deep  grief Is shared by Our loving subjects in Canada,  we aie desirous to afford them an opportunity  of testifying their sorrow and tholr hi mpath)  with us in the grievous affliction whicli has  bofallcn us und them ��� ���"( '  Now, therefore We have thought lit, by and  with .the advico of Oui  Pri\y Council foi Canada, to appoint and set apart, and Wo do hereby  appoint and set apart, Saturday, the second day  of February noxt. as a day of general mourning,  to bo observed by all persons throughout Our  Dominion of Canada.  In Testimoni   Whfreof,  We havo caused  theho Our Letters to be made patent, and the  Great Seal of Canada to be hereunto affixed:  Witness, Our Right Tiustj and Right Well-  beloved Cousin,  tho  Right Honorable Sir  Gilbert John Elliot, Earl of Minto and Viscount Melgund, otMolgund, County of Forfar, in tho Poenige of the United Kingdom;  llaron Minto, of Minto, County of Roxburgh,  in tho Peerage of Groat Britain, Baronot of  Nova Scotia; Knight Grand Cross of Oui  Most DisUnKuixhed Order of Saint Michael  and fet. George, &c , &c , Governor General  of Canada.  At Our Government Houso, in Our City of  Ottawa, this twenty sixth day of January, in  tho yeur of Our Lord ono thousand nine hundred and'one, and In the first) car of Our  Reign.  By Command.  R. W. SCOTT,  Secrotary of Stato.  Hkkai d s Coli roe,  SUh January. l'Ol.  THE Earl Marshal's order for a goncral mourn  ing for Her lato Majesty Queen Victoria, in  pursuance of an Order of His Majesty in Council, dated tho 21th day of January, 1901. Those  are to glvo public notice that it is expected, that  all persons upon the present occasion of the death  of'Her late Majesty, of blessed and glorious  niomory, do put themselves into deepest mourning, tho said mourning lo begin on tlio 28th  instant.  NORFOLK,       Earl Marshal.  Government House,  25th January, 1901.  Pursuant to tho above Order, mourning will  commence throughout tho Dominion on Mondaj  next, tho 28th instant.  By Command of His Excellency.  HARRY GRAHAME,  Captain, A. D. C,  Acting Governor-General.s Secretary.  MUSIC.  Mrs. D.JB. Murray, graduate in vocal and instrumental music, is now prepared to receive  pupils for instruction in voice culture, Italian  meUiod, also piano and organ.  For terms and further particulars apply room  & A. Macdonald building, corner Josephine and  If ��r wax street,  east oorner Viotorift and Kootenaystreets, eveiy v  Saturday evening at 8 o'olook^uVlatUng mem r  bers weloome. M. R. Mo watt." President. Jame   ���  Wilkes,   Secretary." Union Scaler*,Waoks ,  for Nelson ��� District���Per rshift;   machine  men, $3.50: hammersmen miners. 93.25; muckeN,  : carmen*, sh'ovelera and "other undr  ers, $300.- - * >  f ". .f T.-' **>  TRADES AND LABOR COUNCIL.���The regu- <' �� v "-J." tas^l  lar meetings of the Nelson Trades and Labor-^c--1' Y* --'-IMBI  Council will be held In the mlners'-innlon1-hall,>\-Y>;      S-7f^*  corner of Victoria and Kootenay etreete, on the-     " ''*"  flrst and* third-Thursday' of'eaoh^month'^at  1M p. m.' G. J. Thorpe, President, - J. H. Mathe-.  eon, Secretary. , -   ,      , ���-       -  - ,,v i t i   ^  ,rpHE tegular meetings of the Carpenters' Union'  "���*��� aro held on Wednesday -'evening of-each ���  week, at 7 o'olock, ln the Miners' Union- hall oor > <  nnr Vlotoria^and .Kootenay streets. ���'Cha'les-  Clayton,.President.  John MeLeod, Seoretary*.   *  l-D___BERSrjUNION.-Nelson Union; NoflflB. et5;*&. v'  J-��   the International Journeymen'Barber s U it-" *���%>>"  Ion of America, meets every flrst and third Mon- *:��/>_/ "y>.  day of eaoh month ln Miner's Union ,Hall,'corner v . * i *���' J?Z,  of vlotoria and Kootenay-streets.'at 8*30 p.m.-'/*���-���<%,"*<��_  ehafp." ,Visiting  brothers cordially^Invited Uts-g&i. "'  attend.*YIt. McMahon, presidentrJ.^H: MiUtin.^ tp rJ-  son. secretary-treasurer; J. C. Gardnor, recording fJ,^  secretary.**^  No.8121,A. F. of I_,'mM*_jV^T*^gj|^l  T, ABORERS'iUNION.-Nolflon LaborerelvPro Ztfggyg,  AJ ' tantivn TTtltam aNn   0191    A    IT   nf T. 'mut. In  %fV-    ^'  AJ ' teOtiVO Union, i.u. ���<,, j��. a-, uiaa., aaa-Diaj j,-. -f i  Miners',.Unlonj hall, ���'Ci-P. R.** block" cornor?ofUTt'  Raker and Stanley streets, overy Monday evening      *  at7:30 p.m. sharp.^Visitlng members of tne American "Federation   cordially, invited ���' to attend. v ^ .-  A. yJ. Curie, -President.^-John^, Roberto.   *���>-'������������ ^x1-  'cording( secretary, jg  ,   ^   _     i, 7 if *fe ��"���"!  ^Uu  ;TO-ELSON PAINTERS':>,UNION-Tlie~r��ula��  **~ meeting of the >Painters' Unlo��*~ is held.  the flrst andlhlrd Fridays In each month at Mln- -  ers' Union hall at 7:30 sharp.-J.'H. Millward.'  President; WUlJ.-Hatchi Secretary.'- x r   ^"7"  OOKS' AND WAITERS'     .  meetings on the second and fourth    days of each month, at 8 o'olock ln Miners' Union  'hall. Visting brethern cordially invtfed. -"* C. F."  Bell, prosident; - J. j P. Foreetell,^ secrotary,  treasurer. t"   *- v ' ���*���.-- '  LASTERERS' UNION-The O. P. I. A. Nr.  172. meets-every" Monday evening ln the  Elliot block, corner Baker and Stanley street*, at  8 o'clock.   J.   D ' Mover,, oraaldenb; William1  Vice, secretary, P. O. Box 016.'  v   ~-C>  ,yc^��  , rv T.mX  * . " ^"7%\  - -J7& 1  ���^ r:m  '*-,'5>l  ^  FKATERNAL   SOCIETIES.  ' : *   *A    '  NELSON LODGE, NO. 28,"A. _". ft; A. M  Meets seoond Wednesday In eaoh month.  Sojourning -brethren,Invited*.'  't  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS^- Nelson Lodge, No  85, Knights of Pythias, meets ln LO. O. K.  Hall, oorner Baker and Kootenay streets, every  Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting Knlghta  oordlally invited to attend. F. J. Bradley. O. C;  J. A. Paquette, K.'of R. & S. - -  KOOTENAY TENr NO. 7, K. O. T. *JI ���  Hold their regular meetings on tbe first aud  third--Thursdays of each month. Visiting Sir  Knights'are cordially invited to attend. G. A.  Brown. R. K.; 'A..W., Purdy, .Com.; R. J.Htepl.  D.S.C. _**   J     -_    '  MX  7$?  XTKLSON L. O. U, No. 1892. meets ln L O. O. K.  *���*   Hall, oorner Baker and Kootenay streets,  1st and 8rd Friday of eaoh month.   Vi_iu_g_  brethern oordlally Invited.   W. W. Bradley, ^  M; A. Minty. Recording-Seorot&ry. -*  ,  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  APPLICATIONS WANTED.    "*  Tho undersigned has been authoil/ed by  resolution of tho city council to oak for applications for tho position of chief of the Fire Department of the City of Nolson. Applicants will  state age, nativity, experionco and where,  whether married or slnglo, and give recommendations from chief* of*> department where  now employed and from underwriters. Mnrk  applications: "Application for Chief of Firo Do-  pai tment," and address   "- ; -    .  J. K. STRACHAN, City Clerk. Nolsoh. B.C.  Dated Januarj 2nd, 1001,  Notice of  Application  License.  to Transfer a  Notice Is hereby given that I Intend to apply  at the noxt sitting of tho Board of License Coin-  tnls-Hioners of the City of Nelson for permission to  transfei my rotail liquor license, for the premises  situate on the east half of, Lot 4, Block 2, in thu.,  City of Nelson, and known as tho Grand Hotel,'  to GustaviiB Nelson. JOHN BLOMBERG.   .  Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 3rd da} of January,  1901.  Witness: Thomas Simes.  Notice of Application to Transfer a  License.  Notice is horoby glvon that I intend lo apply at  Uio next sitting of tho Board of Llcenw Commissioners of the City of Nolson for permission  to transfer my retail liquor license for t ho premises situato on tho west half of laot 1. Block.?, in  tho City of Nelhon, and known as tlio Glue Pot  saloon, to Thomas Sproatt      GUS   NRLSOaV.  Dated at Nelson, B.C., this 3rd day of Junuar),  1901.  Witness: John Blomberg.  NOTICE.  Rossland, B, C, November 9th, 1900.  To F. B. Salisbury :  Notieo is hereby given that I, William Griffiths,  Intend to claim the interests ln the following  named mineral claims formerly held by F. B.  Salisbury, on whiah he has neglected to pay his  share of the expenses of tho annual assessment  work.   To wit:  A one half (J) Interest In tho "Bunker HUT  mineral claim.  A one-half (J) interestin tho "Sullivan"mineral  claim.  A ono-half (}) interestin the "Fidelity" minora,  claim.  All the adjoining claims, ltuated on the woat  fork of the north fork of Salmon river, ln the  Nelson Mining Division,  This action U takon under Section 11 of Chap-  tec *S,of ����e��totaites of 1899 and amendments of  JSSU.        *      WILLIAM a TOWNSEND. *    '  lAgent for William Griffltoa. THB TRIBUffJ!: NELSON, B. G���~ TODtfESDAY FEBRUARY 6 1901  Assayers Supplies  We carry in .stock a full line of Assayers' and Chemists'  Supplies. The quality of our goods cannot be excelled  and our prices are  reasonable.: ��� ��� -  We are British Columbia Agents for-  THE DENVER FIRE CLAY CO.'S GOODS  WM. AINSWORTH & SON'S BALANCES  SMITH & THOMPSON'S BALANCES   ..  BRUNSTON'S POCKET TRANSITS  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  VICTORIA  BLOCK  NELSON,  B. C.  The Nelson Clothing House  ..Great Slaughter Sale..  FROM 10 TO 26% DISCOUNT FOR THE  NEXT THIRTY DAYS. ^  In order to make room for Spring; Goods, I have decided to sell for the noxt thirty days'all  ���    -    * ���- r reduced -prices.   All heavy goods away down, cost not conBidorod, and In  > ourself of the best opportunity to get gooi goods at less than wholesale prices.   Remember this is  for only 30 daj s. " wm^mm^_______________ _     ~  J.  A.   QILrKBR,   Proprietor.  from 75e-to $3.50.  Jit  .   r  *i'   -**t,  J~h~ . *-  For, the balance of this month we "are offering speciaLreductions in  *  Carvers, Ladies Companions and Nickle-Plated Copper Ware. ?  Lawrence Hardware Co*:  BEAUTIFUL  GRAVURES ;YAND ; ETCHINGS  ,"'    of Landscapes and "other,scenes,-Free,with everypurchase^  ."'fof"twoT packages of Cream of Wheat, the Breakfast Dainty.^\.  rJ.*-*-.  .1  *  Houston* Block. ���-'  yTelephori- 161:- ���-  *P. O.'Box 176.'-'  SlDHMtM^  A FULL LINE OE  Front^Dbprs ' \ -. ~  .; InsidevDpors r;   .  V Screen Hooraf   -  .,..,���.   y Windows.- ���     ^  >\Sl   -Inside^Finish *" :v^  ��� l       i .="--; - -looal and coast. - ���-     - >aj7 *-  ? ; - ;   ^Flooring "*.   A .*1  - looal and ooast. _v ���'-"-"������'�����'-  "~ ^ Newel Posts -^ is  : ., y. Stair Railv -*���; /  \ y " "Mouldings ;y  '  !- Shingles   *%  ..Roughand   .*    >?  -- -Dressed Lumber  -    ' '" -, -       of aU kinds.%  ���    "   - -     '  '    tt WHAT TOU WAKT'lB NOT IN STOCK  WJE WILL MAKE IT FOB TOU  CALL AND GfDT PEIOB8.  J. A. Sayward  r ��� -��� HALL-AKD _AK5 STHESTB, aXISQn-���-���-  Porto Rico Lumber Co.  (LIMITED)  CORNER OF  HENDRYX AND V.KRNON STREETS  I''  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 White Pine Lumber Always in  StocK.  We carry a complete stock of  Coast Flooring,.Ceiling, Inside Finish,- Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order ��� work will receive  prompt Attention.  Porto Rico Lumber Go. Ltd.  '<  -.J.   Tw  ���  REAL ESTATE -AND -;  INSURANCE AGENTS  Agents for J. * J. TAYLOR SAFES  Desirable* Business and Residence Lots  in (Bogustown) Fairview Addition.  vs*    s^   -.    * -* .-a   .���     ���... _��� s  ���     ���      -    >;..   ���   *"��� ^ -    <���   -_���*�� 7 ��� X '      -  Offlco on Baker Street, west of Stanley Street  ���, -.   ,   NELSON.  :,. ,   __    ���  o. e>ij:;6hristie  general Broker  FIRE.^LIFE AND     <   *  -ACCIDENT' INSURANCE  Money to loan at 8% or on the installment plan.--  .' ' Fop Sale '    ' "z  ' For sole a 7-room house.- Bath, sewer connection, and in flrst-class location. Can be bought  at less than cost .if taken by 5th of February.  Prico and terms on application. . ~.   -  The Haywood place.  Price and terms 'on application, r   <  Several other good bnys are on my list,   i  3 fifty foot lots on Robson street   .     .... $800 00  2 twenty-five foot lotsrObservatory Srrrrr 600 00  For Bent.  7 Room House, Carbonate Stroet  $30.00  6 Room House. Mill Street 25.00  A Ground-Floor Ofllce  25.TX)  The Hayward place.  See my list of Real Estate.  MONEY TO LOAN  AT 7 PER CENT  ON BUSINE8S PROPERTY  Atndr ����� I* IaBNNOX. SoJlolhjr. Nakno B. O  The Gait Coal office has been  removed to the Ward building, on - Baker street���two,  doors west C. P.' R. offices.  A full supply-of Gait Coal  nowon hand.'  -.--*������-  L**v-    .  i*\  I'  Removal Sale  We are removing to our new  premises, but can fill all orders  'entrusted to us during the next  -ten days.  j . t  W. P. TIERNEY!  Telephone No. 205    , General Agent.  C.W. West&|Do|  COAL.!      WOOD! ^  C|TY LOCAL NEWS  Born, in Nelson, on Monday, to  Mrs. Thomas Randall, of Hume  addition, a daughter.   -   ",-    "  ^The rink on Stanley street will  not be open to the public this afternoon as G. E. C. Martin is giving-Ja*  private skating party. *  ,. - ?      .  ���_  Dr. Forin has resigned his.positiOn  as president of ' the'Young -Meli's'  social chib of-the Congregational^  church and at a meeting bf the clurj,  on Monday night W. A. Fraser was:  appointed in his place.  The annual concert of the .Presbyterian'church at Kaslo will beheld on- Friday .evening. G. L.  Lennox, F. M. Ohadburn, and.Miss  Sutcliffe of this city will leave Friday mOrning "to 'take part in the  programme.  y J. Lovell Smith of Y^ctoriaYYha^  established a cigar manufacturing  business at the corner; jof^yictpria  and Kootenay streets;infthe)Yliulid-Y  ing lately occupiedvby^theY'Nelsoni  Miners' Union. HeYhas:,-:foui;^��nen:;  engaged. *�� A large^consignmenfcf of-  material has alraMyV^arriyed^^jti'dj.  operations will begin^phce,'.{70S$Sj  The Ladies' AWiof |St.* P^l's?  Presby terian churelr will hold an ati  home at the residence,^.ofYMi^YI).  McArthur, Mill streetjilthis^ening.-  A good musical and^itemrypP]"^  gram has been preparedjandj anYin^  teresting'time is|.p^omisedy70&.1  freshments will ^^ved^by/rth^  ladies. -   ' -'* ^S^^x^M^rM^M:  c Work* in, opening $lip J'Rwl'wayS  ���andJVernon streets?\^llibei:s^*r^edY  today under the dii^tidtf^^wtj^  engineer r McCullochy SiThani^s^  considerable amoiint:bf-^'eal'tlilt0)fe;  removed,-and the j^orkl^iU^cupyl  a week or1 two. ThlBff9mffi|^|$500/  has been set^asideffqp^-fche^ujpyer^  taking, X good f br^oJYtinen-tiave"  'already been^engajged|i^|^l��^|@  James .Hogan, ^heyshefe^aker;  :whojwas,charged -m^npt^^pr^  "ing his-^mily, 'came^efoi^-jiwjg^  Foriii yesterday niprning;^tid��|-wiisi  given a' speedy' trial^AJ^^hei^  ing tlie, evidence tlnm^iac^r^w^  allowed;to go without^sentenceiput/  .not bef are theLJud^j_ave;him|son^|  good ^rqngf7advi^|^PLSfi^s^  waa^warned. h"ereaftei\*j^|'gM^fiajt)  his-, family receivep^jffiei^(^^ary|  -supportj^Yto keep s^ei^a^^^teniiE  to'his;trade.    -     ^i0Mi^^ffl^^i.  /^^Wiii^-sgiat Cjplii^Ji.lfe'J  " ^Lieutenant ^eoi^^^eeripf |thej:  Nelson Rifle* companyihasjrecei^ed.  ,an appointment -*^|assist|^ptoim  Fall in recruiting-menSl^ii^^  stabularyof Sputh^rici^f^*^ie��^  day <- afternoon ihe*|^^iTOdji5^t6K'i>  gram from^the adj^an^^en*^l|ot  Ottawa*' insteuctingB^liimy  his-'services at the^sp^lYpfY^6��^  tain Fall in connect^^rth-^ruilil1  ing the South Af rican^i^ah^arj^  He was also told .fo^reporjb^'itqYto^  tain Fall - for furtherSin^raotiqnSij  He has written f pr^e^ail^andl-exg  pects a reply next^^kiyMr:;Beer;  i&:;quite proud bf his n_w^sitipn;y  MOLLY GIBSON SHUTS DOWN  Alleged LackvOf Funds.  All operations in the well known  Molly Gibson mine*, situate., on Kokanee creek about twenty miles  from' here,' which has been under  development for.over two years,  suspended at 0 o'clock yesterday  -morning, * and; the entire working  staff, consisting'of nearly 00 men,  came down from the property last  evening.'  It is said that the reason for the  shut-down is- tliat the directors,  includiug ..colonel Ray of Port  Arthur, Ontario, and Mr. -Books of ���  Winnipeg, have not advanced the  * heavy operating expenses., ' They  are in arrears for wages,* but it is  thoiightjthat.this. difficulty will be,  JsettlWjY^tedaTpypr,: tomorrb\*^^ :;Y^  favorable telegra  I ^ya,Memei^^  ���' ceiyed^b^i^an^e'r^ BruceYYWhi U>).  'y^e_^^?Ms:;x;MKY:;*Whit��?^i3^^^  Sandon, very little information can  be obtained concerning the matter,  Ybut:|'&fj fe^jy^etkilsi f were Y Jea^rned *  ?frii^:tfe;^i0pJl��  iibeen'TslpW'jiii'laSyancirijg-: money:for;  i a5cp^iderabl^time:'. pasti-Y. aniU tikis';  ::-s'aid|t^t:|Mr;?^hite  Ythetexj^n^i^bii^ \  5feelyjustifiea#in Yadvaincingf'-mbret:  ���'mqne^plfeisfnbty^  shuttdpWh^  |l6n^TO^^^:Hdlehe^;^a^:Ylt|?��Y  ^qui^||p^b^bie;.^tlia^a^  sxlatei;v^pHcf^v illihe ;re^med iTx^Sn 77  _ _|^heyes��iiiaa^fi;p1a*M  ^'al*^pifithjB|mm^  ?jre^rt��g|^^  since that;time* miich  more ore/has  rbMn^is&^j^S^Durin^  fmtSr^^xice^i^lyyfric^  re^pu^ered*|i^_^^^  ^^l]^}]^8^|^5hwntlrt  |grade|Sfl^fia_1iS^  expensepf".'treatinent wasYexceed-  ingly.'higtiy_Fpr'a time the ore was  'ib^sficii!^  smelter.Yreturns were *suffici<snt��.tb  ?iS^^|tfiefp^^ngJex^^  ^M"*^l|jwi$^  advanced . rates- in treatment; and"  thei-16w gra<le'^ore'"the..returns.were'  ilFarJ|el^^-^fii^HC]^i^^  S^i^iJe^OpiSOTpi^  the prppertyis laf ge and at present  ;��� stopiug vfas being conducted.'.--���;. The  hien wlio'came/out say; that vthe're  |ii^a^im:&i!i'^^  Isig^t^-pne^^e^lpi^-^^  "has been started' tfnd h*ad work Coh-  tinued a miich ^richer, strata jpould  aHaveibeen^-eihcaflnfe  liTH^m*S^lsbfSiti^S  EEC.   B"3_r_El_E?,IS  <Sc   GO.  XTIQLSO-Sr  KASLQ  s^_xir_->oxT  STOVES!   STOVES!   STOVES!  HEATING STOVES, COOKING STOVES, AND STEEL RANGES  Sole Agents for the Original Cole's Hot Blast Coal Heaters  < SEE'OUR GUN8 AND RIFLES  HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL KINDS OF AMMUNITION  Store. Corner Baker and Josephine Sti eet  TELEPHONE 87  PERSONAL.  Colonel W. N. Brayton of Kaslo  was In lhe city yesterday.     >  Magistrate Edward Mallaudaine,  'jii.'i;;btCM^n*_i'*&iAe:eitya^^  y YH^E^Haultain, superintendent o��i  the] Yellowstone :inlne, Jsin the clty^^. :X<xix77x7 7  ^JTh^SsSMdm  and J. Wooding of; Eholt are : regiBtered at the  Tremonfr'iYYYr'jYt'Y'JYy Y:Y*y  ^L^'^Sai^-ei-s^^ :  ChlPholm of Sandon and .-John Brirke of Ymir are  at: the Madden;*'g^SYYlY��� 7777.;Y!^(Y-?^SY������'*.  |6^:?D^MfeMiilan-p^  H.Roove*! of'Sllvortbri'ahd���W.'H.-V6b3 ot 'Mont-'  read are^tthepueensa ;^^!^;^Y*YY.K'*'^'"'"iS  yE^_#R^*'of;Spb_^  ler of Montreal and la. B. Hill of Vaiic'ouyer are  ^i��*^9fcred-a*y^Huine^;^;Y5'^S^  Y^L.|i^^^es:b^a^w^I^n^  slwa just retOTn&Tf r6m?'^  *South;Afrlca;i8 atthe^halre^'^'^^Yvi'^YS '���-.  ?M MifSi'siL'pgM^  iing'dlrectdr.of the/JunofMlnlnij^^ YCdmpanyvYarY  ' rived iii the ;city4ast'evening.:-;*He Is here on* minr'  YJDg^^tte'r&i?;':^';^ ^77x7. . ~  ^Geprge^fB^wa^  twenat the cbaat for the past two months,-and  who will act as: stenographer-at the supremo  jponrt^cainejtbfN'd^ yMtord^  *y TLVLvtxJ ustic^^n|-^^i^  will preside at'the 6eei)lbn of the supreme court  "which opens hero ,today,7 arrived In-Nelsonlaat  ?evpLing.;YB[e^*a:oppingjitUie*J^ai*^  '.'*7_:_7&7j__iTia_^^ ���Y*ai*^Y��' 37  BUSINESa  MENTION.  ��?Cella^pjRent*S^I^J^  ^BanirofvCanad-i^'S^  |p*C<a*^^idSifpig:icmj^*^  W7Got^.'_ina.v1s0i6y^  IISTorialtSlFurnis  5l~_-'^^_Ji_.--j''V-i-.���;j-*V* "-",-" -.i i*:-._'^���"*1-'>��-.*Ti*1"f-^*_"t'  -_"���'������'-���*���ICi^5V-  ���xk."��:Rea8on��Werat��;^#e->i&5A'^^  S^^-^^^-^^plMflC'  *liTp, ...  Yney;:6lo��ok.*  l!ljH^_^cj^spe3^fit  l^ngfer 'b^?oh:;Verhbnv*8'_��et.  I(^'S5.^S^gg^aS--*S'J*S  .    .i*ajou.;��y  Telephone  <'i*._-&%\  M^^MMsM  j Rartlcu lafe hmis^if*^^  } the best^twials ;^; He^^  WjiSiCY  Y^  ;Y?are'ioiijrYSjMC!^i^  ���^Mre^;pd^htffll')^  ^ai0^^^d^a|^^  ^'���daintin*MS*w|^  |*pn~you*iytabi&y^  IJ^^Boja^iSl  liiiii^isiiii  :*7&$f7i  IpfeSS1-  ^f'  i irWanted^To v rent: four: or..five  ���roo'medj;:c6tt^eS��St��tP'^  :-YYF6r Ront.-rf-Twpiflnejoffices cen-  tral^'i^t���*d.vi Apply.t6;_u-H':BncfiaitM_,i.W'nki  ^^te^*^ws?^*yj's|j^^  ^.ii^l^tKg:;  .present:method of Operation'-ivas so  ���tex_ien*siTOi*^iiii��^  ���^^w^liyjpe^  h'ah Jlfrln'MO' -���I a*b�� f w%_r_%*Am2._t% v_ar1-^Tli'kvtaim^\''ff'^Ay'-. ______ *w\I** tut*.  - Cooks and^WMterayytSy  The cooks and iv^^Si^YNelson  organized last evening jan^fornied  a union which willsibS.vVJaHedJ'the  ^Nelsoi^dolra'aniiWaiti^^  The officers electeid-tti^jPresidei-Uii;  C'Luft; vice presidentKMiss -E^Bep  thune; financial and"Corresponding  secretary, Harry Smelser; treasurer,"  Mrs. Helen Munn; guide, Thomas  Munn; guardian,  Miss* Annie Donnelly.   The  meetingY was held in;  the   Nelson   Miners' : Union : hall  on   Baker   street.-'iTames;/Wilks;  officiated  as    organizer,   assisted:  by Robert Robertson of the carpenters'union, and John I. Stewart  of the ;minersr union;   They have  been ^granted. a   charter   by   the  Western Labor Union, and are now  ready :tplconduct'the affairs of their  own meetings'^ Tbey^have'started:  writh a charter' membershipY;of *. 03^  there being 22 women: a,nd' ,4.1.x^^.  They' expect 't'dmakVtlieir mem^  ���ship/reach the~ipQ:mark in Ya very  short 'time.-v Committees liaye been  appointed^ (Jraft" a" co��stituti<^  andTr'l^lawsf':,?^^  otheFdetkil^ aiid to ^-eportf; ait the;  nextfliheeting:- 7% The Ypi^anizatipn  willm^t in tl^YMin  eyeiyTuesday:^yening.yY''Yt*Y,:-^  taken place in owier to erect a" mill,  ���^^atttb(^mini|^^l^  :^n^a,Ym;b^e^nl^  iy_5nring|!t_��fpa^^  mous amount of'''money, has  been  ���^e^penide^^  ^pera^tf^^eiih  ���|lw^justy|e��^*^^  f expense^'^^ag^l^  landing at the lake to the.prbpet^yi  ���;.a|di8tan^:Ypli:'^^  i'ihft^;been*:'OTnstir  YnearlyJ$;^  jproyements have ^ffl^madeiy The;  |syn(^at�� has|tiM;Wnfeli^mpjney^  tested tb:let the??p^per_yMliet-idle^  :":lqn*giy:The;:;*wprfi3^  iert-*^hi-te2b^ri^b-l^reatMbe^  YNelsoh: aridi it is:;]hoped'^th&tiK; wort  iwill be resumed :-at^i���n;;^ri5��^te.v  *Mr.YWhite is expectedai^Nel-spff��� tbr;  - day or tcmiorrowi iWlien;ifartherYide-  ?tails:will be'���bbtkil-^'^���HyyO!fe:;^;:,  ':-:;' 77 Court ;'Gp^sYT^^;yy:Y[K:-...  . The supreme coiirti^fbr ���-:the* pur-":  pose of hearing civil cases will open  at the court liouseYatill^ o'clpclcthis ���  morning.   There are^ten ca-^es to be"  disposed - of and it is ' probable that  the session will last the greater portion of .'two '.weeJks^Y'-f^wyers'-'and''  witnesses from outside; points have  arrived, in the!city^toitak(B -(part in  the various eases^VOnly: one ;bi two  Yof  the cases bu^ofY^the Ytieh^Yiaire  jdirectly-. connected.: ^vitlif' Nelson.  The others are from Sandon, Kaslo  ;and.pther: places^^^^jy^^yy'  -MANiLA.^Avrppr'esentetiye of the  federal party who;?;has,returned  here-Tafter orga_uzit^briMie^  .tlie island 'of: Marinduqiie brought:  : rolls containing :5*u0b-.Signatur^;:: 6fY  inembership; ^H^^-ea^a':Yi*fchis'-^vilt  result ^ in Y.the;|'ter^iQ^wtt'|cSS'theI  ;i-_surrectioh! in :MMi^uque.!: YlY^Yy^  niEPHONE 33.  Canada Drug & Book Co. J  i.  Umltcd.  SS&S&- $t0.75|8ST,flNMfc   S8.15  AGENTS IMPERIAIa OIL COMPANY, IaTtt,  No order Pan be accepted unless accompanied  by cash. .      Ofllce:  Corner of Hall  and Baker Streets.  THE GRANVILLE SCHOOL  1176 Haro Street, Vancouver^  Boarding and Day School for Girls.   Will re  open January 15th. Terms moderate. For taru^! *  and prospectus apply to   \   :  I   Ha_DA_C01S__-__S KE3M. Principal.'  'M  X;fX\':i-'  SavIyYour  sight:-!  WfflLE ^  THERE  I^JTIME  ^x'xtf^M  ������im -*r  SAVE  YOUR  "at 82l:Joiwptiirie street^; four Ydopra: abovoY Silica:  7Bt?^0^m&e����^  |��^5ya��ti^|^^rd|i^^  pHtate'famliy^^  |terms.to:iJ?^^je^^  ;^Ebr^SalJEi5'M*��^^  niaiidy: tofimeiter.Y.-^Q^^liGieo  ���at NelaonWineCompany's iit6te^i^^&)7v7^i  ���"Vi*,-���-'���*"������ '-������-;.,;��������������- .">-.��� ���>-!*-.' **A-.^ri'.*'-..*a>Vrs-.ifT.l .���   \.-''~"?".-^K~.'y^ fx-'-�������'�������*  -^���y^laid^lio^lui^-se^y  ''���at'-itoe'*;;prliitf*_i5S:ti^  atiori oii applying to :"New8,'-V'_*ibune.ofllc''8T-i*c;-!>'  i|lfPipi*o^|uptpi^  ::c_ndie8r*h���i^n*a*te^'etoiP����  -*/,Cbn'f&Ucnery'^BAev��aUm^l-lu:'AvXfc''-^nk'rt'.  |^tz.::'v*^Yy^i?>ilis^^  |^'5Wan*tMi^Frw*^ilin^^  'Ipertles iii''Britiaii' Cbluihbia*; Ji-LndrewiF.'JBoaeri--  iberKer, Nelson,*B.-C.^PhoneiNo>:lWI>K.<>W:-C.  jWwA.^vj'^v'i^'^yY-lY  M^GompieteiMe;^  cBeat Uook.YBest terms".: J butfltmailed on "receipt  xat 15 cents'; Address S.'G^Miller&.Co;,Portland,  JOregonr:':,.Y.;:;^yji:;Y:y;Yii^!yyY��'*Y  fiSMg^rotnned ?:: housed ;pairtly Yfur^:  rnished^to"^t"lntHeTHuine%Addia6h7felUie*^  one or fwofamillog.' Apply-Mrs. Hartwig.Hume  :; 1 ?ProspectorsYYjii-i^  mineral claims are requeRted to call atfTheProa-  pector'B*Kxcliange. Nelson;;B.': C.v ;room':Na*'i;;  ���',K.-W.--C.: block. ;^on^^;^;'':^>.-^^^;v;,'i;':  yFbf Saleyi^bflta-bleYhb-*felfbusi-  : ness and real estate, known* as the iRoyal hotel,  cornor of "Stanley and*. Silica: street.���>Apply to;  Johns 8c MoLeod, Royal.hotel, Nelwn.;;,:;/.;:;--:  Y YTpXet^Hb-xsejbn: corner ^bfVic-  toria^'andYCedarYetr'aet8.'-r5 Six -rooms, bathroom  and modern: conveniences., iRent*|25.: Apply to  -AV K. Coxhead, next door .on Cedar.street..;, -   ,.  Y  For saleH^Lot lO^block 17^80 toot  frontage on /Victoria- street,'. two   houses "on  property..- Price: $2800,' terms easy.'..' Address  : Frank O. Graham,* oare of Matheson & Graham's  'barber'sh6p.r:'.;_ '^"^..Y.^YY-;-���_��� ������'������7-x:7.;.]'7--''^'.7-  i   Miss 7 Voa's- I^rY-^erth���Gliair-  Toyant, palmist and card reading." Gives advice'  on commercial baslnoss and inlning;. reunites  families. Room  llll,l,HIII���IH..n....i.........rtT  S.;��i5:S3Ss'i-1  ���>4iS5.i��eT.5  rmilmmrnnillllnnrnnmMiiiiiii.il ,,T..,..,,..rT  ^���tifv&SJSit  |lIIEiiIRi��IE(lIl��RaiE^��iMllif  "-n>-:^X&rJ>_l__:iV  -������������i-ii^.t.'lZ  -*3trc--  ���S-Sfe-r^ri-  4, K. W. C. Blook,  ypM  NELSON, B. O.  iWT.  Fr^-MlUlng'Qold P  rPOTUw}*oayinl|miJBlng^ro^^^  -. ParUesahaving mining jiroj^rty for sale are requested to send sa  fKichahgerorexhlbition.'t-We desire to'hear front all prospectors who have promising mlnerU, :  *fcUWs?liiSBri^*C<dum :  ..T^HbfiempasiipiifiiKN^ .._,,..., .��� ���  ^:*l  4i:.Ss*|  yyifiii'ttii?y-f#ft'-^  j^>'AL^<^*"e''f*>-^^'Mii*S'^ I ?^--;^V;V4<^^7*3f^'0^^  Z7777.777I777,77'77*-~ ^'-lllllllilffii'm^^^- YYy.y.., ���MTt\:''7-x-iX*<i|"gg(^;tfzxy^fH^'^gx&xs.  tmm  :-:^<-.  S|B^tli|but;fSlsto  igy To j^ye best values ever bough f  fsM7_i7U<7x__k'77*<7^ ..  77>^7i7sj^0$^x^^  aY AH shoes may look-alike to some Y  people.   ~ ' "   "  .    .   . ;Takeour$4.00and?B.0OY:  ^shbeis.foprinstamee.^-aa'hej^^  just Hke other shoes.   They have  igotKthatSsweU*^lstlrietivea*eomr*5  fortable lookabdutthemip^YY YY;  unhappy lovers and broken-upr   1, over Thomson Stationery Company.  ; .Consult W.J^Ha  I.. Professor of Opthalmology, Doitor of-.Optics  aiid Scientific Optician, about- those-headaches,  Sains in the eyes, eyes crossed or diverged, visual  ���_*-'rt.-'r*��'.  *>-���-������ ���i-".-l   ,-:'������    .1  .������.-���iiJHVf:--:.~ I  ^si|H^j:;  iOTtEf:  w. j. harv^y, f. o. ^yr. mm*  .Doctor of Optics,and Scientific OptIclan,_of .��._...��,  'abifnl Byes, Headaches, Eyes Crossed or Diverged, Double  ProiTessor of Ophthalmology, Doctor of Optics, and Scientific OptIclan,_of Toronto,  ��y be consulted free about thoso Painful Byes, Headaches, Kyi    ~ " ~  Indisynct Vision. Iaoas of Muscular Power, or thp Fitting of :  .    .   . irgei ...._  lefects ori'the fltting of spectacles that:are absolutely correct, at McLean's dmg store until Feb-  ruary'Oth/ Hours 10 to 12 and 2 to.5.���r.jT-7-.'i^7^7.  YYMr.:Erank>H^fmah,^!_^  Harman Brothers,'Kamloops. in his letter to Prof.  -.��. . ^  ���....�� __ - . _-_m inakea.the  ng"to you:   ___,.���__  _   . _ me-so much  trouble, and'ekwieg mo so much pain that I hud"  quite deolde'd to give-up' my busiriess'as. blacksmith, as tbe glow of the forge and bending under  horses'was so nard on th'em.x'I had consulted'ther  best eye doctors bill the Paciflo Coast north of Sati  Franoiscoj and they: oouldgive me no help, "but: I..  am pleased to say that by the aid of tho spectacles  you prescribed for me X am able to work*: all day  at the Are and the flnest;work-without Ihourrlugi  the least inconvenience and am entirely free from.'  "' the heiidand eye aches'- and; general .defects "of'  sightfro'm.wh'iob:Iformorly suffered.' 1 have been:  ^wearing your'glaaseB for'nearly three; years; and  'cannot express-the thtknks I feel.>?*-:;V*������i-.-'XH'-.i.X:  LAND LEASE NOTICE.  may be consulted free about those  .    . .           Iiu__��tt;tVialQn,.Iaoas of Muscular Power, or thp Fittimf of Spootaotoa (hat aro Absolutely.  Con��t'atftF.__c_^,sd^st<r-e/unt_lSaturda  ble or | to  .: Notice iS5.herebycglv,eii. that within sixty days  ' after the date of this notice, I intend to applyto  ' the asslstan t; commissioner of --lands and' works,  at Nelson,* for' a leasebfVthe following/described  land, for the purposo of opening up and working:  stone quarries;-situate about two mileg'ih an'  easterly "direction from'the City of Kaslo, West  Kootenay.District":.?.'*. ' '" :'-'���''���   . Commencing at a post planted on tbe lake' shore  marked "'J.A.Knauf'sN. W; cornor,"running  thenco,east twenty chains; thence south twenty  chains; thence west twenty chains, -more or lees  to thelakosboreithencenortttalongthe.lakeshore  jo the po.lnt.of commencement: and contai  'OTty acres ihoro or lesa. *  *  "���*"  Dited December mb, 1S0O.  ;Y Having takenIpyep the'���business of the West Kootenay Brick &  : Lime; Ibegritb: ask - fop a continuance  ^Yof the patronage whichY yojuYhave herotpforjs extended them. VMy���  aim will, be at all times to supply you with our products at lowest  y^ssible priees^^B  quantities than before, we shall be able to supply the trade at a  'Slower:'flgiwe.^yyY^  ^-"���;:-^"YY:iit' ls^  ^ m^ie; iirbiw  St^evprpdu^S:;*^;'*?*^  Y"* YY-;-|We?shaj--^6iKe^':in  - Tiles; and-* (Jemehty y *">VY>. -^77y '07 ��:  stoekVor Fire YBrlek,^ KflgSf Clay,,  ���W^grr  ytpto Bricks ajrfLlm^  Spokane *__^^FlarExpositlcm  secured prizes last year and this year fo^  ^StoM77^S7S7Si7xS\x77:-0^  y^~Y:We  Builders.  i<: uuu conuunii  J. A.KNAUF.  TweYpirepMe4ct0Yp^P; s^  "���:M:r0-7^  7: SiorStho Mansfield Manufacturing Company.  <x.:7)7-7X YVY/ 'YY*'- Y".-*'.*:;���*'-"Y ':/-.*".:; Succettots to x -u--7x. y..-.'-,.'���. ���.'���������'_7.7'xx--<  :7-7-  Tho West Kootenay Brick & Lline Co., Ltd  !_*-;���


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