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 '* -.' \ ^-f^***^-"**-  ^mzmmmm  ---������__.  **" ^ ''"^S  ~f / ."US?  DAILY EDITION   BY MAIL  FIVE DOLLARS A YEAR  NINTH YEAR  WEEKLY EDITION .BY; MAILV^,.*,  TWO DOLLARS A YEAR  *���_  NELSON:  SATURDAY MORNING FEBRUARY 2 1901  PRICE FIVE CENTS  BATTLESHIPS  AND CRUISEBS  Guarded the  Line,  Which  Was-Ten Miles Long.  A MAGNIFICENT SPECTACLE  ENGLAND   ALONE   HAD  THII  " Y     EIGHT  VESSELS.  Graphic Description of the Removal of  .the Body of the Dead Queen  to Portsmouth.  Portsmouth, February 1.���The  members of parliament and newspaper correspondents representing  every nation embarked on a small  steamer and were entertained at  luncheon as guests of the admiralty.  A gauze of fog hung over the still  waters^of the Solent and the warships appeared like gi-eat shapeless,  black rocks."- The ^fleet - stretched-  froth Portsmouth *to" Cowes,* "the'  turi-ets'of Osborne* standing tabove  standing  the purple hills. Abreast" were tlie  battleships. Beribow . and - Colling-;  wood, guarding the avenue,",'ten  miles long, through'; which :the  queen's body was/ to pass to the  mainland .of? the kingdom. -There  were 19 British battleships,- 11  cruisers and * 8 gunboats. Eight  naval ambassadors of - friendly  powers, were ranged "along*",, the  Portsmouth dock, and white; gunboats- and steamers with official  spectators formed the. remainder of  the' southern line. -The British  ships were an imposing' sight, with  their uniform' decorations, .coal  black hulls .with a- line' of red just  above the water, .white upper works  and yellow smokestacks, r-   " ,<  AU* displayed the Jack, at the  foremast and 'the' -white ensign at-  half-mast at .their, sterns. The foreign ships attracted most of the  attention of the English spectators.  The giant of the whole fleet was  the Japanese battleship Hatsuz, the  largest war machine-afloat, a fortress of clay-colored steel, with the  scarlet sun on a white field hanging at her stern, the fighting emblem pf the youngest world power.  Emperor William's navy was  ���represented���by��� the���Nymphe,=the  Victoria Louise, the Hagen and the  Baden, all having blue-gray-colored  upper works. The Hagen was flying prince Henry of Prussia's flag,  yellow arms on a white field.  The Dupuy "de Lome, under  France's tricolor; was a fine sight.  She -is built with a prow-fronted  long ram, high out of water.  Portugal was represented by the  cruiser Don Carlos. The ill fortune  of Spain's navy asserted itself at  the last moment, for word came  that the Emperador Carlos V had  turned back from her trip to the  port with crippled engines.  The pathway between the warships was a quarter of a mile wide  avenue of clear water. Behind the  line of warships hovered a few  yachts and channel steamers. Black  torpedo boats and torpedo boat de-  destroyers were steaming about  and oflicers' gigs -and launches  swarmed everywhere. Bugle calls  came over the waters and gaudy  signal flags'burst out and disappeared. The British ships were also lighted with gleams of the scarlet coats of the marines. The black  muzzels of huge guns , swung from  their ports looked very imposing.  Queen's weather came at noon in  a burst of sunshine and the clouds  cleared away from the channel,  lingered above the treetops along  the crest of hills on either side and  the police boats ushered the merchant shipping and crowded excursion boats back to their anchorages  under the shelter of the shore.  Through the whole length of the  channel there was only a long  double file of warships with black  messenger boats dashing among  them.  For nearly three hours'the -fleet  watched for the coming of the  funeral.       The    officers   on    tha  forms, with all their decorations  and medals, scanned the Cowes  shore docks through their glasses.  An occasional brilliant burst of  sunshine showed tens of thousands  of spectators���subjects of the dead  queen���assembled to witness her  last passage from Cowes to Portsmouth." " "~" ~ **   *- "*���*- *�����* - -  Shortly before 3 o'clock white  smoke broke from the Majestic's  side, and a second later a report  cracked over the harbor and echoed  to the hills, announcing the starting of the Alberta from "Trinity  pier. From ship' to ship* the salute  was passed^down 'theJiline. Each  vessel of-, the' fleet' was firing minute'  l^llffisioyed their shore  ,j^^o>jj��sts��that on the channel st^^S^P silhouette'd hulls,  spars and ironwork before the backgrounds of dense gray smoke. The  sound .was that, .of a , great,,Jbattle.  The funeral fleet was just well under way when it came abreast of  the press boat. Eight torpedo boat  destroyers crept away moving in  pairs like silent pall bearers march-  before a hearse. They were the  Portsmouth squadron of exactly  the same size, every inch of hull and  machinery painted black and with  an officer standing like a statue iu  each bow, the crews aligned "at attention" like sentries on their decks.  Hardly a ripple came from their  bows, their speed being barely five  knots.'  ��� .,The-pairs of . torpedo rf,boat   de-  '. strqyersl "ivere^bgut^one^ hundred"  .yards, apart, .with, four boats be':  tween stern and  bow.   A quarter  ,of a. mile behind followed the, royal  yacht Altierta?- At her'stern stbod'a  tairo*_3c_r,/unifocmed in* clark" blue  alone and as motionless as,if he was  a part   of   the   ship.    The   Union"  Jack was at the foremast,"the royal"  standard fell from half way_up the  main mast   and., the ����� naval.,ensign,  trailed from her stern.    Tlie after  deck of the yacht was roofed - with  a white .awning and - beneath   the  awning; through  glasses, could bey  seen the catafalque of, royal t purple  'and ruby lines'on which rested the'  . coffin.'        ____ j    >r v i ���" ��� ������- ���/-; )^ 'J j  ""Four officers in"^*somber uniform's  stood at .the .four* corners of the"*  ^catafalque, with-their -faces turned  toward the ships.   ,A few other persons could be/seen'clustered'on'the  Alberta's deck.;  -.    ���. r' '''  ''  '*���>'>��� '���*���  As   the   funeral   ,'yacht   moved  slowly past, the decks of, the warships   were   crowded., witli    their'  ,crews.    They were ' all" manned to  their full complement. ' The sailors,  in blue, with straw hats,'formed a;  solid mass along the decks of each  ship,  standing with 'their arms at  "attention."- A line bf scarlet coats,  topped^ by, snowy, shining helmets  _6n the after decks, showed "where  the marines .were stationed.   The  fighting tops and guns were also  manned., The oflicers stood out in  showy full-dress array. " The band'  _of���each���ship-took-up-the-funeral-  march   when    the   Alberta    came  abreast of her, and the spectators  on all the other craft took off their  hats.  Following the Alberta trailed  along five other yachts at regular  intervals. First was the Victoria  and Albert, a royal yacht twice as  large as the Alberta and of similar  design. She-carried * the royal  mourners, who, as relatives or  officials, followed the coffin, , King  Edward and emperor William were  chief among them. But, by the  observation boats they were the  only groups not recognizable. A  few scarlet coats could be seen,  with ladies in the deepest mourning, and on the upper deck the  queen's Indian attendants were distinguished by their white helmets  and turbans.  In^ the wake of the Victoria and  Albert emperor William's yacht,  Hohenzollern, loomed up like an  ocean greyhound, as large as a warship, painted white with yellow  funnel, glittering unfunereally, and  carrying the German flag at her  bow and the naval ensign at half-,  mast at her stern. Three other  yachts came in single file behind.  The Osborne, larger than the Alberta and of the same class, came  next, the admiralty yacht Enchantress, and then a little Trinity  House yacht.  Finally came another vessel, a  black torpedo destroyer. - Twenty  minutes after the first pair, of torpedo boat destroyers came abreast  of tlie press boat, the historic parade had passed.' 'The guns on each  warship ceased firing when the Alberto had gone by and the marines  "reversed arms," but they and all  the crews  remained at their sta-  of the late queen's subjects raised  their anchors and followed outside  the line of warships. It was five  o'clock when the echoes of the last  guns ceased. The sun was a great  red globe sinking to the hill-tops,  the clouds began to fall again upon  the channel and the body of the  '"queerf-was safe'hvPortsmouth" harbor.  When the Alberta entered the  harbor with the minute guns in the  forts sounding, the bells of all the  churches of the city tolling, the ancient, frigate Victoryv-moored there^  ^fired'a,salute from muzzle-loaders.-;  ���.The'marines 'manning her*stood'at;.  *arms;   The admiral's*; baffdjplayed;  ,>laf<_irge. ^Thejescbrting .tprpeclo boat*  destroyers drew ahead ana steamed  to   their   berths, and .the Alberta  was moored in the clearance yard.  A   guard   of   a   hundred  marines  marched .on   board.     During   the  .night, the��� quarter-deck where 'the  bier rests is  lighted by electricity.  'Conspicuous among the officers on  duty aboard are vice admiral Seymour, who distinguished himself in  the China  campaign, and captain  Lambton of South African celebrity.   The king's  yacht **was made  fast to a buoy in midstream, with  the Hohenzollern lying near.   The  royal personages and their suites  dined on  board and will pass the  night there.    Steam launches with  armed guards patroled around both  yachts   all   night.    The   crowd in  Portsmouth is estimated at 100,000.  YALE PEN  OEEN&LANJ  The  Local   Ceremonies   to  Her Memory.  MEMORIAL SERVICES TODAY  HOW  NELSON 4 WILL    DI8PLAY  HER  SORROW.  lowed by an ' invocation   by 'Rev.  father'Ferland.   Rev.'H.S. Ake-  liurat will then conduct the. solemn  lburial service which will be followed  ,by, the singing of "Lead   Kindly'  Light," announced   by . Rev.    Dr.  Wright.   This will be followed   by  an invocation by, Rev. J. H.'White,  followed-by singing! "Nearer   My  God to Thee" announced by1, Rev.  'William Munroe,   after which "the  ..closing scene will takev place! t('Ad{  "jiitaut   McGill" of" the ' Salvation  Army will read the verses'of, '"God'  Save the.King'' and after the rendering" of this the royal'salute of  21  guns and a volley , by' the   militia  will be   fired, making-a mournful  but fitting closing to the sad event.  Kinnqn was 'declared' elected over  Martin, Conservative, thoughiaibox  in one polling booth was stolen' in  transit to the returning officer, and  was thrown out. In delivering'his  judgment judge Hodgson ��� declared  the depth "bf corruption aud- debauchery was a disgrace to . any  country and made Jum^ ashamed to;  live in the province. ,*^ ' b . '. ^  . '  ALL TOPED  /IN PUBPLE  Line' of March, Societies and Unions  That Will Participate and Order  of the Procession.  KANAKA WILCOX HAULED UP  HAtfAIIA'S7^ ."DELEGATE'*,   DAN!  "i-S   . * -,-t-     V !     i   ._    *���      t   ��f ���__ -fa. * W  KEEP   OUT   OP   TROUBLE.  *' f  : s a 2 .  \  Showed Too  r-  -- "   -i,.  '.'i Filipinos  Sympathy  Much  and .Wrote; Damaging  .Letters.  '    -       ,'   5   1'     ->���>   - ���*4    'a*  . r -'   *��...    ---���'-Ijs.E"*     t'r  <"1   -f a" ��  for' the  (, Washington, ^February 1.���  Charges <werev 'submitted to the  house committee on elections against  '    (     -���'J*       3     l���.-\*- , > "  delegate a Robert \,W. Wilcox, the  Hawaiian representative in the  house " of v representatives. - This  committee has before it the other  petitions against Mr. Wilcox. The  charges^are^niade .in writing by  .George' D. Gear,of Hawaii, who submitted' letters'\.purporting to be  'copies of letters writte'n by Wilcox  -���to' Filipino' officers.". The alleged  letters are of. a .highly .sensational  1 ��� . '^    ' - '* **-     J      !~"  character.  One of the.letters  said to have  been written by_Wilcox is given in  duplicate bearing, the alleged signa-'  ture of Wilcox. It is dated Honolulu, January 3l9t, 1899, and ,a<if  dressed-to Dr. Joseph Lesad, captain  Marti Burgos and senor J. Luna,  andintroducedto-them���"A-friend  of mine who is a very able man to  help you in your cause."  Among  other things the  letter  says:   "Mr. will' be   a useful  ally to. fight for the cause of the  Philippines. One thing is sure���  you could resist against any army  of invasion. YYou have a population of 12,000,000 and a disciplined  army of 30,Qf)0 well equipped with  modern .arms. I have already made  up my mind-to-' join with youvin  your campaigu against America in  case they insist on ignoring the  right, the justice of your cause.  Tell Aguinaldo I have already given  .my service to your country, and I  am ready to obey orders to go -to  your country and fight for the inr  dependence of your people and  country at any mOment."    .     .  The letter bears the alleged signature of .Wilcox.     ' v   .-  tions, while the fleet steamers from  ���.   the shores, their decks solid masses I destitute and .  bridges in their most gorgeous uni- j of black, crowded with . thousands 1 their neighbors.  The Act of a Scoundrel.  A woman, with a family, whose  name could not be obtained owing to  the lateness of- the hour, who is residing in the cottage owned by Mr.  Knowles, situated near Dobbins'  milk ranch, was badly frightened  at an early hour this morning. All  the windows of the building were  smashed.in ,by an unknown man.  The scoundrel was caught in the  act by parties who were passing at  the time, but before they had time  to intercept him he escaped. The  police were at once notified, but no"  clue has as yet been obtained. It  is said that two orithree times during the past week a man had-' gone  to. the house*andJ demanded admittance, but it was not granted. The  man who committed the act this  morning is thought to be the same'  person. It is probable that he will  be captured today. The family is  ia being helped by  Today, not only the citizens of  Nelson, but every subject of the/  British empire, which encircles the!  entire globe, and probably thou:  sonds of the inhabitants of other  English-speaking countries, will  join as it'were in one vast body in  the last sad rites in honor of her'  majesty, the  late queen Victoria.  '"*.     "���A       **"*���     "*A_     *���?!_ j "'.  -Prayers^wilH be, offered for -the  jioble_ woman whose influence  .played so great a,part in the civili-  "zation of the world.  'i The memorial'services will not be  confined to-ahyJcreed, church, or  sect.yThere' wiH?bef''rione\to 'draw,  -_i    V-'"1 i7^&^'->'~_%7��_.i "- "-* *.* rf-*4*-*-"-.'.-*"'-,  the hne:becauseLofYthetqueen s'reh-'  gion.����"-She,;will<be mourned tfrbm -a',  sense^ofctheJpss?o��^ a <pure( woman, a  faithful^wife"anVPtTYrioble -motherl?  IThe tribu&itovh*e1rilatie majesty, will  in every sense of-the .word be spon-  tan^ousj pecause, of; the< great; re-  spect-rshej earned; for herselff while  yet ^alive..   Hert'^admufe'rs__yvlti. 'be  glad of the'opportunity" to give expression to their most sincere heartfelt grief.�� The .prayers and^ kind  words which will be spoken by the  clergy who will take part in the  ceremonies of the day Will comfort  all, both old and-young, of' the subjects   of   king  Edward VII.    The  demonstrations of. respect in the  services willjbe proof'of the-great  and marvelous hold, the late queen  had -on-.' every   ruler / and   every  people. . I jc: ;        J   :    ,- ���. - -, j  , Th'6 citizens of. Nelson -will-do  their part in the universal, respect  shown-*to,the sovereign who has  departed.   The   arrangements' for  the public memorial'services which  will commence at 11:30 .o'clock this  morning, have been completed. It is  thought from the reports  received  -yesterday-fihat-froia-lQ00_to_1500-  will take part in the procession and  attend the ceremonies at the recreation grounds.   The procession will  start from Fraternity Hall, and all  secret societies, organizations and  citizens who intend  to participate  in it are requested 'to meet - there  at 11:15   sharp.   When   the band  which will lead the procession moves  up Baker street, the various orders  are expected to fall   in   as   their  names are called by the marshals.  The marshals, who will be dressed  in uniform, are Dr. Quinlan, T. G.  Procter, George Steel" and George  Matheson.   They   will   ride   black  horses, which will be appropriately  draped in   mourning:    They   will  also distribute badges of black and  purple to the 'citizens' who walk as  a'body.  The line-up. of march .will be  follows:  ' Notis Prom Vancouver.   ' '  \ Vancouver, .February l.���[Spe:  cial.to, The Tribune].���A new but  .rather improbable political slaters  -given 'publicity to in .Vancouver.'  It is that G. R. Maxwell,,M. P,*, will  resign from the Dominion house to  take a position in the Dunsmuir  cabinet, ex-alderman Baxter to run  for the Dominion and Smith-Curtis  to* be attorney-general, j s: Eberts  will go on .the bench.. , ,, tr  ft The <steamer, New'England, arrived tonight from the halibut fishing grounds with 200,000 pounds, (of  fish, the largest catch eyer'taken iri  the world. t   \ . !     ,'"      - "I '  . Seyenty.-flye applications , have  'been, registered (in,Vancouver .for'  /Baden-Powell's Horse.' -���{ i(    jy"  THE OTTAWA GROUP BONDED  WELL KNOWN PROPERTY IN-THE  -' "   SLOCAN DISTRICT. " "  Be  Thirty-'  The Consideration Said to  '   Three -Thousand .Hollars���Work"  -   J  ���-1   -. ito.Be Actively Pushed. -  ���  News of the bonding, of,,the .well  .    \v  on  known Ottawa group, situated  Springier'creek, iii the" Slocan mining division, was brought rto "the  city yesterday by W. E. Bail," one  of Nelson's prominent mining men.  Tlie consideration of the deal was  $.3,000. The new company consists entirely of Slocan mining men,  being W. R. Clement, C. F.,Wich-  mann and W. E. Worden.  ; Tlje first payment is to be* made  on or before July and the remainder  before next January. Work is to  be started by April and not less  than six men are to be kept at work  continuously.' ��� It' is quite probable,  though, that work will be started  before this. The property is probably among the oldest of thafc'dis-  trict, and the returns from tne ore.  exceedingly high values in  Active development has  on all winter and the  " }Sale rof,Marcus, Daly's Horses,,,  New Vork? " February "1.���The  auction of the horses" belonging to  the Bitter Root farm, owned by the  late   Marcus   Daly, at    Hamilton,  Montana, was resumed this af fcer:.  noon-in   Madison Square Garden!  Spectators were few., J. B. Haggin  of California "and W.  C.  Whitney  were active bidders.   The auction-  opened with the sale of   Homeopathy to W. C.-Whitneyifor $4000.  Sidney  iPagett   did   the   bidding.  Pastorella was sold to agent Power  for $10,000,-the highest price of the  afternoon.    Pastorella won tlie Zetland   stakes   at- York   and   other  race's.1      >  _ ���* ������^___^__     1- -        .  _ " "    t   *���  ���**        *���*���*'  From Waldersee.  ���;   Berlin,\; Fetiruary^, .1.���T��e f,war  office has ^ received v the following1  dispatch from  count von WaFder-  see-f Pekin, January 31*-i-A^column  of-, four  companies, with -cavalry,  mounted infantry, field and mount-,  ed artillery, alL under general von  'Thrott, left'here today to scour the  district between^' San''Kian' Tien,  -���Chia- Tow^and :.the^tombs of   the  Ming, dynasty..  In an explosion at  Shan Hi Kwan" a captain'and  37  Japanese were killed and 17 wounded." A British captain and sergeant*  were'severely burned.  n_ . '  y Rollo Heikes . the Leader. '   -**  Dayton, Ohio, February 1.���Zero  weather and the blanket of^snow  were discouraging,?' but >*the fsmall  attehdance^at the \Heikes*Jtburna-  ment lC"k^!ty^w;ltnes8ed:f some ^re-  markable -1 workf* Heikes averaged  4up^in the list by killing 194 birds  )out'of 200 possible in the day's to-  ,tal.^ This ���Tgiyes ^tKe";old man only.  jIO misses'diit of 405 sho'ts fired, and'  fplaces him in theiea'd'."- T':*" "'"'  u  London- Aro  ThefSbeets  1 ..Becomingly. Decorated.  \.i  1  '7.  FIFTY-KINGS AND PRINCES  WILL,TAKE PART IN,THE GRAND:  - *���? a  , PROCESSION.-; r ^  The  Cavalcade Will Exceed in  liancy Anything Ever Seen  in England. >' "v  1 >*��� .  ^>i  ' London, February 2.���Half a mil- y,. j  lion of the late'queen^Victoria's^de**^ , "��i  voted siibj ects/ lining tliev shores^ of:f�� v I  ,the Solent yesterday, witnessed a -."*' %i  majestic and'awe inspiring pageant '7 ,. \  and bade a last farewel^ to .their ^~ij(i  beloved rfiler,' happy in the circum- - C*' 7 &  'stances of'her death, sovereign of?^ <"i'i  the greatest^'naval ' power lin-.the**4"^ "~%  world and fortunate in-the manner tip* - -"^  of her/> obsequies. f The ceremony^;V'  was a fitting tribute' from a nation ,t "  owning Nelson, for its hero to itefA^  dead monarch. ,.A11 who we're wit-^fv^y^l  I  $3��  ��� . Newspaper Men on the Move.  Greenwood Times.  On Sunday R:' F.[ Tolmie,  se'cr'e-'5  tary of the Silver-Lead 'Mine Own-.-  Jers' association, -with headquarters  ,at Nelson, drove over   from Grand j ^r^ters  -Forks accompanied by D.  A.  McFarland, formerly purchasing agent  of.the Hall Mines, and now the busi-  , ness manager for the Nelson Miner.  was concerned, its silence.'  procession glided along in-beautiful-y  orderi'and\p.recision|4as_^'tliougli"',  moved by-��om"e-_iidden(-power."��Np'.'  incident of = any-'-kind^occurred ...to*-* -*��  mar its.stately beauty^.-' There -,was    /'  tio accident b^any-soH, ashore^or  afloat" v-'* '   ���'-   y*ii  as  R. U. R. Band  Army and Navr Veterans  Rocky Mountain Rangers  Mayor and Momboin of the City Council  Clorsry  Nelson Board of Trade  ' American Citizens  Railway and Steamboat Men  Nelson Lodge No. 23 jj.F. & A.M,  Nelson Lodge No. 1592 L. OTli.  Kootonay Lodge No. 161.0.0. F,  Nolson Lodge No. 25 K. of P.  Independent Order of Foresters  Sons of England  Knights of the Maccabees  Ancient Order of Foresters  Eagles  Salvation Army Band  , Uniform Rank K. of P.  Typographical Union  '    Painters' Union  Miners' Union  .Bricklayers' and Masons Union   .  Plumbers'and Tihnors' Union  Carpenters' Union '  Cooks' and Waiters' Union  Plasterers' and. Stonecutters' Union  Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen '.���*���  Laborers' Union  Tailors'Union  Barbers' Union   .���-.'���'������'.  Cltizenn  After marching through the principal streets the; aggregation will  proceed to the recreation grounds  where a thirty-five minute service  will be held. It will be opened by  "Rock of Ages" announced by Rev.  J. Burt Morgan.   This will be fol-  show  silver.  been carried  main lead has been exposed the entire length of the property. A large  amount of development has been  done on the- property. Two or  three veins have been found on the  group and they ftre as promising as  the original one. A. It. Barrow of  this city is now at the property  .making a survey and a'crown grant  will be asked for in the near future.  Customs House Collections.  The collections made nt the  customs house for the port of Nelson  for the month ending January Slst  were as follows :..  Outiaablo impoi t value.-. $50,15/i 00  Free import value v '..   -1,526 00  Total  ..*...........���...|54,681 00  Duty collected .Yil3,35t Ofi  Othorrevonuo   .. '... :.    ���   80 00  1 The Ontario government received  last year $76,997.21 in fees from incorporated, .companies. The revenue from this source has greatly  increased in late years, being $18,-  847.65 in 1890, .$30,286.10 in 1897,  $28,520.10 in 1898, and $67,851.95 in  1899. Last year 300 companies  _were__incorporated_by_letters_of_  patent. This is an increase of 59  over 1890.  - ''I  a   t F  New York is to have another  high school in the borough of  Bronx, to be called the Peter  Cooper high school, which is to surpass all the other buildings in that  part of the state. The cost will be  half a million dollars.  YESTERDAY'S    NEWS   IN   BRIEF.  Total  ...... $13,431 Ofi  Situation in China.     ..,  Washington, February 1.���At a  cabinet meeting today secretary  Hay spoke at some length upon the  situation in China. It developed  that the plenipotentiaries of the  powers were not making as rapid  progress towards a settlement as  had been hoped and that many disturbing questions had arisen in  consequence. Whether our forces  in China should be increased, or the  question of whether it would be  necessary to make arrangements  for more permanent quarters for  those who are now there than has  been thought proper were among  the questions touched upon.  -. * Ashamed of His Province.  Charlottetown, Prince Edward  Island, February 1.���The .election  of MacKinnon, Liberal member in  the house of commons for -East  Queens, was ordered today.   Mac-  Ottawa.���The Ottawa hockey  club will challenge the Victorias of  Winnipeg for the Stanley cup, the  match to be played at the end of  the season.  New York.���A solemn high mass  in honor of queen Victoria was offered in the Episcopal church of St.  Mary the Virgin in this city today.  The church. was crowded to its  utmost capacity. '"���  London.-���-The engagement of the  duke of Roxboro to Miss, Pauline  Astor, daughter of William Waldorf Astor, has been definitely  arranged. 'The -wedding will take  place spine time next summer. ���  ���" London.���-The Spanish warship  Emperador Carlos V- managed' to  effect repairs and resumed the journey to Portsmouth, taking up her  position in the line just before the  coffin was embarked at Cowes.  Washington.���The house today  passed a bill to amend the Chinese  Exclusion Act with a view to prevent the fraudulent entry of  Chinese into the United States, and  several other bills of minor importance.  Ashtabula, Ohio.���A Bessemer  passenger train telescoped a Nickel  Plate freight at Wallace Junction,  Pennsylvania, today. Freight conductor. Peter Donahue was killed.  Twenty passengers are reported to  have been slightly hurt.  11 The'wea'tller/wasa&he traditional*'-'-   ,* y��  ' ",Queen's weather." -����The, queenof"'\ "   '''k  t\\e_ sea"- ,was^carried/ across'! the* -  . ,.���^'i's   to the accompaniment of  minute guns and' military"Vmusic, a   '  picture which will livfe in  history.   :  If the elements,. should ..prove  equally favorable "today, which at'  tlie moment of cabling, 3 a.m.,  seems somewhat*doubtful, the millions of-he-metropolis will witness  even a greater tribute to the queen,  who will be buried as a-soldier's*"  daughter. ." v *' ,  .    ���'  .Thousands of troops are-'now  marching1 into London to breakfast  hurriedly preparatory to taking  ~their"places~in"th"e^line"of marcliy~"  With this peaceful military; invasion is an equally large civilian  invasion from the provinces and  abroad.  From Victoria station to Pad-  dington station the streets of London are now draped in purple,  black * and white. In St. James  street one meets with a perfect  blaze of purple of all shades. Picadilly is gorgeous. Some of the '  clubs aro entirely veiled with pur-'  pie cloth, relieved by-white - bows  and rosettes. Tlie lamp posts in  the middle of the road along the  route have all been removed and  the streets are being sanded preparatory to the function of today.  The cavalcade which will follow  the coffin, with king Edward in the  center, flanked by emperor William ''  and the duke of Connaught, will  exceed in brilliancy anything ever  seen in England.  There will be nearly fifty kings  and princes, each wearing the uniform of his "own country. t Following the brilliant cavalcade will  come the princesses in carriages.  The order of precedence here observed emphasizes the great changes  the death of Victoria has made  among her daughters. Princess  Christian, princess Beatrice and  princess Louise "how yield places to  the daughters of the king. The  first carriage will contain queen  Alexandra, the duchess of Fife, now  princess Royal, princess Victoria,  and princess Charles of Denmark.  The second carriage will contain the  daughters of queen Victoria and the  king of the Belgians. The court  sent special invitation to Mr. Henry  White, secretary of the United  states embassy, to attend the service at St. George's chapel today,  and to be present at the luncheon  that will be given in Windsor  castle.  ���>'l THE TRmmE: JO&SON B. Q S_y^JHDAY, FEBRUARYS 1901  *!?  If',1  to  to  to  to  to  to  HA$E YOU HAD ON THE SIDEWALK  DURim THE. PAST FEW DA YS ?  to  ************************  to  to  IF YOU HAD WORN A.PAIR.OF, OUR��  to Rubber, Soled Shoes .. *���,|  to  to  to  YOU WOULD HA VE BEEN.PERFECTLY to.  SAFE.   CONSIDER* THESE-PRICES*:  to  to  to  tf  itt Ladies' Rubber  tf $4.15.  to  Regular^  Regular tf  Soled  Shoes:   Regular price . $5.60,  now. \|f  tf  Dry  Goods, Men's IfV  Men's' Rubber Soled' Boots- in   Black   and Tan  price $6.00,-Snap at $4.50.  Men's- Rubber" Soled-Boots   In   Black-and Tan  price $6\50,<.Snap at $4.15.  (|\ Same   reductions  in   all   our,  stock of  jj*f\ Furnishings, Boots and Shoes.   .  to to  jfc ************************'^ ji\  tTwentyMotm SilkSkirtsM  i. .-i  I- V  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  B  to-  to  B-  B  B  to  to  Here is something foe the, Ladiesy  Regular, price $ 6.00..  Regular .price, $10.00..,  Regular price $12,0Q_.  Regular, price $14.00..  Regular price $16.00.;  . Bargain at $4.50-  .. Bargain at '$ 7.6>0*  .. Bargain^at, S_9.00i  . Bargain 'at $10.50 -  .Bargain at $12.00,  ALL  SHADES.*  ********************&_**��  to  to*  to  to  to  to*  to  to.  to.  to.  to*  to  B  to-  to*  to*  B;  to.  Victoria's contemplated^, expenditures   upon^  public .works   and  t buildings for the current year i foot.'  '"up   to .the ,respectable    total  *of  $250,000. '        - ";'  Despite   the  sensational-, newspaper reports the government "-ste.--  ' tistics show* that Dawson is a comr  paratively- healthy place.   During-}  the'past year there were   but'112-  ' deaths,' which is only -seven in the'  thousand pf population.   This is   a  slightly higher rate than   that< of  " Nelson but is a better showingthan,  ^was,made,by 3Eictoria_ dunng^th? ���  same period.   The financial editor of the Morning Leader suggests that the Lon-V  don &' Globe smash, will be more  far reaching than Whi taker Wright  has lead the shareholders . to' believe, and intimates that the ��500,-  000 asked for will not pay' the  company's losses. It is now stated  that heavy- losses were made in  dealing in Rossland stocks, the settlement stage of which has not yet  been reached; but which have been  transferred' from, the London' &  Globe to the British America Corporation/j   John Grant of Victoria, who at  one .time was the- foremost man in  the capital is again mounting, the  ladder of fame. When his fortunes  got to their lowest ebb in Victoria,  'and friends of .former days would  dodge, and hide themselves in door-  "wayd'to avoid him, John made his  way to Dawson. He is now- being  boomed as the best man to fill the  mayor's chair when the Klondyke  capital secures incorporation. Dawson City under John. Grant would-  be a.comfortable place even should  the.the^'ajQeters quit marking_the  degreesjoja jf rost.  shipments to European smelters, and  -the outlook generally^is 'about as  bright asjwhenjit-Tsuited ?thfj ^pur-  pose/o�� thai American, smelter trust,  ;to purchase .British" Columbian lead  ores." }   -'        < ,  THE'signs are* not-; wanting' that  the men who deal in paper railways  'will all attends the harvesting at  Victoria Avhen the, legislature' gets  down*-' to; business.    'There * is -no  .industry that pays more, upon the  capital invested, and the lively development .which lis now ���bringing.  British Columbia so rapidly to���the  front   will   stir the^ promoters to  fresh efforts.   It is safe to say that  nibo-th. The>..Boundfry^-s'meltersv  wiiy^b the greatest* .gainers, hosv-  eyeiv as-*tb*eir* prospective,-tonnage,  will not only be larger, but their  saving-will be $4 .-per ton: instead-of  $2. The saving which thernew rate  will- effect- for > the- smelting, indus-r.  try of,.Kootenay. will - aggregate  several thousand dollars per.month  when the Boundary-smelters are in  operation.  Wants Damages.'  Action was started in the supreme  court, yesterday by Howard Guest  against the C. P. R. for damages to,  '.he amount of $4000, owing ,to the-  plaintiff'beiug injured in a wreck*  which took'place near'Slocan June-'  tion on .August 24,1900.   Mr. Guest-  was a brakeman' on the train-, and  at "the time of the collision he was  - standing with his back to the engine.'   When the''two" trains came  together he did *-not receive sufficient warning to protect himself,  'and when he was found he was beneath a heap of three or four cars.  He was taken to the general" hpspi-  /tal, where'he was confined for several days; -In his information he  alleges' that ,the^'accident was due  to, the negligence, of'one of the offi-  rcers "in' charge.     The-   case  will  come up at  _h'e,'r sitting of the'su-  4>reme court here' oh February-Oth.  Letter .From .Dawson.,  An interesting letter has just  'been received from Edgar GJ Beer,  -who1 went' from Oiere to* Dawson  ,Cityt,lastJ:all. * In ?'it he states that  rthey are experiencing one of' the  (most, severe winters that has been  known in the1 histery of that country.'   The thermometer ..registered  from 70 to 75 degrees '���'belowV.ero.  About all^the-people. do is to .keep  ^upJre^hot'fires^rThe^townris well  filled with' a large number of idle  men. He also stated that'everyone  .expected good Jbimes and prosperity  ajn the-'coming siihamer months.*'   "~  ���,>�����. ���_  I     GOFFEEr GOii:  *************************  i   \ -  ; - Coffee Roasters  [ Dwiewin'Xea and Coffee-  Y-    y ' -,.      i *>  " *************,***********7  <   .We are offering at lowest prices (he best*  grades-of Ceylon,India, China and.*Japan  Teas."--    ��� -,.   .  .        ** '    .  Our Bes', Mocha and Java Coffee, per  i ����� " i^ pound'. ..-'-. ... . %, 40,  Mocha and Java Blend, 3 pounds . . 1 00  Choice Blend Coffee,-4 pounda*;    l'OO  ,* Special Blend,Coffee, 6 pounds    1 00  Rid Blend Coffee, 6 pounds   .���       .   1 00c  'Special Blend Ceylon Tea, per pound     30  ^���K ���*'*��,-,��� J"*-*?^. ��.>>�� *^*  w  m  to  to  to  to  Ti-  ���-  _.-  rtPi  t;.i  ['f^\7lett  ��_  - i  L i ___  ft  n  _."������  .1  tl-'T'*a_tEl  i  6  ��  r*-  v'  U  T  h  ,-  ���  -             *  .  i  0  &  to  to  to  to  to  <rf  * ***^T* __h* '*'-^^* _Bk* ^^k * **^^a> *^^�� '^Bk.r'v^k . *-*^k�� *^^&-*^Bk�� *^^ .^^9^..'*''^^ ^**V^_  *^S*_mw*1__��'0_*'__W^__w*__9 ���__w~_w*T__m'___9 '__w*7__..'_9^_S ���___�� 7  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to:  '!'-*"<.V    ,.  821 to 881 Baker Straet, Nelson.  ��� ^^_>    .'if.1'      -    r-  A TRIAL ORDER, SOLICITED*  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  ^Telephone 177;  Pi 0. Box 182.  WEST BAKER STREET, NELSON.  when his excellency nextUismissesT  his lawmakers they wiir have sufficient legislation - upon the-statute  book to provide railways for every  portion of the province. With the,  fact fresh in the. public mind that  the holders, of .thei Victoria, Vancouver & Eastern charter got something like $100,000 for'their piece  of paper, and that- the British  Columbia Development Association  of England got $240;000 from the  White,Pass &YYukon railway for  their concessions, a promising, market is created- for railway charters,  which men with a political "pull"  may.be counted upon taking advantage of. Just what the profit to  the vendors of the V., V. & E.'char-  ter was cannot be definitely stated,  but the English.company.announces  that the > concessions whieh Jt sold  for $240,000 cost all.told $15,000.  THOMPSONS DOUGLAS  Victoria' Street.  PAINTERS:  Decorators and  Paper Hang-era.  American Mi-European Hum*-  m  \ -  ItTi-JTiJJi  *^SJ '     f|*r  Limited.  TC-  MEALS  WL  CENTS  ROOMS LIGEtTKD By^E^CTWCIT--  AND  .HSATBDJBYSI  Y STEAM-.  QUEEN'S  7C_\._h  BAKKB BTOtffiCrr.JWjBLjBOK.a,^  Lighted by Electricltyiand-Heat-  "ed with" Hbt- Air.  " '- **-       ���    ���      'vl'--  L-rg��-aomIor(��Ua bodropm_;��i^Jto^M��  dlnlng-MOm. ^trr1" raanu toe oommoroui man.  rates; S2; pert;pa^5  ',     " LaVT* Of THE BOY-- HOCTL. OASM-Wl--. -  Nladden- House  B*k��r��ndWar-  .BtMat*. Nclam  During tlie past .w.eek the silver  lead mines of the Slocan have maintained their - shipping averages of  the preceding two weeks. The*ore  is goingrto'T-verett'and San Fran-  ciseo smelters as.well as.to the, Nelson, and' Trailn smelters. In, East  Kootenay the St. Eugene mine is  jpn^irinj *M~_-_-gement-   to .resume,  The. Canadian- Pacific. Railway  Company issued a new, tax iff yesterday, on matte and: bullion-from  all- Kootenay* smelting .points   to  New York, and Newark.   The new-  rate, which is common from Kootenay.points, is $16.per ton, a cut -of  $2,per ton from .the former rate in,  force from Nelson and Trail, and a  cut of $4 from the rate previously  quoted : from Grand' Forks, Greenwood   and' Boundary Falls.   This  I reduction makes, the rate to Newark-the   same  as that.quoted to  South Chicago.   The new tariff will  e"ffe,et;ar considerable-t saving- to the-  Nelflbn.and Trail smelters, as they:  are now shipping, several' hundred  tons  of matte and bullion each  notice;  . All members of the Nelson ��� Miner's Union, that can possibly do so,  are requested to meet at the new  Miners' Union Hall, in the' C. P. R.  building at the corner of'Raker and  Stanley streets, on Saturday, February, 2 at 11 a. m. sharp for- the  purpose of taking part in the public memorial services in a respect to  t_ve memory of her late majesty*the  queen, arranged by the city. Members' will please bring their funeral  badges to be worn in the procession.  James Wilks, Secretary.  The onlj hotel In Nelaon that tuti renuOned  tinder one management^ataee !���*_"    _   ' .__.  The bed-room- are well (nnlahed<uid lighted  The her la i_vr��r8 atooked by.Mwi hirt-dom w.  Uo and Imported llauoca ana olgara. --���  THOMAS HADDHN. Proprietor,  CJHARgES^HILILYER:, .        HARRYS HOUSTON,* *   \  '   "'   President and General ^Manager.    - '   ^Secretary-Treasurer  *  AU'OommnnicationBtovbe^adiiresfiedto'either of the-above.   -  ; f        -    --      ^ ,   ;- ���i __iri__. "-'   .-    *-   -"    '   a-  ty* are ppepareid to Furnish. *"���     ���    --   -v s   ^  by Rail, BapgeiopJTeamB  a    DIMENSION LUMBER?    ,       - i    -  >  ROUGH and DRESSED:.LJIMBER,  LOCAL and^COAST 'CEILING  LOeATJ:dnd\COAST^ELOORIN0^  - DOUBLE DRESSED COASTS CEDAR  RUSTIC,: SHIPLAJP;; STEPPING-:  . . PINE:��aiid^CEDAR,CASJKG&::  ''!   - DllORlJAMBSt WINDOW STILESA  TURNED-WORK,^ BAND^SAWINQ,  BRACKETSf:NEWEL- POSTSI*   :  \  TURNED^VERANDXP0ST8\  r_  store:fronts , : ;  . DOORS, WINDOWS and GLASS.:  Get Our Prloea before r   -*    . -               -'  purehaeingr elsewhere.-��� -  - r, "* -  ���^ N a.     ~t t-     .       1<    ���-        ^_MB__-_--B---_---n^H-i  i.  OFFICE: CORNER HALL-AND,FRONT STREETS.    - -  FACTORY: HALL STREET, C. PH. CROSSING. .MILLS: HALL STREET WHARF  Head Ofmob at  NELSON; B.,0.  Wholesale,and Retail; ^~  Dealers in Meats  SLOCAN JUNCTION HOTEL  J. H. MoMANUS, Ututam  Bar atooked with heat brand* qt.-wlnes, liquors,  ���and Cigars. x Beer on draught. >t Largo obinfoifc-'-  abtor-oms.  llratxitay taMfba* A..'- '   R. REISTERER & CO.  l      ' t  K  ~-    '  .  BBKWXBI AMD'teRUBU 07^  FINE LAGER BEER; ALE  ANp/POftTERy  Dr. Morrison, Dentist, has removed to his  new offices'In the K-W C block-  Prompt and regular  dellTerr to t����v trade  Irewery ��i Netec��  A. R. BARROW, afluM. I��C. S.  e -���- --  -  -  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Markets at  Nelson,  Rossland,. Trail, Kaslo, Ymir, Sandon, Silverton,. Nev  Denver,. Revelstoke,.Ferguson Grand Forks,; Greenwood, Cascade, Oity^Mid  -way, and. Vaxvcouver^   Mail Orders Promptly, Forwarded  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS Of  FHEStH< AND1 SALTED MEATS;  WHOLBBAI-D AND BBTAHj  FISH AND POULTRY INSEASON  Baker Street, Nelson E#, C., TRA5fES,5JKail%er:  , -      OROIBBR.'B'-rKATTa RWOBIVW t_hx_m~_h.A'f~\ f~toa*v ktywytfiK., f   t  ROSSL,AND  bnqii^bbrinq-'_ WORKS  CUNLIFFB 'Sti MOMILLANt ���..'  Founders and, Mftohinfyte, SpooiaHy, of Ora^Garsy Ore-Bin Doora and'Ceneral Mining Machinery.  List of second-hand machinery on hand, which has been thoroughly overhauled and Is as good'  as new: '- ' ^_  ' 1 2*i-H. P. Locomotive-type boiler, with engine attached and all fittings, ready, to turn on steam.  ���     I bl"i8" Double-Cylinder Friction Drolp-H&t, built hy^lngersoll Co.    *  -  1 Slnking-Pinnp, No. 5 Cameron. New4York; ,  1 Sinking Pump*-10"x5"*J'K��3"i outside packe-.plunger pattern.  Watjoh this advertivement for further'lists, or write us before you buy for complete list.  Wo  may nave just'what you want. . '~--. '  Agents, for -Northey -Pumps.; Stock carried.^        ^  P. O. Box i9fi. THIRD AVENUE,  ROSSL.AND.  i -   'i   * -   ' " a . i      I     ii.      I   .  I        i��.  WHOLESALE TRADE;  JERATED AND MINEBAL WATEBS.  THORPE ft, CO.. LIMITED.-Corner yernon  1 and Cedar streets,- Nelson," manufaeturere*---  of: and .wholesale dealers in-orated waters and^  fruit syrups.- Sole4 agents for Halcyon-Springe f^  mineral water, vTelephone 00. ,.��� ������--    .,    t*-  t-. . _^ * -* i i.. i  ASSAYEBS', SUPPLIES. Y  TTT T. TEETZEL ,&: CO.-Corner-Baker andv  w .  Josephine streets, Nelson, wholesale deal  ere in-asMyera,. supplies.-Agent_-tfor Denva-  . Ftre Clay Co.cof Denver. Colorado.  COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  H- J. EVANS > CO.-Baker street; Nelson  ���' *- wholesalo ^ dealers   in - liquors, r olgara;  oement, flro brlek and fire olay, water plpejand ,  ���teel .rails, audi general oommlsslon meivhaate.^-  ELECTRICAL  SUPPLIES. 1*  KOOTBNAY:___BCTRIOr8UBPLY^ &CON- i.7  - 81 RUCTION COMPAN V-Wholesale dealers In telephones, emnunelators.-. Delia,-batteries;; a  fixture-, eto:, Houston block. Nelson-,  FL0UB AND.FEED.     ...    .r  -DRAOKMAN - KEB MILLING^ COMPANY  J-�� ^-Cereals, Floor, Graltf/Hay.' Straight or  mixed ears shipped to "all".Kootonay,iPoints.",  Qraln elevators at all principal point* on Calgary.  EdmontonR. R. Mllfe-at Vlotoria;-NewWert  minster, and Edmonton, Alberta..    .   ,*- >  FRE3H AND SALT KEATS. -      -  P* BURNS-k-a CO.-Baker-^ streeK- Nelson,.  n ��v wholeeale dealers In freehand owd meate.^ ,  Cold storage.   - ^ * '  GBOCEBIES.-  A. MACDONALD.ft.CO-^ComerjFront and -  ��� 'Hall' streete,.   wholesale groeers   and  ���obbers in blankete. gloves, mitts,1 boo-vmbbere, i-  maokin^ws and miners' sundries. ,w..,   LIMl". ,  street,*Nelaon,r.wholesale ,*  KOOTENAY-SUPPLY. COMPANY.  TJCD���V<      -.���-^    �� ���  TED���  grocers,  'ernon.  TOHN CHOLDITCH 8c CO.���Frond streot. Nel-  ** - too, whote8alergrooers.  JY. GRIFFIN 8c CO.-Front street. Nelson, -  ���  wholesale-dealers-ln provWom, .cured,i  meate, butter and eggs.  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  TT BYERS ft; CO.-CornerBakerandJoBephtne <  ���**��� street-. Nelaon, wholesale dealers in hard  ware and mining supplleo.  PowderCo.  Agents for Giant  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE - COMPANY  Baker BU,, Nelson,, wholesale, dealors,ln  hardware and mining supplies, and water and  plumbers'supplies.  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  ITIURNHR., BBBTON 8c CO.-Corner, Vernon  ���������'"and Josephine-streete,' Nelstn, wholesale  dealers lntllauore, olgara and dry gooda. <, Agents  for Pabet Brewing Co. of Milwaukee and Cal  gary Brewing Co. of Calgary.,  POWDER,, CAPS, AND .FUSE.  HAMILTON POWDER COMPANY-Baker  ftrteb, Nelaon, mannfMturen of dynamite,'  sporting, stumping andiblaok, Uaetlng powders,  wholesale dealers In oaps and foae, and eleetrie  blasting apparatus. <  i .SASH. AND, DOORS.  rKTBLSpN SAW   AND PLANING   MILL8.  IX "LtMITElD-^Corner Front and Hall Streeta,--'  Nelson, mannfactnrara of and wholesale' dealers ,  ln sash and doom all kind- of factory work made  to Order.'-- ,  WINES AND CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA .WINS. COMPANY,   LIMI-  V  TBD-COTner Front and HaU streete, Nel-2  son, wholeeale dealera in .wines .(eaeo and bnlk.^  ��hmI damesMe and Imoortod cdoara.  LADIES' TRINJWED H/\TS  Endless Van,ety_  And Prices to ^SuiU  mrs. e.> Mclaughlin,  JOSEPHINE STREET..  THE, GRANVILLE SCHOOL  1176, Haro. Street, ,Vancouver.  Boarding and Day School for Girls. Will reopen January 1Mb. Terms moderate., For term I  and prospootua apply, to  aKADAMOiSELLE KERNj PHn-jpai.  Corner Vlotoria and  P. o. Box ua-  Streeta.  ~NR NO. 86  Home Srown  Fruit and Ornamental Treoa, Roses, Shrubs  Vines, Bulbs, Hedge Plants and Seeds.  Extra choice stock ot Peach, Apr'cot, Plum,  rhorry and Prune Trees.' "New Importation ot  flrht-ciass Rhododendrons, Roses, Cllinatus, Bay  Trees, Hollies, etc.  ~ 80,000 to chooso from. No agents or commission to pay. No fumigation orlnspec ion charges,  Oreonhouse plants, agricultural implements, ��r-  tillzors. bee supplies, etc,' Largest* nnd?most;  complete stock In the province., - Send for oat.  aiogue before placing yotir orders." Address--'  ty. J. HEMW^VanttMiver, JL C  WMta I_U>ar Oaljr.  .533 ai^ilT.COSTaiBUT^ONE CENTIS^��N^l^^av  To drop us a post oard that we-may call and  Neverv i havo^anyAjdumblng >,done; until _yoh  ive esUmatea. It saves many^dollars,  tave seen our goods and our/ prioea.  oppoarrja  pntrrosvM  :OHa'-  STRACHAN BROTHERS. Plumbers.  REILEY&BEMY  SUC0Efl30B8iTO.-H. D. ASHCROFT) , -  CLAOKSiyTB^ AHRT JNtyDr)VH!p.t��  EJattlt-HOttESWEim*!  si  _..   o  boUs  attention given to -Uklndsof  to owSor oa aboi. notice,' >  P. J. RUSSELL  Bayer and Exporter of ,  RAW  FURS:;  Highest 'Prlcea  Proistot,Rotnma ^  rait J-Hortmeat -  su��b7jEs��n��. NEiiSGNi B.C;  ANTI-CHINESE' EESOLUTION.  Pursuant to resolutions adopted r at a regular  meeting held on .Saturday evening:, December  22nd, 1900, all members of Nelson Miners'Union  -No. 06, W. F. M., are requested to use eveiy  legitimate means  To IM_dourage the Employment or  Patronising'of Ch-Mse-  dlreotly or indirectly. All union men and others'  who,belleve ln making this a white man's country, are requested to co-operate in giving effect to  the aforesaid resolution. _By order, *-.  NKLSOM MINBR-'  UNION.  Nelson, December 22nd. ���  The above resolution has been endorsed bv tho  Trades and Labor Council ot Nelson, and all<  union menr and others in sympathy with it, ato  requested to govern  themselves   accordingly','  TRADES & LABOR CO*UNCIL OF NELSON '  Nelson, December 22nd. -  .     AEOHITSOTS:  ISWAaff kt CABRI^-Archiiactis. Rooms ,  �� iroid 8 A-OiUiwtitook, Baker street. Nrt��B.'  Wrtan, Jj   rt* i*   -'  TBTE TRIKDim^ imSON* mQ SM?tJRDAY^F&M^ABX-2to01  la1| >'���  M*tfM  ���TiAffi-Ok MOMAL  CAPITAL, all paid up....*12,000iG00i00-  RHBT    7,000,000.00  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       427,180.80  '   Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President  Hon. UoorgOfA. Drummond Vice-President  _ B. S. Clouston .. ..Geueral Manager  " NELSON BRANCH  Corner Baker and Kootenay Streets.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  Branches In London (England*) Naw York,  Chicago, and all tbe prlnolpal cities ln Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Ezohange and Cable  Transfers.  Grant Commercial and-' Travelers' Credits,  available ln any part of-the world. -  Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Eta.  Savings Bank Branch  OCRR-NT RATR.OF^INTBBKST PAID.  FAMOUS WRITER OF FAKES  _ in  Now in air-Insane Asylum.- ������ '.  Phoenix, Arizonaj January J18i���*  "Joe" Mulhatton, perhaps the most  noted writer of newspaper fakes in  America, is in the Territorial Insane  Asylum at this point, a hopeless  maniac. He believes he has killed  a man and that a horde of avengers  are on his trail. Though, at times  helpless, he tears his-- clothingjfrom!  him and has to'' have - constant  ' attention.    -  He was committed" from Kelvin,  Pinal county,---hrhere- he has lived  the last' -three years.- He was instrumental lately in>selling- a.valu-.  able mine in Mineral Creek- district  , and received several' thousand dollars as an advance payment on his  share/ofi" the.tproceeds.% He spent'  several --hundred^ dollars,' biit^-the  rest of the coin cannot be found.  His dementia is attributed to the  excitement of the financial transaction,'although alcohol -may. havo  had something���to do -withthe case.  Mulhatton has been in Arizona  aboufsix years' and has been dabbling .in^ 'mines 7 all - the* time. -' He  ���IHECMSBTAlFr  BANK OF COMMERGE  WITH WHICH IS AMALGAMATED  THE BANK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  *       '     HEAD OFFICE:  TORONTO.'  Paid-up aapltal,  Hoserve ITund,  SB 000,000  $2,000,000  AGGREGATE RESOURCES OVER .$65,000,000.  Hon.  Qeo. A. Cox,  President.  Robt, Kilgour,         Vice-President.  London Offloe, 60 Lombard Street, E. O.  New York Offloe, to   Exchange   Place,  and 0 j Branches in Canada and" the  " '  United States.  Imperial Bank of Canada  '     HEAD'OFFICE. TORONTO^*- *.  Capital Authorized $2,500,000  Capital Paid up $2,438,603  Rest Sl}700,OO0  -- i  D. R. Wilkie, General Manager.-,  B.-Hay, Inspeoter.-^  Nelson Branch���Burns Block* SStvBaker-Streefc  J. M. LAY, Managor       -<.  SAVINGS BANK> DEPARTMENT:  Interest allowed on deposit*).-*-Present rate;  three per cent. ,  GRANGE V. HOLT,  Manager-Nelson Branch. ���  --y&i  *-ft-s.*nl  T-TIS HONOUR the Lieutenant-GovernorUreebk  ���**���* tho publication ot the foUowiiw Proebunata  tlon and Notices received fron>.tbe*Hono-r��hle'  the secrotary of State for Canada;��-* ��� .   - .  ��� ' J. D. PRKNMOJB,-  Provincial Secretaryi- 4-  Provincial Secretary's Department,^  2Cth January, 1901. <  established ^'a mining "exchange-at  Florence, and.- has , done*, a'i ilittlo  newspaper wprki-- w ---tv". .-*:.'" "  Diiriugthis Arizona-residence his  fertile imagination played its usual,  trick, andsthetplots. olV some of his  most notable inventions have.been,  laid in'the southwest'. - -" �� ' '  Joseph Mulhatton was-' born in>  Alleghney, Pennsylvania, fifty-two  years agq-.^At 'least that- isj-what  he says'.tliut/considering "his, reputation* as a-gorgeous ancL ornameu-  " tai prevaricator,,, even, ��� this * statement must be taken with 'caution.  As a unique*Yornate and   bewildei'-  ' iug liar:he-has a r��putation>extend-  ing,across;tlie Atlantic to 'England  and France,'for the newspapers of  those' countries have been -sadly  taken in by the Mulhatton stories.  Even in-his^yquthi" he displayed  remarkable aptitude in{the|line of  picturesque* prevarication, y He  evolved from his fertile' imagination a* number -of thrilling-stories  that found their way into the Pittsburg papers and were widely copied.  As he grew-older and gained a little experience- he,, branched^ out  along' more pretentious. lines -, and  framed up. an assortmen^of-glittering newspaper, fakes ��� that-brought  - special writers and sedate scientists  . scurrying across the ocean to investigate alleged marvelous phenomena winch , Mulhatton   claimed   to  ^have discovered in remote parts of^  the country-vbut which> he- really  discovered during his idle moments  in some Hotel corridor. ,, ,  Nominally, he was a traveling  man, but-lying on a large scale- was  his specialty. Perhaps his most  notable work was the story of the  meteor supposed to have fallen in  Texas. Under his vivid imagination  and facile pen this meteor lauded  in Brown county, covered an acre  of ground, destroyed.all the ranches  for miles around by reason of the  sulphurous fumes ' it gave off, and  was still sizzling its way into the  earth when he gave the story to  the newspapers. That glittering  iuvention sent a trainload of newspaper reporters and scientists into  the mesquite bushes of Texas.' They*-  never located the meteor, but the  railroads and boarding houses and  ranchers with horses and guides to  let did a thriving business-for several weeks.-  -  His story of a wonderful cave in  Pike county; Kentucky, was also a  highly decorated * work of art... It  appeared in a Louisville paper, and  set people on ,two continents talking of the rooms fall of magnificent  jewels, of long halls lined with virgin gold and of subterranean rivers  rippling over beds of diamonds.  People flocked to Pikeville by the  hundreds, and town lots sold for  $100 as fast as the papers could be  made out. Even P. T. Barnum, the  wily old showman, was caught in  the trap and hastened to Pike  county to see if he might be able to  pick up a few rare skeletons or  strange cave dwellers that the excited discoverer.had overlooked. In  due course of time the phlegmatic  and ponderous English tourists arrived in:'Pikeville and; .helped to  swell-the receipts of the-hotels and  , bars.  - In 1875i having._v fewmomentsto^  spare, Mulhatton ..wrote a story to;-  the-effect that the tombs-of Wash--,  ington and'LmcolnYwould be taken?  to the centennial exposition in'Philadelphia and put on<exhibition,>the<  fund _hus created-to bedevoted to  completing the Waahingtonlimpnu-  mentjon a grand- sealed Before.the  fake ��� was   exploded "a-number of  sedate .editors were-clawing at each  other, over the' impropriety of the  scheme.    - -       ^ ,   '   . -  Mr.' Mulhatton considers that his  early* efforts in' Pennsylvania were  crude. He says ���> that it\was not  until he had_ entered * the state of  Kentucky and imbibed, some of its  celebrated air apd-no less renowned  chief' liquid ��� product that ;he felt  competent*to enter-upon-a'career-  of ornamental" and - scientific prevarication:'''* -. '* K. $~? *\'i <*���  *% His storj^ofe the'?discoyery of de-f:  tached' sun spots" brought**orders'  from j Paris and; London to send  crack*reporters to the scene at once  and spare no expense, in securing  complete details.   "        ' '*" "  "   His' tale'of the man who was able  to generate-- electricity in .his bodyk  and'make-himself- impervious to the  poison-ofY the 'deadliest^ snakes had  quite. a yogue,?as the *" man made a  sworn statement to the effect that  .in,' ohe^season ;alone he had; killed  17,'000'sn'akes.   '      " "  ,\ Mulhatton,, encouraged %'by -his  Kentucky cave story; continuedvito'  discover other" remarkable-caves/  He .took a jaunt into,Mexico, wliere_  the simple, {gullible��� natives, gave-  himiatmagniflcent field for ,his  pe-t  culiar talents.   He also succeeded  in filling the negroes of .the   south  with terror by some of-his marvel-T  Ions yarns.        "       "~-* : u~"l  In   appearance   Mulhatton   is.^a^  slight,-.modestly dressed ,manjswithf  a keen eye and a quick i movement'  He n would"   never -' tfev  selected  as-- the     man - - who    has     upset  more newspaper offices and set more_-  reporters   on   long-and _ fruitless  searches than any*.other man in history. -    r  Of late years he has been out .of  public mind, a fall from a street  car in New,Orleans"left a blood clot  on.his brain and unfitted him,, for  any great efforts in his "-particular  line. In 1891 he was "picked up' on  the. street in Chicago; suffering from  the effects of ;his. fall in -rNew,5 Orleans. . Aftec treatment -in' -a'( -hospital he resumed his work as a'traveling * man, and finally drifted down  to'Arizona. In the-height of his  glory as a monumental liar, he was  the candidate - of-- -the National  "Drummers' party running in-oppo-.-  sition-to Belva Lockwood. In politics he was a Democrat. He , refused all offers of marriage and says  he-never.made any,  [la. S.)  *A  ->., MINTO  "CANADA-  PROCLAMATION.  EDWARD VII., by the Grace of God, of the  United Kingdom ot .Great Britain and Ireland, King, Defendor of the Faith, &c, &o.  To all, to whom.these presents shall come or  -whom the same may .In anywise concern,���  Greeiino:'   ���- "a '  DAVID.MlliS., ,     ,1"\TTHEREAS. Sat-  Attorney-General, Canada./ ����--* urday,    the  second day of Februaiy, has been-fixed'tor the-  obsequies-of Hor late Malesty, Onr Royal Mother,  of blessed and glorious momory: -  And whereas, well knowing that Our deep  grief Is shared by Our loving subjects in Canada,  We are desirous to afford/them an opportunity,  of testifying their sorrow and their sympathy  with us ln the- grievous* affliction which' has  befallen us and them:  Now,< therefore, We have thought fit, by and  with the advioe of Our Privy Council for Canada, to appoint and set apart, and We do hereby  appoint and set apart, Saturday, the second day  of February next, as a day of'general j mourning,  to be_ebserved by all.persons throughout Our  Dominion of Canada. ^  .  7 In Testimony Whereot, We have caused^  ?     these Our Letters to be made patent,* and the  Great Seal ot Canada to be hereunto affixed:  ,     Witness, Our Right Trusty and Right Well-;  beloved ConBin,  the Right Honorable Slrr  -     Gilbert John Elliot, K*rl ot'Minto "and" Vis-  !     count-Melgund, of Melgund. County of For-  *.     far, in the Peerage of the United-Kingdom;  L     Baron Minto, of Minto, County of Roxburgh,  in tbe Peerage'of Great Britain; Baronet<ot  Nova-Scotia; Knight-Grand'Cross-of Our  Most Distinguished Order of Sftlnt Michael  and St. George, &c, &o., Governor-General  ,--   of Canada. '        - '',   -   '    ' '-  > At Our Government House, in Our. City of  Ottawa, this twenty-sixth day of January, In  the year of Our Lord one thousand nine nun  dred and ono, and iiuthe. first year of Our  Reign.*-     > . i        a. -  By Command. <  R. W. SCOTT,  ^. -,. ���> i -��  Seoretary of State.   '  m-  Hekald's Collbob,')  2Cth January. 1901.  THK Earl Marshal's order for a general mourn-  : ing for Her late Majesty Qneen-iVtctoria,- in  pursuance of an Order of *Hls Majesty in-'Coun-'  ell,' dated the 21th day of January,-1901.- These-  are to give public notice that it is expected, that-  all persons upon the present occasion of the death'  of''Her late'Majesty, of ~ blessed. and > glorious'  memory, do put themselves into deepest mourn  ing, the      y- ���"    '    *'    ��� "     ���  instant.  r v�����  J-  -Jt ,   said mourning to begin on the 28th..  -NORFOLK,!  - ',- Earl Marshal.  '-  ���" Government House, _  ..        ~, -   25th January, 1901.T *  ^ Pursuant to'the above Order?', mourning iwill'  commence throughout the Dominion on Monday  next, the 28th instant .   "     '   - - !  By Command of His Excellency.  *i     ' HARRY GRAHAME,  K ..     -, ,,  Captain, A.D.C.,  s  i   Acting QoyeAior-General.8 Secretary.  -  C. W.rwest & Go;  COAL1     WOOD I  Hard Coal  Anthracite  $10.75 |g^,Nert  _D_au_iv__i_a__tr)  S8.15  'AGENTS IMPERIAL OIL COMPANY, Ltd.  / No order can be accepted "unless accompanied  by cash.-- *���<  !Offloe: -Corner of Hallr  and Baker Streeta.'  TELEPHONED  . *- **        t-    ���  Lethbridge Gait Coal  ,        *- ������������^������.  The best valne for the money ln the market  for all purposes.  -,skbhs o_bh   '" W. P. Timbwst, General Agent  Telenhone 1*T.   Offloe with O. D. J. Chrtstfe.  TORONTO. STOCK  EXOHANGR  FRIDAY'S QUOTATIONS.  .. stock.'        - Asked.  B. C. Gold Fields $ 31  Black Tall  12  Srandon & Golden Crown  8  Canadian Goldfields Syndicate...- '74  Cariboo (McKinney)  38-  Cariboo Hydraulic  1 7fl  Centre Star <.  1 SO  Crow's Nest Pass Coal    75 00  California .. ..'. . .     i   (1  Deer  Trail Consolidated  3}  Evening Star  8  Fairview Corporation  31  GoldenStar  2?  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Joes'"--   ���-'  p_rt ln the  ,te majesty  public memorial services tor hor  queen Victoria.  a-Sv.*--.,..-,*.:.; ^vYvBANDOLPHt_lii��iaHUBU��ai'i*  Surpassing-  Display in  Fall Suitings  All the fashionable creations  in Fall and Winter wear are  included in my last consignment of Scotch and Irish  Serges,. Tweeds and. Worsteds, and Fancy Trouserings  E. Skinner  Neelands' Building, Baker Street).   FRED J. BQUIRB, Manager.   ARTHUR   GEE  MERCHANT TAILOR.  TREMONT HOTEL BLOCK.  Large stock of high-class imported goods. A  specialty of the*' square , shoulder���the latest  fashion In coata.  WE HAVE  Improved Incandescent  Mirror Globe Lamps  Now in Stocfc. They  Improve Electric Light  Fifty, per   cent:  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY  Nelson^ J_..'C,.  ��� ������  of the, Holiday Trade has cleared  away it is "well to: ebme "back1 to the  everyday business of the year Vas .  quickly als possible.    v : ��� / ��� ��. ���"  ,,************************** *' '  " "'    *' *' ���*���--'--'-- *    "^        7    .  KAMNIS KM&.  m  "*%.*.  ���>?'��  WE HAVETHEBESTMADE PIANOS IN CANADA.,  THEYHAVE. STOOD..THR TEST imkOO^ENAY FOR THIRTEEN YEARS-!  1'-'-������   -"- ' CALL AND JNSPECT THEM:  m. '*..<  :**************************  JACOBi DOVER? The Jeweler.  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The Daily   .  .' isvdelivered in Nelson by carrier at ;the following rates: Three  v rmonths, $2.50Vsix 'months, $5-��one 'year/$10!" Aia'rge number"  j  of subscribers are,in arrears, aud a large, number'of subscriptions  .are about? to expire, besides a large number of people injKootenay   ^  ^anclYale are about to renew subscriptions for newspapei s��for the a  'year.-In order^to make it an object for all these people to'pat--*  'ronize THEv-TRiB"CNB," Wevfollowing-siims.are offered as'prizes, on -  Nelson-:..'���  Rossland \.i__.\.  Kaslo-.-   Sandon \......  '"Revelstoke .5...  Grand Forksv  -Phoenix!   Greenwood .'..  S,60^  ,l. 25   ,  .    25.-  .    25.  . I 25. i.  .-,   26  .   ^25,  .  i25...  the following^conditions:       . -.  Canada i.:;....��� sK......-.STOO.  j British Columbia ���;.  ....;   26  Northwest-Teprit'ories .'.   25'  T Manitoba .-. _.". _i'.* ,26  ' Ontario l.. >. \ ^ir..:-    25  ^Quebec .:...'o.y    25'  , New Brunswick .'.     26"  . Nova Scotia .:.:  ; 26'  v. - % The> subscriber, remitting' $2 in ^payment of. either arrears ,  or advance subscriptions to The" Tribune, will be entitled ftogive^''  an estimate on the population of any two places in'the list'named*  *��� above; $2.50, to three,estimates; $5.00, to five estimates ; $10, to  t ten estimates.   Fill-out blank below, in accordance-with above,  i terms, and remit amount of subscription to ' ��� ���       '>   ���- - -  T   '_*<  TheTribane, Association, Limited-  nelson; B.��.  "���""���" ���MiMnnimTmnTTmmii.iiiTTT.ii it.rr  Name ... -     Post Office : .--.-.   Province -. ".....:   Amount enclosed $.".-:'   -Subscription to.."...'..." Edition of The Tribune  Estimate as to population of '  Canada    <..:...'.   British Columbia../.       ^North-WestTerritories   ' Manitoba ��.   Ontario     Quebec   New   Brunswick   Nova   Soctia   City of Nelson   City of Rossland   City   of Kaslo   City of Sandon".   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' > - ", ������*���-'- _'-  VICTORIA, by the Orace of God,'of 'the United*''  "   Kingdom   of Great   Britain   and  Ireland,  .Queen, Defender of the Faith, &c, &c , &c-  'To our>Falthful the members elected to serve in  the Legislative Assembly of Our Province of  ,i v 'British Columbia at Our CIty> ot Victoria.���  J '    Greeting: -��� -  A PROCLAMATION.       - -- - '  -*- L  .' "**l  -  **,H  .y  "151  '* -*4i  ->.   '  H. A. MACLK*iN, ...  Deputy Attorney General./*  ,' "XXTHEREAS*-'  inuty Attorney General.'/(Wi    and resolved, as soon as may be, to meet our peo-"  " "   ~ '     ' 'to*  are-  We  desirous  ;ple of our ProMncc of British Columbia, and  have their*advlco in Our Legislature  '.'NOW'KNOW*-YE, that for divers causes and.  considerations,-and taking Into consideration the *  ease and convenience of Our loving subjects. We  have thought (It, by and with the advice of Our  '���   ���" I  ij'  _._._   enty  one thousand nine hundred and tine, you imeet *>  Executive Counci  these presents onjoin you; an  onvThuraday. the twent: "  do hereby convoke, and by  id each of you, that  flrst day. of February,  Us in Our said Legislatme or Parliament of Our  said Province, at Our City of victoria, FOR THU  DISPATCH\OF BUSINESS to treaty do. act,::  and conclude.uponsthobo things .*whicli*^in Our  Legislature of thd*Province of British Columbia,  by tho^Common Council-'of Our-'sald Provinco  may.'by the favour of God, be ordalnod. -r    -1-'  .'In^TestimonV^Vhekeof, JWe'jhavo, caused  . these Our Letters to be made Patent and the  K   Great Seal of tho.said Province to be hereunto affixed:     V . ������ -  ,.  WraiESS,{'tlie''Hononrable Sir Hbniii. Gos-}  tave Joi,y,dkLotihniere, >K.C.M.G?,--Lleu---  tenant-Qovornorvof Our said Province % of *���  British Columbia, in Our City of Victoria, in  Our said Province, this se7enteenth day of  'January, in the year of- Our Lord.ono-thou-  sand nine hundred and one, and in the sixty-  fourth year of Our Reign."    '   -���"<.-��  By Command.  c. ~ 3. D. PRENTICE, Provincial Seoretary.  I  I  H  IS  PnovmcrAr. Secretary's Office,  17th Januaiy, 1901.  HONOUR, the Lieutenant-Governor in  Council, under the provisions of the "Land  Registry Act has,beeu pleased to establish at  tho C ity of Nelson, in the County of Kootenay,  a District Office for tho Recording of Inbtruments  and Registration of Titles affooting real estate,  situate within tho County of Kootenay.  The name of the said registration disttict shall  Hbe the Kootenay Land Registration DIstriot.  Henry Fry MacLeod, of the City of Nelson, so-  : licltor, has beeu appointed to perform the duties  tof the said District Office, which shall be open  for the transactlod of business on and after the  ��� seoond day of March, 1001.  By Command.  J. D. PRENTICE, Pi ovlnclul Socrotary.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNERS  To Geo.  H. Lammkks, J. R. Chanson, or to  any person 01 persons to whom he may have  transferred his interest ln tho Harvey Joy  mineral claim, at Morning Mountain, Nolson  Mining Division.  You are horeby notified that' I have expended  One Hundred Dollars in labor and improvements  upon tho above' mentioned   mineral claim. In  order  to hold  said mineral claim  undor  tho  provisions of the Mineral Act), and if within  ninety days from tho date of this notice you fall  or reiu��o to contribute your proportion of such  expenditure, together with all costs of advertising, your intorest in said claim will become the  propertj of tho subscriber, undor section four of  an Act entitled "An Act to Amend the Minoral  Act. 1900."                              SILAS H. CROSS.  Dated this 12th day of December. 1900.   LAND   NOTICE.  Notice Is horeby gl\ on, that thirty dajs aftor  date I Intend to apply to tho chief commissioner  of landM and works for permission to purchase  tbe following described lands about two miles  west of tho City of Nelson: Commencing at a  post marked W. J. Beavon's S. E. Cornor Post  planted at S. W. corner post of H. Selous' purchased Lot G05, Group 1, on tho high water line  on the v, est bank of Kootenay river, thooco north  20 chains, thenco west 20 chains, thencesouth 20  chains, moro or less to tho high water' lino on  north bank of Kootenay river, thonco following  tho meandering of tho aforesaid river in an easterly direction 20 chains moro or leas to point of  commencement. Containing 32 acres moro or  less. XV. J. BBAVKN.  Datod ab Nelson this 24th day of December, l'JOO.  LAND LEASE NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given, that within sixty dajs  after the date of this notice, 1 intend to applj to  the assistant commissioner of lands and works,  at Nelson, for a lease of the following described  land, for tho purposo of opening up and working  stone quairles, situate about two miles iu an  easterly direction from tho City of Kaslo, West  Kootenay District:  Commencing at a poptplantod on the lake shore  marked " J. A. Knauf'a N. W. corner," running  thence east twent) chains, thencesouth twenty  chains, thence *��ost twenty chains, more or less  to the lake shore; thence north along the lake shore  to tho point of commencement; and containing  forty acres moro or less. J. A. KNAUF.  Datod December 19th, 1900.  MUSIC.  ) Mrs. D. B. Murray, graduate ln vocal and Instrumental music-is now prepared to receive  pupils for instruction in voice culture, Italian  method, also piano and organ.  For terms and further particulars apply room  5, A. Macdonald building.-oorner Josephine and  Vernon street).  slm  ENGINEERS.   Mining And "���aimng ea-  Tuasr-Bdookh Blook, Ba-utx tint*-.  y    - *: TBADE8  UNIONS-.  -��   ;.  NELSON MINERS' UNION NOTM, XV. F. it ' "  M.���Meets in miners'^unlou'rooms,-' northeast oorner,Viotoria andKootonaystroeta,evory  Saturday evening at 8 o'oloclc-iVisitlng mem  bers weloome. M. R. Mowatt, President Jame   -"  Wilkes,   Secretary.-, Union SoALE^OF-WAaBS-p.-*^  for Nelson    District���Per  shift,   machine ������ ���*���  men, $3.50: .hammeramen miners. $3.25; muckers,  carmen, shovelera and other underground labor-' -  era, $3 00. ' "     *  TIRADES AND'LABOR COUNCIL.���The  '. lar meetings of the Nelson Trades and La  Council will beheld In tho miners'-unlon'hall,     *  oorner of (Vlotoria and Kootenay Btreets, on tha  first  and   third Thursday 'of eaoh'-month;-'at     ,.  7.30 p.m. ,G. J, Thorpe, President.  J. H. Matheson, Secretary. ip. r   _  HTHE tegular meetings of the Carpenters' Union  - ���*���   are" held on Wednesday evening of- eaoh   --  week, at 7 o'clock; in the Miners' Union hall oor- ** _..  ner-Viotorla  and- Kootenay streets. .Charles. .  Clayton, President,  John McLeod.YSeoretary.  ARBERS' UNION.���NelsortUnionsf No?lM,'ot . -f  - the International Journeymen Barber a tin" ""'  ion of America, meets every nrst and third Mon-��- -;  day of each month In Miner's Union 'Hall, corner .,;:r  of vlotoria and Kootenay streets, at 8:30 p.m.   ,.-  sharp. 'f (Visiting  brothers. cordially, InylbeiU to      ,  attend.   It McMahon, p-^sldont;-*/. H." Mathe- '���", '  son. 8ecrotary-treasurer; J. C. Gardnor, recording  'secretary. j  __ > * ^. "���  7~'*^l  *��SSI  Ml  A"jsiX  7>7%%1  "-.->mX  vJl\��  t'-ABORER8V.UNION.���Nelson Laboferg"Pro c, ^,     ���*  . tectlve'Unlon.iNo. 8121, A. F. of L., meets In ��^  Mlnois'/Union'v'haU, C: P. R. block,-corner 'of t,. r- .  Baker and Stanley streets, every Monda/erenlng-^ V *  at7:30p.masharp..VisitingmembersoftheAmeri-^^  ',  can   Federation JTcordlauy-"   ���"* " ^ *"  A.  J. Curie, President. \  cording secrotary.^ s J    -  ' invited v to*" attends  John." ltoberts,f re-  i. _. -*- ��. *- ^  '*'  - r ~." _  -i '-Ml  '"  Jl  Fridays 1   ers' Union hall'at .'3b sharp.^-J. H."Millward,'  President; Will J. Hatoh���Secret*ry.-'i ,    -_ -'   .,  OOKS' AND'WAITERS' UNION-C-Regular  meetings on the second and fourth-Thursdays of each month, at 8 o'clook in Miners' Union  hall. Vistlng brethern cordially invited. C. F.  Bell, president;*: J. P." Forestell,- secrotary .  treasurer. ~  V**l  ���t*T*:  PLASTERERS' UNION-The 07 P. I. A. No.  172. meets every Monday ovoning in the  Elliot blook, corner Baker and Stanley stmehi, at  8 o'clock. J. D Mover, ��� nrealdent; William  Vice, secretary, P. O. Box 010. "  *  FRATERNAL   SOCIETIES.  NELSON LODGE, NO. "0?A. Tt. *> A. X  Meet- second Wednesday in eaoh month.  Sojourning brethren invited.'  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS-*- Nelson Lodge. No  35, Knights ot Pythias, meets in I.'O. O. V.  Hall, oorner Baker and Kootenay streets, every  Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting Knights  cordially Invited to attend.":F. J. Bradley, C. C;  evening at 8 o'clock,    Invited to attend.":  J. A. Paquetto. "K_ of R. 8c 3."  KOOTENAY   TENT NO.  7,   K. O. T. M.-  Hold their regular meetings on the first und  -     Visiting Sir  third Thursdays-of oach  month  Knights aro'cordially-invited to attend.  Brown, R. K.; AsXV. Purdy, Com.; R. J  D.S.C.  .3. A.  Steel.  NELSON L. O. L;, No. 1692  Hall, corner Baker am  meets ln J. O. O. V.  Kootenay Btreets,"  1st and'Srd Friday of eaoh month.   Visiting^  brethern oordlally invited.   W. W. Bradley, W  ,_&, A. Minty. Reoordlng-Seorotary.  CORPORATION OFTHE CITY OF NELSON  APPLICATIONS WANTED.  Tho undersigned has boon! authorised by  resolution of the city council to ask for applications for tho position of chief of the Fire Department of tho City of Kelson. Applicants -will  stato ago, nativity, experience and where,  whet hor married or single, aud give recommendations from chief of department where  now cmplo>ed and from underwriters. Mark  applications: "App'icntion for Chief of Fire Department." and address  J. K.STRACHAN,CityClork,Nelson.B.C.  Datod January 2nd, 1901,  Notice of  Application  License,  to Transfer a  Notice is horob} given that I Intond to apply  at tho next sitting of tho Hoard of Licenso Commissioners of the City of Nelson for permission to  transfor mj retail liquor license, for the premises  situate on tho east- half of Lot 4, Block 2, in the  City of Nelson, and known as tho Grand Hotel,  to Gustavus Nelson. JOHN BLOMBKRO.  Dated ut Nelson, U. C, this 3rd daj of January,  l'Wl.  Witness: Thomas Symks.  Notice of  Application to  License. -  Transfer a  Notice is hereby given that I intend to apply at  tho next sitting of the Board of License Com-  missioners'of tho City of "Nelson for*-perini8Slon  to transfer my rotail liquor license foi'liie premises situate on tho west half of Lot I, Hlock 9, in-  the Citj of Nelson, and known ns iho Glue Pot  saloon, to Thomas Sproatt.      GUS. NKLSON.  Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 3rd day of January,  1901.  Witness: John Blomiiero.  NOTICE.  Rossland, B, C, November 9th, 1900.  To F. B. -Bausbu by :  Notice is hereby given that I. William Griffiths,  intend to claim the interests* in the following  named mineral claims formerly held* by F. B.  Salisbury, on which he has neglected to pay his  share of tho expenses of tho annual-assessment  work.  To wit:  A one halt (J) Interest in the "Banker HUT  mineral claim.  A one-half (1) Interest in the "Sullivan" mineral  claim.  A one-half (i) Interestin tho**"Fldollty" minora,  claim.  All the adjoining claims, ltuatod on the west  fork ot the north fork of Salmon river, in the  Nelson Mining Division,  This aotionuv taken under Section 11 of Chap-  tepU-oCtHaelAtutoaof 1889 and amendments of  1900L JW1LL1AM B. TQWNSEND, f,  tAgent for WiWam Oriffltb*.  '������^xi-_*?xiiiM^J&l&i**** '������ ~7^
. \~    ,-»*t,
_.   . '    l
I ^<u
Assayers Supplies
We carry in stock a full line of Assayers' and Chemists'
Supplies. The quality of our goods cannot bs excelled
and our prices are  reasonable.:
r prices ai
We are British Columbia Agents for.
The Nelson Clothing House
Great Slaughter Sale..
«--•»_-__•a___?Y * - "*'-«'-      ..
Notice is hereby given that in ji'irtufefof She^Act of
the Dominion Parliament, 63 and 64 Victoria, Chapter
103 and Chapter 104, the name  of
will be changed to'
Zbe IRo^alJSanfc of Ganaoa
from and after'
1    the Second day of January, 1901.
Halifax,'1st'November, 1900.
General Manager.
• t
' In order to make room for Spring Goods, I have decided to sell for tho next thirty days all
goods in stock at greatly reduced prices. All heavy goods away down, cost not considered, aud in
f lothing. Gents' -Furnishings, Hats and Caps, and Boots and Shoes 1 will give from 10 to 25 per cent
disconnt'and all Rubber Goods at cost. Now is tho chanco to partako of the best bargains ever
ottered in the Kootenays. My stock is all now and up-to-date and the sale is genuine, so now avail
youiself of the beat opportunity to get gooJ goods at less than wholesale prices. Remember this is
for only 30 days.   **-
J.  A.   OIL.KBR,   Proprietor-
from 75c to $3.50.
For the balance of this month we are offering special reductions in
Carvers, Ladies Companions and Nickle-Plated Copper Ware.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
of Landscapes and other scenes; Free with every purchase
of two packages of Cream of Wheat, the'rBreakfast Dainty.
'„- Houston Block.j,
Telephone 161.'
"P. O.'Box 176.v
T«i> .--
. Front cDbors
Inside Doors
y Screen Doors <■
Inside Finish     ' j
local and co-ash,    _
"-'   looal'aud ootflh,
Newel Posts
Stair Bail
Shingles        .  .,
Bough and
Dressed Lumber
v (tf all kinds.
J. A. Sayward
Porto Rico Lumber Go.
Rough and
A-1 White Pine Lumber Always in
We carry a complete stock of
Ocast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.
Special order work will receive
prompt attention.
Porto Rico LumberCo. Ltd.
Ward Bros.
Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES
' <■      7
Desirable Business and Residence Lots
in (Bogustown) Falrvlew.Addition.-*
- Office ■* on Baker Street, west of Stanley Street
■     -       - NELSON.	
General Broker
•   fire', life and
accident insurance .
Money to loan at 8% or on the installment plan.
* -Por Sale
' For sale a 7-room house.  Bath, sewer connection, and in first-class location.   Can be bought
at lore than cost it taken by 5th ot February.
Price and terms on application.
The Haywood placo.   Price and terras on application.
Several other good buys aro on my list.
3 fifty foot lots"on Kobson~street-rY $800 00
2 twenty-flve foot lots, Observatory St. .. COO 00
For Rent.
7 Room House, Carbonate Street $30.00
0 Room House, Mill Street  25.00
A Ground-Floor Office  25.00
Tlie Hay ward place.
See my list of Real Estate.
Avoir «. lar LBNNOX. BoUcH-*. Nelaon B. O
Removal Sale
Baker Street, Nelson.
Solo Agents for
removing to our new
premises, but can fill all orders
entrusted to us during the next
ten days.
Branohes at ({ossland aqd Creenwood,
See our special assortment of Cigars
and .Pipes.
Cigar and  Cigarette Holders
and Cases.
Tobacco Pouches of all kinds,
and Smokers Requisites.
~ All the best brands ot Imported
and Domestic Cigars.
B B B and Loewe Pipes.
Business of a Week.
»The wholesale shipment out of
Nelson is probably; much' larger at
the present time than it ever was
in the history of the city. The shipping area extends as far west as
Revelstoke-and as far east as Kimberley and Moyie. Ifc even extends
beyond the boundary to the south
and many miles to the north. Nelson is now the established shipping
center of^ the vast ^easteriv, portion
of British Columbia./The past week
opened rather quiet as far as shipping,' to outside points was' concerned, but during the latter part
of" the week trade'was 'brisk 'and*
the shipments' were large. « NThe
shipments for the week "were as"
'Brockman & Ker Milling Company, Limited, flour and feed.—
Kuskanook, Copper Creek, Porto
Rico, Creston, Ymir, Nakusp, Greenwood, Robson and Granite. < ,
-_ ,H. J. Evans & Co., commission
merchants,—:Lardo, New Denver,
Silverton, Saudon, Ainsworth, Robson and ^Grand Forks.
„ A., Macdonald & Co.." wholesale
grocers.-f-Salmo, Nakusp, Burton
City, New Denver, Cedar Creek,
Ainsworth, Creston, Robson, Summit "City,,',Sandon,-Cascade, Ymir,
Ferguson, Eholt and Moyie. /
~\"W,'. F,~ -Teetzel & Co., assayersl
supplies,'—Kimberley, Fernie, Ymir,
Ainsworth and Greenwood. *?   ,
Kootenay Electric Supply & Construction-Company, .electrical,supplies.—Grand, Forks, Moyie, San-
don,'Greenwood and Kaslo. ^
, F. Starkey & Co., commission
merchants-yMoyie, New ' Denver,
Kaslo, Cascade, Greenwood,*Eholt,
Nakusp, Boundary -Falls, Rossland,
Sandon, Robson, Slocan City, Revelstoke and Thompson's Landing.
John Cholditch & Co., wholesale
grocers.—"Whitewater, Lardo, Rossland, Lemon Creek, Eholt, Granite,
Silverton, Winlow's Siding, Deer-
*ing Siding, Sandon, Ymir, Enterprise, Moyie, Greenwood, Phoenix,
Grand Forks, New Denver, Slocan
and Ferguson.
Turner,'Bee ton «5_ Co., dry goods
and liquors.—Trout Lake, Rossland,
Silverton, Moyie, Slocan, Erie,
Cranbrook, Ymir and Pilot Bay.
Kootenay * "Supply Company,_
wholesale grocers.—Cascade, Kaslo,
Moyie, Sandon, Grand Forks, Trail,
Greenwood, Phoenix, Robson, Granite Siding, Creston, Sirdar and Ymir.
Nelson Saw & Planing Mills, Ltd.,
sash and doors.—Slocan, Robson,
Kaslo and Four-mile Point.
California Wine Company, wines
and cigars.—Sandon, Greenwood,
Phoenix, Cranbrook, Moyie and
J. Y. Griffin & Co.. provisions and
produce.—Revelstoke Moyie, Cedar
Creek, Erie, Pilot Bay, Ymir, Kaslo,
Fernie, Rowland, Kimberley, Granite Siding, Fort Steele, Grand Forks.
Phoenix, Nakusp, Trail, Greenwood,
Cascade, New Denver, Anaconda
and Cranbrook.
final contest. ,The latter rink consists o_ "J." Laurenson* F. J. Bradley,
C.y Morrison and 3V. Richardson,
skip. Each of the members of the
winning rink will receive a handsome prize .donated by mayor
Fletcher.. A g ,	
Zerra, Ontario—Oliver Cole of
Southampton was today'committed
for trial at the assizes for attempting to bribe Sylvester and Samuel
Cole to give false, evidence in the
Forth Bruce e lection oae.
Sole Agents for the Original Cole's Hot Blast Coal Heaters
TELEPHONE 27 .Store, Corner Baker aid Josephine Stieet
————__.—____——_ '     '  'I     <     • , ,  1 5 k *
  - < •»>
Bprn, -^in   Nelson, yesterday, <;to
"Mrs.'.J.nP.■jSwedberg,'; on   Stanley"Btroet,*' a'-
daughter.      " t   ,'      - ''•#'•*'
A meeting of the Ladies' Hospital
Aid will be hold in the Presbyterian school room
on Monday afternoon ut 4 o'clock. •
; The _ memorial , services ..in , St.
Saviour's church today will be communion service at 10:30 a.m. and burial service at 3 p.m. < .
Yesterday .;.,certificates    , wei;e.
•granted to the Erie-Montreal Constlidated Min-'
Ing Company on the Gifford and -Mabel mineral
claims. _ t
There'will be no street car service today until'after 6 o'clook in .the evening.
Tho employees will take part in the memorial
services. *    '   • - -
' Dr. W. A. Rose has just purchased from W. H. Lawr two lots and building
^situated on East Vernon 'street. The 'consideration was a large one.  ,
All the members of Nelson Lodge
No'. 25 Knights of Pythia* are requested to meet
at Fraternity hall at 11 o'clqck this morning to
attend the memorial services in a body."    J      '
Y'Arrangements are being made by
the Nelson hookey dab. to have tho Rossland
team play here at an early dato next week. " Definite word l8expeotod today, or tomorrow.'
~ AH members 'of Nelson Lodge No.-
23"A.P. &YA.*M.a»d visifinK tarethien. are requested to me-aj) at the lodge rooms at 11 o'clook
tomorrow morning -to,,,attend 'the memorial
services. '    ■     „.   , ■,      t     ,   . , -
All the members of the, Independent Order of Foresters are •requested to meet at
Fraternity hall at II o'clock'thfs morning for the
purpose of participating in the public memorial
ce^emonie's..'      ' 7\"   "' 2i, '■   i ,„/.»*. _-.
Tlie "regular   monthly business
meeting of the Young,Men's Social Club will be
held on Monday evenihg, in .the club rooms of
Emmanuel church at 8 oilock. A full attendance
.of tho members Is requested.    '    i,j..
The news of thejdeath in Spokane
of "N6d" Thomas'-was recelvrd yesterday with
many sincere regrets. .The deceased was well
known and highly esteemed by R. E. Lemon and
all of the old timers in Nelson.
A writ was issued "yesterday in
the case of Fenwick vs. the B, C. Southern Railway Company. The plaintiff is suing for damages, as the right-of-way of the .company's road
pa scd through his land in the Wardner town-
The officers of the Nelson Miners'
Union will be in their hall*'this morning from 9
to 10-30 for tbe purpose of Initiating any^ eligible
persons who may present themselves for* membership and who may wish to take part in the
memorial parade.        ^   _
The management of the Athabasca had a ball at the mine last evening. A
number of the young people of Nelson were in
attendance and a pleasant time was enjoyed by
all. Wambold's orchestra furnished tho mui-ic.
Tho Nelson quartet rendered, several ^elections.
A memorial-service
Cellar to Rent—Apply The Royal
Bank of Canada, q
Cash paid for scrap iron, brass
and coppor.   Nelson Iron Works.
Good smart boy wanted, about
15 years old.  Apply XV. F. Teetzel & Co.
To let—Furnished rooms in Carney block.  Reasonable ratos. ,
Hack   calls left at   the   Pacific
Transfer born on Vernon street). Telephone
call 35. ; ,
' Wanted — To rent four or five
roomed cottage. State terms. H., Tribune
Por Rent.—Two fine offices centrally located. Apply to A. H. Buchanan, Bank
of Montreal. }
Two large, well-furnished rooms
to lot. 1 and'5 Macdonald'block, corner Jose-
phino and Vernon.
Two typewriters for sale, good
condition, Remington and Dunsmore. Apply at
tha Old Curiosity Shop.
• Rooms and breakfast   if desired
at 321 Josephine street, four doors abovo Silica
street.   Mrs. Blancy.
Wanted.—Five, or six room house
in good residence part of town. Address H, J.
Moore, box 108, Nelson, B. C.
. Wanted—Board Nand lodging in
private family for hoy attending school. • State
terms to Fred Adle, waneta, B. C.
' > i
,' For    Sale    Cheap—New    cabin
handy to smelter. Apply to George F. Motion,
at Nelson Wine Company's store." <
; A lad who has served some time
at the piinting trade can find -a steady situation on applying to "News," Tribune office.
! "New -lot ;jusib, "in."—For fresh
candies', fruits, nuta.Yetc, call at the, Bon Ton
Confectionery, Baker street, *Mlss A. L. Kllnk-
wi-tz-      >_ -   ,    ,       -,-<,.    Y
. Wanted.yFree "milling gold properties in British Columbia. Andrew F. Rosen-,
beri«ter. Nelson, B. C., PhoneiNo. 101, K.-W. C.
block.•    'j ,.-,,<_<     . i,
- Complete life of queen  Victoria.
Best book. - Best terms. Outfit mailed on receipt
of 15 cents. * Address d. C, Miller 8c Co, Portland,
Oregon. »   - *>
*- *v   ' . -j
I Eight-roomed - house,- partly ^furnished, to rent in the Hume Addition,' either to
ono or f wo families.- Apply Mrs. Hartwig, Hume
Addition; ..-'•'' '
.  Prospectors    having    promising
mineral claims are requested to call at The Prospector's Kxchange, Nolson, B: C.,' room Nor4;
K.-Wt-C.;blook. TOione No.Uoi,- J       \ , ;     ;
;' 'For'Sale—Profitable-* hbtel^ business and real estate, known as the1 Royal hotel,
corner of Stanley and 8iltca street. 'Apply to
Johns & MeLeod, Royal hotel. Nelson. .
For sale—Lot 10, block 17,30 foot
frontage on Victoria, street; two ' houses on
property.- Price $2800, terms-easy.. -Address
Frank 6. Graham, care of Matheson & Graham's
barbershop, ..,*,«
> ,Miss^ Von Der* Werth—Clairvoyant, palmist and card reading.   Gives advice
on cominercial_bnsiness and.mlnlni
unhappy lovers and broken-up families,
TI "' "
iinjt; rouniies
allies.  Room
1, over Thomson Stationery Company.
For Sale—120 acres of -first-class
Agricultural and garden land, 12 miles*' from Nells"            --     -
     and t»rms reasonable.   ADply
or address A. F. Rosenberger, room 4, K-w-C
sou on Kootena;
acre tracts,
lake. ■"W'Usellin.'lO
Two Curling,(James.
Two curling games were played
at the rink lust evening and they
were probably the most interesting
that have been played this season.
In the contest of Forin vs. Tamblyn
some clever plays were -made.
Taanblyn's rink was four down on
the twelfth end and on throwing
his last "Sfcane" he scored four
points, thus - tieing his opponent.
They played two more ends aud
the result was as follows:
commemorating the death of the queen will bo held in the
Methodist church tomorrow evening. Short
addresses will be given by Messrs. George Qurd
and principal Soady. A choi-ce musical program
has been prepared by tho choir. The regular
quarterly services will be held in the morning.
Rev. -William Munroe will preach
on Sunday morning from tho subject "The Inevitable Result of Action," In the evening a
song service will be held. The first half hour will
be devoted to congregational singing. This will
be followed by a choir recital of solos, anthems,
duets and sacred Ing'ruwental selections. A
cordial invitation is extended to everyone,
George Alexander of Kaslo was
examined for disco t ery in'the cafe of Marino vs.
Aloxanderat the couit house yestorday af tor-
noon. The chso arises out of a transaction by
which Aloxandor loaned money to bo expended
on the Marino mining property. Messr*. Macdonald & Johnson aro acting for Alexander and
Klliot & Lennie for tbp company.
The Nelson charity organisation
la asking aid froui the city pounoll. For this pn p
pose secretary T. J. Sims has handed city clerk
Hfraohan a communication asking for hpln and
tlielotter contains a detailed statement of too receipts and disbureenients during tbe past year-
Thev arei as follow I, HlsbureempnteJm 10, «nd
receipt* 9*m£0, leaving a surplus liability to the
amount of 997 00. The^Btate'ment shows that
many poor and neelected families havo been
" helped and all tho money expended has
ed carefully and wisely. The request will
come beforo the finance oommittee next week
and it is likely that somo measures to aid the
orgiii'aition will be taken.
.y   ..   ,
Pi-lcojind t>**rms reasonable,
Block, Nelson,
Consult W. J. Harvey, F. O,
20-or 40
I.. Professor of Opthalmology, Doator of Optics
and Scientific Optician, about thoso headaches.
Y visual
are abso-
Salns in the eyes.'eyes crossed or diverged
efects on tho fitting of spectacles that ai	
lutely correct, at MoLean's drug store until February Uth.  Hours 10 to 12 and 2 to 5.^i-—_—±-^
Mr. Frank Harman, of the firm of
J. F. Wolr
P. Wilson
H. Goodeve
Dr. Forin, Bkip.
D. S. Stanley
J. McLaughlin
J. H. Wallace
F-A. Tamblyn, skip.
The 'other game 'was in the
Fletcher trophy series and resulted
as follows:
_____\_SA__\. **
Members of Kootonay Lodge No. 10,1.O.O.F.,
and all visiting brethren are requested to meet
at tho old Odd Follows hall, Kooten_y str©et» on
Saturda/, February 2nd. at 11 a. in.
K. H. MI f .LEI*-, Becrebur*
p, V SIO THfiaUTQBD.-N. O,
S. R. Campbell
J. Bunyan
C. a. Mills
J. Rae, skip     12
C. n. J. Christie
J. Kirkpatrick
I>r. HaU
B. Walley, skip .
This series will be closed this
evening, as there is yet one game
to play. As Rae's rink won last
evening's game he is now scheduled
to iilay Richardson's   rink in the j i^^^r^n^
John Muffett of Erie is registered
at the Queen'A ■-     '
C. j. Putinan of Lardo is registered at tho Tremont, •
P, C. Crowley of' ttooson is registered at tho Madden House.""
J. A. Leonard of Vancouver and
R. Smith of Rossland are registered at the Phair.
S. L. Dunbar, a prominent mining
man of Slocan City, is io the city for a tew days.
W. H. Gushing of Calgary, R. M.
Smith of Montreal and Arthur Poole of Toronto
are registered at the Hume.
Frank Dick, who js operating the
Alba claim situated about five miles south of the
city, came down for supplies yestorday.
Rev. R. B. Blyth left Montreal
last night en route for Nelaon where he will be
the guest of Rev. William Munroe for a few
J. W, Casey of Portland, Oregon,
traveling passenger and freight agent af the
Chicago, Mllwaukee-ft-St. Paul railway, who
has been in Nelson for the fast few days leaves
Harman Brothers, Kamloopi, ln his letter to Prof.
W. J. Harvey, F.O M.C I., of Toronto, makes the
following statement: "Before applying to you
for treatment my eyes were giving me so much
trouble and causing me eo much pain that I had
quite decided to give up my business as blacksmith, as the glow of the forge nnd bending under
horsos was so hard on them, I had consulted the
best eye doctors on the Pacldo Coast north of San
Francisco, and thev could give me no help, but I
am pleased to say that hy the aid of tho spectacles
you proscribed for mo I am able to work all day
at the flro and the finest work without incurring
the lpastinconvenlence and am entirely free from
the head and eye actios and general defects of
sight from which I formerly sutfen-d. I have been
wearing your glasses for nearly three years and
cannot express the thanks I fei>l.
The Gait Coal office has been
removed to the Ward building, on Baker street—two
doors west C.'P. R. offices.
A full supply of Gait Coal
now on hjtnd.   '    "
Telephone No. 265     General Agent.
Sans of England Lodge, Nelson's Queei. All
members and vi°itlng brethren are requested to
meet at Fraternity HaU on Saturday morning at
11a.m. to tako part in the public memorial service  All Englishmen are invited.   By order.
T.. MORLEY, President.
- ^    —*	
Kootenay Tent No. 7 K. O. T. M. requests all
members and visiting brethren to meet at Fraternity HaU tbis morniug at 11 o'clock pharp, so as
to fake part in tho memorial services for Her late
Majesty Queen Vlotoria,
Nelson   Lodgft    No.
of  Eagles,   request   all
22,    Fraternal   Order
members   and   visit
ing brethren to meet at Fraternity Hall at 11
o'clook a. in., on Saturday, February 2nd, to take
partjn tho funeral oeremoniea of tier mtOeaty
queen Victoria. O. W. Bartlettr presidont.
It Counts in Results
•   The particular housewife wants
the best materials for her cooking:
Hide Sweet Butter
Good Fresh Eggs
are our specialties.   They en'-t
sure,a delightful freshness, in
all   you   cook, and attractive
daintiness when it is served
on your table.
:'"'.        The Leading Grofcers.
Telephone 10 K-W-C Baker Street
1 No. 4. k. W. C. Block,        ^   NELSON, B. C.,   .      ,
- H ,   ; Gold, Sllver-Iaoad and Copper Mines wanted at the Exchange.'
Free-Milling Gold*Properties wanted'at once for Bastern Investors. -
1 ■■ .  ,     ,    , .,      ~      .
"Parties having mining properly for sale are requosted'to send.samples of their ore to'the'
Exchange for exhibition.   We desire to hear from au prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in British Columbia.    ■<"--,. , -, ,    ,
Prospectors and mining men are requested to make the Exchange their headquarters when .
in Nelson. r ,. - ' ,  '*     ■    ,   .-   •■ ■!   ,
All samples should be' sent by express, Prepaid.,- Correspondence solicited.-  ,,.-■' ,
Address all communications to'• *<        .        ' ,■""„   < % ,   .       ■*•
Telephone 104- ,  ANDREW F.  ROSENBERGER,
P.'O. Box 700    ,'"w -       <_^   .......      .. Nelson, B.C.
Two Souls
* With but' a single thought,
To give best values ever bought
> All shoes may look alike to some
people.' Take our $4.00 and $5.00
shoes for Instance. They are not
just like other'shoes.- -They have
got that swell, distinctive comfortable look about them,      *.
Neelands Shoe Go.
_    THE
Mansfield Manufacturing Go.
nelson, b. c.
—■—       — .
Builders and
Having taken over the business of tho West Kootenay Brick &
Lime Company, Limited, of Nelson, I beg to ask for a continuance
of the patronage which you have heretofore extended them. My
aim will be at all times to supply you with our products at lowest
possible prices. Being ln a position to manufacture goods ln larger
quantities than before, we shall be able to supply the trade at a
lower figure.
It Is our Intention to install machinery to manufacture our
marble products, and next season we shall be in a position to supply
these products at reasonable rates.
We shall also Keep on hand a stock of Fire Brick, Fire Clay,
Tiles and Cement.
Our Bricks and Lime Rock have taken the First Prizes at the
Spokane Industrial Exposition in 1899 and also this year. We also
secured prizes last year and this year for Ornamental and Building
are prepared to offer special rates to Contractors and
tor Tbe Mansfield Manufacturing Company.
Successor* to
The West Kootenay Brick A Lime Co., Ltd


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