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 <���''_  -*._ _   at*   -OiVS-wSj  DAILY EDITION   BY MAIL  FIVE DOLLARS A YEAR  ' ^-*- .s^  -WEEKLY EDITION BY; MAIL-  TWO DOLLARS A YEAR ~  ���>*w  ���fi  f*  r-  NINTH YEAR  NELSON: FRIDAY MORNING FEBRUARY 8 1901  a*~  ���T���T  ~ (_______.  ^  ���W2:  [>&  : -"si  ,-r s��_S  -��  PRICE FiyE CENTS  -via-  riv^siriYthaClty.  J_r-  iiifili^  MOLLY GIBSON DIRECTORS WERE  ,-.'^-.^v :|Spi^^^YY:yy^|^  -yym  Probabilities of an Early Resumption of  Kyj^rfcr^  yySyCou**^  ":-;���*:  He stated that much active development Tvork was being carried on in  not only the camp of Greenwood;  but alsoY at ; Grand Porks and  Phoenix. The force of miners has  been increased on nearly "every  property . in the Boundary that is  undergoing extensive development.  Eyerybbdy}Yis i:looking ;;��� fbr: much  jfoetteryti'-me'^  -jafoson;*^^  YBpuriTlary:co^ti^hM;been ei^ed-o  ingly quiet during the  past year,  5:biifc'?.;_^^^ Yil-pbk^en--;  fcbur-^ing��^  rminihg^indif^  Idlie^'iihe;?^  !h^h^iliirt'is''beingi  J^^e;iEf;fC|:  infopera^^  ���;n^tYw^k:f$Thera^  :)delayyii��rece^  *^rid;;this?*may^^  "starting later than is anticipatedy|  MM^McMilliati ^sp^id^hat^he  ;prpj*rf��ed' scheme of ^he^G^^^oold:  ?;EIectric^^  build a tramway  from"Greenwood  to Phoenix was being watched with  e^^ohdbdal^  vyYrMiioi^ng^  |y|Sat^on}|^  yy*he^**as;^.^  alyd^ri^lie^stete  -"'-'���^'���������r^^  ���      ' *  '���   -      - '^fc^i't-.j.ii^i'v-t.a^.'f'*.-- ��� '  -*   '��� J---1      --  favorable ftelegram? eoncerningflthe  -v"i':'**^*3?^s**-'J^'i**^"i^  ;*>;|*E!tfor^^  fSp^illib^^  V:v7L:.'i^-.'r>.>-'.*.-^,;-4''''.r*ai,^*;'. -^ ^������'v-I^.T:^':^. V.'*>i^Wr"'!t*'..-I'rrL!a'''_'d*  Ys^^ag^s^fcthesm^  l||^|pim;j��_'iH^^  I'S^^f^tMls^^  ���laigr''^  -���-"YAir-rr^raiig^^  ... AHK'^ra^^  ; madypreliininar y 'eteps^jiayefl^eiil  taken and everybody .expects that  work upon the hew enterprise/will  h^jsi^edi-iriY**^  the new undertaking" is  completed  ;ifcf ?will Y'b^o f fgreat -J^neflt^ftjie;  fn^ing||ii^  0hAtj;;pre^^  ;sm^ter-��^^  &reat;_^toll!*-iri^  it _-^>1���--i*^*_.���-.-.<^<��**i.I'^*v^*C;fciia'!'iirMlJ'*'-'l=  portetipn^r^  fiu'tber said that theYcohsolidatioh-  corporal, and as such served with  the contingent until lie; became the  victim of enteric fever iand .was invalided to England.y ^While at  Cowes .corporal Blyth?was selected  to prepare and delivor the address  toi* queenY Victoriaya duty>which  was discharged in Y such �� ah. Yable  mannerastb; :wi^  bf --her late. majesty 7^xM ^Wx:.f_S::^  r*;'&:m*tf^^  Ion.got' drunk yesterday morning  aqjd ^did^^epiMidii^lec^dSm^;^  5Pair!viewaddition.iWBe ;werit to'otte;  febfltlie^i^SMlliaiS-^^i^^  eral windows.! A citizen took upon  fci__si��th#i��utlibr^^  f.i'"a".'-'''.-J^';.��.J!'IS2'-.A'(4.,: . ������P^'Jir-^Wr ���-.-..^'.������.i ��� '.--gt.-.*;  and   brought   him   up ; town   and  turned him over to the city   police.  ?__srPwryie^  limits the case comes under the pro-,  vincial police department' and  the  iipffendefc^^^  vincial jlwl'assooSasYar^^  *>:���__._��� :*.-<._*���**�����.���. *,.%���. .-ir-wK;-.''--^^'''?,^  ���eanibe:.made;;;f:-v::'-*K;&"/^y*'^  MMM  ������'Y' 7$.  ik  An Old Fashioned Religious  ^wS'i^ce'tfipw ;Ki*cteYy  i  .- .-^i.i_,.*-.;:!ii.  VA-f * ���  MARRIED  l^-Bw-^^Gn^orathe^minersawhoaheldifaij  I ^if^prominent^p^tio^pn^^  ayopmentiofithesproperty^saidiyester^  i&>>ifeT'i*&**������ii'^rfis'i _ii5: r:--'V'���''���i.vi^^^i-'^iSS^isinSXiL'ii.i  l;'-''..-.';;^���r.r.e.-..t i i.-Ja':---'.?^-.'^'' *->-ajVa ^.i--*-.':^i^v.:a,'-''";:~^'i ��� ��� -���"*  l^m*rf?!mu��h^gr*eater^thanyat��*hass:been*i  l^'v'l^'-mnh'Al.'f.KAinrnn'artv.^xffaa-rnratronened'?  "The* men' are .not in the" least iih-  ^KhdBMiU^rbhsidaahdJGray^EaSlel  '���'.���a^IG*rand.^orks'^*aajva  step in the -history * of ,the country*:;  g|R|^^|:*G^]^ll^hhst^p^^^  '"���*���y; and bne;of the.principalYYown-.,  to-ItlieiBon^holo^rigrMp^i.^  A*s'^-&*ii2'':S'_i'i.6i  ^era  ���Wi'  ;;^Ir^ura;^Wprl^h^  :iaY-|f^|fgr^forSp^fl^  yy*;wagesiw*OTld;^ount|to^  -;V%U;'J^,-;.1'    ,"��-',vV  :*.:c��<"0"-i*��:."j.'>^r/     "   *"   |tlmtYthi^^c^ft^fe;a^^  yy:||P^in_:^he^d|^e  ��:'5^��^4j8^n^an*d^;^ioro  ||yY^?0^^h^v6redi;::%1^  |^;;;:Yiinine|v^'^i^  y-Y'f'jjwi'.tiie^r^ite  y')��;y6ih^  ftH^^ksfbfffa^high-pgr^  ^r'y'lbeingA^iiduet^^^  ^y^lieiiybKe  : :*:Y-c. ;:��reMfe^^si*^W^  Y^"Y:| Y;tli*i^Y*-:PJibrence|  y Yof^ip-i^OTfgri^e  f y little larger':; per  ce^^e^ of^lead?  :Y The twrp^yeins<aw,\coi*iverge^'a^;  :!x__ 7 'it'i8;thbiijght^  ���:-f_ 77:they^rtiii into ;oiier higSyeihy ;Th_/  Y YAspen, yeiu "was; in; some^pjaces 7. six i  , Y;Y;Y feet in^mdtli*^ ^d'Y^id^ing '^^h;  ���s'::Y>''deptn.3''uXjlSra^  ;  " YstartedYfco tap;th^^  yfeet lower-thanthel'SpriB-aeht^ork-:  angs. Afc this poiut, engineers "who  have examined the property think  ithat;.theYtwo' .vein's intersect Yahd  '..* that*;;one'Y large 'yeinY; exists. jYThe"  tunnel has beiBii riin" 100 x feett and  Y the vein could be reached in a;dis-  Y.tahcebf;ai^her^pOf^i^*"    ry y ^  yIf Xthe::necessary operating/iek-;  Y pen*ies;;-were advanced "-tb^cbrnplete:  vY^thWituhrieiriti/is -thought J that ufeir  y turns frbm the "bi^e wbuld defray a\\  y*i *:y ^'��*t'lJiJ1*S'^;PP5?e8v .^:';^^:/^YUYY^-,S::Y^'  'v:Hyi>;T^?y$^  Yjy '.been, started i;;: andpgreiatlysred-ic^  Y^: YYthe ;^pense^as:  '"7 r:>';eikht,.ihen^"yvYY.';::;r;yYY;^vsYYYvi;Ys: 7x-:  S77 OneY of|-ihe :Jinetf stated thatfhe;  ; ^ Y .^d^yisit^-m  Y ypei^ies;.bf;:'tie  yl^had^  Y Y; 8U*rj^e;shpw^^^  '     ��Gihscmy IfeY;i^:quite p  ^brkw ah early  -. ;S^at^;?:|;;^yY!:Yy^  .   -Froin th^  YD. McMillan ofYX3reeh\yc^^ wlio  '"':. ;!ha8 '^e^ih YNelsOn ^h:..cbnnectibn  Y   <with tlie s��se of-McMillan  Y flandsp lef tlfor; his home'"'��� yesterday;.  Y itttprhirig^ In spbaking bf;the; mining  ���conditions of that section he said  ithinigs had greatly; improved and  '.-7' that, a   much  better ���,feeling,pre-  ^erdai^hefbffici-alismelterSi^  from the last shipment.of ^oi>e made  |Frpn^hafcpTOpOTt^|^  l^ni^was^sixt^  jTjfe!J^turrS^e^-t^*;^reaM  ���?in;8ii^ei^nd^^i^<^^  is^ighe^h'atf^j^etnuE^  ?frprn^ pjrey ib^;shipm^i^*|jlt;ifi^  f^Wfi^be|a;:&ghei^^  lias ever.been   obtained���:fromYany.  ]b1bher?sWphieht^*seht3f&^  ''"   v>.*rt/;r'Et&x*o*5.'^s,*'v^x5.^  t^y^A^M'^^iii^-I^^  "Jn^Ystril^!l*^��*been^hadej^but;    l^y^Sta^^  i that has .beeu "under;' development*  | a.-<t.;.i ���������- ;'.'.".."^^-ir.~ia:A''t'--''.J'.':i'^-ii*ifntS5'a;**..T.--.>rJsi.fr  |fp^somejt',me;"]pasty;jThg^  ^b^t^^^'givnigYsuch[L;aYhighper^Y  ^c^ta_;e4s;'that'it;*^^  fjq^iitityio^chlon^p^^  i^orie Ti cliu te J::from|^6it^^'fi,gWE��"  ^atehYhaslbe^'traced;^^^  |fee^~Sndpat|^esen*te^li^s  idrifting t^it.Y:JIi^  rthe-Enterpriseiand the iwelUknowh  . ArIingtbn^i^p.'YjA^:l^  ; of pre is being taken:; ont at a-com-  fpairStiyeiy Y* low i '/cbstilahd ���^���jnYavthett  coursed bif;a^;_ortnight ���*' proBablyfJa;  larger sliipnient will be made. Y* '  ':^>S^;_.^' v���i;;-.'^Y:ff^'*i'v^ii; I  y: "t,:. ���"���'.'r^ProBPMtOM^ExC-UUlgai ';*Y*:Y:;Y'���  ,'..".: Pijbpetties listed ;.anda- sa,inples, of.  . ore'rebeived*at^thePfospectol^' Exchange,* Ki-W.-C77 block, * yesterdayv  ;are*aS'fbllpws:;Y;*;: .:���;;: v-'i" ���' >7'..-77ii  Copperigbld'ore f r(bm tlie Ypbpper;  Plate claim,YNelson; Rainy 'Day  Fraction group,yfmir^YWlieerbt  Fortune, Wild Horse-creek,r'Ymir;;  Dolocoth group, Ymir.^- j. y|Y *<���  Y* Silver-lead ore frbm;'iBijgh Grade  group, Toby creek, Windermere.*y  ���7\Gold Pre from-; Roiaeberry ; grbiip,;  Big.VBehd ;Ycouritry';. Robketf ^iclaim,;  ;Revelstoke; x Florence .,grwp,uMc-  ;GuIlpch; creek,Y; Big;j3end^cpuntry;  YGpldehTHili" grbup^^  YBeiid cbuntry;" O. K.* and May flower.  grpup;'Y;Frehchi- creeki-^BigY'Beud*  'cpuntr^y-'yyyy  yFi^-millingYbre from Williamson  ;grpup,ArrpV  East > -Kbotehay ;JCfreetmilling ������ ��� ore  frpm.SlocanYOity.Yyy.' 77%77~xxS77."  ^Silver 'ore^vfrbm^Iaemcni&'ci-eekv.  :sio^.\7sm.7:;:..::x^  ;fY;;y;^^;^;YB^:BlyitY^  Y The citizens of Nelson will; liave  ah;oppbrtunity-lon-:'Mbnday^  next of listening tba lecture oh the  :Boei* vwair by: ReyrR;YBr Bilyth,rwhp  spfent^-.somei months iii^^^J'actiyesei'fviSb;  in Sohth-Africa.y East winter When  the callcamefprmen .to form the  second cohtihgeht Mr/ YBly^ii, then  a student at the Congregational  College of Montreal; .enlisted as a  gunner in E' battery .Royal Canadian, ArtUlery.,Upon arrival at  i^S9^8!.*0?i_^  |?:CplbneL|-^l;N/*B^^  iwa^iifs  . :Bra^^nY;:isIth%  ftpw^it(M;im'this^d^  ^n^4s'doing|ft;big;|tmd*^^  fel3ta^ffth^  closed a'deal with captain McMprris  sfe-^ajsecti^lpfg  t_Q!��c^��sj*^^  iCrest^^|-:He'|alsp^  !amount>*TO^ionh^rS.n^  city;'.,.Tho. land of that section  for  agricultural-andyrf ruit ^growing* is*  -        ���>v>��'';*2W^'-*>v����fB^V*''"2^>^-'-Sm**'.'i.*.'<'L7/^ ^tf-  totany ;iniCeasternYBntish'.ep-��  �����-���**-'���"-���-���'--'-""- - -'��� -i �����-^���arriyv _m'?--t-f ���Z.^r'.J't���*.-.*;- iCif'm ';*T"Si,iu*,-^;'_���*_! LL  i-.-V H a. vs -3;fLtm\. h�� -ff.f.c_l A ?.  7:?-iX&?S<e;  OEEEMONYONE'd^iDBMOORATld  t^VM^^_w0M7��S^  Multitudes of Country People in Their  long, which was draped with blue,  displaying the orange lion.  7'- ^e^ueenYwpre a hea,vy diamond  tiara on her head, a rich  necklace;  of. diamonds vb��'i;her ������ nMfciuwitK-ta^  big diamond-brooch oh her bbsbm;  and Iwhite gloves to the;elKbwi.YfIni  both hand? she held,a bouquet:of  liHesjb-^J/'to'lv^ley^  :ahd;long white satin ril^otis:;!ysy  ;*.*;Y^to|^!'thtf^  Vpn 4ejr.-yiien", rose in. the regulation plack gown .behind the railing  and'bfferedalong prayer in earnest  It'bfiesl-^e^  hymn^God Bless You,"Blessed Be  Your Earthly and Eternal Portion,":  ':the queen^owed.her^headAiow. and^  the chaplain' addressed  the bridal  i'-'jiy :-*-��� ���������-'���i��'-*rf1--'^;'****:s^;^7-'-'"��-*'*''^ <���-.���*�����--���*$,>:���}  r/��AliniflY-.TAw5f^Mi'>:*Mi��iifjici.tt'nh��m'flo+ly^  i  Thejbril^w*nd;whiclt^  =lu  !g|M^v^aysta^*^^  ....Syy^iThemsel^s^dawoy^Y.  ���  ��*S{S*vSv'*S^^^  helmina, the first-ruling queeuY of "=.  Hollaud.ibbday married duke Henry,;  bf Mecklenberg-Schwerin,' who '.bV-"  :x'.^-^-'.:^-':.'.V-.^;:^-.^^^-.T.Ui';^V.VK^  comes prince of tlie.Netherlands:biy:  'iT-i'/inl a.vifi _*/fci riin';?';> i riiCT 4rXt _��y_irtii *��^:.^aCT_i _->^  series* oifiibnlliantlys colored4pibr3  ^'S-��K:*y^g5f-*fe-^^��t*.^Y:Y^ ���?*'>.v'.;��t?-'S^_?  ^turesj-but-jtheasevere simplieity/of:  a^--a-i':'Ai����H^'^^.,ii,*vji^ti^j*f^^iVc'-::':^'^;?:^-^^  the press:gallery.-; facing;>theY:royal:  5sextet^^^;^^m^  turbance *nd-lppked^; anxious^; Tlie  duke fidgeted nervously and blushed  Yunder the gaze of the congregation,  ;^ndr^sp)t]|p{^**|;g  |turr^viii^is^  sang another j/hymn duringY: which  the. congregation*; .'.stood ,V according.  ..    The United States Senate.    Y'  senate Ytbday)E^^JthpftJfensipn  appropriation    bill,   appropriating  $W4;000,000^Y;TheshipYsutoidyYbill  ^vast|i^;t^fflaHipt;; l^j^Iiyuren  and"Mprini;,fbbtli;De^^^  speeches upbn it.; Miv McDauren announced i his Y intention ito ^support  theYbiir andjM^MP^^M_^^ed(ir  in^igdirpnsaianguage^lHe   a9ked  M^^lis^\^an|^Mt^^  appropriations for;^heppresentfses-  |sibn^and the la*ttOTireplie<i ;that Yhe  thought | tKe;|ag^gateY^wbuld%be  Jabm!$76q^,opo.:yM^  pressedlthe-ppinion  li^Mtj^o^rlp^SObjO^iOOO^Ite ,  fe'rring-to the competition Likely to  arisej* between: the   United .58tatea'  and foreign nations when it should,  ..vbte;a subsidy :tp"American" ships,  cMK|^OTg*^gd|eJM^Yi(tl^^  f*8UJ^n^a'|.commeif^  tween the lJnited, States and Great  Britain^1n>Wch the:finariciaL^bat-.  teues of ihe iwo; countries j". would  be-iarrayedagainst each other.'-He  was inclined to;think' the  United  KITMiR   y  7 DENIES If  * :  n  Editor Charged  Criminal Libel.  ���With'  MUST TAKE NO PRISONERS  IS WHAT IS ALLEGED TO  r1  --#i  <*-<-I  -fit  <H  ���1*1  Ml  i./^y*"  &   _ *-^p|  rftv  BEEN ORDERED.  HAVE  Jfr??^/^;  States might be .worsted in such -; a  B^fli*c1i^ecauSe|%)_Stiieliinrimffl "^"'  rose..and ^the'r^iiwrilre  -f?ightigl(^;!pHMl'^^  ^eweledloraiceiel^i^heT^nst^SThel  -���minister!strer.nn��d nut*, his*arms'n.nrl.  ^li^^^^?^ibket|agentpMhat?  ^���pia^S^eiS-dsb^ispbaed^^  ri^re9lbfiga(Mitimbe  |m3a_#f8^sp3^^*hel^*ale}|l_ui^^  ,,'"-a,*i-.'���;l'.l.!:'a   ���'Mountain  play-adSfati  ��^eii|time]  in'j-'al  ��^KI_riiKiii^imicffi  was followedvito-thQ^ letter-inY the  '-^"'���<,^7''T***.'-'.V*'^A''i'^-:*?*r^ '/x7: <--���-.���r^?i:.'--'.:i7_r'?.--^  ���-������-i-*i-i-'-'--''ti'---i-^efp|.^  ''"' ''"'yaiiWde^  eiviltlcbntract  ���Vf ���*���:?-* *!f"i"*'^?'-':->*'iS*'^-s^U'<;.-r'i>.''. _.   .,,, , ,.    ..-.,*,  |pf^iisti^DKp^A:��Cbr^^  Lindenteandiin||the);old-fashioned-  ��e4^1^.^^.^;***v,-s?vaai^^  ^pier^surrpunding^no^brideieyerj  ^The^^e��ther^^as��rcrispi���st  ���^-*^^5^*:^^^v,^^^^32**,*��^^8  an*inspiring.%gMultitudes|bfrc _  vtrypeople?all-pro3perousand;happyY  *WV^*'1S".*&-.:h��^  Iqpking.vmany-ofa.-^homtwpi'ejgalai  ; costumes: wmchstheirYancestot'Siforj  sevemlfgenerationsaemployedfforY  ^''^^''fc'jSi^^S!^;*^^  'scoring-,  "ain**  1^,      ,.-   ;a5va8.^in'?gppQV*^.Jmpet;a^  players did/good.'individual work,  jb^it^e ^ei&s^ ? inscpm�� -  iBinatiop^i'Tfie^^  _bub^^��if*^^��|yiyy^  -   - ��� ���^'"t'>'>%*0:, .-^v^:^.- ^C;:''l-^v";-.-  ������ Oi SrBeer;;?; _lXsr. i^polnti:-;  tQ::WllBon>^;Xff.cqyer:polab  ?X.-i}X  ���ft-:  MsDowner  ������Tramviray;-  W.t'CaniDlon'J  ;tv-��^ P*ordc  .5*k*?V.<"Mas_n>  ^���iv^^''W''rt-*^^:'-/'"��'" ��� '���'*: --C: Dunn  j^Hunrer-.-.-7:7X1"X^*Bvi��_,_��ii_?J 'r';i'.'.VJ.-'Hawklns':-1  0.'M6HSriy;^  :B;iCoxh��3^y.:;^: JJgJ^'feg;^;:. ;rr^vF.-P.ulljBp/  lyiypi^ha^^  ;|;^OT^|��BJrBBOT^^Pe^  cpmpetenfola^  izedCtheYYAssbciated;^PressYtb;  h^  tha-t'tlifeK  ilish^Ru^itfs-deriial^bf^the^  ^ ^raar's:' govern ment; is;-.fde^.  mahdihgvthirt*^ milHonYteels as)the;  price forIjitie Yrestoratiph'^bf vlklan-;  "churia to.China.- This is aUpgpther  .f&lse.^Riissi^likb1-other vppwbrs,!'*  ?said ' the'^Associated:Y>'Press^;Kcbr-  Yi'espohdeht's inlorraahty ,?isr- asking  -compensation for damages sustained  aiid expenses* incurred ^butvI'Yyeh^  ^ture the pi;edictibn ^'that) thp^wfiole  ^wpi^d^wiH '^^^^9^}^^x^%^n.W^^  facts can -be properly;divulged that;  Russia's-demands; are exceedingly  ���moderate^ compared "with .those of  tlie b^her powers;" YTy J  '"��� 7.7  .tie,;the score/Being;?goals to'3.''The;  red and wbite livery,post  "game'���"wasV:cbhtinufedYin order  to jithe escort of 12 noblemen  ;pla^pffii!bh^tfe^ ' "^ ~^ ^ " z&*z-k^^ SiZiZ. vx^ i  "lajM^^ti'am^^  ji'fiiiiSBritfgt'ianb^^rKg  postilions,'and  inmarppn;  jaj^;;bl^k|^hb*J^^ _  |hOTsep^oK{S_x^Pia^'eacfi0ffl^  itentipi^-yThe^p^bpi^ipi^  |spec|^e||l'ti^S;Ywas  .-Fifty ^Diitcli Hussars Yrbde.oiahead,  ;then camera^bahdfui,'of ,;co'urt ;offi:*  5ci^-*^ith^h^grand|ma^  ImoniesKm^lwraeb^l^heh^aM^^h^  '-'"'���'- s.��v*t^As*'*& *�����*��;��������'������ ������".'���'��� ��� '���'���'Ja��*-i*;*'iri,'s*:*'**'-'',,'';!F  with the, queen  and; duke -'Henry.-.  paces; directly in^frbht *,of.'.tbe; altar  railing.i-if The'--.queen  had/handed  Sh'er. ��� bouquet::^ to" anv aged "ijady^'-in ������  ^waiting.'.whpYm  f^ran%w!i^?*.bld^^l��3iimis  *,lS.o^niiWhich*trailedtacrpss^theLvel^  f*^Wde!singli*BSh*d|ih|?S_^^  pi^resSdl^hefliiltfbflhi^^  Sj_lv_-: ��� V'-^���3'ii--'''-''^  nvhilethedeep;'impressive;tones of  Ctf"'>'r-'r;-'i'*>"''*i*;'**.'*'#**''^^^^^  itheichaplain'svvoice.��rang^through-''  *out;tHe::church#asShePrepeateditne-  ^St_^_^7t_^^^'S^_^^^^^^^^'/'J^  #f,TheS^ueen'4gCstoc��*^ersjSerectp  ii-pimfi^ii!!afii-^^  jhis feetiner.vquslyaandjplayedYw.ithi  ���ii��Mf^S^'l^^^_isai_^*^^*'*^  Tailed -in.,; the buaineaa community. _ Cape Town Mr. Blyth waa gazetted  s Ministerial Crisis,  :^Romb, Februaryi;7.yKing; Y\^<9^  Emmanuel is confronted with a task  of: great :Ydifflciilty-;pwing7 to ' the  "chabtic;state'bf'the parliamentary  ;partie3.Y ^he^n^jDrity g^which idef  ..feated -thejY government yesterday  cbusisleif' of .'a ;|t,tr*an sitbry. coalition  , of t^e hiembe^^^  the-left;'only Ytti^  porting tlie goye;rnm  'ists opposing: thej'.'CabmOli'ibecaus  th^y bpnsidpred it:'-nbt7 sufficiently  liberal^ whilbithe Righists accused it  of lacking a Ycohereht^'^pblicyY'ahd  -yielding '^^.S!^%^.*���^i?Y^;  i)M\ YS Eghty^Seven fKiofeij^';^^  ���r" ^Tfttiiy^X^  i__u_i*ie_ial %ffoni' iChihuafiua^ says.:  Several hundred tons of dynamite;  stored^in.ari^uhdergroiind chamber  ���of the'SamAndras mine, situated iii  the Sierra^M^ras, in.^ ,the western  ;*^*|b|)|^hey^at(^|pf ^purange.YjffiK-'  pibded with��terrific force,^blowing  off;the* -whole top of the mountain  and:de8troy1h*|t a portion of the vil-  lage^pf ^yilrs'.'-r Eighty^seveh - mbni  ;women ;��� and j children >were killed  and a great many others badly in-  jure^d. None of the men in the mine  *irere4BBii-.buaIy;hiu?t.'y^,r.y '7Sx'  ;The queen's niother's^ccAchf followed  |a*^Jtl*i^^cln*^;: ^  ithe place, .the governor '.of? the_ city,;  j't^PtJad j utants f.���cm^h^e^cksahd';;  flaatl-jfea^grbup of:fiye;ir^K^^artilTY  llerymen^GreeiT  rations,- witli;*: thousands .of, Dutch  f flakgiai; Yhingiiig Y i aciv^S^^j^treets,^  ;g^e^-_^Yr<wte;a^bjiUi*^  ia^e^l^h^ostiwinj^^  :%;as equally highly *cblbredyy yf; %  ��� ^ At 11: o^clbck theimarriageK party^  emerged'-from the^paiaee'-i-tolprbr ���  fceed to.the Palace of Justice. :*Queeh'.  IWUhelminaYpassed-^bi^'the steps���  -'Pn'the arm <bjKthe;2duk^  \ train-bf'her * whiteywedding^dress  sweeping ��behind Yhe^rv theh^'v^the  i(*tu^n-s:. j^ther;rrin^5p^  - grand duchess Maria'arid ; half Y a  i dozen i court iladies^folio wed. > ,The  generals and admirals,* fairly.gleam-  ' ing with gold lace and'medals, made  a truly regal picture.  'The1 gilded  coach presented by--;the;}people   of  ALmeaterdam was drawn;;; by .eight  horses bedecked, with- orange colors.  In the white hall of Ythe;-Palace of  Justice six liigh officials waited as  witnesses.   They with the'minister  of; justice,   Dr.   Yan..Der-Linden,  werei^the only^peraons Resides, the  queen's' mother and'Y^they grand  duchess Maria an'd-Ytwo "/or . three  clerks who saw the sighing Yof the  cpntractrYvThe^religipus^edifice   in  which   the   filial'YCbrembmestYwere  held 'isYa Jgreat  barep structure of  Gotliic   -type   withv -high^;*^ya<ulted  arches.YThe' body^is;:;filled   -with  plain box pewsjYtheiscehe when the  wedding" ''guests; assembled*,   how-"  ever, was most magnificent. ,  ��� ���; Prom .the. tremendous pipe, organ.;  occasional strains of YmusicjYflbated  put,.solemn. .:��� hyirinsY;:jvitli;.; ;irib-  tnihg\bf the Ytraditiphtpf,��� fjpyous  wedding   spirits in them.;r  YAr iroar of cheers announced; the  arrival of'the bridal; party: at; half  past Yitwelve. They ^entered the  mainx 'door ':*' iuyYYthe;':' vacant  -wing Y of the YY church, - ; wa-lk-:  ing; ��� ��� up the ��� steps" on . a strip  bfrediyelvet underYaYred;canopy  bearing the arms y of Holland and  proceeded through a lane of palms  to the. aisle * between the burgomasters and civilian guests, fifty feet  ***^*l'*^2'^'_^<'';'?'^f*^l~��;?t;'��*^  .���plate^irpm%  |u^|!��^i||lao^i^^nSt|^  3fing*^;:^^^-|^j^en'^  jTbe queen took-' another' ring, with [  ;a slight fumbling, abd slipped it oh.|  jthe.same finger of thei duke's right'  ;hand;"theu as the-chaplain's arms.;  |^ere'iffiiiJie;*at]bi|u^  (i(^i^:^|an^p^i^  ^wre^^tafg*^*tgr  aftei^h^i;^sioi^i^th^  iihgvthrb^libulfc'fthe^  lS.^7.:^ix7��:7^^7'77";7i'7. _*''..'tfrPt&J&'Z.i  .|^*SeiBA^TpN^;PenW^  |y^|^firf|w|ich^  damage, broke out. this evening aud;  Xy   t-s>Xs:^X--r���'"!v"i/rJ*;"'*r:i'-^-i-*-:-a'��;��..;-5-I-.'-.'*?;.5?'��'>���iri-'.  j^ged;;furibiisly;j^r-;;hbursa;YY:Thb;  flaihes siavtedriiiythe i^tii^robm bf  "thbfbiir-stbry hmldingat'31J3Lacka-:  ^anha^^ayehneyMcnpiedyas^Ya*'  consummatingi^the >:agreemenH_tb:  v_nUii__. '-���'"������'"���f.uixi-:S^^��-V>*.>:Ar^w-si";.vi-if.7-<A��fc?'%'-^wv'W  ^omp��^s;prpp��r^and|t3^a^  roads" in connection ; therewith". for'.  $3$0(W;o]!)6*i��ItIi^^  ��mntiffethat|_^��_:orp^_c^oi  .f~Cri*-''.';--:^-^i^M:'*-'-"*~^r'*i^'-'ii  .pbtainedthecontrolling;: interest ?in  British Trying to Sweep the'Enemy To^  w��ds Cape Colony���Activity AlC ��� ���  ��� ."~   *t  Along the Line. ,  - ^ml  r'Mfl  ��       a    .    r      ���   j>>_  ^Capetown;   February  dings i^ were  a.    M  7.���Proft-* /^^l  instituted today,   "-j^l  ^m^m^kimmm^^^ edi-, <���  '1M\  injdjii&at^tte^ de ,% &  Wp(n&gM^B^^mch said^^M  |that;general;Kitchener had secretly - J*^*^  anftruetedshisitroopssftbltake- no  - * *   - under,  n^m  fbrl$37,000,000,4 leaving a profit^ of.  i$^M)^0.i!Th^^  lSieki^l^e'_e_a^st_lpb^fe^^  "       t_&_i^B^^&^_^^&^_iS.-^'X^^(fiA-i  rn^mmmi  -^li^i-^Mi  ^������j>:-*"K'r*'*^.L-^'��fl^jaT(^��..��.i��7y,*�� i*trf��\'**i+*y>.p- .-lie-' WiTW-f-?^3���<j��v   '"fail** k^,. ^^_>-.  picSi hMlb_(_niseht��tolbliefmtiipiffi  Igovernment^ssigned'Sibysiironfeand?  K>:-.:.V*^-".''-*?>''.''''-?''-rt*'''->'^^^^  ? steel compames;.a9kmg: the govern-i  clothing-^ stored byY R> J; i, Hpwm  "���-and^; ohf the- upper7-floors ^by"*^tlie;  iDelawarej: Ijackawana^  1 railroad and .Cliambers Photograph.'  * Company..- The - insurahce^carried  amounts to nearly three-fourths of  the loss. *'.    ���;���=% t-,-j** **.,'�����. Yj! ';f*''*y :%.>*;*  YESTEBDAY'S  ;NBWS 1lN   BBIEEV  Tohonto. -^- The -Evening Tele-  lgram; tonight says: .''The steamsliip  Erie,' with Strathconas*. oil... board  has reached' Cape Verde, island.  Colonel Steel and men, expect to  arrive in London next Tuesday."  Berlin.���The war oflice has received the following; despatch'from  Count von Waldersee: "Pekin, February 7.y General'; vph Trotha's  column has arrived at Chang Ping  Hu, reaching there today."  .Buffalo.���Jamea Orlando, nineteen years oldr wasY so seriously  burned at a masked ball tonight  that he will probably die. Orlando's mask,.which, was,-.a,;Iai-ge  affair aiid securely fastened' ahpiit  liis neck', caught fire from a gas'jet.  Victoria.���-The keeper of a cigar  store near the outer; wharf; says a  man resembling.WaWbn;Ythby miss-  ing accountanti of -San' Qiientin  penitentiary, California, was in his  store immediately before the sail-  ing of the Miowera for Australia on  January11. He was accompanied  by a woman and two children.  Toronto, y Ex-alderman ; John  Shaw appeared before the city  council yesterday and asked for an  investigation into tlie charges made  that R. J.'.*������ Fleming, Frank Spence  and himself had entered into a deal  in relation to the mayoralty contest .and attempted to traffic in  civic offices. It was referred to the  board-of control.  |^rpton;i^^:;ypa^^f^  'l^;t^;i^*^c^pw^nd  ipbmijiinM^plav*^  it^atedl^iTeduc^  ^r^ehjie^iius^p^^  |as^lwunty|*Ybn;Y-*:*pigY;irp  Isteel^manufactured in* *Oi^rip.*y5*|^  !'?y ^y^Note^From ^^cmYer^  ���;;i^ANcp.y^B;"^^  ;��jial:^The^Tril)uue]^^  j'thBYsaleipf;"the-*^an|;Auda^mihe toY  ?Jbhn5l.owli*^M;-P..^bfYEriglahdi:at;;  [#400,000 i;isYvjdecl^d^;bfl^Y Lowles;  havin.g babied^.thatYpwing to recent:  London^'failures:*heY is uriable^tb;  Yrealizei'mpneyr;'*' ���..y.:-.7:���:..'.'    '.'..':*'*���_" y.: _7  Sx D.G. MacDbnnellYvhas';receiyed;a;  ^lettei^romiD.^D^Maann'statingithati  the ;cbnstrHctibnVibf: the Victpraa,  , Vancouver cfeEastern .railway; rwill:  begin immediately^   the provincial'  government; renews "the;: subsidy.  YNothihg can be done till then; but  when   the; provincial;.y subsidy. is  again given both; he and Mackenzie  will come west' and   construction  will liegiii .simultaneously at both'  ends1 ot the line! Y   *  ij^nd^ipn^Mt.%IiordPatchenef��i  replied jthat? the  sopen^IhstrBctibnsliihl*theihature*  --'^ ^>r^:;'^-,--^.^^^'^*a^7?^:;^0i.-wtT^,'--,J ���*-  S' AT?afr''rS^ij'^It,.I.-��<;-i.->����i*!^*#* si-JSMa--KnttSC-P'i~'~      *" ^W e ���  t:repOTted^wece:^never#giveri^or>* i&W  .��_*' '.r��?T'.T:��'r.^i.'.''l'iV;.,".*Wi'TO^^.l^.^ *Jt ____. *.   "^3a>.  v:*W'_'^_tf^,.v^_-_^j^i��_j-.>^.;xi.--*'*^'^':r_^>*'���.t 3?-  VrafeS?l  ytys^theyahtici^ted^ih-imMonH by "\ . .^  fi*-.���~,t l^s,npt;3ret;occurred^but. it ."Ut -"^  ;*be^mi^|d*^a|^^^Kfi5ugh  Y: Movements of the King.   Y  , London, February 7.���King Edward, queen Alexandra and other  members of the royal family arrived in London at'4 o'clock this  afternoon. They drove in- four,  open carriages over the same route  emperor .William of Germany traversed Tuesday. In theirmajesties'  carriage was princess Victoria and  prince Edward of York. The king  was in:civilian clothes and the ladies  of the party were closely veiled.  Little;Edward Ywas -in, a sailor's;  iiiiifprm and bareheaded. An escort  of Horsb Guards preceded the royal  carriage, the progress of which was  marked" 'by -considerable cheering  from the spectators.,; .'..,-  YRuinor: Denied/  Chicaqo, February 7.���President"  Warren G. Purvy of the ��� Chicago,  Rock ..Island & Psicific railway today made an absolute denial of a  widely circulated report that the  Rock Island system had acquired a  controlling interest in the Mexican  Central railway and added:  such action is;contemplated.''  "No  Borden's Lieutenant.  OTTA^yA, February 7.���A caucus  of Conservative members from  Quebec chose F. Dj Monk, M. P., as  first lieutenant for Borden. Tupper  resigned his seat-in the house next  to Borden to Monk.  *;.-r~- ;.^..v''^.'.'-^. ::������.;.-..'".���'i:^;,f.'',^.r.l-,_-L-_'.-t^r:-v..  ^,'i.V.VJ5..-i;i   D .  ^!Sv'tJ^^J^,l  jtherejsnpKiMnsidera  |sm*aJl&bp^^ to - -."f �����?���!  idribble^ac^&l^e^^ ' *-"-'  JThelarge'stbj^hese,^Mae200j^;inpng, *' 1^  ^crossed YS^i^YB^*goivt;_t^ibn7'?flve'   -  fda^aj^M^p^-f^^p^^^    -''  ftyyewsffbi^da^^ __'  |Dobrn; r^rpjbu-^yYshp^ttiat ^the    ^  |Bbje^;haj^aj|)a^-^*��jGW ; *  *th^j^in*i-Ytliey|;h^yi^^ ,.  jfar^ andj^idfe^.j^lp^ is -. ,  imbyingptowards^ .   .  Ui'eutenant^Clbwest^andcfbne I --���  5kHIedYin0:jK,skirmi^;YwJth;-a^ -  ?iiatrbiy*v;Tl^^^  Imbuntaihbus^'iY^YY^ -'i  ��g'Briti8hih"br^lm_^rslhav^ <��� _  ;4000 gOod horses and;, 30pb;mules in  ;the colony^; Ity was ;notYs��spected'  jthat there were_ so many animals  ;*aVaiiablel'yi;'���;;.' ' 'y;;y';Y^:-Y;^:^-'Y:  'ltis understood* the- British are  trying to sweep the enemy '.towards -  Gape; Colony   along   an extensive,  frontage with cavalry at each;end,  clearing   everything" in*- theirY; advance, arid' it is' said that general  Kitchener * is   personally Yldirecting'  the operations. , From the southern.  districts troops are moving northwards in the hope of catching the  republicans between the two forces.  '   Conger's Report to Waahinpton.  . Washington, February 7.yThe  state department has received; the  following i report   dated February  Oth 'from   United States minister  Con ger at Pekin on the progress of  negotiations   ��� there.7 between7. ��� the  foreign:ministers and the Chinese  :government:, "Theforeignministers  I held   a conference yesterday, the  5th,j with the Chinese plenipotentiaries, who presented the difficulties  in the way of the execution of three  Chinese   notebles.T��� prince   Tuan,  ; prince Laii' arid general'TririgFu  ��� Siang.: '������-��� They'��� gave ; aasurances of  the execution of Chuang aridY Yu  Hsien, but urged leniency , for, the       A  I others, begging, that .the Y court be  riot-placed in a position toodifficnlt.  The foreign ministers' have-agreed  to the demand* of capital^ sentences  for Tuan and Lan, but with-theex-  ; pectation that it will be .commuted  to exile. They demaud jthe^ Ydeath  penalty for the others also mentioned in the d ocunierity Fu Hsien,  Chin Liu and Hsu Chang Yu���-tbe  last two being now prisbners-tOithe  ��� Japanese . at.. Pekin.    Posthumous  : honors are also demanded for the  four members of the tsung li yamen  executed last sum-tier."   *r ���*' *$.0x   ' THE TRIBUNES  NELSON B.C^t'lilDAY; FEBRUARY �� 1901  a___  gj .S/itfE YOU HAD ON THE SIDEWALK ^  tf DURING THE PAST FEW DAYS?   '    &  tf tf  U ************************                      ^  $ _T 7027 //iii? WAiStf -4 P4/i2 OF OUR ��  tf tf  t Rubber Soled Shoes .. .. $  tf tf  tf  tf  tf  YOU WOULD HA VE BEEN PERFECTLY tf  SAFE.    CONSIDER THESE PRICES:      {jj  tf  and Tan : Regular ^  Rubber  Soled   Boots   In   Black  and Tan: Regular tf  Men's ��� Rubber  Soled   Boots   in   Black  price $6.00, Snap at $4.50.  tf  tf  tf Men's  tf  tf  tf Ladies' Rubber  tf $4.16. __.  to  /l\ Same   reductions   in   all   our  stock of  if\ Furnishings, Boots and Shoes.  price $5.50, Snap at $4.16.  Soled  Shoes:   Regular price $6.60,  Dry  tf  tf  now tf  tf  to  Goods, Men's /}V  *'  to  | Twenty Four SilkSkMS f  Here is something for the Ladies.  * 9* *********************  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  :m,  B  f  Regular price $6.00. Bargain at $ 4.60  Regular price $10.00." Bargain at $7.60  Regular price $12.66.. .* r.. Bargain at $ 9.00  Regular price $14.00 Bargain at $10.60  Regular price $16.00^ "_ Bargain at $12:00  ALL  SHADES:     ;    .        .  ' - \     _ y ~  ************************  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  J -�����_ -���t���_���.���;-^;;^.  " Ex-Mayor' Garden of Vancouver  is spoken bf as a possible candidate;  for, Vancouver in the government)  interest.   He was successful inth��  _  general elections, when the outcome  throughout the province was somewhat iri doubt, arid when the' Mar-  . tin  and  Maepherson   forces   were  united.-  He* would have the advan-  . ' tage this'time of being* the candi-:  date of 'the party in power ahd of'  the dissensions which now split the'  Martin and Maepherson forces.        ;  ^ This evening Robert Maepherson  of Vancouver will be given another  opportunity to get down off the  ^"poiiticalfenceahd^say whether���he:  will support Joseph Martin or oppose him. At the present time'  Maepherson is standing as a labor  candidate, and by the terms of a  deal made during the recent federal'  campaign expects to catch the Liberal vote as well. This he doubtless regards as sufficient to elect;  . and he continues to fight shy of  Martin. It is evident, however, that  Macpherson's distrust for Martin is  reciprocated by the chief, as he  openly announces that he would  rather vote for a candidate pledged  against him than for Matcphersonunpledged. This is the little difficulty  which the politicians must settle  among themselves this evening,  failing which Martin announces he  will run a candidate in opposition  tp   Maepherson.  Although the" present railway  war which is being waged'at Ottawa is one in which British Columbia as a province is vitally interested, the press of Eastern Canada  appears to see in'it nothing but the  prospect for future entertainment.  To the East it is merely a scramble  by rival railway promoters for government subsidies, but to British  Columbia it is a struggle  in  which  its commercial and  industrial in-  * terests are seriously threatened. In  British'Columbia it is not a question whether one set of promoters  br another shall secure government  assistance for their railway enterprises, "but whether a few wealthy  tuen ot the East   shall for   their  own benefit be*perrriitted"tb deliver  over-to the' tender mercies"' of ? alien  irailway, manipulators-the   mining  and smelting industry of -the ,pro-  *vince.Y At the'present*time British:  /Columbia; "after overcomin g -' endless'  obstacles;"^ just entering upon the  .enjoyment of-\ the,. benefits -of its  Imineral resources",'and its ores, instead of being drawn out of the province to contribute tP the   wealth  of   United 'States smelting points,  are-being diverted to the Canadian  'smelters ���-at   Nelson,   at   Trail,'   at  ���Grand Forks, at Greenwood'and at  'Boundary Falls/  True, little better  'than' a start   haa   been   made  at"  present,   but   already   its*  effects  are    being    felt     iii     Nelson, y n  Trail, and throughout the Boundary  district, arid the entire province is  stirred with the prospect which tlie  new evolution has in store for it.  m  ' This condition has in a very great  measure been brought about by the  Canadian Pacific Railway Company's enterprise. Its branch lines  of railway have brought the Canadian ores and the Canadian fuels  . X ���"'  together, ��� and   given the   present  infant smelting industry its start,  and   its interests are inseparably  wrapped up   with   it   because   as  the smelting industry grows the railway company's business will grow.  British Columbia  is jealous of its  smelting industry, and it,is because  it sees in the present railway fight  at Ottawa a menace to this industry that   it  regards   the outcome  with uneasiness.    To  British  Columbia the issue is whether British  Columbia   shall   be   permitted   to  enjoy the full fruits 'of its mineral  development, or whether through  the combination of the Crow's Nest  Pass Coal Company and the United  States railway interests led by Jim  Hill, and the shutting  off the fuel  supply, a hobble shall be placed on  British Columbia smelters so that  the'ores' of the province shall  be  forced into the United States smelters which are controlled by  the  great American lead trust.  On St. Valentino's Day.  A really interesting feature in the  way of entertainment   during the  Rossland winter carnival will he a  masked ball on the evening of St.'  Vjfclentiii^^  THife ev"_rit will be'-gfve&rindei***; thev  Aftspie^of the Ea^lbsy The#>haVe:  on past occasions scored successes  in this manner-' of entertainment  arid the" committed iriterid this' nials'-;  quarade.��hall be the event of the  carnival by night. There will be  awarded to ladies arid gentlemen in  comic'' arid*'fancy ��� costuine, four  prizes���a pair of gold links, a gold  bracelet, a box of cigars and a comb  and brush of silver mounted ebony.  In addition a special prize of a - $20  clock, has been donated by W. J.  Spring for the best representation  of an eagle.  Recruiting Office at Greenwood.  Lieutenant George-S.' Beer, after  receiving the application forms for  enlistment in Baden-Powell's constabulary of South -Africa, sent information to the various points in  the Boundary country' that forms  could be obtained from him. The  replies that he received' were ' so  numerous that he could not answer  them. In-order to get over-this  difficulty a recruiting office has been  established*at Greenwood and'the  .brine hate been -forwarded to" "the  mayor of-the town. Dr. Jakes* of  that 'place has been appointed ' examining- physician. The -number  of applicants in connection" with  the Nelson office- is rapidly increasing.  A Narrow Escape.'  Easton, Pennsylvania, February  7.���The' Lehigh Valley milk-and  paper-train fronrNew York had a  narrow escape today from' total  destruction at Green's bridge.  While running sixty miles an hour  an accident'to the engine4 derailed  the' trains" which went - bumping  across the bridge,-100' feet high, in  danger of precipitation. One milk  car fell and1 was smashed to- splinters. Several cars- telescoped, and'  one hangs over the bridge in such a  manner that it probably will fall at  the first "effort to recover1 it.' The  engine and the other cars got safely  across"."   No* ode was 'injured.''- *    *  '.mwwwpy!  ���__��?''  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  <3'-  KOOTENAY-*.  YCbFFEEGQ  ************************  1:     Coffee Roasters"-  w��i��>rs in-Tea and Coffee  ************************  WoTare offering at' lowest' prices the beat'  rades of .Ceylon, India, China and Japan  'eas. ' " ." **  ' Our Bes*1, MochsTand Java Coffee', per *  --' pound .?...*....r....... $40  Mocha and Java Blend, 3 pounds ....   1 00  Choice Blend Coffee, 4 pounds '"* 1-00  Special Blend Coffee, 6 pounds    1 00  ,IUo Blend Coffee, 6, pounds..,....'..   1 00  Special Blond Ceylon Tea.'per pouud'   'SO  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  y^^_����^��100 * 0^ *00 ��� if* *_0& * 0^ %i0* * 0^ *0& ��� ^^ *^���X�� ��� 000 "*00 ��� ^__^ ���__B^ ��� 00 ��� ��� ^^k ��� ^8k�� ^^ * ^B^** ^Bk~* _9k�� ^^ ��� ^9k* ^*4^ * __Bt* ^******^^ * ^^^* ^'���������������^k**** ^!___k�� ^^v ��� ^*^ _^B_T__P_v  W ^^^^_. ��� ���,, ________     ^ ________     ______        _______     ______       ______      ________���_i ^____.     _^____      __________     ________       _________     w Z_________m__ __________________?   ___���*___  -_-_-_-:   ____________________   __________________    ___________________   __________________*   _________________: _________J^_7   _________________?   _________________?   __________________?   _r_____>   _________W__\_____ ^   ____������_? ��� ^^3_.^^xWw  **_&'4_x\^_____^___^S___^9**^^^^&^^^9__*90*' -W?*1___*r ^**4__x\f _^-** * "^*t <^k^*��^^.'^-W ^��**-W ^^ft^^t ^^*^*��^^^MS ^^'^^^^<^h�� V  ^K�� %L. ��� ^^f *��^^ ��� ^^k. -^^E^* ^*-^___ **^^ * >Ib^ *1^k ��� ^^ *����. * ^^ *^^ ����� \kk ���*%�����_ ��� ^^ ��� ��� _^^ ��� ____f* ____r * ____#��� ____r ��� ____r* _____^ ��� ___________��* _____? * ____f* ____f * _____?��� _��v * 00* ____0 ��� _______%}��� _t_0���_  ~~^ ^ -^^        ���^     -^^       ^^ ���        ~^^      -^^        -^*>^      -^^ ^    ���^     '^^ -^     ^^ J*        '���"*  f   ^^ ^^^      \WX ^^      ^^^     ^^      r' .S-*-^  * ^���~     ^���~^  % ^���~     ^^~^      8~^     ^'        r _\~~w. t. t~^^-    ^^->a  TBEMOST  331 to SSlBaker Strtet, Nelson ���-  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  KOOTENAY COFFEE GO,  Telephone 177.  P. 0. Box 182.  WEST BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Amtrioan >i|d - Europwn PlaM..  MEAL8" _y_\-OEHT8  ~i,^m\01  THOMPSON & DOUGLAS  . -        Victoria Street. -  P_ONTEKS  Decorators and  Paper Hangers.  Improved Incandescent  Mirror Globe Lamps  Now" In Stock. They  Improve Electric Light  Fifty   per   cent.  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY  & CONSTRUCTION CO.  Nelson, B. O.  The Cabinet Cigar Store  G. B. MATTHEW, Proprietor.  Headquarters for  "CARAMEL"   "POMMERY"  "SMILAX"   "VIRGIN   GOLD"  Smoking' and Pipes.  "REMOVAL-  Dr.  Morrison,   Dentist,  has removed to his  new oillcea in tho K-W-C blook.  SS CENTS TO 91  [CITY-  QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET,, NKU80N.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated withHot Air.  .I��rga oomtortable bednwmi wad* first-feat  dining-room. Sample rooma Mr oommerotel men."  RATES $2 PER DAY  Mrs. E. C. Clarke, Prop.  I_.TE OV THE BOTAI. HOTXIn 0_LO_B.  N|adden House  Baker-Mid Ward  8t-Mt_.N(  ���ajelaon^  The onlj hotel in Netoto thabh&i remaned  under one management since 1800.  The Ued-rooms are well tarnished and lighted  by electricity.  The bar In always atooked by the ban dm *���  tlo and Imported liquors and cigars.   THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  SLOCAN dUNfiTION HOTEL  J. H. McMANUB, Manager  Bur stooked with best brands of wines, liquors,  and Cigars. Beer on draught. Large oomfort-  able room*.  BlretwO-M tabU bo* A.'  Limited;  CHARLES-HILLYER, ' HARRY HOUSTON,  President arid General Manager.     ,'     'Secretary-Treasurer  . All "Obnuriunicationa to" be addredaad to either of the abova.  TWe ape prepared ,to; Furnish  \xg Rail, Bargre or Teams a  DIMENSION-LUMBERS  -:    ROUGH and DRESSED[LUMBER:  ��� LOCAL and COAST CEILING  ���- ;������  : LOCAL and ^COAST FLOORING*   "     >  ! DOUBLEDRESSED* COAST'CEDARk     V  f RUSTIC; SHIPLAP;. STEPPING'  i ,        PINE and. CEDAR/CASINGS  DOOR JAMBS; WINDOW STILES.  TURNED WORK, BAND-SAWING  BRACKETS;[NEWEL POSTS  ,      .TURNED VERANDA POSTS  STOREFRONTS  DOORS; WINDOWS and GLASS.  ;Oet Our Prloes before  purohaalng elsewhere. -  OFFICE: CORNER' HAU., AND FRONT STREETS.  FACTORY: HALL STREET, C. P. R. CEOSSINQ.   MILLS: HALL STREET WHARF  RBteis&Co.  Head Ovfiob at  NELSON, B. 0.'  Whblesale-and-RetailT   Dealers in Meats  WHOLESALE TRADE  - _ERATED AND MINERAL WATERS.'  qiHORPK ft.CO., LIMITED.-Coruer Vernon.  ���*���   and Cedar streeta, Nelson; "-manufacturers t.  of 'and wholesale dealers ln nrated waters and  frolt syrups.  Bole- agents for Halcyon Springs  mineral water. Telephone 00. ��� ~>' .  ��� ���.���   ** .**  i ASSAYERS*' 80PFU__L��'.>~\  trrr F. TEETZEL & CO.-CornerBaker and  '** ��� , Josephine streets, Nelson; .wholosaledeal *'-  ers ln~ assayers - suppUes. ;<Agent*. inr Denve.  Fire Clay Ca vof Denver, Colorado.  | COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  HJ. EVANS 'ft CO.���Baker- street, Nelaon ���  ���   wholesale'   dealers . lu,, liquors, t cigars iv  cement, fire.brlok and fire olay, water plpe,and  etoel rallBfc and ^general tymiwlwrt^.myqh^ats. f,'  r \     BLBOTRIOAL. SUPPLIES.' 7y'i  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY ~fc"CON-'  < 81 RUCTION COMPAN Y-Wholesaledsatri  ers In telephones, annunciators, bells, batteries,.  fixtures, et>  louston blook. Nelson. ~-  FL0UR AND FEED,   ...  COMPANY  tht or*       __   .._.    Joints.  :Orain elevators at all principal points on Calgary.  ! Edmonton R. R. Mills at-Victoria, New West  minster, and Edmonton, Alberta;  FRESH AND SALT MEATS:     ^  P    BURNS tc   CO.-Baker street,, Nelson,  ���  wholesale dealers In fresh and oured meats. '  Cold storage.  GROCERIES.  ��� A MACDONALD ft CO.-Corner Front and  '->*������ -Hall streets, wholesale grocers- and  **obbers Inblankets. gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers,  maoklnaws and miners' sundries.  OOTENAY SUPPLY  COMPANY.   LIMI-  TED���Vernon  street, Nelson,  wholesale  grooers.  JOHN OHOLDFTOH ft CO.-Front street, Net-  son, wholesale grooers.  Markets at  Nelson,; Roaaland,   Trail,  Kaslo, Ymir,  Sandon,  Silverton, New  Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson Grand'Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Hid  way, and Vancouver. D  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  R. REISTERER & CO.  BRKWKB- AMD BOTTIJB-B OV  FINE LAQERi BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  ^eTiSU^r&ae ', Hwer. et Mm��  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  r  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Victoria and  P. o. Box Mfl.  ONE  O, 06  LAND LEASE NOTICE.  Notice is heroby given, that wiihin sixty days  aftor the date of tlna notice, I intend to apply to  the assistant commiHdloner of lands aud works,  at Nelson, for a lease of the followiug described  land, for the purpose of opening up and working  stone quarries, sltjiato about two miles in an  easterly direction from the City of Kaslo, West  Kootonay IUstrict:  Commencing at a po��t planted on tho* lake Bhoro  marked "J. A.^inauf's N. *W, cornor,' running  thenco east twofity chuins; thence south twenty  chains; thence west twehty oliains, more or less  to the lake shore; thence north along tho lake shore  Ua'tho pobit of commencement: and containing  forty acres more or less. J, A. KNAUF.  Dated December ikh, 1S00.  Home G-rown  Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Roses, Shrubs  Vines, Bulbs, Hedge Plants and Seeds.  Kxtra choice stock of Peach, Apricot, Plum,  rhorry and Prune Trees. New Importation of  firsi-clais Rhododendrons, Roses, Cliinutus, Bay  Trees, Hollies, etc.  80,000 to choose from. No agents or commission to pay. No fumigation or Inspection charges.  Greenhouse plants, agricultural implements, rer-  tilizers, bee supplies, etc! 'Largest and -tirost  complete- stock .in tho provlnoe. Send for catalogue beforo placing your orders.  Address'  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL BONDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLBBALXI AND RETAIL  FI8H AND POULTRY IN 8 EAS ON  Baker Street, Nelaon ��#  Q#  TRAVES,  Manager  nnnwRfi ��r M_n, rwootvid nARnvof. Aim prompt Aimmrttm-   ROSSLAND   BINaiNBBRINQ  WORKS  CUNLIFPE &  MeMILLaAN  Founders and Machinists, Speolalty of Ore Cars, Ore-Bin Doqra and General Mining Machinery.  List of second-hand machinery on hand, which haa been thoroughly overhauled and Is aa good  as new: -*  1 2-5-H. P. Locomotive-type boiler, with engine attached and all fittings, ready to turn on steam,  1 bl"i8" Double-Cylinder Friction Drain-Hoist, built by Ingersoll Co.  1 Sinking Pump, No. S Cameron. New York.  J_Y.--_ttIFMN"��rCO.���Fronf-streetrNelsonT  ���   wholesale   dealers   lu  provision-,   oured  meats, bnttor and eggs.  HARDWARE AND MIMING SUPPLIES.  HBYBR8 8c CO.-Corner Baker and Josephine  ���  streets. Nelson, wholesale dealers ln.hard-.  ware and mining supplies.  Powder Co. t  Agenta for Ulaut  LA WRENCH   HARD WARS    COMPANY  Baker 8b, Nolson, wholesale   dealers in  hardware and mining anpplles, and water aud  plumber*' supplies.  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  mURNBR, BBETON tc CO.-Corner Vernon  ���*��� and Josephine streots. Nelson, wholesale  dealers In liquors, olgars and dry goods. Agents  for PabsD Brewing Co. ot MUwaukee and Cal  gary aBrewlng Co. of Calgary.  POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTON POWDER COMPANY-Baker  street Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite,  sporting, stumping and black blasting powders,  wholesale dealersln caps and fuse, andeleotrlo  blasting apparatus.  SASH AND DOORS.  TOE-SON SAW AND PLANINO^MIId-i.  A~ LIMITED-Corner Front and Hall streeui,  Nelson} manufacturers of and wholesale dealors  In sash and doorsi nil kinds of factory work mads  to order.  1 Sinldni Pump' 10"xfi"H3", outside packed plunger pattern.  Watch this advertisement for further lists, or write us before yon buy for complete list.  may have just what'you wank  Agents for Northey Pumps.   Stock carried.  P. O.  Box 108.  We  THIRD AVENUE,  ROSSLAND.  ���I ' J...   JS  w ffigiBUT costs but one obntissbmeBm  Todrop'n's a'pbst oard that we*may call and  Never  have - any plumbing done ��� until you  five estimates. It saves many dollars.  iave seen our goods and our prloes.  OPPOSITE     .  prmawinvii  STRACHAN BROTHERS. Plumbers.  REILEY & BENOY  SUCCE3SORB TO H."D. ASHCROFT)  BLACKSMITHS   AND   WOOD  WORKtfco  ty. J. HENRY,' Vsmum, Bi C. ^^^^^^^^^__rr  Wblto taUot Oti&r.  I bflla mltfl-H to artit a& _h<m i  P. J. RUSSELL  Bayar and Bxporter of  RAW   FURS  WINES AND CIGARS.  I HALIFORNIA   WINE  COMPANY.   LIMI- -  V/  TED���Corner Front and Hall stroets. Nelson, wholesale dealers ln wines (case and bulk,  ���tin domesHn and lmoortaal nisrars.  ANTI-CHINESE  EESOLUTION.  Pursuant to resolutions adopted, at a regular  meeting held on Saturday evening, December  22nd, 1900. all members of Nelson Miners' Union  No. 96, W. F. M., aro requested' to use every  legitimate means  To Discourage the Employment or  Patronizing of Chinese  directly or indirectly. All union men and others  who bellove in making this a white man's country, are requested toco-operate in giving effect to  the aforesaid resolution. By order,  "���"  ltfW   NELSON,  Nelson, December 22nd.  INER8'   UNION.  HlgheBt Frloea  Prompt Bet-ran  Fair A-tttrtnMnt-  snip fey _^r��i NELSON, B. O.  The above resolution has been endorsed bv the  QTrodes and Labor Council of Nelson, and all  union men, and others In sympathy with it, are  requested to govern  themselves   accordingly.  TRADES  Nelson,  By order,  >ES 8c LABOR COUNCIL OF NELSON  December 22nd.  ABOHITEOm  iArohltoOts.  ctann. :-*-**-.-  "i''">t"'fl|i"*iwii,li"nli"ii|liff|M "ior  ass  THE TmffPNlh' BH-SOT; RjG. FBjMy? Bl^U^Ya8k4901 ��� %  bmki of imnm  CAPITAL, all paid up~.. $12,000,000.00  BHST    7,ooo.ooado  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       427,180.80  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President  Bon, George A. Drumniond Vice-President  E. a, Clouston General Manager  NELSON BRANCH  Corner Baker and Kootenay Streets.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  Branohes In London (England) New York,  Cqioaqo, und all the principal clues ln Canada.  Buy. and sell Sterling Ezohange and Cable  Transfers.  Grant Commercial and Travelers' Credits,  available tn any part of the world. I  Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Eto.  Saving's Bank Branch   CURRENT RATE OS" INTEREST PAID.  TORONTO  STOCK- EXCHANGE.  THURSDAYS QUOTATIONS.   v  STOCK. Asked.      Bid.  - B. C. Gold Fields  S       3* f     2}  Blackball *-*   u* *   io|  Brandon & Golden Crown  8 '        i  Canadian Goldflolds Syndicate... ���      Tit'       7>  I'arlboo (McKinney) ,....:.   .    3Q 311  Cariboo Hydraulic -.      170      1 OH  Centro Star      125      108,  Crow's Ne-Jt Pass Coal    75 00    C. 00  California   Deer  Trail Consolidated ....  Evening-Star   Fairview Corporation   GoldenStar   ���Giant   Granby Smelter .'     .    ..  Iron Mask    '.   Jim Blaine...., ,  Knob Hill    Montreal & London   Morning Glory ;. ..  Morrison   Mountain Lion   ;   Noble Five   North Star   Olive   Payno   Rambler-Cariboo Consolidated..  Republic     Slncan Soveielgn   Virtue       War Eagle Consolidated   Waterloo   White Bear      Winnipeg   Sullivan -.   -   j SALES.  11*00 Cariboo (McKinney)  2000 Montreal & London .     .  THErCANiyDIANj  BANK OF COMMERCE  WITH WHICH IS AMALGAMATED  THE  BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  ,      HEAD OFFICE:  TORONTO.  Imperial Bank of Canada  HEAD  OFFICE. TORONTO.  Paid-up Capital,  Reserve Fund,  fB 000,000  2,000,000  ACCRECATE RESOURCES OVER $65,000,000..  Hon. Geo. A. Cox, Robt. Kllgour,  Preildent.       Vice-President.  London Ofllce, eo Lombard Street. H. O.  New York  Offloe, 18 .Exchange   Plaoe.  and 08 Branches in Canada and the  United States.  Capital Authorized  Capital Paid up  Rest  $2,500,000  $2,468,603  $1,700,000  75 00  ft  ?  - 4  15  4lv  . 8  55  6  9  74  40  4  884  12  5li  31  4C  8  29  ��6  3  41  5  15  8  5  ���3  3  '  41  39  4  40  4  ' 6  5}  20  2  854  8  40  29  41  5  22  61  ft  13  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  Intorest allowed on deposits.   Present rate  three por cent.        - ��� - '  GRANGE V. HOLT,  _ Manager Nelson Branch.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  >*__"_r-__i.__."W"  XTO.^S7.  D. R. Wllkie, General Manager.  .E. Hay, Inspector.  Nelson Branch���Burns Blook, 221 Baker Btreet   J. M. LAY,'Managua   ,  Corporation, for the purpose and with the object  hereinbefore recited.  it. It shall be lawful for the Mayor of the said  Corporation to causo any number, of debentures  to be made, executed and Issued for suoh sum or  sums as may be'required for the purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the sum  twenty ono thousand (121,000) dollars; each of the  said debentures being of the denomination of one  thousand ($1000.00) dollars, and all such debentures shall be sealed with the seal of the corporation and signed by the Mayor thereof.  3. The said debentures sf  day nf April, A. D  J beat1 dato the first  1901, and shall be made  ���I..J.1-.U.I  I^J  r^'g-i. i   jr ���  %?S? ^^ ^^  A By-Law to raise $79,000.00 for the purpose of  paying offudvance' made by Bank of Montreal on debentures hypothecated. 1V-  Whereas, By-Laws iNos. 88. 69, 70, 71 and 72 of  the by-laws of the City of Nelson, being respectively a by-law to raise  $15,000.00 to extend the  water works system, a by-law~to raise $15,000.00  to extend and improve the electric light sys-  24}  4  LORD'S   DAY"  Rev.  J.  G.  ALLIANCE.  Shearer of TToronto,  secretary of tbe Lord's Day Alliance  of Canada, will deliver addresses in  Nehon on Sunday in connection  with alliance work. .Its officers say  ,the alliance-appeals particularly toj  all who labor to promote a better J  social    conditions.     The   working    _____   ._          3VS  tern, a by law to raise 9*20,000.00 to extend the  seweiage system, s by-law to raise'  $2 00 to improve the streets within the  city of aVel on, and. a by-law to raise  "fCoOO.UO for purchasing a road-making plant,  were duly passed, and debentures issued .thereunder for the respective sums mentioned in said  by-laws, in all the sum of $76,000.00, but said debentures so issued remain unsold. -  And whereas, said, debentures so issued and  unsold were hypothecated to the Bank of Montreal as security for an advance thereon of  $70,000.00 for the purposes In the said by-lans recited.  And whereas, A petition has been presented  to the Municipal Counoil of the Corporation of  tho City of Nelson, signed by the owners of ab  leust one-tenth of the value of the" property in  tho said city, as shown by the last revised assess--  ment roll, requesting the said- council to introduce a by-law to raise the suiri1 of seventy-nine'  thousand (179,000.00) ''dollars for the purposes of-  paying off the Indebtedness to the Bank of Montreal and Interest thereon for which said* debentures are so hypothecated.'-_  And whereas, It is deemed expedient to borrow the sum of seventy-nine thousand ($79 000.00)  dollars (which is the amount of the debt intended  to be created by this by-law) for the purposes  aforesaid. -    * '  And whereas. The amount of the whole late-  able real property of,- the said city, according to  the last revised assessment roll, is two million  11 sixty-flve thousand four hundred ($2,065,400) dollars.,   -  And whereas. It will be necessary to raise-annually by rate the sum of sixty-seven and ninety-  four 'tO'9100) doliais for paying the said debt and  interest.- -.:**���, ',*'-*"  Now, therefore, the Municipal Counoil of the  Corporation of tne-City of NelPon, ln council as  sembled, enacts as follows:  "M/It soall and may be lawful for the Mayor of  the Corporation of the City of Nelson to borrow/  upon tho credit of the, said corporation, by  way of debentures hereinafter,mentioned, from  any person or persons, body or bodies corpotate,  'who may be willing, to advance the-same as a  'loan, a sum of money not exceeding on the whole  the sum, of seventy-nine: thousaudr ($79,000.00)  dollars, and to cause all such sums so raised or  received to bo- paid into the hands of the Treasurer of the said corporation, for, the purpose and  witn the object hereinbefore recited.'*    *  2. It shall be lawful for the'Mayor of tho said  corporation to cause any number of debentures  to be made, executed and* issued for such sum or  sums as may bs required for the purpose and  object aforesaid, not exceeding,"however, the*  .sum of sev ent> -nine thousand ($79,000 Of) dollars:'  each of the said debentures being of ihe denomination of one thousand ($1000.00) dollars, and all  such debentures shall bo sealed with the sehl of  the corporation and signed by- tho Mayor  thereof.  3. The said debentures shall bear dato the first  day of April, A. D. 1901, and shall be madepayable  payable ln 20 years from the said date, in the lawful money of Canada, at the office of the Bank of  Monti eal In Nelson aforesaid, -which said place  of payment shall be designated by* the 'said debentures, and shall have attached to them coupons for the payment of interest, and the signatures to the Interest coupons may be, cither  written, stamped printed or lithographed..  4.-The said debentures,"shall bear interest at  the rate of 5 per centum per annum from the date  ^ thereof, which Interesfr'shall be payable semiannually at said office at the Bank of Montreal,  in Nolson aforesaid, in lawful money of C mada.  on.the first j day of April land the first day of  October respectively, in each year during the  currency thereof, and shall be expressed In said  debentures and coupons to be so payable.  5. It shall be lawful for the Mayor of said corporation to negotiate and sell the said debentures  or any of them for less than par; but iq no case  shall the said debentures or any of them be negotiated or sold for less than nlney-flve per  centum of their face value including the cost of  negotiating and sale, brokerage and other inol  dental expensej.   ' >  6. There shall be raised and levied in each  year during the enrrenoy of said debentures the  sum of one thousand and fifty ($1050) dollars for  the payment of intorest and the sum of seven  hundred and fifty-six ($756)' dollars for the payment of the debt due under the said debentures  by a rate sufficient thorefore on all the rateable  land in said municipality.  - 7. It shall bo lawful for the said Municipal  Council to re purchase any of the said debentures  upon such terms as may be agreed upon wi'h the  legal holder or holders thereof, or any part thereof, either at the time of the sale or any subsequent time or times, and all debentures so repurchased shall forthwith be cancelled and destroyed, and no re iasue of debentures so re-purchased shall be made In consequence of such repurchase.  8. This by-law shall take efl'ect on the. date of  the final passago thereof.  Done and passed in Council at the City of Nel-  son on the day ot A. Dri901  .     _.        NOTICE.  Tako notice that tlie above is a true -. copy of  the proposed By-law upon which the vote of the  elcoeors of the Municipality will bo taken: For  the East Ward at'the City Police Court, on the  east sido of Josephine street, between Baker and  Victoria streets; foi the West Ward in the office  of Ward Brothers, on the north side of Baker  street, between Stanley and Kootenay streets, in  the City of Nolson, on;Tuesday, tho nineteenth)  day pf February, instant, between tho hours of 8  o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. in. v   '- *   .. ���  -, *"    -      - J K. STRACHAN, City Clerk."  Nelson, B. C��� February 4th, 1901.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  After StocteTafcing  ***********************ftrP  _ *���  have still a larger stock on0 hand than1 I wish to carry, therefore I  will offer a discount of 10 per cent,on thejafice of every article.  All the articles are new and 'neat, and this sweeping discount  makes it worth,your while to help me get rid of them.  PIANOS                    AUSTRIAN ARTWARE MANICURE SETS  ONYX TABLES       PIANO LAMPS." TABLE LAMPS  SEWING MACHINES     - CLOCKS  STERLING SILVER t CUT GLASS  PLATED SILVER - J. FISH SETS- -   '' <  CARVERS, JARDINIERES, ' BISQUE WARE  also all the' latest and most unique patterns in-  solid gold* jewelry with- and without settings.^ .f  >     ...*************************** ' ;''_. '*���' * ' \  JACOB-DOVER, The  Jeweler.  "���<4."aYL  *'^a'- il  'r.4^�� I  '4.  ���***_  ' **J&  y,--  ���3  ^ '  f_  **  SILVER NOVELTIES  1847 FLAT WARE:,  CHILDREN'S SETS:  OAKWARE '  irt  ���6  fr  om* Jewelry and Wateh Department Is ln full swing.  e=>' ��?��� c=p ' <=**��� a? ��� c=2" c=?�� a^>- c=> ��� e=>^> <  Mall Orders receive our Prompt Attention!  'C=?'(Z3'C=2  m  _3_r--:L-__w. _sro. sq_.  A By-law for stopping'  streets and alleys in   empowerlnga the,. Council  up and closing certain'  -----   '8 -  the City of Nelson and  " -to convey   such  , masses especially need the rest of  the Sabbath.   Their physical, men-  ��� tai, moral and spiritual nature's demand it, while' the greed of gain  aud the love of pleasure would rob  them of it. The alliance stands for  the defence of their right to - its  priceless benefits. ^  The alliance aims to operate:  1. By informing the public mind  concerning the dangers  by which  -theYLord's day -is-threatened*-- aud-  arousing.th'e public conscience ,to a  sense of the paramount importance  of its preservation in the interests  alike, of the domestic, industrial,  national and the religious life of  the people.  2. By uniting in a strong and  effective organization the friends of  the Lord's Day. throughout the  province.  3. By endeavoring to secure the  faithful and impartial enforcement  of the laws intended for the preservation of the Day of Rest.  ���1. By endeavoring to secure  such improved legislation as may  be found necessary for the complete protection of the Lord's day  as a day of rest and of opportunity  for worship.  The alliance was only formed a  couple of years ago as a national  institution,-and Mr. Shearer, then  pastor of Erskine Presbyterian  church, Hamilton, Ontario, proved  such a successful and enthusiastic  officer and was so frequently called-  for to deliver addresses, that he  was pressed into permanent service  about a year ago. He .has accomplished good results in Ontario and  the "eastern provinces, and now  makes his flrst trip to the west.  Mr. Shearer will conduct services  in the Baptist church Sunday  morning, will address a mass meeting in the Congregational church  Sunday afternoon, and hold services in St. Paul's church in the  evening.     Good Smelter Work.  RqssiaAND, February 7.���The  Granby smelter at Grand Forks  com menced ; operationsx. on ��� August  2lst last, and .up,., to February 1st  had   treated* 81,000  tons   of   ore,  ,lu*20yeursirom the said dato in lawful money  of Canada at the ofllce of the Bank of Montreal  in Nelson aforesaid, which said place of payment  shall be designated by the laid debentures, and  shall have attached to them coupons for the payment of interest, and the signatures to tho interest coupons may bo elthei written, stamped,  .printed or lithographed,  4. The said dobentuies"shall bear intorest at  the rate of 5 por centum per annum from tho  date thereof, which interest shall be payable  semi-annually at said olilce of the Bank of Montreal iu Nelson uforesaid, in lawful money of  Canada, ou tho 1st da} of April and the 1st day  *��� of October rospectn ely, in each year during the  currency thereof, and thall be expressed in said  debentures and coupons to be so paj able.  5. It shall bo lavt ful for the Mayor of said corporation to negotiate and sell the said debentures or nny of thorn for loss shan par; but in no  case shall the said debentures or any of them'be  negotiated or sold for less than ninety-five per  centum of their face value, including the cost of  negotiating and sale, brokerage and other Inci '  dental expenses. ' ***-  C. There shall be. raised and levied in each  year during tho currency of said debentures the  sum of thirty-nine hundred and fifty (|3950,00) dol-  lan for tho payment of interest, und the sum of  twenty-eight hundied and forty-four ($2814.00)dollars for the naymentof thedebtdueunderthesald*  debontures by a rate sufficient therefor on all the  rateable land in tho f=ald municipality,  7. It shall be lawful for "���-the said municipal  council to re purchise an} of tho said debentures  upon such torms as may be agreed upon with  tho legal holdor or holileis thereof, or any part  thereof, either at the time of sale or any subsequent timo or times, and all debentuies sore-  purchased shall forthwith be canceled and destroyed, and no re-issue of debentuies eo ie-  purchased shall be made in consequence of such  ic purohase.  ^ (i. This By-law shall take effect on tho date  of the tlnal passage thereof.  Done and passed in council at the City of Nelson, on tho daj of , A. D. 1901.  " *���   '    NOTICE.- " ��  uTake notice that tho abovo is a truocopyof  thu proposed By-Law upon which the vote of the  electors of the Municipality vtlll be taken: For  the Kast Ward at the Cliy Police Court, on the  oast side of Josephine street, between uakor and  Victoria streots; for the West Ward nt tho offlco  of Ward Brothers on tho north side of Baker  street, botweon Stanley and Kootenay stroets, in  thu City of Nelson, on Tuebday, tho nineteenth  dav of February, instant, hotwosn the hours of  8 o'clock a. in. and 4 o'clock p. iu.  J. It. STRACHAN, City Clork.  Nelson, B. C , Fobruary oth, 1101.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OFNELSON  _ ^   . )V         ' t streets and allei s*so stopped np and closed to  U    the Canadian FaciAo Railway Company.  "  Whereas, It is'deemed'advisable to close up  certain portions of the streets and, alleys hereinafter described, within the limits of the City of  Nelson and to con voy" tho same to the Canadian  Pacific Railway Company, ~*  ��� And* Whereas/In the ���opinion of tho counoil  such portions of streets and alleys are not re-  q uf red for corporate purposes.    ,  There'ore, The Municipal Council of the Cor-  Soratloh of the City of Nolson in council assem-  led enacts as follows: ���>  . 1. That the following portions of stieeti and  alleys within the limits o( tho City of Nelson,  namely: Kootenay stroet from Its northern intersection with Vernon street to the Columbia 8c  Kootonay right ot-way.. That triangular portion of a street having no, namo, being bounded  on the east by the westerly limit of Stanley street,  on the north by the Columbia & Kootenay -right  of way and on the south by the northerly limit of  Block 04 and the lane or alloy in block 61 from Its  intersection with the westerly limit of Stanley  streot to its intersection with the Columbia &  Kootenay right of way,'be and the same are hereby declared stopped and closed.  . 2. The said City of-Nelson be and - they are  horeby empowered to sell to the Canadian Pacific Railway the said portions of streets and alleys in the nsxt-vpreceding paragraph described  and the Mayor and City Clerk aro hereby authorized to sign and seal a proper conveyance of the  same to said Canadian Paciflo Railway and the  said council {may accept as payment therefor  either money or real property.  This by-law shall take effect on the date of the  final passage thereof. ,"  Done and passed in Council at the City of  Nelson this        day of 1901,  ,    * NOTICE.  Take notice tliat tho above Is a_ truo_coDy- of_  "the pioposed By-Law upon which the vote "of the  electors of the Municipality will be taken: For  tho East Waid at the City Police Court, on the  east side of Josephine street, between Raker and  Victoria streets; for tho West Ward ut the office  of Ward Brothers, on the north side of Bakor  street, betwcoii Stanley and Kootonay streets. In  tho City of Nelson, on Tuesday, the nineteenth  day of Fobi uury, instant, between the hours of  8 o clock a. in. and 4 o'clock p. m.  J. K. STRACHAN, City Clerk.  Nelson, B. C, February 4th; 1901.  ******************_ ' * ���-*���  The census of Canada will be taken"in April, and the popv  ulation of the .several incorporated cities will be known a short-  time afterwards.   The Tribune publishes Daily and Weeklyy;|  editions at the following rates of subscription by mail': Weekly,  one year $2; Daily, six months, $2.50; one year, $5.. The Daily  is delivered in Nelson by carrier at .the following rates: vThree,  months, .$2.50; 'six mouths, $5; one year,-$10.   A large number '���  of subscribers are in arrears, and a large number of subscriptions  .are about to,expire,' besides a large number of people in Kootenay"  [and Yale are about to"renew subscriptions for newspapeis for the' r'\  year." In order to make it an' object for' all1 these people to pat-'  ronize The ,Tr'ibun_�� the following" sums are offered as'prizes, on  _ the followingWhditions:   _ V- ,*" ", _>-,*?--'.- "-/"���   >$60'  *....! :O.Y25VI  *::.'.....-   26'^  i.s....: >26Hi  :....'...'< 25^  .:'..:-.. ��-25-  ,y.j.*-yy'26 *  $100  Nelson  \  26  Rossland'..:.  25 a  Kaslo .. .>���  25  Sandon-...--.'  25  .Revelstoke..'.  ,  25  Grand' Forks  25  Phoenix . .���..  25  Greenwood .  H  PnOVINCIAL Secrk'taiiy's Offick,  17th January, 1901.  IS HONOUR. Uh   Lieutenant-Governor In  Council, under tho provisions of the "Land  Registry Act has been pleased to establish at  tho C Ity of Nelson, In tho County of Kootonay,  a District Ofllco for the Recording of Instruments  and Registration of Titles affecting real estate,  situato within tho County of Kootenay.  Tho name of the said registration district shall  , Canada  ~ British; Columbia'^'.  Northwest aTerritorfies  Manitoba ...".   - Ontario ..: .*-." V.��t...  Quebec ..: :.'.*��� '.'.*-.  New Brunswick .-:<.r.:.  Nova Scotia .......-.'...  The subscriber remitting $2 "in payment of-either arrears  -or advance subscriptions to The Tribune will be entitled to,give-  an estimate on the population of anytwAo places intheJist named    I  above ; $2.50, to three estimates; $5.00/to five estimates ;��$10, to    '  ten estimates.   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A Bv-law to raise 821,000.00 to. pay off overdraft  due tho Bank ot Montreal and accumulated  Interest,  Whoieas, a petition has boon presented to the  said Municipal Council of the Corporation of the  City of Nelson, signed by tho owners of at least  one tenth of tho value of the real propoity in the  siid city, as shown by the last ro vised assessment  roll, requesting the eaid council to introduce a  by-law to raise tho sum of twenty-one thousand  ($21,n00)|dollars for the purpose of paying off the  indebtedness due by the City o( Nelson to the  Bank of Montreal by way of overdraft and accumulated interest.  And Whereas. It is deemed expedient to borrow tho said sum of twonty-oue thousand (821,  000.00) dollars (which is the amount of the debt  intended to bo created by this bj -law) for tho  purposes aforesaid.  And Whereas, The amount of tho whole rate  ablo real properly of the said city, according to  the la��t revised assessment roll, is two million  Mxty-flve thousand four hundred ($2,005,400 00)  dollars.  And Whereas, It will be necessary to raibo an  annually by rate the sum of 91806 for paying the  said dobt and intorest.  Now Therefore tho Munlpipal Council of the  Corporation of th,e City of JVplso-q   seimiled, oiwatH ap  plsoq In Council as  ,,   ,    .. ._��� , , _^ way  of debentures hereinafter mentioned, from any  person or persons, body or bodies corporate, who  may be willing .to advance the same as a loan, a  sum of money not exceeding the whole, the- sum  which produced 2700, tons of fifty I of twenty-one thousand (821,000.00) dollars, and to  new aiont, mo*lfl valnafl ah <t!Krn nnft "���' 1 ca��?e <*���* such sums .so raised or.received to bo  per cent matte, vaiuea at iJJiJLU.UW. j paid Into the hands of the Treasurer of the said j  be tho Kootonay Land Registration District.  Henrr 1-ry MacLeod, of the City of Nelson, solicitor, has boon appointed to perform the duties  of the said District Ofllce, which shall be opon  for the transacted of business on aud after the  second day of March; 1101.  By Command.  J. D. PRRNTICE. Provincial Secretary.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNERS  To Geo. H. Lammkrs, J. R. Ciunson, or to  any person or persons to whom he may have  transferred his interest in the Harvey Joy  mineral claim, at Morning Mountain, Nelson  Mining Division.  You are hereby notified that I have expended  One Hundred dollars in labor and Improvements  upon tbe -above- mentioned mineral claim, in  order to, hold said mineral claim under the  provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within  ninety days from the date of this notice you fall  or refuse to contribute your proportion of such  expenditure, together with all costs of advertising, your interest In said claim will become the  property of the subsoilber, under section four of  an Act entitled ."An Act to Amend the Mineral  Aot, 1900." SILAS H. CROSS.  Dated this 12th day of December, 1900,  LAND   NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given, that thirty days after  dato I intend to apply to the chief commissioner  of lands and works for permission to purchase  the following described lands about two miles  west of tho City of Nolson: Commencing at a  post marked w. J. Boaven's 8. B. Cornor Post  planted at a. W. cornor post of H. Solous' purchased Lot 003, Group 1, on the high water line  on the west bank of Kootonay river, thence north  20 chains, thence' west: 20 - chains, thence south 20  chains, more or^less to the high water line on  north bank or Kootonay river; thenco following  the meandering.of the .aforesaid river In an easterly direction '_�� chains moro' or less to point of  commencement., Containing 32 acres more or  less-   -L   y ,���������"1 ���":'-" ' W.:J. BKAVBN.  Dated at Nelson this 24th day of December, 1900,  Canada   ..  British Columbia   -North-West-Territories���  Manitoba .*....  Ontario   .". *   Quebec    ."   New   Brunswick   Nova   Soctia   City of Nelson   City of Rossland   City-of Kaslo. \   City of Sandon   City of Revelstoke   City of Grand Forks   City  of Phoenix   City of Greenwood   This offer holds, good until the 1st of April, 1901.  immaiainiiiinrminnnnim.nniiiiTitiTT-T tan miiiinrmTTTTTffiiimxiii  ROSSLAND  WINTER  CARNIVAL  ���AND-  CURLING  Tuesday to Saturday  FEBRUARY 12-16, 1901  EIGHT CURLING CONTESTS  Under the  Aufipices of the   Kootenay Curling  Association  HOCKEY TOURNAMENT  For Senton, Junior and Ladies' Championships  cf British Columbia  SNOWSHOE RACES  SKI-RACES  SKATING RACES  For Provincial: Championships and for Men and  _** Boys  CUTTER AND DOG RACES  Coasting Contests Carnival Masquerado  $3000 in Trophies and Prizes $3000  Rates of a ,'6ingle Fare for the Round Trip on all  ��� Railways. -' For further particulars see posters  . and progr* uns or address     H. W. C. JACKSON  ,ggl*  Railways. -* For further particulars see  nd progr; uns or address     H. W. C. J AC  Secrotary Carnival Committee, Rossland, B. C.  m  _ 1-. v��  fit ���  t\  [L.S.]  HENRI G. JOLY de LOTBINIERE.  CANADA.  *' r   -  7   PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  VICTORIA, by the Grace of God, of the Uuited*  j.   Kingdom   of Great   Britain   and  Ireland,  v Queen, Defender of the Faith, &c, &c , &c.  To our .Faithful the members elected to serve in  i   -the Legislative Assembly of Our Provinco of  ..   British Columbia at Our City* of Victoria.���  Gioetlng:  ^     A PROCLAMATION. J      "  - H.A.Maclean, , 'ATXTHER-SASa We  t Deputy Attorney-General./'.VV-  are, desirous  and resolved,*as sooo as may be, to meet our peo-  fple of our Provinco of British Columbia, and to  have their advice in Our Legislature: .* " - ~  NOW|KNOWjYE,-thatfor divers causes and*  considerations, and taking Into consideration the  ease and convenience of Ourlovlng subjects, We  TBADEfl��� UNIONS.  .have thought fit. by and with the advice of 'Our  on Thursday, the twenty-'ilrsT day" of  onethoueundnino hundred and one,* you meet  ���KTKLSON MINERS' UNION NO. 98, W. V. tf    -  **���'. M.���Meets ln miners' union rooms, northeast corner Victoria and Kootenaystreets, every'  Saturday evening-at 8-o'clook.   visiting mem  berswelcmne. M.R.Mowatt.PreeldentTJamo;.-  Wilkes,   Seoretary.   'Union Scale of Waoka    -  for Nelson    District���Por shift,   machine   *  men, |3.rS0: hammersmen miners. $3.25; muokers,   *  carmen, shoyelers and other underground laborers, f3 00, ,...,.  ���TIRADES AND LABOR COUNCIL.*���The regu-,.    -  JT ' i*T_'____il_t_0_the Nelson Trades and Labor 't. *  Counoil will be held in the miners' union hall,'  oorner of Vlotoria and Kootenay streets," on. tho  flrst and  third Thursday of each month, ab  7.80 p. m.- Q.J. Thorpe, President.  J. H. Mathe-'  son, Seoretary. *-   *  rpHB regular meetings of the Carpenters' Union   "  j*: are held, on .Wednesday-evenlngrOf each  week, at 7 o'clock, ln tho Miners' Union hall <*>_-������ "7"  ner? victoria  and ' Kootenay streets." Cha-les -,-<���  Clayton, President.  John MeLeod, Secretary.; .    \  --Executive Counci.   these presents enjoin you, an  do hereby convoke,, and by  id each of you, that  February,  ,Usin Our said Legislatuie or Parliament of Our  said Province, at Our City of Viocoria, FOR THE  DISPATCH OF, BUSINESS, to treat,-do,-, act,  and conclude-upon those; things which-in Our  Legislature of the Province of British Columbia;  by .the .Common' Council tot' Our said Province,  may, by the favour of God, be ordained. - -* '  _ In Testimony Wherkok, We have* caused  these Our Letters to bo made Patent and tho  - Great Seal of the said Province to be hereunto affixed:    -  Zy_��       ��� <-  .    "rp-.-H-''!  ' Witness, the HonourableYSm Henri Gus-,  tave Jolt de Lotbiwerk,' K.C.M.U*. Lieu-,  tenant-Governor-of Our said Province-of  ��� . British Columbia, in Our City of Victoria,' in ���'  Our said Province, this seventeenth day ol  ���    January, in the year of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and ono,-and in the sixty-  fourth year of Our Rolgn,  By Command.  5w rj. D. PRENTICE, Provincial Secretary.  /DARBERS' UNION.���Nolson Union. No. 188, of 7x  f-* ��� the International Journeymen Barbers Un-   "  Ion of America, meets every first and third Mon-  son. secretary-treasurer:" J. C, Gardndr, recording ^ S^P^S  secretary.VJtV% x       .      , -���_.   ��     *���<'^?*��?28&  _Z *" :���: : Vt-- ?+j *"*&&*_&  TABORERS' UNION.-Nelson Laborers'Pro'^   '-'*"  *+f  teotive Union, No. 8121, A. F. of hi. meets iK ^  Miners' Union hallAC. P. R. block, corner, of -v  Pakor and Stanley streets, every Monday evenliiit ~  at 7:90 p.mr sharp. Visiting members of the American. Federation   cordially  invited ,to -attend..'  A.  J. --Curle.^PresldeutC    John -'Roberts,   ie-5  cording secretary.     -,.^  ^ j-p fr ^ -r ,;- r. - 3^  ELSON PAINTERS' UNION���The ^regular  .meeting of the- Painters' Unlo* Is held  the flrst and third Fridays in each month at Min-  '��_ -.Vnl?UT_Sl1��atT7i3(l.sharp. 'J-'H. MiUward,  Prosident; WU1 J. Hatch, Seoretary. ,  j and Stanley streets. Visttng brethren cordially  invited. Chris Luft, president; H.' Smolscr, fli.-  ancial and recording secretary.     -       v  the secrctaiy of State for Canada.  J {   j  .     ���      .   J. D. PRENTICE.  Provincial Secretary.  Provincial Secretary's Department,  2Cth January, 1901.  [L. S.l  MINTO   v^  CANADA  I*ROCLAMATION.  PLA8TERERS' UNION-The O. P. I. A. No.  ti��� l7., "f6618 every Monday evening In the  EUlot blook, oorner Baker and Stanley street*, at  8 o'olock. J. D..Mover, nreslden.; William  Vice, socretary, P. O. Box tilO.  -  ^  FRATERNAL   SOCIETIES.  NELSON LODGE; NO. !***/__ V. ft A. II  Moots seoond Wednesday ln eaoh month.  Sojourning brethren Invited.*  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAthr Nelson Lodge. No  3S, Knights of Pythias, meets ln LO. O. P.  EDWARD VII., by the Grace of God, of the  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, King, Defender of tlio Faith, &c��� &c.  _To_all_to_whom_those���presents shall come_or_  whom tho same may in anywise concern.���  Qkkkuno:  David Mills, ITTCTHEREAS. Sat-  Attorney General, Canada,/ VV urday, the  socond day of February, has been fixed for the  obsequies of Her late Malesty, Our Royal Mother  of blessed und glorious memory.  And' whereas, well knowing that Our deep  grief is shared by Our loving subjects in Canada,  We are desirous to afford them an opportunity  of testifying their sorrow and their sjmpathy  with us in the grievous affliction which has  befallen us and them:  Now, thorefore, Wo have thought flt, by and  with tho advice of Our'Privy Council for Canada, to appoint and set apart, and We do hereby  appoint and set apart, Saturday, the second day  of-February next, ns a day of general mourning,  to be ebsorved by all persons throughout Our  Dominion of Canada. ���  In Testimony Wiiekeok, We have caused  these Our Letters to be mado patent, und tho  Great Soal of Canada to be horounto affixed:  Witness, Onr Right Trusty and Right Woll-  bcloved Cousin, tho Right Honorable Sir  Gilbert John Elliot, Earl of Minto and Viscount Molgiind, of Molgund, County of Forfar, in the Peerage of tlio United Kingdom;  Baron Minto, of Minto, County of Roxburgh,  in tho Pcerago of Great Britain; Haronot of  Nova Scotia; Knight Grand Cross of Our  Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael  and St. George, &c��� &c, Governor-Genoral  of Canada.  At Our Government House, in Our City of  Ottawa, this twenty sixth day of January, in  the year of Our Lord ono thousand nine hundred and one, and in the flrst year of Our  Reign.  By Command.  R. W. SCOTT,  Secretary of State.  Hall, oorner Baker and Kootenay streets, every  " Visiting. KnlghtH  J. Bradley. C.C.j  aay evening at 8 o'clock,  oordlally Invited to attend.   F,  J. A. Paquotte, K. of R. & S.  '-~.fi I  ,_r-&$i.w  >;'*=��gi|  <^'M\  ���_&n  -S'fl  - yl  i i_f  rr-iX  -S*"l  K. O. T. M.���.  XTOOTENAY TENT NO. ,. *.. u. l. M.-.  ���*"*��� Hold their regular meetings on the flrst aud  third Thursdays of eaoh' month.   Visiting Sir  Knights'arc'cordlnllv invited-to attend   Brown, R. UT; A. W. Purdy, Com.; R. J. 1  1). S. C ��1  %:a.  . Steel.  Herald's Coli eoe,  26th January.  1901.  THR Earl Marshal's order for a general mourning for Her lato Majesty Queon Victoria, in  pursuance of on Order of His Majesty In Coun  ell, dated tho 21 tii day of January, 1901. These  are to give public notice that it is expected, that  nil persons upon tho present occasion of the death  of Hoi lato Majesty, of blessed and glorious  memory, do put themselves Into deepest mourning, the said mourning to begin on the 28th  instant.  NORFOLK,       Karl Marshal.  UOVEKNMEM   HOLSE,  25th January, 1901.  Pursuant to the above Order, mourning ��lll  commence throughout the Dominion on Monda)  next, the 28th instant.  By Command of His Excellency.  harry grahame,  Captain, A. D. C���  Acting Governor-General,s Secretary.  MUSIC.  Mrs, D. B. Murray, graduate in vocal and Instrumental music, -is now prepared- to' receive  pupils for Instruction in voice culture, Italian  method, also piano and organ.  For terms and further particulars apply room  5. A. Macdonald building, corner Josephine and  veraon street*.  ���M-EL80N L. O. Ly No. 1692. meets ln _. O. U. F.  J-^ HalL oorner Baker and Kootenay streets,  1st and 3rd Friday of eaoh month. Viaitlng  brethern oordlaUy invited. W. W. Bradley, Wr  M, A. Mlnty. Recording-Secretary.  CORPORATION OFTHE CITY OF NELSON  APPLICATIONS WANTED.  Tho undersigned has been authorized by  resolution of tho city council to ask for applications for tho position of ohlof of the Fire Department of tho City of Nelson." Applicants will  state ago, nativity, experience and whore,  whether, married or single, and give recommendations from chief of department where  now employed and from underwriters. Mark  applications: 'Application for Chief of Fire Department," and address  J. K. STRACHAN, City Clork, Nelson. B. C. ���  Dated January 2nd, 1901,  Notice of  Application  License.  to Transfer a  Notice is horoby given that I intend to apply  at the next bitting of tbe Board of License Commissioners of the City of Nelson for permission to  transfor my retail liquor license, for the promises  situato on the oast halt of Lot 4, Block 2, In tho -  City of Nolson, and known as tho Grand Hotel,  to Uustavus Nelson. JOHN BLOMBRRG.  Dated at Nelson, B. C��� this 3rd day of January,  1901.  Witness: Thomas Symks.  Notice of Application to Transfer a  License.  Notieo is hereby given that I Intend to apply at  the next sitting of the Board of License Commissioners of tho City of Nelson for permission  to transfor my retail liquor license for the premises situato on tha west half of Lot I, Block 9. in  the City of Nelson, and knoun as thi> Gluo Pot  saloon, to Thomas Sproatt.      GUS. NKLSON.  Dated at Nelson, B.C., this 3rd day of January,,  1901.  Witness: John Blombekg.  NOTICE. "  Rossland, B, C, November 9th, 1900.  To F. B. Salisbury :  Notice is hereby given that I, William Griffiths,  itend to claim the interests in the following  named mineral claims formerly held by F. BY  Salisbury, on which he has neglected to pay his  share of lhe expenses of the annual assessment!  work.  To wit:  A ono-halt (J) Interest in the "Bunker Hill"  mineral claim.  - A ono half (J) interest ln the "Sullivan" mineral  claim.  A one-half (i) Interestin the "Fidelity" minora,  claim. ���   -"       -   -  All the adjoining claims, Itnated on the west  fork of the north fork of Salmon river, ln the  Nelson Mining Division,  This action Is ts>ken under Seotlon 11 of Chapter 15,'of the statutes of 1889 and amendments of  1800.  . "' WILLIAM BYTOWNSEND,"  '   ^eut for W_l_,m Griffiths. 3*ri*__UVM3__2��U~  '���t  _L_<       7  ',.-  V  ��**,-  - f  j  *>,  ''} '  THE TRIBUNE: NELS^rrRGlt^BTDAY   FEBRUARY 8 190t  Assayers Supplies  We carry in stock a full line of Assayers* and Chemists'  Supplies. The quality of our goods cannot be excelled  and our prices are  reasonabie.=^_-S: ���-  We are British Columbia Agents for        __m  THE DENVER FIRE CLAY CO.'S GOODS  WM. AINSWORTH & SON'S BALANCES  SMITH & THOMPSON'S BALANCES  BRUNSTON'S POCKET TRANSITS  W. F, TEETZEL & CO.  VICTORIA  BLOOK     NELSON,  B. C.  fhelJeison Clothing House  ������  Great Slaughter Sale  ���t  FROM JO TO 25% DISCOUNT FOR THE  NEXT THIRTY DAYS. - *  Goods, I have decided to sell for tho next thirty days all  iot considered, and in  from 10 to 25 per cent  best bargains ever  disconnt, and nil Rubber  offered iii the Kootenays.   MyltocYis iri'new and up-to-date and the sale Is genuine, so now avail  yourself of the I  foronly30da>s,  J.  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Graham,  the undersigned will offer for sale a very desirable 7-room cottage on Robson street, together  with a complete assortment of household  furniture on  Tuesday, February 12th, at 2 o'olook p m.  ��� The cottage is designated as No. 17C, Robson  streot, near Stanloy, and Ii built upon a lot 50 by  120 feet. It la fitted with hot and cold wator,  bath and all modern improvomonti. and the lot  is fenced, containing a lawn and garden. >  The property and furniture may be Inspected  on the morning of salo.  Term<3.���On the real estate: One-third cash,''  one third in six months, and balance in twelve  months.  Terms on household furniture, cash.  KOU FURTHER PARTICULARS API'I-V TO  CHAS. A. WATERMAN & CO.  NELSON, B. C. AUCTIONEERS.  THE GRANVILLE SCHOOL  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver.  Boarding and Day School for Girls. Will reopen January, 15th. Terms moderate.. For teem ��  and prospectus apply to '  JJADAJIOISELLE KERR. FflBCipaL  CITY LOCAL NEWS  The funeral of Willie Morgan, a  colored woman who died at the  general hospital on Tuesday afternoon, took place yesterday from D.  McArthur's undertaking parlors.  The following new publications  were added to the public library  yesterday: An English Woman's  Love Letters; El.anore, by Mrs.  Humphrey Ward; and Geoffry  Hamlyn\by Harry Kingsley.  The date for the fancy dress  carnival in aid of the general hospital has been changed to Wednesday  evening, February 18th. The  twining of the May-pole will be one  of tho carnival's features.  It is expected that Rusco & Holland's Georgia minsttels will appear  at the Nelson opera house on Tuesday, February 20th. The company  cousists of 50 people and it is said  that their productions are well received. _ They are at present playing in Seattle.'  The Vancouver World has revived, the story that captain J. W.  Troup isHo be - appointed commodore of the Canadian Pacific fleet of  Coast steamers. This rumor has  been started so often that no credence will be attached to the story  ~until'some official announcement is  made from Montreal.  1 Owing to the continued illness of  magistrate Crease,^ his worship  mayor Fletcher presided at the  police' court .yesterday morning.  T\yo prisoners,4 Thomas Hogan and  T.-Eauraester, were brought up and  charged with being drunk and  causing a disturbance on the street.  They were each fined $5 and** costs."  A drunk fell through a window  of Mr. Frank's second hand store on  Baker street" about 11 o'clock last  evening. He sustained several bad  cuts about' thef ace from the broken  glass. He was immediatelys ar:  ���rested, by constable Hardy and  locked up. Two other drunks who  became rather noisy-, were "-also  arrested...'AU-will \s6me before the  magistrate tliis morning;     l_  ���""���..t        ><:  ' ; "-.'" '���>  '."'Death of a Prominent Lawyer. -  v i ��B: B. Osier, K?A, who' is .--known  as the"Kreate8t criminal lawyers in  the v Dominion of -Canada, died-at  Toronto.bn Tuesday, February.,5thr  HisXbrother,.F. W: Osier, < a-,real  estate agent of this" city, received  word to^jthis effect on Wednesday.  -Mr. Osier was about to- leave.Toronto for, London, England, when he  was .taken^suddenly* ill and. passed  away "in Jof; few* hours." He": was  nearing the age of 60 years'and had  followed ,the legal -profession" for  over thirty' years. " He was born in  England and received his advanced  training in law in the best ''universities of both France and his native  land. He has figured,in some of  the most famous , criminal cases  ever held in > the courts of the  Dominion. Mr. Osier pleaded for  the crown in the famous Riel-case  held at Regina in 4 885, and also in  the"; well known" Birchall murder  trial -held , at', Woodstock' several  years ago. He leaves several  brothers who hold high positions in  the various professions of life.  y Masquerade Ball.  The.masauerade ball tobe_giveji^  by the. Waverley Social Club at the  opera house, on Monday evening is  the first of its kind to be Jield in  the city, and so complete are the  arrangements that a grant! success  is assured. Over 300 invitations  have" been sent out and a large  attendance is looked .for. A  lengthy program containing a  -variety of the most popular dances  lias been arranged, aud the lover of  the merry whirl will find no lack of  pleasure1 on the occasion. Many  beautiful and varied costumes are  .being made, and these, "with the  'elaborate decorations of the hall,  Iwill, without doubt, present a most  striking picture to the onlooker.  IWambold's orchestra, consisting of  'eight pieces, has been engaged, and  it is believed that the special music  jrendered bylifc on?the occasion will,  be equal to any ever heard in the  'city. The balcony will be open for  Spectators, with a.small admission  ���'fee.  :   Montreal.���Rev. James Callaghan, chaplain of the Hotel Dieu hospital and a well-known Irish clergyman, died this afternoon.  TWO SESSIONS OF COURT  Oasts Beard'Yesterday.  ��       i    .     .    .  The '������supreme -court now being  held in Nelson conducted two long  sessions yesterday. The case being  heard was Brackman & Ker vs.  Oppenheimer,'and when the afternoon session 'closed at 4:80, only  tha evidence had been taken.  This is one of tlie special jury  cases and iu selecting the eight  juror from the* sixteen that had  been summoned there was a strong  protest made against some of them.  At. first only six were obtained and  afterwards two that were objected  to were allowed to sit on the case.  Something that" seldom happens in  connection with any jury occurred  j ust after they had taken their seats.  T. M. Ward,;who was one of the  " a_ _ ���  jurors,1.* was-^examined and-* crdss-  questioned "in J order .to ascertain  whether he(;was partial" to either  side. He stated that he thoroughly  understood thg Cease, but he' said  after taking~c*the> oath he was  sure that he could arrive at  an     honest" - Verdict     The     case  Ms   one-���������that'' has    been" to    the  'court'" .of appeals and. ' has  been sent back for a new trial. It is  alleged that the defendant failed to  carry, out a ~ contract in which he  was to.have supplied . the plaintiff  witft*37-cars" of hay. The contract  is" said to ..have been made in  October,-1899. It is alleged that  the plaintiffs by not receiving the  shipment - of jhay sustained heavy  losses and 'are now -suing for  damages.    ^'\7  ' Frank jGibbs, the local manager  of the firm, was the first witness to  take the box. It was about 3_ o'clock  jn thejafternopn before all of his  evidence had. been taken. His  evidence brought out the facts iu  connection with the contract that'  is said to have been made. Several  documents .arid letters ���' were -produced and laiii before jthe^court.   -  " j TheLother'"witnesses inT~the_, ease  were-Blal&f Wilson, G: F. Motion J H.'  T.Stee'per,"^. H. McBridei'and   F.  .D.'Fortin, the'man'ageFbf the Ross  land,branch"of.the firm: -��� The" evidence centered^ around ,one   point  "and went to^sbqw what'was meant  by-the phrase "bought on board \ of  cars."   This^stateinent -^appearsc in  the alleged ;&jntractv''  ,_,  P At the close of.the   case   of -the  ^pfaintiff, Oh^J^OTlsoii; K. tC. - of  '. Vancou ver^ticr Is, aTctih g V for,, the.  -"defendant, presfenteda strong argument in favpi^lof discontinuance.  The application-was "not 'granted.  The case-...was ^adjourned liptil 11"  o'clock this morning, when the evidence of the' defendants will be  taken. *~There ���;will' be about six  witnesses.     "*" ,- ���    ���*   "   "  ���The jury consists ���of CN. T. ,MeLeod,' foreman;' F."Irvine, John  Cholditch, J. Dover, T.-J. Sims," "P.  Chapman, A. H. Gracey and ���T.*-,M.  Ward. ' *'..<-*    '  Court will be called at 10:30 this  morning and from then until 11  o'clock " several 1 chamber matters  will be considered. '   -"  "*- i ~  PERSONAL.'    :      \  Thomas Arisof Des~M6inesTlowar  is registered at the Tromont.  Charles Plowman,  a- prominent  Kaslo mining man, Is in the city for a few dsya.  - D. A. McKinnon of Sandon and  J. Wilson of Creston are registered at the Queen's.  W. A. Rannalls of Victoria" and  J. C. Garrison of Portland aro registered at the  Hume i_ <   ,,i  James Milloy of Slocan and J. A.  Kell of New Denver aro registered at the  Madden House.  G. W. Tait of this city leaves this  morning to accopt the position as freight clerk on  the stoamor Slocan.        ���_    ��� -        '  W. F. Du-Bois,-superintendent of  the well known Arlington jnlne of tho Slocan district, is ln the city.'' ,  D.   W.   Moore," "the" commercial  manager of tho Trail smelter, Is in the'city. He Is  registered ut tho Hume.  J. Bowes of Silverton, Alexander  Sproat of Now Denver and H. Chapman of Victoria aro registered at the Phair.  B. C. Riblet left yesterday morning for Peru where lie .will erect "a" tramway for  the Andes Mining Company^ "He will go "via  New York. ,  A. D. Charlton of Portland,  gen-  oral passenger agentof the Pacific division of the <  Northern Pacific, arrived ln the city last evening.   He leaveaior Spokane this morning.  - . J. G. Sullivan of Trail, "the chief  engineer of the C. P. R��� stopped ln tho city a few  hours last evening oo route homo-from Lardo  whoro he has been laying out lhe preliminary  work at the wharf "which Is to be constructed  there at once. ' -*.       -   '  SAVE YOUR  SIGHT  WHILE  THERE  IS TIME  SAVE YOUR  k 'sight ;  WHILE  THERE -  IS TIME  W. J. HARVEY, F. O. M; C. I.,  -*��w��_aWi&SS2^^  or  EEC.   BTEES   cfe   GO.  XT-SXaiSOXT  -ST-S-SXaO  SAXTSOXT  STOVES!   STOVESI   STOVESI  HEATING STOVES, COOKING STOVES, AND STEEL RANGES  Sole Agents for tl^e Original Cole's Hot Blast Coal Heaters  SEE OUR GUN8 AND RIFLES  HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL KINDS OF AMMUNITION _  TELEPHONE 37 Store. Corner*Baker and Josephine Stieet  Yesterday's CurUng.  1 Two interesting games of curling  were played at the rink* last evening. The game of Rae vs. Tamblyn  was jirobably the best game ever  played in Nelson. It was a twelve  end game and the scores were even  as each end was played. Rae's rink  won by one point, which he scored  when the last stone -was played.  The result and line-up of the rinks  are as follows:  C. G. Mills  C. Archibald  G. McLaughlin ~_  J. Rae, skip, 9.  "J. A. Dewar  J. HrFox       "    ,  R. H. Williams  G. C. Hodge, skip, 15.  D. S. Stanley  C. Morrison  .T. H. Wallace  F. A. Tamblyn, skip 8.  L Qobe'y  A. V. Mason  F. Bradley  A. Grant, skip, 8.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  .Cellar to Rent���Apply The Royal  ' Bank of Canada.  "   ���Cash paid- for * scrap-iron, brass  ' and copper.   Nelson Iron Works.   *  Good smart boy -wanted, about  15 years old.   Apply W. F. Teetzel 8c Co.  To tet���Furnished rooms" in Carney block. Reasonable rates. - \ ,      a    ,  Hack-calls left at". the   Pacific.  Transfer  barn on.-Yernon street).    Telephone  "call 35.-     .-     *- ,     .  " Wanted ��� To' rent four br five  roomed cottage. State terms. H.,~ Tribune  office.    ���"*     v .- '_ _  For Rent.���rTwo fine offices centrally located. .Apply to A. H.-Buchanan, Bank  rof Montreal. '      ."'"'_  , Two'-large, well-furnished rooms  to let. 1 and 5 Macdonald 'block,' corner Josephine and Vernon.-- ��� '    *-f-   i,   *-..' - . >..,  -Two"*' typewriters 'for"sale5_ good"  condition, Remington and Dunsmore. Apply at  ,the01dCuiiositylJhop.,,   .- ,. Jr - *-*  ;-J    -  "Rooms and breakfast' if-*��� desired'  at 324 Josephine street, four^ doors above Silica  "Street.' Mrs. Blaney. ~ ", ^ , *",*    ,  -"*_- "  Wanted���Board."and-lodging in  p-lvatefamily for boy-attendlnit'school. State  terhls to Fred Adie. Waneta. Brc*'       ' t    ' .,  Milk business for> sale���The only  dairy in Fernie,, 20 cows.-Will be lold at a bar-,  gain. -'Apply D. J. Whitney,���Fernle,^vC/-  For     Sale  ..Cheap���New   "cabin.  handy to smelter.' Apply, to George F. Motion,''  at Nelson Wlno Company s store. ^ ��-v-���   .  "A lad'wh'o>fias served some^time,.  at tho printing trade can find "A"steady_8itu-  atlon on applying to "NewB.'^Tribirae office.   ,  '  _~";New lot "just/in.!*���For,'fresh  candies, fruits, nuts, etc., call at* the.Bon Ton  Confectionery, Baker street, Miss A.'L. Khnk-  witz. t *-_ _*  v      ., ^y**-*" *-_  , Complete life of queen - Victoria.  Best book. Best terms. Outfit mailed on receipt  of 15 cents. -Address S. C, Miller & Co, Portland,  Oregon.      * >      "-    <3    ,  Eight-roomed house, partly furnished, to rent In the Hume Addition, either to  one or f wo families. Apply Mrs. Hartwig, Hume  Addition. -_-*'_ "_ i.  To Let-1-House on corner of Victoria and Cedar streets. Six rooms, bathroom  and modorn conveniences. Rent 925. Apply to  A. _S. Coxhead, next-door on Cedar street.      .'  For Sale���Moving picture machine  and stereopticon combined. Film*! eighty Boer  war slides. Every thing complete. Never been  used. Great bargain. Apply "Picture" Tribune  office. r ',    . "   -     >r  $100,000. - I want a- gold mine  netting 9100,000 annually. Free milling gold prop-  _ortles_wanted.^ Send_price,_tenns,_ f ull_ report,  etc. to Andrew F. RosenbergerrRoonT*, K-W C  Block, Nelson.   Telephone 101.  Miss" Von Der Werth���Clairvoyant, palmist and card reading. Gives advice  oavcommercial business and mining; reunites  unhappy lovers and broken-up families. Room  1, over Thomson Stationery Company.  For Sale���120, acres of first-class  agricultural and garden land, 12 mllos from Nelson on Kootenay Take Will sell in 10, 20 or 40  acre tracts. Price aud terms reasonable." Apply  or address A. F. Rosenberger, room i, K-W C  Block, Nelson.  The Prospectors' Exchange is the  only place in British Columbia wheroprospeotors  can exhibit samples of their oro to the mining  Rubllo. Send samples of your oro for exhibition.  To charges made for exhibiting your ore and  listing your property. Room 1. K-W-C Block,  Nelson.  Telephone 1W.  Consult W. J. Harvey, F. O. M. C.  I.. Professor rf Opthalmology, Doctor of Optics  and Scientific Optician, about those headaches,  pains in the eyes, eyes crossed or diverged, visual  defects on tbo fitting of spectacles that are absolutely correct, at McLean's drug Btore until February 9th. Hours 10 to 12 and 2 to 5.  Mr. Frank Harman, of -the firm of  Haiman Brothers, Kamloops. in his letter to Prof.  W. J. Harvey, F.O M.C I., of Toronto, makes the  following statement: "Before applying to you  for treatment my eyes were giving me so muoh  trouble and canning me eo much pain that I hod  quite decided to give, up my business as blacksmith, us the glow of the forge nnd bending undor  horses was bo hard on them. I had consulted the  best eye dootors on the PaclQc Coast north of San  Francisco, and they could give me no help, but I  am pleased to say that by the aid of the spectacles  you prescribed for me I am able to .work all day  at theliro and the flnosc work without incurring  the l"ast inconvenience and am entirely free from  the head and eye1 aches and-general defects of  sight from which I formerly suffered. I have been  wearing your glasses for nearly three years and  cannot express the thanks I feel.  SUNDAY OBSERVANCE  Rev. J. G. Shearer, traveling ~  secretary of ,the   Dominion  Lord's Day Alliance will hold  *    services in Nelson on Sunday, ���  February 10th as follows:  First Baptist church atll a.m.  Congregational church���mass _  meeting at 8:45 at which Rev.'  H. S. Akehurst will preside.  St. Paul's Presbyterian church'  at'7:80p.m*. ''        i  It Counts in Results  The particular housewife wants  the best materials for her cooking:  Nice Sweet Butter  Good fresh Eggs  are our specialties. They ensure a delightful freshness in  all you cook, and attractive  daintiness'when it is served  on your table.  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  The Leading, Grocers.  Telephone. IO  K-W-C Baker Street  iiii��a.ta..��T..i.i��na.'.i��t.ia..a..��ai..'rfTTTTT��wTTTTTrTlT^-��TTTTTTTTTTTTl^TTTTTTTTTtTTTTrllllllllMlll>liaar  THE   PROSPECTORS ] EXCHANGE  , .No. 4, K. W. Cc Block,       v     NELSON, B. Q..  ������ Gold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mines wanted at the Bxcbange.  ~   Free-Milliner Gold Properties wanted at once for Kaetern Investors. -,'  'Parties havingsuiinlng property for sale are requested to send samples of tholr ore to the  Exchange for exhibition, we desire to hear from all prospectors who have promising mineral,  claims in British Columbia. ~ ~    7    - ���_ "      *��� -       '-" ��� "    . "'"-"  Prospectors and mining men are requested to make the Exchange their headquarters,when  ' in Nelson. ��� -     -      -L*~ .' - *-   '  ���" r- " *-   _;     ��"-**-,..-" *  All samples should be'sent by express, Prepaid.   Correspondence solicited. -    _** yv* .z ���*-  ����� a-, .      . ��� ��� _ <\^-! -.J"*"* ".<._���  "Address all communications to~*  Telephone 104    -   *  P. O.-flbx 700-  ANDREW F.  -ROSENBERGER^; f*  ��%��� y ' y- Nelson,^B. C.  mmmmn  rTiil"in " ii-immi-iiniiiiiimmmimi  .tT.<m.-n.rlllliiniijl'  ���"���ti"  THE-  ',-' 7.' ���  ��� ��� s'     r**-   >"**>.  ?*!'a   rf'  -^J.r.^'i'-"-^  Mansfield Manufacturing Co.  ' '     -   nelson; b. c.     \ , y   y    ;  *. t  Builders Wd-  Gontractors  Having: taken over the business of the West ^ Kootenay,Brick &  Lime Company, Limited, of Nelson, I bear to ask for a continuance   \  of the patronage which-you have, heretofore extended them.  My,  aim-.willcbe at all times to supply you with our produets at lowest  possible prices.    Being* In a position to manufacture goods ln larger  quantities than before, we shall be able to supply the tradeat a ^  lower figure.;     - v . *��� ,. ?_ v  ������-It-'ls-oiir-intentlon-to^lnstall^maehlnery-to^ manufacture ovslLx.  marble products,'- and next season we shall be ln a position to supply  these products at reasonable rates.' r" ' '  < v. r . ,   >     " . a-/ ,       V  - ���-     We shall also Keep on hand a stock of Fire Brick,' Fire Clay,  . Tiles and Cement.    "     -   .     ' ' * ,'  Our Bricks and Lime Rock have taken the First Prizes at the  Spokane Industrial Exposition ln 1899 and also this year;   We also  secured prizes last year and this year for Ornamental and Building   *  Stone.  and  We  Builders.  are prepared to offer special rates, to ^Contractors  ERNEST MANSFIELD, .      _  tor The Mansfield Manufacturing Company.  ���    Suocotsors to  .,\ . The West Kootenay. Brick & Lime, Co., Ltd  REMOVAL  The Galfc Coal office has been  removed-to tlie .Ward building, on Baker street���two  doors west C. P. R. offices.  A full supply of Gait Coal  now on hand.  W. P. TIERNEY,  Telephone No. 265     General Agent.  O.We West & Co.  COAL!    -WOOD!  Surpassing5  Display in  Fall Suitings  All the fashionable creations  in-Fall'and Winter wear-are  included in my last consignment of Scotch and , Irish  Serges, Tweeds and Worsteds, and Fancy Trouserings  E. Skinner  Neelands' Building, Baker Street.  FRED J. SQUIRE]. Managor.  Hard Coal  Anthracite  Sf0.75  I___l__iI"\r_3DHiVlHII_  I Crow's Meet  I Coal  $6.15  AGENTS IMPERIAL OIL COMPANY. IffD.  No order can be accepted unless accompanied  ijycash*. .  Oi  And  Comer of Hall  Streeta.  TELEPHONE 33.  ARTHUR   GEE  MERCHANT TAILOR.  TREMONT, HOTEL BLOCK.  Large stock of-high-claw Imported  specialty of the square^ phonlder���!  fashion In oo-to.  latest^


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