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The Nelson Tribune 1901-02-04

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 ���?;'.-. ���  "S'j^V  /DAILY EDITION   BY MAILr  FIVE DOLLARS A YEAR  �����_  "a��r-*  NINTH YEAR.  NELSONyMONDA^IMO  .-&���;  CHRISTIAN    ENDEAVORERS  IN  CONVENTION   AT PORTLAND  ? MAINE' YESTERDAY.  8ynopais of the Principal Speeches  Delivered on the Occasion���Many  Delegates Present.  Portand, Maine, February 3.���  The annual convention of the Christian Endeavor society opened in  this'eity today. Following is an ab  stract of the speech of Rev. W. F.  Wilson of Hamilton, Ontario:  "The Dominion greets the  public. As Canadian Christian  deavorers we unite with you to  alt the name of Christ in business,  politics and society. Many problems tax the brow of the citizenship  of the twentieth century. But if  we have Christian citizens thoroughly roused we shall solve all of them,  for men and not man will hold the  keys of the future. Our -countries  are not great because of their size,  power, wealth or armies, but because of their splendid Christian  citizenship, and recognition of man  as the masterpiece of God. Christian  E udeavbr " looks upon man " as - a  leader; a teacher and a representative of God:     Let ; us, resolve-a-to'  * claim'- the4* dawning i-days ���< of "this'  glorious century for Christ.  "Our conntry's'tionor is the cause  of God.. Boston,' New. York", Phila-i  delphia; Montreal*: Toronto, Hamil-^  ton,   Chicago, * New J 'Orleans, _ St  Louis and San Francisco - hold   the  -balance of'power.   They- have the  ^people,, ?, the"-, wealth,   'the  schools and'churches that make and  mould public-opinion. -.Now' what.,  forces .control ���* these. ���> cities,-, -those  representing the' decalogue   or the*  ��� demagogue of the demijohn ?y You  know,and why?*"*" Because of-the in-j  . difference-Cof. our citizenship. 'jtAa  "Christian Ehdeavorers let us awake  resolving to make our. city-halls   as-  "honest'as the church -. and "demand  our city officials to be as Christian  v W;iY,as;the ,ele^  ' y iwhi^e^  ���I^^f-idriiil^  Yil^po^^  ^ylboa^p^  yy;deay^tei^e  fc?*^^^  7 worldYsiTiet ^s^re^ze:|ou1^resp6n|Y  S��hilit;j|**,yyp^  ���.'llfAftei^^  ^wjfcjieji^^^^  ���lyi&cSefcy^-i^  of the cannon. I am confident that  public opinion in America and  Europe will demand new protection  for those who represent the '?���. unselfishness of Christendom and for  those among the. Chinese who  accept the truths of Christianity.  -Reparation must be,*' made for the  .^burning of Christian property and  the destruction of ^Christian! lives:  fbiitrteest/ofYall^'there  inY^ChihaSand  America a clearer;  ^>erceptipn| of the unselfishness and  :brav;e -devotion Y of -.those; ��� \vhb }t(Or  '���loyb'^pf^^  *;their;ftfellbw^  -.greatest task which ever called forth.  !the energies of Christian disciples;  rsihce"th^.church began; Its ag*gres->.  *siye^OTkIn$hO^^  *?Rp__eY^YMeh;;;takei di^rentYmews:  "Pf the'enlargementY^  Jhaye no question' that Itls:;tp mean;:'  e ^areffawth^,^  izatibtefchd^  ideri$��bf Yone^pf Sthe  *" 'bf^Chin^^  thaflfl^BHBhet a man who spoke  the;Ehglis!W^  who did npt^jrej pice *'ti^giABwricar  h^becpine;;^^^  hai^;whi^-^^��9*%:lias YlMd'Kuppn;  Ja_jan��*C^ea^^  dia'aridfuppi-Jth^S  [slandsjp^clijs^  beeii^ibKe^-iafi^j;^  hae:b^rie;tl-$;.^  of^ie^'-OP^  YESTERDAYS    NEWS   IN   BRIEF.  A CRAWFORD GREEK DEAL  AN EASTERN COMPANY SECURES  y      VALUABLE MINEB.  ^>rt'.ys(i  j^a^;:.r*��l4l^VA*w^;.-,KW''.yr>liiS  One Thousand Dollars Said to YBe the  ; Oonflid��ration~rbther Mining   i  7777:777 7.. si News Notes. ~; 77-77777-:7777:  THE SERVICES YESTERDAY  S:  : ':.C^Y'  ^;Co&hel^.'|^ a aetil tfor?th��|jfiii-6i;  -May group; 8itiiat^,*6naprawfoKl  cifeekjiYateut^^  ���V00T0.^na0iMiAph:K $1^000. {  Mri;!*^^^^  urday, having just returned  from  INTERMENT  AT YPR0OMORE  to-:  died - iasbj*-Mayyi/and; the   presbrit;;  owners are, awaiting a settlement  of;*deceased's   estate,-;whichywiljU  probably^beScbmpletedv^ in a fewj  , weeks. Y^^e;;oldrtimev operations  will then^be'-riesum-edyY^   777% ;y:'  y In spealring^iri a:: generaiy^ay.-06  theY conditions; YofYthe Ainsworth^  icamp^^Sh^SsaW:^ ;. "The; Iprcra!  p^tSpTthe cam_yfor the ;coming!  season are brighter than they ;haye;  bden Yfbr*; Yyearet?;;'.j^mpanies yvithv  ���nrealB^are taking^lipid of" some Y<Sfc  the b^t; prpperti^  :n*mk|ng5Y -'a Y*Y goody slmwin*_yy TlieK  p^^tiesJn tlierschist belt;have up  ^m^ri^mstei-fcesYgt^'^bowm^  tlw^cbi^M^a^c^paratiy^ .-.,....._-=., .-..,.-.���.,.f-..-.,. ...,_- iV  ;more Y^extensiyieYLdevelopment7andf --e77:__t7_7_'___: 77*���_!.^%_^_7t_^77l_':7^_v*���*������_i'*a  jMperai^^achiE^^  Th��^O^^oiiy^ill>Be ������ftiyatej^nly  y ::Imyei diate M-d^rsof thri-ai-ilylYil  -:^7i-':7^--v>h>:rx:^]  *;:, A-ttendmg.':^..;Y; ,^:  ���������i.iM.i.  -^���:<^,:i<\^-^.:;^.-, ;--'- ; --������-���������.���;;-'���  ?each sfde.yThev*whole;  the  ���;-|^Npw,|^femis|y^  1 of. the late queen Victoria has been  |��g^!e_i��*^  niglft^idiq^gr^t^^  we^teri^i^tibh^^l^itir (^untyyy?  yCdRNW^iflbnfellj  ���'" ���   -^* ~-i��i.S!_^l-_A._Zl *-.  ^������J.-'^.' r:_1   ^ ���:.-:   '<-*,:-'3~*"-_  - jgM&ptiAV'l^^  b^i^6f||I^ig^p;s||eom^  8ur^nder^K|ai|i^S^i^|S^^  islaj^^f^  - ?|I^Npo&N^Thi_^  evening say s; that-the dukep-i^rhr  ,WAlifand^6rk^is^rogr^^  ;fact*OTil^t(^a***a|Mnval^  ' destroyed_jthe: large ;:plaht* 6fY:the  '_*^tionW^^irel;^^  hayehJearlyShis  ^St.Y Paul YandiYother casterh'YCities^  vwherehe^folrm^ a;c��m  Yis^backed;b^;ah;Yunlimi^  ?pf;*capita|j;^Tlie;n^  tws ;hay e ;not beenma^  ;^^:Mt;;i&y^iFire ;J^jW^w*a^ca5p|J  |it��list*strYof'$?Mbntir^  ;Pauli;Tptentb,;a|^  ^simsYwho'lresj^eJi^  '^OTklsJ^^  {er^by|'the;"^t;^  ^uite^^baWe^  :;^nced|b^'b^tha^ti^I^^  y Tlie;ppenii^u^pf StMs gprpper ^|  will"n^k^a^e^^^ic^  ���I)Kis^said5'|imt^h^  jtiaucj-fc^e'^  ^h^^a^l^i^g^lthe^  "jther^fislJaYplropbsiti^  ;^*^c|j8*|iMn*eJ^|i^  Crawford? bay.* Hen r.y,: Rojtof-; Ross-Y  landf -who weht^tb Montrfeal^ i^few^  ^J^^ag^f^|tl^pui^  . ing_aj3inelter and mining company,  isinpartnership with;Mr;rBraytph,  ;a.nd.'..b6thMar*e^;4pihgy';ali^  iMw*&rSt��lm^  |.*tMreithlSiSpnn*g:*f-j^^  this combination results, inr;success,*;  active v development work will; be  ;v-i,-.r---:i��i-:��':i,v�����<.:a..S>,-i.;;.v*_i.-.-.---��^-��i.'rfiS'''-^.J.*'=*;���''���':!��.������:  done on several   other, -promising.  r.vnnar>_.a_. ���nrnw*'lv<n.rn*nnw.lvinil'i';in.  lia^oim^t^sta^l^  Jin  __ "morningVaridsenr  --..v^.Y*'*>f��>''.L*>.'.V'**i'7^V>"1-.*' "      -    -   ���  ;SM)n-��yiupri8ing^Dr;JBOT*^  yIt iC��i ^otK^jvv^^  ity that you are carrying on and a  work'so;yiHal-aiidrs.ri^gic^that it  i  ; / oughlTpo mehfi)_1i(^pse^  *Yj^Oth'erhcbd**fmd;sis^  yciplea.*;K>inlifie?iBn^  -SPel^,%-^her*a^tKe^  \Yrepresentatiyes ofYwesterhSciyiliza-^  Y Mpi^y^ra Y^ghtin^  .--*- honor,;iYmen ;Yand-;- W6men^.pf^ all  ;; nationalities aiid^creedsiProtestaht  Y> and Catiiplic^FrenchY  h*atiyb*lDl^istian;ahd American mis:;  Y siqhariesiY^workeidY:1 tbgethe^iwith-  Yv cheerfurcpura^e^  ;l^d^hbjwbmen who^ xm t���; andC. used  curtains of silk'and satin and made  5-oyer10,000 saud;bags tbiadd to the  legation defences Vere"^  '��������� -diligent and;use^rat8-the^meh.Y :  Y YY"It is evident -thatYthese are the*  '. most Y^rrihfi^times Yin m  ��� itory---mbre mbmehtbus? thahythe  French revplutionY.'and.' the w*ars"of:  Napoleon. YY The   greatY moral  and ;  perhaps : militaryibattle of -; nations \  7 is :atYhand,Yand' i^estslwith those  "Y whovhelieye;-in the Americah"'_ype  7 of Christianity^ rilled'bythespirit  ���of. liberty and ^brotherhood, to cpn-  Ytrbl^theiyastY^asureless future'of-  7the Orient;;:7'Todajr) tl^ esres of rthe  : Ywbrld^areiupph* the far ;;east., Chris-  Ytianity has >e^  reformative spirit'Isiab"rbad.;ltwas  Ylihis that^  under the imperial Jezebel, the empress dowager, now happily an ex-  'IleYfrpm;her;capital.;Y:Y-Y;:'v;Y-   i;���'".���'  " (D��ut*;o]fY-thpy^esbn^  ahd'cpnfusion some things, will> be:  made plear, \vhett; all 'the facts are;  known. Y^The firstY ie:;this, ^thakt the;  chief cause of the present uprising  ��� of y- deluded    Chinese;y-tatriptisrni  . against the foreigners is - hot the  . missionaries and their teaching, but  the cruel selfishness, the deliberate  and despotic robbery ahd; diabolic  'fireed ;. pf   "which. the    sbrfcalled'  Christian powers ha,ye 'been guilty.;  .They have forced the deadly opium  traffic into the far east at the mouth.  ���BBBUNi^The^Germ^  has leceived a dispatch^from Ycount  ^^i|Waldet|ieeiYdated;^  announces that rail way Ycommunir  cation has-been*._,e9toredYbetween  ^klnijFe^Tai-'^ai]^;^  =/|;;;L^ppN^9^th||imp^  5pjec|s^^pldi^ipi^  jjtmen-E-'andjt^-YiU^  demand jfprYgpld In;^he|^en^BLmry  Tket;haspractically*; c^ed-;and;It| is;  ?hbt;likely 'thai* Y th^rBant^of SEn g-r"  1 land ^Ul tnuch^lcm^r  ?flye Yper>centTa,te^; Yy I YyY:';;;Yy��fy  S^STr^TbH^s^Men^^  queen Victpri��i were;heid^ste]��3ayY  anditodii-ysth^ug  land. '-YAn'pfficmlYse^  : by^ thei gpv*erhor ; sir : BtehryY; Mc^  i Galium and pother [high Ypffieials^ of  Istate was % held aj^the;-Anglican  ca^eidral:yesterdiay.:; y' .'��� v v- 7777.  ': YBBSMUDA.-T-TheY ^Americah;; ;barkr  AddieyMorrill' of- Boston,  captain  A.ndrews, which'sailed from Buenos  Ayres,yNbvemberYY23,;Y.hbuhd^Itb  Boston, and the American schooner  Break-of-Day,y Portland,,; Main'e^  captain Peterson, from San Dorningo  for New;-York,; have both arriyeii:  herein distress.  owners have not the means to carry  thisYput'^u^  ^^llliSl^lM^SuSy^  5^udj^|yB^c_^^f *Y- Y:__i^wprtKt  ;,^reived^m|b^Cit!3^^  ifflatch. is^in^rMJ^^i^  tSunlight;g^uji^^ittoted;a^  Milefvv^st'bf^h^tpvrn.Y:. Tlie (deyel?  YPpme^*5v^lfetfot^as;,b^  -t^l^rlgipupWaih^^  ?.60*0|*feefe:|lMtY>  sinking an incline shaft which is in  ;ab<^;lp0jfei^S|I'^  the way,' and, the - company intend;  Jibp^OT^n^aCalMfiSidera  ly^l^Utmgljt^l^  .there ha9..beeii a decided change-in  |tih^harafeSe^  better. ; It is-expected that within  .: the next' 30 pr;ll0 feet a considerable  ed',ii^seywsSYpJ^cesY|m;^  c^|^is^inclme|^  Sbeii-^icu^imrnemi^  ^ithftBS^aSr^f^M^theMe  tpr^kt^igi^|l^he|_^  mi;i,'_^'^*1Vi*i''!**?K'''*.!1^  ;$1500,Y  ^r^i^t^lie^u^^ti'  names  of the claims are Bluebird,  C"  iGOTei^Shaffej*^  Copper;Hill,Sedora, Hazel May and  IJ|er|PiB^^  .^e��^aiad^soutK^st^  {s!ig^l5^o^t^|^^t|^  Y^M^|*|It";^has'Sk|!spi  ";t_reV_urfiRicb^fbipa:iiistehce^^^b^  ?^����^^l^tli'$j^0^i^^^orlcj  :h*^]M^^pne^^e^^p^  immense ledge.'���:carries bbrniite,'cbpr;  fper^pp^tes||ana^  which are"found both in.quartzand  Jsl'&i^SB^Wes^  :;i3!;Y8^'qu*a'h-iai-^bf^  i iissay s, high~|i^^ppeiV^;old ^ar^d^sil-f;  By cbncehtratibhlbf rthe whole  'tionssare;at,:present being, made^-fbr^  jthis:new-machinery; and itrfewill & be'  ?inst��llea'-^;spring;'^^.iu^y^^^^  ifetc^^d'cs^talS  jists^;^af||^^gArigel^|s^^  herta^membHaiclirA^  since it was deposited there yester.r  fda^^*T_ie^:pfficiy's|^  :hpi^B^idt;?a.iPs^  ;^d;^e?6^_i*^-;tbb^y|^g'^^  -miMb'^rie_(*as|a^  igreatjais^aypfi^ea^s^a  ;-ferment;at?Frc_;^  morrow at 3 p.m.    The; coffin   will  ;be��*cpnyp^^  drawn' by artillery-' horses; "which  oWill rehearse injtheimorning.'uThe-  ��� 'j--'���s'--''>��-^j ���.-?���'��� v>;--^^  giiard9 of honor will be fYthe,. late  queen's Wmpany of the 'Grenadier  lGtiaMs50h^|regime^  l&m-p^yin^j^^^cprlV;*^^  .soleum.YY'The ceremony Y^there will  be private, -the- immediate members-  ^f;the|rbyal^fainiiliy3atte^i^i^  $rchbishb'!^^  s^inch^e^nd^he^d^  ���iSpKMii;pffi^__a||^^||||^  ;:|f;(The|^pir|pf^t^  royal," sirWalter Parratt_directing,  "|^iU|5efider^the^miis^  ^Ul||me^isth(^pi^  Ysteps of the chapeL^ridrv.with'i.tiie'  iclergy will precedeYthe coffin;..the.  ';'royal personages with the servants'  ���and the late queen's --pipers follow-;  fin��|j|^i|m*^  this morning in St.iGebrge's chapel,'  litt-ei-MM  :��� Alexan-3iraj_;-the ��� ������;^duchess/of i.C.oru-^  i;-ii^i����m*dl^br3_||e^^^  on each sitiLe.^; TheY whole; Of:  ^c^le'-y��^l:De"l.e^  Y YFrbm;the (Jebrge IV archwayYt��  ^h^Lpng; Walk gates will bpYiinder  ;Pontrol of the lord stenr^d^^vHo  williSBue tickets of admiflsion. ,The  portion;of LbiJg^Walkrbywjkwhich^  t^e^prbcession -'-,wiU;_inbyel^ii?1tie"'  under the direction of the'mayor of  Y*|Fpllowihgf theYcbffihY;Tnii��waife  ���;kingYiEdwarf^theY!duke^  naught, jemperor William, the king  Toi YYthe*BelgiM_,\:prince iHMrySbfi  *������.-)..:���-.  Di'.;.',V-.*:,-'.-'.5:,-",1--i.'':v'"'-  Prussia,, and all the royal perr  sbnages, including queen Alexandra  and the princesses',* with'the eicep-;  tion.of a few who left England yesterday.   These will be accompanied  i^p^b^j^^!^^:1'"--^"  '.. v:v- w>v^ ���.*.._���������#.*--���' . ^.:^.*-i''45'v*''S^i'^;.i&''ra:^*.:':<g^yV:-*ra:^  "   "   "���"  ^':'J*!'rW��!$  .-Mt.v'^.fJ*;  iPJlfElfflflMlCARNEBIil  *1;'i*.'"-!^;-.*^*-J'V'r-v''.iS4'^  i*r^.jif4;"-i-v-A/''i>^:y*^>y.;:'"5:;;:;'-:k'^,';".". >\77^7::-^77^^si0$f^7..^^  .*-���*��� A   wnwawtro-enrritttiar^xAvri:77_i_.��7.xm:-'_^m  yWOMANLY  vh^hei^isui'fc^il  cession  v>-';Ali'':^'C0nc8rn'^;^incIuding.'.*:<vthe':  u^rp^ra^y*-ulY*tyaui-Yin>to  '""'ioii*fS^laj^|f*OT  ce haiTb^en;^^^  order "arid the;spectacle will-be  imr'  ^pl^siy^^ba^sSpI^m  |marcKM|^tilSthe;  ���^^h^gf|_tffeuj;t^-i^th  ^iU'be��privat^"'as^hereS^  roomfpr^.the'mourners and* clergy.  iTi_8"--_tiSii-'j'i^iiH  \ lirah?s|satShem ���I,'? Yeajl -.^mghlYil  Walki".the hymn "Sleep Thy^; Last  Sleep"^ and Tennyson's."The Face^bf������;  Death is Turned Towards T the vSun  oJ^I_ighti'^j|^mus^  |6Ms;ipmmg|^^^Mi^^  r&c|isrtpl;;ftu*|en^  AbrrJi^/_^._C  tThe;meet>ft^;6M^  iih]hb^^^;;t^  ^^|^iy|i^ijep^|a^  wpmw^^|^||^^ther "'  " " "  ^it^"*5*au!?M*r  ;^OrieIbfltheiimpbi^a,htftp|��ia  [d--Mr;*5Rai^'fiffifi:i^"of;nii'pfi*hm��*'^^^****s  The duke Yof/Aosta,   the.vcrown  ���w.*ir-*'K  prPyi^l^hi^f��^  tM^uke^pf^onnajugrfi^  I^V^ipffib^lat^q*^  fladies^ana-gentlemenVpf^th^:^  I HouseholdJgfTheyri"^^  ;yer.'      ^ ���...���...,   mass a product can be;bb*fcaihed th^  Ywill pay; handsomelyp 'tp ship^'YThp  f*engineer^ho-repor^d?bn^  Yertyv states ��� that The would advise ���;  theerectibh; of 7a smeltei^tp'be run;  in ypnhectlpn'"; ?withY; the |minb ���,and'-'  :then''ship'the;inat^.;vVY.'-/Y'y  ^v^^y Yi.**-'A-'^wef^;*?.l_tawi_^ 'Y':;Y:  vKansas Cityj: February 3.yA;"C.  Rankin   of  Pittsburg, who   is eii  route *homeY;fronir the temperance  cbnyehtibh;tha.t^ has justbeen hpld  at iTopeka,, said; .that Mrs." Carrie  Nation, 3a(��bnipa.niedb^ her husband and three; orYfpurYbf.��]_er-\fol-'  ipwprs^'wiUYYgQfri'tbY  ter part   of; next week, probably  stopping a day each at Kansas City,  YDes Moines a.hdi Sioux (3ity.  -   ;  y ^The ^object "of  the^yisit," Mr;  Rankin said; ^will f-Bei 71piirfbldytp  let Ythe "people .khow: that Ythey axe  ���npjVa-ipt'pf; crazy Yyrbnieh,^^tbYgive  Mrs. Nation* ahtoppprtunity to present fairly the situationYas it exists  in Kansas,-to, arouse .and quicken  the temperance movement ihothei'  states aahdtbraise^m  opt the crusaders' lawsuits in Kan-  'sias.";Y*;Y:Y'Y:V:'::--:7::~>;y-������;���; \.*  .������������...  It is promised that there will be  ho damage.' .wrought.'..,on this trip.  However,"' it is said' that future  plans of the crusaders include an  extended:-tour of saloon wre|cking.-  Mrs.Y Nation''has received invita  tions to lecture .in many  Cities. ��� 7":'7:: 7:--7':.-':  Y��� ' ;YIn'*aie AinsworthYDistrict.Y;Y;.  Y Leander Shaw of AinswfOrth; was  in Nelson a fewhoiirs bri'' Saturday  eh route to Revelstoke^ ; Mr; Sha-w;  is',',6ne of,the owners of. the: -7S<o.71,  8ituatedjabputfthre^  tbwhrandfch(B Crown gVoup^situated  near the No. 1;- .At present development is beingYcarried ^        the,  'Crown." j On this Yclaim ; there   are  two good silver bearing veins.   The  ; yeihs.ayerage about three- feet in'th.   On the;westvein a tunnel  has been run about 40 feet, for the  purpose of tapping the main lead.  It! is expected that the'lead will be  "reached;ihYabbut'six feet mbre^; -At  present no work is. being i; done ion'  .this'but it wUllbe resumed.. in the*  spring.; The assays from this vein  giyes;from^^20 to 150 ounces   in :'sil-  ;ver.'Y;'It;is;a 'dryYore;:n';Yir,.y- '���%./  7. On the east *veih where;theY*wprk.  is being done at present, an; incline;  shaft has been sunk 25 feet, being;  in-pre all the way*;; About: 110 "feet;  .;beloiy.a;.crosscut tunnel   has Ybeen;  started foi* the purpose of tapping  I'the lead ait about * 80  feet; verticle  depth��.7The tunnel7has   beeh'Y-run'  about j60 feet and the Y yein should  be reached in another 16 feet.    Carbonate ore |frbm; this   shaft   gives  about 405 ounces in silver; and   ga-  lena returns about 20QY'punces.i .On  theses'jtwp^^properties there:is agopd  water power and miil timber. .-*'  On No. 1 "group foiir men "'are  working. The work; is entirely confined to the upper *workings,Y* This  property ������ has been comparatively  idle for some time past. The title  eastern I of the property was in the name of  \ Dr. Allan Haley of  Ottawa, who  (thatYbjiei*--^^  .pose commencing "operations on this  |ipr6^erj^^a^put;^Ma^  Imine^JMSjab'out/Jtti  l^jPPihKPJCelat Shefmi^c^iwhiclv  gives.'an;assay of from $70 to $90  ^pei^-^^ii^gpW,:Ie*a^;'M^  ���;^er^iy*^*^l��Y.has|^^  ving^n^wM^urface^a^  the Ainsworth camp." The property  adjoins the - Star on the ,east and is  ^'thCplde^;(cr^n?g  the camp, and was -crown  granted  Yun^ejK-t%Spld; law^giyingS thelcbhirf'  jpanyfthe^jHgK^  ���spurs and"ai^lesYcrb^  .Jthe; claim;;..;/: Y:>v ;::^  iTheiEbucthYofi'aI030pro  uated-about tw'bmilesj^  Ainsworth, and imderr lease to the  ^^stohe';Brosfof^tl-^|Ht^^  showing up well. ^YSeyeri:Vmetf*are  engaged and are_ rempying;^out  three v tons[from the^prbperty -per  day;Y ^They expect; tp make the first  shipment to the smelter'*wi*thih the  next ten days. They^are:rawhidihg  the^bre.;'dpwn to the mbiithofc Coffee  creek--at the, rateY^of Yabbut three  "tons each day.r f * 'Yf^S^w;.J<p,/^y-5?;  y   Perished in the Flames.  ;7 New York, February i��ySearch?  ers in"; the ruins of Y^Wicke's Pigar  box- factory todayY^came; across: a  bunch of keys which were identified  by*;;Andrew^ POPPY-8* ^thbse|' of his  brother.-in-law, August; Schwandier-  man, a foreman In.the.;Wicke ^factory. ' Schwan^ermaanY^asT^been  missing since the; ;firi^Y iahdrr the*  police are how sure that he perished)  in the flames. Hisi;b6dy;';has not;  yet been found. A;, small piece of  charredYiflesh andi'aY.pieceY of the  thigh bone of policeman Muilih were;  found in the ruins ofIJthe : factory  tonight. "ThefragmeE^bsYwere idenrl  tified through Mullin's'shield, which-  was also' discovered, as; were some  brass;Ybuttons and a gold crown  filling Y;6f a tooth-,;; recognized^ as  Mullih'3^..:A; ,77^7-77:    7"- ��� ' ���  ifprhia;;; j ^pra|ciyil^lp^m^  This is a different  company .from |;ing .;mourning  yeils.^.VThe : only/  ! of a few officers and the" surplices^  of the choir, the^wholeiscene-' being"  : in strong .contrast.; to; -yesterdfiy's  Kh^Uai^dispIa^f-prS-ffi  'iliier chap^l^^s'crov^edlwitha^coh^*  ;gregatipn i-^blacK^g^'.%v:--;;^  i*||Sir!WaltOT;_^  ;li^(BYby^CUminaic^^  Y^ind^r^read��th^;^  .'���Taeipr^^s^erellthe;  ^s^r-Mery5^;ro^ing|t^  ;ipf|^ict*����ia^^  skinny _M\v8^^!:;TheY;*^^irY|��  Dyora^^tmthe*^^  Fount of :Merc3r^.''YrehderingItYVnth  ;ti^iatiful;effect.yThe;Right jRev.'  ^iniamLS*fobbs,Ybisho^fy)xfo-^  ^delivered Y the; Y funeral YYdiscpurse;  After 'the service king Edward and  ���emperor;��� William^YyTaiked " in Ythe  groundsiYand in theY evening they  attended a Ystrictly privaite service  at which- Mme. Albani sang.   Em-  ���perbr-WilliamYwill leave;; Windsor  Tuesday, accompanied by king^Ed-  Yward.'.-.-;; He will, take   luncheon at  Marlborough house, after which1 he  Jwill drive toYjCharing. Cross .station  "whereY he will ctake* the; train for  ���"Port;Victoria. --He will; fOllow;Ythe  same . route by which lord Roberts  ���entered London on returning from  'South Africa,'and a great ovation  IsYexpe(3t)Bd.;    ;     V      ' '':~'7" "[77'jL'  ? YRoute- of ^Procession.  The route of the procession will through Norman Gate, across  the quadrangle, through the George  IV archway, down Long Walk,  through the lodge and then from:  Long; Walk to the mausoleum.  The entire route from the George  IV 'archway to ithe gates of 7 the  mausoleum will be lined. with  troops '���':��� under the Ycommand Of  colonel Miles of the' First Life  Guards. The queen's:, pipers will  play from the gatesto the mausoleum itself. ; /  On arrival there the queen's company will open' outward and form  In double ranks on the steps of the  mausoleum. The choir will meet  the funeral cortege on the steps.  The Highlanders, pipers and servants on their, arrival will go  straight into the mausoleum and  take up the positions alloted to  them. Then" the coffin will be  carried into: the mausoleum, preceded by the choir and clergy. The  members of the royal family on  entering will - take places on each  side of the sarcophagus, the royal  household standing in the transept  of Hohenzollern; the Prince. VHpheh-;  lohe-Langeubourg, prince Arduff of  Bavaria,- prince John of Saxony.and  ^Kri^SMs^ryYhaa^  isbr'to* fe'maih'uhtil--after-the Ihter-.-  s?i^^*'y?ii#s^^yp;Sy^  jetfceE'Sndltbuehinglsc^en^^  .y ':-'W,.-A^-:'-3V^*'-i.s?t^-''.'-:Vt.:'V^^  llliirl^rri^i'eMent^  &^:;^-iKv;*fl;r^^'^;v.fl"'^';'c*>^t^*^^  sherAunyaryingfkindnessitoeyeryPnei^iJ'i*^  ixVi'Vl 5-ilXi.S*-ir 21 f_H .'i'i:,- -*i'0"_^^^��^ii_^_^-^i^t_:^W^m  \7[.*.;���: Y.; 'S";Y ^aker. Tucker Dead. ."���*,.  New York, February 1.���Commander B()oth-Tucker of the; Salvation army, who sailed on the1 Campania , last Saturday/ in the hope  tliat he would reach the bedside'of  his father before he died, will arrive  in England too late. A . cable  dispatch just received, by the Salvation army conveys the tidings of  his death. 'He was known to members of the Salvation* army as  "Faker" Tucker.  ^quarters of Y-the" globe- have1 come  ^innumerable -telegrams describing-  llibwSiSa.turdiE^'wa  ���i:'^_v*--��.*-''��'-J��'".'**--'''TV*'-L.;'-'i-;**;'r-^^^  ^eygr^ajf^  ���their:^ ordinary ��� labors were.. aban-.  ���doned for religious services.and the  *xtf**��-T*tf rf>7-^(*i:.'��"^'*i^��'^-A'i*i,--!.:^7��a*-;S'>? VMV":Sift  ithoughtsiwerai'-rturnedgtoward :.>the ���  Ibi^^ic^^Throi^u]^.^  't^tf';ji-^j^sjh^^  able proofs; of- their-veneration for;  ithe queen and their, sorrow in.her.  i-death;*!.^*; t77-m7$7m77^: 77:77 iis^;, ��*S  SiYgEmperprYJBTancisY Joseph; and i theY  I membi^afof^theYjimperial; family|at|  t-jtendedT^'th^-mehw  ^ienna^^dj^he|:f J*apahSe^?diet|  a*3ppiied ^ii^splntibn pf Y^ndplehc^'l  l^lTne^mpr'ningl^  ;^itiiripg<��rd^pf.:^  aref^hoU|;;��^^^ elahpriatpj  pictorial and���'; literary, descriptions  pf Y Satui^*ay? sssc^ 7.-&1 .-M y��  *Y_S;Ita ;YjsY/u^derstppdMtimtYiem^ror  Y^iyistm^ill;:r^aih.fp  of iqueen ^Victoria's will, which/is/in  her own handwriting and isa most  voluminous ft document, Y including  eyery=detei!p��^  as Yshe seemsYto- have anticipated;  that .she "would   die ; at^ psbprne-  House.'';   The kaiserY will -then^b;  direct YtoCrooherg; to ;;giveYY his  mother, dowagereinpress Frederick,  a full account of the ceremonies.   Y  ;'       V; Husband the Murderer/  Pittsburq; February 3.��� The  slayier of ��� Mrs. vBucci, orb Botti, as  she was called, who was found  murdered at her home in the East  End Wednesday,"is now known, but  at present has not been captured.  The nine-year-old daughter, Anna;  who,' with her 15-months''; old  brother, was lying on the couch  with her mother when the killing  took, place, has told the  fastening the crime on her  The neighbors of Botti  jealousy of the cousin prompted  the husband to destroy his wife.  Neither men has been arrested.  -.��.*at|  "mm  Piracy Y-IricreasiDg,  |re^*r^d; f rpm|<^  Imah^bhsui^het^hasYdema^  I wounded vinYtheJjreceh't'i'/butrage'i^ '  Ithel^^pi^Pi^i^  jbthel^a^gMg^i^  I ;";dRimc^s-^crea^g|t^such*Hi)ro^;'.  |l^tipn^t^^to|^nj^  I hmh'&dlb^e^  I wate^ ways/;.SThe * vice^^^epliei ��� tbYY  f;theirj;dem^^  j all that:;it]yyaa possible^ butjthe epny  Y��^;;arp:nbt;'^tisfied;;;Y-Y It is :nbt^uh?f -  Yusuailforpr^o^n^itr^  ml  :-ggl  story,  father,  believe  To Be Electrocuted.  New York, February 3.���Warden Johnson of Sing Sing prison today sent; out invitations to those  ���whose presence is desired at the  electrocution pf Lorenzo Priori,  canvicted of murdering Vincenzb  Garagusi in New York on December 11, 1899. Among those invited;  are a number of physicians. The  execution will take place in the  death chamber in the state prison  here at 6 o'clock Wednesday morning next. The murder was the result of a quarrel over a game of  cards. Priori was to have been put  to death three weeks ago, but a reprieve was granted by governor  Odell. " ;**.; ;'*������' '���'   ���'' .'  New York is building a state hospital in the Aditondacks to cost  $100,000, where patients with incipient consumption will be treated;  portedrfrbm tlie,river in'one day.  ;���;���*NewYYork's.War, Against the;;Tip.y  ;,-';.'Y-;-*.i 777 Cliicago- Times-Herald. Y.Y;YY;V;;7\  Y A vigorous war; against the "tip"  is being prosecuted in New York,":  and there seems to be a chance that  the people who are fighting for fair  treatment at the hotels, restaurants  and other; placesYwhere; a man has  to pay twice for. what Y he gets mayY  succeed in, winning pu't.Y Mark  Twain started the' fight several  months ago when he refused to  "tip :���" a cabdriver. The enemies of  the " tipping " nuisance were waiting; only for some one to take the  initiative,, and when the famous,  humorist did so there was an immediate uprising. Cabinen; barbers,  porters, '..waiters \ and Y others who  had been In the habit of'receiving  " tips" when they rendered services;  that their employ ers had been paid  for began to extend their hands YinY  vain.'- Y.:jYY;.;i;V^v;;Uy-;'r:;:Y/'.'.;'Y  The new king'of Italy has begun!  aYwar against Y"pers'ohal" , jpurna-Y  lists.     These; gentry; have, so angered   him   by .their  persecutions  and publicationYpf  private domestic details iri the himself'{and  the queen that he has given oi-ders  that no   information of, any kiridf  shall be given to them i fromY the  palace.   He has also forbidden the  police to   say; anything: about his';:  movements, except when  they Yare"  a matter of public concern *   . >  William J. Bryan's grandfhiother,  who is still alive at the age of 98,  at New. London, Indiana, is Mrs.  Mary Gano Cobb, the descendant .  of Francis Gerenaux, a Huguenot  refujeeof 1686. Rev. John Gano,  one of the revolution's , "fighting  chapUns," was her grandfather.  -i'-lil  I THB TRIBUNE: NELSON B. Q.MON DAY; FEBRUARY 4 1901  to  to  to  to  to  to  4^Mefe��r:-l!M&&*    -*��3  ^  How Many Fallst  HAVE YOU HAD ON THE SIDEWALK  DURING THE PAST FEW DAYS?  to  to  to  to  to  *** *********************  to  to  to  to  IF YOU HAD WORN A PAIR. OF OUR��  to  to Rubber Soled Shoes .. .* J  to YOU WOULD HA VE BEW PERFECTLY .to  jj( SAFE.   CONSIDER THESE PRICES:     jjjj  Tg Men's   Rubber  Soled   Boots   in   Black   and Tan��: Regular'^  W price $6.00, Snap a. $4.50. JJ?  W. Men's  Rubber Soled  Boots  in  Black  and Tan: Regular w.  to price $5.50, Snap at $4.15. 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I-,*-��.  r - ���  :Thh; families   of .the, Canadians  j ������.  who were 'killed-in South 'Afric��  will not have_ much difficulty l'vn7  choosing bet.ween the-, patriotism of  sir Charles Tapper,, which resulted  in the(distribqtipn of $31,000 in life  insurance money, and the patriotism  of the Liberal editors who aeoffed'  at sir'Charles' scheme as political  claptrap.  "*    G. R.-Maxwell, the member for'  Burrard, is hack in Vancouver from <  ' a_recent trip to Ottawa, and brings1  word that the Laurier government  will   recognize British Columbia's  " claim   for   representation    in -the.  ���federal cabinet after-the taking-o����  the census. Should this information prove correct the premier.-wilL  have but four men to choose from,  Mr. Maxwell throws out a - delicate-  hint-that when the time is ripe he*  will be summoned to Ottawa him-'  self, but it is doubtful if the Liberals of the province share in his confidence. From a practical standpoint Ralph Smith should be a  strong candidate,as he would bring  a substantial labor following to the  government in the event of his  acceptance, which would doubtless  tell in the government's, favor in  all constituencies where the labor  vote cuts a figure. It is a qnestion,  however, whether the considerations which prevented Smith from  running as a straight government  candidate might not also prevent  him from accepting the -seat in the  cabinet. It would, of course, depend upon his ability to convince  his supporters that, as a cabinet  minister he could accomplish, more  in their behalf than he could as. an  independent member of the house.  Failing an alliance with Smith  either Aulay Morrison or W. A.  .Galliher would .doubtless be more  acceptable to the government and  -' to the Liberals of the province than  would the member for Burrard.  The contest over the North Bruce  seat in the house of commons is f nr-  ishing its quota to the store of pub-  lie knowledge of the election law of  sworn in by, men whose names are  not. on ,the, list. 7. Heretofpre,it>/was.  generallymnderstood-that if, a, rer  turning officer failed to initial the  'ballot paper   tendered to a voter  theJballotiin, .question, could not be  counted._��\This,,hojveyer,, does- not,  agree with'the views of  chancellor  Boyd.*- He   holds-that   neglect' of  duty, on-the part of a returning of-  : fleer Should not disfranchise a voter  and.says:that ballots not initialed*  ��� should'be -counted.) Several<tcases  -were also brought out in ^the, same  .trial in which men.were given bal?  lot papers upon,swearipg that their  names, were, improperly left off, the  -voters' list, and other cases in which  men were allowed to vote after- the  hour set for   closing .the   pollT^IhT  none.of these.cases, were   the,, men  required to   state; how they .had  voted, but from the fact the scrutineers of the Conservative candidate  demanded that - they, be furnished  with ballot papers/the; court, held  that , the   presumption   was - they  voted for the Conservative candidate and his vote, was reduced, proportionately.   This, ruling   appears  to dsipo8e.,effectually of the swearing-in process, of  which:, so   m uch  was heard in Nelson during, the recent bye-election for Yale-Cariboo.  The hearing in   the  North   Bruce  case will, be   concluded   today   at  Southampton.  ':allysadmitted; but Kamloops hasno  monopoly of -. such *-* advantages.-   If  the-neeessity exists for   the   establishment of a consumptive's retreat  could not some  point   be   selected  which   would not   jeopardize. the  health    of    the - people - of  Kamloops,   It is not often that, an   entire community is filled - with such  overflowing sympathy for sufferers  from   disease   as    to    desire    to  draw   them   to   itself   from    all  quarters of the globe.   Why should  direct contact be desired with the  ^disease, when the sufferers from it  could be as-well, cared "for at some  neighboring, point .which-would not  .expose   Kamloops    to    infection?  .Have the people of  Kamloops   a  -single eye to the eradication of the  plague, or is their sanitarium scheme  in some way mixed up with a hope  'of increasing the  circulating medium ? -__  The Lardo Wharf,  - The C. P. R. is losing no time in  having the work upon the Lardo  wharf commenced. 1, John G. Sullivan of Trail, the ��� chief engineer of  the company, W. A. James, his assistant and James McDonald of D.  McArthur & Co., who has the contract, left Nelson Saturday evening  for Lordo and they will . maker arrangements - for the preliminary  work. - The piles will be gotten out  at once and the work will be carried  on rapidly so as to complete - it<��� as  early as .possible.  The J3van_elical; Movement.  ' Manila,February .3.���Fewer than  400 persons'-attended the^ meeting  called* TSenor, Buencamino  at the Rizal theatrer to inaugurate  the "Evangelical movement." .Considerable . interest. was _ manifested  .in the proceedings and .there were,  some, expressions , of* approval of  - the^ addresses. ,, No. attempt how-.  ever*was made/to commit.the,meet-  ingto.Prote8tantism,.that,aspect of  the case,being.left' for > subsequent  action, at. the ^discretion .of; Rev.  James BY Rogers, - aY, missionary? of,  ���the-PresbyterianY board,. who- .was.  ^present? .-- The;vRev. . Mr..- Rogers  'preached a short-sermon; but-refrained from any criticism of Roman  Catholics. ,Rev. -Mr. Prautch of :thp  [Methodist ministry offered the four  gospels", in Tagalo' and, anti-friar  ^tracts, which were.sold, at ithe. door.  sfc-aa  0k\XHmy>4&% g_& * jft���1m  10���** ��� 0���Xw %0_w _ ^_\W m0k%w % 0_w ��____^ ��� 0-Xw m^kXw * 0_w %^_\w % ^LXW 9^_\W _, 0kXw -^ttW ��� ^tW �� 0K0  . .^^^��� ^___t__04______* ^______**_t___^__�� \______0^_\____^ W_____^^_\____w ^_X_XX____0 _____!____** ^______04___t____r*k_____r^______��' S-_-___. <_-___ ���_  + *ftbw ��� ^fe. *^^ ��� ^fe. *%^ * ^^ *%^. ��� ^&__. *^^ ��s^BMl *^fcT* ^Mr*%___ * ^^fc.'*^^ * ^^ ���<%^��__^^  to  to  to  to  m  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  L  KOOTENAY....  GOFFER GO.  .a**************.*********  . Coffee Roasters  -Dealers in Tea and .Coffee  ************************  Wo are offering "at loweat prloea the best'  - grades of .Ceylon, India, Chtnajand Japan..  Teas.  Our Best, Mocha and Java Coffee, per  . pound     9  **���*->  Mocha and Java Blend, 3 pounds  1 00  Choice Blend Coffee, i pounds  1 00  . Special Blend Coffee, 6 pounds  1 00  ,.ZUo Blend Coffee, 6 pounds  100  * Special, Blend Ceylon Tea, per pound 30  - A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  rKOOTEMAYffOQFFEE-CO;;  Telephone. 177.  P*0. Box-182.  WEST BAKER STREET, NELSON.  I  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  '^rk_3_-___j *���*''<���*' <���*'*���*��� ���*-������?��� _1!,'4_t'~_\'_t' ���?*'<���*' ���*���<���*��� ��������        -^ ^ft:^ 'S^iSl ^Si��& ^S^ft *3^*i& ������&*���&��� ^������^���S^_ir^  -   ^���.���C*'**?*-^?' ^T?j8r* ?5r��*-*^r��"^^*'^P''*^!'^f^',*5F*5r�� ^"���^P'^r*        - ���^5r*^5-^^5"^5*_5'^5^^-^5a^5'^5��i_5''^'^_5-^5��^5a^5��^?*  821 to 331 Baker Street, Nelson  American and-European Plant*.  THOMPSON & DOUGLAS  Victoria Street.  PAINTERS:  Dcooratora and  Paper Bangers.  The people of Kamloops appear  to have set their hearts upon establishing a consumptive's, hpspital or  sanitarium in. their, city, and as the  competition for consumptive' citizens i9 not very keen they will  probably succeed. The Tribune  has received a communication from  the health committee of the Kamloops board of trade, which recites,  that the battle with consumption is  a lively one, and requesting the  publication of a two;Columni  report upon the desirability  of establishing a sanitarium  at Kamloops. The Tribune has  too much regard for Kamloops to  be instrumental in making it the  battle-ground for any contest with  the wh^te death.   That Rauiloppa  MEALS  CENTS  ROOMS LIGHTED BY __USC7RICITY  AN!  'SS CENTS TO tl  BAKER STRHIHT. NJUjSON.  Lighted- by -Electricity and * Heat-  ,   ed with:Hot Air.  -large oomfortaU* ^tMdipoaia and. fltsb-etoaB  dloing-^oom. Sample rooms fof oommeiQwl men.  RATES. S2 PER DAY  y ''.-)"       Limited.    , .  CHARLES HILLYER,, '        ~ HARRY HOUSTON,  ! -    -' President and' General Manager. -   .'. " SecrfctaryiTreasurier  7   * All-Coinmimications to be'addressed to, either of the above.        -��� -   -*  ! '    -    -   r   "'   ..: .^ -  ^^���-���.���e.pTOparcNlto'FuFiilsh ^ " ,-I  tby.RolljYBapKA op Teama��� *-,-"     ,.~~~--.'-_  DIMENSION LUMBER .  ;      , R0U(S.H and DRESSED LUMBER  LOCAL Wiid^COAST CEILING  ;L0CALLand:C0AST. FLOORING    \  . ... DOUBLErDRESSED COJtSTiCRDAR C  :, .        \    RUSTIC; SHIPLAP,:STEPPING       ./y  PINEl and: CEDAR CASINGS  -J DOORJAMBSJWINDOWSTILES  TURNED WORK, BAND-SA WING  BRACKETS,^NEWEL POSTS..  TURNED'VERANDA,POSTS.  STORE FRONTS  DOORS, WINDOWS and GLASS.  ! Get Our Prices before  "  purohaetng elsewhere.  .���OFFICE: CORNER,HALL AND FRONT STREETS.   ,  FACTORY: HALL STREET, C.P. R. CROSSING.   MILLS: HALL STREET WHARF  iVJrs. E. C. ClarKe, Prop.  - tATB Qg-lH��'W*>TAIa-HO*g^CatSa*B��-���- ���  KJadden House ^sa^s?  Tbe onlj hotol ln Nelaon that turn renuOnea  undor one management slnoe 1880.. _.._..  ' The boA>raom4 axe waOifiwnlshaa and lighted  by eleotrloltr.  -'Thebar is alwaysgtookeftbrthe bert.dom u*  t_o ��nd Imported Hqnora and olgara.  THOMAS 1_APPHN, Proprietor.  SLOCAN JUNCTION HOTEL  1  J. H. Mol_AN_r8,"_5afoag��r-  Head Oj->iob. at  .   . NELSON, B.C.  Wholesale and Retail������  Dealers in Meats  , Bar stocked with beat bjandfl ot whifm, llauora,  and Cigars. Beor on draught." Large oomftwt-  aide rooms. -lirata-UN table boa'd.  Dr. Morrison,  Dentist,  has removed to his  new ofllcos ln the IC-W-C block.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BBXWKRS HmBOBOMS*Of  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PQRTER  Prompt and. regular  dell-err to the trad*  Brewery at Nalson  Markets at Nelson,  Rossland,  Trail, -Kaslo, Ymir, Sandon, Bllrerbon, Ne-v  Denver, -Bevektokej Fergason. Grand forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Mid  ���-w��y,. end Vancouver.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  WHOLESALE TRADE  /ERATED AND MINERAL WATERS.,  rpHORPE & CO., LIMITED.���Corner Vernon  ���*��� - and Cedar streets,' Nelson,' manufacturers  at. and wholesale dealers In -aerated'-waters and:,  trait syrups.  Sole.* agents for Halcyon Springe '-  mineral water. Telephone 80..    ,~ ._tf-  ,_-'   , ASSAYERS'   SOPPUES. "   * ~ '.  TXT. F. TKBTZKL 8c CO.���Corner Baker and  '"���   Josophlne stroots, Nelson, wholesale deal  ers. lncassayers supplies.-^genta"for Denva  Eire Clay Co. of Denver. Colorado.  COMMISSION MERCHANTS.    ,  HJ. EVAN8 *- CO.���Baker street," Nolson ,  ��� ��� wholesale* ��� dealers   In   liquors,   olgars  'cement, Are brick and fire olay,*'water plpe^and ���  steel rails, and general" commission imerohants..  ' ELEOTBIOAIi'SUPPLIES.^-cA  itrOOTBNAYJ BLBOTRIC SUPMaY^ fc' CON>'  \B** SIRCOTIONCOIIPANYa-Wholes-ledeal-,  Jere in telephones, annunciators, bells, '-batteries, *"  ! Oxtureti eus., Houston blook," Nelson. ~  <-.  FLOUR AND, FEED.  ���DRACKMAN-KER MILL-NO .COMPANY.  *-* -^Cereals, Flour,1 Gmln,-Hay.-~ Btralght or  mixed oars 'shipped;to 'all Kootenay-Points.'  Grain elevators at all prlnol] "   Mills at  *-   - C  Edmonton B.B. 'Mills'at VioL.  minster, and Edmonton, Alberta.  IsonCi  New  FRESH' AND' SALT MEATS. ���     '  BURNS;ft,,��� CO.-Baker street, -Nelson,.  wholesale dealers in fresh and oured meats,  Cflldstorage." - -  p.:  GROCERIES.  1  '1  A MACDONALD 'ft CO.-Cprnar Front and  ��� -Hall streets, "wholesale- grocers>-and  Jobbers in blankete. glomes, mitts, boots, rubbers,  maoklnaws and miners' sundries.  OOTENAY-SUPPLY  COMPANY,. LIMI-  TED���Vernon- street, Nelson, wholesale  grocers. ������   ���  JOHN CHOLDITOH ft CO.-  son, wholesale grooers..  ���Front street,'Nrt-  J*"���Y.-GRSFFiN^ft-CO.���Ffont-stseeVNelsoaf-  ��� -wholesale - dealers - in  provislens,   oured  meats, butter and eggs.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH. AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLSSALB AND BBTAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN 8EA8ON  Baker Street, Nelson ��  (J#  TRiWES,  ManaSeP  ORD1QRl>i BT-MaUL nillO'BtO'W OAR-BFTJ-ti AMD PROWPT" A'W'WWTIOV   ���������������<]������  ���       .'  I " 1 ... T  =  ROSSUAIVD   ENC3INEERINQ  WORKS  CUNLIFFE & MoMILLAN  founder* and Maohlnlsts, -Sjwolalty of 0r��   .m, Or^BIn Ooort.and General Mining Utohlnery.  List otsooond.h��nd:m��chlnory on hand, whloh hits' boon thoroughly ovor^aul^d 4Pd Is as good  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  HB Y-IBS ft CO.-Corner Baker and Josephine  ���  streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers ln hard,  ware and mining supplies.   Agents-for Giant  Powder Co.  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE    COMPANY  'Baker St., Nelson, wholesale   dealers in  hardware and mining supplies, and water ana  plumbers'supplies.  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  -Tho Gait Coal office has been,  removed to the Ward building, on Baker street���two  doors west C. P. B. offices.  A full supply of Gait Coal  now on hand.  the Dominion, and also of the man- j.ha&.climatic advantages, fpr   those  joer la. ��iaic-t votes are  sometimes 1 suffering with the disease is ganer-  W. P. TIERNEY,  Telephone No. g6��     General Agent.  LADIES' TRIIPEB KATS  Endless Variety  And?,,8uit.  mrs. e. Mclaughlin,  JOSEPHINE STREET.  A. R, BARROW, A;M.LC.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Oamev Vlotaria andi.  O. Box HO.  ^_V��]  ��.  ftfl  __i___T  1 25-H. P. Locomotive-type bo!ler,.wlth engine attached and all fittings, ready, to turn on steam.  -   -"xS"aDouble-Cylinderj-*rlctlon Draln-Holst, built by Ingersoll Co.  -  -   * - Can  ialp  i-Cjli  pklng Pump,'No.'5 Cameron, New-York,  1 Slnkine Pump,ao?xff'xl3��, outalda packed plunger, pattern.  Watob this advertisement for further lists, or write us-before you buy for complete list.  may havo just -what-you want;  Agepte for Nor they .Pumps.- Stock carried.  P.  0.aB0X> 188.  We  THIRD AVENUE,  ROSSLAND.  1     ��� j*  2���� fiM8l 1 IT.COSTS. BUT ONE CENT)_%g MB  Home Grown  Fruit and Ornwn��*atel, Roses, Shrubs  Vines, Bulbs, Hedgo Plants and ��oeds.  Extra oholco stock of Peapb.'Apr'cot. Plum,  rherry and Prune Trees. Now lmportatioiprori  Arse-class Rhododendrons, Rases, Clijnatua, Bay,  Trees, Hollies, eto.  80,000 to choose from. "No agonts or cpmmis-,  go?) to pay. NofumlgaUonor in8peo"ioncharges.   .  '  and.'inost   '  IrS"**  WUto Xasbor Only,  To drop us a poet card that we may> call and  Noroiv-havo-j any i plumbing* done, until you-  :lva estimates. Itt saves'many, di-lars*  e seen our-goods and our prices.  STRACHAN BROTHERS, Plumbero.  REiLEY & BENOY  SUCCESSORS ^TO H-D^AflHCROKT)  BLACK8IHTH8   AND   WOOD W0RK%<��  jtumxHmmaimB,  P. J. RUSSELL  Buyer and Exporter, or  RAW  FUR8   .cigars an ,   for Pa*bst Brewing Co. ot -ClHraukee and Cal  gary Bnwing Co. of Calgary.  POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE. -  HAMD-TON POWDER COMPANY-Baker  street, Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite,  sporting, stumping and black blasting powders,  wholesale dealers In oapa and f UBS.and eleot-ie  blasting apparatus.  SASH AND DOORS.  KELSON SAW AND PLANING MILLS,  LIMITKD���Corner Front and Hall streets.  Nelson, manufacturers of and wholosale dealers  in aash and, doorsi all kinds of faotory work made  to order.   ���  WIHES A1IP CIPA?5,  rtAHVOBlOA WINE. COMPANY. IalMI-  W TKD���Corner Front and HW1 streets, Nelson, wholeeaI�� dealers la wines (oue and bulk,  and d-masUo ana Imaorfted otnais.  ANTI-CHINESE BES0LUTI0N.  Pursuant to resolutions adopted' at a regular  meeting held on Saturday evening, December  22nd, 1900, all members of Nelson Miners'Union  No. 96, W.rF. M., are requested to use every  legitimate means '  . To Discourage the Employment>or  Patronizing of Chinese  directly or Indirectly,  who believe ln maklni  Highest Prloest  Prompt Kotwas  FolrvABSortmoat  sup b? ???f��a. NBI^SQ^ '|J. Q.  All union men and others    . ig this a white man's country, are requested to co-operato in giving effect to  the aforesaid resolution.   By order,  NKLSO.V MINERS'   UNION.  Nolson, Deoomber 22nd. ->  Tho above resolution has'been endorsed bv the  Trades and Labor Council of Nelson, and all  union men, and others- in sympathy with it, are  requested to gpvertt-tljejpselyos  ^cttrdfligly.  TRADES & LAB_R CO_'NC"fL OF NEWON  - Nelson,'Decembor 22nd. 1       '    '��    ' ��� ''   ���'  Aj^WppSg.  OAaaUuS-Arcttlteota. J *&~Z\'^'-Z.  :,t\^-iF-r$J*%fgl^$p>  si..  V'  I*  ''-..TS&i  .** -���" ?"3��S:  B��(���  *________���_���__  THE miBUNE:, aNEL^ON B. CoMOimiY, FEBRUARY 4,1901  BANK f)P MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up..'..��l*B.OOO,000.00  RUST    7,000,000.00  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       427,180.80  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President  Hon.-George A. Drummond Vice-President  K. S.Clouston General Manager  ���* NELSON BRANCH  Oorner Baker and Kootenay Streets.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  Branches ln London (England) Nkw York,  Cbioaoo, and all the principal oltiea in Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exohange and Cable  Trull sTo rs  Grant Commercial and Travelers' Credits,  available in any part of the world.  Drafts Issued. Collections Mado. Eto.  Savings Bank Branch  OORRKNT RATS OV INTEREST PAID.  HOWTHEDAY WAS OBSERVED  -\ THEFGSNICDIM f"  BANK OF COMMERCE  WITH WHICH IS AMALGAMATED  THE BANK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  -A,  Imperial Bank of Canada  * HEAD- OFFICE. TORONTO. -,    -'  82,600.000  $2,468,603  $1,700,000  Capital Authorized  Capital Paid up  Rest  Paid-up (Capital,  Reserve Fund,  $8,000,000  $2,000,000  ACCRECATE RESOURCES OVER 865,000,000,  Hon.  Geo. A. Cox,  President.  Robt. Kllgour,         Vice-Preildent.  London Offloe, 60 Lombard Street, H. 0.  New York  Office, le   Exchange  Place.  and Oi Branches ln-Canada and the <       ���  United States. .  SATUBDAY'S  MEMORY  OEREMONIES     IN  OP THE   QUEEN.  .There Were Over One Thousand'People  in Line, While, the. Recreation  Grounds Were Crowded.  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  Interest allowed'on ,deposlts." Present rate  three per cent.        '  GRANGE V. HOLT,  Manager Nelson Branob.  D. R. Wllkle, General Manager.    ',  E. Hay, Inspeoter. . _ '  Nelson Branch���Burns Block, 921 Baker Street  J. M. LAY. Managva. -   .  The memorial services conducted  on Saturday by the citizens of Nelsou, in honor of the memory of her  majesty queen Victoria, will be remembered for many years to come.  Throughout the Dominion the day  of mourning may have -presented  other services more imposing, but  there were none' more sincere or  more generally participated in. . It,  was the occasion when k every "distinction' was forgotten and all  sought to pay their humble tribute  to the memory of one who -was not  only a great sovereign but who was  also the-greatest woman of the century. Today the 'outward evidences of mourning .will disappear,  from the buildings, .and -the flags  will?no longer fly at half-mast, but,  in applying "themselves again to the  suspended' employments of; every  day life there will linger in' the  minds of all a vivid recollection < of  the* day .when,Nelson as a unit paid  ' its tribute* to the virtues of Britain's  stricken-queen."  >     The^ procession -was by? far the  ,. largest ��ver seen-in-Nelson,f being  participated,in by all, the patriotic*  benevolent)*' fraternal" and1* public-  and** trade organizations, and jthe  arrangements - wereisuch .as prevented the least semblance, of confusion.       ���*. ~ '*","   \  Fully one "hour before the pro-'  cession fell  in people i started*; to  gather along ;the sidewalks of the  line of march, and as ..the, parade  moved along it Was witnessed by  close upon five thousand citizens.  The marshals had made'4 provision  for twenty-six departments in the  line-up, and so full'-and complete  waV the turnout that every place  left for an organized body was filled..  The procession was led by ��� George  Philip, - and moved slowly to the  solemn music of the dead march by  the militia band.   Over 1000 people  participated   in the march.      All  wore royal mourning of purple and  black.   Following the band was the  ������~navy-*Yarmy"*wand'"~inilitift-"-veteransr  They were 10 strong and represented  much'warlike history of the empire.  There  were members of her" late  majesty's navy, men who bad served  on the Red River expedition, Crimea  and Indian mutiny, Northwest rebellion, Fenian raid, Soudan campaign, and Afghan wars, ** All.wore,  their medals for valor.   The Nelson  Rifle company with reversed - arms,  and draped Maxim gun, city'offi-.  dais,    officiating    clergymen   and  members of tbe board of trade'followed next in order.   Then came  the   American   citizens,  thirty in  number.   Then followed the 0. P.  R. officials and the members'of the  different societies.   The Salvation  Army band came at, the''head of  the trade and labor organizations  and private citizens.  _  After-the procession- had passed  through the principal streets, under  the guidance of the chief marshal,  P|>, C^iiinl-an t\x\c\ bis- assistants, ��>.  Q. Procter,   George   Steel  and G.  Sfatlieson, it proceeded to th*e recreation "grounds, where the services  were held in which all the clergy  of tbe oity participated.   At these  services there were nearly 3000 people present in addition to those in  the procession.  being a drunkard, his wife says he  was1 a terrible morphine fiend and'a  gambler by profession" and occupa-  tion.  Mrs. Fahey-says the last time she  saw, her husband was'-'about* two  years and a half ago, ''and that she  does not now know where he lives,  but that she heard- some* time ago  that he was still in the same business and making a roaring success.  Mrs. Fahey asked for the custody  *of their three-year-old-, child, but  on account of the child being away  with a sister out of the jurisdiction  of the court, judge Beit refused  thetorder till the'child could be  brought within jurisdiction. " The  divorce was' granted. Nuznm &  Nuzum'were attorneys for plaintiff.  HIS HONOUR the Lieutenant-Governordlroots  tho publication of the ���followlng.Proclama-  tlonand Notices received from the Honourable  the secretary of State for Canada. '        i ,  J. DrPRENTICE.  ' ^ \  Provincial Secretary,  Provincial Secretary's Department,  28th January, 1901. t ?  ,11-. S.J  , - MINTO  CANADA  PROCLAMATION.  A Star Drunk.  Spokane Chronicle. *  Theresa Fahey got a diioree this  morning from her husband and will  be forever freed from the man who  she claims has been three times in  the Keeley institute and is still a  drunkard and a morphine fiend. His  name, by tlje vpay, js Thomas H.  jjfahejj. flr-Jrs. Sa^|y," \yhen 'as^ecl  Jidw dften'Lfer husband g[ot druqk,  ��'tqte4 th%t he gqt cjrun^oneeabcmt  a ye%r *after th��ir-_fl^rriag9 tmd  stayeq ^r^^^f ever afterwards,  |fot ojuy thiPa   Not satisfied with  ,- Kitcheners Telegrams-. ,  London, Febeuary 4:���The 'war  office has received the following dispatch from lord Kitchener: "Pretoria, 'February 2.���Our post at  Madderfontein on the Cjatesrand,  southwest of Krugersdorp, was attacked by, 1000 Boers. The relief  column sent out f rom"-Krugersdorp'  failed to prevent the fall ,pf ,the  post. No details yet to hand, but  the officers and men captured at the  post are-arriving ���at Veneening."  ,��� Lorenzo Marqubz, February 3.���  There is a commando" of 2000 Boers  on Portuguese territory.. It is1 supposed that tlieirintention is'to res"-  cue the Boers here.��� The Portuguese  authorities have" decide'd'to v remove  to Maderia such-Boer refugees as  decline' to surrender tot the British.  Hockey at Cranbrook.    y   s  Moyie, February" 2.���[Special-jto  The Tribune.]���At Cranbrook last'  night the Cranbrook hockey'club*  defeated'Moyie'by'a score df~_5\td  8. It-was the first garae'ever played  in East Kootenay arid was witnessed'  by one thousand people. Moyie  played a combination game, but it  ;was no'use. Cranbrook rushed right  in every man after the "puck and  being^better skaters they won. A  banquet -was given,'afterwards .and  a return game will be played\here  February 14th. /A league will be  arranged between-^ Moyie, Fernie'  and Cranbrook. '   ,       , -   :  ,' f   '  **       '     Lynched a Fiend. .  Ocean Springs,- Mississippi,.- Feb-1  ruary  , 3.���Rosalind   Fontaine,    a  white girl between 13 and 14 years,  of agej was raped Friday night by-  a negro named. Warren Matthews,  who^was lynched last night.   The  crime occurred at the house, of' the  famiiyr_about_six_'miIe-f1"frpmTthi8'  place.   Blood hounds were - secured  from Biloxi and'took the trail^im-  mediately.   It led to the house of  -James Ramsay, a negro, and Warren   Matthews   was   found   there.  The victim identified Matthews and  he was jaile^d at Ocean Springs.   At;  *9:05 last night a> mob took Matthews;  from the jail. He'was carried about  a mile back of town and hanged.  Before the lynching he. was '.tried,  before justice Grayson and  bound  tor rape.     -   Jesuit Persecution.  Valencia, Spain, February 3.���  The . anti-Jesuit demonstrations  which began in Madrid in con-''  nection with the anti-clerical play  "Elecfra" have spread to Valencia!  Today crowds gathered in front of  the'Jesuit church-of the Sacred  Heart, where a confirmation .of  children was in progress, and  shouted. "Liberty for ever'! and  "Down with the Jesuits." A Jesuit  who was leaving the church. was  hooted and then the crowds marched  to the Jesuit college and stoned the  windows and doors, still shouting  "Down with the Jesuits." Finally  the demonstration was dispersed by  gendarmes.  -EDWARD VII., by the Grace'of God, of the  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ire-  ' land, King, Defender of the Faith, &c, &c.  To all to whom these presents -shall come or  whom the'same may in anywise concern,���  - Greeting:     �� ��        *     ���"  David Mills.    '    VT]OrHKRBAS>Sat'  Attorney General, Canada./ V��, - urday,    the  second day of February, has been fixed for the  obsequlos of Her late Malesty, Our Royal Mother'  of blessed and glorious memory:  And whereas, well knowing that Our deep  grief Is 9bared by Our loving subjects in Canada,  We are desirous to afford them an opportunity  of testifying tbelr sorrow and their sympathy  with us ln~ the grievous affliction .which-haa  befallen us and them: '  Now, therefore, We have thought fit, by and  with the advice of Our Privy Council for Canada, to appoint and set apart, and We do hereby  appoint and set apart, Saturday, the second day  of February next, as a d*y of general mourning,  to be observed by all persons throughout Our  Dominion of Canada.  In Testimony Whereof, We have caused  these Our Letters to be made patent, and the  Groat Seal of Canada to be hereunto affixed:  Witness. Our Right Trusty and Right Well;  beloved Cousin,  lhe Right'Honorable Sir  Gilbert John Elliot, Earl of Minto and Viscount Molgund, of Melgund, County of Forfar, in the I'eerage of the United Kingdom;  Baron Minto, of Minto, County of Roxburgh,  in the Peerage of Great Britain; Baronet of  Nova Scotia; Knight Grand Cress of Oui '  Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael  and St. George, &c, &c, Governor-General  of Canada.,  At Our Government House, in Our City of  Ottawa, this twenty-sixth day of January, in  the year of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and one,' and in the flrst year of Our  - Reign.  ' By.Command.  R. W. SCOTT.  Seoretary of State. ��� >  ' Herald's College,  .,     -,-       r 26th January. 1901. ^  THE Earl Marshal's order for a general mourning for Her late Majpsty* Queen-Victoria,--in  pursuance of an Order of His Majesty in Council, dated the 24th day of January, 1901. ^These  are to give public notice that it in expected, that  all persons upon the present occasion of the death  of Herniate Majesty, of .blessed and glorious  memory, do put themselves into'deepest mourning, the said mourning to begin*-on-tho 28th  instant.,,      ,i ��� '  ��� JL  NORFOLK,  Karl Marshal. '-  '* ���>,. -I, Government Hodse, ' ���* i J-  v s_ , --_i,-, , ���*����������� 25th January, 1901. ���  -, Pursuant to the above Order, mourning will  commence throughout tho Dominion on Monday  next,-the 28th Instant. "..      * '   ���   ���<���  By Command of His Excellency.  ���4 '.HARRY GRAHAMS,  - *  ',, v'' -' ���"     - -"i"*" Captain, A. D. C,  i      "    Aoting Governor-General.s Seoiotary.  G.W. West & Co.  COAL I     WOOD!  $6.15  ?aS1 Co_.     S10 75 I Crow-fl Nest  Anthracite    *��������������� I Coal    -  AGENTS IMPERIAL OIL COMPANY, Ltd.  No order oan be accepted < unless accompanied  by cash.'.     ���*      -      '   ^ ^ ���       /��� j -���->  Office:  Corner of Hall  and Baker Streets.  TELEPHONE 33.  Surpassing'  -Display in  Fall Suiting's  All~the~fash ionable creation's  in Fall and Winter* wear are  included in my last consignment of Scotch and Irish  Serges, Tweeds and Worsteds, and Fancy Trouserings  E. Skinner  Neelands' Building, Baker Street.  FRED J. SQUIRE, Manager.  Wanted to Die.  St. Petersburg, February 3.���  Prince Batrinsky, the youthful pub-"  lisher of the Northern Courier;  which was recently suppressed for  its radical tendencies, shot himself  last Thursday, inflicting a d$pger-  ous wound, ^is ^ren^. have never  f(-\rg}veu tbe marriage made several  years qgq witli M^le. Yavorskaya,  an actrest, nor did they approve of  his newspaper enterprise which ab-  SQphed the bulk of the estate of the  prince. The family ranks among  tho*bighest ia the Russian nobility.  ARTHUR   GEE  MERCHANT TAILOR.  .TREMONT HOTEL BLOCK.  Large stock of high-class Imported goods.  .   lialty of th     -*"***��� "  fashion In coats.  speoit  the square   shonlder-  l go  -the  latest  WE HAVE  Improved Incandescent  Mirror Globe r Lamps  Now in Stock. They  Improve .Electric Light  Fifty, per   cent.  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY  & CONSTRUCTION CO.  Nelso_t�� B. O.  The Cabinet Cigar Store  G. B. MATTHEW, Proprietor.  Headqnartera for  ."CARAMEL"   '��POMMERY"  " SMILAX"   ^VIRGIN   GOLD^'  _.-      -r.Smol_tn_;ijuid��lp��8.  i^l ^1^1 i^l^lA^l ^1^__\^__\_^1^_1^J^' & ���WZ  '' 'Si  m  After the  m  of the Holiday Trade has cleared  away it is well to come back to the  every day business of the year as  quickly as possible.   *v  ************************** 'i>  KA&N IS KIM��  ��� ������<-  ���'���   .-        WE HAVE THE BEST MADE PIANOS IN CANADA.  THEY HAVE STOOD.TBE.TEST.INKOOTENAt FOR THIRTEEN. .TEARS  *     -���' CALL AND INSPECT THEM.  ti  *.&.  ���&  -a  .J  :**************************  JACOB DOVER, TKe  Jeweler.  Our Jewelry and Watch Department Is in full swing.  HaU Orders receive our Prompt Attention.  l��(*'i  ^'^^-^>'0^'^��(^'&''(^>7&'^>\  oo m  ******************  - -    , i -'   "        ��� /  The census of Canada will be taken in April, and the pop-j  ulation of,the several incorporated cities will be-known a short'  time afterwards.   The Tribune publishes Daily and "Weekly*  ���editions at the following rates of subscription by mail: Weekly,  one'year $2; Daily, six months, $2.50; one year, $5.-   The'Daily,"  is'delivered''in Nelson by carrier at the following rates: Three- <  _inonths, $2.50; "'six months, $5; one year, $10.- ��� A large number  . of subscribers are in arrears, and a large number of subscriptions'  are about to expire, besides a large number"of-people in Kootenay. ^  and Yale are about to renew subscriptions for newspapeis foi\the.-r  , year. ��� In'orde'r'to'make it an object foi" all'these people toipat-,  ronize The. Tribune, the following'sums are offered'as prizes/on  ; the following conditions:  _ .  J-1* W   A-  -Canada.  ^British\Columbia'..'.  Nelson...  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Edition of The Tribune ',  Estimate as to population of  Canada  British Columbia  -North-VVest-Territories  Manitoba  Ontario  Quebec  New   Brunswick  Nova   Soctia  City of Nelson  City of Rossland  City   of Kaslo  City of Sandon  City pf Revelstoke  City of Grand Forks  City  of Phoenix  City of Greenwood  ���    This offer holds good until the 1st of April, 1901.  trminimi  ROSSLAND  WINTER  ���AND.  Tuesday to Saturday  FE BRUARY 12-16, 1901 ;  EIG!HT CURLING  Under - tho  CONTESTS  Kootonay CurliiiK  CURLING  I  Auspices of the  . : '. Association,  ;  ^HOdKEYTOURNAMENT  For '(Senton..-, Junior' and  Iaadios' Championships  /   of British Columbia  SfSOWSHOE RACES  SKI*1' RAC52S   BKAT1NG RACES  For Provincial OharBipionships and for Men and  / 13oy8  CUTTER AND DOG KACBS  Coofiting C "ontoats Carnival Masqucrado  $3000 in Tropes and Prizes $3000  Ratea of a.;- Single FaroiJor tho Round Trip on all  Rallwajs.   E_r furttomr parUculars see Vgte���  and proltramB or address     H. W. C* JACKSON  Secret* try Carnival aCommltteo, Rossland, B. C.  [L.S.]   HENRI G. JOLY de LOTBINIERE. '-  ���" *"���    - CANADA.     "' ,'_   -  PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA. , ,  i'*-  VICTORIA, by the Grace of God, of tho United  .   Kingdom   of Great   Britain   and  Ireland,  ' Quean, Defender of the Faith, Sec., &c , &c.  To our Faithful the members elected to serve In  ���   the Legislative Assombly of Our Province of  British Columbia at Our City of Victoria.���  . *   Greeting      "      '  i ,    . A'PROCLAMATION.  ��� H. A. Maclean, \TTTHEREAS We  Deputy Attorney General / "*= are, desirous  and resolved, a. soon as may be, to meet our peo  pie of our Pro\ ince of British Columbia, and to  have their advice in Our Eegisluturo    -  1 NOW, KNOW-YE, that for dtvors causes and  considerations, and taking into consideration the  ease and convenience of Oui loving subjects, Wo  have thought fit, by andxwith the adi ice of Our  Executive'Council do hereby comoke, and by  these presents enjoin jou, and e_ch of jou, that  on Thursday, the twenty flrst day of February,  one thousand nine hundred and one, jou meet'  Us in Our said Legislature or Parliament of_Our  said Province, at Om Cit:  DISPATCH OF(fBUSIN_      .   .      .  and conclude upon those, things which'in Our  Legislature of the Province of llritish Columbia,  by;theJCommon'Council of Our said Province  may, by the favour of God, be ordained.  < i      <���  '������ IN' Testimony Whereof,'We have  caused  these Our Letters to bo made Patent* and the  ��� ~  Groat Seal of the said Province to be here .,  unto affixed:  v ,   _ '���'>&-  *     "Witness,' the Honourable Sm Henri Gus-  '*'    tave Jolt de Lotbiniere, K C M*.G., Lleu-  _.. tenant-Governor^ of Our said  Province of  British Columbia, in Our City of Victoria, in  Our said ��vo\ ince, this seventeenth day of  '     Januarj, in the year of Our Lord odd thou  sand nine bundled and one, and in the sixtj  fourth year of Our Reign. -  By Command  " J.'D. PRENTICE, Provincial Secretary.  )m City of Vlotoria. FOR THE  INES_.;'to���treat,-do,'act,  ,   Provincial Secretary's Office,  '    17th January, 1901.  HIS HONOUR, .\\. Lieutenant Governor In  Council, under the provisions of tho "Land  Registry Act' has been pleased to establish at  tlio < ity of Nelson, ln the County of Kootenay,  a District Ofllce for the Recording of Instruments  and Registration of TiLles affecting real estate,  ' situate within tho County of Kootenay. i  The name of tho said registration district shall  be tho Kootenay Land Registration District.  Henry Fry MacLeod, of the City of Nelson, solicitor, has been appointed to perform the duties  of the said District Office,' which shall be open  for the transactiod of business on and after the  second day of March, 1<"01.  By Command.  J. D. PRENTICE, Provincial Secrptary.  NOTICE J0_DELINQUENT_C0-0WNERS-  To Geo. H. Lammers. J. R. Cranson, or to  any person or persons lo whom lie may havo  transferred his-interest in tho Harvey Joy  '   mineral claim, at Morning Mountain, Nelson  Mining Division.  ' You are horeby notified that I have expended  Ono Hundred Dollars In labor and improvements  upon tho above mentioned minoral claim, in  ordor to hold said mineral claim under tho  provisions-of tho Mineral Act*., and- If within  ninety days from tho date of this notice you fall  orrefuao to contribute your proportion of such  expenditure, togethor with* all- costs of advortis-  Ing, your interest in. said claim will become the  property of tho subscriber, undor section four of  an Act ontitlod "An Act to 'Amend the Mineral  Act, l'JOO." ' SILAS H. CROSS.  Dated this 12th day of December, 1900.  LAND   NOTICE.  ��� ���' Notice is hereby given, that thirty days after  date I intend to apply to the chief commissioner  of lands and works for permission to purchase'  tho following described lands about two miles  'Wostof the City of Nelson: Commencing ut a  postmarked W. J. Beaven'-tS. E. Cornor Post  planted at S. W. corner post of H. Selous' purchased Lot 605, Group 1,'on tho high wuter line  fon tlie west bank of Kootonay river, thenco north  "20 chains, thenco west 20 chains, thencesouth 20  chains, more or less to tho- high, water line on  north bank ot Kootonay river, thence following  tho meandering of the aforesaid river in an easterly direction 20 chains more or less to point of  commencement. Containing 32 acres moro or  loss. ".v.    W. J. BKAVEN.  Dated at Nolson this 21th day of December, 1900.  LAND LEASE NOTICE.  \   TBADEB   UNIONS.; py ,  NELSON MINERS' UNION NoV��l, W. V.'ot _  , M.���Meets** in miners' union'rooms, north-1  east corner Victoria and Kootenay streets, every  Saturday'evening at 8-o'clock.. Visiting mem  -bers weloome. M. R. Mowatt, President. Jame  Wilkes,   Secretary.    Union Scale,of Wagk-b-j  for Nelson    District���Per  shift, .machine  men.f3.50: hammersmen mkieis:$3.25; muckers,  carmen*; shovelers and other underground laborers, $3 00.    ' _ _  TRADES AND LABOR COUNCIL.���Tho regu-  ,. . lar meetings of the Nelson Trades and Lai  Counoil will be held in the miners' union hall,  oorner of "Victoria and Kootenay streets, on tha  first and "third Thursday of eaoh month;- at  7.30p.m. G.J.Thorpe,President-J.ELMaUi-e-  son, Secretary. ^    -r"     ���     t  rpHE regular meetings of the Carpenters' Union  *��� are held on Wednesday evening of each  week, at 7 o'clock, ln the Miners' Union hall cor-  nnr (Victoria and Kootenay streets. .Charles  Clayton, President.  John McLeodrSecretary.  -  ARBERS' UNION.-Nelson UnlonrNo. 116. off  the International Journeymen Barbers Union of America, moots overy first and_third'Mon-,*.  -a-    c "JS  m���  son. secretary tioasurer. J. C. Gardnor, recording ^-"f J"  ���stttretari.^/y- ." ~-   '-���"   -J-fi^r t)   '  LABORERS',"UNJON.���Nelson^ Laborora' '_W_ V,  tective Union. No. 8121, A. F. of L., meets Id .  ".  Minors' Union-hall, p. P.-R   block, /jornervof J .  Uaker and Stanlej streets, every Monday ovenlng ��~  at7:30pjn. sharp. xVlsitlnimembersof the American   Federation "cordially  invited  to a attend.  A. "J. iCurle.'cPresidont,    John *�� Roberts, r*re4    -  xording secretary.^"  * j    t  ^^    '   _-**>��������  NELSON PAINTE1-IS' UNION-The  meeting of ithe. Painters'  Union'  fOSfnla*-;  Is. held  the flrst and third Fridays in each month at Miners' Union hall at 7 30 sharp. J; H. Millward,  Prosident; Will J. Hatch, Secretary.  0OKS' AND WAITERS* UNION ���Regular  meetings on tho second and fourth Thurs-  o   days of each month, at 8 o'clock in Miners' Union  hall. Visting brethern cordially invited. C. F.  'Bell,  president;-J.   P.   Forestell,'   secretary  'treasurer. Y     -   / ' "        T -.  A. No.    UIUUW      W . *"��y        MlVUWt/       v T C^atUK      Ul       tUO *-  ock, cornor Baker and Stanley Bcreeta, at'  'R o'olock.   J.'D   Movnr/ nrosident: William  i Vice, secretary, P. O. .Box GIG.' ' ' -  PLA8TERERS', UNION-The O. P.' I,  172, moots every* Monday evenlnp  '   '^-^  ���7-^4  1.  Hi  7as_  fr'  ^  FRATERNAL ; SOCIETIES.  "14  NELSON LODGE, NO. 28, A. K. ft A. M  Meets second Weduebdar in eaoh month,  Sojourning brethren Invited..  "13,  oordlally lnvll  J. A. Paquetto  at 8 o'clook.  id to attend.  K. of R. & S,  Visiting Knlghta  F. J. Bradley, C. C;  KOOTENAY TENT NO. 7. K. O. T. M.-  Hold their regular meetings on the first and  third Thursdays- of 'each month. Visiting Sir  Knights are cordially invited to attend. G. A.  BrownrRrK-r_A���W7-Purdy^Cora.rR-JrSteclr-  D. S. C.  ���KTELSON L. O. L., No. 1G92, meets In L O. O. F.  *"   Hall, cornor Bakor and Kootenay streets.  1st and 8rd Friday of each month,  brethern cordially Invited.   W. W.  M, A. Minty, Reoording-Seoretary.  CORPORATION OFTHE CITY OF NELSON  APPLICATIONS WANTED.  The undersigned-has been authorized by  resolution of tho city council to ask for applications for the position of chief of tho Flro Department of the City of-Ncliou. Applicants will  stato ago, nativity," expciioQco and whero,  -whether married .or single, and give recommendations from chief: of department whore  now employed and from underwriters. Mark  applications: "Application for Chief of Firo Department." and address'  J. K. STRACHAN. City Clerk, Nelson. II. C.  . Datod January 2nd, 1901,  Notice of  Application  License.  to Transfer a  Notice is hereby given, that within sixty days  after the date of this notice, I intend to apply to  the assistant commissioner of lands and works,  at Nelson, for a lease of the* following described  land,'for the purposo of opening up and working  stono quarries, situato about two miles in an  easterly direction from the City of Kaslo, West  Kootenay. District: ....     .  Commoncingatapost planted on tholako shore  marked ���" J. A. Kuauf 's N. W. cornor," running  thonce east twenty chains; thence south twenty  chains; thenco west twenty chains, more or less  to tho lake shore; thenco north along the lake shore  to tho point of commencement; and containing  forty akjres more or less. J. A. KNAUF.  Dated December 19th, 1900.  MUSIC.  Mrs. D. B. Murray, graduate In vocal and Instrumental music, is now prepared to receive  pupils for Instruction- in -voice culture, Italian  method,'also piano and organ.  For-terms and further particulars apply room  5, A. Macdonald building, oorner Josephine and  Vernon Btreet.  ENGINEERS.  r��HARLES PARKER���Mining and milling en-  v/ Rineer. Turner-BcwAh Blook, Ztekw ���treat,  NeUga,  Notieo is hereby given that I Intend to apply  at the next sitting of tho Board of License Commissioners of tho City of Nelson for permission to  transfer my retail liquor llconse, for the promises  situate on the cast half'of Lot 4, Block 2, in the  ' City of Nelson, and known as the Grand Hotol,  to Gustavus Nelson.     :  JOHN BLOMBERG.  Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 3rd day of January,  1901.  Witness: Thomas Sy-wks.  Notice of  Application to  License.  Transfer a  Notice is hereby given that I intend to apply at  tho next sitting* of tho Board of' License Commissioners of the City of Nelson for permission  lo transfer my retail liquor license for the premises situate on the west half of Lot 1, Block 2, in  tho City of Nelson, and known ns the GluoPot  saloon, to Thomas Sproatt.      G UH. aV KLSON.  Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 3rd duy of January,  1901.  Witness: John Blomiikko.  NOTICE. '  Rossland, B, C, November 9th, 1900.  ToF.B.Salisbury: -  Notice is hereby given that I, William Grlfllths,  intend to claim the Interests in the following  named minoral claims formerly held by F. B.  Salisbury, on which he has neglected to pay his  share of tho oxpenses of the annual assessment  work.  To wit:      ���  A one-half (J) interest in tho "Bunker Hill"  mineral claim.  A one-half (j) interestin tho "Sullivan" mineral  claim.  Aono-half (}) interestin tho "Fidelity minora,  claim.  All the adjoining claims, ltuated on tho west  fork of the nor tli fork of Salmon river, in tho  Nelson Mining Division,  This .action is taken under Section 11 of Chap-  tor 45, of tbe statutes of 1899 and amendments of  1900. IWILLLAM B. lOWNSBND,  tAgent for WUU-mOrlffltba. THE TRIBUNE: NELSON; B. ���., MONDAY   FEBRUARY 4 1901  Assayers Supplies  We carry in stock a full line of Assayers' and Chemists'  Supplies. The quality of our goods cannot be excelled  and our prices are  reasonable. = ====.  Wo are British Columbia Agents for.  THE DENVER FJRE CLAY CO.'S GOODS  WM. AINSWORTH & SON'S BALANCES  SMITH & THOMPSON'S BALANCES  BRUNSTON'S POCKET TRANSITS  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  VICTORIA  BLOOK NELSON,  B. O.  The Nelson Clothing House  ,. Great Slaughter Sale..  FROM 10 TO 25% DISCOUNT FOR THE  NEXT THIRTY DAYS.  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The session of chambers, which  will be held beforo judge Forin at  11:30 this morning, will undoubtedly be a long one, as there are  many applications to be considered.  The members of the Methodist  Sunday school are holding regular  rehearsals in preparing special  music for Easter Sunday. They  are under the direction of L. F.  Irwin.  A farewell dance iu honor of  Miss Ida Johnston, who is about to  leave for her home in Manitoba, will  be given at- the Opera House on  Friday night next. It will be under  the auspices of the Terpischorean  club. Mil word's orchestra has been  engaged to furnish the music.  The Fletcher trophy series which  was beiug played by the Nelson  Curling Club was completed on Saturday evening. The rink which  consisted of S. B. Campbell, J. Bun-  yan, C. G. Mills and Jack Rae, skip,  was successful in winning out, and  each member of the rink will be  awarded a handsome medal donated  by mayor Fletcher.  F. J. Deane of Kamloops, secretary of the Chinese aud Japanese  Labor Commission, arrived in the  city la9t evening after making a  trip~to Fernie and-Moyie'for the  purpose of collecting ditta concern-,  ing the question. He said that  there waa not a Chinaman either  engaged to work-of* patronized by  the citizens of Moyie ancLthat there  were only a few employed at Fernie.  W. W. Bradley has been appointed by Nelson Lodge, No. 1692, of  .the Orangemen's order as- a delegate to attend the grand lodge of  the order which meets at 'New  Westminster on Wednesday, February .13. , Although (delegates  have been -appointed in' the past  none have attended, -' therefore **Mr.-  Bradley has the honor of being'the"  first delegate of the Nelson lodgeto  attend the grandYJodge. <  -'Methodist Church Services/ ~y  JAt' tte -Methodist^ church /last  evening ' appropriate - -. memorial  services wei>e held to the memory  of her majesty, the late queen. >The  interior',of the building was beautifully'drkped in royal mourning"-of  purple and Jblafek. Many, flowers  added to'the beauty of ,the decorations. -The house-was "crowded with  attentive hearers. The pastor, Rev.  J.'H. White,' opened the services,  after whicli principaPSoady read-a  lengthy address, relating to the  history of .the beloved. queen. Ifc  showed many things of whicli a.  British subject might be proud,  After this George Gurd delivered a  short and interesting address. He  said much concerning the good  qualities of the noble life and brilliant character of Victoria. Rev.  Mr. White also made a few remarks  along this line. .The special music  furnished by the choir was good.  A Missing Man.  Where is James Thomas Downey?  He has been missing for the past 18  months and Jiis parents, who reside  at North Saanich, Vancouver island,  have become uneasy about him and  are now inquiring concerning his  whereabouts. The last letter lie  wrote to his parents, which was a  year and a half ago, was written  from the Grand Central hotel of this  city. Prior to that he had lived in  this vicinity for several years.' Mr.  Downey is 33 years of age, about 5  feet 11 inches high and weighs  about 170 pounds. He has dark  hair. It is believed that he is working at some of the mining properties of this section. Inquiries at  the Grand Central did not lead to  anything that would aid in clearing -up the mystery' which surrounds Downey's life. Any information would gladly be received at  The Tribune office or by his father,  John Downey, North .Saanich,' Vancouver island. '     *  China's beverage is not confined  entirely to tea. During" 1899 she  imported'from Germany beer to the  amount of $288,000.  Chicago has the only municipal  pawnshop . in   the country.  QUARANTINE   ESTABLISHED  Precautions Against Smallpox.  A-quarantine will be established  today against all parties comiug  into British Columbia from the  American side over the Spokane  Falls &' NorthernT Perry Wright  of this city, who acted as quarantine inspector over this route last  winter, and who was discharged  last- August, was notified by the  government officials ou Suturday to  resume his duties at once. He left  last evening for Rossland, where he  will receive further instructions.  At the present time smallpox is  raging in many places throughout  the western states and in the eastern states it-is quite general. The  officials are determined that they  will keep'this' province free from  that contagious disease as far as  possible. It is reported that there  are already two cases in Rossland,  and the government is wise in taking an early step.  . Last winter there were 200 or-  300 people afflicted with this disease in the city of Spokane  and the government took such  rigid steps toward quarantining  that the disease hardly found its  way into the country The same  method will be adopted this winter  and it is quite probable that British  Columbia will be troubled but little  with smallpox. t;It is likely tliat' a  quarantine inspector will be placed  on ^ the ' route via. Bonner's - Ferry.  The placing of "a quarantine against-  people coming, into this province  means that all persons traveling  from the American side to Canada,  who cannot sHow"a medical certificate stating that 'they' have been  -successfully jvaccinated, will ,have  to submit to the inspector's lance  before they will be allowed to cross  the lineMt is probable that all mails-  will have to" be fumigated.  j* ������������������      ������ ^   ^  Coming Events at the Kink.  :Several events>f special interest  will he held at the rink on J3tanley  strfeet'during-tbis winter. rA fancy  dress carbival-Will be hejd tomorrow  evening wtiich"promises"to be, very  interesting!" The R: M. R. band.will  be in attendance.'' All skaters in  attendance-will be allowed on; the,  ice until 9 ^o'clock, /when, those in  costumes willbe judged. The prize  'list* is as* follows:^ /For thee man  wearing ��� the **4��est costume,, - rink  season ticket or cs*r tickets-to the  Value of $4 ; 'for. the, lady wearing  the. best costume, a-handsome clock,  presented by J.^J. 'Walker \. for the  man wearing .the .most comical  dress, a turkey^ given by the' West  Kootenay Butcher Company; for  the boy - wearing? the most comic  costume, a knife; the best gentleman skater, pair of skates, presented by the Lawrence Hardware  Company.; for the. best lady skater,  a fan, "presented My .Feed Irvine &  Co.; for the boy .wearing the best  costume, pair ofcskates; for the  girl wearing the^best costume,, a  jewel case. ���' ^,i'-  *-- On Thursday night the Rossland  -senior hockey team will play the  Nelson team. This will no doitbt  be a good game as both are -strong  teams. Nelson- defeated - Rossland  at Sandon and-tbis-will-be_the^re-_  turn match. On'Saturday evening  a band will be in attendance. The  ice is in excellent condition.  Mourning Was Universal. -  Montreal, February 3.���Telegrams from all' over the country  tell the same story of the universal  mourning for the empire's dead  queen. Everywhere business was  practically suspended, even the rail-'  ways only running passenger trains  and freight trains conveying perishable goods. Services were held in  hundreds of churches, irrespective  of denomination, the military attending in many instances. .Heavily  draped buildings told of the nation's  loss. Canada has .never seen anything approaching this remarkable  demonstration of a nation's grief.  A Tear's Record.  Ottawa, February 3.���The number of vessels built in Canada dur-  iag 1899 was 277, measuring 21,098  tons registered.' ' Estimating the  value of these at $49 per ton, it  gives a totals value of $949,410 for  new vessels. x-~ ��� -   . :  BE.   B"5TEIiS  <Sc   GO.  ���tSTHLSON-  KASLO  B_a.35T2DO-N-  STOVES I   STOVES!   STOVESI  HEATING STOVES, COOKING STOVES, AND.STEEL RANGES  Sole Agents for the Original Cole's Hot Blast Coal Heaters  8EE OUR GUN8 AND RIFLES  HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL KINDS OF AMMUNITION  TELEPHONE 37 ' Store, Corner Baker and Josephine SUeet  SAVE YOUR  ._��&&$��&  ___L  SIGHT  gU  ^^5_5kS__��___^v  WHILE  THERE  fe?--Sii=_r^-r '  IS TIME  $0te&ffl&  f^'---  4  SAVE YOUR  .    SIGHT  WHILE  THERE  IS TIME  Another Railway Project.  Ottawa, -February 8. ���r M. J.  Henri, who built the White Pass  Yukon railway, is in the city in  .connection with a project to build  an all American railway from the  mouth of Copper river to Eagle  City, Alaska, about 400 miles.  British and German capitalists are  said to be interested.  PERSONAL.  E. J. Kelley of Salmo and John J.  Binna of Winnipeg aro registered at tho Queen's.  J. M. McLaren, a well-known dentist of Vancouver, arrived in N-elaon last evening.  S. J." Cross of Vancouver and  judf?o Hatch of Ainsworth ore registered at the  Hume.  A. N. Mount of Winnipeg and F.  L. Hutchina of Toronto are reg'stered at the  Pnalr.  ���    F. McMine of the Royal Bank of  Canada, who haa been conflned for Boveral days  'at the hospital with la grippe, waa released yes  ,terday.  - George Bell leaves this - morning  for Enderby. Okanogan country, where he ex-  ,neots to remain Eeveral weeks looking after Ma  '-branch store thore. -   BUSINESS   MENTION.  Cellar to Rent���Apply The Royal  Bank of Canada.  - Cash paid for scrap iron,  brass  and copper. "Nelson Iron Works. *  Good smart' boy 'wanted, about,  -15 years old. - Apply W. F." Teetzel Sc Co.  -- To let���Furnished-rooms in .Carney block.   Reasonable rates.'"'     Jv . '  r Hack-,calls";left~at..~the   Pacific.  Transfer barn on Vernon street. * .Telephone  ^oallSS.       -. .   *._        (V-V-    -<,-r    -  Wanted ���To"rent-four or five  roomed cottage. -- State terms. H��� Tribune  office. -        ���. .      -.  For Rent.���Two fine office's ^centrally located. - Apply to A. H. Buchanan, Bank  of Montreal. :>     . .        ""',     '-7  **   Two large, well-furnished rooms  to let.   1 and 5TMacdonald block,"corner Josephine <ind Vernon. _,      ^ - *\, ,.    ,  Two typewriters for sale, good  condition, Betnlngton -and Dunsmore.   Apply at  the Old Curiositysho*p. ,   t   v* ..  ;    ���\-_'-  Rooms1 and breakfast   if 'desired  at 324'Josephine street, four doora above Silica  street*   Mrs. Blanoy.   3-   -     ~   '    * w ~  Wanted.���Five or six room house  In good rc-ldence part of town. Address H. J.  Moore, box 108, Nelson. B. C.   ", -  -        >    "  Wanted���Board and lodging in1  private family for boy- attending school. State  terms to Fred Adie. Waneta. B. C.  - For    Sale    Cheap���New    cabin  handy to smelter. Apply to George F. Motion,  at Nelson Wine Company's store.  A lad who has served some Ytime  at the printing trade can find a steady situation on applying to "'News," Tribune office.  "New   lot .just'in."���For   fresh  candies, fruits, nuts, etc., call at the Bon Ton  Confectionery, Baker street,,Miss A.X. Euink-  wltz.    - j  Wanted.���Free milling gold' properties in British Columbia. Andrew F. Rosen-  SerKer, Nelson, B. C. Phono No. 104, K.-W. C.  block.       - - .    '  Complete life of queen Victoria.  Best book."Best torms. Outfltmalled on receipt  of IS cents.. Address S. C, Miller & CO, Portland,  Oregon. ���  ' Eight-roomed house, partly furnished, to rent ln the Hume Addition, either to  one or fwo families. Apply Mrs. Hartwlg.Hume  Addition.  Prospectors    having    promising  mineral claims are requested to call at The Pros-  Eoctor'B Kxchange. Nelson, B..C, room No. 4,  ���-W.-C. blook.   Phone No. 1W.  For Sale���Profitable hotel business and real estate, known as the "Royal hotel,  corner of Stanley and Silica street. Apply to  Johns tt MeLeod, Royal hotel, Nelson.  For sale���Lot 10, block 17,80 toot  frontage on Vlotoria street, two houses on  property. Prloe $2800, terms easy. Address  Frank G. Graham, care of Matheson 8c Graham's  barbershop. " "  Miss   Von    Der  ' Werth���Clairvoyant, palmist and card reading.  Gives-advice  on commercial bnsinesa and minimi; reunites  , unhappy lovers and broken-up families.  Room  1, over Thomson Stationery Company.  For Sale���120 acres of first-class  agricultural and gurden land. 12 miles from Nelson on Kootenay lakO.- Will soil in 10 20 or. 40  acre tracts. Price and t^rms reasonable. Apply  or address A. F. RbsenB&ger, room 4, K-W-C  Block, Nelson.        *> ,   . ���*>    i  Consult W. J." Harvey-, F. O. M. C.  I.. Professor of Opthalmology, Doator of Optics  and Scientific Optician, about thoso headaches,  pains in tho eyos, eyes crossed or diverged, visual  defects on the flttlngof spectacles that are absolutely correct, at McLean's drug store until February 9th.  Hours 10 to 12 and 2 to 5.  Mr. Frank Harman, of the firm of  Harman Brothers, Kamloops in his letter to Prof.  W. J. Harvey, F.O M.C I., of Toronto, makes the  following statement: "Before applying tp you  for treatment my eyes were giving me so much  trouole and causing me to much pain tliat I had  quite deoided to give up my business as blaok-  wnltli, as the glow df the forge ��nd hendlns; under  horses was so hard on them. I had consulted the  best; eye dootors on the Paciflo Coast north of San  Francisco, and they could give mo no help, but I  am pleased to say that hy the aid of tho spectacles  yotf prescribed for me I am able to work all day  at the flro and the finest work without Incurring  tho lpast Inconvenience and am entirely free from  the head and eye aches and general defeots of  sight from which I formerly sutfered. I have been  wearing your glasses for nearly three years and  cannot express tho thanks I ferl.    It Counts in Results  The particular housewife wants  the best materials for her cooking: -.  Hice Sweet Butter  Good Fresh Eggs  are our specialties.   They en- '  sure a delightful freshness'in [  all   you -'cook, and attractive  daintiness' when it is served  on your table. .'  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  The Leading Grocers^  Telephone IO K-W-C Baker. Street  rr ...,.T-rTTTTTTra..��T fniiat.ll.lHTlIimtrmilllllll 111 I UIMI1HIIII UMIIIITIUmX-t  W. J. HARVEY, F.O. M.C. I.,  Proffessor of Ophthalmology, Doctor of Optics, and Sclontlflo OpUcfin. ol Toronto,.  ay bo consulted free a-out those Painful Eyos Headaches, Eyes Crosaod or Diverged, Double  Indistinct Vision, Loss of Muscular Power, or the Fitting of Speotaolps ^ aro Ab^nUflr  Correct, at Ha F. JloLean'e drug-store,.until Saturday, Fahruary $>th. Hours j 10 to 18 and 2 to fi.  MISSING.  Jamoa Thomas Downey, a aatlfe of 8wui'ch.  Vano uver Island, B. O., aged 33 years, height  6 feet U inches, weight 170 pound?, daric hair.  Whon, lest heard of waarat NoIbmi, B.C. Any  into ii ation concerning hTm tfin-Ue'Jgittnlatnr  r_ceUod by his father org^-gaBta^  Korlh Saanich P. O., Vanoouver Island, B. C.  THE   PROSPECTORS   EXCHANGE  -  " ' No. 4, K. W. O. Blook, NELSON, B. O.     Yr     ,.,  "   Oold, Silver-Lead and. Copper Mines wanted at the Exchange.  Free-Milling Gold Properties wanted at once for Eastern Investor*.'  Parties having mining property for sale are requested to send.samplos of their ore to the  Exchange for exhibition. We desire to hear from all prospectors who havo promising mineral,  olalins in British Columbia. ^, ���- v.,-l"'ir _ ' .  Prospectors and mining men are requested to make the Exchange their headquarters when"  in Nelson. -    _ . a -       ��� "     " <,"*'^"'-'..i  '   All eamples should be sent by express, Prepaid.' Correspondence solicited.-,   ,,*.,-   jt  Address all communications to   %;   ��� , . -' -   1.~\ ��./ r ., "  Telephone 104 \ ANDREW - F.> ROSEN BERGER,  .  P. O. Box 700 ������     _ - ~ Nelson, B. C.;  Two Souls  With but a single thought,  To glvejiest Values ever bought  -   All shoes may, look alike to some ^  people.   Take our $4.00 and $5.00  shoes for instance.  They are not -  just like other shoes.   They have  got that swell, distinctive /comfortable look about them,,  CALL  AND   INSPECT.  the:  Mansfield Manufacturing Go.  nelson, b. c.  Builders and  Contractors  --- Having taken over the business of the West Kootenay Brick &  ���Lime Company, Limited, of Nelson, I beg to ask for a continuance  of the patronage which you have heretofore extended them. My  aim will be at all times to supply you with our products at lowest  possible prices. Being in a position to manufacture goods In larger  quantities than, bef ore, we shall be able to supply the trade at a  lower figure.  It is our Intention to Install machinery to manufacture our  marble products, and next season we shall be In a position to supply  these products-at reasonable rates.  We shall also keep on hand a stock of Fire Brick, Fire Clay,  Tiles and Cement ,  Our Bricks and Lime Hock have taken the First-Prizes at the  Spokane Industrial Exposition in 1899 and also this year. We also  secured prizes last year and this year for Ornamental and Building  Stone.  We are prepared to offer special rates to Contractors and  Builders.    ERNEST MANSFIELD,  tor The Mansfield Manufacturing Company.  Successor* to  The WestXoote^ay Brick.�� Lime Co., Ltd


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