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 DAILY EDITION   BY MAIL  FIVE DOLLARS A YEAR  ;.'^.-,v^.t.?fr<>^.-.^.  &!*::_Zii?VSS.*tei   Sggg-sg  *??.~'7>.'. 77. ?�� .?77':~1 ??l-!-~7iiA:ZH?:i-&7��^&  WEEKLY EDITION BY MAIL  TWO D0LLAR8 A YEAR ���  1-5  NINTH YEAR.  NELSON:  THURSDAY MORNING JANUARY 24 1901  PRICE FIYE CENTS  <"  , ^������"-T  J ���*  ���* *���*  T  -  r*&f  ^  -->  '"���* _1  *Sv  -'*������''-  HE IS NOW  EDWARD YII  The  Title Selected by  Illustrious Mother.  His  THE SPEECH ON ACCESSION  GRIEF OYER QUEEN'S DEATH UNPRECEDENTED.  Funeral Preparations in.Progress, bat  Several Days Will Elapse Be-  _*  fore the Interment.  Cowes,. Isle of Wight, January  23.���Events shifted today from  Cowes to London. Osborne, was a  house of mourning~and Cowes jprofe  ably the quietest place in the wor!  today. The Icing v departed' ei;  after him the army of officials and  newspaper correspondents who had  given life to the town and prosperity to the hotels' and merchants.  Tiie king's departure was as unos-  tentatious as that of an American  presidentyl^^  ciylliamaftra  .Mgn^offiw^  yjQueei^^ ictOria's|bod j^tvl(w^jem-|  balmed   yesterday "afternoon   and  y��!cu_*^  ivcojacti] ^hi^nsi^ung���wlt^r^pingsi;  Y-blJhiburniii^S^^  |*are on? guai*-d:^  attendants remain in company with  ^l^ja&es;iri^^  -st-antl^i*^  ��attii-^  'SfeciHy^Yp^cefi-^  "place&witti^t^^  Y^tlie^breaist 7 r^tsla^^tittfui^g^dY  The head is inclined slightly to the  ���}'"ri'gjffc��y��^^  }}b}toutifu^^^  iijfirstf^^  ;;}wa��}:cbhforredi^  ..'Iretinu*^  ga^Ym-arked^  hardly have occurred in any other  Y mpnarchy.|^|' The^foptmeny housed  j inaids,y baclim<*'-*ny stebj^la^ sSand  -} polic^M'dressed}-inffitij_eir:*"��� Sunday}  }jelptlie*^  ^hours:;}Theire<w^  }Itvjmig;h_}:haye}ibeen, theYbqd-yYpf'  ;; any CountryY 'lad y: ���whose j teriariits.  S^erefebidding her :'a /last",-farewells  iBerirt'jJd}^  Y^hpha.dgTOwn--upv.pn :the restate1  ^hoYrega^eliY queen YVictoria,-.'as a ���.  Yfriend ;and:Ypatrpn*:rather- than  William depends upon the date of  the, funeral. Everything is unsettled. Ten days or a fortnight  may-elapse before the burial. The  medical report is not complete. It  is expected tomorrow.  Funeral Arrangements.  London, January 23.���The king,  who remained in- the train over  night, was driven to Buckingham  palace after taking the oath before  the privy council and -dined there'  with the duehessj-��f 'Albany. Subsequently he went to Marlborough  house to sleep., _It*,is understood-  that he will return to Osborne this  morning (Thursday) to direct the  funeral arrangements. These were  discussed at a meeting of "the  authorities of the royal household  at Buckingham palace last evening.  At the college of arms it was said  that the date of the funeral could  not be settled until it was' known  when the European royalties or  their representatives could arrive,  but'that'the function would be held  at the earliest possible date for the  convenience of emperor William,  whose stay in England might be  unavoidably limited.' .-  Buckingham-   palace    is   being  made ready for the royal- persons  ���jvyho are arriving lin London., Re-  kings of Italy, Belgium and" Greece,  the crown princes of Germany and  Sweden and archduke Francis Per-  dinand'of'Austria.--*". AU' the Euro-^  peari courts wilf go into mourning"^  for various periods.  ���" Cowes, ��� January _ 23.���Nothing  -has,been decided at,- Osborne house,  vregarHi^  Ipfeth^re  JnotliingpmU^  ���!;arriy^  }paitiluH*��y af ternopnil  |IfiSr^  ^depafjtures since:the ;kirig~ieftpThef  }famil;^;diun^}?par^  *l*as3fc-��ey**'a^  ^Fuchsji YvthbyGerin^^  tarriyed^tp;/^^  l^uiMn's'tfe^  J-empeiw}^^  . thp-Tsle of ���< Wight un ti lr theiremoval ���:  }bfMhe}b^y;?ey^  ipratppri*^^  and Ireland and emperor of India.  The ceremony was interesting and  according to precedent.- The'king  was in a separate apartment from  the privy councillors.' To the latter  the duke of * Devonshire formally:  communicated the death of queen  Victoria and the succession ( of her.  son; the prince of Wales,' to the  throne. -  The royal duke and certain lords  of the council-were then directed,  to repair to the' king's presence to  acquaint him with the terms* of the--  lord president's statement. ^Shortly  afterwards his majesty entered the  room in which the .councillors were  assembled and addressed them in a.  brief speech.     The lord chancellor  '(lord Salisbury) then  administered  the path to the king and afterwards  to   the various   members   of   the  councils.    Commencing with lords  in council they took their respective  oaths of allegiance and then passed  in turn before his majesty as at a  levee, except that each passed and  kissed his hands before passing out  of the chambers.   This brought the  ceremony to a close.    By 3:30 p.m.,  when his majesty returned to Marlborough house, the .crowd. in the  neighborhood was of - immense proportions.   The king's prior journey  _was accomplished inY almost complete silence, but ou'< this." occasion  he wasiou'dly cheered allYalong the  line   of/-route. * Immediately   opposite Marlboroughf'house, gates a  tall gentleman in tlie front of the  crowd waved his hands and shouted  "Long Live,the King,'\ whereupon  the crowd cheered with * redoubled  vigor.        * -      ,-~.   ..  mation ceremony today. Regarding the cause of death, the Lancet  says: "Death was due to cerebral  failure. Transient' and recurring  symptoms of apathy and torpor,  with aphasic indications gave great  uneasiness to the physicians a few  days before the final illness. From  Saturday these symptoms grew  steadily graver, but the heart's  action was maintained throughout  and the temperature was normal."  _  t   ��  ���>  ' ���_   ' '^The Emperor's Proclamation.  Berlin, January "23.���The Official  Gazette contains the. following imperial dispatch: "Osborne,"January  23.���-Thedeath ofmy.beloved, highly honored and riever'-fco be forgotten  grandmother, Victoria, has plunged  me and my house into the deepest  'mourning." I know ,my army sincerely shares'nrthe grievous loss I  have sustained, and Ihereby decree  that all officers of. my 'army shall  wear, mourning - foi ^-fourteen days.  The First Dragoon "Guard, regiment  of-^the queen shall, go into mourning for three' weeks."' Flags on all  military and public "buildings shall  be half-masted. '"*-*'  ' .., ���  (Signed)   Wujhei.m R. I."  sovereign, -j took YthelrY jfcurh."; Their -,  - grief was-the sorrow of those who  had losta.friend. Y* Many residents  of Cowes" andYY neighboring"; towns  and some, prominent people applied  at thei~porter's lodgefor admission!  but they were told to-come toinor-  row. '-^Theire^is no} mistaking the  realit;"j^o^;t^e sorrp!w"6f Cowes.} "YY  "The queen was alwuys^sp Ygodd  to'uSf'^ they, Bay. She knew personally many of the townspeople  and took. a real interest in their  families,; theirr troubles arid: their  joys. Y She}cduld-:call many.-.of .them  by name; ani often stopped - in . her  drives to talk Yto them. -Almost  every house has a half-masted flag  and the}store.:,windows are draped  }''withY:bla^ahd;white.'.Y'.Y-Y.!V;;^  j Em_-erbr&Wiiliam {Andy princess  Louise walked to Appiugham church  Ythis afternoon.'} It is learned that  theking assumed the -title: of Y Ed-:  Y'^rd^VH^at} the express wish' of  : rtiis mother.:*; ::T^  doesnotat oncervbecpm^-^nnceYpfl  Wales, through the^accession" of .his  father. , The- title Y'iofYprinieeY-of;  Wales becomes toergedin the;.sovr:  ereignty, but^the kin_;} will exercise;;  Yhis prerogativeand confer the prih-Y  cipality} of Y Wales   on.. the?  heir  -apparent.; 'The';riew;;kmg'wa.s'b.brn~'  YN"ovember.9,bh,YlS_l,' andY was -Cre-Y  ated princei of ^ales on the follbwr =  ing   Deicember  ith.   Y There 7 haye  been sis royal princes who were,  never princes of   Wales.   On the  other handj Ythe: duke of York becomes at once duke of Cornwall,  and the duchess of Fife (princess  Louise of Wales) becomes a princsss  royal, and this capacity is: treated  by the law in much the same way  as the mother of a queen consort.  -The    departure     of   " emperor  y ^ND0Ny*��:January ^:7%^i~D"enae  crowds} beginning Y}at|^St.YYJajneSi  Js^reet;Uned the enti^ YrOute *fco;Vic^  ^toria;statitm;;frpm}fa.riv-e^  :The:Ma^aridithe fremt;of}Bucking-}  ���3iam}|y^Uicey|^wera  'thronged:AlAlI} along YjtheY^oiTmerj  }froni^tiSfl: i*wlace;Yil-pyMarlbprpuglii  hpifee v carriagesifilkd *with}}ladiesj  '��� stood Y; as Yfor Y^drawing^rppmiYex^;;  "ceptin^that the^fpot^n}^d}pccu^  :pants}Y.w^^;g^re^d}:in^  The poh^^pre^u tions *t^^  '.Men bnY^pKand}mpun*i*^c gu*arid^}  ���jyertiaitalmpst eve^;^a^Ypf' thei  Yway.v.iAii} waited patientlyifpr hours  i^tp}}^!^) YTthen^Ykmgy^ye^ually^  YpTec^ed'byjlralfra^pzen^  ���ipolicemeh }}a Y plain }Sbrpugham^  driy^yyjBry' ' rapidly;^with} the;  'coachmen}and   ��� footmenYln}tteir;  "usualY    grey Y;Uvefies,y wearing:  ;mourning,}:ibands: on}their'Yarms,  brought into viewthe king with an  equerry ''seated "beside   him;*};He  was Ydressed in *' the ��� deepestyand  most simple mourning and carefully  raised his .hat in acknowledgment  of theiMlent runcoveririgY'bf ^eM  ' The king looked tired arid very sadi  Following him came the duke of  York, the duke of Conriaught ��� and  others.   Both the king and duke of  York   looked, pathetically ''upyat  Buckingham palace as they passed  and acknowledged the salute of the  guard of honor drawn up inside'the  ;pkia^-''}gr6urids.'}Y^All':-':'the   officers  had   crape   oriYtHeir left: sleeves.  The:king drpve.to--St.} James' palace  from Marlborough house, to preside,  at the fir8t; privy council.   He was  attended; byYlord' Suffolk^ who has  been lord of the bed chamber to the  prince of YWales since 1872, and was  escorted by. a ca-ptairi'sescbr-fc^f thb  horse-guards. Y By- the }time}Ythe  king Y arrived" a great}1 gathering of  privy councillors irileyee dress with  crape on their left wriis*;liadY taken  up a position;in: the}thrOne room. }Y  }f Members; .of ��������� the}: royal-;;family,  "cabinet ministers, peers, commoners,  bishops*  judges,   the   lord mayor,  etc., including theY duke} of York,_  the "duke of -Connaught arid.-��� lesser  members of the royal fariaily.   Lord ���  Salisbury, -lord YRosebery,   A. <..!.  Balfour,  the- duke Of Devonshire,-  lord Strathcona and Mount Royal  and a host of the most prominent  personages in the land* were there  to receive the king's formal oath  binding him to govern, the kingdom  according to its laws and customs  and for him to assume the title of  king Edward VII of- Great Britain  i The Speech of Accession.  ;^;toiH**toN^  llowingSiis^tfielif^  ���^���^i^i^f^iMssi^sja^^h  II^Yp'iirSrp'y^  ja^i'gjmil^meniy^I^^  :pain_rilspcc^i(^  j;eVer)b^e^lledluj_o_fit^  YM^fiwIfmelan^-^yjS  nounce to you the death'of }inybe^.  ..IpvMfempl^r^^  ^Icno^T^Kow^deepl^^y^  'iwhole^atiprij^an^  ���isayi^lie^wtfpl^  Ymth^^;in|tl^;arirep^^  lli(^e^^^iffil��in^^  }sa^t^ia-rmy}TOris;tontve^  -beYal way s} to w-aj^}in}her Sfopts tepsi.}  iifi^under&Bcm  Jlwhi(**h;i;S:npwYY;deTOly(����|4:u^  :'I';3;iam.^:S'f'iil|^  'be^Y:^a^5;cp^  ;eigmi?in'^'|tu'e5^s^  }pf ^howbrdfaiul:':so:lpi^}asVthere}isY  breath' in my body to work for the  good aridamelioratiori of my people.  -1 have resolved to be known by,the  name of Edward, which hasj been  }bpmeyby} six:}pf Y}riiy}Y aii^estJ<^;^*In:'  doing so I do not. undervalue the  *}name5pf:v^^6e^^^_ii  ; from Yriiy )���. ever: tp};tte}lariieri*i��d;ar^^  Ywise father^ who:b-^ iuriivOTsal con-;  '��� serit;is, Ijbhink,i d.esierve^ily,iknown"  :by thoriamp^p-^Y^i^ert^  '. arid -Fdesir e;thartY-hisY'_iairib}shouldv  YstandYalbne.-::Y^,.:Y;YYY^YYy, '[77.__'.. [777  Y },IriYycpncl^ioi^I~triis  ���ment;arid the^^ nation.Yto support me  in ;the arduous ; duties' which}; now  deyblyerupori nie by inheritance arid  to which I am determined to devote  '-myYwhblerstrength during the; re-  mairiderof my'life."   Y        Y    ^ YY '  Ireland's -Sympathy.  ^Dublin,^.January^ 23.���The .following was the text?of^the. resolution proposedsby 'lord*-"mayor 'Pile:  ���'Wje.beg, respectfuliy^to tepder to  theriiembers of theroyal family our  sincere .sympathy with" them and  our feelings of deep regret for the  great ^affliction; that},has' befallen,  them in the*death''of:"-her majesty,  queen ^Victoria." 'The amendment  proposed by Mr. Harrington, who is  the. lord: mayor. elect^asasfpUows:;  Y"^itli^tSin5!a^  'from the high.personal "qualities of  |thei"d^MSed^arid|'g^  ���YariyJ|ie^^esswn!^|^^^  council f*naust decliribYiin the present  ;politi(*al :TOnditipnin'Ir^  ^part itf an^y,Sembi^&  ^^t^i^g^^t-U^-fe"'''  '^'"''":  Yfe- WhatYthe London: Papers Say.  '���'��� ��� London, January 24.���The; morning papers publishY a Y long tribute  'ftprii}thb^{*^t}laureateYMr. Alfred1  -Austin to the "dead ;queen.'������'* Ord*ers  have been issued.for 6500 troops to  lineithe streets^bf London: for the  proclariiatiOn'- ceremony; The  ; Gazette orders the court to go , into  mourning until July 24th and into  half mourning until January 14tb,  1902. Lord Roberts has ordered the  army to ; adopt:- mourning until  March 5th;; Memorial services will  be-;held in St. YP_.ul's cathedral  morning.Yand} evening daily" until  the iritbimerit.;' At the first of those  \_e\6\ after the regular evening ser^  vice yesterday Borne 5Q0Ci persoris  were present; Bishop BarryY.read  theybur ial ��� - ^service Y arid 7 the dead  march^in Saul arid otherYfurieral  'imusic^wasjrendered.-' 77 .,.'YYy-.;"Y';Y}};y  -}}The morning; papers record witn:  the greatest satisfaction that the  ;king has taken thei titlevof Edward  , VIL. -Tliey are filled irbm^enditQ;  end witli a descHptiQri'Pf the.^ ceremoniesand accouiits-Ybf theyreception of the news, arid . accession  to the throne ftom^all parts of the  world.: YKirigrEd ward's-.first, speech  is also applauded. Yv        ^       ��� - Y  _;- The Daily 'Telegi-apli} says: 5'Itl.  was admirable, resolute, touching  aind .breathing deep sincerity. It  does equal honor to the monarch  and the man and will carry a fresh  sense of hope and confidence to the  country in its trouble."  King Edward will return to Os  borne immediately after the procla  ^���f|S_^i^^mef6^^^  iipa-ONI^  ���^dinaTy}isMi^  lriorning appears with black borders.  -Itlannwrice^jthep-de'a.^  ;;Victoris^ddu-ig';:y'^hbY^e^^  iCj^sedraiE^  }gret}Ki^dysbrr:^^  majesty's faithful subjects, to whom  ^sl^was!}; endearedY hy*;th^deepfe iri}}  ';terert}iri;|t^^  irivariabiyY-riariifestedifaS^eU^aBb^^^  }_parfeed}and  fjThenYfollpws}}the rjtiocl&ti&^  Eadwaird }VII,\sthe "f acknowledgment  "of ��� ailegiariceYbytH6 iri'iyy^buncil:  6rid the Iririg's^ speech afcYhl8;}*wces}:  ���}sibri;';i:iM<'eKgiyirig a listY^fY* those?  Y-'wlip ;Y atterided}Ythe  c^ricil^'Jthe  }GazetteY anriburices ; th^^'the^ting  subscribed^to the oath} Yrelatmg Yto;  =the?seeurity-o_tthe'churcE^pf^^  land. -: It concludes with-the king's  formal, proclamation Ybrdering/all  Officers   arid persons in ^authority  throughout his dominions Y to'��� corir  Ytinue.to exercise their officesduririg  the royal pleasure and'Yexhprting:  his subjects to aid andSassistY such  officersi in the performance and ^execution of theirs.        : ."������7::._. ["���'��� 7 7.77 ;������  decided to attend the funeral service at the Protestant chapel'of the  British embassy. The queen regent  "and the ministers have expressed  their condolences and thegala din-  'ner atthe palace on the occasion of  ,the king's - fete day has been  countermanded. -      . ��  ;   -  ,  ��� ' Berlin, January 23.���A dispatch  received here from Cronberg says  ,the   dowager-   empress   Frederick  passed a quiet night and has had  "an-uneventful day.    t      ���_   ,_  ^New   York,   January   23.���The  ! governors of the  stocks exchange  have'decided to close the exchange  "from 10 tcT 11 o'clock on-the day of  jbhe funeral of- the- late queen of  England. > ���',.   ~ -    -  ^'Capej Town, January 23.���The  presiding , judge of the supreme  coiirt'today said :a-- "In no part of  the empire will the death of queen  Victoria be-felt more than in Cape  .Colony by the British and Dutch,  -white and colored^ of all classes and  creeds. A sentence which' I think  'with all due reverence will. be t presented to the . throne of. the�� most  high is .'God Save the Queen.' ".  C *;London, January -23. ���,Bye a  strange coincidence exactly. 82 years  ago today the Gazette printed the  prince-'regent's speech from the  throne'to parliament and the -principal-subjects were, the death of the  queen and the" war.:* ���~* �����       t  '     '    " r: ,    ���*-*     >.     ,  r The Queen's Wealth^  __ London, January 23)���The queen's"  private" wealth yielded an incoriie  of about ��200,000 yearly}   This is*'  exclusive.of ��385,000 annually from  - parliament. ' She' inherited nearly  all the prince consort's estate',  ��600,000,., ���fbrty ..years ago/"' arid  ��500,000jp};1852 from John Camden;  }NM^/yTO^S^een|}^  |KeadM}|bu3ines,^  }course-had the best financial advice.'.  5ln*|-iMi5_he^jb^gtit^  ��78^000 the niarketyalVe'of which:  I07ino^  She Jiad estates iri." several .-'German  l^in^pkiiti^lari  tiful ; villa- at_Baden- frbrii j' prince  ���^bKeriiohj^iThejqp^  ;affi��Yeri3rm6u_l^u1__MT  A THREE MILLION BLAZE  MONTBEAL    SUFFEES    FKOM  M8ASTROUS FIEE. .   '.  The Board'of Trade Building, Which  '", Cost Half a Million,-Included  1 v      ��    �����   **  _;     ,        In   the  Losses '      7  i^OJ^M,,,,.-^.-.-..   :_-...   ,-,   .TV-i.-,-.-^-^-,..--.,.,    y   ^   .:_.  are private jewels,  gold'' and '.''plate  ,andv picturesJ'estimatetii,^tp^yalue  more than a million pburids'sterlirig.':  YESTERDikYS    NEWS   IN   BRIEIV  i   * < - From Various Courtis.;"';*. y  Rome, January 23.yC^uri^i-}lGiri-  otti on behalf of the. .queen; the  marquis Guiccioli on behalf of the  dowager queen and viscount'Iven-  tes in the name of the government  called at the British embassy today  tb convey their condolences.- "All  the press comments are favorable.  y Stockholm, January 23.���In the  first chamber of the reichstag the  .president in notifying the members;  of the death of the queen expressed  the sympathy of the Swedish peb-;  ple.-with the British.  Paris, January 23.���The delegation which will represent*F]rarice at  queen;}Victoria's funeraiywill .be  composed of vice admiral "De YEa-  jaille,; general puboisysMretatryr;  general of the; presidency;} niajbr  Shabaul, an officer of president  Loubet's military household }a,rid a  representative of the fpreig}ri}pffice.  The tri-color over thieKElysee was-  bburid with crepe^t^isY'; morri-  ing. The president has counter-  rdanded a dinner which}- had beeri  fixed for January 31st arid several  other functions.  ,:'-';' '*' Notes.  Berlin, January .23.���It is understood that the crown prince of Germany will attend the queen's  funeral.  Madrid, January 28.���The court  will go into mourning for 21 days  ] and the government officers have  yp^IClX"-RIA;-gD^  0eivedjYfe;!^  ^t&OTgegCu^s,^  suicide ^^-agleiiw-a^ifo  the'county clerk}s office at Seattle.  ^dvices^fcom}^��rete  Inuie/huridr^Ym^vw  ���2ne'^theriey}yy  ^jTR^^Ni'^yilbra^  ia iiwmi-^rit; icejp^^  }of;Cplbne^a|ie'*mgh-tiria^^^  :: sh^tf}*at^hisMce|i h^sey^pri^^tbe^  }MohawkY-riei^^C-(^e  Yo'clbck"this YinornirigjVi arid Yhad;his  head }itiri:d Jpriel aim^brnf frbiri} hisr  JbOdylYe 7. ���Y'}Y'*;}y :7J77-, y;Y^:YYYYY}";y  :i  ViCTpRiAy/The steatuer Victorian  ���whichY arrived this Ymprning'Yffbrii  fthe-Orierit^brpughtinews-tha^  Boxera made an attemptto^surprise  Tieri-Tsin on the riight of January  list.   They were in smiall numbers  and easily driven off, although they  causedY.some   anxiety   during   the  nightyyY-��� 7J;:."'   '������\7'77'7[: '77C" '7-:  ���;���}UTRECHTyMrl .'Kruger   arrived  here at midday}  He was received  by a committee. at the railroad station and^was cheered warmly.   As  he drove to his hotel a choir sang  patriotic     sbri'gs.       Mr. "   Kruger  thanked the crowd outside and the  people sang the Transvaal national  hymn.  .Mani-A. ��� General Grant ��� has  made many captures and arrests.  At present he is on a scouting expi-  dition with over 50 men. Those  who are proved to be insurgents are  held. Battery "I" of the Third artillery has captured 50 armed men  iit Multinupa. Various other minor  captures and surrenders have been  made in southern Luzon, y  Y : Paris.���In the chamber ,: of  deputies today during the debate  :on the law of associations M. Rybot,  the former premier, declared he  would oppose the bill. He favored  the supremacy of the iciyil power,  but lie refused to follow the government in a .campaign against Gatliol-  icisni. M. Rybot desired liberty for  all arid defended the concordat,  which he said,waV a: guarantee of  religious practice.-,-���-'M. Rybot concluded with defending freedom of  teaching and with reproachirig the  government for preventing the  appeasement pf the country.  The Sandon Carnival.  The winter carnival begins at  Sandon on Monday next, and it will  bid fair to be one of the greatest  exhibitions of winter sports ever  given in the Kootenays. Special  rates on all transportation lines.  ' .Montreal,'. January 23.���A��big.  fire started at 8:30 this evening in  -the. premises   of  M. Saxe & Son,  wholesale clothiers, on the corner of  Lemoine and St. Peter streets.  The  streets'in the locality were deserted  at the time and the fire apparently  had a good headway before the first  alarm was sent in.   The firemen on  their arrival found' the building, a*  three-story stone structure, a solid'  mass of flames, the fire having apparently started in the basement  and riished'mp the elevator shaft in,  the}rear "of the 'store; - Second and,  third alarms were-pulled immediately on the arrival of .the division  sub-chief,' but; before the   nearest  reinforcements *' reached  the" scene  the flames, had' leaped across narrow  St. Peter street and, attacked the  big fiye-story stone building occupied by H. A: Nelson & < Sons�� Company;- fancy*; goods, -s etc.'   -Here   it-  spread as rapidly as it had"iri~ the  Saxe-'��building.       In   almost . an  instan^it si'-'emedj;,^  ,l^il^^l;was'|}ayrc��^in  iThe^aj-eh(^e;'b^  ;tanners, adjoining Nelson's tothe  ���^Putfi:^waSiiPxi^at)^k^  ��t��ere<the;!fe  ^|e||esfeblish^  :_3oultxv_l-iy?G^  ���^H^re^anptnersiri^mm  /t&dJE&f^0-^t^^^jfla-^s^|I^��^  mea.ntime_the flames had cqntiuued  down St.~'Peter street bn'the side on:  ;Y^ich|i��8*^^  rPavd*-rti^et,}lickiri^g;u*p.the;  ;:M{;iT.;?^_^rd^u^}&  ^c^Y?S*^Kt^strei_^f^^  sblbck"; ,}was ;:| afe mass ;|bf0_^rries}?pri^  }eit^r|iside{|g:Iri3}t^|^ a}  Jgr^t;fight}wa^  }thegb}ig|b^rdsp^  ;el-ecti_d^igh.}y1^S:ia_^^  *^6Q0,'0p0}}a^?adjbiriirig}^  iouildiri g^pivtheY ribrth;' side.tvYFbr'.'.; aY  lorigji^me thefen*pr.s���*of the}brigade}  were* succe^ful,}a}plent]_:ul} supply^  ofi^aterY^e_nrig^th  ; tions C&l}}}}:B^:t  teriiied; alrag ytbieYnbrt^  fPaul ���; streetl': gpiri gYwest f rbin Silyer-  Yman^YBbul*^rYY&YC^!s,yicki  'half a^dpMri}cpricerns}inYits way  until it reached the big wholesale,  }fiir bstablishmeritYof James Coris-:  <tirie'��&^Co;:Y:>YYY;Y777 7\'.7-_7^7,Y,:,'..;* -}::'  Y I This? building extended } all the  }wa"y^frbm=St.=BauLtb^the^boardipf}  trade building and the flamesf ajp-}  ���peared to go through it likei a tinder box.YWhenYthe rear wallYPf>  this building went it was seen that  the Board of Trade Ywould have to  too.   A   solid .- sheet   of   flame  ���-v  1'.  _^v>  .  *'��-i��?  - ,'r*k!.  ~   -y -TH*g*  \x7: y-M  property valued at between $2,500,-  000  and' $3,000,000 arid was still  burning, though 'the appearances  are that'the'firemen have at last'  got it under control.   Included in  the property burned is the splendid  Board of Trade building, which cost  half a million dollars, with over a  'hundred tenants, and half-a-dozen  large firms and two score bf smaller,  .concerns.   The weatheFis cold 6ut;  not particularly soft and the fire-',  -men were not greatly hampered in t  this respect. ^ /-'..*-;      ---..--  Outside of the Board of-Trade'  building there w^s. not, a modern,  structure^in'those.-burned.", "-.The-, l..i.  narrow  streets, antiquated f-build-^'a^'-/_^M-  ings and the inflammable nature"3of '*"���$ '!'%&&  .,��-       ,���'^-y J*r.  men were / powerless. The.- fire}-,. * + -,. - ��i��?  practically burned until it came to/  open spaces "which gave the firemen7  a fresh opportunity. ~For a" time it ;??pi ~^f^  looked as though the flames would ^*;Kr< %>7^^  . spread along Commissioner street ,to }_$ ^.y>^|  the Grand Trunk offices in course of &�� ?-5^j_f  erection, but good work happily cut, '���*��. '^~#'  it offaat St. Peter street. . -T' , '^ '* rt{g  Immense 'crowds of" iieople '������&"-'* '  jammed the narrow streets, greatly  impeding;the wbfk^of' the firemen.* C^- ->-,��^  the stocks}.t'hey rcpntmned -made.'a';  combination before which the fire-  7'_W  7^S  J.'-  y*6  --l3'*��  -���*___*  The police could .not 'control* the  ^i**  ��r* .*'  ��� -'^i_  A.,  _��  Mi  crpwds.    },^Vpmen .fainted - and  clothes we're torn as 'those in the  front ranks, scenting danger from  falling   wallsymade^ a.;,rush- for fiCf  .safety". . -f The .;following'.' are cesti- }yP'  mates of the principal losses: Bbard'i"*'' *  of Trade,*$600,000, irisurance'$400,- r�� '  000; tenants'loss; $100,000;,-M.-Saxe ^  & Co., wholesale clothiers, $75,000; '_;    Oi#��  H., A/ Nelso'_T__, Sons -Company, V��v'^*"*��  wholesale   fancy   goods,, $150,000;Y  Beairdmore ,:v.&5Company,'.sjtanners,  !$_Ob,000;YSilverm^^  ^h^-iari*dB^ps^elc^$i^^ 5*'  stiriel'��fe^b;ilfiffriers^^3^  |Seyb^ia_?So_^;^Golf$_6^bl|_^-^ ��%**  }mu1_^i^i^rileeB:&|Cdfp_uvt^_^  *i*^S^J-^iEl*^fi'*__'iiail_^ii'-Sitf'SiS&.'Anft -    1  ���w-  J"->.  V!fc .  go  sprang out and seized hold of the  big building 'in a dozen different  places,, driving the firemen back.  The newer and more modern structure burned more slowly than those  which already bad fallen prey to  the flames, but the firemen were  apparently paralyzed arid could not  stay the march of the devouring  element. By this time every piece  of fire fighting apparatus the  city possessed was in use. Two  water towers which had failed  to keep the blaze from the  Board of Trade building were  shifted around to St. Paul street  and here again ; they ' were too  late. The fire' dashed across the  narrow street ,' and attacked the  premises of the Thomas Davidson  Company, manufacturing tinsmiths,  spreading east and west, including  ���H.YLevi, drygoods, arid half a dozen  other smaller concerns.  Y On Lemoine street is the big  wholesale,grocery firm of Laporte,  Martin 8c Co., aind after the firemen  had abandoned all hope of. saving  the Board of Trade building they  concentrated their efforts mainly  on this one, for a spread of the  flames in this direction meant the  loss of the entire wholesale dry-  goods section. At 12:30 it looked  as if the building might be saved,  but the stock will be heavily damaged by water.  Another Version.  Montreal, January 24.���The fire  which started in the wholesale district at 8:05 o'clock last night at 1  o'clock this morning had destroyed  ���i;Fpr|y^^  ^^lert-pijyeste^^  ^small}_OTce^  ;"di^lppmeirt|wpi^  Tpast-'iandllde^lpp  ^"_abtbry^^^atheY*drbi^  ��� * "���- yysYsi't'i'i'Wi  tunnel has been run 100 feet,-which  \tiapi^i$t;^  .';level.^}The^ririel;^aaJr  "all -the iwayib^Xwhen } iiV-Ywas Y; run):  100; feet another larger^ Yand; richer;  vein wasericpuriteited.Y;Driftirig}has Y  ^en=dbne2c>)_>the^6^brid%eiri^s^a^  ccirisiderable:distance.' ^_^a_>a;well}  defined wall and has been uncovered  *tb Sthe :width;;of;12feeti^ but howl  much further it extends is "riot:  knownyy.y~''77-['������'[. :--7[77 '.:-:'Yy}Y.'}Y};},  Theore, which gives gold returns,  varies in value. On the Crown Point  a tunnel has-been run about 45 feet  and it has been discovered that the  main lead is about 100 feet'wide. -  The ore contains good values but is  said to be lackirig in depthy Sbiiie^  time ago several'capitalists formed  a syndicate arid bonded the property.   A hydraulic plant was put  in at a big cost, but when operated "  did not prove a success.   The proper ty, coriiparatively speaking, has.  been    lying    idle    for   the   past  few months.   Mr. Ritchie of Rossland, is the - engineer for- the com*  pany and he  has suggested that ,  active development be carried }pn  in the spring.    It is probable that  something will be done ^investigate the real worth of the property.  It is situated about two miles from  the well-known May   and ^Jennie-  group. ������������������; ''/-y.-Y.: ������/.':���.,���,��������� '���'.' ;.}-���  After the Japs. .--'������YY.y  Victoria, January 23. ��� Two  Japanese, who arrived by the  steamer Victorian, were refused a  landing as they could not comply  with the requirements of the British Columbia Immigration Act. Mr.  8, Cassidy, legal adviser7.ot the Y  Japanese consul, wanted the agent  of the steamship company to allow  the men'to come ashore so that he  could get an opportunity to test the  act, but the agent would not agree  to do so. It is understood that the  steamship company will not in  future accept as passengers Japs  who cannot comply with the act.  Two on tho Victorian will be taken  back to the Orient.  --.,.-��L'_-v-_-.*''Jaf  1* ,-":-.-.*<..���_ t��"AS?,*_i  "'.B^m  f$$mx  .;-:��� :r^^_B  ������..."���'f^-Sl  i-.'^T^-r  ���7.7M1  .'.::*'>2-tI  ���w?'*^ 2  THE TRIBUNE: KELSON B. C THJIBSDAY, JANUARY 24 1901  to  t How Many  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  HAVE YOU HAD ON THE SIDEWALK  DURING THE PAST FEW DAYS?  to  ************************  to  to  IF YOU HAD WORN A PAIR OF OUR��  to  to  ������  ������ to.  to Rubber Soled Shoes  to  to  YOU WOULD HA VE BEEN PERFECTLY to  SAFE. " CONSIDER THESE PRICES :  Men's   Rubber  Soled   Boots   in   Black   and Tan:  Regular  price.$6.00, .Snap at $4.50.  to  to  to  to  ���-7S  Regular^  to  to  to  to  *  S_i Men's   Rubber Soled   Boots   in   Black  and Tan  *? price $5.50, Snap at $4.15.  7"?  to Ladies' Rubber Soled   Shoe's:   Regular price  $5.50,  now  to $4.15. \9f  to to  f(\ Same  reductions  in  all  our stock of Dry  Goods, Men's (fl  1^\ Furnishings, Boots and Shoes. /ft  to to  fa ************************ &  1 Twenty-Four Silk Skirts��  ..}.,_  iy?  w  m  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  m  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  %  Here is something for the. Ladies.  Regular price $6.00..  Regular price $10.00..  Regular price $12.00.,  Regular price $14.00...  Regular price $16.00..  ��� Bargain, at $ 4.50  .... Bargain- at.-$���7.50.  ... Bargain at$ 9.00  ... Bargain at $10.50  ... Bargain at $12.00  ALL  SHADES.  ************************  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  m  to  ��ite ��ribrote*  .'.IS  IK''"  I ��r'7  ����_-. 'j  1 Wi  .1 J  i-Ut  ���^    -4  I"**''.'    .  irj     ^_  The report of the-medical health  officer, which came 'before.the .local (  board of health yesterday, contains:  some excellent advertising matter,  ' in that it shows -Nelson to be .one -  of the healthiest spots in this -province. - For-the year 1900 ithe total  number of'deaths is .returned.-at  forty-eight, which is less .than seven  in   the - thousand.-.    This in itself  would be a good showing, but when  - it is remembered that Nelson is in a  sense a hospital center for a. very,  large'district, the showing is rendered   manifestly  better.     While  the1report_pf the health officer calls  matters which-  it became an. object to smelt and  refine and manufacture in, Ontario.  The. first, fruits "of;]the,-policy is;  shown^ in the iron - manufacturing,  plants which have been-, started-at  Sault' Ste ^Marie,"  Midland, ������ and- in  I. f  f,h  a.   t*i  ,'*    '  /''a  attention to several  require consideration, it also brings  out one point clearly,' and that is  that the excellent health showing  of the city is in no small measure  due < to > the, .water and- sewerage  systems -which -have been constructed. This goes to show that  in its water and eewer systems the  city of Nelson has assets the value  of which cannot be overestimated  in the race which Nelson is running  to become the greatest city in  British Columbia.  X'*1-  m  **.  Whatever may-be said against  the proposal to secure for British  Columbia the maximum of advantage-from the exploitation of its  mineral resources, it cannot be denied that the province of Ontario  today   furnishes   a   most ..pleasing  illustration of the fruits of such a  policy.   While the eastern province  has not the great.mineral resources  of British Columbia, it has men in  its executive council'who have sufficient statesmanship to so regulate  the development' of  such natural  wealth as the province is possessed  of, that advantage, does not stop  with the winning of the minerals  frorii the ground,' but follows on  through their smelting, their refining and industrial manufacture.  In  Ontario it mattered little what the  means so long as. the desired end  was attained.   The government of  thWprpyJince.'leiit itspneouragement  ^tp:tlie. pajdog^-pf Jftquntiea as cheerfully as it imposed -export ��� duties  upon raw ores, with the result that'  Hamilton    and  the , additional  plant projeeted.for the town of���Col-,  lingwood.- This, however, is but thes  beginning of the industrial revival  upon which /Ontario has entered.  The progressive spirit of the men,  directing'' affairs -in Ontario now  bids-fair to enable that province to  profit from other-advantages which,  without the protection' of. its natural wealth could not have been  turned to * account. - So- long * as: it  -was.possible-to_j,obv-Ontario_of_iits_  natural wealth, without, let or hindrance,  its raw material -went to  swell the prosperity of .the eastern  states where it was manufactured.  But now that it has become an object to. manufacture in Ontario, its  advantages as a, place for manufacturing for the European market has  been carefully canvassed'by the men  who  dominate the iron   working  enterprises  in the United States.  The result .has been the .organization ofithe greatest .iron.*,working  and industrial trust in- the- history  of America, which will -have for its  outlet some point along .the Welland canal, which possesses - better  transportation facilities to the. seaboard than any. of' the - present inland   centers   such   as   Pittsburg.  This is no longer a theory.   It has  been   demonstrated  by   Carnegie,  who now- talks of establishing, his  works at a point on the United  States side of Lake Erie, - in order  to take advantage of water transportation to the seaboard.   This in,?  dustrial growth in Ontario evidences  -what   may   be expected from   a  -policy    which   conserves   to   the  province every possible -advantage  from the development of its natural  wealth.    The mineral possibilities  of ' Ontario are ^limited <:,compared,  with those   of  British Columbia;  but Ontario is outstripping ..British  Columbia because its statesmen are  reaching out to secure every benefit,  while in British'Columbia the only  consideration,'given :by',its,.public  men to .'the i great .industry,,of .the  province, is its possibilities. for. .the  purposes of immediate taxation.'  ;EeWiiperspns .have any conception  bf theiwastp-thatis ensiled by the  practice of,*;-allowing<; "theirY-water,  taps to run through the night in  order to prevent their pipes from  freezing. The city engineer of  Toronto has just completed a report  in which he states that the waste  of water from this practice amounts  to three million gallons per night.  Bad Coasting Accident.  James Russell and Ben O'Dell  both had their legs broken while  coasting down Stanley street last  evening. Russell- was acting as  steersman, and when the sleigh  reached Vernon street it was  running over the ice-like bed of the  street at such a high rate of speed  that it was beyond his control. It  shot violently into the sidewalk- on  the opposite side of the street.  Russell's leg-was broken above the  knee and 'near the ankle. O'DelFs  was broken below the knee. Oliver  Symonds, Harry Smith and D. McLean were also on the sleigh and  they were injured slightly about  the head and body. A hack was  called and Russell and O'Dell were  removed to the general-hospital.  Minstrels Reorganize..  At a well represented-meeting,  held in J; E. Annable's' office last  evening the-Nelson minstrels were  reorganized arid the following,,  officers were elected: Manager,  Charles Honeyman; secretary, A.  H. Fisher; stage -manager, ��� Mr. McDonald ; treasurer, J. E.- Amiable;  musical director, James - Millward:  interlocutor, F. D. Moore. An executive committee, with-.Charles A.  'Prosser as chairman, was appointed  and there will be a. meeting,of this  body this evening to draft a program.' The first rehearsal will, be  held at the' opera hour tomorrow at  7:30 sharp. All who are'interested  are requested to be. present.  ************************************  KOOTENAY;....  GOEFEEYOO.:,  . ************************  Coffee-Roasters  Deaiw in Tea and,Coffee  ************************r  ' We are offering at lowest prices the best  grades of Ceylon, India, China and Japan-  Toos.  Our Bes\ Mocha nnd Java Coffee, per  -.  ,.               pound 9 40-  Mocha and Java Blend, 3 pounds  1 00  Choice Blend Coffee, i pounds  1 00  Special Blend Coffee, 6 pounds  1 00_  Rio Blend Coffee, G pounds  1 00  Special Blend Ceylon Tea, per pound 30  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED..   -  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  Telephone 177.  P. 0. Box 182.  WEST BAKER STREET, NELSON.  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Bargains in odd  pairs of Lace Curtains.  MENS    WEAR���Mens . Fleece-Lined  Underwear from 60c each, up.  . Bargains in Mens Ties,, etc.  Remnants of Silks, Dress Goods, Prints, Flannels, Table Linens, Carpets, etc., at less than Half, Price.  ************************  m  321 to 331Baker 'Street, x^olson  Surpassing  Display in  Fall-Suitings  American aqd. European Plans.,.,  CENTS  MEALS  25  ROOMSLXGHTED BY ELECTRICITY .  (               AND'JHEATED BY STEAM.           IS OKNTS TO II**--'   QUEEN'S HOTEL  ��� BAKER STREET. NELSON,,;  Lighted by Electricity'and' Heated with Hot Air.  Large oonJo^Ma^bedipomfl and flrafrclaBB  dining-room. Sample rooms foe ���commercial men.  RATES_S2 PER DAY  All the fashionable creations  in Fall and Winter wear are  included in my last.consignment of-Scotch and Irish  Serges,' Tweeds. and- Worsteds, .and Fancy .Trouserings,  N|rs_ L 0aJJIarke, Prop.  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WHOLESALE TRADE    1      tnrj  DERATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  rpHORPK & CO., LIMITED Corner Vernon  , ���*- and Cedar -streets, Nelson, manufacturers  of and wholesale dealers in cerated waters and  fruit syrups. Sole agents for Halcyon Springs  minoral water.. Telephone GO.,  ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES. V _; iv >  WF. TKETZBti St CO.-Corner Baker and '  ��� Josephine streets, Nelaon, wholesale deal '  era ln* assayers supplies. -Agents for,Denver  Fire Clar Co. of .Denver, Colorado.  COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  H; J. EVANS' &. CO.���Baker street, .Nelson  ��� wholesale dealers- in liquors, olgars  oemont, flre.briok and fire day, water plpe���and  steel rails, and general commission merohaaa.'  '    BLECTEIOAI,  SUPPLIES.; '  KOOTENAY"EI(ECTRIC SUPPLY & -CON-  SI RUCTION COMPANY-Whelesaledeal-..  era ln telephones, annunciators, bells, batteries,,  fixtures, eto., Houston blook. Nelson.  FLOUR AND FEED.  BRACKMAN - KER  MILLING   COMPANY .  ���Cereals, Flour, -Grain, Hay.  8traigbt or  mixed-cars shipped to all-Kootenay-Points.,  Grain elevators at all principal points on Calgary-  Edmonton R. R.  Mills at Vlotoria,- New Westv  minster, and Edmonton, Alberta.".  FRESH AND SALT MEATS;  BURNS &;   CO.���Baker  street,   Nelson,  wholesale dealers in fresh and oured meat*-.  Cold storage.  P.  HpaDiOfc-ob at  NELSON,-B.<0.  Wholesaleand RetaiI-   Dealers in Meats  E. Skinner  Neelands' Building, Baker Streeta  FRED J. SQUIRE, Managor.  ARTHUR   GEE  MERCHANT TAILOR.  TREMONT HOTEL BLOCK.  The.onlj hotel ln Nelson that has remained  under one management slnoe 1890.  The bed-rooms, are weULfnrnlahed and lfghted  The bar-is-always stooked by the best doa *���  bio and Imported liquors and olgars.  ���l_tOM__LMADDEN, Proprietor.  SLOGAN, JUNCTION HOTEL,  J. H. McMANUS, Manager  Bar stooked with best brands pf wines, liquors,  and Cigars. Beer on draught. . Large opmfort-  ahle rootnB.  9trgtM-aaa table boa A.'  Large stock of high-class imported  .   italty    * " .   . ...  fashion in coats.  specialty of the square   shoulder���the  latest  Home Grown  Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Roses, Shrubs  Vines, Bulbs, Hetlge Plants and.Seeds.  Extra ohoicc stock of Peacb, Apr'.cot, Plum,  rherry and Prune Trees; New Importation of  first-class Rhododendrons, Roses. ClimatuB. Bay  Trees, HolUes, etc.  80,000 to choose from.- No agents or commission to pay., No f umiga' ion or inspection charges.  Greenhouse plants, agricultural implements, re'r-  tilfzers, bee-'Supplies, eto. Largest-nnd^ most  ..complete stock in the province. Send for, catalogue'before placing your orders.   Address  M. J. HENRY, Vancouver, B. C.  White Labor Only.  7.; MUSIC.  Aak Tour Grocer-  torMew  SWEET  .CIDBR  foT Mlnoe.Ples.  CIDER; VINEGAR  THORPE, &��� CO., Ltd.  Markets,At  Nelaon,  Rossland,  Trail,  Kaslo, Ymir, Sandon, Silverton,.New  Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson Grand. Forks,.Greenw.ood,,Caqcade .C8ty,,Mid  way, and Vancouver,    Mapl.,Orders Promptlys.Forw��rded  West Kootenay Butcher Go.  ALL KINDS OV  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS-  ��� -       - '    WHOLBSALH J_m RBTAHa  - F18M AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nel8on E#  C#  TRAVES,  Manager  . ounwRB-RY, MAir. RiDniiiiyw riAJRwgTTT. Atni inu_^vJ.K'���'mn>~>v   ROSSLAND .BINQirNfBBRINQ "WORKS  '     "  ' .     CUNLIF^E & MCMILLAN  founders and, Maohlnlsts, .Spaotalty ,of. Ore Cars, Qm-Bin .Doors and General Mining Machinery.  List of second-hand .machinery on hand, -which has been thoroughly overhauled and Is as good  GROCERIES..  A    MACDONALD>ft CO.-Corner Front and..  **���   Hall    streets,    wholesale  grocers   and  umbers ln blankets, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers,  maokinaws.and miners' sundries. '  Tf OOTBNAY SUPPLY   COMPANY,   LIMI-  **��� TKD���Vernon, street, Nelson,  wholesale,  grocers.  JOHN CHOLDITCH& CO.-Front otreet, Nel"  **, son, -wholesale grocers."  as new.  1 2-5-H. P. Locomotive-type boiler, with engine attached and all.fittings, ready to turn on steam,  1 bK'x8" Double-Cylinder Friction Draia-Hoist, built'by Ingersoll Co.  iW     _     - ��-   - -    Mre. D. B. Murrav, graduate ln vocal and In-  . strumental music, is now prepared to receive  pupils* for Instruction in voice culture, Italian  ��� method, also planoand organ.  For terms and further particulars apply room  9, A. Macdonald building, comer S^___mi�� and  Vernon street.  R. REISTERER & CO.  .UlilfiWJUtfl'AIID.I-O-rXZJBBfl OV.  FINE, LAGER .BEER, ALE  AND.PORTER  Prompt and.  delivery to  e trade  Brewery at Nelson  i-CyUn ,  1 Sinking Pump, No. 5 Cameron. New York.  1 Sinking Pump, 10"x5**sl3",. outside packed plunger pattern.  .   ,  Watch this advertisement fo^ furtherJists,ror w^lte us before  may have just what you want. '  Agents for. Northey Pumps., Stock carried.  P.  O. Box 109. THIRD AVENUE.   re estimates.  It saves many dollars,  ive. seen onr goods and our prioes.  yon buy for complete list.  We  RQ08LAND.  T   Y. GRIFFIN & CO.-Front street, Nelson. "  ���"���  wholesale   dealers   ln  provUdons,   oured  meats, butter and eggs.  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  "a- BYBRS ft CO.���Cornor3aker and Josephine  *-*-  streets, Nelson, wholosale dealers ln hard- .  ware and mining supplies.    Agents tor Giant  Powder Co.:'.*������,.">;  ; Y1  T.AWRENCB   HARDWARB    COMPANY  J-1 Baker St., Nelson, wholesale ..dealers ln  hardware and. mining,supplies, and .water and  plumbers'supplies.       '  UQ00RS AND DRY GOODS. .  rpURNER, BKETON-ft CO.-Corner Vernon-  ���*���   and Josephine' streets. Nelson, wholesale  dealers In liquors, olgars and dry goods. Agents  for Pabet Brewing Co. of Milwaukee and Cal  gary Brewing Co. of Calgary. '  POWDER, CAPS AND, FUSE...  ���pTAMILTON POWDER. COMPANY-Baker  ���*-*��� street,:Nelsofi, manufacturers of dynamite,  sporting, stumping and-black blasttnrpowdeni,  wholesale dealers Tn caps and fuse, and eleotrlo  bbwMng apparatus. '���;  SASH AND DOORS.  NELSON  SAW   AND PLANING   MILLS,-  LIMITED���Corner Front and Hall streett.  Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers  ln sash and doors] all kinds of faotoryjwork made  to order.'  ������.-���������/���<���-;'���-��� !-::  WINES AND CIGARS..  CALIFORNIA    WINB  COMPANY,    LIMI-  TBD���Cornor Front and Hall streets, Nel- -  son, wholesale dealers In wines (oaae and bulk.  ��nH dntnnatto. a��nd Imporrted olsraro.  To drop us a post card that we may call and.give estimates.  It saves many dollars.  Nevet-'haVe anyJiplumbing .done until ijou nav *        " ~* '  OPPOSITK  ponToifB'iri'a.  STRACHAN BROTHERS, PI umbops.  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND. SURVEYOR  p.oPtMrH*Mi^  Streeta.  [qmd tro.��  REILEY&BENOY  SUCCESSORS -TO. H. D. ASHCROFT)  BLACKSMITHS. AND  EXPERT-H0R9E8H0EINC.  , Special attention given to jll kinds of re;  Mdonstom work from e'.talde points.  tooUainadetoivderons-ui^ notice.  P. J. RUSSELL  Buyer and Exporter of   .  RAW  FURS  EUghest Prices  Prompt Returns  rai_ Assortment  ^ J Ship by Express.  NELSON, JB, C.  ANTI-CEINESE  BES0LPTI0N.  Pursuant to resolutions.adopted at a regular  meeting held on Saturday evening, December  2^nd, 1900, all members of Nelson Miners'Union  No. 90, W. F.*M.,Vare requested to use every  legitimate means  To Discourage the Employment or -  Patronizing of Chinese-  directly or indirectly.  All union men and others ���  who believe id making this a white man's country, are requested to co-operate in giving effect to  the aforesaid resolution.   By order,'  - NttLSOtf  MINERS'. UNION.  Nelson, December .22nd.  The above resolution has been endorsed bv the  Trades and Labor Council of Nelson, and all  union men, and.others, in sympathy, with it, are  requested to govern  themselves   accordingly.  ���  By order,  TRADES & LABOR COUNCIL OF NELSON-  Nelson, December 22nd.  ARCHITECTS,  EWART Sz. CARRIE-Axcbiteots.. Boonu.  and 8 Aberdeen Mock. BeJcer fltteefc, Nebea, THE TRIBUNE: NELSON B..0 THURSDAY JANUA&Y: 244901  -i in in  BANK OP MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid np....$12,000,000.00  REST ;  OND-VIPEID PROFITS       427.180.80  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President  Hon. George A. Drummond......Vice-President  E. a. Clouston...........:......General Manager  NKLSON BRANCH  .   Corner Baker and Kootenay Streets.  A. H. BUCHANAN,. Manager. .  Branches in Tendon (England) New York,  Chicago, and all tho principal cities In Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable  Grant, Commercial. and Travelers' Credlta,  available In any part "of the world:    "  Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Eto.  Savings Bank Branch  CURRENT RATK OF INTERRST PAID.  THE CANADIAN  BANK OF COMMERCE  \vrrn which is amalgamatki)  THE 1JANKY0F BRITISH. COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  Paid-lip Capital,  Reserve Fund,  88.000,000  $2,000,000  Imperial Bank of Canada  HEAD  OFFICE. TORONTO?-   *_  Capital Authorized  Capital Paid up  Rest  HEALTH BOARD IN SESSION  MATTERS  OF   SANITARY-INTEREST  UNDER  DISCUSSION.  Many Recommendations Offered Aimed  to  Protect - the  Health of ���  Nelson's Citizens.  ACCRECATE RESOURCES OVER $65,000,000.  J    DIRECTOR8:  Hon. Geo. A. Cox, Robt. Kilgour,  President. Vice-President.  W. II. ITAMtl.TON s M."liKa(3.VT. '���  JAB. CllA TIHCRN  ������������'��� ������ John Hoskin, Q.C., LL D.  J.W.Fr,AV��:i.i.R XV. K. H. Mas-toy A. Kingman  B. E. Walker. d. H. Plummcr,  General: Manager.     '       Asst. Qen. Manager.  A. II. Ireland,  Chief Inspector and Superintendent of Branchci.  London Office,-60 Lombard,Street. ~. O.  \ v     S. Cajikkon Alexander, Manager. -  New York Office. 16 Exchange Place.  Ar.EX. Laird and-AVM. Gray, Agents.  The members of the local board  of health, which is composed of all  the members of the council, held  their, first meeting at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon. The-, principal  business under discussion was the  annual report of the medical health  officer/'Dn LaBau. It'was'a* lengthy  one, dealing with many questions  of importance which affect the. con-;  ditions.of the health of the city, an  outline of which wasY'published in  yesterday's Tribune. ��� It was read  by city clerk Strachan and -was  adopted. ���-���    i,'     ;**'''.  The first matter considered was  the erection of a good ;pest* house.  This^-mayor Fltcber thought, should,  be built* near. the. general-hospital,  as was done in other . cities. The'  mayor stated that'the present provincial government had' decided to  give to the ,ci��y^the,.deed_for the.  park land situated near the hospital.  ' On motion of, aldermen, Paterson  and Madden it was resolved"to'take  the necessary, steps,with" \the provincial.-secretary- to - secure ...this,  land. - It'is thought, that the building will cost about $2500 and will  be built on. the most modern plans.,  The board moved and passed'a  resolution that it was in favor of  appointing a sanitary *. inspector  and have a'proper inspection made  of the city, 'it was cited -that".fire  chief Thompson was .sanitary "inspector, but- as -he", had--several, offices to look after, it was, .thought  best to have a man who would'have  but the one duty to perform/. ,\  The board recommended.that the  mayor arid city engineer-- look- into  the matter of the condition of the  city, dairys and report at' the next  council' meeting. It .is probable  that something will be done to supply - the .institutions with better  water than is being used at present.  The city clerk was authorized to  correspond with other municipalities arid boards of trades of the  province, asking tliat they.co:oper-  "ate with theNelson council in asking-  the government to take steps, for  compulsory vaccination.  The city clerk-was authorized to  instruct the city solicitor to draft  an amendment to be added to the  health bylaw to the effect that all  transportation companies , would  have to -provide a proper medical  certificate of the cause of death of  all deceased persons whose bodies  are brought by them into the cities.  Dr. LaBau was present and offered  many good, suggestions on which  the board will act. The members  present were mayor Fletcher, aldermen 'Selous, Hamilton, Madden,  Paterson,..Gillett and.Jrving. ' The  meeting adjourned subject., to. the*  call of the chair. '^  Rounding Up Japs.,  Victoria,'January 23.���The collector of customs made inquiry this  morning into the landing of 21  Japs by the United States revenue  cutter Grant, they being men  brought. backY from, the United  States for violation.of the contract  labor law.v Captain Tisier explained that.no discourtesy was intended, and, rounding up the Japs,  offered to place them on board the  cutter until the difficulty could be  adjusted. Collector Milne accepted  the, explanation, and.after the Japs  passed through the customs in the  regular way they- were given their  liberty.   A fCity Government Under Arrest.  Hamilton, Ohio, January 23.���  As an outgrowth of an effort on  the part of the Hamilton Light &  Coke Company to open negotiations  in this city with the municipal gas  plant the whole city government is  under arrest. , An order has been  issued by judge Neilan restraining  the city from interfering with the  BRANCHES OP THB BANK IN CANADA  -  " Ontario. **���  Ayr  Ottawa  BAitniE  Park  Beixkvili.k  .Parkhiix  Bkrmn  Pbtkrhouo  Blenheim  ,      Port Pkury  Brantkord  St. Catharines  Cayuga  Sarnia  Chatham  Saui.t Stk. Marie  COLLINGWOOD  Skafortu  Dresden  Simcoe  Dundas '  Stratford  DUNNVIIXK  SfRATHROY         -  FonT Frances ..  Toronto (8 offices)  Toronto junction  Gai.t  GODKRICII,  "Walkerton  GUEi.ru  Walkerville  Hamilton.  Waterloo  London  "Windsor  Okanokvii.tjes-  Woodstock  Quebec:  Manitoba:  Montreal     ��� Winnipeo  Yukon District: "'  -JDawson;m.   .     ._ "White Horse     .  British Columbia:  'Nelson;  New -Westminster  Rossland.  Sandon -    '  Vancouver  Victoria  Atlin .  Cranbrook  ���Fernie  iQRKENWOOD  Kamloops  : Nanaimo  IN THE UNIT-ID STATHS:  NkwvYoric, N. Y:~ -   - Seattle, Wash. ,   * .  San Francisco, Cat..    Portland, Ore.     ~  -   -        Skagway, .Alaska. l **   *  -���Bankers'' in London���Tlio':"��� Bank of  Scotland;  Messrs. Smith, Payne & Smiths.  Bankers in Now York���Tho American Exchange  National Bank.  'Agents in Chicago���Tho Northern Tiust Com-  . - pany.   , .  vAgents"in Now Orleans���The Commercial "Na-  _. tional Bank.       y SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:    -  Interest allowed on ddposits.    Present rato  three por cent. ., ,  '   >:       "GRANGE V. HOLT,-  ���-..--,- .;     (   Manager Nelson Branch.,  workmen of : the companyi- but  when the company- attempted to  connect its plant .outside 'the city'  with the' Lofiftl.mahis the ^workmen  were arrested. "  '<���  r Irish^ Elections.  - Dublin, January ~2.3.V-The " lord  mayors^ of 'the Irish- cities, were  chosen,, today.- In DubU_r-*,f sir.  Thomas D. Pile^who was last.year,V  successful candidate, withdrew; and  Timothy Charles Harrington; member of parliament for -.the Harbor  division . of Dublin, was elected  without opposition. In Cork alderman, Fitzgerald wns .chosen oyer? sir  Eugene-vCrean,-, member of parliament for the southeast division of  Cork, whoywas last \ year's successful candidate. In. Limerick a  crowd forced -the door _ of. Jthe. town  hall, invaded, the council chamber  and held disorderly possession until  the session was over.' John Daly  was re-elected by 21" votes - against  r4*casFfo-~Thomas Clever���^���!~rl-  San Juan de Porto Rico.���The  house'liks authorized the treasurer  to float a loan of $3,000,000 in the  United States and Europe. - The  -funds thus raised, will-be loaned by  the government to planters to relieve agricultural depression.  GAS FIXTURES  We have just received a large  shipment of  Gas Fixtures Finished in  Oxidized Copper, and.Brass  Which we shall dispose of at  cost, also Billings "Non-Mantle"  Gas Burners.  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC  SUPPLY. CONSTRUCTION GO.  Nelson, B. C.  C. W. West & Co.  COAL I      WOOD I  Hard Coal (Mil 7K I Crow's Neat fig IIS  Anthracite    WI lli IU | Coal ��M�� �������  DBLrvmnD  AGENTS* IMPERIAL OIL COMPANY' Ltd.  No order can be accepted unless accompanied  by cash.    Office:  Corner of Hall  end Baker Streeta.  TELEPHOHE 33.  Lethbridge Gait Coal  The best value tor the money In the market  tor all purposes.  TBBMfl oash     W. P. Tihbn*y, Qenerol Agent  Telephone 111.   Offtan with O. D. J. Chrfstte.  ENGINEERS.  riHARLES PABKBR���Mining and milling en-  '\* gtneer. Turner-Bosokh-flook.Bakeraareet,  Nrtaour     ' ������-..���,'...--.^ .-,*.-  $2,500,000  $2,468,603   $1,700,000  D. R. Wllkle, General-Manager.  J_. Hay. Inspectaft-  1 _ ____���*______-___  Nelson Branch-Burns Block,- 221 Baker Steeefc  J. M. LAY. Managw  HILL BACKED THE SCHEME  '    ' ��  The Great Northern's Policy.  Vancouver, January 2.3.���[Special  to The  Tribune-]���A. railway  official who is in a position to know-  definitely said today:     "The deal  recently made whereby the charter  pfj the    Victoria,    Vancouver   &  Eastern railway was sold and all  rights   connected   therewith   was  backed up by the Great 'Northern  railway. ( I know that Mr.-Hill-paid  well up towards $200,000 for, the  charter and, the line from Kootenay  to the coast will be built very soon.-,  The deal was made through Mackenzie   &  Mann,   the   sale   being  carried through by Mr. Lukes, confidential agent of the Canadian railway firm, but I am certain that the  money came from Hill himself. It is  simply the completion'of the transcontinental' scheme, of the Grand  Trunk, which will use, Great- Northern lines as far west as Spokane  and will then enter Vancouver from  the Kootenay. The Great Northern  want no deep water connection at  Vancouver,   their   ocean   shipping  being conducted as at'present from  Seattle.     "' '   ,  . * Officers Installed.  Star of Kootenay lodge No. 8812,  Ancient Order-of-Foresters,1 held1  theii_ installation of- officers at the  lodge room lastvevening. A* large,  number was in attendance and an  interesting time was had. Past-  chief ranger D. H. M; Little-con-'  ducted'the ceremonies.1 The officers  of .the lodge are:. Past chief  ranger, P. Swiffin; chief ranger, "W.  McMillan*; sub-chief, G. Philips; secretary, R. MeLeod; treasurer, B. H.  Lee;, senior woodward, H. Burk*.  holder; -junior, ."woodward, -Gus  Thomas; senior beadle, J. G. Bradley;  junior beadle, J. N. Dier; meuieal ex-"  aminer, Dr. Hawkey; - trustees, -G.  Philips, G.~" Erickson, F.- Deacon;  auditors, ,Dr. Hawkey, ,H. Burk-  holder; arbitration committee, W.  lArthur, G. .Bradley; Gus Thomas  and F. Deacon;  *^> ��^^ *^\^ T^T^> ���/**=?-  .J"=a. _>^,_^%_��_^  of the Holiday Trade has cleared  away, it is well to come back to the  every d&y business of the year as  quicls:l3r as possible. .   ,,  **************************  ... MARIS IS KIim~.  y . -      WE-HAVE-THEZBESTZMADJS PIANOS IN CANADA.,  THEYHAVE-STOOD,THETESTIN-KOOTENAYFDR THIRTEEN^YEARS,  CALLrAND% INSPECT-THEM.    .       '    -..  **************************  JACOB COVER; The  Jeweler.  Mail Orders receive our* Prompt Attention.  Our Jewelry and Watch Department' is in full swing. _  .(��> .C=3 . <z_? .c_Z_\ ^_*^_ ^J  ���"SV,"V'  Corporation of the City of Nelson  ^,v  TORONTO STOCK EXCHANGE.  WEDNESDAY'S QUOTATIONS.  stock.    -                                Asked. Bid,  B..C. GoldFiolds..  5 -    31 9" 3  Black Tail         12}, .10*,  Brandon & Golden Crown          7 3  Canadian GoldfleldB Syndicate...         8 7  Cariboo (McKinney) '.         GO ���  C_riboo~Hydranlic      165     1 30  Centre Star      12i SO  Crow's Nost Pass Coal    70 01., 60 00  California .'          6 3  Deer  Trail Consolidated            2} 2  Kvenlncc Star :           8 '6  Fairview Corporation           3i 31  GoldenStar        ' % 2}  Giant            -ir- 3|  Granby Smelter         46 Hi  IronMask .*.         42 39J  Jim Blaine  8    -    4  Knob Hill         52   >.    40-  Montreal& London *.          6 3  Morning Glory           0 6  Morrison          6 5  Mountain" Lion *.        48 32  NobleFive           4 21  .North Star         89 81}  .Old Ironsides         75 55  Olive         12 81  rPayne               50 44  Rambler-Cariboo ConsolidatedT"^    ~3l 29"*  Republic         50 471  Slocan Sovereign         10 6  Virtue         28 25  War Eagle Consolidated         78} 76  Waterloo ".  2}  White Bear...'  4J  Winnipeg          46 43  Sullivan :         131 121  SALES.  5000 Morrison 9     5}  1000 Fairview   3}  1000 Golden Star  2S  1000 Golden Star  2}  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNERS  AUDITOR'S STATEMENT  Of Receipts and -DisbupWementsfor the/Year  Eliding December 31st, 190O -  To Geo. H. Lammeks, J. R�� Cbansok, or to  any person or persons to whonxhe may havo  transferred his. interest In tbe Harvey Joy.  mineral claim, at Morning Mountain, Nelson  ���Mining Division.  You aro hereby notified that: I have expended  One Hundred Dollars In labor and improvements  upon tho above mentioned   mineral claim, in  order to. hold said, mineral .claim;* under .the  provisions ^of the Mineral.Act, and if.within  ninety.days from the date' of this notice you fail  or refuse.to contribute..-jour- proportion of such,  expenditure, .together, with all, costs of advertising, your interest in said claim will become .the <  property of the subscriber, under- section. four of  an Act entitled "Ah Act to Amend the Mineral:  Aot.1900.^   Y:     K,-'''  : ^iSILAS^H. CROSS. -  Dated this 12th day of December, 1900. ������ >  :5Y-Li^:YNpTiq^Y;V y :yv  Notice is hereby givenartthat; thirty, days 'after  date I intend to apply-to the.ohief 'commissioner  of lands and works for .perniisaion*to .purchase  "       "   '.-li    "    '        LJity.of Ne ......  post marked ,W. J. Beaven's. S.: E.- Cbnier���*; Post  the  W68t  foflowin^described lands -about ;iiwo'.;  it of the City, .of Nelson:. Commencing.  'miles:.  at a-  planted at S. W. cornerpost of.H. Selous', pftr-.  chased Lot 605, Group 1,-on*.the high .water line,  on the west bank ot Koateuay.river, thence north"  20 chains, thence west 20:chains, thencesouth 20  chains,' more, or less, to the., high;'water line on:  north bank.of Kootenay river,,.thence following'  the.meandering of the aforesaid* river in an -easterly .direction 20 chains mora. or. leas io point of  commencement. Containing 32 acres more, or  less.-- ���-.���>.-' -*��-���   Ww: J'.BEAVEN.:  .  Dated at Nelson this 2ith day of December, 1900.  LAND LEASE NOTICE,  Notice is hereby-'given; that within sixty days.  after the date of this notice, 1 intend to app)y,to  the assistant .commissioner of. lands.and/works..  at Nelson; for a lease of the following described  land, for the purposo of opening up and working.  stone quaiTiea, situate about Iwo miles in an  easterly direction from the City .of. Kaslo, West  Kootenay District:     '  Commencing at a post planted on the lake shore  marked " J. A. Knuuf's N. W.. cornor," running  thence east twenty ohains; thence south twenty  chains; thence west twenty chains, more or lesa  to the lake shore; thence north along the lake shore \  to the point of commencement; and containing,  forty acres more or less. J, A. KNAUF,  Dated December 19th, 1900,  i        .*��� i r * i '  >'���- RECEIPTS , ���  "*7                       /   .'"*''    Receiptein.   Estimates for Actual receipts-  ��� -   ,   f' ,    a S- .   - .      1899 1900 for 1900   Police court fines .Jv :....$ WW'JO $-1,500 00- $   2,219 50  ��Jpn.v��nffer ralies  -.-*- , -i.,- ���'��� ���     1��847 50      5,500 00 ~- f- 4,993.08  MsIeufneoWr   "'" -      .. '    . .S/.U..'.    6714 87"    3,000-00-    2,91209  SS^-"'"'.::..:.....>...-:... 12023so lwoo-oo* 12,886,50-  SSta   tf"           '   25000   ���   '400 00-     -342 00  iHLiSi"'"���'         2,014^00      3,000 00^   .   1,870.00  Kfc't^es^y::::::.:...;...:'ii:82r��\^^^ ^gg'  KrirSghtatesV.::::::::: w?5 m -20,000 oo, .v**���  Weigh scale receipts/. _ & 50         10000-         18/-60,  Interest.on sinking fund  ���?"    nn  Government grant.: .' - ,   loO 00 -     150 00  Nelson Electric .Tramway Co., interest. -'       '                tin'r��  on money deposited'with city ....,      ' v  A4U J*'  Totoi ' '.$60,778 91 $74,800 00 $ 76,856 47  Bank of Montreal loan.'...:. $76)000 00 ���  Interest accrued to ^ Decern- .    ��  ^ 3l8t'1900 -       ^8717 70,587 17,  Bank of Montreal overdraft.$18,778 14 .  Less-' overdraft   December -  3^,1899 'a    ".829 <* 794g 52  Sundry creditor accounts outstanding "  December 31st,-1900  4'39b *'  $165,788 63  DISBURSEMENTS  Disbursemente     Estimates    Actual disburse-  "   in 1899 for 1900         "������������%,  Fire department maintenance.  n *   "��^ "  Fire department equipment $ 4,790 19 $ 5,000 00        5,099 20  Police department maintenance     4,508 72 4,500 00   ,   5,088 8/  Health department maintenance  .          "\.Z 7_\  Health department equipment     4,240 04 4.750 00           417 00  LegaLexpenses     2,139 23 1,000 00        2.796 23  Miscellaneous      3,366 44 3,500 00        1,166 92  Machinery and tools*  ^�� tz  Stationery and advertising.-     1,908 08 1,000 00        1,081 0 /  .Buildings and grounds  ��_? i��  Buildings and grounds maintenance ..       385 57 <50 00          ��i��i iu  .cS-V-hall salaries     4,517 66 7,700 00        5,126 45  Dog tax commissions,'etc....................... 2<"1 25  Road tax commissions and refund .... ,   " z'Vi .���  ���F^,l^^lig^.(8ti!^jUgMgt>i!^....-..         89 90> r iS .53"  Donations,and subscriptions;.......... .   ��*l��,i  Interest on,debentures>....... $8,750,Y00 i  ,Interest.onbankoverdraft^tc*^059 3      ^ ^^ 9>875 00.     11>809 31  Sewer construction ..................  "iaj'-Jl-. .           1B"gJ^g;  Sewer maintenance.a,...>... '  ������ 127 23:.-- 500 00,,    r 328 20  Electric light construction..,. .........  24,614 55- KAn nn      inoo? 85  Electricflight maintenance^...........    2,722 78*��� _ 4,500 00      10,903 85  Electric light supplies:; .....a....... "    7*A..loa  ^V-ater-wbrks construction . >.,....., .  35,239 62 ���:. ���     14,11* ^  '^y-ater-wbrkslmaintenancft..,'..........    3,402 38- 1,000;. 00,-.*     vO%87:  "^reigh scales.mainteriance        116 55 QK non _r  StreSs.::.:............ ",.���.��� ��� .'..-��� 11,809 11    . 3>     ?J  Sidewalks... v..y,....J.,.,...    6,73064- ,���;."-       ^f'%  Quarantine  .;._.,,������-............ '       nQ  Ne^n^PectricTrai^wttFCQ.......... '^5 00  licenses refunded.:......,;.....  4 33-  Iteal estate taxes refunded/...........               ���       . _        . Qnfl' ������'  Sinking-fund v,... ... y.................     3,780* 00 6,800^.      6,806 52.  Total.. ;';'.'. , ......... 'a1'.. $138,^39 88 $50,375 0 0 $165^17 02  Cashon hand .........;.... .$41161  tess.-jdlia-tid JanuaryYlst, '00 .    40 00, . fll  [Ia.S.]   HENRI G. JOLY dz LOTBINIERB."  *   ^-^       CANADA.  * *"' * **"* ' ^^      t **  PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  VICTORIA, by tho Grace of God, of'the-United  '. .Kingdom   of Great   Britain   and  Ireland,  Quean, Defender of the Faith, &c, &c, &c.  To ourJTaithfnl the members elected to eerve in>.  , the Legislative Assembly of Out Province of  British Columbia at Our City j of Victoria.���  ; Greeting:  A PROCLAMATION. "   l>  H. A. Maclean,  Deputy Attorney-General  and res<  y)Ni.   are--'deBirous";  We  HEREAS  aro *���<��� de  .,��. resolved, as soon as may be, to meet our people of our Province of British Columbia", ana to  nave their advice in Our Legislatures      * - ��� -  4 NOW KNOW-YE, that for divers causes and  'considerations'; and taking into,consideration the  ease and convenience of Our loving subjects, We  havo thought fit, by and with the advice of Our  Executive Council do hereby convoke, and by  these presents enjoin you, and each of you, tliat  on Thursday, the twenty-first day ot February,,  one thousand nine hundred and one, you-*meet  .Us in Our said Legislature or Parliament of Our  said Provinco. at Our City of Vicsoriaj-FOR THE  DISPATCH OF BUSINESS, to treat, do.-act,  and conclude upon thoso thinga"-which<in Our  LegUlature.of the Province oturitish Columbia,  by tbe .Common Conned of Our said Province  may, by the favour of God, be ordained>, -" ir -.  'In Testimony-Whereof..We havo,caused  ,, these Our Letters to be made'Patent and the  ' Great Seal of the said Provinco to bo here-  ,. unto affixed:   ,    ;. /��� " -    ���- ��>-  WiTNESs.'the Honourable Sir" Henri,, Qua1  tave -Jolt de Lotbiniere, K.C.M.Ur. ,i Lieutenant-Governor, of -Our said-, Province, of  British Columbia, In Our City of Victoria, in  1     Our said Province, this seventeenth day of  - January, in the year of, Our -Lord_one thousand nine hundred and one, and iu tho sixty-  fourth year of Our Reign.-  By Command.  J. D. PRENTICE, Provincial Secretary.'  Provincial Secretary's Okfice.  17th January, 1'Wl.  TTIS  HONOUR, tho  Lieutenant-Governor in  ���AJ.   Council, under the provisions of the "Land  Registry Act'has, been-pleased to>cstablIsh nt  tho City of Nelson, in the County,of.Kootenay,  a District Office for tho Recording of Instruments  and Registration of,Titles .affecting real estate,  situate within the County of Kootenay.  . The nanie of the said registration district shall  be the Kootenay Land Registration District.  Henry* Fry MacLeod, of tho City of Nelson, solicitor, has been appointed to perform tho, dutios  of the said District 'Ofllce,' which shall-be-open  for the transactiod of business.on .and. after the  second day of March, 1901.  .By Command.  J. D. PRENTICE, Provincial Secretary.  SHERIFF'S SALE.  Province of British Columbia, Nelson, West  "TKootoriajv to'-wit: =���= ��� .  By virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias issued out  of the Supremo Court of British Columbia at the  suit of Bank of Montreal, plaintiffs,.and' to me  directed against tho goods and chattels of the  Fisher Maiden Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company, defendants.* I have seized and-  taken in execution all the right,* title and interests of tho said defendants, the Fisher Maiden  Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company, in  the minoral claim known as and called "Troy"  and in the,mineral' claim': known.as.and called  ''St. Helena," situated onFour-Mllo Creek, about  seven miles from its mouth, being re-locations of  the minoral claims. "Fisher Maiden" and "Silver-  ton" respectively, both recorded in the oflico of  tho Mining Recorder for the Slocan Mining Division of the West Kootenay District, on the 10th da '���  of July, A. D , l'JOO. to rcco\ or tho sum of Fifteen-  Thousand Six Hundred and One Dollars.  (J15.G01.00) and also Interost on Fifteen Thousand  Five Hundred and Ninety Soven Dollars and  Fifty Cents ($15,597.50) at nix por centum, per, annum from tho 1th dayof January, 1001. until payment; besides Sheriffs poundage, olucor's foes.  .     ., ��� . _ a awn,  and all other legal Incidental .expenses : all of  which I shall ox pose for sale or huftlcicnt thereof  to satisfy'(.    ' '   ' " "  front of m;  the CIt;  $165,788 63  Certified Correct:  E:; B. McI}EBMro,T Auditor-  to satisfy said judgment, debt and* costs at tho  ' iy oflico, next to tho Court House, in  mi. a^iuy of Nolson, B, C, on Thursday, the 24th  day of January, 1901, at tlio hourof eleven o'clook.  in tho forenoon.       - ���'  Note.���Intending purchasers will satisfy them-.  boIvos as to interest and title of the said defendants. .-".  - Dated at New Denver tho 12th day of "January,  1901.  :   S. P. TUCK,  Sheriff ot South Kootenay,  SHERIFFS SALE.  Province of British; Columbia, Nelson, in West  ,   -Kootenay.* to wit:  By virtuo of a warrant of oxecution issued out  ,- of the county court of* Kootenay, holden in Nelson, at the suit of Robert Hcddle, plaintiff,, and  to mo directed agiansb the goods and chattels of  James Leonard Stamford, defendant, I have  'seized and -.taken in execution all the right, title  and interest of tbe said James Leonard Stamford in about fourteen: thousand.two hundred  and fifty (11.250) shares, more or less, of the stock  of the'Venus Gold Mining Company,- Limited,  non-personal liability; to recover the sum.of  three hundred and sixty-four dollars and twenty  cents ($3G4.?0), amount of Bald execution: besides-  sheriff's poundage, officer's fees, and all other legal  Incidental expenses;; All of which I shall expose  for sale, or sufficient: thereof .to satisfy said  judgment, debt, and coats, at my office next  to the. court house, in. the. city of Nelson, p. C,  on. Monday, the 21st day of January, A. D., 1901,  at the hour of eleven o'clock In the forenoon.- -  Note.���Intending purchasers willsatisfy themselves as to interest and title of the said defendant.  Datedat'Nelson. B.C., 11th day of January,  1901.- .  S. P. TUCK, Sheriff of South Kootenay.  NOTICE.  The above.sale Is postponed until Thursday,  Jauuary 24th, 1901, tobe held at the samejplace  and same hour. S. P. TUCK,  Sheriff of South Kootenay.  ���MELSON MINERS' UNION NO. 98, W.  ���**- M.���-Meets In miners' union room-.  irtd^r  F.Cf  ��� 'rooms, north-  east oorner Vlotoria and _wootenaystreete; every  Saturday evening at 8 o'olock.- yiti&tLg mem -,. Tu  bers w_foome.>M. R. Mowatt; P��wIdent.jJ_me' - - - . Y5T-'#  Wllkea," 8ecretary.-&UNioN���So__E.o��AWAO>_-i, -ats '-> *v-*ff  for Nelson    District���Per shlftr machine  ~7   , k'^.'im  men, $3.50: hammersmen miners. 93.25; muckers, t* v   ij-' P?  carmen, shovelersand other underground l*bor- r-s    -; ���YY"Ji#i��   ^y 'tfs&i  ���liaU. J- >   &$*-_  'oorner of .Victoria and .Kootenay streeta, on, tha-*  . flrsb and, .third Thursday'r'of eaoh .month; sat-* *  7 JO p. m.vG; J. Thorpe, President. J. H. Math*   ,  _on, Secretary. , .-*-.  \.    >������ ^  rpHE'regular meetlngs.of theCarpentere' Unions 7  ���-���*.^-are held on" .Wednesday. evenlngiof teochs ���  week, at 7 o'olock. In-the Miners-Union haHeor-sL.  ner-Viotoria~and.-Kootenay_ 8treet_.i,Charles^,���  Clayton, President; .John MeLeod, 8ecretary.-r  BARBERS' UNION.-Nel��m,Union;Na_98.'o_*lyl* 'f\_i-_  the International Journeymen Barbers Un-   -Yv'z^'-Y'^il  ion of America, meets every first and third Mon-     -   ~vy#|  dayof each month in Miner's Union Hallroonwt  ����� '"Q��-*--^*('Sl  of Victoria and Kootenay streets, at 8-_0>p.m."^^ - ,*> i'hftsi  ; sharp.r> Visiting ^brothers cordiallyf lnvited'U*,, V ',"'-7'7%  attend.   R. McMahon, president; J. H."Mathe-J    Mwlf  son; secretary-treasurer; J. C. Gardner, recording .   '-^v^fe  secretary.      .     .                 , ���              >-.j. "7--,J.>~ ��- a��*,^_   ���������;������ ::���: ���-Z- *it �� ->��i Jv-S  LABORER8VUNION;'-Nelson Laborer^' VmW~^*_$QM  ��� teotlve Unlon^No. 8121, A. F. of J_; meets ta_C?.5f'-i "jSffS  Fraternity Hall, OddfeUow's block, c6rner,of Ba-�� ?��.?. ��i&  kor and Kootenay streets," every_Monday evenlngrs    >r-- .*&_  at 7*^0j).m; sharp. -Visiting members of,  can | Federation cordiaDy-Invited- i  James*Mathew.'Preeldentt; Johnjltoberts.^re  cording secretary.,-*  mmi  In  (.���KTELSON. PAINTERS','UNION-The regular   Ml yi#,  'LN .meeting of the  Painters'-Union ls^held-Y   77M  the flrst andlhird Fridays In each month at Miners' jUnion hall at 7_0 sharp. 'J.*H.Millward,  President; Will J. Hatch. Secretary.'- ^ '  OOKS* AND WAITERS' UNION���Rogular  meetings on the second and fourth Thura-  daya.of each month, at 8 o'clock in Miners' Union  hall. Visting brethern cordially invited. C. F.  Bell, president; - J. - P. Forestell,. secretary '  treasurer.  PLA8TKRERS' UNION-The O. P. I. A. No.  172, moets every. Monday evening in the  streeta,i  Elliot block, corner Baker and Stanley streeta, at  8 o'clock. J. D: Mover, president;"William  Vice, secretary, P."0. Box 010.  't-;-^i^s_%_\  ���3mmm  &  FRATERNAL. SOCIETIES.   .  i __..      , u..      j  NELSON LODGE, NO. 38, A. F. * A. M  Moets second Wednesday in each month.  Sojonrning brethien.-lnTibed. '  III  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS- Nelson Lodge, No  25,-tnightsof Pythias,meets In IO.O.Tf.  Hall, oorner Baker and Kootenay streets, every  Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting Knights  oordlally Invited to attend. F. J. Bradley, C. C;  J. A. Paquette, K. of R. & 8.  OOTENAY TENT NO. 7, K. O. T. M.���  Hold their regular meetings on the first and  third Thursdays of each .month. Visiting Sir  Knights aro cordially invited to attend. G. A.  Brown, R.K.; A.'W. Purdy, Com.; R. J. Stool,  D. S. C.  -V-  vi  -���KTELSON L. O. L_ Nc 1692. meets IsLO.O.F..  ������-��   Hall, oorner Baker and Kootenay streeta/  lst and 8rd Friday, of eaoh month.. Visiting  brethern oordiaUy Invited.   W. W.'Bradley, W*"  M i A. Minty. Recording-Secretary.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF MELSOM  APPLICATIONS WANTED.  The undersigned - has .been authorized by  resolution of the city council to ask- for applications for tho position of chief of the Firo Department of the City of Nelson. . Applicants will  state ago, nativity, experience and'-where,  whether married or single, and give,i recommendations from, chief of .department whore  now employed and from underwriters. Mark  applications: "Application for Chief of Fire Department," and address     "  J. K. STRACHAN, City Clork, Nelson. B. C.  Dated January,2nd, 1901,  Notice of  Application to  License.  Transfer a  Notice Is horoby given that I Intend to apply  at the next sitting ot the Board of License Commissioners of the City of Nolson for permission to  transfer my retail liquor license, for the'premises  situate on the east half of Lot 4, Block 2, in .the -  City of Nelson, and known as tbe Grand Hotel,  to Gustavus Nelson. JOHN BLOMBERG. -  Dated at Nelson, B. G., this 3rd day of January.  1901.  Witness: Tiiomab Svmrs.  Notice of Application to Transfer, a  Y V   Y    ; License.  Notice Is hereby givoh that I intend to apply at  the next sitting of the Board of License Commissioners ,of the City of Nolson for permission  to transfer my retail liquor license for theprem-',  Iscs situate on'the west half ?of Lot i, Block 2, in :  the City of Nelson, and known as the Glue Pot  saloon, to Thomas Sproatt.      GUS. NELSON.  Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 3rd day of January,  1901.  'Witness: John Blomberq.  Y NOTICE. "  Rossland, B, C, November 9th, 1900..  ToT. B. SausBory :_  Notice is hereby given that I, William Griffiths,  Intend to claim: the:Interests in ,tha��following.-,  named mlnefal olaims formerly held by F.B.'-  Salisbury, on which, he has neglected to .pay^bla  ahare of the expenses of the annual asses��ment '  work.  To wit:  A one-half (J) Interest ln the "Bunker 'Hill? .  mineral claim.  A one-half (}) interestin the "Sullivan"mineral  claim.  A one-half (}) Interestin the "Fidelity" minoral  claim.  All the adjoining claims, Ituatedon tho west  fork of the north fork of Salmon river, In ther  Nelson Mining Division,  This action Is taken under Section 11. of Chapter 45, ot tha statutes Of 1899 and amendments at  MOr-V',.,' :    :^W__iLtAMB.TOWN8_lND,-  lAgent for William OxJUBthfk' .Ur*  -?;  THE TRIBUNE: NELSON, Bra; THORSDAY JANUARY 21 1901  - <  Assayers Supplies  We carry in sto:k a full line of Assayers' and Chemists'  Supplies. The quality of our goods cannot be excelled  and our prices are   reasonable.^-  ~- ���-********:  We are British Columbia Agents for       ���_  THE DENVER FIRE CLAY CO.'S GOODS  WM. AINSWORTH & SON'S BALANCES  SMITH 6c THOMPSON'S BALANCES  BRUNSTON'S POCKET TRANSITS  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  VICTORIA  BLOOK NELSON,  B-Q.  The Nelson Clothing House  .. Great Slaughter Sale..  FROM 10 TO 25% DISCOUNT FOR THE  NEXT THIRTY DAYS.  In order to make room for Spring Goods, I have decided to soil for the next thirty days all  goods in stock at greatly reduced prices. AU heavy goods away down, cost not considered, and in  Clothing, Gents' Furnishings, Hats and Caps, and Boots and Shoes I will give from 10 to 25 per cent  disconnt, and all Rubber Goods at cost. Now is the chance to partake of the best bargains ever  offered in the Kootenays. Mv* -ntock is all new and up-to-date and the sole is genuine, so now avail  vourself nf the best opportunity to get good goods at less than wholesale prices. Remember this is  ibr only 30 days. mjmmmmmm_^mmm___m__m__^  J. A.  dlL.KER,  Proprietor.  NOTICE.     , ..  ..  ��� I -" -t . -  Notice is hereby given that in virtue "of ihe'Act of  the Dominion Parliament, 63 and 64" Victoria, Chapter  103 and Chapter 104,. the name of  THE MERCHANTS' BANK QF HALIFAX  ���     ���      -will be changed to  ftbelRosal .Bank of Canada  from and after  the Second day of January, 1901.  Halifax, 1st November, 1900.  E. L. PEASE,  General Manager.  THE  NEW  CONSTABULARY  APPLICATION FORMS FOR ENROLMENT RECEIVED.  Requirements of the Government and  Other Information for Those  .  ..    Desiring to Enlist.'     *  fpom 75c to $3.50.  |*-w  For the balance of this month we are offering special reductions in  Carvers, Ladies Companions and Nickle-Plated Copper Ware.  * i<  l-y  yj  .^7>  Lawrence Hardware Co.  BEAUTIFUL  GRAYURES   AND   ETCHINGS  of Landscapes..and other scenes, Free with every purchase   - .  of two packages of Cream of Wheatfthe Breakfast,Dainty.  I v- .X  a.fV��  ky  hi  .V"  \($ ,-  UK.  -Houston Block.-.  ,-Telephone"*t61.*"  .P. O.YBox 176.*, ;  J0HM.fflNI*_iG0.  *f  a- t  A FULL LINE OF  .Front Doors  <\ ,     .Inside Doors  -, Screen Doors -     *.  Windows :","''-  Inside Finish"      -  local and coast. Yv  . y Flooring.  local and coast,  Newel Posts  -Stair Rail _���  <     Mouldings  ;    -   Shingles  Bough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  I* WHAT TOO WANT IB NOT IN ROOK  Wl WIIX U-KR IT FOB TOD  '     ;>CALL AND PET PRICES.  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND laAKX BTBKKT8. RXLBON  Porto Rico Lumber Go.  (LIMITED)  CORNER OF      -  HENDRYX AND VERNON STREETS  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  h-\ White Pine Lunjber Always in  StocK-  We carry a complete Btock of  Coast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work will receive  prompt attention.  Porto Rico LumberCo. Ltd.  Removal Sale  ���  REAL ESTATE AND   -  .   INSURANCE AGENTS.  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  Desirable Business and Residence Lots  in (Bogustown) Fairview Addition. **  ,- -'"���*   .���__* '      - '  Oflico "o_7 Baker Streot, west of Stanley Street  ���- ''NELSON*  C. D. j; OHRISTIE  General Broker  FIRE'* LIFE AND  -   ACCIDENT INSURANCE  Money to loan at 8% or on the installment plan.  . For Sale  6 Room House Silica street $2,100.00  6 Room House on Mill street  l.flOO.i 0  7 Room House on Carbonate street 2 2C0 00  6 Room House on Stanley st, a bargain    825.00  2 25-Foot Lots on Observatory streot    000.00  For Rent.  7 Room House, Carbonate Street $30.00  6 Room House, Mill Street  25.00  5 Room Houso  15.00  A Ground-Floor Office  25.00  The Hayward place.  See my list of Real Estate.  MONEY TO LOAN  AT 7 PER CENT  ON BUSINESS PROPERTY  Avplr S. U- LENNOX. B-lloltar. NolMa B. O  CHINA HALL  We carry a complete  line of  CHINA, CROCKERY  GLASSWARE  BAR FIXTURES  COOKING UTENSILS  McFarland & Brockman  We are removing to our new  premises,' but can fill all orders  entrusted to us during the next  ten days.  First Door West of G. P. \\, Offices  BAKER STREET.  LADIES' TRIIPED HATS  Endless Variety  And Prices to Suit.v  mrIs. e. Mclaughlin,  JOSEPHINE STREET.  .   Lieutenant George S. Beer, commanding officer of the Nelson company   of    the    Rocky   Mountain  Rangers, received last .evening, the  application forms for the enrolment  of   recruits _for the South Africa  constabulary in Canada.   They are  as follows : Candidates will  in the  first instance, make, application- to  the   adjutant-general,   Ottawa, in  writing," using one of the printed  forms for the purpose.   In British  Columbia . these   can   be obtained  from the officers-commanding companies  pf 'the ..'Rocky   Mountain  Rangers at Rossland, Nelson', Kam-;  ,loops,'Kaslo anil Revelstoke.\ Upon  the 1 arrival.*-.of   captain   P.-;Fall;  Strathcona's:< Horse.V.. who    ,l*uW  been    appointed    temporary   , recruiting officer,'for .Canada,. these  ' applictions, will be passed upon by  that officer, and,a .notification will  be sent the" candidates'whose appli-  cations appear to him ..to be satisfactory to meet him at a place and  upon a date named, for the purpose  of p being* finally., accepted .and attested.   No candidate's- application  will be considered unless the medical   certificate  .contained   in   the  form of application is~ duly-filled  out by an officer of the army medical corps, or a medical officer who  usually performs the medical examination   in   connection    with    the  Rocky Mountain Rangers.   Candidates, must.bear the cost of  the  examination and the traveling expenses   in   connection    therewith.  Applications must be accompanied  by two testimonials from  responsible persons, especially regarding  riding,- shooting,    steadiness    and  sobriety. r  The order of preference" in  the  selection of. candidates will be as  _follows:, (1) Men    who   have   al-  ready served in South Africa; (2)  men who have served as mounted  police in the  Northwest; (3) men  who have done three consecutive  years training in the   cavalry or  field artillery of the active militia;  (4) men who have served in the  Royal Canadian  Regiment of Infantry; (5) other applicants.   From  date of attestation to.- date of arrival in South Africa the pay will  be one shilling (21 cents) per diem.  Railway fares from place of attestation also subsistence en route to  place of embarkation will be provided.   In due time orders for the  mobilization    prior    to    embarkation    for     South    Africa    will  be issued.   If a sufficient number  enlist   to -- warrant  it,   a    special  transport will be provided, otherwise troops will go by third-class  passage via England.    They will be  liable to further medical examination and to be tested in shooting  and riding on arrival at the place  of   attestation.      Any    candidate  found unproficient will be given a  free return transportation.   After  five years' total service a free third-  class passage home will be granted  to men from  Canada.     Candidates  will be required to enter into an  agreement binding them to proceed  to   South   Africa when   required,  there to join the constabulary, or  in default to repay the cost of their  passage to South Africa.  toria to hold a militia parade on the  occasion. Mayor Fletcher was  notified by the various secret  societies of the city that they would  all _ turn .out in a body, and the  citizens will also be asked to join in  assisting the "ceremony. The congregation^ the Methodist church  is .preparing to hold appropriate  services. It is quite probable that  the other churches will fall in line.  After the parade has ended, those  who have participated in it will  have the-privilege-of-attending.the  services in'a'ny^chureh they wish.*  The members of, the local militia  will attend at St. Saviour's church.  ill r      un i.  ib:. zb"_z~:e!_e?,s  _sr_nLso_sr  _3_.a.s:__o  S__._ST_DO_Sr  STOVES!   STOVES!   STOVES!  HEATING STOVES,. COOKING STOVES, AND STEEL RANGES  Sole Ageqts for the Original Cole's Hot Blast Coal Heaters  SEE OUR GUNS AND RIFLES  HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL KINDS OF AMMUNITION  TELEPHONE 27 store, Corner Baker and Josephine Stieot  fl  o  (i  Work of the Curlers.  ., Four more games^of, the Fletcher  Trophy'series'were"- played by- the  members of the -Nelson Curling  Club at the-rink-yesterday. The  ice was in excellent condition "and  some fine plays were made.~ The  line-up.'of tne players and the result  of the games was as follows:  O. Newling -  ��� S. P. Shaw  Dr. Stoddard     ; H. Bird  Dr. Hawkey        * rW. M. Irving  W. McKenzie, skip, 13 " F.'-A. Tamblyn, skip  Sheriff's Sale.  At 11 o'clock this morning sheriff  Tuck will sell at his office the interests of the Fisher Maiden Consolidated Mining and Smelter Company's interest in' the Troy and St.  Helena mineral claims, situated on  Four-mile creek in the Slocan mining district. Considerable development has been done on the property  and several shipments of ore have  been made. He will also sell J. L.  Stamford's shares in thet Venus  Gold Mining Company.  It Counts in Results  J.H.Soad   .    --7-  J. Bunyan      .,   >  Dr. Arthur  W. W. Boer, skip  S. G.'CampboU   ~'  J. G. tiunyan  C. G. Mills    ���> -,-, .-  J. Rae, skip*  ������ - E G.Smyth  *   C. E Miller  11  J^F.Woir-  J. H. Wallace, skip,  '. -I"*"F.'C.Green  ���OC ,A. Jeffs  11  J. F. Thompson'��� "* ,-.  G. E. McLaughlinTs.r-' 8  A. Perrior   .'"    _ *    -R.M. Bird -     .  D. H. Murray     ; -   *   J.-E. Annablo  P. E. Wilson Captain Mc Morris - .,  H. G. Goodeve, skip, 13  H*. R. Cameron, skip, J!  ...        , ^        ���-   _ , 7   ' "��� -_   _  Another Hockey Match. ���  ��� The hardware and?grocery clerks  will play a hockey thatch at the'  rink this evening.'," The line-up-'of  I the two teams will be'as' follows: * \  Hardware "* * *  John Hunter -.. G<*-al.rl.".-.  D, McLaughlin...    . Point'*'':..  W. Hipperson Cover Point:  8. Porteous \ - ��*  S'.anrey::y   forwards  C. F. McHardy  A Slight Train Wreck.  ^The Spokane Falls & Northern  passenger train' was wrecked late  1 Tuesday . night' as it was pulling  into the city. As it was crossing  the long trestle just east of the.  Nelson Saw���& Planing., Mill a'C. P.  R. freight car which was heavily  loaded with ore'jumped the rails  and the hind trucks went through  the ties. Considerable damage was  .done to the car. The wrecking  crew was put to work at .once and  the track .was ready for the, train  to pull. tout yesterday morning:  The,two passenger coaches had to  be left on the track ."during the  night and the two passengers who  were aboard had to walk, up' town.  The particular housewife wants  the best materials for her cooking:  Hioe Sweet Butter  Good Fresh Eggs  are our specialties. They ensure a delightful freshness in  all you cook, and attractive  daintiness when it is served  on your-table.  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  The Leading Grocers.  Telephone -IO  K-W-C Baker Street  BUSINESS   MENTION.  -Apply The Royal  V.  1 **' -  brass  '��� >- Forwards -j "j  "J        ;' l::__  Grocery  A; Proudfool  .... H,Bride  . ... G. Nunn  P. McDonald  P. Wilson  C Benedict  A. Longhurst  CITY   LOCAL .NEWS.  The weekly dance; of -the Terpsi-  chorean Club, which waa scheduled for this evening, has been postponed.  A large amount of -.mining sup-  plic3 were shipped yesterday from Honeyman's.  foundry to the St. Eugene-mine,-situated near  Moyie. .  A large number of- business firms  dressed their windows yesterday in an appropriate manner in respect to the memory of the  queen. _   ~_  '* The landing waiters', office of the  customs department, which Is being constructed  at the C P. R. freight sheds, will be completed  noxt week. W. M. Jameson and Mr. McRea will  be in charge. _  The following books have been  added to the Nelson public library: The Isln of  Unrest, The Palaoe of the King, Eben Holden,  Qui8��nte, Richard Yea and Nay, Suspense, Hope  the Hermit, and The Trespasser.  At the Young Peoples' meeting  at the Methodist church last evening they decided that they would hold a bachelors' at home  In tho near future. Committees wore appointed  and arrangements are being made.    *-��'  ��� The waste water  coming   from  the eloctrlo light dam is doing considerable damage by washing a large amount of earth from tbe  bank.   The council will tako steps to'constract a  Srib work to prevent farther damage.   The un-,  ertaking will cost about $200.  The city workmen will start the work in a few days.       '  The   samples   received    at    the  Prospectors' Exchange in the K.-W.-C. block  yesterday are as follows: Gold ore from Nora  ��rouD, Lardo Duncan district; gold ore from the  ittle Mack group, Lardo-Duncan district; gold  oro from the Clam Shell group, Lardo-Duncan;  and gold ore from the Lucky Jim claim, Morning  mountain.  A meeting of the presiding offi-  oors or executive committees of the dlflerent fraternal societies, board of trade and local trades  unions will bo hold in Fraternity hall this afternoon for the purposo of considering the advisability of holding a joint memorial church parade  ln honor of the memory of queen' Victoria. All  offloere or representatives of the different organizations are requested to attend.  PEESONAL.  ��� regis ���  Canada Drug ���_ Book Co.  Umitta.  THE GRANVILLE SCHOOL  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver.  Boarding and  Day School for Girls,  open January 15th. Terms moderate.  ,   Will re-  For term i  and prospectus apply to  M&DAMOISEUE KEEN, Principal.  Preparing the Memorial Services.  Arrangements were nearly completed yesterday for the memorial  services-which will be held in Nelson on the day the funeral over  the remains of her majesty the  queen takes, place. Lieutenant  George S. Beer received permission  -from the militia authorities of Vic-  .   W. Grillington of Erie is  tered at the Tremont.  W. E. Boie of this city leaves for  Slocan City this morning on mining business.  ft.   T.  Lowery, the' well-known  editor of the New Denver Ledge, was in the city  yesterday.  A. York, a mining man of Slocan  City, Is in Nelsou today in connection with mining business.  W. Rannalls of Victoria, ,W. C.  Perry of Winnipeg ond J. A. Harvey of Fort  Steele are at the Hume.  Henry Roy of Rossland, Frank  Watson of Spokane and H. W. D. Armstrong of  Toronto are registered at the Phair.  P.   W.   Clarkson   of    Hamilton,  Thomas Kane of Northport and E. XV. Stapleford  of Ymir are registered at the Queen's.  Charles P. Hill of Port Hill,  Idaho, collector of customs on the American  side, was in Nelson j ostorday. He is staying at  tho Hume.  Mrs. Laidlaw, wife of  Andrew  Laidlaw of Greenwood, accompanied by ber two  children, arrived in Nelson last evening from the I  East eo route to Greenwood. |  Cellar. to'Rent  Bank of Canada. ' '���* -  _ Cash-paid for scrap-iron,  ,and copper.   Nelson Iron Works. .-,-"��������  .' .To let���Furnished'rooms in Carney block. .Reasonable rates. -�� "-,  ,  Hack, calls left at   the   Pacific  Transfer barn on Vernon street. - Telephone  call 35. "    *      t      -., ��� u -  - "For.Rent.���Two fine-offices centrally located. rApplyto'A. H. Buchanan, Bahk  of Montreal.  _        .    I   ���%* r -,-> r. ^~.-  Two large, well-furnished 'rooms  to'let 1 and-5 Macdonald~~blook,*'corner Josephine and .Vernon. . ^ q ���      ,*��� ^ ,  " Two typewriters for sale; good  .condition. Remington and Duns-more. Apply at  the Old Curiosity Shop. . ~  Wanted.���Five or six room house  *in good residence part of town. Address H. J.  Moore, box 108, Nelson, B. C. , .   .  Wanted���Board and lodging in  private family for boy attending school. State  terms to Fred-Adle, Waneta, B. C.  For.   Sale- Cheap���New    cabin  handy to smelter. Apply to George F. Motion,  at Nelson Wino Company's store.  "New   lot   just .in."���For   fresh  candies, fruits, nuts, etc., call at the'Bon" Ton  Confectionery, Baker street, Miss A. L.Khnk-  witz.  Wanted.���Free milling gold pro-  Eertie8 in British Columbia.   Andrew F. Rosen-  erger, Nelson, B. C.   Phone No. 104,  K.-W.-C.  blook.  Eight-roomed-house, partly furnished, to rent in tho Hume 'Addition, either to  ono or f wo familioe. Apply Mrs. Hartwig.Hume  Addition.  Prospectors    having    promising  -mineral claims aro requested* to call at The Proa--  pector's Exchange, Nelson,"B. C, room No. i.  K.-W.-C. blook. T>hone No. 1W.  For Sale���Profitable hotel business and real estate, known as the SRoyal hotel,  corner of Stanley and Silica street. Apply to  Johns & MeLeod, Royal hotel. Nelson.  For sale���Lot 10, block _7,30 toot  frontage on Victoria street, two houses on  property. Price $2800, terms easy. Address  Frank O. Graham, care of Matheson 8c Graham's  barber shop.  Misso Von Der Werth���Clairvoyant, palmist and card reading. Gives advice  on commercial business and minlnit; reunites  unhappy lovers and broken-up familios. Room  1, over Thomson Stationery Company.  Consult W. J. Harvey, F. O. M. C.  I.. Profeaior r.f Opthalmology, Dootor of Optica  and Scientific Optician, about those headaches.  Sains in tho oyoer, eyes crossed or diverged, visual  efects on the fitting of spectacles that are absolutely correct, at McLean's drug store until January 26th.   Hours 10 to 12 and 2 to 5.  Mr. Elmer E. Johnston, of the  house of representatives, state'of Washington,  who was for sevoral years a great sufferer from  defective vision, which lately became so severe  as to causo constant headaches and create very  serious stomach troubles, was completely relieved  by wearing a confection for the visual defeots.  and says in his lflttof toW. F. Hatvey, F. O. M.  C. I.: "I have found tbe-glafsos you prescribed  for me more satisfactory-than I anticipated.  NOTICE   OF  MEETING.  A special meeting of the Nelson Trades and  Labor Council will be held in the Miners Union  hall on Thursday evening at 7 o'clock Bharp. important business will come before the meeting  and all delegates are requested to attend. By  order , -      THE  EXECUTIVE.  WINTER CLOTHING  at Great Discount Prices  ��� ������  OVERCOATS offered at from. 10 to 26% Discount   ���< i  NOBBY WINTER, SUITS,. All-Wool and, Serges, at  from 10 to 26% Discount.   -    - ���y"'  Always willing to show Goods.  No troubled  Every Oarment GnarantMdr  THEO.  MADSON, Baker Street.       >  ARE THE. FEET :  THAT ARE   _   ^  WEARING OUR   ;  D0NG0LA,\  KANGAROO, OR  BOX. CALF SHOES.  We have provided styles for ���  -' . ' all shapes of feet.  Mail  orders   receive prompt  '    "       ^attention.   - ^ '*;  ShoeyGa  1  THOMPSON. & DOUGLAS  Victoria Street.  PAINTERS  Deoorators and  Paper Haugrera.  THE   PROSPECTORS   EXCHANGE  No. 4, K. W. C. Block, NELSON, B. C.  Oold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mines wanted at tbe Exchange.  ��� Free-Milling*-Gold Properties wanted at once for Eastern Investors.  Parties having mining pi  Exchange for exhibition,   we  olaims In British Columbia.  iroporty for sale are requested to send samples of their ore to tho  esire to hear from all prospectors who have promising mineral  Prospootors and mining mon are requested to make the Exchango their headquarters when  in Nelson.  All samples should bo sent by express, Prepaid.   Correspondence solioited.  Address all communications to  Telephone 104 . . ANDREW  F.  P. O. Box 700  ROSENBERGER,  Nelson, B. C. 1  ��....,.,..  Ill r.,1 ��� I mm 11 lirTTTTTTirTll��lI��llllTTTtTTTTTTIIItTlIIT��milHamai...,.f.  The Cabinet Cigar Store  G. B. MATTHEW, Proprietor.  Headquarters for  "CARAMEL"   "POMMERY"  "SMILAX"   "VIRGIN   GOLD"  Smoking1, ond Pipes,  FROZEN UP  ��� IB I  We have known watches!  in cold climates to "freeze  up" while in the wearer's  pocket.   They would run  all aright and keep time in  a warm place, but owing  to the oil in the bearings |  being old and partly congealed they would freeze I  up when exposed to the!  cold.   Perhaps that is the  trouble with yours.   If so  it needs cleaning and fresh j  oil.   '  If Brown said so, It's right.  CROW & MORRIS  Baker Street, Nelson.  WHOLESALE AND  "RETAIL ....  TOBACCONISTS  Sole Agents for  TADDY'8 TOBACCOS  T. H. BROWN  JEWELER.  Baker Street,  NELSON  Branches at Rossland aqd Creenwewl  i **)******t(:i  See our special assortment of Cigars  and Pipes.  Cigar and Cigarette Holders  and Cases.  Tobacco Pouches of all kinds,  and Smokers Requisites.  All the best brands of Imported   .  and Domestic Cigars.  B B B and Loewe Pipes.  *********&.  COME AND  SEE  THEM  WH CAN SUIT TOU  ALE. PKIOE8 ;


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