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 .,*  - '  -
* <.*   t_>
The city auditor's report for the year ending December .31st, 1900,
should be read by every ratepayer in Nelson! It shows .that the city has
assets, after making liberal allowances for depreciation, almost equal to
its liabilities. It also shows that the receipts for the year were in excess
of the estimates made by the finance committee at the beginning of the
year. The finance committee's estimate of the ^receipts was $74,800; the
actual receipts from revenue sources were $76,059.41, arid from all sources
$70,856.17, with $10,337.43~outstanding rates and taxes due. This shows
that Nelson is a"growing town.   The assets are:
Fire department, equipment.: « .** ".    $8,253 97
Health department, equipment       1,936 70
Buildings and grounds       8,070 47
Weigh scales V. .' ".         179 05
'   Electric light supplies on hand  219 08
Machinery and tools $ 6,416 29
Less for depreciation, 10 per cent.   ..'       641 62
 = 5,774 67
Furniture and fixtures $   ' 610 10
Less for depreciation, 10 per cent        ' 61 10
         549 00
Sewers, construction ;^^Pfew $50,876 55
Less'for depreciation, 5 per cen^^^^^^te-,2,548 80
Electric light plant, construction . . ■'^WgjSSn',
Less for depreciation, 10 per cent TT^^^^^M ** -
—^-*    63,003 78
Water-works, construction $95,741' 10
Less for depreciation, 10 per cent -     9,574/11 -
~ .   86,167 05
'-        *   _ x-   - $222,846 52
Scavengers rates unpaid $ 1,510 45
'    Allowance 50 per cent -        758 23
-     ^                                    '                 - 1 758 22
, Real estate taxes unpaid .„  4,347 21
Sewer rentals unpaid .""  1,040,25
l-lectric light rates unpaid ..: $ 3,169 40
"'■'"'   Allowance 25 per cent r.   792 35
.■*   -/"~   .                           -— 2,377 05
.Water rates unpaid :.- ,.'.;.-....-.: *. 1,814 70
'" Cash in sinking-funds '.."  „:.-.-.-.I. 13,359 50;
Cash on hand-. ...>._....... ....?...". "...'. "■ * 411 61"
Excess of liabilities over assets 7 ".... 28,707 26;
■-     *• /*      - , • / - -  ^_
"    /Total  '.......:  .-... r..." ". $275,302^32"
Mayor Fletcher Says Such an Officer
Would  Earn  His   Salary _
,'" *   .     Many Times. \
'■  ' :   LIABILITIES. -
Bank of Montreal, loan account $76,000 00
\     Accrued interest.: :'.., •        557-17,    . **", ,
■7 " ' - ' ;_,   ' $76,587/17
Bank'of Montreal, overdraft on general account. - ~..... 18,788 14
-_ _,„ NelsonJBlectric Tramway Company"....' .'.....**-.  *>  54054"
-   -~Sundry'"eri_ditors accounts-outstanding "December'-3;lst,fl900, •  - ~~ ..'
paid in January - .*.-       4,396 47
Debentures—    ' - *'     -
"A"—General purposes : $50,000 00"
- -        "W—Water-works 10,000 00*
«C"—Cemetery ' *     5,000 00
"D"-Electric light  40,000 00
'   "E"—Sewer construction...-...:  10,000 00
"F"—Sewer "construction -.' 15,000 00   -    .
{\ -    "G"—Electric light /  15,000 00
"H"—Water-wbrks\ ..,..' ; -  30,000 00   .    _ - '
-  '     -        '        "."**'-.• .         175,000 00
Debentures issued but unsold and held by Bank of Montreal
as securityfor loan of $70,000:   For streets $20,000, road-
-  making plant a $0000, felectric light $15,000, water-works
$15,000, and sewers $20,000 ...,". .": ,...	
..Total  .' . .* : $275,302 32
To His Worshipthe Mayor, and the Aldermen op the  City  of
Gentlemen—I beg to submit to you my report covering the year 1900,
together with a statement of receipts and disbursements for the year; a
statement of asssets and liabilities, as at'December 31st, 1900: a list of unpaid accounts for water, light and scavenger, as at December 31st, 1900!
and a certificate from the chief of 'police covering fines imposed but not
paid during the year, I have carefully audited the books of account,
including the collector's various rolls, and examined all .vouchers and
' receipt stubs.lall of which now agree with the entries in your books.
I have carried forward a record of a few vouchers which were not
complete at the end of the year.
,   I have examined the* city treasurer's bonds, which appear to be in
order, the„date of expiration being February 1st," 1901'.
The following is a list of the Hre insurance on the city's property:
$4000 on electric light plant, expiring December 21st, 1901; $1750 on
electric light plant, expiring December 21st, 1901; $2250 on power house,
expiring on December 21st, 1901.
The outstanding accounts, pa j--able on December 31st, amounting to
$4396.47, are included in the year's disbursements, as are also outstanding
accounts ou December 31st, 1899, amounting to $8164.73; These latter
should have been put through the books in 1899 instead of being carried
forwardto 1900.
I have charged fuel and light account,* with $1725.60, and credited
the same to the electric light rates, to cover estimated cost' of lighting
streets and municipal buildings for the year.,
You will notice statement olc assets and liabilities shows excess of
liabilities amounting to $28,707.24) as against excess of assets a year
ago amounting to $10,627.02; but in view of the fact that the following
amounts were paid out of the revenue for 1900 I consider the showing
an excellent one :
Unpaid accounts from 1899...
Expended on streets in 1900...
Expended on sidewalks in 1900.
!  8,164 78
35,620 41
9,241 04
Amount  written
off   various   construction   accounts    for
-$53,026 18
19,821 04
_ $72,847 22
1 have not -included streets and sidewalks in the list of assets,
although some municipalities do this. Still I do not consider the custom
a good one.
The list of outstanding accounts should be looked into and an effort
made to collect them as many of them are long overdue.
With the statement of receipts and disbursement's I include the same
for 1899, arid also the estimates for 1900, which I have jno doubt will be
interesting for comparison.
All of which is respectfully submitted.
, ■;•■■■} E. B, MfO^ERMro^Aiiditor;
Nelson, B. a, January 21st, 1901.
The "members of the new city
council got down "to business last
evening. The most important
work was the striking of the several standing committees for the
year by mayor _ Fletcher, and when
the minutes of last meeting of the
old council were approved his wor-*
ship announced them as follows: -
Finance. — Aldermen Hamilton
(chairman), Selous and Irving.
Public Works.—Aldermen Paterson (chairman), Gillett and Madden.
Fire, Water and Light."—Aldermen Irving   (chairman),   Paterson
and Gillett. . _■
.- The next "order of business was,
the fixing of the date for the council 'meetings.'* Mayor Fletcher*, explained that the council had been
meeting on Monday evening- at 8"
o'clock, but it was for the members
to select such time for' their meetings as they" considered 'most^ convenient. The mayor added that
for the present the members of the
council had better meet- once a
week until their work was well in
hand. - The mayor's views met
(with 'the" approval "of, the" council,-
.arid'weekly meetings «'were|decided
^upon for' Monday evenings' at ,-8
o'clock. ' >    „   ,
„ There were four. annual reports
"before the council for consideration'
"and in calling attention jto 'them
the;mayor suggested „that for the
inforriiation of the, ratepayers a
digest of some of; them should be
published.'   - -    - -    ^
„ Alderman Hamilton agreed that
the engineer's. report, and that of
.the city auditor might be published
"toladvantage, so that** there'""would
be no misunderstanding as, to the
the condition of affairs with /the incoming of the present council.
The report of the medical health
officer was received and referred to
the board of health, which will meet
on-'Wednesday afternoon at 4
The> report of the auditor was
then received arid read,- together
with a"number~of statements of the
corporation finances.
Motions were then made authorizing the publication of the/subject
matter of the auditor's and other
W.- J. Thompson's-report of the
fire department was referred to the
fire, water and light committee.
inspectors was then read.- The feature of this report was the reference
of tthe inspectors to the waste and
leakage in connection with the two
services.. - ..-      . -
Mayor   Fletcher   remarked' that
the report.seemed to- demonstrate
the necessity for a'proper and regular inspection of the systems.
With respect to the electric light
system he expressed the opinion
that there should be an extra man
engaged. He said he was confident
that the salary of a competent man
could be saved by the city over and
over again. The city at present
had practically no check" upon the
electric light connections. The report which hatd been read -was ordered by the retiring council and!
would doubtless Ythrow: some light
upon .the matter wheri-it, came before theproper committee for consideration. He was confident that
the leakages, in the /systems were
sufficient to demand the earnest
attention of Y*he /committee,; arid
in view of theiri it would be for/the
council todecide whether the city
couricil could riot well afford to pay
the salary of; .a competent
electrician. Another matter was
the expense of the present practice*
of giving out the repairs toY the
electric light system. Yin the. past
the city had pai'dD.a,large amount
for repairs, a^ greati deal of which
could be saved if the* city had a
man /competent to/do the work.
The new man should be a working
superintendent. He added that
the fire on Baker street the other
day was caused by a defective
electric light wire. If the system
was not closely watched such oc
currences would be frequent, and in
dealing with the report of the inspectors it would be well for them
to go thoroughly into the .matter of
the economy of securing the services of a competent superintendent of the system.
Tlie report was then referred to
the fire, water and light committee.
The request of the local charity
organization that the council refund
it a deficit of $97 was referred to
the finance committee.
The council was then addressed
by a party named Jones, who requested the council to loan him the
price of a ticket to England. He
said he had spent $1000 and had
not sufficient .to get home. The
mayor undertook to enquire into
the case/    - *    ..- ."
The fire, water and light committee will meet on Saturday morning at 10:30 o'clock, and the public
works committee at 5 o'clock on
Thursday afternoon.
• - That Are' Fromishu; Properties. .
Thomas Mulvey, who has been a
resident of Slocan City since the fall
of 1891, is putting in a few days in
Nelson. Mr.' Mulvey is interested
in the Ottawa, group on Springer
creek and as the group is near the
Arlington, he believes he has a fortune in sight. / He is also ,a strong
believer in the future of mining, on
Springer creek,, and predicts that
there'will be.ten-producing properties there^withiia a year. Considerable development work has been
done on the Ottawa, and it is now
beyond the prospect stage. A main
working tunnel has exposed a considerable Tquantity^ of good-gra'de
ore whichYassayV .as,, high as "618"*
ounces silver.'_ At*present there' is
a"deal on forl'the; Ottawa. Before
leaving for^Nelsonj'Mr. Mulvey took
a1'look at the* Morning Star, aJ claim
lower'down the'creek, on which a
tunnel is in'160. feet' on- the vein.
The,paystreak-rurisTfrorii 4 '- to >, 14
inches in* width.7--A'shaft is also
down 45 feet, and it ran in ore -, all
the.way, assays; from the , bottom,'
where the veinc is'four feet wide;
giving returns of $100^ in gold. A
second tunnel, which "will r tap the
vein at ~a'depth of 225 feet has been
started and is in 130" feet. There
are 50 tons of $70 ore on the dump,*
Stockholm;—His majesty's health
is now satisfactory. The.- king's
birthday was widely celebrated to-
.day. No state ball was given, however.     * '   -       -
New York.—Warren Leland, jr.,
died today at the hotel Grenoble, of
which he was the proprietor.   '
Victoria.—Twenty - two Japanese, one a woman, were>pnt ashore
hereby the United States - cutter
Grant, which arrived fro*av Whatcom. Two were owners,of a Stev-
eston'sloop, they being accused of
eston to Waldron island in contravention of tlie United States contract labor laws.
Montreal.—The city council
offered the Grand Trunk Railway
Company $500,000- to elevate its
tracks in the city. % Today a reply
was received from the company saying that it wanted $1,000,000. - As
a result the scheme is hung .up as
the city cannot afford the money.
On an average a dozen people are
killed every year on the level crossings of the Grand Trunk.
Montreal.—A delegation of the
Lord's Day Alliance today waited
on the mayor and protested against
the proposal to legalize holding
athletic exhibitions on Sunday. The
Alliance does not object to games
being allowed on Sunday in certain
sections of the city, but - it objects
to countenancing them.
Montreal.—Lapatrie, the organ
of minister Tarte, publishes an
editorial today asking why American ... railways shoulQ , be .let into
British; Colu'mbia to take-away industries that should be developed
in Canada.
Ottawa.—George A. McHugh of
Lindsay, Ontario, is to be appointed
to the.seuate to succeed sir Frank
Smith. McHugh represented South
Victoria in the house'.iri:fl896.
.Toronto.—The jury;returned a
verdict of not guilty-iri7 -theY Hazel-
ton murder trial. ;Hazelton was
charged with the murder/of Mrs.
Margaret Milne by performing a
criminal operation. He was immediately arrested on • i\.. charge of
abortion and released on $500 bail.
Montreal.—La Patrie, announces
tonight that William Hutchinson,
who represented Ottawa in the last
house of commons, has been appointed Canadian commissioner at
the Buffalo exposition.
announced here, as according to the
present engagement, the first telegram is to be sent to the lord mayor
of London.
The Best They Can Say Is That Life
May Be Measured "by Days
Instead of Minutes.
London, January 21.—A special
dispatch from Cowes this evening
says -"emperor ' William -was- ad-
mitted to the queen's presence at
about five, o'clock, _She spoke a
few words to him, and after two or
three, minutes he withdrew. The
queen took a little nourishment and
fell asleep in the arms of the princess of Wales. , -   *
Cowes, January 22r—12:15 a.rn.—
The bulletin issued at midnight'announced there was no material
change in the queen's condition.\"  '
Cowes. January 22.^12:20 a.m:—
The^following is a full text of bulletin issued at midnight: "There is
no material change in the queen's
condition." The slight improvement
of the morning has been maintained
throughout the day. Food has been
taken fairly well and* some tranquil
sleep secured.
Cowes, January, 22.—Another
day inr the Victorian" era * is now
rapidly'drawing'lfco a close', without
any great change in the condition
of-queen'-Victoria.-" "The: slight" improvement, so frequently rifentioned
in the official bulletins, merely., indicates ^a_ postponement of the inevitable. . The* end may be a matter
of days, or, only A hours, but the
members of the royal /family, who
are now dragging out a weary visit
at Osborne house, know that the
death of her majesty'"is "merely; a
question of a short tiriie.   -    :    -
The most noticeable feature of
yesterday was'tl^ satisfactory portion the queen spent in conscious-,
n'ess; which rShe_ regained earfcjr hi
the afternoon, and still retained at
-10 p.m. At .that hour'she ha'd'not
seen emperor William, local rumors
to the contrary notwithstanding.
Royalty at Osborne-* thu3„ had a
chance to recuperate from -the terrible ordeal -undergone during, the
early hours of-Monday.
-The correspondent of the Associ-"
ated Press is "informed tliat the
members of the royal' family were
called to ,a room" adjoining the-
queen's - bedchamber no less than
five times yesterday morning^ and
were^kept in "^momentary expectation of being summoned to witness
the end up to half - past' five
Her majesty's physicians had then
only a vestige of hope that they
would-be ableto^keep- the-queen's-
feeble life until the prince of Wales
arrived. To secure this result they
resorted to the frequent use of
brandy and champagne. These
stimulants, used to an extent which
only the greatest emergency justified, worked their process; and
when the prince of Wales and emperor William entered the castle
grounds at 11:30 a. m. they found
the queen a trifle better than had
been expected.
The desperate remedies employed
Monday morning to enable her
majesty to live until her eldest
son's arrival will not be used again,
for the doctors are fearful that the
remedy might be almost worse than
the disease. They trust to prolong
her life by a moderate application
of stimulants, combined with as
much nourishment as can be assimilated. Such expedients as
were employed during Sunday
evening and Monday morning
are not considered justifiable.
The queen's rally astonished no one
more than her physicians,, and
when at four yesterday afternoon
tbey heard her ask for; chicken
broth, their amazement almost
equalled their delight. Privately,
however, they build no false hopes
upon these signs of what has been
one of the strongest •"* constitutions
with which a womari was ever endowed. Despite, /the favorable
afternoon, the / doctors dreaded
greatly the portion between six
o'clock and midnight. When that
was safely passed they seemed
hopeful of her majesty's living at
least through another day,
although the memory of the previous night's relapse kept their
anxiety at high tension.
The news of the death when it
occurs is likely to be publicly announced in  London  before   it  is
Press Comments.
St. Petersburg.—In the
ment of all circles on queen
toria's illness the personal
dominates the political. The
subjects freely admit that her\„ma-
jesty has been one of the principal
bulwaiks^ of peace. The Russia*
says: "England's "prestige is largely
due to the queen. To spare'.queen
Victoria much has been - forgiven
her ministers. With her will, depart Britannia's good genius." The'
Novoestis says: "England is discontented with the situation and the
dissatisfaction possibly would be
expressed- more plainly if queens
Victoria shall- die. Her successor
probably- will entertain different
views on many, questions. He is
credited with, strong French sympathies. The power of an English
sovereign is greater than is commonly stated, therefore the change
may produce a revolution-in international politics. "■    r    *-
Another Boundary Company Sells Out
• ^ •<" - '
to English Speculators and Take
.<   Stock in Payment. ** *,
selling at Good Prices.
, Vancouver, January:- 21.—[Special to The Tribune""]—Gooderham &
Blackstock of Toronto have bonded
five thousand acres of coal lands, in
Nicola valley,'near White "lake, for
$100,000/ Payment of a fair percentage of this amount as a' "deposit
has already been made," several -of.
the owners of the "property 1 being
resident^-in. Vancouver.' The.'To-
. i  - -   - -
ronto people^will atonce proceed jto
develop the property, which-- is 're;
ported by engineer Burrell of   New
.Tork^vwho*1 was, expert -<-for-~ the
Crow's Nest Coal Company,- to He
one" of the most promising coalfields in. America/ The' bonding-of
these lands has given rise to a three-
cornered fighffor railway supremacy between Gooderham, C. P.Y' R-,
and McKenzie   & ' Mann   interests.
jThe Gooderham people'recently of-
.fered the. Vancouver, Victoria ;&
Eastern-Railway- Company$100^300-
for a charter to - build intoYNicbla,
thence tQ Kelbwna, arid /the;;{|jVanr
couver shareholders are said to have
been in favor of accepting this/ But
McKenzie & Mann decided":thtit/if4
anyone built the road Ythey/Ywould,
so Marin announced that ;h6/would
at onco come to British Columbia.
He is expected here anyYday-y Tlie
,TherBritish Columbia shareholders
in the Vancouver, Victoria &' Eastern practically retired on payment
to them by McKenzie & Manritdf
$65,000. - y^//;
The Phoenix Oroup.
Thomas S. Dunbar of Slocan City,
who along with others has. a bond
Springer creek about three/miles
from Slocan City, was /in vNelson
yesterday. He reports that the
property is looking exceedingly well
and that a recent rich strike has
been made on it. The force of men
working on the property were running a crosscut tunnel to tap the
vein at the 90-foot level, when they
encountered the main vein about a
week ago. The width of the /vein:
encountered was large with a 14-
inch pay-streak giving an average
value of $125 in silver. The ore also
gave returns of two ounces in gold.
The vein consists of dry ore and the
values are found in iron. Drifting
on the vein has been carried on
since the strike was encountered.
The company is now erecting an
ore-house, and other improvements
to aid in the carrying on successfully the development of the prop-:
erty are being made. The develop-
lrient of this property is the only
large amount of work that has been
done in that district, but it has been
sufficient to prove that the mineral
deposit of the belt carry high
values. ,
Sheriff Sells Valuable Mining Property
The interests in the Two Friends
property, on Lemon creek, which
were soldi at sheriff Tuck's- office
yesterday morning, were purchased
by A. York, a well-known, mining
man of Slocan City, for the sum of
$3000. The interest sold is said to
be a one-quarter. In the case of
Heddle vs. Stamford, in whicli the
latter's shares were to be disposed
of to satisfy a judgment, the sale
was postponed until Thursday
forenoon at 11 o'clock by reason of
an objection made by Stamford's-
solicitors to the effect that the
notice of execution had not been
served 6ri Stamford.
r^    PS*
' - '"■&
-r v _
1   ',
Greenwood, January 22ry[Spec-
ial  to   .The   Tribune.] —-~Manag_r
Andrew Laidlaw-hones to have the
pyritic smelter "completed-so as to
be ready'to start operations some-, >
time in March/ Todays the':cbrre- -
spondent of The Tribune waa, out „
at the site. 'The, work of assembling
the"" plant inside the big building is"^
well advanced. --In the sampling de-1
partment most of the machinery is--
in place/ and the belt connections ':
for driving the same are being* put
.on/ The big furnace is. all^set/up,' <
and the'brickwork is up to the feed -
floor.^ The'iron plates for the 'teedT-
floor are .laid, and the completion of'
'this'department is'"anticipated"before the/end-of the month?  -^The'
twpj*50;horse power boilers,and the,,
engines to drive the No. ,7 Connis-*
-ville blower arecorinected. On the *
outside; the close of the-week should,,
see the trestle work for the railway^
spur , leading, into_ the   building'7,'$-\'^l
' finished.-**^When the steel is laidore/ "    *-**
shipments will'start from several**
mines, -the product of which^has^
.been contracted for.' -The" 112-footj*
-metal smokestack is up," and painters
are. nojw^ puttingythe^ finishing:
touches to it/-- ''"^   _ _7*. £<"
* $-m
■  ~-4
■: M.
-   j ■*?■& %
■  .i-i^_^t
- \-**7%
' V  *5a_i
:The„fdurteen claims, real^esiate?f ^
and assets \of the Ik>andary?CrSek;-/;ry'^
Mining" & Milling Company; of-ethis^Y/'''1/-^
city, are to be*acquired by a Lon->/y^'!
don,' England, company. v" < The .'*•r Jjf£\
shareholders-.have agreed-to' turn-uy"i
over the stock of the local company _*\-\
to the London & Canada Syndicate, & "j
Limited. This London concern, on/ '-1
its part, agrees (.to organize in England /a -^company . with, a normal
capital of ie70;'OOO,-in^75,OOO,-'shares
of the pari value of £1.*   Of this
numbet 45,000 shares are to be'ex-iu.
changed for the 1,500,000 owned by-1
the  present  company,' which r exchange means three. £1 .shares for,.,.., ...-^
"*    ' ■■•,: ■?• f     *-'.--'_-- .  •■      r      -;. ,-,^\i -    -,'yi.      '    -■*■ - _   <"■    '•     _- *   ■    ■'**_'  1" ■-  '»■■''^'•'T^'.W..-i'*^fr
fi.-.v..j'-.',-".r"^,*.-.--:w"1 ..ia'wvsv.i-! ,;:■:'-< ■■-'j;*5Yi*K3r',i;-;«Sja&
^vide /a/.working teapital,^and/KtheY^i;^
' prpriwtidn jpf;the|^^
i'-^Hqi^-w^s^^ _ ^__^
new. cqmpariyuthe Gold/Bu^clainal/i
■; ceritly/shipped:/ about -Yl^/tpris/of s
ricli goid^ilyer oro^ tl^Jsiriela^r. /
■cbmpaiiyjarid-; authorised ■t»/^^ri^
out negotiations with;/theYLbridbn/
people/ /The/board is 'composed : of '■
D. A./ Holbrook;/president; /E; /Ja-s-
cobs, secretarj'-;' C. A. E. Shaw; Wil-;
liairi Nelson; and D. W. Holbrook.:E.
Jacobs,- formerly accountant of  the'
company, was elected to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation/ of /
Hector McRae of Rossland, whowaa
on the old board./   Nelson ^people
aire interested in" the/; st6ck;'-; The'-"
London & Canada Syndicate- is: re-/
ported to also own ^ a considerable
amount, though the control is held
locally.; If the floatation of a new
company .proves   a success, there
will be ample funds  available to
fully demonstrate the merits of the
various claims. Y/'"■/
Good Reports From the Alice.
Some fine samples Y of " silve-lead
ore were brought- down, from the
Alice group; situated near Creston,
yesterday, arid left - at T, G. Procter's office./.;They were taken from
the 100-foot level arid /'are/ iiigh
grade. The work at the property
is being concentrated on the lower
tunnel, which- has been/ run /200
feet. It was run at the rate of 100
feet per month. The tunnel is still
to be run about 350 feet before
it cuts the ledge at the 250-foot
level. A station is being cut. at the
100-foot level, and a winze has been
Btarted on the vein so as to be
ready for an upraise and connection ori completion of the tunnel at
the 250-foot level. A car of ore is
being sacked and is nearly ready
for shipment.. There are severa.'
hundred tons of good concentrating
ore on the dump. The road to
Creston has been completed, and
the late cold weather has put it
into excellent shape for shipping
purposes. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON B. C TUESDAY, JANUARY 22 1901  I***}  hi  i'_l  .-y  ft  J \i  .?���.'  ;V  *���,*��� -'  i'*  "���* ,  ?  r''\  I,/  lo*  I a  j  I   , ���*  P '''  a  ������i ���  i  J.  fcl~1K*>****>-.*~Z**y+*'��.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  Hi  to  How Many Falls  7HAVE YOU HAD ON THE SIDEWALK  DURING THE PAST FEW DAYS?  *************.**.*.*.*.***.**���*>.  IF YOU-HAD WORN A PAIR OF OUR  to  to  to  Hi  to  to  to  to Rubber Soled Shoes .... to  to  to  to  iii  to  to  YOU WOULD HA VE BEEN PERFECTLY to  SAFE.    CONSIDER THESE PRICES:      jjj  Regular jg  c   -  Men's   Rubber  Soled   Boots   in   Black  price $6.00, Snap at $4.50. <  and Tan  Men's   Rubber  Soled   Boots   in   Black   and Tan  price $5.50, Snap at $4.15.  Regular U.  to  Hi  Hi  to  #  to. Ladies' Rubber Soled   Shoes:   Regular  price  $5.50,   now  \|/~ $4.15.  to       .  ftX Same   reductions   in   all   our  stock of  l^\ Furnishings, Boots and Shoes.  fk *********************  I Twenty Four Silk Skirts _j  to      - * to  Here is something for the Ladies. M  Dry  Goods, Men's to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  ,'J<-  (   .*  to  a  to  i  :   to  -.. tf*  a _  to  r*  to  ���'i  %  Regular price $ 6.00 Bargain at $ 4.50  Regular price $10.00 Bargain at $ 7.50  Regular price $12.0.0 ���   Bargain at $ 9.00  Regular price $14.00���   Bargain at. $10.50  Regular price $16.00     Bargain-at $12.00  ALL  SHADES.  ************************  to  to  to  to  to  to  . .. ���* , ���*  -' * V Mayor -FiaTCTCHER'S' remarks, at  , -the opening laeeting of the council,  ,  as to the necessity of employing an  ,-additionalelectrician to look, after  the electric light "system of the city  .were timely and to the point. There  ( has.> been   great  leakage,   if  not  > - waste,   of electric current in the  v, past, and the-leakage and waste  can" only be-stopped by employing  an electrician whose duty it will be  ���   to see ,that the ��� system is at all  ��� -times ��� efficient, and. in order, and  that users of light-pay for -what  they actually use. -The finance* com-  ' mittee is made,up of men who are  careful and , prudent in their own  affairs, and iFwiifbVtffiiFTlutynJo  see that the city gets every .dollar  'that it is entitled to get from not  only the electric light system, but  from all the other revenue-earning  utilities that the city owns. -Aldermen Hamilton, Selous, and Irving  have the most responsible work of  any committee of the council. They  have to provide the ways and  means for-the other committees to  work with.  THE   CANADIAN MINT.  In the January .number of the  r  Canadian Magazine, Norman Pat-  - terson summarizes the arguments  that have been advanced by others  in favor of the establishment of a  , national    mint    in   Canada.    He  quotes  the following   information  concerning   the   Australian   mints  from Hutchinson's Australian  Encyclopedia :  " The formal sanction of her  majesty's government for the establishment of a branch of the  Royal Mint at Sydney was made in  1853, with colonel Ward as first  -deputy master; the Victoria mint  was opened June -12tb, 1872, with  colonel Ward as deputy master;  present masters, Sydney, Robert  Hunt, C. M. G.; Melbourne, G. Anderson. The total quantity of gold  received for coinage; at the Sydney  mint from the opening/to December  31st, 1899, was 17,113,910 ounces;  the product being 59,297,500 sovereigns, 2,420,500 half-sovereigns and  bullion valued at ��2,733,507; the  total revenue of the mint has been  ��530,174. Ia.48.8g the weight received for coinage was 900,475 ^  ounces,   which   was   coined   into  3,262,000. sovereigns,. 32,000' half-  sovereigns,  the    remainder   being  bullion.' .The total weight of gold  coined at Melbourne mint up   to  December 31st, 1889, was 11,268,118  ounces, and' gold' coin and bullion  .were issued valued at .��45,130,274.  The, gold coin issued in* Australia at  the two mints was valued at ��5,-  500,000. iNeither silver-or bronze  is coined, at Sydney or >-Melbourne.  The original, Australian sovereign  and half-sovereign had on the reverse,.instead of the Royal Arms or  the George and Dragon, the word  'Australia' and the early .coins contained a large .mixture of -silver.  The new sovereigns have the letter  S, or M, according to the, mint of  origin, immediately below the head  of the queen."  Later reports show that Australia  has now. three -mints, one having  ^been.established-at-Perth,vWestern  Australia, in June, 1899.     The cost  of the mints for 1899 was as follows:  Expend- Appro-  ituro priation  Melbourne ��17,001 ��20,000  Sydney ��14,488 ��15,000  Perth ��14,209 ��20,000  All the evidence points to the  fact that an Australian mint costs  $70,000 a year. The original cost  of the Sydney mint for building  and equipment was about .$150,000.  The annual cost.of a mint in Canada, the writer says, would be as  great as in Australia, although  there would not be more than half  as much gold to coin. Investigations have led him to the conclusion that "a gold coinage cannot be  a very bad thing far nation to possess, seeing that all nations of any  importance have it. It' would seem  almost like proving that railroads  and electric lights were necessary.  At worst, it can only be a question  of how much gold we should coin  and under what conditions."  tive. ; Mr. Rogers replied: "Oh, we  have no dispute. We have nothin g  to eomplain of so far as the Crow's  Nest /Pass Coal Company ��� is concerned. It is quite a mistake to  suppose that we regard the C. P. It.  rates as extortionate or even exhor-  bitant." The reporter continues:  "Then what does president Ja'ffray  and the Toronto Globe mean by  this crusade against the C. P. It., in  which the Crow's Nest Pass coal  rates figure so largely?" One wonders what warrant the reporter  could have for this statement. The  Globe, we are very sure, had not  been complaining about freight  rates for Crow's Nest coal, nor, so  far as we know, had Mr. Jaffray  made any such complaint. When  Mr. Rogers says that the Crow's  Nest Coal Company has no quarrel  with the railway about freight  rates he ought to know what he is  talking about, and his statement  should be conclusive as to the attitude of the coal company.  Changes on the Kaslo & Slocan,  Sandon Paystreak,  Gus Boeettcher, who has for so  many years wielded the punch on  the Kaslo & Slocan railway, has decided to quit the employ of that  company. Gus has interested himself considerably in mining properties and now has so many propositions on hand that they require  his undivided attention. Gus bid  farewell to the traveling public  yesterday and the command of the  K. ��fc S. 'limited has been turned  oyer to Jesse Pronk, who has officiated as brakeman on the road for  the past two years. Frank Thompson has also severed his connection  with the Kaslo & Slocan. Frank  has handled the, throttle" on the  little engine for a long time, and  while his duties did not bring him  so frequently in touch ,with the  public as was the case with Gus, he  has a large circle of friends who  will regret his disappearance from  the cab window. George Williamson, an old C. P. R. man, will take'  Harry's place.  PREPARATORY TO STOCK-TAKING  COMMENCING  'ft  $        Monday, Decern her 31st.        Jg  to HOSIERY, DRESS GOODS, SILKS,   TABLE LINENS,  TOWELS, MILLINERY, MANTLES, FURS to  KOOTENAY. ���:. v  COFFEE CO.  ************************  Coffee Roasters  Dealers in Tea' andCoffee  ************************  We are offering at lowest prices lhe best  grades of Ceylon, India, China and Japan  Teas.  Our Bes% Mocha and Java Coffee, per  pound 9  *10  Mocha and Java Blend, 3 pounds '. , 1 00  Choice Blend Coffee, 4 pounds    1 00  Special Blend Coffee, 6 pounds    1 00  ' Rio Blend Coffee, G pounds    1 00  Special Blend Ceylon Tea, per pound   - 30  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.     ,  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  Telephone 177.  P. 0. Box 182. -  ,  WEST BAKER STREET,. NELSON.'  9\  9\  9\  9\  9\  (!>  9\  9\  9\  9\  9\  CARPETS, CURTAINS, REMNANTS FROM ALL DEPARTMENTS AT, BARGAIN PRICES.  ************************  CARPETS & FLOOR OILCLOTHS-  20% Discount during the sale.  WINDOW,SHADES-At greatly reduced prices. Bargains in odd  pairs of Lace Curtains.  MENS WEAR���Mens Fleece-Lined  Underwear from ,60c each, up.  Bargains,in Mens Ties, etc.  Remnants of Silks, Dress Goods, Prints, Flannels, Table Linens, Carpets, etc., at less than Half Price.  ************************ . .  MANTLES���Ladies Jackets, Coats and  Golf Capes at less than cost.  FURS���Balance of our Fur stock at  25% Discount.  DRESS GOODS & SILKS���We offer  our stock of Dress Goods and  Dress Silks at 20% Discount.  Silks for Evening Wear, a large  stock offered at 20% Discount.  SKIRTS���Ladies Ready-Made from $2  upwards.  BLOUSE WAISTS���Our full stock of  Ladies'Waists at half price.  MILLINERY-AH our Ladies Trimmed  Hats to clear at Half price.  LADIES COSTUMES-Ladies Tailor-  Made Suits, we will, sell the  balance at Bargain Prices.  ^____ _���..__ & CO,  'VV-* -_*'   -0.-0  ' 00 ._%��    00' .__��   -00   __0    -0   '__0    __0   __0    __0    __0    _0 W*��  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  321 to 331 Baker Street, Nelson"!  American aqd Europeani Plans.  MEALS  CENTS  THE  Mansfield Manufacturing Co.  NELSON,  B. C.  Biiilders and  Contractors  Surpassing*  BispIajMiv-  Fall Suitings  Have No Dispute With the C. F, R.  Toronto Globe.  The other day the Montreal Herald published an interview with  Elias Rogers, managing director of  the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company. It is said in the introductory sentences that "Mr. Rogers  was reluctant to discuss the question of the freight charges made by  the Canadian Pacific Railway Company iii; the northwest, declaring  that he was not. sufficiently familiar with the conditions under which  produets had to be carried .to warrant liim ;expressing an opinion."  Next comes this sentence: "But  /you can speak for your own company, Mr. Rogers���what about  your own dispute with the C. P.  R?" askjed the J-erald representa-  All the fashionable creations  in Fall and Winter wear are  included in my last consignment of Scotch and Irish  Serges, Tweeds and Worsteds, and Fancy Trouserings  E. Skinner  Neelands' Building, Baker Street).  FRED J. SQUIBB, Manager.  ARTHUR   GEE  MERCHANT TAILOR.  ROOMS LIGHTED BY KLKCTRICITY     '  " AND'HEATED BY STEAM  '     ,  25 CENTS TO "ft   QUEEN'S HOTEL  ���*'       -BAKER STREET^NELSON.  Lighted by Electricity and, Heated with Hot Air.  large -comfortable .bedrooms and' flr-st-class  dining-room. Sample rooms (or commercial men.  RATES $2 PER DAY  IY|rs. E. 0. Clarke, Prop.  = LATE Off THB B07AI, KOTKI., CAL3ART���=���  IVJadden House  Baker and Ward  Streets, Nelson  The onlj hotel in Nelson that has remained  ���under one management since 1880.  The bed-rooms are well furnished and lighted  by electricity.  The bar is always -stocked by the beet dom b-  Uo and Imported liquors and olgars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  SLOCAN JUNCTION HOTEL  J. H. MoMANUS, Manager  'Having taken over the business of-the West Kootenay Brick,&  Lime -Company, Limited,.of Nelson, I beg to ask for.a continuance :  of the patronage which you have, heretofore extended them. .My  aimYwill be at'all-times to supply you with our produets at lowest  possible prices. Being in a position to manufacture goods in larger  quantities than before, we shall be able to supply, the trade at a  lower-figure' _  It Js our intention to install machinery to manufacture our  marble produets, season we shall be ln a position to supply  these products at reasonable rates.  We shall also keep on hand a stock of Fire Brick, Fire Clay,  _ Tiles and Cement.  Our Bricks* and Lime Rock have taken the .First Prizes at the  Spokane Industrial Exposition in 1899 and also.this year. We.also  secured prizes last year and this year-for Ornamental and Building  Stone.  We  .- Builders.  are prepared to offer special rates to Contractors and  _____ ERNEST MANSFIELD,   for The, Mans field Manufacturing- Company.  /   '  Successors to  Tbe West Kootenay Brick <_ Lime Co., Ltd  WHOLESALE TRADE  _ERATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  THORPE & CQ.��� IalMITED.-Cornor Vernon  and Cedar streets, Nelson,, manufacturers  of and wholesale aerated-waters and  fruit syrups.  Sole agents for-Halcyon Springs*  mineral water.  Telephone GO.  ASSAYERS*   SUPPLIES.  '  "TTT p. TEETZEL ."_ CO.-Corner Baker and  vv ���   Josephine streets. Nelson, wholesale deal  ers in   assayers supplies.  Agents for Denve.  Fire-Clay Co. of Denver, Colorado.  -  COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  HJ. EVANS & CO.-Baker street, Nelson  ��� wholesale dealers iu liquors, cigars  cement, fire briok and fire clay, water pipe^and  stoel rails, and general commission merchants.  ELECTRICAL  SUPPLIES.  EOOTENAY:EIaECTRIC: SUPPLY. & CONSTRUCTION COMPANY-Wholesalodeal.  ers in telephones, annunciators.' bells,' batteries,  fixtures, etc., Houston blook. Nelson.  FLODR AND FEED.  BRACKMAN-KER MILLING COMPANY  ���Cereals, Flour, Grain, Hay. Straight or  mixed cars shipped to 'all Kootonay Points.  Grain elevators at all principal points on Calgary-  Edmonton R. R. Mills at Victoria, New *west>-  minster, and Edmonton, Alberta.  FRESH AND SALT. MEATS.  BURNS &   CO.���Baker. street,   Nelson,  wholesale dealers in fresh and cured meats.  Cold storage.  GROCERIES.  A MACDONALD & CO.-Corner Front and  **��� Hall** streets, wholesale grocers and  ���obbers ln blankets, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers,  maokinaws and miners' sundries.  P.  KOOTENAY SUPPLY   COMPANY,  _ TED���Vernon   street. Velson.   -  TREMONT HOTEL'BLOCK.  Large stock of high-class imported, goods,  fashion in coats,  specialty of the square   shoulder���the  id go  ���the  A  latest  Home Grown  Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Roses, Shrubs  Vines, Bulbs, Hedge Plants and Seeds.  Extra"choice stock, of Peach, Apr'cot, Plum,  fhorry.acd Prune Trees. New importation of  first-class Rhododendrons, Roses, Chmatus, Bay  Trees, Holliei, etc. "'  80,000 to choose from. No ngents or commission to pay. No f uznigal ion 'or inspection charge j.  Greenhouse plants, -agricultural implements, fertilizers, bee supplies, etc. Largest and most  complete afosk in.the.province. Send,.for. catalogue before placing your ordtrs, . Address  l\l- J. liENRY, Vancouver, B. G.  White Labor Only.  ""MUSIC.  Bar stooked with best brands of wines, liquors,  and Cigars. Beer on draught. Large oomfortable rnomp.   Fi-rafc-nlnjw table bm d.  Ask Your Grocer-  for New  SWE^T   CIDER  for Mince Pies. '  CIDER VINEGAR  THORPE & CO., Ltd.  Burns & Co.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in Meats  TED  grooers,  Vernon   street, Nelson,  .   LIMI-  wholesale  JOHN CHOLDITCH & CO.-Front street, Nel-  "   son, wholesale grocers.  T Y. GRIFFIN & CO.���Front street, Nelson.  "��� wholesale dealers ln provisions, oured  meats, batter and eggs.  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  XX BYERS & CO.���Corner Baker and JosophLae  **���   streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers In hard  ware and mining supplies.  Powder Co.  Agents for Giant  Head Office at  NELSON, B. 0.  R; REISTERER & CO.  BRBWEBB AND BOTTUDBa OV  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  Prompt and re  delivery to M  tnlar:  ���a trade  Brewery at Na!eon  Murray, graduate.ln .vocal and in-  Mrs.D.:B.  strumontal music, Is now prepared, to .receive  pupils for instruction in voice oulturo, Italian  method, also piano and organ.  . For terms and further particulars apply room  5. A. Macdonald building, corner Josephine and  Vernon street,  A* R. BARROW, A.BI.LG.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  __ ^Corner Vietoite Mid  P, O, flex m.  Btssstc  QNJBHO,*  Markets at  Nelson,   Rossland,   Trail,  Kaslo, Ymir,  Sandon,  Silverton, TSe~  Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Mid  way, and Vancouver.  Mail Orders Promptly-Forwarded  ��� ���������������i    mW    l^���^^^������^^^^^���^���^^^^^^���^���^���^���^���-.^^^.^^^^-^^^^^^^^^^^^������^i������^^���^^^^^^^��� ���     l"W ��� ������^������������ i i    ���  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINJJS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLEaALB AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson &   Q.  TRAVES,  Manager  OHnWHB.BV MAI-a RWOKT~. aAKIBVnT. AMD PROMPT Attminnht  ROaSSaUAIND   BNaiIVBBRIINa~WORK:S  cunjlifpe & McMillan  Founders and  Machinists, Specialty of Ore - Gars, Oro-BIn Doors and Ceneral Mining Maohlnery.  List of second-hand "machinery on hand, which has been thoroughly overhauled and is as good  1 25-H. P. Locomotive-type holler,, with engine attached and all fittings, ready to tnrn on steam.  1- fc}"x8" Double-Cylinder Friction Drain-Hois';, built by Ingersoll Co.  1 Sinking Pump, No. 5 Cameron. New York.  1 Sinking"Pnmp, 10"x5"xl3".^ oiitdde packed plunger pattern. .-.���"���/'    . , :        .  ������> Wat^tthl's"advertl*iement*for further lists, or:write ua.before:you buy for,complete!list,   we  may have just, what youwant.      ���        '        ���  . * Agents for Northey Pumps. * Stock carried.  TAWRENOE   HAEDWARB    COMPANY  ���*-"  Baker St., Nolson, wholesale   dealers in  hardware, and mining supplies, and water and  plumbers supplies.  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  mURNER, BEETON ft CO.-Corner Vernon  ���*��� and Josephine streeta. Nelson, wholesale  dealers in liquors, olgars and dry goods. Agent*  for Pabet Browing Co. of Milwaukee and Cal  gory Browing Co. of Calgary.  POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTON POWDERvCOMPANY^Boke��  street, Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite,  sporting, stumping and blook ��� blasting powders,  wholesale dealersln caps and fuse, and electric  blasting apparatus.  P. O. Box 198.  THIRD  AVENUE.  ROSSLAND.  .OUR  ARE  mm i it costs but one icBiTOfflffiaaBk'  To drop us a: post card that we may call and give estimates.  It. saves many dollars.  Never  have any Plumbing done until you have seen our goods and.onr prices.  l^igf^B,     STRACHAN BROTHERS, Plumbers.  SASH AND DOORS.  NEIaSON SAW AND PLANING MILLS,  ' LIMITED���Corner Front and Hall stroets,  Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers  ln sash and doorsj all kinds.of-iaotory work made  to order.    *  WINES AND CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA YVtraH COMPANY, I_M_.  TED���Corner Front, and Hall streets, Nel-.  son, wholesale dealers In wines (case and bulk,  and drnnBoHonnd lmonrtad olcarB.  ANTI-CHINESE RESOLUTION. c  Pursuant to resolutions adopted, at a.'.regular  meeting held on Saturday evening, December  22nd, 1900, all members of rWelson -Miners' Union  No. 9C, W. F.'-M., are requested to use every  legitimate means;  To Discourage the Employment-or  Patronizing'of Chinese   ir:  directly or indirectly. ��� All union men and others  who believe in making this a white man's country, are requested toco-operate in giving effect to  the aforeEald resolution.  -By order,      *���  NKLSOV'''"MINERS*   UNIO.V.  ��� . Nelson j December 22hd./ ���������:  "  The above resolution has been endorsed b�� the  Trades and. Labor Council of, Nelson, and all  union riieh, and others' in.sympathy with it, ure  requested to govern   theniRolves   accordingly.  ���   By order,  TRADES & LABOR COUNCIL OF NELSON  ���Nelson; December 22nd.  AliCHITEOTa '  IARRIE-Architects.   Booms  block, Baker -atreet, Nete��n. THE TBJBUNE: KELSON B. C TUESDAY JANUARY. 22 1901  BANK OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up....$12,000,000.00  BUST . :.....  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       427,180.80  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President  Hon. George A. Drummond "Vice-President  E.S. Clouston General Manager  NELSON BRANCH  Corner Baker and Kootenay Streots.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  THE CANADIAN  SANK OF COMMERCE  WITH WHICH IS AMALGAMATED  THE  BANK  OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  Branohes In London (England) Nkw York,  Chicago, and all Iho principal cities ln Canada.  Buy and Bell Sterling Exchange and Cable  Transfors.  Grant Commercial and Travelers' Credits,  available in any part of tho world.  Drafts Issuod, Collections Mode, Etc  Savings Bank Branch  OURRKNT RATK OF INTERKBT PAIS.  RAILROAD AND STEAMBOAT  Shipyard Will be Moved.  Within a month tho C. P. R.  shipyards, which are at present  situated about one mile west of the  eity, will be moved to a point on  the lake shore near the rear of  Honeyman's foundry. This is, a  more suitable location and will be  more convenient in every way.  The depth of water is better for  landing, and the,,neck of land  which extends at that point forms  somewhat of a harbor. The site  selected is so situated that it can  be reached by teams, and material  can easily be taken in, which is not  the case with the present shipyards.  A spur from the main line of the  Balfour extension to the yards will  be *-* constructed and new and  , stronger ways will be put in.  The new tug, which is being**  erected at the local ship yards will  be launched inside of three weeks.  The principal work on its construction is completed and the few minor  details which remain to be done can  be completed in a short .time: The  tug is tHe strongest "yet built in  i Kootenay. Itis 100 feet long and  * will be driven by a large- propellor.  The boiler, which has "just been in-*  stalled, is a,400 horse power. During the coming week the boat will  be furnished with a good substantial outfit. Iii the forecastle there  is a good sized room _ containing'  - eight berths. On - the .main deck  there is a cabin 9'feet "by 12 feet,  and it also contains eight berths.  A kitchen, 8 feet by 10 feet is placed  at the forward part of the boiler  and will accommodate a "fair, crew  of niei"i. ; ,   "   ������      '  HEAD OFFICE:  TORONTO.  Paid-up Capital,  Reserve Fund,  S8.000.000  ���  $2,000,000  Imperial Bank of Canada  HEAD  OFFICE. TORONTO.  Capital Authorized  Capital Paid up  Rest  $2,600,000  $2,468,603  $1,700,000  D. R. Wilkie, General Manager.  E. Hay, Inspector.  Nolson Branch���Burns Block, 231 Baker Street  J. M. LAY. Manage  ACCREGATE RESOURCES OVER $85,000,000.  DIRECTORS:  Cox, Robt  Kilgour,  Vice-President.  Hon. Geo. A.  President.  B. Hamilton   M. Lkggat   Jab. Cuatiiern  John Hoskin, Q.C..LL.D.  J. W. Fi.avkm.ij W.E.H.Masskv a. Kingman  XV  B. E. Walker, - J. H. Plummer,  General Manager. Asst. Gen. Manager.  A. IT. Ireland,  Chief Inspector and Superintendent of Branches.  London Office, 60 Lombard Street, El. C  S. Cameron Alexander, Managor.  New York Offloe, 16 Exchange Place.  Ai.bx. Laird and Wm. Gray, Agents.  The appropriations to be used by  the local O; P. It. officials" will b& ex**  pended in' filling in the bridges between Nelson and Robson. It is  the intention pf the company to  straighten the track as -much as  possible. 'A crew of^ men will be  sent to the bridge about three  miles west of Nelson, this morning,  and work will be started at once.  As'readily as one is completed another one will be started. When  the work is completed the expense  ��� of keeping up the road will be'  greatly diminished, as there will be  but one or two bridges to -look  after.         '    -  Contractor Hepburn is constructing a large room at the local freight  sheds of the C. P. It. to be used by  the customs officers for the storing  BRANCHES OF THB BANS IK* CANADA  Ontario.'  Ayr  OrTAWA  lUiutin  Paris  UEi.r.Evrr.r.K  Parkhili.  Berlin  Peterboro  Bl eniieim  Port Perry  Brantford  St. Catharines  Cayuga  Sarnia  Chatham  Sault Ste. Marie  Comjngwood  Seaforth  Dresden  Simcoe  Dundas  Stratford  DUNNVILI.E  SlItATHROY  Fort Frances  Toronto (8 offices)  Galt                  ��  Toronto Junction  GODERIOH  Walkerton  GUEI.l'II  Walkkrville  Hamilton  Waterloo  London  Windsor  Orangkville  Woodstock  Quebec:  Manitoba:  Montreal  Winnipeg"     '  Yukon District:      '  Dawson   '  Willi- Hobse  British Columbia:  Atlin  Nelson;  Cranurook  New Westminster  Fernik  Hossland  Greenwood  .Sandon  KAMLOOl'S  Vancouver  Nanaimo  ��� Victoria. ���    .  '    IN THB UNITED "STATES:      .  New York. N. Y. .  Seattle, Wash.  San Francisco, Cat..-  Portland, Ore.  Skaqwaa  , Ai. vska.           ������  Bankers in London���The Bunk of Scotland;  Messrs. ,Siuitli, P.iyno & Smiths.  Bankers in' New York���The American Kxchange  National Bank. ���"  Agonts in .Chicago���The Northern Tiust Com-  " puny. ���  Agents In Now Orleans���Tho Commercial National Bank. -  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  Interest allowed on deposits.    Present rato  throo per cent. ������ s  GRANGE V.; HOLT,  Manager Nelson Branch.  will see that the purpose is to conquer and peace, and then they will  stop. , *  MINING   VS.   BANKING. '    !  of bonded goods.  LOSSES   IN   TWCyWARS.  Salt Lake Tribune.  ��� The war losses of the American  troops   in   the    Philippines   from  August 6th, 1808, up to a month  ago, were as fpllows :���  Killed   Died of wounds and accidents   Died of disease...........................  Total deaths.".'..*.;.77777..'..7777.7.  Wounded ., ;...........  cm  ,   432  2077  3200.  2532  "6732  Officers  Men  ....Ml  3,013  .... 93  952  ....   i.  92  ...163  5,51-C  '..'..'. 4  176  ... U  1,236  1...    4  .231  ...10  1,3U  Grand total...'.,..   The losses of the British in South  Africa, up to the 4th of December,  as given by the official report, were  as follows:- .    ' ���  Killed inaction    Died of wounds..'.'...;..;......  Prisoners died iu captivity...  Died of disease   Accidental deaths    ���'; IHisslng and prisoners........  ��� Invalids sent home who have died...  Invalids sent home who have left service as unfit ......'.........,  ��� ��� ' / '*'..������'  Total../.......;'...;..Y... ...y .593      13,585  Y.-.--,They are both fearful examples  Yof'the; penalties'v'bf'--;war:;-:''ari(l''�� what'  the white man has to pay for his  burden, but they do not'_ compare  at all with the losses of ordinary  wars.:  Altogether   they ,  do    hot  amount to one battle of tlie Franco-  Prussian war, or of our civil war;  no, not half, either bi Gettysburg,  : Stone River, Chickamauga, Chattanooga, Antiefcam, Spottsylvania, or  a   dozen   other   battles. ; But  the  losse3_.ii1 the Philippine. war ought  to', stop pretty soon; that   is, our  country    should     send  '   soldiers  enough there to squelch the insurrection and have done with it.   It  is just a question how much pun?  ishment  will  be needed there to  make certain bandits there  quit.  That ig the only point, and the only  way to make them quit is to kill  -them so fast: that those remaining I yearly product  Biitte.Mining World.  {It is refreshing to have -a "close-  fisted" banker admit that.there was  more money in the legitimate voca-  cation of. mining than there is in  the banking business. "While any  one at all conversant with mining  readily admits that mining ' is the  most profitable,business on earth,  yet those engaged in banking have  always been the, last ones to admit  it. E. T. Rich, a prominent eastern  banker, in a recent article on "Mining vs. Banking," published in the  National Banker,-has the following  to say on the subject:  "There is much money invested  in mining as in banking and the  Jormer-*-pays^a���much���handsomer-  dividend. The prejudice against  mining, like an hereditary taint,'  still clings to the ultra-conservative,  the timid and the less ambitious.  Such notions and ideas on mining  though well .intentioned, are based  on the theory that some one lost  money either in mining proper, or  mining stock speculation. Millions  are sunk yearly in corn, .wheat or  pork speculation, and yet no one  condemns such' auomalism except,  perhaps, the agriculturalist or the  suffering poor. ���',.."  "The estimated annual .dividends  on the' normal capitalization of all  mining companies exceeded 10 per  cent a year on the actual capital invested. There is yearly as much  money invested in mining, as there  is in banking, but banking does not  prove as safe or as profitable as  mining. IriY a time of prosperity  the average banking dividends seldom exceed.8 per cent a year.  "The number of dividend paying  mining companies is larger than all  other combined industries, is fully,  sustained by statistics. That mining  produces quicker and -/great'' profits  than any. other industrial ..pursuit is  evidenced by.the number of multi-  ���millionaires. That there are risks  in; mining as well as other pursuits  is; well Yknown to all ^reasonable  minds, but that the- immense fortunes of the Mackeys, the Pairs, the  Fields, the Sharons, the Baldwins  and hundreds of others, are 'due to  mining cannot be denied. According to the census there is less than  one-hundredth part of our industrial population engaged in mining,  producing for one year a mineral  output.of $079,596,880. If other industries were as productive of  wealth as mining, we would have  according to the above ratio, a  of Y$07,959.787r600,  or twenty-two times as much as the  estimated circulation of gold and  silver money of the entire world.  "The yearly product of gold, silver, lead and copper alone, if distributed amongst tho miners engaged in the different mining states  producing these metals, averages  from $1000 to $3000 per man, or 20  times as much as the per capita of  products of all other combined in-,  dustries."   TOBACCO'S   USES.  The London Lancet prints an  article on the important part which  tobacco has' played among the  English soldiers in South Africa,  and gives interesting proof that, a  moderate use of tobacco has been  of very great value in her majesty's  campaign against the Boers. In  the course of the article, the Lancet  says: -*  The cases of acute mental derangement in the  course of campaigns, such as the present, are  very many. There have indeed been many in  South Africa. It would be most profitable and'  interesting could medical officers have taken  special note of the capacity for sleep previously  'evinced by those who broke down, and also their  indulgence or non-indulgence in tobacco. .Wc  are inclined to believe, used with duo moderation, tobacco is of value, second only to food itself, when long privations and exertions are to  be endured.    '  There is more of the same. It is a  fact that tobacco has become almost  a necessity to the great masses, of  men -who   join an   army.  ., Their  nerves   require   it."   Without it,  they would become "nervous,' dissatisfied,   irritable and in a great  measure indolent.   One can hardly  imagine an army without.tobacco; it-  is a great panacea for ills.   When  a soldier breakfasts-> on .hardtack  and black coffee he a ���state-<of  mindwhen he finishes .the., breakfast, not only to fight   tlie" enemy,  but to fight .his .best  friend. "But  give that same   soldier   a   dudeen,  loaded with natural' leaf,   and  let  him have a twenty-minutes' smoke,  'his whole, nature   changes.   He is  .ready to risk his life for   a   friend,  and her doesn't  care  whether  he  fights his enemy or treats him.   It  is a stimulant and at the same time  a sedative,-and-this fact is .so well  understood that it  is accepted by  all nations that soldiers   must   not  be refused the use of tobacco.   It  was discovered just ^when civilization was beginning   to   make men  nervous, and came at the right time,  the same as the discovery of America,  the  same  as  the coming   pf  steam and electric power, the same  as the telephone, and like all others,  now that the world knows them,. it  cannot  get , along   without   them.  The  best-natured   women "in   the,  world are the Spanish women; no  one can ever tell how much of that  is due to the   cigarette   that   they  smoke after their   morning   chocolate.  .  m&&&  After the Battle  ���������  of the Holiday Trade has cleared  away it is well to come back to the  every day business of the year as  quickly as possible.  **************************  KARN IS KINO ...  m  WE SAVE TBE BEST MADE PIANOS IN CANADA.  THE7NAVE STOOD.THE.TESTIN.K0QTENAYFOR THIRTEEN YEARS  CALL AND INSPECT THEM.   ���   ���'.- *   '���*  ' *  44*-��*****-��*4E*t����CftCfrFtfr  ���W  JACOB DQVER, The  Jeweler  Mail Orders receive our Prompt Attention.,  .-  Our Jewelry and Watch Department is in full swing.  Sgi,       ���   -    ��� , .     ,  '^o(^.^.C-3��(P^*C^.<^.(-^'<^.(^*gc^��^g_^��_Z.  ^^*C_^��^^^^.^_x<.^:J*S^<>^i^oC_4 ���,C=y'v^ ��� ^*_\ ���,C_��  ���ff'(f>'e^-<p^'(^.*  FORCED TO SELL IT  One of the Best-Located and Best-Rented  y Business BWcks in Nelson.  y  THOMPSON & DOUGLAS  Victoria Street.  PAINTERS  Decorators and  Paper Hangers.  ,  Canbe purchased at a price:that will net\L2.  per cent :on the investment.^  t_ **��� -  ', . , The building ,is 50x70 feet,rtwovstories and;  basement, :built of brick and Kootenay marble,  on a 50x120 foot lot, at northeast  corner 5 of-  Baker and Josephine streets. " >\, _\  ,    For further particulars apply to  JOHN  Nelson, January ll'th,  HOUSTON,  Tribune Office.  1901.  NELSON  SAW & PLANING MILLS  Limited.  We ape prepared to Furnish  by_Ralla_Bargejpj^Team_L  REILEY&JENOY  SUCCESSORS TO> H. D. ASHCROFT)  BLACKSMITHS   AND   WOOD  HOWU  EXPERT HORSESHOEINC.  ��� Special attention Riven to all kinds of repairing  ana custom work from cvraide points. Heavy  bolts made to order on sho it notice.  .NOTICE.  ��� Rossland, B.O., November 9th, 1900.  To F. B. Salisbury :    ���  Notice is hereby given that I, William Griffiths,  intend to claim the interests iii the. following  named, mineral"claims formerly held by F. B.  Salisbury, on which he has neglected to pay his  share of the expenses of the annual assessment  work.  To wit: ��� v- ;.- ������-���'������ -  A one-half (1) interest In the "Bunker Hill"  mineral claim. V..;  ���.:: ..'���.-.  A one half _) interestin the "Sullivan"mineral  claim. .,*.���������'.'-  "Aonohalf (J) interestin the "Fidelity" mineral  ,cla**m.  ' All the adjoining claims, ituatod on the west  fork of ��� the north fork bf' Salmon' river, in the  -Nelson'Mining Division,  This action Is taken under. Section 11 of Chapiter 45, of the statutes of 1899 and amendments of  1900. WIULTAM B. TOWNSBND.    ..  ;',"���*... Agent for WUliam Griffiths. '  LAND NOTICE.  ! Notice is hereby-given that tnirtv days after  date we. The Corporation ot the-.City of Nelson,  intend to apply to the Chief. Commissioner of  .Lands and Worka for permission, to purchase  for the purposes sit the Corporation,.the following  described land in Iho District of WestEootenay,  situate*.on the south: bank of Kootenay river,  about ten miles below. Nelson:. Commencing at a  postmarked "The City of Nelson's S. W. corner,"  thence east:.% .chains, thence.north 1�� chains  to the Kootenay river, thence westerly along the  Kootenay river 30 chains, thence south' 15 chains  to thejilace of beginning.  THE CORPORATION OF THR CITY OF  NELSON, ,������,        Bv John Houston, Mayor,  December 12th, 1900. .  ENGINEERS.      "       ~~  GHARLKS PARKER-Minlngand m__l_gen-  . 8lne��r. Turner Boeokb Blook, BfthMitreei,  DIMENSION LUMBER  ROUGH and DRESSED LUMBER  LOCAL and COAST CEILING  LOCAL and COAST FLOORING  DOUBLE DRESSED COAST CEDAR  RUSTIC, SHIPLAP, STEPPING  PINE and CEDAR CASINGS  DOOR JAMBS, WINDOW STILES  TURNED WORK, BAND-SAWING  BRACKETS,: NEWEL POSTS  TURNED VERANDA POSTS  STORE FRONTS  DQORS, WINDOWS and GLASS.  Get Our Prices before  purchasing; elsewhere.  OFFICE: CORNER HALL AND FRONT STREETS.  FACTORY: HALL STREET, C. P. R. CROSSING.   MILLS; HALL STREET WHARF  GAS FIXTURES  We have  just received  shipment of  a large  Gas Fixtures Finished in  ; Oxidized Copper and Brass  Which we shall dispose of at  cost," also Billings;":Non)Mantle"  Gas Burners.  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC  SUPPLY& CONSTRUCTION CO.  Nelson, B. C.  The Cabinet Cigar Store  G.;B. MATTHEW, Proprietor.  Headquarters: for        ;  "CARAMEL"   "POMMERY"  "SMILAX"   "VIRGIN   GOLD"  Smoking: and _"ip��_.s  O.W. West & Co.  COAL I '   WOOD I  $6.15  Hard Coal  Anthracite  Crow's Nosli   Coal  U__l_liI*V'H3_S'_n__��  $10,751  AGENTS IMPERIAL OIL COMPANT, *Orp.  No order oati be accepted unloss ac��oinp*nIed  by cash.     ~. ���    ���     *    ��� .'-���..��� .">   ���  Office:   Corner of Hall  and Baker Streeta..  TELEPHONE 33.  Lethbridge Gait Goal  The best value lor the money In M��a market  for all purposes. .-,'.  THUMB 0_BEf       W. P. TlEBMBT, (3eDt*-l A��ent  * TeleDhnna 147.    OffUm with O. D. J. Ch��*_��8.  P. J. RUSSEJLJL  Buyer and Exporter of  FURS  RAW  Hlshest Prices  prompt .Returns  Fair Assortment  {L.S.]   HENRI G. JOLY de LOTBINIERE.  CANADA. ---    ,  PROVINC1*: OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  VICTORIA, by tho Grace of God, of tho United -  Kingdom   of Great   Britain   and  Ireland,  Queen, Defender ot the Faith, &c, &c , &c.~  To our Faithful tho members elected ��� to servo in  1 he Legislative Assembly of Our Province of  B'itiHh Columbia at Our City,of ^Victoria.���  *   Gieeling: '   ' *  A PROCLAMATION. - * ,  H. A. Maclean,  Deputy Attorney-General,  idresf"   "  VTTTHKREAS  J^vv    are    de_   __  and resolved, as sooo iih majNbe, to meet our poo  We  desirous  pie of our Province of Biitish Columbia, and*to  havo their advice in Our Legislature:     .    -   .  NOW KNOW YE. that for divers causes and,  considerations, and taking into consideration the;  case and convenience of Our loving subjects, Wo  have thought lit, by and with the advice of Our  Executive Council, do hereby convoke, and by  these presents enjoin you, and eaclfof you, that  . on Thmsdii/. the twenty-first day of February,  ono thousand nine hundred and'one,.you meet  Us in Our said Legislature or Parliament of Our  said Piovince. at Our City of Victoria, FOR THE  DISPATCH OF BUSINESS.,to treat, do, net,  and conclude upon those things'which in Our  Legislature of the Piovince of British' Columbia,"  by the Common Council of Our said^Provinct!  may, by the favour of God, be ordained.-      * ,    -  In Tkstimo.vv ;"Wiij:rkop, Wo have  caused.  -   these Our Lettors to bo made Patent and (he  Great Seal of the said Province to bo'hereunto afilied: f �� *!- ,**  i-i Witness, the Honourable Sue Henri''G us-  ,ta\-k.Toi.ydkLotuinikre, K.C.M.G., Lleu-  '>  tenant-Governor  of Our said Province  of  ���"" British Cohimbia, in Our City 'of Victoria, in.  Our said Province, this seventeenth day, of  January, in tlio year of Our Lord ono thousand nine hundred and one, and in the sixty-  fourth year of Our Reign. ;.  By Command.  J. D. PRENTICE, Provincial Secretary. '  SHERIFFS SALE.    '��� ��� f  _  Province" of Britifh'Columbia,-Nelson,'"West)  . Kootenay, to wil: , v -  * 3    *    ��i ���' ��� * -sr-  . Br virtue of a wi it of Fieri Foc'ns issued ,oub  of the Supreme Court of British Columoia at tha  suit of Bank of Montreal, plaintiff,), and, to mo 7J:%  directed against tho goods and chattels, of'the''v1 -JJ^,  Fisher Maiden Consolidated Mining 'and Smelt-Y'' r'ifei  ing Company, defendants,- I have seized and'"***-*1 -  -riSttX  >   _.f#ui.  Si:'  taken in execution all the right,- title and' inter  ostsoftho said defendants, the Fisher'Maiden  Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company, in  ,tho mineral claim known as and callea "Troy"-    ,- m&\  and in the mineral claim known as and 'called-*; 7.^7!&  '"St. Helena," situated on Four Mile Creek.-aboubY "'c"-'^  seven miles from its mouth, being re-locations of 7  tho mineral claims. "Fisher Maiden'; and "Silver-, '  ton" respectively, both recorded in the office, of-  the Mining Recoruerfor the Slocan Mining Dlvis- '-  ion of the West Kootenay District, on the 16th da ."'  of July, A. D , 1900, to recovor tho sum of .Fifteen  Thousand '��� Six^ Hundred .and  '4i*j?Sl  (?15,C  Fivo  Provincial SncRErAnr's Okfick,  17th January, 1801.  HIS HONOUR, the Lieutenant-Governor in  Council, under the provisions of tho "Land  Registry Act' has been pleased to establish at  tlie Citv of Nelson, in the County of Kootenay,  a District Ofllce for the Recording of Instruments  and Registration of Titles affecting real estate,  f-ituato within tho County of Kootenay.  The name of tho said registration district shall  be tho Kootenay Land Registration District.  Henry Fry MacLeod, of the Citv of Nelson, solicitor, has been appointed to porform the duties  of the said District Oflico, which shall be open  for tho transactiod of business on and after the  second day of March, 1901.  By Command.  J. D. PRENTICE, Piovincial Secretary.  id ^Ono-Dollars.'-yi**"*;  ,C01.00)andalsolnteie3tonFIftoen>Thousand y ���*i*{z!  o Hundred "'and Ninety Seven 'Dolla's and t'>-'*y��3i  Fifty Cents ($15,597.fi0) atsixpcrcentum'per'an- ���J^M  num from the 4th day of January, 1001. until pay- sfcz'iM  > ment;-besides Sheriffs poundage, officer's 'fees. "���'ffii^E  a'nd'all othei^legal incidental expenses :4all,oC."'~'JiS  which I shall exposo for sale or sufficient theroof'"y*ft<%^  to satisfy said judgment, debt and costs, at -the Ji/^&sS,  front of my ofllce, !ic.\t-'to the 'Court -House, "in ,w ��$*?������_  the City of Nelson. B, C. on Thursday,-tho���^tth^T-^S*!  ���day of January, 1901,-at tho hourof eleven o'oloek-'^'is^.t^l  in ihe forenoon. *? -'.        -"."'*���   ""���    -lA'Si'J.'l  ' Note"���Intending purchasers will satisfy them^'-r-^^sl  selves as to interest and title of the said defend*-  ants.-'.-c ' -, f        ���;-(���-    ���/??��� ..*-v. j;*,;,-  Dated at New.Dcnver tho lStlfday of .'January.  1901.. .    ' .   i - "   ' '       "        '       -���" K> -,  ^    ���v   --,7 ' * S. P.-TUCK.-'-'O  - ' '',     ShoriiTof South Jvootcnay,  ' -3^1  J   3?_��  f_~   _ -t*^_i_ m  Notice >ofv Application  ��� ,��� '���   .,.'"���--! License.  to  Transfer  -' Notice'is hereby-given that I intond to apply. ���  at tho next sitting of the Board of License Coin-   -  missioners of the City of Nelson for permission to -���  t ransfer my retail liquor license, for the premises ^  situate on tho cast half of Lot'4/Block 2, in the *  Ciry of Nelson, and known as tho Grand Hotel,  to Uustavus Nolson.     , /-JOHN BLOMBERG.    *"  Dated at Nelson, B. C.this Urd day of January,   ;  1901. /     v    ��- ' -,       *->.  Witness:,Thomas Symrs. *   ,  Notice of  Application to  -' License.  Transfer-a  Ship jby Express.  NELSON, B.- -C.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNERS  To Geo. H. Lammeks, J. R. Chanson, or to  any person or persons to whom ho may havo  transferred his intorest in the Harvey Joy  mineral claim, at Morning Mountain, Nelson  MiniDg Division.  You arc horeby notified that I havo expended  Ono Hundred Dollars in labor and Improvements  upon tho above montionod   mineral  claim, in  order to hold said  minoral claim  under the  provisions of tho Minoral Act, and if within  ninety days from tho dato of this notice you fail  or roiuso to contribute your proportion of such  expenditure, togothor with all costs of advertising, your intorest'in said claim will become tho  property of tho subscriber, under section four of  on Act entitled "An Act to Amend tho Minoral  Act. 1900.",���     ��� SILAS H. CROSS.  Dated this 12th day of December, 1900.  LAND   NOTICE.  Notice is horoby given, that thirty days aftor  date 1 Intone! to apply to tho chief commissioner  of lands and works for permission to purchase  ', described lands about two miles  Jity of_Nolson:   ���pominpnoing nt a  the following described  ���west of tho Git  post marked W. J. Beaven's S. E. Cornor Post  planted atS. XV. corner post of H. Selous' purchased Lot G05, Group l,on the high water line  on tho west bank of Kootonay river, thenco north  20 chains, thonce west 20 chains,* thenco south 20  chains, moro or less to tho high water lino on  north bank of Kootenay river, thence following  tho meandering of tho aforesaid rivor in an easterly direction 20 chains more or less to point of  commencement. . Containing 32 acres moro or  less. v W. J. BEAVEaV.  Dated at Nelson this 24th day of Docomber, 1900.  LAND LEASE NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given, that within sixty days  after tho date of this notice, I intend to apply to  the assistant commissioner of lands and works,  at Nelson, for a leaso of the following described  land,* for the purpose of opening up and working  stone quarries, situate about two miles in an  easterly direction from the City of Kaslo, Wost  Kootenay District:  .Commencing at a post plan ted on thelakoshoro  marked " J. A.Knauf's N. W. cornor," running,  thence east twenty chains; thence south twenty  chains; thence west twenty chains, more or less  to the lake shore; thenco north along the lake shore  ���ti tho point of commencement; and containing  forty acres more or less. J. A. KNAUF.  Dated December 19th. 1900.  CORPORATION OFTHE C8TY0FNELS0N  APPLICATIONS WANTED,  The undersigned has been authorized by  resolution of the city council to ask for appllea-  lions for tlie position of ohiof of the Firo Depart-.  ment of tho City of Nelson. Applicants will  state ago, nativity, oxperlenoo and '-where,  whether married or single, and givo recommendations from chief of department whore  now omploycd and from underwriters. Mark  applications; "Application for Chief of Fire Department." and address *  J. K. STRACHAN. City Clerk. Nelsou. B. C.  Dated January 2nd,, 1901,  Notice is hereby given that I intend to apply at  the next sitting, of the Board of License Commissioners of tho City of Nelson for permission  to transfer my retail liquor' license for the prem-,  ises situate on the west half, of Lot 1, Block 2. in  the City of Nelson,'and known as the Glue Pot'  saloon, to Thomas Sproatt.      GUS. NELSON.  Dated at Nelson, B.C., this 3rd day of January,  Witness: John Blomberq. ' *  TRADES   UNIONS.  ���M-ELSON MINER8' UNION NO. 96,1 W. F. of  ���" M.���Meets in miners' union rooms, northeast corner Vlotoria and Kootenaystreeta, everj  Saturday evening at 8 o'clock, .visiting mem  bers weloome. M. R. Mowatt, President. Jamo  Wilkes, Seorotary, Union Scale of Waoeq  for Nelson District���Per shift, machine  men, *93.50: hammersmen miners. $3.25; muokors,  _oarmon, shovelers and other-underground laborers, |3 00.  TRADES AND LABOR COUNCIL.-_bo ,  lar meetings of the Nelson Trades and Lai  Council will be held In the miners' union hall,  cornor of Vlotoria and Kootenay streets,*' on the  first and third Thursday of eaoh month/*1 &t>  7.30 p.m. G. J. Thorpe, President. J. H. Matheson, Secretary.  THE regular meetings of tho Carpenters' Union  aro held on Wednesday evening of each  week, at 7 o'clock, ln tho Miners' Union ball oor-  nur vlotoria and Kootonay streets. Charles  Clayton, President.  John McLood, Secretary.  ARBERS' UNION.-Nelson Union. So. 196, of  tho International Journeymen' Barber b Union of America, moets every first and third Monday of each-month ln Minor's Union Hall, cornor  of vlotoria and Kootenay etrootsa at 8:30 p.m.  sharp. Visiting brothers oordlally invited to  attend.? R. McMahon,; presidont; J. H. Matheson, sccrotary-trcasuror; J. C, Gardnor, recording  socrotary. .:',-'?���-���  LABORERS' UNION.-Nelson Laborers' Pro  tective Union, No. 8121, A. F. of L., meetajn  '-,*"-  -*. ;.-y*��-|  ,'tfei.1  **��� .i  '24? I  <��M  Fraternity Hall, Oddfellow's block, corner of Ba-  _*o< *"    "  )p.m. sharp. Visitingi   can   Federation _cordlally lnvitod_  ootonay streots, ovory Monday evening  memboi's.of the Amen-  kerand     ...  at7:30_p.m. sharp. Visltini  James Mathow, President,  cording secretary.  John  to Attend.  Roberts, re  NELSON PAINTERS' UNION-The  meeting of tho - Painters' Union  regular    ....        _    is hold  tho flrst and third Fridays ln each month at Miners' Union hall at 7:80 sharp. J.. H. MUlward,  Prosident; Will J. Hatch, Secretary.  OOKS' AND. WAITERS' UNION.���Regular  meetings on the: second.and fourth Thursdays of oach month, at 8 o'clook in Miners' Union  hall. Visting brethern cordially invited. C. F.  Bell, presidont; J. P. Forestoll. secretary  treasurer.:"Y '*.: ������_��� Y-.'���'.-.        ' ���*--'.;-Y^-''^  PLA8TERERS*; UNION-The O. P.I._L.No.  172. meets every-Monday evening-In ths  Elliot blook, cornor Baker and Stanley streets, at  8 o'clock. J. D. Mover.; orealdent; William  Vice, secretary, P. O. Box 61C  &  FEATERNAL   SOCIETIES.  NELSON LODGE. NO. 23, A. F. & A. M  Meet- second Wednesday In eaoh month.  Sojourning brethren Invited. <���..?-..%*  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS- Nelson  25, Knights of Pythias, meets In I.  Hall, oorner  Tuesday evening at 8 o'olock.  " *te_  Tuesday i  oordlally lnvit  J. A. Paquotte,  No  .           XV.  or and Kootenay street*?, every  at 8 o'olook._ Visiting Knlghta  to attend.  K. of R. & S,  F.J. Bradley; 8. C:  KOOTENAY TENT NO. 7, K. O. T. M.���  Hold their regular meetings pn the flrst and  third Thursdays of each-month. Visiting Sir  Knights aro cordially invited to attend. G. A.  Brown. R. IC; A. XV. Purdy, Com.; R. J. Steel.  1). S. C.  ELSON L. O. Iu, No. 1682.meets ln IO. O. F.  Hall, corner Bakor and Kootenay Btreete,  1st), and 3rd Friday of eaeh month. ;Visit'  brethern oordiaUy invited.   W.-W. Bradley,  ]_,A.Minty. Reoordlng-Secrotorya *;.*-__���.__.__ ,-��-**, j��____4_ v.  ra^.^itiv-v-'AisTt-irest.wiis ~0_in_��_a_.i_tM___r.  nm��y*��tet_t-��Mi_. .!_��_.��-_. ��ir,^^w?SrS?rr-  ***i*W'tW_r_ifc___.  THE TRIBUNE: NELSON, B. C., TUESDAY JANUAHY 22 1901  Assayers Supplies  We carry in stock a full line of Assayers' and Chemists'  Supplies. The quality of our goods cannot be excelled  and  our prices are  reasonable.~���-_  ���=_=  We are British Columbia Agents for        _i  THE DENVER FIRE CLAY CO.'S GOODS  WM. AINSWORTH & SONS BALANCES  SMITH & THOMPSON'S BALANCES  BRUNSTON'S POCKET TRANSITS  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  ���VICTORIA  BLOOK NELSON,  B.C.  the Nelson Clothing House  ���t  Great Slaughter Sale..  FROM 10 TO 25% DISCOUNT FOR THE  NEXT THIRTY DAYS.  NOTICE.  *���' ---.   -r '   -  -���^"*���  Notice is hereby given that in virtue of the Act of  the Dominion Parliament, 63 and 64 Victoria, Chapter  103 and Chapter 104, the name  of  THE MERCHANTS' BANK QF HALIFAX  will be changed to  ^belfto^al 3Bank of <J anaoa  from and after  the Second day of January, 1901.  Halifax, 1st November, 1900.  E.  L. PEASE,  General Manager.  BACK FROM SOUTH AFRICA  - - In order to' make room for Spring Goods, I have decided to sell for the next thirty days all  goods in stock at greatly reduced prices. All heavy goods away down, cost not considered, and in  .Clothing, Gents' Furnishings, Hats and Caps, and Boots and Shoes I will give from 10 to 25 per cent  disconnt, and all Rubbor Goods at cost. Now is the chance to partake of the best bargains ever  offered in the Kootenays. My stock is all new and up-to-date and the sale is genuine, so now avail  yourself of the best opportunity to got good goods at less than wholesale prices. Remember this is  for only 30 days. ____________���__;______.  J.  A.   aiLrKBR,   Proprietor-  from 75c to $3.50.  For the balance of this month we are offering special reductions in  Carvers, Ladies Companions and Nickle-Plated Copper Ware. , ~  Lawrence Hardware Co.  BEAUTIFUL   GRAVURES   AND   ETCHINGS  .   of Landscapes and other scenes,'Free with"every purchase   -  of two packages of Cream of Wheat, the Breakfast Dainty.   .  Houston Block.  Telephone 161.  P. O. Box 176.  jobn A. Kvmai co;  A FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  ~     Inside Dpors  Screen Doors  ���   Windows:  Inside Finish -  ' ; looal and coast.  y Flooring  -'       .looal and ooasK  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings'  - Shingles  .Bough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  OT WHAT YOU WANT IS NOT IN STOCK  Vrm Will MAKE IT FOB YOU  CALL AND GHIT PRICES,  J. A= Savward  HALL AND LAKB BTBBETS, NE-BON  Porto Rico Lumber Co.  (LIMITED)  CORNER OF  HENDRYX AND VERNON BTREET8  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 White Pine Lumber Always in  StOOaV  We carry a complete stock of  Coast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work will receive  prompt attention.  Porto Rico Lumber... Ltd.  Removal Sale  Ward Bros.  REAL ESTATE AND  ,     INSURANCE AGENTS  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  Desirable Business and Residence Lots  in (Bogustown) Fairview Addition.  Office on Baker Streot," west of Stanley Streot  .     NELSON.  C. D: J. CHRISTIE  -"..General Broker  FIRE,  LIFE AND"  -   ACCIDENT INSURANCE  Money to loan at 8% or on the installment plan.  For Sale  G Room House Silica street $2,100.00  ti Room House on Mill streot  l,900.i 0  7-RoonrHouse on_Carbonute-ntioet���-r^2 2T0 00  5 Room House on Stanley st, a bargain 82.r>.00  2 25-Foot Lots on Observatory street     CW5.00  For Rent.  7 Room House, Carbonate Street..". '.830.00  0 Room Houso, Mill Street  25.00  5 Room House   16.00  A Ground-Floor Office  25.00  The Hayward placo.  See my list of Real Estate.  MONEY TO LOAN  ON  AT 7 PER CENT  BUSINESS PROPERTY  Full of Experiences.  Privates John Sims of Nelson and  "Ben" Huckell of Victoria, who  went to South Africa with the second contingent, and who have been  in continual active service ^at the  front during the past year, arrived  in Nelson last e\ ening by the Crow's  Nest boat. There was-no reception  "tendered them, but many of their  friends gathered around them to  hear the exciting, funny and sorrowful stories of the events through  which they passed during their stay  at the front. - Both ^were looking  well and feeling in good spirits.  -Although Mr. Sims spent several  years at Nelson and vicinity before  leaving-he- enlisted with--the .Calgary boys about one year ago. During his stay at the front he was- a  . member of the mounted,rifle regiment," and was "during the greater  portion of-his time' under - direct  command, .of general Hutton.. * He  did not" ��� experience one day of  sickness during' his time- in ser-*  vice arid- was". on* -duty con;-  tinually. He was' in, ^many  engagements, and * in * several  he said he-was in extremely -close  quarters. Excitement "ran high,  and shot ,and shells were flying in  every direction..' Throughout all  the many engagements-Mr. Sims  never, received a scratch. The  greatest hardships that he had to  endure- was when the contingent  'first arrived in .South Africa. It was  then "they had. to travel- for 500  miles over a desert. Many suffered'  with severe sickness, and many  valuable horses died and others became worthless and had to be  killed.        * Y     *  In speaking.of the closing of the  war Mr. Sims said that it would be  months before it .would be finally  brought to an end. He said that  the "war was practically closed, Jbut  the Boers kept up a continual  skirmishing warfare which' gave  the British considerable trouble.  He had many good things to say  about lord Kitchener and lord  Roberts. Mr. Sims said that Mr.  Eaton, another Nelson boy, had  stopped in .eastern Canada and had  been awarded the position of captain   of  one "of  the eastern com-  not the least doubt but that the  game will be a fast one. The ice is  in fine shape. The Nelson team will  line up as follows: Goal, S. Neelands; point, C. Archibald; - cover  point,- C. -Jeffs; forwards, J. A. Wetr  more/ captain, Joe Thompson, A.  Perrier and Otto Nase. The boys  held a practice game last evening  and they did seme clever playing.  FLETCHER TROPHY MATCHES.  -v   " The'first two games of curling of  the Mayor Fletcher trophies - series-  were played at the rink last evening. The ice of both rinks was in  excellent condition and considerable , interest was taken in the  games. The line-up of the players  and the result of the games are as  follows:  "B__*  EEL   _B"5_r:E_B,S   <te   OO.  XT__i__.so_sr  __-__J3I_0  s__._sri_o*E>r  STOVES!   STOVES!   STOVES!  HEATING STOVES, COOKING STOVES, AND STEEL RANGES  Sole Agents for the Original Cole's Hot Blast Coal Heaters  SEE OUR GUNS AND RIFLES  HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL KINDS OF AMMUNITION  TELEPHONE 27 gtore> Corner Baker and Josephine SUeet  A meeting for the purpose of reorganizing t ho Nelson mlnst rels was hold at Iheolttco  of J.K.Annablolastevening. A good number was (*  in attendance, but no definite step was taken.  Another meeting will be hold tomorrow evening  in the same place when definite arrangement))  will be made to produce an entertainment. Oilier  details will also bo arranged.  . The members of Kootenay Lodge  No. 16, I. O. O. F., of this city celebrated tho  ninth anniversary of their institution at the  lodge room last evening. Tho past grand masters  of the local lodge and tho past grand masters of  the other lodges of this district conducted the  work of the evening. There was both initatory  and degree work to perform. There was a good  turn out of the members and an exceedingly interesting time was spent. After a long business  session an informal banquet was held.  PERSONAL.  R.Bird^   " ,   "  J. A. Dowar  R. H. Williams  6. C. Hodge, skip, 16 .,  -> ���*  -J. A. Kirkpatrick _  C. D. J. Christie ���,**>  Dr. Hall  A. T. Walloy, skip, 13  Stewart Campbell  A. H. Buchanan  Fred Starkey   >  W. A. Macdonald,  P. J. Dewar     -J-,  George Kydd  J. A. Turner  T. Lillie, skip,  s., 6  Two more games of _ the series  will be played this evening/ The  line-up*of the men .will be' as" follows: ��� .-. '  -' -*'"    .->.       0. Newling -    ���  Dr. Stodnard 1  Dr. Hawkey  W. Mackenzie skip - -  H. Bird   - - '  W. M. Irving      '' >  F. A. Tamblyn, skip  E. G. Smyth"''  - ��� -  C. E. Miller"   '.'  J. F.-Welr-^;- '   "  -  -J. H. Wallace, skip  J. H. Soady .    _  J. G. Gamble  Dr. Arthur.  W. W. Beer, skip  Amir O. I* IaBNNOX. BoUoltar. Nation B. 0  CHINA HALL  We carry a complete  line of,  CHINA, CROCKERY  GLASSWARE  BAR FIXTURES  COOKING UTENSILS  McFarland & Brockman  We are removing to our new  premises, but can fill all orders  entrusted to us during the next  ten days.  Canada Drug-Book Co.  "'. JUmltqd. '  First Door West of G. P. FL Offices  BAKER STREET.  LADIES' TRIIPED HATS  Endless Variety  And Prices to Suit.  mrs. e. Mclaughlin,  JOSEPHINE STREET.  THE GRANVILLE SCHOOL  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver.  Boarding and Day School for Girls. Will reopen January 15th. Terms moderate. For term J  and prospectus apply to  KADAMOLSELLE JLEBH, Principal.  panies. He thought that Mr. Eaton  was coming west in about one  month.  Mr. Huckell only stopped in the  city a few hours as he was on his  way to  Victoria.   He   spent  the  short time he was here in shaking  hands with many friends that he  knew.   During his services .at the  front he was connected with the  mounted   riflemen and had .much  scouting to do. He was under colonel  Evans,     who     went     with     the  company    from     Winnipeg,     as  lie     enlisted      with      the    boys  at     Fort    MeLeod.   Mr.   Huckell  was sick with the fever while there  and was confined for some time to  the hospital.   After his recovery he  was engaged with the company in  the pursuit and driving' back of  general Dewet.  During one of these  engagements he was hit with a shell  whicli nearly terminated his life.  He was in such close quarters that  the firing of the big guns affected  his hearing and he has nearly lost  the use of it entirely. _ Notwithstanding the many hardships he had  to endure he was last evening in  the best of spirits.  Tonight's Hockey Match,  The Rossland Hockey team will  arrive in "Nelson at 11:30 this morning and at 8:30 this evening will  play the Nelson team at the rink  on Stanley street. It is predicted  that the game will be the fastest  ever played in Nelson. The local  team have put in good work at  practice and are now in excellent  shape. It is said the Rossland boys  have had considerable more prac-  than the home team, and they are  coming down with every determination to win. The Nelson boys are  equally as confident, and there is  Weigh, Scales Kept Busy.  The consumption of .coal in Nelson at the present time is about 30  tons a day...- Tlie amount. of. coal  used now* is,-much larger than it  was last year at this time.  to. the great demand for the article  the'dealers have*considerable difficulty in keeping a sufficient supply  on hand. During" the a-last month,  in which considerable warm weather  prevailed, over 500 tons were consumed. Since .the city scales were  established, a^year ago last August,  0525 loads of coal have been weighed  there.         "  ., Bad Man LockecT Up.  John Gammon.of Creston, who  has just served six months at the  provincial jail on the charge of  assaulting a constable, was arrested  in Nelson last-evening," charged  with disorderly conduct'. When he  was started for the lockup by chief  Jarvis he refused to go. Officer  Hardy had to ,be~called to the  chief's-assistancerahd-then-the-two-  officers- had a desperate struggle  before the prisoner was put behind  the bars.    ���  Not a Large Docket. -  Only six cases have as yet been  entered to be heard. at the session  of the supreme court that will be  held here on February 6th. They  are as follows: McMillan vs.* Sandi-  lands, Osier vs. Moore, Oppenheitner  vs. Brackman, McLaren vs. Billings,  Fawcett vs. 0. P. R., and West vs.  Buchanan. The case of Fawcett  vs. C. P. R. will be heard before a  special jury and' notices to jurors  were sent out yesterday.  Mining Becords. -  At the mining recorder's office  yesterday Charles Gray was  granted a certificate of work on the  Maud Hawkins claim, situated near  Deer Park, and John Gallagher  recorded the location of the Golden  Eagle claim, on Forty-nine creek."  CITY   LOOAL   NEWS.  Mrs. A. Ferguson bf New Denver  is registered at the Queen's.  Captain and Mrs. Gifford came  down from the Silver King mino yesterday  afternoon.  A. B. Wright   of   Slocan, John  Paul of Ymir and J. B.-Eager of Toronto are,  registered at the Hume. - -  Rev. William Munro, pastor of  the Congregational churoh, is confined to his bed  with a sovere attack of la grippe.  D. H. Harrigan of' Slocan, Joe  Rormon of Spokane and W. G Mackenzie of  Vancouver are registered at the Phair.   .  F.. J. Finucane, manager of the  Greenwood branch of tho Bank of Montreal,  arrived in Nelson last evening. He is stopping  at the Phair. . ,  -a, G. ~ A.   Miller,   formerly' freight  olerk of the steamer Slocan, on Slocan lake, has  been promoted to the position of purser of the  steamer Nelson. ., .  .   BUSINESS  MENTION.  It Counts in Results  The particular housewife wants  the best materials for her cooking:  Nice Sweet Butter  Good Fresh Eggs  -���5;   are our specialties. They ensure a delightful freshness in  all you cook, arid attractive  daintiness when it is served  on your table.  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  The Leading Grocers.  Telephone 10 K-W-O Baker Street  Cellar to Rent���Apply The Boyal  Bank of Canada.  Cash paid for scrap'iron,-brass  and copper.   Nelson Iron Works.      -,.  - . '  'To'let���Furnished rooms in' Car,-  ney block.   Reasonable rates.. . i~  Wanted���A . 10-room   furnished  house.   Apply at room 4, K-W-C block.' '  .   If you want to buy or- sell*anything go to tho^'Old Curiosity Shop.'" ,  ' Hack , calls .left at   the   Pacific  Transfer  barn on Vernon street.    Telephone  call 35. ��� ,   ^ ' .  .     ���  For Bent.���Two fine offices centrally located.. Apply to A. H. Buchanan, Bank  of Montreal.  .   -��� .   . . .-, /       ,  Two large, .well-f urnished' rooms  to lot.'"l'and 5'Macdonald block,'corner Josephine and Vernon. - , i - ���.��  ..Wanted.���Five or. six room house  in good residence part of. town. -Address H. J.  Moore, box 10S, Nelson, B. C.  Wanted���Board and lodging in  private family for boy'attending school. State  terms to Fred Adle, Waneta, B. C.  Foi*     Sale    Cheap���New , cabin  handy to smelter. Apply to George F. Motion,  at Nelson Wine Company s store.  .  ' "New   lot  just   in."���For   fresh  candies, fruits, nuts, etc.," call at tho Bon Ton  Confectionery, Baker'Btreet, Miss A.-L. Klink-  witz.  Wanted.���Free milling gold pro-  -perties in British Columbia. Andrew F. Rosen-  berger. Nelson, B. C. Phone No. 1M, K.-W.O.  block.  Eight-roomed-house, partly furnished, to ront in the Hume Addition! cither to  one or fwo families. Apply Mrs. Hartwig, Hume  Addition.  ~Warited���Mah~an"d"wife"want~po~  sition as cook and helper in mine or small boarding house. No incumbrances. Address Cook,  -Tribune offlco, Nelson.  ' Prospectors " having   -promising  minoral claims are requested to call at The Prospector's Kxchange. Nelson, B. C, room No. 4,  K.-W.-C. blook.  Phono No. 104.  For Sale���Profitable hotel business and real estate, known as the,Royal hotel,  cornor of Stanley and Silica street. Apply to  Johns & MeLeod, Royal hotel, Nolson.  Investors���The Houston block, at  aeti  Apply to John Houston, Tribune  nilllimnimimmTTTTiiiimmimiiULimiiiinuMmMmiit.inpinin  THE   PROSPECTORS   EXCHANGE  No. 4, K. W. C. Block,    . NELSON, B. O. '  Gold, Silver-Lead, and Copper Mines wanted at the Exchange.    -  Free-Milling Gold Properties wanted at once for Btastern Investors.  Parties having mining property-for sale are requested to send samples of their oro to the  Exchange for exhibition. We desire to hear from all prospectors who hare promising mineral-  claims in British Columbia. ,"    ��� _ -    ��� ������   - - *\ *���  Prospectors and mining men nre requested to make the Exchange their headquarters "when -  in Nelson. , .  ,      >  -, ,    .' -     ���>       .   -      -.      '������'__ >   , '.  I   All samples should be sent*_y express, Prepaid.   Correspondence solicited. _ -; " -      -~~ _  Address all communications to    " ��� -   ���- *. " i*.  Telephone  10. ANDREW  F.  ROSENBERGER, 'V-  'P.O. Box 700   - .Nelson, B.C.  ViT.i��i..iaMMiiiiiiiHiimilllHllimiiiumiimiiiillimninimiiiinmiiiiiinimniiin,iirn  ARE THE: FEET  THAT ARE      .  WEARING OUR.  DONGOLA,\  KANGAROO,. bR  BOX: CALF SHOES  We have provided styles for  all shapes of feet. -  Mail  orders  receive prompt  attention.  WINTER CLOTHING  ��� ������  Born,   in   Nelson,   on   the   21st  instant, to the wifo of George Hall of Gore street,  a son.  C. J. Honeyman finished setting  up a fire escape at the rear of the K-W-C block  yesterday. The escape is the best yet put up in  the city. s   ���  The   ladies    committee   of   the  Nelson Operatic Society ball mot yesterday morning at' Mrs. -Goepel's residence and completed  arrangements for the dinner next Friday evening.*  W. H.  Bullock-Webster, of  the  provincial police department, returned from New  York last evening with prisoner Fred Yuengling.  who ia wanted at Rossland on the charge of  embezzlement.  Owing to the extreme illness of  her majesty, queen Victoria, tho Scotch concert  in honor of "Bobie" Burn's anniversary, which  was to have been given under the anspices of the  ladles'aid at tho Congregatiotaal church on Thursday evening, has been postponed lnacfinitely.  Dave Christie, who was arrested  on Saturday night for causing ft disturbance,  came before magistrate Crease yesterday morning. He was found guilty and was given-oar  hours to get out of the city. He left for his home  atitoaslauul.   *  , the corner ot Baker and Josephine streets, can  bo purchased at a price that will not 12 per cent  per annum.  Apply ���     - -     ���     ���  ofllce.  For sale���Lot 10, block 17,30 toot  frontage on Victoria street, two houses on  property. Price $2800, terms easy. Address  I< rank O, Graham, care of Matheson & Graham's  barbor shop.  Miss Von Der Werth���Clairvoyant, palmist and card roading. Gives advice  on commercial business and mininit; reunites  unhappy lovers and broken-up families. Boom  1, over Thomson Stationery Company.  For Sale���120 acres of first-class  ..ricultural and garden land, 12 miles  son on Kootenay lake.   Will sell in 10  agricultural and garden land, 12 miles from Nel-  tylake.   Will sell in 10   2"  acretraots.   Prico and torms reasonable.  or address A. F.  Block, Nelaon.  20 or 40   1.   Apply  Rosonberger, room i, K-W-C  at Great Discount Prices  OVERCOATS offered at from 10 to 25% Discount.  NOBBY WINTER SUITS, AII-Wool and Serges, at  from 10 to 26% Discount.  AlwayB wllllns to Bhow Goods. No trouble., Every Garment Gq��ranteed.  THEO.  MADSON,  Baker Street.  SHERIFFS SALE.  Province of British. Columbia, Nolson, In Wett  Kootenay, to wit:. -  By virtue of a warrant of execution Issued out  of the county court of Kootenay, holden in Nolson, at tho suit of Robert Heddle, plaintiff, and  to me directed agianst the goods and chattels of  James Leonard Stamford, defondant, I have  seized and taken in execution all the right, title  and interest of the said James Leonard Stamford in about fourteen thousand two hundred  and fifty (14 250) shares, more or leas, of tho stock  of the Venus Gold Mining Company, Limited,  non-personal liability; to recover the sum of  three hundred and sixty-four dol'ars and twenty  cents ($364.90), amount of said execution, besides  sheriff's poundage, officer's fees, and all other legal  Incidental expenses: All of which I shall expose  for sale, or sufficient thereof to satisfy said  judgment, debt, and costs, at my office next  to tho court bouse, in the city ot Nelson, B. C,  on Monday, the 21st day of January, A. D., 1901,  at the hour of eleven o'clock In the forenoon.  Note.���Intending purchasers will satisfy them-  selvos as to interest" and title of the said defendant.  Dated at Nelson, B. C, 14th day of January,  1901.  9. P. TUCK, Sheriff of South "Kootenay.  Not ICE.  The above sale is postponed until Thursday,  January 24tb, 1*901, to be .held at the same place  and same hour. . '���'.       B. P. TUCK,  Sheriff of South Kootenay.  FEATURES  Nearly every Store has or |  should   have   some  distinctive feature.    One off  the leading features of our  store is the excellence of |  our repairing department.  All   repairs   receive   our|  personal   attention,   and  all repairs are guaranteed  to give satisfaction.  If Brown said so, It's right.  BROWN  JEWELER.  Baker Street,  NKLSON I  CROW & MORRIS  Baker Street, Nelson.  WHOLESALE AND  RETAIL ....  TOBACCONISTS  Sole Agents for  .    _ TADDY'S TOBACCOS  Branches at ({ossland and Greenwood.  m******ttt  See our special assortment of Cigars  and Pipes.'  Cigar and Cigarette Holders  and Cases.  Tobacco Pouches of all kinds,  and Smokers Requisites.  All the best brands of Imported  and Domestic Cigars.  Et B B and Loewe Pipes.  m******t.n  GOME AND  SEE  THEM  WO CAN SUIT YOU*  ALL PKIOHS i


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