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 "*"- , - _ *• "h* ^ggf
Development   Work   Will
Rushed   Witli   All   Possible   Speed.
*   /-The   new   plant,   consisting
boilers, hoists/etc., is now* in
. tion at the Silver King mine,
'    everything is iu readiness for wo
> ' ing that great property../ The order
for the "machinery was filled without delay and the management of
the   mine   have  lost   no   time iu
'The two big boilers, which are in
about 1100 feet from the surface in
No. 5 tunnel, have been in use four
days, and one of the drums of the
' large hoist was put into operation
about a week ago and the other one
was   set' into -motion   yesterday.
* They are giving the best of- satisfaction. / Tho. big '. duplex    pump;
" whicli.raises about 350 gallo'ns^-per
.    minute/has bee'n^at work for-the
' past   few   weeks, _ and   the  lower
""""" workings have been-'drained.;   _ *
'   "--The.developmentcwill be carried
on at the Cth and 7th levels, which
are.., SO and   300   feet  respectively
. -\ below the level of -No. •'S ^tunnels.
At the seventh level the diamond,.
.   drill is at work.     * - "- t.
• - /At'present'SO men are employed,
' but when development ,is started
"-> the .force   will   be    increased 1to
over 100.' 71 '   -*
The tram way j has. been in operation for some time; and -consider-
" _ able'ore has been delivered at the
smelter at Nelson; but until the development work, gets .well under
.way the tram will be' operated only
during the day. * '   "   - -   (
The steamer -Kokanee went to
..^Crawford/Bay yesterday and-re-,
turned with some 200 "tons''of ore
from the Silver Hill mine. „ -The
wagon road leading to the property
has been temporarily repaired in
places where it was .damaged during the recent thaw, and, the haul-
*   ing of ore has been resumed..        "!
Are Claims Worth Looking at.
Thomas P.' Wall of Pilot Bay,
owner of the Wall group, which is
situated on La France creek, south
" of Crawford bay, was in town on
Saturday. He reports that the
property is looking well. Mr. Wall
of work in the way of tunnels and
crosscuts. The ore is silver-lead
and gives good assay values. ThB
main ledge is large, in some places
being 40 feet in width. Through
the center of the ledge is a paystreak 18 inches wide, giving returns as high as $120. Further development work will be done at an
early date in the spring.
* Although the mineral claims
along this creek are known to carry
rich.ore, very little has been heard
from the locality during the past
few months. There are several
properties undergoing development,
and they promise to become mines.
Outside of these there are a large
number of prospects staked, and although little work has been done on
them, there are' many indications
that they are worth looking at.
Since.the recent - strike , on the
Show King,'which is situated near
the Wall group, the tunnel has been
driven 20 feet further. The vein
has widened to 18 inches and * the
ore.has increased, in value.. The
tunnel cut the vein at a depth of 90
feet below the surface * croppings.
The paystreak is 18 inches wide, of
high-grade shipping ore, while the
whole face'of the tunnel is mineralized, all being ore suitable for concentrating.
The Workman group, situated on
the same creek, is also a promising
property. Considerable development work has been done and work
is now being carried on with a small,
force. They- have encountered 16
inches of copper ore, which'gives by
assay 16 per cent copper. There is
a proposition on foot *to do more
extensive. development at an early
date in the spring.
The Miller group, which is situated nearby, is oh the same lead
and with comparatively little work
a large body of ore has been exposed. Work on this property has
been' suspended, but active work
will be resumed at the expiration
of a month. . „
La France creek district will be
the scene of extensive development
operations this year. ' "
Chances to Make Money.
At his office on Ward street „next
to the court house.at 11, o'clock this
morning sheriff-.Tuck' will selloall
the interest of the Two .-Friends
Mine, Limited Liability, in the mineral claim Two-Friends, situate*- ou
[-anion and Springer creeks." ,This
Sywoperfcy and shipments
.gi^^g^^p-dtly made; to the
__^ ' "'"filter with satisfae-
torj^^roS^^^^he interest is'a valuable one anoshould fetch a good
price. Sheriff Tuck will also sell'at
the same time shares of James L*
Stamford in the Venus Gold Mining
Company to satisfy a judgment obtained, by Robert Heddle. These
shares are valuable, and the purchaser may reasonably expect an
early return for his investment,
'. ————_ ,
To Resume Development Work.
It is reported that" the local
management of the Duncan Mines
expects orders'from the directors in
the old country to resume .develop-"
.ment work on the Poorman mine,
Tone of the* oldest gold producers in
Nelson district! No development
work has been done since * last
August,* "and -vthe-*stopingY> ground
will-be'worked outfin'four' or-five
months. Fifty men have been
employed-at-stoping between 1 and
2 tunnels, and they sent 40 tons of
good ore to the mill ^daily. Some
.of these men have been laid off,
but were told that they-would aVery
likely be put on againrby ^February
lstj^when it was expected development work would be commenced. -v
Her Majesty Is
j i _~
Suffering From a
Stroke of Paralysis, and Artificial Means Are
to   Prolong Her Life.
Itjs but a Matter bfe Minutes LUntil Death Shall Open the Flood   Gates   of a
.. Great   Empire's   Tears..  --.    .    .<*...
"A Step in the. Right Direction.
** The Miners' Union of Silverton is.
now incorporated under the provisions of " The Benevolent Societies
Act.". The corporate- name * of the
society shall be the "-" Silverton*
Miners' Union, No. 95, of the Western,* Federation - of e Miners." The
first i officers rare'to" be^Charles A.'
Gardner,- president: JVM. M.'Bene-
dum, vice-president; John C. Tyree,
financial-secretary;. W« G. Gardner,
recording-secretary; Ross Thorburn,
treasurer; and the first board of
managing trustees are to be John
C. Tyree, A: W. Carey, John Finley,
F. L. Byron, and Malcolm Nicholson.
Samples of Ore on Exhibition.
' The'properties listed and samples
of ore received at the' Prospectois'
Exchange, "in the K.-W.-C- block,
Nelson, on Saturday, are as follows:
Gold ore from the Paradise claim,
Eagle creek; free milling gold ore
from the Majestic claim, Forty-nine
creek; free milling gold'ore from the
Lila group, Morning mountain; gold
ore from the Pool grouprHall siding;
copper-gold ore from the Sovereign
group, Trail creek; selected specimens of silver-lead ore from the
Hector group, Ainsworth.
Work/Proving Satisfactory.
A. McKinnon of Ainsworth, one
of the principal owners of the
Hector group, which is situated
near the Highland group", was in
Nelson on Saturday. Ho reports"
that the property is showing up
well. .A number..of .'men are a't
work., on tlie property, and the
more development work'' done the
more satisfactory the results are.
Fquriil'lt' With' a' Diamond DrilL
It is reported that a rich strike
was made on the Highlander group,
in the*Ainsworth camp, on Friday
last, with the- aid of a- diamond
drill. The owners of 'the1 property
are keeping the news quiet and'very
few details can be learned.
, The Legislature Issued.
The British Columbia Gazette of
the 17th contains the lieutenant-
governor's proclamation convening
the legislature. The date fixed for
the meeting is Thursday,' February
21st, and not February 1st, as was"
telegraphed The Tribune from
Victoria. Premier Dunsmuir and
attorney-general Eberts are still in
the East, and at last advices the
attorney-general, was confined to
his bed by sickness.
Death of a Centurion.
Merrick ville,   Ontario. — Mrs.
James Fluke is dead, aged 105 years
and 10 months.   Her sister died at
the age of 103.
Cowes, January 21.—2 a.m.—The
physicians hope that the queen may
rally by five 'o'clock this morning
(Monday). ,*• Jf she does, itV,is -ex-,
pected that .she will live through
the 3ay. If not all hope is abandoned. , 'Immediately on theY occurrence of the queen's collapse, about
10 o'clock last evening, a " message
•',  "-j/-      '"*■' <**y    "**"
was sent to'London sunmoning the
--    f--     ,-ji j>_
prince of Wales and emperor   Wil-
liam., iThe prince-of Wales was*-in
such a condition of health   that "it
?was impossible ,for: him? to- leave
London at   that   hour,- but'.it .is-
hoped that he will start for Osborne
house at eight o'clock this morning.
^.m„._.^~     —' 1  .
yCowss, January 21.—3:45-a. m.—-
-Th&queen still lives and there is no
t >-3"P   «■*,•>»   : --*_•_*>      '- * -*•      ■    *
change in her condition. -'_. ,
'_. Cowes, January 21.-5:15 a. m —
The.members of -the royal family,
_are still^gathered in a room adjoin--
ing the queen's bedchamber. jHer
majesty is'unconscious. and the(end
is expected at any moment.
„h- CojyES,' .Tanuary 21.—7*a.;.m.7^The
queen is still alive, but all hopes are
gone. '*'
1 Cowes", January 21.—12:15 a.m.—
A collapse, or what the physicians
feared was a collapse, occurred
about 10 o'clock last night. Arrangements were hurriedly made to
provide special telephone and telegraphic facilities. It is understood
that the physicians have resorted
to artificial methods to prolong life,
such as are used only in cases of persons in the extremes. Tlie Associated Press learns that the paralysis
is chiefly evident in the face, one
side of which appears 'to have lost
all nerve and muscular power. At
six"o'cloe_Tlast evening tlie malady
had not yet reached the vital
organs, although it had caused an
almost total loss of the power of
speech. What was so much feared
was that the brain might be
attacked. Keenly sensitive of her
affliction and appearance, the
queen had absolutely refused to see
any on© but her nurses and doctors,
and it is understood that the prince
of Wales is the only exception to
this -rule, and that his interview
lasted'but a few minutes. The
nature of the malady is known only
to a very few,.and it is the royal
wish that the public should not be
• informed of the existence of
paralysis. Y <'■:-. ■"''-   .-■-   :
New York; January 20i—In a
special cable dispatch dated London,
6 a. m., Isaac N.. Ford, correspondent of the New^York Tribune,* says,
"The prince of Wales had'intended
to spend Sunday at Sandringham,
and' visit the queen in' the course of
a fortnight. * He: decided in the
morning to remain at Marlborough
House''*''but changed his; plans at'
noon upon receiving ■ dispatches
from Osborne urging him to go to
Cowes without delay. The-railroad officials at Victoria, station
had been warned to have a special
train in readiness at short notice,
and the prince arrived:at the station with royal punctuality a minute before the '.appointed, time.
Princess Louise, who had expected
to'go to Osborne on Monday to take
the place of princess. Christian, had
also received an unexpected summons and she joined the prince of
Wales at the station in the course
of a few minutes. The prince, in a
dark suit, short overcoat and felt
hat, was a conspicuous figure on
the station platform. During the
short interval of delay, contrary to
his usual habit, he walked restlessly
up and down the.platform and appeared   deeply.-^agitated  and   depressed. , y
j " The melancholy significance of
this sudden' journey was appreciated !by   the   dullest   of   railway
porters, ,and the train moved out in
silence.   A great shadow seemed to
fall upon London during the afternoon, when   special   editions   announced that the queen was suffer-.
ring from „ physical^ prostration ac-
"com_?aniedY   by  psymptoms   -thafi
caused   deepianxiety., ' Tne   half
.holiday hail come after a week of
ftqil,'-but tliere"was a strange hush
"in "the"- Strand andj Piccadily, and
every face^ in^omnibuses and on foot,
was care wor hand!sad.   The crowds
of clerks and sfiop"girls knew that
the good queen"* was "lying at the
point of death,- and' that her- children were hastening 'to her bedside,
and they were sobered and  saddened   by .the'-thought that .this'
might bevtheir last'chance to -show
their loyalty^tp her by communing"
with.their^heart-r^aud being .still.'
London has" witnessed all the triumphs of the-Jqueeh's reigri, from
the gray morning when "her accession was announced'at old Kensington to-the seeon'd jubilee, but it
never paid so" fine a tribute to her
virtues and nobility of character as
on'this murky Saturday, afternoon,
"when' a"reverend;hus_i,fell upon the
crowds in the streets,'"-' arid nobody
-bad-jthe heart .to "s.ftiifei6:>Ihe^mati-;
nee audiences at thel theatres seemed
half ashamed to laugh at the comic
business on the "stage, and when the
curtain fell they "rose from a common impulse and sang "God Save
the Queen?  reverently,   and with
deep emotion, and there were tears
in   many   eyes   and    voices   were
tremulous when the solemn refrain
_ended.    Glorious   indeed    is    the
reign   whicli -leaves every subject
with a sense of personal   sorrow
and bereavement when the sovereign is'stricken unto "death.
- "The royal circle " at Osborne
could not be complete, for the empress,Frederick was an* invalid at
Cronberg, free from pain, but menaced with a recurrence of a fatal
-malady The-duke^of_Comiaught
was in Germany for the purpose of
visiting her, but was caught on tlie
way at Berlin and summoned in
haste to Osborne. The princess of
Wales came up to London during
the afternoon and went on to
Osborne with the duke of York.
Princess Henry of Battenberg and
princess Christian were already
with the queen and welcomed the
prince of Wales and princess
Louise when they arrived. It has
al ways been united, the. royal family, for the-queen had ruled her
children with the law of love, and
there had never been- jealousies or
strife among them. The queen's
will has always been,.lawY for her
children, and in honoring her they
had been>joihed together iin. bonds
of affection. Mournfully- they
gathered in response to the/; phyr.
sicians' warning that the end might
come at any time,- as. the aged
sovereign's powers were 'waning.
But happily there was ah improvement in the symptoms before nightfall. The princess of • Wales arid
the duke of York arrived during'
the. evening. The duke of Con-
naught is expected today, and a
warship has been sent to fetch the
German emperor to Spithead.
':'_\"It'Jwas one of /tlieY;gloomiest
nights London has ever .known.
Not a light flickered from Buckingham palace, where so many stately
functions had been ordered by the
queeni The old . palace of St.
James, where the girlish sovereign
had shown herself at the .window
when her accession was proclaimed
sixty-three years ago, was dark and
gloomy, and there was no light in
Marlborough house. Pall Mall was
empty and silent, and. the Strand
was strangely quiet at the theater
hour. It was tho first night at the
Globe theater, where "Sweet Nell
of   Old Devry"   had returned  in
triumph from tlie provinces, and
the old playhouse was crowded to
welcome her. * Miss ■ Neilson has
seldom acted with more pathos and
dramatic force, and Frederick Terry
as "Merry Charles." was brilliantly
effective, and'if the audience enjoyed the entertainment, it did not
forget tlie shadow of the impend-,
ing. calamity, at Osborne.* When
the plaudits ceased at the close of
the play,5,"God Save the Qiieen"
was sung/with fervor and solemnity,
as was done also at 'every theater
and-^concert hall.' Slowly'the
theaters_<a were-.emptied, and the1
Strand,. Whitehall and, Picadilly
were quiet and dreary.' '
"At midnight the, queen was still
living,-'for the bells'had not begun
to toll, .but there/was little 'hope,
.that.the* improvement - reported in
"the medical, bulletins would be
maintained/ The last word which
the soldiers heard on leaving South-
amp ton^at noon for South 'Africa
,was-that-the queen--was -sinking.
It^was a per mature alarm that-saddened them as,they hetided for the
open sea.' There was better news
at the club houses' towards mid--
night, but it -'was clear that f there
was no real hope entertained by the
physicians of anything more than a
tr'ansitoryv'rally. ,.The glorious "Victorian reign was slowly/ but „ surely
approaching an *end, 'and silently-
the preparations were making for
opening the reign of.- E_dwardyVII.,
, The archbishop of Canterbury, ~and
the lord chamberlain ,were at Osborne, where the prince of Wales
could be summoned to the throne,
and the prime minister was preparing to join them on the morrow,
when a council of state might be
ordered, and the national anthem
be changed to "God Save the King."
London, January 21.—This morning's newspapers have thrown off
all pretence of any. possibility of
her majesty's recovery, and sadly
admit that the, end may come at
any moment. Therefore, they proceed to review her majesty's long
and illustrious reign, as though she
were no more, aud to dilate upon
the wonderful influence she wielded
in European politics for so many
London, January 21.—In the
closing moments of queen Victoria's
life another grave portent arises,
namely the serious indisposition of
tlie prince of Wales. He was so
worried, tired and exhausted last
evening that he could not respond
immediately to the summons from
Osborne House. The most he could
do was to promise that he would
leave London at 8 o'clock this
morning if possible. The prince of
Wales is spending the night at
Marlborough House, and emperor
William at Buckingham palace.
Rome, January 21.—The pope
yesterday telegraphed cardinal
Vaughn, in London, to express to
the royal family the feeling of sorrow which all Christendom shared
with England, regarding , the
illness of queen Victoria, adding:
"The liberalreignof thequeen,which
has permitted the Catholic church
to increase in the United Kingdom,
will leave an indelible trace upon
all christian hearts."
London, January 21.—Mr. Theed,.
the sculptor, went to  Osborne last
evening in  order to be ready to
make the death mask.
FouRhtYfpr Blood.
.Paris/ January-20.—The long-
expected duel between count de
Lubersac and baron Robert de
Rothschild was fought with swords
at 11 o'clock this morning on baron
Edhiond de Rothschild's estate at
Bonlogno-sur-Seine. Tho carriage
with the principals, seconds, doctors and a few friends arrived there
from Paris shortly before 11
o'clock. Count de LuberEac's seconds were M. Sohege and coiint de
Laborde, and those   of  baron de
Rothschild   were   baron   Leonino
and viscount de Bondi.   The duel
began at 11:10 and lasted ten minutes, when -count de Lubersac received a lunge perforating his arm
from the elbow to the armpit.   The
duel was then stopped.   Both the
count and thev baron fought' most
determinedly, neither flinched^and
neither~showed the slightest desire'
to spare the other.     Sixteen "engagements took place, all 'of a desperate character.   The combatants
attacked each other furiously.  The
sleeves of their shirts were literally
torn   to   pieces by  the, points of
their swords   as , they   repeatedly
lunged at each other.   At-the sixteenth, onslaught baron de.-Roths-'
child   lunged   at   the   count, who
tried to parry, but failed, and the
baron's sword penetrated his arm
'just above the elbow and issued at
the armpit.   The doctors, MM. Ber-
ger   and   Poirier,  -examined    the
wound. ~ They declared the count's
life was not in danger, but it was
impossible   to   continue   the duel.
Count de Lubersac was then driven
back to Paris.   . - ,    .
For'Business at Nelson on or About
the  First'* Day   of March .   y
Next,    .\    ij!   '  '*s
From the 0. P. R.'
The Miner takes two columns on
its front page to show how the poor
mining companies" with millions of
v*1 .*
ou in
are 'being imposed
Columbia.     It' shows how
they   have   been   robbed   by the
provincial government,. cinched "by-
the C. P/R., and held-up by  the
smelters.    The sharesof the Le Roi
Mining Company of Rossland are
selling on the London market at a?
price^ that makes the mine worth
.$25,000,000," yet„THE -^Tribune jwill
wager all that cits, .worth that the
Le   Roi ,mine*-:.has   not  paid the
government   of   British   Columbia
r$50,000' in -taxes since the day it was
■discovered" nearly ten years ago/
The charge that the""C. P7R. and
.the smelters are cinching and h'old-
- ing "„ up, the, owners of, silver-lead
-min~esrmay.be ^true^ and,,,again, \ it
m'ay'ribt'be'lbrue. *" The'Tribune is
of opinion that there are no' such
games being practiced.   -
■.. Some days ago Charles-IT. -Wolf,
manager of the Sullivan mines Jin
East'~ Kootenay,   accompanied the'
manager of   the Trail smelter jto
Montreal     to    consult    president
Shaughnessy    of     the   Canadian
Pacific  on-the subject of   a new
contract with the Sullivan.     They
were there met by senator George
Turner of Spokane, the president
of the .Sullivan Mining Company.
The conference, it is said,  resulted
in a contract for the year 1901  between the company and the Trail
smelter under which a graduated
freight and treatment ratie, varying
nccording to the quality of the ore,
"isTgiven, under wh'icirfclie'mine will"
get on an average .$2 per ton more
for tho ore shipped than it did in
1000.   Tho new contract is stated
to be a satisfactory one and it will
be the policy of   the company to
ship as much ore under it as can be
handled .advantageously.     During
tho month of December the Sullivan shipped 1330 tons of oro to the
Trail smelter, so it will be seen that
tho Sullivau is a large producer.
The British ColumbW Gazette pf
Thursday last contains a ^-notice/to
,the effect-that Henry Fry Macleod
has been appointed district registrar
oftheland registry; office' for,the'
county of Kootenay'   the   appointment  to   date   from   March'. 2nd.
This,J taken in connection", witSh the
fact that orders have been*"giy"en to
secure fixtures and furniture for the^
land   registry, building,    indicates
that   the   registry, office *. will    be.
opened for business early'in 'March.'
The wording of the notice" appointing Mr. Macleod registrar,- indicates
that the office will be fpr,the",regis-
trationof titles of land situate with-'
in the boundaries of,East and .-West
Kootenay only, aud   not -foreland
situate in" the  Boundary" country,
which ''is    in    Yale7'district,'"for
which Kamloops is* the land "regis-1"
try office. ' The opening of' the of- .
fice at Nelson will be a   great "scon-"
venience for the owners of land in
Kootenay, as   from   three   to   six
weeks will be saved in time   in   se-J
curing registrations and   the ;.issu-;
ance of certificates of title.^     ■< - '-"-
* * •ft* \
y y!
■ y\
* *vf^I
X Jn
" /H_s|
•Af   ■r«gj
■ i " Y-_*l
- "''XM'
- ' -""SSI
'' ^411
y       .. -.   «...  jfrf t
- „y<y
■' " -*<_\w
-' ;->&
- _it ■■"
- -vT'aSf
**' - ^■"'•f I
— 0*'-«~^.^6|
'■-', *__vaal
iV' - '-»*",*ra^|
At the Ruth Mine.
On Friday forenoon a mucker
named John Kennedy was killed in
the Ruth mine at Sandon. He was
tramming in a drift in which a
miner was stoping. This miner was
shovelling the waste into a chute
which was two sets of timbers back
from the face of the drift, aud it is
supposed that Kennedy misjudged
the distance when he stopped his car,
and on going forward fell into the
open chute, the lower end of which
was some eighty feet below the
drift. When found, Kennedy's
heart was still beating, but his neck
was broken and his skull fractured.
He was 22 years of age and a fine
young man. He was a member of
the Sandon Miner's Union, and the
body was taken by them to Virden,
Manitoba, where his relatives live.
This is the first fatal accident that
lias occurred at the Ruth, and manager Alexander bore all the local expenses of the funeral.
Fight is Declared Off.    7"
San Francisco, January . J20.—
The McCoy-Sharkey fight, -fhich
was scheduled for next monjth in
this city, has been  declare^   off,
. New York, January 20.—In his,
special^ • to the Tribune^Isaac N._
Ford has this to say of'the shaking,
~- V » tL f      w     --        mi- _a_ _* '*'
up of the_. generals bf (the' British"
army rwho' have servedfin- South'
.Africa:., ---.»j~_v„ -..A '->.- ' -[? '*[
.'. MrrFor^"refers7to^sirlHenry Col-'
ville's retirement and other mili-
tary-aaffairs as follows: "The f re--;
tiremeSt o£_ sir Henry Colville from
the army'in' the^manner" in which
the war office' has* set aside his appeal for au official inquiry into -the
Lindley affair. - The only effect of
his attempt to have the case tried
by the newspapers has been the
creation of a general opinion in
military, circles that staff work in
South Africa has been , defective
and been responsible for many mishaps. Lord Colville, Gatacre and
Warren are the chief losers in a
war which has been a lottery of
reputations with twenty blanks for
every prize. General Hunter, who
has been one of the winners, has
been"invalided—homeT^and general-
Tucker, of whom little has been
heard during the campaign, has
taken his placo at Bloemfontein.
General Clements, who was recently
concerned in the serious mishap in
the western Transvaal, has been
advanced in military command.
This is an indication that colonel
Broadwood has been held responsible by lord Kitchener for that re-
vorse aud has beeu ordered home
on that account, after having been
vindicated by lord Roberts for the
more serious mishap at Sannas Post
last spring.
The war office has been playing
havoc with military reputations,
and is now complaining that the
newspapers have made too much of
general French, whose ability in
the field, lord Lansdowne seems to
think, has been heavily over-rated.:
There is no doubt that the queen's
wishes have prevailed, and that
lord Roberts has consented to the
appointment of the duke of Con-
naught as adjutant-general on the
expiration of sirV Evelyn Wood's••■;
term. This appointment will have
an important bearing upon army
reforms, since it will render it ft
delicate matter for the members of
parliament to speak critically of
military men while the queen's son
is the chief spirit at headquarters.
The resignation of .the duke of Cam-'
bridge was desired by the men "in
parliament on that account, and
there has been greater freedom of
discussion while lord Wolseley has
been in command of the army."
New Mile Record.
Butte, January 20.—T. E.Dun-
den of Canada broke the mile skating record for professionals . at the
rink here today, making the distance in 2:41. J. T. Conway of
Butte, his competitor, made 'it
in 2:46."
V--1     -J.I
r ari-7 AW
\   rTnf'i
>    . >■)..>■
-■*   I
•    -""'.Vl
t. -.*l THE TRIBUNE: NELSON B. C MONDAY; JANUARY 21 1901  i **  <   o  \-\  I  1-8  I-' ���- '  1 ,-*'.    -  [;���    '  J ���*-"> **\  I   1* f  Vh -  '��- '"  ���!���#  -J  "*  Is a."  |V' '  l*t  to  to  Hi  to  to  to  >$&���  HAVE YOU HAD ON THE SIDEWALK (j?  DURING THE PAST FEW DAYS ? to  to  to  ���***************.*.**.**���*���***:  Hi  IF YOU HAD WORN A PAIR OF OUR jjj  to Rubber Soled Shoes .. .. t  Hi  to  YOU WOULD HA VE BEEN PERFECTLY Hi  Hi  to  Men's   Rubber  Soled   Boots   In   Black   and Tan:  price $6.00, Snap at $4.60.  |g SAFE.    CONSIDER THESE PRICES :  Hi  to  $  Hf Men's   Rubber Soled   Boots   in   Biack  and Tan  w price $5.50, Snap at $4.16.  Hi.  Hi Ladies' Rubber Soled  Shoes:   Regular  price  $5.60,  Hi $4.15.  to  to Same   reductions   in   all  our  stock of  to Furnishings, Boots and Shoes.  Dry  Regular H?  Regular Hf  ib  now Hi  to  to  Goods, Men's to  to  to  to  to Twenty Four Silk Skirts |  /n Here is something for the Ladies.  /ft  m{ _       Regular price $ 6.00 Bargain at .9 4.50  if\ Regular price $10.00 ...... Bargain at $ 7.60  to Regular price $12.00....: Bargain at $ 9.00  to Regular price $14.00 Bargain at $10.50  to Regular price $16.00.'. Bargain at $12.00  ************************  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  ALL  SHADES.  ************************  to  to  to  ��fts ��ritant  ���The rumor of a smelter at ��� Kaslo  may "not be based on -facts; but  every resident of Kootenay who  1ms the welfare of the district at  heart will wish that the. rumor  turns out to be a reality. The  building and operation of a smelter  at Kaslo should do as much for  that town as the building and op-  ��� eration of smelters have done for  Nelson, Trail, and Grand Forks.  The building of the smelter at Nel-  " son gave this town an impetus that  did a power of good. Real estate  values stiffened, building operations  commenced, and all classes of peo-  ._ple_had-renewed_conndence_in_the.  town's future. What is true of  Nelson is also true of Trail and  Grand Forks. No town in the  country is more deserving of permanent prosperity than Kaslo, for  her people have made brave efforts  and great sacrifices to .hold their  own. May the smelter be built,  and built at once,, is the wish of  The Tribune.  The Tribune is accused of being  in favor of placing an export duty  on ore.   Such accusations are not  based on facts.   The Tribune is in  favor of legislation that will hove a  tendency   to   give   the   people   Of  British Columbia the maximum of  benefit that should be derived from  the mining   industry.    The maximum of benefit can only be secured  when the raw ores of our mines are  smelted in local smelters, and the  product   of   the   smelters    locally  worked into articles  of commerce'.  This is slowly being brought about  without legislation, but legislation  would hasten the good work.   The  Tribune  favors    legislation  ^hat  would lighten the burdens of taxation on the mine owner who has  his ore treated in British Columbia  , and at the same time increase the  burden   of   taxation on tbe mine  owner who   prefers   to   send   his  ore to a foreign country for "treatment.   The owners   of the   Knob  Hill and Ironsides mines at Phoenix  are   now   mining 600 tons of ore  daily, which is treated at a, smelter  At Grand Forks, British Columbia.  This ore pays the province* approxi-  . mately, $36 a day in taxes, and, in  addition,   the   smelter   at   Grand  Forks pays, taxes on real estate and  personal   property.    The   building  and the operation of the smelter  lias   helped   establish  real ' estate  values at Grand Forks, and   that  town is flourishing and. progressive.  The owners of the Le Roi mine at  Rossland are also mining  600 tons  of ore a day.   This ore is treated at  a   smelter   at  Northport   in 'the  United States.   The province has  had- great   difficulty in collecting  any-tax at. all on the ore, because  the owners of the mine, who are  also   the   owners   of   the smelter,  claim that the freight and treat-  rnentYrate on the ore is almost as  much per ton as the ore is worth at  the pit mouth. The smelter at  which the ore is treated being  located just across the line in the  United States cannot well be taxed  in British Columbia. Now, which  of these two mine owners are of  the most benefit to the people of  this province ?  ���The plans for- the new official  residence of the lieutenant-governor  of the province have been accepted,  and it'seems that they were drawn  by men who but lately established  an office in' Victoria. This makes  the newspapers of Vancouver cry  aloud and clamor for a new deal.  The best is none too good for British Columbia, and the' newspapers  that are crying for a new deal on  these plans do not hesitate to hire  the best men they can get as editors  and reporters and printers, and  never ask a question as to where  they were born and bred.  Apparent*-*-, an organized effort  is being mode to make it appear  that the 2 per cent tax on the output of metalliferous mines is not  only an unfair one, but that it  works a great hardship on the men  who are developing mines. The  latest newspaper to take up this  side of the contention is the Revelstoke Herald, which is an offshoot of the Calgary Herald, whose  editor is now in Victoria "working" the provincial' government  to  reduce  or abolish the  2 per  cent   tax.    Tlie    Herald   may   be  sincere, but its editor is not well  posted on  the question which he  attempts to discuss.   The  Herald  says the tax is a royalty, and that  it is levied on the gross output  of  the   mines.      The   tax   is   not   a  royalty, and it is not levied on the  gross output   of  the mines.   The  tax is levied in lieu of all other  forms of taxation on  mining property, whether held as real estate  or as personal property, and it is  levied on the selling price of the  ore at the pit  mouth.   The contention that the tax works a hardship on the poor man who is developing a prospect is, to say the  least, a trifle far-fetched.    Ore to  the value of $5000 is exempt from  taxation, and there are few claims  undergoing     development     which  ship   during   a   year   ore   that is  worth $5000 at the pit mouth.  The  cry against the tax is raised by the  managers  of foreign  mining companies, and non-residents like the  editor   of    the    Calgary   Herald,  who   object   to   paying   any - taxation,   either   direct   or   indirect,  but who never tire in making demands for appropriations for building roads and- trails to their properties.   Taxation should be just, and  no tax that has yet been levied is  more fair to all the people of the  province  than  the  2 per cent tax  on the output of metal mines.    The  minerals that are mined and  sold  cannot * be replaced, and the land  from which the minerals are taken  is afterwards valueless for taxation  purposes.    A mine may produce ore  of* the value of $1,000,000 in three  years, and be non-productive ever  afterwards.   The tax-evaders want  such a mine taxed as real estate, in  order to escape taxation altogether;  as for every one that  pays real  estate taxes promptly - to the province,'two never "pay at all.   An  exhausted mine is just as worthless  an* asset to the province on which  to realize delinquent'taxes as it is  to any other creditor of a mining  company who seeks to recover a  debt.   On the other hand, a mine  that produces in three "years ore of  the value of $1,000,000 at- the pit  mouth pays the province $20,000 in  all under the 2 per cent tax, which  does   not   seem   to be  an   unfair  share to return to the province.  taxation  men en-  industry.  Compare this rate of  with what is paid by the  gaged in the lumbering  One industry is much the same as  the other, for both take away that  which cannot be replaced. The  market price of rough lumber at  the mills in Kootenay'averages $10  for a thousand feet board measure.  Every ten dollars' worth of lumber  pays the province 50 cents in direct  taxation, as against 20 cents paid  by the man who sells ten dollars  worth of ore. The mill-owner  strips land of timber, and the land  so stripped often afterwards becomes a taxable asset as a farm.  The mine-owner strips land of its.  ore, and the land so stripped is  worthless ever afterwards for any  purpose.     J. J. Young of the Calgary  Herald is one of a deputation who  are in Victoria urging the provincial government to abolish the 2  per cent tax on the output of metal  mines. It js understood that Mr.  Young's mineral-claim holdings are  undeveloped wild cats in the neighborhood of Trout Lake in" the  Lardeau district.  The present city council have the.  confidence of the people, as 'their  election ��� by acclamation shows.  They were not elected because they  promised to work great reforms;  no such promises were made by  either of the seven gentlemen who  will sit at the council-board tonight  for the first time. Their promises  were few, and are easy of carrying  out. The city, has three revenue-  earning "public utilities.. They  should be kept up to the highest  possible state of efficiency, and if  they are no sensible taxpayer will  object to the cost incurred as long  as there are no leakages. The various civic departments should be  made' thoroughly efficient, as the  expenditures now required are far  beyond those of an ordinary-sized  ^B**_Z^ ^__��.��.^__' t___t__5_ ____ __m_? __���_*_��__ ____*___*t ________'  ____������'^^ *-_5^  __���?/���_! ���^W*': *m___,'^L__\ ^___^__\ '^**\'^&_^^~\^~*\^^0.'^^. ^a^^M-*: ^*W>'<^^'a����<|fr  '    ^^__t_.._0* __0 *''00* A_0 ' At0* 00 ' 40' 00 ' ^0* __F * 00*'^0 .9"___W*~__0 ' _W0*:-__0 m'__0  to  to  to  B  to  ************************************  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  ��� ������  CLEARANCE SALE ...  PREPAEATOBY TO STOCK-TAKING  COMMENCING  December 31st.  HOSIERY, DRESS GOODS, SILKS;   TABLE LINENS,   TOWELS,  MILLINERY, MANTLES, FURS  CARPETS, CURTAINS, REMNANTS FROM ALL DEPARTMENTS AT BARGAIN PRICES.  ************************  CARPETS & FLOOR OILCLOTHS-  20% Discount during the sale.  WINDOW SHADES���At greatly reduced prices. Bargains in odd  pairs of Lace Curtains.  WEAR���Mens Fleece-Lined  Underwear from 60c each, up.  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MENS  nt ~��� ���    ^~     -~ -~_ - #  .���a^F *_____._____.______-___.                                    __ o                                                                                                                                         4fii__<  -_**���__ *������_t   _______t     _____F     _______!     ___W__f    _____*     -____���*     _____'     _____?     _____*     ____W     _____?     _____T     _____f     ___���_*     __���__���     _____* -             ^___       -            -             afc,,          -             __             ~            -.             -            --            -���__     -~ -          <^__     -             ^^   \______m___WM  ^K^__^twt0mBW . 0^0  *______ * ______* ____L * ^___T **t^ " _���_____��� *_5__L " ______!*____!   * ^^^ *J____T * *____!  "-____!   ��� ____L   * *^^___^ *______.> *^^__->t *^^___t *__W___K * ^^___l ��� .5__K * ______fc * _^___K * ^%-��   T?^. #J^____l ��� ______k *_______> *,______���������'��� *___���___ ^_\___**0^W  S#   ^___L    *   ^^t.    *^___a    *   ^^    *^__k.    #   ^^fc_    *^S^*   ^^    a^-__L    *   ^^    *^___a     *   ^^    *%___.    ���   ^-__-    * ^___.     ���   ^____    * *    -___-^   *    -___-^ ���    __W___t   "    ____W_f ���    _____t_4   ���    _______f ��� ~ _____f   *    _____f *    -____'   *    __\____f'���    -____f   *   A_t__f *    ___A_1    *    _____��*    __t__f   *   ____tf ��� _t_W  ~t~+            ^~*                   -                                          -             ^^                  -            ^^                  ~                   ^                  -            ^^         ^~^                   *        ^^^                  ^ ^���~^     f ^^~^ -   ^Lmiw        ��*~~^        ^���~^. *     $~~^~     ^^      > ^L~~        ^0*0        ^^^        ^���~^        *~^~        ^~^         l~~^        W^-~         W^~^        _*~^  Tfh  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to\  to  to\  to)  to\  to  to,  to\  to  to  to  to  to  -0_k_*  village. While it is true that the  present council have taken over a  business'that is a good going concern, it is also true that the" business can best be "operated after a  thorough stock taking. Take stock'  first, then use the stock to the best  possible advantage.       -   .  It is even said that J. J. Young of,  the Calgary Herald has been a trifle,  "sore"-at the.mining industry ever  since he purchased a $33,000 gold  brick for"$11,000, arid that is the  main reason "jvhy he is-now at Victoria trying to get the ��� government  to abolish the 2 per cent tax on the  output of metal mines.  THE  -S2l-to S31-B_ker Street-,-N6lBon":-  American aqd European Plane.  MEALS   25    CENTS  ROOMS LIGHTED BY EliEOTRICIT-'  AND HEATED BY STEAM  86 OBNTB TO |1   QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NKLSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.  Large comfortable bedrooma and' flnt-ol-si  dlnlng-room. Sample roomi tot oanmerelal men.  RATES 82 PER DAY  Mansfield Manufacturing Co.  . '"   NELSON, B. C.  Builders and  Contractors  Having taken over the business of the West Kootenay Briek ��r  Lime Company, Limited, of Nelson, I beg to ask for a continuance -  of the patronage'which you have heretofore extended them. My  aim will be at all times to supply you with our produets at lowest  possible, prices. Being In a position to manufacture goods in larger  quantities than before, We shall be able to supply the trade at a  lower figure.  It Is our intention to install machinery to manufacture our  marble products, and next season we shall be in a position to supply  these products at reasonable rates.  We shall also Keep on hand  Tiles and Cement.  a stock of Fire Brick, Fire Clay,  Our Bricks and Lime Bock have taken the First Frizes at the  .Spokane.Industrial Exposition in 1899 and also this year.   We also  secured prizes last year and this year for Ornamental and Building  Stone.  We  Builders.  are prepared to offer special rates to Contractors and   ���BRNBST^MANSFIELDrT^-   tor Tbe Mansfield Manufacturing Company'  Successor* to  The West Kootenay Brick Or Lime Co., Ltd  WHOLESALE TRAD]  DERATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  rnHORPR & CO.,.LIMITKD.-Comer Vornon  ���**���   and Cedar streets, Nelson, manufacturer!  of 'and wholosalo dealers In serated waters andl  fruit syrups.   Sole agents for Halcyon Springs  mineral water.  Telephone 60.  ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES.  WF. TEKTZEL & CO.-Corner Baker and,  ��� Josephine streets. Nelson, wholesale deal I  era ln assayers \ supplies.' 'Agents - for ������ Denve- ���  Fire Clay Co. of Denver, Colorado.    '  *  -  . COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  HJ. EVANS ft CO.-Baker street, Nelson I  ��� wholesale dealers in . liquors, . cigars i  oemenb. Are brick and Are clay, water plpelandl  steel rails, and general commission merchants. *]  ,    ELEOTEICAL  SUPPLIES.  KOOTBNAY-'ELKOTRIC BOPPLY & CON-,  SIRUCTIONCOMPANY-Wholesaledoal-I  ers In telephones, annunciators, bells, batteries,|  fixtures, eto., Houston blook, Nolson.  FLOUR AND FEED.  BRACKMAN ��� KBR  MILLING   COMPANY 1  ���Cereals, Flour, Grain,- Hay.  Straight or]  mixed oars shipped  1 Grain elevators at all  Edmonton R. R.  Mi:  to all  Kootenay Points,  principal points on Calgary-  W]rsc E. ft Clarke, Prop.  LATE OV THK BOTAL HOTEL, 0__GAB_.  IV|adden House  Baker and Ward  Streets, Nelson  P. Burns & Co.  Head Omoi at  NELSON, B.  0.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in Meats  irla. New West  minster, and Edmonton, Alberta.  FRESH, AND SALT .MEATS.  P    BURNS &   CO.���Baker  street,   Nolson,!  ���  wholesale dealers ln fresh and cured meats. 1  Coldstonwe.  GROCERIES.  A .MACDONALD tc CO.-Corner Front and]  ���, Hall stroets, wholesale grocers' and!  'obbers ln blankots. gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers,]  maoklnaws and miners' sundries.  OOTENAY 8UPPLY  COMPANY,   LIMI-J  TED���Vernon - street, Nelson, wholesale!  grocers.  TOHN CHOLDITCH & CO.-Front) street, Nel-j  �����*��� gon, wholesale grooerar-^ '���������:������i  JY. GRIFFIN & CO.���Front street, Nelson,.  ���  wholesale   dealers   In  provisions,   cared*]  meats, butter and eggs.  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.!  H BYERS tc CO.-Corner Baker and Josephine)  ��� street-,- Nelson, wholesale dealers In;hard-r  ware and mining supplies.  Powder Co.  Agents for Giant]  Markets at Nelson, Rossland, Trail, Kaalo, Ymir, Sandon, Bilverton, Ner  Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson Grand Fork-a, Gree airood, Cascade Oiby, Mid"  way, and Vancouver.   '        Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  West Kootenay Butcher Go.  The onlj hotel in Nelson that-has remained  under one management slnoe, 1990.  ' The bed-rooma are well furnished and lighted  by electrioity.   ���        _��� _.__*____ M ���  The bar la always stooked by the best dom,**  tlo and imported liquors and olgars.  THOMAS-CADDEN, Proprietor. -  SLOGAN JUNCTION HOTEL  - J. H. MoMANUS, Manager  Bar stooked with best brands of wines, liquors,  and Cigars. Beer on draught. Large comfort-  able rooms.   VlrnlMdaaW table boa d.  R. BEISTERER & CO.  BBXWEBfl AND B0TT-EB8 OV  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  E. C. TRAVES, Manager  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  \VH0LE8ALH AND RETAIL /  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson  HRDPlRfl BV MAIL, fWinHllVTO OARBFtJTa AWD VBB. ~*V AT.KW.tntf   RossiwAiNp ieivaiivEBRiMa works  Ct.NL.IFFE & MgMII_LA.N  Founders and ��� Machinists, Specialty of Ore Cars, Ore-Bin Doors and General Mining-Machinery.  List of second-hand machinery on hand, which,has.been thoros^hly overhauled and is as good  1 2'!-'h. P. Locomotive-type boiler, with engine attached and an Sfr/Jngs. ready to torn on steam.  1; 61''x8" Double-Cylinder Friction Drain-Hoist, built by IngeraJffl <3o.  .  1. Sinking.Pump, No, 5 Cameron, Now York.  '1 SlnklnK Pump, 10"x5"xl3", outside packed plunger pattern.* ��� ...       ���'.   -    .    __.  Watch this advertisement for, further -lists, or write us before soO buy for complete list.   We  may have just what you want.  '������ Agents, for Northey Pumps.  Stock carried,  P.  O.  BOX 19a THIRD  AVEW UB.   RQ39LAND,  T AWRENOB HARDWARE COMPANY I  ���*-��� Baker St., Nelson, wholesale dealers in]  hardware and mining supplies, and water and J  plumbers' supplies.  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS. ���  rpCRNER, ��� BEETON afc CO.-Corner Vornon I  A   and Josephine streets. Nelson, wholesale]  dealers ln liquors, olgars and dry goods.  Agents  for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee and Cal  tivr Brewing Co. of Calgary.  FOWDEB, CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMU/TON  POWDER  COMPANT-Bake. ]  street, Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite,  sporting, stumping and black blasting powders,  wholesalo dealers In caps and fuse, and electrie '  blasting apparatus.  Prompt and regular  delivery to the trade  Irewmy at Jbtaa  ��___ --MBS. IT COSTS BUT ONE CELNT [ 2K�� MS  To drop us a post oard that we may. call and-  Never have any; plumbing-* done until you  zive esUmates.  Ib,saves many dollars,  have seen our golds and our pnoes.  ?$$&.*     STRACHAN BRO^rilER? 5, Plumtoeps.  OPi  p  SASH AND DOORS.  -KTBLSON SAW AND PLANING MILLS.  A*** LnnTED���Corner Front and Hall streets.  Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers  in sash and doom all kinds of factory work made  to order. " .  WINES AND CIGARS.  rtALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, LIMI-  \J TED���Corner Front vand Hall streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers ln wines (ease and bulk,  and domaoMe and Imported olgars.   ANTI-CHINESE RESOLUTION.  Pursuant to resolutions adopted at a regular  meeting held on Saturday 'evening, Decembor  22nd, 1900. all members'of .Nelson Miners' Union  No. 96, W. F. M., are req*qpsted to .use every  legitimate means  To Discourage tbe Employment or  Patronizing of Chinese  directly or indirectly. All union men and others  who believe in making this a white man's country, are requested toco-operate in giving effect to  the aforesaid resolution*;-  By order,   "  * N_L30V._flNERa'  UNION.  Nelson, December 22nd.  The above resolution has been endorsed bv the  Trades and Labor Council of Nelson, and all  union men, and others In sympathy with it, are  requested to govern  themselves'accordingly.  TRADES fis LABOR CO_-NCIL OF NELSON  Nelson, December 22nd.         _  ARCHITECTS,  THWART tc CARRIE���Architects.' Booms  Jui (_ui 8 ^faerdsan idook. Baker itawii, Nakoq, ��� t  *-���   1  -..*>?-I  THE TRIBITNE: NELSON B. C MONDAY JANUARY 21 1901  3  BANK OF MONTBEAL  CAPITAL, all paid up....$12,000,000.00  REST  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       427.180.80  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...Prosident  Hon. George A. Drummond .Vice-President  E. S. Clouston ..General Manager  NELSON BRANCH  Corner Baker and Kootenay Streets.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  Branches ln London (England) New York,  Chicago, and all the principal oilies in Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable  Tl*_L IIS ffl 1*8  Grant  Commercial  and   Travelers' 'Credits,  available ln any part of tho world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Mode, Eto.  Savings Bank Branch  ���CURRENT RATE OF INTEREST PAID.  CIVIC   DEVELOPMENT.  John DeWitt Warner, in a paper  contributed to the Christian Herald,  suggests the lines along which improvements will - be made in the  management of civic affairs during  the present century. The program  of improvement which he outlines  is a comparatively modest one. It  should be carried out long before  the new century has-- grown old.  Certainly, the progress made in  civic government during the nineteenth century was greater than  the progress which would be necessary to reach the, ideal conditions  pictured by Mr. Warner. As he is  , an authority'on municipal affairs,  it is interesting to know what Mr.  Warner hopes for in the way of  municipal reforms. Here is his prediction :  Artificial light has for centuries  . been recognized as a necessity of  civilized man.and public order.'-- It  is, therefore, rapidly and ,certainly  coming to be regarded as a want  which should be directly met by  the municipality; and it is as  nearly certain as may be, first, that  public control,' and; in general,  public operation of city light plants  will prevail. .- And we are tending  rapidly toward a similar,policy as  to heat. Y - _", " - * - .<  ' As to transport facilities;^ not  merely'will clean, dry and spacious  streets be the rule, but systems of  "subway transport will probably be  more extensive than are now surface ones; while, both;above and  under ground, the rate,of transport  will be such as to approach a free  supply? That is, fares will .be" so  low, as compared with other factors,  in the use of cars, that - these selfsame factors, and not expense, will  determine their use by- each.' "-It is  probable that, as: in the case of  water, the. expense-^of individual  supply, so free as not to -limit use,  will be met by fares so petty as to  be scarcely more than required to  prevent waste; and - the * operation  by the city of these "moving' highways" will become as much a matter of course as is now the repair  and preservation of our streets for  pedestrians.. The whole, field of express service will be so extended as  .to provide not merely messenger  service much more complete than  ' nowj but for the safe carriage, and  prompt delivery to any part of the  municipality'of articles deposited at  any other part. Telephone service,'  also, will be correspondingly cheap  and abundant.  One result of increased transport  and communication facilities will  -bethe-growth^-of-public-kitchensr  -where shall be prepared the meals  of most of our citizens, which they  will receive ready served, of better  quality and more promptly and  regularly than the domestic, economy of the average household can  hope to furnish them. These will  have been preceded by public laundries, which will relieve the wage  earner's household of a most important item of its present discomforts.  It is not easy to predict how shall  be solved the problem of manual  labor by married women. Whether  with better wages and cheaper living they will be in general relieved  of other cares, than those of wife  and mother? or whether, with more  opportunity for self-support and  partially relieved from present  home duties, the number of wage  earners among married women will  increase? It is practically certain,  however, that the right of every  child to good care, nurture and education will be better protected with  every decade; ..that day nurseries  will be one of the public facilities  soon provided as a matter of course;  and that labor which takes mothers  from their - children will be permitted only in cases where proper  care of all children below school age  is definitely provided for.  Public baths as nearly free as to  be habitually used by all and so  numerous and extensive as to leave  such use unlimited, will be as much  a matter of course as sufficient air  for breathing. Still greater relief,  not merely to the poor, but especially to .those of moderate and large  means, will result from the complete system of hospitals that, by*-  2000, for one who is so ill that he  cannot go about, to remain at his  residence will be as unusual as a  hundred years since It was universal    fo every copaideraMe city,  THE CANADIAN  BANK OF COMMERCE  WITlt WniCII IS AMALGAMATED  THE BANI-i OF "BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE:  TORONTO.  Paid-up Capital,  Reserve Fund,  $8,000,000  -  $2,000,000  ACCRECATE RESOURCES OVER $65,000,000.  DIRECTORS:  Hon. Geo. A. Cox, Robt. Kilgour,  President. Vice-President.  W. B. Hamilton   M. Leo-at   Jas. Crathkrn  John Hoskin*, Q.C., Lli.D.  J. W. FLAVELLK   W.E.H.MAS8KY   A.KlNOMAN  B. E. Walker, - J. H. Plummer,  General Manager. Asst. Gen. Manager.  A. H. Ireland,  Chief Inspector and Superintendent of Branches.  London Offloe, 60 Lombard Street, H. O.  S. Came*ron Alexander, Manager.  Mew York Office, 16 Exchange Place.  Alkx. Laibd and Wm. Gb.vy," Agents,  BRANCHES OF  Ayr  Barhie  13em.bvh.le  Berlin  Blenheim        ���  Brantpokd  Cayuga  Chatham  Coli.ingwood  Dresden  Dundas  Dunnville  Fort Frances  GaVLT  GODERICn  GUKLPH  Hamilton  London  Orangeville  THEBANKIN CANADA  Ontario.  Ottawa  Paris  Parkiiill  Peterboro  Port Perry  Sr. Catharines  Sarnia  Sault Ste. Marie  Seakortu  Simcoe  -   Stratkord  Strvthroy  Toronto (8 offices)  Toronto Junction  Walkeuton  Walkerville  Waterloo  Windsor  Woodstock ���  Quebec:  Montreal  Manitoba:  . Winnipeg  Yukon District:  Dawson     - White Horse  British Columbia:  Atlin  Cranbrook  Fernie  Greenwood  Kamloops  Nanaimo  NelsonT  New Westminster  Rossland  Sandon  Vancouver  Victoria  IN THE UNITED STATES:  Nkw York, N.*Y.' '      Seattle, Wash.   ,  San Francisco, Cal.     Portland, Ore.  Skagway, Alaska.   ��� t  Bankers in London���Tho Bank of Scotland;  Messrs. Smith, Payno & Smiths.  Bankers in New York���The American Exchange'  National Bank.  Agents in Chicago���Tho Northorn Tiust Company.  Agents in New Orleans���The Commercial Na-  -   tional Bank.,     SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  Interest allowed on dopoaits.   Present rate  three per cent. ���  GRANGE V. HOLT,  Manager Nolson Branch.  education, to the fullest extent of  the capacity of its youth, will" be  literally free as air, and, up to what  would-now be considered a high  standard, made quite-compulsory  in one way or another.  More provision will be made for  public recreation. Beautiful sculpture, instructive paintings and  fully- equipped libraries will characterize the typical city.  And long before the year 2000  taxation will have been so adjusted  as to encourage, not discourage, the  fullest improvement of land \ public franchises will be so universally  operated direct by the public, that  a street railway company or private  waterworks for public supply will  seem as archaic as personal government by royal charter, or the farming of taxes.  New Conservative Policy.   =_i Hamilton-Herald. .���  It is now virtually admitted even  by Liberal journals, that the conditions upon which the Crow's >Test  Pass Railway subsidy was granted  have not been very helpful in securing justice to the people of British  Columbia in the matter of transportation. The 0. P. R. monopoly  is as strong as ever it was, and  there has not been any appreciable  relief in freight rates in the Pacific  province. The subsidy granted to  tho C. P. R. in aid of the Crow's  Nest Pass Railway was almost  large enough to build the line. How  much better would it have been for  the Dominion government to have  built the line itself and operated it  as a government work, granting  running rights over it to all railway  companies on equal terms? If that  .policy had been pursued, the immense coal fields of the Crow's Nest  Pass could have been taken over by  the government and been used as a  source of revenue to the Dominion,  as well as to British Columbia,  thus removing all danger of a  monopoly of the coal supply.  The short-sighted policy of heavily subsidizing railway enterprises  should by this time be generally  discredited in Canada. It should  give place to government construction of railway lines in air cases  where such construction is necessary in the public interest. Two  great opportunities were lost when  the Crow's Nest Pass Railway and  the Rainy River Railway were  heavily subsidized as private enterprises. These two railways might  have been important links in a  transcontinental railway wholly  under government control.  Even yet it may not be too late  to plan for such a system, and begin the work by extending the Intercolonial Rail way. westward to .the  lakes.   This is the only xneans of en-  Imperial Bank of Canada  HEAD  OFFICE. TORONTO.  Capital Authorized $2,500,000  Capital Paid up $2,458,603  Rest  $1,700,000  D. R. Wllkie, General Manager.  E. Hay, Inspector.  Nelaon Branch���Burns Blook, 221 Baker Street  J. M. IiAY, Manage  suring to the people of thi^country  especially the people of the great  west, just treatment in transportation. It cannot be done by competing lines controlled by private  corporations, for, in the. end, competition between private corporations is sure to result in co-operation. A transcontinental line operated as a public work for the bene-  fit'of the public; would effectually  prevent the monstrous discrimination in freight rates against Canadian shippers and in favor of American shippers, and the discrimina-,  tion in favor of .some localities'  against others in this country.  Here is, a new policy for the Conservative party, ready to hand.  Will its leaders have courage and  farsightedness enough to seize upon  it?  Mining the Chief Industry.  The entrance of ' the Commonwealth of Australia into existence  with the new year deserves especial  mention in view of the importance  of the new state from au mining  point of view. There are few  countries in which mining forms so  large and important part of the  national wealth and resources as in  Australia; and the union of the  colonies will doubtless have a favorable effect on'their' mineral industries, as' on all-others." Uniformity  of tariff and patent legislation will  be a great advantage, and others  will be manifest in-time. There is  great growth and prosperity before  the new' Commonwealth, and its  mineral industry will contribute a  full share of the gain. ���  Capital is Abundant. ,  -* The1 tendency- to compete with  'the so-called trusts and1 combines is  again illustrated by the statement'  that the Carnegie Steel Company is  about to erect a-plant for making  tubes'and pipes on a'large scale. In  this case, of course, there is no idea  entertained of selling out to the  combination. It is simply a business proposition-, the Carnegie company doubtless realizing that a  part of its steel production can be  marketed profitably in the form indicated. -It is.altogether probable^  that we shall see a great expansion  of competing plants during the  next year or two. Capital is abundant, and there are plenty of capable men ready so undertake the  management of new plants.    ���   ���>  Surpassing*  Display in  Fall Suitings  All the fashionable creations  in Fall and Winter wear are  ~inclucled~in my last consign^  ment of Scotch and Irish  Serges, Tweeds and Worsteds, and Fancy Trouserings  E. Skinner  Neelands' Building, Baker 8treet, '  FRED J. SQUIRE, Manager.  ARTHUR   GEE  MERCHANT TAILOR.    ���  TREMONT HOTEL BLOCK.  Large stock of high-class imported mods. A  specialty of the square shoulder���tne latest)  fashion In coats.  P. J. RUSSELL  Bayer and Exporter of  RAW   FURS  Highest Prices  Prompt Returns  Fair Assortment  Ship by Express.  NELSON, B. O.  REILEY & BENOY  SUCCESSORS TO H. D. ASHCROFT) .  BLACKSMITHS   AND   WOOD  WORK*?.*  EXPERT HORSESHOEINC.  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing  and custom work from ovraide points. Heavy  bolts made to order on shot! notice. '  KOOTENAY TENT NO. 7, K. O. T. M.���  Hold their regular meetings on tbe first and  third Thursdays of each month. Visiting* Sir  Knights are cordially invited to attend. G. A.  Brown, R, K.; A. W. Purdy, Com.; R.J. Steel,  D. S. C.  ENGINEERS.  f_B__R__W PAR*___R-Mlnln_ and milling en-  v gte, Turner-Bceokh Blook, Baker itreefc,  NBtaBDi  ___j<3 ^=S^S <_$_^ <B^c--*l iSi^ ^c_> J=^ lS<_*_ ^cB^^ iS  f  10 ^>���_i>___^^�����__lz~>��i_^^��^�����^>&^��_^'��Q(^.'^m  After the Battle Smoke  - r v  of the Holiday Trade has cleared  away it is well to come back to the  every day business of the year as  quickly as possible.  ************************** -  KARN IS KINO  1   %  f$:  : -,-'?  ' ����� --%  (.&  - "nV  _- v.  ���������:'M  - y  "_'i  'y  ���������  ���������  WE HAVE THE BEST MADE PIANOS IN CANADA.  THEY HAVE STOOD THE.TEST INKOOTENAY FOR THIRTEEN YEARS  (jh\ CALL AND INSPECT THEM. . '4,  ************************** - y  JACOB DOVER, The  Jeweler.  Our? Jewelry and Watch Department is in full swing*. Mail' Orders receive our Prompt Attention.  ^^<C_^<C_>'<C__*<__><__><__v<___~C_><Z__^<Z_><__^<~^<^^^ '~:<^_f  ^^ ^2. ��^r�� ^���^*^�� ^Y'^*^�� ^ *��^? ^ ���^�� **=��������������. '.^v^-v *���*���*���   '0 ���/='���,  _     t__A  _._      *,  X  *"*.*���      *" jP  3H9   ��� * i. **',--*  __________  ___________  (- -.  _���__________  _______________________ -  '  -   _B______________X_m  xl_______________________\m -a  .  __^i^^^^^^^^H  _ID_R____r -A ^i"-  ,              ���  ___W__t__r_i\  W_________________m___,    _  ~_____________V_\''  4 _~___-^l!  _______________U'ri'  ______________f_Y:~:  t nffir-'Si  fSB_T " .Hp -j3r ������'  fi    -B  _Kj      "'fl���M^v  "���-^   ~ '_  LjigH|/^J  Xr - *___%%&' ��  _______��&_'������"' s  V0-     "'       v  m-.******?*  a,        ja-  yp  L'-i    il  ���a!  \ ~rj'_*  -Si***!  :^Wi  �����?.Sj��|  ���vmx  ���Ail  '''���"S_sl  V'*-^l  lj_ 3?Z^_. I  '���"������j^Sfl  oo in Prizes  *&***************  ' The census of Canada will be taken in April, and the population of the several incorporated cities will-be known a short  'time.afterwards/ The Tribune, publishes Daily and Weekly  editions at the following rates of subscription by mail,: Weekly,  one year $2; Daily, six months, $2.50; one year, $5.   The Daily"  is delivered in Nelson by carrier at the following rates: Three  months, $2.50; six months, $5; one year, $10.    A large -number  of subscribers are in arrears,.and a large number of subscriptions -  "are about to.expire, besides a large number of people in Kootenay  and Yale are,about to renew subscriptions for newspapers for the  year.   In order to make it an object for all * these people to patronize The Tribune, the following sums are offered as prizes^on -  the following conditions: - '  Canada' -.: .���.. $100  British .Columbia ��� ...   25  Northwest Territories 7.   25  Manitoba    25  Ontario,. 7 ��  25  Quebec '.    ,25  New Brunswick -..    25,  Nova Scotia    25  Nelson $60  Rossland     25  Kaslo...         25  Sandon   ....:..'. -..    26*  Revelstoke: .*...'. ��� '-25  Grand' Forks,.*..:.      . r.    25  Phoenix  "   25  Greenwood     25  The subscriber remitting $2 in payment of either arrears ���  , or advance subscriptions to The Tribune will be entitled to give  an estimate'cm the populationYof any two places in ihe list named  above; $2.50, to three estimates; $5.00, to five estimates; $10, to'  ten estimates. Fill out blank below, in accordance with above  terms, and remit amount of subscription to  The Tribune Association, Limited  NELSON, B. C.  II'lir"T"""""""l"""l""1l""lmmT*ml"*"" a 1-111.  Name  ' : '..���"���  Post Office���."   _  Province .*.'..*; ,   .Amount enclosed,$   > -. ���>._*'.  Subscription to��� .Edition of The Tribune  Estimate as to population of  Canada   .*.   British Columbia   North-West Territories     Manitoba   Ontario     Quebec      New   Brunswick   Nova  Soctia   City of Nelson   City of Rossland   City  of Kaslo   City of Sandon   City of Revelstoke...  City of Grand Forks.  City of Phoenix   City of Greenwood...  This qffer holds good until the 1st of April, 1901.  TTTT_aTTT..I��llll..rTTTTTTTTTT��.>...l.Tllllll..llTTTTTTTTT��ritTrillll*l��IIIIlIltlIllIlia.^^.  GAS FIXTURES  We have just received a large  shipment of  Gas Fixtures Finished in  Oxidized Copper and Brass  Which we shall dispose of at  cost, also Billings "Non-Mantle"  Gas Burners.      . v  kootenayIlegtrig  supply- construction co.  Nelson, B. C.  The Cabinet Cigar Store  G. B. MATTHEW, Proprietor.  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Province of British  Columbia,   Nelson, West  Kootenay,'to wit: - >  By virtue of a warrant of execution issued out  of the county court of Kootenay, holden at Nolson, at the suit of Robert Heddle. plaintiff, and  to me directed against the goods and chatties of  James Leouard Stamford, defendant," I. havo  seized and taken in execution all the right, title  and interest of tho said James Leonard Stamford in-about fourteen thousand two hundred  and fifty <U,2jO) share?, more or less, of the stock  of the Venus Gold Mining Company, Limited,  non-personal liability; to recover - ihe sum of  three hundred and sixty-four dollars and twenty  cents (���J3S1.20), amount of said execution,-besides  sheriffs poundage, oflicers' fees and all other legal  incidental expenses; all of which I shall expose  for sale, or sufficient thereof to satisfy said judgment debt and costs, at my oflice next to the.  court bouse in the city of .Nelson, B. C, on Mon-.  day, the 21st day of January, A. D. 1901, at the  hour of 11 o'clock in the forenoon.  Note.���Intending purchasers will satisfy themselves as to interest and title of the said defendant. ',  Dated at Nelson, B, C, 14th day of January,  S. P. TUCK. Sheriff of 'Squth Kootenay. ,'  SHERIFFS SALE.  t \  __.T^j>.*h  Province of British Columbia, .Nelson,'- Weab ^->7W,  .Kootenay, to wit:  _-_���?.-'   ..     ���   _-    'g '<'i7ii&  -, By virtue of a writ of Fieri "Facias issued out *"'��**���  of, the Supreme Court of British Columbia at theY^ysl  suit of Bank of Montreal, * plaintiffs,' and-to,movY#Sj-l  directed against the goods and chattels of the, YMYl'l  Fisher Maiden Consolidated Mining and Smolt^S.-psJ  ing Company, defendants.   I have;selzed"and. ^teaSl  taken in execution all the right, title and inter- 77k'M  estsofthe said-defendants, the-Fisher Maiden'-TfSI  Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company, in >"-"gt  the mineral claim known as and called "Troy'V*.��*��?  and in the mineral claim known at) .and caUedY-Ysf  "Bt: Helena," situated on Four-Mile Creek, aboufc;i**,'<&|  the Mining Recorder for theSlocan Mining Division of tho West Kootenay Distriot.'on tho 16th da , s  of July. Ai D, 1900, to recover the sum of Fifteen "fi,  Thousand - Six -Hundred and" Ono "Dollars.''"-j.  Jlo.GOl.OO) and also interest on Fifteen Thousand';"  Fivo Hundred and  Ninety- Seven- -Dolla-s andW.'r  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNERS  To Geo.-H. Lammers/J. R. Cranson*,.or to  any person or persons lo whom he may have  transferred his interest tin the Harvey Joy  mineral claim, at Morning Mountain, Nelson  Mining Division.  - You are hereby notified that I have expended  Ono Hundred Dollars in labor and improvements  upon tho above mentioned  mineral claim; in  'order to' hold'' said mineral claim under the'  provisions of .the Mineral Act, and if within,  ninety days from the date of this notice you fail  .or refuse to contribute your proportion of such  expenditure, together with all costs of advertising, your interestin said claim will become the  property of the subscriber, under.Bcotlon four of  an-Act entitled "An Act to Amend the Mineral  Act, 1900." ' SILAS H. CROSS.  Dated this 12th day of Dec-amber, 1900.  NOTICE.  Rossland, B, C, Novomber 9th, 1900.  To F. B. Salisbury :  Notice is hereby given that I, William Griffiths,  intend to claim the interests in the following  named mineral claims formerly held by F. B.  Salisbury, on which he has neglected to pay his  share of the expenses of tho annual assessment  work.   To wit: '       -       *-  A one-half (1) interest ln the "Bunker Hill"  mineral claim. '  A one half (}) interestin the "Sullivan"mineral  claim. , '  A one-half (}) interost in tho "Fidelity" mineral  claim.  All the adjoining claims, ituatod on the west  fork of the north fork of Salmon river, ln the  Nelson Mining Division,  This action Is takon under Section 11 of Chapter 15, of the statutes of 1899 and amendments of  1900. WILLTAM B. TOWNSEND,  Agent for William Griffiths.  LAND   NOTICE.  Notice is hereby glvon, that thirtjt days, after  date 1 intend to apply to the chief commissioner  "of lands and~wor_8"ror"pormis8lon���to~purchase-  the following described lands about two miles  west of tho City of Nelson: Commencing at a  post marked W. J. Beaven's S. E. Corner Post  planted at S. W. corner post of H. Selous' purchased Lot 005, Group 1, on the high water line  on tho west bank of Kootenay river.thonco north  20 chains, thonco west 20 chains, thencesouth 20  chains, more or less to tho high water lino on  north bank of Kootenay river, thence following  tho meandering of the aforesaid river in an easterly direction 25 chains more or less to point of  commencement. Containing 32 acres nioro or  less. W. J. BKAVKN.  Dated at Nelson this 21th day of December. 1900.  LAND NOTICE.  Notice in hereby given that thirty days after  dato wo. The Corporation of the City of Nelson,  intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner or  Lands and Works for permission to purchaso  for tho purposes of the Corporation, tho following  described land in the District of West Kootonay,  situate on the south bank of Kootenay rivor,  about ten miles below Nelson: Commencing at a  post marked "Tho City of Nelson's S. W. cornor,"  thence oast 30 chains, thence north 15 chains  to the Kootenay rivor, thence westerly along the  Kootenay river 30 chains, thonce south 15 chains  to the place of beginning.  THE CORPORATION OF THK CITY OF  NELSON,   ��� ���      By John Houston,' Mayor.  December 12th, 1900.  Notice of Application to Transfer a  License.  Notice is hereby given that I intend to apply  at the next sitting of the Board of License Commissioners of the City of Nelson for permission to  transfer my retail liquor license, for the promises  situate on tho east half of Lot 4, Block 2, in the  City of Nolson, and known as- the Grand-Hotel,  to Gustavus Nolson. JOHN BLOMBERG.  Dated at Nolson, B. C, this 3rd day of January,  Wil;   ���'������.���,������".:.���  Witness: Thomas Symes.  Notice of Application to Transfer a  License.  Notice is hereby given that I intend to apply at  the next Bitting of the Board of License Com.  misslonera of the City of Nelson for permission  to transfer my retail liquor license for the premises situate on the west half of Lot 4, Block 2, in  the City of Nelson, and known as the Glue Pot  saloon, to Thomas Sproatt.     GUS. NELSON.  Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 3rd day of January,  1901. ���','������'  Witness: John Blombeko.  C. W. West & C6i  COAL I      WOOD I  Hard Coal     <Mf) TK I Crow's Neat.    ttfi IK  Anthracite    W��U.I��|coal JWMO  p__tiiiv_-t-**t-HP  AGENTS IMPERIAL OIL COMPANY, Ltd.  No order oan be accepted unless accompanied  by cash. ���      *  Offloe:   Corner of Hall  and Baker Streets.  TELEPHONE 33.  and all other legal incidental.expenses : all o_~v,'r^^  which I sliall expose for salo or sufficient thereof "y-.*Siffi|  to satisfy said judgment, debt and , costs at > the Wt*iM  front of my office, next-to. the' Court House.1' in.^sSa  the City of Nelson, B, C. on Thursday, tho.21th .f'mi  day of January, 1901, attho hourof eleven o'clock'<Y*M  in ihe forenoon.  -> ;.'_<,,,-  ,;." ,...,,-"��� *<rS~��slS  - NoTE.-7-Intending purchasers will satisfy tfaem��, <y:rpg_  selves as to interest and title of- the said .defend-���5>Y giil  ants.    ,-'��-  *���������-     . v/ -' - .-i   -1- --��. -"v.ji-2 ,, 7j ��JHf��fl  Dated at New Donver the 12th day r* *" *.*._._  1901.  '   ' . Sheriff of ^uth Kootonayvf'-^'f I  APPLICATIONS WANTED.  : .5.1  "���*-i  CORPORATION OFTHECITYOFNELSOMy   c -, v     j    ����_  Jyl  ���"_ ����&._���    .;M  The   undersigned   has >been   authorized>��� by *. ,��� *l  resolution of tho city council to ask for applica-V f,#  tions for the position of chiof of the Fire Depart-./-* �����$  ment of tho City of Nelson." Applicants -will . \>p  state   ago,   nativity,   experience   and   where,'"- ,,"  whethor married or single, and give recom-   '-,  mondations from   chief of department Twhere  now employed and from' underwriters.   Mark  applications:   "Application for Chief of FireDe-*  partmont." and address  J. K. STRACHAN, City Clerk, Nelson. B. C.  Dated January 2nd, 1901, -    i -. ,''  LAND LEASE NOTICE.      T~  Notice is hereby given, that within sixty days >  after the date of this notieo, I intend to apply to  tho assistant commissioner of lands and works,  at Nelson, for a leaso of the following described    '{.  land, for tho purposo of opening up and working;..."-.  stono'quarries, situate auout two miles in an  ,-V  casterly direction from tho City of Kaslo, West)  Kootonay District: <  Commencing atapost planted on the lake shore  marked " J. A. Knauf's N. W, corner," running , -.',  thenoe east twenty chains; thence south twenty .' -Y,  chains; thence west twenty ohains, more or less ^  to the lake shore; thence north along tho lake shore Y  to tho point of commencement; and containing  forty acres more or less. J. A. KNAUF.  Dated December 19th, 1900. .            ,  TRADES  UNIONS. '    .;  JM-KLSON MINERS'. UNION NO. 96,_W._F. of^ [  *vt M.���Meets in miners' union rooms, northeast oorner Vlotoria and Kootenay streets, every  Saturday evening at 8 o'clock, visiting mem -  bers weloome. M. R. Mowatt, President!. Jame  Wilkes, Secretary. Union Scale or Wages  for Nelson District���Per shift, machine  men, $3.fi0: hammorsmen miners. 93.25; muckers,  carmen, shovelers and other underground laborers, $3.00.  TIRADES AND LABOR COUNCIL.���The regu- -,  ** lar meetings of tho Nelson Trades and Labor ;  Council will be held ln the miners' union hall,  oorner of Vlotoria and Kootenay streets, on the  first and third Thursday of each month, at  7.80 p.m. G. J. Thorpe, President. J. EL Matheson, Secretary.  THE regular meetings of the Carpenters' Union   - -  are held on Wednesday evening of each  week, at 7 o'olock, ln the Miners' Union hall cor-      >  ner victoria  and   Kootenay streets.  Charles       <.  Clayton, President.   John MeLeod, Seorotary.  B  ARBERS' UNION.-Nelson Union. No. 196. of  1 the International Journeymen Barber s U n- >  ion of America, meets every first and third Monday of each month in Miner's Union Hall, corner  of Vlotoria and Kootenay streets, at 8:30 p.m.  sharp. Visiting brothers cordially invited to  attend. R. McMahon, president: J. H. Matheson. secretary-treasurer; J. C. Gardner, recording  secretary.   ��� :':.-.';'  T AB0RER8' UNION.���Nelson Laborers'.Pro  *J tective Union, No. 8121, A. F. of L., meets in  Fraternity Hall, Oddfellow's block,'oorner of Baker and Kootenay streets, every Monday evening  at 7:30 p.m. sharp. Visiting members of the American Federation - ��� cordially Invited to attend.  James Mathew,, President. John Roberts, re  cording secretary.' ;> .;-v,.,       ;*;. ���d^ t"~ ":.������."-,���  NELSON PAINTERS' UNION-The regular  meeting of the Painters' Union is held  the flrst and Third Fridays in eaoh month at Miners' Union hall at 7:30 ^ sharp.' J. H. Mill ward,  President; Will J. Hatch. Secretary.   ���      ���  OOKS' AND:WAITERS' UNION��� Regular  meetings on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month, at 8 o'clook in Miners' Union  hall. Visting brethern cordially invited. C. F.  Bell," president; J. P. Forestell, secretary  treasurer.  PLASTERERS' UNION-The O. P. I. A. No.  172. meets every Monday.evening ln tha  Elliot blook, oorner Baker and Stanley streets, at  8 o'clock.* J. D. Mnver, prosident; William  Vice, secrotary. P. O. Box 616.-  FRATERNAL   BOO-STIEST  NELSON LODGE. NO. 28, A. F. ft A. H  Moets second Wednesday ln eaoh month.  Sojourning brethren invited.  TO*  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS��� Nelson Lodge. No  26, Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. O. B".  Hall, oorner Baker and Kootenay streeta, every  Tuesday evening at) 8 o'olock. Visiting Knlghtd  oordlally Invited to attend. F. J. Bradley, C. C;  J. A. Paqnette. K. Of R. ft S. :  JTEIaSON L. O. Ly No, 169a, meets ini O. O. F.  \MM_w*.  _J. V. A_* Alia. igaa. aaaaavuo aaa^. \*. vr. m.  Hall, corner Baker and Kootenay streeta,  1st and 8rd Friday .of each month. VisiUna  brethern oordlally Xavited. W. W. Bradley. W  UL, A, Minty. Reootdios-Seoretary. THE  TRIBUNE: NELSON, B. C, MONDAY JANUARY 21 1901  sayers  We carry in  stock  a full  Supplies.   The  quality  of  and  our  prices  are   reasonable  ine of Assayers' and Chemists'  our goods  cannot  be excelled  We are British Columbia Agents for.  THE DENVER FIRE CLAY CO.'S GOODS  WM. AINSWORTH & SON'S BALANCES  SMITH & THOMPSON'S BALANCES  BRUNSTON'S POCKET TRANSITS  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  VICTORIA   BLOOK NELSON,   B. C.  The Nelson Clothing House  Grea  ��� 9  - FROM 10 TO -25% DISCOUNT FOR THE  NEXT THIRTY DAYS.  In order to make room for Spring Goods, I have decided to sell for the next thirty days all  goods in f.tock at greatly reduced pnteb. AH fccavv goods awny down, cost not considered, and in  i .lothing, Gents' KurniohinBs, Hats and Caps, and Boots and Shoos I will gii o from 10 to 23 per cent  discount, and all Rubber Goods at cost. Now is the chance to partoke of the best bargains ever  offeicd in the Kootenays. My stock is all new and np-to dato and tho sale is genuine, so now avail  TourseM ��if the best opportuiuij to get good goods at less th.m v holcsalc piices. Remember this is  for only 30 days. ������������������-������-_���____  J.  A.   GILKER,   Proprietor.  1=7  from 75c to; $3.50.  For the balance of this month we are offering special reductions in  -   'Carvers, LadiesCompanions and Nickle-Plated Copper Ware.  ���������_____�����MM_0���_������������__��� "^  Lawrence Hardware Co.  BEAUTIFUL  GRAV0RES  AND   ETCHINGS  '",, ."of. Landscapes and, other scenes, Free" with,every purchase  ^oftwotpackages of Cream of Wheat, the Breakfast Dainty. -  PRINCIPAL jSJIN THE WAY  For the High School.  J. 11. Clark, a prominent teacher  of Victoria, will arrive in Nelson  tomorrow evening or Wednesday  to take charge, as principal, of the  Nelson high school. Dr. Arthur,  secretary of the school board, received a telegram to this effect f rom  the superintendent of education oil  Saturday. Inspector Burns' office  at the central school will be used  for the school until better .arrange-,  ments can be made. During tlio  year only the first year of the high  school course will bo taught, as  there will probably be none of the  advanced students in attendance.  AU   i>upils   wishing   to   take   the  course are requested to be present  at the school on Thursday morning.  At present there are taking this  course 17 pupils, but outsidefof this  there four more in Nelson who are  properly qualified; and it is quite  probable that they will attend.  Those in atttendance arc: Norman  Stewart, Ruth McDonald, Marie  Horton, Wilmot Steed, Bert Wallace, Helen Campbell, Mabel Me-  Vicar, Austin Fraser, Eddie 'Wallace, Thomas Gallon, Donald Mc-  Vicar, Ian Campbell, Maud Elliott,  Vivian G.allon, Alice Ebbs, Lulu  Ellis and Pauline Annable.  The subjects which will be taught  are: -Latin, English Literature,prose  and poetical Composition, Algebra,  Geometry, Advanced Arithmetic,  Geography, English and Canadian  History, , Grammar, Physiology,  Reading, Drawing and Orthoepy.  ing of a telegraph, ticket, baggage  and other departments. The building is being erected at a cost of  nearly $2500.  The Rossland hockey team will  play the Nelson team here tomorrow night. A meeting of the  local team committee, for the purpose of selecting a team, will be  held at 9:30 this evening at the rink.  A practice game will also be played  at the rink touight. Although the  team has not been selected, it will  practically be the same team, with  one or _ two - changes, .is played  Sandon on Friday night.  ma__r  PERSONAL.  P.,   leaves  ^Houston" Block.'  Telephone ,161.  "P. O. Box 176.  johna.mm & m  #*>  ,. 7 .  .Via-  -v s,s>*yv  A FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  /   Screen Doors  Windows  ���   Inside Finish     y .  , ,   -      .'local and coast.  .   .    - ^Flooring  . ,"'     ' local and coast).'  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  .'[ ,_ Shingles  Rough and    , y  ;y Dressed Lumber I  r. .      .7 .of all kinds. '  IF WHAT YOU WANT 18 NOT IN STOCK  . WE WIIX MAKE IT FOB TOD  ,  -   .CALL AND QgT PRICK3.  J. A. Sayward  Ward Bros.  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  ��� t  _  Desirable Business and Residence Lots  in (Bogustown) Fair.view Addition.  UAlX. AND *JUKE STREETS, NELSON  Porto Rico Lumber Go.  (LIMITED)  CORNER OF  HENDRYX AND VERNON STRKKTS  Ofllco on Baker Street, vest of Stanley Slrcet  ^NKLSON.  0. D. d. CHRISTIE  General Broker  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 White Pine Lumber Always in  StocK.  We carry a complete stock of  Coast Flooring-, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  . Special order work will receive  prompt attention.  Porto Rico LumberCo. Ltd.  Removal Sale  FIRE,  LIFE AND  ACCIDENT INSURANCE  Money to loan at 8% or on tlie installment, plan.  "*~ For Sale'  fi Room House Silica street $2,100.00  U 1 loom House on Mill sti cct -J.'tOO.i 0  7 Room Houso on Carbonate streot 2 2C0 00  r5J*!oom_Hoiise_on_Stauloy__t, a_bnrguin^825 00,  2 25-Foot Lots on Ooscrvatory street.. ..   010.00  For Rent.  7 Room House, Carbonate St root $30.00  C Room Houso, Mill Street  l!u.00  5 Room House     ag.00  A Ground-Floor Office   25.00  The Hay ward place.  See my Hut of Real Estate.  MONEY TO LOAN  CITY LOCAL NEWS  Born, in.Nelson, on Friday, January 18tb, to tlie wife'of E. J. Bos-  well, a son.  In all the eity churches yesterday  the condition of queen Victoria was  -referred to in touching words by  the ministers and ,in every case  prayers were offered for her_ recovery. . r , ��� _. t-;  ��� Yesterday morning a gang of  thirty railroad men were' shipped  over the C. P. R. to work for J. W.  Stewart, who has a contract on "the  Mackenzie & Mann railway in the  Rainy River country. .   "  -VA meeting to reorganize the Nel-'  son Minstrel Society will be held at  the "opera house at 8 o'clock this  evening. Nearly .forty ..persons  have expressed a willingness to  take part - in the " performances.  The meeting is merely for election  of oflicers and selection of nights  on whicli rehearsals will be held.    ->  A mau by the name of. Christie  was arrested on Saturday night for  causing a disturbance and was  locked up. "Christie was released  from the provincial jail on Friday,  having served one month for vagrancy. ITe will appear before  magistrate Crease this morning.  1). C. McGregor of Kaslo,-who has  the contract for the erection of tlie  new offices of the C. P. R." at that  place, was in the city yesterday.  He said that the building -will be  completed in about one month.  The office is-a general-one,���consist���  W.   A.   Galliher,   M  Tuesday morning for Ottawa.  A'. C. O'Neill of Ymir came to the  city yesterday.   Ho is stopping at tho Tremont.  E. L. Burden of Grand Forks and  (i. D. Scott of Vancouvci are registered at tlio  Humo.  Henry, Roy, J. Still well Clute and  John Boultboe all of Rossland are registeied at  thePJiair.i ���"���       ' u  Thomas Mulvey of Slocan City  arrived in Nelson yesterday. He is registered at  the Madden Houso.  J. Murray, a C. P. R. official from  Winnipeg arrived in the city last evening. He  is stopping at the Hume.  V. Clift and E. S. Gunn of Winnipeg and W. P. Woodstock of Port Arthur are  registered at the Queen's.       '  . D. S. Hardie, with the Wallace  & Miller Company, returned last cveniug from a  trip through the Slocan.  -M. Bennison, purser of the steamer  Nelson, "c>v��s this morning to accept the position,  of purser on the steamer Slocan on Slocan lake.  -James N.   McDonald of Sandon  pas-ed throngh Nelson on Saturday en route to  v lrden. Manitoba, io charge' of the remains of  Kennedy, who was killed nt the Ruth mine.  Mark Manley of Spokane, who is  largely interested in the Slocandistrict arrived in  Nelson last evening. He i** here on private' busi-'  noss and expects to return to Spokane tomorrow.  '. William Irvine, of Fred Irvine &  Co., leaves t hie-morning for eastern cities to  place orders for a stock of summer* and fall  goods Ho will visit Now York, Boston,^Montreal and other cities.  i    - _- ; -���'       >     i  .Hospital   Notes.  - Mrs. H. P.'Gibson who ,was operated upon about ten days ago was released from  tho mstitution*yesterday morning.  -Mr. Chapman, the aged father-in-  law of B. C. Riblet, who has been confined to the  hospital for some time past, is now .very low.  Dr.   and ~ Mrs.    LaBau's,   little  daughter Nona was taken to the institution yesterday moi ning suffering from typhoid fever.  J. B. McKHIigan, supervisor of assessment rolls, who was in the hospital witli an  attack of la grippe "has recovered,* and, left for  Victoria last evening. , - _L^ _ ,     r  BUSINESS  MENTION.    ',  EC.  SiriEIE-fcS  Sc  oo.  IST-HLSO'ET  1C.A.SI-0  s__-_sr__��o_sr  STOVES!   STOVES!   STOVES!  HEATING STOVES, COOKING STOVES, AND STEEL RANGES  Sole Agents for the Original Cole's Hot Blast Coal Heaters  SEE OUR GUNS AND RIFLES  HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL KINDS OF AMMUNITION  TELEPHONE 27 store, Corner Baker and Josephine Sheet  -Apply The Royal  v    "  . -J-    _. i-  *��� \   v. i        -2  brass  ON  AT 7 PER CENT  BUSINESS PROPERTY  ADtJly GL la. LHNNOX. Solinitot. Nilann B. O  CHINA HALL  We carry a complete  line of  CHINA, CROCKERY  GLASSWARE  BAR FIXTURES  COOKING UTENSILS  McFarland & Brockman  We are removing to our new  premises, but can fill 'all orders  entrusted to us during the next  ten days.  Canada Drag & Book Co.  Limited.  First Door. West of C. P. l\. Offices  BAKER STREET.  LADIES' TRIIPED HATS  Endless Variety  And Prices to Suit.  mrs. e. Mclaughlin,  JOSEPHINE STREET.  THE GRANVILLE SCHOOL  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver.  Boarding* and Day School for Girls. Will reopen January lath. Terms moderate. For terra I  and prospectus apply to  MADAMOISELLE KERN, Principal,    j  KOOTENAY  COFFEE CO.  ************************  __ Coffee Roasters  Dealers in Tea and Coffee  ************************  Wo are ofl-riiiR at lowest prlcofl tlio best  (trades of Cej Ion, India, China and Japan  Teas.  Our Bos', Mocha and Java CofTcc, per  pound $  10  Mocha and Java Blend, 3 pounds  I 00  Choico Blend Collco, 4 pounds  1 00  Special Blend Coffee, 6-pounds  1 00  Rio Blond Coll'ee, (i pounds  1 00  Special Blend Ceylon Tea, per pound 30  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  Telephone 177.  P. 0. Box 182.  WEST BAKER STREET, NELSON.  Cellar to Rent  "Bank of Canada.'' '  Cash paid-'for scrap.iron,  and copper.   Nolson Iron Works.- ,' m_  To let���FufnishecLrooms in Carney block.  Reasonable rates. - *" - ,  " Wanted���A�� 10-room' furnished  house. * Apply at room 4) K-W-C block. '.'  If you want to buy or sell anything go to the "Old Curiosity Shop."   '  Hack* calls'-left-at   the   Pacific  Transfer barn on Vernon" street. Telephone  ,cau 35.   I        - . t  For Rent.���Two fine offices centrally located.  Apply, to A. H. Buchanan, Bank  of Montreal.      -  Two large, well-furnished rooms  to let. 1 and 5 Macdonald block, corner Josephine and Vornon.     ,  -Wanted.���Vive or six room house  in good ro'iafenca part*o"f town. Address H. J.  Moore, box 108, Nelson, B. (....     _, ,  Wanted���Board,, and .'lodging "in  priv.il**) family for boy attending school. State  tcrniB t o b red Adie, Waneta, H. C.  For    Sale    Cheap���New    cabin  handy to smelter. Apply lo George V. Motion,  nt Nelson Wine Company's store. -  "New   lob  just. in."���For   fresh  candies, fruits, nuts, ote"., call at tho Bon Ton  Confectionery, Bakor Btreet, Miss A. L. Jvlink-  wit ���/.__ -             -  HOSPITAL  ANNEX   NEARLY  Ready for Occupancy.   "  .  Tlie new cottage annex. of the  general hospital is now completed,  with the exception ofa few minor  details./ These will' be completed  this or the first part of next week,  and then it will be occupied. /The  building is a neat one, and in every  way convenient.   There ;are four  private wards for one patient each  and two public wards large enough  to   accommodate   three    patients/  ,The,original idea was. to erect .this  building for the use of the nurses,  but the number of people requiring  medical attendance at the institution has increased and the building  will have to be used for., this purpose. --*_"_-.e board -of directors have  intimated that they intend to have  a i wing,, constructed to ' the main  building at .an early, date in the*  spring. ''-The upper portion of this  new extension will be fitted up for  the exclusive use of the.nurses.   At  present there are in the institution  20-patients, all the public atid .private wards being' full./ Every day  more   patients ask, for . admission,  but a number of them have to be  refused. - It is -necessary that the  management of- the. institution 'be'  allowed to use the new-, building at"  .as early, a date as possible. . .  It Counts in Results  The particular housewife wants  the best materials for her cooking:  Hice Sweet Butter  _  Good Fresh Eggs  are bur specialties. They en-  v sure a delightful freshness in  all :you cook, and attractive  daintiness when it is. served  on your table.  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  The Leading Grocers.  Telephone 10 K-W-C! Baker Street  Wanted.���Free milling gold pro-  port ies in British Columbia. Androw F. Rosen-  boi-f       ~    *���       ���     -*"    ���- ���  Phono*No. 1W,  K.-W.O.  ���gov. Nelson, 11. C.  block.  Eight-roomed house, partly furnished, to rent in tho Hume Addition, either to  one or two families. Apply Mrs. Hartwig, Hume  Addition.  Wanted���Man- and wife want position as cook and helper in mine or small boarding house. No incumbrances. Address Cook,-  Tribune otllco, Nelson. - -  Prospectors   . having    promising  mineral claims are requested to call at Tho Pros-  Ppctor8 Kxolmngo. Nolson, B. C, room No. i,  Iv.-W.-C. block.  Phono No. 1W.  For Sale���Profitable hotel business nnd real ostato, known as tho IRoyal hotel,  corner of Stanloy and Silica street. Apply to  Johns & MeLeod, Jtoyal hotol, Nelson.  Investors���The Houston block, at  the corner of Baker and Josephine streets, can  bo purchased at a prico tliat will not 12 por cont  per annum. Apply to John Houston, Tribune  olllce.  For sale���Lot 10, block 17, 30 foot  frontage on Victoria street, two houses on  property. Prico S2800,* torms easy. Address  �� rank G. Graham, care of Matheson & Graham's  harbor shop.  Miss Von Der Werth���Clairvoyant, palmist and card reading. Give9 advice  on commercial businoss and minina; reuniies  unhappy lovers nnd broken-up families. Room  1, over Thomson Stationery Company.  For Sale���120 acres of flrst-class  agricultural and pardon land, 12 miles from Nelson on ICootonay lake. Will sell in 10 20 or 40  aero tracts. Prico and terms reasonable. Apply  _*. n4ur��8"', A- F- Roscnberger, room i, K-W-C  Block, Nelson.   _ >  [L.S.] ' HENIU G. JOLY de LOTBINIERE. ���  CANADA.  >���-���''  PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA."  VICTORIA, by the "draco of God.'of tho United  Kingdom' of  Great   Britain   and  Ireland,  ,   Quoi-ii, Defender of the JTaith, &c , &o, &c. ���  To our Faithful the members'elected to eerve in  the Legislai lve Assembly of Our Province of  B'-itish Columbia at Our.City of .Victoria.���  ���   Greeting: \      , ',*���__ t  * ���     '"l   A PROCLAMATION. " '     '  - ,H. A.MAcr.nAN, ' ' "ITTTnEnEAS We  DeputyAttorney-Goneral./ " -are desirous  and resolved, as soon as may be, to meet our people of our Province of British Columbia, and to  nave their advice in Our Legislature: ��� ������  NOW KNOW YE, that for divers causes and  considerations, and taking into consideration the  ease and convenience of Our loving subjects, Wo  have thought tit, by and with the advice of Our  Executive Council do horeby convoke, 'and by  these presents onjoin you, and oich of you, that  on Thursday, the twenty-flist day of February,  one thousand nine hundred and one,'you meet  Ut. in Our said Legislatui _ or Parliament of Our  said Province, at 0>ir City of Victoria, FOR THE  DISPATCn OF BUSINESS, to treat, do, act,,  and conclude upon, those things which in Our  Lcgislat uro of the Provinco of British Columbia,  by tho Common-Council of Our said Province  may, by tho favour of God, be ordained.  I.sT Testimony Wiiiirkof, Wo have  caused  these Our Letters to be made Patent and the  Great Seal of the said Province to be hereunto afllxed:^  Witness, the Honourable Sru Henri Gcs-  TAVK JOLY DE LOTnt.VIKRK,   K.C.M.G.,  JaiOU-  tenant-Governor  of Our Baid Provinco of  - 'British Cohiinbiorin Our City~of ViotoiiaTin-  Our said Province, tills seventeenth day of  January, in tho year of Our Iaord ono thousand nine hundred and one, and in the sixty-  FORGED TO SELL IT  One of the Best-Located and Best-Rented  Business Blocks in Nelson.  *_. -  -���     Can be purchased at a;price that, will net 12  per cent on the investment.,     <    .-.  The building is 50x70 feet, two stories and  basement, built of brick and Kootenay. marble",  on a 50x120 foot, lot, at northeast corner; of  Baker and Josephine streets.     ' -.��� .  For further particulars apply to :  JO_3N HOUSTON, \  Tribune Office.  Nelson^ January 11th, 1901. ;  fourth year of Our Rolgn.  ""  '"  inland.  PRENTICE, Provincial Secretary.  By Command.  J.D.P.  ���'     Provincial Skcrktary 's Office.    s  17th January, 1*901.  XTIS HONOUR. th��i Lloutonant-Govornor in  J-L Council, under tho provisions of the "Land  Registry Act 'has beon pleased to establish at  tho City of Nolson. in tho County of Kootonay,'  a .District Oalloo for tho Recording of Instruments  and Registration of Titles affecting real estate,  Eitnato within the County of Kootenay,  Tho namo of the said registration district shall  be the Kootenay Land Registration Distriot.  Henry Fry Maotood, of tho City of Nelson, solicitor, has been appointed to perform tho duties  of tho said District Ofllce, which shall bo opon  for tho transactiod of business on and after the  second day of March, 1901,  By Command.  J. D. PRENTICE, Provincial Socrotary.  NELSON  SAW & PLANING  Limited.  MILLS  SAVE YOUR  SIGHT  WHILE  THERE  IS TIME  SAVE YOUR  SIGHT  WHILE  THERE  IS TIME  Ask Tour Grocer,  for New  SWEET   CIDER  for Mince Pies.  CIDER VINEGAR  THORPE & CO., Ltd.  We are prepared to Furnish  by Rail, Barge or Teams  DIMENSION LUMBER  ROUGH and DRESSED LUMBER  LOCAL and COAST CEILING  LOCAL and COAST FLOORING  DOUBLE DRESSED COAST CEDAR  RUSTIC, SHIPLAP, STEPPING  -  PINE and CEDAR CASINGS  DOOR JAMBS, WINDOWSTILES  TURNED WORK, BAND-SAWING  BRACKETS, NEWEL POSTS  TURNED VERANDA POSTS  STORE FRONTS  DOORS, WINDOWS and GLASS.  Get Our Prices before  purchasing: elsewhere.  W. J. HARVEY, F. O. M. O. I.,  Proffeasor of Ophtlialmologj, Doctor of O'Dtic;, and Scientific Optician, of Toronto,  a:,. -   '���    .   ..-   "-es Crossed or Diverged, Double or  Spectacled that aro Absolutely  Hours: 10 to 12 and 3 to fi,  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Vioborla and Kootenay Streets.  P. O. Box SS9. _   TELEPHONE NO. fto  Lethbridge Gait Goal  The bosb valuo for the money In the market)  for all purposes.  t-Bhb oahh     W. P. Tibbhiet. General Agent  Telephone M7,   Offl�� with 0. D. J. C3irtBtfe.  OFFICE: CORNER HALL,AND  FACTORY: HALL STREET, C. P. R. CROSSING.  FRONT STREETS,  MILLS: HALL STREET WHARF  WINTER CLOTHING  -at Great Discount Prices  ��� ������  OVERCOATS offered at from 10 to 26% Discount.  NOBBY WINTER SUITS, All-Wool and Serges, at  from 10 to 26% Discount.  Always willing to show G-oode.  No trouble.   Every Garment Guaranteed.  THEO.  MADSON,  Baker Street.


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