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 .���'-.- v* ^=ry^rM*^y'y*Sv*Sif|  -,-..- y *-*'*'y--yyyi*jt#j  DAILY EDITION   BY MAlL  FIVE  DOLLARS A YEAR  Weekly edition by MAiL  TWO DOLLARS A YEAR  NltfTH YEAR  NELSON:  MON DAY-, MORNING JANUARY 7 1901  PRICE FIVE CENTS  He  Has  Affairs  in   South  Africa Well  in  Hand  and  Is  Trying, Conciliation.  STORM BREWING AMONG LONDON GLOBE SHAREHOLDERS  New York, January 0.-���Isaac N.  Ford says, in regard to recent developments in the far east: The  China question is, without doubt,  the most serious complication of  the new year, but the gravity of  the situation makes little impres-  ��� siou upon English opinion. The  raids of a few hundred guerillas are  considered, strangely enough, of  more consequence than the virtual  occupation of Manchuria by Russia,  and the disturbance of the balance,  of power in the far east. It is a  illustration of the impairment of  national judgment, through preoccupation with a . single subject.  England, by making too much of  what is happening in South Africa,  has a false measure for estimating  values every where else.  While the   Chinese   government,  has"* accepted -the*" proposals of tho  ,; powers in principle! but -reserved-  the right of discussing the details,  it' has sanctioned an agreement by  Which it retains tlie nominal administration of Moukdon, and the  southern provinces, of Manchuria,  under Russian military occupation.  This   disguise   is transparent, and  " does not deceive anyone, and Manchuria has become Russian. The  seizure     of     Port     Arthur      has  ,   led ���    to      this       iuevitable     .se-  ��� ��� que.nce of events.    The presence of  a Riis'-ian resident iu Moukden will  be "a plain- indication that   Man-*  churia, .with a Chinese admiuistra- *  tion, has become nominally a prb-  - - i^cted.state, jbut in reality -a- prov:  ince'of theccz*ir's dominions. .The  diplomatic by-play over the principles   -of   the   powers, -and - the  ' amount of indemnity, will go on,  but there has been an entire change  _, in the situation, aud it is impossible  "for either England *or- Germany to  go back' to the status quo of  January of last year. The relations  of tbe powers have beeu thrown  out of balance by the perfection of  the Russian systems. 'Questions  relating to spheres of interest -will  certainly be raised, and there will  > probably be a fresh series of territorial seizures. The hopelessness  of the situation tends to make  English leader-writers pessimistic.  The"-crisis-has-arisen���which���was-  eoutemplated in the third article of  the Auglo-Gerraan agreement, but  no practical results are expected  from the conference of the two  powers.  Referring to the conciliatory policy pursued by lord Kitchener in  South Africa, Mr. Ford says: South  Africa for a while continues" to  hold the field, aud lord Kitchener,  who was credited by his admirers  with being an iron-handed soldier,  without sentiment or softness, has  astonished hi_ critics by a timely  display of conciliation and statesmanship. His temperate language  at the burghers' conference in Pretoria has been followed by a suspension of the order for burning  farm*-, and the way is opening for  negotiations for peace. Lord  Kitchener happily has disappointed  expectations, based upon his coii-  duct in the Khartoum campaign,  and is carrj'ing out lord Roberts'  policy of patient leniency with remarkable discretion.  The military adviser, who often  aids me in forming a correct judgment of what is happening it South  .   Africa,  offers this explanation of  - tbe palmness and indifference with  which lord Kitchener has regarded  the recent raid**. "Lord Kitchener  knows that he has three points iu  "tlie campaign, namely, to capture  generals Dewet, Lelarey and Botha.  ��� He is   concentrating   his   energies  upon [hunting  "down  Dewet,   and  ., whet} that result is aeomplished,  he will mass his mounted forces  against the other two Boer leaders.  He has not allowed himself to be  cjiverted from the pursuit of Dewet.  "When the raiders crossed the  Orange river into the Dutch-districts of Cape Colony, he probably  smiled grimly, for he knew "that  they were not in sufficient force to  do much harm, yet would be certain  to harass the seditious ��� population,  which has been a thorn in the Brit  ish side throughout the war. The  Cape Colony Dutch are now getting  practical experience of the damage  caused by the raiders, with whom  they have beeu in sympathy, aud  their views of the justice  of the Boer cause will undergo a radical change. Cape Colony  has also been put on its defence.  Meanwhile the hunt after Dewet  goes on, and lord Kitchener tells  the burghers they are not disgraced  but overpowered and ought to  abandon a'hopeless struggle.  Finances are viewed by Mr. Ford  as follows : The money market has  partly responded to the advance of  the bank rate, but several days will  be required before it can' be made  effective, ft is au idle conjecture  whether tho rate will be raised  again for the prevention of gold'  shipments, when tlie bank has  secured control of the market.  Thatqnestion.will.be more timely  late in March. Tlie proceedings for  "winding up or re-establishing the  credit of the London ��& Globe Corporation are attracting much attention, owing to the association of  the marquis, of Dnfferin with the  mismanaged group ~ of speculative  shares. - His diplomatic successes  did not fit .him for directing the  financial fortunes of a-group of  over-capitalised undertakings under  the pressure of a tremendous bear  squeeze, and lie has felt keenly his  own responsibility when a large  proportion of the shareholders were  drawn into the dangerous sppen-  lation by the use of his name. Next  week's meeting for the purpose of  rd_termining*theiuture of the com-  .pany.wiirbe most* e'xciting,~'urile__.  a proxy for man-his favor be generally adopted, and he commits himself to a searching public investigation of the causes of the disaster.  Referring to the status of the  Hay-Pauncefote* treaty, Mr. Ford  says: The discussion on the Hay-  Pauncefote treaty has ended with  generalizations like that of today's  Spectator, that the foreign oflice  will not consider the. peculiar attitude of ..the senate, but the text of  the amendments; and the sustained  arguments of the Economist that it  is difficult to negotiate with America because she wobbles aud does  not know her mind, and that because -she-is_grasping_or__because_  she is tricky. There is much apprehension here which might be removed if the daily journals would  print the full text of the Hay-  Pauncefote treaty as amended.  The foreign office will pass judgment in due course upon the  amendments, but not without deliberation. The most hopeful forecast which I have received from  any authoritative source is that it  is unsafe to assume that the amendments will be rejected and the  treaty be thrown out."  Of Interest to Packers.  Leslie Hill of Vancouver by advertisement in another column is  calling for tenders for packing supplies for a camp of 15 to 25 men,  including tools, hay, oats, etc., and  machinery for a 5-stamp sectional  gold mill, weight about ' 30,000  pounds, two pieces weighing 350  pounds each, no other piece weigh  ing more than 300 pounds. The  distance is 45 to 50 miles from  Seaton lake. There is a sleigh road  from Seaton lake to Bridge river,  about nine miles; trail up Bridge  river, and sleighing on ice in the  winter; sleigh road from Bridge  river to the mines, seven miles.  There are two ferries on Bridge  river; rates, 50 cents for loaded  and 25 cents for unloaded animals  (reduced rates by contract). Good  baled timothy hay" h delivered at  Seaton lake for $25 per ton. * Oats  two cents per pound. Good feed  for horses in the summer all the  way. Freight on Seaton lake 25  cents per 100 poupds.  They Were Anxious to Sell.  A syndicate of Nelson men are  negotiating with certain English  capitalists.for the sale of a group of  mineral claims, and the deal may  be consummated in a day or two,  when particulars will be forthcoming.   In the course of the negotia-  tions an amusing incident transpired. Tho local men did not wish  their terms to interfere with the  deal, and with a view to doing the  right thing specified that the consideration of $20,000 "should be paid  in various payments extending over  a considerable period. The English  purchasers replied that they were  "not doing business on the installment plan," and that if the title  and other matters were as represented the $20,000. would be paid  over in a lump sum when the transfer was completed.  Accident to Lord Revelstoke.  London, January 6.���Lord Revelstoke (John Baring), a director of the  Bank of England aud a partner in  Baring Brothers <fc Co., while out  hunting with the hounds yesterday  was thrown from his horse and  dragged a distance. His face "was  badly cut.   WHAT DID BULLER ORDER?  CARDINAL GIBBONS ON WAR  DID HE ADVISE GENERAL WHITE  TO SURRENDER LADYSMITH?  This is a Secret Which the Generals  and Their Staff Have so Far  Jealously Guarded.    -  London, .Tanuary 4.���Earl Roberts has,gone out of town to visit a  sister in the country over Sunday,  but will be back at the Avar office  early on Monday. ** It is clear that  army reform. depends , in a large  measure upon his initiative rather  than Upon the recommendation of  -the special commission' appointed  by Mr. Broderick to consider the  details of the administratioii of the  war office, which three committees  have investigated to little purpose  during the last three years. Nothing  is said by Mr. Broderick about re-  stpration qfrjthe_J^inctions -which,  were taken away from* the^cOm-  mander-in-chief when the duke of  Cambridge resigned the post. It  would be an earnest of real reform  if lord Roberts, who knows from  practical experience what is needed  in order to increase the efficiency of the army, were  armed with larger powers. That  would be an effective tribute  to a general whom the court and.  people have honored, and it would  gratify the army, which is fretting  under war office control. Sir  Henry Colville's course, iu attacking the staff of. the army in South  Africa, is condemned by military  men, but he commands a certain  amount_of_synipathy in .the service  for his strictures upon the war  office for exercising authority with  which it ought not to be entrusted.  The interests of the service suffer,  without doubt,: from civilian  attempts to enforce discipline,  when the authority of the -commander-in-chief would be accepted  without questioning.  This is the anniversary of the  Boer assault upon Ladysmith, when  general White's men drove the enemy from Wagon Hill, after fighting  from dawn to dusk. General Bul-  ler's Devonshire friends might have  chosen a more opportune day for  reviving the diseus&ion over his alleged orders for the evacuation of  Ladysmith, and if they considered  it necessary to refer to the matter  they,might have delivered a more  effective replyV They assert tliat  general Buller did not order general  White to surrender, but suggested  measures which might be taken if  his supplies were to run out.  They also explain that general  Buller, after failing at Colenso, was  misinformed as to general White's  supplies, which were larger than he  supposed. This explanation tends  to confirm, rather than dispel, the  vague rumors which have found  their way into print, but not from  any authoritative source. It is  probable that general Buller, after  Colenso, heliographedi to general  White that he could .not make a  second attempt to'cross the Tugela  for four weeks, and suggested a retreat under certain conditions' if  the garrison were without food.  The precise, terms in whieh this  recommendation was made are  known only to Buller and White,  and their confidential staff officers.  It is a passage of the secret history  of the. campaign which will be  brought to light some day, in order  to silence the rumor mongers who  have heard the camp talk of Ladysmith.  EUROPE'S ARMED   PEACE  COSTS  OVER*l*%W,()00,000.  He Says the Teachings of the Gospel  Afford  the  Only  Basis  for  y  , Enduring Peace.  Baltimore, January 6.���Cardinal  Gibbons today delivered a sermon  at high mass, in which he reviewed  briefly the events bf the century  just closed, with special reference  to the wars which have been  waged during that period, as a preface to an,urgent plea for universal  peace. He spoke in part as follows:  "Wars are less frequent and less  inhuman in the Chiistian dispensation than in Pagan times, but it  must be confessed that wc are yet  far removed from the millenium of  universal peace. The nineteenth  century,*from\its beginning to its  sunset, has .witnessed almost a continuous scene of \sanguinary struggles betweeri;'th_hiati6ns of Christian Europe.    v ���, ��� .  "It is a subject, of great concern  to the friends'ofith'e gospel, qf peace  that Christian;Europe presents today the spectacle c"? a huge-military  camp. All the nations on' the continent, as well" as- England, are  armed to the teeth, and are living  in mutual; dread1 and distrust of  each other." They are devoured by  an insatiable affibition of {'conquest  and dominionY^bivby a fear, of ".'invasion,.' Wheng'yousee heavy clouds  charged withy tlie electricity-of war  hanging ovef^these^ nations, ' you  may expect tlie 'thunder clap^of  battle to resound at. any-moment.  Armed nations* like armed" individuals, are a constant menace' to one  another, andare easily provoked to  fight.    -���      ���.'-"      .  . w  * "Again these >military, forces in-  -stead_Pt diniinishh^$��%. unhappily,  increasing every-year.v ������"As ���' soon as  one nation augments its armament  its neighbor -feels impelled- to do  likewise in self-defence. ��� According to a report compiled and  published . from official . sources  the army list of Europe on 'a  war. footing comprises nearly 1-1,-  000,000 of men,1 and the animal  cost of maintenance, even in  time of peace exceeds six hundred  millions of dollars. The teachings  of the gospel form the only basis of  peace for the rulers of the earth.  All of the arts and resources of  diplomacy will be in vain, all the  courts of arbitration and peace conferences that ever -shall assemble  -will avail���but_little,_as experience  demonstrates. All their deliberations will be so much paper wasted,  unless guided and framed iinder the  -Lord of peace.who sits enthroned  on the cross."        '  PHILIP D.  ARMOUR  DEAD  He Was a Moneymaker.  Chicago, .Tanuary 0.���Philip D.  Armour died at his residence in  Prairie avenue, in the city, at 5:45  this evening. The end came after  two years of illness, during which  time Mr. Armour visited German  baths passed the cold months in  southern California, and devoted  himself largely to an attempt to  restore his 'health, which had been  broken, never to been regained.  For several weeks the millionaire  had been living at the old family  homestead in Prairie avenue, the  usual trip to southern California  not haying been taken this winter.  He came down to the office in the  Home Insurance building .but seldom and as the cold increased he  decided hot to come at. all. It was  understood in the office that he had  an incipient attack of pneumonia,  but it wa9 given out no later than  a week ago that he was;oh;the road  to recovery. It was v noted, however, that the constant attendance  of doctor Frank Billings, the family  physician, at the bedside of the sick  man did not corroborate.the favorable reports at the down town office.  The death of his son, .Philip D.  Armour, Junior, ia southern California, January 29th, 1900, was a  great shock to the health broken  man. The son had gone ou a visit  to his father, and was taken  suddenly ill with pneumonia. His  death followed with scarcely a day's  warning.   The son had largely in  herited the father's ability; and  was closely following the footsteps  of the head when lie was stricken  down.  After the death of Philip D.  Armour, Junior, the vast interests  of Armour and Company, which  has been carried on as a co-partnership, were incorporated under the  old name of Armour & Co. This  was to provide greater stability in  case of death, and made no change  in' the practical ownership of the  properties. So carefully - had the  plans for the future been made that  the death of Mr. Armour will have  little effect on the outward working  o_ the great properties with which  he has been closely identified. It  is believed that the Armour properties will be held intact" until the  grandchildren come into their own.  Estimates of Mr. Armour's own  estate run from $10,000,000 to  $25,000,000. This, of course, does  not include the $15,000,000 or  $20,000,000 owned by the younger  members of his faniily. For years  every enterprise he was interested  in has been making immense profits.  His holdings of stock have all advanced largely during the last three*  years.      '   EIGHT MEN BURNEDTO DEATH  OVERPOWERED WITH SMOKE AND  UNABLE TO ESCAPE. -  Terrible Loas of Life-in an Otherwise  Insignificant Little Fire in  -   - Minneapolis.  Minneapolis, January 0.���Eight  men lost their lives in a fire at  Washington avenue south, at 5  o'clock this* morning. The fire had  its origin in thcrear of the Standard Furniture Company. - The men  were overtaken by an intense volume of smoke in the Harvard hotel,  ..whichAoccnpie3 the- second, third  'and fourth' floors''of tlie building,'  and death in every instance -was  due to suffocation. When the men  were " found, in various parts  of the house, a man named Erick-  son was dead, and seven otiiers were  unconscious. When the fire was  discovered the night clerk and two  men set about to waken the lodgers.  One devoted his attention to the  second floor, while another rushed  upstairs. The men were all sound  asleep, and in seveial instances it  was necessary for O'Connor to  break in the doors.  The loss on the building and contents will not exceed $3000.  The dead are : Nathan C. Perley,  00���years ;^*-C-���J��� Skidmore,,_45-  yeaivs B. S. Bentley, 55 years; B.  Scofield, 45 years; G. Rudey, 45  years; M. Monshan, 55 years; J. N.  Erioksoo, of Alexandria, Miunesota,  25 years: .Tacobsoh, laborer, 50  years. L__   CITIZENS AND POLITICIANS  Indorse Aldermanic Candidates.  A large number of the supporters  of the candidacy of Frank Fletcher  for mayor met on Saturday night  at the committee rooms on Vernon  street. After an informal exchange  of views and opinions and patient  hearing of the grievances of the  politicians who reside in waterlogged block 24, it was resolved by  a standing vote, which was unanimous, that the followingnamed-  candidates be indorsed for aldermen: In the East ward���John Paterson, John A. Irving, William G.  Gillett; in the West ward���John  Hamilton, Thomas Madden, Harlod  Selous. The committee on ways  and means reported that as the  owner of the building used for Conservative rooms was absent and the  secretary a capitalist, there was no  immediated necessity for raising  the sinews of war, provided the secretary could stand off the city for  electric light an*d*Wv P. Tierney for  wood. This the "secretary promised to do. The meeting was adjourned to enable the aldermanic  candidates present to get home before 10 o'clock, as they ar.e all married men and church goern.  Prominent Railroader Dead.  Philadelphia, January fl.���John  C. Sims, secretary of the Pennsylvania Railway Company, and well-  known in railway circles throughout the country, died today.  PENSIONS FOB CANADIAN SOLDIERS  Thi Question is Now  Receiving  the  Consideration of  the Imperial Government.  RECORD OF A DAY'S HAPPENINGS OVER THE DOMINION  Ottawa, January 0.���The minister of militia has received a cablegram from the Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, secretary of state for-the  colonies, stating that the question  of pensions for the widows and  children of non-commissioned officers and men of the Canadian volunteers who fell in South Africa is  now being considered by a committee. The widows and dependents  of Canadian soldiers, who died  through the war, are eligible for  grants from the royal patriotic  fund.  The tfollowing members of the  Canadian Mounted Rifles were discharged in South Africa during the  week ending Novembar 22nd: 71,  H. H. Charlton, and 319, R. Thevent,  to join the Transvaal constabulary;  100, J. C. Forin, to join the commander-in-chief's body guard; 120,  J. C. Maloney, and .127, H. C. Miles,  to return via England; 32, C. Bell,  34, T. M. D. Wilson, 82, J. A. Donnelly, 189,'R. J. McKenna.and 83,  H. C. Brown, to fettle in South  Africa.         ,  St. Thomas Man Wants Damages.  Woodstock, January 0.���Samuel  Walsh, of St. Thomas, has instituted  proceedings for $5000 damages  against his father-in-law for the  alienation of his wife's affections.  Walsh was a patient in the Toronto  general hospital in 1897, and fell in  love there with Miss^Edith Phillips,  .who was a nurse, and one of Oxford's/fairestdaughters.--'The"'girl-  was not of age and her father re**  fused his consent 'to her marriage.  Despite this refusal, however, the  couple were married. The husband  was called away to Louisville, Kentucky, shortly after the marriage,  and, it is alleged, the father of the  girl refused to allow her to go to  meet her husband, despite the lat-  ter's request.  Newspaper Men in Trouble.  Montreal, January 0.���Preaching in St. James' cathedral today,  archbishop Bruchesi complained of  the publication in two local French  Sunday newspapers of certain  articles on the marriage question,  calculated~to~destroy_the_authority"  of the church, in the course of  which he said : "If the proprietors  or editors of these two. papers do  not publish a retraction, which must  be submitted to me, I will interdict  them in-the archdiocese, and forbid  auy people to read thera."  Company Goes Into Liquidation.  Montreal, January 0.���A meeting of the shareholders of the Victoria-Montreal Insurance Company,  William Pugsley, St. .Tohn, New  Brunswick, in chair, was held Sat-  urnay afternoon, wheu it was decided to put the company in voluntary liquidation. A committee was  appointed to take the necessary  steps should the creditors consent.  New Commandant for Kingston.  Montreal, January 0.���The  Toronto Evening Telegram'sLondon  cable says : Major Reade, of the  Shropshire lighty infantry, has  been ..chosen to succeed colonel  Kitson as commandant of the Royal  Military College. Mayor Reade is  a well-known officer.  Old Woman Burned to Death.  Montreal, January 6.���An old  lady, Mrs. Labros, was bathing herself with turpentine before a hot  stove yesterday, when the material  caught fire, and the old lady was so  badly burned that she died in great  agony an hour later.  Presentation to Toronto Soldier.  Toronto, January 6.���Captain  MacDonnell, of Stanley barracks,  who commanded "G" company of  the first South African contingent,  was presented with a gold watch  on Saturday night.  Shortage   in   Governments   Accounts.  Ottawa, January 6.���James A.  Smart, deputy minister of the in  terior, and E. F. Stevenson, crown  timber- agent, of Winnipeg, tho  joint commissioners appointed to  audit all accounts, and investigate  'and report upon all matters ��� connected with the administration and'  sale by-trustee of all lands com-,  prised in a number of townsiies iu  the Canadian Northwest," have  made their report. The books  audited show $15,855 to credit of  the government to December 31st,  1899, but investigation proves that  this amount should have been  $40,855, thus showing a shortage of  $31,000. '   Newfoundland Fisheries Dispute.    .,  *   St. John's, Newfoundland, Janu- *  ary 0.���The Newfoundland government has not been informed of any  progress toward the settlement of  the, French  shore controversy - by  the   British   and   French   govern- _  ments.   Officials-here   take it. for  granted   that   pour   parlers   have*  been opened by the French for a  renewal of the modus vivendi, but  the   British    government, -^cannot  agree to such' a proposal* withqrit';  the sanction of Newfoundlend.'' /All^  in the colony are opposed.^ to such -  an arrangement, and -the action "of  the colony 'will depend upon" Ithe**  concessions, whicli    the   imperial *  authorities suggest. " '  ,     ,.- -     -  -���  Canadian Makers Cut Loose.  Toronto, January 6.���The executive   committee   of .the.. Canadian  Furniture Manufacturers' Syndicate,  met "here" yesterday to arrange de-r"  tails and organize, for the practical ���  .wor king;of,,the concern: *:OneTt&6m-'  Ber of ^t&ff'syn'dieate'said the inteu"-~  tion was to.make, use.of Canadian  designers instead -of/Copying from-  American' designs, which  resulted  hitherto in Canadians  being about  six months behind others in that'  particular feature of furniture manufacture. - ' >  At the Federal Capital,  Ottawa, January 0.���The Alaska  & Northwestern railway is asking  for'a charter to build a road from  Pyramid Harbor to Fort Selkirk by  the Dalton trail. The government  has renewed for oue year the modus vivendi by whicli American  vessels are allowed to enter Can-  adian Atlantic coast ports for bait-  ihg, supplies, etc. *""**"  ' Tl^ia.1  :<''fP_\  / --'-rV-J.1  '- ���. ���:���-*> I  -**"*:* I  "-vtf  y*M  ~*'"3-'*#'l  *.<���-" ^'  .* -vVyl  :-*'^:|  *     r' "..J  "���    ' "Ml  * *j   . ii  ��� ~ - "*������  si'  -' >*> -' i  ���r- -/v\|  .." �����'-*? ^T  Coal Miners Strike Again.  Scranton, January. G.���Eight  hundred employees of tha Mount  Pleasant colliery of the.Elk Hill  Coal and Iron Company are on  strike for the third time within a.  year. The men are threatening to  call out all of the 7000 employees  of the colliery if their demands are  not granted.  Hamilton's Returns Increasiu*?.  Hamilton, January 0.���The inland revenue returns for the port  of Hamilton, for the eix months  ending December 31st, 1900,  amounted to $330,087.64, an increase  of $7,878.01 over 1899.       ;.  Struck by a Falling Tree.  NPaUSTAOT, Ontario, January 0.���  L. Allenson was fatally injured by  a falling tree yesterday and died  shortly afterwards. . He was engaged at the time with his brother  in cutting down trees.  Poupore's Suit for Extras.  Montreal, January O.���W. J.  Poupore, contractor, is suing the  Lachine Rapids Power & Hydraulic  Company for $80,000.. The suit is  to determine what are extras and  amendments to plans.  Killed by a Train Car. *  Woodstock, January 0. ���Mrs.  Thornton, of Sweaburg, a small village five miles from here, was struck  by an electric car yesterday and received injuries whicli caused her  death.   Liberal Defeated in Gaspe.  Quebec, January 6.��� The polling  for Gaspe took place on Saturday,  aud resulted in the election of  Kelly, Independent, over Le Bou-��  tillier, Liberal. THE TRIBUNE: NELSON B. C MONDAY, JANUARY 7 1901  __rit*���-*~\������'m~���  i n^-nwii- r��-7Hi**iiirti��_D-|i  and  Coverings  WE HA VE JUST OPENED  UP A LOT OF  FURNITURE  ..COVERINGS  NEW AND PRETTY  PATTERNS IN  SILK TAPESfeRY  BROCATELLE  VELOURS  REPP  A BEAUTIFUL  r   LINE, ALSO A  HANDSOME LOT  OF DRAPERIES.  PRICES ARE  RIGHT  We have always a lot of short  ends in Oilcloths and Carpets  ht Bargain Prices.  HUDSON'S BAY  It is said that all the customs  smelters in the United States and  Canada are members  of a trust;  i _   i  that they have decided to raise the  smelting charge on -lead ore; and  that tlie smelters in the United  States have refused to renew existing contracts or to make bids for  the silver lead ores mined in British  Columbia. These may be statements bf "fact. If there is a customs  smelter . trust, the miners-of ore  need not expect anything else than  that charges for smelting will be  raised without notice. Such a  course would be in keeping with all  business enterprises that are con-  . trolled-by trusts. The price of  sugar is raised without notice, as is  the price of steel rails. Where  there is but one buyer, .the seller  cannot hope to get but one price  offered for a commodity. ���But is  there not a remedy within the  - reach of the silver-lead mine owners  of British Columbia ? If the owners  of low-grade gold-copper mines can  build and successfully operate  .smelters, why canuot the owners of  high-grade silver-lead mines do  likewise ? The available smelter  sites are not all taken up; No one  company or trust has control of the  coal and coke and lime aud iron  and water in this province... A  smelter operated by the owners of  Slocan silver-lead mines could get  as good freight rates on the product of a smelter as is now given  smelters operated by the owners of  Boundary district gold-copper ores.  In this fight, if there is one on, the  silver-lead mine owners will have  all the people behind thera, and the  people when combined generally  win put.   The supporters of the candidacy  of Frank Fletcher for mayor have  shown that they are neither intolerant nor domineering. In endorsing the candidacy of Harold Selous  and John Hamilton and Thomas  Madden for aldermen in the West  ward and the candidacy of John  Paterson and John A. Irving and  William G. Gillett for aldermen ia  the East ward, it must be admitted  that political or social or religious  or . fraternal  considerations   were  not allowed to sway them in the  least. The men endorsed are not  all of one political faith or believers  in one religions creed; they do not  all belong to one fraternal society  and are not of the one social set.  But tliey are all of the one way of  thinking on questions that are of  great importance to the City of  Nelson. They are all firm believers  iu the town, and all,want to see it  maintain the lead it has gained in  the race for supremacy. Nolson  has been started on the right track,  and it will be the aim of Harold  Selous and John Hamilton and  Thomas Madden and John Paterson  and John.A. Irving aud William G.  Gillott, if elected aldermen, to keep  it ou the track that it has been  started on. While any elector has  the right to offer for the honor, yet  it might be for the best interests of  the people as a whole to allow the  six gentlemen above named to be  elected aldermen by acclamation.  It would show rivals that Nelson  can be as ono on any occasion when  the best interests of the people are  at stake.  The Sandon Paystreak is being  jumped ou by a portion of the provincial press, because of its editorial utterances ou questions religious. The Paystreak is edited by  a young man who has a bright and  vigorous mind, .and it is evidently  all his own. Its editorials are well  written", and if read without prejudice should set the reader to thinking, even if the sentiments expressed are not always in accord  'with the, accepted views of the  public. There is plenty of room in  the province for young aud vigorous" writers like William Mac-  Adams of. the Sandon Paystreak.  The Commonwealth .of, Australia is made up of- a number of  ttates whose people have widely  different view's on questions of  political economy. The state of-  New South Wales is for free trade,  while the state,of Victoria is for  protection. In Victoria the Liberal  party stands- for protection; in  New South Wales the Conservative  party favors free trade. The Labor  party is strong in-both tho above-  named states, but it is divided-on  the issue of Free Trade versus Protection. The people' of, Australia  have shown themselves to be both  self-reliant and progressive, and  there need be no gieat anxiety as  to their future. They have given  Canada and the. United States  pointers on self-government, and  both countries, have profited by  adopting laws that were first given  trial in Australia.  Three provincial ridings���Ross-  land,_Nel��on^nnd���Slocan���polled-  4417 votes at the election held on  November (5th for a member to  represent the constituency of Yalo-  Cariboo in the parliament of Can-,  ada. The remaining eight ridings  in the constituency .polled 3957  A'otes. The eight ridings that  polled  the .3957   votes   are repre-  NOTICE.....        y~~~  Row-land, B, C, November 0th, 1900.  To F. B. Samsiiuhy :  Nolico is hereby given tliat I, Willfnm Grlfllths,  intend to claim Llio inleroHlii in the following  named mineral claims formerly huld by F.'H.  Salisbury, on which he has neglected to pay his  share of the expenses of the annual assessment  work.   To wit:  A (ino-half (1) interest in tho "Bunker Hill"  minoral claim.  A one half (J) Interestin tho "Sullivan 'mineral  claim.  A ono half (i) interestin the "Fidelity" mineral  cla'm.  AU the adjoining claims, ituated on the .west  fork of the north fork of Salmon river, in the  Nelson Mining Division,   .  This action is taken under Section 11 of Chapter -15, of the statutes of lSIK) and amendments of  I'M. WILLTAM B. 1 OWNS END.  Agent for'William Griffiths.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNERS  To  Geo. II.  IjAmmi-iis, J. R. Chanson*, or to  any pernon or persons lo whom be may have  transferred his interest in the Harvey.Toy  mineral claim, at-Morning Mountain, Nelson  Mining Division.  You are hereby notified that I havo expended  One Hundred Dollars in labor and improvements  upon tho above mentioned   mineral clam, in  order to hold said mineral claim  under  tho  provisions  of the Mineral Ac, and if within  ninety days from the date of this notice you fall  orrefu-o to contribute your proportion of such  expenditure, togoiher with all costs of advertising, your iniercstiu said o'aim will become the  property of tbe subscriber, under section four of  an Act entitled "An Actio Amend the Minoral  Act, 1900." SILAS H. CROSS.  Dated this 12th day of December, 1900.  LAND NOTICE.  Notice ii hereby given that thirfcv days after  date we, The Corporation of the City of Nelson,  intend to apply to tbe Chief Commissioner of  Land-i and Works for permission to purchase  for the purposes of theCorpOiation, the following  described land in tho District of West Kootenay,  bit.uate on the south bank of Kootenay river,  about ten miles below Nelson: Commencing at a  post marked "The City of Nelson's S. W. corner,"  thenco cast 30 chains, (hence north 15 chains  to the Kootenay river, thence westerly along the  Kootenay river 30 chains, thence south la chains  to the place of beginning.  THE CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF  NKLSON, Bv John Hodston, Mayor.  December 12th, 1900.  sented in the local legislature Ly  nine members; the three ridings  that'*-polled   the   4417    votes   are  represented by three members.  t ���������________���  During the year 1900, British  Columbia produced more mineral  wealth than any state in the Union  west of the Mississippi river, except Colorado, Montana and California. Yet there are people who  still believe there is no mineral  north of the international boundary line.   TO THE ELECTORS OF 1. ELSON:  At tho request of a number of electors, I have  decided lo olFt'r my.elf as a cmdidate for mayor  al the coming civic elections. I have served a->  alderman two years of Iho four during  which tli-* city has been conducting its own affairs, anil my record whilo in the council on the  questions thai are now the mostimportant issues  before the people of tho c.ty i* such as will bear  insp"o'ion.  1 believe that the city has valuable assets in tho  water and electric light systems, and whilo in  the council r did everything possible to safeguard  theso asset**; and if elected mayor no act or vote  of mine wiil be in favor of allowiug any outside  corpoi ate interest to become a competitor with  iho city in the business of electric lighting, a  bti-incsB in which the city has already invested  $70,000.  While in tho council in 1SH7, I voted in favor* of  incorporating a fair wage clause in all contracts,  and that principle was carried out in both letter  and spirit. I see no reason to change my views  on that question now. .And I believe, further,  that with competent foremen and superintendence that tho city can get as good value for the  money spent by having the greatbulk of its work  done by day's labor as by the contract system,  and no good reason can bo advanced why the  cily should not pay the same rate of wages and  work mon the same number of hours as prevails  iu private enterprises. ' ���  1 am inLivorof giving Ihe busines* and property interests every safeguard possible, and to  that end I believe lhe tiro department should be  made as efficient as possible, consistent, wit h the  revenues of the ci'y.  Nelson should bo kept io advance of its rivals,  and everything possible must' be done to induce manufacturing enterprise * to locate here,  for it is tho payrolls _tha(r_]*uild up the" cities of  today.  Nelson, a western city, is as orderly and.law  abiding as eastern cities. This is because the  people of Nelson are tolerant. 1 belioye that this  spirit of toleration should be'continued, and I  will if elected mayor'do no act to abridge or curtail (he rights or privileges of one class of our  citizens merely because another class may have  different views." -  - - -  Tho ci'y Jias made a start in permanent street  improvements, and I am in. favor of continuing  these improvements as fast as possible, with due  regard lo the revenues of the cily.  If elected mayor, lam in a position and will-  pledge myself lo devote my lime to the conduct.  of the city's business.  FRANK FLETCHER.  Nelson, December loth, 1900.  A CARD.  -. *_______** ^^ *  ' * ___0 ���. __*0_J j  .   ��� ������^WE ft   ____Jk~ * *  ���  _^t0m   0^0 *  ���^���__? '<__*'!__*'  a *n^ .^  ���*���_-  * ^_- ���*)  d.  ********************************%���***.  To the Ratepayers op tub City op Nelson.���Ladies and Gentlemen: Having been re-  - quested-'by a number of -friends (ratepayers) in  thi-i city to becomo a candidate for alderman in  the East ward, I may say I have plenty of spare  time on hand, and would be pleased to devote a  portion of it toward altcndiog to your Interests,  .notonly in tho East ward, but throughout the  city generally. Should you deem my eo:vices  acceptable, and honor me with a place at your  municipal boar I, I shall do my best to merit the  confidence placed in me.   Faithfully,  JOHN  PATJTRSON.  aVelson, B. C., December 2ilh, 1900.  ANNOUNOEMEMT-  To the Electors ok the East Ward: A  number of the eleotors of the ward have requested mc to run for alderman at the coining  Wect'on. and I have consented to make the race.  My platform is:  First.���Keep the water and electric light systems to thoroughly efficient that they will yield  a good ielurn (or-the capital invested. =   Second.���The installal ion of an electric power  plant on Kootenay river, so that Nelson will be  in a position to offer inducements to industii-il  enterprises.  Third���All-departments of the cityEhould.be  in charge of thoroughly practical men.     .  Respectfully,       WILLIAM G. GILLETT.  January-ltli,-190l.  ANNOUNCEMENT.  TO THE   Ef.ECTOKS   01"   THK    EAST   WARD:     I  have been requested; by a,niinibe**of.elcctors to  oiler myself as a candidate for alderman in the  Fast Ward, and I now oll'er myself a s a cand klatc.  If elected 1 will do what I can to keep the water  and electric light systems of the city thoroughly  cftlcleiit*��ai]d operated at a profit. I favor the  construction of an electric power plant on Kootenay river. Respectfully,  January 3rd, 1901. JOHN A. IRVING.  ANNOUNCEMENT.  To the Elkctous ok the West'Ward: In  response to urgent solicitation-* from my friends,'  I hereby announce injself as a candidate for  alderman in the Westward. I am in favor of a  progressive citv government, and if electcdl,  will do my best, to keep Nelson in her present position,'of being tlio first city in the interior of  the province.   To that end I favor:  Fiivt.���The installation-of a power plant on  Kootenay river.  Second.���Continuing the permanent improvement of tho streets.  Third.���Making the fire department up-to-date  in every respect.  Fourth���Every possible encouragement, within the means of .the city, to industrial .enterprises.  Respectfully, THOMAS MADDEN.  Nelson, B. C, January 4th, .901,  ANNOUNCEMENT.  to  to  to  to  PREPARATORY TO STOCK-TAKING  COMMENCING  to  to  to  m  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  HOSIERY, DRESS GOODS, SILKS,   TABLE LINENS,   TOWELS,  MILLINERY, MANTLES, FURS  CARPETS, CURTAINS, REMNANTS FROM ALL DEPARTMENTS AT BARGAIN PRICES.  ,*>  ************************ o  CARPETS &. FLOOR OILCLOTHS���  20% Discount during the sale.  WINDOW SHADES-At greatly reduced prices. Bargains in odd  pairs of Lace Curtains.  WEAR���Mens Fleece-Lined  Underwear from 60c each, up.  Bargains in Mens Ties, etc.  Remnants of Silks, Dress Goods, Prints, Flannels, Table Linens, Carpets, etc, at less than Half Price.  ************************  MANTLES���Ladies Jackets, Coats and '  Golf Capes at less than cost.  FURS���Balance of our Fur stock at  25% Discount.  DRESS GOODS. & SILKS���We offer  our stock of Dress. Goods and  Dress Silks at 20% Discount.  Silks for Evening Wear, a large  stock offered at 20% Discount.  SKIRTS-Ladies Ready-Made.from $2  upwards.  BLOUSE   WAISTS���Our full stock of  ,  Ladies Waists at half price.  MILLINERY-AII our Ladies Trimmed  Hats .to clear at Half price.  LADIES COSTUMES-Ladies Tailor-  Made Suits, we will, sell the  balance at Bargain  Prices.  MENS  to  to  to  to  to  . ���.-�������.  to  to  to  to  i��y ^_ -- ^_->     . .^ ^ ^   ^ ^^ ' w-^Stl'  .   ^%< ^^ ��� ^_ftit/*^__ *h^B^ *^~k * ^****-*-** *^k. ��� ^^ *.N_ht * ^--'���H *^*��, * ^^ *^^ * ^tah *^��k * ^������k * * 0t0 " &t* &0 **000* _00 * 00* 00? " 00* _^0 * 000' 00 " ^^* 00 * 0^0* *_.���0 * 00 *^0  -**&(.  321 to 331 Baker Street, Nelson"  American a^d .-.European Plans,  *-���--'���       *' '_________.-        --.-*'  MEALS    25    CENTS  ROOMS LIGHTED BY RLKOTRICITT  AND HKATRD BY STEAM  25 CKMT8 TO *1   pEEN^HOTEL  BAKER STRKBT. NELSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.  Large comfortable bedrooms and  flrsb-olMf*'  dining-room. Sample rooms for oomrnQrotal men.  RATES $2 PER DAY  TVJrs. E. &' Clarke, Prop.  __.TE.OB* THK 'ROYAL HOTEL, OAWARY  Madden Hqus8��^  The onlj hotol In Nolson, that has; rem-lned  onrter one management sUmj. 1890..  The bed-rooms.aro.well furnished and lighted  by electricity.  The. bar Is always stocked b# the best dom ���-  tlo and Imported liquors and olgars. - -  THOMAflMADPBN. ftopftotoy.  SLOCAN JUMCTIOfJ HOTEL  J. H. MoMANUS, Manager  P. Burns & Co.  Head Office at  NELSON, B. O.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in Meats  Bar stooked with bo3t.bramls of wines, liquors,  and Cigars. Beer on draught. Large comfort-,  fthln rooms,   tilrnh-nlag-i tmhli! haw.rn'.  AafcTour Qroeer-  for New  sweet: CIDER'  for Mince Pies.  To the ELKcrpRS^oe* the Wkst "IVabd: 111  cousenliii_ to become a candidate for alderman  in this ward, at Iho request'of a number of  friends, I can only promise that, if eleoted, I will  do mj* utmost to advance the city's best interests as I undorslaiil thein.  JOHN HAMILTON'.  Nelson, January 1,1901.  ANNOUNCEMENT.  To the Electors pi* thr Wkst Wako:  I beg to announce myself as a candidate for  alderman for the "iVost Ward at the coming ci vie  election, and solicit your vote and inlerest.  HAROLD SELOUS,  L      CIDER VINEGA8  THORPE -ifc Cfe Ltd.  hit i*-T__n-ni-rni--iiii iii->iB_iip-��ia*in  R, EEISTEKEfi & GO.  ��� " ���'       y        ���-".  BBEWKR8 AND BOTTLKHa OV  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  Markets at   Nelson,   Rossland,   Trail,  Kaslo, Ymir,  Sandou,  Silverton, <Ne-f  Denver, Revelstoke,-Ferguson-Grand ForkB, Greeawbcd, Cascade City, Mid  way, and Vancouver.  Mail Orders Promptly Ronwarded  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OV ,    .  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLKSALH AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson ��.   C#   TRAVES,   Manager  nnnnwR rv, wait. RWOKi'-'W.nAR'inirTTr. Awn pw/wnp"- i-ummnt*  RO.S.SaL,A_ND   EINGIINEERHVG  WORKS  cunliffe & McMillan  Founders and Machinists, Specialty of Ore Cars, Ore-Bin  Doors  and Ceneral Mining. Machinery.  List of second-hand machinery on hand, which, has beon thorough'j-overhauled and is as good:  as new : *  1 2'-H. P. Locomotive-typo boiler, with engine attached aud all fittings, roady to turn on i-tcam.  1 li"**8" Double-Cylinder Friction-Drain-Hoist, built by Tune:soil Co.  1 Sinking Pump, No 5 Cameron. New York.  1 Sinking Pump, 10"x~"xl3", outside packed plunger pattern.  Watch thi'* adverti-c:nent for further lists, or wiito us beforo you buy for complete list. We  may have just what you -want. ��� .    ,  Agents for Northcy Pumps.   Stock carried.  P._0._Box__98 ��� ���THIRD-AVBN;UI---R03gii.ANI>.-  OUR   FILTWR8  ABK   FILTERS  To drop us a po��t card that.we -may. call and give estimates.  It.saves many dollars.  Never  havo any., plumbing .(tpno until you  have.soon our gooda and. ourl urloes.  OPPOSITE  PsW^*niriB't��-;**n.  STBACHAl* RBOTHERR. PlnmbOTB.  KOOTiENAY....  ValU  T^vW Brawarv at NH|_0n  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Victoria and Kootonay Streets.        I  P.O. Box US. XS&BE-aKONf) NO, 66 1  ; *************.***********  Coffee Roasters  Dealers In Xea anrj Coffee  REILEY&BENOY  SUCCKSSOnS TO  V. p. ASHCROFl')  BLACKSMITHS   AND    WOOD  W0RKcf.-��  EXPERT HORSESHOEINO.  We are offering at. lo-yost.prices the beat,  (jrades'of 'Ceylon, India, China and Japan  Teas, .'���'"'-       *    '-.;'  OurBea', Mocha and Java Coffoo, per '      ���  pound ?!'  Mocha and Java Hlend, 8 pounds..  Choico-BlehdiCoffeo, i pounds .......  SpeciiilJBlehdCoffeo,6.poutde . '*..-  Rio mend:Cofla*e, 6 pounds.'..........  Special; Blend. CeylonTea, per pound  40  100  1 00  1 Oil  1 00  30  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  K-P-��ay mmCO.  Telephone 177,   .  P. 6.50x182.  WEST BAKER ��� STREET, NELSON.;  Special attention given to jll kirds ot repairing;.  andcuBtoiii work from c-.'-ildc points. Heavy  bolts mado to order on Hhoi r-; notire.  Surpassing  Display in  F^li Suitings  iw.iiwiH_inui|Miyj.i  P. J.  Buyer and Exporter of  RAW   FURS  Big-best Price-   ��� ^  Prompt He-urns  Fair AssorLmeiiC  Ship by Express.   NELSON, B. O.  i_NOINEBE8.  /THARLICS PAREBR-Mining and milling, eo-  V^l__-fv. ..TTWWtwaW i  N-lsob. '  All the fashionable creations  in Fall and Winter wear are  included in my last (consignment of Scotch and Irish  Serges, Tweeds and Worsteds, and Fancy Trouserings  E, Sk_i_i_er  Neelands' BuUdlng, "Raker.Sfcreeb.  FRED J. SQ UIRK. Manager.  ARTHUR   GEE  MERCHANT TAILOR.  TREMONT  HOTEL BLOCK.  WHOLESALE TRADE  DERATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  THORPE & CO., LLMITED.-Cornor .Vernon  and Cedar streets, Nelson, manufacturers  ot and wholesale dealers In (crated waters and  fruit syrups. Solo agents for Halcyon Sprlngs  mineral water.  Telephone (JO.       >  ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES.  WF. TEETZEL & CO.-Corner Bakor and  ���   Josephine streets, Nelson, wholesalo deal  ers ln   aBsayers  supplies.   Agents for Donve  Fire Clay Co. of Donvor. Colorado. . *''  COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  HJ. EVANS & CO.-Baker street, Nolnon  ��� .wholesale dealers in liquors, cigars  cement, fire brick and-tiro olay, water pipo.aud  steel rails, and geueral commission merchants.  ELECTRICAL   SUPPLIES.*- ���-  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY & CON-  SI RUCTION COM PAN Y-Wholesale dealors in telephones, annunciators, bolls, batteries,  flxturoa, etc., Houston block, Nolson.  FLOUR AND FEED.  BRACKMAN-KER MILLING COMPANY  ���Cereals, Flour, Grain, Hay. Straight or  mixed cars shipped to all Kootonay 'Points.  Grain elovators at all principal points ou Calgary-  Edmonton R. R. Mills at Victoria, New Wesb-  minstor, and Edmonton, Alberta.  FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  P    BURNS &   CO.-Baker   street.   Nelson.  ���   wholesale dealers iu fresh and oured meats.  Cold stora-to.  GROCERIES.  A MACDONALD & CO.-Corner Front and  ��� Hall streets, wholesale grocers and  <obbors ln blankets, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers,  maokinaws and miners'sundries.  OOTENAY  SUPPLY   COMPANY,   LIMI-  TED��� Vernon   street, Nelson,   wholesale  - grocers. =���_= =   JOHN CHOLUITCH & CO.-Frouti street), Nel-  .  son, wholesale grocors.  f Y. GRIFFIN & CO.-Front street-, Nelson.  u* wholosalo. doalors in provisions, oured  meats, butter and eggs. '  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  HBYERS& CO.-rCornor Baker and Josephine  . ��� streots, Nolson, wholosale dealors In hardware and mining supplies.' Agents for Giant  Powder Co.  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE    COMPANY  Baker St.,  Nelson, wholesale   dealers ln  hardwaro and mining supplies, and wator and  plumbers'supplioii."  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  TURNER, BKRTON. tt CO.-Cornor Vernon  and Josophlno streets, -Nelson; wholesale  dealers ln liquors, olgars and dry goods.. Affent-  for Pabst) Brewing Co. of Milwaukee and Cal  gary Brewing Co. of Calgary.  POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTON POWDER COMPANY-Baker  street, Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite,  sporting, stumping and black blasting powders,  wholesale dealers ln caps and fuso, and eleotrio  blasting apparatus. >-  N1  Large stock of high-class imported goods.  A.  specialty of the eg-iara   ahoalder^.tba latest I  fashion Jn coate. ��  SASH AND DOORS.  -ELSON SAW AND PLANING MILLS,  LIMITED-Corner Front and Hall Stroeta,  Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers  ln sash and doors; all kinds of factory work made  to order.  WINES AND, CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA    WINE  COMPANY,    LIMI-  TED���Corner Front and Hall streets, Nel-.  son, wholesale dealers in wines (ease and bnik.  ,��nn dnrnfl*'Mi-i. n.T>a* "nritiwiWV ol_n.rH.     anti-ohinese; resolution;  Pursuant to resolutions adopted at a regular  meeting held on Saturday evening, December  8'ind, 1900. all roembera of ^ elson Minpr.s' Union  No. 96, XV. F. M., are requested to use every  legitimate means  To Discourage the-Employment or  Patronizing of Chinese  directly or indirectly. All union men <*ndotlie,i-3  who believe ia making thisa white man'.') o '.uVi-  try, are requested t'ocoopei'iito in giving effect lo  tlieaforesaid lvsolution. , Br order,      ���  NHL30V MINERS'   UNION.  Nelson, December 22nd.  The above resolution has been ondorscd b- the  Trades and Labor Council of .Nelson, and all  union men, and otheis in sympathy with it, aie  requested  to govern   iliemselvos   accordingly.  Bv order,  TRADES & LABOB COUNCIL OF NELSON  Nelson, December 22ud.  ARCHITECTS.  EWART &  CARR*-**���Architects.   Rooms  wid fi Aberdeen bkwk, Bf,k_r stroet, Naboa. ,���._!_��� _.����* rtjrf- jf*0_\ I  *"*** * -r.r'sgj-ii.l  THE TREBTOT; NELSON B. C MONDAY JANUARY 7 1901  Uffi: OP MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up... .$12,000,000.00  REST  /*? UNDIVIDED PROFITS       427,180.80  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...Presidont  Hon. George A, Drummoud Vice-President  K.S.Clou8ton....  Geueral Manager> **j>jj*g   BANK   OF  BRITISH  COLUMBIA.  NELSON BRANCH  Corner Bakor_and_Kqotona;  y Streets.  H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  Branohes ln London {England) Nkw Yokk,  Chicago, and all the principal cities in Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Kxohange and Cablo  Transfers.  Grant Commercial and Travelors Credits,  available in auy part of the world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Mado, Eto.  THE CANADIAN  BANK OF COMMERCE  WITH WHICH IS A.MA 1.(1 A MATED  HEAD OFFICE:  TORONTO.  Paid-up Capital,  Reserve Fund,  88 000.000  $2,000,000  ACGRECATE RESOURCES OVER $65,000,000.  Savings Bank Branch  OUKRKNT KA'l'K OK* INTKIMtt*.  PAID.  SHiULinniWESjOW,  GREENWOOD   MEW-  WANT   FREE  TRADE   IN   GAMBLING.  This is Said to Be the Chief Issue in  the Approaching Municipal"  Election.  DIRECTORS:  Hon. Geo. A.* Cox, "    Robt. Kilgour,  President. Vice-President.  \V. U. Hamilton    M. Lkooat   .Ias. Ckatiibun  John Hoskin, Q.C., LL.D.  J. XV. Fl.AVKI.l.K   \V. E. 11. MaVSSKV   A. Kinoman  0. E. Walker, J. H. Plummer,  General Manager. 'Asst. Gen. Manager.  A. II. IllKLAKI*.  Chief Inspector and Superintendent of Branches.  London Office, 60 Lombard Street. B  S. Ca.mkhon Ai.kxa'ndkk, Manager.  New York Office, 16 Exchange Place.  Ai.kx. LAim* uiuMVm. GltAa', Agents.  O.  Imperial Bank of Canada  HEAD  OFFICE. TORONTO.  Capital Authorized  Capital Paid up  Rest  82,600.000  $2,458,603   $1,700,000  D. R. Wilkle, General Manager.  E. Hay,-;Inspeoter.--  * ' :���  Nelson Branch���Burns Block, 221, Baker Street  '     J. M. LAY; Manast-.   * "1  Greenwood, Jauuary 0.~[Speeial  to The Tribune.]���Interest during  the past week was lagging in municipal politics until yesterday, when  it became known that the Greenwood Licensed Victuallers' Association were about to take a hand in  the.game. The association is i'nan-  cially and numerically strong, for a  place of this size, and its members  believe that its combined vote and-  what thoy could control, thrown  one way or the other, may mean  the election or ..defeat of a candidate.    The meeting held  yesterday  ' attho Hotel Armstrong was largely  attended and unanimous. ��� After  its close the members for a time  were silent as  to  its  objects-,  but  ' finally the .correspondent of Tiie  TmBUNK was informed- that the  gathering was held lot* the purpose  of discussing the civic election. A  resolution was passed that a circular'should be sent, ai'tei'-uomiuation  . day,,to each of the candidates for  municipal honors, ln this' letter  candidates w ill bo-flatly asked to  express ' themselves , as to their  opinion whether this city should  be ru"u-*as an-open town," "similar to  C rand Porks and Phoenix, or not.  Bluntly it means will gambling be  allowed or not! The hotel men  poiut to the fact that other places  are run open, while this city for  nearly a year has been subject to  the dictation of a board of license  commissioners, which one day allows open gambling, and the next  forbids it*. This state of uffairs was  notorious early in the 3*_ar,.-\vhen  one Mike. Doneen, a Spokane  gambler, came to this city with a  complete outfit of roulette wheels,  and for a monthly -consideration  obtained from tbe city what was iu  reality a monopoly on the gambling       privileges,       and V* hotel  ���menlackingthepull���could^notruu  any gambling devices without practically getting "Red Mike" to install the machines. Then "the howl  went up and public gambling ceased.  Tlie consequence, license holders  claim, is that money is being diverted from Greenwood to other places  where gambling is . allowed, and  they say unless this state is remedied, miners and other who should  by reason of its location make this  city their'rendezvou.**, go elsewhere.  At tho same time they are adverse  to allowing au outsider to have any  special monopoly of the games of  chance, and desire that all should  be treated alike. Well, its up to  tho future officeholder to say yea  or nay to the circular. \  The deal whereby the ownership  of the franchises held by the Greenwood Electric Company and the  Greenwood & Phoenix Tramway  Company has passed into other  hands" means much for this city and  the district at large. The assurance  has beeu given out that that 'portion of the tramway line between  Greenwood and Phoenix is to be  built this year. When completed  the line, tapping as it will the  camps of Wellington, Phoenix, Sum -  mit and Dead wood for the ore tonnage, must become a strong rival of  the- Canadian Pacific railway. It  will lessen the cost of carrying ore  from the mines to the two smelters  on Boundary creek, and mine-Owners will bo thankful accordingly.  ;The route between this city and  Phoenix has already been surveyed,  and the tramway scheme 'pronounced practicable. Its construction and equippmenfc will cost not  less than $1,000,000.. ���-..������ ....:. ;  Auother big undertaking is also  on foot. Application is to be made  at the next session of the provincial legislature for a charter for a  company   that   proposes    among  -other things to drive a tunnel from  BRANCHES OF THE BANK IN CANADA  Ontario.  AVU>.      '  ,   (ITTAWA   . v  l'AKltll"  Pa k'is    " ���  llUI.I.KVll.t.l"  r.wti'iiu.i,  liKKI.I.V  Pin-KKBOKO  ill.l'.MIIEIM  Port 1'kkkv  lSl'ANTKOItU  ST. C'ATIIAltlN'ES  CAVUflA  .S A UN 1A  CHATHAM  Haui.t Stk. Mauie  COI.I.INOWOOD  SKAl-OItTH  DlfESI'KN  SlMCOK  DUNIIAR  .Sl'UATKOKD  DUNNVIIXK  Sl'KATHKOV      r.  Fort Kkances  Toronto (8 ofllccs)  Gai.t  Toronto Junction  (iODl'RIOH  Wai.keiiton  GUP.1.1'11  Wai.i-rrvii.i.k  Hamilton*  Waterloo  London  Winusok  Ouanoevii.i.k  Woodstock  Quebec  Manitoba:  ISlON'l  UKAL  WlNNIl'KO  Yukon^Dlstrlct -.  Dawson "    White' Horse  British Columbia:  Atlin -Nelson;  Cranhrook New WIcstmi.vstkh  Fernie    - *   Uosslanij  Greenwood Sandon  Kamloops Vancouver  Nanaimo Victoria  IN THE UNITED STATES:  New York*, N. V. Seattle, Wash.  San Ii'i-anoisco, Cal.     Portland, Ore.  Skagway, Alaska.  Bankers in London���The Hank ot Scotland;  Messrs. Smith. 1'iiyno & Smith*.  Hankers in New York���The American Kxchange  National Dank.  Agents in Chicago���The Northern Tinsl. Company. f _-���  Agents in New Orleans���The Coiiiniorcial National Dank.  SAVINGS BANK  DEPARTMENT:  Present  rate  snap has enabled the doors of the  rink to be thrown open at last,  muck to the delight of its patrons.  From present indications the  attendance at the rink bids fair to  exceed that of last season. So far  no hockey club has been for,med,  and it, is doubtful if Greenwood  will have a team this winter, though  there is "some talk of a Boundary  hockey team being formed so as to  participate in. the league matches  with Rossland and Nelson. If such  is to be.the case P.O. McArthur, of  Phoenix - will doubtless be the  captain.  After much persuasion on the  part of the Phoenix. Board of  Trade, the Canadian Pacific railway  have installed a passenger. service  between Eholt and Phoenix. A  coach is attached to the ore train  and comes down from Phoenix to  meet the east-bound regular.. main  line train, returning with passengers  from the west-bound. " To, those  bound for Phoenix it means the  saying of much time, as heretofore  passengers were forced to travel on  to Greenwood and then to take the  stage to the end of their journey.  The new Presbyterian church  was opened for public service today.  It is a commodious frame structure.  Corrected. Returns.  Kamloops Sentinel.  The following  are  corrected  returns of the  election held in Yale-  Cariboo .for member of' the.- Dominion hoifse of commons :     ''"  Inlerest.  allowed   on   deposits,  three percent.  GRANGE  V.  HOLT,  "Manager Nelson Branch  a point ou Boundary creek to tap  the ore deposits of Phoenix camp at  depth. Phoenix is situated at an  .-elevation 2025-feetabove the creek,"  and such a tunnel.would ouly have'  to be driven some 10,000 feet iu a  straight line to be under the center  of the townsite of Phoenix. Hal-  latt&"Shaw are solicitors for the  applicants,, .whose names they refuse to divulge.  Local mining operators are feeling quite buoyant over the outlook  for the new year. They point to  the fact that the close' of 1900  brought with it.an evidence on the  part of outsiders to become interested in tho district by reason of  the numerous options and bonds  secured in the closing months of  the year. Certain it is that the  blowing in of the-two new smel-  -ters,-now-^i'apidly-nearing_cqmple*L.  tion, will stimulate property "'owners, at least near by, to get their  holdings iu shape for shipment.  This effect is already appreciable  in the resumption of work ou.such  claims as the Emma in Summit  camp, the Ah There in Deadwood  camp, and the Yellowstone iu Skylark camp.- There need be little  fear that either of the local reduction works will suffer from lack  of ore. When tho Greenwood  smelter starts operation its bins  will have not less than 8000 tons;  and ore could now be, received at  tho pyritic smelter were it not that  lack .of timber has "delayed the  building of the ore spur into the  building. Merchants, too, report a  marked improvement in trade,  especially with the surrounding;  camps.  Snow has been falling quite  heavily the past few days and  sleighing is now-in order.   The cold  Kast. Lillooet   West Lillooet   Cariboo "   North Yale   West, Yale   East i ale ."   Revclsloke Hiding..  Koesland Hiding   Slocan Hiding   Nchon Biding   Southeast Kooleimy  Nor.heist Kootenay  Totals   Galliher.     m    iu  ....:. 11*3   .*{.'()    1CI    385  22!)  ".'.".'. m    221    1112    21.-i    151!    314(1  Foley.  li  8  18  7*_*  ���It  ](J0  1ST.  8-^8  ,->74  am  '������27  (tt)  2(118  McKane.  47  4��)  K*o  :*48  170  ���291  271  -     487  2111  33'  178  02  258fi  Shipments- to Trail Smelter.  Trail News. '**"  Following are the "ore shipments  received at the Trail smelter from  the different shipping mines for the  week ending January .5th:  Tons.  -Viiilr- ' :..   SH**.  B. .C  <��.->*  Payno  128"-  Bosun ..,.    20  Enterprise      IS  Kaslo      i)J  Sullivan  SOSi  Iron Mask .'  214  Centrc Star.... 2(!IU 1  Total*..  .4237'  TRADES   UNIONS.  JTELSON: MINERS'. UNION.NO.  96, W. 1?. ii*  -Meets in miners' union rooms, north  east corner Victoria and Kootenay streets, everj  S-turday ovoning at 8 o'clock. Visiting mem  bars welcome. M. K. Mowatt, President. .Tamo"  Wilkes," Secretary." Union.Scale oh* WaGK��  for .Nelson District���Por shift, machine  men, $3.50:,liamuiersi*ien miners, $3.2o; muckers,  carmen, shovelers and other underground laborers, $300. .'::"-������.' ���-.'.:.'     '  TRADES AND LABOR COUNCIli���The regular meetings of the Nelson Trades and Laooi  Council will beheld In the miners' union hall,  oorner of-Vlotoria and' Kootenay streets, on the  -_r'st=and=third=Thursdayiof=e_ch=;month,=!,_1_  7.30 p. m. G. J. Thorpe. Presidont. J. H. Mathe  eon, Secretary. ......  THE regular meetings of the Carpenters' Uniot  are held on Wednesday evening of each  week: at 7 o'clock, in tho Miners' Union hall cor  nor victoria and Kootonay streets. Charles  Clayton,. President.   John MeLeod, Secretary.  ARBERS' UNION.-Nelson Union, No. l'W, ot  tho International Journeymen Barber s Union of America, meets every first and third Monday of each mouth iu Minor's Union Hull, cornor  t ���"*  [ly  atfend.   It. McMahon, 'vesldnnt ;��� J; H.- Mathe-  dayo  ofVi.  ictoria and Kootonay streeta, at 8:30 p.m.  sharp.    Vi8itintr  brothers cordially inviteai to.  son. secretary-treasurer; J. C. Gardnor, recording  secretary.       '"* ';' '���"-"���''  BRICKLAYERS AND MASONS' UNION.  'The Bricklayers and Masons': International  Union No. 3 of Nelaon meets second and fourth  Tuesdays in each'' month ut Minora Union hall,  J. W. Etchor, president; Joseph Clark, recording  and corresponding sobretary.  ABORERS". UNION.-Nelson Laborers' Pro  teotiveJJntont No. 8121, A. F. of L.,'meots in  LAND  NOTICE.  Notice is heroby given, that thirty days after  date 1 intend to apply to the chief c intnissioncr  oMan<"s and works for permission to purchase  the following described lands about two miles  west of the City of Nelson: Commencing at a  post marked W. J. Beaven's S. K. Corner Post;  planted at S. W. corner post of H. Selous' pu --  chased Lot 605, Group 1, on the high water line  on the west bank of Kootenay river,the"conorth  20 chains, thence west 20 chains, thence south 20.  chains, more nr less to the high wattr line on"  norrh bank of Kootenay river, tnence following  the meanderint*; of the aforesaid river in an easterly direction 2ij chains more or less to point of'  commencement. Containing 32 acres more or  less. ��� '   ���   ������������-W. J. BEATEN.  Dated at Nelson this 24th day of Lecember, 1000,  LAND LEASE NOTICE.  Notice ia hereby giv'on.that within pixty days  after the datd of this notice, I intend to apply to  ihe assistant commissioner" of lan-is and works,  at Nelson, for a lease of the following described  land, for the purpose of opening up arid working  >atone quarries, situate nbout two miles in an  easterly direction from the City of Kaslo, West  Kootonay I'istrict: -......���  Commencing ata po��t planted on the lake shore  marked " J. A. iCnauf's N. XV. corner,' running  thenco east twenty chains; thence south twenty  chains; thence west twenty chains, mora or less  to the lake shore; thenco north along the lake shore  to the polnt'of commencement; and containing  forty acres more or less. J. A.- KNAUF,  Dated December 19th, 1900.  -���     bwbavc? _iaauaa, aaaa. oaaj, a, a-, ua aa., aaauubs aaj  Fraternity HaU, Oddfellow's block, corner of Band Kootenay streets, c "  ) p.m. sharp. Visiting 1  can   Federation   cordially invited   to attend.  ity      .     .   _. . ._._..  kor and Kootenay streets, every Monday evening  at 7:30 p.m. sharp. Visiting members of the Ameri-  '.James Mathew,. President..  cording'secretary.-.  John Roberta, re  NELSON PAINTERS' UNION-The  meeting "of the  Painters'  Union  rtr   rogulai  is held  w  ���c*,'^* *������-���-. ���i5_r*> ���*���*���-*-, -^-* ���^���^�� ���^���^�� ^���<^�� ^T"^*- ^���'^���^* ���*-*>���  .^.'sy'tyj^ ���^���^ ���SSJv^ ��^v^ ���S����^ ���J^��__=3*.-l___.��',==i -L&. r<?_" ' *  ���^*=S-<��'cO *<^Z>jC^Z> ***"!_"><_""> *C_><^_? ':~Z_'~_> <Zj>*t^><__3_^_< <3fc:*3( a  1Jt  _mrMt_x__r-i  .HERE IS AN OFFER WHICH WILL  STAND FOR ONE WEEK.  iOi  The New Raymond, Cabinet, Sewing Machine  The New Raymond, Drop-Head, Sewing Machine  The Wheeler & Wilson, Cabinet, Sewing Machitfe  The Wheeler & Wilson, Drop-Head, Sewing Machine  The Domestic, 7 Drawer, Sewing Machine     -  The Standard, 7 Drawer, Sewing Machine -  The White, 7 Drawer, Sewing Machine -  These machines are guaranteed to  be  in  first-class  order.     These  prices,  Nelson, stand good until the 5th day of January, 1901.  JACOB   DOVER  The Jeweler  BAKER   STREET,   NELSON.  ���>*���--?  ' ��_*���> ��� ��"_*������ ��_"*- * ��_"> __*"-���  ..I  r  a-^-'l  _:Cjn3|  \.rsA  - 5    SiSSf I  -a3��Sl  "-"MI  * t *s|  - i&i  *.."*��� i  : ** -i r  t_4 ��� ^_**�� ��� t_.  *<   '*B?I  y?l  *-���'!���* I  ELECTRICAL rVjACHINERY  Transformers  Telephones, Bells  Annunciators, Lamps  GAS AND ELECTRIC FIXTURES  HOT WIRE ARC LAMPS  FOR INCANDESCENT CIRCUITS.  CLING SURFACE BELT DRESSING  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES.  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC  SUPPLY & CONSTRUCTION C0.I  Nelson, B. C.  THE  Mansfield Manufacturing Co.  NELSON,  B. C.  ,fc*t          Builders and  Contractors  Having* taken over the business of the West Kootenay Bripk &  Lime Company, Limited, of Nelson, I be? to ask for a continuance  of the patronage which you have heretofore extended them!' My  aim will be at all times to supply you with our produets at lowest  possible prices. Being* in a position to manufacture goods in larger  quantities than, before, we shall be able to supply the trade at a  lower figure.  _ _" '  ^It-is-our-lntentlon-to-lnstall-maehlnery-to-manufaeture-our-  marble products,"and next season we shall be in a position to supply  these products at reasonable rates.  We, shall ali$o Jceep on hand a stock of Fire Brick, Fire Clay,  Tiles and Cement.  Our. Bricks and Lime, Rock have taken the First Prizes at the  Spokane Industrial Exposition in 1899 and also this year. We also  secured prizes last year and this year for Ornamental and Building*  Stone.'...  are prepared to offer special rates to Contractors  and  We  Builders.  ERNEST MANSFIELD,  for tbe Mansfield Manufacturing Company.  Successors to  The West Kootenay Brick <�� Lime Co., Ltd.  ���anal  Slocan, Nelson and Kossland Ridings  of West Kootenay Electoral   ~  District.  Notice is horeby given Unit a Court of Revision  and Appeal, under the provisions of tho "_\.asch_-  ment Act," will be hold us follows :  Court Houae, lvatlo, B. C. Wednesday, 9th Junu-  ary, 1901, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon.  Government Agent'n Office, Nelson, B. C,  Thursday; 10th January, at 10 o'r'ock in tlio  foienoon.  Government Agent's Ofllce, HossUmd. IJ. C,  Friday, 11 Lit January, at 10 o'clock in the  fo-enoon.  Dated at Nelson I his 19th day of December, 1900.  JOHN   A.   'H-KNI**!'.  Judge of Court of Revision and Appeal.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  Council wiihin fk months after tho date on  which thH By-Law nhall-tako effect and shall  kefp the tame in continuous operation thereafter, reasonable dclaya on account of accidents  excepted.       -   *   -    '  8. The Company shall in the exercise ot the  i ii-hts and privib-ges hereby granted opera'e lis  said syotem and maintain the t-aine in such manner as tho Ciuncil may deem necessary for the  protection of the persons aud property of the  public. ���   *  9. The Company shall be liable for and sV all  indemnify the City of Nelson for all damn--*en  aiisiagoutof the construction and operation of  its said system. *" "  10 A contract embodying tho provisions hereof and covenants on the part of tne Company to  conform to and fulfill nil tho matters and provisions hereby lcquired of it shall bo drawn and  s**ull be executed ���>> the City of Ntlson and the  Company vithin**t��o months after the date on  which this By-Law -shall take efl'ect. y *���  -  11.- This By-Law shall -take,effect nnd be of  force on and after the 28th dayof Jannary.'1901.  12. This By-Law may be ci-.ed as the "District  Telegraph Uy-Law No. 85."  -" %' NOTICE. '      '    \     '  Take notice that the above is a true copy of-,  the proposed By-Law upon which the v te of tho  el clor-iof the "Municipn'i'y will be lakeo: For  the East Ward at the.CHy Police Court, on the *  eail side'of Josephine stieet, between Bjkornnd '  Victoria stroets; for tho VVes. Ward at the oftlco  of tlieE-ccluqucr Go'.d _fmlng Company, on the  north side of Baker street, between ;_tanley and'  Kootenay streetH, in the City of Nelson, on Thurs  day, l he  seventeen! h  dny of t January, instant,  between  the  hours  of   8  o'clock  a.   m. and i  o'clock p. in. ���" J. U. STRACHAN,  City Clerk.  Nelson, 13 C, J.muary 4th, 1901.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  V���-"SI  . *ff  '    .���>"���_  yH  ���I'M  * *r-*S:l  "*.'*'i!>~i/|  * ;-^* >?  "* rz-gi  r~K_\ *���**��� ���  * *> *' 2**^ I  ,   -���***r^-,rtr'|  -; *-*tl  1 ':3\  '   V*WI  PUBLIC NOTICE.  _B~Z--I--*-~-  NO.   85.  m$^mmm^ saw & flani^g mills  Limited.  COOKS' AND "WAITERS'.UNION-Resular  meetings oh. lhe second'and fourth Ilium-'  days of. each nionthV at 8 o'clock in Miners' Union  ;hall. Visting brethorn'cordiaUy-.invUed. C. F.  Boll, president \ ' J. P.. .Forestall,"' secretary  'treasurer.'*"' '��� ���"���'-��� ���'���'-' ---:. ���'-'     ������*--��� ���'���*���   ���  PLA8TERKRS' UNION-The O. P. I. A. Np.  172, meets evory 'Monday'-' evening in  the  Elliot block, corner Baker and Stanley  �� o'clock.  .J." .D   ��nm��,   u.*opldont:  Vice, secretary. P.- O. Bo*c CIO.  Greets, at  William  'FRATERNAL   S00IETIE3,  NBLSON LODGE. "NO. 23, A. F. & A. M  Meets second Wednesday In each raontsb  . Sojourning brethren llivited. ���  NIGHTS OP PYTHIAS- Nelson Lodge, No  35, Knights of Pythias, meets In I. O. O. F.  HaU, corner Baker-and Kootenay streets; every  Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. Visltlnst Knlghte  oordinlly inviteai to attend. F.J. Bradley, C. C;  J, A. Paqiiette, K.'of R. & S.  NELSON L. O. L., No. 1C92, meets ln I. O. O. F.  'Ball, cornor Raker ana Kootonay streeta,  iHt aud 3rd Friday of each  b:etho**" cordially Invited.  M,  month.   Vigltina  W. AV. Bradley. W.  \. Minty, Rocordlng-Sporotary.  F.NGLaVND���Nelson's  Queen   No.  Kegular meetings of above are held on  SONS OF  ��� 241���Kegular meetings  1st and 3rd Wednesdays in each month, at. 8 p. m.  Installation ot officers at.next meeting; Wednesday, January 16th, at which alt members and  visiting, brethren are. cordially. requested to  attend. John' Watson, secretary; Edward MeLeod, assiet.nt secretary. .      .  We apfli prepared to Furnish,  by Rail, Barge or Teams :.  DIMENSION LUMBER  ROUGH and DRESSED LUMBER  LOCAL and COAST CEILING  LOCAL and COAST FLOORING  DOUBLE DRESSED COAST CEDAR  RUSTIC, SHIPLAP, STEPPING '  PINE and CEDAR CASINGS  DOOR JAMBS, WINDOW STILES  TURNED WORK, BAND-SAWING  BRACKETS, NEWEL POSTS  TURNED VERANDA POSTS  STORE FRONTS  DOORS, WINDOWS and GLASS.  Get Our Prices .before  purchasing' elsewhere.  OFFICE: CORNER HALL AND FRONT STREETS.  | FACTORY: HALL STREET, C. P. fi. CROSSING.   MILLS: HALL STjREET WBABP;  A Py-Law granting to the Elect lie   Oet-patdi  "Me'-hcnger Company, Limited, the rlghr~aml  privilege of c-corcislug, operating and inuin-  t.uning a Disnict Telegiaph and Messenger  Sjstem ani Service iu the City of Nelson:  The Municipal Council of the Corporation of  the Cily of Nehon (her-inafier called "'the Council"), in couunl as sombled, i nacts as followh:  1. Subject to the fiiltlllmoiH of the turnip, conditions nnd provisoes hereinafter contained,  which terms, conditions and nrovlsoes and tho  due fulfillment thereof aie tone taken as conditions precedent to the enjojincnt of (tie light-',  powers ard privileges hereby granted, the said  Klectiic Ilcpatch Messenger Compatiy, Limited,  and its successors and ns-jigus (hcrcinri'tcr called  the "Coiiionny") aro'hereby granted tho right  and piivllegeof erecting anil iiiaiutAining polos  subject to tho direction of tho Council and of  Htriugiiig, stretching, laying, inalutaimiiu. repairing and operating wires, cables and conduits  over, under, upon, along and across Mny and all  t-treets and lanos of the City of Nelson, ami of  constructing, equipping, operating and ni'tin  taining a District 'I olograph aiid Messenger System and Service in the Ci'y of Nelson.  2. The said Company shall erect and maintain  such poles, and' string, .stretch, lay and maintain  such wires, cablesnml conduits in such a innnner  as not to interfere with the full and unobstructed  use of tho streets and lanes of said City, and  shall place such poles at such points and shall  stretch bitch wires at such heights us shall be  properly designated hy tho Council of the said  City of Nelson., Such poles shall bo neatly  dressed in a manner satisfactory to the Council,  and shall not be less than :io feet in height above  street grade and shall be painted as directed by  tho Council.  3. It -"Bull be. lawful for tho Council at any  time to give the Company leave to string lis  wires on any poles, or iti or along any conduits,  belonging to the said City of-'Nelsoii, upon such  terniR or conditions (if **nny' as may from time  to timo bo agreed upon. '.���-������- *������':"  4. Whenevcr.it shall bo noocessary for tho  i-aid Company, in constructing, repairing, altering or operating such system, to break or dig up  or in any manner disturb or interfere with any  street or- lane, it shall without delay put sucti  s*roetor lane In as good conditiou as it was before it was so broken, dug up, disturbed or interfered with, and it shall forthwith "remove  from such street or lane all surplus oarlh, stenes  or rubbish or other material resulting therefrom.  5. Whenever any person, flriri or corporation  shall have obtained lawful authority from' the  Council to remove any building, structure or  edi0co through or across any stieet or lane of the  said City of Nolson, arid the wires of the Company shill obstruct,:prevent or'inttrfero with  such removal, the Company shall within twenty-  four hours after notice In writing from the Council or the City Engineer remove "or raise such  wires eo as to allow aii'unobjiructed passage fur  such building, structure or etiflce.- -.  K. Whenever it shall be nece-'Sary, in grading,  removing, altering or otherwise working upon  any street, lane or: sidewalk of the rhid City.'-to  remove any pole, polos, cables, conduits or wives  belonging to the Company, tho Company sha 1,  upon' receiving twenty-four hours' notieo fiom  the Council, remove* such pole, poles, cables,  conduits or wires: and if the Company shall neglect or refuse so to do, such pole, poles, ciibloi*,;  conduits or wires may be remove l by the Council at the expense of tho Company, such expense  to bo recoverable with costs from the Company  in like manner as municipal taxes.  7. Tho Conipany shall commence the construction of such District Telegraph and Mo-sengor  System-within two months and shall have tho  eatti. in' operation to the satisfaction off the  Public notieo is hereby given to the Electors of  the Municipality of the City of Neleon thht I  require tho presence of said electors at tha  council chamber of the city office ou Josephine  street in the said cit/ on Monday, the fuurtecuth  day of January, 1901, at 1. o'clock noon, for tho '  purpose of telcciing persons to repicscnt them i:t  the municipal council as mayor and a'dermen.  The candidates shall be nominated in writing,  the writing shall ho subscibod by two voters of  the municipality as proposer and seconder, and.  shall be delivered to thu returning officer at anytime between the date of this nonce aud 2 p.m.  of iho day of tlte nomtuation, and in the event of  a. poll being necessary such poll shall be opened  on Thursday, the sovenieenth day cf January,  1901, at the . jllouing places, viz:  -For the Kast Ward nt the cily police court on  tho eastsid<sof Josephine street, between Baker  and Vlcoria streets, and '  For tho West, Ward at the office of the E-c'  chequer Gold Mining Company on the nor.h side  of Iiaker t-treet, between Stan'oy 6ireet ant  Kootenay street, and such poll will bo opened at  8 o'clock a.m. and kept open until I o'clock p.m.  on the mid seventeenth day of January, l'W I, of  which every peison-is heieuy require, to take  notice and govern himself accoidingly.  The   qualifications  by   law   lequired   ta   bo  possessed by the candidates for tho olllcv-s above  ~mentioned .iiu as follows: ���   Fur mayoi such pcr-ons as aro male British  subjects of the full age of twenty one je_w. and  are not di-qualitled under uny law, and have  beeu for the six months next pieceding the day  of nomination the registort-d owner in the Land  Itcgistiy ollicc of laud or ical property in tho  ci y of tho assessed value on the last municipal  assessment lull of one thousand doll'iis or more  over and abovo any tegist-red incumbrance or  charge, and who .ire olherwhe duly qita'iflcd as  municipal voters  I'or uldormi'ii, finch pernonsasaic mile British  subjecta of tne full age of lu only-one -,cars, and  ard not di.iquali'led under any law, and nave boon  for the six months next, preceding th i day of  nomination the registered owner in tho Ltnd  ltnglst.ry ot lind orrea! propi-rty in tho city of  the 'tisesKud value on the list municipal assei.-  ui'Mil roll of Ave hundicd dol'iirs or more over  and above any registored incumbrance or charge,  and who are othc wise qualified as municipal  voters.  Given under my bund atNelson, in tho province  of Urillsh Columbia, the fourth dav or January,  1001.       J. lv. STRACHAN, Returning Otilcer.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  APPLICATIONS WANTED.  Tho undersigned has been anLliorized hy  resolution nt the city council to ask for aopllca-  tions for tlio position of chief of the Firo Deparr,-  ment of the City of Nelson. Applicants will  stuto ago, nativity, experience and where,  whether married or single, and give recommendations from chief of department where  now employed and from underwriters. Murk  applications: "Appication for Chief of Fire Do-  partinont." and address  J. IC. STRACHAN, City Clerk, Nelson. B. C.  Dated January 2nd, 1S01,  Notice  of Application to Transfer a  License.  <-l  Notice is hereby given that I intend to apply  nt tlie next Bitting of the Board ot License Commissioners of the City of-Nelson for permission to  transfer my retail liquor license, for the premises  si'utita* on the east, naif of Lot 4. Block 2, in tho  Ciiv of Nelson, and known as the Grand Hotel,  to Gus,tavu-* Nelson. JOHN BLOMBERG.  Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 3rd day of January,  1001.  Witness: Thomas Symi*s.  Notice  of Application to  Transfer a  "" ---License.       �������� ������**������������������'���  Notice is hereby givonthnt I intend to apply all  the next sitting of the *Bodrd_of. License Com-  miij���onoT_ ot tho City of Nelson for permission  to transfer my retail liquor license for the promises situate on tho west halt of Lot 1, Block 2, in  the Citv of Nolson, and known as tho Glue Pot  saloon, to Thomas Sproatt.      GUs*. NELSON.  Dated at Nelson, B.C.; this 3rd day of January,  lstoi;   -  Witness: .Iohn Blombero.  ������___���^���'.���'  ���     ' .  NO. HOE.  All parties having olalms against the Nelson  Trades and Labor AEaarnbly will present ttem at)  once for payment.--���-*�����,*''������ -,-��� -: ������.. ���>-. ->v ;.  J. H. MITHESON, Sycret iry. ���me i-RiBtmE: neslson, b. o., Monday jAattA&Y i im  "* -���~- ,_���_��������� niTn'i "i" ft".  rm^^_^rf^_^'yr_\__r^Tt  ��^��������fiSBB^ftft^^frMfc*������fc 1T1���__. _*��i j,r '  ���**���_������     f  I!   -.   '-  If. "-'"-  V  I'  N*  PERFUMES  ./_____   ME LATEST ODORS, IN THE  BEST FRENCH AND ENGLISH MAKES  They Make  Handsome  Presents.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  VICTORIA  BLOCK,  NELSON  .. FMeform Clothing..  LEADS  IN  PUBLIC  FAVOR.  Keep this in mind.when buying your Winter Suit.   We ���  are now carrying a complete stock of Fit-Reform makes  and can ensure satisfaction.   See our magnificent lines  of fancy vests.   The very  latest in style and pattern.  The Nelson Clothing House  217 AND 219 BAKER STREET, NELSON.  from 75c to $3.50.  For the balance of this month we are offering special reductions in  Carvers, Ladies Companions and Nickle-Plated Copper Ware.  Lawrence Hardware Co.  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Lethbridge Gait Coal  The bast value for the money ln the market  for all purposes.  __rmb oabh     W. P. Tibrn-Y, General Agent  TfllBBhmin 1��7.    Offlnn wif-h O. D. J. OhrluMi,.  'jp-_a-g_b:!e3 jei s  Tenders wanted for packing  machinery and supplies from  Seaton Lake to the Lome Mines,  in the Lillooet District.  For particulars apply to  LESLIE  HILL,  Managing Director,  WJii.es Exploration Ltd.  P. 0. DriWasr 749, Vancouver, B. C.  iowsst, or ai_> tender, not necessarily accepted.  Ward Bros.  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  Agents for J. & ��J, TAYLOR SAFES  Bogustown)   Fairview   Addition.  CAIVJBLE & O'REILLY  Baker Street  REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE  .     .    AGENTS"  FOR .RENT  G-roomed house and bath, together with kitchen  range, complete with hot and cold wator, Observatory street, magnificent viow; rent. Including water rate, $23 per month.  5-roomed house, corner Cedar and Carbonate  streets; $20 per month.  5-roomed house, Hume Addition ; .515 per month.  4-roomed cottage. Gore street $12.50 per month.  9-roomed house, corner of Mill and Hall streets;  ~$30pcr month, from 1st November.  Rents collected.   Loans mode.  Agents for British Columbia Permanent Loan  &. Savings Company.    O. D. J. CHRISTIE  General Broker  FIRE INSURANCE  ACCIDENT  INSURANCE  Agent for the Canada Life As3uranco Co.  For Sale  fi Room House $*2,l"iO.0O  2 2jrFoot Lots on Robson street     W 0.00  1 50-Foot Lot on Koliflon street     350.00  For Rent.  7 Room House %'XS.W  I! Itooui House   -<>���&>  5 Room Hourc   15.00  A Oround-Floor Ofllce   25.00  - Sec my list of Real Estate.    MONEY TO LOAN  AT 7 PER CENT  ON BUSINESS PROPERTY  And- tt. Ta, TaTmvNOX. BnHollmr. tVi-lpnn *fl.  f  CHJNApl  A Multitude of   .. ..-���  ... SENSIBLE GIFTS ...  Nothing is better appreciated as a  holiday gift than some neat article bf  Crockery or China, or some choice  piece of Glassware for the dining-  table. It is always in use, and a cojir  stant reminder of the donor's thpught-  fuiness. See our stock of bouse furnishings, just opened.  McFarland & Brockman  First Door West of C. P. R\ Offices  BAKER STREET.  The Cabinet Cigar Store  G. B. MATTHEW, Proprietor. ;  Headquarters for  "CARAMEL"   "POMMERY"  "SMILAX"   "VIRGIN   GOLD"  Bmol-lng and Pipes.    _  CITY LOCAL MEWS  All the hockey players are requested to turn out to tonight's*  practice. After the game a meeting will be held for the purpose of  discussing the program for tlie next  few weeks. Tlie hockey men wish  to secure games with Rossland,  Greenwood, Sandon, Itevel_toke and  other outside clubs. The material  .available for a local team is excellent and a strong seven can be  turned out.  A couple of large mountain lions  are prowling about the Highland  mine, annoying the miners and  making it unsafe to venture'"'out  after dark. One of the men recently  met a conger on the wagon road  and claims that the animal was of  enormous size. Another chap was  treed by the pair, but escaped. Apparently this is an excellent opening  for some of Nelson's big game  hunters.  The appeal in the case of Lanagan  vs. White recently tried in Washington has been decided in favor of  the defendant, and ah application  to reopen the matter was refused,  making the victory for the defence  complete. The defendant is Bruce  White of Nelson who is identified  with P. Burns and W. J. Wilson in  Washington mining properties. The  suit involved the title to a quarter  interest in the Happy Thought  mineral claim near Bossburg.  Herbert L. Fuller ton, a -well-  known commercial man now representing a coast firm, has arrived in  Nelson and purposes making this  city his permanent headquarters.  Eventually the company may  establish a warehouse here.  -Alderman Wilson returned on  Saturday from the Boundary country. He states 'that business " is  steadily looking up; and that the  commercial and mining interests  are" looking forward to a prosperous  year.  The level of the lake, is some  inches above the point reached at.  this time last year. Heavy rains  and thaws In December raised the  water considerably and the effect  of this has not passed off. yet..  The opening of the boating season will probably see the addition  of at least three launches to Nelson's mosquito fleet. Work on captain J.- W. Troup's -launch "is progressing, the first coats of paint  having been applied and the flooring commenced,  ' George Roy, superintendent of  the Silver Hill mine, is in the* eity  having a badly torn hand treated.  On Saturday morning a young cat  ran amuck in the boarding -house  and attacked one of the dining-  room girls. Mr. Roy grasped the  feline by the neck, whereupon it  clinched its teeth through the fingers of his left hand. The cat was  killed before its grip could be released. The wound has been cauterized, and is exceedingly painful.  Born: On Saturday, the wife of  S. Y. Brockman, Hume addition, of  a sou.  V. Anderson of Revelstoke is a  guest at - the Hotel Phair. Mr.  Anderson is assistant roadmaster'  _for"thre"e"ro'ain"Ji*;ie^"divisions:"of-the-  O. P. 11. and has been spending several weeks along the Northern  Pacific aud Great Northern roads  for the purpose of studying the  methods employed ou the big  American roads and tho condition  of the employees. His conclusion  is that the C. P. R. men are as well  off as any of the railroad men over  the line. The scale of wages is  about the same, considering the  cost of living, and while the Americans have less work to do for the  same money than C. P. R. men,  they are much more liable to discharge when a superior official has  a favorite to place.  C. A. Bell of Montreal has arrived in the city to take the post  of traveling auditor on the Kootenay and Boundary divisions of the  C. P. R. The company will now  have two auditors traveling on the  division, Mr. Bell's colleague being  Mr. Miller, who is well known in  Nelson.  ""The contractor on the K.-W.-O.  block expects to have the building  completed from top to bottom by  February 1st, or earlier. The top  story, on which most of the work  remains to be done, is divided into  28 rooms, which will be let en bloc  for living apartments.  "The-public schools resume work  for the miflwinter session this  morning, and after a- day or two,  when the process of arranging  classes anew is completed, the  work will proceed in the usual  routine. St. Joseph's school also  recommences work today, and the  classes will be held in the old building, pending the completion of the  new school.  The hew engine  P. R. depot is now  and the facilities  building are. very  house at the C.  in constant use,  afforded in the  welcome to the  engine crews which have had ex  perience with .the old building that  was erected to accommodate four  locomotives at most. The new  building is modern in every respect, and with the addition of the  machine shop, to be erected in the  spring, will be thoroughly equipped,  in every department. The coal  pockets now under way will then  be completed.  Henry Fry Macleod, of the law  -firm of Galliher.$ Wilson, has been  requested to go to Victoria by attorney-general Eberts, in order to  make himself acquainted with the  routine work of the land registry  office. Mr. Macleod was an applicant for the position of registrar  of the Nelson land registry office,  and the request to go to Victoria  can only mean that he is to receive  the appointment. Mr. Macleod  leaves for Victoria tonight.  On Saturday, H. S. Forrest, Dominion railroad inspector, went over  the Balfour extension with J. G.  Sullivan, C. P..R. engineer. Both-  gentlemen went through to Trail at  night. Yesterday a further test of  the uewslip'..at Procter was made;  and the final "trial is to" be' made  shortly.   ��� -   ' ������  The directors of the Nelson public library-have made arrangements for the holding of a fancy  dress carnival in the skating rink  on Wednesday evening, January  9 th. A band will be in attendance  and refreshments will be served.  The directors are anxious that all  who attend shall go in costume in  order that the success of the carnival may be assured. The admission fee for those in costume is 25  cents, and for those nob iu costume  50 cents. .'.    ,..,,,       ,  Another shipment of 100 tons of  ore from'the London. Consolidated  property, the Silver Hill, arrived at  Nelson on Saturday.   This is the  second shipment since the sleighing  commencedi'ancl is the first installment   of   the' 3000  to   5000   tons  which   the,-company   proposes to  ship this winter.  - At. the regular meeting of the  Nelson Miners' Union, held on Saturday evening, ib was  decided to  hold a ball at>some date yet .'to be  fixed.        _1__]_________  May Supply St Paul's Pulpit.  Rev. Dr. Wright of Portage la  Prairie occupied the pulpit of St.  Paul's Presbyterian church again  yesterday.' He has applied to the  general assemblies committee on  the Twentieth Century fund for  leave to remain hi'Nelson, and. in.  the event,pfaan affirmative answer  will take the]''pulpit of St. Paul's  during Rev.'. R. Frew's leave. of  absence. .Dr., Wright has been  working under the. auspices of the  Twentieth Century fund committee  for tlie past few months with  marked success. The million dollar  fund has been more than raised,  but the original idea is not quite  accomplished**, inasmuch as more  than the estimated percentage has  been applied;.on local debts.   The  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Cellar to Rent���Apply The Royal  Bank of Canada.u *a .'    '-" - * :  To'let���FiVi-nished' rooms "in Car-  _ney_bloek._Reasohable rates. . -____=   Cash paid ��� for scrap iron,* brass  and copper.   Nelson II"01" Works.  If you want to buy or sell anything go to the "Old Curiosity Shop."  For     Sale    Cheap���New    cabin  handy to smelter.' Apply to George F. Mot;on,  at Nelson Wine Company's store.  -  Hack   calls  left at   the . Pacific  Transfer barn on Vernon stroet. Telephone  call 35.  Wanted���A white porter; must  bo steady; good wages. Apply Athabasca  saloon.  For Rent.���Two fine offices centrally loca'ed. Apply to A. H. Buchanan, Bank  of Montreal.  Two large, well-furnished rooms  to let. 1 and 5 Macdonald b'.ock, corner Josephine and Vernon. ^ _  "New   lot   just   in."���For   fresh  randies, fruits, nuts, etc., call at the Bon Ton  Confectionery, Baker street, Miss A. la. Klmk-  wltz. ...  .,, .Wanted.yFreemilling gold properties In British Columbia; Andrew P. Kosen-  berger, Nelaon, B.' C. Phone No. 101, K.-W'-U.  block. ��� ..., ��� ....... ������.:..    .    * ; .  To Rent or For Sale���Residence  of F: W. Peters''"Will rent furnished* for two  months or sell. Apply to H. A. Langford. tramway ofllce. ... :..  For Sale ���Contents of two-room  flat (down town) furnished compile for housekeeping. (. hance'for man and wife. -Addrets,  Furniture, Tribune offlco.  Lost���On I Silica   street,   in   the  neighborhood of postoffice, pocketbook conta'n-  in sum of money.- iReward for return of same to  G. A. Chipman, Box-6.1.        i.  Removed y A.    Gee,   merchant  tailor, has removed to larger premi-*es. Jle now  occupies a'"-.tore in'! the Tremont Hotel block on  Baker street.''Give him a call.  Prospectofev having    promising  mineral claim's���afa-jfrequested to call at The Prospector's Kxchange," Nelson, B. C, room No. 4,  T-.-W.-C. block.   Phone No. 104.  For Sale���Profitable hotel business and real estate, known as the IRoyal hotel,  corner of Stanley and Sil'ca street. Apply to  Johns & MeLeod, Royal hotel, Nelson.  For sale���Lot 10, block 17, 30 foot  frontage on Victoria street, two houses on  property. Price $2800, terms easy. Address  Frank U. Graham', care of Matheson & Graham's  barb r shop.  To Rent���Five-room cottage, new,  well finished, all modern conveniences, 2J blocks  ea��-t postoffice, ��25 per month, including water  rates. Apply. J. It. *Vlat_oso)-, at Matheson &  Graham's barber shop.  Miss Von Der Werth���Clairvoyant, palmist and card reading. Gives advice  ou commercial business aud mining; remiies  unhappy lovers and broken-up families. Room  1, over Thomson Stationery Company.  -jw  IEEE.   B"3r_E��J_RS  <fe  oo  _ST"E3XaSO"l*sr  _3T.__.SI_0  S-A._r*T_DO_Sr  STOVES!   STOVES!   STOVES!  HEATING STOVES, COOKING STOVES, AND STEEL RANGES  Sole Agents for tlie Original Cole's Hot Blast Coal Heaters  SEE OUR GUNS AND RIFLES  HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL KINDS OF AMMUNITION  Storo. Cornor Baker nnd Jcsephlne Stro e  TELEPHONE 27  church desired to have .$600,000 of  the million dollar fuud free for the  purpose of stimulating the various  departments of denominational  work, and of this sum almost  $500,000 has been secured. The  committee has until the end of the  year to make up the balance and  hopes .to have its canvassing campaign concluded by May next.  Rae'a Rink Won.  A lively curling game took place  at the rink on Saturday night, the  outcome being as follows:  R. C. Campbel-John'ston G. C. Hodgo  S. M. Brjdges J. Bunyan  F.J.Bradley P. Archibald  Dr. Armstrong, skip, 11 ,T. Rae, skip, 12  PERSONAL.  .*, J. Roderick Robertson is back in  Ndlson, after making a business trip to Victoria.  E.  E.  Phair   left   yesterday   to  spend a week or two at the coast.  Frank Robbins of the North Star  mine is registered at" the Hotel Ph-iir.  H. W. Power of Kaslo is "at the  Queen's Hotel.  O. E. and W. M. Perkins of Winnipeg, are at the Tremont Ho* el.  Northrop Fowler of Now York is  a guest at tho Hotel'H nme.  Dr. P. E. McLennan is ill, at the  general hospital.  Removal Sale  We are removing to our new-  premises, but can fill all orders  entrusted to us during the next  ten days.  Canada Drug & Book Co.  - Limited.  B.   J.   CURRAN  is out for Alderman  West Ward.  VOTE FOR  HIM  . Thank You.,  LADIES'TRIIPED HATS  Endless Variety  And Prices to Suit.  mrs. e. Mclaughlin,   JOSEPHINE STREET.   THE GRANVILLE SCHOOL  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver.  Boarding and Day School for Girls. Will reopen January 15th. Terms moderate. For term l  and prospectus apply to  MADAMOISELLE KERN, Principal.  MUSIC.  Mrs. D. B. Murray, graduate In vocal and Instrumental mu��io. is now prepared; to receive  pupils for .Instruction in voice culture, Italian  method, also piano and organ. , -t; .���-..-  ' For terms and farther particulars'apply room  5, A. Macdonald'building.'corner Josephine and  Vernon street.'  THOMPSON ^ DOUGLAS  Victoria Street.  Docbrfttijrs. and  Paper ~*Bansers.  LOST!  A (Fur Mitt, on January 2nd.  Finder will be rewarded by leaving it at the Royal Hotel, or  notifying   y::       -J..N. PIER,  fo Railway contractors  ��� Bida^wili bo received hy the-'Undersigned for  the cahstrufition-of-a W harf and Transfer SHo  at Lardo.West Kootonay. B. <J , and also for the  furnishing ot 80,000 Track Tie��, or a lo-*ser nun>  bpr nt- tho option of tho company. Plans, speon-  calions,'and forms of tender will be furnished on  application, or may bo oxamiued in my office.  Bids must be received in this offloe not later than  12o'olock.oiiTuesday, January 15th, 1901.  The lowest or  nny   tender  not .necessarily  accepted.           (3^^)      j. G. SULUVAN. '���.'  Trail, B.C., January 3rd, 1*301."  .."._.  It Counts in Results  BUTTER 0  sS_E-tMl  The particular housewife wants  the best materials for her cooking:  Mice Sweet Butter  Good Fresh Eggs  are our specialties. They ensure a delightful freshness in  all you cook, and attractive  daintiness when it is served  on your table.  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  The Leading Grocers.  Telephone IO ������ , ��� 185 Baker Street  .._6^^��_5_a_S ^ "-ft *<2 ^S ���^_ytyj*** *"������ *"������ _]��� __��� _?��� _*?���_?��n_."_'sr.  _9^'0-0'0'0-0 '0 -0 -0 -0 ���jmf^ffa-f^'. "C*- �����  ��"��� S*- ff*- ^*at-��aS->aa_.*V^:  If ^1*^ w  flf ^1*^  I The Right Impression  *\  m  m  m  &  m  m  ft  *\  m  m  toy  m  There is a great difference of opinion as  to the right -way to advertise, so as to  - make an.impression upon the people. We  think we have hit upon the proper method  by, advertising, values such as cannot be  secured elsewhere in the city. In addition  to the bargains we offered for the first  four days of our great stock-taking sale  we would call attention to the following :  Ladies Tailor-Made Suits  Wo have sold many, but our stock is .still larger than we care lo  carry. If you want a real cheap one, sco our live dollar line, originally 316,50* or a good swell one of excellent miteihil, nicely  tailored and well finished, regular ��20.00 suit, now oflered at $3.50;  or tho monarch of our stock, which we sold at J30.00, now sadly  . disposed of at $14.50.  Ladies Underskirts  We are determined to clear these out at any sacrifice. To do this  we are offering regular 50c skirts at 25c; fancy striped, good wide  skirt, regular prico 8*2.60, now offered for $125; metallic fancy'  mercerized skirt, regular 85.00,. now offered at "52.00; watered inor-  oen underskirts, shot effects.jyitb^fancy.tnck ruffles, ipgulur price  ��� **tr50, now offered at $2.00; black sateen'skirts, lined, with Annuel- ;  ctte and trimmed' with piping, regular price ?1 75, sale price 90c;  - colored_satin_skirls_w'illi_fanc}'_tuckedJrun1es,_regulaji_S7.0P_fojr^  $100;  taffeta silk  undeiskirts, made in  new  shape, good deep  flourcc, trimmed with silk braid, offered at great bargains.  tt.  m  m  m  m  >t>  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  *\  m  f.t\  m  Ladies Top Skirts  Good heavy navy blue and black serge, regular price $0.00, Fale  price $3.00; superior quality ladies top skirts, lined with linenette  nnd velveteen hound, regular price $9.00, Fale price $5,00; lustre  skirts, with applique trimming, regular $G.50, sale price $3 00.  Men's Underwear  We have been cutting these prices from timo to time, in order lo  clear, but we still have a few good lines of good all-wool, ranging  in price from 81.50 to $3.50, whicli we ure selling ut exactly half  the regular price.   ',  Come with the Crowd and Secure Some  these Great Bargains.  Martin  O'Reilly <&  Co,  ���m  m  ���w  m  m  %  m  _.w  of*  m  ��__-e__\___.  ��� ��� ���  -at Great Discount Prices  OVERCOATS offered at from 10 to 25% Discount.  NOBBY WINTER SUITS, AINWool and Serges, at  from 10 to\25% Discount.  ''.'    ***    . '   I   I '���*!    '<    .��� '.    I     .    .    ''   '������'."  Always willlnp to snow {Joo4a  No trouble.   Every Garment Guaranteed.  THEO.   MADSON,   Baker Street.  JAMS  BLACK   CURRANT  RED CURRANT  STRAWBERRY   ..  RASPBERRY    .., ..  Put upJn*J5jl> Tins by the  TORONTO  BISCUIT & CONFECTIONERY CO.  Houston Block.  Telephone 161.  P. O. Box 176.  JOHN A. IRVING _ CO.


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