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Over the Fire Insurance Tax.
"^"~ A special meeting of the city council
was held yesterday afternoon for tlie
purpose of deciding what action should
be taken with respect to the collection of
the tax upon firo insurance companies
doing business in the city in the face of
the companies throat to add fifteen per
cent upon new policies and renewals in
event of tlie tax being collected.
The matter wa. inti educed by the
reading of a legal opinion from the city
solicitor lo the effect that the city had a
legal right to collect tlie tax, and after
this a long di-cu-sion ensued between
mayor Neelands and aldermen Beer, Kirkpatrick, Hillyer and Kletcher of tho council and II. R. Cameron, A.G.Gamble,A. R.
Sherwood and C. I>. J. Christie as the ic-
presentatives of the insurance companies.
Alderman Hillyer was tlie first to express himself. The matter of the tax had
been discussed in tho council a great deal,
and he was in favor of collecting it.
Alderman Beer thought that tlie present difficulty would not have presented
itself had the council accepted the compromise which he had offered several
months ago of making the tax $.*>0. Having decided upon $100 the council -mould
collect it.
Mayor Neelands thought J**! 100 was too
much.    Jle was in favor of a $25 tax.
II. U. Cameron was asked to addtes.s
tlie council. He said that if the tax was
imposed some of the companies would
pay it but others would not. The chief
matter for the council to consider, in his
opinion, a\as the effect of collecting the
tax, wliich would mean an inci ease of lo
percent upon the premiums on new business and renewals.
A. R. Sherwood came next. lie justified the action of the companies in increasing the premiums as an offset to the
tax upon tho ground that sovcial companies doing business in the city did not
Avrite insurance freely, and they could
not afford to pay $100 Avhen their premiums did not aggregate more than $300
or $400 a year. Tliese small companies
were necessary because a few companies
Avould not cany all the insurance in
II. 1.. Cameron Avas asked Avhat the aggregate insurance carried in Nelson A\*as
and replied that speaking roughly it
amounted "to $1,,"500,000, aud that it
Avould average up three per cent in premiums.
From these figures alderman Fletcher
made a calculation and then a.sked Mr.
' Cameron Avhy it was that the companies
proposed to increase insurance by $6750
when the companies Avere only called
upon to pay $2000 iu ta^es ?
~Mr. Cameron in reply said that he Avas
willing to concede that tho charge Avas a
little high. lie Avas also aware that the
big companies could pay tho tax of $100
and make money out of it by tlie collection of the increased 15 por cent upon the
Alderman Beei said ib avjis evident that
the council would have to arrive at .some
basis. It could not be denied that tho
council had backed and filled upon tlie
subject in amaijr.er which Avas nob creditable to it. If a tax of $50 Avould be a
saii-jfactory compromise the council could
consider it, bub there could be no doubt
but that the opinion of tho council was
thai some tax should he collected.
Alderman Hillyer dissented from this
A.ew. He Avas iu i'aA*or of tho $100 tax
and no com__romlse.
Alderman Fletcher leminded the council that they could not get over the resolution of the Vancouver board of fire
undeiwi iters. The statement Avas made
- that-the premiums Avould-bc increased by-
fifteen per cent. This meant that the
companies proposed to take $0700 out of
the insured in return for the $2000 wliich
the city AA'ould got in the proceeds of the
tax upon the companies. The companies
certainly had the big end of the stick.
Alderman Fletcher asked Mr. Cameron
Avhat had been done in the case of Revel-
stoke, where a $25 tax had been imposed
upon the companies, and was informed
that in tlie case of Hovel-toko it had been
decided to add five pel1 cent upon tho
Alderman Hillyer asked the insurance
men why there was so little difference
betAveen the rates in Nelson at pi'esent
and formerly Avhen tliere Avas piactically
no protection agaiu-t fire.
A. It. Sherwood'.s answer to thi- was
that in the early days business AVas conducted rather loosely and the boaid of
undei-Aviiters Ava*. not properly constituted.
Alderman Fletcher Avanted to know
Avhy the tax avas not collected last year
and alderman Hillyer replied that the
matter A\"as deferred owing to a piomise
from the insurance companies to treat
the town fairly.
II, It. Cameron replied that there
Avonld h.ave been considei able reductions
in the rates and they could still be secured if the city had a chemical engine, a
lire alarm system and a paid fire brigade.
Alderman Hillyer replied that the present brigade Avas efficient and that the
city Avas paying eighteen good -men. The
city also had a bettor Avater system than
most'of the coast cities, but these things
were not considered by the fire insurance
Mayor Neelands asked the insurance
men if the companies Avould object to a
tax of $25, and Mr.  Cameron in  reply.
said that he conk. _ (ot ansAver for  the
After some further discussion the insurance niqn Avere asked to retire. When
they were gone alderman Hillyer and
Kirkpatrick expressed themselves tis in
favor of collecting the tax as it stood.
The former moA-cd a resolution to this
effect and the hitter .seconded it.
Aldei man Fletcher thought the matter
should be delayed until the insured could
be consulted.
Alderman Beer said he did not Avish to
A'oteagainst alderman Hillyer's resolution,
but he thought it AA'ould be avcII if the
matter amis deferred foi a AAreek. He asked
the moA'cr of the resolution to AvithdraAV
it, but this alderman Hillyer declined to
do. The matter had been before the
council for eighteen months and should
be disposed of.
Alderman Fletcher then moA'ed in
amendment that action upon the proposed
tax be deferred until the next meeting of
the couucil. This AA'as seconded by alderman Beer. It Avas a tie vote and the
mayor declared the amendment carried.
A resolution Avas then moA'ed and
earned appointing J. K. Stiachan returning officer and E. A. Crease deputy returning officer for the approaching municipal election. The A'ote in the East Avard
"will be taken in the Scroggs' block on
Josephine street, and for the "West Avard
in the office of the Exchequer Gold
Mining Company.
It Avas decided to lay a sidewalk on
Stanley street, in front of the Hudson
Bay block, to tlie depth of the lob.
A communication from D. MeBeath <fc
Co., respecting money held by the city
upon their sewer contract, AA'as referred
to the city engineer.
The folloAving is a statement of the receipts and expenditures of the  corporation for the month of November :
lid! citato t,i\_s   .
Klcttnc lijjbt l.Ucs
W.itei 1 piles 	
i'oiito touit lines
Sower lale" .        	
Miscellaneous . . .
lto.idt.ix.     .
Ilo-c tax
Jim ml permits and lots
Supplies sold    • .    .
(,o\ eminent giant
Health dopiulmcnl
Weigh sciic. . .   	
-ol.il . .    .
i"ne derailment - ,
Coin cudpiii'l'iicnt -.
Crinlii-gnpd .tat toner.
CnhlK. building-, and f*_0'inas
*-**-_xi con-iti ii-tion        _ .. .
So wot nlaint. n,tiH i1
KleUi.e Iijjlit construe lion
Klei (nt liprht niiiiiiloEtniiio
Water»oiks lonstnu t_pn
W,Uo(.\.otk*> maintenance.
simois . .      ...
Weif.li -cults
I'oL'l .   ...
§ ">"> 10
.   I'--)') 7'l
lte') Sl
_t)2 ".)
118 .'■>
112 111
07.) 00
.    J2S 00
2 00
0 00
.    .      II 10
7Mi ■)*>
.    .  .
..  ,         098 00
.      .      1. 00
§um o_
^    2->9 SO
Sit :o
,   ..        1-1) 17
..    .
11 70
.          p     .
8 ».
*.               .
.     1.S73  id
«l '.)
(. -'Xi .>.
I0.S 60
0 411 hi
l(ll  10
1_S 7pS
.s,ll/*7- 11
Destroys Hotel and Monastery.
Hoaik, December 22.—A terrible disaster
took place thi-* afternoon at Amalfi, the
popular tourist resort on the gulf of Sal-
ci no. About 2 o'clock an enormous rock,
upon AA'hich stood the Cappuccini hotel,
slid bodily into the sea "with a  deafening
roar, and without a moment's warning,
carrying with it the hotel, the old Capuchin monastery below the hotel Santa
Calern, and several villas. Mauy people
-were-buried—in -the-debrisr which sank-
four ArC3.elb to the bottom of the sea, destroying their crews. The mass of earth
which slipped was about fifty thousand
cubic yaid-.. The population is in a state
of terror, fearing fiesh calamities.
Troops ha\"0 arrived on the scene and
commenced rescue Avork. It is belieA'ed
that the loss of life is heavy, including a
number of monks and the occupants of
the hotel. As yet it is impossible to ascertain lhc exact number.
Amalfi is a small, but lively town of
7000 inhabitants, situated at the en-
tiance of a deep ravine, and surtounded
by imposing mountains and rock.*, of the
most picturesque forms. The Capuchin
nionasteiy Avas founded in 1212 by cardinal I'ietro Caluauo, for the Cistercians,
but came into possession of the Capuchins in J,jS3. The building Avhich stood
in tlie hollow of the great rock, that rose
abruptly from the sea to a height of 230
feet, contained fine cloisters and a charming A'erandah, and offered magnificent
point*) of view. The town is mentioned
for the first time historically in the .sixth
'•entury, when it enjoyed the protection
of the eastern emperor*.. In the tAvelf th
century the sea began gradually to undermine tho loAver portion*, and a terrible
inundation in 1313 proA'ed still more disastrous.
No Authority to Eecruit Men.
Lieutenant Beer. Nelson rille company,
has i eceiA'ed a reply fiom the district officer commanding in regard to his offer to
supply men from Nelson, for the second
South Africa contingent. . The D. Q. C's
message read: "No men -authorized' as
yet." Mr. Beer has received a small sheaf
of letters from military enthusiasts in the
Kootenay."', Spokane, and other points
who desire to join the new regiment.1
And Master of the Situation.
I_oni_ox,   December   22.—A    dispatch
from Cape Town, dated Sunday,  December   17th,   saj's that general Methuen's
primary object in  crossing  the Modder
Itiver appears to haA'e been to establish
searchlight communication Avith Kimberley, Avhich is believed to be still  on full
rations.      The   Avater   in   the   mines  is
plentiful.    On the other hand, in spite of
tlieir usual tactics, it is considered probable that the Boers have been compelled
to assume the defensive, the commander
having arranged  for  the  disposition  of
forces,  and is anticipating difficulty in
maintaining food supplies in the position.
3Joreover, it is said there is a growing de-
she among  the  Free  Staters  to return
home, which is testified to on many sides,
and may tend to precipitate au action.
In spite of the delay of general
Methuen in advancing, he is regarded as
largely the master of the situation, and
his entrenched position is believed to be
unassailable. In the event of the Boers
attacking Kimberley, general Methuen
Avould be enabled to make a counter
move with his artillery and cavahy.
Consequently, such a moA'c on the part of
the Boers, it is said, is not contemplated.
It is apparent, therefoie, that to make
haste sloAvly is the truest policy at present.
Loxdo.v, December 23.—The Lisbon
correspondent of the Daily Mail, discussing the Boer importation of food,
ammunitions of Avar, etc., by Avay of the
Portuguese port of Lauren/.o Marquez,
says: " Portugal is undoubtedly doing
her utmost to check the transit of Avar
material for the Boers through Delagoa
bay, although Great Britain would do
Avell to make a demand for greater
watchfulness." Portugal, liOAve\rer, is in
constant terror of a Boer raid on her
African possessions and cannot stop the
passage of volunteers for the Transvaal.
Advices from NaaiiAvpoort describe
everything as quiet there, and the only
fresh news from Arundel concerns the
Aveather, AA'hich is excessively hot.
If Properly Defended,
Loxoox, December 23.—A correspondent of the Associated Pros*, at Modder
river, under date of December 17th, describing the changes in the art of Airfare, says, " It would be almost impossible
to take such a position .is Magersfontein
by assault. The modern battle, owing to
the length of rifle range, Avill last nix
days, Avhere formerly it Avould only liave
lasted a feAv hours. The Boer trenches.
al\Avays provide safe means of retreat.
They are very wide and deep
aud are casemated at intervals, allowing
the concentration of defenders at
any giAen point Avithout danger to themselves. The British here are anxious that
the Boers should attack them, aud the
belief is prevalent that treachery is
largely-responsible for the underestimate
placed on the Boer forces by the cavalry
The Chieveiey correspondent of the
Standard, who attributes the Avhole disaster involved in general Bailer's defeat
to the mistake of colonel Long in taking
the artillery too close to the river, says:
"Colonel Long iired for 90 minutes, and
simply exhausted his ammunition.'
. How Lieutenant Roberts Fell.
Loxdo.v, December 23.—The Daily Telegraph has a special from Chivcley, dated
December 10th, Avhich tells Iioav lieutenant
Roberts, son of lord Roberts, fell at
Tugela River. It says: "The horses of
the 11th and 0(ith batteries had been
killed, and lieutenant Roberts, captain
Schofield and captain Congrove of the
Rifles attempted Avith gunner A'olunteers
to drag out the guns. Captain Schofield
succeeded, helped by a corporal and some
men. Lieutenant Roberts Avas hit badly
by a shell. Captain Congrove Avas struck
repeatedly and wounded slightly. After
a while captain Congrove, captain Foster
and major Baptie brought lieutenant
Roberts from the open into a little ravine
wheiehelay hidden from the enemy's
ten ible fire.
Fourteen gunners aud fourteen men of
the Devonshire regiment Aveie Avith colonel Bullock Avhen the retirement Avas ordered. These men AA'ere with isolated
parties of DeA'onshires and Scots Fusiliers, together Avith some of the Queen's,
and Avere cut off and captured. Many
fought until late iu the afternoon; a part
of the Irishmen running the gauntlet of
the Boer Mausers from hiding places
along the river bank. At 5 p. m. forty
Boers approached the ten abandoned
guns. One espying colonel Bullock, captain Cosgrove and tlio others in the
ravine, called upon the British to surrender. Colonel Bullock declined and then
called upon the little party to shoot, although his men only had fifteen rifles.
The Boers retired and a parley ensued.
Then a hundred Boers rode up to Avithin
a few yards of the parley, but colonel
Bullock SAVore he would not be taken a
prisoner, Avhereupon a Boer knocked him
down Avith his lifle butt. Afterwards
the enemy gaA'e our Avounded water and
cordials. Then, having taken all tlieir
arms, ammunition and field glasses, they
let them return by our ambulances. Colonel Bullock, colonel Hunt, major Walter
aud captain Goodwyn "were taken prisoner.*.. Tlie Scots* Fusileers lost nearly
two companies captured."
its iiidiA-idual support. This statement
Avill afford mighty little comfort to the
Turner party Avard-heelers of the camp.
The heiwy thaw of the past day or so
caused some dangerous slides to come
dow n.
Ontario advices are to the effect that
ex-senator AVarner Miller litis secured a
Canadian license for hi-*, company in that
province to operate throughout the
Dominion. The subscribed capital is
placed at the enormous figure of $7,000,-
000. The company's holdings in the
Slocan country are numerous and valuable, and have all been secured since the
labor troubles commenced. They htiA'e
made it a practice to pay 10 per cent on
tlieir bonds, and to perform work on as
many of the claims as possible. At present
they have 81 men on tlieir payroll, wliich
number will be increased. The con_.].any
finds no haidship iu A\*orking under the
eight-hour laAAT, and the amount of the
capital showing is eA'ideuce that worthy
business men are not scared aAvay from
the camp by a bug-a-boo.
New Avorking-. have been opened up on
the Bosun ground, just above the No. 1
shaft, Avith the alleged purpose of tapping
the big ore chute Avhich AA'as last .summer
uncovered a few score feet aAvay on the
Fidelity claim. Though in but 10 feet or
so a grcau deal of ore has been taken out,
the full bieast of the tunnel being in ore.
There is no doubt but that Avith the
labor trouble settled, the neAV Bosun company could make a shipping record almost
equal to the Payne.
To Receive Joubert's Release.
Loxdox, December 22.—The following
dispatch has been received from Lorenzo
Marque/., under date of December J 7th,
regarding Winston Churchill's escape
from the Boers: "Mr. Churchill Avrote
general Joubert on December 9th, asking
to be released on the ground of being a
Avar correspondent. General Joubert ou
December 13th replied that Mr. Churchill
had been detained because he had been
leported as a combatant, assisting an
armored train to escape. Jle added that
Mr. Churchill AA'as unknown to him personally, but he Avould accept his assurance that he AA'as a non-combatant, and
would order his release. The order
arrived at Pretoria ten hours after Mr.
Churchill had escaped, leaving behind
him a letter expressing gratitude for the
treatment he had received."
And the Ladysmith Garrison.
Loxdox, December 24-,—Belated South
African dispatches throw no light upon
the present situation at the seat of Avar.
Tliere is uo confirmation of report that
Ladysmith could hold out seA'oral Aveeks
longer, and it is feared that thi- report
Avas circulated by the Boer, for their oavu
purposes. Jt is hoped that Winston
Churchill, having arrived safely at Dole-
goa bay, a.ill soon be heaid from regarding the condition of affairs iu the Transvaal, as he must have obtained much important infot mation.
A Cape Town dispatch, dated Sunday,
December 17th, reports that commandant
Diederichs of the Boer forces, Avas killed
in a recent engagement, but no details
are giA'en.
Ciirvioi.KY Caaip, Natal, Sunday, December 17.—The camp Avlnch_uas pitched
to~~tlie~left~of~~the~position taken up by
the union brigade, Avas shifted from that
point thi- morning to Chivcley. The
Avounded are being entrained for Pictcr-
maritzburg, Most of the A-vounds are in
the arms or legs. Doctor TroA'e.% i.s operating on the wounded. Sir William Mc-
Cormack attended at tiie railway platform, and several assistant .surgeons are
giving eA'ciy attention.
Milloy in the Toils Again.
'Pat Milloy, "who Avas acquitted of a serious offence by judge Forin oti Thursday, 'started in to celebrate his happy release with deep libations and avouihI up
in the police cells charged Avith disorderly
conduct. He was assessed $10 or thirty
days at,yesterday's police court.
The Outlook for the Future Good.
Nkw Di'.wi.!', Dccembei __2.--_\-a result of the vote*, taken !a-L .Saturday
night by the lull attendance of the
miners' unions in the camp, particularly
at Sandon, the delegation from tlie mineis
haA*e been in conference during the A\eek
with the repic-eniatives of the mine-
owners. No definite conclusion has yet
been ai rived at, so far, at least as the
genoia! public is permitted to glean.
Theic have been various riimois of a settlement, but they are Avithout foundation. The compromise offer from the
OAvners Avas $3.2-5 for hand-driller*-..
R. F. Green, M.l\P.,for the Slocan divi-
-ion, Avas here on Saturday tind Sunday
eliciting the A*iews of his coii-tituents as
to the needs of this vicinity. Chief
among these were urged the Silver mountain Avagon road and the enlargement of
the public school, Avitli an additional
teacher. In addressing the miners at
Union hall on .'Saturday evening,. Mr.
Green stated that tlie eight-hour law
"would never be repealed,as out of a total"
membership in tlie legislature of 38, no"
less than 28 ha\'0>pledged   themselves  to
An Echo From the Dreyfus Case.
Paris., December 22.—The discussion of
the government's request for two months'
proA'isional appropriation in the chamber
of deputies this afternoon ga\'e its opponents the opportunity for an attack
Avhich they did not neglect. M. Mille-
A'oye, cx-Bonlangist, M. Merein and
others complained of the government's
policy iu the conspiracy trial, declaring
that the delay iiiA'olving tho budget AA*as
due to the senate's time being occupied by
the high court's session. The premier, M.
Waldeck-Rousseau, replied that the gOAr-
ernment had convoked the high court
because they thought the time had, come
to put an end to the insolent challenges*
of nationalists. M. J-.a.-ies, anti-Semite,
avIio frequently interrupted the speaker,
here ciied: "No it Avas not ou account
of nationalist insolence that you"" convoked i/lic high court, but in order to
aA'enge Dreyfus, Avho-e acquittal you are
unable to secure.*' M. Lassies Avas called
to order, aud the chamber approved of
the government's action by vote.
And Made Many Children Happy.
Several hundred childish  hearts Avere
made happy hist night through  the  distribution of gifts from Christmas tteesin
the   Methodist   aud    Baptist   churche-*,
Santa Clau- Avas pi'esent  in  the  Me. h at
both     OA*ent*_,   and     his    ministrations
afforded the parents ami relatives of the
little   ones   an  almost  equal   degree  of
pleasure.    At the  Methodist  church the
auditorium  was  ciowded and  the  proceeding- AAeie  of an   interesting nature,
Tlie_Suudiiy-school scholars-Avere seated
on a large platfoim  and entertained the
gathering a\ ith a bright  Christmas cantata,    .Santa Clans' appearance  Ava*_ heralded by a chorus  of  excited  greeting-.
Ci.   L.   Lf-uuox   filled   the   role  capably,
wearing   enormous   hirsute  adornments
and a Avhite blanket coat.    He announced
his  object and called  ou  several  of  the
gentlemen     present    to   distribute    the
piesent-5 with Avhich two large tree.-- were
laden.    Before this Avas commenced Rev.
J.  Rob-on   stated,  amid   applaiiic,  that
Mrs*. John A. Turner   had  presented tho
church  AviLh   a   handsome   pulpit chair.
Then W. I'..  Wasson  ascended   the platform and presented V. I *. Irwin, choir ina-.-
tor and supci in tend cut, with half a dozen
volumes, attiactivcly bound, on behalf of
the choir and   the  school.    Thodi-tiibu-
tion of gilt-  and  swecf- to the cliildten
was then proceeded with.
At the Baptist chinch a similar scene
Avas enacted. J. 1 • .Stock- officiated a-
.Santa Clans and was the ccntial figure
of the evening. The.-eholar- of the Sunday school ga.c an excellent entertainment, evidencing caicful training on the
part of their ins_tructoi-. The distribution of piesent!-- fiom the heavily-laden
tree afforded the large audience a pleasant evening.
A Big Shipment of Eggs.
F. It. .Stewart <As Co. shipped a cai load
of cgg.s to the Boundaiy yc-teiday. An
interesting fcatuic in connection a\Ith
tlie shipment is the fact that the car
contained some 172,800 eggs.
. The Curling Association's Trophy.
■ -The, handsome trophy presented to the
Ivootciiay Curling Association-by the Parsons Produce Company is on exhibition
in'J;-Dover's windowon Baker street.
Interiors Artistically Decorated.
The Christmas f'esti\'al will be obseiwed
by the city churches Avith special ser-
Aices. No pains have been spared, to
make the occasion noteworthy, and ''this
i.s particularly indicated by the.manner
in Avhich the interiors of the edifices haA'e
been decorated. Willing hands havo
brought great loads of greenery from tho
hills, and nimble fingers have devised
striking and artistic effects Avith these
and other materials. The music for the
various churche*- promises to afford
rich treat to church goers.
Great interest center*, about the Christmas   service-  at   the   church   of   Mary
Immaculate, owing to  the fact  that the
famous midnight mass will be celebrated
on Sunday for the first time  in  Nelson.
The service is deeply impressive, and will
doubtless be Avitnessed by mauy citizens
in addition to the members of the church.
Rev. Father Ferland is to officiate.    Mrs.
McMartin will conduct the  music, whieli
is always one of the features  of the service.    The choir  will sing  Peter's  mass,
Adeste Fidelis, Tantum Ergo, O Salutaris
and the Te Deum, solos  being  taken by
Miss Carey, soprano; Mrs.. Paquette, contralto; Mr.  Maher,  tenor;   Mr.  Scanlan,
basso; Mr. Holtaine  aud  other members
of the choir.   At 8 o'clock Sunday morning  mass  will  be  celebrated, and  at 11
o'clock high mass.    Rev. Father Cote Avill
celebrate  a  midnight  ma**s   at  Sandon.
At the close of the midnight mass Miss
Carey, soprano, Avill sing the Avell-known
Christinas hymn, "Noel."
Rev. C. W. Rose, pastor of f he Baptist
church, Avill deliver appropriate sermons
on Sunday. The morning discourse Avill
be on the topic: " The gift of God," and
in the evening the pastor AA'ill relate the
story of "The First Christmas Sermon
Ever Preached." The hymns for the day
will be of a special nature. On Christmas Day the Young People's* society will
hold their usual meeting.
At the Methodist chuich special pains
haA'e been taken to celebrate the sacred
festiA-al appropiiately. In the morning
Rev. J. Robson will preach from John I,
1*1, "And the Avord became flesh and
dwelt among us." The eA'ening session
will take the form of a song service, in
the course of Avhich the popular Christmas hymns Avill be sung. The pastor
Avill contribute a brief address on an appropriate topic. F. L. IrAvin, choir
leader, "will take charge of tho musical
St. Paul's Presbyterian church has been
handsomely decorated for Christinas and
the services Avill be most inteicj-ting. Rev.
R. FreAv Avill preach morning and evening.
At the morning service the choir, under
the direction of George Jvyiid, v\ ill sing a
popular Christmas anthem, and in the
eA'ening Messrs. Kydd and Grizcllo aa ill
contribute a duct, On the eA'ening of
Christmas day a prai«e service "will be
held in the church,
The service*, in St. Saviour's church on
Sunday and on Christmas day A\;ill be aa
follows: .Sunday, as usual, Avith choral
evensong at 7.30; anthem, ''Sing, Oh
IleaA-ens." Christmas day, holy communion, 7 a. m, and S a. m.; choral matins and holy communion, 11 a.m.; anthem, "And He Shall Hcigi.." On Thursday, tlie festival of .St. John the Evangelist, there a\ ill be holy communion nt
10 a. m. Members of the congregation
are retfuc-ted to assist iu decorating the
chinch this afternoon at 2 o'clock, and a
good mu**ier at choir piac.ice at 8 this
evening is important,
The Silver King mission aviII celebrate
the Christmastide right cheerily. Rev.
S._ Rhodes, the clergyman in_chai'.'<*,__wHl_
celebrate the Holy Eucharist at 0 a.m.
Sunday and will preach at 7:30 p.m. on
"The Song of the Angel*.." On Chi-istmas
day services Avill bo hold at 9 a.m. and
7:30 p.m., the evening topic being "Unto
L's a Child ii Burn." Jn the afternoon a
Christmas tree will be unveiled in the
dining room, and this number on the programme i« attracting great interest.
Squabbling Over Freight Bates.
W \Miist.To.v, December ___.. —The hearing I'L-Loie the inter-fate commerce commission, called on account of complaints
made by -hipper- against the proposed
ni'W cht—ifieat ion of freight by railroads
operating under the ollicial cIa*.-ification,
was ii'sumrd today. l_y agreement
Frank Han iott, genera! traffic manager
of the Krie, went on the witnc—. stand to
testify to the new classification. In-
fpiii ic- developed the admis-ion by Mr.
Harriott that, on the a.crage, miscellaneous eai- curving ai tides paying less*
than carload rate-, Avere being more
heavily loaded iioav than heietofore, and
thcicfoie that the earnings on that c!a-*s
of traffic Avi-ie gicater.
Fifty School Children Di owned.
Bur-si.!."-;, December 2:.,—Upwards of
fifty school children Avere drowned this
afternoon in an ice accident at Freling-
hoin, near the French frontier. The
school children had been gn'cn a holiday,
w ith perinis-ion to play on the frozen
river Ly-. When the meniment amis at
full height, the ice broke suddenly and
the children dis-appeared. A few* Avere
rescued half .dead, but the majority were
droAvned. Thirty-six bodies liave been
recovered, but others are still missing.
The catastrophe spread consternation
through the town, where nearly every
family suffered loss. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B..C, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 23,  1899  Hf  iti  il/  \l>  \*/  vi/  \*>  \h  ii/  ifc  \ii  iti  \./  \li  \i>  v</  ii/  ii/  ii/  ���**  i-  Ui  iii  Hi  ib  tv  i-  tt/  .!���  i_  U;  \i>  ���**��  ^&^^&&*&*S;S;^&'fr^*fc^_t^*&___;'-tii-'__��;5  ST* "5* "Br* *_r- *^* *��?��� ����� "^* ^ ��� ��" *^- ��?��� *����� ��s- 5T- *��?��� "ST- "Br- *��?���>���-. ���^���*_r'>  . ��*:S_: 6S*:S��r��S erStES-iS*: &Sr_-:_-:��"& -*:&**  *._  'g'*.'tf"g'g'tf"__'j_'isl"_f"Sf"_.'tf'S["g'S_'frs_'*i_.-.'-.'g'l-'.'f'   s->''?'S'&'-S'**?'i''S'S'*ii'lS'S'a'a'&'-S''g'-S'-S''s,'_.'-i''S''fr'a'*s'^ ��� v  *^*^*^*^*ar^i^*^^_r:*sr*^'^��*��-<-^p'_r'^ ^���/������^^���.^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���..������'���^���'is'*^"^  OPEN TONIGHT  TILL 10 O'CLOCK |  ^:*23-*_>:*2:i:*5*3:JS -5:*3-5 :-2:t8:*3 333 3 33.33^  fl***  *!*  *>  (IV  w  OPEN TONIGHT  iii  x.  i_  0)  iii  iii  iii  Has Become a Necessity and is not a Luxury  The Giver is also the Receiver, and the Receiver is also the Giver  ^sa*.*i_33-_*2a_3:_aa*_a*__aA    -pfl  " * \i/  ii/  ii/  1 TILL 10 O'CLOCK | {  ���ft. ���"*   \i.  ^etfeceesseeeec*:--:-**:"--:'-*:'--***-*     W  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  *  ii/  ii/  ii/  $  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  >i/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii>  to  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ^_  In Order to Accommodate all Those WI]o Wis!] to Mal^e Purchases for Christmas  we will Keep Our Store, in all Departments, Open Until 10 O'clock Tonight  Cashmere,   Llama,   Lisle  Hose;   Woolen,   Cashmere,  Silk    Mittens;     Complete  Street   Dress   Kid   Gloves;  Lengths in Suede Kid Gloves;  Latest  Novelties in  Fans for parlor and eve-  and   Silk  Kid  and  range    of  Evening*  nmg  wear  Ladies'   Silk  Splendid  Umbrellas;  and Silk Dressing Gowns  assortment  Eiderdown  and Jackets  White Linen and Damask 5 o'clock  tea and dinner Table Cloths, Doyles,  and Napkins; German Linen Damask Towels; Dressing Table and Toilet Covers; Japanese Art and Silk  Table Covers and Fancy Draperies;  Silk, Tapestry and' Chenile ^Table-  covers and Portieres; Ax-minister,  'Smyrna and Wilton Hearth and  Floor Rugs.  Hem-stitched Linen and Silk Handkerchiefs, plain and with initials; Silk  Underwear and Hose; Silk Umbrellas; Kid, Mocha and Buck-lined  Gloves; Evening Dress Kid and Silk  Gloves; Latest styles and novelties in  Ties, Scarfs, Puffs, Four-in-hand and  Bows; Silk Braces and Hose Suspenders; Traveling Club Bags and  Valises.  Black Brocade Silk and Satin for  dresses; Evening Silk, Satin and Brocade for dresses; Pean Dois Loir and  Bengaline Silk for dresses; Black and  Fancy Crepon for dresses; Fancy Novelty Dress Costumes at cost; A man-  nincent assortment of Ladies' New  York Silk Skirt, Blouse and Dress  Waists; Silk, Satin and Taffata Underskirts.  Wool Mittens, Bootees, Overalls,  White Lawn Dresses, Slips, Cashmere, Eiderdown and Fur Coats for  Infants; Wool and Kid Mittens,  Cashmere and Flannelette Dresses,  Jackets and Ready-made Ulsters, Fur  Collars, Coats and Muffs,.'Lawn,  Cambric, and Silk Handkerchiefs for  Children.  ^r'r&rrrr;&rr&rHr'l(^-rr.��r&Kfr&'rr e-S-fe-_-�����&_- ffctfrf &&"_��"_��� 6-S-"S-S-_--*Ks-  W *  -il -                                                                                                               1��  Mi ,                                                                                                                                                                                          *��  l See our Beautiful Toys, Dolls and Fancy Goods     $  Of ","<  ���*��/ ^H  Fred Irvine & Co.  -s--_  33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333,  1>  m  m  303 Baker Street and 303 Josephine Street, Nelson  Ml  Ml  *  ��_/  Uf  u-  rS-.iE-S*frS*s*?*_-S-frS_-g*��*S-S*S-g*g*6* t*��^��& e-S-gS-CC- tg-t-S. ef-C-6-i. g-G-S-C-g-tt- tfcf f *_,fc  ��;___>    -  '-_!_.���*__.  ,*_���____!  -A___:______-*__a__a________��_a__��___*__a ��%*--3&&-^&''&*^*^*&'&-&*C:'^'*-^^  '>.?-?-?.?*lS*^^^^'.?.?.?^^p'?*?*?-?'.'?*?*?^'?*?'?-y'?'?'��'^'?'? ^'^���^'^������^���'^''^���'^������^������^���'^������^���������^���"^���^���^���'^������s-'*^  M  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  vi/  ii/  ii/  \ki  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ii/  ^l^iS'-Si:  IS^S ^^ ^^9 ^^<  ><=?p^'���(=>>���<__���* '&>���(=?��� ��=i-ff>*t  ;_Bi  i'(S>'e^-f=>'i=>-i=p't=>'f  %*  BUY HER A NEW SILK WAIST  B  <%  ��  @  ��  Yesterday we placed in stock the daintiest lot of  silk waists that yoii have ever seen. By a special effort  we have been able to secure these goods for the Christmas trade.  Colored Taflretta Silk Waists, a!! new shades, at $10.00.  Black Satin Waists, well made, at $10.00 each.  Fancy Silk Waists, in stripes or spots, at $12.00 each.  "We would urge upon our customers the advisability of  buying early, thus securing the choice goods and avoid-  _iDg_the rush_of_Xmas__w.eek   iii  MARTIN  O'REILLY & CO.  HODSTOU BLOCK, BAKER STREET.  TE'RIM'S  o__-s:_3:  ffl  .#.gg^  :&.��ztete&^?��  ONE   IN   A   BOX  Just received by express a fine assortment of  SILK SUSPENDERS AND TIES, ONE IN A BOX  A very suitable Christmas or New Year Present  A large lot of Silk Handkerchiefs, Initial and Plain  Fancy goods but not fancy prices.  MEN'S OUTFITTER  Sign of  the RED   HAT, Baker St., Nelson  !.._xi*: l.M'iH is not .in abaeiib-niindcd  beggar, for yesterday lie cable..! Krncbt  Mansfield lo give, every man working on  his claimi-* a Chrii.ti.ias box. Rene Laudi  i*. the owner of some fifteen claims at  Camp Mansfield, Avhich he is developing  ulider tile direction or Mr. Mansfield. He  has tots of money.. His presents to his  workmen will never be missed, but  Millers appreciate a man avIio remember.*,  liis workmen while he is  .".000 miles away.  EvrciiY man in the West, who knoAvs  him, Avonlcl be gratified to liear that  major'Steele of the  Mounted   Police-lias  been appointed to the command of the  mounted force of Canada'.*- second contingent to .South Africa. Tho major i-;  braA'cand lie has brains.   THE   NICKLE   EXPORT   ISSUE.  Tho action of the Ontario government  in prohibiting tlio export of nickle, (*x-  cept in the refined btatc. hi not at all  pleasing to Conservatives like major  Leekie of Halifax, Avho is interested in -a  company that h��'is erected a refinery at a  point in KeAy Jersey. The issue is fairly  stated in the following letter to the  editor' of the Toronto Star:-. ;; .*-:..       ';.'  Tothe Editor of The Star; I.have been,  shown a copy of your paper containing  an iutervieAV Avith major Ji. (.��. Leekie of  Sudbury  on   tho. nickel  question.    It i.s  very laughable reading to the people of  thi*-; district. He presumes yto speak for  the nickel men, as if he Avere one of the  principal mvner.s of our nickel mines,  while the fact is that he does not oavii a  single acre of nickel land-. The three  tailors of Tooley street, addressing the  British parliament as "We, the people of  Kngland," A\*e,re not half as ridiculous as  major Lcckic ih this case. He has some  interest, in the Oxford Copper Gontpany  of Noav Jersey, Avhich refines all the nickel  for the Canadian Copper Company, and  he i-p therefore far more concerned about  the Avelfare of these two foreign corporations than foi- the interests of the mine  owners of tlie country.  He s:iys, among other absurd things,  that the imposition of an export duty  "would put an end to the nickle industry  iu Ontario." But, ins Load of dreading  such a result, lie ought really to welcome  it, as being in line Avith his own aim, and  purpose here, for the only nickel mine he  haf. socured-for the concerns he reprcsent..-  he closed "down at once, ami it is still  lying idle. Tn fact, that is tho only thing  he has done in nickel here, except to talk  disparagingly of our nickel mines. Neither  the government nor the people of Ontario  bhoulcI take any notice of Avhat he says  on this important matLer.  The disadA-antuge*- of a double position  on any question sire manifold, and major  Leekie, avIio is never - logical, often contradicts himself in the most transparent  Avay. * Voi' instance, in the interview referred to, he says that ho and some other  Canadians had in contemplation the  erection of a nickel refinery in Ontario/  but that an export duty, , Avhich would  undoubtedly be the greatest help to such  an enterprise, would be more likely to  hurt it!    Knough said.    Vours, etc.,  A, MrCuAi'u..*..  Sudbury, December loth, ISi.i").  DKESS   BADGES   FOB   VALOR,  There is a peculiar custom observed in  the Summerset Light Infantry Avhich ib  not generally known. It is usual inline  regiments for all officers to Avear a sash  across the bods*, non-commissioned officers as avcII as their superiors. The distinction made is that Avhile the officers  Avear the scarf over tlieir left shoulder  the sergeants Avear it over their right.  This is the custom iu overs'' British regiment with the exception of the summersets, where the exception is made. The  privilege of wearing their sashes oil the  same shoulder as the commissioned officers avus granted to tho sergeants of this  regiment to conimeniorate their gallant  conduct at Maiwand, Av-hen, all the officer's  having been killed, tiie senior sergeants  look !.command' of. the. regiment and  brought it out of .the'battle with great  distinction.  These peculiarities of dress, divergencies from the established rule, are by no  mea'is uncommon iu the British arms*.  Fov instance, the Black Watch (Vorly-  second) Avear in their bonnets a red tuft  of feathers instead of the usual white  bunch worn by the ordinary Highland  regiments. This custom dates from one  of the Peninsula battles, when so great  had been the execution done by the brave  Vorty-sccond, that tiles'1 emerged from  the fight spattered from bonnet to shoe  Avith blood.  The officers and N. C O.'s of the Norfolk regiment have a small black "worm"  threaded through the gold lace of the  uniform. This is to commemorate the  death of Wolfe at Quebec. The Norfolk?.,  by the Avaj*-, rejoice in the name of the  "Holy Boys." The origin of this is some-  Avhat obscure. The men of the legiment  stoutly affirm that they earned it b>'  their extreme piety and sobriety during  the Avar against Napoleon, but the stors'  -Avhich is-most-believed is-that-on one occasion they sold their Bibles to buj'beer !  The First Ro>*al Scots Greys, or the  (Jres's, ns they are familiarly addressed  iu the army, haA'e the distinction of never  having served in India. They really form  part of the Household Cavalry, and. al  though not the regiment of "Gaietj* GirT  fame,which "Ncvah got beyond Winsah !"  thos*" aru mostly used for home, service.  .The men are of splendid phs'siquc and  average six feet in height: indeed, Avhen  in review order, Avith their monstrous  fur busbies, they look nearer eight feet!:  Their uniform is scarlet, with facings of  ros'al blue plush, and thes' Avear a most  peculiar stripe to their overalls. There is  a long, A\rhite /.ig**/,ag, like in appearance  to the pictorial flush of lightning Avhich  was accepted before .the dayw of instantaneous photographs. This .stripe, or  .streak, extends up the side of the leg, in  the same manner as does the more modest  red piping of the line.  Silent Companions.  One of the most admirable of recent  developments of the Christmas seabon is  the practice���growing eA*cry year���of selecting handsome and valuable books as  gifts. It is au indication that good literature is increasing in popular favor, and  proves on the part of the giArer, as Avell  as of the recipient, a taste for what i*- enduring as again-.t that which is epheme-  real���for Avhat cultivates the intellect  rather than what adorns the person. This  is as it should be. When the average  man aud won.an. see things in their true  proportions, and are able to correctly estimate tho .value of tilings, books Avill  form a still, larger part of the holiday  gifts. Good books are like companions.  Th'ey contain inspiration for the young  and ardent, and   thoy .smooth the 'down  grade for the aged and infirm. No man  or woman can have a more wholesome  fad, or one that will cpntribute so largely to hi.*-, oavu, and, through him, to the  enjoyment of others.  Tho California)! "Won.  Nkw Yon k*, December 21.���Charley  Goff of California, met and defeated the  English middloAveight boxer, Geoffrey  Thorn, in less than* two rounds before  the Hercules Athletic Ciub in ].rooklj*n  tonight.    The Captain Was at Fault.  Cai'K Towx, December 21.���As a result  of the enquiry into the Avreck of the British transport Ismore, A\Thich Avent ashore  on the iocks in St. Helena bay on December 3rd, the captain has had his certificate suspended for six months.  "HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  4,  OF Y<  is la  INCORPORATED .670.  \Ve Hope  No one will be without  the necessary liquids to  brighten up Xmas.  ��Ju_st IReeelvec!  Direct shipment from  Europe 150 cases Pom-  mery Champagne, 200  cases assorted liquers.  ASK  FOR   OUR   SPECIAL.  HAMPER   LIST.  XMAS  tadson's Bay Co.  Telephone tn  'OUKSKLF and friends  argely influenced by tho  character ofthe gifts. To present an item that giA-espleasure  to the recipient and that affords  you keenest gratification, i.*. the  secret of Yule Tide pleasure1-*.  It will be an easy matter in our  holiday showing of lino perfumes, toilet accessories, dainty,  desirable novelties, etc., to find  the item that .you'll feel to be in  perfect, elegant tusto that "will  __a_ltest _th_e_good judgment of the  donor. The prices are most  reasonable, as is ahvays the case  here. A little li-'t that will aid  you in making up the presents  for friends and acquaintances:  New odors in Pinaud's perfume,-*., Violet Solvation , and  Carnation J'ink. Hoger & Cal-  lot'.- latest odors. Knglish per-  fiimos. Crown <fc (jrossmith's.  Heoloj''s American perfumes in  fanes'" boxes from 7,k. to $5.00.  Plato mirrors $1 ,to $3.30.  Sterling silver 'mountings in  tooth, nail, hair brushes and  combs, also s-torling mounted  cloth brushes, perfume bottle&  and shaving sets. Gold backed  brushes, combs and mirrors.  Ebons' goods in hair and cloth  brushes.  V8  B  CANADA MUG & BOOK CO.  Nelson,   liriti'-h   C'oluii.biti.  _'S^s-gz-s*_;g*s-xg'S'��-^S'X-2?*g^-_gg*g-a_&_&z  FINE TAIJUORINQ:  CkEANINC*- AND REPAIRING..  ���Your  own  goods  made up.    Old clothes  made good as new.  j&.ttTttTJ'tt   GKE__E  OppoHito Clarke Hotel. .   MKKOHANT TAU.OK. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON B.C. SATURDAY DECEMBER 23 1899.
The Last Call for This
Merit is the only thing that counts; and any advertising not founded upon merit is valueless.
When we set forth our claims in cold type, it is because we seek your business; and in reach- &
ing out for your business,- we  make  ourselves  alive to its   requirements.   That's  the whole  story; *
your needs are sure of being met at our store.   You need have no doubt of this. «_>
Our stock is still well assorted and manufactory is still ready to do engraving free of charge. £
Diamond   Rings, single, double,  clusters, marcos, diamond  and   pearl   brooches, pendants, and *
crescents; Meridian Britannia silver plate of all kinds; Bradley & Hubbard art goods. a,
Jacob Bpyer, The Jeweler
>.^'^-w^.w^-*^^*^*^r^^*e^ *'&&9^^&9&&^J%&&&&&9&&&
TO   111!    Hirt Kllii rtl'.\l|*-o\.
1 uill bo a liiimlulntc ior tlio tilln'O ol   major ,il  ihe
pled ion to he held on Thi:i-.<1 ij, Jauii.u j 11 th n_\l,
_">eucml>ei *.»0lh, 1S'«. JOHN JIOLS'I 0\".
■ I-
To  .ui*: l.i,i:('Tor._. ow Nici.-icix :
In asking' for your support for the
office of mayor at the coining election, it
is only fair that 1 should state my views
briefly, on what ■uo considorod puhlic
<inestioii*-. or i^sue^. Xo doubt, during
the campaign you a. ill havo an oppoi-
tunity to hear thc_*e questions and issue--.
discusscd, for they aro important to the
people of tlii*- municipality.
 1. The public utilities owned bythe city
Sthonld bo maiutainpd at a higli stal-e of
ci.icu.ncy, and the revenue therefrom
collected closely and promptly. Tho rates
should be so adjusted that a fair prolit
over nnd above fixed charges can tie
realized, for the city can no more sell
Avater and tight at cost than can the
merchant tho commodities in Avhich he
2. .Direct taxation can only be kept
low by limiting the .-.sue of debentures.
_\ro debentures should be i-*-*u(.(l except
for the construction of revenue-producing public works.
,'), A beginning should be made this
year at making permanent street imptoA-e-
im-nt&. The main business *-fcreets should
he macadam teed and the main residence
streets giaded. Sidewalks should be laid
Avith some uniformity, and not according
to the different idea" of different oflicials.
1. The steamboat inteiests centered at
Nelson are .second only in importance to
the raihvay interests, and the city should
provide modern dock and aa-arehousc facilities at Avhich this business can be handled. The docks and warehouse-, shoufd
be built on plan.*, approved by practical
steamboat men, a.s the fntuie growth and
prosperity of the city depend, in a great
measure, on the cost of transhipment of
.*>. I am opposed to saloon expansion.
There are already a .sufficient number of
places in Nelson at which liquor can be
obtained at retail, and the number should
not be increased until the city has a population of ten thousand.
0. Public gambling is looked upon as
an evil in civilized countries., and Avhilst
gambling cannot be prevented, there is
no good reason Avhy the sound of gambling machinery should equal that from
the team traffic on our main business
7. None but general bylaws should be
passed, and Avhen pa*-*t>od they should bo
8. Corporations that havo secured
franchises from the city should be made
to live up to the letter and the spirit of
their agreements: but in -adjusting
differences that may arise there should
not be any unnecessary friction.
0. The lire department should be efficiently maintained. Tho best apparatus
should he procured, and the number of
men in the volunteer brigade kept at the
maximum, for without men, mere ap-
paiatus avou Id be useless in times of
danger. Jonx IlOfSTON.
Will Begin Banning Today.
The directors of the electric -street railway company met last night and decided
to begin regular bervice at 1 o'clock this
afternoon, although^ several trial trips_
"will boliiadirduT'ihg the foieuoon. Many
of the little details incident Lo the carrying on of the business have yet to be settled, and probably a Aveek or more will
be required to get everything in shipshape. Tickets and electric heaters are
t-omewhere in transit. I'ntil they arrive
all fares will be cash, and tlio cars will be
run so rapidly that pass-engci,**. Avill not
ha\"o time to get cold. Only one car -.vill
be run for a day or two, tho other car requiring some alterations.. The fares, for
the present at least. AA'ill be: Single fares
UJ cents: ordinary commutation tickets-,,
J2 for .**.]: Avorkingmen's commutation
tickets, 20 i'or (j*J ; school children's commutation tickets, .) for 2.. cents. The
management is considering the advisability of issuing periodical tickets at a
Ioav rate. Taking everything into consideration, the company is entitled to
much credit for the eneigy with which
the work has been carried on.
AV. K llodder, Cr. A. Carlson, and
George S. West, three of the prominent
men of Kaslo, Avere registered at the
II nine yesterday.	
D. J. Weir, president of the New Denver .Miners' Union, is at the Queen's. Mr.
Wier cannot Avell be accused of being an
alien, and he built trails in Kootenay so
tliat travelling a. ouid be ca«.y for the
tcndcifeet mine promoters that are now
decrying the country.
Colonel Baker, M.P.P., of Cranbrook
passed through Nelson yesterday after-*
noon ou his way to Victoria so as to be
on time when the -legislative assembly
meets.: He is direct from the old country, Avhere he has been on an extended
visit. There are worse men in the legislature than tho colonel, although he i.s
said to be a faddist. .
Received Presents That They Appreciated.
The officials of the custom house yesterday received notice of an advance iu
their salaries. Collector Johnstone got a
raise of $200 ft year,'and Messrs. Shaw
and Jamieson $120 a year each. They
earn their salaries, and the raise was no
more than what they were fairly entitled
to. '	
The committee of Fraternity Hall is
making arrangements for a grand ball on
NeAV Year's night. Lnvitations are being
issued, aud already applications for
tickets are coming in. There Avill nd
doubt be a good time.
John McKane of liossland is ab the
Phair. He came over on mining business,
and incidentally to hear the latest war
news from South Africa.
 David_B.  Bogle, journalist,_politician
and mining man, is in Nelson, having
come over fiom Rossland night before
last, lie is accompanied by Mrs. Bogle.
They Avill remain in Nelson several days.
G. If. Barnhart, superintendent of the
Ymir mine aud mill, i.s registered at the
Mayor Neelands and alderman Ct.
Krank Beer are in charge of the proceeds
of the Mansion 1 louse fund smoker, and
H-port a most gratifying condition of
affairs. The gioss proceeds, excluding
the returns from sales of tickets in the
hands of private parties, amount to .*»7I7,
and it is confidently expected that the
final** reckoning -will net the fund $7o0.
The coins -thrown on the stage by the
audience during Mr. 31acdoi_ald's song
•'The Absent-Minded Beggar " amounted
to about $35. Two blocks of 200 .shares
each in the Exchequer property, donated
"by mayor Neelands and A. il. Kelly, respectively, sold for $25 each.
The tug Ymir brought doAvn locomotive No. 49S yesterday. The engine has
been transferred froni the Avestern divi~-
sion,to the Pacific division, aud wiUiun
on the Columbia <fc Western section, ftn-
gineer Prank McGowan, avIio is avcII
known all over the Pacific division; was
in charge, and Avill operate &9S on her
new run.
Registrar Simpkius ha*, been advised
of the decision iu McDonald vs. ('. P. Exploration Company. The presiding judge
has given a-verdicb-against the plaintiffr
Avho, it Avill be remembered, lost a foot at
the Porto Kico mine, and -sought to re*
cover damages from the company.
P. L. Osier received the folloAving telegram yesterday: ".Sir Chai les Tapper
can speak in Nelson on the 29th instant.
.Signed) Charles llibbert Tupper." The
meeting Avill he held  in the opera house.
City engineer McCulloch has recommenced the construction of the sewer
from .Stanley to Ward streets in block Iu;
addition A. This work Avas interrupted
a few Aveeks ago by a cement famine,hut
fresh supplies have arrived and the construction is again under way.
mmm saw & planm mills, k
and Retail  .
in Meats
Head Office at
NELSON, B. C. •       •
Maikets at Nelson, Ro.sI.uid, Trail, Kaslo, Ymir, Sandon, Silverton, New Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Midway, and V.incoin er.
Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded.
West Kootenay Butcher Co
We have a stock of one and a half million
feet of logs at our mill anel are prepared to cut
all kinds of dimension timber and ship to all points
on Kootenay Lake by scows or steamers, also by
rail to all points on the Canadian Pacific or Nelson
and Fort Sheppard railways. In stock rough and
dressed lumber, shingles, mouldings, sash, doors,
newels, "turned verandah posts. Glass of all sizes.
Factory work of all kinds done to order.
The  largest aud best assorted stock of Candies and Confectionery in the  City.
G. B, Chocolates and Bon Sons,
Lowney's   " "       "       (direct from New York,)
Crystalized Fruits (direct From London, England.)
Corner of Baker J      A
and Ward Streets.
Odinplete Blectrle Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and Lighting for Mines, Towns
Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Btc.
P. ;'0> Box 606. Josephine Street, Nelson, B. O.
Baker street, Nelson E. C. TRAVES, Manager
Free Water Connections T0 m V%WE D0,T
STRACHAN BROS, €>pei*a HoM^e mm.
Fred J, Squire, Merchant Tailor
Tin-  "Hi.SToi.v   of South   Akkra
I.INKI) 1!V Fl.Ol-l*.-".
The late professor Fronde was no
Little Englandcr, as the term is understood in these days, liis lectures on Irish
history delivered in America and pul-
li-nied in book form showed how strong
were his prejudices in favor of his own
countrymen even when the fuels of
history were anything but to their credit.
When, therefore, Fronde gave a A*erdict
against England after personal acquaint-'
auce with some of the facts and personal
enquiry concerning others, the eircmn-
stances must have proved too strong
even for his pro-British prejudices. Such
a verdict he arrived at as regards Kng-
land's treatment of the Soutli African
Dutch, and at the present critical juncture hi*- view may he recalled with interest and advantage.
In thi! third chapter of "Oceana," published in. 1SS0, Fronde dealt with the.
history of Cape Colony since it came into
possession of the British and spoke of
events whieh occured in South Africa before the annexation of the Transvaal in
1S77, from his own personal experience
on the spot, both as a private traveller
and as a temporary diplomatic agent.
'Cape Colony was founded by the Dutch
more than two centuries ago. Let
Fronde tell how the British came into
poa-c-sion uf it. Wc quote fiom
"Oceana" :
"Holland in the revolutionary "war was
seized by the French Directory. The
English, at the request of the prince of
Orange, took the Capo under tlieir protection. It was on the high road to India: there was no alternative route by
the Sue/. Canal, and so important a stat-
tion could not be allowed to fall into the
hands of Napoleon. At the peace of
Amiens it was lestoied to Holland, and
the English garii*-on was withdrawn.
On the war breaking out again, our occupation was renewed: a fleet was sent out
with a strong invading force. The Cape
Dutch resisted—fought a gallant action
in which they wore largely helped by native alies. They yielded only in belief
that, as before, the occupation would bo
temporary, and that tlieir country would
be linally given back to them when the
struggle was over. It was not given
back. At the congros of Vienna they
found themselves transferred permanently to the English dominion without their
own consent being either obtained or
asked for. They had made the country
what it is, had sot up their homes there,
had done no one aii3r harm, and had been
in possession' for seven generations.
They were treated as part of. the soil.
Thoy relented it: tiro hotter spiiit*. resisted ; they were called rebels and were
shot and hanged in the usual fashion."
For a power which now claims to be a-
predominant factor, in South Africa, the
title to pp-aes-non of any portion of it is,
therefore,    based   on   a   very   shidowy
foundation.    Cape  Colony, according to
Fronde,  was seized through a trick.    To
p justify their action, excuse1- had to be in-
. vented, and all sorts of stories were told
in Kngkmd of the Boers.    '"The uufavor-
. "able impression of them," ".ays  Fronde,
"became"'a tradition of tho English press,
and „ unfortunately of the colonial ollice.
We had treated them unfaiily as well as
unwisely; and  we  never  forgive  those
whom   we have   injured."    Fronde continues :
"The "Cape Dutchman, or Boer, as we
call him, is a slow, good-humored person,
uot given to politic., occupied much with
his religion and private affairs, and if let
alone with some allowance for his habits
and opinions, would have long .since forgotten his independercs, would have acquiesced in the inevitable, and become
—tlie most-conservative and—least -revolutionary of the queen's subjects."
The British yoke ended iu driving the
Boer.s in thousands with their flocks and
herds, into the wilderness north of
Orange river in 18.35 and lS'W. II" the
bond which bind*- the Dutch together in
all parts of .Soutli Africa today surprises
anybody, is not the explanation found in
the fact, a,s stated by Fronde, that the
migration loft the home tie*- unhiokon?
"Ea-h family," he say**, '"in tlio colony
sent one or more of its young ones."
Paul Kruger was one of the-,e children
He was only eleven years of age when he
shouldered hi.** rifle in a fierce battle
against the natives of the wilderness in
I8.i7, But the British would not allow
the Boer.s to escape their allegiance by
going into the wilderness. Again Fronde
"We pursued thorn, drove them out of
Natal,  invaded  tho Orange   Free  .Slate,
fought battles with imperfect results, got
into quarrels with the natives ourseh'e-,
notably  with the  Basuto Mo*.hosh, who
taught ib that these roving expeditions
were unprofitable and miglit be dangerous.    Grown  pick at  last of  enterprises
which led neither to honor nor peace, we
resolved in   1852 to leave Boers,  Caff res,
Basutos,  and  Zulus  to themselves,  and
make the Orange river the boundary of
British responsibilities.   We made formal
treaties with the two Dutch states, binding  onrseh es to  interfere  no more  between them and the natives, and to leave
them, either to establish themselves as a
barrier between ourselves and the interior of Africa, or to sink, as was considered  most likely,  in  an unequal -struggle
with warlike tribes by whom  they were
infinitely outnumbered.    Tliey, on their
side,  undertook not  to re-establi.-.h slavery, and so we left them."
Under the  new state   of   things   the
Boers, -maintaining' tlieir own against
desperate odds, prospered. Savage na-
OliT- lives and wild beasts were reduced to
subjection. The sturdy farmers prospered and spread over a territory as large as
France.' Their differences with the natives, after the first fierce combats, were
settled with little lighting. In the Transvaal itself a million natives lived peaceably working with and for the Boers.
As for the Boers themselves, IM**. Fronde
"The Boers of .South Africa, of all
human beings now on this planet, correspond nearest to Horace's description of
the Roman peasant soldiers wlio defeated
Pyrimis and Hannibal."
Tho Boei'S, however, could not gain the
confidence of the British government.
All sorts of stories were told against
them in England whore gross ignorance
regarding them prevailed. As late as
1S75, lord Caldwell, who had been colonial
minister himself, informed -Mr. l/Youdi*
that all the Dutch in South Africa* had
migrated to the Free State, and that the
Colony was entirely English! He was
surprised when he was told by Mr.
Fronde that the Dutch in Cape Colony
Avero in a. A'ery large majority, and. the
story of the present Avar indicates how
incomplete was the information of British representatives in Africa.
Concerning the treatment of the Free
State bythe British, avo read in "Oceana":
"On abandoning the Orange River Free
State, we bequeathed as a legacy  an unsettled border dispute Avith  the Basuto*-.
We Aveie tired of lighting Aviththcm our-
seh*es,  and we   left   the  president   and
Volksraad  at Bloemfontein   to  arrange
the  difference as they could.    In  1S05 a
Avar broke out between the Orange Free
.State and the sons of
Moshc.h.     It   lasted
four   yeais, and  Avas
then  ended   because
the Basutos could resist no longer, Avhen
they    threAV    themselves on British pro-
tec-tion, and in spite
of   our    solemn   engagements, avo interfered  Avith    it   high
hand.   I b seldom answers to break treaties,   even   Avith   the
best    of     intention.
The    Basuto     territory  AA'as    north   of
the Orange river, and
avc were doing  Avhat
avc    had    distinctly
bound  oursehres not
to   do.      .      .     The
treaty   of  1S52 was
rencAved   at   AliAvai
North   in  ISOfJ witli
fresh assurances that
the     breach    of   it
should* not be  made
a precedent for further   interpositions.
The   Dutch    of   the
colony reccnted what
avc   had   done,   ami
there remained a soreness of'feeling j but
they considered that
a  neAV -engagement,
freely   entered  into,
Avould  not  be again
But temptation
soon came in the
.-.h.ipeof the diamond
mines at Kimberley,
andlater on of the
gold mines in tho
Transvaal. Concerning the former, Mr.
Fronde Avrote:
•'The ink ou the treaty of Aliwai North
wa_—.-scarcely- day—Avhen- diamonds—were
discovered in large qualities in a district
which avo ourselves treated as part of tho
Orange territory before our first Avith-
th'aAval, and Avhich had ever since been
administered by Orange Kicc .State
magistrates. There Avas a i nsh of diggers
from all parts of the country. There
was a genuine fear that the Boers avou Id
not bo able to control the Mock ol' vultures which Avas gathering over so itch, a
prey. There was a notion also that the
first diamond mine in the world ought
uot to be lost to the Briti-h empire. It
was discovered that tho country in which
it lay belonged toad'iqua chief, named
Waterbocr. This chief in past time*-* had
been an ally or the English. The Boers
were accused of having robbed him. He
appealed for help, and in an ill hour we
lent ourselves to an aggression for Avhich
there Ava- no excuse. Lord Kimberley
gave his name to the new settlement.
The Dutch Avoro expelled. They did not
resist: but they yielded under protest to
superior force, and from that day no
Boer in South Africa has been able to
trust to English promise-. Tho manner
in Avhich avc acted, or allowed our representatives to act, was insolent in its
cynicism. We had gone in as the champ
ions of the oppressed Waterbocr. We
gave Waterbocr and his Giiquas a tenth
of the territory. AVe kept the rest,
and all that Avas valuable for ourselA'es.
What    could    the    Dutch   lime    done
AVOI'se '
tlieir action, by posing
as the  protectors  of  the
tolerable if AA*e had rested simply on superior streugth^-if Ave had told the Boers
simply that Ave must haA'e the diamond
fields, and intended to take them; but
avc poisoned the Avound, and Ave justified
before the Avorld
rights of the
native tribes- whonnve accused them of
having wronged, aud Ave maintained this
attitude through the controversy Avhich
afterwards arose. Iliad myself to make
inquiries subsequently into the details of
this transaction, perhaps the most discreditable in the annals of Knglish colonial history."
But the seizure of the diamond mines
Avas not all. Tho treaties solemnly entered into with tho Free .State Avere torn
into shreds. Tho natives on the Dutch
herders AA'ere, in violation of all pledges
and promises, armed to the teeth. Fronde
says :
"Tens of thousands of guns and rilles
Avere distributed in two or throe years
amongst the surrounding tribes as a direct menace to the Dutch, Avho had now
a semi-circle of armed men drawn outside
them from Kimberley to.Zululand. Naturally, there was the greatest alarm and
indignation0amongst them. They Avere
threatened Avith invasions and inroads of
saA'ages set on and countenanced by the
British government. They Avere poor in
money, aud Avith difficulty Avere able to
provide means to defend them.elvcs.
Tho object Avas, of couise, to bring them
upon their knee-:, force them to Avitluhaw
their protest, and acknowledge tho sovereign rights of Croat Biitain. The
wagons bringing up the rifles to Kimberley passed through the Dutch territoiy.
The Free State magistrates stopped them
as illegal, a\ hich  they  Avere.     To supply
More Than the Boers.
Loxdox, December 2'-!.—Owing to the
gravity of tlio situation, the Avar oil ice
officials Avill not remit their duties during
the Christmas holidays. Tho AA'ar office
has issued an official warning against
British subjects, or foreigners in British
territory, trading with or supplying the
Doer republic, either directly or indirectly, with any kind of merchandise
Avhatsoover. This is regarded as showing
that the gowrnniont has good evidence
of the existence of such traffic, and even
some Knglish firms havo been supplying
the enemy, perhaps unintentionally,
through foreign consignees.
It is announced that two battalions of
Guards Avill bo included in tin* Kighth
Division. Lord Kitchener Avill join lord
Roberts at Gibraltar. The earl of Erroll,
hereditary lord high constable of Scotland, Avill accompany the commander-in-
chief on special service.
The earl of Derby is raising a corps of
A'olunteers     in      Lancashire. 'Victor-
Christian Cavendish, member of parliament for West Derbyshire, and heir apparent of the duke of Devonshire, has
A'olunteeied   to go to the front.
Tho Capo Town coi respondent of tho
Times, under date of December 17th,
.-ays: "The Boer fighting line is A'ory
thin. and a .single British success might
crumble it completely. The real danger,
ho*,, ever, is not the military situation,
but the likelihood of a Dutch rebellion,
Avhich Avould make the area of Avar so
A-ast that an additional oO.OOO men Avould
in-laAV, Mr. Fitt, to see that the schools in
East Northfield and the Chicago Bible
Institute should recei\re their best care.
They reassured Mr. Moody that they
Avould. During the forenoon Mrs. Fitt,
his daughter, said to him : " Father avc
can't spare you." Mr. Moody replied, "I
am not going to throw my life away. If
God has more work for mo to do I'll not
h avo you."
Tho arrangements for the funeral have
not as yet; boon fully completed, but tho
services Avill bo held Monday afternoon,
at three o'clock in tho Congregational
church. The burial Avill be on Round lop.
This is a spot ou the seminary grounds,
near Mr. Moody's homo, Avhich has become famous in connection with the
summer meetings. Telegrams and other
messages of sympathy have been received
by tho family from all parts of the
NV.w Youk, December 22.—Ira I).
San key, avIio for 27 year's was associated
in evangelical Avork Avith Mr. Moody, avus
greatly affected at the news of his death.
To a reporter tonight Mr. Sankey said :
"You may say that in the death of Mr.
Moody the Avorld has ■ lost one of the
greatest and noblest men of his age. I
haA'e labored Avith him for tho past 27
years, travelling Avith him by land and
sea, and a nobler, braver and wiser soul
I never saw. I can apply professor Henry
Drummond's remark of a friend, 'D. L.
Moody Avas the greatest man I ever met.' "
We have accused them of
breaking their engagements with us, aud
it avhs aa'c who taught them the lesson.
A treaty a few months old Avas staring
us in the face. Kvcn if Water-boor's
title had been as good as his friends* pre
tended, avc had pledged ourselves to meddle no more in such matters, in language
as plain as words could make it. Our
conduct would have been less entirely in-
the natives Avitli arms was against the
law. Reparation (for detention) was instantly demanded Commissioners were
sent from Kimberley to Bloemfontein to
require compensation and an apology,
aud forty-eight hours alone Avere allowed
for an ausAVer. The president was ill at
the time, and unable to take part in
business. His council paid the money,
but paid it under protest, Avith an old-
fashioned appeal to the (iod of righteous-
nets, Avhom, strange to«*ay, they belioA'ed
to bo a reality."
.Such Avas the slate of things in 1K7-I.
Subsequently,Avium president Brand went
to Loudon, the colonial oflice admitted
that ho had not boon treated avoII over
tho diamond mines, and C0(.,(.00 Avas paid
him as compensation. But the acknowledgement of au injustice Avas not sincere,
because at thi- very time tho Knglish
goA'ornnioiit had decided on a policy of
confederation in South Africa. Tlie Transvaal goA'crnment Avas weak in resources,
and it was thought an easy matter to
make their country an English province.
The Orange J^reo State AA'as sure to follow.
Kroude himself advised lord Carnaiwon,
then at the colonial office, against tho
proposed annexation, believing that it
would bring back all the old bitterness.
Only one Knglish member of parliament,
Mr. Courtney, took the same a iew, but in
that parliament Mr. Balfour made his
first bid for public favor by fearlessly
condemning tho policy of Britain in
South Africa.
Annexation of the Transvaal folloAvcd
iu 1877; but here our narrathe must
rest, for this is a story of the earlier, and
not of the later, history of Gieat Britain
in South Africa, aa if.bout a knowledge of
which the later history cannot bo fully
The story told by I'Youdo is confirmed
by half-a-dozen equally prominent British
hi.storian.s, and by one Canadian, Mr.
Then I
bo easily sAvallowed up iu maintaining
the enoimous length of British conunuut'
-cation?.—Referring—to-thc-lardy acceptance of assistance from local forces, the
correspondent says: "General Buller undoubtedly at tho beginning displayed a
certain self-sufficiency and unAvilIingnc«s
to accept local advice and assistance,
which e\onts rapidly modified."
STKi.KSTifo.M, Saturday, December 10.—
The Boer*- have been largely reinforced
since genoinl Gatacre's reverse at Stormberg. The country noi th of that point is
in arms, and the farms of the loyalists
are being taken by the Boors avIio reap
the crop.*.. Boer accounts of successful
engagements aro printed for distribution
throughout tlio affected districts.
The Greatest Exliorter of the Century,
East NorthkiuU). Massachusetts, December 22,— Dwight Ij. Moody, the famous
evangelist, died at noon today. Mr.
Moody first kneAv at eight o'clock last
night that he could not rccoA'cr. lie
Avas satisfied that this was so, and Avhen
the knoAvledge came to him, his A\"ords
Aveie: ""The world is receding and llea-
A'on opening."
At 7:30 this morning, Dr. Wood found
his patient in a semi-conscious condition.
When Mr. Moody recovered consciou.s-
ness ho said, with all his oldtime vivacity: "What's the matter? What's going ou here?"
Some member*, of the family replied :
" Father you have not been quite so avoII,
and so A\'c came in to see you." A little
latter Mr. Moody said to his boys: "I
have always been au ambitious man, not
ambitious to lay up Avealth, but to leaA'e
you Avork to do." In substance, Mr.
Moody urged his tAvo boys  and  his  son-
At a Christmas Rehearsal.
Quixcv. Illinois, December 22.—Six lit-
girls AA'ere burned to death, four
others probably fatally burned, and eight
other persons badly
injured during the rehearsal of the Christmas exercises of one
of the classes at St.
Francis school today.
There were .140 little
girls in the class,'and
t hey represented different characters.
Two of them appeared as lambs, and
a\ ore white fleece on
their garments. The
fleece of one caught
fire from an open gas
jet, and in an instant
the AA'holo ring of little ones Avas in flames.
Sisters of tho school
ran to the rescue and
.Averealsp badly burn-
\>d. .Six"of the child-
' ven died almost instantly" from "the effects of their"1 burns,
and'four others are
not expected to rc-
coA'ci-. Tho names of
the dead aro: Mary
* Wavering, Alma Mid -
dendorf, Bertha l-'re-
und, Josie Rozewog,
Missllickcyand Irene
Frieburg." The badly
"injured are: .Sophie
A.r Berne, Wilhemina
Kottendorf, Lend C
Zigcr, Laura Menke,
Miss Suenbig, AloA'a
Timpe, Jose Werner,
Father An drew But/.-
kueben, Sister Lud-
Avigson, Sister Rodol-
plua, Sister Theodoe
and'Sister Bphia. A
number of others escaped Avitli severebuvns. The loss pf life
Avould have been much greater but forthe- presence -of-inind-displayecl-by-the-
sistcrs.      * ,
Defaulting Toronto Bookkeeper.
Toronto, December 21.—A .warrant
has been issued for the arrest of J. P
Hamilton, bookkeeper for Morley <x; Armstrong, Avholesale shoo merchants, who
has'been missing for sometime and whose-
defalcation, it is stated, is from $10,000
to $ in,000 has caused the suspension of the
firm. Hamilton is said to have been a
patron of pool-rooms and ,to have spent
thousands of dollars in the* past two
years in gambling of tho-wildesfc sort.
The Rainy River Bridge.
_Mi.\.VKAi'oi.is, December 22.—Tho Minneapolis and Ontario ' Bridge Company
has been incorporated, Avitli .$300,000
capital, to build the international bridge
over the-Rainy river forthe Port Arthur,
Ontario & Western railway, uoaa' building
betAveen Port Arthur and Winnipeg. Tho
bridge Avill be a mile long, -will be completed in a year, and will cost $200,000.
A bill of authorization is pending in con
gross, the Canadian grant having already
been made.
Warner's Son-in-Law Suicides,
Washington', December 21. — .lames
Dmine Taylor, ono of the officers
in Noav York City of the Wagner
Palace Car Company, and a son-in-law of
the founder of the company, coitiautted
suicide today shortly after noon by cutting liis throat with, a ray.or.
Havana's Railways Consolidated.
Niow .York, December 21,—All the
street railway .interests in the city of
Havana Avere consolidated today at a
meeting in the office of tlio treasurer of
the Havana Electric Railway Company
in this city, thus ending a contest begun,
more than ii*year ago. *.'*...
H. P. Asheroft
Wagon repairing promptly attended to by a first-class
Special attoution given to. all kinds of repairing and
custom -work from outside pointH.
Shop:   Half Street, between Bake, and Vernon, Nelson
H_\BD CQAL$Q OK [GROWS     $0 4 c
C. W. West & Co.
oes is tne
.AmllAWittoboin it. I have just received
Kali , Ntinplea of Suitings and Over-
cofttiriKs representing a §o0,000 stock to
choose from made to your order «t pi ices
siovor before heard of in Nelson, All the latest
* fads in Fancy Vestings for Vail and winlor.,
ladies' tailoring in all its branches a specialty.
Lowest prices.   Rooms 1 and 11, Hillyer block.
Prompt tind regular
delivery to the trade.
Brewery at Nelson.
The undersigned; has a large quantity of fir, cedar, and
tamarac slabs, in IG-irich and .-foot lengths,, suitable for
stove avood, which -will bo sold for $1 a load at tho mill
t    NELSON SAW & 1»LANIN& MlttS, iiiriltcd."
Nelson, August 19th, H88A -_��__a_-��_'___i_____.  THE TKTBTJKE: KELSOtf B". C��� SATURDAY; DECEMBER 23, 1899  ___��___  ^ Bank of Montreal  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up,     ���  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATHCONA ANI>   MT   ROYAL, President  Hon. GKO. A. DRUMMOND Vice President  E   S. CLOUSTON General Managor  _CT*E3X-S03_T   *B*R-___3SrO*HC  N."W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.       BltASOHKb IN*       LONDON  (England).   NEAV YORK,   CHICAGO  and in the principal cities ia Canada,  Buy and boll Sterling Exohango and Cable Transfers  GKINT COMMKKCIAI. ANI) TKlVKIXKIiS' CHKDITS,  a*, ailablo in any part of tho world.  DJUKTS ISSUED    C0LI.KCT1ON8 MAUK| RTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OF INTEREST PAID  INDIVIDUALISM   AND   SOCIALISM.  The least obsor\rant must in some  measure occasionally become conscious of  tho extreme difficulty of right living in  the present. Because of the subtle but  powerful "working of social force*-, the  neAV consciousness of these force*-, and  the mandates of nn imperial Christian  conscience, AA'hich must be obeyed under  conditions almost uca\', this is. true.  Much of our social unrest is no other than  agitation for better economic existence.  It is in an increasing measure the expression of a desire for moie complete  harmony of life Avith moral law. Our  neAAr social consciousness is not a iev_A-al  of selfishness. It is an awakening to the  fact that duties and rights belong to all  human life: that the latter, taken alone,  do not bring permanent success, and that  nothing short of full acceptance and  practice of the divine laAV of Ioao can  hatisfy the ucav social ideal.  As. a preliminary to the iinal enthronement of conscience in society, social  thought has diA'ided itself into tAA'o hostile camps. One glories in the name of  Individualism; tho other, with equal fervor, in the name of Socialism. _3oth rest  upon truths which cannot ho denied.  There is a sense in Avhich the individual  has an inalienable right to himself. Be  he never so benevolent, ho can relate  himself to his felloAVS only to a certain  point. Beyond that he stand*, alone.  Alone in the  mystery  of  his oavii being,  Wholesale  Houses  GROCERIES.  AMACDOXALlt & CO.���Co:nor "Veinon .md Jose  ��� plum, stieet*-, i.holesiilo Kioceis und jobbers in  blankets, gloves, mitts, boots, nibbeis, uipickmav*. aiid  uunuis' stmdne.   OO Fl.XAY   SUPPLY    COMPANY,    T_IMITKD-  Vcinon stieet, Nelson, *_hulcsulc gioceis.   "K  rOIIN   CHOI/DITCH  ��-��    wholesale gioceis.  &  CO.���Front sheet,  Nelson,  COAL.  CROAV.S  NFST  PASS  COAT.,  COMPANY".���Wholc-  Spiledc.ilois m coal .md coke.   Cliaile. St. Bin be,  Agent. R.ikei sUeot, Nelson.  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  HHYKRS pfe CO ��� Cornci B.iker and Josophino streets,  ���   Nelson, wholesale dc.ilcis in li.udmiro and luining  supplies.  Agents for GianL I'owdci Co.  AWRHNCIC IIARDAVAUE COMPANY���Baker St.,  Nelson, *,\holc*.Uc dealeib in hurilwiiio and milling  supplies, and water and plum-hois' supplies.   VTXCOUVKR H.VRDWAUE COMPANY, UM1TEJJ  ���Bakei* stieet, Nelson, wholcsfilo dealeis in haid  waie and mining supplies, plumbers and tinsmiths'sup-  phes. ,   DERATED AND   MINERAL WATERS.  THORP.. & CO , T.IMIT KD.���Coi nor Vci non andCed.n  streets, Nelson, iiiamif.ic1 urois of ami whole.pile  dealeis in -elated *,v.ueis and fmit sjinps. Sole agents  for llalcj on bpungs mineial water.   ASSAYERS' SUPPLIES,  W-p-TftftTZET. &-CO.-C oi nor Ikikei-iiiid Jose--  ���   phine streets, Nelson, wholesale dealois in uh-  f-aye'-s  supplies.   Agent, ioi Denver Kite Clay Co. of  Dein-cr, Coloiado. ,   LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  TURNER, BEETON & CO.-Corncr Vcmon and Josephine streets, Nelson, -wholesale dcnlci- in hr-nois,  cipraisand dry goods. Agents for Pabst Riewing Uo. of  Milwaukee and Calgary Browing Co.. uf C'algai..   COMMISSION "MERCHANTS. .  HJ. EVANS & CO.���Hake) .street, NoUon, wholesale  ��� dealers in liquoi-., cigan, cement, Arc bnok ami  Hie claj, water pipe and steel v.uls, and gcncial oom  mission' inou'hant**.   FLOUR AND FEED.  BUACKMAN & KKR MILLING COMPANY LTD.-  Kiout ht reet. Nelson, wholesale de.iloi * in ilour, oal-  nicftl, etc., and liny nnd pain. Mills at Edmonton, Vio-  IqijajtiidNow A\o.tinlnstor. i ,   CIGARS. "  OOTKNAY CIGAR 31. ANUrAGTURING CO.-Cor-  nci linker ami H-iU sticcts, Nolson, m.iinifactsncr.  Royal Seal" nnd "Kootenay Relic" bunds of eigais  TIT*  J___  of  PAINTS   AND   OILS.  NELSON HARDWARE COMPANY-Bakcr Stieot���  Wholesale dealei t, in painU), oils, and brushes of all  kinds.   Largest stock m Kootenay.   FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  P   BURNS &  CO.���Raker stieet,  Nelson, wholesale  ���   dealers in fresh and emed meats.   Cold storage.  __F  POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  [AMILTON POWDER COMPANY���Baker street  Nelson, manufacturers of djnamite, spoiling,  stumping and black blasting powdcis, wholesale dealers  in caps and fuse, and electnc blasting apparatus.   PROVISIONS, PRODUCE AND FRUITS.  PARSONS   PRODUCE   COMPANY���Vci non   street,  Nelson, wholesale dealeis in  provisions, pioduce,  and fruits.   Agents for Swift & Co. paeon and hams.  JY. GRIFFIN ��_ CO.���Corner Vernon and Josephine  ���   stieet,..  Nelson, wholesale dcvlcis in  provisions,  cured meats, butter and eggs.   PR. STEWART & CO.���Warehouses on C. P. R. tJ ack,  ��� foot of Stanley streot. Nelson, w holosalo dealers in  provisions, pioduco and liuifs. Cold stoingc. Agents  Armour & Co's bacou, hams, lard and_other products.   MANITOBA  PRODUCE  AND COMMISSION  CO.,  Ltd. ���Nelson   branch,   Hall  stieet.    Wholesale  dealora in butter, eggs and choose.            SASH AND DOORS.  NELSON SAW AND PLANING MILLS, LIMITED-  Cornor Front and Hall streets, Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers in sash and dooru; all  kinds of factory work made to order.   WINES AND CIGARS.  /CALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, LIMITED-Cor-  V*   nor Front and Hall streets. Nelson, -wholesale dealeis  In wines(caseandbalk)and donieatic ���tnd imported cigars.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH GOLUMBfA  NELSON  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atliq, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yu^ori District.  he makes choice and passes judgment and  grapples Avith grim (le-spair.    Alone, .separated from all love and hate alike, he lives  the inner life Avhich is the real man; and  at   last,   though   a   A\*hole   A\roild   AArait  breath I o-.*-. for news  of him, he poe**** out  alone into  tlie  unseen.    These are facts,  and no  true   philosophy of life  can ignore  tlieni      It   therefore   follows   tliat  any scheme of social thought or  method  constructed  Avithout  reference to  them  must   fail.      On   the  other hand,  ib is  equally true that society has rights AA'hich  no individual can violate with impunity.  I f one adopts the creed of the tiger, that  society owes him a liAring  Avithout  making adequate  return  therefor,  he  must  sooir find himaclf in conflict AA'ith eternal  law.    There is  an  individual  good  and  there is a common good.     Each  right  is  balanced by ��"i duty, and no man   can be  false to society and true to himself at the  same time.  AVlrilc all this is true, it is equally true  that just now  socialism  is receiving the  greater emphasis. The reason is plain.  Unregulated individualism has proA'en  itself in experience to be anarchy. A  man's life is in himself, but his living is  in the world. If he refuses to take hold  of society, society must let go of him and  alloAV him to betake himself by AA'ay of  starvation into some other world. "The  struggle for existence," so beautiful as au  explanation of brute development, "will  never do for moral beings. For nineteen  centuries the ���Christian creed has been  diffusing itself through human life. AVe  cannot escape from it any more than one  can escape from the effects of tiie environment of his childhood. And Chi istian-  ity emphasizes duties. He that would  be greatest iu the new kingdom i. to be  servant of all. Tlie world is conceived of  as a family. The Christian Deity is a  Father. Towards Him men are sons, and  towards each other brothers. Pure individualism i.s here plainly impossible, for  the family is the unit, and the root idea  of the family is mutual interdependence  FULL LINE OF  Parson's  Produce  Company  WHOLESALE  Butter,  Cheese,  Green  Fruits,  Cured  Meats,  Vegetables  SHIPPERS OF THE EARLY  BREAKFAST BRAND OF EGGS  Full  stocks  carried at  Nelson   and  Rossland.    Mail orders solicited.  HALCYON WATER  IS 1NO EXPERIMENT.  Tito    medicinal     .allies   of    HALO VOX  AVATEIt li.is  been proven.  Halcyon Water Is Bottled Properly.  voinon btvo-t   Thorpe <S- Co.  Charles  D.  J. Christie  pJ-ENBRAL.   BROKER.  TN&TXJEIJ��.1<T C_EI  MONEY  TO LOAN*.  COLLECTIONS   SOLICITED  __TO*R   S__-.T-.-_-  A 7-Room House, all modern  conveniences, 3 blocks from  postoffice, one lot $2900  A 7-Room House, all modern  conveniences, g*ood location,  - -Jbar^e-lot.���-rr-.-T-.-r-.-r. nnrr  260O  5-Room House close in, one  lot    1350  50-foot on Baker street,.....   3000  TWO  SMALL  HOUSES  FO^   BEfflT.  OKKIChS.  Four Doors West of Dominion Express Office  I'rluplionc 117.  Ho\ ).��.!.  iethbridge Gait Coal.  'Clio bust   \,iliic foi tlie  nullity 111 !!ie nuiikel, for nil  '" ]H>'C"      W. P, TIERNEY, General A*.ent.  .'ui'iii**: ci-.li. Ollico -a illi C. I). pJ. ChiisLic.  Ttlcplione 117.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS-Nelson   Lodgo,  No,  25,  If nights of Pythias, meets in I. O. O. F. Hall, comer  Baker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening- at  8 o'clock.   Vi&iting Knights cordially invited to attend.  T. LILLIE, C. C. R. 0. JOY, K. of R. fc S.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. "B. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each mouth. Sojourning  brethren invited.  NKLSON L O. I.., No. 1OT2, meets in I. O. O. F. Hall.  corner Baker and Kootenay streets, Ibt and Sid  Friday of each month.   Visiting brethorn cordially invited,  JOHN TOYE, "W. M.      F. J. BRADLEY, Rec.Sco.  NELSON   ."ERIK,   Number  22,  Fraternal Order  of  Eagle1*, meet .every second and foui th Wednesday in  enoh monln in Fraternity Hall.   Visiting brethren welcome.  J. IRVING, President        J. R. WRAY, Secretary.  KLSON MINERS' UNION  KO.  OG, W. F. of Al.���  jMecls ii' nuncio union nmiiis, noithe.i4 corner Vn,-  toiln nnil JCoo.-ii.iy  .licet*, oveij  .-'aiuiday o.-_nlngut  8 o'clock.   Visiting members welcome.  JAMES WILKS, Scc'y.      CHAS. A. McKAY, Pies.  THE tegular meeting** of the (.nrpcntor.' Union 1110  hi Ul 011   Wedncsdn.   ironing of cich  -neck,, it 7  o'clock, 111 the old Oddfellow', hull on Kontcihi.  stieet.  JAMES < OLLI-H*. Si'ci*-tm>.  AKOHITEOTS.  WART & CARRIE-*Architects,  Rooms 7audg Abe  rdoon block. Baker Btreat, Nelson  ...::  B  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds,  what you want is not in stock wo will make it for you  CALL AND GET PRICES.  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS, NELSON  Contractors and Builders  WILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  6. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A large stook of flrst-class dry" material on hand, also  a full line of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY. WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson  Telephone, 91        Jolll!    Ra6,   AgGIlt  WARD  BROS,  REAL ESTATE  AND  GENERAL  INSURANCE  AGENTS  On applieation we will quote you  rates on Fire, Life, Accident and Plate  Glass Insurance.  Agents for J. and <J. Taylor Safes.  FOR SALE��-Business and Residential Property.   2.) b~\~l_CP*.\iLli 1 mpiovcmenl_, >.oiiUi side Veinon  .ulci ....        . ��:*ooo  50 by 120 coi nor of Bill* cr and Hall -.trecti.   P<uti-  cul.ii. ui\ en on npi'licition.  2Ho*.-,.itli cottage, lented .it 513 poi month, Vic-  'tort* sti ce. . ...     ��5.")00  '2 lots with cotlntfc, icittud pit$_0 pei month, Stanley  stroet  , ��� . S'JOOO  . lols includii'K coiner, _.)U foot frontage .      ...    $1^00  For Residential Property you could  not do better than invest in Fairview,  commonly known as Bogustown, especially now that the tramway is  nearly completed.  For particulars apply to above firm,  West Baker Street, Nelson.  A. R. Sherwood  Successor to Ch.is. A. Waterman & Co.  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCE AND  GENERAL AGENT  F11 *,t door west of Bank of  British Columbia building.  Balder St. Nelson  I  a ��a B.ffBi_%ffs_���_  PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Victoria and Kootcn.iy Slice's,  P. O. Ho\ 550. TKIiKPHONK NO, 95  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  NELSON, B. C.  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In    the    new    time,  whose coming men everywhere  eagerly  expect   like    those    watching   for    the  dawn  of day, society will realize itself  in the man, aud  the  man  will measure  his life by Avhat he contributes to society.  Tlie commonwealth will  be  _ir_>t. Weakness   will   be helped  by   strength,   not  crushed by it.   The law of loA-e will cease  to be smiled at as  an  amiable  ideal  for  Sunday contemplation, and  will  become  the  primal  law  of life, as in the  beginning.   Tliis cannot come at once.     There  is   no   point where iu  the changing  of  seasons one can say "this is  winter  and  this is spring." The springtime is a gradual growth, with sunshine yellowing and  Avarming day by day, with melting snows  and fitful storm and cloud, with  here a  llowei' blooming and there a  seed thrust  into the ground, until at last the  resurrection  of the world has come.    In like  manner also shall the future see the black  shadows of hate and selfishness lift from  society, and men shall be reconciled to  each other in the glorious springtime of  the higher life.  m  w  m&m  All Nice Xmas Presents  w  HSf  %  LEATHER SMOKING CHAIRS  RATTAN SMOKING CHAIRS  RATTAN ROCKERS  LADIES* ROCKERS  MUSIC CABINETS  SIDE BOARDS  BED ROOM SUITS  DINING ROOM SUITS  DINING ROOM TABLES  ENAMELED BEDS  LEATHER COUCHES  VELOUR COUCHES  TAPESTRY COUCHES  HALL ROCKERS  UPHOLSTERED ROCKERS  CHEFFONERES  m  How would  one of those  beautiful  Brass Canopy Top Beds  suit your wife  for her.Xmas gift  D. McArthiiF & Co.  Trie Furniture Men  \ f3 ���*�� **-3 'S *�� **-_2 "��! "*��. 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Madson  224-226 Baker Street, Nelson,  m  ���B  m  *b  #  ih  m  a_3a _sa ris_S>i  m&  \?h-e3->  ?*"*"_3'  Madden House   BAKER AND_WARD STRKKTS, NKLSON   Tho only hotel in Nelson that; has remained under ono  management since 1890.  The bed-rooms are well furnished and   lighted by  electricity.  The dining-room is not second to any in Kootenay.  Tho bar ia always stocked by tho best domestic and  Imported liquors and cigars, _  THOMAS MADBKN. Proprietor.  fr - .���  -^   :r**.   .  Hotel  Hum  ii D. i\Um, Manager.  The finest hotel in the Interior.  Large sample rooms.  Steam heat und electrlo light.  CORNER OV WARD AND VERNON 3TS.. NKLSON  I_.ii'BO ai,d �� Ul lighted Hcited bj hot au  IlealOihiblt) intcs .Siimiilc l conn  Etcotnc bells ami liRlit in ovcij* loom  l{e!io\ute<l .md icfuimshcd thionghout  HOTEL VICTORJA  J. V, PKJ.KS, Proprietor  Ilourlj sti eel c.u to Million mBVHI&lUJ\B|  D. U.  NijjhtGnl! Room in connection, for the floii.cmcncoof  guestsurn\ ing and doppiiling by night, U<unt.  ___5��     ^b/��  ERIE, B. C  Kirgtclas** in eipty lc-pect. Chotcpsl "lines liquors  and cigas**. Kvorj comfort for trpiiiRient and icsident  guests,  HEADQUARTERS TOR UNION MEN.  JOSEPH   CAMPBELL,   Proprietor.  Dissolution of Copartnership.  *JJio p,uInci*ship bctwun  Dr. 1>. LaU.iii and Dr ,\lc\  1'in in Iiils been  dissolved,  the dissolution  lo il.lie from  DeifiiilicrlHt. ){.��.   All drlilr* Urn* the liiiinn-(mj.iblu  to Dr. I). Dult.ui, pind he ��til pa.\ all debts of tin. tii in.  .-'.' Dated Ncl��on, JJoGeitilierlst., ISUil. "-'. '���..:������ '������."'. -������'���~\i  m Tremont Hotel  IV|AL0NE & TREQILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  Largo comforlablo  bedrooms and   firHt-claas  dining  room,   Samplo rooms for commercial men.  _=��--_.'T'EIS   S2   _~��*H3*R,   XDJ^ST  L C.   GIERKE, Prop.  I.i_to'of tho Royal Hotel, Calgary,  Big Sclioofier  Beer or Half��  atnd=MiaIf ��� ��� ���.  IO Cts.  Always F^r&sln  Always     Cool  THE BEST GLASS OF BEER IN NELSON IS  AT THE  lub Hote  Corner Silica and  Stanley Streets.  I   J.  NOTICE   OF   ASSIGNMENT.  Pursuant to "Ci editors 'I'i n**.' Deeds Act' and amending  Acts.  NoliK1 is Iicv.tij giion that Thoinns ���'-���������nicy Hum*  phiuvtoind .lolin wlusUmce 1'ittock, tipUling-undoi tlio  linn name uf Ilumphievs ,& Pittot-k as niciLbaiit-, or)  Hiikfi- st rtot. Nelson Briti.h ( ohiinbi,.. ha\e by ilpcd  liciti ingditro tlio 12th daj of Docombcr. 1SD9 aislgnod all  thou pcisuiiril _��tut��', trtdn . iii!delletts(bothp,inii(;i*shijii  and piuatt) wind1 maj bo sold under execution nnd ��11  tlu'ir iimI cstale (both parliioi-liij. and prhato) to  U'obsici rorcni'tn 'li.ivcs of iheC'ilj of Nelson. l.nti<>li  ( oluiiibin, lonti.i.toi, tn tuH( as tru.tei* for cieditom  (both p.nlneislii|> and mi. a to} foi the purpose of distii-  Ixition Amongst tlio sud < i editors according lo law.  Tin'said -leid of assignment n(is(>\eci)toil h\ the said  'Ihomns Stanley Hiunplirejsand John Whitttance Pit-  took and by tliosutd Webster I orrman 'ii.i.es on tho  -.ud l.'tb d,iy of Di'oembtr, li'KI.  And fuithei t.ike notnc that ,i meeting of the s,-.id  crcdilois ��ill bu held .it the oilkc of C.illihur & WiNon.  solicitors. Baker-liuct. Nelson, H.C , on Kmlnv the _*-'n(l  iImj of December, lsl��, al the hour of two o'cloek in the  aftiinoon,  Alltreditois aie loiiuned on oi lief in c tlie3Hthda\ of  December, lS'ft to file then tl.uiiis witli tho trustee, iluly  proved as piovidcti h\ lhc said art suiting the .iiiioiint  and n.ituie theieof the iinciiii* of anj security held liy  tin m nnd the cbaractLr of Itabilitj tlieieof, and the \alu-  .ilion nliued thereon.  In defiiult of the 'siul trustee ieet i\ing Milisfuctorv  proof theieof anj <ie<litor is liable to ha^e his claim  bin red. \VEBs_ "I l.H FOREMAN TUAVES.  Tnn-toe.  t, u.i.mien k Wii^ok. -Solleitors.  Dated al Nelson, U. C Uiu. 13th   da} of l)ecemb��r,  A.D.,iaK_ **,*   , ���..'.'-" THEr miFUlSrErN^ DECEMBER "237 1399;;  A DIRECT IMPORTATION OF  HAIR   BRUSHES BATH BRUSHES TOOTH  BRUSHES  NAIL   BRUSHES       MILITARY  HAIR   BRUSHES  THESE GOODS WE  OFFER AT  VERY LOW PRICES.  2HMis zioiyyi  NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY YOUR CHRISTMAS GIFTS.  TIES       TIES       TIES       TIES       TIES  =   TIES       TIES  Wo have a magnificent range of these goods in Pnfl's, Handkerchiefs, and .'lowingend*, in all the very  late.sl. colors and 'patterns, right from the best Canadian and American muikcts, and at prices that  1  defy competition.  SILK HANDKERCHIEFS  SILK HANDKERCHIEFS  The .very finest finalities, in-while and colored, with initialed corners, at. the very lowest, prices.  GLOVES  GLOVES  GLOVES  GLOVES  GLOVES  SEE OUR SPECIAL LINKS.AT ��1.   IT'S A TREAT.  UNDERWEAR  UNDERWEAR  UNDERWEAR  Hi-eat. assort incut of these goods direct from the manufacturers, including Wright's Famous Health  ilrnnil in tlcet-o lined. Call and sec lliein and got prices. You will be convinced that they arc second  to none. Wo also have a largo stock of clothing, boots, shoes, and everything else that men require,  which wc arc selling nl special reduced prices during the holidays. Come and get your share ofthe  best bargains in the" very best and latest, goods ever displayed in Nelson.  J. A.  GILKER,  Tlie  Furnisher.  213-213   BAKER   STREET.  * SMALL SHOES ^ .uu,-�� dl!l'H -  STRONG SHOES '���'"^  STYLISH SHOES >-��"��* ���'"^  DAINTY SHOES f;*' m*S$���,*. .,<,<-  LLhxxANl    SHOES   _QI. tlicir~moUie*'s  COMFORTABLE  FOOTWEAR  - We .stand back of our .Shoes  Tliey arc marie jn*sueh a way, from s*ueh slock, that (here is no excuse for anything but satisfaction  - '      We lia\e n-larger .stock than yon usually sec and lower price, for the .same quality  i , than you ever run across  ^ Shoes lo (It all feet, in slylcs lo suit every fancy, at prices mowed down to a minimum.  Neelands' Shoe Emporium  HAKER STREET, NELSON  ,    FORMERLY KNOWN AS THE  NELSON CIGAR CO.  If you would enjoy  a fresh and fragrant  smoke don I. forgot the  Cabinet keeps them  G. B. Matthews,  Proprietor.  ASK YOUR GROCER FOR THE CELEBRATED  Rolled  Oats  The Best that Money can Buy.   Take no Other  Manufactured by the Urnckman-Kcr Milling Co., Ltd..       Victoria, Vaucoitver.'Woslminslcr, Edmonton, Nolson.  YESTERDAY'S SHIPMENTS SHOW  That Trade is Not Falling Off.  ' Sliii-iitcnts of mor-. ban disc .worn made  to tlie following points yesterday- by tlie  wholesale Iiousok in Nelson.  A. McDonald ��.V(Jo., wholesale grocers  ��� _fniir; Erie, J lull Siding, .Sirdar, Kaslo,  Greemvood and JVorgu.-on.  ���John CholdiLcji <>c Co., wholesale grocers  ���.Slocan City, New* .Denver, .Nakusp,'  Eholt, Greenwood, Silverton, Kaslo, San-'  don and Grand Fork.*.  H. Byers A; Co., wholesale hardware ��� -  Moyie, Kaslo, Ainswortli, Porto Rico and  West-Robson.  '     Lawrence  Hardware Company, whole-  - sale    hardware���Robson,    Trail,    Ymir,  Slocan City, Cranbrook and Salmo.  Vancouver Hardware Company, wholesale hardware���Erie, Columbia, liossland  and Ainswortli  ,T. Y. Griffin & Co., wholesale provisions���Rossland, Kuskonook, Creston,  Cranbrook, Eric, Trail and Robson.  R R. .Stewart <fc Co., wholesale provisions���.Sandon, New Denver, .Slocan  City, liossland, Trail, Grant! Forks, Greenwood, Whitewater^ Ymir, Midway, Nakusp and Kaslo. <  Manitoba Produce and Commission  Company, wholesale produce���Kaslo,  Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and  .Slocan City,  Kelson Saw ��te Planing Company, Limited���-Grand Forks antl ��� Phoenix.  Turner, Beeton & Co., wholesale dry-  good.*-���Greenwood, Phoenix, Hholt, Summit City, Gladstone, Tunnel, Ymir, Kaslo,  Rossland and Salmo.  H. ,J. Evans & Co., general commission  merchants���Ymir, Salnio, Erie, Silver-  ton and Greenwood.  . I.r.u.k.nun-Ker Milling ,Company, Limited, .wholesale Hour and feed���Rossland,  Kaslo, Gibson's .Landing and ClubbV  Landing.'  Parson's Produce Company. Avholesale  provisions and fruit���Erie, Porto Rico.  Greenwood, Kaslo, Sandon, Ainswortli,  Thompson's Landing, Fort Steele, Fha-nixv  Cascade, Three Forks, Silverton, Slocan  City, Ferine and Salmo.  California Wine Company, limited,  wholesale mines and cigars���Rock Creek,  Greenwood, Anaconda, Slocan City, Moyie, Cranbrook, Fernie, Fort Steele, Kaslo  and Wardner,  AV. F. Teetzel A_ Co., assayers' supplies  ���Cranbrook, Ymir and Kuskanook.  Revelstoke Herald: There is great  activity in P. Burns A: Co.'s cold storage  at Calgary to supply the Caristmas trade  of British Columbia. Literally thousands  of steers, pigs and sheep pass -into the  pens alive and come out fresh meat, keeping a force of over 50 men hustling. I n-  eidentally it may be mentioned that Mr.  Burns is building a residence in Calgary  with 100 feet of frontage. in old English castle style,-of which Mr. .Ratten-  bury.-the designer of the parliament  buildings at Victoria, is the architect.  LOCAL NEWS IN BRIEF.  Fred Starkey, manager of the -Parson's  Produce Company at Rossland, is at the  Phair. He expects to leaAre for home tomorrow.   E. Pollard, one of the best known of  the miners employed at the Silver King  mine, on leaving that camp /was' presented with a gold watch and an address  signed by seventy-odd of his fellow-workmen. The men, in their address, stilted  they regretted Mr. Pollard's departure,  and expressed their good-will and appreciation of his honest worth aud true manliness, i     ' '  Compliments of tlie Season.  To the Editor of The Tribune: Herewith  flnd $25 with which to wet the whistles  of the employees of your paper on Christmas day, and may your paper and all its  employees live loug and prosper.  Nelson, December 22nd. * * *  Thousands  In this city alone are testifying as  to our efficiency in WATCH  REPAIRING. It is worth while  listening to. It will save you  time and money in the long run.  Absolutely no jisk.   Satisfaction  PATENAUDE  BROS.  BAKER STREET.  Watchmakers, Nelson, B. C.  Save Your  Dollars  Uy Jlliyiiij! your gooil-i from us nil thi..  week and wo will save you dollars. Vinu-  special attention i.s culled to om' large assortment of men's, boy's, and childicnV  clothing, furnishings and shoos.  QUALITY THE BEST���PRICES THE LOWEST.  Haker Street,  Opposite Queen's Hold.  BROWN & CO.  Prescriptions  Thu pijvll j* of the drugs and medicines adminih-  tcrcd to the patient i.s the most essential element  in the .successful treatment of disease. J'rcnerip-  tioiifi iii'o compounded by us from .absolutely pure  di'iiRs- in perfect condition, and the physicians   Mfiif will_iiotp_bo_i!!i!liJled by_old_and impotent.  drugs.   Our Block of requisites for  THE TOILET .  THE NURSERY  THE SICK ROOM  ,  -Are complete.  ,    ��� Your patronage solicited  NURSES' DIRECTORY  Fori lie convenience of nurse.'* ami physicians, we havo  established a N'ur.sos' Directory, and in order to have i!  complete, request all mn-.-es to send in or callaiid leave  their Haute*, and addresses.  ZHi :e\ _3vr:D:E]_A���2sr  DISI'KNSIXO CHKMIST  Telephone* 115       -    P. 0. llox 22. linker Street  Mail orders promptly attended lo.  TO FREIGHTERS AND PACKERS  '21 PACK MULES.     ' 6 WORK MULES.  4 SADDLE HORSES,  Theiul.t'i-lisur is prepared lo sdl these animals in one  lot or in lots In Mill piii-cliiisei'. The-e are excellent  mules-, in KootI condition nnd well broken. They can be  seen at Hugar I_oaf Hunch, Kamloops. The advertiser  can also furnish, if desired, npniv.j'ies, sleighs or wagons.  P. O, JHoxTli.), ���uueouvor.  ^,<JT. GRAHAM  NOTICE.  The I'rili.sb Columbia Southern Kailway Company  will apply lo the parli.iuient of ('anada at its nevi s_*,,jou  for an net iiutliori/.inf. I ho company to complete :il mi}  time before the end of the year IStfil, its i.oMtern section  as described in (hi* act of the s.ii(i parliament (IKI-III Victoria, chapter 311) and a branch lino fiom anoint on its  main line at or ne.ir lhc forks or Michel creek, Ihence '.*}*  v\ay of Michel creek to Morton oreelc and for other purposes.  Uy order of the board.  .   .11. CA M PI.1. I. IV OS WA U>, Soei-clm-j.  Montreal, t7t-l>.Vovei.u,t.e"r, JM).  ���NOTICE   TO   CO^TBAOTOBS.  Sealed Tenders will be received by the undersigned  until 12 o'clock noon, Wednesday 27th, for the erection, of  a two-story frame warehouse at the corner of Front and  Hull streelJ', for A. Macdotiald & Co. Lowest or any  tender not necessarily accepted,  __\VAKT.& C.AIUUE, Architects.  , Koonis 1 and 8, Aberdeen Iflock.  HOTEL  ARRIVALS.  At thk Phair.���N. F. IMcLeod, J. S.  Alexander, Lethbridge; E. N. Fell, Athabasca initio; Charles Of, Stuart Tod,  Whitewater: R. A. Paterson, Slocan; Mrs.  Bogle, F. Starkey, liossland; G. H. Barnhart, Ymir; H. C. Black, London, Eng.;  A. W. McDonald, Phamix: J. H. Hewton  and tainily. Victoria.  At thk Hum.**.���W. E. Hodder, G. A.  Carlson, G. West, Kaslo; F. J. Stephens,  C. Parsons, T. Burnett, Vancouver; Mrs.  E. J. Felt, A. E. Rothermel, Ii. E. Allen,  Slocan.  At thk Thkmont.���N. Mathieson, C. J.  McDonald, Toad mountain; J. AN7-. Green,  Enterprise mine; A. Campbell, Silverton;  C. H. Thomas, Poorman mine.  At thk Qihckx's'���-W. U. McKay and  wife, Robson: .J. C. Carruthers, Boundary;  W. Henderson and wife, Kootenay river;  .Frank Elwin, Hull; W. E. Gillespie, Toronto.  At tiik Mai:m_i.x.���J. C. Byron, Il'en-  nessy mountain; W. Canton and wife,  Greenwood.  At thk Sii.vkr���Kixc.;'��� J. McAdani, J.  H. Campbell, C. McDonald, D. Hugliey,  Midge Creek; J. A. Kerr, Morning mountain ; A. Alexander, Athabasca.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Dwelling i'or Reut���and furniture  for  salo. Apply It. K. Jloatc. corner Ilendryx and Latimer  streets.  To Let���Furnished house   of  5 rooms  complete, for.'! months, at $2.'ift month. "Water and every  accommodation. Situated within 1(1 minutes walk of  post olllco.   Apply to T. O. Procter, Baker stieet.  Wanted���Porter.    At Phair hotel.  Wanted���Five boys to sell and deliver  the Daily Tribune. .Steady employment to boys that  will attend strictly to business.  Wc will  keep  open every evening till  !) o'clock until after Christinas.   Fred Irvine & Co.  Wanted���Japanese cook for family kitchen work;   Address Coles, Box 09.  For rent���Five-roomed liouse, also fur-  nishiiiK.s in same house I'or sale. I'or terms apply  Cabinet Cigar Co.  Furnished house for rent���Suitable for  small family.   Apply at Tribune Ollice.  For Sale���Twelve  second-hand  wood-  burning stoves with pipes.   Apply at Phair hotel.  Seasonable  Goods for  Christmas  and New  Years Gifts  AT GREATLY  REDUCED PRICES.  Nothing more appropriate  for a present than a nice  Fur Goat, Muf�� Cape, or  Gap.,  A large assortment of  ladies' Silk Blouses for  Xmas trade. "We have a  few fancy blouses to clear  at 80 cents.  A Large Assortment  of Ladies9--and Gent's  Silk Handkerchiefs  A few children's coats  to clear at $1.50.  We are going out of  ladies' and childrens' footwear, and are selling the  balance at cost.  See our $8 and $10  Mens' suits. '  * ,  A NICE LOT OF TIES JUST  OPENED OUT FOR THE  HOLIDAY SEASON.  A. Ferlan  ELLIOT BliOCK, BAKKR STREET, NELSON.  Nelson Business Goflega  Will Open on Wednesday, January 3rd, 1900.  J.ooklcecpiii'.,  Shoilhnml, Typewriting and Up-to-date  jJusine.v, Method. Tiiiif-.il   I.x-pcmtiously and  Thoroughly.   I'l-Ciout .Space Limited.  Jtegihter JCurly.  NICHT   CUSSES   FOR   BUSY   PEOPLE  Will be opened immediately. In addition to Ihe rejrular  brancho*., a id.ih.*, in prinuu-y work will be formed for  those Whose ���early opportunities have been lost. Term*.  reitsoiuiblop   I'or further infomialiod apply to  'Victoria .Street,  Near City Hall.       J  .RATTRAY & MERRILL  Iss Palmer 1  Will open Ivor Ivinder-  #i _f I en and primary .school  in live Kni-lish church  school room on Die 2nd  of January, l!)0O, For  terms and all particular*.-apply to MI.SS. PALMEH,  At resMcuue of Mrs. J, ll, ItoborL.on, linker Htreet West.  ���*r  WE HAVE THE FINEST LINE OF  Coal Heaters  EVER DISPLAYED IN KOOTENAY DISTRICT  SOLE AGENTS FOR THE FAMOUS  Cole's Hot Blast Heater  Our claims for this heater is that it is adapted  to any kind of coal, CROW'S NEST, LETH-  BRIDGE, or ANTHRACITE, burning all kinds equally well. Not requiring the  attention of an ordinary coal heater. Economical, durable and simple in construction.   See our Steel Ranges for hard and soft coal or wood.  H. Byers & Co.  NELSON KASLO SANDON  Y*-*  WE HAVE STOVES  But while we are waiting for the cold weather we  would draw your attention to our line of  NICKLED   COPPER  WARE  Including Tea and Coffee Pots (several designs), Enamelled Handle Dippers, Pudding Dishes, Tea Kettles, etc.,  and the only place you can get them is *  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE   GO.  Xmas  23jLgLS  A COMPLETE LINE OF FANCY  BISCUITS AND CAKES  *  NEW LONDON LAYER BAISINS, 5, 10, and  201b. BOXES.  NEW PEELS, ASSORTED ENGLISH  MAPLE SYRUP  PLUM PUDDING  HONEY. IN COMB  DRIED FRUIT  NEW CURRANTS, CLEANED  NEW SULTANA RAISINS, CLEANED  NEW VALENCIAS, CLEANED  MIXED NUTS  FIGS  CRANBERRIES  DATES  APPLE   CIDER  All the Necessaries For  Your Xmas Dinner  MINCE   MEAT  GRAND   DISPLAY   OF   CROCKERY   AND    GLASSWARE.    THE  LARGEST   STOCK    IN   KOOTENAY.  Kipkpatm  P, O. BOX K. & W.  BAKKR STORKT.  TEW** PHONE 10.  ChrJjtmriia  O. & B. Plum Pudding.       Delhi Preserves in Glass  Table Raisins/ ,   Japanese Oranges  Navel Oranges       Elme Figs  Our Stock is N  ow Complete          Er  ���IGLISH  HOLLEY  *.*.  -   . Baker Street,           IWf  ' Nelson,                 J_ Y & ���  DesBri^ay,  Co*  Remova  1  Notice  We beg to nnuounee to our many patrons tliat wo luive removed to  our new quarters in tlie Houston Block, the .big increase in tlio  volume of our business forcing us to seek larger premises. Thank-  the people for the patronage accorded us in tho pa.st, in anticipation  of an increase of this custom in the future, we remain, theirs to  command in all lines of groceries.  Hou.ton Block, Baker Streot  arloai  John A. Irving d? Co.  ARRIVED IN NELSON  iskies  Including Scgmm'!. 2, I, and 7 year old Tlyo in BhitcIh.      Goodoi-harn .& "Worts*"Ryo in Cases,  Seai-pUi'V, St.uv'&'l lty�� und Whitu Wheat Whisky in Cases,      Walker's Chi.b itye in Cxs.s.  A. li, GRAY, Kootenay Agent  Nelson,* B. U,*  R. P. RITHET & CO.


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