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 __35H_S_i:  ^���^^^*^^5_^_J��is_?S^K^8EKS__s^^^______8_S  '.V  I* i  i  _. /  STORIES COMING THROUCH NOW  bi* the Kece.it Battles.  London, December  21.���Letter.'   from  British officers  and   soldiers  lighting in  the Transvaal, and   lengthy descriptions  from war correspondents, tliat filter into  print through the mails, teem with thrilling and pathetic incidents.     Writing to  his mother, a young officer of  the Man-  chestor.9, wounded in one of the  first  engagements, relates that while he  lay on  tho hillside expecting to die, through the  night Avhich had already  fallen, bleeding  from a bad wound in his thigh, and shivering with cold, tliere stumbled over him  a   "Tommy    of    my    company,  named  Hi vers."    "Tommy" quickly whipped off  his own  overcoat, placed  it  around the  hoy officer and laying down, put his arms  around him, and for the rest of that long  cold night kept him warm.  The Times correspondent gives a  graphic account and explanation-'of tho  British disaster at;Nicholson's Nek, where  Carlston's column, consisting of six companies of the Gloucestershire regiment  and No. 10 Mountain battery wore taken  prisoners. "Two hours before daybreak,"  says the correspondent, "while the column  was in closed country, either a shot was  fired, or a boulder rolled into the battery  in column. The mules stampeded, and  easily broke away from their half-asleep  driver. They came back upon the  Gloucestershire regiment, the advance  party of whom fired into the mass believing in the darkness that it was an  attack."  "Thisadded to the chaos, the ranks were  broken by the frieir/.ied animals and they  (lashed through the ranks of the rear,  guard carrying the first and second reserve ammunition animals with them.  It became a hopeless panic, the animals  wild with the shouting and tho turmoil  tore down the Nullah into the darkness  and the last that was heard of them was  the sound of ammunition boxes and panniers as they were splintered against the  boulder*-. The hub-bub of those few  minutes was sufficient to liave alarmed  the enemy. By .strenuous efforts, the officers succeeded in getting the men again  under control. When daylight came  they seized the first position which presented itself and which was about two  mile- short of the original goal. They  were forced to lake advantage of the  lirst kopje as Boer scouts were all around  them and the day .was ushered in with  desultry firing.  It was a sorry position which they had  chosen, -and tho men were in a sorry  plight. All their reserve ammunition  was gone, aud though they" had saved  pieces of the. screw guns, they were not  able with these piece*- to patch up a  single mounting. From earliest daybreak  Boer scouts were reeonnoitering, and  about (3 o'clock Boers eould be -een  galloping in group.*- to the cover at the  reverse of the hill on the west. Later  two strong parties of mounted men took  position on the far side of the two hills  commanding the kopje from the west.  About 9 o'clock tliese two parties had  crossed a hill, and opened a heavy fii'e at  short range, right down tlr*. plateau. Our  men made a plucky attempt to bum this  lire, but it was impossible: they weie  under a cross fire from two direction-.,  (tank and rear. The two companies of  Gloucestershire holding the self-contained  ridge were driven from their shelter and  they crossed tlie open.in the open plateau  and were terribly ma** 'ed', the men falling  iu groups. /  "The Boers on tne west had not declared themselves, but about 200 marksmen climbed to the position which the  two companies of the Gloucestershire had  -just���vacated These men .absolutely.  raked the plateau, and it was then that  the men were ordered to take cover on  the steep reverse of the kopje. As soon  as the enemy realized this move, the men  on the western hill teemed onto the summit and opened on our men as they lay  on the slope. They Avere absolutely  hemmed in and what had commenced as  a skirmish seemed about to become a  butchery,  "The grim order was passed around  Faugh aballagh, fix your  bayonets and  />-  FRIDAY MORNING, DECEMBER  1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $6 A YEAR; WEEKLY.   $_*.  ion. It is said, that the plumbers and  tinners will also shortly form a union."  The heads of the different local unions  are bending every effort toward the  formation of a Trades and Labor Council  similar to that in liossland. It is  thought, however, that it is rather early  to carry out this idea, at least, not until  the plumbers and tinners have formed a  union; that union formed, and a labor  council would havo representation from  live different bodies. Over in Pluonix  the miners' union is building a hall. It  was hoped to have ' had the same completed before now, but lack of lumber  has retarded the progress of the building. Tho miner..'union in that camp is  also in a nourishing condition. Tt meets  every Tuesday evening.  BULLER'S LOSS KEEPS GROWING A CHARITY  BOARD ORGANIZER  WRECK OF THE ARMORED TRAIN  Caused by Removal of Plates.  London, December 21.���Burleigh, the  Daily Telegraph's war correspondent,  supplies a full account of the annihilation  of the armored train contingent at Chiev-  ley, at whieh Winston Ohurchiil was captured. The train, it appears, with the  exception of tho engine, tender and two  trucks, was badly wrecked by the removal ���  of fish plates, and the 72 men of the Dublin 'Fusileers, and the -12 men of the  Durban light infantry, to say nothing of  live Bluejackets from the Tartar, were  thrown out. Captain Haldimand of the  Gordon Highlanders, who commanded the  party, rallied liis bruised and shaken men,  and amid a hail of bullets from the Boers,  began to clear the line, while the others  were pouring volleys into tho almost unseen Boer*- hidden behind the rocks about  1000 yards oil'. The Bluejackets, bravely  commanded by their petty officer, who  was the incarnation of coolness, got  their seven-pounder into action. They  sent in two, if not three, well-aimed  shells at the Boers, several hundred of  whom lined the hills, but just then a .shot  from the enemy's three-pounder or field  gun hit the small seven-pounder and  knocked gun and carriage into the veldt  and wounded several of the men.  Our wounded were now dotting the  veldt on each side, the continued rifie  lire and the weird sound of "the quick  fire- arms added to the hoi-ro_s<*of the  situation. At last, the line was clear,  and theengino witirone carriage of "the"  unnored'train wa.- enabled to return to  Frere, leaving captain Haldman's party  fiercely engaged. The Boers gave  the train a passing salvo of shells,  hitting the tender and nearly  derailing the train a second time/ At  Frere -Mr. Churchill, despite the entreaties  of the people with him, insisted upon returning to captain Haldimand, who was  an old comrade of his iu the Tiera expedition, and seizing a rifie from one of  the wounded was last seen making his  way across tho veldt. The officer in command of the rear truck reports that Winston Churchill was hit twice in the hand  and in the shoulder.  All of the wounded who were fit to  give any account of the engagement describe Churchill's conduct in ino-t glowing terms. It must have been heroic beyond all ordinary heroism. True to his  character he insisted on wearing the  medals he won as a  soldier.    He   was  It Aggregates Close Upon 1200.  London, December 22. There i.s still  no definite news regarding the military  operations in pSouth Africa. Probably  this is because the only cable that is now  working" is choked with official dispatches.  General Buller's casualty list at Coienso,  just published, shows that 146 were killed  and 740 wounded.. Two hundred and  twenty-seven aro described as missing,  and of these about forty are known'to be  prisoners in the hands of the Boers. This;  makes a total larger than general Buller's  original estimate.  Interest centers for the moment iu the  preparations to send out reihfdrcenients.  The various city guilds have given an additional-��12,000 for the expenses of the  Imperial volunteers, besides gifts /of  horses, ambulances, and.other paraphe-,;  nalia. The liitest notable 'volunteers, include the two nephews of lord Roberts./  major Charles Sherston and.major 'Max*.;*  Avell Sherston. Their brother was killed.',  at Gleneoe. ]',���  The admiralty has decided to dispatch]  another naval brigade of 700 men tp:  South Africa. y  It is believed that in mobilizing the  eighth division the war office will, still  have resource to some extent to'the militia, it being deemed inadvisable to de?  nude the home garrisons over much of  regulars. The chancellor of the. exchequer, sir Michael Hicks-*Beach has issued a denial that any differences exist in  the cabinet regarding .war  expenditures.  Alexandria, December 21. ��� Lord  Kitchener arrived here this evening from  Cairo and Avent on board the British  .second class cruiser l.->is, which immediately sailed for Malta.  THE   MAYORALTY   CONTEST.  b  i *  die like men. There was a clatter of  steel, a moment of suspense and then the  "cease firing" sounded. Again and again  it sounded, but the Irish fusileers were  loath to accept the call, and continued  firing for many minutes. 'Then it was unconditional surrender, and they laid down  their arms."   Famous Conductor Dead.  Pari-?, December 21.���M. Jean Lainc-  roux, the famous  mu*-ical director, died  today after a two days' illness.  Greenwood a Union Town.  C.iti.i_NWOOi>, December 21.���A meeting of tho journeymen tailors* of the  city decided to form a union. Kloven  tailors signed the application for a charter fiom the Journeymen Tailors' L'nion  of America. The meeting elected James  Orany temporary chairman, and Charles  Wilson temporary secretary. When the  charter is received a special meeting will  be called to elect officers. Probably no  town of .similar '-size-in the province can  boast of such a strong following in labor  union, ranks as Greenwood, Both the  miners1' union and the carpenters' union  are strong, healthy and active organizations. All the printers here are members  of the International Typographical Fn-  .begged not _to_wear__them, _and_iL jviiv  pointed out that if he were taken there  would be little chance for him. The one  hope, and it is the view that several of us  who know him well, is that such an extraordinary man will be quite capable of  convincing the Boor leaders that it  would be the best thing for them to release him.  Prisoners Contented and Indifferent.  London, December 21.���The Daily  Graphic's correspondent, describing a visit  to the hulk Penelope at St. Simon's bay.  where the Boer prisoners are confined,  whieh was undertaken iu the company of  colonel Stowe, the United States consul-  general, write*-: "The majority of the  prisoners are sleek, contented aud indifferent. Tliey told me that they thought  tho war would be a picnic and that they  would rush Natal before the imperial  troops arrived. That England would be  involved in foreign complications, and  that they would be able to dictate terms  from Pietermaritzburg and Durban. They  thought to view the (Jape peninsula, conquerors, not fiom a prison ship."  The Sentiment Cheered to the Echo,  To.-:onto, December 21.���At the dinner  ofthe National Club last night Hon. J.  0. Bergeron, M. P., ex-deputy speaker,  paid a tribute to the loyalty of the  French-Canadian*-' and prayed for tlie  glory of Briti-.li arms, and freedom under  British institutions for the people of South  Africa. Hon. G�� W. Boss?, speaking as  premier of Ontario, said Canadians did  not want at this moment to stand upon  parliainentary propriety or procedure,  but wished to say to Britain : " All our  men and all our wealth are at your disposal." "This sentiment was cheered to  the echo.  To thi. EijKCTOKS ok Nklson :  In asking for your support for the  office of mayor at the coming election, it  is only fair that i should state my views,  briefly, on what are considered public  question.*- or issues. No doubt, during  the campaign you will havo au opportunity to hear these questions and issues  discussed, for they are important to the  .people of this municipality.1  1. The public utilities, used, bjrjGhe'city  shouldbe maintained at a~higl_" statcof-  efficiency, and the revenue therefrom  collected closely aud promptly. The rates  should be so adjusted that a fair profit  over and above fixed charges can be  realized, for the city can no more sell  water and light" at cost than can the  merchant the commodities in which he  deals.  2. Direct taxation can only be kept  low by limiting the issue of debentures.  No debentures should be issued except  for the construction of revenue-producing public works-..  3. A beginning should bo made this  year at making permanent street improvements. The main business streets should  be macadamized and the main residence  streets giaded. Sidewalks should be laid  with some uniformity, and not according  to the different ideas of different officials.  I. The steamboat inteiests centered at  Nelson are second only in importance to  the railway interests, aud the city should  _pr_o_vi< I o_modern_ dock_ and__\vare_ho_u.se_fa-_  cilitiesat which this business can be handled. The dock;**, and warehouses should  be built on plans approved by practical  steamboat men, as. the future growth and  prosperity of the city depend, in a great  measure, on the cost of transhipment of  merchandise.  .*). lam opposed to saloon expansion.  There are already a sufficient number of  places in Nelson at which liquor can be  obtained nt retail, and the number should  not be increased until the city has a population .of ten thousand.  (5, Public gambling is looked upon as  an evil in civilized countries, and whilst  gambling cannot be prevented, there is  no good reason why the sound of gambling machinery -ihould equal that from  the team traffic on our main business  thoroughfares.  7. None but general bylaws should be  passed, and when pnwd they .-hould be  enforced.  S. Corporations that have secured  franchises from the city should he made  to live up to the letter nnd the spirit of  tlieir agreements; but in adjusting  differences that may arise there should  not be any unnecessary friction.  0. The fire department should be efficiently maintained. The best apparatus  should be procured, and the number of  men in the volunteer brigade kept at the  maximum, for without men, mere apparatus would be useless in times of  danger. Jon.v IIorsroN.  To Relieve Deserving Cases.  A representative meeting of the cif izens  of Nelson washeld in the city hall yesterday afternoon for the purpose of perfecting  the organization of tho charitable board  which is to take charge of the relief work  iu the city. Among those present were  mayor Neelands, aldermen Beer, Fletcher  and Hillyer, Mrs. W, W. Beer, Mrs. J. L.  Stocks, Mrs. J. R. Robertson, Rev. Robert  Frew. Rev. A. L. Ferland, Rev. C. W.  Rose, Rev. II. S. Akehurst' Rev. D. Lang,  T. J. Sims, E. A. Crease. F. W.. Li ing.  F. M. Chadbourn and J. K. Strachan.  The meeting organized with T. J. Sims  in the chair and J. K. Strachan acting as  secretary when a resolution creating the  charitable society was moved by Rev. II.  S. Akehurst, seconded by alderman  Fletcher, as follows : "That this meeting  resolves itself into >i society to be called  the Nelson Charitable Organization, the  society to be open to all who are willing  toeooperate in the furtherance of the objects of the society, and that an executive  committee be appointed forthwith, with  power*'to' add to its number."  The resolution creating tiie general  board of the society was then moved by  Rev. Robert Frew, seconded by alderman  Fletcher. It was: "That the general  board pf the society consist of one lady  from each of the city churches, one from  tlioi". AVomen's Council, one from the  Ladies' Hospital Aid,'and one from the  Salvation Army, together with the clergy  of the city, the mayor and the city clerk,  a representative from the hospital board,  T. J. Sims and J. IL Bowes."  This resolution was agreed to and the  following were appointed as members of  the board : Mesdames- A. L. McCulloch,  H. R. Bellamy, F_. C. Clarke, J. L. Stocks.,  W. J. Goepel, W. W. Beer, B. C. Miller,  and ensign Leicester, judge Forin, the  clergymen of the several churches, and  mayor .Neelands and city clerk .Strachan.  Mrs. ,.T. L. Stocks reported that the firm  of P. Burns & Co. had expressed a willingness to provide poultry for the Chiist-  mas dinners of any deserving people who  were unable to secure the same themselves. This otter was received with a  vote of thanks from the board, and the  understanding was arrived at that- any  cases coiniugto the.attentiouof members*  of the society should be reported to the  acting secretary.  The .secretary of the board will be the  convenor of the'next meeting, which will  probably be held in the course of a day  or two.   A RECORD   BREAKING SMOKER  for sale and eagerly bought in  at fancy  prices,   the   aforesaid   bottles   of   beer  bringing $'. to S10 per bottle, and  other  goods  in  equal  ratio.     The  Exchequer  .Alining Companj' donated 200  shares  of  stock and this was sold for $2.*.. E. Mansfield, of Camp Mansfield, carried off tho  honor*, in bidding. Mr. Mansfield invested  at  least   $200   in   goods,   largely   of   a  perishable nature, and his purchases were  generously passed through the audience.  The gathering closed  at a late  hour  amid a display of patriotism which will  linger   long in   the   memories  of those  present.    It is difficult to ascertain at the  time of writing as to the amount realized  for the Mansion House fund, but the promoters believe that the final  reckoning  will net the fund from $000 to $800.  THE BATTLE OF ELANDSLAAGT  Not Losing Time on the Way.  Cairo, Dccembei' 21.���When general  Kitchener arrived, in this city he was  given an ovation by lord Cromer, the  British consul-general in Egypt, and  others. He immediately'boarded a train  bound for Alexandria.  In Aid of Mansion House Fund.  The Mansion House smoker at the  opera house last night was a huge success  iu every sense of the expression. Patriotism and good fellowship held high carnival, and the result was a revelation even  to those promoter* of the entertainment  who had been mo*-t sanguine of succcs*-.  Seldom, indeed, has the city of Nelson  witnessed such an outpouring of patriotism as was evidenced last evening, and  result will be a contribution to the fund  foi__the widows a ncLorphans of_tlio��*e who  have given their life-blood in the defence  of tho empire, which will do the first city  of Kootenay infinite credit.  When the curtain rose at the opera  house, every seat was occupied and  -standing room was at a premium.  The audience was in great fettle and  their enthusiasm rose as the agile waiters  circulated through the gathering and the  mist of smoke rose to a cloud. Mayor  Neelands occupied the chair, and  the applause which greeted the opening  selection was only a circumstance to the  manner iu Avhich those who contributed  to the programme were received. Among  those who assisted to.make the affair a  success were: Messrs. Worthington, Marshal!, Thompson. Parry, Leicester, Preiser, Ness, McDonald, Eraser, Harris, McGinn, Caldwell. Wambolt, Haines, Winter, Whalley. Lennie, Hodges, L'nioon,  Procter, Steiner's. orchestra, the Mandolin Quartette, ami a pair of clever boxers.  All the contributions to the programme  were recehed with deafening applause,  and encores were insisted upon in every  instance.  Words fail to adequately describe the  score of incidents which marked the occasion as extraordinary. Patriotic songs  were constantly in demand, and on several occasions the audience insisted on  "Rule Brittania," "Tommy Atkins," and  selections of a similar nature, which were  sung standing amid a scene of wild  excitement. The gentlemen who assisted  in the programme participated in the  general sentiment, and all the familiar  patriotic songs were given with vim.  A feature of the entertainment was the  auction sales with wliich the programme  was interpersed. A variety of articles,  ranging from bottled beer to suits of  clothing and works of art,  were  offered  Described by a Times Correspondent.  London, December 21.���The correspondent of the Times at Ladysmith, describing the battlefield of Elaudslaagt, details  the horrors of war.    He  writes:    "The  battlefield, as  it  stood  on  Sunday, conveyed sufficient pioof of the severity of  the fight.   The men lay there as they had,  fallen, a sad, pathetic tiibute to the courage of Britisli soldiers. Highlanders, Manchester.- and mounted volunteers lay indiscriminately grouped.    The solitary figures under the stones  showed how little  cover   had   availed   them.    There  were  places  where   wire  fences  had impeded  their advance.    Here   the  carnage  had  been gieat, and one brave fellow, stooped  in death, had been cut off as he strove to  wrench a post from its foundation.  We drove back the Boer position. A  little kopje, on which Schiel and his  thirty-three men had made their last attack. The bodies of the fifteen that had  fallen of this little band wore grouped as  death had taken them. Some lay with  their head" sunken upon their rifle locks,  fighting to the end. Another had died  with his fingers pressing a charge into  his magazine. What remained of the  laager was, a litter of shell fire. Wagons  weie splintered and overturned, food  .-tuff, dead horses and explo-ives lay in  wretched profusion. There remained no  doubt that oiu shell fire and played upon the position with full effect,  and one could only marvel  "that,.-the Boers had- stood.- _vto  their guns so long. But as one of the  wounded prisoners told me later in the  day, there was no room to retreat. Extended files of tiie Manchester regiment  overlapped the reverse of the kopje,  sweeping the northern footpath, while  the rain of shrapnel destroyed every  living thing on the western slope. It was  here that the Boers had brought their  dead horses for covering and carcase-*, lay  piled on every side. The slaughter  amongst the horses must almost have  been as heavy as that of the men.  LONDON, December 22, ��� The Daily  Mail says : ������ We understand that news  has arlived from general White to the  effect that Ladysmith is well supplied  with food and ammunition, and can hold  out much longer than has been estimated.  The troom are described as in good  spirits and anxious to fight."  LOCAL   NEWS   IN   BRIEF.   Tlie_announcement_thafc-a second contingent is to be moblzied at once for  service with the Biitish forces operating  in South Africa has created great interest  among the ex-members of the Northwest  mounted police resident in Nelson.  Several of the*-e volunteered for the iirat  contingent and are now equally anxious  to participate iu the campaign. As the  second contingent is to be drafted from  the mounted curp*-, the ex-policemen art**  hopeful of being included. Foi nier members of tho force <-ay that theie would be  no difficulty whatever in recruiting 1000  men who have served from thice to five  years in the teriito. ies.  Patiick Milloy was acquitted yc&lr-rday  of the serious offence charged against  him. Judge Forin presided at the trial,  S. S_ Taylor, Q. C, acting for the crown  with W. A_ Galliher defending. The wit-  ne.ss for the pio_.ocir_n.u failed to e.tab-  lish a case. Milloy was immediately released from custody.  Baker stieet businecs men were notified yesterday by chief Jar. is of the  city's decision to enforce the snow bylaw. The majority of the merchants had  piofited by the paragraph to this ell eet  in yesterday'-. Ti.ihunj; and had lemo.ed  the snow from the fiont of their promise-, before the chief arrived.  W. F. Teetv.cl A: Co. yesterday iccoivcd  a consignment of blushes, direct from  the manufacturers in France.  Tun Ti.iBL'Ni: wa�� informed last evening that anangements had been perfected between the Canadian Pacific and Nelson A: Foit Sheppard railway companies  whereby the Canadian Pacific secures  running powers over tin* Nelson k, Fort  Sheppard to Five Mile Point, and both  companies will use a union dep t, to be  erected at the western end of Baker  street  STREET CARS MADE TRIAL TRIPS  j_n  . May Make Regular Trips Monday.  A new epoch in the development ofthe  j city was marked yesterday by the starting of the street cars over the Nelson  Tramway Company's recently completed  line.  The event had been looked forward  to with considerable interest by citizens  generally, and the spectacle of the electric trams moving swiftly and smoothly  through   the    principal    thoroughfares  formed  the staple topic of conver=ation  all along the route.  The operations wore in charge of L. A.  Campbell, of the ".Vest Kootenay Power  Company, who came to the city on Wednesday to give a finishing touch  to the  details.    The transformers which were  necessary to pu(j the cars in running  order arrived here several  days since and  were already in  position.    Mr. Campbell  determined to  take the  cars   over   the  road yesterday, and about 2:30 o'clock a  start was made from the Bogustown end  of the line,  where the cars have been  standing since they were taken off the  hands  of the  transportation   company.  While the proceedings were entirely of  an impromptu character, a little party of  citizens were aboard the first car to get  under  waj\     Among these were mayor  Neelands,      captain     Duncan,     F.   W.  Peters    and    alderman    Fletcher.      Mr.  Campbell     was     in     charge     of     the  of the  business  end of car No. 2, with  one hand on the controller and the other  on   the   brakes.    F. Carey, foreman   of  electrical construction took charge of the  trolley from the rear platform.  When the car got away, mayor Neelands appointed himself conductor by virtue of his oilice as chief magistrate.    Ho  promptly   collected   a   dime   from   Mr.    L  Peters   and   captain   Duncan.     Oue   or  other of these gentlemen is said  to have  passed  a    plugged    coin  on  the mayor-  .and   to have   narrowly   escaped    being  ejected  for  his temerity.     His worship  carefully preserved  the coins,  and  will  have them mounted as a souvenir of the    '  first street-car fares collected  in .Nelson.  As the car rolled through  the city alderman Hillyer, chief Jarvis,  chief  Thompson and other well known citizens boarded her until sitting room was  at  a  premium.    The  party   was  highly  pleased  .-  with the manner  in which  the car  was    '  furnished,    and     with   its    easy-riding  qualities. <-  When No. 2 reached the car barn Mr. ���,  Campbell returned for No. 1. Any citi-���  /.on .who caied to boarded the car, and a  dozen or so ladies enjoyed tho distinction  of riding in car No. 1 on her initial trip.  The cars took bhe hills and heavy grades,  one of which is a" 14 per cent rise, without faltering. Provision was" made for"  heavy work in this respect when they '  were equipped with four 8.">-h6rse power  motois each. On the downgrade tho  powciful brakes held the car in check  without ,trouble, Engineer Campbell  states that v. hen the apparatus is complete the cars will be able to take the"  Stanley street grade at a speed of 10  miles? per hour, although, of course, such  a rate would not be attempted save as an  experiment. Another marked featuie of  the service is tho ease with which the  cars round the rather sharp curves on the  line. There is a marked absence of jolting and binding, such as is noticeable on  older fine*--, and the explanation is that  the cars are fitted with an extremely  narrow rigid wheel base, thus enabling  the trucks to take curves smoothly.  All the arrangemcnt*_ worked without  a hitch, and the officials were thoroughly  satisfied when car No. 2 reached the barn.  .Some work remain*,  to  be done, and will  be rushed_through today On Saturday_  the cars will be on the tiacks again, and  the engineet states that so far as ho is  aware there is no leason why a regular  time-cai d service cannot be arranged to  commence Monday moi ning, Mr. Carey  will probably diaw up a time-caid after  determining the proper speed at which  the cars should be run.  Many citizens were anxious ioascertuin  how the moving cai--* would affect hoises,  and in this connection it was generally  conceded that the equine race in Nelson  possesses a raio degree of intelligt.nce.  The majority of the teams gave no more  than a passing -.tait a-* the cars parsed.  As tho trams crossed tho bridge at  the intersection of Ward and Baker  streets the rumble and roar was of such n  desviiptiou ns to cause a mild panic  among ��cvcral teams, but at no time wan  theie any danger of runaways. Commenting on this fact Mr. Campbell re-  niaikcd : "One would think the horses  in Nelson had been used to streets cars  for years. 1 have opened a number of  new roads, and have almost invariably  found it nec'e*-sary to run for a week or  so at a snail's pace, with frequent stops,  owing to frightened hor-.es, but in Nelson  thi.s was not the case at all,"  The officials of the company are delighted with the idea that the consummation of their efforts for a regular  service is <so* nearly tealized.  A Second Shipment of Ore.  Grki.nwood, December 21.���A second  carload shipment of ore from tho Gold  Bug claim, in Providence camp, lias been  made to the Trail smelter. It required  ���110 sacks to fill the car, being about 10A*  tons of high-grade ore. Tho property is  owned by the Boundary Cirek Mining &  Milling Company of Greenwood. ���>  THE TRIBUNE: NELSON, B. C, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 22,  1899.  W  H(  ill  \it  ih  v*/  v./  vi/  it)  \J)  to  v./  il/  vi/  ill  \i/  v./  ti/  \l/  to  to  to  vi/  v./  vi/  vi/  vi/  vi/  yp^.g.^.^.g.g.g..g__..^.^.tf.^.��f.lg.j^.f.<*.i^.tf.lgptf.tfig.{g.gp^p.^pgp^ V-  ^^���^-^-^^-"-r^-^^s.*^*^*-?*^*-?*^^^ ?^-^^^-^-^***��**5^-*^*^'^*l5^^*^*5*?^  Ui  til  .<*  ��K  <_���  iii  it/  i_  iii  ib  iii  *',  _T* vt_.  WE WILL GIVE  Special Reductions  IN ALL DEPARTMENTS   ��  ������ii -_!*���  ^'Sia :*3:*33"*�� :-S:-_J-3:*23:-3:-5-3:*_> -3"*3*_ **  *9'*aa'-Saaa93i_l*9:**-9:-2a:-_l3:3*-3^  *? *"_.  | LATEST SHADES |  I Ladies' Kid Gloves I $  $1 PER PAIR  Ladies' Department  Cashmere, Llama, Lisle and Silk  Hose; Woolen, Cashmere, Kid and  .Silk Mittens; Complete range' of  Street Dress Kiel Gloves; Evening-  ���Lengths in Suede Kid Gloves; Latest  Novelties in Fans for parlor and evening wear; Splendid assortment  Ladies' Silk Umbrellas; Eiderdown  and Silk Dressing Gowns anel Jackets  Honje Department  White Linen and Damask 5 o'clock  tea and dinner Table Cloths, Doyles,  and Napkins; German Linen Damask Towels; Dressing Table and Toilet Covers; Japanese Art and Silk-  Table Covers and Fancy Draperies;  Silk, Tapestry and Chenile Table-  covers anel Portieres; Axminister,  Smyrna and Wilton Hearth and  Floor Rugs.  Cents' Departn^eqt  Hem-stitched Linen and Silk Handkerchiefs, plain and with initials; Silk  Underwear, and Hose; Silk Umbrellas; Kid, -Mocha'* ..and Buck-lined  Gloves; Evening Dress Kid and Silk  Gloves; Latest styles and. novelties in  Tics, Scarfs, Puffs, Four-in-hand and  Bows; Silk Braces and Hose Suspenders; Traveling Club Bags and  Valises.    ��  Dress Goods Department  Black Brocade Silk and Satin for  dresses; Evening Silk, Satin and Brocade for dresses; Pean Dois Loir and  Bengaline Silk for dresses; Black and  Fancy Crepon for dresses; Fancy Novelty Dress Costumes at cost; A magnificent assortment of Ladies' New  York Silk Skirt, Blouse. and Dress  Waists; Silk, Satin and Taffata iJn-  derskirts.  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Ono of   tlio ���vvit/ne.-ij-ei.   lietml aviis  Frank Itobbii..*-,   who  wns  an :i*-f-aycr in  Holland until inade Mlperintentlent-ftiul  iis*5!iyci- of  IMnckeiixio it   Mann's ininiiif?  in tore-its in   Boundary and   Ea*?l Kootenay.    Mr. Bobbins may bo an c.pevt assayer, but lie is also  an expert in making strtlcinenls that are contrary to the  fiieU*.    JI_  claims  that prior  to tho enforcement   of   the   eight-hour   law   the  majority of minor-, .in   hi.s  employ) were  British subjects,  but thau now (hey  arc  aliens from the  Coeur d'Alone*.    1*5  not  Mr. Robbins aware that nearly one-half  the miner* that iiave been   employed   in  the Coeur d'Alene   mines  were Briti-h  boru,   ami that   iu   coming   to   British  Columbia they are simply  returning to  exercise their right*, a.-* JiriLi**.'h   -subject... i  Mr. Robbhib is quoted as testifying that i  the wage-> at Russia nd arc os high, if noi I  higher, than   in any camp in the United  .States.      If   Mr.   Robbins   i��*  no better  posted on other questions  affecting  the  issue  which  Mr.  Clute   is   investigating  than he is on the nativity of the miners  and the comparative rate of wages paid  them, then his evidence will be woi-thle-*-*.  As a matter of fad, the rate  of *j53..jO a  day     for    machine    men,    $.'}    a     day  for    handdrilleis,     and   $2.r>*.     a   day  for     "muckers ��� wliich     is     tlie     rate  paid, at liossland ��� is much lower  than the rato paid in many camp�� in the  (Tinted States. In Nevada and Arizona  miners draw $ I a shift, and in Montana  men working . underground aro paid a  uniform rate of $o,50 a day. At Virginia, Nevada, the working day is  eight hour.-, and has >been for  over thirl y years ; ��� but, then,  the chances are, Mr. Robbins has never  heard of Nevada, and does not know that  mining in carried on in Arizona. 1 To only  knoAvs that lie is working as a mine sup-  intoudent for n firm of raihvay contractors, who cannot poo why miner.*-*  -hould be paid higher wages than men  iu rock cuts on railway construction, aud  he is one of tlie class of men that are too  numerous in the mining camps of British  Columbia, that is, the class that is Avilling  to servilely serve their masters.  Nelson Men Anxious to Serve.  Lieutenant Beer of the Nelson Rille  Company returned from Winnipeg yesterday, lie had anticipated hearing from  the district officer commanding ore this  regarding recruiting for the second Canadian contingent for service in the Transvaal, and on finding no word awaiting  liim, promptly wired the D. O. C. that  Nelson could be depended upon to furnish  its quota of recruits, cither infantry or  mounted. Mr. Beer is confident that the  response to a call for volunteers would be  even more liberal than was the case when  the first regiment Avas formed. Kadi day  since it became known that a second con  tingent AA'ould likely be sent he has re  ceived offers from dozens of men who are  anxious to serve. In most instances the  men volunteering for service are Avilling  to furnish their oavu horses.  A Large Sum Realized.  Ton onto, December 21.��� Tho Ontario  government realized $704,555 by the sale  of timber limits, in broken lots, in  Algoma, Nipisising and Rainy River districts yesterday.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  TSittXEttXXttx&x&XEttJXttZzasi  Holiday Enjoyment  INCORPORATED 1670.  We Hope  No one will;be without  the necessary liquids to  brighten up Xmas.  Jfu-st Received  Direct shipment from  Europe 150 cases Pom-  mery Champagne, 200  cases assorted liquers.  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Glass of all sizes.  Factory work of all kinds done to order.  THE NELSON SAW & PLANM MILLS, ltd.  OFFICE AND MILLS CORNER HALL AND FRONT STS., NELSON.  PALACE   FRUIT   STORE  The largest and best assorted stock of Candies and Confectionery in the  City,  G. B. Chocolates and Bon Bons.  Lowney's   " "       "       (direct from New York.)  Grystafized Fruits (direct from London, England.)  -TSS-K.. <J. a. Mcdonald.  P. Burns & Co.  TIi:ad Office at   N"EI_S_O_N,_]?._0.  Wholesale and Retail   .  _   .   Dealers in Meats  Markets ui Nelson, Rossland, Trail,  .Casio, Ymir, Sandon, Silverton, New Denver,* Revel-  stoke, Ferguson, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Midway, and  Vancouver.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  AIj.j KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND KRTA..,  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  BaRer Street, flelson   L C_ TRAVESr  OEDERS BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  W. P. BIOKSON  B. H. H. APPLKWHAITH  3. MCPHHB  00  lupply and Constpuetion Co.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Bleotrlo Hauipments for Electric Power Transmission and Lighting for Mines, Towns  Electric Fixtures, I__.mp__ Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc,  P. O. Box 808.      , Josephine Street. Nelson, B. O.  ree Water Connections  GAS   FITTING   OUESPECIALTY  TO Y00J| LOT LiNE, WE DO IT  SEE US  PLUMBING   OF   ALL   KINDS  impti and regular Rt-au/arv _�����_���  delivery totbe trade.        Brewery Sl  STRACHAN BROS. Opera House Blk.  Fred J, Squire, Merchant Tailor  FULL LINES OF FALL AND WINTER SUITINGS  WF.ST BAKER STREET' NELSON  OPPOSJTE SILVER KING HOTE. S!__SSB___  "V  k  i ���  J  THE ^iMBCWE: ��E^^  8  Capital/  Best,  all paid  up,  ONTBEAL  $12,000,000  6,000,000  IpOHI) STftATHCONA AND  MT   UOYAL, ProKident  iron. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vico-Pretddent  K   3. CLOUSTON Goneral Manager  i_*T*E3x_ao*isr _B_B___._>rc"Ea:  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is now prepared -to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atliq, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yuk;or| District.  ������    HRAMCHKS IN       LONDON  (England).   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO  and in Uiu principal citini* in Canada.  Huy and sell SterliiiK Exchango and Cable Transfers  OHANT COMMKRCr.il. AND TRipVKLLKRS' CREDITS,  available in any part of the world.  i.K-n-Ta maiTKi)  coi.i.KCTiONa madr; kto.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATK OK INTEREST PAID  Turn the Stove Around.  Xc.v Denver I.ed(����.  At the Siding station the C. P. It. has  given a characteristic illnstr.ation of its  watchfulness of the comfort of the trav-  elinp; public. In tho waiting room they  ��� liave tho tail end of an old stove that is  deprived of legs and stands upon four  bricks. The business end ol.' the stove i.s  on the other side of the partition separating the- ticket office and waiting  room. The corporation is loo poor to  employ an agent to stay there, although  the business of the station amounts.to  possibly ���$300 por month;''oven with its  present "economical" way of doing business. An agent is employed to be there  to'nieet the train. '������'��� The agent is there  bufra few minute.-., and when the train is  late the agent is also. He seldom builds  a fire The'-waiting* passengers cannot  ���,-get at the .front of the'stove and cannot  ,start a fire, -so they wrap a blanket  around the pipe end and sit and freeze.  One day last week tliere were 11 passen-  gers for Sandon waiting in the cold for  the train. This is almost a daily occurrence. The passenger traffic of the siding  station is greater than at any of the lake  points, but the accommodations are little  better than nothing ; and yet tliere are  people wlio will kick against the government, cr-'  Crow's Nest Pass Coal.  James Johnson, manager of the Crow's  p\Test Pa&s Coal Company, while at   Win  nipeg lately is reported as saying: "The  business of the niines i.s increasing so  rapidly that it i.s xery hard for the output to be kept up to the demand. Three  months ago the output: was only 3000 or  4000 tons, while last month it amounte'd  to 10,000. We are able to supply the  local demand, but have been compelled to  decline many outside orders, notably one  from the British naval authorities at  Victoria. At present the number of men  employed in'the mine is over 300, while  another hundred find-employment' else-  Avhere about the works. We have just  opened ouiftwo new mines, one at Michael and the other at Ericson, and made  the first shipment from these  points last  week."   Mining Transfers Recorded.  Another'batch of mining transactions  were -placed on file at the mining recorder's ollice yesterday. .T. B. Dabney of  Spokane transferred the Original claim,  situated one and a half milesnorth of  Erie, to D. Mclvenzie, the consideration  being $10,000.    The Original adjoins the  celebrated Arlington property. A suit  was recently commenced in the supreme  court, to ensure the carrying out of this  agreement of sale, which will now be discontinued.  . A fourth interest in the Legal Tender  mineral claim, eight miles southeast of  Salmo, was transferred to George Klawa-  no of .Salmo by Alex. Turner.  The owner of the Lily claim, on Forty-  nine creek, has given an option on the  property for $780. -The option expires  on January 20th.  Will Discuss the Insurance Tax.  A special meeting of the city council  will be held this afternoon for tlie purpose of considering tho tax upon fire insurance companies doing business in tho  city. The insurance companies are standing, pat in the matter. Their proposition  is that if the city couucil imposes the tax  of $100 per annum upon them, they in  turn will collect 15 per cent upon all premiums written from  the insured.   A. le  gal opinion upon the matter has been received from the city solicitor, but until  the couiicil meets its centents will hot be  made public. It -will''-probably bo thatthe bylaw of tho council is sound in law  but lacking in horse-sense.  Wholesale  Houses  A.  GROCERIES.  JIACPONALI) &- CO.���Cornoi Vcmon and Jose  phme street**, \. holes.ilc jf.occ. ami jobbcis in  bUnkclsygloves, mitts, boots, lubbers, inaclunaw. and  miners' sundries.   KOO_'__NTAY   SUPP1.Y    COMPANY,    L1MITED-  Vernon street, Nelson, -wholesale filacer..  fOHN  ciioLniTcii  wholes<Ue grocers.  &   _'0���Fiont btieot,  Nelson,  COAL.  CROW'S  XKST PASS COAL COMPANY.���Wholesale dealer*, m oo.il mid eolpu,   Charles St. Bpirbe,  Agent. Baker btrcot, Nelson.  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  H BYERS & CO.���Comer Baker and Josephine streets,  ���   Nelson, wholesale dealers in liai(h\aroand mining  supplies.   AKenUjforCiiintPo'vdci Co.  IwjtEXC_. HARDWARE COJrPANY���Baker St.,  Nelson, wholcspile dealer, in hardline and mining  snpplios, and walorand plumber _'supplies.   VANCOUVER HARDWARE COMPANY, LIMITED  ���Baker street. Nelson, v,liole_alo dealers in haul-  ware and mining supplies, -plumbers and tinsmith**' supplies    CRATED AND  MINERAL WATERS.  THORPE s_ CO., LIJllT !_n,-Coi nor Vernon and Cedar  streol.s,  Nelson, iiuuiur.ictureis of .md  ->vlioles,'iIo  de.ilers in n'r.ilcd waters and fruit, sjrups.  tor Halcyon ,*jpi inp;s mineral water.  Sole agents  W.1.  ASSAYERS' SUPPLIES.  TERTZET* & CO.���Cornor B.iker  vnd Josc-  doalers in as-  s.ijet*', "supplies,  Agents for Denver .Kire Clay Co. of  pen.or, Colorado.   phine stieets, Nelson, -ivhole-alo  '     ,**._ A.._..,..      fin..      Tl.,........      li-T.  LIQUORS AND  TURNER, BEETON & CO.-Comer Vernoi  phine streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers  ciptai _ and dry goods.   Agents for Palis', l.rou  DRY GOODS.  - Coi ner Vernon and Jo .e-  tiilcrs in liquors,  ci'-mi'ii and dry coods.   Agents for Pa list. Brewing Co. or  Milwaukee nnd Calgary Blow im. Co. of Calgary.      COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  Hj, EVANS & CO.���Baker.��_ reel, NeKon, wholesale  ��� dealers in liquor*, cigars, cement, lit o In irk and  firo clay, water pipe ami sice! rails, and general commission niciehant.s.  *    i   FLOUR AND PEED. "  BRAOKMAN & KKR MILUNO COMPANY LTR-  , Front street, Xel-on, wholesale dealers in lloiir, oat  meal, etc., and hay nnd grain.   Mill*  (oria, ..lira Now "V. est minster. _    CIGARS.  ,*it Edmonton, Vie-  of  ���OOTENAY CIGAR ".UNUFACTU111X0- CO.-Cor-  �� ner Baker and Hall streets-, Nelson. inunufuctuiors  "Roval Seal" and "Kootenay Belle" brands of cigars  PAINTS  AND   OILS.  NELSON HARDWARE COMPANY���Baker Streel-  Wholcsalo dealers in paints, oils, and brn&hes of nil  kinds.   Largest stock in Kootenay.   "    FRESH "AND SALT MEATS.  P   BURNS & CO.���Baker fttroet.  Nelson, wholesale  ���   dealeis in fresh and cured ni-nU*.   Cold storage.   POWDER, CAPS AND "FUSE.  HAMILTON POWDER COMPANY���Baker street,  Nelson, muiiwfacUiiers of dynamite, sporting,  stumping and black blasting powders, wholesale dealers  in caps and f use, and electric blasting apparatus.   PROVISIONS, PRODUCE AND FRUITS.  PARSONS   PRODUCE   COMPANY���Vernon   street,  Nelson, wholesalo dealers iu  provisions, produce,  and fruits.   Agents for Sviift & Co. bacon and hams.  JY. GRIFFIN & CO.-Corner Vernon and Josephine  ���   btreets,  Nelson, ���wholesale dealers in provisions,  cured meats, butter and egga.  .  FR. STEWART & CO.���WaiehousesonC.P.R.track,  ��� foot of Stanley street, Nelson, wholcfiale dealers iu  provisions, produeo and fruits. Cold storage. Agents  Armour & Co % -aeon, hams, lard and.otherproducts.  MANITOBA PRODUCE AND COMMISSION CO.,  Ltd.��� Nelson  branch.  Hall  street,    Wholesale  dealers in butter, eggs and oneoRe.  ;_   SASH AND DOORS.  ���KJELSON SAW AND PLANING MILLS, LIMITED-  ** Corner Front and Hall streets; Nelson, mamifae-  turerg of and wholesale dealors in sash and doors; all  kinds of factory work made to prder.  WINES AND CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA WINK COBIPANY, LIMITED-Cor-  ,  ner Front and Hall streets. Nelson, wholesale dealers  :" in. w hies(caseand bulk)and domestic And imported cigars.  WHOLESALE  any  , Butter,  Eggs,  , Cheese,  , Green  , Fruits,  Cured  . Meats,  Vegetables  SHIPPERS OF THE EARLY  BREAKFAST BRAND OF EGGS  Full stocks  carried at  Nelson  and  Rossland.    Mail orders solicited.  HALCYON WATER  IS !NO EXPERIMENT.  The    mcdiun.il     . allies   ol    HALCYON   (* .VATEIt  luis  Iscon proven,  Halcyon Water Is Bottled Properly.  veinon .stiih..   Thorpe ��& Co.  Charles  D_  J.  Christie  ttENBRAI,   BROKER.  I^S'LTDR-A-ItSrC-EEI  MONEY TO LOAN,  COLLECTIONS   SOLICITED  3_-0*R  S.A.X____.  A 7-Room House, a]l modern  conveniences, 3 blocks froni  postoffice,  one lot $2900  A 7-Room House, all modern  conveniences, good location,   ~ "Large lot.   2600  5-Room House close in, one  lot     1350  50-foot on,Baker street    3000  TWO  SMALL  HOUSES  FGf}   REf.T.  ori'i.'i:**:  Four Doors West of Dominion Express Office  'IVloplione HT liovftiS  Lethbridge Gait Coal.  T!ii> Ui'sl   \.i1iic fur Die  money in the m.oktl lor nil  I>m*|iOsC*��.  w.  Tei 111*1 ��� t*_c~Ii.  Ti'loplHinf' 117.  TIERNEY, General Axeiit.  OIII11. with C. IK J. Cliri-.li..  LODGE   MEETINGS.  TONIGHTS OK. PYTHIAS��� Nelson  No,  2p.,  J^-  Kniehla of Pythias, mceta in I. O. O. ]_". Hall,cornolr  Bakfir and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock.   "Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  T. LILIjIE, C. C, K. O. JOY, K. of K. & S.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23. A. F. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each mouth. Sojourning  brethren invited.  NELSON L. O. L., No. 1092, meets in I. O. O. F. Hall,  corner Baker and Kootenay streets, 1st and 3rd  Friday of each month.   Visiting brethern cordially invited,  JOHN TOYE, W. M.      F. J. BRADLEY, Reo. See,  NELSON   JERIE,   Number  22,  Fraternal Order  ot  EagleR, meets 0 vory second and fourth Wednesday in  oach month in Fraternity Hall.   Visiting brethren wol-  conie.  J. IRVJNQ, President,       J, VL WRAY, Secretary.  NELSON HESTERS" UNION  NO.  96,. W, >. of 'W.���  Meets in miner.-)' union rooms, northeast corner V'fe-  toria iilul Kootenuy Btreets, every Saturday evetiilfjjat  8 o'cloisk:   Visiting members, vv'elcome.  JAMKS "WILEST Sec'y.   . CHAS. A. McKAY. Pres.  rpHK regiilsir. moctitiffs of the Carpenter'*' Union arc  ���*���   held on  Wedncsauy evenini. ot each   week, at 7  in tlio old Oddfellow'* hnHoii Kootuiray street,  JAMES COLLING, .Secretary.  o'clock  -������ AEOHITEOTS.  ���Cj WART & CARRIE���Architeote. Rooms 7and8 Abft  fdeaa.block, Baker 8trc6b,,Nel-0n .  FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  ���Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast. ��  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds,  what you want is not in stock we will mako it for you  CALL AND GET PRICES.  The Disloyalist Press Rebuked.  Querrc, December 21.���Tlie 'Chronicle,  the English Conservative organ here, in  an article this -morning warns the  Eventent, tlie French Canadian Conservative organ, and other organs of the  same party against what it terms "the  unfair, unpatriotic and highly impolitic  course" whieh they are pursuing in deliberately misrepresenting Great Britain  in' connection with the South African  trouble. The Chronicle declares itself  ready to oppose any political party which  adopt these tactics to gain nn advantage  over political opponents.  Partially Damaged by Fire.  Halifax, December 21.   The* works of  the Carrite ifc Patterson Manufacturing  i Company,   manufactuers   of   tar paper,  I etc., were damaged to the'exteht of $5000  by lire last night, partially covered  by  insurance.  Winter and Spring Wedded.  Baldwin, Michigan, December 21.���  Scott Voorhees,' aged 05, married Minnie  Haywood, a girl of 1.5, on Monday. The  marriage was consented to by her parents.  =B^  W  All Nice Xmas Presents  ffl  w  M  Hi  LEATHER SMOKING CHAIRS  RATTAN SMOKING CHAIRS.  RATTAN ROCKERS  LADIES' ROCKERS  MUSIC CABINETS  SIDE BOARDS  BED ROOM SUITS  DINING ROOM SUITS  DINING ROOM TABLES  ENAMELED BEDS  LEATHER COUCHES  VELOUR COUCHES  TAPESTRY COUCHES  HALL ROCKERS  UPHOLSTERED ROCKERS  CHEFFONERES  How would  one of those  beautiful  Brass Canopy Top Beds  suit your wife  for \\er Xmas gift  B. MeArthup & Co.  TJ|8 Furniture Men  m  rm  %  m  . <s_r-*s  mm  mm  -e*:��:  J^spiK  mm  m  LARGE CLEARDNQ SALE  FOR  CHRISTMAS WEEK  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS. NELSON   '  Contractors and Builders  Clothing1  Shirts  Underwear  Overcoats  Pants  Mackinaws  Suspenders  Gloves  Neckties  Shoes  Mitts  WILL DO-WELL TO  150 Suits of Clothing  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A large stock of flrst-class dry material on hand, also  a full line of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc,  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  % "  $  Yard:  Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson  Telephone. 91        Johll    RaC,   Ageilt  WARD  BROS.  REAL ESTATE  AND  GENERAL  INSURANCE  AGENTS  W0  At  From  20  to  50  Per  Cent  Discount  On applieation we will quote you  rates on Fire, Life, Accident and Plate  Glass insurance.  Agents for J. and J. Taylor Safes.  FOR SALE���Business and Residential Property. _   >1 hy 120 with improvements, soulh side Vornon  sheet.   .... S-iMO  .-���A by 120 corner of Haker .uid II.ill .li*ceH. 1'iiilt-  f ul.'irs given oil n-ipll.ntioii.  21 Ion witli eoU.igi*, ipnfcil .il .?!.") per moiilli, Vi<*.  'loii.a f-treef    ?r**W  2 loti witli oottusci', i-eniod.it S_<l poi momli, Stanley  street  ...."   .. .     . $3000  I lots includiiiK corner, -00 foot fronl.if-i* ,    ,$1200  For Residential Property you could  not do better than invest in Fairview,  commonly known as Bogustown, especially now'"that the tramway is  nearly completed.  For particulars apply to above firm,  West Baker Street, Nelson.  A. R. Sherwood  Siicposior to Chin. A. Waterinnn & Co.  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCE AND  GENERAL AGENT  mmmmm  BOYS, DON'T MISS IT! This is a great opportunity to  get a nice Suit of Clothing for Christmas. Black, Beaver  Overcoats, Single or Double Breasted, Italian Cloth Lining,  reduced to $11. Everything in the Store from, Tuesday,  the  19th, till Midnight on the 31st at REDUCED. PRICES  Theo. Madson  224-226 Baker Street, Nelson.  5p(_5"<=J'*  1'G>'  m<  mm  i> ���*-__! *^  Hi?  I Madden House  BAKER~AND WARD STHKKTS, NKI.30N"  The only hotol in Nelson that has remained under ona  management since 1890.  The "bed-rooms are -well furnished and lighted by  electricity.  ThiTreraont Hotel Big Sel]Oorier  The dining-room Is not. second to any in Kootenay.  The bar is always stocked by the bci     "  Imported liquors and clears.  The bar is always stocked by the best domeatio and  ������--������ * clears.  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  NjALOjiE & TREGILLUS  PltOPRIRTOBS  Beer or Half*  andNHalf  ��� ��� ���  IO Ct,s  THK BKST jmAKDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS 0"V HAND  Tho lineBt hotel in tho Interior.  Largo sample rooms.   Steam heat and electric tight,  Fii'-X door \ve*>t of Dank of  IJntish Columbia building.  Barker Si. Nelson  PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR  CORNER OF WARD AND VERNON STS., NELSON  LpIirc mid \vt*11 liffhtwl Honied by hot aii  Jtciiomible rale . Paiupln rooms  IClectnc boll. and lif,'bt in ever> loom  Renovated .md lefuini .lied ihroughnnt  HOTEL, VICTORIA  J. V. I-*__1.KS, Pi'npiietor  Kiee bin.moot*-all twin. Rai/ofctnlcf.    __   ft  Hoiii'lj street cvu to Million l_BVtfi_lU^W,  O. U.  Xiijlit Giill Itooin in eoiiiicction, for tin- doiivenionce of  guosth pirriv inj. and detiartini; by niuht traiim.  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  Corner Victoria and Kootciiay Slreots.  V. O. Hon: 56!?. TBLKPHOXE NO, !B  KOOTENAY COFFE_S~Ca  .'   N1SLSON. B.-C-.  Coffee roasters and dealers in Tea and Coffeo.  Offer fresh roasted coffeo of beat quality as follows:  Java and Arabian Macba, per pound ,...;'$ 40  Java and Mooba Blciid, 3 pounds.  1 00  Fine Santos, _ pounds  1 00  Santos Bland, 5 pounds ..,_  1 00  Our Spoolal Blend, 8 pounds  1 00  Our Elo Roast, 8 pounds  1 00  ; ; Aatrial prder solicltod.  Salesrooms: S: Doort; Eastiof .JWdfellows  BlooK,; Went  '::":'.,S':yy-;V:.H!-;^V'"i  BRIB, B, C  First-class In every respect. Choicest wines, liquor.-!  mid digara. Kvory Comfort foi* transiont and resident  guests,  HEADQUARTERS FOR ONION MEN.  JOSEPH   CAMPBELL,   Ppopi-letop.  Dissolution of Copartners-tip.  The partnership beln'con Dr. 11, T^alinu and Dr, Alex-.  Fori!) lift*, been dissolved',-tli. dissolution to date from.  Doceinber 1st, iSJKI,   AH debts due tlio.llrm are pnyaWo  to Dr. D. D.illan, mid Ho.will.pay all dobtnof tho llrm....  VpItate&Nelwii.'-DcceKibeHsl, ISfJf!. -.. :��.*:;���". *. ��"'':.?'..;.:'.v-  HAKER STREET. NELSON,  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  Always  Always  Fresh  Cool  THE BEST GLASS OF BEER IN NELSON IS  AT THB  Corner Silica and  Stanley Streets.  E. J.  NOTICE   OF   ASSIGNMENT.  "Creditor-*. Tru.tllcud4Act1'and amending  Largo comfortable bcdrobuiB and  ilrst-clasn dinini.  roon).  Sample rooms for c6_tiraei*oiai men*  rA.'tbjs ��ia '*_=��__i**e- rJA.*y  Mrs. t C,  CtpKE, Prop.  .''yy-yTy.lJit\4 of .tho.*Royal Hotol, JCalKary. y ���..   ���  PurMinnl to'  Acts.  Notice is hereby kivuti lhal Thomas Stanley IFi.m-  |,[irc>snnd John VVhi.Uince l'ittock, triidlng under ihu  llrm iiptinc of Hiimiilircys _c I'itlock a-i inoroliantH on  H.ikcr Mreft. Xi'Im-m, Itrilisn Culiiiiibln. have Uv deed  licariiiK ditto ihe Uth day of Dcci-mber, ISWi, iv.siKti(,*il all  Iheir p.i'xoiialpxpinlo. cuHlitrinmlLpfreL'tislboth purine**.hlfr  ami privitie) v-liicli mny bu*.<>ld itmlur execution "tvl all  their rcnl i-stalc (bulb partner-shiji anil private! to  Wclmlev Foreman Traves of the City of Nelson, Britisli  f'oHiinbia, ci.ndnetor, in trust a*> irtistco for crcditorK  (both |Kirt nci ship and urivatv) for (ho purpo-ieof distri-  biilion iimmiL'sl ihe wiid ureditori* aceording to law.  'Die said deed uf iiwifnim"i>l wa*. exceut* d bv the said  Th"!iiiii Stanley Iluniphre.v . and Jaliif Wbistaneo Pit-  took und by (ho paid Webster Foreman Traves un tho  said ISthdav of "'eocmbc*, lSiW.  Ami further take iiolire thai a meeting of thn onirt  l creditor, will !)���) held :n the office of Galliher & Wilson,  -olicitpi*-). linker -troci, .Nelsuii. It. (,'., un Friday the 2*2nd  day of IJi'cctiibcr, 1S9!', at the hour of two o'clock in the  afternoon.  Alt cwlitors are required on nrliufnru the 30th dav of  December. ISSfl. to (ile (heir claims wilh the trustee, dulv  proveil as provided by thowiid nia-statnig the amount  and natiira thereof, the nut mo of any security held bv  them und the ehnmutcr of liability thereof, awl the vulii-  nliiui placed tlinrrain.  In default of the ��aid triihlpo vcceivln*j* satlsfaciorv  proof thereof any ovedit-ir i*s liable io Iwvn iii* clalili  barred, WEBSTEU FOKEMAN Tl.AVES.  n .... ~      . Trustee.  G..i,t.mr.K ic \\ n/.0N. S lioitors,  Dated at Nolson, ��, C��� thi*. 13th day of l")eeeiuber.  A.1"��.,_S!*��, THE TRIBUTE: -NELSONy Bf C, FRTDAT,. DECEMBER 22, 1899  2o per Cent Discount  In order to reduce our stock previous* to stock taking we have concluded to offer a discount pf 20 per cent for cash on all goods in the drug line, with the exception of Patent and  Proprietary Medicines, until Saturday, the 23rd instant. These goods are not old and  shop worn, but on the contrary they are all fresh new goods, purchased in the best markets  and cannot be excelled.  W. F. TEETZEL * CO.  Corner Baker and Josephine Streets  Nelson, B. C  Wholesale and Retail Druggists  and Dealers in Assayers' Supplies  im:._a_s  __V_:._A_S  NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY YOUR CHRISTMAS GIFTS.  TIES       TIES       TIES       TIES       TIES      TIES      TIES  We h.i. e a mnh'iMileoni iaiif,'e of thcso goods in Pull's. lKindkerchicls. and Flow intf. ncK in all (be . er.\  latest colors and pattprns light Horn the best Ciundinn .tnd Ameiican maikets, antl at prices thul  defy competition.  SILK HANDKERCHIEFS  SILK HANDKERCHIEFS  The \cv> linc-l iiuitlitics in "vvlule .will totaled,  wilh initkileil coinei-*. ,il  (be ten* lnwcM  prices.  GLOVES  GLOVES  GLOVES  GLOVES  GLOVES  PEE Ol'll SPECIAL LINES AT il.   ITS   . THE \T.  UNDERWEAR  UNDERWEAR  UNDERWEAR  Croat assortment of these good*, direct from Ihe manu.iu'tii.e.s, iucludinir Wrif.hr**> Famous Health  Rr.vnd in tleece lined. Call and see them and get prices. You *nill be convinced thattho> .ire seeond  to none. We also h.ive a l.irffo-,look of clothing, boots, shoe-,, and corylhing else that men require,  which wc arc -elling ai upecinl ii'd need prices during the holidajs. Come and gel jnur share ofthe  best bargains in the very host and latest goods ever (Usplajcd n* NeKon. ->  J. A.  GILKER,  The  Furnisher.  213-21o  BAKER   STREET.  English Goods  Established in Nelson in 1890.  Our stock is now complete. OUR,ENGLISH GOODS, which  were shipped 51 days ago, will be on display on Tuesday, or  Wednesday at the farthest. The goods must be sold at once, as  they were purcnased solely forthe holiday trade���and they will  be sold, even if at .SACRIFICE PRICES. Call early and make  selections.  A   UIST   OF   THE   GOODS.  Henry Rogers of England; PeaVl handles.  Cake knives in oak, pearl handles.  . Fish sets, in half-dozens and dozens.  Fruit sets, cabinets in oak.  Knives and forks, in celluloid handles.  Table Spoons, Dessert Spoons, Tea Spoons, in sterling silver.  Children's knives, forks and spoons, in sets.  Carving sets, game sets, butter knives, sugar spoons, in silver  andwith pearl handles. -  Liquor Decanters, in different patterny and styles.  Dinner Gongs and Wine Coolers.  A large variety of the above named goods will be ready for inspection on the day noted above, and they will be displayed to  be sold.   All engraving free of charge.  240*242 Bakei* Street, Nelson-  Jacob Dover  COMFORTABLE  FOOTWEAR  SMALL SHOES fwli* "^  STRONG SHOES f"1--*^  STYLISH SHOES f0'- lh"[1, f,l,,,ew  DAINTY SHOES twmi0$3rmi^  ELEGANT SHOES !l>MM>^  Wc stand luck nf our Shoes  Thrv aie made in such a way, from such _stocl_, that there is mi evuse for .injthing but satisfaction  Wo have a Uigc*' stock than jou tt-,ui_lly see .mil lower price** for the ��miutj qualitj  than ><��u cwr run across  Shoos lo lit all feet, in style- to suit ever,, fancy, at prices mowed down to a minimum.  1  1.AKKR STRKKT. NBI-SON*  FORMERLY KNOWN AS THE  NELSON CIGAR CO.  If j on would  en.j6\  it f rouli and  smoke don t._.  Cabinet keeps, tficm  'feSLO. Matthews,  Proprietor.  ASK YOUR GROCER FOR THE CELEBRATED  Oats  the Beat that Money can Buy,   Take no Other  Sfimuftictnred by the Hrftckman-Kcr Millinj. Co.. Md.   :' :. Victoria. Vancouver,'Westnii&fiier, Kdmohton, N'olsort.  LOCAL NEWS IN BRIEF.  Contractor Hawley, who is takiug out  stone for the new gas works, lias tired  some unusually heavy shots this week in  the quarry back of the smelter. - The  blasts were very Successful find enough  material is now on the dump to complete  tlie work*. "  The Queen'* hotel will give a dinner on  Christmas that will surpass anything of  the kind ever undertaken in Xelson.  Chief .larvis received a letter yesterday from Mrs. Henry Beck of Birmingham, England, widow of the .late Henry  Beck, who died suddenly in Nelson a few  week- a��>o. Mrs. Beck requested the  chief to convey her heartfelt gratitude  to the friends who had extended kindness  to her husband during hi*-, illness.  Born on Sunday, the 17th instant, to  the wife of John Haniprion, foreman at  the Silver King mine, a daughter.  ANNOUNCEMENT.  To nil: Ku,rroits oi  Ni;im).n:  I will be a candidate fur the oflice of  mayor ut  the  election to be held ou Thursday. Janu.'irj IU.h noxt.  December-JOth, IS'1.1. .K.lfNT HOUSTON".  Thousands  In this city alone are testifying as  to our efficiency in WATCH  REPAIRING. It is worth while,  listening to. It will .save you  time and money in the long run,  Absolutely no risk. Satisfaction  or money refunded.  PATENAUDE  BROS.  BAKER STREET.  Watchmakers, Nelson, B. C.  Save Your Dollars  Hy IlujiiiK your goods from us all this  week and we will *-a\e jou dollar.s. Your  special attention ih called to our large -tb-  softincnt of nien'h, boj's, and chiklien's  clothing, furnishings and shoes.  QUALITY THE BEST���PRICES THE LOWEST.  Baker Street.  Opposite Queen's Hotel.  BROWN & CO.  Prescriptions   The purity of the drugs .md medicines administered to the patient is the moat c-wmUal element  in the successful treatment of disease. Pro-crip-  t ions are compounded by n- from absolutely pure  drug*, in perfect, condition, and tho physician's  hkill vill not be nullified by old and Impotent  drugs.   Our slock of wriiiisites foi  THE TOILET  THE NURSERY  THE SICK ROOM  Aie complete  Your patronage solicited  NURSES' DIRECTORY  Kor t be convenience of nurses and phynicians, wo havo  Cutablished u Nurses'Directory, and in aider to huveit  complete, request' all nur.--.cn to send in or call and leave  their names and addresses.  _BC. IF.. IIVC'LE^IN"  mi-l'.'XSINCi CHEMIST   *  Telephone 11,. I\ O. Bo* 2-i'i' linker Street  Mail oiders promptly attended to.  TO FREIGHTERS ANDPA0KERS  21 PACK MULES.       6 WORK MULES.  4 SADDLE HORSES.  HOTEL  ARRIVALS.  At Tin. Phair.���F. Sternfeld, New  York; .T. McKane, Rossland; F. P. Clark,  Ymir; W. Henderson, Victoria*; II. H.  Boomer, Butte, Montana: C. D. ,S. Browning, Edmonton; Mrs. Kennedy and child,  A. L. Mcintosh, Kuskanook.  At thi. Hume.���W. H. Langridge,  Montreal; P. F. Richardson, Vancouver;  F. W. Coleman, Trail; F. l_well, Bonnington; A. McLean, Kaslo; W. II. Bennett,  Medicine Hat; W. Adam.***, Spokane: W.  Fitzpatriek, J. McFarland, Macleod.  At the Queen's.-���M. McTaggart, AV.  It. Gallop, Kaslo; .T.AV. CannifT, Rat Portage; W. H. Merritt, Maine; P. Lund,  North Star Branch; J. McCar.son, Kimberley; It. E. Baxter, Winnipeg; I). .).  Weir, Rossland.  ��� At the Tremoxt--F. .1. Goldsmith,  Six mile; J. Oughtoii, Rossland; .1. Beer,  Seven mile.  At the Madden���Fi. Grant,.). Brooke,  Ymir.  At the Sua-eii Kin.- ��� W. L. Gregg,  I). 0. Coakley, Ymir.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  We will keep  oi>en every evening till  0 o'clock until after Christina*..   I'red Irvine & Co.  Wanted-���Japanese cook fr>r family kitchen \.orl_,  Addro-s Cole., Uo*. ifl.  For rent���Five-roomed hou*-e, also fur-  nit>hnii;s  in   -tunc  hoii-e  for s.ilc.     I'or   lernis  apply  Cabinet C'ig.u Co.  Furnished house i'or rent���Suitable for  small f.iniil.*,.   Apply ul Tribune Ollice.  For Sale���Twelve second-hand  wood-  bm-nlug-notes with pipes.   Apply at Phair hotel.  Seasonable  Goods for  Christmas  and New  Years Gifts  AT GREATLY  REDUCED pPRICES.  Nothing more appropriate  for a present than a nice  Pur Coat, Muff, Cap ey or  Cap.  A large assortment of  ladies' Silk Blouses for  Xmas trade., We have a  few fancy blouses to clear  at 80 cents.  The ml*. ortNor is pi-epnrcd to sell Ihesc animals in one  lot or in lot* to suit purchaser. Tho-e nre excellent  mules, in kouiI condition .md well broken. They eiin be  seen at Sugar l.cif Ranch, Kamioops. The luhcrtiscr  can ��iNi> fm'iii-di, if rte-ired, .ipnrejoes sl(;i��hs or wagons.  lleplj  , 0. llo-K. 7iU, Tpincouvor.  t0T. GRAHAM  Miss Palmer  Will open her Kinder-  Kiirtcmuulpriniar.. Hchool  in the KiiKlisb church  school room on the '.nd  .   of   J'unvntry,   lOOO.    Kor  term, aiid allpai'ticiilurHapply to      MISS L-AtiliEft.  At residence of Mrs, J. It. Itobert.son, Baker .Street West,  A Large Assortment  of Ladies' and Gent's  Silk Handkerchiefs  A   few   children's   coats  to clear at $1.50.  We   are   going   out   of  ladies' and childrens' foot-   wear, and are selling the  balance at cost".  See   our'   $8   and   $10  Mens' suits.  A NICE LOT OF TIES JUST  OPENED OUT FOR THE  HOLIDAY SEASON.  A. Ferland & Co.  KLLIOT BLOCK. BAKRR STREOT, NELSON.  Nelson Business College  Will Opan on Wednesday, January 3rd, 1900.  I.oiikkceiiiiiK,  Shintlmnd. Tjpe\wi!ini. and Lpt-viluic  liusincss Methods Taught .expeditiously .md  ThfirmiKhly,   i'resenl .Sn.icc l.iinited,  I'cijistci* Karly.  toves  i  WE HAVE THE FINEST LINE OF  Coal Heaters  EVER DISPLAYED IN KOOTENAY DISTRICT  SOLE AGENTS FOR THE FAMOUS  Cole's Hot Blast Heater  Our claims for this heater is that it is adapted  to any kind of coal, CROW'S NEST, LETH_  BRIDGE, or ANTHRACITE, burning all kinds equally well. Not requiring the  attention of an ordinary coal heater. Economical, durable and simple in construction.   See our Steel Ranges for hard and soft coal or wood.  H. Byers & Co.  NELSON KASLO SANDON  ���/-  WE HAVE STOVES  But while we are waiting for the cold weather we  would draw your attention to our line of  NICKLED   COPPER  WARE  Including Tea and Coffee Pots (several designs), Enamelled Handle Dippers, Pudding Dishes, Tea Kettles, etc.,  and the only place you can get them is  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE   GO.  Xmas    Xmas  A COMPLETE LINE OF FANCY, BISCUITS AND CAKES  J  NEW LONDON LAYER BAISINS, 5, 10, and  201b. BOXES.  NEW PEELS, ASSORTED ENGLISH  MAPLE SYRUP  PLUM PUDDING  HONEY, IN COMB  DRIED FRUIT  NEW CURRANTS, CLEANED  NEW SULTANA RAISINS, CLEANED  NEW VALENCIAS. CLEANED  MIXED NUTS  FIGS  CRANBERRIES  DATES  APPLE   CIDER  All the Necessaries For  Youp Xmas Dinner  MINCE   MEAT  GRAND   DISPLAY   OF   CROCKERY   AND    GLASSWARE.  LARGEST   STOCK    IN   KOOTENAY.  Kirkpatrick & Wilsom  ]'. O. BOX K. fc *W_  BAIvKIt STREET.  TELEPHONE 10.  Christmas 11899  C. & B. Plum Pudding        Delhi Preserves in Glass  Table Raisins       Japanese Oranges  Navel Oranges       Elme Figs  <&  Our Stock is Now Complete  ENGLISH HOLLEY  NIGHT   CLASSES   FOR   BUSY   PEOPLE  Will Ik* <->*-e*icil i-iimediaU-ly. In addition to (ho i'ckuUv  bnincbe**, a rlov, in i-iiinni'jr *.\oii' will be formed lor  tlio-jc who��,(_cj,triy oimorluniti'-s have l>ccn lost. Terms  reanon.'iblo.   _���"��__ fuither "iiformatind ii_i.pl) to  ^RATTRAY & MERRILL  Victoria Stio<_1.  Near Citj  II.ill.  9 9  NO-TIGE   TO   CONTBAOTOBS,  Scaled ToJidors will be received by the undersigned  until 12 o'clock noon, Wednesday {ftth, for tho erection of  a fAvo-story frame warehouse at the coiner of {front imd  IF.ill streets, for A, Macdonald & Co. Lowest, or any  tender not neeeswarily accepted.  13WART. Si CARRIE, Architects.  .   .       rtowis.7 a.iid.8, Abcnloen Block,  ROYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  GIGARo.   ,    .    .   .   ��  Baker Street,  Nelson,  Mi DesBrfeay $z Co.  Removal   Notiee  We beg to announce to our many patrons that wc have removed to  our new quarters in tlie Houston .Hlock, the big increase in tlio  volume of our business forcing us to seek larger premises. ^ Thank-  the people for the patronage accorded us in the past, in anticipation  of an increase of this custom in tlie future, wc remain, theirs to  'a  :.-~-.il  command in all lines* of groceries  Hon.. ton Block, Baker Streot  IJ.V,._     -Ji     ��-UV,V--V_.  John A.- Irving & Co.  xmtjim made  Kootenay Cigar Manfg. Go.  Nolson. British Colombia.  Garloai  ARRIVED m NELSON  Including Segiiwii*** 2, ���!, and 7 year old Ryo in Barrel..      Goodorluu.i & Worts*Ryo in Cases.  .Sogn.-nVi Star, '83 Ryo and White Wheat \\ Hisky in Oases.      Walkor'.s Club Ry. in Casts,  A. B. GRAY, ICootenay Asent  .    iXelsoii, It. C,  R. P. RITHET &C0.


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