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To Replace What Buller Lost.
London, December 10.—The depression
over the defeat of Great Britain's trusted
commander is made the greater, as during the last 40 hours there have been reports of the relief of Ladysmith. Yesterday the war office allowed it to be understood that the position of affairs in
Natal was entirely satisfactory. The reaction i.s till the more pronounced ou this
account. The gloomy information came
too late to reach the clubs, and only a
few journalists aud stragglers were waiting at the war oflice.
It has hardly been realized until   now,
even after the experience of the  week,
that general Buller could fail.    Virtually
nothing had been allowed to leak through
regarding his preparations,1 but the  public waited patiently in the confident belief
that    he   was   taking   Mich    time   and
precautions  that would  ensure  success.
No independent; reports of  the  engagement   haA-e   yet  been allowed  to  come
through,   but general Buller's oavu  dispatch tells the sad tale in sufficient outline to show that the British  have been
entrapped again by the astute Boers.    It
was not anticipated  that general  Puller
would  make a  frontal  attack,   but   no
criticisms  of his  movements  are made,
since  apparently  he  suffered  a   repulse
rather than a  defeat.    He  did  uot push
the attack home, but broke it off  in the
middle so as to save a useless sacrifice of
life.    It  is  expected   that he Avill renew
the attack shortly.
Immediately on receiving the news, the
Avar office decided to mobilize still another division, and to replace the losses of
artillery. The necessai y reinforcements
Avill be hurried off as -speedily as possible.
Fifteen transports aio due to iu*ri\*e at
(Jape Town between December 17th and
January 8th Avith about 15,000 troops of
all arms, but unless general Buller is
able to renew the attack. AA'hich is exceedingly doubtful, the British genetnls
■will be compelled for another fortnight
or more to remain practically on the de-
fen M a-e.
The latest dispatches indicate the continued bombardment of Ladysmith,
Avhich position is now perilous.
Major-general sir Herbert Charles
Ohermside has been appointed to command the fourteenth-brigade in 'the sev-
entli diA'ision.
London, December 15.—The duke of
Devonshire, lord president of the council
of ministers- speaking in the city this
evening, congratulated the country upon
the calm it was displaying during a serious ciisis, and upon the fact that'de^pite
the diversity of political opinion, there
aviis only one voice regarding the duty of
the government to proseente the war.
""The longer and more arduous the struggle becomes.'' said his grace, "the more
fixed should be our determination never
again to let our African colonies bear the
suffering and loss Aviiich tliey are now
posed of the folloAving. the names of the
aldermen being given in the order of the
numbers of their wards: Mayor, Horace
Wilson. Aldermen, noAAr elected to serve
two years: Christopher Campbell, Robert
Barclay, J. W. Home (acclamation),
Thomas Sharpe, Henry Fry (acclamation)
and G. F. (Jarruthers. Remaining in
office for one year: 1). A. Ross, W. G.
Bell, D. J. Dyson, J. ,1. Harvey, J. T.
Speirs and J. F. Mitchell.
Those Avho Avill retire at the close of
the present year are mayor A. .T. Andrews, who has served for two years in
that position, and alderman C. W. N.
Kennedy, T. G. Mathers and E. D. Martin. Messrs. Campbell, Barclay and
Sharpe have not previously been members of the council. Mr. Curruthei-3 has
had years of experience at different
times. "	
Trying to Embarrass Britain.
Neav York, December 15.—A cable
from London to the Journal and Advertiser say_> that dispatches received there
from Cairo and Rome indicate that certain Euiopean powers are endeavoring
to embarrass Britain in her fight against
the Boers. A Cairo dispatch is quoted as
saying : Emperor Menelik of Abassinia,
i1? moving menacingly toAvard the British
possessions on the White Nile. His camp
is now near Adisabeba." French and
Russian envoys are Avith him endeavoring to rouse him to an energetic campaign against Biitish interests, urging
liim to assert his rights over the Soudan,
wliich, the envoys declare, rightfully belongs to his domain.
London,  December   16—12.45  a.   m.—The  war  office  has
received a dispatch announcing that general Buller has met with a    $
serious reverse, and lost ten guns.
London, December 16—12.55 a. m.—General Buller was
attempting to cross the Tugela river. Finding it impossible to
effect his object, he ordered a retirement in order to avoid further*
losses.    He left eleven guns behind.
Considering Hilda Blake's Case.
Ottaava, December 15.—The minister
of justice is still considering the case of
Hilda Blake, under sentence to be executed at Brandon for the murder of Mrs.
Lane ou the 27th instant. He is in communication by telegraph Avith attorney-
Additional interest iu the case of Hilda
._ Blake has been aroused byy tlie trial _of_
Emma .lane Sttipp on a charge of taking
a file into the condemned woman, as well
as poison. This has resulted in the matter being taken up by piominent citizens
who are today circulating a petition to
the minister of ."justice regarding her
Conservative Editor on Grit Losses.
Toronto, December 13.—The Mail <-ay*-:
The net result of Tuesday's woik is a loss
of one seat, West Elgin, by the government. This gives Mr. Whitney a gain of
two on a division. It avus expected that
the Ross shuffle, together Avith a '"new
policy'' scheme, would stem the tide of
tiissatUfacfion and repair the breach
Avhich the election disclosures have effected. Tho expectation has not been
realized. People will not be assured
until the machine i*_ smashed, and the
machine will uot be smashed until the
men avIio pro.it by its lubir- are dis-
Canada Will Be Ready.
Ottawa, December 15.—A newspnper
correspondent a^ketl the minister of militia if any further steps had been taken
in regard to furnish ing a second Canadian
contingent. "The home autlioiities have
our offer," replied Dr. Borden, "and you
know the answer Ave received. We are
quietly preparing, so that in the event of
the British government deciding to
accept the services of a second contingent, we could promptly send the men."
Winnipeg Municipal Election.
Horace Wil-on, a former member of
the city council of Winnipeg, ua-. elected
mayor of Winnipeg on Tue**day over
Masters. The total A'ote cast for Wilson
Avas 1019, as against 1547 for Masters.
Winnipeg's council for 1900  will be oom-
Laurier Government's New Policy.
Washington, December 15.—From two
of its consular officers, consul-general
Turner at Ottawa, and commercial agent
Shots, at 8auIt Ste. Marie, the state de-
pat tment has recei\"ed notice of the intended action by tlve Canadian govern -
ment to prevent the importation of nickle
ores and nickle matte. This they say
will have a most important and disastrous result on the nickle industry in the
United States. Incidentally the cause of
the large consumption ' of nickle by the
United States government is the manufacture of armor plate. By the new ruling of the Canadian government the
price of the material AA'ill be unfavorably
affected, and the refining .industry, now
con lined to the United -States, will be
seriously injured. The expressed purpose of the Canadian order is to compel
the reduction of the ores and t.he refining
of the nickle to be done entirely in
For the Overworked and Underpaid.
Nanaimo, December 15.—William
Woodman of this city is arranging for a
provincial convention, with delegates
from Victoria, Vancouver, Nanaimo,
South Nanaimo, Kamloops Nelson, Ymir,
Sandon, Revelstoke and other points to
"consider the best means to be adopted
in protecting the prnviiicial sources of
wealth being operated by underpaid and
overworked- labor."— The-conA'entiou—is-
to take place at Vancouver on the eA'ening of the 2J st.
Victoria's Pet Ambition.
Victoria, December 15.—The E. -V N.
Railway Company's slip at Oyster Harbor is just about completed and iu a few
days it will be possible for Victoi ia. to see
equipment from all the different railways
.standing cide by -side iu the yatds on
Stoie street, Avhich AArill bring Victoria
one step nearer the realization of her
ambition to become the terminus of a
Quakers Assist Doukhobors.
PHfLApm.PHlA, December 15.-~A committee of Philadelphia Friends have begun the .shipment of ft.),000 pounds of
supplies for the Doukhobors, or Russian
Quakers, in Canada. The consignment
includes cornrneal, clothing, cottonseed
oil, Avashed avooI for clothing, barley,
malted milk and tea. Spinning av heels
will be sent later.
yard     to
j. 1-
and   his
and     the
At     that
Four Recounts in Manitoba,
Winnipeg, December 15.—Applications have been made on behalf of the
ministerialists for judicial recounts in
four constituencies, viz., Rosenfeldt, Saskatchewan, Souris, and Brandon City,
where the total majorities on Thursday
were 43—1(3 iu Rosenfeldt, 11 in Saskatchewan, 8 in Souris, and 8 in Brandon
A Much Wanted Man.
Toronto, Decembei L>.-—Ex-mayor
E. Clarke, M. P., in response to a requisition signed by over 8000 citizens, announced today that he AA'ould be a candidate for the .Mayoralty at the January
Barred by Stubborn Boers.
London,   December   16—1 a. in.—The
following is the text of general  Buller's
despatch announcing his rever.se:    •'Bullet* to Lansdowne.—Chievelry Camp, December 15—0:H0 p. m.—I regret to report
a   serious   reverse.      1   moved    in   full
strength from our  camp at Chievelry at
four this morning.      There are two ford-
able places in  the Tugela   river,  and   it
was  my   intention   to force  a  passage
through  one of them.    They are about
two miles apart.      My   intention   was to,
force one   or .the  other  Avith  one   brigade.    General Hart  Avas to attack the
left,     general     Hildyard      the      right
and     general    Lytleton    attack
centre    and    to    support    either,
in   the   day, T saAV  general   Hart
Avould not be able to force a passage, and
I directed him to withdraw.     He had,
however, attacked Avith great gallantry,
and his leading bettaliou, the Connaught
Rangers,  1  fear, suffered   a great deal.
Colonel   T.   G.   Brooke.   was    seriously
' I then ordered general Hild-
advance,    Avhich    he      did,
leading   regiment,    the East
occupied      Coienso      station
houses   near     the     bridge.
moment      I     heard     that
the whole artillery I had sent to support
the attack—the 14th and (50th  batteries
and    six   naval   twehre-pounder   quick-
firers, under colonel Long—had advanced
close to the river, in Long's desire  to bo
in effectiA-e range,    it proved to**be full of
the enemy, Avho suddenly opened  a. galling fire at close  range,  killing all their
horses,   and   the    gunners    were    compelled      to       stand     to     their     guns.
Some        of        the        wigon        teams
got    shelter     for    the     troops     in     a
a donag and desperate efforts AA'ere made
to bring  out the  field guns.   The fire,
however, Avas  too  severe, and only  two
Avere saved   by   ciptaiu   Schofield   and
some dri\'*_rs, avIioso names I will furnish.
Another most gallant attempt Avith three
teams   Avas   made  by an  oflicer  whose
name   I   will  obtain.     Of the eighteen
-hor.es, thirteen AA'ere—killed-and  several-
drivers Avounded.
I would not allow another attempt, as
it seemed that they avou Id be a shell
mark, sacrificing life in a gallant attempt
to force the passage unsupported by
artillery. 1 directed the troops to withdraw, whieh they did in good order.
Throughout the day a considerable
force of the enemy was pressing on my
right Hank, but Avas kept back by
mounted men under lord Dundonald and
part of general Car-ton's brigade. The
day was intensely hot and trying to the
troops, Avhose conduct Avas excellent.
We have abandoned ton guns and lost
one by shell lire. The losses in general
Hart's brigade are, [fear, heavy, although
the proportion of severely Avounded is not
large. Tlie 14th and 00th field batteries
also suffered severe losses. We have retired to our camp at Chieveley."
Victoria's Unsatisfactory Ferry Service.
Victoria, December 15. — C. J. V.
Spratt, who, Avith others, is interested in
the moA'ement to place an opposition
steamer on the run betAveen Victoria and
Sound ports next summer, is now awaiting a reply from eastern gentlemen interested in the matter. The mishap to
the steamer Victorian and the placing on
the route of tl.o obsolete Utopia has
directed attention aneAV to the need of a
better steamer service to the Sound.
College Men Settle the Question.
Camrridgk, Massachusetts, December
15.—Harvard Avon from Princeton University tonight in the annual debating
meeting. The question was : ''Resolved,
that England's claims in the present controversy with the South African Republic are justifiable."     Harvard  took  the
He Walked Into Another Trap.
London, December  16.—The news  of
general Buller's reverse Avas received  so
late that the morning newspaper comments  are   confined   to perfunctory  expressions   of   extreme   regret   and  disappointment, and of the necessity of calmness and redoubled efforts to retrieve the
position.    The latest check is regarded as
the most serious eA'ent in Great Britain's
military history since the Indian mutiny.
The Standard says:   " General   Buller's
dispatch is deplorable reading.   Ifc is the
now familiar story of concealed  Boers,
and   of   British   troops    marching     up
blindly almost   to the   very muzzles of
the    enemy's    rifles.      It    cannot    be
d mbted that the moral effect will  be to
aggravate~our difficulties over the whole
'field of operations.    The country has discovered   Avith   annoyance  and   surprise
that subduing Boer farmers is about the
hardest work Ave haA'e entered upon since
the Indian mutiny.    Their commandants
haje shown themselves able to give our
generals Useful but expensive lessons iu
''modern tactics."
The Times say.1.: •'Since the days of
the Indian mutiny the nation has not
been confronted with such painful new,-..
Plainly general Buller's advance is paralyzed for the moment, as completely as
lord Methuen's and general Gatacre's."
London, December 16.—The list of
casualties among the non-eommi^ioned
officers and men in the fight at Magersfontein, just issued, shows 55 killed, 202
wounded (21 severely) aud 70 missing.
This, however, is apparently not a complete list.
Text of the Pope's Allocution.
Rome, December I.*?.—The text of the
pope's allocution at yesterday's consistory is published today. He said that
ho could have Avisjied that tlie church
enjoyed her fornier liberty in Rome, and
that &he might thus have been enabled
to celebrate publicly the contemplated
ceremonies with the solemn usages, of
bygone years. The pope then referred
to the fact that_the_vatican_was_not_in__
vited to send a representative to the
peace conference at The Hague, an omission whieh he said had bpen censored by
impartial judges. "The holy see had desired a placed in that conference," continued tho pontiff. "One voice obstinately opposed itself to this desire and
gained the point. It Avas the voice of
those Avho,.Avith the conquest of Home,
had deprived the pope of his powers."
LaAvyer Beats a Kailway Company,
Ottawa, December I5.--W, A. 1), Lees,
barrister was given judgment today for
$108 against the Ottawa and New York
raihvay. Lees paid $10 for lares between
Ottawa and Jtu.Q_.cII on n number of occasions. He claimed the accommodation
Avas not good enough, tind found that tlie
company had not complied with the niil-
AVay act and submitted their rates to the
government for approval. The penalty
is the return of the amount paid iu fares
or charge-*, and three time* that amount.
The company will appeal.
Brandon's New City Council.
_ Brandon, December 12.—Civic nominations took place here today tit I o'clock.
AH elections Avere by acclamation. The
following *\vill compose next year's council and school board; mayor1, Dr. Mc-
Dtnrimd ; aldermen, ward 1, J. W. Fleming ; Avard 2, T. E. Kelly; Avard 3, Aid.
McBride; Avard 4, Geo. R. Cold well.
School truster"*, ward 1," W. Alexander;
ward 2, A. D. Rinkin : ward 3, G. D. Wilson ; Avard 4, P. C. Mitchell.
terment. Among the prominent personages attending the funeral Avere: Sir
Richard CartAvright, representing the
Dominion government, and sir William
Van Home and T. G. Shaughnessy, of the
Canadian Pacific Railway Company.
Hon, J. R. Latch ford, commissioner of
public wotks for Ontario, AA'as banqueted
by OttaAva friends Thursday night.
About tAvo hundred and fifty persons
Avere present, representing both political
The Montreal board of trade council on
Friday adopted a resolution unanimously
approA'ing of the Conners elevator
scheme. This is a slap in the face forthe corn exchange, a body connected
Avith the board which has been fighting
the scheme tooth and nail.
> The case against cashier Lemieux, of
the Ville Marie Banque, on the new
charge of embezzling $173,000, has been
again postponed to Thursday, December
21st, owing to the illness of one ofthe
counsel. M. F. J. Quinn, Q. C, M. P.
Miss Fannie Broughton, daughter of
the late" Frederick Broughton, formerly
manager of the old Great Western railway, was fatally burned Wednesday
night by the explosion of a coal oil lamp
in a Hamilton ballroom.
F. H. Turnock and .lames Hooper of
the Winnipeg Telegram were arrested
Wednesday night, charged with conspiracy in connection with the election".
The entertainment on the 21st for the
benefit ofthe widows and orphans of the
South African war promises to be a success. The tickets are .-.elling AA'ell, and
the manager', Mr*. Leicester, expects to
haA'e a record performance and house.
Short Telegrams from Eastern Points.
The funeral of the late  sir George  A.
Kirkpatrick took place Friday evening to
.... ~.~ _,.._,..__„._....       „._„._......  wp.p._.   ..... . the Union depot at Toronto, from whence
affirmative, and Princeton, the negative, v the body Avas taken to Kingston for in-
Preparing for Winter Sports,
Grei.navood, December  15.—The  neAv
skating  rink  on  Washington   street is
neat ing completion.    Only  the  roof remains to be pnt on, and this has been delayed on account of the scarcity of lumber.    The ice -will measure 50 by 150 feet.
Noav that cold  weather  has apparently
set in in ernest, skaters and  hockeyists*
are looking forAvard to some good sport.
It is-hoped lo haA'e the rink opeiied by
the first of the Aveek.     The Greenwood
Hockey Club has t eorganized.   ' The colors of the club will   be  green and Avhite.
The clnb   hopes  to  be able  to  arrange
a series of matches  Avith  nearby towns
and will also enter the Kootenay League.
This season's officers are Robert Wood,
honorary president, and   mayor' Thoinas
Hardy and   W.  M. Law, honorary vice-
presidents.    The active officers are A. W.
Strickland,   president:   11. A. King, vice-
president; J.  M.  ('.  Holmes,  secretary-
treasurer.      The  executive committee is
composed of  W.   M.  Irving, C. A.. S. At-
wood, T. K, McDowell, E.  G. Mundy, and
W, L. Fry.	
Hunting for a Mayor.
Vi.TuiiiA, Det ember 1...—Although
*Walter Morris A. G. McCandless aud Dr.
Lewis Hall haA'e all be--u mentioned during the past few day*2 in connection with
the approaching mayoralty campaign,
jione ofthe trio will consent to become a
"candidate. In connection Avith the" re7
tirement of trustees Belyea, McMIcking,
Marchautand Mrs. Grant from the public
school board, it is stated that trustee
Belyea positively will not .-.land for reelection. The others are consider ing the
question and most probably a* ill. Aaron
Lewis is the first to announce himself as
among the new candidates for school
board honors.	
It is a Local Issue Now.
Vancoi'VKR, December 15.- -An organization called the Deadman's Inland Citizens'Committee held meetings for their
wards on Wednesday night for tin- purpose of choosing delegates to attend a
coriA'cntion to select candidate*- for mayor
and aldermen, par k and licence commissioner's. The Ludgates' struggle for possession of Deadman's Island is to lie mado
an issue in the approaching municipal
Texas Mules for South Africa.
Austin, Texas, December 15.-—The representatives of the Biitish gOA'crnment
have received instruction'- to purcha«e
1000 more good mules. The shipment of
2000 mulob from Fannin county to South
Africa by Avay of New Orleans began today. 	
Connelly Given the Decision.
Nkw York, December 15.—Eddie Connelly of .St. John, New Brunswick, aviis
given the decision over Kid McParthtud
of New York, after 25 rounds of fighting
at the Broadway Athletic  Clnb tonight.
Insurance Man Suicides.
Ba_.timo_.i_, December 15.—Henry C.
Land id, secretary of the board of trade,
and oue of the most prominent insurance
men of the city, committed suicide today.
The Becord of One Day.
One of the oldest merchants in Kootenay was in Nelson recently, and in a general conversation on matters pertaining
to  the growth of southeastern British
Columbia, made this remark:     "Every
business man in this section of the country   should   give   Spokane   the    go-by.
What is wanted is a toAvn in this country with which we can trade on even
terms with Spokane, and the only Avay
such a town can be built up is to encourage the iuteaests that will do the building. Iu times past, I haA-e fought Nelson;
but iioav I realize that Nelson is the town
tluit is most likely to be Spokane's real
competitor for the cream of the trade of
the Kootenay-Yale districts of the  province.   My firm does not purchase in carload lots in Nelson, because we are able
to buy in such  quantities  in  the   East;'
but when we are in need of anything less
than carload lots, Ave find that we can do'
business in Nelson  to better advantage
than in points like Victoria, Vancouver,
Spokane   or   Winnipeg.    The   prices  in
Nelson may be a trifle higher,  but the
time saAred  equalizes  the difference   in
That merchant's head is not only level,
but he is possessed of the right spirit. It
does not ' pay to tear down toAA'ns in
Kootenay, in order to build up Spokane
and far distant cities Fast and West.
Merely to show the radius of the country that the Avholesale dealers in Nelson
cover, the following shows the shipments
made yesterday:
A.  Macdonald, wholesale  grocers and
jobbers.—Kuskonook, Salmo, Greenwood,"
Slocan Cit}'. Sirdar.Cranbrook and Slocan
Kootenay .Supply Company Limited,
Avholesale grocers.—Whitewater, Sandon,
Ainswortli, Duncan City, Ymir, Moyie
City and Grand Forks.
John Cholditch & Company, Avholesale
grocers.—Rossland,  Eholt,  NeAV Denver,
Slocan   City,   Sandon,   Greenwood    and'
Grand Forks.
H. Byers & Company, Avholesale hardware.—Sandon, Rossland, Deer Patk,-.
Granite Siding, Kaslo, Ymir, Slocan Citjr,
Ten-Mile, Cranbrook and Moyie.
Lawrence Hardware Company, Avhole-'
sale hardware.—Granite   Siding, Salmo,
R ibson, Ymir and Slocan City.
Vancouver Hardware Company, Avholesale httfrdw^rc.,—Aii;..-f-'orth, Erie, Kaslo,
Thompson'. Landing and Sirdar. j
Thorpe ic Company, aerated and'min-
eral Avaters.—Rossland, Silverton, Trail
and Summit.
W. F. Teetzel & Company, assayers'
supplies.—Fort Steele, Moyie, Trail, Kimberley and Silverton.
Turner, Beeton & Compauy, Avholesale
liquor.-, cigars and dry goods.—Kaslo,
Sirdar, Eholt, Phoenix, Greenwood, Lardo, Slocan Junction, Ymir and Rossland.
H. J. 1-Arans to Company, commission
merchants. — Ymir and Ku-konook.
Brackman A. Ker Milling Company,
Avholesale Hour', feed, etc.—New Dem*er
Balfour, Kootenay Landing nnd Ainswortli.
Kootenay Cigar  Manufacturing  Company. —Cranbrook, RoS.land, Moyie, Fer-.
nie. and Kimberley.
P. Burns A. Company, wholesale meats. \
—Kablo, Ainswortli,  Tunnel, West Robson, and Ymir.
Hamilton Powder Company, explosiA'es.
— Ymir, and Boundary.
J, Y. Griffin «.V. Companj', wholesale
produce and provisions.—Cranbrook,
Nakii-ip, pSlox-ah ~Cir7yr~Pilot_Bay7~Salmo, *
Greenwood, Grand Forks, Kaslo, Duncan
City, Alamo Concentra tor, Silverton, New
Denver, Whitewater, Pernie, Fort Steele,
Revelstoke, Rossland, and Cascade.
Manitoba Produce and Commission
Company, wholesale butter, eggs, and
chee-«e.—Phoenix, anrl Eholt.
Ni-Non Sa%v and Planing Mills Company, Limited.—Yinir, and Bonnington
California Wine Company, Limited,
wh(.li\-ale liquors and cigar-?.— Vmir, Argenta, Slocan City, .Silverton, Sandon,
Greenwood, and Comaplix,
At thk Phaii..—K. Hamilton, Vtm-
com-er: J. Keen, Kaslo: Mr, and Mrs. K.
N. Fell, Athabasca mine; V. K. Nicholls,
Spokane* A. D. White, Florence, North
AT thk Hone—G. A. Mclntyre, Van-,
couver; G. A. Mitchell, Roxsland ; J. J/
Soutlicott, Victoria; M. T. Snyder, Chicago; F. M. O'Brien, T. E. WHson, Spokane; John Smith, F. J. Aldrich, Walla
Walla, Wash.; H. Steveufcou. Ainswortli;
J. T. Lawrence, Silverton: C. O'Donnell,
Ku»-lo; D. .7. McNdlly, Granite mine; J.
Philbert. J. Boycr, Vmir*: T. Gray and
family, Vancouver: MRsH. Colpitt, Monc-
ton, N. B.
At the Sii.vrr King.—Charles Ek,
Neal Con Its Setittle; W. B. Buchanan,
Poorman mine; W. Harvey, T. C. Collins,
Silver King mine.
At thk Qi'Ei.n'!_.—F. J. Cletes, Spokane; Johanna Ljunguen. Northport.
Milling Trade Dull.
Minnkai'olis, December 15.—Six flour
mills are closed down, reducing the total
output about 25 per cent.
... ������> - -  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER  16,  1899.  Diamond Earrings  ] { carat  Pric_, $125  (small)  Diamond Ear rings (large)  ���ii- carats  Price, "$100. a carat  ESTABLISHED IN NELSON IN I890  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  Five Diamond Ring  (qualil v guaranteed)  Price, $60  Double Diamond Ring  li- carat (skeleton setting)  Price, $150  Diamond Ring  (Tiffany setting)  Price, $60  Diamond Ring  2 carat stone  Price, $250  Diamond Sea if Pin  (pure Avaier)  Price, $125  Diamond Stud, 1 carat  (pure blue stone)  Price, $125  Christmas is ncaring. We don't adver-  tise 20-dollar gold pieces for 15 dollars, or  good- sold below cost. We only Avant to  tell you that we have the goods to select  from. Any designs, patterns and quality. And Ave are prepared to supply the  demand of the Kootenays.  1 ask my customers to call as early as  possible* to purchase their Christmas  presents, and-all goods are guaranteed,  quality and price. I also guarantee 10  per cent less than any JeAvelry Store in  British Coluiibla. Customers Avho buy  goods, if ,tl_ey'discover they haA*e uot received them 10 per cent less than th?_ prices  ofanyje\AelrystoreinBritishColumbia, we  Avill refund their money and take back  the goods. I buy my goods straight from  the manufacturer and in quantity.  My system is to turn over my goods three  times a year, by doing so small profits  and big turnovers is the success of the  business man. .,  Remember, that I don't ask you  to buy goods from me but; call aud inspect our beautiful stock and low prices.  You Avill be convinced that Ave have the  goods and the latest patterns of 1899.  The prices are right.  Our stock is now complete and our  Jewelery manufacturer is waiting to do  your engraving free of charge.-  Meridian Britannia Silver Plate Co. has  no equal for quality; Tea Sets, Coffee  Sets, Bread Dishes, Celery Dishes, Bon-  Bons, Cake Baskets, Fruit Di*-hes, Salad  Bowls, Water Pitchers, Silver Trays, and  100 different varieties of the same goods  that cannot be mentioned.  1 only handle 11 and IS carat Avatches  Avith the very best of movements. In  gentlemen's plain and engiueturned. Nicely engi lived monograms ftee of charge. In  ladies, six size and 0 size", the same patterns, Avith diamond and pearl settings.  Gentlemen's Watch Chains, 14 carat gold  Price from $20 to $30  Gentlemen's Chains in 14 and 18 carat.  Ladies'-Chains in 14 and 18 carat. .  Ladies' Necklaces, Bracelets, with plain,  opal and pearl settings.  Gentlemen's Lockets, 14 and 18 carat,  and Avith diamond settings.  Piano Lamps Avith Onyx Tables, Decorated Globes, Jardinieres, Handpainted  Vases, Mirrors, Fenders, llandirqns,  Dogs, and a big variety in the same class  of goods.  Diamond Rings for gentlemen and  ladies, Diamond Brooches, Pearl Brooches,  diamond and emerald settings, pearl and  opal settings. Gentlemen's Scarf Pius,  diamond, pearl and opal settings.  18-17 Roger Bros. Flatware; Knives,  Forks, Table, Dessert "and Teaspoons:  Chafing Dishes, Bake Dishes, Soup Tureens and a full A'ariety of Bar Spoons.  Kara Pianos are the best Pianos iu Canada for quality and satisfaction.  I haA'e Alarm Clocks, Office Clocks,  and Mantle Clocks; ji full A'ariety of the  same.  A full line of Manicure Sets Avith Amethyst Settings or AA'ithout; sets or single  pieces.  Puff Boxes and Atomiziers in Sterling  Silver, Roger's Plate, and Cut Glass.  Ebony Goods of all kinds.  Sterling Sih'er Coffee Sets, Bon Bon  Dishes, Fruit Dishes, Butter Chips, Tablespoons, Dessert Spoons, Teaspoons, Coffee  Spoons and Forks.  All goods on hand cannot be mentioned  in this advertisement: 1 Avill let you  know later on.  Cut Glass a full assortment.  Before buying anywhere el*-e kindly  call and inspect our goods and ptices.  As 1 only employ expert Avatclmiak-  ers. all our Avork is guaranteed.  Mail and express orders Avill receive  prompt attention.  V  Dover, The  240=24:2  Baker Street, Nelson,  B. C  M20I  Gentlemen's  Gold  Watch;  either  Plain   or   Engraved;  Vanguard  Movement; 14 carat gold  Price, $75  Ladies'   Half   Hunter;   Enameled  Back; 14 carat gold  Price, $30  Ollice Clock  Price, $7.50  Mantle Clock  Price, $5  ���  -���'  ���Sir"*"} *SlSiB^'^'*S^S"p  ?n_3 ^fB^B^B^B^B^B-  SJ-S.*.  m  "^^^'^'^^'^���^^5^  BUY    NOW  ����� Do not Avait until 1he last moment.    'Tis a avpII  known   fact that  ($ only theeasly buyer.*-of Xmas goods get the plum--, und as Xmas Evenp-  jjfa pjoaehe*. lho a-soitmcnt of thc.-e goods, get-, badly broken. Iherefoie Ave  jm aaouIcI ad\i*-c<iur customers lo l.xty tally, Avhen they can have ample time to  ^ select their good-, and not a\ ait until the huriy and rni-h of Xnias. Our  stock of the.-e go.-d.s is undoubti illy one ui the hvt-l a.---oit.d in tlie cily, consisting of Ladies' Silk ilaudkei chief.-, Kid and Mocha GIoacs and Mitts,fancy  Ftiu., Blouse Silks-,-(in blouse length*- only). Silk Blouse-, etc.  We ha\e not forgotten the men either. Theie ha.--, lately come to our  furni.-hing d'-pnriment a new and complete lange of men's Neck-near in  Boavs, Derby Flowing Ends and Pull's-; Men's Silk Lined Kid and Mocha  Gloves, Plum and Fancy Silk Ilandkerel-iefs, Fancy Top Shir ts, etc. We  _haA'e_!il-_o added_ajiiie of Fancy Ve-is. Thc**c goods ar_e a little out of our  line, but they are so pretty A\e eould not lesist buying. Needless to say the  rfw pi ices aie light.  m ���===__==^ -=_=_,   m  ��WARTIN  O'REILLY & CO.  10  m  against the Boer?. The only British  commandeis who appear to be able to  cope with the Boers are the two men in  command of the beleaguered garrisons at  Mafeking and Kimberley. White, Buller,  Methuen and Gatacre have, all met Avith  reverses tha t go to sIioav that they are  not commanders of the first rank.  m  m  m  -4*  ��  m  m  Houston block, baker stkeet.  t_3*h*m:s c^-s*h;  ,mm  mm  *m  ������S^��**-?-,iS^'  $m  ONE   IN   A   BOX  Just received by express a fine assortment of  SILK SUSPENDERS AND TIES, ONE IN A BOX  A very suitable Christmas or New Year Present  A large lot of Silk Handkerchiefs, Initial and Plain  Fancy goods but not fancy prices.  MEN'S OUTFITTER  Sign ot  the RED  HAT, Bak-r St., Nelson  ��te ����ribttn��<  Why should there be any listing bitterness beLweeu mine owner and mine  AA'Oi ker because of the present friction  over the operation of the eight-hour hiu".  Admitting, for the sake of argument,  that the old rate of AVages paid forthe  ���eight-hour day increases the cost of labor  in mines from 10 to 25 per cent, has not  the cost of other things that are required  in .the operation of a mine been increased,  sometimes 100 per cent, without** notice  to the mine owner, and yet the peace of  mind of neither the mine .manager  _BOr the dealer in mining supplies did uot  remain in a disoidered condition for  any great length of time afterward*-.?  There are men who hate themselves and  every one el*-o Avhen they aro not allow-d to have their own Avay in everything, and no doubt some such men may  be found managing and woi king in mines  iu Kootenay; but ninety-nine out of  every hundred of the men engaged hx the  nnning industry iu this pro-vitice can  give and take blows that are not physical without having tlieir hearts ..turned  into storage batteries of revenge.  '     * ..,'  Ther J*, wtis just tiifle, too much 'over-,  conlidcncc'among the 'men"sent to South  .Africa   to,   direct...' military   operations  Canadian News in Brief.  Lucius C. O'Biieu, the eminent artist,  died at his resilience in Toronto on Wednesday evening. He had been failing in  health fur seveial yeais. He amis in his  ttSi h year.  Mrs. Thoinas Carr Avas burned to death  Thm\-day nioining by fire in her house in  Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Deceased was  alone when the hie occurred.  LeAvis Cohen Avas arrested in Halifax  Wednesday night, charged .vhh obtaining $.j000 worth of clothing under fah-e  pi^f��trscs_f[T)nrMoiitreal~l"K)iises"r  News AAas received it: Montroul on  Thursday from Havana announcing the  death of captain Thomas Hay Browne,  son of John James' BroAvne, the Avell  knoAvn architect, formerly connected  Avith the Royal Scots of this city. The  death occurred Wednesday from yellow  fever', Decea-ed was engineer of the  Havana Electric Railway Company.  O.-car Gaudet, *_0 yeais old. a avcII  knoA\n lawyer of Monti eai, has disappeared, leaving paper* behind him, it is  said, to the extent of about $80,000, endorser! by his confreres. It is thought  he may be the victim avIio jumped from  the Victoria bridge on Sunday night,  Hugh John's Majority Increasing.  GiMX.l, Manitoba, December 13.���Five  polls give Balduinson, Cotis-ervative, 50  mnjoiity.  Dal'I'IUX, Manitoba, December 15.���  Eight polls give Burrows, Liberal, 200  majority. The final returns will not be  in before tomorrow iu either Dauphin or  Gimli constituency.  Defeat Drove Him to Suicide.  Nkw York, December 14.���Because of  the reverses which have befallen British  arms in South Africa, and thoroughly  convinced that England will be beaten in  the Transvaal, Daniel A. Webber, an  Engli&liman, jumped out of liis window  on the fourth -story of 2Q0 East. .SOth  street hist night, and was instantly  killed.    He was 57 years old,   ���     ���   '  Friction Between Uncle Sam and the Boers.  N]_\v York, December:-15..���A Wash'  i tig ton dispatch to the Sun says the Boer  government-lias* thus far entirely ignored  the representations of the United Suites,  Avhich amounted to a virtual protest  against  the. ruling   that   Mr.   Macrum,  United Slates consul at Pretoria, as re-  -presentative of British interests during  the wan would not be permitted to pei-  foim friendly services to British prisoners in the Transvaal. Stanley Ilollis,  United States consul at Lorenzo Marques.,  Avho is taking chaige of the Pretoria consulate, pending the arrival of AdelbertS.  Hay, aa iii press vigorously for a reversal  of the ruling when the state department  decides that the time has elapsed within  Avhich an answer is necesssary.  Wants tp Visit the Boers.  London, December 15.---Webster Davis,  assistant secretary of the department of  the interior at Washington, sails for  Capetown tomorrow. He expects to  vi--.it the Transvaal.  fi*  JDSOrfS BAY  COM PAN Yr  WARD  BROS.  REAL ESTATE  AND  GENERAL  INSURANCE  AGENTS  Big Schooner #  iNCORPORATED 1670.  We Hope  No one will be without  the necessary liquids to  brighten.up Xmas.  Ju-st Received  Direct shipment from  Europe 150 cases Pom-  mery Champagne, 200  cases assorted liquers.  On application Ave will quote you  rates on Fire, Life. Accident and Plate  Glass Insurance.  Agents for J. and J. Taylor Safes.  FOR SALE---Business and Residential Property.  25 by 12G -with unprorem<*nts,  south _ide Vernon  s>tieet           S5000  50 bv 120 cornor oC linker and {Tall btreets.   JJmti-  oulpUt, ittven on application.  2j lots with cottage, tinted ;i< Sli pur month. Vie-  tona street        ,...  S3500  2 lot ���> with euttpiKc, tented aL $20 per month, .Slanlcy  streot.      S3000  1 lots including corn. i\ _MH) too&lrontugo &1'_00  For Residential Property you could  not do better than invest in Fairview,  commonly known as Bogustown, especially now that the tramway is  neariy completed,   y_   For particulars apply to above firm,  West Baker Street, Nelson.  A. R. Sherwood  Succos .or to Chas. A. \Vat��ra����n & Co.  Beer or Half*  anci*l~ialf  ��� ��� ��� ���  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCE AND  GENERAL AGENT  IO Cts.  Always Fresh  Always     Cool  THE BEST (JLASS OF BEEE IN NELSON IS  AT THE  Club Hotel  --��K^����? E.-J.-GURRAN, ProP-__  HALCYON WATER  Iii ISO E.XPBRIMBNT.  Tlio    uicdicinnl    Million   ofv  HALCYON  ���.A'ATKU   lia.   been proven.  Halcyon Water Is Bottled Properly.  Vernon stuoL   Thorpe ��Ss Co.  pi*  Firsf door west of Ita-ik of  Jjntibli ( olumbiu building;,  Charles  D.  J. Christie  ASK  FOR   OUR   SPECIAL  HAMPER    LIST.  XMAS  GENERAL   BROKER,  er St. Mson i R��� RESSTERER & OO,  BUKWEIW AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Beep,  COLLECTIONS   SOLICITED'  FOR 8AI-F!  A U-Rooni (now) House, rented at P40 per month . ,?3"00  Au 8-ltoiim (uow) Huci.e, two loib, cornor  27'��J  FOR  RKNT  A 6-Room Honae Turnished) 530.00  MONEY TO LOAN ON HEAI, ESTATE OB SHORT TERMS.  o_***'iots:  -l-jeieryhorie 13  A. i{. BARROW, A iVl.i.G.E.  PRQViNCIAL LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Victoria and Kootenay Btreetfl.  P. O. MOX 539 TELKPHONK NO. S5  Four Doors West of Dominion Express Office1  About Lethbridge Gait Goa! \  The Lptbbrldp-o (Salt co,il office hn^ been !nor��i to the  bull Ing -occupied by C. II. .1. ChriHtie on Hivker street.,  where al) orders for coal will receive prompt pittentiuii.  All per ons indebted for coal are roquostcd to settle by  December 1st.  Hereafter Gait coal will be sokl for cash, only,  *     W. P. TIKR-N'-KY, Ottiicj-rdl AReiit.  ONE DOLLAR A LOAD  The undoruigned has a large quantity of fir, cotor. mm'.  tamarao slabn. In 16-innh and {-foot length*, _uitn*la f��n  stovo wood, which will be sold for $1 a load at tho inAli,  yard,  NELSON SAW & PLANING MIAS. Umitefl.  Nelsoa, Auguat lath. J888. .   .  Pro^^dtrAft.**adn.     Brewery at Nelson.  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  NELSON, B. C.  Coffee roa .fcera and dealors in Tea and Coffee.  Otter fronh roamed cottteo of best quality aa follows:*  Java and Arabian Macha, por pound B   40  Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pounds  1 00  Pine Saiiiot., 1 poxind.  1 00  Santo*. IiK��nd, 5 pounds   1 00  Our Special Ulend. 0 pounds  100  Our Rio Roast, 6 poundu  1 t)0  A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms 2 Doors last  of  Oddfellows   BlooK,   Wast  Balier  Stspfit  JFINB TAIL.ORINO .  CIiEaWMG AND RcPAIBlNa.  Your own  goods  made up.   Old clothes  made good as new.  j&ja.maLTJtt gee 'A  Opposite Claj-ko Hotol. MKROHANT TAlLO"ft.  y/ ^���i&^fes--'-??^***-^  THE TRIBUNE: tfELSOtf, % 0. SAWmiAY: moMmS 16, 1899.  3  r  0*  ��������*.  iii  Ui  WE WILL GIVE  Hi *��  a! -IN-ALL DEPARTMENTS   m  Hi W  *i*a-3-s*5-3Jj-i-9-j-_i4-3-_i^-_i*ji-i*3-J-a-J*>^  v*^t&&^CC^*i*S;*I.-ifc^-^Cfc&_tCii:2;S;S;S  1^-.������ 5T-1 ^ "T* "IC* **���?��� ST* ��?��� "ST* "S*?^ ����� *5T* "S?* "C* "ST* ^ ���"P*"^***^1^**^'*^'^ **��*?. **C,*C*"**ff  .���^-:������:������ -���������������"'. "���:. *"  ti/  I 1 Special Reductions 1  ti>  "  ia  ^  il/  il/  ti/  vi-  ti/  ti/  ti/  il/  v./  vi/  vi/  ti/  ti/  ii/  il/  il/  *-��*��  1999.^1^^  LATEST SHADES  Ladies' Kid Gloves . ��  $1 PER PAIR  (fr*******************^  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Or  Hi  *  t_  *  Hi  Hi  .**  ti/  0/  0/  IRVINE & CO.  ti/  il/  ti/  il/  vi/  ii/  0/  ti/  il/  ti/  ti/  ti/  Dry Goods, Furnishings, Notions and  Millinery!  ���    'i iii-"*"' ������ i        .________���___-_-__-���__.--���-_----���. j*%  iii  We solicit careful  inspection of our stock of high class goods, from which presents suitable for Christmas gifts can be pro- ti/  jjj cured at extremely low prices.   By reading lists below it will remind purchasers of some of our special lines. #  il/ _ _____ , . ,  ti/  ill  ti/  \i?       Ladies' Department  ti/  ti.  ti>  iii  il/  ii/  il/   y  il/   *-*  ti/ - *���������  ti/    ^  il/  *  Cashmere, Llama, Lisle and Silk  Hose; Woolen, Cashmere, Kid and  Sijk Mittens; Complete range of  Street Dress Kid Gloves; Evening*  Lengths in Suede Kid Gloves; Latest  Novelties in Fans for parlor and evening wear;4 Splendid assortment  Ladies' Silk Umbrellas; Eiderdown  and Silk Dressing Gowns and Jackets  Horqe Department  White Linen and Damask 5 o'clock  tea and dinner Table Cloths, Doyles,  and Napkins; German Linen Damask Towels; Dressing Table and Toilet Covers; Japanese Art and Silk  Table Covers and' Fancy Draperies;  Silk, Tapestry and Chenile Table-  covers and Portieres; Axrriinister,  Smyrna and Wilton Hearth and  Floor Rugs.  Gents1 Department  Hem-stitched Linen and Silk Handkerchiefs, plain and with initials; Silk  Underwear and Hose; Silk Umbrellas; Kid, Mocha and Buck-lined  Gloves; Evening Dress Kid and Silk  Gloves; Latest styles and novelties in  Ties, Scarfs, Puffs, Four-in-hand and  Bows; Silk Braces and Hose Suspenders; Traveling Club Bags and  Valises.  Dress Goods Department  Black Brocade Silk and Satin for  dresses; Evening Silk, Satin and Brocade for dresses; Pean Dois Loir and  Bengaline Silk for dresses; Black and  Fancy Crepon for dresses; Fancy Novelty Dress Costumes at cost; A magnificent assortment of Ladies'. New  York Silk Skirt, Blouse and Dress  Waists; Silk, Satin and Taffata Underskirts:  Children's Department  ***Wool Mittens, Bootees, Overalls,  White Lawn -Dresses, Slip?, Cashmere, ^Eiderdown and Fur Coats for  Infants; Wool and Kid Mittens,  Cashmere and Flannelette Dresses,  Jackets and Ready-made Ulsters, Fur  Collars, Coats and Muffs, Lawn,  Cambric, and Silk Handkerchiefs, for  Children.  ti/  ti/  ti/  ti/  tir  ti/  il/  *  ti/  ti/  tir  ti/  tit  ti/  ti/  ti/  *_  ^jt^****** *** ** **** tt ********* ****** ***** ************* *******��v  See our Christmas Toys, Dolls and Fancy Goods  ^->-l^^^^^^^^^^-^^^^^^^^^^^-^^^^^-*|^^-^^^^-^-^^-^^-^^^^^^^*l-2^^-^^^^^^*  \   303 Baker Street and 303 Josephine Street, Nelson  * -    -  + *  ^**********************��***********************************  ���^^'���������r-^'^.^^.^H'?.^.^^^.^ iiiS._.S;S.:2_S_-.S.___L2__L_Lt__2:SL  ���-^.^.^���^*^-_^*^._��*^-^*^-~>-~>-^<���'���^.^'���(^.^fl'^^^.^.^.^.^.j.py.-j.j.'j.'j.'s.'j^.j.j.jij.j.j.j^i 7*?*^*^*frg*y.*^.^.^.*g:fp^.gtr.^y^gr.g^;  ;& %L C__: & *&-* __!;��-& d__; & fl_ ��� _��  . i     **"  Vti/  $ ��� il/  hi am  * ti/  #  il/  A  TWO MILLIONAIRES FIGHT FOR  Political Supremacy in Montana.  \V.  A. Chirk,  United  States  senator-  elect from   Montana, is  a Pcnnsyl\ani_m  bjr birth and came west* in the fifties. He  is now over 00 years of age, well preserved and vigorous,  and  ought to  be  good  for" tlie   four-score   mark.     Like  other  pioneers, he  was not rich   when lie came  ro the west and lie had no particular  object in view except to grow   up with the  country.    He drifted out as far as Walla  Walla, Washington, where  he bought a  four-horse  wagon   load of   tobacco and  hauled it to some mines near where Bear  Mouth  on   the Northern   Pacific now is,  and sold it at sufficient profit to give him  his first real start.    He .struck  Montana  about  '6*. or~0-_-and~went_into merchandising, mining and other ventures, making  more  or less   money  all   the  time,  but  nothing  big.    When   the   Butte  copper  mines weie discovered about  1875, Clark  Was among the first on  the ground  and  had   the   best   opportunities  of  getting  good   properties.     From   this   time   on  Clark   made . money   fast,   and   by   '81  he  was  reckoned  a  miilionaiie  and hi-:  interests had begun  to  expand all over  tho west.    With   the first  million  made  the others* came more easily and dm ing  tlie past fifteen years Clark's fortune has  gone on growing until nobody but  himself knows how much it is.    As an  indication �� f what he has. f may  cite a  few  items: lie is the Sole owner of tlie Tinted  V'erde  copper  mine   in   Arizona,   which  makes a net profit of $100,000 a  mouth,  and for "it  he has refused $50,000,000 in  'cash'and a block of stock offered by tlie  J-tothschilds.*   This mine is  capable of a  profit of $100,000 a day, if worked  to its  full capacity.    He has a beet sugar farm  and   factory   near   Log  Angeles,  which  cleared $400,000 the  first year; lie  owns  one of the largest coffee  plantations in  the world in Mexico; he owns a gold mine  in Arizona paying $100,000 a  mouth; he  owns  mining interests  in  Butte worth  $100,000 a month; he is ..pending $50,000  a  month  in   the  Coeur d'Alene district,  Idaho, developing the large->fc lead mines  iu the United States*; he owns a coal mine  in Carbon county, Montana, which is said  to be the best equipped in  the  country;  he   is   probably the largest   live stock  owner in Montana, one he��d  alone being  worth'$250,000: he has extensive lumber  interests in Montana; he owns a bank in  Butte; he owns  a   newspaper, the Butte  Miner; he is a very  large  holder  of gill  edge railroad securities: he owns the finest residence  in  Butte, and is  spending  $2,500,000 iu building his New York city ���  home, and nobody knows how much  other property, cash and available assets  he has. As nn example of the amount  of ready money he carries I'll mention  one case. When the late A. W. Lyman  was appointed internal revenue collector  he asked Mr. Clark to go on his bond.  Tliey were both in New York city at the  time, and Mi'. Clark said he had no real  estate theie. but that he had cash in four  or five banks, and they went to the nearest one having an account with Mr.  Clark. The books showed a deposit of  over a million dollars to his credit, and  the others were about the same.  Now as to the man  himself.     He has  the greatest capacity for  work of any  man I ever knew, and for years his working  hours   were  from   7 a.m. to 12 p.m..  aud I have  known him to keep it up all  night.    His application and  energy are  intense and he is thorough in   all  lie undertakes.     When  he started jnto_ the  blisiii"ess~of~miiiing lie" learned  assaying  himself and  became an expert; later in  life he took up the study of French  and  is now conversant with its literature, and  speaks it   perfectly;    he   spends   three  months every year  in  Paris.    When he  became interested in art and  pictures he  applied himself as he did  to  other  subjects, and after careful and general reading he studied all the galleries of Kurope  under the tutelage of competent  ciitics.  So that today there are very  few  men  who know as well as Mr. Clark does  the  real   merit   and value  of pictures.    lie  knew exactly what he was doing  when  he paid $42,000  for  that  Fortnny  at a  picture sale in New York.    He has studied architecture and eould make his living as an architect if necessary.   His real  greatness is his masterful power of analysing any   business   proposition   submitted to him. and his wonderful  capacity to systemize and conduct large business enterprise,1..  He seems to know intuitively what  there is in a proposition, and how to  carry it to financial success if he take.,  hold of it. Mr. Clark is not a man of  strong personal magnetism, but lie does  not effect the air of haughty reserve common to a great many wealthy men. He,  is a faithful fiiend and there is no sacri-'  fice too great for him to make for friendship's .sake. With the keeping of all engagements he permits nothing to interfere, and what he says he will do that he  will do the very end. '  Although conscious of his merit, and  not averse to anyoue else recognizing it,  he will freeze a flatterer out in in a minute, and no one can pave the way to his  favor by conventional compliments. He  i.s not a maker of literature, but he knows  his newspaper as he knows other things, |  and when he wants an editorial written  he sits down and writes it.  Mr. Clark is a widower with two sons  .and two daughters. The sons show the  business capacity of the father, and the  younger one took high rank at the  University of Virginia, where he was  graduated. All the family possess unusual linguistic ability; they are all  thoroughly conversant with.books, music,  art, current thought and events, and  when they are all together they constitute an interesting aud delightful family.  The only office Mr. Clark ever held until  his election as senator, was president of  the constitutional convention .when Montana was organized as a state in J889.  Marcus Daly, who is the second biggest  man in Montana, is as unlike W. A. Clark  as you can imagine. He is an Irishman,  claiming New York as his birthplace,and  he has the typical characteristics of his  people. He is an interesting man to talk  to, a good story teller and impresses any  one at'ance by his force of character.. He  came to Montana from Utah about 1880,  representing J. B. Haggin, Lloyd Tevis  and George Hearst of California, having  only a* working iuterest in the combination and little or no means of his own.  He took hold of the Anaconda copper  properties of his principals and developed  them to such an extent that his interests  have amounted in nineteen years to  $20,000,000, at least, that is the estimate  put on his wealth, and he has very little  outside of Anaconda property. The  Anaconda, with its mines at Butte, its  smelters at Anaconda, its sawmills in the  western part of the state and its coal in  tho eastern and northern portions, i.s the  largest employer of labor in the state,  employing, 10,000 people out of a total  population of 250,000. It reduces 4000  tons of ore every day and during 1898'  cut more lumber than any other establishment in the United States.  Daly owns one of the finest stud farms  in the country in the Bitter Boot Valley,  and his horses are known on every first-  class race course. He is possibly a little  older than Clark and lacks his health and  vigor of constitution, though of keener  wit and more subtle in his methods. He  is a born tyrant, brooking no interference  and insisting upon having everything his  own way. I remember once to have been  with him on his stock farm, where a con  er, Boss.    Daly'is a Roman Catholic and  his wife is an Episcopalian.  His ability as au organizer i.s, equal to  Clark's, but he lacks his power of analyzing a proposition ; he has a stronger influence over men than Clark has, and his  personal following is greater. He makes  men work for him by promises that are  not always fulfilled. He is a more revengeful man than Clark, and he is vindictive in his pursuit of his rival. The  feud between the two men began in ordinary business rivalry in Butte, but did  not fully develop till Daly was building  his smelters at Anaconda. Water was a  necessity at the smelters and Daly was  buying the water rights of Warm Springs  Creek, flowing through the town and had  got about seven-eighths of them for some  small amount, $10,000 or $15,000, when  Clark quie,tly came in and bought the re-  niaining-~.eighth.    Then   Daly   sent   his  representative to buy Clark's _ in*-  terest. - He asked $25,000 for  it, which the representative refused to  give, and went away. Next day he came  back to accept the figures, aud ('lark  wanted $50,000. Daly fumed and swore  and a day or two later sent his man back  to pay the price, and then Clark wanted  $100,000. This was offered next and  Clark asked $125,000, at which price Daly  got it. 1 don't, say" tiie story is tine,  though I have always heard it, but I  think there is no question as to the $12.1-  000 part of if. In any event it wa< a  plumb knock-out for Clark and Daly  swore vengeance. He bided his time  til! 1888, when Claikran against Tom  Carter for congress. He feared Daly's  enmity and sent a deputation to Anaconda to'see him. Daly was holding a conference with Carter when the delegation  arrived, and telling him to step behind  the curtain of an alcove to hear what, he  was going to say to the delegation, he received the callers. The spokesman -aid  they merely came to learn where he  stood, He told them that he hated Clark  from centre to cireurafeience, but that he  was a Democrat, first, last and all the time,  and would instruct his mine bosses to see  that the men voted "to bury that little  red-headed, Irish son of a gun, Tom Carter in the middle kittle of h--" Then  the delegation departed delighted.     Car-  tractor with a force of men was building | ter came from  behind the curtain,    .Mr.  a tremendous barn. It was half up when  we arrived and Daly, who was absent  when the building began, noticed that it  was not placed exactly as he had ordered  it. Pie called up the contractor, who explained that he had made the change to  accommodate the barn to the ground,  whereupon Daly cursed him out and  made him tear the building down and  put it uj. again as he wanted it.  He has a wife and  family, his  wife's  sister being the wife of Mr. Clark's broth  Daly left next day for California, and at  the election every one of his men voted  for Carter and Clark was knocked clean  out.  As an evidence of Mr. Daly's evidence  in politics, 1 may mention one result at  Bonner, where there were several hundred  men at work iu the sawmills, giving for  years an overwhelming Republican majority. In fact, there were only three or  four Democrats in the whole vote. Immediately after the Daly interests bought  the mills, the majority was as overwhelmingly Democratic. At Anaconda hist  year the combined votev* qf the Republicans and Populist.", with good men  on the ticket, was but 10 per.cent of the  whole vote cast. "*>���-  Daly and Clark were competed to patch  up a peace in 18.89.     Senator"1 Hearst  of  California wanted a  Democratic  senator  from Montana, and  the 'Big' 4*  Houser,  Clark. Daly and Broadwater, representing  Maginnis���agreed to support  the Democratic ticket and  take  chances  for  the  senatorship.       Two   hundred   thousand  dollars were spent in   the"1 campaign and  there were two legislatures and  no  election of senator.   The governor appointed  Clark and Maginnis, but they  were  not  seated.    In 1893 the legislature was Democratic by a   small   majority  and   Daly  held nine  men out  of   the caucus and  . Clark missed it again. * in   1891   the last  j_capital_ f_ght_occurred, -the .contestant.-*  being Helena  and  Anaconda, and Daly  tried to get Clark to favor Anaconda by  offering  to  trade  hiin  the  senatorship.  This Clark refused to dp  on   the  ground  that it was dangerous to  put   the  legislature so near the influence of Daly.    Jn  1890 there was a   Republican   legislature  and no fight.    In  1898  at  a  Dumoctatiu  convention, held in Anaconda, Daly nominated A. .1. Campbell for  congress,  and  feeling that the situation was safe a*, far  as Clark   was concerned,  went  to  Saw  York city to live.    .Mr. Clark did not any  longer want tlie  senatorship.   but  there  was a strong  feeling against   Daly,  and  such  a  great  pressure  was  brought to  bear upon Clark that he finally consented  to   run, and   wa<-  elected.      It  was  for  alleged corruption of the mt'inbers of the  legislature to secure this election that .). j  B. Wellcoine'.-s case for disbarment i�� now i  before the supreme court.  It is said that Daly has had a half-  dozen agents traveling over the Mate for  evidence against Wellcome, and Clark's  friends claim that the proceedings were  brought to get evidence to be Used in the  contest in the senate.  hi the meantime, it i.s reported that  Mr. Daly lias rented Mr. Astor's house in  Fifth avenue, New York, aud that, at  last accounts, he was dangerously sick  there."  Molineux Trial  Drags Along.  Nkw York, December 15.���At four  o'clock this afternoon the trial of Roland  B. Molineux, for the killing of Mrs.  Katarine J. Adams, wa*** adjourned until  Monday morning. When the adjournment was taken King.-ley, the hand-  wiiting expeit, was still on the witness  stand, undergoing a .severe cross-examination at the hands of Mr, Weeks, tlio  attorney for tlie defence.  SLOCAN MIWINC AND LOCAL NEWS.  Union Men to Meet at Sandon.  New Denvei., December 1.1���Word  ha. gone forth for a ^general mass meeting of the union men of the camp, to be  held at Sandon tomorrow night, at which  will be submitted .for final consideration  the official offer of the mine-owners* for  the settlement of the labor troubles in  the Slocan. Monday last was the day  fixed for a reply to the owners' proposition, but more time wasasked and granted to the union. The feeling is prevalent  that the compromise will be effected and  the mines will be re-opened with full  forces. The main question for the men*  to consider is whether or not to accept  $,3.25 for eight horns for handdrillers and  $!ir50tfor wet-tunnels. ^'~z.  The company operating the Chapleau  feel greatly encouraged with the result of  the developments so far carried on, and  it is their intention to eiect a mill for thw  treatment of the ore in the early spring,  if not before. Lemon creek properties  are being fully demonstrated to be of  great, value, and^a most thriving camp ib  promised for the future. The Miller aud  Mi-Naught --syndicates, besides others, are  operating in the same locality, giving  great solidarity to the operations being  carried on. Slocan City will be benefitted large!j' by tlie-e affairs.  Two men are working on the Ruby,  near town, and are meeting with success*.  They have the vein stripped for a long  distance, showing rich ore in place. It is  a dry combination carrying copper, gold  tind silver. The united values of all from  a--says obtained are in the neighborhood  of $000,  On the Fri&co, adjoining the big Bosun  group, two men are employed, working  on what is now believed to be the true  vein. Several tinier this claim, which is  owned by .Silverton parties has been under bond, and a great deal of drifting,  sinking, raising and crosscutting has been  done. It is thought that this work has  all been done on a slip. Later prospecting by the new bonders* uncovered a very  wide and strong lead, carrying quartz  and general ledge matter, heavily impregnated with iron. A drift is being run in  ou this and galena iu small bunches is  beginning to make its appearance, with  the promise of larger bodies being encountered. The position of the Frisco  gives it great value and it should proven,  mine.  Three men are working on the Capella,  on Coat mountain, and they continue to  take out rich ore, which will be shipped a  little later on. A pack train of supplies  was taken up to the property this week. THE  TRIBUNE: ^ELSOK; B7 C, SAiTURLMY, DECEMBER~t6; t��. --  ���tt  In order to reduce our stock previous to stock taking we have concluded to offer a discount of 20 per cent for cash on all goods in the drug line, with the exception of Patent and  Proprietary Medicines, until Saturday, the 23rd instant. These goods are not old and  shop worn, but on the contrary they are all fresh new goods, purchased in the best markets  and cannot be excelled.  W. F. TEETZEL * CO.  Corner Baker and Josephine Streets  Nelson, B. G  Wholesale and Retail Druggists  and Dealers in Assayers1 Supplies  See Gilker's Special Freize Ulster Overcoat at  ITS A STUNNER  OTHER CLOTHING IN PROPORTION  A small line of New York Necktie*; will be open in a few day* for Xma. trade  o W.U I' POU THliM  %j�� jf\  THE OLD P. O. STORE  SMALL SHOES ** ���i�� <*<-����  STRONG SHOES f01 stimly 1)oy8  STYLISH SHOES for thcir fathors  DAINTY SHOES tor llttlc ^mSmM  ELEGANT SHOES  for their mothers,  COMFORTABLE  FOOTWEAR  We stand back of our Shoes '  Thej arc made in such a vav, from such stuck. Lli.it llieic is no excuse for anything but satisfaction  Wc have <i Ldigcr stock llnui jou usu.ilb sei' and lower puces for the same quality  than jou ever run acioss  Shoes to fit nil feet, in stjlcs to suit e\cij fancj, at puces mowed down to a minimum.  Neelands' Shoe Emporium  BAKER STREET, NELSON1"  For all kinds of /Rubber Goods   ill��� . is-*! : ,���~-= '-! ,*,,���������>   '*���  and,Winter Clothing   .   :\ *,"'.  THEO MADSON  r f Baker* Str*��tstv  �� - '-"   .Oiie Price to all  FORMERLY-"KNOWN AS THE   l ,  -NELSON CIGAR CO..  6. B. Matthews,  Pioprietor.  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Kelly left for Ku-lo yesterday to  attend a j~itting of tiie" license ennmris-  tiuiiei's of the Ainswoi-ih license' ditj^rittt, ,  Alexander Blown and John Mavoney  ~w*eTe��� In olfgirtTTo ""NelsoM yesterday ""by  constable Wil-on. fhey.veie eon\ ieted  ab Creston of the theft of a Bible and  wveial articles of clulliiiig fi om Aithur  O'Kell. and have a tei m of two Weekfa'  iinpii.-oniiient lo put in.  E. T. IT. Sini) kins, deputy registrar;5  ��as bupy yes-lei day upon the matter of  a**-e.s-ing dimirigcs in the. ease of Alike  Kiilinvs. 1'ieison & Fj*-her of Sandon.  Thi-. v\a*-a eaM- in which Ktrliit secured  an injunction restraining tlio defendants  LOCAL NEW8 IH BRIEF.  The license conunir-.-ioners for the Xelson di**tiiet met  yesterday  and gianted  nineteen   lieen_cs.     In   eveiy   eai-e  the  liecnsea issued  were  either icnenald or  . transfers.    '.Vithin the past few days there havo  been several names added to tlie voters'  list for the Nelson riding. Tiie names  upon the list now number 1391.  A mechanics' lien was filed yesterday  against the Blue Jay mineial claim on  Toad mountain. The mineial claim is  owned by the British Ameiican Gold  Mining Company of Holland, and the  lien is filed by D. Ii. Morii-<oi_ to secure  the payment of $:*">0 for w oi k performed.  P. E. Wilson leaves this evening upon  A thrd�� weeks' visit to liis former home  BUSINESS   MENTION. .   .  . AsinglegentlemaiKreiniii-esa furnished  raoni. w.ili uie<if I'dlli, in lhc vicinity bftliu Vo.tOflli_u.  Aildrc-s 11. JI., '11 ib line otlli e.  Waiir.,c*s   Wanted���At    once.      Good  wince . to relialilo Rul.   Ka-*lo hotel, K,1n1o,  IAii* sale���l**1!fiy foot frontage on contii  hiilct*. ucslMaker bticct. Hulk til. Addiess Lots. Tn-  bniico'lici'.  I'Vir Sale--Dairy���Apply P. O. box 190,  Kp-Koa.  Ollicps to Let���Two offices in Turner-  I_occl.li blofk.   Knqulro room 7 In budding.  from electing a building in Sandon upon  his claim as a squatter. The injunction  was seemed upon an undei taking of  counsel to make good anj" damage. The  injunction was af tei wards set aside and  damages of $S00 are now claimed.  George Nunn, of A. R. Macdonald &  Co., has di-posed of his cottage in the  Hume Addition to Mis. Grace Bain of  Arrowhead. The consideration was  about S2000. Mrs. Bain will remove to  the city next summer.  M. M. Fraser and bride have returned  to Nel->on from Grank Fork*-, North Dakota, and are receiving the congratulations and good wishes of their fi iends.  There will boa meeting of the members  of the miners' union at the union rooms,  corner of Victoria and Kootenay streets,  tonight at 7:30 o'clock. Every member  of the union that can be should be present.  The entertainment on the 21st for the  benefit of the widows and orphans of the  South Afiican war promises to be a success. The tickets are celling well, and  the manager, Mr. Leicester, expects to  have a recoid peiformance and liouse.  Edwatd Brajr, who is well known to  every old-timer in Kootenay, has retained fiom a visit to Lewes, Sussex,  England. He bad been away thirty-  seven years, and found almost as many  changes at his old home as would be observable in some of the old-time towns in  British Columbia. Mr. Biay was in Nelson yesteiday at the Hume, having come  over from Fort Steele.  the companj', who along with the former.  Torontonian, fell in the same battle.  HOTEL  ARRIVALS.  Malone it Tregilhis commenced work  on tbeii two-stoi-y-and-btisement brick  building on the 21st; October, and itrjis  ready for occupancy today, with counters"  and shelving complete. Morrison <fc Caldwell, grocer*., will occupy^ the  lir-3fc  floor  and basement,       --'   , r"       **p  Declines to Father it.  - II. W. R. Moore,-Jvho-is telegraph- editor  of the M-iuer *an,d.at thd same/time >cor-  respondentj-f the Spokabe Revj#W, writes  THuSpTbibl'N'B denying that', he, sunt-the  despatch tliat appealed in tJie. Roview,  dated Nelson, Deceinbet* 12th, in wliich  the statemeiit' w.^s made thaY jt,he��mtnu  owners intended testing the .constitu-  * tidnalityof the eigbt-honr law bjr working ItaIfoin.sTIung.iriai_s and I}Qjd_hobor<*  in the mine** ten hoinsa "rlaj^. lie claims  thatthe Review retei'TVd "the .despatch  fiom the Associated Pres***.'  ',Tormito Man Among the Kil.'ed.  Toronto, December *15.���Woid has  been receivid in this'city that Robert  Buchanan,* formerly of the 4S,th High-'  flinders, fell ih tqe ulmrge of tiie ,-lioiduii  Hiahlandeis at Eland's Laagte, along  with.three of his rulat.ves. H'is uncle,  captain Buchanan, was iu command of  the company in which he ser.cd. Two  sons ot���captain-Buchanan -Were���al*-*o- in  At~the Phair.���Mr. aud Mrs. C. Sew-  ell, Sandon; S. E. Wing, Kaslo; H. M.  Stevenson, Ainswortli; Mrs. E. Criddle,  bilverton; G. W. Hughes, Alamo ; J. E.  Montgomery, .Spokane; W. H. Aldridge,  J. P. Miller, Trail; P. Burns, Calgary; F.  M. Rattenbury, Victoria ; Ii. Marpole,  R. G. Tatlow, Mrs. Burton, A. Armstead,  Vancouver; G. Shaver, New Vork; F. E.  Hobbs, Revelstoke.  At tiu_ Hujie.-J. M. Kalhnej-cr, T(j-  routo: If. A. Small, (J. C. Macdonald,  Vancouver; C. \\\ McAnn, Kaslo; JM.  Kerlin, Sandon ; .1. A. MeKinnon, Ji. .1.  Stewart, Silverton ; C. Parker, Rossland ;  C. Ij. Bailey. Toronto; Maurice Ward,  Sheffield, England; G. A. liowan, Omaha,  Nebia*-ka.  At tiiio Qr_-.i'_x'y.���W. Donnelly, 1"). J.  McLachlan, Vancouver; D. Claik, Pilot  Bay: Emma Rose, Mr. and Mrs. C. Rose,  Hnson ; P. II. Doherty, Butte, Montana:  W. Wannsley, Greenwood; Charles  Holmes, Vietoiia: J. A. Johnson, Monti eai.  At thk Mai-urn.���- Frank Buck, G.  William*, Greenwood.  At tug Royal.���A. E. Storey. Greenwood : W. Gooding, Fernie.  Consul Macrum Heard From,  Washington, December 15.���Mr. Macrum, United States consul at Pretoria,  -lias cabled the state department that the  Tiansvaal government has informed him  that full reports will be given through  the war oflice of the republic of the names  and condition of the British prisoners  when asked for by the British authorities. Mr. Mac-turn has secured the release  of the BiiLish suhject Robertson, a civilian who was arrested by the Boers and  confined at Pretoria on the charge of being a spj', on condition that he leave the  countiy at once and remain out of it.  He Showed His Friendly Disposition.  IIi.RKiMEr., New York, December l.*..���  At yestei day's session of the Herkimer  county board of supervisor.-, supervisor  Max Miller introduced a resolution calling  upon the national legi.-latuie and executive to take advantage of the first opportunity to show a friendly di-po.ition towards the Boer cause. This caused no  little excitement among the supervisors,  and the discussion of it was referred to  the military committee.  Failed With Plenty of Assets.  The John P. Squire Corporation and allied companies engaged in the meat and  provision packing business assigned today, with liabilities at $.3,000,000 and  asset.s at .���j.3,000,000. The business will be  cariied on by the assignee.  The* Mate's Body Recovered.  Bt'KKAl.o, December Li.���The body  of  Archie  McDonald  of* Toronto, -mate  of  the ill-fated  steamer  Niagara,  wrecked  .-last Tue-rlay, has been   rccoved  at Port  M.iitlaud.  =*p  TO FREIGHTERS AMD PACKERS  21 pack mules.     6 work mules.  *   4 saddle horses.  Vhe iiflvurt.p-cr is prepared to ���> 11 Uiu.u nnirimkin one  lut or in lols to -iiit pm _hu>-or. '1 liu __ niu cmu! cm  mull*-, in tfowl coiultii. u nut! will brn-cti. 'I'lii'.*. uin he  seen nt feiiK'H' l-W 1'd.nc'n. Kn*iilo'>l*->. Tliu luUi'MiStti  cm ul .o Cisriii*. 1), ii d_*)ii cil, up.ut-jticSp sleryli*> oi  ��..gun1*.  "��piyio T. GRAHAM,  I\ 0. Ho. "IK, Vancouver.  In this city alone are testifying as  to our efficiency in WATCH  REPAIRING. !t is worth while  listening to. It will save you  time and money in the long run.  Absolutely no risk. Satisfaction  or money refunded.  PATENAUDE  BROS.  BAKER STREET.  Watchmakers, Nelson, B. C.  GREAT REQUCTiOH  H/V?B  COAL^Q OK,CROW'S  TeOu. 001HEST COAL*  <t>  ,15  X_>*E3**C.T*V'E3*R,'E!r)  TELEPHONE  33  C. W. West & Co.  D. Ashcroft  BLACKSM1THING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wat-on ropalrlnK promptly attended to by a flrst-olasi*  wheel wrlstht.  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DcsBrisray $& Co,  Removal   Notice  We beg to iiimomu-e to our many psitrons that we have removed to  our new quiiiters in the Houston Block, the big increase,in the  volume of our business forcing us to seek larger |.remi*<es. Thank-  tlie people for the patronage accoicled us in the past, in anticipation  of an increase of thin custom in the future, we remain, theirs to  command in all lines of groceries.  Houston Block, Baker Streot  John A. Irving d? Co.  The largest and best assorted stock of Candies and Confectionery in the City.  G  B. Chocolates and Bon Bons.  Lowney's   " "       "       (direct from New York.)  Crystalized Fruits (direct from Lordon, England.)  K��K_ -J* a. Mcdonald.  ��j�� THE TMBTOE: NELSOtf fr C./SA-HTfttiAY; DECEMBER 16 im  9  %    '^  11  lANK OF  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up.  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATHCONA AND MT   ROYAL, President  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND ..Vice-President  K   S. CLOUSTON ; General Manager  _N*_e3I_S03_T   *B_R^l.3STO*H:  1ST. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       HHANCHKS IN       LONDON  (Bnffland).   NEW YORK,  CHICAGO  and In the principal citioa in Canada.  Huy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers  GKANT COMMKKCIAL ANI) TItAVKM,KIiS' CRKDIT8,  avallablo in any part of tho world.  D1UKT8 I8SUKD    COLLKOTIONB MADK; RTO.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OF INTEREST PAID  THE   "GET-RIOH-QUIOK"   SWINDLE.  "There's a sucker born every minute���  and sometimes two," was a favorite  aphorism with Pat Sheedy, a gambler  once well-known on this island ,of Manhattan, and its truth has been amply  demonstrated in the past few days by the  "Franklin Syndicate" swindle. The plain  fact appears to be that, dazzled by a preposterous promise that they would receive ten per cent dividends weekly on all  moneys deposited with the concern,  thousands of '���suckers" have for months  been pouring their savings into the ���'syndicate's'* coffers, until the takings must  amount to about $3,000,000.  The business was started some two  years ago, oue William F. Miller, a  Brooklyn lad of twenty-one. figuring as  its responsible manager. Before that he  had been employed as a clerk at five dollars a week in two tea-stores, and liad  been discharged from each for spending  more time in bucket-shops than at his  duties. But he was a plausible talker  and president of a Christian Endeavor  Society in Brooklyn, and when he told  hi.- young friends that by tiding "inside  information" on Wall Street he could  clear more than enough to pay people  who lent him money ten per cent a week  on their loans, many were persuaded to  let him have a few dollars. The interest  was ul way paid promptly, the lucky ones  told their friends of the good thing they  had found, and ,the business throve.  Then Miller moved into the house at' 111  Floyd street, and hung out the *<ign ofthe  "Fianklin Syndicate."  The police were naturally attracted to  .Miller's t,i impactions, but the upper-office  men said they eould do nothing until  there wan some evidence of crime, and  they had heard of no depositor who had  failed to receive his weekly dividend-  promptly on demand. Members of the  police force themselves became depo-i-  tors, and postoffice clerks, antl type-writers, and washei women, and factory  hand-, and -small shop-keepers���poor people of all descriptions who believed that  this young Napoleon of finance was at  last turning the tables on the Ooukl.s, and  Vanderbilt*-., and Kockefellei.s by beating  them at their owii game in the stock  market. And not only was all Brooklyn  drawn into the .scheme, but deposits began to come in from _Vew Jersey. Connecticut, Ohio, the South, and even from  Canada and the PacificCoa��fc.  Finally the banks became alarmed.  Ono of thorn had received in one day  drafts from all parts of the country, signed by the Franklin Syudicare and presumably iu payment for the ten-pcr-ceut  dividends, amounting to $7000. This  represented $70,000 in deposit,-, in one day,  the interest on which was paid by one  bank alone, and Miller_ had_ deposits _iu_  seveinl banks, besides pnying'many dividends in cash over his counter. The Protection committee of the American Bankers' Association mado an investigation,  and laid the results before the grand jui y  of Kings County, with the efl'eet that,  after examining other witnesses, some of  whom had been denied their original deposits upon demand within the week, an  indictment was handed up charging  Miller and his advertising agent, Cecil  Lester, with conspiracy. The warrants  for their arrest, however, were not served  at once, nnd the two birds escaped.  Miller had been at the office until one  o'clock, when he hat! sLufiVd the deposits  received up to that hour into a valiseand  gone away with them. It tvus his custom,  it seems, to carry off the "take from the  mails and over the counter three times  everyday. Since that afternoon Miller  has not been seen.  When the police seized the place in the  evening, they found that $13,000 had  been taken in over the counter since  Miller's noonday clean-up. Later, it was  learned that postal orders and checks,  estimated at $20,000, arrived by mail on  Saturday and Sunday���but this of  course, was returned to the seuders. From  statements made by late employees of the  syndicate it is calculated that the daily  receipts of the concern in the past two  months have been about $13,000 by mail  and $17,000 over the counter, or $30,000 a  day. This Would amount m two months  to nearly one and one-half millions of  dollars. Auother manner of getting an  idea of the magnitude of the concern's  Operations is to be found in the fact that  in tlie 'Floyd Street honse were found  Home fifteen thousand cheeks for sums  ranging from one to seventy dollars, sign-.  ed by "the syndicate and evidently ready  to be mailed as interest to the depositors.  Parson's  Produce  Company  WHOLESALE  Butter,  |ggs,  Cheese,  Green  Fruits,  Cured  Meats,  Vegetables  SHIPPERS OF THE EARLY  BREAKFAST BRAND OF EGGS  and  Full stocks carried at Nelson  Rossland.    Mail orders solicited.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS-Nelson   Lodge,  No,  25,  Kaiifht?* of Pythian", meots In I, O. O. F, Hall,corner  Baker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  3 o'clock    ViHiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  T. LILLrB. C. O. -  B. G. JOY, K. of R. fe S.  NKLSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. &. A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  No. 1*592, moots in I. O. O. F. Halt,  nay stre.  Visiting brethern cordially in-  TSTELSON L. O. L  J-'   corner Baker and Kootenay streots, 1st and 3rd  Friday of each month.   -**  * *  vited.  JOHN TOYE, W. M.      F. J. BRADLKY, Rec. Sec.  .VTELSON   -_ERIK,   Number  22,  Fraternal  Qrdc7~o_  ���*�����    Eagles, meets every second and fourth Wednesday in  each mouth in Fraternity Hall,   Visiting brethren Welcome.  J. IRVING. President.        J. Tt. WRAY. Secretary.  ELSON MINERS' UNION  NO?" 96. W. F. of _,_.-  Meet, jn K. P. rooms. Fraternity Hall, the first and  third Salmi-day evenings in each month afc 8 o'cteok.  Visiting members welcome.  JAMES WI l_ K8. Sec'y.     CHA 8. A. McKA Y. Pros.  rpHK ������*>ffular iiifcfiting.'. of the Carpente.H' Union are  ���*���   lick! on  Wednesday evening of "each  week, at 7  o'clock, in the old Oddfellow's hall on Kootenay street.  JAMKS COLLING. Secretary.  ARCHITECTS.  EWART & OARRIK���AroWtoot^  Baoma 7anda Abe  rdoon block, Bakor street, NeJuon.  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlirj, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yu^on. District  Captain Lees of the Brooklyn police, who  has them in charge, says that they average about.$20,.which would be $300,000  in the aggregate, and, if this is the ten  per cent of the present sum of deposits,  they represent a total of $8,000,000.  The  most curious  part  of the .whole  thing is that the scheme is not new.    It  has   been cropping up here and in other  parts of the country at intervals of two  or three years   for a couple of decades  past.    Back in 1878 Mrs. Sarah E. Howe  established a "woman's bank" in Boston,  which was to receive  deposits only from  poor women  and would  pay them seven  per cent a   month.    It collapsed   after  about  $100,000 had been taken in, and  Mrs. Howe was sent to prison for three  years for swindling.   Then there was the  "Pittsburg pool" in 1893 and the "Fund  TV" iu Chicago, and, more infamous still,  the operations by which Jabez Spencer  Balfour swindled English small investors  out  of no less than $33,000,000.    In this  city the thing began witli  the notorious  E. S. Dean Company, and it is regarded  by  many as a significant fact that the  counsel for that swindle i.s the same lawyer   who   is   now    representing   Miller.  Moreover, it is said that a mysterious individual  whom'the  clerks at  the Floyd  street house described as "the whole-thing  when Miller was away" has also figured  in  the   background   of   several   similar  operations  in the past.    It  would prove  very interesting when Miller is caught, as  lie eventually must be, if he turns state's  evidence    and   shows    that    all    these  swindles have been the work of the same  line Italian hand.  The  Long-Drawn  Tyranny   of the   Barber.  One  ofthe  many reasons which  lead  Mr. Archer to regard Americans and Canadians as a leisurely people rather than a  nation of "hustlers" is the patience with  which  we   submit to what he calls the  "long-drawn   tyranny   of   the   barber."  In England," he say?, "one grudges five  minutes for a shave, and one pays from  fourpenc-e  to  sixpence;  in America one  can hardly escape in twenty-five minutes  and one pays (with the excutionerVtip)  from a 'shilling to  eighteen pence.    The  charge would be by no means excessive if  one  wanted  or  enjoyed all   the endless  processes to n hich  one is subjected ; but  for my part I would pay double to escape  them.   The essential part of the business,  the actual  shaving, is, as a rule, badly  performed,  with  a  heavy hand   and a  good deal of needless pawing about of the  patient's  head.    But when  the shave is  over   the  horror.-*   are   only   beginning.  First, your whole face is cooked for several minutes in   relays of towels steeped in  boiling  water.   Then  a   long  series   of  essences is rubbed into it, generally with  the torturer's naked hand.   The sequence  of these essences varies in different 'parlors,' but one especially loathsome hell-  brew,  known a*-- 'witch hazel', is e\ ery-  where inevitable.     Then   your  wounds  haA'e  to  be   elaborately doctored   with  stinging chemicals: your hair, which has  been hopelessly  touzled   in   the pawing  process, has to be drenched iu some sickly  smelling oil aud brushed; your moustache  has to be lubricated and combed; and at  last  you   escape   from   the   tormentor's  chttche's, irritated, enervated^ hopelessly  late"for Tan important appointment, and  so reeking with unholy odors that you  feel as though all great Neptune's ocean  would scarcely wash you clean again.  Only once or twice have I submitted, out  of curiosity, to the whole interminable  process. I now cut it short, hot without  difficulty, before the 'witch-hazel' stage is  reached, and am regarded with blank astonishment and disapproval by the ton-  sorial professor, who feels his art and  mystery insulted in his person, and is  scarcely mollified by a ten-cent tip.  Americans, on the other hand, go through  all these processes, and more, with stolid  aud long-suffering patience. Yet this nation is credited with having invented the  maxim 'Time is money,' and i.s supposed  to act up to it with feverish consistency!"  The Irish Slandered.  Watkiiford, Ireland, December 15.-���  The story printed in the Freeman's Journal to the effect that the reserves of the  Royal Irish regiment, while embarking,  on their way to South Africa at this port  on Wednesday, singing "God Save Ireland," cheered the Boers and president  Kruger and threw their rifles into the  river, is absolutely unfounded.    Nothing  FULL LINE OF  whatever occurred among the men beyond the pathetic leave-takings which  were" witnessed at all similar embarkations.  The Tremont Hotel  N|AL0J.E & TRECILLUS  PROPRIKTOR8  ffl  0  0  3D. "Mrc-A-UCDIITJJB  <fc   CO.  tf  W0    ...  m  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coaaE.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Bough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds,  what you want is not In stock we will make It for you  CALL AND GET PRICKS.  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS. NELSON  Contractors and Builders  WILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A large stock of flrst-class dry material on hand, also  a full line of sash, doors, moulding., turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of ilendryx streot. Nelson  Telephone. 91        Jolll!    !&���,   AgBUt  Nelson Business College  Will Open on Wednesday, January 3rd, 1980.  BOOKKEEPING, SHORTHAND, TYPEWRITING  THE LEADING FHATURMS.  Intending Students Aiay Register at Once.  .he commercial dcpnitmunt will bo under the control  oi M. Ij. 1-Httui}, ii tcdthprol eighteen yoais'experience.  The -pIioithand and tvpewnting; depa tmenf will bo  i onducted by _IIi<>h H. K. Motrin, li" te ot "The __\positoi"  st.ufr, Rraiitford.  Vu'tona Street,  Near Citj Hall.  .RATTRAY & MERRILL  Smoke...  ROYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS.   .....  UNION   MADE  gar  Nolson, British Columbia  PATRONIZE UNION SH  UNION SHOP  Barber Shops Without This Cart} in Window  Are Non-Union.  Order of the Day  . And I want to be in ifc I have juat received  Fall samples of .Suitings and Over*  eoatiiijtS representing a f_O,O00 stock to  choose from made to your order $t p icet)  never before heard of in Nelson. All the latost  fads in Fanny Ve*itiiiR8 for Kail and winter.  Jjadios'tailoring in all its branches a specialty.  Lowest prices.   Rooms 1 and 11, Hillyer block.  let-ens, Tlie Tailor  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEEN'S HOTEL  -       BAKEI. 8TIIEET. NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  o  One of Those  Beautiful FMctures  IN OUU WINDOW WILL MAKE A VKUY  PUKTTYX'MASGIKTKOU YOUR FRIEND.  IT IS A LITTLE KAItLY, HUT WE WILL  RESERVE IT FOR YOU.  Q ^  THEY ARE   aOItVQ   PAST  >  to  tl  c  m  oo 2? HiJZLH:_ila-v-o3M: -cr  m  U #  M  v^'  '���?=>���  Large comfortable bedrooms and  flr_t*class dining  room.   Sample rooms for commercial men.      .  *R_A_0?*EIS   ��2 yE��*HI*B  TDjUlTST  THE NELSON SAW & PLANM MILLS, Ltd.  Mrs. E. G.   CLARKE, Prop.  Late of the Royal Hotel. Calgary,  H- 0. HUME, Manager.  The finest hotel in the Interior.  Large sample rooms.  Steam heat and electric light,  CORNER OF WARD AND VERNON STa. NELSON  Madden House  BAKER AND WARD STREETS, NELSON  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained nnder one  management since 1890.  The bed-rooms are well furnished and lighted by  electricity.  The dining-room is not second to any In Kootenay.  The bar is always stocked by the best domestic and  We have a stock of one and a half million  feet of logs at our mill and are prepared to cut  all kinds of dimension timber and ship to all points  on Kootenay Lake by scows or steamers, also by  rail to all points on the Canadian Pacific or Nelson  and Fort Sheppard railways. In stock rough and  dressed lumber, shingles, mouldings, sash, doors,  newels, turned verandah posts. Glass of all sizes.  Factory work of all kinds done to order.  imported liquors and cigars.  THE NELSON SAW & PLANM MILLS, ltd.  OFFICE AND MILLS COBNER HALL AND FRONT STS., NELSON.  OIvIAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  Large and well lighted Heated by hot ah  Rensoiipiblo latei. Sample rooms  Electric bollH and liffht m every room*  Rono\ atcd and refui iifrlicd throughout  HOTEL VICTORIA  J. V, M.RKS, Proprietor  Fi*ooT_iiiijneotH all train. Rnvalctnlra   R   _5  Hourly Ntreot car to stution n��J��Bi5lU\B,  ��. U_  Night Gull Room in connection, for tho don. oniencc of  guests arriving and departing by mghl traini.  BT~b.    HOTEL  BRIE, D. G,  Kir-.) claw in eveiy resjjt'ct. Choicpfel w.inoK, liquors  and cigars. Kvory comfort for tinnsient and ir_ident  gue-stH.  HEADQUARTERS FOR UNION MEN.  JOSEPH   CAMPBELL,   Proprietor.  P. Burns & Co.  Head Opficb at  NELSON, B.  O.  Wholesale and Retail   .  .   ���   Dealers in Meats  Markets at, Nelson,  Rossland, Trail, Kaslo, Ymir, Sandon, Silverton, New  stoke, Ferguson, CJnind .Fork*!, (Jieenwood, Cascade Cily, Midway, and  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded.  Denver, Ilevel-  Vancouver.  NOTICE   OF   ASSIGNMENT.  Pursu-int to  Act!,.  'I'li-'litos-s '[rust Upcdh Acl" and .iinciidtni;  Notice is hereby jfi*.e>i that Thomas .Sianloj Hum-  phrejsand John wlustanct, 1'ittock, tiadiiiR under Hip  ilrni liiitne of HiiiiipliicyH & 1'illn.k as tiicrulmiiw on  Rukor rttreel. Nelson, Kritish C'olnmbiv, n.ive bj deed  benring dan- lhc l'_'th dnj of IVcciiibel, 18!)-', assiKiied nil  their pcrioiial (���statf.cicdiiaatideili.-Lt-itboth paitiioiship  and privaK') whirl) iimj bo.nld itiidt*i (.vcutlau 'ii'l .ill  their leal cntale (both jiaitnfislnji arid private) (o  Webster Koiein.it) Ti.ives of *.lieC'uy oi Xelson, lintibli  (y'olilmbia, cmttiactor, in husi a- tiuntrr1 for ciedltnr*'  (both pauni'i ship and miv.ite) fur the put pose o_ distn-  buiinn nmoti st Hu. --aid eteditoisnctoiriltiK to i,iw.  The haltt deid uf iis.ikumi' ul wa-i i-*tt.i ul d bj ihe *iuid  Th-uiins St.i|ilf>y IltiinplinMy ami John Whi<.i.nn (. I'll-  took and by tliLMtid Wcbstt i foreman 'limes on the  hhIiI I2rh d.iv of i i iiembe , is;*;).  And fnithnr nikt, nolii e tlmt a meetinK of th" taid  cieditois will hi-liPld'H the oflli e nf Onlhhir jc Wilson.  xulieitoiN, finki'i btn'M. N-.-1-on, It. ('..on l.ida.i theLl'nd  dn\ of December, ls(f til th. hoj:i uf two o'tlnek. in tbt*  aflcinoon  Ail c edilolh arc ic<iii|ied on or before the _flfh duy of  Deceutbe*-, l&'ft to lile ihen clai��H wilh the irusicn, dul*  proved iih provided hi tlio said net st.iuntf theninotint  and iLitine theieof, irio iiHtme efnm vcuii'vheld b}  them and the-hurncler of liability lliuoof, and the i.ilu-  iili'in placed (hereon.  In dcfjniil of Hie said ttusteo ie<i ivinjf sutisfnclory  proof thereof any ciedit, >i h linbli to li<.v" bis eiuiin  baircd. ^\'^.HSTEI. KORK.MA.S TRAVb,*.,  Tuisiee  GAi.l.riunt & Wn.sov. S heitotH  Dated at Nelson, Ii C'��� this l.ith dny of December,  A.D , !&'��.  NOTICE.  Tho JtrltiHh Columbia .Soiithcrn Il,iilu,ij Compaiij.  nil! appl} tothe pmhaiiicnt of Canada at ith ne\t *-e-^ton  foi an act authoii/ii'x Ihe couip>in} to coniplute.it unj  tunc before the fnd ot the yeai 1SW1, Its westein urcllon  a�� deseribert in I lie act of the s.ud pnilinnient (dOOl Vie  toria, chapter HO) and <i br.inch line fiom .1 point on iu  main line ut m nt.ir the foi k. of _\ficlit*l jeoK. thence ,j  wa*, of Michel ereck to Morton cioek and foi othei pur  poses.  By order of the boaid.  H. CAJli'UKLI. 0*-WAI,I>. "sectctai}.  Montreal, 11th Noxetiibet, 1W-.  Fop Sale Cheao  West Kootenay Butcher Gor  Ahh KINDS OK  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLK8ALE AND RRTAH.  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson  E. C. TRAVES, Manager  ORDKRS BY MAIL REffiJIVB CAREFUL ANTD PROMPT ATTRTCTrox.  ARRIVED IN NELSON  ar.o  KvorythitiK lit aivdaboutaii hotel'btiildlnK ��t ("���!��*��  on on the Crow's S'CKt Pass Rail.*vay.   Wilt b��  a station  either as a whole or separately,  Olson. Aiiiswortli. B. C.  Apply  re.ston,  ...... sold  to Clinries F.  Dissolution of Copartael-ship.  The partnership betwcoi Dr. U. i_ailau and Dr. Alex.  Forin ha. tiecn dissolved, tho dlHsnluUon to date from  Deeuinbor Int. 189H. All debts due tlio firm are payable  to Dr. 11. Dullau. and tic will pay till debts uf the Hrin.  UaJ��l Nciso*., Ilecember 1st, IXXt.  Ineludlng fieKi.iiu'f '-. I. and 7 jour old lt>o in DtrteK      ftwxlerhum & Wortf' Hjc In Cases,  bcifiatn's Star, 'U3 H>c und Whitu Wheat Widnkv m C'tts...      "iS'iilkui s Club Hyi. in Ca*es*.  A. II. GRAY, Ifootc'iny  XclhOIJ, li. C,  \_rent  R. P. RITHET & CO.  W. P. DIOKBOH  El, H. H. APPLElWHAiTB  J. MoPEMH  eetpie supply and uonstrui  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Bleotrlc Elqaipincnta for Hl<M*trio Power Tranamlsaion ajad Xjigbtlag for DUnes, Towns  Hlectric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc  P. Oi BOX ���30**'. Josanhlno Str-Rot. Nnlnon, B. O.  TO YQUi\ LOT LiNE, WE DO IT  SEE US  GAS   FITTING   OUR   SPECIALTY PLUMBING   OF   ALL   KINDS  STRACHAN BROS. Opera House Blk,  Fred J, Squire, Merchant Tailor  FULL LINES OF FALL AND WINTER SUITINGS  opposite. savflE son. mns$  WR8T HAKER STRHSBT NELSON THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10;; 1899.  THE EIGHT-HOUR LAW DISCUSSED  By Miners and Mine Owners.  Mining commissioner Clute resumed  his inquiry into the conditions affecting  the mining interests of tho Nelson district tit tiie court liouse yesterday morning. At the 'opening of tho cnnunis.-ioii  the supply of witnesses was disappointing and Mr. Clute drew attention to the  fact. At Sandon, he remarked, he was  kept constantly at work for a week, at d  the mine owners and union officers had  seen to it that uot a moment's delay wn*-  encountered through lack of witnesses.  So far he had not found it necessary to  issue subpoenas in Nelson, but if eithei  ofthe interests thought ihe bii.-iiu-.-s" of  the connnis*-ioner would be expedited  thereby, he was cptite ready to subpoena  witnesses, and if nece.-sary, have* witnesses brought to the court. Walter  ���Smith, who has beeti active in cross-examining .wit nee. es on behalf of the union,  thereupon pre*-ented the  names  of  sev-  the big C. P, II. tunnel near Cascade, it  being thought of import to show what  the railway people had paid men for  doing practically the same woik tis re-  cpiired of expert miners. Mr. Howard  testified that the wages offered were  *j5*..50 for machine men, $���_ for helpers  and $2.50 for muckers. This was in .Inly  lust. �� Mr. Campbell inquired if witness  knew whether these conditions still prevailed, to whieh witness replied in the  negative.  era! men whom he considered were in ti  position to give testimony relative to the  * subject. J. J. Campbell was present, and  a couple of score of interested spectators  ���were also in attendance. Tlie evidence  produced yesterday was again one-sided,  no straight union man offering to testify.  Tlie proceedings' were livelier than tit  either of the preceding sittings, owing to  certain witnesses manifesting a disposition to truculence.  Record Office Figures.  Harry Wright,,mining recorder for tlie  Nelson district, was  called  by  the commissioner to give official  evidence.    The  data submitted by him   was  as follows:  Locutions entered from March 13, 1SS7 to  December   Vi.   1KU9,   96J0;   locations recorded in 18SS, 150(5; in   ISO!) to December Vi, 909;.number of voters on  Nelson  list described  as   miners, 408;-  amount,  paid iu lieu of asses-menV woik in   1898.  1100 ; jiaid inJSOy in  lieu  of y assessment  work $2900.    Mr. Campbell asked if -witness knew applicants for the  A'oters' list  personally, and if so   whether  it   was a  fact that many sink came as free mineis  who had no qualification outside of eerti  . fk-ut.es.    Tlie "response' was   that Aviih a  fmv possible exceptions  such  applicants  were genuine miners.  c  Wages Paid in a Kailway Tunpol.  y George B. Howard   was  called   to  the  "-si aiid to testify as to tlie wages   paid   at  liiliiHli  Sh ,-"M*   "D_H,p-ptwD  qd-  ..-V"n-rr '*-."-.-->   o.B.-cf*,.:.!*. ���-.=,_.     ����._ * 4lua "6- n*.  :***�����*. A^^y  '������A'Sf.^A*  -BiM  y'^#_.^'-.\*''^  Ll^ITKB-  ^OMPibiiiy^U^^iMn^  ������ f'"ji:i. �������*#��'".;*. '���_. :W*15U*.* .��_���;  ML* 3V  tifti-Vi-T  f&v-Xf A-Kis Ci'.Q^Kl (���' I . &.I.-.I. *V* Alt KmPWSAX. V_ lit J! I-  fep*.. ;tL-!|.*1*^_i?_^ iiiid' .'_iiighl_-__t. '���:,,. iKk  jMyiig*^^ %ty.+yy-yyyA /��� -. ���"..; .*;��� ,.-yy,^y-  ,���.���.������ -..,   .^..stWe'tijT'yS^  :M_".'"7"V--dealelS..fii^ -. j_t*L��u: "tiJtEtSJftlii-  |^S;������ss'y\','ftifeilt.S:ii*iJ*|i ri>ii_*.ii^;i(iti'i'oi;al'vv.iie**.-   ���     '    .   ���;,   ��� '"  my  V":'N ';ASSS^-ERS':-'StiPM_'ESi. " .'���  .  rj^i:-j^0^yi^^^^iM^>'vmr_ tinunr um Jose-  ..tKt'y.erW .-iuiniiFo*.. ��� JigVinU*' fur. iiurivcr 'fire-- Clay Co> est  IJiishvet,.t*��>l>>i adui  f*-:*;"���' -'    LIQUORSA**':P RRY GOODS.  ip.*CJP*&US;KW. I'iKRTi.'N-iS t'( ���.-.'!<. nc*r Vfe.rii.ii and ,!<).<.-.  fe-#-?yi)liiri.e.'-ii:i-��'ol%1. N'elipjiti;.."wJudcepitlM .dealer**' ill liljUi'i*,  f cI$i-KStiM;di*j* tr-jiuls   At'tiiii.-- tVM'alwi Bt*i_wStig Go.ui  ���-������--������       Hi'uwii  *   ����.l'.ld.S  y^l.l!w��.iiK.?.>!.p WTjil.'.t'HlKJWr.-.  rttig Ct>. uf (Jalgaryy  ��� wwmshiwmtiGKWM.r:^;:'-':--  :iEfe**.J. .M'-'AJi-.a ���& yo..r-lWker;i*)tJ:ee't, Nelson., .viibitetwtL-  ���'_��***��   dei'iluijs'' |ti liiirtJ-'*..;S;i_rai*��. ��� guiiietit,'tin. I>'i-i.��k-..!..ti(t-  ;_tre:L��-Ut j. Wit**r diV? i. lid AU&I!.s-iiiI-��. ittSd . goiilai'itl cull"*  y*rofciVVi*iiieiWI'iallti*.   ������:.���.   '���  ��� /-., -;   .-���>;-v:.;--- ���'-" ���;���- - '���;. ' ���  *.'V"      :\:Fh^')i^'''V^^-y:--^--:''-'  TiltACK^tAy���& KKIt "5|j:U.l,V�� COW. ANY ._fj��,-  :?*P: *';Kr**nf -ilreet. Nul*i>ft. ,Vifiiji,*.<<aTfe<i:o.*ilijiiipi  a.  ..totsfili etc..Mild JMt) .a-��d _;i-iiiii.  :t_>Hfr,,:A-i<l,,.**>:ay.,W erg, i.iiiyt.er,;  ill (jalir,ijiitv  Mill.. at Kdnjuiiton,..X!��-���  &imRS.-y^y:\:yr:^\y.  r.��� i-K^'AveiffAi.-Aux^i-'.vCTm.i.-.o. cdfedw****  - *.���   ,. "fei.--Hiiikij ..itl-ftl; ltft.il _Hir��4j(Q*i._V*SJ-jiiit;.. iiiitriftfiiettirei-f  ���fot*"'.it.!**..!' Sjuitl'*������tiid-^llvwtiiKiia'.yitulieyi.iii-iiUb:utijei!biii"i-.  y--- ��� ]?AlN'$Sy AJtW: smm:.^yy^i:Iy  "TCTiRI.st..V-llAlil>V. Ait;fe=:t;.6\/l.A'\-_.^i.Ji,ker'"Stt-ee'fe  *~' tVl��>lu��ile'd��^OB'r��:in>'.ii-il-S;''i>U*s un'd: I-I'IihI.uh iit liil  jk,lmiiC'. l.*.i*Ke>^i;>*ti'K-Kyiii K**iten>iy.~yzy*-\.y^y-:y.yyy*  -���:. ���-: :.-,���. Vv fresh ���yjkK&^kT^^^^k^H  ���pTp'.- rji^txiy^*y.:ibp~j.iy-er;.^ti-"*iut.y  :', .JST���: dfcltlbrw tii fWfpli'rilltl <iiiitid:tiie��'!trf.'*ypt.ufd>tui*i.ti*;e,;.''.:*'''p'  ' :-';\yy,i'-P0WBER,': ^EAPS:-;^ANto;:jftj_____%.'.;_  :y.*taA*ri'i.iS*v; 'I'MWvijfeit*- ::��.-o'aii*AX*-.ikkor:'st&(jt;.:  .'.**..i:.\S'i��M|f,. tJiiniilf*ii_ti��i*orfi. ,:uf di'riitiiiito; . jiiUirl.iriii:-  '*. St .liil jiinit ��dd blii<-.k: 'Jlii'et ti'i^ j>iiyvd.��*i>i:.W|iviIt^tlfe dwij^ri-s  ..' in tjai.tp*.'Mnd...ii*^.-.wii'd;'clbt:i..i*iv. lilafPtitjg ttiipiLratiiHyyvl'y.y.-  yyy FlaoV*. :��iO;i^ ' ������  PAit^uXpa-:i'i'a'itut.^:yt.oJti��A,^ *ti*����t'i  .   ft\x)lWitt^'y".ltiii!toW.te::'dtMil*ji>.: hi '|_i:(��v:'tsiij.[W.! r'i*��H:luci..  ;.': a,M;-":f.i*'*\i*'--: -Ai_uii'U;f;'i--***'yift-iKfCbi.-riittuWH tjijid liiijits.'  V Ty Vi O'ifit; ,*I.N .*'iS:.,'Ctf���>^C6>ii'o'r V'ermiri and .Iiifiophiiie  ryV-'-y.^ti-eojir'^id.K'-iiv*."���A'lii'ili*��ili.- diiKluiS ic.��� p'rttvi��iutiN.  /-������Iji' - ��� US'^V fvW -A HT' ��.. t'O'���Vi -iVrfjlii ��t ixe*-1 m V.l Vi. .|.n��_k.  :**;���.yftiol iit..Siaiiltiy dliaiil. Svlntiti. wliulbwilu duitliurs Id  } priii. irtxui.s.. p:"_t_J.ii���� Hud;' fr-u'i'in. Cuid Htoi-nisu, ,'^eitVf  V.-trm'oii.r '&.* u** tiHouti. tipttns, lp.rd Hiiiljiiriaii* iii'oduci. ���  iA/fASifbiiA ntv itirCE AXD roarStirSiox~ro..  **^-.Litd, ��� >*ijlw'o   lininph,   liu.il.  litruut.     VV'liolo a, v.  AAti.en-i.il.: bu'tUtr. ��j_fK**;it*id oi-eo e.      -^  Compelled to Make  Damaging Admissions.  John Hampson, a foreman at the Silver  King, was sworn. .He stated that liis experience covered a period of 22 years in  the mines of England and the colonies.  The commissioner asked if witness had  compared the relative amount of work  done by miners under the eight and ten-  hour laws. The reply was that the cost  of working was 15 to 20 per cent greater  under the new law. He was then asked  how he arrived at this conclusion, and  replied by stating that if a drill was run  for ten hours at a certain pressure, two  hours more work would be .secured from  it, the same applying to two men with a  hammer drill. The commissioner demanded a demonstration, remarking that  the inference above was one which any  person might artive at. Witness in-  .-tauced the case of a dtift 148 feet .in  length started last year and completed  under the ten-hour law, but failed to  establish tlie inference in favor of the  teir-hour law, and was dismissed to obtain tl.e met s-miy data.  Mr. Humps-on vas lecallrd later and  pitiduu d m me figi res shoeing that for  the live months prior to the introduction  of the eight-lour law ihe ayeinge v-nj-e  of men under contract was ��4.ySf per  diem, and Tor the five  months after the law  went intoforce**.3.47|.  Mr. Camp-bell que--*-  t ioncd w it ness to impeach James Doher-  ty's evidence given  yesterday as to the  amount of woik done  under the new law.  Witness declared  that Doherty could  have no .knowledge  of what Was accomplished. A.-ked by  -Mr.-'Campbell as to  the conditions'-* prevailing prior ,t to the  new law, -witness'  stat�� d the relations  bet \\eeti/men .and  can district. His data was as follows:  Dectease in outward freight, 7470 tons:  decrease iu earnings, $110.(5(53.97; decrease iu in ward freight, 9,53| tons; decrease ia earnings, $10,0*32.72; total decrease in earnings, $120,390.09. Mr.  Peters attributed the decrease wholly to  the closing down of the mines of tho dis-  . ti iet. -   Rather Large Investments.  Captain Duncan, manager of  the Duncan Mines, Limited,   was  placed   on   tho  stand.    He stated that   his  company invested   $152,102   in   the.   properties,  tind  further disbursements of $30,000 to $50,-  000 would follow.     When   the  bond  on  the   property   was  taken   up and work  commenced everything  in a mining way  was  running  smoothly, there  being no  complaints from the  men.      The   shifts  worked 10 hours  in  the  daytime  and 9  at night.      Iu   wet  or   badly ventilated  places the men  only  worked   8 hours or  left.- The question of working hours was  left to  the discretion of  the mine manager or foreman.    Last  winter   he sunk a  shaft on the Granite using machines with  steam power and paid  the men $3.50 for  au  eight-hour  shift.      In   the  drifts he  worked 10-hour shifts and paid the_s_une  wages.    When  in  London   forming  the  company, the  fact  was  pointed   out  to  him by many that high wages were paid  in British Columbia, higher than in many  other parts of  the world, and that operating was more expensive.      His, answer  was that  a  better  class  of   men   were  available,  the  country    was  under  the  British flag,'twas our own country wheie  the   mining   laws   were   good  aud   life  and   property   were     respected.'    Further   he   stated    that     miners     saved  A.���Certainly.      We    would    get  more  work in ti given time.  Q.���Has the woik in the mine cost you  more since the new law went into force?  A.��� It luis cost me more.  Q.���Were you ever consulted as to tlie  advisability of the eight-hour law ? A.���  I never heard anything of it until it Avas  passed.  Mr. Smith : Have you anything  against the eight-hour law? A.���Yes, 1  think it has been of the greatest harm to  I ho niining industry iu tlie Kootenays.  for it has thrown hundreds of men out of  employment aud prevented untold capital from coining into the country. For  his own part he failed to see how the law  had benefitted anyone. Further, it has  been the means of sowing seeds of discord  between employers and employees, which  never existed before, and wliich in his  opinion, will never be wiped out or tlie  harmonious feeling restored.  Mr. Smith : Did you ever compare the  work of a ten-hour shift* with* that of an  eight-hour shift ? A.���Of course; besides  it stands to reason.  Q.���Will you give me an illustration?  A.���No 1 won't." " 1 have never been  asked to.  Q.���Have you ever given the eight-  hour system a thorough test? A.���I  have, but never measured out a piece of  ground. ..*-..-  At this point captain Duncan asked,  "Are you a miner?" in a tone whieh betrayed irritation. The commissioner intervened and temarked that no faction  would be permitted for a moment. Captain Duncan then''stated that while he  could uot quote an actual demonstration,  he was satisfied from observation that  the ten-hour shift was 15 per cent  to  20  Mr. Wilks then repeated his query, and  Mr. Campbell interjected a remark which  exposed him to a further rebuke from the  court. Finally the question was shelved  b5r the commissioner concluding that contract work hardly afforded a reliable  comparison.  Mr. Wilks then asked if captain Duncan had ever employed men iu any other  part of tho world more than eight hours  underground. Witness stated that he  had worked men ten hours in Sudbury  and Lake of the Woods.districts. He was  asked if a man would accomplish more  per hour of an eight-hour day than he  wotdd in an hour of a ten-hour day. Witness replied that so far as he knew no  rule could be stated to meet this question.  't&ms  $_%&>  Expsrt Testimony.  Durinf  arisen  _, the examination a question had  as to whether a machine drill  running at top speed required a more expert operator than one running at medium or low speed, and the commissioner  called F. C. Chandler, a civil engineer, to  the stand, Mr. Chandler having volunteered some information on the subject.  Witness stated that from actual observation iu the Summit camp, he had concluded that a drill iu the hands of .an inexpert operator required far more frequent repairs than was the case when  the operator was skillful.  The commissioner then adjourned his  inquiry to Monday morning at 10 a.m.,  having promised to spend Saturday in  Kaslo. -  SMOKE  ROYAL SEAL  AND  of  .��tu"ssi;t.V;j"sN^.a-t"jie'=.sA--ai-i.d';..-  f. '���'��� ,'f*,5 ���. "W- ��*��i"i;^:;*_ pkt'i* ���;���:-K >>�� .���&:���'  >l^^el:.f"|^*3lc|*-^tflufSl^^h^J  ^ii^^i-jk^^A^^^if^  _*&taV ��� a^^-eiiay^^hdl  *i';feyr-,.liq1-^.. d'd   '|"d_.'. ���-.-.:-  -��� ,.-*''&������"-'-*".   **5-   n   Dn"-"i-D". '-[. 0  ^���^ii��-^��VI^**'-|Ks^:r^^*-@yiii-rliji.  jB^l"^-*|^'A^n'^Mji i f_it'u%-  M i/*pp-r&i'   ��i'%n-';(p.'#3 :**'.--J.''D.-*tf$v^l^n.,--.;1r,,j-.  "0^'^j^Mit^^U^K-;0P:.  T4h^^0i\y1i0M'^Phd^ i.  ���:iSi tlSjBi|.y": v'te^F' Wi_;;  _"���"'-' t-i'Hi.W'"-' n-���"������"_��� if    i): '.''i'.-j-.-.fi ��   '.Vr-.j'j-t'- '    'J-- "ri   b  rtmti^-AHroT^l^Hi't^thate  ^!h^}^|)5(|���?-' Sfsir; ���?���- |t);-'|  ./.jiijtfi^'..^^^  ���:���-.ieri--"itiji'tf- ffii&iiiffiii*..'  ;'"t'-;;y*y ' jat. .S^onyiStttt .* '���  ^<1 that he liii-eti   the iiietS   fiit il.w ;S_'Uv>i  king 'and; pe;ve_- a**Jied meh rf they *l!.i;  Jh)*u���_ed to a ttiiioii, ti't.r liad h$any te'trnc-  ���MftB:;Sy|)Mfe  sash and mass.  i^m&OX SAW ASh I%ASISO .M1I.I..S, I,fMlTKI>-^  ���V"   I o'chiir Kri'iit mid   .lii.II irtreeUf, Ntilwui  fctirBft*uf .ui'itf wtiiduHiilt- dert|��Vf ill ��i-di and  kiisdw iii _ii��n��*"v w iirfc mtidc ui order.  Hi��lltlfiu>  dui��-��; ill)  WINES AND CIGARS.  OALrFOItXU  WINK O'iU-A.VV. UJHtTKI) ���Corner Kit-nt mid Hi<Jl-<t r>Hit*��, XcImjii, wbdloailfdwiles*.*)  f�� W_ae��Soiuio��uB4 buiW*nd-l<��u<wl4c *od impotUtd (*%����..  tibils from theniaiittgetiieuton^ni^attll-r  ;*V:y.M-iv.:'Wil]��syytoofc^  pointy ?tnd  directed  hi*** att.*utioii tc-ythi  ituiiottuts .;sti;binttte(ly*:a._t;;4tv;6i*|i'ge.;v  '.The;;e.otHJn..SfioiH*i.' folloAVcd";y.i;p:\;^-it'hV:a  >et;ies;of tpierieftJnyWla  fji cij-: Waa; tlyoi veth-thatyin.- tlieyiii'rsti.hioht..!;.;  a ftie<v tht. ��� tiew ktw���;��� went; intfiV:ofe'cb'-tbe-.  ^ivelage tlaiiy-;..'wage-.������ Was'yhigitei^tha^iji  itny of th;�����*! ii.v<_; immths:pi;i.-i-jo thoyiiiti-t)-^  ' ife'thiita^th^'- i^^AV'-" Jj[t,-\v"tS ?^\f iCjt. oyS*-v?\v:_i*._5\-  ���.j;.ii-o.��*_4 -to explain this fact-aiidy-Was  Witie'wiint.'.jbfij'^  ���o'j'iij>ioi>'.'',f;ti'iiii%:tTi.��.'y.7nv  iriiigh t Ji. i.v,ey';been:Vh^  ���i'*>uiieVtf'ii-.(l:.y;;ebi,ti.^  yiSiiui'i^bel l:-(.!ihie:'to.h is  '(>HicJd-'"wTtii^  Wt>t>- \VO;ir,ked':':)'^  /ti.iieyti^h:UhM.i';irtile  ^ d:_t t;i4>t hey:w-;a y'J^  r.;Mi$!*lc.*.^  ���ytk.''-'-'a-i;-.^'n'u*ns^  ,lii$(;n-eSys:u'bi.ji.tt(_d;yw  ���wtitt :thaty yli <i ';iii'*y ei^yfovii)1 tt .-.0itf|;|:ej,^_ii^i U.�� iu ^  ���r.if..feiji..':he_^U'iiite(l::Sta]ies. nliif Jtliat wtis  vv(i^.Ii^!.-ftir^ bemg ^oflowetS.  "p  im Witli(ire\v* the?:iat/ter /part oF i;he- pre-  ce^'th'jj sti_:t^ifi.ei;)4��� ���'��� H'O'y'U'id; t'l'ow-i'i. the  g'eiieral- /jji-iticiple that yhieu' \fitultl tiot'  accOirijijisii as iiiiich in eiglit Ijotirs -iXM In  teu hours. M��v Willcj- theny* .sked. if wi*-  itess thought eight hour-s was long eiiottgh  for tt nn in to bo engaged Underground,  Witness declined to give an opitiiou until  the eoSnmif)p*.ioner insisted, whelenpou lie  responded that lie believed eight hours to  be suflk'ieut.           -  The C, P; E.'s Losses.  P. W. Peiers, assistant general freight  agent of tlie C. 1*. II. for Kooteiuty,went  ou the .stand and submitted figures to  hliovv the decrease in freight business*  siace the labor troubles began iu thoSlo-  .inoney, Went j.ros:p(.e;ting, loctt;t'(^d;  dhiSinS. |>arfcially de;v(iioi*.ed them: to a  si,age- .wjujfcire jliey,. would  he oi*&_red  to-  T^iw^iM'&r^^T^^f^^i^^^v^Wiffm1  in..- the couirti!y; luul /.been located_ this  way. ; Alio ve *ll,/thfere WerO/ ��� ti o. labor,  t rot lib. e. /. To.-. th is; 1 i ne ��� of n t-giimei} t, he  'cnVe'cl his stlQcess in the:D!d;/.eouritry last  yea^.when /lit. floated /thie:��� Granf*& v,*��hij*J  tt: tid'..*. e'e.ui*i�� d f tdlsti bs*cri;p tJbi_.> if stock Iti tlie  Nelson. Ti-fit t j wa y .0* )iii j ..iiiyC $$;��:( i.OOp'./yQii;  .his rcturh *fifom' .Bhglji;t.d'. h& _'i%n.-y.t.'p;'  ,'*..a/giih-i:.*.-b'-''tliis--'p.l'ec0  '-���liiyd; /ot-ippled* iiiiuey ovytmrs nil-sunuher;,  ^he I'jiliyi:.' tr.��uble hat! the. cJ.I'��ct of ���bttj-k'-..  /Ing������:*tl..0' 1 #'.'h Jise/ui; /twoyltij-g'C^propertles.  ���;' tipou which,:thejrteitgliieep.i'util\*V|%tt��^i'.  yfiiv;(^.'ab/ly>/'^|!fliti.:.^  /-t(_;::gi\-.e. ^tpSn^^ititii't  'v^��.n:b/h'i'--X\-e/r(.?^  :4-!/iM��i.a*i4^vSj>prui^  ",*iiri.t1yM,Kip^.*-''^<V\^  :;a,"*kedyiO!:.d;(.v:(rs/H  /���ii*/';/se\*,ei/alyh/t'sttin'(_e'; .)f/  .���;tiiV^u$*(ej->r!iite^ l^ply: Wt ii-klj'-jgy/rt. / #tt  ;'.-is yyh(.y-/;had:/^-;4o"rrn -Ai-keii -as'  ���:tQ-:;;t;he/ ;':-rtv' t(r.t)f //pjjty % i i��:;:th&y'-&i<rimii\. Me  ���'sia't^d;..'''^  iuiiia^dt-rJfei's^.^lft-. to ;.*iti.vick.i*r8-. Asked  its tpytiie-quallty ofhis*i.ieii,,e*iptaTn.-'Dt.ni-  eail stud liii Jiiict*..'.tfre'hest,/'inythe. *coititt,t>y  "because he tt-eiited. His'meti 'r-i^hta.id tire  pt-ojjej-ty 'was fttvoiiitibiy i.Itu.itedv fie  thei_*de/sci-ibed theeotKliitouS esisitng at  the 'various mines. Witness could not  state how .many of his employees were  British subjects.  Mr. Campbell: Which is the most undesirable kind of drillings. A.���The  drilling by steam, sm-h as we were working when I .paid the higher rate of: pay.  ���Mr. Campbell: When you p.iid ��$.*l.5f.) to  maohino men Was it because of the un-  fiivorable circumstances. A,--1 don't  think that it was. I always paid these  wngea:-.*-.-'��� V:���_._':/;'..: ������';������ '...'y*'"  Q.���-Would you prefer to _-eki.ru to the  tea liour systetu and jjay higher, wages? .  pet* eeij.t ci. eaper than the shoi-ter hour..  IJuvthei;* h�� added i/hilt had -Jje*, kiiowii of  t.lie legisjat'ioii ha woiux.-not have hivesjed  1^eJTtrin-t.ire"TeoTmt^yT  ////James W;i/lki..;/Haye"you'theysMb& class;  of   iiien  jii yoiir mlue/as /prior, to /the  eight-honr. legislation;? .'������A'.^I.'. haye. v-ei'y;  /good men, but/not -tlie sameyoiie^_:./.T5jie;  /t.Id: m&p: .leftywherti"the./emphiyees Were  t-alle'd' b.ut''/aT_d:;*fc0<-)k; ;fcieket_i";'lor'distaii:t/  |3f>ilits: vp-Jiere woi^lt jjjuijs' to/ be/lWd./. ���./  ^- Q.r^. p?\'vey/'y/tnry,opejiat.ed;;':by*v.e^^  siti:ct.the;c,htvii:ge?:yAi-^-Ye!-J^ /to "���������.my ..-���?��>.?:-',���  )'qw.y;:;Whe/t�� ,.n|en.\_fjnk ia,/coiitt-actyipiK  hajid-^ork sind. eahifi/to./gofcyi-ockythey-,  .iuiitle/.doii ble/ot'cfttia i-y*;^  /t<iok;Vi:/coi'iti-tlc6;on/V(^f^  a. h\i .-(feeti r /th ey;/t li/i/e 'w.d'own;//t.heit-'..to/c>ls/;  afed'.qi'it.'M'/tirk^  .jt,*.-*.;'Si2p'i.:iv-;*JT"io^  ;rtW'ny''^re\y'/!|j:pS;;P^  ^'f.-zQ/:-*^'^'^  ���jfejfi-rnt?tl::?;J-fy-i;_j''piiti--':y.ij,i<',^TiL:;y uhdei'-y^ontractTy  /^. ~^y>^:i e.'->u|i. yi k>^  :oyer/$%i^K/4i% |2.50i 'ri.ii..d;;:  :_/.h!e;:.g!|.iliit:;m|t  ''/y!C^:^:W-pr0.:vtH^e--/''wa;g0svp'/ht|cli:ei.: ;thifei_  yoii* ].'wl/^:)iVid ju-ipi- to'thettftW'lawf'Av^  \T/i^:'i:;|).tj^'i//im/i>.t^ th e; inline amc)"u nfe of  \vork-'.fehfuj. Iypakl';/bi. fore; the iife.y rsystjeni.  ' ..%.'���#Dl'tJ:* tlte iv-a:*ges .'Jui the', coiitmet.  :systetno**.ceed..^,?5:.)yper day? A'-^es-.  if -thi*;V did not. liiuki. inot-e they jitmptid  the :jo:h. " ' '     '.  Q.���If tliis is the ease cloes it not prove  tliat men can do as iiiuch, work in eight  iioqrs as they eoti.Id: iu ten? A. ��� Some  men if they get oi. a spurtthej' can do tis  much in four hours its they ordinarily  would in tell hours.    (Lauglitei-j.  Mr. Cainpbaii Galled Down,  Mr. Campbell: I really must request  on behalf of captain Duncan���-���  The coi)_mis.-*ioner:. Excuse me, but  I will look after captain Duncan's interests.  Canadian News in Brief.  A. A. Weir, M.P.P., addressing members  Montreal Reform Club last night  when he urged the  necessity for Liberals rallying themselves in order to  achieve success at  the approaching elections.  The supply of ribbon to be worn with  the Fenian raid and  k  s  ���om  t  i  i.. ��.-Apected the dis  ;  tribittion will therefore take place withintwo weeks.  ;      Mr. Deinontigny,  prothonotary ofthe  yi istrict   of    Tert-e-  ��� boiuiej died /Friday  g'5��M.Vce;.^:Iii^sc^S'ii:t:ii-''  ^������-^^om&m^z  ...... .. |!p.:^t^^e/{|:  &M0ihittikii$ii'.  J\-4|&>i')://."}ii*/.^pi'e:_  '^'^dp^l^^%-g^f^  |t��iJ|f/5lJhi| yM^fii^^x  gr/gafigj^^'^e^ue^'ffi;  yipi f jiAri"Qdi|ia:i iid'tscii--/  :"ti;0.il.T'd'|.f^jli*.p  //lis/* ,e/$$r|^c&a "li(. te ���  I*ji4;a| ������.$&}���"- ���^t/civiu^es:,  ������SpJ0^^W^^'yp^^''- '���  i/.t'/ic^l/.- lielj;}' ���-tOA^JVlid!. :  ' ^fe.inty<_j'Si/ty!by "hi^  t-iieasing, the. Tneome  ws- twell-asythe- ������e'l'ts  '" ���';rs":"     "'-������ --"--rr-Ty-*.-- -4 ,wmenti ' .  my-  Ciinon ��tej   has resigned the  wctoi-ship; of Chi-fet Church cathedral at  Hauuitou,:  KOOTENAY BELLE  .  CIGARS  UNION MADE  I I  WHOb*isiM4i-:  ���iyBtiffer,'/:.^  y,Bggsyy:y:  '^-Cheeseii'::.*'"^'.  .'.".'d'fee'n- ;���'.  ;;/:Fru.it.Si,-y;:K';i/  :*; Cyr&$yyy  \.'--M&^fi^,':':yy-  ./Vegetafcyiies  y:m i;p mm: Qp/-yf h e . zM&yi  '/|REAKF^f:yBR^ND;^F.;0GS  .1*.s'!&:���'':'���-.',. '"ft'rt  ��%'n^^^^yy^:-^-^^^.,'^^''^^^'",  ::^^..>'"M::fHy^f^^j^^������''t:������^���.��^''n?!:.*';'"��?;:l!.:F�����,.*: yi^y-l���*.',?:. >  .?���" .:;d��?"'f"���.s'.  ��� V ���"*�����  --:;H .  , ...;V;'J!.a.-- ���   if-  '''^'''-S^f-'-t-      ��� ���; '���{  "sE-;,��"5p��--.-* ��������:  *v..��>ssy ��� ������*  . __:|*r-iK- ���  X*X-gI-X*I-gg-Z-I-_^_K!&gZg-X-I*I*gZ-X**Z'Xg*��-a   :*stQ'e"ks;;.��a'rif|ed;;-^.t>-'N-3'!.sb*iiy  Rb/^s I a rtd;.: y M a ii;;brders sblicited.*  ;1  And  PRICES  /���'".frsr ���������  BiOI-ALL  '    AS ���'  GEiMTS  ������lH:'.ftjth-it��yiv_i3;::w^iljiiVey^a^  p.ui-oli'ases.-.,te meet��� :'n.ij..;'ti'emahdfe��� 7f6r���'  : ��:i ij try" "jvcatlier.- :'gOodsy /���p'on'fr /.forgot  ytimt*\\"B'**kqep. ii' conijilfi't**. Stock: of";ail'  fcihris of genu' furht.liiiigs, and that'  the' viiinei. in: oxtt nood. are: as: blf. as  dolliir.���dur pricwf ds: mmil as. corit.p  /F ^Ull^I^'-mi'd^ie^  is largely lHifiienct.6.:b/y tire.,  character of tiie gifts.   T0 .present aii Iterii that' giveg.pfe&Sui-ip.  to t/he re^eipient and:that alfotrds  pi=^ou=keen esfegrati ficatio"Hs Jfelie-  : secret; of / "irule !Cide ��� pleasures^  . M,Will be ail easy mtitter In oiii*  lipliday.sho'sV'Hig /ofy fiwe; per*-  % f vim e'ssV toilet. aeeeSsp;i-ieS, d^irj ty,  . .ydesirftblej /_iqyt.l,tie?^ etc;,/to Und J  /itihe iteiiiythafcyoii'Ii feeltobeiri  '.'��� /piei'fecit;, elegarit taste;that"Willy  ���';-'afrtest/*t^  ;-.:do'.iot'.y':';^he - :pi.iceH ��� ;��r.e':/' uiost'  y reasonable, tiis/ fe always -the eais��. /  :/l:,he,i-e./t,^ltttley.li.st/;that  :/-y(^/iiiy'lunki:tjg/:U;^  y/fo/i-/yfr ie/iufe: .':^d/..3i.!3uain/feii^es y  BROWN & GO  OliOTHt**�� A   n  �� PURNISHINGS.  Opposite Queen's Hotel, TtiiT-or Streot,  C    HOTEL  ERIE, t��. ��.  Fir=t^claas in <>���. ery restpi'ct.   Ctniic*sit wines, liquor-  ami clgiira.   Kvery coiiifort for trmiB.oiit and r��isideiit  ���fUCSIS,  HEADQUARTERS FOR ONION MEN.  JOSEPH   CAMPBELL.   Proprietor.  y/yyKeW/ -odot/s//'in/^ihattd^syKer---  ^/f um.e^^'/Vio/l.ete'':.' ^nsaiion/v'iaud- ���  y'Cai. i/iStibiY: /_?i n'k.-'/ J. Rogf��i./: Sfe,(Siifc  ;/l��ft%*k^e^yod6i-Sr^^gB^  /;^iili^y;.;;:Grdw/HS%/\ Gi-ossmitlii's.1:  y^eeley's/ '^^er/icaiii'-; pe'.St.TO'e^.}n:/:;  ' jFicft'Sy^^cipfefe^" _3_Tjf ici"6i':: >^Si.*Ji'.-^c*: y^SiOdii '/v  '' ,/-/P}i?i:te���' -mii*rOra//'p-:ta-/$^56;.  /SterJ'V.ig'y/'teil'.yery  too/th- iia'i'fj*. :]^hV :bru!3nei4 aiid;  coinb/s. alsoy sle.-liiig monnt-sd-  cloth brushes, perfume bottles  and shaving sets. Gold backed  bitvshe^ (GOitibs and mirrpri..  Ebony goods in hair and cloth  brushes.  gama Dfiuu ^ mm GO.  Nelson,  British   Columbia.  _H__ga_KKKr;__Eigj5KtH_a  -A  M&n


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