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 a*i^__3s_r.��rii*av*Tiii tmumm  ���v  THE BATTLE OF LOMBARD'S KOP  Described by an Eye "Witness..  The Avar correspondent of the Morning  Leader, of London  lias contributed the  most graphic account  of the defeat of  general White's forces at Lombard's Kop.  In  his   account, he  recites  the object  wliich caused ihe commander of the garrison at Ladysmith  to start the  troops  upon what proved to be  so  hopeless  an  expedition.      Writing   under   the   date  of October 31st hesays : " Last Friday we  went out.in force and camped in front of  the   enemy   in  a well-selected   position  slightly to  the southeast of   tho  town.  When we   prepared   to attack  the next  morning the Boers had flown���disappeared with  marvellous completeness  under  cover of'-arkness.    Our men returned to  Ladysmith first thing Sauiiday'innrning.  disappointed at having  been done out of  the fight for which they Were spoiling.  A few hour later the Boers appeared  on a high hill, practically dominating the  town at a distance of about four miles  from our camp. They were observed  throwing up defences, and it became a  matter of general knowledge that the  enemy was getting into position the  great 40 pounder, which created such  alarm at Dundee.       "  The Boers proceeded with this work  calmly under our eyes. Maybe sir George  White, finding how .difficult it is to pin  the .slippery fellows down to any one  spot, was under the impression tlmt if he  allowed them to get their pet gun in battery he might have a chance of striking  at their main body when he attacked the  position. How far the result justilied  him in any such belief must be left to individual appreciation after reading the  history of what occurred at the battle  fought outside the town yesterday.  MONDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 18,  1899.  ���uii  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR; WEEKLY,  $2.  ridges at least. We had not the men to  do it. And we should have been obliged  to fall back to town as soon as the task  was accomplished. There was nothing to  gain by not recognizing the situation aud  facing it. We were outnumbered ; and  our own turning movement was successfully turned by an enemy who moved  behind these hills with incredible rapidity. A retirement of our forces was  imperative.   _^   THE CHANCELLOR WILL RESIGN  We. were told on Sunday night that  the army was going out to capture this  gun. The first movement taken by our  forces was to send out a column under  colonel.Carleton. with major Adye, D. A.  A. G., a. staff officer, to march by night  up Bell's Spruit tind seize Nicholson's  Nek, or some position in the vicinity,  with the object of turning the enemyV  right flank. The column was composed  of the Tenth mountain battery, four tind  a half companies of the 'Gloucester.-*, and  six companies of the R>yal Ii-i-h Fu-i-  leeis. These troop-* 1* fd town at 10  o'clock on Sunday night���the next day a  few stragglers /wandered,'hack into camp,  all that remained to us of this flanking  force. ' . , .  At 3 o'clock on Monday morning the  main body marched otit. A few minute-*  later a shell from the Boer 10 pounder  shiieked over the town stud hur-t in the  open beyond the railway station. Thi-  was an indication tlmt the Boers, meant a  counter attack.  It was evident tliat the main body of  the enemy was well to the right of the  hill on wliich their big gun wa-* mounted.  Siti column was sent) out through the  Helptuaker road with a view of turning  the enemy's left flank. Of cour-e, we  imagined at the time that the Gloucester-  and Irish Fusileers \\\<i'ti in a sufficiently  strong piv-ition to keep a very lai ge body  of the enemy bit-y on our left. As our  flanking party passed along the foot of  Lombard's Kop they canie under a vtivy  heavy fire from the enemy, who showed  himself in great force in the covered htlhs  and kopjes, tine ea-t of Lady-mith.  Our cavalry w driven back to cover.  Under a terrific fiie from the enemy's  field and siege guns, which it was evident thus early had a longer range than  most of our own pieces, the artillery got  pluckily into battery. Their fire tva. so  excellent tluit the Boer gunners were  ���more thaironce driveirfrom~che_guns by  the persistent hail of shrapnel, but they  were b,*ick again tit their posts the instant our fire slackened. Uu fortunately  the enemy's position was so strong, and  he had so many long-range guns posted  in advantageous spots, that our artillery  was continually under the necessity uf  manceuverhig for position.  Two indications that we liad embarked  upon a hea vy ta*-k iu going out to meet  the Boers wan-, forthcoming at ju-t about  the same moment. On our extreme It ft  a patrol of the 10th Hussars was driven  in, with a riderle-s horse leading the  way. The Boers came in hot pursuit to  within (100 ytucl*. of our outwoiks. On  our extreme right the Fifth Lancers were  chased back in equally hob liable. A battery of artillery, a fewcompauie-, I think  ib was, of the Manchester.", and the Fifth  Lancers Ind got into au auk ward fix out  there. Believing that they were well beyond the enemy'*-, extreme left, the artillery was got iuto battery on a somewhat  exposed ridge. They had barely unlim-  bered their guns befoie they had encountered a ten ifie fiu-ilade from a strong  party ot Boers, who stretched away beyond Bui nana Hill.  Ib was a close touch for the cannon.  The guuners pluckily dragged them out  of action with ropes; i. na. too d.mger-  ous to attempt to bring the hor-e.s on the  ridge. Sticking to their woik with tt  tenacity worthy of British soldiers, the  artillerymen���belonging t�� one of the  batteih"* from Dundee ���pulled their gtin.s  out of a fearfully tight corner and saved  them from falling into the enemy'*,  hands.  Tne Boers, although they had practically evacuated .heir main position,  held a whole line of hills to the eastward.  To h *ve turned them out would have  i.��G-j34itated the atoituiug o�� a half-dozen  No More Half Hearted Measures.  London, December 18.���The black  week, as the last week is universally  called now, has evidently aroused the  government and the war office to a full  sense of their responsibility, and of the  magnitude of the task before them, and  the papers tTniveivally applaud this  awakening. Rumor has it that the question of expense has. really been at the  bottom of the half-hearted measures  hitherto adopted, and that it is riot unlikely that sir Michael Hicks-Beach, chancellor of the exchequer, and other members of the cabinet will resign. The  tragic circumstances of the appointment  of lord Huberts, almost simultaneously  with the announcement of the death of  his promising son, excite the deepest public sympathy.-'  - Lieutenant Roberts was an only sou.  and had been his father's aide-de-camp  since 189.*5. He ..served in Waziristan. and  iu the Chitral and Nile expeditions.  Such was his display of galantry on Friday, in an attempt to re-secure the guns,  that he was recommended for the Victoria cross.  The Liberal organs foreshadow a serious reckoning for the government when  the time conies. The Daily Chronicle  hints that 'general sir William Butler,  who was /recalled from the Cape coin-  maud because of his Boer sympathies,  long ago advised the government that  bhe prosecution of Mr. Chamberlain's policy would make heavy reinforcements  for the Cape imperative.  General sir Chat-le*. Warren, commanding the .11Ii division of the army corps  has arrived at Cape Town. It is under-  wrnwl that he will proceed to Port  Elizabeth.  --No .further* news has been received  regarding the battle at Taguela river.  Regarding the battle at Magersfontein  reports show that the retirement of the  Briti.-h troops was executed with the  greatest coolness and ordered under a  heavy artillery fire.  Mafeking was safe on December 6th,  aud colonel Baden-Powell, the Briti-.li  commander there, was still actively pushing out Iii-* defenses. At that time the  ..������������I-** had offered to exchange lady Sarah  Wilson, who was captured while acting  as a coriesponding for the Daily Mail, for  general Benjamin Viljoen, who was captured tit Elandslaagte, but the offer was  declined.  The other bel< ajnered garrisons and  positions are still m-lding out. Ic is said  that if the Vict"' ��������� .���>������*-�����.-��� is to be granted for every ... t of conspicuous gallantry  on the part of tlie linti-n troops it would  be necessary to distribute the decoration  by the hundr, ds.  u.  it)  it)  Hi  .6  ib  tli  iii  iii  Ui  iii  iti  Ui  iii  iii  Hi  Hi  Ui  iti  m  ����.����:-������C:&:��e.f:eee��.e����e*'^  APPOINTMENTS THAT GIVE ALL BRITISHERS CONFIDENCE  London, December 17���Baron Roberts of Kandahar and  Waterford, commander of "the forces in Ireland, has been  appointed to the chief command-in South Africa, with general  lord Kitchener of Khartoum as his chief of staff.  '*���**.-feeee'tsetse^  ft  �����������  ��  9.  9)  9  9  m-  9.  9.  ��  9  9'.  9  9  *'  ��  9  .**���  JOE GETS A HOT RECEPTION I ALL THE RESERVES CALLED OUT   A Commander-That-Deserves-Praise.   London, December 17.���An undated  dispatch from Mifeking to the Pall Mall  Gazette says: "The seige will probably  be rai-ed in a few days, when the townspeople will tender their thanks to colonel  Baden-Powell. The enemy's fire has  slackened. Our casualties are confined to  natives almost entitely.  DONT LIKElOER TREATMENT  Of the United States Government.  N..W Forth', December 17,���-The London  report of the Sun stiys: The act of the  Boer authorities in granting only part of  the conces.-ious requested by this government, in behalf of the Biitish prisonets  at Pietoria, only intensified instead of  abating the feeling iu official circles heie  growing out of the manner in which the  Boers have treated the humanitarian  overtures of the United States. The  attitude of the Boers is regarded here as  not only contrary to the usages of civilized wtiifare. t>ub extremely discourteous  to the United States, a neutrul nation,  which is actuated merely by humanitarn  motives in endeavor ing to care for the  Britisli prt-oners. .So far as the officials  are able to di-cover there i~* nothing that  this government may do with propriety  to bringing about a change in the attitude of the Boer*-, other than to continue  to pre**.*- for more f.-i vot able treatment for  the captured soldiers of the Brilu.li  army.       Spain Recognises the President.  Madrid, December  17.���The   Spani-h  goveriiiuent has formally recognized general Cipher-mo as president of the republic of. Venezuela. '  Prom Dublin's Politicians,  Dublin, December 17;^���The announcement that a pro-Boer liieeting would be  convened as ti protest  against the; proposal of Trinity College to confer a  degree upon Joseph Chamberlain, led to excelling  scenes. * A large -force" of   police  was called out and the troops weie held  in readiness.    Maiid Gonne, the  so-called  Irish Joan of Arc, and James Connelly,  the Irish republican, drove in  a  wagoh-  ette to the place appointed for the meeting,   which   was   attended  by  a   large  crowd.    Mr. Connelly tried to speak, but  was prevented by the police. The wagonette then made a tour of the .-street, the*  crowd  rapidly  increasing, and  cheering  for  the  Boers,  singing "God  Save  Ire-:  land "and  " We'll  Hang  Joe  Chamberlain  on  a Sour Apple Tree," and using  disgusting expressions against the queen,  the.empire and the army.'   While  passing Dublin' castle  the  occupants  of the  wagonette   waved   their flag defiantly,  whereupon the police stopped the vehicle  and seized the flag.  The wagonette then drove tothe room**  of the Irish Transvaal committee, -where  Me-srs. Michael Davitt, William Redmond and J. O'Brien were waiting. A  meeting of about (50 persons w.i�� held.  Mes-rs. Davitt, Redmond and O'Brien  speaking in violent condemnation of the  war and of Mr. Chamber lain, and declaring the hitter's vi-ifc to Ireland at such a  moment was proof of his callous nature.  The speakers urged that should an opportunity occur, DubHiiites ought to show,  their detestation of the colonial secretary  in an untnistakeable fashion.  Ultimately, a resolution, proposed by  Mr. Davitt, was carried denouncing the  war and calling upon tiie powers, particularly the United States, to take steps  to injure the independence of the Boer,  republic. The meeting clo=ed between  tremendous cheers evoked bv a rumor  that Ladysmith had fallen. Maud Gonne  tind Mr. Connelly drove off with the intention of holding oppn air meetings, but  the police arrested Mr. Connelly.  Prenarius; Por Next Year's Business.  P. Burns has been in the city for a  couple > of days in consultation with his  local staff and P. M. Rattenbury, the  Vancouver architect, in regard to the refrigerating plant which is to bp placed in  the new Burns' block on Baker street.  The plant is to be 10 horse-power in capacity and the order for the necessary  machinery ia now being filled by the  manufacturer,���The-refrigerator is to be  in working order next spring as soon as  the moderate weather renders its use  essential. Mr. Burns expects to handle  a largely increased output in 1900, owing  to the rapid development of the country,  A branch at Cape Nome, the new bonanza  camp, is one of the features of his business programme for the coming year.  WILL MAKE A SUPREME EFFORT  meet a flag of truce. He was waving his  handkerchief in response, and was unarmed.  " Gatacre has removed his troops and  stores" to Serkstroom, from Putter's  kraal.  "General French has established his  headquarters at Arundel.  " Vandemer. with a commando, is  moving south."  THE IMPROVEMENTS THE C. P. R.  Colonial Volunteers Will be Accepted.  London, December 17.���The war office  today   issued   the following   announcement:   Acting.upon   the  advice  of the  military authorities, her majesty's "government'  has   approved    the   following  measure���All the remaining portions of  the army reserve, including -section "D,"  are   called   out.   '  The   tenth   division,  ..which is being mobilized, .will* proceed to  South Africa without  delay.    Nine battalions of militia, in addition to the two  -battalions   which   have  already  volunteered for service at Malta and  one for  -service  in  the  Channel  Islands will be  allowed to volunteer for  .service  outside  of the United Kingdom, and an  equivalent number of militia battalions  will I e  mobilized for service at home.    A strong  force of volunteers,  selected   from  the  yeomanry regiments, will be  formed for  service in South  Africa.    Arrangements  are   being   made   and   will   shortly   be  announced for the employment' in South  Africa of a strong contingent of carefully  selected volunteers.    The patriot ic Offers  whieh are being received from the  colonies will, if possible, be  accepted, preference  being  given to  offers  of mounted  contingents,  Durhax, December 17.���The Natal  government Gazette announces that general Buller has appointed -i eommis-ion  to enquire into the los-eg of the people of  the colony resulting from .the"Boer invasion.  Sterkstroom, Cape. Colony, December  15.���A< a rentilt of the British* reverses,  the whole country to tho north is virtually iu a state of rebellion. The native-  there, as well as those in Basutohmd. are  said to be much disturbed, and to be losing heart regarding the t-trength of the  British.  Capk Town, December 1-1.���Secret  meeting-- of Boer sympathizers continue  to be held in various parts of Cape Colony, and the attitude of the Dutch  farmers is turbulent.  London, December 17.���Lieutenant II  Pft S. Robert*, son of baron B iberts, who  was wounded in the engagement at Taguela riwr is dead.  London, December 17.���Shortly b< i-ire  midnight the following notice was posted  at the war office:     "As the campaign in  Natal,   in   the opinion  of her m-ijestyV  government,    is   likely   to   require   the  presence   ami   undivided    attention    ol  general sir liedver.s"Buller,- it-hsis~l*ppt~  decided to semi baron Roberts of Ka'i  dnhar and "Waterford, as commander in  chief in South Africa,   with   lord   Kitch  ener as chief of staff."     They  will   proceed to South Africa without delay.   '! he  commander-in-chief has been authorized  to continue to raise at his discretion local  mounted troop*-.  To R.tain the Nation's Prestaga. '  London, Deeembor 18.���The Times  commenting on the situation says:  " Neither the Crimean war or the Indian  mutiny gave rise to greater dangeis to  tho empire than that with which wo are  now menaced. Nor at either of these  critical periods was Great Britain so isolated politically, or regarded with birch  di-.like and suspicion as are now almost  everywhere apparent. Unless the calmness which impresses the foreign observer  proceeds only from apathy, or a want of  sufficient imagination to realize the imminent danger to the whole fabi ic of our  empire, the great efforts now required  will surely be made before it is too late  to retrieve the situation. We are fighting not merely for supremacy iu South  Africa, but for our position as a great  fiower. We know we htive miscalculated  the strength of our foe and we are resolved to make that mi-calculation good."  Well Known Railway Man Dead.  Month eai., December 17, ��� Walter  Shanley, well known civil engineer died  thi-morning at the St. L-iwience hall,  where he re-ided. He constructed the  lloo**ac mountain tunnel and wa*- general  manager of the Grand Trunk for four  years. He was also counected with the  development of the St. Ltuvreuco canal.  FRENCH MARCHES ON COLESBURG  Gatacre Has Fallen Back.  Ca.-j. Town, December Vi.-General  French is gradually advancing toward  Colcoburg. A pat ty of carbineers vi_.iteti  the house of a Dutch farmer and were  assured that there was 110 enmity in the  neighborhood. When they were leaving  they were fired on from the uoir-e. The  hort-e artillery shelled the house, killing  several of the enemy.  It is stated that general Gatacre has  fallen back to his original position. It is  the general opinion hero that he should  occupy Cyphergat, where there is a v^vy  strong pa-ition called Bi>sh man's kraal.  Theie are 1 (-ports of uneasiness in  Ba-hutoland. The mit ives ai e tinea--y on  account of general G-itacre's rcpul.-.'* and  are clamoring for arms. Ifc is believed,  however, that sir Godfrey Lingclon, the  British ro-idetit commander, has them  well in hand. 5b'. Seymour, tidvi-ing  engineer to the Ecksteins, offered to raise  ;i volunteer force of 2000 to a-*--L*-t the  regul trfi.    The offer wa-' accepted.  London. December 18.���The war office  litis received the follow ing d>,.sp,itch from  general Fore-tier-Walker, at Capetown,  date 1 December* 17 : '"Methuen reports  that lieutenant Clmtidos-Pole was taken  prisoner last Thursday, while going to  May Make//at Nelson.  ... R. Marpole, superintendent of the Pacific division of the Canadian Pacific, arrived in the city on Saturday evening to  consult, with the local officers of the road  regarding extensive improvements to the  company's property in Nelson. Plans  and specifications of the new yard'which'  it is proposed to replace the present sid  ing, and also of the projected new- depot,  were placed-iu Mr. Marpole's hands, and  the details were gone into minutely by  him in company with Mr. Beasley and  Mr. Peters. The officials spent Saturday  ih going over: the 'documents, examining  the ground and scrutinizing other features of the proposed'additions..  Mr. Marpole, on* being interviewed snid:  " We have now  gone  through  the plans  carefully, and  the  question  of the  improvements rest with head office.   On the  amount  of the appropriation' made forthe work by the management depends its  magnitude, but in any event the amount  expended  irr  Nelson   will  be  greatly in  excess of the amount laid out in improvements at any other juoint.     The C. P. R.  realizes     that     its     facilities    at . Nelson    have     been     outgrown     by     the  rapid progress of the city, and   no longer  afford proper service.    The  plans which  have been approved'by me. will work  a  great change in this direction.   The present depoC will be repltu oil by a complete  new building wliich   will  be  in   keepinjr  ���with the commercial ���.importance of Nel-  -on and with the magnitude of the company'.- interests in  the city.     It i** im-  po.-sible for me to state .the expenditure  in that p.HUeubir direction or to tell yon'  whether" the building will be of  brick or  other material as  these  matters depend  largely pn thesum appropriated for  the  'whole work by   rlie  management.     Tiie  plans for new yards call  for a  complete  revi-ion of the present arrangements; and  the laying of some three miles of sidings  You may tilso .state that the company ha-  deeiiled to place two   new  era ft   ou   the  lake service next spring,  and  that  the  construction    of     the-   boats    will    be  commenced s in    time- to    have    them  opeiating nevt  spting.     Captain Troup  had the plans completed, and the engiutt-  for the steamers will be ordered from the  _**<>__���(_u company in Toronto.    One of the  new craft vvill be a  tug   for   towing the  freight barge*, and the second will   be a  palace pas-enger boat.    The  latter is to  luive ia speed of twenty   miles   per   hour,  tnd   will   be  a  valuable addition to the  present   fleet.     Under  exi-ting  circum-  -tances, if one of our bo.its leaves Kootenay Landing half au hour late  she is unable   to  make  up  the   lo-t time  before  reaching   Nelson,   and   our   connection-  with Boundary tire disarranged in consequence.    WitiroTir iiew f."i^-t~'_oaC~we ctiTT  make up an hour on the ptissttge without  difficulty, the advantage of which will be  readily appreciated."'  Mr. Marpole concluded by lcmarking  that the intentions of the company iti re-  ifaid to the nppmpiiatiou would be  known within a few days. lie left Isiat  night for l.u.-sland.  CANNOT SHUFUfFaMIVIUNITION  From United States Makers.  N__\v Vorcic. December 17.���When the  .Metallic Cartridge Company of Bridge  port, Connecticut, shipped from thi-, put.  live million rounds of. ummutritiou to  Kliig.niid on Tuesday la-t. Dr. Ilcndrick  Midler, envoy cxtraoidimity of the  Orange Free St��tr\ filed through consul-  general Chfules D. Pierce, a protest with  -eeretary of state Ussy. Other orders for  Biiti-h ammunition are being filled by  the Bridgeport company, and Dr, Mullet-  made the protest with the hope of preventing their shipment. (*on-ul-genetaI  Pierce received a reply from secietary  Hay yesterdav. The secretary rcftc-e*-* to  interfere ���Hating that in ca*-e of war belligerents luive the right to purchaso any  kind of good*, in neutral countries, subject to confiscation sifter shipment. As  the advantage of this deci-ion lies entirely with England, Mr. Pierce wie** seen at  the consulate. He .-aid that no comment  should be made to "cetetary Hay's letter,  as it answered all piote-t*- completely.  Martin will Hold a Meeting.  Vancouvkk, Dec-mber 10.-Jmoph  Martin is to hold a itiu-.t meeting during  tho present week for the purpose of giving an account of hit stewardship as a  mouther of   ike   legislature.  mm  BRITiSHEBS  AND BOERS  MET  And Buried Their Dead! *y  Modder River, December15.���Mutual  arrangements were made by the British-  and Boer commanders, by which the Bri- y  tish dead were to be buried on Wednesday and Thursday!' The Boers stipulated,'.':/*';  however, that  only a clergyman of the    ���  Reformed  Church  should   officiate, and   y  that the British should  not come within ���  O'JO yards of their lines.     Mr. Robertson,   /  the Presbyterian chaplain of one of the yy  Highland regiments, who had  previously; .-  been of great  help, was selected to con-/*  duct the burial of the dead of  the battle ';y  of   Magersfontein. ;  Commandant   Ver- ///  mass,        intelligence        officer,        ahdy'^  field      comet     Willis     assisted ���   :Mr_y./y.  Robertson.     Afterwards     the   colonial///  doctor Groi.grin joined them, aiid f.mnd|iy|  he knew many of the dead,     A few of/-/*/��  the Boers cast fanatic glares at the party; yl/yl  but the majority of   them  cb-operatedJZ|||  with the English in the kindliest manner.!;//  -They said they wouid have givpn full de-///  tails regarding the English dead, wounded/.*-:  and prisoners if the British had furnished//?^  them   with similar   information.    /They};-*  English   officials  had   already prepared;/^-  these details and had them read. Caprtainv/j  Robertson buried 32.on  Wedtiesday /arid/?S;  70 on Thursday. The Boers^declared thajfcf ;/i|  their casualties at  Magersfontein  weire/^  2<52, and that  they  had  only 03  killed*;//  Thismust be a  mistake as  the British!//  buried  45   Boers,  and  during  the first|Z:|3  search for dead on  Tuesday  many Boer|/|��  corpses    were   seen   under  the   bushesi/|//^  These had   been  removed  on Thursday/^|  when the Britisli burial party returrieidi/*!^  Several Boers had been  killed   withy;th/B|  butts of i ifles.    S ime of the Highlanders!  got so close to  the  trenches  that/theip;|  kilts were torn off in the confusion.^ :.S/_t  The Boprs say they, would havperifijrtd2/iS||  ed them, but were afraid* of kiTrig.'t-.ieir|��'C~  own men iii the froiit trenches..���//;T_Wr|^l  Boei-s have,62 British prisoners, of vyhoiriJ^^I  45 are members of the Black *WatcBi^|^  Chaplain Robertson says that what seemly,  ed like deserted kopjes and ridges swarm- ,  eil with men as his paity approached."  Commandant Vermass treated hitn in the ;  kindeH manner. He returned twice to -  -ee if he could be of any further assistance, and shook hands with Mr. Robert- ...  -on on pining. The Boer army i*t made-  up almost exclusively of Transvaal burg-"}'  hers. It is said that the Free State ~-  troops have already dispersed and gone~  home. Some of the western Transvaal;"  burghers have gone to the Johannesburg *..  di-tr icf.' Many of the Boers speak English: ~  The Boers say the  lyddite shells were  harmle&s when they fell on the earth, but v  de-tructive   when   they    fell An   stony.  .  place*-.    Only one in four exploded.  Boerj4  prisoners boasted  that they'-entileLhave.-  Iield Magerwfi lutein for two weeks, .They  said that if  the  Highland   brigade had"  mussed and  stormed  their, trenches.the?r_-'_  British lo-s would have been heavier, be-'" "'J  cuu.se the Boers   from   the  kopje on-the-*  -itle Wi'Ve ready to enfilade  the  trenches  if they had been captured.    The Gordon .'  Highlander*-- were held  in  reserve till 10'<>  ��� ���'clock on   Monday  morning, when,they *;  went-, forward in good  order toward the  base of the e ist kopje.     They got withiu  .*)(.(" yaids of the base of  the  kopje with-~  out  any   ca-itialtie-i   worth   mentioning;-  when   they     suddenly    encountered   a '  -ttong   eni'.s fiie.   The   Boers   had   allowed  them  to reach  the point  where ���-  they were cuncealed in   the trenches and.  rhen   the  burghers  enfiladed   the High;  landers.  In the early part of the fighting the  Highland brigade demolished the Scandinavian contingent of about 200. = Some  of the Scandinavians were taken prisoners.���They look like-tramps. " It" is  -tatcd that the Boer force numbered  10.000. The Free State corps were at tho  h;i*-e of the hill arid the Transvaal troops  along the tight of the trench. The scene  opposite the Transvaal troops in 'the  diiectioit of the hospital was pitiable.  Many burghers could be seen helping-  wounded comrades into wagons and then  driving off. The Boers are almost invis-.  ible from Modder river. Occasionally  they are noticed rounding the side of a _  kopje. A captive balloon behind the -  liciti-h Hues was training sn as to get a .  view east, and west and report the effect  ��� if the shell tho. It was too far distant  from the enemy, however, to be of great  -crvice. Pat tic** who were out looking  for the wmudi'd on Tuesday morning  -aw thu Boers burying their dead in long  11 enches along the base of the hill where  the fighting took place. A Boer doctor  .iccnmpauicd the British ambulance  corps among the wounded on the field  this morning.  Single Fare for Bound Trips.  The local C. P. R. officials have received  ti circular from the general passenger  aitent stipulating the schedule of reduced  fare*- for the approaching holiday season.  The clause relating to the Xelson district  -tate that agents on the Crow's Nest,  Macleod to Kootenay Landing, Arrowhead, Okanagan, Nakusp & Slocan,  Columbia & Koot-enay, Columbia & Wes/  tern branches, and pursers on the Koote-  ,jiay and Okanagan lake steamers will sell  tickets within their dii-triets at single  fare. No ticket will be issued at the reduced rate to any point over 500 miles  di.stant. The Christmas tickets will be  on sale from December 22nd to 25th inclusive, good until January 3rd, and the  New Ycir'i tickets are to be available  December 20th to January 2nd inclusive,  good uutil January 3nL THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON.  13. C.  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"���������? ? ���_-'c-'e;5'S: ?&����������� see*- es*�� ��������&���& s-ee* tsf-g eg*-? ee*&- e&s- g*-s*-s*- g*-s. s*- _.&���&��� ees*- e-tt��� eee-eee e* ft c ^    -:.  .^k.����k.��_k.>as.*��_..fe,.>��_>.v_..<(_..*p����.-PM..��k.'o_>.y_K.<t��..<���_*.��_..gsr-s*��>*sir-^��� ^��� **_r-p��k��� >����.��� *ar->�������� 5t��� ����� ^>��������<?,<^p^ -^-  _s . *^**p. ^. . *__. ��� *__ . ___   *^p.*__..__^ *_ap.'*_4.___;.":^.'^p.^ .^Pp.^s^p.^Si   *=i.^*^.:^.S_ ���_Sp-<?_p,^S -^^'S-p-^*.-*:  2^**^--^---3'*3^-*S'-3 **-3^-S*-*2*--a'*3'*-3**S-*-3*-3  BUY    NOW  IB!  to  ih  Do not wnit until llie lttst moment. 'Tis a well known fiift Hint  onlj'the cnily luiyei.s <il" Xrua.s j_i odr- j:i-t. lhc plum-, tind us Xmas Eve np-  proai'lii-s ilm a.-soi ttneiil of tlii'.-e goods git.-badly L>io_.rn. 'J lii'ii fote vmj  would advi.-e (Hii-custonu'is to I uy rally, wlitui tin y can lmve .���nnp.'c tinf\. to  seli-ft t heir*' }.oods and not wait until tlie Jiiitiy and i-u.-li of Xtna.-. 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Their   appointment,   the  news  of   which   will   be   inspiriting   to  ���every man v\ho  claims  the protection of  the British flag, means that Brki.-h arm..  will be sucee.s.-ful iu   S'-uth   Africa without the -.aciifice of a man needlessly.  Ohambsrlaia Without a Friend.  LONDON, Dect-inber 9.���Public sentiment  on   the   war   is   undergoing   a   ma iked  - change.   -The gravity of the situation in  ' South   Africa  is   now recognized.      The  Struggle is expected to be protiacl* d, ami  ��� it& outeofne  even   doubtful.     This  doe��  not Weak-11 the ic.soive to t-ee it tluough,  ' but alteis the a-pe<*t in   whieh   the   inin-  ��� i&ters responsiblf l\>v the wnv aie viewed.  Ye-ti nlay there wa*. a cabinet meeting,*  but entering crowds were ab-eiit tn.d the  - a.s.-emOlifig miiii*-.lers were watched only  by. a few pte��s men.  The Went  End   is  unusually   crowded  > witti society people, butdepn ssiou reigns  ��� '-(upr.Mine.   *L*<4.*��t tiight the dining-io.-m at  tii.0 GxU'itQU was, ciowd��ii   with  l_t-.hiij.i-  able vvntiicii, beautifully dies-cd, hut, iu-  i-tead of nieiiy pcaN i.f luughteraml 1 he  eu.-tnniiii y gay eliaihr* jirevailing the  silence at limes w,-t- almost funereal.  At tIn* oun-rb the war- got into the  head- of the people; now it has leached  their heai t*-.  Colonial .-eer clary Joseph Chainbei lain  has been deihtoued. Hi- reception by  his colleagues ,*it yi'Mterdfiy't. cabinet  meeting v\;is matkcilly cool.  C'liaiuelh-i' ul the ex�� hefjuer Beach i.s  .-aid to ha\ ea-kcl ioid p-iali-biu y vv heiher*  Chamber la iu'.- 11 ipti* alliance .-pCM-ii was  made with hi- foi ckuow !��iljje. This put  Chambeiiain 011 tJie defence, but he  found no suppoi t.  Luul S.ilisbm y   cannot, unload   Chain-  bet Ut in in the t hick of   t he present 1*1 i~i-*.'  lint t he-tin ies run that 1 hey   never will  forgive him   for the   liuiuil a. ion   he has  brought   upon    the   country   and   ihem-  s-Ives,    'i'hi- bitlcrues- i- nn eutuati d by  his n spoii-jbiliiy for the   en la uiroii- war  into w hich, it i- now   1 e.ili/.i d. In* 1 u.-ln it  tin-countiy   with   ciimiual   r�� ekles-ne-s.  Chambei'laiu    shown   coii-ciott-iicss   of  hi-shaky po-itioii.    Jn t he .-]u ing he wa*.  oll'efi'd   au   honoi-aiy degree   by   Dublin  Um'ver-ity. but he excu-ed  him-i If ffoiu  traM-liiig to Dublin to   take   it  owing to  the   pre���uio  of  ollicial    woik.    IL;   ha-  now vo untecied   to   lake   the dcgnuoii  thelHih,   tillhoiigh   the   woik i- lieaviei  than    over.      He   thinks   the   ceremonial  will as-i-t in rehabilitating him, but it Ls  cpiite likely to ha wan opposite ell*, ct.  The !ri-'i 'J a sv. al cominittei' i- ar-  iaii(jing .i hostile reiejji ion for him. and  if Cfiauiberlciin .show.- him-elf in public  there leitainly vvill be di-t ui lianecs, j  This vvill be hi- lir-t v i-it to Ireland since  Im deserted Glad.-ptune and Home Utile.  My strange irony this week Chamber- (  lain attained the Miiniuit of his fl ii ul-  1 ural anibitioii by set tiring the coveltd  pi izc for a li*, bi id orchid, hi*, own production ami the leaiilt of eighteen anxi  011- year*, of cx| ei imeiits.. lio chri-leiit d  the orchid " Chainbei kiiiiiana triumph-  au.s." ti pai tiuular ly uuhaiiiiy iiis-piialiun  .it t hi- uioinent.  Nor aie hi- troubles --olely jmlil ;ca'.  lie looks unhealthy, ami ages rapitllv.  His leinpi-r is bccoiuiii^: uncoui lollabli .  [11 addition he has -ulTei cil heavy linait-  ��� ial los-es tluough 1111 lui-Hinai e maiiii-  I'actui ing.-pfful.-iliun-; into whieh liu pm  tis .-ou-.  From being woilh $100,000 to  SI.���.0.000  a yea 1, hi- im nine i-   now   lediicetl   lo   a  ,|) lint at which ins cabiin t .-alary  uf J?*i*_,  1,01) becomes a t oti.-idei aiion.  PL 1  p Chambfi-laifi ha- alwnys^beeu pitiles-l.v  -rclli-h in the put suit of Iii- own personal  ambition-, po hi-, !<*tll evok_*s .n<  -yinjiathy. He is not known 10 have a  oliiary personal friend 011 earth outsith  li 3 family.  Eritish Volunteers in New York.  NKW York. Dn-ember 17.��� $ir P'-n-v  S imifi-siin. Ibiti-li cnii-ul-gerieial at New  V01 k, said yesieitlay that hundreds ol  liiitons had eai let I at lire consulate to  offer their, serv ices to the I>i iti-h army h  lighting the Boers. Many of 1 hem were  veterans, while a gieat many weie stiip  lings. "As eon-id gi netal I havo in  authority to enlist their sei \ in*-." -aid  sir l'ei-i-y: "theie aie also uo nionic  with wliich to tran-por*t them to th  .-cat of war. A Bt ftUii cont-ul.ite io not-n  uci uiting station."  Ectc.itn g the Colois.  Londo.v.   December    iT.��� A   sfiil<iitj_  eotvui-aiy,  like   Ui.kb   d iy-j   of (ho   ct-n  sailei-,    vvas    wiines-ed   at    Caiiierbiu v,  Saiinday   afternoon   when   <*i   latgi* c.itu-  panv of i In* I'.i.sf Kent   1 f'giiiii'Mt.   know n  .���is the '"Bull'-,'" marched to the cathedral  t-coi ling the 1 egimeutal color-, which  wi-ie jilaceil in the sanctuary. Dean  Fai-iar accepted the keepintr of the  col n-.- in tin iiupie-sivc eereniony. tintl  .itlilre'-sed woid-, of -ynipathy and en-  ��� ouragement. to the soldier-, who -ail  fir Afiica iu a \'r\v day.-. Briti-h regiments no long> r cairy their i-olm's in  f'ieij_ii w.-ii-. but deposit them iu then-  home church' p.  S.f-* w ��- *9P*w7.^r^r.*r��*cp*pfp����v . t,v-_v -^'WT.r-f"**-  **.J*.����t*-pX-*4._p__.4kPt jO.A_*p A ��_>i 4p>>___^W<-^>*��.*  Holiday Enjoyment  -1 ������ * 1 Kf* M * K   i*i (\ V  UU 1*1 rriii a��  Sr.CORPORATED 1670.  one  OF YOL.J.S!_LF and fiieiuh.  is laigely iiilltient-ed by the,  character of the gift-. To piesent an item that gives ple.-isnre  to tkc recipient and thatalToi'dn  yitu keenest gratification, is the  -eeret of V'tFe Tide pleasures.  It will be an easy mailer in our  holiday showing of line ])er-  ,fuine_*. toilet a'eee-sotie--, dainty,  desirable novelties, etc. (o find  the item tli-ttyotfll feel to be in  perfect, elegant Utiate that will  attest the good judgment of ihe  donor. The prices ate most  rcasoiifiblo. as is always the ease  here. A little ii*-i that will aid  you in making up ihe pie-enls  for friends and acquaintance:-':  THE NELSON SAW & PLANING MILLS, Ltd.  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Crystalized Fruits (direct from Lordon, England.)  and Ward Streets. 1-''    A-    lylCUONALL).  Plato tnirroi-H $i to $8 50.  Sierlintj --ilver mounting*, in  tooth, nail, hair l>i-u*-hes- anil  comb-, til.-o i>leiling mounted  cloth briihlies, pet fume bottles  {ind -shiiv infj f-elps. Colli back, il  hiu-sho-*, e>>nrh_i and minors,  lihony goocU iu hair and cloth  bt u-he*3.  CANADA   DRUG &   EOOK  CO.  Xl-I-oi..   l.iitWi   ('iilninlii,!..  I-Pf-OP-. p^.^rV�� V,V VW ��?7 yJTprw V-_*.*PFP6   /,"*.*r  IIkad  OFFtCr. AT  NKlSONTHrO."  Wholesale and Retail   .   .���.���Dealers in-Meats  JiLukcts at Xf-Non,  Rnsslunrl, Trail,   K.-ihlo,  Ynn'r, Sandfin. Rilvnrton,  New Penvfr, Revel-  hUJi\<;, irerg ii'it, tir.nnl   Fnik*-, Greenwiod,  Cascade City,  Midvvtiy, aud Vancouver.  Mail  Orders   Promptly  Forwarded.  est Kootenay Butcher Co,  ALL ICIVDS OF  FRESH-AND SALTED MEATS  WIfnLKHALI. AM' Ilia AIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Salter Street, flelson   ��B C. 1  OIMU-'U-J l��V   \UM    I.Kcip'l V*K i A"l-*l*l"l ,/VV1l I'l.dVU'-l    iTTIi'VI'lMN'  No one will be w'thout  the -necessary liquids to  brighten up Xmas.  Just Received  Direct shipment from  Kurcp** IdO ca_s- s 1-om-  mery Champagne, 200  cases assorted iiquers.  ASK    FOR    OUR    SPECIAL   XMAS  HAMPER    LIdT.  sons  1'c��lUJ3__U__l_:  It)  Gut Prices is the  er of the Day  Aift I wiici! to In' in   il.    I li.ve  fii���t   rnoi'ii'i'cl  Knit      ���.limit,���      of      "*n 11 i ..*__������     iii-i      Omt-  l-riPlTllll.'^     Ii>|il'i���,.||li-l|f     H       *$.'_!. >��M I     -Ksi-I,      lo  pjl(> '-���     fl'mi    llinfl''   to   Mini*     rtnlip      at     p   M'i'p-  npvi'r 11' f"i'- IhmiiI nflti ***"l-"��    VII thi'lnli".  fll.U     .-i     t*-|l|.P       V*..   'iltl^t.   f,t|    l*'*|tl  Hl|,l    P.Ttlll'!',  LphIh���'l.iidn tni; hi nil ii- ln,iiirln-.ii -\u i-t illy.  Lli��t-i-l [it luu-.    K'l Hilr* 1 uiul 11, Ihlbui'liliiuk.  Stevens, T^e Tailor  FIINE TAILORING  ll-liisN  M3  A^1J li   PA1KIKO.  Your  own   jroods   n :\0.e  up.    Old  clothes  made  good  as i.ew.  __^_RrriELXJI?,   <3-EjB_  OiU-o-ppilo CUikO Holol. _tiI*I'CiI_i_>>T TAILOIL  VV. V   U UK.al.-_-  hp.  M.   H.  A.  PLpfcpVA, J.AC1 t  J. McPHUiB  Kootenay Electric Supply and Construction  ELECTRIC  SUPPLIES  iciinpteie Bloctrtc -'IqiilpniwiitR for ffilnpino Powor TiatiKiiilRfilon and LlsrhtiJig* for Mines, Towns  fflixi'irio fiicturHn. l_airips. HbIIh. T*ilH*_hon��i., AnnuncmJ-or-n, Etc  rtt  o_   ^.o^   p4'V* Trtp.ftT'*-|��T,��p  ctf ^o��v    Nulaor, B. O  Free Water Connections "���'~��'��D3'T  QVS   FITTLVG   OUR PECIALTY PLt M11NG   OF   ALL   KINDS  STRACHAN BROS. .Opera House BJk:.  Fred J, Squire, Merchant Tailor  FJLL LINES OF FALL AND WINTER SUITINGS  WivhT iiAKElt 31'��fc____.   _.K__eiO_��Z OPi'USirK SU^VKU KING HOTKI  AC  I,  ���a  _  _ THE TRIBUNE:  tfELSOK B. C, MONDAY, DECEMBER 18 1899.  S  jANKOFlmEAI.  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up,     ���  $12,000,0110  6,000,000  LORD STRATTTOONA  AND   MT   ROYAL, President  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-PreKidom  K   S. CLOUSTON General Manager  ���NELSON   BEANCH  N.W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       BRANCHKH IN       LONDON*  (BnKland).   NEW YORK.   CHICAGO  and iu the principal cit ion iu Canada.  -Buy and soil Sterling; KxchtiiiKe and Cable Transfer.  GRANT COMMKHCIAl, AND TI{.VVKI,I.KI<H' rHEDITS,  available in any part of tlio world.  UBAKT8 1SSUKO    COM.KCT10N8 MABBi KTO.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atliq, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yu^ori District.  teaspoonful of inaoe and one-half cupful  of brandy. Mix the butter and sugar,  add eKg.s and other ingredient's. I..ike in  a moderate oven.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  rl'HItKNT ItA'l H  UK INT KI.KST lJAII>  RECEIPES FOE THE CHRISTMAS DINNER  Sauces kor plum puddincj.  Pour tablespoon fills of butter, whites  of two ��'gg**, one i*up powdered sugar, one  gill of brandy and one gill boiling water.  Beat the butter, add gradually the sugar,  and beat until white and light. Add-the  white.*-, one at a time, beating all the  while. AVhen .ready to serve, add the  brandy and water. .Stand in a I>.imii of  \. boiling 'water over the fire, stir until.  creamy, and it i*- ready for tne. A .sauce  without brandy i.s made jis follow-.: One  table-spoonful of coin starch, one table-  spoonful of butter, one pint of boiling  water, one egg, one-half cup of sugar.  Put cornstarch, egg and sugar in a bowl  and mix them well. Pour over t.heni the  boiling water tind stir over the lire until  thick.    Add any flavoring.  Fruit and Pound Cake.-  Make fruit cake as follows : One pound  flour, one pound sugar, one pound butter,  one half-pound sliced candied citron, four  pounds currants, four pounds stoned and  chopped raisins, nine eggs, ground cinnamon, iiiaee.oiienutnieg,lhrregills brandy.  Mix the .fruit, together and llout.it; mix  the spices With sugar.. Cream the butter  and sugar,; add the ..beaten yolks, then  the whipped whites and the brandy, then  the flour, and l.i-tly the fruit Bake in  two tin*-, well lined with double papei,  for thiee hours.  Pound Cake.���One pound each of butter.   --nirMr  ainl   flour,   ten   egirs. cpiarier  Wholesale  Houses  B.C.  GROCERIES.  AMACnnVAl.n & CO.- Corner Vernon und .TiVsc-  ��� phme ������tu'litN, wholes lie jron-iir-1 ami priilim- in  blanket1*. k^'Vc**, miltr*. boots, rublioiv, miiiikiiMAVi mid  njiiiei-p' .undj io--. '_   Chrstnut Stuffing and Gihlet Sauce.  Chestnut* stuffing i.s th_e most delicious  that etui go with a Christmas turkey.  Shell ti quart of Italian or French chestnuts. Put in hot water and boil until  the skins are softened; drain off the  water and remove the skirls. Replace  the blanched chestnuts in water and boil  until soft. Press them, a few at a time,  through a colander and season with butter, stilt and pepper. Add chopped parsley, onion, bread crumbs and season with  stock;  Gil-let Sauce���Boil the giblets until  tender; chop them, but not too fine, and  iidd a table.*, ponn ful of flour to the pan in  which the turkey was toasted. Brown  ihe flour, stirring constantly, adding  .-lowly a cupful of water in which the  giblets were boiled; season with salt aud  pepper and add the chopped giblets.  Cranberry and Apple Sauci..  Take,one quart of cranberries, two cup-  ��� fuls of sugar, two cupfuls of water. Pick  over the berries carefully and wash in  cold water. Put them into a porcelain-  lined saucepan with enough water to  c iv'etv and cook until tender. Then add  ihe sugar and remove from the stove  just as soon tis the sugar litis been dissolved. Serve hot or cold. Select the  berries carefully; boil tlieiu slowly without stirring. If treated-in this way they  will retain their shape and the sauce will  lie clear and transparent. .  Apple sauce i.s for roast goose. Peel  and core six latt tipples. Put them into  a. saucepan aud just cover over with  water. Boil until tender, then pre**s  through a colander. Add a tea--pooiiful  of butler, a da-h of nutmeg or cinnamon,  and sweeten to ta��te.  KOOTKVAY    SUPPLY  Vuninii ���"trt-i't. Nelson.  COMPANY.     I.t.UTKP-  tt liulos,iloi_roi*oi-i.  rni.v cHoi.pnvii  "    wholes-ale K'-m-ui--.  &  CO.--."tout stiuL-l,  Nelsmii  COAL.  PAPS   TOAI;        . <oitl and  Agent. H.<l.t-t stieet. .Nelson.  CROWS   NFST  mil. ((rule:**! in  COM PA XV.-  (.oku.   Cliiulo. Sl.  Whole-  Umbo.  HARDWARE AND  MINING SUPPLIES.  HBYKl-.*"���& Co.���Cot tier liiikot nnd .In-i'jihinc --lieet-s.  ���    Ncl-u-n. wholesale dealois in h.uc! wnieiind itilinn-*  Mippli*m.   AjitcnW f'irtii.iiit Pomlut I "���   L~AWlT.iNtM_   HAItDWAHI.  t'U.MI'A.VY-Kikci St.,  Nelson, wlinloxpilc deah-i** in liitilw.no ami mininu  supplies, and watei itiKl plumbers'supplier.   VAX.orV..l.llA..I>VV.VUI. nilll'AW, i.I.MITKIl  ���(taker snout. NoImiu, v��hulo-.Ut* ilc.iloi*- m  li.it d-  ware anil mining supplies, plumber* anil  Uiwitith-.'hUp-  pltiis. ,   /ERATED  AND   MINERAL WATERS.  THORP!. & CO., MMITKD.-CV-tier Vet mm .md Ccil.-tt  sltuuth. XoKon. iniinnfiiolnrei- of and wholesale  denleis in *i-i .itccl wafers ,nli! fi-uil syrup-*. Solo .iKCiilh  Cor H.ilcyot) Spline iiiim-rnl w.iti-r. :   "W  F.  ASSAYERS'  TEKTZKL"&��� CO;  SUPPLIES.  ���Coinor  Hiker and  ,To-io-  phinc streets. Nelson,  whi>!i>.i.lo  ile.iUrs m n��*  Bayer*-  MippUe*-,,   Ai.ent_ for Denver Kire Clay Co. of  Denver, Culm �����!<>. t r  LIQUORS  AND  DRY GOODS.  Scalloped Oy-sters.  The Christmas dinner should include  oysters. They m iv serve for an entree,  and are delielou*-, sctdloped or baked in a  pie with the giblets. This is the way to  prepaie .<~t.illop.-d oyster.**-: Place in a  -hallow baking di.-h a layer of oysters;  over this spread ti layer of bread crumbs  or crumbled crackir.-: sprinkle it with  -air. pepper and bits of butter; alternate  Ihe layer.-, an lil the dish i.s full, having  ���runib-on top. wi 11 dotted with bits of  b itte'*. To tr ov> r the whole enough oyster June to moir-ten it. Jinke in a hot  oven fifteen or twenty minutes, or until  browned ; -hm ve in the same di**h in which  it is baked.  Individual  scallop  cups  or shells mav  Parson's  Produce  any  WHOLESALE  Butter,  Eggs,  Cheese,  Green  Fruits,  Cured  Meats,  Vegetables  -Cornet Vernon anil .f is'--  i.tliti--  in tin tun-,  ciear-i.inddri kik��1--   ..-_���'.����������������� f->r Pih��t It. oimisk C.-. of  Milwaukee and Cnl_ruri ' re v rnr <"o   ���* ''���' "���'.   rpURVKU, HKKTOV & <'0.*  J     pliine JiiuelH. Vel-oii. wluile-nle de  CO.VIMISSION .ME .CHAN 1**..  -Ki>ui -ttrui'l, Slulsim.  HJ. EVAN**-& CO.    -..-          ���������,-,        ,  ���   de.ilers in  lii'iims, ct��iii, lemunl. lire Iniek itn.l  lire clay, wiilor pipe  niih-tiun iiioiuIi.iiiIj-.  and  sieol rails  nliole-aV  In id  attd  Kiinutal entn-  FLOUR  K Kit  AND   FEED  MI I.LI VI i COM!  BUACIClt.W &     Kr-ml Mlivel. \elsi.ti. -.���tniles.s.le de.ilers in llniii*. imiI-  meiil.ete.. anil liny anil Kiniii.  lorla, and Ve��  VV us*mlnsn_r.  AVV I.Ttl.���  .Mills ut   lyhiniDliiit,  Vic-  of  CIGARS.   Alt MAVL'K.VCTPPIVO CO,-Cnr-  net lUkea-ami Hull slivels. Nul-nn. in.utuf.iciiit-ot-p  'Knviil Sua!" and "K��'iiieiin>   U<-llc * luiiiuti- i.) 111.111-  TrOOTKVAY Clf-  N  PAINTS   AND   OILS.  H.LFON U.V lit 'WA UK < oMPAN V-linker -"-tieo!.-  *- ���   *      '   *-���    ---* , am! Inii-.u--.iif all  VV liolt'-iilc di .ilor- in p-inli-, oil  kinds.    Liitp-'i -li-i-u In l\i"'ii'iinj.  FRE.sH   AND  SALT  MEATS.  Bl"!tVS  &   CO.���Itpiker -tlreet,   N'elsnn, wliolo-alf  dealer- in fru-h ami emed nn-iit^i.   Cold -<i��imfi��.  POWDER. CAPS AND  TUSE.  HAMILTON P0WI1KR COMPAW���Haker itivet.  Vi'lHim. iiiiiiuifiM-tnrci's of d,\ii.<.niit<.. -Jiuirii��ti_>.  -tmniiiiur and lil n-t. lili-linu poivders. wli��l<>s-ile ilealers  in cap.and fuwn. inn! iil��-ftni- ht-i-iini. nni��nn'ns.   PROVISIONS.  PRODUCE  AND  FRUITS.  .AI-MOVS    PltotiCCK   COVtl'VVY���Vei-nu.i   itivcl.  Wlxnn.   wlioli'siile i.rtiti-i.   ill   pmvi-iuns.   priHluuu.  and  fruits    .Wen'- fm q��ifl .*!.��� Cn. lm'nn and Im mi-.  p;  ��J��    streets,    Vi-ls.ui.    wlmli-uili:  cured meat--, hnlli'r und <-t._rs.  ilenler**  in  ���pliinu  l��iiirl*iinu-.  FR. STi.W Alt'I i. ( O.-VV Hii-liuiise-iinC. P. li.liai-k,  ���    fiml of .St*ntli-.\ street, \cl-uti, u-linie-ale iliMlul'-" in  priivi-tiiiiw,  Ariniiur &  priidm-o and  fritith.   Culd  o '^ h iisin. b no-  I ,rd Jiinl <  .tomiro.   r iv,  i n.-ii t.-  1 !ll<-ts.  MAVITOHA  Ltd- --Vi  dealers i  PR   DUCK   AVI.  I'OMMI-SIOV   1 (...  s-ii   lini'.oh,   Hull   stt-'-ot.     Wnoii" a 0  bnl t.��r. eti-.'-- 'ind '* lie ��'.  SASH  AND DOORS.  -fcTKt^OV SAW A N't* PLAN IVO  VKLI^, [.IMrTRD���  *"��    ('orner Ffnt'  and flail sti*t*et.s.  tiirers of and 'wlnili->t.il��* iln-ili-r- in s*  fcinrtxnr fnU-tur.v wm'k rimde l-i oilier.  Velsnn. iiininl'iM-*  sh and iliior^:' nil  WINES  AND CIGARS.  OALtPOUNIA   VVtVK  COMPA.VY.  L..M.TI-TI���Car-  wr Fri'iit am! Hall -itt*i*��th, .Veinon, wliiile-wfeili-.Htert'  in-wtee*lG&i&wdbuUilwddQm:JaU.oiw&iMyu!:L{&ciii>u:��.  SHIPPERS OF THE EARLY  BREAKFAST BRAND OF EGGS  Full  stocks  carried at  Nelson  and  Rossland.    Mail orders solicited.  Nelson Business College  Will Op in on Wednesday, January 3rd, 1900.  BOOKKEEPING, SHORTHAND, TYPEWRITING  THE LEADING FEATURES.  Intending Students May RcKlslgr at Once.  TlK-iMiiimcMsml deimitmuiu w-ilt lie under thecnuhol  of .1. L. It.iil'iiv, 11 tiMcln't'of iMfjUiceii }eiiis'i"c|ioi|piirp.  The sh.'illin'id iiih) t* pewntinjf dupn Inienl will bo  onndncli'il I'.V Mi-s H, K. Merrill, latu of "Tlie Kxpo-tltor"  .tail', Ilmiittuitl,  Vielorin Street,  Xoar Cilv   Hall,  RATTRAY & MERSILL  LODGE,  MEETINGS.  crVHfHTS  OK  PYTHIAS- Nelp-oti    Lotl  ICnnrht- of Pythia-. iiui-ih in I, O. ().  rtcl|?e,   No,   W\  K. llali.cnrnui  linker and KiKitunay -itre��'t<avnry Tu��-<day ovettitiK ul  * n'i'tn>>k     Vwirinu KmKhEH fonlitillj invtUtd tAjaltonr".  T LfLLIK. C. C.  R. G. JOY. K. of R. & A  NK._i.ON LOIiOK, NO. 23, A. F. IS A. M.' Mcote  -oi-on*] V.'odnB-daj in each month. Sqjournlng  hrcrhrHii Inviind  KLSOV L. O. i... Vo. Ii>*i2.  moetj*. in   !.().'>. F. Hall.  i*iirtn-r  Maker and   Kootuna}   Mn-et*i,   l-l  and 3rd  Friday of eacli  timnth.   VisitiiiK brefborn cordially in-  ���p'i'i-rl.  .JOHN" TOYE. vv. m.      P��� I. BUAI��LKY, Hee.Sec.  KTEL^OV    /KK1K.   Vttniber   22.   KratCTtial   Order   of  l��     K.ntles. meet*.every -o <>nd and fimrth VV'ediu-ndaj in  ISP  .���iij'h iiimiih in  KiMturmfy Hall.   Yi-itinx brethren woi  Prpjidenf. .!. R   Wit A Y. Spi-rntary  ���oinn.  i  fi.vtvo  VTKLPOV .ItVKUS- U.VIOV   XO.   Wi,   VY.  F.  of >_._  ''    Meets in K. P. rmuiii. Priiiornity Ftiil!. tlie flr��t nnd  'hird   Snt iirday evenini^x ..in   eii.cli   month at* 8 o'clock.  Yisirmi; Hieinlie.rs iveleotne.  .1 VM ..H WtLKS, Smc'V-.       ("U VS. A. Mr>K V Y. Pi-no,  THK regular meetings of Hie Carpenl'-.a' Union are  held i'H  W'oilnes'lii*.' tiv��snin_f tif emili   week, nt 7  o'eloek, in the old Oddfell'iw's hall on Ivontenay str-*et.  .      .   JAMl^SCOLLINO. .���.e-retary.  _lRCfitlTEGT��S.  tjiWAKt* & CARlil. ���Ai-otiHecci;   KoooiflTandSAbe  ���Pi   <rd��eJj block, Bakor Btnwu Nolsafl.  also be used, enough for one person being  placed in eachicup.  l.roperly.'prepared an excellent; dish.  An Indian Prince Visits Nelson. *  A distinguished visitor was entertained  at the Phair  Hotel  on  Saturday.     The  gentleman in question arrived on the last  train  Friday night, among  his   fellow-  travellers being 'superintendent IMarpole  of tlie C.  P.  R.  and  other well-known  coast men.    It was quickly rumored that  the  new  arrival  was   a   native   Indian  prince, and  throughout the day he was  the cynosure of curious  eyes.    He registered under the name of Shaver, but the  g ntlemeii f.-om  the  coast state that lie  lias been passing, under an Indian name  in .Vancouver for some weeks, and representing himself to.be a scion of a royal  Indian house, nor is  tliere any  proof to  the contrary.    The  prince, however, has  been unfortunate since coming to .British  Columbia.    His adventures or misadventures  commenced   when    an   American,  visitor to the Terminal  city spotted him  as  Aguinaldo,  the Filipino   leader.     A  warrant was 'secured  by  the: American  consul, and the Indian  was placed under  arrest, though he quickly  convinced the  authorities that he was uot.the rebellious  leader. Later on the prince became fiuan-  cialljr embarrased and .floated small loans  with a couple of Vancouver clergymen as  a result of  which  he  was. charged with  obtaining    -money    fraudulently.      The  charge  was  not   sustained but the publicity was too much  for the prince.    He  came to Nejson  and  stated   that he had  intended going to Rossland, but concluded  the Aveather was too severe and took the  next, boat  up the  lake.     The  prince is  tall, well dre.s*-ed  and  good looking, but  his peculiar olive complexion  betrays to  the observer the fact that  he is a native  of sunnier climes than this.  An Important Departure.  Hon. G. W; Ross has marked his accession to the' premiership of Ontario by  adopting a iievv policy in regard to certain natural products, which is given effect by order-in-council. as follows:  2. That having in view a large scope  for the em pli >ynien t of ca pi t al and labor  in the copper-nickel mines and works, it  is desirable to secure the establishment'  in the province of .refining plants in accordance with the scheme of the chat ter  (jf the Canadian Copper Company or  otherwise ; aud, if necessary to thesucee-s  of this object, to a��-k that effect be given  to the provisions of the act [chapter (J7 of  (50 01 V.] for inipo-sing export duties on  nickel and copper, subject to such modifi  cations in favor of the United Kingdom  and the other colonics of the British empire as may appear to be iu tho common  Interest.  3. That for safeguarding the public in-  tore-sts in ungran.ed lauds,of the crown  it is advisable that all giants of mining  lands hereinafter issued j-hall provide in  FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coa-it.  Flooring  local and copitit.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  the patent or lease that the copper or  nickel ores upon or in such lands shall be  treated and refined in the province so as  to produce fine nickel aud copper of  marketable quality, and that for any violation or evasion of this proviso by the  guarantee, his heirs or assigns, such lands  shall revert to and be vested in Her  Majesty, her successors and assigns for  the public use of the province, freed and'  discharged of any interest or claim of  any other person or persons "whatsoever,  as if they liad never been granted.  An Ex-Premier's Opinion.  Ex-premier J. H. Turner writes as follows to editor Gosnellof the Greenwood  Miner :    "The fact of it is, British Colum-*.  bia should be run with less polities, instead of more.    It should go as a business  institution.    What is wanted is a policy  to open it  up  by  railroads,  roads  and  trails ;  to educate within  proper limits ;  to develop agriculture, horticulture and  milling ; to protect labor and capital; to  have a proper hospital system���to do all  that is possible on these lines, but at the  same time to keep taxatiou as low as consistent with, good work ;  aiid, above all.  to keep tip  the,credit  of the  province.  Without this being good, the others are  impossible."   Ecclesiastical Squabble.  London, December 17.���The most Rev.  William Dalryuiple McL-igan, archbishop  of York, in a pastoral letter regarding  the ritual .says: '"It has been widely  stated thatthe bishops have determined  to-prosecute clergy who do hot confirm  Tliese rumors are without the slightest  authority. We not believe thai a single  bishop though t of sitch a step."  Chamberlain in Ireland.  Dublin, December 17.���Joseph, Chamberlain and Mrs. Chambeiiain are the  guests of earl Cadogiiii, lord lieutenant of  Ireland, and the countess Cadogan, prior  to Mr. ''Chamberlain receiving a degree  from Dublin University.on Monday.  m  D.  IVCo^^JRTSITJJB   &c   CO-  WARD  REAL ESTATE  AND  GENERAL  INSURANCE  AGENTS  .$5000  On application we will quote you  rates on Fire, Life, Accident and Plate  Glass Insurance.  Agents for J. and J. Taylor Safes.  FOR SALE���Business and Residential Property.  25 by 120 with improvemonCb, fcouth sido Verhoi.  ��� fteof ,   50 by ISO curnt-i of Rikcrrantl Hall hlieots.   Paili-  cnlar-* tfivun on aijpliccition.  25 lota vvirh cottpigo, i'p ntud at-815 per month. "Vlc-  1 totiii street   ,   .      '.p?3500  2 InU with cottage, lented at ��20 per month, Stanley  stieot     ... ,   J  S3000  4 IpjIs inclndinpr eorn-r. 200 foot ft ontage ..  ..  , .$1_SX!  For Residential Property you could  not do better than invest in Fairview,  commonly known as Bogustown, especially now that the tramway is  nearly completed.  For particulars apply to above firm,  West Baker Street, Nelson.  A. R. Sherwood  Sucoos.or to Cltas. A. Waterman & Co.  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCE AND  GENERAL AGENT  Fir.' door \v*lof B.ink of  BriU-ili Columbia bit.Id nsr.  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of ill kinds,  what you want In not in stock wo will make it for you  CALL AND GKT I'ltlUKS.  1  Balder St. Kelson  Charles -D.���J.  Christie  WENBRAt.  BROKER.  J. A. Say ward  HALL AMI LAIfK STltKOTH. NK1,HDN  ontraetors and Builders  WILL, DO VVKLJp. TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  G.  AT  A large Rtock of first-claw-  ii full lino of -iaHh, dooi*n.  dry materia! on hand, al. o  moulditiKK, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hondryx Htroet. Nelson  T8iophono.9i   John Rae, Agent  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO-  NKI.S11S. H. C.  CrtflTflfi roastors and dmilor-p tit Tnft and CnffRe.  Offer ft-f'p-h portwt4'd rutTm- of Hiwt   quality ac fflilnwa:  lava and Ai-ahfan Mrtcha, por pound... .....$   t"  itiva and Mnt>h'n Blnnd. 3 pounds.  If"  t'-np SaiitON 1 (inundx  t no  ���".iinTo- ffloiid. 5 pounds   I w  0��r-8.pw!lal-ftlend. ft .ponndR....... i.   I*  Our Rio Roatft. B pounds   1 On  . A trial ord��r iolt-*It��d.  Salerooms & Qoen East of Oddfellows ffioct(, Wait  ��_*�����   SiSMt  COLLECTIONS   S3LICITED  .un ��alk;  A li-Koom (now) !lous-��, reti'cdat *t0 per motilli ....3100  Au8*Ko"*n (ucw) Hou p. t��n I vq coruiii*  iTiU  FOR  RENT  A fen01m __mi<*(* (-urnwlu-d) S30.M)  MO.VKVTO l^.\N ON KKAt, Kf-TATE OR 8IIOKT TKKilS.*  OrFICKfl ,*  Four Ooors West of Dominion Express Office  A. % BARROW, A.MIC.  PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR  i\ 0  Cot noi- Victoria and KuolPimy ���<:!t*-<>'"tn.  BOX 659 TBI.Kf'HONB N'O. !��  GREAT RFOUCTJON  H/^D  COALO  CROWS  NEST COAL  DELTVEJBSD  65  $6.15  TKLKPHONK  33  C. W. West & Co.  Lethbridge Gait Coal.  The tx-*t  pit I ])0aU4.  value fov llic mono*. In tltu ninikot for al!  w.  TorinH: pash..  Ttjloiilionc UT.  TIERNEY, General Agent.  OlHeu witit C. 1), J. C'lirif, it-.  ONE DOLLAR A LOAD  Tho undcr-*i|J"H(*d ha�� �� iKnc tiuantily of fit. cedar, and  tamarac��itbs, in tfi-iiirlt and (-.(ioi lisniflh". "iiitaldo fur  p-mvo wood, which will bo -iold for 81 a lo-id at tho miSl  yard*-  NRIjROW SAW ��r PLANINQ MIIX3. Limited.  . N(��Ww^ iuemtt JSUtt, 18��. ...  >m  One of Thos��  Beautiful Pictures  INT OUR "WINDOW WILL MAKE A VERY  PRETTY X'MAS GIFT FOR YOUR FRIEXD.  IT IS A LITTLfi EARLY, BUT WE WILL  RESERVE IT FOR YOU.  THEY  ARE.   GOINO   PAST  -erjiLEc.X'ai'VoiAi: "cr  _^;  )*��.  Big ScFjoor^er  Beer or Half-  and=rialf....  IO Cts.  Always Fresh  Always     Cool  THE BEST GLASS OF BEEB IN NELSON IS  AT THE  Club Hotel  Corner Silica and  Stanlny Strfftfl.  E. J. CURRAN, Prop.  The Tremont Hotel  r^ALOjNE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OP  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  H'V-L.CYOrV -WATER  IS NO EXPERIMi3.>T.,  Tlio    medicinal    value,   of    HALCYON  WATER  luis  been  pruvm.  Halcyon Water is Bottled Propirly.  Vernon Street   Thorpe dfc Go.  R. REISTERER & CO  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS, OP  Fine Lager Beer^  Ale and Porter  (^rompt and regular  delivpry tti Jhr* tirwlp.  Brewery at Nelson  Smoke...  ROYAL SEAL A'VD  KOOTENAY BELLE   GIGARS. .���.- -.-  One of the bast  ular hotels  and most pop-  in Nelson.  QUEEN'S HOTEL  ���  BAKEE STREET. NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  Lparge" comfortable * bedrooms and  first-class dicing  oom.   Sample rooms for commercial men.  ���,  '3R_S_.TC^3S   S2   PBB   _D.___.-_T   '*.  Mrs. E. 0.   CLARKE, Prop.  Law of tho lloyal Hotel, Cal��ary'.' <���  UNION   MADE  Kootenay Cigar Manfg. Co.  .NeWon, Urltiwh Columbia.  H. D8 Ashcroft  BLACKSM1THING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  The finest hotel in the interior.  Large samplo rooms.   Steam boat and eleetrio light.  CORVRR OH" WARD AHH VRBNON STS. NELSON  Madden House  BAKKB AND WAIID 8TKEETS, NELSON  WitKoti ropairirift promptly- at.toudod to by a flr-tt-ot/u--  i-hpiilwritfht.  Spi��**iftl utt^nllnn irlvnn to all kind, of rep��JrluK and.  ouKtom work from outxldn polnta.  IHoo"    Hn" Strnnt. hnt-uman   Bakor and V��rnni*, Mnl-mr  NOTICE   OF   ASSIOMMENT.  .:reditot-n Tru**t Dci-d<. Act" and nnionding  t'vrti tluit  hi*  t'nrsuinL to  Ai'^.  Vol Ico I" lictt-by  ivfn  iiIm-i')--* an I Jiiln.' U'lii .Innri. l'lttfick  Thomau Ptnjilfiy IIti'*i-  tt'idinjf indisr tlio  llriii tuniio nf IInii_|-liru>�� & l*itlock as iiic.i*liii-'ln tin  tinker ��.tr(.'-t, Votsmi. ���<iilit.ii Coluiiiliirt, liav-is liy <iecii  iH-ininudi-.te,iliu 2U) dnv of Di'i-etntji-r, lJfiKt, atp-i:f-tiL-d all  tlieir jit'ivotial i'i Ate ci'-dib- niidi-ll- cts(t)ntli ]>iirtt)f!r��tii(i  uiul private) wliich miiy hos Id unrliti-uNocislii-tl 11.' all  their ri'iit I'siaio ll.nth partntt-Hliip mid p'Irate) to  W.-hstcr Koi-emnti Trav-'H of the City of .Veinon, Hiitisli  Ciiluniliin. c nt'iicliir. In trust ax .rii-too for t'rcdit��ir->  (hitth piirtnc h'dpiiiiU ijii��*nt<-l for tho purpo-'-of dintri*  liutinii anion >>��� Iln: -uid crodltout nrcoHitisj to law.  Tho-aid tlci'd "f u��-i.i.niii nt nn. <��� .����nt d b> the ^nid  Th iiiii1. Stanh-y Fltimpli'iiih mid John Whtntanco I'it-  tijck nnd by lln:**aiil ** cbntor Koiemaii Triivus on thp  slid l-'lhda* of   (.eotnix' . l-W.  And fnrthi'r tuUu notlfc (ha* a meeting ��f ih" "aid  pri'dilois wi'l  ho liulil a   thu otllce of Onlliticrjc WHimi.  s-ilid'iu-1. H.ikct-sti 1. ^^���l1otl, H. (*-.. on Kriiliv tlio mint  ��� lay of I) c.tnl.ur, ISiili, 111 the hour of two o'clock In tho  nftri.ii-i.il.  ���II r> I'ditofi aro rcipnri'd 011 or before t)i(. Itfitl. day nf  no.ombf! . I*i!i9 to tile till irclniliw wilh tlin tn)-*tL- ,<|iil\  ptnw-di'i- provid-'d hf Die Bind a*'t'���t.ilitlK tho amount  ami nn'iiro Ihoronf, ilji. imturc of any ���<��� curl y ��� 1 Id by  tlii'iii .1 d tlie etui -M-lor of li ibtlily tliftivof, and the v��ln-  11 ti 11 nlaucd tti-r-'on  in di-fnult of tho R-xld truMfO roc*i.-iviil(y vat indict ory  pionf Uivi-vot mo cvilit ��� 1. lialilc <u lint Iii" ��-Inlm  hm-red. WBlMTKil KiiItK.MA.N TK.WKS,  Tl-UM-C".  O.U.I.IHKK & WlLSC-S  liclton*.  Dit'd at Neb-on, 11. U��� thia IJlh day of DccoulLm...  A V., 189?.  Tha only hotel In Neluon that has remained under one  inaintKeiUPii! -dnco l>?90.  The bi-d-roomn oro  well furulnhed *nd   lighted by  -dor-trlcity.  ThtidinitiB-room is not ��econd lo ikixf In Kootonfty,  The bar !�� always i-tocked bythe bout dometUlo and  'imported liqporw and cigam.  TH'��\.A3 MAODKN. Proprietor.  Roii  Heated by hot nil  nt-nimble rate*- Sample rooms  Klcctrin IicIIh and li*_lit in every room  Kenovati-d and rufurnlHlied tiirouKhout        .   '  HOTEL VICTORIA    .  J.* V. PERK3. Projiriolor  l*"reo liiw mouth al! train.      "' ____ua.c.__t<_   SI   fi  Hourly ^treeionr to Htntlon nBVBISTO^B!  U   if,  Xiffiil Oril! Itonin in onnnectlnn, for tho donvenionco of  KiiCHtj- nrrivltift anil depart inn: by tiikht. trainw.  G*  EJRIE, B. c.  Flret-clai*- iu every rentn-ct.   Choto>*et *wln68, liquor,  and ciKars.   Every comfort for tranaout and resident  ttUOfitH.  HEADQUAIITERS FOR UNION MEN.  JOSEPH   CAMPBELL,   Proprietor,  Fop Sale CfaeaD  __  Every tMnif In and about an hotel buiMtnprral Crostop.  a Htatiim on tho Crow's \'o .1 1'a-js Hallway. Will be sold  either a . a whole or scpuriit-ely. Apply to, Charles* F.  Oliim. AiiiMworlh. It. C.  Dissolution of Copartnership,   -  The tiai-tncMhip between Dr. 13. LaBau an&'Dr. ___ex.  Forin iiiu >.ocn dissolved, tho dissululiot. 10 tlato'f>oiu  Decutrtlicr 1st, 180=*. All debt-- due tho tlrto ans iiayabla  to Dr. D. DaDait, nnd be u-ill pay .ill dsbt. ot tho Qxm.  a*ted N el**o*_. Doowa-ftor 1st; 1899,  ,_wwiaprt'iawrf*^��p^_p| THE  TPJBUXE: -NELSON, B.C., MONDAY, DECEMBER  18, 1800.  20 per  In order to reduce, our stock previous to stock taking we have concluded to offer a discount of 20 per centjor cash on all goods in the drug line, with the exception of Fatent and  Proprietary Medicines, until Saturday,- the 23rd instant. These coods are not old and  shop worn, but on the contrary they are all fresh new goods, purchased in ihe best markets  and cannot be excelled.  W. P. TEETZEL & CO.  Corner Baker and Josephine Streets  Nelson, B. C  Wholesale and Retail Druggists  and Dealers in Assayers* Supplies  IMI.A.S  __V___A_  NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY YCUR CHRISTMAS GIFTS.  TIES  TIFS      TIES  TIES  TIES      TIES      TIES  Wc bnve a rragnifiecnt range of l)iccegno(l- in Pud's, TTnn'kerchiefs, and Flowingends. in all the very  lati-.t colois unci | alteins, l.ght iron* ll.e Lest Luiiudiuii and American: maike.s, and at pii es that  def)  c mpetition.  STLK HANDKERCHIEFS SILK HANDKERCHIEFS  The very finest qualities, in v hite ar.d colored, with initialed corners, nt the very lowest prices.  GLOVES     OLOVES     GLOVES     GLOVES      GLOVES  LOCAL NEWS IH BRIEF.  R. Mercer and J. McLean, who have  been in the wi-.--tforsevi_i.il years, left on  Saturday for Cape Breton Island, where  they will spend some months aC their  homes.  Frank Moore, pursuer of the steamer  Moyie, was taken to the hospital last  iii},rhC. It is feared lie is attacked with  fever.  Milling oonimi.-.-iuiier Clute held a  session of his inquiry at Kaslo on ..Saturday, lie-will rrstiiiie his inquiry in Nelson at the court house today, commencing  at 10 o'clock. It is understood tliat the  miner's union will-place a number of  witnesses on the stand.  sinners of tlie Ainswortli district took  place. Tlie seven lic-_u.es held in the  tli.-trit-t were renewed. .Applie.-iiionsTor  hotel licenses luive been made by G.  King, Ainswortli; V. A. Kleinschmidt,  Duncan City and II. Poirier. Duncan City  and the commissioners will hold another  session at Ka.-lo oti the 29th instant.  A meet inn of the Nelson Ourlinpr Club  will be held in the liotud of trade rooms  this evening at S o'clock forthe purpose  of selecting rinks and skips forthe season. The prospects are good for ice during the present week.  SEE-OUR SPECIAL LINES AT $1.   IT'S A TREAT.  UNDERWEAR  UNDERWEAR  UNDERWEAR  Great an ortment of tlirso coods dirrct fr* m tlie mnmif.-c'iivers, incl-uli'*.. ", ig),_'s Fa^ou" Health  Brand in fli-ec- lined. Call and see Oicm an ��� get pi ices. You ��ill bo convinced that they are seco d  to none. W��- also have a lartj Kt< <���__ of , lot hi ��� g-, boots, ��hce�� and eyci-.\ tl ing i-l-c lh*t. n.en leqnie,  which we are bi lliti(r at s]ici*iiil icduc-ed inice��'liuin).'ihe h lida s. Cnnic and net your i-liaie of *__c  boat bargains in  he very bc-it and latest goods ever di**. l,yid in >Msson.  J. A-  GILKER,  The  Furnisher.  Ice has formed on several little ponds  located on tlie flats and the small boys  tire enjoying skating. The riiik managers  have over an inch of solid ice. and the  prospects for skating tind hockey at an  early date are good.  2:3 215   H.kKFI.   ST   BET.  SMALL SHOES for litt,e cha��s  STRONG SHOES **.$��***>**  STYLISH SHOES for thcir fathcrs  1 DAINTY SHOES  ELEGANT SHOES  for little girls -  and misses  for tlieir mothci.  COMFORTABLE  FOOTWEAR  We stand back of our Klmcs        -     -  They are made in siioh a way,-from sncii sleek, that thou,* is nu excuse for nnythinp- but satisfaction  We have a linger stocl*. than j'oii usually ..ei-_imd lower prices for the same quality  . ,     r  ,    - 1 hail you ever run aeru's-t '    '  -   Shoes to fit al! feet, in styles to suit ever} _an<_}, at i iu.es mowed down to a minimum.  Neelands' Shoe Emporium  . ���:* BAKER-TRICET. Xn.Sr>X  ' '  r_l__l1)_BI_^_���������      Til     I    _____��_��i**____��*��*^_W��*-*M-i W ���������IH 111 I     I       IW        *   ���������"������l I ��� I ���J...--      ._..ll���-.-_W       i_m^ .^     ���   _���    ���      ��� ��� I   II    -��� III       I.       ���   ������-���IIMr.���  Established in Kelson in 1890.  Our sfock is now complete./OUR ENGLISH GOODS, which  were shipped 51 days ago,'wil- be on display on Tuesday, or  Wednesday al the farthest. The goods must be sold at once, as  they were purcnastd solely for ihe ho'iday trade���and they will  be sold, even if at SACRIMCE PRICES. Call early and make  selections.   AJLI8T   OP._THE_Qp_gpS._ _  Henry Rogers of England, Pearl handles.-  Cake kniv. s in oak, pearl handles.  Fish sets, in half-dozens and dozens.  Fruit sets, cabinets in oak.  Knives and 'orks, in celluloid hardies.  Table Spoons, D-ssert fcpoons, Tta Spcons, in sterling silver.;  Children s knives, forks and spoons, in sets,  Ca* ving sets, game sets, butter knives, sugar spoons, in silver  and with peari handles.  Liquor Decanttrs, in different pattcrny'and styles.  Dinner Gongs and Wine Coolers,        ���       j  A large variety of the above named goods will be ready for inspection on the day noied above, and they will be displayed to  be sold,   All engraving free of charge.  The Nelson cafe changed hands on  Saturday.. C. H. Stiblis, who has managed the place for about a month, retired  front the business and was. succeeded by  J. West, late of the Tivoli cafe, Spokane.  Nothing furt her has ���been.'heard as to  the identity of the man whose body was  di.-coveied leceinly in the Slocan rixer.  The constable who wa-sent to investigate hits uot yet forwarded hio report on  t he case.  George S. TJeer of t he Nelson Hat d ware  Company is in N innipeg.  Inspector Kelly of the provincial police  fiii-ce lelunied from Ku-lniiii S.LUtrdi'y.  wheie a   meeting of' tlie  liei>n>��e emimii-  Thousands  In this city alone are testifying as  to our efficiency in WATCH  REPAIRING. It is worth vvhile  listening to. It will save you  time and money in the long run.  Absolutely no risk. Satisfaction  or money ie,runded.  PATENAUDE  BROS.  BAKER STREET.  Walchm.kprs, Nelson, B. C.  Save Your  Dollars  A meet ing of the Conservatives of Nelson will be held Tuesday evening for the  purpose of making arrungeinent.s for the  visit of sir Chailes Tupper who is expected to vi.-it Nelson about the und of. the  week in his capacity as leader of the Conservative party.  Angus Shaw* and John McRae aie  meeting with a great;.deal of encouragement in the development of their prospects on Forty-nine creek. On their JMay-  ilower claim they have sunk a shaft upon  what appeared a good showing and were  rewarded by discovering a strong ledge  which carries $19 in gold values. Tlie  ledge is the full width of the iive-fout  shaft. "_  Prontice Will Keep the Seat.  Victoria, December 1(5.���Those who  had hoped to see the Lillooeb seat vacant  dm ing the approaching.legislative Session  are fated lo disappointment;. When the  celebrated petition of appeal against Air.  Prentice's occupancy of the seat watt-ailed before Air. .-justice Drake in ihe  supreme come on -Thursday II. K. Robertson for the petitioners applied for an adjournment until the 17th day after'ihe  close of the session, it being impossible  under the exi-ling law to hear such matter*, within fifteen d-iys after a ses-ion.  There was.of course no objection by E. V.  '.Budwell, Q. C, representing" the respondent; tind an enlargement; by consent wtis accordingly entered. This is  interpreted as a virtual abandonment of  the proceedings. It is highly improbable  now that the matter will -ever be gone on  with. ���-*  BUSINESS   MENTION".  For Silc���Twelve  second-hand   wood-  burnii gsLuvcs with pipi-s.   Apply at, Phair In,tcl.  '_3��^3!&__r  VS!SJ_  il *������*>. y .-XI: !  :���'���'    Ip-j^v*.  ,.M��f... __...,.,;���,,,  .���'Tii  m-y//���?>:>/L^yr  *lv;'bs*vii^_v,;> H'j.'i- -y -'  *:-u*?*. ?:*.-���    *5'  i.-'-y-  WE HAVE THE FINEST LINE OF  Coal Heaters  EVER DISPLAYED IN KOOTENAY DISTRICT  SOLE AGENTS FOR THE FAMOUS  Cole's Hot Blast Heater  Our claimsofor this heater is that it is adapted  to any kind of coal, CROW'S NESt, LETH-  BRIDGE, or ANTHRACITE, burning all kinds equally well. Not requiring the  attention of an ordinary coal heater. Economical, durable and simple in construction.   See our Steel Ranges for hard and soft coal or wood.  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON  -Bj- Buying-youi-gocd. Xiwii-h1* till-this-  wi ok unci �� o will s *vc j on d 11 ii��.   Your  spcuinl nt tfiilitj.-i is ci Hull io our large a-  sortinciit   of men's, boy'-, au'd  clnldien's  clotiilny;, fiu'tiisliitigs ami shoes.  QVAUTY THE BEST���-PRICES THE LOWEST.  llpi'pcr Street,  O]ipo.itc (juuun's Iloteli  BROWN & CO.  240-242 Baker Street, Nelson.  kinds of Rufiber���.���.GcoSs  and Winter Clothing  THRO MADSON  Baker* S��trc��t.  One  ice to atl  FORMERLY KNOWN AS THE  MBLSON CIGAR CO.  fi. B. Matthews,  If yon Wiiuld- cnjny  a tw��b atnl fntgiwiit  niiH,Spfdip|i t fui*({ettlio  *Cftl*_nri4-*WiJ*p<U����i  Prescriptions  Tlie purity of lie iliujr-.uiul iiiodicincR niliiiinii-  lcied 1" (In- 1'iitli'tit !- llii! iiiihi i^-emlul uluiiH-nt'  in Hie sili eu-psliil ticMtliii-iit of iH .i-nsi-. l'tu-p(iii|i-  tioiHuii' ciiiii.iulimli'dlij us I'tom itn-ultiiel.\ )iino  ciiut'fi In lnit Io--i i onclil ioi*. ami tlie iiIijmcIhii t  hkili will tn,l Iji> tiltII��� lies! by <.1(1 n. ti itiiiiuleul.  dniK-.   Uui ->toek of lotittiMU*.. tut  THE TOILET  THE NURSERY  THE SICK KOOM  Are complcto  Your ptiti oiiaue stiiiellod  NURSES' DIRECTORY  Fi .' the convenicneo nf miri-i-. Jvnd pby<iioi.ins, we linvo  uiliitilisliuil ii \in-us I.iieetui.v, anil in onli-i n luive it  Cf"ii|ili>iu, iui|iiutl nil nut -es to aend iti oi cull utld l��.uru  (.lien' tminOb��itnl uddie-psc*-.  DiSriJNSIXG CIUOIIST  Telepliono t4">  If.u'l.  P. 0. Hon *!.. Raker Street  pideis |ji-i)in|illi ui tended to.  TO FREIGHTERS AND PACKERS  21 PACK MULES.        6 WORK MULES,  4 S -DOLE H JRSES.  Goods at Half Price  We stiil have some go->ds left- from  the  bankrupt   stock  purchased at -  Sandon at a low rate on the dollar,  and * consequently   we   can-   defy  competition  .  HERE ARE A FEW L.  OUR TRICES.  Drcs*5 j_oo(is fancy iuixttti*iis, reyitliir pticu  $1,75, .-iilii (M ii*i'i,yl.  Dre.**^ ).r(��Hl-, tancy ini\lui'<��, regular price  $1.50, .-.���.li-' pi ice 7.") cenl.-..  Drc*.--^ no��'��l>i I'mn*y mixtii..', i^guliif price  75 i-fiit.*-, *-<*ile pi ice 40 cents.  Ttilile Djiiiiii-k .it 2*1 cents per yard.  Children's wiml Im.-e .it 10 eent.s ]>i-r p-iir.  Ijttdie*-' flaiinellette wtappei's at yl.2o.  13luck    1 .finieMil,   worth   73  cunts,  stile  pi ice 50 cents.  Black   Ufiirii-ua,   worth   50   cents,  sale  pi ice "S<> cents.    _  Pink llannelelte 7 cents per yairl.  Ltiilic*-' fancy l)l(iit.*-es, velvetenlJare, regii-  lar price !*.!.."50, sale ptice-SO cents.  Miner's i-lnto,-,   regul.ir price  ,*p;j.00,  sale  [irice $1 ..().  Oveiali*-. tegular  price $1.00, sale  pme  50 c-enLs.  X)xf( iTTf^lii rtsTTc^tlaF~pficcr ,$lT25r"4ale"  pi iee 50 cents.  ���Men's tweed i-iiks, regular price $12.50,  sale price $7.<K).  Men'*-heavy all-uinil  tweed  pants, I'ttgu-  l.ii* [iiictf $.J.50, Stile price p$i00.  For want of space we are going out .  of ladies' and children's footwear,  and wdl e'ear these off a^ cost . . .  l_t-��lll'll* ���**'.*lllt  Ladies' Oxford shoes ftLT*"* .$1.00  ljUilie*-' .*-*. rap ,-li����es. ........   1.7") 1.00  Ladie.**' kid bitUtni .-lioe.-i    2 00 1.25  Ladies-*' kid htilluii blioe.-    3.00 2.00  ChildienV.--._n.i__.    1.00 50  The  Balance of our  ladies'  capes  and jackets at less ihan cost.    All  other goods in our store at greatly -  reduced prices     ���    ���  HAVE STOVES  But while we are waiting for the cold weather we  would draw your attention to our Jine of  NICKLED   COPPER  WARE  Including Tea and Coffee Pots (several designs), Enamelled Handle Dippers, Pudding Dishes, Tea Kettles,"etc.,  and the only place you can get them is  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE   GO.  A .COMPLETE LINE OF FANCY BISCUITS AND CAKES  rrcs  CRANBERRIES  DATES  MAPLE SVRUP  PLUM PUDDING  HO   t-.Y. Im COMB  DRIED FRUlf  NEW CURRANTS, GLEANED  NEW SULTANA H-USINS, CLEANED  NEW VALENCIA*;. CLEANED  NEW LONDJiN  LA^LR ���'"AISINS, 5, 10, and  201b. B0X<"*S.     ,  NEW PEELS, ASSURTED ENGLISH  MIXED NUTS  APPLE    CTDER  All the Ner'e-pSiries For  YuUi- Xm is Dinner  MINCE   ME-VT  GRAND   DISPLAY   OF   CROCKERY   AND    GLASSWARE.  LARGEST   STOCK    IN   KOOTENAY.  THE  Kipkpatriek & W^ilson 1|  P.O.   Ui'K   K'    .��'   U\ llllrkl.    CTl'PtT rpi?r !._>_!<.vt.    ,n *.^__B_S*  Kit,!'>T Him K. H-KKH f'rt'KKI.   M-l.Sn.V.  PP.f  ?y?irj  The nctVe-Hser Ls prepared to s U ihese anlnkls 'n one  l'pt oi- in tuts to.-nit i-'prcljiisei-.."-|.i,c u are o\eu! cut  liiiili ��, in Koott iiiinplii i) tinil will hi* >, en. 'Vuo.t. ran' i,e  ki-0- i '-t-Siipar IXa Untieii, Kniiilipops. T.|i�� utlrurtiKoi-  ��� mi u-Uo (urnislj, it dcsin-'d, a^ii-ojoci, tjluiri1'--* vi- w. gown,  Reply to   "j".  GRAHAM.  AINSWOB-XH   LICENSE   DISTRICT.  Xotico- ia hcrebj- > jven that the I'lidersiKnod parsons  havo iii-idc a|)iil.>-iititih, under tho:pi>&\*isii.n�� i.l' iho "Liij-  'uip)'* i.tcunso Act." 181*9. I'm* liutel li. enscs at the places oui;  oppos io tu til-it- i-uspp-ctivq nituieff.  Griuit Kin-fat Ai. "-worth  V. A iCleius-elt   W't tl>*-ncanCity  llcut<-c lJuii'ii)i-id Uiinc.n cit^  A moetri.ni? of the Bo ird ipf I.iconso Cotn*missi'o.nors of  tlio ins-* r li l.i* en**-.-. IJistrii-t, will lie liOlit, Iu e��� n.-fidi-  s ch -ivi'ipliciitnitis, n-l U;e ttuil I l��.iis*Cv at tl.e Cir f  j **t ��� n t-i-iduy, the iwi a'.w'flith d:i> of I (con.be:*,  18C9, attheli<jiuofeif.lii o'eUek in thefifto;m*(,n;  WM, u.iJi i.t-uuK-WKiismrt.  Chief j_il-cilso ludpootor.  JM-O-sa, ��1. C^ l&lk Docoizthoi^ U&,  P. O. hi -X K. & v\-  >-<-*7   t*  iniCI-tt STUKP.T.  TFI.EPMOXK 10.  Glranstinnia.  C. & B. Plum Pudding        Delhi Preserves in Glass  Table Raisins       Japanese Oranges  Navel Oranges       Elme Figs  '.ii  Our Stock is Now Complete  ENGLISH HOLLEY  \  Bokor Street,  W _lhOII.  M. DesBrisay & Co.  \\'u bi'K to _iiiii(iiiiit'i> tn nnf in.-i.iy |itiii*nn�� tlitit we liave retnnved to  our new qu.ii t��M*-in tlie llnii-tnu Block, tho liig increase in the  volutin-of mil l)ii>-iiu s* f��*ii*mjy us to s-t ok larfr-'i' ]>tenii.-os. Thank-  1.1 it- )K'0]>lo fm' 11n* l'Mti imsifro acc-oi doil us in 1 lio jm.-t. in nn. ici pattern  of sin iin-rciHi* if i i _ J ��� oiT-tujn in thu future, we ruuiuiu, lliuiti. to  cuiuiiuinU iu till linos of jrrncerics.  ITou* tnii Rlocfc. Riiker Rtreet  John A, Irving* # Co*  .ARRIVED IN  apSoai  NtLSON  IB  hiskies  | A. B.  InoindintJ Pogrnm's 2, *i. and 7 yntr old Ity ��� In nm*r<*ls.     Gooderhati. S_ Worts' "fiyc in Cases.  Sofjriun'j- .-.lar, 'S3 Uyo mid WUitu Wheat WulsKy ux Casea.      Wiitkof'ii Club ttyo in.Co.seti.  -1  Gil AY, Kootenay Afieut  tiulauii. U. V.  fi. R Rt TH��T &. CO.  M  ..f22_


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