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 ���;._t-M��3~  ���MMpai  DEMAND MADE FOR MORE TROOPS  By the British Press.  London, December li..���With the exception of Sunday's sortie at Ladysmith,  wliich the morning papers are unanimous  in regarding as a brilliant piece of work,  there are no further advices from the  seat of war. A war oflice dispatch reports Mafeking was safe to December  4th, but that the Boers had been shelling  (.he town since 'Novomber 27th with increased effect. Rations liad been considerably reduced, meat by half a  pound and bread by a quarter of a pound  in- view of a probable long siege. Watei-,  however, was still plentiful.  Tlie Boer.*, fear the British bayonets.  This is illustrated in the full accounts  now arriving of previous sorties. It seems  that in sir Archibald Hunter's sally from  Ladysmith to capture the Boer guns, the  British did not carry bayonets. While  they were storming the hills, the Boors,  suddenly aroused from sleep, rushed to  the edge and opened an indiscriminate  (ire upon the British. But just before  the British secured a footing on the top  of bhe hill some one among them shouted  ''Fix bayonets and give them cold steel."  Ab this the Boers turned and lied into  bhe darkness.  General Gatacre's disaster at Stormberg has been blamed to a lack of kn'o'w-  lefjee of the country. According to the  Daily 'Telegraph when' the war began  there were no official maps available at  Cape Town, and therefore it i.s probable  that 'general/ _' itacre is still without  them.  The Times, while praising colonel Metcalfe's brilliant fete at Ladysmith, expresses the opinion that relief being now  so near, such sorties are rather perilous,  and it would be better for general White  to avoid them as far as possible.  The Morning Post again endeavors  editorially to arouse the British people to  a recognition of the serious nature of the  struggle aud of the grave position iu  which matters now stand. It urges the  government to prepare immediately to  send more troops to .South Africa.  Lord mayor Newton, the aldermen of  tlie ofthe city of Loudon aud other  prominent oflicials of the corporation, together with the high military authorities  will attend the memorial service to.be  held in St. Paul's cathedral for the men  who liave fallen in the war.  WEDNESDAY MORNING, -.DECEMBER '13,  1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLOMBIA.  DAILV (BY MAIW $6 A YEAR; WBBSLY,   $2.  A   KASLO   MAN   DID   IT.  their candidates to agree to base taxation on the actual revenue of property at  10 por cent of its annual values, when it  is rented, and 1| per cent on the value of  the ground, when it is unoccupied,  and to establish the rent of a  building when occupied bythe proprietor  at 10 per cent on its taxnble value.  Not to 'make any changes in the city  charter without tlie consent of tho proprietors, when said chances affect real  estate, nor without the consent of the  electorate, when they affect the citizens  in generaK To put an end to temporary  loans authorized by tho charter, as an expedient contrary to the spirit of the municipal law, especially as the money of  the taxpayers is employed to pay heavy  interest to bankers instead of being expended on improvements and for municipal administration.  Canadian News in Brief.  Flavellt. Brothers, of Lindsay, have just  finished a consignment of 20,000 turkeys,  2000 geeso and 4000 chickens for the British Christmas markets.  The Trades and Labor Couucil of Loudon lias decided not to bring out a candidate for mayor, but to endorse the Socialist Labor candidate, Fred .1. Darch.  Professor Robertson, Dominion commissioner of agriculture, reports that arrangements are being rapidly completed*  for the establishment of manual training  in Canadian schools/which has been made  possible by the generous gift of sir William C. McDonald of Montreal.  R. B. Skinner of Vancouver has announced his intention of being a candidate for the . legislature as an indepen-  dant at the next election in Lillooet,  where he has extensive mining interests.  Wants a Second Term.  Montreal, December 12.���Mayor Pre-  fon tain e has definitely announced himself  as a candidate for a second term in the  mayoralty chair. His action displeases  the Irish Roman Catholics, who consider  it their turn for electing one of tlieir  number to that position.  METHUEN HAS BEEN REINFORCED  ATTACKING THE   NAVAL VOTE LADYSMITH IS FULL OF FIGHT  XV. H. Moodie,  one  of   Kaslo's  representatives iu t'he Canadian contingent, is  accorded the   honor of. having  vamped  the war ,soug whieh^he C_.ni.dha-.-- will  sing while in South Africa.     There wore  .scores of patiiotic songs tendered to the  Canadian.*,   before they lefb, but one and  all were  discarded  and  on   the  voyage  across on the Sardinian the ship was filled  witli the word*, which private Moodie is  credited with having  set to  the air  of  Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight.    In  writing  of this Frederick Hamilton,  the  Globe correspondent,  says:    "F  am  apprehensive lest the regiment be suspected  of ingratitude in the matter of war songs.  Some score of poebs labored earnestly to  fib us out with a   complete collection  of  this essential feature of our  equipment,  and few of those who wrote failed to provide us with printed specimens of their  handiwork.    Colonel Otter betrayed gen-  uineemotion when he made reference to the  quantities  of  printed   rhyming   matter  that descending upon him by every mail.  And 'yet,   with   all   this   patriotic   endeavor on  the par!/   of our   poets, the  regiment  has discarded  all the presents  .so generously bestovted upon   it and   has  manufactured its own   war song__lo_cally._  It Was the British  Columbian half company   that did   it,  and  private  YV\ H.  Moodie of Kaslo; one of captain Hodgins'  own  Kootenay ten,   is- the author.    The  half company, swooped  in   upon  us.at  Quebec singing  it, the only explanation  vouchsafed being that it was constructed  somewhere out on the prairies.    Now the  whole ship forwards is chanting it.  He Has at Least 17,000 Men.  London, Decomber 12.���General Methuen's army is known to have been 'heavily reinforced at Modder river with infantry, cavalry and artillery, while general Wauchope's Highland brigade has  largely increased the number of bayonets  available for frontal attack. The necessity for bhis costly method of warfare has  been obviated by the presence of a full  brigade of cavalry, commanded by general Babington. This brigade includes  three regiments of cavalry and a strong  body of provincial horse. Two powerful  batteries of horse artillery have been  added, with a- mobility nearly equal to  that of cavalry. Methuen's army cannot  number less than 17,000 men, and its  maiMuvering power has* been increased  until there is slight; justification for frontal attacks made without-adequate reconnaissance and scouting.  Three Fine Bands Wiped Out.  Toronto, December 12.���The bauds-  mon of the 48th Highlauders and the  Grenadiers" liavoT~l)een~ reduced to the  ranks as privates. The Queen's Own  Rifles will follow suit. The actiou of the  regiments is due to the bandsmen refusing to play at regimental assemblies on  the ground that non-union musicians  wore employed and that their duties as  militiamen did not require them to play.  The result is the wiping out of three of  the finest military bands in Canada,  And Emperor William's Speeches.  Berlin, December 12.���While entering  .the Reichstag today, Dr. Leiber, leader  of the centre, was attacked by a supposed insane man, who tried to club him.  Officers interfered and Dr. Leiber. was  uninjured. On 'the first reading of the  budget estimates, Dr. Leiber observed  that the favorable financialsituation was  due to the careful manner in which the  house scrutinized the budget. Dr. Leiber  concluded his criticism with saying that  past and future events would prove to  the emperor that he had been ill informed  ���when in Hamburg regarding the feelings  of bhe German people. During the first  eight years of the emperor's reign, the  reichstag had by no means persistently  refused to increase the navy.  Prince Hohenlohe, imperial chancellor,  said he regretted that the emperors  speech had been introduced in the debate. The speech he added, liad'been  called forth by the political situation.  Count Von Beallestrom, president of  the reichstag, intimated that he had already ruled that members of the reichstag could not be debarred from discussing iu a suitable manner the speeches of  the emperor, that it must, of course, be  done decorously, and in his opinion the  previous speaker had complied with this  condition.  Herr Belief socialist, declared that the  increasing loans were in opposition to  the rosy appearance of the budget. The  empire's debt; had increased enormously,  and Germany did a.miserable business  withher colonies. Too much was paid  for the Caroline islands, and Kiaii Chou  was a fever nest. To increase German  trade proportionately with a new fleet  was a difficult matter. With Great Britain's fleet and Germany's army the two  countries could rule the world.  Dr. Lieber's criticism in the reichstag  of emperor William's speech at Hamburg  has caused much comment. The spectacle of this cautious leader of the most  important .group in^the reichstag, the���  section that will decide the fate of the  naval bill, thus severely blaming' tlie  kaiser is almost without parallel in Ger-  niauparliamentary history. It was all the  more notable because count Von Balles-  trom, president of bhe reichstag upheld  the dignity of* bhe chamber and maintained the freedom of speech, even  against the imperial chancellor. This  evening parliamentary circles are all  agog over the incident. By some it is  said, that count Von Ballestrom, who on  several previous occasions stopped similar  criticisms, had in this instance a personal  motive for permitting unrestricted com-  ment, becau.se as one of the chief opponents of the canal bill, he became persona  non grati with the emperor, who banished him from court. In any event, the  affair has not improved the chance's of  the naval bill.  Another Successful Sortie.  London, December 13.���The war oflice  publishes the following dispatch from  general Buller: "Despatch from general  White, dated December 11 th says: Last  night colonel Metcalfe and five hundred  of* the Second Rifle brigade, sortied to  capture a Boer howitzer on a hill. They  reached the place without being discovered, drove off the enemy and then destroyed the howitzer with gun cotton. When  returning, Metcalfe found his retreat  barred by. the Boers, but he forced his  way through, using the bayonet freely.  The Boer losses were considerable. The  British losses were the following : Lieu-  teiiaut Ferguson and 11 men killed ; captain Pole, second lieutenant Davenport,  second lieutenant Bond and forty-one  men wounded."  London, December 13.---A special dispatch from Lorenzo Marquez .says: A  Boer telegram from Mafeking announces  that lady Sarah Wilson, aunt of the duke  of -Marlboro, who was captured by the  Boers while acting as a correspondent for  the London Daily Mail, has been exchanged fora Boer woman wlio was a  prisoner at;Mafeking.  "Berlin, ^December 12.���General Gatacre's reverse at Stormberg was joyfully  greeted iu the streets of Berlin, but the  newspapers, for the most part; are reticent on the subject. The Vossiclie Zei-  tung comments in a strain almost friendly,  saying: "After the soldierly virtues  which the British have shown in this  war, it may* well be believed that general  Gatacre's ti'oops fought as if ou the  parade ground;"  Moooer River, Sunday Evening, December 10.���-The naval four seven-inch  battery again took up a position north of  the camp this afternoon, while bhe howitzer battery was posted to the southeast on the left of the Boers. Both  opened a hot fire with lyddite shells and  shrapnel, to which the Boers sharply  responded- with a dozen guns, thus  "unmasking their., position, which was  the object of the British maneuver.  "ATtsei" an hour's .fighting" the' Boer guns  were silenced. The Howitzers searched  the trenches and then threw shell after  shell upon'the hills, the explosion of the  lyddites causing the whole ground over  an extensive area to rise in the air in  den.se brown clouds. A Boer long gun  was dismantled. It now appears that  the Boers intend that the next fight is to  take place at Magorsfontein. Apparently  Spytfontein is not defended or.the Boers  are unwilling to unmask their position  there.  LOCAL  NEWS   IN   BRIEF.  General Lawton Reported Missing.  London, December 13.���Renter's company has received the following dispatch  from Ifoug Kong : The insurgent government of the Philippines will be changed  to a dictatorship and continue hostilities  against the Americans exclusively by the  methods of guerilla warfare. The Philippine party is being splib up into small  bands, the trOops taking an oath before  departing-^that they will fight until'their  country's fights* aro recognized. A force  of United States marines who landed at  Vigan, South Ifoeos province, from the  battleship Oregon, was defeated by the  Filipinos under general Kince on December 4th. The Manila newspapers, despite  the censorship, admit that general Law-  ton is missing.  Consul Hay Sails Today.  Nkw Fork, December 12.���Albert S.  Hay, son of secretary Hay, and consul by  appointment to Pretoria, leaves tomorrow by the steamer St. Louis for South  Africa, via England.  Municipal Reform in Montreal.  Montreal, December 12.���The owners  of real estate in the city have decided to  request a.pledge from the candidates for  municipal honor,*, at the ensuing election  soliciting   their   support.   .They   desire.  Dr. Siemens Honored.  I.kki.in, December 12.*��� Kniperor William has conferred a patent of hereditary nobility upon Dr, Siemens, director  of the Deutsch bank, for his services in  obtaining bhe Bagdad concession for the  Anatolian raihvay company. The distinction is particularly significant, as it  is believed that Dr, Simens will succeed  Dr. Von Miquel as Prussian minister of  fi i ia n ce. _        Bank Cashier Under Arrest.  Montreal, December 12.���Ferdinand  Lemieux, cashier of the defunct Ville  Marie Bauque, was arrested last night ou  a new charge of stealing $17!.,000 from  the bank in Septembei-, 1898, and was remanded for a week this morning.  Should Have Slept Out Doors.  Toronto, December 12.���Henry Gould,  aged 7.) years, a cattle dealer of Whitby,  died shortly after noon to day from the  result of sleeping in a room of the Bull's  Head hotel with gas jet turned on,  A Little Revolution Crushed.  CakaC'ApS, Venezuela, December 12.���It  is announced that the Colombia government has occupied Cuma, on the gulf of  Cariaeo, and the. revolution is said to be  crushed, y  Widow Going Back to Cuba.  New York, December 12.���Senoia  Lopez, with her children, is now here on  _her-way-to Cuba,-to endeavor-to- regaiir  her lost property. Senor Lopez was shot  by order of general Weyler as an ins-urgent. Then his wife was put in prison,  whence she escaped disguised as a sister  of charity. The refugee went to Rio de  Janeiro, where she was joined by her  children.    ,  _���M_-.    .��� .-I-.     .���P.,     -���       ���        _..___������.��� ,���  A Town's "Property Seized.  - Qui.ji*..', December 12,���All property in  the town corporation of Levis has been  seized as the result of a dispute between .  that town and the J, D. King Manufactur--  iug Company of Toronto, which recently  removed their boot and shoe factory from  Levis owing to the failure of the town to  pay the annual bonus of $1000 agreed to  when bhe firm decided to erect bhe factory at that place.  A Young Girl Killed.  Akntkiok, Ontario, December 12.���The  body of Lena Connery, a girl of 15, was  found dead ou the C. P. R. track near  here this morning. Ft is supposed that  while on the train from Pakeuham, where  she belonged, .she stepped off near Arn-  prior while the train was in motion and  met instant death.  Trying to Obtain Gold.  London, December 18. ��� The Daily  Chronicle says: "The Bank of England,"  we hear, " is going to try once more to  obtain gold abroad by lending below current rates, on condition that the borrowers repay when due in imported  gold-" -       .  The Canada Arrived Safe.  New Fork, December 12.���The S. S,  Canada docked today, after having spent  20 days battling against the elements  between Hamburg and Sandy Hook.  The plans for the .). Y. Griffin fc Co,  warehouse and cold storage plant will be  completed bhis week. The building is lo  be erected on Front street ."50 feet west of  bhe Lawrence Hardware Company's  warehouse.  K. Palmquifeb was yesterday awarded  bhe contract for the excavating and  stone work of the A. Macdonald Company's new warehouse at the corner of  Hall ���lud-l-'ronfc-sbrect.s.���The- warehouse  will form an obtuse angle conforming bo  tho angle of the streets. It will be 30  feet deep, with au 88 foot frontage on  Hall street and a Tu foot frontage on  Front street. Jt will be two stories high,  with a 7-foot basement under the Hall  street wing.    Ib will have n mica roof,   *  The date of the smoking concert that is  to be given by the Nelson Rifles to raise  funds For the widows and orphans of  British soldiers has been changed from  the 1.1th to tho 21st instant.  George A. Bigelow is making a record  for himself iu freighting lumber from  Finch & Jones sawmill near Kimberley bo  the North Star mine. The lumber has. to  be hauled (5.j miles, four of which are almost straight up hill. George is getting  $14 a thousand for hauling the lumber.  Certificates of improvements were  granted yesterday for the Golden Calf  and Canadian Pacific mineral claims in  the Ymir district. The owners of the  fornier are Merrill DeslJrisay, Thomas  Gallon, Ed Peters and Thomas S. MePherson, anfl of the latter Thomas Gallon, Kd  Peters, Charles Dundee and Thomas MePherson,  The city engineer found it neeessary  yesterday to dig up a portion of the  sewer in the lane between Carbonate and  Mill streets running from Ilendryx to  Cedar streets. The pipe was blocked up  with a comb of cement which lodged in  the pipe while it was being laid.  The city cleik h in receipt of many  letters asking for information regarding  the forthcoming issueof 4 & percent debentures, and it is evident that tendei's  for the purchase of the issue will.-be  numerous. This (.lass of securities is in  demand in the east.  The city had a gang of men on Baker  street bridge yesterday, and tlie restd tis  that the.bridge at least is iu a  passable  condition.  Judge Forin hold county court at  Kaslo yesterday.  George Whiteside of Kaslo passed  through Nelson yesterday on his way  homo from the Boundary country, where  he has property interests.  Assistant city engineer Dill is preparing an.estimate of the cost of repairing the city wliarf whieh will go before  the city council.at its next meeting. He  is of the opinion that $5000 will be a  liberal estimate for a 30-foot wharf of  the requisite length. He will probably  recommend that the warehouse be upon  a floating barge to accommodate the  different* stages of water. This will  doubtless be outside the estimate foi the  wharf.  Tlie partnership known as the Canada  Powder Company, composed of C. G.  Griffin and F. J. Moot ehouse, has been  dissolved. ��  .1. W. R. Young has commenced a suit  in the supreme court against the Iiwicta  Gold Mines of Ea_,t Kootenny for $..000  alleged to be due for salary.  A lis pendens has been filed against  lots 3 and 4 in block 3S in the suit of A. I  Kennedy, as liquidator for the Kootenay  Development Company, agaiust Gertrude  G. Mackay of Vancouver. The plaintiff  alleges bhab the defendant was a trustee  for the plaintiff company and asks for a  declaration to this effect, and also for  $4000 us the proceeds of the sale of lots  14 and 15 iu block 20*.  W. G. McCandish has leased the Victoria hotel on Victoria street, and will  take possession on Friday.  Mrs. F. C. Lang of Carbouate street  has left for a six-months' visit to England.  The engineer in charge of the construction ofthe new gas ttorks has issued invitations to a number of citizens to witness the laying of the corner stone ofthe  works this afternoon at 2:30. The list of  invited guests includes the mayor, aldermen, city officials and others. Mayor Neelands will wield the trowel, and the proceedings will be of an informal nature.  CUMBERLAND MINE EXPLOSION  Kills Two Men and Injures Others,- -  -. .Victoria, December 12.���Word was re-  ceivetl from Cumberland today ���o the effect that two miners were killed��aud several injured by an explosion last night in  the Union Coal Company's mines at that  place. Aeave-in in stope No. i disclosed  a leak of gas, which soon caused the explosion. Yjiwei and George Jones were  killed. The following weie badly burned:  D, Fairbairn, Harry Thompson, John  Guthre, Fred Larson and 0.11. Hoy. The  foreman was burned on tlie face. Two  Japs, who were overcome by afterdamp,  recovered. The explosion took place a  few minutes befoie the shift wa.s leaving  for the night. The explosion was evidently an accident, and the coroner's jni y j  today so found.  HOCKEY CLUB ELECTS OFFICERS  League Matters Discussed.  An  enthusiastic gathering of hockey  players took place at the  Hume hotel  last night, when the Xelson Hockey Club  was formally reorganized for the season.  W. R. McLean was  appointed  chairman  pro   tern, and   a couple of hours were  spent in electing officers,  receiving reports and  discussing the prospects for  the season.    C. E. Beasley, the treasurer,  reported  that a   small  cash balance remained to the credit of the club, and presented a detailed statement of last year's  receipts   and   expenditures.      This was  adopted.  The election of officers resulted as follows : It. Carley, president; W. R. McLean, vice-president; .S. Neelands, manager; C. E. Beasley, secretary-treasurer;  G. Bell, G. Doyle and S. G. Campbell,  members of the executive.  The committee was authorized to treat  with ihe rink officials for privileges,  and bo conduct the negotiations  with the Itos-Jnnd, Greenwood  and Ka��Io teams whieh will  form the proposed Kootenay league. An  effort will be made to secure a meeting  at liossland on Saturday for the purpose ���  of discussing league matters and arranging a schedule,  The teams which ib is proposed to include iu the new league are: Nelson City  Club, Nelson Lacrosse-Hockey Club,  Greenwood, Kaslo, Victorias of Rossland  and Ros-tland City team.  The election of a team captain was  postponed until the season opens. It Avas  suggested that a coach should be appointed to assist iu perfecting beam play,  and R. Carley was requested to undertake  this work.     ^   Want the Sunday Law Enforced.  Montreal, December 12.���The local-  barbers' association has appointed a committee to prosecute the barbers who open  their establishments on Sunday. The  committe will demand of the police committee that the law against Sunday  opening be sbricbly enforced as far as  bhe barbers are concerned.  Lived to a Green Old Age.  Pawtucket, Rhode Island,. December  13.���Mrs. Elizabeth Upham Chase, prominent throughout the country iu anti-  slavery days on account of her work iu  behalf of the negro, and a leading advocate of woman suffrage, is dead, aged 03.  PEEPABING   TO   SHIP   ORE.  Denver,    December    12.���-The  is  preparing ore for shipment,  new  ore for  eaily  in  the  Canadian Banks Loan in London.  New Y(��kk, December 12.���The Canadian- banks reported today tlmt they  were withdrawing iheii money fiom  New York foi' tlie pui*pcKO_ of_l_oaning_it  "abrohcK Local blanches of Canadian  banks have been purchasing exchange  freely of lato, and one institution reported this afternoon that most of the  money would probably be .sent to London, where it could find profitable employment, ft i.s not known exactly how  much Canadian money has been loaned  hero since the period of stringency began,  bub ib is stated that the amount is in excess of $1,1,000,000, and more than has  been employed in fins city at any one  lime for years.  A Body of Guerillas Captured,  Manila, December 12.���Colonel Smith  with a detachment of the 17th infantry,  surrounded and captured, in a village  near Malasqui, a party of guerilla*, wlio  had made their headquarters there. The  party included the band which ns-.as_.iii-  ated -seven officials at Ma lasqui for friendliness to the Americans, lb i-* expected  that they will be speedily biicd and shot,  or hanged a* examples, it' convicted  A Lumber Contract.  T. .!. Roberts, the purchaser of the  (���oat River Lumber Company's sawmill  at Creston, has moved bhe mill to Fernie.  Roberts has .secured a contract fiom the  Canadian Pacific Railway Company for  tho cubbing of six million feeb of lumber.  This contract was seemed in consequence  of tiie washing out of bhe big s,-n. miiJ at  Fernie last spring.  Contract Awarded.  W. C. McLean and XV. A. .McLean were  yesterday awarded the contract for the  excavation for the new warehouse wliich  Brack man ��fe Iver will pub up adjoining  their present premise**. Theie were half  a dozen tenders for tho job of removing  i000 yards of earth.  New  Marion  which will bo made  year.   . I  J  A company hab been floated and registered in London, England,  to take over  the   amalgamated   Bosun   and  Fidelity  mines near here, and adjacent claims.    It'  comes out under  the  patronage  of the  Northwest Mining Syndica te. and is to be }  known as the Bosun Mines, Limited, with  a capital of -��.10,000, in ��1 shares.     E   J_. *  lleatley is chairman,and If. Butler, Louis <  Seetiz aud T, J. Lendrum, directors.    W. .  JI. Sandiford is named as manager and G.  W. Pipe, seoretaiy. The nece&sary papers  were signed and  dispatched  from here  recen I ly, and ib  hs  expected  that  early  next month everything  will be in shape  for the extensive   development of this  most promising group of claims, meaning  much to New Denver and   the  camp   in  general  Local Mining Company Organized,  The organization of a local company,  which has been formed bo engage in  mining, was perfected yesterday. Tho  authorized capitalization of bhe company  -is yi,,100,000 iu $1 sh.ares���fully-paid up~  and non-asscsbable. The name of the _  | new company is the PeeLolus Gold Mines,  ; Limited, with head office.- in Nelson. It  is formed lo work a group of six claims,  situated at Camp .Mansfield. A fine  showing is reported on the claims, and ib  is the intention of the company to work  throughout the tv inter. The following  compose the board of directors: IL G.  Neelands, president; 0. Frank Beer, vice-  president ; W. \V. Beer, treasurer; W.  W. Beaton, secretary: Dr. fi, A. B. Hall,  Hamilton Hypr��, and A. McDonald. fi.  Kydd, manager of the Merchants Bank of  Halifax, is the auditor, and bhe Bank of  Biiti-h Columbia tho company's bankers.  Electric Street Cars Tested.  The tramway company had itb power  on yesterday afternoon when the two  cars at tlie Poplar stieet crossing were  tested and run up and down Water  <-ti eet for a short distance. The belt at  the substation stretched a good deal  while the cars were being moved whieh  made a noticeable difference m the speed  of the car. This defect vvn- attended to  later in the nfteuloon, and today if all  goes well the two cars will be run from  Poplar street* to the car barns on Kootenay stieet. ft is likely that the representatives of tiie city will be asked to  make the trip today from Poplar street  to the corner of Baker and Stanley, but  as yet nothing has been decided/ The  time for the formal opening of the ser-  tice is a matter which has not yet been  determined, as another day oi two maj*  be icfjuired foi preliminaries.  Iron Woiks Burned.  Owen   Solwd,    December    12.���The  Owen Sound Iron Works were partially  destroyed   by ihe this morning.     Loss  about $2000, insurance $5000.  JI  u  A  i  I  *\ THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C. .WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 13 1899.-  4Bfc  mm*  mmmmm:.  S-i_=>p  m*  to  to  to  to  m  BUY    NOW  . Do not wait until the last moment. 'Tis a well known fact that  only the early buyers of Xmas goods get the plums, and as Xmas Eve approaches the assortment of the**e goods gets badly broken. Therefore we  would advise our customers to buy early, when they can have ample time to  select their goods and not wait until the hurry and rush of Xmas. Our  stock of these goods is undoubtedly one of the best assorted in the city, consisting of Ladies' Silk Handkerchiefs, Kid and Mocha Gloves and Mitts, fancy  Fans, Blouse Silks, (in blouse lengths only). Silk Blouses, etc.  We have not forgotten the men either. There has lately come to our  furnishing department a new aud complete range of men's Neckwear in  Bows, Derby Flowing Ends aiid Puffs; Men's Silk Lined Kid and Mocha  Gloves, Plain and Fancy Silk Handkerchiefs,' Fancy Top Shirts, etc. We  have also added a Hue of Fancy Vests. These goods aro a* little out of our  line, but they are so pretty we could not resist buying. Needless to say the  prices arc right.  m  #  S  to  to  to  %>  MARTIN  O'REILLY & CO.  HOUSTON   BLOCK.   BAKER  STREET.  a?_3_=._vEs ca-Sih:  m  m  mmmi  m  m  Han  Our Silk Handkerchiefs for Christmas trade are now to hand  A large assortment to select trom, 15c and up.  MEN'S OUTFITTER  Sign bt the RED  HAT, Baker St., Nelson  J. F. WEIR  Wholesale  Houses  NELSON  B.C.  GROCERIES.  AI-IACDONALD & CO.���Corner Vernon and Jose-  ��� phino streets, -wholesale grocers pind jobbers in  blankets, gloves, milts, booti, rubbers, mackinaws and  miners' sundries.  K~ 00TENAY   SUPPLY    COMPANY,    LIMITED���  Vernon street. Nelson, wholesale grocers.    fOHN   CHOLDITCH  **   wholesale grocers.  & CO.���Fiont street, Nelson,  COAL.  CROW'S  NEST PASS COAL COMPANY,  sal' dealurs in coal and coXo,  Agent. Bak��r street, Nelson.  . Wholc-  Charlcs St. Barbe.  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  HBYKRS & CO.���Corner Baker and Josophino streets,  ���   Nelson, -wholesale dealer*; in hardware and mining  supplies.   Agents for Giant Powder Co. v -  LAWP.KNCE HAUDWA.HE COMPANY-Bukor St.,  Nelson, wholesale dealers In hardware and mining  supplies, and water and plumbers' supplies. *  VANCOUVER HARDWARE COMPANY, LIMITED  _ ���Baker street. Nelson, whole-Ale,, dealers in hardware and mining supplies, plumbers aiid tinsmiths' t>up-  plies.    : ' '_   ���Jerated and mineral waters.  THORPE & CO., LIM ITED.-Corner Vernon and Cedar  streets, Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesale  denlcis in teraled waters* and fruit syrups. Sole agents  for Halcyon Springs mineral water,     _____  ASSAYERS'  TEETZEL &  CO.  SUPPLIES.  Corner.Baker nnd Jose-  VV.   phine streets. Nelson, wholesale dealers in assayers  supplies.   Agents for Denver Firo" Clay Co. of  Donvor. Coloiado,  'Uh  iloi  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  rpURNER,-BKKTON & CO.���Corner Vernon and .Tose-  ���* phine streets. Nelson, wholesale dealers in liquors,  cifiars and dry goods. Agents for Habit Brewing Co. of  Milwaukee and Calgary Brewing Co. of Calgary.   .    COMMISSION MERCHANTS."  HJ. EVANS & CO.���Baker street, .Nelson, wholesale  ��� dealers in liquors, cigars, cement, lire brick and  tire clay, water pipe and steel rails, and general com-  mission merchants. .   FLOUR AND FEED.  BIUCKMAN & K.ER MILLING COMPANY LTD.-  Fiont street. Nelson, wholesale dealers in flour, oatmeal, etc., and hay und grain. Mill. at Edmonton, Victoria, and New W oMtmin.ter,  cigars;  KOOTENAY CIGAR MANUFACTURING CO.-Corner Bjiker and Hall ���trerts, Nelson, manufacturers  nf "Ru>nl seal" and "Kootenai Belle" brands of cigars  PAINTS   AND   OILS.  NELSON HARDWARE COMPANY-Bakcr Street���  WholeNile dealers in paints, oils, and brushes of all  kinds.   l_t_rgtint stock in Kootenay. ^   " FRESH AND SALT MEATsT  P   BURNS &  CO.���Baker street, Nelion, wholesale  ���   dealers In fresh and cured meatB. (.oldstori.tre.    "~~        POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTON I'OWBER COMPANY���Maker strcol*  Nelson, manufacturers of dynamiio, sporting*  stumping and black blanling powders, wholesale deaicrs  In caps and fuwci. uiul eluutnc blasting a]fpai-aliis.   iou of East Kootenay. Electoral divisions are subject to change every time a  redistribution of seats takes place: the  boundaries of geographical divisions are  seldom changed. But, then, it would be  useless to suggest that postoffices be  designated as in geographical divisions  instead of electoral districts, forthe average member of parliament is not aware  that the provinces are divided into townships and counties.  The Dunsmnirs have for years absolutely controlled a. ���.majority of the  members in the provincial legislature  from Vancouver Island, and no legislation  that in any way interfered with* the interests of *the Dunsmuii's .passed the  house. The .men who would like to play  the role of Dunsmnirs iii this section of  the province have formed a combine to  reduce, by political methods, the people  of Kootenay and Yale to the position of  mere vassals. These men will find that  the people of. Yale and Kootenay will  not take kindly to any such political  methods, and on tho first opportunity  tliey will show the imported managers of  foreign mining companies and alien mine  owners that Canadiaus think for themselves. No despotism is so hateful to free  men as the despotism of tho corporation  manager.  7��1a.ior Collins and J. B. Hastings and  Alexander Dick and W. Y. Williams and  A. L. Beeher nnd H. E, Croasdaile and R.  W. Brigstock nnd J. J. Campbell and J.  Roderick-Robertson and captain���Duncan-  and C. H. Hand and G. W. Hughes and  A. W. Wright and W.' W. Willows and B.  J. Perry and G. -N. Aylarrt and E.- JR.uh-  mehueyer alul .1. S. Kenton and T. Mayne  Daly aud Krank Hobbins and W. A. Macdonald met in conclave at Rossland and  decided to go into politic;! 1. partnership  with the Dunsmuirs. The party will be  | known ns the Dunsmuir Dots.  PROVISIONS, PRODUCE AND FRUITS.  PARSONS   PRODUCE   COMPANY���Vernon  ��treot.  Nelson, wholesale dealers tn   provisions, produce,  and fruit*.   Agents for tjwifL & Co. bacon and Iiimiih.   JY. GRIFFIN & CO.-Corner Vernon and Josephine  ���   streets.   Nelson,  wholesale dealers in provisions,  cured meats, butter and eggs.   FH. STK-V-. A RT & CO.���Warehouses on C. P. R. track,  ��� foot of Stanley Street, Nelson, wholesale dealers in  provisions, produce and fruitw. Cold storage. Agent-*  Armour fc' o '>��� bacon, hams, lurd lii.q uincr product..  MANITOBA  PR" BUCK AND CO*MMI_*SION  CO.,  Ltd. ��� Nolsmi   branch,   Hall   street.     Whole-ale  dealers in butter, eggs and ciico-o.   SASH AND DOORS.  NELSON SAW AND I'LANINU .MILLS, LIMITED-  C'ornor Front and Hall streets, Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers in sash and doors; all  kinds of faetory work made to order. ������   WINES AND CIGARS.  If it is to be a fight between tho  mine  owners and  mine managers on the one  side  and  the  people  on   the  other, the  sooner the fight is pulled off the  better;  C^l?%���ZU^^s^k ffiS^SS. I fc"d let it be a fight to a finish.     British  in wim^..^..mu.uim.*ndd,.,.l.^l.*���nd..M���or.edcigars, j Columbia is too big to be ruled by a few  swell-headed  mine managers like those  who met in Rossland the other day.  British (Jou'.mhia is big enough to  shelter all people who have opinions of  their own. It is big enough for Uio mine  owner and the mine manager and the  mine worker and the men who follow  other pursuits than niining; but it h. not  big enough to shelter any set of men  wlio would have all people either submit  to their dictation or be ruined.  @Mte SDritmm.  "A NEW postoffice has been opened in  " Yale district, named Kimberley," is the  information conveyed in a .special f rotn Ot-  t t.va. Kiiuberley is a small town in East  Kootenay, aiid two hundred miles distant  from the imaiest point in Yale district;  but, according to the absurd custom of  the postoffice department, Kimberley is  Hituated iu the electoral division of Yale-  Cariboo instead of the geographical divis-  When saloons confine - their business  strictly to dispensing drinks they seldom  arouse public indignation; but when  they resort to devices to make money  that nine out of ten people know to be  fraudulent, public indignation becomes  aroused, and the man that conducts his  place of business on decent lines is made  to suffer with those that are not satisfied  unless they have a license to fleece people  with thimble-rigging devices.  Disloyal Meeting in Dublin.  Dunlin, December 12.���The lord mayor  of Dublin, Daniel Tallon, presided at a  meeting of the corporation today called  to protest against the Transvaal war.  The..clerk declared that there was. no  quorum, but the lord, mayor insisted on  making a statement in which he declared  that the war was a wanton and unprovoked aggression undertaken by Mr,  Chamberlain and the capitalists against a  handful of farmers. He further declared  that America* was opposed to such iniquitous wars. In the meantime the members present shouted "No quorum" and  "Order," and the tumult in the galleries  drowned all the speeches. Finally the  lord mayor lefb the chair with the galleries cheering for president Kruger. No  attempt was made to adopt the previously prepared resolutions against the  war.  w  ��.  ;(��-.��.!  .*��**.>��.?  m  \m  mmt  Time  at This  In "Looking Around" is Never Wasted  f   _  li"  m  '$  m  w  Special Sale For One Week Only  IN THE  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  Silk   Department.  New  Looks Bad for Molineux.  York,    December   12.--Today*s  session in the trial of Roland B. Molineux  was devoted entirely to the examination  of William J. Kinsley, the handwriting  expert, who testitied that after examining  thousands of specimens of handwriting  he became convinced that -one-.person,  wrote the so-called "Barnet" and. "Cornish" letters: thatthe same man wrote the  address on the poison package, and that  man was Roland Bl Molineux.  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Hello!  ^ .*        _-    __, ���_. to  tx% -*_r __B___r__, ___r if i ���. ________     __r___r____r -x.  \ i��jj} ���      .' T' * *    ' ^ ,303 Baker and 303.Josephine Streets. ���*���-  'to  Ring up Telephone No. 13  If you want3  BASS' Pale Ale  GUINNESS' Foreign Stout  .  DREWERY'S Golden J^ber /\(e  SGHLiTZ'S -Milwaukee Beer  DOMINION BREWERY Porter  DOMINION B_\EW��r\Y India Pale ^le  Al! the above goods in PINTS or  QUARTS. Sold by the BOTTLE,  DOZEN, CASE or BARREL.  Hudson's Bay Co.  Telephone 13  Parson  Produce  Company  WHOLESALE  Butter,  Eggs,  Cheese,  .  Green  Fruits,  Cured ,p  Meats,  Vegetables  SHIPPERS OF THE EARLY,,  BREAKFAST BRAND OF EGGS  Full stocks carried at Nelson  Rossland,    Mail orders solicited.  and  e 9  ROYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS.   ,    ,    .  -.*  .  UNION   MADE  Kootenay Cigar lanfg. Go.  Were all the mines operated by the  men who met in Rossland the other day  shut down forever, British Coluiiibia  would still be a great muting country.  An ordinance closing the saloons from  midnight* till i..e"0 a. m. every day has  been passed by the city council of .Spokane. This i.s one of the results that follow when saloons are allowed to go  beyond their legitimate lines of business.  Nolson, BritiHh Columbia.  Fop Sale CheaB   - .iw  ftvorytftinj. in and about an: hotel building at -Creston,  ft station on tlio Crow'H pVcfit 'Pass Iteilwsy. Will be wold  either ��-. a whole or separately. Apply to CU'trloa P.  Olson; A ins worth, B. C.  About Lethbrktge Call Coal  The Lethbrid-jc Gnlt con 1 olllnc hns boon moved to the  bull in_r occupied by C I). J. Christie on Maker street,  where all oi-derfi for coul will roceivo prompt attention.  All perform Indebted for coal are requested to nett.lt> by  December 1st.  Horoaftor Oalt coul will Im. ��*ld for easl* only.  -���_... \Y. V. TlfCltNGV, G*>aeral Agent.   -  When it's Winter  With the .sudden i-hange in temperature,  colds and.coughs arc almost certain to develop  and tl.G_ wise. petVion ,-always heeds these  -.igno/ls*, and secures a -remedy that quickly  cures the trouble. Jt i.s well In have at  ' haifi���ready for immediate use���a remedy  that's certain, whoso use involves no risk.  These bear the highest endorsements:  Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil  (with hypophosphites of lime  and soda), pint bottles, 75c;  6 bottles for $4.  Scott's Emulsion, $1 per bot-  tle;'6for$5.'  Compounds Syrup of White  Pine and Tar, 50c and 25c.  Laxacold���stops a cold in  onerday~25c~.  And all the, standard   cough preparations.  Canada Book & Erug Oo  NKLSON, BRITISH OQI-UMPIA.   Cut Prices is the  Order of the Day  And I want to bo iu It. 1 have Just received  Fall RAinpleB of Suitings and > Over-  ' coatings representing a |5O,0OO stock to  choote from mado to your order at p ices  never before heard of in Xelson. All the latest '  fad�� hi Fnnov Vcntini.8 for Kail and winter.  I/iulles' tailoring in all ita branches a spocialty.  Lo*,vcHl,prlccB., Rooms 1 and 11, IliUyor block.  Stevens, TS]e Tailor  ~r' LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS- Nelson   Iwdge,  No,  25,  Knights ot Pythian, meots in I. O. O. F. Hall, comer  Baker and Kootenay- streets, every Tuosday evening at  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  T. LILLIK, C. O. II. G. JOY. K. of R. & S.  NKLSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  NELSON L. O. h., No. 1892, meets in T. O. O. F. Hall,  cornor Bakor and Kootenay streets, 1st .and 3rd  WARD  BROS.  REAL ESTATE  AND  GENERAL  INSURANCE  AGENTS  On application we will -quote you  rates on Fire, Life, Accident and Plate  Glass Insurance.  "Agents for J. and J. Taylor Safes.  FOR SALE---Busine"ssand Residential Property.  _.-* T)y 120 with improvement*), south side Vernon  "Street , ; ,  r-.^'jOQ.  ��0 by 120 corner of Baker antl Hall streets. Pniti.  ci'lurs kit en on application.  2J lots with cottage,* ruitcd at Sli per month, Victoria stroet 93500  _ lots with cot tage, rent cd ut $20 per month, Stanley  street < S3000  1 lots including corner, 200 foot frontage ?1200  For Residential Property you could  not do better than invest in Fairview,  commonly known as Bogustown, especially now that the tramway is  nearly-completed -   For particulars apply to above firm,  West Baker Street, Nelson.  A. R. Sherwood  HucceRMor !*o Chas. A. Waterman & Co.  Big Sc^oo^er  Beer or Half-  anck-Jhialf  ��� ��� ��� ���  IO Cts.  Always Fresh  Always     Cool  THE BEST GLASS OF BEER 1ST NELSON IS  AT THE  Club Hotel   Comer.Sllica and_  Stanley Streets.  E  J.-CURBANj-Prop.  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCE AND  GENERAL AGENT.  Fir-.t door wrst o( Bank of  British Columbia building.  Balder St. Nelson  Gh;  OBJNBRAt,   BROKER.  Friday of oach tnouthp  vltod.  JOHN TOYE. W. M.  h., No. 1892, meets in T. O. O. F. Hall,  Kootenay streets, 1st and 3rd  Visiting brethern cordially in-  F, J. BEADLEY, Keo.Seo.  NELSON   _ER1E,   Number  22,  Fraternal Order  of  Eagles, meets e very second and fourth Wednesday in  each month in Fraternity Hall.   "Visiting brethren welcome,  J. TRVtNO. President.       J. R. WBtAYy SocreEary.  ���VrsfLSOM MINERS' UNION NO, ��� iXi, TV. .F, of M.->~  *-v   Meets in IC, P. rooms. Fraternity Hall, the first:and  third Saturday evenings in each mojith at . o'clock.  Visiting aiombers welcomo.  JAMKS WILKS. Sec'y.      OHAS. A. MCKAY. Pros.  Tlli. regular meeting*, of tho* Cfti'penters' Union *.rc  held on   Wednesday evenirig: of  oach  week, ��t 7  o'idock, iu tho old Oddfellow's hall on Kootenay street.  JAMES COLLING. Secretary.  AEOHITEOTS.  SWART & CARR_K-*An)hltectB.   Rooms 7aad8 Abo  pdeea idook, Balser etroat, Nelaoti,  COLLECTIONS   SOLICITED  FOK 8ALK  A U-Iloom (new) House, rented at *_0 per month ... J3000  An 8-Iioom (new) Hoiiije, two lows, corner  2700  FOH RENT  A5-Room Houso ("urnishod) $80.00  money to wan on hbai, estate or shout terms,  offices:  Four Doors West of Dominion Express Office  'AUK vO.'K OKOCRIt foil  ALLEN'S APPLE CIDER  THOEPE & CO., Ltd.  IR REISTERER & GO.  BREWKRS AND BOTTLER8 OF  gep Meer,  ���Prompt and regular  dflllvory to the t"fide.  A. If, BARROW, A.M.LG.  PROVINCiAL LAISID SURVEYOR  Cainer Victoria and Kootenay Streets.  P. 0. BOX 55ii TELIOPHOKB NO. 9fl  Tho undoraigiied has a large quantity Of fir, cedan and  tamarac slabs, in 16-inch and i-toot, lengths,* suitabie ifor  stove wood, which will bo sold for $1 a load at t**e lalll  yard.  NEL130N SAW & PLANING iULLa Umited.  Nelson, August JUtih, 1889.   .  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  NELSON, B. C.  Coffee roasters and dealors in Tea and Coffee.  Offer fresh roasted colfee of best quality as follows:  Java and Arabian JMaeha, per pound ......,.?  40  Java and Mocha Btead, 3 pouuds  1 00  Fine Santos, 1 pounds ���������.. I 00  Santos Blond, 5 pounds .���-���*  1 00  Our Special Blend. 6 pounds  1 0Q  Our Rio Roast, Opopusnds....  I 00  A trial order B*} lioitod.  Salesrooms 2 Doors  East of Oddfellows  Blootj, West  Raker Steaet  CLBAN'OttQ- AND itEPAIRIMQ.  Your own  goods -made up.    Old clothes  made good: as * new.  ' #>ppo .!(*> Clarke HoW. MKKOHANT TAILOIU  -*\-''  ^^Wi ''T ��������'������ ?____-___?:r.'^.E-U*_i_se5*^^  THE TBIBTME: NELSOK B.C.; WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 13 1899.  3  ...   ���_���>  . *���<  i !  IKT">  V  ->  e  Capital,  Best,  Oil paid  up,    -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD 8TRATHCONA AND  MT   ROYAL, President  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND .Vice-President  E   S. CLOUSTON General Manager  NELSON   *B_B__i_.lsrO*H:  N. W. Oop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       BRAN0BE8 IN       LONDON  (England),   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO  and in tho principal cities in Canada.  ' Buy und sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers  GHANT COMMERCIAL AND TRAVELLERS' CREDITS,  available in any part of the world.  DRAFTS ISSUED    COLLECTIONS MADE; ETC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OF-INTEREST PAID  "    WAS   AN   UNQUALIFIED   SUCCESS.  Tlie "doll's fete," hold by the ladies'  Kuilfl of .Sb. Saviours church-yesterday,  was *au unf|ualified success. The event  took place in the eastern half of tlie Hurl-  son Bay company's new store, and the  capacity of the building was taxed to its  ntiuo-st to acccominodatc tho crowds  whie'/i thronged it during the fete. During the afternoon the children were much  in evidence, and the evening proceedings  Were witnessed by aii'interested gathering of. adult- who were attracted by tho  novel natr   . of the entertainment.  A staff of ladies took possession of the  building at an early hour and arranged  the interior. A range was placed in the  west wing and utilized for preparing  luuch. The east half was devoted to the  tables containing the various articles offered for sale, o On one table was placed  an astonishing display of dolls, and this  was in charge of Mrs. Troup. There were  dolls of high and low degree and representatives of a score of nationalities. rAll  were carefully and attractively gowned,  and the table' was surrounded four or five  deep all day. An enticing asnortment of  home-made confections was arranged on  a table just across the room. This department shared the honors with the doll  show, and Mrs. Lay, who was in charge  drove a thriving business. Miss Barn-  father presided over a table piled with  charming articles of fancy work, which*  also secured a well-merited share of the  visitors' patronage. Toys were shown at  another table, and Mrs. He'ley furnished  information to ' prospective purchasers.  Two novelties, a guessing clock and a  bran pie, "were in charge oi' Miss Vates  . and Mrs., Montague Bird respectively.  At noon a substantial lunch was .nerved,  a feature, which fwas thoroughly appreciated if the attendance may be accepted  as a criterion. The culinary department  was conducted by Mesdames J. .J. Campbell. Kskrigge, .Sherwood, Pollock, White,  ('oepel, Connan and Cummins,and Misses  Crickiuay, Campbell and Giml. The  viands were abundant, skillfully prepared and well served. During the afternoon a dainty tea wag served by Min.  Campbell and Miss Gurtl. This proved  to be one of the most delightful features  of the fete.  In the evening a choice programme was  rendered. The drawings in the various  competitions took place, and an auction  of the unsold good-, wound up a pleasant  aiul successful affair.  NOTABLE   ENGLISHMEN.  Sir George White, who is "at the front"  on the border of the Transvaal, is a V. C.  It is hopeless for any one not an Englishman bred and born to understand with  whatsincere-reverence these two-letters  affixed to a man's name are gazed upon  by all - Britishers. They take precedence  of all the letters a man in the course of  an industrious life of well-doing can ac-  ���|iiire even in this country of titles, and  although the decoration is a plain bronze  cross of no more value than a paperweight, there is not an Englishman the  world over who, if the choice between a  V. C. or a dukedom were offered him,  would not jump at the chance of the  former. The Victoria Cross is conferred  upon the fortunate possessor by the  queen herself, who, 1 believe, never if .she  can help it deputes to any one the duty  of,pinning it to the breast of the gallant  fellow, who has won it, but invariably has  him before her and thanks him for doing  the deed that brings the honor upon  him. The V. C. can only bo won in the  face of the enemy, and tho deed must be  one of outstanding bravery. This most  coveted honor is worn by drummer boys  and major-generals alike. On the day  that general sir George White had received from the hands of the queen the  cross with its two plain words "For  Valor" upon it, he was walking with a  friend, when he suddenly stopped, turned to his companion and said : "I trust to  heaven J henceforth never meet n spitting cat."  "Why ?" inquired his friend.  "Why, because I am a coward when  cats are concerned. I can't help it, but I  always turn tail and make off when a cat  arches her back and begins to spit. And  I would like to wear this cross with  honor, you know."  So country in the world; has such a  lunnber of characters of the type of which  the late colonel Fred   Burnaby   was a *  strikisig. example aa England.    Most of  these men are now in South Africa spoil-  THE BANK OF  NELSON  Is now prepared -to issua Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlirj, 6. C, and  Dawson City, Yu^on, District  ing for a fight.    They are men who when  there is war astir, no matter in what outlying  district of  the world  it  may  be.  push to the front to take part in the delirium.     When   unfortunately   (as  they  consider it) there is no spilling of human  blood in progress, they betake themselves  off to  impossible parts  ofthe  world to  shoot big game, or climb mountains, or  do something.in some place where there  is  a good two-to-one. chance of having  their  necks  effectively  broken.    One of  the best  known of tliere men is colonel  Baden-Powell.     In    the war    with  the  Boer/-* he will be a most valuable man to  the British   forces.    He knows well vast  tracts  of the  country likely  to  become  campaigning ground,' for he has not only  shot over it, but lias had minute experience of lighting, especially to the north  of   the  Boers'  strongholds.    He   served  with great distinction through the Mat'i-  bele campaign of '0(1, when lie was chief  stall'' officer to  sir Frederick Carrington,  who   commanded  the   troops.     Baden-  Powell, during the  campaign, could not  curb  his spirit, and after an  absorbing  day's  work he   was in  the habit,  when  night fell upon the wild country, of sending for the American .scout Burnham, and  the two  would set off for tin all-night's  prowl.    The Matabele soon grew to know  Powell    and   conceived  a   superstittious  dread   of   him,  calling  him - "Impeesa,'-'  which   freely  translated   is  "The  beast  that does not sleep, but  .sneaks about at  night."    As a scout no.one was more successful,  and for getting out of a tight  corner  not one of all the force  was so  cool-headed and quick afoot.    He used to  jump from rock to rock with the agility  of a chamois.    Towards  the end  of the  campaign he let the cat out of the bag by  explaining  how it  came that  he was so  sure-footed.    He said : "There i.s nothing  like  skirtdancing for making one  surefooted  and nimble.    I get on long skirts  and do two hours a day dancing.    That's  the way for a soldier to learn how to keep  on  his feet."   This  reads fantastically,  but is absolutely true.  When the battle of August ."5th in the  Matnpos���in which major Ken-thaw, lieutenant Harvey and so many others were  among the killed���was in ^progress, colonel 'Baden-Powell found himself in a  tight corner. He was scouting as usual,  endeavoring to discover a path up the  rugifl hills by which he could lead a company of men and take the enemy-iu the  rear. The fighting was very hot; and  while it was going on he clambored from  rock to rock or parsed across stretches of  level ground covered with long, coarse  grassy*-. Suddenly he heard the bleating  of goat**,, and, at once jumped to the conclusion that he was about to discover the  enemy's .supply of fresh meat. He quickly and without his customary caution  made his way in the direction from which  the sound of the bleating came, when all  at once he found himself confronted by a  group of armed Matabele. The enterprising negroes had tied-up two goats in  S'lch a way a-* to cause them to bleat, and  the blacks were lying behind big boulders  close by in the hopes that some fool white  man would be lured to the spot to capture the goats. Quick as a Hash Powell  let drive at the negroes, knocking one  over, and theii-he-Jiiing-kimself down-in  the long grass. The Matabele iired volley after volley into the grass but not a  bullet struck the scout. He wriggled  quickly through the grass, and every  minute or so leaped to his feet antl took a  snap shot, which usually reached the  enemy with effect. The Matabele evidently believed that there was more of  him than appeared on the surface. Had  they been certain that he was alone they  would have quickly overrun him, and although he might have knocked over a ]  half-dozen or *-,o of thein when they,were  on the wing, yet in the end his death  would have been certain, Jfe, on the  othei hand, dared not leave tho limited  patch of long grass. So the pot shots  continued until a company of soldiers  heard the shooting and came on at a run  to relieve their sweltering scout.  day; this ��� ancient- assumption- totters visi-  bly; -we gaze askance upon our criminal  class,;and begin to wonder where it comes  from���what makes it.  Some thought has been 'given, to cutting off the line of individual criminals.  That does not work. Crime is not hereditary in that sense and-degree. There is  not in the world merely certain strains of  criminal blood which, being eliminated,  all would go well.  Then society, coming still -further  awake, begins to perceive that humanity  just common, average humanity���responds to certain conditions with astonishing regularity of result; that children  ���good, ordinary, average children���being subjected to certain conditions, physical, mental, moral, social, become exactly  what might have been.expected. An occasional hero resists the conditions: for a  time; but a few generations of it reduce  that rare exception to the rule. Certain  conditions produce criminals.  Society is now on the right track. It  has.learned, that social* disease requires  other treatment than shaving. What  conditions produce criminals ? How can  we remove the conditions and so exterminate the crop of criminals ?  While we. are studying those specific  "conditions" which develop criminals, and  how oh* the one:.hand to eliminate the  conditions and on the other to strengthen  the resistance of the individual, one thing  we can do now. We can seize upon every  child now born in the surroundings  which -we '��������� know to be crime-producing  and' subject -him to years of child-gardening.  We have plain proof in gathered facts  of the reduction in criminality which  three or four years;of kindergarten training; gives, and. the .objection -made by  parents to "compulsory education" at a |  later age does not hold in babyhood. :  Mr. Horace Fletcher, is preaching this  movement, and the good sense of the  country ought to help it along.  The saving in.money alone ought to appeal-to the most sordid. .-'.Criminals area  serious pecuniary loss to the state. .We  should offer a reward for their extermination, as we'do for that of the thistle.  Merciful and Just.  Toronto Telegram.  Montreal needed the sharp lesson which  has been taught by the conviction of  William Weir, tke venerable wrecker of  the Ville Marie Bank. Mercy was tempered with justice in the sentence which  consigned Mr. Weir to the jail for one  day less than two years. Justice would  have fixed a Jong term iu the penitentiary as a punishment appropriate to the  crime. The court considered Mr. Weir's  77 years in .remanding him to the jail,  where he can frequently be visited by bis  friends and where he will be spared the  extreme ignominy which attaches to his  unfortunate position. It would be a  hard heart which could refuse a tribute  of sympathy: to .an old; man crushed by  the calamities;which liave overwhelmed  Mr. Weir. Sentiment had a great influence in Mr. Weir's case, but the ugly fact  remains that his dishonesty was the  means of robbiug hundreds of people to  an aggregate amount of $1,500,000.  Base Ball Politics.  ���   New   Vork,   December  12.���Baseball  politics is buzzing about the corridors of  the Fifth Avenue hotel today, where the  magnates and managers of the  National  League   are  gathering   for   the   annual  winter   meeting.   The  meeting  will  be  on    tomorrow    morning,   and    if    the  general perdiction is verified,  it will  be  one of  the   warmest  sessions   in -eight  years' history of the  league.   The proposal to reduce the league to eight clubs  Will naturally be the foremost matter of  consideration.    Nearly every club owner  seems to have a different idea as to what  should  be done and  how to go about it.  Some of  them express tho opinion  that  the effect-will result as  it did* last year,  . in'leaving the circuit as it is now.     The  Boston   owners   are   quoted   as   favoring   an - eight-club   circuit,   with Baltimore, .-Louisville, Cleveland and Washington- dropped.     Colonel John I.  Rogers,  whose opinion is   worth* quoting, = favors  the formation of two eight-club organizations, with- two clubs in -New York,  Chicago,  Philadelphia,  and,  perhaps, other  cities, and an equal division of territory  to each one of the two leagues or associations.    Mr. Hanlon   of   Baltimore is opposed to any plan by which his city is to  be dropped  from the  league  or to be  placed in a secondary league.- ft is understood that ho would offer -no.-, great ob-  j ection to colonel Rogers'   plan -for two  eight-cjub organizations, provided they  were equal in the size of the cities and in  playing strength ofclubs.     Other magnates in discussing this plan say that the  Only way Jbo carry out such .tin arrangement wonlfl be  to divide  the  territory  into an eastern and western league, each  to be in full control of its own field.  The Tremont Hotel  ;&��  wQ  ,# .  %  # <*y>  #H  MS  :#.  im <.  w o  w  ���  M Q  ID. MCA.ETHTJE  &   CO.  b  One of Those  Beautiful Pictures  IV Ol.R WINDOW Wll.I, MAKE A VERY  I-RK'ITY X'.MA.SUIFTKOI. YOUR FRIEND.  IT IS A LITTLE EARLY, UVT WE WILL  RESERVE IT FOR YOl'.  THEY   ARE   dOllNC.   FAST  y to  pi��  0 to  \frto  r to  to  to  to  to  OO   2?   ^JDLHTil^-^oIPSC   CE  HI  ll  c  to  0? to  " to  n *  Uto  0 to  N|AL0flE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters fop Miners and  THK BEST BRANDS OF,  FULL LINE OF  Liquors and Gigar��  ALWAYS ON HAND  THE NELSON SAW & PLANM MILLS, Ltd.  We have a stock of one and a half million  feet of logs at our mill and are prepared to cut  all kinds of dimension timber and ship to all points  on Kootenay Lake by scows or steamers, also by  rail to all points on the Canadian Pacific or Nelson  and Fort Sheppard railways. In stock rough and  dressed lumber, shingles, mouldings, sash, doors,  newels, turned verandah posts. Glass of all sizes.  Factory work of all kinds done to order.  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  . local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast..  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of ill kinds,  what you want la not In Block we will make it for you  CALL AND GKT PRICK*?.  One of the best and most po^p  ular hotels in Nelson.  si  ���'�� I  NELSON SAW & PLANING MILLS, lw.  OFFICE AND MILLS CORNER HALL AND FRONT STS., NELSON.  QUEERS  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  I     Large comfortable bedrooms and   flrst-clafus dining'  | room.   Samplo rooms for commercial men.  'R.A.I'E.S   ffi2   *E��*E3*R   IXA."ST  L 0e- CLARKE*-Prop,  Late of the Royal Hotel. Calgary,  TO EXTERMINATE THE CRIMINAL.  As society grows self-conscious it becomes aware that some of itself does not  behave woll. Without touching on nil  the questionable shades and degrees of  human conduct whieh are more or les.s  injurious to society, some pli_ise.�� of behavior are palpably bad, and must be  dealt with in some fashion, else the body  politic expires.  .Society's eai ly method was a prompt  excision of the part affected. Was there  a criminal? Off with his head! This  system was simple, cheap and easy; Lmfc  after centuries of practice it has dawned  upon society that criminality is much  like a beard���it grows by shaving.  Various depilatories have been recommended aiid applied, but the crop reappears constantly. H  AH this while society took the criminal  as a dispensation of. Providence and uever  (juestioned but that lie must ejusst."  To-  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE BTRKBT8. NKLSON  OontraetOFS and Builders  $;*;^y  >,..VtVK***' ���'  Hotel  Hume  WILL DO WELL TO  If. 0. IjUME, Manager.  I The flueat hotel in the Interior.  I     Large samplo rooms.  Steam heat and electric light.  j CORNKR OF WARD AND VERNON BTS.. NKLSON  en House  BAKKR ANI) WARD STREETS, NELSON  W. Burns & Co.  0h. Ofpick at  ��� Kelson, j. c.  Wholesale and Retail   .  ���   .   Dealers in Meats  Miijskets at Nelson, Hossknd, Trail, Kaslo, Ymir, Sandon, .Silverton, New Denver, Kevel-  .."..stoke, Ferguson, Grand Forks, Grerawwxl, Cascmle City, Midway, and  Vancouver.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded.  WestKoote n ayi Bu tc h er _C o.  ALL KINDS OK  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETA1L  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Ba^r street, poison L C, TRAVES, Manager  ORDERS BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  ARRIVED IN NELSON  AT  A large stock of first-class dry material on hand, also  a full line of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc,  h SI  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson  Telephone. 91        JollI!    RaG,   AgSllt  MTRONli" UNION SHOPS  UNION SHOP  Barber Shops Without Tbl* Oftrd In Window  Are Non-Union.  The only hotel Iq Nelson that bas remained under ono  management .Iik^ 1.90.  Tho bod-rooms aro well furnished  and   lighted by  electricity. ....  The dining-room Is not second to any In Kootenay.  The bar Is always stocked by tho best domestic and  Imported liquors aiid cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor^  Large and well lighted Heated by hot nil  Reasonable rates Sample loom.*-  Klcctric bell*, and light in every room  Renovated ami rufiirm-ilicd throughout  HOTEL VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Propriotor  Freo busuicetsall tr.iii). Ravaisfnkfl    B   C.  Hourly street car to .tation na��BI8lMt\B,  D. U.  Night, Grill Room in connection, for the domemencc of  guesti- arriving and depaiting by night tralni.  'C.   MOTEL.  Knit., B. C  K-wbcln-w-in every respect. Choic��_t winas, linuor-i  and cigar.. Kvory cbmfort for transient and i-ewident  guesta.  HEADQUARTERS FOR UNION MEN.  Canadian Whiskies  In-li-dm.. ***.���.��� .nil's ���*. (, uiul ' *ci.i old l.*o u> U.ii>��*K      ';<'.x'iM'mm & H"oit��"R>t* in f  hcf-MM-V SWii, S.' it. i- .mil While W'IiimI W lii^k.  m < iw-*,       Wulk'-r- < I'll* R><' in tV  A. H. OKAY, Kootenay Ak-'iU  "   Nelson, li. I),  R. P. RJTHET & OO.  W. E>. DICKSON  _. H. H. APPLBWHAITB  3. MoFHBEl  e  ijoteoay Eieetrie Supply and Constrnetion Go.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Oomplate Electric Hqulpmanto for Bleotrlo Power Traajsmleslon and Lighting for Mines. Towns  Electric Fixtures, I_ampe, Bella, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc  P. O, Box 606, Jceepbino Stroet, Kelson, B. O.  F____   U_     _..._.  n_��___.____���*>_______  TO YOUR LOT UNE, WE DO IT  ree Water borsnections       see us  CAS   FITTING   OUR   SPECIALTY  PLUMBING   OF  ALL   KINDS  SiTRAGHAlN BROS. Opera House Bik.  JOSEPH   CAMPBELL-.   ppopMotor.  Fred J, Squire, Merchant Tailor  FULL LINES OF FALL AND WINTER SUITINGS  WK8T BAKKR STRKKT NELSON  OPPOSITE: SB.VBR KING HUTKf. !  THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSOX, B.C., WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER  IO  10,  1899.  &.  ���. " >��� ���;  .-:;*.'���-.��� .  yM-y  ��� s. *�� t   ���  m  It-  &s  _ .._**... '���  I*. ._*8"  l*;\#.  "*_"���*��!  -I'M..*1  a  pi*  teg.-  ilf.  I'-^'ni-fc'S,  r?^*tp  i*����i^_  I lip  &*&&  ^o per Ce/?�� Discount  In order to reduce our stock previous to stock taking we have concluded to offer a discount of 20 per cent for cash on all goods in the drug line, with the exception of Patent and  Proprietary ^Medicines, until Saturday, the 23rd instant. These goods are not old and  shop worn, but on the contrary they are all fresh new goods, purchased in the best markets  and cannot be excelled.  W.F. TEETZBL # CO.  Corner Baker and Josephine Streets  Nelson, B. C.  Wholesale and Retail Druggists  and Dealers in Assayers* Supplies  See Gilker's Special Freize Ulster Overcoat at  ITS A STUNNER  OTHER CLOTHING IN PROPORTION  A Bmiill line of New York Neckties will be open in .a few clays for Xmii. trade  WAIT POR THEM  %J m     _^TL  THE OLD P.O. STORE  Stands Fifth  Established in Nelson in 1890.  The jewelry store of the  ���undersigned, is classed as  the fifth largest in Canada.  This maistmean,if it means  anything, that Nelson has  a jewelry house that carries a large stock, there  fore* people can choose  when purchasing articles,  eitherusefulorornamental.  Clement & Hillyer Block, Baker Street.  Jacob Dover  SMALL SHOES "��lit,!,, ��*���" '  STRONG SHOES tw MUIdv ^  STYLISH SHOES.im't,,ci1'fuhC!"*  - -DAINTY-SHOES^*!^ ^mie,e_  ELEGANT SHOES t6r -,!,��.. 1110t hoi���*.  Sit.  i--��W;'.  COMFORTABLE  FOOTWEAR-  .NY hWikI buek of our Shoo. . ..      , .    ..  ,    , ,           f,���,��� ,,.-1. ttock  tir.it then; i. no cv'-iwe lor anjinuif. bill -.11 isfactrt-n  ���IU,., ����o �����-��a�� Y&w��� i*Xn1-SuM.?snAlly ioUluMl lotior ���r.co, fur ih. ,umc quality  H(,iw-c,i��i.n.i tUn jou cvci* run across  PUocs 10 at nil fri-t. In -.t.Ue. to suit *���������*.���>��� fancy, al i*n��-s niowcil ��lown to a minlinuni.  Neelands' Shoe Emporium  BAKER RTRKKT, NKI..HON  ^jad^tJ-arter'^  and Winter Clothing  ��� c ���  THEO MAD-SQINr  IBalcei* Street.  .  FORMERLY KNOWN AS THE  NELSON CIGAR GO.  If sou urn-Id enjoy  a ficsh nnd frapfrnnt  binoke don tforiel the  Cabinet kcep-uhim  . fi, B. Matthews,  J'ropiietor,  Ashcroft  uy  iM  5."fe  ftfl  J"M��'*y  yy  BLACKSJVIITHfNG  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  s "~-"��������  }_... WiagpM repairing promptly attenaed to by a flist-olin*-  i wheelwright. ,..,_.,.._,.'_  GREAT REDUCTION  *.m*t?.wxi]_:uip.  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing and  aoaloin work Ifrom outside polbts.  &##������   ^ St��>��*i botwwti Sakar am* Vernon, Hefoor*  H^D  COAU'Q OK! CROW'S  ANrpAG!r��<P��'Oci [NESTCOAL  X>__CX_X'V''��3'��t'��Q.X)  6.15  TEIiBPHONB'  C. W. West & Co  LOCAL NEWS IN BRIEF.  D. McArthur & Co.* yesterday received  a consignment of ,'WO mattresses, enougli  to supply the demand of tlie trade for  the next two weeks.  Another mechanic's lien Avas filed  against the Little Phil mine at Ains-  worth yesterday. It will rank about the  twenty-fifth on the list.  Frank Lavin, the former sawmill owner  of Salmo, has charge of the sawmill -which  the Peterboro townsite company is put-,  t ing in at Peterboro, at the junction, of  Horse Thief and Toby creeks. The machinery for the mill is now'being received  on the ground, and an early start of the  mill is promised. ���  A. C. Ewart's new residence.on-Front  street, between Park and Cherry streets,  is now ready for lathing. The building,  which will cost about $2500 when completed, is one of the neatest residences in  the city. "  Ewiirt & Carrie have prepared plans  for an extensive addition to the Waver-  ley hotel property on Victoria street.0  Work upon the same will be commenced  as soon as a contract is let. ���  Water commissioner Thompson yesterday shut off twenty more tousumers of  city water who were six mouths iu arrears with their rates. The shutting off  of water .is proving a first-class means of  collecting arrears. -.  The Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace  are meeting with much encouragement    in    f'eir      effort*,     to ��� start    a  BUSINESS   MBNTION.  "Waitress   Wanted���At   once,      Good  va*<C8 to reliable girl.   Kaslo hotel, K.v;lo.  For sale���Fifty-foot frontage on south  -tide of west Baker sl reel, block 01. Acirtieas Lots, Tn*  bunc olHuc .*���  Tenders wanted for excavating. Apply  to tho Bi-ackman-KQr Milling Company, Limitctl. Front  Street, Xelson, B. C.  , Luminous house numbers*- $1.00 each.  Leave older, with cash at L. Pogue's harness shop,  Ward .treet, from 10 a m. to 7:30 p.m    H. II. Avery.  Wanted���Ex pei fenced dressmakei s and  girls who can make or Jinisli \saKt*,, ���'kuts nnd co,\ts.  Good wage.. Apply at once to Fi ed Ir\ inr*& Co., Baker  street, Nelson.  , For Sale���Dairy���Apply P. O. box 190,  Nelson.  Offices to Let���Two offices in Turner-  Bocckli -block.   Enquiio room 7 in building.  Thousands  In this city alone are testifying as  to our efficiency in WATCH  REPAIRING, it is worth while  listening to.     It will  save you   time-and money-in the-long- run.  Absolutely no risk. Satisfaction  or money refunded.  ,     PATENAUDE BROS.  '  't BAKER STREET.  Watchmakers, Nelson, B. C.  intry Weather .  OUR     i  PRICES i  AS       I  SMALL   I  as    ;  CENTS  i  Is with ii*- .xii(l we have mnilc p-pcciul  purelm.es to meet aII dcmuml-. for  wintrj weather goods. Uon't forget  that wo keep a complete stock of all  kinds of Kcnlu' furnishings, and thai  tho valuer in our rooiIs lire as bift: as  dollars���our prkes as small  as cents.  BROWN & CO , olot^bVsh?ngs.  Opposite Queen's Hold, Baker Street.  The j.nritv of Ihe ilrugsand medicines wlininis-  tereil to the patient is the most essentia!-clemcut  in tho fiiiccevifnl treatment of <hsen>*e. Pieserii)-  tions are eoiiipouiided bj* iiH from absolutely pure  drugs in perfei't condition, and tho phjmcian's  hkill will not bo nulhflecl by old and iinpotcnt  diugs.   Our stock of requisite*! foi  THE TOILET  THE NURSERY  THE SICK ROOM  Ate complete  Your piitronago holiclted  NURSES' DIRECTORY,  For the <*on\ onience of mirnes ,nul physicians, we hare  ostabliHlied a Xursos'Dircctorj, and in oulcr to have it  complete, icquc-,1 nil nurses to nenrt in or rail ami leave  their names and addresses.  DISPENSING CHEMIST  TnlepliQiioild ' P. 0. Box 235 BakerHtreot  Mail orders iiramptly uUendt.dlo,  school in Nelson. A site has been secured  on Mill street, east of the Catholic church,  and almost enough money has already  been subscribed to pay for it.  A. S. Macdonald, purser of the steamer  Slocan, left for Winnipeg last evening.  His friends are of the opinion that he has  matrimonial intentions.  HOTEL ARRIVALS.  At the Phaii..���L. A. Campbell, Rossland; J. Tiuliug, Silverton ; R...C. Clute,  Toronto; It. F. Harris, Toronto; J. F.  Boss, Spokane; R. Byrne, Spokane; K.  Jacobs, Midway; W. D.-Drewry, Mew  Denver; A. .S. McDonald. Slocan City;  P. A. Bird, Spokane; D. Burns, Vancouver.  At thk Hume.���F. Western, Toronto ;  G. A. Mclntyre, Vancouver: D. Davidson,  Toronto; Mrs. W. J Weir, Lardo ;.F. A.  McGuire, ... H. Jackson, Kaslo; W. A,  Cummings, Spokane; W.. S.-Johnson,  Slocan City; C. Parker* Rossland; W. S.  Logan, Montreal; A. D.-Dods,'Vancouver;  J.--F. Macdonald, Montreal; E. Dobson,  Vernon; J. Fleischmann, Vancouver.  At the Queen's���W. G. Clark, J. Crawford, W. Walmsley, Sandon ; T, L. Peel,  Xottington ; P. J. McCarville, Spokane;  W. C. Forrester, Ymir.  At thk Madden���P. McCue, Kaslo*: E.  Thomas, Boundary.  At thk Silver Kino���J. B. Twiss, .).'  P. Twiss, Woodburn, Out.  .  At. thk Royal���W. A.  Gordon,  Toronto ; C. M. Moore,  Spokane;  W.  Good,  Fernie : N. Trueman, Vancouver.  Goods at Half Price  We still have some goods left from  the bankrupt stock purchased at  Sandon at a low rate on the dollar,  and consequently we can defy  competition.    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .  - .'H'ere'are a few of our prices.  Dress goods fancy mixtures, regular price  $1.75, sale price $1.  Dress goods, fancy mixture, regular price  $1.50, sale price 75 cents.  Dress goods, fancy m ixtu re, .regular price  75 cents, sale price 40 cents. '���������������' ���_..*���  Table Damask at 25 cents per yard.  Children's wool hose at 10 cents per pair.  Ladies' flannelletto -wrappers at $1.25,  Black   Henrietta,   worth 75 cents,  sale  price 50 cenLs.  Black Henrietta, -worth   50   cents,  *.ale  price 35 cents.  Pink flannelette 7 cents per yard.  Ladies' fancy blouses, velvet collars, regular price $1.50, sale price 80 cents.  Miner's  shoes,  regular  price  $3,00,  sale  price $1.50. -    ���  Overalls regular price $1.00, sale price  50 cents.  Oxford  shirts, regular price $1.25, sale  price 50 cents.  Men's tweed suits, regular price $12.50,  sale price $7.00.  Men's heavy all-wool tweed pants, rugu-  lar price $3.50, f*ale price $2.00.  For want of space we are going out  of ladies' and children's footwear,  and will clear these off at cost . . .  Ladies' Oxford shoes..  Ladies' strap shoes...  Ladies' kid button shoes.  Ladies' kid button shoes.  Children's shoes*.   I tegular  1 'rice.  ..$1.75  ..   1.75  ..   2.00  .     *..00  ,   LOO  Sale  l-rice.  $1.00  1.00  1.25  2.00  50  The Balance_of our ladies'~capesT  and jackets at less than cost.   All  other goods in our store at greatly  reduced prices.   .    ,    . .__._ . .  A. Ferland & Co.  KM.IOT BLOCK, BAKER STREET, NKLSON.  Nelson Business College  Will Open on Wednesday, January 3rd, 1900.  BOOKKEEPING, SHORTHAND, TYPEWRITING  THB LBADINa FEATURES,  Intend'*!!? Students Jfuy Hci.i.kT nt Once.  The comi'iercial dcpai tuicnt will be under thecontn 1  of ..I. U Hntimy, u teacher of eighteen > car?' oxpoi ienct*.  The Rliditliaiid and t> pewnting dop'i Iment will be  ij inducted Uy Jtlis- H. E Men ill, liitcj Of "'The Expositor"  skill', Hrcintfoul.  Virtorm Street,  _.i_ur Cit> Hull.  3ATTBAY & MERRSLl  �� ���  ROYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS   UNION   MADE  Kootenay Cigar Manfg. Co.  N .lson, British Columbia.  t.,,-lS3x5��h..  . .w^'-ia^ . ;.**it JS.T:^  tovesl  WE HAVE THE FINEST LINE OF  Coal Heaters  EVER DISPLAYED IN KOOTENAY. DISTRICT  SOLE AGENTS FOR THEIFAMOUS  Cole's Hot Blast Heater  Our claims for this heater is that it is adapted  to any kind of coal, CROWS NEST, LETH-  BRIDGE, or ANTHRACITE, burning all kinds equally well. Not requiring tha  attention of an ordinary coal heater. Economical, durable and simple in construction.   See our Steel Ranges for hard and soft coal or wood. ;  H. Byers & Co.  NELSON KASLO SANDON  WE HAVE STOVES  '    *: '       . ���''.."' . . . ��� . * �� .���*���.'  But while we are waiting for the cold weather we  would draw your attention to our line of  NICKLED   COPPER WARE  Including Tea and Coffee Pots (several designs), Enamelled Handle Dippers, Pudding Dishes, Tea Kettles, etc.,  and the only place you can get them is  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE   CO.  Xmas    Xmas  A COMPLETE LINE OF FANCY BISCUITS AND CAKES  FIGS  CRANBERRIES  DATES  MAPLE SYRUP  PLUM PUDDING  HQ*EY, JN COMB  DRIED FRUIT  NEW CURRANTS, CLEANED  NEW SULTANA RAISINS, CLEANED  NEW VALENCIAS, CLEANED  NEW LONDON LAYER RAISINS, 5, 10, and  20 Ib. BOXES.  NEW PEELS, ASSORTED ENGLISH  MIXED NUTS  APPLE   CIDER  All the Necessaries For  Your Xmas Dinner  MINCE   MEAT  GRAND   DISPLAY   OF   CROCKERY   AND    GLASSWARE.    THE  LARGEST   STOCK    IN   KOOTENAY.  Jgjip-kpatrick & Wilson  P. O. BOX K. & W.  BAKER STREET.  TELEPHONE 10.  Christmas vm More-  An apprehension. So many ladies dread the Christmas season  it means so much extra work, but it's no more so. The old  fashioned way of sitting down cleaning Currants, seeding  Raisins, shelling Nuts, cutting Peel, grinding Spice is a thing of  the past.  We can sell you Raisins seeded, Currants cleaned, Peels  cut, Nuts shelled. Everything ready, no trouble, no extra  labor,  h�� you want up to date Groceries at any time call or write  us we lead in prices.  Swiss and Roquefort Cheese now in stock.  _**"���  BaKr   1VL De^Elrisray & Co*  Removal  Notice  Wc beg to announce to our many patrons that we have removed to  our new quarters in the Houston Block, the big increase in tlie  volume of our business forcing us to seek larger premises. Thauk-  the people for the patronage accorded us in the past, in anticipation  of an increase of this, custom in the future, we remain, theirs to  command in all lines of groceries.  Houston Block, Baker Street qJ 012*2      jTJ.*      l&tylTlM       @��      LO*  PALACE   FRUIT   STORE  The largest and best assorted stock of Candies and Confectionery in the City.  G B. Chocolates and Bon Bons.  i-owney's   " "      u      (direct from New York.)  Grystalized Fruits (direct from London, England.)  'Ss-ts-tSL. J* a. Mcdonald.  <.:


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