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 BSgjg'sJB*****'*?*;?**^^  I*��:  .Is*  Jo '���  t  !  1*4' /  *  ���I  i'i  .1,)-   i  ,!���*:���  _' ������;-.���  ���*,  i ..���  ���  _���> i  Vi  CHAMBERLAIN MAKES ANOTHER  Significant Speech.  London, November 80.���-Joseph Chamberlain, secretary of state for the colonies, in a speech at a luncheon at Leicester  today, said that ever since the great split  in. the Liberal  party  he had found himself a mark for  the slanders and misrepresentations of  the "baser sort of politicians," but, he added, he had found compensation in the generous appreciation of  the majority of his  countrymen.    Continuing,   Mr.  Chamberlain   .said he was  deeply gratified that the foreign relations  of Great Britain   were so satisfactory.  The country owed a debt of gratitude to  lord Salisbury for the great improvement  of Great  Britain's   position.    It  was especially  gratifying,  he   pointed  out, to  note the  friendly  relations existing between the Anglo-Saxon  branches, saying  the  understanding between  the United  States and  Great  Britain  was the index  of a guarantee of the peace of tlie world.  This statement was  greeted with cheers.  It  was  of   the  utmost  importance, Mr.  Chamberlain    further    remarked,    that  Great Britain should not remain isolated  in Europe, and  her  natural'alliance was  with the great German empire.   They had  had difficulties  with Germany, but their  interests and sentiments were the same,  and an understanding between the Teutonic and Anglo-Saxon   races  might do  more than any combination of armies to  preserve the  peace of the  world.    The  world, he asserted, was not governed entirely by interest; sentiment was oue of  the greatest factors.  Referring to the attacks of the foreign  press, Mr. Cluimberlain said the newspapers had not even spared the most  sacred person of the queen. This, continued the speaker, provoked natural indignation, which may have serious consequences if our neighbors do not mend  their ways.  .Dealing with the attitude of foreign  nations, Mr. Chamberlain said: "I rejoice, and it is perhaps natural, for 1 have  taken a personal interest in the matter  of the friendly feeling which. I hope is  now permanent between the two great  branches of the Anglo-Saxon race. I  have so many friends in the United  States���almost as many as T have here���  and I conceive of no greater disaster to  tlie two countries than to find themselves  hostile to each othei'. Yet 1 remember  .then 1 first visited America my surprise  and astonishment at the evidence given  me by statesmen, politicans and in  articles in the press, of the constant suspicion of the objects of Great Britain,  constant doubt's as to her integrity, and  general unfavorable estimate of our prospects and character. Once addressing a  great meeting in Philadelphia, 1 ventured  to say that what we \. an ted vas n new  Columbus, to set out from America to  discover the United Kingdom, and return to America and toll them something  they did not know of the strange  character of the inhabitants of these  islands.  "This ill feeling  was due no doubt  to  many causes :   due  to  the  fact that the  United States   has   never   been   at war  with any great power but Ktigland;  due  to their traditions, extending over a century; due to a feeling that the sympathy  of Great Britain   was  not  with  them in  tlie civil war, and to  the   general  belief  that the people of  Great  Britain  would  see   with   satisfaction   any   harm   that  might befall them.      It   appeared to me  almost useless   to   contradict   these mistaken Opinions : but what the assistance  of statesmen could not  do  was  done by  the sympathy we were able to give them  when the United States  found itself the  object of   suspicion,   a. hich has so of ten  accompanied our own  transactions when  -en gaged-itia warof���justice-against"op--  pression; a war in favor of  civilization  and good government. Our action proved  to the Americans that wo are  indeed one  people, of the same thoughts and guided,  by the same principles.     The   assurance  that was given them in the course of the  Spanish war will, 1 believe, never  be forgotten and has placed our relations in an  admirable position.  "The union���the alliance, if you please  ���the understanding between the two  great nations is indeed a guarantee of the  peace of the world. But there is .something more,whieh 1 think every far-seeing  English statesman has long desired, that  is, that we should not remain permanently isolated from the continent of Europe,  and I think ib must have appeared' evident to everybody that the natural alliance is between ourselves and the German  empire. We have had our differences,  quarrels, and contentions; they all have  been about petty matters. These difficulties have been gradually removed, until now 1 cannqtt conceive that any point  can arise in tlie immediate future which  can bring ourselves and Germany into  antagonism of interests On the contrary, I can forsee many things in the  future which must cause anxiety to the  statesmen of Europe, but in whieh our  interests are clearly the same as Germany's, and oi" which the understanding,  of which I have spoken in the case of  America, were it to be extended to Germany, would do more perhaps, than any  combination* Of arms to preserve the  peace of the world."  FRIDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 1,  1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WHBKIii*, $2.  of Chicago, charged with embes.dement.  He was arraigned at the Bow Street police court here today. A representative  of the United States embassy said the  embassy had no knowledge of the affair,  and asked for a remand to enable the  embassy to communicate with Washington as to whether the authorities wished  for the prisoner's extradition. A remand  until Saturday was granted. It is understood that Simpson is a defaulting ex-  auditor of the city of Chicago. A receipt  for 2000 livres paid for jewelry purchased  in Rome and pledged in Dublin was  found ou him.  The Line Beopened to Estcourt.  Estcourt, November 27.���The Twelfth  Lancers are reported as having  attacked  Piet Retrief's  force at Weeuen aud inflicted great loss on the  Boers.     General  Hildyard's troops bivouacked  yesterday  (night) at Frere.    Two Boers  have  been  captured.     One of them, a doctor, entered the British camp uncler the belief that  it was the Boer bivouac.     General  Joubert, it is reported, retreated  to  Coienso  yesterday   by   way of   Chieveley.     He  travelled   in an  omnibus  drawn  by  six  horses.    Two Estcourt trains arrived  at  Frere yesterday evening.    There is great  rejoicing  at  the reopening  of the  line.  The Boer  prisoners  report that  geueral  Hildyard's night attack with  cold  steel  paralyzed  the    burghers,   whose   losses  were SO killed and over 100 wounded.  i�� M��-see****. **_* et^  An Alleged Defaulting Official.  London,   November    80.���Michael   J.  Simpson was arrested at   a village near  -Limerick, Ireland, on Tuesday, November  28th, on the.request ofthe;-ehiefydet��(ctiye:  NO WAR NEWS OF IMPORTANCE  Received from London This Morning.  London, December 1���4:30 a. in.���Beyond the report from Estcourt that firing  was heard in the direction of Ladysmith  on Monday, there is not a shred of news  of any kind from the seat of war. A  semi-official statement has been issued  that lord Metheun's wound is not serious  .and that he is expected to be all right in  the course of a few days. It is certain,  however, that the wound will prevent his  being iu the saddle, and there is great  anxiety to known whether he will be  compelled temporarily to abandon > the  personal direction of affairs. ,llisnext���in  command is colonel Colville, commanding the Guards brigade. He has a reputation as an excellent officer.  As men are needed in all directions,  lord Wolseley'sannouneenient that a new  division will be embarked without delay,  has been received with the* greatest satisfaction. The transports will soon be  returning from the Cape and it is hoped  that the men will be despatched speedily.  On this point the Morning Post says :  "The sooner we can make up our minds  as to the magnitude of the work in hand,  the sooner it will be accomplished."  Baden-Powell all Right at Mafeking.  London, November 30.���Colonel Baden-  Powell, under date Mafeking, November  20bh, sent the following to the war office  through Forrester-Walker at Capetown:  "All well here. Cronje gone with commando and about twenty wagons to  R_>cetar*n, Transvaal, leaving most of his  guns with the Marco and Lichtenburg  contingents, with orders to shell us into  submission. The bombardment and skirmishing continue with very small results.  The enemy's sentries drew n.^Qnt_on Sat-  "u"rday"by"niakih^Ti~sliow"of"going away,  and leaving a big gun apparently in a  state of being dismantled. Our scouts  found the enemy hidden J in a forest, so  we sat tight. The enemy's 4-pounder bo-  came damaged and has been replaced by  another more efficient. Am daily pushing our advance, work with good effect.  The health of tlie garrison is good. So  casualties to report."  Eulogized the British Troops.  London, November BO.���Lord Wolseley,  speaking in London this evening, eulogized the conduct of the British troops in  Soutli Africa and confirmed the semiofficial announcement that another  division of the second army corps would  be called out. This division, he said,  would soon be on tin. way to the Cape.  He expressed himself as confident that  the reserves would respond to the call  with the same obedience and pride that  had marked the responses to previous  calls.    Enthusiastic Demonstrations of Friendship.  London, December 1.���The annual  Thanksgiving banquet of the American  Society in London was attended by 27.5  guests, and was marked by enthusiastic  demonstrations of friendship for England in the war against the Boers. A  striking speech by^ ambassador Choate  along these lines and the presence of the  uniformed nurses and doctors of the American hospital ship Maine were the  features of the occasion.  Ladysmith Bombarded.  ; London, December 1. ��� The Times  publishes, the following dispatch from  Frere, Natal, dated November 27 th:  ������Ladysmith was heavily bombarded������to-  Hi  Ui  *  Hi  *  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  iii  iii  iii  iii '  iti  iti  iii  iii  Hi  Hi  %  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  i_>  iii  iii  tli  Hi  \li  Hi  Hi  iii  Ui  iii  iti  iii  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  iii  iii  iii  iii  tli  iii  tli  tli  iii  iii  iii  iii  iii  iii  iii  iii  iii  iii  iii  iii  iii  iii  iii  ii.  ii/  iii  iii  iii  iii  iii  tli  tli  THE KILLED AND WOUNDED AT THE MODDER RIVER FIGHT  London, November .30.���The war office received from the general  commanding at Capetown  the following :  "Received from Modder River, November '10th : Killed���.Staff colonel-IT.  P. Northcote, Second Coldstreams; Lieutenaut-colonel H. R. Stopford,  captain S. Farle.  Artillery: Wounded���Major Lindsay, captain Farrell, lieutenant  Dunlop, lieutenant Fuerse. .       . .  Third Grenadiers: Major count Gleic'hseii, lieutenant the Hou F.  H. Lygon.  Coldstreams: Lieutenant viscount Achesou;  Medical corps : M.A.Moore. *.'.'...  General Methuen was wounded slightly by a bullet, which inflicted a  flesh wouud in the thigh.  Lieutenant Loud of the Second Yorkshires is auother officer killed.  The following officers were also wounded:. Lieutenant Traverse, Third  Grenadiers;   lieutenants Elwees and Hill, Scots Guards; lieutenant Flint.���'.  Lancashires ; majors Barle and Ottley and lieutenant Fox, Second Yorkshires; lieutenants Baker, Carr and Neilson, Argyle Highlanders.  Colonel Northcote participated in the Sh'erbroe expedition iu West  Africa in 1883, where he was desperately'wounded; in the Zulu war; the  Ashantee expedition, and in the Karagwe expedition in 1893, for which he  was made a Companion of the Bath. Recently he commanded the northern  Gold Coast territory. '  Lieutenant-colonel Stopford had seen actual service.  Major count Gleichen is a relative of the queen, is a major of the  Grenadier Guards, and is the oldest son of the late prince; Victor of Hohen-  lohe-Langenburg. He took part in the Nile expedition of 1884-85; was  attached to sir West Ridgeway's mission to Morocco in 1893; did special  service in the Soudan in 1890, and was attached to Mr. Reed's mission to  Abyssinia in 1897. He has been staff captain of the intelligence division of  the war office since 189.-5.  Lieutenaut-colonel Stopford's death ends a most promising career. He  was the officer mainly responsible for working out the plans for the mobilization scheme.  \************************************************************j>  ***.  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  w  m  w  *  m  m  , ��  m  m  ���m  m  91  ***.  as  w  *  *  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  ���*!��  m  <n  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  *i��  m  ���*���*���  m  *  m  m  <n  m  m  _*  CRIMES AND CASUALTIES.  Perth, Ontario, November .30.���Blake,  accused of murdering his wife at Smith's  Falls some months ago, has been found  guilty of manslaughter1 and sentenced-to  two" years and a dialfj in the Kingston  penitentiary.  " Niagara Falls, Ontario,' November  30.���Frank. Werke, Italian laborer, lias  been arrested for brutally murdering his  wife last, night, the* result of a quarrel.  Toronto,, November 80.���Henry Williams, who shot and fatally wounded  James E. Varcoe, grocer, a few weeks ago,  was committed for trial this morning on  the charge of murder. The defence will  be devoted to placing the blame of the  crime on Mcintosh, Williams' companion,  who died from gunshot wounds received  from tlie police when resisting arrest.  St. Paw., November 30.���A fire tonight caused $150,000 loss to the large  wholesale grocery of Griggs. Cooper &  Company.  Brantfori., Ontario, November 29.���  The body of William L. Thomas, the  young Indian medical student from the  Tuscarora reserve, who had been attending college at Toledo, and who was  mysteriously murdered, arrived here  yesterday and was interred.  Montreal, November 29.���Norman  Murray, the eccentric bookseller and  newsdealer,���who-was���found���giulty of-  publishing and selling immoral literature  by a jury yesterday, was discharged by  justice Wurtele this morning on suspended sentence.  Kimberley in no Great Banger.  KlmukrlI'.y, Novembei' 24, by way of  Klokfoutein, November 24.���There were  a few shots early today from the direction of Wright's farm, but this was regarded as merely one of the Boer tricks  to draw our men out. This afternoon  the Boers blew up two large culverts near  the rifle butts on the railway line towards  Spyfon tein. The news of tho proximity  of the relieving forces greatly cheered  the garrison and the inhabitants, A few  Boers were seen today, but it is believed  the enemy is only in small bands around  Kimberley, lots of 50 or so, the greater  part having gone to Spyfontein, .where  firing is believed to have been heard  about noon. There are two large Boer  laagers at Olifant's dam, with 150 wagons  for water supply. The Boers have cut  the existing dam three miles distant, allowing the water to run down toward  their laagers into an old dry dam on the  farm. This is believed to be the Free  State base of operations on the western  border. The official estimate places the  number of Boer shells fired during the  bombardment of Kimberley at about one  thousand, and ours at no fewer than six  hundred. As the enemy's shells so frequently hit soft, sandy ground, the explosive effect is greatly neutralized. AU  our wounded are in a very satisfactory  condition. An armored train proceeded  toward Dronfield to reeonnoiter. but this  immediately aroused the enemy's cordite  gun, and the train returned after the  fifth shell liad been fired. Tlie Boers are  firing on the reservoir from Wimbledon.  HOTEL ARRIVALS.  The Queen's���C. Ewart, Kaslo; John  Bull, .Slocan City; W. H. McKerrow, Vancouver ; J. S. Richardson, Sandon; Mrs,  W. S. Johnson, Slocan.  The Madden���D. K. McDonald.  ThePhair���L. A.'Campbell, Rossland;  Thomas Hilliard, Rossland ; Mrs. H. P.  Hqwdei), New York. ,;  ��� TheHWm-e���G. A.Powell,^t.Gai.__erint3S ;*  H. Dickson, Winnipeg; C. B. Bowman,  Vancouver; H. Davison and wife, Victoria; D. J. McNally, Granite mill'; Al  Auken, Spokane.  The Grand Central���Robert Cooper,  Slocan City; A. Gordon. Slocan City:  T. Leniham, Granite.  The French are Loyal Canadians.  Montreal. November 30.���Archbishop  Langevin of St. Boniface delivered a  patriotic lecture in Laval University last  night. He spoke of the loyalty of the  French to England, and said they were  ready to "shed their blood in support  thereof. At the same time, he said, the  French wished to be allowed to keep the  remembrance of tlieir origin and maintain the language of France, their fatherland.  An Old Politician Cared For,  Ottawa, November 30.���Lieutenants  colonel Kirk has been appointed warden  of the Dorchester, New Brunswick, penitentiary, vice warden Foster, retired its  the result of an investigation into the affairs of the penitentiary. Mr. Kirk is an  old-time Liberal, having been the member for Guysboro when Mackenzie was in  power.  Bantams Fight.  Hartford, Connecticut, November 30.  ���Terry McGovern, champion bantam  weight of the world, made short work of  Eddie Sprague of Streator, Illinois, this  afternoon at the Nutmeg Athletic Club,  disabling him in lehs than one minute in  the second round.  Predicts a Battle Royal.  Ottawa, November 30.���Hewitt Bostock, M. P. for Vain-Cariboo, is in tho city  today on private business, ilesaysa batt le  royal will be on when the British Columbia legislature meets between Martin and  his opponents, the result of which will be  hard to tell.  An M. P. to Become a P. M.  Ottawa, November 30.���C. Beausoloil,  Liberal M. P. for Berthier, will be appointed postmaster of Montreal in place  of C. A. Dansereau, resigned to become  editorial writer on La Presse of this city.  Hosmer's Successor Appointed.  Montri.AL, November 30.���Tiie C. P. R.  has issued a circular announcing the oHi-  cial appointment of James Kent as manager of telegraphs, succeeding C. R.  Hosmer,  A Righteous Judgment.  Montreal, November SO.���Aii'interesting judgment was rendered this morning,  iii;*.. the court of..:_*ev|e.n'-.,. in 'fch.'ey-.:'eiise,"of *  Napoleon Bonhomme vs. Robert Bicker-  dike, M. P. P., the well-known  cattle ex  porter of this city.   Bonhomme claimed  $005 damages for loss sustained by going  to   Edmonton   in   the   employ   of    the  trustees of the Trading & Mining Company of Canada,  Limited, alleged  to be  then in course of formation.     The plaintiff based his action on the ground  that  he was induced to go into the  enterprise  on   the strength  of Bickerdike's name,  which    appeared   on    the    prospectus.  Judge Curran in the  superior court  dismissed the action, holding it not proved  that Bickerdike knew of the  transaction  at the time.    The court of review reversed the judgment aud held  Bickerdike responsible for the amount claimed, on the  ground  that   the  prospectus   contained  errpueous   and false   statements,  which  Bickerdike knew.    Sixteen  other similar  actions are now likely to follow.  Still Fighting in the Philippines.  Manilla, November 30.���Despatches  just received from Iloilo, island of Pamiy,  say that at 10 o'clock on the evening of  November 2(ith, the Eighteenth regiment  encountered an entrenched force of the  enemj*- at Pa via, who opened a heavy fire.  The leading battalion replied, and after  several volleys the Nineteenth flanked  the Filipinos, driving them out of their  trenches. The enemy retreated to the  mountains. One captain and one private  of the Eighteenth   regiment were killed.  OFFICIAL INFORMATION OF MORE  Or Less Importance.  The Official Gazette today contains  notice of the following provincial appointments :  William R. Williams of Phoenix, justice of the peace; T. D. DesBrisay of  Lake Bennett, provincial police constable,  to be mining recorder for the Bennett  Lake mining division, registrar uuder the  marriage act, and collector under the  revenue tax act, vice captain W. J. Rant,  resigned. Lestock R. Forbes of New Denver, to be chief license inspector for the  Slocan license district, vice Allan Forrester. F. C. Lang of Golden, mining recorder, to be chief license inspector- for the  northeastlLootenay license district, vice  Josiah Stirrett.       j, ' *  Th��uninister of- mines publishes a redefinition of the boundaries of tho several  mining divisions, substituted for those at  present in force amkto take effect from  January 1st.  Application will be made at the next  session of the legislature for the incorporation of the Crow's Nest Pass Electric  Light and,Power Company, -j  The Corporation of the City of Greenwood is applying for power to build a  tramway from Greenwood to Phoenix,  Deadwood camp, Long Lake camp, Central camp, and any other point within  fifteen miles of Greenwood.  The following companies are incorporated : Sumpter-Snowbird Mining Company of Rossland, capital $120,000; Victoria Book and Stationery Company, Limited, capital, $25,000, to take over the  business now carried on by Thomas Earl  under the above name; Rossland Real  Estate ic Investment Company, capital  $100,000; St. Eugene Consolidated Mining  -Company��� of��� Moyie,���enpital -$3,500,000;  Imperial Copper Company of Victoria,  capital $150,000; Tlie Woodbury Mines of  Rossland, capital $150,000; Oriel Mining  Ai Milling Company of Rossland, capital  $1,000,000; Western Copper Company of  Greenwood, capital $1,000,000.  Got a Square Deal.  London, November 30.--Sir Thomas  Lipton, speaking at the annual dinner of  tiie Temple Yacht Club in the hotel Cecil  this evening, lord Charles Beresford presiding, referred in generous terms* to his  recent, visit to the United .States. " i can  see no room for discouragement," said sir  Thomas, " and unless some one challenges,  I shall certainly do so myself very soon.  Ail I can say i.s, that we had n fair and  square race and got fair and square dealings:" These sentiments were received  with prolonged cheers, the entire company rising and singing, " For he's a jolly  good fellow."    A Prominent Man Dead.  Victoria. November 30. ��� Frederick  Williams, who once represented Esqui-  maltandwas speaker of the provincial  parliament during the Walkem administration, 1S78-S2, died today, lie was  a native of Suffolk. England, 77 year-* of  age.    He leaves a widow.  A Ministry Turned Down.  Melbourne, December I.���After an  all-night session of the legislative assembly of Victoria, the ministry of sir George  Turner was defeated by 11 votes on a  resolution of want of confidence.  NELSON ST. ANDREW'S SOCIETY  Second Annual Dinner.  The Scotchmen of Nelson celebrated  St. Andie.-Ts d.iy in fitting style last  evening with a banquet at the hotel  Phaii. It w as an e\ ening of uni estaiued  gaiety, into which neaily everyone present entered, and the result was that  everything passed off very smoothly.  The dinner itself was first-class, aud iu  addition it was well a. ell sei ved, as diu-  neis at the Phaii always aie.  Among   those   present   were-    A.   L.  McKillop   (piesident oi   the society   in  the   chaii),    mayoi     Neelands,     Frank  Fletcher, Chailes Hillyer, T. J. Sims, captain Duncan, E.  Feiguson, Rev.  Robeit  Fiew, judge Foi in, J. H  Matheson, Jacob  Dovei, William Iionsides, W. J   Thompson, Thomas Madden; David MeBeath, S.  S. Taylor, George Kydd, C. J. Wilson, E.  A. Ciease, James A. Gilker, W. A. Thui-  man,  H.   Goodeve,  C.   W. Riley,  W. P.  Tierney,   John   Hamilton,   Di.   Aithur,  Thoburn Allan, Di.  Hall,  Dr.  Monison,  J. K. Stiachan, James Banueiman,  N. D.  McLeod, Dr. Foi in,  Stuait Campbell, J.  A. Kirkpatiick, William Duncan, J. Ness,  L B. Hodge, F A. Woakes, W.  A.  Macdonald, S. S. Fowlei, It.  S.  Kinghorn, A.  L McCulloch, M.  S.  Brydges,   Dr.  Armstrong, Fiank Tamblyn, R   H. Williams,  C.  W.  West,   A   R    Sheiwood,   James  Lawience, A. II. Kellj*\ Geoi ge Johnstone,  John Ay ton Gibson,  J. R  Robeitson, E.  G Lee. R.   C.  Campbell-Johnston, F.  W.  Peteis, J. M. Williams, A H. Grade, T. G.  Piocter, J. C. Jamieson,  W.  C.   E   Koch  and Peicy Chapman  The Dinner.  Owci**,  SOLI  I in lie ConsoiniiK. "  I Isll  Roiled SUnion   .Inimp Millie  i mk. r-p  I'ttciU (oiLGiif.     Luul) C ullct. \wtli iiiusliiooiiio  Vpplt I ntlui. iTaKKis  KD1SI.  Iinko   ci tulif ii \ 8.UIC0        Venison   \u Hi jells  Uoost  ��ilh apple smicc  \ i f I I Mil l**.  limlul I'otulots        Asp tragus        Ficncli Pois  I ���*. IHFMI SIS  Plum Pudding ��1th branch prince  "Mince Pic .pi.lcTiut,        (ellio*.       Slimline id  Scones Outmo tl dike  1)1 sshitl  Oi ingc-       Apples       Rutins       Ntilt*.  ft  The Toast  Queen ���itotl    lilcs.  List.  liu  CmmI   1.11 c   the  he is   L  lie is  Not a Bad Paper for a Small Town.  Thk Rossland Miner is not a bad paper  for a town like 'Rossland, but it imagines  that the globe begins at  Victoria and  ends at Chilliwack.  y  1      I he  Queen  .'      1 lie Pichideiil of lhc  Lmled St itcs ��� (��� oi  lolli wood fellow lhc Sin Spun^lcd Jlannei  1      lhc  (jo\cinot   Gcneial   of   Clunula  ���Foi  tinothei koo'1 ft Hou  I lhc Aim. and \ u *, ��� lie .pon-i ��� Lieutenant  Gnllihci   Iicut. niint Hei'i  i J{\ tin Vict Ptfsidcnt- 'llu l>u> and a \. ha  Ilniioi it ���Here i lot k 1 iih��oii s It in no. Hespmisc  ���B\ the Picsidcn.  *-ons.  (> 'Hit Kiwi ti ( ukes ��� Lotitf mij tin hurdj sons  of mil lit blest. \.ith health md pent, nnd sweet eon  tent      Itc.ponsc   ) i.oilinck Hi licit-on   1 K btrnchnn  Sonj.  7 ' lhl!_untl V.i_I.,i.c -ii Htsjionnc Judge Poi in,  ^\   A Macdonaltl Q V  I h. Mnnlq I o if I  in vet  8 bcuttl) kingn igc mid Mttifiimc     Response   He.  It I lew  On he tin oiltctiuii  ���I     t il\ C oiuicil itntl  Vim t ipil oilhiis      itchuoii'c  M iioi Net IiiihH   .Idiiiunn I IcleSici    Milcrumn Jlilhci  \liUtiiiuii Mt killop  V.    ( Ihompsoi  ���sijiiw:  10 ]>im el of 11 nit       l!i spun e   \  h  V( fAOil  ���smipr  11 Itiulu it  uid Mmiiim In_eic>ls      I.csponst     !     \V  I'eltis (,   Iv   laiknbinv   nipt nn Duncun  liruic W lntt  ".ohm:  t_      Iintuis nnd  -**ii    I <ilk lo-iiti  thtii  t|ti((ii  antl (i)iiillit tvtil  lit uok'oi pt it i.i pointitl .tttl        Iu  spotisi    s s   imiii  g c     !<    \    ( icisc  Di   Foi in  l>i  \itliui   Di   Monison  ���s iiiK  11      I hi  I'iip*       lli-poiist        |>     \    Hum itk    I)    I  Iti nun  I)  M  ( iirh t  sn ic.  II      IJn I iiIkk  ���   Wlui    i}rmili->tii(   lifco nun  nn  I tt 11 mi fui the lushes o      Response   ]{ **�� Ivimthom  \Hl(' I,(ll|. Mm   Telegrams and Replies.  Iti \vi i-sioivi;, \o\embei -JO -To the  piesidi nt of St Andiew's Society ol Nelson The soiiiie < hiel**, o' Revelstoke kind  giectmg send to anennd a' II. A Bioimi,  pif-idcnt >St Andiew'b Society  Rcpi *_ ���If, A   Riov.ii,   pte-.idont   Sfc.  Audi j'tt \_St)t )t ty,J .e\ elstoke -Tak-some���  yef-pcl'. mon     The  fun   will   be hist and  iuuout. heie tonight.    A I_ McKillop.  V\Mot\i.n, >.o\imber ._0 - To tlie  piesidtnt of St Andiew't, .Society, Nelson I foie aw a' tlieie aw a' Banns o'  thoheithei this* nieht o Suunt Andia nie  bindui tiegithei J Johnson, piesident  St Andtew ���*��� So. tefy  Ri pi . ���.]. Johnson, Vtmcouvci It is  aw iu \\<et hue the nicht, but we're  handed ihegilhei as usual, .in I'm thinking it will be uu-u* v.eet inside before the  day dav.li**.     A   L Mt Killop.  RfVssi v\i>, \ j.cmbei if),���To tlie great  Scotch chi-tlnut, .lock Gibson, Nel��un  Tho Sons o'Scotland in the big brawny  towii o Rossland send gieetm' taebnther  Scots in the nee cripple town o' Xelion.  May ,.oti glow up and be big like us,  .Joek John Keiguson, piesiden. oi St.  \iuliew'*. Society  Ri I'M To Johnnie Feiguson, president of St. Audi en '*. Societj , l.ossl.ind.  Mi centos Jock, ye"re no blate A cock  aye ciow i be-fc on his am midden iie.ip  "We le gie ciouse (ioiM'ls the nicht A L  McKillop  \ h iohi \. Novembei X{) ���St Andtew "s  Society, \elson Ma*, ye's be happy an'  nevei dunk oot o' a di> eoppie II. Dallas Helmckeii  Rppi . ���II I) Uelmcken, Victona :  Ne'ci feat that tlie chiel _n Kootenaj will  dunk oot o toon cups We'ie preeing  ooi haggis noo, an* losh mon. it tastes  gian      A Jj  McKillop  Rossi.\nd, \o\embet ..0 -To the piesident oi St Andtew s Soc lety, Nelson :  Regiet missing tt.iin. 4_m with elans  heie (��uests now Using out lyddite  shell*-. Casualties so iai, fifty Dewais  and one haggis. Send Kruger ou.  (ieoigc Chustie MaeTimstall.  -a  I"  m  ?"  I  f[  ���*���  _������  %  9\l  V  M  '_  ' i\  ill  IJ  In 'I  fi.i  |l .1  ti >\  m  !&  t THE  TRIBUNE*:  NELSON, B. C. FRIDAY, DECEMBER * 1  1899.  B  S^^  _*���<=���>���<=?>  B  B  B  B  0k  A Few Suggestions For  Shrewd  Buyers  Twenty yards heavy striped flaunellette for $1.00.  Heavy bleached sheeting, plain or twilled tit 24c per yard.  Heavy bleached sheeting, 21 yards wide tit 28c per yard.  Pure linen towels tit 20c per pair.  Large bleached bath towels at 20c per pair.  22 inch Japanese silk at .'30c per yard.  27 inch Japanese silk at 45e per yard.  Ladies' corsets at 50c and 75c per pair.    See them.  Children's corset waists at 85c per pair.  Ladies' Josephine kid gloves, black or  colored, regular price  $1.50, our  price $1 a pair.  A few ladies' wrappers, marked price $2.50, will sell for $1.40 each.  Ladies' flannelete night dresses from 50c each up to $*���_*.  Ladies' white cambric night dresses from 75c up to $8.50 each.  Remembrt' these goods are perfectly new, not the remnants of the past  year's business. - ���     .  If goods not satisfactory money Avill be refunded,  IU  m  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS.  _?i__F**.:M:e o-__s_a:  mt  mi  ���:@*:5  \m  \m  mi  -**_��*:l  m  Our Silk Handkerchiefs for Christmas trade are now to  A large assortment to select from, 15c and up.  hand  MEN'S OUTFITTER  Sign ot the RED HAT, Baker St., Nelson  J. R WEIR  Wholesale  Houses  NELSON  B. 0.'  GROCERIES.  A MACDONALD & CO.-Corner Vernon and .Tosc-  ��� plane streets, wholesale grocers and jobbers in  blanket., gloves, mitts, bop.., rubbers, mackinaws and  minors' sundries.  T2-0QTKNAY   SUPPLY    COMPANY,    LIMITKD-  +^-   Vernon street, Nelson, wholesale grocers.  .re,  CHOLDITCH  wholesale grocers.  &  CO.���Front street,  Nelson,  FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  P   BURNS &  CO.���Baker street,  Nolson, wholesale  ���   dealers in fresh and cured meats.   Cold storage.  HARDWARE AND.MINING SUPPLIES.  H BYERS & CO.���Corner Baker and Josephine streets,  .���   Nelson, Wholesale dealers in hardware and mining  supplies.   Agents for Giant Powder Co.  ' ^      - *-   _  A WRENCH HARDWARE COMPANY-Bakcr St.,  Nelson, -wholesale dealers in hardware and mining  Supplies, and water and plumbers' supplies'.   VANCOUVER HARDWARE COMPANY, LIMITED  ���Baker street; Nelson,"wholesale dealers in hardware and mining supplies, plumbers and tinsmiths' sup-  plies. '          '  ' ,  ���    DEBATED  rPHORPR & CO.,  AND/MINERAL WATERS.       \  , T.IMITKD.-Corncr Vornon and Cedar  streets.  Nelson, manufacturers of and  wholesale  dealers in ssrated waters and fruit syrups.   Sole agents  *, for Halcyon Springs mineral water. ' __y__  ASSAYERS' .SUPPLIES.  WF. TBETZEL & CO.���Corner Baker and Jose*  ��� phino streets, Xelson, wholesale dealois,iri assayers . supplies, Agents for Denver Firo Clay Co.-of  Denver. .Colorado.   CIGARS.  KOOTENAY CIGAR MANUFACTUIUNG'CO.���Corner Bakerand Hall Btrects, Nelson, manufacturers  of "Royal Seal" and "Kootenay Belle" brands of cigars.  COAL.  CROW'S* NEST, PASS  COAL  COM PANY.-  ' sale dealers in coal and coke.   C'harlcH .St.  Agent. Baker street, Nelson.    -  T* COMMISSION .MERCHANTS.  HJ, EVANS & CO.���Baker street, Nelson, wholesalo  ��� dealers in liquors, cigars, cement," fire brick and  firo clay, -water pipe and steel rails, and general commission merchants. '_   FLOUR AND FEED.  BRACKMAN & KER BULLING- COMPANY LTD.���  Front street, Nelson, wholesale dealer, in flour, oat-  ���Wholc-  Burbc,  meal, etc., and hay and grain  toria.andNew Westminster.  Mills at Edmonton. Vic-  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  TURNER, BEETOX & CO,-Corner Vernon and Josephine streets, Xelson, wholesale dealers in Honors,  cigars'and dry goods. Agents for I'abst Browing Co. of  Milwaukee ana CalgaTy Browing Co. of Calgary.   PAINTS   AND   OILS.  NELSON HARDWARE COMPANY-Bakcr Street-  Wholesale dealers In paints, oils, and brushes of all  kinds.   Largest slock in Kootenay.   POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTON POWDER COMPANY���Baker street,  Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite, sporting,  stumping and black blasting powders, wholesale dealers  iii caps and fuse, and electric blasting apparatus.  PROVISIONS, PRODUCE AND FRUITS.  PARSON'S  PRODUCE   COMPANY-Vornon  street,  Nelson, wholesale dealers, in  and fruits.  provisions.  Agents for Swift & Co. oncon an*  n. produce,  (1 hams.  T Y. GRIFFIN & CO.-Cornor Vernon and Josephine  w ��� streets. Nelson, whole-ale dealers in previsions,  cured ineats, butter and okkh.   Xfi R. STEWART & CO.-Warehouses on C, P. R. track,  ���*��� ��� foot of Stanley street, Nelson, wholesalo dealers in  provisions, produce and fruit**. Cold storage. Agents  Armour & Co's bacon, hams, lard and other products. _  MANITOBA PRODUCE A.VI) COMMISSION  CO.,  Ltd. ��� Xelson   branch,   Hall   street.     Wholesale  dealers in butter, eggs and cheo��o.  SASH AND DOORS.  through a lack of knowledge and foresight, or a desire to win big profits. However this may be, the difficulty could  be remedied if the question were given  proper attention by both parties. All  must admit that it is n pernicious  principle. It drains a town of all its  ready cash, local enterprises are ignored,  and business men become stagnant. The  money that is sent out is lost to the community. It goes to enrich the white  slave drivers of the east. They know  nothing of the welfare of this town or  that, and care less. They do not have to  contribute to the public enterprises, do  uot help to improve the town, do not  care who the needy be. -Their demand is  cash'before.delivery, cash all along the  line. That's business.. But where would  the average family be if the local raer-=  eliant were to adopt this'vule"?      - "  There-is another view of th:-, question-  tliat ought to be-considered.*, lb is told  by "Kit" in the Toronto Mail aud Empire:  "It is so. easy to talk platitudes when-  you're had a good  dinner and sit comfortably clothed and warm iu your snug  room. * But   think  of   youth and1 fresh'  girlhood fading day afterday in the dim  precincts   of    factory   find, sweat-s^iop;  thinV of every hope slowly dying;' of the"  want and' despair tand  pinching  out of  the meager gray days.    And side by side  with   this,  terrible  existence   place  the  temptations that always come to poor  youth, and to poor girlhood. - How many  of us who are  better, off would keep to  the straight and narrow path Avere we in  a like case, while the broad  highway- on  which lie  the pleasures and luxuries of  life shines so near.    But on that way lies  sin !    Well, when the heart and brain are  dulled to  apathy, the  conscience  is   not  apt to be very sensitive.    When want of  decent   food, of  clothing, and heat, and  the common necessities assail one, when  "hT)iTe"st"toil~will ifofbrilfg Ifonest" wageTif  takes a very strong soul to keep ou that  narrow, grim way.      And   we   are only  human.     A great and terrible account  will be laid at the doors of the masters  in trade   when   the   summing  up times  come for us all.     The traffic of   the factories and sweat-shops is as much a trafficking in   llesh   and blood as ever was  that of the slave trade.    There is not one  of these despairing  or reckless girls who  goes down to titter destruction and ruin  after an unavailing attempt to earn a decent livelihood by the work of her hands  but will have to be accounted for by  those in whose hands the power lay to  help her."        Are Not Sounding Tlieir Own Trumpets.  Toronto Telegram.  British generals seem to be unable to  magnify their triumphs or minimi__e their  disasters. They have no skill in the publication of their own achievements, and it  is probable that the action at Belmont  was much more important and significant than general Methuen's report would  indicate. No British general has so far  given himself the best side of the story  he tells. General White's report of the  disaster at Nicholson's Nek was just  twice as bad as "the facts, and it is not  impossible that the result at Belmont  may be twice as good as general Methuen's report.   Fatal Bear-End Collision.  New York, November 29.���Six persons were killed and about as many more  injured, some probably fatally, in a railroad, wreck on the Delaware & Lackawanna at a crossing at Paterson, New  Jersey, tonight. The Philipsburg accommodation, westbound, crashed into the  rear of the Buffalo express, known as No.  0, while the latter was standing at the  depot. The two rear cars of the express  were totally wrecked.  A Prominent Doctor's Whereabouts.  Montreal, November 29.���Dr. Ireland,  whose mysterious disappearance from  this city caused so much excitement both  iu Canada aiid the United States about a  year ago, according to information received here today, is practising in one of  the western states under tlie name of Dr.  Gray. It Avill be remembered that Ireland  was thought to have been drowned by  falling off the wharf Avhile embarking for  Glasgow.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  ��� *K^ ���=*-��,���  m  mx  SPECIAL SALE  OP MILLINERY  FRED IRVINE & GO.  36 BAKER STREET  %  SPECIAL   SALE  OP CARPETS  B  Annual Fall Sale of Dry Goods  COMMENCES WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 22  Bargains���in Every Department���Bargains  B  B  B  B  B  B  Dress   Goods   in   navy   and  black,     all     wool    Storm  Serges,  sale price^ 35c per  yard. o_.  Fancy   Novelties    in    Dress  Pattern Lintings Costumes,  at half price.  Ladies' Jackets and Mantles  at less than cost.  White    Saxony   Flannel    at  20c per yard.  White Canton Flannel at 5c  per yard up.  Eider Flannels, in all colors,  40c per yard.  Ladies' Cashmere Hose 25c.  Ladies' French Kid Gloves,  every pair guaranteed;  worth'$1.50, for $1  a pair.  Ladies'and Children's Hemmed Handkerchiefs, from  5c up.  Linen Roller Traveling from  5c a yard up.  Checked Linen Glass Towling 5c a yard up.  White Linen Table Damask,  35c a yard up.  Turkey Red Table Damask,'  35c a yard up.  Children's Cashmere Hose  from  15c a pair up.  Carpets, in Tapestry, Brussels, Wilton, Velvet and  Axminster, at extremely  low prices.  Chenile and Tapestry Curtains from $2.75 a pair up.  White Wool Blankets from  $2 a pair up.  Large Size Wool Comforts,  $1.50 each.  White Quilts" large sizef  ���worth $1 for 65c each.  All Carpets sewed and laid  free of charge.  White Table Oil Cloth, 25c  a yard.  B  B,  B  WRTTE FOR  SAMPLES  We Especially Invite  Inspection and Comparing of  Goods with Eastern Prices  our  BUTTERICK  PATTERNS  B  B  B  B  B  Fred Irvine & Co.  INCORPORATED 1670.  Hello!  Ring  up Telephone No. 13  If you want  BASS' Pale Ale  GUINNESS' Foreign Stout  BREWERY'S,Golden Viber tye  SCHLITZ'S Milwaukee Beer  DOMINION BREWERY Porter  DOMINION BREWERY India Pale tys  All the above goods in PINTS or  QUARTS. Sold by the BOTTLE,  DOZEN, CASE or BARREL.  se :b^:i__.;e_:r, stdrzeiet., _��sr__DX_soisr  B  B  ���^5���(=>'��=>���*=> *  i��'*'*c_i��  _.____._Sa ���*=><  1^'  ���**���*_-?.  Hudson's Bay Co.  Telephone 13  P  -WHOLESALE.  Smoke  ����  NELSON SAW AND PLANING MILLS, LIMITED���  Coriscr Front and Hall BU'cets, Nclcon, inaiiufao  turfirs of and wholesale dciler. in sash and doors; all  kindB of factory work made to order. *   WINES AND CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, 'LIMITED���Cor-  ner,Front and Hall Atreeta, Nolson, wholesale dealers  in wine8(ctfM30andbulk. and domestic and Imported cigars.  ROYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS   UNION   MADE  Produce  Company  Butter,  Eggs,  Cheese,  Green  Fruits,  Cured  Meats,  Vegetables  SHIPPERS OF THE EARLY  BREAKFAST BRAND OF EGGS  Full stocks carried at  Nelson  Rossland.    Mail*orders solicited.  and.  Kootenay Cigar Manfg. Oo.  Nelson, British Columbia.  Jt�� ffivibnttz*  LOW   WAGES   AND   IMMORALITY.  Xuw* Denver Ledge.  "When we think of the thousands of  dollars that are being sent from the mining camps of Kootenay every week for  clothing that ought to be purchased of  the home merchant, we are forced to admit that something is radically wrong  either with the people or tho home merchant. Perhaps both are at fault���oue  JUecause    of    necessity   and    the   other  Wo are sole agent in Nelson for Ganonff Bros, celebrated  Chocolates and Creams.   Catl and nee thc_e {foods  as lliey are Ihe ilne-it in Kootenay and  our slock is complete.  OLYMPIA AND EASTERN OYSTERS  AKIMVISO DAII.V.  TPancy Cnkes and Pastry, Plums, Peaches, Grapes,  Bananas, Cape -Cod Cranberries, Pears and all Fruit in  season.  Corner Ward and Baker Sts.  Mills & Lett's old stand.  j. j\. Mcdonald  NOTICE   TO   CONTRACTORS,  Xolice is hereby Kiven lo Nolson confi'itclnrx that on  and after December lsl, lUSiil. (he member, of I lie local  ntrp. ��!<.._'union will demand $.'{.,% per day, nine hours  lo eon .tilull* a day's work.  JAMKS COLUNG, Secretary.  The LollihridKC Oalt coal olllee hns been moved tothe  buiWiiiK occupied by C: 1). .1. Chrintle on Haker .street,  where all order,*, for coal will receive prompt attention.  'AH peivons indebted for coal are requested to setfle hy  ])c<!cmhor 1st.  Heieaflei* Call coal will be sold for eusli only.  W. P. TIKI.NKV, General Arch!.  LODGffi   MEETINGS.'  TTNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS���Nolson Lodoro, No, 25,  ���**" Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. O. F. Hall.cornor  Bakor ana Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock. Visiting'Knights cordially invited to attend.*  T. IJLLIE. C. C. H.O. JOY, K. of R. & 8.  ~"~   NfiLSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A.M.   Moots  > second Wednesday in each month.   Sojourning  brethren .invited.  -VTELSON L. O. L., No. 1692, meets in I. O. O. F. Hall.  J-" . corner Baker and Kootenay Btrccts, 1st and 3rd  Friday of each' month.   Visiting brothcrn cordially invited.  JOHN TOYE, W. M.      F. J. BRADI/BY, Kec. See.  NELSON   ^"KIK,  Number   22,  Fraternal Order of  Eagles, meets every second aud fourth Wednesday in  each month in Fraternity Hall.   Visiting brethren welcome. _.  J. IRVING. President.  Wheni It's. Winter  With the -sudden, ch.ange in temperature,-  colds and coughs are alniqst certain to develop  find the wise person always heeds tliese  signals, and secures a 'remedy that ijuickly  cures the trouble. It is - we*l_.to liave at  hand���ready for immediate use���a" remedy  that's certain, whose use involves no* risk.'  These bear the highest endorsements:  Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil  (with hypophosphites of lime  and soda), pint bottles, 75c;  6 boitlesfor $4.  . Scott3s Emulsion, $1 per bottle; 6'for $5.  Compound Syrup of White  Pine and Tar, 50c and 25c.  Laxacold���stops a cold in  one day, 25c. ^  And all the standard  cough preparations.  Canada Book k Mg Co  NKLSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  Gut Prices is the  Order of the Day  And I want to bo in it, I have just received  Fall samples of Suitings and Overcoatings representing a fuO.QOO stock to  choose from made to your order at pi ices  never before heard of in Nelson. All the latoBt)  fads In Fancy VcstiiiKs for Fall and winter.  * Ladies' tail or i tig in all its branches a specialty.  Lowest price..   Kooms 1 and 11, Hillyer block.  Steverjs, Ti**e Tailor  ATRONM UNION SHOPS  WARD  BROS.  REAL ESTATE  AND    -  GENERAL  .  INSURANCE  AGENTS  .On applieation we' will quote you  rates on Fire, Life, Accident and Plate  Giass Insurance.J  Agents for J", and J. Taylor Safes...  FOR SALE���Business and'Residen-*  tiai Property.  2j by 120 with improvements, soutli side Vernon  '  street ,  .....ST-tWO'  AO by KM conier of Baker and Bull streets.   Paiti-  cularsgiven on application.  __ lots with cottage, rented at $1.. per mouth, Victoria .street j....' ." ....f'SDOO'  a lots with uottat.0, rented at ��20 per month, Stanloy  street...... * 3300O'  1 lots including corner, 2<X* foot frontage  $1200'  For Residential Property you could,  not do better than invest in Fairview,,  commonly known as Bogustown, especially now that the tramway i&  neady__completed.   For particulars apply to above firm,,  West Baker Street, Nelson.  A. R. Sherwood  Successor to Clias. A. Waterman & Co.  Big Scl]ooqer  BeerorHalf-  . and-HaJfv...  IO Cts.  t - L  Always Fresh  Always     Cool  THE BEST GLASS OF BEER IN NELSON IS;  AT THE  Club Hotel  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCE AND  GENERAL AGENT  UNION SHOP  Barber Shops Without This Card in Window  Are Non-Union.  First door west of Hank of  British Columbia building.  Bather St. tiefam  Dharies  D, J. Christie  UBNKRAX.   BBOKEJR.  Corner Silica and  Stanloy Streets.���  E.-J._GURRA.N,-Prop_-  ASK vOl'I. GltOCKIt TO It  ALLEN'S APPLE CIDER  IN HOTTLK8  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  COLLECTIONS   SOLICITED  FOR BALE  A 14-Room (new) House, rented at S10 per month .. .$3000  An 8-Room <uew) House, two lots, comer   ajflo  ;        p                       FOR RENT- '  A 5-Rorim. House ('urnished) -. $30,00  money to i.oan on heal emate or shokt terms,  . offices:  Four Doors West of Dominion Express Office  J. H. WRAY, Secretary.  NELSON "MI.VRRS' UNION  NO.  86. W.  F. of M.-  Meets in IC. P. rooms, Fraternity Hall, the first and  third Saturday evenings in each month at 8 o'clock.  Visiting members ivelcomo.  JAMKS WI./KS. Sec'y.      CHAS. A. MeKAY. Pros.   ���  ARCHITECTS.  "CiWART & CARRIE*���Architects.   Rooms 7and8 Abo  ���O   rxletn Mock, Baker stieet. Nolson.  Nelson Barber's   Union  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  NKLSON, B. O.  Coffee roasters and dealers in Tea and Coffee.  Offer fresh roasted coffee of best quality as follows:  Java and Arabian Mucha, por pound.. Z   40  Java and Mocha Blond, 3 pounds  1 00  Fine Santos, _ pounds *  1 00  Santos Blond, 5 pounds  1 00  Our Special Blend, 6pounds  1 00  Our Rio Roast, 0 pounda  100  A trial order solicited.  Salesroom. S Doors East of Oddfellows Bloolf, West  Ste��t  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.G.  PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR  " !  6  Prompt and regular  delivery to the trade.  Brewery at Helson,  p. 0  Cornor Victoria and Kootenay Streets.  BOX 55.) TELKPIIONK NO.  m  For Sale Oheau  EvorythiiiR in and about an hotel building at Crce am,  a station on the Crow's Nest Pass Railway. "Will bo jold  eitlur as a whole or separately. Apply to L'hitrlf j. F.  Olson, Ainswortli, B.C.  NOTICE   OF   ASSIGNMENT.  Notice is hereby given that Harry Howard Dunbar of  Duncan City, in tho county of Kootenay, British Columbia, hotolkceper, has by deed dated the ,.Ist day of  October, 1899, assigned all hia personal estato, credits a> d  effects which may be seized and held under execution  smd all his real estate to William Simpson of Duncan  City, aforesaid, merchant, in trust for the benefit of the  creditors of the said Harry Howard Dunbar. The said  deed was executed by the said Harry Howard Dunbar  on "the 31st day of Ootohw, 1S99, and by the said William  Simpson on the Cth day of Novomber, 1899. AU persons  having claims against thesiv'd Harry Howard Dunbar  are requested to forward particulars of tlio sumo, duly  1.��riflea, and stating what security, if any, is held for the  sarnie, to the said William Simpson on cr before tho 11th  day of Uecembor, 189!), after which date the said William  Siinjison will proceed to distribute-the assets ofthe estate *  amongst those entitled thereto, having regaTdonly tothe  claims of wliich he nhall then have had notice. All per-  f onH indebted to the said Harry Howard Dunbar arc required to pay such indebtedness forthwith to the said  William Simpson.  A meeting of the creditors of the said Harry Howard  Dunbar will ho hold at the offices of McAnn & Maekay,  barristers, FYont street, Kaslo, JI. C, on Wednesday the  52nd day of November. 1899, at 3 o'clock p.m.  WILLIAM SIMPSON-, Trustee  McANN & MACKAY. Solicitors for the Truitee.  "Dated the Cth day of November, 1899.  V  I  1 ftbe tribune Supplement  ! FRIDAY   MORNING,    DECEMBER   i,    1S99.  CORPORATION   OF THE  CITY OF NELSON  --���*r_.__.*w* nsro. 57  A By-law for Ft]  Alloys iivVhe]  cil to coiif"-*  closed to th  also  foi   cx(  taxation.  Whorcas, it*  of th.! Cily ofl  Company thai  of Nelson as ii  and will const!  cidental to sail  And, wliereil  tain portions il  witlun the linji  same to the Cil  And, wlicreiil  all, tho real aif  of whieli the;  or lessees, ivl.iid  pied, require',  tern of ruilw.,iy  taxation for t|J  ago of this By-ll  And, whorcitl  ���Piling up and closing certain Streets and  Mbt of Nelson and empowering the Coun-  ,i��!PJSlroets and Alleys so stopiied up and  tlaiiadian Pacilic Kailway Company, and  iipting   said  Raihvay   Company    from  Ss been agreed between the Corporal ion  Kson and tho Canadian Pacillo Kailway  Fie said Company will establish the ('itv  ivisional point 011 tlieir lino of railway,  pt round houses and other buildings in-  Livisional jioint.  (it is deemed advisable to close up cer-  trcets and alleys hereinafter described  of the City of Nelson, and to convey the  dian Pacitic Kailway Company.  it is further deemed advisable to exempt  [personal property of the said Company  . w are or may hereafter become owners  npw Is or mav hereiittorbe used, oecu-  ���iiiei enlal to the operation of (heir -ys-  ithin the City of Nelsoif from mimioijVil  period of ten years from the (hull pass-  ��'.  T, in the opinion ofthe Council such portions of Stroets and Alleys are not required for enrp irate  purpo.es.    1  Therefore,the Municipal Council of the Corporation of  the City of Vclsoii in Council assembled enacts as follows:  I. That lhc* following portions of the Streets ami Alleys  within Lhc limit], of the City of Nelson, namely: Vernon  Street, from a line i.mwn from the northeast corner of  blo-k 88, diagonally across Vernon Street easterly to the  southwest congji* of tlio Columbia and Kootenay right  of way of IhciBino of inilwny to Ihe terminus ofA'or-  lion Street utlB> westeily end of block,IKi in said Citv;  Baker Street. An irs -westerly intnrsuctinn with 11 il-  way Street to '���'!. terseotinn with Vernon Street:' Victoria Street, fi^BjU westerly intersection with Kailway  Stroet tq its BMrscctioii' wilh Vei'iiiin Stroet: Sloeati  Street, from ^B.-iiMiorly intersection with Victoria  bI reef* to its m^Byrly intersection-with Vornon Sfreot:  and hlso t he ly.^B*]* alley extending from Kailway SI rout  through DIoek^Buiid 8!i to Vernon SI reel: all being accord iiig to the ^B> or plan of sub-division of lot,!),), group  one, Ivootcnaj^B-iric.l. be and the same art* huicby declared siopjieil^Bpid'closod.  2. Thill the -^^H'fty of Nolson he and they are herobv  empowered tc^^Bo the Cniiiuliaii I'acillc Kailway Com-  I'.iny Uio siui'^Kons of streets aii.dullc.is in the next  in-occdinsfpaiH^Hli desoiibert, and the Mayor and Cily  Clerk are ha^^Muthu.'/ed to sign and .seal a projier  conveyance '*^^H** to the sa d Canadian I'lieillu ltn.il-  ivay Coinpu!i;^^Bthc~ aid Council may accept in p:u-  iiientthcrefui^^H' cash or real property. .  .'!. It is furtl^^Hiclcd t>h'<t all lhc real and personal  property iioi-^MtlH-jreafter owned or leased liy Ibe  t'niiiidiiin Pat^^M-iilway Company, and which it. now  or m.iy be he-BBH used and occupi- d, required or incidental to llm^^Blioi! of their r.iilwav system within  the limits of fl^B'.v of Nelson, shall be uxonipt from  Municipal tu^^^Bfor a i eriod of len years from the  final ppi.ss,i<;�� H^B ISv-law.  1. This '.y-I^^Bil 'take ed'ect on the flfluCuth dav of  December A,  "NoTu;i.r  Take not k-.i  posed Dy-lfiul  Miiiiiuipiililif  fire Hall ��n|  ollice of (he  north side of I  nay streets, il  day of Deuel  a. m. and I o'J  Nelson, ll.  G0RP0RA1  A By-law to!  *    loud the U[  Whore.'is, j  jiul Councill  signed by t hi  the rcptl proj  revised AsmI  inli'odiiec nf  dollars ($Suo{  works .Sy.slel  And. whef  extend Ihe  the ennvunij  And, wlicl  of eight,  til  aforesaid.    I  And, who!  or the mi id (I  Kol] i.s onu I  and twentvH  And, whi*j  rn to the sui  live cenls fS  *.   Now, Ihc-rl  linn of the (.1  I. It.shall i  poralion'of'tg  of Hit* said-(1  in.ifter meiif  bodies coring  same as a If  ivhole tho si|  en list* all siil  , .1   IC. STKACHAN, City Clerk,  lubor *and, 1899. ;  THE  CITV OF NELSON  I__"W"   3STO-   58  thousand dollars (SSWKl.DO) to ex-  | System.  'as been presented to tho Muniei-  Ipoi'atitin of Ihe Cily of Nolson,  lat I��*iisl one-tenth o! tho value of  1 said {.'ily, its" shown bythe last  ll, requesting the said CnunciWn  Inisj) thc-nm of eight  thousand  ���purpose of cxt.ittling the Waler-  llCify.        * ,  lined necessary and evpeiHonl to  ISystoui ol ) lie City of Xolxon for  ltlyens and for lire prnteclion.  flpedient to borrow IJ'C .said sum  Irs (SMKHMK))   for  tho    purposes  Bole amount of Hie rali.iblu land  |-C to the lust revised ..s,(.,sin_ ni  Ittndri'd and lll'tv-.six thoiiMind  |!.l.")(i,(K...(jn).,  ��� iiecrsstirs lo rai.su uuiiuary by  kertnndtwQ doltur*<iiiid sjxly-  Jiiig the said debt aud Intuicsi.  jjmicipal Council of the Corpor.t-  1 oilnct.sas follows:  |iwf ul fur t lie Mi) J or of I he C'or-  flson to burrow, upon tliof-reilil  J'J" way of the Ilobenliiro*. liure-  ftmy person or persons, body or  Viy bo willing to advance Ihe  money noi irxeeodiiig in the  joiis.uid doll 'i-s (.s.SOWl.iltl). and io  |scd or received lobe paid into  the hands of the Treasurer of the said Corporation, for  the purposes and with the objects heieinbcforo recil&l.  2. It shall oo lawful for the Mayor of the said Corporation to cause any number of Debentures t.o be made, executed and'issued for such sum or sums us mav be re-  miired for the purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding, however, tho sum of eight thousand dollars (��8000.00),  oach nf the said Debentures being of the denomination of  one thousand dollars (��1000.00), and all such Debentures  shall be sealed with the seai of the Coiporation and  signed by the Mayor thereof.  '.i Thesiiid Debentures shall bear date the 20th day of  pTanuary, A.D. 1900, and shall be made payable in thirty  years from the said date, iu lawful money of Canada, al  Ihe ollice of tho Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid,  which said place of payment.shall be designat- d by the  said Debentures, and shall have attached lo them  coupons for tho payment of interest, and the signatures  tothe interest coupons may be either written, Mumped,  printed or lithographed.  t. The said Debentures shall bear interest at tlie rate of  ���IJ per centum per annum from Ihe date thereof, which  interest shall he payable semi-aunually at said ollice of  tho Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful  money of Canada, on the 201 h day of January and the  0th day, nf July respectively, jn each yeai during the  currency thereof, and itshalhbc expressed in mid Debentures and coupons to lie so payable.  ri. It.s'mll be lawful for the Muyor'of *wiid Corporation  to negotiate and sell the said Heboid lire, or any of them  foi less than par; but in uo case shall the said Debentures  ornny of them be negotiated or sold for less than ninety-  live per centum of their fare value, including tlie co**. of  negotiating and sale, brokerage and all incidental cx-  'Pcnscs  f). .There shall bo rnisod and levied in each year during  the curieney of said Di'lienliires the .sum of three hundred and sixty dollars (SiOO.OO) for the p,iyment of interest and (lie sum of one hundred and forty-t wo dollarsand  sixty-five cents for the payment ofthe debt due under  the said Duhcntiii'i's by n rule sullicient therefor on all  the rateable land in the sniil M unioipuiiiy.  7. It. shall he lawful for the said Municipal Council to  re-puivh-i.se any of tho said Debentures upon such terms  as may be .igiced,s>p. u wilh the legal holder or holder***  1 hereof, or any piii'1 thereof, cither at the lime of sale or  any Mih'cnui.nt time or times, and all UebcnMiros so repurchased shall forth with bo cancelled and destroyed,  and im ru-is-uc of Debentures ho repurchased shall be  muck* in consequence of such rtf-pnruha.se.  i>. This liy-law .shall take ell'eut on tho 7lh day of  December A.D. USO'l.  NOTICE.  Take* noliee that the above is a true copy of (lie pro-  wisi'il By-Iiii\ upon which the vole of lhc '.lectors of the  Municipality will be I a ken; for Iln,* Kast, Ward atlhe  Kire Hull on Josephine street; for the West W.ud al the  iiltice of Uio ....chequer Cold .Mining Company on tlie  norlii side of Hnkei'street, hot ween Stanley and i.ootc-  u.iy slreots, in lhc City of Nelson, on Tuesday, the lllth  day of December nutl. between the hours of 8 o'clock  .i. m. and I o'clock p. m.  J. IC. STKAOI.AN*, Citv Clerk.  Nel.sou, B, C, November ���.'���.ml, IS!)!).  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  _B"_r-x_Ja_"w _sro���  59  A Hy-luw to raise seven (lnmsaml dollars (��70110.00) 16ex-  lendfiud iiiipruiu I ho Electric Light System.  ,, Whereas, a petition has been presented lo the Municipal Conncil of the Corporal Ion of (lie City of Nelson',  signed by Shu owners of at least nuu-tenlli of the value of  the real property in tin1 said City, as shown by the last  revised Assessment Koll; requesting tiie said Council to  intioduce a Hj-law to raise the sum of .seven Ihoiisiind  dollars (��7ffl-0.00) for Ihe purpose of extending and im--  proving the Electric Light Works System and I'liml in  the Cily of Nelson.     . -  And, whorea-, it isdeemed *. \pudiunt to borrow the  ������aid sum of seven tlioiisand dollars JS7iKK).(XI) for tho purposes aforc-aid.  And. whereas, the wholeniiionnf of tho rateable land of  (ho said City, according to (ho last revised Ass .ssmonl  [{oil, is one millioiM.nu hundrt'd and tlfty-.six Ihoii-and  and twenly-live dollars (��l,!,T��,ll'.',-,.i'(i|.  And, ivlierciis. II will bo necessary ioiiii**u annually bv  rate Ihe sum of four hundred and thirty-nine dollars anil  oighty-ttt'ocent*. (*5!,'��).S'.!) for paying the i-nlrf debt and  interest.  Now, therefore. Die Municipal Council of (he Corporation of the City of Nelson eimcls as f illows;  I, II shall mid limy liu lawful for the Mayor oft lie ('<'�����*  poration of tiie Cily of Nelson lo borrow, upon tlie credit  of the siiid Corporation, by way of the Debentures hereinafter inenti lied, from anv pt.r-.on or persons, body or,  bodies corporate, who may he willing to advance'thu  winus aw a limn, a sum of money not exceeding, in the  whole, the sum of scven.lhous.-md dollars (��7H0il.(. i), nnd  lo cause -ill such sum..so raised orree>*iied to be paid in-  ,|n Ihe hands of the Treasurer of the said Corporation, for  'the piit'posuand wilh the object hereinbefore recited.  ���-', It shall be lawful for the Mayor of the srtld Corpora-  lion in cause any iiiiinlier of Debentures to he miule. executed and issued for such sum or sums as maj be required lor the purpose nnd nliieut afores.iid, not oxeeeding  however, the sum of seven thousand dollnis (��7('l'0.l��. :  each of Ihe -aid Debentures being of the denomination nf  one thousand doll.irs (. MH-O.t'.l' and all s'uch Debcnlurus  shall he sealed viilh the seal of the Corporal ion and  signed by the Mayor thereof.  .'{. The s,*iid Deheiilnres shall bear date the 20th da\ of  January, A.I). IB"!*, and shall he made p liable in thirty  years I rum Ihes.iid (lalt*. in lawful mone.i of Canada, at  the ollice of lhc Bank uf Montreal in Nelson. nforc*s.nd,  which said place of puMuonl shall be designated l,y tlie  said Dobciilincs, and shall have ,itta/*lie t to them coupon- for the payment of intewst. and the signatures to  the interest coupons may hu cither wiitlcn. stamped,  jirinled in lilhograpliod.  I. The miuI debentures shall htMi*interest al theiMtuof  <ij* per centum ]>cr niinum from the date thereof, which  interest shiill he payable seiiii-aiiiuiiilly at said olllcu of  the Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful  money of Canada, on the 20lh day of January and the  20th day of July respectively, in oach year during the  currency thereof, and'shull be expressed in said debentures and coupons to be so payable.  5. It shall bo lawful for the Mayor.of said Corporation  to negotiate and sell the said Debentures or any of them  for less than par; but in no case shall the said Debentures  or any of them be negotiated or sold for less than ninety-  live per centum of their face value, including the cost of  negotiating and sale, brokerage and other incidental  expenses.  (i. There shall be raised and levied in each year during  the curieney of said Debentures the sum of Tin co hundred and llftecn dollars (��'*l...00) for the payment of inlei-"  est, and the sum of One hundred nnd twenty-four dollars  and eighty-two cents (��121.82) for the payment of the debt  due under the said Debentures by a rate sullicient therefor on all (he rateable 'and in the said Munic pality.  7. It shall be lawful for the said Municipal Council to  re-purchase any ofthe said Debentures upon such terms  as may be agreed upon with the legal holder or holders  thorgof, or any part thereof, either at. the time of psalo or.  any subsequent lime or times, ami all Debentures .so repurchased shall forthwith be cancelled' and do-troyed,  and no* re-issue of Debentures so _c;pu.ehasud shall be  made in consequence of .such repurchase.  8. This Bylaw shall take effect on the TthdayofDcccm-  . bor, A. D. 18'Ji). _J ,    .'  .NOTICE.  Take notice that the above is a true copy of the proposed By-liiiv upon which (he vote of the l.leutors of the  Municipality will be taken; for the Kast Wind at the  Fire Hall on Josephine street: for the* West Ward at the  ollice' nf the Kxchequer Cold Mining Company on the  north side of Baker street, between Stanley and ICouteiiav  sheets, in tho Cily of Nelson, on Tuesday, the flltii  day of December next, between the hours of 8 o'clock a. m.  and I o'clock ]i.m. J. IC. STRACHAN, Citv Clerk.  Nelson, B. C, November 22nd, 1800.  CORPORATION  OF THE CfTY OF NELSON  B"_*r-L.A_"W" nsro.. eo_  A Uyluw lo gram Lo Thomas Madden jjormissioii to use a  cerinin portion of the sidewalk On Ward street for the  jmrjiosu of entry to the basement of his Block erected  on !_<>. I. Block o,'corner Ward and Baker Streets,  Nelson, B. C.  Whereas, an application has been made by Thomas  Madden for per ��� is.ton to use a, curtain portion uf the  sidewalk on Ward Street for the purpose; of entry to lhc  basement of his I.lock erected on l.ol.i, lilnck a, cu'ii.r  of Ward and U.ikor Sl roots, in I he Cily ol Nelson., iccord-  ingtoa plan Hied Willi tho Cily Council.  And. *.*. hcre.is, ii is deemed advisable lo grant such  permission to the said Thomas Madden upon his complying i<.ith I hu provisions-of this Ujfivw hcreinallurs-ot out.  Therefore, the Mimiciji.il Co'in'.il of Ihe Corporation ot  Ibe City of Nelson in Council assembled enacts ,_��  follows:  1. It shall and in,ij* he lawful for the siiid Thomas-  Maddeu, his hers and assigns, to use ,ind "iijoy for his  and their u��onnd benefit a portion of the sidewalk ot th,*  City of Nelson on Ward Street In -slid City, as .shown on  a jilnn marked ".."nnd Hied with the City Council,being  n  sjiiiee t_hlrtocn  feet  long and four feci, wide, on the   inner side ul said sidewalk, with tiie necessary ground  sjiaco hfiuw to ho used as an area, and to which slops  shall lead ii|> constituting a means of ingress and egress  In and from the basement of the Block erected by I he said,  Thomas "Madden on l.ol 1, Bloek j. on the corner of Ward  und llu ,cr .Streets, in Ihe said Citv of pN'clson. iqion his  complying with the terms and conditions'in (hefollowing  paragraphs Mot out.  !!. The said area and tho steps lending therelo shall be  constructed by tho said Thomas Mrdnen a I, his own es-  jiutise and under the siijiervisioii of the Cily Kngineur,  and as directed by said .engineer and In his satisfaction, '.  nnd the sidewalk where' such; artsi is cm out shall be  llrinly and slroiiejy jirojiped and braced by and at the  expense of tliesaid Thomas Madden and lo the satisfaction of the City Kii-incer.  .'). The said Thomas "Madden shall erect mid maintain ,  at his own expense a substantial iron railing around .aid  area un thoiiorthend and west side I hereof us sooniil-> siiuh  area is cut out of said .sidewalk, and shall before, jiermis.  sioq (as Isliercinafler provided) is grained, enter intu an  agreement with the said City to iudemnifj and *-avu  harmless the said Cily from all claims or demiind.s,aetion  or net ions, suit or sails, either at Jnw ur'ln- equity, whieli  may be hroughl against said Cil j liy reason uf -..ibi per-  rliisMon -being granted, or by runson of the kee|iing or  maintaining of such area as uloi .ssiud, or of ��ny accident  or iiecideiitsarising Iheicoul.  I: Upon I lit. Hy-ln w receiving the assent of Ihe peuplv  nnd being finally passed, mid upcm the.said Thomas  Madden complying wilh tlie cimdilions hereinbefore sei,  out. the said Thomas .Miulden, hishelisand assigns, sluil]  be entitled to th/.*iiforemen!ioiied riglils and privileges,  tiroiidcd, however, t.hut in ease lhc said .Madden, his  heirs or assigns, fail lij carry out any of the provisions of .  this By-law. or of Ihe agreement mentioned in iniragraph  *! hereof, il shall and ma. In1 lawful for the said Conned,  in addition loanj othei remedies lhovinn,. lmyo, lo close  up said urea and annul the jirjvilege hereby granted.  ."), Tliis By-law shall take ell'ecl on the 7lh day of  December, A. 11. IWHI.   NOTICE.  Take notice that the .ibiive in ,i trnu copy of thejno-  piised By-law upon which the into of lhc ..lector*, of the  Municipality iiill be taken: for the K.isl Ward at Ihe  Kire Hall on .Io-ephine street : for Ihe West Wnr.l ,H the  ollice of the K .chequer Cold -ilinin^ ( ompany on the  nnrtli -side of Baker street, bet weenStanlei and Kootenuy  streets, iu the eily uf Nelson, on Tiiesd.-'ij, tlie lifth day  of Deecmhei'iiexl, hut ween tlie liouisiitSuVlocl. a. m.and  I ii'i'lock ]i. m. J, I.. STRACHAN, Cily Clerk.  NcNon, B.C., Novenihci*22nd, ISO'.). *m&m}KimiN&**!>>!Xi&!,$i vxa^Js&^TxiipA  '^mmmm^smistmm  I  ���f  *4'  .p..,.;  I:  v,'.*i.;  i>*-.  ���i'.:  I'    1  P  }'!   ';  <        .'''  _. ;:  M  li  THE TBIBTJME:  NELSON B. C, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1  1899.  __=  INK OF  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up.    -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  I.OBD STRATHCONA AND  MT   ROYAL, President  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President  K   8. CLOUSTON General Manager  isrELso'isr _3_a-__isro"Bc  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       nRANCIIKS Iff       LONDON  (England).   NEW YORK,   OHIOAGO  and in the principal oltloB in Canada.  Buy and noil Sterling Kxchango and Cablo Transfers  OKANT COMMRKOIAL AND TRAVKLl.KHS' CRKDITS,  available in any part of the world.  DRAFTS IS8UKD    GOU.KOTIONS MADK* KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OV INTEREST PAID  SPLENDID   DASHING    FELLOWS  And Johannesburg Refugees.  Julian Ralph, in a recent letter to the  London Daily Mail, writes interestingly  from Cape Town to the following purport  on the contrast���as noted by an American journalist���between the spirit now  being displayed in Cape Town by the  young British volunteer officers, eager for  the fray, on tlie one hand, and a large  number of well-to-do Johannesburg refugees ou the other : **-  On every ship that arrives in Cape  Town from London are many British  army officers.  Some ships bring a dozen or twenty;  others as many as fifty. They are tlie  pick and flower of Englishmen. Most of  them are young men, in the late twenties and early thirties, bearing distinguished names, exhibiting the long,  sleuder faces of the Bi'itish aristocracy,  carrying themselves at once like dandies  and like athletes.  The one strange tiling about them is  that nobody is sending them here, aud  they do not know to what part ofthe  seat of war they are going or what they  are going to do. They only know that  they could not keep away. Tliey are  here to see what they call "the fun." Jt  is a war against bushwhackers, guerillas,  and sharpshooters, in which a far greater  proportion of officers than men are certain to be killed, but that does uot matter to them. The first accounts of  skirmishes they read after they have  landed tell of the .death of officers and  wounding of others. Apparently die  manner in which tho enemy reveals its  presence among the hills out Natal way  is by the dropping of an officer from his  saddle or in his tracks as he pushes ahead  of his men. What of that? It is part of  " the fuu," they sny.  Tliere fine young fellows have come  during their leave of absence, which have  been well earned in active service, in disagreeable climates, in lonely garrison  posts in the Soudan or on the Indian  frontier. One who came here with me  has given up a billet for which he had  long beeu striving, and whieli was offered  to him just as he had determined to come  out here and do a little fighting for variety. Another of my companions on the  voyage was starting to make a long-  projeeted tour of the world, but this disturbance proved more attractive. A  third officer on the same ship arrived in  England to sec his people, from whom he  liad loug been separated, but he got no  furthcr__thnn  London, _and__oiil>*-_s(ay_ed  P. Burns <�� Co.  IIkad Okficr at  NELSON, B. C.  Wholesale and Retail  .  .   .   Dealers in Meats  Markets at Nelson, RoshIiukI, Trail,  Kaslo, Ymir, Stuidon, Silverton, New Denver, Revel-  stoke, 1'V.rguHQii, Grand Forks, Greenwood, CiAscude City, Midway, and'Vancouver.  :Mall Orders> Promptly'r'FofW&fded.  est Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KIND3 OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEAT  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baiter Street, JVelson  ORDERS BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  ARRIVED IN NELSON  Including' Segram's 2, I, and 7 year old Itjfe in Bt.rrcfe.      Gooderham & Wortk' Rye in Case*.  Segiw. fa Stilt*, "83!-Itj'e and White Wticut Whisky in Oii**es,      Walker's Club Rye in discs.  A. B. GRAY. ICooteiiay Agent  Nelson, 11, C,  R. P. RITHET & CO.  Fred J, Squire, Mepehant Tailor  FULL LINES OF FALL AND WINTER SUITINGS  WKST BAKER STREET  NELSON  OPPOSITE SILVER KING HOTEL  THE BANK OF  BRITISH GGLUMBSA  NELSON  o    Is qow prepared -to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlir*, B. C, and  Dawson Gity,c,Yuk,ori District  four days when he caught the spirit of  Ins comrades and bolted for South Africa.  On another ship was a young man witli  an income of ��10,000 a year, who was  just about to be married, but instead of  sending his bride to St. George's he asked  her down to Waterloo to see him off for  Durban. /  I watched these men on shipboard during seventeen days. They were up at  six o'clock every morning, running in  slippers and pyjamas in order to keep  themselves in good condition, then plunging into a cold bath and coming out on  the deck again in flannels as fresh and  blooming as new-cut flowers. All day  they read about South Africa in the  libraries they had brought along with  them, and which they exchanged for  other books that other men had brought  on board. They were, as I say, the best  of Englishmen���wide-awake, well informed, proud, polished, polite, considerate and bounding with animal health and  high spirits.  The more I saw of them the angrier I  got at all I have ever read about the  various fanatical people on earth who  are celebrated for not being afraid to die  ���the Soudan Dervishes, I mean, and the  stolid Turks and pilfering Albanians, and  now, last of all, these wooden-headed  Boers. Of some of these we are told that  they welcome death, of others that they  believe themselves in God's care.. And  what of tliese English ? Are they afraid  to die? Who would say such a thing���  or think it for a moment1���of these splendid fellows who have led England's ranks  against every fanatic on earth except the  Turk? They are ready to die as any  men, and they rank above their foes as  towers rise above tlie lowly grass,- be-  cau.se they risk their lives with a full  knowledge of what they are doing, and  because in risking themselves they risk  the most enviable lot of . wliich any man  can boast. The incomes, the estates, the  wives and sisters, the companions, the  sports, the clubs, the comforts and the  luxuries, with which these 'men can'surround themselves whenever they will,ja. e,  ties which should make life dearer to  them than tlie bare, hard, lot of most of  the poor wretches whom historians and  poets have glorified for not fearing death;  every one of whom, I honestly believe,  fears it more than these splendid, dashing fellows-, who keep on carving empires  out of tlie map to swell the size of England.  "Been to Government House?" 1 asked  one of tliese yesterday. -  "No," said he, "aud I'm not going. I'm  afraid they might send me somewhere  out of the thick of things. I'm don't  want them to know I'm here. I'm going  to wherever it's livelic-t. I'll be certain  to find somebody under whom I have  served or with whom 1 have fought, so  I'll see the best of it."  And that was the man who told me  that out of 100 men with whom he studied for the service seventy-five are dead  already, fifteen of illnesses and sixty of  bullet wounds and spear thrusts.  It is disgusting ta leave these men aud  t im into any one of the Cape Town hotels to find yourself surrounded by the  rich ref ugees_f mm Johannesburg, and -to  hear theba cry like children as they tell  you what they wiiriose if the British do  not hurry up and take the Transvaal before the Boers destroy Johannesburg.  They actually cry in their plates at dinner, and half .strangle themselves by sobbing as they drink their whisky at bedtime. The Mount Nelson, the Queen's  and the Grand hotels are all full of tliese  merchants and millionaires, faring on the  fat of the land, idle, loafing all of every  day, and discussing what per cent of their  losses the British government will pay  when they put in their claims at the end  of the war.  Some came here as clerks, some as  laborers in the mines, and some are  merchants who brought ��10 worth of  goods out of Birmingham a dozen years  ago. They tell you they have left ��100,-  000 worth, or ��80,000 worth of goods- in  their shop, and that altogether ��25,000,-  000 is in danger of destruction at Johannesburg.  " Oh, mine Got!" one has just been  saying to me; "I can'd dell how much I  shall lose by diss peezness. I speak mit  inucli feeling, my frent. Blease excuse  me grying. Vot you dink ? Do you  dink'I shall get back dirty-dree per cent  of vot I lose from the Brisish government? Oh, Got! den I lose ��00,000���  ain-ditderrible?"  They are pulling their long faces all  over the place and shedding their tears  whenever you meet them. It is enough  to make a statue ill to have to hear and  see them and move among them. Why  don't they equip a regiment of rough-  riders or make up a battalion of volunteers: among themselves ? Why don't  they fight? The war has jeopardized  their property, and they have a keener  interest:in it tbau any Tommy or any  officer now at the front. How can -they  see the cream and flower of British manhood rushing down here to spill its precious blood for them and never feel a  blush of shame or pang of any emotion  except grief over losses which will still  leave many of them rich ?  Really,1 Gape Town is a wonderful  place; It is worth the journey to see the  streets blocked with able young men and  the hotels crowded by rich refugees,  while each night's train takes out the  fearless gentlemen who are deliberately  risking not only their lives but more of  earthly advantage than can ever come to  tliese skulkers who cling to the shelter of  England's guns and weep while they wait  for men to die that they may rush up to  the British treasury with their claims.  If the exhibition tliese refugees are  making in Cape Town were as important  as it is'eonspieuouSj one would think the  Englishmen in charge here would drop  the contest where it is and go home in  "disgust. But it is only a pha?e of a side  issue, quite apart" from the principle at  stake.  NEWS BY MAIL AUD WIKE.  certain whether any of the fatus lost in  the process of manufacture.  The Scotchmen of Eastern Canada celebrated St. Andrew's Day by balls and  banquets last night.  Thomas D. Hodgins, Conservative M.  P. P. for East Middlesex, Ontario, and a  well-known horsebreeder, died of heart  failure yesterday morning.  It is not Likely.  London, November .'$0.���The war office  oflicials today reiterate that they have  received absolutely nothing to indicate  the slightest likelihood that Ladysmith'*  has surrendered, while on the other hand  they expect the place to be relieved  shortly.  The Tremont Hotel  N|AL.0j.E & TRECILLUS  PROPRIETORS  ID. MCABTHUB   &  CO.  Headquarters Top Miners and Frospeetors  One of Those  Beautiful Picture-*  IN OUU WINDOW WILL MAKE A VK1IV  PRETTY X'MAS GIFT KOK YOUR KRIKVI).  IT IS A I.ITTI.K KARI/Y, HUT WK WII.I.  RESERVE IT KOR YOU.  THEY   ARE   aOirVCJ   PAST  THE BEST BRANDS OP  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  oo ss> eiJLa:i__r_Lve:"vr"o]7T 'ce  J-^ ���**=*!���  m  0 B  '   #  &B  hB  Q B  hi ��  H^  C-ffli*  uB  33 B  B  0? B  " B  0 B  u B  Rev. Dr. Adams, principal of Bishop's  College at Lennoxville, Quebec, for the  last fifteen years, has resigned owing to  ill health.  Dominion customs returns for November $2,394,1(J3, .same month last year  $1,833,100.  The analytical board of the inland revenue department is having a test made of  condensed milk, put up in Canada, to as-  FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors   Screen Doors   Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Bail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  oi til kinds,  what you want Is not In stock wo will mako It for you  CALL AND GiST PRICES.  '�����"'  HALL AND LAKE STREETS. NELSON  aetors and Bui  WILL DO WELL TO  AT  A largo stock of flrst-class di*y material on hand, also  a full line of sash, doors; moulding., turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK ft SPECIALTY  Yard:  Foot of Hendryx stroot, Nelson  Toiop_on-. 9i   John Rae, Agent  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  . Large comfortable bedrooms ��� and  first-class dining;  room.  Sample rooms for commercial men.  BATSS  SS   FEB   _D___"3T  TEE NELSON SAW k PLANM MILLS, Ltd.  Mrs.  E. G.   CLARKE, Prop.  Lata of the Royal'Hotel, Calgary,  H_ 0. HUME, Manager.  The finest hotel in the Interior.  Large sample rooms.   Steam heat and electric light.  CORNER OF WARD'AND VERNON STS.. NELSON  Madden House  BAKER AND WARD STREETS, NELSON  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained under one  management since 1890.  The' bed-rooms are  well furnished and   lighted by  electricity.  The dining-room Is not second to any In Kootenay,  The bar is always stocked by the best domestic and  imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  Laige und well lighted Heated by ho! ,in  ItciiMuiaklc rates Sample tooins  Klcclric bells and light in every room  Renovated .md lefurnibhed throughout  HOTEL VICTORIA  J, V. PERKS, Proprietor  Frecbiis meets all trains" __at-__9ef-_l_A    H���fi-  Hourly streetcar to HtHtion n*��V��_S-_U!\B,  D.U,  Night Grill Room in connection, for the donvcnience of  gucfet-s ariiving and departing by night trains.  B.   C    HOTEL  KRIE, 3. C.  We have a stock of one and a half million  feet of logs at our mill and are prepared to cut  all kinds of dimension timber and ship to all points  on Kootenay Lake by scows or steamers, also by  rail to all points on the Canadian Pacific or Nelson  and Fort Sheppard railways. In stock rough and  dressed lumber, shingles, mouldings, sash, doors,  newels, turned verandah posts. Glass of all sizes.  Factory work of all kinds done to order.  THE NELSON SAW k PLANM MILLS, Ltd.  OFFICE AND MILLS CORNER HALL AND FRONT STS., NELSON.  Kirst-clas. in every respect.   ChoicfiL witrc., licjuorn  .-uid cigart,.   Every comfort for transient mid ruhidcttL  IftlGriLs  ' HKADQ-UAKTKKS FOR UNION MKN.  JOSEPH   CAMPBELL,   Proprietor.  GOALI  GREAT I1ED0CTI0N  . *  HARD C0AL$Q OK |GROWS  * <���� A K  ANTI|RACITE<P����wcl| NEST GOAL <P0,I(l  _D_S_X_I***v!'*El*R*E!I_>  TELEPHONK     ft     TJTT  West  & Co.  ONE DOLLAR A LOAD  COAL     COAL,     COAL  Who Wants Goal?  Best Roslyt] Coal $9.50 per Ton  Leave Orders with u^   Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents  Golden Opportunity  The undoroignod hfts a largo quantity of fir, cedar, and  tamarac slabs, In 16-inch and 4-foot lengths, suitable for  stove wood, which will be Hold for $1 a load at the mill  ya   * NKLSON SAW & PLANING MILLS. Limited.  NelRon. AusciiKt 19Hi. 1KM.  H. D. As  BLAOKS'MITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wtwon repairing promptly attended to "by a flrst-class  Wheelwright. _  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing and  custom work from outside points..  Appiewhaite Block, Nelson  Corner of Kooteriay and Baker Streets  W. p, diokSon  _).. H, H* AFPLBWH-aS-m  J. MePHEB  eaay leetrie Supply and Gonstaitta Uo  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  ff&II Streot, batwsdti Baker and Vernon, NoImm-J  Complete Bleotrio JBqulpiaeata tor Hl-sotric Power Transmission and I_lsl_Ung for Mines,, Towns  _91eetrlo Flxt-ar-aa. Lamps, Balls, Telephones, Annunollatorfii, Bio.  P. O. Box 606. .tosepum* Street, Helaoa. B. O,  3H  ma  mi  "Hi  lf|t-  M  |$y&*-i  ������ w*  ��� .;��� >s  ��� .'...SSs'-j THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, FRIDAY, DECEMBER  1, 1899.  The only house in Kootenay carrying Ml lines of  SCALES  FURNACES  BRUNTONS  TRANSITS  SCORIFIERS  CRUCIBLES  MUFFLES  FLUXES  OF  ALL KINDS  Baker Street, Nelson,  Don't Forsret  GILKER WAS THE FIRST MAN IN THE  SHOE AND RUBBER BUSINESS  IN NELSON  AND HE IS STILL HERE TO STAY  J. A. GILKER  THE OLD P. O. STORE  ESTABLISHED  m  ��***"_���  ton.  lei  yjs&i:-  y-tti,  i"i-fip_'  .*r.*-fD*^.  b%*?ji..rj*p.*jDna.[  SCALE.  3  -w  p  _r��  w  co  S>  c-1  P  M  ft'.*.-:*."..  ?EHERY DAY OF EVERY MONTH  EVtRY MONTH OF EVERY YEAY  YEAR FOR IO YEARS  JACOB DOVER  OI*' NELSON, 11. 0.  --J*j3_ n..^-.n-^  HAS PRODUCED  e  s  STERLING NOVELTIES  M^MCUKK   --.ND TOIl.B'1' SKTri  HON  HONfi  M-IIKY SK'I'S  C1.KA.M AND SUGAK AND   TKA  ANI) COPKKK SI'OONS  I'OWnKU-llOXKS   A'lOMIi-KKH  UI.0TTKK8  POilADK HOXKS,  ETC.  ....WI.I.I.Y  .���U.IICS��' OOJ.l)    WATC1.I-3, SJ'Vl'  1V11II  DIAMONDS  BKA(*!:M*-,TS,  I'l.AlN  AMU  SI'/I"  l,OHO.VET1'E CHAINS  KINGri.    IN    AM,  THE   I.ATKST  ���BKTTIXti-   C'l,'I**.' LINKS,  f.OOKK i'li  NEC'lvI.ETS     ���  llHOOfllES, K'I'C."  FANCY GOOJ)S  ONYX TAltl.ER  TAIIIj: AND 1'IANO LAM I'd  .SA'tDJ.VtEKKH  i'HOTO I-'KAMES  vr.us POTS  VASES.  I.KTTKIl.HACKS   .1IRU0KS  OTAX'L'ES *     ,  I'l.OM.Sj  ETC.  Call and Examine Our Stock Before Buyirjg Elsewhere.   Fiqe Watch Repairing'  a Specialty.   All Work Guaranteed at ,  The Jeweler  Dover's  INelson, B. O.  eadcjua^rters  For all kinds of Rubber Goods  and Winter Clothing   -   .   .   .  i:^|jSE30'* MADSON  ,-'. :;i3ttfe��r Street.  The Rossland Warehouse and Transfer Company have just received  a carload of young, -well-matched teams, weighing from twenty-five  to thirty-two hundred pounds. They can be seen at their stable on  Second Avenue and St Paul Street, Rossland.    They have also  : . .Stsiileb#r^agons;iani MAJSl^^myS^.  COUNTY COURT PROCEEDINGS.  Judge Forin held that a judgment  which was given in the Ontario courts  against J. D. Kelly and in favor of the  McLaughlin Carriage Company was  valid,, and re-affirmed the old judgment  yesterday. J. D. Kelly purchased a  buggy from the McLaughlin company on  a conditional sale, but did not pay for it.  The carriage company seized the buggy,  which Kelly afterwards replevined.  Judgment was given in favor of the company for $75. Afterward the buggy was  sold to a third party! Kelly claimed in  his defence that tlie company, by electing to sell the buggy, waived the judgment, and thereby tlie judgment would  be nullified. The court held that tlie  fornier judgment was not waived, but  remained valid. Ilannington for the  plaintiff and Macdonald for  the defence.  The case of Thurston vs. Tattersall was  set over to tlie next term of the court  yesterday on account of the serious illness of one of the witnesses for the defence.  " Let the tail go with the hide," said  the court yesterday as he gave a judgment of .$88 and an outfit of tools.to the  plaintiff in settlement of a claim made  by Mrs. Maglio against Joseph Little, a  sub-contractor on the Columbia &  Kootenay railway. Mrs. Maglio brought  suit to collect $120 'alleged to be due for  services rendered as timekeeper and storekeeper for Little. The plaintiff is tlie  wife of an Italian who had. a position as  boss of a gang for Little. Haunington  for plaintiff and Macdonald fbr the defendant.  The last case to be called before the  adjournment of the court yesterday was  that of R. Hunnex vs. W. K. Collet.  Himnex is a merchant of Erie, and  brought the action to. collect on an account for goods supplied to Collet. The  defendant admitted the receipt of the  goods, but claimed that they were purchased on an order given by Frank Lavin  and held that Lavin ought to be held responsible for payment of the goods.  Judge Forin leaves for Rossland this  morning where he will hold court for  some  time.   '��� "'  The Debt Paid Off.  Two years ago the ladies' aid society of  the Presbyterian church assumed an indebtedness of $1100 incurred in purchasing two lots adjoining the church, which  were to be the location of the manse. The  debt is now paid, the last payment being  made with the receipts of the bazaar  which has been in progress for the past  two days.- The total receipts of the fair  amounted to .$400. The ladies Svho have  had the bazaar'in charge desire to thank  the public for their generous patronage.  Almost"the entire amount dfygoods which  were offered for sale have been disposed  of. The candle which is the subject-of  the guessing contest will be placed in the  window of the Lawrence Hardware Company, where it will remain, until the con-  BUSINESS.  MENTION.  test is decided.    Almost 200 guesses have  been registered already.  Customs and Inland Revenue.  The following are the receipts  of  cus-  Nelsou for  toms and inland  revenue at  the month of November :  CUSTOMS.  ])utml'lo imports $lipS,SS_ 00  ."roc inipuits   31,(i"(i 00  Total .' SlOn.iiiO w  Duty collected ,      _ll,_30 3S  In November, 185)8, the imports were  valued at $38,090, and the amount of  duty collected was $11,821.(52.  INLAND  l.KVKNl'K.  Spirits     SI.IHW 37  Mult      _7i; (XI  Tiplmi'iMi        S*_7 (Hi  ltavv l.fnf Tiilmcco       I HI SI  CiKii l-s       I Hi 7(1  ik-    ���*'  Total .  .Sa..-*!I,S S7  Inland Revenue Collections at Rossland.  The collector of inland revenue nt Rossland reports the following collections for  November:  Spirits   Malt   Cigars   Raw leaf tobacco..  ,. .S-J.Od. Itti  ...     (IKS (IS  !*,' IKI  a* 'to  Total sa,:t7:i ll.  The best evidence that a newspaper is  a good medium in which to advertise is  the appearance in its columns every day  of live advertisements of local merchants  and business men. The Tribune does  not accept, advertisements from advertising agents, and does not accept advertisements from firms outside of Kootenay  that in any way interfere with firms es:  tablished in Kootenay. These are facts  that business men appreciate. The Tribune'."* advertising rates are high���almost  as high as any paper published in the  province���but its management aims to  give advertisers the value of their money  in circulation among-people who have the  money to pay for what they purchase.  mine  at Silverton is to  The Comstock  be wound up.  J. A. Irving & Co. opened this morning  in their new premises in the Houston  block. They have one of the finest stores  in the town and claim that their stock is  one of the most complete carried in  .Nelson.  At the last regular meeting of Kootenay Lodge, No. Hi, LOO. P. the following officers were elected : John Scoley,  N. G.; J. A. McRae. V. G.; J. R. Rutherford, recording secretary; A. II. Clements,  financial secretary; and A. G. Shaw,  treasurer.  . Chief of police Jarvis reports a fairly  active month in his line of business.  There were twenty arrests made during  November. .The total amount of fines  imposed for the month .was"$151.25. The  charges on which the arrests were made  were as follows: Drunk 12, gambling 2,  theft 1, fraud 1, vagrancy 1, fighting 1,  insanity 1, Water Clauses Act 1.   .  , Wanted���An experienced waitress at  the Nelson Cafe.  , Lady clei'Jk with   three   years   experience* is dcsiroUH Of a~ posit ion,   AcM.e.s**. box 288.  Wanted ��� Stenographer and typist.  Apply by typewritten Idler stating salarj expected, I'.  O. Hex 3S1, Nel��on. B. C.  For Sale���Daiiry���Apply P. O. box 19(5,  Nelson.  For sale���Lot 50 by 120 feet at southeast, corner of .Stanley and Mill struct*!. Improvements.  Uro col (Ages, one (i rooms the other 3. Apply to A. K.  Lot'. on tne preini.ic=,  Offices to Let���Two offices in Turner-  Kocokh block.   Enquire room 7 in building.  The latest thing out.     Patent luminous gold jjldss signs, nnnic plates and street numbers.  Rciidable darkest nights.   Unexcelled for beauty  tarnish; last, a life-Lime; price within reach,  by H. H. Avery, Carbonate Htreet, Nelson.  ly; never  For salo  Patenaude  Bra  ARTISTIC JEWELRY  CHASTE AND BEAUTIFUL  NOTHING BUT THE BEST  AT  BAKER STREET, NELSON  'rescriotions  The purity of the ilmpi'iind medicines administered to the pntiont is the most essential element  in the successful treatment of disease. iI'isrMJ.ip-  ItoiiHiirut'onipniimictl by ii*s from absolutely pure  driitfh in perfect condition, and the physician's  ''' skill will not be nullified by old und impotent  drugs.   Our stock of i*c<iiiisite�� foi  THE TOILET  THE NUKSERY  THE SICK ROOM  A. e complete  Vow patronage solicited  NURSES' DIRECTORY  Vov the convenienco of nurses iind physicians, wv have  cst'i1)lisliert it Nurses' Directory, and in order to htive it  complete, request all nurses, to send in or full antl.leave  tlieir names anil addresses.  ST. W. ��� 3tf9L_IS_AJ_fr  .. I.ISf'KNSING' CHEMIST  ���  ���Telephone IIS- I��.-'O.Box225*' Baker Street  ��� vi      ���-. ,-iylail orders promptly attended.to.   ;;-:*.. ������;.:���.���-- ������_  District superintendent Beasley of the  C. P. R. is expected, to arrive home on  Saturday froni Montreal. He has been  absent about two weeks.  Goods at Half Price  We still have some goods left from  the bankrupt stock purchased at  Sandon at a low rate on the dollar,  and consequently we can defy  competition.    .    .    .    .    .    .    . .  HERE ARE A FEW OF OUR PRICES.  Dress goods fancy mixtures, regular price  $1.7u, sale price $1.  Dress goods, fancy mixture, regular price  * $1.50rsale-price-75 cents.   Dress goods, fancy mixture, regular price  75"cents, sale price 40 cents.  Table Damask at 2i3 cents per yard.  Children's wool hose at 10 cents per pair.  Ladies'* flan Mellette wrappers at $1.25.    ;  I-tlack   Henrietta,   worth  75 cents, sale  price 50 cents.  Black Henrietta,  Avorth   50   cents,  sale  price 35 cents.       l  I'ink fliiunelette 7 cents per yard,   t  Ladies'' fancy blouses, velvet collar.***., regular price $1.50, sale price 80 cents.  Miner's shoes,  regular price $3.00, salo  '" price $1.50.  Overalls, regular price $1,00, sale price  50 cents.  Oxford  shirts, regular price $1,25, sale  price 50 cents.  Men's.tweed suits, regular price $12,50,  sale price $7.00.   '  Men's heavy all-wool tweed pants, rugu-  lar price $3.50, sale price $2.00.  For want of space we aregoingbut  of ladies" and children's footwear,  and will clear these off at cost . . .  Hcgului*  Price.  ..$1.75  . .   1.75  .   2.00  .   3,00  ..   1.00  Pale  Price.  $1.00  1.00  1.25  2.00  50  Ladies' Oxford shoes....  Ladies' strap shoes   Ladies' kid button shoes  Ladies' kid button shoes  Children'- shoes ........  The Balance of our ladies' capes  and jackets at less than cost.   All  other goods in our store at greatly  reduced prices.   .   .   .   ..*.,���   *  WE HAVE THE FINEST LINE OF  Coal Heaters  EVER DISPLAYED IN KOOTENAY DISTRICT  SOLE AGENTS FOR THE FAMOUS  Cole's Hot Blast Heater  ���Our claims for this heater is that it is adapted  to any kind of coal, CROW'S NEST, LETH-  BRIDGE, or ANTHRACITE, burning all kinds equally well. Not requiring the  attention of an ordinary coal heater. Economical, durable and simple in con-*  struction.   See our Steel Ranges for hard and soft coal or wood.  NELSON  yers & Oo.  KASLO SANDON  Mh  WE HAVE STOVES  But while we are waiting for the cold weather we  would draw your attention to our line of  NICKLED   COPPER  WARE  Including Tea and Coffee Pots (several designs), Enamelled Handle Dippers, Pudding Dishes, Tea Kettles, etc.,  and the only place you can get them is  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE   CO.  Christmas is Coming  Have you your Supplies?  We have in and open a'- Vour Xir^as wants ?  -~'L  h  you and' yourMriends to   come  this   matter   means   simply your  in   and   see  us  losing   many  - What \ve ask is' for  first. An oversight in  dollars.  Headquarters   for   the   famous  pails and i  pound packages.  Fresh   nuts,  raisins,   currants,   candid peel,   figs,  fruit,   and' all   the  best that can be procured at rock bottom prices.  The leading house in Groceries,  Crockery,  and Glassware.  Rosemary   Mincemeat   in   25   pound  Kirkpatrick <& Wilson  P. O. BOX K. & W.  HAKER STRKKT.  TELEPHONE 10.  A Fine Sample  We have opened up our shipment of  Raisins,* Currants,'Peels, Etc.  and they are a very fine sample.  Leave your Xmas order with us for- j  new fresh goods at lowest possible prices.  I  ���*-  '  4;  M  IIP  Baker Street,  Nelson.  9  A. Ferlaad & Co.  ,-;, EIXIOT BLOCK, BAfeER STREET, NELSON.  An Appetizing- Breakfast  FITS A MAN FOR WORK.  Try our Government Creamery Butter1; J- Y*. Griffin & Co's  Hams and Bacon, Brackman & Ker's Roiled Oats and Com-  meal, Almonte Milling Go's Self Raising Buckwheat Flour.  .  Baker Street West, Nelson  John A. Irving & Co.  i  pee Water Connections TO�����1���^  GAS  FITTING ,-GUR   SPECIALTY PLUMBING   OP  ALL  KINDS  STRACHAN BROS. Opera House BIk.  '*'  -*%-���


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