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 \JSi"?.;'-kSK ,       --"-t~- .-.<��..-.*i^-...,  N  THE CAMPAIGN IN UPPER NATAL  ..*        Is General Joubert Dead?  -'/���London, December 3.���The curtain has  been running down upon  the campaign  in upper Natal and tliere is only a single  glimpse behind the scenes. This is offered  in a Central News dispatch from Durban  with the'statement that a reconnaisauce  has taken place and Boer commands have  been found  at  Coienso,  where  a  great  battle is likely to be fought early in the  Aveek.    The Tugela bridge  now  has undoubtedly been destroyed and  the river  line will be defended, as at tlie Modder.  Military men are looking for a liner display of strategy in  that quarter,  since  the shining lights of the staff college are  there, both Clery and 11 ildyurd, and this  also forecasts more delay in bringing on  an engagement, since to tliese there will  be mantiMivres for uniting against general  Joubert.     That warhorse has been killed  off again by several   news agencies, one  of wliich is so consistent as to bury liim  with a state funeral; biit he will probably  live to fight another battle.  General Buller's admirers are now asserting that he has virtually relieved  Mafeking*aud Kimberley by his plans of  campaign, and is within striking distance  of the i-escue of Ladysmith, He has not  yet beaten the Dutch allies, whose fighting powers in defensive warfare are marvellous. Ho has succeeded certainly in  nipping in the bud rebellion in Cape Colony, where the Dutch are throwing down  tlieir arms and returning to their farms,  -although general Gatacre and general  French have not yet struck a decisive  blow.  Cabling ou the same subject, tlie Lon  r*<.  M  MONDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 4,  1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON. BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $6 A YEAR; WEEKLY, $2.  comfortably engaged in Rome, in making  arrangements, which, in all probability,  will never be put into practical effect  without more desperate blood letting.  Royal Commissioner Martini, on behalf  of Italy, and Mr. James Rennel Rodd,  representing England in Egypt having  put into diplomatic, form an Anglo-Italian  understanding in regard to their frontiers  in a part of Africa most of which is  claimed by king Menelek. So far as can  be ascertained, things have been carried  on with a total disregard of the existence  of Menelek, the assumption being that he  no longer has aspirations for territorial expansion, and has been even  reconciled to the Italian occupation of  territory once belonging to Abyssinia.  The Anglo-Italian agreement, ib is said,  has been actually signed this week. It  adds to the Italian possessions the colony  known as Erytheria, a vast tract of  territory, while England finally takes  absolute possession of Kasala. Each  party binds itself to give military assistance to the other in the event of an  attack from any quarter.  CAPTAIN SCOTT'S INSPIRATION  don correspondent of the Sun stiys:   "Tlie  military situation in South Africa, so far  as exposed, is distinctly improved during  .the week from the British standpoint.   It  is difficult to  describe  the English pride  and  enthusiasm over  general Methuen's  great march  to  the  relief of Kimberley.  There tire some  misgivings over the fate  ofthe  gallant  column wliich is fighting  ��� its way north against an enemy who is  desperately contesting every step ofthe  advance.    The public is  still in the dark*  ,as   to   the   latest    position   of   general  Methuen's force  and  the  nature  of the  last battle   at   the  Modder  river.    Tlie  publication  today of  tho casualty   list  gives the impression   tliat it was a long-  .range fight, perhaps from  opposite sides  of the river.      Tliere  are much  heavier  losses than were expected, and from general Methuen's description of it tis a great  battle, it  is  naturally feared that, as in  the case of a previous  engagement, the  supplementary  list  of casualties, which  will be fortlioomiiig'ina few days, will be  ���almost as long as the original list.  u The news today whieli gives the greatest satisfaction, is"the announcement that  .substantial reinforcements have reached  general Methuen by rail.  In regard to the Natal campaign, it is  difficult to account for the J3oer retreat  from Mooi River and .around Lsteourt,  except by a belief of the repeated-reports  that geueral Joubert was killed and the  burghers consequently demoralized. The  assertion tliat the withdrawal was caused  by a lack of food is hardly borne out by  the discoveries of food aud other  loot left by the retreating Boers.  Next -week should bring a heavy  engagement at the Tugela River,  with general Buller's relief force tind also  hard fighting for Methuen's'column near  the Modder river, this perhaps culminating in the successful relief of Kimberley.    'Casualties of tlie Modder Eiver Battle.  NintlrLtuicers���One"wounded,        *  Engineers���-Two wounded.  Second Coldstreams���Ten killed. 50  wounded.  Third Grenadiers���Nine killed, 38  wounded, 4 missing.  Scots Guards���Ten killed, 37 wounded,  1 missing.  Northumberland Fusileers ��� Eleven  killed, 31 wounded.  First Northumberland���Three wounded.  Second Yorkshire���Nine killed, 41  wounded.  First North Lancashire���Three killed,  14 wounded.  Argyll Auti-Southcrland Highlanders  ���Fifteen killed, 05 wounded, 2 missing.  First Coldstream���Twenty wounded.  Soutli Africa. Reserve���One wounded.  Medical Corps���One wounded.  Oppose* Employing Sailors on Land.  London, December 3.���It appears that  rear admiral Harris, commanding at  Cape Town, nuicli disapproved of sending  a naval brigade to the front, and sir  John Colomba and others have written tothe Times protesting against the habit of  employing sailors in land fighting, on  account of the greater difficulty in procuring sailors than soldiers, the greater  of their production, and the consequent  undermanning of the vessels. The army  recruiting returns for November show an  unusually low total, almost the smallest  on record. It is said in explanation that  the calling out of the reserves and militia  has created a labor demand which is uot  yet supplied.  Britain and Italy Join Hands.  *New York, December B.���The London  correspondent of the Sun says :   " While  British soldiers have been fighting in two  regions of Africa, two civilians have been  Proved of Great Service.  Ni.w York, December 3.���Interesting  tacts about the naval guns, wliich saved  the day at Ladysmith by tlieir timely  arrival, are told by a Natal correspondent  of the London Times. Concerning the  inspiration which led captain Percy  Scott, of the British cruiser Terrible, to  des,ign mountings by av hich sea-guns  could be used effectively for land service,  the correspondent says from the first it  would seem that what was wanted was  long range, guns, which could hit the  enemy at a distance outside the range of  their Mauser rifles. The captain of the  Terrible, therefore, proposed a field  mounting for the naval 12-pdunders, of  twelve hundred weight, which was a  much longer range than any artillery  gun out here. A pair of Avagon Avheels  AA'ere picked up, a piece of timber used as  a trail, and in tAventy-fonr hours a 12-  ponnder Avas ready for land .service.  Captain Scott also designed a mounting,  for a 4.7-inch inwal gun.  Experts declared that the 12-pounder  would/smash up the trail, and that the  ���1.7 inch gun would turn a somersault.  The designer insisted ou a trial.' When  it took place nothing of the kind happened, except that at extreme elevation  the 12-pounder shell Avent 0000 yards,  and the 4.7 inch (lyddite) projectile  12,000 ya rds. Captain Scott was therefore encouraged to go ahead, and four 12  pounders were fitted out and sent around  to Durban on the Powerful, and also two  4.7 inch guns.  Kollowiug this success, captain Scott  also rigged up a searchlight Avith a flasher  attachment for use in communication Avith  Kimberley and Ladysmith. One of these  accompanied Methuen's column northward in charge of lieutenant-colonel  li hodes, a brother of Cecil Rhodes. Another is believed to haA*e been sent with  Clery's force. The light has been tested  at a distance of forty miles Avith successful results.   The Man for the Occasion.  Wa.^iiington, December 3.���-General  LcoliaFd~Wo"o"d~Avill be~niaster~of~airCuba~  under the direction of the president until the time comes Avhen congress takes  action by providing a new civil government for the island. General Wood is  not to be called officially "civil governor."  He will be military governor, in supreme  command of the island, but in the ab-  Sience of any insurrection, and "none is expected by the administration, his duties  Avill chiefly be civil. General Wood is to  take the rank of major-general of volunteers, which -will enable him to outrank  the regular army officers avIio remain in  Cuba under his command. Some of the  generals iioav tliere are to be-withdrawn  and those avIio remain Avill be placed under general Wood's orders. To appease  those who are taken away, the president  Avill make several promotions to brigadier  generalships of the regular army. Those  who aie to be thus honored are generals  Lee aud Wilson. General Wood Avill return to Cuba Avithin a few days, and as  soon as the president can arrange the  future of the other generals involved he  will be placed in supreme command and  will be stationed at Havana.  Dr. Jameson was Not Wanted.  New York, December Ji.���The London  correspondent of the World says: Dr.  Jameson has not arm'ed in England. General White, acting under instructions from  the Avar minister, advised him to leaA-e  Ladysmith, deeming it ^inadvisable to  have the director of tlie raid identified  Avith the present operations. Dr. Jameson, it is understood, has gone to Bulu-  Avayo by way of Lorenzo Marque/.. His  arrival at Cape Toavu and his sailing for  England was only a feint, in order to  keep his whereabouts a secret. Jameson  was refused service in any capacity by  the British /military authorities, even in  .the ambulance corps. y; ���  Hi  Hi  m  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  ib  iii  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  -Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi.  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi.  Hi  Hi  m  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi ,  Hi  Hi  Hi  <__ ���  Hi  Hi  Hr  Hi  Hi   -  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi-  Hi.  Hi  CANADIANS AND AUSTRALIANS WILL FIGHT WITH METHUEN  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  -Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  *  Hi  tfe  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Mi  Hi  U.  Hi  Hi  Hi  tir  *  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  _r  \_  *  *  ��_  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Of  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  \  London, December 3.���A brief note on the situation on the Avestern  frontier by general Walker, and a full list of the casualties in general  Methuen's third victory were the chief official contributions today tothe  meagre stock of public knowledge. General Walker reported that general  Methuen still remained at Modder.River on Friday for the reconstruction of  the bridge, aud that artillery and cavalry had been sent to reinforce him,  Avhile three battalions*of infantry, a corps of horse artillery and the Canadian  and Australian contingents had moved forward to DeAar and Belmont.  This Avas evidently a confidential dispatch not meant for publication, but the  war office promptly posted it in order to relieve the tension of public  suspense at the risk of giving important information to the enemy. In the  afternoon the casualty list Avas posted,' Avith a total of 41, including the  previous lot of officers. Methuen's losses'in the ten-hour fight were 70  killed, 388 wounded, and 7 missing. * The total was 20 below the combined  losses ofthe two previous battles at Beimont and Enslin. While the details  of the battle are still unknown, these official bulletins throw a little light  upon the engagement, which had remained for four days an inexplicable  mystery, General Methuen's entire, army was under fire, for casualties haA'e  been reported from every unit of the army except the Northampton  battalion.  After fighting desperately for ten hours he could only claim a slight  tactical advantage, since he had only .succeeded in'throwing a small force  across the river, and, in his oavu words,:-" had made tha Boers quit their  positions." He was slightly wounded I himself and had lost six per cent of  his entire force, in addition to another six per cent in the two previous  battles. But he had iio idea that he had been beaten, and no intention of  letting the enemy or the British people think so. He had his slight tactical..  advantage, and he held his ground like a bulldog. He remained Avhere he  AA'as three days until reinforcements could be sent and the engineers- could  repair the bridge, so that the naval guns, field batteries and supplies might  go with him, and within forty-eight hours the world-'can expect that another  battle has been fought and Kimberley relieved.    .  Geueral Methuen is not a tactician and he works his men terribly hard,  as is proved by his having marched fifty-three miles within seven days and  fought three battles,"���with 12 per cent of. his entire force killed or disabled;  but he is a fine type of English grit arid invincible courage.  It seems probable, from a clew'furnished by the Standard correspondent,  that general Methuen expected to find the enemy in force, not at Modder  River, but at Spj'tfontein beyond, and that he Avas not prepared to meet so  strong an army as confronted him when he reached the swollen stream. He  accepted the challenge of battle at once, and fought from hour to hour until  evening. _ -- - _ , ���  It seems probable that the Guards brigade was engaged in the tongue of  land formed by the Modder and Piet rivers, and the cavalry brigade below  the railway bridge, with the naval brigade in the center: but the lighting '  AAras desperate all along the line, as the equal losses for the two brigades  clearly iudicate. The heaviest individual losses AA'ere those of the battalion  of Highlanders which had joined the column thirty-six hours before the  battle. A fresh battery of field artillery had also reinforced general  Methuen, so that there Avere three in action. The Lancers and the tAvo  bodies of Provincial Hor.se took a less prominent part in the ten hours' fight,  Avhich AA'as mainly one of infantry, Avith incessant artillery fire and rifie  practice, aud a little bayonet work at the close of the exciting day. General  Methuen could not claim a decisiA'e victory, but-he had held his ground, and  did not knoAV Avhat the phrase "' drawn battle " meant.  He made the most of the tactical advantage, sent a bulletin to the war  office Avith one or two rhetorical flourishes, Avhich Ave all have been puzzling  OA-er for four days, and began to repair the bridge Avhile waiting for reinforcements. He had captured neither guns, position nor prisoners; but he  had paralyzed the activities of the enemy, for Cronje, with a force of  superior mobility, has done nothing to interrupt the line of communication,  by which battalions of cavalry and artillery were coming up, and that line  stretches not only to Capetown, but to Southampton, whence 3000 fresh  troops sailed yesterday, with an additional call behind for reserves of  'regiment, r   %  m  m  w.  ti  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  *  m  m  m  m  ��  m  m  m  m  m  m *  m  *���**���  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  *  m  m  m  m  m  *  m  m  m  m  ��  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  i��  <n  m  i��  m  m  �����*��  ��n  f��  ��p  m  <**���  i��  *-  m  *  I**  f��  m  SIX  ^S***.*^-.***^-***-**-**^***--**  _��43$3*444444444*444*4433444433'*!'*  <n  1*  m  <n  <r>  m  m  *��  m  m  f  m  1��  fi  *  m  *  m  t*\.  m  _?��  POLICE COTJKT DOCKET.  Magistrate Crease dismissed tAvo eases  Saturday that came before his tribunal  for a hearing,  The first Avas the case of au old offender, Thomas Cameron, He Avas given six  hours no leave town, and according to a  later report of chief Jar vis, the six hours  of grace proved to be ample time for taking leave. It is the third time Thomas  has appeared before the bar of justice  within the past three months. The first  was for a plain drunk. Later he was arrested and convicted on a charge of having purloined a check from John Leech,  for which he served three months iu the  provincial jail. He was released early  last Aveek and AA-as celebrating his liberty  Avith plentious bibations when he Avas  arrested last Friday. The finisli came  Saturday morning when the magistrate  bid him God speed to another part of the  world.  The second case avus that in Avhich  landlord Jacob Green accused two of his  tenants, John Coggan and son, of ill-  treating him Avhen he called upon them  for the monthly stipend. The evidence  showed that during the call there was an  altercation, the light Avas put out and the  lie passed. There Avas some slight scuffling betAveen the men, but no damage resulted to anyone. The ease Avas dismissed.  German Press Opinion-Changes.  Berlin, December 3���The German  press continues to discuss the recent  speech at' Leicester! England, of the  British secretary of state for the colonies.  Tlie comiHents are not unfavorable.���  STATE OWNED RAILWAYS.  The attention of those fearsome souls  who believe government OAvnership of  railways is a foredoomed failure is invited  to" the case of Ncav .South Wales. According to a communication from the secretary of the New South Wales railway  commission, government ownership has  done all its advocates claim it can be  made to do." The government has given  good service, kept up -and improved the  equipment, and last year it made a profit  on the investment of 3.75 per cent.  When the government took over the  railAVi.ys in 1888 the rolling stock was  dilapidated ami the roadbeds, shed~> and  machine shops in,bad condition. There  Avere 428 locomotives, and some liad been  on tlie line over thirty years. The government bought 180 new locomotives ami  had 7-1 rebuilt.  The government replaced 1570 wornout  coaches Avith 1101 new ones of greater  size. It added 324 coaches and increased  the seating capacity for passengers from  28,823 to 35,41)0. All these coaches are  supplied Avith air brakes, and the passenger coaches have gas lights. The government has erected a new foundry, i.umer-  ous engine sheds anil great shops Avhich  are to be equipped with modern machinery, electric cranes, and all needful appliances. The government's management  has been economical. It has reduced expenditure, just as a private corporation  would have done. It adopted a standard  axle box Avhich saved oil, tallow, and  " waste." It erected a plant for washing*  " waste," and .saved on its .lubricating  hills by substituting mineral oils for vege  table. That is a, pretty conclusive ansAver  tothe argument that goA-erumeuts can  not, or Avill not, exercise such foresight in  conducting business as the individuat'or  private corporation Avould.  Opponents, of government -ownership  ahvays like to believe the service would  be poor. A sample of the service is  afforded by the tables of train delays.  For the year ending June 30th, 1890, the  government operated 270(5 miles of road,  and its total train runs amounted to  8,800,048 miles. Of its through trains, 91  per cent Avere on time, .and only 7.17  per cent AA'ere more than fiA'e minutes  late. Ninety-eight per cent of its local  trains Avere on time, and 100 per cent of  its suburban trains Avere on time. No  poor service about that.  . The conclusion one is forced to draw is  that government ownership in ;'. NeAV  South Wales looks remarkably like a  successful venture after ten years of  trial. But it never Avould have been a  success in Australia if it hadn't been  tried, and it never Avill be a . success in  this country until it is tried.  SCANT NEWS FROM THE SEAT  Of War in South Africa.    ���  Cape Town, December 2.���It is iioav  certain that the bad condition of the  British caA'alry horses alone prevented  the complete annihilation of the entire  Boer force at Belmont. Tliere is marked  difference in the condition of the English  and Australian horses on their arrival.  The English horses suffer greatly during  the A'oyage, and Avhen they reach here  are suffering from SAVollen and stiff joints.  On the other hand the Australian horses  arrive in good serviceable condition, this  is especially true of the mounts of the  NeAV Zealanders.  Orange River. December 2.���Two  ambulance trains frOiii Gras Pan have  gone to Cape Town Avith the Avounded,  most of whom are doing Avell. Many  maiwellous escapes are reported. One  man AA'as hit four, times, one bullet struck  him in the right thumb,, another in the  little finger, a thiid took off the tip of  his ear and the fourth grazed"his chin. A  pathetic story of the war ' is ciounected  Avith lieutenant-Wood, who* Was killed at  Modder.river. - In. August ,last,'-he.' was.  showing his young sister the mechanism  of a new gun when he accidentally  touched the trigger and shot her dead.  On leaving for the front lieutenant Wood  expressed a desire that he should be killed  in action.  London, December 3.���Colonel Baden-  Powell's book, "Aids to Scouting," proofs  of which he read at Mafeking, aviII be published this Aveek. The story is told as to  hoAA' colonel. Baden-Powell Aveut to Mafeking. It appears that Avliile on leaA-e iu  London in July, having left liis regiment  in India, he met lord Wolseley in Piccadilly. "Hello," said the commander-in-  chief, "you ought to be in Sow_h Africa.  Can you get ou t at once." Colonel Baden-  Powell left on the following day.  London, December 3.���Tlie transports  Idaho and Bavarian arriA'e at Natal ports  on Friday. The Cheshire sailed from  Cape Town for Port Elizabeth and the  Dictator left the Cape for East London.  The Mount Royal, Avith 1902 mules has  arrivediit Cape"Towii:  London, December 4.���Tlie^ AA-ar ollice  publishes the following from Cape Town  dated yesterday : "The transport Ismore  is ashore on tlie rocks in St. Helena Bay.  The troops have been, safely landed but  the horses are still on> board. If. M. S.  Doris and Niob, Avith the transport Columbian have gone to her assistance.  London, December 4.���Colonel Keke-  Avicli reports, under date of Thursday,  November 30th, that the Beuchal md  police captured the Hoer laager Avost of  Kimberley on Tuesday. Communication  by searchlight with Kimberley ha>- been  established from Modder river.  Old-Time Slush  "by a Johnnie-Come-Lately.  Old-timers smile when thuy read tho  old-time slush that appears from time to  time in the organ of the bucking mine  owners. Yesterday morning the Johuniu-  come-luiely that is dishing up the old-  time slush had "Jim" Gilker's tent post-,  office located on Baker street somewhere  near Hall street. The tent postollice was  on Vernon street, on the lot on which  Tin-. Tkihunk office now stands, and the  KIMBERLEY IS OUT OF DANGER  Methuen Can Believe It.  London, December 2.���The announcements that the reinforcements, amounting to half of the second army corps, are  to be sent to South Africa immediately  meets Avith universal appioval. There is  little doubt that a third division Avill follow as soon as possible, and it is very  likely that the fourth Avill go soon after,  thus raising the British force in the field  to about 120,000.  The total casualty list on the British  side is now amounting to serious figures.  It is now stated at 4180, of Avhom 108  were killed, 180(5 Avounded and 1900  missing.  The London coi respondent of th.  Herald has this to say: Another day of  silence as to the present moA'ement of  the British troops has further increased  the feeling of anxiety Avhich prevails  among all classes. The lost list of killed,  Avounded and missing among the noncommissioned officers and pi iA'ates in the  engagement at Modder river is uoav  forthcoming, Avith a total of 73 killed,  373 AA'ounded and 71 missing. This  brought home to the hearts of the English people Avith renewed force the fact  that this Avar Avill entail an appalling loss  of life before it is finished.  On the other hand, dispatches to the  Avar offie sIioav that lord Methuen's last  battle Avas a decided victory, clearing the  Boers from the m-er and railway line and  allowing lord Methuen to set his engineers  at Avork repairing the bridge, Avhich is essential to the execution of his plans, as  without it piovisions cannot be conveyed  to Kimberley nor can the refugees be  moved back to Cape Toavii. There is little doubt that lord Methuen can now  freely pass as many of his troops as he  requires across the river. Were Kiniber-  ly in danger of being compelled to yield  tothe Boers, Methuen could adArance Avith  the bulk of his force and clear the way to  the beleagured gani.on, Avith Avhom he is  supposed to be in heliographic commeni-  catiou. It is therefore certain that Kimberley is safe.  The fact of Methuen being reinforced  from De Aar, by three batallions of infantry and a caA'alry corps, makes it  possible for the geneial, when he reaches  Kimberley, to be able to aAvait the completion of general Gatacre's concentration on the frontier, and the arrival of  sir Charles Warren's division, his line of  communication being guarded by troops  along from the Modder to the Orange  Rivers. , When he crosses the Modder  River, it is almost certain that he Avill  find the Boers blocking his advance to  Spyfputein. it Avould be difficult to imagine a position Better suited for defensive tactics than that in which the Boert>  are. The pa. tial line which Methuen  must follow passes through a belt of very  biokeu country. Stony kopjes stretch on  each side from four to six miles, an extent, of front which Avill lender difficult  any turning movements. If the Boers  Avho hold it are eA'entually driven out  they a. ill Iiua�� Kimbeiley aud its garrison directly in their rear and may lose  their gun**.  Invention for Steering Torpedoes.  London, December :..���An invention  has been tested at Weymouth for steering any craft, Avhethcr submerged or  othei wi^e, by means of an ether Avave on  the wiieles. telegraph principle. The  model Avas subjected to a variety of  tests and followed the cm rent aa-uao  as surely as if guided by a rudder.  In addition to steering it straight  lines, vat ions figures were described. If  furthci-tests-nre--uc.es-ful��� it-is likely -  the system A\ill be adopted by the admi-  i.ilty. Its effect on marine warfare is Inestimable. It is expected that the-system cannot only be applied to torpedo  and other craft, but can be attached to  mines and other destructive agencies, firing thorn Avithout visible means at the  inir-t vulnerable spots.  Coasters Get in Trouble.  The frc./,��*���-up of the past few days has  afforded the  occasion   foi  a matter that  while it may  seem  insignificant, yet, in  truth, concern-,  the safety of pedestrians  j on cei tain itieots.    On scverjil of the incline  sidewalks  childten   were enjoying  (thespoit of coasting Saturday, notably  j on    Victoria,    Josephine     and    .Stanley  i sliccts. Ou sonic of the places tlieyoung-  -tei's hud gioatly impioved the toboggan-  , ing by  pouring  Avater ou  the sidewalk,  which also tendered the walk almost im-  j j.,is-able foi   footmen.    One accident oc-  I t urred on Victoria stieet as the icsiilt of  1 a small boy colliding  with assistant city  I  -ll  _  \  If  . i  i  'fi  clerk Waason.    The  \Aonnd over the eye,  lad received an ugly  On Stanloy street.  I  i  mining recorder's office was ou a part of ** an old gentleman, of a somewhat belliger- $  the adjoining lot to the Avest,  ing being about 12 by 1 I feet  of shakes.  the build-  nnd  made  A Wild Tram and a Man Dead.  While a train wan coming down the  switchback at the Bulldog tunnel on the  Columbia <fc Western railway, on Saturday afternoon, it >eems that the train got  beyond control of the engineer and two  cars jumped the track, there being no  safety switches. Robert' Eastland, whose  home is at Eugene, Oregon, avos riding on  the cars and Avas .'killed. Brakcinaii Fuller is under the care of doctors, although  not dangerously hurt.  ant tendency, Avas*seen to rap a boy with  lu-i cane as the sled shot past him.  i Showed its Christian Training.  i The candlu in the A\iudow of the LaAv-  j rence Hardware Company showed Its*  t'hiistian training yesterday by laying  off AAork on its eontiact to settle that  guessing contest for the ladies aid society. Tho-e who are interested and who  noticed that the candle Avas not burning  yesterday must not take it for granted  that it Avas a ease of " tho light that  failed," for operations aaiII be resumed  this morning. In all probability the Contest for the lamp will be settled today,  t,  ,'i  _$i  <(**���>��.-, THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C. MONDAY. DECEMBER i  1899.  #  ! ���_Sr^_S.*-Si_^__^_^  mmmmm<  m<  mmmmmt  im  MEN'S  FURNISHING  MARTIN 0-REILLY & CO.  DRY^  GOODS  Ladies'    Tailor   Made   Suits  W  B  B  B  B  The arrival of a new calvacade of these suits takes precedence of everything  in our cloak department. We thought our other suits AA'ere the prettiest Ave  had ever seen���and so they AA'ere���until tliese arrived. Here are the prices,  come and see the quality and style: Ladies' cheviot suits at $10.00 each.  Ladies' cheviot suits, lined throughout Avith sateen, for $15.00. Ladies' suits  made of home-spiuis, Avorsted aud costume cloth coats, silk lined, at $16.50,  $20.00, $22.50, $25.00, and $2S.OO each. Tliese goods are not the delayed  shipments purchased last July, but the neAvest and nobbiest of spring styles.  w  B  %  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STBBB T S.  a?*E3*R*3^S   CLA-SEC  mm  m  m  Our Silk Handkerchiefs for Christmas trade are now to hand  A large assortment to select trom, 15c and up.  MEN'S OUTFITTER  Sign of the RED  HAT, Baker St., Nelson  J. F. WEIR  money in competition with the-one-who  does not know how to handle men; and the  ���.men will hold their jobs*on their merits  as workmen, and not on their willingness  to accept a lower rate of wages than is  paid a felloAV-Avorkman.  The Greemvood Miner wants the British Nortli America Act amended so as to  alloAV the district represented by HeAvitt  Bostock to be divided. Better wait and  let the division of the district come in the  regular Ayay. There are Avorse things in  this Avorld than being Avithout representation in legislative bodie.s. British Columbia has six members in the liouse of  commons, and mauy people are of opiu-  iou that we have five too mauy; that one  good man Avould do as much for the province as is done by the six. TheTone good  man Avould present a united front Avhen  making demands on thegovernmeut. As  it is uoav, one member makes a demand,  and the other five sit back and see that  nothing results from the demand.  Hudson's bay  COMPANY.  ;g:Sg.  m  m  >m  W  SPECIAL SALE  OP MILLINERY  SALE  OF CARPETS  36 BAKER STREET  B  Annual Fall Sale of Dry Goods  COMMENCES WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 22  Bargains���in Every Department*��� Bargains1  m  m  Wholesale  Houses  GROCERIES.  A MACDONALD & CO.���Corner Vernon and Jose-  ��� phme streets, wholesale grocers and jobbers in  blankets, gloves, nutts. boots, rubbers, mackinaws and  miners' sundries.  00TKNAY   SUPPLY    COMPANY,    LIMITED���  Vernon street, Nelson, wholesale grocers.  JOHN   CHOLDITCH  wholesale grocers.  &  CO.���Front street,  Nelson,  FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  P   BURNS &  CO.���Baker street, Nelson, wholesale  ���   dealers in f i cbh and cured meats.   Cold storage.  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  H BYERS & CO.-Corner Baker and Josephine streets,  ���   Nelson, wholesale dealers in hardware and mining  supplies.   Agents for Giant Powder Co.  iuVRKNCE nARDWARK-.COMPANY-J.aker St.,  Nelson, wholcgpile dealers in hard-ware and mining  supplies, and -water and plumbers' supplies.  ANCOUVER HARDAVARE COMPANY, LIMITED  ���Baker fetreet. Nelson, wholesale dealers in hardware and mining supplies, plumbers and tinsmiths'supplies. '  MRATED AND-MINERAL WATERS.  THORPE & CO., LIMITED.-Corner Vernon and Cedar  streots, Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesale  dealers in' aerated waters and fruit s>yrups. Sole <igent3  for Halej on Spiingh mineral water.  WF. TEETZEL & CO.-Corner Baker and Josc-  <i   phme streets, Nel_on, wholesale  dealerB in as  sayers  supplies.    * *" fr- t>'��"-'-"*,"'�� <**'��" r<��   "'  Denver, Coloiado,  Agents for' Denver "Fire Clay Co. of  CIGARS,  KOOTENAY CIGAR MANUFACTURING CO.  ner Baker and Hall streets, Nelson, manufac  of "Royal Seal" and "  Cor-  unufacturers  Kootenay' Belle" brands of cigars.  COAL.  /BROW'S. NEST PASS COAL COMPANY.-Wholc-  v> sale dealers in coal and coke. Chailcs Sit. Bnrbe,  Agent. Baker street, Nelson.    COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  HJ. EVANS & CO.���Baker street, Nelson, whole3aIo  ��� dealers in liquors, cigars, cement, firo brick and  Are clay, water pipe and steel raU��, and general commission merchants.  ^^   - "r^:=::::^rJ^6uR-ANI>-FEEB. ��� ~  BRACKMAN & KER MILLING COMPANY I/TD.-  Front Btrcet, Nelson, wholesale dealers in flour, oatmeal, etc., and hay and grain. Mills at Edmonton, Victoria, and New Westminster.  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  TURNER, BEETON & CO.���Corner Vernon and Josephine streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in liquor*,  cigars and dry goods.  Agents for Pabst Browini     '-  Milwaukee and Calgary Brewing Co. of Calgary  [quorw,  Co. of  PAINTS   AND   OILS.  ���JTELSON HARDWARE COMPANY-Baker Streets-  kinds.  holcsaio dealei s in painth, oils, and brnahef. of all  Largest stock tn Kootenay.  POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTON POWDER COMPANY���Bakor street,  Nolbon, manufacturers of dynamite, sporting,  stumping and bUck blasting powders, wholesale dealers  In caps and fuse, nnd electric bSabling apparatus.  PROVISIONS, PRODUCE AND FRUITS.  PARSONS   PRODUCE  COMPANY-Vernon  street,  Nelson, wholesale dealers in  provisions, produce,  and frultfl    Agcnta for Sw ift Sc Co. bacon and hams.  JJ, GRIFFIN & CO.���Corner Vernon and Josophino  ��   streets,  Nelson,  whole-Mile dealers in provisions,  cured meats, buttur and orfgi.   FR. STKAVART & OO.-Warchotihes on C.P.R. track,  ��� foot of Stanley street, Nelson, wholesale dealers in  provisions, produce and fruits. Cold storage. Agents  Armour & Co 'f bacon, hams, lard and other products.  members of other professions who haA'e  found it necessary to form societies aud  association*- ?    Is it not also true of men  in   all pursuits':*     Where   one man,  or  Avonian, either, for that matter, is found  proficient at his vocation, another will be  found inefficient; one will be found who  takes an interest and pride in his trade;  auother, whose only anxiety is for the  quitting hour and the pay-day.    This inefficiency and indifference is not confined  to the man who works for Avages. - How  many     employers     can    be     depended  .on    to    do     good     work     when     entrusted , Avith     a     contract? -     Will  not    50   per   cent   of   the   contractors  in Nelson  skimp  the  work they take in  hand to do?J Yet if anyone was to s'ay  that they had no Tight to organize associations for mutual protection, he would*  be looked  upon  as  a dangerous man in  the community.   Why is it that the man  avJio pi ides himself   in  doing his work  well is unable to  obtain a contract in  competition with, the  man  who skimps  his work?   Simply because the skimper  purchases everything he uses, labor included, of the poorest and cheapest quality.    The skimper does not employ carpenters at $3,50  a day, stone-cutters at  $5, or laborers at $2.50.    He does not purchase any material *at home that he can  buy aAvay from  home.    He is a cheap  man in every Avay,  and the contractor  who   is   Avilling    to    pay   fair   wages,  purchase  good   material, and   live  and  let live   is   driven    out   of   the   toAvn.  What-is true of-the contractors is true of  the workers.    Good  workers, in order to  get work in toAvii3 like Nelson, must accept tlie pay of the inferior workmen or  go without.     In   organizing unions, the  inferior Avorkmen are taken in for self  protection.    Once the unions are established   and   recognized, then employers  are all placed on the same footing as far  as Avages enter into the cost of contracts.  The contractor avIio knows how to handle  men to the best advantage Avill  make  INCORPORATED 1670.  Hello!  Ring  up Telephone No. 13  If you want  BASS' Pale Ale  GUINNESS' Foreign Stout  DREWERY'S Golden l\tt[ber J\le  SCHLITZ'S "Milwaukee Beer  DOMINION BREWERY Porter  DOMINION B^EWE^Y India Pale t\)e  All the above goods in PINTS or  QUARTS. Sold by the BOTTLE,  DOZEN, CASE or BARREL.  Hudson's Bay Co.  Dress   Goods   in    navy   and  black,     all     wool    Storm  Serges,  sale price, 35c per  yard.  Fancy   Novelties    in    Dress  Pattern Lintings Costumes,  at half price.  Ladies' Jackets and Mantles  at  less than cost.  White    Saxony   Flannel    at  20c per yard.  White Canton Flannel   at 5c  per yard up.  Eider Flannels, in all colors,  40c per yard.  Ladies' Cashmere" Hose 25c.  Ladies' French Kid Gloves,  every pair guaranteed;  worth $1.50, for $1  a pair.  Ladies' and Children's Hemmed Handkerchiefs, from  5$ up.  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Ashcroft  BLACKSMITH.NG  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended to by a flrst-class  wheelwright.  Special attention given to all kind8 of repairing and  custom work from outside points.  ���JVTANITORA PKHDUCK AND COMMISSION CO,,  J*J- Ltd. ��� Nolson branch. Hall street. Whole^alo  dealers in butter, eggs and chce-c.   SASH AND DOORS.  ���KTELSON SAW AND PLANING MILLS, LIMITKD-  *���*   Corner Front and Hall streets, Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers in sash and doors; all  kinds of factory work made to order.   WINES AND CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, LIMITED--Cornor Front and Hall streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers  In winesfcasesnd bulk)and dompwtic and imported cigars.  WHOLESALE  Butter,  Eggs,  Cheese,  Green'  Fruits,  Cured  Meats,  Vegetables  SHIPPERS OF THE EARLY  BREAKFAST BRAND OF EGGS  A good deal is now heard of the in  competency of tlie men who are joining  the labor unions that are being organized.  It is claimed that less than 50 per cent  are fairly* entitled to be classed as good  men at their trade or calling. Zf this be  true of mechanics, is it not also true of  i&Wyeva and doctors and surveyors and  Full  stocks carried at  Nelson  Rossland.    Mail orders solicited.  and  E   F  We are solo .agent in Nelson for Ganong Bros, celebrated  Chocolates"and Creams,   Catl and sco ttieso goods  as tliey are tho fluent in Kootenay and  our stock is complete.  OLYMPIA AND EASTERN OYSTERS  AHBIVINO WAILY.  Fancy Cakes and  Pastry, Plums,  Peaches, Grapes,  Bananas, Cape Cod Cranberries. Pears and all Fruit in  season.  Corner Ward and Baker 3ta.       I     ��     UpftfiUBkLB  MUla Si Lotfa old stand. "���   1*   mQ^VtUUM  Shop:   fall Street, betweer* Baker and Vernon, Neisor  About Lethbridge Gait Goal  The f.ethhridKe (Jnll co.il oflito hn . been moved lo the  Iniil'Mnpr occupied lij C. I). J. Christie on Haker stieet,  where all onli,.* for eoul will leechu prompt uUeiMion.  All per-ons indebted Tor aoiil uiu tui]uc>>tcil to settle bv  Dvceiiibui'lHt.  Heicafter Gait eo.il will be .old for ciili only.   ���  W. P. T1KHXKV, General .Sgent.  NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION OF FASTNERSHiP.  The partnership heretofore oyeMiiik under the Him  11,1111c andrttyle of Kifc A: H.i} ��uid isdi-* .ol \ cd by mutual  coiiMHitns from the date hereof, Jh.pfohn T. .'ffu us*  Muiies all ImbililioH of Uio tiriu, ,vnd all monies, due lhc  firm of Ftfe& Uaj wtud p'U-u lo be paid to bitn foithwitlt.  Dated nt Nelhon, 11. C, this24th day of Oetobor, A. IJ.  m��. J. T, F1FK.  Witness: GFO. V. HAY WARD,  A. M. J011K8ON, Solicitor, Nelson.  LODGE   MEETING.S.  OF PYTHIAS-Nelson   lactee.  No,  25,  Knights of Pythiaa, meets in I. O. O. F.Eall, cornor  Baker and Kootenay btreets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  T. LILLIB. C. C. K. G. JOY, K, of R. fe S.  NKLSON LODGE, NO, 23, A. F. &A.M.   Meets  > socond Wednesday In each month.   Sojourning  brethren invited.  NELSON L. O. L., No. 16-02. meets in I. O. O. F. Hall,  corner Bakor and Kootenay btreets, lat and 3rd  Friday of each month.   Viaiting btothern cordially in-  vited.  JOHN TOYE, W. M.      F. J. BRADLEY, Rec. Sec.  ���KTELSON   iKUIK,  Number  22.   Fraternal  Order  of  ���*���'    Eagles, meets every bceond and fourth Wednesdav in  each month in Fraternity Hall.   Vlbiting brethren welcome.  J. IRVING. ProPldont.        J. R. WRAY, Secretary.  ELSON MINERS' UNION  NO.  AC. W. F. of M.~  Meets in K. P. rooms, Fraternity Hall, the first and  third Saturday evenings in  each month at 8 o'clock.  Visiting members welcome.  JAMKS WILKS. SocY.      OHAS. A. ~MrKA Y. Pre..  AECHITECTS.  E" WART & CARRIE-Architects.   Rooms, 7and8 Abe  rdeen block, Baker street. Nolson.  IT-NIGHTS  ���"&.   Knights  When It's Winter  "With the sudden change in temperature,  colds and coughs aie almost certfiin to develop  und the wise person always heeds these  signals, and becures a remedy that ijuickly  cures the trouble. Tt is well to liave at  hand���leady for immediate*. ii5,e���a remedy  that's certain, whose use involves no risk.  These bear the highest endorsements:  Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil  (with hypophosphites of lime  and soda), pint bottles, 75c;  6 bottles for $4.  Scott's Emulsion, $1 per bottle; 6 for $5.  Compound Syrup of White  Pine and Tar, 50c and 25c.  Laxacotd-stops a cold in  one'day, 25c. ~  And all the standard  cough preparations.  Canada Book k Brag Go  NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  Cut Prices is the  Order of the Day  And I want to bo In it, I have just received  Fall samples of Suitings and Overcoatings representing a $60,000 stock to  choo-je from made to your order at p ices  never boforo heard of in Nelson. All the latest  fadR in Fancy Vest Ingb for Fall and winter.  Ladies' tailoring in nil it. branches a specialty.  Lowest prices.   Rooms 1 and 11, Hillyer block.  Stevens, Trie Tailor  PATBONIZE UNION SHOP,  WARD  BROS.  REAL ESTATE  AND  GENERAL  INSURANCE  AGENTS  On applieation we wiil quote you  rates on Fire, Life, Accident and Plate  Glass Insurance.  Agents for J. and J. Taylor Safes.  FOR SALE���Business and Residential Property.  23 by 120 vwth improvements, &onth side Veinon  Rtieet $5000  oOby 120 cornel ot B.iker pind Hull streets.   Piuti-  cuUrs given on implication.  2}lots with cottage, lented p��.t ��1.. per month, Vic  -   toria street   ,  $3500  2 lots with _otui{,'e, rented at ��20 per month, Stanley  street. S3000  4 lots inclndini. corner, _".._ foot front-age    81200  For Residential Property you could  not do better than invest fn Fairview,  commonly known as Bogustown, especially���now��� that���the- tramway���is  nearly completed.  For particulars apply to above firm,  West Baker Street, Nelson.  A. R. Sherwood  Succen .or to Chns. A. Waterman & Co.  UNION SHOP  Barber Shops "Without This Card in Window  Are Non-Union.  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCE AND  GENERAL AGENT  Big Schooner  Beer or Half-  ancI-Mflilf....  IO Cts.  Always Fresh  Always     Cool  THE BEST GLASS OF BEER IN NELSON IS  ATTHB  Club Hotel  Corner Silica and  Stanley Streets.  L J. GURRAN, Prop.  ASK vOl.l. GltQCKR FOR  ALLEN'S APPLE CIDER  IX 310TTI.KS  First door weM of Bunk of  BrlttHh Columbia building;.  Balder St, Nelson  Charles  0.  UENSRAI.  BROKER..  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLBRS OF  -?3000  Nelson   Barber's   Union  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  KELSON, B. C.  Coffee roasters and dealers in Tea and Coffee.  Offer frcah roasted coffeo of best quality aa follows:  Java and Arabian Muchn, per pound 9   10  Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pounds.  1 00  Fine Santos, & pounds  1 00  Santo . Blond. 5 pounda  1 00  Our Special Blend, U pounds  1 09  Our Rio Roast, 6 pounds  X 00  A.trial order solicited.  Salesrooms S Doors- East cf Oddfellow.-  EMocH,   West  (taker $tsaot  COLLECTIONS   SOLICITED  FORSAIiE  A W-Iioom (now) House, rented at W0 per month        An 8-Kcom (new) House, two lota, corner  2700  FOR RENT  A 5-Room House ('nrniBhed)    $30.00  MO.VEY TO LOAN ON llEAE ESTATE OR SHORT TKKMS.  oiticks:  Four Doors West of Dominion Express Office  %. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR  delivery to tba tirade.  Brewery at Nelson,  Corner "Victoria and Kootenay Streots,  P. O BOX 559 TELE PHONE NO. ��5  Fop Sale CheaD  Everything in and about an hotel building at Oregon,  a station on the Crow's Nest Pass Railway. Will be sold  either as a whole, or separately. Apply to Charles f.  Oluon, Ainsworth, B, C." *..-.*���  NOTICE   OF   ASSIGNMENT.  Notice is hereby given that Harry Howard Dunbar of  Duncan City, in tne county of Kootenuy, British Columbia, hotelkeeper, has by deed dated the 31st day of  October, 1899, assigned nil his personal estate, credits a: d  effoctb which may be sei-scd and held under execution  and alibis real estate to'Afilliam Simpson of Duncan  City, aforesaid, merchant, in trust for tho benefit of tho  creditors of the said Harry Howard Dunbar. The said  deed was executed by tho said Harry Howard Dunbar  on the 31st day of October, 1890, and by the said William  Simpson on tho 6th day of November, 1899. All persons  having claims against tlio &a"d Harry Howard Dunbar  daj of December, 1899, after whieli date the said William  Simpson will proceed todistributc the assets ofthe estate  .amongst those entitled thereto, having- regard only tothe  claims of which he shall then have had notice. _&11 nei-  sonb indebted to tho said Hnrry Howard Dunbar are re-  nuned to pay such indebtedness forthwith to tho said  William Simpson.  Anicetineor the creditors of the said H<ury Howard  Dunbar will bo held at tlie offices of McAnn & Mackay,  barn-tors, Front street, Kaslo, B. C, ou Wednesday tlie  22nd day of November, 189!*, at 3 n'olock p.m.   u,*OUB^ "**  Uf,. AMWJ.V * W _ -,^|HW��M SIMPSON, Trustee  McANN* & MACKA'\, Solicitors for the Triuteci *'  Dated tho 6th day of NpvomberVl889.       - mwtee'  W  i^^^^_^___��_��_��_*__  .*���**-. THE TUlBTOE: KlBILfiatT B. ft, MONDAY, DECEMBER 4 1899.  mofIontbeal  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up,  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD 8TRATHCONA AND  MT   ROYAL, President  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President  B  S. CLOUSTON General Manager  _C5T*H3XjSO*lSr   _B_R__3l3STO"E3:  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.  mUNCHKS IN  LONDON  (England),   NEW YORK,   OHIOAGO  and in the principal cities In Canada.  Buy and soil Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers  BRANT COMMERCIAL AND TKAVKLLKHfl' 0RBDIT8,  available In any part of the world.  DRAFTS ISSUED   COLLKCTIONB MADE; ETC.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is r|ow prepared io issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on SHaguay, U. S., Atlirj, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^ori District  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OK INTEREST PAID  Well Done, Britain.  Toionto Tclugimii.  Strategists may condemn the tactics  whieli exposed British soldiers at points  of contact with tlie Boers on tlie far-extended line of defence in northern Natal.  The occupation of Ladysmith, in fact the  whole British campaign in Natal, lias violated the first principles of military sci-  Ji* ence. There is something higher than  I ��� military science, and the determination  'Vf a of an empire taken at a disadvantage to  exert its strength to guard a few thousand Biitish homes in Natal illumines one  of the brighest pages in the annals of  British statesmanship. IL might have  been good,��� cold-bloodod military tactics  for the British to occupy no more territory than they could easily defend, and  thus abandon a few thousand scattered  but loyal British people to the tendei  mercies of the invading foe. Britain  chose the better part. Her policy threw  sir George White and his little force into  Ladysmith, and their strength has so far  sheltered thousands of people who trusted  Britain and risked tlieir little all in her  defence.    An Early Session Predicted.  Toronto, December 3.���It is not officially announced, but everything points to  au early session of the Ontario legislature.  It is known that prepirations are being  made which usually precede by a few  weeks the calling of the liouse together  The session will be a short one and little  business of any importance will be transacted.  .Stieet, from its southerly intersection with Victoria  Street to its nmthcrl} liitcihection with Vernon btrcct ;  nnd iiIho tho lane or ulluj extending from Kailway Street  through Hlookh 5(0 and 8<l to Vornon Stieot: all being according to the map or plan of snb di\ intern of lot {)_, Kronp  one, Kootenu.. d'stile., bo and tho name are hereby declared stopped up and closed.  2. Thiit the said City of Nelson he and they arc hereby  ompoweicd lo Hull to the Canadian Pacific Railway Company the said pot tlons ofHtrectx nndnllejH in the next  j)i-OLcdinK pnraKinph desciihcd, and the Mayor and City  I'lork aio hereby tuithoil/ed to sinn and ho.i1 a proper  convojmire of sume to tho sa d Canadian 1'acillc Railway Company, und the-aid Council may accept in payment thei efor cithor cash or real proper!...  .1. It is fiuthor enacted Unit all the real nnd personal  proportj now or hcieafter owned or leased by the  Canadian l'acitic Railway Company, and which is now  or may be heieaftci nscdand oconpird, i .quired or incidental tothe opei ation ot thoir railwaj sjHteni within  the limits of tlio City of Nelbon, hhall bo exempt from  Municipal taxation for a penodof ten je.iri, from the  final pnssai?B of tins By-law.  1. This Ily -law hhall take effect on the fifteenth da\ of  Decenibei A.D , 181W.      NOTICK.  Take notice that the above ih a true copy of tho pro-  nosed Bj-law upon which the vote of tlie Klectors of the  Municipality will be taken ; for the Kast Waid at tlie  Fire Hall on Josephine street, for the West Waid >it the  oflice of the Kxchequer Gold Mining Company on the  north side of lUker street, between Stanlej and Koote  nay wtieets, in the Citj of Nelson, on Tuesday, the fifth  dav of December nc\t, between the hours of 8 o'clock  a. in. nnd 4 o'clock p. in.  .7  K. .STRACHAN, City Clerk.  Nelson, 11. C, November 22nd, 1899  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  ���m *|i muc  8. This By-law sball take effect on the 7th day of  December A.D. 1899.    _^   NOTICE.  Take notice that the above 1s a true copv of the proposed By-law upon which the vote of the Electors of the  .Municipality will be taken; for the East Ward at the  Fire Hall on Josephine stieet; for the West Ward at the  ofllco of the Exchequer Gold Mining Company on the  north side of Baker street, betw een btanlcv and Kootenay street*, in tho Oity of Nelson, on Tuesday, the fifth  day of December next, between the hours of 8 o'clock  n. in. and 4 o'clock p m.  J. K. STRACHAN. City Clerk.  Nelson, B, C, November 22nd, 1899.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  _B"3r-L_A."w* __sro.  5Q  _B-ST-I_-��_.*V7* *ISrO- 58  CORPORATION  OF THE  CITY OF NELSON  _B"_r-r.A.'V7_   3STO-   57  A H> law for stopping up <"*d closing coi tain Stieets and  Alleys in tho City of Nelson And empowering the Council to lomoy suchiStieets and Alle} -. so stopped up and  closed to the Canadian i-.._itle Rail -.vay Companj, and  also foi exempting mu<1 Railway Conipin} from  Uixation.  Wherepvs, it hai beennsjiced between the Corpoipition  of tho City of _\elson and the Canadian Pacific Railway  Companj tlmt tlie said Company will cst.ibhsh the Citj  of Nelson as u divisional point on their lino of inih.iij,  and will construct round houses and other buildings incidental to said dmsionul point.  And, kIicichh, it is deemed adwsableio close up certain portions of M reels and alleys heiemnftcr described  within the limits of tho Citv of Nelson, and to coin e> the  same to the Canadian 1'aeitic Kailway Companj,  And. whereas, it is furthoi deemed udvisahie to exempt  all theieal nndpeiaonul propeitj of tlio said Comp.inj  of winch the\ now .ire or iikij hoi oaf ier become ow ners  or lessees, wnioh now is or muy hereafter bo used, occupied, rciiuircd oi inci cnUl to the opoiation of thoir>js-  tern of lailway w itlun tho ('ito of Nelson fiom municipal  U\ati 'ii for the period of ten j-o,irsfioin the final pa^s  age of this Bj'-UW. ,  And, whereas, in the opipior of tho Council such portions of Sti ects and Alleys ,uc not leiiuired for cjrp >iate  puruoses.  Therefore, the Municipal Council of the Corporation of  t ho City of Nolson in Council assembled enacts as follow a:  1 Tliat tho following portions of the Stieets and Alleys  within the limits of tlie Cit} of NoNon, namely: Vernon  Stroet, from a lined jaw n from the noi thevst coi noi of  blo"k 88, diiiRonnll} acioss Veinon Stieet oasteily to the  southwest cornor of tlie Columbia and Kootenay light  of waj of their lino of inilwaj to tiietciminus of Vernon Street at the wcsteilr end of bloek !.! in said Citj ;  Baker Stieet. from its westerly i'l.ctsccdon with R��il-  way Street to its intersection with Vornon Street. Victoria Streot, from its westerly uitor.oclioi_-i-.i_h Railway  Street to its intersection with Vornon  Street: Slocan  A Bj-law to raise eight thousand dollars ($8000.00) to extend the Waterworks. pSjstem.  \\ liereas, a petition has been presented to tho Municipal Council of tho Corporation of tho City of Nelson,  signed by tlio ow nci s of at le.ist one tenth of the value i f  tho i eai property of the said City, as shown bythe last  i evised Assessment Roll, iequcsting the said Council to  intioduce piRj-law to raise the sum of eight thousand  doll.us ($8000.00), forthe purpose ot extending the Water-  w ork _ Sj stem of the said City.  And. wheieas, it is deemed necessary and expedient to  extend the Watei works Sj stem of the Citj of Nelson for  tlie com cnienco of tho citizens and for fire protection.  And, whereas, it is expedient toboirowthe said sum  of eight thousand dollars ($8000.00) for the purposes  afoicsaid.  And, whereas, the whole amount of the rateable land  of the said City, according to the last revised Assessment  Roll is one Million ono hundicd and fifty-six thousand  .ind twenty-Ave dollars (Sl.lnU.OSo 00).  And, whereas, it will be necessiirj- to raiso annuallj" by  rate the sum of li\e hundred and two dollais and sixtj-  11 ve cents (?502.C5) for paj ing the said debt .ind interest.  Now, theiefoio, the Municipal Council of tho Coiporation of tho Citj- of Nelson onncts as follows ���  1. It sliall and may be lawful for tho Major of the Corporation of tho Citj of Nelson to borrow, upon the credit  of the said Corporation, by way of the Debentures hereinafter mentioned, from any person or persons, bodj or  bodies corpoiate, who maj be willing to adv.ince the  same as a loan, a sum of money not exceeding in the  whole the sum of eight thousand doll us ($8000 00), and to  cause all such sums so raised or leceivod to bo paid into  the hands of tlio Ticasurcr of the said Corporation for  tiie purpo.es and wit h the objects hereinbcfoi e i ccited.  2 Jt shall oe lawful for the Mayor of the said Corpora  tion to cause nnj numbei of Debentures to be made, executed and issued for such sum or sums as mav be requited for the purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding, bow ever, tlie sum of eight thousand dollars (88000.00),  each nf the paid Debentuies being of the denomi<iation of  ono thousand dollars ($1000.00), and nil such Debentures  shall be sealed with the seal of the Coipoiation und  signed by the Maj-oi thei eof. *  .1 The said Debentuies sh.ill bear date the 20th d,ij of  Jpiiuiaij-, A.H. l'HK), and shall be made pa.able in thirtj  v cai if i out the hind date, in lawful .nonoy of Canada, .it  the office ofthcJJank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid,  which said place of ppijmont shall be dcsign.it'dbj the  said Debentuies, and sball ha\c attached to them  coupon* for the paj nicnf of interest and the signatures,  to (he interest coupons nmj' bo eithei w ritton, stamped,  printed or hUiogiaphed.  4. The said Debentures shall bear mtoi est at the rate of  li per centum per annum fiom the date thereof, \Yhich  mtciest shall be pay.iblo semi aununlly at said office of  tlio .Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid,'in lawful  money of Canada, on the 20th day of January and the  0th day of July rospc otlvoly, m each >e<u during the  ciurencj thereof, and it shall be expressed in said Deben  tuies .md coupons to bo so pajable.  5. Itslioll be law ful for the Major of said Corpoiation  to negotiate and sell the said Debentuies or any of them  feu lest, than par; but in no case shall tlie s.nd Debentures  ornny of them be negotiated or sold for less than mnetj-  flvp poi centum of their fare \nlue. including the cost of  negotiating and sale, brokeiage and ull incidental expenses.  fi TiiciO shall be raised and levied (n c.ich jear dming  thecurioncj of said Dchontmes the sunt of three hun  died and si\tj dollur-* (SW0.00) for tho payment of interest and Hie sum of one hundred and forty-two dolliusand  sivtj-li\e cents foi tlio iiaj inert*of tiie debt due under  tin* said Debentures bv a into sufficient therefor on all  the i at cable land In tlie said Municipality.  7. It shall be law ful for tho said Municipal Council to  ic puicluisc .ui} of the said Debentures upon audi terms  usmaj bongiccd upon with tho legal holder or holders  thcicol, oranj part thereof. either at the I line of sale or  <u(j subsequent tui.eoi times, and .ill Dcbcntui es so re-  purcli.iscd sh.ill forthwith be cancelled and destroyed,  <uid-n�� rc-isHic-of Debentures so-ropmchased shall-be-  liiade in consequence of such te-piuchase.  P. Burns <�� Co.  Head Opficb AT  JSTELSON, B. O.  Wholesale and Retail  ���  .   .   Dealers in Meats  Markets at Nelson, Roswltvnd, Trail, Kaslo, Ymir, Sandon, Silverton, New Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Midway, and Vancouver.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded.  est Kootenay Butcher Co  ALL KINDS OF  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  ORDERS BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  ARRIVED IN NELSON  noati  Including Segialii's 2. i, and 7 year old Rye in Barrels       Goodorlinni & Worts'R>o in Cases.  Segrams Stnr^'83Rye .md White Wheat Whisky in Case-..      W.ilkCi �� Club Rye in Cases.  A. B. GRAY, Kootenay Agent  Nelson, .Bi C,  R. p; mt-HET & CO".  Frei J, Sfiiire* Mm(MsM Tailir  'fSrsST BAKJPB STBEBT; NELSON-;  OPPOSITE SILVER KiNO HOTKL  A By-law to raise soven thousand dollars ($7000.00) to extend und impioYo tho Electric Light System.  Whereas, a petition has been presented to tho Municipal Council of tho Cor|>oration of the City of Nelson,  signed bj the owner. of at least one-tenth of tho vnluo of  tho real proporty iu tho said City, as shown by tlie last  leYiscd Assessment Roll, requesting the said Council to  intioduce u By-law- to raise the sum ofsciun thousand  dollars ($7000.00) for the purpose of extending and nn-  iiioving thcKlcctiic Light works Sj stem and Plant in  the City of Nelson.  And, where.i", it is deemed expedient to boripwthc  said sum of seven thousand dollars (87000.00) for the purposes aforesaid.  And, whereas, the yy hole amount of the^-iitcablelandof  tho said Citj, according to the last revised Assi sHincnt  Roll, is one million one hundred and fift\*si\ thousand  and tYVenty-llY e dollais ($1.15��,0"'5.00).  And, Yvhoicns, it Yvillbe ncccssarj to raise annuallj by  rate the sum of four hundred and thirty-nine dollars and  eight} -two conts ($439 82) for paj ing the said debt nnd  interest.  Noyv , therefore, the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the Citj of Nelson enacts as .pillows:  1. It shall and may be laYvful for tlie Mayor of the Corporation of the Citj of Nelson to boi row, upon the credit  of the said Corporation, by waj ofthe Debentures beic-  niafter mentioned, fiom any person or persons, body or  bodies corporate, who may be willing to ad\ance the  ���Mme as a loan, a sum of money not exceeding, in tho  Yvhole, the sum of seven thousand dollars ($7000.00), and  to cause all s.uch sums so iaised or received to be paid into tlie hands of the Tieasuicr of the said Corporation, for  the purpose and yy ith the object heieinbcfoie lecitcd.  2. It snail be lawful for the Maj or of the said Corporation to cause any number of Debentures to be made, executed and issued for such sum or sums as may be leciuir-  ed for tlie purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding  hOYYCY'or. the sum of soy en thousand dollais ($7000.00) :  each of the ��aid Debentures being of the denomination of  one thousand dollais (81000.00) and all such Debentures  shall be scaled with the seal of the Corporation and  signed bj the Mayor thereof.  3. The said Debentuies shall bear date the 20th daj of  Januaiy, A.D. l'XK), and shall be made payable m thntj  years from tho said date, in livw ful money of Canada, at  the oflice of the Bank of Montreal in Nelson, aforesaid,  Yvhich said placo of paj ment shall be designated bj the  said Debentures, and shall liave attached to them coupons for the paj ment of interest, and the signatiucs to  the interest coupons maj' bo oithor wifttcn, stomped,  printed or lithographed.  1. The said debentures shall bear interest at the rato of  4J per centum por annum from the date thereof, which  interest shall be payable somi-annuallj at said oflice of  the Bank of Montieal in Nelson aforesaid, in liiYYful  money of Canada, on tho 20th day of January and the  20th day of July respectiY-ely, m each year during the  cm rencj thereof, and shall be expressed in said debentures and coupons to bo so paj'.able.  5. It shall be lawful for the Mayor of said Corporation  to negotiate and sell the said Debentures or anj of them  for less than par; but in no case shall the said Debentures  or any of them be negotiated or sold for loss than ninot j -  tivo per centum of their faco value, including the cost of  negotiating and sale, brokerage and other incidental  expenses.  d. There shall bo raised and levied in each j ear during  thecuirency of said Dobontines tho sum of Thiee hundred and fifteen dollars (S5315.00) for the paj ment of ml er-  ost nnd the sum of One hundred and twenty-four dollars  and cightj--two cents (812*1.82) for tho payment of the dobt  dueninder the said Debentures by a rato sufficient theic-  for on all tho rateable land in the said Municipality  7. It shall be laYi ful for tho said Municipal Council to  ro-purchnso anj of the said Debentuies upon such terms  as maj-be agiood upon with tlie legal holder or holders  thereof, or any pai t thoi eof, either at tho time of wile or  any subsequent time or times, and all Debentures so re--  purchased shall foitliYYith be cancelled and destroyed;  and no re issue of Debentures so re-purchased shall be  m.ido in consequence of such i epurch.ise.  8. Thi" Bylaw shall take ofFect on the 7tb day of December, A. D. 1819.   NOTICE.  Take notice that the aboY-e is ,i true copy of the pso-  noscd ilY'-lau upon which the vote of the Electors of the  Municipality yyiII be taken; for tlie East Waid at the  Fuellall on Josephine stroet; for the Westward at the  office of the Kxchequer Gold Mining Companj on the  FULL LINE OF  north side of Baker Btreet, between Stanley and'Kootenay  streets, in the City of Nelson, on Tuesday, the fifth  day of December next, between the hours of 8 o clock a.m.  and i o'clock p.in. J. K. STRACHAN, City Clerk.  Nelson, B. C., November 22nd, 1899.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  B*r-__.A**W   JSTO.   60.  A Bylaw to grant to Thomas Madden permission to use a  certain portion of the sidewalk on Ward street for the  purpose of entry to tho basement of his Block erected  on Lot 1, Bloek 5, corner Ward and Baker Street--,  Nelson, B. C.  Whereas, an application has been made by Thomas  Madden for permission to use a certain portion of tho  sidewalk on Ward Street for the purposo of entry to the  basement of his Block erected ou Lot I, Block 5, corner  of Ward and Baker Sti oot % in tho Cit j of Nelson, nicord-  ing to a plan tiled with the City Council.  And, whereys, it Is deemed advisable to grant such  permission to the said Thomas Madden upon his coniplj'-  ing with the piovMons of tliis Bjlaw hereinafter set out.  Thereforo, the Municipal Council of the Corporation of  the City of Nelson in Council assembled onnct.H ns  follows:  1. It shall and may be lawful for tho said Thomas  Madden, his belts nnd ussigns, to use mid i-njoy for his  and their uso and benefit u poi tion of the sidewalk of the  City of Nelson on Ward Street in said City, as shown on  a plan marked "A" and filed Yvith the City Council, being  a space thirteen feet long and four feet wide, on the  inner side of said siiloYwilk, yy ith tlio nccessaiy ground  space bcloY. to be used as an area, and to whieli stepn  ���shall lead up constituting a means of Ingres, and egress  to and from the basement of the Block erected by tho said  Thomas Madden on Lot 1, Block S, on tho cm ner of Ward  and Bah er Streets, in tho said City of Nelson, upon his  complying with the terms and conditions in the following  paragraphs set out.  2. The said area and the steps leading thereto shall bo  constructed by the said Thomas Midnen nt Ins oYYn expense and under the wuperY ision of the Citj Engineor,  and as directed by s<iid Engineer and to his satisfaction,  and the side walk wheie such area is cut out shall be  firmly and strongly propped and bracod by and at the  expense of the s,ud Thoinas Madden and to tlio satisfaction of the Citj Enuinccr.  3. The said Thomas Madden shall erect nnd maintain  at his oyy n expense a substantial iron railing around said  area on thenorthendnnd yy est side thereof ns soon as such  aiea is cutout of SpiidsideYYnlk, and shall before permission (as is heieinafter provided) lsginnted, enter into an  agi cement Y\ith tho said Citj to indemnify and saYe  haimless the said Citj fro*n all claims or demands, action  or actions, suit or suits, either at laYV or in equity, which  may bcbioughtagamstsaid City b>* reason of said permission being granted, or by reason of the keeping or  maintaining of such aiea as afoicsaid, or of anj accident  or accidents arising thereout.  1. Upon the By law recciY ing the assent of the people  and being finallj passed, and upon the said Thomas  Madden complj ing Yvith the conditions hereinbefore set  out, the said Thomas Madden, bis heii sand assigns, shall  be entitled to tlie aforementioned rights and privileges,  firovidcd, lioYYCver, that in case the said Madden, his  loirs or assigns, fail to carrj out anj of tlie provisions of  this Bj laYv, or of the agreement mentioned in paragraph  3 hereof, it shall and may be lawful for the said Council,  in addition to anj other remedies tlio> maj have, lo close  up said ai ea and annul the privilege hereby gianted.  5. This By-layv shall take oflect on Ihe 7th dav of  December, A. D. 1899.     NOTICE.  Take notice that the above is a trne copv of tho pro-  Soscd Bj-law upon Yvhich the vote of the Klectors of the  lunicipality yviII be taken; for the East Ward at the  Fire Hall on Jo-oplnnc htreet; for the Wost Ward at the  office of tlie Exchequer Gold Mining Companj on the  north side of Baker strfcer. bctYY'ccnStanley and Kootennj  stroets, m the city of Nelson, on Tucsdaj, the fifth d.iy  of December next, be.YYcen the hours of 8 o'clock a.m. ana  i o'clock p. m. J. K. STRACHAN, Citj Clerk.  Nelson. B C. November 22nd, 189*}.  The Tremont Hotel  ��0  Mi n  ��� V* ^_F  % .  w <  w o  �� ?\  lift   ���  WD  *K. n  XX  IMIc^iRTS'TTJB  8~   CO.  One of Those  Beautiful Pictures  in on; window will mark a very  PRETTY X-MAMOI.TKOlt YOUIt FRIEND.  IT 1& A LITTLE EARLY. RUT WK WILL  HKSI-liV.. IT FOR YOU  THEY   ARE   aOIINCJ    FAST  m  u ��  U B  ���   B  u *  K ^  n-B  )>B  ^ B  ftB  h B  W  B  oo 2��> ^3TjnLH:_x'a:"v-o]Ai: -cr  c  B  0? B  " B  U B  0 *  V-' _r_i  7'<='*^_="^p^p^_5'p^.(=_*.  #  THE NELSON SAW k PLANM IffiLS, Im.  N|AL0NE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail   Mouldings   Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of til kinds.  what you want is not In stock we will make It for you  CALL AND GET PRICE3.  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  We have a stock of one and a half million  feet of logs at our mill and are prepared to cut  all kinds of dimension timber and ship to all points  on kootenay Lake by scows or steamers, also by  rail to all points on the Canadian Pacific or Nelson  and Fort Sheppard railways. In stock rough and  dressed lumber, shingles, mouldings, sash, doors,  newels, turned verandah posts. Glass of all sizes.  Factory work of all kinds done to order.  ALWAYS ON HAND  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEERS HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NKLSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  THE NELSON SAW k PLANM MILLS, Ltd.  OFFICE AND MILLS CORNER HALL AND FRONT STS., NELSON,  Golden Opportunity  )     Large comfortable  bedrooms and   flrst-class dining  I room.   Sample rooms for commercial men.  ISA/TIES   S3   *E��*H3*Ea  X2JAT3T  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS. NKLSON  ontraetors an  Mrs. E. G.   GIERKE,  Prop.  Late of the Royal Hotel. Calgary,  WILL DO WELL TO  H. D. HUME, Manager.  Tho finest hotel in the Interior.  Large samplo rooms.   Steam heat and electric light.  CORNER OF WARD AND VKRNON ST3., NKLSON  AT  A large stook of flrst-class dry material on hand, also  a full line of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  Yard:  Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson  T^phone. oi   John Rae, Agent  GREAT REmJCTiON  Hi\R0 DOftLfQ 0KJCR8WS     <j>0A&  ��H��AG1TEW��* 00 j MEST;C0ft#O.M  _D_H3X.I-'v*:*E3��tE!I_>  /TELEPHONE  :e_yWv West & Coy  BAKKR AND WARD STREETS, NELSON  The only hotel In Nolson Mist has remained under one  management since 1890.  The bed-rooms are well furnished and   lighted by  electricity.  The dining-room is not second to any in Kootenay.  The bar is always stocked by the best domestic and  imported liquors and cigars.  * THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  Largo nnd well lighted Heated bj hot nil  Ucusoiiable r.ites .Sample rooiiw  Kioctucbuilt* and litfht in cvei> loom  Renovated .md rofnrni'-ilied throughout  HOTEL VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS. Proprietor  Free bus meets all tniin. Ravaletnlra    R   fi  Hourlj Htioetcii to nUUion no����loll"l\Oj  Bt U,  Nij<htGrill Room in connection, forthe donvenienco of  gucntH arriving and departing- by night trains.  For  _io_  Days  Only  Sale  OEL  Furniture  For  IO  Days  Only  Terms Cash Only, With Discount of  25 aqd 10 per Cent  Nelson Furniture  Applewhaite Block, Nelson  Corner of Kootenay and Baker Streets  t_>��       ���%�����"���'�����        aft  ERIE, la. G.  H-Nfcclass in ovory respoot. ChoicfiRt winoH, liquors  and cigars, ��� Every comfort for transient and. rexldent.  'guests.' ./.��������� .   '  ' *.-    -.  ���"*���':������������; -HKp*.DQUAi*;TERS-J.OR UNION MEN.-':;;���  JOSEPH    CAMPBELL, y Propi-ietQIiV  R  i\  Best Roslyq Goal $9.50 per Ton  Leave Orders with Cash   Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents  W. P. DIOKBON  B. H. H. APPLEWHAITB  J. McFHBB  lootenay Ileetpie Supply and ConstFiieioa lo.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  dompiAts Hleotrlo HQUipmertts for Electric Power Tnmamissitm ��ml!l__��lit_nK Cop SSAmfte, Towne  Hlsotfic Flxturaa, Lamps, Belle, Telephoaaa, Annunciators, Bto.  ���::/.y;..i��..b.^BoiK:��0��..... Josephine Street, Kelson,B.O. c  THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., MONDAY, DECEMBER  4, 1899.  Tlie only house in Kootenay carrying Ml \\nes of  CRUCIBLES <P  MUFFLES  FLUXES  OF  ALL KINDS  Baker, Street, Nelson, B. C.  Don't Forget  GILKER WAS THE FIRST MAN IN THE  SHOE AND RUBBER BUSINESS  ���       IN NELSON  AND HE IS STILL HERE TO STAY  SCALES  FURNACES  BRUNTONS  TRANSITS  SCORIFIERS  A.  THE OLD P. O. STORE  ''IK:  ��� "-ilJ..   n     T*  l-Vip. $<m"'.  )^fn\%Y:^  ESTABLISHED IN 1890  o  o  S3  CO  ��  co  �����.  W  *�����  53  W  11  '�� SCALE,  o  w  *>  f  ��  *=u  w  w  ���  EVERY DAY OF EVERY MONTH  EVERY MONTH OF EVERY YEAY  EVERY YEAR FOR 10 YEARS  JACOB DOVER  OK NKLSON. 11. C.  STERLING NOVELTIES  MANiri'llK   AND TOILET 8KTS  BON HONS  IlEKhV SKIS  CHE..M  ANI) Sl'GAK A.VI)   1KA  . __-p-VI>_COFFKK_Bl_OONS   I'OT'DFJl 1IOXKS  ATOMI/KItS  ni.on-KKH  1'OMADK 1IOXKS, KTC.  HAS PRODUCED  e  JEWELRY  LAWKS* OOLD   WATCIIKS,  WITH DIAMONDS  n_tA(.r,i,i:--S, plain* and  LORGNETTE CHAINS  _ISINGS,    IN    ALL   TUB   LA'  HiriTINOS  CUVV LLVKS,  LOCKCTS  pVI-.CICLK-IpS  1IK00C1IR8, KTC.  . SKT  rrAr  FANCY G00D.S  OSVX TAHLKS  TAIir.l*, AND PIANO LIMPS  .I.MSDINIKIUIH  PHOTO  KRA.MLS  FI-.KN PO'IS  -VAI.I'A,-|.M-TKk-RACKS   MIIUtORS  STATUKS  CI.OOK.S, ETC,  Call and Examine Our Stock Before 8uyir*g Elsewhere,   Fir|a Watch Repairing  a Specialty.   All Work Guaranteed at  Jacob   Dover9  The Jeweler INel-son, B. C-,  Heada uarters  For all kinds of Rubber Goods  and Winter Clothing  tt 8 ��� ���  THEO MADSON  Baker Street.  LOCAL NEWS IN BRIEF.  George Doyle and Seneca Nolan brought  in ii fine buck last night from a point  about.five miles'up'the outlet.  The provincial jail inmates were engaged Saturday in .clearing a space of  ground south of the jail building which  will be utilized as a garden next season.  The spot is an open, sunny one, and will  add materially to the attraction of tlie  place.    The newly built Methodist church at  Grand Forks was dedicated yesterday.  Rev. J. A. Wood of Kaslo passed through  the city on Saturday on his way to  Grand Forks, where he officiated at the  opening ceremonies.  Edwin Sharpe, formerly warden of the  state penitentiary of the state of- Washington, is in the city. Mr. Sharpe is at  present representing the New West  Trade, a commercial paper published at  Spokane.  Captain Haas and a detachment of  Salvation Army soldiers arrived last  week in Greenwood, and the Salvation  Army work in the Boundary was duly  inaugurated.    "  The smaller furnace at the Hall Mines  Smelter was blown out Saturday and the  large one.blown in Sunday morning.  Mrs. C. L. Hofner. and daughter of  Granite, Montana, stopped in the city  over Sunday. They were en route to  their home from Silverton, where they  have spent the summer.  Stephen White and wife of the Nelson Hotel have returned from Halcyon  Hot Springs, where they have been rusticating for the past ten days.  The following special appeared in the  Rossland Miner of yesterday : " The following cable was received by the governor-general from sir Alfred Milner:  'Cape. Town, December l.^-Just said  goodbye to the Canadian contingent. All  well and delighted to be going to the  front. The people here showed in au unmistakable manner their appreciation of  the sympathy and help of Canada in tlieir  hour of trial.    (Signed) Milner.' "  Want to Swell the Fund.  There is a movement on foot to hold a  smoker and concert" at the opera house on  December 22nd for the purpose of raisiug  a   subscription   to   the Mansion   House  BUSINESS   MENTION.   '  Fund at Loudon, which is receiving subscriptions from all parts of the Empire  and many points outside of the Biitish  domain where there are sympathizers  with the "cause of. British arms in the  present war in South Africa. Generous  donations have been sent from many  points in the United States. About ten  days ago the British-born residents of  Spokane sent their first installment of  $*500 to the fundi They have raised  $1000. The Spokane Britishers have also  formed a permanent organization to be  known as the British Benevolent Society,  with a membership of about fifty. At  Portland, Seattle, St. Paul, Boston, New  York and Chicago funds have been raised  and forwarded to London for the benefit,  of the widows and orphans of the Ti'ansvaal war. Oue American citizen of New  York City subscribed $5000, and a fund  of over $2000 Avas raised among the members of the Chicago Board oi" Trade. It.  A. IT. Leicester called on a number of the  merchants elf the city Saturday for the  purpose of soliciting donations of goods  of various kinds that will be sold at auction at the opera house meeting on the  22nd. The arrangements are as yet in  an unsettled condition, but those in  charge have received encouragement in  the movement on every hand.  Grading Nearing Completion,  The grading on the Kaslo ��fc Slocan  railroad from Argenta to Duncan City is  almost completed. The work being done  at present is almost entirely at the  stations. Work on laying the ties will  proceed, but there will be some delay in  securing the rails, on account of the unprecedented demand for this product.  HOTEL ARRIVALS.  Wanted���Room  with  private   family  witli bijaijl iircifcrrcd.   Sluli. terms nt Tin: Thibcnk.  Wanted���Dining-room  girl   at   Hotel  l-hitiv. ������ '  Wanted���An  experienced waitress at  tho Nolson C'.tfe.  Lady clerk with  three  years   experi-  en< c is desirous of u jioMtioii.   Aildi'os*. box lW8_  r For .Sale���Dairy���Apply P. O. bi5x 106,  NeNon.  Offices to Let���Two offices in Turner-  IBoeckli block.   Enquire room 7 In building.  Patenaude  Bros.  ARTISTIC JEWELRY  CHASTE AND BEAUTIFUL  NOTHING BUT THE BEST  ���; 7 AT- '- -��� - r���  PATENAUDE   BROS.  BAKER STREET, NELSON  Prescriptions  Tlie imrliy of the iliitKR-ind mcilioincs adminii-  teral to Lhc patient, is the most cn'O.'iitiHl element  in tlio Mieoessfnl treatment of (line.i.i_. Pei��ei'i]i-  tion-i lire uomiimimlcil by hh from absolutely pure  ilrliKH in peneist condition, and the pliyKid'ui'--  skill will not bo nullified by old mid impotent  drugs.   Our stock of reiiiiisites for  THE TOILET  THE NURSERY  THE SICK ROOM  Ave t'oinjiH'le  - Your piitroiiugc '���oils!ted  NURSES' DIRECTORY  For the comenience of nur*-ct. and phjHi.iaiih, we imvc  CHt.-iblii.hod a jVu.hCH' Directory, nnd in order lo luiw it  complete, rui-iiosl all nurses to send in or r.ill and leu.o  (heir names and addie-v-e***.  SI. IE1. l^C'XJ_H3_A.lsr  l.I.SPKNSIXG CHEMIST  Telephone 14.1 I'. O. Box til Baker Street  Mail orders promptly ut tended to.  At thk Hume.���Ed win Sharpe,. Spokane; F. B. Hblstead, Rossland; S. Hurst-  with, Toronto; James Beveridge, Vancouver; W. H. Germott, Medicine Hat;  W. T. Beedles, Salmo; Joseph W. Way,  Victoria; Ji. E. R... Stock, Toronto; Mrs.  St. John," Cascade City;* James Dawler,  Winnipeg.  At thk Phair.���Charles W. Busk, Kokanee creek; Archer Martin, Victoria; L.  F. Townseud,- Rossland.  At the Madden.���L. E. Macdonald,  Robson: R. 13. Dongau, Fort Steele; James  Smith, Slocan City; R. S. Burton, Burton  City; John J. Kehnedy, Burton City.  At the Queen's.���II. C. Baker, Toronto; C. C. Brown, Rossland; Miss Pollock, Alamo; R. C. Pollock, Alamo; John  Hughes, Alamo; Mrs. C. L. Hofuer and  daughter, Granite, Montana. W. L. Husband, Spokane; Henry Hay, Oro; S. L.  Beyer, Spokane: W. K, Gillespie, Toronto.  At the Grand Centr.vii.~J. O'Brien,  Salmo: C. L.* Bennett, Auiriworth; Gus  Schwinker, Spokane: A. J. Spooner, Spokane; W. Iv. Richmond. Moyelle; W. IT.  McLaren, Ainswortli; T. L. Kane, Moyie:  J. D. Houston, Montreal; William McNeil, Revelstoke: .lames Wood, Revelstoke; David Murray, Revelstoke; John  Carroll, Nakusp.  Goods at Half Price  We still have some goods left from  the bankrupt stock purchased at  Sandon at a low rate on the dollar,  and   consequently   we   can   defy  competition.  FINB TAILORING  CLEANING AND REPAIRING.  The Rossland Warehouse and Transfer Company have just received  a, carload of young, well-matched teams, weighing from twenty-five  to thirty-two hundred pounds. They can be seen at their stable on  Second Avenue and St Paul; Street, Rossland.    They have also  is and SeasiWe Sleds For Sale  Youv own  goods  made up.    Old clothes  made good as new.  ^.RTiaitT^ 'GKEnEEJ*-..  OppoHilo Clarke .Hotel. "MteUOJIANT TA.H.OI"*.  ONE DOLLAR A LOAD  The undersigned hai ��laifte quantity of flr, cedar, and  tamarac slabs, in 16-indh and 4-foot lengths, miitablo tor  stove woodj. which will b$ sold, for ?1 a loud at tho mill  yard. ���   ���  NKLSON SAW & PLANING MILLS, Limitofl.  ,. Nf-tfwn, A��liw��tl8t&, iggg. . .*,..;*_;��� *--v..;.,*  HERE ARE A FEW OF OUR PRICES.  Dress goods fancy mixtures, regular price  .$1.7.5, sale price $1.  Dress goods, fancy mixture., regular price  $1.50, .sale price 75 cents.  -Dress goods;, fancy-mixture, regular price  75 cents, sale price 4.0 cents.  Table Damask at 25 cents per yard.  Children's wool hose at 10 cents per pair.  Ladies' Hannellette wrappers at $1.2.5,  Black   Henrietta,   worth 75 cents, sale  price 50 centf*.  Black  Henrietta,  worth   50   cents,  .sale  price 35 cents.  Fink flannelette 7 cents per*yard.  Ladies' fancy blouses, velvet collars, regular price $1.50, salo price SO cents.  -Miner's shoes,  regular price  $3.00,  sale  price $1.50.  Overalls, regular price $1.00, sale  price  50 cents.  Oxford  shirts, regular price $1.25,  sale  price 50 cents.  Men's tweed suits, regular price $12.50,  sale price $7.00. -  Men's heavy all-wool tweed pants, rugu-  lar price $3.50, sale price $2.00.  For want of space we are going out  of ladies' and children's footwear,  and will clear these off at cost . . .  Regular Sale  l**i*icp        J'rice  Ladies' Oxford shoos $1.75 $1.00  Ladies' strap shoes.. .���    1.75 1.00  Ladies' kid button shoes ....   2.00 1.25  Ladies' kid button shoes ....   3.00 2.00  Children's shoes ............   1.00 50  The* Balance of our "'ladies' capes  ahd Jackets at less than cost, All  other goods in dur store at greatly  reduced" prices,   .   .   ....   .  A. Feriand & Co.  ELLIOT BLOCK, BAKER STREET. NELSON.   .  ll ���'*%���*������:*;  ���_.*%?'*���  tovesl  WE HAVE THE FINEST LINE OF  Goal Heaters  EVER DISPLAYED IN KOOTENAY DISTRICT  SOLE AGENTS FOR THE FAMOUS  Cole's Hot Blast Heater  fe:;i;;2^^y-v Our claims for this heater is that it is adapted  " ^'^'l - to any   kind of coal, CROW'S  NEST, LETH-  BRIDGE, or ANTHRACITE, burning all kinds equally well. Not requiring the  attention of an ordinary coal heater. Economical, durable and simple in construction.   See our Steel Ranges for hard and soft coal or wood.  H. Byers & Co.  NELSON KASLO SANDON ��  WE HAVE STOVES  l(: But while we are waiting for the cold weather we  would draw your attention to our line of  NICKLED  COPPER WARE  -  .. '���'IT         -  Including Tea and Coffee Pots (several designs), Enamelled Handle Dippers, Pudding Dishes, Tea Kettles, etc.;*  and the only place you can get them is  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE   CO.  K-V  Christmas is Coming  Have you your Supplies?  have in and open a" your X��r|as wants?  What we ask is for you and your friends to come in and see us  first. An oversight in this matter means simply your losing* many  dollars.  Headquarters for the famous Rosemary Mincemeat in 25 pound  pails and  1  pound packages.  Fresh nuts, raisins, currants, candid peel, figs, fruit, and all the  best that can be procured at rock bottom prices.  The leading house in Groceries,  Crockery,  and Glassware.  Kirkpatriek *& Wilson  P. O; BOX K. & W.  BAKER STRKET.  TELRPHONK 10,  Christmas.in��"More  An apprehension. So many ladies dreadthe Christmas season  it means so much extra workt but it's no more so. The old  ��� fashioned way of sitting down cleaning Currants, seeding'  Raisins, shelling Nuts, cutting Peel, grinding Spice is a thing of  the past,   -  We can sell you Raisins seeded, Currants cleaned, Peels  cut, Nuts shelled. Everything ready, no trouble, no extra  labor.  If you want up to date Groceries at any time call or write  us we lead in prices.  Swiss and Roquefort Cheese now in stock.  Baker Street,  Nelson.  We beg to announce to our many patrons tliat we have removed to  our new quarters in the Houston Block, the big increase in tlie  volume of our business forcing us to seek larger premises, Thank-  the pepple for the patronage accorded us in the past, in anticipation  of an increase of this custom in tlie future, We remain, theirs to  comiuand in all lines of groceries. _  Houston Block, Baker Street  -/il  Free Water Connections ������^�������  GAS  JIMINQ  OUR  SPECIALTY   ' PLUMBING.   OF  ALL  KINDS  SITRApI-f AN BR0S.ppera HoqseBik^  _-.��� jc^..^1^.':p_,i. jj^_Voi*__T_\__��M_*t_^,4^


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