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 *-,  *>p<  ._*- ^  p_J4    < i_P  -*��r.'B^3Es_s___2assaS^^Sfl__s  p*:*r;^;03\.^1J*^_P_r*l*_p__fi-_rj__=_Kj__  ��WJ_^-_tuuM.._l._��L'iiJMIUUIl^  1^">-  KIMBERLEY'S BRAVE DEFENDERS  Made a Successful Sortie.  London, December C.���Tlie sortie from  Kimberley on November 25th, appears to  have been much more serious than had  been supposed. Details are now arriving  of a reconnaissance in force by mounted  troops under colonel Scott-Turner at  dawn, iu the direet,on of a ridge near  Carlo.s farm, where the Boers were  strongly entrenched. Finding the Boer  pickets asleep, colonel Scott-Turner proceeded along the ridge under cover, and  rushed the Boer redoubts at 5:25 a.m., in  the face of a hail of bullets. The Boers  hoisted a white flag and fired at the  British under its protection before surrendering.  Owing possibly to the exhaustion of  tlieir ammunition the British were unable to follow up the attack and seize a  large Boer laager, about three hundred  yards ahead, especially as Boer reinforcements were seen approaching, and the  enemy Avas keeping up a heavy fire from  the shelter of the thick bush. During  the sortie an armored train reconnoitered  north and south, while a considerable  force of British, with Held guns and  maxims, advanced towards Spytfontein,  holding the Boers in check in that direction. Ten guns were engaged simultaneously, and, viewed from the conning  tower, an artillery duel seemed proceeding in every direction except towards  Kenilworth, the fusilade being terrible at  S o'clock.  Having no force sufficient to hold the  position he had stormed, colonel Scott  Turner began to gradually retire liis men.  He had a horse shot under him and a  bullet went through the fleshy part of  his shoulder. Several men had terrible  wounds. It i.s alleged that tlie Boers  used Martinis.and explosive bullets, and  that they frequently tired at the British  ambulance wagons. The British captured  twenty of the enemy. There appears to  be home doubt as to whether 1 his was  the reconnaissance in which, according to  the announcement of the war office, colonel Scott Turner was, killed, or whether  that officer met his fate in a subsequent  sortie.  A Session of Commons Expected.  Ottawa, December (i.���It looks as if  parliament avou Id soon assemble. The  minister of finance has sent out to various departments of the service notices to  have their estimates ready as soon as-  possible for consideration.  LADYSMITH UNDER HEAVY FIRE  *******_V^-*-:  THURSDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 7, 181)0  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BT MAIL) $S A YEAR; WEEKLY. $2.  onel Parker of the 45th infantry Avas in  command at Vigan, province of South  Iloios, Avhen that place was attacked by  the insurgents on Monday, December 4tl\  The American force consisted of company  B of the 33rd regiment, and 150 sick men,  many of whom shared in the first attack,  which A\*as made at 1 o'clock in the morning, and lasted until 8 o'clock. The Filipinos, who were estimated to number  about 800,and werecommanded by general  Mino, came from the outskirts of the  town to the port. The fighting AA-as from  house to house, and almost hand to hand.  The Americans captured 84 rifles and  several prisoners. Colonel Parker praised  the bravery of tlie sick soldiers. Every  man who Avas able to stand handled a  rifle during the attack.  *:  Boer Gunners Do Damage.  London, December 7.���-There is again a  complete lull in 'news from the seat of  war. Ladysmith has established -helio-  graphic communication Avith Frere, and  it is reported that all ��was well up to  Sunday. A dispatch from the Boer laager  by Avay of I.orenzoMarquez dated Thursday, November 30th, confirms the report  that the commandos had been closing  in upon Ladysmith, and mounting  big gun.*. in new positions. According to tire same advices a heavy  cannonade has been maintained and a  general assault had been ordered for  Thursday morning, but was countermanded at the last moment.  Modder River dispatches say that tiie  Boers are encamped amid the hills, half  way to Kimberley, but it is also added  that a large body of the enemy has  gone in the direction of Jacobsdal. It is  possible therefore therefore that lord  Methuen may endeavor to clear his right  ���flank-as fai'-as Jacobsdal-before continn--  ing his advance. He is still Avaiting at  Modder River for guns and  ammunition.  Ladysmith, December 3.���The hottest  bombardment of tlie siege took place last  Thursday. The Boers got a neAV big gnu  in position on Lombard's kop, completely  commanding the town, and shelled our  camp that day and yesterday, planting  shells witli great accuracy in the camp of  the Gordon Highlanders and Manchester  regiments, Avhere there Avere many narrow escapes. Today the enemy resumed  the bombardment, doing some very  effective shooting. Several of our guns  have been shattered by the Boer**'  big gun.         *   Dry Goods Importers Protest.  MoMTKiiAi., December fi. ���Dry goods  men and other importers of Eastern  Canada, who are affected by the neAV  customs regulations Av-hich call for a duty  on commissions, as Avell as on the invoice  price of goods purchased from England  and foreign firms, haA'e decided to protest  to the government against the neAV  ruling. They contend that the hcav  ruling is an interpretation of the act  which the government never intended.  righting Against a Conviction.  Mo.vti.bai,, December (3.���Justice Wur-  tele this morning quashed the application for an appeal on behalf of Weir in  the Ville Marie Banque case. The counsel for the defence, hoAvever, haA'e taken  advantage of a clause in the criminal  code to ask the right to appeal to the  minister of justice to grant a new trial.  If this application is denied sentence will  be prononuced this after noon.  It W&a a Plucky Defence.  Manila, December fl.���Lieutenant-Col-*  SAY MACRUM IS WEAK-KNEED  Afraid of the Boers.  Nkav York, December 6.���The Washington correspondent of the Sun says the  state department today heard some  things about Mr. Atterbury, aa-Iio has  been designated by consul Macrum to  take care of American and British interests in the Transvaal until A. S. Hay  reaches Pretoria, that adds to the embarrassment of the government in securiug  adequate consular representation there.  Briefly it is charged that Mr. Atterbury  is not the proper person to represent the  United .States. The department Avill  make its inquiries into the allegations,  and if they are confirmed it is likely that  Atterbury will not be permitted to seiwe  until Mr. Hay gets there.  MeaiiAvhile the department is looking  around for a suitable man, an American  oiti-.cn avIio i.s near enough to the Tran.****-  vaal to get there quickly, but all those  who have been suggested are too far  away. From all the department can  learn, there is not an American citizen at  Pretoria avIio is in all respects fitted to  perforin consular duties tliere. Permission for Macrum to leaA-e has already  been given. The department came, to  the conclusion that his frequent appeals  to be AA-itlidrnwii, despite the refusals of  the department, showed that liis usefulness as a representative of the United  States had been seriously impaired, and  that liis- presence iu Pretoria, officially,  was of no benefit to this government or  to Great Britain Avith the care of Avhose  subjects he A\ra,s charged.  The only plausible explanation of Mac-  rum's actions is that he is frightened out  of his A\'its. His conduct is in sharp contrast to that of the British consul Avho  represented the United States in Spain  last year, and particularly to that of the  heroic Ramsden, Avhose instrumentality  in securing the surrender of .Santiago  was incalculable, and Avhose death Avas  due to his devotion to duty.  TODAY'S CONTEST IN MANITOBA  Both Parties Claim the Province.  Winnipeg, December 0.--[Special to  the Tribune.] -All indications point to a  A-ery close contest in the Manitoba elections tomorrow. Tlie members of the  goyoiTiiuent_express themselves as confi-  denTof"carrying"tlie prb^im"tTby~at least-  fifteen majority, but the Conservatives  are equally confident, aud say they Avill  carry at least tAvo of Winnipeg's seats.  Hugh John Macdonald, the opposition  leader, aatII probably be defeated iu Winnipeg South. The Conservatives claim  that premier (.reemvay Avill be the heeler  in Mountain, but he probably Avill have a  small majority. A prediction is made by  the Independents that the parties in the  next house will be about even.  [obede Smith, the Liberal organiser,  AA'as arrested today for alleged bribery in  buying a ticket for a man to vote for  premier" Green way. He was immediately releasei 1 on bail. The fight i.s a bitter one.  THE   FOUR   BYLAWS   FINALLY  Passed and Adopted.  A meeting of the city council Avas held  yesterday afternoon for the purpose of  putting the several bylaws, Avhich Avere  carried by the ratepayers on Tuesday,  through their final stages. The report of  the returning officer to the effect that the  several bylaAvs had received the requisite  majorities Avas read, after Avhich the four  bylaAvs Avere reconsidered and finally  passed and adopted.  The finance committee had a report  before the council recommending the  payment of accounts aggregating $5000.  It was received and adopted.  Alderman Beer's bylaw for the numbering of the houses Avas then read a  third time and finally passed. In this  connection a letter Avas received from H.  H. Avery calling attention . to the liouse  numbers for which he had secured the  agency, and the city clerk Avas instructed  to notify him that the numbers for  Avhich he was the agent would be satisfactory to the council.  City engineer McCulloch made a report  to the council that in order to make the  desired extensions and other changes in  the city's electric light service it Avould  be necessary to purchase supplies to the  ���value of $3550. This estimate of the city  engineer included tAvo and a half tons of  copper Avire and 42 light meters, Avhich  the council purposes to put in the hotels  and other large consumers of electricity.  The smallest meters on the list are for 20  lights and from this they run up, the  total cost of the 42 meters laid down in  Nelson being given at $1000. The cost of  the copper Avire was placed at $1775, the  rest of the expenditure being for extra  lamps, transformers, etc. By motion it  Avas resolved to empower the mayor to  make the necessary purchases.  The   couucil  then  adjourned   till  the*  next regular meeting.  RALPH SMITH JS^ NOT LIKED  By Chinese Employing Corporations,  Vkjtokia, December')���[Special to the  Tribune].���At the closiug session of the  coal mines arbitration at "Union  today  superintendent Little came out fiatfooted  with the statement that the  new special  rule Avas a device framed in  the interest  of the miners' union rather than   to  promote the safety of miners, the testimony  having shoAvn complete immunity  from  accidents  caused by the  use  of  Chinese  helpers.       He snid that the rule   Avas  tlie outcome ofthe visit of a deputation  headed by Ralph Smith, M.P.P., secretary  of the miners'  union  at Nanaimo,  with  the object of finding some Avay of getting  around the decision of the privy council.  The laAvyers for the colliery owners thereupon called Ralph Smith to the box, to  state Avhat   part  he  had  taken  in  the  framing of the new rule, but the arbitrators decided he could not be required to  diA-ulge Avhat took place between himself  and the provincial ministers.     The arbitrators Avill meet to  give  their decision  betAveen the 27th and 31st of this month.  THE SITTING ADJOURNED.  Canadian News in Brief.  The number of entries so far for Canadian exhibits at the Paris exposition i.s  800. Tliey are expected to reach a  thousand.  Dr. Angus McGannon, a Avell knoAvn  physician of Brockville, died Wednesday  morning from pneumonia and typhoid  feA-er.  John Stirling, another of Montreal's  drygoods merchants, died on Wednesday  morning, aged 78 years.  The Morning Chronicle, Evening Echo,  aud Weekly Nova Seotian of Halifax  Avere sold today to alderman G. E. Faulkner, representing P. C. Pearson, the well-  known Halifax capitalist. The price Avas  $10,500.    Arranging* for Volunteers Pay.  Ottawa, December 0.���The militia department is arranging witli the. imperial  authorities to pay the Avives and children  of the -members of the Canadian contingent the money due them ..while* in .service hi South Africa.  The sitting of the supreme court terminated yesterday morning, when a number of cases Avere settled and others adjourned till the next sitting of the court.  In the case of Loudin a-s. Mooers, which  Avas an action by the plaintiff-to secure  an interest in .some mineral claims in the  Crawford Bay district, judgment Avas  giA'en for the plaintiff. Just Avhat value  .the judgment will be it is difficult to see,  as the claims over wliich tho suit arose  have lapsed and have since been relocated  by third parties.  The case of Dockstader vs. Lantz, an  action to recover 7738 shares in the  Financial k Mining Trust of Canada, or,  in the alternative, $7738 in cash, was .settled out of court.  A settlement Avas also reached iu the  case of Marshall a-s. Sandilands. By the  terms of the settlement the plaintiff secures title to so much of the Victor mineral claim as overlaps the Apis mineral  claim, and the defendant also undertakes  to coin-ey all his Interest in the Apis mineral to the plaintiff for $450.  The case of Lawrence vs. the Hall  Mine***, an action for damages under the  Employers' Liability Act, A\-as adjourned  upon condition that the plaintiff pay  costs of the day, of which the disbursements for Avitnesses must lie paid as a  condition precedent to the case going to  trial.  The eases of Boihvell vs. the City of  Kaslo and Bigelow a-s. LaBau went over  also.    The Metal Market.  New York, December (..���Copper dull;  .brokers' $17.25, exchange $17.25.    Lead  firm; brokers' $4.40, ex-change $4.70(��$4.*80.  EXCEPTIONAL SHOWINGS IN A  New Slocan Camp.  Ernest Mansfield returned to Nelson  yesterday and reports vevy fine Aveather  up at the camp ; the nights registering  20 below zero. Another tunnel has been  started on the Green Lakes Fraction  claim, to tap the Joker lead which runs  through it. Charles Moore, P. L, S. of  Kaslo, has finished his plan, aud the  group of claims now being operated upon  by Ernest Mansfield' covers an area of  OArer 600 acres. Mr. Mansfield states  that early next spring several large companies Avill take OA'er the properties iioav  being developed, and these like the Excelsior Avill haAre large capitals to-be expended in further development, and  ���'erecting the necessary machinery to  .treat the output from the mines in this  neAV camp. Satisfactory results are being obtained on all the Avorkings, and  there is an exceptionally fine showing of  high grade ore on the Twin Lakes and  Crescent claims. y ���-'."��� '  Whilst in Kaslo Mr. Mansfield took a  bond on the Harris, Maple Leaf and  [Fissure groups of claims, comprising 15  claims in all. The price is $125,000, running over a period of eighteen months,  ai.ii-'as soon as the snow goes off a large  force of men*will be put to Avork to develop this new acquisition. These are  gold and copper properties, and are situated in the White Grouse country. They  Were owned by W. J. Harris, one of the  original OAvners of the LeRoi. The Standard oil trust of New Y"ork tried to secure these claims in the spring, but Mr.  Mansfield even at that period had the  matter in hand. Other syndicates also  have tried to get options on this group.  There is considerable development Avork  done on the properties, buildings all  ready, a good trail, and high grade shipping ore can be extracted from one of  the claims. The assays give high values  in gold and copper.  racks last eA'ening prior to his departure  for London, Ontario, Avhere he Avill have  charge of the contingent in that district.  Ed Brown returned last eA'ening from  a month's visit to friends in Toronto and  London.  Louis Hartwig and Miss Jennie Baillie  Avere married last evening at the Christian Young Men's Club on Silica -street.  The ceremony AA'as performed by Rev.  Robert Frew assisted by brigadier Howell of the Salvation army.  Rsa'. Robert Frew left on the Canadian  Pacific excursion to the Boundary this  morning. He goes as chaplain to the  Kootenay members of the excursion  party. Father Pat Avas expected to accompany the Rossland members of the  party but found himself unable to do so.  THE FIRE TEAM MAKES A RAPID  Run Without a Driver,.  A burning chimney yesterday evening  at the Club  hotel  brought  out  the  lire  department Avith a rush that resulted in  injury   to   dm*er   Pfeiffer.     When  the  alarm Avas sounded there was no one at  the fire  hall except  Mr. Pfeiffer.     The  horses of tho hook and ladder truck are  trained to  take  their-  positions  on   the  goug sounding, aud when there is a fire-  alarm .sounded they fairly jump.     Last  evening all was ready foi the  start, and  Mr.  Pfeiffer  before  mounting his  .seat.  rung the fire bell.    While doing that the  team   started  for  the  fire  on   the  run,  making a  straight shoot from  the  fire  hall across the corner of the side\A'alk at  T. M. Ward's corner. Avhere there i*.  not  to exceed twelve feet betAveen Mr. Ward's  fence and an electric light pole.    Pfeiffer,  who is an athletic young man, caught up  before they had got 200  feet  and  managed to get them under control.    He received a feAv bruise-, and cuts on the leg&  and head, but was  able  for  duty.    Tne  fire did no damage. Pfeiffer and his team  can be depended ou to  get  to  a  fire  on  time.  LOCAL   NEWS   IN   BBIEF.  Mrs. M. L. Rattray, Mrs. It. Merrill and  Miss Mei-ill of Brantford arrived in Xelson yesterday from the East. It is their  intention to open a business college in  this city.  J. K. Strachan, city clerk, has received  notice from Victoria of his appointment  as a justice of the peace.  S. M. Brydges yesterday purchased  lots 15 and 10 in block ill, being the  northeast corner of Victoria and Kootenay street'-*, Tho purchase price Avas  $1250.   **  A teamster by the name of McMahan,  Avho i.s driving for the West Kootenay  Brick -\_ Lime Company, sustained a  severe injury to his knee Tuesday night  by falling in the company*!, barn. lie  Avas sent to the hospital yesterday  morning.  J. J. Driseoll avus up befoie magistrate  Crease yesterday on a complaint filed by  chief of the fire department Thompson to  ansAver the charge of opening a Avater  hydrant on Observatory street. Driseoll  pleaded guilty and offered u.s an excuse  that the water pipes at his house were  out of repair and that he opened the  hydrant on this pretext. Tlie court imposed a fine of $10, Avhich Avas paid.  Born at Nelson on the (ith instant to  the Avife of Dr. (J. A. B. Hall, a son.  Harry W. Wright received notice last  eA'ening from Hon. C. A. Semlin of his  appointment as niining recorder. The  appointment also carries Avith it tin**  ottice of collector under the Hevenue Act,  collector of votes and several other  minor offices. The appointment dates  froni December 1st.  Brigadier Howell Avas tendered a'faw,!-*  Avellyat tlie  local ^."ilv-ationAriuy  bar-  MEN SACRIFICED FOR TRAFFIC  By Commerce Commissioners.  Washington', December 0.���The interstate commerce commission today gave a  hearing to the representatives of the  several raihvay companies asking for a  further extension of the time allowed  the railways, to equip their lines Avith  safety coupling appliances, under the Act  of March 3rd, 1893. John K. Gowan,  president of the Baltimore ��fc Ohio, and  representing as chairman eighty-eight  other roads, having 80,000 miles of line,  made the opening argument. He .said  that the present withdrawal of the  175,000 unequipped cars Avould practically paralyize inter-state commerce. He  did not believe it an exaggeration to say  that no one road had enough cars for its  business. Beyond the additional extension uoav requested he said the roads  avou Id ask no further extension.  President Clarke, of the Order of Bail-  Avay Conductors, said he desired to express the consensus of opinion of men engaged in the engine and train service of  the railroads. The law Avas enacted for  the protection of the employees and the  public. Two years ago the employees  joined Avith the railroads in asking for  an extension, for although loss of life Avas  inseparable from Avork upon railroads,  the employees Avanted to be reasonable. However, the statistics showed  thr-u .luring the past -year 105.8  railroad employees were killed, and 31,-  701 had been injured. Of these OA'er six  hundred had been killed and over 0000  injured iu coupling cars, if the law had  been obeyed and had accomplished its  object, none of tliese men would haA'e  been killed or injured.  Jt seems probable, as a result of the  hearing today, that the commission Avill  grant the railroads a further extension  of six months Avithin AA'hich to comply  with the Safety Appliance Act,  THE WORTHY NEEDY SHOULD BE  Systematically Relieved.  At the meeting of the council on Monday night a communication Avas read  from Mrs. J, Laing .Stocks asking the city  council to appoint a committee to meet a  A LANDSLIDE CARRIES A WHARF  Into Kootenay Lake.  ':~-T; L. Christie, a Avell-knoAvn lawyer of  .Sandon, who is registered at the  Phair,  gave a Tribune reporter a very realistic  account of the collapse of the whaiwes of  the C. P. R. and Kaslo & Slocan railway,  .which occurred yesterday at Kaslo.    The  two wharves were being built side by  side, that of, the C. P. R.  having  about  100 feet of Avork done upon it, while the  Kaslo ��fc Slocan company's AA'as all but  completed,   the   last   pile being  dm-en  AA'hen the collapse occurred.    James McDonald of Nelson, the contractor, Avas ivt  the  extreme end  of   the  wharf  Avhen,  looking shoreward, he was amazed to see  the    Avhole    construction   quietly   and  gently slide down into the lake.   A moment afterwards all the Avorkmen  ou  the  edifice commenced to scurry shoreAvard,  and  the   wharf gave another  Avorming  movement.    The  contractor  rubbed  his  eyes and tried to grasp the situation, and  it gradually dawned upon him that   the  Avharf AA'asn't resting on a solid, substantial foundation.    A yell of warning from  those on shore reached him  aud .with  a  bound     that     Avould     Avin     him     tho  -championship    on    any   athletic   arena  he    started'    on     a    rush     for     terra  firm a,     and     "Jim"    got     there,    but  only just in time, as a moment  after  he  landed the Avhole structure slid   into  the  lake.    .Gazing   at the  eddying ���.waters,  over   Avhich    a     moment    before    had  stretched* the result of   many  days  of  good hard high-priced labor, "Jim" could  only ejaculate, "Well l*ll"be blanked !"  Mr. Christie states that, as far as he  could learn, the shoreward bed of the  lake Avas resting upon a slanting shelf of  rock, and that the piles of the tAvo  whaiwes being driven into this bed, and  combining with the action of the Avater.  had loosened it, Avith the consequence  that, Avith scarcely any Avarning, a slide <,  occurred nnd both edifices Avere as if they  had never been. Close iu shore, when*,  before tlie collapse happened, men could  drive their horses, there is now a depth  of over 00 feet of Avater.  Government Steamer Douglas Sold.  Ottaava, December (J.���The department of marine and fisheries has sold the  steamer Douglas, Avhich has been utilized  for many years in lighthouse and fishery  service in British Columbia. The purchasers are a .Seattle firm.  OPENINC OF A  NEW  RAILWAY  Wliich Means Much For Nelson.  The Canadian Pacific railway excursion  to Boundary today, Avhich marks the  opening of the Robson-Penticton branch,  is.au fv.t_1 ,->f no "mall importance to  southern Kootenay aud Yale. . The excursion has been timed to fall upon the  anniversary of the excursion which last  year marked the opening of the Kootenay end of the Crow's Nest, branch.  Since then a Avonderful impetus  has. been given to the mining industry of East Kootenay. The great  coal deposits of Fernie haA'e been opened  up, and the transportation facilities  afforded havo enabled capital to traus-i  form several comparatively idle metal*-  Iifurous mining prospects into producing  mines. The transformation Avhich the  railway Avorked in East Kootenay will  be even greater in the case of Bouudaiy.  The mines of Boundary are in a measure  piweii. The railway will enable tho  companies operating them to market  their product. It will increase as A\*ell  the  market for  the  coal   of  the Fernie -  sider the feasibility of perfecting an or- |  ganization Avhich would deal with the ,  charity question of the city. The com- <  mittee AA'as appointed, consisting of alder- |  men, Beer, Hillyer and Fletcher, and will j  meet at the call of Mrs. Stocks. A com- ,  mittee from the hospital board will also j  be asked to join iu the deliberations. ;  Mrs. Stocks was seen at her home yes- I  terday, and she said : " It seem!* that the ,  time has nrrh'ed  Avhen  some  steps  of a j  definite characttir must be taken to rcgn- |  late  the  distribution  of charity iu tin- j  city.    It  is   for   the  host interest of all  concerned to bring the matter to a  sys- j  tematic basis.    A method like the paro- j  chial   system   that  has   been adopted in i  Scotland  would   he  a  step   in the right I  direction.   Indiscriminate giving is harm- ;  ful; it often (iocs as much harm  as good i  by pauperizing the uinvorthy,  and then ]  Avhen the donor of  the  gift  learns   later j  tliat the case, perhaps, was an  unworthy '  one, he resolve.*-, not In   be   imposed upon j  agtiin. Thishappens notinfrequently inthe [  case of business men who have  no  time  to investigate   the  ea.se.     The  calls   for  help made upon business men and men in  official positions are surprisingly  numerous, and in a great many  instances relief  is given by these men without a possible j  chance of knowing AVhelhor  the  teeeip- |  ient is indeed a  needy  one or a   profes- J  sional importer.    It is  in   view  of  the^e j  conditions that the proposed council will |  be held.    We hope lo adopt  some mens- j  ures that avi11  be  beneficial   to  all con- |  corned; some method  that  Aviil  protect  those who  are  kindly  disposed  toAvnrd  the needy, and at* the .same time protect  those who are worthy of assistance from  being unjustly classified with  applicants  for alms avIio in truth are  im posters and  professional beggars.  commercial   metropolis of a greater area  than Winnipeg.  On today's excursion all the commercial and mining centers of the province  will be represented. Nelson Avill be represented by mayor Neelands, aldermen  Fletcher. Hillyer, Beer and Kirkpatrick,  city clerk .Strachan, W. .1. Thompson of  the firo depart incut, and James Lawrence,  .h.'holditcb. Hamilton Byers, G. E. Martin,  P. Criddle, P. Chapman, It. 8. Kinghorn,  H. Robertson, P. .1. l.usseil and II. J.  I.vans of the board of trade.  l'artie-p were arriving from all points  of transit yesterday to join the excursion  to Boundary. The Kaslo contingent arrived on tin* afternoon boat and registered at the Phair. Tin* party consisted  of A. W. C'ricrson aud A. W. Palmer of  the city council, F. E. King, Georgu  Whiteside, W. J. Twins- and G. O. Buchanan of the hoard of trade, C. E. Frost of  the Kootenaian, John F. Mcintosh, collector of custom*-*, and A. T. Garland.  The Sandon party arrived later and  stopped at the Hume. In it were the  following, all of the city council, and  headed by mayor IL H.Pitts: M. L.  Grimutott,*- Charles I). Smith, A. Crawford, II. MacDnn'ald, G. M. Main, and  John T. Buckley. Fort Steele is represented by James Harvey, president of tho  boanl of trade.  The Canadian Institute Anniversary.  ToitONTo, December 0.���His excellency  lord Minto, sir Sn it ford Fleming and   Dr.  .John   Thorbuin   have   been  invited   to  attend   the  celebration  of  the fifteenth  anniversary of tlie Canadian Institute of  Torontov Avhieli is to be held lit this city;;  on December 9th,    Dr. Thorbum Avili tiot  bo able to attend, however ou aecountyo'C  pressure of business  ��1  ft  <_?  P  ���i  -Sl  coinniittee of th����� Wornen's CIub  to con- ��� inines, and ineidentaily make Nelson the ^    _i  I  i  !  ll  ���I  M  I  ,P  j  fa  '���il  '*���  a_#^'~ %  THE TRIBUNE: NELSON, B.C. THURSDAY. DECEMBER 1 1899.  B  B  B  B  *^9*  Dry Goods  iartsn O'Reilly k Co.  QUESTION OF FURNISHINGS  %  Men's  Furnishings  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  The furnishing department of ours is getting to he the popular  resort for men who like line furnishings. 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MEN'S OUTFITTER  Sign ot  the RED   HAT, Baker St., Nelson  J. F. WEIR  Wholesale  Houses  GROCERIES.  AMACIJOXALD & CO.���Corner Vernon und Jose-  ��� pliine streets, wholesale grocers and jobbers in  blankets, gloves, mitts, boots, rubber*,, mackinaws and  miners'sundries.  KOOTENAY   SUPPLY    COMPANY,     LIMITED���  Vernon street, Xelson, -wholesale grocers.  JOHN   CHOLDITCH  *J    wholesale grocers.  &  CO.���Fiont street,  Kelson,  FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  P   BURNS &  CO.���J.akor street,  Nelson, wholesale  ���   dealers in fresh und cured meats.   Cold storage.  ~ harbwarFahiT.'mining supplies."-"  HBYE11S & CO.���Corner Baker and Josephine streets,  ���, Neison, wholesale dealer.s in hardware and mining  supplies.   AKcn'.R for Giant Powder Co.  T~A.AVK*EXCK,'nAUI)WAUK COMPANY���Baker* St.,  >" Xelson, *.\ holes-ale dealers in hardware and mining  supplies, and water and plumbers' supplies.  ANCQUYER HARDWARE COMPANY, LIMITED  ��� ���Haker street. Nelson, wholesale dealers in hardware ami mini'iK supplies, plumbers and tinsmiths'cup.  ���plies.  CRATED AND   MINERAL~WATERS.  THOUPK &, CO., I*I"MIT}.D.-Corner Vornon and Cedar  streets, Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesale  dealers in an-ated waters and fruit syrups. Sole agents  for Halcyon Sjirin-.-s mineral w.-uer.  ASSAYERS'  SUPPLIES.  -Corner Raker and  ,-Jose-  of  WF.  TEETZEL fc-CO,  ��� 'phine streets, Nelson, wholesale  dealers in a.*  r wiyers  supplies.   Agents: for Denver Fins Clay Co  ' Denver, Colorado.  ^^  CIGARS.  ���g-OOTEXAYCIGARJ\lANLM'V\CTURTNG CO.-rCor  of "  icr Bakor and Hall streets, Nelson, manufacturer..  Royal .Seal" and "Kootenay Helle" brands of cigars.  COAL.  CROAV'S   NEST  PAS.S  COAL  COMPANY.-  _ale dealersin cu-tl and eok-0.   Charles St.  Agent. Haker street, Nelson.  ���Whole  llill-llC,  COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  Hj, EVANS & CO.���.Haker street, Xelson, wholesale  ���   dealers in liquors, cigars, cement, lire brick and  lire clay, water pipe  mission merchants.  anel steel rails, and general coni-  FLOUR AND FEED.  BRACKMAX & KER MILLING C'OMPA"XY"LTD..-  Front street. Nelson, wholesale dealers in flour, oatmeal, etc., and hay and grain. Mill. at, Edmonton, Victoria, and New Westminster.  U^0^S~AND~DRY ��00DS.  TURNER, JiEKTON *& CO.���Corner Vernon and Josephine streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in liquors,  '     nts for Pabst lirewinr ' "  owing Co. of Calgary,  PAINTS   AND~ OILS/  NELSON IIAllDWAItK COMPANY- Haker Slrei't--  Wliulcsnle deulei-b in paints, oils, and brushes ol fill  kinds-.   Largest, Htock in Kootonay.    ,  cigai's and dry goods.   Agents for Pabst Ilrewing Co  -Milwaukee and Calgary Rr  POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTON POWDER COMPANY���Baker street.  Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite, sporting,  stumping and black blastitij. powders, wholesale dealers  in caps and fuse, ���mil electric blahting apparatus. '  PROVISIONS, PRODUCE AND FRUITS.  PARSONS   PRODUCE   COMPANY-Vernon   strcol.  Nelson, wholesale dealers, in  provi.��lous, produce,  and fruits.   Agents for .Swift & Co. bacon and hams.  J.Y. GRIFFIN & CO.-. Corner Vernon anci. Josephine  ���   streets.  Kelson,  wholesale dealer,.,  iu  provisions,  cured meats, butter and eggs.   Fit. STEWART & CO.���AVnrclio-isoHoi) CI'. R. track,  ��� foot of Stanley street, Nelson, wholesale dealers m  provisions, produce and fruits. Cold storage. Agents  Armour & Co 'b bacon, hams, lurd and other I'J-oducts.   ���R/TANrfoBA PRODUCE AND COMMISSION CO.,  '���*�������� Ltd.���Kelson branch, Hall street. Whole-ale  dealers in butter, eggs and cheese.         SASH AND DOORS.  * TSTELSOK SAW AND PLANING MILLS, LIMITED-  ���*����� Corner Front and Hall streets, Kelson, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers in sash and doors; all  kinds of factory work made to order. _  WINES AND CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA AVINE COMPANY, LIMITED ���Corner Front and Hall streets, Kelson, wholesale dealers  '   in wineH(caseandbulklanddoniesticand imported cigars.  ffihe jQErttmne*  La.st Aveek The Trirune commented  on the declaration of the manager of tiie  eonssolidated mines at Moyie, that no  Avork, except development avoi-Jc, Avould  be done nt tiie mines until the labor  question was settled. The comments are  uot to' the liking of the Moyie Leader,  find  it says "Chat Avhen  Thk Tknu'ni.  " throws mud at men of the stamp of the  " manager of the Moyie  mines and the  " other  Americans A\*ho invested in this  " country it is striking a coAvardly bloAv  " at the very men that built the country  " up that persons like the editor of The  " Trihuke might prosper   in  it."   The  Trim in 13 did not throw mud at the manager of the Moyie mines, it simply stated  that the aforesaid manager belonged to  tlie cheap-labor gang of Americans Avho  have invaded Kootenay, AA'hich is a statement of fact.    Fully one-half the opposition to the eight-hour law,-a law that is  generally  admitted  to be in  the right  direction, comes from Americans >vho are  in Kootenay either managing  mines for  alien    companies   or    for    non-resident,  aliens.    Without  exception,  these 'men  'oavc    everything    they    possess   in   the  way  of material  Avealth  lo  the liberal  laws  of British  Columbia.    They came  here poor - they arc iioav wealthy.   Tliey  came here and AA'ere given every advantage .and righL given  or accorded Canadians : advantages und rights that Canadians  are denied   in  the United  States.  Y"et, notwithstanding this, once a laAV i.s  passed that is not satisfactory to them,  tliey band together and do their utmost  to  paralyze an   industry on   whieh   the  whole    country    is    dependent.     "Were  Canadians to take like action in the slate  of Montana,  or  Idaho, or   Washington,  they AA'ould be given short shrift.   There  was no labor trouble at Moyie Avhen tlie  working mines at Moyie were managed  by  a  Canadian  named   Drewry,   Then  Avhy should there be the very day that  tlie  management-of  the same 'mines is  handed    over  to    au   American . named  CroninV Tho editor of The Trihi'nk does  not ow,o anything to Americans of  the  Cronin kind: but Americans of the Cronin  kind oavc agood deal to the editor of Tim*:  Tin hunk. J lad it not been' for the'stand repeatedly taken by the editor of TiikTiu-  runk. Americans Avould long sincu  liave  been treated in British Columbia as Canadian;-* are in   the  mining states of the  Union : they Avould have the privilege of  working for Avages in mines; but not the  right to own mines or dictate policies to  state goA'ernnients.    Wo are afraid that  tho Moyie Leader i.s one of that large and  growing class of newspapers that shout,  '���The king is dead!    Long live the king!"  The Plmmix Pioneer has added its  voice to that of the two Greemvood  papers in a demand for a member for  Boundary district. There are districts  over here in West Kootenay that Avould  like to get rid of the members they have.  The clamor for representation in legislative bodies may be justified and may be  popular; but it is foolish, for the average  member cuts a mighty narroAV SAvath in  either parliament or the legislature.  It is stated tliat Avhen at Grand Forks,  a few Aveeks ago, president Shaughnessy  expressed displeasure at the Avay his road  had been located at that place. He, so it  is claimed, said the road should have  been run through Grand Forks. If* this  is true, much of the ill-feeling that exists ,  | against the Canadian Pacific in southern  British Columbia is due to the acts of the  company's subordinate officials. It is  strange that a company that can secure  so uniformly courteous and obliging men  to transact its freight and passenger  business with the general public, should  secure so many scrubs .as heads of departments.  Speaker Henderson Was Born in Scotland.  David  It.   Henderson,  Avhom  the  Republicans have selected   to be  the  next  spetdcer of the house of representatives,  avus horn in  Old   Deer,  Scotland,  March  1 Ith,    I.S 10.       His   parents  came   to  the  'United .States when he was six   years  ol"  age, settling finally in Iowa in 1S-IJ).     Lie  obtained    his   earlier   education   in   the  public schools of that  state,  and  subsequently took a course in the Upper Ioaa-h  UmA*ersity.    When  the civil Avar broke  out he gaA*e  up the  study  of  laAV  and  shouldered a musket  and  AA'ent  to  the  front as  a  private.    He  Avas  with  the  regiment in numerous engagements  and  was Avounded slightly seAreral times.     In  a subsequent engagement he lost one of  his legs.*    After the Avounds Avere healed  he re-enlisted  as  colonel  of  the  Forty-  sixth loAva Volunteer Infantry, and  served at the head of his regiment until the  close of  the Avar.    ITe  Avas admitted  to  the bar in 1S(!5, and from that time until  1SG9 he  served  as  collector  of internal  revenue for the Third  district  of Iowa.  For two years  he Avas  assistant   United  States district attorney for the northern  division of the district of Iowa.     In 188S  he Avas elected to the house of representatives, in  Avhich   capacity  he  has  since  sei-A-ed continuously.  An Object Lesson For Abject People.  It will be remembered, Avhen "Joe"  Martin Avas fighting to giA*e Winnipeg an  independent railway outlet to the south,  that the Canadian Pacific swore A*en-  geance on "Joe" and threatened to remoA-e  their shops and headquarters from Winnipeg to StoneAvall. ".Joe"' called the  bin IT, built the railroad to the south, and  gave Winnipeg Avhat it AA'as striving for.  And the strangest part of the story is  that the C. P. R. shops and headquarters  are still at Winnipeg.  The Kootenays as a Summer Eesort.  T. G. Blackstock of Toronto, Avho is one  of the Gooderham-Blackstock combination of mine operators, is reported as being Avilling to' build a summer residence  at some point on Moyie lake, near Moyie,  in,East*Kootenay.     _ *    *   *  ** �� i **  -    Bank for Phoenix. , * . .  It is  not  unlikely that  the' 'Eastern*  ToAvnships Bank AA'ill,establish a branch  at Phoenix in thenear future.    The bank  has a brandi at Grank Forks.'.  mi  ?m  ���^mm  m  ^ -1**. ��� *s^��� *=> - <=_, p ��s^��� >^ ��� *?i. "s_r��� -^s*. ��� *=*> ��� wr��� **r- *5�� *svvS\  SPECIAL SALE  OF MILLINERY  FRED IRVINE & CO.  36 BAKER STREET  SPECIAL   SALE  OF CARPETS  B  B  Uto  Annual Fall Sale of Dry Goods  COMMENCES  WEDNESDAY,  NOVEMBER  22  Bargains--in Every Department���Bargains  $  UY  Dress   Goods   in   navy   and  black,     all      avooI     Storm  Serges,  sale price, 35c per  yard.  Fancy    Novelties    in    Dress  Pattern Lintings Costumes,  at half price.  Ladies' Jackets and  Mantles  at less than cost.  White    Saxony     Flannel    at  20c per yard.  White Canton Flannel at 5c.  pc|   yard up.  Fide.1* Flannels, in all colors,  40c per yard.  Ladies' Cashmere   Hose 25c.  Ladies' French Kid Gloves,  every pair .guaranteed;  worth $1.50, for $i- a pair.  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Watcrninn & Co, '  HEAL ESTATE  INSURANCE AND  GENERAL AGENT  Big Scl]oof]er  Beer or Half-**-*  aLn*d=Half ��� ��� ���.  IO Cts.  Always JPresh  Always     Cool  THE BEST ttLASS OF BEEE IN NELSON IS  AT THE  Club Hotel  in***-: Ji  t  -Comes* Silica and-  Stsmley Streets.  E^J.-eUBRANrPro|jr  ASK  vorit uipOci.it Foil  ALLEN  THORPE & CO., Ltd,  Kirst door wrht of Hank of  iti-iLi.il Columbia Indicting.  Bather Si. Nelson  OENEBAIi   BROKER.  St)(ip:   Hall Street, between Baker and Vernon, Nelsor>  GREAT REDUCTION  HARD G0Aiq>Q OK; CROW'S     $fi i K  ANTHRACITE *PO. DU (NEST COAL <P0*lO  X>*H3I__X'V"EI*El"E;*r_)  Barber Shops Without This Card in Window  Are Non-Union.  TKLKPHOXK  33  C. W. West & Co.  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  NELSON, B. C.  Coireo roasters and dealers in Tea and Coffee.  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Xotice  : is hereby giv*cn tliat Harry Howard Diinbitr of  l��utic-tn Oity, in tlso-ooninty of Kootenay, British Colum-  ....   .*���__..  .,..__ ,,.. .  ^ of   , , _,  . ,   utd  uts which may bo beized and held tinder execution  ;ind all liis real estate- to William Simpson of Duncan  Coi ner Victoria and Kootenay Street'-.  P. O BOX 55!) TKLKPHONK NO. GG  For Sale Chea��  a_  Kverylhinu in and .abort an hotel bulldln_r at Oresloii. j  a station on tlio <!row*8 Nest 1'as.s ltailway.   Will l*e wild  either iu a whole or nepnnitcly.   Apply to CharlcM K.  Olxon, AiiiBworih, K. C.  bi4i, liotelkeeper, haw by deed dated the 31st. day of  October, 18!)!), assigned, stll his pcrnonal estate, crcditx i    *"    ' *-���-*-'   -���-" '���"���' tinder execut        _. _ ipson of Duncan  Citv, aforesaid, iuoi-ch.*,nL, in trust for the benefit of the  vreditori of tho said I tarry Howard Dunbar. The said  -deed was executed by the said Harry Howard Dunbar  on tho 31 lit day of October, ilflK), and by the naid William  Simpson on the (ith day of .November, I89U. AH perfioiia  having claims against thorai'd Harry Howard Dunbar  are requested to forward particulars of the same, duly  verified, and stutinir what security, if any, is held for tho  -same, to the said .William Siiiijisoii on or before the 14t.lx  day of December, 185)9, after which date the said William  SimpHon will proceed to distribute the assets ofthe estate  amongst Uiosu entitled thereto, having regard only tothe  claims of wliich ho shall then have had notico. All pet-  sons indebted to the said Korry Howard Dunbar are required to pay such indebu-dness forthwith to the said  William Simpson.  A moetiuir of the creditors* of the said Hairy Howard  Dunbar will be held at the offices of McAnn & Mackay  barristers. Front streot, Kaslo, B.C., on Wednesday the'  22nd day of November, 1899, a* 3 o'clock p.m.  ���     .-_r *WH.__IAM SIMPSON, Truste*  McANN* & MACKAY, Soiiaitors for the Trustee.  Dated t_K*��th day of >'ovett��jtMSf, 189��.  *��� .   _P.**_*_*  p-.ec.-^\vAA',':7*v-.:*r^y.'riy>-: ��:������*-���  i    A  l  ti  ^  .  THE TRIBUNE; NELSON B. C, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 7 1899.  o  Bane of Montreal  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up,    -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATHCONA AND  MT   ROYAL, President  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President  K   S. CLOUSTQN General Manager  ���tTBLSON *B*R^s_._tsro*H:  N.W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       RKANCHK8 IN       LONDON  (England),   NEW YORK.   OHIOAOO  and iu the principal cities in Canada.  tiny and sell Sterling Exchange aud Cable Transfers  OKANT COMMKKUUL ANI) TKAVKM.EUH' OI.KIMTS,  availublu iu any part of the world.  DKAKTS ISSUED    OOU.KOTIONB MAUU;  KTO.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OF INTEREST PAID  BOER   TREATMENT   OF   KAFFIRS.  It is well known that one of (lie chief  causes .of tlie great "trek" by   the Boer  farmers was their irritation  against tlie  British authorities at the Cape, who liad  interfered   to   secure  some  measure   of  just   treatment    for   the    Kal'lir   ratios.  From that day to this tlie Voortrekker  has  pursued  a  policy of harshness and  severity towards tlie native tribes uuder  his  power,  and in   too  many   instances  'gross cruelty has been practised upon the  hapless    Kaffir.      Notwithstanding    tlie  provisions of the London convention, the-  position of the natives in the agricultural  districts  of the  Transvaal is practically  indistinguishable  from   that of slavery,  while at Johannesburg the treatment of  the colored population by the Boer police  is  brutal   in   the  extreme.    .Several   instances are cited by sir Alfred Milner in  the blue book dealing with the grievance?  of British subjects, but  it  wtis scarcely3  possible  for  the  high  commissioner   to  adequately picture the scenes of brutality enacted daily on the Band.    The following extract from a letter written last  month by a resident iu Johannesburg to  the Christian World will be a revelation  to many  people, although  the facts are  well enough known to  those acquainted  with the ''amenities" of the Rand:  "The unmitigated brutality ofthe Boer  to the Kaffir would, if known, detach  from the Boer the sympathy of every  merciful man. On Wednesday last three  Dutchmen ��ki_oclced a Kaffir down in a  public street, jumped on him and trod on  liis face as if. they would puddle it,  * Tassers-by appealed to a policeman to interfere, but lie not" only point-blank refused, but stood leering , while, the poor  wretch was nearly murdered.. Any"day  will witness ti crowd���perhaps 100 black1  wretches being driven, between mounted  policeman to the gaol for the artificial  crime of being, without a pa,*-;, or with a  pass improperly filled in. These are matters of general notoriety and'.indisputable by everyone who knows the Boer.  And many of these poor Kaffirs ate the  children of British South Africa! Ue-  movhlized by poisonous liquor and by the  immorality of this city, they go back to  their homes���north, south, east and west  ���carrying a new horror into every -part  of South African life."  Nor is this the only sort of outrage  practised on the Kaffirs. The Cape  Times, commenting on the official reports  ou native affairs, calls attention to  another serious scandal���-the defrauding  of the Bechuanas at Johannesburg by  labor touts*.    On this  point government  Is now prepared io issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atliq, B. C, and  Dawson City, YuKoq District.  interference is called for; for does the  Cape Times imagine that the Pretoria  executive will heed its complaint? We  can judge of their attitude from the fol-.  lowing incident: A Boer youth, who  feigned to he a government o_.ici.al, and  systematically and for many months  robbed Kaffirs by fining them for having  irregular passes, when found out was  tried and sentenced to four months in  prison and ��10 fine. The line was remitted and the youth let out of gaol  after serving only six weeks of his sentence. Taking all these circumstances  into consideration, can it be wondered  at that there is tt scarcity of labor at the  mines?  But to see the Boer at his worst in his  treatment of the native it i.s necessary to  go to the outlying districts. One of the  most shocking instances of diabolical  cruelty is that which has become known  as the Wakkcrstroof scandal. In this  ease a Boer farmer named L7ys is charged  with having, on May 1.5th last, tied down  four Kaffir girls with ropes and lashed  thein so severely that two of the girls  subsequently died. The evidence adduced at the preliminary examination  held on June 10th, went to shoSv that  Uys had for some time subjected the Kaffir girls to the most shameful treatment,-  as a result of which two died. It was  shown that the defendant beat the girls  with a .large, strap with a knot at the  end, andin order to perform -his work  more easily, he strapped them by their  neck to the floor.  On the Hand at least a large  proportion of colored men and women are British subjects, and Great Britain is  bound  to afford them protection.    Our agent at  l'retoria having refused to allow British  subjects to be  commaudered,  the "Cape  Boys" thereupon equally with  the white  Britishers refused service for  the native  wars of the Boers.     (War  with  native  chiefs is ��a favorite pastime with the Boer  farmer.)    As they could  not  compel the  Cape Boys to serve, the Boers commenced  that raiding and brutal   ill-treatment of  the British colored people at  Johannesburg, which was one of the  causes  tliat  let to sir Alfred Milnejt-'s famous dispatch.  Mr. Chamberlain   has -warmly  taken up  the defense of these  people,*and   it  is a  .matter iti   wliich   he    .should   have-the  unanimous support of the country. When  we consider, too, the fate  of  the 600,000  other natives iu the  Transvaal' and the  way in wliich we have  neglected  to secure   to   them   that   good   government  which was promised in 1877, and  several,  times since, it  becomes our imperative  duty in the settling of the present  crisis  to take such steps as will lead to an amelioration of the Kaffir's lot,   Kor the sake  of the peaceful development of-the other  states of .South  Africa���a  development  which depends so largely on the  hearty  cooperation of black ami white���we cannot allow this treatment  of the natives  by the Boers to continue.    Our  position  of paraniountcy forbids us to  remain indifferent spectators, for  tlie  evil, if unchecked, might well be the inciting cause  of a disastrous native war.  A Hopeless Struggle.  Interference by one ofthe  powers  of  Europe���that aud a wild chance that the  British soldier might have  grown  weak  iu fighting stamina���were the only hopes  on which the Boers could hang a reasonable expectation of victory.     There  are  no signs  of European  interference, and  the  British  soldier,  wherever tried, has  shoAvn a degree of courage and bulldog  persistence     that    is    worthy    of   the  best       traditions       of       the      British  army.        Tommy      Atkins      has      lost  none of  his  historic  daring,  and he  is  commanded by officers  who are burning  with  an almost reckless  desire to  court  death or woo honor.    There  is no  hope,  therefore,   for   the   Afrikander    cause.  England  has set its teeth, and all political parties are practically united in a determination to fight on   to victory.    The  Boer is a brave  fighter, but  the  British  soldier is brave ; one  plays  against  the  other, and   overwhelming  numbers  and  enormous   resources will determine  the  issue.  A Chance for Scientific Men.  ���.Paris, December 5.���M. Osiris, a  wealthy Parisian noted for his charities  and public spirit, has presented * the Institute of France with a sum representing .'12,000 francs as prizes for the most  remarkable work or discovery of general  interest, especially in fields of surgery  and medicine, in exhibition year. The  prize-;is open to all countries.  'The War's Effect on Gold Output,  Brhi.in, December  5.���A high  official  of the Reich bank in   the  course  of an  interview today said: The war in South  Africa may have a slight disturbing  effect upon the money market for a short  time, but it will have no permanent  effect upon tlie world's gold supply. This is so large and increasing  so rapidly elsewhere, in America  Australia and the Klondike for instance,  that a short stoppage in South Africa  will be comparatively unimportant.  The Reich bank does not contemplate a  raising in the rate of discount now, but  it may be necessary to do the later. No  gold is leaving Germany as yet, on the  contrary last week a small quantity came  from England. It is the rising tendency  of London exchange that causes concern.  The Tremont Bote!  W|AL(P & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THK BEST BRANDS OP  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  .<g**��  w  m*0  '"p.  MM  \& Cj  ���12  S (Ij  \& J  id <j  M 0  Mn  m Q  ��.m  m  D-  IlVto^IRTIEHrU-ie.   &   COi  One of Those  Beautiful Pictures  IN OUR WINDOW WILL MAKE A VERY  I'l.KTTY X'MASGIKTKOR YOUR KRIKXIl.  IT IS A LITTLK i:.<_KLY. HUT U'll WILL  RESERVE IT POR YOl'.  ���i-iiky ai<i3 ooirNO  lusi'  M  Hi  ���   B  y B  it  r B  B  B  B  B  %  oo 2��> 'auo.iHiaL'ac'VonAi: ~cn  mm  m  m-t  m  m  tl  c  SJ B  B  0? B  �� B  n ��  U B  ^ B  M  FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  . Dressed Lumber  ' of <��11 kinds,   . '  what you want is'iiot in stock wo will mako it for yoii  CALL AND GET PRICES.   ���  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  PEEP HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  Large comfortable bedrooms and  first-class dining  room.  Sample rooms for commercial men.  RATES   ��2   "-PIER   _0_A/_**T  Mrs. E. 0.   CLARKE, Prop.  Late of the Royal Hotel, Calgary,  P. Burns & Co.  Head Okfick at"  NKLSON, li. 0.  Wholesale and Retail  ���  .   .   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OFFICE AND MILLS COB.NER HALL AND FEONT STS., NELSON.  WILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A large stock ot flrst-class dry material on hand, also  a full line of sash, doors, mouldingo, turuod work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yawl:  Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson  Telephone. 91        JoM    RaC  Ag6Ilt  ���s  CORNER OK "Vl-JARD AND VERNON STS.. NELSON  Madden House  BAKER AND WARD STREETS, NELSON  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained under ono  management since 1890.  Tho bed-rooms are .well furnished  and   lighted by  electricity.  The dining-room is not second to any hi Kootenay.  The bar is always stocked by tho best domestic and  imported liquors and cigars.  .THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  Large and well lighted Heulcil by hot aii  Kcasunablu rates Sample rooms  Electric bulls anil light in every room  Renovated und refurnished throughout  HOTEL VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Revelstoke, B. C.         _____ . forj ho don'  ! guests arriving and ilepariing by niglit trains.  bTc.~hote l  S3WI_i, IB. c  Free biiH meet)) all tiuiiiH  Hourly street.car lo station  _Nighl_Grill_Rooui_i>i_ooi]ii_clio_i, .ur_(he-loi!veiiieiice_t>._  WHOLESALE  West Kootenay Butcher Co  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  * WHOLKSALK ANI) I.KTAIL -  FISH AND POULTRY JN SEASON  Balder Street, |*Jelson   E��� Ga Tl  ORDKRS BY MAIL RECEIVE CARKFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION,  ARRIVED IN NELSON  Produce  Company  Butter,    ���  Eggs,  Cheese,  Green  Fruits,  Cured  Meats,  Vegetables  SHIPPERS OF THE EARLY  BREAKFAST BRAND OF EGGS  Full  stocks  carried at  Nelson   and  Rossland.   Mail orders solicited.  li-clmling SuKmin's 2, 1, anil " year old Uy*. in Barrels.      Oooderliam & Worts'Rye in Cases.  Kugiiim's Hlar, '8S Rye and White Wheat Whisky in Cjusi-.s.      Walker's) Club Rye in Cases.  A. B.  . (i It A Y,, Kootenuy Agent  Nelson, it. t\  R. P. RITHET 8l QQ.  W. P. DIOKS0N  B. H. H. &PPIMW&MTM  J. MoPHBB  lootenay leetfie Supply and ���onstFU6tioii Co.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  9 �� ��  ROYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS   Firr!l-oIuss in every respect. Choiifst wines, liijunrs  and cigars. I.very comfort for transient and resilient  gitcsU-,  IffcADQUAltTKRS KOR UNION MBN.  JOSEPH    CAMPBELL,   Proprietor.  About Lethbridge Calf Goal  The I_ullibi'i-I){(! ('nil, cml iiiliri! hits been mowd foilii:  hniMiiiK urfiipii'-l liy ('. J>. ,1. Cliriitii1 on  fc'ikur sl*wt.'  w'hm'c nUoiduiw foruiHil will woivc pi-umpt otii-ntiun.  All iMsn*'on>�� iniliihloil I��fi* uniiljui. i-ei|iiu.stcil tt�� .sett li* liy  Oei'cnihpr Ihi.  Heiiiuffur'Unit <.*o(il will l��;. ulit fnri'.'isli uiily.  -  W. I'. TIKIiNKV,' Ui'iieml Axi-nl.  ONE DOLLAR A LOAD  . The undersigned has a lart(o nttajitity of fir, cedar, and*  tamarac slabs, in 10-inch and .-foot length*', snitablu /or  stove wood, whieh will be sold tor $1 u load at tho mill  yard. ..   -  *   NELSON SAW & PLANING MILLS, Limited.  Nelson. Amrustplflth. 18SH.  Horses for Sale  The Rossland Warehouse and Transfer Company have,just received  a carload of young-, -well-matched teams, weighing* from twenty-five  to thirty-two hundred pounds. They can be seen at their stable on  Second Avenue and St. Paul Street, Rossland. - They have also  Siudebaker Wagons and Sensible Sleds For Sale  ������-- '    ��� ���   ���������-������ ��� ��� ���   ��� ' ��� ���    ���        ��������� i ���  j- ���      ��� ���        ���-      ���     ������������- -      ������    . .������ ��� ���   ��� ��� ��������� , ���_-    ��� ������������   ������   ������ ���' ���-      " i--  Golden Opportunity  For  TO  Days  Only  Big Sale  it  ;��  OF  Furniture  For  TO  Days  Only  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS-Nelson   Lodge,  Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. O. i.. Hall.corner  No,  25,  Baker ani         ..._....  8 o'clock.r Visiting Kniehtu cordlall,  T. LILLIE. C. C. ~ ~  Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  "  'tally invited to attond.  R. G. JOY. K. of R. & S.  UNION   MADS  Nelson, British Columbia.  Oomptote Blectric Equipments for Blleotrlo Power Tranamlssion and Lighting for Mines, Towns  Electric Pixtareo, I_amps. Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Stc  ?. o. Box 606. Josepnlns Street, Nelson, 3.0.  GLfiAKINft AJ83*) BHrailtlNG.  Your own  goods   made up.    Old clothes  made good as new.  AETHUB   OEB:;  {)l��I��i;ilu riark-* Hotel. i y:iIKRCHANT?TA|LOny  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. K. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in oach month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  "KTELSON L. O. L��� No. IKtt, meets iu I. O. O. V. Hall.  ���*���" ��� corner Baker and Kootenay streeU, lut and 3rd  Friday of each month.   ViKiting breiheru cordially invited.  JOHN TOYEi W, M.      I". J, BRADLKY, Rec. Sec.  NELSON   A_RIRi  Number  22,  Fraternal Order of  Eagles,irieetsevery second andVfourth. WjBdtiesday in  each month in Fraternity Hall,   Yisitliig brethren -wcl-  como.  J. IRVINO. Presideht,       J, R. WRAY. Secretary.  NEI^SON MINERS* UNIOM NO. 9fi, *\V. K. of M.���  Meets in K, P. rooms, Fraternity Hull, the lirst and  third Saturday, evenings in each month at 8 o'clock,  Visitinjr members wclconiOi  JAMKS WILKS, Sfec'y.      CHAS. A. MoKAY, Pro..  AKGHItECTS.  EWART ft CARRIE-^Arohitoot��,   Roorafi T*ndi5 Aba  : rdeen block. Baker Btrest, Noluon.  Terms Cash Only, With Discount of  25 aqd 10 per Cent  i  Applewhaite Block, Nelson  Corner of Kootenay and Baker Streets  Best Roslyr} Coal $9.50 per Ton  L^ ordm with c^    Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents  Fred J, Squire, Merchant Tailor  FULL LINES OF FALL AND WINTER SUITINGS  WEST BAKER STREET  NELSON  OPPOSITE SILVER KING ITOTEL THE  TRIBUNE: NELSON, B.C., THURSDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1899.  J!  The only house ia Kootenay carrying Ml lines of  SCALES  FURNACES  BRUNTONS  TRANSITS  SCORIFIERS  CRUCIBLES  MUFFLES  FLUXES  OF  ALL KINDS  RT/PQ O  Bakep Street, Nelson, B. C.  See Gilker's Special Freize Ulster Overcoat at  $5.95  ITS A STUNNER  OTHER CLOTHING IN PROPORTION  A smull line of N'cw  York Necktie, will bo open in ;. few ila>-> for Xin.v, Ir.ule  WAIT I'OR THEM  J. A.  THE OLD P. O. STORE  For This Week Only  To  make  room  for  goods, I  will sell a   dozen  f SEWING   MACHINES of the   following  makes  at the following prices :  Raymond    Sewing   Machines $40  New Raymond, cabinet in oak  7 drawers    $30  Wheeler & Wilson, 7 drawers $40  White's    Standard    Machine,  'with 7 drawers $40  Remember, I have but 12.     First come, first served.  Jacob   Dover  The Jeweler  Nelson, B. O.  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Burnett, who will manage the business of the Nelson Coke and Gas Company,  has arrived in Nelson. In speaking ofthe use of gas for cooking purposes, he  said that in Eastern cities, where due  economy was practiced, the cost of gas  for cooking purposes in private houses  averaged up about ten cents per day.  l-he next sitting of the supreme court  in Nelson will be held on February 12th,  at which chief justice McColl will preside.  The agent for tlie Crow's Nest Pass  Coal Company has received word from  .Fernie,. that from now on the company  will be able to keep him well supplied  with coal.   A. B. Buckworth of Ymir has decided  to appeal from the judgment of justice  Martin in the case of Vanstone vs. Buck-  worth, by -which the plaintiff Avas  awarded $350 damages.  The collections at St. Saviour's church  on Sunday in aid of the Kootenay Lake  General Hospital amounted to $52.  Preparations were again made last  night at the Hume Hotel forthe wedding  of Fred J. AArhite of Grand Forks and  Miss Carrie Sigman of Brantford, Ontario.    The ceremony  was to  have  oc-  BUSINESS   MENTION.  curred last night, but the bride failed to  arrive, on account of not making connections with the Nelson train at Spokane.  The ceremony occurred at 7 p. m. last  evening in the parlors of the hotel, Rev.  C. TV. Rose officiating. After the marriage service the party partook of a  sumptuous dinner in the hotel.  Wanted��� Experienced dressmakers and  Kill.��ho win m.ikc oi- llnisli wiustn. hkiils .mil coin*-.  CiHiil -A.i-*-<*->. Al'l'l> ���'*������ <>����''" 1'"10ti ll ** "ii"* c<)** Bukui  Mii'ol, Nolson.  Wanted���Room   with  private   family  witli botii-il iircfoi red.   Statu tcini*>.il Tin. Tumi*!**..  Wanted���Dining-room girl at Hotel  I'lmir.  Wanted���An  experienced waitress at  the Nolson Cafe.  Lady clerk with three years experience is (U-rin'o-i. of a iiositiun.   Atltlri-ss box liSS.  For Sale���Dairy���Apply J'. O. box 10(5,  Nelson.  Offices to Let���Two offices in Turner-  Itocckh block.   Enquuu room 7 in buililing.  THKictfulur meetinf-s ot Uio Citvpcntcis   biiinn .no  lield on   Weclni-stl.i.   e\ filing o!   each   week, at  7  -���'-.lock, in Ilic old Oddfellow'. hall on Kootenai it������������  .lA^U-'STOM.IXG, Socie  street.  I no.  Thousands  In this city alone'are testifying as  to our efficiency in WATCH  REPAIRING. It is worth while  listening to.- It will save you  time and money in the long run.  Absolutely no risk. Satisfaction  or money refunded.  PATENAUDE  BROS.  BAKER STREET.  Watchmakers, Nelson, B. C.  Prescriptions  The minly oC tho ili'iifc. anil medicines iuln-in Isle, en to the patient ii ilto most essential element,  in tlie successful treat went of dixuisc. I-iccri*--  t ions are compounded 1>> *ih from .ihsolulelyp-uie   rtriiBsJn i*p-*fi*ct_coiul*t*o**,_aiHl thq_i)lijsieian's  s!_ilF wjl! not be nullified bj" old awl impotent  dniftn.   Our stock of leqilisiteh foi  THE TOILET  THE NURSERY  THE SICK ROOM  Are complete  Your pulroiiplgi" solicited  NURSES' DIRECTORY  Kor tbi' roiiAiMiieii.'Pof ntiMwnnd physicians, ui> luivo  cMulili.lied a Nu.his' Hirerlm-.-., and in order lo lm\ e it  complete, ii'ipiest nil mirsci* (o send In ur call aim leave  tliolriiamo.niid i.ddres. es,  J)I.SI>K_.\'.SIN(i CHKMI.Vr  Telephone i 1.1 !', O. Hiiv_*__.1 Bukei Stieet  Mail orderM piomptli itlleiidcd to.  Quality Counts  And wo sell our .roods at ensj to-pay-priu--. What  jou pay foi goods at other places will buy half as nimli  iiBain fiosn us. We are HKitler.it������ people and rhurgc  model ate price*., .md b> mi iIoiiik extend a helping hand  !o the lnaii of modem! c niciiiis. Otn-clothes IU. All kinds  and (.onditioni of men can find their iwmmiic heie at  !__.___-    __.        4   _ _ f_   _ ____*____    ._  line eh that please.  "A pennj s.tved is n penn> earned  C'lnlhiiiK and  Kill msliinifs  linker Street  0pp. Queen'fl hotel  George McDonald was before the municipal court to answer to a charge of vagrancy. He promised to quit the town  in two hours' time. McDonald lias just  completed a term in the provincial jail of  three months. He was committed there  for assault and battery. He was released  from the latter place but a week ago.  The Purchasing Agent Was Let Out.  A story comes from Kaslo which goes  to show that the business men of that  town do not believe in the policy pursued  by some of the men who live and prosper  in their midst. A contractor on' the Ar-  genta-Duncan extension of the Kaslo &  Slocan railway, who resides in Kaslo, had  in his employ a purchasing agent that  believed in procuring supplies in the  cheapest market. He found that by purchasing supplies in Kuskonook he could  save his employer 10 per cent on an average. This policy being continued, pressure was brought to bear on the contractor, and the purchasing agent is now  looking for another job.  Will Erect New Premises. ������-. jj^!;  A. Macdonald & Co. have .plans'.prepared for a two-story and basement.warehouse to be erected on the northwest  corner of Hall .and Front streets^ which  is probably the most desirable site in the  city for a wholesale '-warehouse. The  building will have'a, frontage of 00 feet  on Front and 00 feet on Hall. The basement will be 00 by 00 feet at the rear end  of the building.' The building i-, to be of  wood. Kwart ifc Carrie are the architects and tenders aie called for to be in  on Monday next.  Goods at Half Price  We still have some goods left from  the bankrupt_stock purchased at  Sandon at a low rate on the dollar,  and consequently we can defy  competition     .    .  '   HERE ARE A FEW OF OUR PRICES,'    ,.  Drc*-s goods fancy mixtures, regular price  $1.75, sale price $1.  Dress goods, fancy mixture, tegular price  $1.50, sole price 75 cents.  Dress goods, fancy mixture, regular price  75 cents, sale pi ice 40 cents.  Table Damask at 2.. cents per yard.  Children's wool hose at 10 cents per pair.  Ladies' flnnucllette wrappers at $1,25.  Black   Henrietta,   worth 75 cents, sale  price 50 cent's.  Black Henrietta, worth   50   cents, sale  price 35 cents.  Pink flannelette 7 cents per yard.  Ladies' fancy blouses, velvet collars, regular price $1.50, sale price 80 cents.  Miner's shoes,  regular price $.3.00,  sale  price $1.50.  Overalls, regular price $1.00, sale price  50 cents.  Oxford shirts, regular price $1.25, sale  price 50 cent**.  Men's tweed suits, legular price $12.50,  sale price $7.00.  Men's heavy all-wool tweed pants, rugn-  lar price $3.50, bale price $2.00.  For want of space we are going out  of "ladies' amd~childreliV"footwear,  and will clear these off at cost . ._.  HoKulai* Sale  Piicp.       I "rice.  Ladies' Oxford shoes $1.75 $ 1.00  Ladies' strap shoes.. >    1.75 1.00  Ladies' kid button shoes...     2,00 1.25  Ladies' kid button shoep....  I..00 2.00  Children"s shoes         LOO 50  The Balance_ of our ladies' capes  and jackets at less than cost. All  other goods in our store at greatly  reduced prices.   .   .   .   ....  toves!  A. Ferland & Co,  KM/TOT BLOCK. BAKER STKEKT, NKLSON.  ���NOTICE   TO   CONTRACTORS.  .Scaled tenders will be received by tho under*i!Kncd  until 3 p.* in. Monday, December 11th for (he  (--.cnvating .ind stone m.i -om-y for n building- to be erect-  pd ut Mm. comer of Hull nnd Kiont <*tri'otHJ pity, for A.  Macdonald & Co. I_o��c .t or miy teniloi not neecs-ou-il..  auuupted. EWAKT & (JAM1IE. Architect ������.  Room-- 7 ulid X, Aberdeen liloi-k.  Nelson, December 5th, 1S99.'  SMALL SHOES f,,r iil,!e c,ul��*  STRONG SHOES '��*-*��'������-������>���-��>���'  STYLISH SHOES "���'���-��� f��11"-'**  DAINTY SHOES  ELEGANT SHOES fl���. t|K.���. mothers  for little Kirls  nnd ininses.  footwea:  Wc .sfiilnl buck of our .Slwu.s ....  They are made in sueli it W��y. 'from s't*ch stock, that there is no excuse for anything tat���satisfaction  Wo have ft lurKcr stock than you usually see and lowor {iriuw ��6* the wune 'luality  thim you ever run across  .Bliocs to fit all feet, in styles to suit every, fancy, at prices Mowed down to a liuniinum,  ��elands' Shoe Emporium  llAKKIt STUKKT, NKLSON  __S___|__^5"  ���^s*5b3��s|?i  WE HAVE THE FINEST LINE OF  Coal Heaters  EVER DISPLAYED IN KOOTENAY DISTRICT  SOLE AGENTS FOR THE FAMOUS  Cole's Hot Blast Heater  *. * ii  i In  ! ���* i  3 u *  i*' I'.  Our claims for this heater is that it is adapted  to any kind of coal, CROW'S NEST, LETH-  BRIDGE, or ANTHRACITE, burning all kinds equally well. Not requiring the  attention of an ordinary coal heater. Economical, durable and simple in construction.   See our Steel Ranges for hard and soft coal or wood.  H. Byers & Co.  NELSON KASLO SANDON  WE HAVE  STOVES  \t But while we are waiting for the cold weather we  would draw your attention to our line of  NICKLED   COPPER WARE  Including Tea and Coffee Pots (several designs), Enamelled Handle Dippers, Pudding Dishes, Tea Kettles, etc.,  and the only place you can get them is  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE   GO.  'ik.m  Christmas is Coming  Have you your Supplies?  We have in and operj ail your Xrqas wants?  What we ask is for you and your friends to come in and see us  first. An oversight in this matter means simply your losing many  dollars.  Headquarters for the famous Rosemary Mincemeat in 25 pound  pails and  1  pound packages.  Fresh nuts, raisins, currants, candid peel, figs, fruit, and all the  best that can be procured at rock bottom prices.  The leading house in Groceries,  Crockery, and Glassware.  Kipkpatmek- &-Wilson  P. O. BOX K. & W.  l.__K*K__ STRKBT.  TELKPBONK 10.  Christmas mo More  , An apprehension. So many ladies dread the Christmas season  it means so much extra work, but it's no more so. The old  fashioned way of sitting down cleaning Currants, seeding  Raisins, shelling Nuts, cutting Peel, grinding Spice is a thing of  the past.  We can sell you Raisins seeded, Currants cleaned, Peels  cut, Nuts shelled. Everything ready, no trouble, no extra  labor.  If you want up to date Groceries at any time call or write  us we lead in prices,  Swiss and Roquefort Cheese now in stock.  Baker Street,  Nelson.  M. De^sBrfs'ay & Co,  Rem oval  Notice  We beg to announce to our many patrons that, *\vo liave removed (o  our new quarters in the Houston Block, tlie big increase in the  volume of our business forcing us to seek larger premises. Thank-  the people i'or the patronage accorded us in the past, in anticipation  of an mcreabe of this custom in the future, wo remain, theii\s to  command in all lines of groceries.  _   I  5��  Hon .ion Block, Baker Street  John A. Irving c�� Co.  The largest and best assorted stock of dandies and Confectionery in the City.  G. B. Chocolates and Bon Sons.  Lowney's   " "       "       (direct from New York.)  Grystalized Fruits (direct from London, England.)  anTward Struts. ,' .'   *** -'A.   McDONALD,  *���


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