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 NO VERY DISCOURAGING REPORTS  . From South Africa.  New York, November 20.���Reviewing  the situation in South Africa under Sunday morning's date, Mr. Ford, the London  correspondent   of   the    Tribune,   says:  There  is ][no fresh break in the chain  of  British communication  in  lower  Natal,  and the detached links are in closer touch  with one  another  than  they  were two  days ago.     No important raihvay bridge  has   been  destroyed  south  of Estcourt,  and no Boer raiders have  been  reported  near   Pietorinaritoburg.     The  fresh do-  tails of general Hildyard's reeounaisanee  show  that  tliere  was   a spirited  night  attack, with a successful bayonet charge,  upon      the . ���> Boer      position',       which  wits      held       until      daylight,      when  its abandonment was forced by quick-firing'   guns.     General  Hildyard's  detachment, while outclassed in artillery, is not  closely  invested,  and  he  has  a body of  provincial cavalry for effective scouting.  Barton's  command  at  Mooi River  is iu  communication   with    Pietermarit/.burg  and has been  reconnoitring the  enemy's  position.    Littleton's force is lower down  and has been  strengthened from  Pieter-  marit/.bnrg.    The latest  reports received  from Durban at  midnight indicate that  there were ho Boers south of Mooi River  and   that  reinforcements  were  steadily  *    moving up the rail.vay.  Tliere are no signs of alarm at the Avar  office over the situation in lower Natal,  and the officials evidently believe that  the raiders will not go further south and  that Clery's. column will be in motion  early in the week, with the line carefully  guarded at all important points.  Various explanations   are  offered for  general .Joubert's mysterious manoeuvres.  One is  that  he  has sent   several commanders southward, with orders  to destroy   raihvay  bridges   over    the  chief  rivers    and    entrap    detachments   and  trains  wherever  possible.     These  commands were directed to remain in   touch  with one another, and to harass  the advance of tlie British commands  by  cutting in behind them and  breaking their  communication.    Another theory is that  lie hoped  to  draw  out   general White  from his entrenched position by  reports  that the investing force had been  weakened, and lure the garrison  into  a series  of  ambuscades.     Military   men at   the  clubs last night, were confident that geueral. Joubert's plan, whatever its motive,  had  been  thwarted,  and    that  general  Clery would have little difficulty in massing his column at Estcourt iii the course of  of a few days and advancing to Colenzo.  This view seemed  justified by theeonfi-  dence and  unconcern of leading officials  ofthe headquarters  staff.   The advance  will be  difficult, and  must be conducted  with extreme caution,  since  there is so  little cavalry for systematic scouting. One  explanation offered  for  the  lack of cavalry was  that, geueral  Buller expected  general White  to send  out his mounted  force as  soon lis Clery's column should  reach   Coienso,   but    this    wa.    hardly intelligible.   The   truth  seems to be  that    only    a    small     force    of    cavalry  has   arrived   at   Cape   Town, aud  that  even general  Methuen's division is  inadequately   served    in    tliis    respect.  Twelve cavalry regiments out of thirty-  one in the  British army have  been  ordered, first and last, to South  Africa, exclusive of the Household cavalry brigade  But apart from general White's troopers  and   a   small  force  of lancers and  mounted infantry with general Methuen,  or appi'oachiug*Durban, the bulk  of this  division is still at sea.   Official neglect to  put this  cavalry^ force  on earlier ships  seems to be a-legilimate-point-of-criti-  cism. l  A wild rumor tliat both Kimberley and  Mafeking* had tbeen relieved served tho  purpose ofc selling a late edition of the  papers last night, but as it came by way  of Delagoa Bay it is unworthy of credence. General Methuen's advance probably has been ..resumed ' northward, but  several military critics are still predicting a sudden manoeuvre eastward into  the Free State.  Commandant Groebler at Colesburg is  reported to liave ac^ed upon secretary  Reitz's hint, aiid arrested two British  subjects as hostages for-the safety of a  colonial DutchfuaiLwhoisnow a prisoner,  suspected of a treasonable offence. This  retaliatory measure is evidently meant as  an assurance to disloyal Dutchmen of  Cape Colony that fchoy, can rebel against  the crown without'the risk of being shot  for treason.  Not even the splendid gallantry of the  Guards has restored British equanimity,  which has been jj-Jfaken up by the evidence  that the war has not been conducted in  an effective and scientific manner. Complex as South African affairs have often  been, there has'neyer been a web so intricate as the - p.-*-e<jen*t military;.situation  in Natal. Because they are puzzled and  perplexed, Eng]^_yij5Bij are irritable and  critical.  , ' ���*'')' ,'  One of the, "ministerial organs gives  warning that the fall'of Pietermaritzburg  will be followed by an outbreak of national feeling' against certain unnamed  commanders, aud Vanity Fair is already-  directing-the sarcasuas of the West End  against Ibtd Wolseley. Englishmen had  not expected their army to be outclassed  by the Boors, in,-field artillery, and they  v have read with amazement and anger  ''the reports that the Boer raiders aie  shelling British   camps   in  lower Nata.  MONDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 27,  1890.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $6 A YEAR; WEEKLY, $2.  with guns superior in range, just as they  kept Mafeking and Kimberley and Ladysmith under lire from a safe distance, until the naval glins were ran inland.  Explanations that tho progress of the  relief column in Natal has been attacked  aud one detachment after another isolated from lack of cavalry requisite  for effective scouting, and that the victory of the Guards could not be followed  up to full advantage from the same cause,  is read with impatience. Everyone is  asking why the dragoous and hussars  were uot on the first and fastest ships  seut to the Cape, along with the best  field artillery aud rapid-firing gnus available. There is a general conviction that  the military staff has been not only singularly ill-informed respecting the Boer  armaments, but has lacked mobility in  adapting its own system to the tactics of  the Dutch generals, which might easily  have been forecast by superficial students  of the short war for independence twenty  years ago.  The Liberal leaders entirely missed the  mark last night in taking up the politic  consequence of the war after the close of  hostilities, instead of discussing in a critical spirit the methods of conducting the  campaign. Englishmen are not talking  about conditions of peace and the expediency of magnanimity. They realize  that the Dutch are making a strenuous,  obstinate and brilliant defence against  the resources of a mighty empire, and  that the war is likely to last a long time,  and that peace is not in sight. They also  perceive that while the mobilization of  the reserves has been highly successful,  and the stupendous undertaking of shipping an army corps over six thousand  miles has been conducted with great  efficiency, the staff has been hopelessly  behind the times in not following the example of the French and German armies  in introducing the quick-firing artillery  of great range; and, moreover, that a  strange mistake was made in not employing a larger force of light cavalry in  coping with au irregular army of mounted  infantry remarkable for mobility.  The Liberal leader, who was himself a  victim of the snap judgment of the commons on the inadequate supply of cordite, might easily have directed a destructive fire upon the government which  has gone into a war without being fully  prepared with scientific machines and approved tactics for conducting it with success. "That is a" question whieh would  turn thousauds of votes if the election  were held next week. There is an uneasy feeling that British valor is sacrificed because the army is outclassed in  artillery, and that the uation is on exhibition as being behind the times, not in  details of organization, bm> iu scientific  apparatus of modern warfare.  w  *  IV  *  *  *  *  <_>  *  *  *  v_>  Hi  *  ��_>  ill  *  tli  Or  i*  111  *  iii  tli  vi.  iii  tli  tli  tli  *  ti.  ili  lll  til  111  111  *  Hi  ****************************** 5*****t*******t**+*******S***$r*^  DIARY OF THE WAR.  THE BATTLE OF BELMONT WAS A  Splendid Victory.  JN*raw York, November 26.���The World  publishes the following dispatches from  its special correspondents in South  Africa :  " Belmont Battle Ground, Cape Colony,  November 24���5 p. m.���General Methuen  has won a splendid victory. The storming of the Boer positions on the_ hills bythe three troops in the face of a withering fire was superb. The Guards brigade,  the Grenadiers in particular, swept up a  steep hill in grand form. The Northum-  berlands suffered severely from the Boer  marksmanship, which was accurate and  deadly, but their behavior was magnificent. The engagement began at daybreak yesterday, the division attacking a  very strong Boer position east of Belmont. Firing began at 4.15 a.m. and  lasted until 3.30 a. in., four hours' firing.  At the end of that period the burghers  had been utterly routed, retreating  toward the north in great confusion.  They threw down their guns and ran and  were met by a bayonet charge. The  British losses, including the wounded aud  tlie missing, foot up to 226. Fifty Boers  were taken prisoners. None of their guns  were captured. They had one Norden-  feldt iu action. It is reported that there  was treacherous use of the white flag by  the Boers, one of them holding up the  flag in his left hand, while with the other  he shot and killed lieutenant Brines.  *  iii  Oi  Or  tli  tli  *  tli  Ui  ill  tli  tV  tli  111  111  tli  tli  111  iii  tli  tli  t_>  tli  tli  iii  Oi  tli  tli  tli  tli  tli  tli  *  tli  *  tb  tli  iii  ill  tfe  tli  *  *  tli  tli  Oi  tli  tl>  t_>  tli  *  tii  tii  tli  tli  tli  tli  tlr  tli  tii  *  tli  tii  tii  tii  ill  tii  iti  *  td  ill  tii  tlr  lb  tli  \h  \  TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10.���  Kruger issues his ultimatum.  Troops from India arrive at Ladysmith.  Laing's Nek occupied by the Boers.  WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 11.���  Orange Free State troops enter Natal,  j  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12.���  War formally declared by the Transvaal.  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13.���  General Hoech with Boer force occupies Bothas Pass.  Captain Nesbitt's armored train captured by the Boers.  Colonel Fitz Clarence checks the Boer advance near Mafeking.  SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14.���  Mafeking invested, by the Boers.  Fighting near Mafeking and Spitzfontein.  Boers occupied Spitzkop near Newcastle.  Kimberley invested by the Boers.  Boers occupied Newcastle.  SUNDAY, OCTOBER 15.���  Boers repulsed at Spruitfontein.  Vryburg occupied by the Boers.  Boers repulsed near Mafeking.  MONDAY, OCTOBER 10.���  Boers advance on Gleneoe.  Boer repulse at Mafeking reported.  Boers invade Rhodesia.  TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17.���  Armored train repulses Boers near Kimberley.  Desultory outpost skirmishes near Gleneoe.  WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 18.���  Engagement at Acton Holmes and Leicester iu Natal.  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19���  Boers blow up bridges at Fourteen Streams and Modder River.  Natal Carbineers and Border Mounted'Rifles engage the Boers near  Ladysmith.  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20.���  Battle of Talana Hill (Gleneoe)���Boers defeated.  SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21.���  Battle of Elandslaagte���Boers defeated.  Engagement near Mafeking���British.successful.  Outposts at Gleneoe engaged.  Armored train engages the Boers near Kimberley.  TUESDAY, OCTOBER 24.���  British artillery engages the Boers on Newcastle road.  Bombardment of Mafeking began.  Colonel Turner defeats the Boers near Kimberley,  WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25.���    ,  General, White disperses the Boers at Reitfontein.  General Symons died from his wound..  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 26.��� ' ��� .        *  General Yule effected a junction with general White.'  FRIDAYTOCTOBER 27.��� ' "   -  Brilliant and successful sortie from Mafeking.  MONDAY, OCTOBER 30.���  General White has indecisive engagement at Ladysmith.  Surrender of Royal Irish Fusileers, the Gloucestershire Regiment and a  mountain battery to the Boers.  THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2. -  General White defeats Orange Free State forces at Bester's Hill.  A Boer force enters Cape Colony at Bethulie.  Coienso evacuated by the British, who retire to Estcourt.  FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3.���  British defeated the Boers in an engagement near Ladysmith.  Heavy Boer losses reported.  TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14.���  General White made a successful sortie and drove the Boer guns  position.  WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 15.���  Armored train affair near Estcourt.   Winston Churchill captured.  THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23.���  General Methuen defeated the Boers aud retook Belmont.  m  m  <f  <���)��  m  *  m  m  *  <n  m  ���n  +  m  f��  **���*���  *  *  f��  i��  *  *���*  i��  m  *  m  m  m  f��  m  f��  f>  m  m  <n  m  m  i*  m  <?���*  <n  m  w  <*���*��  m  from  ^*#****3M**.*��**-3*_^4*__4__***^^  m  <n  ft  <n  <n  f.  f��  ft  <n  f��  m  ft  ft  ���**.  f��  *  fi  ft  ft  f��  m  m  m  ft  i*  m  f��  m  m  ft  m  f��  f.  f��  9*  f.  ft  ft  f>  f��  ft  f��  if.  m  f��  m  m  m  f��  m  m  f��  m  f��  f.  f��  ft  m  m  m  ���m  _��  Belief Punds Swelling.  London, November 26.���The Red Cross  Society has received gifts for sick and  wounded soldiers by the thousand a-nd  weighing more than two hundred tons.  It is now announced that the society can  accept no more, but it asks intending  donors to send money towards defraying  the transport of the supplies already received- The Mansion House fund for the  widows aud children and for the wounded  has reached ��1,500,000, while nearly a  million "more has been raised in various  ways iu different parts of the country,  iti addition to the million already provided for the Transvaal refugees. It ig  confidently expected that the relief fund  wil! total -��4,000,000 before it is closed.  A Minister Forced to Besif.n.  St. Johns*., Newfoundland, November  25.--Governor McCallum today called  upon fisheries minister Morin to resign  from the Winter cabinet, premier Winter  having demanded his resignation, alleging  that internal differences existed. Mr. Morin has previously declined to resign on  the premier's demand, asserting that it  was unjust. The governor explained that  Mr. Winter was responsible for the request, and expressed his personal regret,  while thanking Mr. Morin for his valuable services. Mr. Dawe, minister without portfolio, resigns also, as a protest  against Mr. Morin's treatment. Messrs.  Robinson, Shea, Carfcy and Pitts support  premier Winter. The government party  in the legislature is divided, some supporting the premier and others Mr.  Morin. The ministry will be certainly  defeated when it meets the house.  Great r political     excitement    prevails.  Betreated Without Beplyinsr.  British Camp, Mooi River, Natal, November 24���2 p.m.���General Joubert's  nephew is commanding the Boer forces  which have cheeked here the advance of  the British reinforcements on the way to  Ladysmith. He has the reputation of  being a determined fighter. The Boers  were seen advancing in numbers northwest yesterday, and the British troops,  considerably reinforced, turned out  promptly. The artillery took up a strong  position and opened fire, the Boers retreating without replying. Twenty-  three shells fell in the village yesterday,  only two-bursting. There is no con-  firmatioh- of the report of a fight at  Ladysmith on Sunday. One official dispatch from, general White, dated says  the situation there isunchanged.  No Thoughts of Peace.  New York, November 26.���The London  correspondent of the Times says that no  thoughts of peace enter the minds of  either officials or the soldiers in the field  is sufficiently proved by the circumstance  that at the present moment the utmost  energy is being displayed in organizing  ac Aldershot a final army division of unusual   strength,   probably of  over  3..,-  000 men, with a view to their  early dispatch to the seat of  war. Part of this division will  have   to   be   drawn   from   the militia,  1 am told, and after it has been sent we  can have no regular troops worth speaking of beyond a few recruiting sergeants  left in this country. Another 10,000 is  also being sent from India, and should  all these troops be poured into Africa,  we shall have an army there from first to  last of more than 130,000. This probably means an expenditure from ��1,500,-  000 to ��2,000,000 a week. It may be  a smallerysuni if we are lucky in the  facilities and the health of men, cavalry  horses and baggage animals, but will be  well to count the larger in preparing estimates of the cost of the war. Up to  now, the nation lias not given a single  calm thought to this side of the question,  and the time for reflection is yet some  distance off.  The Default of a Manitoba Town.  (  The special assessors appointed to examine into the finances of the city of  Br-uidon have now made their report.  The total assessable value is declared to  be $1,920,076. Tlie general .'expenditure'  in the city cannot, it is considered, be got  below $52,588, exclusive of debenture interest. The receipts of the coriwration  from other sources than taxes amount to  $14,162, leaving $38,420 to be raised by  taxation for  geueral  purposes.    The debenture debt   amounts   to ��� $508,053, of  which $92,553 was expended upon a court  house.    The latter  sum  is secured upon  the building, the rents from which about  equal the charge of the debentures.   This  leaves $505,500 of  unsecured debt.    It is  suggested on  behalf of the corporation  that special legislative permission be obtained to increase  the taxation up to 25  mills on the   dollar of the assessment.  With that   power   the  corporation see  their way to replace the unsecured debentures by a new issue of bonds redeemable  in-fifty years,  with  interest on a sliding  scale to average 3 per cent per. annum for  the whole term.  How the Maine Was Sunk.  New York, November 26.���The World  today  publishes  a  letter from  Havana  stating that United States officials, after  months of secret investigation, have discovered that the battleship Maine  was  blown up by guncottou torpedoes placed  in the bay for that  purpose.   The gun-  cotton,  700 pounds  of which was. used,  was sent from Barcelona to admiral Man-  terola, commanding the port of Havana,  and was either stolen from the magazine  where  the stuff was- stored,  or taken  away with the knowledge of the officials  in charge.   Admiral Monterola's records  will    undoubtedly   show the   names of  his     subordinates     who      had     direct  control       of       the      explosives,      and  in      that      way      the      identity     of  the authors and executioners of the plot  to destroy the Maine may be discovered.  Two or, three men  were engaged in the  destruction of the Maine.  A steam launch  of Spanish make, now used by the United  States  government   in   Havana harbor,  conveyed the two torpedos, according to  the new evidence, to a point within a few  feet of the berth  of  the Maine, aud anchored them.   The  torpedoes were kept  in position, by means of  buoys floated  eleven feet  under  water,  ten feet above  the anchors  used  to  prevent them from  being swept away.    The torpedoes were  exploded by contact with the keel of the  Maine as she swung at anchor.  A Beport That is Not Credited.  London, November 26.���A special dispatch from Durban, dated November  24th, says the Times of Natal has received  news, by way of Delagoa Bay, that both  Mafeking and Kimberley - have been relieved. It is not only improbable, but it  is discredited by a special dispatch from  Cape Town, which indicates that the relieving force pushed forward after the  -battle of Belmont. If this be true, stir-  riug news may be expected shortly, _as  the Boer.s are in force at Modder river  and .Spytfontein.  THE LONG RANGE KRUPP GUN  Compelled the British to Betire.  Pn-JTKRMAHiTziwKG, November 24.���  10.30 p. m.���After an exciting ride and  favored by a heavy storm, Mr. Amery, a  correspondent of the London Times, arrived at Mooi River from Estcourt last  night, guided by u farmer. lie passed  unnoticed within 600 yards of two Boer  camps. ��� Ile-reports-that-on Wednesday  night the West Yorks, the East Surreys  and the Durban volunteers marched iu  the direction of the Boer lines at Willow  Grange, and later the Borderers joined  them. The troops wore out all night, and  at.dawn advanced almost within charging distance. Tiie Boers discovered them  and rushed up two hills some distance.  They received volleys, but .succeeded in  withdrawing the long range Kriipp gnu.  The Boer position was held by the British for .some time, but eventually the  British had to retire, as the Kriipp gun  got an accurate range, though the shell**  did no damage. The British guns were  out-ranged. Even tlie naval gun was  out-distanced by one or two thousand  yards. In the early morning the Mounted  Infantry and the Imperial Horse joined  in the action, which lasted till noon.  Then, the Boers having gradually fallen  back, geueral Jlildar ordered a retirement, having attained hit. object. The  British suffered much, owing to the rain  and to the fact that they had no food  since the previous day. The British loss  is reported to be three killed and between  30 and 40 wounded. The Boer loss is unknown. Thirty horses were captured by  the British.  Two armed Germans have surrendered,  and were brought into cam].. They say  they escaped from general Joubert's command, Avhich was nearly three thousand  strong, and was marching on the highlands. They were comniundered (pressed  into .service) at Johannesburg, and say  they are tired of the war. They allege  that the Boer.s have no commi.s&iaiute*.  and are starving.  The report still prevails that general  Joubert is either wounded or killed,  which may account for the great amount  of raiding and looting, the Boers having  got out of hand.at Nottingham road.  CASE AGAINST THE YMIR MINE  Gun _'ighting Miners Dismissed.  Whatever else may be said of the evidence brought  out in  the prosecutions  against Allan and McNamara at Ymir, it  must be conceded that there  is  more to  be feared from lawlessness on the part of  the cheap laborers whom the management of the Ymir mine has  collected at  its property than froni any members  of  the Ymir Miners' Union.   To the circumstance that two of the Ymir company's  cheap miners came to Ymir, a  town five  miles from where they are employed, deliberately arming  themselves   with  revolvers, and then proceeding to  flourish  their weapons, must be added the statement of the miners themselves, that the  Ymir company  was  backing   them  up,  and that the  company would  see them  through any difficulty up to an expenditure of $100,000.    It is not so long since  a  special   train  was sent hurriedly from  Nelson with six special constables to protect the property of the  Ymir  company  from destruction on  the  part  of union  miners, who were reported as having an  intention to menace the   peace of our  .sovereign lady the queen by refusing to  sell  tlieir labor, for what the management of the Ymir mine was prepared to  pay.   The special constables came and  went,  but  no  breach  of the  peace oc-^  curred.    Now instead  of disorder at the  Ymir company's  mine, there is lawlessness in the town of Ymir, and the Ymir  company's employees who created it announce    that   the   company   is  behind  them and would see them   through  any  trouble, with  an  expenditure  if  necessary of $100,000.    These are  facts, but it  appears that the government  which was  so keen to prevent  possible  disorder on  the part of'-union miners lias not evinced  the same anxiety to punish  actual lawlessness  on  the  part   of  employees    of  the Ymir company.  The evidence forthe prosecution, briefly  told, was that McNamara and Allan came  down from the Ymir mine on the 16th  instant. That McNamar.-vgot a revolver  which he had cached in Dave Keefe's  hotel, and purchased a second one from  J. Masterson of the Cosmopolitan, hotel,  which belonged to Frank Britton, a member of''the'miners', union.  Pat Daly testified that he was at  Keefe's hotel when McNamara and Allan  arrived there from the Ymir mine, and  saw the proprietor hand over McNauiara's  revolver. They then said something  about taking in the town. He saw both  men at Keefe's the following afternoon,.  when they came into the hotel flourishing revolvers in their hands. They said  --that they were al! right, and that the  company " was backing them up with  $3000, and $100,000 if they needed it."  Keefe asked them if their revolvers-were *  loaded, and McNamara replied that if  he did not think they were loaded they  would show him, whieh they did.  Thomas McQueen was also at Keefe's  hotel when McNamara and Allan were  there with their revolvers. He said he  heard Allan say in reply'r to some question that his gun was loaded up to the  neck. He also heard Keefe caution the  men against flourishing their weapons  about for fear that they should shoot  i children.  j David Keefe's evidence corroborated  that of the other men with respect to  what oucutred in his house. He testified  to having given McNamara his gnu on  the night of the 16th, and that on the  following day both McNamara and Allan  came into his hotel with guns. MeNa- j  mam said they were heeled to tho teeth.  He also said that he was not afraid of  anyone, and that he had $3000 to back  him up itvthei*e~was~any trouble. Keefe  -.aid he got the revolvers from them and  kept them behind the bar for about thirty  minutes, when McNamara said they  wanted their guns as they were going  down town. McNamara put his gun in  a scabbard on hi-*-* right side, and Allan  put his in his pocket, Keefe's opinion of  the actions oi* McNamara and Allan was  that they wore on tho point of committing nome depredation.  Tlie evidence of constable Forrester, >-.o  far as it referred to the conduct of the  union miners of Yinir was highly creditable to them. He heard of the row iu  the Cosmopolitan bur, and on the following day he arrested McNamara upon a  charge of carrying a pistol without justification. When he searched McNamara  he found a 3S-caliber revolver in a belt  upon his right side. Six chambers of the  revolver were loaded. Constable Forrester stated that with special constable  McLeod he was responsible for  tenance of order in the town,  of the town was good. There  no disturbances, save a few  squabbles or fights, since the  shooting case, in which the Nelson shoemaker figured. Constable Forrester said  that McNamara had spoken to him on  the night of the 10th about protection.  McNamara .said that he was working at  the Ymir mine and that he wanted Forrester to look after him and not let any  of tho fellows hurt him.  Great interest was taken in the case by  the people of Ymir, the Miners' Union  hall, where the hearings took place, being  well filled. The justices dismissed both  cases.  ���'".i-Si*.|  SEP  y*2-,'.-*pi.  the main-  The order  had been  drunken  Maslonka  Trootis Sail From Bermuda.  Bersiuda, November 20.���The Biitish  transport Avoca Sailed Saturday for  Southampton, with the Second Worcest-  shire regiment*  >iif^*_SS THE  TRIBUTE:  NELSON, B.C.  MONDAY NOVEMBER 27  1899.  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^  Few Suggestions For  Shrewd  Buyers  %  B  B  B  iem.  %  B  Twenty yards heavy striped flannellette for $1.00.  Heavy bleached sheeting, plain or twilled at 21c per yard.  Heavy bleached sheeting, 2\ yards wide at 2Sc per yard.  Pure linen towels at 20c per pair.  Large bleached bath towels at 20c per pair.  22 inch Japanese silk at 30c per yard.  27 inch Japanese silk at 45c per yard.  Ladies' corsets at 50c and 75c per pair.    See the  Children's corset waists at S5c per pair.  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When mine owners  are allowed  to swear  in special constables at will,  ifc     means    either     that     the   government   is   unable   to   enforce    the    law  or     willing   that     the     law-enforcing  department   of   the government  should  be  surrendered   to  private   individuals.  The Tribune maintains that the government should see that  the  laws are  enforced without fear  or  favor.    It does  not   believe    tliat    justices-of-the-peace  should be allowed to swear in special  constables   at   the  nod  of   private   individuals. **��� It does 'not believe that tlie  government should give any interest or  set of men special protection 'because of  a willingness of  tlie  specially, protected  interest or individual to bear   the expense; .which merely means that the force  powerrof the government shall alone be  used  for ihe benefit  of the class that  have money. If the wealthy combination  of mine owners whose headquarters are  at Nelson  and  Sandon  have the right  under the law to send out agents to hire  men for less than the rate prevailing in  Kootenuy, surely it is no breach of the  law for the agents of the miners' unions  to prevent tlie men so brought in from  going  to  work, provided  they  use  the  same methods as arc used by  the  agents  of the mine owners, that is, moral suasion.  The agent of the mine owners, it is .said,  always   misrepresents   the   actual   conditions prevailing in  tlie Slocan and at  Xelson in order to secure  the jnen they  bring in.    Then is it unfair that the men  So brought in bhould be allowed to hear  the mine workers' side of the  Has any  government in  any  little town of .Ymir'by making gun plays,  and J. Iv ���<. i 3rick aud his lawyer were on  hand to defend them. It is safe to assume  that had equally lawless acts -been  committed by members of the miners'  union at Ymir, J. Roderick and his lawyer would have asked that tlie town of  Ymir be placed under martial law, and  troops would ere this have been dispatched from Nelson to overawe the rebellious miners. Guns and bludgeons in  the hands of union miners mean lawlessness ; guns and bludgeons in tlie hands of  non-union minors mean self-protection.  "Brave Bill" Anthony Dead.  New York, November 24.���William  Anthony, better known as " Brave Bill "  Anthony, died at the Presbyterian hospital this afternoon, half an Hour after  he had swallowed a quantity of cocoaine.  William Anthony was the man, who on  February 15th, 1898, when the battleship  Maine was blown up in Havana harbor,  reported to captain Sigsbee in the words:  " Sir, I have the honor to report that the  ship has been blown up, and is sinking."  On his return to this country, Anthony  was accorded receptions everywhere. He  received many invitations from cities to  be their guest. For months he travelled  over the country being accorded the  honors of a hero. In one of Anthony's  coat pockets was found a letter written  by him to his aunt, which read that he  was discouraged and disconsolate and  was going to end it all. Among tlie  articles found were a picture of his one  month's old child, on the baekjof which  was Avritten, "Bury this with me."  Irregular Troops Highly Praised.  Queenstown, Cape Colony, November  24.���There is remarkable enthusiasm  among troops over general Gatacre's success of last Sunday, advising his men to  watch the irregulars, as they understood  the country, and to note what kind of  people they were dealing with. The  irregulars regard the advice as a tribute  to their usefulness, and have had several  thousand copies of it printed.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  ig*  "_.<=__��� ��2;_  m  W  ���*-?-��*: *.  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CALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, LIMITED,  nor Front and Hall streets, Noi.on, wholesale dealers  In winesfcaseand bulk) and domestic and imported cigars.  -Cor-  h% Qftitame*  Our view of the mattei is that it ha. iilwayH been the  duty of this governmiint Hiricp the eight-hour law was  ji.iHt-.ed to ceo first tint tho law vv,i.ol_s<:'\edamI '���uconlly  that employers had all the pictcitinn needed to enable  them to work their mines under the law.  The above is from  the Victoria  Colo*-  ., nist- Kogood citizeu.wisliosauythiiigothei"  thasn that the law be enforced: but no  good citizen justifies the government in  Allowing mine owners   to take .the en-  jTorceinent of  the  law into* their own  question?  laud ever  used force to coerce employers to pay the  wages demanded by their employees ?  No; but how often tlio reverse?  Tub Hosshiud Record ia booming Rossland   as a.   wholesale center,  and cites  instances in whieli  Rossland wholesalers  are discriminated   against.    One  of the  instances cited i.s   the   freight  rates  between Rossland and Ymir, a*, compared  with the  freight rates  between  Xelson  aud Ymir.    The  Record  says  tlie rates  should be the same.    As Ymir L. 17 miles  from Xelson and HO miles from liossland,  the rates aie not likely to be the same  for awhile.    Tho Record does not, in this  connection, .say anything as to why the  Dominion   government   has seen   fit to  discriminate against Nelson in favor of  Rossland in postal facilities.    The whole-,  sale   merchants   of   Rossland,  although  ten miles farther away-from all points in  the    Boundary   country   than  are    the  wholesale   merchants   in   Nelson,' have  twenty-four hours advantage the iu for--  warding and delivery of their maiis. This  is a discrimination  that is so unfair and  unjust that no one  but a  postal official  would be guilty of making it.  It is a noteworthy, fact that the only  ���lawless- acts that have been committed  since the mine owners.���.inSlocaU..and  .Nelson .districts went on strike were committed by men in the employ of the  striking mine owners. Two of J. Roderick Robertson's pet Iambs terrorized the  Ring up Telephone No.  If you want  BASS' Pale Aie  GUINNESS' Foreign Stout  DREWERYS Golden i\n|ber Ale  SGHLiTZ'S tyitwaukee Beer  DOMINION BREWERY Porter  DOMINION BRJEWERY India Pate Aie  All the above goods in PINTS or  QUARTS. Sold by the BOTTLE,  DOZEN, CASE or BARREL.  Hudson's Bay Co.  Telephone 13  WHOLESALE  Butter,  Eggs,  Cheese,  Green  Fruits,  Cured  Meats,  Vegetables  SHIPPERS OF THE EARLY  BREAKFAST BRAND OF EGGS  and  Full  stocks  carried at  Nelson  Rossland,    Mail orders solicited.  ,     LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS ,OF PYTHIAS��� Nolson   Lodge,  No,  25,,  Knights of Py thins, meets in I. O. O. F.i_aU, corner  Bakor and Kootenay streeta, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock.   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Apply lo ChiincR*.  OIw.fi,..���.iriKworth, 11. C. .-    .-  NOTICE   OF ^ASSIGNMENT;  Notice ib hereby ghon tli!.t Harry Howard Dunbar, of ,  Duncan Citv, in the county of Kootenajr,British Coltim-  hia,  hoteikeeper, has by  deed dated tho Slab  day of  October, 18(K), assigned al! his personal estate, credits and  cil'ects which may bo seized and held under execution  and iilUiis real estate to William SinjShott of Duncan.  City, aforesiid, merchant, in trust for tfsx> benoftt of the  freditor's of (ho said iLirrj  Howard Dunbar.   The feaid  tleed was executed by the said Harry Howard Dunbar  on the 31st day of October, 1899, and by tho said William  Simpt-on on tho 6th day of November, 1B39.   All persons  having claims against the wi'd Harry Howard Dunbar  are mine -.ted to forward particulars of tho same, duly  verified, and stating what security, if any. is held for the  -same, to the said William Simpson on or before tho Hth  ���day of December, 18i)9, after which date the said William  ijiuipsoii v ill proceed i o difatribu te the a_s>cts of.thc, estate. ,  jimongst those entitled thereto, having.'regardtinly-to the -"**  '���claims of wliich he sha'J then liave had notice,   All .per**:  ���sons indebted to the said'Harry Howard Dunbar are,re- ,  ���quired to pay such indebtedness forthwith to the' said ���  William Simp_on. ��� ��� ���      .    ���  A meeting of the creditors of the said Harry, Howard  Dunbar Will bo hold at tlie offices of McAhtt & Ma'dkay,; ���  barristers, Front street, Kaslo, B. C, on ^VednoBtlay,.ijbs   .  22nd day'of November, 1899; at 3 o'clock lv.m.  Wl/_LIAM.,SIMPSON, Trustee. .,  "McANN & MACKAY, Solicitors fbr tfie'TrusUH*.  Dated tlie 0th day of Noyembor, 1839.  * TELE. TUTBUlsrE: KEL.30_^��. C.> MONDAY, NOVEMBER a 27 1-390..  Capital,  Best,......  all paid  up.    ���  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATHCONA AND  MT   ROYAL, President  Hon. GKO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-Proslden.  E   S. OLOUSTON. General Manager.  ���   _nteiXjSO__t *b*r__v_cto*h:  N.W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       nitANOUKS IN       LONDON  (England),   NEW YORK,   OHIOAGO  and in the principal cities in Canada,  Buy. and sell Sterling* Exchange and Cablo Transfer*  GRANT COMVKKCIAL AMI) .TKA VELLUMS'. CHEDITB,  available in any part of the world.  DRAFTS ISSUED    COLLECTIONS MADK* ETC.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OF INTEREST PAID  THE    CLIMATE    OF    SOUTH    APP.IOA.  Observations of the weather lias:. been  systematically.made for many years in  South Africa, and. in. Cape Colony the,  meteorological conditions have been as  carefully and completely, studied as in  England. <. Iu other parts, however, the  observations are far less satisfactory, and  in the -Transvaal observations may be  said scarcely to exist, our knowledge-, of  the weather changes being extremely  meagre.  Some few years ago' the "Report of the'  Meteorological'Commission' at the Cape  of Good Hope" embodied detailed rainfall  maps for each month, showing the distribution of the rain in different parts of  South Africa. The average results for  the year show that, -witli the exception  of a small area in the immediate vicinity  of Cape Town, the total rainfall for the  year is almost wholly below, twenty  inches; that is, considerably less than in  London, in most places the average for  the year is less than ten inches, aud at  some stations it falls as low as five inches  for,the whole twelve months.  FULL LINE OF  Is r*ow prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atliq, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^on, District.  In the Orange Free State  the  average  rainfall  for  the year  is about twenty  inches.    The winter rains are very small,  the aggregate.for a month  being  only a  few tenths of an  inch  on  the average.  With the commencement of the southern  summer the rains increase, although it is  not until November and December  that  the average fall for  the month exceeds  an inch, and even  in  those months the  rainfall in many places is only 0.3 inch or  0.4   inch.      In   January,  February  and  March the average in  the Orange Free  State i.s four or five inches in each month.  The meagre '-returns for the Transvaal  show that in 1890 the rainfall eight miles  east of Johannesburg was practically nil  in July, August and September, while in  October the rainfall wtis 5.77 inches, which  was the wettest month of the "year, and  rain fell on, eleven days.    In both November and December the rainfall in the vicinity   of  Johannesburg   exceeded   five  inches, and the total number of days with  rain during the  year was sixty-one.    In  the Orange Free State tlie results for 1890  show that there wasra practically no rain  in September,  but iu Oetober the rains  were fairly heavy, and  the Basutoland  September is also,exceedingly dry.  CORPORATION  OF THE  CITY OF NELSON  currency.thereof,;andit shall.be-expressed in said.Deben-  tm es and coupona to be so payable.  5. it shall be lawful for the Mayor of said Corporation  to neg-otiatc.and sell the saidUebchtures or any of them .  for less than par; but in no caseslm.Il the said Debentures  oranyof them be negotiated or sold for less than ninety-,  live per centum of their face value; including the cost of  negotiating,and sale, brokerage,and all.incidental expenses. -  ti. There shall be raised and levied in each year during  the currency of said Debentures the mini of three hundred and sixty dollars ($360.00) for tho payment of interest and the sum of one hundred, and. forty-two dollars and  sixty-five cents for the payment of the 4ebt due under  the said Debentures by a rate sufficient therefor on all*  the rateable land in the said Municipality...  7. It shall, be lawful for the said Municipal.Council to  re-purchase any of the said Debontures upon such terms  as may be agreed upon, with the legal holder or holders  thereof, or any part thereof, cither at the time of sale.or  any subsequent time or times, and all Dobentiiros so repurchased shall forthwith be cancelled, and destroyed,.  and -.no ro-issuo of Debentures so repurchased shall be  made in consequence of such .-re-purchase.  8. This By-law shall take effect on the no von tli dav of  December A.D. 1800.  The Tremont Hotel  ���VIALON*. & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS,  w  HAVE YOU EVER  Headquarters fop Miners and Prospectors  Take notico that the above is a true* copy  posed By-law upon which.the vote of the Elm  Municipality will be taken; for  _B"_T-XJJA.*Vyr   "CSTO.   57  Front Poors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of ill kinds,  what you want is not in stock wo will make it for you  CALL AND GIST PRICES.  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS. NELSON  WILL DO WELL TO  BDY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A largo stock of flrst-class dry material on hand, also  _ full line of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc,  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:  Foot of Hondryx street, Nolson  Telephone. 91        Johll    Ra8,   AgBYit  ROYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS.   .....  A U. -law for stopping up and closing coi (am Streets and  Allojs in Ihe Cit. of N'ol .on and empowering the Council to convoy such Streets and Alleys so stopped up and  clohcd to the C.uiadian Ricitic Rpiihuij Oompan.,and  also foi exempting said llpiih.ay C'omp.iny from  taxation  "Wheie.is it h,n been ,igiccd between the Corporation  of tin* City of Nelson and tlie Canadian Pacific Railway  Company: thatthe said Company wdl establish tho.Uity  of Xelson as a divisional point on their line.of railway,  uiul will construct round houses and other buildings incidental to said divisional point.  And, whereas, il. is deemed'advisablo to close up cor  tain portions of streets and alleys hereinafter, described  within tlie limits of the City of Nelson, and to convey, the  same to the Canadian Pacific Kailway Company.  And. whereas, it is further doomed advisable to exempt  all the real and personal property of the said Company  of which they, now are or may hereafter become owners  or lessees, which now is or may hereafter be used, occupied, loqmiod oi mci ent.il to the operation of then -js-  tcm of railway within the Ci.. of Nelson fiom municipal  tnvUi *n tor thopciiodof ton j cars from the final passage of tins Bj law.  And, whuiopis, in tho opinion of the Council such portions of isticets .mdAlIcjs aie notiequiredfoi .oiporate  pmposcs  Thprcfoi c, the Municipal Council of the Corpoiation of  t ho City of Nelson in Count il .issemblcd enacts as follows:  1. That the following portions of the SU oct. and Alloj s  itilluii the limits of the City of Nelson, namcl> : Veinon  Stieet. fiom a line drawn from the northeast coiner of  blo-k 8)., diagonal!) .icioss Vernon Street easterly to tho  southwest coinei of Ihe Columbia and Kootenay right  of way of their line of imlna) to tliotorminus of Vernon Stieet at the westerly end of block SK> in said Citv ;  UnkerStieet, fionuN westeily intei&eotion with It<nl-  w.vySticct to its intersection w ith Vci non Street, Vic-  totiabtieet, from it�� <vts.Icily intersection with Railwaj  Street to its intoisuction with Vernon Street, Sloutn  Stieet, fiom its son thei ly intersection with Victona  Stioet toits iioithcily nileisection with Veinon Street;  and aNo (he lane or allej extending from IE.uh.ay Street  tluough Blocks <W pind *>!! to Vornon Stieet; all being ac-  coiding to the map oi plan of bub (In i .ion ot lot lis, group  one, Kootenay dibtii.t, bo and thchpvmcaii. hoieby dc-  clpiied stopped up and closedT  2. Thai the hAid Cit) of Nelson be and they >ue liereby  empowcicd to sell to the Canadian Pacific Railway Com-  pan> the said poitions ofstieets and alleys in the next  preceding paiagiaph desenbed, and the Mayor and City  Cleik aie hereby authorised to mi.ii and seal a proper  coineypinco of same to the _.i d Canadian P.iufio Iiail-  way Companj, .md the p.iid Council may accept in payment thoicfoi either cash or real piopcrtj.  3 Ib is further enacted th'it all the real and personal  properly now or hereafter owned oi leased by the  Canadian P.vcitlc Railway Comp.W), and winch is now  or may be hcie.ifter used and occupied, icquued or incidental tothe opeiutionof tlieir railway system within  the limits ot tho City of Nelson, shall be exempt from  Municipal taxation for a peuodof ten )e>ii. from the  final uas^a?e of tins By-law  i Tlu_,B}-1��WbliaU take  Deccmbei A.D , 189..  NOTICE.  Take notico that tho abovo is a true copy of the pro  posed D)-lnw upon wluUi the VoUi of the I_lcctpis of_th_'  Alunicip.ihty will be taken, foi the Kasl Waid at tho  Fuo Hall on Josephine street, for Lho West v\ ard at the  ollice of the Exchequer Gold Aiming Company on tlie  nortli side of Uakcr street, between btnnlo) and Kooto  lift) streclH.m the City of Nelson, on Tlioeda), the fifth"  4uy of Dei ember next, between thchomsof8 o'clock  a. m. .ind 4 o'clock p. in.  J. Iv. STRACHAN. City Clerk.  Nolson, II. C, Notcmbei 22nd. 1899,  CORPORATION OF JHEJITY OF NELSON  _3*sr-*_.j__*V5** asro- ss  NOTICK  of the pro*  ���ote of the Electors of the.   . _jr the Kast .Ward .it the  Firo Hall on Josophino street; for the Westward at the  ollice of the Exchequer.Gold Mining .Company on the  north side of Baker street, between Stanley and Kootenay streets, in tlie City of Nelson, on sTucsday, the,.fifth  day of December next, between the hours of 8 o'clock  a. m. and 4 o'clock p. m.  J. K. STRACHAN, City. Cleik...,  Nelson, B, C, November 22nd. 1899.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  By*.*LAli*vT;; 3*-TP-   59..  A By-law to raise seven thousand dollars ($7000.00) to extend and improve the Electric Light System.  Whereas, a petition has boon presented to the Municipal Coiuicil of tho Corporation of tho City of Nolson,.  signcd.by.the pwnera.Qf at'lcnst onertenth of the valuodf.  the real property in tho said City.as.shown^by..the last  revised Assessment Roll, requesting the said Council to  intioduce a By-law. to raise tho sum of seven thousand,  dollars   (��7000.001 for the purpose of extending and improving the Electric Light Works System ana-Plant in"  the City of Nelson..,  And; whereat; it is deemed expedient to borrow the  said sum of seven thousand dollars ($7000.00) for the pmposcs aforesaid.  And, whereas, tho whole amount of tho ratcablo land of  tho said Cit), accoidmg_9 the hist revised Ass ssment  Hull, is one million one hundred and fifty-six thousand  and twenty-live dollars ($1,150,025.00)  And,' whereas,, it will bo necessary to raise annually b)  rate the sum of four hundred and thirty-nine dollars anil  eight)-two cents, ($1.19bi) for paying the said debt and  interest.  Now, thoruforcthc Municipal Council of tho Corpora  tion of the City, of Nelson enacts as follows.  1.' It shall and may be lawful for the Mayor of the Corporation of. the. City of Nelson to borrow, upon the credit  of the said Corporation, by way of the Debentures here  imiftor. mentioned, from any person or persons, body or  bodies-.corporate,',..who may. bo willing, to advance, the  same as a loan, a-sum of money not exceeding, in the  whole tlio sum of seven thousand dollars (?7000.00),' and  to cause all such sums so raised or received to be paid.in-  to the hands of tlie Treasurer of the said Corporation, for  the purpose and w ith the object heioinbcforo lecitcd.  2, It sh.ill be lawful foi the M.iyor of the said Coi poi a-  tion to cause .my number of Debentures to be made, oxe  cutedand .issued for such sum or Hums as may be required for tlio purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding  however, tlio��� sum, of seven thousand dollars (��7000.00);  each of the said Debentures being of the denomination of  one thousand dollars ($1000.00). aiid all such Debentures  shall bo sealed with: tlie, seal of the Corporation and  signed by the Mayor thereof.  3. Tlio'said Debentures shall bear date the 20th day of  January,-A.D.. .1900. and sball.be made payable,in .thirty  years from the said date, in lawful money of Canada, at  the office of the Dank: of Montreal in Nelson,���'���aforesaid,  ����� liu h said place of pay ment shall be designated bv the  said Debentures, and shall have attached to them coupons foi the payment of interest, and the signatmcs to  thei interest coupons may bo either ...written, stamped,  .printed or lithographed.  ���l.iThe said debentures shall bear interest at the rate of  il per centum per annum from the date thereof, wliich  inteicst shall be payablo semi annually at said ofllco of  the B.mk of Montreal in iVelson aforesaid, in lawful  mane) Of Canada, on tho 20Ui dav of January and the  2Qth day of July lespeotively, in each year during the  currency theieof. and shall bo expressed in said debentures and coupons to bo so pa-table"  j ItBhall be lawful for the Mayor of said Coiporation  to negotiate and sell the said Oebentnre* or anv of them  foi lest, than p*r, but in. no caso shall the said Debentu res  or any. of them bo negotiated or sold foi less tbuin mncty-  fi\ o per centum of their f.ice value, including the cost of  negotiating and stile, biokcrage and oilier incidental  expenses,  0 There shall be ra;sed and levied in each year during  the currency of said Debentures tho sum of Tlucc hunS  died and fifteen dollain (331. 00) for the pa} mcnl of interest and tho sum of One bundled and twentv-four dollars  and eighty-two ecnts ($124 8_) foi the payment of the de'jt  due under th. s tid Debentuies by a late sufficient therefor on all thcrateablo 'ai.d in the said Mumc pnhty  7, II sh.ill bo lawful foi the said Municipal Council lo  re pui chose ail) of the paid Debcntiuos upon such terms  as may be agiecd upon-with the legal holder or holdeis  thei oof, oi any part thereof, either ut the time of sale or  .inj's'ibbequent time or limes, and all Debentures so ro-  pii'rcluihcd shall forthwith be cancelled and dc-troyed,  and no ie issue of Debentuies -,o re-purchased sh.ill be  made m consequence of such repui chase.  8 Thih Bylaw shall take effect on the 7th day of December, A. I). 18'M  THE BEST BRANDS OF  and  ars  WE HAVE THESE  MATTRESSES  IN STOCK  m  B  B  B  B  B  ALWAYS ON HAND  One  ofthe best and; most, popular hotels in Nelson.  w mm  BAKER STREET. NELSON".,  OSTERMQQB ELASTIC  FELT  *���  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by EIectricity *_  Large comfortable bedrooms and  flrst-clasa dining,  room.  Sample rooms for commercial men.  _B_A.TE1S   S2, PEB  DAT  D. Mc^RTHUf| & CO.  BAKER ST .NELSON  IF NOT YOU HAVE  MISSED HALF THE  PLEASURE OF LIFE  B  B  B-  i^^-  '���(=>!<='���  "liSv  i-a^  M  Mrs. E. G.   CLARKE, Prop.  Late of the Royal Hotel, Calgary,  * effect on the fifteenth day of  UNION   MADE  Kootenay Cigar Manfg. Go.  Nelson, British Columbia.  PALACE   FRUIT   STORE  We are solo agent in HeTsojr for Gahong Bros, celebrated  Chocolates &iid..Cf e.ariiH.,. Call .and aee. tliese gowls..  a.*? they aro the finest; in Kootetiay and - *  our-stock 4s complete.*  OLYMPIA AND EASTERN OYSTERS  ARRIVING* DAILY.  Fancy Cakes and Pastry, Plums, Peaches, Grapes,  Dananas, Cape. Cod Cranberries, Poors and all Fruit 111  season. ������    . _  Corner Ward and Baker Sta.  Mills & Lett's old stand. .  j. A- McDonald  A n>-lii��v to raise eight thousand dollar* (fSOOO.M) to extend the WalorworltH Syntem.  Wheie.iK, a petition has been picscnted to tliu Municipal Council of tho ('oi poi at ion of the Cit. of Xelhoii,  signed h) lliou-rtncisuf at least one-tenth of the valui* of  tlieio.il propei ty of the said City, us shown b) the last  ic'VKsed AsscMsiiionl Itoll.^ciiiii'sling tho fa id Council to  intioduce a By-law toraiso thoniim of oiKht thousand  dollai s {SJiOtlO.LM)), for tho iiiirpooo of extending the Waterworks System of tiie haul City.  And, tt'heioas, it is deemed necessary and expedient to  C\Lund the ^^'alcl woi ksS) stem of tlio Cit) of Nelson for  tin. con\ omciice of the eiti/eiin and for fire pi election.  And, wllcrcns, it if, expedient to borrow the said turn  of eiBht thousand dollars (S.S'KXXX)) for the purposes  afoicsaid.  And, whereas, the whole amount of the rateable land  of the said City, actoulinu lo the last ic vised Astossment  I toll is one million one hundred and lift)-six thousand  and twent)-live dollars ($1.156,0_.*i.��0)  And, wheieas, it will be necOhsur) to raise annually by  rato the sum of tlio bundled and two dollais and sixty-  five cunts ($,i0_ (Jo) for pp.jiiiB tho Sp��d debt and interest.  Now*, thercfoie, the Municipal Council of the Corporation of tho City of Nelson OB.icts as follows:  1, It sh.111 and ma) bo lawful for the Ma>or of tho Corpoiation of the Cit) of Nelson to boirow, unon the credit  of the said Corpoiation, by w,i) of the Debentures here  inaflcr mentioned, fiom any person or persons, body or  bodies corpoiatc. who may be vnlhn_- to advance the  same as a lo.ti.. a sum of mono) not exceeding in the  whole the sum of eight thousand doll us <S8000.tW). and to  ciuscall such sums so raised or icceived to bo paid into,  the hands of the Tieasuicr of tho said Corporation for  tho-purposes and with the-objects hoiembefoic lecitcd.  2 11 shall oc lawful for the Ma) oi of the said Corpoi a-  tion to cause an) number of Dcbcntui es to be made, executed and issued for such biuii or sums, as may be re  quired foi t ho pui pose and obiect aforesaid, not exceed  mg, however, the sum of eight thousand dollars(98000.00),  cadi of the said Dcbcntui es being of the denomination of  one thousand dollais <��1000 00), and all such Debentures  shall be sealed with the seal of the Coiporation and  signed bj the Ma) or thereof.  3. The said Debenture', shall hear date the 20th day of  January^ A.IX IHOO.nnd,shall be made payable in thirty-  ycars from the said date, in lawful 'money of Canada, at  thoofllce of thoDiink of Monteal.:in Nelson.aforesaid,  whieli s>iid place of payment shall bo desighat' d*bjr the'  said Debentures, and:shall have, attached to them  coupons fOr.the:paymerit�� of. interest a?ad the signatures,  tothe interest coupons iiiay bo either written, stamped,  print eel or lithographed.  4. The said Debentures shall bear interest at the rate of  4A per centum per annum from '.the date thereof, which'  interest shall be payable semi-annually, at said otllce of  the Bank of Montreal jn N'clsou aforcsaic}, in lawful,  money of Canada', on the 20th day of January and' Uio  80I1-- day of .Inly respectively, in oswh yeas during the  NOTICK.  T.ikc notico that the above is a true copy of tho pro  posed Jly-law upon which the vote of the Klectors of the  Municipality will be taken, for the Kast Waid at the  Fuo Hall on Josephine street, for tho West Ward at the  office of the Kxcliequer Gold Mining Company on ihe  north side of Hake* sti ect, between SUiiilo) and Kootenu)  sheets, in the City of Nelson, on Tuesday, the fifth dav of  December next, between the hams of 8 oclock a. m. and  4 o'clock p.in. .1. K. STJIACHAN, City Cleik.  Nolson, �� C, No*, ember 22nd, IS*-***".  CORPORATION OFTHEJITY OF KELSON  _3*_r-i___.*v7* 3sro. eo.  A Bylaw to grant toThom.it> Madden permission to use a  coi tarn portion of the sidewalk on ward stieet for the  pm pose of entry to the basement of his Hlock erected  Lo'        "        " ..... ..  yirst-class in e\ory respect, Choienst wines, liquors  and cigars. Every comfort for trans.ent and resident  guests.  HEADQUARTERS FOR UNIOI*. MEN.  JOSEPH   CAMPBELL,,   Proprietor.  GOAL!   GOAL!  GREAT REDUCTION  on J.oc 1,  Block  Nelson, 11. G.  corner W.ird and IJaket Streets,  Whereas, an application has been made b) Thomas  Madden for permission to use .. coi tain portion nf the  sKlew.ilk on Waul Stioet for tho purpose of cnti) to the  basement of his Block erected on Lot 1, Block &, corner  of Ward a*>d lUkci Streets, in the City of Nolson, a^coid  ing to a plan filed with the City Council.  And, v, here is. it is deemed ad*, lsahle to grant such  permission to the said Thomas Madden upon his < ompl}*  ing with the provisions of this B)hvw lieieinaftci set out.  Therefore, tne Municipal Council of the f'orpni.ition o  the City of Nelson in Council .issemhlul enacts a  follows:  1. FL shall and may bo lawful for the said Thomas  Madden, his hens and assigns, to use and ��njo) foi his  and their list and benefit a poi lion of the sidewalk of the  Cit. of Nelson on \VaidSl.(*et in said fit), as show non  a plan mat kid "A 'and llfed with tlio City Council, being  a sp.vfce tbntein feet long and four feet wide, on the  mm rHide of said sidewalk, with the neuessu) ground  sii.nc below to be Used as an aiea, and t) which stops  slinll lend Up constituting a means of ingress aud egress  to and fiom the basement of the Block erected b) the wild  Thomas Madden on I ut I, Block .i, on tliccoinur of Ward  and liaUci St'-ceta, in the nik! City of Nelson, upon his  <*oiii|il)iiig with the tei nib and conditions in the following  paiugrapn . set out.  1. Tlie said area and tho stojts leading thereto shall be*  i mistrusted b) the said Thom.is Jtfrdnen at hin o�� n expense nnd uiKlci the supervision of tho Citv Kngmeer,  and as directed by said h.gineor and to h>s satihf.iction,  and the sidewalk where Huch urea is cut out shall be  fit ml) and strongly piopped and braced b) and at the  expense of tlicsaid Thoinas Madden und to the satisfaction of the City Knuinccr.  3 The spisd Tnomas Madden shall erect and m.tintain  at his own expense (t substantial iron lading uiound said  area on the north end and west side thereof as soon as such  aiea i�� uit out of said sidewalk, .ind sh.ill before iice mission (as is hereinafter provided) is granted, enter into an  agieemenl with the said Cit) to indemnify and save  harmless the said Cit) from all il.unis or demand ., action  or actions, suitor suits, citlier at law or in etniit), which  ma) be brought against haul Cit) b) icason of said per  mission being gi an ted, or b) reason of the keeping or  maintaining of such aiea as aforemud, or of .tnv Occident  or aci'idunts arising thorcout.  i Upon the Bj-law reeuivmg Uio.n.'-wcnt of the people  and being fiiuill) passed, anil upon the* said Thomas  Madden comni. ing with the conditions hcieinbefore set  out, the said Thomas Madden, his heirs and assigns, sh.ill  be entitled to the afoieniciitioind rights and privileges,  piovided, however, that m cose, the said Madden, his  heirs or assigns, fail to carr) out .my of the pro\ isions of  this 11) -law, or of the agreement mentioned in pai agi aph  3 hereof, it shall and ma) be lawful for the said Council,  in addition to any other remedies they may have, to close  up said ai'ca.and, annul the privilege hereby.granted,  ,->. This By-lit vv shall takooffeet on the seventh day of  December, A, D, im,     .  NOTICE. '  Take notice that the above is a true copy of the proposed By-law upon wtiigh the vote of tho electors of the  Municipality vvill be'taken; for the East Ward at the  H.fiftD  C0AL$Q OE CROW'S  ANTHRACITE^".wo NESTCOAL  ID "E3_*_I*V"E*S*. E3 33  6.15  TELKPHO.VE  33  C. W. West & Co.  ONE DOLLAR A LOAD  The Undersigned has a largo quantity of fir, cedar, and  tamarac slabs, iu 10 inch and 4-foot lengths, suitable for  stove wood, which will he sold for $1 a. load at tho mill  yard.  NKLSON SAW & PLANING MILLS. Limited.  TCoIfson. AusruRt, lHth. IKOB.  Firo Hall on Jo-opbino street; for the West.-Ward at tho | - CfiTTTl"*. WC!  ofllco of the -Exchequer Gold, Mining Company on the*. OfctU^ltHii. O  north side of Bakcrslrect, between Stanley utuLkoolcnuy  .streets, in tlio city of Nelson, on Tucsday.'tlie- fifth day o'f  December noxt, between the hours .of 8 o'clock; a. iu. and  i o'clock l>. in.   -    * '    J. K. HTi"_ACI_AN,' City Clerk. *'  Noioou, B.C., November22nd, ltWtt.   - .   ' ",  BLACKSMiTHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended to by a flrst-class  wheelwright.  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing and  custom work from outside points.  Sl-ipp:   ((all Street, between: Baker and Vernon, Helson  Nelson Iron Works  MANUFACTURERS OB"  BNGINaS, BOILERS, SHAFTING, IRON AND  BRASS OASTTNGS OF EVERY DBSOBIPTION  P. O. Box 173.  Repairs promptly attended to.  The "Wonder  99'  Pur trimmings just opened.   ��� .. Grebu skins, sable tails  and heads fer millinery purposes. Lovely .lines just arrived. .Tea cloths and tray, cloths with drawn,worlcaud  stamping work on. JPhotd frames and mounts. Serving  cmds and'Iittlo thimblos for children.' I^osSbns in em*  .broldory and lace work/SO cents.  RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120. acres at land within one soici _.  quarter miles of Nelson.  For further  " - . particulara/apply, to   .  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,   Nelson,   B.   C.  THE NELSON SAW & PLANM MILLS, k  H. D. HUME,.Manager.  Tho* finest hotel, in the interior.  Large sample' rooms.  Steam heat and electric light,  CORNER PIT. WARD AND VERNON STS.. NELSON  Madden House  BAKER AND WARD STREETS, NELSON  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained under one  management since 1890.  Tho bed-rooms are well furnished and lighted by  electricity.  The dining-room is not second to any In Kootenay.  The bar is always stocked by the best domestto and  Imported liquors and oizars.  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  Lai ge <> nd v. ell lighted Heated by hot aii  RetpSonnble rates S.implo rooms  ElcQtiio bells and light in c .ciy room  ltonovated .md lefuimshcd throughout  HOTEL VICTORIA  J. V, PKRK.S, Propiictor  Free bus meets all trains Qava\cin\i a    R   f!  Hourly sheet car to swition ntJlfB'SlUiy**., D. U.  Night Grill Room in connection, for the donvenionce of  gucste^arrivsng and departing by night trains.  B.   C.    HOTEL  ERIE, e. c  We have a stock of one and a half million  felet of logs at our mill and are prepared to cut  all kinds of. dimension timber and ship to all points  on Kootenay Lake by scows or steamers, also,, by  rail to all points on the Canadian Pacific or Nelson  and Fort Sheppard railways. In stock rough and  dressed- lumber,. shingles, mouldings, sash,, doors,,  newels, turned verandah posts.. Glass of all sizes.  Factory work of all kinds done to order.  THE NELSON SAW & PLANM MILLS, m.  OFFICE AND MILLS CORKER HALL AND.FRONT STS., NELSON.  COAL  Who  GOAL     COAI.  Wants Coal?  Best RosSyq Goal $9.50 per Ton  L_e_av_e_crde_rA with ^'i__Gamb!e-&-0-R8illy,-Agents  P. Burns cfc Co.  TTkad Offick at  NELSON, B. C.  Wholesale and Retail   .  .   .   Dealers in Meats  Markets at Nelson,  stoko, P>rguuoii,  Rossl.ip.d, Tr.i.1,  Kaslo, Yinir, .S.ujdon, .Silverton, New  Gnmd Forks, Oieerwood, dsf-wle City, Midway, and  Denver, Revel-  Vnncotsvei'.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded.  est Kootenay Butcher Co  AW* KI.VDS OK  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WIIOLB8AI-K A.VI) ItKTAII.  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Ba^er Street, JVelson  j   |��*yiwwii        g^g     <$jis       B   ��� ftSTB S __��*>W|  ORBKUS BY MAH. RECKIVK CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTKNTION  W. P. DICKSON  B. H. H. APPLBWHAITl-  J. McPHElB  ootenay Eleetrie Supply and Gonstruetion Oo^  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Slaotrlo Hqulpmsnts for Hleotrlo Power TranBmtesioia _nd UglUliig for Mines, Towns  Meotrlo Fixtures, ljampe. Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, tito.  P. O. Boat 808. JosaphliJ's B'tviMt, Nelson, B, O.  Fred J, Squire^ Merchant Talto  FULL, LINES OE FALL.ANDWIflTERSUlfiNGS  WK3T BAKKU 8TKEKT  NKLSON  OPPOSITE SILVER KINO HOTEj, THE  TRIBUNE: NELSON, B. C, MONDAY, NOVEMBER  27'  1899.  The only house in Kootenay carrying Ml lines of  SCALES  FURNACES  BRUNTONS  TRANSITS  SCORIFIERS  CRUCIBLES  MUFFLES  FLUXES  OF  ALL KINDS  Baker Street, Nelson, B. C.  SEE GILKER FOR UNDERWEAR  HE HAS SEVERAL LINES THAT ARE  WORLD BEATERS  J. A. QILJKER  THE OLD P. O. STORE  LOCAL NEWS IN BRIEF.  The annual dinner of St. Andrew's Society will be given at the Phair hotel on  Thursday* night. The toast list is a long  one, whieli means that there will be more  than one "jolly good fellow" before the  night becomes morning.  Yesterday the Miner published a ear-  toon that was so refined and delicate in  delineation, that those that have appeared  in The Thibuxe are vulgarly coarse in  comparison.  ,11. F. Tolmie, secretary of the Silver-  Lead Mines Association of Sandon, was  in tlie Boundary last week trying to induce the mine owners in that prosperous  section of the province to go on strike in  sympathy with the members of his  association. He met with no encouragement, and is now in Nelson lamenting his  luck in being connected with so unpopular an organization.  Complaint is made by wholesale produce houses in Nelson of the unfair competition of the Dominion Express Company. It is claimed that the express  company brings in all kinds of produce  from the east and peddles it out in Koote-,  nay, always at prices below, those quoted  by the local wholesalers. They claim  that if the express company is allowed  to peddle merchandise, the city should  see that they take out a peddler's license.  A chimney fire in the residence of Mrs.  Chittick on Arictoria street, near Hen-  dryx. was the occasion of a fire alarm  last evening. The fire was extinguished  without damage before the members of  the department arrived with tlie Bab-  cocks.    The members of the Owen Smily Concert Company, who appear this evening  in concert under the auspices of the  ladies' hospital aid, arrived in Nelson yesterday and are registered at the Phair.  The proceeds of the entertainment will  go toward furnishing the addition to the  general hospital.   The latest townsite on the market is  K^remeos, a point in the Similkameen,  about 25 miles, south of Penticton. It is  on' the proposed line of railway from  Midway to Spence's Bridge, aud is the  center of what promises to be an important mining district. The townsite is  owned by AV. H. Bullock-Webster of the  provincial police department and his  brother E. Bullock-Webster.  with  fitting ceremony, on  " ���. . .   A  the  was effected.  Saturday. *    Charles A. Waterman, acting for  sheriff of South Kootenay, left last evening for Cranbrook and Port Steele on official business.  ESTABLISHED IN 1890  to  e_ p*  W  O  S3  fa  O  w  <  >_   SCALE.  a  o  _-���  p_  c/_  5->  I**-*  m  ��  to  m  Hi  EVERY DAY OF EVERY MONTH  EVERY MONTH OF EVERY YEAY  EVERY YEAR FOR 10 YEARS  JACOB DOVER'  o    NHI/JON'. I", u.  HAS PRODUCED  5  STERLING NOVKI/TLRS  JEWELRY  FANCY GOODS  manicum: and .on.nr sets  I.ADIKb' GOI.P   IVAICIIKH, SBT  ONVX TAM.KS  HON DONS  WITH  DIApMONDS  TAIII.E AND  1*IAN0 LAMPS  iiEitiiv si:'ia  WtACKI.E'lS,  PLAIN  AM)  SKT  .IAI.DlNir.ltCS  CRE.IM  Mil) felt-Alt A.VI)   TKA  LORCi-Nl'.-l-rE CHAINS  I'HO'IO KUAWKS  Ap\*i> (;ofki;e ki*oons  lll.VOS,    J-V   ALL  THE   I.ATI.ST  Ki;r..v I'ois  I'OWI.EK JIOXIIH  bKTTINGS  VISES,  LETTEK Ii .CK8  ATOpMIZHHS  CCT.'F LINKb, LOCKETS  MiititoKa  HlOI'l'-KH  NKCKI.r.TS  STpWUKS  POMADE  IIOXKS, KTC  BROOCH Kb, ETC.  CLOCKS,  KI'C.  Gall and Examine Our Stock Before Buying Elsewhere.    Fiqe Watch Repairing  a Specialty.   Ail Work Guaranteed at  Jacob   Dover's  The Jeweler INelson, 3. O.  Headquarters  For all kinds of Rubber Goods  THEO /ViADSOIV  *    Baker Street.  Charles Harrison, the Fernie man  charged with assault, will come before  judge Forin today for trial. Harrison is  said rto-hare been ,the victim of a conspiracy in the matter of the' charge of assault, and it is understood that the crown  will enter a nolle prosequi.  Rev. F. Robbins of London, England,  occupied tlie pulpit at St.Saviours church  last evening. Mr. Bobbins is on his way  to Greenwood, where he will engage in  mission work for the Church of England.  / The Maxim gun of the Nelson company  of Rocky Mountain Rangers is now stored  in the leau-to in the rear of the provincial police office.    The transfer of the gun  BUSINESS   MENTION.  For sale���Lot 50 by 120 feet at southeast corner of Stanloy and Mill street)-*. Improvements :  two cottfujes, one(>rooms the other 3. Apply to A. 1_.  Lett, on the premises. .  Wanted���Six   boys   to  strip tobacco.  8 cents a pound.   Apply Kootenay Cigar Factory.  To Let���Nicely furnished rooms; electric  light: furnace heat; bath. Apply northeast cornei Lake  and Cecl.ii* streets.b  Office boy wanted who can typewrite.  Apply to Bowes & Wragge, Nelson.  Offices to Let���Two  offices in  Turner-  Boeckh block.   -Enquire room . in building.  Lost���On Tuesday, on Baker or Stanley  -sticets. a purse containing nineteen odd dollar..���Finder  will be rowaided by returning same to tho Tribune ofliee.  For Rent���A store on Vernon street,  opposite The Tribune office. $10 a month. Apply to E,  Kilby.  The Ladies' Aid of the Presbyterian  church will hold their annual *?nlc the _i)th and 30th of  November in the store recently occupied by Martin  O'ltellly & Co., Baker street. High tea will be served on  Wednesday the-2fiUi, from ."'.BO to 8.  Prepare for the winter by building up  the system with Joy's Houic-Miide Bread.  The latest thing out. Patent luminous gold glaRs signs, name plates and street numbers.  Iteadablo darkest nigl'.th. Unexcelled for beauty' never  tarnish: last a life-time; price within reach. For sale  by H. H. Avery, Carbonate street, Nelson.  Furnished rooms to let. Apply to Mrs.  L, M. Jameson, Carney Block, Baker street west.  HOTEL ABBIVALS.  At thk Phair.���Jt. F. Tolmie, Sandon;  J., P. Byers, Trail; Owen A. Smily, Ella  Bridgeland aud Mildred Walker, Sraily  Concert Company; J. Johnstone, Greenwood; J. B. McArthur, Columbia; D. M.  Linnard, Thomas Ferguson, Bosslaud;  Alex McDougall, Vancouver.  At thk Hume.���Alex Yuill, Medicine  Hat; F. M. O'Brien, Erie; Arthur P. Fero,  Toronto; G. A. Powell, St. Catherines;  Charles Blowmon, Calgary.  At thk Queen's.���Mrs, Heilly, Vatir  couver ; Spencer Sanderson, Ymir; J. R.  Hurrex, Erie; Mrs. H. Jones and Miss  Laura- Jones, Spokane; Mrs. Wright,  Spokane.  At ti_i_ Madden."���C. E. Allen, Manitoba; J. Murphy, Kootenay River; Martin Knight, Nova Scotia.  At the Grano Ckxtrai..���James Butter, Macleod.  Hospitals for Miners.  The necessity for a hospital in Phoenix  was shown the past week. The miners'  union, says the Phoenix News, endeavored to get a room for a sick member,  but were unsuccessful, and had to be content with a cot in the hallway of one of  the hotels, and a 'phone from a hospital  at Greenwood brought the information  that the patient would be treated at the  rate of $0 per day. As the sick beuefit  to members of the union is $10 a week, it  was impossible for that body to take advantage of the $70 per week offer of the  hospital authorities. The miners at Phoenix should do as did the miners of Sandon, build aud run their own hospital.  The miners' union of Sandon, which has  a membership of over 500, offered the  owner of a private hospital at New  Denver the same monthly fee as was paid  by the mining companies. The mining  companies collected $1 a month from  their men, paid the New Denver hospital  owner 50 cents, and kept the other 50  cents. The miners' union offered to do  business on the same basis, but the offer  was refused. They then built tlieir own  hospital, and it is said to be one of the  best conducted hospitals in the province.  Does Not Mix Politics With Mining.  J. B. McArthur of Columbia, president  of the Bambler-Cariboo Mining Company,  arrived in Nelson yesterday from Boss-  land. Mr. McArthur is, so far as known,'  the only member- of the Silver-Lead  Mines Association of .Sandon whore-fused  to allow the association to run his company's mine. lie does not believe in mixing politics with mining, and is making  money for his shareholders by paying  the union scale while "the other mines  controlled by the association remain idle.'  toves!  *  WE HAVE THE FINEST LINE OF  Coal Heaters  EVER DISPLAYED IN KOOTENAY DISTRICT  SOLE AGENTS FOR THE FAMOUS  Cole's Hot Blast Heater  Our claims for this heater is that it is adapted  to any kind of coal, CROW'S NEST, LETH-  BRIDGE, or ANTHRACITE, burning all kinds equally well. Not requiring the  attention of .an ordinary coal heater. Economical, durable and simple in construction.   See our Steel Ranges for hard and soft coal or wood.  NELSON  yers & Go.  KASLO SANDON  ARE YOU BURNING UP MONEY  Because Your Stove or Range Cannot be  Regulated to Save Fuel?  IT WILL PAY YOU  TO EXAMINE  OUR NEW STOCK OF  STOVES AND RANGES  The saving in fuel effected will soon equal  the cost of the range. It can be so quickly  and easily regulated that there need be no  waste of heat or fuel. New patented improvements offer you more convenience aud  comfort than you'll find in any other range.  TWO CAR LOADS TO SELECT FROM  LAWRENCE HARDWARE GO.  Goods at Half Price  We still have some goods_left from  the bankrupt stock purchased at  Sandon at a low rate on the dollar,  and consequently we cart defy  competition   Christmas is Coming  Have you your Supplies?  *.WJ  ��������S1  We have in and open all y��ur Xtrjas wants?  you and your friends to   come   in   and   see   us  this   matter   means   simply your  losing   many  HERE ARE A FEW OF OUR PRICES.  Dress goods fjxncy mixtures, regular price  $2.75, sale price $1.  Dress goods, fancy mixture, regular price  $1.50, sale price 75 cents.  Dress goods, fancy mixture, regular price  7_5_cents,_sale_p_rice _40 cents,  Patena  Table Damask at 25 cents per yard.  Children's wool hose at 25 cents per pair.  Ladies' flannellette wrappers at $1.25.  Black   Henrietta,   worth 75 cents, sale  price 50 cents.  Black  Henrietta, worth   50' cents,  sale  price 35 cents.  Hink flannelette 7.cents per yard.  Ladies' fancy blouses, velvet collars, regular price $1.50, sale price 30 cents.  Miner's shoes, regular price $3.00, sale  price $1.50.  Overalls, regular price $1.00, sale price  50 cents.  Oxford  shirts, regular price $1.25,  sale  price 50 cents.  Men's tweed suits, regular price -$12.50,  sale price $7.00.  Men's heavy all-wool tweed .pants, rugu-  lar price $3.50, sale price $2.00.  What we ask is for  first. An oversight in  dollars.  Headquarters   for   the   famous  pails and  i  pound packages.  Fresh   nuts,  raisins,   currants,   candid peel,   figs, fruit,   and   all   the  best that can be procured at rock bottom prices.  The leading house in Groceries,  Crockery,  and Glassware.  Rosemary   Mincemeat   in   25   pound  & Wilson  P. O. BOX K. & W.  BAKER STRKKT.  TELEPHONE 10.  Horses for Sale  The Rossland Warehouse and Transfer Company have just received  a carload of young, well-matched teams, weighing from twenty-five  to thirty-two hundred pounds. They can be.seen at their stable on  Second Avenue and St. Paul Street, Rossland.    They have also  Sttidekker Wagons and Seflsifel�� Sleds For Me  ARTISTIC JEWELRY  CHASTE AND BEAUTIFUL  NOTHING BUT THE BEST  AT  PATENAUDE   BROS.  BAKER STREET, NELSON  Xmas  Fruit   Cake  NOW IN SHOW WINDOW AT  .    VIENNA BAKERY  Lcavo your orders early find wc- Will  supply you with tho best article to bo ha  jE��.  ruiirantee to  l in tiie city.  3H--cr3-t_R-sr3    _6��__iO*E,3B*i:*E3l3,0��  For want of space we are going out  of ladies" and children's footwear,  and will clear these off at cost . .".  Regular Sale  Price. -Price.  Ladies' Oxford shoes $1.75 $1.00  Ladies' strap shoes    1,75 1.00  Ladies' kid button shoes....  2.00 1.25  La-dies' kid button shoes    8.00 2.00  Children's shoes    1.00 50  The Balance of our ladies' capes  and jackets at less than cost. All  other goods in our store at greatly  reduced prices.   .    .    .   ._    .    .   i  Ladies  all  Talk ����.  About Dominion Baking Powder. It is doing wonderful work for  them. We have had it thoroughly tested and we are now in a position  to guarantee it to be equally as good as any high-priced powder or  money back.    Put up In 1-2, 1, and 5 pound tins.  NeAV Raisins, Currants, Peels, Figs, Nuts, arid C. & C. for your Christmas  cake will be here in a few days.    Wait for them.  Baker Street,  Nelson.  De.sElris'ay <&Co<  An Appetizing* Breakfast  FITS A MAN FOR WORK.  . Try our Government Creamery Butter, J. Y. Griffin & Co's  Hams and Bacon, Brackman & Ker's Rolled Oats and Corn-  meal, Almonte Milling Co's Self Raising Buckwheat Flour.  Baker Street West, Nelson  ELLIOT BLOCK, BAKER STREET, NELSONp  C.AS   FITTING-   OUE   SPECl_U_TY  HTRACMAIN-.BRQH.  ��  TO VOCrtl tOT 1IHE, WE OS IT  O SEE US  PLUMBING  OF  ALL  KINDS  OperaHous�� BIk:.  ?-$?.8h?.'?$&!>!���'


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