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 MET THE ENEMY FOR THE THIRD  Time and Whipped Them.  London, November 29.���The expected  great battle at  Modder  River has been  fotight, and general  Methuen has  added  added another victory to  his   achievements of the past week.    That the Boers  defended  their  positions with all  their  old gallantry is amply proved by general  Methuen's dispatch, and it will  probably  be further testified  to  when  the heavy  British casualties shall be made known.  Tliere appears to bo no doubt that  general  Methuen  gained  a real advantage,  though the details must be  awaited before the full effect of his ten hours'  desperate fighting cau be  gauged.    Presum-  * ably the burgher army was on the south  bank of the river: but whether when the  Boers  retreated  they crossed  the river  ". northward or retired in an easterly direction into the Orange Free State  remains  unexplained.    The British appear to have  surmounted  tho difficulties  of   crossing  the river, and to have seized for themselves a position nortli of the stream.  This  success of the British clears another stage  ofthe  road  to   Kimberley,  the siege of  which general  Cronje  must have partially raised in order to give battle to general Methuen.    The  burghers are understood to have a strong laager at Spytfon-  tein,  fourteen   miles   north   of   Modder  River,  so  another  engagement possibly J  awaits the British  before  they can commence the last stage of eleven miles from  Spytfontein  to  Kimberley,  though general Cronje would  thereby run a great  risk of   being   caught   between  general  Metheun and colonel Kekewich, the British commander at Kimberley.  Meagre Details of the Fight.  Modder Rivi.k, November 28.���Re-  conuoitered at 5 a.m. the enemy's position  ou the river .Modder aud found them  strongly entrenched antl concealed. No  means of outflanking, river being full.  Action commenced with artillery, mounted  infantry and cavalry at 5:30. Guards on  the right, Ninth brigade on the left. Attacked position in widely extended formation at 0:30, and supported by the  artillery found itself in front of the whole  Boer force, 8000 strong, with two large  guns, four Krupps, etc.  The naval brigade rendered great  assistance from the railway. After desperate hard fighting, which lasted ten  hours, our meu, without water or food,  and in. the burning sun, made the enemy  quit his position.  General -Pole Care was successful in  getting a small party across the river,  gallantly assisted by ."WO sappers. 1 speak  in terms of high praise of the conduct of  all who were engaged in one of the  hardest and most, trying fight*-, hf the  annuls of the British .army. If, I can  mention one arm particularly, it is the  two batteries of artillery.  ���"���J.  *-*.*_.  *S-'Aff*<p-s,  -*Sivfe*..  THURSDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 30,  1899.  PUBLISHED AT NflLSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YBAR; WBBKLY. $2.  souls of the slain in South Africa. Tlie  church Avas filled with English and  Americans, including the ambassadors of  Great Britain and the United States.  The pope sent his blessings. It is announced that his holiness is much distressed by the losses on both sides in  South Africa.   .  Old but Good News.  Ladysmith, Monday, November 20.���  [By messenger to Mooi River],���All are  well and cheerful. The Boers are not  shelling today. We have no fear that  they will attack the town. Our position  has been made very strong with redoubts and breastworks, and we look  forward confidently to the ultimate  result.   Horses for South Africa.  Nrw York, November 29.���Five hundred horses arrived from the west over  the Erie railway yesterday iu charge of  P. Hugo Skead of Cape Town, South  Africa, smd it is said they have been purchased for the use of the British government. They will be shipped by cattle  boats to England.  Transportation Man Promoted.  Montreal, November 29.���James A.  Cuttle, who has been identified as chief  clerk with the Montreal Transportation  Company for many years, has been appointed manaffer pro tern of that company, in succession to the late D. G.  Thomson.  PUBLIC ANXIETY AND SUSPENSE  u.  d*  *  ii  *  ii*  Hi  m  *  tt  tt  tt  tt  tt  tt  tt  tt  tt  tt  \  ONE OF THE BLOODIEST BATTLES OF THE CENTURY  London, November 29.���A special dispatch from Windsor says  that general Methuen's dispatch to the queen, after the battle at  Modder River, says: "The battle was the bloodiest of the century. The British shelled the enemy out of the trenches and then  charged.    The result was terrible."  %  m  m  m  m  m  m  ��  m  m  m  **  ���_.  �����  m  &���  More British Troops Embark.  London, November 29.���Enthusiastic  scenes marked the departure today of  the first composite detachment of the  battalion of Household cavalry going to  South Africa. Crowds thronged Windsor, cheering and singing, and similar  scenes were witnessed in London in spite  of the dense fog. Lord Wolseley bade  the Horse Guards (the Blues) farewell at  Knight's Bridge barracks. He made a  speech reminding the men of the grand  military deeds of the Blues, saying  he was assured that they would  do their utmost to add to the  glory of the regiment of which they  were so justly proud, and wishing them  God speed, good, luck and a safe return.  Cannonading Ladysmith Daily.  LonixTn, "Novemb"eiT307^Th^Stancl ai-d  publishes the following dispatch from  Ladysmith, dated Tuesday, November  21st: "Last Sunday 1 had a whole sack-  full of "my correspondence returned to  me, showing the difficulty of communication with the outside world. The Boers  cannonade us almost daily, but there  have been few casualties. Evidently the  object of the enemy is to exhaust the  spirits of the British troops bv incessant  harrassing. The prospects of the British  advance from the soutli impelled them to  redouble their efforts. They are mounting more guns and drawing the lines of  investment closer."  Startling Information,  London, November 80.���The Daily  Chronicle this morning publishes what it  calls "startling information."1 It says  Russia has decided to establish a permanent diplomatic agency in Cabul next  spring. The ameer's consent has been  obtained, and pour parlers have been exchanged between count Muravioff and  Great Britain, who is not likely to oppose  the step. ���   An American Will Help the British.  Newport N'rws, Virginia, November  29.���Colonel G. P. Austin, who fought in  the Mexican and civil wars, applied to  the British war office several days ago  for an appointment in the British army  in the Transvaal. Today he received orders from Lansdowne to report to lord  Pauncefote at Washington. He started  tonight for that city.  A Beiiuiem Mass Ceieta-ated.  Rome, November 29.���A requiem mass  was celebrated in the English Catholic  church here today for the repose of the  Increased Because of Brief News.  London, November 30���4.30 a. '111.���  Twelve hours' reflection upoui geueral  Methuen's brief dispatch has only served  to increase public anxiety and suspense.  All kinds of speculation is indulged in  over the absence of any indication as to  whether the Boers occupied the north or  south bank of Modder river. The best  opinion inclines to the latter theory, and  it is pointed out that the British must  have been utterly exhausted if they  could not follow up the fleeing Boers and  crush them, asthe enemy crowded over  the bridge, their compulsory line of retreat.   -  The Morning Post's military correspondent, 'who has "usually shown great ability, suggests that the Boers are still on  the south side of the river, and that the  bridge is in their hands. He points out  the great danger to the small British  force that crossed on pontoons. The importance attached to this pontooning operation is proved by the fact that general  Pole-Care was one of the only two brigadier-generals who were selected to superintend it. No word has since arrived  either from general Methuen noryfroni  Natal.   Speculation therefore is useless.  It Is believed that general Methuen  will be instantly reinforced from Cape  Town by two battalions of infantry, a  detachment of cavalry, and a battery of  artillery.   ,.  Colonel Albreeht, who is directing the  work of the Boers iu opposing general  Methuen, was originally an officer in the  Austrian army. He entered the Free  State army, and soon brought its artillery to a high state of efficiency. He is  known as_<__n able a_rtilleryist_and_strate__  gist.  Some surprise is expressed at the fact  that general Methuen's troops had to  fight without food or water. It seems,  however, that he is not using tinned rations. He seizes and pays for fresh food.  Usually he begins a march about 3 in the  morning, after a breakfast of cocoa.  Then he does his fighting or marching,  and afterwards pitches his camp near the  best water, dining when his transport arrives. The afternoons arc given over to  resting. Only bare necessities are allowed.  As one correspondent, describes it, the  British are fighting an omnipresent, but  almost invisible foe. Unstinted admiration is everywhere expressed for the  splendid work of general Methuen's column. Witli a force really inadequate, he  he has marched fifty-three miles and  fought three battles within seven days.  While no credence is given to the rumor that Ladysmith has fallen, the scare  serves to impress the public with the  danger of what is still within the bounds  of possibility. Such a misfortune would  probably produce a formidable revolt  among the Cape Dutch.  The Daily News .says: "Whatever  comes we must brace our nerves to meet  it. Certainly today it looks as if we had  before us a very stern and earnest struggle, before we see our way clear to final  victory."          Revised List of the Killed and Wounded.  London, November 29.���A revised list  of the British casualties at Belnioht  shows: Officers killed 4, wounded 22?  non-commissioned officers and privates  killed 46, wounded 225, of which number  the Guards had 35 killed aud 150  wounded,  POLITICIANS  ARE  EXCHANCINQ  Letters.Yards Long.  Victoria, November 29.���[Special   to  The Tribune.]���One evidence of the poli-  titians' belief in |the proximity of a general provincial election is an  acrimonous  discussion now in progress in the columns  of the Colonist on. the attitude of that  paper   against    dividing    on   Dominion  party lines. _ McPhillips, one of the members for Victoria, has somewhat pointedly  challenged  the  right of'this long-recognized organ of the party to speak  for  them in this matter, and classes it with  many distinguished, but disaffected Liberals, who on .street corners waylay Conservative members with advice as to the  course   they   should   , pursue.      Gordon  Hunter,   who   comes   under   the   latter  class, has taken up the cause against McPhillips, and they are exchanging  open  letters   yards   long.     In   the meantime  there is evidence of departure from the  radical policy characteristic of the  government   under Joe Mat-tin's .direction.  One instance now attracting attentiou is  that of the Fernie townsite title, which-  has lateiy been issued by the provincial  government, though Martin had advised  to the contrary,  and  was  prepared to  contend  in  the courts that the  British  Columbia   Southern   Railway  Company  had forfeited their provincial land grant  by the act of taking a Dominion charter,  which he held superseded the  provincial  charter, of which the land grant  was an  attachment.  ONE MONTH'S^ PROFITS WERE  Over Four Hundred Thousand Dollars.  New York, November 29.���The police  authorities today permitted the newspaper men to glance over the books of the  Franklin Syndicate at the Vernon avenue  police station, Brooklyn. The records<  show that almost until the last flourish  bf William E. Miller's trumpet, there was  public confidence;.iu the concern to the  extent of thousands of dollars. There  were a dozen ledgers, journals and cash  books. For the most part these account  books were blank, but there were figures  in. plenty to show what an enormous  business: was carried on. There were  probably 2000 names entered altogether,  almost every section of the United States  and Canada having representation in the  ciientle in amounts ranging from $10 to  $1000. These figures are interesting reading: October 27 th and 28th, total paid  out $3485,.total received $59,370; November 3rd, received $03,355, paid out $4224;  November 16th";-paid out $14,569, taken  in $50,897. Oneof the ledgers shows this  balance for the period from October 11th  to November 17th: Total paid out $219,-  650, total received $620,545, balance $404,-  880.    Finance Minister Banqueted.  New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, November 29.���Hon. Mr. Fielding was banqueted  by the Liberals here last night. He delivered a speech dealing with the policy  of the government and replying to the  criticism of the opposition.  ployed. The staff now numbers ten men.  Work has been resumed on the Standard group, under contract. It was recently bonded by G. Dean of Three  Forks.    The Hay Not Up to Grade.  Boston, November 29.���The sailing of  the steamer Montauk, which has been  loading hay for South Africa, has been  delayed a number of days, as much of  the hay has failed to pass inspection.  This delay is not only unsatisfactory to  the British government, as the hay is  greatly needed by the cavalry in South  Africa, but it is also a matter of no small  expense to the government, as the demurrage on the steamer is $150 a day.  The Canadian oflicials acting for the  British government have agreed to get  the .steamer Montauk at Cape Town by  the 1st day of January, however.  Protesting Against Military Rule in Idaho.  New York, November 28.���At a meeting to protest against the treatment of  the Coeur d'Alene miners at Wardner,  Idaho, held at Cooper Union tonight under the auspices of the Central Federated  Unions, resolutions were adopted protesting against the action of the Wardner authorities in imprisoning the miners  and the inaction of the authorities at  Washington, and demanding of the president of the United States that those  incarcerated miners receive a speedy trial  by jury.   ACENT OF A MILLING COMPANY  ** frtf ��***.*?**._. fr*��M.***f*��^  **���  w  ��_>  *  *  Or  tit  *  u>  Ut  )_)  CANADIAN CONTINGENT ARRIVES AT CAPE TOWN  Cape Town, November 29.���The Allan line steamer Sardinian,  from Quebec, October 30th, with the Canadian contingent, one  thousand strong, has arrived here.  ^_HM-*M-*��-*)<*-r��-��l��^  m  <r��  m  m  <r  m  -*n  m  _*  THE BOER WAR WAS INEVITABLE  c   Says Mr. Chamberlain.  London, November 29.���Addressing a  meeting of 7000 this evening, Joseph  Chamberlain devoted the main part of  his speech to a justification of the government's policy in South Africa, and to  a refutation of the arguments of the  earl of Kimberley, sir Henry Campbell-  Bannerman and others. "According to  sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman," said  Mr. Chamberlain, "we ought to have  skulked back to our holes when Kruger  refused to listen to our peaceful representations. That would have lost us  South Africa, weakened our hold upon  India, and earned us the contempt of  mankind." He reiterated that war was  inevitable, although doubtless Mr. Kruger would have preferred to wait until  England was involved with some other  power.  Referring to the conditions under wliich  the Gladstone government granted the  convention of J 888, he denied that the  grant was made because Mr. Gladstone  feared a general Dutch rising. "The real  reason," he asserted, "was because the  Gladstone government believed the annexation of the Transvaal in 1877 occurred under a misapprehension by lord  Beaconsfield that a majority of the Boers  desired annexation. It was afterwards  proved that this was not their desire, and  the annexation was cancelled."  Referring to the basis and conditions  of .settlement after the war, Mr. Chamberlain said: "J do not like to divide the  skin before I have caught the bear, but I  must insist that the Boers by their own  action have created a clean .sheet upon  which we can write what we please; and  I feel convinced that our loyal fellow-  subjects iu Gape Colony and Natal would  regard no solution as durable, which did  not provide beyond the shadow of a  doubt for the supremacy of the British  flag, the only guarantee of settled peace  and the only security for the just treatment of al! the races of South Africa."  MORE OR LESS ACTIVITY IN THE  Gamps Around Slocan Lake.  New Denver, November 29.���The Calumet and Hecla group, situated on the  Dayton creek divide, has been bonded to  J. C. Shook of Slocan City, who has Ontario capital interested with him. The  pi^'^mvo^vedj^s $35,000,jvi_th_a_payment,  down. Messrs. Clement, Nelson and Mulvey are the owners of the group, which  is looked upon as a big proposition, the  ledge being upwards of 40 feet in width,  A crosscut tunnel has been driven upwards of 200 feet, cutting the ledge at  good depth. The bonders put a small  force of men to work this -week, and they  will continue developing throughout tlie  winter. It is thought a mill will bo  erected later on to reduce the ore for  shipment.  The Mollie Hughes is making a 30-ton  shipment of ore to the Trail smelter this  week. Ore i.s still being taken out of tho  workings, though the bulk of the shipment was sortings from previous operations.  Twenty men were put to work Monday  building a wagon road from Slocan City  to Lemon creek, iu the interests of the  Warner-Miller syndicate.  Morris Davis and Charles Heinze purpose developing the Mollie, on Ten-mile,  this winter, They have finished a cabin  and blacksmith shop and got things in  good shape, hi the upper workings a  four-inch streak of promising ore, carrying copper, was struck during the summer.  The Oregon City, Ten-mile, was exported this week by J. K. Clark of this  town.  The Payne has commenced a new crosscut tunnel to tap the ledge. Four men  are employed under contract.  Dr. Gomm, who recently pnrchesed almost all of the Get-There-KIi group on  Twelve-mile creek from 0, W. Harrington, will stock the property through  Vancouver parties.  Several improvements are being  effected at the Miller Creek mine, and  when completed three shifts will be em- :  Discourses on Prices of Provisions.  J. McMartin, agent of the Lake' of the  Woods Milling Company for the Kootenay country, is in town for a* few days.  Speaking of the exceptionally low price  for wheat and other cereal products, he  said: "The reason for the low price of  farm grains at the present time is the  shortness of time required to produce a  crop. When the recent impetus came to  all lines of industry, none of the industrial occupations offered a quicker return than the ceieals of the faim.  Where two to thiee years aie required  to produce and place on the roaiketa*  beef steer, floui may 1 each the consumer-  in six months. The price of all products  is iuprh*"- -"''an it has been for years,-a"-."  is certain to temam high for some time  to come.  "Manitoba f.uineis are being paid 50  to 5,> cents for their wheat, while in comparison to beef and pork, wheat ought to  be worth close to one dollar a bushel.  Wheat in tlie Palouse country is selling  as low as 36 cents per bushel, 'while- the  price of cattle, hogs and sheep for stock  purposes is simply prohibitory.  ''The Lake of the Woods Milling Gom-  pany paid an 8 per cent dividend on Septembei' 1st, and are now about to increase tlieir capital stock $1,000,000. The  company operates two mills, one at Kee-  watin, Ontario, better known as the Lake  of the Woods, and the other at Portage  la Prairie, Manitoba. The former has a  capacity of 3000 barrels per day and the  latter a capacity of 1000 barrel*?."  Quick Mail Service.  Greenwood, one of the chief towns in  Boundary district, is distant 118 miles  from-Nelson.���The two- towns-are-eon-  nected by a railway, over which trains  run daily. Letters dated at Greenwood  on the 26th and postmarked the 27th  reached Nelson on the 29th. These letters should reach Nelson the day un  which they are mailed ; but the postoffice  officials prefer to send nil letters that are  mailed at Greenwood for Nelson to Rossland first, where they are held up for sixteen hours and then forwarded on to  their destination.  A LATE ARRIVAL FROM DAWSON  Says that City is Booming.  G. M. Dyer, whose arrival from Dawsori  was mentioned in Thk Tribun.: yesterday, reports having  left  Dawson on October 29th.   The river  closed up first 011  the 17th and opened  again  on the 29th.  The weather was quite cold, with considerable snow.    Mr.  Dyer thinks Dawsori  will see the best year  of its history the  coming summer.    Labor  is scarce on account of the surplus population going to  Cape Nome.    Wages are $1 to $1.25 per  hour,  and  provisions  reasonably cheap  The Klondike wage-earner ought to make  a good stake from the opening of operations  this  fall   until  the  clean-up next  June.  Dawsoii is having a boom. An electric  street railway is being built .through the  city, which will cross the Klondike river  and connect Dawson City and Klondike  City. The rails are partially laid and  construction is being pushed. It is proposed to exteud this line up the Klondike  river to the mouth of Bonanza creek and  thence to Grand Porks, at the forks of  Bonanza and Eldorado. The line will be  constructed if a charter can be secured  from parliament.  Mr. Dyer has been in the Yukon country since 189(5. Ho is interested in  Hunker and Dominion creek claims, aiid  thinks that the Dominion is the greatest  creek in the Klondike district. The pay-  streak on that creek, which is a very  wide one, is being Avorked for fifteen  miles. When asked what the output for  next season would be, he replied: "I do  not see how it can fall below $2*5,000,000.  The production for this past season,  according to the royalties receipted for  by the government, was over $17,000,000.  The revenue to the government being  something over $800,000. With the enormous amount of improved machinery  being u-**ed this winter, such as steam  thawers, engines, 'pumps,- hoisters, etc.,  together with the increased number of  mines being operated over that of .-last  year, 1 hardly see how it is possible-for  my estimate of $25,000,000 to be far  wrong, at least to be wrong on the short  side."  The Bazaar is a Success.  The ladies of the Presbyterian church  are meeting with gratifying success in  holding their bazaar. The room was  crowded yesterday during the afternoon,  and during the evening hours the dinner  tables were constantly filled. The room  ib beautifully and tastefully decorated  with potted plants and cut flowers and'  the national cokns. There aie many  beautiful and dainty things for - sale,  > r�� �� tly rs_ th. shape f>i fancy woiJc pro- -  ductions. tTIic prize offered in the candle  contest is an elegant lamp. Tlie committees which are iu charge of the fair  are as follows: Work committee���Mesdames Arthur, Miller, C, L. Wilson,  W.J. Wilson, MeKinnon, Laur, (Jannell,  McGhie, and Mi**>s Gurd. Refreshment  committee��� Mesdames McCulloch, La-  mont, Church, Bannciman, Chittiek, McKay, Shaw, McArthur, and Miss Dancy.  Candy committee���Mesdames Robertson,  McMorris and Wright. The music is "in  charge of Mi s. Rason. Tliere is a large  stock of chrysanthemums for sale and  many Oilier varieties of flowers aud  plants. An afternoon tea will be served  today after 2 o'clock p.111.  '    Fletcher Not a Chronic Office-Seeker.  Tlie Economist is off the fence on one  question. It favors the candidacy of  alderman Fletcher for mayor on tlio  ground that lie is not a chronic office-  seeker. Mr. Fletcher sought office in  1S97, in 1898, and in 1899, and according  to the Economist will seek office in 1900.  Thin is a fairly steady hunt for office,  seeing that the first civic election was  held in Nelson in April, 1S97.  Rossland a Five-Cent Beer Town.  Advices from Rossland are that the  two breweries there liave raised the price  of beer from $8 to $10 per barrel, claiming that there was no money in it for  them at the former price. They say that  if the salooninen do not like it, they can  raise the price of beer from 5 cents to 10  cents. The salooninen do not like the  idea, as they say people who have been  used to drinking 5 cent beer do not like  the 10-cent brand.  Banks Fifth.  Although Nelson has a population considerably under 10,000, it has a jewelry  store that is only excelled by four others  in Canada, Jacob Dover's jewelry store  is classed as the fifth largest ill the whole  of the Dominion.  The Application Withdrawn.  A meeting of the public works commit-  I tee w as held yesterday afternoon, when  it was announced by alderman Hillyer  that P. Burns & Co. had withdiawn their  request for permission to make n con-  tractrwith the'Wes^Kootenay "Power &"*"*  Light Company for a supply of power.  Tliis disposed of the question with 10-  spect to the entrance into the city of the  West Kootenay Power & Light Company.  An informal discussion took place as to  what the tramway company should do to  put it- tails in a shape to satisfy tlie city  engineer, but the consideration of the  matter was deferred until the regular  meeting   of    the    council     on   Monday  City Wharf Bylaw is Dropped.  Present indications aie that the bylaw  to rai-u Js'.IOOQ for the icpair of tiie city  wharf will not be submitted to the ratepayers on Tuesday, December .".th, with  the other bylaws. The tioublc appears  to bo th.tt the city council bungled the  niattoi and intioducod tlie bylaw at a  special meeting of the council instead of  at a i egular meeting, as it is held it should  have been intioduced. It is held that  the business tiaiiaaeted at tho special  meeting has no force or effect and that,  therefore, tho voting upon the other bylaws will proceed as if the special meeting h.id never been held, the bylaw for  the lepair of the whaif being dropped.  The Other Side.  "What are you jumping on the express  companies* for?" was a question that was  asked the writer on Josephine street  yesterday by the manager of a largo  wholesale house doing business in Nelson,  and the answer given was not ut all satisfactory. The manager warming up ��aid:  "Both express companies doing business  at Nelson are a great help to business  men, and never come in competition with  our business houses. Often when we get  stuck, the express companies help us out."  Apparently, there are two sides to even  the Express Question.  ~-9sJ THE  TRIBUTE:  NELSON, B. C. THURSDAY NOVEMBER 30  1899.  W  B  B  ia*^i  _sa  ���^%_s^  :S^  *&&&&&'&&*&*&*&*&'&  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  A Few Suggestions For  Shrewd  Buyers  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  Twenty yards heavy striped flannellette for $1.00.  Heavy bleached sheeting, plain or twilled at 24c per yard.  Heavy bleached sheeting, 21 yards wide at 28c per yard.  Pure linen towels at 20c per pair.  Large bleached bath towels at 20c per pair.  22 inch Japanese silk at 30c per yard.  27 inch Japanese silk at Joe per yard.  Ladies' corsets at 50c and 7no per pair.    See them.  Children's corset waists at S5e per pair.  Ladies'Josephine kid gloves, black or colored, regular  price  $1.50, our  price $1 a pair.  A few ladies' wrappers, marked price $2.50, will sell for $1.40 each.  Ladies' flanuelete niglit dresses from 50c each up to $3.  Ladies' white cambric night dresses from 75c up to $3.50 each.  Remember these goods are perfectly new, not the remnants of the past  year's business.  If goods not satisfactory money will be refunded.  #  #  #  #  MARTIN O'REILLY & GO.  Ok  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS.  _T*E3*R3_IS   C-__S__C  ���A?  mm  mmm  1. (Z>.C='.C=l>t=>.!=>.t&'&-C=>-C='.<=2.C=2'tk  knight bachelor in 1884, was president of  the British Association for the Advancement of Science in 1880, and was chosen  president of the American Geological  Society in 1893.  .Sir William was one of the few geologists of this continent to enjoy a wide reputation abroad. His work was -largely  that of the student in the laboratory,  and his views those of the man of letters,  rather than of the careful yet broad-  minded field geologist. Consequently his  contributions to science are not, outside  of his work in carboniferous paleontology, regarded as of high authority by  American geologists. None the less, his  life was a fine and noble one. His writings Avere widely read, and his influence  will be felt for years. To him the Canadian Geological Survey owes much of its  reputation. His religious views, and the  esteem in which he was held by all who  knew him, doubtless led the Canadian  government to appropriate money for investigating the resources of the Dominion, which a bolder, less conservative  man would not have obtained. The  great work that the survey is carrying  out, and the famous university at Montreal, built up largely by his endeavors,  will be his best memorials.  &.&��&  m  mm  m  ��� -T-'a*,'-.'*;  mm  SPECIAL SALE  OF MILLINERY  FRED IRVINE & CO.  36 BAKER STREET  B  SPECIAL   SALE  OF CARPETS  Our Silk Handkerchiefs for Christmas trade are now to hand  A large assortment to select from, 15c and up.  MEN'S OUTFITTER  Sign ot the RED  HAT, Baker St., Nelson  J. F. WEIR  Wholesale  Houses  A.  GROCERIES.  MACDONALD & CO.���Coi nor Vornon nnd Josephine sheet., wholesale grocers and jobbers in  blankets, glo\ es, mitts, boots, i libbers, mackinaws and  minora' sundries.   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Nothing.  trade  doing in  to  Bon n-  lege there,  where   liis  natural bent for  scientific  research  became  evident.    At  the age of  22  lie  met  Sir Charles Lyell,  and accompanied him on a scientific tour  of Nova  .Scotia,  giving special attention  to the carboniferous  rocks and such vestiges of life as were to be found in them.  In   1840  he   was   in   Scotland   studying  chemistry at   the   University of   Edinburgh, and on his return to Nova Scotia  in 1850, lie applied  his  knowledge to investigating the natural  history of Nova  Scotia and New Brunswick.    The results  of   these   investigations   appear   in   his  "Acadian Geology."    Iu  1850 he was appointed superintendent  of education for  Nova Scotia, and was associated with the  first normal school there.    In 1855, he became principal  and  professor of natural  history at McGill University at Montreal,  which positions  he  held till his resigna-  ii&n in 1803.    His fame tis a*8.-"_direator  is connected inseparably with the growth  and influence of this institution.  Sir William's reputation ab a geologist  rests upon .his investigations of the fossil  remains contained in the pal.i-o._oic rocks  of Eastern Canada, and iu this field he i.s  recognized as an authority  both  in this  country and in  Europe.   While his opposition   to  the* origin  of   species  that  were promulgated  by Darwin  and  the  Darwinian school of geologists, kept him  from being regarded as a leader, he made  many discoveries of importance, and his  writings cover  many  subjects.    He discovered the first fossil reptile in the coal  formation of America, and also the first  known paheozoic* laud-snail.    In 1803, sir  William issued his "Air Breathers of the  Coal Period," an account  of the reptiles  and other land animals found in the Nova  Scotia coal-beds.     Some years  later  he  claimed to have found in a pre-Cambrian  limestone   the   oldest   known   form  of  animal life, the Eozoon Canadense.    This  discovery created widespread discussion,  and the~fossil"-"iiature of the-so-called ve~  mains is still doubted.    .Sir William published also two volumes on the "Devonian  and Carboniferous Flora of Eastern North  America,"   one  of   the most important  contributions ever made to our knowledge  of the plant life of the carboniferous era.  Among   his other  work*-  are  a "Handbook of Geography and Natural IlisLory  in Nova Scotia," "Areiea or Sfcudie*.   of  Creation in Geuesis,"  "The Origin of bhe  World," "Foshi! Men  and  Their Modern  Representatives,"   "The Change of  Life  in Geological Timet*," and "The  Story of  Earth and Man."    lie travelled in Egypt  and Syria in  1884, and after hi*,  return  wrote "Modern Science in   Bible  Lands,"  and "Modern Ideas  of   Evolution."    J lis  last work was on the "Canadian Ico Age,"  whieh   appeared   iu   1893.   Beside-* the  writings enumerated, he was'  a contributor to  the "Proceedings of tiie London  Geological Society," and to many  scientific, educational  and  religious  publications iu Canada, the  United  States  and  Great Britain.    He held degrees and honors from  various  universities, including  that   of L.L.D. from  the  University of  Edinburgh, and from Columbia.    In 1882  he received the Lyell medal of the Geological   Societj**   of   London, was   made a  And Good Britons All.  General Buller, whose whereabouts is  keeping the world guessing, is English ;  while general White, the undismayed  and manly defender of Ladysmith, is  Irish. Colonel Baden-Powell, the picturesque hero of the defence of Mafeking, is  again English; while general Wolfe-Murray, in command at Pietermaritzburg. is  Scotch. General Methuen is also Scotch,  while genera] Clery is Irish, and geueral  Gatacre Scotch again. Cecil Rhodes is,  of course, English, while sir Alfred Milner rounds out the list nicely by being a  Manxman. It is the British Empire that  is at war in Soutli Africa.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  Annual Fall Sale of Dry Goods  COMMENCES  WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 22  Bargains-in Every Department-Bargains  B  B  B  B  B  Dress   Goods   in    navy   and  black,     all     wool    Storm  Serges,  sale price, 35c per  yard.  Fancy    Novelties    in    Dress  Pattern Lin tings Costumes,  at half price.  Ladies' Jackets and  Mantles  at less than cost.  White    Saxony   Flannel    at  20c per yard.  White Canton Flannel at 5c  per yard up.  Eider Flannels, in all colors,  40c per yard.  Ladies' Cashmere Hose 25c.  Ladies' French Kid Gloves,  every pair guaranteed;  worth $1.50, for $1  a pair.  Ladies' and Children's Hemmed Handkerchiefs, from  5c up.  Linen Roller Traveling from  5c a yard up.  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Notice is hereby given that Harry Howard Dunbar of  "Duncan City, in the county of Kootenay, British Colmn-    '       '     deed dated tho 31st   day of  .    . ty -      -        -   -  I_9!), assigned ail hit, personal e.tnte, credits and  Comer Victoria, and Kootenay Street*).  P. O* BOX -M9    -TKLEPHONK NO, GG  Fop Sale GheaB  fcvorythinjr in and about an hotel building at Creston,  a station on the Crow's Nest Pass Hallway. Will be sold  either an a whole or separately. Apply to Charles F.  Olson, Ainswortli, 11. (.'.  hux, hctclkccpor, has  October, M99. assigned  i ctFcct*, whieh may be seized and held under execution  and alibis teal estate to William Simpson of Duncan  City, aforesaid, merchant, in trust for the benefit of the  "'realtors of tho said Harry Howard Dunbar. Tlie .said  deed was executed by tho said Harry Howard Dunbar  on tho 3ist day of October, 1890, and by the _aid William  Simpson on the qth day of November, 2890. All persons  having claims against the_a'd Hurry Howard Dunbar  arc requested to forward puiticulars of the some, duly  verified, and stating what ncourity, if any, is held fer t he  .same, to the said William Simpson on or before the 14th  <��a>- of December, 18JW, after which d..to the wild "William  Simpson will proceed to distribute the assets of the e&tate  amongst those entitled thcieto. having regard only io the  claims of which he shall then have had* notice. -All per*  . sons indebted to tl��o,sai��l Harry Howard Dunbar are required to pay such indebtedness forthwith to the said  William Siiripson.  ��� A meeting of the creditors of the said Harry. -Howard  Diihbar will bo held at the offices of McAnn & llackay,  barristers, b ront street, Kaslo, 11. C, on Wednesday the  22nd day of November, ISiiO, at 3 o'clock p.m.  ���_   ._,v. _   _, WILLIAM SIMPSON,Trustee  McANN & MACKAY, Solicitors for the Truatoe,  Dated tho Oth day ot November. 1839.  ir THE TRIBUNE:. KELSON B.C., THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 30 1899.  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up,    -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATHCONA AND  MT   ROYAL, President  Hon. GKO. A. DRUMMOND. Vice-President  E   8. CLOUSTON General Manager  _NT__]__SO_**T   _BRJ_.3SrO*_3:  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       BRANCHES IN       LONDON (Hngland).  MW YORK,  CHICAGO  and in the principal cities in Canada.  THE BANK OF  NELSON  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers  GRANT COMUKRCUL AND TRAVELLERS' CREDITS,  available in any part of the world.  DRAB-TS I88UK_)    COLLECTIONS MADE; ETC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OK INTKRKST PAID  ���  SHELL   FIRE.  To enlighten those who are eagerly  following the descriptive'reports of the  battles in South Africa some brief  account of tlie varieties of artillery fire,  and peculiar conditions suitable to the  employment of each, may not come  amiss, says the Daily Graphic. It may be  stated at.once that with one solitary exception���the* spherical star shell made  for the 6.3-inch howitzer���all modern  artillery projectiles are, of _ elongated  conoid.il form, and that forged steel has  superseded cast-iron in their construction,  for the very simple reason that the  former material gives a longer projectile  with thinner Avails, and that, consequently, a larger bursting charge and  space for more destructive factors can be  obtained with the sitme total weight.  Common shell have been described as  "locomotive mines," and are intended  principally for the destruction of material and for rauge-finding purposes,  though they are sometimes used, at  both short and long ranges, against  troops in mass or against troops iu line.  It is desirable that a common shell should  contain as powerful a bursting charge as  possible, and efficiency in this respect has  been much increased by the adoption of  lyddite in lieu of powder. Except for  range-finding purposes, common shell are  rarely fired by field batteries, and never  by horse batteries. They are pre-eminently the projectiles for field howitzers,  and in the new 5 inch variety of this  weapon, which is to supersede all others,  they weigh when full fifty pound*-*, aud  contain a lyddite bursting charge of five  pounds and one ounce. An incendiary  .star, consisting of a brown paper cylinder about two inches long, paraffined  and filled with incendiary composition,  and primed "at each end with a quick  match, is inserted in tlie plug-hole when  the object i.s to desuoy buildings or  stockades. Common shell are exploded  by means of percussion fuses, which ignite on striking the object or ground.  Tho limit for error permissable in the  ease of common -.hell is very small; it  must burst at or close to the object to be  pffective. Common shell are painted  black. Double shell, a moie powerful  variety, are distinguished by a blue  point.  FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors   Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring"  lopsal and coast.  Newel Posts ���  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Bough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  what you want is nob in stock we will make it for you  CALL AND GET PRICKS.  HALL AND LAKE STREETS. NELSON  WILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  _T  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A large stock of -rat-clans dry material on band,  also  a full lino of tiash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard: Foot of Hendiyjc street, Nelson  Telephone, 91  John Rae, Agent  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. $., Atliq, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yuk,or( District.  Shrapnel���This projectile i.s used  against troops in all formations. It contains a bursting charge, placed either in  the base or in the head���the latter is the  latest pattern���just sufficient to open  the shell, aud a number of bullets,  which are thus liberated in their  flight at the proper moment, rain  down over nearly an acre of ground.  The shrapnel shell used by the 12-  pounder Horse Artillery gun contains  102 bullets, those by the 15-pounder field  gun 210 bullets, and those by the 5-inch  field howitzer from 318 to 350. bullets.  The striking effect of the bullets is dependent upon the remaining velocity of  the shell at burst, aud upon the exact  timing of the explosion, so as to inflict  the most destructiAre consequence on the  objects aimed at: Case shot will be found  with all guns on field service. It consists  of a thin metal cylinder, packed with  balls. The case breaking by the discharge, the balls are all liberated by the  time they reach the muzzle, and spread  over a considerable space.  Shell fire does not cause much damage  in actual loss of life, but the moral effect  is great, troops under shell fire not being  able to stand the strain which the terrifying influences the fire creates.  CORPORATION  OF THE  CITY OF NELSON  currency thereof, and it shall be expressed in said Debentures arid.coupons to bo so payable.  5. It-shall be lawful for tne'Mayor of said Corporation  to negotiate and sell the said Debentures or any of them  for less than par; but in no case Shall the said Debentures  or any of them be negotiated or sold for less than ninety-  five per centum of their face value, including the cost of  negotiating and sale, brokerage and all incidental expenses. ���  il. There shall bo raised and levied in each year during  the currency of said Debentures the mini of three hundred and sixty dollars (S.'HiO.OO) for tho payment of Interest and tlie sum of one hundred and forty-two dollarsand  sixty-flve cents for the payment of the debt due under  the said Debentures by a rate sufficient therefor on all  the rateable land in tho said Municipality.  7. It shall be lawful for the said Municipal Council to  re-purchase any of the said Debentures upon such terms  as may be agreed upon with the legal holder or holders  thereof, or any part thereof, cither at the time of sale or  any subsequent time or times, anil all Debentures so repurchased shall forthwith be cancelled und destroyed,  and no re-issuo of Debentures so repurchased shall be  made in consequence of such re-purchase.  ��� 8. This By-law shall take ell'ect on the 7th day of  December A.I). 18!I9.  The Tremoflt Hotel  NOTICK.  of the pro-  *b*_t-_____-w asro. 57  A By-law for stopping up and closing certain Streets and  Alloys in tho City of Nelson and empowering the Council to convey such Streets and Alleys so stopped up and  closed to tho Canadian Pacific Railway Company, and  also  foi   exempting   said  Railway  Company   from  taxation. .  Whereas, it has been agreed between the Corporation  of the City of Nelson and tho Canadian Pacific Railway  Company that the said Company will establish the City  of Nolson as a divisional point on their line of railway,  and will construct round houses and other buildings incidental to said divisional point. .    .  Antl, whereas, it is deemed advisable to close up certain portions of streets and allevs hereinafter described  within the limits of the Cit j of Nelson, and to oon\ oj the  same to (ho O.ui.idu.n PuciHc Kailway Company.  And, wheieas, it is fuithoi deemed.ulvisahlo to e*ccnipt  all the leal and pcisoiuil piopeitj of tho s,ud Company  of which the. now arc oi may heieaflei becomo owners  or lessees, which now is 01 may hcru.iftci be used, occupied, lequiied 01 inci ent.il to the operation of their-js-  tciu of lailWpi.. within the Cit} of Nelson fiom iiiunicip.il  tiiMiti ��n for the pciiod of ten join, fiom the ilnal puss-  age of this B j-l.iw.  And, whereas m tho opinion of ihe Council such por  tionsof Sti eetsandAlIoys.il e uot lequirfdfoi coi pirate  pin poses.  Thwefoii', the Municipal Council of the Coipor.itiori of  the City of Nelson in Council assembled cnuctsastollbwa:  1 Thatthe following portions of theStieeti and Alley*?  within the limits of Ihe Cits of Nelbon, namely. Veinon  Stieet, from a, line diawn from the northeast corner of  blo-(v bS, di.igon.ill. <ici oss Vei non feticet easteilj tothe  southwest coinei ofthe Columbia and Kootenay riucht  of waj of then line of iailwaj to the terminus of Vernon Stieet at the v. esterlr end of block !*<> in said Cit} ;  Baker tin eet, from its westerly lntei section with H ll-  wuy Stieet to its intersection with Veinon Stroet; Vic(-  ton.i Stieet. fiom llswcsterlj mtei .potion with Itailwaj  Stieet to its liitericction with Vernon Sheet; Slocan  Street, fiom its soiithcily midsection with "Victoua  Stieet to its uoitheil} intcisection with Veinon Stieet;  and al**o the Line oi Alley extending fiom ltailway Street  tluough Blocks 90,ind 81) to Vernon Stieot; all being ac  coiding to the in.ip oi pl.m of Mib division of lot 93, group  one, Kootenay chstnot. be and the s.inic are hereby de  tlaied stopped up and closed.  2. That the said ("it. of Ncl&on be and they .lie hereby  ompoweied to sell to tho Canadian P.icillc Itailwaj Company the said pot tions of streets and alleys m thp next  preceding pciriigmph dCMsiibed, and the Majot and Citj  Cleik aie nerob} uutlioii/cd to sign .md seal a proper  conveyance of s.imc to the sa d Canadian Pacific Kail  wa} Gompanj, and the *aid Count il may accept in pay-  nicnttheicfot* eithei t.ish orrcul piopeitj.  .1. It is fmtlu'i unacted that all the real and personal  proper!} now oi hereafter owned or leased by the  Ouii.dian Pacific ltailway Companj, and which is noyv  or may be hcieafter used mid occupied, requiiud or mci  dental tothe openiLion of Micir lailvtuy system within  the limits of the Citj of Nelson, shall be exempt from  Municipal taxation foi a tonodof ten yoaih from the  tlnalpabSpiije of this 11}-law.  4. This B} law .shall take effect ou the fifteenth d.ij of  Dccembei A.D , 18'&   NOTICK  Take notice that the .ibo \ e is a true copy of tho proposed B}-Iu,yv upon y\hich the vote ofthe Met-tor. of the  Municipality will be taken . for tho Iuist Waid .it the  Fire Hall on Josephine stieet, for the West VV urd at the  office of the Kxchequer Gold Mining Company on the  north side of Baker stieotrhutyyeeii-stanleyand Koote  11.13 sheets, m tho City of Nelson, on Tuesday, the Jlfth  day of December next, between tlie hours of 8 o'clock  .i in. and 1 o'clock p ill.  J  K STRACHAN, City Clerk.  Nelson, B C, November 22nd, 1899.  CORPORATION OF THE CiTY OF NELSON  B*-_r-*__,.A.*W-  3STO.   5Q  A Bj-lnw to mme eight thousand dollars ($8000.00) to ex-  lend the WuterworksSjbtcm.  Wheieas, a petition has been piesonted to lhc Municipal Council of lhc CorpoinUim of Lit- Cit j of pN'clson,  signed by tho oyyncisof ut least one-tenth ot tho .alue of  tlieieal proport} of the wild City, asshown b} the last  icvihcd Ahhot-smcnt 1'��". icquesting the said Council to  introduce aUj-hu*. to raise thotmin of eight thousand  dollai��438000.00), forthe mirpoxe of extending the YViitor-  yy01 ks fejstem of the said City.  And. whereas, it is deemed necvKMiiy iiml expedient to  extend the Wutei yyotks !_j stem of the City of Nelson for  ilii> com cnioncc of tho ali/ens and for (Ire piotection  And, wildcat*. It is expedient to bonow the .said sum  of eight thousand dollais (ffidOO.OO) for the pui poses  uf oicsaid  And, whereas, tho vi hole amount of the rateable land  of the said Cit}, accoidmg to the lastiovi. cd Assessment  Roll is one million one hundicd aud lift} m. thousand  and twent} flvedollam (Sl.l'iU.IB.'i 00).  And, whctcdH, it will ho necessary to uiise anuuaJIy by  rate tlie sum of llye hundred and two dollarsand s_\l}-  HyecetitH (S502.S3) for pa} ing the said debtand inteicst.  Now, theiefoic, the Municipal Council of the Corpoiation of the Citj of Nolson enacts as follows:  1 It shall and ma} he lawful foi the Ma} or of the Cor-  por.ition of the City of Xeloon to borrow, upon the credit  of the s.iid Corporation, b> waj of the Dcbentui es hereinafter mentioned, from any person or peioons, body or  bodies corpoiafe, yvho may be willing to advance the  same as a loan, a sum ot money not oxceeding m the  w hole the sum of eight thousand doll vs (��8000 00), and to  c.iusc all such sums so raised.or received to be paid-mto  the hands of the Treasurer of the said Corporation for  the purposes and with the objects hcicinbefore recited  t It snail oe law ful foi the Ma} or of tho said Corpora-  t.on to c.viihc any number of Debentures t o be made, executed and issued for such mini or Mini*, as m.iy be ic  quired for the purpose and ob.cct aforesaid, not exceeding, howevei, Uiobum of eight thousand dollai s(��8000 00),  each of the smd Debeiituies being of the denomination of  one thousand dollars (81000.00), and all such Debentures  shall be sealed with the seal of the Coipoiation ,md  higntdbj tho .Ma} or thereof.  It The said Debentures shall bear date the 20th dni of  January, A.D. WOO. and shall bo made p.vynblu in thirty-  years Iiom the said date, in lawful money of Canada, at  the ollite of tho Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid,  which sud place of payment shiill be dtMgnat" d by the  said Debentures, and shall hayc attached lo them  coupons foi the pa} ment of interest anil the t-.tgna.uicH  tothe intcrost coupons may be either written, ���Uuupe_,  printed or hthogiaphed.  _, The said Dcbentuieb shall benrinterest at therate of  _i per centum per annum from tbe date ithcroof, which  interest shall bo payable semiannually at said ofllco of  tho Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful  money" of Canada, on the 20th Any of January and the  Olli day of July respectively, in each year during the  Take notice that the above is a truo copy  posed By-luw upon wliich tlie vote of the Klectors of the  Municipality yvill be taken; for the Kast Ward at the  Kir c Hall on Josephine street; for the West Ward at the  ollice of the Kxchequer Gold Mining Company on the  nortli side of Baker street. betAveen Stanley and Kootenay street*, in the City of Nelson, on Tuesday, the fifth  day of December next, between the hours of 8 o'clock  a. m. und 4 o'clock p. m.  J. K. STRACHAN, City Clerk.  Nelson, B, C, November i"nd, 18U9.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY  OF NELSON  rVJALOf-JE & TRECILLUS  PROPRIETORS  w  Headquarters Top Miners and Prospeetors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  B**_r-:___.__.*w* isro. 59  A By-law to raise seven thousand dollars (S7000.00) to ex-  toiicl and improve the Electric Light System.  Whereas, a petition has been presented to tlio Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of Nelson,  signed by the ownors.of at least one-tenth of the value of  the real property in the said City, as shown by the last  revised Assessment Roll, requesting tlie said Council to  intioduce iiBy-hiyv to raise the sum of seven thousand  dollars (��7000.00) for the .purpose of extending and improving tho Electric Light Works System and Plant in  the City of Nelson.  And, yvhereas, it is doomed expedient to -borrow the  said sum of seven thousand dollars ($7000.00) for the purposes aforesaid.  And. whereas, the yvholcainountof the rateable land of  the said City, according to the last revised Ass-ssmcnt  Roll, is one million ono hundred and flfty-six thousand  and tyventy-live dollars ($1,13(5,025.00).  A nd, yvhoreas. it will be necessary to raise annually by  rate the sum of tour hundred and thirty-nine dollars and  eighty-two cents ($139.82) for paying the said debt and  interest.  Noyv, thorcforo, the Municipal Council of the Corpora-'  tion of tho City of Nelson enacts as folloyvs:    . .'  1. It shall and may bc&vwful for the Mayor of the Corporation of tlie City of Nelson to borrow, upon the credit  ofthe said-Corporation, by ivay of the Debentures hereinafter mentioned, from any person or persons, body or  bodies corporate, yvho may be*'willing to advance the  same as a loan, a sum of money not exceeding, in tlio  yvholc, the sum of seven tlioiisand dollars (��7000.00), and  to cause all such sums so raised or received to be paid into the hands of the Treasurer of the said Corporation, for  the purpose and witli the object hereinbefore recited.  2, It snail be lawful for the Mayor of the said Corpora-;  tion to cause any number of .Debentures to be made, executed and issued for such sum or sums as may be required for the purpose and object aforesaid, not ��� exceeding  however, the sum of seven thousand dollars ($7000.00);  each of the said Debentures being of the denomination of  one thousand dollars ($1000.00). and all such Debentures  shall" be sealed with-the seal of tho Corporation and  signed by the Mayor thorcof.  .'). Tho said -Debentures shall bear date the 20th day of  January, A.D. 1000, and shall be made payable in thirty  years from tlio said date, in layvful money of Canada, at  the office of theBank of Montreal in Nelson, uforcsa'd,  whieh* said place of puymont shall be designated by tho  said Debentiuos, and shall luive attached to thorn coupons for the payment of mtorost, and the signalmen to  the inteicst coupons nui} be oithci wiltten, stamped,  pi mtod ot lithographed.  I 'Ihe said debentuies shall beat inteiestatthorato of  41 per centum per annum from the dato thereof, wliich  interest sliall be p,i}able somi-pinnually at said ofllco of  the Bank of Montical in Nelson aforesaid, in layvful  money of Canada, on tho 20th dii} of January and the  20th d.i} of Jul} lospoctiyel}, in c.ich \c.u* during the  ouirency theieof, <ind nhallbe cxpies.ed m said doben-  t urcs and ( oupons to be so payable.  5 It bliall be lawful foi thoM.tyoi of s.ud Coipoiation  to negotiate and sell the s,nd Debentures oi any of them  for less than p*r; but in no case shall the s,udDcbontipies  or any of them be negotiated or sold for loss than ninety-  live per centum of their face value, including the cost of  negotiating and ��ale, biokciagc and other incidental  expen.os  ft There sh.ill bo wuscd and levied in each year dm ing  thccuiiency of said Debentures the sum of Thiuchiin  died and fifteen dollais ($_(;. 00) for the payment of in lei  est and the sum of One bundled and twenty-four dollars  and eighty t w o cents (5124.S2) for the payment of (he debt  due undei the s nd Debentuies by <i iatc nutiicient theie-  for oh all the ipit(>piblo 'and in the said Mimic pahtj.  7. It shall be layyful for tho s.nd Municipal Council to  re puiehpise .m v ol the s.nd Dcbcntui e< upon biich terms  .is m.iy bragieed iipon with the leg.il holder oi holdeis  theieof, oi .in} p.trt theieof, eithei at the time of sale oi  any subsequent time oi times, and. all Debentuies so le  pui chased hhall forthwith be cancelled and dc-troyed,  and no leis^ne of Debentuies so ic pui chased shall be  made in consequence of such lopurchase.  8. This Bylaw shall Ukeoflect on 'he 7th d.iy of December, A. U. im.).    Liquors and Cigars  o  o  D  I  ID. ^c^ZRT.Ld. U _R  &.   CO.  SS5>  ALWAYS ON HAND  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  W k  # o  One of Those  Beautiful "Picture.*  IN (JL'lt WINDOW WIIJ. MAIvK A VERY  I'ltKTTY XMAS GIFT FOR YOUR Kill END.  IT I.S A UTTI.K KAK..Y. HUT WE WII.I.  KESEUVK IT FOR YOU.  THEY  ARE.   OOirSG   FAST  .NOTICE.  Take notice that the .tbovd is a true copy of the )*i0  posed Hy-law upon yyhioli the vote of the Electors of tho  Municipality will be taken, for the East W.ud at the  Fiie'Hall on Josephine stieot; for the West Ward at the  oflice of the Exchequer Gold Alining Company on the  north side of Dpikei street, bet yy oen Stanley and Kootonav  streets, in the City ot Nelson, on Tuesday, the ftftli  dayofllecemberncxt.betyyeen the hours of 8 o'clock a m.  aud 1 o'clock p m. J  K. STIiAOHAN, City Clerk.  Nelson, 11. C, Nop embei 22nd, 189*).  C08P0RATJQH OF THE CITY QM.ELS0N  _B^"-L-_?_.-v,i7*  **KTO_   SO.  A Hy layy to gtpinl to Thomas Madden permission to i  cei tain portion of the sidewalk on ward stieet to  i use tt  cei tain portion of the sidewalk on Ward stieet tor the  purpose of entry to the basement of his Klock erected  _on__o_ lv__Bloek 5,_cornev Wind and D.ikcr-Streets,-  Nolsuii, 11. C.  Wheieas, un application lws been made by Thomas  Madden for net niu-ioii to use a cei tain poi tion of t lie  si'lcw.ilkon Wind Street forthe purpose of entry to the  bpisenicnfc of his Block erected on Lot 1, Block .">, cornei  of Waid and DakcrSticcis. in the City of Nelson, nucoiil'  ing to a plan filed yyith the City Council.  And, wlio.c is, it is deemed pidvisablc to giant Mich  permission to tho said Thomas Madden upon his complying with the pi elisions of (his Hyktyv heieinufter set out.  Theretoo, the Municip.il Council of the Corpoiation of  the City of Nelson in Council assembled enacts an  folloyy s  I. It .hull and may be layy fill for the said Thomas  Madden, his hens and assigns, to use and enjoy foi his  and their u.s. and benefit a poi f ion of the sidewalk of the  City of pVelson on Wind Sticut in -paic^City, as shuwu ou  a plan m.nlccd "A" and filed wilh the Cit) Council, being  a "pace tlniteon feet long and four feet wide, on (he  1    of said cidewalk, with the nece,sary  giound  i(ll *<topN  inner "uio  ._ ....    .  uplift' below to be used as an aiea, and to wliii  hlial! lead up constituting a mean, of ipgies*) and cgiess  lo and fiom the basement of the IHouk elected bythe saul  Thomas Madden on Lot 1, Ulock ,), on thocorncr of Ward  unrt lliiiu" Streets, ul the said City of Nelson, uiion his  complying yyith the tcunsuml corufiiiuns in thefolloyMiig  p.iiagiuphip set out.  2 The spiid aiea and (he steps, leading theicto shall be  (oiihtiiictcd by tin* said Thomas Mnlnen at his imn expense and under the supeivision of the City Engines!,  and asdiicctid li\ said Enginee. and to his sitisfaction,  and the sidewalk where such aiea is cut out shall be  'luul} and sU'ontfly plopped and biaced by and at the  expense of thewud Thomas Madden and to the satisfiu  tion of the City Emuneei.  t The sitid Thomas Madden shall eicct and maintain  alhiHoyyn c.pensousubslttiitial iron railing ui omul said  aiea on the north end and west side theieof a* soon as such  aiea is cutout of said sidev\ .ilk. .uid sha'l hefoic peimis  wion (a" is hereinafter piovidcd)is granted, entci into an  agreement yvith the said City to indemnify and save  Innmless the said City fiom all cl.ums or demands, at lion  oi .icfions, suit or suils. eitliei at law or in equity , yvhteh  may be brought ag.iinst haul Cit} by rcasor of said ]ier  mission being gianted, or by re.isou of the keeping or  mainipiitiing of such nrc.i as afoicsaid, oi of .my accident  oi accidents arising theicout  1. Upon the By Ipiwrcienuig theiisscnt of the people  and being llnall) passed, And upon tho Spiid Thomas  Madden complying with the conditions hercuibcfoM set  out, the said Thonia*, Madden, his heirKiiml assigns shall  be entitled to (lie pifoiuinent.oncd rights and pi lv ilege*>,  proy wlcd, however, that in case the said Madden, his  hens or assigns, fail to cai ry ouf any of the proy isions of  this It} laiv, or of the agreement mentioned in puiagtaph  3 hereof, it shall aud mil} be layy ful for the said t ouncil,  in piddition to any othei remedies they may hue, to close  up said area and annul the privilege hereby granted  t This Uy hiw shall take effect on the 7th day of  December, A. D. 1890.     "NOTICE.  T.ike notice that the above is a tine copy of the. pio-  poncd 11} layy upon wliich the vote of the Alci tors of the  Muiiu'ipalit} will be taken, for the East Ward at the  Firo Dal! on Josephine street, for the West Ward al tin*  oflkc of the Exihrqucr Gold Mining Company on the  north side of Baker'Htreet, between Stanley-and Kootenay  Htr^ets, in thecity of pVolson, on Tuesday, the lift h day  of December next, between the hours of 8 o'clock a. in. and  4 o'clock p. m.   ��� J. K. STItACHAN, Citv Clerk.  Nelson, ��. C, November Knd, I8!W.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  iQ  OO   2$  ajGLSI.LHI'V^ol?^ "cr  Q  >  tl  c  Q  0  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  Large comfortable bedrooms and  flrst-class. dining  oom.  Sample rooms for commercial men.  _B-��__T"E!S   S2   FER  **D__."_r  Mrs. E.C.   CLARKE, Prop-  Late of the Royal Hotel, Calgary,  The finest hotel in the interior.  Large sample rooms.  Steam heat and eloctrio light.  CORNER OF WARD AND VERt-JON STS., NELSON  Madden House  BAKER AND WARD STREETS, NELSON  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained under one  management since 1890.  The bedrooms are well furnished and lighted by  electricity.  The dining-room is not second to any in Kootenay.  The bar. is always stocked bythe best domestic and  imported liquors and cigars.  THP"  DMAS MADDEN.1 Proprietor.  Laige and well lighted  p Heated by hot an  Reasonpiblc rates *       Sample rooms  Electric bolls and light in every loom  Renovated und lefunushed tliioughout  HOTEL* VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Piopnetor    -  Fipc bus meets all tiains Ravalctnira   R  f.  Homly stieet,ear to station lUmJlMUiyB, D. U.  Night Gi ill Room in connection, for tlie donvoiiience of  guests airiv mg and dep.-u ting by night trains.  B.   C.   HOTEL  ERIIB, s. a.  First class in every respect Choicst wines, liquors  and cigars. Every comfort for transient and resident  guests. c  HEADQUARTERS FOR UNION MEN.  JOSEPH   CAMPBELL,   Proprietor.  GOAL!   GOAL!  GREAT REDUCTION  HARD C0AL$Q o;:, CROW'S  ANT��ffiACITE^����wuiMESTCOAL  ID__._C__:"V*_a*R"E3_D  6.15  TELEPHONE  33  C. W. West & Co.  ONE DOLLAR A LOAD  The undersigned has a largo quantity of fir, cedar, and  tamarac slabs, in 16 inch aud .-foot lengths, suitable for  stove wood, w hich will be sold for fl a load at the mill  ?a   ' NELSON SAW & PLANING MILLS, Limited.  Nelson, AuKUPb T*��h. 1899.  H. D. Ashcroft  <  BLAOKSM1THING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended to by a flrst-class  wheelwright.  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing and  custom work from outbido points.  SI-op:   Hall Street, between Baker and Vernon, Keftot*  son  MXNUFACTVHBKg Off  T3N0INEI8, BOILERS. SHAFTING, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OF BVHRY DESCRIPTION  Repaira promptly attended to.       P. O. Box 173.  The "Wonder"  Tur tiimnuilgs lust opened. Giebe xkins, sable tail*  and heads fer millinery pui poses _o\eIy lines justai  ritcd. Tea cloths und tray cloth*, yvith drawn yyorkand  stamping yy oik on Photo frames and mounts Serving  caids and little thimbles for children. Lessoi.s in om  broidciy and lace work 50 cents  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing-120 acres of land -Within obis anel a  quarter miles of Nelson.  For fttrttoer  particulars apply to  FRED  J.  SQUIRE,   Nelson,  B.C.  m  JiS*3i  im  ��;  _#  TflE NELSON SAW k PLANM MILLS, Ltd.  We have a stock of one and a half million  i**  feet of logs at our mill and are prepared to cut  all kinds of dimension timber and ship to all points  on Kootenay Lake by scows or steamers, also by  rail to all points on the Canadian Pacific or Nelson  and Fort Sheppard railways. In stock rough and  dressed lumber, shingles, mouldings, sash, doors,  newels, turned verandah posts. Glass of all sizes.  Factory work of all kinds done to order.  THE NELSON SAW k PLANM MILLS, Ltd.  OFPICE AND MILLS COBNEE HALL AND FEONT STS., NELSON.    ���  COAL.     GOAL     GOAL  Who Wants Coal?  Best  Leave Orders With Ca&i]  Roslyn Goal $9.50 per Ton  Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents  P. Bums d? Co.  JfKAD  OfPlCK   VI'  NELSON, B. O.  Wholesale and Retail   .  .   .   Dealers in Meats  Markets at Nelson, Rossland, Trail,  Kaslo, Yinir, Sjuidonf Silvertor., New  ��tokc, Ferguson, Grand Forks, Uruenwood, Cascade City,  Midway, and  Mall Orders Promptly Forwarded.  Denver, l.ovel-  Vancouver.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OK"  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WH0LE8ALB AM) KCTAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, flelson  ORDERS BY MAIL RKCKIVE CARKFUI. AND PROMPT ATl'ENTION.  H. APPLEWSAITH  J. McPHElE  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Oomplete Hlaotrlo JBqalpmenta for Bleotrlo fower Transmlsalon and Lisbtlns for Mines, Towns  Bl��otrio Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephonoa, Anaunelators, Bto,  V. O. Box 606. Josephine Street, Nelson, B. O.  Fred J, Squire, Merchant Tailor  FULL LINES OF FALL AND WINTER SUITINGS  WEST- BAKER 3TREET  NELSON  OPPOSITE SILVER KING HOTEL 4  THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., THDRBDAY, NOVEMBER  30, 1899.  The only house in Kootenay carrying Ml lines of  SCALES  FURNACES  BRUNTONS  TRANSITS  SCORIFIERS  CRUCIBLES  MUFFLES  FLUXES  OF  ALL KINDS  Baker Street, Nelson, B. C.  Don't Forget  GILKER WAS THE FIRST MAN IN THE  SHOE AND RUBBER BUSINESS  IN NELSON  AND HE IS STILL HERE TO STAY  J. A. GILKER  THE OLD P. O. STORE  ESTABLISHED IN 1890  i/_.  -*.   -'-  w��  -*        W  *  ...       o  *  o  '���- p  =   00-,  ��� -p   Ji,*  ��  oo  tt  -  ' <  ,  w  ,  JH  ��� a-1  r  w  i  H  EVERY  EVERY  EVE  RY  SCALE.  3  o  -t-��-  M  co  i  SL  5313  _��_.  DAY OF. EVERY MONTH  MONTH OF EVERY YEAY  YEAR FOR 10 YEARS  JACOB DOVER'  Ol*" NELSON, IJ. C.  HAS PRODUCED  e-  e  STERLING NOVELTIES  HANiri'KR   .AND TOIIJiT BKTS  HOS no.vs ���  JIBKRV BETS  CUBA.!  ANI.  SUGATt A.VI)  TKA  -i.S'I.   COFKKK SI'OON'K  POW'I.EH 1IOXK8  .VJOMIZIMtS  -���JlLO'ITEItS   JOMJUli IlOXf&S, ETC.  JBWJflLRY  I.AUIKS' flOI.D   WATCJIKS, SiE'l*  WITH  I1JAMONDS  1I1UCKLKTK,  PLAIN' AM)  SKT  I.OHGiVETTK UIIAINH  Hl.VRS,    I.V    Al.l.   THK   I.ATK8T  SK'in-lpVtJS  C'UKIp- MpNKS,  I.OCKfc'IS  .NKfKI.KTS   BROOCHES, KTC.  I*'ANCY GOODS  ON'yX TAHI.HS  table and piano lamps  .j.uuuxibkics  l'iioro fkamis  KEHN I'OTS  VASES, I.KTI'El. HACKS  MIKROKS  .STATIJKS  *.   CLOCKS, ETC.  Gall and Examine Our Stock Before Buying Elsewhere.   F\r\& Watch Repairing  a Specialty,   All Work Guaranteed at  Jacob  The Jeweler  Dover's  INeLson, B.C.  Headquarters  For all kinds of  S  THEO MADSON  Baker Street.  Horses for Sale  The Rossland Warehouse and Transfer Company have just received  a carload of young, well-matched teams, weighing from twenty-five  to thirty-two hundred pounds. They can be seen at their stable on  Second Avenue and St, Paul Street, Rossland.    They have also  Studebakef Wagons md Sensible Sleds For Sale  COUNTY   COURT   SESSION.  The ease of Thurston vs Tattersall et  al has been occupying the attention of  judge Forin since eleven o'clock yesterday morning and will likely continue  through today's session of the court.  Thurston claims to have secured the sale  of the Chapleau mine, near Slocan City,  for Benjamin Robertson, J. E. Tattersall,  J. E. Gwillim, and F. Dick for $30,000.  The property was sold to J. M. Williams,  who has made a payment of $1500.  Thurston as broker claims $.3000 as commission on the sale. The present action  is to secure the payment of $150 as commission on the $1500 payment. A payment of $8000 is to be made on the property on December 1st.  Judge Forin reserved judgment in the  case of Cornelius Murphy against W. H.  Brandon, wherein the former asked $150  damages for the detainer of a house at  Slocan City. Murphy was attempting to  move the building from tlie" old Brandon  townsite, and was prevented from doing  so by a temporary injunction taken out  by Brandon.  The K. of P. held an election of officers  on Tuesday night, which resulted as follows : L. Scott, chancellor commander;  K. J. Bradley, vice-chancellor; A. H. Clements, prelate; R. G. Joy, keeper of  records and seal; A. E. Pfeiffer, master of  work; J. H. Vanstone, master of the exchequer; H. A. Prosser, master of finance;  J. R. Reistorer, master-at-arms. The  rank of knight was conferred on A. A.  Perrier.    The Tribune is now giving the Rossland Miner a race in the Boundary towns.  The Rossland paper has an advantage- of  a daily mail  service; but  The  Trihune  BUSINESS   MENTION. ,  uses the express company and gets on  the ground a few minutes ahead of its  rival.  William Winters, of the contracting  firm of Winters, Boomer & Parsons, is  stopping at the Phair. Mr. Winters'  company are tho contractors who built  the line of the Columbia ifc Western from  Trail to Robson.  Miss Barry, stenographer iu the ollice  of the C. P. R., has returned from a protracted visit to London, Ontario.  Born at Nelson ou the 28th instant to  the wife of A. McCuaig of Silica street,  a son.  toves!  toves!  Lady clerk with three years experience is desirous of a position.   Address "box 688.  Lost���Pocketbook   containing   $38   in  bills. Supposed to have been lost on Stanley street.  Suitable reward. Apply al Lawrence Hardware Company, Baker street. Nelson.  Wanted ��� Stenographer and typist.  Apply by typewritten letter stating salary expected, P.  0. liox 581, Nelson, 11. (.'.   '  For Sale���Dairy���Apply P. O. box 196,  Nelson.  For sale���Lot 50 by 120 feet at southeast corner of .Stanley and Mill streets. Improvements:  two cottage*., one (5 rooms tlie other ... Apply to A. K.  Lott, on the premise.  Wanted���Six   boys   to strip tobacco.  8 cents a pound.   Apply Kootenay Cigar Factory.  Office boy wanted who can typewrite.  Apply to Bowes & Wragge, Nelson.  Offices to Let���Two offices in Turner-  Boeckh block.   Enquire room 7 in building.  The latest thing out. Patent luminous gold glass signs, name plates and street numbers.  Readable darkest nights. Unexcelled for beauty; nevpr  tarnish ? last a life-time; price within reach. For'sale  by Ii. H. Avery, Carbonate street, Nelson.      ~   '  <- Furnished rooms to let.   Apply to Mrs.  L. M. Jameson, Carney Block, Baker street "west.  Patenaude  Bros.  ARTISTIC JEWELRY  . CHASTE AND BEAUTIFUL  NOTHING BUT THE BEST  AT  PATENAUDE   BROS.  BAKER STREET, NELSON  L. 0. L. No. 1002 will hold their annual  election of officers next  Friday  evening.  HOTEL ABBIVALS.  At the Phair.���J. R. Bastedo, Toronto;  O. Morris, Vernon; C. AV. Greenlee, New  Denver: G. H. Barnhardt, Ymir mine; E.J.  Coyle, Vancouver; Charles Dundee, Rossland; John Parsons, Rossland.  At the Queen's.���W. R. Seattle, Trail;  M. McDonald, Vancouver; D. Sutherland,  Slocan City; L. H. Fraser, Halifax; Mrs.  Eva MeMullen,Porto Rico ; A. E. Mackley,  Spokane; Mrs. Clark, London, England;  William Harris, Slocan City; S. J. Migh-  ton, J. E. Covington, Greenwood.  At the Hume.���John Smith and J. K.  Wilson, Walla Walla; E. A. Baker, Vancouver; Thomas H. Ingram, Columbia;  D. F. Dickinson, Winnipeg; H. G. Stevenson, Ainswortli : Fred Emerson, Vancouver; CH. Bentley, Fernie; J. L. Parker,  Cranbrook; Robert Bullick, Fernie, Angus  Allan, Calgary.  At the Grand Central.���John Balke,  Slocan; F. McMurray, Salmo; J. Leahy,  Salmo; B. Kelly and wife, Troy, Idaho;  W. White, Brooklyn; Henry Griffith,  Sandon; P. G. Routh, Yellowstone; B. F.  McDevitt, Spokane.   Squabbling Over the Street Railway Tracks.  An unofficial meeting was held yesterday afternoon between tramway engineer Hall, city engineer, McCulloch,  mayor Neelands, aud alderman Fletcher  regarding the tramway-company's tracks.  Engineer Hall's contention i.s that the  tramway company should not be expected to maintain the streets in good  condition, as they are required to do  under their agreement with the city, until the streets are graded.  Matched.  New York, November 29.���-'Kid" McCoy and Peter Maher will fight twenty  rounds at catch weights before the Coney  Island Sporting Club, on December 29th.  This "is the fourth time within a month  that a.date has beeu fixed for*a bout be-'  tween these men. This was arranged  today. .  * ',        -      ' "  Scott Act Retained. "     .*  Moncton; New Brunswick, November,  29.���-The Scott Act was, retained in Westmoreland county, yesterday by a majority  ,of 25(5, or 21 less than in the previous  contest. - The vote ' stood: For repeal  2902, against repeal 3218.  Goods at Half Price  We still have some goods left from  the bankrupt stock purchased at  * Sandon at alow rate on the dollar,  and consequently we can defy-  cornpetition.   "���Fl!*-?  WE HAVE THE FINEST LINE OF  Coal Heaters  EVER DISPLAYED IN KOOTENAY DISTRICT  SOLE AGENTS FOR TH*_ FAMOUS  Cole's fjot Blast Heater  Our claims for this heater is that it is adapted  to any kind of coal, CROW'S NEST, LETH-  BRIDGE, or ANTHRACITE, burning all kinds equally well. Not requiring the  attention of an ordinary coal heater. Economical, durable and simple in construction.   See our Steel Ranges for hard and soft coal or wood.  NELSON  ers & Go.  KASLO  SANDON  ARE YOU BURNING UP MONEY  Because Your Stove or Range Ganqot be  Regulated to Save Fuel?  IT WILL PAY YOU  TO EXAMINE  OUR NEW STOCK  OF  STOVES AND RANGES  The saving iu fuel effected will soon equal  the cost of the range. It can be so quickly  and easily regulated that there need be no  waste of heat or fuel. New patented improvements offer you more convenience aud  comfort than you'll find in any other range.  TWO CAR LOADS TO SELECT FROM  LAWRENCE HARDWARE GO.  Christmas is ComIng  Have you your Supplies?  Tl'l.KI.Y WVXKl!  AT TUB  NELSON   CAFE  From li to 3 o'clock, 35 cts,  BOYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS.   .    ....   .  UNION   MADE  Nelson, British Columbia.,  mas  "NOW TN SHOW WINDOW AT  VIENNA BAKERY  e  to  HERE ARE A FEW OF OUR PRICES.  Dress goods fancy mixtures, regular price  $1.75, sale price $1.  Dress goods, fancy mixture, regular price  $1.50, sale price 75 cents.  Dress goodi^fahey m ixture, regiiliiFpi-iee  75 cents, sale price 40.cents.  Table Damask at 25 cents per yard.  Children's wool hose at 10 cents per pair.  Ladies' flannellette wrappers at $1.25.  Black   Henrietta,   worth  75 cents, sale  price 50 cents.  Black Henrietta, worth   50   cents, sale  price 35 cents.  Pink flannelette 7 cents pel' yard.  Ladies' fancy blouses, velvet collars, regular price $1.50, sale price 80 cents.  Miner's shoes,  regular price $3.00, sale  price $1.50. ~.  Overalls, regular price $1.00, sale  price  y" 50 cents.  Oxford shirts, regular price $1.25, sale  price, 50 cents.   '  Men's* tweed suits, regular price $12.50,  sale price $7.00.  Men's heavy all-Avool tweed pants.-rugu-  lar price $3.50, sale price $2.00.  For want of space we are going out  bf ladies' and children's footwear,  We have in and oper\ all your Xnjas wants?  you and your friends to   come   in   and   see   us  this   matter   means -simply'your   losing-   many  What .we ask is'for  first. An oversight in  dollars.  Headquarters   for   the   famous ..Rosemary   Mincemeat   in   25   pound  pails and  1  pound packages., , ,  Fresh   nuts", raisins,   currants,   candid.peel,   fig*s,  fruit;   and   all   the  best that can. be procured at rock bottom prices. .  The leading house in Groceries, Crockery, and Glassware,  Kirkpatpiek.---&r Wilson  P. O. BOX K. & W.  BAKER STREET.  TELEPHONE 10.  A  Pine Sample  Leave your orders early and wc will guarantee  supply you with the best article to bo had in the city.  _R-      ttTTttttST,     *F_g.OE'-RIEia?0_B  NOTICE   TO   CARPENTERS.  Not Ico is hereby given to all carpenters in'the city that  a nicetiiiK will he held on Thm-i-day evening at 7:,-��)  o'clock in <.eor|_<. Kox'. oat-pouter shop on Silica Htreet,  opposite the Club hotel, foi- the purfioso of perfecting the  organtoitioii of the union, AH carpenters are requested  to attend. J AMitS COLLING, Secretary."  NOTICE   TO   CONTRACTORS.  Notice is hereby given to Nelson .contractorg that on  and after December 1st, 1809, the member, of the local  carpenters' union will demand $3.50 per day, nine hours  lo cojifltitutc a day's work.  JAMES COLLING, .Secretary.  arid will-clear these off at cost ���  Regular  Price.  Ladies' Oxford .shoes $1.75  Ladies' strap, shoes    1.75  Ladies' kid button shoes.... 2.00  Ladies' kid button shoes.... 3.00  Children's shoes    1.00.  Sale  'rice.  1.00  1.00  1.25  2.00  50  The Balance of our ladles' capes  and jackets at less than cost. All  other goods in our store at greatly  reduced- prices.   .    ...    ���    ���   >  We have opened up our shipment of  Raisins, Currants, Peels, Etc.  and they are a very fine sample.  Leave your Xmas,order with us for  new fresh goods at lowest possible.prices.  -taker Street,  Nelson.  M. DesBrfeay Sz Co,  An Appetizing9 Breakfast  FITS,A MAN FOR WORK.  Try our Government Creamery Butter, J. Y. Griffin & Co's  Hams and Bacon, Brack man & Ker's Rolled Oats and Corn-  meal, Almonte Milling Co's Self Raising Buckwheat Flour.  Baker Street Wost, Nelson  A. Irving <�� Co.  ELLIOT BLOCK, BAKER STREET, NELSON.  Free Water Gonneutas nmVZmmm  GAS   FITTING   OUR   SPECIALTY PLUMBING  Oi*  ALL   KINDS  STRACHAN BROS* Opera House Blk.


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