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 SOMOA ISLANDS TO BE DIVIDED  Between the Three Powers.  Berlin, November S.���It was officially  announced this morning that, subject  to  the approval of the United States,  Great  Britain and Germany had arrived at Jin  understanding,  by virtue  of which the  Somoa Act is repealed, and tlie islands of  Upolo, Savaii and  the small  adjacent islands will fall  to Germany  as free property, and the island of Lutuil and  the  subsidary   islands    go   to   the    United  States.       Great    Britain   renounces   all  claim to  tlie Soinoan  island.1*, and  Germany, in turn, l'enounces all claim to the  Ton go islands  and   to  Savage  island  in  fjiyor of Great Britiiin,  and  also  cedes  Cliosli  and Chanisabe, the  two easterly  islands of the Soloman group,  und  their  iiisuhir   surroundings  to  Great Britain.  The consular representatives of the  two  powers in Somoa and the Tonga  islands  ��� are to be withdrawn for the present, and  German subjects  are  to  luive the  same  rights as Bi'itish subjects in the whole of  the Solomon group.  Washington, November S.���Whatever  plan Great Bi-itain  and Germany might  agree upon concerning the  Samoan Islands it was stipulated should be first submitted to the ratification of the United  States. This was .necessary, as the change  proposed should be mado only by formal  treaty, whieli would require tlie approval  of the senate.    It is believed that tlie arrangement proposed now .will be satisfactory to the state department. The United  States is-not concerned witli the amount  or the chjiracter of the compensation that  passes betAveen the other nations. Besides  retaining tlie   coaling'/station  of Pago-  Pago,  jicquiring   tlie   island   of   Tutula  whereon   the    harbor    is    loavted,   and  three or  four smaller  islands  in the vicinity, tlie  United . States  will'continue  to  enjoy,  by stipulation,   the   privilege  of trading  with Apia  under conditions  equally as favorable as those now  existing.    The  islets . referred  to  are  not of  any particular importance  from  ji  commercial point of view, but  it  is  deemed  essential to  control  them  politically, in  order to prevent smuggling.    The  partition   of   the Samoan   group   of   islands  marks the close of a loug-standing source  of international  controversy,   and   jil&o  brings  about    new   territorial  arrangements in.the Soutli Pacific.    In the early  stage of the negotiations  it  was  agreed  the United States should have tlie islands  of Eutuhi  with  its  valuable  harbor of  Pago-Pago and the  lesser islands  of its  coast, including the ledge island of Manna.  THURSDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 9, 1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR; "WEEKLY, $2.  pany, the Peoria Rubber Manufacturing  .Company and the rubber manufacturing  phint of the Indianapolis Company. This  same company, it is also declared, has .secured control of about one hundred patents covering the manufacture of rubber  tires and other bicycle parts. It was  stated by Charles O. Flint, of the Rubber  Goods Company, that no advance would  be made in the prices of bicycle tires, but  on tlie contrary, the prices of some makes  of rubber tires would be reduced.  SCANT NEWS FROM THE FRONT  DESPATCHES FROM LADYSMITH  Create Much Speculation.  Estcourt, Natal, November ��.���Brigadier-general Wolfe Murray has received  important despatches from Ladysmith  by a runner, but' their contents liave not  been divulged. The armored trains, with  a detachment of Dublin Fusileers and a  railroad engineering stuH', left here for  Coienso to repair the line yesterday evening. It was intended to go through to  Ladysmith if possible, but the train returned here. The commanding officer  repoits that he proceeded beyond Co-  len��o and-found the dwellings there untouched. - There lias been no looting  except in the single case of a store which  was looted by Kaffirs. It is reported  that the Boers are not within twenty  miles of here.  The bullet holes in the uniforms of  Durban volunteers show the narrowness  of the escape from Fort_Wylie,_whieh_  was only effected after tlie heavy fire of  the Dublin Fusiliei-s had inflicted severe  loss on the Boers. A member of the garrison who was hard pressed by the Boers  leaped into the river amid, a shower of  bullets, and by diving repeatedly reached  the far bank unscathed.  Dewey's Flagship Out of Commission.  Boston1", November 8.���'Admiral Dewey's flagship went out of commission at  the Chai'lejston navy yard jit li o'clock  today. All the officers and crew were assembled on the quarter deck, where captain Lamberton bade them good-bye. Retreat was sounded while the flag was being hauled down, and tliis ended tlio  cruise of the famous vessel. A board of  surveyors -will now meet, make an inspec-  lion of her. and report to the navy in the  afternoon what repairs are necessjiry.  Emperor Bill and the Czar Meet.  Potsdam, Novembei" 8.��� Tae czar and  the czarina arrived here at 11 o'clock  tliis morning, and were welcomed by the  emperor and empress of Germany jit  Wild Park station. The most cordial  greetings were exchanged. Tlieir majesties theu  drove to the new palace.  Pugilists Acquitted of Murder.  Pittshurg, November 8.���John Cav-  amiugh and five others, charged with the  death of " Kid" Lavelle, who died from  injuries received in ji prize fight with  Cavanaugh, at Homestead, last Api'il,  were today found not guilty.  Big Rubber Trust Formed.  Nkw York, November 3.���The announcement wjis made today that the  Rubber Goods. Company had purchased  tlie capital stock of the Hartford Rubber  Company,.the Indianapolis Rubber 06m-  Kegarding Eecent Engagements.  London, November 8.���Further reports  of the Gi'oblersloof affair tend to confirm  the statement that the British were successful. A Kaffir declares that fully a  hundred Boers were killed on the hilltop  by the " men-women," which is supposed  to indicate that the Gordon Highlanders  were there. Cyclist scouts luive since  been across the Tugela bridge. They-  saw ji number of killed lying on the  plain. Apparently when the Coienso  garrison evacuated that place on Friday,  the British troops missed a grand opportunity of carrying out an effective attack  on the rear of the disconcerted Boers.  The hitter appear to- believe that the  Coienso column evacuated the phice as a  ruse, aud are lying in ambush to surprise  them if they advance, hence the immunity of the town from occupation by the  burghers.  Estcourt, November 5.���Details in regard to general Brocklehurst's operations  on Fridjiy towards Dewdorp shows that  the British force consisted of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth hussars, the Fifth  dragoons, Roston's light horse and two  batteries. At midday general Broekle-  hurst drove the Boers from all their  positions, aud shelled three of their guns  into silence, and headed off 1000 Boers  from the Pietermarity.burg road. The  light horse pressed too far into a gully,  but wei'e extricated by the diagoons, all  getting safely away. Under a heavy fire  lieutenant Pomeroy of the Fifth dragoon  guards pluckily rescued a dismounted  trooper from the fire zone. The British  casualties were slight. The moral effect"  is excellent.  Capktown, November 5.���Sir Alfred  Milner visited the wounded today.f They  are Jill doing well. Some of the wounds  jire extraordinary. The Mauser bullet  makes a clean perforation of bone and  muscle. The soldiers shot through both  cheek bones luive lost the sense of smell  and taste, but are otherwise doing quite  well. Most of the wounds are in the  hands and arms. The local volunteers  have again expressed ji desire of going to  the front. The Dutch of Cape Colony  maintain neutrality, though, doubtless,  many in Bechuanaland have joined the  Boei'S.  Durban, Natal, November 5.���General  Sclmlkburger, with 1800men, has arrived  at Vlyheim, on his way to Swa/.ihmd. It  is believed he is going to Zululaud. The  enrollment of infantry is proceeding  iipace Jit Durban and Pietenuaritsiburg.  Murray's mounted volunteer's have left  Pieter_mai:itzburg_for the_Moche_ river.  News from the lower Tugela report splendid work on the part of the Germans below UmvotL The mounted rifles have no  volunteers that are more assiduous thjin  the Germans.  The preparations for the defence of  Pietermarit/.burg are in good shape. All  the strong positions on the surrounding  hills have been fortified. There has beeu  a gretit influx of Coienso refugees jit Pie-  terniiiritzburg, where the public buildings  and stores have been given over to them.  The population of Durban has been increased 2*5,000 by the refugees, among  whom there is considerable distress.  Qim-ie.vstown, Capo Colony, November  7.���It is reported that the Boers have  blown up the Stormberg Spruit bridge,  as a terrific explosion was heard in the  direction of the bridge.  Durhan, November 5.���Other informations confirms the statements of the native eye-witnesses respecting the seyerity  of the fighting on both Friday and Saturday near Ladysmith. The natives assert that the Boers were so cut up that  they howled for mercy on the field. Lady-  smifch is crowded with Boer prisoners and  wounded, the latter presenting horrible  evidence of the swordsmanship of the  cavalry. The Gordon Highlanders suffered severely in the fighting.  Estcourt, Natal, November G.���Mr.  Bernard, proprietor of the railway hotel  at 1 iiidysmith, has arrived here with a  compjinion, having eluded the Boer outposts by riding along Kaffir paths. He  confirms the report that when general  White requested that the women and  children be permitted to depart general  Joubert replied that he would only allow  them to go under fire of his guns. Mr.  Bernard views the situation gi'iively, and  says that, none of the Ladysmith artillery  is able to cope with the Boers' siege guns,.  INDICATIONS ARE THAT A BUSY  Winter Will be Passed in the Slocan.  Nkw Denver, November 8.���A first  pciyment on the bond on the Merrimac  claim has been made by the parties operating the Marion. Tlie Merrimac is situated below the Marion jmd commands  great'depth on the lead. It has a good  showing of clean oi*e. In future its operation will be bound up entirely with the  Marion, the two properties forming a  group of more than ordinary importance  and moment. The owners of the Merrimac are Messrs. Long, Tucker, Ward and  Allen.  New messhouses and other buildings  are to be erected at once on the Marion,  development on which is to be-carried on  on a large scale. The force is also to be  increased at once, the management being  thoroughly satisfied with the showing so  far uijide.  On the Chicago four men are at present  employed, with the probability of a further increase. . .''"<���  The big raise on the Rambler-Cariboo;  is expected to be finished next week,  when the force is to be increased to upwards of 50. Declaring of the recent  dividend of one per cent has greatly  strengthened the pi'operty in the market.  The force on the Madison has been increased to 24 men. It is owned by Mon-  trejil capital.  At the "."Enterprise.,/ important improvements are being effected, looking towards  the resumption of general operations.  Frank Watson and associates have obtained control of the Rustler and Rockland claims, on Red mountain, and will  develop them this winter.  A neAV lead showing good ore has been  opened up on the Capelhi group, Goat  mountain.  L. R. Forbes, provincial constable here,  has volunteered for South Africa in the  second Canadian contingent.  Joe Brandon of Silverton is suing the  .-Galena Mines for $.5000 damages, for injuries received through being knocked off  his horse by a  telephone wire belonging  to the company.  ���pi *   QUEEN'S CONFIDENCE IN WHITE  BERESFORD'S FIGHTING RECORD  Remains Unshaken.  , London, November 8.--T0 the eyes cf  military experts, the darkest page of the  war is  now  being   written.    But   even  that is illuminated  with blight  passes,  such as general White's victorious sorties.  If he can  keep  the  Bi'itish  flag flying  over Ladysmith until he  is  relieved, the  campaign  will  turn a fresh  page,  and  with the advance of sir Redvers Buller's  force the Bi'itish public is promised more  cheerful reading.    This feeling  of relief  inspired by recent good tidings, is nevertheless   tinged   by   a    certain    amount  of anxiety,  lest geueral   White   should  again make some fatal miscalculation, involving 11 repetition of the  Nicholson's  Nek   disaster.     Her   majesty   does   not  share this anxiety, and is apparently sanguine of his ability  to pull   through.    It  -is asserted-that she has-written- to-Iady  White,  expressing sympathy with   her  husband in the trials and difficulties he is  now  going  through, and  assuring  lady  White  of her  own undiminished  confidence in  his generalship.    The purport  of this letter has been cabled to general  White by the marquis of Lunsdowne.  -  The most interesting 'news today is fi  dispatch.from  Estcourt announcing  the  departure of ji strong force of mounted  corps and artillery, for a destination   not  given in the advices.     Another  message  atmouuees the  arrival  at  Estcourt Jind  Pietermarit/.burg  within    tlie   last few  days of reinforcements from Durban, and  that 3.-500 troops are assembled   ready for  entering Coienso  when the opportunity  arrives. ���   Improved Methods at Dawson.  Vancouvkr, November 8.���The latest  advices from Dawson are to the effect  that winter operations have been commenced. For several weeks past claim  owners- luive been busy cutting wood,  placing machinery, buying supplies and  generally making ready for winter work.  A very large amount of machinery has  been brought in, and placer mining op-  ei'titions will be carried on this winter in  less primitive, and therefore, less costly  fashion than heretofore. In many instances adjoining claims in blocks of  twos, threes or half a dozen are being  bought up by companies or individual  capitalists with the intention of  working them together. The economy of this is as obvious as that of  co-operative housekeeping. Tlie Cape  Nome luis affected Dawson and Yukon  mining interests only, and entirely in a  beneficial way���that of raising the wages  of the working miner jind carrying away  a largo worthless element of tlie population.  Covers Seventeen Years.  London, November   8.���Lord   Charles  Beresford, whose  appointment as second  in command of the Mediterranean squadron was announced last week, is a worthy  representative of a family whose sons  have attained distinction in both branches of the  service.    He  was  born in Ire-  land in  1810.   As  a lieutenant he commanded the guuboat Condor in the bom-  bai'dment of Alexjmdria, July 11th, 1882.  On that oceasion  he  ran  the Condor in  front of a big battleship that had grounded on a shoal and, partially helpless, was  being heavily pounded by the guns of one  of the. Egyptian  forts.    The Egyptians  thereupon turned their attention to Ber-  esford's vessel, but the Condor poured in  so hot a fire that the fort avjis soon silenced.    The admiral of the British fleet  signalled "Well done, Condor," and.when  ,the fight AA'as over the crews of "the Avhole  fleet gave cheer jifter  cheer for the Condor, her plucky commander and crew.  After the bombardment  lord  Charles  Avas  placed- in  charge   of the    marines  landed at Alexandria, and instituted  a  regular police system, Avhichdid splendid  work.  For his services he was mentioned  in dispatches for distinguished gallantry,  promoted   to   be   captain, received the  'Egyptian, medal  and Alexandria  clasp,  ���Khedive's bronze star and the third-class  medjidie.    As  captain  he served in the  expedition for the  relief   of . Khartoum  "(1884-5), first on the staff of lord Wolse-  ley, and later' in command  of  the  naval  brigade, being present at  the  battle of  Abu Klea and other stiff fights.    During  the campaign he also commanded the expedition Avhich Avent to the rescue of sir  Charles Wilson's small force. Sir Charles'  command in several small river steamers,  tried ji dash up tho  Nile for Khartoum,  but the strong force of the  enemy, combined with accidents to one or tAvo ofthe  steamers, stayed the advance and made  the position precarious.    Lord Beresford  arrived on the scene in the nick of time,  and the two forces returned to the main  body in safety.    For his services  in  this  campaign he.ieeoived the thanks of botli  houses of pai'lhvment, the Nile medal and  clasps and avjis made a G. B.  r    From   1874  to   1S80  he  Avas M.~P. for  Waterford, and from 188.D to 1889 the re-  pi'esentJitiA^e for East  Marylebone, retiring in the last-mentioned  year.    In 1800  he Avas personally thanked bythe French  government for'saving  the lives of officers aud men of  the French- cruiser  Sel-  gullay, which* grounded  off the   French  coast in a heavy storm.    In addition to  his many other decorations, he Avears the  Humane  Society's  medal  and  jmi additional clasp for sjiving life.    The medal  Avas awarded him for rescuing lieuteutmt  Richardson of II. M. S. Defence,  avIio fell  overboard  Avhile  the  ves,sel  was in the  Mersey, and  A\-ould  have been  drowned  but for Beresford's promptness in diving  after   him   and   holding   him  up   until  assistance arrived.    This Avas in September, 18(53.    The chisp avjis given for jumping overboard Jit Port  Stanley, Falkland  Islands, and assisting in   the  rescue of a  mariner-Avho Avas droAvniug.   Lord Charles is a strong Imperialist,  jmd on every possible oceasion urges that  the strength and efficiency of the navy  be maintained at all oasts. He recently  visited China, and his book de-xling Avith  that country and the lesson to England  has been widely road and favorably commented upon.  Besir admiral sir Gerard Henry Noel,  Avhose time expires in January next,  .served with the expedition to Ashanti in  187'J, receiA-ing tlie medal and chi<*p. He  has occupied many responsible position:-.  in bhe naval administration, smd is a  naval author of some note. As second in  command of tlio Meditcminean fleet lie  represented Great Britain iu the councils  of the admiral1-, for the pacification, of  Crete, and for that avii . made a K.C.M.U.  A Eoad Will be Built.  Aldermau Fletcher, chairman of the'  public works committee of the city council, .stated yesterday that a road Avould  be built to the Nelson it Fort Sheppard  raihvay depot, and that no time avou Id  be lost in commencing it. He characterized  the action of the traniAvay company in  closing the old road as an attempt  to hold up the city. The cost  of the road aviII be in the neighborhood of $500, Avhich is $300 less  than the tmimvay company Avjmted for  a right-of-AVay for a i-oad jicross the five  lots recently purchased by the company  from the Hume addition people. The  railway company has offered to stand its  share of the cost, and it is likely that the  provincial go\-ernmont avi'11 chip in.  This of course is dependent upon the  ratepayers passing in the affirmative the  bylaAV condemning the blind ends of Vernon, Baker, Victoria and Slocan streets  and turning the same over to the company. This site it is said luis been approved of by superintendent Marpole.but  the. entire scheme of building the neAV  depot and making Nelson a divisional  point turns upon tho granting of the city  of the sti'eet areas in question.  A SECOND SMELTER SECURED  For the Town of Grand Forks.  Grand   Forks,   November"' 8.���Grand  Forks has secured a second smelter.    The  deal AA'as closed today Avith Jay P. Graves,  general manager of the Granby smelter,  and   John. A.  Mauley.    A free site   of  twenty acres has been donated  to E.  T.  Bradford, geueral manager of the Sou'th-  ern.Smelting Company of Deiwer, Colorado,  jmd Harry Gage, M. E.    The latter  will organiy.e a company Avith a capital of  $500,000for the treatment of sulphideores.  Work on  .the  site,   AA'hich  adjoins  the  Granby smelter   to   the  north,  Avill   be  started in tAvo weeks.    The construction of  the plant will.be started immediately at  DenA'er, and will be delivered here within  three or-three and ji  half months. "Mr.  Bradford is authority for tlie statement  that his company'"will be in a position to  treat ores on or before the first of March.  The plant Avill luive a capacity of 200 tons  daily, and, as he indicated, will make a  specuilty   of   Ioav   grade   ores,   or   ores  that   could     not     be     treated     at   a  profit by any other system.    "The action  of Mr.'Graves and Mr. Manly in donating  us a free sight and agreeing to furnish  us'with poAA'er at a  nominal figure," said  Mr. Bradford,  " is exceedingly  generous.  I expected to make ji  deal  Avith them,  but Avas quite unprepared for such favorable  terms.    I  wish  it  to be  distinctly  understood, hoAA'eA'er, that our smelter,is  iu   reality not a competitor to a cold-  blast proposition, like the  Granby smelter.   Our purpose is to treat oi*es ranging  in A'alue from $7 to $10 per ton."  Want   Railway  Connections  to  the  South.  It uoav looks as if the Montreal and  Eastern Township capitalists, who are so  largely interested in the Boundary and  Republic mining camps, Avill secure Avhat  D. C. Corbin avjis unable to, thjit is,  the orivilege of building a- raihvay, that-  Avill give the Boundary country connection AA'ith the American systems- of roads.  C. J. McCuaig of Mon trail, who has been  inspecting the republic Jind B. G. mines,  in AA'hich he is heavily interested, made  an important announcement before leitA'-  ing Grand Forks. Jle stated that unless  the Great' Noi thorn gave assurance of  building a railway north from Republic  to Grand Forks he a. ouid. undertake Avith  his associates to build the load next year.  A smelting plant in connection Avith both  properties, he added, Avonld likely bo  established Jit Grand Foi-ks. .lay P.  GraA'os also stated that the Granby  smelter jind allied interests were jointly  prepared to build a raihvay between  Republic and Grand Forks next summer  if none of the roads undertook the  responsibility.  Will Build a New >Steamer.  TOWN INFESTED WITH CROOKS  Worthless Checks Turned Into Money.  A rather slick  sharper made a  cleaup  out  of Nelson  merchants  on  Saturday  evening  by  the issuing of foi-ged cheeks  and cashing the same at different stores.  Just Iioav many merchants  Avere  victimized is not knoAvn but   three  cases  haA'e  been reported to the police.    The  forger  used Bank of Montreal check  forms, and  dreAv checks in favor of one  George Bur-  bank  to  Avhich  he  forged  the name of  J. A. Honeynuin of the  Nelson  foundry.  The amount of the check in each instance  AA'as written into the body of the  cheek,  and was also punched out of the  corner  Avith a perforating launch.     The  checks  Aveie   also   numbered   Avith   a   machine  Avhich  is   in   common   use   in'   business  houses.      One  check for  thirty dollars  avjis passed upon Patenaude Brothers, the  forger taking A'alue in jeAA'elry for close  upon the full amount.    A  similar check  avjis passed upon Bj'oavh & Co., avIio  run  a clothing store ou Baker street.    In this  case but $4  worth  of merchandise was  purchased and$26 received in change. A  third  check  for $14  AA'as   passed  upon  Emory & Walley, the bulk of which AA'as  taken  out  iu  goods.     That  the forged  checks were fairly presentable  may  be  judged from-the fact that. one  of  them  Avas  paid  into, the   Imperial bank  and  passed muster until it reached the Bjink  of Montreal.    The  descriptions given  of  the forger are.so indefinite thatthe police.'  have  little  hope of catching him,us he  probably had two days' start before  the  forgeries Avere discoA'ered.  Locating the New Depot.  Unless   the   Canadian   Pacific   official.-)  change their"mind.*', the  company's .new  raihvay  depot   Avill  be  on  a  line  Avith  Baker   street,   below    Raihvay , .street.  The Kootenay Raihvay <fc Navigation  Company, which is operating the steamers International and Alberta, has completed arrangements for the building of a  new steamer, Avork upon AA'hich aviII commence in the spring. The ihjav boat will  be .somewhat longer than the Canadian  Pjicific company's steamer Moyie and avUI  bo specially designed for fast passenger  traffic. Jt Avill be used as a feeder for  the Nelson At Bedlington niihvay, connecting its prc-pcut terminus at Kuskonook Avith Nelson, Kaslo and upper  Kootenay lake points.  Who Knows His Whereabouts?  The manager of the Yellowstone mine,  near l.rie, has received a telegram, a*** below, for Donald-Stanley, blacksmith, w!io-*e  address ho does not know:  Sl'llA T IHtOY", O111.1110. Vi'vuiiiImm 'illi. IMCI.-Tlioiim-  wi-j ill, iipi*. .i|i|iij'hIk-iU->; coinu Iiijiik*.   if . o-p-ililr     All  �����\nr. JAMKS .SI'AN'U-'Y.  Boers Invading Zululand.  LOkkn/.o, Marques November 8.- A  runner from lugnavuma, Zulu land, bring-j  news that on November 1st '-i-lO Boei'- invaded British territory and advanced to-  AA.u-d-> the fort at Ingnavunui with a  white flag When they Avere one bundled  yards distant they fired A-'olley-s into the  fort, Avhich howoA'er, had been PA.icuated.  The Boei-s burned all the stores of Lebon-  bo, and thoi'oughiy ransacked Pomcra-  dorp, Avhich they burned  to the  ground.  Cutting a Bicycle Eecord.  Ciik;a(iO, N'oA'ember S.��� Kddit> McDuf-  fie, at Garfield park today, paced by ji  motor, reduced the Avortd's bicycle record  for one-third of a mile from 29 I-.*** seconds to .27 2-5 .seconds. He also clipped  one-fourth of a second off thcone-quiu'ter  mile record, making the distance in 21 2-5  seconds.  Tapped a Water Main Without Permission.  City clerk Strachan has laid aivinfor-  nnition against Robert Kerr, contractor,;,  for-a breach of .the Water . Clauses Act.  Kerr some time ago applied to the city  authorities for permission' to connect a  dAvelling Avith the city's water "system^  As the city had a claim against Kerr for  '.water-used by him in contracting,, the  permission Avas refused until payment of  the disputed claim AA'as made. It is jil-  leged that Kerr then undertook to secure  the connection Avithout the city's consent  and instructed the Vancouver HardAvare  Company to nuike the connection, inti-  mating that he Avould secure the necessary permission as ;i matter of course.  The result avjis that the connection avjis  made, and Kerr is iioav being proceeded  with for a breach of the Water Clauses  Act. In the event of a conviction, lien-  is luible to a penalty of $250.   -  GOOD  NEWS  PROMISED  SOON  Coienso May be Eeoccupied.  London**, November S.���The Daily M*\il  has the following froiii"Queeustown, Cape  Colon}-, dated Sunday night: "The i-ail-  AA-ay stiiff is AvithdniAviug from all the  border stations between this and De.'iar,  There is no cause for alarm, howevei-,  AA'ith reference to tho border towns. General Buller has taken effective steps to  cheek tlie Boer ndA-anee. Censorship  prevents particularisting, but you may  expect good news soon." This dispatch  thi'OAvs light on the former dispatches,  and the force AA'hich left J.^tcourt Monday last doubtless, reoceupicd Colonso,  and probably is now advancing cautiously toward Ladysmith.  Numbering Houses.  Were the city council to pass a resolution authori/.ing the a(li\ing of numbers  ou houses jifter a system, there could be  no great objection raised. Suppose tho  numbering aa'jis commenced at the east_  Tjiul-of eli.li-street~niki5~B7ik"er7 and 100  number*, allowed for each block, odd  number.*-, to be given the houses on the  woiith and even numbers to houses on  the north side of the street. Take Baker  street, for instance: the block betAveen  Cedar and Ilendryx streets would run  from 1 up; the block between Ilendryx  and Hail, from -101 up; the block between JIall and Josephine from 201 up;  the block from Josephine to Ward, from  301 up: tlie block from Ward to .Stanley,  from 101 up: the block from .Stanley to  Kootenay. from ft-Pl up; the block from  Kootenay to Kails, liOl up: ami the block  from Kails to ' Railway, 70j" up.  According lo this system, the'block between Josephine and Ward Avould be  numbi'ied on the south *-*idt- ji*-. follows:  U\ K. Teet/el k Co., .'501: Fred Irvine ��fc  Co., .'5015; The Nelson Hardware Company,  TOT; Nelson Cigar Company "507; the  Modi'l Mestaurant-300; Matheson &, G'l-a-  haui '311; V. Burns ,-c Co.'s new block 3Vi  jmd .'31.1; J. A. Gilker .'$17; Wost Kootenay  Butcher Company .'310; Thurman's cigar  -,(oi*e .521; the Wallace-Millar Company  :$2.'5; Madden hotel ."325; Madden block  :$2T. On the north side: 11. Bvers ���A"' Co.  Avould be .'502; .Jacob Dover 1301; Lil lie  Brothers .'300: M. DesBrwiy -A: Co. .'JOS;  Bodega saloon 310: Theo. Madson 312;  Ni-lwm hotel 311 and 316: P. Burn- & Co.  3IS; Nvlson Wine Store 320: J. K. Weir  322: and Croat Northern offices 321. Tho  system i-> one that has been jidoptrd in  many large cities; it is simple, and thei*e  can be no confuMon iu either numbering  oi' finding a number.  A Cargo of Seasick Soldier?.  Just at this moment many of Canada's  soldiers   on   the  Sardinian   may  be up  against  seasickness so liard   that they  will wish they were.in front of  the Boer  sluirpshooterSi} THE TRIBUNE: NELSON, B. C, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9,  1899.  MERRILY  B  B  B  B  B  From morning till night our store is crowded with buyers eager for the  bargains Avhich here invito everyone, man, woman or child. The business transacted during tlie last three wi-eks has exceeded our most sanguine anticipations. It  Avould not have done so had not the values been right. But uoav comes the most  interesting part of tho ssle. Carpenters and masons still claim the right of way in  our new prenu'sos, which will make it necessary to postpone our removal one week.  'During this week we will offer the balance of our stock of mantles���41 in muiihur���  at prices that will discount anything wc have heretofore attempted. These goods  are fresh from the host manufacturers, and are the most stylish garments of the  kind shown this season. We still havo an immense range of ladies' suits, dress  "oods, collarettes, ruffs, gloves, corsets, underskirts, etc. We consider it no trouble  to show goods, and will not force you to buy.    These goods sell themselves.  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  OVER 100 PAIRS JUST TO HAND  ALL WEIGHTS AND PRICES TO SELECT FROM  MEN'S OUTFITTER  S^gn of  the RED  HAT, Baker St., Nelson  J. F. WEIR  Wholesale  Houses  NELSON  B.C.  DERATED AND   MINERAL WATERS.  TirORl'I-* & CO., IjI.MITKU.���Coinei* Veinon .mil Cedar  sfiecK,   Nolson, lii.inuf.iclmcih  of  .ind  wholesale  rlfdloi s in  ii'i.iloil u.itoi-p .nirl fnut sj nips  for llitlcjon Si>uiik*> nimci.il M.iler.  Sole.igoiiLs  ASSAYERS' SUPPLIES.  WF. TEETHKL & CO.���Comer B.ikcr and .Tosc-  ��� phine stieeLs, Xelson, uholcsulc du.ilois in ,us-  snyers' supplies. A_cnls for Denver Fne Cl.iy Co. of  Denver. C'oioi.ulo.   CIGARS.  KOOTENAY CIGAR MANUFACTURING CO.-Cor-  nci J3akei and II.ill stiooLs, Xelson, iiiaiiuf.iotuici!)  of "lloj.il Se.il" .md "Koolen.iy 13clle" brands of cig.us.  COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  HJ. EVAN'S & CO Baker Mvuct, Xelson, wholesale  �� dcalcrh in liquoi s, oigiii -\ tcinent, lire buck and  Tiro elpij-, water pipe pind bloel mils, and gencial commission mcich.ints. ^   FLOUR AND FEED.  BRACK MAN & KKR MILLING COMPANY I.TIX-  Fiout .stieet, Ntilson, wholesale dealers hi flour, Clinical, etc., and hay and gi.Un. Mills at, Ijtfmonton, Vic-  loii'i, and New AV iibliiiiiistur. t           GROCERIES.  A MACDONALD & CO.���Corner Vernon and Josc-  * pliine .streets, wholesale _ioccrs pind jobbciA in  blankets, gloves, mitts, boots, rabbets, mackinaw,s and  m inert..' sundries.   KOOTENAY   SUPPLY    COMPANY,    UMITKD-  Vernon street, Nolson, wholesale gioccis.   & CO.��� Fiolit street, Nekor.  authorities, is Juiving its effect. All kinds  of crooks lire coming to the toAvn in the  belief that one kind"6f crookedness is just  as legitimate us another. If ci'ooked  nickel-in-the-slot machines aro allowed  to be run openly in saloons nnd hotels,  why shouldn't the crooked check shover  be alloAved to ply his trade ?  City oflicials jue no more entitled to  exemption from the payment of road  taxes than they arc entitled to get Avater  jmd light free. The trouble Avith the  average city official is that he is a good  deal of a pretender. Before getting office  he pretends to want the office for the  honor; jifter he^gets it, he contends that  he cannot be too avcII paid for honorhig  the office Avith his jncsenoe.  at woik in Buffalo, and Avithout  ceremony took him from his job and  bounced him out of the country. In the  meantime the Dominion alien labor laAV  remains suspended. In fact, it never was  enforced, and for this non-enforcement  the lie tluit the United States jilien labor  law is suspended has been the excuse.  Does sir Wilfrid Laurier like to be  "jollied" by his Washington friends?  Apparently the experience . does not  Avorry him much.  Canada on the Verge of War.  Toronto TcIoki-uiii.  When the Alaska boundary controversy  reached its acutest stage sir Wilfrid  Laurier declared that Avar or arbitration  AA'as the only alternative open to this  young country. What' is the Alaska  boundary compared to sir Louis Davies'  trunk? The I'udo behavior of the  minions of the United Uttites government  to that lllustratrjous piece of baggage  aud its immortal OAvner constitutes a  difficulty in which arbitration is no alternative jit all. Canada, then,-. is face to  face Avitli Avar or disgrace. An apology  from the government at Washington is  suggested as ji milder alternative. An  apology foi'sooth! Au apology is no  balm Jit all for the moral and intellectual damage suffered by sir Louis  Davies.  The minister of mariue and .fisheries  landed with his luggage,'which, avjis safeguarded by the solemn assurance that  the trunks were entitled to the courtesy  of the port of New York. Courtesy is a  fine name for the behavior of New York  tothe trunks of sir Louis Dayies.p The  customs officer put his sordid paws-on  the floAvered Avaistcoats of sir Louis. His  neAV stock of silk and avooI hosiery Avas  not spared the contaminating touch of an  alien hand. His Piccadilly trousers Avere  rudely flaunted in the breezes, which usually kiss nothing more sacred than the  red nose of ji New York policeman or the  coarse texture of the star spangled  banner.  No Avonder sir Louis Davies protested.  Canada is amazed Jit his forbearance iu  failing to declare Avar on the spot, or  rather the dock. The neAVS of the outrage is just beginning to soak into the  pride and patriotism of the Canadian  people. The country is in tears at the  thought of Avhat sir Louis must have suffered as he saAV his best pantaloons in  the rude embrace of a customs official.  Canada SAvears by all the -figured waist-  coats in that trunk, the historic waist-  coasts Avhich were the victims of a cruel  specific duty, that the United States must  either apologize or fight.  1 TOHN   CHOLDITCH  ***    wholesale gi oeeis1.  FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  BUUNS &  CO.���Baker hired, Nelson, wholcs.Uc  dealeib in fiesh and cuicd incat9<   Cold btoriucc.  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.,  H BYERS & CO.���Corner Baker nuclJosephino btieete,  ���   Nelbon, wholesale dcalcis in hiudwnro and mining  3upplie8.  Agents for Giant Pow der Co. -   LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY���Baker St.,  Nvlfeon, w holcsale dealers in hard-ware and mining  supplies, and ^-tor and pliunbeis'MippIics.   VANCOUVER HAIUJWARE COMPANY, LIMITED  ���Baker htreet. Nelson, wholesale dealers in Iiard-  waieand mining bupphes, plumbcis* and tinsmiths," sup-  plies.   LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  TURNER, BEETON & CO.���Coi nor Vernon nnd .lose  phine sliccts, Nelson, v>hulei��ile dealers m 1  cigarx. nnd dry goods.   Agents for Rabsl Blowing  Milwaukee and CUgaiy litow mg Co. of Ualg.oy.  Of  PAINTS   AND   OILS.  Editor Ca'bt.,i*iy of the Economist' is*  still astraddle of the fence, but he lias  mustered up couj'jige to say that "* the  " eight-hour day  seems to luive come to  " stay."   The Rossland Miner has quit bombarding the meat trust and is uoav throwing  solid shot at the Vancouver World.  -"MTiXSON HARDWARE OOMPA,NY-Baker Stieet-  kmdb  boluadic de.Ucrs in paint*,, oils, and bi nshes ol all  Largos! block in Kootenay.  POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  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LIMITKP-  Couiei- I'i out and II.ill street-., NoKon, matiufac  turci-bof .md wholciale de.ileis in wipili and doors; all  kinds of f.iciory work, miide lo oidui.  WINES^ND^IGARS;  CALIFORNIA AVINK r'0*AUJANY, LIMITED- Corner Kiout and Hal] stieet^. Nelson, wholebiilede.ilerH  in. wines(c.ise.ind bulk)and domestic ujidiinpoi ted cigars.  he Surldutte.  Thk acquitt-il of Anderson at Winiii-  peg and of Ponton at Belleville means  thji/fc jui'ies in CVinada -will not convict  bank clerks chai-gcd ivith robbing the  banks in which ihey Avere employed, on  the testimony of detectives and men  knoAvn to be burglars.  Tn is fact that Nelison lias been advertised as a wide-open toAvn, in Avhich- the  running of robbing'niekel-in-the "slot machines   was   countenanced   by  the city  Our "Jollied" Premier.  Hamilton Herald.  Another unpleasant  incident  lias  occurred AA'hich makes  it evident that sir  Wilfrid Laurier's dear friends  iu  Washington have been "jollying" him along in  regard  to tho suspension of alien labor  Ijiavs.    It will be  remembered that one  redidt  of the joint commission Avas the  suspension  of  the  Dominion  itlien  contract  labor  laAv.    Sir Wilfrid  explained  publicly   that   it   had   been  agi-eed  by  the commission to  have the*-,e  laAVs suspended- on~botlr sides -of"tile border" so  far   as   tliey   applied   to   the people of  either   country.    But   very   t>oon   after  sir   Wilfrid's   announcement   inspector  DeBarry    bounced    several    Canadians  avIio had gone to Avork in  BuiTalo, and  the inspector  at  Detroit  did   the  same  thing.    When the attention of  the gov-  eminent   avjis   called  to tliis   violation  of  the agreement, both  sir Wilfrid and  the   Hon.    David   Mills   said   tliey had  received assurances   from   Washington  that   DeBarry   had   nii&undurstood   his  instruction,    and    that    he would   not  repeat   the   acts    complained  of.      Dc-  Biury,     hoAA-ever,     laughed    at    these  statement-",  and   said   in   an   interview  that he had   j-r-Pi-ived  no special instructions   fi'oin   Washington,   and   deJ-Iiu-od  that ho  AA'ould  continue  to enforce the  alien hibor Ijiaa-s ugainst Canadians whenever the opportunity afforded.    And J)e  Barry meant Avhat he .said.    He continues  to   do   business   at   the  old  staud.  Only   yesterchiy    he    caught   a  Hjimii-  ton   man    named    Duncan    liobertbon  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  INCORPORATED 1670.  We carry in stock the following well  known brands of cigars.  Imported  BOCKY CIA, all sizes  HENRY CLAY, all sizes   R-UPMAN   EL TRIUMFO  LA LQLAS  LA HAMADA  FLOR DE LA ISABELA  Domestic  M  *5=>*  ^  *-?*gi^*J  mm*  '^<^*_?*a^  BARGAINS IN  CHILDREN'S  GUM BOOTS  CLOSING OUT  BARGAINS IN  MEN'S  GUM BOOTS  B  B  SALE OF  W  Boots and Shoes  Rubbers and Overshoes  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  W  #  75 pairs of Men's Shoes, worth $4,  $5, and $6, sale price, $3  15 pairs of Women's Shoes, worth  $g.50 and $3, sale price, $1.25  40 pair Misses', Shoes, worth $1.50,  $1.75, and $2, sale price, $1  37 pair  Women's Rubbers, worth  60 cents, sale price, 40 cents.  B  B  B  B  50 pair  Children's  Shoes,   worth $  $1, $1.25,0and $1.35, sale price, 80c���  Op  30pair Ladies' Cloth Gaiters, worth  $1 and $1.25, sale price 40c f^\  33 pair Ladies' Evening Slippers,  worth $3, sale price, $1.50  20 pair Women's Overshoes, worth  $2.25 and $2.50, sale price,-$1.75  B  B  B  B  B  B  m  BARGAINS IN  LUMBERMEN'S  . 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All iiilmN Lwentj-flve cents,  p.iyiible in the djiuiif. jooin. AVjII bo plciiMid to furnish  weal ltiskuUoti.iipphciiti.un..  Kooins by tho day, -weak or inonth.  TJmnkiiig yon tor your generous piitronagc in tho past,  and Li-tutting to be fnvorcd with a contlntiiiiice of sitmo in  the future. I rcflinin, respcctfullv voui-h,  F.swvaoN.  WHOLESALE  Canada Book & Drug Oo  NRI.SON, BRITISH COIjUMJJTA.  Smoke  CfSD    CAI C    BUSINESS AND RESIDENTIAL  rUn    OAL.E PROPERTY  30 by 120, Baker stroet. between Josophine and  Ward btreotR , , $8000  SO by 120, Baker atroet, between Josephine and Hall  'streets, corner    25 by 120 with improvements, south sido of Vernon  street....  6000  SO by 120 with improvements, south side of Vernon  street  6000  2Jlots with cottage rentod at 915 per month, Victoria  street T  3500  2 lots with cottage rented at $20 per month, Stanley  btrcot  3000  6 lots in block WD, all cleared and fenced ia  2500  AGENTS FOR  J.. & J. 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Kor price and tei ins of halo apply  to the olhce of the uompany, Mucdonald block, corner of  Josephine and Vernon streets).  T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary.  Nelson, British Columbia.  Butter,  Eggs,  Cheese,  Green  Fruits,  Cured  Meats,  Vegetables  EL J). Asheroft  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSEvSHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attendod to by a flrst-class  ���wheefw-rfght.  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing and  custom work from outside points.  SHIPPERS OF THE EARLY  BREAKFAST BRAND OF EGGS  Full stocks carried at Nelson  Rossland.. :Mai} orders solicited.  and  Shop:   {{�����' Street, between Bakor and VsrttoJi, Nalson  MANUF_OT0R_BS OF  HNatKTBS, BOII.BKS. SHAPTINO, IROU Aim  BRASS CASTINGS OF _3V_IRV DESCRIPTION  Repairs promptly, attended to,       P. O. Box .I?3*  'ABC3BCITE0TS.  EWART & OARRIK-Architects.  Rocks'?oad-SAb'  ordoon block, Bakor stroot, Neisau.;  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres of land within one And a  quarter miles of Nelson.  For further  particulars apply to  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,   Nelson,   B.   C  LODGE   MEETINGS.  ���CTKIGHTS OK PYTHIAS-Nelson Lodge, No, 25,  ���La' Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. O. V. Kail, cornor  Baker and Kootenay streets, ��very Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock. Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  T. LTLTJE, C. C. R. O. JOY. K. of B. & 3.  NKLSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. Sr A. M. Meets  ��� second Wednesday in each momh. Sojourning  . brethren invited.  TSJELSON i. O. L., No. 1692, meets in I. O. O. F. Hall,  ���L1"    corner Baker and Kootenay streots, 3bt and 3rd  Friday of each mouth.   Vihiting brethern cordially invited.  JOHN TOYE, W. M,      F. J. BRADLEY, Rec. Sec.  ���fvTELSON   JfiRIE,   Number  22,  Fraternal Order  of  ���*"    Eagles, meets every second and fourth Wednesday in  each inonth in Fraternity Hall.   Visiting brethien welcome.  J. IRVING-, lProsident.        J. R. WRAt, Secretary.  "Sk���S0N'mIN*R1_3* UNION NO.  96. W.  F. of M.���  -L'    Meets in K. I*, rooms, Fraternity Hall, the Hi-stand  Uiiid Suliirdiiy evenings in  each month at 8 o'clock.  Visiting members welcome.  JAMBS WILKS. Sec'y.      CHAS. A. McKAY, Pros.  . SHOEtflAHD AND TOfiwamNG.  and bookeopiiig taught'  to MJks H. Brandt Uiui  linker street, Nolwe.  THORPE  &. CO. SOLE, BOTTLERS  OF THIS WATER  Halcyon H��t Spris\gs Saqiiarium Co.  W. C. HUSBAND, Maimger.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine X_agep Beer,  Prompt and regular  delivery to the trade.  a ��s trie  And I want to bo in it. I have just received  Fall framples of Suitings and Overcoatings representing a JJ5.0OO stock to  choose from made to your order at piiccs  never before heard of in Nelson. All tho latest  fads in Fancy Vest ings for Fall and winter.  Ladies'tailoring inallits branches a specialty.  Lowest prices,.   Rooms 1 and H, Hilljer block.  Steveqsf Tt|e Tailor  Bulbs  fop  Fall Planting'  20,000 Holland Bulbs toarrivo in September: 5000 Jap.ui  Lillet, to arrive m October; 1300Rhododendron**. Aealeas,  Magnolias, Roses, etc.. to��u*riveii�� October, Thousands  of Roses, Camelias, Friiit and Ornamental i"r_cs. Shrubs,.  etc., .growing on my own grdii&dB. for the falli trade.  Catalogue free,  BJ. J. Henry     -     Vancouver, B. Cr  ���s.^^^^  '*n,--,Jt^i n��a-�� THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, -B.C., THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 1899.  Bl  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,    ���  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATHCONA AND  MT  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND   E  8. CLOUSTON   ROYAL, Prosidont   Vlce-Prosidont  .. .Gouoral Manager  THE BANK OF  NELSON  3sr__i_so_sr -B3=i_aL.*N"0*H:  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.  nKANCHKB IN       jland).   KDW.TOBK,  LONDON (Kngl    ...  and In Uio principal cltios in Canada,  OHIOAQO  Buy and soil Storllng Kxohango and Cablo Transfers  (WANT COMMKKCIAL AND TKAVKIpLKUS* CKBD1TB,  avallablo in any part of tho world.  DHAHTB IBSUKD    COLLECTIONS MADKJ KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRKNT RATK OF INTEREST PAID  NeWbTiviaTl and telegraph  H-u'ris, wlio shot Geoi-ge A. Gouin at  Calgary on Saturday, returned to the  town and gjive himself up to the police  on Sunday, Besides being shot, Gouin  received a severe blow on the temple, presumably with a gun. lie is still alive  aud-fhopes are entertained for his recovery.  The Webster house fire claimed auother  victim at Montreal yesterday morning in  the person of J. Kidd Oswald, previously  reported Kidd, who was severely burned.  The deceased was at one time a prominent broker, lie served in the Northwest  rebellion as captain of the Garrison Jirtil-  lery.  Mrs. Logan, wife of II. J. Logan, M.P.,  was found dead in bed this morning at  Amherst, Nova Scotia.  Colonel Topping has returned to Trail  from a visit to Sumpter, Oregon, and  thinks it is to be a second Cripple Creek.  He' wjis so much impressed with the possibilities of the camp that he bonded jiud  purchased property to the extent of $80,-  000. He also had some cljiims staked for  him. The veins are large and the oi-e is  of a high grade. Tho ledges aro found in  a belt of black slate, which is forty miles  long and fifteen miles wide and has only,  been partially prospected, although the  season is about over for the year. The  colonel says there is going to be a wonderful boom there next yeai-. He intends  to return shortly to look after his newly  J acquired niining interests.      . , ,  Hugo Knell is dead fi-om injuries re-  h ceived through the breakage of- a cable of  an elevatoivin the Doerr biscuit factory  at Berlin, Ontario, yesterday.  ��� The ' case of Ash vs. the Methodist  church, for.reinstatement-as ministeiuuid  loss of salary, etc., was dismissed at" Co-  burg, Ontario, with costs, lit the Jissizes  yesterday. Ash, by resolution of the  Bay of Quiute conference, was recently  located tis local preacher.  Intelligence has been received jit Kingston-,Ontario, of the death, at the charge  of Gleneoe, of 'James O'Kourke, a former  resident of-Kingston, in the ranks of- the  Irish Fusileers.  - A last installment of 20} per cent-was  paid to,the creditors and depositors of  the defunct "Banque du Pen pie yesterday  at -Montreal. '���' About $700,000 has been  paid out, in all.  Thomas Dobson, caretaker of the Parliament street school, Toronto, has been  missing since Monday. It is fetvrecl he  has been drowned.  ��� The executive of the Canadian Canners"  Association met in Toronto yesterday.  Although the output of Canadian factories luis. been short, the chairman announced that no advance in prices would  be made.  The suggestion is made at Ottawa that  the Christian Endeavor, Epworth League,  aud Young Peoples' Societies combine  and enter active polities.  Bar silver 58|c. Mexican dollars 47jjc;  silver certificates 58�� @ 59-^c.  The Irish football team arrived at  Montreal last night front Niagara Falls,  where they had gone at bhe close of their  Canadian tour to view the sights. I),ur-  ing their visit the Irishmen played fourteen matches and won all but one, having been defeated by a picked team at  Halifax shortly after arrival. The team  embarks here for home. '  The ease of the Michigan ' lumbermen  versus the Ontario government, to have  the law regulating the cutting of crown  logs in Ontario declared unconstitutional,  Successor to Chas. A. Waterman & Co.  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCE AND  GENERAL AGENT  First door west of Rank of  UritiHli Columbia building'.  Baiter St. Nelson  ArR, BARROW, 4M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR  "*:  p. o,  Corner Victoria and Kootenuy Streets,  BOX Mil,. , ���'������   TEIiBPHONK NO, ��l  Is qow prepared -to issue Drafts and "Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^on, District.  has been taken in reserve by the judges  at Toronto. No matter what the de:  cision in, the easo will bo appealed to the  privy council.  A cable was received at Ottawa yesterday afternoon from the imperial  authorities that no further ti'oops are reel tiircd. Tho offer of a second Canadian  contingent is not accepted.  While John-Davidson, formerly a joiner  on one of tho limpresses, but later woivk-  ing on Flack's Klondike block, in Vancouver, aviis lookiug down the .elevator  shaft Monday jifternoon from the second  flat, the lift came down knocking him  into it. "liis body was crushed in ,the  space between the lift and the floor and  he wjis -juried to the hospital in a dying  condition. Djividson wjis ji Scotchman,  and his bride, to Avhom he was married  ten djiys jigo, is almost beside herself  with grief.       THE  MOLSO_TS BANK BOBBERY CASE.  J. W. Anderson is ou trial at Winnipeg  for robbing the Molsons Bank in that  city last year of several thousand dolliirs.  Witnesses for the defense occupied the  time on Monday. Harry Carr, cashier of  the Merchants Bank,* Pembina,' North  Dtikota, testified that he had seen a.man  like Davis (the Pinkerton* detective who  claims to have secured a confession from  Auderson as to the robbery) on December  31st, 1S08, at the Merchants Bank, at Pembina: "With the exception of themoustache,  lie believed him the man whom he luid seen  jit Pembina. He had heard Davis' voice  jmd it wjis very similar to that of the  man seen in Pembina. The man had  come to the bank about business. He  wanted a draft for $1700 on Kansas City,  to the.order of Percy Cook. He sjiid his  name was Fred W. Baker. He offered inpayment currency, among whieli avjis. a  $1000 bill. The witness looked at the  man and asked him Avhere he got the bill.  He found the bill avjis Jill.right jmd asked  him Avhei'e he got it. -He said at the  Bank of Montreal, at Montreal.   He lived  ^ASNAP IN  MINING SHARES  loonday-Guriey lines,  LIMCTED  [MON-PKUSONAL LI ABM TY]  HEAD OFFICE,.SILVERTON, B.C.  CAPITAL STOCK $1,000,000  Operating the Noonday-Curie/ Mines  in the Slocan District.  HAS DECIDED TO OFFER.,25,000  SHARES OF THE COMPANY'S  STOCK,���THE ���PAR���VALUE��� OF-  WHICH IS ONE DOLLAR, AT  TWELVE CENTS. THE PROCEEDS  FROM THE SALE OF THESE  SHARES IS TO GO INTO THE  COMPANY'S TREASURY TO MEET  PAYMENTS UPON DEVELOPMENT  ACCOUNT        'j_  THESE SHARES Afy: DESIRABLE BECAUSE  The Noonday is virtually a developed  mine. The work done.upon the property consists of a main tunnel, which  has been run in on the vein for 225  feet, and the vein where cross-cut  shows an average width of from 8 to 10  feet. The vein matter is made up of  about ,20 inches of clean ore, the remainder being, composed chiefly of  concentrating ore which samples 60  ounces silver. From the main tunnel  level there has been shipped 520 tons  of clean ore, which netted the company,  after deducting freight and treatment  charges, over SS10QO to the car of from  18 to 20 tons. From the main tunnel  an upraise has-been driven for 100 feet  and a stope 75 feet long opened up.  About 150 feet below the main tunnel  a cross-cut is being run. This tunnel  is now in 125 feet and it is estimated  that the lead exposed in'the main tunnel will be reached in another 30 feet.  A force of 18 men is at present employed upon the property, all but three  of whom are employed on development.  The company has another three cars'of  clean ore ready for shipment.  Application for shares can be made to  sfs. ftallihep & Wilson  Solicitors for the Company,<6rcken)(il] BJo&k, Helscssi  iti New Fork and -was going to Chicago.  The draft Avas not issued. !  Chicago residents then, gave* evidence  that the character of Davis, the detective, was very: questionable -while he  resided in that eifcy. Witnesses were  also called who demonstrated that the  i key found on the prisoner, Anderson,  ���would open many valises besides the one  found containing the money.  In the afternoon, the prisoner; J. W.  Anderson*   was put in the witness-box  and examined by Mr. Hagel, as to "Davis*  statements.      He    emphatically' denied  making     the     alleged     confession      to  Davis    on   June   22nd.      "Wheu   Davis  said    that    he    followed    him     across  Louise bridge he aviis at the Winnipeg  j opera house Avith a lady.    He was examined by Pinkerton men Avith all the other  clerks in the bank.   Davis avjis a liar. He  had an opinion of his own jvs to the thief.  He avjis in the Molsons Bank the night of  the digging for  the  A'jilise.    He did not.  . know the bank combinations at the time  I of. the   robbery.    He   luid   a   bunch of  eight .��� keys,  /with    one   like   that   produced.    Anderson   avjis   subjected-.to a  i merciless cross-examination by Mr. Howell,  for the   prosecution,   on -his state-  i ment to Mr. Machray, solicitor- for the  ! Molsons Bank, Avhich did not improve the  , prisoner's   visible - nervousness.    Pressed  as to his movements on Saturday, October- 1st,-Anderson<said that he was in'the  ibank.with 'McBeth,  another clerk,  who  -left  at  8.30. p.m.    Gait Avas .not. there.  Anderson Avent doAvn town ��� and returned  to,the bank at 10 o'clock.-   He found Gait  ��� there then..  He then went to- bed.. He  tkneAv of the. contemplated burglary  a  I month before the robbery.    He luid said  that Gait was .-"a religious crank."- -He  : had left the bank three months after'the  robbery, as a circular had come saying  FULL LINE OF  that no salaries would be increased on  account of the robbery. He was getting  then $10.00 per month. After Anderson's evidence the court adjourned.  Winnmi'kcj, November 8.���The trial.of  J. W. Anderson, .bank c!eik, accused of  stealing $'"2,<)0() from the Molson's Bank  here in October, 189.S, AA'as concluded .at  one o'clock today. The verdict.was "not  guilty." The jury -were out for one hotir  and n half, and their verdict was received  Avith cheers.  The jurors wei'e no doubt influenced by  the shaking up Avhich detective Davis received. Ho admitted having been arrested tAvice in Chicago in 1807. He Avas  . accused of stealing ji 25-cent memorandum  case, and tAA'o notes for $40 each jind . an  $80 diamond. The grand jury returned  a true bill against him, but he avjis discharged Avhen the cjise came up.  The Tteraont Hotel  IY|AL0J1E & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  m  m  Appreciation  w  w  To dispose of an entire car of high-class iron and  brass beds in a western mining town in less than two  months is certainly a record to be proud of, and one  seldom equalled in the large eastern cities. Yet so  great has been the demand for these goods, we have  found it necessary to wire for another car, which will  reach Nelson this week. We would ask the citizens  of Nelson to continue in showing their appreciation of  our efforts to give them the opportunity of enjoying  the luxurious furnishings of an eastern home in the  midst of the Rockies.  B  B  B  B  :.B:  B  B  B  B  B  B  .Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  ,    THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  w  ,#  M  D. McArthur & Co.  mi  mi  mi  mi  mi  B  B  ALWAYS ON HAND  One  of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  ���Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  ���  Windows  . Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  -local and coast.  Newel Posts \  ���  .' [Stair Rail   ,  Mouldings  Shingles  ,   Rough and       Dressed Lumber  ,   of "ill kinds,  what you want is not in stock wo-will make.lt tor you  CALL AND GJST PRICES.  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  Largo comfortable bedrooms and  flrst-otass dining  room.   Sample rooms for commercial mon.  ���R-^TEJS   &2   I?___S   3D__."_T  Mrs.; L, C.   CLARKE, Prop.  Late of the-Royal Hotel. Calgary,  J. A. Sayward  'HALL AND LAKE STREETS, NELSON  Contpaetors and Builders  WILL DO WELL TO  *   " The finest hotel in tho interior.  Large, sample rooms.  Steam heat and electric light.  CORNER OF WARD AND .VERNON STS.. NELSON  Madden House  , BAKER AND WARD STREETS, NKLSON  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G.-O. BUGHANAFS  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained under one  -management sines 1890.  The bed-rooms euro well furnished and lighted by  i electricity.  The dining-room Is not second to any in Kootenay.  ~  stocked bythe be*  **        "  . clears.  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  ,   The bar is. always stocked  i imported liquors and clears.  by the best domestic and  ' A largo stock of flrst-class dry material on hand, also  a full line of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  .yard:  Foot of Hendryx streot, Nelson  Telephone, 9t        Jphll    Rae,   AgCf-lt  Seasoned 'Lumber!  ���  | Bids arc invited for two million feot, of well nssartcd  "iciisom-d lumber, either for tho whole or in cm- lo!*.-, in  ��� mill yard or delivered to the railroad,   Kor pm-liciiifirrf  ���apply to JIUIJV LUMDKU.& bkvKIjOPMKNT CO.  1   Llbby, Moulnim.  GREAT REDUCTION  HARD COAL  ANTHBACITE  ID__3liI*V*EI_S*E]r>  Special rates for cnrIo.ad lots for outside points.  TELEPHONE  33  G. W. West & Co,  Wood! Wood I Wood I  '    Good dry wood, all lengths.^  Leave  orders   at  Jacobson's  feed  store  on  Vernon street (next door to Tribune  ;Office).   Telephone 97.    JOHN CROFT.  ^QNEDQLLAR A LOAD  ��� The undersigned has a largo, quantity of fir, cedar, and  ���tamarac slabs, in 16-inch and 4-foot 'lenRths,-6Uitablo fer  'stovq.wqod, which'will be Bold-for $1 _ load at Urn. milt  yttrd* NKLSON SAW $c PhANlNQ MILLS. Limited.  '-   Nelson, August mh)1829.  ���  Largo mid woll lighted .     Hotted by hot. air  Reasonable rates Siuirple rooms ,  Kloolric bolls tind light in every room  Renovated mid refurnished throughout  HOTEL. VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Revelstoke, B. C.  > Krce bus nlcetrt all trains  'Hourly xtrecLcnr to wu-ilion in��woio��un\o|  l   Niglit-rill Room in connection, for (lie donvenienco of  'guestw arriving and doparting by nigh! train*.,  EST^C.    HOTEL  (SI-JII2, B. C.  i Klrst-cla*is in every respect. Oholc.st wines, liquor-.  Und cigars. Every comfort'for transient and rctudoiit  .guests.  HEADQUAKTKRS KOR UNION "MEN.  .JOSEPH   CAMPBEJ_L,   Ppoprietor.  | Vienna Restaurant  j Baker streot, between Josephine and  - Hall streots, .Nelson.  MEALsS AT ALL HOURS. DAY Oft NIGHT  ,    ��� BAKERY IN CONNECTION  iFAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP KMPLOYKD  J 33.     _=C"Q**R*R*yT     FBOPBISTOH  NOTICE   OF   ASSIGNMENT.  Notice is hereby given (hat Ilarrj Howanl Dimbnr of  Duncan City, in the county of Kootenay, Ijritisli Columbia, hotelkceper, has by deed dated Uio .'fist day or  October, I8U0, assigned all his personal estate, crc'HU and  ctrectti which may lie seized and hold under cNcemiori  and all liis real estate to William SiinpMm Of Duncan  pfity, uforcsnid, niorcli.mf, in trif-t, for the bcmjtll. of the  creditors of tho said Harry Howard Dunbar. The viid  deed was executed by the Miid Hurry Ho wind I)iinli.ir  on tho :Usl day of October, 1KSP.I, ami bythe -,ii<l William  Simpson on the (iLh day of November, I,'5''!'. .-\'l pei'snns  having claims against, the-*a'd Harry Howard I)uirli.u-  are requested Io forward particular*, of lhc sunc. dulj  verified, and stating wlinlxucurity. if any. is held for the  ���Kline, to the said Willinm .Simpson on Or before the Iltti  .day of December; lfBW. after which date tho said William  .Simpson will proceed to distribute the a.ssok- uf t!t<; estate  amongst, those entitled thereto, having regard only to I lie  tcliuiiM of which he shall then  have had not ire.   All pei-  isous indebted to the said Hnriy JJnwaid nunbiirnro.n*-.  (jiiii-ed to pay hucIi fiiclebtcdneHU- fortliwlXli lo tlie Ham  William Sinip.son.  A meeting of the creditors of the said Hairy Howard  Dunbar will be held at the olllcesof McAnn & Maukny,  barrister*, Kront.street, Karflo, H.(.!.. on Wednesday (ln>  ���iitiil day of-Novci-tbcr.'IKK!. at3 o'clock p.m.  WILLIAM MI MI "SON. TniBtee.  .    Mi-ANN & MAfiKAY, Solicitors for the TriiHtce..   .  i Dated tlio CUi day of November, liiirj.'  ..  THE NELSON SAW1 PLATO ILLS, ltd.  We have a stock of one and a half million  ���feet of logs at our mill and are prepared to cut  all kinds of dimension timber and ship to all points  ? on Kootenay Lake by scows or steamers, also by  rail to all points on the Canadian Pacific or Nelson  ;and Fort Sheppard railways. In stock rough and  ���dressed lumber, shingles, mouldings, sash, doors*  newels, turned verandah posts. Glass of all sizes.  Factory work of all kinds done to. order.  <wf  **���(���  THE;��S0I mil fMW��ES, w  7       ,   .  OFFICE AND MILLS* CORNER Hi_LL AND FRONT STS., NELSON.  P. Burns <�� Co,  Head Office at  NELSON, B. 0.  Wholesale and Retail ,.-  ..   .   Dealers in Meats  Markets at Nelson, Rn.s-.aml, Trail, K.oslo, Yinir, Sandon, Silverton, New "Denver, Revel-  .sfcoke, Ferguson, Grand Porks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Midway, and Vancouver.  MslH Orders Promptly Forwarded. :  West Kootenay Butcher Go.  ALL KINDS OK  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLKSALK ANI) KKTAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson  L G. TRAVES, Manager  ORDKRS BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  W. P. DIOKSO-T  B. H. H, APPLBWHAITB  J. MoFHH-I  tenay Eleetrie Supply and .onstraetion Go.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  (Complete Bleotrlo Equipments for Slloetrlo Power Transmission and Ughtlng for Mines, Town_  Ble-tric Fixtures, Lamps, Bella, Telephones, Annunciator���. Etc.  P. O. Box 608, Josephine Stroet, Nekton, B. O.  easy terms.   This property is very  West Baker Street, Nelson  THE  FINEST RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY IN  NELSON  All the unsold lots m Ine Fairview Addition to"Nelson are now on the market al reasonable prices and on  desirable fbr residences.   Apply to  T. M. WARD, Local Agent  GROVE HOTEL BEER GARDEN  NEAR NELSON & FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT.  BEST  BEER BREWED AT HOME  OR  ON DRAUGHT OR IN BOTTLES.  THE  ABROAD  Fred J, Squire, Merchant Tailor  FULL LINES 01 FALL AN0 WINTER SUITINGS  .LOP&OSITti S*OfVKB. K1NQ HOTF.I,  WJfiST BAKKll STRBKT NELSON TUB TRIBUNE  NELSON   B. C. THURSDAY NOVEMBER 9, 1891).  Kootenay carrying lull lines of  SCALES  FURNACES  BRUNTONS  TRANSITS  SCORIFIERS  CRUCIBLES  MUFFLES  FLUXES  OF  ALL KINDS  Baker Street, Nelson, B. C.  SEE GILKER FOR UNDERWEAR  HE HAS SEVERAL LINES THAT ARE  WORLD BEATERS  J. A  THE OLD P. O. STORE  ESTABLISHED IN 1890  t/i  to  W  o  ���S3  to  fa  . O  CO  OS  >*  525  W  _-r  . EVERY DAY OF EVERY MONTH,  EVERY MONTH OF EVERY YEAY  EVERY YEAR FOR 10 YEARS  :    '     , 1^51  SCALE.  3  W  o  _���*_  >  ir*  s  ���=>-  W-  t?_  H  JACOB, DOVER  HAS PRODUCED  OF "SKIp-SOX, JJ. C.  5  STKIITJXO NOVELTIES ,  MANiri'KE   AND TOri.KT  Slfl'rt  HON DOSS  hi:k!h- m!:ts  rilKAM A.VIl h!-'G Ui  A .VI)   'J'BA  AND f'OFKKB SI'OONS  IWVBIiH HO.VKS  A-io.Mizicn.s  KLOTTKHh  -l'OMAJJK IIO.VIWrTiTr.   .TEWELItY  r.AI)II��' COI.D   WATC1IKS, SI IT  wrrn j)iAJ��o.vnK  HIWKU'.TS.  1'I.Al.V  AN!)  &BT  i.OilONlOTTU CHAINS  KINfiS,    IN    ALL   THK   I.ATKST  SCTri.vc.H  CUKT  LINKS*, 1.0CKKTS  XIX Kl.tiTS  -liKOCVUIKK, K'rc. :   K\NCY GOODS  OVVX TAIII.CS  TAJII.I-: ANI)  f'lANO [.AMI'S  .IAi<l)I.NIKItr.H  I'lIOTO  KKASIKS  i-'l-JtN POTS  VASKS,  KKTTKK KIICKS  MIftKORH  STATUKS  C'LOCICSr I'.Tl*.   Call and Exarqine Our Stock Before Buying Elsewhere.   Fin,e Watch Repairing  a Specialty.   All Work Guaranteed at  Jacob   Dover's  The Jeweler  INel-son, B. -C.  JUST RECEIVED  A LARGE CONSIGNMENT OF GRANBY  RUBBERS. THE BEST  ON   THE    MARKET.  BAKER STREET,  NELSON, R. 0.  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  NELSON, B. C.  Coffee roasters and' toalere in Tea, and Coffee.  Offer fresh roasted coffee of best quality aa -follows.!  Java arid Arabian Maoha, per pound, f  iu  Java and Mocha Blend, 8. pounds    1 00  Fine Santos, 4 pou ndfi ,...;- 3 00  "-Juntos* Blond, 5 pound*  1 00  Our Special Blend, fl pounds .'.  1 00  Oitt Rio Rons*-, G pounds,     1 00  A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms *** Doors East  of Oddfellows  BlocK,   West  ��� .-;�� . Baker Stsent ..  PALACE CONFECTIONERY  FOR FINE CHOCOLATE  AND BON BONS  Solo .-agent for Nelson foi' Ganong Bros, celebrated R  B Chocolates and Bon Bona. One toil of the same to  arrive in �� few days.   .  -OLYMPIA AND EASTERN OYSTERS  AliRIVIpVO DAII.V.  Fancy Cakes aiid Pastry, Plums, Peaches, Grapes,  Unnanns, Capo Cod Cranhemes. Pears arid all Fruit in  season.  Comer Ward and Baker "3Lb.     J     fl      M^flMAt* 1)  -.���Mills & Lott'sold stand.     .. .*"  *V   lnl����'ynrt__��J  LOCAL NEWS IN BRIEF.  Tlie pulpit which George Freeman is  'building for St. Saviour's church will be  finished in about three weeks. The pulpit is oetagoiuil in shape and stands six  feet from the ilooi*. It is being executed  in oak from ji design prepared by George  D. Curtis in hite gothic, so that it Avill be  in keeping with tlio finish of the mouldings, etc., inside the church. The upper  panels of the pulpit are ornamented with  some very fine tracery work, which in  execution is very creditable to Mr. Freeman. When placed in position the pulpit will be the finest thing of its kind in  Kootenay.  The members of the Maslonka family  will figure in court again. This time  Albert Maslonka luis quarreled with his  brother Joseph Maslonka over some cord-  wood, in which they wei'e both interested.  Albei-t's story is that he sold his brother  some old wood, and tliat while he was in  jail awaiting trial for shooting with intent his brother disposed of fifty-three  cords of wood which, he says, were not  included in the deal. He accordingly  laid an information against the brother,  charging him with the theft of the wood.  Joseim Maslonka obligingly came to. the,  pi'oviucial police office yesterday, afternoon and wjis locked up, thus saving the  police ji tramp to the head of the wood  chute.    The case may be heard today.  of current i*ates, but it gives a fair idea  of the profit which results from the op-  erating of the city's lighting system, the  charges for maintenance for the mouth  being only $1SS.20. The lighting of the  city is now carried by the five machines,  of which tho now alternating machine  has 700 lights. As the capacity of this  dynamo is 2000, lights the city will be  enabled to nuikc a considerable addition  to the present number of services and in-  ciden tally materially increase the returns  without increasing the item of wages,  which constitutes the chief expenditure  under the head of maintenance.  The city police have recovered most of  the wearing apparel which was stolen  from Mrs. Malette at the Kootenay hotel.  There was over $200 worth of dresses  and waists taken, and the thief disposed  of the bulk of the property to Irene Arnold for $25. When this woman learned  that the goods had been stolen from Mrs.  Mtilette she reported her purchase to the  police, and thereby saved herself from  prosecution for receiving stolen goods,  although she was out the $25. The description given of the thief is that of a  suspect whom the police were shadowing  for" several days but who disappeared  jifter the Male*ote theft was committed."  Hon. J. Fred Hume arrived in Nelson  last evening from the Coast. Ho says  that there* has been no cluinge in tho  political situation, and that the government is confident Of a working majority  when the legislature meets in January.  Superintendent Musson reports a good  sti'ike on the Exchequer. In running one  of the drifts this week the miners came  across a large bunch of high grade ore.  About a ton of it was knocked down and  a sample1 taken from it gave ' returns of  over $200 to the ton. The balance of the  Exchequer's second shipment is now going forward to the Hall Mines smelter.  A meeting of the members of the fire  department was held last evening when  it was decided to give another of. the  smoking concerts which wei'e so popular  last spring. The smoker will be held in  the opera house on Friday evening, October 17th. A committee will meet to arrange the programme next week.  WE HAVE THE FINEST LINE OF  Coal Heaters  EVER DISPLAYED IN KOOTENAY DISTRICT  SOLE AGENTS FOR THE FAMOUS  Cole's Hot Blast Heater  Our claims for this heater is that it is adapted  to any kind of coal, CROW'S NEST, LETH-  BRIDGE, or ANTHRACITE, burning all kinds equally well. Not requiring the  attention of an ordinary coal heater. Economical, durable and simple in construction.   See our-Steel Ranges for hard and soft coal or wood.  A man giving his name as O. Fitz-  patrick was arrested by tlie police on  Tuesday evening upon suspicion of being  : implicated in the theft of goods from S.  Neelands' warehouse, in the rear' of the  Neehinds' block, on Baker street. Goods  have been missed from the warehouse  from time to time, and on Tuesday night  Fitzpatrick was caught in the act of leaving tho premises. His excuse was that  he had found the warehouse open and  had used it as sleeping quarters. The  police afterwards found a pair.of boots  in the rear of tlie Hume hotel, which* are  supposed to have , been stolen from "the  .warehouse. Fitzpatrick will come up for  heaving this morning.  The baxaiu- held by the ladies aid of  tho Methodist church- yesterday- in the  Nelson cafe was a. financial success. In  addition to a sale of fancy work the  ladies gave a lunch at noon and.;"a dinner  in the evening', which were well pjit-  ronized. The proceeds from the bazaar  were something over $250.  Born, in Nelson, on Wednesday, to  wife of Charles Chiyton, ji sou.  HOTEL AERIVALS.  the  Doucet,  Lardo;  C.  K. Bennett,  At thk Phaiii.���R. P  J. Leckio, Greenwood;  Salmo.  At tub Hume���J. Anderson, Montreal;  Harry H. Watson, V. Cranston, Vancouver; T. AV. Coleman, Ainswortli; AV. IT.  Langridgc, Revelstoke; C. AV. Busk,  Kokanee Creek; J. Dunbar, Montreal;  Thos. Rodan, Moyie; M. B. Steele, AVin-  nipeg; R. Beiitly, Medicine Hat; J. J.  Hillier, Vancouver; J.  Fred  Hume,  Vic-  ' toria;    G.  S.  Thomas,  Spokane;    S.  AV.  : Taylor, Edmonton.  ��� At thk Git and Central.���N. V. Me-  Bain-, Poorman; J. C. Marat, Kaslo; Robert Cooper, Slocan City; G. L. Bremuer,  E.  A.  Olsen  aud  B.  Light, Porto  Rico  . mine; Harry H. Fish, Kettle Falls; Frank  {Wade, Brooklyn.  At the Queens.���Thomas ' J. .Slack,,  Great Falls; A. McNally, Lardo; J. 31c-  Areigh, Lardo; C. H. -Aylesworth, C. A.  AVilen,-Foj'iiicj N.-Friedman, J. J. Binns,  Winnipeg. ,  NELSON  ers & Co  KASLO  SANDON  ARE YOU BURNING UP MONEY  Because Your Stove or Range Canqot be  Regulated to Save Fuel?  IT WILL PAY YOU  TO EXAMINE  OUR NEW STOCK OF  STOVES AND RANGES  fuel effected will soon eqiuil  mgo.    It can be so quickly  The siiAing in  tho cost  of  tho  r  and ejisily regulated that there need be no  waste of heat or fuel. Now pjitonted improvements oJl'er you more convenience and  comfort than you'll find in any other rango.  "Returns Thanks.  The Tribune will pay $100, more or  Jess, for definite information as to why  a daily paper published at- Nelson should  not arrive Jit Sandon the day of publication. There appears* to be something  inherently wrong in the mail and express service between Nolson and Slocan  points,    The revenue of the city for the month  of October for electric light services was  in round uumbers .$1800. This of course  included some jirrears as well as payment  BUSINESS. MENTION.^   The ladies of the Methodist church ex-  pccl. all'young won to gel I heir niculM atUicir trnzfiar to-  d.iy .at tho Nelson enfo. Special programme of  music, etc., in t.he evening.'  A Van ted���Position as stenographer and  typewriter.   AcldrcbS Surah A. Gn*jick, Kaslo, 11. C.  The latest thing out.     -Patent" hnni-  nous gold L'lusfi hi_i>H, namu plates and sjtruct numbers.  IJeaclablc unrkexl niffhis. Unexcelled for beauty; never  tarnish ; laM, a life-time; price within reach, For -*alo  by II. II. Avery, Carbonate street, Nelson.  Wanted���Nurse girl. ..Apply to Mrs.  Is. K. Wilson, Victoria street.  Furnished rooms to let.    Apply to Mrs.  Ij. M. Jameson, Carney Block, Baker street went.  For Rent���A* store ou Vernon street,  polite The Tribune ollice.   810 u inonth.   Apply to K.  NKLSON, November 8tli. 1809.  -To the Editor of Tho Tribune .'  Would you permit, nie through your columns to ox-  prcNsmy Krcat lluinkb to all JhoSc who assisted me at  my recent, cone rt. and also to those, who were kind  enough lo attend. The short time al my disposal-makes  it impossible for uio to tl.ank llicnl till personally, as I  should like to do.. I can only say that I am truly urutc-  ful to th' in all. and tluit I shall look forward wilh far  Krcutei* pleasure to my return to Nelson than I do to my  departuro.   Yours faithfully,  FRANCES BROUGHAM.  WE ARE SCORING  ANOTHER^ GREAT SUCCESS  - in-the sale ofthe stock of. goods  which we purchased from the  stores of Messrs. Foley-Brothers  & Larsen at their construction  camp at Creston. The reductions  which we advertise are genuine.  We can afford to make them because we purchased the greater  part of the stock at  -T-WENTY-F-IVE-CEN-TS-  ON THE DOLLAR  TWO CAR LOADS TO SELECT FROM  LAWRENCE HARDWARE GO,  -Consumers of staple articles such as the following cannot  buy to a better advantage than by purchasing from Kirkpatrick & Wilson. At any rate obtain quotations from them  before placing orders for  OppOMll  Kilby.  SEE  the .same is true in a measure  with the bankrupt stock of Craw-  ford& McMillan, which we have  been -working off for some time.  This week we will add a new  feature, offering  SPECIAL BARGAINS  IN BOY'S SUITS  These values cannot be touched by  any clothing house in Kootenay.  We have cut the price fairly in two  and are offering boy's suits at  $2,50,'which were invoiced at $5.  MEN'S HEAVY WEAR  ��� we have still good bargains to offer.  We have a few more pairs of men's  heavy shoes at $1.50, regular price  $3; Silver State overalls at 50  cents, regular price $1 ; men's  tweed suits at $7, regular price  $12.50; men's heavy all-wool tweed  pants at $2, regular price $3.50.  In order to clear out our store of  LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S  PATENAUDE   BROS. ��APESh ^i^?��� .���.  we have marked these goods down  baker street, NelsOn to cost.   We have capes and jack.  -���������������-��� ��� ���-1- ets from $3.50 up to $10.  NOTICE TO HIKERS.  Wanted tenders for citrasctit-Ung l'OI) feet (more o** loss)  on the Whitewater claim, fiituntefl on the head ot Rover  Creek, Nolson dixtrict. I'roviyionH null tools supplied at  the mine and deducted from contract price. Apnly for.  particulars to .     J. Wl L\A AM SOX WlliMA MS. ��� .-        ,  W"T. a .-Prwstpr, jUnker Street,    J  ...  ELLIOT BiOOCK, BAKER STJIEET, NJBIIiSON-..  Potatoes, fAshcroftJ  Flour, (Baking and Pastry)  Sugar, Nok 1, (Granulated)  Rolled Meal  Hams, (Armour's)  Tea, (Green and Black)  Coffee, (Java and Mocha)  Fish, fSalt, Smoked and Dried  Butter, No. 1, fCreameryJ*  Baking Powder, (Trice'sJ  Currantsr ("Gleaned and Bulk  Raisins, (Seeded and Bulk)  Soaps, (Toilet and LaundryJ  Bacon, ("Salt and Smoked J  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN  GROCERIES,   PROVISIONS,   CROCKERY,   GLASSWARE.  Kirkpatrick & Wilson  P. O. BOX K. & W.  IJAICBU STKEKT.  TELEPHONE 10.  FOR CHOICE  JEWELRY  AND  WATCHES  WE  HAVE  ARE  ALWAYS WILL  BE  FOUND LEADING  Our Mor*k is nmv nrriviiiH four chin aro nlresuly unloaded und tis inany more lo follow. (Jurnlook (hii,-\vuel��*  will ImlitiKUi* ih.-ui over, uiul frreat ciuo liiin been oxer-  uKcd In Hie plircliase of Ihe^OKOfid*! as regards <|iMli'y  and price, wc eim safely say they have heen well bon^iil.  .So yon cun tlu|iend'oii i^eUiiix fresh ijikhIk jit^ tlio lowest,  pos-Ilile 1'i'ici.. We would a*-k junto hear in mind our  mode, ono price to all and wv iiiuke it not the public.  DesBrisay   ��S&   Co.  Ail Appetizing8 Breakfast  FITS A MAN FOR WORK.  Try our Government Creamery Butter, J. Y. Griffin & Co's  Hams and Bacon, Brackman & Ker's Rolled Oats and Corn-  meal, Almonte Milling Go's Self Raising Buckwheat Flour.  Baker Stroet West, Nelson  John A. Irving & Co.  Strachan  3PX.*tr3a:B*EiaRS, _sxo��  0*3P"l**3*R_a4i^O"D"S**_3 BLOCK  fe-  lii_______^__l  ���msm^sK^'^y


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