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 l,-*-  K  MACNITUDE OF MONDAY'S FIGHT  Boers. Suffered Heavy Losses.  London, November 8.���The Boers acknowledge having  suffered  hctivy losses  in men  and horses  in  previous battles.  General .Tan  Kock,  wlio  was  second in  command  in  the Transvaal 'forces, and  Avho was injured in  the btittlc of Elandslaagte, died in tho hospital at Ladysmith  on Monday night.    Little light is thrown  on tho actual  situation  by the news at  hand todtiy.    The magnitude of Monday's  fight, however, is more than evident. Virtually thi'ce fictions  were .-raging simultaneously; but it  is  obvious that the intention to roll back the Orange Free State  troops was not achieved.'   The correspondent of the Daily News-tit Ladysmith,  telegraphing. Tuesday,  says:  ���"Dr. Hor-  nabook, while searching  for the body of  lieutenant Clapham on Umbulwanti hill,  which was  in  possession of the enemy,  met many Boers.    On  stating the object  , of his quest, he was kiudly received.  The  consensus of opinion among the'Boers', he  thinks, is  that they are sick of lighting  and would like  to throw up the sponge.  They said their.heavy.loss yesterday was  chiefly due to our artillery fire."  Descrpitions of the Battle.  London, November 2.���A dispatch to  the Daily Telegraph froni Ladysmith,  filed Monday night, giving a description  of the battle, sjiys: "A similar stampede  occurred to lieutenant-colonel Grimwood's  column in the Bulwan side; the ammuiii-  tion was lost, but our infantry quite held  their own. It was a sei'ious misfortune  that the Powei-f ill's bluejackets were not  summoned soon er,��������� as the result of the  engagement would have been different."  London, November 3.���The Daily News  has a dispatch this morning 'from Ladysmith, dated Tuesday at 10:30 a.m., which  gives the first independent account of  the cutting off of lieutenant-colonel  .Carleton's column iu the engagement at  ��� Farquhar's farm. The correspondent  says: "The column was sent out Sunday  night, made it wide detour, and reached  -.the.: spurs of the Drakensbuig before  dawn. Colouei-'Carleton stormed the  heights with the bayonet, and maintained  his position ag.iinst grctit odds until his  ammunition was exhausted and surrender  liad become inevitable. Nearly two  hundred had then been killed and  wounded."       Casualties at Far _nar's Farm.  London, November 3.���At 12.40 a. m.  the war office issued tlie text of the dispatch which is dated Ladysmith, November 2, 10 a.m., giving the list of casualties  among the officers, which is as follows :  Royal artillery���Killed, lieutenant J. T.  McDougall; wounded, major John Daw-  kins-, slightly, lieutenant Harold Belcher,  severely. King's lloyal rifles- Killed,  major "\V. T. Myers, lieutenant H S. Mars-  den, and lieutenant T. L. Forster;  wounded, major Henry E. Bnchanau-Jlid-  doll and lieutenant II. C. Johnson, both  severely. Royal Irish iVusilcer***���  Wounded, Captain. G. B. IL Rice and captain W. B. Silver, both severely. Gloucestershire regiment���Wounded, captain S.  Willcock, captain B. O. Fyfe, and captain  F.   S.   Stayner,   all   severely. Natal  Mounted rifles���Killed, lieutenant William Chapman. Medical corps���Killed,  major Edward Gwiy. The list of the  names of the non-commissioned officers  aud men killed and wounded is promised  tomorrow.       Three Hundred Killed and Wouded.  London, November 2.���General White  .ha11! cabled the war office, tluit in the e n-  giigement on Farquhar's farm, near Ladysmith on October 30th, when lieutenaut-  coloncl Carleton's column was compelled  to surrender, six officers were killed tind  nine wounded. Among the non-commissioned officers and men the casualties  were 54 killed and 231 wounded. General  White -promibes a list of the missing  later.  Wi(^^^  FRIDAY MOBBING, NOVEMBER 3, 1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR; WEEKLY, $2.  A report that a, Boer force from Koom-  atpoi-t is making its way through Zulu-  land is held to indicate an intention to  seize the railway between Colenso and  Pietermaritzburg, if it has not already  been seized. This, however, will soon be  known, as armoi'ed trains are patrolling  tho line. The real question now for the  British public is, can general White hold  out another ten days or two weeks, until  the urmy corps nrrives. Less anxiety  would be felt on his account were it not  that every day seems to bring a fresh  list of casualties.' At best, the coining  week must prove a critical tind iinxious  time.  The Times this morning, commenting  editorially upon the fact that news, appears to an'ive in Belgium from South  Africa from'.some channel uncontrolled  bythe British censorship,, reminds the  government that information valuable to  the enemy can similarly leak from Europe  to the Transvaal. It suggests thtitcthe  government should fully exercise their  right, under existing conventions, if auy  .such channel has been for special reasons  left open, and it appears to think there  may be some truth in yesterday's Berlin  and Ptuis stories.  PHILIPPINE COMMISSION REPORT  ENGAGED IN A SER  Opinion of a Fighting General.  London, Novembei' 3.���Lord Frederick  Roberts of Candahar, commander of the  forces in Ireland, while reviewing the  tj'oops Jit Kilkenny, said : "It is useless  to disguise the fact that we are engaged  in a 'very serious war; a war which will  put our resources and courage to a severe  test."  Apparently extensive preparations are  in progress at De Aar, Cape Colony, for  the concentration of general Buller's  army. Thousauds of mules Jire corraled  in that neighborhood and transport ran-  tei ial is being hurried up from the south.  According to another despatch, the  naval brigade tit Ladysmith has mounted  four more guns from Durban.  The report comes fiom Rome that Portugal will permit the landing of British  troops at Lorenzo Marque/. This coincides with the views strongly prevalent  in some quarters here that the British  invasion of Transvaal will be made from  that point. Themoiniug papers are divided iu opinion jis to whether general  -White's list of casualties include the  losses of licntenant-colouel Carleton's  column befoi'e its surrender. The preponderance of opinion is inclined that  those are not included, since if they *were  general White would probably have mentioned the tact.  To President McKinley.  Washington, November 2.���In accordance Avith an understanding  reached at  the conference at the white house yesterday,  the  Philippine commission   today  subihitted  to   president    McKinley the  preliminary report which it had promised  to prepare.    The commission tells how it  concluded the task entrusted  to it, hearing statements from all classes of  people  in Manila jis  to  the capabilities of   the  Filipinos for self-government, the habits  and customs of the  people, and also the  ..establishment' of  municipal  government  in many towns. The report states :   "The  Filipinos are not a nation, but a varia-  gated assembly of  different tribes, aud  their       loyalty       is       still      of     the  tribal    type."     Concerning    their    in-  iutcllectual    capacity,    the    commission  says:    "As to the general intellectual capacities of the  Filipinos, the commission  is disposed to rate them high.    But, excepting in  a  limited  nuniber of persons,  these capacities have not beeu developed  by education or expeiience.    The masses  of  the   people   are   uneducated.     That  intelligent public opinion on which popu-  lar government rests  does  not exist in  the Philippines, and it cannot exist until  education 1ms elevated the masses, broadened their intellectual horizon, tmd disciplined their judgment. The most that can be  expected"of them is to co-operate Avith  the Americans in the administration  of  the   general affairs   from  Manila   as  a  centie.  aud   to   undertake,   subject]}  to  American couti'ol or guidance as may be  found necessary, the administration  of  provincial and municipal affairs.    In. this  way   American   soveieiguty   over    the  archipelago will prove a political boon to  these people.     Should our power by any  fatality be withdrawn, the commission  believes*   that    the   government of the  Philippines���would -speedily- lapse���into  anarchy, which Avould  excuse, if   it  did  not necessitate, the intervention of other  powers and the division  of the islands  among them."  The Situation in the Philippines.  ManiI/A, November 2.���Aguinaldo litis  issued a proeUunjition announcing that  the American congress meets in December to decide whether "the imperialistic  policy" and "this bloody woik" is to be  contiuued. IIo exhorts his soldiers to  conduct themselves so that congress will  consider them worthy of independence,  and i equests* the priests to abstain from  politics and to redeem the church from  the bad name the misdeeds of the friars  have given it. A crisis in the Filipino  cjibinet is predicted as the result of the  lesignations of Patei-no and Buenacami-  no, two of the Filipino lejiders who have  lost the confidence of the rabid revolutionists. Some Filipinos Avho started to  come to Manila with the Spaniards received a message from general Otis saying the women and children would be  given protection, but the men who had  cast their lot with the insurgents must  lemain with the insurgents. The party  included the brother of general Luna,  who was jissassinated by the guard at  Againtildo's house, with his fiimily, aud  the Filipino secretary of the treasury aud  family. The families returned to Tailac.  The Americans occupy Iloilo and the adjoining towns of Jaro Jind Molow with  4000 men, consisting of the Sixteenth and  Twenty-sixth regiments, two battalions  of the Nineteenth regiment, a detachment  of the Sixth legimeut, and a battery of  the Sixth artillery. TJie insurgent foi'ce  is iioav supposed to be between 3500 aud  5000 armed men and many more unarmed.  Their lines are about eight hundred yards  from Jaro, wliich is occupied by the  J Twenty-sixth regiment.  THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY  A Boer Account of the Situation.  Paris, November 2.���The Ha vas Agency  this evening publishes the following, extraordinary dispatch, which the agency  says came through its correspondent at  Brussels: "Capetown.���The news of the  Boers two victories' around Ladysmith  has created considerable excitement  among the Afrikanders, avIio do not conceal tlieir joy. Sir -Alfred Milner, the  British high commissioner, is much perturbed at their attitude. General White,  in these two engagements, lost about 350  men killed, Avounded and prisoners. The  second victory avjis Avon by the Free  Staters, commanded-..by Lucas Meyer,  wlio seized Colenso, thus cutting off the  retreat of general White, Avho is surrounded. The investment of Ladysmith  is complete-and the Boers are masters of  Pietermaritzbiirg and the Durban railway. News lias .reached general White  that Mafeking is closely beseiged and  that the Boers; have successfully repulsed  the sorties. The surrender of Mafeking  is expected. It is also confirmed that the  Free Staters have seized Colesburg."  London, November 2.���The secretary  of the Avar office, who was .shown the  CapetoAvn "dispatch of the Ha vas Agency,  said the statements made Avere utterly  baseless. Brussels, Avhere the Ha vas  dispatch originated, is the headquarters  of Dr. Leyds, the diplomatic agent of the  Transvaal,, and it is .thought the Capetown dispatch may be an exaggerated  Boer version of the recent fighting.  The Losses of a Year.  Washington, November '2.���A i-recapitulation of the casualties in the  actions and deaths in the regular and  volunteer armies between May, 1898, itnd  June 30th, 1899, contained in the annual  report of the adjutant-general of the  army, shoAVS a grand total of 10,076 men.  THE JEFFRIES-SHARKEY FIGHT  For the Heavyweight Championship.  New York, November 2.���Who Avill  win?   This is the question Aviheh  sporting men Jire asking each  other tonight.  This  city is  full  of sporting men, and  they represent nearly every city or town  of prominence from  the  Pacific to  the  Atlantic, and from the Gulf up into far-  northern Canada.   Jim Jeffries and Tom  Sharkey will meet tomorrow night in the  arena of the Coney Island Sporting Club  for a 25-round battle, the result of which  Avill decide for the time being the heavyweight pugilistic championship   of the  Avorld.   Jeffries, by his defeat of Fit_-  simmons, earned the title of champion of  the Avorld iu  the heavyweight class of  pugilists.     Many    of   those   avIiq   have  ttickled the game of chance say that the  big   fellow   Avill  be   defeated   and  the  championship avj'11  revert to the Irish-  American stiilor.    On the other hand, the  big Californian boilermaker has a host of  friends.    They are sanguine  of Jeffries'  success, and their_firm_belief thjit_he_Avill  win  is  backed  up  Avith dollars.    Many  stiange stories have been told of Jeffries  since he Avent to England  and since  his  return.   Billy Delauey of Sau Francisco,  who trained Corbett for his successful  ventuie against the  then heavyweight  champion,  John   L.  Sullivan,  and  Avho  brought Jeffries east to defeat Fit/sim-  mons, aa'Iio whipped his  former protege  (Corbett)   at Carson  City, said   today:  "My man (Jeffries) will be heard from to  good advantage tomorrow night,    1  told  you five months ago, before he met Fitz-  simmons,  that  it  was  a  sure thing for  him.    Now, take my advice, don't Avorry  about all those stories which you hear  about .Jim's sickness. He's all right; he'll  win sure."   They arrived here late  this  afternoon and immediately  repaired  to  the Vanderbilt hotel, where Jeffries Avill  rest until tomorrow morning.  Seeks Belief.  Chicago, November 2,���Liabilities  amounting to $5,000,000 tire scheduled in  a petition filed hi the United States district couit today by Sevier Doty, a capitalist, avIio seeks relief under the National  Bankruptcy Act. The petitioner is president of the Northern Fuel Company  and the Lehigh Coal & Coke Company.  His scheduled assets aggregate $100,000,  consisting prinoipally of capital stock.  The heavy liabilities result from the fail-  uie in 1S93 of several large coal companies in which Mr. Doty AVas interested.  Much of the indebtedness results from  lesponsibility, Avhich Mr. Doty took himself, by endorsing notes for other persons.  The creditors aie not secured except by  the notes Avhich they hold.  A Bulletin.  New York, November 2.���Dixon got  the decision over Curley at the end of the  25th lound.  BOUNDARY MINES WELL TREATED  By the Canadian Pacific.  Chief-engineer Tye, who has charge of  construction Avork on the Robson-Pentic-  ton branch of the Canadian Pacific, arrived in Nelson yesterday. He says that  owing to the contractors' inability to se-  'cure steel, the road for tho present has  been stopped nt Greenwood. As soon as  the steel arrives it will be continued to  Midway; but it is simply a matter of  conjecture Ayhpn the steel can be obtained. The great bulk of the business  for the branch will originate Avith the  mines ai'ound Greenwood and Phceriix,  and'the company some time ago decided  that it Avas more important to build  spurs to the mines from Eholt and Greenwood than to carry the main line through  to Midway.  In speaking of the company's action in  building the spurs to the mines, chief -engineer Tye said that he never before saAV  such uniform treatment by any railway  company of the mines of any district as  avjis ..'accorded to the likely mines of  Boundary district by the Canadian Pacific. Virtually, every property of immediate promise in the district aviis being  tapped by .the spurs from Eholt and  Greenwood. Not only Avere the spurs  built right lip'to the dumps, but in several instances the grading of the roadbed  had disclosed, mineral showings Avhich  greatly enhanced the market value of  the property itself.  Although the Robsou-Peuticton branch  was an unusually expensi\re piece of  railroad work, there Avill not be more  than 10 per cent difference between the  actual cost of the same and the company's  estimate. The road Avhen completed���including the long tunnel���will''Stand', the  railway company an expenditure of  $4,000,000 for "a mileage'of 125 miles.  till operating chiefly tit the betid of Ten-  mile creek, has secured an option on the  Daisy and Black hawk claims from J. M.  Rue and D. Graham. The sum involved  is $7000.   The Battle Renewed.  London, NoA'ember 3.���A special despatch from Ladysmith, dated Tuesday,  gives further details repardiug the renewal of the bombardment. TJie Boers,  .having reoeeupied.their old positions, remounted their big guns. Their firing Avas'  accurate, but almost harmless. Some of  the troops Avere slightly injured by splin-  tei'S. -Lieutenant-Egerton and his men  from the Powerful did splendid work"and  quickly silenced the Boer guns.  Has He Gone to Ottawa for Advice ?  Victoria, November 2.���[Special to  The Tribune].���What little interest is  shown in provincial politics just now centers in the visit of lieutenant-governor  Melnnes to Ottawa. The foundation for  the suspicion that he has gone there for  advice bodes no good to his constitutional adyisers here, avIio do not appear  to have been consulted about his trip.  LATE SLOCAN LAKE MINING NEWS  Mine Owners Meeting Announced.  Neav Denver, November 2.���Another  meeting of the mine ownei-s is billed for  the 7th instant. Judging from the"  activity displayed on several of theyprop-  M 4 ***  ei^ies in the jissociation, their managers  are evidently anticipating the action of  the meeting aud getting ready for the  expectant rush.  Additional buildings are being erected  at the Hartney, on Silver mountain, forming commodious and substantial winter  quarters. The management are Avorking  on business principles, and have this  Aveek increased the force. It is the intention to keep a stjiff of ten men developing the property throughout the  winter. In the new avoj kings commenced further down the hill, two inches  of clean ore is showing in the bieast,  Avith indications of widening.  The OAvners of the Mollie Hughes arc  running a crosscut to tap tlie main Arein  at a lower depth. In the drift jibove ore  is .showing for the entile length of 100  feet. The propei ty is iu good shape.  ___\V.__ V.__ Varnerjias secured a contract  for several hundred feet of additional  Avoi'k on the Madi&on. It consists of  drifting and raising. The same company  are interested in the .Sovereign.  Operations Avill be commenced on the  Sarah Jane claim near the town next  week. It has a strong ledge exposed by  surface cuts.  There is a lack of puck horses for the  business offering at tlie foot of tho lake.  A pack train of supplies was sent up to  the Capclla group, on Goat mountain, yesterday, upon which woi-k Avill be prosecuted throughout the winter. Suitable  quarte'rs have been erected.  The Chapleau has eight men employed  putting up the new winter quai'tors,  which are capable of accommodating a  large force. J. M. William��, avIio is operating the pioperty, is on his Avay back  from England, and on his ariival a full  force of miners will be put on.  The Iron King group, on Evans creek,  on the Avest side of the hike, lias passed  under the control of Bruce White and his  associates, who purpose developing Avluit  is practically new and virgin tenitory.  The surface showing on the group is immense, being upwards of 100 feet in  Avidth of ledge matter and quart/., Avith  a heavy iron capping, which carrion excellent values in gold.  The Black Prince lead has been tapped  by the crosscut on the Two Friends  claim at about 100 feet from the sinftice.  Drifting is now being done on the vein,  Avhich parallels that of the Two Fi tends,  and from which sc\'eral carload1, of oi'c  Avere shipped.  C. W. Harrington has transfci red nitie-  teen-tvventioths of tho Get-Tliere-Kli  group, on Twelve-mile cieek, to W. E.  Gomni for $2000.  October' receipts at the record office  AA'ere double those of September. i  Rene Laudi, representing French capi- ��  EMPLOYING  CONTRACT   LABOR  In the Slocan Mines.  Mention Avas made iu yesterday's Tuin-  UNE-of the arrival at Sandon of Italians  from Seattle, Washington, who Avere engaged to go to Avork in the Payne, one of  the mines in the Mine Owners' Association that refuses to pay mine Avorkers  the Kootenay standard wage for underground Avork in the mines in Slocan district. The following is a copy of the order carried.by the men sent in :  general employment office  200Washington STUEKT  [ITCI NSEI) ]  ;FKK WlM. BK-RET01l.NKn.il'- NOT ENGAGED.  SEATTLE, Washington,'October 28t,li, 1890.  Si.C'Rr.i inv   Tin:  Sii.m.b _i.v���  Mim.-j  Assoc r.\i ion,  ' Sandon, JJ (.'.  Wo send j ou Mr. Antono Vucih. UicbciMcr and ipcohi  inond him for the position of imnei. .\ououhng to jour  oidor (Idled Octoboi 'ilitf, 18'*-) If>oti icfusti to engage  him, please endorse j oui rc.mon for so doing on the kick  heicofmink. GENERAL EMPLOYMENT CO.  Received fi om An tone Bncih 81O0.��i>, om feo for recommending lum to Mi. It. !���". Tolinio, secretary, for a  i!itu,itioii .vs minor, w Inch sum is lcturnablc only upon  the Mutter ondorncnienl on the h.xck heieof by Jlr, H, F.  Toiniio, sin-mug that the failure lo cblaii a situatiOpi  was not caused 1>j iui\ fault of Mr. Antono Buoili norbv  ic.ibon of a fniluic to pic-e.nl tins <ind appl} foi Mud position within aicu&onnuie tilne Undei no consideration  whale-tor will we be responsible fornny expense incuiiul  should^ the peson Mint fail lo obtain the situation, oi  should'thc infoim.it.ion prove to be incorieU Ollice fee?  will not be teturncd after ihe dti}s fiom this date or an  engagement is made  GENERAL EMPLOYMENT CO,  I .iccept tlie contract: AN'IONE UUCIH.  ENDORSEMENTS ON HACK.  C. P. R.   Got ticket to S.mdon.  NOTICE.  To Jlit  ll  F Tot mii:. Si.cia>iAitA :  If } on engage the be.viCi, lake n;�� tbii ticket. If not  engaged, ple.ise make <i statement below showing lciuson  foi not .iii]1)-.} ing and sign } our name  Forty Miners Quit Work.  Owing to the refusal by the management to pay $3.50 a day, seventeen miners  quit AArork at the Athabasca mine, 2\  miles south of Nelson, yesterday. There  wtis tilso difficulty at the Silver King  mine over tlie rate of pay foi- Avorking in  a wet sliaf t._ The_men Avail ted $'1 a diiy,  and the management Avere uiiAVilling to  pay more than $3,50. The men Avorking  in the shaft quit, and the others that  Avere asked to take tlieir places, on refusing, Avere discharged, Jn all, twenty-  six men came down the hill. All the men  are not members of the union, but Jill aie  alike linn in tho dctut initiation to stand  out foi* the scale of Avages that i.s now  recognized as the "Kootenay Standard,"  namely, $3.50 for miners and $3 for muckers or carmen, and *)Q cents ji day extra  for work in Avet .shafts or tunnels.  EXPORTS FROM PORT OF NELSON  Show -targe Gains.  The returns of the port of Nelson -for  the month of October, which AA'ere completed yesterday, show that theexports  of the district have kept pace with the  imports, the gain in each instance being  o\'er oue hundred per cent as compared  Avith the corresponding month in 1.898.  For tho mouth just closed the gross vjilue  of the exports Avas $83,405, of which all���  save $1910 worth... of mjinufucturcs���  represented the value of the mineral exports. The bulk of this Avas copper  matte and bullion from the Hall Mines  .smelter, valued at $51,005. The gold bullion exports'Avere'valued at $27,500; the  balance being made up of 710 tons'of  coke, valued at $2857, and 21 tons of coal,  valued at $43:  Tlie value of the exports for October,  1898, Avas $35,131, and aside from tlie fact  that, compared Avith October, 1898, the  past month shows an aggregate gain of  over $48,000, the most striking feature is  the A'lilue giA'en for the exports of gold  bullion. These exports represent the  gold bricks from mines in the vicinity of  Nelson Avhich have entered upon the  shipping list since October, 1S9S, and the  $27,500 credited to them is a distinct gJiin,  as there was no gold bullion AvhateArer  exported from Nelson in October, 1S98.  Will *be Completed on Time.    v  The directors of the trarmvay company are confident that they Avill be able  to commence operating the tramway  during the latter part of the month. The  placing of tho trolley Avires 4s virtually  all that remains to be done upon the  street portion of the system, and this  Avill be completed Avithin the next ten'  days. - L. A. Campbell of the "West  Kootenay Power & Light Company, who  has the contract for installing the motors  and transformers, has his work Avell in  htmd, and a feAv days' fine weather Avill  suffice to have the line completed to this  city Avhich is to conduct the poAver from  Bonnington Falls. The directors'have  received advice of the shipment, from the  Canadian General Electric Company's  works at Peterboro, Ontario, of the two  cars, Avhich Avill comprise the corapjiny's ^  rolling stock, and they may be expected  within the next two Aveeks.  ���  Uil  m  An Offer Declined.  London, November 2.���-George Wynd-  ham, pjirliiiiucntary under ' secretary of  state for war, has replied to colonel sir  Charles J Toward Vincent's oiler of a  thousand A'ohmteei's jis niarksmen for  South Africa, that it Avould be against  the regulations to .send \-olunteers abroad,  or to enlist them for a shorter period  than thiee years. He adds, howevej-, an  assurance that in the event of ti crisis re-  quiring a lai'go increase of the home  garrison, of a\ hich tit present there i-s no  sign, the volunteers will be used and enlistments AA'ill be permitted for a short  term.  Raising Funds to Equip a Hospital Ship.  London, Novembei 2.���The princess- of  Wales has placed at the disposal of the  Rod Cross Society a considei able sum of  money, balance of a sum collected tit the  time of the Soudan campaign, in hSS."5,  for the equipment of a hospital f.hip, to  be designated by a committee including  viscountess Wolseley, lady Wabtage and  the nnirehionev-p of Lansdowne. The  committee are making arrangements to  secure the British steamer Midnight .Sun,  which Avill be renamed l'rincose of Wales,  Her royal highness will personally contribute ��1000 towards tho equipment.  A School  Teacher Given  a Good Send-Off.    ~*  The children of the Kuskonook public  school gave a pleasant farewell to their ���  teacher, Miss E. Fletcher, Avho severed  her connection as teacher on the last day j  of October. In tho afternoon a number  of the parents of the children assembled  in the schoolhouse, and Avere entertained  by the scholars Avith songs, recitations,  etc, and .after speeches by the_ trustees  and others present, an address "avjis" presented to Miss Fletcher, witli a- pui'se of  $20 from the scholars, as a slight token  of tlieir respect to their teacher". Jii the  evening all adjourned to Mrs. Middletou's  dining-room, Avhere Hallowe'en games  and dancing Avere participated in by  both young and old. Refreshments were '  served,,and a very pleasant time avjis  brought to a close Jibout midnight. A.  Goodrede, the new teacher, %vt��s present  and took part in the day's amusement.  Want to Break the Eight-Hour Law.  A. W. McCune of Stilt Lake City, one  of the largest shareholders in the company that owns the Payne mine, Slocan  distiict, arrived in Xelson last eveuiug  from Spokane. Mr. McCune is reported  as saying that his company proposes to  test the eonstitutionalty of the eight-^  hour law, and that in the eveut of failure  in tlio lo~wer conrts"th"e"i.'iise"Avil 1 be carried.--*"  to the privy council. Mr. McCuno does  not state whether, in the interval before  he upsets tlie legislation of the provincial ' -  legislature, hii company will continue to  employ Italians brought into the Slocan  in violation of the Alien Labor Act of  the Canadian pjuliameut.  PROFITS ARE ALL RIGHT WHEN  The Market is Hit Right.  John Parsons, of the Parsons Produce  Company, which has bianch hou^t'S all  through the Avest from Winnipeg to  Dawson City, and John Choldttch, of  John Choldich & Co. of Vancouver, arrived in Nelaon from the Coast last evening. Both jneii have had considerable  experience in trading in Dawson City  and tell some good stories of long profits  made on '-ales during the pjist season.  Thoii experience Avas that Avhon they hit  the market Avifch their goods they hit it-  big, but failures to catch the market  meant corresponding losses. Mr. Parsons  ii just two weeks out from Dawson, and  .iipc leaving he has been advised that a  shipment of potatoes which his firm got  into the Klondyke's capital sold at $500  and $000 a ton, Mr. Cholditch's star ex-  pi-iicnce avjis A\ith a $15,000 shipment  which his iirm took in about the close of  navigation. Jn the shipment was a small  (piantity of oats. They hit the market  right and realised enough to pay for the  entire .shipment.  Failure of a Private Bank.  The private banking firm of Woodbury  & Moid ton of Portland, Maine, has made  an assignment for tho benefit of their  creditors.    Liabilities probably $700,000. THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER  3  1899  r:^WfB'tBfB^BfBfB;^>-^ ���  B  B  (Jr^at^moual^al^  %  B  B  B  B  Two weeks of the liveliest selling has failed to effect in any way  the splendidly assorted stock we presented at the opening of the  season. Every day the lids are knocked off cases of new dry goods  and each day we place on our shelves the latest ideas of the leading  manufacturers. Today we are showing a full line of ladies' furs in  ruffs, caperines, muffs, etc., the very nobbiest styles and prices the  lowest. This is the last week of the sale. Take advantage of the  plums offered.  ^  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  itis  Ek.  BANK  OF B. O.  BUILDING,  NELSON.  T*E3*Ee*M:S   0-A.S23:  ���'���""���"U^^^'S*-^'^-'^  iti)  ARATE   PANTS  OVER 100 PAIRS JUST TO HAND  ALL WEIGHTS AND RRICES TO SELECT FROM  MEN'S OUTFITTER  Sign ot the RED  HAT, Baker St., Nelson  J. F. WEIR  Wholesale  Houses  CRATED AND- MINERAL WATERS.  TirOKPK & CO., LIJIITI'*]*).���Corner Vernon and Cedar  streets, NoKon, manufacturers of and wholesale  doalois in R-mted water* and frail syrups. Solo agents  for Hulcyon Springs mineral water.   w.  dealers in ns-  J-'iro Clay Co. of  ASSAYERS'  SUPPLIES.  T".  TKKTZKl. &  CO.���Corner Haker and  Josephine streets, Nelson, wholesale  wiyers* supplies.   .Agents for Denver  Denver, Colotado. "  CIGARS.     ,.  KOOTENAY CTCAU "MANUFACTURING CO.-Cor-  nei" Bukcr and Hall .streets, Nelson, inaiiufactiirors  of "Royal Seal" and "Kootenay Hollo" brands of cigars.  -  p      COMMISSION, MERCHANTS.  HJ, EVANS & CO"1.���Baker street. Xelson, wholcsalo  ��� dealers in liquors, cigars, cement, lire brick and  fire clay, water pipe and steel rails-, and general com;  mission merchants. '   . "      ," FLOUR AND FEED.     ,  BJRACKMAX & KEC "MILLING COMPANY LTD.���  .Front si reel. Nelson, wholesale dealers in fiom-, oatmeal, etc., and hay and grain.> Mills at Hdinonton, Vic-  toria,ju.wl New "VVcslminslcr.    .v.     ". ���   } - , GROCERIES. .  A* MACDONALD & 00.���Corner Vernon and Josc-  ��� pliine streets,' wholesale grocers and jobbers in  blankets, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers, uiackinows ond  miners' sundries. ;   KOOTENAY   SUPPLY 'COMPANY,   "LIMITED���  Vernon street, Nelson, wholesale gioeora.   ^s to determine the territory in which  any pjirticuhir city sluill distribute its  .roods. He snid the duty of a raihvay is  to provide suitable "facilities and establish reasonable rates, and having done  that the railway company has performed  its -whole duty. The business men of  Vancouver Avill have to bo stitisfied to  .compete Avith the business men of Nelson  for the trade of Kootenay and Yale, and  it now looks as if Nelson -would secure  and retain the liou's share of it. But to  do this, Nelson's business men must not  forget that tlieir competitors at Vancouver sleep witlj,one eye open.  Italians' imported from the United  States may help the mine managers-arid  mine owners in their fight;, but the fight  that the people of-'the province' must  make is against the iiupoi'tation of people who cannot be made "citizens foi- all  that the term'implies.  TOHN   CirOLDITCH  **    wholesale grocers.  &  CO.���Fiont* street,  Nelson,  FRESH AND SALT MEATS.    .  "P - BURNS & =CO.���Baker street,  Nelson, wholos<ile  *�����   dealers in fresh and cured meats.   Cold storage.  ��� HARDWARE AND MINING, SUPPLIES.    "  HBYERS & CO.���Corner "Baker and Josephine streets,  *   Nelson, wholc&altrdealors in hardware and, mining  . supplies.   Agents for Giant Powder Co. ���,  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY���Baker St.,  Nelson, wholesale dealers in hardware and mining  supplies, and water and, plumbers' supplies.   V~ ANCOUVER HARDWARE COMPANY, LIMITED  ���Baker street, Nelson, wholesale dealers in hardware and milling supplies, plumbers and tinsmiths'supplies. -    - -             "A pair fight aud no favor/ but Uo  r Italians to be employed," is the declaration of tho business men of Nelson on the  fight that is now going on for supremacy  between the mine mtmagei's' combines  and the mine woi'kers' unions.  LIQUORS AND.DRY GOODS.  TURNER. BEETON & CO.���Corner Vernon and Josephine streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in liquors,  cigars and dry goods. A tents for Psibst Brewing- Co. of  Milwaukee ana Calgary Brewing Co. of Calgary.   PAINTS- AND-OILS���-   NELSON HARDWARE COMPANY���Uitker Strcet-  Wholesalo dealer* in paints, oils, mid brushes of al!  kinds.   Lnrgortt slock in JCoolen.-iy.   POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTON POWDER COM PA XV��� Baker street,  Nelson, nianufnctuicrs of dynamite, sporting,  stumping nnd hind; blasting powders, wholesale dealers  In caps anil fuse, and electric blasting apparatus.   PROVISIONS, PRODUCE AND FRUITS.  PARSONS   PRODUCE   COMPANY���Vernon   .street  Nelson  niitl fruit*.  wholesale dealers in   provisions, produce'  Agenls for Swift it Co. bacon and hams.  T Y. GRIFFIN & CO. -Corner Vornon and Josephine  u ��� Htrot'tH, Nelson, wholesale dealers ill provisions,  cured niwl��, bullornml eggs-.   FR. STEWART  &  CO.-War. houses on 0.   P. R.  ���   track,  foot of .Stanley street. Nelson, whohxilo  dealers' in provis-jons, produce and fruits.  Agents Armour Ac Co. s bacon, burnt, lard  ducts.  Cold storage,  and other pro-  SASH AND DOORS.  ���M-ELSON SAW AND PLANING MILLS, LI.MITED-  ���*���' Corner i-'ront and JIall streets, Nelson, manufacturers of and wJioIckhIc dealers in sash and doors; nil  kinds of factory work made,to order.   WINES AND CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, LIMITED ���Corner Front and Ball strecls. Nelson, wholesale dealers  in wjnes (case and bulk) and domestic and imported  cigars.  Dart Edition.,..  WEKKX.T Edition.  .... Fiust Ykah, No. 250  .Sicvknth Ykak, No, Ji  The business man of Vancouver are  hot at all satisfied with the volume of  business that they are getting from Koo-  teiniy and Yale districts, and during  president Shauglinessy's recent visit to  their town they attempted to show that  tho Canadian Ptielfic should set apart the  whole country as far east as GilgJiry as  territory exclusively for the benefit of  Vancouver. Mr. Shaughnessy, however,  gave them to xuiderstand that it wtis not ;  Within the province of railway compau-  Tiie Canadian Pacific has 2S,000 men in  its employ, and the' ablest man of the  twenty-eight thortsand' is Thomas G.  Shaughnessy.        ^   NEWS BY MAjUND TELEGRAPH  The Ymir-Summit Company of Ymir  liave all tho miners needed at the Summit  mine, near Ymir.  Alfred C. Garde, from tho Anaconda  Copper company's woi-ks at Anacomhi,  Montana, is now mechanical engineer in  charge of tho War Eagle and Center Star  plants at Rossland. -    *-  *  I*. Burns & Co. haA'e taken over the  I'etail meat markets at liossland, and  have appointed "William McDonald of  Sandon jis local manager.  Dv. Campbell, the eye specialist of Spokane who was sent for by the Le Jioi  company to endeavor, if possible, to save  the eyesight of William Hawley, the  miner, who, together with John Kane,  was so severely burned in the Le Roi  mine on Tuesday, arrived at Itosslaiid  "Wednesday afternoon aud Jit once went  to the Sisters' hospital to inspect tlie two  injured men. Dr. .Campbell stated last  evening that Hawley was very severely  injured' he would' lose the sight of tlie  right'eye, but ho wjis hopeful of saving  the patient's loft eye.  John A. Manly of Grand Forks, who,  according to* his business enemies, was"  connected with the burning of the Ool-  umbia hotel, has returned- to Grand  Forks.  The Court of Queen's Bench opened at  Montreal yestei'day morning before judge  Wurtelo, One of the most important  cases before tlie court will be that against  Weii', Lichenstein, Smith and Lemieux,  all charged with fi'aud in connection  with the V'illo Mai'ie Bank failure. Action, it will be remembered, was taken at  the instance of the minister of finance.  The-judge, in his charge to the grand  jury, said the pjincl contained very clear  cases jis well as important ones.  Colonel Doraville has offered to equip ti  Canadian regiment of mounted infantry  for the Transvaal,    Replying to the oiler, J  lord Wolseley cables that the same must  come through lord Minto.  Lady Tupper and Mrs. Stewart Tupper  were injured at Winnipeg Tuesday afternoon by being thrown out of their carriage, the horses becoming frightened jit  an electi-ic ear. Their injuries are not  sei'ious.  A syndicate of Amei'ieans i.s about to  inaugurate a system of first-class hotels  at the Muskoka lakes for the convenience  of tourists.  The elections in the Northwest Territories will probably be held in the next  few months. The question of provincial  autonomy will likely be submitted to the  electors.  Hereafter Rossland and Nelson - will be  on the same biisis as j-egards freight rates  into Boundary, and Rosshmd wholesalers  wishing to engage in the jobbing trade  with that district'can do so on the same  terms-as are possible to the wholesale  merchants of Kootenay's commercial  center.  Wednesday morning John Nelson, a  mucker, working on the 375-foot leA'el of  the War Eagle mine, was seriously iu-  jured by a cave-in. In some way not explained, about five tons of rock came  tumbling down,burying Nelson up to the  waist. His cries for assistance brought a  comrade who wjis working a short distance awtiy, tind the injured man was extricated from his painful position and  taken to the hospital, wheie it was ascertained that Nelson had suffered two  fractures of the left leg and in addition  had a seArere scalp Avound.  A double murder occuired at Egans-  ville, Ontario, late Tuesdtiy night or early  Wednesday morning, the victims being  Mrs. Yaster and a 17-year-old daughter,  Avho Avere found dead Avith their heads  mutilated. The father, William Yaster.  is suspected. For some time he has given  eA'idences of insanity.  The government at Ottawa has decided to arrange systems of pensions, instead of insuring the members of the  contingent. They consider this the best  plan.  The government of Costa Rica has refused to surrender Rutherford, the man  charged Avith the murder, in Jamaica-in  1S97, of an American citizen named Archer, unless the British government  agrees not to in flict ctipital punishment, to  Avhich the government cannot accede,  thus closing the case so ftir as Jamaica is  concerned.  The South Wellington (Ontario) Liberals haA'e nominated Donald Guthrie for  the next general elections.  Hon. Clilford Sifton, minister of the  interior, addressed a���large mass meetiug-  at Souris, Manitoba, on Tuesday.' He said  the feeling against the Donkhobors was  .disappearing. He also referred to "the  administration of the interior department'  as compared with its administration'  under the Conservative government.  "The milkinen'at Ottawii have raised the  price of .milk to seven cents a quart, the  highest since 1895. ��� .  J. H. Pipon, local manager of the Bank  of Montreal' at Kingston, Ontario, is  dangerously ill.  According to a telegi-ain from Otttnva,  the receipts from export duty for Octobei'  sIioav an= increase of nearly $100,000.  The total-reached $355,450.  w  -i^-s: ���$**'����������������: �����'Is-*'-?  .c?.ez>.cJ.(^'L  iti)  WOOL GOODS  Noto on Display  The Following Goods Have Just Arrived  -m  B  B  ~B  B  B  B  iti)  Hosiery  Heavy Qashmere Hose in  Women's and Children's,  direct importations and  special value.  itij  m  Infants  Wool Bootees, Gaiters,  Hoods, Mitts, Coats, Jackets, Coats and Wraps.  Feather Ruffs  Fine values are being  offered in these goods.  Socks  Men's Socks, all grades  of Cashmere, Heavy and  Light Weight.  o  Furs  In the newest shapes of  Collars,   Coats,   Ties,   etc.  They are all right in price.  G-olf Capes  A   second   lot   of these  have just arrived. They  are   good   in   style ana  quality.  Jackets  Ladies' Jackets in all  the newest designs and  colors.    Very low in price.  Silk Waists  An endless variety at  all prices. Everyone can  be pleased from our assortment.  Plaids  Beautifvl designs and  colors all,wove, and suitable for waists and skirts.  B  B  B  B  B  Our aim is to have the Right Goods  at the Right -Price..  B'i  iti)  B^  Baker  Street,   Nelson.  ^B^B^B^B^B^B  ���eS-^'&fB'  9-  M  mi  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  Big Schooqer  Beer or Half-  ancI=jHaTf ��� ...  lO Cts.  Always  Always  Cool  H. D. Ashcroft  BLACKSMITH1NG  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended to by a Jlrsfc-class  wheelwright.  Special attention given to all kinds ol repairing aud  custom work from outsido points.  THE BEST G-LASS OF SEEK IN NELSON IS  AT THE  INCORPORATED 1670.  We carry in stock the following well  known brands of cigars. -   ,  imported  BQCKY CIA, all sizes     .   *  HENRY CLAY, all sizes v  H. UPMAN  EL TRIUMFO  LA LOLAS  . LA HAMADA  FLOR DE LA ISABELA  Domestic  FLOR DE BAHAMA  ROSEBUDS  RELIANCE BOQUET  KEY WEST  ESPANOLAS, Etc.  Club Hotel  CorncrSilica and  Stanley Streets.  E. J. CURRAN, Prop.  R. REISTERER & OO.  BRKWjKRS and bottlers of  Fine Lager Beer,  Ale and Porter  Prompt and regular  dellvory to tho trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  Halcyon Water  WK HAVK Al'I'OIKTKI)  THORPE &  CO. SOLE  BOTTLERS  QF THIS WATER  Halcyon f-joi Sprirjgs Sanitarium Co.  \V. C. IIUSBAN'D, "Miiiinger.  son's Bay Co,  �� ��  ROYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  OIGrARS   UNION   MADE  Telephone 13  The -'Wonder"  (���"up trimtfilnftM juiJ opened, Urolic skins .sable tnils  uiul heads fer millinery purpohCH. Lovely lines ju.st arrived. Ten cloths iind tray cloths with <liiiwn workitntf  i-buiiping work on. I'hotu friuni's unci inount.s. Serving  ciiuls find Utile thimbles for children. Ixissons in embroidery nnd luce work 54) centu.  Eooteiiay Gigap lanfe U  Nelson, British Columbia.  TENDERS   WANTED.  Scaled Tenders will be r.coived by the tindtiivtiKnod up  to Monday, November JSth, 1SIK), for supi'ly'"*? Groceries  turt Df-iR* to Uio Kootenay Lako Gcncrnl -Tospitul for a  period of ��ix months.  K. W. SWANXJSU . Sccrclaryv  Nelson, October-28th, 18ia  Sliop:   ({ail Street, between Bakor and Vernon, Kolsoe  Nelson Iron Works  MANUFACTUKKES OF  ENGHNHS, BOILERS. SHAFTING, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OF BV1ET DESCRIPTION  Repairs promptly attsnded to.      P. O. Box 173.  Bulbs  fop  Fall  Planting1  __20,000 Holland Bulbs to <-irri vein September ;--*5000 Japan-  Lilies to arrive In October; J500 Rhododendrons, AiKileas,  MaRnolias Roses, etc.. to arrive in October, Thousand-*-  of Roses, Camelias, Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs,  etc., growinB on my own grounds for tho fall trade.  Catalogue free.  M. J. Henry     -     Vancouver, B. C.  BROUGHAM  wrt.r. orvi: a  Farewell  Concert  IX TirK XEIivSON OVKHA HOUHK O.V  TUESDAY,  NOVEMBER 7, 1899  AKSlbTKJ}  11V  "Miss Carry, Mrs. W. A. *M.'ic(lonaId, JMr. I-'rmrk Oliver (of  Hosslandj, Jlr. ICydd, Mr. It. Al. Miiwioimld, Mr. Harris.  Herr Steiner, Mr. and Mrs. Aicliibold, iukI n chorus of  ladies and gentlemen.  Meats uiii now be taken at. I ho Thomson ytalioiicry Co.  atid the Canada Drug umUJuok Co.  LODGE  MEETINGS. "  TTNIGHTS  Oi' PVTHIAS���Nelson   Lodge,  No,   25,.  ���*J"   Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. O. F. Hall, cornor  Baker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock. - Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  'J. LILUE, O. C, IJ. G. JOY, K. of 11. & B.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A.-M.   Meets  ��� second Wednesday in each month.   Sojourning  brethren invited.  ���jSJBLSON L. O. L., No. IG92, moots iu I. O. O. F. Hull,  ���������'   cornor Baker and Kootenay streets, 1st and 3rd  Friday of each month.   Visiting brethern cordially invited.  JOHN TOYI*;, **",. M.      F. J. BRAIXLEY, Kec.Sec.  ���RTKLSON   -ERIE,   Number   22,   Fr.vternal  Order  of  J-,��   Ka_los mecth every second and fourth Wednesday in  each month in Fraternity IIuIJ.   Visiting brethren welcome.  J. IRVING, Prci-idcnt.        J. R. \VRAY, Secretary.  !"*<���, W, F, of M.-  .    -_, ..._, iit,y JIall, the first and  third  Saturday evenings in each month at S o'clock.  Cut Prices is the  Order of the Day  And I want to be in -it. I have just rccoived  Fall samples, of Suitings and Ovcr-  coatiiiKs representing a 350,000 stock*, to  choose from made to your jOi'dor at p.ices  never before heard of in Nelson. All Ihe latest  fads Lin-Fancy Veilings for Fall and winter.  Lndies'lailoring in all its branches a*specialty.  Lowest prices.   Rooms 1 and 11, Hillyer block.-  _   Stevens, Trie Tailor  FOR SALE  BUSINESS AND RESIDENTIAL  PROPKRTY  30 by  120, Baker street, between Josephine and  Ward streets ��� $8000  50 by 120, Baker street, between Josephine and Hall  streets, corner ,   25 by 120 with improvements, south sido of Vernon  street ,.... 5000  50 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vernon  streot  gooO  2} lots with^ttrtge routed at ?15 per nionth.JVicfcoria   street.".....".  3500  2 lots with cottage rented at $20 per month, Stanloy  streot  3000  0 lots in block i ID, all cleared and fenced in  2500  J*    &.  AGKNTS FOR  J. TAYLOR  SAFES  "WABD BEOS,  Ileal Estato and General Agents, Baker St., Nelson  Charles  Da  J. Christie  '    OENERALi   BROKER.  COLL��CTIONS~SQLIC.TED  .    FOU SALK  A ll-lloom (now) Ilotisb.'rculcd at MO per month  An'8-Hoom {new* House, two lots, corner :   FOR  KENT  A 5-Room 1 louso ; $'{0.1,0  MO.N'BV TO LOAN ON 1SKAL KSTATK OK SHOUT TKK.MS.  .?310  **?00  oppicks:  ���vr-BL-SON MINKRS' UNION  NO.  ���*���,,    Moots Jii K, F. rooms, Fraternit  third  Saturday evenings ii  Visiting members welcome.  JAMES WILKS. Scc'y.   ������ CHAS. A. McKAY, Pres,  SHORTHAND AND  jgHQHTHA-ND  Terms ronsonablu.  sen, Apiilewhaito block  TYPEWRITING-.  md bookecning tn'tii.  --,.--. _ J-itiS H. Bin mil; 11  West Baker stroot, Nelson.  Typewriting, nut! wooKccpint  ...  1      Apply Jo. Miss II. Bi amlt 1  Four Doors West of Dominion Express Office  The Nelson Electric Tramway Co., Ltd.  J. FOR i  ON EASY TERMS  ARCHITECTS.  ���finVAUT & CARRIE���Arehitecls.  Room* 7 and S Ab  p*-1  erdoon block. Baker street, Nclsois..  Xarge number of choice building lots adjacent to the  line of their Ir.umvay. For jirico and terms of salo apply  lo tho ollico of the company. Macdonald block, corner of  Josephine and Vernon streets.  *_ T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres of land within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson.  For further  particulars apply to  ���PREP  J.   SQUIRfe,    Nelaon,   B.   G.  CORPORATION OF THt  CITY OF MELSOH  NOTiGE RE TIRE AtARKESi  Pnrtlos sending alarms of fire by telephone should  statu the location of the lire duJlititely, giving name of  building and street, and not mime of place from Which  tho telephone message is sunt. The Uobson -street lire  station is connected by telephone with the lire hall on  Josephine si reel..  ���\V. J. THOMPSON, Chief Fire Department.  Nelson, October S5lh, 18W). ���    '     .      ��� THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C. FRIDAY, jS"OA^EMBER 3, 1899.  M->  I?';*  iv-  Capita^  Rost,  all paid  up,     -  NTBEAL  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LOUD STRATIICONA AND  MT  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND   E   S. CLOUSTON...   ROYAL, Prosidont   VIco-Prosldont  ,. .Qonoral Manager  nsTELSoisr *b*r__._sto_3:  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       BKANOIIKB IN       LONDON  (England),  NEW YORK,   OHIO AGO  and in tho principal citios In Canada,  Buy and soil Sterling Exctiango and Cablo Transfers  QKANT COMMEKCIAL ANI1 TKAVKLLKR8' OHKD1T8,  available in any part of tho world.  DRAFTS 1S8UKU    COLLKOTIONB MADK; ETC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OF INTEREST PAID  THE   NAMING   OF   SNUBB.  The town wiis''at-first called Snubb's  Flat; later, the name was changed to  Darlington, as shall appear. As commonly happened in the territoi-y, the sitewjis  selected arbitrarily by the railroad company. This paternal organization was in  Ifi the habit of establishing a town on its  fc-A lines every twelve miles, i-egardless of  everything. Tlie practice avjis snid to  have originated with the chief engineer,  who got the idea from the rows of rivet  heads along a bridge-girder. The plan  was betmtifill in its simplicity, and greatly expedited the -preparation of the timetables, since exactly one hour was allowed passenger trains for making the distance between towns.  It may be supposed that the names for  the  new urban  creations wei'e prepared  at the company's central shops and sent  out along    with  the    material  for  the  .station  building, but such was not the  case    Tlie matter was ������ taken out of the  hands of the engineer, much to his disappointment, since he had intended to letter  ;     them A, B, C, and so on, and given into  i     charge of tlie financial committee.    These  j     worthy business men evolved the notion  |     of naming each town after tho man who  j     furnished tho company the land on which  .     to plant it, this ambitious candidate for  !     fame, of course, making the transfer for  |     the nominal sum of one dollar.  |     '  Snubb���the honorable Potcr J. Snubb  *     ���supplied  the local  litibitation jind the  1     name for Snubb's L^hxt.    Snubb had been  ";     in the legislature, or served on the jury  !   .or in some  legitimate way acquired" the  j     title of honorable,   lie considered himself  ^    a  man of parts,   though  he was of few  '-S*-words,  and he  posed as  a  plain,  blunt  citizen.    Though well-to-do, he was of a  frugal mind, and, when the weather permitted, always eschewed shoes and stockings.    He had some soft of theory about  absorbing  electricity from  the   mother  earth  in  so doing,  and  even  when he  visited the post-office���hoofed ib uptown,  in his own gi'aphic langtuige���he made it  a bootless "joui-uey.   There  wei-e quantities of electricity in the silo, he explained;  the ycarth was full of it.  For the fii*st year Snubb's Flat certainly grew and prospered. Snubb himself  wjis satisfied. "There's been a right  smart bit of building," ho remarked.  Most lines of business were repiesented.  One of the first enterprises on the ground  wjis the Snubb's Flat Torpedo, a fearless  weekly paper conducted by a man from  Iowa, named Boswick.  By the end of a twelvemonth the rail-  rp!_.4____iRail*zJn____^^  Flat through the sale of most of its lots.  At this time the bacillus of an evil thing  crept in. Nay, it was whispered that the  railrojid company actually promoted it  through' its hireling, the station agent.  This was nothing more nor less than ji  change of name for the place. Tlie  towns twelve miles to either side made  sport of the njune, and called the inhabitants "Snubb's Flatterers," or "Smibb-  ites." Finally the Torpedo took a stand  for a change. "It is unworthy our beautiful city," said the Torpedo. "Our  valued fellow-citi'/on, Pete Snubb, is a,  good man, and a great success as a reversed lightning-rod in yanking the electricity out of the earth, but he hasn't got  ji nice name."  A mass-meeting was called. * Boswick  was elected chairman. He had just risen  Jind sjiid, "Gentlemen, what is your  pleasure?" when a dark shadow noiselessly glided down thejiisleand took ji front  seat. It was Snubb. Melancholy had  marked him for her own. But even his  presence did not stay the iron hand of  sinister fate. Speechmaking began ; the  honorable D. J. K. Clark, tho leading  lawyer, made a speech. The meeting to  the last man (except Snubb) said openly  or to himself, "Yes, let u.s name it after  somebody who will do something for the  town!" Snubb slowly ros-e, turned and  looked at the cold faces behind him. But  there was no sympathy in any face. He  sat down agJiiu without a word.  The discussion which followed was  long and careful, and it was finally decided to reehristeu ^the place Darlington���a  pretty iiame, and, better, one borne by  M the honorable Sterling Darlington���the  millionaire senator from a neighboring  state.- He had the repjittitipn.of being  liberal, and it was expected that he would  ?*$*. "do something for the town." When the  resolution .to adjourn was put, the honor-  /  THE BANK OF  RITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin,, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yu^on, District.  able Peter J. Snubb arose, surveyed tho  asseinblngQjWith melancholy gaze, shook  his head, and hoofed it up the aisle. He  had drunk a republic's cup of ingiutitude  to the di'egs.  Fi'oin this time forwai'd 'a blight fell  upon the place, it was the blight tluit  so often settles upon a man with "expectations." Darlington was going to "do  something for the town"���why should it  do anything for itself? The Emigration  Promoting Association sent out no more  prose-poetry circulars to the hesitating  East. Even the Torpedo lost its accustomed vigor, and Boswick ceased to go  out of his wjiy to abuse his esteemed content poiuj'ies twelvenules to either side..  But there is a limit to all things; .so it  was that an end came to the patience of  the citizens. Two years had gone by,  and the senator had done nothing. He  had not even visited his namesake, nor so  much as written another letter, except  briefly to acknowledge the regular invi-  ttitions to be present sit the county fair  and the fourth of July celebration. And  these letters were signed "Sterling Darlington, per P." "Per P, forsooth!" exclaimed the citizens at last; "who is P?"  Finally the Torpedo, from printing his  speeches and laudatory editorials 'con-,  cerning him turned against.'hiin, aiid  another .mass-meeting was held to consider the mime of the town.  As Boswick arose to call the meeting  to order a foi-in floated in the door and  down the aisle. Need I say that it was  the form of Snubb ? D. J. K. Clark made  another speech. For volume of .sound  and piping hotness it was never equaled  iu the Territory. Sterling Darlington  got what he deserved. D. J. K., like the  others, had come with the intention of  selecting an absolutely new name for tho  town. But the silent, pathetic figure of  the godfather of the town was too much  for him, and for all present; the heart of  stone must have been moved thereby. A  resolution was passed unanimously to restore the name of Snubb's Flat. Then  tihey adjourned. Snubb ptissed out,  silent but not ungrateful. lie took,his  stand iu the middle of tlie public square,  A SNAP IN    '.  MINING.SHARES  and as he shook hands with his friends,  began to absoi-b a supply of electricity  for two years untouched.  A month later the Bureau of Geographical Names at Washington took up the  case of the town, threw out the Flat and  the possessive, and left it plain Snubb;  and Snubb it is to this day.  Delayed arid Special Telegrams^  London, November 2.���A special dispatch from Ladysmith says that 20 British dead Und 100 Avounded have been  counted ou tho scene of Monday's disaster, while 870 prisoners were sent to  Pretoria.  Pikteumakitzburg, November 2.���It is  reported that the Boers are occupying  parts of Zululand, and that they have  taken Pomeroy, 70 miles from Greytown.  London, November 2.���The war ollice  has received a telegram from Ladysmith,  at 0:25 this morning, saying that general  White was well and holding his position.  London, November 2.���Another list of  casualties at Dundee was issued by.the  war office this morning. It gives 82 noncommissioned " officers and men of the  Dublin Fusileers missing, indicating that  the Boors captured as many Fusileers jis  they did Hussars.-  London, November 2.���The Avar office  this, afternoon'issued the following dispatch: "Ladysmith, November 2.���Lieutenant Egerton, of H.MiS... Powerful,  Avounded this morning in the left knee  and right foot by a shell. His life is not  in danger at present." It Avas inferred  from this dispatch that the artillery duel  betAveen the Boers and British continues,  FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  [Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  ot nil kinds,  what you want is not in stock wo will make 11 for you  'CALL AND GET PRICKS.  as lieutenant Egerton Avas gunnery lieu-  .teniint Avith the big naval guns.  Capetown, October 31.���It is asserted  that 3000 Boers have collected at Bethulic  bridge, under field-cornet Dutoit. The  Orange river is now in full flood and  foi'ding it is said to be impossible.  British Columbia Gazette Notices.  Victoria, November   2.���The prov-in->  eial gazette today  contains  notiee that  all the  placer  claims in  the Kamloops,  Ashcroft,  Yale,  Similkameen, and   Victoria and  NeAV Westminster   recording  districts are  laid  over   until June  1st.  Those in tiV Trail Ci-eek district go  over  until   May   1st.       Applications  will be  made at the next meeting of the  legislature for an act to incorporate a company  to build and operate a railroad from the  head of Kittamaat arm to Hazleton. The  following companies    are incorporated :  Greenwood'Times  Printing & Publishing  Company of Greemvood, capital  $25,000 ;  B. C. Trading Stamp  Company  of Vancouver, capital $50,000; Arlington-Burns  Copper-Gold   Company    of   Greenwood,  capital $1,000,000;     Application  will  be  made at the next session of the legislature  to  change  the title  of the B.   C.  Great Gold Gravels  Dredge Mining  Corporation and  to enlarge and- vary the  powers   of   the company.     The  United  Canneries, Limited, Avill ask leave to have  their name changed to the  United Can-  nei'ies of British Columbia, Limited.  The Tremont Hotel  #  iti)  iti)  5*S��  &&&.&&&&&>&&&  ^^-S^'S3:^��:^^��:  *��:?  Appreciation  B  B  iti)  iti)  m  iti)  To dispose of an entire car of high-class iron and  brass beds in a western mining town in less than two  months is certainly a record to be proud of, and one  seldom equalled in the large eastern cities. Yet so  great has been the demand for these goods, we have  found it necessary to wire for another car, which will  reach Nelson this week. We would ask the citizens  of Nelson to continue in showing their appreciation of  our efforts to give them the opportunity of-enjoying  the luxurious furnishings of an eastern home in the  midst of the Rockies.  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  iti)  D. McArthur & Co.  isasrs-s*^  1'(=>-l=2'CZ>'(=2,l=)'<=3-t=>m(=3'eZ>'t^>'eZ>-(z3'c=>>c=>\  3 ���(=>���,��=> ���,_?���<=>���  B  B  B  B  B  m  m  THE NELSON SAW & PLANM MILLS, Ltd.  NIALtp & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters ftp Miners and Prospeetops  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  loonday-Curiey Mines,  __X_vrj_7_2l_D  [SON-PERSONAL LIABILITY]  HEAD OFFICE, SILVERTON, B. C.  CAPITAL STOCK $1,000,000  i  i  Operating the Noonday-Curiey Mines  in the Slocan District.  HAS DECIDED TO OFFER 25,000  -SHARES���OF-���THE- COM PAINS Y'S  STOCK, THE PAR VALUE OF  WHICH IS ONE DOLLAR, AT  TWELVE CENTS. THE PROCEEDS  FROM THE SALE OF THESE  SHARES IS TO GO INTO THE  COMPANY'S TREASURY TO MEET  PAYMENTS UPON DEVELOPMENT  ACCOUNT         THESE SHARES Ai^E DESIRABLE BECAUSE  The Noonday is virtually a developed  mine. The work done upon the property consists of a main tunnel, which  has been run in on the vein for 225  feet, and the vein where cross-cut  shows an average width of from 8 to 10  feet. The vein matter is made up of  about 20 inches of clean ore, the remainder being composed chiefly of  concentrating ore which samples 60  ounces stiver. From the main tunnel  level there has been shipped 520 tons  of clean ore, which netted the company,  after deducting freight and treatment  charges, over $1000 to the car of from  18 to 20 tons. From the main tunnel  an upraise has been driven for 100 feet  and a stope 75 feet long opened up.  About 150 feet below the main tunnel  a cross-cut is being run. This tunnel  is now in 125 feet and it is estimated  that the lead exposed in the main tunnel will be reached in another 30 feet.  A force of 1.8 men is at present employed upon the property, all but three  of whom are employed on development  The company has another three cars Of  clean ore ready for shipment.  Application for shares can be made to  Messps. Sailer & Wilson  Solicitors for the Company, Broken (Jill Block, Nelson  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS. NELSON  Contraetops and Builders  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKER STEEET. NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  * r  Lighted !by Electricity  WILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  Largo comfortable bedrooms and   flrsfc-clasg  dining  room.   Sample rooms for commercial mcci.  ���r-A-Tjes ss _=��*E*JEi r>���_.*_r  We have a stock of one and a half million  feet of logs at our mill and are prepared to cut  all kinds of dimension timber and ship to all points  on Kootenay Lake by scows or steamers, also by  rail to all points on the Canadian Pacific or Nelson  and Fort Sheppard railways. In stock rough and  dressed lumber, shingles, mouldings, sash, doors,  newels, turned verandah posts. Glass of all sizes.  Factory work of all kinds done to order.  Mrs. E. G.   CLARKE, Prop.  Late of tho Royal Hotel, Calgary,  A large stock of flrst-class dry material on hand.also  a'ful! lino~of sash,~doora,_mouIding8, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hondryx stroet, Nelson  Telephone, 91        John    R&B,   AgSttt  Seasoned Lumber!  JJicK are invited for two million feet of well nv.orlcd  seti>oned lumber, either for the whole or in car lot-, in  mill >aid or delivered lo tlio iiu'lioiul.   For iMi'liuuIais  apply to  umy r,u_UJKl{. & nKVKLOt'MKNT CO,  Libby, Contain,  rj. D. I(UMEV Manager.   The finest hotel In tho interior. ���  Large sample rooms.   Stcini heat and electric light.  CORNER OV WARD AMD VERNON ST.=!., NELSON  Madden House  BAKER AND WARD STREETS, NELSON  THE MIM SAW & PLANM MILLS, ltd.  OFFICE AND MILLS CORNER HALL AND FRONT STS., NELSON.  P. Burns & Co.  Wholesale and Retail   .  .   .   Dealers in Meats  -Trad Office at  NELSON, B.  Markets at Nelson, Posslanrl, TY.iil, Kaslo, Ynrir, .S.itidon, .Silverton, New Denver, Kovul-  stoke, Ferguson, Gmiid Forks, (Jicenwood, 0-uscii.de City, Midway, and  Vancouver.   Mail Orders Pj^mptJj^Fprwardedj,   The only hotel in NoIroii that has remained under one  management, i-iiico 1890.  Tho bed-rooniti aro  woll furnished  and   lighted by  electricity.  Tho dining-room is nob second to any In Kootenay,  Tho bar is always stocked by tho bout domestic and  importod liquors and ciu. irs.  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  CHEAT REDUCTION  HARD COAL  ANTHRACITE  r)EJX-I*V*S3*R*E3*E>  Special rates for carload lo i for outside point*!.  ticlWvk   C> W< Wegt & Cq  Wood! Wood! Wood!  Good dry wood, all lengths.   Leave  orders  at  Jacobson's feed  store on  Vernon street (next door to Tribune  Office).   Telephone 97.   JOHN CROFT.  NOTIOB.  On and after the 1st of October ISM, the Grand* Central  Hotel will bo run strictly on the European- plan.  Wo have fitted up a new dining room with a, seating  capacity for ono hundred people ��� which will be riiii in  connection-with the hotel. All meals twenty-five e����t��,  payable in the 'dining room. Will be pleased to furnish  meal tickets on application.  JJoomH by the day, week or month.  -   Thanking yon for your generous patronage in tlio past,  and trusting to be favored with a continuance of samo in  tho future. . - I remain, ronpeotfully yours,  ���    \ -��� ..-   -,   -        p-   -        -,F. SIMI'SON.   .  Ijiirguund well lighted IIcMleii by liol ,iir  ltcasonnhlu r.ili'-i S.implf rooms  Electriu hclNuml light ill ever} renin  ifxmniiU'd ami icfmiiiNlicd tliioiigjjoul  HOTEL VIOTORIA  J. V, PERKS, Proprietor  '���'roo bus meet-, all trains !"}aua!ofn!Va    R   (I  Hourly streetcar losiulioii nBVBI5>lU!\Bi  O, U.  Night Grill Itoold in connect ion. for the rlouvenicnceof  guests aniving and dcp.ulmg bj niglit Limi'iim.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  Ahh KINDS OI-'  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALK AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  BaKer street, jieison E. C. TRAVES, Manager  OKDE11S IJY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  W. P. DICKSON  K, H. H. APPIpEWHAITB  J, McPHBH  ootenay Eleetrie Supply and Gonstpaetion Co.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Blaetric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and Idg-hting for Mines, Towns  Electric Fixtures, Lpamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunolatora, Etc.  P. O, Box 606. Josephine Street, Nelson. B. O.  ERIE, fi. G.  I'lrni-olass in every respect- Choicest wines, Honors  and cigars. Every comtoit for tr.ilisiciit and msidolit  guests.  HEADQUARTERS KOR UNION MEN,  JOSEPH    CAMPBELL,,   Proprietor.  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephine and  Hall streets, Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHIT'S HELP EMPLOYED  *��*&��     ���_^X3***R,*R**ST,     PBQ*I?B-B**P6*B  ONE DOLLAR A LOAD  The undersigned has a large quantity of fir, coditr, and  ac slabs, in 16-inch and 4  wood, which will be sold  NELSON SAW & PLANING MILI..S, Limited.       _. ..._ q.i  tamarac slabs, in 16-inch and 4-foot lengtlbf, suitable for  stovo wood, which will be sold for $1 u load at the mill  yard.  Nelson, August J'JLh, 1U99.  FASRVIE  THE  FINEST RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY IN   NELSON  All the upso'cl  lots in tne  Fpiirview Addition to Nelson are now on the market at reasonable prices and on  easy terms.   This property is very desirable for residences.   Apply to  West Baker Street, Nelson J.   fif,    WARD,   Local  Agent.  GROVE HOTEL BEER GARDEN  NEAR NELSON & FORT SHEPPABD RAILWAY DEPOT.  THE  BEST  BEER  BREWED AT  HOME  OR ABROAD  ON DRAUGHT OR IN BOTTLES.  Fred J, Squire, Merchant Tailor  FULL LINES OF FALL AND WINTER SUITINGS  OPPOSITE SILVER KING HOTEL  ���WKST BAKER STREET  NKLSON 4  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C.: FRIDAY NOVEMBER 3,  1899.  The only Iioiiss in Kootenay carrying full lines of  V ��  SCALES  FURNACES  BRUNTONS  TRANSITS  SCORIFIERS  CRUCIBLES  MUFFLES  FLUXES  OF  ALL KINDS  Baker Street, Nelson, B. C.  SEE GILKER POR UNDERWEAR  HE HAS SEVERAL LINES THAT ARE  WORLD BEATERS  J. A  THE OLD P. O. STORE  .:;;:-;V'tf  ESTABLISHED  IN   NELSON  1890  American  Have always been a specialty with us, and concentrating on these alone, to the exclusion of foreign  ' makes, we have a fine and1 full stock, including every  American make, and are therefore especially well  equipped for quick shipments. By the exercise of  experienced care in selection far in advance of the  season we secure  se  shots  We have some very exclusive ones in solid and  filled gold and other good selling styles in endless  variety.  Diamomds aed all   Preclomis Stooes  Just at this time we have the fullest stock of Diamond  Jewelry for Fall and Holiday business, and the immediate  customers will secure the best of these and avoid the  annoyance of rush ordering, while profiting by possible  price advances. Ready for delivery now, or part, or all  of order entered and prices reserved for future shipment.  Fine watch repairing a specialty, all work guaranteed.  JACOB  DOVER, Jeweler  WE SELL AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  ladson  For Winter Outfitting  H68ldC|llErt6rS Worki^mensCIothing'  one price to all  Baker Street  Underclothing, Maekinaws,  Gloves and Mitts.  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  NELSON, B. C,  Coffee roasters and dealers in Tea and Coffee.  Offer fresh roasted coffee ot best quality as follows :  Java and Arabian Jtachft, per pound... , $. 10  Java and Moeha Blenfl, 3 potuids........ ... . 1 00  Fine Sardou, i pounds ..,....,,... ���.   1 00  Santos Blend, 5 pounds  1 00  Our Special Blend, 6 pounds...  1 09  Our Rio Roast, 6 pounds  .p................. 100  A trial order solioited.  Salesroom 2 ftoors  East  of Oddfellows  BlocR,  West  .-  ft&ker S_����t -.  PALACE (MFECTIONEBY  FOR FINE CHOCOLATE  AND BON BONS  Sole agent for Nolson for Ganong Bros, celebrated R  B Chocolates* and Boil lions. One ton of tho. wiino to  arrive in a few days.  OLYMPIA AND EASTERN OYSTEflS  AiiKm.NG oA-ii.r.  Fancy Cakes and  Pastry, Plums.  Peaches, Grapes,  Bananas, Capo Cod Cranberries. Pours and all Kjitft iu.  SESSION WILL GOME TO A CLOSE  Tomorrow Afternoon.  Tlie cjtse of McDonald vs. Ciuiaclian  Pacific Exploi'jition Company, nn action  nndci- tlio Employers' Liability Act foi-  $3000 damages for the loss of a foot in  the Porto Rico mine, avjis not concluded  yesterday when the court l'ose. As there  are but two other cases on the list, that  of Johnsen vs, the Crow's Nest Pass Coal  Compjuiy   and Peterson  vs.  Gerry, the  present sitting of the court will terminate  tomorrow and Mr. justice Martin will  leave in tho evening for the Coast, to  jittend the sitting of the full court. It is  stated tliat Johnsen vs. the Crow's Nest  Pjiss Coal Company will not come to trial.  This will leave but that of Peterson vs.  Geiry to complete the sitting. It is an  action by Swan Peterson and John  Palmer of Kaslo against W. B. GeiTy to  recover $045, being a balance alleged to  be due for work pei'formed 'upon the defendant's mineral cltiiins on the south  fork of Kaslo creek.  The following cases on the original list  have been sent over to the next supreme  court sitting in Nelson:- - Haney vs. Garrison, Docksteader vs. Lantz, Bigelow vs.  LaBau, Hill vs. Murray, and Loudin vs.  Moores.   The Diocese of Kootenay.  A meeting of the synod of the diocese  of New "Westminster will be held in Vancouver on November Sth. One of the  nuitters which will come before the synod  will be the consideration of the arrangements for the formation of the diocese of  Kootenay and the separation of the territory to be embraced in it from tlie present diocese, of New Westminster. The  question of the formation of the Kootenay diocese was brought up at the last  meeting of the synod Jiud practically consented to. Nelson's representatives to  the synod will be E' A. Crease,: W. A.  Jowett and Fred limine. They will probably leave on Sunday evening for the  Coast. -     .:'-     .'.-���-:  ������"���  John G. Fawcett, father of conductor  A. P. Fawcett who was killed ou the Columbia & Kootenay siding at Robson, was  yesterday granted letters of administration on his son's estate.  which went to the wreck of the British  steamer Scotsman, in the Straits of Belle  Isle, has not returned, and has been miss-  ing since about "September 28th. It is  believed that she foundered with her  crew of ten men, seven of whom were  maiTied, with families. They belonged  to the settlement of Griquettc, wliich i.s  thus practically depoptdated of adults.  Is One Hundred Dollars Short.  A merchant doing business in a town  on the Nelson & Fort Sheppard railway  reported to the police yesterday that he  had lost $100 on Tuesday evening in one  of the hotels in Nelson; He left tho  money under tlie pillow in the bed which  he occupied, and did not know of his loss  until lie was ou the train on his way  home. He notified the proprietor of the  hotel by telegraph, and asked him to recover his papers and money, but they  were not to be fouud. He did not lock  the door of the room which he occupied,  but otherwise the disappearance of the  money is unexpljiined. D  HOTEL ARRIVALS.  A special song service will be held in  St. Paul's Presbyterian church, ou Sunday  afternoon at 4 o'clock. Mrs. Brougham  will ,siug "Cast Thy Bread Upon the  Witters" and "He Shall Feed His Flock."  Members of the choir will also take jjart.'  It is rumored that "Rod" Tolmie has  resigned the secretaryship of the Silver-  Lead Mines Association of Sandon, aud  that his successor is to'be Frank L. Osier  of Nelson, who ia known to be jui opponent of workingmeu on principle, while  Mr. Tolmie is not.'  .7. W. Beugough, who enjoys the reputation of being Canada's most entertaining cartoonist and lecturer, has arranged  to give a lecture in Nelson on the evening  of Wednesday, November 15th. A feature of Mr' Bengough's lecture willbe the  drawing of cartoons of local celebrities,**  and tlie lecturer spent yesterday afternoon in studying the faces which he will  draw on Wednesday evening. The Ben-  gough lecture will discount any other  public entertainment which has been  given in Nelson.  Believed to Have Foundered.  St. John's, Newfoundland, November  2.���A coasting steamer, hailing from the  Newfoundland   shore,   near  Belle   Isle,   BUSINESS���MENTlQNr   The latest thing out. Patent luminous koI'1 sins', Mf.ii, name plates and stieet numbers.  Kend.iblo dmkest iiikIiIs. Unexcelled for bcuijv: nowr  t.nnihh : l.islu lifc-timo; price -within icacli, Kor wile  by If. II, Avery, Carbonate street, Xelion.  Wanted���Nurse girl.    Apply to Mrs.  P. K. Wilson, Viulonu stieet.  Wanted���To purchase an eight-room  house.   Apply at Kmory & Wnllej 'i.  Furnished rooms to let.    Apply to Mrs.  L. M. Jameson, Cainoy Block, Baker ati eet wesl.  For Rent���A store on Vernon sti'eet,  ont)o"iU} Tho TiHinno oillec.   $10 a month.   Apply to K.  Kilby.  The  sale of  work   of   the   Methodist  Ladlch'Aitl will beliuUI on November 8lh, vbun 11111113*  iihcfu! ami beautiful urliulcs will be offered te the public.  At the Phair���James M. Anderson,  Jubilee; C. F. Hannihg, Lardo; C. J.  Smith, Argenta; W. H. Ewins, Kuskji-  nookj; W. F. Tye, Trail; C. A. Fair, New  ��� York; E. B. Fi-aser, Silverton; Ward  Spinks, Vernon; Frank Watson, Spokane;  James Cronin, Moyie; D. Thurston, Fort  Steele; Edward Paterson, Silverton; A.  W. McCune, Salt Lake City; F. C. Hen-  shaw, Montreal; John Hampton, Silver  King mine; John Parsons, Vancouver-;  John Cholditch, Vttncouver; G. W. Fair-  weather, Toronto; Alex. Sproat, New Denver.  At the Queens.���E. E. Guille, Crawford Bay; W. H. Hall, Greenwood; Dave  Clark, Pilot Bay; Mrs. and Miss Fri���zell,  Ainswortli; Mrs. J. Campbell, Erie; J. j\  Moore, Ottawa; A. G. Fulmore, Moyie.  At the Hume���W. S. Doyle, Hull; R.  McGuire, Molly Gibson mine; J. D. Young,  Victoria; C. K. Hammond, Sandon; E.  Mansfield, Kaslo; H. J. Sullivan, Toronto;  J. F. Robillard, Cranbrook; Miss Denahay,'  Ymir; W. II. Dowsing, Spokane; A. D.  Dodds, Vancouver; Henry Lambert,  Winnipeg; J. S. S. Retallack, Vancouver.  At the Grand Central,���P. W. Bell,  XI. O. Neil, Fire Valley: V. Carson, Ymir;  W. J. Southworth, Ymir; Mr. and Mrs.  C. Bjerluiess, Kaslo.  Another Great  Bargain Sale.  The great success whieli attended the slaughter* sale of  our Sandon bankrupt stock has  induced us to place before our  patrons another opportunity  of securing staples at half the  regular prices. To do this we  have  Purchased Away  Below Cost  A large stock of goods from  Messrs. Foley Brothers &. Lar-  sen, who have the contract for  the building of the Nelson &  Bedlington Railway. This stock  embraces $1000 worth of  staples which are in daily demand by miners, which we  have consolidated with the remainder of our Sandon stock.  -Here-are   "im  WE HAVE THE FINEST LINE OF  Coal Heaters  EVER DISPLAYED IN KOOTENAY DISTRICT  SOLE AGENTS FOR THE FAMOUS  Cole's Hot Blast Heater  Our claims for this heater is that it is adapted  to any kind of coal, CROW'S NEST, LETH-  BRIDGE, or ANTHRACITE, burning all kinds equally well. Not requiring the  attention of an ordinary coal heater. Economical, durable and simple in construction.   See our Steel Ranges for hard and soft coal or wood.  NELSON  Go.  KASLO  SANDON  ARE YOU BURNING UP MONEY  Because Your Stove or Range Canrjot be  Regulated to Save Fuel?  IT WILL PAY YOU  TO EXAMINE  OUR NEW STOCK OF  STOVES AND RANGES  Tlie saving in fuel -effected will soon eqiial  the cost of the range. It can'be.so quickly  Jind ejisily regulated that there need be no  'waste' 'of hejit or fuel. New patented improvements offer you more convenience and  comfort than yoli'11 find in any other range.  TWO  CAR   LOADS TO  SELECT  FROM  LAWRENCE HARDWARE GO.  ***"     ���  "   "     ���      "   ."'  ***"' ' ' " *'     ' ��� �����-"������������--������  i* i    ��� ���in   m  n      ....        i .,_.,���_-.���������,._. _.. ���_.._._    i ������ ���"������      -��� nil   II <    '  Four Carloads Received This Week  Special  Attention to  Mail Orders.  Gar of Keewatin "Lal^e of tfje Woods" Flour  Car of Ogilvie's Hungarian Flour  Car of Asiicroft "Burbank" Potatoes  Gar of Choice iV|ixed Groceries  We Have the Goods       You Make the Prices  Some of  Our Prices.  WE HAVE  REMOVED OUR  TOYS AND  MUSIC TO THE  OPERA HOUSE  BLOCK  NEXT DOOR TO  POSTOFFICE  Men's heavy shoes, regular  price $3, reduced to $1.50;  Silver State overalls, regular  price $1, reduced to 50 cents;  Men's heavy asbestos gloves,  regular price $1.75, reduced  to $1; Men's buck mitts, regular price $1.50, reduced to  75 cents; Men's winter caps,  regular price $1, reduced to  50 cents.  Kirkpatrick & Wilson  ___ BAKERSTREET, NELSON  Postoffice Box K. & W.  ELLIOT BLOCK*. BAKER STREET. NELSON.  WHOLESALE  Canada Book I Ita  NKLSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA,  . Butter,  ��� Eggs.  . Cheese,  . Green  . Fruits,  , Cured  . Meats,  , Vegetables  WE  HAVE  ARE  ALWAYS WILL BE  FOUND LEADING  Our slofk iH now arrfvinjf four ouim urc uliuiidy un-  londt'd uiul us nmtiy 111010 Jo follow. OurMoek this woels  will liu Im iter limn over, nnd khm!. who lias been exercised hi tlio innclmsu of (hose woods us icK'uds ^utility  mid price, nocui sulrly sny Ihoy li,i\ u boon woll bmiHiit.  .So yon cu'i depend on Hi'lling fios'h (ioodt, .it (lie lo��esJ  possible prices. We Mould nsk Jim Lo be.ti in mind our  inotLo, ono price to .ill .tnd ho make it mil Ihe pnbliu.  M.   DesBrisay   <$**!   Co.  SHIPPERS OF THE EARLY  BREAKFAST BRAND OF BACON  Full stocks carried at Nelson  and  Rossland.   Mail orders solicited*  An Appetizing1 Breakfast  FITS A MAN FOR WORK.  Try our Government Creamery Butter, J. Y. Griffin & Go's  Hams and Bacon, Brack man & Ker's Rolled Oats and Corn-  meal, Almonte Milling Go's Self Raising Buckwheat Flour.  Baker Strfeet "West, IJelaoii  John A. Irving <S? Co.  Bros  0*E>*EJ*E*i^.B-E3:0*t7*3_i3   BLOCK


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