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 CANADIAN NEWS BY TELEGRAPH  General Election in January.  Montreal, October 27.���A Monetojj,  New Brunswick, dispatch to the Conservative oi'gau hero .says that minister  Blair intimated to a personal friend that  the general election would be held in  January next. .Saturday the 13th or  Saturday the 20th will probably be polling day.  Fkrgus, Ontario, October 27.���Laurier,  Blair and Fielding addressed a large  meeting here last evening on the political  issues of the day.  Fakniia.m, Quebec, October 27.���Sir  Charles-Tupper was warmly greeted here  yesterday by a large crowd. In reply to  an address, he referred to the political  issues of the day from the opposition  standpoint. He addressed a mcetingalso  at Hedfoi'd, Quebec. .Speeches weie also  delivered by'senator Baker, Ji. IT. Pope,  M. P., T. 0. Casgi-ain, M.P., M. F. Hackett,  M. P. P., and others.  Qi'roiiKO Crrv, October 27.���The Hon.  Charles Fitzpatrick, solicitor general, has  written a letter to the press explaining  the situation in the Ti'ansvaal, and telling French Canadians why they should  support Great Britain's stand. In conclusion he asks, iu view of the American  revolution of 18.12, and the amount, of.'  French-Canadian blood shed on that occasion, what right hits French-Canadian  loyalty now to be impugned.  Montreal, October* 27.���C.  D.  Monk,  Conservative'M. P.  for Jacques  Car tier,  in a  speech  here last night condemned  the   importation   of    Doukhobors    and  Galicuins.    He contended the government  should confine immigration to the British  Isles, Belgium, Fi'ance and the Domiuioj-*.  Toronto,   October   27.���The   Ontario  government has chosen  .lohn  Hoskin, Q.  C, B. E. Walker, general manager of the  Bank   of  Commerce; .'and   A.  Kirkland,  manager of the Bank of Montreal in this  city to investigate its  financial methods,  Ha.miltOjV, October 27.���The  council of  the board of  trade has 'protested to   the  government  against  allowing American  vessels carrying Canadian grain aud'Othrr  products from Canadian ports as long as  a like privilege is refused  Canadian  vessels by Americans.  Queijeo^Citv, October 27.���The court  of iuqiiiry.into the loss of the steamship  Scotsmen jrendered its decision today,  charging captain Skrinishire with negligence and suspending liim for nine  months.  't Montrkal, October 27.���.7. IT. Turner,  ex-premier of British Columbia, who has  been visiting England, is in the city  today. lie stated that - the credit of  British Columbia ,hiul been impaired in  London by- the hasty legislation of. the  present government.. It is regarded that  the eight-libm\ law is imperilling certain  securities,'- and* the\ quasi-repudiation  policy regarding certain railways Jias-  also caused "apprehension. , He believed  tluit ��i change, would soon occur iu the  goveninient, its the people perceive that  the present., government- has deceived  them."  ",  SATURDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 28, 1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILT (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR; WEEKLY, $2.  customs, amending the former rulings of  the Treasury department, to permit the  entry without detention of sejilskin garments worn by persons temporarily visiting the United .States from Canada.  Under the new 'ruling, persons arriving  fi'oin Canada wearing sealskin garments,  who declare their intention of returning  within ninety days, will Lie required to  execute an affidavit to tliat effect.  A SECTION OF THE SLOGAN THAT  BOERS DEFEATED AT KIMBERLEY  A Terrible Awakening. -  ���   - Toronto Telegram.  The   Boers   have    wantonly   exposed  themselves to  the danger  of a terrible  awakening    from   their    contemptuous  estimate   of   their ' own  strength    and  Britain's weakness.    Memories of Majuba  Hill Jiavc been-the memories upon which  these Ti'ansvaal Cjusars have fed.    Their  civil  service lias  been  manned   by old  country, Dutchmen ��� from   Holland,  tind  their military forces have been directed  by German officers.  Tliese British-hating  harpies have lived <off the vanity  of the  Boei-s, who taxed Johannesburg to provide  sinecures for  their Dutch  and  German  favorites.  Majuba Hill gave the Boers an  ���absolute-eontempt-for tlieBritish���*a~cOiT-~  tempt which is illustrated by their going  out to battle at Gleneoe with one surgeon.  Poverty will not serve as an explanation  of deficiences iu tho field hospital service.  Tlie Boers could get money enough to  build fortifications and buy cjiuuon and  rifles. They measured the possibilities of  modern warfare by the results at Majuba  Hill, and judged that they would need  cannon and rifles and forts, but would not  need field  hospitals  because the  British  were bunglers wlio could  neither  shoot  nor fight.    Gleneoe has taught the Boers  n lesson as to Britain's strength, and the  experiences  of   the wounded under the  earo of British doctors and  nurses may  teach tho Boers a lesson as to Britain's  kindness.   Tlie-Boers are not kindly, and  may not bo responsive, to kindness, but  they respect  power, and  will  now grow  into a guilty appreciation of tho patience  and  forbearance, through  long years of  injury and   insult, of  tlie. great empire  which smashed them at Gleneoe."  The British Squadron Sails.  Quernstown, October 20.���The British cruisers Fungus, Petosus and Pac-  totus sailed from here this afternoon,  en route to Cape Clear, where  they will meet eight battleships  and two cruisers of the channel  squadron from the north of Ireland. The  fleet will then proceed ostensibly to Gibraltar, but it is thought possible the  fleet's destination is a Spanish or Portuguese port, as the vessels have taken out  bills of hejilth from the consuls of these  coiui tries.  May "Wear Your Sealskins.  WASHINGTON,   October   27.���Assistant  secretary Spaulding has issued a circular  letter   of  instructions   to   collectors of  And Tlieir Commandant Killed.  Capri-own,   October    2(i.���Official   reports from KimJjorly dated Tuesday state  that colonel Scott Turnei', with 270 men,  pi'oceoded northward    to   Macfai'lane's  farm.    At 0 o'clock a party of Boers was  seen on the right flank and  was quickly  scattered.-   Tlie enemy moved to a sand  heap   and   opened  fire  on   the  British,  which   was  returned.     Colonel   Turner  attempted to prevent the Boers advancing  against   colonel   Murray,  but  was  met  with     it    heavy    lire    from     a     dam  wjill six  li und red*- feet to the left.    Colonel  Murray-ordered 250 Lancashires to  pio.eed to the north at 11:30.    At midday Turner started with two field  guns  and two Maxims and  70  mounted men.  One of the Bi'itish guns opened upon the  Boers, who were  in  an Unfavorable position.    The Boer artillery lire was brisk.  Another armored' train was held in readiness.    At 2 o'clock the  second ti'tiin was'  sent   forward   with - additional   ammunition. ,'Commandant   Both   and   many  Boei-s were killed.    The British loss was  three.- killed and  27 wounded.    The  engagement was" a brilliant success for the  Bi'itish forces.  Loijen/jU Marques, October 27.���The  following despatch lias been received  here from Pretoria which was. filed yes-  terday: "The government has issued a  proclamation declaring that no receipts  or interests on bonds can be claimed dining continuance of martial law, nor within a certain fixed period sifter the same."  Capetown, October 27.���A telegram  from Buluwayo, Rhodesia, says: A Boer  force is threatening the chiefs Khama  Jind Linche, who are loyal to Great  Britain. Tlie probable explanation is  that the Boer force intends to destj'oy  the railway to Buluwayo, whieli runs  through the i\hama_ country, and thus  prevent any attempt of Colonel Piumer's  Ithodesia force fi'om going, to the relief  of .Mafeking. Already there have been  stories of ji Rhodesian armed train engaging the Boei'S jsonie distance north of  Mafeking.  ��� London, October 28.���The government  has gratefully accepted tJie offer of the  American women in England to equip  tlie "steamer Maine, which has been lent  without charge to the British govei'nnient by the Atlantic Transportation  Company, as a hospital ship for use in  Soutli African waters.  London, October 28.���Tlie Daily Telegraph publishes the. following dispatch  from Ladysmich, dated Tuesday: General Symons personally ordered his.column to march b;ick to Ladysmith, aud  under his instructions himself and all the  wounded weie placed in the hospital at  Dundee, It is supposed that the Boers,  puzzled by the retirement, imagined that  ji trick was being prepared, and therefore  I'cniained at Dundee watching their guns  . instead .of-Sui'prising-the-Britisli.   - Beresford Scores Eosebery.  London, October 27.���Rear admiral  Charles Beresford, speaking at Glasgow  today against loi-d Rosebei-y's candidature  for the rectorship of the university, said  ho admired the earl's character and brilliancy ,*but opposed him as a politician.  He charged lord Rosebery with following,  instead of leading public opinion, and asserted that he was largely responsible  fpr the Transvaal's resistance, and the  present war, because he had remained  silent until war actually began, and the  Transvaal had intorpeted liis sentiment  as meaning that the country'was divided  on the issue. *  Is Fairly Active. *  Nkw Denvbr, Oetober 27.���W. C. E.  Koch has a dozen 'men employed on Ten-  mile getting out logs and fixing up his  sawmill, preparatory to ji steatly run:  Much ��� of the lumber to be cut will be  used in the immediate construction of  new ore chutes at the Enterprise mine.  Large quantities of supplies are also  being packed up to the camps at the  head of the creek. j  On Wednesday the Bosun mine shipped  out twenty tons of zinc ore,.billed to  London, England. Not so bad for a  property oii which no men are said to be  working. *j  A crown grant ������ is being applied for by  the owners of the United Empire, oii  Ten-mile.  Of late there has been a large number  of properties in the camp satisfying tlie  annual assessment work by the payment  of the stipulated $100 into the provincial  treasury. Among them lire to be noticed:  the T. C, Herbert and' Charlotte,; by J.  Roderick Robertson ; Hebei*, J. Harris".;  Carbonate King, S. .II. Green, Spokane;  Winnipeg, by Bank of Montreal ; and  Eastern by. Geo. Hughes. Surely these  properties would have been benefitted  more by having tlie work performed oh  them. .  ���;**  Imports of freight'to this town have  been particularly heavy of late, with n  large list yet to arrive. One firm has  three carloads of general supplies expected in at once ; another two carloads ;  while tliere .has also arrived two carloads  of coal. Smaller shipments of goods  arrive in by every boat.  Last weeks receipts at the record office  totalled tip over $800--a striking testimony to the fact that- tliere is still life  left in the camp:  An arrival from the lower lake camps  yesterday stated that there was not an  idle man anywhere, with openings occurring frequently for additional hands.  PAY ALL YOUR RATES AND TAXES  PRESIDENT SHAUGHNESSY CAN  A Record Day.  - Yesterday was the greatest day iu the  history of Nelson as a distributing center. During the day the local wholesale  houses shipped via the Canadian Pacific  railway noless than eleven cars of merchandise. Of this quantity . five cars  were consigned to Boundary points,  which shows that the Nelson merchants  luive a pretty good hold upon tho trade  of that district. The remaining six cars  were divided between Crow's Nest, Slocan and Columbia-river points, including  Rossland and Trail.   The Payne Will Be Working Before Long.  The American stockholders in the  Payne made a vigorous kick at a recent  meeting of the board of directors, held  in Monti-eal, and one of tlie results is  that work in the mine is to lie resumed.  C, J. McCuaig of Montreal, who controls'  the Payne-through friends, was in Rossland yesterday on his way to Republic,  Washington, and he is reported as stating "that the mine would be working  before long."  Or You Can't Vote.  The attention of those who desire to  exercise   the "franchise    at' the \. next  -municipal   election   is   directed   to   the  notice of- the eity��clerk, which appearsin"  another column.    TJie statement is made  that Jill who wish to qualify as freehold  voters must pay their real  estate  taxes,  license fees, road taxes,' sewer rates, and  electric light rates ou or before November  1st. Those who wish to qualify as householders,-must likewise pay their license  fees, electric light rates, and road taxes  by the same date, and make the required  declaration as householders not later than  December 1st.    The  Municipal- Act provides that only those improperly omitted  can be placed ou" the list after it has been  prepared by the mayor.     Those left off  for arrears in taxes  after November 1st  will not be improperly omitted when the  list is made up, and unless the attorney-  general   orders   otherwise,  their  names  will not be lidded to the list.     Theie are  but a few diiys left to pay up arrears.  Two Former Friends Suicide.  Special toTlio Tiibune.  Victoria, October 27.���The chief  comment��� upon���the��� sneide -of Joseph-  McDonald, at Kamloops, and Indijin  agent W. H. Lamas. at Dun-  caus, is that the men, who were warm  personal friends, McDonald having formerly been a resident of Duncans; should  have suicided at the same time. Contributing lai'gely to the troubles leading  to Mr. Lomas's suicide were the efforts of  a man named Tait to secure the Indian  agent's dismissal and his own appointment to the office, but investigation of  charges made against Lomas in this connection resulted iu his complete exoneration.  Sergeant Walker Exonerated.  .Special lo the Tribune.  Victoria, October 27.���Police magistrate Hall administered a stirring rebuke  to those who have sought to damn sergeant Walker of the city police force, by  bringing against him the evidence of a  prostitute, who clearly perjured herself  in the witness box. He commended the  sergeant for the information lie had laid  and prosecuted against this woman, Julie  Laeoste,~in face of her threats to incriminate him, and intimated that his charge  had beonpi'oven. though the decision was  reserved on the point of whether women  could be indicted for keeping a bawdy  house when no one but herself lived  there. The request for sergeant Walker's  resignation lias not been complied with.  Have Not Accepted the $3 Bate.  Notwithstanding the statements appearing in the organs of the mine  owners' associations, there has been no  conferences between tiie inine managers  and Union mine worker's operating in  Nelson district, and the Nelson Miners'  Union has not agreed to accept $8 as the  rate.to be paid either hamiiiei'smeii or  machtiie men.  Make Himself Solid With, the Press.  The daily newspapers in southeastern  British    Columbia    pay    the    Canadian  Pacific Telegraph Company $775 a month  for Associated Press dispatches, that are  fii'st sent to Vancouver, and then sifted  back   to   Nelson,  Rossland,   and  Grand  Forks.    News that  is  dated  in  eastern  Canada is always two days old when it  appeal's in the  papers, at Nelson,  Rossland, and Grand Forks���unless, of course,  the papers of these towns have tho news  forwarded as specials  at the  rate  of a  cent a word.     The following is a sample.  It appeared.in the  Rossland  Miner, the  Vancouver News-Advertiser, and Victoria  Colonist yesterday as a special. Last night  it came jogging along from Vancouver as  an Associated Press dispatch.     TJie telegraph company is operated as a separate  company by the  Canadian Pacific, but  surely president Shaughnessy has sufficient influence to stir up  the  officials  of  the '. telegraph . company.     There is  no  good reason why the Associated Press  reports for the Kootenay papers should  be "sent to'Vancouver,'theny back to Nelson and Rossland, than there is for sending a carload of freight consigned  to a  Nelson  or Rossland merchant  to Vancouver first, then back to its destination.  We are of the  opinion  tliat the superintendent of the telegraph  company iu  British Columbia is largely to blame for  the present unfair and miserable press  service.    The following is the dispatch  referred to:���  ' Ottawa,   October   20.���(Special)���Dr.  Borden,  Hon.  R.   W.  Scott and James  Sutherland, along with geueral Hutton,  were busy all  day arranging matters in  connection  with   the   Canadian  contingent.    It is understood that a good part  of the time  was taken  up iu connection  with  the   case   of   Sam  Hughes,  M. P.,  who liad  been  booked  for the position,  but it appears  that  general  Hutton has  taken a determined  stand  against him.  Indeed, Hutton  has  made it for the mo-  'ment impossible  for  Hughes to be sent,  as  he has   recommended  his  being  deprived   of   his    command   of   his   bat-  taliqn,   tlie    lath.    Tliis is, on   account  of certain  statements -made and letters  written-by Hughes  respecting! Hutton.  Hughes will'be here in the, morning and  tlie facts will belaid before him.  'Theresult, of today's work is that the following  will be the  list of officers :' Lieutenant-  colonel Otter,, in  command; lieutenant-  colonel Buchanan, No, l^D, O. C, London,  senior major, second in command; lieutenant-colonel Pellettier,  D. O. C, Quebec,  junior major ; inajor Drummond, military  secretary to lord Minto, chief .staff officer;  captain McDqugall, R. C. R. I., regimental  adjutant; major S.   Denison, R. C. It. I���  quartermaster; major Riggju*,  15th  battalion, Belleville, paymaster; captain A.  C. Bell, Scots Guards, general Hutton's  A.'D.   C,   in   charge   of    the*  Maxim  guns. '   The   special   staff    officers   will  be : major Cartwi'ight, assistant adjutant-  general;   lieutenant-colonel  Lcssard, Toronto,  and   captain   Forester,   Toronto.  One or two more officers will be attached  to this list.    Tliey arc  being sent to obtain special instructions for the use of  the service, and  Avill  represent cavahy,  infantry   and   artillery.    Tlie  chaplains  wi[I _be Rev. Mr. Fullerton,.Presbyterian  minister   at   CharlottetoAvn,   and   Rev.  father O'Leary, Quebec.   As there  is no  militia in the Northwest, it has been decided to send lieutenant Lafferty of Cal-  gary, junior subaltern  in  the Mounted  Police, as  jin  exti-a  officer to represent  the territories.    Tlie Sardinian will icach  Quebec at noon Tuesday, or very late Monday night.   -The governor-general and all  the cabinet ministers who can, will go to  Quebec to see the boys off.  vaal was not a very complicated question, but merely the effoit of a community to "put back the clock." Re-  ferring to Majuba Hill, Lord Rosebery  said Mr. Gladstone's action Was determined by the belief that the powei of  Great Britain was ��o great that she could  afford to do things other nations could  not affoid to do without risk. The  Boers regarded Mr. Gladstone's magnanimity as a proof of weakness upon  which they could encroach.  SAID TO BrMPTES~OF OFFICIAL  Bulletins from Pretoria.  Capetown, Octobei-   20.���[Delayed  in  transmission].���Two telegrams, dated Lorenzo Marque:*;,  October  23 rd, have been  received here,  and,  in  view  of the fact  that all Pretoria news is now coming via  Lorenzo Marquex, the authorities are inclined to believe  that  they arc copies of  official bulletins  from Pretoria, the offi-  cei-s evidently  referring  to the Gleneoe  battle and  saying:    "General Erasmus,  as  expected,   was   compelled   to   retire,  his   men   and   horses   being  exhausted.  General Erasmus appears to have been  decoyed     into     the    wrong    direction  by the enemy, and the British  succeeded  in  capturing the  Utrecht and  Vryheid  forces.      TJie   number  of   killed is   unknown, but the burghers  suffered  heav--  ily."   The second telegram bears evidence  of being'a repetition of tlie same engjige-  ment   by   commandant   Frichaardt.    It  s.iys, "The Ermelo burghers in  charge of  the artillery apparently fled from  Dundee.    Tliey were reinforced by sixty Pre-  toria burghers.    The English opened fii-e  and De Jaeger with a Krupp gun yielded.  Our wounded were   numerous,  including  commandant G. Crobler.     We  also  lost  243 prisoners."  Pubtoria, October 25���(via Lorenzo  Marques).���The bombardment of Mafeking by general Cronje's command began  yesterday morning. The women and  children were given ample time to leave  the town. The shelling was resumed at  daybreak this morning. Several houses  are in flames.  DukijaN, Natal, October 27.���Many  spies have been arrested here, and some  of them will be shot. On the strength  of representations0 by the mayor of Durban, the governor of Natal, sir Walter  Francis Healy-Hutchinson, has prohibited  the landing of all but British refugees.  London, October 28.���The war .situation this morning presents no new fe��i-  tures. It is presumed in Natal that the  Boors jire reconstructing their plans and  tluit the English are renting: but vthe  telegrams 'fiom Ladysmith, at express  rate, still occupy forty-eight hours in-  transmission to London/and therefore it  is not impossible that something i�� hap  pen rug tliere. The special dispatches assert that colonel Baden-Powell, the British commander at Mafeking, is aware that  Pretoiia has given general Cronje orders  t > stiiy hi.s hand, as already there is quite  enough to employ the Boers in Natal.  The government has chartered the City  of Rome iis a hospital ship.  According to the latest account of the  first battle of Gleneoe, the Boer auny  amounted to 7000 men, and about noon  another army, almost as large, under  commandant genei-al Joubert. advanced  within 0000 yardj**j-*tf_Gleucoe_ c*ainp_and_  tlicn retired. The Boers los.sos weie fully  300 men.  THE TRAVES CASE HEARD AND  Taken Under Advisement.  The arguments in the ease of Traves  vs. the city of Nelson, and in the  certiorari proceedings in the ease of the  city of Nelson vs. Traves were concluded  yesterday. Judgement was reserved and  consequently matters in connection with  the buildiTig over which the dispute  arose remain as they were. Tlie city is  still enjoined from tearing down the  building wliich it contends is a violation  of the lire limits bylaw, aud Traves is enjoined from completing it and making ib  ready foi- occupancy.  In the first case the plaintiff Traves  asked for a perpetual injunction restraining the city from tearing down his building and also for $3000 damages. In this  case sir Charles II. Tupper, Q. C, entered  a preliminary objection to tho manner in  which the action had been brought. He  held that although an injunction was  asked it was in reality an action for  damages. His contention was that the  action was therefore not maintainable  until the bylaw in question had been  quashed and one months notice of such  action had been given the city council in  accordance with section 91 of the Municipal Clauses act. This objection if sustained by the court will be fatal to the  plaintiff's case. Mr. justice Martin, however-, reserved judgment upon it and allowed the case to proceed.  S. S. Taylor, Q. C, who appeared for  Traves, took several objections to the bylaw. The most important were : (J)  that tlio revised bylaws of the city under  which the proceedings were taken against  Traves were not regularly read a first,  second and third time, reconsidered and  signed and sealed: (2) the provisions of  section 22 of the revised bylaw woro  ultra vires of the council; and (3) that  the pemilty clause of section 35 of the  same bylaw was also ultra vires.  The objection taken to the manner in  which the revised bylaws were put  through by the council was handled by  W A. Galliher, city solicitor. He held  that the several bylaws of the city  foi-med component parts of the revising,  bylaw, which avjis duly passed by the  .city council as required by statute. This  being so, he contended that the regular -  passing of the revising bylaw No. 25  brought into force and effect all the provisions of the several bylaws which  formed part of it.  The work of defending  the sections of '  the   fire-limits   bylaw,  which  were   at-   '���  tacked    by   Mr.   Taylor,   was    handled  chiefly by sii- Charles II. Tupper, whose  firm had the  work  of   their  revision ou  behalf   of   the   city  council.   The   case -  afforded a great deal of argument aud   -  "was finally closed thiVmorning.  Jn the certiorari proceedings, practically the .same objections- were raised  against the -validity of tlie bylaws by  Mr. Taylor, except with respect to section 22. He also raised tho additional  objection that police magistrate Crease  hud exceeded his jurisdiction in imposing the penalty set out in it. Several  preliminary objections to the manner in  whieli this matter wa�� brought before  tho coui't were raKed by sir Charles H.  Tapper, who appeared for magistrate  Crease, but they"wei-c overruled by the  court. Judgment was reserved in tliis  ca^e also.  NEWS  WIRED  IN  BEIEF.  They Will All Bear Watching.  Manila, October 27.���M. Rupcrto .Santiago, one of the wealthiest Bisayans  who has taken tho oath of allcginiicu to  the United States, and who posed as a  friend of America, has been arros'tcd ut  Iloilo, island of Negro*. , wliile. other  Bisayans are being watched. The  prisoner is charged with organizing a  revolutionary junta, Santiago owns  sugar estates througliout the island of  Negros. It is also asserted that a council of ten and the manager-of the junta  met.daily at Santiago's office for the purpose .of- engineering au extensive scheme  of collections for an insurrection. One  of Santijj,go's steamei'S was captured  carrying "supplies to tlw rebels. His arrest caused rumors of Jin outbreak of the  natives of Iloilo, and precautions have  been taken to prevent trouble.  The Country Should Present a United Front1  London, October 27.���Lord Kosebory,  in a speech at a dinner of politicians ou  Wednesday, referred to the war and to  the heavy loss of life, .saying that they  had to deplore the death of general  Symons; and before, tliey sheathed tin*  sword- there would be many wore such  losses. .Jn the-mean time,, he. added, the  country plight jfco present a united.front  to the enemy.    In liis opinion, the Trans-  Florenee Marryat (Mrs. Florence Lean),  the well-known autliorcss, died iu London yesterday morning.  After searching the Trans vaal National  Bunk, at Durban, yesterday, the blue  jackets and marines withdrew and the  bjink was reopened.  It i�� alleged that a number of sporting  rifles and evpiess bullets were found iu  the Boer camp at ElaiuLsl/uigtc, wliich  has ii roused indignation.  General Yule's column is recovering  from the fatigue of the march from Gleneoe and the morale of the troops is  splendid. ->  The Rifle Association of Pictci .narit/.-  burg, Natal has bi-ou ordered out for defence  of tho city.  Parliament has been prorogued until  ���January loth. Beforu the house adjourned the members filed past and .hook  hands with speaker Gully,  Fighters From Manila.  Manila, October 27. ��� Au informal  meeting was held Jicio this evening of  men proposing to proceed to .South  Africa to fight with tlie Biitish. Over a  hundred Englishmen, Australians and  Americans decided to go. They organized a party and believe they can secure  200 more men. The volunteer1-- include  ex-soldiers, frontiersmen, JOnglishnion familiar with tho Transvaal .'Jiul some commercial clerks.  The Price of the Metals.  Ni:w York, October 20.���Bar silver  ,*57;c. Mexican dollars 17jc. Silver certificates 5SCn 50e. Copper quiet; brokei-.'  $17.50, evchange $17.50. Lead dull; broken.' $1.10, exchange $i.57ife$l.l(6i.  The Other Cases Heard.  Tim casje of Harris vs. Spencer, an  action brought by John M. Harris of  Sjindon for the ejectment of Geui'ge M.  Spencer from the Harris portiou of tlie  .Sandon townsite and to recover arrears  of_reiijj, wa__settled_out_of_court -yester-  day. By the terms of the .settlement,  Spencer will vacate the premises nod  leave tho building which he erected upon  the giound.  The cjise of Yanstone vs. Buckworth,  in which the plaintiff, a mining broker,  is suing the defendant for $2000 for damages for failure to deliver a number of  slmi'os of the Tamarack Mining Com-'  pjiny, was called. Taylor <.Vr Ilanningtou  ���secured peimission to amend the plaintiff's pleadings. J{. M. Macdonald and  J. !���'. thirne, who appeared for the defendant, applied for costs of the day.  ThLs will be decided today. It'is likely  that the ca.se will eventually go over till  the next bitting of the court.  The ease of Bigolow vs. Byers, in which  Geoi'go A. Bigelow is suing Hamilton  Byeis for several months' wages as  manager of the Goat Ilivor Lumber Com��  pany and for $1000, being the balance on  account of the purchase price of the company's plant, was being heard when the  court rose. The defendant in the case  denies that he is the Goat River Lumber  company, or tluit he knows anything of  it"- bubinesfe, or has any liability with respect to its debts.  The case of John-?ton vs. Bliickmorc an  Kast Kootenay suit to l-eeover an alleged  debt, and Kerr vs. the Oddfellow . block  company, an action for $2000 damages  and $2900 balance upon the conti'iu tpiico  for the election ofthe Oddfellows' bloek, -  have been put on tiie list for today.  Mi.  justice Martin   has  cancelled  the  Rossiand   sittings,   and   will   teiuain  hi  Nelson until   tho  evening  of  November  ."iid, when he t\ ill go  to the  coast to attend the .sittings of the full court.    This  will lengthen tlie  sittiug of the court m  Nelson by at least three days and will  probably enable the court to finish the  civil list. THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28, 1899.  w  B  (jr^at l^moual^al^J  B  Notwithstanding the volume of business transacted at our store  last week, this second week of our great removal sale finds us with  a larger and better stock than ever. Daily influx of goods more than  fill the gap of yesterday. This week we placed in stock an immense  range of Ladies' Suits, new, fashionable and the best material that  jm money can buy. Jackets silk lined and skirts lined with good per-  B caline. In every way these suits are a credit to the art of tailoring  B and certainly are the best value and nattiest styles ever shown in  M\   the city.    You should not miss an opportunity of seeing these.  W  B  MARTIN  O'REILLY & CO.  BANK OP B. O.  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Its managers and their  claque would have it appear that the  future of Yinir district was being ruined  by the Miners' Union making demands  that aro unjust, and unparalleled in the  history of mining. The truth is the  managers of the Ymir mine seem to cut  a smjill figure in Ymir district as industrial factors, but a large one as  noisy, disturbing, agitators.  Ex-premier Turner was in Montreal'  yesterday on his way home to Victoria  from England, where he has been endeavoring to float his private business  interests as a limited liability company.  Evidently he has not heard that his  party, in convention assembled, endorsed  the principle of the eight-hour law, for  he says that British Columbia securities  have been injuriously affected by that  and other bad laws passed by his successors in office. We are afraid the ex-  premier is a back number.  w  W   WOOL GOODS  #   m  B  Now on Display  w  The Following Goods Have Just Arrived  Wholesale  Houses  NELSON  B.C.  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Pit, STKWAIIT & CO.���Wau-lioiises on C. P, IJ.  ��� track, fool of hlnnley itn-ut, Nel-oii, wholesale  dcalcis in provisions, iiiodiieeanil fuiils Cold stoiago.  AgcntH Annoui Sc Co.. bacon, hums, laid jind other pio-  duelH.  _,  ___  SASH AND DOORS.-  "VTBLSON SAW AND I'LANINU MII.I.H, UMIT-RI**-  ���*���'    Cut tier Kioni  and Hull htuets jVelson, iiiarnifiic-  turora of and wholespile de.ihis in sish mid cloorn; all  kindH of factory woi k mmle to orilef.  WINES AND CIGARS,  OALtt'OHNJA  WINK  COMPANY, LIMITK1)-    --.  ner ."rout aud Hall streels.Nol-oit, wholesalede.-tleis  in winea (e,ihe und bulk) and domestic and  iuipoited  - Cor-  citrarn.  ��to ��vxbnm<  Avages of liic district, lie, one man, has  taken upon himself tlie right to ijx the  rate of wages that shall be paid to hundreds of men that are not in liis employ.  He maintains, tluit as the employer of  one-fifth of tlie men in the Ymir district,  he should have the right to fix the  wages paid to the remaining four-fifths.  We are afraid that the manager of the  Ymir mine is not aware of the conditions  that exist at present in the Ymir district,  or he Avould not arrogate to himself so  much power or imagine himself so important, for it seems that he is neither  powerful noi7 important.  L        ���-...-��� ., .,..    ..      .      , -T* J  Tub recalcitrant mine nianageis of  Nelson and the Slocan employ only a  ftaction less than a 20 per cent of the  total number employed in Kootenay.  Yet they would make it appear that the  mining industry is being mined bewuise  the employers of the 80 per cent refuse  to either stoj> work or j-ecluce wages.  NiNln of the ton mines now being operated in wluit is  locally called  the Ymir  district- aie paying undergi-ouiid  miners  $-150 ti day und underground  trammel's  $3 a day for eight  hours, and  surface  laborers .$.3  a  day  for  ton   hours.    The  nine mines employ over 2..0 men.     They  arc named the Fern, tlie Torto Uico, the  Tiimanie, the Arlington, the Yellowstone,  the   Canadian    King,   the   Wilcox,  the  Blackliawk,  and  the   Big Horn.    These  mines  are  mamiged  in  the iutei-est  of  their owners and of the country in which  they are located.     Their respective managers    have   accepted    tho    conditi ons  brought   about  by  the  passage of the  eight-hour law for men employed underground iu  metal   mines; they  have  not  hought to stir up  sti'ife  between  tlieir  employees and the men engaged in other  pursuits; they have not sought  to  disci-edit either the government that passed  the    eight-hour    law    or'  tho    officials  who    ju'u    stationed    in    the   countiy  to  enforce   the   laws;    they   have   not  attempted to play at politics.    They, by  their work, prove themselves to bo  busi-  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  wo ___.  |       Hosiery  i$    Heavy Cashmere Hose in  # Women's and  Children's,  # direct importations and  �� special value.  $��� :   f       Infants  # Wool Bootees, Gaiters,  % Hoods, Mitts, Coats, Jack-  W ets, Coats and Wraps.  # :   | Feather Ruffs  iffy    Fine   values  are  being  # offered in these goods.  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Baker  Street,   Nelson-  B  a^^^-^^^^^a^-S'-a-^a-ai   ���.__ ,_, -^^^^^?g^-<g':g':3f_a>::^*:3'^'3i!3:^=9.  l^'  5-vSv.  3i&f&&&?&-.&^9^^  *m  i'*=\>  }���#?  Big Schooner gyjjjg  Hudson's Bay Co.  Telephone 13  c  Parson'  Produce  Company  Beer or riaJf=  andhHalf ��� ��� ���.  IO Cts  Always Fresh  Always     Cool  WHOLESALE  Butter,  Eggs,  Cheese,  Green  Fruits,  Cured  Meats,  Vegetables  SHIPPERS OF THE EARLY  BREAKFAST BRAND OF BACON  THE BEST GLASS OF BEER IN NELSON IS  AT THE  GlubHotel  E. J. CURRAN, Prop.  FOIl FALL, PLANTING  TULIPS  NARCISSUS  EASTER LILIES  HYACINTHS  CROCUS  FOR SALE  "BUSINESS"! AND RESIDKNTIAL  PliOPEUTY  Corner Silica and  SUinlcy HI reels.  ��� ��� ���  moke  ROYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS   Canada Drug and Book Co.,  Cornor at Baker and Stanley Sfcreota. Nelson  Bulbs���fop   Fall -Planting1  20,000Holland Bulbs loaniro ui September; SOOO Japnn  Lihos to aui\e in October; I.50O Rhododendrons A/.alens,  AliiK'ioIias, Hoses, otc, toairivc in Oetober. Thotihands  of JJoses Cniiiclias, b'liiiL and Urn.imciitiil Ticos, Shrubs  etc., KrowiiiK on my own grounds for tho full trade.  Catalogue free.  M. J. Henry     -      Vancouvep, B. C.  '^i3* J20- H'lkor street, betweon Josephine and  wardslreet. J8000  50 by 120, Baker street, between Jcmephino and Hall  htreets, corner ,,.  25 J>y 130 with imitrovemonts, south side of Vernon  strcoh , ,  sooo  50 by 120 with improvements, Bouth sido of Vernon  ?U"oet  "   C0OO  2Hots with cottage rented at .15 per month, Victoria  street __ 3500  2 lots with cottagt rented at $20 per month, Stknley  ���^rect ,...* 3ooo  0 lots in block _D,iall cleared and fenced iu  2500  A&KNTSFOK  J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  w-_a.:r:d bros.  Real Estate and General Agents, BakoK St., Nelson  ANNOUNCEMENT  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS  OK PYTHIAS-Nelson   Lodgo,  Knights, of Pythias, meeU in I. O. O. _\  ovening a.  ......   ... - _.j 'viHKiim coruiiuiy uivjicd toattcn'  T. 1.1LL1K O. C. K. G. JOY, K. of R. & 3.  lAHleo,   No.  25,  Q._\ Hall, corner  Daily Edition-....  WltKKJpY KD.TlON.   First.Yeah, No, 25J  .. Seventh Yeak, No. 40  Thk jjuuuiger of tire Ymir mine lives  11. Nel.son ; ho is president of the Nelson  board of trade ; lie is said to be a politic-  isui, ambitious to lend ji piirty ; lie is  looked up to. Yet ho i.s doing his utmost  to bring discredit on and damage the reputation of the country in wliich he is  making his bread and butter. Jle is trying to make it appeal- that the men  operating mines in tlie Ymir district aro  .being iiy.urioiibly treated, when it  seems, he-is the only one that . is  making com plaints. liu is tho only one  unwilling  to  pay tho  standard  rate  of  Kmghtb of Pythias. meeU in I. 0,  Uuker and Kootenay sireeU, every 'Piiosdiiy  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited 'toaitcndl  ~ _2J_2 '   ~ JO - - -  NELSON .LODGK, NO. 23, A.lr. & A, M. Meote  second Wounesday In each month. Sojourning  brethren invitod.  ���KTKLSON L. 0. L��� No. 1002, meets m I. O. O. I. Hall,  a>    corner Uivker and Kootenay streets, Jbfc and 3rd  Friday of each month.   Visiting brethorn cordially invited.  JOHN TOVE, W. M.      F. J. BRAPLKY, Rcc. Sec.  NELSON   71<]niK,   Number   22,   Fraternal  Order  of  Kagles meetH every hcuond and fourth Wednesday in  each month in Fraternity Hall.   Visiting brethren welcome.  J. IRVING, President.        J. R. WRAY, Secretary.  KLSON MINKUS* U.VIOX  NO.  fl(i. *\V.  F. of jr.-  Aluots iii K. P. rooms, I'V.Uenuty H.ill, tlio Just .uid  third S.iturd.iy overlings in each month at 8 o'clock.  Visiting members welcome.  J AM KS WILKS, Sec'y.      CHAS. A. MoKA Y, Pros.  SHOETHAND  AND  TYPEWRITING.  SHOIITHAND, Tjpc\M-itirig, and  Imoltuoning IjuikIiI.  Toims rc.isonable.   Apjily to Miss JI. llinndl ll.in  sen, Afipleuli.tilf block, Wesl Jl.iker street, "SeKon.  Nelson Iron Works  J_*NUrAOTO-Kl��RS OV  ENGINiflS, BOIXiBRS, SHAFTtN��, IRON AND  BRASS OASTING-S OV BV1BY DESCRIPTION  Uopaira promptly attended to.       P. O. Box 17,3.  Full  stocks  carried at  Nelson  Rossland.    Mail orders solicited.  and  Prices is  Order of the Day  And I want to bo in it. I have just received  F.ill samples of , Suitings and Over-  coatinKS representing a $50,000 fatock to  choose from niade to your order at p.ices  never before hoard of in Nelbon. All the latchti  fads in Fancy Vestings for Fall and winter.  Ladies' linloi mg in all itrt branches a specialty.  Loy-ioM puces.   Jtooms 1 and 11, Hill} cr block.  UNION   MADE  Kootenay Cigar Manfg. Co.  Nelion, British Columbia.  R. REISTERER & OO.  ND BOTT1  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  S. BROUGHAM  W ll.i. IflVIJ   \  Fareweli   Concert  IX THK NKLSON OI'KHA HOUSH ON  TUESDAY,  NOVEMBER.?,  1899  AbSISI'l.I)  n.  Steves|s, Tfje Tailor  Special Notice ta tk People of Kooteaay  I am now- prepared to test the eyes  of the people, as I have in my department a -first-class optician. I have a  large selection of gold frames and the  very best of lenses. Call and get your  eyes examined at  JACOB DOVER'S The Jeweler j  OF  Prompt and regular  delivery to the trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wt  gon repairing promptly attended to by a Urst-clasB  ' 'iL  ���Wheelwright.  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing and  custom work from outside _ oints.  Slpps   (jail Stroet, between Bakor and Vemoa, Saiaap  Miss C'.iny. Mrs. \V. A. Macdonald, Mr, Kl-.mk Oliver {of  IJo.sluiidl, jir. Ivjdd, Mr. IJ. M. Miidlonulil, Mr. Hams,  Ileii' Sleinur, Air. and Mis. Aichlbold, am! u choi us ol  ladies anil gentlemen.  Seals cm now he Uikcn <il lhc Thomson Stationer} Co.  and the ('an.ulu J >i ug and JJook t'o.  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  NELSON, B. C.  Coffee roast era and dealers in Tea and CoJfeo.  Offer fresh roasted coffee of best quality as follow*;:  Java and Arabian Maoha, per pound.  $   _0  Java and "Mocha Blond, 3 pounds  100  Fine .SanlOb, 4 pounds   1 00  Santos Blond, 5 pounds  1 00  Oue Special Blend, 6 pounds  1 00  Our Rio Roast, G pounds  100  A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms 2 Doors East of Oddfeilows Block,, West   Bakar Stseat  The Nelson Electric Tramway Co., Ltd.  LOTS FOR SALE  ON EASY TERMS  Tn cons_nuoneo of incic.iMiijj ill-hcpiltli of Mr. JI. C.  Vi.iteini.m. thu liriu 01 C'h.is. A. WaJcrit.nn & Co. Iiuv.  been dissolved, and Arthur It. Sherwood h.is taken o\er  tin-hiiMtirsMil lliuirolit ofhecon Hnkor sd-eol, "S'eNon,  and ��ill conliu'ie the biisinosp) at lhes,iiiie place,.is Keul  Msf.ple.md Iiismaiiee ayeul, and ho ��ill be assisted by  ('. A. Wiitirvin.in.iis ni.niaKor of the liclitnl dep.uliiieut  .ind eare ot" inopeily lor noii-iesidelit piopeilv holdoii.  I he iik;imI.(!I-,s ol the old firm desne (u (hank (lieu- friends  .md liainins for 1'ifir ]).i(iuiutfrc in the |)iist, and .solicit  for I liu olllcuin I he lul life I ho business ol (heir .jld clients  and I ho puuploallaitjo, we remain, lespi-cuullv,  I'HAN. A. WATICUMAN,  14. (', WATKILMAN,  A. U. SIIKItWOOl).  Nelson, October 121 h, 1SIK).  Notice to Investors and Builders  Wo give the very Bust Tijrms to those  wisliiug to borrow money oa improved real  estate.  The only company in the province tliat gives  you the privilege of paying off your whole  Loan** at Any Time without a Bonus on giving a GO day notice of your intention was so.  aA.2Vlj3L,B ��5fc O'RBIiUL, V, Agte  British Columbia Permanent Savings &; Loan Company,  Globe Savings <SS Loan Co., Toronto.  es  GENERAL  BROKER.  i2srs*cr_s_Sk._>TC_��j  REAL ESTATE AND LOANS.  FOR, SALTS  S-Rnom House    .1300 | 50-Koot Cornor 8300  1-Rooro Houhc $HX)  Larko iranibcrof choice building lots adjacent to the  line of their tramway.' For price aiid tcrm�� of Hale apply  fo the ofllco of the company, Macdonald block, oorner of  Josepliine and Vornon Htreolx.  . -    T. C. DUNCAN, Socrcliiry.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres of land within one and a  quarter miles of Kelson.  For further  particulars apply to  FRBD   J.   SQUIRH.*    N6l��pn.   B.   C.  AEOHITEOTS.  ���GitVAItT & CARRIE���Architecla.   RoomB7and8Ab  j*-1  erdcea block, Hakor streot, Nelaon.;  *l"��-!sff����J  &p:#e" ��  mD   V'    ��� THE TRIBUTE:  NELSON. B. C. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28, 1899.  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up.    -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  [iORD STRATHCONA AND  MT   ROYAL, President  [���"Ion. GEO. A. DRUMMOND, Vico-Presidont  |K   S. CLOUSTON General Manager  nelson* B-S-A-isroia:  r.W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atliq, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yui\or* District.       HKANCIIK8 IN       jONDON  (England),   NBW YORK,   CHICAGO  and in tho principal cities lu Canada,  Jluy and soil Sterling Exchango and Cablo Transfers  OUANT COMMKliCUL ANI) TKAVKLMCKS' OKKDITB,  available in any part of tho world.  DRAFTS IBSUKD    COI.LK0TION8 MADK; KTO.  RAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OV INTEREST PAID  A   CHAIN   OF  LOVE.  A Story of Lolita.  The air wiis dense ' with the scent of  ln'tinge-blossonis, violets, and roses; music,  luiguoi'ons Mexican music, drifted  through the vinos and ti-ees ; overall was  Ihe blue-back sfcari'y sky of the Southern  luid, and in the heart of Lolita, as her  [reat, pathetic eyes met tlie eyes of Mantel, iiwoke love ;uid the short romance of  |er life. ������--  Maniiel was.ii great and rich caballero ;  le was privileged to walk upon the wide  Jiner-iKivenient ofthe'plaza where the  fenoi'itaz, who .wore beautiful gowns and  tats, filed rOijnd and round in an un-  lroken stream,.and wliero a peon dared  Jot so much iis set liis sand led foot. But  Lolita was only a mo/.a. In her veins  Ihere was Indian blood, enough to tinge  ler skin to a pale-bronze, to'put the his-  Jor.y of a mysterious and conquered peo-  I'le in her eyes, to give to her face a  JMssic iiiold Jind to her step the dignity  [)f a queen led into captivity. The senor-  Ifcas shullling by lacked Lolitii's grace, for  It Cfime of carrying��� jars of water upon  lier head, and from being unfettered in  livery .lithe Indian muscle, through fifteen  (.oiling yeai'R.  Manuel observed it as ho loitered upon  bench and watched the crowding toilers  Lnd their women moving by in the outer  laiTow walk allotted to them, an unending line of color under the shadows of the  l-range-trees. And waiting until the cuV-  [ent brought her by him again, he fasten-  |<l his eyes unwaveringly upou hers.  Lolita returned the steady stare���foi- so  legiiia the love-making for theso people ���  |ach time that she passed the bench  'here ho sat, a tall, fine figure of a man  If indolence and plenty, so near tljab s>ho  [ouid have put out her hand and touched  [nn, so near that she could hear him  hisper the words Of tho song that came  "Oin the baud hidden among tho trees ;  |.)u!ce es la cana, poro mas lo es su vo>j.  li'i amai'gura quitas del conizon." How  flu soft voice dwelt on that htsfc word, sis  liough his own heart wei'e breathbd out  |-�� her in it. Her glance .lingered upon  lit)! a<i she went by. Then she .looked up  I) the white towel's of the* cathedrtil,  learning against the niglit, and nmde a  [rayer to her name-saint, Nuestra Senora  Dolores,  i^nd when tho miiisie luul stopped and  lie plaza began t*o bo deserted, she glided  If down the narrow street, keeping in  le light of the electric lamp, tliat she  m��hc not be losb to the sight of Manuel,  llf   ��. as following her, across on the op-  is-_o sidewalk, swinging along with the  jreless, leisurely grace of tlie men of his  Le, confident of his conquest  when he  lonkl-speak- to-her-afc-the-doou-of her-  luse.    And   it was   an  easy conquest,  [>w should it have been other with this  lid of servitude, and poverty, and inflict?   He had  but to make the sign,  Id but to murmur '"I love thee,'' and she  Is his, forgetting earth and heaven.  |fle luid loved before, had Manuel.    The  jco of novelty lacked for him in  the  operate devotion of Lolita.    Yet it was'  jeet at first, when they wandered at  phfc   through    the   wide,    tree-arched  Jths  of tho dark alamoda oi  sat upon  |e quaint stone benches, her head upon  breast and her firm little hand in his,  ion they met by day iu tho fields, lie  Iving ridden on his .stiver-crapped, Kon-  i-ky  horse  to  the  trysting-place, and  having come  by the  mule-curs Jind  ter ward     afoot,    pushing    her    way  Irough the growth of flowers that met,  waving ''glory of color, over her  head,  jtil  she saw him  leaning against the  link of some great oak or against some  lie-grown fence of stones.  jThe   world   wtis   paradise" then;   the  fort-lived paradise between the down-  $ur of the rains and the withering heat  the   dry   season;   when   the valleys  ���jossom  to the base of the blue moun-  Jins, one rippling sea of pink and white  fid yellow and red and blue,  when the  J*ry parasite upon the  trees is   orange  fid scai'let, when the sky is always fair,  then the air is so clear that the gleaming  litres of the churches show from miles  Ivay among the foot-hills, and when the  md tluit its conquerors knew as Nneva  ialicia is the most beautiful spot upon  firth.  In those days when they met among  lie fields by the banks of the lily-grown  Iyer, he gave her a golden chain, long  kjid thick. "It is like the golden chain of  Ue love which binds us,  Dolores niia,  strong and without end," and she forgot,  as, bending toward her, he threw it over  her head, that the little medal which  hung from it bore the picture of the  mother of sorrows and was set round  about with pearls, the jewels of tears.  She was too happy then to know the  meaning of the upturned, grieving face of  the dainty bit of enamel, but the time  came. oi*o long, when she understood.  It was upon a day when she waited by  the river edge from noon until nightfall  and   Manuel  did not  come.     She   went  back aci'oss the fields in the twilight, and  then, for the first time, she saw that the  season  of the  flowers had  passed, that  they wei'e dry and brittle stalks, that far  away to where the mountain faded inbo  violet shadows the land was burned and  brown, while the dust rose under her lagging feet andhung about her.    She walked, alone amidst a group of men who carried great loads of red pottery and coops  full of chickens on their backs, and a herd  of   thin,   red-haired   hogs   which   were  driven by a wizened old man and a beautiful boy.    Lolita walked because she had  lio money to ride in the mule-cars which  ran  to the city.    Manuel hsul  forgotten  to give her so much as a quartillo.    Now  and again she looked up longingly at tlie  cars as they passed, and of a sudden she  stood quite still, gazing with "grief-stained,  eyes, for iii one of them was Manuel bending  to talk to  si stout  old Isidy,  and  to  cast  soft - glances sit  the  brown-haired,  fair-skinned senoritsi who sat beside her.  The*car. passed on, and the little Indian  continued her weary' way.    That night  she went  to the alameda  with  only the  fai utest hope that Manuel would be there.  But   he   csime,   and   answered   her   reproaches  and'tears  with kisses and explanations.    "My father seiit me, Lolita,"  he told her ; "'he sent nie to the iinca to  sell grjiin to a Giiugo."    And Lolita did  not know that the flnca, the  vsist estsite  of the Cotillas, wsis far away in another  direction from that in which Manuel had  been traveling.    "I walked becsiuse I had  not ii centavo," she sobbed, "and when I  came near the city I saw you talking to a  beautiful senoritsi who wore a hat."  The hat caused Dolores bitter envy.  Had she but a hat, perhaps Manuel would  love her more. ' .For she began to -feel-  fchrt his love was waning, though she  would not admit it, even iu her own  heart, ab Qrst; not until ho had fsiiled,  many times to be nt the meeting-places,  not until she had waited night after night  upon the bench jn the alameda and had  crept home, towards morning all aloue,  Then she begsin to reproach him fioj'oo-  ly. At first he defended himself, but finally he came to laugh, and at length he  answered brutally. "Aie! f am weary of  your tears," he said, showing his pointed,  white teeth and turning away. "Take  care that I do not cease to come altogether."  Lolitsi was frightened. She choked  back her sobs and csiressod liim. She  would uot cry siny moi'e, never, never, if  he would promise thsifc he would not go  siway.    He promised carelessly.  "I am wrong to thiuk that you forget  me, I know," she whispered, penitently,  clinging about his neck, "for have you  not told me that our love is strong as  -this chain?-'���She -put-the-tiny-face-of-  Jfuesti'a Senora de Dolores to her lips.  But the look in her eyes was a despairing  question, not undoubting ti'ust.  He laughed. " And when ho went away  ho swore before the picture of our Isuly  of Guadalupe that upon the ueyt night  ho would come agsiin, Avithout fail. Dolores, forcing herself to believe, was almost happy.  She went in the morning to fill her big,  earthen jar at the fountain, not fit the  fountain in the pasoo, as was her wont,  but at the one in the garden of San Francisco, because it was near to the great  house where Manuel lived. She passed,  indeed, before the door of tho house and  saw into the patio whore hundreds of  azaleas and camellias blossomed, and  whore a peacock wsilked among the brill-  liitntly colored pots and pedestals. When  she came to the fountain she lingered by  its edge, talking. Here among tho trees  and Howorfi, under the .shadow of the ancient Franciscan churches and monasteries, the birds trilled, and the waters  flashed, and the soft voices of the peons  mingled musically.  Lolita filled her jar and poised it sitop  of her head. As she did so the rebozo  fell back from her bare, brown neck and  breast aud showed the chain gleaming  against it. "Who gave you that?" cried  a moza. Doloros looked down and did  not answer.  "I know," laughed another; "I know.  It was the Sen or Manuel Gotilla."  "Aie! Manuel," came the reply, with ii  shrug; "he is the sweetheart of Pepita  Nuno, Bfy mother is housekeeper for the  Senora Nuno; she knows. Every niglit  he talks to Pepita at the window."  ���'It is not true ! He is nob her novio,"  gasped  Lolita, and turning,  she walked  jar steadied upon her head by a round upraised arm.  That night she waited in the doorway  :of her house for 'hours. She leaned  'against the adobe with all the impassive,  indolent grace of her people, but her long  eyes searched the street anxiously from  under their curling lashes. Her mother,  half drunk with tequila, stumbled in and  .disappeared into the further of the two  rooms which were her home. One by  one her eight small brothers and sisters  straggled in, and throwing themselves  upon their beds, fell asleep. But still  Lolita stood waiting for Manuel, a horrible despair growing in the childish heart,  which was too soon a woman's.  She saw a dark speck coining swiftly  down the deserted street towards her.    It  proved to be ji black dog, swinging along  with  its  gleaming  eyes  fixed  vacantly  straight ahead.    As  it .passed,   Dolores  shrank  back  into   the   doorway.      The  movement startled    it,  and  it   stopped:  short, looked at her, gave ono long howl,  : and.passed on.    The girl .was frightened'  'beyond all endurance.    She began to cvy.  "I will go and find him," she said, wrapping her rebozo close about he head, and  she'hurried Jiway.    It was late, as much  as one o'clock  she guessed, but she went,  straight  to the  house of  Pepita Nuno.  She knew it, as she knew all the fine man-,  sions of the little city.  Fiom a distance she could see that  there was the figure of a man atone of,  i the barred* lower windows. It was Manuel, haciendo l'urso, making love to some  '��� woman, within. She knew that befoi'e  she saw liis face, before she glided swift-'  'ly behind him and heard the voice she.  Iknew so well saying: "I swear by all  -the saints, Pepita, that Ihave never loved;  'before."  Then Lolita, fingering idly the medal-  lito ,;ind twisting the chain about her  ihands, went back to her home, into the  -house, and. climbing au unsteady ladder  came out upon the flat roof. It was  iinoonlight, and she . stood looking with  wide, dull-eyes over the city, over the  ilow roofs and the many domes and spires,  and lip at the shimmering sky. A whiff  ,of the perfume,of orange-blossoms came  to her from a tree in the patio below. It  -brought back the night in the plaza  ���when she had first seen Manuel, when he  had whispered to the strains of the music  that .came out from amid the trees���"hi  .amargursi quitsis del corazon." He had  loved her then, he had, he had, though  he should tell the senorita a thousand  times that he had not. But he did not  lovo her now.     It was at an end, and for  FULL LINE OF  - Lolita life too had ended.     She moaned,  land bending over she searched the sand  *of the roof until she found a bit of stick,  a piece of the branch of an orange-tree.  Then she threw oil* the rebozo and it fell  at her feet.    Taking the chain she wound  it again and again about  her neck; but  first she broke the medsillito from it and  kissed it,  clasping  it  in  her  hand  and  whispering a  prayer   to   Our  Lady of  "Sorrows.  The chain avjis tight about he  throat  now, but  she  ran  the  piece  of orange  wood through a  strand,  and,   Avith  one  last glance across the silent city towards.  Manuel's  house, she began   to  twist  it.  "Strong  as   our  love,"  she   murmuredi  "but our love is broken.    The chain must)  not break."    .She   was  turning,  turning,,  and a look of wild pain  came  upon her  face, but her  strong  little  hands never.  'faltered',.and she held fast to the medal-  libo.    She Avjivei-cd and swayed.     It aviis  tight enough now. .She could not breathe ;  her mouth aviis open and tho  blood  avjis  blinding her, surging in her ears Avith a  | fearful roar.    She staggered'as she'made  fast  the stick,  then,  throwing   up  her  arms, beat for an instant at the air ; but  ono hand was tightly clenched and did  not open, for  ib-held  the  medallito  set  -round Avibh.pearls. Then she fell forward  upon  her face ; and after a time she Avas  still, quite still.  The chain had held strong to the end���  to the end AAiiich had surely to come, ah,  Nuestra Senora de Dolores !  The Iremont Hotel  NIALONE & TRECILLUS  PROPRIETORS  ~r 'g-iT-' ���   w  .^=>.<==v-.s  iff*  >^.&.i  '.&&*  Appreciation  life  W  To dispose of an entire car of high-class iron and  brass beds in a western mining town in less than two  months is certainly a record to be proud of, and one  seldom equalled iii the large eastern cities. Yet so  great has been the demand for these goods, we have  found it necessary to wire for another car, which will  reach Nelson this week. We would ask the citizens  of Nelson to continue in showing their appreciation of  our efforts to give them the opportunity of enjoying  the luxurious furnishings of an eastern home in the  midst of the Rockies.  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  ��� B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  McArthur & Co.  ia*^a*^--Sia<  rm  i'cs>'e=>'(.  B  B  B  SAWlPLilM MILLS, Ltd.  iHeadparters for Miners and Pfospeetops  THE BEST BRANDS OF  PS  and  ALWAYS ON HAND  Front Doors*  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  Iqcjj.1 and coast,  Flooring  local aud coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of ill kinds,  ���what you want la not In stock we will mako it for you  CALL AND (JET PRICES.  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEER'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  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The bed-rooms  aro woll furnished and   lighted by  electricity.  Tlio dining-room is not socond to any In Kootenay.  Tho bar is always stocked by the best doniostic and  Imported liquors and ctearv.  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor,  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx stroot, Nol30n  Telephone, 91  John Rae, Agent  time' 70 Gents per  Will deliver In ton lots  Brick $12 per thousand*  At yard or on scows at government wharf.  The West Kootenay Brick & Lime Co.,  Baker Stroot-, .     T. O. PBOOTOBi Manager  Ltd.  Liirxo and woll lighted Hcalod by hot lil  Houboi'ablo ratos Sainplo roonih  Kloctric beta and light In ovory room  Uonovatod nnd rofurnlHhud throughout)  HOTEL.   VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Proa bus moots all trains Rawalef'nka    B   R  Hourly stroet oar to station nBVBI&lUKB, D. U.  Night Grill Room in connection, for tho convcni&nco of  guobtH arrivinK and departing by night trains.  NOTICE.  On nnd after the 1^,1 of October Wf), the Oiiuid Conh.iJ  Hole! will be inn ^Lnetlj on the Kuiopuun iil.in.  We have lilted up .i new (Iinitif? ioomi with it se.itinK  cnp.iuity for one hundred proplu ��lnoli ��ill be inn in  connection with Ihe hotel. -Ml ini'.iN tuenlj-fiic c��nU,  lujuble jii tho dininjf room. Will be pleased lo fuiintli  inc.il tickets on applit.itinn.  Roams by the day, week or monlli.  Th.inkmpr jon for your generous patron.iKo in the pail,  and ti listing to be fatorcd wilh acnnlinmince of -.une in  the future. I remain, rcspccLfullj jours,  ������\Si Ml'SON.  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephine and  Hall streots, Nelhon.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  BAKBRy IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  :&���.   .���BctT_a_=t*_r,.   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SEE GILKER FOR UNDERWEAR  ' HE HAS SEVERAL LINES THAT ARE  WORLD BEATERS .  J. A. GILKER  THE OLD P. O. STORE  SHORT BITS   OF   NELSON" NEWS.  The Gjimew.Il Fire Alarm Telegiiiph  Company has replied to the communication of the city council asking for  tenders for the installation of a h're-  ahirm .system upon a leiise with the  ' option to purchaso basis. It is evident  the Gamewell company is not anxious to  put in a system upon this bivsis, as its  manager suggests that tenders be called  for the system from local electricians.  Louis Chi'istenson, as the owner of the  Hobson traction on Hamniil ci-eek, hits  ad versed the application of Archie. McDonald, Frank Viets and John McKane  for a certificate of improvements "for the  Hutliie Hell. The hitter claim overhips  the liobson fraction, and the adveivse i.s  entered upon this basis. **  J. AV. Holmes, wife and family, of  Ingersoll, Ontario, arrived in the city on  Wednesday evening. They -will make  their home here, jis Mr. Holmes intends  going into business.  H. S^Bill-nett of Spokane, mjuiager of  the Comiquc Theatre, in that city,'arrived in Nelson last night and left foi-  Rossland this moiuing. Mr. Burnett  .says he is willing to take chances on a  music-hall venture iu Nelson, provided  the city will give him the chance.  H. F. Parker, formerly bookkeeper  with the Parsons Produce Company,  Nelson, has enlisted with; the Nineteeth  Rifles, Winnipeg, for Soutli Africa.  Rev. Ii. Frew's subject for Sunday  evening will be "Patriotism."  "Lost���|Oii Friday evening, between  Turner, Beeton. & Co.'s and. corner of  Mill and Hall streets, a ladies' hunting-  case gold watch. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at Tin? Tri-  nvsis office." Five minutes after the  above advertisement was handed in, the  watch was handed in. The Trihune is a  great advertising medium.  Dui'iug the illness of P. J. Russell the  ICootenay business of the Parsons-Produce Company will be managed from Nelson by Fred Staikey of Rosshiud.  Archie Leiteh of Cranbrook^ the East  ICootenay saw mill man who has the con  tract for supplying the timbers to be  used on the- North Star branch, is iegis  tered the Hume.  ,  HOTEL ARRIVALS.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  The sale of work   of  the   Methodist  Ladies' Aid will lie held on November Stli, when many  useful and beautiful .���irliclcs will be offered to the public.  Lost���On1 Wednesday morning,  25th  instant, a lady's gold watch with braided chain, .some  place between city wharf and Phair. hotel. The Under  will receive a reward of ��10 on returning samo to John  'Ay ton Gibson at Phair hotel.  Wanted���Anyone knowing the address  of Peter Grinley, cook, please write to J. C. Nelson, Fort  Steele. B. C.  Wanted���A gentleman teacher to give  private lessons in business branches, Jo ,1 youth about  .'liflech. One who can teach piano preferred. Call on  Mrs. Malletle, Koolcnay Hotel.  For Sale���Two good pool tables, in first-  clnss shape; for bale cheap, for cish. Address "l-"ool  Table," IJox 583. RossUuid, U.C. ���     .  . " Furnished rooms to let. Apply to Mrs.  li.M. Jameson, Carney Block, Baker street wesl.    ,  Offices to rent���Single, or-in. suite.  Ready for occupancy November ibl. Apply, to John  Houston, Tribune Ollice. - '  For Rent���A store on Vernon street,  opposite The Tribune ollice. $10 a month. Apply to IS.  Kilby. -,  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  NOTICE RE PIKE ALARMS.  - Parties sending alarms/jf firo by telephone, .lionld  slate the local ion of the lire definitely, {jiving ,name of  buildinf? and.stroet. and noi name of place from which  the telephone mesi-nfje is seiit. iTlie Itouson fcl,root tire  station is connected by telephone with tho five hall, on  Josephine si rect.  VV. J, THOMPSON, Chief Fire "Department.  Nelson, Oetober AHh, IS!'!'.  PALACE CONFECTIONS  FOR FINE CHOCOLATE  AND BON BONS  Sole agent, for Nelson for Ganotifr Rros. celebrated 11  B Chocolates and Hon Uons. One ton of the same to  arrive in a few days.  OLYMPIA AND EASTERN OYSTERS  ARHIVJNG IMIF.V.  Fancy Cakes and Pimlry, Plums, Peaches, Grapes,  JJananns, Cape Cod Cranberries, Pears and all Fruit in  Season;   Corner Ward nnd Baker Sis.  Mills & Jpolt'.s old stand.  At tub Hume.���H. H. Dumar, Duncan  City; F. H.llees, Winnipeg; 'R. W.Spence,  Toronto; Geo. G. Grundy, Toronto; L. N.  Adjims, Spokane; C. F. Caldwell, Kaslo;  A. Leiteh, Cranbrook; Geoi'ge R. Gregg,  Winnipeg; .7. O. Macleod, Vancouver;  Miss Ida Guichcreau, Chicago; IT. D. Davidson, Toronto; II. R. Reyei', Chicago;  C. M. Rolston, Vancouver; G. JM. Benson,  Chicjigo.  At Tin? TmoMONT.���R. J. Robertson,  Lardo; Chester Cameron, Toad Mountain; C. J. McDonald, Toad Mountain; W.  Guttridge, Vancouver; R. Ranger, Brook -  lyn; M. Daniel, Rrooklyn.  At tiir Qukikns.���W. R. Maclean, city;  John Bull, Slocan City; J. II. Critehett,  Spokane; AV. A. Elliot, Spokane; F. J.  Chapman, Spokane; .John J. Binns, Winnipeg.  At tii k G hand Ckntu a 1p.���J. 11.11 ughes,  Lardo;' JJ. C. Robertson, Lardo; James*-  Bourke, Toi'onto; N. Hemillard, Lardo; P.  Finn, Vancouver; O. A. Lovcll, Ymir; T.  Pariza, Yellowstone; jAlrs. James,,Davidson Jind son, Pembroke; V. Holmes, London, England; R. B. Boas, Montreal; Miss  L. Slattcry, Penibroke; Ella Bond, Hamilton.  At this Phajk.���Harry J. Seschen, St.  Louis; IT. B. Williams, Granite mine;  Fiskey Bai-nett, Spokane; A. J. McMillan,  Rossland; George Eiickson, Rossland;  C. O. Lalonde, Rossland; A. IT. Maeneill,  Rossland; J. J. McMullan and wife, Ymir.  Another Great  Bargain Sale.  The great success which attended the slaughter sale of  ourSandombankrupt stock has  induced us to place before our  patrons another opportunity  of securing staples at half the  regular prices. To do this we  have  Purchased Away  Below Cost  A large stock of goods from  Messrs. Foley Brothers & Lar-  sen, who havei the contract for  the building of the Nelson &  Bedlington Railway. This stock  embraces $1000 worth /of  staples which are in daily demand by miners, which /we  have consolidated with the remainder of our Sandon stock.,-  Here are   , \ '  A  LARGE  CONSIGNMENT  JUST  OPENED  We can supply you with Cartridges  TO SUIT YOUR RIFLE  Carpenters' Tools  A  FULL  LINE  SHELF HARDWARE  THE BEST ASSORTED!  STOCK  IN THE KOOTENAYS  STOVES AND  KITCHEN UTENSILS  H. Byers & Co  NELSON KASLO SANDON  ABE YOU BURNING UP MONEY  Because Your Stove or Range Cannot bi  Regulated to Save Fuel?  Some of  Our Prices.  IT WILL PAY YOU  TO EXAMINE  OUR NEW STOCK OF  STOVES AND RANGES  The suving in fuel effected will soon equal  the cost of tlio range. Jt can be so quickly  and easily -regulated 'tliat tliere Heed be no  waste of heat or fuel. New patented improvements oifei' you more convenience and  comfort than you'll find in any other range. .  TWO CAR LOADS TO SELECT FROM  LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO.  Four Carloads Received This Week!  s. \. Mcdonald  Halcyon Water  WK lfAVK Al'I'OINTEI)  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete _Sieotrlo Bqttipmanfea for Electric P6wer trranfimlBBibJa aa_ Lighting- for MlHes. TowM  -BleotriB Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annn��oiat6ra, Etc.  __^^_1B0]C 6Q8'*  Josephine street. Nelson, B. O.  ��_wiu, oy won paid workmen, who upend their carnii.KH In Nelson.  Tributio AimciMon, limited, Veroion St. I  THORPE  &. CO. SOLE  BOTTLERS  OF TlIIS WATKIt  Halcyon H��* Spn'ijgs Sanitarium Co.   W. C. IIITpSBANT), "MiuioBor.  The "WbndeF"  Mis��- jMuDbi'iiinlJ luis just ruliirnud from Hpokitnc  wilh new Ulcus of liilosl Amurluui iinvcllji- luits.   Sh'cII  VdiliMK'i jllhl   OpClll'll.     CllII Ull(l hlfli  IllCll!.  l.UhsOns in uiitliroidury mid luec work on tVt'tliicsduy  Uiul 'I'luir.silny inoi'riiuKx from 10 lo 11, or aflornoons  from 3 to I.   .MihM Tumblyii in chnrKu.  Two doom w��ht of Marl in O'Koilly & Co.  Novelties in Millinery  I am in receipt of tho laics!  in millinery nnd millinery novelties direct from Now York;  Cull und inspcot.  MRS- JB.  McLAUQHUN  Josephine Street, near Buker.  HAIB GOODS AND HAIB OflNAHEVTS  Switches from $2 up.  MRS. J. W. KKARNKYhns opened n Ladies Hair Drefs-  Intf P*rIor in room 1, Victoria block, Nelson, and is prepared to furnish everything in tho way of hiir goods  and hair tonics.   Treatment of l,hn Kcalp a spocialty.  Seasoned Lumber!  JJids arc Invited for two million feel, of woll assorted  weatfonwi lumber, either/or Ihe whole or in car lots, in  uiili yard or delivered to the r.'tilroad,   l>'or particulars  ,l,'P*       I.IHUY JiUMUKU & DKVKLOI'MKNT CO.  Jpibby, MouUina.  Men's Heavy shoes, regular  price $8, reduced to $1.50;  Silver State overalls, regular  price"$1, reduced to 50 cents,"  Men's .heavy asbestos gloves,  regular ��� price $1.75, reduced  to $1; Men's buck mitts, regular price < $1.50, reduced to  75 cents; Men's winter caps,  regular price $1, reduced to  50 cents,  A. Ferland & Co.  Special  Attention to  Mail Orders.  ELLIOT BLOCK. "BAKKIt STREET. NELSON.  GOAL!  GOAL!  Car of Keewatin "LaKe of the Woods" Flow  Car of OgilviVs Hungarian Flour  Car of _\shcroft "Burbank " Potatoes  Car of Cfjoice W|ixed Groceries  We Have the Goods       You Make the Prices!  Postoffice Box K. & W���  GREAT REOUGHON  HARD COAL   (j>fl fTH nflT} lm  ANTHBAOITE $cJ.UU |IBI  lUll  I3*E3*I_I*V*E3"R"E!X3  Special rntoH for carload 1o1.h for outside points.  C. W. West & Co.  TELEPHONE  33  Woodl Wood! Wood I  Good dry wood, all lengths.   Leave  orders   at  Jacobson's feed .store  on  Vernon  street (next door to Tribune  Office).   Telephone 97. V*V'   JOHN CROFT.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NE8.S0H  NOTICE TO MUNICIPAL VOTERS.  POUR <2AI3S OP  POTATOES NOW UNLOADING  J)0 YOU,WANT AN'Y  M_ .DesBrisay * 6k - Co.  The following persons nre entitled to be placed on (he  Voters' List for the City of NcNon, viz.:  Any male ov femnle beiiiK n "Hrltwh hiibjeofc of tho full  age of twenty-one yearn, wlio slw.ll have paid on or heforo  Ihe First day of November next all nniniciiia'l rules,  taxes, assessments and license fees payable by liim or her  to (ho municipality.  (a) Who is tho assessed owner of lands or of improvements, or the assessed oeeupier of lands situate within  the municipality, or  (b) Wlio is a resident, of and carries on business and is  Ihe Jiolderof a trader's license in the municipality, the  annual fee for which is not less than five dollars, or  fe) Who is ;t householder witliiti Ihe municipality.  No person shall lie entitled to vote under a householder's qualification, nor .shall his or her mime ha included in the Animal Voters' Ust unless ho or shcsliall,  on or before the First day ofDeccmbor next, enter with  the undersitfiicd his or.her natt.it) as a voter, and shall  make and personally deliver lo lhc undersigned at tho  same lime a slntulnry declaration, the form of whieli  may be obtained at (he oily offices.  Uy Order. J. J*. STKACirAN, City Clerk.  Nolson, JJ. C, Oclober I2ili, !8!K".  An Appetizing- Breakfast  FITS A MAN FOR WORK.      ,  Try our Government Creamery Butter, J. Y. Griffin & Go's  Hams and Bacon, Brackman & Ker's Rolled Oats and Corn-  meal, Almonte Milling Go's Self Raising Buckwheat Flour.  Baker Street West, Nelson  John A. Irving & Co,  Strachan  _?xJxrr_s_c_3*E*RS, as-ro-  0*E��E*R_9_a_3:OXTS*E3  J3X*00*SE


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