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 ASSIZE    COURT   PROCEEDINGS  Two Prisoners Sentenced.  Mr.  "justice  Martin  yesterday   passed  sentence upon Frederick  Flannigan, wlio  was convicted upon the charge of assaulting Esther Frost, nnd upon Lou  Preston,  who was convicted oi' tlie Duncan assault.  The sentence passed upon Flannigan was  a bout as severe as the court could make  it.    J To was given the full term  of imprisonment���two  yours in   the  penitentiary���and fifty lashes.    This is probably  the  greatest number  of  lashes  ever ordered by any judge upon   the British Columbia bench.    By tlie terms of  the sentence Flannigan will  receive twenty-five  lashes   fifteen days  after   his  arrival in  the   penitentiary   and     the-   remaining  twenty-five just fifteen  days  before the  expiry   of   liis   term   of   inipii.soninent.  When   the   sentence  of   the  court  was  passed  upon   Flannigan, J. It.  Cos-tigan  who appeared for the prisoner, intimated  that he would take an appeal  to the full  court upon the question of  the admissibility of the evidence of Mrs.  Frost.    In  view of this, Mr. justice  Martin directed  that should an tip peal be taken  tlie first  whipping of Flannigan  should not take  place   until   the   same    liad    been   disposed of.  The sentence passed upon Lou Preston  was much more severe than most people  expected. It was that she be imprisoned  for one year and six months. When the  prisoner received it she made a pretense  of fainting and was with difficulty removed to the jail.  The certiorari proceedings, to quash  the conviction by which police magistrate  Crease imposed a fine of $200 upon the  Hamilton Powder Company, for maintaining a powder mag-iy/me within two  miles of the city contrary to the Explosives Act, was then taken up. S. S. Taylor,  Q. C, appeared for the powder company,  and W. A. Galliher for the provincial  government.  Two objections were raised by Mr.  Taylor against the conviction. The first  was that the prosecution had failed to  prove that the 4300 pounds of dynamite  alleged to be stored in the company's  magazine Avas explosive within the meaning of the Act. The second was that the  Act was not intended to apply to cities  which were incorporated after the Act  became law. In civil matters the court  could take judicial notice of matters of  common knowledge, but as the offence of  the powder company was of a quasi-  criminal nature, it was incumbent upon  the prosecution to prove that the dynamite, the storing of which was complained of, wtis au explosive substance  within the meaning of the Act. Neither  was it open to the prosecution to put in  new testimony upon eei-tiorari proceedings. The court agreed with Mr. Taylor  in hi.s first objection and the conviction  was quashed. As W. A. Galliher appeared for the crown there could be no  costs allowed, so that while tho povtder  company gets the fine remitted, it will  be iiboufc where it was when tho fine was  imposed.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA,  tribune  SATURDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 21, 1899.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  "nursed" their mine owner along until ho  was in the mood for high play. A game  w,ms the result, in wliich ilouck and .Smith  took $1000 in cash and several I. 0. U.'s  away from the nunc owner. A few days  later they got him in another game, won  between $2300 and $'i<)('0 in cash from  him and also had him make over to them  a considerable block of stock in his mine.  Then they left and Ilouck has never been  in the northwest since. The mine owner  learned who Ifouck was ami publicly  posted the stock, winning people not to  buy, jis it had been obtained under talse  pretenses.  Serious Accident at Robson.  A. P. Fawcctt, passenger conductor on  the C. P, It. between Nelson and liobson,  mot with an accideut while switehiug Ids  train nt Itobson at about 7:30 this evening, which may cost him his life. The  coach and baggage cur were being placed  on the wharf track, and in setting the  biake on the head end, the brake wheel  came off throwing him iu front of the  moving cars and between the rails. lie  foil on his head with his left arm across  the rail, the wheels passing over it Jibove  tho elbow. The left side of his face is  -badly cut and-bruised, nnd-he-is-said to  bo internally injured by being dragged  under the trucks, though the full extent  of these injuries is not yet known. His  left arm will have to be amputated close  to the shoulder. He was brought to Nelson by special train from Eobson aud  taken to Crickmay's hospital, Avhere Drs.  LaBau and Foi-iu are attending him.  Kootenay Fresbytery.  The home mission committee- of the  new presbytery of ICootenay, including  part of Yule, has selected the following  ministers for Presbyterian churches in  the field indicated: Grand Forks, 3. A.  Robertson ; Columbia, D. Campbell, M.A.;  New Denver, Silverton and Nakusp, G. S.  Scott; Slocan, M. I). McKeej Sandon and  Whitewater, J. A. Ferguson ; Ainswortli,  George M. Young; Ymir, Henry Young;  Camp McKiuuey, to be supplied; Greenwood, J. A. Cleland ; Cranbrook and Fort  Steele, W. A. Alexander; Fernie, D. L.  Gordon; Cascade, Joseph McCoy, M. A. :  Moyie and Kimberly, vacant; Nelson  mines, D. Lang; Summit mines, IX A.  Stewart; Fairview, vacant; Rossland is  self-supporting and has D. MeG. Gaudier;  Nelson, self-supporting, has Robert Frew;  Trail, augmented charge, has John Munro,  B. A.; Kaslo, augmented, A. D. Menzies.  A Spokane Poker Story.  It so happened there was in Spokane a  business man of none too scrupulous  principles who "plunged" at poker fre-  quently. One of the principal owners of  a rich dividend-paying silver mine at  Sandon, British Columbia, had played  with the business man, who, for the purpose of this story, will be called Smith,  and liad won from him. Smith wanted  revenge. Accordingly, Smith cultivated  the acquaintance of a professional gambler named Ilouck, unfolded his scheme,  and   the two went to Sandon.     They  IT WILL BEJH3LEAN SWEEP  With the Two Eepublics.  London, October 20.���It is   reported  that   Great  Britain's immense military  preparations   against    the   insignificant  South African republics are viewed with  considerable   curiosity    in   some of the  European capitals, notably Paris and St.  Petersburg.    Notes have been exchanged  on the subject and it  is  even hinted in  unofficial quarters that inquiries will be  addressed to the British  government as  to      the      absorption      of      two     republics      by      the      British       empire.  The press  tonight announces  that the  government's policy is  to terminate the  war in the speediest manner after the  forts at Pretoria and Johannesburg have  been raised, and then  to  promulgate by  order of the queen-in-couucil a new constitution for a group of five federal states,  Cape Colony, Transvaal, Natal, the Orange  Free State and Rhodesia, under the title  of the Dominion   of South  Africa,  the  crown to  nominate  a  governor-general,  and the five states having power each to  elect its own lieutenant governor, and to  have legislatuies, with a  Dominion  parliament to meet at Capetown. With some  modifications, the scheme is based upon  lines  similar  to  those of the.Canadian  government.  The "Wide-Open" Element in Control.  The regular meeting of the city"council  will be held on Monday evening, when  the several bylaws will come up for final  reconsideration and adoption. Aldermiiu  Beer is out of the city and is not expected back in time to attend ther meeting. This will mean that the promoters  of tho scheme to enable "Fisky" Barnett  of Spokane to start a music hall in Nelson can railroad their measure through  as they like, as its opponents, even with  alderman Kirkpatrick present, cannot  muster more than two votes iu a council  of church goei's. Alderman Beer's absence will also "doom the street numbering bylaw, and may seriously affect the  barber's Sunday closing enactment.  BOER ARMY MEETS WITH A CRUSHING DEFEAT AT GLENGOE  In Eight Hours Heavy righting They Lose 800 Mon.  Canada Should Foot the Bill.  Toronto SUi\  The Bi'itish government will pay the  Canadian volunteers, and if necessary the  Canadian treasury may supplement that  allowance by a substantial fund if deemed  necessary andadvisablc. There is, therefore, uo necessi ty for a jjopular subscription, such as has been started in Ottawa  and is proposed in Toronto. There has  already been too much unpleasantness  over the decision to send a Canadian contingent, and the spectacle of popular  subscriptions-to���pay- the- expenditures-  which are properly charges on the country's funds, and which the country is able  jind willing to bear, would make the  whole movement ridiculous.  i  Wouldn't Be Called a Scab.  "I wouldn't be called a scab for all the  money in the Slocan," was the (remark  made by a miner yesterday -when discussing the wage question. Continuing, ho  said : "If the sacrifices that are made by  men who go on strike for a principle  were generally known there would be no  scabs." No fair-minded man is willing  to tiike another man's job at reduced  wages, for weie it so, there would be no  such thing as wages. Men -would be  working for mere pittances, tho lowest-  priced man always getting the job.  Progress of Canada Unexampled.  Woodhhidob, Ontario. October 20.���  Sir Charles Tupper, at the animal banquet of the Woodbridge fair, i-eplying to  the toast of " the house of commons and  provincial legislature," said he believed  the parliament of Canada reflected the  intelligence of the people of Canada.^  Continuing, he said the progress of Canada was unexampled, and her great natural resources would make her the most  important portion of the empire.  Will Present Volunteers With Purses.  Victoria, October 20.���Victoria proposes to give each of her twenty-five A'ol-  nnteers for South Africa a purse of fifty  dollars, besides a grand farewell demonstration in the drill hall at which the  lieutenant-governor will present the  purses.    Fredicts that a Shuffle Will be Made.  QUi3��KC, October 20.���The Evenement  of f li 3 French Conservative organ here,  averts that lieutenant-governor Jette is  Gi.RNf'OE Camp, October 20.���After  cight hours of continuous heavy fighting,  the Alana hill was carried by tho Dublin  fusileers and the Kings Rides under the  cover of a well served artillciy firo by  tho 131 h and (50th batteries. Tho  Boers, who threatened the British rear,  have retired. The light Avas almost an  exact counterpart of that of Majuba Hill,  except that the position of the Boer and  British forces were reversed. Geneial  Symons was severely but not dangerously wounded.  The battle was a brilliant  success for  the   British   force.      The   Boers   got a  reverse, which may possiby, for a time at  any    rate,    check   their advance.    The  artillery practice in the early part of tlie  day decided the battle.   The seizure of  Dundee hill by the Boers was a surprise,  for although  the  pickets  had  been exchanging shots all night, it was not until  a shell boomed over  the  town  into the  camp, that their presence was discovered.  Then the shells came fast.    The hill wiis  then -ilive  with  swarming  Boers,  until  the  British artillery  began  work with  magnificent  energy and precision.    The  batteries of the camps took np positions  to the south  of the  toAvn, and after a  quarter  of an hour's magnificent firing,  silenced the guns on the hills.     The war  correspondents could see shells dropping  among    the    Boex-s,    Avith    remarkable  accuracy, and doing tremendous execution,  for   they   Avere present  in very   large  numbers, aud in places exposed.   By this  time, the enemy held  the  whole  of the  hill    behind    Smith's    farm,    and    the  Dundee Kopje right away to the  south,  in Avhich direction  the British  infantry  and  cavalry  moved at once.    The fighting raged particularly hot in  the A^alley  outside the   town.      Directly the  Boer  guns  ceased   firing, general" Symons or-  dei ed the infantry to move on  the  position.    The infantry charge Avas magnificent.   The way the Kings Royal Rifles  and the   Dublin   fusileers   stormed  the  position   was  one  of  the  most splendid  sights ever seen. *  "* Tlie firing of the Boers was not so  deadly lis might have been expected from  troops .occupying such au excellent position, but the infantry lost "heavily going  up the hill, and only the consummately  brilliant Avay in Avhich general Symons  had trained them to fighting of this kind,  -saAred them from being SAvept away. Indeed'the hilfwas almost inaeeessable to  the storming party, and any hesitation  Avould have lost the day. The enemy's  field pieces, so far as the correspondent  could see, Avere all abandoned, for the  Boers had not time to remove  them. A stream of fngitves poured  doAvn the hillside into the  valley where the battle still went  on with no abatement. General .Symons was wounded early in the action,  and the command then devolved on major Yule. The "enemy, as they fled, were  followed by the cavalry, mounted infantry and artillery. The direction taken  Avas to the eastward.  At the latest reports the cavalry has  not returned. Some reports say that  four and some that five guns have been  "captured. Tlio'BoeFartillery ~firiug~~was~  weak. A lot of plugged shells were used.  Although the enemy's position avus carried soon after 1 o'clock, scattered firing  went on almost all afternoon. The British losses are very severe, but those of  the Boers arc much heavier. The final  rush was made Avith a triumphant yell,  and as the Bi'itish troops charged to close  quarters the enemy turned and fled, leaving all their .impediments mid guns in  their precipitate flight.  London, October 21.���A Gleneoe camp  correspondent telegraphing yesterday  says: "A force of (5000 Boers led by  commandant Joubert has been defeated  severely by a force under general Symons,  and the enemy at this moment aro in full  retreat. Nobody in the camp save  general Symons aud his staff were aware  that the Boers intended to attack thorn  and that they would get within three  miles of this position before making their  presence known to all concerned. It was  known, howeA'er, that the enemy Avere  advancing still further south and it avjis  seen tluit unusual precautions had beeu  taken roguaidagainstasurpri.se during  the night. Just after dawn the Boer  artillery opened fire from Gleneoe hill.  The range Avas ill-judged and the quality  of the ammunition bad. During two  hours and a half scarcely a half dozen  shells burst Avithin our lines. Our  gunners, on the contrary, made excellent  practice, which soon began to tell upon  the enemy.  At half past seven general Symons ordered a.general advance of the infantry  brigade Avhich he himself accompanied.  The Dublin fusileers Avere Avell in front,  Avith the Kings Royal Rifles well up the  right and the Leicester regiment on the  left. These men advanced smartly, taking  advantage of every bit of coA'er, tactics  in which they had been exercised for a  Aveek past. The advance was coArered by  a terrific fire from our three batteries  and several Boer guns Avere silenced before the fusileers began to climb the hill.  By the time the fusileers and Royal  Rifles got Avithin a thousand yards, the  Boer batteries had been completely silenced ; our oavu guns having poured into them at 2500 yards range with crushing effect.  The Boers meantime, were keeping up  a heavy rifle fire, Avhich thinned our ranks  considerably. By 9 o'clock the Fusileers  and Royal Rifles had swarmed the hill  aud the Boers were on the run. Meantime  the Eighteenth hussars and all the  colonial mounted infantry and the  Leicestershire regiment had been moved  northeast, their tactics having cut off the  main Boer retreat. The enemy, caught  between the two fires, lost heavily.  At this moment fighting is still going  on, but the defeat of the enemy is already  complete and crushing and it looks tis  though few would escape. Our losses  Avere probably 300 killed or Avoundedand  that of the Boers tin ice as many.  While tliis Avas^going on a battery of  artillery, the Eighteenth- Hussars and  mounted infantry, Avith a part of the  Leicester regiment, got on the enemy's  fiank, and as the Boers streamed wildly  tjowu the hills, making fo>-tho main road,  they found their retreat had been-cut  'off. They rallied for a while, and there  was severe fighting, Avith considerable  loss on both sides. Many of the enemy  surrendered. A imigh estimate places  the British loss at 250 killed or wounded,  and that of the Boers at 800.  A newspaper correspondent states that  through his glasses during the light today  he noticed how much the Boers seemed  to be nou-plussed by the tactics of the  imperial troops, especially the well-drilled,  swift-moving horsemen. The enemy are  are still a mob. They are without horses  and forage, and many of them l-ely for  food upon what they can obtain by looting. Their animals are mostly iu a  Avietched condition. It is understood  tlia^befoj'e_tcKlay_s_battlo, several Boers_  had left their commanders and gone  home on their farms, and many others  are likely to follow. The movements of  the commanders in the Utrecht district,  are somewhat mysterious, it is supposed  that they have some idea of getting  around between this place and Ladysmith.  Many Boers are reported to' be falling  back to their old position. They have  been raising a .series of fortifications between Sandspruit and Daniihauser. their  object being to contest tho gi-and ad-  A-Juieo of the imperial troop-,. Near  Saudspruitcamp they have a lunger with  several pieces of artj'llery, and another  behind Volk.sru.st. There uro guns* at  Mount Pogwani, overlooking Laiug'.s Xek,**  and the heights arc fortified and earthworks have been thrown up and gun., left  at various places on the way south.  adopt penny postage, thus making tAvo  cents the rate to all parts of British  South Africa.  Premier Laurier and ministers Fielding  and Blair addressed a political meeting  at Winglmin, Ontario, last night.  The contract for carrying the mails  between Canada and Great Britain has  again been awarded to the Elder-Dempster line.  Homer Garvoy, fireman, AA'as killed and  Arthur Grogan, engineer, aviis badly injured as a result of a freight train on the  Canada Atlantic railway running into n  rock slide yesterday which derailed the  engine.  BRITAIN'S   ACTION   EXPLAINED  In Calling Out Eeserves. o  London, October 20.���In the house of  commons today the first lord of the  treasury and the government leader, Mr.  Balfour, moved an address of thanks to  her majesty for the royal message calling  out the militia. Mr. John Dillon, Nationalist member for East Mayo, moved an  amendment declaring the embodiment of  the militia unnecessary. This was rejected by a vote of 299 against 30.  The house hiiA'ing gone into committee  of supply, parliamentary under secretary  of state for Avar, Mr. George  Wyudham,  introduced the supplementary army estimates.    In  course  of an  explanation of  the nature of the call, and the manner in  Avhich the nation has responded to it, he  said: "The British military system, if it  is  Avorth  anything,  must  enable  us   to  send an  expedition  abroad without depriving     our     homes     of     protection.  We       cannot      be      satisfied'      unless  Ave     can     send    such    au     expedition  Avithout     destroying     the     machinery  for maintaining an army at home.     The  result   of   the  recent  test,  has  been  a  source of legitimate satisfaction and is an  encouragement to the  further effort  in  the   future." ���   Dealing  Avith  the  army  corps uoav going out, Mr. Wyndham said  it numbered 21,000 regulars,  all  trained  and mature men, including six thousand  cavalry, 114 guns, 2GJ Avagons, from 9000  to 11,000 horses and-l:l,000 mules,    it has  been necessary to call  a  portion  of the  reserve in  order  to  bring  some of the  regiments >to tlieir  full   strength.    The'  goAerninent,  therefore,   had   called for  25,000 men, assuming that 21,000 would  be effective, and  this expectation  had  been fuliy verified.    The British forces in  the field Avould consist of 20,000 men witli  colors, and 21,000 reservists.     "Thisrmay  seem a large force," said Mr. Wyndham,  "but Ave must reflect that the the two republics,   by   their   juxtuaposition   and  situation, have a strategotical advantage,  enabling them to concentrate for attack  at any point on a frontier of 2000 miles,  a     frontier    e\reryAvhere    hundreds    of  miles from        the      . sen. And  Avhen avc further consider the'  area inA'olved, which is inhabited by 3300  natives, it ia clear that considerations of  humanity dictate that the empire should  display Jin unmistakable expedition of  strength in order to rescue one of its  greatest dependencies from the horrors  of doubtful and dilatory operations'.  to go to the supreme court in succession  to judge Taschoreau. The same paper  says a shuffle in the federal cabinet is iu  the near future, and that Tarte is to retire owing to ill health.  Nine Men From Southern Kootenay.  The three principal towns in southern  Kootenay Avere called on for only nine  men for the Canadian contingent. Nelson  furnishes four, Rossland three, and Kaslo  two. Captain Hodgins of Nelson, who  will be a lieutenant in the contingent,  has received word from lieutenant-colonel  Peters, D. O. C. at Victoria, authorizing  him and the three local men to join the  British Columbia members of the contingent Avhile en route on the Canadian  Pacific. This will save the men the time  which Avould be occupied in making the  trip to Vancouver to start with the  others on the 21th instant. The contingent will outfit in Montreal. Before  leaving Nelson a purse Avill be prc&cnted  each of tho enlisted men.     One hundred  and soA-enty dollar., have been subscribed,  and those Avishiiig to help to swell the  purse can do so by leaving their subscriptions at the office of Tin; Tuimwi-"*.  A man always feels better when he has a  feAv dollars -in hi* pocket, and the enlisted men from Nelson should be made  feel that they are leaving friends. >.  WIRED  HEWS   IN   BRIEF.  Jack Bennett of McKeesport, Pennsylvania, defeated Torn McCune of Detroit  in a 20-round fight nt the Crescent Athletic Club in Toronto last night.  The Toronto Globe's London cable bays  the Imperial Avar oil ice i.s making enquiries for Canadian hay.  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal,  president of the Bank of Montreal, has  been jisked to become a candidate for the  lord rectorship of Aberdeen   University.  Advices received by ifou. Mr. Mulock,  po_tn*astt*r-genoi-al, state that Cape Colony has considered it  necessai-y  now to  Columbia Won the Third Bace.   Ni_w_Yoiik, October-���20.���Through-  wild and hoary seas, in a breeze that approached the dignity of a gale, the sloop  Columbia A.mquished the British challenger Shamrock today by six minutes  and IS seconds actual time, and si��� minutes and 31 seconds coi-rected time, thui  completing the series for the America's cup with ;i magnificent rough  weather duel and a Yankee victory.  Except for repeated flukes and the unfortunate accident to Shamrock on Tuesday, tho series of race-* has been un-  marred by a single untoward incident.  The boats- have had two fair and square  races, one in a light air and the othei* in  ji 2."--iiiile blow, and sir Thomas is perfectly satisfied.  Boers in Force at Ladysmith.  Laiivsm-tii, October 10.--Tlu- carbineers and border mounted rifles avIio were  in action with the enemy nearly all day,  returned this evening, fighting in the  face of 200 Boers. They wore several  times almost cut off, but a Maxim gun  held the Boers in cheek. It i.s reported  that 1(5 Boers were killed. Several time.-  the Boers came Avithin tho 400 yard  range, but their shooting was bad, and  the Maxims rendered signal service in  stopping their rushes.  Infected Record Books Kill Clerks.  Aj.hanv, October 20.���The state board  of health has received n communication  from the board of health of Michigan  stating that twenty clerks in that state,  who were working over several A'olumes  of record.1*, were taken ill Avith consumption and had died. The books Avere examined by a bacteriologist, avIio found  them full of tubercular bacilli. It is  thought they became infected from a  clerk avIjo had consumption, and avIio  had the habit of moistening his thumb  with saliva when ho turned a page.  THE TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS  Of the Real Uitlander.  Frank Schleerser, Avriting in  the London Daily Mail  of September 2(5th, says  there are very feAv rich Uitlanders.   This  may seem a remarkable statement, but it  is gospel truth.    The real Uitlander  is a  hardworking man  of business, who just  manages to make  both ends  meet and  sometimes ��� only   sometimes ��� makes a  hundred  or two  on  the  share market.  The current picture in the  English press  of the "Stage Uitlander"���if Ave may use  that term���is absurdly erroneous.    He is  a rarely Avcll-to-do man, and Avith  a few  trifling exceptions,  never a  millionaire.  The ridiculous vaporings of well-informed  scribes protest ingeniously that if war i.s  to he Avith the Transvaal, Ave are fighting  in the interests of Capel court and Park  lane.    Nothing could be more silly or  inexact.    The simple truth is  contained in  a short  sentence  Avhich  cannot  be  too  forcibly driven home to those  wlio labor  under the impression that  Uitlander is a  synonym for plutocrat.  Nine out of every ten men in Johau-  esburg are poor men. Really poor, mind  you, studying economy in every form,  stinting themselves of everything save  the barest necessities, and struggling,  veritably struggling, to maintain an appearance of comparative prosperity. This  is in ordinary times, too. Not in Avar  times nor iu "boom" times, when every  one is a bit above himself.  Between 1SS0 and 1899 there have been  four, or.possibly five, " booms," and then  money was made by a good many. Onl5r,  hoAvever, to be lost again by all save the  richest folk. For the disastrous policy  of "nursing tho baby" seems to be tho  special prerogative of those Avho can  least Avell afford to indulge iu that expensive pastime.  The rich folks, avIio are quoted in season and out of season (particularly in tho  former) as typical Uitlanders, are not by  any means fair examples. Taken altogether-, there are not more than ji score  of millionaires, and a couple of hundred  avIio have done passably Avell. Deduct '  these 220 men from the Avhite (European)  population of Johannesburg���say 30,000  ���and a residuum is left of 29,780 men,  avIio are the real Uitlanders, and are poor  men at that. They are of all classes,  trades and professions���doctors, lawyers,  miners, assayers, suiweyors, clerks, shopkeepers, brokers, contractors, manufacturer's and the like. Wages are high, it is  true. A carpenter,in the mines gets his  pound a shift. A decent clerk can command ��'${) a month. But expenses are in  proportion. ' Rent is terribly high,'food  is also expensive ; clothes, cabs, servants,  books and amusements are treble Avhat  they are at< home. , The club subscription  is one guinea a month,' Avith an entrance  fee, originally ��'2.0, then raised to ��o0,  and afterwards X100, but subsequently .'  brought doAvn to the lower figure. Noth-"  ing. is cheap save tobacco and mealies.  The sniiiTlest current coin is a tickcy  (threepenny piece). Coppers are unknown.  T There i.s another important item whieli  is generally overlooked in European judgment of the average Uitlander". With  hardly one exception, none of the men  whose wives' dresses, carriages and horses  are qnoted as typical came to the Rand  as poor men ; practically all-of them had  amassed fortunes, differing in" amount,  but none of them by any means contemptible, in Kimberley, in the good old  days when diamonds avc re diamonds and  De Beers Avas not the devouring monopolist of today. "The old Kimberley  crowd,'' Avhich comprises the much-  maligned   magnates  of   Park   luho   and  _eIse\vhere,pnIy_augrneiited_their_Avealth   iu Johannesburg; none of them originated it there.  It is- not generally knoAvn, or, indeed,  known at all, that during the present crisis  very many men of repute, honor, and in- *  togrity on the Rand ha\'e had to borrow  money from friends in order1 to send aAvay  their, wives and families to places of  .security iu Cape Colony and Natal.  Surely not, or a little more kindly compassion would lie evinced.  The I'it lander, broridly speaking, i.s  just an ordinary hard-avoi king man of  business, avIio, seeing a quicker turnover  for liis Avoi-k, or maybe his .small capital,  in .Johannesburg than elsewhere, has  thought fit (and who shall say him nay?)  Lo settle down in the Tran..va;il, to pay  fiA-e-siKths of the taxes of the country, to  put up with countless' injustices and  political disabilities, and when the burden becomes so great and ho protests,  personally and through his government  at home, is taunted Avith the opprobrious-  epithet of���millionaire. Itfs just a little  bit hard��� and it is* very untrue. "Political  helot" ho may be���in fact sir Alfred  Milner says he is���but millionaire-helot���  neverJ  Hich firms on the Rand fully recognize  their responsibility towards the country  in which (by their oavu astuteness and  against terrific odds) they lnwe made  their thousands roll up into millions. No  charitable occasion is ever alloAved to  pass without very substantial help from  them, in fact all Transvaal charity���  and it ib, in the aggregate, a A-ery lar*ge  item���i.s entirely Uitlander money. Ono  example Avill suffice. At the time of the  great dynamite explosion at Valdschoen-  dorp, on the outskirts of Johannesburg,  in February, 1S90, A'ery many deaths occur i'ed and scores of poor folk Avere seriously injured.   By chance, not one Eng-  1  (.'unUiiuutl ol Thud Pnisc. THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. G., SATURDAY,  OCTOBER  21,  1899.  (Jr^t  A splendid opportunity to get new and fashionable $  Dry Goods at W  m  Slaughter Prices  One hundred and fifty Ladies' Suits and Mantles to  be sold at a sacrifice.  W  W)  ffl  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  %  BANK  OP  B. O.  BUILDING,  NELSON.  TERMS   C_9-S__C  ^^ll*.^*5*-:*3*:^@--f?f|:��-:��-:��:  ffl  OVERCOATS  As the season gets colder you feel the need of an Overcoat.  We have a very nice stock of them���short and long  and can sell you one from $9 to $15 each, A-1 for the price.  MEN'S OUTFITTER  Sign ot the RED HAT, Baker St., Nelson  J. F. WEffi  Wholesale  Houses  NELSON  13. C.  W.  _ERATED AND   MINERAL "WATERS.  TH011PK & CO , U3IITW) -Coi nci Veinoiiand Gcd.u  sticcts, Nelson, iii.iiiuf.ictuicis of ,in<l \\ holes lie  dcpiloib in asralcd watcis and fnut s)iups Soloagents  foi  Il.ilcjon .SprniKh niincial watei  ASSAYERS'  SUPPLIES.  T. TJOn'JZKIj & CO-Comci Uakci .md Jose  phinu sticcls. Nelson, wholospilc dcalcis m .is  vajcif-' supplies Agents foi IJcmci biio Cl.iy Co of  IJcniei, Coloipulo.  CIGARS.  KOOTENAY CIGAR MANUFACTURIVG CO-Coinei JJ ikci .mil II.ill sticcts, Nelson, iii.inuf.ictuieis  of "JJoj.il Sc.il" .uid "ivootoii.t) IJcIIo"bi,uids of eig.us  COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  HJ. "EVANS & CO��� Itakoi stieet, Nolson,wholesale  ���   denims in hcjtioi-, cigaib, cement, in e bnclv .tnd  Hie cl.ij, w.iloi  pipe und  mission niCK.li.uits  bt�� el i.uls, ,md geucial eoni-  FLOUR AND FEED.  BI5ACKMAN & KIIJIjMII.IjIjN'G COMPANY LTD.���  Pi out '���ticel. Nelson, wholesale dcalcis m (Umi, oatmeal, etc., .md li ii und giain    Mills ut Juliiionlon, Vie-  tini,t, and  ., .uid Ii ii und giain  1 New wcslmii stti.  GROCERIES. '  A MACDONALD & CO-(oinei Veinon ft ml I"o<-c  ��� plmio siieoLs, wholesale f,'iwi�� and lolihcis in  bUnkotb, gloi es, mitts, boot.s, riibbois, iiiackin.iiM, <s.nd  Ttiuiier-,* sinkings  OOTEVAY   SUJ'-I'.jY    COMPANY,    LIMITED���  Veinon stieet, Nelson,-wholesale gioccn  tojin  -HOLditl-h  "J   iv holcsale gi oeei s.  CO.���Fionl sdect,  Nelson,  - FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  P   BURNS &  CO��� lUkcr stieet,  Nelson, wholesale  *   dc.ilci s in fresh ,iml cured mc.its    Cold stor.igc.  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  HHYEltS & C O ���Coi nor Rikci und Josephine streets,  *   Nelson, vvholistic dcileis m li udvvan .ind mining  supplies.   y\gcntsfoi Ci.tnlPovvdei Co.   LAWRENCE IIAUDU'AKE GOJVIPANY���JJ.tkcr St.,  Nelson, wholesale de.tleis in hn.idvv.iie ,tnd mining  mipphes, mid watei und plumuets' supplies  ANCOUVEU irAUJJWAJUO COMPANY, LIMITED  ���U.tker Htieet, Nelson, vvholespile dealers m iiaid-  vwireund mining biipplius, plilmbeis und tiiibimtlis'Jpup-  phes.   LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  _~nUIlN*Elt UEETON te CO-CoinoiJVciiion und .Tote  -����� phine slit'els, Nelson, wholesale dcileis in Illinois,  again and di) goods Agents for P.tb>-I Btcwitig Co. of  Milwaukee anel Calg.H) JJiuwingCo of Culgai).  ~ POWDER, CAPS~AND FUSE.  HAMILTON POWDKIl COMPANY���Uakcr stieet,  Nelhtin. m umfiictiiici�� of (lvn.tniile, spoiling,  slumping and ti'.tck blasting jiovvdeiK, wholesale detleis  in capmind fuse, and i Icetric blast ing appuiulun   PROVISIONS, PRODUCE AND FRUITS.  pAIt.SONS JMtODUJ I; COMPANY���Veinon sited,  ���*- Nikon, wholc^alo ili.ihis in piovi .ions, piodilce,  and fi ml*    AKcnls fui Sw ift &. ( o. Imk on und li tins  T \ OltllTIV K CO���i oi ik i Veinon and. Jos-onlrino  *"�� htiielh. Nelhon. vvlioh^tlc dealeiK in luo-iihioiix,  (Hied meal;., bill [i i mid i kks  F.  deuleih in piuvision���>, I>iudii(uiiiid fimti.    Cold hIoiuko  AijoutM Anno'u iVC'o.h bacon, hams, lard      "   '*  It. STEWAin'  tl.Kk     f(l(ll   Of  HIwiiIi i  duiUt.  Wiiieboiises on V,    1\ J!.  111 It,  Nelson,  w IioIcmiIc  and other pro  SASH AND DOORS.  ���KTKLSON SAW AM) PLAN INC. MILLS, LIMIT!"!)-  ���*���*    Coinei  riant and  J! il! htifetn, Nilson. iiuinufa  turoisof and vvluil(s.tle dctlctn in -yisSt iind'ilouih,  kinds uf fact oi} woi k ni.tdo to oidei  WINES AND CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA "WlNi; COMPANY, LIMITED���Cor.  lierFioiititnd II.ill Mreef s Nelson, vv holewtlo de.tlerH  irt winctj (ease .tnd bulk) and domestics and imported  nirirs  Haet Editiok   ���WKtKIpF EDI1I0N  ....   Fiubt Ykak, No. 248  . Sbvknth Year, No. 3')  Tiir price of P��*iyiio mine shares has  dropped to one dollar. It looks as if the  director*") of that company were playing  a game of freeze-out with the share-  holdeis. of tlie compauy tis Avell sib with  the jniue worker's.  tlie BeJiton Conservatives, and the Beaton  Conservatives cannot hope to win an  election, either municipal, provincial, or  Dominion, without tho support of tlio  Carley push.  The hi; are people in Nelson who believe that the town would be benefited  by the establishment of ji music hall, but  how many of them would favor the  music hall by-law weie they to know  that it is passed for the special benefit of  a notoi ious variety theatre manager who  lives in Spokane?  ALI,   SOBTS   OF   PARAGRAPHS.  , For the past two years there has been  a scarcity of Havana tobacco In this  country, and tlie piospects. for a largev  supply in the very near future are not  good. Just before the Spanish-American  war the export ti side from Cuba was cut  off. But theie were on hand some two  handled and twenty thousand bales of  Havana tobacco in the countiy, and, in  consequence, the trade did not suiter  greatly. That stock has, howevei, beeu  used up, and tliere is not now either in  this country or in Cuba any ofthe old  tobacco, so tobacco merchants asay. At  least there is- uot now ou hand any higk-  grade leaf tobacco, though there is a  small .simply of au inferioi quality. The  crop of 1809 has begun to arrive in  Havana fioni the outlying country.  Some of this crop is "fair, and some of it  is very good ; but the bulk of it is far below the avei-age. In addition, the crop js  .said to have been small aud the prices  tliat have been paid for it exorbitant.  Three hundred Japanese colonists located tAVo years ago in the southern part  ol_Oaxaea. Mexico, near_.Ti mil tepee, under  authority of a concession granted by the  Mexican government. Tlie colony has  been experimenting in tetv growing aud  1ms made such a success that live thousand more Japanese men aud their families are to be brought to Mexico to join  the original colony. Other tropical pio-  ducts aie also raised by the coloni-sts.  Their extensive plantations aie located  in the Veide liver vjvllcy.  Out of ^lSfi.pSOO.OOO letters that passed  tluough tlie Biitish pobt-officu last year,  theie weie as many as 8,..O0,OOO which  the oflicitiLs managed not to deliver. In  those opened at the dead-letter' office  pi'operty of the value of !{?.'J,()00,000 wa*->  found.   Canada Should Pay.  Toronto Tcl( grain,  Canadians who go to fight for Britain  against the Boers at the expense of Jolm  Bull are doing no more than was done by  WHOLESALE  . Butter,  ��� Eggs,  . Cheese,  . Green  . Fruifs,  . Cured  . Meats,  . Vegetables  the Canadians.who.went to fight for the  United States against Spain at. the expense of Uncle Sam. Canadians ought to  help Great Britain collectively on different lines from those followed by the Canadians who helped the United States individually. Canada ought uot to be in the  business of keeping soldiers for hire, but  the small measure of aid which Great  Britain needs in a just cause ought to be  given at the expense of this country. It  is possible that the farmers or the French  might object to such an expenditure.  This possibility ought not to bear heavily  upon the enthusiasm of a government  which has never allowed the prospective  hostility of the farmers or the French to  interfere with its designs for squandering  millions of national treasure upon squads  of subsidy-hunting favorites.  Ontario's Cabinet.  The Ontario cabinet,-according to its  rumored reconstruction, will stand as  follows: Premier- and commissioner of  crown lands, G. AV. Hoss; attorney-gen-  eriil, J. M. Gibson ; minister of education,  R. Harcourt; Treasurer, J. R. Stratton ;  commissioner of public works, O. K.��  Frnser; minister' of -ftgricnltiive,' J- Dry-  den ; provincial secretary, J. Davis.  Will be Oared for at Montreal.  Montreal., Octobe 20.*���At au enthusiastic public meeting of citizens called by  mayor Prefontaine, held at the board of  trade today, a committee of leading citizens was appointed to piovide comfort  and attention to the Canadian South  African contingent.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  The Following Goods Have Just Arrived  w  Hosiery  Heavy Cashmere Hose in  Women's and Children's,  direct importations and  special value.  Infants  Wool Bootees, Gaiters,  Hoods, Mitts, Coats, Jackets, Coats and Wraps.  Feather Ruffs  Fine values are being  offered in these goods.  Socks  Men's Socks, all grades  of Cashmere, Heavy and  Light Weight.  Furs  In the newest shapes of  Collars, Coats, Ties, etc.  They are all right in price.  Golf Capes  A   second   lot   of these  have just arrived. They  are   good   in   style 'and  quality.  Jackets  Ladies' Jackets in all  the newest designs and  colors.    Very low in price.  Silk Waists  An endless variety at  all prices. Everyone can  be pleased from our assortment.  Plaids  Beautifvl designs and  colors all wove, and suitable for waists and skirts.  INCORPORATED 1670.  Qt?ri5l:i^-Brou/i7'5  . FRUIT,  POUND  . OR  SULTANA,  ;  CAKES  Our aim is to have the Right Goods  at the Right Price.  Fred Irvine & Go.  m  m  m  %  Baker  Street,   Nelson.  mmmmmmmmmm  ^##*^**#?  |p*=ip'=i'S  mm  Hudson's Bay Co.  Telephone 13  Big Schooner  Beer or I~lalf=  and=Half ��� ��� ��� ���  lO  FOR SALE  BUSINESS ANP RESIDENTIAL  PROPERTY  30 by 120, Bakor streot. botween  Josophino and  Ward, streets      #8000  50bjr 120, Bakcr_street, between JoHppinneand Hi*H_  afreets, corner   .>   25 by 120 with unproyewonts, south side ojt Vernon  streot    .        .  5000  50 by 120 with improvements, south Bido of "Vernon  streot          ,        .      GOOD  2J lots with cot tttge rented at 315 per month, Victoria  stTeot    .. ..      . 3500  2 lota wtth cottage rented at $20 por mouth, Stanley  stroot   ....   .   . .   . .   ....   .   ............. 3000  6 lots in block UV, all cleared and fenced In. ....... 2500  AGENTS FOR  J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  Always  Always  Fresh  ��� Cool  Bulbs  FOR FALL, PLANTING  THE BEST GLASS OF BEER IN NELSON IS  AT THE  ClubHotel  E. J. C.RRAN, Prop.  Corner Silica and  Stanley Streets.  TULIPS  NARCISSUS  EASTER LILIES  HYACINTHS  CROCUS  tJlclllK ,  U'.UIN,'  ch.uns  Canada Drag and Book Co.,  LIMITJ-D  Corner of Baker and Stanloy STeetfl, Nelson  W\AJRJD 33EOS.  Real KhUU) and General Agon Is, Baker St., Nolaon  s is  Order of the Day  And I want to be in it. I have just received  Fall wimples of Suitings and Cher  coating*, representing a $s0,OO0 stock to  choose from made to jour cider at p-iocb  ncvei before hcird of in Nelson. All the latest  fads in Fancy Vc.tniKs for Fall and winter.  Ijdclics'tailoiuig iiiiillils biti.iicliesaspcci.til).  Lowest put cs.   Jtooiim 1 and II, H11I)Cp block.  Smoke...  BOYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGAKS   UNION   MADE  Thk Miuor is ttiiunilng. It is now endeavoring to cut the ground from under  that stalwart Conservative, David Mark  Cai ley. No political party can liave two  organs in a tow n the size of Nelbon and  hope to be successful in a fight. Tho  Carley  Conservatives Avill   not .support  SHIPPERS OF THE EARLY  BREAKFAST BRAND OF BACON  The  Kootenay Cigar Manfg. Co.  They Have Arrived at Last  50,000 Bulbs From Holland.  A choice assortment for present pl.uilmff For tho  convenience of those who cinnof rail,it tlie Kiccnho'ihc  .t full supply will bo on hntul.it Ivukpiili.ck & WilsOiiV  and Fiank 'Iambi) n't-, Bttkei bticut.  NOTICE.  oli_?',**i0l;,hc,0I,ViYIvulMl-lt intliuU��la)R.I inlonrt tc  Hip*-- lo Uio chiuf commissions ot lands and voiks.  rm iioiiMission lo cut and uirj livuj tniibiu oil the below  (icscnhul J,tii(ls  Coinim-nuiitf al a post about  lUu miles up Yuill cicck  on IJiowOslaiiiinr Uootcii.i) Like, tlienco noilh eight)  1 hence  west ion chums;  Jlioncc  noilh  M\t)  llicnce -west ten chains,   tlience  not (It  foil)  ,, -���   'I"-'ncc west, len ch.uns,   thence  noilh  foil)  eli.tuis, hence* we,l ten ch.um,; tlience no.th foif\  J* ,l!!s'ii,'t,,a' w,,s'' ���cuulwini, Uicncj noilh foit)  him s, llioiico wes len chains, thence noitli twenty  i hauls, thenee west foil) cliains; tlienco south twtnty  timins, thence e.ist (en cli.iuis,* Uioiko south foit)  ett mis; hence e.ist ten chains; thenco south foil)  en mis, licuee cast Ion cJi.inih, thonco soulh foiiy  (11.1111s��� (heneo east ton ch,un��, thence south foily  eii.iins; (hence east (<,n cJi.iins; thenco south hi\ty  cii.vint,; llicnce easl ten eluiits, (hence south eitrhty  cliains; Ihetice east foit) chains (o (ho place of coni-  mcnceiiionl CJIAJtLFS IIILLYJJU  iVcisun ij c. aiirnsi isdi. iaa  TheBoyal Greenhouses, E. Grizzelle, Prop.  Cornti Huoi'ei ,iii<l W.iMlbLicels  Bulbs  for  Fall  Planting  20,000 Holland Hulbs toniuve in Sectember; 5000 Japan  Lilies to arrive in October, IjOOHhodoilendrons.A/.tlcniSp,  MaKiioliitH, Uqsch, etc. to .ti 11\ oin Octobor. ThoiHamls  of Uosom, Cameltas, Fiuit and Ornamental Ticcs fahrubs,  etc., mowing ou my own grounds for the fall trado.  Catalogue free.  M. J. Henry     -     Vancouver, B. C.  NOTICE.  "Volice is licreb) giien (hat in Hurt) days, I intend Uv  appl) tolhocliicfcoinniissionei of landb and woikb for  pciimssioiUo eul and ciljj awiij  timber ofl tho below  dcsciiocil hinds-  Coininenciiiua(apost, about two and a half miles up  fioiiitheiiioiiUiofaciockiuniiiiifj into Ouiwfoid JJjij,  oiiKoo(cna) Jake, and known .is- Gray cieek, nuuked  1101 tliw est coiner; thonco e.ist foit) cluuiit.; thenee noitli  ten chains thenco e.ist twont) chains, tlienco noilh  ten cliains, thenee cost tlint).five chains, thence south  Lwociiains; (hence east t,e\ en toon chain. ; thenco bouth  .sixti chaiiM, (hoiiLCwcst fifteen ohtuiit>;-Uiciico north  ton ciiaiiib. thenco west (.went) Hie cliaim.: thonco  south ten chaiiib, (hence %iost sixteen chains; thenco  faoulii ten iluuiiK, (heneo west sixteen clmiirn; thenco  noilh ten chapib; tlience west forty chains; thenco north  toil) U\o chanib to tho plate of co'ilincneenicnl.  v ,       ��� rt   ��� HAlUtY HOUSTON.  ���Nelbon, li. C, Seiitembcr fith. 18')!J.        NOTICE.  "N'pfiecis hcicb) Biion th.tt in lluily da)s, I mlcnd te  appi> tollioclnel conunissionci of landi and wolks, for  ponnis ,ion(o cut and tan) ot.ij  dusci lOLtl 1 inds  tinihor oir the below  Kelson, British Columbia.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  ger i_5eepf  Prompt ?tnd regular  delivery to tho tirade.  Brewery at Nelson.  Full stocks carried at Nelson  Rossland.   Mail orders solicited.  and  Miss MtDciinol! has nisi ictuined fiom hpokanr  with new nie is of Litest Anioucin lunoll) hats Swell  iciIliiKs ius| opciud    < all and see (hem.  Lessons hi emliioidcM and hue wink on Wedneud.ii  and ThuiMla\ moiniiu" fiom 10 to 11, ui iftcinoo.iH  fiom .J Ui (    Miss Tainbl' n in (lui[>;o  Two doois wesl of Aim I in OUeilly & Co.  Novelties in Millinery  I am ui lcccipt of the latest in iiiillmci)  and nulh  tui) noveltiesdnect fiom New Yoik,  Call .tnd liispoot.  MRS.  E. McLAUOHUN  Josephine Street, near Baker.  H. D. Ashcroft  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  MANUFACTCKER8 OF  HNQ-INHS, BOILHBS, SHAFTINa, IRO_T AND  BRASS OASTJNGS OF HVERT DBSCRIPTION  Repairs promptly attended to.       P. O. Box 173,  E?  LODGE   MEETINGS.  NIGHTS OF PYTHIAS-Nolson   Lodge,  No,  25,  Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. O. F. Hall,corner  Baker and Kootenay street*, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  T. "LUJ-jIE, C. C. It. G. J OY, K. of R. & S.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A, M.   "Meets  ' second Wednesday in each month.   Sojourning  brethren invited.  ���JSJKLSON L O. L., No. IKB. meets m I. O. O. F. Hall.  ���*���'��� corner B,iker and Kootenay btreeis, lbt and 3id  Friday of etch month.   Visiting brethcrn cordially m-  Wogon repairing promptly attonded to by a flrst-class  wheelwright.  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing and  custom work from outside points.  Sliop:   H>H Street, between: Bakor and Vernon, HeSson  viled.  JOHN TOYE,  W, M.      P\ J. RRA.OLEY, Hoc. Sec.  "TsJELSON MTUR, Number 22, Fratomal Older of  ���*���" Eaglei,meetseverybCcondandfourth\*v ednesdayin  each month in Fraternity Hall,   Visiting brethren wel-  J. R. WRAY, Secretary.  come.  J. IRVING, President  CoiiiintnLiii|ral the noilhe.ist coinei of H, D. jMcDci-  liiidstniiljoi clai'ii, on Jjafiaiieecicek, on soulh arm of  Ivoottiit. Jjiiko, tlienco t.ist Iml) chpilns, Ihence south  ten chums, llientocusi ninct) clinniH, thuneo noith ten  ( i.uiis, th. ncu easl foitj ihe ehains, (heneo mhiIIi JIHy  Lli.mis, llic'ii.e wosl (he chains, theiiLthoiith (enchains:  liienco westse\eiileen chains, Ihciiro soulh ton cliaiim;  ll-ciuc wcslciKhlteu ch.uiih, thenco noilh ten chain��;  llienio wesl foi!\ ehajiis,the'!icct.oiilh ten cliuiiih, Ihento  wesl roil) eli.uns, theme south lun chains; (hence west  loilj ll\utiiniii., thenco noil height) chains (o place of  commencement. GKO. GRAY.  Nelson, Ji, c��� Suiittmbci gjiid^jgW.      NOTICE.  Npticoislideb) jjnen lli.it tnthiity da)S,I intend la-  apph to (he (Inol commissionej of lands and woiks.foi  periitissioii loculundcaii) away tunbei' oJF the below  descubed landti-  t'oiiiincncniK at a poht about I wo and a half miles up  Xpitiance cieck, on 11k* south .inn of Kootennj lake, commencing at (he noi thw est coi nes, thence cist ih e chains ;  thenceuoi th foil; (hums, (Iience cast twont) chains;  thence not th ten eh tins, ihence east nine chains; thence  noi th ton chains, thencecislfho chanib, thenco noith.  ten cnainb, thence east ten chains; thence noith ten  chains, thenco east ten chums, thonce noitli ten  chain j. tnenco cast tweho ch.uns, thence noilh fhe  chanib, thence ciibt thiit)-eiKht cliains; thenco noith  twent) chanib; thonce east lomtceii chains; thence-  louth twont) chains; thence wcbl eighteen chain*.;  thenco bouth faix chanm; thonce west (went) chaiiih;  thenco south tMont) Ave chains, llicnce -webt fen chains;  thonco south t-went) chains; thenco %\osttweiit) chains;  thonce bouth llftcen chains, thuiice west ten chunib;  thence bouth twent)-Jlve chanib, thenco west eight  chains; thoncoboulli twont) Jlvo pliiuna, thenco west  beienteen chains, tlience soutli eleven chanib, thence-  ���west twenty chains, tl.cnco noilh Unit)-two chains to-  the place of coinnicncement. H. I). Mc"DEH"MI"0.  NelMin, H C. August 2<lth, 1899,  TSJELSON MI VERS' UNION1  x*    Aleoth in IC, P. ioom��, Fiat  NO.  'Ki. W   F. of M ���    , ..atoinit) ITnll, the flist and  third  bat in da) evenings in  oach month at 8 o'clock.  Visiting members welcome.  JA_I?;s WILKS, Scc'y.      CHAS. A. MoKAY, Picb. ,  NOTICE.  Notice is lio cbyghen thatin (hnty d.tjs I intend to-  .apply (o the chief coiniinssioncr of land, and woiks for  poi mission to cut. uid can > awvj timboi olt tlio below  dosci ibed lands ���  (JoinmcnciiiK ut a post ten clinino south of II. Houston's  noithe.istcoijiet post.onGia) too . iminingniloCiaw  foul I Jay, on Kootent) lake.ai dlho ice cast foity chains;  thence bouth eight) ch.uns, then o west ten chains;  thence south eight) chanib, ineiice cist ten chains;  thenee south foit) ch.uns, Iheneo west fort) cliauib;  thence noilh fifty chains, t hence west ten elinins; thenco-  noith ono hunched chains, thenee east ton chains;  thenco noith flfl) chains to tlicpli co of commencement,  ��� ���   ��� THOMAS Sl'ItOAT,  Nelifoji, il. C, Scptcaibcrath.  t'j����as^^'%gjffif-ftjsi^^ THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C   SATRUDAY, OCTOBEB 21, 1899.  3  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,    -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATnCONA AND  MT   ROYAL, President  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vioo-Prosidont  IC   S. CLOUSTON Gonoral Managor  THE BANK OF  NELSON  :_-t:*elso:*_t *b*b__._stc__c  N.W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       nRANOITKB IN       LONDON  (England),   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO  and in tho principal cities in Canada.  Buy and soil Sterling Kxchango and Cablo Transfers  GRANT COMMKROIAT. .ANI) TR/WKLLKltS' ORKD1TS,  available in any part of tho world.  . DRAFTS ISSUED    COLLECTIONS MADE; ETC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRRNT RATK OF INTEREST PAID  THE   UITLANPER'S   TRIBULATIONS.  , Continued from .First Page.  lishman suffered. All the dead aud hint  were poor Boers, natives, Malfiys, coolies,-aiid Chinamen. Within two hours of  the happening of the accident ��75,000  was subscribed "between the chains" bythe big firms of the town towards the 'al-'  eviatiou of the '������sufferers. Every peuuy  was Uitlauder money ; no Boers contributed. Paul Kruger permitted' his name  to be put at the head of the subscription  list,;with a-donation of ��25, but he never  paid a. penny of tlie money, in sj*iite of re-,  peated applications.  'Again, the most beneficieut charitable  institution on the Rand is the Rev. Mr.  Kelly's .Home; Here employment is  found for men out of work', shelter and  food is provided, and every deserving  white man, be he Boer or Briton, is succored and helped. This home is entirely  maintained by Uitlander subscriptions."  A grant of land was made  to  Mr.  Kelly  : by the  Transvaal  government, but the  conditions were so onerous, aucT the chicanery and "vernaukery" (cheating) on the  part of the Boer officials was so:'flagrant/-  that it was a gift of Dead Sea apples.  Auother error,into which many fall is  that every Uitlauder -lives'in*:Johannesburg.-y i'Nothing  could be  less  accurate.  yScattered ; throughout the Trausvtial, in  >��,|pAy.i*s^  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Sl<,aguay, U. S., Atlin,, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yu^oq District.  which are much, little, or not at all used  by the Boers. Thus, to give tho two extremes. Coffee is very lightly taxed, because the Boers use a great deal. On the  other hand, soap, which tlie Boers ���never  use, and of whieli they even dislike tlie  smell, is very highly taxed. And so forth  throughout the gamut of necessaries and  luxuries. =  The townUithinder has his grievances,  and the country.Uitlauder has his; they  are in many ways identical, and they are  entirely legitimate and sincere.,,  It is'worth repeating the indisputable  fact���tlie Uitlander is not a rich man. He  fully deserves to be for his pluck and endurance through a decade of troublous  times, but the. process of "freezing out,"  the expenses of living, the insecurity of  title, and the-want of faith in any permanency of government,: have kept him  in a sttite of suspended financial animation. He is an honest, poor man, making  ;the best'of a ibad job, and he deserves  every sympathy, encouragement .and  assistance. ���"���;.-'���  HOTEL ARRIVALS.  Hibbert Tupper, Vancouver; D.. A. Ritchie, Boston ; R. C. Cushman, Boston ; H.  J. Patterson, Boston; R. C. Longley,  Fort Steele.  At the Silvkr King.���A. J. Preston,  Silver-King mine ; George Poster, Silver  King mine; John McLaughlin, Silver  King mine;. J. Ryan, Silver King mine.  At the Maodbn.���John Stuart, Spokane; L. Simons, Spokane.  At the Clarice.��� W. P. Leamy, Lardo;  S. Casty, Lardo; John McCloud, Yellowstone; L. Lamonte, Denver, Col.; James  MePherson, Denver, Col. ��  At the ��� Tue.mont.���James Spencer/  Richelieu mine; Alfred Olson, Sandy  Creek; Torrance Bonnalie, Sandy Oeek.  At the Queen's.���0. H. Burden, Pilot  Bay; Peter Lund, Cranbrook'; L. Kettler,  Fort Steele; S. Wilson, Sandon: Mr.  Robertson, Robson; Alan Forrester,-  Robson.  At the RoyaIj.���E. 'Osier, Nakusp; J.  Scott, Granite'mine; Harry Swain, Granite mine.  At the CLUB.���D. Hill, Silver King; R.  Paterson,   Granite   mine;     B.   Kelsall,  Lardo; J. Gillis, Silver King; C. MeKinnon, Phcenix; F. Ridgejuay, Silver King.  At the S.herurooke.��� AV. Dingham,  Robson; Walter Smith, Pilot Bay; Andrew Provost, Slocan City ; James Douglas, Robson.  At the Grand Central.���G. J. Henry,  Woodbui-y; T. IL Henderson, Revelstoke; Jaines Butler; Rossland ; James E.  Dupen, Jr., Calgary; Thomas Wallace,  .Spokane; J. W. Ross,  Ymir; H. Kearns,  Ymir  Hall  R.  Lance,  Salmo;  A. Clark, Lardo.  Harry Price,  pwi'iJKeis3',or*'|stoi^  W��l^iM^^SM^I��^&^^BM  'mm  '.k^*''pi'ej:e,-i^  L.^���fche'-pOh'(5e:;^  ^>^hQ*ia:u'gli. a $&  I.-^>;to qtieIii"some.|i!idrGuloiisvua.ive^uprisiug'.  I.-rfybraiight?..about; py*'tIiei"peciilatioiis,> brat?.  '"*��� ytality-or iueompetenevyof'a,'Boei>;iaxttivte  ������n'n-: %'-"'"���:"?*.' -������.-..-..���-M     ",���-.���       .':-."nni-^.,^1P��p.'r.pUp-'?i        ���ilT'^1?"^'" ..���"���'"������    ���"    '-'Pp--1  -'���yc.oinnii'8s.io'ofer:.r'..-.--.T^  ;Jel|i^--i'^h|hy%'*^i^^  At the Hume.���E. D. Carter, Spokane;  F. M. Medhurst, Cranbrpok; Hugh B.  Gilmpur," Vancouver; Rowland Machiii,  Fernie. yW.p H.i Brandon, Silverton'";.;^^Ernest G: Wilson, Birdseye; J. E. Hprne,  Toronto; J. Boucher and wife, Trail;  Hubert Haines, Rossland.  At the Phair.���A. Whealler, Kaslo;  Mrs. Colemaii, New York; Miss Pjxyno,  New York; E. J. Coyle, Vancouver;  Henry ��� M. Stevensou,. Ainswortli; ;J.  Floyd ���Morris," Nelsoii-Popi'inan; C. ;T.  Cross, Silverton ; Lee Coombs, Rossland/  S. W. Ray, Port Arthur; W. Blakempre/  Montreal; H. W. -Heckburn,. Fernie;  George Wa.tson, Fernie; Marietta. La  Dell, Toronto;*W.C. Cooper,. Montreal;  Harry H: Cooper, Vancoiiver; A. Elliot,  Toronto; E. N. Thompson, Greenwood';  John Keen, Kaslo; F. Starkey, Rossland;  "(MiaMesiiHiMffeSi^thaba^  ^uifpaitfelf k-^ *���^ ^h  ".,������^B%'^D-'^^���-|^'v-:ft���, "..".'.pt/^-t.XT'P'l00"- u,."D^:T-7-M"^"aDV.W'^n.-o.hM nP-"rf_^,^._ ,flf, '��� "���%$  ^d:0:jj,^..'3hai^  ',''3<*!3talb,Siid'^  :,y^&JSmAW^imANfi^*& .;'  . ii.-pw*'---K-..#v-V's- .-,-v-.-,-'?#':^afcSIIJSItV>*:O'0Et. "*- !*u '  :N^pn^^spri^'#Kj,;\y.',.r/'-.,vv;- .v.'. /;  ""'���"���" ""'Jg?''- '" ""' ���'<.,.-���-.��������-  y!pti|l*ei|j|pi#:tti^  ���r^*C-K-'��jfe"^il&��S"5toi�� "'."'.  ."������'  l^.VT**-'ii%1^^ :QiiJgl _f}jijec^___iix;,.  'Beyo'p"d:'';.his ''"%Si3iu;g -license'/ Is ISs (id  ���aivti'iialj-y**' -pi' what are terined poll' or  pei'iSoii^ tajces, Ibufc he has to pay in>  tllreetly: on nearly everything he5 eats,  tiriuks, Wep's, pi: iisiss., The #wsto��' tariff  is .craftily. ari-Jing^d, i^*iat besides tiie iid;  vtiplPrein4��ty>f 7| P��**' 6eii1j all *Souiid  (^jtoi'tly to be raised to 10 per SentJ the'  rates-vary hi esivet I'titio wji.lv tiie .Tirticles;  iJORpaiiAfraw OF fHE cm OF  ^TfGE TO Ml^il-iPAL VOTERS.  ' Tho f ollowjhg liewQii* iti'tj out 111(3(11 ft be jtlftced on tlio  - Votel-tfU.st for tile Gity of,Ne'lsbn, viz.:    '.-..,.  ,: .������.���.'.������������.������..:���.���.���...���  - A��y 'dwie oi'-feiituld UoiiiK ji Jivij.isli siiUjoot isf the~f(ill  ... ago Of Uvent.y-mi0.vetli%::wliOsliftll Jiii'yoiiftulioil':oiM(cftii'p  the- Kit-lit:tl'n.y ;of. No-p'oinltof.^ioSt <il 1.:-.iniittieiyii11 ivtlOjs;  tiixcn, iitisoBStneiitsi itti'tl li(3en.se;f<je,s payiilile Ky.lijiii oi' her  :."'-td (;iio'*nluuiirijiiili(.y.- ���:,��� ._-r?*''.:^vV-*1 ~-: ��� '���i>-'-1V^:'^^-;-  : ^(a).\V"ho is thenssoijsea ovviiCr Of Innas or. of���-.jHiprovo-  , iiionts;-ol' tlie (tssessod''jDbvu.i)Ib'c,'-oX..l4hd8.-.sltuat^\Vj.thU>i;  : tlie iniiliioipiiiit5%: or y ��� ������::v-,^;i..^..:v:?,-.-"-;-- : ;���-������..���.-.;;��� :-.-���-���.-  :" (b)..Who feit.t08Went.bFAiia'-.'Awies.onv.l)��iBmois8--.iOHj';ls-  .'the vlibkloEM ii ti-iuVei'-'S-licoitso in.tlio iiiHnicipiility,:tli(3'  .'anhlitil'tod ifoT wliich is hot.lcss'than. (Ivo���'���(lollaJTS.vtii',.;-,'���-.;'���.>���'.  ���fViicJ'-.Wh'O'fs-Ujibuseliolflor-AVitli^  ���No:-hoi-iibii'.'sliiill od eiiliitled.to. vote iimlor.a. ho��tse��'  hoi_ei*C[!iaHacjitioh,uor-sliall-hi^ oty'hW'^iiAiu'ft'-b'iiV'ife  Vchvdea:in''tha*'Aiinua^  :bri bf.before tho Kifefc.day of DcdCmber iioxfc, ehtor. with;  the:uit���orsighea his: ofcher iiii'iiio as;ji'. yotei'i:niiil^hiill,;  ������..injUco'a'n&'jiorSdnnllyiael^  saino tiino. a. statritoily: aeciaratidiVtheforin of;wliiyK;  iiirty'beiobtnindil at the city.offices. :, ;,* ���            .������/-?*  ?.---'By:'Oi'd'6r. -..' ���" -'     r.3. -K-. BTKACIIANv.City Clerlv -  ;;;Noismii'B.'c,,,Qct(j*bcr:i3th,;ia!'a^     :. .'.yy',"'  jpeeiat Ibliefio tlie  I amytiow prepaired: toytest Jhe eyes  ofthe peofile, as? I have in: my-depart-  ment a ftrst'-ciass' opticiaii. I have .a  large selection of gold irames and the,  very best of lenses. Call and get your  eyes examined at  JACOB DOVER'S The Jeweler  .'-���*j-;"^?e. Jgi^e^iiiier%iir|s;;^est���iTiiMfe''^  H**isln^^:;|6��^h6*5*i^e^  kestSt^,.- ��� ������������; ..../    ���   "y ..'    y���*:  ; ���Tj^'finl^QOn^an^  'y^u-tjife fn-v^pge yol!y,p|^n!>y:p^  yiiJOAN A*c'AN��TiSi,*3 'wifeiio.ut A BpN.us; o-a'.gi"*^-  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast,  "���'-'*"-       '<--.''  y. ���* ;  Flooring  local and coast. .-  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings j*-  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber y  of .all kinds. . j'  wbat yon want is not in stock we will mako it for yon  /    OAXL AND GKET PRICES.  A Wonderful Eace in France.  A motor carriage made a wonderful  race in.France tho other day. The motor  ran 1400 miles in forty-four hours, making uo stops wlmtever, except a minute or  so to take'on gasoline and wa^er, thus  averaging, stops and all, a speed of nearly  thirty-two in i I es ^^n hour. No other such  record is known in the world. No steam  locomotive on rails--ever approached  thirty-two miles an hour for forty-four  hours.    -���"'....'  m Tremowt Hotel  lYlALOJJE & TRECILLIJS  PROPRIETORS  To dispose of an entire car of high-class iron and  ^ brass beds in a western mining town in less than two  ^ months is certainly a record to be proud of, and one  ^ seldom equalled in the large eastern cities. Yet so  ^ great has been the demand for these goods, we have  ^ found it necessary to wire for another car/which will  ^ reach Nelson this week. We would ask the citizens  ^ of Nelson to continue in showing their appreciation of  our efforts to give them the opportunity of enjoying  the luxurious furnishings of an eastern home in the  midst of the Rockies. '  Headquarters for liners and Prospeetqps  ���w  & Co.  m  m  m<  MM  THE BEST BRANDS OF  and  ALWAYS ON HAND  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  'ym  BAKER .STREET. NELSON.  Heated AVithiHot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  .Large coxrifortable bo_room8 and  flrst-class*dining  room.  Sample rooms (or.commercial men. ;-0  '       ' ' '*Djfit^Zr"sj*--;t;  ]^M^^M0^^BJ^S;-i(^Oi^  RATES   ffi2  '/���'&<��.a n��^��� ,�� o*  ,-^-y:  ViS*'?'  r-A^'."  feet of logs at our mill and am  all kinds of dimension timber and^ship to p ^ointi  on Kootenay Lake by scows or steam^  rail to all points on the Canadian Pacific or Nelscmf  and Fort Sheppard _?ailv^^s.Iri^^s  dressed lumber; shin^es^  iiewels;^ turned ;yer^dah^Msts.  Factory work of all kinds done to order.  >*V.Wr I  *������..-. iii'x.H^iP:l  ���;;������������ pppp-.:3p|?p., I  Sfc'gl^l  -������yip'^p-pl^-' I  sizes*  ��^P?:^A'^*5'vi?"'^^i.---'l  mg a G0~$a,y ndtice t)�� your mfcentidn vt'as. Sp.  British Columbia Porffiatioii t Savings; & Loan Companj-.  6161>q Sayih|:S St Loan'��� O.D;.j Toijdnti}. .       ".':'.'  iJ}2100 will purchaso ft- coiitral-lot and re^iflched.  83000 will purchaso".four::nico,,lots.and reHidunce.  lO.Wffi Pooloi Kairmoiit.il' c'onW, :  Bliickcofifc (Ymir) tilii-tfos 20 cents. '-.��������� .  Srti.ll) tjUftit at. UycfiWtfe .-.--.��� ������.'���'   ������������.���..';������'���  Cheap low in iairvioiv (Bogu^town) A'dtlJtioii;  SB0EIHA_TD AHD TYPfiWEITiHG.  SHOltfHAND, Typewriting, and bookucptng f*iiiffltt.  Tonus - reasonable.   Awiy to Miss Ji. urainlt. Hani  son, Applo.ttiwI.tp block, West Baker street. Nelson.  ' ���       *" ARCHITECTS.       ~7~~~.    "-  ���t|WART & CARRIK-Arcltibects.   Rootw 7 and 8 Al>  ei-dcen block* Bakor stroet. Nelson,;  feSfc  ;.;.: -; yy *vyli.afe)fterln,l��n>ta" '���      ';���-���;.  yIyBfick #12 pef thousands   y|  .Atiyiird.or <>n scow/S< afc govbrnttieiit;: wharf;'  tfe W^st ipt^riay trp ^ tlrft0 :do.�� W*  Brtltftr Stroot. ������_��� .pTl-iO. .JpROOTOR.; RraniaBar. ",  ^tttrKOriunibbrof-chdice .'"building:: lots adjacenfctd the  liiieof.ithcir'traiiivfaiir.;. -For^^^ price iind-terhis'ofsiileapply^  to tlie olflco of the oompanj-jMitedonaldiblock, cot-rior: of  Josophino aiid Vernon streets.. ���"������'���:������ *: :      '::::\:^^.^y  ' '���'���-.*..   ".        '   ''     '*."  T- a.CUNCANi-Secrefery.::-':  GENBRAIi BROKISR.  i_srs*tj***a-A,*tTa_53  . RHAi. ESTATE A_Jt> liOANS.  FOR SALE  5-Room Hbnso  81300 150-Foot CornRr.,.,  . 4-Room House.  ���$900  ,?3O0  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres oi land within one and a  quarter miles ot Nelson.  For farther  partietilars apply to  FRED  J.  SQUIRE,   Nelson,   B.  C.  ?:';':W.''y-.'"-.:.;D^  fppciiilH'tt&; fot/,c*irlo^  T:EfiEPHON,E  ���:yyrj3&::.rv  ''''(aodd dry: v/podp all fjetigths^ teay^  ^rderSp ���&����� jabdbsdri's feed store dri  \/erndri sireet j(hfext &oor to Tribune  Office).   felepHian'S;:97;  J&HNyGROFT.  Tlie :6pi| hotel In Nelson that: hstSreroiitoediundor one  maru^eMent'Wri'cOiplSSO.T  -.:. .:=   .  =^The.=bed't1bo!miS=itr^!i'#eU^  ..electrlcityi.' "' * ty;,      '   ���  'Tlie ainirig.rooiri is notseebnd to any inEootonay.   .  .  'Tfi0'.ba*tv!-i!#%lvi^*st^ domestic and  imported liquora.audjcliyars.  , p_  .'-.,.     THOJIAS. MADDEN;'Proprietor.: :  :Lnirge and w_U liglitea -: !Heated by hot ai.  Reasonable nates .Sample rooms.  .:'... .      Electric bells and light, in every: room ������,. ������������': -:::;-  Renovated.and* refurhtah:edythrbughoufr;  'HEA'^iQKElClt JV-IL  ���vs.  ������ij-Sjit;??''.  %.-*:?&'*  _^Si3S0N'l'.^.-a-   '   .. -:" '  �������������� _,^ .*..-.  Wholesale Maritets alt jielson, Boss!and> Sandon .&nd,lre^ffifar ��� ;  ������'Bfetai! Mai;ket-s*at*JfGisson,: %^o, Smi^on, SJiye-'-tdji^lsfew ^nygi^clTiriir,.fettiii.'fi^issiy  0.a.s'ciS<ie^'Oi'��oitw(^^ ������   '  : Orders ':pjrompiijo'^orm^r^0^:   *��� ^ -  v5'^:*s?��>:Sii  s,*K:"i|  .'*������*> wt&  .-.,.y   J.-.V^^RKSj.Proiyiotd'r^- ��� *��� :v.y :v? -. y  Ji'ree bus mebis all trairts Ro*VfllQtn_A   B  fi  ���BSbnriy.sereet; .car to.-statiott ���.-." ��� ��|w*PlS��"u.l*Br. "' ���w*  : :NiKht<jI rill Room,in coniiectiojii for the con Vcnioncfi of  iKueslsarriviitg aiid departiii|c:by nl)iht trftiiss, . .-=-.-  5^-v :M^m ^^ip0E^3^;^y|";'g  y:--6n-'ftl'iit.nifi;Brti'ig*.iiC^  'Hotel \vi.ra6:rHn\Bti*i��U^ .^:  '���'. AVv Imvu .-fletcii iip.it -ticvv' d'idiu'K rooui' wit It' a -sjsitHng.:  .:iiitpiiclty. for70!toirundi.i<.<l:j':it!(i ul(j.-.'Miii<;li.'ttillihO'-iMift'lri-  eoiinoctfoii with-. i,iio,h(itel.:: AH 'nieiiis-.tvVenii.v-JJrt! j!��iil>>*:i  .jiivyrtbltj' lit'tlie::ditiifS^ rtsoiiiv. :;VViIl lie} X'Iete��Jti .tSbVfjii-rtfelt���  'jiteittlpi<Sk6fcH::otKiiiiplii;!itj��:'*;-'.��-.;. -.- V.:-l;;:-:-/-.''^-i'..v^jv^.'>';V���  : :1 to6i iisby tht> diiy, \ve(?k *6ir.,iiiioht,h.r--.-;'.,.. .'������ U,.  . ���.���:,T!t'aiikJnB'ybii:fdi\viiitr-KOiK'irain  ,and.trusting.&.bo fitv"orit(I willtacohtitittinice ofs'inio iii/  ���tli6''fut'ure. ..'������:.'���'���'..'���'������,' ������ "IsPtJi iiai ti;. .i-crtpcolf ti Ily .Jours-----.',-.'������'���  :-....; ;���.-���: -,-    :'';yyy'.'-;-'-y'">.:? :--V '������-':.> .-i'-.K.SlM-PSONr;;:.  OMB ��0Jjh&R il*LD4D  The undorslgned has a larfte qnantity of flf, cedar; and  tamarac slabs, in Ill-inch aiid i-fdot leiigths, suitable for  stove wood, which will be-sold tor-l^i a load at tho mm  yard' NELSON SAW & PLANING MILLS, Limited.  Nelson, August 19th, ISDil.  HAIB 0QOS1P HAIfi OEIAMSMS  Switches from $2 up.  MRS, J. W.KBARNEYhas opened a Ladles Balr,Dressing: I*j.rIor in room 1, Victoria bloek. Nelson, and in pro-  pared tO'ftrnt'Kh everything in tho way of hair goods  and hair tonics.   Trcatmeut of tho scalp a specialty.  ��� ���'*. Baker street'.vbetWeen'.Josephirie.aiQd  :-. ,-"-,'>' Hall- streete, ���Neliibh;--':'"   ���-"'���'���.���  ' ���' MEA:LS'"A:T'A'__:'*_Oi;iiS,l^ '  ��� :;;.'.'/     vBAKBRY.IN;CONNECTION:/.: y.y ���:'.  heami-- and;:pastry;cooking ������&���.spegialty  jMm&^^:���0m^m CO.  ��� NELSON, B..C.'  Coffee Masters ahd-dertlers in Tea and CoiTee.  OJFer freah rotated colfoo of best cjuality as follows:  r..^. ���_..._    .���;_,���:-.   ��,._..   _..u^_ <g..;.?    i0  ..... 1 00    1 00    1 00    1 00    1 00  'iiti.l*.RINDS OP  MSMB'  :���.���:,V'^^;���������^,\Wj0IiTCSJVIiK! A>W'I.HiX<V'tl-i:'-'  ���:;b'n|^s^'t*Y;:*^^ A^Bhjtffl*^  A; B;  Java .and Arabian Macha,- per pounds   Java and Mbssha iBlend, $ pounds,  Fine Santos, i pounds ,  5 pi  Santos Blond. 5 pounds   p...  Our Special Blend; Opounda 'ii,   Our Rio Roast, 6 pounds......... ......... ..  A trial order solicited.  Salesroom-- 2 Doors (fast,, of Oddfellows  ElooKi  West  Baker Steoet  SCHOOL TEAGHEK WAITED  For Kuskonook 'public school, iioldlng ��oeond claw cer-  titlcatt;. .Salary $10 per mouth. Duties to cuiittuenee  Novouilier ��������!.. 18SKI.   AdiJcoau,  .JOIfSr V. K'K,VNKMY.Si!BrQlnry;School Board.  Kuskonook, JJ. C, October J'-'th, ISHifc  iHi'gheS't:, cfes: liaggr jR^dii^edl.      On Sstle by* th^yiraqje^hsISJjilsoij.  y ���'���'������'_ j'A:^ 'My'V'- -.*'��� .'"-:^&K: ���PjQR-:lt\-.'''*.*'.";; %AA}AAy'Sy *  J "%:.P;;yRpMEf & CO., ltd,y Vietofia, Agents���for':;B^Pr t'A  yGRAY^ Rgetii/f&t fcoot&ftayi Bttfoi' St.., Kelson, Ncxfc pili^fe}i6S*^e_3uilding  NEAR NEkSlOlf * PORT SHEPPAfiD RAILWAY ttEPOT,  THE BEB_? BEEE MmBWM) Af WmkB ��$  OH BBAXMEJT OR IN BOTflaEiS.  Fred J, Squire, Merchant f Mop  FULL LINES OF FALL AND WINTER SUITINGS  WJCST BAKKIl STItKRT, NKLSON OPPOSITE SlLVKItKlNG HOT*FL. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C. SATURDAY OCTOBER 21,  1899.  The only liouse in Kootenay carrying Ml lines of  SCALES  FURNACES  BRUNTONS  TRANSITS  SCORIFIERS  A  CRUCIBLES  MUFFLES  FLUXES  OF  ALL KINDS  Baker Street, Nelson, B. C.  Fall  Overcoats  Now is the time to purchase your fall Overcoats  We have a larg-e stock of these g-oods in all the  latest styles and are selling' them at very low prices.  Call and see them and be convinced that they are  the proper thing* for this time of the year.  Remember the place.  J. A  -/-���^'e-W**  <J>VA,T0H .CASE 02^  ESTABLISHED  IN   NELSON  ,      1890  American  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  Bom in Nelson, on Friday, October  20th, to the wife of A. Sperliug, a son.  / Now that the members of the local  company of Rocky Mountain Rangers rt'ro  getting over their disappointment in not  being accepted for service in tlie Transvaal, tliere is no longer any talk of resignations from the company.  ^ C. J_. MePherson of Winnipeg, general  passenger agent for Canadhui Pacific l-ail-  \v:iy lines west of the lakes, and 13. J.  O'oyle of Vancouver, assistant general  passenger agent, are in Nelson. It i.s  thought that they are getting things in  shape for the approtiohing visit of president Shaughnessy.      t  The contractors engaged in improving  the j'oadbed of the Columbia ifc Kootenay  railway blew out the sixty-third trestle  yesterday. The result avjis that the Slocan train was delayed an hour-and a  half.  John Elliot is able to be on'the streets  after a fight with typhoid fever. He  does not look as if able to play shortstop  in a baseball game or bowl in a cricket  match.  Harry Connacher, engineer on the Na-  knsp & Slocan railway, is at the Hume.  Alderman Gilmour of Vancouver was  in Nelson yesterday on his return from a  business trip through Boundary distiict.  He left for home last night.  All bets ou the yacht race can now be  settled without " ifs." The best boat  won.  At the evening service in the Presbyterian' church on Sunday, the Rev. Mr.  Frew will preach the second sermon of  the present course. Subject: " Why be  Religious?" ,  R, F. Tolmie, missionary in the cause  of cheap labor for the glory and benefit  of the Silver-Lead Mines Association of  Sandon, left Nelson for Sandon yesterday.  No converts accompanied him.  T. J. McCammon is the artistic window  decorator at M. DesBi-isay & Co.'s.  Contractors do not jippear very cheerful these days. It now looks as if evciy  building under construction in 'Nelson would be unfinished on New Year's  Day.  James Kelly, who was severely injured  several weeks ago by being thrown from  a horse on Stanley street, died at his residence on Observatory street last evening.  Mrs. Thomas McAdam of Vancouver  has purchased the west half (25 feet) of  lot 9 block 2 from Dr. D. La3au and Mrs.  Hampson.     The  price  paid  was  #52250.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Have always been a specialty with us, and concentrating on these-alone,-to the exclusion of-foreign  makes, we have a fine and full stock,'including every  American i-nake, and are therefore especially well  equipped for quick shipments, By the exercise of  experienced care in selection far in advance of the  season we secure  Choice Case Designs  We have some very exclusive ones in  filled gold and other good selling styles  variety.  solid   and  in endless  Diamonds ��� and all  Preaoifls3tooes  ���Just at this time v/e have the fullest stock of Diamond  Jewelry for Fall and Holiday business, and the'immediate  customers will secure the best of these and avoid the  annoyance of rush ordering, while profiting by possible  price advances. Ready for delivery now, or part, or ail  of order entered and prices reserved for future shipment.  Fine watch repairing a specialty, all work guaranteed.  JACOB DOVER, Jeweler  WE SELL AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  eo madson  For Winter Outfitting  The, Tribune now has a fairly comi lete  bookb'tidory, three lulilitloiml piece? of iiiiichinury having been received yesterday Cram HtirriHfouxtf, J'ennsyl-  viiiiiii. Old bouks jind miigirauos rebound, und imy kind  oi blank book niiimifuetured. . r  _    , '  For Sale���Two good pool tables.'ih first-  eliis-s hhiipo; for sale cheap, for cash. Addre.-M "JJool  Tul-'e," Box 583, Uosslilml, B.C. -- ,   .  Porter wanted.. Apply at Phair Hotel.  '   Furnished rooms to let.   Apply to' Mrs.  Jj. M. Jameson, Carney Uloek.'.Baker street west.  Offices to rent���Single or in suite.  Hearty for occupancy November 1st. '.Apply to .Tolui  Houston, Tribune Ollice.,.  -For Rent���A^ store on Vernon sti*eet,  oimo .to The Tribune ollice.' $10 n. month. Apply to K.  JCilby. " -   ' -    .  The National  Gold and Silver  Mining Company,  Limited Liability. ,  OPERATING   IN   THE   YMIR   DISTRICT,  B. G.  Alex Stewart made the sale. The east  half of the lot is owned by alderman Beer.  Tlie lot is the second east of the Queen's  hotel.  The members of the Nelson bugle band  aro all willing to follow the example of  the members of the Governor-General's  Foot Guards band of Ottawa. Seven of  the members of that band have volunteered to accomnjiny tho Canadian contingent, one of whom is a brother to  "Sid" Foster, bugle major of the band at  Nelson.  .Kaslo Kootenaian : " The wagon road  up the south fork of Kaslo creek is now  completed to the Black Fox mine. A  trail will be built to the junction with  tlie Excelsior trail, distant about three  miles, which will take up all of the government appropriation. The road is said  to be one of tlie best built in this district."   Is the Building a Mascot?  The ollice of the Parsons Produce Company   is  now   in   the   first" substantial  building erected, on Baker street���the old  log building in the rear of the new block  sit the corner of   Baker and Josephine  streets.    Hill Brothers, the sawmill men  at the head  of Slocan  lake,  built  it  in  1SS9, and made a small fortune  in  it as  real estate speculators and contractors.  In 1S92-9S,  it  was  occupied  by Duncan  McRae,  as    ji  carpenter   shop,   and   he  made  enough  in  it  to  take him to the  Yukon, where he was one of the  first to  reach the Klondike.    In 1804.  the  building was   removed  from  tho  rear of the  Victoria  block  to its   pi'esent site, and  J Larry  Ashcroft   hud   the  foundation of  his  fortune  in  it as a blacksmith.    The  next occupant was not  so  lucky, but his  successor  and  two  lawyers  cleaned -up  $..00 by being required to leave it without  thirty  days'  notice.     "Jimmy" Mc-  Phee was the next lucky man to be sheltered beneath its j'oof, and today he is  a  partner in one of the best business  ventures in Nelson.    If "Pat" Russell's  company does not make money in it, then the  spell must be broken.  The Eoyal Canadian Road Completed.  "W. A. McLean, avIio had charge of the  force that built the Royal Canadian  wagon road, reports the road the best  one built in southern Kootenay. It is  only about two and a half miles long,  but it is built on a, grade on which a railway could be operated. The road runs  from tho Granite mill on Eagle ci'cek to  the Royal Canadian mine, one of the  early locations of this district.       __  HeSOfjU&rtOrS workingmens Clothing  Good Values in  one_prjce-_to all  Baker Street  Underclothing, Mackinaws,  Gloves and Mitts.  W. P. DIOKSON  B. H. H. APF*_EWHA_TB  J. McPHBH  Kootenay Eleetrie Supply and Construction Co.  ELEOTBIO SUPPLIES  Oompl-te miebtrlc Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and *_Isf_tl_g for Mines, -Jowns  Bleetrto Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telepnonea, AnntindlatpOrs, Site.  P. O. Box 606. Josephine Street, Nelson, B, O.  Ahh Kisses of Blank Books, with every kind of special niliii�� and prJntJjiI heading)*, iiMiiiifiictptircd right hero 4n  Nelson, by Wcll-J-��!<1 workmen, wlio njicihI their onriiiiiKH in Nelson.   Tribune A*KGCi���liou, Limited, Vernon St.  OL-A.i;*M*S =  The Ajax group, situaied on Tarn-  arac mountain, and almost-immediately  adjoining the famous Tamarac' mine,  near Ymir, B. C, consisting of the  "Ajax," "Gold Drop Fraction," and  "Lookout Fraction."  There are several ledges -running  through the claims, on one of which a  large amount of development work has  been done on the "Ajax" claim. These  claims are credited with having the  Tamarac lead which, together with the  showings made upon the Ajax, should  make the shares of the company  desirable as an investment. The  directors have decided to offer a block  of 50,000 pooled treasury shares  for sale at one cent until Saturday,  October 21st, 1899, the proceeds to be  used in completing a crosscut tunnel  now being driven to cut the ledge.  There is a good opportunity to make a  ready turn in the purchase of these  shares at the price quoted. For further particulars apply to  Alex Stewart, Broker  P. O. Box 69, Nelson, B. C.  PALACE COPECTIONEBY  FOR FINE CHOCOLATE  AND BON BONS  Polo Jin-out for NflhOn for Oanong Tiro-., celebrated II  U Chocolates itnd Hon lions. One ton of tlie wmio lo  arrive: in ft few days.  OLYMPIA AND EASTERN OYSTERS  AKKTVINO  DpVII.V.       ;  Fancy Cakes and Pastry, Plums, Peaches, Grapes,  liariiiuits, C-'iijio Cod Cranberries, J'eiin> and all Fruit, in  season. ;  Cunicr -\Vnril and Hakor Sin.       I     fi     MrnHNAf Fl  .miiiha; i.oii.'ri old stmxi.      ��> 1' "icumniu  Our Great  Sale is  Still on.  Since it opened we have  sold $3000 worth of the  goods from the bankrupt  stock which we purchased  in Sandon. But we can  still offer  Great  Bargains  in "Winter  Goods  Don't make the mistake  of paying regular prides   for���staple-articles jwhen.  you can secure them at  50 cents on ihe dollar.  Here are some.  PRICES WHICH  CANNOT BE BEAT  Men's Tweed Pants, regular price  $1.76, reduced to SI; Men's  heavy tweed suits, regular price  $12, reduced to $7; regatta shirts  regular price $1.25, reduced to  50 cents; men's silk ties, regular  ��� ; price 50 cents, reduced to 25  cents; men's long boots, .regular  price, $5, reduced to $3; men's  tweed caps, regular- price* 50  cents, reduced to 25 cents. Ail  other goods also at greatly re-  ,duced prices. ',  ELLIOT BLOCK, BAKER STREET. NELSON;  3&  WIS HAVE SECUKED TUB SOUS AGHSNCV FOR  "HALCYON WATER"  IMITATIONS CAN NOT NOW BE PUT ON  THE "MARKET.  THORPE & CO., Ud.  Vbk.non Sthekt  NKLSOpV, JJ. C.  ���&z  ~-m  THE BRITISH COLUMBIA MIMING RECORD.  The editor of tlio iihove^oitHHi-l would ho glad to have  submitted to him fur consideration short stories ilnd articles .for publication in I ho special Chrisrtnias'.nmnhor.  Accepted arl,ielesaroiiberall.v paid for. All HISS, nuist  he in by the. 1st; of November by the latest. Address,  IMaiuiKiiij,' lOdltor, JJ. V. Mining ItcuOiil, P. 0. Drawer,  (JI.-*, Victoria, Jt. C.  -  A  LARGE  CONSIGNMENT  JUST  OPENED  We can supply you witf] Cartridges  TO SUIT YOUR RIFLE  Carpenters' Tools  A   FULL  LINE  SHELF HARDWARE  THE BEST ASSORTED  STOCK  IN THE KOOTENAYS  STOVES AND  KITCHEN UTENSILS  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON  ARE YOU BURNING UP MONEY  Because Your Stove or Range Cannot be  Regulated to Save Fuel?  IT WILL PAY YOU  TO EXAMINE  OUR NEW STOCK OF  STOVES AND RANGES  The saving in fuel effected will soon equal  the cost of the range. Jb can he so quickly  and easily regulated tliat there need be no  waste of heat or fuel. New patented improvements of Ter you more convenience and  comfort than you'll find in any other range.  TWO CAR LOADS TO SELECT FROM .  LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO.  map mni aoaa  Lang's Celelrated Oream Flake  Sodas, 3-lb Cartons   Wilson  n the  LINE WE HAVE  Mock Turtle, Bouilli,  Julienne, Ox Tail,  Mulligatawny, Bean,  Tomato and Chicken  ONTARIO APPLES       FRESH EGGS  emnsay  We have just received a large consignment of the  DYSON-GIBSON   COMPANY'S  JAMS  AND   PICKLES  Also a complete assortment of the  TORONTO  BISCUIT COMPANY'S SWEET  BISCUITS  Baker Street West, Nelson  John A. Irving' <�� Co.  Ctl I  ros  3?_L.1_r*M:*B'El*BS,  ETC.  o*j?*e*r__- *h:oxj��*e3 block:  V>^aajr.^if


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