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Defended By
Tho Liberals of
force on Saturday
Hon. Sidney Fisher and Hewitt
Two Farmers.
Nelson  were out in
evening to "welcome
and listen to what they had to .say  upon
current political questions. Ib can readily
be imagined that a minister of agriculture would   find some   difficulty   in   interesting a Nelson audience with matters
pertaining  strictly to his  department in
the  government  of the  dominion.    For
this reason Mr. Fisher contented   himself
"with announcing tliat he was minister of
agriculture,  anil tluit  he  had made  the
trip across the continent for the  express
purpose of opening the agricultural show
at New' Westminster.     lie then entered
upon a defence of the general  poiicy  of
the government and kept   the  attention
of his audience for fully an   hour and   a
half.    He  commenced by  reminding his
hearers that tho Liberal  party had been
in power  lor the   last three  and a  half
years, after so*me  eighteen years of Conservative rule.    He   had    no   doubt  but
that many present would   remember  the
chief cry Avhich had been  raised  against
the  Liberal  party  prior to  and   during
the last dominion  campaign.    Tho members of the party were denounced as annexationists, who were disloyal to their
own country and to the  empire.     It was
then impressed upon the electors that  if
the Liberals got into office it would mean
destruction and ruin to all the  industries
of  the country.     It was stated that the
Liberal trade policy Avas. destructive  and
that the Liberal leaders were incapable
of carrying on  the   government  ofthe
The Loyalty of the Liberals.
When these accusations had been
made the speaker personally resented
them because he knew they were untrue,
but at tho present time it was only
necessary to refer to a few of the things
done by the Liberal party while in'office
to effectually show their falsity. Today
the British empire was at Avar, though
perhaps with a comparatively insignificant enemy, over .a matter of imperial policy which was important to the
whole empire. The"government of Canada felt that the people of the eutire dominion were interested in the fight about
to take place iu South Africa, and that
they wished to take a part in it. Consequently heaviis not surprised, as a member of the government, to read in the
morning papers thatthe -government at
OttaAva had decided to send a Canadian
contingent  to  South -Africa.    Although
ladabeeu "previous J y^^
:i-jMo&K .sK&j-'f^^^^^ *,
j':-;. .$fy -:**f|i of- *4/ibeii'iil- ":; p^rty. ■, '^ Jno'PQ* ■/v>hiii>.' -.;aij
■:.-; • p faille ■ dpmiiiipn .:-. «h. ^i s^S^'^
I: ■■;.■*$)$&■ sthiifc T "fiii.e^". ■: w^e United; ..yupOix .pip-'
-^-I^i^ti6i?:f..'■- .■■;..-.:y-y;- ..'yy ■;;--'":-V-:-*'..;-.:':..   :-i':'" '.
■ -'^=:"V?ir^ ;"^<3*Sfe:lB-~_ -^i'iS'e.cfc/. B^3g-: '^ia^? rVOEfc^fc_3t-Da.-:~ Vac[^_r^i_f3^.- .-:.;.'■ .
■ ''■■ '.y.JTll4's"pe^ker-"t^i!j]t. iop& ifp the: -t^ilfee?
:'-';''"foi*n;i pl^,nlcf .iji: $he: ■l^'hcrai "ljar!ty''&': 'plat?-
Jfpriiu ' Infc^at'-fcyiiig' i!fc oiit;. he" siftd; tlie
prgseiit gpyeriijiiehfe bad struck tiie key--
iiafce of'iiiijpyptrhtliSin ;al*idp thft
emiiKrOv "With "$i:e'presentgovernments
refpisiU of -the taj.ff ' cairie. iii that* feature
|jy which-, after; generally reducing the
duties upon alL iih'ptSrts, there was put
through .ii SAVpGping: 'measure by Avhich a
preference of _i5 per cent was given to
J_rifci'sli..j-.uilidr.fcs.,6'.v6X- similar articles, coming: fiom 'anyy; other country. This
lie said av as a step Whieli had done ' inure
toj^inpi^^iippiiv the people of the motheiy
the government Avith respect to the construction of the Pacific cable from
Canada to Australia, a cable Avhich should
be within the bounds of the empire and
entirely controlled by the British people.
Tlie negotiations toward this end had
been in progress many months but it Avas
only a few days ago that the cable commission decided to call for the completion
of the work. These things—the offer of
assistance in the Transvaal, the preferential treatment in the tariff, the action
taken A\'ith respect to imperial postage,
and the construction of the Pacific cable
—showed the falsity of the charge made
against the Liberal party of lack of
patriotism and disloyalty to the dominion
and the empire.
Prosperity Under Reform Tariff,
With   respect   to the Liberal party's
tariff reform tlie speaker  said  tliat Conservative criticism generally came  upon
one or two  general  lines.    It Avas either
said that the Liberal government had not
reformed  the  tariff at all, and that the
same old national policy AA'as still in force,
or that tlie tariff had been reformed too
much, and that tlie country  Avas  suffering therefrom.     The speaker's vei'sion of
the  reform   was*  that   finance minister
Fielding's tariff reform reduced the duties
upon  a  large  number of articles, it did
aAvay with all duties upon certain articles,
and on top of this admitted  a preference
of  25 per  cent upou all goods imported
from Great Britain.    It  was  a  measure
which reduced by 10 per cent the amount
of duties .which the people of the dominion
Avere   called   upon   to   pay    under   the
iioav tariff.    In consequence of the reductions made iii the tariff it Avas--computed
that during the  first  year  of the  operation   of the  reform   tariff there  Avere
.$2,750,000 less paid iuto  the federal exchequer   than   there  Avould  have   been
upon the same imports had the  Conser-
vatiA'e tariff been  retained.    The  Avorking of the new tariff was not disastrous.
The industries of Canada during the last
year AA'ere prosperous  in  a  manner entirely unprecedented in the history of the
dominion.'   The customs returns .showed
what  effect   the  neAV tariff   had   upon
Captain Hodgins and Fifteen of His Men Volunteer.
"lawdTBhe pai^otisni of Canada than anything else that had happened. Coming
lis it did iij";tl_e jubilee year, it 'Struck a
keynote AA'hich tlie people in Great
Britain will not soon forget. It _wits
since then his duty to pay a visit to England, and he found that the people 'We're
eager to learli about Canada^ and to give
her food products a trial. Wheti he had
been in England years before tliere .had
been a sale for Canadian products, but
the goods were' in variably' sold as Aineri-
eaii or British. 'There was absolutely no
gavle then for Canadian goodsas Canadian
goods4. All'"tliis has been changed, .and
while the speaker Avas in England hist lie
was assured that the best AVay now to
secure the sale of Canadian goods was to
.stamp them as Canadian. This the minister contended -was one of the practical
returns wliich Canada had received from
Britain foifthe preferential clause iu the
tariff; '•'      ■• '.-*'■
;;' Imperial Penny Postage.
Another great advance Avas made when,
postmaster-general Mulock introduced
his scheme for imperial penny postage.
When the Laurier goA'ernnient passed
the prder-m-couneil by AA'hich the postage
upon letters from Canada to the mother
land should be tAAro cents instead of- five,
the imperial authorities asked that action
be suspended until a scheme foi- imperial
penny postage could be carried out
throughout the entire empire. The result was the conference in England at
Avhich postmaster-general Mulock AA'as
present, and it A\Tas upon his motion that
the postage should be reduced to two
cents. As the result of the initiative of
the   postmaster-general   of Canada the
.public had a two-cent postage rate in the
dominion and imperial penny postage
with ali points iii the empire. Another
progressive   measure Avas the action  of
;$i©$f>$.)00^ oi^ahy' inieiiyia^e:
;%S;;-*eiSitl^ ■■"■i'lfcaV^^^
^piyotedfaiyey 'yit^rifT? y„ Oifi-y jtfi'g -yi^b'iisei'faLBi-yie
l)i)ii?i|y-y.-y; '■ :\':^'--y:yyy'.yy:/:."    "'.;*°:-y':~,
.figiicftS; ,$•$: ,'"Wipe,cl 'Outf.: :...-.'■.-
'AhQ'thei'tihi^tr^tiori SA?as ^iSci! ■ of!-"the"
beijoii^ieiilt eff,cfe--p^ jii
i.SQ'5). vrlid'„^.t.h'e-.-^PO?ei"'Ka'fewe' tariff j ■.the-.
'i_ed#iXi#cii'^^ '
"ftirdjlr5 $he;^'h%liT^.ypI*pteOti:ve %riff,:^i-e:-
people co'vjid'hofj -ittdM to j^t^ iiiore !tJ%ii
this anion nt.. Fbryiihe sanie p:vr there
was an; e?c;peiiditui*e Of $3S;O0OiOO0, inaie-
ing a defieit iipoii the yeW'aippeivtt^ohs of
$4,00.0,000; 0iiriijg the past yeai- under
the reform tariff .the people paid duties
:ainoulitiiig; tp:|f„6V0O0,O0Oor just $12,000,-
000 inoi'e than iii 1895; Buring tliis year
shoAving iis a result df. the financial operations of the year a surplus of $5,000,000
nsteiid of a defieit of $4,000,000. Tliese-
■figiires iiidicated the exti^aordinary prosperity which the country Avas enjoyiiig
at pi-eseiit, because under no other eou-
ditioii.s could they impdrt to sli-cli an extent and pay the enormous sum Avliieh
represettted the reAreiiue of the Dominion
for tlie last fiscal yeaiv
Heavy Expenditures Justified.
The speaker then, proceed to justify
tlie expenditure of $41,000^000. He expressed the opinioji that the governliieiit
Would have beeli recreant to its duty, if
while the country AVas prosperous and
the moyey avjis easy to secure, it did not
undertake those AVorks which it knew
Avould tend to the development of the
country. The expenditures in the Yukoil
furnished a ease in point. Lai-ge sums, of
money Avere spent in the development of
the Yukon, but the government had re-
ceiA^ed back from the Yukon every cent
and more than Avas expended. It Avas the
same with other expenditures, and the
net result for the year Avas a surplus of
$5,000,000 instead of a deficit of $4,000,000.
It A\ras the same with respect to the large
expenditures made to bring the Intercolonial raihvay into Montreal. It had
entailed a heavy expenditure, but the result had been that the raihvay shoAved a
surplus of revenue over Avorking expenses
of about $60,000, something unprecedented in its history. The charges made
in connection Avith the Drummond County
raihvay deal Avere then touched upon,
the speaker commenting upou: the circumstance that Avhile the Tory press made
all sort of charges against ministers Blair
and Tarte, the leaders of.-the Conseiwative
party-in the House disavowed all charges,
;      ..  ■     (LViitlmii'il mi l'.ige Tlmrj
The AArar which" Great Britain is now
Avaging in the Transvaal was given a
greater local interest yestei-day afternoon Avhen captain Arthur E. Hodgins,
commanding the local company of
Kootenay rifles, received a telegram
from lieutenant-colonel Peters of Victoria, district officer commanding,
authorizing him to pi'oceed at once Avith
the l'ccruiting of volunteers in Nelson for
service in the TrausA'aal.
The local company of Kootenay rifles
paraded for church sei-A-ice yesterday,
and Avhen the company had returned to
the armory, captain Hodgins being apprised of the Ottawa government's intention of sending a Canadian contingent
of one thousand men, asked all who AArere
prepared to volunteer for service to fall
out. The response made to the call Avas
highly creditable to the company, as fully
half of the men at parade dropped out.
Captain Hodgins then put the volunteers
under 2nd lieutenant George S. Beer and
instructed him to take them to the hotel
Phair and acquaint Hon. .Sidney Fisher,
minister of agriculture, Avith the fact
that they had volunteered for service in
the Transvaal.
When apprised of the fact that so
many"men in the company had volunteered for service, the visiting minister
thanked them and said it Avas highly
gratifying to see such prompt response
to the call. He then complimented the
men upon their soldiery appearance at
the church parade, and remarked as the
Nelson company had been but lately organized it Avas evident that the members
had giveu a great deal .of.'attention .'to'
their drill. With respect to their action",
in^vplunteerjngyforss service #_ in >-,the-Transs
.in, inafangfflip; thi
Late in the afternoon captain Hodgins
received a Avire from lieutenant-colonel
Peters, D. O. C, at Victoria authorizing
him to proceed with the'recruiting of
volunteers for service. In cthis telegram
the district officer commanding stated
that those volunteering Avould seiwe
under the Army Act, that their enlistment AA-ould be for six months Avith a
liability of having the same extended for
one year. The men Avill be paid according to the military regulations of the
permanent corps until their arrival in
South Africa, when the pay Avill be ac-
eording to the scale in the British regular service. The minimum height of
A'olunteers is fixed at 5 feet 0 inches and
chest measurement at thirty-four inches.
Volunteei-s must also be not less than 22
nor more than 40 years of age. Applicants for service must pass a rigid physical examination and secure a necessary
Up to 8 o'clock last evening sixteen
officers and men of the local company of
rifles had volunteered. The list contains
the following names: Captain A. E.
Hodgins, 2nd -lieutenant George S. Beer,
2nd lieutenant R. W. Day, sei'geaut
W. J. G. Dickson, sergeant C. E. Beasley,
and privates G.'J. Feader, F. Boyd, H.
Gervan, F. W. Smith, C. A. White, G.
Phillips, W. H. Kilpatrick, A. Turner,
J. Wadds, J. W. Seale, and H. W. R.
Moore. '
Although none but members of the
militia company have Volunteered so far,
it is competent for any British subject
who'is physically sound and within the
ages specified to volunteer for service.
Those desiring to volunteer Avill have .tin
sioByfl :M lie^jiMpfi yS-^p^mffiiliM^
Keen tsj .andypi'iyates^40/ ;}centS« i-T-hose< acs
V<^^t|^i^Hl^tVyK.N^ "'
quality, guaranteed, and the date of canning stated. The price should be quoted
for delivery at Woolwich and Capetown,
stating the earliest date for supply in
each case.
London', October 14.— The capture-of
the trains on the western border of the
Transvaal is the beginning of the few
anticipated revei*ses at the outset of the
campaign. The Boer plan is now unfolding itself. It seems to be to strike
simultaneously at different points Avith a
view of obtaining strong sti*ategie positions in Natal before the arrival of British i-einforcements. At all jDoints the
Bi'itish are faced by Boer forces superior
at least in number. The most dangerous
positions, especially since the loss of the
armored train's, are between Mafeking
and Vryburg.
The folloAving dispatch fI'om Ladysmith
has been i*eceiAred at the Avar office: Sir
Geoi'ge SteAvart White AArent iu the direction of Man Reeuan's pass at 3 o'clock
a. in. (Friday), but failed to draw-the
Boers to the pass. . He returned to Ladysmith where he is now. No engagements
Captain Nesbitt, Avho AA'as killed at
Kraaipan, belongs to the Mashonaland
mounted'poliee. He served in the'Mata-
beie Avar during whieli a daring exploit
Avon him the Victoria cross. With 13 men
he fought his AAray through the Matabeles,
rescued the beleagured party and escorted them to Salisbury.
Colonel Baden Powell, avIio is in com-
inand at Metehing, is a man of the greatest courage and energy, but he has only
2000 men, aud many of them are irregulars Avhose fighting capacity is not
known. The fact that he moved out of
Mefeking indicates some apprehension,
and in all likelihood he Avill have to stand
a fierce assault or a profound siege.
General sir George SteAA'art White,
commanding in Natal, is estimated to
have about 15,000 men stretched in
strongly entrenched positions from Ladysmith to Dundee. He is a man of greatc
resources .and has the valuable assistance
of    gejieival ; „sjr :. William V Spnpiis,;,-.iex^
y'-* - :A^6|be"^v^y'|he;iDuj^pin^
.'^'f^e^detalls yMnjjti-^^ai;-^^
i_y. the-^aii^tie' -%*11. Mjjfle;s;.; '•Eihntte.^-^lje'-y
not known  to the isublic.    The group,
;-'rwasvowi!pd!"-by.tl^ ''c^ni..;
!ptiyny, pf wliieh,"-'C." Ci -Bleiinett ol Van-
; couver "Titid;-: the^ mitiJijgiBiiieiit* it is
geuettdty    belfeved /tlitVfj   thp pitrcihase
' price,. Which is; i-eported .at !$25Oj00O,; AA'as
not paid in   cash,  but iii stock   pf tlie
: Grtihite Gold Mines, Liinitedi  and: the
"Duncan Mines, Limited, Avitli probably a block of stock of tlie company
that is to be organized to take over the
^RoyaLCanadlau^groiip4hroAVii4n; —-
The Poprnian is Pile of the Oldest locations in Nelson  district, having been
;'discovered by Nail & McDongtil, ininiug
: partners, in 1888, and sold to Davenport
& Hussey in 1880., During the AA'iuter of
18&O-0O ti ten-stamp mill AVas built on the
property, and the mine lias been operated
, off and oil eA^er since. It is safe to say
that the mine has yielded $100,000 in
'fj»ee gold since its discovery, aiid yet
there lias been little ore stoped beloAv the:
(OO^fbot level".. The liklge is froni eighteen
inches to tAvo feet wide, but the ore is
Wonderfully rich in spots;     The Duncan,
(Mines, Limited, through its subsidiary
companies, now oavus nearly alltheclaims
.o.n tlio Eagle creek gold belt. A 20-.stamp
lnill and a traniAvay are being built for
the Granite company, and both should
be in operation before the end of the
year. ■''■...
John F, Stevens, chief engineer of the
Great Northern railway, will be iii Nelson a feAV clays, oil an inspection trip.
He AA'as tit oiie time interested in mines
'at AinsAvorth,
Trains on the Nelson & Fort She]ipard
will from this time ou leave Nelson depot
at 9:15 a. m., and arrive at 5:20 p. m.
' The track on the Bonner's Ferry end*1
of the Nelson & Bedlington raihA^ay is
iioav laid to Port Hill, at the boundary
line, and carpenters are building a depot
atPortHill. Freight trains are running
regularly between Bonner's Ferry and
Port Hill.
'■' Mayor A. Manly and others of Grand
Foi*ks will apply to the Dominion parliament for a charter for a line of railway
from Cascade in a Avesterly direction to
The steamer Moyie had a good list out
last night of through passengers.
... „..  M'-
.... thO-p.rO-viuCB';i.aiulf
l/ptyri ilijliiifcD;^ tilsSii,"
,".*)fl,'6cflfe':p&yt:6"!i':Siii6r6 sfiioltcil^v.i.|[ii'jv
;_opXW:t;hc,'proS^^^ . .„ .... .... .
,ThiS-'i;sysU-«iiiip6i.i&,i-'b to; 'Jilid: slfai;6lidlu,cjis.:'Uiift, .-it /(iloar.:
1 stittiainteilt oii-'MitJSiC" pO'ti'ilS ,onngli'.l}''t,o;"at: btfeli" iit-.'fyrni- i
cb'miij!*-.,.-.pVVcp-jiu'bjbliQriiJieKKoil .to"-Uie".<.il,.i:eutgi^:1'!Vs*ii'r.,
.iiKoi'iitiitidiilKisle^lH'Uylw ■
-jVUqii„$;u*liHsfdi^ 'iHldfc"
tioir t-o- tli'c'-'.o'wtijiars ■^Kvcniitf' wJiiAli :6ij.;-Jiit(i ijii. UdOiis ■
stdittliiyBro^iliBi1 '"'■ . ■'..     ;.:*'*   •'
T^iP /tCbcpeyis ;f roiuytlie Bi^ijipsltCOliyji^iap '■
Review and, 'North Aiiieileah Mihiiig
Journal, ° of Loudpn, Englaivd. The
Dpiniuipn spverhnieht has paid the HtUI
MipfeSr Liiiiitgd, sii|_ri"§ of'ffipiiey under- the
,:A'c"6. tp encouragS tiie smelting pf silver-
lead iiiid other nietalliferoiis ores. The
operative until 1808, through the nnAvill-
ingness of the.Doininion government to
frame Woi*kaibIe regnlatiousi as required
by the Act, or to make an. appropi-iation
to meet the bonuses earned by the
smelters, of Avhich there Avere but three
in all Canadarsthe: one tit Pilot Bay, the
Halt Mines, and the one at Trail—that
could claim the bonus. The terms of the
Act were that not to exceed 50 cents ti
ton bonus a. as to be paid for pre suieltecl
in Canada, but iii rip case avjis a greater
sum thaii $30,000 to be paid in one year,
and at the end of five years the bomt3
AA'as to cease til together. No payments
were inade under the Act until late in
180S or early in this year, and then only
after mneh trouble and AVoi-ry on the part
of tlie smelter .operators'. The Hall
Mines, Limited; liaS not received $5000 or
any other sunr as the proceeds of the Sale
of a toAvn lot in Nelson. The company
has agreed to sell a block of land in Nelson to the local gas 'Company,, but the
purchase price has not yet been paid. A
statement of /the monthly receipts and
disbursements of the Hall Mines, Limited,
is forwarded from: Nelson to the London
office of tlie company on or before the
15th of each mouth for the motith
previous, and it is likely that the company's auditors Avould be tiAvare of
irregularities Avere tiny to occur in either
receipts or disbursements.
Canadian Meat for the British Army.
Ottaava, October 14.-^The department
of agriculture has receh'ed a cable message from the high commissioner for
Canada, intimating that the Avar office
Avill ask for tenders for immediate delivery of .850,000 pounds of compressed-
corn .beef and mutton, chiefly in six-
pound .tins, but other siz.es may be offered.
The   meat   must be of unexceptionable
:^Gy- ;-eoi^ii|en|a!'-y .,!p*gs|^ .o."J;_Ph-'^^lu,|siM'iJ:
' ;S U'cilem^-ife^py. -
p^li^. : tilli^
l^liviM"' these jqt'itfews'M pxy^licoir;'' wijl
nialeijialfee? :^tliey:H^pifhl_sove*jWm'ehy.f:ls':.
'ta'j^Vgp'ltimf ly :;pi^
iialities. "' ::!^ie-.''di|njeji|t^ ;';' dejiiy;' I'liy
jiipbi^ixln^ ail ^'!_i*my eprjiis >fpir. Sojith
Africa^s^-ejltitpdp asy* inpst unfertnUtitp'
aiid Calejilaiied tpindpceBiftain'seneniies
abiroad to ttifep adiv^ntfige of the ji resent
crisis to satisfy pld animosities.
Not Disposed to Work on Sunday.
Settled by Decree.
There has been more or less litigation
over, the surface rights of all the land in-
eluded within the boundaries of the City
of Rossland, Avith the exception of the
100 acres preempted by Ross Tlrompson.
In 1803 Charles Dundee preempted 320
acres adjoining the Thompson preemption. At the time of making the recoi'd,
Dundee AA'as not aAvai-e that the goA'ern-
nient had reserved land from preemption
.and sale under section 2 of "An Act to
authorize the granting of a certain land
subsidy for and in aid of the Nelson and
Fort Sheppard Railway." The land
covered by the i-eserve included all the
land in the neighborhood of Rossland.
Dundee's original record aviis cancelled
and another one^ AA'as  giAren him for 100
acres ;  this  in turn Avas cancelled, and a
third receipt  Avas  issued  to  him by the
government agent for this district.     The
Nelson and Fort Sheppard Raihvay Company received a crown grant for its lands,
under   the   tei-ms   of  the  subsidy,  and
Dundee  obtained   permission   from  the
present goA^ernment to bring suit.     Once
this    permission    AA'as    obtained,   a   lis
pendens was filed,'which clouded the rail-
AA'tiy company's title,  so that the sale of
the land  AA'as almost impossible.    Word
has  reached  Nelson  that the litigation
litis beeu dropped by agi*eement, and that
the supreme court had decreed thatthe
title of  the  railway  company is: good.
Title to all the  land  at Rossland is now/
practically  settled,  as it  is  understood
the  railway company has compromised
Avith the owners  of mineral claims aa'Iio
claimed  surface rights.    This '■'will  be a
good thing for Rossland, foi- the average v
hiA'estor does not care,, to- purchase a lot -
to Avhich  a  good ti tie o cannot be given,
and  few  care  to  erect  substantial   improvements on land the title of Avhich is
in dispute. ,. yy
Sold a Three-Fourths Interest.
The deal for the Delphine mine, in   tlie
Windermere division  of East Kootenay
district,  owned  by   Kimpton, .Stark &
Harrison  has been com pi eted, avi th  the
result that Osier & Hammond of Toronto
have secured for their syndicate a three-
fourths   interest   in   the   property   for
$35,000, the former owners  retaining the
other   fourth   interest.      Recent   -work,
done on this property htiA*e much iraproA'- *
ed its prospect.     Kimpton, Stark «fc HaiV;*
i-ison are  deserving  of great credit for '■
the exccl.leht manner in  Avhicli they, developed the, property, yaud;"ytheir; mrter-  |
' b i|i^^_|^stTg. igi^t: ^^:'i^^^iN^iM:i*xl!eA JiS^ iS^Bl i%-fig;;
»eM„,.,.,.., ..„„„„.,„.„,„.  _
I!'"^-' yf. ""'j 4^a,ts^^'-y-'"^: W:'-5:n^'r
fore., dissatteljed.   "lt-'''is.;-Jipt-;''.fik(iiy-':%iuijffr':,?f
'" Spokane Wtllbeable to'hypnotfeahollie
! Nelson Board-orfea'<ife'v^-" ■*"'-■■..' \-'-;'<f«1*''4-*WjiU3^1
tain latepi-ess reports for today'sT^ibunb,
not a line could be obtaiiied. The
Cauiidian Pacific control, the Associated
Press reports for Canada, and the'manager of the Nelson office is. not disposed
toPblige The; Tfti'Btft.15, evidently taking
liis cue frpiji those higher in authority.
The imanager of tlie Spokane & Northem
line is a christian and Avill jipt work-On
Sunday Til'iS Tuiuw^w changed its puli-
lieatipti day from Sunday to Monday in
oi*dei' to reach the con 11 try ''tributary to
I Nelson on the day of ijublication; but ive
are afraid the effort will have to be
tibandoiied. It Would bo inncli citsier to
join the Canadian contingent for South
Africa from Nelson than for a NeLsoii
newspaper to get news from .South
Africa on■ Sunday for a Monday pjvper.,
The Machinists Win.
Ri-IvKTpSTOKR, October 11—Word was
"received today by the local union of
machinists from the executive committee
of the Jnteriuitioutil Association of
Machinists at Winnipeg stating tliat a
satisfactory 'settlement had been arrived
at with the Canadian Pacific railway
officials, Jind ordering the men to return
to Avork-at noon.	
The Sultan of Turfeey Drowned.
LondOpV, October 14.—A special from
Bucharest says the sultan of Turkey avus
drowned in the Bosphorus. Several ladies
of the harem are suspected of the crime
in complicity Avith young members of
the Turkish party.
Wants to Go to Toronto.
Donald Guthrie, chief of the Rossland
fire department, has sent in tin application for the -vacant chiefship of the
Toronto firo department. Guthrie came
to Rossland from Montreal about a. year
J«-g°- '■-."'
..-._.■.-..   ii-v*   _■-"--■ Vr1"- 1 "■     rs*   °" "-■""    -" ■*-- •n,"n*---L' -3Dn :"D-     --^    -'*""■- ■■-'f- RrtTn-Ii?.-'t.n--.-*i -.'d-"-'it.-
-■^•"^•"r^;    *_4*" " .". "   -«W_   ."'■:-"r^—n ;'-rj-n^-i**-c->.n*-D    %V'iT°   ._'nD-'j?,,.-„   '       "'"'.':n..- h       '-^'   tf:
.    Will. NQt,.Be..yHypnotizsd Again.j .: ..„■.„„;.
. ■ |S..i*£ita1^w&*li^
. its; '6<mH€:-^^y^^0-^^^i^^0.
' attended; ■tiie,;ShO'-^:.h)iv:(!i>rfife
"^Strik&^on-WS~Grea^trNSiSheW^RaiiwIy? :.,
Ss. PAWN, October 14.-—Tlip .cftuiijiifit-eV
of the  Bi'otherhoQd pf JI>OcSoUiofeivp Fil?^
men, Which lias been -iii sessjOii he-re fpi!
four weeks, say  that   a   strike oti the.  .
Gretit   Northern   is   iiievitabic.       They,
cliiim that all tlieir deniarftls liave been.'
refused' and that the testimony Uoav goes
to tlie titttjolial orgarji/pntioii for  re\'tew..„
Oondiictoi-s, pugineei's, fii'cmehaud i»rake-.
men are• involved.
The Vein, Stfafek.
Ono would iiiiagiue froni tlie repoj'ts appearing in tlie Sandon Review and the
Nelson Miner that tliere wa. no liiiiiing-
being done iii the Sloctin. Word, comes
front Sandon that the vein on the Miller
Creek has been cult, with two and a half
feet of carlKJiHite ore and tlie lianging*.
wall not in sight. This Avouhl indicate
that the owners of one initio tire ttikiiig
chances. '     	
Farauhar Succeeds SafflDSon.
WASiiuvu'rox, IX U., October Il.~Rear.
admiral N. M.   Karqilhar,   until  recently
coinmautlant of the Norfolk  utiAry yard,,
hoisted liis fiagpii tlie flagship New York
i,n Hampton Roads .shortly  before, noon,
today.    Admiral Far<juhar called on ad-'
miral  Sampson  earlier  in  the day and'
presented his orders from secretary Long■•
assigning  him  to  the  coiumtind  of tlie
North. Atlantic station.	
Insane Patients Shipped Out.
Nmav   ^\7l•:sTMI^'sTJ•^a,    October  14.-—A-
batch of twenty patients from the provincial hospital for tlie insane, in accordance
Avith arrangements-made by the government, were  yesterday  returned to their
homes      in      Eastern      Canada       and.
in the   old   country..     Seven   of   these'
come from different points in the east;
thirteen of them belonging to the  old
, country. ; ■■'••.■''''■ *
.?&.,, •v        -*^. Hv r,     /■ -   --tr*r **
I'll i
It --
# A splendid opportunity to get new and fashionable
8$ Dry Goods at
Slaughter Prices
One hundred and fifty Ladies' Suits and Mantles to
be sold at a sacrifice.
v '•''^'^^^^'■^^'bi?^'""^'^*''^^''^'"^^
Boy's Underwear cannot always be had, but our stock
is complete at present and we would advise early." buying
Sign ot the RED  HAT, Baker St., Nelson
Tirom»B & co.,
, L11I1TK1).—Corner Vernon and Cedar
Xelson,  iiiaiitifactiifcis of and  wholesale
dealers in icraled waters and fruit syrups.   Sole agents
fur Halcyon Springs mineral water.	
WF. TEKTZKL & CO.—Corner linker and .Tosc-
• phine streets, Xelson, wholesale dealers in .'is-
sayors' supplies. Agents for Denver fire Clay Co. of
Denver. Coloiado.	
KOOTK.VAY CIGAB MANUFACTURING CO.—Corner Jiiikcrnml Ifall streets, Nelson, manufacturers
of "lloyal Seal" and "Kootenay Belle" brands of cigars.
H.J. KVANS & CO.—Hukur street, Nelson, wholesale
• dealers iu liquors, cigars, cement, tiro brick and
fireclay, water pipe and »teol rails-, and general commission merchants/      / ; '__*
I'Vont, street.. Nelson, wholesale dealers in floiir, oatmeal, ete., and hay and grain.   JUills at Kdmonton, Vic;
t loriiiynnd New \\ ustmiilstov.              .'
AATACDOXAliD & CO.-Corner Vernon nnd *.Toser
• phine stroot-s, wholesale grocers- mid jobbers iii
blankut.s.'gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers, mackinaws and
11liners'sundries.         ,	
Vernon street, Xelson: wholesale grocers.	
TOIIN   GJfOLIMTCII   &  CO.-Fionl street,  Xelson,1
**    wholesale grocers. ____^	
p   BUJtNS &
GO.—Baker 'street, Xelson,
Cold storage.	
-Haker St.,
and 'mining
HB Y Kits & CO.—Corner Baker and Josephine streets,
•   Xelson. wholesale dealers in hardware and mining
supplies.   Agents for Giant Powder Co. 	
tNcJsoii, wholesale dealers in hardware
supplies, and water and plumbers' supplies.
—Baker street, Nelson, wholesale dealers in hardware and mining supplies, plumbers and tinsmiths' supplies.        '	
rpURXKU, BKKTON & CO.-Corncr Vernon.and Jose-
■*• phine streets. Nelson, wholesale dealers in liquors,
cigars and dry goods. Agents for Pabsl Brewing Co. of
Milwaukee and Calgary Browing Co. of Calgary.	
Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite, sporting,
slumping and black blasting powders, wholesale dealers
in caps and fuse, and electric blasting apparatus,	
PARSONS   J'KOBUCK   COMPANY—Vernon   si reel.
Nelson, wholesale dealers in  provisions, produce,
and frnils.   Agents for Swift & Co. bacon and hams.
•   streets,   Nelson,   wholesale dealers
-Corner Vernon and Josephine
ole.->ale dealers in   provisions,
cured meals, butter and eggs.	
11. STKWA ItT & CO.—Warehouses on C. J>. H.
track, foot of Stanley street, Nelson, wholesale
dealers in provisions, produce and fruils. Cold storage.
AgenlH Armour & Co. s bacon, hams', lard and otticr pro-
ductH, ^ ____	
Conier Front and Hull streets, Nelson. manuJao
lurorsof and wltuloi-ah; dealers in sash ami doors; all
kinds of factory work made iixirdur.	
■ ncr Front and JJalJ sti-ccls. Nelson, wholcsalfcdealers
in wines (case and bulk) and domestic and imported
®Jte -ffirttmne.
tlie late has remained unchanged since
the law has been in force. If the contention of tlie mine managers for a cut in
wages is based on good grounds, the
mines that were paying $3 a day before
the law became effective should now be
paying $2.57, instead of $3. The rate of
wages in the Slocan had been $3. .50 a day,
and the miners' unions insisted that that
rate should continue to be paid. The
mines in the Nelson district that paid
$3.50 a day before the law became effective ju'e either paying $3.50 a day now or
working non-union men. The unions
have been consistent in their demands,
but as much cannot be said for the Jiiine
managers and .their newspaper mouthpieces. ■ ' *'
Managkr Saxdtford of the Bosun
jnine at New Denver attempts to answer'
the statements made iu the New Denver
- Ledge as to the number of men employed
in the Slocan, but he does uot do ib over
his own signature. lie lias a hired man
in liis office, named Thompson, who allows
his name to be used. Thompson was
recently kicked out of the government
office at New Denver for offensive partis-'
anship, and he i.s only too willing to-hurt
L the business of the district that helped to
overthrow liis former masters.
= TjiKitK is not any likelihood of a general election being held 'until after the
adjournment of the next session of parliament. In any event, Mr. Bostock, the
sitting member, will be the candidate of
the Liberal party for the constituency of
' which Kootenay is a part.
Just Received...
Christie Brown's
Water Ice
And a Choice
Assortment of
W %
Now on Display
The Following Goods Have Just Arrived
ifijj Heavy Cashmere Hose in
® Women's and Children's,
xfO) direct importations and
\S) special value.
Wool _ Bootees, Gaiters,
Hoods, Mitts, Coats, Jackets, Coats and Wraps.
Feather Ruffs
Biscuits and Cakes
Hudson's Bay Co.
Telephone 13
Gut Prices is the
Order of the Day
And I want to bo in it. I havo just received
Kail samples of Suitings and Overcoatings representing a §50,000 stock to
choose from made to your order at p.ices
never before heard of in Nelson. All the latest
fads in Fancy Veilings for Kail .and winter.
Ladies' tailoring in all its branches a specialty.
Lowest prices.   Kooins 1 and 11, Jlillyer block.
|    Fine   values  are  being
S) offered in these goods.
Men's Socks, all grades
of Cashmere, Heavy and
Light Weight.
In the newest shapes of
Collars, Coats, Ties, etc.
They are all right in price.
G-olf Gapes
A   second   lot   of these
have just arrived. They
are   good   in   style and
Ladies' Jackets in all #_
the newest designs and #_
colors.    Very low in price. ©
Silk "Waists
An endless variety at
all prices. Everyone can
be pleased from our assortment.
Beautifvl designs and
colors all wove, and suitable for waists and skirts.
Our aim is to have the Right Goods
at the Right Price.
Stevens, T^e Tailor
Notice to Investors and Builders
We' give
......-KiRST Year, No. 243
... SfcVKNfH Yicab, No. 38
the very Best Terms to those
wishing to borrow-money on-improved real
estate..- „    '
The only company in the province that gives
you the privilege of. paying off your whole
Loan at Any Time without a Bonus on giv-.
ing a 60 day notice of your intention was so.
Baker  Street,   Nelsori.
i. Vra,. p_%
British Columbia Permanent Savings & Loan Company.
Globe Savings & IjO.'in Co., Toronto.
Lots for Sate
$2100 will pnrcliase a central lot and residence.
|3000 will purchase four nice Jots and residence.
10,000 l'ooled Fairmont i cents.
Blacknoek (Ymir) shares 20 cents.,
5000 UUca at li cents.     .
Cheap lots in Fairview (Roguolown) Addi'ion.
Beer or Half=
Turner & Boec'ch block, Nelson, B. C.
The Nelson Electric Tramway__Co.fLtds
Full stocks  carried at  Nelson
Rossland.    Mail orders solicited.
"Miss McDkbmott
ATiss Tamulvn
The   inieii wild sy*topatliiz6  witli the
mine manage!*.? in their eifdi'ts "to ctit
wages frbm $3.50 a day to $3 iu the
Slocan and Nelson districts want to know
why it ia that the miners' unions-' allow
men to work in the AinsWorth mines 'for
$3 a day.    The unions have not asked for
an increase of wages ia any camp in the
province beeatise of the enforcement of
the eight-hour law.    They have merely
insisted that tiie scale of wages paid before the eight-hour law became effective
should continue* to be paid.    The rate of
■wages at Ainswortli was $3.a day before,
the eight-hour l;vW became effective, and
Large number of choice building lo!s adjacent (o (lie
line ot tlieir Irani way. l'*or J)rice and terms of sale apply
to the ollice of tlio company, Jlacdonuld block, corner of
Josephine and Vernon streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary.
Charles  D. J. Christie
5-Room Hotifie  $1,100 150-Foot Corner....
4-Iiooni House fijoo
• fSOO
Canada Drug and Book Co.,
Corner of Raker and Stanley Streets._Nelggn	
Corner Silica and
Stanley Streets.
E. J. CURRANp Prop.
CIGARS.   .'....
Kootenay Cigar Maiifg. Co.
They Have Arrived at Last
50,000 Bulbs From Holland.
A choice assortment for present planting. For Use
convenience of those wlio cannot call at the Krecnlionsc
a full supply will be on hand ar,Kirkpatrick & Wilson'«
and Frank Taniblyn's,Baker s-trect.
. latest new york and paris 'patterns of
Mats-stock: new and up-to-date.
Lessons in embroidery and lace work. Stamping done.
Orders taken for cushions, In mp shades, etc.
Two doorH west Martin OTteilley & Go's.
Novelties in MilliBery
T am in receipt of the latest in iiiilliiiery and niilli-
nery novelties direct from New York;
Call and insiieot.
Josephine Street, near linker.
Sole agent for Nelson for Gnnolig Bros, cclcliratcd R
,H Chocolates and Bon Bona. One toil of the same to
'arrive in a few (lays. ■■■... (.;. . ■'•••
; Aftiuvl.VG Ti.ur.Y. i
: Fancy Cakes and Pastry,' Plums. Peaches, Grapes,
1 Bananas, Capo Cud Cranberries. Pears and all _ mit in
season. .    '
'Corner Ward and Haker St«,       I    il     MnnnUAIf)'
Mills & Lott'H old stand. «*; H.   IWCUUNMLU
Nolson, British Columbia.
Prompt and regular
delivery to tho tirade.
Brewery at
Speeial Notiee to tlie People of Kootenay
1 am now prepared to test the eyes
ofthe people, as I have in my department a first-class optician. .1 have a
large selection of gold frames and the
very best of lenses. Call and get your
eyes examined at
JACOB DOVER'S The Jeweler]
Will-deliver in toia lots
Brick $12 per thousand.
At yard or on scows at government wharf.
The West kootenay Brick & Lime Co.; Ltd.*
Bakor Stroet).       T. O. PKOOTOB, Manas*-*
TheBoyal Greenhouses, B. Grizzelle, Prop-
Corner Hoover aiid Ward .Streets.
Bulbs  for  Fall  Planting'
20,000 Holland Bulbs to arrive In September; 5000 .Japan
Lilies to arrive in October; 1500 Rhododendrons, Azaleas.
Magnolias. Bosch, etc. to arrive in October. Thousands
of Hoses, Camclias, Fruit mid Ornamental Trees. Shrubs,
etc., KrowiiiK on my own grounds for tho fall trade.
Catalogue /ico.
M. J. Henry     -     Vancouver, B. C
Coffee roasters and dealers in Tea and Coffee.
Offer fresh roasted coffee of best quality as. follows:
•Java and Arabian Madia; per pound.  .8  40
Java and Mocha' Blend, 3 pounds   1 00
Fine Santos,i poutids ...;..:....  I 00
Santos Blond, 5 pounds  I 00
OurSpeelai Blend, 8 pounds.....  1 00
Our Bio Boast, 6 pounds......... ....'.   1 00
A trial order soUditOd.
Salesrooms 2 Doors East  of  Oddfellows  BlooK,  Wett
Baker Steeet
One hundred men wanted on North Star Branch et
Crow's Nest Bail way, at Cranbrook, 'British Coiuinbin;
good wages. Three miles of station work lo lot for hesfc
thirty days. Transportation rates ono confc per-will*.
Transportation can bo obtained from Canadian Pacitlc
'railway agent at Nelson or at any C. P. It. station,
Cranbrook. October 2nd. 18110. Contractors. _
For Kuskonook public school, holding second .class crir-
tiflcate. Salary tjiO per niontli. Duties to commence
November 1st, 1899.   Address, „      .
JOHN V. KRNNKDY, Secretary School Board. .
Kuskonook, B.C., October J2tli,'18SK*.
Notice N hereby privon thai in thirty days, I intend to
apply lo Ihe.cliiol commis _oncr of lands and works,
tor liertiiissioii | ocutaiid carry away tiiiibcrotl* the below
described lands r
(.'uinincnciiiKal.n iKwt about, five miles up Yuill creek
on.Uie wesl arm of Kootenay Jake: thence north' eighty '
chains; liienco wost ten chains; thenco north sixty^
cIiiliin; tlience west ten ohiiiu!.; thonce north forlv
cliains; I1il>iicc west leu chains; thence north forlv
chains; llicnce west ten chains*, thonce north fnrlr
chains; thunce west (en chains; tlienco north forty
ch.uns; thence wes(. ten chains; thence norlh twentv
11juiicc west forty chains; thence south twenlv
thencu oast ten chains; -thenco Mjutli forty
Silence cast, ten elinins; thenco souili forty
Ihence e.ist (en chains; theiiee south forty
thenco east tcn chaiiw; thence south forty'
tlience east, ten chains; thence south sixty
eluijiis; tlience cast, Jen chains; thence south eighty
chains; tlience cast forty chains lo tho place of com-
nienccineiil. ylTAlfXKS 111LLYKK.
Nelson. Ji. C. Auprxst JSIli, JS!)I). ' ■ ■
Not ice is hereby given thai, in thirty days, T intend to
apply to the chiei commissioner of laiids-and works fur
licrmission to out ami carry away timber oil' the below
described lands:
Commencing at a post, about twoanda half miles up
from (ho mouth of a crook running into Crawfoul Bay,
on Kootenay lake, and known as Gray creek, marked
northwest corner: thenceeast forty chains; fhenconorth
ton cliains: thenco cast twenty chains; thence north'
(enchains; thence ca«t thirty-live cliains; thence soulh
two chains; I hence east seventeen chains; I hence south
Sixty chains; thonce west, Jifteen chaiiih; thence north
Jonehains ;_thcuco_\vest—twonty-livo chains;—tlience.—
south ten chains; Ihence west, sixteen chains; thence
south ton chains; llicnce west sixteen chaius; thence
north len chains; Ihence west forty cliains; thenco north
forty-two chains (o the place of coiiuileiiceiucnt.
Nelson, B. C„ September (ith, IS!)1.).	
Not ice is hereby given that in lhirty days, I intend to
apply lo Ihe chief commissioner of lands and works, for
permission to cut and carry away timber oil' the below
dosciibod lands:
Commencing at (he northeast corner of If. 1). MeDer-
mid's timber claim, on Liifmnce creek, on south arm of
Kootenay Lake, Ihem-c eiu-t forty chains, thence south
ten chains, thence east, ninety chains, llicnce north ten
chains; (hence cast forty-live chains, Ihence south llfty
chains, tlience west live chains; thence south lencliains;
thenco wost.seventeen chains; thence south ten cliains;
thence west eighteen chains, tlionet! north ten cliains;
thonce wed. foily chains, tlience south ten chains, thenco
west forly chains: I Iience south ton chains; thenco west
forty-live chains, llicnce north eighty chains to place of
commencement. • GKO. OKAY.
Nelson, H, C, September-and, 1«{K).	
Notice is hereby given that iu thirty days. I intend to
apply lo (he chief commissioner of lands and works, for
permission to cut and carry away limber oil' the below
described lands:
Commencing at, ii post about I wo and a half inilc«;iip
Lafrancc cieek, on tho soulh arm of liootonaylake. cojnj.
mousing nt the north west corner; (hence east llvechajns;
thence north forty chains; thence east, twenty chains.;
thonce north ten chains; thenco cast nine chains; tlienco
north ten chains; thenco east Jive chains; thence norlh
ton chains; tlienco east ten cliains.; /thonce' noi th ten
cliains; thenco east ton'chains; tlienco north ten
cliains? tlienco east twelve chains; tlience north five
chains; thonoo cast thirty-eight chains'; thence north
twenty chains;;: thenco east fourteen' eluUnS; theiiee
spilth twenty chains; tlience west eighteen cliains;
thenee south six chains; thence we.sfc'twenty. ciiains;
thenco south twenty-live chains; tlienco west' to.n chains;
thonce south twenty chaius;: tlience westtwbnty chains;
thehco south flfteeii chains; thenco wOst ten Chains;
ttience south twenty-flvo chains; thenco west feignti
ehains; thence south twenty live chains; thence.west
seventeen chains; thenco south eleven ehains;' tJveiico
west twenty chains; thenco nortli t!iirty-twO chains; to
the place of commencement. H.'D. "McDEItMlI).
Nelson. B.C., August 2fllh. 1893.    '..'.*".
Notico is hereby given that in thirty days I intend to
apply to tho chief commissioner of lauds and works' for
permission to cut and carry away timber' oii the below
described lands:
Commencing at a post ten chains south of H. Houston's
northeast corner post, on'Gray creek, riinninginto Criiw-
ford Bay, on ICootenay Jako, and tlienco Cost forty chains >
tlience south eighty chains; thence west ten cliains;
thence-south eighty chains; thenco cast ten chains;
thence south forty chains; tlienco west forty, chains;
thenco nortli fifty chains'; Uichcc west ten chains; tliBiico
north ono hundred chains; thence east ton'cliains;
thonce north Jlf ty chains to tho place of commencement,
Nelson, B. C, September fltji,
j'Whu ""t-tf^ac r**'-%__*-*,,i   rJ- ^4 j*_    ^    ^l,   ^ ^\ ^ S1*      ^ » THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B..0.* MONDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1899  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up,     ���  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATIICONA AND  MT   ROYAL, President  Hon. GKO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-Prosidont  K   S. CLOUSTON General Manager  ���jsTELSoisr _3-R__._src_a:  N. W. Cop. Bakep and Stanley Streets.  THE BANK OF  NELSON  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Sl^aguay, U. S., Atliq, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yui\or* District.       IIIIAN0IIR8 IN     ���  LONDON  (Bnprlancl).   NEW YORK.   CHICAGO  and in the principal cities in Canada.  Buy and soil Sterling Exchange and Cablo Transfers  OIIANT COMMKKCIAT. AN�� TKAVKr.T.Klt8' OKKDITS,  available in any part of tlio world.  DUAKTS IflSUKD    COT.T.KCTION8 MADR; KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OK INTEREST PAID  U"s<  Itfr  is--  A   LAST-CENTURY   DEEYFUS.  History repeats itself even in its grimmest tragedies, and only last century  France l-eheai'sed tho very drama which  it has recently played with Dreyfus as  victim and a horrified Europe as  spectators;  Last century's victim was ofthe same  rank its Dreyfus, and like him a member  of the general staff. He was ji soldier of  equal promise, bravery, and integrity.  He was accused and convicted of the  same offence on documents forged by a  member of an equally corrupt general  staff, was imprisoned for the same period,,  and his l'clease was ultimately due to the  unflagging devotion of his wife, who bore  the sjtme chiistain name. "Lucie,"- as  Mme. Dreyfus.  Antoine de Bellegarde began his soldier's life, before he liad completed his  fifteenth year, in the Royal Bodyguard,  and before he was eighteen was fighting  with conspicuous bravery for his country.  His 'Courage Avas the admiration and  envy of the entire French army. Perhaps his most brilliant feat was when, at  Roupterot, with a mere handful of fifty  men, he defied for half a day the'on-,  slaught of 4000 of the enemy.  Deeds like this���and this was but one  of many .almost equally daring���could  not long go unrewai'ded, and ho was  quickly promoted to a captaincy on*the  ^'���^^^^^^:^^^3^l^^  ""We^&e^vS  yliqtdOng*'  :gy;Jie|d:^nS'ji)��p*^^|p-i|utj  fegi^i^^ asji  l:?yQiiey&mj^^  '��� *^ii]*j6'^^  . y'afiKJy;'" wliliyy ijfiy^-tel l^gai f^/l-j^^^^  '.���'�����'J���.&t^^ %^4*^4tdt;*onl|^  yy-iquff.i|ii^y  '?- '��� litis-;; ^/ifep'^is^siilicViii? -; ��e'aH Jftjid;;  ���", ������ Katre^i".^^  ; '��� -Jli^i'c!]^ afosfci^t^^^  .y'^^ili^iMi-y^ .*. ^fy'^'-.y'y'^ �� "���'. V,';- ���'���"! ���:'"'"''���"���  >y$-wliiexi��0-�� iioM$il$i-*e,''w^ ,-  "''s:6iiii^r?&or'.i"gady?..to. ;��lc��-'"61x0 ;s_)"��tJlf's diiiiyy  ���wbi'k', and iuy filiis 0;*ts��Mit was a ^ei'i.i*'a|'':|  I'S^yAtybjil',;'": wij^'yvi-jtg; aiicljicedj/ :'$oy:$b/i>��*fey'{$  0ti\e�� Jof '^dpT^iifieii^--^"-;-''^!^^^!. 'tha;t-' .De  ���J^lliggrtrd'ji! Iiiii(iy}i0'f|�� trea'Soh^l^; felatibiis  .;v#fcii>foi^^ ��'iglji(tid among  . .jbi'id; inimjber.  3?lie restwas a foregone eoyclnsion.   A  0Oiii.'t.-ttia;i*"ijh't^,.M'e'i-,"j/' ineiiibier of whieli  . ;v\ras,;avsgi*vlle'L.'gfcef*tift'e<bit iUle stafftycxajn-  ; iliejd^ "'the' charge, .{ind,on.the ,forged: &vx-.  1101106 sentenced  De Ijeiiegarde to   tlie  golfeyiof^^  life's., after being publicly degraded ��,i*om  hi., rank and dismissed from tlie ai*my.  But De Beilegarde, like Dreyfus, liad a  brave aiid loyal wife, who was prepared  to devote her life to his release and rehabilitation. Of tlie long years of rest-  . less, self Jorgettiug labor she;spent in lier  appointed task we have had a coutiter-  ���paiyt in the ease of Mme. Dreyfus.  ".Bverywliereshe was met with repulse  and discpimigemeiit, but tlie longest day  comes to an end, and when marshal de  Gonfciiiiit became ininister of war she at  last found fl. sympathetic ear. Tlie ininister called for the documents on which tiie  captain had been condemned, and 'thoroughly investigated the whole juatter in  the light of a mass of evidence which  Mme. de Bellegarde had so patiently collected.  A fresh cottrt-maffcial was suinliioned  with fait'-utiad'ed ..judges, the whole conspiracy Avas revealed, and, after four  j**ears of terrible suffering in the Toulon  galleys; De Bellegarde was released and  re|?feoii;ed to his lost rank in the army.  Do Bellegarde came buck fram his inferno a changed man, full of vindictive-  ness against the king. The purpose of  his new life was achieved when he became a, member ofthe legislative assembly and voted for tho death of the ill-  fated Louis XVI.   POLICY  OF  THE LIBEBAIr PARTY.  (LVnllnii.'.l I'mm First 1'uj:p'.'  although they expressed the opinion that  tho  government had  made a very bad  bargain.    The speaker also defended minister    Sifton's    administration    in    the  Yukon.    He said tliat the administration  of the  Yukon ..was  unexampled  in  the  history of   any niining country  in  the  world when all  things  were  taken  into  account.    Tho charges made against minister Si fton by sir Charles Hibbert Tupper  had   fallen   so   flat   that   Tupper,    the  youngoi*, refused to remain in the capital  to   press   them.     Thei*e had  also  been  charges levelled against major Walsh, on  account of the Yukon administration, but  it was also significant that while charges  were   made  in  the  house  of   commons_  touching the personal character of major  Walsh, the  Conseiwatives  making them,  oiie and all, declined to have anything to  say   upon   them   Avhen  campaigning in  the bye-election in Brockville, which was  the  home  of major Walsh.      This the  speaker" said  showed  coward ice  ou the  part of the Conservative leaders, since if  they insisted upon discussing the personal  chai-acter of major Walsh in the house of  commons   they  should  in   justice  htive  given liis friends a chance of defendiug,  him by  repeating  tlieir  charges  in  the  bye-election, which took place about the  same time,   in   the   maligned:   official's  home. ��� ���  Defence of the Railway Policy.  Minister Fisher then proceeded to de-  feud the general railway policy of the  government,* including the deal made  with Mackenzie & Mann for a railway  into the Yukon. This scheme, he 'said,"  SliaHwthe^a'S^  __ ^\rh.e^"fi.e^  ^al!^|\vi|3|^|]\i��4^  "fe'ftcl:ekvii0p|3^^^  ^Qp-t^tallK^KJjle^  -mxjs^Ms^AWis:S��snMH&MZ  \^y^- -.^jftdfjER^S*' ���*'.-���* -''y.'���  30; .b^:"i2ff,B:*Wfceir...iBi&i8"ct.T bbtvveeii: ifosophine raijd:  "���^JVard;s|ro'ots \i:;��Jjjki-:.,.^,. :���:, tffe-jf.jfo ,"?��,���,,.-,:.;;. yu"  ;SQ'b.'���iMj&kcrJistreeti'ij'etwe^_%6.ef^"e*a_ia^_ta*li;' 'S-';  ���i-y'stroe|3''/<s*^OT,^^jp;vfe;'& .^yiyy.fi^y'yy ^yfl ������.��� ���,.��� ���  tf'-i'bjf'iWw&h":'^ ���  P     ���'P.-cf'mPp_f"-.,I ���Dn".".-.n'-'.M'.^':.".-"-J CL"~  ���"..'  ,'���'*."^   ���-,".u'.4  ,-:    -,'���,'. ,v-- ". ���������U"^.'.. .^...".-'.nti/o: .'���''   _UVb'  :,B ..-..blplyqlp.rJP.jl,. ��� , p -, ;���. 1.:. p.,f,.,....;.. ,1.n.,.l;.'..J-.J. ,.,.ii1.iui,-i.i... .���,..,���,,i-.iV... . *    3UWi  ��5d^y:;i^,-"ivjtliJfimproTO side^of.^errion'.'- -. ��� ���'��� i  :.. ���st^eii;y.y,y^.yy.y^.y;,. .*.>*; y,:,y: �����������,; i,j.y;:ysw>b  ;��� "3treo;t.;;:,'.,,/.^:u.y.yv.';/v:*?.y.;��..yI:^  Mbta'-Yvit_!'c0tl^&i^ ,  ���stripSe'e^..,..,:.*/";.^.^^^  6lots;iii'j-lioplcilt)iSilploared^aiiifoncedin............ ^0  y:;'��� .'���:���"���''���:. ������ ;>y\''A;'6&i*Ms:-FO&. y- ���'  majority in the senate. The arrangement made by the government with the  Canadian Pat i fie Rail way Company f or  the building of the Ci'oav's Nest railway  was-.also.:touched npon, the speaker enlarging upon the advantage Avhich the  operation of the road: has had and Avould  continue. to have to the mining and  smelting industry of Kootenay, among  which he, cited a reduction in.the cost of  smelting coke from $11 to $7 por ton.  No Increased Representation for Kootenay.  The speaker then took up the claim of  the Kootenays for individual representation in the house of commons. He admitted tliat. the development Avhich had  taken place in Avhat was known as the  district of Yale-Cariboo Avas such as  should Avai'i-ant its having three representatives instead of one. He'-regretted,  however, for the present it was impossible  to securo that larger representation  Avhicli the district deserved. No change  could be expected until tho taking of the  next census, Avhich Avould not occur until  1!)01. When this occurred he Avas confident that this province Avould be entitled to ten-representatives instead of  six. This he knew AA'ould be disappointing to many;, but until, after the next  general election the peojile of .Yale-  Cariboo'would have to be content Avith  one member  It Avas about 10 o'clock when the minister   of   agriculture   concluded  his   remarks   and during  the  entire  time  occupied by him he received close attention  ��� aud frequent rounds of applause.  As the hour Avas late the remarks of  ���Hewett Bostock Avere necessarily brief.  He added something to Avhat the previous  speaker had said Avith respect to the advantages which Avould result to the  .'dominion through the arrangement made  with the Canadian Pacific railway for  the building of the CroAv's Nest branch.  The chief of those he considered the  measure of control 'which the govern-:  ���nieht retained OArer the road. This he  considered was of more lasting benefit to  FULL LINE OF  Front. Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  . -.     .        *���- , ���  Windows  the  people who use  railways than any  measure  of -railway   conpetition   Avhich  not infrequently Avas folloAved bjr a pooling  of  interests  by the competing rail-  Avays and the disappearance' of all practical advantages of competition.    Mr. Bostock then  spoke  of the question of the  payment  of bounties  upon  galena and  gold ores smelted in Canada, saying that  the  matter  had  now been satisfactory  settled.    He added that although he had  said nothing upon the floor of the house  upon  the question, ho could claim some  credit for having interviewed the ministers upon tho question Avithin  avIioso departments it came.    He was glad  to  say  that the matter Avas now settled and that  the smelters were receiving tho bounties  to wliich tliey were entitled.    He also referred briefly to the concession which the  government     had     madii    to   Canadian  smelters  in  allowing  lead   refined from  Canadian-made   bullion    to    eiitor    the  dominion free of duty.   The action of the  government in passing  a  Arote for public  buildings  in  Nelson  and  Rossland  was  also commented upon, the speaker saying  tluit it Avas.regarded.at Ottawa as rather  unusual for a member to get  more thitn  one vote for such a  purpose during tiny  single session of the house  of commons.  Upon the question of increasing the head  tax    upon   Chinese    comiiig   into    the  ������province,Mr. Bostock said that difficulties  had been encountered,but that he thought  i the chances Ave re good at the next session  ifor haying the tax increased to $250 per  head.  The meeting closed AArith the passing of  a resolution' expressing approval of the  course of the British government with  respect to the Transvaal difficulty.  Tlie Tremont Hotel  IHAtpp & TRECILLUS  PROPRIETORS  OS)  US)  i(S)  To dispose of an entire car of high-class iron and  brass beds in a western mining town in less than two  months is certainly a record to be proud of, and one  seldom equalled in the large eastern cities. Yet so  great has been the demand for these goods, we have  found it necessary to wire for another car, which will  reach Nelson this week. We would ask the citizens  of Nelson to continue in showing their appreciation of  our efforts to give them the opportunity of enjoying  the luxurious furnishings of an eastern home in the  midst of the Rockies.  i(S)  ilS)  D. McArthur & Co.  w  ^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^^���^���e='-i=>^^^^)^^^^^^^^^^^  for Miners and Epqspeetops  THE BEST BRANDS OP  Liquops and Cigars  SAW IPLAMM MILLS, k  ALWAYS ON. HANDj  :d Pi'- .^ PP  %,.a P.'.1  '"Sii  Inside Finish  .'Re_J.��� B3^ta.._o: aiid Geneiral Agontet,,Bt��k4t&b,^^..Nelip-,  ?4:��:f:E_-:?5f.n��..���_/Wn-.n^  ofl I'-"D*'.��B''--!,"��-1- "���f.ir!;\^-��T?"'^'"'t"J--"^ n_"S/*'v"''1^'.:^D.fln-"-n?i?n-n"'."'����"D"a- -^  \.'-: -'^^^ing^^ ':,-. -U-Xy.';������$..  Vy"     '..-. \-^ok^��^$J';., ���:���  :���''' .*���"��� ;0m^^f&WBm/.- ��� .������'��� '  P.fili kjiidsj .  .*_ wfiatyouAyantls not.lhs  ���   o_ii,.._^ij.:o_i_',p|flielssr'''' ���'���''  One of the best  Mlar, jipteis.  and most ppp-  .NeJjsQii^js,^''' ���'  BAKKR STREKT. NEIiSON  <^��'K'.'_���*:��^��>^���'���;9��'������?^i������^^'">���ii>",I>^  i^i  '^l^t#i?^\d  .   ^p-_^V-    ��  ....^���i^|fec^  ^l^i'e!^'-  We have a stock of one and a half million  feet of logs at our mill and are prepared to cut  all kinds of dimension timber and ship to all points  ion Kootenay Lake by^ scows or steamers, also by  rail to all points on the Canadian Pacific or Nelson  and Fort Slieppard railways. In stock rough arid  dressed lumber^ shingles, mouldings, sash, doors,  i}e^els?,,tu]M  ' iEatge.-.c.omfp.r.talil'ay'be^^  ������^ptoiy-Sampleyw '   '      ���.���.''���"Vy  6. C,  ���J'  !yliate\dC the Roy4i;,Hot;bi;.-.G^igary-,  t^p^;^lp^l|l^S^  '^W^M'f,  pD' ����%.0;pk*  UAhh AND 'TrAJ&W^R$&J!$i NEESON  Tj) coivsariiiqiicQ of inci'easiiiig ilMioaltli of IVlr. R. C.  Wiidwwiijm, I'.ho (li-iii of Oliafc A. AVutciTutvik .& Co. -hayd  bueli tlissOlvurt, iliid Artlmr It .Shei'W'oort has falkgn OVoi-  tlicbtmiiiussiif IlKSif old olllco Oil lliiktjr struct, Xolson,  anil will uontiitviic lliu business' at, theunmc place, as Ileal  feUiio niitl Iimiiraiieo.agcnt, and he will be assisted by  (1. A. Watej.maif, asjiiaiutgeroF the ltonljll department;  and care of phuiei'ty foi' non-resident property, holders.  The ineinbei's of the old Jir'iil .desirp to thank their friends  aiid patrons for their patriiivajje in the past, aiid' solicit  for the cilice in tJtefnturt'ilie biisiilessof their old clients  aiid the pUOpiealililrtfe, we rafiain, respeetfiilly,-  CHAS. A. AV-A-TKIUvrA^j  R,C\VATERM.AN!,  a. n. siii''iumoi).  Xelson, Qefdlicr 131 li,ISdjl.  THE BRITISH COLUMBJA MINING RECORD.  ��� T'*�� editor Of the above journal would be glad to have  submitted to li tin for consideration short stories jind iir-  liclcs for (MiblicaOou in tJie special Ohrjijtliins iniiidieiv  Accepted articles are liberally paid for. ;A1I MSS. iiiiisl.  be in, by llio 1st of November by thelatest. Address,  Mtt-MKlmC JCditoi-, JJ. O. MitiiiiK Kecord, P, O. Draper,  (lia, Victoria. 11. C. ���  .   .   .     . >;  V?, LOBGE   MEETIHaS,  KNH3HTS OV PYTHIAS-Nelson   "Lodge,  No,  25,  . Knights of Pythias, meets in I. 0,0. P. Hall, corner  Baker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday ev'enitig, at  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited.to attend.  T. LILLIE. C. C. K. G. JOY, K. of B.-& S.  NKI^ON IiODttil; NO. 23,: A. V. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday, in each month. Sojourning  brethren Invited.,:   :  ���M-BLSON h. O. *_.*, No. 1692. meets in I, O. O. F. Hall,  J-��   corner Baker and Kootenay streets, 1st and 3rd  Friday of each month. ��� "Visiting brethern ��� cordially Invited.  JOHN TOYE, yV.M.      F. J. BRADLEY, Rcc.Seo.  NELSON.': iEKIE,",Number '23,  Fraternal Order  of  Eagles, meets every second and fourth Wednesday in  each month in Fraternity Hall.  Visiting brethren wel-  J. R. WRAY. Secretary..  corne.  J. IRVING, President  NELSON MINE-RS' UNION NO. Hi. W. F. of M.-  Meotsin K- P- rooms. Fraternity Hall, the lirst4ind  thi*d Satui-day evenings in  each month at 8 o'clock.  Visiting liiombers welcome.  JAMES WILKS, Sco'y.      CIIAS. A. McKAY. Pros.  s  BLAOKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEiNQ  Wagon repairing promptly attended to "by a flrst-class  Wheelwright, J  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing ��nd  custom work from outside points.������ -*     ���'  Sl)0p:   Hall Street, betwoetj Baker and Vernon, Nelson  Nelson Iron Works  .       , MAmjFACTOBKBS OF  BNGINBS, BOILBRS. SHAFTING, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OF BVHRT DESCRIPTION  Repairs promptly attended to.       P. O. Box 173,  SQUIRED   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres of land within one and a  Quarter miles of Nolson. Por farther  particulars apply to  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,    Nelson,   B.   C  BUY fmm LlIMBiR  "   AT'  6. 0. BJJCHAIAN'S  A large stock of flrst-class dry material on hand, also  a full Hue of *sash, doors, Jnouldirige, turned work, etc.  A SPECIALTY  Yard;  Foot of HotidiTX street; Nolson  Tolophono, 01  BREAT paopOM  HABD COAL  AITHBMITJ3  D*E3Li*y*E*m*Ei"E);  Speciiip! rules for carload lots for outside points.  �����TB C, W. West & Go.  Woocj! Woodl Vyood!  Good dry wood, all lengths.   Leave  orders  at  JacoBsori's feed store  on  Vernon street (next door to Tribune  Office).   Telepho.ne 97.    JOHN CROFT.  ONE DOLLAR A LOAD  The undersigned has a largo Quantity of fir, cedar, and  tamarao slabs, in IC-ineh and 4-foo*, lengths, suitable for  Stove wood; which will be sold for $1 a load at tho mill  yard. ������:���.;������.'���  NE1.S0N SAW & PLANING MILLS. Limited.  Nolson, August 19th. 1898.   ** ,  Di IJUME, Manager.  The finest hotel in tho Interior.  Largo sample rooms:  Steam heat and electric light,  CORNER Olf WARD AND VERNON STS., NELSON  BAKER ANO-WAttD STREETS, NELSON  THE  ���.vsj-s^.;;"."*^'  NELSON  lr!NfS^*lR.|��!0Ej***|7j'ftfe?P^  ' ��� AjUV't'he; jyji^Q\d l^s -iny ttVer'^aiPvle^'-AatlJlipHy'td^  ��� . ��p.n-.la^yft|W''ori':i;he..'map^  ���easy, 'te.^rri.s,'��� This; propigrty :!s :vei*;^.yd%siraQl^''|cS'r ������tresi^efi'&es'iy Jvp:pj;j0a v',y-��**'-!*iS|^?Sj.*^^^-.i.^��t��|  wm'Bzfastte^N^nr-\-: "yy/y.::^������M'M:'^^Ay^cW^M&  .; oip.'^f,  IfmrrO^mevTAir^   =  Wtmimale aipcf Jlfefeif  Be&Mm -IB :M@mt&  Wholesale Markets at kelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood,  Retail S'lit^kets ut Helspr. Kasrf'o, ^-tiitloiij !3itvertoni Wew _>envei'j -fiiiir, Thtilj.��rand Pdrks",  Citseade, CJi-eenwood, Midw.ay, and Sirdar.  Mail Orders Promptly PQrw&rd&d-  The only hotel in Solson that has remained Under one  management since 1S90.  The bod-rooms aro woll furnished and lighted by  oloctrictty.  ThO dinlngproom is not second to, any in ICootenay.  Tho bar is alwayft sfocked by tno bost doine��Lio and  imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  Largo and woll lighted Heated by hot ai  Reasonable rates ���' Sample rooms  Eleotrto bells and light in every room  Ronov��ted and refurnished throughout  HOfEL  VICTORIA  . ;J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  SVee bus meets iflltrains Rouolcl-nko   R  fi  Hourly sfcreofroar to station neveiSIOKe, 0, It.  Night Grill Room in connection, for the convenience of  guests arriving and departing by night trains.  NOTICE.  On and after the lift of October 1899, the Grand Central'  Hotel will be run strictly on the Kuropcan plan.  Wc have fitted una ncwdiuitig room With a Keating  capacity for one hundred people'Which will he run in  connection with the hotel. All meals twenl.y-llvo cents,  payable in the dining room. Will bo pleased to furnish  meal tickets on application.  1 Rooms by the day, week or month.  Thanking yon for your generous patronage in Ihe past.  and trusting to be favored with a continuance of Mic in  the future.                   1 remain, respectfully yours,           F. SIMPSON.   .  Vienna Rpst&itrant  Baker stroet, between Joscphiuo and  Hall streets, Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT :  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  ���K-     ���BCt7_S.3R"5r3     _?*BO*Ea*��:tX-E5TQ'R  ALL KINDS Of  AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEA0ON  Balder Street, Jtelson  E, 0,  ORDERS BY MAIL R>:CElVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION,        JUST ARRIVED A CARLOAD; Of  Anheuser-Busch Lager Beer!  by the trade in Nelson.  Highest class Lager produced.       On sale  ASK FOR IT  R. P.' RlTHET & CO., Ltd., Victoria, Agents for B,  C  A. B. GRAY, Agent for Kootenay, Uaker .St., Nelson, Next Oddfellows Building  GROVE HOTEL BEER GARDEN  ; NEAR NELSON & FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT.  THE  BEST BEER BEE WED AT HOME  OR  ON DRAUGHT OR IN BOTTLES.  ABROAD  FECIAL ATTENTION  Have just received a consignment ot Harris homo '  made tweods froni Talbot Harris, Scotland."'  mm l mW* Bsk��-*8L Mm  The-mpp^.te ynut^ w.^...w "    ���'���'*"   "������������*?"! ^���^..fei-pX ^PrX~  :r.^a^gf^.\S*t*JSE'  m^^^^^^S^T^SS^^SSf^.  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C    MONDAY OCTOBER 1G, 1899.  The only house in Kootenay carrying Ml lines of  SCALES  FURNACES  BRUNTONS  TRANSITS  SCORIFIERS  I '��� -1. i ?  ;*1  CRUCIBLES  MUFFLES  FLUXES  OF  ALL KINDS  Baker Street, Nelson, B. C.  New  Arrivals  BARBERS' REGULATION COATS  Very Nobby o  BARTENDERS' REGULATION VESTS  WAITERS' COATS IN SEVERAL STYLES  "      COOKS' CAPS, APRONS, Etc.  la'**. .  Mi*-  J. A.  Qilker  The   I_,eadirig*-   F'urnishejr  ymi.stAjs.y  ESTABLISHED  IN   NELSON  1890  Americami  Watcfae  Have always been a specialty with us, and concentrating on these alone, to the exclusion of foreign  makes, we have a fine and full stock, including every  American make, and are therefore especially well  equipped for quick shipments. By the exercise of  experienced care in selection far in advance of the  season we secure  Choice Case Deslgims  We have some very exclusive ones in solid and  filled gold and other good selling styles in endless  variety.  s a.nd all  Just at this time we have the fullest stock of Diamond  Jewelry fpr Fall and Holiday business, and the immediate  customers will secure the best of these and avoid the  annoyance of rush ordering, while profiting by possible  price advances. Ready for delivery now, or partj or all  of order entered and prices reserved for future shipment.  Fine watch repairing a specialty, all work guaranteed.  JACOB DOVEE?,ieweler  WE SELL AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  Ttjee ladson  For Winter Outfitting  Headquarters  For Miners and  Worfeingmens Clothing  Underclothing, Mackinaws,  M__l^co_LALL   Baker Street Gloves and Mitts.  W. 3?. DIOKSOSr  H. H. EC AFPL*_W&_JCT_]  J. McPHBHl  Ksotenay leetfie Supply and ConstPuetioD Co.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete ESleotrlc Equipments for- Electric Power Transmission and Lighting- for Mines, Towns  Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Bte.  P. 0. Box 606. Josephine Street, Nelson. B. O.  tMw.*&*"!^ aml pfntofl hemliiiKR, ���maniifacturod~riKht heroin  ���-   Nekoii, l>y well-paid workmen, who Hpcud tlieir ciiriunKK "��� NeUii.   Tribune AsHOCiatioil, Limited,Vcruoii St.  THE LOCAL NEW8 OF THE TOWN  Hon. Mv. Fisher and Mr. Bostock will  leave Nelson this morning, via the  Cauiidian Pacific, for Grand Forks, where  a meeting will be held tonight. From  Grand Forks Mr. Fisher will return "east,  and Mr. Bostock will visit Greenwood  and other towns in Boundary before returning to the coast.  .1. A. Gilker, S. Neelands, G. W. Steele  and A. Gorrard left Nelson on Saturday  night for a week's fishing and hunting at  the foot of Kootenay lake.  A. .S. Fiirwell has returned from surveying a number of claims on Toad  mountain. The work was not altogether  pleasant on account of snow.  A. Ii. Sherwood has moved into the  oflices occupied by C. A. Waterman &  Co., and. Charles St. Barbe, agent for the  Glow's Nest Pass Coal Company, has  moved into the offices vacated by Mr.  Sherwood.  On Saturd.ay judge Forin gave William  Kelly a sentence of a year in the provincial goal for stealing a small sum of  money from George Templeman of Robson, a freight conductor on the Columbia  & Western railway.  At a quarter past 3 o'clock today, the  question of the music hall bylaw Avill .be  discussed in public by the women of Nelson who ai-e opposed to music halls.  The discussion will take place in the  Presbyterian church.  Tlie slot machine push are already laying wagers of even money that Frank  Fletcher will be the next mayor of  Nelson.  Depnty minister of railways Colliug-  wood Schrieber and party arrived in Nelson this evening from the east via the  Crow's Nest Pass road. The steamer  Moyie brought them in on a special trip  from the Landing.  The Maxim gun of the local company  of Kootenay rifles arrived over the  Canadian Pacific railway on Saturday.  Robert Young of Winnipeg, inspector  of the Dominion for the Great West Life  company, who spent several days iu Nelson* on his company's business,left for the  east Saturday evening over the Crow's  Nest branch.  The assault case in which John Miles  was to figure  as  defendant and Albert  BUSINESS   MENTION-  Wanted���Three goods boys to deliver  Tin: Tihiium: to subsciibois in Nelson. Wages ��2 .1  w eck.  For Sale���Two good pool tables, in first-  cl.iss sh.ipe; for sale cheap, foi cash. Atldiess "Pool  T.ible," JJo\ .">!*,!, Rossland, B C.  Piano Tuning���Orion  E. Dunn, piano  1 unci-, from Spokane, is in Hie cit>. and gu,ii'niitccs period woik. Nue\U.i ch.uge for lopl.iuiiif; small uiieof  foils.   IjC.uo onlors.it ))o\ersje��clii store.  Lost���Three $20 bills.     The finder will  liesuitpiblj icwauled on illuming them to The Tiilmno  ulhce.  Porter wanted.    Apply at Thair Hotel.  Furnished rooms to let. Apply to Mrs.  L. M. Jameson, O.u ncy Block, Baker sti cot�� est.  Offices to rent���Single or in suite.  Iteady foi occupancj November 1st. Apply to John  Houston, Tnbmie OJhce.  For Rent���A store on Vernon sti-eet,  oppomte The Tnbune oJlice. ��10 a month. Applj to JO,  Jvilbj.  HAIB GOODS AND HAIB OBIAMBNTS  Switches from $2 up.  ' MRS. J. W.KEARNEYhas opened a Ladies Hair Dressing P*rlor In room 1, Victoria block, Nelson, and jh prepared to fumiHh everything in the way of hair goods  aud hair tonics. Treatment of Uio scalp a specialty.  Edward Storey as complainant will not  be ventilated in the police court, as  Storey has decided to withdraw his information.  G. D. McKenzie, the Vancouver telegraph operator who used to spend his  summers in prospecting over the hills of  the Slocan, is now manager of the government telegraph office in Dawson City.  Ewart & Carrie have awarded John  Toye and William Gardiner tlie contract  3for erecting the $2000 residence which  Mi's. D. T. Morice has decided to build on  Lake sti-eet, between Cedar and Pai-k  sti'eets.  A. W. Peck has accepted the position  of accountant at Nelson for the Parsons  Produce Company. He enters upon his  new duties at once.  Frederick Flannigan was committed  for trial by mayor Neelands on Saturday  upon a series of charges of assault.  A meeting Of the licensecoiumissioncrs  of the Nelson license district will be held  today for the purpose of considering the  application of ,'J. E. 1 laugh ton for an  hotel license at Nine-mile point.  Edward McLeod will appear before  mayor Neelands today to answer to ji  charge of assault.  A meeting of the South Kootenay  Board of Trade will"be held this evening  at S o'clock.  HOTEL ARRIVALS.  At tub Phair.���C. D. McKen/.ie, Kaslo;  F. Robbins, Phoenix;-A. II. Gracey, Toronto; -Mrs. William Gwynee, Toronto;  Ronald Hams, Greenwood; Coll ing wood  Schrieber.Ottawa; Mrs. Crombie, Ottawa;  Charles Ross, Ottawa; Charles Allen,  Seattle; T. G. Allen, Seattle; 0. A. Steele,  Victoria; Mr. justice Martin, Victoria; R.  Angus, Vancouver; T. C. Coleman, Vancouver; A. M. Wall, San Francisco;  Charles Dundee, Rossland.  At the Hume*.���A. J. Gilpon, Toronto;  S. F.Riebel, Balfour; S. B. Morris, Rodney, Ontario; Mrs. C. W. Brown, Spokane; Mrs. J. C. Bolander; W. II. Dowsing, Spokane; S. Brooks, Victoria ; Henry  Roy, Rossland.  At the Madden.���Tim O'Leary, Rossland ; T. C. Smith, Seattle ; Jas. Kilay,  Naku.sp.  At the Queen's-".���G. A. Bigelow,Marysville ; Owen Shea, Moyie City ; J. Campbell, Cranbrook.  :   At the Clarke.���J. J. Howson,  Duncan City ; John Robertson, Fernie.  At the Royal.���J. R. Cianston, Rossland ; C. Stevens, Granite mine.  At the Grand Centum,.���O. L. Mountain, Spokane; Alex. A. Webei", Spokane;  Mis, Jordan, Kaslo ; Mrs. Wolf, Y"mir ;  Peter Philbort, Ymir ; N. -Lee, Silver  King mine.  Our Great  Sale is  Still on  Since it opened we have  sold $3000 worth of ihe  goods from the bankrupt  stock which we purchased  in Sandon. But we can  still offer  Great  Bargains  in "Winter  Goods  Don't maUe the, mistake  -of-paying-r&gular-pfioes  for smpie articles when  you can secure ih&m, dt  50 cents on the dollar.  Mere are some,    -  Cartri  A  LARGE  CONSIGNMENT  JUST  OPENED  We can supply you witf] Cartridges  TO SUIT YOUR RIFLE  Carpenters' Tools  A   FULL   LINE  SHELF HARDWARE  THE BEST ASSORTED  STOCK  IN THE KOOTENAYS  STOVES AND  KITCHEN UTENSILS  NELSON  ers & Co  KASLO  SANDON  ARE YOU BURNING UP MONEY  Because Your Stove or Range Cannot be  Regulated to Save Fuel?    �����  IT WILL PAY YOU  TO EXAMINE  OUR NEW STOCK OF  STOVES AND RANGES  The saving in fuel effected will soon eqnkl  tho cost of the range. It can be so qniekly  and easily regulated that .there need be ho  waste of heat or fuel. New patented iin-  provements '���offer you more com-euience and  comforL than you'll find in any other range.  TWO CAR LOADS TO SELECT FROM  LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO.  ma�� ehh ^ooa  Lang's Oelelrated Cream Flake  Sodas, 3-lb Cartons   mims WEIGH  PANN0T BE BMT  Men's Tweed Pants, regular price  $1.75, reduced to $1; Men's  heavy tweed suits, regular price  $12, reduced to $7; regatta shirts  regular price $1.25* reduced to  50 cents; men's silk ties, regular  price 50 cents, reduced to 25,  cents; men's long boots, regular:,  price, $5, reduced to $3; men's  tweed caps, regular price 50  cents, reduced to 25 cents. All  other goods also at greatly reduced prices.  Kirkpatrick <& Wilson  <$_  SPECIAL  O  BOX 577  <>  9  mm  ELLIOT BLOCK, BAKER STREET. NELSON.  DesBrisay & Co  <-v>  V  PHONE 81  BAKER STREET, NELSON, B. G.  WE' HAVE SECURED THE SOLE AGENCY FOB  "HALCYON WATER"  'OT NOW BE PUT  ARKET.  THORPE rCO., Md.  IMITATIONS CAN NOT NOW BE PUT ON  .    THE MARKET.    ���  Vernon Stkket  Nki-son, 11. C.  &:  Get the Best Jams  AKCHITE0TS.  EWART & CARRIK-r-Architefitfl.   Rooms 7 an. 8 A b  erdetiu block, Bakor streot. Nelson.  We have just received a large consignment ofthe  DYSON-GIBSON  COMPANY'S JAMS AND  PICKLES  Also a complete assortment of the  TORONTO  BISCUIT COMPANY'S SWEET BISCUITS  Baker Street West, Nelson   John A. Irving cfr Co.  Strachan   Bros.  _?__*CT2_r_3_S*BS, ETC.  0*E'E*R__.   -HOITS:*-***  BLOCK  ���a  v.*^.***fi-?f3?N  ���an  < L,-<uirw��*w


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