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 COLUMBIA WON THE FIRST HEAT  In the  Great Yacht Race.  New   York,  October  10.���The  crews  of both yachts had breakfast  early, and  when they "turned to" about six   it  was  with  a  Avill, for  in  spite  of   the  ha/.y  weather, there was a good  breeze  from  the eastward, whieli promised to increase  and give the yachts a good  race  at Inst.  Jibs and stay sails were up and  hatches  put  on,   both   latched   and  everything  made snug before nine o'clock.    At  \):l~>  Columbia cast olT. from her moorings and  was taken in tow.    Shamrock started in  tow  later.      Covers  were  kept  on   the  mainsails and club topsails to keep   them  dry until tlie last moment, and there was  ���just enough fine l-ain  to  dampen   thorn..  At  10   o'clock   Columbia's   crow   began  hoisting tlie mainsail.      It was set in live  minutes.    Shamrock's  mainsail began to  go up at the same time, but  it was fully  fifteen minutes before  the  sail   was sei;.  D   When the yachts were ready  the  wind  was  fairly  steady  from   the   eastward,  blowing  about  ten   miles  an   hour, the  = water  smooth   and   sky  cloudy.      Two  miles was about the limit of observation,  owing to heavy mists.  At 10:50 both yachts cast off their tow  lines,   broke  out   their jibs,  and  mastheaded   their     No.     2    club     topsails.  Columbia also sent up her  baby jib topsail on the stay.    At the same  time the  committee boat, anchored  due  south  of  the  Sand   Hook  lightship,  sent up  the  course  signal.    It   was  east,  making   a  beat dead to windward for the yachts of  fifteen miles, and it run back if the  wind  held from  the .same"quarter.     The  regatta   committee    meant  business   this  time, for a few minutes later they started a tug  to  log  off the  course,  and  at  10:4") the preparatory  signal  was made.  Both  yachts then   began  manoeuvering  for position.    At 10:55,  when the  warning signal was given, they were  playing  for   a   weather    berth    to   the    northward   of    the    line,    Shamrock   breaking   out  her   stay    sail   at   this    time.  When       two       minutes       were      left  befoi-o the starting  signals, both  yachts  weie heading, a couple of lengths  apart,  to westwaid, Avith booms to port, Columbia to  windward.    Shamiock  began  to  keep for the committee boat, which  Avas  lying at the south end of the line, captain  Hogarth's intention appaiently being to  stop Columbia, then a length or so astern.  Shamiock had run parallel with the line  to nearly the  centre of it.    She held x,o  that course until neatly OArertothe lightship before she began to lull' to cross the  line.    Captain Barr had Columbia Avell in  hand, being at the time  a good  length  astern.     He  began to luff the  moment  Hogarth    did,   and   shooting   Columbia  across. Shamrock's   wake,   he   sent   her  across the line more thivu fifty yards to  Avindward  of the  challenger, and  Avitli  such a good  ovorlap on her tluit according       to       the       official       time      she  aviis   only   three   seconds   astern.     The  official time of  the race  was: Sharmock  11.01.02, Columbia 11 01.0(3.    Both yachts  Avere now close hauled  ou the  starboatd  tack and were carrying exactly the same  sail,  namely  mainsail,   club-top'-ail,  "jib,  foresail and baby-jib topsail.    As soon as  sheets   were  trimmed  all  hands  except  the  men  stationed  at   the  head   sheets  jumped for the weather sido and huddled  close  down  to  the starboatd rail, Avhile  the   skippers   Aval cited   each  other  like  haAvks.    There Ave^e not. many excursion  steamers out in time to see the start.  Those ou board the small  fleet  had a  splendid  vieAV  of the start, and  for ten  minutes the friends of both yachts were  someAvhat anxious ; after that, it was all  over but the shouting.    In  five minutes  Columbia had Avidened  the  distance  to  av ind ward between hei self and Shamiock  ���fully-a-length.���She-heeled���more-than-  the latter boat, but her sails Avere Jill full  and she wtis pointing higher from  the  moment pshe started.    Captain  Hogarth,  thinking his boat Avould be able  to  out-  foot Columbia sufficiently to tack across  he-r bow a little later, gaA'o her  a good  rap   full.      The   green   boat   lesponded  nobly, and to some it appeared that she  Avas passing Columbia very fast.    So site  was, but she was losing windward ground  every minute.    When Shamrock tacked  to port at 11:15, and Columbia 30 seconds  later, it   was   seen   that   Barr   had    so  placed his boat  on  the weather bow of  Shamrock as to spill the back wind into  Shamrock's sails.    Hogarth  AA'as  obliged  to  keep broad  off for about thirty seconds to get  out from  under  Columbia's  lee.    By 11.20 the Bristol boat aviis quite  , an; eighth of a in He to tlie Avindward and '  OutfootiUg her rival all the time.    Captain .Hogarth,   finding*   tliat  Shamrock  '. simply would not point as high as Columbia, flattened down his sheets as hard  as he dared, and had to be contented  Avith giving her a good full and letting  lier go at that. . At ll;i5:30, when Shamrock tacked to port, Columbia was fully  a quarter of a mile to the windward of  her, Avhen the latter tacke# several seconds.later.    Captain Hog'arth Avtis growing desperate and he resorted to his short  "tacking tactics in hopes  that his boat  would for-reaeh sufficiently to make a  material gain to the "windward.     Some  idea may be gathered of the quick Avork  that'followed when it is stated that both  yachts made several tacks iu the next  four   minutes   and    forty-five   seconds,  Shamrock ahvays tacking first.  At the conclusion of this marine duel  between the single-stickers Hogarth  found himself farther to leewaid than  ever, Columbia having been quicker iu  stays   and   a   better  forc-reacher.     At  **v.  TUESDAY MORNING, OCTOBER IT, 1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR; WEEKLY, $2.  11.50.55 Shamrock settled doAvn again to  business on the port tack, and Columbia,  after standing on two minutes longer,  came about to the same tack. .It aviis  found the Bristol boat aviis half-a-niile  dead to Avindward of her rival. In three  more tacks Columbia still increased her  windward lead. Shamrock's people at  1.55 took in her baby-jib topsail, hoping,  perhaps, that she might point higher, but  it Avas evidently in vain for in ten niin-  utesthey set the sail back again. It was  taken in twenty minutes later for a few  minutes.  Each yacht made tAventy-two tacks in  windward work, and in  all these  Shamrock  took  the  initiative.    Captain Ban-  waited     for    Hogarth    to    tack,    and  with     but     one     or     two    exceptions  he put the Columbia about Avithin  three  seconds   of  the   other boat.      Tlie  last  half dozen   tacks  Avere longer  than  the  others.    The outer mark Avhich had been  obscured   by  mist   aviis A'isable   after  1  o'clock'.    The Avind grew lighter as  they  approached,  but it  increased in  force a  little as Columbia made her last  tack at  l._G. 30.    She  looked  very  handsome as  she  approached the mark  on  the  port  tack, a couple of her smooth bronze bingle  plates   showing   on   her   Aveather   side.  Smartly the crew launched Ijer spinnaker  boom out to port _ before  she  had fairly  made the tui'it and squared away on her  homeward   course,   the  gieat   sail   was  broken out from steps, the same moment,  the main boom sailing far off to starboard.  They Avere actually eighty-five seconds  setting the spinnaker.    Shamrock's  men  beat them fiAre seconds in this Avork.  The  time at the turn Avas : Columbia, 1.18.19 ;  Shamiock 1.08 08.    This shows Columbia  was 9 minutes,  19  seconds ahead  Avhen  she tounded the maik.    The elapse time  of Columbia for 15 miles Ava*"* two  hours,  17   minutes,    13   seconds ;   for    Shamrock,     2      houts,      57      minutes,      31  seconds, shoAving  that   Columbia's  gain  on   the  actual  start was  9  minutes, 17  seconds.    This  Avas a  great a ictory for  both yachts had coveted the distance in a  steady bieeze, aud at no time  Avere they  far enough apart to benefit by any puff  of Avind.  The official time Avas Columbia, 3.51.59 ;  Shamrock, 4.05.10. The official summary  was : Elapsed time of Columbia, from the  outer maik to tho finish Avas 2 hours, (5  minutes, 40 seconds r Shamiock 2 hours,  7 minutes, 2 seconds, had gained 22  seconds.  LITIGANTS INCONVENIENCED BY  A Cold-Footed Judge.  Dm ing   the   healing  of   the  ease   of  Thompson A's. Byers iii the county court  yesterday, judge Foi in  showed  Iioav in-  considetate he could be.    The case being  tried was au action by some Avorkingmeu  to secure a\ages for Avoik performed for  the Goat River Lumber  Company.    The  defendant,   Hamilton   Byers,  entered   a  defence that he was not the Goat River  Lumber Campany, and thetefore AA'as not  liable.    George A.  Bigelow, avIio  figured  as manager of the lumber  company, AA'as  on the stand giving evidence Avhen, without fur thei   cetemony, judge  Foi in rose  and  said  that  the  court-room  Avas too  cold,  and   that   he  would  adjourn  the  court forthAvith sine die.   The effect of  this AA'as that the  case then  being proceeded- with-Avas brought to-an���end,-and-  tho  AA'oikmen who  were  seeking to recover Avages, after a considerable outlay,  Aveie dcpiiAed of all benefit  of  their expenditures and preparations, because the  presiding judge Avould not inconvenience  himself to  listen  to the evidence it had  cost them so  much  to  bring into court.  The heating arrangements of the court-  hoiibe are not  what they should be, but  they are not bad enough to justify such  treatment  as judge  Forin gave  to  the  parties   in   the   suit   of   Thompson   vs.  Byers. o   RAILWAY   AND    STEAMBOAT  NOTES.  Word has been received from Mont-  leal to stop all construction Avork Avhich  the Canadian Pacific Railway Company  has in hand in the Lai do district. A  force of close upon 300 men -was employed on this work, and the gradiiig of the  road Avas ab-jut completed to Duncan  City. It is said that the construction  work will be resumed in the spring.  Track laying on the Nelson & Bedlington railway will be completed next week,  when the junction with' the Crow's Nest-  Pass road will be reached. Port Hill,  Idaho, and Rykei'tj B. C, now have railway connection Avith the world via Bonner's Ferry. '  Working Claims on Forty-Nine Creek.  A. H. Kelly has commenced Avork ou  the Red Top and May mineral claims, on  Forty-nine creek. Tliese claims are situated about tAvo miles above the old  workings of the Nelson Hydraulic Company. A large ledge has been exposed  ou the May, it being betAveen twelve and  fourteen feet Avide Avhen crosscut. About  four feet of this ledge is heavily mineralized. .The ledge has been stripped for  about 800 feet. No assays have yet been  made on the ore.  THIRTY-FIVE COOP ANDTRUEMEN  Have Volunteered.  When captain Hodgins of the Nelson  company of the Rocky Mountain Rifles  closed his office" last night, thirty-five  good and true men had volunteered for  service in the Canadian contingent for  active service against the Boers in Soutli  Africa. Exclusive of three of the* company's officers, the following aro the  names of those volunteering": AV. J. G.  Dickson, C. E. Beasley, G. J. Fader, F.  Bovd, H. Gervan, F. W. Smith, C. H.  White, G. Phillips, H. W. B. Kilpatriek,  A. Turner, J*. Wadds, J. W. Scale, H. W.  R. Moore, A. D. McCallum, J. A. Knaul,  R. A. II. Leicester, E: G. Lee, William  Linuey, Dan McCallum, John Mclntyre,  Frank Summers,- Fred Simonds, George  Bartlett; F. Pullen, Axel Burgmen, W. G.  Pearse, J. Faulds, James Me Adam, Robert  D. Hunter,. William Orr Paterson, J. Abr  bott and J. Ryan.  Sixteen of the above named presented  themselves for medical examinatioii before Dr. G. H. H. Symouds, Avho at one  time Avas a surgeon of the naval reserves-  and nine Avere passed as being up to the  standard .required. The doctor Avas  pretty busy for part of the day, as from  ten to twenty minutes are required for  each examination. Captain Hodgins is  anxious that all avIio have volunteered  shall appeal" for examination today.  -'  It is understood that members of the  rifle company willbe given the prefer^  ence in making up the quota allotted to  Nelson, civilians ranking second. There  would be no trouble iu raising a full company in Nelson, and from reports received from Rossland and Kaslo, the boys in  these toAvns are eqimlly patriotic.  SHORT BITS OF NELSON NEWS.  WORK STEADILY PROGRESSING  In  Edward McLeod Avas fined $20 and  costs by mayor Neelands yesterday for  assaulting Frank Stocking and striking  him oA*er the head Avith a bottle.  The James Cooper Manufactnring Company of Montreal has offered to su pply  the city Avith a rock crusher, capable of  crushing from four to six tons of rock  per hour, f.o.b. at Nelson for $850. 'As  the present council has no funds, the  question of purchase Avill be left Avith its  successor.  It is lumored that none of tlie "common heid" haA'e been selected for service  as either grand or petit j my men. - f  Mrs. J. R. Robertson and Mrs. J. Laing  Stocks have so far collected $2000 to-  Avards the addition to the Kootenay Lake  general hospital. This ensures the municipal grant of $500, but it is estimated  that it Avill require another $3000 for the  completion and furnishing of the hospital.  Walter John Sully, a young man well  knoAvn in the eaily days at Nelson as an  all round rustler, and avIio Avas a resident  of Sandon dm ing the boom days of that  town, is now the editor and manager of  the Stickeen River Journal of Fort  Wiangel, Alaska.  The meeting of the South Kootenay  Board of Trade failed to matei ialize last  evening for Avant of a quorum. Among  tbe questions Avhicli Avei e to haA-e come  up AA'as that dealing Avith the court-house  in this city and the necessity of furnishing such accommodations as Avill permit  of-the holding of court in the_buildiug. ���  A public meeting of the Avonian of Nelson aviis held in St. Paul's church yesterday afternoon for the purpose of discussing the proposal of the city couucil to  grant a license for a music hall in this  city. The feeling of the meeting Avas  unanimously aguinst the granting of any  such license, and it aa as decided to pie-  pare a monster petition to the city council praying that the bylaAV now before  the council be not given its final passage.  Yesteiday's meeting Avas held under the  auspices of the Women's Council aud was  piesided over by Mrs. J. R. Robot tson,  president of the local council.  Chief of police Jarvis recoveicd a  waterproof coat last evening Avhich is believed to have been stolen. The owner  can h ive the coat by proving propei ty,  -- T. C Nolan, a through passenger  bound for Moyie, walked off tlie edge of  tlie city wharf last evening in trying to  board the steamer Nelson. He undertook to follow a shadow cast by a tall  pile, mistaking it for a plank. Fortunately for him the boat had just landed  front the C. P. R. whai'f and the crew immediately rescued him.  A local company composed- of A. H.  Kelly, R. S. Lennie, Fred Elliot, Thoburn  Allan and one or two outside men has  been organized for the purpose of developing the Josie and four other claims  located ttbout a quarter of a mile from  the Poorman. The- company is known  as the Golden Five Mining Company.  The vein has been struck in a new place  on the Josie and samples Avere brought  in yesterday for assay. It is expected  that Avork will be continued all: winter.-  Eeturned to Victoria.  Minister of finance Cotton has returned  to Victoria from his trip through Lillooct  and Cariboo..     ������"-,��� -.��������� ��� /.  Many Slocan Mines.  I .Sandon Pnyslronk.  Four men  are doing development  at  the Best.    TlPe Queen Bess  now has   _5  ���men Avorking.    About 20 are on  surface  Avork.    TheSunri.se  is working  lfi  men.  The trail to the mine is nearly completed.  Corry ��fc Foster aro doing some. Avork  on  the Muldoon claim,  close to the   Payne  switch.    The force at the Ivanhoe is  being steadily increased.    There are  now  40 men on the payroll.   Oscar  V.  White  visited some properties on the Blue Ridge  last Aveek, Avith a A'ieAv to purchase.    The  Whitewater   shipped   71   tons and  the  Jackson   15 tons  of   concentrates  from  WhiteAA'ater this Aveek.    It  is reported  that Tom Rouse has ten  inches of clean  high grade ore on the  McAllister group,  a North Fork property.  ' There are ten men at AA'ork on the Noble   Five,   and   preparations  are   being  made to carry ou development all Avinter.  Hugh Sutherland visited the Dolly Var-  den, on-the North Fork last Aveek.    It is  reported   that a deal- is  contemplated.  Murray, Sloan and Lowes, avIio are driv-r  iug  a contract tunnel  on  the Corinth,  have done 300 feet of work since the 15th  'of June.    The American Boy Avill make a  ���shipment today.    Some of the ore is very  |high  grade.   The mine'.will be'a steady  ^'shipper this winter.    It is again reported  ��� that the Minneapolis Silver  Company is  to get the ground they  Want for  a concentrator  site from  the  owners  of the  Nighthawk mineral claim.  y The   Lucky   Jim   mine   now has the  longest payroll iti the camp.     Forty-two  men  are  Avorking, and  tAvo cars of zinc  ore are sent down every day.    The force  at the Rambler  Avill be increased Avhen  the raise from the lower tunnel into the  upper Avorkings  is completed.    The property Avill be a heavy shipper this Avinter.  James Ryan and Charles  Newhouse  Avill  .Avork all winter on the Evening Star, on  the north fork of Carpenter creek.   They  havo already done  a lai-ge   amount of  work and haA'e a fine ore showing.    The  Daideuelles is increasing its force  steadily, and  iioav  has  28  men Avorking.    A  little   ore   is   being  packed down,  but  heavy shipments -will not be commenced  until the raAvhiding season opens. ,. i  **���* .   Activity at the  Slocan Star.  ���Sandon P.aj streak  There are now 22 men doing development on contract at the Slocan Star.  The No. 4 and No. 5 levels ate being  driven both Avays, and No. 3 is being  driven to the Avest. An important strike  AA'as made in the No. 5 leA'el, east drift,  this week. The contractors are iioav in  450 feet from the crosscut, aa hich is 900  feet long, aiid aie driving towaid a sIioav-  ing Avhich crops up along the cieek, further east than the ledge has yet been  Avorked. The drift iioav shows thtee feet  of concentrating ote in the face. The  oie here encountered is seA*-eiaI hundred  feet to the to the Avest of the surface  eioppiugs, and should it prove to be the  same chute the Stai "will have heie continuous oie for 800 feet. In the other  levels the propei ty is lookiug splendid,  and the Slocan Star is in better shape to  pay big dividends than ever before.  Canadian Good Enough.  -Toionto TUcgi.tm  BOERS MEET WITH A REVERSE  Censorship on Transvaal News.  'London, October 17.���The AA'ar news is  still in the region of a surmise. There  are rumors that the Boers lnwe beeu repulsed at Mafeking and are attacking  Vryburg. A CapetoAvn paper has a dispatch from the Orange river stating that  the telegraph Avires have been cut betAveen Vryburg and Kimberley, and it is  believed that the  Boers  are  taking ad-  the grand jury to bring in a true bill, and  thus laid the foundation of the proceedings, Avhich, after his departure from the    vantage of the presence of a large gath-  '"  ' '        "   " "      ering  of   disloyal   farmers at Vryburg,  celebrating  Nachtmaalt,  to   attiick the  ollice of attorney-general, Avere carried to  a, successful issue by tlie deputy  whom he brought from Manitoba. If  Joseph Martin had no other faults  he Avould bo disqualified for honors at  the hands of sir Wilfrid Laurier by the  public zeal which he displayed in his  effort to put a corporation in the dock.  The imagination staggers at the possibility of the attorney-general of Ontario  prosecuting a corporation for the negligence Avhich murders humble, Canadians.  Surely Joseph Martin is no true Liberal  or he avouId fawn upon the influences  which he has fought in the public interest, .and could thus earn a high rank  Avith the corporation favorites Avhoin sir-  Wilfrid .Laurier delights'to honor.  Returned From a Trip East.  W. F. Teetzel came in yesterday oii  the Nelson cfcFort Sheppard after spending seven AA'eeks in the east. He spent  most of the time at Toronto,'where .his  mother resides, but he visited Montreal,,  Hamilton and��. London, and took in  Chicago and Denver on the Avay home.  He Avas in Chicago, among a million other  strangers, as a sightseer during tho ceremony of laying the cornerstone of  Chicago's new federal building. Three  Aveeks ago there was a snowstorm at  London, and when- there ten days af ter-  Avards, Mr. Teetzel says the snow Avas  still Visible in places. There Avas snow  along the railway Avest froni Denver uiir  til Idaho was reached, The Aveather in  the east litis been very, disagreeable, but  business is good.  'town, reporting that the farmers Avill assist them against the British. The same  dispatch says that the British force at  Kimberley is confident of its ability to  hold out, but urges the immediate dispatch of relief corps. The question of a  positive rising of .the Dutch farmers in  the northern portions of Cape Colony is  very Important.  New York, October 10.���The Commercial cable has issued the following^notice:  Wo are advised that the Natal administration announce that telegraphic com--,  munication Avith the Orange Free State  and Transvaal has been suspended. Thee  eastern company notify us that censorship has been established at Aden: oti all  messages for South Africa.  - '.'.;.  Wipe Out the Title. j.  Toronto Telegram. '     !  One AA'ay, and the only Avay, to abolish  the absurdities incidental to the creation  of Queen's Counsel in Ontario  Avould  be  to Avipe out the title.    Why should the  state create artificial distinctions betAveen  lawyers any moie than  between  doctors  or  ministers  or  meichants?   True,  the  state has an official  relationship to  I.'iav-  yets,  but the  state has al=o an at tificial  relationship to doctois.    IjaAvyers should* (  be left free to distinguish themselves @^  learning,  ability  and length of, servitiSj?  jmd the croAvn should cease trying to d-ijri'  tinguish a lot  of party favoi ites Avitli ���  titles which are no longer either useful or;  ornamental. ���  BRITAIN'S PARLIAMENT MEET!  London,   October    IC���The    Colonial  office issued this evening the correspondence  between <Mr. Chamberlain and  sir  Alfred Milner, British high commissioner  iu SoUth Africa, respecting the Transvaal  controversy, from September 8th to October 12th.  The salient points of the principal despatches, hoAvever, have been already published, but some of the telegrams  treating  of  side  issues  are  interesting.   ���  For instance the  governor of Natal, sir  Walter Francis Healy-Hutchiuson, .wired:  Mr. Chamberlain on October 2nd  as fol-.   -  lows:"'  Dinusula reports *chat  natives  in  the Vyryheid  district  of TraitsA'aal are  becoming desperate, and-it is feared that  they Avill not remain quiet inuch, longer. v.  The Boers are seizing their cattle, and the  chief implores the British government to  intervene.    I have  replied that it is best  for the Zulus to remain quiet.    My opin-  iuion  is,  hoAvever,  that  the  natives  in  Vysheid district may possibly rise against ^  the Boers in case of Avar.    They -will.' not ^y  much   longer  submit  to   the treatment X *  they have  had  at  the hSnds  of Boers, yy  On September 9th Mr. Chamberlainv seut^ J  the folloAving to the  British  high com-yyi  missioner: " I'think that if the  govern^ ��� yi  nt en t. of the Sou th Af r ican. r epubl jc'���' cpm-:;:y  '$tiMeS0B0lxBes;-. rfcV WiSuiip b.SKgll|ff��S|?S  i^f&n 'to^war^^rgsSicle^i t'^ruger $|th a tfiifcr  ...Ty^:  There cannot be much force in this cry  that no officer in Canada has seen the  active service necessary to qualify a soldier for the command of the handful of  men in any Canadian detachment Avhich  may go to tho Transvaal. Every Canadian officer avIio AA'as through the rebellion of 1885 has a greater experience of  active service than an OA'erwhelmiug majority of the officeis on A\hom Germany  Avould hiu'e to lean in case of Avar. Theie  is no pretence that Canada's officer** arc  technically as Avell trained as German  soldiers, but, if experience in active .set-  vice bo a di*-quaIific.ition for a suboidi-  nato command, then theie are few qualified officer-, in the armie-> of France or  Germany.        A Sample Claim.  ���*Fbe following is ji sample of the  'fglaims" that. are. being filed jigainst  Canada on accoulit of the Alien Exclusion  legislatioii^passed by this provinee'last'  Avinter. It'was filed by G. SAvanson, Avho  became a * naturalized citizen of tlie  United States in Wright county, Missouri, in 1880:  STATEMENT OF J-tAMA-tiS.  For b6i���K denied the privileges wanted mo by my  ���lTrnn Mirinr'pi f '(p.rf.iHV'jilit. of woHUfptttinir. Joenl,.  Speculation on Liberal Action,     ;:is  London, October If).���In the absci-ij*4  of the ministerial and opposition dinn��j's  which are usually given on the CA'cniug;  of the opening of pat liamcutat y sessions^  at AAhich the contents of the queers*  speech aie generally made knoAvn, i}ie).  speech Avas pii\ately communicated ^0  the leaders late this afternoon.  Sir William Vernon Haieourt and Mr(  John Morley Avill undoubtedly make* '-ai  statement of theit A'iews tomorrow, but:  tlieir actions Avill be guided hugely :by  the line which sir Henty ^Campbell-B.ajir  net man, leader of the opposition in th&  house of commons ttikes.  It is considei cd probable that Mr. Morley will vote for a hostile amendment if  sir Henry Oaiupbell-Bannei man moves  what he calls a reasonable and apprj>  The Irish leaden*. howcA'ci*,  amendment con-  'Sifhl  '���;burg*iK^  sa'najtjj^^^  "a|ltel��fpm,���5l��!^ "  .will"p>.pi*eMsi^  Never the! es-% -there. ^lSstt .se nou *3 Jdtsloyir ?g$  ....iii5..-.^'.vvr-��"i-.',"iij.��'5S.'^-.^  'fei^sS'  '!#'"����?[  Free Miner's G'crtiHealip, of jirp _iectiiiK, Jowit-  luff, recordfiitf. biiyiiiK, ilu(J selling plOcor claims  iti the Ilislriot of Catssifu-, JJI'IUkIi CdliniiWii, 1  claim damuges in the sum of.  ��.;osk of outfit* duty, frcklit, etc   I^osfc timet nix luontbH, at $100 per month ,  ��20.000  250  fiOO  ?2ft,8.*i0  No True Liberal.  Toronto Tbl-cgmm..  A British Columbia corporation has  just been convicted at Victoria and fined  $5000 for the negligence which, doomed a  handful of obscure individuals to deatb  in the collapse of a defective bridge.  The pi'oceedjngs Avei'e instituted by -tlie  Hon. Joseph Martin, as "attorney-general  .of British Columbia.  lie personally,urged  pi into one.    The  Irish  are certain to move tin  detuning the government's policy, though  tlieir folloAving in a  discussion  and the  lobby is likely to bo small.  TELEGRAPHIC    NEWS   IN   BRIEF.  Stanford NcavoII, United States minister to the Netherlands, aviII sign the  ptotocol embodying the agreements  reache< 1 by the rcpiesentativos of the  powers participating in the iceeiit cott-  feience. *'  The Filipino insurgents made an attack upon Angeles at half past two j&s-  tcuhiy morning. One American aviis  killed and several Avoundcd. The Filipinos used artilleiy, a fuAV shells exploding.  The forty-sixth rcghneht, Ayitieli aviis  recruited' largely in Now England, left  North.Farringfcon, Massachusetts, yesterday, iAvhcre the regiment "will embark for  the I-'liilippiues. __________  - The Schultz Divorce Case.  Victoria, October KJ.���Tlie divorce  case of Shuity. vs Schiiltz came up before  justice Walkem this morning. Henry  SehuTb: sues for divorce from liis Avife,  Helen Sefutlt**, for adultery. Some formula! eA'idence Avas taken and the case  then adjourned until tomorrow. The  Avife is unrepresented. The parties are  of Atlin and Vernon.  f uej$" MiliyeWsri^rKey  ' CapetowJr fe-su'rgihi'y^ifc ^l0?ei^i|^St*ll;_^  ���mel,.:t;ti't',ivlia;t;js^a:fl^^  net's^ btttra:'pir'iofy Mtpl|i||gfel^Si;^  statt:t.-re'fUsii'l:itbssendia?voiiiiit^  E-n'-.iP^l  Sb  Foresters Meeting at the Capital.  Victoria, October 1(5.���The Ancient  Order of Forestors' annual 'meeting for  Columbia district, opened here today Avi th  delegates from all parts of tho pro voice,  present. The meetings aviII continue this  evening and tomorrow and Wednesday.  The annual banquet will bo held tomorrow evening. .:������...  - London,. Oef*oheif l&,^Au'. ^jjp.t^i/l'y,'  lUeSSjige front  Gleticoe cainjij, dotted 'Bi^f?:  this aftettioon. anuoftUfciSfe tlia^fe th��jy&6l%  eoinmalider, av%> iiiJVjided'^ithl' tiijiipupt ~\  Laitigs    Neok,    ft'-ftai" oeeiyiy'ijj:^ 'fe*^^-  .castle,.     advanced      to     Bi-iuiihaiigeiv:  retired    on     Ijgniutue     yest0rd{tiy*;   ��***��>���?  nii'lg,   their    transjiort    scrvfce:   istiiif^y  reported defective*  Thi& \y-rll tlelay iii"  deflni tely the aivtieiliittedyttAKl Iro'i'jed.-. fiSl>  assault on tlie stroivg British position 'ftty  OleudoQ.   Another "deffpateh re'pioi'ts "a&X"  ttvity on the i^art of FrOy; State������coui'fiviritt  I ti  the ner^hborljpod of Alhval ttorthy ou  the southern frontier. TlieilBoerij'adviin'ee  patrol, the despateh says,, goes to the  froiititM' bridge nightly to  keej>  watch,  firing shots at intei*vai.s. m signals.  Pay tha Whole Bill.  The Britisli goverumeut's |ji'Oj><5sal to  pay all the expenses of the Gtuiadiau eon-  tingeiit except the .transportation to  Soutli * Africa,., while most gratiiyltigv  should not be eiitoi'tained at Otta\va.  Canada has tho tiioney as avcII as the  moti, and the people of this country will  be qtute Avllling, even eager, to do more  than send volunteers for the service;  tliey Avill want to pay all expenses, and -  they will endorse the Dominion government if it promptly insists upon  paying  the whole shot.  ��� ��� .  ���      , p.  Eighty-Dollar Ore.  The   officers   of   the Kxche.quer   Gold  Mining Company report that the  20-tOn  .shipment av hich   aviis sent to  the Hall  Mines smelter last Aveek sampled  $80  to  the ton.   This value Avould be fully up to  the expectations of the management jmd  verifies the tissays Avhich were made from  time to time upon the class Of oris comprised in the first shipment. ���        -  n^m  ' '"���*-. ��n �����-'n1  :y"sf-'s'-  .-.-p-   S'.^VdB  'i'g^sA THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, TUESDAY, OCTOBER  IT,  1899.  i-vu-  M  y  ft  \'  s  I  lb  Mi  (Jr^atl^moual^al^  A splendid opportunity to get new and fashionable ��  Dry Goods at ���$���  %  Slaughter Prices  o  One hundred and fifty Ladies' Suits and Ma,ntles to  be sold at a sacrifice.  US)  labor men, and favoi- closing doAvn e\rery  mine iu the country until men can be obtained Avho -will work for $2.i30 and .$3 a  day. It is to be hoped the adherents of  the " Rossland " camp Avill increase, for  life is too short to be Avasted iu arguing  Avith the pompous-niossback element that  is largely in the majority in the "Nelson-  Slocan " camp.  Tin? mine managers in the Slocan haA'e  known for seA'cral years that the mines  around AinsAvorth were worked by thrce-  dollar-a-day men. Then Avhy did they  not demand that their men should Avork  for three dollars a day? Was not the  reason as good four years ago as it is  today ?  MARTIN  O'REILLY & CO.  %  BANK  OP  B. O.  BUILDING.  NELSON.  TEJR3VCS   CASH  ?&&&&���_?&&*&*-?&��������&���&��:&  ���S**.^*S*:-_r-;���?:i-?  6"^ "S^ig*-: ��*���������"_"-":  M  BOYS UNDERWEAR  Boy's Underwear cannot always be had, but our stock  is complete, at present and we would advise early buying  MEN'S OUTFITTER  Sign of the RED  HAT, Baker St., Nelson  J. F. WEIR  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  INCORPORATED 1670.  The Following Goods Have Just Arrived  Wholesale  Houses  VERATED AND   MINERAL "WATERS.  TUOIJPK&OO., LIMITED.���Cornor Vernon and Cedar  streets, Nelson, manufacturcis- uf and wholesale  dealers in icralcd waters and fruit syrups. Sole agents  for Halcyon Springs mineral water.   ASSAYERS' SUPPLIES.  WF. TEKTZKL & CO.���Corner Jlaker and Josc-  ��� phine .streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in assayers' supplies. Agents for Denver Fire Clay Co. of  Denver. Coloiado.   CIGARS.  KOOTFXAY CiGAIt MANUFACTURING CO.���Corner JJaUvr anil Hall slreots, Nolson, inaniifaeturers  of "Royitl .Seal" and "Kootenay Jjelle" brands of cigars.  COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  H.7. EVANS & CO.���Haker street, Nelson, wholesale  ��� dealers in liquors, cigars, eeincnl. Ilro brick anil  lire clay, water pipe and si eel rails, and general com-  inission* merchants.      :           ��� ~ y  . FLOUR AND  FEED.     "  BUACKMAN & KKli "MILLING COMPANY LTD.���  Front streel, Nelson, wholesale dealers in flour, oatmeal, etc., find hay aud grain. Mills at Kdinonton, Vie-  toria, and Xcw-Wcslniiiit-ror.   r"   r     '   ' "GROCERIES/ '   -    -  A "MACDONALD & CO.���Corner Vernon and .Toso-  ���' phine, slreots, wholesale grocers and jobbers in  blankets, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers, jnnckinaws and  miners'sundries.        "   KOOTENAY   SUPPLY1   COMPANY.    LIMITED���  Vernon street^ Nelson, wholesale grocers.           TOILX  "J    win  CIIOLDITCTI  liolesule grocers.  &   CO.���Pi out street,  Nelson,  -  - FRESH* AND SALT MEATS,  P   BURNS &. CO.���Bilker streel. Nelson, wholesale  *   dealers in-froalt ami cured meals.   Cold-storage.  HARDWARE AND MINING ^SUPPLIES.  HBYJCRS & CO.���Corner Jiakcr'nnd .Josephine streets,  ���    Nelson, wholesale dealers in hardware and mining  supplies.   Agents for Giant J'owder Co.  i__^  LAAVKKNOE IIAUDWAPK COMPANY���Baker S(...  Nelson, wholesale dcaleis in hardware and mining  supplies, ami water and plumbers' supplies.   VANCOUVER HAHDVYAKK COMPANY, LIMITED  _ ���Haker street, Nelson, wholesale dealers in hardware and mining supplies', plumbers and -tinsmiths' supplies^  -   LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  IJIURNEIi; REETON & CO.���Coiner Vernon  phine ,sli'cots, Nelson,  iwl .To.se-  wjiqlc-ale dealers in liyuoiss'.  cigars and dry goods.   Agents for I'abst Brewing Co. of  Milwaukee and Calgary Brewing Co. uf Calgary.   POWDER,  CAPS AND~FUSET  HAMILTON-POWDEIt-COMPANY���Bakor-si roctr  Nelson, nianufacturer!: of dynamite, sporting,  stumping and black blasting powders, wholesale dealers  ill cuips und fuse, and oleoiric blasting apparatus.   PROVISIONS, PRODUCE AND FRUITS.  PARSONS   PRODUCE   COMPANY���Vernon   stroet,  Nelson,  wholesale dealers in   provisions,  produce,  and fruits.   Agents for.Swift& Co. bacon anil limits.  JY. GRIFFIN & CO.���Corner Vernon and Josophino  ���   .streets,   Nelson,   wholesale dealers   in   nrnvisiniw  cured meats, butter and eggs.   The Gi'anite mine on Eagle creek lias  been closed, so it is said, because the  union men working there refused to accept .$3 a day, the management claiming  that the Union alloAVS its members to  work in the Silver King for that rate,  and that it is unfair to require;the Granite, to pay $3.50. The'unions have been  consistent and conservative in this  trouble. They have merely asked-that  tlie rate of wages prevailing, before the  eight-hour law became effective should  continue to be paid. Tliey have alloAved  each mine and camp to stand on its oavu  bottom ; they haAre not insisted on^any  arbitrary/changes.  NKl.SON, has long enjoyedj almost a  monopoly of the court business of southern Kootenay, and Yale, but if a change  is not made in the care of the court-room'  much of the business now transacted here  Avill, be ' transferred ��� to Rossland on the.  completion of the new court-house at  that town. Latter-day judges are not  used to roughing it, and Avhen tliey come  to a toAvn as pi*etent-ious as .Nelson* is  they expect, at least, ordinary comforts  while transacting public business. The  court-house at Nelson AA'as built for a  one-horse toA\-n, and judging from the  complaints made by the judges avIio are  compelled to hold court here, the rooms  used for court purposes are kept as they  might be in a one-horse toAvn.  Just Received ...  Christie Brown's  Celebrated  Water Ice  Wafers  wu _  gj?       Hosiery  US)     Heavy Cashmere Hose in  # Women's and  Children's,  # direct   importations   and  US) special value.  # ��� : :   f       Infants  Wool Bootees, Gaiters,  Hoods, Mitts, Coats, Jackets, Coats and Wraps.  Feather Ruffs  Fine values are being  offered in these goods.  i&  i&)  Socks  Men's Socks, all grades  of Cashmere, Heavy and  Light Weight.  Furs  In the newest shapes of  Collars, Coats, Ties, etc.  They are all right in price.  Golf Capes  A   second   lot   of these  have just arrived. They  are   good   in   style and  quality.  Jackets  Ladies' Jackets in all  the newest designs and  colors.    Very low in price.  Silk "Waists  An endless variety at  all prices. Everyone can  be pleased from our assortment.  m  m  w  s  Plaids      . |  Beautifvl designs and %  colors all wove, and suit- %  able for waists and skirts. 5?  And a Choice  Assortment of  Biscuits and Cakes  %  %  Wd  Our aim is to have the Right Goods  at the Right Price.  Co.  Hudson's Bay Go.  Telephone 13  Gut Prices is the  Order of the Day  And I want lo be in it. 1 liavo just received  J<*all wimples of Suitings and Overcoatings representing a -JoO.GOO stock to  choose from made lo your order at p-ices  never before Jieard of in Nelson. All thciatcst  fads in Fancy Vesting for Kali and winter.  Ladies'tailoring in all its branches a specially.  Lowest prices.   Rooms 1 and II, Hillyer block.  '-��&  Baker  Street,   Nelson.  _S5_Si_��_Si^^  ���^���^���^���^f��^^^^.^^'  w^fB^r^fBmm^mmmmmmM^<  ��  m  ��  I��.  m  Big Schooner  Beer or Half=  a.n-d=I~ialf . . ���.  in   provisions,  PK. STKAA'AKT fc CO.-W'areJiou^'H nn 0. V. 11.  ��� track, fool, of Slnnley si reel, XuImiii, wholewilc  dcalurx in provisions, produce ami fruits. Colli .storage.  AkciiLh Armour & Co.h bacon, hums, lard and other pro-  ducls.   "sash and doors,  NKI.SflN SAAV AM) PI.A.VING 31 ILLS. MJHTKD--  (.'oriior Kront and Hal) stivuts, Nelson, iiiiuiufaf-  Jiirersof ami wlvtjluwrlc ilL-.Ucrs' in haslt and doors; nil  kinds of fad or} work timdo lo milor.   WINES AND CIGARS.  U.AI!Trci---ror-  wholesiiludoalurK  bulk) anil domestic and  imported  CAl.lKOIt.MA  AVr.N'K  CO.A1 PAXA',  nor Front and Hall sheds, Xelsnii  in wines (case and  cigars.  At tlie time the Duncan Mines syndicate acquired the Granite mine, tlie Silver King miners Avere getting but three  dollars a day, yet the Duncan Mines  "iTeople-did-Hot^lJjcjlJt "to-paying three  dollars and fifty cents a day on the  Gi'anite. Why do they do so iioav?  Simply because they have entei-etl into  a combine to do up the miners" unions.  They do not want to see minei's exercis*-  ing the privileges that tli6y themselves  exercise.  D A IIS* JIDITIOK.....  WBKKiit: %vmoN..  .....iriHST Ykar, No. 214  p.Skvkntu Ykak, No. 38  The 'cduteution. that, because certain  ���mines are working" men for $3 a day all  raines shotild be alloAved to Avork at the  same wages is nob a good one.   If it is a  good one noAV, Avhy was it not a good one  before the eight-hour law Avent into effect?  The Silver King mine at Nelson  has not  paid more than $3 a day since the present company assumed control' the AA'ages  at the mine having been reduced from  $3..50 to $3 some five years ago, yet every  other mine in  Nelson  district paid '$3.50  right aloug.    Why did not the managers  of these niines make the reduction  to  $3  before the passage oi* the eight-hour law?  Tkk mine managers in Kootenay are;  diA'idcd into tAvo camps. Qua camp is  known as the "Rossland " and the other  as the "Nelson-Slocan." The ��f Itosslaiid"  camp managers avi 11 not stop work on  any mine Avith Avhich they are eto-  nectcd ; they believe in Avorking the pro-  pertics under their charge and paying  the going rate of Avages.  Slocan" camp  managers  Stevens, J\\e Tailor  Notice to Investors and Builders  wishing  We give the very Best Tkrjjs to those  to borrow money on improved real  estate.  The only company in the province that gives  you the privilege  of paying  off your  whole  Loan at Any Time Avithout a Bonus on giving a 60 day notice of your intention Avas so.  Always  Always  Presh  Cool  THE BEST G-LASS OF BEER IN NELS01. IS  ulbs  FOR FALL PLANTING  TULIPS  NARCISSUS  EASTER LILIES  HYACINTHS  CROCUS  AT THE  ClubRotel  Corner Silica nnd  Stanley Streets.  E. J. GURRAN, Prop.  , Britisli Columbia Permaijcnt'Savings & Loan Company;  Globo S.avihgs & I-oan Co., TorqntiP.  aie  The "Nelson-  are all  cheap-  irson  WHOLESALE  Butter,  Eggs,  Cheese,  Green  Fruits,  Cured  Meats,  Vegetables  $2100 w;i,U .purchaso a central lot and. residenco.  $3000 Will purchase fDiir nice Jota aiid reKideiico.  IOvOOOi J^ooJcd Fairmont J cents.  Blackcock (Yifiirj sharos to cents.  5000 Utica at li ceiits.  -Olidaf) lots in Fatrviow (BoBU-itown) AcUli'Mont  *��  ��  ���  EOYAL SEAL AND  iCQOTiEHAT BELLE  Canada Drag and Book Co.,  I_I_��tI_?_iIX>  Cornor of Baker and Stanley Streets. Nelson  They lave Arrived at Last  ��0,000 Bulbs From Holland.  A choice si'sortment for present plicnting. For the  .Convenience of. those who cannot *>��11 at the gi*eenlion>pe  a full supply will be on hiiiiil atJCirUpatrick & Wilson's  and Finnk Taiiiblyirs, Baker street.  tW&&fjf  MADE'  Turner & Bocokh block, NcIkoii, B* G.  THe Kelson Electric fmmt Co., Ltd.  LOTS FOR SALE  ON EASY TERMS  SHIPPERS OF THE EARLY  BREAKFAST BRAND OF BACON  Eooteiiif Gigap  Nolson, British Columbia.  R REISTERER&  BREWRRS AND BOTTliERS OF  \e&v9  Large number of choico building lots adjacont to the  lino of their tnuiiWAyt For price and terms of sale apply  to tlie oflieo of Ihe company* Macdonald block, corner ot  JoHcphiiio and Vernon streets.  T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary.  Charles  D, J. Christie  GENERAL BROKER.  Prompt and regular  delivery to the trade.  Brewery at Nelson,  Greenhouses, S. 0pizzelle, Jteop,  C'oriierUoover and Watrd Stireel��.  Bulbs for* Fall Planting  ii-ss*2O.O0O Holland JJnlba tonrd vo in Sot t'ombpe; SOflO Japan  Ijflie-* to arrive in Oethbcr; JflJKJIJhodlodeiKli-onH.Aziiloa.s,  JM'tKualioiti K6.se��. ote. to arrive iii October. Tiion.smids  of Jtoses, Caiiiorias, Kruit and Ornamental Trees-. Sliruhn^  etc., Kfowinjf on my own {frbuiids [6c tho fall trade.  Calwloffiie free'.       .  JVf* J. Jfeiipy-    -     Vancouvei', B. C.  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  NELSON. B,C.  CofTee roasters and dealers in Tea and Coffee.  Offer fresh roasted coffee of best quality as follows:  Java and ATabian Mftcha, per pound  ~   "  Java and Mocha Blend. 3 pounds...... .......  Fine Santos, i pounds .....  Santos Bland, 5 pounds   Our Special Blend, 6 pounds.:.........   Our Rio Roast, 8 pounds    A trial order solicited.  NOTICE.  NoMeo is hereby si ven* (hat in thirty days. I intend to  iip-dy to Hie chief coiiiiiiissioiiui* ol l.-iml.-* and \sniJv.s,  for penili.^ion lo cut.and I'arr} away timburofrihu below  dcMirilied Innds'r  (.'oiniiiynciiiK.il ii post abonf. five miles up Yuill crock  on I ho wchl arm of Kootcn.ij lnko: liionuo north uitrlity  chains; llieiicu west ten clitiiu.-; tbunco nortli sixty  cluiin.s: liienco west, ten cliain.s; llicnce north forty  elm ins; tlience wi'-il ten cli.-iins-; tljcnee north forty  cliain.s; tlienco west ten cliains; tlieiit-e north forly  cliiiin^: tlioni'o west ten clinin.s; tlience norlh forly  cliains; Lhcneu west ten chains; tlience north Uveniy  chains; llicnce wc^t fortj chains; Ibence south twenty  uIiiilik; thonce wist ton cliains: llicnce south fortj  cliains; tlienco eiu.li tun cliains; Ihence soutli forty  elinins: tlience e.isl. ten cliains; thence soulh forly  chains; Ihence cast ten chains; thenco south-forty  chains; tlience oast len chains; thence south sixty  ehpiiin.; tlience cast ten chain*; thence south eiylily  chains; lhcneu cast forty chains (o the place of com-  liiencemciil. (-IIAltliJOS lJllvI/YJ':Jt.  XcIsiiii. H. ('.. A hkxsI. ISIh. IS!*!).           NOTICE.  Nolicc is JiorcbyKivci (hat in thirty days, I intend 'to  apply to Iho duel ooniiiifssioner of lands and works for  permission to cut and curry away timber oil'the below  described lands-;  Coiuincnciiitt.-ita jio.st, about two and a half miles up  from the uioulh ufn creek ruiiniiiK into Crawford Jlsiy,  on ICootemiy lake, and known iis Oray creek, marked  nor! Invest corner; thence east forty chains; I hence norlh  ten chains; Ihence cast tucnty chains; thence north  len chains-; thenceeast thirtj-tlvc chains; thence .south  two chains; tlience cast soNcilleen chains; thence soulh  sixty chains; llicnce west tiflcon chains: thence norlh  leu chains: thence west twcnly-tive chains; tliencc_  -south (un-chains ;-t!ience-A\vi>si,-.six(e��n_chain.s ;-tIienco  south Ion chains; thence west sixlcen chains; thonce  norlh ten chains; thenco wesl forty chains; I hence north  forty-two chains to tlie place of commencement.  IJAKJ-.Y. HOUSTON.  Nelson. B. C. September (itli. ISiH).   NOTICE. .   ]  Kotico is hereby .given, that in thirty .days, I Inksiid  apply to the cMef cohiinissionerof lanjls aiid work.s,;_|  o  v- .for  tho below  ... HI  ..  1 00  .. 1 OO  .. 1 oo  ..  1 00  .. i oo  Salesrooms 2 Doors  East of  Oddfellows  Baker Steeet  Block,  West  Full stocks carried at Nelson and  Rossland.   Mail orders solicited.  I"EsT*3'0"*R_��_'lSrC"EJ  RBAt ESTATE AND LOANS.  FOE SALE  .  5-Roorn House  $1300 I  J-Rbom-House..  50-Foot Corner...,   ;....;...$!joq-.  ...$3C'0  yABCHITECTS.  EWAKT & CARKJK���Architects.   Rronw 7 and 8 Ab  ordeea block, Baker stroet. NcIboh,.  . Will deliver Jn ton lots  Brick $12 per thousand.  At yard or on scows at government wharf.  The West fyotenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Baker Straeb.       T. Q. PKOOTOB, MaaaBev   '  RAILROAD WORK.  One hundred men wanted on Nortli Star Branch of  Crow's Nest, Kailway, at Cranbrook, British ���Columbia;  good wages.   Throe miles of station work to let for next:  thirty days.   Transportation rates one  cent per mile.'  1 raiiKportation can be obtained from CaniVdian Pacific  railway agent at Nelson or at any C. P. It. station.  BUKCJONIUDGJC & LUND  Cranbrook. October 2nd. 18tK|.    ,��� Contractors.   .  SCHOOL TEACHER WANTED  v y  For Kuskonook public school, holding second class.cer-..  tjlioatc;. .Salary ��40 per month. Duties to commence;  November 1st. ISM.   Address,  JOHN F. JCKNNKDY, Secretary School Hoard.  Kuskonook, 11. C, October J2th, lStW.  perini��sion.lO cut and carry away timber oil'  described lauds:  CouinienciiiK at the northeast corner of JT--D. JifcpGr-  iiiid's timber claim, on Lafraiicc ci'cek* on souili arm of  ICoo'teiiil)* Lake, tJlciice (Saijt forty chains, theiiee soiilh  ton cliains, thenco cast, ninety chains, ��� thence north ten  cliains,; IhomJie cast forty-live, chains,. tJiOueo soiil'h: lifty  chaiiis, tliciice west. Jive chains: llieiiccsoiitli ten cluiii'is;  thence west seventeen chains,;, thenco .South, ten ttJiainj*'.  t'lieiice west, 0i_h(eaii (,-..liaiinj. thenco north ten ol'iiuiisj'  tlienco Wi;sti foi ty cl'.'tfns, Ih.unoO south ton <jhaina, thenco  west fQripjr cliahiH; thenco soutli t,eu chains;, thence "Wiist  forty-JI vi) clmiiisr, thence north eighty chain*, to plileO of  coniincncenieiit. OKO. GRAY.  'XelsiJii, jt, C, September22nd, iSilt). .--   NOTI0E.  Notice is hCrebyyiven that in thirty days, I intend to  apply to tho chief commissioner of lunds and works;, for.-  permission (ii cut and carry awny tiluber oil' the below  desci'ibed lands:  Coiiinionciiiiratapofit, nbout twoanda half miles np  Lafrancocreek, on thonouth arm of Kootenay !i(ke, coln-  niencingatthe iiorthwesteoi'iierithenGeeastilvceiiaiiis;  thonce north forty chiiiim; tlience east twenty .qhaiils;  tlienco north ton chiiiim', tlience east nine chUfns j thenco  north ton eliaimS; thonce east livO chains; thence lioMh  ten chains; thenee east ten chains; thenco noitli ten  cliains; thence east ten chains; tlience north Hen  eJiaiiis; thenco,east twelve chains; t'hoiieo north Jivo  chains; thence east thirty-eight cliains; thence north  twenty chains; thenco cast fourteen chains; thenco  south twenty chains; tlience weal, eighteen cliains;  thenco south six chains; thence west twenty chains;  thence south twenty-live chains; tlience west ten chains;  thence south twenty chains;, thonce west twenty chnins;  thenee south flf I con chains; thence west ten ohiiihg;  tlienco south twenty-Jivo chains; thence west, eight  chains; thenee soutli. twenty. Jive chains; tlienco west  seven teen chains; th'once south eleven" chains: tliciice  west twenty chains; thence north: thirty-two elinins' to  thc'plftco ot commencement H. ����. McDJCMUID.  Nelson. B. C, August 21)th, JSPO.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that in thirty days I intend to  apply to the chief commissioner of lands and works /or  permission to cut and carry away timber off the below  described lands:  Commencing at a post ten chainssouth of H.Houston'h  northeast corner post, on Gray creek, rim'iiinginto Crawford Bay, on Kootenay lake.andthcnceeastfortychains;  thence south eighty chains; thence west ten chaina;  thence south eighty chains; thenee east ten chaiiiH;  tlience south forty chains; thence west-forty chaiiiH;  thence nortli fifty chains; thence west ten chains; thence  north .one hundred cliains: thence cast ton'ehains;  thonce north fifty chains to the place of commencement,  -  ��� THOMAS Sl'ROAT,  Nelson, B. C, September fllh.  4  A  "r-_j��- THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C. TUESDAY, OCTOBER  17, 1899.  3  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up,    -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATHCONA AND  MT   ROYAL, Prosidcnt  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND, '...Vice-President  E   S. CLOUSTON General Manager  ���JSTElLSO-lSr   DB'R^.lSrO'EI  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.       mtp-.NOt-.IK8 IN       LONDON  (EnRiand).   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO  and in the principal cities in Canada.  Buy nnd sell Sterling Exchange nnd Calilo Transfers  OHANT COMMKXtOIAt, ANI) THAVKr._KIt8' CKKDITS,  availablo in any part of tho world.  DKAFTS I8SUKD    COI.IpKOTIONB MADK' KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OF INTEREST PAID  TAKERS   AT   COUNTRY   PAIRS.  A number of swindlers are now closing  their full season at the agricultural fairs,  jind will soon return to their homes in the  cities, having done quite well in August  and September and thus far in October.  One of the leading operators was interviewed by tlie New York Sun. He said:  "Working the jays tliis autumn has  paid well.' Everybody seemed to have  money to burn at the agricultural fairs,  and our business was dead easy. Those  who 'operated games of chance cleared  big money, in spite of the fact that  heavy charges had to be paid for gambling privileges. But, whore they could  gej- in, $5000 was nothing to pay for a fill]  gambling privilege for four or five day?..  "It was nothing to see eighteen gambling tables running on a fair ground in  the open air during September. What  ���wtis tho favorite game? I think jack-pot  probably caught more people .and made  the most money. NO, it wasn't -poker, or  anything like that. It was betting on a  card with a doubling-up privilege for the  banker, and many a dollar was lost by  the countrymen who hadn't enough  money to double-up so they dropped all.  I have been following tlie fail's for years  at various games, but I n'ever;before, saw  as many rolls or money among the farmers as tliis season. And they played  it, too.  lil think theL easiest thing this year  .was the old tobacco box trick. A capper  of mine had a neat silver box. ILe'd  ' stand off a, farmer and show him the  , trick, that is, show him how -fco open the  box. Then Prt come along dressed like a  farmer, I'd fall in with the pair. Capper would show me the box. I'd fail to  open it. Then I'd offer to bet a ten-dollar bill no one else could open it. The  .guy would jump at the chance, (lash his  roll, and we'd put up ten each. I'd look  at the box, give it a dead-lock turn, which  the jny'd not see, and hand it back .to  him. Then he'd go to work. Of course,  he couldn't open it under the new conditions, and he'd lose. To take in ten jays  a day wouldn't be much of a job for five  hours. I recollect one jay I had my  doubts about. Ho' was dangerous looking. He liad up his ten and 1 had covered it. It looked lilje his bottom stake, I  imagined he had a gun, so I ventured  another bet of ten against his pistol lie  couldn't open the box if I couldn't. To  my surprise he pulled a fiveshootcr bulldog from his hip pocket, and the capper  held all the stakes. 'Well, sir, it nearly  took the capper's breath away, but we  _were_all .right. _Chances _\vere_the_farmei_.  hadn't two guns. He tried all he knew  how and, of course, couldn't open the box.  AVe got away all right, but we might  have fared badly, had I not thought ho  might be armed.  "One of our party sold a lot of twenty-  five-eent rings for a quarter and then  gave fifty cents each for them to the  farmers who bought. When he had a  big crowd he sold a dozen cheap watch  chains for a quarter each, find gave a  half dollar each for them back to buyers.  Then he offered fifty cheap watches at a  dollai' apiece, saying there was no telling  but what he'd give $5 each for them  again, as he was simply advertising a big  New York jewelry house Buyers were  plenty, (lush and anxious. Watches  were handed out fast as tliey could be  wrapped iu paper. A few of the first  thii't were .sold had works in them and  would run in a fashion. AU the others  had no works but were only cheap, imitation cases. All were well wrapped iu  paper; Buyers were told to keep up  their .'-anus,  watches  in  hand,  in plain  LODGE   MEETINGS. -  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS���Nelson   Lodge,  No,  25,  Knights of Pythias, meets in I. 0. 0. if. Hall, corner  Bakor and Kootenay streets, ever] *"     J " **      '      "**  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is qow prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  o. Credit on Si\aguay, U. S., Atlin, B- C., and  Dawson City, Yul^on. District.  8 o'clock.   Visiting i_uights cordlall:  T, LILLIE, C. 0. ~  " J  Tuesday evening at  iordially invited to attend.  R. Gf. JOY, E. Ot B. & S.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23; A. F.- &;A.- M. Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning*  brethren invited.  NKLSON" L. O. _-., _   .   _._.   ...   corner I3akor and Kootenay streets. 1st and 3rd  Friday of oiioh month*,  vited.  JOHN TOYE, W. M.  No. 1692. meets in I. O. o, F. Hall,  Kootenay streets, 1st ar ...  Visiting brethorn cordi.illy in-  F. J. BRADLEY, Reo. Sec.  NELSON   ./ERIK,  Number  22,  Fraternal  Order  of  Eagles, nicetsevery second and fourth Wednesday in  each month in Fraternity Hall.   Visiting brethren welcome.  J..IRVING. President.        J. R. WHAY, Secretary.  NKLSON MINKKS' UNION'  NO.  MdWsinK. I',  !)��.  W.  F. of AT.���  . rooms, Friiternitylin.il, the lirst, nnd  third  Saturday ci'cningx in  each month at 8 o'clock.  Visit iiiij members welcome.  VAMJiS WILKS, See'y.      CIIAS. A. MoKAY, Pros. - -  view, so that no one could make any  change or substitute. Before they know  of anything, our man wlio drove a fast  horse, would leave the crowd and get  .away before they could touch him. In  this branch, we'd take in country cappers  and all and beat them with the rest. It  was dead easy to get a half dozen .jay  cappers for the lirst two buys. Nine  cases out of ten they'd not stop, but go  ahead on the third buy. They, still, like  the other fai-mers, have their alloy  watches on hand unless they threw them  away. A few dollars fixed tiny constable  01 special avIio might be in the way. It  was.dangerous, but it went.  "One clever new thing was this : For:  a half'dollar- enough drug could be  bought to color a barrel of water. Our  barkers sold the cure-all medicine, crying  out to every, farmer to take a sampleJ  The capper.? accepted a small drink of it.'  Hundreds followed. Cappers then paid.a  dime each. Farmers hedged saying they  had accepted a sampled 'Nonsence,' cried  the barkers, 'We said'it* was Dr. Sample's1  cure.' And in this way the agriculturists!  were compelled to, give up a dime each,'  which they did with a laugh and a swear!  at'the damn swindle,'as they said. j  "We had twro boys in our party, kids;  they:-were, who flim-flammed, the huek-;  sters with two "and' five-dollar bills, audi  they did the trick so cleverly that I'm  sure that they qan live comfortably all  winter in'New York without much labor.  That pair of kids will grow up and become expert ten-dollar bill workers in a  year or two. They shoved many a. bad  five, asking for two two's and a one, for  change, while the-beer and oyster men  were in full swing of business at the various eating stands. We did .some little  green goods business, where'.we could  manage a tent pri\.lege in some side,  show, but'there "was not time pi- 'oppor-,  tuuity to fall in with a jay "who .had a  big enough roll to equal a regular come-  on. Green goods' men have a hard row  to hoe these clays, where they're located.  "Too many people are on to 'em; yet  they're doing fairly well. - A- bright,  young fellow was given away the other  day   by  his-   "pal in 'a  neighboring  jail'  FOR SALE  BUSINESS AND RESIDENTIAL  PROPERTY  For a promise, he squealed ; wrote to his  pal in New York to come on. Faithful  lad that he was, he came on to help his  friend and walked right into the hands  of a chief "of police. The judge gave him  two and a half years in an east Pennsyl-  xania jail, while the chief man got free.  That's right, what I'm telling you.  "The twirling pointer that is loaded  and never stops on the space where the  ten-dollar bill is, if the operator don't  want it to, is not a ucav thing, but it is a  winner. When the caliper elbows his  way in the crowd and the operator lets  the pointer stop at the tenner, why, of  course, the farmers try to win the next  big money. 1 hired a good man���that is,  I thought he was a good fellow���to help  us out on a busy Thursday. Well, sir,  that fellow, like till of us, had his price.  He jumped the fair ground when he won  his first ten-dollar bill. . Maybe he's running yet, poor fellow. The ten was too  big ji temptation and ho got away with  it. The whirling race horse is a winner,  as most of the farmers likir'to ,bet on a  horse, even if it is a tin one in a race.  "We . didn't have any thimble l'igs,  little jokers or sweat cloths this trip.  People are too much on the alert for new  plays. The shoe blacking peddler, who  puts one, two and five dollar bills in the  tin boxes in the presence of the jays, to  boost sales, is not a success any more.  Not enough money in it for quick business. We had a wart remover fakir, who  could cut out a wart with his specially  sharpened thumb nail, about as slick as  the best surgeon I ever saw. He sold as  much of the wart remover compound as  he could make out of cheap rosin soap.  Of course, liis thumb nail did the business  in the presence of the crowd who thought  it was the instantaneous wart remover  compound. He could put some of the:  compound in his eye and it wouldn't hurt;  him. It was sold as a harmless preparation, you know.  "There is more business done witli the  women farmers than ever  before.    It is  FULL LINE OF  astonishing how they fill the little side  tents of the fortune-teller women and  the female palmists. But, after all, the  biggest card to win is when you offer  something for nothing. Anything Avith.  the word free to it, is .a sure go. '.Free of  charge' gets a big crowd quick' for you,  and then if you have a work to do for  cold cash, do it quickly.  "As it was in Harnuni's days, so it is  now. People take the chances when it  comes to a humbug or fraud or swindle.  They have faith in their wisdom. AVhy  distrust them ? They'll be just as eager  next fall to get something for nothing, or  to buy a chain for a quarter if they can  sell it back for a half. Of course, they'll  take a dozen each.  "But don't you imagine that I'm hero  giving away the best we've got. There  are some things which cannot be revealed. It would cm.'ike our business too  cheap."  The Treraont Hotel  -VlALOfJE & TRECILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  30 by 120, Baker street, between  Josephine and  Ward streets 58000  50 by 120, JUkcr street, between Josephine aud Hall  streets, corner : ,..  25 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vernon  street .'....:  5000  50 by 120 with improvements, south sido of Vernon  street  6000  2} lots with cottage rented at $15 per month, Victoria  street '-  3500  2 lots with cotUago rented at 5J20 per month, Stanloy  street   .3000  G lots in block iJD, all cleared and fenced in  2500  AGENTS FOR  J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  "W^AJRID BEOS.  Real Bstato and General Agente, Baker St., Nelson  ANNOUNCEMENT  Tueontcriiioiiee of inorensini; ill-health of Mr. R. f\  Wiilermiin, tlie ilrm of Chii*. A. Wpilerinan &��� Co. have  been dissolved, and Arthur It. Sherwood h.m- taken over  the lnisinespsnf their old ollbu on linker struct, Nelson,  and will riinlinue (ho business- ,it tho same pincc.iis- Real  ICsliite nuil Ins-iiiMiiro u^eiil. and ho will bo us-sKtud by  ('. A. W'nlcrinnn, as manager of the Rental department  and cure of property for non-resident property holder1-.  The uicnilx'isof Uiooli! linn desire to thank their friends  anil pat reus fur their patronage in the past, and solicit  for I lie olllru in I he fill tire Ihe bu.sinc-ss of their obi clients  and the people al larue, we remain, respectfully,,  CIIAS. A. WAT HUMAN,  !!.('. WATKKMAN,  A. R. SI IU R WOOD.  Nolson, October I'Jth, IS!lil.  THE BRITISH COLUMBIA MJNfNC RECORD.  The editor of tlie above journal would be ulnd lo have  .submitted lo liiin for euiis-idoi'iitioii shoi't Juries and nr-  Iti'le-i for publleatioii in lite .special Christmas number.  Arcepiednrlielciiireliherally paid for. All .M.SS. must  bo in by the IM of November by tho latest. Address,  MnniiKlnj? Kiiriur, it. C. Mining Record, I'. O. Drawer,  (>!,'>. Victoria, U. ('.  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  ,  local and coast..  Flooring  local and const.  Newel'Posts  Stair Bail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  I what you want is not in stock wo -will make it for you  CALL AND GET PRICES.  One of the best and most pop-;  ular hotels in Nelson.  QUEEN'S HOTEL  "   BAKER STREET, NELSON. ��� '  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  Large comfortable bedrooms and  flrst-class dining  room.   Samplo rooms for commercial men.  *R__.T__S   S2   ���E'-EJ.'R   **D__-"_r  Mrs.  E. G.   CLARKE,  Prop.  * Lato of tho Royal Hotel, Calgiiry,  J. A. Say ward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS, NELSON  Contractors and Builders  H. 0. HUME, Manager.  Theflnest hotel in the interior.  Large samplo rooms.   Steam heat and electric light,  CORNER Off WARD AND VERNON STS., NELSON  Madden House  BAKER AND WARD STREETS, NELSON  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained under ono  management sinco 1890.  The bed-rooms aro well furnished and   lighted by  electricity.  The dining-room is not second to any in Kootenay.  The bar is always stocked by tho best domestic ahd  imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  WILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended to by a flrst-class  wheelwright. '  Special attention given to all kinds of-repairing and  custom work from outside points.  Slpp;   i(all Street, between Baker and Vernon, Nelson  Nelson Iron Works  MANUFACTUKEK8 OF  BNGUNEJS, BOILERS, SHAFTING, IRON AND  BBASS CASTINGS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION  Repairs promptly attended to.       P. O. Box 173.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres of land within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson.  For farther  particulars apply to  FRED   J,   SQUIRE.    Nelson,   B.   C.  A largo stock of flrst-class dry material on band, also  a full lino of sash, doors, tnbuIdiugSf turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPEGJAttY  Yard:  Foot of HOfidryx street. Nolson  Telephone, 9.1        Johll    REG,  Ageilt  GREAT REDUCTION  BAUD COAL  AMEMUTE  *D*BI'��JI*V:*__*K;_iJI3   '  Special rates for carload lots for outside points;  "y C, W. West & Co.  Wood! Wood! Wood!  Good dry wood, all lengths. Leave  orders at Jacobson's feed store on  Vernon street (next door to Tribune  Office),   Telephone 97.  JOHN CROFT.  ONE DOLLAR A LOAD  The undersigned has a Inrsro quantity of fir. cedar, and  tamariic slab*, in 16-inch and 4-foot lengths, suitable for  stove wood, which will be sold for $1 a load at the mill  >a   ' NELSON 8AW & I'LANING MILLS, Limited.' * *  ; Nelson, August 19th, 1S39.  , .;'~ .���'.-,-..  Largo and well lighted "  Reasonable rates  Heated by hot al  Samplo rooms  Electric bells and light in ovory room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Kroe bus meets nil trains RowDlolnL-o    R   fi  Hourly street car to station JlBVeiSlUHB,  D. �����  Night Grill Room in connection, for the convenience of  guests arriving and departing by night trains.  NOTICE,  ��� Qn and after the 1st of Cfctnbor I'M, tho Grand Central  Hotel wiH.be run strictly oii.tbe KUi'tipean pt.'Hf.... ���   .  VVuhavo titled up a new dining rflrwi "with a, seating  enpa-eity for one hundred puddle wliich will be ran in  connection with the hotel. All meals.twenty-live cents,  payable in'the diningronin. YVJtlbupleased tvo fijniMi  meat. HclvetK <m iipplicalion.  Jtooius by tho day, week ��rmonth. r  Thanking yon fbr your generous patronage In the pnwt,  and trusting to be .favored with,a conl'lnuiiiicc of witni! in  the future. 1 remain, respectfully ytmi'x  l. .Si ,M I'.SON,  Hakor street, between Josephine and  Hall streets. Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ;     ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  ���R.     **E_rTT_=*t_=t*y,     *g*E*.0*E-**Ri_3lX'0**e*t  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  NOTICE  TO  MUNICIPAL VOTEES.  The following persons are entitled to be placed on the  Voters' List for t he City of Nelson, viz.:  Any male or feniaJe being a Uiitish subject of the full  age of twenty-one years, who shall have paid on or before  the First day of ,Novciubur next all nHinicipnl rates,  tuxes, assessments and license foes payable by him or her  to the municipality.  (a) Who is the assessed owner of lands or of improvements, or the assessed occupier of lands situate within  the municipality, or  (b) Who is a resident of anil carries on business .and is  the holder of a trader's license in the.municipality, the  annual fee for which is not less than live dollars, or  (c) Who is a householder within the municipality.  - No person shall be entitled In vole under a. bouse-'  holder's qualification.-nor shall his or her name, lie included in the Annual Voters' List unless he or she shall,  on or before the First day of December next, .enter with  the undersigned his or her name as a voter, and shall  make Hud personally deliver to the undersigned at. Hie  same time a statutory declaration, the form of which  mav be obtained at. the city olllces. . ���-  HvOrder. .1., it. STKACHA.V, City Clerk.-  ���   Nelson, U.t'..,.October 12th, IvS!!!).     ,.\-    '-. -*'   . *':  w  w  OS)  i(S)  as)  asi  i(S)  i(S)  US)  OS)  US)  W  i(S)  w  ilS)  ?��:��:&��:&��!��:��!��:���#:��:��!��:*��  mmm^mmmm  Appreciation  To dispose of an entire car of high-class iron and  brass beds in a western mining town in less than two  months is certainly a record to be proud of, and one  seldom equalled in the large eastern cities. Yet so  great has been the demand for these goods, we have  found it necessary to wire for another car, which will  reach Nelson this week. We would ask the citizens  of Nelson to continue in showing their appreciation of  our efforts to give them the opportunity of enjoying-  the luxurious furnishings of an eastern home in the  midst of the Rockies.  m  D. McArthur & Co.  m  THE NELSON SAW & PLANM MILLS, k  We have a stock of one and a half million  feet of logs at our mill and are prepared to cut  all kinds of dimension timber and ship to all points  on Kootenay Lake by scows or steamers, also by  rail to all points on the Canadian Pacific or Nelson  and Fort Sheppard railways. In stock rough and  dressed lumber, shingles, mouldings, sash, doors,  newels, turned verandah posts. Glass of all sizes.  Factory work of all kinds done to order.  THE NELSON SAW k PLANM MILLS, Ltd.  OFFICE AND MILLS CORNER HALL AND FRONT STS., NELSON.  *  FAIR VIEW  THE FINEST RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY IN   NELSON  easy terms.  All the unso'd  lots in trie  Fairview Additipn to Nelson are now on the mark-it at reasonable prices and on  This property is very desirable for residences.   Apply to r  West Baker Street, Nelson  T. M. WARD, Local Agent.  P. Burns <�� Co.  Wholesale and Retail  "iriCAR   Ol'KICK   AT  NJ_I__ON, B. C.  Dealers In Meats  Wholesale Markets at fielson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  Retnil M.-irkelsi nL Nelson, KjisIo, S-uulon, Silverton, New Denver, Ymir, Trail, Ur.'iml Forks,  Cascade, Greenwood, Midway, anrl Sirdar.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded.  AU' KIXT'S Oil-'  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  VVIIOLKSALK ANil UKTAIU  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Ba|er Street, Jteison  fc. 0- T  ORDERS BY MATI, "RKC'-BJVJ. CARKFUIj AX*D PjtQMPt ATTENTION.   JUST ARRIVED A CARLOAD OF  Anheuser-Busch Lager Beer!  Highest class Lager produced.       On sale by the trade in Nelson.  ASK FOR IT  R. P. RITHET & CO., Ltd., Victoria, Agents for B. C.  A. B. GRAY, Agent for Kootenay, Baker St., Nelson, Noxfc Oddfellows Building'  GI_WE^HOTEL BEER GARDEN  NEAR NELSON & FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT.  THE  BEST BEEE  BREWED AT HOME  OR ABROAD  . ON DRAUGHT OR IN BOTTLES.  SPECIAL. ATTENTION  Havo just received a coriHignmont ol Harris home  nmdo tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  mm l SOJUffi, Baker 8L Mson  The Bupply U limited, bo call early and oxamDae this stock. :?: -.r^^f^^^  '111  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C    TUESDAY OCTOBER 17, 1899.  Tlie only house in Kootenay carrying full lines of  SCALES  FURNACES  BRUNTONS  TRANSITS  SCORIFIERS  CRUCIBLES  MUFFLES  FLUXES  OF  ALL KINDS  Baker Street, Nelson, B. C.  New  Arrivals  BARBERS' REGULATION COATS  Very Nobby.  BARTENDERS' REGULATION VESTS  WAITERS' COATS IN SEVERAL STYLES  COOKS' CAPS, APRONS, Etc.  J.  A.  Qillcer  The   L,eading:  Furnisher  ESTABLISHED  IN   NELSON  1890  -'���%-��-''������������-;'  _��.*-jfSa"."  'watch case ce.  Amerk  Watch��  am  ���..n-*���.&*  ��� f-n-f-i* ^"     ,  ��� L    ft,"J-'.nJi,  to*.  ._-  I  ;n"a--n:,= ;Wj'Ka'Ji  Have always been a specialty with us, and concentrating on these alone, to the exclusion of foreign  makes, we have a fine and full stock, including every  American make, -and are therefore especially well  equipped for quick shipments. By the exercise of  experienced care in selection far in advance of the  season we secure  Choice Case Designs  _$!**���'  We have some very exclusive ones in solid and  filled gold and other good selling styles in endless  variety.  DSamoeds and all  Pf�����leiii-�� SimMM   J us* at this time we- have the fullest stock of Diamond  Jewelry for Fall and Holiday business, and the immediate  customers will secure the best of these and avoid the  annoyance of rush ordering, while profiting by possible  price advances. Ready fpr delivery now, or part, or all  of order entered and prices reserved for future shipment.  Fine watch repairing a specialty, all work guaranteed.  R9, Jeweler.  WE SELL AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  For Miners and  Working-mens Clothing  one price to all Baker Street  For Winter Outfitting  Good Values in  Underclothing, Mackinaws,  Gloves and Mitts.  W. F. DICKSON  13. H. H. APPLHWHAITH  J. McPHEH  Eleetrie SuddIy and (Jonstpiietiofl Co.  EI.EOTKIO supplies  Complete Jaieetrle "Bqulpments for Electric Power Transmission and Lighting' for Mines, Towns  Bleotric Fixtures, "Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, J_tc.  P. O. Box 606. Josephine Street, Nelson. B. O.  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  The contractors who have the- work of  erecting tlie Bank of -Montreal building  predict tliat the roof will be on the  building inside of fourteen days.  The city engineer is meefing with difli:.  enlty in securing masons to complete the  work necessary to installing the new  machinery in the electric light .power,  house. The six-foot Avater wheel has also  been longei' ou the road than -was 'anticipated. These things will'prevent the  eai'ly improvement- in the light service  which was promised.  The Central Canada Loan & Savings  Company of Toronto has addressed a  communication to city clerk Sti'iichan,  requesting information as to the financial  standing of 'the corporation of the City  of Nelson. The company has been offered a block of Nelson debentures, and  before purchasing desires information as  to the city's standing.  Frederick Flannign.11 was taken before  judge Forin yesterday for election upon  the chai-ge of assault.- He. elected trial  by jui-y, and his case will go before the  grand jury at the court of* assize, which  opens today.  W. G. Gillette has been awarded the contract for building W. A. Thurman's residence on Silica street, between Josephine  and Hall streets. The building will cost  something over $2000.  The Hall Mines, Limited shipped a car  load of matte yesterday over the Crow's  Nest branch. The matte was consigned  to New York and was valued at $5200.  James Burchell has resigned his position  as clerk in the Canadian Pacific freight  shed. He will enter the employ of the  Parsons Produce Company.  The Nelsou district board of license  commissioners met yesterday for the  purpose"of considering the application of  J. E. Houghton for an hotel license, at  Nine-mile point, on Kootenay lake. The  report of the inspector as to the desirability of licensing the "premises, was that  I "the house, if licensed, would be convenient as fi summer resort, aiid he considered that it was required for public convenience as much as were the houses at  Five-mile and One-mile points," which  were licensed by the commissioners. The  ���Houghton license was granted;  Webster Traves was examined as a  judgment debtor yesterday in the county  conrt   in   the   case   of   West  &  Eraer-  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Wanted���Three goods-boys to. deliver  TUN TkihUiVI'- to subscribers in Nubian. Wages ?2 ii  week.  For Sale���Two good pool tables, in first-  cJaKs sliape; for sale ejioa]), for cash. Address"' "Pool  Table," Box 5SS, liossland, B.C.  ,   Piano Tuning���Orion J. Dunn,-pian'6  tiincr,,J*rom Spokane, is in .lie city, awl guarantees* perfect, work. No extra charge for replacing small wive of  felts.   J.,u.ia-c orders nt. JJovur's jewelry store.  Lost���Three $20 bills.     The finder will  beMiilably rewarded oiM'elurning them to The Tribune  ollice.  Porter wan ted.   "Apply at Phair Hotel.  Furnished rooms to let.    Apply to/Mrs.  L. M. Jameson, Carney Mock, Baker street west.  Offices  to   rent���Single    or   in   suite.  Heady for occupancy November 1st. Apply to ."John  Houston, Tribune Ollice.  For Kent���A store  on Vernon street,  opposite Tlie Tribune oillee. ��10 a month. Apply to K.  ICilby.  Watch This Space  Tomorrow.  _1_AS OTRlMOiai  FOR FINE CHOCOLATE  AND BON SONS  . Sole agent for. Nelson for Gaw-iig Bros, celebrated R  H Chocolates and Hon Uon.s. One ton Of tlio name to  arrive in a few diiy��.  OLYMPIA AND EASTERN OYSTERS  .AKUIVINO IJiUhY. .  -  Fancy'-Cft-kcs- and l'astry, Phuiis. Peaches,"drapes;,  JiiUtfimiS; CupG Cod C'riliSberries, Ityfin* and all Fruit, iii  sqasfiii. ���  Corner Wiini aiid Baker Sts.  .   Mills & liott's old stand,  i a, Mcdonald  atiss McfiKiistOTT  JVtlBS f AMIlIiVN  LATEST NEW YORK AND PARIS PATTERNS OS1  HATS-STOCK NEW AND UP-TO-DATE.  LT/ m/ch of lilank liookn, with every kind of "pecial ruling and printer] JieiwlintfH, mnnnfucturwl right here in  *���   Nol-oii, by woll-puid worlvnicu. who hihmiiI their curniiiKH in NuImhi.   Tribune AsBOciiition, Limited, Vorapu St. j  Lessons In embroidery and lace work. Stamping dond.  Orders taken for cushions, Jnmp nliiidc=i, etc.  Two door.-s west Martin O'ltcilley & Go's.  Novelties in Millinery  I am in receipt of the latest in millinery and millinery novelties direct from New York;  Call and ins. c��t.  MRS. E. MeLrAUOHUirv  Josophino Street, near-Bilker.  HAH GOODS AID HAIR OBIAMENTS  Switches from $2 up.  MRS. J. W. KEARNEYhas opened a ladles Hair I>reaa-  i��K Parlor in room 1, Victoria block. Nelson, and is prepared to fuMiinh everything-, in. the- way of hair goods  and hair tonics.. Trcatmout ol t&o"acalp..'n Hpccialty.-..-'.  sou vs Traves. Traves was ordered by  the court to pay $.33.33 each month until  the amount of the judgment is  satisfied.  HOTEL ARRIVALS.  At the Phair,���H. .1. Boien, Sandon ;  G. O. Buchanan, Kaslo ; A. B. Brown,  sen., Portland ; AV. W. Leach, Ottawa ;  Eugene Doteau, Ymir ; A. B. Nixon and  wife, Spokane ; Ward Spinks, Vernon ;  W. M. Douel, Montreal ; Miss Douel,  Montreal ; T. O. Campbell, Rossland ; G.  B. Bilker, Victoria.  At the Hume.���D. A Boss, Slocan  City ; It. McGuire, Molly Gibson mine ;  D. W. Moore, Trail ; Mrs. A. B. Klusie,  Toronto ; M. M. Cohen and wife, Toronto ; Perry J. Lyons, Walla Walla ; K. .).  Aldrich, Walla Walla; J as. Waugli,  Kaslo ; Thos. P. Pugsley, St. Johns ; II.  A. Mac Lean, Victoria ; i_, 1). H. Warden,  Victoria ; G. II. Ay lard and wife, New  Denver"; Andrew It.' Tufts, Vancouver;  Cf. II. Hotherliain, Ymir.; Donald Reid,  .Montreal-; Mi M. Cohen and wife, Toronto ; W. L. Council, Conner's Ferry.  At the Grand Centrai,.���Grant Morris, Ymir ; L. R. Vandebogan, Ymir ;  Chas. Wagner, Kaslo ; J. Swan, Lardo ;  Thos. E. Travis, Poorman ; A. D. Slugg,  Rossland ; Thos. A. Harman, Vancouver;  il. Smalley, Vancouver'; A. Parsons, Vancouver ; Teddy Roper, Vancouver; Geo.  Waite, Sandon ; Albert Clarke, Sandon ;  James Trevis, Sandon.  At the Queen's. ��� E. F. Thacker,  Jvaslo ; J. A. Kelley, Woodbury creek ;  W. C. Forrester and wife, Ymir ; Mrs.  W. J. Andrews, Slocan City ; Allan For-*  ;rester, Robson.  At the Clarke.-W. H. Smith Spokane ; J. C. Goodhue, CohMlle; Hector  Dow, Rosebery; Jeff Askhi, Yellowstone.  i At the Cuvn.���Bruno Quass, Poorman;  |D. O'Connor, Great Falls ; Fred Simons,  Denver';D. ShaAV, Butte ;-J.'Sliaw, Butte;  ;A. McDonald, Kuskiiuook.  i At the ..Royal. ���-William. Gillies,  ' Ontario; Miss Lillie Brown, Kaslo ; T.  B. Priest, Kaslo ; Cecil West, Nakusp.  At the TitEMONT.���G. Gardner, SiIver-  ; ton ; Fred  L. Loudin,  Crawford" creek ;  F.  E.  Perry,  Ainswortli ; Jackson Rad-  cliffe, Slocaii City.  At this Madden.���J. Errington, Lardo;  D. P. Glaspie, Lardo ; It. E. Allen, Slocan City '. It. S. Burton, Slocan City ; J.  F. Kennedy, Slocan City.  Our Great  Sale is  Stjll on  Since, it opened we have  sold $3000 worth of the  goods from the bankrupt  stock which we purchased  in Sandon., But we can  still offer  Great  Bargains  in w inter  Goods  Don't make the mistake  of paying regular prices  for staple articles when  you can secure them at  50 cents on the dollar.  Here are some.  SKjem^m��CH=^~^~^^  CANNOT BEBBAT  Men's Tweed Pants, regular price  S1.75, reduced to SI; Men's  ��� heavy tweed suits, regular price  S12, reduced to $7; regatta shirts  regular price Sl.Si) reduced to  60 cents; rtien's silk ties, regular  price 50 cents, reduced to 25  cents; tuen's long boots, regular  price, S5, reduced to S3;" men's  tweed caps, regular price 60  cents, reduced to 25 cents. All  other goods also at greatly re*  duced prices.  erian  ELLIOT BLOCK, BAKER STREET. NELSON.  WE HAVE 8E0UUKI> TIIE SOLE AOENCY KOlS  H w ii i rv-axs  tu i tub ��  IMITATIONS CAN NOT NOW BE PUT ON  THE MARKET.  Vernon Sthekt  NK-.SON, 11. V.  THORPE & CO., Ltd.  Special Notice to the People of Kootenay  I am now prepared to test the eyes  of the people, as I have in my department a first-class optician. I have a  large selection of gold frames and the  very best of lenses. Call and get your  eyes examined at  ���   JACOB PQVER'S The Jeweler {  A  LARGE  CONSIGNMENT  JUST  OPENED  We can supply you with Cartridges  TO SUIT YOUR RIFLE  Carpenters' Tools  A   FULL  LINE  SHELF HARDWARE  THE BEST ASSORTED  STOCK  IN THE KOOTENAYS  STOVES AND  KITCHEN UTENSILS  . Byers & Co  NELSON KASLO SANDON  ARE YOU BURNING UP MONEY  Because Your Stove or Range Cannot be  Regulated to Save Fuel?  IT WILL PAY YOU  TO EXAMINE  OUR NEW STOCK OF  STOVES AND RANGES  The saving in fuel oHectcd will soon equal  the cost of the range. It can.be so quickly  and easily regulated that there need be no  waste of heat or fuel. New patented improvements offer you more convenience and  comfort than you'll find in any other*range.  TWO CAR LOADS TO SELECT FROM  LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO.  map in  Lang's Oelelrated Cream Flake  Sodas, 3-lb Cartons   Wilson  %  SPECIAL  O'  BOX 577  M. DesBrisay  3  PHONE 81  0  y  o,  BAKER STREET, NELSON, B. C.  Get the Best.Jams  We have just received a large consignment of the  DYSON-GIBSON  COMPANY'S JAMS AND  PICKLES  Also a complete assortment of the  TORONTO  BISCUIT COMPANY'S SWEET BISCUITS  Baker Streot West, Nelson  John A. Irving d_\ Co.  ^I^*tT*M_3*E!*RST ETC.  O-p-EJR-A.   23:OXTS_3   BLOCK  m  <**&-,���-,  r* i-"-**"^ V** ~^**-i*B**?1_r- *1"��_'������,


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