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It Has Been Weakened.
London, October 2.*>.—A dispatch from
Ladysmith, Natal, dated yesterday afternoon, has just been received. It is a
literal repetition of Capetown's Gleneoe
advices of yesterday, and it is regarded
as somewhat ominous that nothing has
since been received respecting the result,
especially when viewed in tlie light of
lord AVolseley's statement that general
Yule's forces felt it neces.sji.ry to retire;
from Dundee to Gleneoe .'function. Gen-
oral Yule, evidenely is in a tight corner,
as he now has or had to faco the main
Boer army under general Joubert.
General sir George White, the British
commander-in-chief in Natal, will undoubtedly detach part of the force which
was so victorious at Elandslaagte to his
assistance. Such a detachment, however,* will leave Ladysmith poorly protected against tho threatned attack from
the west, as 'general Hunter on Saturday
wired that the departure of the force to
Elandslaagte left him with only a couple
of bsittalious of regulars, a mountain battery and 500 Natal Arolunteers to defend
the town which is the military base iu
North Natal. Further news therefore, is
anxiously awaited.
The Casualities at Elandslaagte.
London,October.23.—The Gordon Highlanders lost five non-commissioned ofli-
cers and fifteen .men, with-'fifteen noncommissioned officers and sixteen men
wounded in. the engagement at Elandslaagte.. The'.-'.Firsf Leicestershire regiment lost lieutenant flahna, killed. The
Gordon Highlanders killed were : , Major
Denne, lieutenant Monroe, lieutenant
Murray and lieutenant Barbour ;. wound-'
ed: .Lieutenant-colonel Dick Gunning-
ham, major Wright, captain Haldane,
captain Buchanan, captain Johnston,
captain Findlay,-'lieutenant Campbell,
jind lieutenant Hennessy. The total
number of casualties now stands 42 killed
and 155 wounded. The grand total
is 197.
Suspended From the Privileges of the House.
London, October 23;—During the course
of today's proceedings, while the house
.was discussing the'report; on the.-supple-'
mentary estimates, Patrick O'Brien, member for Kilkenny City, declared that the
hands of the British secretary of state
for the colonies, Mr. Chamberlain, were
as. much stained with blood as those of
any  murderer  who  ever  mounted  the
censorship. In the meanwhile I do not
consider the situation as bad for the
Boors as made out by the English telegrams, Avhicli .are intended for the English public and market, ;md probably aie
too optimistic. The fact that the Boers
retired in order to reform later does not
imply defefit. It is part of their tactics,
and does not prove that they have suffered seriously."
Tor the Transvaal Trouble.
iioNDON, October 23.—Owing to the
fact that the government has stopped all
news of the movement or disposition of
the troops in -South Africa, it is impossible to arrive at the strength of the
foi'ces under the command of sir George
White in Natal with any degree of jic-
curacy. It is safe to say, however, that
with the Natal and Indian troops, the
British force amounts to over 13,000 men.
Prior to the landing ofthe Indian troops,
there were in Natal: 'Two cavalry regiments of about 1000 men; three battalions of the lloyal Field Artillery, with
eighteeh guns ; one -mountain battery of
four guns; six battalions of infantry,
about 5000 men; a mounted infantry
force, technical troops and about 2000
local ti'oops.
The Indian regiments have all arrived,
unless they aie vei'y much■■ overdue.
They should increase the Natal forces by
at least 0000 men. They comprise three
cavalry regiments, of   about  1500 men;
'•'. :':- ■'■ ji-i.^^^^
Ly- y "grf ti thiip&dj ;tli^l|fcli-<l3? iftish. $s§'^
'} ■i'-i.hn^MM£ffiy^$*& .®^P;*il; 1- tlie: d'eta^s.;.
■';';■;■ yBJaf^ iov0- 0ex^':
.':'. '.^lli^-^dii'UWMii^-^^ %&i&'w&i#<j®$.!3'---
'_"■'. ^Bfijti'sjij; ?ii*^|hi^s;^iii 'femaln; -o^i_ 3i|s Sidei
.:.. ■ ■■ 0-vvihg tf tf-'iiie-lrt. te (&iii|)lieatiojis
...   »tliat-:iniiy':j^ Wa-r
 'for Spilth - ■ Af'*jci*> i.t^ii*  expected that,;
,; "and- Halifax thi*ougiipUt the winter. Ohie:
. cei's of the cruiser' Counts, flagship of the
;■;.' fisliej-y protection sqnacli'ofl, now lyiiig:
■ iiiy'thiaha.'Boi^lexjjeeted to, be statioired
'■yh6lse^:-with probably the ..corvette .Alei't.*;
■ ^-jSbiiio ofyi'eai* iidi^
y ■ will be detailed:to' safeguai'd Halifax, as;
"[''"'.-Me docks of both ports inay be -i-eqiiiijed
;::, bythe British ha vy. : ■   "-''-y-\.       ;:'■■■■-%
"'}'./■'■ Seve;n. Hundred; I^fied and ;^0JW'd'e'd\..'.:-;'".'■
■'::;..■ -. LONDOiV,. Oetober 23.-~-A- pri%ite';':dfes^
■:£;ipateli froniladysmith today$ays';tliaCa
^;.iue.psSeHgei;r-^AV'h6.'.'iia's.* Mst :,a;fi*h-od:iyfi-ph;iV
;■; yy Pre tbmi",-sa^s'W
i« :/_M jree ■ trai lis'ha
:y ■Mjrfeking;'-^:;';'i*fe;.:y is'y es%iKited.; ;■ J-heres" 'iw&
yf£'^yyi'-:W^'M^^^M^^^^l "''
■'■■'.. iisiaii ; BedvCrbgs pociMy-Ima-He
'-. ^offe^hbli-iyijofbbSi ;-*^elii*g"gKeii'ts
:.--:A|ti<3aj ';-'■ ^ji&M^W^K^P^^y^^-'-^^
iipuiiee)iient:''ii$&&: ?'■■'" fflb-. preserve ap-
i^arah,6«21 -witlj-this' pi-ppes-il, but we do
iiot coixceiti bur-yiewsi'* All '.the papers
liave opened subscriptions -for ii vohiiiteer
eoi'ps, Avhich is beiiig well siippoi'ted hi
private circles.
"EJbes Hot Consider the Situation. Bad.
Brussels, October 23.—-Dr. Leyds, the
.diplomatic represeiitative of the Transvaal in Europe, is quoted in an interview
as saying: "It is difficult to give an
opinion on the battles fought at Gleneoe
and Elandslaagte, as the despatches all
emanate from- British sources." He is
said to have added: " My'own- despatches
liave not arrived, probably owing to the
three batteries of the Royal Field Artillery, with eighteen guns, and four battalions of infantry of .about 4000 men.
Of the home brigade fully one-half
have Jiri'ived in Africa, and all are due
to arrive by the end of the present
month. This brigade ,comprises three
batteries of the Royal Field Artillery"-
and four battalions of infantry of about
3500men; Thus by the end of the
mouth'sir-George White should have in.
the field an army of 22,000 men, of which
2500 will.be cavalry, 12,000 to 13,000 Of
regular infantry, 2000 local troops and
: ,thye-remiaiidera^
jfco'; ;':'""yl)e
:, -,, ^^^f>¥^0^e%. ^.^'Gj^Oijefc^-Qhe;!^
yHylli*Siv^'|iap^e"^ M&ii$-
■ ^J^l^i-Jurlitl-^
] o;ii&ileaK.io|;ihS 'I'-Mfii^i
;yoiii** . iu(i;j'es|.y- ;.fe   pleaseci.-.to   .no'tie
:"thjife ■ we ■■■■-tfei'fiufaft v^n'iifeeiylj- rAy]ieth:er
'jnarcij|Tig   to- y $Me '. fi'0u1iiej\
or    _;feliihg','.'   litiye■'"'   ys'-«''or'u;:
loyal   to* piir   Gerihan    Ivind^ied    s'to'elc
hei'S...      We   ibifetoi'ly   i'egret,   that    tlie.
enqe:   on  behalf   of   our;, interests, and
prote.%t against the predatory action oi
Miighuiii.. - May German- bfood npfe. flow
:in vaiii;_"bt' IreedoiU and "justice, aiid may
•iyonr fmajesty'sy blessing attendj its. fier-
\ hiaiiSold iei's-, ■■-wjiose .■ loyal ty Evilly pfserye
^left'ieiidship whiph■'yotuv'-.ih.ajesiy. otice;
ysho-ivecji ns.": y^y^.yy ::y--.- -■■j'.'x    . ..;■■■'■■;'.
;;y. -;Bo6rs;^eije:gur-piis^d- a-t ■ Biiipndslaagteyyy ■ ■
P:yLbNDON,, Oetober!.2-i^Ititeresting: and.
jjraphie aceoniits' are supplied' by thp war;.
' slaagte,' f roihy wii'lch tlie. fbltewiiig ivre es-
■ ti;ae?s;::y'XJe'n Si'JiI'';F^
"'aetidii -lit -0.30;'a>'n^vi^The^eiieihy liad only
:^hst'iiiLVisi*ed;-ep f^ei-wiien ■ .:tlipy -.*vv<^p;;;s.hv<
prisedv-ahd' 'iietvtl y;-^l-;pui-" jJi;|SonerS '■; wer;e-:
;trai;n:.:";---Th'e u.iihiu^
"e^pgd ;f i'bife'th'e JMi
^he'-^y^y'iwi^s :ywei^
t_ipMglrythey^iai'e ihade '■fco;'"*fea;ke-,';aja: ^tJlx;
;to.retoaij3y-Jie.itti;ji1^ y-::y,\'^"-
:':._^gi'6'-4Seii'i^ii Vi4dies--Wa^t:.'tp---^ '*■..'
LoNbbNi Oetober. %_:.-^Lad5r Ratidplpli
Chwrbhill and Mi's. Artliiir Paget aii'e
ox'gssxiv/Axig a fund ainonjj Anglo-Aiiiei'i*-
cau ladies in England with the iiitehtioii
of completely equipping a hospital ship
for service on the South African-coast, at
a cost of £-000, Lady Ciu*zou and Mrs.
■Bradley-Martin have been invited to join
the .eoiii-niittee,	
Boer Prisoners Arriving at Durban.
DuiiuAN, October 23—0:30 p.m.—(De-
layed in tiunsniission).:—An official dis-
pjitcli from Ladysinitli says that about
200-Boer, .-prisoners liave been marched'
into town.'p        ' -..
Sketch of Boer Character.
Capr Town, October 23.—Tho Boers
are an entirely misunderstood race.
War might have been averted had
education taken the place of diplomacy. It would, mayhap, have been a
lengthy process, but there is little doubt
but that it would have been efficacious—
The Boer is the spoiled child of the
veldt, Jind his ignorance is so colossal, so
unimaginable by those who. have not
lived with liim, that it seems sadder than
sad to have to punish him like a naughty
schoolboy. '
A pen dipped in the milk of human
kindness would find it difficult to'write
many nice things about the Boer char--
iicter. True, he is a bi-ave man, up to a
certain point; a hardy pioneer, a devout
man according to his lights, which are
woefully dim, and a patriot in the best
sense of the word. To these qualifications
must, however, in till fairness, be added
that lie is a liar, a cheat, and a rogue, if
he gets the chance; that his morals are
of the lowest, and that his .word''is not
Stephanus Johannes Paulus Kruger is
hardly a representative Boer. He is too
cle\rer, too sincere and too stubborn.
Kruger is an old man now.
seventy-five this week. Not
any physical attribute, save a
of sight, which forces him to
gaiuly Chinese goggles, he has a fatal
lack of appreciating political perspective.
A case-hardened Conservative, the least
departure from the order of things as
they have beeu sets him clamoring about
the influx of the stranger and the swamping of his burghers. " My country, is in
danger, my burghers are liable to be outvoted. -..' My God will: look:,after me in
time of trouble." Everythihgr in the oligarchical possessive case, y   ;        :
Krugei-  does  not hate the  Uitlander,
as  a Uitlander, as, do many of his burghers.    He lias found  them too useful,
his  Nellinapius, his Vortsmann  and  his
ytheipgemusifas oifpo^edftp'-the^dml^slOshf
He Avas
infirm in
wear nn-
-*-'- service--of #he»?Bi*itishf;goyernnient.y
Sendoff on Leavine; for South Africa.
In   accordance    with   the   suggestion
made in yestei'day's Tiiiiiune, ii  number
of citizens met in tlie office of  the tramway company at  ten  o'clock yesterdiiy
{morning to make - arrangements  to  give
■the  volunteers  from  Nelson  for  South
'Africa a befitting sendoff. Mayor Neelands
occupied the chair, and explained the objects  of  the meeting.     Frank  Fletcher
was made secretary and John Houston
treasurer. After an interchange of views,
it wtis decided to appoint two committees
to take the matter in hand.    One  to arrange for a suitable presentation, and the
other to solicit  subscriptions.     The  following named, were appointed on  the arrangement committee:   Mayor Neelands,
A. H. Buchanan, J. Roderick Robertson,
and Frank  Fletcher.     The subscription
committee was made up of the treasurer,
W. J. Wilson, Hamilton Byers, C.pHalifax
Hall,  and "F. W.  Peters.     The meeting
then adjourned until four  o'clock in the
The subscription committee procured
lists and left one at each of the following
named places: Bank of Montraal, Bank
of British Columbia,-'.'Merchants Bank of
Halifax, Hotel Hume, Madden House,
Tremont Hotel and Phair Hotel, and
Messrs. Hall and Peters "took the West
ward and. Messrs.''Byers'and Houston the
East ward. The following is the result
bf tlieir united, efforts. It is only fair to
state in this connection, that"-'many who,
uo doubt, would have subscribed Avere
not in when the members of -the soliciting committee called at * tlieir.. places of
business, and the ■■members".'of the committee reported but few refusals :
Hank of Montreal;. ..525.00
Tribune Association.. 25 00
London & B. C Golrt-
llolils.I.....;....;... 25 00
■Judge 1\ Ai. Irving of
Vietoiia ;..;.. 25 00
P. Jiurns & Co....';.. 20 00
Thomas Madden 10 00
Frances R. Day....-"... 10 00
Merchants   Bank   of ■-■
Halifax..;  10 00
Beer Brothers ........ 10 00
Nelson Saw & Planing '
.Mills. :.•......-..;.... 10 00
f |Aglj..-MeJ^illon;f ^ .■■■.vu'y {teOOi-
sHtfrblii:- Sel6iSS.S:-felriff:00i
Pfj-Jui^'lJliJtfcli'blS^K.'UO mi
•;jE-i:rt'"KTJ>-ni«mitiS?*Afep - ■- --■
G. E.C.Martin  .5.00
A. S. Farwoll  5 00
-H.W.F. Pollock...:'.. 5 00
W. P. Dickson....;... 5 00
T.•_,. Wynne......... 5 00
It. S. JvingJiom .; 5 00
C. Halifax Hall...... 5 00
P. Griddle............. 5 (X)
•l.H. Bowes.  5 00
A. II. Sherwood...... 5 00
H. J. Evans  5 00
C. W. West........ ..•■_ 00
It.L.Cochrane......... 5 00
j; M. Lay ....;;...... 5 oo
. '3j'S;fc**i-.iKY»'^;.3ft^;
vrfrellib'diaM^ Pcaifdi') JSifl :flOs
^Cin*i:^^li%*tihii^^yi "'|j^;;Mjjjiibfe::i;©Jb^ffi
pi^s;0bijfcyhadjgpntfe, $pf'^lesbnr-g^ iiK-;:t|ie:.
@k$&-i(l<$$n$i lo'" -ih'pst; ;i!r.--;.^i|iTy. M&$f..
jt^ti ,6?*'W" ■?*Q^d^j_i^lf-^ife^tii. ,-;jg*i^^i'^i_ ",^tji, 'ri&jt-.:;
rf|i-^H6^;;%|i. .'^'yeivy piX'fcsiJbken -yjr^eljptiay
he^v^aiJelY. ^^ 0*y
'fen^eilpf ■tajk;ini-^i#in.eijti>.-pf %. ;su;ni;,-of
.mbiiiy Jbi* tvayel]jugy^peiises^
i ijppn- i>h# nsiuil.t'i'afV etiln^alfe wal^fi^byf--so:,
inucli   pbe day-  as if lie had •fcj-'avbllbcl,
fi'oin Pre-fcoria to -Cblesberg by cart, as
\ypiild fprinerly have been his wont;   As
' yM
SMn„lI?iilif ait l&iMm-ilw:
railway, 'Atid liad paid nothing iovyhi$.
.feb.^.y,. ■'';■-' ';.'.'■ '.- " : -"y-..:"-- :';;-,-■. •"■' .'■.-■-..
MrJ M^vi-aiSiP the editor, was,; proseented
erimiin^iYfbi? libel. rTliei;'president; did:
■iibfc%lyii' evidence, ; Tlie, pflitpi?,''^v-^^ier.:-
<liiifeted!- "The' iriphej**'witrhot.-paKj'■ 3aeWv'
and his honor tacifel-y? adinittcd the ; thiM
pf lite inpiiey;.'■'■■ y.y :^'.'.y".:^"/y^ yyy^ ty";';
y:i:j:y Kimherlejr;-Thre
^Jjii&aji, Oe'tober-^l^Tlie" i>aily:Ma'u:
stie'ysy^ty'undersfcvu^s^. a- i)iessJi;ge ywJis.-i'er";
"|ibii';pf -iheJyg^v^iiinep^ -:tbv'thb';5iee'd' -0$
''!$ta^'::B6.&rs. ^^
Mi§;^ily ■;;Maiji;y^
■^e^tj^ilji^.^X;1;A:-;>>;';-^ /?«■;-'''.'"':■': :"'
y^;y"': Wiit; Secire'.'. ■ffie':'-$aik:;::o;f ■$%&Mttiec8i.-;" y'
;" ■ ":tpNi.ibN,.©etbP^
■pbi)ts;tiiat*'th^;iiii;p^ Jias-
bvdpi^dpbaiined^^ibafein: -Ainer-jc-avJhQiigh
the wa:r officey.hkd■■■so.u-'gh'.'fc to conserve the;
Ai.tsti4i|att iiite:i*ests. Tliose in the hest
pdsibiou to jtidge, howevei'", pi-ediet that
the packers of the United-State's will -se-
eiire the larger oi'dei'Sj as the British
colonists will be unable to siipply a tithe
of the quantity requifed if the campaign
continues long.
Dundee Camp Under Boer Fire.
London, October 24.—The Djtily News.
publishes this dispatch from Ladysmith,
dated Sunday night: A large force un^
der conunajidjint-genei'jil Vogan opened'
lire ,011 ypuudee yestei'day. The firing
was. continued today. The resnlfc is hot
known, here.",.' '..■■■',■.'.. -.:•..    -:....y.-
.. . MmVi^i. „	
■J^lE^reiisOiiS* ijV^-.-1"
.riii'Mo'iV.rt-liEr-y.S:;; /■-. -.;.-:-,.'
; :H.;J**.i;c'roi(s*flalle-';..,.',.,
liOtiarlegtSt'- Barlievi";..
* Gpalillier^WiisM";;.5-
' ■'fl.M'V6m(usU'i;-yWiW-(l:3 • ■• •■
'.' Wrj'.pdejj'eLii.p ■;,.;,. _„:*
; ilOhh;,-A:'i':u'i-h'c)*vjp-iV'p;.-..
yK^NiJiw-sidqy;.. ,;.,.■;
Stfei3bnK ilTeSclof son.,.».
Fi:\fp®iyiil\y>y,:i ■.:.,..,
Fratifcitgiidw'.. »...........
■■--'■■■" "miM^v,-. .-.,,
.5". 00
5 0i5
S Off'
il-Iydfel Til^vor_iy.;'#3:-O0*?.
■ ife;KS,it'I'aHaBu ,:yv i;m",.2"im's-
■HVM,i-yjiK!iiiil.:: :'1 Si;tS* :1* i»:r
^rxmdtmy_ -z.% iy<s°m'
;Fi:-na;'iS([;(|ireif.5-p i'X: iiyvM:-
,,,j;^n'.l''rale'iii';'«;:..y;,:.!; >,,!:. 00-'
S^HiliiGrptirtliatii'. i;:yy'Ji«{| ■;
^layjioip't,'.,:..,;  ^'oo-.
."f-V.iHV'livkleiV'.-.A.^M ■-«(»*■
jVi'JK'^Skrife&w :-;;4:r'-l: !10*:;
'-IiJrtife.C'i'ei.urC.. .vVi.-.,■.,.■■ AW-
.Av'y!?. ;Ajii^^soii;i.y.:;.>  jj#';
iNiulSoii'.'&'-jblinsfiii;....; ■;. sOJl
^L.-ffi^sitei'bM.'.;;,',:,^ -d-^fi]
pit-H..M.nst;d_i(?;.".■',.,;<> ■ 1.001 J
;sr wiiftd;;;^^.... ..p»,;'-:j;«':
Pi'fe&Ha'j.Ap'Vttia-.:.,..   ;'i 00.
.is-', H." Matucson-.--. ..p;,. ■ ;i 0o;
.T.;i'V*\">'gii*.y;yy;-...-p..p - iv oo-
'lC»tsb;I'jiid;,GroeeTy',,.. '   -5i)
Selous, Hall, Turner, and West. T. G.
Proctor sung "Tommy Atkins," and W.
F. Brougham announced that seats were
reserved for the rifle company at the
opera house, Avhere a concert was to be
given in the evening. "Rule Britannia"
was then sung with ji swing that made
the rafters jingle, and the meeting came
to an end.
In the evening, lieutenant Beer marched
the rifle company to the opera house.
During their stay several patriotic songs
were" rendered by Mrs. 'Brougham, and a
speech was made by sir Charles llibbert
Tupper. The compjuiy were then
inarched to the C. P. R. depot to meet
the llos'slahd volunteers.
Upon the arrival of the train the Rossland men—-W. Hart-McHarg,  J.  R. Rey
and  Mil ward Crooke--were presented to
lieutenant   Beer   by   judge   Forin   and
takeii  to  the  armory.      Here the  procession was formed,    It  was  headed  by.
the;smelter band.    Then came the Nelson
and Rossland volunteers in Oliver outfits
followed by the local company of Rocky
Mountain Rangers and -upwards of two
hundred citizens.    The band struck up
"The Red, White and Blue" and as the
procession   moved   off .toward  the  city
wharf the citizens joined in to the mimr
b'er of at  least three  hundred.    As the
procession   approached the   wharf   the
steamer Moyie drew in to the dock and a
salute of dynamite announced her arrival.
The yOlunteeiys then boarded the steamer
and the band struck up "The Girl I Left
Behind  Me."     Half an  hour  was  then
spent   in   saying  good-bye  to Nelson's
representatives on the Canadian  contingent, after which  the band played the
national authem and several" returned to
the city.    The greater number* however,
remained until captain Hodgins  arrived.
He wtis given a reception which he will
not  soon   forget,   and   as   the steamer
swuug_out into the .current.'.the departing
volunteers    were    giveny. three    hearty
cheers and: a tiger.       ^
W.Hart-McHarg;of Rossland was a
lieutenant in the Rossland company of
rifles. He yolunteered for service Avhen
the first call came.    When word was re-
By Mr. Justice Martin.
The hearing of the case, of cbntractdr .
Kerr against P. Burns & Co. for $600 loss
of profits and other  damages, occupied
the entire session of the court yesterday
and the case  was  not closed  when  the
court rose.    In this case Kerr is suiugfor
loss of profits and damages for breach of
conti-act.    He  was  the  lowest  teuderer
for the work of putting in the basement
bf tho Burns block, but it is alleged that
before the conti'act  was  signed  certain
changes  were  made in   the work  over
which the contractor and and  the architect fell out, with the result that fresh
tendei's were called foi- and the work let
to other parties.    S.  S. -Taylor,  Q. C, is
conducting the case for  Kerr and  Mjic- _
donald & Johnson for the defendants.
Captain A. E.  Hodgins,  the architect,
upon the building,  was  in  the  box the
greater  part-of yesterday,  and  during
his examination had quite a tilt with the y
plaintiff's counsel.     He stated that :he
had done all iii his power to secure the
work for Kerr, as he did not wish tp see yi
one  firm  of contractors  monopolize all y
the woi-k in the city, t When the changes y
were inade in the work ; he stated -'that ^
Kerr agreed to make some reductions in  y
his contract price, but afterwards denied
that he had so agi-eed,  after  which tlie
iircliitect   di-opped   him.,.-    During    Mi-.
Hodgihs' examination, Mr. Taylor made
some   uncomplimentary comment   upon y
the witness'-testimony.    The witness re-  ^
sen ted.  this   treatment   and   the   court ;
upheld him. •*■'-. V
The juroi's in the case are -iC. :■, F. Freer y
mau-Lake (foreman),  Robert Robertson, y
Percy Chapman, Melville S. Parry,  Tho-   L
mas J. Sims, George  Doyle, Stanley Tyt-
ler and F..M. C. Crosskill. ;:r ;     ' y
A special sitting" of the court, was held y
in the evening for the purpose of taking y;;
the evidence bf captain Hodgiiis in elie*
ease of Kerr vs. the owners* of tlie Odd- y:
fellows'block, in which the contra,ctbr is 5;;-
suing for $2000 damages and some $2900.yy;
balance upon the contract price; feCap-y y
taiii Hodgms wa,s also the architect fpr;> y
this,block. y.:~-:i;:yi-h\r'-■'■-''     yyr y;y-;;-;..y.'.;-:y.
■;:;«a I
Until Alderman Beers Returns.; ^yyl^
There was a short session  of; the bityif
.,-,, Sg$f !l|^0|^Be^pabh^
jOaptainA^JIoclgiiis^wiItebe *,anioffi. >-©ld"
• the:*followiug^named.sAyei;e:° classniatesyatj*
i'-wjio. :i^'n4%at5tlie#o.t^
enay*isxall<riMit*;." V."The^ge^eral;-\nij^de?,iio:
.^6tt4l!s**i'|ft^1i]t j^ ;*j| v ptl'il»
f taptibny ofcy fc bo1h]pE
bftttiles.-'y^-''y:   ;- ■■■y-^y.f'yl-
council 'last evening/ but owing tothe ab*;:
sence "of aldermjin yBeer ytlie;; lhusic hallg _!?;t|?||
bylaw and ^barbers'^Sunday^clbsiiigy^^SSIIil^.
Jam wereyjipt ;ijalcen,,.up^: 'Tliere-^as;-cbnPsSI$^:
f otherssMiof't3«e*''#?i%,/ea"pfc'm^ -^
/- p&--.-...- ^-pji^te *:_pu^?-.^^-^ ..:pt.p-^-u .;^^p_j^,^;£_fp.^ ::^yi-ii^.^..i:.'^^^1M^j':
cr   -_ pJ. -^ f.v       *^I j" ~'   n'-Tt ™, ..   ■■  nfl-".-^  ^ .-   - pp-^^n1-"-      *U"J.
' '""'Ss^s-^f^^
of Sixty; asseniblpd.-at ttepyparloif's^vbt*;
tjie BaiiK of Montreal. Mayor Nepjancls
was mastei" oH\ceremonies. In a few well
chpseii words he iiifbfined . tjiose. pi'eseiiii
that tlie people: of NelSQii fished tp slio*\v
tlieii* apprecipatipii of;■*th'e'-va'etIon:'ybf":'::!&ap'r1
tain HodgiiiS-andj'the nieiiibei's of the lp^
bal ijiilitiil PoiiipJiiiy wlio Inid yoiunieereti
foi- service iii 'South A^*iea.r. ':At:;the ebn-
cliisipii of Ms remaj'jvs he yi'edd tlie ;f0.1-
.]0 wi ng ad dressy a cop y o f wj i ich:'was" pre-
selited:to eaelt ineiirbbi'Pf the coi-itiw^eiite
To QapWn .iC':K. HtKlKlil'KyorVii'o'^o'iiWjKoot^itW.-Ttifte;.'
■-. ■■ On licilfMlC ol tlie '<?1ilfi«en.;f.of Nelson-,-*c ti.ikc -verj'.-Kreat.'-.
jrtvnHiird in Ji're>i«i,H;inK td'.'i-w.fi.k sword.ytogei'lwr vvilji'-; n,-:
■■liiifiSC.fo'r1 Hel»{,':fiv>it.--Wp-:--.f.-Gi. J>ltikf5(iit,-.'itri1nilo.*.'OriC-I p't-'-i
. iei*Hoii iu)<l Seyni'mii- Iiw;'-is/iv'-.K])H(ir-,t^ken.:w^
"])reeijit.i.0ii:of'yinir iitilriotfairi" i.ii'e)Jlori'ii"j;'.y«iir.*Kvti;e*for;:
;-tj):e,<'lefi3tisft oiytlfe .Cmjdro iit;tln|.i»-eiq5Wi-vvafc--.-: ■'-.-..;. -v-'-'., -.
":■'■''Asi'-'U.'. nrtilloh -of- .tl*u:pCllnitVIinn.'..<!6liC{ii.(!*eiii;.'.yuU'. will
.-C'iviMUl'ft.'.rwIioKq'jifioi.i-l'o-'-'reel-.jii" bxvl iriStlrti's'i>iliV«4nB-;,Uie'ir-.
loyiUty. to'the Hri)iKli''©i]i,ir(;;:l!iy:mll5!i^
■ ■l>*ln;j}"'.,ii'r tltiifts.of trouble; -; ":-:<-..■■■.';.;--: .'-.>-.' ■■':■■■■ ■':■'■'■■'.
^\IJ)it;as'eitI„eits'of XelSoiiv-IW-e.-fcel't
H\"it;Ii'yoU.tIio:be,st,Vvirtltes'-.ofihiH't^ '-.:'.■:.■■■ r':.':; ■'.'■'
■■-* ih'Wil.«Iin|f? i*fii--"G6a«Jbye." avc- =--r<SoJir-.-ptor-WaM' to :yit&:
'.fe.feHn(I..«|Joi}(l3?'i'«turiii itrieI:Av6:.UMiKt,;.-:tli:oVi;tccHiiii^
■purSe.iiiiiy'fn .yoil'r lirindrt iirove'iof
^iitfiiiiifllici-.vayagv^ cdi'lCoi'tstlilu.;.
; if:pbs6!.iblc. ... . -"      '■-'::' ' ;:- P       '■"■  ::.:-i---.-
^■■■::;':»'';V:-:.iI.v'! ■:-■ :il:-G'':N:K,lt-Ijv\XOS;;M»}-6i:v.;
v.'*:-;;::'-■■;...,.....,- . ,.-■ •■|?iL\.VlC,l;*I*.'KT.C-H:Kau :
■■■'.-«■ ■'■ -;";.:■ . . ■■■ .' -Sce!'efeir.\"--tif:''Oit;i-ieir'S Uoiiiiilittec.,. ■
■■■ ■■- •■:.'   ':'■:'■■:■-      ." --su-jiiN'.Ji^ysTO'K;- ■■'■■'■:   ■  *■=■
:V"V.-.-'■="*'■:■''       '   ' ■■^reiiKiil,croJ:tJiti;zen;s:t;d)iiTiiitl;fte.
. -;.-^U'_n,-13fi'tiSl'( (Salniiibii.ii Oetoljer'ardji'Si/D.
.. Mivyor jSeeiHiids then presented cap-
tail}, 'flbdgihs with a purse eontiiijrijig
.%>00 in; gold for his men and a sword; for
hiniselfv The Sword was purcluisod in
Montreal by telegraph, and bears the following subscription : "Pj'Oseuted to Captain A. IS. H-odgius of the Nelson;Rifle
Company by his fellow citizens, October
23rd, 1809,"
Captain Bodgiiis accepted tlie pm-se on
behalf of; his ; men and the sword in a
speech tliat he claimed was the longest
he ever made in his life. After drinking
the health of the Nelson contingent,
short speeches were*, made by:'Messj's.
'Houston,   Fletcher,  yBuc-haiiiin,   Petei's,
'-"■ :-'^Ehe::*v:^
Tlie Allowing nanieS nvftre Sworfi;iii as
the qap;ta.,-of YietPria fbr the Cap?i,d.iau,
i'egii?ieii,tsSh at, is^to^dp^^^
Africa: Oaptain fit G. J^ltviichaixl,, .feines
!Aiitlej»ton? • J?-raii';k   Fijich-Sihlles, 'Henry
: Jdli-n Dolliitg Andj-ews, Ceeil Morton Rbb-
"erfcs, Frederiek TbniplfeGbra-ft*ta'll, Williaui
llerljert Stebbings,.Clark. WilJij-tm &vmi-l
;ble. Heni'y Suijthei's,yRalpli -.-^7..); M^e^.-
iJian, Jbhii Henry SoflieiV Seoi^ge NeHl>
sfaiij.es; 3fcewartf.. Arfelnir. .yCarterj;..-'A!ex>;-
yMiddifiton; Wood, -.Sn'tn-k .jpicki:usbii-;Sey*:
iluowt* H'astiiif s O'DeM) ^Ohu.;Todd.vAlex:-.
andei' C Beech, WiHikin' -Herbert. Blsethi-f
finxi'f Arthu¥ Mmtri'dl-ell;' Joseph. 'R» Nlorfcli^
iSbottj. ■; John;v,He.renles.;:yDi£ojj,;,ySteplioii;;;'
";GharlpS;CpVii*t.y; tyhe eiti^eiis..:,raispd.njpriqy.y
: by-si ib%*r ip'tlou.'-'-iy ;\^i^ -Sie w,-
;w ith;':-ayipiTrii**e^-' asy^aa ;■ xloiip ':':''fii'. ;Ne)sb"« -
'■tbij^bnti-e&-yf-._;;:v;-^ ■■;- - ^'-.?^:^%'V
X^:'-yXfisWe'd;jfor-.-.Ohe :BIillipn-:^
'the'';ineiiVQ£.;jill-;r'ani<s iai;*;;:eo):i-;
:iiiii^eiji~;gPl(iJi;t<KAfiiiba.;'- -Oii:ev:tIibiiS|tiid;:
engii;ged-; ;Avltli:;-tii'e •' eii'eiiiyy;jn::;Africaiy;oV-
de*i;yi.Nv$thii:ivthli;*t'y days..after;.the :cni~'
.■gageiriervfe, bi' for loss of both feet;or*bPth;
hands orboth eyes.    In case of the loss
of one lu'incl or oiie foot or one eye, $500
will be paid.  ^	
Are Again Attacking Gieiieoe.
LopvoOiV, Oetober M.—The Daily Telegraph has received the following from.
Ladysmith, dated .Sunday, 2,10 p. m,:
«' Tlie Boers are reported1 to be in strong
force, and under coniniandant-general
.Toubert and president lvruger in person
are again jittacking Gleneoe. Genei'al
Yule, coniinauding our .troops, has moved
liLs cainp back iiito ti better defensive po-
■sitibn;'-■;;■■■,;;y-;■: ■
"i'A0 ■■;fi;^"'';_p#'y.fe^:t?:Sj^ff^'j^
"-4ie- oiler ■w;as',''lj*4d\;bveri"
dtice a; l^ylaw aineu-diifi$''M}& jBylaw for
unposiiij* a tfcx iipoteiiii&;i:ttsri'raiice c<)in-,
;paules, .-*. -At.preseli't tlie' Icfric. is $200'for
■...e'V^*ery.■'|eoinJ1la)'lTy:■■'dpii■ljg■ tivifiitbss in   the
clty'.^'l'he'iiiteii'tipn, M. to; i'ediiCe ' tj|e.-.ts^u-
to: ':$i&0. :fjii:i,d-..',proceed'" -f oi*t)h-wit!"K 3n;'-:'i|u„*§^;
mat-tei; of itsyeblie-vltlon.: . .,,.* y 'L,^.^:J::'y'y^
.':■ -The -nifitber pf' usih^-.c'oij^.iei-^Slj^
'the' :bj-'eakifi;g of -stOnt Ibtf-'fihe: '^l^sij^tp;
:' was>e;&i';f'ecl ■i>0:;ii"t&$ofcl^de vebi|l|:-;
fev- *>vi th gold ^oinuiissioiieiA -,Tiij•iier '^ipiid!.;^
■see;?u|*mi;ywhat-. teriiis' tlib' '1"?1^6;V;'-"^f;t$&:t
'.p^o'vitJpia't-pi'is0P"c:i'S; ,cOithl.:'be;; decijredSf|»ii*?-'J'
;they|)u;r}**bse...',lt 'is itndei-^tiipd. that thcF':
^bvprnnjeiW^ffl^ii;-.^ !h;bbr if the..
,ei|y;stippliesplhe'hainihersjvfi*! tii-ie-.s'tpupl ■
*:'_■; .Jpsbi)ii"'«iae*i_so;i y -ci ty >ye%li--in iisteiv ^va^*;-
,gVii*tt(^i;-'''t\vb^hii^s fees''at 'tijl__s* '-
.$(3-ijesyjj-i#ead::pf,orieih^^ :.-.
^The;;yci;ty.;^cleife th Mx&
ppiiubii pf yfche ;ci.ty;s^
;j'rp tr-pj^Sj a .'byla^v-pom
■.iiient.:'^'stp"V":e^wbb^ .
■ The-' ebuiicil,';- dpcideql''; ■feyauerease^the';,
:siiliti*y ..pfy;V.a|felsMni^fec'jiV ' Sproat ■-"
fI'piil; $^'5;tp;:$-90;ij-e^ ;   ".     ' : ' '   \- .\
lk)Si)OX^Oc'tbbe;ty J'l;>^li;e;^c&rrespbrid - y
■eiit-of the "Daily/Mail:-iit^'Durban, Natal,
says : An iOfOcial ;.'of y'tlib;.'[BpfitiuKi  mine, v
Avlio lias just -ttri:HV.ed..4i^jh^'-I^fetori!i,  declared that while  the.t'er.he.^li.eai'd that
colonel  .Baden4?q\veli, tlie: 'British  com-'
mamiei* at Mafeking, had Civptiired  general Cronje and thirty  othei" Boers and
killed 500. . y .
Diamonds Increasing in Price.
Nkw Yonrc, Oetober 23,—Since tl\e 1,0th
instant diamonds-in. the rougliyltavb;tvd-
vaiieed twice* in eaeli casoy Sy^pr^tt'ent,.
milking a total inereasej-in'.^viqe^
cent dnring tlie la.stysixyi*iibiiths.    So; far,
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On the other-hand, the-mine--'managers made eveiy effort to import men  from Eastern Canada aiid from  Great-Britain, but failed. ...Now .-'they re-  fu.He to work the mines in their  charge unless they can procure men  avIio will woik for tlie reduced scale  of -n ages agreed upon by themselvee in  seci'et session. They would rather that  the country came to a standstill, that  every business interest in the country  was ruined, than break away from the  secret compact that they have enteied  into. The miners ai'e working to save  the business interests of the country;  the mine mjinagers  to ruin the country,  wonder that public opinion  stronger every day in ftivor  workers ?  arc  doing  Then,  is  of  is  their best  it any  becoming  the mine  A J'Kivatk telegram wjis received in  Nelson last night to the effect that president Ki-uger of the Tta-usviial .Kepublic  had offered to make peace. Nothing to  tliat eil'ect -�� as received in the press dispatches.   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A Watei hi.In, as ih.xikikol of (lie it.ciU.il dep.xitincnt  .ind uic ol niopeilj foi non-iesidciit ]iii)]ierl} liolrleis.  'J'he inentbeis ol fheolrl linn rlosne to (li.tiik fbcii mends  .lim nations ioi their iiation.i^e in (ho past, anrl solint  foi tlio olbee in tliofiilaucllio business of llicir old clients  and (he people at Itnge, we leinain, icsiieetliilh.  CJIA.S. A. \VAT'.jHMjV"N,  It. C. WATKItaiAN,  A. It. SIHSUWOOIJ.  Nelson, October 121 Ii, IS'R  Notice to Investors and Builders  #  m  ��  ^  Baker  Street,   Nelson.  *****3-<5r<3 *^J^   ^^^^i  ^a.a_Sia:*  .^-.^iB^^^^^^^H  We  wishing  i\e tlie  very Best Terms  to  those  to boj-row money on improved  ical  estate.  The only company in the province th,it gives  you the privilege of p.aying olT your whole  Loan at Any Time without a Bonus  on i  ing a GO day notiee of your intention was  Big Schooner  Beer or Half-  and=MaIf....  lO Cts.  Always Fresh  Always     Cool  FOIt FALL, PLANTING  TULIPS  NARCISSUS  EASTER LILIES  HYACINTHS  CROCUS  so.  and  Gut Prices is  Order of the Day  ��>ailt JSdiTror.* Kj��st Ykae, No. 250  Wkkklt Kdjtion    Seventh Ykah, No. 3')  TUB contest betweun the imno nifin-  itgoi'ij and the niino workers in the Slocan  and Nelson districts is working n gi'ent  chjutge iu the iriindb of men wlio hud not  u very high opinion of labor organixa-  tion&. These men aie beginning to see  that the niinci.s aie not euemios ofthe  country; that they arc just the opposite.  When they could not obtain the rate of  wages prevailing before the eight-hour  law went into effect, they eitlici' sought  employment in camus where there was-.uo  dispute as to wages or commenced development Work on claims in which they  Audi-pvantlobc in it. I l��i\e just rccchcd  Kull s,imi)IeH of Stiitlngs nnd Ovti-  co.ituiKs repicsciitinjf n ��jO,000 Htoek to  chooio fiom rmulo to join oidor al puces  nc\ci before hoard of in Nelson. All tholatcbt  fiuls m Kincj VoHtiiiKSt for Ji'pill mid winter.  Jjiulics l.uloun_ m .tl] jti luiuulii'-. ivsnucipilt).  JjO����st jiiiLOs.   llooins 1 and II, Jlilljci block.  G A2VIBL*B <S? O'RBII^-UY, -A��t.s  British Columbia Permanent Sa-vings & Loan Company.  Globo SavmgH & Loan Co., Toronto.  Lots for Sale  $2100 will purchaso a control lot and residence  j;��XK) will purchm'o tour moo lots and rccudouco,  lO/WO Pooled t'miiiionl, I tuiiN.  J*ickcock (Ymul hhaiUH 20 (.cntH,  SOOO Uliwv ul Ii cents.  (Jictip lotn iii iMmvi'ott (JioKuslou nj Addition.  ALEX STEWART  Tumor & Boockh block, Nolfion, J3. C.  Tiie Nelson Electric Tramway Co., Ltd.  LOTS FOR SALE  ON EASY TERMS  THE BEST GLASS OP BEER IN NELSON IS  AT TUJ3  eiubHotel  Corner Silica and  SUnley Sired*.  ��. J. OUBBAN, Prop.  Smoke..  e  ROYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS   Canada Drag and Book Co.,  XjI-vUCC-lill?  Corner of Haker and Stanley Streots. Nelson  ley Have Arrived at Last  50,000 Bulbs From Holland.  A clioice .i=s�� trnenl foi present pl.nttiiii!:- for (Ire  coiivcii.unceof tho->o svliocnmiol (pill at the RiCBi]|ioiip.ei  a full supply will be on h.uul.it ICnkp.iluc.k *c S% jlhOiiV  aud J?ianK T.unbl)n's, BuKei street.  UNION   MADE  Kootenay Cigar lanfg. Co.  Nolson, British Columbia.  Larprc number of choice building lols adjacent to the  hno of their liannv.iy, Foi price and terms of s.xk .ipplj  lo the ofiico of the compaii), Macdon.ild block, cornur o"f  Josephine and Veinon streets.  T. C. DUNCAN, Sccrclary.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  hi  99  j\fi-ps McDciiuolf h.is Hist Ktuincd from *Spnk.tno  ^i11imo�� uk-ih ��f Ipilosl j\iiicri( .in nnvelli Ints .Swell  lulintfs [nut opened    Call and sec them.  Lessons in ciiiIuokIci> .md Lite v>oi*1p on Widncsd.ij  .md 1Jitusd.i\ iiioiruntrs lioiii 1(1 to II, oi iifltmoons  fiotii .J lo 1     Miss T.iinbhn in dutiKe  T��o dooih west of .M.ii'Un O'Jtcilli &. ( o.  Novelties in Millinery  linn in ictciptof tho l.itest  in inilliiioiy and nn'lli  lU'O tun cities dncct fiom Ntw Voik;  Cull and in.spcot.  ���     ��� ]ViR;S*..jB. McsL��AUOHIwI-Vj)  . Josephine Street, new Baker. |  Christie  GENERAL  BROKER.  USrSXT*R__-*ISTC*EJ  REAL ESTATE AND LOANS.  FOR SjVLtC  a Room House   .. .   91300  ���J-Kooin liouse  50 Foot Corner  S'JOO  $300  Tt{E BRITISH COLUMBIA MINING RECORD.  The ulitoi of th('.ibo\e ionin.il would be jrlul to ha\o  suhiuilled lo him for emn-idci.ition slioil stones .ind in-  ticle�� for piibhciition iu the Hpetml C-lnihliii.i,s nuinbei.  AccojiUid articlus ��re libei-aUy Jirtld, for. All MSS. iitusfc  he in by tlio 1st of November by the Intent.. Arittretw,          B.C. Miiiine- Record, J'i O. Drawer,  ger Jtseep,  Prompt and regular  delivery to tho trade.  Brewery ai Nelson.  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Maiiaifinjr J'Mitor,  Uio, Victoria, li. O.  Wagon repairing promptly attended to by a flrst-clasa  whoelw right.  Special attention given to all kinds x>t repairing and  custom work from outaido points.  Sfjop:   Ijall Streei, bfltfteet] Baker and Vernon, Nelsoj-  TIieBoyal fireenlioiises, E. Grizzelle, Prop.,  C'ornoi IIoo\e! and W'.ml Hliects.  Bulbs  for  Fall  Plantings  2ft,W)0 rlollimd Uu lbs to ai u vd i n pSrptembcr; .'0)0 .Tnp.iti  Lilies to mine in October; loUOlJliodorfemEtons, A/alous  Mafjuoluis, Roses, oto. toiumcin October. Tlioiis.mds  of Roses, Cimielms, Kriilt.ind Oitiilmental Tiee"., bhiubs,  etc., mow ing on my own grounds for tho fall Uade.  C.iUiloguefie'C.  M. J. Henry     -     Vancouvei', B. O.  Nelson Iron Works  MANUFACTURERS OF  ENGINES, BOILERS, SHAFTINQ, IRON ANI>  BRASS CASTINGS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION  RopairR promptly attended to.       P. O. Box 17.1.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  JTNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS-Nelson Lodgo, No, 25,  x^- Knightfe of Pythias, meets m I. O. O. V. Hall, corner  Baker and ICootenay stieete, every Tuetday evening at  8 o'clock. Vihitmc Knights cordially invited to at tend.  T. LILLIIO, C. C. R. G. JOY, K. of R. te 8.  NBLSONLODGB, NO. 23, A. K. & A. M.   Meets  ��� second Wednesday in each month.   Sojourning  brethren invited.  ���JVTELSON Ij O. L��� No. lfi-72, meets in I. O. O. F. Kail.  A'    corner Baker .md Kootenay streets, 1st and ."Jul  Fridaj- of each month.   Visiting brethcrn cordially invited.  JOHN TOYE, W. "M.      F. J. BRADLEY. Rcc Sec.  NKLSON    p-1'jRirc,   Number  22,  Fraternal Older  pf  Katies, meeth every hccond and fourth VVcdiiesdaj m  e.ich month m Fratciuity Hall,  come.  J. IRVING, ProRldent        3. R,  Visiting brotmen-wol-  WRAY. Secretary.  NKLSON MIXKltS* UNION NO...IX!. W, F. of M..  . Mootuin JC. P. rooms, Fraternity! fall, the (Irstiuid:  *"**���'-" " " .. ..1.      ....<..��.... J 1��     j���.i|"     O    n'/ilivnlr  third .Saturday evenings in  Yixitiiig.itHunUot-H wolcoi  .JAMES WILKS, Soo'y  eaclv lUoiith at S o'clock..  CHAS.-A' Mc]��AY, Pros.-; :  NOTICE.  Notice is heieln gnon Ib.it m lluttj-ilajn, I intend to  .ippl\ Jo (he el.let eoniiiiissionei ot kinds .md woik*.,  foi pei mission (o cut .md ctni .u\. _ jinibe-i oil the below  ilesciihul I.inds  ('ommem iiik.i1 .i post .ihoiit five miles up _ mil eioek  on the wesl .u m oi Koolcniy l.iko lbeii(,o noilh eij.iti  (h.ui)sr tlienco wesl (in clitmis, thunec noitli si\lj  ch.uus: HieiKC wesl ie'i ch.un.; tlienco noilh foity  en uns; ihence west ten chains, thenco noith foil}  (h.iuis; themo v.l ten ih.uiis, tlienco noith fojty  clipims, thonce wtsl ten (Jiniiis, theiiee noilh foity  <h.iins���lhoi!ee west ton rh.uns, IShiicu upith twenty  (h.iuis, lliciieowcsl foi 1 -v <h.ims, Ihence south twenty  ehuns, tlieine (.1st fen ch.iins; thence south foity  iMiins, (1h>iko o.isl. tei' ch.uns, tlunce' haiilh foity  c i.un , thenee cist ion ilianis, tliencu ^uiith foity  cuius; tlienco eii't ten ch.uns, thonce south foily  cli.iins; liioiKo e.isl ton chains, tlience soutli si\iy  chains, (heneo e.ist ten chains; (hence south eighty  clipiins, Ihence c.i>t foity chain, to tiie place of commencement. CHAItLKS IIIJjljYJOlt.  Nelson  li ('.. An^\st 18th. lfc'f).  Noficii  Notice nl)ciob\ given th.it in Unity dajs, I intend to  applj lodieclpclcoiimnssioiu-i of luuds and uuiks for  poiiiiission iouil.uu! can. .iw.ij timbei oil tho below  di scnlicd lands-  ('oiiimcnciii^.il .ipost,.ib.mt two.md.i half miles up  fiom the muiitli ol ,i cicok limning in|o Ci.iwfoid JU\,  on J\oolcn.ij Jake, and known as Giav utck, ni.ukcH?  liuidinest coi.iei , t hence cut foi (j tluuiis; tlicnccnoilli  ten chains, ihence east t-v\ent> chains, tlienco noilh  tend "is, thenee east tlmtj Jive chains; tlienco nouth  lmocikums; thence e.ist so\>j(itecii chains; thi nee south  _sivtj chains, Ihoiuc "ust-Jlf(Ce>n chains,-Ihence noith"  ton ch.uns; theneu i\os(. t^cntj-liie chains; thenco  soutli ten chains, Ihence -nest hi\.l<jen chains; tlience  soulh leu chain >, Ihoiioo Avest hi\leun chanis,; Iheneo  miit'i leu chains: llicnce vci.1 foit} chains, thcncenoith  IoiIj-Imo chains lo the pi icoof COJiimolieemciil.  HAJtUY HOUSTON.  Nelson, JJ. C , Saptcmbei (illi, IS')1).   NOTICE.    "  Notice is heel)} gncii that in lliirtj dftis, I intend to  apph to the duel commisMonoi ol hinds nnd ivoiks. for  puiimssioii to i ul .md can} au.ij timbei oil' the below  dtsciihid lands  Comment in���' .st the iioilluast coiner of IT, I) McDci'-  iiinl s timbei elaiiii. on Lafiaiuecuek, on soutli aim of  ICootcil,i.\ Lake, Jlu n( ocas! foi |^ t'liauis, Ihence wiuth  ten (h.iuis, thoilie easl inucli chains, thenco noi lit ten  chiuns*; llicnti cast hiitj tl\c t li.uns, Uiciiee south tilt)  cliains, I hem c wuM th u etiains: Ilienee south ten chains;  thii'nc ��esi su^cl(tecll (hams, theme soutli ten eli.uns;  thenee iv est eiichtocti ch.uns. (hence noith ten cliiiuis*;  tlioiuinvest foit.v ih.ims,ilioucusouth ton cliains, Iheneo  iws! foil} elnuis, Ihciue sniitli fen cliains; (liomevvcsi  foil} iivodianih, thence notlh eighlj chains 'o place of  coni'iieneciiiunl. UKO. GJtAY.  Nelson. Ji, C., ftcpl .mbci 22nd,Jkm.   NOTICEf  Notice is hoi ch\ given lli.itin thntj- d.njs, I intend Jo  uppl> In the duel ctiiiimissionei of lands and i\oikt>, for  peimission tociitantl can j luvaj timbei oil' Die below  desenbed kinds:  Commencing al .ipost about two und a half miles up  Lafianee eieck, on tnc south aim ol Kootenaj lake, com-  mciieing.i! the noilliwcst eo1 ner, tlience easl llicclutittt,;  tlience noi lit foitj chains, theiKO o.iipt twenty chains;  tlienco noilh ten cli.ii'is, tlience east nine chains, Ihence  noi tli ten chains, tlience cist live chains, thence noith  ten ch.uns, thence east ten cluuns; thoiico noi(h ten  ch.iins; thenco cast ten chains; thenee noith ten  chains; thenco cast twelve chains; thenee noith tho  chains; thence cast Ouilj eight chains; thenco noith  twenty cli uus, thence casit fourteen chains; thenco  south twent} chains, ihence west eighteen chains;  thonce south m\ chains; thenco west twenty chains;  (hence south twcnti the chains, thonce west ten chains;  thenee south tivenl} chains, tlience westtiv only chains;  thenee south iiftccn chpiinn; thence west ten chains;  thence south twent} five chains, thence west eight;  chains; (hence soulh twenty flic chains, thonco west  (seventeen chains , Ihence hOU(h elenn chains; thence  west twont} ch.iins; thence not th thnlj-two eli.uns to  the place o) commencement. II. 1). McDEUMlD.  Nelson, B. C, August 2'tth, ISOT.   NOTICE.  Notice ishcicbvgiicn that in thirty da}R I intent to  .ippl} to the chief commissioner of lajids and woiks for  peimission to cut <ind cauy away timber oil the bolow  desci died lands ���  C omnient ing al a post ten chains-south of II, Houston's  noitlteasl coinei post, on Gia} deck, limnitiginto Craw-  foid Ji.i}, ou Jvoolciia.v lake, in d tlioucoc.isl foitj cliains;  theme soulh eifhtv di.uns, Ihcilec wesl ten chains;  theiiee soutli eight} chains; thence cast ten chanm;  Ihonee soulh foil} cliains, thence west fori} eli.uns;  (hence noilh iif 11 chains, I hence wehi len chains, tlienco  north duo: hundred chains; thence east ten chains;  thenco north fifty chains to tho piece of eoriHiieneonienk.  . -.,, :   *.  *���.-��� -*:-  . THOMAS SPKOAT,  y; Nelson, B.C., September [111. V '���:**'.��� THE TRTBUNE:  KELSON, B.C. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1899.  BankofIomal  Capital,  fiest,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LOUD STRATHCONA ANI)  MT   ROYAL, President  Hon. GEO. A. DBUMMOND Vice-President  K   S. CLOUSTON General Managor  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  isr____so*isr _3_=i__.3sro*Ec  N.W. Cor. "-taker and Stanley Streets.       BR.VNCHK8 IN       LONDON (England).   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO  and in the principal cities In Canada.  Huy and noil Storling Exchango and Cablo Transfcrf,  CHANT COMMKKCIjiL AN1> THAVKJ.IpKKS' CKKDITS,  available in any part of tho world,  DKWTS I8SUKD    COLLECTIONS MADK; ETC.  Not Britain's Fault.  Toronto Telegram.  Whatever Bi'itain's faults iii'iy  liave  [been,  it is  certain   bh.it tho  Dutch   in  | Soutli Africa have been estranged by the  virtues rather than by the fault:*- of Bi'it-  I ish sovereignty.    "The great Trek" wliich  carried the so-called Pilgrim Fathers of  the Transvaal republic out of Cape Colony  was primarily inspired by   Dutch  hatred of the English habit of protecting  the natives.   All the other causes of difference between the British goveriiiuent  Sand  the Dutch settlers*) of Cape Colony  might have been removed.   The one irre-  SAVINGS BANK BBANOH.  CUIIRENT RATE OK INTEREST PAID  THEORY  VS.   PRACTICE    IN*   MINING.  HiilleJImiiijr World.  Practical miner.-, are not alone in the  business of niining. Many men who  never held or struck a drill, or shoveled a  ton of dirt in ji sluice box, and who can't  tell a stall from a slope will speak very  learnedly about mines and mining and  frequently thi-ow out ji shingle with the  legend "mine expert" lettered upon it.  Several years ago these ���'experts" could  be found in nearly every little mining  camp h1 the northwest Tliey are not so  plentiful these latter days. Men who invest in mines .are more particular in  selecting their mine managers than they  were in the early mining days. They  have learned by a dearly bought experience, that "book learning," while all j'ight  enough as an equipment, does not fully  prepare a man to assume responsible  positions in mine management. lie must  or should lnwe a practical knowledge of  mining to acquire tho full measure of  success in his calling.  It is not generally known that the first  copper mining in California wtis done  over a third of ji eeutury tigo. A Spin  Jose company bought what wtis thought  to be a very encouraging copper prospect  in El Dorado county. A steam hoist  jind buildings were erected over the  property,, au expert was employed and  work begun. A three or four inch lead  of copper oi'o was followed down through  the hardest kind of granite for something like, 300 I'eot, and then the whole  proposition was abandoned The lead  wouldn't widen or get richer, though the  "expert" predicted, tit every bucketfull  ofr rock' lioibted, that a few feet more  -would .show up a wide rich lead of copper  ot-e that would "make millionaires of the  stockholders, lie "proved" his jisisei'-  tions by his books, talked learnedly jibout  this and that rock indicated, expressed  an additional caudle box of ope to .Spin  Francisco, and wrote to the stockholders  for a "little inoi'O money" and, at the  same time, assured them that ji few more  shots would uncover untold wealth. Iti  tlie meantime the eight-inch pump was  kept running aud so did the owners-  money.  A practical miner would not have sunk  a foot ou the knif_-blade scam. But tho  book-Icai'ned export professed to know all  about the mysteries of the earth's bowels,  but wtis finally called from the woj'thloas  "lead" by the disgusted company after he  had sunk tens of thousands of dollars in  sinking ;i 300-foot shaft. Aud that is  not the only instance whore theory was  knocked out by hard facts. It is true  that foi*tunes_hiivo been made by investors iu mines, who never swung a pick or  trod a level, but they employed practical  men not theorists, to manage the underground part of the business.  If tho   whole  truth   were   known  it  lAVould transpire that tlie great bulk of  the mining failures is dii-ectly chargeable  to ignorance���to  the failure of theories  to   answer   expectations   raided.      Any  j theory based upon tho working of a mine  for  group of mines,  may prove baseless  'when applied  to  it different formation.  ! Mother earth  was  not  built upon  any  given plan or rule.    She is full of froukf.  Jind theories never take freaks into consideration.    The  practiciil   minor  meets  and surmounts them and goes about his  business until he finds something else unusual to tax his resoiu'ces.    The thoori.it  may build a theory from what ho saw,  jbut it dies "a boruiu" for he never fiuds a  [condition  to   fit   it.      Practical   mineiy  [know  when they meet changed conditions of the earth in shafts or  in levois,  [but  they  can't say  whether  they  will  [make or break by pursuing the change.  ?A theory is often followed to financial  ruin ; a practical  man follows only what  [is in sight.   Theory Jind practice iu mining never trot in the same class.  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Sl^agfuay, U. S., Atlit], B. C, and  Dawson City, Yu^on, District.  Tito folIniMiiK |ior��.ons aio tMiUtled lo bo placed on tlio  Vol'Ms' IjiM for the t'itj of NuNon, vi/.:  Am null} oi fi-linly beinjia Hlili-.li -.iiiiiool of (ho full  ���iKc of (\\eiit>-o!!o-.(..uir u 110 shall h.u epind on 01 bcfoip  the I "list day of Nmcinhor im\t all iiiiiiiicnuil latcs,  la\es, assessments,ind license lees payable bi liim or liei  to the municipality,  (a) Who is the assessed on iter of lands or of impioio-  munt-, or I he assessed occupier of lands situate nil inn  the nttimc ip-alily, or  (l>) Who is a nisidcMt of and cniTicn on business and is  the holder of a iiadei's lieense tn tho municipality, the  annual fee for which is not less tluiit (lvodoll.us, or  (ci \\ ho is a hoiisi'hnldcr within the municipality.  No person shall bo entitled to lolo uiidei a householder's njialifiuilion, not shall lus 01 her name be included in die Amiii.il Volets' iasl unless he or she shall,  on or boron, (he Kirs' d.ij of lleeeinhor ne\l, enter nith  the ulidci signed Ins or her name as a \otor, and shall  lii.ikcnnd peison.ilh dohvei to the uiidoHitfncd at the  same time u si.itutoiy dcclai.ition, tbofoim ot" which  maj be obtained at Ihe citv ofilces.  B,i Order. .1. Iv. .STIt \.CIIAN,  Nelson, 11. 0., October I'.'th, 1W).  City Cloik.  Special Mice to tlie People of Kootenay  I am now prepared to test the eyes  of the people, as I have in my department a first-class optician. I have a  large selection of gold frames and the  very best of lenses. Call and get your  eyes examined at  JACOB DOVER'S The Jeweler  SHORTHAND AlfJD TYPEWRITING.  STIOUTHANI), Tipeuii'intr. and bookcopiiiK Uuirlit.  Terms loasoname.   Ajiplv to Mi'w If. Hiundt Ifan"  sen, jVppIoWhtutC block, n est Jiakei street. Nelson.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres of land within one and a  auarter miles ot Nelson.  FtM** further  particulars apply to  FRED  J.  SQUIRE,   Nelson,   B.   C,  movable cause of difference arose out of  Englantls inability to porinanontly servo  its an .accomplice in Dutch crimes against  the native rticcs. Hngli.ih officialdom at  the Capo might linvc been indifferent,  but the English mis-sion.arics wore contin-  ually bUrring up public opinion ;it"home  with their stories of Boer .atrocities.  The result was enforced government interference, the great trek, two Boer republics, and ultimately the present Avai\  Great Britain can go into this conflict  with clean hands. Tho primary causes  of difference with the Boers have been  entirely honoi.able to the British govei'n-  inent. The Dutch in South Africa luive  shown that tliey me inctipablo of appreciating tlie liberty which they owe to  British institutions, or of extending liberty to other races, either native or  English.  Here Today, Forgotten Tomorrow.  We are told th.at this ago is one of fiist  living, changes, enthusiasm one djiy and  foi'getfulue&s the next.    For an hour the  Avorld goes wild over a toy, then drops it  for something new,  or newly   painted.  Events are crowded on and oft the big  stage, to serve their turn, and the generation picks up the program for something  different.    In tho general hurry of things  there is  most  noticeable  the  quickness  with which public questions and persons  pass, are forgotten.    A few chvys ago the  world watched eagerly the movements of  Dreyfus.      Now   Dreyfus   is   forgotten.  For a time Jules Guerin barricaded in the  Paris  headquarters of the Auti-Semite  League, w.as au object of deep public interest,    lie too is forgotten.    Max Regis,  the  notorious Jew  btviter, lied from  his  liouse  in   Algiers,  where he   had  been  forced  to seek  refuge.     He,  too,  after  brief notority lias been lost sight of completely.    Dewey, the object of the extraordinary  enthusiasm  of   our neighbors,  and for a time watched by the world, 1ms  slipped out of the procession, and is forgotten.   People  have forgotten  the violent attacks on Hon. Mr. Sifton ; as completely  they ha/ve forgotten the Yukon  charges, and never a mention is made of  the gi'eat embalmed beef scandal.     Even  the  Peace Conference  was a thing of a  day, and before long the big international  yacht  race will  be over and forgotten.  In  comparison as the  interest in these  persons and events, is deep, so is the oblivion into which they go.    The world is  rushing its news, as men say it is rushing  its life.   Officers Should be Canadians.   ���  Toionto News.  Care should be taken by tho militia  department that tho contingent which is  to be sent to South Africa to represent  Canada in the imperial army should not  be officered by political favorites, devoid  of the requisite qualifications for leadei-  iship in n strenuous campaign such as  that which may be expected in the Transvaal. The experience of the United  States during the late war with Spain  should be a wsiruiug to the Canadian  authorities not to repeat the actions of  the politicians at Washington ixud send  men to Africa because. they_havo _sho\vu_  ability to do political work in au Ontario  township. No doubt tliere will bo hundreds of such men making application  for commissions and for positions as non-  com missioned officers, but the government  should j'osolntoly set their faces against  CORPORATJOFOF IHE GITY~0F NELSON  NOTICE  TO  MUNICIPAL  VOTERS.  any suggestion to put incompetent men  in important-.places. There are enough  good soldiers in Canada anxious to take  part in the impending conflict to officer  ten regiments, and if, with so much good  -material on hand, the government should  select men who are unfit, morally or physically, for the arduous duties they will  bo called upon -to-perform,- they will meet  with the condemnation of the electoi'ate  in general. The Canadian contingent  should be composed not only of the very  best men in the ranks, but every officer  should be as fine a specimen of Canadian  manhood as it is possible to select. The  appointment of colonel Otter to the com-  miind of the contingent is not only popular from one end of the country to the  other, but it is one that will reflect credit  upon those who appointed him. All that  is necessary is to put into practice the  same principle iis tluit which guided the  authorities in appointing the colonel.  Practical Patriotism.  Hamilton Ileiald.  A man who is loudly patriotic with his  mouth may be genuinely patriotic, and  he miiy not be. But there is no doubt  jibout such pi'oofs of piitriotism as the  George E. Tuckett Company supplies.  This firm proposes that any of its employes who may go Avith the Canadian  contingent to South Africa shall be paid  by the firm fifty cents a day during their  FULL LINE OF  period of service, that their positions  shall be kept open for them until they  return, and that the firm 'shall insuie  their lives for $1000 each fi-om the day  of their departure until they come back.  A Howl That Will bo a Howl.  The fii'st howl that ever came up from  the middle class was when the evolution,  bf private property concentrated into  trusts and began knocking out the small  factories and traveling men. Wait until  the development of the next two years  shall have developed the depjirtiueiit  stoi-e into great chains and flips up the  700,000 small dealers and then you -will  hear the howl that will put even tlie anarchist to shame.  :e2.^.&.&.^.C^  #**  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles &  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of ill kinds,  ���what you want; ia not in stock wo will mako it for you  CALL AND GET PRICES.  J. A. Sayward  HALL AjVD LAKE STREETS, NKLSON  Contractors and Builders  WILL 1)0 WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A largo stock of first class dry m.vtenal on hand, also  a full lino of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:  Foot of Hondryx street, Nelson  Tclophono, 91  -John"Rae_, Agent  Brick and Lime  Lime 70 Cents per 100 pounds,  Will deliver in ton lots  Brisk $12 per thousand.  At yard or on hcows at government wliarf.  The West ^ootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Rakor Stroot,  T. d. PKOOTOR, Manaf.ei'  GREAT REDUCTION  HARD COAL  0Q ^fl nop  ANTHRACITE <Du.ClU |JB1  3D__I_jrVr'EIj_a*E3X>  Special rates for cai laid lota for outside points.  C. W. West & Co.  TKLEPIIOXK  133  Wood! Wood!.Wood!  Good dry wood, al! lengths.    Leave  orders   at  Jacobson's feed  store  on  Vernon street (next door to Tribune  Office),   Telephone 97.   JOHN CROFT.  ONE DOLLAR A LOAD  Tho undersigned has a lniyc quantity of flr, cedar, and  tamarac rtlab-., in IC inch and 4 foot IciiBlhs. ���.ulfablc for  Btovowood, winch will be hold for 91 a load at tho null  >ard" NKLSON SAW & PLANING MILLS. Limited.  Nelson, August IM_, 1809.  A Shipment of Matte.  Tho Hall Mines, Limited, shipped two  oars of copper nuittu to New York on  Saturday. Tlio vsilue of the shipment  was close upon $15,000.  The Treraont Hotel  IPLONE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETOR'S  ^*  x&  To dispose of an entire car of high-class iron and  brass beds in a western mining" town in less than two  months is certainly a record to be proud of, and one  seldom equalled in the large eastern cities. Yet so  great has been the demand for these goods, we have  found it necessary to wire for another car, which will  reach Nelson this week. We would ask the citizens  of Nelson to continue in showing their appreciation of  our efforts to give them the opportunity of enjoying  the luxurious furnishings of an' eastern home in the  midst of the Rockies.  ��  m  ��  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  Ijargo comfortable bedrooms and  flrst-class dining  room.   Samplo rooms for commercial men.  *R__.T*E3S   S2   "E'ER   r)__-*_T  i\. 0. HUME, Manager.  Tho finest hotel In tlie Inferior.  Largo sample room?.   Steam he.it and electric light.  CORNER OF WARD AND VERNON STS., NELSON  Madden House  BAKER AND WARD STREETS, NELSON  The only hotel in Nolson that has remainod under ono  management since 1890.  The bed-roonib aro  well furnished and  lighted by  oleotnoiiy.  _ The di.ning-room_Is_��ot second to any in ETootonay.   Tho bar is always stocked by tho best domestic and  imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  Largo and well lighted Heated by hot ai  Reasonable rates Samplo rooms  Electric bolls and light in ovcry room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Froo bus meets all trains Ravaie.fn_a    R   P.  Hourly stroet car to station ntJVai.lURH,  D. ��*.  Night Grill Room in connection, for tho convenience of  gucbts ariivhij;- and depart ing by night trains).  NOTICE.  On and afler thf> 1st of Outohoi' UW, the Oram! C'Mili.il  Hotel "ill hi' run strictly on the ICiuoiicin pliiu.  We have tlltrtl up.i new (lining louin with .i so.itinjj;  c.ip.icily for ono liundii'il pi-oplu "Ii'tli will bo inn in  connection uith flic hotel. -\11 jn��<i!�� iiu-nti-iiu1 mil-,  p.i) libit' in (he (lining l'oiuii. Will bu plcusccl to fuiiiisli  im al tickets on .ipplinitmn.  Rooms bj (lied.ij, u��ek or inontli.  Thanking jon foi your generous p.il ronAgu in the p isl,  and trusting to bef.uoiod with in?ominn.nice of siino ui  the fiituic. J lem.iin, lespectfiilly uinis,  J-\ SIMPSON'.  Restaurant  Baker'street, betweon Josephine and  Hall streets, Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS. DAT OR NIGHT  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  JR.     ttTJTtt-MSTy      _?*_.0_?**RX*_-'X'0*R.  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  NELSON. 11. C.  CoiTco roabtcrs and dealers in Tea and CoiTec.  Oiler frcbh roasted cofree of best quality an follows:  Java .ind Arabian Madia, per pound $   10  Java and Mocha IJlciid, 3 pounds  . ..    .  1 00  Fine Santos, J pounds   ,.,       1 00  Santos Blond, 5 pounds I 00  Our Special Blend, G pounds     I 00  Our Rio Ro.iht, 0 pounds    .100  A trial order holicilcd.  Salesrooms 2 Boors  East  of   Oddfellows   BlocKi   West  Baker Steeei  HAM GOODS AP HAIR OBMMBNTS  Switches from $2 up.  MRS. J. W. KKAUNEYhAH Opened a Ladies Hair Dressing P-irlor in room 1, Victoria block, NcUon, and is prepared to fir nihil everything in the way of hair goods  and hair tonics.   Treatment of the scalp a hpecialty.  D. McArthur & Co.  %  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEER'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  THE NELSON SAW & PLANM MILLS, Ltd.  We have a stock of one and a half million  feet of logs at our mill and are prepared to cut  all kinds of dimension timber and ship to all points  on Kootenay Lake by scows or steamers, also by  rail to all points on the Canadian Pacific or Nelson  and Fort Sheppard railways. In stock rough and  dressed lumber, shingles, mouldings, sash, doors,  newels, turned verandah posts. Glass of all sizes.  Factory work of all kinds done to order.  THE NELSON SAW! PLANM MILLS, m  OFFICE ANT. MILLS CORNER HALL AND FRONT STS., NELSON,  FAIRVIEW  THE  FINEST RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY IN  NELSON  Ali the unso'd lots fa fne  Fairview Addition to Nelson are now on the market .it reasonabJe prices and on  easy terms.   This property is very desirable for residences.   Apply 1o ^  West Baker Street, Nelson  T. M. WARD) Local Agent.  P. Burns & Co.  Wholesale and^ Retail __. _���_  "IIi:ane5oKvb7o. ..   Dealers in Meats  Wholesale Markets at kelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood,  Retail Anirlrcts at Nolson, Kislo, Sandon, Silverton, New Denver, Yinir, Trail, Grand Forks,  Cascade, Gioenwood, J! id way, and Sirdar.   Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  AMj kinds ok  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  whoIjKsaIjE and hi:t.\ii<  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Ba^er Street, {kelson  OUDKIIS BY MATIj KKCKIVK CAREFUL AND IMtOMPT ATTKNTION.  anage  JUST ARRIVED A CARLOAD OF  Anheuser=Busch ~Lager Beer!  Highest class Lager produced.       On sale by the trade in Nelson.  ASK FOR IT  R. P. RITHET & CO., Ltd., Victoria, Agents for B. C.  A. B. GRAY, Agent for Kootenay, Bakei- St., Xt-Ibon, Next Oddfellows Building  GROVE HOTEL BEER GARDEN  NEAR NELSON & FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT.  THE  BEST BEER BREWED AT  HOME  OR  ON DRAUGHT OR IN BOTTLES.  ABROAD  Fred J, Squire, Merchant Tailor  FULL LINES OF FALL AND WINTER SUITINGS  WiCST BAKKll STIIKKT, NKLSON  OPPOSITE SILVER KINO HOTfcJU 5j-&���-��^lv��':wrr^vai__^  iifvt-WiiCi^:^,-.  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C. TUESDAY OCTOBER 24, 1899.  .?������_-.-_ .-.- ,-_-__-_*������  The only house in Kootenay carrying fall lines of  V * &  SCALES  FURNACES  BRUNTONS  TRANSITS  SCORIFIERS  CRUCIBLES  MUFFLES  FLUXES  OF  ALL KINDS  Baker Street, Nelson, B. C.  Fall  Overcoats  Now is the time to purchase your fall Overcoats  We have a large stock of these goods in all the  latest styles and are selling1 them at very low prices.  Call and see them and be convinced that they are  the proper thing for this time of the year.  Remember the place.  J. A. OILKER  ESTABLISHED  IN   NELSON  .   1890     \:  -     ���  American  Have always been a specialty, with us, and concenr  trating on ���ythese alone, to the exclusion of foreign  makes,.we have a fine and full stock, including every  American ' make, and- are therefore especially well  equipped for quick shipments. By the'exercise of  experienced care in selection far in advance of,-the  -season we secure  Gholce Case Besides  * '. We have some very exclusive ones in solid and  filled gold and other-good selling styles in endless  variety.  Diamonds amid all  Precloiuis Stomas "     " "  Just at this time we have the fullest stock of Diamond  Jewelry for Fall and Holiday business, and the immediate  customers will secure the best of these and avoid the  annoyance of rush ordering, while profiting by possible  price advances. Ready for delivery now, or part, or all  of order entered and prices reserved for future shipment.  Fine watch repairing a specialty, all work guaranteed.  JACOB  DOVER, Jeweler  WE SELL AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  For ^Miners and ....  r*^ "WpfMngmeri.s Clothing''  ^oiM^M^-''Wikj&v Street  adson  For Winter Outfitting  m *'  Underclothing, Mackinaws,  Gloves and Mitts.  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  5" Thei'e was no inquest yesterday with  respect to the circumstances attending  the death of conductor Faweett. The i-e-  presentatives of the deceased conductor's  parents asked for an inquest on Sunday,  but afterwards i-oealled their request.  The body was shipped to Kamloops last  evening for burial.  Hev. Fsithci* Coccola of St. Eugene mission, who, assisted by I>ev. Father Oui-  lette, consecrated the newCatholicehnicli  on .Sunday, was also the first priest to  celebrate mass in Nelson. He 1ms spent  many years in East ICootenay and jilong  the main line of the Canadian Pjicific  rsiilway, and is well known to all the  old-timers.  Mrs James Lawrence and daughter  have gone to Winnipeg.  Mr. and Mrs. It. C. Waterman leave  Nelson this morning for Santa Barb;ira,  California, where they will reside hereafter. This move is inade because of the  state of Mr. Waterman's health. During  their residenco in Nelson they liave made  many friends, whose good wishes go  with them to their new home among  strangers. Mr. Waterman was the first  resident of Nelson who proved-that gi'ass  could be kept green here the year round,  and the lawn, at his residence on Silica  street was always a thing of bejmty.  J. A. Gilker, G. W. Steele, and S. Neelands have returned 'from their hunting  trip to the foot of Kootenay lake. They  killed forty-odd ducks and only two  geese. Albert Gerrard did not return  with the party; he remained behind to  kill more geese.  Charles Lamont was arrested in Rob-  sou yesterbay by constable Forrester  upon the charge of stealing a watch from  the person bf Inge T. Irby, at Lardo on  the 17th instant. The prisoner will be  brought before stipendiary magistrate  Crease today. The watch was recovered  by the police.  The license commissioners for the Nel?  son license district yesterday granted  the application of Frederick Fisher foi*  an hotel license at Kitchener.  Mayor Neelands and alderman Fletcher  have been authorized by the city couneil  to interview president Shaughnessy of  the Canadian Pacific Raihvay Company,  with ii view to securing a title to the  present recreation grounds.  < Wedded.  -The first wedding in the new Catholic  church took j-ilace yesterday morning at  half-past six o'clock, when J. A. Paqu. tto  n'.nd Miss Teresa Simpson were joined" in  the- holy' bonds of matrimony, Rev.  Father Ferland officiating. J. Sturgeon  gave the bride away, and A. Ferland  acted as best man. -Tlie bride was prettily attired in a travclmg costume. ���' The  happy couple were the recipients of'many  costly presents, which testifies to tho es-;  teem iii which they are held in the community., Mr. and Mrs. Paquette left by  tho 10 o'clock train on" the Nelson ��fc Fort  Sheppard fo?' Spokaue, - where they will  spend their honeymoon.' , -  * Attacked ,a Well-Known Physician.  Toronto, October 23.���Adolphe Bui-ke,  while suffering from delirium tremens  last night, tit tempted to kill Dr. Ityerson,  a well-known physician of this city and  of the Dominion. The physician sixc-  ceeded in felling his assailant before any  injury was inflicted on himself. Burke  wjis subsequently arrested.  Dyea Booming.  Vancouver. Oetober 23.���Recent ar-  I'ivals from Skagway report that the  narrow guitgc railroad between Dyea and  Canyon City is being torn up and  tluit a  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Wanted���A gentleman teacher to give  private Ickmiiii* in lmsincS'i branches, to tv youth .about  fifteen. Ono who <;nit lynch piano prufcrral. Call on  JMr-��. jMfillufle, Kootenay llolol.  For Sale���Two good pool tables, in first-  cIiikh shapo; for salo oli'Miji, for L'iish.' Aildruw ''Pool  Tub'-," JJojc SSI, Holland, !".(.*.  Furnished rooms to let.   Apply to Mrs.  Ij. M. JuiiioKon, Ciil'iicy lilock, J5akcr.nlroot west.  Oflices  to   rent���Single   or   in   suite.  Ituiuly for occupancy November 1st. Apply lo Jolin  Houston, Tribiinu OJljue.  For Rent���A store on Vernon street,  opposite Tho Trllniuu ofllco. $10 u month. Apply lo K.  Jii I by.  PALACE CONFECTIONERY  . FOR FINE CHOCOLATE  AND BON BONS  ���Sole njtont. for Nelson for'Giiiioiik Jitrof. celobra) od JI  JJ Chocolates and Jion lions. One Lou of Uio same to  arrive in a few dayK. -  OLYMPIA AND EASTERN OYSTERS  AKKIVINO  D.U1.V.      ,     -  Kuney Cakes-and Vaslry, I'liuni. Peaches, Grapes,  ]*tannniiH, Cape Cod Cranberries, Pears and alt Fruit in  Confer Ward and.Bakor Sts.       I     & - MnQflMAI Q  Mills &'J.otL-s old stand: �����   *%���   mbUWIMM  mz  :k  Bi it. H, APPLBWHAi-TB  Ileetpie k  J. McPHEB  a  eijegthic swpi<ies  WK TIAVK SRCUUED 'J'lIK SOI.K AGKNTCY KOK  "HALCYON WATER"  IMITATIONS CAN NOT NOW UK PUT ON  THIC MAltKET.  Vkisnon Strket  NhipSon, U. 0.  THORPE & CO., Lid.  Complete HI-Gtrie Bcfnit)m��snts for Bleotrto Poweit* Transmission a��a Lighting for Mines, Towns  Electric Fixtures, kampB, Bells, Telephone-, AnnnnCiators, Bto.  P. O. Box 606. pJosephine Street, Nelson, B. O.  "a~__ Kieoi) of Blank Boo"kn, with e\c,r7kind of Bpceiu! ruliiiR and j>rinl.ctt hcadini>H, i..ftmrf,t.cturcfl riKlit iiofo In  >��*���  Nc&ion. by well-paid workmen, who Hpciid tlieir es-_toK�� in Nclhoii.  Tribuiio ASHOcIatiou, Limited, Vcraon St��  Seasoned Lumber!  Bids iirein.-ited for two iniilion foci, of well assorted  seiisoned liuribor, oil Iter fw the whole or in ear lot*, in  mill yard or delivered  to the railroad.   For. partieulars  ��i>Plj'to  ^jBBY ,jUMnK��.'& DKVKLOPMICN'J' CO.   .  lAbhy, Mouf.ana.  standard gunge road is being constructed.  At Sheep .Camp the company has constructed a large commissary building and  bunk house and.men are at work on the  tunnel. A large stock oi' supplies h;ive  been forwarded up the trail, and Dyea is  the scene of great activity.  Wants Canada to Pay the Cost.  Toisonto, October 23.���Sir Charles  Tupper addressed a large and enthusiastic meeting in Massey hall on Satur-  d;iy night. He regetted the government  was not willing to p;iy the whole cost of  the Canadian contingent to South Africa,  and declared himself ready to resign the  leadership of the Conservative party if  that party refused to support the government should it ultimately decide to  pay the whole cost.  An Ex-Premier Gets an Office.  Toronto, October 23.���The iioav members of the Ontario cabinet sworn in on  Saturday Avill appeal to their constituencies iu a few days. Hon. A. S. Hardy,  ex-premier of Ontario, has been appointed  surrogate'and process clerk at Osgoodo  Hall in this city.  . Religious Eiots.  ���Vienna, October 23. ��� Anti-Semitic  riots broke out Jit Halleschau, Moravia,  yesterday. Jewish houses were stoned  aud stoi-es Avere pillaged. A house avjis  burned, and the gendarmes charged the  rioters, killing three .and injuring several  others. The military Jinally restored  older.  After an Ex-Premier's Seat.  Brantford,. Ontario,' October 23.���  There is some expectation that C. B.  Heyd, the prcseut member of the commons for South .Brant, Avill resign his  seat juid run for the vacancy in the legis-  lature censed by ex-premier Hjvrdy's retirement.  HOTEL ARRIVALS.  At the Phair���Henry M. StcA'enson,  AiusAvorth; A. Carmichael, Kaslo; T. G.  Shaughnessy, H. S. Holt, V. A. Peterson,  J. McGi'ail, Montreal; W. A. Whyte, L.  A. Hamilton, Winnipeg; M. H. Macleod,  Cranbrook; A. E. Dowcett, Kaslo; D. F.  Coyle, Winnipeg; Mr. and Mrs. W. J.  Mitchell, Toronto; G. H. Barnhart, Ymir;  C. P. Beekwith and son, Rossland; James  Johnstone, A. G. Gcrdinood, Fernie; John  Flyhn, Ainswoith.  At thk Humi*:���II. A. Stewart, Nelson;  E. E. Werner, Berlin; O. A. Sutherland  and Mi's. Sutherland, Kaslo; It. J. Mor-  kill, F. Klwell, Bonnington; Frank Kelly,  Spokane; lleury Boy, liossland; ~ T.' A.  Tepoorten, M. Johnson, Vancouvei';P W.  Armstrong, Montreal: II,- B. -Willianis6n,'  Granite mine,  p   '       .  * At-thi"! Queen's���A. F.\ WaiiiAvright  arid Avife, Victoiia; John MeVay, Athii-  bascii; James Fitzsiinniona, Bernard McMillan and A. BuVgess,-Yniir; J. F. SHupe,  Slocan City; F. II. Lant/.; R. ��Mai-roAV-  smith", Vjincpuver; Allan Foi-rester, Bob-  son.       ' ,  At the Maddisn���D.tvid Chui-ch,' A.  Church, Diwid BroAvri and Archie BroAvn,  AiusAvorth..    . -  Another Great  rgain Sale.  The great success which attended .1he slaughter sale of  our Sandon bankrupt stock has  induced us to place before our  patrons another opportunity  of securing stapies'at half the  regular prices. To do this we  have  Purchased Away  Below Cost  A large stock of goods from  Messrs. Foley Brothers & Lar-  sen, who have the contract for  the building of the Nelson &  Bedlington Railway. This stock  embraces $1000 worth of  staples which are in daily demand by miners, which we  have consolidated with the remainder of our Sandon stock.  Here are  ome of  ur Prices.  Men's heavy shoes, regular  price $3, reduced to $1.50;  Silver State overalls, regular  price $1, reduced to 50 cents;  Men's heavy asbestos gloves,  regular price $1.75, reduced  to $1; Men's buck mitts, regular price $1.50, reduced to  75 cents; Men's winter caps,  regular price $1, reduced to  50 cents.  A. Ferland  ELLIOT BLOCK, BAKER STREET. NELSON-  ARCHITECTS.  EWART & CARRIK���Architect*. . Rooms 7 and 8 Ab  erdccH block, Hakor sLrect, Nolson.*;  A  LARGE  CONSIGNMENT  JUST  OPENED  We can supply you with Cartridges  TO SUIT YOUR RIFLE  Carpenters' Tools  A   FULL  LINE  SHELF HARDWARE  THE BEST ASSORTED  STOCK  IN THE KOOTENAYS  STOVES AND  KITCHEN UTENSILS  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON  ARE YOU BURNING UP MONEY  Because Your Stove or Range Cannot be  Regulated to Save Fuel?  IT WILL PAY YOU  TO EXAMINE  OUR NEW STOCK OF  STOVES AND RANGES  The saving in fuel effected will soon equal:  the cost of the j'iiijge. It can'tie'so qxiiekly  and ejisily regulated tluit there need be 110  waste of heat or fuel. New patented ini-  pi'ovements olTer you more convenience and  comfort thjin you'll find in any other range.  TWO CAR LOADS TO SELECT FROM  LAWRENCE HARDWARE GO.  oae- m-sojo-a  Lang's Oelelrated Cream Flake  Sodas, 3-lh Cartons ...:. ...  Kirkpatrick <& Wilson  n the  LINE WE HAVE  Mock Turtle, Bouilli,  Julienne, Ox Tail,  Mulligatawny, Bean,  Tomato and Chicken  ONTARIO APPLES       FRESH EGGS  Get the Best Jams  We have just received a large consignment of the  DYSON-GIBSON   COMPANY'S  JAMS   AND   PICKLES  Also a complete assortment of the  TORONTO   BISCUIT COMPANY'S SWEET  BISCUITS  Baker Streot West, Nelson  sin  i?x.*cri*3:_3___s,s, *eitc_  0*P.*E*R__.'___tO*Cr*3*E3  slock:  rAsi,     -V p-r'f Ai*  -SfSr


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