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 A HOT TIME IN PARLIAMENT  Chamberlain a Good Fighter.  London, October 25.���The pugnacious  spirit animating the public has reached  the legislators. Apart from the diversion created by Mr. Davitt, there was a  lively scene iu the liouse between Gavin  Brown Clark, Radical member foi* Caithness, and au ex-agent of the Transvaal,  and major Rasch,. Conservative member  for the southeast division of Essex. Mr.  Clark denied major Rasch's statement  that he (Chirk) was in the Boer camp at  tlie time of tlie fight at Majuba Hill, and  characterized the assertion as "a sample  of the misrepresentation now previiiling."  Major Rasch promptly replied that liis  statement was made on the authority of  Mr. Clark himself, who told him (Rasch)  so six years ago, sickling that if Mr. Clark  again denied the statement he (Rasch)  Avould take the first oppoi'tunity of i-e-  peating the statement to him outside of  'parliament, when he could tako wluit  steps he liked.  Sir   William    Vernon   llarcourt,   the  former Libei'al leader in  the  house, said  he desired to call {attention   to  the  pro-  . Vindications of 1M1. Cluimberlain, secretary  of state for the colonies, during the negotiations and in his speech at Highbury.  Mr. Chamberlain replied, repudiating the  intention to prevaricate, and  saying he  only intended to be plain and  free: from  ambiguity.    He .tickled  that he followed  in  the   negotiations   the principles   observed by till statesmen dining  tlio  past  ten or twenty years.     There was a time,  he  explained,  when 'diplomacy  was regarded by statesmen as a method to  enable them to conceal their thoughts.    It  might  fairly be  called "old diplomacy,"  wliich, he continued, "I  absolutely  and  .'entirely    ropudiate"     The    people are  entitled     to     demand      a     clear     expression        of    ���  views,        and,      .Mr.  .Chamberlain asserted,  there never was  the slightest justification for the statement that president Kruger had been iu  ������doubt.   Mr. Chambeiiain then said: "Our  object, methods, and determination were  ./to- cany   out   these  objects.      It  Avas  '.necessary   to   impress    upon    president  Kruger the seriousness of tlie step he was.  called upon to take, and the consequences  . Avhich Avould follow any  mistake  on his  part.    It Avas not desmiblc to include in  ah  Official   dispatch     collatei'til.    suggestions    and    indications    of ������".opinion,  but.  .{semi-official     Avarning    Avas    frequently    conveyed    in    a   speech.       A  similar Avarning'Avas given by lord  Salisbury  to  the   sultan  of Turkey  at  the  Guildhall   banquet,   and    [  am   still ab-  ��� solulely ' unrepentant.      Respecting  today's speeches, they are simply a  ichasli  of old  arguments from   Irish members,  Avhose boast is that  thev  tiro England's  i enemies,   and   from   Radicals,   avIio,   iu  principle,  oppose  the Avar."    Regarding  Mr. Dp-wit!, Mr.  Chambeiiain .said  lie ro-  " cognized that ho had  hitherto  discussed  the   matter  moderately   and    sincoi*ely,  "and," he added, "'1 would pay the greatest attention to his  alignments, if   I   did  not know he Avould use precisely the same  arguments in regard to any  British  Avar  which are based on his  enmity to  England."      Mr.   Chambeiiain    then    said:  " What avouId have been tho liish argument in  the  Spanish-American   Avar, in  ���whieli Spain   showed   herself   infinitely  less capable of defending herself than the  Ti-ansvaal?   [Here Mr.  Redmond,  a Par-  nellitf* member from East Clare, shouted,  "the    Transvaal    did     nob    blow     up  your    Avarships"."]        Mr.     Chamberlain  tine  THURSDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 26,  1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  force   now   engaged.      Such   a   strain  could   not  be   continued  foi'ever.     AVe  should  haA'e    kept a   permanent   force  of  25,000 mei9 in South Africa.    We are  told avo shall lose South Africa.    Our foi _  eign   friends  are convinced  of it.    Yet  they  tire not  happy.    Such predictions  Avere made before;  and  were current  in  the  days  of  Elizabeth.    But  T  am not  alarmed.      Our   grctit   Teutonic   people  Avant to hold in subjection another grefit  Teutonic people; but this has never been  our course.    It is  impossible  to  pretend  that the Dutch at the  Cape lire  crushed  by our rule, but a. hen they have all the  rights Englishmen, possess,  and  even in  individual  Ciises  aro  permitted   to  talk  and Avrite treason; whatever may be the  result of the Avar���and it is premature to  talk of the result  of the  pi'esent war���  does any one imagine  that  Ave shall fail  to do for the Dutch what Ave claimed for  ourselves, or refuse equal  rights  to the  Dutch in. the Transvaal  Avhich  they refused us ? "   (Cheers).  NO END OF WORK IN SIGHT IN  "WIRED   NEWS   IN   BRIEF.  continued: "The groat, alm^t doterm-  ing, contest between tlie United States  and Spain avjis fought Avithout tho loss of  , a single American. We have ncA'or  denied that the Transvaal was a i'ocman  worthy of our steel. _Not only was_tlie  disparity between the forces in the Spanish-Ameiican war as gieat as those now  engaged, but the contention of the  United States and bhe right of interference arose from tho fact that some  -distance from their territory there Avas  oppression, nob of American citizens, but  1 of another race, and that justified the  inteiwention of tho United States in the  eyes of tho civilized ivorld, in tlio eyes of  Irishmen and Englishmen. Bub avo are  interfering on behalf of our own people.  It is perfectly certain that Mr. Davitt.  but for his hatred of England, avou Id  sympathize with us, as he did with  ��� America." Mr. Cluimberlain then replied  to the criticism of his not accepting the  mediation of Mj% Hofmeyer, the Afrikander leader, pointing out that Aviiile lie  believed Mr. TEofmeyer sincere, yet he  could not forget Avhen Kruger made  "absolutely illusory proposals for  a settlement," Mr. Hofmeyer avjis  perfectly ready to accept them. Kruger  misled Iiofmoyer, in promising him proposals which differed materially from  those Avhich he retilly presented. There  has, continued Mr. Chambeiiain, been on  the part of tho Transvaal crookedness  .altogether incomprehensible if tliey desired a settlement. I believe that, from  first to last, president Kruger never intended to gi\-e anything approaching  equal rights to the white rive, or any  aeknoAvledgement of British supremacy.  "War, therefore, Avas inevitable. Tliere  lias been an enormous strain upon us.  We are -called upon to bring the Avar to a  quick conclusion, and send aci-oss the sea  a force Ho nation in history ever before  sent. This is entirely due to the pre-  - partitions which made the Transvaal an  armed camp, and Avhich not only secured  it a defensive position, but enables it to  ijike   the   offensive   against    the   lai'ge  Trinity University of Toronto has conferred the degree of D.C.L. on Gilbert  Parker, the Avell-knoAvu Canadian author.  Hon. A. S. Hardy, ox-premier of On-  tario, was SAvorn in yesterday as surrogate and process clei'k at Osgoode Hall,  Toi'onto.  The National Couucil of Women, in  session at Hamilton, passed a resolution  yesterday recommending the admission  of Avomen as physicians, to '..insane.asylums. The council, before concluding,  decided to'meet in Victorhi, Biitish Columbia next year. ' ' ��� ���    . .'    ���    .  The Moutreat contingent left for Quebec yesterday. Tlieir sendoff AA-as extremely quiet.  The first annual dinner of the Canadian Society of Authors Avas held at Toronto last night. Gilbert Parker and  George Thring, B. A., secretary of the  Biitish society, were guests of honor.  The affair Avas a marked success.  At the Scotsman enquiry at Quebec  City yesterday afternoon, quartermaster  Dabbin deposed that he had a plug put  in the bottom of the ill-fated lifeboat.  He attributed the cause of the boat  sinking and the loss.of life to a collision  Avith thesalvage boat, whenthe latter Avas  being launched.  It, J. Back of Newcastle, Ontario, has  been appointed sheriff of the Fulton district, A-ice sergeant Harper, rcmoA'ed.  The Dominion goA'ornment is considering the que*1 tion of having a band accompany tho troops to South Africa. They  Avill also appoint two chaplains, a Protestant and a Roman Catholic.  Bourassa, avIio resigned his seat in  Labello as a protest against the government sending a Canadian contingent to  the Transi tial, Avill likely be opposed tit  tho byc'-eloction by a straight Liberal.  The customary proclamation sotting  aside Thursday, NoA'cmber '30th, as a. day  of Thanksgiving Avas issued yesterday by  president McKinley.  According to j'oports from outside re-  ci'uiting points in eastern Canada, bhe  departing volunteers haA'e received an  enthusiastic send-oil*.  Hon. Peter Mitchell, a AArell-knoAvn  Liberal and one of the fathers of confederation, died suddenly at the Windsor  hotel, Montreal, yesterday morning.   The Jacques Cartior Bank of Mon trail,  Avhich  suspended payment in July lasb,  Avill reopen boday.  United States Should Aid Britain.  Nkw You If, October 23.���Clifton R.  Breckinridge, United States minister to  Russia during the second Cleveland administration, in an interview states that  in ca.se any nation or combination of  nations should attempt to embarrass  England in the present African Avar, it  Avould be the imperative duty of the  United States to take the part of Great  Biitain and sustain her Avith our whole  moral and material strength, lie s;iid:  "Great Britain's action in South Africa  is in line with tlie duty and development  of tho Anglo-Saxon i*ace. In her present  trouble .she deserves the unanimous support of the American people. In case  other European nations 'should, through  internal jealousies, attempt to retard hei'  in the cieiir and simple duty she is performing at this time, the conduct of the  United States should be determined by  eonsiderations higher than political precedence or mere political pedancy. We  should be enjoined by every sentiment of  patriotism, and every tie of racial kinship to stand shoulder to shoulder with  our brethren across tlie sea.  Dundee Still Under Fire.  I_Ai)VS.uiTir, October 22.���(Delayed in  trtinsmission)���Tho Boer artillery is shel-*  ling Dundee and the former Biitish camp.  Our troops are now occupying au entrenched, camp. The Boer artillery is  firing at very long range and the shells  are ineffective. Cominisnication Avith  Dundee is severed. The Boer Avounded  and prisoners are still coming in, and the  fornier 'are receiving every attention.  Geiieriil.Beh Viljone is Avounded and ti  prisoner. -���  Slocan Mining Camps.  Nkw Denver, October 25.���The force  on tho Hewett has been increased to  eleven men, and the Avork being done is  demonstrating the property to be a  coming producer. In tho No. 1 tunnel,  uoav in 200 feet, a fine strike of rich ore  luis just been made. The A'ein is over  four feeb in Aviclbh, Avith a paysbreak of  eight inches, carrying considerable native  silver, and assaying as high as 700 ounces.  Spokane .parties arc .Avorking the Hewebt  under" bond, Nelson and NeAV Dem'er  parties being amongst the original  owners.  On the American boy there are fourteen  men employed, and they are taking out  large quantities of ore, as the shoA\ing at  present is most promising. Last Aveek  20�� tons Avas shipped, and this will be  followed by regular shipments throughout the winter.  Ore has again come into the face of the  main drift.on the Queen Fraction, OAvned  by local parties, and situated on the  Galena Farm. Winter quarters have  been' erected and development Avill be  continued throughout the winter.  The number of miners employed in this  A'ieinity having increased, wibh the assured prospect of further augmentation,  the men are gettiug thiugs in shape for  organizing a union here. A meeting avjis  held Monday to talk the matter over,  and ibis hoped shortly .to-have the organization tin accomplished fact. There  is a healthy membership in sight, with  bright and intelligent material for officers aud general committees. Need for a  union has been felt here in the ptist,- aud,  once. organized, ib can the better look  after the affairs of labor in and around  New Denver.  Dr. Elliott, a recent arrival in Silver-;  ton, is arranging for the establishment of  a hospital in that thriving toAvn.  ���������Another of the Slocan shippers has re-!  sumed operations, being bhe Surprise. A  foi-ce of four men were pub on a feAv  days ago, Avibh the intention of AArorking  all Avinter.    _ j  "Word received here from Montreal  states that the Payne Avill resume operations iu November, and thiit steady and  heavy shipments of ore Avill follow.  A temporary layoff of a portion of the  force tit fche Lucky Jim, h;is been made.  So soon as, the necessary pumps have  been installed, hoAvever, the men Avill be  put to Avork again, aud operations conducted on a more extensive  scale  than  OA**Cl'p  The Queen Bess is installing machine  drills, wliich Avill be in operation- in a  clay or so. Development on that property is proceeding Avith great energy.  The recent strike on the Miller Creek  is looking well.  Kaslo Ecmal to the Occasion.  In sending off her tAvo members of A  company ofthe Canadian contingent, the  people of Kaslo did themselves credit-  as they always do when the question is  one that involves pluck and public spirit.  The two men Avere each given it purse of  $125 for pocket money, besides no end of  spiritual comfort. One of the bAvo A'ol-  unteers, hoping to be able to spend a few  hours iu Calgary with relatives, and at  that placejoiirtheiuembei's of~tho_oom--  pauy coming from the Coast, left a day  in ach'tiiice of the announced time for de-  parture. After he left, Avord came that  the time for departure had been changed  from the 2-J-bh to the 23i'd instant, and  the second man avjis sent after the first  on a special train over the Kaslo <fc Slocan  railway. He AAras accompanied as far as  Sandon by the Kaslo company and a  number of citizens. At Sandon he Avas  in time to catch the C.P.R. train for  Nakusp,   ou   "which    his   comrade   also  THE JURORS WORKED OVERTIME  But Accomplished Nothing.  The jury in the case of Kerr vs. P.  Burns & Company, after being out eight  hours, failed to arrive at a verdict and  Avere locked up by the sheriff fpr the  night. The jury aa'jis dodging in and out  of the court all evening, asking for instructions from the bench. As the evening Avore on the foreman, Mr. Freeman-  Lake, informed the court that the members of the jury were Avorn out, and that  they Avould like to go home and tackle  the case again in the morning Avhen they  Avere fresh. The court informed him in  reply that the members of the jury could  not be separated, and that they Avould  have-to be under the care of the sheriff.  Not wishing to be locked up for the  night, "the jurors retired again. They  Avere eventually brought into the courtroom at 11.30 and giA'en in charge of the  sheriff.  The case was given to the jury  about'  3:30   o'clock  yesterday  afternoon, after  haviug  occupied   the   attention of   the  court for  close upon   four  days.     The  court   framed , three   questions for the  jury:    (l').was there a. contract, (2)  Avas  there a breach of the contract, and Avhat  damages should be .allowed for the same,  and (3) had captain Hodgins authority to  make a contract.  "After.-having'been-out  over three hours the jurors Avere brought  into  court and informed  that if six of  them could agree upon the case  the verdict of the six- could be taken. . They appeared to be agreed then.except Avith respect to the architect's authority to make  the. contract, and upon  this  they asked  for another hour's time for deliberation.  ,   The case of Traves vs. the City of  Nelson, iu Avhich E. C. Traves  is  seeking to  ���'secure'yan injunction restraining the city  from interfering Avith the building Avhich  he has erected Avithin the fire limits, and  also for damages, Avas taken up after the  Kerr ats. Burns case.    S.  S. Taylor, Q. C,  and   R.   W.-y Manning ton  appeared   for  Ti'aves,  aiid  sir Hibbert Tupper,  Q. C,  and  W.  A.  Galliher for the city.    The  evidence in the case AA'as iill in when the  court rose at 0.30 o'clock.    It Avasalegal  battle from  tho start  to the close, the  ltiAvyers rising to  enter  objections Avhen  they had nothing else to say.    The argument in the cjise Avill be heard this morning.    The case of the city against Traves  Avill come on as soon as that of Traves vs.  the city is disposed of.    One Avill depend  very much upon the othei'.  point is mostly bull pine, though there is  a large body of Avhite pine up the nortli  foi'k of the Kettle river.  J. Anderson is driving a tunnel to  deA'elop the Sultana and Oregon mineral  claims on Hai'dy mountain, just one mile  from bhe end line of bhe city plot. These  claims adjoin the Yiinkee Boy, Avhich is  now a shipper, and very satisfactory  assays running high in gold and copper  hiive been obtained. Joe Gelinas, Colin  Campbell, Alex Ornon and Paul Guiltier,  joint OAvners of the Herald claims on  Lime creek, ji tributary of the North  Fork, are showing some very handsome  ores. They are down ten feet and the  aA'ertige of seArei*al assays is $3.50 in gold  and 21 per cent copper. The'A'ein seems  to be a very strong one, neither Avail  haAring been uncovered yet. Gelinas is  .also an OAvneriu the Montreal and Quebec  claims, almost in toAvn. A 20-foot shaft  is down aud assays running from $8 to  $18 in gold liave been had. The property  is a big contact deposit Avith an extra-  ordinaryly heavy iron hat.  RAILWAY   NOTES.  journeyed.    Kaslo is all light.  P  A Block of Noonday Stock Sold.  K. Wilson has returned from a trip  io the Noonday mine, near Silverton.  The object of his visit avjis to show tin-  property to S. B. Monis, a banker of  Rodney, Ontario. As a result of the Arisit  the Ontario man purchased 150,000 shares*  ofthe Noonday Company's stock. The  Noonday is Avorking a creAV of twenty  men and is paying the union scale of  Avages. The property is developing avcII,  and from ten to twelve tons of ore is  being broken down each day, though no  attempt at stoping i.s being made. The  company has a showing of about thirty  inches of clean ore, in addition to a Large  body of concentrating ore, AA'hich assays  sixty ounces silver. The shipping ore  {rives smelter returns of $1000 to the car.  Securing Men From the Outside.  The Ymir mine has succeeded in securing 22 men.from the outside. The management claim they have 57 men now at  Avoi'k iu bhe mine, and. producing sufficient ore to keep the 40-stainp mill running continuously. As the mill treats in  the neighborhood of 100 tons a day, tlie  Ymir should ship $30,000 in bullion, ore.  and 'concentrates this month.  A Rumor That is Generally Believed.  There Avas a rumor in circulation yesterday that the local mine managers'  association had held a secret meeting and  had resolved to change managers. It is  said that a strong faction claimed that J.  Roderick Robertson AA'as too much of a  politician to lead tx fight against labor  unions; that Avhat aviis Avantecl Avas a  man who had no aspirations ijolitically  and no stake in the country: that such a  man, if he had ability, could do more for  the cause of cheap labor than a man avIio  Avas ahvays thinking of how best to realize his own ambitious. The man for the  occasion Avas in Avaiting on the outside,  and he was at once elected Chief Head  Push of the Nelson District Mine Owners  Association, Avith headquarters in Nelson.  The name of this man, who is expected to  w67i*cTvoluleTp"ns_lI.���IJ. West, untiriiist"  night a reporter on the Nelson Minei'.  THIS IS A BOOM ARTICLE TO HELP  Out a Boom Townsite.  Saturday was a red-letter day'in the  history of Columbia. Hitherto it has  been dependent upon a telegraph service  through a rival town, but on the twonby-  first the Canadian Pacific railway opened  its new telegraph office, and the town  was placed in touch Avith the outside  Avorld. Tho fij'sb message over the new  Aviiij AA'as one sent by A. W. Rons of the  townsite company to C. It. Ho. mer, manager of tho C. P. J I. telegraph service at  Montreal, congratulating the company on  its cntorpri.-ie. The reply received Avas  chai-acteristic: "Wish every succe.--* to  Columbia. The name .scums Lo be a winner ou the sea: why not also on  "W. J. McGregor, lalo  has been placed in  reports the amount*  as     A'cry      ���"���ntr-fa'-tory.  The rapid growth of Columbia liih decided G. O. 13uchanan, the Avcll-known  lumber operator of Kaslo to start on ti  large scale in Columbia. He avjis here on  Saturday arranging for space for a large  lumber yard and shed. A company will  be inaugurated immediately AA'hich will  be known as the Columbia Itivcr Lumber  Company. It will control all tho present  mills, each ono taking .stock in it pro  .rata, and in addition will occupy several  desirable points 'now vacant. As the  growth of the place has been, most retarded by a .lumber famine, the tirjival  of a strong Kootenay company i** A'cry  welcome. Columbia can use fin almost  unlimited supply of fir' hem lock, "cedar  timl tamarack."-"The'timbei-" around  this  A ear of stock and several cai's of grading outfit Avere shipped from Nelson, yesterday for use on the construction of the  Rainy River i*ail\A'ay. The stock and  outfit AA'as last used in the Lardo.  Dave McKay is uoav making-the passenger run on the Columbia & Kootenay  line between Nelson and Robson. Con-  cluctor BradshtiAV has gone on the Slocan  run, ancLAValter Lemon succeeds him jis  freight conductor. ���-'  The Canadian Pacific Raihvay Company contemplates- building a $750,000  hotel near the company's depot ab Winnipeg.. President Shaughnessy also says  that the company will next summer build  good hotels at different points on the  ���ArroAv aiid Kootenay lakes.  On and after Monday there will be a  daily (except Sunday) train service on  the Canadian Pacific's Boundary, branch.  ���   Said to be in Bad Condition.  Some of the Slocan mine managers will  have" to reckon AA'ith the shareholders of  their companies, and the day of reckoning is not far distant. When a mine that  had been working eight-hour shifts and  paying $3.50 a clay is shut down because  tho Ituv inade it illegal to AA'ork men underground more than eiglit hours a day,  there is .something wrong AA'ith the management. The mine iu question is a prominent one in the Slocau, and is .stocked'  in tiie old country for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The mine today is said  to be in very bad shape, through caves in  in the woi*kings, and it is estimated that  the cost of placing the mine in the  shape it was before the close down Avill  be $30,000, if not moi-e. This is what tho  shareholders like. They always like to  pay for tho mistakes made by managers ;  but bhe managers, somehow, do not like  to admit to shareholders that they make  mistakes.   A Second Shipment of Ore.  A strike A\'as made on the Exchequer  yesterday Avhich greatly improved tho  appearance of that property. In the  drift being run from the main tunnel to  proA'ido stoping gj'ound a largo body of  high-grade ore avjis encountered. Tho  ore appears to bo much richer than any  previously encountered on the property.  ���Siifiicicnt-work h.*is-iiot-yet-beeu-doiicrto-  determine the extent of the uoav body.  Tlio E.coliequor's second shipment of 30  tons will go forward to the Hall Mines  smelter about the end of this week.  the    land?"  of    Rossland,  charge.       Ho  of     busine.-.s  The Hussars Were Not Captured.  London, October 2(5.���A dispatch to  this Daily Telegiaph from Ladysmith,  dated Monday, .says: Thirty of the IKth  Hussars. avIio wore sent to intercept the  Boers from Elandslaagt, woro cur. off by  the enemy. Under sergeant Baldroy,  they brilliantly fought their way acro-s  the Biggarsboi'g mountains, tho enemy  pausing and firing at them at a range of  300 yards along t.he passe.-*. They arrived  hero at ten o'clock thin morning. Throe  of fhe troopers are missing, owing to the  breakdown of their lior.sos. The H-iors  u��*od a Maxim. A lieutenant of the Hussars was driven back to Gleneoe. The  Hussaivs were fired at ti.s far down a,i  Moderspruit.  Women Meddle in Politics.  Si"."vT'n,K, October 24.-The national  coiiA'cntion of the W. C. T. U. passed a  -cries of resolutions today, some of Avhich  cam-icd hums of discussion. Tho main  fight avjis over two resolutions, one (-ensuring tlio government for theiraction on  the anti-canU'en law, and tho other denouncing the Avar in the Philippine1*. All  tho national officers avo re reelected. A  memorial -'orvico in memory of Prnncis  V. Willard was hold and attended by an  immense audience.   The Price of the Metals.  Ntfvv Yoiiic, October .25.���Bar silver  57^c. . Mexican dollars 47,'c. Silver cer-  tificates 58.{ (<i: 50c. Copper .dull; brokers' SI7.7-1, exchange .$17.75.. Lead  quiet, -brokoi-s* $!.i0, exchange .$4.(50 @  -$1.(5.*5.' "   -;'  WAS IT A RETREAT OR ROUT ?  British Public is Uneasy.  London,   October   26.���With   unconscious humor a Capetown  correspondent  telegraphed yesterday : " The censorship,  Avhich  is  always a   delicate   matter,  is  Avorking smoothly aud Avithout a hitch."  This exactly hits the state of affairs today.    An ominous veil is still draAvn over  the  movements   of   general  sir   George  Stewart  White  and  general Yule.    Beyond the belated Ladysmith  despatches  concerning the Elandslaagte fight, Avhich  are still filtering in, the British  public is  left in complete darkness and to  conjecture OA'er " cooked " Avar office despatches.  The officials of the Avar office  late  this .  evening said  that  A-ery  few  dispatches  haA'e iirrived aud  that  nothing  further  avjis to be expected until morning.   Since  it is practically certain that general Yule  luis now effected a conjunction Avith general   White,    although    this    Avas   not  brought about Tuesday    night    as  announced  by  the  Daily  Mail,   but some  time on  Wednesday,  and  as  both  are  now  in  a  position of safety, conjecture  concerns itself Avith the  manner  of general Yule's retreat.    That it Avas hasty is  OA'ident.    Was it disorderly?    AVas  any  considerable camp equipment abandoned?  Was  there  any  fighting   on   the  Avay?  Such cpiestious and others like them, the  public is anxiously asking.  Since the receipt of general White's  first description of the Ladysmith fight,  in Avhich the British lost a hundred men,  little reliance can be placed iu the official  dispatches. While bhe concealment of  bhe facts regai-diug general Yule's retreat can be amply justified on the  ground of keeping the intelligence from  the Boers, the hiding of the news respecting the Hussars and Fusileers avIio avc re  apparently captured iu the battle at  Gleneoe, is severely criticized, no intimation eA'en haA'ing been given thatthe  officers Aveie missing.  The heiiA'y losses of the British troops  in facing only S000 Boers are counted on  as Avhat rifle fire means in the hands of  oven undisciplined men, aa'Iio can shoot  fairly straight and stand tlieir ground.  Comparisons are made with the first employment of the magazine lifle in theHis-  pano-Ameiican A\tir, and it is considered  that the Ameiican losses at El Caney  and .Stin Juan would have been much  lioaA-iei, if the Spaniards had doggedly  stood their ground like the Boers.  General sir Redvers Buller is  expected    .  to arrive at the  camp eaily  next Aveek,  and the indications are that some  troops  have already  ariiA'ed  at the front, tind  have  boon   in   the   fighting.    There   is  every probability,  therefore, that  rein-1  forceincnts are now moving   up.    This is  calculated to hasten commandaut-geneial  Joiiber.'s attack on Ladysmith, and news ���  of a big battle is daily expected.  About half a complete army corps i.s  now afloat, and a lull litis oceuried in  dispatching bhe remainder of general  Bullet's forces owing to some difficulty iu  obtaining the transpoits. The mobilization and embarkation of 2L,000 men,  hoA\evei, has proceeded with the utmost  smoothness und completeness, exciting  admiration from even the seveiest critics  of the Avar.  Speaking ab Dublin yestciday to the  passing tioops, general Roberts said that  however impoi bant campaigns in .South -  Africa haA'e appc.ii'cd at the time, they  dwindled into an insignificance Avhen  compared with the gro.it event in which  tlio Britinh troops ai'C now about to  engage.   German Newspa. ers Begin Trimming.  Bkhmn, October 23.���At a meeting of  of "iOUO members of the Pan-tTcimaii and  anti-'Scmito league jit Hamburg today,  (tilled to pi'uto-.t- against���bho-Ttiiiisva;il���  war, ti dKpatoh was tent to enipcior  William full of solemn, patriotic effusion,  and uiging him to intercede iu behalf of  the Booi ���?, and postpone his journey to  Kngiand. The Voisisoho '/eitung, commenting on this, s.iys: ���'Vigorous  piotest" should bo made ag-iin'-t  tho passionate and maloA'olent treatment  of the war, Avhich gi\es color to the idea  that tlie Germans can not do enough to  show their enmity for Great Britain.  The majority in this country, having  nothing in common with tho Anglophobia in whieli the Hamburg meeting  liotod." Tiie paper then quote- pi "nice  Hi-mark's dictum, that Great Britain's  friendship aviis more useful to Germany  ilian tho whole A'atley of tho Nile and  the Pyiamids, adding : "ILid prince Bismarck boon Jin Knglish minister, he  would ha\c acted towauls the Boors a��  the Knglish government ha-s .icLcd."  Rumors of Interference.  Loviiov,Oetobei 23. -The None Weinor  T.igoblatt publishes a telegram from tho  Tt.uis\aal legation at Brus^e!-., announcing that Dr. Leyds has leeeh'ed formal  assurance that. Fiance and Riisc'm will  not permit Grc.it Btittun to annex tiie  Trau-'Aaal or Oi tinge Free .State. This is  di-ciedited, however, as it is pointed out  th.it even il this avo re the intention of  the powers mentioned they avouUI not  allow theit hands to bo shown prema-  tititiy through the medium of Dr. Loyds.  The Russian newspapers may be somewhat responsible for tho general itnpres- ^/  sion iu leg.ud to Euiopeau inteiwenbion,  the St Potcr-buig Hubskija ad\oc*ating  that Great Britain <should bo brought to  her senses by ti naval demonstration in  South Africa, in which France would  take tho lead. « T5r;.^TW>o™»Mi«(a»fKV I *"->
■•H.-isae_*__v-^. j_l:,*-*1! ~s=_7r
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"p/iny Edition-  Fikst Yka.k, No. 252
AVekkly Kpitiuw..  Seventh Ykah, No. w
"The Slocan Djfti'ict-, British Columbia,: Its Resources aud Opportunities for
Investment: By C. Cliffe, Editor of tlie
Mining RcvieAA. Sandon, J3. C." is tho
title of a nicely printed pjunphlet of 90
pages. It is Avhat its name indicates.
It is more, it is a fair statement of the
conditiojis that existed in the Slocan in
May hist. JBelow is an extract froni one
of its pages. It should be rejtd Avitli
profit by the man Avho penned it, for he
lias .few 'months been contending, as"
editor of tlie Sandon ItevicAV, that the
jpaymeutof $3.50 to skilled  miners for
eight hours Avoik  per  day underground
Avould   Avork   ji hardship  on  the   mine
operators.    The extract reads:    "In some
" cases great disparity appears  betAveen
" the number of men employed and the
" product of the  mine,  but  this  is  ex-
" plained in diffei'ences in quality of ore.
" Again, some mines  may haA'e  siiijiped
" close tip  to  the  output, Avhile  others
" may htn-e produced and left unshipped |
" for   di/1'erent   leasous.      Other  mines
" Jigain may luive stoped ui") to deArelop-
" ment   avoj-Ic,  Avhile  others  again  may
" haA-e  develoiDcd and mined but little.
" As the total production  [for  the year
" 1S9S] avjis 34,087 tons and the number
" of   men  employed  1193,   the average
" Avas a little over 28 tons per man. at a
" gross value of $100 per ton, Avhich the
" A'alues fully average, or $2800 per man.
" Of   course   in   the   carliei'    years  ol'
" a    mine,    as   is   the     ease    iu    the
'" Slocan at _>reseiit, much money i& ex-
" ponded on labor getting the pj'operty
" into    producing   and   shipping   foi'm,
" This is shoAvn from  the  cireumstance
" many of the mines enumerated spent
" much on  laboi- and shipped  nothing,
" while     the     developed     mine,     the
" Payne,     shipped     jjcarly     108     tons
" per    5nal^     employed."        While    the
ore shipped from  the  Slocan Avili   not
aA-erage .$100 a ton in   value ($S0  AA'ould
be nearer che average  value), Mr. Chile's
figures go to sIioav that every man Avoj-k-
ing    in      the      Slocan,     on    productive and non-productive mines, earned for
his employer $2800 during the year 1898 ;
but  when,  these figures  are  applied to
producing mines-like the Payno.-the earnings amount to $10,800  per man.    Yet
the  Payne is one of the mines that is
acting on Mr. Cliffe's  advice, and  is refusing to mine oi'o for shipjnent until its
management  can   securo  thi'ee-dolhir-a-
djiy miners^    Mr. ClifTe Avill either lui/ve
to issue a revised edition of his pamphlet
or discontinue  the  publication   of blue-
ruin editoiials in the Sjindon Review.
keeping tlieir mines closed down. They
knoAV that if the big shippers of the
Slocan Avere Avorking full forces, that the
output of the Slocan Avould total a
million a month. Such an output, at a
time Avhen the Transvaal mines are
closed, 'would attract the attention
of investors - that tire only tempted
by output. The opportunity that comes
so seldom it slipping by. Some of them
feel like bi'eakiug aAA'ay from the association, as it is now generally admitted that
it is mei'ely an organization to carry out
the AA'ishes of the Dunsmuh's. The Duns-
muirs can afford to keep the Noble FiAre
mines closed for years, as their investment in that silver-lead property is nothing tis compai'ed Avith their investments
iu coal mines on Vancouver Island. They
luwe long been bitterly opposed to
miners' unions, and they have entered
the light iu the Slocan in the hope of
breaking up such organizations. Some
of the mine OAA'ners are beginning to
realize that it is not profitable for them
to fight the Dunsmuir battles, and they
Avould be glad of a ehanee to break aAvay
from the Slocan Silver-Lead Mines Association, which they joined rather too
hastily^ .- .
It is safe to assert that feAv of the
buildings erected in Nelson this year
A%*ere inspected by the fire inspector Avhen
the buildings Avere under construction.
It is also siife to assert that feAv buildings in Nelson have been constructed
Avith any regard for safety from fires.
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So.Aiip' of the mine managers are not
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Slocan. They are iioav beginning to get
a bad taste in their inouths. * The bad
taste is caused by .sipping at the fount of
the Slocan Silver-Lead Mines Association,
eveiy member of Avhich is under a. hciivy
money obligation1 to stand oi* fall Avith
the sifesociation. They tiro beginning to
realize   Avhat   they   are   saci'ifioing   by
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the l-'ii'st day of \"o» tnibiM ne\t .ill ininnqip,il r.ilcs,
t.ixes, pissesMiicntsaiid license fees p.ijablu byliuii oi her
to Ihe municipality.
(ui Who is (lie ,isses .sdowwrof Uinls* or of improve-
inenls, or Hie .tssyp-sud occupier ot lands silu.ifc nitliiu
the nimiicip.ilitj, or
(bj Who m a io-kIcdI of and cirrict on business and is
the holder ol pi ir.idci's license m the iniiiiicipalit}, the
annual fee for « Inch is noi less th.ui th e doll.irs, or
(o) Vi ho i.s a. hoiiheholdei within tho i!iuniup,illt.v.
No iierson- Mhnll be enUtlwI. (,o vote under a house'
lioldor'rf (iiiaUflcalirtn, nor .shall his or her name be included in the Am*)"Al Voter*'List unless he^ or slicslinll,
on or before the .Kirntdny of December nexti enter with
the iiiKlersiguod  hli* or her name as u voter, unci shrill
make find porHonnliy deliver .to the undersigned at the
write time a .statutory declaration, the form of which
may be obtained at the city oflieoK.
Ily Order. .1. it STUACHAN, City Clerk.
Nelson, B, C„ October I'Jtli, WJ9,
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Tn cons-pqiioneo of incicising ill-Jic.-ilth of Jfr. 11. C.
W,iluiiu.m, Uio linn of Cb.is. A. Walciui.iu & Co. h.i\o
been ili-sol\ed .md Aiiliiu It. Shcinond h.is taken over
the bii-mess ol their old oDIloon JJ.iUcr stieet, Nelson,
and v, ill (.mitiuiicthe bu >iness ,u tlic^imc ])l.iee,.ps [Je.il
JCsl.itc.iiid Iiisiiicince >i_etil, .ind he will be assisted liy
C. A. W.iteiin.iii, .is in.in.iKor of the Uent.il dep.ntmon.
and cueof piopcily for noi) leiiiduni juopuiti holdui-t,
I'he members u! I he old Jinn desire to lii.ink I l.eir friends
.uid pations foi Ihur p.i(ion.ifi;ciii the p.*sl, and solicit
for (lie ollice in the futnicllio business uf their old clients
and Ihe people at l.ugo, ueicntfiiii. i-espt-cifiillv.
('HAS. A. "
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SteverjSj T^e Tailor
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Two doors west of Martin O'Jteilly & Co.
EWART 8c OAKUIJfi—Architocte.  Room. 7 and 8 Ab
erdeen block. Baker stroet. Nelson.,
Prompt and reg-nlar
delivery to the trade.
Brewery at Nelson.
The lelson Electric Tramway, Co., Ltd.
Nelson, October J2tli, 189a,
Notice to Investors and Builders
Wagon ropairing promptly atteiided to by a flrgt-claas
Special attention given to all kinds of repairing aafl
custom \vork from outside points,,
Sfjop:   fjaif Street, betweeij Baker and Vernon, Meteor-
Ijarprc number of choice building lols adjacent* to tho
line of (heir lr.imv.ay. [•'or l»i ice and terms of s.-Jc npplj
to the ollice of the company, 3I.icdon.ild bloolc, corner of
Josephine and Vernon btreeta.
T. C. DUNCAN. Secrelfiry.
Charles  D.  I. Christie
o-Kootn House.. §1300 150-Foot Cornor. ..300
i-Rooin Houno.. $1)00
Oontaining 120 ftcres of land within one and a
quarter inilas of Nelson.  For f urtlier
particulars apply to   '
FRED  Jf.   SQUIRE,   Nelson,   B.   C.
yciy^BKsr Ti:itMs to tlioso
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British Columbia Permanent .Savings & Loan Company.
Globe Savings & Loan Co., Toronto.
.2100 will purchaso a central lot and residenco.
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CjrioiJTirANI), Tvnewritinp, and boiikeejiiiif,' JjliiRliJi.-
*-»   Jcrnw i-eiiKoniible.   Anply to "Mins H. JJnindt Ha«
sen, Ai>i>le.vh,iiIo block, West linker street. Nelson. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C.  THURSDAY,  OCTOBER 26, 1899.  Iaik of Montreal  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up,  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATHCONA AND   MT  Hon. GKO. A. DRUMMOND   K   S. CLOUSTON   ROYAL, President   Vico-Prosidont  .. .General Manager  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  nsr-BXiSOisr _3*r__._sto__:  N.W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.       BRANCHES IN       LONDON  (England),   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO  and iu tho principal cities iu Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers  OUANT COMMKRCIAI, ANI) TRAVKLLKltS' CREDITS,  available in any part of tho world.  DRAKTS ISSUED    COLLECTIONS MADE; ETO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATK OF INTEREST PAID  STORIES   OF   PRESIDENT   KRUGER.  While president Kriigei' coiRin.aiids Jid-  liiinition and i-espect for his firmness of  -purpose and liis devotion to liis duty as  lie sees it, the people who associate witli  the head of a nation, dignity, pomp, display and ceremony are tempted to ridicule the Boer president, whose every notion marks him as a man of "the people.  He takes part in the deliberations of the  church board with the same earnestness  as he shows ;it a state council meeting,  find no matter how pressing business of  state niity be he always finds time to devote to his family circle, which���despite  his wealth���resembles that of a citi/.en of  the middle chiss in many respects.  Mr. Kruger devotes the surplus of his  energies to pi'eaching. AVhcn he is tired  of inditing despatches to her majesty's  government Jind framing- citbles for the  New York papers he -works up-sermons,  which cousist mainly of diatribes against  Great Britain, and pronouncements that  heaven is ony.the side of the Boers and  against the scoundi'elly .Rooinek. Then  on Sundays lie holds forth to his followers in the reformed church at Pretoria,  and-you may be sure that his eloquence  is hot and strong. I Lis diliverences have  not yet reached the minatory stage, but  if affairs goon  as they pi'oniise at pres-  . cut he will soon touch the crushing mai'k.  Then woe betide Mr.'Cluimberlain 1 Like  evei-y other sport, the quoting of scripture texts is a game at which two can  ' play,   and. -having   Mr.    Cluunbei'lain's  record as a Sunday  school  teacher' in  .memory, we make no doubt, thatthe be-  - loved of Birmingham can hold his own  .with Paul. - . ������  Pt*esideiit Kruger is generally credited  .with j'oligious leanings, but it is difficult  in this country to realise ,his type of  theology. * -A writer iu the Church  Gazette trios lo-convey the idea by-stating th'jit Oom Paul was taught to regard  tho formularies of the synod of Dorfc-as  au infallible ��� declaration of absolute  truth. That isiyery expressive to anyone who knows what that synod decreed".  Of young Kruger we are told tluit he.  stoutly,    resisted   the    introduction   of  - hymns, "just as t hey used to do in Scot-  laud, lie looked upon the use of hymns  in public worship as a most dangerous  innovation.   Jle thus gi'ew up as an ultia-  ' orthodox and determined Calvinist. His  adiuirei's relate how, at a critical time, he  spent three days in prayer on Magalies-  berg, -waiting for di vine guidance. When  elected as vice-president he commenced  his address to the assembly with the  declaration that he looked on his appointment as coming from the King of Kings,  ���and lhjit-he"had"therefore "ifo"clroiUeHex-  cept to obey. -   \  An informing story is being told of Mr.  Kruger. Returning home from oue of  J1L3 journeys . to ' England, . he brought  with him a pair of pyjamas, and his ap-  peai'anee at night in this clothing nearly  frightened the life out of tho good Tan to,  his wife. "What's that?" she demanded.  "Sleeping clothe, from Enghuul." !=aid  Mr. Kruger, with misgiving. "Then lake  them oil"," responded Tan to, "and come to  bed in your veldschocn (shoed).'\ Can it  be Mi1. Kruger's habit to go to bed iii his  boots ?        -  Doing Its   Whole Duty.    -  Winnipeg Free Press.  - ��� It will redound to the credit of Canada  now that she is placing in the field for  active service 1000 men to have office in  Ottawa as minister of .militia, lieutenant-  colonel  Boi'den, Svho  has been  actively'  " connected with the force for many years,  lias-been in "camp with the men, and is  not only willing but competent to look  after details." The advance of $125 to  each officer of the contingent, Jind tho  oi'dor given for 2000" suits of underclothing and 5000 pairs of socks are examples of the determination of the minister and of tho government to do everything in their power for the comfort of  the bi'avo young men who are going to  the front.     -   Canada's Wonderful Progress.  Sir Louis Davies, speaking at ;t banquet given in his honor by tho Loudon  chamber of commerce, referred to Can-  ad t's wondei'ful. pi'ogi'ess and development (hiring the past few years and the  marvellous increase of'her trade and coin-  liierce, His remarks on the efforts nnule  by Canada to promote Imperial unity, as  illustrated   by   the   preferential   .tariff,  Is qow prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin., B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^on, District.  penny postage, and the Pticific cable  scheme, were loudly cheered. Still  greater enthusiasm was aroused by sir  Louis' reference to a Canadian contingent  of one thousand men for active service in  South Africa. He asserted emphatically  that these were only a vanguard of what  would be forthcoming if necessity demands "further calls. The policy of the  empire, broad and liberal, based upon  equal rights and justice, had evoked unbounded enthusiasm among Canadians.  Come what might, Canada, irrespective  of party difference, Avould be found  united on the question of duty to the  mother countiy. Canadians wei'e loj'ally  determined to stand by the empire in the  securing of justice and equality for all  her subjects.  '���.  A Typical Georgian Episode.  'Savannah, Georgia, October 25.���Edward Flanagan, a Dekulb county murderer,  broke from  the Dekalb  county  jail,  this  morning.    As he jumped   through  the door and passed the.guard,  who had  the murderer's bi'eakfast in his hands, he  snatched  up  the two-year-old  baby of  sheriff Talley.     Drawing, a long   knife  from his sleeve, and clasping the'child to  his breast,^ the prisoner fled down the jail  stairway    to   the    street   and    liberty.  Down a flight of steps aud  through a  corridor-leading-to the sheriff's residence,  the only avenue of escape from the prison,  Flanagan-''sped, ��� holding   the screaming  child in his left arm and brandishing his  knife in his right hand.'   Sheriff Talley  happened  to be in the room into which  Flanagan dashed.    Mrs. Talley, the child's  mother was also there.    The father and  mother simultaneously sprang upon the  prisoner, Mrs..Talley wielding a broom,  and   the sheriff clutching-Flanagan by  the throat.-   The guard came up at this  instant  and  the three  overpowered the  prisoner and  tore   the  child   from  his  g;ras'i*>.    The  shei'iff then drove him up  the stairs, and into the cell, tit the point  of his pistol. ,. ��� ,   "  Are Apparently. oii the Defensive.  Pkti.oua, pOntario, October 25. ���  Pi'emier and ministers Blair and Fielding  were welcomed here by a largo ��� number  of citi/.en's' yesterday afternoon. In his  a'ddi-oss, Mr. Laurier referred to' events  leading up to the Liberal success in 1890.  Referring -to tlio Manitoba schools, he  said all questions1 involving race aud religion .should be referred to aud settled-  by the provinces themselves. He defended the government from the charges of  corruption, and-predicted the  success  of  the party at the next election. Mr.  Laurier also paid ii tribute to the late  member for Lambton, Hon. Alexander  Mackenzie. Hon. Fielding defended the  reform tariff, admitting the debt was  growing sit a rate of two and a half million dollars, but justified this by the  growth of the country. Hon. Mr. Blair  defended the action of Hon. Mr. Tarte  and Sifton and himself, The cabinet  ministers also spoke at Sarnia, where  they met with a warm reception.  To Have an American Feeder.  Milwaukee, October 25���The Milwaukee <fc Southwestern Raihvay Company says, in view of its plans, that it  pi'oposes not only to build a line 200 miles  long, extending southwest from Milwaukee, but that it intends to go into  the hike aud rail business, co-operating  with tlie Canadian Atlantic. It is claimed  that by this means freight can be shipped  to Liverpool over a route that is 800  miles shorter than the one by way of  Buffalo jind New Yoik City.  The Losses Are Already Heavy.  London, October 25.���The war office  returns show that the total Bi'itish  casualtiessince the beginning of hostilities  has reached 507. Eighteen officers have  been killed 55 wounded and 76 men killed  aud 435 wounded. There are 13 unaccounted for. This total, however, does  not include the squadron of the 18th  Hussars, which wentasti'ay near Dundee,  and the officers, of theyDilblin Fusileers.  The report .-of * heavy' losses sent from  Rietfontein*3*"oain'e as an unpleasant sur-  prise, as general White's telegram to the  FULL LINE M  ���".-rrH"'.  .     . v, -���- ' -  ��� ���-"������!��� \-i.O ���-���:'���.''. ���'���  war office gave the impression that there  was merely a brush. The Kolnische  Zeitung of Berlin pays a tribute of  gallantry to the British officers, pointing  out thsit the German loss in the battle of  Spichere only ih per cent were officers,  while at Gleneoe and Flandsgaate the  English officers killed and wounded  formed 14i per cent of the total loss.  Prepariner to Eecross the Atlantic.  New York, October 25.���The crew of  Shamrock continued their work at Ei-ie  basin today of stowing away gear and  preparing the yacht for her passage  across the Atlantic. Designer Fife, Hugh  MeGildoway, Harman Crawfoi'd, and  Hugh Kelly, the last tlireej named representing the Royal Ulster Yacht Club,  with William Ratsey, the sail maker,  sailed for Liverpool todtiy by the steamer  Majestic. Mr. Fife is still quite ill with  iuflamatoi-y rheumatism. He was carried on board tho s'teamei- on a stretcher.  The Tremont Hotel  iPLOP _ TRECILL.S  y  PROPRIETORS  w  m&m  ���s&Sj^g.  ���^���������ar-  m  ������srp*a-.  -.m  m  Appreciation  %  B  b  B  B  B  MRS.  will riiVE a  Farewell  Concert  Front jDoors"-  Inside-Doors  Screen, Poors  ..,..��� Wmd^^y^;r"\.u  Inside Finish. ���'   ( ;  local and coast,  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  - -    *   Mouldings1  Shingles  . Rough and .  Dressed Lumber  ���    of ill kinds,  what you want Is not In stock wo will mako it for you  CALL ANI) GET PRICE'S.  J. A. Say ward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS. NELSON  Cootpaetors and Builders  IN THE NELSON Ol'EltA HOUSE ON  TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7,  1899  ASSISTK1> ItY  Mi��* Gurry. "Mrs. "V.'. A. "Macdonald, "Sir. Frnnk OHvoi- (of  Ros-slaml). Mr. Kydtl, Mr. I{. M. M.iciloiiiikl, Mr. Han-is.  Hi'iT Sloinur, "Mr. mid Mrs. jVioliibold, ami a chorus of  ladiix anel gciillotiicn.  .Scats cm now bo. taken nL_flio_Tlioiiison_SUif ionery_Go._  aiifl the Canada Drug and Book Co.  Nelson Iron Works  "MANDFAOTUKEBa COT-  ENGINES, BOILERS. SHAFTING, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION  '  RoDalrs promptly nt.tondod to.       P. O. Box 1V3.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS- Nelson   Lodge,  No,  25,  JiniKlits of Pythias, meets in I. O. 0. V. Hull,corner  B.i/kor and ICootonay streets, every Tuosday ovening at  8 o'clock.   Visitin . Knights cordially invited to attend.  T. LILLIE. C. C. It. G. JOY, K. of R. & S,  ' NELSON LODGE, NO. 28* A. V. & A. M.   Meets"  second Wednesday iu each month.  Sojourning  brothron invited. -'  NELSON L. 0. L., No. 1(11)2, meets in I. O. O. V. TlnU,  corner'Raker and ICootenay (���'.recti,,  1st  and Hrd  Friday of each month.   Visiting brethern cordially in.  vilod.  JOHN TOYE, "VV. M.    , F. J. DRjVDLEY, Rec.Scc.  NELSON   -fliKIK,   Number  22,' Fraternal  Order of  Englcx, meets every second aud fourth Wednesday in  each month" in Fraternity Hull.   Visiting brethren wel-  J. R. WRAY. Secretary.  WILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A largo stock of _flrst-olass_dry_matorial on-hand, also  a full lino of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  come.  ' J. IRVING. Pre .dent.  !X>.  W,  F. of M.���  the firsthand  eacli uiontli at 8 o'clock.  NELSON MINERS' UNION  NO.  Meelbin J_ P. roimss, Fraternity Hull  third  Saturday evenings in  Vihiting members welcome.  JAMES WILKS, Soo'y.      CHAS. A. McICAY. Pros. * '  Notice   of   Application   for   Certificates of  Improvements.  JilO TI.VTO A.N'I) UIO TWO (KltACriON) MIN-RICAl. CLAIMS,  SITL'ATK l.V -IIIC NIXSON MINIXft DIVISION' Ol." WKST  KOD'l'KNAV IllSI-KU-I-. AMI LDfATIll) OS S- riDKl' CKI'UK,  NOimil:\ST OK VKl.l.OWSI'II.NK MINK.  Take notice that I. I. C. Green of Nok-oti. acting rt<i  auronl for Thomas Muniiull. Friso Miner's Curl itlcate ii  1(1.711). and Hugh M. Hillings, Free Miiicr'n ('ortillculc  No. -JLiSI) A. intend, sixty days from tlie date hereof, to  apply to ihe mining recorder for certificates of improvements, for Ihe iinrpose of obtaining crown grants  of the alitive claims.  And further Uko-notico 'that action, under section Tr,  must be commenced before tho issimiicc of such certificates of improvements. F. C. GREEN.  Da-ted this twcuty'-lirst day of October, IS!)!'.  -Mil BONDS AND HAIB OBMIENTS  Switches from $2 up.   :  MRS. J. W. I_IC ARNK Yhas opened a tadics Hair Dressing Pjirlor in room 1, Victoria block, Nelson, and is prepared lo firnish everything in the way of hair goods  and hair tonicti.  Treatment of the scalp a specialty.  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson  Telephone, 9t Johjl    Rae,   Ag6.lt  Brick ar\d Lime  Lime 70 Gsr-is per 100 pounds.  Will deliver in ton lots '  Brick $12 per thousand.  At yard or on scows at government whurf.  The West t^ootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Raker Street        T. O. .PROCTOR. Manager  GREAT REDUCTION  HARD COAL  ANTHRACITE  X3*E3-__I*VE3"R*Hir)  Special rates for carload lots for outside points  C. W. West ft Co.  TBIjEPKONK  33  Wood! Wood! Wood!  Good dry wood, all lengths. Leave  orders at Jacobson's feed store on  Vernon street (next door to Tribune  Office).   Telephone 97.  JOHN CROFT.  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  w  m  To dispose of an entire car of high-class iron.and  brass beds in a western mining town in less than two  months is certainly a record to be proud of, and one  seldom, equalled in the large eastern cities. Yet so  great has been the demand for these goods, we have  found it necessary to wire for another car, which will  reach Nelson this week. We would ask the citizens  of Nelson to continue in showing their appreciation of  our efforts to give them the opportunity of enjoying  the luxurious furnishings of an eastern home in the*  midst of the Rockies.  D. McArthur & Co.  B  B  B  B  B  B  i'i=i-e^'(=>'(=>��� (=}���(=>���  \ ;S *=B i3 *=S jS "=3 -3 "3 *3 "3 *<  M  '���(='-f='p(_?.(_?.(_?.(:  mm--  mi  ALWAYS ON HAND  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEER'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  Largo comfortablo bedrooms and   flrst-class dining  room.- Sample rooms for commercial men.  RATES   ��2   _?*E3R   I___.*_T  THE NELSON SAW & PLANM MILLS, Ltd.  Mrs.  E. C.   CLARKE, Prop,  Late of the Royal Hotel,'Calgary,  f{. D. IJUME, Manager.  We have a stoek of one and a half million  feet of logs at our mill and are prepared to cut  all kinds of dimension timber and ship to all points  on Kootenay Lake by scows or steamers, also by  rail to all points on the Canadian Pacific or Nelson  and Fort Sheppard railways. In stock rough and  dressed lumber, shingles, mouldings, sash, doors,  newels, turned verandah posts. Glass of all sizes.  Factory work of all kinds done to order.  THE NELSON SAW i PLANM MILLS, in  j OFFICE AtfD MILLS CORNER HALL-AND FRONT STS��� NELSON. -  Tho finest hotel in the interior.  Large sample rooms.   Steam heat and electric light.  CORNER OB" WARD AND VERNON STS., NELSON  Madden House  BAKER AND WARD STREETS, NELSON  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained under one  management since 1890,  The bed-rooms aro  well furnished and  lighted by  electricity.  The dining-room is not second to anv In Kootenay,  Tho bar is always stocked by tho best domestic and  imported liquors and ciKar?.   TIiOMAS-_TADDKN."ProprI6tor. "  Large and woll lighted Heated by hot al'  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Electric bells and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout)  HOTEL   VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor   ; ���  Freo bus moots all trains .'  Doualc. nlro    R   P  Hourly street car to station neVBIpSlURB, IJ. M.  Night Grill Room in connection, for the convenience of  guests arriving and departing by night trains.  FAIR VIEW  THE  FINEST RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY IN .NELSON  All the unso'd  lots in trie .Fatrview Addition to Nelson are now on the mark-it at reasonable prices rand ori ,  easy terms.    This property is very desirable for residences.   Apply to  West Baker Street, Nelson  T. ,M. WARD, Local Agent.  urnm  IT had Office at   -KEI-.SOjN.7-B.  GV  Wholesale and Retail   .   Dealers in-Meats  NOTICE.  On nnd ivftcr Ilic 1.-1 of October IS!!!), lhc Grand C'eiiinil  Hotel will bo 1-1111 Mi-iclly on I lie ICuropUfin plan.  -  \Ve h.-ii'o 111 toil up n now dining' room wilh si p-eiilinjc  nipncily for mm hundred pi'nph* which will be run in  connection wilh the hotel. All 111011N twenty-live cuiil*.  payable in Ihe dining rnniii. Will be pleased lo fnrnWi  mi'iil tickets on n|iplIt-.itiMii.  ���   Uoonis by lliodiiy, wuuk or inoiitli.  '  ThiinkitiK yon for your wneroiis-pal i-onniiTC in I he ptiM,  mid trusting to he favored with u eontiiiiiance of same In  thu future. I rciiuiiii, i-oxpuclfnlty Minrs.  K. SIMPSON.  Restaurant  Baker sircet, between Josephine and  Hall street*, Nelson.  MEALS AT AIjL J70URS." DAY OR NIGHT  RAICEJt'i'' IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTHY CtJOKINB A SPECIALTY  ONLY WRITE HELP EMPLOYED  "Ei*..      ���__r*Or*3R*E*f5T,     FBOPBIBTOB  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  NELSON. U. C.  CosTee roasters and dealen, in Ten. and C'ojreo.  O/Ter frc-h roasted colfeo of best quality as follows  Wholesale Markets at jJefsQ-*., Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  Rctiiil MiU'kefcs at Nelson, K.-uslo, .Sandon, Silverton, Now Denver, Ymir, Tniil, Grand Forks,  Cascitdc, Greenwood, J\Iidway, and Sirdar.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OK  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE ANI) ItKTAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Ba^er Street, flelsp'h   E. 0. TRAVES,  ORDKUS HV MAIIj RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PKOMIT ATTENTION  Java and Arubian Macha, per pound..  Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pounds   Kino Santos, i pounds   Santos Ulsiul. 5 pounds   Our Special Jlleiul, G pounds   Our Rio Koitst, (J pou nds   A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms 2 Doors  East  of  Oddfellows  Baker Stsaat  f'.-'JO  1 00  1 00  1 00  I M  ;1 00  BlocK.  West  ONE BOLLAH A LOAD  The undersigned h.is it laixe qiiantily of Jlr, cedar, and  tamarac si ribs, in 'Id-inch and J-foot lengths, suitable for  stove wood, which will be BOUl for $1 a JoiUl at tho mill  J<ir ' NELSON SAW & PLANING MILIjS. Limited.  Nolson, August 1UI h, 1839,  Arrived - in Nelson--Carload Canadian Whiskies  Including Segram's 2, 4 and 7 Year Old Rye in Barrels  Segram's Star, '83 Rye and White Wheat Whisky in Cases  Goodcrham .and Worts' Rye. in Cases  Walker's Club Rye in Cases  R. P. RITHET & CO.  A. B  GRAY, Kootenay Agent,  HAKKit wj'itKirr. xi-psny  GROVE HOTEL BEER GARDEN  NEAR NELSON & FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT.  BEST BBEB  BREWED AT HOME  OB ABROAD  THE  ON DRAUGHT OR IN BOTTLES.  Fred J< Squire, Merchant Tailor  FULL LINES OF FALL AMD WINTER STINGS  WJCST HAKER.STHKKT,-NELSON GP^OaiTfiSHjVESR MNG MOTJ-.I. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C. THURSDAY OCTOBER 20, 1899.  Tlie only liouse in Kootenay carrying Ml lines of  SCALES  FURNACES  BRUNTONS  TRANSITS  SCORIFIERS  CRUCIBLES  MUFFLES  FLUXES  OF  ALL KINDS  Baker Street, Nelson, B. C.  Fall Overcoats  Now is the time to purchase your fall Overcoats  We have a large stock of these goods in all the  latest styles and are selling' them at very low prices.  Call and see them and be convinced that they are  the proper thing for this time of the year.  Remember the place.  J. A  ESTABLISHED  IN  NELSON  ,1890 '    r  ericao  Watcfe  Have always been a specialty.v/ith us, and concen;  trating on* these alone, to the .exclusion of foreign  makes, we have a fine and full stock, including every  American make, and are' therefore ^specially ,we!l  equipped for quick, shipments. By the exercise of  i experienced care in selection far in advance of the  season we secure  Choice Case Designs  ' * ,  We  have some   very exclusive ones  in solid   and  -filled gold,and other good selling styles in endless  variety.  SHORT   BITS   Or   NELSON   NEWS.  Ifc might be in order to suggest that  fire inspector Thompson be ordered to  wake a thorough inspection of all chimneys, flues, etc., in the business portion  of the town.  Born in Nelson yesterday, to the wife  of George S. Beer, of Silica street, a  daughter.  Born in Nelson yesterdjiy, to the wife  of A. White, of Carbonate street, a  daughter.  A telegram was received from Captain Hodgins yesterday, announcing that  the Nelson and Rossland representatives  on the Canadian contingent met the  Coast representatives under captain  Blanc-hard iit Medicine Hat and proceeded  east.  The customs collections for the port of  Nelson for the current month promise to  be the greatest in its history since the  Sloctui and Trail Creek divisions were  sevei'ed from its territory. With a full  week to run the collections for the current mouth aggi'egjvte $1S,300.  The sectionmen and trainmen employed  on the Canadian Pacific are making a big  kick against the payment of the city road  tax. Their objection is that the city has  always regarded their quarters as outside the city limits, save when the collector of the road tax puts in an appearance.  . W. H. Bullock-Webster left last evening for Golden where he.will assist the  crown in the prepjiration of criminal  cases-at' the approaching assize. He took  Frederick Flannigan jis far as Robson  where he turned him over to officer For-  rester, who. will conduct him to the  Westminster penitentiary.  The prompt response of the members  of the fire department saved the business  portion of the city from a big fire last  evening. The cause of the trouble was a  defective chimney in the Thomson  stationery building on Baker street.  The members of the fii'e brigade who saw  the chimney say that it was built upon  a wooden shelf, with absolutely no protection-) of the wooden portions against  fii'e. It is supporcd sparks and cinders  falling upon the wood caused the chimney  to take fire. Such chimneys sliould not  be passed by the building inspector.  Will D. Jenkins, secretary of the state  of Washington, was in Nelson yesterdity.  Mr. Jenkins, before accepting office, was  the editor of the Whatcom Revellie. He  is one of the few men that admits that  lie sought the office for the salary  attached, and he has made a good secretary of state, notwithstanding that  statement.     ,  A social-gathering, to which", all-members of St. Saviour's church - and' friends  are invited will be held in the'schoolroom  adjoining the church this evening at S:'iO."  The following ladies lire a committee to  provide games fwd light refreshments���  Mesdames ���Akehurst,_, Goepel, Campbell,  Ince and Pettit and Miss Palmer. Music,  songs and" rumorous sketches' will be  given by Mesdames Campbell and Goepel  and Messrs H. Haynes, R, M." Macdonaldy  jind Charles Crofts. * --,  The harvest festival will be held iu _'St  Saviour's church on Sunday next. The  services will be as follows: Holy communion at 8 a. m., choral mattins and  holy communion at 11 a. m.; children's  service at 2:30 p. m., and choral evensong  at 7:30 p. m. Preacher, the Ven. archdeacon Pentreath. Gifts of fruit and  flowers and lojms of jjot plants for decoration will be thankfully received in  the church ou Saturday.^ All members  of the choir are urged to be in their  places on Friday evening at 8 o'clock,  sharp, for practice.  HOTEL ARRIVALS.  At tub Ppair���-M. V. Adams and wife,  Kaslo ; H. M. Stevenson, Ainswortli; Mrs.  Pojipoi'e and children, Lardo ; James  Ci'onin, iMoyie ; D. McKay, Fort Steele ;  John P. Larson, Fort Steele ; C. II. Hand,  Sandon ; Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Cochrane,  MacLeod ; E. V. Bodwell,|Victoria ; A. A.  McWilliams and wife, Golden; S. A.  Craige, New York ; M. Lemont, Winnipeg;  F. W., Ferguson, Vancouver; H.J. Patten, Portland; Frank Brown, Rossland ;  M. J. O'Connor, Moyie. .  At the Hume���Harry H. Cooper, Vancouver; William D. Jenkins, Olympia;  W. L. Bowers, Spokane ; J. J. Thorley,  Montreal ; H. M. Burritt, Wnmipeg, S.  D. Stewart, D. .McEachran, Mrs. D. Mc-  Eaclmui and Mrs. C. L Storey of Mout-  l-eal; F. A. Rees, Winnipeg ; H. M. Lambert, Winnipeg ; G. B. MattheAVS, Ymir ;  S. B.-Harris,- Outjirio ; O. AV. Johnstone,  Vancouver ; Mrs. C. H. Barges, Sandon ;  W. P. Robertson, Victoria ; W. J.Tuaffe,  Vancouver; F. C. Johnston, Montreal;  Henry Roy, Rossland.  At thi_ Maddisn.���Joe Hamsoii, Erie,;  Angus    Boney,    Selkirk;   J.  A.   Kelley  Woodbury; T. McHarg, Nelson.   ���  ' At thk Queens.���S. P. Blandy, Nelson;  J. J. Gi'ifiith. Rossland; W. H. Crawford,  Slocan City; D. A. Rankin, Robson, M. P.  Cotton, Robson.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Dlamonidls and all  Pr adorns- Stoities���  Just at this time we have the fullest stock of Diamond  Jewelry forFall and Holiday business, and the immediate  customers will secure the best of these and avoid the  annoyance of rush ordering, while profiting by possible  price advances. Ready for delivery now, or part, or all  of order entered and prices reserved for future shipment.  Fine watch repairing a specialty, all work guaranteed.  JACOB DOVER, Jeweler  WE SELL AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  s.rsttfnwc Por Miners and  U driero *Workingmens Clothing*  one price to all  Baker Street  on  For Winter Outfitting  Good Values in  Underclothing, Mackinaws,  Gloves and Mitts.  The sale of work  of   the   Methodist  Ladies' Aid will be held on November 8th. when Many  useful ami bcnuUnil ai-lieles will be oH'crod to the public.  Lost���Ou  -Wednesday morning,  25th  instant, a'lady's gold watch with braided chain, some  place between oily wharf and Pliuir hotel. The Jindei-  will receive a reward of $V> on returning same to John  .Ay ton Gibson at Phair hotel.  Wanted���Anyone knowing the address  of Peter Gi-inloj', cook, please write to J; C. Nelson, Fort  Steele. 11. C.   ,  ' Wanted���A gentleman teacher to give  private lessons in business brandies, to a youth about  JlfteCH- One who can teach piano preferred. Call on  Mrs.'MalloUe, Kootenay Hotel.  For Sale���Two good pool tables, in. lirst-  cl.iss shape; for salo cheap, for cash. Address "Pool  -Tablo.-Box 583, Rossland, U.C '   Furnished rooms to let.   Apply to Mrs.  h, M. Jameson, Carney Block, Baker street west,  Offices to rent���Single or in suite.  Ready for occupancy November 1st. Apply to John  Houston, Tribune Ollice.  For Jlent���A stoi'e on Vernon street,  opposite Tiie Tribune oillce. $10 a month. Apply to 33.  Kilby.  A Well Known Freighter Killed.  Columbia Review.  J. Davis, better known as Seven-Up  Davis, was found dead on the trail near  Phoenix la at week. He has been freighting out of hei'e all fall, and was well  known. The supposition is that the  binder broke and threw liim under the  wheels. He came from Calgary and.followed the construction of the Crow's  Nest Pass railway. He oi'iginally came  from Ontario and settled in Alberta in  the early days, where his family now ie-  side. He got the nickname about twenty  years ago, when he staked a big freighting outfit and lost it at a game of  seven up.      ' .    '    -     "  Another Great  Bargain Sale.      ,  The great success < which attended the slaughter, sale of  our Sandon bankrupt stock has  induced us to place before our  patrons another opportunity  of securing staples at half the  ��� regular prices.. To do this, we  have' ' " -  Purchased Away  Below Cost  A large stock of goods from  Messrs. Foley Brothers &"Lar-  sen, who have the contract for  the building of the Nelson &  Bedlington Railway. This stock  embraces $1000 worth of  staples which are in daily demand by miners,* which we  ~have~consolidated~with-the"re>  mainder of our Sandon stock.  Here are '  PALACE COPECTIONEBY  FOR FINE CHOGOLATE  AND BON BONS  .Sole .ifccnt for Nelson for Ganong Bros, celebrated 11  11 (JIiocoIuIch and Hon Dons. One ton of the nunc to  arrive in a few days.  OLYMPIA AND EASTERN OYSTERS  AltKIVINO  DAH.V.  Fancy dikes and lta-try. Plums, Peaches, Grapes,  U.i.miwis, Capo Cod Cranberries, Pears and all Fruit iu  hcason. v  Corner Ward and Baker .St-s.      A     _.  Mills & Lotl's old Muiid. u*   'V  WK I1AVB 6KCI.'UKD Tilt: B0I.K AGKKOV KOH  ii  ��  IMITATIONS CAN NOT NOW m*. PUT ON  THK MA1UCET.  "VKIUfON S'l-KKBT  Nki.so.n-, 11. C.  THORPE & CO,, Lid.  ��*:  ~m  W. F. -DICKSON  El. H. H. piPPLBWHAITH  J, McPHBEl  Kootenay Eleetrie Supply mi Construction Co,  EJjECTRIC SUPPLIES  Ooja-piete Electric Bq-ipmonts lor "Sleotrlc Power Traiisinisswn and *f_lsJitlna' tor Mines, Towna  Eloctrio Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, "Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  P. O. Sox BOB. Josephine Street, Nelson, B. O.  .   "   /p        .'..        '...   .  ".    ".i '"  i   . ".n    . .'      ii ".: i. .;;."- ;    ;���  ���   "       ���    r    ,i    :������...      _~__jp'"1"1 ���"������       Vl   "   " ' '      .". "    "''".'''.   "'     .'"       ."**""*  IjL ��is$es of Hlank Books, with every kind, of special ruling and printed heading!?, manufactured right here in  Ndspu, by well-paid worianen, w!?o spend their earnkiKs in Nofcqu.  Tribune Association, Lintfietf, vcrnon St>  A  Novelties in Millinery  J am in receipt of the latest in millinery and millinery novelties direct from New York;  Cull and iiwpoot.  MRS.  E. McUAUGHLJrv  Josephine Street, near Baker.  Seasoned Lumber!  Bids are Invited for two million feet of well assorted  seasoned luiiilief-, either for tlio whole or in car Into,'hi  mill yard or delivered to tlie railroad.   For particulars  app y to Jxmx LUMBjER & -DEVELOPMENT CO.  Lobby, Moutanru  ome of  Our Prices.  Men's heavy shoes, regular  price S3, reduced to $1.50;  Siiver State overalls, regular-  price $1, reduced to 50 cents;  Men's heavy asbestos gloves,  regular price St.75, reduced  to $1; Men's .buck mitts, regular price S1.50, reduced to,  75 cents; Men's winter caps,!  regular price SI, reduced to  50 cents.  ELLIOT BLOCK. BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Special Notiee to the People of Kootenay  ! am now prepared to test the eyes  of the people, as I- have in my department a first-class optician. I have a  large selection of gold frames and the  very best of lenses. Call and get your  eyes examined at  JACOB DOVER'S The Jeweler  GORPOBATIQN OF THE GUY OF NELSON  A  LARGE  CONSIGNMENT  JUST  OPENED  We can supply you with Cartridges  TO SUIT YOUR RIFLE  Carpenters' Tools  A   FULL  LINE  SHELF HARDWARE  THE BEST ASSORTED  STOCK  IN THE KOOTENAYS  STOVES AND  KITCHEN UTENSILS  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON  ARE YOU BURNING UP MONEY  Because Your Stove or Range Canrjot be  Regulated to Save Fuel?  IT WILL PAY YOU  TO EXAMINE  OUR NEW STOCK OF  STOVES AND RANGES  Tlio saving in fuel eJfectcd will soon equal  the cost of tlio range. It can be so quickly  and easily regulated that there need. bo no  waste of heat or fuel. New patented improvements offer you more com-euience and  comfort than you'll find in jmy other range.  TWO CAR LOADS TO SELECT FROM  LAWRENCE HARDWARE GO.  ��� ���  ���������    -"    ��� ���mm ������J���' ��������� ���������   �� .1    .ui     ���������.    -    n ���n.       I,    ._    .    mm   ��� �����   ��� "��� ii   .1 i   ii ���_��--_- m ,      ii._   n       ���  _.    ,    __     m     ,.  ..I- _, _ ���,���,-���-... .��     J  Four Carloads Received This Week  *' Special-  Attention to'  Mail Orders.,  Car of Keewatin "LaKe'bF tfje Woods" Flour  Gar of Ogilvie5s Hungarian Flour  Gar of ^s^croft "Blue Bank " Pptataes .  Gar of GI]oice IV|ixeci Groceries  We Have the Goods      You Make the Prices  Kirkpatpiek^& Wilson  BAKER   STREET, NELSON  Posttffice Box K. &. V?.  n  �� i  t>ou  LINE WE HAVE  Mock Turtle, Bouilli,  Julienne, Ox Tail/  Mulligatawny, Bean,  Tomato and Chickens  .  ONTARIO APPLES  FRESH EGGS  An Appetizing Breakfast  FITS A MAN FOR WORK.  Try our Government Creamery Butter, J. Y. Griffin & Go's  Hams and Bacon, Brackman & Ker's Ro'led Oats and Corn-  meal, Almonte Milling Go's Self Raising Buckwheat Flour.  NOTICE RE FIRE ALARMS.  Parties sending ahirnia ot firo "by teloplioiie sliould  statcythu loeiiMon of MiuJlro dellniteiy, giving nanio of  linil-ingntul stroet, and noLnatuoof \>\iica froni wliich  tho tclcpliono incssaifB is sent. Tho liobson stveot. firo  station is coiiniiotod by tolojibone witli the flrtt JhvII oil  JOROiililnO'Hlrcct.   >  W. J. THOMPSON?, Chief Firo Department.  NcJsod, October 2oth, ISiiy.'.  Baker Street West, Nolsoil:  t^'  A. Irving & Co*  Bros  a**?x.*cr*_4:aB"E3_aai, 3Ej'*ro���  o*iP"E!*K_a.i*Eio-crsas -biuocjb:


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