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o .     .	
The Assize. Court.
At the sitting of the assize court yes-
, terday, the jury in the case of Regina vs.
Maslonka brought in a verdict of not
guilty. The prisoner Maslonka Avas indicted upon tAvo counts, that of attempted
murder, and of shooting with intent.
Tlie shooting occurred in an hotel at
Ymir Avhile Maslonka avjis on a spree.
The ciise of Regina vs. Flannigan AA'as
then taken up, in Avhich the prisoner A\-as
charged Avith assaulting Esther Frost.
At the request of the members of the
Nelson, bar .1. R/Costigan of East Kootenay conducted the -prisoner's defence.
The case went before the following
jurors: William Irvine (foreman), Thomas'J. Sims, Christopher Morrison, Stanley Tytler, Melville S. Parry, Thomas
Madden, Edward E. Phair, Arthur E.
Eskrigge, Robert Robertson, L. N. Armit,
William G. Gillett and William Fergus
Anderson. When the case had been presented, the jurors retired for a few moments, after Avhich they returned a verdict'of guilty. The prisoner will receive
sentence tomorrow.
The second case against Flannigan AAras
then taken up,'in. AA'hich the prisoner avjis
charged with the Maslonka assault. The
jurors chosen for the trial of this cji.se
avo re :-• A. H. Kelly (foreman), Angus G.
Shaw, S. M. Brydges, J. It. F. Rowley, J.
H. Vanstone, Percy .Chapman, E. iv.
, Straehan, W. P. Dickson', K. A. Winorals,
Duncan McArthur, F. L. Osier and F. M.
C Croskill. An adjournment AA'as granted in the cjise at 5 o'clock to allow the
prisoner's'counsel to put in medical testimony.
; John Cunningham AA'as then brought
before Mr; justice Martin in ansAver to a
charge of contempt of court in not obeying ti subpoeniitto attend at the last court
of assi/.e as a Avitness in the cjise of Re-
gimi vs. Davis, in which the prisoner avjis
charged Avith the theft of an OA'ercoat
' from Cunningham. W. A. Galliher ap-
• peared for Cunningham and explained
. that Cunningham knew that Davis luul
left the country before trial Jind did not
think tluit there could be any trial
of the cjise, aud considered that
his evidence Avould not be required. Mr.
Galliher Jilso explained that he had acted
for the crown at the previous assi/.e, and
stated that Cunningham's cvjdcnce would
hot have assisted the grand jury in any
particular. His lordship pointed out the
, necessity in tho interests of justice of
enforcing strict obedience to subpojnas,,
but considered that under tho circumstances, and in view of Mr. Callihcr's expatriation, that the ten days' imprisonment under the bench Avarrant issued in
the matter Avould be sufficient punishment
and allowed Cuuninghain* his liborty.-
On the motion of deputy attorney-gen-
oral McLean, to estreat the bail of Walter Turnbuli, avIio failed to appear in an-
ftwer to a charge of thefc from the pur-
son, .7. It. Oobtigan appeared for the
bondsmen against the estreatment. He
stated tluit the prisoner had made restitution, and that he had fled the country,
thinking that he had entered a trap prepared for him by tho prosecution. The
motion Avas enlarged for the purpose of
taking the evidence of constable Barnes
of Fort Steele and of the Avonian from
whom the theft AA'as committed.
Tho grand jury made the folloAving
presentment, and in accepting it Mr.
justice Martin thanked them for their
services and discharged them from further attendance:
TIN: lu vicAV of the fact that nearly every
presentment made by_j3revions grand_
"juTieslias received-] il tie or no attention
at tlie bauds of the government—this
grand jury is vei-y loath to bring in any
recommendations as to the requirements
of the district. But having been advised
by your honor that it is our duty to draw
attention to such matters as Ave deem
beneficial to the public Aveal, Ave earnestly
hope tliat our A'iews as .«et forth in this
presentment Avill meet with some recognition from the proper authorities. We
congratulate your honor upon the very
light criminal docket in this'district,"
affording ample proof of the high standard of our citizens. Our attention
lias been drawn to the following subjects:
First—We cannot too strongly condemn tho present state of the provincial court house, Avhich is totally
inadequate to meet the requirements of this rapidly groAving district.
It is entirely too small for the needs of
this section, and the total absence of
heating arrangements, the apparent neglect as to cleanliness, want of ventilation and lack of any decent accommodation for judges, juries and court officials
have become apparent to every grand
jury aud to every judge Avho has held
court here in the last feAv years. As avc
understand that an appropriation lias
been made providing the necessary
means, Ave cannot understand tlie delay
in remedying these evils.
Second—We inspected the provincial
jail aud found that its administration
■was- a credit to the warden in charge.
The accomodation and cleanliness of the
jail strongly contrasted with the abseiice
of the same in the court house. As it is
a matter of public knowledge that four
prisoners have escaped from the custody
of the jail during the last six months,
we carefully looked into tlie details of
these cases, and Ave came to the conclusion that either the staff supplied the
warden is too small, or that he has.been
given incompetent warders in'.some cases.
We note that the most serious case AA'as
tliat of one prisoner who escaped from
the jail yard, Jind  Avith  very  little expense  a  repetition  of this ease could be
avoided.    With  reference  to this particular  cjise where  the  prisoner  escaped
across  the international  boundary, and
through the promptness ofthe provincial
chief of police avjis .rearrested at  North-
port on an extraditable offense, and held
by the  United  States authorities  until
our goA'eriunent Avas communicated Avith.
We find that it refused to take the necessary action to have this -prissoner re-
turned.    This in  our opinion AA'as most,
regrettable.    Our neighbors Avere Avilling
toassist us in bringing  this  criminal to
justice  and  our  government too  parsimonious  to  sustain  our  reputation  for
keeping law and  order, and   promptness,
in bringing criminals to justice at AA'hat-
ever cost; a reputation AA'hich  has  been
of such inestimable" practical A'alue.
We recommend that arrangements be
made AA'ith the citizens of Nelson to have
the prisoners break stone for the streets,
as a melius of providing employment for
the prisoners, aud a benefit to the public
in general.
AVe note that owing to the liberal support of our citizens the local hospital is
being enlarged to double its previous
capacity,'and-we. most urgently recommend this institution to the government
for a more liberal support in the near
How Public Buildings Are Built.
The question of public buildings  and
their construction Avas under discussion
yesterday on a Baker  street corner, and
the discussion brought out the fact that
political  architects'  are   responsible  for
much that is faulty in our public  buildings.    A gentleman avIio at one time held
a  high   official position  in a   provincial
government gjive the following as  an in-
stiince  to  illustrate the point at issue:
"The government in poAver  at the  time
made an appropriation for a school-house
in a good-sized town.    A political  architect- was  given  the job  of making the
plans.     They Avere inade for a tAvo-story,
structuie and the contract foi- the building was aAvardcd in due time. Everything
Avent AVyll  until-one' day a letter Avas
received   from   the   contractors,  saying
that the stainvay for  the  building luul
"been omitted, and-asking what shonld.be
done, at the same time intimating that a*
good j'ound sum Avould have to be charged
extra for putting in the stairway.    The
official to whom the letter Avas referred
thought the matter OA'er,  and  probably
blanked the political architect in blank
verse,  but  he   Avrote  b.ack:     'Comulete
building according to plans.'    The building    AA'as    completed,    and   a   practical
mechanic Avas then employed to put in a
stairway Avhere he thought best."
Will "be Working Within Sixty Days.
Montreal, October 17.—[Delayed in
transmission.]—A meeting of the Payne
Consolidated Mining Company directors
AA'as held in Montreal yesterday. There
Avere present: Lieutenant colonel Fred
Henshaw, president; Clarence J. McGuaig,
lion. L. J. Forget, William Hanson, W. G.
Ross, W. L. Huge of Anaconda, Mont.,
vice-presidents; F. L. Sargeant of An-
_acoiulji7iYiT(l_A~WrMcCuiie~of "Stilt- LakeT
After biking cognizance of the strike,
and also of the fjict that there were
sufficient fuuds to pay three monthly
di\'idends, it was thought to be the better
policy to pass the monthly dividend until
men can be obtained to work the mine.
They believe it better to keep the treas-
ui y in condition. The opinion was expressed that the mine would be Avorking
again Avithin .sixty days, and that OAving
to recent developments tho company
Avould be in a position Avhen Avork avjis
resumed to earn if necessary $100,000 per
week, and only 25 Or 30 men Avould be
needed to earn the regular diVidend. C.J.
McCuaig goes to British Columbia iu a
feAv days.      	
A Telegraph Manager Will Eetire.
Monthkal, October IS.—The Montreal
Star says: "For .some time past it has
been currently reported that Charles It.
Hosmer intended to retire from the position as head of the Canadian Pacific
Railway Company's Telegraph, and today
the story was pi'actically confirmed.
When seen by a representative of the
.Star, Mr. Hosmer stated that it aviis true,
that for some time he had been gradually
relieving himself of the details of the
telegraph business, and that before the
close of the year lie expects to be entirely
relieved of his official duties and be free
to devote himself to his many outside
enterprises. It is understood that Mr.
Hosmer is to re-present in Montreal a
large foreign banking liouse."
Premier Hardy of Ontario Retires.
Toronto, October 18.V~T.he'- Globe announces the retirement of Hon. Mr. Hardy
as premier and attorney-general of
Ontario, and the swearing in of hon. Gf.
W.Ross, present minister of education,
as his successor. J..It. Stratton, M. P. P.
foi; Peterborough, is'taken into the cabinet.to fill the vacancy. -'.■.'.- ."--.';
That Needs Explanation.
MANILA,  October  IS.—The consuls in
Manila have received from Tarlac, Avhere
it is believed that Aguinaldo remains, a
book containing the correspondence betAveen him and the American  commanders and consuls, in Avhich, as he contends
in his recent appeal  for  recognition, the
Filipinos find the basis for tlieir assertion
that  the American  government   recognized  their   sovereignty   and   promised
them   independence.   .  The book, is  addressed  to  the members  of the United
States  congress, and  contains a long argument  by sen or Buenamino, of the so-
called cabinet of Aguinaldo, and alleged
letters Avritten by Mr. Wildmah, United
States       consul       at       Hong       Kong,
to     Aguiiialdo    iu     June     and     July
of last  year.    It  has made  a sensation
among the Spaniards here.    Replying to
^Aguinaldo's request that the-Americans
Avould   arrange   for   ships  to take' the
Spanish prisoners to Hong Kong, thus relieving the Filipinos of the expense of
maintaining them, Mr. Wildinan wrote:
"Never   mind  feeding   them.'    A  meal
every djiy of rice  and -water will  be  a
good  diet.    They  have  been living  too
high during the last few years.    As the
Spaniards AA'aiit niore  blood shed  in the
Philippines, I trust you  Avill  let them
have, a taste of real war.    Do  not  be  so
tender with them.    Handle them as they
would .treat yon."    Mr. Wildman's letter
dealt largely with the shipment of arms.
The Avhole correspondence, however, contains no promise of independence.    Senor
Buenamino lays stress upon letters from,
admiral Dewey and'general Anderson requesting passes for American officers and
'others to visit the Filipiuos, and  upon a
letter   from   general    Anderson   asking
" you and your people to co-operate Avith
us   in  military  operations   against   the
Has Permission to Work.
A special meeting of the dii-ectors of
the   Rambler-Cariboo  company  will  be
held   at   Rossland   on   November .2nd.
The   purpose   of   this   meeting    is    to
declare    a    dividend    of    one   cent   a
share.    As the capital stock of the company is now 1,250,000 shares, the declara-
tion-of this dividend ."means the distribution of $12,500 profits among  the stockholders of the company.    The  Rumbler-
Ciiriboo is now in shape to declare regular diAridends, and it is  the intention of
the officers to make the coming  distribution of profits the  first of the regular
monthly payments of one cent a share to
the stockholders.    It has betAveen $*3.*5,-
000 and   $40,000  in   the treasury,  200,-
000   shares    of unsold   treasury    stock
remaining    from     the    recent   increase
in   the   capital   stock,  AA'hich  could   be
sold for close to $100,000, but which it
is the intention of the officers of the company to hold until the stock is  worth $1
per share, and the mine itself is in shape
to make big shipments of rich silver ore.
The completion of the loAver tunnel, tapping the ledge at ji  point far  below the
fornier Avorkiugs, has opened up a big
area of stoping grounds.    The ore can be
stoped  out fiom  aboA'e the tunnel  and
hauled to"the surface-at-slight "expense."
There is almost no limit to the amount
Avliieh   can   be   shipped, and the   most
gratifying feature is that the ore in the
loAver AA'orkings is the best ever found in
tho mine, Avhich is saying much, as the
Rambler has long  beeu famous  for the
richness of its silver-lead ore.   The labor
difficulties  in  the Slocan  Avill not cause
the Rambler any trouble.    It has permission  from  the Slocan Silver-Lead Mines
Association, to Avhich it belongs, to continue Avork. 	
An Evidence  of Loyalty.
Montreal, October 18.—At a banquet
tendered the honorable Mr. Brodeur,
deputy speaker of the house of commons,
at a fair at a small village about fifty
miles from Montreal, yesterday, the toast
of "Her Majesty the Queen" aviis vociferously cheered by the large, gathering of
French Canadians, as was also the aclion
of the government in sending troops to
the seat of Avar. Mr. Brodeur says:
"This is u striking rebuke to the charge
of French-Canadian disloyalty in the present crisis."
A Books'eiler Creates a Scene in Court.
Montreal, October 18.—Norman Murray, an eccentric newsdealer, charged
witli selling immoral literature, created a
scene in court today by declaring if
given an opportunity lie Avould take
action against someof the most respectable
booksellers for selling the Bible and
classic literature, on the ground that the
Bible was--a bad book. He afterAvards in
a rage, destroyed the Bible he liad in his
possession.      ' .
■'■-: y: 'J'y^y;. The- Metal' Mzaket^yyy
Nkav   York,  October   18.—Bar
57ic. Mexican dollars 47c.
Silver certificate's '*n8A(«*r>0c. - Copper, dull; broker's
$18." exchange $18.25, Lead, dull -broker^
$-U0; oxchftngQ.#-L57A®:. ..(a.1,.
Ladvsmitii,  October IS,— 5:25  p.m.—
The British forces came into contact a. ith
the enemy in the neighborhood of Acton-
holmes and Leicester station, about >-ix-
teen miles out, this morning. Firing began at 10 o'clock.
Ladvs.aijtm, Natal, October 17.—The
threatened ansault upon Gleneoe is believed to be a feint in the hope of weakening the garrisons here and exposing
the tOAvns to the westward. The Boor.-,
are resting preparatory to completing
their encircling movement for an attack
upon Dundee. They cannot advance
much farther Avithout coining into contact with Biitish caviilry, avIio screen
the position. Nevertheless tho situation
is such that little -fighting is expected in
the near future in this section apart
from desultory outpost 'skirmishes. All
the Avoijien aud children liave left.
San Antonio, Texas, October IS.—-An"
agent of the British government is enlisting British subjects, eligible for service
in.South Africa, lie proposes to form a'
regiment of scouts", and the lirst .detach-,
ment of..'100 men Avill.; rendezvous hcj-e on.
1 Thursday and lejive Via the Mallory line
General White is Eeady.
.■■"Ladysmith, October 18.—It is stated
that the enemy's, scouts are almost in
touch Avith the outposts at Gleneoe. The
Boers are Avorking around both sides,
Avith the idea of getting south of Ladysmith and attacking in force, Avith the
co-operation of commandant general
Ac Gleneoe the Biitish patrol covered
a Avide space in order to prevent o.ut-
fiiuiking, and were subjected to ji hot fire
in persistent skirmishes. General sir
George SteAvart White is quite prepared
to' offer battle and the camp is pleased at
the prospect of strikiug si blow, The
Boer scouts ha,ve been sighted at Hatting
Spruit, seven miles from Camp Gleneoe.
aiid an engagement is imminent.
London, October 18.— A considerable,
engagement is. anticipated iu the vicinity,
of Ladysmith today. The combined advance of Boers and Free State troops in
this direction has been executed Avith no
inconsiderable'skill,'and 'shows a clear
appreciation- of the British position.
General sir. George Stewart White has
12,000 men and forty-six guns available,
besides a considerable force of volunteers to hold Ladysmith, and no
anxiety is felt On his account,
for the Natal country where the
engagement is expected is fairly open,
and although the Avork of moA'ing them
will be difficult the guns are likely to do
good Avork. The country is not favorable for Boer tactics and it Avill be-.'very
'difficult for them to avoid the exposure
of their flanks to attack by a vigorous
and' mobile enemy already occupying
useful positions, that is, supposing they
really mean to fight aud not merely attempt to draAV general White further
out, Avith a view of surrouuding him.
General White has a large body of excellent cavalry Avhich will be put to good
Ladvsmitii, October 18.—The British
CiiA'alry patrols haA'e been jn action at
Actonhomes "and Lester station since
midday, and -the action is still in pro-
gj-ess. A number of easualtk'S+have been
reported. Supports are leaving the camp
and expect to fight tomorroAv.
London, October 18.—The Daily Tele-'
graph's correspondent at Ladysmith says
uo newspaper reports are alloAved to proceed from there, either to Besters station
or Actonhomes, and adds tluit general
Joubert's forces tire moving against Gleneoe and Besters station on the Harrismith
Lynch line. According to the same authority, some volunteers aa'Iio had just
come from. Beaters station and Actonhomes before the despatch aa'jis sent,
reported that 300 Boers tried ineffectually to out oil small parties- of British
troops, but the militia men Avere to Avary
to be caught, and retired firing. The
enemy used cannon ngaiust the British
riflemen, avIio nevertheless maintained a
stout resistance. The firing Avas very
heavy. Two thousand Boers Avere engaged at Actonholmes and rather feAver
at Bester's station.
Ladysmitii, October IS.—An official
note published here says : "A Free State
command yesterday commenced actual
hostilities.—Tho-Oraiigu-Free-State luife-
thus taken upon itself the responsibility
of beginning the avju* and cannot hereafter pose as the injured party."
London, October 19.—The Times'Lo-
bat/.i correspondent, telegraphing under
date of 14th, sjtyH: The Boers Avere
around us all day yesterday and broke
up the line in several places between
Pictzani and Mafeking' They avcic attacked and dcfejited by a party of our
men from Mafeking. Thirty Boers were
killed during the fight.
London, October 18.—According to a
special from Durban, the Zulus are arming Avith assegais. Chief Diui'/.ulu wiys
he is unable to restrain them. It in expected that they Avill be joined by the
from Galveston on Friday for New York.
The men are to receiA'e £100 bounty.
They sail from NeAV York and Avill be organized into a command on tlieir arrival
at CapctoAvn.
Neav York, October IS.—The steamship Maine, Avhich has been lent without
charge to the government by the Atlantic Telegraph Company, has left Philadelphia. On her arrival in. London she
Avill be fitted up as a hospital ship. The
Maine is a steel three-nnisted single
screw vessel. She has three decks ixud
her gross register is 2S16 tons, net register being lSi3 tons. The Maine has been
employed as .'a carrier of cattle and other
freight. When refitted she Avill accommodate about 300 persons in the hospital
Capktoavn, October 18—The colony of
Natal was invaded from the Transvaal
early on the morning of the 13th inst.
The advance Avas made by tlie enemy in
three columns. On the right Avas a mixed
column of Transvaalers and Free State
burghers, AA'ith the Hollander volunteer
troops. In the center Avas the main column ■■under" general Joubert's personal
command. It crossed Laing's Neck and
moved forward by way of Ingogo. On
tlie left a large command advanced from
Wakkerstrromby by way of Motts Neck
and Wools Drift. The objective point of
the three columns Avas NeAvcastle, Avhich
Avas occupied on "the night of October 14,
the central column* having slept the pre-
A'ious night at general.-Colley's.old camping place, Mount Prospect. . Yesterday
nn advance artillery of 1500 Boers pushed
south to Iugagen, but the greater portion
of the commands retired during the day
on NeAvcastle. The Boer forces, AA'hich
for some days have been concentrated
east of De .lagers Drift, on October 14th
captured a patrol of six men of the Natal
Telegrams Delayed in Transmission.
Pretoria, October 10.—The Boers continue to close in upon Mafeking and to
destroy the railway north and 'south of
the town. Among the prisoners captured Jit Lobatse was Rev, Adrian Hof-
.meyer."   He has since been released. •
Pretoria, October 17.—The first batch
of military prisoners is expected heie
this evening.    -"    ~     ,
Pretoria, October 17.—The Transvaal
officials at Komati Poo assert that lar'ge
quantities of explosives"  Avere foiiud"oiT
tho  railway,  there.    The   culprits 'were
fired upon, but escaped.
Prbtoria, October 17.—The telegraph
superintendent at Heidloburg, Tran.svjial,
reports that on Sunday night a biilloon
passed over Nigel iu the direction of St.
Ladysmith, October 17.—A mxtive
tribe in Zululand, Avhose cattle had been
raided by the Boers, applied to general
sir George Stewart White, British commander in Natal, for permission to make
armed resistance. General White refused their request, as he is opposed to
the use of colored auliliaries in the coming struggle.
They Died For Canada.
Toronto Tclcguun.
Canada's thanks are due the Lundy's
Lane Historical Society for planning the
Avhich the ashes of the brave men of the
89th and 103rd regiments -will again belaid
to rest in the sacred ground of a country
for Avhose ssike they fell in battle at
Lundy's Lane. .There is a fine dramatic
meaning in the contrast between thefirbl
and second burial of these brave men.
The bodies avc re hurried into graves on
the battlefield, to be disturbed eighty
years later by the hand of modern improvement, and again interred amid the
prayorspof the church and the gratitude
of the country. It is fitting that the anniversary of Qiu'cnslon Heights should
be chosen for the simple ceremonies
Avhich Avill adorn Canada's last tribute to
the heroes of Lundy's Lane. Quecnston
Heights or Lundy's Lane nuiy rank jus
tlie scone of a petty skiiniish in the estimation of military students. Canadians
must apply different standards to the
strife on these hard-fought fields.
Ground consecrated by the valor aud
blood of bi'iiA'o men who fell in battle for
Canada against an unjust invasion must
be precious in tlie sight of Canadians as
long as grass growb and Avater runs.
Couldn't Keep Out of it.
William T. Stead of the RevicAV of Reviews could not be left out of the Transvaal eon trovers j', .so he sent a number of
editors his brochure, "Shall 1 Slay My
Brother Boer?" One editor replied:
"What in heaven's name have 1 to do
with your family affairs ." Another responded : "By all means, if he insists
upon it."
Shamrock Remeasured.
New York, October .18.—The measurement of Shamrock today resulted as follows: Water' liiii!.*8S'-95.--I00 feet, racing
length.- 102'. 505-1000 feet:'-' Under this
measurement',.in the future races, Shamrock will be obliged to alloAv the Columbia H5 seconds  ...-
Rejecting tho Transvaal's Proposals.
London, October 18.—Sir William Vernon Harcourt, Liberal member for West-
mormouthshire, and fornier official leader
of the  Liberal  party,  folloAving seA'eral
minor speeches for and against the government,  said  it was  the duty of the
liouse to support the government iu maintaining the integrity of the dominions of
the queen, but that they had a  right to
speak of the policy of the government in
an altogether different  tone.    He went
on to justify the opposition criticism of
the conduct of the negotiations  prior to
the receipt of the ultimatum, declaring
his belief that there were salient circumstances in the transaction Avhich did not
tend to a peaceable solution.    "Although
1 do not charge  the  government,"  said •
sir William, "with deliberately avoiding
it peaceable solution, in my opinion there
is no justification for saying  that  there
lnis been criminal intent on  the  part  of
the Transvaal.     Step by step, it  will be
found, on Avise advice from  the Orange
Free State and the government of Cape
Colony,     the     TrausA-aal,     until     the .
door    AA'as     shut,     yielded     and     Avas
continuing to yield to our pressure."   He
then proceeded to contrast Mr. Chamberlain's prcAious utterances, Avith  his  present  attitude, and  asserted that there
Avas .absolutely  no  need    to  reject the
Transvaal offer of August 5th.    The language  used   by   Mr.  Chamberlain,  just
after that offer Avas made, and when the
negotiations had reached a most  prominent point, could not be considered fiiA'or-
able to a ppaceful settlement.  Discussing
the cause of the final breach, sir William
said :    "On September (5th the Transvaal
sent a dispatch pressing for a promise of -
a joint commission to consider their offer
on condition that suzerainty be dropped.
Everybody is now convinced  that suzerainty  Avas  dropped  in 18S4 (loud ministerial protests),  at  any  rate  successiA'e
secretaries of state Avere of that opinion."
Mr.     Chamberlain     emphatically    dis
Sir William, resuming, Aveut on  to  remark that suzerainty avjis only formally
announced  to  president Kruger by Mr.
Chamberlain   in   1899.    He   commented   .
upon the extraordinary delay iu sending
the final proposals of Great Britain. "The
British   nation,"  he   exclaimed,  "has - a    -
right to knoAV what the proposals of the
government   Avere.        The    government
have no- right to  involve the nation in , •
Avar in-the dark.    I cannot conceive .Avhy
the go,od offices of the Orange Free State   ,.
Avere rejected', a ncl" I think the negotiations  might' have been conducted differently  Avith  a  different issue.    1 disassociate   myself altogether from   responsibility of any kind for the  measures "that
.have led to, this war, although I" am' pre-
pared to support the  govern men _ in tlie    ,
conflict in which AvePare engaged."
Shamrock Ready for Another "Race.
Neav York, October 18.—Half an hour
before sunset this evening, the dialleng-  '
ing .yacht Shamrock lay inside Sandy -
Hook gently tugging at a green painted.'
buoy, whieli the federal authorities furnished for her moorings".    An eighth'of a
mile away, the defender  Columbia   idly
rocked on the  ripple  a. ithin  thejiorso
shoe.     On   board   Shamrock' there " AA'as
activity.    Her crew were completing the * *
adjustment of the shrouds and  stays to
secure the new  topmast'that had'been
sent up at noon to replace the one carried
aAA'.ay   yesterday.-    On   board  Columbia
there avjis no activity.     Karly in the day-
it had been  the  purpose  of .Shamrock's" V
owner to go outside with Shamrock and
-test her new equipment, ^but —
though she came down the harbor from her rcmeasurcment early
this afternoon, the shortening daylight afforded too little time after all her
rigging being snugged. At half past font-
o'clock tho I_rin steamed doAvn from the
upper bay to her moorings with the hook.
.Standing on the bridge .Shamrock's
owner observed the last detJiil of her preparations, and his hope for a spin today
gave way to the conviction of its impossibility.
Tew Are Like Him.
Jean de Hew.ke is the only one of the
grand opera singers Avhom it is impossible
to hire for private musicalcs. ' lie -will
sing'an entire evening at the house of a
fellow-artist, but becomes positively angry when singing-in priviito houses for
money h suggested. Hq once visited the
house of the Rothschilds in Paris, and delighted his host by singing a number of
songs. The baron, Avho had tried to get
him to sing !it private entertainments a
number of times, but never succeeded,
now resolved to roAvard the singer in
white he considered" the proper Avay. At
the close of the c\"ehiiig he presented de
ites/.ke Avith a blank cheque, signed, asking him to fill it fill it up for any amount
• he AVished. De Rc.s'/.ke took the cheque
and. as he tore it to pieces, saitl: "My
friend, I am your guest. If 1 took your
cheque I should desci'A'oto be kicked from
your door.    1 siing only for pleasure."
Tho Terrace Beach Casino, a huge hotel
at Greenliike, Wisconsin, avjis  burned  to
the  ground   yesterday.      Mr.  and  Mrs.
Jciiks Avere burned to  death.    Mr. Jenks
Avas lying very ill in bed, and Mrs. Jenks
made an hevoic attempt to save her husband, but before  she  could rescue Mm,
the ilamcs cut oft all esca'pe, and the aged
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It is hliaiiKC Kfon. .1. Krtd  Ifumclipis not bioiiKbl Ibc maltwof bctlci couit ac'eo-  modatioiis befoio the lei^isUKiic Itosslaiid, home of  thoso da.\s, will lime a SIO.iKKItomL house, mid then the  ju��i_cs, foi (he coinfoil of liliK.inlh. will oldei the mn-  jonlj of cihtit to be tiled at th.it pl.ne. AVhen Ml.  Jltimc was iiskniK foi the \otcs of tlio people, a few  lunntliHiiKO, be, fi lends pointed out (be adiiiiitk^' "f  li.niiiK.i (pibinet mitiistci fiom this distiict. If Nelson  hiiAprofited bj Mi. Hume's picscnec in the <abinet,the  circiiiiu-UuiLU lias been so carufullj obseuicd .is to h.i\o  CbUiped the obsi nation of hit. constituents lieio.  The iibo\'o is from th*} Nelson Kcono-  mist, an ex-oiKiui ol' an ex-govcnnnoiit.  It never lose* an apportuuity to knife the  present government in the ribs, aa hich,  we suppose is good practical politics. Hit  the enemy AvheneA'er and AvhercA'er you  can.     Tlie     court-house    at   Nelson    is  not   up   to    the   requirements    of   the  business  that is transacted   in  it;   but  the    late   Turner    government    squandered   enough   money    on    roads    and  trails in this.district just before the election    in    1SDS   to   have   built   a  good  court-house at Nelson.    Tho finances of  the 'province   are   Jiot   so   easy  as   to  alloAV the  Semlin   government   to   tear  doAvn    substantial    buildings   in    order  to erect more   expensive ones.     When  the   present   court-house   was"built at  Nelson, 'the1  people    of    the   neighboring    fcoAvns   Aveie    just   as    envious   of  Nelson's luck in   getting   such   an   expensive building  as  the  Economist and  others are iioav OAror  Rossland*s  luck  in  getting an appropriation of t-MOjOOO for A  court-house.       When   Nelson's    present  court-house Avas built, tho  entire  population of southern Kootenay did not exceed  4000  people,  and  the   court-house  appeared to be large enough to meet the  requirements  of  the  disti-ict.    The district has groAvn in population and Avealth',  and the government appears to be aAvare  of that fact, for has it not  made ample  provision for a good   court-house  in   the  largest   town  in  the   district ?   Has it  not   made   provision   for   the   erection  of a land registry ollice at the most central   toAvn   in  the dislrict?     Probably  Avhen   they see their  Avjiy  clear to tear  doAvn   a   substantial   building, that Avas  ample for the lOimiremontH of the country when it"\vns bliilt7��Mrivi5pi7o^)nftlib_.'  Avill be  made for a   uoav court-house at  Nelson.   The  cry  uoav  raised over   tho  court-house in as senseless as  it is unfair.  The officials   Avhole  livc��   arc  rendered  miserable through being forced to pass a,  few hours a  day  in  tho  com t-house at  NeIBon can easily  cud   their  misery���-by  resigning.  Tun Tuuii'Ni:, notwithstanding the  column article iu yesterday'���< subsidized  organ of tlie Hietip-Inbor mine managers,  has not had any difficulty Avith any of its  employees over wages or any other f'ues-  tion. Tin: Thihc.vk pi act ices what it  preaches. IL pays good AVagcs and requires good work in return.  ance of the term, he had at least some  ideas on the subject AA'hich if followed  out Avould tend to make this Avorld .a good  deal happier and better than many find  it. He said: "Superstition is not re  ligion. Relief Avithout evidence is not religion. Faith Avithout facts is not  religion. What is religion? To loA'ejustice ; to long for the right; to love mercy ;  to pity the suffering ; to assist the Aveak ;  to forget Avrongs ; to remember benefits ;  to loA'e truth; to be sincere; to utter  honest Avords ; to love liberty ; to AA'iige  relentless Avar against slavery in all its  forms ; to loA'OAvife, and child and friend;  to make ;i happy homo; to loA'e the beautiful in art nnd nature ; to cultivate the  mind; to be familiar Avith the mighty  thoughts that genius has expressed, the  noble deeds of all the world; to cultiA'ate  courage and cheerfulness ; to make others  happy; to fill life Avith the splendor of  generous acts, the Avarmth of lo\'ing  Avoids; to discard error ; to'destroy prejudice-; to receive iioav truths with gladness ; to culti\'ate hope : to see the calm  beyond the storm, the dawn beyond the  night; to do the best that can be done  and then to bo resigned. This is the religion of reason, the ereed of science.  This satisfies the brain of the Avisest and  the heart of the best."  HUDSON'S BAY  . Ajpsg-:s^t? S^f? &&& ��-.fh%l: ^-S^e^-etH^f? ��:��:l?i?g��:��^f|:pS:i|:g||:��:@@i|:��@gg��@^  W . %  WOOL GOODS  Now on Display  The Following Goods Have Just Arrived  -��  w  COMPANY.  INCORPORATED 1670.  U?      Hosiery  # Heavy Cashmere Hose in  �� Women's and Children's,  W direct importations and  W special value.  i&  : _  M       Infants  tfjjj Wool Bootees, Gaiters,  iii Hoods, Mitts, Coats, Jack-  xj& ets, Coats and Wraps.  W   f Feather Ruffs  x/jj) Fine values are being  fi offered in these goods.  Socks  Men's Socks, all grades  of Cashmere, Heavy and  Light Weight.  Furs  In the newest shapes of  Collars, Coats, Ties, etc.  They are all right in price.  Golf Capes  A   second   lot   of these  have just arrived. They  are   good   in   style and  quality.  Jackets  m  Ladies' Jackets in 'all'tifc  the newest designs and -B  colors.    Very low in price. 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(hence soulh  theiiee e.ist (on cliains; Ihomo  llionie   c.u.1   len   chains;   Ihonco  cli im  chains,  chains;  uhiiuit.;  chains;  chains,  chains;  moncemenl  Nelson JJ  foily  fotly  fotly  twenty  tAiouiy  soulh  foity  soulh   foil j*  thi'iice e.is (en o)i,uiis-. tli.nco south foi-ly  IIioiico oast ton chains; tlienco south foity  tlienco e.ist Ion chains; tlience south si\ty  thenco cast Ion chains, thenco soutli cilthly  thoiico oast lor!j clnins lo tlie place of ioih-  ""    ���    , , ,������      0]tARI���..S HILLYJSU.  V., Aqk\sI JSth, IS'N.  Cornor Silica nnd  Stan'cy Streets.  E. J, CURRAN, Prop.  Smoke.  ��� ���  EOYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS.   They Have Arrived at Last  50,000 Bulbs From Holland.  A choice n*hortnipiit for present planting. Kor the  coiiu'iiioiko of ihoso who tniinfpt call at, tho Ki'ccnhousc  a l*ii'i miiuily w ill be on hnnil al lviikpatiick & Wilson's  and .'niiik Tiimblj n'n, linker street.  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Fratomity Hull  J. It,  VWtliiK brulhroi! woi-  WItAY. Seorotary.  Sljop:   JJaf! Street, betweeq Baker And Vernon,  , Hs)��ot> J  ���MKI.^DN MINKItK' UNION Ml. W. \Y. V. of "M.-  A,! .Mi'tttn in K. i*. khiiiin, KiDlinnity Hull, Uio itn-t jiinl  ttiltd  Siitunlji-p  (iionltiKH in  ouch month at 8 o'clock.  VlHllillk' (ll('llll��ll��< wok'oilic.  JAME8 \VU.K��t Hvc'i.      i-IJA8. A. AU'KAY. I'm*,  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby giver-Hut in thiily d.ijs.T intend lo  .ipplj to the clnci ccmnnssioiicr of Uiuls and iioiks fur  pei mission to cut linden i j hu.ij limber oil* the below  dcsc'iued lands:  C'oiiiiiicnclnir.ii :i post, .ibout Ivo.inda lull miles np  Oom (liemoiilliof.uroek riiniuiijr into Cinwioi'd B.u.  on Kooloiiaj Jake, .iml known ,is (Jutj cioek, m.iilved  noithwcst coi nor: UieiHee.ist foi Ij cli.uns; thcncenoitli  on elLiiiis.; Ihence e.ist twonjj elunih; thenco noith  -en cliiuiiti, thciiceo.isl Uuity-Jivo chains ;"t heneo "souili-  tw o ch.uns; thenco cist s-e^ onrcen cli.uiiB; thenee smith  si\tj elinins; thenco west Jittcen ch.iins; thonco ninth  ton chains: thonce wost twcntj--Ji\c chainA; thence  south ten chains; (heneo west hixteen chiuiit.; thenco  south (on ch.iiiis; (hence west sixteen chains; thenco  ninth ten chains, tlienco west ior(yeh>iins; Ihonco noilh  fortj-two cli.ims to the place of commencement.  .T ,        _, _,   _    .     , HARRY HOUSTON.  _Nclt.oii. B. C, September Cth, 181)!).  NOTICE.  Notice is hercbygn en thntiiUhiity days, I intend  .ijjplj lo thccluet coniinissionei-of Kindfc and woiks, x  jioi mission lo cut and c.ury.iw.i}  timber oir tho belc  dusciibcil l.inds:  ConinienciiiKat thciioithcibt corner of U. D. McDci  mid s tinibei claim, on L.ifinncocieek, on soutli aim of  Koolon.ij L.iko, thenee e.ist foil} chains, thenco t-onth  len chains, Ihonco e.ist mnotj chains, thence noilh ton  eliauis; thoiuoe.isl foi li-the ch.uns, tlienco s'outh lilty  ehuiiis, Ihence ��icil fnoch.iiiis, tliencesondi tenehiuns;  thence west su-vontecn th.uns; thenee Rontli (on chains;  Iheneo west ci(jh(con chains, (hence noilh ten chains.;  thenee west foitj chains, thenco south ten chiunt,, thence  wefet foitj chains, thonce sdmth tenchtiins; thenee west  foil) -fno ch.uns, tlience' noi tli eighty chain, to place of  commencement. GJ*.0. GRAY.  Nelson, JJ, C, September22nd, 18!H).   NOTICE.  Notice is licioliy given (lnit in thiity d.iys, I intend1 to  applj lo the clnel coinmissionor ot lands .uid works, lor  jioi mission tocutandciirrj nw.iy timbci' olt the below  described lands:  Commencing at <i post about two and ii half miles up  L.ifirtnce cieek, on tlie south aim of Kootenuy lake, commencing .itthe noi thw est coi nor; thenco easl five chains;  thonco north foity chains, tlience e.ist twenty chums;  thenco noilh ten chains, (hence castnme cnains; thence  noi th ten chpiins*; thence east the chains, thenee noitli  ten chains; thonce c.ibt ten ch.tms; thenco noi Ui len  chums; thence e.ist ton chains; thenco noilh ten  elinins; thence e.ist twelve ch.iins, thence noilh Jl\e  cluiins; tlienco east thirtj-cight chains; thence noitli  twenty chains; tlienco cast fointeen chains; thence  south twenty chains; (hence west eighteen chums;  thence soutli six chains; thenee west twenty chains;  ihonee south twenty-fl.e chains, (notice west ton chains;  (hence south (wentj chains; thence west twenty chains;  thonce south Jtftcen chains; thenco west (en chums;  Ihence houth twenty-ftve chains; thonco west eight  chains; Iliencc south twenty live chains; thenco west  seienteen chains; (hence south eleven chains; thence  west (wenty chains; Ihence noi th thirty-two chains to  t he place of commencement. H. D. McDERMlD.  Nolhon, U. 0.. August gltli, 1800.   NOTICE.  NoIk oi. lit'icbygnen that m thirty days _ *.,......  apply lo mo chief commissioner of lands and woiks  peiniissiou iociit.ind c.irry .iA\ay timber oil* the be!  dcsciihcd kinds:  ('(Hiimeiicing at a post ten chains south of H. Houston's  noi thcasl coiner post, on Giaj cicok, runmngiuto Ciaw-  foid Hay, ou Koolemi} lake,and thenceeastfoil} chains;  theme south eighty chains; thenee west ten chains;  thenco south eighty ehains; thenco oast ten chains;  theme soulh forty chains-; thence west foily chains;  thenco noilh fifty diniiih; tlience west ten chains; thenco  north ono hiutdied cIiiiuih: thonce east ten chains;  thenco not Hi fifty chains to (he place of commencement.  THOMAS SPltOAT.  Nelson, B. C, September 9Ui,  intend to  for  below THE TRIBTJNE:  HELSOK, B. C. THURSDAY OCTOBlB 19, 1899.  3  AM OF  Capital  Best,  all paid  t      up,    -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  THE BANK OF  LORD STRATIICONA AND  MT   ROYAL, President  Hon. OKO. A. DRUMMOND ..Vice-President  E   S. CLOUSTON Gonoral Managor  ���jsr-EH-soisr *b*r__.*n*o*e3:  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.  NELSON  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Sk,aguay, U. S., Atliq, B. C, arid  Dawson City, Yu^on, District.       BRANCHK8 IN       LONDON  (Hnprland).   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO  and In tlio principal cities in Canada.  Ruy and soil Sterling Kxchango and Cable Transfers  GRANT COMMICKCIAL ANI> TKAVKIpI.KItS' ORKDIT8,  availablo in any part of tho world.  DRAFTS ISSUED    COXI.KCTION8 MADE; KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATJC OV INTEREST PAID  MOST DARING WOMAN IN THE WORLD.  Even in days when woman is invading  almost every field wliich man litis so long  aj-pi'opiiatod, it comes tis a shock and a  surprise to learn thai there is at least one  woman, young, beautiful, and refined,  whose duty it i.s to execute it criminal at  a moment's notice, to arrest the most  reckless desperado, and to spend much of  her time in conveying lunatics, single-  handed, to asylums. Tlie story of this  girl's life roads moie like .a chapter of  daring romance than a page of sober fact  and experience.  Miss Claire Helena Ferguson, wlio may  rightly claim to be the most daring woman in the world, was brought up in a  home of refinement. Her mother is a  practising physician of repute, and it  was while assisting her mother in the op-  erating-room that Miss Ferguson acquired  the nerve wliich now stands her in such  good stead. Two years ago, when she  Avas barely twenty-one, Miss Ferguson,  who seems to have been boj'n with a  ci aving for j'isk and adventure, applied  for and obtained the post of assistant to  the sheriff at Salt Lake City, Utah.  "When sheriff Lewis handed her her  commission he told her that it might be  her duty at any time to execute a criminal, and that she had better start revolver piactice at once.  It is the custom in Utah to allow a condemned man to choose whether  ho will  die by the hangman's rope or by a bullet;  and if lie elects to be shot lie is let! out to  a  lonely  place  among  the  hills, and a  piece of white paper is pinned over his  heart as a target for  the bullet.    Miss  Ferguson,   nothing   daunted  by  such a  terrible  prospect, immediately began to  practise with her revoh-ei. aud soon became so proficient that she could rely on  hitting a small piece of paper, nine times  out  of ten, at a distance of ton yards.  Happily,  however, she has not yet been  called upon to exercise tliis part of her art.  One  of  her   earliest   adventures  was  such as would have tested the nerve and  courage  of the  bravest man.    She wtis  left for a time in charge of ono of the  most  daring burglars  in Utah,  a hand-  sonic,  unprincipled   scoundrel, who  had  already served five  terms  of imptison  ment,  and  who goes   by   the   name of  "Handsome Gray."    The man was handcuffed, but contrived to pick the lock of  liis handcuffs Avith the help of a piece of  wire.    Miss Ferguson only detected Avhat  lid A\ras doing as tho handcuffs fell on the  floor-and the-burglar Avas in the act_of_  springing on her.  With the rapidity of lightning she  seized her revolver, and covering him  Avith it, said, "If you take another step,  I'll shoot," Tho man quailed before the  pointed revolver and the determined look  of his pretty gaoler; and thus the  trjingely-matched pair stood facing each  other for some moments, until, providen-  his captor, a man of groat strength  and courage, entered bhe room and secured him from behind.-  Miss Ferguson, during her two years of  office,  has convoyed no fewer  than  10(5  lunatics, many of them homicidal, to the  asylum.    As   the  asylum   is   fifty * miles  from Salt Lake City, it is a two hours',  ride, and as Miss Ferguson ahvays accompanies, them alone, the terrible strain on  her nervesmay beimagined.  ,   On more than one occasions lie has been  violently attacked by her wards, many  of  them much bigger and stronger than  herself,  and she lias liad many narrow  escape's of losing her life.    With one dangerous lunatic she had a life and death  struggle for ah hour; and  when finally  the brave girl succeeded in mastering the  lunatic, she had to hold her hands, bleeding and fainting though she avjis, for the  remainder of the journey.  It is some tribute to the remarkable  courage of this young girl tliat she Avas  invited by the most desperate gang of  cattle-thieves and highwaymen in Utah  to A'isit them in their fastuess, known as  the "Robbers' Roost" ; and as a souvenir  they promised her the "finest horse on  the range." Miss Ferguson did not accept this strange, if complimentary, invitation : but there is little doubt that she  Avould have been most hospitably and  gallantly received.  Miss Ferguson has none of the physical  equipment one a. ouid associate Avith a life  of such risk and hardship. She is very  slight and girlish, Avith no suggestion of  either strength or endurance; and her  face is as refined as it is beautiful It is  not surprising to learn that during the  last tAvo years she Iris had no fewer than  fifteen oilers of marriage, her1 lovers  ranging from a Dakota cowboy to a  Chicago laAvycr.  Platinum in Alaska,  A. Flenner, an experienced miner from  California, Avho Avith eight men has been  prospecting along the shores of Disen-  chantmcjit bay, reports finding a.hat he  thinks will prove to be the greatesfrplati-  num field in tho Avorld. Tlie place is  about  forty-five  miles northwest   from  Sitka, aud the platinum is hot  only very  plenty iu the sand but it is on  the rock  as well,  though the  rock is not in place.  Mr."Fiehner felt assured that he'would  find the ledge very  soon and  the''whole  party  was enthusiastic   Avlien   the   big  earthquake and tidal wave of' September  10th broke in upon tlienii destroyed tlieir  camp,  washed away'all tlieir tools and  specimens .and left  them  in  a wrecked"  condition.    Tliey managed to get back to  Sitka after   great   hardships,   and  Avill  return to their work iu  the spring with'  tools  aiid  jnachiuery.     They  lnive  five  tons of provisions and supplies in "cache.  Gold iu the ledge in quantities to make  hydraulic   mining   profitable   has   been  found in the neighborhood of the platinum,  but tlie platiiiuin  is a richer find.  Thus far only traces of this metal have  been' discovered in  Alaska,  though it is  generally believed from indications tliat  large deposits  of  it exist.    Mri Flenner  thinks he lias struck it at last.  ;-.' Glasgow Water Supply.' ������  An interesting statement is made by  Mr. Benjamin Taylor regarding the Ghis-  gqw Avater.' In Glasgow a ��15 householder obtains for 5s. lid. per annum a  continuous, never-failing, unrestricted  stream of the purest water in the world.  It is calculated tliat '-580 'gallons.of pure  Avater are  delivered  to  the citizens  of  FULL LINE OF  hilly,  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  NOTICE TO  MUNICIPAL  VOTERS.  The ff)lIo\\i?iij]ioist)iisiiicci)liUc(l lo 1)0 iil.icoil on the  Votoi-.'Lisl foi UiuCitj of N'oKcui. \ !/.���  Anv mile ui fom i!c bum;, pi U. ili-.li mi!>|U< I tif I ho full  ORG of I \M!lll>-UIM! ) Citl s, wllOslmli !>IU U jj.llll Oil OI   liofm U  tlio H"u*.l il.iy of Xoicmboi* m-\! nil itmlilri{mI ink".,  t.wes, .isicsiinijnlsni)��l lieciiM! foes ii.ij.iblu bj liiiu orhur  to ihe minuuiMihl}.  (.1) \\"ho ip. (lie ���i.'.su'.'-ufl ownui of I.ukN or of fiiipitne  moiils, or 1 he .iN^essijil oiASipiu. of l.itids situ.ito willmi  tlio intiiiicip.ihly, ov  <b) Wliois.i icskIi.iI of .vwl critics on b'Jsmuss and is  the holder of >i I l'.uloi's liionso in tho imiinci|i.ilil>% Uio  annual fee for which is not lussfhnti Ihudoll.us, oi  (c) Whois ahousclioldci within the iiiiiiiicipalil\.  No poison shall bo entitled to \otc uiHoi .i householders qimlillcitioii, noi sh.ill Ins or hoi n.iino be included m lite Annua) Votui-.' I_sl unless he oi --he sh.ill,  on os bcfoio the First d,ij- of December m'\l. cnlci wills  tho undei signed his or lior n.tnie as a voter, piml shall  m.ikc and pcison.ilh deliver to the undcisigned at Uio  same time .i statutory dccliii.ition, the form of which  may bo obtained at the cit ,\ otliccs.  JJvOidci. ,T. It. STUACIIAX. Citj  Nelson, 11. C, October 12th, IS')*).  ANNOUNCEMENT  Ti! consequence of im'iciising ill .icilth of Mr. R. O.  W.ileitn.ui, the Hun of C!i is. \. AV.itcinuii & Co. h.i\o  been dissolwd, and Aithm 11 bhutwood h.vs taken o^ ei  the Imi-.ipiup.mjI jhcirold ofilcu on Haker stiett. Nelson,  .mil will i out nine the business ,it the same place, as Real  IjsJ.ilcaiid Iiisiii.liicu iiKcnl, .md he will be assisted b}  ('. A. \\ .uei nun, as miin.igcr oT the K6nl.il duputuicnt  and L.tiool jnopeily Ioi noii-iosident projicity holdei..  Tlie incinbois of ilicold (mil desiie to ih.inlc I lieu friends  and p.ilions fm their pahomtKO m the p.isj, and soiled  for ihe ollao in (hi'tuttiiuthe business ot then oldeliouth  and the pouitlc .it kiiKo, we leuiam. k,.peutfulh.  ('HAS. A. WATKKMAN,  K. O. WATKUJI \N,  A. li SHERWOOD.  Xelson, October 12th, IS*'-).  Notice to Investors and Builders  We give the very Brcsr Tuhms to those  wishing to borrow money on improved real  estate.  The only company in tlie province that gives  you the privilege  uf���paying-ylT your-Avhole  Loan at AnyTj.mk without a Bonus on giv-  a 60 flay notice of your intention was so.  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Eail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of <ill kinds,  what you want is net In stock wo will make it for you  CALL AND GJ3T PMCES.  Glasgow foi* every penny paid: Aiid it is  water of such peculiar softness that the  householders of Glasgow can pay their  water:rate out of what they save on soap.  Loch Katrine water is not only soft���it is  remarkably bright, clear, and free from  vegetable nnitter. It is uniform in color,  teinperatuie, aiid quality, and is absolutely free from pollution, and must remain so because the 'corporation haA'e  iioav bought up the building rights of the  whole'drainage' area; it needs noi filtration, and is practically unaffected by the  change of seasons.   ���  The System Might Be Remodeled.  A   correspondent,    commenting   upon  what   he  calls   the   frequency   of   miscarriages of Justice even in this fair-play-  loving  country  of ours,   suggests   as a  remedy  the. remodelling  of our present  system of arriving at a verdict.    He is of  opinion that if some such system as tliat  in vogue in Geinnany were introduced it  would save many innocent  people from  being  condemned to terms of imprisonment and hardship,    In a'criminal''trial,  iii 'Germany; it appear!, a  vote of six to  six means the acquittal of the prisoner; a  vote of seven to five leaves' the decision  to the court, Avhile-a vote of eight to four  seals  the-prisoner's   doom.    Under  this  custom,    our    correspondent says,   mis-'  carriages of justice A'ery rarely occur.  The Tremont Hotel  IV! A LONE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  To dispose of an entire car of high-class iron'and  $.- brass beds in a western mining town in less than two  $ months is certainly a record to be proud of," and one  $ seldom equalled in the large eastern cities. Yet so  ijg great has been the demand for these goods, we have  ffi found it necessary to wire for another car, which will  ^ reach Nelson this week. We would ask the citizens  iS/ft'' of Nelson to continue in showing their appreciation of.  our efforts to give them the opportunity of enjoying  the luxurious furnishings of an eastern home" in the  midst of the Rockies.  m  w  m  m  m  m  W  m  m  McArthur & Co.  m  m-f  m-f  \m  r&  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  THE NELSON SAW & PLANM MILLS, Ltd.  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  One  of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEER'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  J. A. Say ward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS. NELSON  Contractors and Builders  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  Xjarge comfortablo bedrooms and   Urst-clftBS dining  room.   Sample rooms for commcrciu.1 men.  K-A-TaHS  S&2  _?E*__   _d__.-_t  WILL DO "WELL TO  Mrs. E. C.   CLARKE, Prop.  Late of Hie Royal Hold, Calgary,  We have a stock of one and a half million  feet of logs at our mill and are prepared to cut  all kinds of dimension timber and ship to all points  on Kootenay Lake by scows or steamers, also by  rail to all points on the Canadian Pacific or Nelson  and Fort Sheppard railways. In stock rough arid  dressed lumber, shingles, mouldings, sash, doors,  newels, turned verandah posts. Glass of all sizes.  Factory work of all kinds done to order.  m  BOY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A largo stock of flrst-clasa dry material on hand, also  a full lino of bsaIi, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Manager.  The finest hotel in tho Interior.  Large samplo roomb.   Steam heat and electric light,  THE NELSON SAW & PLANM MILLS, m  OFFICE AND MILLS CORNER HALL AND FRONT STS., NELSON.  FAIRVIEW  THE FINEST RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY IN  NELSON  All the unso'd lots in tne  Fairview Acfdftion to Nelson are now on the market at reasonable prices and on  easy terms.   This properly is very desirable for residences.   Apply to  West Baker Street, Nelson  T. M. WARD, Local Agent.  GAMBLE ��& 0'R_3IJUI_Y, Agts  British Columbia Permanent Savings & Loan Company.  Globo Savings & Loan Co., Toronto.  Lots for Sale  82100 will puroliase a central lot antl rcMirtpnee,  . JsXW will piiicha-,0 four nico lou and residence.  10,000 l'onlui) Kiiitlnont I cents.  Ulackcock (Ymir) shares 20 cents.  am Utica at, lj rents.  Cheap lots in I<au\ie\v (Hogiwtown) Addition,  ALEX STEWART  TurnoT & Bocckh block, Nolhon, B. C.  -Yardr  Foot oil Hondryx stroot,-Nelson   Telephone, 91 Jpfan    Ifae,   Ag6ttt  Brick aqd Lime  Lime 70 Gor-is per 100 pounds.  AVill deliver in ton lots  Brick $12 per thousand.  At jttrd or on scows at government wharf.  The West S^ootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Baker Stmot,        T. GK PBOOTOK. Manager  CORNER OK WARD AND VERNON* STS., NELSON  Madden "House  BAKER AND WARD STREETS, NEJ_30N  CleiK,  Special Notice to tlie People of Kootenay  I am now prepared to test the eyes  of the people, as I have in my department a first-class optician. { have a  large selection of gold frames and the  very best of lenses. Call and get your  eyes examined at  JACOB DOVER'S The Jeweler  SHORTHAND  AND  TYPEWRITING.  SHORTUAVl), TineuiiUiip-, .ind  Iinnkccpmcr l.iuglil.  Tonus tt'pisoti.ible.   Ajtpl} to Miss II. ISi.imll Iliut  hen, Applewhtilc block, Wost HaKur stii'ut. Nelson.  " ARCHITECTS.  EWART & C ARUIK���Arohitect s.   Roonw 7 and 8 Ab  erdeeu block, Raker street, Nelson..  The Nolson Electric Tramway Co., Ltd,  LOTS FOR SALE  ON EASY TERMS  Ijiu-rc muni ci of choice building lotn adjacent to tho  line of (licu-tiiviuw.ij,. Kor puce and terms of sale apply  to the ollice of the comp.inj, jVI.icdonn.ltl block, coi tier of  Josephine and Veinon sticcts.  T. C. DUNCAN, SooicUiry.  J. Christie  GENERAL  BROKER.  iisrs-crs��-___src*Ea  REAIj BSTATB AND LOANS.  FOR SALE  GREAT REDUCTION  HARD COAL  ANTHRACITE  X>*HirjI*V*E3*K*E!ID  Special rates foi c.iiload lots for outside points.  TKUC^ONK     (.^   W#   West   &   Q0t  5-Room Honso   .. .   SKJOO  ���1-Room Hoiihc  50-Foot Cornpr   .  S'JOl)  ���Jp'jOO  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres of land within one and. a  quarter miles of Nelson.  For further  particulars apply to  FRED J. SQUIRE,   Nelson, B, C.  Wood! Wood! Wood!  Good dry wood, all lengths.   Leave  orders   at  Jacobson's feed  store  on  Vernon  street (next door to Tribune  Office).   Telephone 97.   JOHN CROFT.  ONE DOLLAR A LOAD  The midcr-if?ncd haa a large quantity of fir, cedar, and  tamarac ^labs m IG inch and 4-foot IoiikIIih, Miitnblo for  atovc wood, which will bo bold for $1 a load at tho mill  y&nl.  NKLSON SAW Sc PLANING MILLS. Limited.  Nebon, Angubt 19! 5>, 1&99.  Tho only hotel in Nelson that has remained under one  management since 1830.  Tho _cd-room3 are well furniHhed and lighted by  oleotricity.  The dining-room Ib not second to any in Kootenay.  The bar is always stocked by the beefc domoHtic and  Imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor,  Largo and woll lighted Heated by hot ai  Reasonable rates Samplo rooms  Electric bells and light In every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout;  HOTHiU   VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Froo bus meets all trains iini/aleJ-nira    R   P  Hourly stroet ear to station nBVBIStOKe, O. U,  Night Grill Room in connection, for tlio convenience of  guobts arriving and departing by night trains.  NOTICE.  On .and after the 1st or Oetoboi 1W, the Onrirt I'elilial  Hotel imII be tun stiiUb on llu. lOuiopcm pi.in.  "U'eli.uo fitted up a new dining loom ��uh a ^citing  c.ippicitj for one hundred people wlmli will be inn in  connection with the hotel. Allmuiils t\\cnl.i| fUo li tils.  Piij.ible in the rhuiug loom. Will be pleaded to fniiiisli  iiK3.il tickets on ,ii>pli(-.i1]<m  Kooni��. bj Ihe daj, week or month.  Thanking >on for join guneiotis p.iliontige in llic p,iil,  nnd tiustmg lo be fnvonvl with .i conlfniinnci* of s.imo in  thefutme. I ieni.iin, resptctfnllj joins,  K. pSIMP.SOV.  Vienna Restaurant  Baker strpefc, between Josephine and  Hall streets. Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OH NIGHT  BAKKRY IN CONNKCTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPKCIALTY  ONLY WHITE HKLP KMPLOYKD  b.    _g:*o**Et*R"sr.,    pbofhibtoh  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  NELSON, "B. O.  Coffee ronfitcrs nnd dealers in Tea and CoftVr.  Offer freHh roasted cofTeo of boHt quality an followh:  Java and Arabian Macha, per pound        ...        JJ   40  Java and Mocha Ulond, 3 pounds 1 00  Fine Santos, 1 pounds-        . .     100  Santo* Blond. 5 pounds   ,.  1 00  Our Special Blond, 0 pounds      1 W  Our Rio Roost, C pounds    ...  1 00  A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms 2 Doors East of  Oddfellows  BlocfX,  West  Baker Steeet  P. Burns &Co.  Wholesale and Retdil   .  TIiiai) Office at DAsH^fC    in     IWf**af'v  NELSON, B. C. "       ���       l^C?��xIC'io    ill   IVlGcHs  Wholesale Markets at jtaison, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  Kctail Market, at Nelson, K.islo, Sandon, Silverton, New Denver, Ymir, Tr.iiJ, Gi'and Forks,  C<uic.tdc, Gjocnwood, Alidw.iy, and Sii'dur.  Matt Orders Promptly Forwarded,  West Kootenay Butcher Go.  ALL KINDS Or  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RhTAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  BaKer Street, fleison   E�� G�� TRAVESj  ORDERS BY MAIL RECKIVE CARKFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  JUST ARRIVED A CARLOAD OF  Anheuser=Busch Lager Beer!  Highest class Lager produced.       On saLe by the trade in Nelson.  ASK FOR IT  R. P. RITHET & CO., Ltd., Victoria, Agents for B. C.  A. B. GRAY, Agent for Kootenay, linker St., Nelson, Next Oddfellows Building  GROVE HOTEL BEER GARDE  NEAR NELSON & FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT.  THE  BEST  BEER  BREWED AT  HOME  OR  ON DRAUGHT OR IN BOTTLES.  ABROAD  />(Tr_-ir��/XT IT i fiiTI'nriTI'-pT'.TnTrt'lT     i    Havo juHb rocoivod ft consignment ot Harris homo  VPhIIaI A   i    I   MlW  8  iliiv mode tvkcuda from Talbot Harris, SooUand.  Dl fil/lAJJ AllMUlUfl I Yim l SQUflffl-, Baker Si. Mn  Tho impply Is Umltod, ao oall a&rir and ozamlae this stoolt. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C. THURSDAY OCTOBER 19, 1899.  The only house in Kootenay carrying Ml lines of  SCALES  FURNACES  BRUNTONS  TRANSITS  SCORIFIERS  CRUCIBLES  MUFFLES  FLUXES  OF  ALL KINDS  Bakep Street, Nelson, B. C.  Fall  Overcoats  Now is the time to purchase your fall Overcoats  We have a large stock of these g-oods in all the  latest styles and are selling* them at very low' prices.  Call and see them and be convinced that they are  the proper thing for this time of the year.  Remember the place.  RAILWAY   AND    STEAMBOAT   NOTES.  . The work of tracklayiug has commenced on the line of tlie Ontario &  Rainy River railway, starting from  Stanley, on the Port Arthur, Duluth &  "Western l'ailway. T. H. White, the chief  engineer of the railway, says that twenty  miles of the roadbed are ready for the  rails, and twenty more are all completed.  A small force of men will be put at the  work. There is an expectation tluit the  full foi'ty miles will be laid before the  first of January. This forty miles will  bring the lino of railway, along past the  Mattawan iron fields, in whieli there is ji  deposit of high-grade ore.  The steamer Kokanee brought in a  lai-go crow of men yesterday from the  Lardo. They form part of the force of  '300 men who were thrown out of work  by tl e Canadian Pacific Railway Company's decision to suspend all building  operations in the Lardo until spring.  SHORT BITS OF NELSON NEWS.  The nickel-in-the-slot-machinc nuisance  was to have been presented by tlie grand  jury���but it wasn't. Instead, the Semlin  government was presented for not subscribing more liberally to the hospital at  Nelson.  A mass meeting of union miners and  mine workers will be held in Fraternity  hall on Saturday evening at 7:*30 o'clock.  A full attendance is requested as bubbles,  of importance -will be transacted.  A Liberal Unseated.  Toronto, October 18.���Chief -justice  Meredith and Mr. justice Ohler this morning gaATo a decision in tlie North "Waterloo election case, unseating the sitting  membei', Mr. Rreithaupt, Liberal.  The Work Will be Rushed.  The wagon road to the Molly Gibson  mine is completed for a distance of seven  miles, and will be rushed through to completion, as snow is falling in the high altitude^   BUSINESS   MENTION.  HOTEL ARRIVALS.  J. A.  ESTABLISHED  IN  NELSON ^  1890  Amerfcao  Watches  Have always been a specialty with us, and concentrating on these alone, to the exclusion of foreign  makes, we have a fine and full stock, including every  American make, and are therefore especially weij  equipped for quick shipments. By the exercise of  experienced care in selection far in advance of the  season we secure  Choice Case Designs  We have some very exclusive ones in solid and  filled gold and other good selling* styles in endless  variety.  The Tribune now has a fairly complete  bookbindeij, (lnueiuldilion.il piorc-p of iriachinciy having been leccived jcsteid.ij fiom Ilmnsbuit;, Punn*} 1-  vam.i Old bookb .md m.ujpi/'iiies lobound, .nul any Umd  o: bl.uik book in.uuif.icUued.  For Sale���Two good pool tables, iu first-  cl.os shape; for s.alo cheap, for cibh. Addiesb "lJool  Tab'o," JJox o&l, lio^bl.md, 11 C. ���  Porter wanted.   Apply at Phair Hotel.  Furnished rooms to let.   Apply to Mrs.  Ij. M. Jameson, C.arncj Block, Bilker stieet west.  Offices  to   rent���Single    or   in   suite.  Ready for oecnpaiiov November 1st. Apply to John  Houston, Tiibunc Ollice.  For Rent���A stove on Vernon street,  opposite Tlie Tiibunc ollice. ��10 a month Apply to 10.  kilbj.  The National  Gold and Silver  Mining Company,  Limited Liability. f  At tiir Phair���T. T. Wynne, Kaslo;  J. A. "Whittier, Kaslo; A. H. li. Macgowan,  Vancouver; T. R. Ellis, Vancouver ; R. W.  Brock, Ottawa; C. Clinton, Grangeville,  Idaho; Mi-, and Mrs. W. F. Cochran, Mac-  leod, Alta.; II. B. Williams, Queen Bess  Mine, .Slocan; Geo. F. Carruthers, Winnipeg.  At thr QueeNpS���A. E Teeter, Slocan  City; Sirs. C. R. Frith, F. W. Frith, Miss  McAllister, Moyie; C. B.Archibald, Ymir;  At thk NELSON���F. Barley, Calgary;  D. Grillin, Winnipeg; A. Harris, Rossland;  J. McCully, Sandon; Jack Forestall,  Steamer Rossland; J. Orchard, Fernie.  At tiik TRI3MONT���Charles Harrington, J. O. Regan, F. F. Feeley, T. O'Neill,  Lardo; J. A. Harrington, California.  At the Madden���E. II. Home, Athabasca; A. Clairnon, D. Bebecki, Lardo.'  At this Gjjanj) Central���W. E. Lind-  cap, Spokane; 'Frank Brehmer, Lardo; E.  Harbrou'ck, Trout Lake; T. ,D. Yates,-  Fort Steele; H. W. Holling, San Francisco' J. McCue, H. Cragel, Molly Gibson.  James McPhail, Lardo. -   ��� '"'  At the Hume.���W. E. McCormack,  Vancouver; AV. S. Swain, Denver; N. E.  Linsley, Spokane; James M. Wade, Spokane ; C. O'Donnell, Argenta ; ,S. B. Morris, Rodney, Ontario ;.C. A. Carman, Van!-.,  couver; W. T. 'Beadles," Salnio; H. II.  Dearborn, Sejvttle; D. A.McKen'zie, Porto  Rico Mine; John  W.  Irwiu,  Winnipeg;  E. Turboyne, Toronto; Mr. and'Mrs. F. P.  Buck, Sherbrooke, Mrs. C. G. Buck, Sher-  brooke; A. C. Robertson, Quanan, Texas;  R. McGuire, Molly  Gibson  mine; Geoi'ge  F. Beverley and wife, St. John, N. B.; A.  G. Mather,. Milwaukee; W. E. Austin,  Toronto; 0. S. Wallis, Rossland; Arthur  H. Boulton, Lardo ; M. Cumin, Lardo.  At'-this CijfJi.���A. Johnson, Lardeau;  W. Sheatei*, Lardeau ; J. Gillies, Silver  King mine; H. A. Bishop, Calgary; G.  Brown, Calgary; George Hunt, Toad  Mountain.  At the RoYAiy��� A. J. Littlejohn, Rossland ; Harry. Ssvain, Spokane; It. Mc-  Gillivray, Boston ; C. Stearns, Granite.!  At the SiiEiumooiCE.���Win. Davis;  Lardo; M. Kelly, Laido; John Corbett,  Lardo; Bert Bowers, Lardo; Robert  Blondin, Molly Gibson mine ; M. Madigan,  Molly Gibson mine.  At the CIjARK.���C. B. James, Virden,  Manitoba; W. P. Lcamy, Lardo ; S. Casty,  Lardo; P. McCann, Lardo; John Condon,  Lardo; John McCloud, Lai'do ; Jiick Mul-  hollaucl, Lardo.  At the WaverijEV.���Edward White,  Granite Mine, Thos. McMillan, Maple  -Like.  * '  OPERATING   IN   THE   YMfR   DISTRICT,  B. 0.  Diamonds aed ail  Prodonns Stoees  Just at this time we have the fullest stock of Diamond  Jewelry for Fall and Holiday business, and the immediate  customers will secure the best of these and avoid the  annoyance of rush ordering, while profiting by possible  price advances. Ready for delivery now, or part, or all  of order entered and prices reserved for future shipment.  Fine watch repairing a specialty, all work guaranteed.  JACOB  DOVER, Jeweler  WE SELL AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  eo iviaason  For Winter Outfitting  Headquarters  For Miners and  Workingmens Clothing  pie PHICE.T0 all  Baker Street  s in  Underclothing, Mackinaws,  Gloves and Mitts.  W. JP. DIOKSON  H. H. H. APPLBWHAITH  3. MCPHBH  ootonay Eleetri. Supply and Construction Co.  ELECTRIC supplies  Ootnploto Electric Equipments for EUeetfrle Power iVa-smlssidn and ���Lighting' fop Mines, To-wnB  Electric Mxtures, "Uampa, Bella, Telephones,jiiiminclators, Etc.  j?, O. Box 608. Joeephlne Street. NelBOri, 3B. O.  A Ij_ My^BOf Blank Roaks, with <ivcry"kitiii of Ki����cial ruliii(< ami orbited  hcadinjfK, manufactured riglit licro ill  :*-*���  Nelson, W well-paid workmen, who vpciul iheir carniiiKM In Nelson.  Tribune Association, Limited, Vernon St.  OL^X-TVCS =  The Ajax group, situated on Tam-  arac mountain, and almost immediately  adjoining the famous Tamarac mine,  near Ymir, B. C, consisting of the  "Ajax," "Gold Drop Fraction," and  "Lookout Fraction."  There are several ledges running  through the claims, on one of which a  large amount of development work has  been done on the "Ajax" claim. These  claims are credited with having the  Tamarac lead which,"together with "the"  showings made upon the Ajax, should  make the shares of the company  desirable as an investment. The  directors have decided to offer a block  of 50,000 pooled treasury shares  for sale at one cent until Saturday,  October 21st, 1889, the proceeds to be  used in completing a crosscut tunnel  now being driven to cut the ledge.  There is a good opportunity to make a  ready turn in the purchase of these  shares at the price quoted. For further particulars apply'to  Alex Stewart, Broker  P. O. Box 89, Nelson, B. C.  PALACE GONPSCTIONE"~  FOR FINE CHOCOLATE  AND BON BONS      '  Sole ap-cnl* for Xelson for Ganong Bio1! eelebialed H  JJ Chocolates .mil JJ011 llon% One (on of tho wimo to  mine in a few dnjs.  OLYMPIA AND EASTERN OYSTERS  AKKIMNO  DpVIF V.  F.mcy Ciili.es and Ppisti}, J'lntiif., Pearlies, C'l.ipes,  lianuims, C.ipo Cod Oanbunes, Po.us and nil Kind _tc  se.ison.  Coiner Waid nnd JUkoi .Sis.  Mills & Lolth old Maud.  RAILROAD WORK.  One bundled men wanted on Noilh .Slur Hi,inch of  Ciou s N'csll-ulvpii}. .il -iiinbioolc, Unli-.li Colunibi.i;  good wages. Tin co mile-, of sLilion work lo ]i( foi next,  thirlj daj'i. Transportation lutes one tent jicr mile.  Tiansiioil.itjoii t.m he obtained fiom Canadiiln JVciile  nulwa} iiueiit at Nelson or at any C. 1*. It. Mat ion.  BltKCKlpViaDGJC & LUNJ)  Cranbrook. October 2nd. 18J)S(. OontracUirs.  SGH0GI. TEACHER WANTED  For Kilskoiiook jiublic school, hoIdiiiK .s'ecotid claws cer-  ti'IIcttl'O. Salary S?10 per iiionth. llutteti to commence  November 1st, IK**.   Address, ...  .JOJf.V iT. KKNjVKriY. Sra-rclary School Hoard.  JCuskonook, JJ. V., October ]_th, ISt��.  Our Great  Sale is  Still pn  Since it opened we have  sold $3000 worth of the  goods from [the bankrupt  stock which we purchased  in Sandon. But we^ can  still, offer  Great  Bargains  in "W inter  Goods  Don't make the mistake  _of payi/rigjregular_prices  for staple articles when  you can secure them: at  50 cents on the dollar.  Here are some.  PRICES WHICH  CANNOT BE BEAT  Men's Tweed Pants, regular price  "S1.T5, reduced to $1; Men's  heavy tweed suits, regular price  $12, reduced to $7; regatta shirts  regular price $1.25, reduced to  60 centsj men's silk ties, regular  price 50 cents, - reduced to 25  cents; men's long boots, regular  price, $5, reduced to. $3; menfs  tweed caps, regular price 50  cent.s, reduced to 25 cents. , All  other goods also at greatly reduced prices.  j. a~ .^Donald  KLLIOT BLOCK. BAIfKE STREET, NELSON.  WK IIAVK SKCUKED TIIK SOLE AG KNOT l-'OR  "HALCYON WATER"  IMITATION'S Cj-pN NOT NOW BE PUT ON  THE "MAHKKT. .  iflORPE 4 CO., XM.  Veunon Street  Nei,8on, 11. C,  :&  A  LARGE  CONSIGNMENT  JUST  OPENED  We can supply you with Cartridges  TO SUIT YOUR RIFLE  Carpenters' Tools  A   FULL  LINE  SHELF HARDWARE  THE BEST ASSORTED  STOCK  IN THE KOOTENAYS  STOVES AND  KITCHEN UTENSILS  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON  ARE YOU BURNING UP MONEY  Because Your Stove or Range Cannot be  Regulated to Save Fuel ?  IT WILL PAY YOU  TO EXAMINE  OUR NEW STOCK OF  STOVES AND RANGES  Tiie .saving in fnel effected will soon equal  the cost of tlie .range. It can be so quickly  and easily regulated that there need be no  waste of heat or fuel. New patented improvements ofTcr you more convenience and  comfort than you'll find iu any other range.  TWO CAR LOADS TO SELECT FROM  LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO.  ea��--'i_ni sooa  Lang's Oelelrated Cream Flake  Sodas, 3-lb Cartons ���........  Kirkpatrick & Wilson*  anksfflvii  CAPE COD CRANBERRIES, SWEET POTATOES,  ONTARIO GRAPES, NEW FIGS,  JAMS, JELLIES, KEELER'S MARMALADE, FRESH EGGS, ETC.  WE WILL CLOSE ALL DAY THURSDAY  Get the Best Jams  TI|E BRITISH COLUMBIA MINING RECORD.  Tho editor of the above journal would bo glfMl to hare  RubiuiUccl toliiui for consideration short stories n-nrt ai--  ticl-tM for publi'L'atfioi! in (bo special Christinas 'number.  Accented arlielus are liberally JKiid for. AM M-SS.-must  be in by llw 1st of November by the latest. Adclrcw,  Miinn(flnij; Kdllor. jl. C. MiniiiK Itccord, P. 0. Drawer,  015, Viuioria, 11. V.  We have just received a large consignment of the  DYSON-GIBSON   COMPANY'S  JAMS  AND   PICKLES  Also a complete assortment of the  TORONTO BISCUIT COMPANY'S SWEET BISCUITS  Baker streot West, Kelson   John A. Irving <��* Co.  Strachan   Bros.  _?X.*CT_��E_333RST *E3*_:'CJ-  0*F*E1*R__.  HOUSE   BLOCK  ���*8*'.


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