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 VOLKSRAAD INJECRET SESSION  Sympathy For the Boers.  Br.oi-iM contain, September 21.���The  volksraad met today Avith a full attendance. President M. Steyn read a carefully prepared speech. After welcoming  the burghers lie expressed regret that  the relations between the Transvaal,  Great Britain and the Uitlanders had  become strained. Members ho said, were  aware of the meeting of sir Alfred Milner  and president Kruger at Bloemfontain,  when president Kruger made proposals  which, although refused by the British  high commissioner, avoi-o unanimously  considered throughout the Orange Free  State as exceediugly fair.  Proceeding to review tho negotiations,  president .Steyn said the TransA-aal had  been deceived by the British diplomatic  agent at Pretoria, Conyngliam Greene,  and he practically accused the Imperial  government of a breach of faith, lie  Avas disinclined to advise the Transvaal  government Avith 'respect to the latest  British demands. The present critical  state of affairs could not be a, matter of  indilTerenco to the Transvaal, and he had  therefore convened tho A-olksraad to decide Avhat attitude should bo taken.  "There is nothing," declared the president, " that warrants Avar or an attack  on the Transvaal. Such differences can  be soh'ccl by arbitration. Jt would be an  insult to religion and civilization."  In conclusion president Steyn said he  Avould take this opportunity to ...lay certain grant laws before the AroIksraad,  praying God to give the members strength  to pass resolutions not only conducive to  peace and prosperity, but also in the interest of their beloved state. Immediately  after tho speech president .Steyn .asked  the volksraad to go into secret session  . wliich was agreed to unanimously.  Londox, September 21.���While the  precise reason of the secret session of the  raad of the Orange Free .State is not yet  known here, president Steyn's speech at  the opening of the session is regarded as  an almost infallible indication of tlie  .attitude Avhich the Free State Avill take.  Commenting from this point of view, the  Loudon morning papers are all impressed  Avith the added gravity of tho situation.  .London, .September 21.���The Morning  Post contained a despatch from Pieter-  lnarit/.burg, Natal, dated September 10,  saying: "I have never known the situation to be graver. The Boers only Avait  two days' rain on the A-eldt before beginning hostilities.   They are determined on  "x>���   /-,,     A  FRIDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER c<2, 1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $6 A YEAR; WEEKLY*, $2.  in the Transvaal, should Avar break out.  In a letter -to the press he says  Hon. Israel Tarte, minister of public Avorks, has promised to raise  a proportionate number of men  from among his fellow-countrymen  in Quebec. The Twelfth York Rangers,  raised in the neighborhood of Toronto,  haA'e already asked to bo sent to South  Africa.    TRADE   AND   COMMERCE.  fe*&_M^*&l-f$^  ^.{ipruuda'M^  .^���*ay.s?61 to ^Orange; #i*e]��feSiate>:othe^*s;  A business that is being centered in  Nelson is that of .'issayers' supplies. W.  F. Tcefeel started in a few years ago to  furnish local assayers Avith crucibles,  scorifiers, acids, and chemically pure lead,  and now tho firm furnishes complete  assay outfits, from the most expensive  balances down, on <a day's notice. The  only competitor the firm has in this  province is a house in Vancouver, but  VaneouA'er is not on the ground, and  Nelson is. Yesterday manager Campbell sold a complete outfit to the Granite  Gold Mines, Limited.  Shipments Avere made yesterday by  Nelson manufacturers and Avholosale  dealers to the folloAving points: Rossland, Robson, Greenwood, Phoenix, Grand  Forks, Nakusp, Duncan City, Ymir, Erie,  Slocan City, Silverton, Sandon, Kaslo,  AinsAvorth, Creston and Moyie. The  shipments included eggs, canned goods,  sugar, cigars, Avhisky, beer, aerated  waters, hams, coal oil, boots and shoes,  sheeting, blankets, ore cars, and printed  stationery.  Manager Sims of the Kootenay Cigar  Manufacturing Company reports that his  company is building up a good  trade in the ��� Boundary country. The  cigars made by the company are the  equal of any made in the province.  In making mention of the manufacturing concerns of Nelson, the smaller ones  should not be overlooked. About a year  ago the Kootenay Coffee Company  started business, and today it has quite  an extensive local trade as dealers iu  roast aud ground coffees put up in  attractive packages.  A. Ferland  & Co.   report   that   they  M  i.-vtaJl  ��� -:'��� ���:���',-:v:-\'.'..S'S^'o-(3TnlJj*gf:; 'xn^-^^0'-^ify-.i.y\ y-y  "If- j^.n'%^^  ���T-ylfgii^  ^���:'lfov^'AA^  ������'uim^hant:ii'etey&rv^i'u��-te;r: pf a; century,,  " ivij-s',soon;   khPAvm ...^  Ofc��urred. ':������,.;M'ad!vmp^^ excepted;  here* * ���SJoTtii^.lifc;���"'"';"'^^JH^f.y ^if'^^^l.C health  ���;does:nt#:'po^}^ visitors.,,  it is hoped the climrttes "w-ill y ivg^tote his  strength . during._ the "lioxfe few; months  Wliich"Ite expected tp'spieiid here-  ' The sad hate jviijidDre;yfiis" rejoicings  Avas thedefttlfc of M.Scli'jeureiHKestiier.  " I am grieved beyond Avorcls," said Di*ey-  yfiis,," to fehiilk that I imall never bo aisle  =tOithank^that=noble-h^  first acts on obtaining his freedom Avas  to liave a AVreatli,sent to be placed oil tlie  coliiii of liis champion, and friend.    At  presont he speaks little of past events.  Predicts That There "Will be No War.  London, September 24.���Vanity Fair,  frequently well inforuied regarding political secrets, today emphatically reiterates the assertion that there \VilI be no  Avar. It says : "President Kruger is an  old. niiiii, bivt he isnP dotard. lie would  like to get his own Avay, btjt Hot at tlie  cost pf ttefeat. ��� Climb down he Avili."  Tlio paper takes the View wliich is shared  by several weeklies, that tlie ala-rinist  daily papers have creivted a fictitious  crisis. Conservative sifting of tlie con-  flietinB* opinipiis and rumors IiPw prevailing regarding the outcome of the dispute  will be in ore practicable after the cabinet  meeting, though the official announcement of tlie ministers' decision is likely  to be delayed a few days.  A Bunch of "New Officials.  Victoria, September 21.���The official  gazette today gives notice of tlie following provincial appointments: Henry P.  Horau of tlie 150-mile house, to be a coroner for the province; John Cliurchland,  of Surrey Centre, Delta; George J. Wallace of Landsdowne; Robert Wood of  Greenwood ; Joseph B. Laiidon of Nicola;  George A. Johnson of Deer Park ; Murdoch Matheson of Wellington ; aud. Lewis  Arthur of Agassiz to be justices of the  peace. William J. Twiss of Kaslo and  Alfred George Lear of Atlm are appointed notaries public.  Colonel Sam Heard From Again.  TORONTO,     September     21. ��� Colonel  Hughes of Lindsay has undertaken  to  raise it regiment of Canadians for service  P  Tlieasales,, ���.JioweM^fJia-y'e'^uot'iiw.eu^eoiifii  -Jii"j;etct0';tliesgQpds jBomprismg* th-e*.;bankr  jvup t* scocfeassfu 1 ly^^yoire-lialfiofythxststock;;  :;<%rand;^bik|y.'"^a:t:er: -epmjia.h^.'y'y,  iSiti^,y^e^tifeb|fe  ,^*jt-fe|t^|i|.^3!. jPpA^fe^y. Ei;g{xti;.MpiiapSny-J  ''iiifv^^i'bi^fted^hfe  ;gc^^in?nrenM -Ji.'M WX-:-Ti iS^0^Wi-$$ ^;^^  'SftVJ'y *^r*��!^^ ;.riA>(jr;'  i^prilJ' :|i';. iiiile-.' ^alia? ;?W<3itivj^Si* :.:0iov& $h&  .lie: citj^'Jc'Piive'yih'g *W' wMei>-;tP' poiutg''  ;^3ieire>i|iiAVijf ^b^iiisjsdv^byy.iia:. 'ifil'ifm'e';" '-Miy  t^it^iPusithlEl.in^ '(^!^!ateit;:;are';iask^ly  for to be' ttiA^ered; foi! aii; elee:ti$c  pliiSvt.        - ���.    "...     -_     _        ��� ��� .  Disastrous ���FirS: in Chicago,;  ������ CjSic^gPj   Septenib)��ry. M',^fflv& *e  did: i(*2.��6,opQ ilamage tp. bniljding^ m thet  stPek yai-'d's distric;t, *3?lie pivvilljpn *vylier6 ������  the fire originated WHS a large stable Avith  aii   aiuphitheatre jyjierey exhibitlpns of ���  =thoroughm*e*d^iTlr,=^  Avas held.    It AVas valued at $130,000 and  is a total loss.    The Ttemsit house, the  largest hotel in the district, Was damaged  to the extent of $75,000.  HAD BETTER BEGIN A CAMPAIGN  Of Hard Work in Their Mines.  The campaign of education by the Nelson  District  Mine  Owners' Association,  through  their  Nelson  organ  under the  disguise of a real estate  edition of that  sheet, is not likely to result in any great  number of petitions being signed by mine  Workers for the repeal of the eight-hour  I.-iav.    The real   estate men do  not take  kindly to the scheme ; they do  not want  to  appear as  mere  catspaws   for mine  OAvners  or   anybody  else.     If there   is  activity in Nelson real estate, they argue  that it Avill be brought  about by a de-  maud created by men AA'ho AArork in mines  and shops, and not by men Avho Avork as  mine  managers.    More,  the   real  estate  men do not Avant to boom Nelson at present ; they prefer a gradual  groAvth  for  awhile.    The  mine managers   have  the  pull on one or two  real  estate men like  alderman   Beer,  but  they  do not cut a���  wide swath Avith the real estate  dealers  as   a   body.      It   is   Avell   known   that  Beer     is     ambitious     politically,    and  it is also Avell knoAvn  that  he  is  not in  sympathy  Avith  the  eight-hour  laAV  or  any organization that aims to keep AA'ages  above the   level   prevailing in  Eastern  Canada.    Ho  avus  a  mine  manager  for  awhile, but he is not uoav engaged in the  mining business to any great extent. The  mine managers, now that they can workmen by contract, Avill probably begin a  campaign of Avork instead of a campaign  of education, and the result AA'ill befar  more beneficial to both the country and  themselves. '.  A Hasty Utterance.  Vancouver Nows-Ailvcrliscr.  C. H. Mackintosh of Rossland has, in  the course of intervieA\-s "with Avhich he  favored representatiAres of the Western  press whilst en route for OttaAva, added  his AT>iee to those of other opponents of  the provincial government's mine labor  legislation. This he denounced, after the  AAront of the Kootenay mine owner or  mine company promoter, in round terms.  I3|it h*ke^hjg^-ethnei^  v&ni|_ed!ffihly^-h^^  ? attribnting.tofahenjiniluen^es .actsjiAvhieh ���  rari&'-fxdI.y^appi,0"*^dr'py^��la��gre'aHi"tg��^  NO RETIREMENT CAN BE MADE  ���   Opinion of Ex-Premier Sprigg.  Capetown,   September  21.���Sir   John  Gordon Sprigg, leader of the opposition  in tho Cape house of assembly, and former  premier and treasurer of Cape Colony, in  the course of an inteiwiew  today,  said:  "I JiaA-e no doubt that a  portion  of tho  population of the colony Avould be actively  an ti-British   in  the  eA-ent  of war Avith  the Transvaal.    I do not anticipate any  rising, but some of the  young  and   impulsive Afrikanders Avould probably sIioav  their   sympathy   bjr   "joining    the  Boer  forces.      In     my   judgment    the    proceedings     today's     meeting     of     the  Afrikander    members     of     the     Cape  parliament  Avere  most   injudicious.    No  mention   Avas   made  of   any  sympathy  Avith those avIio avouUI suffer Avhile fighting for the British side.    It is impossible  that  those avIio aro doing their best to  uphold British authority should conceive  anything in the nature of a  retirement  from the position adopted by the British  government.    Any such weakness Avould  be     fatal     to     the     future    maintenance   of   British   authority  in   Africa.  Referring to the  speech  of sir  William  Vernon Harcourt,  last  evening  in  New  Treadgare, sir John said he considered it  ill advised and injudicious, especially at  the present juncture.    In his opinion  sir  William's assertion  that  Great  Britain  could not claim  general sovereignty in  the Transvaal, Avhen she had only partial  suzerainty,  Avould   do  more  than  anything else to eueourage dissatisfaction.  "NELSON.  George Johnstone, a butcher employed  in P. Burns & Co.'s slaughter house, met  with a painful accident yesterday. He  Avas tossed by an angry steer Avitli such  force against the side of the slaughter  house as to break Ins right shoulder bone  James-, Smith left for Victoria this  morning to attend the funeral of his  father, A. J. Smith. Mr. Smith Avas an  old time resident of the capital; and the  news of his death, AvhicharriA^ed in Nel  Montijo and Sejsto Acquitted.  MAP'tifl-t, Septeinber 21,���It is reported'  liore that the supreme court, before  whicli admiral Montijo and general Sesto,  Who avow} in (joiuiwantt of the ileet and  arsenal at Cavitej haA'e been on ti*i.'il for  surrendering tP .'idmiral DoAV^ey in tlie  batth;vr)f Manila 13\W, has acquitted gen-  ei-ai SestP. Adwiral Montijo has been  erandemed to retireinont AvitliPut the  right of pension.  Yellow Fevei- Bulletins.  KKV Wkst, Florida, Septeniber 21..���  Twenty-four cases of ye'llbw fOA'er and  tAvo days today.      ''  Nis'w. OrerywAxs, September 21.���Three  new eases of yellow fWer reported today.  New Cunarder Launched.  London, Septeniber 21.���The ucav  Cunard line steamship Ivernia for the  Liverpooi-Boston sei'A'ice Avas launched in  the Tjrne in tlie presence of 20,000 people. She AA'as christened by the countess  of RavensAVorth.  ^'li'e;'AV^; M iivBtSu'cliisW^e^  my: jthe;,;:|;.eim^^  i";r��.G):lViifi"p||>:��l^i^t^^  "^field'&^rfephypr'Gallj^  '^x^gstfiiMzti^y-^^^  thajt jii&jl^.^ivi$^  |sli:"eiTQniigljl|&^^  ���mf,eij>l^i*.^^h^  rtviiii h ie'sy. ;ii^ 'l&fi. tij|K ��� ;Cpl ���i��Sb||S^it ^|i )j��;|  :quite^ej^niyth|(;t|iifc ^6"i^h^1|%^go'iii;nPi!'  in::Cftiifpf4iii?iS'piitsM4^'^  age"d.;in\..i^'#dytpyJfn^ideu^'^  and other ^pridiitiPnsyas ifcis hi; our prp-.  ���Vhj^ev 'A^ilst-;:sj^pi?'3     ^y-jfti-. vequjillyy  strong ebh^ jrere^  fri  &i!ii7:  gon, inorep^i^ preciPhs *metiil: mining is'  : ��� but;ii inipor* ���iiid%s'tVy',; th|: oicea behjg, pf  io*w average grdclej and thus, iii general;  Wvy Inferior.to those pf jStu'tisli. Cphim-  bia, whilst the best that longvexplbited  California can now show has long since  been acquired by ether than Biitish investors, Avhieh latter have a.s a rule fared  -linQqittinOnly-bad^^^^  It is quite possible, of cpui'sei th.at there  may be good opportunities iu Oregon and  in Califoriiia fPr the mine company pro*  moter, but those of British Columbia are  far better as it rule for the iitvestoi- if he  be AA'ell and wisely advised. Under such  eiTCuinstatieeK, we shall be astonished if  iiiuch British or foreig-ii capital avhicli  might othei*wise be invested in pur mining' fSlioiiId be diverted either to Oregoti  or to California, liotAVithsfainding Mr.  Mackintosh's deelai'ation.  ^i5ee^:i^c^|:.^-in:^i^  vprpseii^frpkcl; slg%elv":aiM"'..h&VtrjtnlWa;y  y'g^ivp^n^deSg-es^-h>  ^t)iat^l|%ejty:;^l]te^ ^Ids^p^vni^f'  ilgiiQJfyii ii; J%:iis'"-"ipjiiige^,':!:tfey .gut^he^iyilllSi!  jdbA^S^tiier^s^tl^  ;'#i^S;Siat?i. h.pj ���; %ijt ihiivriy ?;ieo'nni?ihyyrwp^l dp  ,;ha4?p \cpi|si der^Ie.:trp^  "^^^^^i^:1/:y;��y:;'-v' 'y....^ 'Vs"'--.--..'".'-';'  ���.fy^^yl^^Pd'lify 'Aiii.nswprt|]j^ :wlj(P 4viiS  ? atta^cdyaud-jteetty bftdly ^ftiklen;up'b"$-'  ;a^fj��i^th;i"jep;rw  ^.gEi'jiv;' :iSiS' $9f��r: JS^criirsidpr^ly.i&e'arrbd^  %tit;l"ieyjs cdhgratulftfci'iiig; liinisell over not  ,fiii*iflg;'Avpi'se|y'  interview ho said: "The outlook for  wireless telegraphy is bright and the  system is being constantly perfected.  Messages liave been flashed eighty miles,  but I do not case to say Avhat has been  the greatest distance. The experiments  have shown that tho curvature of the  earth is overcome, for in sending the  message between stations eighty miles  apart the earth curvature, which is over  1000 feet has been overcome. The station from which the message Avas sent  was seventy feet high.  KAIL WAY   AND   STEAMBOAT   NOTES.  Charles D. Kennedy, avIio left tho Canadian Pacific company's employ as purser  on the steamer Rossland to go steam-  boating in the north, is iioav running as  purser on the steamer S. S. Bailey, Avhich  plies between Bennett City and Miles  Canyon on the route to DaAvson. In a  letter; to friends in this city, "Charlie"  says that his steamer is getting all the  business it can handle. The trip is 110  miles and the company charges .$20 a ton  for freight. Passengers are carried for  $25 one Avay, Avith ono meal and a berth  thrown in..      0  Harry. Chapman, Avho Avas formerly  engineer on the steamer Kokanee* has secured a good job in the north. He is  now superintending engineer for the  Canadian Development Company, Avhich  is operating a number of steamers ou tlie  Avaterways between Bennett City and  Dawson. -  The White Pass & Yukon raihvay is  proving a good investment. It makes  the run between Skagway and Bennett  City, and in addition to the large quantities of freight going in to Dawson and  Atlin, operates tAvo passenger trains each  day.  "SteAre" Bailey, Avhose name is inseparably associated Avith the Payne  mine in the Slocan, made a good turnover  out of his steamboat veuture on Lake  Bennett. Capttiin Sanborn, Avho Avas  running with commodore Troup on the  Stiekine river, induced Bailey to furnish  the money for a steamer on Lake Bennett.  Bailey^s inpney and Sanborn'ssknoAvledge;  ^frMicMthlffl.!n^^  ^itr^iase:tli^boatrt>tfti*igii^|i.��  i-i|i.i'n.m-gjaistore,ia;ndf"lipt(H>^  "yA^m-ica^ippi-p^silStifl  DESIRE TO MAKE A SHOWING  If the Invitation is Accepted.  A meeting of the South Kootenay  Board of Trade AA'as held yesterday afternoon for the purpose of deciding whether  or not the board as a body should accept  the invitation to attend the Spokane  fruit fair on International day. The  meeting Avas not A-ery Avell attended, and  as there was no certainty that sufficient  members Avould take in the fair to make  a shoAving the board deferred action until Monday evening Avhen another meeting will be held.  George C. Tunstall, who appeared  as a  candidate  for  membership,  opened   tho  proceedings by enquiring as a  matter of  precaution from AV. A. Mncdon-ild whether   the   board  of   trade   carried   any  Aveight iioav.     Mr. Macdonald coiiId  not  answer,  and  asked  W. A. Jowett0 Avhat  his opinion of the  matter  Avas.    Before  Mr.  Jowett  could   reply  however, A. G.  Gamble remarked that if there  was  any  doubt as to the Aveight of the  board   an  effort .would be made to induce Olaf Lund  to become a member, as he carried: more-  Aveight than any other  man   in  Nelson.  This assurance satisfied Mr. Tunstall and  he consented to allow his application for  membership to go before the board,  i,  There Avas a Avait of a few .minutes for  J. Roderick Robertson, president ofthe  board, but after he arrived the business  of the meeting ran along smoothly. The  other members present included P. AY.  Swannell, Dr. Arthur, P. Lainont,  Robert Hamilton, H. R. Bellamy, W. A;  Jowett, A. G.- Gamble, A. H. Kelly, W: A.  Macdonald, and Frank Fletcher, Avith W.  H. Dowsing discharging the duties of an  information bureau on the fruit fair and  the arrangements.made for the reception  of guests. ���*  H./R. Bellamy  reported  on   behalf  of y  the committee charged with the preparation of the mineral exhibit.    He said   he  had yet to receive samples from the Ymir ���,;';  and the Granite  mines  bnt Avhen  these  arrived     there     Avould     be   ready    to  go       forward      to      Spokane       about  one   and    a   half   tons    of    specimens;-'  representative of some fifty-four properties tributary to^ Nelson.    The '.expense,:-'..!.  so far, of making the collection had been  $8945. ������' The  men  employed  iu  making:  the collection Avere paid $4 per day.   The3  idea of tlie committee Avas that upon the  conclusion of the fruit fair the Nelson^  mineral  exhibit should be.'; returned'.' to   ���;  this  city  and  kept upon   view/in   the J>  ybpard ofy-rade rooms. :^-.;^ ��.,.:i ^ii^'  ^.J^^S^wawnelJ^pj-pi^^  ���^h^fiht^^^^umittee^^  1     iVD  1 '-��h   ,-  "   ���b InSiy'-r-S11 .a     .(T-n - -1    -n . L'-   _!.:���" ^,   0.     u.   o'J..nLJm.  -"      " - L-hj    u ������!*       -*i'iu     -n-,:,.n_     ���:.   ..   _   .  C*S;wMe's^fl0lKitije^  Jumped Three Cents in One Day.  Noble Five shares have taken an upward turn on the Spokane stock exchange.  Wednesday an ad\rance of three cents a  share Avas 'made. Buyers offered 20c, but  sellers wanted 2Slc.  About a Million Bricks.  The Nelson Brick Mnnufactilting Company, of which .Join* Lapointe ia manager, are now delivering bricks at the  Burns bloek froni a kiln of 200,000 tliat  arc of a Uniformly excellent ' quality.  They .have 150,000 more moulded for a  kiln of 800,000 that Avill be burned this  fall. The company expect to sell between  000,000 and 1,000,000 bricks this year.  Not bad for beginners.  The Price of the Metals.  Nkav Yohic, September 21.���Bar silver  58 0-lflc. Mexican dollars 47jc. Silver  eertificsites 5S.V @ 5!)i. Lead quiet; brokers' $440, excluuige.$-i.��0.     v   ..-.  No Concern of a Government's.  GoA-ernor Pingree of Michigan, speaking  at the trusts conference in Chicago, said  there should be no division into social  classes iu a republic���but there is. It is  not the business of a Republican .government, nor of any other government, to  encourage or discourage social distinctions. Let people divide socially to suit  themselves, and do it exclusively at their  own expense.  Fatal EailAvay Smash,  St. Paul, Septeniber 2I.:���A collision  betAveen freight trains on a bridge on  the Omaha road near Windome, resulted  in the killing of four trainmen and the  serious injury of three others. The  bridge Avas partly Avrecked ami throe  engines and   cars   went into the river.  '���'' ..       - A .Lesson in. Economics.  ; '���"   .. TO!!(5nto.(31t)f)o.-  ���A. United "States   government  pffieial  has" "been: convicted" of entering- into   a  epnspli'aey Avith certaiii cPiitraetorsi by  Which he A\:as to receive  ti,  share in the  --pi'Ofi*S"OU^h'ei_^wo��';k^on=th'i&^Sa"Vaiinal,r  river   and   iu Cinuberland sounds    His  part of the agreement Avas to aid: them; in  securing the AVoi'k at a high figure and to  accept inferior AVork hi his  ofJficiiiil  Capacity as an ingpectoi-.    Tlie loss  to the  public through his   nnfaithfulness Avas  about $2*500,000.   This in its eccmomie  aspect iltustt'ates a conlnion danger from  government activity:.    As a citizen and  tiVxj-iayer this pfiieiariP.st through his Unfaithfulness to his trust.    H AVas a loss  to all   who cdjitribute to the   nj'ttipnui  treasury.   But   liis   personal   gain   avjis  greater than, his personal   loss, and tlie  magnitude   of   the   national  loss  did  not appeal  to hiiu.    The   same fueling  is   shown   in   tlie    local    deinands   f'j.  wasteful expenditures pit public works,  Every citi/.eu in a village will often   put  forth efforts for the local expenditure of  vast sums on  useless public works.    As  citizens and taxpayers of the nation they  must Ipse by Such  expenditures,  but as  residents of the locality where the woi-k  is carried on each Avill gain, and the personal gain is more than  the loss.   Tlie  magnitude of the loss does not appeal to  them, for the influence of the personal  gain is stronger.    Tliey are unfaithful to  their duty and their trust as citi/.ens for  the sake of the personal advantage.   The  Avaste through this Aveakness is lessened  by the  localizing   of   services.     If  the  people of each municipality bear the cost  of its buildings or services they Avill look  more   carefully   after  the   expenditure  than if each is furnished at the expense  of all;   Marconi Will Be There.  Nkw Yortic, September 21.���Guglieme  Marconi,the exponent of wireless telegraphy arrived here today on the An-,  ran ia. He has come to report the international yacht races and to-make some  experiments for the government.    In an  tliS^ipt^Piitihglrtaj ^:ai]%|fiy^y"to^p|^p;re^"  iSeuvte^.'tiieif'i*eiSprt";rtd'f ^itnig;;t|ie- eoij,-'  'sfii-iiiifSlPuvc^a l:ih'e;|fr'pm,'J:'pi'^^  'ClriiliA^cli,^ the  ���Gahiidi-in^teiiic r* .iilAv^iiy .i-'apd%Iving^ the ���  j^Ch :iv^t'ieviitu/*al b6;niih;nnit;i'es JiilpUg the  Frasei-'-eHsy lie&esg tpjioptenay iis;':*v^elLig i  tp 'VistPrift.    TheVj-i-orjpsal is  Ihat the  Avcu-K be"  undertakeii; -jm a co-operative ;  enterprise., Yictoriato Subscfribe $50Q,000S  tlip Ijoniihlou   and   Proviueial goveru-  ineitts MP'OtDjlXLtho-feaset^r  palities $100,090, and the ett&eiis pf Vic-  torhv $iu0;000, the remaining half million  of tlie estiniated CPst to be raised by debentures, Tlie scheme Calls for the using  Of the Victoria & Sydney i-.-tilway from.  Victpria to Sydney With a ferry to Point  Roberts. . The tune from Vj'etoi'tft tp  Mission Junction by this t:Qute AVould be  three hours Cis against eight hours? at  presoiit, and pVPduce shipped from Laul-  iier to Victoria could be detiveired for one  dollar a ton less than at present. This  report will be debated at a public  meeting. _    Engineer Sorby's Dream.  .Spceliil to Uio 'teftmilc.  ViCTQiilA, September V2L���- Khgineer  ���Sorby today Pl'es.entod a ibi'iiia! report  on. his mission to Ottawa to lny before  ���the goveriiineiit his scheme'to. spOud four  or five million ���dollars on making a harbor at Victoria. He reports that the  '���minister of marine flatly refused to entertain the proposition to advance four  millions by Avay of a loan, and njet the  alternative .request for a ..promise of annual grant of .$28,000 with a question as  to Avhat the city of Victoria is herself  spending on the harbor. This it seems  atos a iioser for Sorby. However a  speeial comtuittce of citizens and aldermen are so taken up Avith the practicability of the scheme that they propose  spending ,$1500 to have a harbor engineer  from the east report on it,  Canadian Suicides in Sing Sing;,  SiXG Sing, New York, .September 21.���  George Crevassa, forty-li\-e years old,  formerly of Goderich, Ontario, hanged-  himself in a room he occupied in .St. John  school last night. He avos forinerly a  bookkeeper in Molspn's Bank in Montreal,  but lost his position six months ago and  went to New York to try and obtain  Avork.   lie was a married man.  i::i-eJ;'oi' foj'ir^idp^s&frtat^^  niPte tltaji: tlii'e^'oi'  aitlihe-ifeiJi'iV   " "���'.'  ^..d ,  ���spVQe:. meinlbery. if||ii|*d^:fft;i'hiSe|f&  p:iay ia iom< han.d^'ffffiM-'tSa.l^  '���  -  "_ ',-.'" "r-'l-    ��� ",l'-'-"-*"*" '-V*nj'l nb-:'* ,"-������f,1 ��WS.;a nV^T:^'*br'-^S-DViK-'"-"*i'��'��---*"?DJ  ���:��0iiti-n.g.  tJ;ie    'bpa^yint.;^ppkajj-egsf4|4^|t?J  ���ll��i!e^TOti;kl'.|"i.r-pt)aj||"j^^-'|^^  receive the'" 'repr'e|!eiJtaj^i^?.";(f;^l|^^  ,i?epreseiita^i-v:o;reee,iyedvjvi^  might find hijiiseff ���*iyi'staKeii^-5fof^  DeAwey. ,':'-.;'�� ������";;5,f'-fy^  A., & Gainble- ^jggest'ed' that they-*^a%^  ^vi,ly l-atesjwjPidd^DroljidJlv^r^MJhttfe  ,'"A I  nnuiber who A\-onld: accept the IhVitatipfly  He  commented uppu the oircuiifetaucb-  that wliilp a; half faro was promised fi*v*'hi;-  Nelson much, cheaper1' i*ates were offered  from all points south of Northport,   Thp1  fare from Nelson was $0.oO but lie mm  ii'il'ormed that from poluts. spntii. pf the -.  Ijoniuhtry it i*aliged froin,T.$lvo0 clpwff.  P. Lainont itgrced With Mr, Gitihblei  The ordinary rate for exhibitions was ix  third fare, but Kelson mmxjti'Iy pffered ft  .siMgle fa-re rjite.  \V, A. Maedonald suggested tliat to e:n-  strre a gvtml vapi-'fistittti'ition the .board;  should' ruu in as litany f-'.i-ihgerg" as pPS-  sMjIis, and the jire.siiTont uigreed that it  would bo liottei- jn prdei- tfi ensttre a gPod  tni'iioiil; to get such, eitivseus to gio n#  stood well Avitli: the members of tlie  board. Tlie "ringer" proposition was  therefore agreed to,  AY. A. Macdonald then moved' that AV  A. Jowett be appointed a committee of  one to canvass tlie city and ascertain Iioav  many citizens Avould take in the fair oii  October, 10th, and that AY. H. DoAvsing.  act Avith him in seciiring the best possible rate from; tlie railway company. This  was seconded by Frank Fletcher and carried. Upon Mr. .Jowett's report ou Monday will depend the board's action with  respect to the invitation.  Tho board then elected tlie following  candidates members of the board Avithout ballot: W. I-L DoAvsing, Gilbert Stan-;  ley, G. C. Tunstall, John Elliot, Martin  O'Reilly and II. AV. Wynne.  Battleship London Launched.  Portsmouth, .September 21.��� Tlie British battleship'Loudon Avas launched successfully here today in the presence of  large crowds of   people.    Hei' displacement is 15,000 tons.   The main feature  of her construction is the armor   belt  Avluelx is carried the entire length of the  t ship. THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON", B. C, FRIDAY,  SEPTEMBER  22,  1899.  iuood    Values i  discredit the government is to make it  appear that their lives and property are  in danger from mob A-iolcnco.  ��  m  m  m  #  And low prices are undoubtedly the magnets which ��  draw the crowds to our store.   Today we are offering  unheard of bargains for housekeepers.  32 inch FiaDnelette at 9c per yard  36 inch Bleached Table Linen at 43c per yard  72 inch Bleached Twill Sheeting at 25c per yard  10/4 White Bed Tpreads at $1.25���Special ��  Lace curtains at any price you wish.   Blankets and  Comforters at your own prices.  w  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  BANK  OF  B. C.  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'���ir*?.,-'  ; ���4i&^si\fiig; soifteono eise".ltrtd^%ne^|o!E^" i:' ���"*.' i  r_:y::!^p.Qii :$t"K��ffi";ta^  ;3 flnihey mshager li-om Winifip^gi; itfulst^  '���yfeel a^ tt'tfte lonesome in hyfe tfea^e'ls;  1tjrrpjigh STalc fvud I^ootenay, wlieh  :hd .  sees every inine in the Boundaipy eouiitry  and in Rosslaiid district and lit Kelson  district and in, Bast Kootenay, with but  a single exception at ymir, working; full  forces both above aiid below ground, Mi'*  Sutliei'laud will, no doubt, stand pat and  li  ly  mm siiiM k m  Heodij darters for  }\m-MM$ BUILDING MATERIAl  We> mako a spocialty of  Sf|ip!ap at]d Double Dressed flflaterial  Good Dry Rustic and Flooriiig  Shingles aijd Lath Kept in Stock  Office and yard noar C.P.R. depot   E. G, BKEK, Agent, |  do no work underground in any of his  mines until the labor trouble is settled.  But he Avill be lonesome, as capitalists  just noAY.are.Ipolving for tho boys that  rare^VnrstlaniAandsft dcA'oloping  prospects  "X0O0X i|H3!i;p yyMyM   i?*^^^.-RM|^;S^!fc, of Vancouver, who  ���4i-s^;I3tiici?��4(M^yijp-i^i^teGirostecl in the Emily  ^Idith'^Mu'neJin the Slocan, i" much in fear  ":|il^'j|'ythciiP|i:i^avIio arc at Avork on that  ^|)r;pi^^:':wili; he inteifered Avith. If Mr.  ||j^jeywrtsyas;sojicjit{jiis about paying good  "iy^gfiSyte^^ in the Slocan in 1890  ;afeJie/wag���'hT'*oll|i|ting a high rate of in-  t!eBest;Oii;^|"'e^!jpii^ he had loaned on. in  ���MefeonHiji;;J^&|j.;tHei1o A\-ould be no trouble  ^^e;^iiii^|?fclitpovcr the wage qucs-  'tfeh,. 'Sfe'l^pe-ifeOne of the biocd who  ^A^arit'IicliSlyire'is in it Avhen they have  jah'yi^i'ng';^ who Avant to pay  theylow^s^ypos'lible'pricc when they are  ^i>i*p;elled ta:bn:y.;  3ftNANt)JfiMj^[��'.ER Cotton repaired the  jgoverhmeiit fences throughout Kootenay  on.!-a/ i-eeent trip, and attoi'iiey-general  USudei-son is expected to? do the same in  t3aribooy whei-e he is on the ciretut along  i=wjM___Jd^justic&McColh^j_terntof^eoiirfr  AviJlopeii at Iliehlield on the 20th instant.  AtTirouftti the mine Avorkers In the  : Slocan have been locked out of all the  big producing'niines since June 1st last,  no section of Ciiiiiada has been so free  from breaches of the peaee. Tliis speaks  Avell for the ��� nliiie Avorkers. Tliere are  one or two niiue inauagers who* aVouM  like to lnjlke it appctw- that they are fear-  fid of their persons, but they are known  to be of the class that AA'Ould oiily be too  glad to bring discredit' on the govern-  inent, and  they Jcuoav tliat one Way to  That room of yours needs  "freshening up " for the windier months.  "Vanderbilt Was an Exemplary Citizen.  The death of Cornelius Vanderbilt, the  head of the wealthiest family in America,  gives the public an opportunity to learn  something of a man who in real life Avas  little known to the masses of the people.  Instead of being the patron of the turf,  the promoter of yacht races, or the host  of million-dollar balls, this man of money  did his daily work, enjoyed his own lire-  side, had a I'ew friends, and contributed  quietly to charitable objects. In his case  it seems to have been a good name as  avcII as riches. It is not now possible,  says a New York Avriter, to recall any  other man of great Avealth, certainly none  Avhose name ty pi lies some of the momentous commercial undertakings of the  time, who has been privileged to receive  nothing but kindly words, nothing but  the tributes of respect and esteem, OA-en  from those avIio profess to detest society  as it is now constituted, and to believe  that no man has a right to bo richer than  any other man. Mr. Vanderbilt shared  with Miss Helen GJould an unusual esteem  from that clement of tho community  which is presumed to be arrayed against  the other element that possesses wealth.  In all of the severe criticisms that haAre  been made by that part of the press tliat  denounces plutocracy no mention has  been made of Cornelius Vanderbilt, and  it has often been said that if very rich  men used their riches as he did and conducted themselves in their public and  private relations as Avas always his custom, much of the discontent and envy  that sometimes dangerously prevail  would disappear. 0  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  ���. & ��Zz <S"_ c��S.<^  _^g��-��������?*��-: S?  October  Delineator  Now in Stock  *,S66&6&S-:&e6  w  ft  |& Latest Novelties iW  �� in W  *    Veilinfis    jm  .b-333 3 -3S.-3 3*33 V)^.  We are  now showing��  a complete rang��e of new fall ��  w  and w^inter goods in all departments, and invite care- fj!  ful   inspection   of  our   dress   goods,   ladies' suitings, ^  ladies' silk blouses, dress Skirts, golf capes, mantles, ||  flannellette wrappers, shirt waists, children's reefers ^  and eiderdown coats. 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Lioiifcoii.-infc-ttoloiiel Walker, a retired  ollicor of the Black W:iteli, lias eont;H-  lui(,<-<! to a rcconfc issue of .lie London  Times the following intercsMng letter 11ji���  on Llie Lactics pursued by the Boors:  I [living  recently spent a considera.ble  time   in   Pretoria,   where  I   became acquainted with many of the Boer military  hierarchy, and so  far gained tlieir confi  deuce that I was made cogni/.aut of some  of  their   plans   of   operations,   it   nitty  therefore not be an inopportune moment,  when powder is smelt in the air, to weigh  the situation and ponder  over the probable initial acts of  the militant drama,  should'hostilitics ensue.    The  Transvaal  has  <-i  military  organization   somewhat  crude and  patriarchal,  but'it   possesses  in  degree an  intelligence and secret service   department,   its   field   artillery   is  decidedly good,  officered   by   European  Dutch army officers, and tlio potentiality  of all three arms is not to be despised.  The different alternatives of action have  been weighed and considered, and the advantage of the   inner   line   which   they  possess* is known and appreciated ;   but  they  have elected to make Natal their  chief   line   of   operations,   partly   from  necessity, partly from choice, their former   triumphs   being  in   that   direction.  Details   o��- numbers   htive"   been   given  elsewhere,-but there  seems  _o be a discrepancy as regards the number of.their,  mounted    infantry,- and   these   arc   all  mounted  with, the exception  of-a  few  defenders' of   Pretoria.     Possibly 35,000  "may bo about their strength, as I was informed that that number of rifles   had  been issued after the Jameson   raid, and  as these presumably are  in  the hands of  individuals, either inside  or  outside tlie  republic, we  may  conclude  on   this hypothesis that tit  present the numbers of  their mounted fighting unit are npproxi-  mately that quantity of rifles.  Boer tactics tiro unique; one has'to  witness it to credit its feasibility. Their  horses are so trained that when the reins  are thrown over their necks they remain  immovable; and their fighting is based  on this fact, combined with tho dictates  of common sense, and. their empirical yet  successful method of encountering us in  the Gladsfconian war. Each commando  of 100 is tlieir unit; these arc concentrated iu scattered groups in rear of their  outpost line, and on the " Red Cheeks "  being signalled in force they canter away  oxcentrically. endeavoring to encircle as  far as possible the adversary, dismount-  |-in"g"iu���a" fold~of grouiKlireaTsomo coighTof  vantage, the horses never moving, whilst  they skirmish, utilizing all cover, and  concentrating a fire into the brown of the  English, scarcely visible by them. As in  peace so in war, and the Boers have every  confidence in the issue. J laving been  over the battlefields in Natal and ou the  top of Majitba Hill, and having liad talks  with Boors who wore there, it was apparent that these tactics obtained. At  Laing's Nek they galloped up and outflanked us; at Jngogo they formed threo  parts of a circle round the force,, which  only escaped, by a noiseless hight march,  leaving the wounded behind; lit Mijjubti  tlie same tiling oectii'red, andj under cover  of tho concentrating firi?, a small party of  Boers, hardly perceived, crawled up  and  caused the panic.  They do not intend to construct to any  great extent lines of defence for two reasons���the   configuration   of  the country  lends   itself   to   these   being  turned,  as  might easily enough   have  been  done at  fining's  Nek,  and   if   driven   out   tliey  might not have time to reach their horses  and mount, in which case they would be  at   a   greater   disadvantage    than'  dismounted infantry.     They moan to abide  by their time-honored'' system, their  old  tactics wliich succeeded so  well, possessing such mobility, rapid   powers  of  concentration on vulnerable points, as rapid  retreats therefrom if seriously threatened  but   before   this   eventuates  hoping  to  achieve a victory,.and   most certainly indicting great losses, and if not most careful they .vill.     This  offensive action resembles  a man attacked by a swarm of  bees; he wastes his vigor iii driving off a  few   of   the   swarm, doing   them   small  harm, returning to the attack tis soon as  the other bees attract his offensive action  from  another  direction,    This poAver of  rapid   movement incidental to till being  mounted is the crux of tho whole tactical  question,    increasing    materially    their  powers of offence and indirectly, defence.  They .mean, so  they informed nie, to  invade find raid Natal along  the line  of  rail, and if eventually stopped and   com  pelled to retreat, to destroy the line.     If  at the present  moment.,all  the infantry  and cavalry that can  be spared are sent  to Laing's Nek, unless  they entrenched  themselves and have an available supply-  of water and provisions  until  the  main  army arrives, tliey will be surrounded as  before, and may, most of them, find their  way to Pretoria, as  prisoners instead of  conquerors.     Moreover, this  celerity  of  movement confers on  the Boers  further  advantages.    Each carries  on  his  horse  100 rounds  of ammunition  and ration.-"-,  biltong, or dried beef, for four days, the  horses feeding on the veldt.    They say  they can cover  200  miles  in that time;  assuming  that, say, 20,000 mounted men  can  cover one-half  the  distance, or say  100 miles, what risks do we not run about  communications?    Our cavalry out there  have    been     principally    instructed   in  mounted infantry drill, but as such they  aro at a great disadvantage  compared to  the Boers, who have a weapon of superior  range.    These considerations enhance the  difficulties of our .offense and decrease the  numbers in line of battle, requiring as we  shall to protect about 100 miles  of communications.     I do not mean to be pessimistic;  if we go to war we can and must  defeat   them,  but   we   must   encounter  them''somewhat  in   their .own.'fashion.  We  cannot  mount  all  our men, but we  must have a strong mounted  local force,  accompanied  by artillery and  infantry  well   on  our  flanks, the infantry whenever  a  halt is  made entrenching itself.  These, if the united Boers concentrate on  our  flanks, Avill  retard  them   until the  main body can reinforce.    At all events,  there could .bo no outflanking  and  firing  into 'comparatively immobile masses, los  ing some 40 men for each Boer killed, as  in the former campaign.    The main body  must be considerably extended also, as it  ���will not encounter much  frontal  opposition, with   the reserves  likewise correspondingly  posted,   and,   above   all, the  most drastic measures to  prevent  encircling tactics  are  imperative.    Above all  things tin  adequate force must bo sent  out.    The Boers  say  that  if we employ  less than 80,000 men they are safe.  If we  gain one big victory at  first  the  bubble  will soon burst, as they arc attached to  their homes ami soon get despondent.   If,  on the other  hand, we sustain  a check,  there are  numbers  of wavering Dutchmen in .South Africa who would throw in  their   lot   with  the enemy.     The forts  round Pretoria are of no  great strength,  but   there   are   some    minor    questions  worth considering.     We must be careful  not to enlist Boers as spies, many of them  speaking English perfectly.    What is  to  become of some '.000 English Transvaal  burghers who  by  law  htive  to  take up  arms   against   us?    If   they   are  to  be  hanged if caught they should be informed  of   the   circumstance.      Finally,  should  measures not be taken to obtain the exit  of   all  the  Uitlanders, many  of   wJjoni  would take up arms on our side?  The Tremont Hotel  0  w  w  m&m&m  ^^^igf&tg*  f-tS'.tg'-^^:^.^  *-*$***��:-��:  ���.&i&j.&s&_-  *&**���  Wool Carpets Art Spares  W  W  W  w  iti)  YOU CAN MAKE NO MISTAKE IN BTJY-  - ing a 3-Ply Wool Carpet or Wool Art  Square. We have a large Assortment of each. A  Few Sets of DINING CHAIRS received yesterday.  They are polished and in oak.   Do you want; one.  -B  Don't forget we have a $20,000Stock to choose from  D. McArthur & Co.  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Christie  GENERAL  BROKER.  .?:��oo  X"EsrS*U**B^."N"0*E  REAL, ESTATE AND LOANS.  FOR SAL, .  5-Room HouhP    SI300 I oO-Fool Corner....  I-Rooin Hoiiao 9900  Charies-A. -Waterman &Co.  CUSTOMS BROKERS  AUCTIONEERS  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  -  ',      Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  If what you want is not in stock wo will mako it for 3rou  CALL AND G-J3T PRICES.  J. A. Say ward   HALL AND LAKE STREETS, NKLSON  Contractors and Builders  WILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  BEAL ESTATE and GEIEBAL AGENTS  Baker Street, Nelson  FIRST DOOR WEST BANK B. C. BUILDING.  Haying leased the business of the Nelson Soda Water  Factory. I am prepared'to supply the .trade with all kinds  of carbonated and aerated waters. Family orders solicited.   Prompt delivery.  Factory on  Hoover otrcefe  N. M. CUMMINS  LODGE  MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS-Nelson   Lodge,  No,  25,  Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. O. F. Hall, corner  Bakor and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock.   "Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  T. LILLIE, 0. O. R. G. JOY, K, of R. &, S.  NKLSON LODOTC, NO. 23, A. V. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  NELSON" L. O. L., No. l(i'J2. moots in I. 0. <">. F. Hall,  corner Dakar and JCootenay streets, 1st and 3rd  Friday of each month.   Visiting brcthcrn cordially in-  V JOHN* TOYK, ���W..M.      F. J. BRADLEY, Roc. Sec.  NELSON   IttlilK,  Number   22,  Fraternal  Order  of  Eaglso, meets every second and fourth Wednesday in  each month in Fraternity Hull.   Visiting brethren welcome.  ,J. IRVING'. "President.   :.   .T. R. WRAY, Secretary.  ~7       . .;     AECHITEOTS. '  BWART & OAItKI "ft*���Architects.   Rooms 7 aud 8 Ab  . ordecu block, Bakor street, Neldou,  Notice to Investors and Builders  We gi\*e blie very JJiw Teijsjs to those  wishing to bon-oW money on iinprored real  estate.  Tlie only company in, tlie province that gives  you the privilege of paying off your whole  XiOAjf at Any Time without a Bonus on giving n CO day notice of your intention waa so.  GAMBLE <& 0'RE3ILL,Y,Agt8  British .'Columbia Permanent Savings & Loan Company  Globe Savings, &.. Loan Co., Toronto.  Lots for Sale  $530 will purchase a choice residence corner, 100 by 120  feet,  ��2100 will purchase a central lot and residenco.  #100 will purchase  two nice lots and shanty, Robson  street. Hume addition.  83000 will purchase four nice lots and residenco.  10.000 Pooled Fairmont. 4 cents.  Blackcock (Ymir) shares 20 cents.  5000 uyca, at li cents.  ALEX STEWART  Turner & Bocckh block, Nelson, B. C.  SQUIRE'S; RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres of land within one and. a  quarter miles of Nelson.   Fop further  . particulars apply to -  FKED   J.   SQUIRE,   Nelson,  B.   C.  A largo Rtock of flrst-class dry material on hand, also  a-iulllino of-sash,- doora, mouldings," turned~workrctc,  FAGTOHY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:  Foot of Hondryx street, Nolson  Telephone. 91 Johll    Rae,  Ageilt  189_>  J809  PROVINCIAL  XHIBITION  ONDKR 'I'llK AOSl'ICKS 6.  The Royal Agricultural and Industrial Society  of British. Columbia,,  WIW. 1JB IJKLD  AT  New Westminster  ON  OCTOBER 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th.  $15,000 IN PRIZES $15,000  OPEN   TO   THE   WORLD  A Round of Pleasure for i'our Whole Days  HORSK HACKS       IHOYCLR RACKS       AQUATICS  GUAM PiONSTTIP LACKOSSK NAVAL AND  MILITARY SPOUTS OYMKIIANA  BASK BALL    FOOT BALL    BAND  .. TOURNAMENT.  MAGNIFICENT ILLUMINATIONS !  Grand concert every evening.  Special attract ion at t he New Wes-tmi list or opera house.  .Monster excursions from all points, at greatly reduced  rates.  For special features see small hand bills.  No entrance fee cliurKud for exhibits.  KXISOUTIVK���His worship mayor Ovens, T. J. Tiapp,  \V. J. Mathers, Geo. 1). Hryiiinor, K. l'\ Anderson, Aid...  F. Scott. Aid. M. Sinclair.  "���'or ])i-i/.e lists, entry fui-iiiH and -full pnrlibulai-H, write  T.'J. Tit A PP. ..   AltTIIUR MALI .VS.--  President.       .-   . ' ������ . Secretary.  W.,11: KKAUV, .Commissioner. -- ':���*-���  IVIALOj-JE & TRECILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND'  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEER'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET, NELSON;  . "  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  Largo comfortable bedrooms and   Urst-closs  dining  room,   Samplo rooms for comn-orcial men.  ���JR^.T-ES   ��2   PBB   *D.A_-_r  Mrs.  E. C.   CLARKE,  Prop.  Lnto of the Royal Ilotel, Calgary,  r|. 0. IfUME, Manager.  The finest hotel in tho interior.  Lirge samplo roomn.   Steam heat and electric light.  CORNER OJT WARD AND VERNON STS., NELSON  Madden House  BAKER AND WARD STREETS, NELSON  Tho only hotel in Nelson that has remained under one  numagoment ttinoo 1890.  The bed-rooms aro woll furnished atid lighted by  olectricity.  Tho dining-room is not second to any In Kootenay.  Tho bar U always stockod by tho best domestic and  imported liquors and cigars.  TlfOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  McLEOD    HOTEL  VfVIIR,   EK   C  J, VY. SMITH, Proprietor.  EVERYTHING FIRST-CLASS  t>argo and woll lighted Heated by hot al  Reaeoliablo rates Samplo rooms  Electric boll** And light in ovcry room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTB'Ii* VICTORIA  J. V.'PJBRES, Proprietor  Jfree bus meets all trains Qovalci-nlta    R  f!  Hourly street ear to station nmoisiuAa, ���� u.  Night Grill Room In connection, for the convenience of  guests arriving and departing by night trains,  DELIVERED  Orders may be left with C. W. West  & Co,, or with.  CHARLES St. BARBE. Agent.  Ofllco on Baker street, two doors from Hank of II. (.'.  APPLICATION TO  TRANSFER LICENSE  Notice is hereby given tliat 1 will, at. llu; expiration of  thirty days from I he date of this- not fee, apply al the noxt.  sitting of the  Licensing Hoard  of lhe,.(.'i!y of ".\eln<"iii '  Hril.ish Columbia., to. he-nllowud  t�� transfer'I lie retail-  li(jtior. license.now helil  by nie fur-lliu Kxehequer .Saloon  situate on Lot 1 Ulouk J 2. in' the. City of Nelson. Hrilishl  Columbia, to .James Neelands.        A: ,11. CI.K.MUNTS. -  J  . Dated at Nelson. 1^ C\, September lsl. 1KM.  .     ,   .-.-]*: I  M  THE NELSON SAW & PLANING MILLS, Ltd.  We have a stock of one and a half million  feet of logs at our mill and are prepared to eut  all kinds of dimension timber and ship to all points  on Kootenay Lake by scows or steamers, also by  rail to all points on the Canadian Pacific or Nelson  and Fort Sheppard railways. In stock rough and  dressed lumber, shingles, mouldings, sash, doors,  newels, turned verandah posts. Glass of all sizes.  Factory work of all kinds done to order.  THE NELSON SAW I PLANIN& MILLS, Ltd,  OFFICE AND MILLS CORNER HALL AND FRONT STS., NELSON.  P. Burns & Co.  Wholesale and Retail   .  ���   .   Dealers iti Meats  J lHAD   Oj'FICK   AT  NELSON, 13. C.  Wholesale Markets at f-Seison, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  ItcUil jM-trkots fit Nelson, Kaf-lo, Sandon, .Silverton, New. Denver, Ymir, Trail, (Jranfl Porks,   C;usx-;wle,-G retm wood,���M id w-iy,--in<l-.Si_ dar.   Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded.  West Kootenay Butcher Go.  ALL KINDS OK  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WIIOLKSALK AND HI-'. AM.  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  ORDKHS BY MAIL RKCJfifVB ���CAHKFW AXO I'HOJIl".' AT1'BN��iON.  C.  Corner of Word antl iroover Strcelis.  K. umvMf.hVK. KJ1.1I.S.,. PROf'-KI IW'OK  BtTLBS!   BULBS!   BULBS]  .7Ktf) of Hie cliolcest. vurietios foi fall pluiitiiifj to arrlvo  in ii few days tlireub frttui the gi-o��'ei-s in I'IuMhikI. c��ii-  Klstlii'ff of Ilyfieiiit.h^, Tuli|j8, 'DiU)*0(lils, Nuiieisxiis, Scillas,  I.ily of the Valley, ('i-oens, .hnwiiiils. Snow Di-op.-t, Ami-  (nones. IbimiipCultiK, ti _�� C.'hinotloxa, etc. Onlei-w tti the  value of two dollars and upwards sent, liy mail or express free, and ntless lliiin ensturn prioes.  THE  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver, B, C.  Boarding and day school for girls will reopen on Urn  15th day of August..   Vacancies for boarder*.   For terms  and prospectus applyto  'PJ   L\J  pVDKMOISKI.I.K KKKN*. Principal  ONE DOLLAR A LOAD  The iindeiviKiied'lias ����� lnrito fjuantit.y of llr, cedar, and  tamarac slabs, in tOincIi and 1-foot lengths, suitable for  stove wood, which will be sold for $1 a load at tho mill  '���    ' NKLSON SAW & I'l.ANING MILLS, Limited.  Nelson, Au_u.8t, lUl.h, 1893.  BLACKSMITHING  AND EkPERT  HORSESHOEING  Waeon ropalHiifr promptly attended to oy a flrat-ctaa  wheolwright.  Special attention Kiven to all kinds Ot repairing aud  custom work from outsido joints.  Sfjop:   Hall Street, between  Baker and Vernon, Nelson  Bulbs  for  Fall   Planting*  . 31.000 Holland Bulbs toarrivcIn Ser-tembnr: 5000 Japan  Lilies to arrive in October: 1500 Rhododendrons. Ay.tileas.  Magnolias, Itosos, eto. to arrive in Octolie-. THOusands  of Itoses, Camcliiw. Fruit and Ornanienuil Trees. Shrulis,  etc��� ifrowing ou my own grounds for tho fall trade.  CnUiloguo free  M. J. Henry     -     Vancpuyeis B.O-  (Kx-Sherif? of South Kootenay) ,  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  CakY, advanoed on consignments of morr.handlso.  Voetoffloo Box 573 Nolson, U. O, THE TRIBUNE:  KELSON, B.C., FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 22, 1899.  I h  DON'T  WASTE  YOUR  MONEY  ON  BOTTLES  WE  CAN  SELL  YOU  PERFUMES  IN BULK  And there are no perfumes in Nelson  equal to those which we have just received. 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WE SELL AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  BAKER STREET, NELSON, B. C.  W. P. DICKSON  B. H. H. AFFLEWHAITB  J. McPfiEB  ootenay Electric Supply and  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  The Readjustment Postponed.  Although the executive oi" the Mainland board of fire underwriters consented  to the readjustment of insurance rates in  Nelson, it is not likely that the desired  adjustment will be made for some time.  The executive appointed the work of readjusting to Tudor.T. A. Tiedniann of San  I'Yanci.sco, who was in Nelson representing the Scottish Union, and to James S.  Jteed of Portland, representing the Connecticut company. The latter is now in  Grand Forks, and owing to a heavy loss  along the Fraser will be unable to return  to Nelson for sonic time. Mr. Tiedniann  waited in Nelson for a couple of days For  Mr. Heed's return, and now ho will also  return homo. Tliis will mean that the  much coveted readjustment will not be  made until some other arrangement can  be arrived at by the Mainland board of  underwriters at Vancouver.  "Dave" MeBeath lias twenty-seven men  at work laying the pipe line from Cottonwood creek to the reservoir and they are  making good progress. About half the  pipe has been delivered, two thousand  feet of trench has been opened and about  one thousand feet of pipe laid. The contractors expect to have the work completed in about six weeks.  Sir Henry .Toly, minister of inland  revenue, passed through Rcvelstoke on  Monday, accompanied by lady Joly and  major Miles, his son-in-law. Ho will go  as far as Victoria, on his return visiting  the Kootenay and Boundary Creek districts on departmental business.  The excavation for the site of the Nelson Coke <fc Gas-Company's works will be  finished this week. The work is being  done by the company. No trace has yet  been received of the five carloads of  material, which has been on the road  since August 2Gth from Youngstown,  Ohio.  At the regular drill of the Nelson Company of Kootenay rifles last evening an  order was read accepting the resignation  of first lieutenant Macdonell and promoting sergeant 11. W. Day to second  lieutenant, provisionally.  Earthquake in Alaska.  Seattle, September 21.���Alaska has  been shaken by a terrific series of earthquakes extending over 1*300 miles up .and  down tho coast. The shocks were the  most violent that lnwe ever been felt iu.  that part of the world.    Tlie City of To-  ���   BUSINESS* MENTION.  peka from Juneau brought the news  here. The earth waves and tremors extended along the windward course ofthe  seashore from Juneau to the Aleutian  archipelago. No doubt they rumbled on  down the Aleutian archipelago to Dutch  Harbor, and possibly to thefuithest inlet  of the chain. There were two severe  commotions. The first occurred on Sunday, September _rd, and the second a  week later.  ankrupt Sale  THE RUSH IS NOW ON  OUR GREAT BARGAIN  SALE IS PROVING  A SUCCESS  Here are a Few Sample Prices  Heavy Gray Wool Blankets . $2 50  Heavy   wool   Shirts  and   Drawers  each       50  Tweed Pants   1 00  Miners' Nailed .Shoes    3 00  Regatta .Shirts       50  Ladies' Kid Oxford Shoes   1 00  All  other goods  in  the   store   at   proportionately  low prices.  Having sold our mill, weare offering our  hlou'tol- UK V iXJlKJOli (��|{),(|(W1 foot) for salo, eoiixMing  of 1-inch flooring, nisliu, .sliijilii]), 'null IisiiiIjci-. "2x1. -ixli,  2xS, 2\\'l, ull lengths. Correspondence solioiiod. Shook  & Amor, Slocan Cily.  , For Sale���.Lots  13 and  14, block 42,  with improvement-?.   Apply lo It. G. Joy, Slur linker?.  Furnished rooms to let.    Apply to Mrs.  Ii. JI. .J-inios-on, Carney Mock, linker strcol, west.  Furnished  Rooms.��� Witli  baths  and  elucLriu light.   Silica stroot, opposite 'Cnglish eliurch.  Wanted���Good waitress.    Apply Silver  Kinf,'Hotel.  Owing to a death in the family of the  ovfior.tlie following properly is ollbfed for iniinc-diute  sale, DiUnoly, the Homo Teni-ior-inco Hotul. together  Willi nil Iho furniture. 'I'Iiuki-iiiiikI i>>:"-ii by 12(1 loot, ut  llio northeast oo!nor of Voi-non and Hall Miool,s. Apply  on tlio premises.  Wanted���A    good    general    servant.  Must 1)0 ji p-ood all-round worker, anil always willing lo  loin! a hand jiM'.-iring for a baby. Apply to .Mrs. II. .1.  Kvans. northeast, corner J lull Jind Carbonate streets,  Nelson.  Lost���On Baker or Josephine streets, a  roll of papers, fjpowrillen with rubber bund, I'indcr  will kindly lutiirn lo .John I'jiter.son, Clarke Hotel,  Nelson.  T^ "Wonder"   wm  A. Ferland & Co.  KLLIOT J1I.OCK, HAKKK STKKKT. NKI.SON.  Latest Nftw York and J?ivi-is patterns to be ShoWii tit.  the "' Wonder*' j'{<soiu. on  Friday and Saturday, September 23 arjd 24  TBA-SKIIVKD ON* AFTKItNOON OV QPK*S'IN(3   -  ALL ALUS COJlDIALLV INVITED.  -.'altar ��t;iwcU two -doors MISS McDERMOTT  West of jiiirt.in, O'lleijly &��� Cos      SS filAUBtJ  WHitjivyfc'sis-'iM.tijh -run Acsjwcn* for  ii  ��'  Wliuii proporly holt led the knowledge tliat  Jfuluyoii water is .-til tlie roooirniion-  (l.-iiion that it. needs.  VraiNON Stiikkt  Nlfll.SO.V, li. O.  THORPE & CO., Ltd.  SS-  SHEBIFFS SALE.  Province of Jh'ili.sh Columbia, Nelson, West Ivoolcnay,  io-wil :  J{y virtue of :i wiin-iinl of execution issued out of the  r'liunly Court of ICooienay. huldonat ICusIo. al. the suit,  of Joseph Lynch, plaint ill', unci lo me directed UKuiiist  iho goods and chattels of The Kootenay Air Supply  Company, Limited, defendant. 1 have seized and taken  in execution nil the i-iKlil, title and interest,of the said  defendant,The Kootenay Air Supply Company, Liniilvil.  in (lie dam, lluuic, penslot-k, piping, slnilt, air chamber,  plant and macliinury used by Ihe said 'i'he ICooienay Aii  Supply Companj. Limned, torcompre-siiiK air i*oj commercial purposes. together with any permissive, legal or  oilier light, wliich tlio said Tho Kootenay Air Supply  Company, Limited, may have for Ihe erection and niain-  lenuuco of its works-and machinery upon the "-Jlli-wanl "  mineial claim, anil other adjoining properly, and one  " Itand " machine tl> it!, ono " kiiiin'Jus pump No, .w,-J(i!t,  and ono " Snow " pump No. 1 l,.'iill. one upright boiler, one  bellows, one anvil, one vice, vaiioiis lilacksmilh.s' tools,  one hoarding house, one st'ore house, one engine bouse, a  (pianti!,y of piping of vai ilms .sis-.os, one ore bucket ilm! a  ipiantily of steel and wire ropo, ono rooking stove with  conking nlensils, and one he.itilig s|o\o. lo recover Ihe  stun of cloven hundred and lorly-six dollars anil nine  cents (SIMfi.UU), auiomitoi'said execution, besides .slieriir.s  poundage, eo.st�� and all other loiful and incidental expenses.  AH of which I shall evposo for sale or sitllleient thereof  lo satisfy said judgment, debt and costs, at (he front of  mv olliee next lo the Court House, in Ihe City of Nelson,  pn" thc'-tlth day of .September, A. II. IS')!!, ut the hour of  elovcll o'clock in tiho'l'orohaon. j_ij__ _^ =.  =^N'o-|?io~'iiJtLM)d'iiijilj)Ni'cIiu;.scrH\\4Il:siii.^  to interest n-m'ltitle cifsiiid dofendiint.  Hilled als Aiiiswortli. B. C. Septeniber 20lh, IS!)!):  S. ;l\ 'J>UcK, Shcriil* of South XuoUiJifti-.  Telephone 93.  FOR ICE CREAM AND FRESH  FRUIT OF ANY KIND.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and "Cightlng* for Mines, Towns  Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  F. O. Box 606. Josephine Street. Nelson, E. 0.  SPECIAL ATTEITIOI  Have just received a conKignmont of Harris homo  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FEED J. SQUIBS, Baker St. Nelson  Come in aad try our Ice Cream Soda and  Refreshing Drinks.  Next Door to  P. Burns & Co.  HUMPHREYS & PITTOGk;  The supply Is limited, so call early and examine thia stock.  Jii, HiziiB of Wank HookK, with every kind of speeinl rulliiR and printed  IkhuHukh. main) facto red right hero in  ��   Nelson, by wclhpaid.workmen, who spend thuir uarhiiiKs. in Nckoii.'  Tribune Association, JjUriitcd, Veivioii St.  Special Notice to the People of Kootenay  ! am now prepared to test the eyes  ofthe people, as I have in my department a first-class optician. 1 have a  large selection of gold frames and the  very best of lenses. Call and get your  eyes examined at  JACOB DOVER'S: They Jeweler  SHfiRfiT^FS;  SA.I.E.  Pi-ovinoc of Jh-iiish .t-oitnnlHit, Xiilsoi'i, West Kootoimy,  to-vfit!  Ji'j' virtue bf a writ of Fioii: Ji'iiciAs Issiied. otit df tho  Si'ipreinot.'oui'tof UritiHh (Nviiiliihii'iiil:ilio suit of Chin lo*  .-CiilliklliMi. cvouutor uf tho Jjslillo of Ihe liiftf William.  t.'iilIi-.haii.,,.li.Iii.iiil.ill'."��.}?iiii).st'Aloi.i!'.o 1), <Joirloi;i.,.dol'oi|dai)t.  nnd lo .uiilj dil-oulod iiifailiipt llio cofidsaiiit uliiMfcIs of the  lute William t'fillilini>��� now hohitf udi.iiil)iVi(,orci,l W  ('lii.ii-loH CallithiiT). I liavi! .soixtJd aiii.l !ln)��'ii in oxocntioii  (ill Hiu right, lillo iiifd inloronl. of t'hc .said jiluiiitil!*,  CliiirloM ('.���tllitlifin, o.vtiautol' <if tho, ostato of tlie Into William I'litialiaii. in thti miiiernl ulitTins -'('ody l-'raofimi'  and "Jokor Fraction," I.10II1 sitiiittu no/in- U��> -'l<"ri!d(.tio  Loo." -Ciuhe Lndo"iiiid "liridtror* irdnoral claims In tin;  Slui-an miniirt,'division of lira Wost Kootenny dfelrict,  and rooordud ill tho ollioo of 1 lie iiiinin(Jf wksnrder at New-  IJonvor.JJ. (..!., to rucoVor the sum of six hundred and  twenty-niuo dollars and sixfy-nino cents (.?li2i:UW), and jn-  lorost on SDii!).l>!hit six por txiitnm-jiLTannum 1'i'oin tho  27th day of Juno IS!*!), until payinonl... husidos shorill's  pouiidaKC. costs and ail othor lugal incideiilal oxpontios.  All of wliich J shall expose for salo or snflloiont thoi'oof  to satisfy said doht and costs, at the front of my ollluc  next tho 'Court. House iii tho tiity of Nolson, 11. (!., on  Friday tlio **!tlli day of Soptcm'bor, IS!)!), at the hour of  olevon o'clock in the forenoon.  Notk���Intending pui-ohasor.s will satisfy thoinsolvcs as  to interest aiid title of said plain Mir.  Hated at Sandon, 11. C, Sept. loth. 1S!W.  S. P. TUCK, Slioi-itr of South Kootenay. -  Notice to Contraetors.  Scaled tenders will he received 'by (lie undersigned for  thp cosistriiction of tho Madden Block from tho foundation up.  J'lans and specifications can ho seen at tho architect's  ollice.  Tenders to he itihynoonSatiir<hiy,30thScptomhnr, 18!)!).  The lowest or nnv lender not noccssnrily accepted.  AllTilait K. UOPGlN'S, Architect.  MILL(NBRY~  _"or the fail season our stock of millinery and  millinery novelties is the most complete and  extonslvo we have yet been able to show  in Nelson, and our opening on Wednesday  was a most successful ono. Mi-s Ray of New  York liascharffO of the trimming department. '  :".y-y;;.: .^yyyy:'... yaoaq-hiiiestice't, jiear'Bttkciv^^y1  A  LARGE  CONSIGNMENT  JUST  OPENED  Wo can supply you witf] Cartridges  TO SUIT YOUR RIFLE  Carpenters' Tools  A   FULL  LINE  SHELF HAROWA  THE BEST ASSORTED  STOCK  IN THE KOOTENAYS  ,     STOVES AND  KITCHEN UTENSILS  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON  The Lawrence Hardware Co.  We will make an announcement  tomorrow respecting  STOVES, RANGES  We have just received a  two car loads of the best.  The Lawrence Hardware Co.  OUR CLEARANCE SALE OF  Crockeryware  IS STILL ON  GIVE US A CALL AND GET BARGAINS  Kirkpatrick & Wilson  14 Baker Street, West Telephone 10  ey  Jams  Mustard with Horse Radish  Sweet Mixed Pickles  Sweet and Red Hot Relishes  ipisay  Get the Best Jams  We have just received a large consignment ofthe  DYSON-GIBSON   COMPANY'S  JAMS  AND   PICKLES  Also a complete assortment of the  TORONTO   BISCUIT COMPANY'S SWEET BISCUITS  Baker Street West, Nelson  John A. Irving & Co.  Simsmheun   Bros  : 2=IJ*0*J*vI*B*B*BS. ,*E*!*XP.  0*PE*R-fi_  JECO"0"S*E3  B^OOB*;  ISBS^  i��iifcjiSft^4%J55SCT^;;)ff^


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