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 Mil  If-!  SITUATION IN THE PHILIPPINES  According* to Admiral Dewey's Views.  New   Y'okk,  Sopteinbei*  .'50.��� Admiral  Dewey lias given the press tin   interview  upon the situation in tlie Philippines,   lie  takes ii   very hopeful view of  the  situation.    Me sa.il! : " l��Jver since I left the islands I htive read every thin}; that I could  obtain bearing; upon tlio islands and what  has transpired there  since   we  left.    At  the time 1 left I stud that   the insurgents  were on their last legs.    I   believed   then  tliat they would be unable  to secure  the  arms   and   nmniuniUon   without  which  they  could   not  Avage war,   but   I   have  learned   through   the   newspapers  since  that   they  have  received   the   necessary  supplies.    That must lie stopped and  the  insurgents will then be of little strength.  They   are good   soldiers,  splendid  ones,  and their powers  of endurance  aro   remarkable."  "Do you consider that the h'ilipinosare  yet capable of self-government, tit least  enough so to allowof the withdrawal of  American forces?"-'  "No; they tire not; but in time they  will be. I will say this inucli, though,  for the Filipinos. They are more capable  of governing themselves than the Cubans  are. pSome of them, 1 doubt not, are now  capable of administering affairs, but the  great majority of them have the crudest  ideas of an honest and ellicient government. Their greatest fault is this: They  don't know the meaning of the word  'honesty.' Of course, like all Malays who  have had an education, tliey are wonderfully capable of imitation and are admirable artisans when trained.  '"Aguinaldo is nothing but a figurehead.  He is of only average, intelligence and  ability. The brains are back of him. In  Manila he is held at his true worth, and  there they know who is responsible for  what success, if any, has attended the  efforts to rebel against our government.  Aguinaldo was only a clerk in the navy  yard at Manila before he took the field  against the Spanish. The men who  actually.have the most influence among  the Filipinos are a number of lawyers,  unquestionably' able men. General Lunti,  who was killed by Aguinaldo's orderly,  was the ablest insurgent general. Pate mo  I should say is the ablest of them now."  Admiral Dewey is an admirer of general Otis. In speaking of him he said:  "Generai Otis is an unusual painstaking  man, and he's not only governor-general  and directing the movements of the army  iu the field, but he's working withn might  SUNDAY MORNING, OCTOBER I, 1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR; WEEKLY, $2.  and twenty-one cents an hour from King  street establishments, eighteen cents from  Queen street stores and eighteen and  nineteen cents from Yongo street firms  and other houses on adjacent.side streets.  The minimum weekly wage from King  street employers is placed at $12, witli  from $10 to $11 iu the other streets.  These wages htive been paid till along by  live King street merchant tailors, but  other employers htive cut down the price  paid until it was as low tis ten cents an  hour in some places.  LEAD MAY BE SMELTED IN BOND  And Admitted Duty Free.  .Sir Henri .I'oly received a telegram  from Ottawa yesterday afternoon to the  effect that the Dominion government had  decided to ad mit free of duty into Canada  all lead, which being mined and smelted  in Canada,is refined in the United .States.  This concession -will mean a great deal to  the Hall Mines smelte-i and the Canadian  Pacific Railway Company's smelter at  Trail in their efforts to do a customs  smelting business in lead ores.  The proposition to lnwe lead, mined and  smelted in Canada, readmitted free of  ditty after being refined in the United  States was first advanced by the South  Kootenay'board of trade in March last  when ,T. J. Campbell of the Hall Mines  addressed the members of the board upon tlie question and urged that lepresen-  tations be made by the board to the  authorities at Ottawa to this end. When  he addressed the board Mr. Campbell  pointed out under the present arrangements the United States refineries took  advantage of tlie customs regulation,  which permitted the  refining  of lead  iii  IT DOES NOT PAY TO IMPORT  Men From the. East.  .  Smidon 1'ny.st.roiik.  The first imported  laborers  to arrive  in Sandon  since  the strike  commenced  came over the C. P. II."on Tuesday. There  were five in   the  party and  they were  ticketed through  from Montreal.    They  were met at the station and conducted to  the mine via tho  K. <fc S.   by  the superintendent.     When   the   officers   of   the  union    wore    informed   that   men   had  arrived from  Montreal' to  work  at the  Payne, they went up to ask tlie strangers;  if   it  was  their intention   to  take   the  place  of strikers.     Upon   learning   the  'situation the Montreal men indignantly  refused to go to work and came down tho  hill immediately, thus averting a general  walk-out by the other employees at the  mine.    They have all since found employment at other occupations, two going to  woik for the city and the others for other  companies. These men say that they were  employed    at    the    Montreal   office  of  the   Payne   company,   that   they   were  to    get   $.3   for   eight hours   or   $3.50  for ten; that they  were informed tliat'  the.   eight-hour   law   referred   to "minors," and that there  was no trouble and  no strike in the Slocan.    As the men had  tlieir fare paid and the price of their outfit advanced, the company will be about  $300 out0 on  the  transaction.    Only one  of the men understood mining.    They all  carried Winchesters, but not with any  intention of inaugurating Coeur d'Alene  methods.    This is the second consignment  imported by the Payne, but the first did  not get past Slocan lake.  xiMtl!e?if IM 'luUbhy  ,e,ouh;  outk.  Canadian  lead for  That   the  Canad-  able     to     absorb  present     produced  yjoqlpis" ifc^C*hi!^iiV{_ ��� G.B:c?  ?''V.t:yy;y';SMn^  v;lfin�� .^;:'tlj^'-i3i3n-iiiii'govern-1  )\ ���iii'^jit^;1STt::''m^  *:^toj^p;pitp^:is fi^'eaiiia^lly^-by^lW Uii'AO  y��^^ii^0.��\'\^^^i^ipiiy .and"' :&mseqijeiitly  "Tt'he��fe is,-a,- aliased; d-iveripmee of oplUlo*u:  betAveen tiid'two opposition papei's u.^pon  ...'.Mi# isy��c"OiuuiQUly known tis Ihe '$:gjifc-.  vIllHUvh^w,'- v^ "Thepe aiyer  V:^^'^'^^;^!*;- by different people 111 tjje  y^^iiyg.'pvo^hibiii^^^&tioii, which intVy as  .'. "Weii--!'fc��0p ii0d&"g^iibi^5eiel;'"fV'Q|.Jl1' tilj.e: start as im*  practicable. One is' to attempt to get  any pai'ty into power or anycandidate  into a .-seat pledged to repeal the eight-  lioui" law. To dO'so is only to coui-t certain defeat and render the status of the  ___j'iiaft__iieut^^^^  niining districts Of the province, wJiicli  .are tlie only ones affected by this law.  the feeling of tlie general public, not only  of the miners theiiiselves, is in, entire accord, with the i��'iuciple of the eight*  hour regulation. People may differ as to  the wisdom or propriety of the special method of its introduction into tlie  statute book but those Who want to see  it repealed area very small niinoiity in-  deed* There is no feeling of sympathy  at all, with feh 0 niiuo owners who ai'6 trying to force the mining districts to tlieir  side by elosing down tlieir niines. Jind in  view of tlie pi'oseut temper of tlie elec-  toi'ate aiid the issues on which the ap-  proachiiig election is likely to be fought,  it would bo well for the in in ing companies to accept the situation without  further. Opposition, lest a worst tiling  befall them. Tlieir very action iu keeping  their mines closed may furnish a power-  fid lever to help into power a labor party  pledged to handle just such corporations  as themselves without gloves, if it is  furnished with the least pretext for  doing so."  bond, and  used  the  their -export   trade  itui     market     was  all    the     lead    tit  in    Canadian     mines      was     apparent  from the fact that the Canadian imports  bf lead were greater than the entire lead  production of the niines  of   Kootenay.  ���iThe^Ga-imdi-an^iiiiports"^  stfftnhlipy^  *yi?i-a;etUW::":le^  -^States,,.. iXll:;4^  i;ii��y:"t^i^r-T^!|itig^  ���'mft_e'i'ially^  -and" would, ?i^ tinie '^ejiBojtritg^?  fetid; jn|iinyif^dtn tying? since it "vvQijlitl "ciit  ;fifteejiyjpe^r'eenitycjfiJ'Hie ..present cost.of'  rai*r nia tefeial..- . .: ' .'���������'  i.  Journeymen Tailors on Strike,  Toronto, September 30.���Yesterday  morning a strike of the journeymen  tailors was inaugurated and in the forenoon there was over two hundred men  and women, engaged in it, but before  night many of the employing tailors met  the demands of the strikers, and at the  present time only about half the original  number are out. To secure a uniform  and a better scale of wages and to enforce  the adoption of the union label on garments is the object of the strike. Members of the executive committee of the  union visited the employers,who refused  to accede to their . demands during  the day, and by night a majority of  the merchant tailors had come to terms.  The scale of wages asked for. is twenty  P^entipn"\6f \0ruelty te ASiinals.,  : Anieetiugjof the-p'W'eiit soefef^lu;Briti  ish Columbiay of the Society- fo^ tlie PrO-  ventioh' of iCruelty to Aiiiinai". Originally  knowiv as the linuiane.Society,(Organized,  in Dublin liy ^IJiiniaiiity1'* ^trtliij, AfttOfetS  descendants a_e. now a,, colony in Jfaldi*  inand county, Ontario,, was held in KeV  Westmiustei* last Tuesday. Res_ Iuti��;ns"  Avere passed to tlie,effect that tjieinethod  iiow in vogue of conducting the affairs of  the society in Bi'ltish Columbia is notsat-  isfactoi'y, aiid that, delegates be appointed  to formulate a moi'e effectivesystem.  Several people have remarked on the  _nannei*=i^  sistently driven in Kelson, one par-  tienlar instance being yesterday pointed out to a TiiiinJNfi repoi'ter.  Some individuals in this town have  been known to take pleasure in dog  fights. It would be well if the society  could ftp-point someone in Kelson to liave  a care for the welftU'6 of pooir dumb  .'ininials who in, itiauy cases are far more  worthy of consideration than some of  their lords and masters." The questionable manner in which live poultry is consigned to Kelson mightalso be dealt with.  Payne Closed Down.  As per instructions received from headquarters in Montreal yesterday, all mining operations have been suspended.  Tliere were seven teen.miners aiid four car  men working underground, running the  No. 5 tunnel east, the No. 4 tunnel east  and west, and driving an upraise from  No. A to No. 3.    These  men  were alljaid  Moffiand'Only.a&w -n1euii;Qn;SurfaeeAvorki���  Breuiaiivat^tlie.^mine. ^Wnen^spokenf,toy  ;.yeuste:rday^y;s.n.perijit^^^^^  "tha^feCajS^^ft.iaio^vSli  iCSpnipaiiyyregai'cM  'jih)|f|'|^$'itya^  ;��%0^n^ce^Ti^^f"ftjie  * ei'llin nfoit ii il'Xn^ll"^^ ',M"tK:'nieii'';r _c^ii;tlyf  iin|goi^d}:--:|i^m :J^  :,tiied_ill;;yy'������;���-���,-..;:y ��� y:-.-- "-.,���.' :" -.'..y .:���:>  ;Ejai#Ay- ^;:M^J--:0S0^om^&^^  SCISSORED  TELEGRAMS   FROM  Our Best Exchanges.  Ciiicac.o, September 30.���American  horses will drag English ammunition  wagons and heavy artillery over the  plains of the Transvaal in tho event  Great Hritain and the Poors clash at  arms. Orders came from London by  cable yesterday to a firm of horse dealers  at the Union stockyards to buy up all the  1200-pound "gunners" the western market afforded am! make arrangements for  immediate shipment. Stress was laid  upon the fact that tho animals were  wanted for the impending Soutli African  campaign, and the commission was  marked "rush" and "imperative." The  horse market at the yards was stirred by  the news. Telegraphic orders were flashed  to breeders in Illinois, Missouri and Iowa  for reservations of choice stock, with the  expectation that the first consignment  will leave Chicago for England the latter  part of the week.  Tho specifications that must be adhered  to in the selection of the artillery horses,  dealers say, will make the filling of such  a wholesale order somewhat difficult of  accomplishment at this time. It is demanded that the animals be "full-made"  and Aveigh not less than 1200 pounds. The  prices Avhich the British government set  as a limit mnge from $110 to $125 a head.  The order for English artillery horses  revive the fears entertained by some  American breeders that the heavy and  growing European demaud for American-  bred horses presages a deterioration in  the standard of domestic breeding, because of so much choice stock leaving the  country. T.he American animal, it is  said, has in a large measure supplanted  the home-bred horse in Europe, because  of its greater speed, endurance aud  , tractability. In Austria and Germany  the horse of United States birth enjoys  the greatest popularity. England and  Prance come next in tlieir affection for  the American-bred steed,' while-Russia is  the directorate. The company has been  formed for the purpose of developing the  California and Clipper niines on Silver  mountain near New Denver. Considerable Avork AA'as performed on the California last summer under tho direction of A.  .1. Marks, which resulted in a Areryfavorable shoAving. The now company will  put a force of men to Avork oil the property at once, the Avork being done by contract. As soon as necessary preliminary  arrangements are made a block of the  company's treasury stock Avill be placed  upon the market.  SOME  LONDON  CRITICISM ON  A Commercial i&lan's Version.  A. A. Youi]g,a Seattle eoiiiniercial man,  arrived in Nelson hist evening from Cascade. He AVtis stopping tit the Grand  Central hotel, and When the alarm Avas  given, lie saw* the fire from the hotel  Avindow, It then appeared to be burning on the outside of a smaUsliack, Avhich  had been vacant for some time. In about  an hour from the time the alarm was.  sounded the greater part of tlie town had  been destroyed. Mr. Young says that  the burned portion of the toAvn Avas looked upon as the permanent portion of Cascade. During the past tAvo weeks there  had been quite an exodus from the place,  but those in the burned section had decided to remain.  Illness of G. E. Maxwell, M. P.  Vancouver, September ,30.���G. II, Maxwell has been removed from his residence  to St. Paul's hospital, Avhere a consultation Avas held at which Avere pi'esent  seyeral physicians. At one time it Avas  thought that as a last resort an operation  Avould have to be resorted to, but considering his condition it Avas decided to  postpone it. Later in -the day it AA'as  reported that the patient. was slightly  better and some hope of his ultimate re-  ; co very is uoav held out.  '��� ..'The. J^di-y'Mines.^  ';shippe;d. -'twoy :^$,&c|i3' o;f '������c/^pei'.v.- inajfe  jand;.-oiie'.;#r::ojf'. j^ady-bullion;-., -^he: 'in^ta!  :"Waii ���cO,iM|*!riedv-toy-M^yy^pjcls. ajrid, Avas  tiiiiuedat close ixpoix f^2^O0.  ��� rJ?]ie steanie;r;,Moyie last evening took  out the AvJiarfboat Avlileliy yAyas built Jin  pie C. I*:B. shipyaM belOAV .Kelson foi>  the use of tlie' coinpauy's stetwiiers at  Ktlsl��. TheliulLof the boat is over.a  hundred-feet long and: about 40 feet  " wide, on which is a 'house, as Jat'ge ��������� as an  oi'diiiai'y depot building. Part of the  house Avill be used as a Avarehoitse and  the remainder is fitted up conifoi't.'tbly  for a Avaiting-rooiii for passengers.  _��� .Tack SjiPoner, wlAo_has_been running as_  ^oiuiiiion express messenger botAA'eeii  Medicine Hat and Kelson, returned to  Nelson AA'ith his bride on Ftfdtoy evening.  The steamers that run in and out of  Nelson are models of cleanliness, and  travellers appear surprised to find such  accommodations, nniny remarking that  the accoiniuodatious of the grotit Atlantic  liiiers ai'o not up to a higher standard.  The Dominion is Doing Weil.  The colleetioiis at the port of Kelson  for the mouth of Suptetnbor aggregated  :$1.',7S0.0|, being close upon $2000 iu excess of the collections of the previous  month.. The imports eutei'ed for the  mouth Avere valued at $75,*3(i,'* of Avhich  $00,111 represented the value of those  duitiibleand $I:*5,252 the value of the free  imports. The statement Of tlie exports  foi' tlie month has not yet been completed, but the value of the mineral exports  is given as .$175,248. Nearly all. of this  amount is credited to the Hall Mines,  Limited, some exceptionally heavy shipments having been made from the smelter. The value of the smelter's copper  exports is giA^en as $129,203 and that of  the silver-lead bullion shipments as $33,-  015. The other items in the mineral reports were : gold bullion, $12,81.8 ; coke,  $178 ; and coal $89. The value of exports under all other heads Avill probably  swell the total for the month to close upon $180,000. '  Delegates to the Conservative Convention.  The Conservatives of Silverton haA'e  elected 'William Hunter to attend the  New Westminster .convention of the  party, and those of Sandon haA'e selected  P. L. .'Christie to representythein..'!The''-  Sandon Conservatives passed a resolution,  endorsiug the eight-hour law;'..The Rossland delegates tire: T. M; Daly, Alexander.Dick, A.- II. ;McNeill,, and J. ,S..Glutei  jr. - The Nelson delegates are unhatched.  Chamberlain's Last Dispatch.  Lon'Oon, September 30.���The publication of the full text of the last cabinet  dispatch to the Transvaal government  does not add materially to the general  knowledge ot the situation. Neither  does it give much comfort to those avIio  persist in taking a hopeful vieAV of the  matter. Indeed, the London critics of  the dispatch, avIio are friendly to the  Boers, declare that it is a final closing of  the door against peace in  South Africa.  The declaration that the British government litis not asserted any rights of  interference in the internal affairs of the  republic, other than those derived from  conventions between the tAvo countries, is  considered the pregnant clause of tlie entire dispatch.  The use of the Avord convention in the  plural is taken to mean that the government will rely on the preamble of the  convention of 1881 to make good its claim  to suzerainty.  W. T. Stead, avIio is the ablest apologist  for the Boers avc have here, declares: "In  that little letter 's'.the Avhole contnrversy  is bound up."  On the other hand, it is pointed out  that the dispatch practically pledges the  British government in respect to'the. internal independence of the Transvaal and  concedes all that the Boers have asked...as,  a'i-ea^sidei'afi^  ff^^iySffis^^  1$\^i^^^^n^^j��Sl^Mk ''ifueStiou^''  'n^i.-ri "v. ���n-_V- .->    *   '-.-JSV?'    CM''JJ -SS S?J. (,-       "V*    '     n*.-'*-'i7A,I-*?J'-li.,"J,r.   [(,-,��,*   '   -O.T--0-.  ���tlieir -studs:������ to:-tojeeorae.-depleted .itoi tli-ey  f^nger^poiiifc-y --s -yv,. l..- ������:'. ;v;=      ���.-.    --..,:������  y���."'"--*,'"������*.   ��� J^,-#|^tgf^t^l(^2liej-. ;->'-':,-l.y:r"-/"  ;y,;'-fl-3\i< M..;13Mi^lniny:,.'p�� 'Bllverton 'AVtis  ���^tfr rl^';to ��SiS^.3'^  ;.Sh%id^|t^ii(e^'^^si> y^rii-giniifiyj 0:11' liiS' fibr  :^n^-|i'ip^l3ast, yOf jlilS' re'titi'ii to^^;Bv6l>-  !'|ionyAyi;tii.'hiS;-bi'id^^ .^ilyel'tilinifui; Sail's.:  E^.he '^^i|^ the-  iugy^nHoii^as slie ndaredl thO;���wli.avi'-f last  , "Eiiesdijy moiyningy was Wet bitendjed to  "sti'ike terror, to the hearts pjf any chance  ;hc*.dy Of * impoi't'tld mlnei's on board* but  A*Vit.s a yolleyy of w61o,omo" fbr presktenfe  Beiiecliii.il and the bride-whoni he.had  |onriieyed to West Mrgthift 'to. gaiii, JtTad  tli<5 ex^Ct date of llr.ancl, Mi's.Bfmeduni's  iiome-coniing been ktiOAvn their i'eceja-  tioii would have bgOn more elaborate  but not more sincere. Mi'. Beneduni is  one of Sityei'ton's pioneers and a  popular citizen,, evidenced by tho  Jiea,itiuess^of^the=deinonsfertiteiOTi=gotteii=  up for1 hini. Silver-ton's style of Aveleom-  ing a bi'ide m,ay not be cei'einoiiious, it  way be shockingly lacking in decorunl, it  may be Avild and Avooly, but its noise and  sincerity cannot be doubted. Thus,  Avhen tlie tili-cjin brigade, heralded by a  slioAver of sky roeketsy began to serenade  the bride and gfooni on tlio evening of  Nelson Roman Catholic Church.,  ?:���-<%*;  theii' arrival, till luilids "joined in. Mr.  Benednin delivered himself up after enjoying tlie music foi' ayshort, time, .and.  beaded1 tlie procession around town.  Hc-w a Debt Was ftot Collected.  The filtust vegetables grown anywhere  are grown in Nelson, but sonietinies the  nmi who undertake tlie business of groAv-  ing vegetables become enibarrsisscd. A  gi'OAver Avho liad ti ptttcli of potatoes on a  piece of ground fronting on Observatory  street became indebted to ti ]3tiker street  merchant and left for parts unknown; he,  also,, had. other creditors. The day before  yesterday the Baker street merchant  sized up the potato patch and decided  that the best Avay to collect his debt  Avould be to dig and .market tlie spuds.  He hired a man to dig and sack them,  and the Avork Avas done to his satisfaction.  The filled sticks AArere left standing in the  :;patch over night. But they Avere not  tliere next morning ; one of the other  creditors had quietly slipped up during  the night and hauled them tiAvay.  The California to Resume Work.  A meeting of the promoters of tlie California and Clipper Silver-Lead Mines,  Limited, AA'as held last evening in tlie office of P. Burns & Co., Avhen the following, officers Avere elected: P. Burns, president; Alfred J. Marks, vie'e-pre'sident;  William P. Robinson, secretary: and .William .1." ..Wilson, - treasurer. , Alfred-J.  Marks AA-as elected managing director, and  he, Avith the .aboA'e named, officers anil  Thoburu Allah and ,R. S. Leimic will'form  y~;- Tiie%eTw;'''R|ij%ih^  y.tl)ferifi!^^^  ^'���"S"i5*S;H  Kayrddjislipl'j/Jiii'^^  NioAy;ln^��i!;tb^  .;UlOnyv   .$hi��-Mpnsti&'y^^  .new. 'Mild ing'-.';a!ijey: vmi^^M^l^oo'iy0M;  . ste^.:i;:o;o^ *b^ing.'au-- gx^fnent^iind^i'aiis^  wifrtetv yTlUsjchoi i|; ;^.leli-'lijxs^be0h:la*>^%;  g\ ignpitetl 'during!-' tlie: ItiSJ; .*\vig^- JjiiVS.  tnidei'ta-kflh ratliW aUibyitioUs  iUnsic foiy  the   opening   cerenioiiy^ but  Ayi.it  tlie  asiistaiitie . of  an; ;preliesti.'tfe, i^iey  will,  doubtless acquit thenjselA'Ies. creditabiyi  Tlie :chnrch. is One of  tlio  iiands.oin;es't  buildings in Sli'O ISootenlipygi     j^ck  of  funds   "Avili not. permit of  tlie interior  Qfiuinienta/tion   being   coinpleterf   tins  year.   Rev., father Perlandj the eiioitgetie  priest in ehai'ge of the Keison; mission,  litis..managed to .collect nearly $8000 fo,r  tlie cliufcli diiilug the last 18 -months so  ^bhere js very little doj^btJnitjtihat-hQlvilL  sooiTbe able to get tlie uecessjwy balance  ���required for completion,  CASCADE PARTLY WIPED OUT  By Fire and a Life Lost.  Special to the Tribune.  Cascadr Cit.% September30.���Cascade  City AA'as visited this morning Avith a fire,  Avhich virtually Aviped  out  the business  section of the toAvn.    The fire originated  in an empty shack, and spread with great  rapidity   to   the  solid   block  of   frame  buildings on the main street.    The alarm  AA'as gi \'cn a feAv minutes to one o'clock,  and   by tAvo  o'clock  the  fire had spent  itself and six  hotels  and  soA'eral  other  buildings   AA'ere  a smouldering  heap of  ruins.     There  is  no fire department in  the town, and as soon as the alarm AA'as  sounded,    eA'eryono    took   a   hand    in  the    AA'ork    of    stiA'ing     such      effects  from the buildings  threatened as it Avas  possible to move. As the fire spread from  one building to another it was feared that  tlie  Avhole town  Avould go, and the decision AA'as hastily arrived at that it would  bo necessary to Woaa' one of the buildings  ��� up AA'ith dynamite  in order to check tlie  flames.    This  had   the  desired effect of  checking the fire, but Avas attended with  fatal results.    While the fire AA'as in progress a bartender, named Eric Arvall, had  busied himself in  dragging out of one of  the hotels  some drunken  men.    He had  just made one  trip  into the hotel Avhich  it had  been   decided  to dynamite and  had rescued one  man.    He; inade a second   trip,  into    the   building,   but   before   he   could   get   out   the   explosion  too place.    The force  of the  concussion  threAV Arvall almost to the edge  of the  sideAA'alk, biit the front end of the build- .  ing fell uppii his legs and pinned  him to  the   ground.      He  Called for help''aud  several men Avent to the rescue.      They -���  had succeeded in partially freeing him,  and he had just encouraged the men to  further effort by saying that a little more  and he Avould be clear of  the fallen  timbers, AA'hen the-flames  swept out  of the.  building and  droAre the  rescuers aAA'ay.  The hotels burned Avere:     The Montana,   ;  C. H. May; the.Cascade, Oscar Stenstrvin:;  the Railroad Headquarters*  Cookstorm';"'  the Britannia, Nelson, Olsen &, Bergenon ;  the Club, S. F. Quiunlidan; and the Grand !  Central, McDonald & Smart.    There aa.is.  little if any insurance. ;  A Prospecting Syndicate inbGood Luck.   ;;  The Wilson brothers  appear to liave  made   a  lucky, strike  on  the  Birdseyey  group  on  Morning ..-mountain.:,;   On  the; y  *3fi^fl$,&W^  ri.g.-;mbout^eiisfeaiid.t'avest*m  s-jjlitniung ynbrthftuid-y^sonth-  ^ag^heK;iedta.^^.^^^0o���-,---. ^ .,,,-,rr,���_-,-i. ,.^,���,y_.  .itlir^ugk"se\^"a.*'elah  ���"���-"���'���-sir ��� 'i'fi^^.i^yi-^r^'sl"^"^ ���f^r'yy.-^ydf^iisy �� -.-^���i  ���Ayifll;.-. ���,-.AItogetl.)#r.'-.tl.i���e Sii-^  .���ai;t.g;!(vs'-;any .prospgctnig's-yndiM  ;-to;^!ii;u^))^Su^  ^���xoi^Vi)i|tt^t^:.:JS^'clr.^\��g ;*��*"_" [''  .���^'.i>b;S'teit's.':'ii{iA'^rt^  ^olhing^ie11^i'd|eyje."^d  ���#;fK-i6o0v^f��itGiisUih^  :in,s��^-'v'''V:!^^  '*'"-  *a_;..m5^��feV  \   inland; Revenue:: S^ttiriis' fbij ^gt|i$b(k>y  .3.".- W:'S\vtin-neiifpei3|it^e^i:i^^  lajtd-.'i^AiBW'.tie/at &^56^  lOAvliig -m the retu!'i-%of!;J]iiS-;o1*fif'^i-^Mf  ���uioutii.,ofS(ij>teinb'Qi':'"^':-"y ���,:���,:���.-"^y^y^k  mvi i* ,....���..';.........,,... ���;::-:.; j gi;,.:;,-;.,;:,,., ��� vV^:il_ i&ia$$  'I'ttliftMOJ . ....  .-... ���.....,. I.-,,,.:,:.,,,.; i...;-;  '--SilS^*?-j?%  ���"l.ftiW telif tttbftucff.  ...-.-.-.,...��... i-.... ����--.-:.,...-.- ������'}Mi SO'-w-';-!'�����  CiKfUW ..-. v.... .'"-.���.",.. ^.':.~.-."-iZiifHSSi'/^  1 "uti-iiteiHM iM*iroeti.on,,,..,..;.. ���-,........... ������.;;.. ��� ;hi,,-. ;   .-����� li^-;. ������*���,  Tbliil...  <��my2  Ihe_Ludgates_Me_nt^3BilisineSs.^  ���*���'��.yyi  Misleading Press Reports.  The associated pi'Css sends out lnislead-  ing telegrams from liossland, a fair sample of Avhidi appetired in Til!2 TjUbonfk  yesterday. A telegram, dated at Ross-  lOjiidj gives accounts of strikes i-ecently  made in aim tuber of mines, leaviiig the  reader to infer thtit the? niines Avert? sifcii-  ti to tit Rossland, when as ]k inntte'l' of ftWt  the mines Ufa Bltiutto near (Greenwood, in  Boundai'y district. Rossltifid has no mud  of such bolstering; the niines iu its i id -  niediate iieighboifliood. tire tnnongst tlie  richest in Bfitis'h- Columbia, mid, the town  can stand on tlieir nierits. Othei' towifs  tire fairly entitled to any promineilco  tliat etui be givtMi mines in thotr iiilnied-  jate neighborhood as much so tis is Ross:  'land.  Are Not Intruding.  PARI'.'". September "30.���TJiough tliere is  considerable curiosity in regard to Dreyfus' life at Carpentras,. his friends are  taking special pains to keep aAvay, both  on iiccout.it of Dreyfus' personal comfort  and for political reasons. One of the  prominent Dreyfus leaders said: "It is  not true that avc ever entertained the  idea of going down in a body to intrude  upon Dreyfus find his family. Those of  us Avho were or liave become the personal,  friends of the family may drop down  tliere one by one if Dreyfus continues to  remain at Carpentras, but the vast  majority of us have never met him and  have no intention of leaving Paris to. intrude ourseiA'es upon him."  ���-. B.  0. Curios, for .the-Ottawa Museum.   ���  The-Dominion government litis secured  for. the museum at Ottawa the finest col-  SKA-nxf**, Septembei' 00,-^Wifchin the  course of a feAv days plans for the now  Ludgate mill vvill be coniplefce,..and AyOi/k  on one of the largest mills 011 PugetSound  will soon be well under -way. At the*  present time the city is sui'veying the  ground for Ludgate Brothei's, and Avitlia  few other preliniiiiai'ies arranged: ifjl'l Willi  be in readiness* The jalttnt Will bo known  as a clouble All is btintl mill, With all the  aj)|)iiivfciiitiices of a liiodorn mill. I'Vil* tljd  aeeoniniodation of Lutlgfrte Brotliei'S t|W  eity council rei-ently Vuattel Republican street, in Order that enough ground  might be had in One spot on AViliJeh, the  mill buildings could bo constructed, "hi  till it will tiikc about ten months in Which  to .construct the plailt, and eonseiiueutly,  it is sttid, it vs'ill be a year before tlie mill  Avill be turning out any product. Tlio  mill Avhen completed and in full running  order will afford employment to from  ."500 to 1000 nieii, including those to be  employed in the woods, Tho Ludgtites  first selected Vancouver as the location  for tlie mill, but abandoned that city  owing to the Avrangle OA'er Dcadman's  Island. ^^  A Bank Manager Satisfied.  Pi.  S.  Clouston   of Montreal,   general  nianagcr of the  Bank  of  Montreal,  left  Nelson yesterday.    He is reported as saying: " While oilr policy  is  consorA'atiA'e,  it will be seen that our bank is sufficiently strong in its faith iu British Columbia  AA'hen I say that avc have now in course  of erection bunk buildings tit Ncav- Westminster, Rossland and Nolson.     It is the  policy of the Bank of Montreal  to erect *  our own premises when Ave are thoroughly satisfied the permanency  of  the location Avarrants.   The satisfaction  of our  banks with the condition of things in the  mining districts of British Cohvnibia Avill  lection of _ British Columbia and Alaska I be noted with pleasure by those Avho have  Indian curios that it is possible to get 1 assisted to make mining in Canada a  together.,' �� legitimate aud profitable industry." THE TRTBUNE:  NELSON, B. C   SUNDAY  OCTOBER  1,  1899.  s? :**"*"������ *3 iS 13 ���<$ is** "*3 "-J?- 'S ^2**- :-3  ^s\ ��55-Ss.-^a-53 vSs. vsa  ^���^..^'���^���^���^���^���^'^���^���(^���^���^���c?  f&f&;  i&  lals!  w  m  B. & B. Corsets at 50 cents, 75 cents, $1  and $1.50 per pair. D. & D. Corsets at $1  $1.25, $1.50, $1.75, $2, and up to $5 per pair.  Thompson's Glove Fitting, always a favorite  with Avell dressed women at $2.50,  $3, and .$3.50 per pair. Children's  Waists from 35 cents to 75 cents  per pair. Special values in Hair  Roll Bustles,  Blouse -Extenders, etc.  m  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  W  BANK  OP  B. O    BUILDING,  NELSON.  TIER-MIS   C-A-S^EI  ,m  '^���f^ieZi  ���&-&.. ^i^i&i^i^k^iA^^^z^i^i^s  :&&-.&&&i&&&& -^e-^^^^e^-s^'S-:'-'^ *-��-.$  &  Overalls and Smocks  We keep on hand the "Levi Strauss," "Boss of the Road,"  and other well made garments at reasonable prices.  MEN'S OUTFITTER  Sign ot the RED  HAT, Baker St., Nelson  J. F. WEIR  ��h�� ��rttnme+  Dmly Edition  "Wj-kkIpT Edition  First Year, No Kti  Sevknth Year, No 30  Hoav many piactical mining men aie  membei s of the Nelson Distnct Mine  OAvneis' .Association and the Slocan Sih'ei -  Lead Association? Is one membei m five  of eithei of these associ.itious entitled to  be clas=ed as even a mine OAvnei 9 We  doubt ib. Yet these men would have it  appeal that the mining mdustiy of Kool-  qnay is going to smash because then advice is not folloAvccl by the provincial  government and by the mine woikeis  Weie they piactical mining men they  would know that skilled mine woikeis  aie in demand in every mining district in  America today, and that thei e ai e teAv  idle mine Avoikeis m Gieafc Butain , but  they do not seem to be aAvaie of the conditions that pievail outside then oaau  immediate distucts. Wete they piactical mine managcis they -would not attempt to introduce unskilled laboi in  their mines, foi all piactical managcis  knoAv that cheap unskilled laboi nuclei-  ground in metalhfeious mines is much  deaiet in the end than high-puced skilled  labor As an evidence that they aie  neither piactical nimeis nor tiained business men, they aie advcitising foi 2o00  mineis to Avoik in the metallifeious mines  of Bi ltish Columbia They might as Avell  adveitise foi 2*500 men Avho AA'ouId be willing to exchange tAAenty dollai gold pieces  foi eighteen sih'eL dollai s.  Tub Sandon Review s<iys that the  Slocan mule oaviicis weio paying the  highest av ages in the woi Id foi mineis  puoi to the shutdoAA'ii on June 1st last,  that i-, they Aveie piying $3 50 foi a day  of ten bonis The mine oaviicis oi Vn-  ginijp City, Nevada, Avhcie thousands ol  mineis hpiAe been employed, <uid Avhcie  thci e in r moi e mine av ot kei ��. em ployed t o-  day thanvveieevci employed intheSloc.ui,  adopted the eight-hom day ovei Unity  yeais ago, nnd have nevei paid less than  iti fm tho eight-houi shift. The tioublo  Avith the Mining Review is th it it is not  ported as to mining, no moie than the  men aa hose a icavs it voices  'ike the Payne aa ouid be woi king a full  foice. Montieal is the headquaitcis of  the cheap-laboi nunc opeiatois of the  Slocan, AA'hile Toionto is the headfjuaiteis  of mining men AA'hoaie AAilhngto Avoik  then mines and leaA'c tho adjustment of  the Avage question to time  Tun Mining Repoitei of Denvei, Colo-  lado, of Septembei 21st, contains good ll-  lustiations of Nelson, Kaslo, Ncav Denvei,  Slocan lake, and the Hall Mines smeltei  The lllustiations aie backed up by de-  senptne niattei that is aacII Avutten  Tim Canadian Pacific is using its good  offices to bung about a settlement of the  diileieuces between the mine nianageis  and the mine Avoikeis in tnc Slocan. If  the company Avould offei some of the  mine nianageis fiee tianspoitation  "home," the dispute would settle itself  Tactics Which Defeat Justice.  1 oionlo lclcgi I"!  That the ends of "justice have not been  Avell sei ved by the t.ictjcs of the cioavh  in the Napauee lobbeiy case is plainly  evident fiomthc punishment th.it has  been nietcd out to the individuals concerned The ciown, m its effoit to convict a youthful bank cleik, has made it  possible foi thice confessed eiiminals to  piactically escape the <nm ol the I.iav  It took <i imy but a shoit time to find  William Ponton innocent, but even it he  had been guilty is it in the inteiests ot  justice that haidcnecl cnnnnals bhould be  piactically acquitted iu oidet that the  guilt of an ei i ing youth might be pi oa cd >  Assuming that theie weie ieasonablo  giounds ioi the .town's suspicions, Avas  -it���wise���to���attempt _to��� piocuio ���Ponton's conviction by the comp.uatiA'e  acquittal ot l'aic and Iloklen and the absolute acquittal ot Roach. Which has  Ihe community moie to feai fiom, the  fi cedom of a bank clcik av ho m.iy h.ive  gone once astiay oi the nieicy to thice  men who confessedly ,uc old in guilt?  What is a sentence ol tlueo yens to  Paio,foui yens to llolden, and the <ie-  cjiiiLt.il ol Roach? Ao one din pie-tend  to s.iy that tlio punishment he.us fitting  lelitiouto tho  ci iino.    The  m in v. ho is  sei-ving a sentence of ten years is certainly not much worse than those avIio  h;ive bought the mercy of the crown  with tlieir Avilliugness to bear Avitness  against. William Ponton, but punishment Avhich might haA'e aggregated forty-  years totals only scA'cnteen, so that Ponton, had he been found guilty, must in  order to finally discharge the penalty of  the Napanee bank robbery, have been  sentenced to imprisonment for something  like tAventy-three years. And what has  been the end of the crown's tactics ?  Ponton, Avho has established his innocence, finds his prospects in life sadly  dimmed ; he must suffer for an olfence in  Avhich he had no share, and the perpetrators of the robbery of Napanee  bank, two at least of whom Avill ever be  a menace to the security of property,  got off with an aggregate sentence of  seventeen years.   Expense of Railway Ballast.  'Several months ago a Kansas City  smelting company bought a. truck-load of  crushed gold ore���Avhich looks as much  like coarse yelloAV sand as anything else  ���in Mexico. Advices were received in  due course that the stuff���tAveuty tons  of it���had been "loaded up" and dispatched. Weeks passed aAvay, but the  oie did not come to hand. Finally a  station-mastci stai ted out a "tracer'* in  quest oi the cai-load oi ore, and it was  tiaced fiom its patent nnue in Mexico to  the i ail way company's goods yard at  Kansas City, wheie it had been shunted  to .i siding ueai tho lound-house, and  consigned to the keeping of the master-  mechanic. The i.uluay officials sent a  note to him, asking about the disposition  of the cai, and giving its number. Having 1 cad tho note, he tin ned it over and  uidoi sed it as follows . "The car contained sand of a bad quality. Some of it I  used in the sandboxes of the engines,  but ltw.is not sei vie cable,'so I had it  scatteied along the pctmanent way."  Shoitly aftei this the lailAA'ay authorities  found themselves constiamed to indemnify the smelting company for the "bad  "and" at the late oi one hundred and  eight j- dollai s pei ton  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  m  #  ���;��S <8r.*"sC.��"^ <K^"s-��.*"sr.  W  m  \$  Fop something that will please you see what  we are  showing* in men's white shirts our line at  $1 each eannot be surpassed.  ES WRAPPERS  IVjade of good washing Flannelettes  nicely finished and good styles.  m  <B  Ladies' and Children's, Ladies' Gapes and  Furs are being opened daily.  WINTER JACKETS  Silk, satin and cashmere  shirt  and blouse   waists, a  large variety to select from  Ladies9 and children's Cashmere Hose, rib and plain  We ask you to inspect the above goods.  M  m  A  N  D  The Sandon Review is harping on  the penalty clause of tlie eight-hour law.  It wants that 'Clause repealed. If tlie  penalty clause was repealed, what, good  would the law be ? It would be just as  effective as Were the laws passed by the  Davie-Turner government regulating the  employment of Chinese in the coal mines  on Vancouver Island. These laws were  without penalty clauses, and the owners,  of the coal mines paid no more attention  to them than if they had not been  passed. The Review will not live to see  the penalty clause of the eight-hour law  repealed.       ^   Ii? the business men of Kootenay would  quietly cancel their orders placed With  Montreal wholesalers and manufacturers  and place the oiders so cancelled; with  Toronto wholesalers and manufacturers,  it would not be long before Slocan mines  That room of yours needs  "freshening up" for the winter months.  You  can give us the size (length,  breadth, and height of ceiling)  of the room, or rooms,  will do the rest,   In price,  beauty of design and quality  Oar Wall Paper  bargains will surprise you.  Camilla Drag and Book Co.,  LIMIT^I**)  Corner ot Bakor and Stanley Streets, Nelson   -  HAIB GOODS AID HAIB OBMIENTS  ���''���'-.. Switches from $2'"up.:;:.y.  ; MRS. J.'W.KBARNKYhas opened a Ladies Hair Pressing Parlor in room 1, Victoria bloek, Nelson, and is prepared lo fu'nihh everything in the way of hair goods  and hair tonics.   Treatment oi! tho Hculp a specialty."   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NOTICE;  Nolicc is liereby jjrivo-n that in lliirty days,  nppiy U) Hie eiti'of cbniuiissiioijei' of linuls  pei'jiiiSsitiii to cut and carry awity   '  (lOS    *'     * *       *  ���prompti and regular  delivery to the trade.  Brewery ai Nelson.  rick arid Lime  Lime 70 Ceiyts per 100 pounds.  Will deliver in ton lots  Brick $12 per thousand.  At yard or on scows at government wharf.  The West ICootenay Brick & Li mo Co., Ltd.  Bakor Street.       T. O.PROOTOR, Manager   :,'  I intend to  il:ll(l:   WOl'lvK,. fOl'          .     tinibei; Oil' Hie below  (loSciibed, liutdK.  COitin'teneiiifjintitlie iiortlie.'is't coriiisi' of J;T.T)- Rfu'Bei'-  ii.iiil's timber clivil'ii, oil .l.iil'ntnao ci'ijek, 01,1 sotifcli i.trnii of  Kiiolunay I..,i.k'o, thclieo wimI fo,i;Iy chainss, 1 lieilce *'Oiitl'l  (on. eliniiiSi ilimicu uitsst illiiOI.J1' tilialns, tUcitce imi'tit (on  i-liiiins ililicijuij cast forty-live ulmiiis. Ilicncti -.sautli' lii'l.y  (iiialjis', tlnsncy wc*3t llvo (tlinins: tlionewKOMli (uuuhiUi)!.^  tJieiwu w<jsi.,sBv��}iit(;(in:��.ltaii,iS;;. ilionccsuul.li; t-.n chains:  Ishence vvy.sl, aighiiicu tiiiiiilis. tliejiee. noi-iIr ten ulmiii.s';,  t;h(3Ji(.'u west I'oity irhiiiii^I'lmiufeKOUili: ten v'liaiiifS., Uiynt-is  west frirljj- drains: tlioiico"smith foil duiinst, tlieik'o west  foi'ly-liviichailvs,,thunccuoi'lli oighty ehrtilis to plitco <jl  OoinilKiiieuinent. U'ICOi tlItA V,  Nelson. B. C .Seiitenibei'Kiid, l.St*i>.    "tTOTIGE.  NptlGo is horebj' fjiven fb.'it in thirty days, X iiileiitl to  ftl>ju.v to the ulvlof (-oininissinni'i- of lands and, woi-Jts. for  liormission to eutnnd eiii'i'y away 'timber oil' tlie below  described lands!  CoiiiineiKfiiiK at a titist. about two anel a half iniles iij)  Lufrivnud creek, on (lie south acin of ICootenay lake, .eotii-  menoinjf at. the northwosteoniei'; thenceOiustliveelinins;  thence north forty chains������; thence east twenty cliains;  tlience north ton chains; thencecastnino chains; tlienco  noi-tlvtcnchaiiiK; thenco east live cliains; l.liencc nofth  .'toil chains; thenee cast tun claius; thenee liotth (��n  chains; theilcO east tell eliiiins; (;heiicO noi-lh ten  oluiins; thenee east twelve cliains: thence north live  cliains: thence east thirty-uifrht chains; thence noi'th  twenty chains; thence east fourteen chains; thence  .south twenty chains; thence west eighteen chains;  tlience south sis cliains; tlience west, twenty cliains;  tlience soutli tWoiity-li ve chains; thence west, ten chains;  thence south twenty chains; thence west twenty chains;  tlience .south fifteen chains; thence west, ten chains;  thenco south twonty-tlve chains; thence west. oiKhf.  chains: Ihence south twenty five chains; thenee west  seventeen chains; thenco smith eleven chains; tlienco  west twenty cliains; thenco north thirty-two elinins to  the place of eonitiionconienf,. H. 11. McDlCIUlID.  Nelson, B. C, August gith, ��'���   NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that in thirty days I intend to  apply to tlio chief commissioner of lands and works for  permission to cut anil carry away timber oil' the below  described lands:  I'oniinonoing at a post ten chains soutli of IT. Houston's  northeast corner post, on Grav creek, running into Craw-,  ford Hay, on ICootenay lake, and thence cast forty chains;  thence south eighty chains; thence west (en chains;  thence south eighty chains; thence east ten chains;  thence south forty cliains; tlienco west forty chains;  tlienco north Jifty cliains: thence west ten chains; thenco  north one hundred chains; thence, east .ten chains;  thenee north Jlfty chains lo the placeof commencement.  . THOMAS SI'KOAT.  Nelson, B. C, Seplcinber M!i,. '    .    ,  tfOTIOE.  Notice is hereby given tliat in thirty (lavs,I intend to  apply to tlio eltiut eoni'missJ'onor of lamls mad1 works.  Cor pei'inission to KhtuiHl cUrryaWny tiiiilierOll' tho below  'described IiUuls:  C^iiiiniencingiit^riostaboiit: live iiiiles ui�� Yuili creelt  on (lie West anil, of Kiijitenay lake; tlience mirth" eighty  ehiiins:' Ihence w<jst ten chains; tlience. tiovliji ssi.vi.j-  cliains; tlienco west leii eh.-iins; I'heiiL'o irOrtIi forty  chains.; 1-huuee west t;mi; chains;, thence north forty  chiiliis; tJitence woxt toil ghailis;. (Iienco north forty  I'lirtiipS-f: thoiiuo west fen chains; tlignce lioi'th forty  (tljanis; Uiencfl' west, (on chains.; tlienco itoi-fli twentv  .(���.hiiifts; tliciice West, forty chains; thenee south twenty  eluiilis; thuiicu c:i,st toil chains: thenee south foiiy  elin.iil.S1; tlienco east fen tihains; theiico soillli fortr  elmitiS: theiieui .east ten chains; theiiee South forty  (iliaiiis; tlioiM'o ieast fun cliaiiSs; theiiee south fot'ly  chains: thence east ten chains: thoni'o wnitti sixty  cltailisS t.lcunco east ten chains; thenco South eighfy  ���chainsj thenco east forty chains Jo the plncii oCwim1-  mcnceineilf. UJTAttbKS. HilJiyKK.  N'elsoii. JJ. C, AiigxstiSth, lgflij.  NOTICE.  Notice is Tioreby given that in thirty days, T intend to  apply to the obicl'cbhiiiiissimior of lands and works for  permission to enf and carry away timbor off (ho below  described1 lands:  Coinniencing nt.atmst, about two and a half miles up  from the uiouUi of a creek running into (Jrawford Uav,'  on ICootenay hike, and known as Gray creek, marked  north west corner; fhoneo east forty chains; thence north  ten chains ; thenee" east twenty chains; tlience .north  ten chains; thenee east thirty-live chains; thenco Mouth  two chains; thenee cast seventeen, chitins; thenee south  sixty chains; (hence west fll'tCen cliains; thenco north  ten chains: tlience west twenty-live chains; tlienco  south leu chains; thence west sixteen cliains; theiiee  south fen chains; thenee west sixteen chains; UioiicO  north fen chains; thence west forty chain.s; thenee north  forty-two chaius to the place of commencement.  ��� ,   .... ��� ���   0    ,     , HARkY HOUSTON.  Nelson, JI. C, September ({th, ISiW.  APPLICATION TO  TBANSFEB LICENSE  Notice is hereby given that I Will, at the Oxjiirntion of  (hirty days from the d'afo of this notice, apply al, the next  sitting of tho Jjicetising Hoard Of the City of Nelson  British Columbia, to be allowed to transfer the retail  liquor .license now held by mo for the Kxchoqucr Saloon  situate on Lot 1 Block 12, in the City of Nelson, British  Columbia, to James Neelands.       A. H. CUCMIONXS. ,  Dated at Nelson, B. C, September 1st,. 1893.  MINERS WANTED.  Tho Tangier Mine, Limited, Albert Canyon, on the  main line of the C. P. R., 22 miles east of Revelstoke, requires six good miners.   Wages ��S.S0 per day.  -q  s-l  ���pf m  THE  TRIBUTE:  NELSON B.C., SUNDAY, OCTOBER 1,  1899.  ANK OF  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATnCONA AND  MT   ROYAL, President  Hon. GKO. A. .DRUMMOND Vico-Prosidont  K   S. CLOUSTON.. General Managor  ���"DTELSO-N"   "B*Rj9L-*ISrO*H:  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       nKANOHKH IN       LONDON  (EnKland).   NEW YOHK,   CHICAGO  and in tho principal cities in Canada.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is qow prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Slc,aguay, U. S., Atlirj, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^on. District.  Huy and sell Sterling Kxohaiipro and Cablo Transfers  QUANT COMMKltCI.U, AND TKAVKTJ.KKS' CKKDIT8,  availablo in any part of tho world.  DRAKTS ISSUKD    COU.1COTIO.NS MADE; KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURR10NT RATK OK INTKRKST PAID  GRAVE   AND*   GAY   STORYETTES.  Some one asked archbishop Langley of  England once what tact was. "Well,"  replied the archbishop, "it is diiliculb to  say what it is. Here, however, is an instance of what it is not: Only this  morning a clergyman in my diocese wrote  to me, 'hi consideration of your grace's  many infirmities and failing powers.'.  That was not tactful!"  Peter F. Dunne of "Dooley" fame,, has  been telling in London a story about the.  evening paper in which Mr. Dooley first  made his appearance���an ill-fated sheet  which the gods loved. . One day, just before the end, a funeral passed the office  with a band playing the "Dead March"  from "Saul." The editor and Mr. Dunne  Avatched it with emotion and fear. "Can  it be," they whispered, "our subscriber?'.'  After his son's great success with the  "Dame aiix Camelias," Alexandre Dumas  Avrote to him as though a stranger* con-  giatulating him on the book, and evpi ess-  ing a desire to make the -author's acquaintance. "1 myself am a hteiary  man," said he, in conclusion ; "and you  may have heaid my name as the author  of 'Monte Gusto.' " Dumas fils was equal  to the occasion. lie wiote immediately  in leply, expressing the great pleastue he  would have in making his coriospon-  dent's acquaintance, piincipally on account of tho high terms in which he had  always heaid his father speak of the  author of "Monte Ci i\,to."  In a pretty Wisccm-Mii town, not far  fiom Milwaukee, theie is a "spite fence,"  which cuts oil a view aeioos a nnmbei of  beautiful lawns. The man who lives on  one side of it (the Kansas Cihy .Star explains) evidently tea led that the fence  would bring down on his head the condemnation of his neighboi s. Not wishing to be tin justly blamed, he has theie-  fore painted on his side of the fence, in  letters that can be lead a block away,  these words: "Jle built this fence. 1  didn't do it." The man on the other side  also liad no idci of letting a false impies-  sion get out. Aecoidingly, he has painted on the other side of the high barrier :  "[ had to do it."   When sir John Steel, the noted English sculptor, had tlie duke of Wellington  sitting for a statue, he wanted to get  him to look -warlike. All his cffoi ts weie  in vain, however, for Wellington seemed,  nudging by his face, never to have heazd  _of_Waterloo  oi __T.il;*-. vot n At_last__sii_  John lost patience. "As I am going to  make this statue of your grace," he ex-  claimed, ''canyon not tell me what you  were doing before, say, the baittle of Siiltt-  manca? Were you not galloping about  the field cheering on your men to deeds  of valor by words and aetioli?"' "Ball!"  said tlie duke in evident scorn, "if yon  really want to model mo as I.wtis-on the  jnoi'uing of Salamanca, then do nie crawling along a diteli on my stomach, "with a  telescope in my hand."  Wlien Grant wtis president (according  to an old OJHicitll quoted in tlie AVitsFiing-  ton Post), lie used alternately to "chuckle  and i'uiininate agaiiust the expei'iditure of  good government coin for the "iniprove-  ment" of little streams that could never  be made fit for any lmmaii purpose.  There was a Virginian, who, failing to  get congress to stick in an appropriatioii  for the dredging Of a little stream down  in his section, finally importuned Grant  in  the matter.    "Let's  see," said  Grant,  "'���       "'"���'      ARCHITECTS,  ���niWART & CARRIE���ArohitcetB,   Rooms 7 and 8 Ab  ���*-J   ordeen block. Bakor Rtroot, Nelson.  LODGE  MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS  OV PYTHIAS-Nelson   Lodge,  No,  25,  Knights of PythisiB, meets in I. O. O. >\ Hall,corner  Uaker and Kootenay stroets, every Tuesday evening at  8 O'clock.   Visiting Knighta cordially invited to attend.  T. LILLIE, C. O.      R. Q. JOY, K. of R. & S.  NKLSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. V.& A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each, month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  TXfELSON L. 0. L., No. 1G92, meets in I. O. O. F. Hall,  -*-"    corner Haker and Kootenay streets. 1st and 3rd  Friday of each month.   Visiting brethern cordially invited.  JOHN TOYE, W. M.      F. J. BRADLEY, Roc. Sec.  NELSON   >_RIB,   Number  22,  Fraternal Order  of  Eagles, meets every second and fourth Wednesday in  each month in Fraternity Hall.   Visiting brethren welcome,      i _  .1. IRVING. "President.        ,T. R. WRAY. Secretary.  UNION  NO.  98. W. F. of M.���  .rooms. Fraternity Hall, the lirst and  third Saturday evoningk.in. each month at 8 o'clock.  Visiting members welcome.  ���. - JAMUS VVll.KSrSce,y:;y:f.  NELSON MINERS'  Meets in K. 1?,  :CHAS..A.,McKAY, IVes'y  musingly, "J believe I crossed that .stream  in 180-1, wasn't it?" The'Virginian, who  remembered the crossing of the stream  pretty well, replied affirmatively. "Look  hero," said Grant, after a pause, his face  lighting up suddenly, "why don't you  niacadami/.e it?"   Some  years .ago tin   affray among the  miners  of the West  resulted in murder,  jind senator Thurston, believing the accused to have been innocent in intention,  took  up his case and greatly  mitigated  the lad's punishment.    Six months aftcr-  w.ard ti man firmed to the teeth appeared  in   Thurston's  oflice.      "Be  you   squire  Thurston ?", "Yes."    "Be  you  the  man  that  defended   Jack Bailey   at  court?"-  The  senator, thinking  his last hour was  come, again answered "Yes."    "Well, I'm  Jack Bailey's  pardner, and I've come to  pay you.    I haven't got any money, but  I'm a "maii of honor.    Anybody in town  you don't like?"    As the senator smilingly  disclaimed  any thirst for   booty   or  blood,  the" caller  insisted iiicreduously:  "Put on  your hat, squire,  and just Avalk  down the street.    See anybody you don't  like, throw up your thumb, and I'll pop  him."      __________  "The Man With the Hoe."  A now opportunity for poets is offered  by an Eastern gentleman avIio, according  to the "-New-York Sun, feels that Edwin  Markham's poem, "The Man with the  hoe," misrepresents the agricultural  laborer. He says that tliere are lots  of young meii in this country who  have been educated up to the point  Avhere the farm-work their fathers did is  distasteful to them, and multitudes of  young  men  everywheie  who   feel  that  common Avork is beneath them, and that  they must earn their living in some Avay  that is "genteel.'' These, he says, are the  real brothers ofthe ox, and continues:  "Who shall tell their story? Who shall  best sing the bitter song ofthe incapables  avIio Avalk the earth, driven hither and  thither like beasts by the implacable sentiment of a false social education, suffering the tortures of the damned, and  bringing distress upon those dependent  upon them, because they have lost that  true independence of soul that comes to  him who dares to labor with his hands,  avIio Avields the hoe, and is the master of  his destiny?" For him who best sings  this "bitter song" he offers a purse of four  hundred dollars, Avith two hundred dollars for the next best singer, and ono  hundred dollars for the third. The  "judges aro to bo the editor of the Sun,  Mr. Aid rich, and Mr. E. C. Stedman, if  they .vill serve. All poems to be sent in  to the Sun before October 15th.  Two Opinions by the Same Party.  The British Columbia Mining Review  and North American Mining Journal is  published at London, England. It says :  "In spite of the hopes that were entertained that the labor trouble in the Slocan was righting itself, the situation between the masters and men is practically  unchanged. None of the niines comprising the Mine Owners' Association have  yet succeeded in getting a miner to work  for $3 per day underground, and as all  of them are closed as effectually as they  Avere at the beginning of June, the position is somewhat serious for the local  trading community. There is an idea  that, failing to obtain 1000 men from  England  or Eastern Canada, the owners  FULL LINE OF  FOR SALE  BUSINESS AND RESIDENTIAL  PROPERTY  30 by  120, Baker streot, betweon Josephine and  AVard streets i  50 by 1?0, Baker streot, between Josephino and Hall  slreots, coiner        . .        .  25 by 120 with improvements, sourh sido of Vernon  street. , ... . 5000  50 by 120 -with improvements, south sido of Vernon  street ., . 6000  2_ lots with cottage rented at $15 per month, Victoria  sheet ,      . . 3500  2 lots w ith cottage rented at ?20 per month, Stanley  street . . 3000  6 lots in block ill), all cleared and fenced in 2500  AGENTS FOR  J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  Real Estate and General Agents, Baker St., Nolson  Tho Nelson Electric Tramway Co., Ltd,  LOTS FOR SALE  ON EASY TERMS  Tme;e numbei of choice building- lots adjicent to tho  lint of then t i unw.iy Foi pi ice <iml tei ins of s ilo .vpplj  to the ollice of (ho uoniii inj, Macdonald block, comci of  Jo-iM'hi'ie and Vci non suieels  T  C. DUNCAN, feecietarj.  Charles   D.  J.  Christie  GENERAL  BROKER.  .   i_srsxr*EiiA-"Kra*Ei  RBAE. ESTATE AND lidANB.  FOR SALTS  5-Room HotiSo.,...... ��15500 |50-Foot Corner.........,$300  4-Room House ���$!KjO  Claries i. WateMi k Ho.  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of nil kinds.  If what you want is not In stock wo will make it for you  CALL AND GET PRICES.  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS, NELSON  Contractors and Builders  "WILL DO "WELL TO  BOY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  CUSTOMS  AUCTIONEERS  SEAL ESTATE anil MlBMi MM&  Baker Street, Nelson  FIRST DOOR WEST BANK B. C. SPILJ>ING.  Notice to Investors and Builders  Wo  ���wishing  ive the very Bust Terms to those  to borrow money on improved  real  estate.  The only company in the province that,gives  you the privilege of paying off your whole  Loan at Any Time -without a Bonus on giving a 60 day notice of your intention was so.  A largo stock of fhsfc class dry material on hand, also  a: full lino of, sash, doom,, mouldings, turned work, etc,  fACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yards  Foot Of Hendryx street, Nelson  Telephone, 91  GAMBLE &0'REILL,Y, Agts  British Columbia Permanent Savings & Loan Company.  Globo Savings & Loan Co., Toronto.  Lots for Sale  3J550 will purchaso a choice rosidonqo corner, 100 by 120  S2100 will purchase a central lot and residenco.  |l00 will- purchase  two nice lots and shanty, Robson  struct, Hume addition.  83000 will purchaso four nice lots and rosidonco.  10.000 Pooled Fairmont 1 cents.   .        ���������  Ulackcock (Ymir' shares 20 cents.  5000 Utica at li cents.  ALEX STEWART  ryy.yy .Turner-^ Boeckh.WocJi, -Nolson,. B.;C.. ::y :y:  UNI>ER THE AUSPICKS  01? .     -  The Eoyal Agricultural and Industrial Society  of British. Columbia.  WIW.  'MB  HELD  AT  New Westminster  On  OCTOBER 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th.  $15,000 IN PRIZES $15,000  OPEN   TO   THE   WORLD  A Round of Pleasure for four Whole Days  HORSK HACKS       mCYOLF. HACKS       AQUATICS  CHAMPIONSHIP LACRQ.SSK NAVAL AND  MILITARY SPOUTS 6YMKHAMA  BASK HALL    TOOT BALL    BAND  TOUUNAMKNT.  MAGNIFICENT ILLUMINATIONS  Grand concert every evening.  Special attraction at, the New Westminster opera house.  Monster excursions from all points, at greatly reduced  rateH.  For special features see small hand bills.  No entrance fee charged for exhibits.  KXRCUTJVK���His worship mayor Ovens, T. J. Trapp,,  W. .1. Mathers. Goo. I). Brym.ner, It. F. Anderson, Aid. J.  F. Scott, Aid. M. Sinclair. ���   ������',   ..'  For prize lists, entry forms, and. full partibulnrs, write.  10 'T. J.TRAI'P,--:'-'-.-?;-: .:''^ARTHUU:MALINS."V:V-'-;  ��� Presideid.:y-r .."������'':;���;,'..:";;.'^.> ...Secretary/  -W/.IL;KBAUY,.^oiunUwione.lr*.;ij;s^;y!o-?; ���?;%;"���':".:''������-';:-  may induce the government to make the  new law inoperative so far as the Slocan  is concerned, but surely such a course  would only have the effect of flooding  some districts at the expense of others."  In another paragraph the same paper  says : "The reports prepared by R. Popkiss for the information of the London &  British Columbia Goldfields, and the New  Zealand Minerals Company, quite endorse  the high opinions formed of the properties in which this group is so largely interested. The management on both  sides of the Atlantic enjoy the confidence  of tho respective shareholders who, from  the reports published, can clearly realise  that in the Enterprise' mine there is a  large quantity of rich ore opened up,  only awaiting the introduction of labor  to produce good returns, Tho unfortunate strike of local miners has also retarded operations on the AVhitcwater,  but these are temporary drawbacks ami  do not alter the potential value of the investments."  How Does It Seem to You?  It secnis tonic T'd like to go  Whom the'hells don't ring, nor whistles blow,  Nor clocks don't, strike nor gongs don't sound,  And I'd have stillness all around.  Not real stillness, but.just the trees'  Low whisperings, or tlio hum of bees,  Or brooks faint babbling over stones  In strangely, softly tangled tones.  Or maybe a cricket or a katydid.  Or the songs of birds in the hedges hid.  Or just some such sweet sounds us these  To till a tired heart with case.  ,j     If 'tweren't for sight, and sound and smell,  I'd like a city pretty well;  But when it comes to getting rest  1 like the country lots the best.  Sometimes it secine to nie I must  .lust quit the city's kin and dust.  And get out where the sky is blue,  And say, now. how does it seem to you ?  The Tremont Hotel  \0)  N]AL0fJE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HANOI  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  Largo  comfortable bedrooms and  llrs>t-clas8  dining  room.   Sample rooren for commoicial men,  R.A.T:E3S   S2   *E>*E3*R  JD���TST  Mrs.  E. C.   CLARKE,  Prop.  Lato of tho Ro_ al Hotel, Calgary,  H- D. H^MS, Manager.  The finest hotelin tho interior.  Large samplo rooms;   Steam heat and electric light,  CORNER OF "WARD AND VERNON STS,. NKLSON  se  BAKER AND WARD STREETS, NKLSON  The only hotel fit Nclsoh that has romalnOd undor one  management since ;189&.  Tho bod-rooms arc woll furnished and  lighted by  electricity.  Tho dining-room is not second to, any in Kootenay.  Tho bar ia always stocked by the best domestic and  imported liquors and cigarft,  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  HOTEL  YMIR,   B*   C.  J. W. SMITH,  Proprietor.  EVERYTHING FIRST-CLASS  Largo and woll lighted Heated by hot al  Reasonable rates Samplo rooins  Electric bells and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. V, PERKS, Proprietor  Froo bus moots all trains Rovfifcfnbn    R   fi  Hourly stroet car to station ���nBVttRrt.UliWi ����� U��  Night Grill Room in connection, for the convonionoo. of  guests arriving and departing by night trains.  Notice.  On and after the 1st of October 18!W, tho Grand Central  Hotel will be run strictly on the ICui'opoan plan.  We have fitted up n now dining room with a seating  capacity for one hundred people which will be run in  connection with the hole!. AH meals twriiiy-tlve ceuls.  payable in the dining room. Will he pleased to furnish  meal tickets on ap|iliention. , ��� ' "-.       .  -������  Rooms.by the day, week ur month'.'      -:  '-���    .,"  ���Thanking yon for your generous patronage in I lie pasl,  'anil trusting to be favorcdwit.h a-couliuiiuuct: uf same in  the future. . ' I remain, 'respectfully yours,  .-:.;������'. ���;:.'.    - -    .-     ,,���.���.-.-������   ������ V. SlMl'SON." -."  W  W  ffl-  %  Appreciation  To dispose of an entire car of high-class iron and  brass beds in a western mining town in less than two  months is certainly a record to be proud of, and one  seldom equalled in the large eastern cities. Yet so  great has been the demand for these goods, we have  found it necessary to wire for another car, which will  reach Nelson this week. We would ask the citizens  of Nelson to continue in showing their appreciation of  our efforts to give them the opportunity of enjoying  the luxurious furnishings of an eastern home in the  midst of the Rockies.  m  m  m  m  m  D. McArthur & Co.  ^���^���(_?.^p^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^^.1^.^_>.^=).csr^.)=;i'^'^'^^^:  THE NELSON SAW & PLANM MILLS, Ltd.  We have a stock of one and a half million  feet of logs at our mill and are prepared to cut  all kinds of dimension timber and ship to all points  on Kootenay Lake by scows or steamers, also by  rail to all points on the Canadian Pacific or Nelson  and Fort Sheppard railways. In stock rough and  dressed lumber, shingles, mouldings, sash, doors,  newels, turned verandah posts. Glass of all sizes.  Factory work of all kinds done to order.  THE NELSON SAW & PLANM MILLS, ltd.  OrFIOE AND MILLS CORNER HALL AND FRONT STS., NELSON.  P. Burns & Co.  Wholesale and Retail   .  .   .   Dealers in Meats  iii.  ad Oftici: AT  NELSON, J3  C  Wholesale Markets at (Nelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  lleUil M.irkels at Nelson, K.tslo, .S.indon, Silvci Ion, Now Denver, Ymir, Ti ail, Grand Forks,   GVicade, Oheen-Aood, jMidw.iy, ind_.Sii(3,n',   Ma/7 Orders Promptly Forwarded.  West Kootenay Butcher Co,  Ahh KINDS Of  iALTEO MfiATt  ������ WHO*CttSAXK A.VI)"TlRTAlI.  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Kelson  �� C. TRIVES* W%m  QJIDRRS BY MAIL hKOKIVK CaBBFUJ. AND PrtpMJPT Ai*T*ENTfON.  c,  Cotriior of Ward anil Hoovot* StrceU.  K. Wil'/S/AilAAi, l-MULS., I'noi'KIKTOU  BULBS! BULBS! BULBS!  .tpW'O of tho choicotff. vfti-ictlos fol fall ixlnkit:lit}s to ni-P-l.vu  in a fu\\' diij'H direct; from the Rj-ou-ers In Ilolliuid, oou-  sist.iiiK of Hyacinths, Tiiliiis, Dull'odils, Narcissus, tieillui*,  Lily of thu Valley, Crocus. Jonquils, Snow l)i'o)i.s, Anemones, Ranunculus,, Iris (,'liinodoxa, etc. Orders to the  value of two dollars and upwards sent by mail or express free, and at, less IJiiia uastern prices.  WANTED I  150 men; axemen, tie makers, right-  of-way men, etc., for contract work  near Duncan City.  FRANK PREVOST.   *_ r������  ��� ONE .DOLLAR A LOAD  . Tho uiulerrftfiied has a laixo.quantity of Br, cedar, and  tmimrac slabs, in 10-inch and 1-foot luntflhs, suitable- for  Hlove wood, which will be sold for $1 a. load at tho mill  yard;     : . '������'-   ..: .  NKLSON SAW & PLANING MILLS. Limited.  Nclsou, August 19th. 1839. ,  BLACKSMiTHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wiujon repairing promptly attended to by a first-claSS  wheelwright.  Special attention given to all kinds Of repairing and  custom work from duteido points.  SI|op:   "iall Street, between Baker and Vernon, Kelson  Bulbs  for   Fall   Planting  20,000 Holland Rulbs to arrive in Sentembcrt 5000 Japan  Lilies to arrive in October; 1;*R)0 lUiododt'itdrOiis. Azaleas,  Magnolias. Roses, etc. to arrive In October. Thousands,  of Roses, UitHit-Jins, Fruit and Orimt-ncnUil Trees, Shrubs,  etc., tfrowiiiK on my own grounds for tho fall trade.  Catalogue free.  M. J. Henry     -     Vaneouvei��, B. <5.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres of" la-tid within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson.  For- farther  pa-rtlotilars apply to  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,   Nolson,   B.   a THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, SUNDAY OCTOBER. 1, 1899.  DON'T  "WASTE  YOUR  MONEY  ON  BOTTLES  WE  CAN  SELL  YOU  PERFUMES  IN BULK  And there are no perfumes in Nelson  equal to those which we have just received. We are now opening up full lines  of Roger & Gallet's and Legrand's celebrated French Perfumes, as well as those  of the Crown Perfumery Company of  London. These orders may be purchased  either in bulk or in bottles. See our assortment  of French  Toilet Soaps.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  New  Arrivals  BARBERS' REGULATION COATS  Very Nobby  BARTENDERS' REGULATION VESTS  WAITERS' COATS IN SEVERAL STYLES  COOKS' CAPS, APRONS, Etc.  j'S1   "  -ia, -  ���J. A.  Qilk:er  The   L,eading   Furnisher  of Beatmty  -Is. a Joy to Both Gayer* and Receiver  Mas*.- a Slip, Etc.  Provincial constable .S. A. Knlly is not.  tlnj lucky man several ol* liis Nelson  friends set liim down as beiny. In the  grading of the Canadian Pacific branch  from Lardo to Duncan City a rich showing of galena was uncovered. The find  was at once staked by Messrs. Shupe and  Kelly and their friends proceeded to congratulate them upon their good luck.  The disappointment came when a man  from Kaslo arrived on the scene and demonstrated that the find was upon his  claim and that the graders had dislodged  liis stake. '   Allan Forrester, provincial constable at  Robson, left Nelson yesterday in charge  of Albert Thompson of Slocan City, who  has been committed to the asylum for  the insane at New Westminster.  Napoleon Fitzstubbs left yesterday for  .San Francisco for the purpose of securing  medical treatment for his eyes. During  his absence the duties of warden of tlie  provincial .jail will be discharged by W.  11. JJuIlock-Webster.  Ilev. Father Cote of Montreal, who is  to assist Rev. Father Ferland in his  mission work in Nelson, arrived yesterday. Mass will be celebrated today in  the schoolhouse at 10 o'clock.  W. A. Jowett and W. II. Dowsing will  leave this morning for Spokane to make  arrangements for the Nelson mineral  exhibit at the industrial exhibition.  Arthur Blauey, an employee of the  Hudson's Bay Company, was summoned  yesterday before mayor Neelands for  riding a bicycle on the sidewalk on Baker  street. The��� mayor let him off with a  caution, but gave'him to understand that  in future those Avho were guilty of a  similar offence would not fare so lightly.  The infant son of Hew Ferguson Pollock  is dangerously ill and is not expected to  live.  J,-J. Fleutot, managing director of the  Excelsior Gold  Mines,   Limited, has ac-  BTTSINESS   MENTION.  quired a new group of claims in the Lardo district ami will form a company in  Paris to take over the same.  Only four members of the Gun Club  turned up to shoot yesterday. The score  was as folloAvs: G. AV. Steele, li); Dr.  Hall, IS; A. Carrrie, 15; Clarence Goepel,  10; the last named having but 15 birds  and the others 25 apiece.  Sir Henri and Lady .foly de Lotbiniere,  who are on a pleasure trip through the  Kootenays, left Nelson last night for the  East. Sir Henri is the present minister  of inland revenue. He is a seigneur of  Quebec, and was formerly piemior for  that province. He is a staunch Liberal  in politics, but commands the respect of  both parties.  A. Maiiiwaring-.rnhu.son leaves to-morrow for the coast. He will meet his two  sisters, Mrs. Norton and Mrs. Pike, who  were passengers on the ill-fated .Scotsman, at Revelstoke.  .S. Fdlund, a teamster, was brought before mayor Neelands yesterday charged  with removing sand from Victoria street  without a permit. The mayor let him  off on payment of the costs of the  summons.  A  LARGE  CONSIGNMENT  JUST  OPENED  We can supply you witf] Cartridges  TO SUIT YOUR RIFLE  Carpenters' Tools  A   FULL  LINE  SHELF HARDWAR  THE BEST ASSORTED  STOCK  IN THE KOOTENAYS  iankrii  ' Newest Styles  Standard Quality  Best Finish  Owing  to  difficulty in   securing boys  who will deliver Tun Turuoxic ��� regularly.(.o subscribers.  ��� the oily circulation of .Tim Tkiiiu.vi-' will be sold lo a responsible person on a spot cash basis.   .Apply at ollieo on  ; Vernon street.  Furnished roonis to let.    Apply to Mrs.  L. M. Jameson, Carnoy Block, IJivkcr street west.  Owing-to ^a death iii the family of. the  owner, tlie following properly is oll'crcd for immediate  salo, namely, the Home Temperance Hotel, together  with all the furniture. Tho ground is 50 by. 120 feet, at  Ihe norlheast ooiner of Vernon and Hall .streets. Apply  on the premise*.  Offices  to   rent���Single   or   in   suite.  Heady for nccu_unoy Novemlior Js(. Apply lo .lolm  Hou-sum, Tribune Oltlcc.  Since the first day of April-last, all  iicw-iulvcrLisemciils appearing in Tin-, Thihuxb have  been charged for at the rate of SI an inch iier mould.  All adverSNonieii! . are inserted ill both tbfc daily and  Weekly editions. ,-'  Miss Ta.mhi.tn*  '>    n-   ''���  THEY WILL ALWAYS SELL WHEN ANYTHING* WILL  AND COST NO MORE  \    THAN THOSE OF DOUBTFUL REPUTATION  Just Received  A large consignment of Sterling Novelties corn-  prising Manicure Sets with and without Amethyst settings. They are beauties. Cut Glass  in a variety of patterns mounted with Sterling  Brushes  Combs  Whisks  Soap Boxes  Puff Boxes  Shoe Horns  Mucilage Bottles  Salts Bottles  Powder Bottles  Ch ate la ins  Scissors  Button Hooks  Bib Holders  Shaving Sets  Toilet Sets  Baby Sets  Embroidery Sets  Desk Sets  Crochet Sets  Pumice  onder  J5  Fine iWat<*;h_repaM^  Jeweler  3BU&.E:'E3*]=i  S'I,*R.*E!*EI*a?,   2>t��iXi&G>��T  - '   ** so  J��L  a*   22 j���   .so s=-  a*   �� m e-3 -~  ?   (GpO   y*    ���� -O    Q***  2-    w     S_,      CD -j���    JZi     eg  fi . ��._������� *f -g ��r * ��|-i  ���**  ���    ss ess  .J2   ..<�����    _    stf    ess  g    0  ��� ���   ��� j��� .��= ae* cs gs g^  'fi*  w  at  'it*  a  =S mm.      L***^ &  ���    <o    w  C3  13  a*  O  MILLINERY  LATEST NEW YORK AND PARIS PATTERNS OF  .  '       HATS-STOCK NEW AND UP-TC-UATJC.  FANCY GOODS.  Lessons in embroidery and lace work, ftninpiug done.  Orders taken for cushions, lnmp shado=, etc.  Two {loci's -west Martin O'Hoilloy & Co'*.  MILLJINBRV  For the fall season our stock of millinery and  millinery j.oveltioF is ihe most complete mid  extensive we have yet been able to s-how  in NcNon, nnd our opening on Wednesday  was n most successful one. Ali-s Ray of New*  York liasehnrtfc of the trimming (lcpui'lincnt.  MRS.  EU  McLyAUGI-iUIlN  Josephine Strqel;. lienr Baker.  Has been a great success and has certainly  exceeded our expectations, which goes to  prove that the people  of Nelson know when  they are getting genuine bargains. "We still  have a large stock to  choose from and will  continue to sell until  all is sold.  STOVES AND  KITCHEN UTENSILS  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON  ARE YOU BURNING UP MONEY  Because Your Stove or Range Cannot be  Regulated to Save Fuel ?��  SOME MORE  SAMPLE   PRICES  ATJj WOOL SHIRTS t**npf_  AND JJHAWKIIS       UWOUb.  25cts.   $4.00  ..$1.00 yd  8cts.  CAHPIONTICR  A PIIU.N'S    "MKVS* ULI7K  SRllGK SUITS   JIKAVY JiLACK  SATIN .    .  MIT  MUSLIN   IT WILL PAY YOU  TO EXAMINE  OUR NEW STOCK OF  STOVES AND RANGES  Tlie saving in fuel effected will soon equal  the cost of tlio range. It can bo so quickly  and easily regulated that there jieed bo no  waste of heat or fuel. New patented improvements offer you more convenience and  comfort 'than you'll find in any other range...'--  TWO  CAR  LOADS TO  SELECT  FROM  LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO,  =mz  WB ilAVK SECURED THE SOI-K AGENCY FOB  ii W1T rVA\T    IIT1 TED ��*��  ISIIT'ATIONS CAN' NOT NOW J3JS PUT ON  T11J5 MAllKKT.  VjMt.N'ON* STKKKT  JS'i'M.SOiV, JJ. C.  THORPE & CO., Ltd.  All new goods in our regular  stock are  being marked  down at prices that it  will no longer pay  to   send   east  for goods.  A. Ferland & Co.  ELLIOT ULOCK, RAKER STKEKT. NELSON.  To Packers and Freighters  =*F'0*Eaf=S2A;Ia*3H]��==  21 Pack Mules.  8 Work Mules.  2 Saddle Horses.  -%>.  W. P. DICKSON  B. H. H. APP'LBWHAI'T'ei  J. MoPHBBl  flfplj ml fionstfiietiofl Co,  ELEOTHIC SUPPLIES  WHOLESALE  Butter,  gggs,  Cheese,  Green  Fruits,  Cured  Meats,  Vegetables  ���Rigginpr and hnriicsd may be itmiigotl fop.  Ajiply i;o    '!'. GliAlIAM^ Albert;Caoy'dii, 13,. C.  o  map in  Lang's Celelrated Cream Flake  Sodas, 3-lb Cartons ... .   flrkpatrick <& Wilsoira  CREAT REDUCTION  HARD GOAL  er ton  SHIPPERS OF THE EARLY  BREAKFAST BRAND OF BACON  Complete Blectrlc Bauipnients for Bleotrtc Power Traasmissloh and Lighting for Mines, Towns  Electric "H'lxturea, Lamps, Bella, Telephones. Annunciators, Etc.  P. O. Box 60S. Josephine Street, Nelson, B. 0.  JUST ARRIVED A CARLOAD OF  AnheuscrBusch Lager Beer!  Highest class Lager produced,       On sale by the trade in Nelson.  ASK FOR IT  R. P. RITHET & CO., Ltd., Victoria, Agents for B. C.  A, B. GRAY, Agent for Kootenay, linker St., NeLson, Next Oddfellows Building:  AJjL sizes of Hlaiik llookn. Willi cvury kind of npcfiial nilinj,' nnd priiiUsd  heatliniiK. inunufucturcd right hero in  Nulsoii,,l>y well-paid worlcmiiii, who Hjiend their citruiiiKH in Nelttm. .Tribuno A^sociiUion, Liiniteil, "Vernon ki.  Full  stocks  carried at  Nelson   and  Rossiatld.    Mail orders solicited.  Palace   Oakery  Brofid delivered to any p.nrfc of tho city.  Cakes, pastry, and .confectionery a specialty.  ���D*E3XJI'V*'E3*El*EII3  'Spcciiti rates for carlojid Jolii for oni-side ijointii.  TJfl'WiPIIONi  33  s C. W. West & Co.  Crow's Nest Pass  CRAWFORD BROTHERS  Necfc to lloyal Hotel.. Stanley Streot. Nolson  Vienna Restaurant  Bakor street", between Joacphino and  . Hall streets, Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY Oil NIGHT  UAKEJIY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY ANI) JJASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HKLP EMPLOYED       :  ye. yECxj^Tctsr,   3P*RO*Es*BX*E3,rci*_.  DELIVERED  Orders may be left with C. W. West  & Co., or with.  CHARLES St. BARBE, Agent.  Office on Uakcr street;, two doors front Bank of U. C.  Special Notice to the People of Kootenay  I am now prepared to test the eyes  of the people, as J have in my depart*  ment. a first-class optician. I have a  large selection pf gold frames and the  very best of lenses. Call and get your  eyes examined at  ';.:... JACOB DOVER'S The Jeweler  S  Mustard with Horse Radish  Sweet Mixed Piekies  Sweet and Red Hot Relishes   Pes Brisay ���& Co.  Get the Best Jams  We have just received a large consignment of the  DYSON-GIBSON   COMPANY'S  JAMS  AND  PICKLES  Also a complete assortment of the  TORONTO  BISCUIT COMPANY'S SWEET BISCUITS  Baker Streot West, Nelson   John A. Irving & Co.  Strachan   Bros.  ���^LX-raMC-BEI-BSv, ETC.  0*E?"E3*3B_9l   HTOrrSEi   *EXiGC*33:  -^


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