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 w$  M  t.!  ���ii  |  f,  ���I  i$y  h"B\'-iy:i  ir^'-V-  Kill ������������-  r..n.:ipp ���  _   1  ��"  �����%'���'  vm  mii  ���&��� ���  i��y>'i'  .1  IV-P  r-'t'  ' V a  >. *.^  l#f  ���*;���!*}  _/'��������?  _t  DEARTH   CF   DEFINITE   NEWS  From the Transvaal Yesterday.  London, October 0.���Sir Henry Camp-  bell-Banncrnian, speaking at Maidstone  today at a. luncheon especially arranged  to give the leader of the Opposition in  tlie House of Commons an opportunity  of expressing the view of official Liberalism in regard to the Transvaal crisis, said  that the door had not been shut upon  further negotiations.  "Great Britain," ho continued, "lias not  made her demands as a sir/erain power  but in virtue of international law, and as  tlie power responsible for tiie well being  ot South Africa. if the Boer government has refused the reasonable requests  contained in the dispatch of the secretary  of state for the colonies on September  Stli, through fear and suspicion regarding a possible attack upon tlieir independence, the speeches of the duke=of  Devonshire and sir Matthew White Ridley, constitute assurances which ought  to extinguish suspicion and fear.  These speeches are quite as authoritative as any dispatches and bind the  honor of the government  and  the conn-  O  try. Tliey ought to open the way to an  agreement. Party interests must stand  aside at this "juncture, as Avell as the  reputation of the ministers, f do not  believe that diplomacy has said its last  word, although the country is on tlie  brink of Avar. It is a remarkable  thing that when tlie question is  asked, what are we going to war about,  no answer can be given. This country  has never yet gone into a great War in .  such a state of uncertainty. From  patriotic motives Liberals cannot and  should not embarrass tlio government,  but the time for free speaking will come  bye and bye. At present common interest aro at stake: reputation of ministers and our estimate of the- conduct of  the government must all stand aside  as the only thing that matters is  . this question of peace or war."  Pointing out the absurdity of'going into a war for a 'difference of two years in  the opposing franchise proposals, sir  Henry Canipboll-Baunerman declared  that the claim of suzerainty had been  finally exploded by sir William Vernon  Harccuft aud sir Edward Clark.  "It  was  an  evil   day," he  continued,  "wli.n this claim was dug from the grave  :   in wliich it  was   decently buried in ISS-t  bythe  wise. and.: experienced men  who  then "conducted  British alVairs���-the men  ��� who buried  it because they knew it was  devoid of efficacy and  a fruitless source  ��� li'oft difficulty-."���=": S^elleye. ^tl'ie^*(MiBtJi*y��has  wf-pSj.^Ms-M^jj W".-*fAV. "i"-"-''. .-iK"��'������"; ��'��"���������. ��? rap**"***"fl v;.-.v%  ^feo'n fc^uudfcd^thdl- -toTGudj?*^^  '.ySik'-l*.^^  ���'c\^Mv&iv hf'&iffii/- ^|Ji*i^.S*fu:e"h^4. yiadi:s-;  v-ii'iutSbieraluV fuu'iipJgd' :it^m'*::-.fciie:i'iee0!fsiW"^  fa&jbs/o/i" tile iibiiiiitfoiKf "' .'.'        .��    .  : "     '"loXJ&N^ goyeri"!'-  inent "ia ' ejjdctiUg;;' "thittsjvi'i'd!"* of:   Eafjir  . jiyrllier^ fCoin the. Rsni'dk and seliding tlieni  into/the northeiiii? n^ti-iets of- tlie Ti*ans-'  .. yu0 to avoid the' dailger'&f a collision  ywith the1 V^liyites in  '$.ie: event of 'war.  * -'|'fie:ir5Rh";eai^ tliey Boei'Syhas-:  ���.' ��ta^*ted for" the "fi'ontie-fc  J^nw ;��oi<iy, October I?.��-~The Tribute  publishes the following froni its Paris  .eoj'i'espomdent: John. Hays Hammond,  .the* American engineer, connected with  , loading; South Af Mean: muih-.g companies,  : avIio returned ifrp,m the Cape two months  ago, is how passing it few days at $\i;-i,*is.  The appreciatio.u of the situation in the  Transyaat expressed by Mi", If ammOhd in,  conversation with your, correspondent  is of iiiterest as shoAving how war  Avith the Boers is regarded by an observant representative. -American enjoying  ^islre^advanta*^  facts, enabling him to thoroughly grasp  "the situation.  As to the justice of the wai1, Mr. Hammond did not wish to express* an opinion;  but when asked, whether the war would  be a short or a loiig one, said: "It will  be a short war, ending with the capture of Pretoria after which the  Boers will recognize the futility  of further fighting. The Boers today  ��� are not as formidable -lighters...as they  were fifteen years ago ; for exam pie, their  former enormous advantage in marksmanship over the British troops no  longer exists because game has considerably disappeared, Tlie Boers now liave  little experience in shooting at moving  objects. A few old doppers are still good  shots, but they are fast dying out. Moreover the British Lee-Metford rifle, with  its " remarkably flat trajectory, puts  Tommy Atkins quite on an equality with  the Boers so far as inarkniauship is concerned."  "Quasi friends of the Boers," continued Mr. Hammond, "deluded them  into the belief that Great Britain would  not resort to war in any event, and unfortunately thereby provoked a.spirit of  opposition to the British demands, resulting in the present diplomatic, im-  pass, which I fear makes Avar inevitable. Encouraged by the present  Aveakness of the British gari'ison  the Boers evidently hope to occupy  strategic positions, and by rapidly assuming the offensive to forestall the British  army."  London, October 7,���The Daily News  this.morning asserts that an army corps  Avill be mobilized today.  A despatch from  Maf eking announces  that   commandant  Cronje   ofthe  Boers  forces, has been promoted to'the rank of  . general and is massiuj GOOO,Boers wjfc-i.  wmmm  \?yy^M0^  y:my,^'  .'iAA*^Vj."fei'_:-A  nnz  SATURDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 7,  1899.  PUBLISHJ3D AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  artillery near Ramathhibaina, north of  Maf eking. The despatch adds that  general Cronje has sent a message to the  camp of the imperial troops that he will  cross the border at tiie lirst shot fired in  Natal.  It is now practically certain that parliament will meet on October 17th. Reserves will Vie summoned today in .sufficient numbers to bring up a war strength,  and about one-siqteenth of the total reserve will be warned to hold themseh'es  in readiness for service in   pSouth  Africa.  Mining shares had quite a boom in the  streets today owing to the fact that the  Portuguese government had asked Great  Britain to protect its frontier. . Randt"  mines Avere nearly two points above the  closing figures and others from one-  quarter to three-quarters. There has  been almost a complete dearth of news  from South Africa today. The few dispatches received, recording military movements at various points, all tend to confirm tlie belief that president Kruger Avill  restrain any forAvard movement by the  Boers unless they are fired upon or Avar  is .-declared. It is stated that right  honorable-Harry Escomb, former premier  of Natal, is going to Pretoria in the interest of peace.  SHORT BITS OF NELSON NEWS.  Dilwell Davenport of San Francisco is  now at Avork upon the readjustment of  the fire-insurance r.ites in Nelson. He  will probably complete the Avork this  evening. The .., impression is gaining  ground that the readjustment Avill not  effect so inucli in the way of a reduction  in the rates as most of the local agents  expected, but nothing definite Avill be  known until the report is returned from  Vancouver.  Major-general Hutton, commanding the  forces in Canada, aiid lieutenant-colonel  Peters?, D.O.C. of Victoria, are expected  to arrive iii Nelson on the 20th instant  t> inspect the Nelson, company of  Kootenay Rifles. -.  B. R. Atkins, at one time a resident of  Kaslo, but avIio for the last tAvo years  has been the editor of  the  Revelstoke  THE CONSERVATIVE CONVENTION ENDORSES THE EIGHT-HOUR LAW  After a Long Fight the Champions of Party Lines are Victorious  Nrav AVestajinstkk, October 0.���Tho  Conservative convention closed here  today Avith the adoption of a platform  which, generally speaking, declares for  eA'erything for AVhich anybody in British  Columbia is agitating. Notably, the con-  A'ention stands by the eight-hour law.  Tlie only pjint of serious dispute  among the delegates Avas the proposed  division of provincial parties upon Federal party lines, Avhich the Avhole of the  Victoria delegation had been instructed  to oppose, and Avhich Robert Green,  M.P.P., of Kaslo, and the Kamloops delegates also protested against. All, however, had voted to abide by the decision  of the majority,.which in this case was  for the reaffirming of last year's resolution. The convention Avas AArell attended,  some 140 delegates being present.  Tlie platform as adopted is a fearful  and Avonderful production, slipshod and  i-ambling. After reciting the cardinal  virtue's attributed to Conservativisnl it  proceeds to confirm last years resolution :  "That in the opinion of this coiwentiou  it is desirable that the Liberal-Conservative party should, as a party, take part in  provincial elections for the purpose of  ensuring the government and legislation  of this province on Liberal-Conserv.atiAre  principles; and,in oi'der to carry this into  effect tit tlie next general election for the  province, that candidates be invited' to  stand for such constituents as are likely  to return Liberal-Conservative members  pledged to primarily support a Liberal-  Conservative government asdistinguished  from a government composed of Liberals  or partly, of Liberal-Conservatives and  partly of Liberals."  The details of what the ConserA**ativcs  intend to do for tho pro\-ince aro then  given including these most interesting  features.  To provide an efficient system for the  settlement of disputes between capital  and labor.  To.adopt the principle of the government ownership of railways se far as  the circumstances will admit, and the  adoption of the principle that no bonus  should be granted to any railway corporation Avhicli does not give, the government of tlie province control of the rates  oArer the lines bonused, together Avith the  ojition pf purchasing.  To actively assist by state aid the development of the agricultural reserves of  the province.  To make the London agency of British  Columbia more effective.  In the interest of labor the Liberal-  Conservative party sympathizes Avith  and endorses the principle of the eight-  hour law.  To actively, support the advancement  of the mining interests of British Columbia.  To aid iu tlie immigration of domestic  servants. The object of this is to displace Chinese house-boys, and in this connection the conA'eution in conclusion  viewed with alarm: "The introduction  of large numbers of indigent aliens into  the Dominion to compete Avith our own  people iu the field of laboi", aud regrets  that the federal administration has  failed to introduce legislation respecting  Chinese immigration'which Avas pledged  to the people of the province by the present prime minster."  ConseiwatiA'e party loyal support in federal affairs, it declines to take any course  or endorse any line of action that may  lead to a rupture between it and tlie  friends with whom it has worked Avith  the single object of promoting the cause  of good government. The delegates  from Victoria were E. G. Prior, Thomas  Earl, M.P., D. M.cEberts,"II. D. Ilehncken  and G. McPhillips, the present representative of the city in the legislature; 0. F.  Beavcn, Joseph Nicholson, C. A. Gregg,  .Tames Lemon, Rich Hopcr, Herbert Cutli-  bert, W. H. Price, Joseph Wriglesworth,  William LaAvrence, William Mabie,  Joseph BroAvn, Garrett Smith, James O.  Harvey, LaAvrence McRae, Robert Cas-  sidy, D. .EI. Kerr, George Deans, AVatson  Clarke, George Daniels, H. R. Seabrook,  Arthur Heathorn .and Allan Graham.  Alaskan Boundary Almost Decided.  THE   OBJECTS   OF   UNIONISM  '���_ As Understood By a Miner.  What is unionism ? Unionism is a huv  of nature, implacable as that of gravity  or inertia, and we conform to its requirements quite  as  spontaneously.    It  ydeaiiV^'^iind.lJv^ot'eiiay^ri  "':$g'l^gl&oji|���Tiii^ing; j"_ BtMH^'*yaii' ��� ''^SSJktan^jS  p��� i^Stj/ -affiiii^iM^s -.. tluvtvi^ylatMi} fey -tl^s^'  . *KillyIje;yyiu"*;vs?i,. -_<"*yeijy,. iSmrday ;ifryJS. IStii".;';  ���jPhft opieJiiiigjSf; tli.6 ^e-yv .��� 'cliuPeli; JjaSvbeeh  ^posijp .Vied"'Athtji "tlie y^gnC iiistant.   The-  "bislj.QiJvof {"l:,!tiV!idiocese: being* absimt on, -a  visitation: to; the iip"riilie.rn missions, no  Msbop-will- be-'linpottedf -fbv the "Gccasioh,  bnt tlie jKev*. fatltgr". C(atuis**%vt  oT tfrft  Fb;rt.Sfceisle -ui .ssi'on-4 .who lias labored in  Ku^eYiay'loliijei". than:. any ��� 'O^fey* pi"^'?^.'  %-i.ll say; the first Mass in MiS' new dhnrch. ;  The regular monthly meeting of the  South Ilobtemvy boarif of. ti^ide Avill: be '������  postpouetl from Monday .next Uhtif  Mou-  tUvy,. Oetober ift'tli-yon' account of tliie- ex- ;  enrsionto pSpokauo on thW^th'.  Owing to the absence, froih the eity Of  .L X^oderiek Robertson, the teiiilers Ioi*  the ecoetiO'n of   the London A, British  Col. tunbla Goldfields oflioeson Baker street  will   not  be   considered  until Monday  next. ________________  SANBON   LOCAL   NOTES.  ^^SandoiFpeople'Avet'esoineAvlnit'alarmedr  on AVednesday morning over a fire that  broke out In a laundry in the "middle of  the town.  II II. Pitts of Sandon attended the  Conservative convention at New Westminster as a delegate. Mr. Christie being  unable to go.  Hiram Pascoe, employed at the Butli  sawniill, up at tlie "mine, had a narroAV  escape from a hovrible death, late Wednesday afternoon. AVhile Avorking close  to tiie big saw, he stumbled and fell  right against tlie swiftly revolving teeth.  He had presence of mind suitieient to  throw himself to one side aJiid thus -saved  his body. His thigh received an ugly  gash, eight inches long, from Avhich the  blood poured out. He AVas taken to the  Miners' Union hospital and the wound  quickly dressed.  There are four patients in the Miners'  Union hospital.  The to.Avn is still Avithout street lights,  which Avere shut off because the owners  of the company operating tlie electric  light plant persisted ill hurting the tOAVii  by refusing to Avork the mines under  their control.  Workmen Buried Under Dover Cliff.  Dover, England, October 6.���During  the progress of some harbor Avork at St.  Margaret bay today, a large portion of  the cliff fell, burying a number of the  men engaged iu the work, A large force  of men is uoav engaged in an attempt to  rescue the buried Avorkmen.  The Premier Leaves for Chicago.  Montreal,. October O.-r-rSir Wilfrid  Laurier, accompanied;."by������;"lady. Laurier,  left for Chicago tonight to attend the  laying of tlie corner stone of tho federal  buildings.        -"       .        .  ylgftlp-stfuc  "'ift.jjji}^  ,;: ;::I$'^''w&i'-.&^  "unions^rreaieliyout^  ; ��0i|b!jgiitsy'rt^ g^  rl.in$ai''ti,n^-^ 'peasant '*^tiS& ���' .0'r"io-*~  ieilraty^   Sram.tbiie jo. .thiie.-W&:'^Jiear'...'of  ..single imtifflis. ina^i^ inii--  itvial' protection ;y"a3"#-^li.e^e. in ytiiirn' kiet  tsome: engfiafted^*|ii lailgej?.y:coinbiniit'ioiis;  ; oftiii'ees aiidyfO to.  streyiigtfiT ah(l 'nQAv^tiiCyiniK tlie  eai'tliapplaii.tl Svitii eJitiiusi&iii theyas^  senibly of the AVoillol's Peapce Gang.'ess,  where the first iudlments of tlie union  of nations ;h;v*v0 beeii- enacted. These  'larger trjiiOns; aret /prineipiilly tlio tipper  decoration, the gilded, domes giving th��  agreeable ajjipearaijee of blended! beaiity,  Of finislr and; coni-pl. teliessv Tliese sit  lightly Oil the more irsef ttl and heavier  material beneath, until at the foulvdatibn  the individual carries each bis share of the  eightof the entire, edifice.  The  masses  liave  a  multiplicity   of  -unions ^We_fiud_them_sympath^cy_jn^  teileetnal, fraternals deiioi'iiinational,  Ghristhin, heathen, etc. All have their  uses and all benefit those with whom  they are associated by the iiitereliange of  ideas, aud the friendly contact encourages  them to affiliate AA-lthotherttnions,to work  in concord as one. To this end, among  others, the trade and labor unions Avere  inaugurated. The serious business of  the problem of existauce should, be as a  matter of Course the most important  branch of unionism. Yet, strange to  think, it is so often neglected  and even frowned down on as disreputable.' Why is this'? 'Should we  be so much aboA-e our daily occupation as  to be ashamed to meet our companions  of toil in cordial helpful intercourse?  No man with a spark of ���divinity in his  nature will question the advantage, right  and justice of such assemblage, or denying it to others, and feAv do. Many, Ave  fear; all too many, are influenced by tlie  Opinions of some of those, placed, we Avill  suppose, in more favorable circumstances. There are . those inclined to  sneer at what they please to call the  uncouth; yet Avith such as tliese, uncouth also is the bread of life itself.  With such shallow natures .and dwarfish  souls as these possess, they do not approve  unselfishly of such institutions, but have  the absurd idea uppermost that such a  combination means to them pecuniary  loss. UncOuth, indeed 1 AVh.'it Avould  they be in like circumstances ? Withdraw  from them the social pedestal and, unable  to withstand misfortune, they topple  down to assume the drudgery of life,  more uncouth and miserable than. the  meanest,'-more Avretched in tlieir helplessness than the lowest ofthe class they  despise, as the great unkempt, unbrushed,  unwashed.. E. P. Biikmnku.  . Now-Denver; October Ist."      '.'���������..���      j  WILL ATTEMPTTO CLOSE DOWN  Every Mine in the Province.  Sandon, October (j.���The seAreral meetings of the Sih'er-Lead Mines Association held here this week have been kept  Arery .secret, as in the  past, and what tlie  iiu-ole^fx^f'fe^  ��mus,;fe;y���Wait":���foi��i/developjiients;'  -^One  'Stated::���^^  i,a' 'feig-���elSa;iisO:iij'|. -ti fe. G-tn_^o;��^  A;ii other. !'e"rna^%ed^  'h^r. nff,mei}^s,M:mx: eudv^Wl). #:JJt; Jtfay';  yet.tlireateji-tlie.-';. fh^!di :pi.^to:c^���Av.ith 'ay  Ifjikouti. -. .������ Sfet-ya.. tiiii*dyysujig(jstsd.'y'th^  ���;SOiiie''Of. tliet: inine&.yniiglitywoi^f^ $x&  rb^yplyodugersly-W^ ' .cl��sg^v:illl'''  wyvfer, aiUlr:;-"Qt^v^i|^sM-;,i^^ ��������ip*fil'^fflg^  .UiMei' fioiiti'aet "i'vo'uyyJ siT^peii;d:;bpei'ati'oiy^  ^Chis latter idea woti'Id; se^in fe fee tlio:  course .decjded; QU,*as the- Last Ohaiice  yesterday n-ifXftniiig sent, eleven moiivdowii  tilt*/. MIL The officials: .of the. Miners*  Uiiioii state they have: i-Oceived'no ovet--  tuvSs; from" tfie owuersj whos6 reeeilf cir^  eular. they iuwe. aiisweretl >by a ���fi'es.lj  warlibig; to Labor to SteSr. cieaiypf the  S'locan. Here, at pi'esent) the situation  is- one t)f: great and -soniewhat depi-essiiig  uncertainty,        _        ��  MINIlfG   lJTEWS   TBOM  SA-tBON.   Up at jtliey Sovei'eig-n tlie contractors,  "Williams and Grouse.  ore chute,  the night  "have can Slit^tluT  shift on Monday  night showing4the ore, There is now 15  inches of fine steel galena sliowing in the  breast, which assays 124 ounces silver  and 79 per cent lead. Where tapped, tlie  chute is 900 feet ���froin the mouth of the  drift, and gives a large stOping territory.  The Sovereign is OAVned by Montreal  capitalists, aiid AVas organized last March.  They also own the Madison, upon which  a good strike was made three weeks ago.  ��� The company,purpose working both properties throughout the winter.  At the present time there are but 15  men at the Payne, 12 of Avhom were put  on Wednesday to do outside work, though,  the mine is in shape to employ 200, and  Ship fully 2000 tons of ore per month.  The Ruth is to install an electric lighting plant at tiie concentrator. It is also  intended to .move the .sawmill further  down the hill.  Prom Whitewater tliis Aveek 00 tons of  ore have gone out,'divided among the  WhiteAvater, 33 tons . Jackson, 32 tons ;  and Hillside, 1 ton.  A new shipper will shortly enter tlie  lists, it being the Ajax Fraction,  Four feet of concentrating ore is in  sight at the American Boy.  The Reco is doing some underground  surveying, J. Hirsch superintending tiie  job.   Victoria Eesents Party Lines,  AricToniA, October 0.���Great disappointment Avill be felt here tliat the delegates  from this city failed to convince the Conservative convention of the'iu.advisabiHty-  of introducing Dominion parties into  provincial politics, aiid it .is doubtful  Avhether this city Avill divide on these  lines. The Colonist Avill toinorroAV i.uir  uouiice that, while continuing to give the  chase of Alaska in 18(37.  ��� New York, October 0.���The evening  papers publish the following from AVash-  ington regarding the Alaskan boundary:  The state department is informed from  London that the British foreign office  has ratified the Alaskan pro\risional  boundary line as agreed upon by secretary of state Hay and Mr. TqAver, the  British charge d'affairs. Tiie agreement  Avas submitted to the British foreign  office about six Aveeks ago for ratification, Avithout which it would not be operative. The most important commercial and political consideration in the  Hay-Tower modus vivendi is that it  carries with it the agreement that Canada "will be granted a lease for one year  of a port on the Lynn .canal.: This concession has already been shown to be unpopular in the Avest and northwest, and  if it be made a part of any proposed final  agreement, it Avill probably be  rejected.  The state department has already come  to a definite conclusion as to the manner  in Avhich the final agreement may bp  reached.    The conclusions are :  First���By a remission of the delimitation of the line to the joint high commission, its conclusion being subjected to  the ratification by the senate.  Second���By   a   court    of, .''-arbitration '  whose functions will be confined to three  :pr,oposit"ions��_as.;-f pllpAm: -.,. -,YatTh&Uuit;e4;.  :';S.tates��-.Ayi!ll draw'-fawuiiSubnu  ^tOitliesqourt^  ���ipor��,(Sanada,iAvill.-,di'awyatey;'ii  ���J-?��-"ffi'?.->.i:?;S:l-Si1"_V"3s��:.>-',"- #:*.v_-'a".*,s-?'. .-SviJ^ff  ^uelii>t;it;-tOitH����{Dx*i_i%:^tt);_^  0iear,the= argunjgiiteandisaetei.'iiiines.Avhich,.,:  t-v ;:^|pi^^m>T|ftjfe"-:iJ'�� '& cOi"n^^i*n'%(f -tfiiiMJ  ';Mfe't{it^4e.jSir|^  tl|ey ai&yi|n-A0lli^g;:^ .Jay  ;'("'P'U^S!l(~|ll^  .'w^fjliy'-ui'itmlited","^^  prSnis^y^hicii :5v.onM<gifeg' ^tuf^M^Bfi^-'  /i^fy'f^i^itie:r;.;c^u  ���depaM|}iig'utvW,iii/i^ risjk; -%;o ft|i|ciii  i.ll-^fegisi^iitasiy^a^^  :. Yign.e^^jMi;: '���^^fe*^&i^;y,y:,i0i^y feoHrt^tp?.  :arbiti;atiotf' .wilEyiigiij ':Jo%\ i-esOrtCJdy'. to- if  CajiadavVIiijgiai^^^ . 'States?;'  agree to rejnit tlio filial J)ouii;<3ai:y to tiie,  jb'hjti^ ���������ftigi.-'.:^  :agCee, bidXlcM; toi,^ySalislJulry "aii^ eolOiifcii  lla;y to aissign1 toy colonel; Jfey and iti:.,  Tolvertlle^iity of ajg-reeing on a: "modus  f ivetidi, "Sijbjefet to' tliD .rati.Bcal3'on.:bvy "Bli.e.  British 'foi-eigitoiiiiee.;.     .    >  Tlie f<a0t, that sir L.O'ui's Davis, Canada's  special coinmissioneiy, is now in London,  is tjiken here to indicate that Cauadiif lias  at least consented' freely to the .__ay-  JI?ower^-cou;ventiOn:,^but=that=..she^=lias^  staked; her ellances for her ��� principal  claims on aboard of arbitration Avhen, the  joint high cQmn.iis.'sion is veiiivestecl Avith  power to stiggest the true line. That line  AA'ill not differ materially from, the Hay-  Tower line and the commission  will say Chat Canada should  have. a port oil Lynn Canal;  in other words, the provisional line and  the temponiry lease of a port will be  made permanent. Sireli au agreement  Avottl'cl undOiibtfedly be ratified by the  British foreign' office, but. it Would not be  ratified by the United States senate, Tlie  state department officials have, in fact,  been already apprised of the fact that  nearly all the western and northwestern  senators are irrevocably ^apposed to surrendering to Canada tlie sovereignty over  any water or lands which now. and have  been American territory  since  the pur-  OUR SOUTH AFRICAN COLONIES  And the Transvaal.  The Transvaal trouble has eclipsed the  Dreyfus ease ; and though the international yacht race has caused a temporary lull in the excitement, the duel  between Joe Chamberlain and Paul  Kruger is the all absorbing topic of the  hour.  Readers of 'The Tin hunk have to  gather their news from the Associated  Press telegrams, and the manner in which  names of the different places in South  Africa are sprung upon one, aie perplexing to anyone who is not personally  acquainted with that country. It is almost impossible Avithout a map to follow  the various movements of troops. The  ordinary reader, who reads in the morning paper that the ."7th Hussars have arrived at the Cape", immediately supposes  that the regiment has reached the place  whore hostilities might break out. By  tlie word Cape is usually understood Capetown, the capital of Cape Colony. Port  Natal, (or Durban), the nearest port to  the Transvaal border, is over S00 miles  from Capetown by sea.and the Tiansvaal  border is over 300 miles by land from  Durban.  Perhaps the difficulty chiefly lies in not  understanding the geographical position  of the pSouth African colonies, in the  first place it must be remembered that  these colonies have a total area of some  300,000 square miles, about 83,000 less  than the area of British Columbia. These  colonies are the Cape of Good Hope, or  Capo Colony, Natal and Basutoland.  Bechuanaland and the territories of the  British Soutli Africa Company are not  colonies, but under the British protectorate. The first among the colonies in  wealth'' and importance is Cape Colony,  which covers the southern portion of the  continent from ocean to ocean and contains  an area of 277,151 square miles. Capetown is the capital and has a population  of 135,000. On the extreme northwestern border is the colony of Natal, and,  folloAving in an almost due easterly line  along the northern border, comes Basutoland, the Orange Free State,  Bechuanaland and tlie German Protectorate. The great Orange river, which  rises near the Natal border and flows in'  am almost due easterly direction to the  Atlantic on the Avest, forms the southern  border fine of the Orange Free State  and the German Protectorate.  The colony of Natal  contains  an area  of 20,85.1 s.quare' miles.    A   railway runs  from  Durban to  Pietermarit/.burg,   the  eajriital,-^ thence._;-tq yLadysmith,  a  town  ^fe^tire^Kfo^ State  ���0'cA-,Dl$'iir-.?':?'*- "fe-i'-^.iT^ill    fflnD-j*'-"---"-*M;.Bi^.     ���a.o-'Van"  *Sl Dn "a*^*   �� ,t  gud^j.^1;^ the  ���f^jy'&ilp^^ border,'"  ���TOiar/WiJ;i,"!--","'*g���---'-" ^------^ ���**���-���>  -."���AVailtlS"-'  ���i^-tl''?:!^ ai  Orange  an area of  :j|p^e!sun$iitr^ the capital,  HJcjS: in'ab^i'itvtS^ republic.  Tlie pre'sifeltj'df ''the"Gr'j1figc  Free State  is:aTv;��^^ ' \  .yT-W'SonJhr;^ or the.  ���B-ahsVoal -'iW'tO ^i%^nt|^f ftHe Onviige  Free iS'Mt-''.&��& an"  Weather Forecasts for Today's Yacht Race.  N-eav York, October 0.-���The observatory at Galilee reports the following:  Tlie wind tonight is north northwest,  Avith a heuwy sea running. The indications are tliat there will be a fresh Avind  at the commencement of the race tomorrow, also a heavy sea, but that the,  sea Avill go down as the race proceeds.  At. 10 o'clock to-night reports were received from Long Island to the effect that  the wind is moderating.  At the same hour Sandy Flook reports:  "Wind still blowing at the rate of thirty-  two miles an hour."  fight Between McCoy, and Choynski Drawn.  ���Chicago,. October (J.���Tho bout between  "Kid". McCoy .and* Joe Choynski' tonight  Avas decided a draw at-tUey end, of the  sixth round.  ; afea of i02i2OO.IiqnaW;:mileSi"^ shut"  hi. by B'iyitislit^  cept along" tligr:"^i^^|i::;yfjj(|h|(iei', where  Portuguese ���fc6jj"d'$0i^"'^ it and    r  tlie    sea ��� British lBfea!iJ_analand    aud  Rhodesia lQi*nlingth^'*e*^ter4iva     north-   '���  ^er-ii^boiindai'jes^esp^tiv^,^^^     - legist.^.  lative power of the republic: is \rested in  the I^irsty0'l,fe.*>(vadr.��l&eba4ylbiy. first class  burghers, of Avhicli  F. G.  A��(_lmarens is  president, an<l a Second Volksraad (of no -  actual, power)  elected  by   soeond class  bui'ghet'S.   Paul ICruger is  president of , *  tlie Republic and; diaianitn of- the "Uit-  Vorrend   Raad    or   fe��jCutHe;    general    -'  Joubert  is    A*iee'pi'esidein;t    and   I'1.  AV1.  Reifcsc secretaiy'pf 'states   _?;i$ways con-  nect t'lie Republic with Delagoa  Bay  in    r  I'ortiigUeijO terf'itoi'J" as W^llragwith Durban and   the  Cape.    Tlie; Republic   was  founded in 1M0 by Bsows, wJui, disliking  British rule, emigrated from (3ai>e Colony,  and its independence ayjLs   I'ecogni/.ed in  1852,  In 1877 Avhen Sekukuni hod defeated  the Boers, and a disastl'ous native Ayiii*  avuh feared j .Sir Theophi his Shepsfcoue AS*as  sent to the Transvaal, and he, finding tlio  country bankrupt and in a state of  anarchy, in order to save it from .further  disaster, proclaimed it British territory.  The Boers protested and finally fought for  their indepeiidance. After the disaster ,  of Majuba in .1881 Great Britain agiuii  reeogniv.ed their independanee, but, by  the 'convention of 1884, retained the '  power of vetoeing any treaty Avhich the  republic might make with any foreign  power save the Orange Free State,  The largest  town in  the Transvaal  is  Johannesburg Avhich  is  about  25 miles  distance' from Pretoria* the capital.    The  southern boundary is delineated by the  A^aal river, a branch of the Orange river,  which  is crossed   in certain   places by  "drifts" or fords.    Maf eking is situated  in British Bechuanaland, near  the western frontier of the Transvaal, and AVas  formerly  the terminus of   tlie railway  from CapetoAvu.   La tost reports are tliat  1 the Boers are massing near this point. ,,-,_ wwa-rrtivv-���r_5s.*>,a^*-ari'P-^"���sira***"****:  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., SATURDAY, OCTOBER 7,  1899.  ^4 B. &   B.  Corsets  at   50  cents,   75   cents, $1  $$ and $1.50 per pair.     D.  & D. 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They may recognize the fact that it Avill  be impossible to cut wages in the Slocan  when wages for all  classes  of labor are  steadily advancing all over the continent.  When   the   contractors   for   the Rainy  River raihvay are obliged  to pay $2.!50*  per day for ordinary laborers, tlie Slocan  shareholders, who paid, lor  their .stock  and  expect  tor realize something on it,  mayturn cIoavii managers Avho prefer to  stop: work  rather   than   pay  .153.50  for  skilled miners.    Tliey will recognize that  the advance in wages all over  the continent is due to the uniform industrial revival.   They should knoAV that au industrial revival Avill maintain^ if not ad-*  vance, the value of the lead  and  silver  products   of. the   Slocan mines.     They  should know tliat" it ,avi11 pay them better  to AVork and-market their ore while business is good than it will during a  period  of   depression.       Industrial    depression  Avill furnish cheap labor, but cheap labor  will mean cheap lead  and  cheap  silver.  Fifty cents per day to  skilled miners  will mean  a great deal  less to Slocan  shareholders than   one or  two cents  a  pound clipped off the price of lead,  or a  fall of three or four  cents  in  the  price  of silver. None but fools Avill expect cheap  -labor���Avithout-cheap-leall-siTul-cheap  silver.  The mine managers threaten to close  down every metalliferous mine in the  province. We believe the Criminal Code  of Canada contain., a section that av ill, if  made operative, stop any such action.  The attorney-general might bring the  members of the Slocan Silver-Lead Mines  Association and of the Nelson District  IHiiic Owner.-' Association up Avith a  round turn by arresting them on tlie  charge of conspiracy. A little good  Canadian law would do some of these  foreign gentry good.  C. P. R. Machinists on Strike.  The machinists employed in the Canadian Pacific  Railway shops,   from   Fort  William to VancouA'er, are on strike.   The  strike is the  result  of   a  movement, by  Avhich the machinists wish to have their  order���the International Association  of  Machinists  of   America���recognized   by  the   railway   company.     The   delegates  met at Winnipeg for  several days, but  could  come to no  agreement Avith  the  company,  and  the  strike  was  ordered.  W. McLean of VancouA'er, A'iee-prcsident  of the union, stated the case for the men  as follows : "What we want may bo summed up under three heads: (1) recognition  of   our   union;   (2)   establishment   of  a  minimum  Avage  clause,  and (.'5) increase  of   the   allowance   made   for   overtime.  The   members have  come  to Winnipeg  from points all the Avay from Fort Wil-  li.am to Vancouver, and on arriving here  the manager of the company  refused   to  see them, thus failing  to  reeogni/.o  the  union.    We arc also taking advantage of  the busy season of the year to press our  demands, as we feel  that they  are perfectly ";just, and  that the  company has  had ample  time  to  consider them  and  procure any information as to the rates  paid on other i-oads.    The minimum AA'age  asked for is:    From Brandon to Fort William, 25 cents per hour; from Laggan to  Brandon, 27|-cents  per hour,  and from  Vancouver to Laggan, 80 cents.    I might  say that this schedule is Arery reasonable  and considerably loAver than the rate of  wages on either the Northern  Pticific  or  the Great Northern railways."    It  is reported at Vancouver that the engineers  and apprentices, all in  fact, beloAv  the  first and second engineers, on the Empress  of India, uoav at Vancouver, Avill join the  strike, and that the Empress aviII  not be  able to sail on Monday next.  American {Versus Australian Canned Meat.  Brjsijanj". October G.���Great surprise  and dissatisfaction are expressed in financial and political circles here at the news  that the British AArar office lias placed  large orders for canned meats in the  United States. As a matter of fact, the  Queensland canuers, anticipating, a'large  demand, had prepared, 'increased stocks,  which.;'will now possibly be a drug on  their hands.  Comes Early This Year.  Special to the Tribune.  Toronto, October 0.���The nineteenth  instant has been fixed as tho date of  Thanksgiving Day this year. The proclamation Avill probably be in Saturday's  Gazette. Tm-! Guwis.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  W Fop something that will please you see what we are *  w showing- in men's white shirts our line at ��  $1 each cannot be surpassed. m  WRAPPERS  IVJade of good washing Flannelettes^  nicely finished and good styles.  _ Ladies' and Children's, Ladies1 Capes and  �� Furs are being opened daily.  Silk, satin and cashmere  shirt  and blouse  waists, a .  large variety to select from  Ladies' and children's Cashniepe Hose/rib aqd plain  We ask you to inspect the above ..-goods.  m  m  N  D  M  Baker  Street,   Nelson.  ^g<3 ���<3'^-v':S>,'<_si':_5'_3i-_S'::S'c:3'=;^  M-  INCORPORATED T670.  We Seli  Tiiio TumiTNi'* is in  coninivinit-atioit  from  Daiit Edition   ..WKKKtY .IffbSTKW.    Fibst Ykar, No. zw  , SKVKNTll yKAIl, N6. 37  It would be refreshing at this stage of  the -discussion upon tho wage difficulty,  which has cropped up in connection with  the eight-hour law, to hear .something  from the shareholders wlio have put their  cold cash into the Slocan mines for their  development.   Much lias beeii licaid from  receipt of a long  W. D. Mitchell of  NeAV Denver, who says tliat Mr. Fan _.uiei.  who Was elected Ijy tiie Conservatives of  jSTeW Denvei*' Co I'dprosoiit tliem in the  convention at New Westminster is not  an opponent, of the eight-ham* law or of  miners' unions. Mr. Mitchell's* disclaimer  will not change Tub Tifcii{iJsn'.s opinion  Of Mr. Fauquier, avIio is merely a political  cjttspaw of the Sldelin Silver Lead Mines  Association. ^   Wju.r.iAM KA.nj.rK, who contested tlie  soutli riding of ifiiust Jxootemiy in the  interest of the present government party  against colonel linker, is editor of tlie  Atlin 6'lobo, a pit per that is virulent in  its opposition to the Semlin .government.'  East Jvooteiiay .mnrio no mistake when  they turned Mr. Bailie doivu.  Big Sci]oof|er  Beer or Half=  aLnd=_"ialf��...  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U*riON   MtAPB  iBBteflay ligar Iii* Co.  Nelson, British Coliinvbia.  B. F?EIST��RER & CO.  NDBOTT*  BRB-WERS AND BOTTLERS OF  iHu'fl ii' pliiue of  o'ieo< aiiAY,  "Prompfc and regular  :dellvery to the trade.  Brewer/at Nelson.  Lime 70 Geqts per 100 pounds*  Will deliver in ton lots  I rick $12 per thousand.  At yard or   n sco w at government wliarf.  The West t\ootenay Brick & Lime Go., Ltd.;  Baker Stroot,        _V G. PROOa'OR, Mftnfl��er,  Noliee is liereby yiven, that ill l.ilit:t.y.<ta3-n, 1 liiteiul to  itj)|t)y to the ehie|-'eoit|iHirtsionei' ol! Iilnds fl'rnl, woife, ,t,ilr  pei-hiLssioi) to uul. itiici cjivi-j'awily limber iill" (Jus beltiw  tleaoiibeil JiuiHS':  CoiiiiiiuiiuinKttt.tli'o iioTlli.K!i.s|; conlfir ot If. IX "VfcTtei^  wid'fti tI.MrlJ.or eljiiili, oil l.tivfrnnce el-eek, olj south ���iHmij vt  "iCo&fcchl'tyljflkQ, W'ft!i1.ce.u����ti I'oii}* yliulils, UiBnuii hdIiIIi.  ten (il.iiliiiH.1t;lieiicc-dii.t ninety chipihw, 'l;lieii.t;6 nfil.'l.h hjn  .(ilvtin^.l'thiJiiiso easblort^^llveclu'iiuw, t'l'ienuu jfolrih itfty  elm.ii>)', lliuiieo .\veSt.' live eliaiiisJ iltfliV,''tJ,��iif If teii'riwiiis ;  thence westneyuHLeeiiclmin��;, theueo.soutli It'M t3lnifn'��;;  theiioo w-iiKtei^lite.&rt elljiiiirs. thenee infi.h ton chulnsi  t'lienoe ���went TiU ty ehirinHstlteiieosduili [6ft UtoaUvt, lllelia!  w-u'tit foi;ty ^liilills-; theniS! soiitli, l.e!i..ul-iiilli.s" .thei��!u wfesl,  foi:lj-.JIv.c e'liftiiiK, theinie ilofth oigirl-y .eliiiii  eoninieiieetneiit?.  iS'elfion, J*. (!X,Sei)iember22nd, ISfKI.  .     HOTIQE.  Nptice is hereby given thiitiii Ihirty ditj-B, t infond to  .ujn-'ly l" .tlio ehtuf uon.iiUfi.iMsiotioi* of lands itiii-l H-oi'Unnfoi*  lieiTniKsionl*? cut mid carry away timber oil' j,ho bolo��v  dcArlbed lauds:  , 'C'ouimoiiciiig lit a ])o.st about- two and, it half miles up  I.afi'.-iiico CTeek, on the south unit of Kootenay jfiko; coin*  iiiunei ng at the norl h west conier: tlience e,-ist II vo eliailis;  theiiee Moi't.li' forty cbaiim; tlience, east twenty elinins;,  thenco north !0n cliains; theiiee eostniiiO chains; tlience  north ten chains; tlience east live chaiii.s; thenee .north  ten.chains; tlience cant ten cliains; thoneo iloitli ion  chains; tlioiieo east . ten chains; thenee north tun  Chain*,-; thenco east twelve chains; tlience north live  chains; tlience east thirty-oiglil; chains; thence north  twenty chains; tlienco east "fourteen cliains; thenee  south twenty chains; thenee west eighteen chains;  ..theileosouth six cliains; thenco west twenty cliains;  tlienco south twenty-'!ve cliains; thence west tcilcjiaiiis;  thenee south twenty chains; thenco west twenty chains;  thence south fifteen ehains;. theiiee west ten chains;  thence .south twenty-five chains; thence west eight  chains; thoncO south twenty five chains; tlienco West  seventeen ehains; thence south eleven chains; thence  west twenty ehains; thenco north thirty-two chnins to  the place ot commenceuienl-.  ..      H. I). McBKKMXD.  Nelson, B. p., August 2(lth, 1899^^   NOTIGE.  . Notice is hereby givon that in thirty days I infond to  apply to the chief commissioner of lands and works for  permission to cut-ami carry away timber oil' the below  described lands:  Com nienci tig at a post ten ehains sou th of H. Houston's  northenst corner post;, on Gray creek, rumiinginto Crawford Bay, on Kootenay lake, and thenee castforty chains;  thenco south eighty ehains; thence west ten chains;  thence south eighty cliains; thence east ten chains;  thence south forty chains; thenee west forty chains;  thence north fifty chains; thonoo west ten chains; thenco  north one Imnrtrefl chains; tlienco east ten chains;  thenco north fifty, cliains to the place of commencement.  ..THOMAS SPBOAT.:  : NeJ-oii, B. C., September 9th.  HOTIQE.  Kptfoe fs hereby given tJia't jn thirty days,:i Inicnii to  ailply (o Hie olnei. eo'iinofsistotfor; or IslikI.s ivnd works1;  ���Jo'b licl'iiijssiijiv to e.ulMwid earryivwily tiiribOi'OJI" the below  'UiSiliineiioiligii.i.-a,post iU'oiit live miles up Y'siif| ci'Cek  on the ,\vestftr.iii of Iv.'f'ifoiiay ttiXi<.\ lliei.iee'nortli eighty  chaiiff,:; thuiienS west ten eliaiusi; l.lie.nce north -sixty  Cliiuusj tlieiici) \^6>ik toji. clwiiis; tlioncd north fjiffij*  fbn.i'.iwj fjveuee 'SV'eSit ten clii'ii'lts; (.lieTieiS -lioi-liil foi-ty  dialils; tlieuee, to?*!., .km .ehaiiis,; .Jlie-ncy north- forty  eliiUiii'S-,; t.hffl'ije Vvest lull chains,;:,tlienco iioi'fh forty  C|riih��8'l]t��iiiSi \v'est tell chuiirs;: themiu iibi-ih ivvcsiit.fr  c|ii,i.lii,s; i;lien<--i wewt forty eliaifis; 1-lioite.e south twe^itj*  is urim:, tlit'iiee xius-t :t��')ii fchulns^ 'tlience, smith fj'M-ty  "ftliftiiis; tliufum oast ten. cliaiiis; 'tht-iie6 'south fiirty  cliitins; llreiiee Oj'ist leu o'bftins; theilfo south foi-ty  uhftuw.;, thoifeu jotlst Km ehariis'; t.lience smVth forty  ehains; Ihence east ten chaiitsf; tlience south sixty  eiaiiis; thenee east ten chains; thence, south eighty  eliiiills; tlience east forty cliains to the place Of Com-  nieircemeut, PJlAltljKS JHLLYJillC  Nelson, U. P., August; I81,h, 1S99.  NOTICE.  Notice is liereby given tliat. in thirty days, I intend to  apply 10 llu; chiel'coJiuiiissioiierof lands and works for  perinlssioii to cutaiid eni'i-yawfiy timber oil' the below  described laiids;  .  Comiiieiieing atu post, about, twoanda half miles up  fi'Cim tliu liiouth of a ereek ruiiniilg into Crawford Bay,  on ICooIcnity lake, and known as. Gray cicek, Tiiarked  noi'thweSt corner.; I hence east forty chains; thenee north  fen chains; tlieiice easl. twenty elinins; thenee north  ton chains; tlienco east thirty-live chains; tlience soutli  two chain.: tlience east. Koventoan chains; thence souili  sixty chains; thenco west, fifteen chains; thence nortli  ten chaiits; thence west twenty-flvo chains; thenco  soutli toil-chains; tlieueo west sixteen ehains; tlienco  south ten chains; thcnie west sixteen, chains; thenco  nortli ten chains; thence west forty cliains; thenee north  forty-two ehains to the place of eoinniouceuio'rit.  ���HAKKY HOUSTON.  Nelson, B. C, Sopteiubor Oth, 18SJ9. ,���-���'  ONE DOLLAR A LOAD  Tho undersigned has a large Quantity of fir, cedar, and  tamarao slabs, in JG-inchand ���-foot lengths, suitable for  Stove wood, 'Which will be sold for- $1 ;a load at the Inill  yard.  vv    NELSON SAW & PLANING MILLS. Limited.  *  Nelson, August 19th, 18^9.  MINERS WANTED.  The Tangier Mine, Limited, Albert Canyon, on the  main line of the C. P. B., 22 milos east ot Bovelsfcoke, re-  quires six good miners.  Waged J3__ per day. It  ' i  1-- o  IN '  It  THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 7,  1899.  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STItATITCONA AND   MT   ROYAL, President  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-Prosidont  K   S. CLOUSTON General Managor  isr*E3iJso"isr *BD_t^._src_a:  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.  THE BANK OF  R8TESH COLUMBIA  NELSON   ���- BKANCHKS IN       LONDON (England),   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO  and iu Uio principal cities in Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchango and Cablo Transfers  GRANT COMMKKCrAL AND TltAVKLI.KItS' CKRDIT8,  availalilo in any part of tho world.  DRAFTS ISSUKI)    COLLECTIONS MADK; ETC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  .     CURRENT RATB OF INTEREST PAID  NO EXPRESSION IN THE EYE.  There are no'expressive eyes. The expression of the eye is really in the lid.  Tlie eye itself, independent of its surroundings, has no more expression than  has. a glass marble. A prominent English oculist makes this daring statement,  and he defends liis position with emphasis. "Tlie eyes have no expression  whatever," he says. " How do yon explain the.fact that the eyes of one person  tire more expressive than another? They  are not. The -difference consists in certain nervous contractions of the lids peculiar to the individual.  "Observe for yourself, and you will  see that I am right. We "will say that I  am greatly interested iu something, and  my attention is suddenly called from it  by an unexpected interruption. My  upper eyelid raises itself just a little, but  the eye proper does not change an iota  in appearance. If the iiiterruption is but  momentary, the elevation of the lid will  be but momentary. If the surprise  caused by an interruption is continued,  the lid may be raised even .a little more,  and, in fact, the whole of the forehead,  including the eyebrows, is raised and  wrinkled; but the.eyereina.ins the same.  ".When' a person is excited much the  same emotions are gone through," con-  piuued the doctor.    " His eyes  are open  ,to'  :'1S:  '^iilin%^^|iii^l''|ifgK'?tl|i||yyi:t'.' - S^^-mStiPe'yj^%"  vi^ojr*:!^^  t^^wfe^ ��� 3jer?  '������iifVii-Jf ���'"'" '���' ������'������:"������-��� ���.' ?i':; ''���������-:'?��.:-:-!ir-',.rift:> -.  .'";.- ���*:-.:"���';. ���'"���������'?"  ;'.J-.;'^'_9i%'pxp^  ;$s|j|i$d}.jc ^ik-'}} Tfijetii  ^Kiifr^fef 'jjjt tjiSit iof ;y��t&(S|ey ��r a^iejpylijl .'i/^S"  ��� _iS^i;^>y;^f ��� ti^t&e  . 'eio;r-4S'ag|i'itt���%iiitoidifeveht*   Tire eycslifls  ' cjjijti^ e^esbi-^s  ar^yioAver'ed  ,'ftridvdra\v^(6ge'|.te  ���ll^iuy^,#flQd:iyy':-i   ���%/���'"���'  . Is u_ow prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Sly-guay, U. S., Atlin.. B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^on. District.  "As to emotional moods, there is the  expression of anger, for instance. The  eyes, instead of closing, .are open wider  than they are normally, but tho brows  are closely knit.  "In expressing s.adncss the entire upper eyelid come about half-way down  and tlie folds of the skin collect'there,  giving the lid a thick, heavy appearance.  Canada Losing tho Klondike Trade.  Toronto, October 0.���The latest complaint received here from Dawson City is  that Canada is rapidly losing the Yukon-  trade and   that Americans   control- the  business   of  Dawson.     A Toronto man  writing from the Klondike says  that  of  400 merchants doing business in Dawson  today not six  are  Canadians.    All  the  others are from the United States.    The.  great food  supply is  in  the   shape   of  canned goods, and the Canadian article is  not much seen, as compared  with the  Chicago product.     The Canadian reports  of tlie latest Yukon grieArance are frank  enough to admit that it is  largely Cau-  ada'sownfaulfcif sheis losingher hold upon  the business of supplying the Klondike  country. Even in the quality of the butter  tliat is being shipped to Dawson, Canada  is said to be  doing -much  to injure  her  reputation as  a  great agricultural  and  dairy country.    It is uniformly bad  and  brings only. $1  for  two pounds   while  American  butter brings  $1.75   for two  pound   lots.      The    correspondent   who  makes these complaints points out that  tliere are visitors fiom all over the world  at Dawson. They naturally expect to  get everything in the dairy line there  from Canada, but when they are told  that the butter they are eating is American and that the Canadian article is not  fit for the table, these people are likely  to advertise the United States and American products abroad, on their return  home to Europe or elsewhere, to the  great disadvantage of Canada. Hence  the prevailing complaint. o---.-.  No Rough Play.  No rough play occurred during the first  game between the New Westminster and  Toronto, lacrosse teams, says the Vancouver Province, .and "Chub" Quigley as  referee did not even -warn, any of the  players. Tliat. tliis unusual gentleness  was entirely due to the New Westminster  team is perhaps open to doubt, especially  on the part of such of the ��� ..Vancouver  players who saw the ..match. The Toronto  men indulged in no heaA'y body work,  and looked, especially at the start, as  though they were afraid of their heavier  opponents. A witty spectator remarked:  "You would think they had an idea that  the wild woolly westerns all had tomahawks concealed iu their suits," and  there    certainly    seemed    to   be   some  FULL LINE OF  FOR SALE  BUSINESS AND RESIDENTIAL  PROPERTY  30 by 120, Haker  street, between  Josephine and  Ward streets.... v..:.... '.....: $8000  50 by 120, Bilker stroet, botwoon Josophino and Hall  streets, corner . ��� .'   25 by 120 with iinprovemonts, south.side of Vernon  street  ,5000  50 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vernon  street..  ......;......;.......:....;>,;..... 6000  2J Jots with cottage rented at $15 per month, Victoria  street.....  3500  2 lots with cottage rented at ?20 per month, Stanley  street. .....'  3000_  TAYLOR SAFES  -y;K.3ii|;K.LS.^  ���fi-  ro^mo^yyp'aysi  win+  mmgWs>yMB-  jsme.  dreadM, and k&igkt ofceilingJ  of the room, or rooms,  will do the rest.   In price,  oe&uMy of elesign and q^aWty  bar&aiiM$ will surprise Sow*  Brag and Book Co.,  *:;,-      ��J*3-_V_X-_?_3'D  Corner of.-Baker and Stanloy Streets. Nelson  HAIB GOODS AID fl�� OffiAMTS  Switches from $2 up.  MRS. J. **tV. KEARNK Yhas opened a Ladles Hair Dressing P irlor in room 1, Victoria block, Nelson, and is prepared to fu-nish everything in the. way of hair goods  and hair tonics.   Treatment Of the sOalp a specialty,  A&CHITECTS.  E" WART & CARRIE���Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Ab  /erdoon block, Baker street Nelson.    LODGE   MEETINGS.  TTNIGHTS OK" PYTHIAS- Nelson Lodge, No, 25,  A*- Knights of Pythias, meets in I. 0. O. F. Hall, corncr  IJaker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock. Visiting Knights cordially invited, to attend.  T. LILLIK, O. Cr R. G. JOY. K. of R. fc S.  NELSON. LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each month.. Sojourning  brethren invited. .    NELSON U 0. L., No. 11592, meets in I. O. O. F. Hall,  corner Baker and Kootenay streets, 1st and 3rd  Front Doors  Inside Doors  s*  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  ; Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Pressed Lumber  i    i.'of nil kinds,  y  truth in this concise summary of the situation. Towards the end of the match  tho visitors weakened perceptibly, and  one of their foremost pl.-iyers remarked  to the Province representative that it  w.-is not altogether a matter of strange  sticks, and that he thought they were up  against a better team. However, they  are not discouraged, and in tomorrow's  game they promise to make a supreme  effort to reverse the score. They wjll  then be in better condition and will be  provided with their own sticks. That  they will make a closer game of it is conceded, but not .a man, woman or child in  New Westminster Avill admit tliat they  have a ghost of a chance to win out���  and they didn't, for they were defeated  in the second game by a score of 7 to .'���".  The Treraoflt Hotel  IV1AUP & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  W)  i&  id)  Appreciation  iii)  To dispose of an entire car of high-class iron and  brass beds in a western mining town in less than two  months is certainly a record to be proud of, and one  seldom equalled in the large eastern cities. Yet so  great has been the demand for these goods, we have  found it necessary to wire for another car, which will  reach Nelson this week. We would ask the citizens  of Nelson to continue in showing their appreciation of  our efforts to give them the opportunity of enjoying  the luxurious furnishings of an eastern home in the  midst of the Rockies.  #  *  <���$  B  Headquapters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  and  Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND|  One  of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  D. McArthur & Co.  HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  Large comfortable bedrooms and   flrst-class dining  room.   Sample .rooms for commorciul men.  _s-A.T_ns $2 pbb :d__--**_-  rs%  ffi��iV_?.  Y^^i^^^^i0^}i^��^^^&tM^  Mrs.  E.  C.   CLARKE,  Prop.  .Lato,of the Royal Hotel, Calgary,  ''���*Jiitri?b>Mii'nAbB'b.fc'Mo]q6ybifil(U  11 iVdSoT" tl foi raiii'.'A^  $0Mioy6:llic'&"o|.tlid^otifjKitiy'��� Stjicdoiiiild- blbck, cornbi-: M-  =; JoVci) iiliio'.aridyyb'i'iiQ'i^'strtiots.^, .:___' '..; * :':.-., .���: -.",;.'���';'; '..  ':";'���������'=:..   ';���'������ -..V- :   \ .'T.:.0.:"0^GA-Ny:-Sc%Uu%  ;''^r:;-yi&^^M^.:MW^)&EiC :.y"- ���  ��� ��� ��� ���   *E3^S*#g^'^_SCQaB3'  IlIIAi ISBTAi!�� #J-*b. J-SJLlfSii.- : '-  .     P0n.f5te&  apRoom "tlouse....,-,... :$130d |'50-Eobt Cdriierr   "' ^Ropnv H^iiso1. ��� ��� ��� ,,..,."._.��� ��� p ��� ;$jJ0Q;     -  IWerir^atemajT+  Friday of each month,  vited.  JOHN TOYE, W. M.  VisiUng brothorn oordially in-  F. J. BRADLEY, Rec.Scc.  NELSON   ."ERIE,  ' Eal"  ��� ^,    .������.���,   Numbor  22,  Fraternal  Order  of  Eagles, nieets every second aud fourth Wednesday an  each month in Fraternity Hall.   Visiting brethren wol-  J. R. WRAY. Secretary.  come.  ..   J. IRVING, PrfiBident.  W  NELSON MINERS'UNION  NO.  !)��,  Meets in K. P. rooms,"Fraternity Hall  third  Saturday evenings in  Visiting nioi-ibors welcome/  JAMES WILKS, Seo'y.     CIIA&  each month  .V. McKAY  - F. of M.���  the first and  it 8.o'clock.  Pros,'  CUSTOMS  AUOTIQNEERS  HEAL MMM S0BK8BA& AfilfTS  Baker Street-, Nelson  FniST DOOR WEST BANK B. C. BUILtJING.  WILL DO WELL TO  &-8ffimmK��.  Alarge 8toclfH# flwt-class.sd>y/  a^ifftll Unofbti'sifeli  Yard;  B'bpt 'itf,_tondi^.i3.t7.e^.Sfe]i;pn'  iSteam heat and electric light.  !^0JSS$R::6F'."^^ VERNON STS.i NELSON  g-ji_'_��M'^^  : yTheybrily.hfltjbl iri.^Nel^bn-thatilias;remairibd-under:��no  iin'tnagbiiieii.t,si'aboijl8i)0.���.;yiy/^   '...";.��� ���';',";.' ���;*."'. '.��� ;..:'���    ?',-  "Liyttb.'bedfr&bmsiyai.-e ..well; -funlished/.and- llght(!a;.by.  -.eiectriciEy. i"������"_���*������-*������'��� *  * '*���"   ��� "   -*���'"���"   ���"���.";   ������" ���-   ��-���"���������  f #"TKbidIning?rbbro;isynbfcs'ebbndM'1a^ ;,  .The-bar"i9' aljviys stocKed-by the best dohjbstio "arid  .fimpMted,JiQi$ra_ua<elgara.;:'.y^ ���;-.">   ���' ��� '���"  f .*��� ���:'.-;:";   y.y;;y' Ti^^s^MA^E^'P^ite  , "    ������"���.: "'  ���VrVJIRi  -B'i- :��,-'  Telephone, 91;  itiim .m��k- Ag  OREAT REDUGTiON  Wie give the very Best Temis to tli6$e  wishing to borrow money on improved real  estate.  The only coixipjuiy in. the province that gives  you the privilege of paying off your whole  Loan at Any Time without a Bonus on giving a 60 day notice of your intention was so.  GAMBLE tSt O'R^SI^UY* Agts  British Columbia Pormaneiit Savings & Loan Company.  Globe Savings & Loan Co., Toronto.  Lots for Sale  ��550 will purchase a choice residence Corner, 100 by 120  foot.  $2100 will purchase a central lot and residenco.  $100 will purchase two nice lots and shanty, Robson  street, Hume addition.  i}3000 will purchase four nice lots and residence.  10,000 Pooled Fairmont i cents.  Blackcock (Ymir) shares 20 cents.  5000 Utica at 14 cents.  ALEX STEWART  Turner & Boeckh. block, Nelson, B. C.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres of land within one aDd. a  quarter miles of. Nelson.   Fur further  particulars apply to  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,   Nelson,   B.   C.  _p_3IJl'V''E3iB*e3X>  Sl'ceii J ratbs for carload lots for -outside pbintfl.  TJ5LKPH0NK  33  G. W. West &  DELIVERED  Orders may be left with C, W. West  & do., or with.  CHARLES St. BARBE, Agent.  . OfllGo on Baker street, two dOorsf rom Bank of B, C.  150 men; axemen, tie^ makers, right-  of-way men, etc., for contract work  near Duncan City.  FRANK PREVOST.  RAILROAD WORK.  . One hundred men wanted on North Mar.Branch of  Crovv'��Xost Huihvuv. at Ciimhrook, British (.oltliiiDia;  (rood wiikcs. Throe miles of station work to. lot for. next  thlrtv (lavs. TmtwiiorUilJon 'rates'-one cent nor ini e.  Tr.vn*s|)orUitioti can.be. obtained from Canadian Pnci.Uu  railway agent ^^{[^^fei^ ^'^j,,)  Cranbrook". Octolwr and. l��i!l.  Contriiclors.  J."M/Siyj^N.   Prb|SNet��r.  Large and ���vvjolljllghted .Heated by hot al  Reasonable iates  . Samplo rooms  '   JSleotrtb: bells'.and.light iti every room  Renovated and rbfuriiished throughout  J. V. *PERB*S, Prbpi-ietor  Sree bus meets all trivifts RoUjalcf-niVo   R  iR  Hourly stroet car."tp station nBVt".l?��"l-UI��J.j ����� �����  Niglvt GjJill Rbbjh incbnncctibni for the conyoniciicp of  guests arrivuigr'aiid dbparting by night trains*  AnHi want to be in it.   I have just received  Fall    sanii-les     bf    Suitings    and     Dyer-  coatings rejiresenting a $p*i0,000 stock to  Choose from made to your order at p. ices  never before beard of in Nelson. All the latest  fads in TCaiir.y Vcstings fol* J^'uJl aiid -vvinier^  Lltdiesi't.-'inoi;hv{,'inii'llils lyraiielies ti.sjieclivlty.  Lott-ost prices.   Uooius I and U, IJilljerhloeJi.  H  a  NOTICE.  On and after the 1st of October ISilil. tlie Grand Central  Hotel will be run strictly 0�� tlie European, jilan.  Wc have lilted tip a new dining, room with a .seating  Ciipneilv for one hundred people which will lie run in  connection with the hotel. All meals twenty-live cents,  payable in the dining room. Will bo pleased to furnish  meal tickets on application.  Rooms by tlie day, week or month.  Thanking yon for your generous put ronage In the past,  and trusting to he favored with a continuance of same in  tlie future." I remain, respectfully yours,  1-. SIM I '.SON.  *   NELSON LICENSE DISTRICT.  Notice is hereby given that. Fred Fisher has made -application under the provisions of the "Liquor l.iceiu-ie  Act, IS'.m," for an hotel license at Kitchener, and I hut a  meeting of the Hoard of License ('iiiiimissiouoi-s of the  Nelson License ,District will he. held to consider such  application at the Provincial Police OHIee at the OLy of  Nelson oii.Saliirday, the t.wenty-llr.st.day of. October, l����l,.  at the hour of ten o'clock in the forenonn.     * ���������_  -���WM. H. HULI.OCK-VVKUSTKIt. ���  Provincial-Police Ollice,   "     Chief Licunsu Insjiector.  Nelspin, II. V.. Ill h.October, ISIKl.     ..���-���-- '    '  THE NELSON SAW & PLANM ILLS, Ltd.  We have a stock of one and a half million  feet of logs at our mill and are prepared to cut  all kinds of dimension timber and ship to all points  on Kootenay Lake by scows or steamers, also by  rail to all points on the Canadian Pacific or Nelson  and Fort Sheppard railways. In stock rough and  dressed lumber, shingles, mouldings, sash, doors,  newels, turned verandah posts. Glass of all sizes.  Factory work of all kinds done to order.  THE NELSON SAW A PLANING MILLS, Ltd.  OFFICE AND MILLS -CORNER-HALL AND FRONT STS., NELSON.'  P. Burns & Co.  "SWJ  Hhap Office at  NELttOiN, B.  Wholesale and RetaiH   . |  .   .   Dealers in MeatSi  Wholesale Markets at J-Jelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  Rctiiil Al.-irkcts at Nelson, TCiislo, S.-uulon, .Silverton, New Denver, Ymir, Truil, Grand Forks;"-  C.-iscade, Green wood, JVlidway, and Sirdar. y  Mail Orders Promptly. Boowarded^ y-wfi.  st  -FRESH  ALl", *K1N!.)S OF  SALTED WEAiPS  WJIOLESALJC ANI. RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN  ��  OltDKES BY MAIL RECKIVE CAUKFUI> AXD PROMPT ATTENTIOJs'.  JUST ARRIVED A CARLOAD OF  Anheuser-Busch Lag  by the trade in Nelson.  A. B.  Highest class Lager produced.       On sale  ASK FOR IT *    ���'���:;;,���'  R. P. R.THET & CO., Ltd., Victoria, Agents for B. C  GRAY, Agent for Kootenay, Haker Sfc., Nelson, Next Oddfellows Btt|ldii*ig  (;  Boyal &Feenfaouses  Corner of Ward and Hoover Street*).  K. GHlZZEI.l/K, I-M1-.H.S., PUOPlUKTOil  BULBS! BULBS! BULBS!  . ;")0,(K)0 of tlio ohoicLwt. vui-iel les foi fall jilantltif; Io urn'vo  jn a fL-��- (Iii.vh ilircut from the tfrowurs in Uolliitidl i:��n-  sikiiny ot Iijtu:iiiUis. Tulips, JJallbdiK Xnrei.ssuM, Seillas,  l.ily of the-Vjilloy,. CIroeus, .kimaiils; Know Drops,-Ano-  nioiies, ]taiuttu:ii']n-j,.lris Cliinodoxa, oU:. Orders to tlio  valuu of two dolLirs nnd upwards scut by-mail or cx-  prcsii free, and at lens than eafltcrn priocM.  H. D- Asfacroft:  BLAOKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  . Wagon ropalring pttSaipUy attended to by a fiiat-olaaa  wheolwriglit.  Special attention givaufco all kinds ot repairing and  om work from outside points.  j Sl\op: - H^11 Street, ba^e**^ Bakar awl. Yeraon, Kelwri jtt*X7rarfhix2i!r?.V  THE TRIBUNE:   NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY OCTOBER 7,  1899.  DON'T  WASTE  YOUR  MONEY  ON  BOTTLES  "WE  CAN  SET iT i  YOU  PERFUMES  IN BULK  And    there  equal   to   those  ceived.    We are  are no perfumes in Nelson  which we have just re-  now opening up full lines-  of Roger & Gallet's and Legrand's celebrated French Perfumes, as well as those  of the Crown Perfumery  London. These orders may  either  in  bulk  or in   bottles,  Company   of  be purchased  See  our as  sortment  of French  Toilet  Soaps.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  New  Arrivals  BARBERS' REGULATION COATS  Vcrv Nobby  BARTENDERS' .REGULATION VESTS   .  WAITERS' COATS IN SEVERAL STYLES  COOKS' CAPS, APRONS, Etc.  J. A.  OilRer  The   L,e_aciing   Furnisher  of  aunty  Is a Joy to Both diver and Receiver  Newest Styles  Standard Quality  Best Finish  THEY WILL ALWAYS SELL WHEN ANYTHING WILL  AND COST NO MORE  THAN THOSE OF DOUBTFUL REPUTATION  Just Received  A large consignment of Sterling Novelties comprising Manicure Sets with and without Amethyst settings.   They are beauties.    Cut Glass  -in-a-variety-of-patterns-mounted-with-Sterling-  Brushes  Combs  Whisks  Soap Boxes  Puft Boxes  Shoe Horns  Mucilage Bottles  Salts Bottles  Powder Bottles  Chatelains  Scissors  Button Hooks  Bib Holders  Shaving Sets  Toilet Sets  Baby Sets  cEmbroidery Sets  Desk Sets  Crochet Sets  Pumice  Fine watch repairing a specialty.    All work guaranteed.  Jacob Dover. Jeweler  BjA-I-ZE-R   B_?X:��_3__!Ct,:,   _Sr_S.XiSO'N^.  For Winter Outfitting  Headquarters FJEZZJSc  WoPkingmens Clothing'  res in  Underclothing, MackinaWs,  ^E_ra^E_To_ALL   Baker Street        Gloves and Mitts.  W. P. DICKSON  B. H. H. APFLBWHAITB  J. McFHEE  lootenay Electee Supply and Constpuetion Co.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric "Bqulpments for Electric Power Transmission and Lighting for* Mines, Towns  -Jlectrio Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  P. O. Box 806. Josephine Street, Nelson. B. O.  THE LOCAL NEWSJ3F THE TOWN  Telegraph Companies Bucking Each Other.  Tho Spokane Northern Telegraph Company opened its ollico in Grand Forks  yesterday, and met the Canadian Pacific  company's cut in rates. It is understood  that the two companies agreed in the  first instance that tlie rate from Nelson  to Grand Forks and other Boundary  points should-be 50 cents for ten word  messages with throe cents for additional  words. The .Spokane company reached  Greenwood first and put on the 50-eo'nt  rate, but the Canadian Pacific reached  Grand Forks first and cut the rate down  to 25 cents. Tlio Canadian Pacific company has not yet reached Greenwood,  but when it does tlie rate to that point  will be cut in two.  A carload of matto from the Canadian  Pacific Company's smelter at Trail went  out on the steamer. Moyie last evening  to New York.  A use has finally been found for the  big granite boulder which disfigured the  recreation grounds on Hall street. Stone  masons are now at work upon the boulder,  splitting it into stone steps for the Bank  of Montreal, the Hudson's Bay Company buildings and sills for the Land  Registry office. The Bank of Montreal  steps are the most difficult to get out as  they require to be over eight feet in  length.  One of the men who assisted in extinguishing the fire in the rear of Turner,  Beeton & Company's warehouse, early-  yesterday morning, he s��ays that for almost half an hour the chances were good  for a big fire. When first noticed it was  blazing brightly, but it failed to attract  the attention of either of the night  policemen or of night watchman. MeKinnon. If the three men who are on  duty for the purpose of detecting criminals fail to notice a fire blazing in the  . business portion of the city for close upon half an hour what chance is there of  their detecting burglars?  A second militia company is being  organized in Nelson. All those "wishing  to join can do so through lieutenant Beer  or any of the non-commissioned officers  of the existing company. Tliere will be  a company parade on Sunday to one of  the churches, and members are expected  to be at the aimory at 10:-30 o'clock  sharp.  The Nelson Saw & Planing Mills Company has secured the contract for erecting the Lawrence Hardware Company's  warehouse on the Canadian Pacific siding  between .Josephine and Hall streets. Tlie  warehouse is to be 50x75 feet and'covered  with corrugated iron It will cost when  completed $1000.,  Provincial Government Offers Rewards.  Spcrml l�� the Ti-iluiuc.  Victoria, October 0.���Stirred by the  death of Mike Powers, which made two  mysterious murders hero within two  days, the provincial authorities have  taken an action which the city council  ponuriously refused, and tonight issued  proclamations offering a reward of five  hundred dollars for apprehension of the  murderer in each case. In tho meantime  the police are inaugurating a hunt of a  most thorough description for the fiend  who killed Mrs. Bing. Four of the keenest  members of the city force are assigned to  this exclusive duty with the two city  detectives, while .superintendent Ilussey  has given them two of the best members  of tlie provincial force, beside his own  assistance to the matter. One of tlie  noted detectives wlio ferreted out tlie  Grand Forks incendiarism has also boon  engaged. With ten good men on one  case in si small community like tliis, the  reward should bo claimed.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Apply  and  Boy Wanted���Good, smart boy.  a! oik c.   Fi cd Ii \ mo & Co., NoKon.  Wanted. ��� Dining - room    girl  rhpitnbci maid nl Queen'-* Hotel, XoKon.  Furnished rooms to let.    Apply to Mrs.  Ij.j\I. .T.uiicion, Oplincy Hlock, IJplker <4i. cut -u c-)t.  Offices to rent���Single or in suite,  llcivly foi otct!]i.inc\ Noicmliui 1st. Apjilj to Julin  Houston, Tiiljunc Ollico.  Waitress wanted at once. Wages $25  iniioiilli.  Jv.islo Hotel, Iv.islo  Working housekeeper or daily govorn-  oss. Ji'iijj'isii, music Lit in, FiMkI1. IjOnjf o\i>ci ten< c.  Plioloffi.iphic i\oik Tcsliiiioni.ils Aridies-. b, Tiilmne  ollh e.  Wanted ��� A  servant  girl.    Apply  to  Mis W F. Ti.vxes, Vetnon stioel, between IIciuli)\  and Ced.u sheets  Miss McDekmoit  Miss Tammt,yi>t  The Strength  of the Two Parties.  Vicl.ori.1 Colonist..  Tlie Times very naturally dissents from  the Colonist's view of the relative strength  of parties in British Columbia. It claims  to have to have discovered that British  Columbia is filling up with good Liberals,  which may or may not be true, but if it  is true they are rapidly becoming Conservatives. Liberal neglect is telling  tremendously against tlie Laurier government in this province. It is disheartening those who were active supporters and is completely alienating those  who are lukewarm. The Times professes  to believe th.at Vancouver is Conservative, but it is hardly serious in this. Still  less is it serious when it professes to believe that the Liberals have any kind of  a chance in Victoria. The Liberal party  in British Columbia is afflicted with a  set of leaders who would ruin the chances  of a successful government, and are simply like so many Old Men of the Sea on  the shoulders of the Laurier cabinet.  OTTIR,   GKRE^T    ;  ankrapt Stock  S__^X__E_  Has been a great success and has certainly  exceeded our expectations, which goes to  prove tha,t the people  of Nelson know when  they are getting genuine bargains. We still  have a large stock to  choose fromand will  continue to sell until  all is sold.  The "Wonder"  MILLINERY  LATEST NFAV" YORK AND PARIS PATTERNS OF  HATS-STOCK NEW AND UP TO-DATK  FANCY GOODS.  Lesson1! In embroidery nnd lace work.  Stamping done.  Orders taken for cushions, lnmp hh.ido-". etc.  Two doois west Maitui O'Kcillej & C'o's.  Novelties in Millinery  I urn in iP(Ci|il of the lulc^-l   m miUniei j   and nulli-  noi} iio\ellici ilucc t fiom \cw VoiK,  Cull .uid inspect.  MRS.  ~. JVlQ'UAUa-HIUIN  Josoi'hitle Street;, near Haker.  SOME MORE  SAMPLE  PRICES  ALL WOOL SHIRT- *^rjr>*rQ  AND DKAWKKS       ......      ��JUUl*!_.  CARPKNTJSU O^ni-a  APRONS . ... .-SUOUO.  MENS' IJLUE  -SICRGB SUITS   IIKAVY J5LACI-  SATIN  ART  "MUSLIN"   $i.00 yd  8cts.  :��  WK HAVJiBKCURKU 'I'llfc aOJ.K AOKNCY KOK  ER"  JE PWX  THORPE �� CO., Ltd.  IMITATIONS CAN NOT NOW HE PUT ON  THE MARKET.  Vkhnon Stuhkt  NKi.aoN,. II. "15.  All new goods in our regular  stock are  being marked  down at prices that it  will no longer pay  to   send   east  for goods.  WHOLESALE  Butter,  Eggs,  Cheese,  Green  Fruits,  Cured  Meats,  Vegetables  ���    JI Vtl St*!*'1***     VJl      wot  ELLIOT BLOCK, RAKER STREET. NJSLSQN.  Vienna J^estanr&M  Bakor street, between Josephine and  Hall Btreots, Nolson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  BAKERY IN CONNECTION ���  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP "EMPLOYED  3S.    Ecxj-jE-t-R-sr,    *_?_ao**E*'__vi*H*{'ro_*a  To Packers, and Freighters  _ro_a s.a-x_:e..  21 Pack Mules.  0 Work Mules.  2 Saddle Horses.  SHIPPERS OF THE EARLY  BREAKFAST BRAND OF BACON  !A.IjxT^,il0if,lil."''^"?,t;kK' w'11" cv,,7 kind or Hi.ur.iiil rulinjc ami" printed  hcmlinKs, niiiniifiieliircd riKlit hero in I  -=**-   NelHOii, by well-piijd workmen, who Hpcnd their eurninK�� in Nelson.   Tribune Association, IJuiited, Vernon St..l  Full  stocks  carried at  Nelson  and  Rossland.   JVIa.il orders solicited.���'..  Rigging and Ii.iriiess may bo arranged for.   Apply   to  T. O UAH AM,. Albert Canyon, B, O.  Special Notice to tiie People of Kootenay  I am now prepared to test the eyes  of the people, as I have in my department a first-class optician. I have a  large selection of gold frames and the  very best of lenses. Call and get your  eyes examined at  JACOB DOVER'S The Jeweler 1  A  LARGE  CONSIGNMENT  JUST  OPENED  We can supply you witl] Cartridges  TO SUIT YOUR RIFLE  Carpenters' Tools  A   FULL  LINE  SHELF HARDWA  THE BEST ASSORTED  STOCK  IN THE KOOTENAYS  STOVES AND  KITCHEN UTENSILS  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON  ARE YOU BURNING UP MONEY  Because Your Stove or Range Cannot be  Regulated to Save Fuel?  IT WILL PAY YOU  TO EXAMINE  OUR NEW STOCK OF  STOVES AND RANGES  The saving in fuel effected will soon equal  tlie cost of the range. It can be so quickly  and easily regulated that tliere need be no  waste ol* heat or fuel. New patented ini-  ljro\einc-iits oiler you more convenience and  coinl'oi t than you'll find in any other l-ange.  TWO  CAR  LOADS TO  SELECT  FROM  LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO.  nap m s��0(_m  Lang's Celelrated Cream Flake  Sodas, 3-lb Cartons   Kirkpatrick & Wllsoe  GET It FROM  OR NOT AT ALL  BAKER STREET, NELSON, B.C.  Get the Best Jams  We'have just received a large consignment ofthe  DYSON-GIBSON   COMPANY'S  JAMS AND   PICKLES  Also a complete assortment ofthe  TORONTO   BISCUIT COMPANY'S SWEET BISCUITS  Baker Street West, Nolson   John A. Irving & Co.  Strachan   Bros.  2?3_,*tra_I_3_3_SS,  -etc.  0*F*E3*EFl__-   -HOTTSjEJ   33r.OO*B_


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