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 X  SHIPMENTS MADE IN ONE DAY  7, y Wholesale Merchants in Nelson.  A week or so ago tlie Fernie Free Press  said: "One good effect of the construction of the Crow's Nest Pass railway will  be felt by wholesale merchants in Winnipeg in the neAV fast freight just established by the 0. P. II., by which goods can  now be sent from Winnipeg to Nelson,  Rossland and other Kootenay points in  live days.'" In commenting on the words  quoted TnI': Tkimi*n'K said: "The people  of Nelson and' liossland and other points  in Kootenay are just a trifle'ambitious.  They do not want to be a tail to anybody's kite. They want to be the kite  themselves and let someone else be the  tail. They want wholesale houses near  homo, and they aro getting what they  want. There are today a dozen houses in  Nelson that do an exclusively -wholesale  business. The merchant at Fernie who  deals in Nelson saves four days iu time  over the merchant who deals in Winnipeg. What the people of Kootenay want  is a Winnipeg in Kootenay." All of  which appeared to be news to the Fernie  Free Press, as the following from-its last  issue goes to show:'.  TUESDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 20, 1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  We wore not aware that Nelson hurt so many wholesale houses, .������.ml we doubt very liiticli if there are two  lnerehants in l��'ernio who know that they have any at  all. A close scrutiny of the advertising columns of The  Tiihuno failed to disclose anything in the way of wholesale dealers in anything except fresh meal. In these enlightened days live business men make known l.o the  nuhiio through the press what lliey hiivo 1.6 oll'er. If  Nolson has a dozen exclusively wholesale houses that  are anylhiiif? like uj>-to date tliey should make il. known  and ko'o|> I hut fact continually heforc the people they expect to do business with. If (hoy expect lo do business  in l''ornio thev should let the business men of tho fowu  know t.liroiiKh the columns of 1 he I'Vee I 'reus what they  have for sale. Wc do not think there is a business man  in Kornio but who would rat her deal in Nelson, when so  much time can ho saved, provided they can do so satis-  I'o'olorily, which no doubt they etui.  Nelson has houses that do a straight)  jobbing trade, that is, they sell direct to  dealers and secure orders through regularly employed travelers. The merchandise sold is shipped from Nelson, where  the  stocks   are   carried.    The  ran go   of  D country supplied from Nelson is hot a  small one, by any means, and the lines of  goods embraces everything in the way of  provisions; hardware and mining supplies,  liquors, cigars, dry goods, drugs and as-  " sayers' supplies. Ti us Tim hunk called ou  the wholesale dealers yesterday and asked  for a list of. the ,: points to which goods  were shipped during the clay, .aud iu every  instance the information was given cheerfully, but in several 'houses- it was remarked tliat the showing would be better any day in the week than on Monday.  In the list given below, only four of the  firms named do a  retail business as well  -'as  wholesale,   namely,  TI.  Bycrs  <fc Co.,  Lawrence   Hardware   Company,   W.  F.  . Te'etzol & Go., and  P. Burns <fc Co".    It is  safe to state that ,thero is not another  ' town in Canada of the size of Nelson that  can make as good a showing, either as to  -.the variety of goods -handled or the area  of territory covered. -  . Points Shipped to on Monday.  J. Y. Griffin & Co., wholesale provisions  ���Kaslo, Sandon,'Trail, Itosslaiid, Now  Denver, and Silverton.  A. Macdonald &'Co., wholesale grocers  ���Hall's Siding, Greenwood, Trail, Kaslo,  Ainswortli, Ferguson, Ymir, Erie, Slocan,  City, and Sirdar.  Turner, Beeton <fc Co., wholesale liquors  and dry goods���Creston, Moyie, Brooklyn,  Slocan .function, Jlosebery, Ymir, Greeu-  'wood, and Compalix.  Kootenay Supply Company, wholesale  g roco rs���Mojne.  Thorpe- &"Co,, wholesale minted waters  ���Rossland, Greenwood, and Phenix.  H. Byers & Co., wholesale hardware and mining supplies���Moyie,  Slocan City, West Robson, Ainswortli,  Greenwood, Itosslaiid, Salnio, Hall Siding,  and Balfour.  W. P. Tcelzel ��fc Co., wholesale assayers'  -supplies='Rossl��and"'  Lawrence Hardware Company, wholesale hardware and .mining supplies���Silverton, Ainswortli,! Ymir, Erie, Poorman  Siding, and Greenwood.  Hamilton Powder Company, wholesale  powder, caps and fuse���Ymir, Erie, Lardo, Kaslo, Slocan City, Sandon and Greenwood.  JI. .L Evans & Co., wholesale and commission merchants���Grand Forks, Phenix, Greenwood, Creston, and Columbia.  Kootenay Cigar Manufacturing Company, wholesale cigars���Phenix, Cascade,  Greenwood, and Midway.  California Wine Company, wholesale  wines and cigars ���������Grand Forks, Green-  Wood, Sandon, -New Denver, Slocan City,  Port Steele, Cranbrook, Columbia and  Ymir.  John Cholditeh & Co., wholesale grocers���New Denver* Trout Lake, and Rossland.  P. R. Stewart <fe Co., wholesale produce,  provisions, and.fl'uits���-Rossland,Sandon,  Cranbrook, and -Fernie.  Braekttiati & Ker Milling 'Company,  "wholesale flour and feed���Balfour, Rossland, and Lemon Creek.  Parsons ��� Produce Campany, wholesale  provisions, produce, aiid fruits���Kaslo,  Fernie, Ymir, Greenwood, Burton City,  Nakusp, Trout Lake City, and Revel-  stoke.  P. Burns & Co., wholesale meats���Porto  Rico Siding, Salnio, Ymir, West Robson,  Slocan Junction, Poorman Siding, and  Robson.  Kaslo Creek Claims Bonded.  Percy Dickenson of Slocan City has secured a bond on* a five-sixths interest of  the Kootenay Queen and Slocan Chief  No. 10 claims, ou the head of the south  fork of- Kaslo creek. The principal holder  in the properties was Alex. Sproat of New  Denver, Avho conducted the negotiations,  having associated with him AV. Francis  of Spokane, and Frank Locasto, who is  now in the Boundary country. The bond  is for .$IS,000, covering a year, and a cash  payment of 10 per cent. There has been  considerable work done on the group,  upon which is a body of high grade ore  exposed. Locasto's interests were advertised to be sold by the sheriff on  Thursday last, but the matter was satisfactorily adjusted. Tho remaining sixth  interest is held by Bort  don, who preferred to  while yet.  CONTRACT SYSTEM IS ADOPTED  Piorson of San-  hang  on  for a  By the Slocan Star and Bosun.  Special to the Tribune.  Neav Denver, September 25.���Tlie  Bosun started operations this morning,  four men going to work on the first shift.  A great many rumors regarding this  property and its probable workings arc-  in circulation, much to the annoyance of  the management. At the local ollice of  the Northwest Mining Syndicate it was  stated this morning that the men were  being put to work on recently .purchased  properties to enable the company to secure crown grants for them. On the  other hand it is believed by tho miners  that the preparations of today are but  those for the installation of a much  larger force on the first. However, it is  a satisfaction to know that the men were  employed and that they arc getting $3.50  per day.  Contract work has been started on the  Slocan Star, being confined to the No. 5  tunnel.    Four men are employed.  There is a much better feeling prevailing in the camp now, as the properties are  resuming operations. The forces may  not be as large as formerly, but the contract system enables both sides to feel  satisfied���tlio owners, that an easy way  has been found to Jet them down easy ;  and the men, because they realize that  victory rests with them and that they  arc getting $3.50 per day at least. It is  likely now that tho present friction will  be removed and that =the mines will'get  down to tho basis-of $3.50 for, "eight  hours. ' - .  RAILWAY   AND    STEAMBOAT   NOTES.*  ' The Hall Mines, Limited,' shipped  two  . carloads of matte last evening to the refinery   at   Newark,   New   Jersey.     The  matte went over the Crow's Nest branch.  A carload of 28-p'ouud rails arrived in  Nelson yesterday for the Nelson Coke &  Gas Company.' The rails were purchased  from the Canadian Pacific company- at-  Trail, and will be used by the coke company in moving material around its  works.  The steamer Minto is now relieving  the steamer .Trail while the Latter is being repaired and put in order for the  winter. Captain Forsland is iii command  of the Minto.  The Canadian Pacific Telegraph Company is building additional telegraph  lines from Nelson to Rossland and Boundary. There are already two wires to  Rossland and one to Boundary, but they  .are insufficient for the company's  business.              Practical Charity.   NKi.sONrSeptem.ber 22n~drl890r  We, the undersigned, tender the sum  set opposite our respective names to Mrs.  Sinclair, to provide her with tho necessities of living, she being sick aud destitute, with a large fanfily, and no one to  assist her except the charitable. Her  present circumstances are through no  fault of her own:  s. k. nurton   .... $;.  Cash    Si  ���\Iai?Ki'' Hrown    >  Mi.ss Willie   .. .    1  Mis, Klsie      1  cash     1     1  ���>  .ioiinie H'alcrs   Hazol .Justi   Carrie Williams   0  Stella Woodson     I  K. I ���milts-.       1  Miss I.illie     1  IreneSliiel   .....   1  Miss Florence.......    1  I). McDonald        1  Miss I'Mna     1  Allies WoM ���.....      -i  Slay Milton   ���>  31. Snlilh    .  ...   1  A. '���'lock    -1  Kiltie Tliormau ���  2  Cash..'.     1  Vida, Thayer ,   ......   ~  (iish.   %  Sufficient provisions to relieve the immediate needs of the destitute family  were purchased, and the remainder of the  money subscribed was handed to the  editor of The Tribune, with instructions  to use it for the purpose for which.it was  raised. ���___  Elko Has its Share of Activity.  T. G. Proctor, wlio returned from a trip  to Elko yesterday, says mining is brisk in  that sectiou of East ��� Kootenay. The  B. A. 0. has a large force of men doing  development work oii the Maple Leaf,  Wyustay and Burton claims. The Cliicka-  maustone, on Bull river, has now become a  mine ready for sliippiug.  It is reported  <fe Mann  stock   in  Elko  are  have secured  this venture,  several engi-  tha't Mackenzie  a big block of  In the town of  neers, who are making reports on the  water power to be obtained there from  the Elk river. A big scheme is on foot  for utilizing this power for calcium-carbide and pulp works, as the quantity of  spruce timber in the immediate vicinity  is an important adjunct iu pulp manufacture.  THE BOARD OF TRADE ACCEPTS  An Invitation to Visit Spokane.  A meeting of the board of trade was  held yesterday to consider the invitation  received from the managers of the Spokane exposition. There were present the  president, the secretary, and Messrs.  Banner-man, Bellamy, Dowsing, Gamble,  Holt, Kelly, Jowett, MacLeod, Procter,  Renwick and Sherwood.  The secretary read the formal invitation Avhich invited the board of trade to  be present on the International day in  particular at the exposition.  W. A. Jowett then read some extracts  from a letter he had received from Mr.  Bolster showing that every convenience  and a hearty welcome would await the  expected visitors from Nelson. He then  said that both he aiid W. H. Dowsing  had been active in beating up names of  those who intended to visit the exposition  for the International day and had secured  39 promises. A good many of those who  had been asked expressed an opinion to  the effect that a lower rate than a single  fare should be allowed for from Monday  to Thursday. He himself Avas also of  that opinion.  T. G. Procter thought that the single  fare was low enough and those who  wanted to go would not kick at $2 or $3  more or less for traveling expenses.  The president was similarly inclined  aud stated that the rate from Nelson was  on a par with all other rates from all  points north of Spokane. There were no  discriminating rates offered to towns over  the line.  A long discussion followed on the rate  question but no decision was come to on  that point.  On the motion of W. A. Jowett the  invitation was accepted, and after passing  a vote of thanks to W. A. Jowett and  W. H. Dowsing for their services and a  request that they continue their good  work, the meeting adjourned.  Orangemen Welcome Clarke Wallace.  N.  Clarke   Wallace,   M. P.,   sovereign  grand master of the Orange Association  of Canada, was given a most enthusiastic  reception at the opera house lasteveniug.  When it is remembered that the meeting  was somewhat of an impromptu nature,  and that .the -subject of tho address was'  more.ot; less hackneyed, it" must be considered .as  complimentary-"to the visitor  that-close upon 300 "people turned out to  listeu to him.    It would   be  difficult for  anyone to give an-address upon-Orange-*  ism without touching  more or less upon  Canadian politics.  'This- almost impossible feat was not.essayed-by Clarke Wallace last  evening. , He  said that the underlying principle of the  order was loyalty, and when the members of tlie order  ' considered tliat the interests of the em-,  pi re wore being  subjugated. to those of  any foreign power, the order became not  only political  but aggressively political.  The  several  occasions   upon  which the  association in Caiiada injected itself into  politics were referred  to,  and the statement made that ��� in  each  and  every instance the,motive was loyalty and the result the public good.    Throughout his remarks  the   speaker   leaned toward the  Conservative  party.    He   denounced,  of  course, the action  of the late Conservative ministry in endeavoring to force its  -remedial legislatioiiwith-i'espect-to-Mani-  toba through the -house of commons, but  ho added  that the Liberal government  which succeeded  it  had  done  worse in  seeking the intervention of foreign church  dignotaries in a purely provincial dispute.  That the speaker was not in accord with  the dominant' federal  party was further  emphasized when he contrasted the public works policy of the two governments,  and addedthat lie  could not agree with  the finding  of  sir  Richard  Cartwright,  since he had assumed office, that the Liberal party was  responsible  for about 95  per  cent  of   the   prosperity  which  the  country was enjoying and the Almighty  for the remaining five per cent. Throughout his remarks the speaker was warmly  applauded.    On the platform With him  Avere Rev. Robert Frew, chairman; John  Toye, master of the Nelson lodge; Rev.  John Robson, and W. A, Jowett.    Upon  .the-conclusion of the address, John Toye  moved a vote of thanks to Mr. Wallace,  which "was seconded by Rev. John Robson.   The chairman,   after   putting the  same to the audience, conveyed it to Mr.  Wallace,  avIio   acknowledged   the same  briefly, __^ ;__  The Victoria Globe Dies.  Victoria,-, September 25.���After eight  months' existence the Daily Globe has  quit, there- being no issue today. The  Globe appeared to have a two-fold mission  of disciplining senator Tern pieman for his  want of sympathy with certain local  Liberal aspirations, and to accomplish  the downfall of the Semlin ministry.  The senator has been unresponsive except  that five cents a week was docked from  the price of "his paper, tlie Times, to meet  tlie Globe's cheaper rate; and the Semlin  ministry also has survived the assault  which cost several thousand dollars hard  cash.  ONE MORE TIME AND DISTANCE  Saver for Kootenay Towns.  The Nelson & Bedlington railway is  Hearing completion, and when in operation, Kootenay points like Nelson, Kaslo,  Ainswortli, " and Sandon, will bo two  hundred miles and from twelve to twenty-  four hours nearer Montana points liko  Kalispel, Great Falls, Helena, and Butte.  Now travelers are required to go out via  Spokane, Avhich is two hundred miles distant from Nelson, thence east over the  Great Northern or Northern Pacific.  When trains aro running over the Nelson & Bedlington road, the 200 ,miles between Nelsoii and Spokane Avill be saved,  as the distance from Nelson to Bonner's  Ferry is but 105 miles as against 104 from  Spokane to Bonner's Ferry. Travelers  for Montana .jioints Avill be able to leave  Nelson or Kaslo at 7 o'clock in the morning and make connection tit Bonner's Ferry at .1.40 o'clock iu the afternoon with  the Groat Northern's "Pacific Fast Mail,"  and passengers for Kootenay points arriving on the "Pacific Fast Mail" at Bonner's Ferry at 4:20 o'clock in the morning  will be able to take dinner in Nelson or  Kaslo. ',*.'..  The following table shows the distances on the railway from Bonner's  Ferry to Kuskonook, the latter place being fifty-five--miles from Nelson by Avater  and the same distance from Kaslo:  Miles  ;              Name of Station  "Miles  ().     G. N. Depot at 11. F   ......      0  .32..:;...   Junction Switch at li. I1"...  ..   .   .32  .48..   .... ...>... .Drawbridge     80  0.71.......   .'��� Siding No. 1   ...... 7.57  il.'*!)...'....   ..Siding No. 2  .-���   10.1*0  11.28.. ...  .... ..........Port Hill    25.8S  .1!)..:...   ...International line   ......20.07  .I(i.:.....   . -ltykert.'s Custom House.....   20.il  (���.SI.......   Creston   ......32.88  o.:*o.,..-..  .... South Junction C. N. P. It.. ...   38.18  S.f>7......���.   North Junction C. N. J'. It.....  . ..���..���10.85  2.87.......  ........"... .'Kuskonook .......;..:'-..-.  -.-.....49.72  'NELSON.  The "judgment in the case of Clever vs.  Lacasto litis been satisfied by the payment by the ^defendant, Frank Lacasto,  of $245. In order to satisfy this judgment the sheriff some time ago seized the  defendant's interest in the Slocan Chief,  No. 10 and Kootenay Queen.  . R. F. Pcrryvyesterday paid into .court  the sum of $70125 the amount of the fine  and costs imposed by stipendiary magistrate Crease for an infraction of the  License Act of 1899. On Wednesday tho  license commissioners will sit" to consider  the application of Mrs." Alice Perry for a  license for the same premises. As it appeared from the evidence taken" during  the prosecution of Perry that ho has aii  interest in the premises this fact will,  probably debar His wife from receiving a  license.  An effort is'being made by the house  surgeon of the Kooteiiay Lake General  Hospital to liave Henry Murtou, who is  at present an inmate of the hospital, admitted to the old men's homo at Kam-  loops. Murton-is now fSG years old and is  unable to work. He lias followed mining  all his life, the.last three of wliich htive  been spent in Kootenay.  Nothing new. has been heard from Vancouver with respect to the readjustment  of iusurauce rates iu tlie business portion  of the city. Some weeks ago Inspector  Hobson, representing the Mainland board  of underwriters, went into the matter  with the local agents in Nelson, who pre-  -pared-a-list-settiug-out-theirviews-Avitir  respect to the readjustment, and as the  general agents are not expected to visit  Nelson again for some time, it is not improbable that the board of underwriters  at Vancouver will accept this list and act  upon it. When the readjustment Is made  it* will materially reduce the insurance in  blocks 5 and 10. In the former it will  probably reduce the rate from 0.j to 31  and 4 per cent, with lesser reductions in  block 10.  The Iloman Catholic choir had a rehearsal of the mass for the opening ceremony on Sunday in the new chinch.  They have made real progress.  R, R. Head Icy, the superintendent of  the snlelter, who. has been laid up fov the  last fortnight with a orushed foot, is now  able to get about"again.  Dr. Keliar's infant son was buried in  the Nelson cemetery on Sunday morning,  the service at the grave being conducted  by the Rev. H. Irwin of Rossland.  Fred Irvine & Co. of Nelson, by actual  count, shipped five more mail orders, yesterday to points in the Slocan and on  Kootenay lake than- were forwarded by  the express company as coming from T.  Eaton & Co. of Toronto.  E. J. Haughten, who was formerly connected with the Outlet hotel, opposite  Balfour, lias applied for an hotel license  at Nine-Mile point. As there is no travel  to Nine-Mile at present it is supposed  that the application for a license is made  with the idea that construction on. the  Crow's Nest Pass road around Kootenay  lake Avill be commenced shortly.  The tramway company expects to have  its roadbed completed and the steel laid  to the skating rink by the latter part of  October. The rolling stock is expected  by the middle of the month  and  it will ]  Power Company and the installation of  electrical machinery when the company  can commence operating.  An order has been issued by the supreme  court staying the execution in the case of  Callalian vs. Coplen. In this action the  defendant Coplen secured judgment for  .$02(i. costs in an adverse action and the  court gave permission for an execution  to issue against Charles Callahan .as administrator of the estate of William  Callahan. , Under this the sheriff seized  the interests of Callahan in the Cody  Fraction tind Joker Fraction claims near  Cody. .  TRANSVAAL TROUBLE CONTINUES  Text of Chamberlain's Despatch.  London, September 25.���The officials of  the foreign office this evening gave out  the text ofthe letter of Joseph Chamberlain to sir Alfred Milner, dated September  22nd. The British reply expressed regret  that her majesty's offer (number five) of  September has been refused and says the  "one subject her majesty's government  has in view in the recent negotiations  has been stated in a manner which cannot  admit of misapprehension, viz, to obtain  such substantial and immediate representation for the Uitlanders as will enable them to secure for themselves that  fair and just treatment which was formally promised them in 1881, aud which  her majesty intended to secure for them  when she granted privileges .of ..self-government to the Transvaal. No conditions  less comprehensive than those contained  in the telegram of September 4rd can be  relied on to effect this object.  THE   CITY   FINANCES.  At the meeting of the city council last  evening a statement of the receipts and  disbursements of the city for the month  of-August "\yas submitted, together with  a statement of the bank account on August 31st and a statement of the several  debenture accounts on that date. The  statements are appended:  ' khc'kijts roil AUC'i;sr.  Nelson Electric Tmmwiiv deposit '..?.....�� 2000 00  ileal c-itato taxen... i'.    (I1IKI 19  Kleutri.' litflit rates ���.  , 10-I2 27  Waler work* rales      SS2 28  Licenses ".     102.) .TO  J'olioocom-, flues...* ..." ". .,....'    121! oO  Miscellaneous  ;..     fioii 00  Burial ->eriiiil�� and cemetery lotv., -........'. >-   10 00  Supplies Hold , ,'. '..,-         3 j.".  i)isnbHSi:,MH.s"iv  ,I<*iro department...-.   J'olioo department   Ileallli department   I.eKa! expenses   Miscellaneous   i'l-intiiiR-and Kl.'itiniiery   .Salaries   .SLreeU,   .Sidcwalk.s...'   Irilercsl   Sewer construction  ,  Sewer main I oiiiinci'........���  Kleetric lijflit consLruction....  Klectric H^Iil mainl enance ...  Water workscouslruelion ....  Water works maintenance���  Ip'uriiiLiireiiiul l!\-ture.s-   voi-. AL'UVST.  i-i.Ki-ritn- light  i)j-;m:NTUUKfj.  ]>r.  llalanee from 18SB   I'rocceds of IS!!'.' tlebeiiltires   Kxpenditurc to August .'{IM $11,151 43  Balance at credit ,     7.Sf8 *I7  Si Kill 2!)  ..S 002 10  .. SMi 50  .. 97S 82  .. 20."> IV)  .. - inns i.i  .. 121 111  .. liSI !��  .. 13I_ IS,  .. .1107 07  .. nno 75  .. 1(181 (ii  .., 21 12  .. IS'J7-3n  .. 102 18  .. 20111 !SI  5*t 4!)  15 (X)  817885 Id  (Jr.  �� 2,!Ki!( 80  10,050 00  J&IS.0I!) .SO   $I!I,01S 80  SKW'KK OON'STI-.UrTIO.Vfl.  J)r  Balance from 18U8,   Proceeds of 1808 debentures..   Expenditure to AuKusl*H-.l �� '.',019 10  Balance nt credit     7.880 .10  Civ  S 1.179 IS!  l(i',050 00  $17.52!) W   517,527 tl!  CKM KTi:itV  UBilK.VTJ-lltKS.   Balance fiom 1893 S    Wi7 15  IIA.VIC   IIALANCK.  Checks: issued  17,8S.i 10  In I ores! on overdraft ,        I,Hi 75  Ovmdraft .1 illy ,'JIM,   29,1'iO :K  Deposited.  Checks out .tmiiliiiK   Bank balance Dp   Overdraft, on Aiifjiip-I I'lsl  $17,202 -VI  .    8,5ir2 07  S'M.OOO !ifi   �� :t.79i:��    :n,si5 is   JJ.'W.HO!! Wi  A Hearing Postponed.  IT. J, Parker was brought before magistrate Crease yesterday afternoon on a  charge of embezzling $i50 from the I'arsons Produce Company. W. A. Macdonald, Q. C, appeared to prosecute and occupied about half an hour in interviewing-,, first of all, the magistrate, and then  the prisoner.* before the sittings commenced. At the commencement of tlie  proceedings Mr. Macdontdd stated that  he had had a message from P. J. Russell  saying that he could not return until tonight. Ho therefore asked for an adjournment, find Parker not objecting the  magistrate remanded the prisoner until  tomorrow at; 10 a. m.  Cheaper Telegraph. Bates.  The Canadian Pacific Telegraph Company cut in the new wire from Nelson to  Grand Forks yesterday. The now line  follows the right-of-way of the Iiobson-  Penticton railway and will bo continued  from Grand Porks to Greenwood tis fast  as the linemen can string it. With the  completion of the line to Grand Forks  there has come a big cut in rates, the  company quoting a 2o-ceut rate for ten-  word messages with two cents for additional words. The rate will be the same  to Greenwood when that point is reached.  W. S. Jamieson, who was formerly in the  Nelson office, has been appointed agent  THE CITY FINANCES FOR AUGUST  then depend upon tho Boumngton Falls jj for the company at Grand Forks.  Alderman Hillyer's Music Hall Scheme.  At the meeting of last night's city  council all the members were present except aldermen Beer and Thomson. Proceedings commenced Avith the reading of  tlie finance committee's report recommending the payment-of a number of accounts!    The report was adopted.  A letter from alderman Beer, written  from Victoiia, was read in which he, announced the final settlement with tho  Nelson Land & Improvement Company.  By the payment of $1125 the city purchases lots 0,10, Hand 12 in block 23,  lots 1 and 2 in block US, and lot 2 in block  .34, or 13 lots in all. This payment includes all claims whatsoever for damages.  The Nelson Ice Company's olfer to  grade twelve feet of Josephine street  from Front street to the C. P. R. track =  at 20 cents per foot (not iiu-luding rock  excavation) was referred to the board of  works.  A letter from D. MeBeath offering to  put up a substantial wooden bridge  across the gulch in the alleyway between  Silica and Victoria streets near Ward  streot, provided the city couucil would  grade the alleyways on both sides, was  referred to the board of works.  A. E. Hod gins, architect for the new  Madden block, wrote to the council ask- *  ing how Mr. Madden should proceed to  obtain permission to htive an open area  on Ward street for entrance to a barber  shop in the basement of the building.  The opening required would be 3 feet  by 12 feet G inches. If the council  had power to grant this permission this  letter must be taken as Mr. Madden's ap-*"  plication for the same.  Alderman Hillyer was in favor of the  matter being taken up by the council.  The city was rapidly increasing and similar applications would soon have to be  dealt with. Even if a special bylaw had  to be passed it should be done.  Alderman Fletcher rather begrudged  the expense of a new bylaw unless paid  for by the applicant. Anyhow lie said it "  was a question of give and take and  ought, to be referred to the board of  works with power to act. A resolution  in accordance with this proposition was- *  passed. . "    ,  S. Y. Parr wrote applying for the sole .'  right to number  tho  houses  in  Nelson.  The householders would have to pay him  for this,  the city simply  ordering  the-,  numbering and giving him the exclusive-  right.     On motion of alderman McKillop .  the application was laid over until alderman Beer's bylaw*was passed.  The B. C. Pottery Co. wrote suggesting  ,  that they should be permitted to deliver  the whole of the pipes called for in their  ,  contract  forthwith.    The  city  engineer  pointed out that the  terms  of the. eon-   ��  tract" called  for the  pipe  being shipped  when required.'    On the motion of alder--  man Fletcher it' was . resolved, that "tlie  pipe should be delivered according to the  terms of the contract.  -A petition signed by thirteen of tlie  barbers of- Nelson- was read1 praying for  the,passing of the barbers' Sunday closing  bylaw. The petition .stated that there-  were but thirteen barbers in Nelsou.J On  the motion of alderman' McKillop the  petition was held over until the reading /  of the said bylaw.  Alderman Hillyer, who had given notice of introducing this and- the other  Sunday closing bylaws, then asked -for  leave to withdraw the same,- which was,  granted. ' ' '  Two tenders for fire alarms were referred to the board of works to report on., ,  The mayor stated that the late chief of  -police-had-been-supplied bythecityavitli���  ti new uniform two days before his  resignation. Chief Jarvis had purchased  tut uniform at his own expense. The  couucil left it to the mayor to arrange  how the new chief should be refunded.  An application from  A.  Steel for tho  position of collector of road taxes, which-  was backed by the signature  of several  citizens wtis received and filed.  Alderman Hillyer said tliat during a  recent visit to Spokane he had been tip-  prnached .by a theatrical speculator as to  the advisability of building a music hall  and beer garden in Nelson. He (alderman Hillyer) was of the opinion that a  well conducted respectable institution of  that sort would be a great benefit to the  '"boys" of the town and would moreover .  keep a lot of money iu the town. During  the long winter evenings there was little  or no amusement for young men in Nelson and the consequence was th.-.t, hours  of leisure wore spent in saloons and elsewhere. Something on the lines of tho  'Vancouver music hall could not be objected to by anyone save narrow-minded  chapel folk and saloon keepers who would  fear loss of custom. He had been asked  to sound tho city council as to what they  thought of the scheme. The mayor and  alderman Fletcher seemed to think that  a properly conducted music hall would,  be an acquisition. However, the council  did not see their way to coming to any  decision that night on the matter, so alderman Hillyer gave notice of bringing  in a bylaw tit the neyt regular meeting  dealing with the subject.  Tho road tax bylaw No. 49 was then  put through its various stages and a  meeting was called for tomorrow m order  to finally consider it.  The Sunday closing bylaws will come  up at the next tegular meeting.  r,-r; pfC?-       ,��. ���**  v ;;i  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C.   TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2G,  1899.  m  We have paid the most strict attention to this Underwear  Department of ours, but feel amply repaid by the expressions  of approval of the hundreds of men who come to examine our  goods.     Today we are offering- greater bargains than ever:  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  Men's Fine Underwear 01) $1.50 the suit. ^g  Men's Special All-Wool  Underwear & $2.00 per suit. W?  Men's Shetland   Wool,   Plain   or  Stripes   <W $2.50,   $3.00  and ^  $3.50 per suit. W.  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Will be -pleased to furnish  mc'ari.k-ketKon application.  ItooiiiK liy l.lic day. week or month.  Tli'inkitiK yon forymrr jionoitnis palroiiiigo in the past,  and trusting to be favoi'cil with a conliniiaiicedf same in  llu; fnliiiv. i remain, respectfully voiirs.  J'". SIMI'tJON.  Province ofllritish Colmnblti, NoI'kou, West Koolena}-,  l.o-wit,:  Jly virtue of a writ of Fieri Ricias issued out of the  Supreme C'ourl.uf Hritish Columbia at the suit of (."hallos  Callalian, uxeculor ol" the estate of the late William  Callahan, plajutlir, ilgainst Aloltiso I). Coplen, defendant,  and UUue directed against, the goods and chattels of the  late William Callibaii, now being administered by  Charles Callalian,. I have seized and taken in execution  all the right, title and interest of the said plitiulitl',  Charles Callahan, exe'cul.or of the estate of the lale William Caliahan. in the mineral claims "Cody li'raetioii"'  and "���Joker fraction," both situate near the "Krbddie  Lee." "Cube J.odc"and "Hi-idgel," niiiiei-al claims in the  Sloci'u'i ruining<livision of (lie West. Kootenay district,  and recorded in tlio ollice of the niining recorder at New  Denver. JI. C, to recover the sum of six hundred and  twenty-nine dollars and sixty-iiine cents (?(K!).G!l), and interest ui> Sd-2K.fi!) al; six per centum per annum from the  27th day of June ISBUI. until payment, besides shurit'l'Vi  lioundage, costs and all oilier legal incidental expenses.  All Of wliich I shall expose for .sale or sufllcient. Uioraif  to satisfy said debt awl costs, at. the front of my ollice  next the Court, House in. the City of Xelson. H. V.. on  Kririay the UiM.lt day of .September, IS!*!*, at the hour of  eleven o'clock in the forenoon.  NoTH��� Inleiiding purchasers will satisfy themselves as  to inleresl und title of said plaint ill".  Dated at Sandon. JI. C. Sept. L51.li. ISM.  S. P. TUCJC, Hherili' of South Kootenay,  Notice to Contractors.  Sealed lenders will be received by the undersigned for  the construction of the JIadden Block from the foundation up.  Plans and specifications can be seen at the architect's  ollice.  Tenders to be in by noon Saf.urday, ���fllth Sepleinbor, is!)!*.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  AHTIIUJi. K. JIOJJU1XS, Architect,  JUST ARRIVED A CARLOAD OF  Anheuser=Busch Lager Beer!  Highest class Lager produced.       On sale by the trade in Nelson.  ASK FOR IT  R. P. RITHET & CO., Ltd., Victoria, Agents for B. C. -     '  'Ai-B._GBAY,-Agent-for-Kootenay, --Bivkei--Sfr.T-NeI.son-Ncxt-Oddfc11ows-BriiIc]iiTg~  The Finest Residential Property in Nelson  ��� ���  AMD  KOOTENAY BELLiE  oieABa .   .  .: . .  union Made  Kootenay Cigar lanfg. Co.  [BOGUSTOWN]  All the  the market  desirable for  unsold   lots in   the   Fatrview  Addition tp   Nelson are   now on  at reasonable priees and on easy terms.   This property  residences.   Apply to  West Baker $treet, Nelson.  is very  T. 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Win-joa $3.60 per day.  .5*.  ...jSs  "3t>;  *_________?__  a-jSftMttto^iiK^wg^tto^ THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C.. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2G, 1899.  3  BankofIontbeal  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up,    -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATHCONA AND  MT   ltOYAL, Prosldont  lion. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vico-Prosidont  E   S. CLOUSTON General Managor  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  ri-srELSonsr B-R^.isro'H:  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.       HUANCIIKS IN       LONDON  (England),   NEW YOHK,   CHICAGO  and in the principal cities In Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cablo Transfers  GRANT COMMKRCIAL ANIJ TKAVKT.T.KUS' ORKniTS,  available in any part of tho world.  DRAFTS ISSUKD    COLLECTIONS MADKi KTO.  SAVINGS BANK* BRANCH.  CURRICNT RATJC OF INTEREST PAID  MINERS   FROM   AFRICA.  Revelstoke Mail.  Startling as the above headline is, it  but goes to show how far the mine owners may go in their fight against the miners and their cause. Last Tuesday superintendent .Patterson of the Wakelield  Mimes,Limited, atSilverton,dee],*u*ed that  before ho would receive a committee  from tlie miners, or treat with the union  in any way,''he would bring miners from  Africa to operate tho mine; and that<was  what he intended to do. c  It might be asked what kind of. men  Mr. Patterson expects to bring from  Africa., white or black. ..There can be  little doubt that Kaffir labor.would suit  some of the mine owners.  As more complete reports come in  from the Slocan camps, it is shown that  the miners' liave a good fight arid the  owners a very bad case. Some of the  methods .used to secure riien for the niines  were exposed by the Mail last week, but  it js evident that the general public has  no idea of the.lengths to wliich the mine  owners, will go in getting help to operate  their mines.  Charles Lawson, the delegate sent to  Silverton by.the Revelstoke miners to report on the conditions under which the  men would have to work at the Wakefield, -returned Saturday night. On being  seen, "1VIi\_Lawspn most  emphaticnliy de-  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Sl^aguay, U. S., Atlin,, B.C, and  Dawson City, Yul\ori District.  Edith, and they have a policeman guarding them."  In conclusion, Mr. Craig said: "lam  not a member of the carpenter's union,  nor of any union, but this is every work-  ingnian's fight, and the man who will go  to work there now is the dirtiest kind of  n scab."  The miners of Revelstoke havo made  many friends in the south country, and  the union men feel like cheering when  Revelstoke is mentioned. The Mail is in  receipt of a letter from the miners thanking it for exposing the methods used  by the managers, and the secretary of the  secretary of the Silverton miner's union  has written A. C. Thompson, thanking  him for his aid, and making a. thorough  explanation of the situation. In relation  to Mr. Patterson's statement that miners  of any kind could not be secured in tho  Slocan, he said that the union could  furnish the Wakefield or any other mine  with 800 union niinersA'ony:forty-eight  hours' notice. ���       .      ='  A Leaf From Laurier's Book.  Toronto Telegram.  Why should W. W. B. Melnnes, M.P.,  be so energetically assailed by friends of  the Laurier. government for remarking  that-the.' people of British Columbia,  might have to solve the Chinese question;  by an appeal to force? No "word iii Mc-'  Innes' speech canbe construed into meaning that British Columbians should forth-  Avith proceed "to' accomplish by force  what the Dominion government has failed to perform. Melnnes did nothing  more than suggest the duty of the people-  in case of a certain eventuality; suggest-,  ing that conditions were possible which  would require the application of a remedy by those who suffer, from the almost  unrestricted importation of Oriental  labor. Three years' acquaintance with  the sunny smiles' regime of sir Wilfrid  Laurier has dimmed the memory of those  of his following who are now denouncing  Melnnes for his alleged heinous offence in  foreshadowing tlie possible necessity of a  resort to force. Melnnes had only to  consult the record of "the leader he was  sent to Ottawa to support" to find a precedent for his utterance at Nanaimo. It  was Wilfrid Laurier, was it not, who, on  the floor of parliament, gave a most unqualified endorsation of rebellion as the  proper moans of the half-breeds of the  Northwest securing redress? He abetted  a disposition to resort to arms���declared  that in such a holy conflict his heart, his  FULL LINE OF  musket oven, should be with the uprising  against the law. Laurier. was ready.to  secure by force what the authorities were  not prepared to concede. Wherein the  greater offence of W. W. B. Melnnes, M.  P., who in language not approaching the  severity of his leader's, suggests that  the people of British Columbia may have  to remove by force a grievance which the  Dominion government declines to remedy? British Columbia is stirred by the  government's inactivity in a matter of  vital concern to the province, as were  the people Wilfrid Laurier championed  in the Canadian Northwest. Before the  friends of the Laurier government begin  screeching about Melnnes' indiscreet  words on the stump, they might justify  Wilfrid Laurier's pro-rebellion speech  made on the floor of parliament.  The Treraont Hotel  w  ���Z3.(S>.tS>.c3.C=>.CZ>.C=>.C=>.c3.-z3.i=>.l=>.&  ��� C=>.(=>.C=).C1.C3.  Wool Carpets Art Squares  FOR SALE  BUSINESS AND KJBStDENTIAL  .    PROPERTY   ,  'K?'ta5)^bsh;h^  ly5' i$_':f-'S <*Si**:$'^^  i-'-'r^jlirh^ .,;po|igi!|ii-4 ';Mii;i|ie:fid^''  . J. !ty$pfei:" $tythte;'m^inel^iyyh0: \% y��n��-titi^k:Kbx^,  *'V"1&4^  ';-Wonr.&:i'ty^as; ^l&..i$i<3!jet3V%^ | # ���  5?;i^ilie jiiiiio;: 3|:r ritijfjtpiv ilv.|dy ^givien-- --hiijij; >;;ti|vgM';  ':���..: :%$�� <>��^  ''U'H^rJ? ��� ;ji'e-'reported*-*t^  -."���tiii'hed tefe . ..���������"���'.'",  .   .   J^rarik fiiaig1 \\^S::OiievO0yt^i^pgratpeii|ei|s.;  yygnga^ed. ia.;gp'; dOAV?ii;r- ;tjtj'.-#e.iifc: oiV'f,j';e  y ; 'Wivktjiteld: -c0^ceriti*atol*-;yh^ to-Sil^  ;.:'*Vei^.ej)il Mphdajyybyut*r6tiira  yeveiiiiig.   JE-fe learped *hatyt;h%|;tocl^hoid-  ;'.-������ ;ei*s  were deiriahdi^ bfi  opera ted < but were being stopclo'iff bythe  ;   iiiauagement, xgljxi' Ayetfe .tryhig tp get the  eoneontratpt' lip  (they'.liavp enough ore  :   Oil the dump to keep its runniniy for three  years), so as to eomtiieiice redueing ore,  ^fUirt^jfciius^Sittisf^  starve out the union miners ih the camp.  At the present rate it will take a long  time, said Mr. Craigj to erect the concentrator^ as they haven't got a carpenter  working, only a gang of laborers; but it  is feared that the coiniraetors will im-  ptst'fc hieu from the other side to do the  Work.  On being interviewed, Mr. Craig said:  "Why they have not riioney enough in  tliat coiiiitry to hire mo to go to work  there. Jfo man should go into that conn-  try} unless it be to see the niiiiers engaged in one of the best fights ineil can make  for what they think is right,, and I believe will win. Iii filet "they can't help  but win, and the way to help them is to  stay away. The miners are gentlemen.  Tliere was no begging, no soliciting, no  threatening. They simply put the case  plainly to the men, thou leave it to themselves to decide if they will go to work.  Tlie quiet dignity of tlie miners, their  manliness, and consciousness that they  had right and justice ou their side, has  never* failed to impress the men, and all  through this long struggle, with two exceptions, every miner has refused to go  to work. It was very different witli the  superintendent, the contractors, and  others about tlie mine. They were shifty  and evasive, and a straightforward story  could not be secured from one of them.  Patterson said he expected to have the  concentrator up in a very short time and  the whole mine in operation; but he  talked like a man with no hope of success, and was.much discouraged; later in  the conversation he said that before he  would receive a committee from the min-.  ers or treat with the union in any way  lie w.onld bring iu miners from Africa,  and that was what he intended to do.  "Two Poles aro at work on the Emily  30 by 120, Baker street, between- Josophino and  Ward streets  : ..........!  50 by 120, Baker street, between Josephino and Hall  streets, corner    25 by 120 with improvements, south sido of Vernon  street.......  5000  50 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vernon  ,���wSteefc .���i.,>v.:.-!.��;.;<v.^  aflbtif^yitli'feottagoTentedyatiS  !'2"iote'witVi:Eco'itago,;^  i"tfloteiir,bloek���i?lDi-all.cloafedVa^  ?yy n.yyy.-y: ���"^fNTSfpi%^.j-. y  vi^-s&p"!  m^^wm4mmm$m::  ������_ ��� rlieiyli :Ej-fete yawl- Gpherak Agoti ts,y Baker *Stei: "NplB'p.n";  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen E>oors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.. :"���*���������   .���     ''���...;  Flooring     : ��� "'"f���;*-;!  loqal and coast.  1 Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  ���- '���       Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  If what you want is nob in stock wo will make it for you  CALL AND GET PRICES.  NIALOJpE & TRECILLUS  PROPRIETORS  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HANOI  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEERS HOTEL  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS, NELSON  IliliiiiiiiMiiil  ;��.".-  Wmffl��8m$&  Largo comfortable bedrooms  and  flrst-class dining  room.   Samplo rooms for commercial men.  BATES   $2   PEE  DAT  Mrs.  L 0.   CLARKE, Prop.  Lato of the Royal Hotel, Calgary,  on hand, also  ���'-"-"** --'���-1- "e'tc."  '.VAJai��e-,stoc^yo,fcflrst*!h's8F,;dfemato^  *a:f uU. J4nor6f;*sash",:dok)^  ON EASY TERMS  JirtrpfcUiihiber'of choioc buiiiling lots, adjacent .to .the1.  ���lu-):e'6Miliuirt'r:'viii.vva;jv '.Kos'^Hcd-'-Aiirij-oriiisofsa'IeiippljW  to tlie otlieo-'of; (lie cofiipanyyMa'idbjiulct block, corjicr ofc  'Jb'sashTiioiiiiltil'-VOi'ilfiii-sUifi'e-tH't-   -  .''" ..���-'.,'   v ���  '��� "���    -���   '  -.:.',.'"       '..   '���    . .'.   "     yyT-G.^"):Ui*NfCAN,.Secretji>ry;   ;  "E*I^STCT*BA3^G3"E  KHAt BSTATB AND IiOANS.  -.-p --:FOt"uaAy_*s-=  5-Roonl House.  SI3G0  4,-Koom House.  ISO-Foot Corner...   ��000  ..$300  ^ard;' ��� ;*F6pt'Mi'Hbn3:ryXi 8|re6't,,-iJeisibiin.-:  ;.'yoioppipn'p^9ilf-..* y  ��� 'y.'. ���';B ���,Thne;_ne��s:t/l3o��ei'-initlje.J i-yy;-..,.'::.'.'.  ,.���te^e'i,^ampla*rpu6|Q8.f ^^M;h;(3at:;Md:-elbctrlq flgnt;..;;  lllliii  ���B4^i3g^^'"V?A^^  UNPElt T1IE . AUSWCKS: OF  The^ Eoyal Agricultural^and'Industrial Society  ,'    *    :      of British Gdliiaa'bia, i  : Witli   BE  HEXP  A*  CUSTOiVIS  AUQTIONEEBS  Mkl MM and GENERAL  Baker Street, Nelson  FIRST DOOR WEST BANlt B. C. B1JILD1NG.  Notice to Investors and Builders  We give the very Bkst Terms to those  wishing to borrow money on improred rejil  estate. - ��� ������   '  The only eoinpanyin the province that gives  you the privilege of paying off your whole  Loan at Any Time without a RoNUsy on giving a 60 day notice of your intention was so.  OiJ"  ,*���  m  M00Q IN "PRIZES $15,000  I OPEN   TO   THE   WORLD  A Bound of Pleasure for Pour Whole Days  ilOI'SK KAOES      JlICV^LK KAfiKS:      AQOATICiS  ciM'Jii'iOiV.srrii' j^Acuossis       naval and  ' "'JiftilTAUY HVOi'tTS OYMKHANA  UAS10 HALL    KOOT BALL;   BAND  TOUHNAMKNT.  . MAGNlFiCBNT IliLUMlNATlONS 1  Grand conccrl. every oveninij.  Siiceia! atti-action at, tho New WoKtiniiistor opera liOtlse.  . M6ii.stei'oxcin:HionKfi'oiii;al|poiiit.t, at greatly ������educed  rates.  ..  Kor special features see sm.-ttl hand bills.  Mb ontranee fee chained for exIiihiU.  KXKCUTIVK^IIIk worship mayor Ovens, T. ,T. Tiajip,  SV.-.T,, Matlier��. Goo. I>. Bryinncr, H��F. Aiider.'ion, Aid..!.  K. Scott, Aid. M. Sinclair.  '���   For prize lists, entry fornts alul full pal'tiblilars, write  ��  T.J.TRAPP, AltTIIUK JIALI.VS.    ���  Prosid'ont. Secretary.  W. II. KEARY, Conimissioner.  OAMBLE St O'RBIjUJUY, A��ts  British Columbia Permanent Savings & Loan Company.  Globe Savings & Loan Co.;: Toronto."   - ������   " ���  Lots for Sale  ?550 will purchase a choice residence Corner, 100 by 120  foot. ���  S2100 will purchaso a central lot and residenco.  ?100 will purchase two nico lots and shanty, Robson  street. Hume addition.  $*i000 will purohasc four nice lots and residence.  10,000 Pooled Fairmont 4 cents.  Blackcock (Ymir) shares 20 cents.  5000 Utica at lioqilts. .������.':  ALEX STEWART  Turner & Boeckh block, Nelson, B, C. y-y  DELIVERED  Orders may be left with C. VV. West  & Co., or with.  CHARLES St. BARBE, Agent.  Ollice on Baker street, two doors froni Bank of B. C.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres of land within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson.   B'or further  particulars apply to  FREDy3.  SQUIRE,   Nelson,   B.   C.  Tho bbly/hotel in Nelson that has f emalhdd under oiib  . inah^btnenfiiiricb^iSiX).-    .���..���.  .TBb^b'edirboMsyarb'tywbll furnished ahd ilightbd by  :blecti,icity.-- ��� '.���:'.'��� "   ;,   ..  Tho dinihgrrbom iVnbt sbcohd to any" in Eootcnay.  Thbbarvis.Mways fetbeked iby'thb host ..dbJnestibj and  inipblSted Ublibrsandciears^ , ���  yy        .: THQMASyMA:D.DEtf-, .PrppHetor,  ��� ..������YfViii^; '&., o..  J* W. SlvflfH,  Proprietor.  E��ER��^HJNa^ii?8^eLASS"  Large and Well lighted * Heated by hot ai  Reasonable rates    ���     ��� Samplo rooms  Electric bells and light in every room  Renovated and, refurbished thrbug-hbut-  ' ��� HOTEL VICTORIA,  J. C PERICS,. Proprietor  Fi-eo bus moetd all tr&lw Rav&ic.nlYo   R  fi  Hourly street car to station nBwBl&XOROi a. U.  Night Grill Room in connoetioni for the convenleiico of  guests-arriving and departing by iiiglib trailis.  ���e&  SHEBIPF'S SALE,  Briti.sli tWlunihia, Xelson, West, Koolonuy,  of;  i'l'flvineo  1'o.wil.:  Hv Virl.ue of n warl'ulit Mfexeeiitixiu issued out of the  L'lju'uty (.'onrtof Ivfjoteiiii}-. Iiold.cn al, Ka^Io, al, Ihe mill.  of .losopii Lynch, plainliiir, and to nie ilfroelert i.i����iilsl  the goods and eiiallels of Tliu, Ivuot'euay Air Siipjily  Co.hi|Hiii)", l.iiiiited. defbnrUwif.. I have seized and laken  in uxeeiltioti all the t'itjh't,,lillonnil inlorusi.erf lliosald  defeiidant, The IConlx-iiuy Air Supply Cuiiipau}'. Ulnilt'd.  in the dam, llitine. peiiAoek, pipfng, wln.fl> iilr ulmtubur.  iilaiit and niaolunery used by Uio .-said TU�� KoWotfity Air  Sujiply Company. Ijiinilcil,��� for.��sm.npi-uss!ng all' for e��in-  mei-clal purpose*. toBel-lier with any pei'Jnissive. IkkhI or  othei; riglit which the slid The Kootenay Air Supply  t.'ompany,, Ipiniiti.-d, may liave for the eteclkm anil main*  tenaiice of ils works tuul inueliinory upon the " Bli/.Kfii'd "  iiiinei-al claim, and otliei- adjoining jH'tiperty. mid <rn��  " Jtaiid " iiiaeliine drill, one " Knowles ' pump Xo. .'w.'.'l'il,  and one '"Snow" pump So. M.nill, orw iipriglit, boiler, one  bellows, one anvil, one vice, various lilncksiiilllis' loots.  one lioai-ding house, one store lioilsfl, into engine house, a  quantity of piping of varibus sizes, one ore liiit-Uot,and n  ([Uantity of steel aud wire rope, one oookjitg slove with  cooking utensils, and oho heating stove, I o recover I lie  sum of eleven hundred and forty-six dollars and nine  cents (SI IKiOO), amount of said execution, besides sliei-iU's  poundage, cosIjs and all other legal and ineideiital e.\-  .penses.  All of which I shall ex])Oso for sale or sulllcient thereof  to sitlisfy siiid judgmeiit,debt and costs, al, the front of  my ollice noxt to the Court House, in the City of Nelson,  on (health day of September, A...D. 18SJ1*, at the. hour of  eleven o'clock in the forenoon.  Noi'K���Intending purchasers will satisfy themselves as  to interest, and lilio of said defendant.  I)ated at A iiisworl.h, Ji. C .Septembei- 2iil.li. 1SHI.  S. P. TUCK, Shoriir of fcknilh Koufenay.  APPLIOATION TO  TEANSFEE  LICENSE  Notice is hereby given that 1 will, al, the cxpi.ralion of.  thirty days from the dale'of this.nolice, aiiply.al..1 he iiext.  sitting or the l,iconsiiig Board of.the City of Nelson-.  British Columbia, lo liii allnwed lo transfer Ihe retail  liipior license now held by liie for Ihe Kxclieiiuer Suloon  sifuale on Lot 1 Block 12.* in the ('ily of Nelson. British  Columbia, to James Neelands. A. II. ("l.KMKNTS...  . Dated at Nelson, 11. C. September lst/ISW. ;  Headquarters for Miners and iProspeetors  ��  ^  YOU  CAN  MAKE   NO MISTAKE IN BUY-  - ing a 3-Ply Wool  Carpet or Wool Art  Square.   We have a large Assortment of each.   A  Few Sets of DINING CHAIRS received yesterday.  They are polished and in oak.   Do you want one.  Don't forget we have a $20,000 Stock to choose from  #  w  D. McArthur & Co.  M  ?��� ez>'��� (S>'��� e=>- e=>'ts>' c3���&'��=>���e?'e3'cz>'c=>'t=)r<s>>c3'���&���(=}���,  SAW&HMM MILLS, Ltd.  We have a stock of one and a half million  feet of logs at our mill and are prepared to cut  all kinds of dimension timber aiid ship to all points  on Kootenay Lake by scows or steamers, also by  rail to all points on the Canadian Pacific or Nelson  and Fort Sheppard railways. In stock rough antf  dressed lumber, shingles, mouldings, sash, doors;  newels, turned verandali pp^ts. Glass5^:?|^k^*  lap��  OITICE AND MILLS COENEE HALL AND FEONT STS., NELSON.  Hkad :f)ph'i6E:  ATi..-  o...  Wm&lBsail0'- ^^mM0Ji  Rettul Miti/kofcft'at Nelson, Kitsfo, Sitridpia, Silverfcon} Mtsw Denvoi*,^inli",:'Ti'-til^'Gijiikl-feptyi|Siy  JOascadi}, 0i'dciiivoogl, MiiJAvsiy, tiiwf Sii*dii.p?  yCTssj  Mali Orders Promptly fcorwarMd.  Al J. KINDS QV  FRESH Mm SALTED MEATS  WiiQ^fesALE aKd HK*rAH.i  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, ^elson  t 0, TIAV1S, ttatJt  OltDKES BY WAIL. BECiCIYK 0AJIKFOL AND .pJtOMI*T -ATTfeN'fiONI...  C.  ���Corner of Witi-tl and Hoover Streets.  K. CJIIIJ'ZICI.IJC, l'*.ll.JI..S��� I'UOl'lUK'roR  BULBS! BULBS! BULBS!  .VI000 of ('.lie vJwiwiKl. v-jvi-felle.-i foi fall iiliinling lonrHvt;  in a few day.-t direct from. Lire _rowerK in Ilulhunl. eon-  sistiiiK of liyaeinLlis, Tnli'if. Da-llbilils. Xai-eissuK, ricillas,  Lily of (lie Valley, Crocus;, .fomiiiils, Hnow I)io|js. Ane-  iMones, IliuHineuliis, Iri.-: ('hinorioxa, ete. Orders lo (he  value of l.wo dollars and upward* sent, liy ninil or express freo, u-lnJ at. less Utan Ciislern prieos.  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver, B. C.  Bojinlinp; and day school for girls will rc-open on Uio  loLli day of August.   Vacancies for boarders. . For terms  and prospectus apply to  MAI-"  _D.BMPISKLLK. KKRN, Principal  y ONE DOLLAR A LOAD  The undersiKiied lias a lm-go quantity of 11 r, cedar, and  laiiiiirucHlalw. in Ili-lncli and I-fool leuglhs, suitable for  stove wood, which will bo sold for $l-a load at. the mill  yard.  NKI^SON SAW & I'LANIXG MILLS. Limited,  .- Nolson, AuKust 191 It. 1899,;  Aslicroft  BLACKSMITH ING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended to by a ttrst-cldss  WhoolwriKht.  Special attention given to all Jcindif of repairing and  custom work from outside points,  St-op:   \\a.l\ Street, betweei) Baker and Vernon, Nelson  Bulbs  fop  Fall  Planting'  2i).0O0 Jlollaiiil llu lbs to arrive in September; 3000 Japan  LlU'os to arrive in October; 1500 Rhododendrons. Amicus,  Mtujiiolias. Koses, etc. to arrive iu Oetabc-. TtiOiisandii!  of Itosos. Cornelius, Kru'lt and OrnamcnUil Trees. Shrubs,  eic,, growitiK on my own grounds for the fall trade.  Catalogue free.   .        .  M. J. Henry  Vancouvet', B. C.  s&~_:_?_ ^o3iisrsoisr  (Ex-ShoritT of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash tulvanood. on CongUramenU. of morohandlBO.  Vosioaicc Box 572__S-jji-fii-jry"^! INelsou, H. a THE-TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., TUESDAY
20,  1899.
And there are no perfumes in Nelson
equal to those which we have just received. We are now opening up full lines
of Roger & Gallet's and Legrand's celebrated French Perfumes, as well as those
of the Crown Perfumery Company of
London. These orders may be purchased
either in bulk or in bottles. See our assortment of French  Toilet Soaps.
Very Nobby
J. A. Qillcer
The   L,eading:   F'urriisher**
Remember the Native
Jl> will Ijg to your iirlvantage to sec our large
■ and complete stock of Boots and Shoes. We
carry, the following lines: J. <fc. T. Bell,, J.
LVKing & Co., North .Star Shoe Co., Foots,
Schultz & Co., Stratford ,Shoe Co., Ames, Hol-
den <fe Co., and other leading makers.
I       Neelands' Shoe Emporium
American Watches
o      9*°
Have been a,part of our business to which
we have devoted .years of unceasing energy
and a great deal of capital. It is an accepted fact that we know the wants of the
trade and carry a stock adopted to the present demands. We have the leading staples
in endless variety—all that can be shown by
anyone, and' many goods not to be had anywhere else.
We handle, and in this line show eocclusime
styles, wMeJif. corhmbend themselves to customers who wre. parUcudar as to the class of
goods they buy.
Diamonds and all Freeioiis Stores
Are setting new as never before. This JIe~
pdrtineut of our business is strongly commended t0 your attention. We have all sides
and qVialMies and at prices that are right.
In mounted pieces we have a comprehensive
line from small diamond juwelry up to the
costliest rings anol brooches.
Jacob Dover, The Jeweler
Electric Supply and' Construction Co.
Complete Electric "Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and Ltgrlitlng* for Minos, Towns
Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.
P. O. Box 606. Josephine Street, Nelson. B, O.
Have just received a."consignment, of Harris homo
made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland,
FBED I sqiHBE, Baker St. Mod
The supply la limited, bo call oorly nnd examine this stock.
A LI. fizcH of Blank Itaokx. with ovu'ry kind of Hpecial rtilinj? and printed heading?-, -nmnii/acturcd right
•*-»-  JYc'twii, by well-paid workmuii„ -who Hpcud tlieir e;iruin_n in NcIeoii.; Tribune Association, Limited, Vci
New  Arrivals
More Power Thcan Was Expected.
City engineer McCulloch  made  a  trip
over the electric light fluino on Saturday
for the purpose of  ascertaining  why  no
water was Ikrwing through it.    He found
tliat someone had turned tlio water off at
the dam.    As   the drop in tlie water at
the electric light  power house   was   not
noticed   till   late   Thursday  night, it is
thought that tho water   was  turned   oil'
sometime  during  the   forenoon   of  that
day.    When the city engineer turned the
water buck into the   Hume   he  measured
the volume passing through  and  found
that there were fully  •17')   miners' inches
Avith  lifty  inches  going to waste.    The
city  engineer  estimates   that  with   the
present   head at  the   power  house   the
water   [lowing   through   the   Hume  will
furnish 200 horse power without storing
the   day   How.     When   horse  power  is
quoted to the city nt *!?*)() per  annum   by
big power companies it is not  difficult to
appreciate  that   in   the water which the
city has  brought  in   by means   of the
present flume it has a very  valuable  asset.    There   is   move   than   double   the
quantity of water ilowing  through the
flume than was estimated  by  the  engineers before the  work   was  undertaken.
This is explained by  the  unusually wet
season and further by the  circumstance
that the current in the stream  is  much
greater than was at first estimated.
Hugh Nixon is one of the all-round
workers in the city's employ. He lias
built bridges, repaired flumes, laid sidewalks, put in street crossings, and is now
engaged at setting up a 5-ton scales.
"Alec" McLeod of Ainswortli, who was
rather roughly hand led ji short time ago
by an angry bear, is able to be around
again. He attributes his escape tp the
circumstance that when the bear knocked
him down he remained perfectly  quiet.
Having sold our mill, Ave are offering our
stock of DRY LUMiiKIt (WX',000 feet) for sale, consisting
of 1-inch flooring, rustic, shiplap, inch liimhur, '2x1, 2x(i,
2xS, 2x12, nil lengths. Correspondence solicited. Shook
& Arnot, Slooiin Cifjv     -
Furnished rooms to let.    Apply to Mrs.
L. M. Jameson, Carney JJlock, Baker street west.
Owing to a" death in the family  of the
owner, the following property is offered for immediate'
sale, namely, Ihe Home Temperance Hotel, together
with all Uiu furniture. The gronml NM hy 1-JO foci, uf
the northeast coiner of Vernon and J Jail streets. Apply
on the premises.
Wanted—A    good     general    servant.'
Must he a good all-round worker, and always willing lo
lend u hand in caring for a liahy. Apply lo IMrs. II..I.
Kvans, northeast corner Hull and Carhonale Mreels,
Ijost—On Baker or, Josephine streets, a
roll of papers, typewritten wilh rubber band: Tinder
will kindly Jjcjlm'ti lo Jolifi I'alerson, Clarke Hole),
Xelson _ J
To Lot—A  furnished diouso „of eight'
rooms and bathroom.   Address Tribune ollico.
Wanted  to .rent—Office
Baker si root preferred.   Apply lo ,J. (
Offices  to   rent—Single
Heady for occupancy November 1st
lliniKdm, Tribune Ollice.
ire had read somoAvhere that bears would
not molest any one who remained quiet
and he put it to the test witli satisfactory
results, but it was the hardest job he
ever tackled while the bear avjis stirring
him about with his snout.
M. S. Logan, a liossland merchant,
made an assignment yesterday for the
benefit of his creditors to W. J. Campbell
of Toronto. A number of the creditors
reside in Ontario and Quebec. J. C*. Strong
of Toronto arrived iu Nelson yesterday
to look after the assets on behalf of the
eastern creditors.
Martin O'Keilly & Co liave rented the
corner store in the Houston block.
The W. E. Sanford Manufacturing
Company, Limited, of Hamilton, Ontario,
the largest manufacturers of clothing in
Canada, will establish their headquarters
for British Columbia at Nelson, where
they will keep a complete range of samples representing their stock at all seasons
of the year. A. McAllister will be the
company's representative.
On Sunday Rev. C. A. JYocumior of Fort
.Steele Avas ordained priest by bishop I-er-
rin in St. Saviours church. There was a,
large congregation present and the serr
vice Avas fully choral.
ankruot Sale
Will be Continued until all
the Sandon Stock is
disposed of. .
,,T„ Crofts,
We do not advertise
one or two lines of
goods to be sold at a
low rate for one or two
hours, instead we sell
%L_ P^ces which defy
competition until all
advertised is sold out.
or   in   suite.
.    Apply In  Join)
Tli? "Wonder"
Latest Now  York and J'iirii pallorns to be shown at
the "Wonder" ltuoms on
Friday and Saturday, September 23 aqd 24
JlnUcr si reel, two doors MISS  McDERMOTT
west of Msirtin O'Keilly & C'o'.s      in cm aim a-:
JTbrthO full J5caso'i our stock .of millinery and ,
lmljijterjin^pYelfiiOfi.i.s'^t li^iilpst:coini)Ieto-jii!!d.====
,cxteii«'vo we "liave yet; IjCcii ''ib'lo to kIiow
in Kelteon, a ltd otir opening on AVtdtiOsdiij'
wasaitiost -stieccs.sfiilone. Alis Jtny of jvew
York huseharKC of the triiriiiiins ttepniXfoCMt.
MRS. E. -McLpAUGH'-iUIiSf'
Josephine Street, fiedr Bilker,
,«0*N*   JTATa „	
I'Kit YAH!"-' ••••■■
.. 50 cts.
. 50 cts.
. 10 cts.
A. Ferland & Co.
Ki:                        . ..        .      .           ....       ' .   .  \
\W. it<wtim<mmi>*hk agency reic
When-nroperiy bottled the kiro^led(,'e.l'.li«t
llitleyiiiv Water in nil the i.-«eoii,ijnen-
dittayu Hint;it noedK,
%$%$:%%"*      THORPE & CO.,
Notice fa hereby (,'iven flint in thirty days. I inlOnd to
apply .1 o.i ho eliiel't-tinmiKsifrmM' of 'Innils Mid works for
pei-inission to ciltjuid earry nway finiher oil' the hcsloW
ilesei'iheil: Ifmds': • '
OuiiimenuiiMjat a pbKt. iihout two and a half nines tip
from (he mouth of a ereek riiniiing Into Crawford Bay,
on ICoolenay lake, and known as Gray creek, marked
uorllnv-eKt corner; thenee east/forty ohairiH.: thenee iioi-tli
ten chains ; thenee east twenty chains; thenee mirth
ten eliaiiK; I hence east thirty-live ehailis; thenee south
two eliufns; thence east seventeen chains; thence sou tli
sixty cliains; thenco west fifteen chains; thence north
ton 'chains; thenee West twenty-five chains; thenee
youth toil chains; thence west sixteen chains ; tlience
south ten chains; thence west sixteen chains; thenee
north ten chains; thenee west forty cli.-iins; thence north-
forty-two chains to the place of commencement.
Nelson, B. C, September llfh, ISM).
Notice is hereby given that in thirty days I 'intend to
apply to the chief cuniuiiAsinner of lands and works for
permission to cut and curry away timber oil* the below
described taints:
;in, here in
Vcnioii SU.J
[hence south loriy chums:  rnence wc-si. 101...   	
iheiice north fifty cliains; thenee west Ion chains; I hence
north  one  hundred chains:   therce ea.sf ten chains;
thence north (iffy chains to the plooe of commcneeiiienl.
Nelson, B. C„ SepleiulM-i* 'Mi.
iflifdyTfffhfe e!iici',eoniini.ssioiiei' of landsj and works, foi,'
porhiission fb cut and carry away tliiiber oil' the below.
described lands,- " '    ." "      ,-
CfuniiieneiiiK at the northeast corner of II, JI. MuJJei>"
mid!s thnlier claiin, oh Liifriineeerdok.on soutli arm of.;,
■: Jvooiomty Lake, thence eusf. fovty chains, thenee?' .souths.
ten chains, thence east iiinely. eliaijis,   thence noijth ten!;
' eliuihn;,fheitee eastforty-livo'cliaifw, thence soutli llffy ;■
cliainij, t'lieiiee west five eliuiiis; theneesouflt ten cliains J'
thence West seventeen cliains; thence soutli fen, chains;|
, thenee vvest eighteen chains, thenee: north tpii ehiiins;*
ytlleu<jq West fovty «h.aihs,,lliehee South fjjir chains,, theiiee'
We.sf<iforf,v chuiii-s-,: thelieesoirth, fen chaiiin; theiiee west.
foi'(>>l!vo chains, t;liohce uortli eifchty eliaius to plaeo 0f;
eiilhiiHjneeihent. Siffhcd, GJfiO,   GI1A.Y,   ;
NolsoJi, H. C, SeptehiheriHnd:, iSij!).
Notice is hereby* givoh tluit in thirty days, I Intend to
itplilj" follie chief coiiiriiissioiier of lands and, WhrkSj for
fierriiissM-T to cut and carry nwny tiulljer oil' tins below
desei'llicd lands;
<!oin.n.ioucii]i,' ata pflsf about two and a lmlf iullc. up
Ijh fraiK-e (ireck. on the son I h arln of Kootenay lake, -omii-
itietipilnfc at Hie northwest corner: t1rcnceeitsl;.ll\"echaihs;
thenco north TOVfy chains; thenee east twenty drains:'
thoncO; iliirfh ten chains: fliciice east nine chain*-': (liciice'
north ten chain*,'; I licheeea-st five eliainj); iliciifct!* north
ten chains; thence east ten chains; tlit-nco north ten
chains; thenee east fen chains; thenee north ton.
chains;., (hence east twelve chains; thenee north five
cliains; thence east fhirty-citfhf chains: tlience north
twenty chains: thence cast foiii'teeu chains,; thenee
south twenty chains; thonce west eighteen ehaini-;
thohce south six chains; thoirce west tweiity chains;
thence south twenty-five cliains; thence west tenelialhs;
thenee south twenty chains-; thence west twenty chains;
thence south fifteen chains; tlience West ten cliains;
thence soutli twenty-live chains; thence west 'eight
chains; Ihenne.south twenty'live chains; thenee "tvest
ssevenloen chains; thenee south eleven chains; thence
;W*est twenty chains; tlience north thirty-two chains to
•the place of commencement. ,   .
Signed, H. D. McPERMH"..
Nelson, B. C, August 20Ui,.lS!J9.
Notice is hereby given that in thirty days, 1 intend to ,
apply to tho chief  commissioner of lands aiid works,
for permission to cut and CarryaWay timber off the below
described hinds:
OoinmenciiiK at. a post, about five miles up Yuill creek
on the west arm of Jvooleiuiy lake; thenee north eighty
chains; Iheiu-e west ten chains; thence north sixfy
chains; thence west ten .chains; thenco north forty
cliains; tlience west, leli chains; thenee north forty
cliains; thenco west ten chains; thenee north forty
cliains; (hciico west ten cliains; thenee north forty
chains; thence west ten chains; tlience norlh twenty
cliains; tlience west forty chains; thenco soutli twenty
cliains; thence east ten chains; thence south forty
chains: tlience east ten cliains;
cliains; tlience oust ten. cliains;
chains; liienco-east ten chains;
chains: I hence  cast  ten  chains;
chains; thence east, ten chains; thenco smith eighty
chains; thence east forty chains to the place of com
UK-iicoMc.it.. Signed. CHAKLKS HiLLVKU,
..,-. Nelsou, if. O- Augjwt IStli, I8M*.    . .   ,• ,;. ,1:
tlunec sohlh forty
thence soutli forty
thenco south forty
thence  south  sixty
We can supply you with. Cartridges
Carpenters' Tools
Because Your Stove or Range Cannot be
Regulated to Save Fuel?
Tlie .saving in .fuel effected will soon equal
tlie eost of the range. It caii be so quickly
ami easily regulated tluit there need be no
w;iste of heat or fuel. New patented improvements offer you more conveniejieo and
comfort than you'll  find in any other range.
Kirkpatrick A? Wilson
14 Baker Street, West Telephone 10
Mustard with Horse Radish
Sweet Mixed Pickles
Sweet and Red Hot Relishes
Get the Best Jams
We have just received a large consignment ofthe
Also a complete assortment ofthe
Caker Street West, Nelson
John A. Irving & Co.
■eL*CF*M*_33SRS,  KTO-;


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