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 8 i fl .It-*t ���',:������';;���     '*>���;.  l\-\m-. h0y* '"i*V*'.*��vs4  STANDING ON THE BRINK OF WAR  British Troops Cross Boer Border.  Bloismkontein, October 3.���The land-  drost of Boshof telegraphs that the British troops have crossed tlie border from  Kimberley.  London, October 3.���Mr, Montague  White, consul-general for the South  Africau republic in London, told the Associated Press tliis morning that he telegraphed president Kruger yesterday,  urging him to make a personal appeal to  lord Salisbury, dwelling upon the iniquity  of the war and proposing a scheme as a  basis of further negotiations. He said ho  was momentarily expecting to hear that  the Transvaal government Avas sending  an ultimatum, favoring the despatch of  troops, which would be a casus belli; in  tliis event he would be compelled to close  his offices. Mr. White added a curious  statement to the effect that a representative of the largest capitalists of  tiie Rand has called upon him this  morning and .asserted that it was known  in capitalist circles that lord .Salisbury  had determined that there should not be  war, and "liad instructed secretary  Chamberlain to Avire. to South Africa  further assurance that the British desire  to respect tlie complete independence' of  the Transvaal. No com Urination of this  is obtainable in official circles.  Advices from Newcastle, Natal, report  telegraphic communication is interrupted  beyond Charleston, where^ stores have  been looted by natives since the departure of the whites.  London, October 3.���Stories of the  movements of the Boers and British, of  .hurried muster and dispatch of troops on  both sides havo come from other points.  A telegram from Ladysmith, Natal, says  tlio Orange Freo State troops have occupied and closed Bothas pass on the  Free State border. "  ���;���. The latest news from Johannesburg,  .filed there yesterday, indicates that the  ��� last rush of Europeans to leave town has  occurred. They crowded the trains like  sardines, occupying every possible inch  on the cars. '���'..' There is considerable  anxiety with regard to the few who are  behind as communication seems to be  cut off.  'The mining commissioner stated- officially that the proclamation of September  20th relative to the protection of .miners.  ' had been withdrawn and he therefore  . advised all Britishers to leave as soon as  'possible.  'Last Friday's, mail was sent back from  the frontier to Bloemf onteiii. Dispatches^  WEDNESDAY MOENTKG, OCTOBER 4,  ]S<)9.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) 5*5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $?.  ^��||*s|||!:p$r$  ���"'S^ff'fia;^  :'...,-��� v.-.::: v^-o'oi-. Pvnr---'^p':':.-D.-^:i��.^.-^'i_-.^> ^l-:v:",s^-'-C2c^M^'^i.l;;'l./;,T^/i^Da.,  i': >^"M t ib^Sf_ feif' "-:-^^i^ iff n-%l��c)^ J^5m:iS'-^v4Mi^^i^^"tj.  r-:lia;cli;t^  .0 % " -.. --     ...-,'    .       nd ���     ���"'  .-  -*::  V   a  "-."    .  -".   ."���'���     r--"-��  .-��hf p_   - -.  <���n -".o " "'  ��� n   ���<BJ    .-- '"' -^_.-, -**, ".     --.> 'rr '  ^���"'sei'igei'sT'i^  , ��� yih^J-^rywvtionaL  t-^f.f^^^^^0^^%^^ iiiTsb^;iX\^g$^t4 -fadies  ' :^f^% 'f^^l^h^oii;^  ���'.^iy"-.--:^  "' '"'"'��� raiiiw.v^ ^ -iliMier"1  ;p;;/: ���-g^tt^i"*^ y  \ ���' ;-".��y'.;;^^ ;:^hat/J  j.'. '-"������ J_l#i'jb��tt'i^ 'Sett!  '!'���"      i:a"uf;app"eaf"'te^ ''entreating-  4...--,. tijuii- to. eiipo^e; a-' .power; -to' act;-with> ,a  '%    "   pOA^-Or dioseo byijhBi'^'a'flsvA'iX Witli the ':  ; I     ' object of averting Wniv ' ������''  j| The  Capetown' co-respondent of   the  ��� |    .  Daily .Mail telegi^phs that Mi*. HofinGyer,;  JI���: thc-.Afrilcandor_leiider_.iyill _piyocMd_J:oi_  f-.'j       Pretoria    tonight    to     make    a     last  ;���]       effort  for   the   nvaintenauce   of   peace.  fi    ...     Arrangements for the dispatch of Avar  I'i       .stores and men continue.   A quantity of  1   .   balloon iB'Vterial has* been seiit to South  i I   :   Africa, the Avar office considering that  i|      jn'ilitaryoallooniiuijwillpi'ovothegreates't  ���|       of value iti the Icind of war-faro expected1  C       there.    The eharfeering of transports is  f      still going on.   The vessds of tlie Ouuard  I       line -.lire nowengaged.    Olio result of tlie  , I       war 3ea.r0 is the advance from one; shilling  I       to 18 pence in the place asked for wheat  I       offore'l   hi   the   Loudon  market  today.  J Tlie Staudai'tl's correspondent at New  castle, Natal, telegraphing .Sunday night  m  .says: "Tlio forward movetnont of the  Iloet* forces, which threatened the Natal  frontier has been suddenly arrested. A  majority of the Burghers who had gathered Ou the heights northwest .and east  of Newcastle have fallen back ou their  Original base near Spandspmt. The motive can only be conjectured."  Half a Million Dollar Blaze.  Diss Moinrs, Iowa, October 3.���Fire today destroyed the five-story department  store of tlie Harris Emery Company and  communicated to tlie Masonic temple,  Murphy house, Hegle Cigar Company's  building, and Hill Shoe Company's building, tlie total loss amounting to $500,000.  The loss to the Harris Emery Company  alone is estimated at $350,000. All the  buildings were insured.  Has Andree Reached the Pole?  Stockholm, Sweden, October 3.���The  buoy marked "Andree Polar Expedition,"  Avhich, Avith the. anchor attached, Avas  found September 9 pn tlie north coast of  King Charles' island by* the master of  the Norwegian cutter, Martha Lai sank,  .was opened yesterday in the presence of  a number of experts and members of the  cabinet. It Avas found to be the so called  north pole buoy, which Andree had arranged to drop if he succeeded in passing  the pole.  THE VENEZUELAN ARBITRATION  Award is Now Given.  Pa bis, October 3.���Tho award of the  Anglo-Venezuelan boundary arbitration  commission aviis read at noon today. The  decision Avas unanimous. It is considered  in the nature of a compromise rather  than favoring Vene/.uela. It appears  Great Britain loses some of her claim in  the interior and on .the coast and their  frontier Avillstart at Waini iiver.  The decision Avas read by M. F. de Martens, the umpire, avIio presided over the  deliberations of the tribunal and aa*hs as  follows: "The undersigned, by these  presents, give and publish their decision,  determining and judging, touching and  concerning the questions that have been  submitted to us by the said arbitration ;  and in couformity Avith the said arbitration, we decide, declare and pronounce  definitely that the line ofthe frontier on  the colony of British Guiana aud the  United States of Venezuela is as follows :"  Here, folloAA's a full geographical description of the .frontier line containing  many unpronounceable names. The aAvard  goes on to say that "it is stipulated that  the frontier hereby delimited reserves'and.  in no Avay prejudices the questions actually existing or that may hereafter arise  betAveen Great Britain and the republic  of Brazil or betAveen the republic of Brazil and Venezuela. ��� o  In times of peace the riArers Amakuru  aid Baviiua shall be open to navigation  by the merchants shipping of all nations,  due respect being made with, regard to  equitable regulations and payment of  light dues and other-like imports on condition that the dues levied by Venezuela  and British Guiana on. ships traversing  the parts of these rivers owned by them  respectively should be imposed in accordance with 'the.same.:tariff ou Venezuelan  aid British vessels. These tariffs are-  not to exceed those of all other countries."  ?yS��.-=---;?.=V���V*?'.��.H"     '�����'���'-! .T#   ^^'t-;-'_(!'"���"'���='iV��-t'K,='in,-..*n"%n";#-^.J'iii,  .the^QurtMas^  pwM��!��ha:d��sfc%i^  '!-&sMn;M^a^  ;^iGllSfe|!|!6n^^fffi]4^  ^^"iilhc^fciiijbSi^  :^|$i y ^'s!^e> Jyifttist^n-liy:;;^  ;'r, !^f l^|^^''&eJpil|^^^  ; :^Qsij^^Xi^��a||h  >"^iij^7giao'|6yyaiii^i^    ",i|||sti:;. "aft^Viiir^y  [���j^o^lh'SLofr'ha^1;^  jamindifsly5 discided^iipoii *tl^;iffA^ar"d;lShiM-i;:  Iii��}r'j^ist:,i|egn:;'read^ .-'M0 -^W}: ^l-S^C^t"!'^'  ^ankcd|]^sfCo1'le^ue^^  CQ'vi"ii^el|''''^|u.dej'ih'g''::^Ojay;��;l1)C]4gif.-'' ':ipyp��l$Ti&:  tri:b*inia;V!3]3eciaI "'thaiiks���' i%$ '.-Mie..': IloS|)ltal--  itfes'e^eltdiedjtO1 alh'bif ^iyahcie;  -.' l-:"y."i. '��  ' "W^hei^asliiGd;h|s lOjpij^o'n rjcfltrding ^thC:';  aAvai?d;, iSir ^El^liaiid,; ^ebisiciy piMifcrjaal'  counsel foi'\Great E>i>rtji,iiis said, he was  satisfied.    Bf r. .[���lari'ison, prineipai counsel  for Venezueiaj replying to "the Sanre iii-  qtviry, said: "It miglit be worgei" ;  SutesM'Uently^lVfK   HoTrison ^intl=Jil7  Mallet Pl'ovost also Avere interviewed  jointly. They pointed out that Great  Britain, up to the time of the intervention of tlio United States, distinctly refused to arbitrate as to any portion of j  the territory east of the Schomberg linej  alleging that its title Avaa unassailable.  Tlie aAvjitrd* coil tinned Mr. Harrison, gives  Point Barinia, Avith a strip of land fifty  miles long to VanezUela, she tixot'ob'y obtaining eontrol, of the ti'voir Orinoco,  TJii'ee thousand s^uarG miles in the interior are also aAVarded to Venezxiela.  Thiis, by a decision in Avhich the British  arbitrators coiicitrred to the position  taken up by Great Britain in 1805 is  shown to be unfounded.  This, howeveiv in noAvise expresses the  full extent of Venezuela's victory. Great  Britain had claimed 80,000 square; miles  of territory Avest of the Schomberg line  and this she AA'as disposed to arbitrate on  in 1S00, Every foot of that section is  now awarded to Venezuela.  Venezuela has gained innch, but Avas  entitled to inucli more, and in the judgment of the joint counsel for Venezuela,  if tlie arbitrators Avere unanimous, it.  must be becauso their failure to agree  would have confirmed Great Britain iii  the possession of even more territory.  To sum up, the aw.ard means that of  00,000 square miles claimed by Venezuela, the latter obtains only 100,  formed partly of marsh land near the  river Baiima, and a portion in the interior, Avhile Great Britain retains all the  forest couutryv   New Westminster Defeats Toronto.  New Westminster, October 3,���Iu the  lacrosse match today Ne\v Westminster  defeated the Toronto team by a score of  7 goals to 2.  POLITICAL MINE MANAGERS ARE  Conniving in tho Slocan.  New Denver, October *3.���A. E.  Fauquier, the duly appointed delegate of tho  ���Conservatives, left  hero today to attend  the   convention  of   tho  party  at    New  Westminster.    Last night a  meeting  of  the  followers Avas   held  in  RashdaJl  &  Fauquier's  office, and  instructions Avere  given the delegate to A'ote for  tho introduction   of   Dominion  party   lines  into  proA'incialnolitics.    On   the  Question  of  the  eight-hour laAV, it  Avas   decided  to  leaAre it in abeyance as much as  possible*,  in order to keep the party Arote intact  in  this vicinity.     Though Mr. Fauquier is a  bitter opponent ofthe  law aiid .-miner's'  unions, he will have free  action  to  express    his    opinions     in . the    interests:  of  his   association.      As   now   orgnniz-r  ed,    the    ConerA'atiA'cs   have    as     president    here     W.     Mitchell,     and    II.;  Thompson as secretary.    It is  proposed-  later on to more fully  organize and  get  the association into shape for  action in:  both federal and  provincial  arenas.    In  this, connection, it may  be  stated  that  the affairs of the ConservatiA'o party'will;  haAre to be handled in a tactful  manner  in the Slocan, if the leaders hope to keep  the vote intact.    The  leaders  are all in  sympathy Avith the mine oAAmers, but no  juggling Avith the eight-hour hvw willybe  endorsed by the rank and file, and party  fealty Avill avail nothing if the  rights of  the  mine Avorkers  are trifled .with', no  matter Avhether it be be Liberal or Coh-  servatiS'e-    Sandon's  delegate  has  gone  to the convention Avith'a  decisive  stand  in view.    There will bean eilort made to  embarass premier Semlin,  minister  Cotton, and others Avith respect to the eight-  hour laAV, and there are undoubted signs  that the influence of the  Mine  OAvners'  Association  is  being  used to  this  end.  The Slocan is to be  advanced  as  an illustration  of the direful  effects  of the  laAV.     Also    the    contention   has   been  raised and Avill be advanced.to the leaders  that the. laAV is  not  being enforced, and  that it is  nothing  more nor less  than  class legislation in favor  of the miners'!  unions in detrimenttotheAvell-being of the  ShinLS-rb^ne1'S;3i}_t"Ife^     ^a^c"e"d��th&&;thc*��  'jaiid-i^o^i&y^fe^  . ;fe4rt;a^g]it'j|a:^  ^be.'di'dV'^ei^fe'o^  all" ;HCw^ap"ers-: ��out" -of 'e^lWtenCe. foi'- aix;  . month^.^ndf:-*<b.y^h^ijacterizeyot'gani^.tlyi  hibypifcits; a'"''j|i,@b;;;p^  yare'4i3��i^g,^'A!"t3i^lfe   oi-t^eycdiih^i'y. b%"  ytJicte��action4'' wiltiiot tend ^6.. hold.'tlie  /��� ti"vcr*a;^&V:6te> tO'tli^Cfrh:s;^# Sbaiiij Ci',';  a*nd will intt Cohrt'*iisa^teK at th&ypQlls..  Some   of   tlxC 'leaders   openly aclydCate  union with the labor ���yotej Ayhile ptliers;  ���profess to beiievc tlie best intei'ests of  the prQ\4Hee aVj!J not be conserved b*y so  jioing, as. laboi" Once feeling its power  Inigliflmi^^  driving cleyeiopiug capital aAvay. Hoaa^-  ever, the situation resolves itself doAvn to  this; That tlie eight-hour huv is here to  stay, despite the Wily machinations of  the political tricksters that are manipulating the Conservative^machine in tliis  province, and: partieularly in. this section  of Kootenay.  A representative meeting of the mine  owh'efg is being held at Sandon, and numerous delegates thereto passed, through  here today. It is a decisive action as to  Avhether the mines Shall open or not.  IKADE AND COMMES^E  .T. Y. Gi'iltin & Co. yesterday received a  carload of butter fi'oin Manitoba.  The LaAvrence Hardware Company has  secured a Avai'ehouse site On the Canadian  Pacific siding, between ��� Josephine and  Hall streets, and Avill erect thereon a corrugated iron building.  The Nelson Ice Company, which recently purchased the ice business of Wilson & HarsluiAv, has an ice-house in the  course of erection on the AArater front, betAveen Hall aud Josejmine streets.  D. McArthur & Co. yesterday received  one and a half cars of furniture over the  Canadian Pacific. The furniture came  direct from the makers in Waterville,  Quebec, aud Berlin, Ontario.  The Vadcouver HardAvarc Company  made heaAry. shipments of general hardware yesterday to Lardo and CroAv's Nest  raihvay pointy   Said to Have Been Bonded,  The Workman, situated near the summit of tlie SaAVycr's Pass, about twenty-  tAVO miles from CraAVford Bay, has been  bonded by* D. R. Moore of Trail for  $40,000. It is understood that the deal  was made on behalf of C. P. It. officials..  MINING OPERATIONS AT MOYIE  A Concentrator Neanng Completion.  Moyie l.ciulor.  In another twenty clays, proA'iding all  goes avcII, the .St. Eugene concentrator  will be ready for operation. The building is nearly comiileled, and most of the  machinery has been installed. The jigs,  elevators, spouts, vanners and the .Willi oy tables arc in, and it will take only a  few days to install the balance of the  machinery when it arrives. The work of  laying the pipe between the flume and  the Pelton waterwheel is progressing  f.'worably. Still this AA'ork is being  done Avith. considerable inconvenience,  as the large pipe has first to be  hauled up the wagon road to the  Hume, then placed on a truck and carried  down to its destination'. The excavating  for tlie compressor building .is ' finished  and the stonemasons arc building the  foundation. The building will be started  in a feAv days. The now ofiice, Avhicli is  being built by It. A..McDonald, is avcII  under-Avay. This building is 25x27 feet  in size and tAvo stories high. On tlie  lower floor "will be a general office, a private office and one sleeping apartment.  It Avill be heated Avith-steam and lighted  by electricity. ���    ��� -.  The ledge in the No. ,1   tunnel  Of ' the  Lake Shore tunnel Avidened out to twelve  feet this Aveek, and the ore is as fine as a  ..���'man eA-er laid  eyes  on.    The  increased  .width ofthe ledge in  the ;1oavci'  tunnel  clearly demonstrates that' tliis  ledge  is  -coustantlj'' gaining in Avidth Avitli depth,  There is  how  plenty  of oi'e in  all   the  .workings, and  the  Lake 'Shore  mine  is  ;turning out tobea bonanza. W.II. Jeffrey,  consulting   engineer   for the    Canadian  ���Gold   Fields   .Syndicate,..stopped   off^ at  Moyie the first  of the  Aveek on'his Avay.  east, aiid with manager DreWry inspected  ; the mine.    He Avas much elated over the  looks of the xjropei'ty and tlic-mauuer m  .which the Avork had been done. Arrangements haA'e been  inade Avhereby Mr:'-'."Jc*f-  i*frey*'Avill inspect the property once each  mionth.    Ore; shipments Avill soon begin,  [and the first lot Avill probably leave about  Monday. := '   V  behind her. Shamrock made more fuss  foward and diaggnd a avii-vc behind. Columbia AA\n'H first- to the mark, and as she  rounded the float tlie excursion fleet gathered: there .greeted' her Avith a thont'iiiid  whistles. The flcel; also saluted .Shamrock  as she swerved around two minutes later.  On the bent home against a head Avind  Columbia showed .her hei'ls to tho Irish  boat unmi.'-takeably while the wind held.  Timenftor time Shamrock tried for tho  weather gauge, lulling, squeezing and  pinching until her head sails trembled,  but.without avail.'  After Columbia had got a mile ahead and  tlie yachts were nAvny over under the  .Torsey shore, .the breeze again fell and  Shamrock drew gradually away. After  that Shamrock Avas never headed, but  from that time to the finish Columbia'  had nothing but bad luck.'  ^   ���:u-.,;a. :   ���  .Dc-n:':^.^-^."..''-.^ .o-.-n- .f*FA x   ��-^o��ViiJ ^^ESJ^^.^b;^^'. ���������"��� ^..^   -j'n  ^I'aiwfordi^^e^^  MiySli;.;-/. ejnpioy^'^^MIfefe^^  :-t]j|mf4fi.c^  ip^-anglrojtf'Gr^W  io^_J^initf'%m- $W^0��V dy,';'!anGR^o ^kl}V  1$i$W^'M'~:'^:':';-': yj- '-���-:-������'??'^������^'h';?/;:"'..:i' _':  :tf'''Vvy^;.KG_'':'^ '".''' ".'.����'  P>ifl  .���i>l.iii;t''';.I#.y^|fi*v*"ys l*dfUsedtO- jdiu-ai'iy ^lii'ie.  .#:\YJ>'e^;S!'-^|S'dc^nitio^ pr;pther; ys;(:icie.f3r':i:i>f,  'iif ������ 'sinijlai'-:'.;inVtk;!/)?cV. ��� ;sirnp1y!:;..'.becapse- 'he  :'tl5tCrUght thafrthc: iead'ffl>& of - mx'^k' associu,^ ���  tacim'. 'wcjye -'mere/ figurcheacte? mul hot  pi'aciAcai minteg men.  The Race Seen flirough American Spectacles.  Cohitnbia^=^:aa^^_tdinirabl^c IWidletL  tlirongliout tlie rape, tliowgli the Shamrock was first across tlie Ituye by ��i.S  seconds. ColiTiiibia's ci'cw were so invseh  iniiidier than their Scotch rivals, that  they had her spinnaker and baloon jib  set first by '�� minutes; The twin bidoons  with their following wind iifted 'Columbia  along like a great gull in 4 ton knot breeze  and Carried her in 10 tniuutos pfist Shain-  j'Octk ; but Avhei) the AA'ind died to 0 knots,  as it .did Avltliin a few minute*. Shamrock  foiled steftdlly ahead i-rntii at "the ciut  of  35   luiutvtes     she'   led     30.0    yard*, j  The sudden haul of tlie wind to tire  lioi'thAvest r.oach��id. the Collitubin. fifsfc.  The big liellieit spiiinakei' was taken in,,  her mainsail Was partly jibbed and she  passed1 Shamrock as if tho latter had  been, moored to the Avlia-ff. Instead of a.  run, Coliuiibia gradually adged over toward the .Jersey coast with the intention  of getting the wind again and running  straight before it. The move avus successfully accomplished after, crossing  .Shamrock's bow, but just as tlio spin linker  Was set aboard Columbia the Avind canted  to northeast again and left her Avith her  cloud of canvas shivering like a collapsed balloon. Shamrock had. started  to fol Ioav Columbia's tactics. Twice she  lowered her spinnaker boom as if to break  out the big sail, but as the Avind hel.il in  tlie quarter she jibbed her main boom  instead and readied straight for the mast.  Although the move of Columbia had  been successful it aviis an unfortunate one  and she lost several minutes by holding  on to her immense canvas in thewiin hope  thatthe Avind would shift back again,  but Avhen she., did change her. sails,  she made up for lost time by-out pointing her l'iA'al. She seemed to skim fiver  the water, scarcely making a-ripple where  she entered and leaving a wake* of loam  ME 00L0 MM THE: *. YUKON'  And Other News From the Coast.  . .Victoria^ October'���"'..-���Tho steamer.  Danube of .this, city arrived,this morning  from Lynn canal and other northern  ��� parts Avith forty-four passengers, about  $1.0,000- in gold -.and a heaA'-y cargo of  salmon, consisting of 6.J8S cases. Of the  passengers tlio richest aviis J. A. CaldAvell,  wlio had $6000 iu gold in care rof tlie  purser. '...''���. J'':      ,.'/������  ;.'The'Danube brings news of another  earthquake a AA'eck ago on Sunday. Beyond the shattering af glasses no serious  results are reported. Big fields- of small  icebergs and floats of broken glaciers'.-  \vere encountered by the steamer in Lynji  canal. Tiie shock this time Avasy.iilso felt  at'Maiy Island and even as far south-as  the Skeena. '��� "���-..' ;  '  News comes from Ben net, that heavy,  rains haVve- swelled tlio riA-ers and lakes,  and it is likely that navigation aviII be  open until the end of October.  Thomas O'Brien of  Golden Avas introduced to the supreme court this .morning-'  by Sir Henry Crease and formally called  to the ba.r. .  ���      "The Canadian  Contingent.  .:'���-'':.;.''. ������'.- Toronto Cllpbc:.   \   ; V ,: ''���:���',''-  %a|i&'*m*]4i#^yl^^  %?.:^f^^||a||!f*Sgi^  YACHT   RACEJiV JJAltED OFF  Not Sufficient Wind.  Nkav York, October "3.���As the sun set  this evening the biggest croAvd   of sight-,  seers  .and yachtsmen which   OA'er  sailed  down t.he Sandy Hook to Avitness the attempt of a.foreign   cup hunter  to  wrest,  from America the yachting supremacy of  the world, returned to New  York  crestfallen and disappointed.    The Avinds from  the Avave of ocean had  proved   too  light  and   shifty   and   the  first  international  series of LS')') betAveen   the tAvo greatest  racing machines ever produced by   England   and   America  degenerated   into  a  drifting match and had to be declared off,  because  neither  could  reach   tho  finish  line  in   the  time   allotted   by the rules.  To avoid such winds as occurred today,  in wliich luck and not tlie crew and yacht  Avin, the rules  provide that if one of the  gladiators does not finish within five and  a half hours tlie race is declared off, so at  the end of time this afternoon, Avhen the  yachts were  still   four  miles from home,  with  Shamrock   leading   by  one-foiirth  of a. mile,  the  committee  declared that 2  there had been no race.   The yachts Avere ;  then  taken  in  tow  by tlieir respect) ye -  tugs and brought back to tlieir nchorage y'  inside   Sandy   Hook.    The   clean-limbed y  racers    had.   sailed    put-  this   .morning ,  fresh"    for       battle,    dint      the:     seay.  ��� had    refused      them     a.   fair    field    of  conflict.    Under tho rules, the first race y  is now postponed- for  two days,,or until;.  Thursday; -.*   *-^.'_ ,y- .''���-. ' :-y>';->���y~:''y-  Today promised AA-ct at first.    The 'sky-;  was smirched   with  a  1'cav  dirty clouds,  but clear   enough  so   that the thousands  of spectators'avIio lined the Jersey shoroy  ���could see almost every-foot of the coiirse. C  The Avayes. Avere  crested w'ith-.Avhitecaps  here and there  and  a fairly fresh north  by northeast wind was blowing, but after  the American defender Columbia .and the >  dial 1 enger Shamrock crossecl the 1 ine'the^ 'y  wind:turned fluky and ^i^iable, aiid,the 4  race Avas ��a  fizzle almostaf'Kom the;|t'ai*t.v:  HoAveyer the  race, . such^is^'t A\'as,'gayc y  the yachting sharps  and  the spectatorsy.'.',;  inucli to think about and some surprises.y-  Columbia is  undeniably  the  prettiest  '  boa tl    She is: tall and stately, AA'i th grace-:;  |- ful lines and lowering masts. The Irish v  boat, Avith her broader beam-and longer}:'*  base line, looked sloAver and heavier.;;:;  Perhaps her green color makes her dook-?'  clumsier, as;if she were? forced' 'tlirough'y-:  phe Avater,' while ; the slim ; Columbia.-^"  pieiices'it like' a rapier. yy'y4,(^ys-'^---My  .."Though,indecisive in every respect: asyf'  -toythe abili ties of ythe; great  stickers, toda;  h'lsix'hpail^j   :<:*'^��l  it ;.'��� r iy aiy sin gl.ea;;|����|;|  stickers, today's '-race-' indicates ytbiityytlie:|^ga||i|   Sngiish-skii  "ay $!%.(# yfii^ieT^^ai^'-SiHs^wsi; ���: )M^-  M^^Q^i^''^Mi^$^�� 'il^M&d^'^y&i- ;|  w]"i:o%ave-;begH sla,tig|!te^iTgytIt&h,; IiM&nr-: |  iifeil$t;ar b j-' 'ysar-yfot* ytwoy "g^iftiSlijonl, '*;  andlavO! ��row/rf;to?iSc-\cle4dly/ at-:  ���yVo'.i_-tv.a-;g-e tt-ade. 'Sh|''.vei;j^'lsaat.$Miq��ffs ���  inuSt b��.'C*h@i?.n��,, %&:AArau-td ;bo^i;';oi'imc, M-]  ni'iow lsolit'ieftl *Coi��iwej*atlo,ns�� to' i35v*��fai*se '.  i 4'hai;r?s'bi*eadtlr<>i'ihihJClJfe��'^ tlie sofec- j  tion.- M:a.jtu-g:cuerai Hn;fet��"n is '"'^ *^V !  'lj.eir.i'0-ii.ed it��d nbfe sokiler-i once tha. gen- J  el-al'-KBBg of tlia.-sd^aiijp. hav-c -bcti-n de-'  ci'ded upoin, tk(*j detaiis must lie lei"(j ta :  1 il wi7==Era iior^ha s4(r= th at^-1 ii��u feenai i t=��al=;  .-= r.Pi' �� DDi?M-;.-.*-tf.'ri.oi!r"'-(^  short-ud he;r ���&'8^teMOT];*^:iS&t^i^^i"n%  sad-it tig, mmt^ \^^ht^%ii^^^:0lm  was onlY in; "tif<s- Ttgl-fSfe-^b- j'vtr^V- sia"^-"^*^^-?.1*  "Sltaim'o-jk could., mnkg hcad'A'^ijy--stganis|.-gjSj-i4l  oivel Otter-w-il'l be tho ol-tkio-r in imniod��kte  cajmnnnd of the contingent, it b to be  lioped that it Is so, fol* iicntcufiiit-co'lonel  Ottei"*-is a proffe'SiamiJ Ko'kliei?, who  1ms served: Canada patiently,, loyally  and effectively for. many year;-., who  command** tire uiliiOeruded resp-ect of  those who liave Served imder hhu, and  who has 'left the imprint of his personality gravtfU deep uiian fcluj militia whom  he- has emnmiurded. , Tho eontin^cni..  must, be i. soldiery body of in't'n-, oi-g.-wriz- |  cd by sohiksi's?, eiuminaitdfid- by su'ldie-v*.  't/ud-oub'tcdly. the rju'^fng, training  and olfering of a.. Canadian contirsg.*ivt  is a sponuiiie and tfunpf-n'su-y luen.Htu'*-,  and the dday wlu'f.'h will l'h.wuc hcfon:  tlie soldiei-'H of the mfiplo leaf eaii  niarclt side liy side with their brother:-'  fi'oin Uiauy ot-fier climes r'-v-eals the  weak link in our syntuni.. I'mlonhti.'dly  our inten-Ht lies Avith tlie royal navy,  which shelters our shores. Undoubtedly,  too, it is the navy winch avo can most effectively aid, for in the present ;u'pt'!-t ol"  its affairs a few thousand men added to  its available reserve?- would render it a  service enormom-ly outweighing the addition of another battalion or two to  Great Britain's already reasonably��� sufficient land army, .hit that requires time,  and- the-question for the present is the  efficiency of the land contingent which it  seems probable that Canada. avU! send iu  the event of Avar.  C. P. B. Appointments.  Moxthkai., October *'".��� Ii. I,,. Penny,  lias been appointed general auditor, John  Leslie, auditor' ol* disbursements, A. A.  Goorhrhild, assistant auditor 'of disbursements, ��nd C, B. l5lack, auditor of agencies  of tlie Canadian Pacific -railway.  her*. Moth, hfufthdr sStfro'.'.orgoSeiii|i;"5s  1 Kid hide, anyj Colnmbia hall tfo$ %|tci|y|  rvf tlie wind on the ^��:i-dO\A*i\:to'd;i#3M*Ci^^  beating Sljamrook by two- !ni:niiio^^|l%"1  '.eeoiulK, while in th*. toeat liomc, .���tt|j"tsii_"^^:"''"?  erenHing her lead to ovoi?' it mlfe^ '^h^'iS'^ b.���.b  i'Oi*k overhauied hw' iiiul VV��t��--'iV %u��^fe"i'?i;':''','^10|  mite a In*ad when tho aliown^c-yycxijb'''e(Jl^r '"  A rent!im*  <j�� &e raee ..wideh |iii_t,0etlv.��':  everybody most was t'he perfeePy* ^ltti..U'."'  IUM  which  ap-is i*Miiij���-*fc4!iij.4   ::I%!ix...tlffiif;'^  "fir-fity-ti-mef tiiisj year -tiit--^ovoi,',nmen.fi-tOool>.���;,-.  a hand U> prevon-. �� itJi>c*'Li'.Kii.::of tto ^"fo--"-;1-  .fortunate oceu-ri'.iH'e   which mnlxexi-i,:h��- ������'  [iri'vioiis  -race, w]j��t  the .ii"*ac(sni-ipMi:.tki:ifiii'.'  i:\-fur.-iion b��ats in  tiusir  freu'/vteci . eage!1-  iu:j*��   to   It't , nothing   of   the beautiful  spectacle e��cn-ptf�� crowded doww upon, tlm  iun-ers, until  their  Uvck  Avash  imtscdcxl  their   .progress   thnatgh   the  Avntcr ^.ict  caUf't-d lord. Dunravon to file his   faniOus  protest. Tho governmeift was determined  this year, that the Cf)lU'se should  bo pt'O-  tocted agaitist unoificial trespassei's,      A  flotilla   of   revenue    cutters   and   swift  torpedo boats,   flying   red barred' AV'htte ���  ilng*, guarded the course, keeping excur-  sion steams, yachts and tugs at a perfbefciy  safe disfcaiieu from the competing yachts.  The course was laid fifteen miles dead  before the wind and back again. The di"  rtvljon of tlie avukI carried this course  south southwest from Sandy Hook lightship down the Jersey coast to it point off  Asbury park,nwhere a white float AVith a  red bail on it was placed to mark tho  turuing pointy   Prices of Metal.  Nkw Youk, October-:3,~-BarsilvGi' 58c;  ilexii.'Mu dollars  itc,   silver  ceirfcifieatos  -���.ilefeM-.'jC.    Copper dull, -bi-okcv's ^18^0J  $18.1,; exdmnge $18. Lead quiet, brokers  $5.40; exebango $i.C0@$4.65.  ...*f*i, THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 4,  1899.  ��k   B.  &   B.  Corsets  at   50  cents,   75   cents, $1  and $1.50 per pair.     D. & D. Corsets at $i  m  $1.25, $1.50, $1.75, $2, and up to $5 per pair.  ($  Thompson's Glove   Fitting*, always a favorite  W.        /_~N���.   wjtn wejj  ciressec| women   at  $2.50,  .$3, and .$3.50 per pair. Children's  Waists from 35 cents to 75 cents  per pair. Special values in Hair  Roll Bustles,  Blouse Extenders,  etc.  \H  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  Overalls and Smocks  We keep on hand the "Levi Strauss," "Boss of the Road,"  and other well made garments at reasonable prices.  MEN'S OUTFITTER  Sign of the RED  HAT, Baker Sti, Nelson  J. F. WEIR  Wholesale  Houses  NELSON  B.C.  CRATED AND   MINERAL WATERS.  TIIOIIPE & CO., LI_lITKD.-Coriioi- Vernon and Cedar  streets, Nelson, iiiamifiicl urcrs of nml wholesale  dealers in icriitcd waters and .fruit syrups. Sole agents  /or Halcyon Springs mineral water.  ASSAYERS'  SUPPLIES.  WF. TEKTZKL & CO.-Corncr Hakor and Joso-  ��� phino slroolK, Nelson, wholesale dealers in assayer*' supplicri. Agents for Deliver 1.re (Jlay Co. ot  Denver, Coloiado.  CIGARS.',  KOOTENAY CTGAR MANUFACTURING CO.-Corncr Hakor and Hull Mrouts, Nelson, manufacturers  of "Royal Seal*' and "Kootenay Hello" brands of. cigars.  COMMISSION ;MERCHANTsi  H" \j. "KV-ANS & CO.���Haker street, Nolson, wholesale  ���" dealers in* lienors, cigars, cement," lire brick and  lire clay, water pipe ami steel rails, and tjonoral ,00111-  inLssion merchants.  FLOUR AND FEED.  -\ ���    ~  ."DUAGK1HN &--JCKR "MiLLI.YG COJll'ANY LTO_"-*=  J-* Front street, Nelson, wholesale dealers in (lour, oatmeal, etc., and hay atntgniin. IMills-at ICdmonlon, Vio-  toriii, .'Viid New West minster.  'GROCERIES.  AMAODO.V.VtP &' CO.-Corncr Vernon .and .Toso-  ��� phfno- streets, wholesale grocers' and jobbers in  blankets. �� loves, mills; books' rubbers,' mackin.iws and  miners'sundries.         ll_L__        OOTKNAV   SUPPLY'    ('Oil I 'ANY, . .LIMITED���  Vernon streot, Nelson, wholesale grocers-.  mining engineers and mine workers all  all have organizations which benefit them  collectively. Were the mine Avorkers to  declare it to be their one object to drive  out of existence tlie mine managers'  associations, liow long would they have  the support of the public? The mine  managers declare that they have uoav but  one object in vicav, that is, the breaking  up of every miners' union,in the province,  and they are not meeting Avith any great  amount of support from public opinion���  and they are not likely to.  K  TOIIN' C.IOLIMTOJJ*   &   CO.-Fi out stroet, 'Nelsoi..  **    wholesale grocers.  FRESrTAND SALT MEATS.  P   BURNS, &  CO.���Hakor street.  Nelson, wholesale  ���   dealers in fresh mid cured meals.   Cold storage.  ' HARDWARE AND,MINING SUPPLIES.  HJ1YKRS &'C0. -Owner J taker and Josephine sLrecLs,  ���    Nelson, wholesale dealers in hardware and mining  supplies.   Agents for Giant Powder Co.  LAWIIKXCK IIAIIDWARK COMPANY��� Haker HI.,  Nelson, wholesale dealer.s in hardware and mining  supplies, and water and plumbers' supplies.  ANCOUVKR 'IIAmAVAKl'' COMPANY. LIMITED  ��� linker strcel, Nelson, wholesale dealers in hardware nnd mining supplies, plumbers- and tinsmiths'sup-  .plics-.'  It is Avorthy of note that the head push  of both the Liberal and Conservative parties in this* section arc bitter opponents  of the eight-hour'laAV. Aldenuaji Beer is  the bell-weather of the Liberal push in  Nelson; and he, has expressed, himself  strongly against the measure in question;  in fact -lie is a typical cheap-labor man  from the far east, as Avell as a type of the  intolerant Eastern .Canadian Christian.' J.  Roderick. Robertson, since David Mark  Carley has quit politics to attend to promoting a respectable music hall in Nelson,  i'=> the recognized leader of the.Conservative party here. Mr. Robertson would  wade through gore to secure the repeal'  of the eight-hour law.  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  mUH.VBR, UICETON & CO.���Corner Vernon and Josc-  ���"- pliine slreots, iVelson, wholesale dealers in lienors,  "'lull's and dry goods. Agents for Pabsl Brewing Co. of  ilw.iukeo and Calgary Brewing Co. of Calgary,  C.g  M  POWDER,  CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTON POWDER COMPANY-linker street,  Ni'lsun, manufacturer.-, of dynamito, sport jug.  Ktuiiiping'and black blasling powders, wholesale dealers  incapsaud fu.se, and electric blastiugupparatus.  PROVISIONS, PRODUCE AND FRUITS.  PAKKOXK   PIIODIj'CK   COM PANY-Vornou   sired.  Nelson,   wholesale dealers in   provisions.   produce,  .and  fruits.   Agents for .Swift & Co. haenn and hams.  J   A'. GUIKKIN & CO.--('ornor Vernon irind Josephine  ���   streets,   Nelson,   wholesale dealers  in   pnn'j,sioiis,  cured meats, butter ivml eggs.  It. STKWAI.T  ..   ('O.-Wariiliou-i's on C.   P.   \t.  ���    truck,   fool   of  .Stanley street,   .Veknn,   wholesale  dealers in provisions, produce and I'rtiits.   Cold storage.  SASH AND DOORS.  NKLSON SAAV ANI) PLANING MILLS, LIMITKD-  (Jurnor Front and flail streets'. Nelson, manufacturers of and wholusnle dealers in sash and iloorr>; all  kinds of factory work made to order.  WINES AND CIGARS.  flAMFOllHlk tVIXE COMl'ANV, LIMITED-Cor-  **' ner Front and I Jail streets. Nelson, wholesale dealers  in wines (case and bulb) and domestic and imported  cigars.   ....  .    TiiERi"! AA'ill be miners' unions in British Columbia long after the men avIio  make up the 2*","<!5iC11't membership of tho  Mine.OAvners' Association have been sent  into retirement for cause. It is given out  that the fight is now against the union  and not against tlie eight-hour laAV The  fight of tho people  of ICootenay Avill, at  ITd^listaiTt-tlaic, be against tho gang of  incompetents avIio havo been trusted Avith  the Jiianagemcnt of an industry on Avhich  tho entire business interests of tho country depend. Ten pictures of some of  these individuals might cause the holders  of share.1** in the (���onip.iiiies they mismanage to go on strike.  %&mbxmz*  *0A'i_y JEDrrioN..*.  WJCKJEjiY EDITION.  ...... ifibst Ykar, No. 23.1  ..Skvkntii Ykak, No; 37  WERE all Hiou fair and honorable in  business transactions, there would be no  necessity for societies or associations or  unions. Just as long as human nature is  as it is, tliere will be societies and associations and unions. The wise man is the,  one who is .willing to concede his neighbor the same privileges as he himself  eujoj'S.     The   mine maiiagers and  the  Wk believp a majority of the people of  Canada, if they understood the question,  would favor tho establishment of a mint  in Canada; but tho bankers arc opposed to  it, and not long since met in Montreal and  resolved that it Avon Id not be for the best  interests of Canada to mint her oavh gold  and silver coins. The people of Canada  did not go on strike against the banks  for their action ; they simply accepted  the situation. But then the people of  Canada have common sense, and that is  where tliey differ from the men who  manage mines* in some of the districts in  Kootenay.      '  Why do the bank managers of Canada  and: the United States meet in  annual  con ven tion ?   Is it not because  tliey believe that the banking interests can best  be   protected  by "collective action?    If  tho managers of banks are permitted to  form associations for mutual protection,  surely the men Avho Avork underground  in .mines,  whose, only capital is   their  day's pay, should not be deprived of the  right to organize unions, so as to protect  themselves by collective action.  The Tuppers are Dead Politically.  Pielou (Nova Scotia) Advocate.  We have it upon good authority that  sir Hibbert Tupper has notified his party  friends in Pictou county that he cannot accept the nomination recently tendered him. What's the odds? It is  tiresome hearing about the nominations, perfunctory or prospective, of  the political parties Avhom the Halifax  Tory organ flippantly designated " the  tAvo Tuppers." We do not look at it  that either is apt to figure in any nominations at general elections in Nova  Scotia, and that but for themselves they  Avould be very little in evidence at this  day, in "Canada's growing time." This  little game of shuttle-cock, between themselves and an interested few, with their  names is played out. They have liad a  political past, but there is ho political  future looming up.  Law and Order in the States.  Salt Lake, Utah, October 3.���Ethan  Mill*, ex-lieutenant in the volunteer engineer service and ex-lieutenant gover-  nor of Idtiho, this afternoon shot and instantly killed chief engineer Millvaney of  the Oregon Short Line, in the hitter's  office in this city.  New Westminster Exhibition Opens.  Niow Wi"*st.aiinsti'*r, October ..���This  is New Westminster's great week. The  provincial exhibition opened here today.  Hon. Sydney Fisher opened the fair. He  Avas accompanied by the Hon. David  Mills.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  INCORPORATED 1670.  We Sell   Celluloid  Al. Novel .Invention  For Collars, Cuffs,  Shirt Bosoms and Fine  laundry Purposes...  Hudson's Bay Co.  Telephone 13  Gut-Prices-is-the   Order of the Day  Amll wnntlo bcln it. I have just received  Fall Kumiles of Snitin_ji and Over-  eoiiUtiKS rcpri'MciiUng a $50,000 Klock to  clioofo from made to your order a!, p ices  never lie-fore board of in Nelson, All the latest  fiuN in  Fancy Vest iiiK.s for Fall and winter.  Stevens, T!|e Tailor  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  NBJ.SOX, 15. O.  Coffee ron.Ki.crH and dcalerB In Ten and CofTco.  OIFer frcKli roaMcd collco of best rjsiallty an follows:  Java and Arabian Maclin, per pound.. ,...$   10  Java and Mocha Illcn��!f Ii pounds  l 00  Kine Santos, 4 pounds , ,   1 00  Santos Iflond, 5 pounds   \ 00  Our Snccial Ulend. (5 pounds   1 00  Our luo JCoast, li pounds  100  A. trial order solicited.  Salesrooms 2 Doors East of Oddfellows  Blocl_   West  Baker Stseet  Nelson Iron Works  MANUtfAOTUHERS OF  BNQINEIS, BOILJBRS, SHAFTING, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OF EVERTT DBSORIPTlON  Repairs promptly attended to*      V- O. Box 173.  Bulbs  fop  Fall  Planting'  20,000 Holland Bulbs to arrive In September; .WOO Japan  Lilies to arrive in October; 1500 Ithoclodcndrons, Azaleas,  Magnolias, Roses, etc.. to arrive in October. Thousands  of Koses, Camelias, Fruit and Ornamental Trees. Shrubs,  etc., growing on jny own grounds for tho fall trade.  Catalogue free.  M. J. Henr>y     -     Vaneouvei', B. C  ONE DOLLAR A LOAD-  The undersigned lias a l(irj?o quantity of fir, cedar, and  tanmrao slabs, in Ill-inch, and 1-foot IciikUis, suitable for  stove Wood, which will bo sold for $1 a load at tho mill  yard.  NELSON" SAW & PLANING MILLS, Limited.    ,  Nelson, AUBUBII8IJ), .1809. . '  W * %  �� Fop something that will  please you see what we are *  w showing in men's white shirts our line at 5  ;l each cannot be surpassed.  m  S WRAPPERS  IVjade of good washing Flannelettes  nicely finished and good styles.  4 Ladies' and Children's, Ladies' Gapes and  # Furs are being opened daily.  JACKETS  m  S Silk, satin and cashmere  shirt  and blouse   waists, a i  large variety to select from  <$  Ladies' and children's Cashrriere Hose, rib aqd plain  We ask you to inspect the above goods.  ��  m  \B  Baker  Street,   Nelson.  ooqer  Beer or Half=  anci=i-iailf  Always F*t��&sH  Always     CcjoI  West Baker Street, Nelson.  T. M. WARD, Local Agent.  Grove  THE BEST GLASS OF BEER IH NELSON IS  AT THE    ,  Corner Silica and  Si mili'v SlrectB.  ��. J. eORRAN, Prop.  ROYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS   eer Garden  NEAR NELSON & FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT.  THE  BEST  BEER  BREWED AT  HOME  OR  ON.DRAUGHT OR IN BOTTLES.  ABROAD  Tho kvvvW ii Hmltorl. bo call narly anil nxamlno IM') Pj^ick.  UNION   MADE  Kootenay Cigar lanfg. Co.  Nelson, IlrlUslv Columbia.  R. REISTERER 8c CO.  BRKWEHS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Beer,  Ale and Porter  Brewery at Nelson.  Prompt; and regular  delivery to the trade.  Lime 70 Cerjfs per 100 pounds.  Will deliver In ton lots  Brick $12 per thousand.  At yard or on scows at government wliarf.  The West kootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Baker Stroot,        T. O. PEOOTOR, Manager  NOTICE.  Not ice is htiroby (jivun Ihal in llilrlj- days, I intend lo  ai>|>ly (o I lie chief uuiiimiKsioiier of landti anil work*-, for  giui'iiiissinii (o _ul, ami enn:y away (iiiiber oil' llio Iil-Iuw  ilcs_i ilieil In mix-  Coiniiiunciiitriil Ihe nartliciKt corner of If. 1). SIcDor-  miilVi liinher I'liiim, on Lnl'iiinee erui>k, on souili arm of  Koulonuy Ijiiku, tlionru eiiit forly chains, ilicnru miiiIIi  Ion ehains, lliem-e unt-l. iitiiely (.'liniiis llieneii mirth ten  chains; Ihenoe ensl forty-live ulnsim., (huiiuo wnilli llfjy  uhniiis. Ihence wusl live cliujiis ; Ihi'iu'esoiidi ten chains':  (hence west suvi'nteeni-.hains ; lliiiiico sonlh ten chains;  tliriH'o west eighteen cliains, IIicikv iiiirlh ten I'lmfiwi  Ihence won! full}' cliains, Iliunccsonlli !en ulmins thenee  west- forly chains; (Iience south leu chains; llicnee west  fnrly-llve chains, thence north eighty cliains (o jilurf of  coiiniiencemeiit, (iKO. CT18A Y.  XeNuri, 11, l!., Se|ileinliei'2L'nil, IS'-W.  NOTICE.  Nutlce is heroliy fjiven that ii: ihirly days, f Inlcnil lo  apply to the chief cmiiinissionur nf lands anil wm-ks. for  pennissinn loeiilniid earryuway limber nil" Iho below  ilesciibed lands:  C'fimmeiicinjr al a post about, t\ro��mlii half miles up  Lafi'iint'u creek, on thesoiilh arm of Koolcuay lake, t'om-  lueiii'in^al, tho iiorllnvosU'iinicr; tlienco osl live chains;  Ihencu north forty chains; thenee east Iwonty chains:  (hence mirth (en cliains; Ihence eusl nine chains; thence  north Ion chains: thence east live cliains; (hence north  (enchains: llioneo onsl ton chains; Ihence noi tli ten  chains; thenco east Icn cliains; Usunce noilli Jen  Chtiins; thence cast, twetvo cliains; then-ee noi'tli five  chains; tlioticc east thirty-eight cliains; thenee north  twenty ehains; (hence east fourteen chains-; tlience  Soutli twenty chains; thenee v/osf, eighteen chains;  thence south six chains; tlience west twenty cliains;  thence smith twenty-live chains; thenee west ton ehains;  llieijce south twenty ehains; thence west twenty chains;  tlienco south fifteen chains; thenee west ten cliains;  thence south twentjvfive chains; thenco west eight  ehains; thenee south twenty Jive chains; thence west  seventeen chains.; thenco smith eleven chains; thence  west twenty chains; tlienco north tlii-rty-t.wo cliniiis to  the place of commencement. H. D. McDKHMlH.  Nelson, B. C, August !*tlth, _80a."   HOTICE.  Notice i�� hereby given that in thirty days I intend to  apply to the chief commissioner of'Janils anil works for  permission to cut mid carry away timber oil' tho below  described lands:  Commencing at; a post ton chains south of H. Houston's  northeast corner post., on Gray creek, ruimingitito Crawford Hay, on Kootenay lake, and thenco east forty chains;  thenee south eighty chains; tlienco west ten chains;  thence south eighty chains; thence east ten chains;  tlience soutli forty chains: thence wost forty chains;  thenco north fifty ehains; thence west ten chains; tlienco  north one hundred chains: tlience east ten chains;  thenco north fifty cliains to the place of commencement.  THOMAS SI'IIOAT.  Nelson, B. C, September "_M.li.  NOTICE.  Nolico is hereby j_iven llin.1 in Ihirly days, T intend to  apply to Ihe clnei commissioner of lands ami works,  for permission to cut and curry away timber oil' the below  described lands:  (.'mjimcnciiig ill 11 post about live miles up Viiill creek  ou Ihe west arm of Kooli'iiuy lake; tlience mirlh eighty  chains; thenre west leu chains; Ihence imrlli sixty  elinins; (Iionce west, toil chains; thence norlli forty  chains; thoilcc wes( ten elinins; Ihence mirth forly  chains; Ihence wo-t ten chains: Ihence mirlh forly  elinins; llienie west, Ion chains: Ihence mirth forty  chains; theme ��e.st leu chains; Ihence north twenty  chains: Ihence West, forty elm ins; thence south twenty  ehains; Ihence east ten elinins; thenee .smith forly  elinins; Ihence east Ion elinins; tlience south forty  fh;iiii<; Ihence east ten chain*; thence simlh forty  chain4; Ihence ;ca,st, (en chains; (heneo .smith forty  chains; Ihence east leu cliains; thenco soulh sixty  chains; thence wiM, ten chains; (Iience souili eighly  chniuu; Iheneo oast forly chains lo the place of commencement. ckakijKS ihjJjYkk.  Nelson.. IJ. 0., Aiigxt-t 18th, IS!)!).  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given (hat in thirty days, 1 In) end to  iip]jly to the 1'hiel'eiiiinni.s.sionei'or lands and works for  permission lo out and carry away timber oil" Ihe below  described lands:  C'oinnioueiiatat a jiiist., about twoanda half miles up  from tho motilli of a creek running into Crawford Hay.  on Ivoolcnay hike, and known as (fray creek, marked  northwest corner; theneeenst :forl.y ulmiiis; Ihonee north  ten chains;"thenee east, twenty chains ;-thenee north  ten chains; thenee .cast thirty-live chains.; thenco soutli  two chains; thenee cast seventeen cliains; thenee south  sixty chains; Ihence West fifteen chains; thenee north  ten cliains: (hence west twenty-five chains; tlience  south (on chains ; Ihonee west sixteen ehains ; thence  south ten chaius; llietiee west sixteen chains; Iheneo  north ten chains; tlienco went forty chains: tlience north  forty-two cliains to the place of commencement.  HARRY HOUSTON.  Nelson, B.C., Septisnibor.Gt.il, IS!)!,.   .-.  APPLICATION TO TRANSFER LICENSE  . Notice is hereby given tliat I will, at the expiration of  t hirty days from the date of this notice, apply at the next  siiung of the Licensing Board of the City of Nelson  British Columbia, to bo allowed to transfer tlie retail  liquor license now held by me for the Kxehequcr Saloon  situate on Lot 1 Block 12, in the City of Nelson. British  Columbia, to James NoClands. A. H. CLISMiCNTS.  Dated at Nolson. B. Ci, September 1st, 1809,  MINERS WANTED.  The Tangier Mine, Limited, Albert Canyon, on the  main lino of the C. P. R��� 22 miles east ot Revelstoke, requires aix good miners.   Wagoa $3,50 per day.  mi  M  M  if  m  '3  The Finest Residential  Property in  Nelson  EW  [BOGUSTOWN]  All  the   unsold   lots  in   the   Fairview   Addition  to   Nelson  are   now  on  the  market,at reasonable  prices and on easy terms.   This property  is very  desirable  for-residences.    Apply to '     -    - . _  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. 0., WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 4, .1800.  ANK OF  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATHCONA ANI)   MT   ROYAL, Prosidont  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President  E   S. CLOUSTON Genoral Managor  osr-EJLSoasr _3*R^.*j*sra*Ea:  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.  BRANOIIKS IN  LONDON  (England).   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO  and iu tlio principal cities in Canada.  Buy and soil Sterling Kxchango and Cahlo Transfers  CHANT COMMKllOlAT. ANI) TKAVKLT.KIIS' CRKDITB,  availablo iu any part of tlio world.  DHAKT8 I8SUKD    COMpKCTIONB MADI5; KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OK INTERE.ST PAID  THE   FRENCH   IN   CANADA.  Replying to a- recent article in the  Toronto News, tlie Montreal Herald contends tliat tliere is no aggressive  national spirit in the province of Quebec,  and further, " there is no political signi-  cance in the national, wholesome and  creditable pride of raceonrfellow-citizens  of French extraction take every *5j)poiv-  tunityof/proclaiming^" Tli.at" there is  not tho least trace of politics in French-  Canadian racial sentiment."  It is difficult to believe that the Herald  really means what it says. It has been  agreed by nearly every person who had  opportunity to ."nidge���and admitted by  Frenchmen themselves���that the success  of the late Hon. Mr. Mereier Avas due to  tlio fact that his campaign was conducted upon national lines and thatthe keynote of it was the solidarity of the French  race in Canada, with the ultimate  prospect of separation, from the  English-speaking provinces. His ambition was publicy stated to be to establish a now nation on the banks of the St.  Lawrence. From the days of Mereier to  tlie present time those Frenchmen who  appeal to the national sentiment and excite the ambition toestablisha New France  have been able to win their support. Even  the Herald will hardly deny that in voting for the lion. Mr. Laurier's candidates  "in'the last election they were not voting,  * for Liberalism, but for a Frenchman. ,It  was not consideration for the government  of the country that, weighed with thorn,  - but rather tlie fact tliat one of their-own  j-oople might be placed in the chief position of the Dominion  By pursuing a systematic policy they  ���-havo pushed- tho French language into  tlie province of Ontario, so tliat in districts where formerly the French tongue  was never heard,'little else isuiow spoken.  Ou the main line of the Canadian Pacific  rail way French colonies have been established almost as far west as Fort Arthur,  with the evident purpose of making tho  French race and language dominant in  the. northern part of Ontario.  It would be, folly to deny that the  French-Canadians would rather live  under British, rule than under the United  That room of yours needs  "freshening up " for the winter months.  You  can give us the size (length,  breadthyand-heightof-ceiling)  of the room, or rooms,  will do the rest.   In price,  beauty of design tend quality  Cornor of- linker and Stanley Streets. Nelson  HUB MBS AID  Switches from $2 up.  MRS; .T. W.KEARNEYIias opened a Ladles Hair Dressing Parlor in room 1, Victoria block, Nelson, and is pro-  pared to Tiniish everything in tho way of hair goods  and hair tottioR.   Treatment of the scalp a specialty.  ARCHITECTS.  ' "triWART fe CARRIE���Architects.  Rooms 7 and 8 Ab  Jl"  erdeon block. Baker street. Nelson.      LODGE   MEETINGS,  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS���Nelson   Lodge,  tto,   25,  Knights Of Pythias, meeta in I. O. 0. F. Hall, cornor  NjBLSON LODGlfi, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday iu each month. Sojourning  brothron invited. *   NELSON L. O. L., No. 10!)2, meets in I. O.' O. F. Hall,  'corner Raker and Kootenay streots, 1st and 3rd  Friday of each month;   Visiting brethorn cordially in*  V JOHN TOYE, W. M.      F. T, BRADLEY, Roc. Sec.  NELSON   JKRIE,  Number  22,  Fraternal Order  of  Eagles, meets every second and fourth Wednesday in  each month in .Fraternity Hall.   Visiting brethren tvol-  J. R. WRAY, Secretary.  .1. IRVING. President.  N  ��  KLSON MINKUS' UNION.'NO.  9ti. W.  V. of JI.���  ��� Meets in IC 1'. rooms, Fraternity Hall, the first and  third  Saturday evenings-in  each month at 8 o'clock.  Visit tim members welcome.  .v.JAMES WILKS,.Sce'y.      CHAS.; A,.McKAY..PrcH. ��� .  THE BANK OF  COLUMBIA  NELSON  . Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Sl^aguay, U. S., Atlin,, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yu^or* District.  States government. For that reason they  have been found opposing French politicians in the pust whoso policy led to  annex;! tion.  IJut that they arc satisfied with their  present condition and look upon tlieir  colonial relation to England as a finality,  we do not think tho Herald believes.  The most admirable thing in a Fronch-  Cauadian is his loyalty to his religion.  Tlieir devotion to tho Roman Catholic  church makes them patient, frugal, industrious, and if they could be weaned  from their national ideas and would assimilate witli the English speaking population, there would be loss friction iu  national politics.  Hinckley Will Fight Extradition.  Itosslaiid Minor. ���  Charles II. Hinckley, who is charged  with stealing $97,000 from the West Side  Bank of New York City, and avIio was  arrested nt Princeton,* Yale district, is  still in the custody ot constable Darragh  in this city. "It.was-learned yesterday  that judge Forin of the .county court, before whom the preliminary proceedings  relating to the extradition of Hinckley  are to be brought, could not be located  at Nelson, and it .was not known when  the,proceedings could be had before him.  This will probably delay the matter for a  couple of clays. - It is understood that  Hinckley will light extradition to the last.  A    novel    point    has   been   raised    in  this connection. This is, as the  crime with which he is charged  was committed at a time when  such offenses wore not extraditable, that  ho cannot be extradited, because the  treaty is not retroactive, and therefore  no action can be taken for crimes committed prior to the ratification of the extradition treaty between Canada and tho  United States. It is within tho range of  probabilities that the case will be appealed to Ottawa before it is finally adjudicated. This will of necessity consume  considerable time. It has been stated  that there was a probability of a  compromise between the officials of  the West Side Dank, who are  here, and Hinckley. The bank officials  were questioned as to this, and they positively denied that any such steps wore  ever contemplated. Their object, they  stated, was to take Hinckley to New  York, so that-lie might bo tried there foiv  the offense charged against him. They  were not here for the purpose of compounding a felony, but in order that a  man whom they declare to be a criminal  may be punished for his offense. The  bank officials are reticent as to their  plans aud as to. the details of how they  learned of the 'whereabouts of Hinckley.  They promise, however, to make thorn  public before their departure for the east.  FULL LINED  FOR SALE  BUSINESS AND RESIDENTIAL  PROPERTY  30 by  120, Baker-streot. bctvveoii Josophino and-  Ward streots ?8000  50 by 120, Baker stroot, between Josephine and Hall  streets, corner   25 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vernon  street  5000  50 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vernon  street  6000  21 lots with cottage rented at 515 per month, Victoria  street ."...-.  3500  2 lots with cottage rented at S20 per month, Stanley  street  .-  3000  6 lots in block UB, all cleared and fenced hi  2500  -    ' ,. AGENTS FOR '     , *  J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  WAED.BEOS.  Real -Estato and Goneral Agents, Bakor St., Nelson  Tlie Nelson Electric Tramway Co., Ltd.  LOTS FOR SALE  ON EASY TERMS  Largo number of choice building lots adjacent to (ho  liiicof their tramway. l**or price and terms of Mile apply  to tlie ollice of the company, Jlacdonald block, corner of  Joiunltiuc .Hid Vernon streets.  T. O. DUNCAN, Secretary.  Charles  D.  J. Christie  GENERAL.  BROKER.  IDCSTSTJ'R^.'ISrC'El  REAL ESTATE AND LOAN.S.  FOR SALS  ."���-Room House  SI300 | 50-1'oot Corner   4-Room House SOOO  ..$300  Charles-A.���Waterman &- Cor  CUSTOMS BROKERS  AUCTIONEERS  mi ESTIT1M fflSSfiAL AB8HS  Baker Stfeetj Nelson  FIRST DOOR WEST llANK fo C. BUILliING,  Nofa to Investors mi Builders  We give the very Tiiisr TiiUMS to those  wishing, to borrow money oil Improved real  estate;  The only company in the'province tliat gives  you the privilege of paying off your whole  Loan at Anv TiMis without a Bonus on giving a 80 day notice of your intention; was so.  GAMBLE <& a9RBII^UV9 Agts  British Columbia Permanent Savings & Loan Company.  Globo Savings & Loan Co., Toronto;  5550 will purchase a choico residenco conier,: 100. by 120  foot.  $2100 will purchase a central lot and residence.  $100 will  purchase  two nice  lots and shanty, Robson  street, Hume addition.  ��3000 will purchase four nice lots and residence.  10,000 Pooled Fairmont i cents.  Blackcock (Ymir) shares 20 cents.  5000 Utica at li cents.  ALEX STEWART  Turner & Boeckh block, Nelson, '.JJ. C.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing- 120 acres of land, within one and. a  quarter miles of Nelson.  For further  particulars apply to  FRED  JV SQUIRE,   Nelson,   B.   C.  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows    ������  Inside Finish  -   local and coast.  Flooring"  local and coast. **  Newel Posts   :  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  If what you want is not in stock wo will make it for you  --    '    ' CALL AND GJiT PRICES..  Kruger's Cunning Scheme.  An important development of the  Transvaal situation is reported on the  best information from Boer sources. Tlie  latest scheme "which may soon be announced at Bloemfontein and Pretoria is  the consolidation of tlie two republics, or,  rather tlie annexation of the Transvaal  to the Orange Free St.ate. It is this  scheme which lias occupied the attention  of the volksraad of the Orange Free  State in mysterious session for the last  four days, ft is advanced on the belief  that it will checkmate the British policy  by enabling the Boers to concede without  any danger Mr. Chamberlnin's demands  in regards to (he suffrage. That is to say,  the foreign elementof the Uitlanders could  not outvote the Boers in the Transvaal  and the Orange Free State, if this proposition does not make for peace it will  postpone war. As the Orange Free  State enjoys a greater degree of inde-  pendancc, it is argued that if a consolidation was effected in the shape'of the  annexation of the Transvaal to the  Orange Free State, all the hitter's freedom and privileges would be enjoyed by  tiie combination. The second part of  the plan is said to bo that president  Kruger of-the Transvaal should-resign in  f* _vor of president Steyn of tho Orange  Free State. It is understood that Kruger is willing to do this, .although he  would decline to give place to commanding-general and vice-president Joubert.  , A Ragrettable Feature.  A' Toronto -intin who eloped Avith a  married woman lias shot himself in  Chicago.' The regrettable' feature about  this "rash act" is that it did,not occur  before the elopement.  W)  w  w  w  w  w  w  w  w  To dispose of an entire car of high-class iron and  brass beds in a western mining town in less than two  months is certainly a record to be proud of, and one  seldom equalled in the large eastern cities. Yet so  great has been the.demand for these goods, we have  found it necessary to wire for another car, which will  reach Nelson this week. "We would ask the citizens  of Nelson to continue in showing their appreciation of  our efforts to give them the opportunity of enjoying  the luxurious furnishings of an eastern home in the  midst of the Rockies. ��      ��  The; j-  "���". J . L Say wand  HALL AND LAKE STREETS. NELSON  Contractors and'Bnilders  "WILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  ftlALOFJE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters- far Miners and Prospectors  THTC BEST BllANDS OF  fl _ _    _��     _���_ ���  igars  ALWAYS ON HAND|  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.   -  J3AJXER. STREET, NKLSON.  A largo stock of flrst-class flrv material oti hand, also  ii full lino of sash, doors, moulding*, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson  Telephone. 91 Johll    Rae,   AgGIlt  GREAT REDUCTION  .11 per im  tt&&��T7fMl&Elta-  Special rates for carload lots* for otilsifl'c point h.  ��ONK    ��   ^   W@s|  & ;Co<  DELIVERED  Orders may be left with C. W. West  & Co., or with.  CHARLES St. BARBE, Agent.  Olllco on Baker street, two floors from Bank of 11, C.  150 men; axemen, tie makers, right-  of-way men, etc., for contract work  near Duncan City.  FRANK PREVOST.  _RAILROAD W0RK7  - One hundred mon wanted on North Star limni-h of  Crow's \est. Railway, al, (.'ranhrook, British I'nlumUin ;  (?<io(i waxes. Tlil'eu miles of litul.ioii work lo let. for next  thirty (lavs. Transportation rales ono cent, per mile."  1 ran'spoi't'iUinn can be ohtiiincrt fi-oili Canadian I'aeilic;  railway audit, at, Nolson oral any ('.P. I!, slat ion.  '    ...-    - �� . .:������" JJnia.'JvtNUllJUK &. MINI)-.  . Oi.nlirboli, October.2ml. 18119.. .    tJontraetors...;  Heated with Hot Air. and  Lighted by Electricity  Large  comfortable  bedrooms and  Jlrst-class dining  room.   Sample'room;; for commercial men."  K^TIEIS   ��2   *F**EI*R   *0^.-5T  Mrs.  E.  0.   CLARKE  Late of the Royal Hotel. Calgary,  H* D. HU8W1 Manager.  Tho finest hotel in tho inlorlor.  Largo sample rooms.. .Steativ he.it and eleotric light.  COBNBli OF WARD A-5SU V*KKNOH STS.. NELSON  BAEKR ilNO WAUU Sl'AEKTS, ^'JSLSON  The only hotel In N6ls0.n that hafi w-ma'Urcdi wider one  mattaKoM'jnt-since ISOO.  Tlio bod-rOOiiis aro  woll furnis'iod and   lighted by  (Sleotrleity. , t .   ���   .  'J'ho dining-room Is not; socond to any In KooCenfty*  The bar is always stocked by tho best domestio and  Imported liquors and pjiij'trs. ,�����,,,      ,,  THOMAS iMADDKN. proprietor.  HcLEOD    HOTEL  VMIR,   3.   O.  J, W. SMITH, Proprietor.  EVERYTHING FIRST-GLASS  Laifto and well lighted Heated by hot ai  Ueasonablo rate , Samplo rooms  Kloctrio bolls and lljrht In every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout;  '   HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. V. WORKS, Proprietor    .  Freo bus meets all trains RfiVfikl'Qke. B. G.  Hourly street car to station nw*/SI*5tui.C, a. u.  Night Grill Room in connection, for the convenience of  guests arriving: and departing by night trains. ^  ______ ___^  On and after the 1st of Octolter I SKI, I ho Oi'and I'oMlral  Hotul will be run strictly on I lie l-'urnpi'iiu I'hui.  We have lilted una now diiiinjr room with a seating  cnpaeil -v. for one tin lid red ]ieo|p|c wllii'h will lie.,rnn m  connection with the hotel. All meals I wenly-tlyp'-cents.  Iiaya)>le in the dining ropitn. Will bo |ilea,sed to Itirn.ish  iiieal (.ii'.kels on ii|iplic)itioi>.  Itoouis liv the dav, ueek or month.  ' ThatikinK yonfor votic (,'oneroiis Jiatronaice in lilt: past,  and triistinj,' to be favored with a eoiitiliiiaiice or saine.in  the future.,:      .        . I remain, re .icclfiiljy yoiirs.(-.' -.->.  ^  #  ^  M NELSON SiWi PLANM MILLS, li  ���������"��.v.li  We have a stock of one and a half milliof  feet of logs at our mill and are prepared^^^jeffii  all kinds of dimension timber and ship to all points  on Kootenay Lake by scows or steamers, also by;  rail to all points on the Canadian Pacific or Nelsoii  and Fort Sheppard railways. In stock rough and  dressed lumberv shingies,^^^^^^ n^^  np^Js^J^^,^^  T^B"X"'--?'��a"S's"a"*f'?-?v',ir'* \:'i-'^,%7^y^'^V'^��E^'^^"'^'k^m^i'^i^  "'V- rAl^^tXS!  %^yyyy:y&'.yA;"'-��'  ������-'-��� '���y;%yy?i  IFiJAt)   5f.FI.GK  A'l*  \s��-M  Wholesale Markets at |fe(son^ Rossland, Sandon and O^ehvvbfldi  &s#.s*  '��� ��� ��� ���-yiX'y}  ]ictfiil Mwi*lcete afc kelson, Ivsislo, Saiitlou,: Silvfcvto'n, Kcw Denver Tfiiiif, TkiiI, Gctili-j J��,ork$,  Citssudc, Greijnwoocl, Midsvc'i<y, und Sti'd-af.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded*  Kootenay Butcher  ALL KlNtflS OF  SALTED MEATS  WMOLKSALtt A*VP jasf AM>  FISH AMD POULTRY IM SEASOlsl  Balder S  ) li^i  CS4"lS|  OHDKKS BY MAIL JiKClSIVK CARBFUL AND PROMPT ATtJ5KTl0N  JUST ARRIVED A CARLOAD OF  Highest class Lager produced.       On sale by the trade in Nelson.  ASK FOR IT  R. P. RITHET &. CO., Ltd., Victoria, Agents for B. C.  A. B. GRAY, Agent for. Kootenay, Bnkor Sb., Nelson, Next OddCollows BniMiiig  The Boyal Greenhouses  Corner of Ward and Hoover Streets.  C. K. GKI*>;ZI':i.l.K, I'*.l,t.Jl.,S., I'ltOI'ltlKTUIl  BULBS! BULBS! BULBS!  iVI.ltO0.fif tlusclioieiist, varieties fm fall plant iirg to arrive  in a.few. days direct from Ihe crewel's ill Holland, r.pn-  .sisliiiK <>/ I'fyneintlis, Tulips, Datfodils, S'aroissns, .Suillus,  I,ily of ihe Valley. Crocus, ,loni|iiils. .Snow Drops. Ane-:  iimnes, l^irKinenlns, Iris.('hiiunli)xa, etc. Orders .to the  value of two dollars and up wards sunt Ijy lniiil or ox-  iness free, and ni leis tliaii eastern pi-iecs.   .  H. D.  BLACKSMITHINQ  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing pronipUy attondod bo "by a flrst-olisa  wheelwright.  Special attcntiou given to all kinds ot repairing and  custom work from outside points.  Shap:   Hall Stroat, between Baker and Vernon, Kelson THE TRIBUNE: NELSON", B. C:, WEDNESDAY OCTOBER i, 1899.  DON'T  WASTE  YOUR  MONEY  ON  BOTTLES  WE  CAN  SELL  YOU  PERFUMES  IN BULK  And there are no perfumes in Nelson  equal to those which we have just received. We are now opening up full lines  of Roger & Gallet's and Legrand's celebrated French Perfumes, as well as those  of the Crown Perfumery Company of  London. These orders may be purchased  either in bulk or in bottles. See our assortment of French Toilet Soaps.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  New  Arrivals  BARBERS' REGULATION COATS  Very Nobby  " BARTENDERS' REGULATION VESTS  WAITERS' COATS IN SEVERAL STYLES  COOKS', CAPS, APRONS, Etc.  The   Leading   Furnisher  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  George 13. Gibson v.as before mayoi'i  Neelands yesterday upon the charge of;  creating* a disturbance on Baker street.;  The accused Avas remanded until this*  morning in order that he might secure;  witnesses. Gibson's last appearance before the magistrate was for assault. ;  There is a good business opening in  Nelson for a chimney sweep. At present  there is a groat deal of chimney sweeping to be done and no known sweep to  undertake it.  Some of the sports in Nelson arc playing the Shamrock-Columbia-yacht race as.  they played the Fitzsimmons-Corbett  ring fight, and they will win.  The steam launch Vidette has nob yet  had her triai trip. Fires were put under  her boilers last evening however and tlie  trial trip is announced for tliis morning  a1; nine o'clock. Captain W. 11. McLean  will be in command and George Hale will  Le on board in the interest of the builders.  Ward Brothe s yesterday fold lot- S  block 7, in Fair view, to Henry Hurry for  $150.  Mr. and Mrs. William Wilson bf Silica  street willleave for Toronto this week,  where they will spend the winter.  Messrs. Martin, IL'uighfcon and Ort* P.at-  erson have "just returned from a shooting  trip in the St. Marys country. They  shot one caribou���a cow. ���'  "Sam" McDonald, one of the best teamsters in Kootenay, who has been employed  for the past three years by. Wilson <fc  Harshaw, leaves Nelson tomorrow for  Miill.au, Idaho.  Noel Brown, formerly manager-of the  Queen Bess mine, but who lately has  been working for the Dominion Mining  <fc Development; Company,leaves- today  for England.  Dr. Hall, Malone & Tregillus, and -Tho.**-.  Madden have decided to put up the'a*  brick buildings on Baker street .by,di,y  labor, There is so much building uoav in  progress in ihe city that they have come  to the conclusion that better progress  can be 'made by day labor than under a  contract. y !  Quite a number of Nelson people left  for Spokane yesterday to attend the fair;  The crowd, will probaby go cIoavu Monday, so as to be present on International  day. ������������-"  �� The Bonner's Ferry end of the Nelson  & Bedlington railway is iu operation as  far as Ball's ranch, a distance of about  twelve miles.  ���'���'���'.:'..   BUSINESS' MENTION.  Robert Martin, father bf the Rev. D.  AI. Martin, at one time a Presbyterian  preacher al- Kaslo, died at Guelph, Ontario, last Aveek. He was an old-time settler at Fergus, in that province.  W. P. Tierney & Co. have a force of  men altering the track of the C. P. It.  t vo n;i!es from Nels*>n.' Three large  "trestles there Avill be eliminated and the  track AviII run on a rock bed. Ono bluff  over forty feet high is being blasted.  The   electric  tramway  company Avill  .call for tenders today for the  erection of  ;a car barn on apiece  of land  adjoining  !A. B. Shannon's house on Mines road.  ,    A.  TL   Barton  and  Airs. II. F. Pollock  leave for the coas** this morning.  '    Died   at  Nelson,   yesterday  morning,  John Duncan,  infant son  of  Duncan  A.  and Airs.  AlcFarland,  aged  ten   months.  The funeral will take place this afternoon  at 3 o'clock from the family residence on  liobson street.  ���The patent horse collars for the use of  the horses belonging to the lire department have arrived. J*. AI. laid wig prom"  ises to haA'e the harness ready in three or  four days and then something speedy in  the Avay "oi\hitch-ups will be recorded for  the Nelson fire department.  Hugh Sutherland is reported to haA'e  made a new deal with William Aloore for  the purchase of the California property  on Toad mountain. By the new arrangement Aloore gets a small .cash payment  and takes a large block of stock in a company Avhicli is to be formed to work the  property. Aloore will spend the winter  in his former home in Nova Scotia AArherc  he has <an interest in a slate quarry. This  quarry was Avorked thirty years ago by  a Scotch syndicate, but transportation  difficulties forced them to quit. Aloore  some time .after secured" a hold upon it  and a railway passing within three miles  has since enhanced, its value to such an  extent that a company is being organized  t"> work it.  '���'.'.���..  A  LARGE  CONSIGNMENT  JUST  OPENED  We can supply you with Cartridges  TO SUIT YOUR RIFLE  Carpenters' Tools  A   FULL  LINE  SHELF HARDWARE  THE BEST ASSORTED  STOCK  IN THE KOOTENAYS  STOVES AND  KITCHEN UTENSILS  -'J-n oii  i -ilM 11   b__      -n& tyh~"ua  'Mlip'itfillSTelK'cr^  fl ili��!i ty^ircul iilibfco f'ffyfitpiii 'fiffxii; will j. -q^sqlrt .tojty rt"��  -���iLCiif^ii^^ "���"���*'���'-  :'!��'.  u���"_. .S*"'     ntl^JJ.-JL-,, -ip.  ...   :.". 6.'*"��� S.  �� wO.-Vj '���.���a      . .,  ii.p.e-'-.jKVi-iJSi^is-Sii:,  seeiugii^b'pys;  "i'tli.���^^^^  *diFp'tliMS'reffii.fS '���"���''���''������'���:���������  * -^Oihces.'toy-'������ren-teS-ingle. *>;qi"*-, m - suite.-���.  *.. ,VS^-X,E  Has been a great success and has, certainly  exceeded our expecta-  '���;^i��:n^3P!ra#L**^  ^fi^Jft    PX^-b--Dr.n-n.b-frr-n.   l^.n    - T^ "^ ft   ���'  "   ^-    g ,.*     e ^^   ���. :     -  Xn -qto 'on .���*. W _,_,������  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON  ARE YOU BURNING UP MONEY  zx***��e^��** >-i. i'izmxa^*BKX3sxmm��acxa3arrx-m mrt ��� ��� ���i.aj______t__aqK_____gM:j_i__M_*^___M_i  Because Your Stove or Range Cannot be  Regulated to Save Fuel?  IT WILL PAY YOU  TO EXAMINE  OUR NEW STOCK OF  STOVES AND RANGES  The saving-in fuel effected will soon equal  the cost of the range. It can be so quickly  and easily regulated that tliere need be no  waste.'of heat or fuel. Ncav patented improvements offer you more convenience arid  comfort than you'll find in any other range.  TWO CAR LOADS TO SELECT FROM  ''Tl?^~^'.W^   -  Ib4sfe��:^y^  "weekly "cditiousi.  I'i0^p,^ip^i]/s^i't0;^!t. Cm c��,;  ���'ii-fiYonil^ -  Mrss'.MyP.EliMQ'TT ���  ��� lS,iisS:.'PMiiL��k:  c%;i^e;.c*3'n^ii|i1l*ln^  ^^[^: :''^^��^^^-*%.P^ Wi"t|i 'a^:ff without Miy^r-  in a varifefcy of pat-i-erns mdun'ted with Sterling  S^BjrSlsli &s���'"~~  "���'" V#o-Mfes-  .... "S^hlsfes--  Soap B0xes  Puff Boxes  ^Sh os=Horris  lylliciiage Bottles  Salts Bottle$  pbwdeY pottles  Chateiaihs  =S ci �� stops "  Button Hooks  Bib Holders  Shayiiig Sets  Toiidt Sets  "Bifiay^Sets   ~'  finibroide. y Sets  Desk Sets  Crochet Sets  Pumice  ��;':tn��fea*nej?gg|*t^  >,:'i^ffelu^a^aKf:*^S^  ���   'q;,u". ft-"i-" '.r-, ���.'-������;, a ftC?.* ;-..v-j.r^.'ftjin ������,-. | ?...���-   p;.^- "v.** .-.������'n������"���*.y>,���  ;'';E^e^|^g^j|^i^^  i    ,;���<�� 0     -      ���*.'-..-.-     ������_;_.        .    _.  .-.;��� j     *_  n"   .. "��-J     -ijp  ..0'      -   ���������:��� P^��     _-���_ --  yytym*ym  f-"S-.':Ssy JsKi'iB  M^A'y.  *-��Y %>".?':  S-*",f -������*%i^^��&'^sK*&1*'."**  -"?���& % . :--*: -^-'..?^  ,<0>".y <K"'\  '^;1  .-or- ���:��� ������ ".-���.���.<t"��.i"..����i,". "# ��� J.'"!;"?:- .:';'_-���.,i-*.v��,��-'Af--;!y ���;%>".�� -"f...- �����_'. ���. ms|  �����*'...'"��� *'*.'J?;^r.-*^n-'~|.,ii��'j'?-.\.!''^|'-'"t&i?-*:'l  ;-..t- ���'��*��."��:..-.���^������rfa"*-^.^��b-S:"sf"  "^A*FE_.'t_NE_^*y_QftK^  Fine watch repairirig a specialty.   All work guaranteed.  �����-^���B-ZE-iiR   3TaS.*E3*H3e*3?^   *Nr'E3IJSO'N*  'HAa*s-s;i'oelc nev. akb liiP-TO'S^fi.  FANCY GOODS.  Lessons in embroiflofynnd Ibtcc work. Stamping done.  Ortlers takcfi for ciiMhions, lailip Mharle*. etc.  I'-viro ctoora west Mai'tiii O'l:oill0y & Co**.  Kovelties In Mllteery  f din in receipt of tlie htlsakl in iliilliiicTj' antl iililli-  iior.f novelties direct ff_i.ii X'ew York;  :CM! ivnd in. .lent.  josepIiinoStrectj ijftlir Iliikef.  ��� AjjtjyAV^to'snii'OTs:  :.^NJiyi:);i:"A;AY:El!"ay*- '^  "."d'X"R'P"KvV.*i'I��Tt-".   " "'  ���''���X-l'MtUlVS;   "* ", .-���..'.. .-.-��� ���������}  ^'M��I*S't:BJ'iI_|E.    ��� ..   .  ..sicttOR-suri's.......,...-..  ' if ii:i,V"_ ��� i&ACK*  A'U-l*  .musiij**... .....;,.,...,..,.,  ^Svlfefe  .*^^*^:**i^. :��f^|i'ai*-��**��*v.- '������'.y^ >���,;,.';'������  Fop Winter Outfitting  For Miners and  WorkingBieiis Clothing  A^i new gOcfds in our regnilal*  stock ate  beii1lg, xna-Eked  dOwii at^ prices^ th$A it  '"" aa longer fay-  to   send   east  for goods.  KLLIOT '���BtOCK, JIAJvKU SitftKBT, NELSON.  AVJ8 UAA'K SECUUKB 'l'JIKSoi-B a-OKNCv fc'Olt  IST1TAT10XS CAN NOT* NOW Mi VV$ ON  'Villi jAIAUKK'1'.  at  Vkknon Stwbkt  Nki���so.v, B.C.  THORPE -S CO., Ltd.  Baker Btrcct, betAveen Josephine and  Hall F.l,rcctn, Nolsoni.  MKALS AT ALL SOURS, BAY OR NiGHT  BAKKRY IN OOriNECTlON  FAMILY ANB PASTRY COOKINa A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  DR-     _SC'CJ*R'Ei"2",     3E,'RO"E''JR*r"E3'3?0_S  $5ijwoLT__M_.  Baker Street  Underclothing, Mackinaws,  Grloves and Mitts.  W. P. OIOKSON  B. H. H. APS-taWHAITB  J. "MCPHBB  lootenay leefpie Supplj and Constrnetion Co,  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  zz To Pae^ers  r$-  GET IT FRQM  Complete Blectrlo Bquieasnts for Blecfcrle Power Transmission and Xilshtlng for Mines, Towns  BlectWc Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  F. O. Box 608. Josephine Street. Nelson. B. O.  WHOLESALE  . Butter,  ��� Eggs,  . Cheese,  . Green  . Fruits,  . Cured  '*.. Meats,  . Vegetables  SHIPPERS OF THE EARLY  BREAKFAST BRAND OF BACON  ���fTOS  SA.L*E3_  21 Pack Mules.  6 Work Mules..  2 Saddle Horses*  OR NOT AT ALL  BAKER STREET, NELSON, B, G.  ALLHlBCS of Blank Hooks, with every kind ofspccial ruling and printed heading!*, mnnufa'-tured right licrc i  -��=*"  Nelaou. Ly well-paid workmen, who apcud their carniiiKu iu NeUon.   Tribune A.ssociatio��. Limited. Vornon fli  carniiiK�� in.NcUon.   Tribmie AsHocuitioii, Limited, yurnott Bl��  Full stocks carried at  Nelson   and  Rossland.   Mail orders solicited;  R'ggilifir nnd lmnicss may be arrangca for.   Apply to  T. GRAHAM, Albert Canyon, B, C.  Special Notice to tbe People of lootenay  l am now prepared to test the eyes  of the people, as I have in my department a first-class optician. I have a  large selection of gold frames and the  very best of lenses. Call and get your  eyes examined at  JACOB DOVER'S The Jeweler ]  We have just received a large consignment of the  DYSON-GIBSON   COMPANY'S  JAMS  AND   PICKLES  Also a complete assortment of the  TORONTO  BISCUIT COMPANY'S SWEET BISCUITS  Baker Street West, Nelson  John A. Irving & Co.  Strachan  apx.xr-MisB'iEis, etc.  o:e:Em.A. Eco*crs*E3 block  \Jp!&t+


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