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 M  11 *  *  NO BREAK IN TRANSVAAL CLOUD  United States Eefuse to Intervene.  London, October 2.���Despatches from  Natal timed 10:10 o'clock this morning  reported that the excitement is increasing at Durban. The streets aie thronged  Avith animated crowds, and the impression prevails that the Boers may commence hostilities today.  Over 1800 Natal volunteers have gone  to the front. Trains from Forengo Mar-  tinigus at Delagoa bay, are bringing in  enormous crowds, principally miners.  A Boer command has arrived at  the border town of Comantipoert.  The British gouorninent is chartering a  large number of steamers evidently for  the purpose of transporting an army  corps. About forty vessels are to be  chartered and . tho steamer Pavonia of  tlie Ciinai'd line is aiiiong those til ready  taken.  Advices from Capetown say that a dispatch was received there utoday from  Charleston, Natal, announcing that some  of the Orange Free State artillery with  six guns have arrived at Volkrust.a point  in the Transvaal close to the Natal border, and that a, marquee had been erected  by the hospital authorities. The officials  at Charleston have received a telegram  from the colonial secretary in answer to  an inquiry, instructing them to remain  absolutely still and offer no resistance.  No Avomen have been left in Volksrust  and the natives arc leaving Charlestown.  The officials still remain but are ready to  leave tit a moment's notice.  General Joubert, ^vice-president of the  South .African Republic and commander-  in-chief of the Transvaal forces, has arrived at Volksrust, and his,presence there  will probably have a calming effect. The  advices from'Johannesburg say no coin-  mandering took place tliere Saturday.  They add that many of the Boers are  anxious to leave, and that many of the  young men are forming corps of civilian  police and are acting in conjunction with'  the merchants' association. The town is  quiet. The merchants' committee announce that the British subjects, under a  permit, will be allowed to remain, and  that consular letters and passports will  be accepted if the persons presenting  them are of good character.  No confirmation is obtainable from  any source of tlie report contained in a  despatch to the Exchange Telegraph  Company that the Boers had captured  Dundee. No exceptional activity was  shown at the .���'government offices today.  ���yMr;* sCluvmbei'laih*audwtlie^.e*.i;l  \Q'ywMey:iib0i^l^om%  *��� ���;"'*;," -Jp'"�����-,���� '���;s?,*'-'.>��s**?-���<*.������"��� v^w;��_���-.,;��� "fa;.-..- ������tf.-Aj; *.���*��.  ^iG^ne"!^  '';?' -:^%i;*;'^o0ifi&Sliis 3fifrnoibj i" '.fviijfi -rtV^-Sjj'^ci'salf-  ?y.y'::dfy'i.fe^^ > y. :"y ;��'.y\ .i������..  ���:'���."   \ ^r��s*: i'd^ilt o 'hot  ^^.y^Ml'eplibl'ie,; "&*tbVii>".iS/luude'EStpqd 'tlUvfe  ';��� .-^heral^ 3)o$ jlrolsigcidyy&r the-  ��� ������. y 'C'iilpe^itU'. :tieX"fe "tvee'k ���^Xpepjl Unfei'Se&U  ���ydsvelopmehte occur.,   y';...^,,  " .,-.';..  y ''���'  "iV :1��ai|r^':^jeJi'Ufbei:s ..of liartia.ineftt: ;'arey;;r<>  .;������ ttij-llihg ��� tp .tew^v'l^ ;tiijU"if^it#l^iiioii .of.^ji  "  eaMy.'sim^^ rbf;'th��r:hoAS(.i,' ~^lb. is;  the   geiieiyiil :|iupressiou   bjnet. .although;  soiiie sj")e'Vktvrs iiiivy express disaijproval  \of the g6vernni>ut'spolicy, fe*r^^^^      to ,  tlie. e^tueiiie,. of;, voting against the  -,'e-  iqlvire^   erediti     It it .considered  niost  proli.i'bl^ thai they will abstain fl*om 15ar*  ytieipittiivg, iu a diviMoiji  ��� ���JIlSw   ItoiVg* October   2.���Chai'les D.  y.  Pderee, cousiil-geiieriii of thy�� Grange Free"  State, today received! a eablegi-ain Tela.'.-.  tive to affilirs infthe Transvaal.     Coii.su]  fierce said that the cable was  of such a  nature that lie could not make it public,  __biit  lie  Wits  aty liberty  to &iyythatthe  =^JISi^^fc^f-tlie^?i^_SMtl~]lacl made an  TUESDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 3, 1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $6 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  '*"~p"j    w^.^j.  >.,eari',;o&-.-"Selsv.-  *^li|;^e(jloi|;ia"l;i  ineffectual effort to induce president Me-  ICiiiley to request other powerful nations  to act with the TJiiited States as arbitra-  tors between ISiiglaud and the Transvaa'.  Mr, Pierce said tliat the warm and close  rditioiis between Great Britain and tlie  tjntted States prevented president Me-  Kinley moving in so momentous fl. matter.  London, October 2.���An advertjsenient  appeared this morning aiinounciiig tlie  formation of a corps of gentlemen rough  riders, pattei-uod after Roosevelt's rough  riders, for service iii South Africa. Ad*  vices received from Ladysmith,, Natal,  tliis morning, says that six hundred  burghers have assembled at Aibertiua, ill  tlie Orange Free State, with tlio object of  proceeding in the direction of Oberder  and that it is feared a raid on Ladysmith  is meditated.  A prominent Englishman. Dr. Wilson,  lias been coinmandered at Harris niitli by  the Orange Free State.  It is calculated that the Orange Free  State already has seven thousand men  on the border. The Natal field artillery,  carbineers and other military coniman Is  are camped at the show grounds on the  road leading to the Orange Free State.  Reports from Capetown declare that  an immediate rupture of the diplomatic  relations between Great Britain  and     the    Transvaal      are     expected.  The general drift of news indicates  that the position of the British troops in  South Africa is critical, owing to the delay in sending reinforcements and iu the  event of hostilities, early reverses are regarded as probable. The latest advices  show that the Transvaal inoblizatiou has  been rapid and comprehensive. Many  Boers, it is said, did not wait to be commanded, but proceeded to the border,  spontaneously.. The members, of the  executive, . state  .secretaries,   president  Kruger's relatives, the members of the  raad, judges and other professional men  are all eagerly giving their services and  the women are bidding the men folks die  rather than return beaten.  The cable despatch officials at the Cape  say it is impossible to reach Pretoria  over the Durban line. The Capetown to  Pretoria lino is still working, but it is  glutted with official messages. It is announced that general Butler will sail for  the Capo either Friday or Saturday next.  The correspondent of the Associated  Press at Capetown litis secured an official  denial of the statement of tho South  African News that a train has been despatched to fetch Mr. Green from Pretoria.  No instructions have yet been issued to  Mr. Green.    All is quiet at Pretoria.  Great excitement prevails at Capetown  where it is reported that the Boers have  occupied Laing's Neck. Tho British at  Capetown express great s.atisfaction at  the fact that "matters havo reached a  stage when a definite settlement of difficulties is inevitable.  Sir William Harcourt, tho Libera!  leader, during a speech at Tredegar said :  "The first and last word of these gold  hunters is gold, in order to lead to annexation."  A correspondent wrote to lord Salisbury asking if it were not true that the  government would make every effort to  avert war and had no "desire to annex  the ������"��� Transvaal if a settlement could  be obtained peacefully. Lord Salisbury replied, answering affirmatively.  .The duke of Argyle, in reply to an inquiry as to what he thought of sir William Vernon Harcourt's words, said that  they were pure party claptrap, adding :  "1 have no respect for a petty state  which invites, rises by means of and depends upon the labor and brains of  str.angers and then refuses them the  common rights of humanity and condemns them to an intolerable life of  serfdom." ���*"   :.'"'.'  A letter from an Uitlander received at  Birmingham was published today. If  it reflects the general feeling of residents in Johannesburg they must be in.  wi'itgr^  JbeJi-flVj^  the"d3o.ers will'finakei.a ..general*-massacre;  :,ito/--.-'bitS'.b;;a'iid  ,i"-?nlB'^e--W'be\e"ili  sto:}dy��&->b>'^^  "���^���I^J^rlS^4Ilonl��' ^rjO'ij'sv ��^:0^|��p;'ErtclJ'  iMtive^ntaiiiiliki'ce ;of; 'niiiitaryy :p^p;aSi-.  'tiOiiSi;" The-reserves- .luvv&y^eceiv^df "jpije*.  Ifmiuaryy: notHceV'to' Be ��� pi'e|5ai*ed? aMif  wse^niiliyreigi^^ ' ybeen^n'btifieet * '1*%  Llveepb-thSiiisjilyes ;in.: ifeadfegss fb> Actual;  ���s^psjlge.'-'.- ������ '������' ��� '���-. ;������������ ��� . .'".' ':���-���  . ��� .IjJL.jjtbei-ail' t^iday says^tl-irt.t:Sp.ai^\!Bii��iiu;;it y  reinain yiiidifferent=to;. thev Ino^-^cMtel?  tiitiAispiring* in, the T_ansv^al: 'in yyie^;' of  the AhglS-POi^iigfe^ti'e^^.'b  of wixicli:, in iltes event ot" ���Srreat Bi^ltMii  ���becOniing engaged; in a wai' -v^jtlblilanptheii  jiowerj Pbrtn^ai is. obligedi to feobillze  XoOjOOO iiien ittid allow Great Britain to  use her lol:tS and arsenals, JEl LiBfe^a.1  follows "up1 tillis extraOrdiuivfy jxssertioii  wlijh tlie statement that a seci'et convention also provides that Portugal will cede  Great Britainj Lorenzo Marquez;, on the  north, side of Ilehlgoa Bay, and that of  55itniique, on the east coast of Africa^ and  calls on the governinent to^ talce^discreet  IT WILL BE A BUSY SEASON  Around New Denver.  Niow DiONVioij, October 2.���Six men and  a foreman, all union miners, arrived by  today's boat to commence work on the  California Clipper group on Silver mountain. Tho work will be done under contract. This makes the third big property  on tho upper portion of .Silver mountain  to work this winter. The California is  the most prominent property hereabouts  to make good the prophecy of starting  on October 1st. New Denver will not do  so badly this winter as it will have the'  largest payroll this winter of any previous  year. On the Pahnutta, an extension of  the Queen Bess lead, live men are at work  under contract.  The Idaho mine has a force of men at  work, six being employed iu the drifts.  Eighty tons of ore Avere shipped by the  Payne.last Aveek, the bulk of which went  out by the C. P. II.  Secretary Hayler of the Sandon Miners'  Union reports that institution in a flourishing condition. Upwards of 500 members are on the roster, all of whom are ou  the active list. The finances are in amost  healthy condition, and the banks will  honor the check of the union for as large  a sum as any business man in the camp.  The executive work of the union is being  carried on in a commendable and telling  manner, while the membership is kept  well in hand, removing all possible friction with the eiU2iloyers and giving satisfaction to all.  A large amount of supplies has been  packed up to the Hartney, on Silver  mountain, during the week, including an  ore car. and rails; Active development,  will begin at once.  The Marion has received its ore car and  rails, aud Avork in the main tunnel Avill  continue more handily in consequence.  Development is kept up to the usual satisfactory standard, Avith plenty of ore in  sight.  SeAreral carpenters have passed through  here, bound for the Wakefield concentrator, which is to be erected as quickly as  ^"j^-^jj^j^auqijie^h^^  ���;::d'^fegilife?C^,y'^jtBav .1^n|||^^ii^S:S'^^h||:  H^^^by.^*&%ef--H'e^  ^^y";iGehieMjlihailtiger''01o^  ,-;j^#Mii^^ai|d;i|^  *jiei"&-on''Sai[*n^ ������ y ���'���'"���'������ 'v: -������  .The; Av^e'rAv^i?ii'^'sys"l:ei|ii.:in^  y^-lhrn^be'r/idlj'tli^ ei*t^  yx>f ������tliey'tOA^i>,,-iS; behlgy.;e.x_e'i_de4:^o;'^n..rt0-  '^yie'iiiily sj#i#t^r'-"fe "i&f'.Biip^ly^-  ing. "the; ho^liita;l, ^nd- 'tile ijesidence of  i"Gedr'ge',r|t Aylard.:- -.;   y ���  HORRIBLE MURDER IN VICTORIA  Woman Torn to Pieces.  Victoria, B.-C, October 2.���Tho most  atrocious murder committed in Victoria  for many a year, was brought to light  yesterday morning, on the Indian reserve,  just beyond the trestle, on the city side  of the engine house of the K. & N.  Railway. The victim was Mrs. John  Bings, avIio, with her brother, J. Jordan  kept a bakery store on the street, opposite the E. & N. Railway depot. The  body aviis found by officer Walker,and on  being viewed by the coroners, Dr. Hart  and Dr. Eraser, was removed to the city  morgue.  Tho  body  Avas   shockingly mutilated,  stripped of eveiy vestige of clothing, and  resembled ono of the Arictims of "Jack tho  Ripper" in Whitechapel.    Finger marks  on the  throat  indicate  that the woman  Avas    straugled.      There   are   numerous  bruises, but the  chief injuries  are of a  nature impossible to  publish, but show  the poor Avoman had been in the hands of  an incarnate fiend, avIio literally tore her  to pieces  in executing  his  aAvful work.  , Near the remains, ou the bank aboAre the  raihvay track, Avere the hat, shoes and  .stockings of the   deceased,  Avhile  other  portions of clothing lay beneath the body.  All the indications point  "co  a terrific  struggle betAveen the unfortunate AAroman  and the  murderer  or murderers.     She  left home last night about eight  o'clock,  according to the recollection of her  brother, Avith whom she Avas in. partnership  in the Bakery, business.    She  carried  a  shopping bag and a purse, containing the  cash receipts for the day.    Her husbaud,  who- is   ill   Avith   rheumatism,   became  .alarmed at her long absence, and reported  to the police.   A search a\_is instituted,  resulting in the finding  of the  body  as  describ.d, at nine o'clock this morning.  Robbery, evidently, AAras not the motive  -for the crime, as the handbag and other  property AAras not molested. The scene  of the ghastly affair Avas only a couple of  yards from the path constantly used by  people to and from Victoria Avest,  Avill not be more than tAAro or three cases  The Aveather is cooler and the city is  clean. The surgeon major considers it re  markable that Casa Blanco, formerly the  Avorst part of the city, has had only ono  case of yellow fever.  English Cricketers Win Easily.  Phii.adki.imiia, October 2.���-The first  test match between prince Ranjitsinji's  English cricketers and the gentlemen of  Philadelphia on the Morion cricket club's  grounds at HaA'orford was concluded today, the Englishmen winning by an  innings and 173 runs. The locals total  for the two innings was 202 runs while  tho prince's team,counted'135 in their one  innings. The Aveather today was cool  but the wind had dried the crease and  the Avicket Avas in excellent condition.  The attendance AA'as good. -*  Prince Ranjitsinji is suffering from  cold and is  confined  to his hotel.     His  place was taken by Priestly, A. McLaren  acting as captain.    When  play  AA'as resumed the local team had made  23 at a  loss of two Avickets.   Tlieir batting today  Avas farcical.    Graves aud Bates Avere the  only men aa'Iio could  do anything  Aviblithe English boA\'lers and the wickets fell  rapidly, the side going out before luncheon.    There Avas an exhibition game this  afternoon.    Score���Gentlemen  of  Philadelphia, second innings: Byes 9;  no  ball  1; total 100.  SHOET BITS OF NELSON NEWS.  EAIL^AS:   AND^  S^AMB0AT  NQTES.  The   EbbsOn ^Peritictoh   rpaxi  passed  Eholt iii Sunday, ���; As there gtj(;e but 4en  measures in the intsrests of Spain  London, October 3.���A rumpiv Avhioh,  hOAveA'er, lacks c< nfirmation, is current lib  the clubs tonight that the dnke of Con-  uaught Avill accompany general' sir Red-  Vers Bnller to Africa as imperial commissioner to confer Avith president Kruger  and .president Steyn.   A despatch from  Pretoria says that general Jan Kock will  command the Boer forces on, the Natal  border, commander Kronje on the sou th-  Avesteru and general Sehalkburger on the  eastern frontier, while-general Malan will,  be in command   at  Rustenbtirg.   Altogether there   will   be   nine generals in'  coiuinand     of    columns.     A   complete  plan     of     campaign     has     been     ar-'  ranged   with   the   Orange   Free   State.  A rigorous censorship   is   nmintained  Over all press telegrams.    President Kruger addressed the  troops  Avhich started  for the Natal border on Saturday, appealing to their patriotism and AVishing them  Godspeed.    Fighting is  expected Wed-'  nesday.    The  rumor that  fighting  had  already commenced seems to originate at  the WooiAvieh arsenal.    Blatters are at a  standstill and practically no  dispatches  from South Africa have been received  this morning.  The Morning Post again reports editorially that although the government put  their hands to the pIoav in July, October  has arrived without any visible progress  been made aud the paper asks what they  are AA'aitiug for and expresses the opinion  that the expectant attitude maintained  is hardly consonant AA'ith tlie high sounding Avords that have been used. 'It is  understood that the colonial .office has  i-eceived an important dispatch from sir  Alfred Milner, the contents of Avhich have  not been made.public. The Daily Chronicle says it has reason to belieA'e that the  formation of' a naval brigade is con-,  templated.. .;��� ���.,-".   '.-'";  miles, of Steel to lay to reach GreentAyood,  the i pad"is eSpeete'di to-feea,dh bheres about1  October ���_th, .  F, W., Peters will leave ��<Sr Winnipeg-  on Wednesday^ Avhereiie will meet'�����**. M.  BosWorth, traffic irUinagepj and W^,. Ii..  Betnuis, general freight agent. Among  other matters the question of freight  rates on the Boundary Greek branch  will be taken up.  Foley Bros. & Larson, of the cOutract-  -ing^fii-in^that^is^ilildingthe^Boundary-  exteusion of the Canadian Pacific; have  contracted to build a Cutoff that 'will  connect the tracks of tlie Spokane &  Northern and Great Northern railways.  The cutoff Will be three and a half miles  long and is a rush job.  The Death List May be Increased.  Montreal, October 2.-^-From stories  told by belated survivors of the ill-fated  Scotsman, Avho have arrived'������ hor"c_ it  Avould appear that the death list by the  terrible disaster may be jnttcli larger tlian  fii'Sb anticipated. About fifty passengers,  it appears, are sbill unaccounted for.  These people, it seems, were somewhere  betAveen tho Avreck and tlie lighthouse  Avhen the other passengers Avere taken  aAAray by passing steamers. By this  time, it is feared, many of them liave  succuinbed from fatigue and exposure.  Another report says that the Dominion  line received a list of tho Scotsman's passengers today, and the officials are iioav  engaged checking the lists of those saved  to ascertain the missing. Tlie first cabin  passengers are all accounted for except  four, and they are now at Avork on the  second cabin and steerage lists.  In Favor of Imperial Federation.  Brishank, October 2.���The referren-  dum in Queens-and on the prospect of  Australian federation has been completed. Thirty thousand four hundred and  eighty-eight A'otes Avere cast in favor of  of the scheme as against 30,000 in opposition. ���        The Nile is Fallin/j.  Cairo, October 2.���Reports received  here from various points show that the  Nile is now at the loAvest point of .wlihh  there.is any record.. Two hundred*'and.  ��� six.thousand.acres are hopelessly beyond  irrigation and the river is still falling.  The infant son of Hew Ferguson Pollock  died on Sunday morning and-was.: buried  yesterday in the Nelson cemetery..  The case against II. F. Parker Avas dismissed by mayor Neelands yesterday.  W. A. Macdonald, avIio appeared for the  private prosecution, was not ready to  proceed, and he added that if the case  AA'as gone on Avith he could not in his  opinion adduce sufficient eA'idence to secure the commitment of the accused for  trial. W. A. Galliher appeared for Par  ker. He reminded ,the magistrate that  the accused had beeii twice remanded at  the request of the prosecution, and if. any  ^u-i**6hei_'ji?M^  5ij^jJ^^j|^  '���;ai^^|i^ii0e^M."(Ci^ ';a-'  ,hiifi$''i!^ iiavfe:*3o*n#,. :it;:-.AVit!^  "ithingtSJ3Se4-'.;':- ;":'������'     ���-  '., '.-���������'.     .,..,  T^byft0^':bpthi tije^pr^yiucial"- a,nd-'-.gity .  i.j!)Olieey "-ar% yE^vp^n^ i&.  ;tlie"'e^dej^p^i'to^ip^ ^iiiu^i"? thepef-  "���petrator :6iithtecrihie, yt^e'apffaii' fs:�����sjbill, a  'co!iii|iie:te". niyste: ry.- ��� ;The;re>p; \k- m ;di^p*osir r  ;tioiii,-,h^eyei:vf;t>' yat^ribiite ,"f3iey:^ad''tio ���;  Iii|li^p^��^liip paftriiin^^ll^iilvgr fbujiide^id.-.': 6ii  tiig n^i|i^near".tlie sceiie' aftffii��- crime :a:  can-'y^y^IlL-pub lip*'Jn Indian  fasliiou  aud: ";J  evi;deu"tiy     brongnt    from     the  I iiOr;f*lij,y   lino!:"   the    fact     that    the.  dead: woman's eihpty purse was found'  between the plaee of the murder and the  moOriiig  place  qf-ealioes  Of  Indians  in  town for ;a brief visit.    The dead aVo-  uiaii's cibbhes8 being earried away,  and  the mutilation being after the fashion of  infuriajted Indian women leads to tlio be^  lief "t'hati a  klootcliman  rather  tfctn a  brave did the deed.  ^Fhe cor#nej','s:_j_iryithis_'^  turned    a      verdict    to     the      effect  that   tlie   deceased   was    fouly    mur-  dered  by some- person   or   irersons unknown.   They added a rider condemning  the Indian reserve as a menace to public  Avelfare and hiding place for undesirable  cliaracters, aud desiring to call the attention of the city council and of the Dominion and provincial governments to these  ���facts.  Arrest Of Banciue Ville Marie Directors.  jMontRKAI., October 2.-���The develop*  incuts in tlio Baiupio Vilie Mario ease  reached a head yesterday. Supor-  iutcudeiit McCaskill and detective  "Williams of the Canadian secret  service, placed three of r-iie directors of  the bank under arrest on charges of  forgery. Tlie directors wore YVilliani  Weir, F, W. Smith, and Godfrey Weir.  In addition to the three directors already  mentioned a warrant Was issued for Edward Liehtenheini, tlie president and  director of the bank.  Looters on.the Scotsman Arrested.  Liverpool,. October 2.���On the arrival  here today from Queenstown, the. police  arrested tAvelve firemen of the steamer  Scotsman on the charge of looting passengers' cabins on board the Scotsman.  Yellow Fever Dying Out in Havana.  Havana, October 3.���The yellow fcA-er  report for  September  shOAVs  that there  Avere eighteen deaths, eight of the victims  being  Americans,   eight  Spaniards, one  Frenchman, and one German.    The total  number of cases  during .tlie  month-was  fifty-four.    There are twelve, cases, now  on hand, mostly convalescent.  --Surgeon,  h'i'a j or I)a vis .says h c vis woi 1 -satisf ie�� 1.  ; 11  was generally, expected   that -September;  would bo.the -Avorst. month. - He believes  that.within the,; next .thice days;'there  |ha^Ej|fp  f^vipi2b|iyf^^  ii'b^dgeip'i^^  ������ieiigirii|er c!Kas^h'a^^^i;^i'^l^'i|*^^  ] 'in'brld^1bui|4iii^j|bM^h^    y^sPSit^'  .,;eh'glheei>:oiKt]ijE! ^6Hi%^;^ii^|ng^^He  brit|ge^^yelrth'^3^^ag��li^ - :; '_'���; '". ������_  . 5jf<_ll(3pVtliy<&, Pe:t6ii;;hpiv0 ^.coiiiplefed;-";fihe'r  ylayiug.; ^o|'.y*ib6'^;.0nerSi:thy of the) pipe  ;; Avliich��i&;"l^^eOn|dMci} w^'bei?'"'"^*:^  :*Avood iSiuitliyeree^ |^.:vbJie/,re^erA*flii4. ������;,.; ||ay  .:tji#i* bifei|cli'tn^ tlir^igh * 'the;. ^'Or*fc^f i^nl.  Giyeoiibcreej^ tnew  ySome '''"very; .beavy ' Avorici "i:o;uud^  Bead?  bouidersi yvvhieh UnfortUHately for the  C^iitraelprs^Avill jnsfe^escjipeithe'enigineei?  -nleatiiriQineiits fMiA$pek,work,.      '.'���'..'���  s.s'_}lie*   fiuneau Mines   have eompletely  blpeked:  tlie    Forty ^ nine    ereelc   trail  betAveen &ajiy and: Eagle- creeks by using the trail as" a; righb^Glyway for the  . company's fjyine.   Tlie iiunie e11croeches  upon about half ,a inile of the trail and  up to the present up effort has been made  by   the company to slash  out   a uoav  piece   of    trail  for    tliat^ tjpjytiou   appropriated7"  The city have notified those engaged  in blastilig rock on bhat elegible portion  of ground known as the park tliat they  must cease operations as sonic danger is  caused thereby to the residents in the  immediate vicinity.  Tlie Nelson Coke and Gas Company  wilt resume the laying of pipe this  Aveek. /The company has all��� tO'ld about  t&iQW feet of pipe to lay in the streets iu-  'ctudiug the pipe "line" al.:iiig"liaker, Cedar  and AVater sfci'cets to tlie eastern 1 units  of the city,  T, Leudi'uni left Spokane ycstei'day  witli Napoleon l'Mtetubbs for Bun Fran-  eiseo.  Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Douglass of Nev\-  Glasgow, Nova .Scotia, are in NelHon, the  guests of Mr* and Mrs. D. McCay, Vernon  street Avest. Mi: Douglas is the proprio-  tor of the' Enterprise newspaper of New  GlasgOAv.  Uvs. G. B. Wright, who formerly lived  at Ainswortli, but who has been making'  her home at Portland, Oregon, for over a  year, is paying a short visit to friends in  Nelson. Her sons, Charley and Gus, are  doing well. Charley is in business in the  North country and Gus at Florence,  Idaho.        * _  End of Venezuelan Arbitration in Sight.  Paris, October 2-���It is announced that  tho Anglo-Vene/.uelan boundary com*  mission will give its award at noon tomorrow. It is said on good authority  that the award Avill bo a decided victory  for Great Britain.  THE OLDEST QUARTZ CAMP IN  Kootenay is Prospering.  Frank A. Heap of Ainswortli was in  Nelson yesterday to complete the deal  Avhich the Walla Walla syndicate recently made for the purchase of his bond  upon the Tariff. The Tariff is now in  good shape, there being close upon 2000  tons of ore ready to be stoped. The ore,  Avhich concentrates six to one, is being  put through the Highlander mill.  Arthur R. Brown, therepresentatiA-oof  the Manchester Syndicate, has a number  of men examining soA'eral of the claims  in the camp upon Avhich he holds options  with a view to Avorking them for zinc.  At present they are looking around for  pumping machinery and an effort is being  made to get the machinery from the  Skyline. The syndicate has half a dozen  men ab work on the Blue Bell, pumping  out the drifts aud making an examination of the property.  Maxwell StoA'cnson is making good  progress..aa ith tho Highlander tunnel.  There are fourteen men Avorking three  shifts.    The tunnel is now iu 240 feet.  Mr. Heap has given a fifteen-day option on the Fourth of July claim on Coffee  creek. Some 500 feet of AA'ork have been  done upon the property, aud if the present option is not taken up Mr. Heap -will  resume Avork upoiioit himself. . ��� ���>  Work Started on a Slocan Mine.  The California & Clipper Silver-Load  Mines, Limited, yesterday sent a crew of  nine men to the company's property on  Silver Mountain, near New Denver, to resume operations. A. J. Marks, mauaging  director for the company, has given a contract to F. Hart and A. FoAvler, and they  took with them seven other miners. Work  will be continued upon the property all  Avinter. The first work.'to be undertaken  by the contractors will be the continuing  of an upraise from the tunnel run in upon  the California to the surface and the running of a tunnel in upon the Clipper to  catch the California ledge upon the Clipper ground. The present force .will be increased as soon as places are found for  additional men. At present there are  about 400 feet of Avork done upon the'.'���*  California, and the company has a very  fine showing. One shipment Avas made  from the California last season comprising some 44 tons, Avhich gave smelter returns of 15S ounces silver and 70 per cent ,  lead. ''"'���.'.';'.  ^[^^MysJil^^e^simf  ���. Pr0;f"e��SO'!*;;'I%!!dn^  bli^iJdi-il'ii'^ ^  a.-i-ep.Q'rb'fo^  yih'eutjva, ;i'adi<jal" .$iA-uge^^^^  -t^ie/c.oni|">a'i;*^,'s-..pr^ .t^.���.^i*.,��� ... .���,.,���,.��.  ��� 'ineii is.,': tt -is 'iMtdel:  ' <iMf ��� lauit,' fM  fafled1 iii its ef&rt  'Tiit|*M|n^y'arty'$Ji6|^^  There ���i^iiVtifieL^^  [ tjiiner. at-A^qrk,ab 'febfe^tenf^  ' ;Silioe, BttJOk'tyuy i^gb*Hi;U*4lS;oi.i's^  * Eagle* jMomtrehr fel^h*4.::^b"J^y'.lQi^^  otlier smaller propeftfie." sivt ^-Plifehl^jiliig!  Boundary   district, aitd: ���all ^Ijtf-y^l|ijlei(f(|-;"  Workers are draAvbig the tJnioJi ���siesil^-lor5y:{  the eight-hour day. "'-':'.y  ^Mfc  Price of Metal. :  ', Ni'*w. YoiiK, October, 2.���Copper dull,  brokers IH'j"'���������& 18��,"eXchange;y$18:5() ;  lead,. f|uiet,.brokers* $ i.!0, exchange $4.(>0,  (.'! $.1.05 ; bar silver 5S*J;Mexiwvn dollar  ���47^,'.'silver certificates 58i.    .  __General--Oti>S_Meets_Manila^lHsurge^  Vf AsiiiNGJTON, October 2.���A dispateh  from general Otis .whs received at t;he  Avar department this morning gjViiig ail  account of his meeting Avith the insurgent envoys. General Otis said the in-  terview with Aguiualdo's representattVci*  indicated tliat the leaders' Were niaUdsUr  A'ring wholly witli a Aaew to securq re-  cog ni tion of the insurgent government.  Ail frnvh overtures },\^r<i rejected and %ha  envoys wore.informed blmb the only thing  tlie United: States Avould recoguiiie was a  ���"ivliite flag and the grounding of arais.  He also inforuied the envoys that sifeli  capitulation on the part of the insurgents  should c(.inie (piicjkly in oi'der to avoid.the  eonseqnonces of active \v.\vf as tlie United  States did not intend to perm-it any delay  in the .matter. Tlie course of general Otis  is approved at the Avar departiuent. Secretary Root took the despatch from general Otis over to tlie Avhite house for tlie  president's considerabiou.  s    t  A Popular Idember Promoted.  Ottawa, October 2.���James Sutherland, member for North Oxford, Ontario,  arrived here this morning in company  with Robert Jaffray of Toronto, and Avas  sworn in before tlie earl of Minto as member of the government Avithout portfolio,  taking Hon. C. A. GeofTrion's place. The  accession' of Mr. Sutherland, the chief  Liberal Avhip, to the cabinet will be well  received by both political parties, as he is'  very popular. Mi'. Sutherland aviis offered a portfolio, in 1S90. His acceptance  uoav .will go far to lessen the feeling that  Quebec Avas over-represented in the  governnienb.  Munificent Gift to Victoria University.  Toronto, October 2.���Mr. and Mrs. J.  M. Flavalle have announced a subscription of $25,000 for the endoAvmenb fund  of Victoria university.  ��� THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, ?��. C, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 3,  1899.  ��� a -a >.sa ��� So -s -Si vS��.  s&isa iSsv's  '~&'e~>^3 ���'&>���'&'  ffi:^fB(BfB^BfBtB'^:'T&'^'^'t^'^'^^t^"^'(=:"^  m  m  ,$1.50 per pair.  >5, $1.50, $1.75,  B. &   B.  Corsets  at   50  cents,   75   cents, $1  & D. Corsets at $1  up to $5 per pair,  always a favorite  women   at  $2.50,  j.50   per pair.     Children's  cents   to   75   cents  Haii-  Roll  Bustles,   Blouse Extenders,  etc  and  Thompson's Glove  with well  $3,  and $  Waists from  per   pair.    Specia  D.  .$2, and  Fitting,  dressed  03  MARTIN  O'REILLY  %  BANK  OP B. C.  BUILDING,  NELSON.  TEEMS  ^ggggg-ggi^  Overalls and Smocks  We keep on hand the "Levi Strauss," "Boss of the Road,"  and other well made garments at reasonable prices.  MEN'S OUTFITTER  Sign ot the RED  HAT, Baker St., Nelson  ��Jte f&xibnxxz.  Dailt Edcton   Weekly Kdition: ���   First Year, No. 231  ..Skvknth Year, No. SKI  The order-in-council, passed by the  Laurier government, allowing Canadian  smelted lead, refined in the United States,  to be admitted duty* free, .-will amount to  just about as much as did the admission  free of mining machinery and the bonus-  ing of the lead smelting industry by  former governments. The admission of  mining machinery dutyfree was intended  to benefit the mining industry of this  province;, but tlie practical,workings were  so hampered by customs regulations that  no one received as much benefit as worry.  A laAv was also passed granting a bonus  "of $30,00.0"a, year for five years to aid  the lead smelting industry of British  Columbia. If any benefit has been derived from the bonus," the parties benefited are keeping the fact veiy  quiet. The     result     "will     be     tho  same from' the . Latest promulgated  scheme'to benefit the mining and smelting industry* of the .province. The benefit that Avill be beficial Avill come Avhen  the men engaged in the mining industry  quit playing at politics and quit making  sophomoric speeches at board of tradeban-  quefcs, and get down to business. Were  both miners and smelters to make a demand for the imposition by Canada of a  duty on lead aud lead products equal to  that imposed by the United States, the  Canadian market Avould be supplied by  the product of our mines, smelted, refined,  -and���maun t'actured���in���Canada; Thab~is  what GanacUans want, and that, and that  alone, Avill benefit the mine owners and  smelter OAvners of British Columbia.  TiiR big Slocan mines, the richest on  the Pacific coast, will not be worked tliis  Aviator, so it is snlcl, because their managers are unwilling to pay the going rate  of wages to mioe "workers, The provincial  government slionld tax nn worked mine*?  as. It taxes Wild land; tliat would'' bring'  reca]citr<*int OAvners to tunc with, iv  round tni'it, and some of tliotn badly need  a dose of "just such medicine.  ���waters; A. Macdonald & Co., John Chol-  dich & Co., .1. Y. Griffin & Co., Parsons  Produce Company.'and F. It. Stewart <fc  Co., groceries, provisions, produce, hams  and bacon, and fruit; P. Burns & Co.,  meats; H. J. Evans & Co., aud Turner,  BeetOn & Co., liquors and dry goods; II.  Bycrs & Co., Lawrence Hardware Company, and Vancouver Hardware Company, hardware and miners' supplies; B.  C. Riblet," mining machinery; and Brack-  man & Ker Milling Company; flour aud  feed.    Cascade Fire Losses.  The Record of Saturday gives the following as the losses by .the fire at Cascade  and the insurance. The losses by the fire  foot up to between $20,000 and $25,000.  The insurance all' told is $4450, written  by George Iv.'. .Stocker in the' Western of  Toronto and the Phoenix Assurauce of  London. An estimate of-/the losses aud  i nsuranee, in detail, is as follows: C. H. May.  hotel Montana, building $2000, stock $500,  cash $300; no insurance. Oscar Sten-,  strom, Scandia house, building $1000,  stock and furniture and' fixtures $1800;  no insurance. B. F. Van CI eve, RaiKvay  Headquarters hotel, building $1200,  buildings adjoining $000; insurance  applied for a Aveek ago $950. C. J. Fck-  storm, stock, fixtures and personal effects,  $2000; insurance $1000. Francis <fc Milne,  building and stock, $1000; no insurance.  Flood <% McDonald, Grand Central hotel,  building, stock and fixtures, $4000^ insurance $1500. Nelson, Olson & Bergman,  Britannia hotel, building, stock and fixtures, $3500; insurance ,$1000. Townsite  company, vacant building, $150; no insurance. S. F. Quinli\rau, Club hotel, building $1000; stock, fixtures and furniture,  $2000; no insurance. 1. Langley, cash  *300.    0 eIebrating_Tiieir _Eeturn_From_Oanada   AnKKDUEN*, Scotland, October 2.���The  earl and countess of Aberdeen gave a  ball tonight to celebrate their return  from Canada and also to mark the ''coming Out" of lady Marjorie Gordon. The  rejoicings Avere also intended to antici-  p.ote the coming of age of lord Haddo,  Avho attains liis majority next January.  Among the naules of the guests telegraphed to the newspapers tliere are no  namesyof Canadians mentioned.  Thai room of yours needs  "freshening up" for the winter months.  ''JM" SuTirRni.A.vi), one of the most  popular men in parliament, has been  made a member of Laurier's ministry  without portfolio.  A FaMy Good Tonnage for the Day.  Yesterday was tlie biggest, day in the  Ms toy of Nelson as a distributing center.  During the day there was loaded on the  Canadian Pacific, rail way  cars,  for shipment to points tributary to Nelson, some  eighty tons of freight.    With the exception of some twenty tons of lime, which  was shipped by the West Kootenay Brick  & Lime Company,, all  the freight was  drawn from Nelson's.mercantile houses;  Tlie   territory  covered   by   yesterday's  shipments extended from Fernie on the  east to Greemvood ou the west. Two cars  were consigned to Boundary points, two  cars to Rossland and Trail,  two  cars  to  Crow's Nest points, one car to Slocan, and  one car to Poorman station on the Columbia   &  Kootenay .branch.     The   Nelson  houses which-contributed to yesterday's  shipments were:*   Thorpe.&  Co.,  .-united  can give us the size (length,  breadth, and height of ceiling)  of the room, or rooms,  will do the rest.   In price,  beauty of design and quality  Oar Wall Paper  bargains will surprise you.  Canada Drug and Book Co.,  ZjlaVtlTJSID  Corner of Bakor find Stanloy Streets, Nolson  HAIE eOOBS AID HAIB OBIAMENTS  Switches from $2 up.  MRS. J. W.iaCARNKYhas opened a T.adicsHnlr lircss-  hig I'-irlor in room I, Vict.oria block, Nelson, and it) prepared to fii'nish everything in tho way ot hair goods  and. hair tonics.   Treatment of the acnJp.a specially.  Details Are Becoming Known.  (���olden Km.  Piece by piece the details of the stolen  securities, resulting in the arrest at  Donald of W. Crick and Philip L. Sum-  ners of London, are leaking out. Harry  B. Christie of London aviis Crick's partner in the steal. One of them A\as employed in the offices of Michael Adams,  Son ��fc Company, brokers, and succeeded  in stealing securities of tlie Buenos Ayres  Water Supply Company in bonds amounting to��pS000. Through unfriend they succeeded in cashing them and loft for Canada. These securities were the property  of Sigman Newman, who had the police  put on their track. The men on arriving  in this country came west, but Christie,  meeting with an accident, returned home.  His confederate journeyed on, but his  whereabouts aviis discovered,and inspector Abbott of Scotland Yard, assisted by  the mounted police, followed and effected  bhe arrest as previously reported.  An Experienced Man's Advice.  The advice of an experienced Yukon or  to an able-bodied man Avitli a little capital avIio asked him what prospects there  Avere in Dawson AA'as: "If you can stand  the climate and your health is good, go in  by all moans. I am sure you can make  money, bub you must be prepared to get  out and cut your own firewood, bake your  meals, do your own washing, risk getting  full of vermin from sleeping amongst all  sorts of people, and iu short live like a  Si wash and pay like a king. There is a  better chance of prospecting in the Avinter on creek and gulch, and it is the  healthiest time, too."  Not Given Due Credit.  It is written that Avhen general Booth  Avas in Soutli Africa lately he asked Cecil  Rhodes Iioav it was. with his (Rhodes)  immortal soul. Mr. Rhodes replied that  he could not complain, but that the  general was the first man Avho had given  him credit for having a soul.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY,  INCORPORATED 1670.  We Sell  Celluloid  Starch  A. Novel Invention  For Collars, Cuffs,  Shirt Bosoms and Fine  Laundry Purposes...  SOU S  TTeiepHone 13  Aiid I wiiiit to ho in it. J havo just received  _7i.ll samples Of Suitings ami Overcoatings representing it ?30,(i(K) slock to  fahooso from hinde la your order al, p ices  never 1iofD.ro hoard of in Nelson. All the Jnietit  fndSi In iVliiiyj- Votings far J<'all and winter.  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  NELSON, B.C.  CofTco roasters and dealers in Tea and Coffee,  OlFer fresh roasted eoffoo of'best quality as follows:  ���-������--��� -  ..(g   j0    100    1 00   '.... 1 00    1 00    1 00  Java and Arabian Macha, per pound.  Java and Mocha Blond, 3 pounds   Fine Santos, 1 pounds ,   Santos Blond, 5 pounds   Our Special Blond, S pounds ,.,   Our Rio Roast, 6 pounds.   A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms 2 Doors East of Oddfellows  BlocK,  West  .   Baker Stseet  Nelson Iron Works  MANUFACTURERS OV  ENGINES, BOILERS. SHAFTING, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OS* EVERY DESCRIPTION  Ropairs promptly attended to.       P. O. Box 173.  Tho undersigned lias a large quantity of fir. oednr, nnd  tamnrac slabs, in 16-inch mid 1-foot lengths, suitable for  stovo wood, which will be sold for $1 a load at tlio mill  yard.  -   NELSON SAW & PLANING MILLS. Limited.   -  -'.Kelson, AugustWin, im       '-     ':,..���.     .'-....::'  w  ; ��i's'p^s'p <S5'fej*''3? ��r**"s?fe? fe'S^*^- ^'^���'s?'a?-<s^'s?-��s^;?s^^ ^^fe-'^^^'^*^c?^'^<^.��53r.'_?'_j.s  ���ts4p��A.<srp,=i.  m  For something' that will please you see what we are  showing1 in men's white shirts our line at  $1 each eannot be surpassed.  B  WRAPPER  IVjade of good washing Flannelettes ^  nicely finished and good styles.  m  i(b  Ladies' and Children's, Ladies' Gapes and  Furs are being opened daily.  WINTER JACKETS  Silk, satin and cashmere  shirt  and blouse  waists, a  larg'e variety to select from  *  %  Ladies' and children's Gashrnere Hose, rib aqd plain  m  B^B^m^B^^Bm  ���#  Big Sct)oor)er  Beer or Half*  an*d=HaIf ��� ��� ��� ���  lO Cts.  Always Fresh  Always     -Cool  THE BEST GLASS OF BEER IN NELSON IS  The Finest Residential Property in Nelson  FAIRVIEW  ,  [BOGUSTOWN]  All  the   unsold   lots  in   the   Fail-view   Addition to   Nelson  are   now on  the  market at reasonable  prices and on easy terms.   This property is very  desirable for )-esidences.   Apply to  West Baker Street, Nelson.  T. M. WARD, Local Agent.  AT THIS  BOYAL SEAL AHD  KOO^TAY BELLE  GIG*Ax*vt��>.   .    ....  UNION   BIADB  Grove Hotel  Beer Garden  NEAR NELSON & FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT.  THE  BEST BEER  BREWED AT HOME  OR ABROAD  ON DRAUGHT OR IN BOTTLES.     *  SPECI1L 1TTE  -Hivvc-jiifib-received a-conhignmentrof "Harris"homo  nmdo tweeds from Talbot, Harris, Scotland.  FEED J. SQUIBE, Baker St. Nelson  The stioply Is limited, bo cull oarly and oxamlne thlsi stock.  Kootenay Cigar Ian|. Co.  Nolson, IWtlsh .Columbia.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Beer,  Ale and Porter  ^aa^tJfgl^     Brewery at Nelson.  Lime 70 Ceqts per 100 pounds.  Will deliver in ton lots  Brick $12 per thousand.  At yard or on eepwa at government wharf.  The West kootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Bakor Streot.       T. a. PBOOTOB, Manager  NOTICE.  polled is hereby given tltitt in������ lli'lrtij- ditys, I inteurt ta  ajiply to tlie cliiej: e'o')iHTiinSionoi'of .HUids ��nd worlss, foi?  .porniNiloU lo cut. and ejiri'y awu'y 'tlilibe'i" viV lili.o below  (Iwsuiibed liimlSi  OouiIiwiicliiKnt tbo iioWheost, cnrtior vt IF. I). jle] 'or-  riiiil'siliiibtii'claiii'i. on IviU'i'iiiieeeVeitk, on sottMi ni'iii of  Ivoi'lenayJistku.'.llicn.uo.oast, focly clriuns, t'l'iciiuo south  leu chains, thence ��ts.|, iiintflvy eh'.'lii.is( Micinco Jinrth, leu  chdin.sMiience mini fiivty-tivh clitii'liM, I heneo ��� sniil'li Ill'tJ*  eluiitw,, liienco Vvest live (ilmins; tireneesidlUi leiuihAiiis':-  IlieJicu \\-o.sl, Kuvciifucn tiliains; Hiciige fjoutb Ion (jIhuiik,;  l;hen<r�� Vvdsf eiKlilcen chainsi thence north fed (iliuiii.s;  tlience vr��l. foity t'liiiilis, thenee son Hi I oti chains, II.ioiUtjj  ivesf fdl'ty ejiuins j tilie.fii'(}��oiilh (iln chains; tliunuu west  forty-five tilraiiis. tlienco north eighty ehaf.ns to plnee of  eoilinicnceniL'nt. OVA). OKAY.  Kelson, it, t!., $e|)leiniiec2_id; lS'lj'.  NOTICE.  Notice is liereby ftlven llwtiil (liirly days. I intend to  unplyto the chief commissioner of litmls and works, for  j��'i'!i.iission I '.trout mid carry away Urn bur oti' the below  described lands:  C.'oinmcnetnL'at a post about two and a half miles up  fpafrrtrico creek, on lac south arm of ICooteiliiy lake, epm-  tn.tuic-iti|�� at the north west corner: I Iience east live chains;  thenee north forty chains,;, thence east, twenty chains;  'tlienco north ten chains; Ihence east.nine cliains; thenee  north ten chains; thence cast, five chains; thenco north  ten chains; tlienco east Ion chains; thence north ten  cliains; thenee east ten ohftim; tlienco north ten  chains; thenco east twelve chains; tlienco north live  chains;.(heneo oust thirty-eight chains; (hence north  twenty chains; 1 bonce cast fourteen chaius; fhouuc  south twenty chains; thenco west eighteen chains;  thence south six chains; Ihence west twenty chains;  tlience south twenty-live chains; thenee.west ton chains;  (hence south twenty chains; thence west twenty chains;  Ihence south fifteen chains; thenco west ten chains;  thence soutli twenty-five chains; theiiee west, eight  chains; thence south twenty five chains; thenco west  seventeen chains; thence solith eleven chains; tlience  west twenty chains; thence north Ihirty-two chains to  the place of commencement. H. I>. McDKHMilX  Nelson. 11. C, An_usfc2m.lv, lgiW. ���  NOTICE.  ISJolicc is hereby given that, in thirty days I intend to  apply I.o the chief .commissioner of lands and works for  permission to cut and carry away timhor oil* tlio below  described lands;  Commencing at a post ton chaiussouth of IF. Houston's  northeast corner post, on Gray creek, riinniiij. into Crawford Hay, on. ICootenay lake, und thence east forty chains;  tlience soutli eighty chains; thence west ten chains;  tlience south eighly chains; thence cast. Ion chains;  thence south forly cliains; tlience west forty chains;  tlience riorlh lifly chains; thenee west Ion chains; Ihence  north one hundred cliains: tlience east- ten cliains;  thence north-ilffy chains'lo tlie place of commencement.  -----      -.-���   THOMAS SWlOA'l*.  Nelson, B,C'.,Sop'lciiiborDili..',..'.-..   '        ,-���  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that in thirty days,.! iftiend. to  aiudy to the, chief commissioner of- hiinls. and tfiri-k.,  for pei'mission It) eu.falid can'}'away iiUiberelrt.he.'lueloyv   ,  described lands:  Couimencfng n.l. a post about I'lVelnilcs up \*ui'll creek  on the west ann of Kwiljinay bike,< tltoncc liiirtli eighty  .vluiFns.; f.hencf! west ten cfuiiils; thence north siyty  cliains'; tluuico west tun cliains;. thenee noi'tb forty  chains: Ihence vvesttcM etmiits; thence, north forty  chjiins,: theiicu west i.on ehains; iliehee norl-H forty.  chains: fliutme w*;sl. ten (!liaiiiss theiiee uortli forty-  chains; thence aVasJi Ion chains; thence north twoisfv  chains; Lhofice west for(;y eliains; tlience .south fwunty  chains: ilanicc uiwl', twi chiUns,; tlience south forty  chailis; thence cast, ten chnilis; thenee south forty  chiiliis; fhiiiice east, fen chains; thence soiitli .forty  chains; liienco ���cast ten chains': tlience south, forly  chains; thenee cast lert cliains; thenco south sixty  chains; thence entft ten cliains; tlrerioe south eighty  chains; thenee" east forty chains to Miu place (if eoiir-  iiioiicomonf.. CIIAUIilCS IllfAYKIt.  jVoIw.ii. JJ. C��� Angxst JSth, 1S!W.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given thai, in thirty days, t inlond to ���  apply to (lie chiefc'ouifiiissioiier of hinds and works for  pei'iiiission to cutaitd carry away timber off the below  (lescrihed lands::,  t'o'iumonciiig al. a post, about, two and a half miles rip  from 1 he mouth of a. creek running into Crawford Hay,  on JCoolenay lake, and known as Gray creek, marked  northwest corner; Ihence east forty cliains; thenee north  I en chains; thenco east, twenty cliains; thdnee north  ten chains; thence east l.liirty-flve chains: thence south  two chains; thence east seventeen chains; tlience south ���  sixty chains; thence west Ilflceii chains: tlience north ���  ten chains; (hence west twenty-live chains; thenco  soutli ten chains; thence west sixteen ehains ;, tlience  south ten cliains; thence west sixteen chains; thence  north ten chains; thence west forty chains; fhenCo north'  forty-two chains to tlie place of commencement.  IIAltUy HOUSTON.  Nelson, U. 0., September (ith, 1S!J!).  APPLICATION TO  TKANSPER  LICENSE  Notice is hereby given that. 1 will, .it the expiration of  l hirty days from I he date of this notice, apply al, the noxt  siuing of the Licensing Board of the City of Nolson  British Columbia, to be allowed to transfer tho retail  liquor license now hold by mo for the Exchequer Saloon  situate on Lot 1 Block 12, In the City of Nelson, British  Columbia, to James Neelands.       A. H. GLEIttKNTS.  Dated at Nelson,;'B. C...September l.st, 18!)l>.  MINERS WANTED.  Tho-Tangicr lline, Limited, Albert Canyon, on tho.  main lino of,the C; P. U.; 22 miles east of Ke vela toko, re-  quires sis good minors.   Wages $3,50.per day.  .   -   - THE  TRIBUNE:  &ELSON", B.C.,  TUESDAY, OCTOBER 3,  1899.  ARK OF  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up,  $12,000,000  6,000,000  THE BANK OF  RITBSH COLUMBIA  NELSON  LOUD STItATIFCONA ANI)   MT   BOYAL, J'rosldont  Hon. GKO. A. ORUMMONB Vico-Prosidont  K   S. CLOUSTON Qoncral Manager  ���KrrEJXjSOiT *B*R-A.*isrc"E3:  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Sl^aguay, U. S., Atliq, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^on, District.       DltANCIIKS IN       LONDON  (_lnprlan.il.   NEW YOHK,   OHIOAGO  and in the principal citios in Canada.  Ituy and sell Sterling Kxehanpro and Cnblo Transfers  QUANT OOMMKKCIAI, AND TUAVKTJ.KKS' CKKDITS,  available in any part of tlio world.  DUAKT8 ISSUKI)    C0IXKCTI0N8 MADK; KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CUUHEN'r RATK OV INTICRKST PAID  DEWEY'S    STORY    OF    THE   EPISODE.  Joseph Tl .Sfcickney, who aviis with  Dewey ab Manila, sends to the Chicago  Record the following account of an  authentic interview with tho "admiral  given at Nice, Italy:  Probably no other incident connected  with admiral Dewey's campaign in the  Phillippiues has a greater amount of interest for Americans than has the manner in which he dealt with vice admiral  von Deiderichs of the German navy.  Hearsay tales have been published without number, but they liave all lacked  some of the important facts, while many,  of them have been connected with little  reference to the-truth. In order that the  so-called "German episode" may be handed down correctly to the historian of the  future, I present the following sketch  thereof as it was given to me on the deck  of the Olympia by admiral Dewey himself. Speaking of an enterprising biographer who had -written a condensed  "life" of the admiral, the hitter said :  "I received a biography of myself yesterday- from a publisher in the United  Stales, who wished to know whether he  liad got the facts about my life correctly.  I couldn't afford to let it go in the way  it was written when I received it. It  misrepresented many incidents���particularly, for instance, my experience with  the Germans in Manila bay. You were  there and know all about -what happened  before the eyes of every one. I was  maintaining a strict blockade of Manila  and had to know, of course, the character  - and identity of every vessel thtit entered  the bay. The fact that a ship flew the  Ge.rman flag was no proof that she was  really a German. Consequently, when  any craft came into the bay or moved  about in it, it was not only my right but  my duty to learn beyond question  whether she really was what she appeared to be.  "In carrying out my orders my commanding officers acted discreetly and  tactfully, giving no offense to the naval  representatives of any power except  Gennany. 1 do not know why vice-  admiral von Diederichs should havo felt  aggrieved. I always attributed his pio-  test to a lack of knowledge of international law. This view is borne out by  not only the circumstances of tho case  but by his note to me, written after having received the lettor iu which I defined my attitude towards the -worships of  other nations, as lie-informed me that he  should lay my letter before the com-  _nianding_oli*iacrs _of__o_ther _squadrons_ iii_  the bay. He got small comfort from any  of thorn.  Captain Cliic'hester, the senioi* oiSeer  present-of the British navy, told liim that  I was not only acting within my vightf,  but that I was entitled to a great deal  moi*o thilu I had required from the fo. -  eign ecuisers. As von Diederichs seemed  incredulous, Chichester .showed liim the  orders lie liad received from the British  govei'hnieiit, hi whiek he was._ specially  notified that he was to assume no'rights of  entrance to ports under our blocfeulo unless 1 should be williiig to grant them.  Von Diederiehs \vanted to take ti copy of  Chiehoster's instructions', but tlie captain  told liim he had let him see tliein for his  person al information only, and that lie  Avon Id not allow them to be copied,"  "Admiral, in the story about the von  Diederichs affair that I "wrote for Harper's Monthly, kist February, I gave a  hearsay account, told by one -who, I believe, was in a position to know the exact  ~       " AECHITECTS. * "  SWART & CARRIE���Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Ab  onleen block, BaKor street, Nelaon.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  TONIGHTS OJf PYTHIAS-Nelson Lodgo, No, 25,  J-��- Knights of Pythias, meets in I, O. O. F. JIall, corner  Baker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock. "Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  '_. LIJ-ME, C. C. R. G. J OY, K. of It. & S.  ' NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M.   Meets  second "Wednesday in each month.  Sojourning  brothrcn invited.  N15LSON" Ii. O. L., No. 1<*!"2, meets in I. O. O. F. Hall,  corner Baker arrd Kootenay streets, 1st and 3rd  Visiting oretheru cordially in-  facts. I have learned since that there  were some inaccuracies in that story.  Aro you willing to let me publish the  correct version ?"  "YY>ii were mistaken," replied the ad-  mi.iiil, "in saying that 1 sent Brumby to  convey my message. Admiral von Diederichs sent his (lag lieutenant to me with  it list of complaints that he wished to  make against the way I treated the ships  under his command. They had exhausted  my patience. I had been forbearing in.  the extreme, and this protest or complaint wtis too much. The German officer  who brought the message was on the  after deck, and when I read it I stepped  to the dooivof my cibiu. He came part  way to meet mo and stood in the doorway. As nearly as I can remember my  exact words wore:  "What is it you want? Do you want  war? You know what that means. If  you do, you can have it in five minutes.  We are a peaceful people, but we have  got into a light now, and we are ready to  go. If necessary we aie ready to light  the world. You may tell admiral von  Diederichs that lam blockading this bay,  and that I shall take such as are the  right and the duty of the blockading  officer.'  "There lias been also," continued tho  admiral, "-a good deal of sensational  talk about the banquet given by prince  Henry, of Prussia in .Shanghai. It has  been reported that I left the table because no toast was offered the president  of the United States, and that prince  Henry was obliged to send me a written  apology. After the toast of the emperor  of Germany���which, of course, took precedence of all other toasts���the health of  the czar of Russia was proposed by prince  Henry. Now, the Russian navy Avas  represented at the banquet by two cai>  tains only. As I was a commodore, commanding the Asiatic station, I outranked  the Russian officers, and the chief magistrate of my country should have been  toasted before their emperor. The president'of the United States was toasted,  and also the emperor of China, although  there was no Chinese guests present. I  said nothing at the time, but thereafter  neither I nor my officers appeared at any  of the entertainments where prince Henry  aviis present.  "Finally he noticed our absence, and  asked why he had not seen more of us.  The gentleman to whom he spoke told  him that I could not run the risk of a  similiar lack of courtesy towards the  president again, and that I was seriously  offended. The next morning prince  Henry came aboard the Olympia, in  civilian clothes, to call upon me for-the  purpose of expressing his regret at the  incident. He said that he had made a  mistake through lack of knowledge of  naval etiquette, and hoped I would overlook it. I told him not to give the matter  another thought, and Ave parted in the  most friendly maimer, after an interesting and agreeable conversation. There  is no foundation Avhatever for the statement that I have any unfriendly feeling  for prince Henry or vice-admiral von  Diederichs.  "For that reason the Avords recently  put in my mouth implying a slur upon  prince Henry and the emperor of Germany Avere especially distasteful to  me. I Avas talking Avithout thought of  being reported, and therefore I cannot  recall exactly Avhat I did say, but I could  FULL LINE OF  not haAre not used language of that  nature, since it did not represent my  ideas."  Admiral DeAvey does not hesitate to  express privately opinions concerning  public questions of great importance,  but he carefully refrains from speaking  upon matters of international interest  except upon due reflection. That he  should have given me the foregoing, Avith  no restrictions against its publication,  implies that he feels that it is time to  clear himself of the charge of stirring up  ill-feeling between the United States and  Germany by uttering sneers at the German imperial family. Tho von Dieder  ichs incident is set right, in the interest of  truth, for the benefit of future historians,  and publication of the exact facts at this  late day can do no harm to anyone.  The Tremont Hotel  w  id)  w  mm  Appreciation  %  w  IVjALOJJE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  w  To dispose of an entire car of high-class iron and  brass beds in a western mining town in less than two  months is certainly a record to be proud of, and one  seldom equalled in the large eastern cities. Yet so  great has been the demand for these goods, we have  found it necessary to wire for another car, which will  reach Nelson this week. We would ask the citizens  of Nelson to continue in showing their appreciation of  our efforts to give them the opportunity of enjoying  the luxurious furnishings of an eastern home in the  midst of the Rockies.  ���m  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  MD     CAI  C    BUSINESS AND RESIDENTIAL  rUll     UnLE PROPERTY  30 by 120, Baker .street, between Josophino and  Ward streots 58000  50 by 120, Haker street, between Josophino and Hall  streots, corner '   23 by 120 with improvements, south sido of Tornon  street......  5000  50 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vernon  street ..... 6000  1\ lots with cottage rented at .15 por month, Victoria,  Streot  3500  2 lots with cottage rented at ��20 por month, Stanloy  ���  stroot .......,..-. ,  3000  6lots iu block41D, all cleared and fonced in.  2500.  AGENTS FOR  J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  "^.A-IRID BEOS.  Real Estate and General Agents, Baker St., Nolson  The Nelson Electric Tramway Co., Ltd.  LOTS FOR SALE  ON EASY TERMS  Large millibar of choice building lots adjacent to the  line of their t nun way. For price and tcrnmif wile apply  to Ihe oilicu uf the company, Jtucdonald block, corner of  Josephine and Vernon streets.  T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary.  Charles  D.  J.  Christie  GENERAL BROKER.   i_srs-o*_=i"^:"isro"HJ   REAL ESTATE AND LOANS.  FOR SALE  S^Rooni House....... 51300 |:50-Foot Corner   1-Room Ho.iso  ?900  ....S'300'  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  loctil and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  - Shingles   -  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  If what you want Is not in stock wo -will mako It for'you *  CALL AND GET PRICES.  Liquors and Cigars  D. McArthur & Go.  [ ' ���'-.���������'  M  ALWAYS ON HANOI  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  Largo comfortablo  bedrooms and   flrst-class  dining  room.   Samplo room? for commercial men.  BATES   JB2   *E5"E3*R   TX&.ST  Mrs.  L C.   CLARKE, Prop.  _   Late of the Royal Hotel, Calgary, *  -  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS, NELSON  Contractors and Builders  r\. D. HUME, Manager.  Tho finest hotel in the Interior.  Largo sample rooms.   Steam boat and electric light.  WILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A largo stock of_flrst-class_dry_material on_hand,_also-  a full lino of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  CORNER OF WARD AND VERNON STS., NELSON  Madden House  BAKER AND WARD STREETS, NELSON  CUSTOMS BROKERS  AUCTIONEERS  fiML ESTATE anil MML MEATS  Baker* Street, Nelson  Friday of each month,  vited.  JOHN TOYE, W. M.  F. J. BRADLEY, Itec. Sec.  NELSON   JRtim,  Number  22,  Fraternal Order  of  Eagles, meets every second and fourth Wednesday in  each month in Fraternity. Hall.   Visiting brethron wel  come;     '���'������"'"-_  :*-.-��� -J. JRVING. "President.  .: J. R. *WRAY,.Sccretary.:  N_r,.SONr "MINKKS' UNION* NO. !X*. W. K.iif II.-  JMcotsin K. P. rooms, FriilorniLy Hall, the first ami  third "Saturday evenings in 'each mouth at S o'clock.  -ViKitiitK'members-welcome. "-'���;-        '   ���  ��� .  . - J AMES. WILKS, See*y..     CHAS. A. McKAY, Press., *  FIRST DOOR WEST BANK B, C. BUILDING1.  Notice to Investors and Builders  We give the very Bust: Terms to those  wishing to borrow money on improved real  estate.  The only comptmy in the province tliat gives  you the privilege * of paying off your whole  Loan at Any Time without a Bonus on giving a 60 day notice of your intention was so.  GAMBLE ��SfcO'RElJ%LY, Agts  British Columbia Permanont Savings & Loan Company.  Globe Savings & Loan Co., Toronto.  Lots for Sale  S550 will purchase a choice rcsidenoe corner, 100 by 120  feet.  S2100 will purchase a central lot and residence.  ��100 will  purchaso  two nice lots and shanty, Robson  street. Huiho addition.  8*1000 will purchase four nice lots and residence.  10,01)0 Pooled Fairmont J cents.  Blackcock (Ymir) shares 20 cents.  5000 Utica at 11 cents.  ALEX STEWART  r     "   Tiirucr &��� Bobckh block, Nelson,* B. C;   ���  Yard:; Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson  Tolophoho, 9't  John Rae, Agent  UNDER TUB  AUSPICES OK  The Boyal Agricultural and Industrial Society  of JBritisli Columbia.  y/lhh   HE  HELD  AT  New Westminster  ON  OCTOBER 3rd, 4th. 5th and 6th.  $15,000 IN PKIZES $15,000  OPEN   TO   THE   WORLD  A Round of Pleasure for Pour Whole Days  HORSE RACKS      - BICYCLE RACKS       AQUATICS  CHAMPIONSHIP LACROSSE NAVAL ANJ>  "MILITARY SPORTS GYMKHANA  UAS10 BALL    FOOT BALL    BANll  TOUKNAMKNT.  MAGNIFICENT ILLUMINATIONS !  Grand concert every evening.  Special attraction at the New "Westminster ononvhouse.  "Monster excursions from all points, at greatly reduced  r.ilci.  Korsiieci.il Ratine-. �� imall h.ind bilK  No cnli.UK e feu ili.iitfud foi ( Nlnbits  KXKOLTIVb���His woislnp m.i> di 0\ens,T J Tiapp,  W. .1. M.ithcis CJcn. J). Jlijinnei, R. V. Amleisuii, Aid .1.  !���'. Scott. Aid "M Smcl.iii.  Km pn/.c lists, cntiy founs and full p.ntibul.iis, unto  ''��  T. J. TRA 1'P. ARTHUR MAL1N.S.  1'icsident. becietnr}.  Wy IL __EAUY, Commissioner. * ���-'-.���  Tho only hotel in Nelson that has remainod under ono  management since 1890.  Tho bed-rooms  aro  woll furnished and  lighted by  electricity.  The dining-TOom is not second to any in Kootenay.  Tho bar is alwayB stocked by tho best domestic and  imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  MeLEOD    KOTEt  YMIR,   JB.   C.  tJ.'W. SMITH,  Proprietor.  EVERYTHING FIRST^QLASQ  Largo and well lighted Heated by hot al  Reasonable rates Samplo rooms  Electric bolls and lighfcln.every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J, V*. PKRKS, Proprietor  KrOo bus moots all trains Rouolcfnta   R  fi  Hourly Btreofc car to station nBVm'stURtJj B. u.  Night Grill Room iti connection, for tho convenience of  _UcstSarriving aiid departing by flight trains.  150 men; axemen, tie makers, right-  of-way men, etc., for contract work  near Duncan City.  FRANK PREVOST.  SqUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing ISO acres of land within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson.   For further  particulars apply to  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,    Nelson,   B.   C  Bulbs  for   Fall  Planting"  20,000 Holland Unlbs to arrive in Scntcmber: iiOOO Japan  Lilies to arrive in October; 1500 Rhododendrons, AsMtlcas,  Mugnoliox, Roses, etc. to arrive in Ootobc. Thousands  of Roses. Cftmelias, Krult and Ornamental Trees. Sliriilw,  etc., .growing on my own grounds ��or the fall trade.  Catalogue free.  M. J. Henry     -     Vancouver, B. C  NOTICE.      ~  On and after the 1st, of October ISM, the Grand Central  Hotel will he run strictly on.the'European plan.  Wo'Tiii'vo;���'lll.tod lip ii now dining room wilh a seating  iMpi'iolty for oiiu hundred'" people which will he run in  < i.miection with the hotel.' All meals I we'nty-llve cent-'',  p.ivalile in the dining room. Will lie pleased lo furnish  uual tickets on application.  -        '���   ���'���.'      .������'..  Rooms by the day, week or month. '" " -  Thanking yon for your gencrnus ijalrnnagi! in the past,'  and trusting to be-favored with a cominuance of same in.  I he future.   ,      '.'���'.    1 remain, respectfully yours.  ' --..*..        -*   k. ami-son.  THE BLSOR SAW & PLANM ILLS, k  We have a stock of one and a half million  feet of logs at our mill and are prepared to cut  all kinds of dimension timber and ship to all points  on Kootenay Lake by scows or steamers, also by  rail to all points on the Canadian Pacific or Nelson  and Fort Sheppard railways. In stock rough and  dressed lumber, shingles, mouldings, sash,,doors,  newels, turned verandah posts. Glass of all sizes.  Factory work of all kinds done to order.  THE NELSON SAW & PLANING MILLS, m  * OFFICE AND MILLS CORNER HALL AND FRONT STS., NELSON.'    -  P. Burns & Co.  Head Okkick at  NELSON, B.  G.  Wholesale and Retail   .  .   .   Dealers in Meats  Wholesale Markets at fielson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  Ilctivil Markets at Nelson, KJislo, Sandon, .Silverton, Now Denver, Ymir, Trail, CJr.'md Forks,  Qascatfq, dreeinvoocl, Midway, aiid. Sirdtin  Mail Orders Promptly Porwarded*  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  FRESH  Ahh KIpVUS of  SALTED MEATS  \v-i.(qi..ksa_k: and hktaiIv  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  er Street, Kelson   ��, QB TRAVIS*  OKDKRS BY MAll, HKCEIVK CAllKFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION  JUST ARRIVED A CARLOAD OF  Anheuser- Busch  Highest class Lager produced.       On sale by the trade in Nelson,  ASK FOR IT  R. P. RITHET & CO., Ltd., Victoria, Agents for B. C.  A. B. GRAY, Agent for Kootenay, Baker St., Nelson, Next Ockli'ellem-s Building  The Boyal Greenhouses  c.  Corner .of Wunl and Hoover .Streets.  K. unV/MKUUK. F.K.II.S., l*UO!JKll'*TOU  BULBS! BULBS! BULBS!  /iO/KK) of I lie choice-it. varieties foi fall pl.-intiiiK to arrive  in ii few days ilircul from the tfro.wcrs in Holland, roil-  ..sislinx of.llyiieinlhs. Tulips, llall'ixliK Niireissiis Heillas,  I.ily ol" Ihe Valley, Crocus. ,Ii>ui[iiil*--. Snow limps, Ane-  ,iiiom;s,.ltuiiiinoiiltis. Iris Cliinoiloxa, ok:. (Irders lo the  value of two dollars anil u"p\vnrdn sent, liy mail or ox-  press free, ami al less than .eastern prices.  H. D. Ashcroft  BLACKSIVllTHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  - Wiu?on repairing promptly atteudod to by a flrat-clasa  whcolwrighL.  Special attontion given to alt kinds ot repairing and  ousbom work from outeido points.  1 8H9P**  HalS Street, between Baker and Vernon, Kelson THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, TUESDAY OCTOBER 3, 1899.  DON'T  "WASTE  YOUR  MONEY  ON  BOTTLES  WE  CAN  SELL  YOU  PERFUMES  IN BULK  And there are no perfumes in Nelson  equal to those which we have just received. We are now opening up full lines  of Roger & Gallet's and Legrand's celebrated French Perfumes, as well as those  of the Crown Perfumery Company of  London. These orders may be purchased  either in bulk or in bottles. See our assortment  of French  Toilet Soaps.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  Belter Build a Crematory.  The eity council has :i Avhite elopluint  on its hands in its garbage department.  Tlie other branch of tlie scavenging business is paying its way, but tlie city's present dumping ground is so far from the  city that teams can make but three trips  to it in a clay, and this results in a loss in  operating, although in several instances  the charges for the service haA-o been  materially increased. An attempt Avas  make to secure dumping privileges on  the lake front between Ward and Stanley  streets, Avhercon the garbage could be  burned, but this is objected to by the  Canadian Pacific Rail way Company.  There is one other convenient site, opposite the sampling works, Avhich will probably be chosen.  OTTie, gkr,:ej-A_t  New  Arrivals  BARBERS' REGULATION COATS  Very Nobby  BARTENDERS' REGULATION VESTS  WAITERS' COATS IN SEVERAL STYLES  COOKS' CAPS, APRONS,  Etc.  Ira Black, avIio litis had hotels in Bear  Lake, Three Forks and Sandon, is over in  the Boundary country building a hotel  at Phcx-nix.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  J, A.  ���   The   JL,&ading  Furnisher  Owing  to  difficulty in   securing boys  who will deliver Tl IK Thihunk regularly lo subscribers,  (.ho city oirculiif.ion of Tin-: Tkihunk will bo .sold to a responsible person on u spot cash basis. Apply nt ollice on  Voriion street.  Furnished rooms to let.    Apply to Mrs.  L. M. Jameson, Carney Block, linker street west.  Owing to a death in the family  of the  owner, the following property is offered for immediate  sale, namely, the Home Temperance Hotel, together  with all the furniture. The ground is 50 by 120 feet, at  the northeast coi ner of Vernon und Hall streets. Apply  on tlio premises.  Offices  to   rent���Single   or   in   suite.  Ready for occupancy November 1st. Apply to John  Ilouston. Tribune Ollice.  Since  the  first  clay  of April last, all  new advertisements appearing in TliK Tuimunk have  been charged for at the rate of S-l an inch per month.  All advertisements are inserted in both the daily and  weekly editions.  Wanted. ���- Dining - room    girl-    and  chambermaid at Queen's Hotel, Nolson.  Boy Wanted���Good, smart boy.   Apply  at once.   Fred Irvine & Co., Nelson.  Miss McDkrmott  Miss Tamblyn  JJ  Jhe "  MILLINERY  LATEST NEAV YORK AND PARIS PATTERNS OF  HATS-STOCK NEAV AND UP-TO-DATE.  FANCY GOODS.  Lessons in embroidery and Jaco work.  Stamping done.  Orders taken for cushions, lamp shades, etc. :  Two doors west Martin O'Koillcy & Co's.  Novelties in MilJinerjr  i  Has been a great success and has certainly  exceeded our expectations, which goes to  prove that the people  of Nelson know when  they are getting genuine bargains. "We still  have a large stock to  choose from and will  continue to sell until  all is sold.  SOME MORE  SAMPLE  PRICES   50cts.  25cts.  $4.00  31.00 yd  8cts.  ALL AVOOL SHIRTS  AND DHAWKRS  CARPKNTKR  APRONS    ; MKNS' BLUE  SKRGE SUITS   JIIfAVY BLACK  SATIN . . ..  ART  MUSLIN* ,  A  LARGE  CONSIGNMENT  JUST  OPENED  We can supply you witf) Cartridges  TO SUIT YOUR RIFLE  Carpenters' Tools  A  FULL  LINE  SHELF HARDWARE  THE BEST ASSORTED  STOCK  IN THE KOOTENAYS  STOVES AND  KITCHEN UTENSILS  m.i  MRS.   E.  ^a^^'in^'^^^.^l^ii^  ."-o^-F^o"' ?f.a.yo'*^'^'t;f'*D'':l  *s��_  All new goods in our regular  stock are  being marked  down at prices that it.  will no longer pay .    ���-���=  to   send   east  for goods.  A. Ferland & Co.  ELLIOT BLOCK. BAKER STREKT, NELSON.  To Packers and Freighters  POE  SALE.  l,y%, t2fciEiick='Mul<is:t'>s  /^�� :#pOr_#l%i *S|'."C:*."-'  Go.  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON  ARE YOU BURNING UP MONEY  �����__BH_inM__IH_BHl'^N__BH_M��#_yB____B____]________^  Because Your Stove or Range Cannot be  Regulated to Save Fuel?  IT WILL PAY YOU  TO EXAMINE  OUR NEW STOCK OF  STOVES AND RANGES  The saving'in fuel ..'effected, will'soon equal  tho cost of. the. range. It can be so quickly  and easily regulated that there ��� need be no  waste of heat or fuel. New .-patented .improvements of Ter you more convenience and  comfort than you'll find in any other range.  TWO CAR LOADS TO SELECT FROM  "d"  :v��:.npKf  t_s��TS*  ?���&*$$?-i  y__y;lprg&co:ns.igni(^ejii qfyjS;|eriirig fi6wMies c^m%  .���:**$nSj^^ without ^rne;-.-  '^fsi-^ifms^.:'-'Wh0^e beauties.   Cut Glass'  in a variety of patterns mounted with $terl;irtg  HBIrusheS^^  "Combs  Whisks  *3oap Boxes  Puff Boxes  Mucilage Bottles  Salts, 'Bottles  Powder Bottles  Chatelains  "Scissors  ���Buttor. Hooks  , Brb Holders  Shayihg Sets  Toilet Sets  Baby Sets  Embroidery Sets  Desk Sets  Crochet Sets  Puriiiee  'f^Sii)^'^p^u^i>:h'.^^iSM^^^^^:��'-ii:  ���?fiH5  W.*  f"'i*Mi"-M^  "' -,t ������ J- -' y^^^^^W^^^'^-'''  ,- ���vhu��%$zu,-^.$:..,.-Mr^-.y.- *���%?; _?-J-&.Dv;.. ^Ap.^-^ -..d0,... .i-^--^--_. ������   ;���_  ���V^RlgjfiiJj';^^  -iUieiV'  5SV  ....,JSl  iftl  ;y...    y^y ;*r*ei*E"i*^^'k*e3;'e> ���;/.. -y. -.-  "' Sij^Eial^ Satefp' fQr^rl^il.io'tSjXJtf Oilfcisiciti ppitijtsij  ^ELfiP^O'SJ?'  33  m^MmKim  Greeti  Fruits,  Cured   ��� ���:.--  Meats,  Vegetables  SHlPPefiS OF THE EARLY  Breakfast brand of bacon  Fine watch repairing a specialty.   All work guaranteed.  t. J<  !  ���piA.'E:*E3**R   S1,*KE*E",'*P.   3ST*E3I_SO*N"  adson  For Winter Outfitting  Full stocks carried at Nelson  and  Rosslatid.   Mail orders solicited.  Bread delivered to any part of the city.  Cakes; pastry, and confectionery a specialty.  lleadfjUafterS Workihgmens Clothing  omj^mio^AiL Baker Street  Underclothing", Mackinaws,  Gloves and Mitts.  0BAWI?0RB BBOTHERS  Next to Mbyal Hotel, Stanley Street. Noteon  Vienna Restaurant  Bakor street, between Josophino and  Hall fetrootB, Nolson.  MKjVLS AT ALL HOUKS. DAY OR NIGHT  BAKKKY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY ANI> PASTUY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HBLP EMPLOYED  M.   ia:xT"Et*Ei**2r,   *i?*isc**3*Fs**c*_n_.o'R  iilli-yli:ltip^^  Wie ;gke the vfery -Bfe'SIt!; -jEitais 'to'-, those  ySfishing tp borKow ymprie^ on im*pi*ovfed real,  esfcilte.  The only (?omp*irty in tlie province^thiit gives  ^yott-tli^pi"iVilGge=oi^*paying=o_^  Ijoah* at Anv Time without a Boi-rus on givr  ing a 60 day notice of your intention **v;is aoi  >fyyty&yi; &<i?'v--M%'ii<i%,  r'^sTi-.t't'  ���yjQ  �� ^ ! iWh ��� -  , .��� :..my.  1  Ji::"   '���������':���  JUl  '0 ^^^M0 0^<im WWke  ��od^Si *^ift. ��$$i&TiB '.,���.' >��� ������ * .'*..,.,," ���>,>*:  Britlah Columbia I^oriiiatientSavings &Loain Company^  Globp Savings & Loan Co.* Toronto,  s  J550 will ptirohitso a dhoica residorico corner, 100 by 120  foot,  f2100 will purchase a cciitml lot and resiaeiicd*  $100 will  purelmso two nice lota and ^hutiity, liobson  Ntreot, Hiiiiio addition.  5JS30O0 will purcliijyb foSir nleo lots and rosldoiioop  10,000 Pooled Fairmont 1 cents.  BlitcJccock (Ynviri slmrcH 20 cents.  5000 Utjca at It cents.  ALEX STE'  Tumor & Jijoockh blocfc. Nelson, B. C.  W. P. DICKSON  B. H. H. APPLEWSAITH  J. McPHEBI  Eootenaj leetrie Supply and CoDstraein Co.  One liiiiidrcd nioli wanted on North Star Branch of  ���Crow'sX'eKl,l!ailway, al. CnuibrOok, Brilisli Columbia*;  good wiurcri. Throe miles of Ktntion work to lot. for next  thirty days. Transporta! Ion rates one cent, per mile.  Transpoi'tiilioii can be obtained from Cutiiidiaii I'aeidc  mil way agent, al, Nelson or at any C, P, K. Ktalioii.  BKKCIvlNIUDGE & LIJ.VP  Contractors.  ; Cranbrook. October 2nd. ISOfl.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and Idg-hting' for Mines, Towns  Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  P. O. Box 808. Josephine Street. Nelson, B. O.  Mustard witli Horse Radish  Sweet Mixed Piekles  Sweet and Red Hot Relishes  A LL Pizes of Blank Books, with every kind or special ruling and prinlcd he.i'litife'H, imiiiufniLurcd right Iioro in  -pO-   Nelson, by well-paid workmen, who spend Uioir caniings in Noi��pii.   Tribune Association, Limittd, Ycruon St.  NELSON LICENSE DISTRICT.  Notice is horoby given that the K.J. Houghton has  made application under the provisions of the "Liquor License Act, 189!)" for an hotel licetiHC at Nino Milo  Point, near Nelson, and that a meeting of the Board of  Liccnso Commissioners of the Nelson License District  will bo held to consider such application at the Court  House, at tho'City of Nelson, ou Monday, tho Kith day of  October, IS!)!), at the hour f eleven oeloock in the forenoon. WM. H. BULLOCIC-WEBSTKU,:    .  Chief License Inspector.  Provincial Pnlio* Ofllc.e.  NcIboii, B. C��� 2nd Oct>ber, 18M).  Orders may be left with C. W. West  & Co., or with.  CHARLES St. BARBE, Agent.  Office on Baker street, two doors from Bank of B. C.  Special Miw to tlie People of Kootenay  I am now prepared to test the eyes  of the people, as I have In my department a first-class optician. I have a  large selection of gold frames and the  very best of lenses. Call and get your  eyes exami'ned at  JACOB DOVER'S The Jeweler  es Bpisay  Get the Best Jams  We have just received a large consignment of the  DYSON-GIBSON   COMPANY'S  JAMS  AND   PICKLES  Also a complete assortment of the   .  TORONTO  BISCUIT COMPANY'S SWEET BISCUITS  Baker Street West, Nelson  John A. Irving1 c�� Co.  Strachan  afaL-o-aMc-BEOBS, etc.  0*E5.*E'R^Sy.   HOUSE  BLOCK


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