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 CHAMBERLAIN PLAYS FOR TIME  To Land British Troops.  London, September 22.���The corre-  *��� spondence between sir Alfred Milner and  president Steyn strengthens the.current  belief here that tomorrow's cabinet council will decide to send out from 10,000 to  20,000 addition.al troops to South Africa  and leave all questions of diplomacy open  until tlieir arrival. Meanwhile the Orange  Free State leaders and the Afrikanders  will bestir themselves to keep peace between England and tlio Transvaal and  will have the best wishes of the English  Conservatives like sir Edward Clarke,  who are hoping war may be averted.  Leading financiers in the city are convinced that war is inevitable, since neither president Kruger nor Mr. Chamberlain can retreat with honor, find tliere is  no other way out of it. That is the commonest expression heard in Lombard  street, that each side has gone* too far to  turn back, and hence there is nothing to  do but fight it out. An experienced  banker remarked that the government  here is waiting in order to put all the reinforcements ashore, and the Boers are  holding back for .rain, which will give  water and grass on the veldt for tlieir  cavalry, and that in tho course of six  weeks there will be a quick three weeks'  campaign.  Mr' .Chamberlain will provide a draft  of an alternative policy when the cabinet  meets and his friends assert that it will  turn on the pivot of the paramount authority of the British government iii  South Africa. Rumors that the Transvaal government will be asked to disarm  and abandon its lines of fortifications in  Pretoria and. Johannesburg are premature, but not unfounded. Mr. Chamberlain keeps his own counsel and shows no  sign by which the next movement in the  game can be anticipated.  London, September 22.���The cabinet  council was held today beginning at  12-yO p.m. Large crowds assembled  about Downing street early in tlie day.  The cabinet ministers were loudly cheered,  Chamberlain receiving the lion's share of  applause. Previous to the meeting ofthe  'cabinet baron Rothschilds visited first  lord of the treasury Balfour. The circumstance is unusual and is said to be in  connection with money'difficulties the  government is encountering regarding  the prospect of tlie military campaign.  When the cabinet went iiito  session no new developments in the  Transvaal situation had transpired.  Dispatches from the Cape continued of  warlike tone and voiced indignation of the  tribune  SATURDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 23,  1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  ditch .and works that Avill cost $100,000  and expects to take outthatamountnext  season. The Arctic Slope Company, formerly known asthe Oinineca Consolidated,  a Victoria company in which Dr. Powell,  sir C. IT. Tupper, Fred Peters and others  are interested, is working promising  properties on Manson creek and the  Pendlay and Peace rivers. On Black  Jack gulch, one of feeders on Manson  creek, they took out seventy ounces of  gold in the first sixteen days, tho water  only being used ten hours a day.  DENIES THAT DEWEY IS A HERO  iBC*':  Crt'-wiVSstm^  Tupper Version of the Deal.  Special to the Trilmnc.  Victoria,  .September  22.���In  connection with  the  allegation sent out from  Ottawa that sir Charles Tapper's attack  on major Walsh was because of the  hitter's refusal to recognize a  whisky  permit held by the Klondike  Trading Company, of which Tupper senior was a  director, an   explicit, denial-is  made  that  the   company   had    tiny    such    permit.  It is explained that the suggestion to apply was made the directors and discussed  at a meeting, when it was stated  by  sir  Charles Tupper that as he was a member  of parliament  he did not wish to be involved in any way in such an application  wliich  therefore  was" not made on the  company's  behalf.     It  seems,  however,  that.the Hon. Edgar Dewdney, the company's manager, took up  the  suggestion  as a personal venture, and the suit now  pending against major Walsh is  strictly**  his personal suit.  An Old Tub Sinks.  Victoria, .September 22.���The stc-amer  Barbara Boseowit/,, engaging in coasting  trade between Victoria aud northern  points, lies in shallow water on the  bottom of the Skeena river at Aberdeen.  She was going alongside the wharf there  for a salmon cargo on the 15th instant  when he keel caught on submerged crib-  work which had formed part of an old ice  breaker and had carelessly been allowed  to remain in the stream. She could not  be freed and as the tide went down became strained and took in water, flooding  five thousand out of six thousand cases of  salmon,  the..property  of Bell-Irving  &  ���'^mimiMm^  j&vilf?ftf^in^  '������ideibidin^t^  ���y ������i'fcySy as 'Seai'Celyyliel^ $aMfM' d;dlo|--'  .^iiiiiaticih #6uld. .\b.���e .Miyiioiincetl: -ihiij'iedS  ���*. ���jsv.eljj''     ���.���������' ...y.''������: , ���; ��� ������  ���'./' ^Piiyiji'ikH'i*:^ ^xeeu-  -. :in:ve, eOuucl I sa&Wn itil; "fiyo '^^loek*;. y.gsfcpt1'--.-  '.���'���'do$.. evening/..-.-. ������^.-������jE'el^iiitii'ij' :eoii*taini_ig  ' '.prjSs'ffl'eTy^ British^  ;Sigiiy#%i.)ii^ifeii^Ni]^,--'^^'^"-.j��:f rhsa WaS  . -.iuHd|y;>e1i'(feived^ .Aliir^^^rderyjto^'hoi'sjssy  lias%een given iii M\d:'��range -iFree'Sita'te'.  The Sel^ in  the  event of moblfei ng -lOftO;meniyviil"be<a"vajk  able iii Pi*e:toria^ albh��.  ���& is   reporfesdi,;  tliat all .^xperijneni avitli: a'JcJeally iiWjiui-  f/ietiu'ed   d;yliaiijito; jgiiu Resulted iii the  ;gun bursting,, tlioj^ injured.  Presideh t Krugei* has been in tel'e-  gi'ti'pliic eoiuniuiriqatidn Witli, president  Steyn this .-if tei-noon.regarding the situa"  tion and tlie decision of the raad of the  Orange Free State is aAvalted With inteiv  est. Large nu rubers of local Germans,  =Freiieliineiif=HollaMdere  have offered their services to commandant-general Pity J. Joiibert in the event  ' of hostilities, The elder burghers still  fail to see the grounds of a casus . belli,  but if Mr. Chamberlain makes what they  would characterize as " humiliating demands," such ag: for instaijce disu,ritia-  meiit, war would be inevitable.  Cai'KTown, Septembei* 22.���It is understood here tliat the secret .session of tlie  riiad of the Orange Free State  will ���con--'  . tiiiue -aiitil tjid beginning of next week.  London, Septembei-22.���The Capetown  correspondent of tlie Daily Chronicle  says: "I have the best authority for the  stateinent that tlie Orange Free State  raad has unanimously resolved to assist  the Transvaal against British aggression."  Omineca Will Produce Gold.  Victoria, 'September 22.���Among the  passengers who arrived by the steamer  Princess Louise today, were a number of  ���miners from the Omineca district, wliich  they say will add much to the gold of the  world. The manager of the St. Anthony  Mining & Exploration Company of Santa  Barbara, California, brought with him  $5000 in gold.as a sample of what the  Omineca country is producing, and with  him were G. W. Otterson, ofthe Deleware  Company, Herbert Hall and H. C. Ack-  royd. The St. Anthony Company owns  and is preparing to operate properties on  Evans, Gennausen and Manson creeks.  They are putting in a ditch several miles  long at a cost of. $50,000, and hope to  take that amount out of the ground this  season.  Mr. Otterson says the Forty-third  Mining & Milling Company of Ottawa,  which owns very rich properties on  .Nausea and State creek, are putting in a |  Sin&je'M^^ J��y*  i&X "y'iyf*- $f ?yfly  y ���; -'ClomoXi^ls:^^  -------'"-."'i1-.- -fSifejgiai *tpr%U^dU!iH*i'i,_]oi-----"-' [-'.'...���:,?*=;;-'."': ���'.  t''lc'^i'tir;A;,; 'fSaptgi jifeer-^^^^tta\\|ii,- eajpv  >i'tal:'is^o:'ei;ecfra e*$fuuiii dvftbf^  :at C0iup^''��wlM^:\affoi-d^ IjliyO- ire^jitM^f  cOiiibinatil>n   Of ehe^ap ycOke,. and" wetter-  pojver j"t:i iicfc: Ji ji ifg t>llig "^ #^11*^^- - '��^tei'uili.  :Mrbi|lfr:iS:iiSe:clf6?" i^e^r^^nSJ^^iat^J^  ;(!ice<S jejie;;:ga$5i ^tiaxt;-Xi^v j-ji;:- ^r��4��fe;y^^!|liiydlV  ^r^flt^'^f'aiai'gei^ige,^!  Iii;:"bp'ex0;'tibi^  iiien from tha* effcj-yto lipolc foi'^v iMH oii  tlie Pacing Go^sJ..   ," "'.      f  Goldwin Smith, on America's Idol.  Toronto, September 22. ��� Goldwin  Smith, Avriting in a local paper, says:  "Nothing could show the extent to which  the head of Columbia has been turned by  tho war more than her adoration of the  hero Dewey, What did the hero Dewey  and his comrades do? They sat in almost  perfect safety* and destroyed at long  range a line of helpless tubs with some  hundred of the poor Spaniards who  nlanned them and who alone had no  opportunity of showing heroism on tho  occasion. .So perfectly secure did the  Americans feel that they adjourned to  breakftist in the middle of tlieir sport.  There was among them a single casualty  and had they all gone tiger hunting one  casuality at least probably would have  occurred.  Fortius, however, Dewey is declared  to be the equal of the great seaman who  conquered in the terrible days of Abou-  kir, Copenhagen and Trafalgar. If he  were so inclined he might probably be  elected president of the United States.  Canada cannot possibly take part in the  celebi-atiou of Dewey's triumphs Avithout  an evidence of discourtesy towards Spain,  a friendly nation, which has doiie Canada  no wrong. Spain, let it be remembered,  though deprived of her possessions in  this hemisphere, is still a Mediterranean  power, decayed at present, but capable.of  restoration: The British government  will hardly thank the Canadian government for making her an implacable  enemy."  Fatal Shooting Accident at Ainsworth.  F. J. A. Bennett; who for the past summer has been doing mission work for the  Presbyterian church at Ainswortli and  Pilot Bay, met with a fatal accident on  Thursday. While out shooting with'a  companion above Ainswortli Mr. Bennett's gun was accidentally discharged,  .and the contents of the gun tore one of  his arms from the elbow to the shoulder.  The accident occurred six miles from  Ainswortli, and at the time Mr. Behiiett  was separated from his companion^ ^The  GAPE COLONY AGAINST BRITAIN  Latest Rumor From the Transvaal.  London, September 22. ���Tho Johannesburg correspondent of the Morning Post  says it is asserted here that an understanding exists in Pretoria, that the  Cape Colony government will at the hist  moment declare in favor of the Transvaal. It is reported that fresh arrests of  journalists and Uitl.-i.nder leaders are imminent in .Johannesburg.  Prbtoria, September 22.���A green  book has been issued containing the report of sttite attorney Smuts to the government on the pour parlers between  himself and the British diplomatic  ���agent, Conyngham Greene, leading  .to the conditional five years  franchise proposal. Mr. Saints asserts  that the proposal was the result of a private discussion and an arrangement that  both governments should informally decide about the offer and its acceptance  before the offer should be formally submitted. He also contends that the exact  draft of the offer.was Wired to the British high commissioner, sir Alfred Milner,  aud that the Imperial government sent a  sdespatch to Mr. Greene which he 'interpreted as an acceptance of the offer. Mr.  Smuts said that had the Transvaal known  that any difficulty was to be made about  suzerainty his government would never  have made the proposals, but would probably have immediately have accepted  ���the invitation to a joint commission of  inquiry regarding; the proposal,  lie also denies that he promised Mr. Greene that the new- members  of the raad would be allowed to speak  English. All he said on this subject, was  that the matter would easily settle itself,  and states that in the telegram to sir  Alfred Milner no mention was made of  this subject. The government denies that  state-attorney Smuts has informed Mr.  Green that further mobilization will be  regarded as  an   unfriendly act.    F. W  ;Reitz, the state secretary, says that when  martial law is proclaimed it ���will apply to  the whole country.    Mr. Reitzhas replied  , .!p?anB^^piligaJiQn,:^a^  ^i^joff?|liie^TOuge^:  twhfi*e;��assift^  The ShSnirock's* Spin ���fest'er.day.  .  Mjjw yQRKjSe'ptemfeer^  iiient oh- thei part of the cfvptaiiUny charge  of theyya^hti Shamrock 'todiiy ';s$vexl' her  Sroni   W'liat   might   have bigen   a   ihosfc  sei-ious aacideiit. After, sailing1 in a  strong breeze Over aboiif* five iniles of the  : coirrsei off the. New Jersey coast, her  evew found that the Tbobstay was stretehr  jug and iii diinge;i.'_oLcarryihK^a.w:ay:..so^  designer if-yfe oixferetl tlie sail taken off  her, and she was towed to lief lliooi'iugs,  The Shamrock covered the distance of  five and three-quarter miles in 30 minutes  and 50 seconds;  Insurgents' ITew Method of Warfare.  ManUpA, September 22.���A party of  iri8urgeiit.'i ditehed, a railroad train a mile  south of Aiigeles this morning and then  opened fir(jr upon the tlerttiled. Cars from a  bamboo thiekot close to the track, Jcilliug  two Americans and wouudiiig five others.  Lieutenant Lome aiid five of his scouts  who were in tlie train made a vigorous  defence and caused the enemy to flee.  Six dead labels were afterwards found in  the thicket. General AVheateu with six  eonipanies proceeded f roin Calumet to tlie  relief of the train, but his forces were  not needed.      '           Tarte on Government Elevators.  Montrhat., September 22.���Hon. J. I.  Tarte* minister of public works, returned  from Europe today, and in an interview  discussed the elevator question. He declared that he was in favor of the government building grain elevators at Port  Colborne, on the Welland canal, and at  Montreal, so that the government could  keep control of the rates and save the St.  Lawrence route from falling into the  same position as the port of Buffalo,  where the elevators were in the hands of  a syndicate which has become a serious  menace to trade.    The Price of the Metals.  Niaw York, September 22.���Bar silver  58 :jjc. Mexican dollars 47{c. Mexican  dollars 47:[e. Silver certificates 58|@50|.  Copper dull; brokers $18.50, exchange  $18.50. Lead firm; brokers' $4.40, ex-.-i  change-$i.Q0@$i.65tyyyy '\?>yy\'.l'?-<\  ���"..D."-*V*    .riltf*'-"n',^*^'ft':_.I_"'r--"-":nP_.-?-DVn-   "n    *Un*-rif��'"*:*:i.ril,W   t '"'"   _1*��S ',fe-       "".V.1?   A^W"i '  ^Ut^i^hjl^  ;^r|i;c^ualI^ty'_!^M  ���iij-oi*tii,iag;{j'-M^vB^^  iviloxj- ^dll^s'Cf iS^-i-pii't^. ���_ f-^^^pgti^%iie^  ^iri'ii nier; .-:|��et?yvfe6ift 'yAiiiSWorfrfr-'au^r^ilote  i?ay^ ���fth'iFinitiei^teS  iii.-'f:' ^<^gle;': of-. wipkg ;-^.^c<implete:;- '..iiif 3  :S,tudte��.^.:l3%��^  >n.O,'|^i|i;ti!vJ��.-i u;^vh?t^  !--,take,-:pl-ric^".#':J^nswo^  M't'v''Me:n%fes';of:;feslo^;^ '.���"'���'������'  HoNeSaciniyin; jE/ariBdo.;  ���'There Is.. to-> be;-a. ra^'ih|3��tiiig*-'at tlie^  15fl*iile ji'biise m<5a#boo:oh; Wednesday  and Th^rsdkyi October" 18% itncl 19tli.  Tlie fii*st day's "i-iiees Wall b6 for the "Ohil-  coteii Sttijces," the *''Pr.dvm'eiiEii Stalves,"  .the " 150-niile . House $;fc|tkes^ fe " Polo:  Pony Stakes " and an liKliaus' race. Oii  tliie second day the races will be for the  u Provinciiil Stakes," tlie" Williahis Lalfe  Stakes," the '< Cariboo Cttp/* the "Conso,  latioii StakM^yatiH aii_Indian's_raCe.,^Hi^  B. TliomsOn is treasurer of the meet.  ^u%i*aii!3tsf  - H fy%t\M Sp'tli .lb;-/���Siplita'tiSlis'*  .^^^*:||r^ia_ U'i*ev  Advertise arid "Rustle.  Oile of the evidences that Nelson is  after the trade of the country tliat is  Witliin its sphere of influence is tlie iiih  vertisemeiits of her wholesale houses  that appear in the press of the towns'.  Yesterday's Rossland Miiier contaitied  advertisements ol tlie following Nelson  wholesale houses, namely; Kootenay Ci*  giir MauuftiGturing Company, Califdrni.-l  Wiii0 Company, Thorpe -��fe Co. and A. B.  Gray, Kootenay agent of It. P, Ritliet  & Co. .   ,  Prospecting for a School.  The superior-general of the order of  the Sisters of St. Joseph, who lives in  Jersey City, New Jersey, is in Nelson  with the view of establishing a school  for girls here. The home of the order is  at Nottingham, England, and the schools  established '.by the order in the old country and in.the United States are recognized as among the best private schools  in both countries.          A Court House Moved.  James Henderson, who has the contract for tlie removal of the court house  from Donald to Golden, informs the Golden Era that the building has been torn  down and will be ready to move next  week. The furniture and fixtures have  been brought to Golden this week.  Yellow Fever Bulletins.  Kisv Wkst, Florida, September  22'.-  Thirty-eight new cases yellow fever were  reported with five deaths today,        '  Nkw Orleans, September 22.���-No new  cases of yellow fever reported today.  Two deatlis.    The: weather has turned  ���:;;i'7yyy>:'}--^ yW&PWyyyV,". yy y-.':  'y-'^^iili^^^-^^ re^petit?: tb; ^Sieyjay y  !ii^;:o1g|Ite:^^  ^^^liliin^'Ji^^     ?0as''bg^'^-ijich^d^i^  ���Ili^^^c^^'Tje .ia3d'.)t0/'-:the; ''gi��de^%);;-b��U  ^^sliai^i^ie^-b^'':^  ^li i|Wi^-i|i(f'..to: i%T4e.1-J l fe-st ,i*fji^OfTiMli^pre*,  ] :��e'-^.ji^aa!k\'ay^ 'iiiyfd" bi-i:ii,"g' lit Jdb WtJ" i^.;gtixi^j3 ��� ���  f^syivdlh .       '.:..',..'  .   Tli^dit'eetorsof felie HtViiltltoii Powder  Compaiiy, ai-e..considei-iiig tho .atl-yiSjiib'it-  ; ityypfcBi"a1dink'^ bjiic'k: blcJbk 'fqt the' iise ;  0% tliO eoiiipaiiy oft tlie sito itt Jnjeseii:$  OBcvipied oii _5aker street.  y3^Si^,.C.Mi:hd^ & H^i*bottIie  yesterday signed the eoufera&t foi* the ex's  cavjVtiou ctiid baseiiietit for tlie business  bfeck vvMc'h. Dr. Hall will erfect Oh ^aker  street. The biiiMiiig Will be 30 by (i0y  two stoi-ies witli basement, with a, pressed  briek front witli stone triininiiigs. The  C0iiti*act0iiS"f6iT"ItIi^lMs^iieift~liav^fi  ; days in wliich to complete their work, by  Which time ib is expected that tlie cou-  ti'aet for the superstructure will be let.  The several bylaws which were thrown  out at tlie last nleetiiig of the coniicil for  irregtilarities will eonie tip again at tlie  cotiiieiL hieetihg on ^louday eveiiiiig for  their first reading: The Suiiclay closing:  bylaw inay be introdueecl again Witli the  others.  City clei-k Straehaiiv litis, completed tlie  list of deh'nqlienfe license 'holders in the  citys The delinqnent licenses aggregate  .$1,200. Some of tlie licenses are in arrears  since January loth and the others since  July lath.  At the meeting of the public works  cotmnittee on Moliday Jnorniilg the question of the purchase of the land .around  the electric light dam will be formally  disposed of. It is understood that the  committee lias offered $1000 for such laud  as the city will require.  Born at Nelson on Thursday morning  to the wife of J.C. Schemmerhorn, a son.  Bishop Perrin, bishop of Columbia,  will hold a confirmation at St. Saviours  church tomorrow afternoon at two  o'clock. There will be about twenty  candidates.  Between fifty and sixty persons have'  signified their intention of attending the  Spokane fruit fair on International day.  Any who propose going on October 0th.  should drop a postal card to W. A.  Jowett or W. H. Dowsing, who liave the  arrangements in hand with respect to  the excursion.  From October 2nd to October Kith inclusive the Nelson & Fort Sheppard Railway Company will sell half-rate tickets���  $9.50���to Spokane, which will be good to  return 'tip till October 18th. Children  between   tlie; ages of   fi ve.  and   twelve  years will be carried at half adult rate.  .Some practical jokers rang in a fire  alarm from the Methodist church this  morning about 12.45 o'clock. Their joke  caused several members of the fire brigade considerable annoyance, and as the  police have a very good idea as to the  identity of the aforesaid jokers, an example will probably be made of them in the  police court.  A Token of Friendship and Esteem.  While there is business rivalry between  Rossland and Nelson, there is also  much  good  fellowship  between  the people of  the two towns, which is shown on'opportune  ocasions.     One of Nelson's  oldest  residents,  A. H.  Buchanan, .manager of  the Bank of Montreal, is  well  known at  Rossland, for he opened the b.-ink's branch  at   that   place in April,  1S90, and  the  friends he made there seem to  have, the  faculty of rembering  events.   They remember that Mr.  Buchanan  became   a  benedict recently, and to show that they  had notforgOtten him they quietly decided  to surprise him  with "a testimonial of  their friendship and  esteem, and delegated Hector  McRae, John  McKane and  Archie Mackenzie to do the honors, which  they did last  night at the Phair  hotel.  The  testimoniiil  is  a handsome casket,  containing a solid silver service of knives  and forks and  ladles and  spoons.    The  casket   bears   a   gold    plate   inscribed:  "Presented  to Mr.  and  Mrs. A.  H. Buchanan of Nelson  by Rossland Friends,  1809."   The presentation  was   made  in  the dining room of the Phair, after which  those  present partook of refreshments.  Mr. McRae made the presentation in his  usual happy style, and Mr. Buchanan returned thanks  for Mrs.  Buchanan and  himself in a neat speech.  Toast were proposed and replies made by  George Johnstone, F. Peters, Grange V. Holt, Halifax  Hall, captain Duncan, Frank Fletcher, A.  E. Hodgins, John Houston, and Mr. Need-  ham of Nelson, and  by Messrs.  McRae,  McKane, and McKenzie of Rossland:    All  agreed that Mr. Buchanan personally was  entitled to all  the  good  things  of this  world, and-.those who had  known him  during his  residence in  Kootenay ga\^g  *���. I$8i*g[!^  ^g|||ig��gggg^^iS  hs��-*>"=T ��������> ^*^1���tThe.���>0Jutlo.okyiGropd,r4���$f s^^--^B ������*.'.:  .^.���"'- .'..'������; ^  ��� '   rru*- *''��� ^y -"���������'"'V''-:��n��'H "5;_ ", "*.  ���.'_'"%.-,3-^��*"'-  ''^���'^V'^.'iV-n"'"0^0.^'-  .-;,-.��� -The; Ytnn*:;4i*eo|)le;��f^  ."eailtiyf y |eii^e^isy5i^  ^fife-'dli^f^ ^  f' inat��iis<?iciywOiid^ ^h|lj*.  s-'i^ggi!^  iJMjllta-kiu^  -;^(|fi;^ei*ie:a'|eyti^  ^.^vS^iijg^li^m^certi^^  'iiien:-riqaly/SftH^' t?)_<3 'OiiJ^y:ti0g-y^iyy :to:  pi*0Sj5e;rity is* l^ips���i^h^^ie;d^ ,���  $hS%any-iuKhy ���Bi|'UjS>:Iriv:tliiff ::'districlfi'-; ft-  seiige of seeuryity is^���.feife./jthib.iigs^^j'-lieihias  thoy ,CWnteihplitfie;"Ihe^'iargS! aiilbiiiit, of  WOVk being\dpi):e; . ;   .  lltrike for Shorter Hours.  ��ie town of W(?lliiigton on Vancouver  Island has a ifibor sti'fk'e on,     The strike  was bt'Ough t about by tlie taking over by  the Ii &N. Railway Company of itlm  macliiiie Works, ^^^blacksiiiitli^^^and-  carpenter sliop formerly operated  by R�� Dunsiiiuir ���& Sons hi con-  iieetion with the Welliugfcou eoilieries.  Under the Duiisnuiii.' regime the iiien  got $3 per day foi' nine hours per day,  and quitting at four o'clock on Saturday  THE YMIR'S ESTIMATED PROFIT  Given at $12,000 Per Month.  Richard  Popkiss, the dneetor of The  Ymir   Gold   Mines   who    made    a   trip  through Kootenay a short time ago, has,  issued a report to the .shareholders con-;  corning the ore bodies of the Ymir mines*  the  pragramme  for  their development;  and the profits which may be made from  them,    fie says: " The mine workings already carried out  have  proved  the reef  to a depth  of something over 400  feet,  opening up two ore chutes in  close proximity   to   each   other,  which  in  places  attain a width of .30  feet or over.    This  pay  ore  is  of three  classes,  one  being  capable of treatment in the mill at the  mine, the others consisting of galena ore  and carbonate of lead���both rich in gold,  and which are sacked   in   tho  mine and  shipped direct to the Hall Mines smelter  lit  Nelson.    As   this   rich  shipping   ore  occurs throughout the reef in streaks and  patches, it is most difficult to  arrive at;  any definite conclusion as to the average ~  valiie of tho vein  until  it  has been fui--  ther  worked  into.    However,  from  thet  work already carried   out,  Mr.   Fowler.^  '���puts the value of the milling ore at frOni%  ��2 to ��2 10s. per ton, and  the  shipping;0  ore at from ��12  to ��15  per ton; - Theil  manner in which the mine has  been de-y^  veloped reflects the greatest credit upon ��  the  local  administration,  and  is  consequently capable of the most economical :  working. ** ,-?  "Mr. Fowler considers that lie will  be y;  able to bring down  the  cost of mining  and milling to $4 (about-IBs. Sd.) per ton, v  thus giving a profit upon the milling prey:  of from 24s. to 34s. per ton, less the cost_y  of freight and smelting 'treatment- of the  concentrates   produced.       The   cost   of C  freight,   smelting,   duty   and   all  other^y  charges upon tlie rich ore which; is saekedKSsfl  at  the  mine  and  shipped  direct to thecal I  smelter, can be taken to produce  half itsffy  value  in  profit, i. e., from  ��0 toy'��7"10s.yy;��  per ton.    Although  the  machineryyvvasyyf  erected aud ready for work -in.���:- Jaiiuary��!|gs|  last the severity of the  season did';hot^?|||  permit milling operations  ho commence;^';;,  until the March following, and since tlieii.t i||  "owing  to  minor alterations  being  reh^yy'l  dered necessary   by  actual experiment;';��  with the Ore, and the  trouble  resultingc>|  from the driving gear, the mill has in"hiqj "��1i  single month worked contiiiuousiy..^';';;y\-;i;S^  "Nothwithstanding  such  intermittent; |||  milling work, and the  difficulties  haturry;*;!  ally arising from the starting of a miiiosyif  whereythe ore is  varied  in  chai-acteiv; ifljl  find that after  d^e'lvj  ;huu;dred;"fe^t; 'anxiy^iu:  'eoiiil)ai.y--#lipi4^  jajf-ovidiS 'f&'iidfeyi^QV:iiJio;Vci^(5i]^^^  ertibs adjacent'  .... - D^y-^v  litJtv^^  afternoons. The ,B. ifc N. Coijipany, on  a&suining charge, notified the niou fcliOy"  could resniiie woi'k, but on tlie basis of  ten hours a day for each of the six days  of th�� week, tlie wages to remain at.$3.  per  Several Contracts Comnleted.  pliunes McDonald, of D, McAi-thtjr .��fc  Co,, wlio have had several large con tracts  for driving piles and building' whai-vos tit  Duncan City for the Canadian Pacific and  the Kaslo .& Slocan railways, reports all  tlie firm's contracts complete. They  drove '10,000 feet of piles afc the lower  end of llowsor lake for the Kaslo & Sl.o-  Can road, and;built a 500-foot wharf at  Duncan City for the salue company.  They also.built a 1800-foot wharf at Duncan City for the Canadian Pacific, and  are now offered a eontract to put inathree-  track slip at Argenta for the Kaslo road.  Banking on the Lardo-Duncan Country,  Men who have niining interests on the  Lardo and Duncan river believe that section of Kootenay will yet be one of the  big producers. Tlie Lode Star Mining  Company and tlie Baunockburn syndicate  are both said to have good showings, and  once ti'-tnsportation is within reach it is  expected that they will make records.  Both have forces at work developing;  and the Lode .Star company intend building a steamboat for their own use. They  now have the little steamer Marion, which  they purchased from captain Sanderson,  but tliey find it is large enough to answer  the purpose.  Alaskari-;;Bbilrid^^:1^i_Rut^  W AsiMNft-fo*, k^imf^-^0k^j  Foster1 has reti,u9rtkl tb'-^Wisjiu):^  hj{-j;Ununc*��juwie^  u^tli^t'hreadiTof ills WOi(Ott-x?oUi'uiiciSj(|n|!'^sj  With the arr-ainjemeuts: of % ���iixgd\isr-^i^��y^  veiidi relatfing to fihe Aihiskan; boiiftdpifll^fii^  There lias been no change jii %'he stfrfmsSllfl  of Una question' recently. At ylliSfc^i^-^jlJ1  coiuits the Britisli gpvei"nlneutiuid4*>,a|oi*0:;^  it .secretetr/ -Hay's la^t- proposifeib.Uj..and|;|  as it hid received: the approVdil' of M&^  Tqwcpj the JMtish chai-ge d^ffali'CiS heyre.||  It. ^v.a-s\a-Ssti..W:ed:tljat it WOijld proves acS.y9  cejJteble to the foreign ofiice, The., iffior.;S  position, however., -Was ruftarl'ed. to: tlio^s  Canadian aiithorfties to asfiteetttiu WJiW- ���;<.  Uuv or not tlroy were able to ydlscov^i'.tiny"'' '"\  reasonable o'bjt'G'b'Joli- to i;t�� a'ud so iitii' its  is known, tli�� two principals are still  wn i Li ng to lea hi the d isjiosj tion of GiinaOa,  Pfeinie-r Iiauriei* Censiu*ed,  IMOXTHMAU, .September 22.-^The Dominion Trades and Labor Council ended its  session today by passibg a lot of resolutions dealing with a variety of subjects,  the most'iuiportant of which was one  censuring sir Wilfrid Laurier for liis failure to keep the promises made to western  Liberals prior to the last general election  that lie would put an end to Chinese  immigration, which ho has since had an  opportunity of doing, but neglected to do  because such a course was out of line  with the Imperial policy.  Cutting Down Motor Records.  Bai..Ti.mokk,    September    22.���Charlie  Miller and his riding mate, Joe Judge tonight, defeated   Founder and Stevenson  at the Hartford  avenue track  in   a  25-  ni ile motor race for the  championship of  America.    Miller and Judge  won their    ,  race by a length of a motor, doing tlvo yi  distance  in  39  niimttes 46  1-5  seconds "n '  faster than the previous American record;  made by Miller and Judge afc Manhattan  Beach traclc, Now York, several Weeks  ago. THE TRIBUTE:  NELSON, B.C.   SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1899.  Underwear  $       We   have   paid   the   most   strict   attention to this   Underwear W)  B Department of ours,  but   feel   amply repaid by the expressions W  & of approval of the hundreds of men who  come-to examine our W.  $ o-oods.    Today wc are offering- greater bargains than ever: W  'Sirs & J ra\A  Men's Fine  Underwear & $1-5�� the Sllit-  P.  ak   Men's Special All-Wool  Underwear @ $2.00 per suit. Jg  X   Men's Shetland   Wool,    Plain   or  Stripes  (��_   $2.50,   $3.00  and �������  S�� $3-50 per suit. W  X   Men's Extra  Heavy Shetland Wool ((!) $4.00 the suit. g  jjg   Men's  Natural  Cashmere Underwear (_V $5.00 and $5.50 the suit,   g  We have quality to suit anyone, prices the lowest���of course.  i"r-  V  V  I  r  i  1  I MARTIN  O'REILLY & CO. I  W BANK OP  B. O.  BUILDING,  NELSON. TEEMS   C-A-SH W  1% ��W  aster of  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  Suspenders  All  From  the latest direct    TTpOm   20*G   Ull  in the factory *? L UHX   ��*\J\s   up  MEN'S OUTFITTER  Sign of the RED  HAT, Baker St., Nelson  J. F. WEIR  Dailt Edition- First Ykar, No. 221  Weekly Edition Seventh Ykak, No. ib  The only bope for those oppOMlitf llic l.uv is in ti now  oleetion,  when this would be tho prinfci]iulV-ue.  The above is from the Kaslo Kopte-  naian. TJic party or candidate pledged  to repeal the eight-hour law would not  stand a ghost "of a show in any constituency in the province. A largo majority  bf- the people believe in the principle;  they believe tliat eight Jiours a day in  this age of machinery is long enough to  work. They know that the eight-liour  law does not make it obligatory oii iriine  owners to pay $3 or $3.50 or any other  .sum for a day's wage,.and they believe  that tlie question of wages will adjust  itself. The eight-hour law stands, aud  tlie mine managers, of the Slocan should  not be buoyed up by any such foolish  hope that it will be repealed.  Wkre a general election held within a  week, the opponents of the present government could not carry one of the six.  Kootenay constituencies, on the eight-  hour or any other issue. If the fight  ~weiTe~nurde"oir"stiraight" party-! iiics~how  inany constituencies could the Liberals  carry if they stood pledged to the repeal  of the eight-hour law? The leaders of  the Conservatives are in such bad odor  in Kootenay, that the rank-and-file "would  not follow any,one of thein in a jDan-ty  fight at a provincial election.' In the  Nelson ruling,, their -only leader who  might win would'be David Mark Carley,  and ho would have to get down oil" the  fence, on which'ho is now perched, so  sudden that ,thc jolt would disable him  for life.  Titi'j organ of the Nelson District Mine  Owners' Association, which is paid for its  work at the rate of fifty dollars a month  (cheap labor prices), and which is now trying to work a fake ou both the mineowner.s'  association and the real estate dealers, is  sorely distressed because it is not allowed  to work its fake schemes without opposition. A newspaper that has to resort to  such methods to keep alive had better be  dead.   That room of yours needs  "freshening up " for the winter months.  You  Headquarters for  FIHST-CLASS BUILDING  can give us the size (length,  breadth, and height of ceiling)  of the room, or rooms,  do the rest.   In pricey  beauty of design and quality  er-.  ains  surpr'use you*  Wo make a specialty of  Sljiplap ar*d Double Dressed ftflaterial  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Shingles ar*d Lath Kept in Stock  Offlco and yard near C.P.H, depot   _J. G. BRER, Agent.  Special Notice to tlie People of Kootenay  1 am now prepared to test the eyes  of the people, as I have in my department a first-class optician. 1 have a  large selection of gold frames and the  very best of lenses. Call and get your  eyes examined at  JACOB .DOVER'S The Jeweler  Canada Drug and Book Co.,  Corner at Haker and Stanley Streets. Nolson  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS  OJ* PYTHIAS���Nelson   Lodge,  No,  25,  Knights of Pythian, meets in I. O. O. F. Hall, corner  jftakei-and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock.   Visiting J��nights cordially invited to attend.  T. MIiLIK, O. 0, R. G. JOY, K. of K. & S.  ~ NELSON LODGE, NO, 23, A. K. & A. il. Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  NKLSON L. O. L., No. 1002, meets in I. 0. 0. J'VHaJl,  corner Baker and Kootenay streets, 1st and 3rd  Friday of each month.   Visiting bfelhern cordially invited.  JOHN TOY'S,. W. AT.      F. J. BRADLEY, Roc. See.  NKLSON   MRIK,   Number   22,   Fraternal  Order  of  JC-iglso, meets every second and fourth Wednesday in  each month in Fraternity Hull.   Visiting brethren welcome.  J. IRVING, President.        J. U. WRAY, Secretary..  . ARCHITECTS  EWART & CARRIE���Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Ab  erdcon block. Baker street. Nelson. .   APPLICATION TO  TRANSFER  LICENSE  Notice is hereby given that. I will, at the expiration of  thirty days from the dale of tliis notice, apply at the noxt  sitting of tlie Licensing Board of the t'ity of Xelson  British. Columbia, to be allowed to transfer the retail  Honor license now held by mo for the Kxclieiiuor Saloon  situate on Lot I Block 12, in the City of Nelson. British  Columbia, to James NcelandH.        A. II. CLKMJCNTS.  Dated at Nelson, B. C, Selitoiiibcr 1st, 189ft,   ,  UDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  INCORPORATED 1670.  We have just opened up a  consignment of Cigars consisting ofthe following standard brands:  Bock Superfinos  Bock Conchas  Bock Puritanos  Henry Clay Conchas Extras  Henry Clay Puritanos  Upmann Conchas  Triumfo Conchas  La Lola Conchas  We also carry a full line  of Domestic Cigars at prices  to suit all trade.  Hudson's Bay Stores  WeBt Baker Streot.      Telephone 13.  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  NELSON, B. C.  Coffee roasters and dealers in Tea and Coffee.  Offer fresh roasted coffee of best quality as follows:  Java and Arabian Macha, por pound $   10  Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pounds  1 00  Fine Santos, 4 pounds    1 00  Santos Blond, 5 pounds  1 00  Our Special Blend, 6 pounds  1 00  Our Rio Roast, 6 pounds    1 00  A trial ordor solicited.  Salesrooms 2 Doors  East   of   Oddfellows   BlocK,   West  Baker  Stseet  Brick and Lime  m  October iii  .$ Delineator *  ^   _      ���    ��   i,   *  m Now ,n stook ��  ^ k -see sees see m  i.^.&. ^.g.g. j_*.g.g.  ? St*; ��? ^; "^"* ^^ ��? *=. ��� ^^  ?*5?%=c- ^���^���^^^���^'^���^���^���^'^^^���^'^^'^^���^���g^^gig^i^te,  * vyft*>  iii Latest Novelties Rfc  Hi  ��*>  0,        Veilings  a��*3:-_3.*3*_93*9,  jn_  S#  m  g We are now showing* a complete range of new fall  If and winter goods in all departments, and invite care- ��  g ful inspection of our dress goods, ladies' suitings, |��  g ladies' silk blouses, dress Skirts, golf capes, mantles, ||  || flannellette wrappers, shirt waists, children's reefers j|  �� and eiderdown coats. ?  j^JSriD   Is/ELJ^JLJ^^  ��  m  m  Lime 70 Cer*ts per 100 pounds.  Will deliver in ton lots  Brick $12 per thousand.  At yard or on scows at government wharf.  g We are selling blankets and wool comforters at  jg bottom prices. Ladies' sailors and walking felt hats  if. .and novelties in millinery.  S  OUR GOODS ARE ALL NEW AND STYLISH  36 Baker  Street  The West t\ootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Baker Street   '    T. O. PROCTOR, Manager   -  GOAL!  COALI  f.        See Our T  V c . %  Y Fancywcrk ,j,  ^y Departmeiit /f\  Fred Irvine  AND  Go.  m  m  J Boys and ^  ^ Youth's Clothing Sf.  m      yatCost     J^  GREAT REDUCTION  HABD COAL  ANTHRACITE  $9.50 per ton  _D-Er.I*V*Hl*E:i"E!I3  Special vales for carload lols for outside points.  T,oL,grK a w. West & Co.  Telephone 93.  FOR  ICE  CREAM  AND  FRESH  FRUIT  OF ANY KIND.  Come in and try our Ice Cream Soda and  Refreshing Drinks.  Big Sc)]oor)er  Beer or H��alf=  and^jHalf....  lO Cts.  Always Fresh  Always     Cool  Theo.  IVladsoh's Cheap Gash Store  03  IM  OS W*  q> "O  o o    bjQ  S-      CO    _j- o      e  cd    ��   CO C3   ���==  M   o    2 -^    co  .E    g  co    _ ��  _2    ��  ^^    o    ^.-S"^^"^    coco  CO  CO.   ctf  C3     -���>-?      S-  o    s��  CO   C_)  THE BEST GLASS OF BEER IN NELSON IS  AT TUB  Noxt Door to  P. Burns & Co.  HUMPHREYS & PITTOCK  ANNOUNCEMENT  Haying leased thfe Ijusiii'osH of thcNclsori Soda Water  Faetorj'i I Jim prepared lo supply Uio trade witli all '-kinds'  bf enrbOHated and, aerated waters, i'aittily brderii solicited.-   Prbuiip't delivery.  K.actbry on  Hoover' Ktrfifih:  N. M, CUMMINS  SHERRIi**|?'S   SALE.  province of Jlritlsii ColinuUi-'v, Kelson, West Ivootenay,  to-wit:  H'y virtu*) of a writ of VUui Ir'aoiaM issued out of the  Siiproiiie(.:oin-(. of .British C'olMinW.'ial, (lie suit, of Chailus  (lallalian, oxueuloi- of (lie estate Of the late William  Callalian, iilniutili', against .lloir/o I). Coiilou, defendant;,  and to tins directed ilJs?aTiist the .goods and chattels of tiro  late William ���flallilm,n, now tieint? adnjinistorud liy  Cliarlos Cal'lalmlt, I have scii'.ed, tund taken in execution  all the l-ight. title and interest of the Aiid plaintillV  Charles CiLIlalKin, executor of the estate of lire late WiT-  Jiitm Callalian, in the inirlernl claims ."t.'otly l-'raclion"  and ".lokcr Knietiim," hot.lv situate near the "'li'foddio  Loe." "Cuhe )jinle"uhcl "HridKet" ininei-iil claims in the  .Slocan niiiiiiiK division of the West Jvootonay district,  and recorded in the ofllco of the mining rccoidev at. Now  Denver, 11. <*., to recover the sitni of six hundred, and  twonty-nine dollars and six ty- nine cents ($(K!*.('!I), jmd lii-  toresf on $ti2!).ti!l at six per centum pei-aunuiu from t.he'  -i7(,h (lay of .Juno 18!*!). until iiayment,.besides sheriirs  jioundaKO. costs and all oilier legal incidental expenses.  All uf which I shall expose for sale or sulliciont thereof  to satisfy said debt and costs, al. the front of my ollice  next the Court I louse in the City of Nelson, 15. C, on  Friday IlieS'th day of September, ISM, at the hour of  eleven o'clock in Ihe forenoon.  No!'������;��� InionditiK purchasers, will satisfy themselves as  to interest and title of said plaintitr.  Dated at Sandon, H. ('., .Sept. I.it'h. IS!)!*.  S. I'. 'J'UCK. Sheriir of South Kootenay.  Notice to Contractors.  Scaled tenders will be received by the undersigned for  the construction of the Madden Jllock from the foundation Up.  Plans and specifications can lie seen at. the architect's  ofllee.  Tenders to bo in by noon Saturday, ,'iui h Soptembor, 18!l!l.  The lowest or any lender not necessarily accepted.  AltTHUl*. It UODG1NS, Architect.  ClubHote  Corner Silica nnd  Stanley Sirects.  E. J. GURBAN, Prop.  ��� 9 *  BOYAL BEAi. AKTP  KOOTENAY BELLE  OiGABB,.....  ��    . ��� -     ���  JUST ARRIVED A CARLOAD OF  Anheuser-Busch Lager Beer!  Highest class Lager produced.       On sale by the trade in Nelson.  ASK FOR IT  R. P. R1THET & CO., Ltd., Victoria, Agents for B. C.  _A^^Q^AY>_Agent_for_Kootenay>_JJ,-ik��u-_pSt.>_NcJKon)-i\To.\fc-Odd I'd lows-Buildiii^-  The Finest Residential  Property in  Nelson  UNION   i&ADE  [BQGUStOVVN]  All the unsold lots in the5 Fairvtevy' Addition to Nelson are nom m  the market at reasonable prices and oil easy terms. This property is very  desirable for residences.   Apply to  West Baker Street, Nelson. T. M.   WARD, Local Agent.  looieiaj fligaf Kasfc Co.  Nelson, British Columbia.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Beer,  Ale and Porter  VMAtry t^eteradl     Brewery at Nelson.  0?*E3*_J*El*E'"ECO*lSr*E3  186  DnriiiK tlie, season wc will deliver ice at private residences  and business houses daily in any  desired quantity at casonrable  prices.  WILSON & HARSHAW  HAIB GOODS AND HAIB OBMMTS  Switches from $2 up.  MRS. J. W. KEARNEYhas opened a Ladies Hair Pressing Pji-lor in room I, "Victoria block.Melson.anclis pre-,  pared to fu-nisK everything in the way of hair fi-oods  and lijiii- touics.   Treatment ot the scalp a specialty..  NEAH NELSOlf & PORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT.  THE BEST BEER BREWED AT HOME OR ABROAD    OH DRAUGHT OR IN BOTTLES.  Cut Prioes is the  Order of the Day  And I want to be in it. I liavo just received  Fall samples of Suitings and Ovei-  coatiriRs representing a $50,000 stock to  choose from made to your order at p ices  never before heard of in Nelson. All the latest  lads in Fancy VcsliiiKS for Fall and winter;  Steverp, Tf|e Tailor  Nelson Iron Works  MANUFAOTUKKR8 OF  "ENGINES, BOI-CERS. SHAFTING, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OP BVBRY DBSCRI]?TION  Repairs promptly atteadod to.      P. O. Box 173.  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephine and  Hail streets, Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  BAKERY IN CONNECTION     ���  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  b>    -HrxT-R-a-z-,    ���E*>**Ro_=��_a3:_grPo^  Palace   Bakery  Broad delivered to any part of the city.  Cakes, pastry, and confectionery a specialty.  CRAWFORD~BROTHERS  Next lo Royal Hotel, Stanley Street. NelRon  MINERS WANTED.  The taiiRicr Mine, Limited, Albert Canyon, on the  main lino of the C. P. H��� 2_ miles east ot Revolstoke. ro-  auiros six good minora.  Wages ��3.60 per dar.  }fSS>0>SSS^S  P75p��f^^'A|i4-nP?. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. CL SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1899.  r��  O  Bm iff Montreal  Capital,  Best,  all paid,  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATnCONA AND   MT   ROYAL, President  Hon. GKO. A. DRUMMOND Yico-Prosidcnt  E   S. CLOUSTON General Managor  3ST-EHLSOXT *J3_a-A.*isrci3:  JM.W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       tmANOITR8 IN       LONDON  (England).   NEW YORK.   OHIOAGO  and in the principal citios iu Canada.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  Buy and soil Sterling Kxchango and Cablo Transfers  GRANT COMMKKCIAr. AN1> TRAVEIXKItS' CHKDIT8,  available in any part of tho world.  DRAVTS ISSUED    COLLECTIONS MADE; KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRKNT RATE OK INTEREST PAID  AROUND   THE   WHIST   TABLE.  The eliai-acterisfcics of .second-hand play  wliich were discussed in last week's  article were those which are othodox anrl  respectable, and wliich have received the  indorsement of the apostles of the true  faith. '.But there are others. Tliere arc  characteristics about the second-hand  play of some persons which are so far removed from respectability that they suggest the bushwhacker and the robber.  It is the unconventional player that  gathers in most of the tricks which should  have been won by the other side.  The respectable elements of secondhand play are easily recognized. Upon a  small card led the second hand protects  himself by playing one of his high cards  whenever lie holds any combination from  which he would have led a high card.  Any card played in second hand absolutely denies the card next below it in value,  except in signalling for trumps. Any  honor played second hand shows another  honor, or no more of the suit. An honor  upon an honor shows a short suit or a  fourchette, the exception being the play  of an ace on a jack. With the second  and third best of a suit, the second hand  protects*himself by forcing the command.  With such combinations as queen, ,iack  and one small, or jack, ten aud one small,  one of tho high cards is played if a small  caid is led.  Hamilton, in his "Modern Scientific  Whist," gives us an appalling list of the  combinations of cards wliich the second  hand may hold with which it would bo  judicioub to cover coitain iu tenor and  fourth best leads. Tliere are sixty  tpages of these diiections, with intricate  tables to show the proper card to play  second hand fioin the many and vaiious  combmatioiib which fall to the lot of the  average player, and theie are whole  chapters full of illustrations of special  play.s on an eight led and special plays on  a seven led, to say nothing of seven  tables of hands which mu��t be played in  certain Avays. All this, wisdom is based  on the assumption tliat the adveisaries  aie highly respectable and. truthful lead-  civs, who never heaid of the eominon-  sent-e game, and Avould not lead a short  suit for a farm.  As tho good book says, we haA'e  changed all that. The Philistines have  made short work of all this learning and  havo rendeied most of it useless by refusing to make the opening leads of such a  nature that they shall be a safe guide to  the second hand as to what he should  play in order to protect himself. It was  the consider.i-tion of the gieat advantage  given to the second hand by the use of  the eleven rule, especially7 oiT~the~secohd~  round of the suit, wliich first induced  Cavendish to doubt the value of the second maxim of American leads and finally  to a\ ithdraw his support from it entirely,  riayers soon tire of cutting sticks for  their own backs.  There is one peeuliaiity about secondhand play, as distinguished from that of  any other position at tho table, and that  i\ thatit isu.sually the player's own fault  if ho lets any tricks getaway. Jt is hi*,  duty to protect himself above everything  else; to prevent, if possible, the establishment of the adverse suits; to protect the  suits in which he has reason to believe  that his partner is weak, and to save his  partner's reentry cards when playing a  forward game. Theie A\a& a time when  the second hand had a nice easy job of it  and always knew just what to do, because the leader and his partner played in  strict accordance with a Avell-defiued system in which everything Avas open and  above board, and the strategy of the hand  was based upon the very comfortable but  erroneous belief that information was of  more value to the partner than to the adversaries.  The short suiters have changed all  that. In nine out of ten of the games  played today the second hand does not  know whether he is -afoot or on horseback. The Philistines lead the ten from  A J 10, the king from K, J 10, the jack  from A Q J, and the nine from A 9 5.  The invitation players lead a deuce from  AKQJ and two others, and the ten from  a suit of seven cards headed by the K 10  9, They Avill lead the eight of trumps as  a fourth best, as the higher of two, or as  the top of six, and when they feel like it  "they Avill lead a deuce from a three-card  suit six high. ...  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on S^aguay, U. S., At I it], B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^oq District.  The modern' Ishmaelito Avill sometimes  make a practice of covering everything if  lie   can,  and   sometimes  he   Avill   cover  nothing.    Some of tho so-called non-in-  fonnatory school always play down with  two cards only, neither being as high as  the ten, when an honor is led, varying  the  monotony  by  occasionally   playing  down Avhen they hold five or six cards of  the  suit.    When  a  higher  card  is  led,  common-sense  players never give up as  good a card as the ten in playing down,  unless they hold the card next is value  beloAv it.    It is argued that such a system  of second-hand  play  gives  the partner  many opportunities to  place  the. cards  with greater accuracy.    With Q J 10, for  instance, they will play the jack first and  then the queen, showing that they must  hold  the ten,  because Avith  queen jack  only, the queen -.would have been played  first,  and .with  queen  jack  small  they  would have played the small card.   Those  avIio  make a practice of  playing  doAvn  seldom or never cover Avith such combinations as queen jack and one small, king  queen and small cards, or ace queen and  small.    If they hold A Q J or K J 10,  they invariably play the middle card, in  order toconce.il the fact that they hold  major or minor tenace, if the suit is returned. - .- . ���   .       ���  Those who believe in playing all two-  card suits doAvn, are forced to play any  honor second hand if it is accompanied  by only one small card. It is certainly  surprising in how many cases a queen  jack or ten will hold the trice Avhen played in second hand in this manner, especially against those Avho make a practice  of leading away from tenace suits.  There is one part of second-hand play  in.which-the neAV school of com mon-sense  players are particularly proficient, probably because they have made a study of  it in connection Avith their theory of the  niauagement of long suit hauds, and that  is, saving partner's cards of re-entry.  When the ordinary long suit player  starts out with a small card from his best  suit such an opening does not convey to  the partner any information as to the  side strength in trumps or re-entry cards,  nor does it give him any particular encouragement to take a chance iu difficult  situations. But when a common-sense  player starts off Avith Avhat looks like a  good suit his partner is always safe in assuming that there is a good chance to  make that suit, because it is probably  Avell  supported  by  trumps  or   re-entry  FULL LINE OF  cards, or both. A little attention to the  fall of the cards Avill usually show in  Avhat suit the re-entry card is held and  the eonimon-sense player then devotes his  energies to the preservation of that card  until the proper time has arrived for its  use. He may try to saAre this card by  carefully avoiding the suit himself, refus-  ; ing to open it until the trumps are out of  the Avay or the time has come to put his  partner into the lead, or he may jump in  second hand Avith high cards from all  sorts of curious combinations on tho  chance that ho Avill save his partner's reentry by so doing.  If avc examine all the games played for  the championship during the years that  the long-suit school Avas in its glory avc  shall find that they do not offer a single  example of this particular coup, although  there wore many opportunities for it,  had the players been alive to its value.  It is one of the new things in tho game  aud is still little known.  The Tremont Hotel  w  id  r��z(=).c=}.e2.t=i.p3.c=i.c2.c=3.c  ^  ^  m  ig&t  m  Wool Carpets Art Squares  YOU  CAN  MAKE   NO MISTAKE IN BUY-  ���  ing a 3-Ply  Wool  Carpet or Wool Art  Square.   We have a large Assortment of each.   A  Pew Sets of DINING CHAIRS received yesterday.  They are polished and in oak.   Do you want one.  FOR SALE  BUSINESS AND RESIDENTIAL  PROPERTY  30 by  120, "Bakej- streot.  Ward streets   between Josephine and   .....?8000  50 by 120, Baker street, between Josephine and Hall  streets, corner.   25 by 120 with improvements, south sido of Vernon  street.....  5000  50 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vernon  street  6000  2\ lots with cottage rented at ?15por month, Victoria  street  3500  2 lots with cottago rented at $20 por month, Stanley  stioet                                         .                     .   .     3000  6 lots in block 1JD, all cleared and fenced in 2500  AGENTS FOR  J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  "w^irid beos.  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Imlduh at Kaslo. rtt tlie suit.  of Jusepli Lynch, plaiiitilf. anil to me directed' nfeuiiist.  the good's and chattels of The Kontamiy Air Supply  Ccmipany, Limited, defendant, 1 have seized and taken  iu execution ft)I the right;, title and interest of. tlio said  defendant,, The Kootenay A ii- Supply Company. Limited,  in the dam, fliiuio, penstock, piping, shaft, air chamber,  plant und. machinery used In- the said The Koofenay Air  ���Supply Company, Lmiiled, for compressing air for commercial purposes, together with nnv permissive, legal or  other right which the said The Kootenay Air Supijly  Company, Limited, may have for the erection and. niain-  toiiaiioo of its works and machinery upon the " lili/.zard "  mineral claim, and other adjoining property, and one  " Hand " machine drill, one " Knowlos pump No. 55,!SK),  and one ".Snow" pump No. IJ,;V.;|, one upright boiler, one  bellows, one anvil, one vice, various blacksmiths" tools.  one boarding house, one store bouse, one engine house, a  quiintity of piping of varibus sizes, one ore bucket mid a  quantity of steel and wire rope, one'conking stove with  cooking utensils, and one heating stove, to recover the  sum of eleven hundred and .foriy-si.v dollars and nine  cents (SI 11(1.0!'), amount of said execution, besides shei-itl"s.  poundage, costs and all other legal and incidetilnl expenses.  All of which I shall expose for sale or sullicieiil. thereof  to satisfy said.judgment, debt, and costs, at the front of  my ollice next to the Court House. In the ("it y of Nelson,  on the 29t,h day of Septembei-, A. 1). 189!). at the hour of  eleven o'clock in. the forenoon.  Notk���tiitumling purchasers will satisfy themselves as  to interest aud title of said defendant.  Dated at Ainsworth. H. C, September SUIli. 1.8!)!..  S. P. TUCK,.Shei-ifl*of South Jvootcnay.  ICiiad Omen at  NELSON", B; G.  *('���-.. .' --        ff'r,.1i.i��'..--Pcf,    0trD       ; .���;.-   pPn  : l��y..,1? J.   '���****-*��.o o   ^p ^.-aW*'-   Hi [-ft,      -nf.--. ru���^ _   -���tf.  -   ���  r_-.. ,lo- ._  'JS%   ���IPJ'��'-��o��o^^'.j:  Ilcinil Miirkcts ttt  Wholesale ^^;;'a|?j<e^p^I^ ^n#jr?��d|p^|||^|^  ^se-ide, r%cf-aW6Qdi-KiU:w.iiy,' tuid: Sfedafi".��� ;y������-���-*).;���"��� v:r."y^'7rJ;y*yv';i������:y^^i^|  finders Promptly porw&r4e!ky-.''  -ii.lpf.J:...,, ,.  AfeL. 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C.  -w\. ^. i?,o3Xisrsoisr  (Kx-ShcrilT of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash advanood on oouBlgnmonbs ot mertshftndlea.  ���eoBtpOffioo Box $13,^1    .       n    ���    ii"-* iNelaon. 8.0. THE TRTBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 23, 1899.  DON'T  ���WASTE  YOUR  MONEY  ON  BOTTLES  WE  CAN  SELL  YOU  PERFUMES  IN BULK  And there are no perfumes in Nelson  equal io those which we have just received. We are now opening up full lines  of Roger & Gallet's and Legrand's celebrated French Perfumes, as well as those  of the Crown Perfumery Company of  London. These orders may be purchased  cilher in bulk or in bottles. See our assortment  of French  Toilet Soaps.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  New  Arrivals  .    BARBERS' REGULATION COATS  Verv Nobby  BARTENDERS' REGULATION VESTS  WAITERS' COATS IN SEVERAL STYLES  COOKS' CAPS, APRONS,  Etc.  J. A. 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As  the trail stands at present it will  be impassable in the spring as the bridge has  gone out at Hover creek and the cross-  ways, such as corduroy and small bridges,  arc sadly in  need  of  repairs.    Between  Rover and Bird creeks a positive danger  to travellers  exists   iu   the   form   of an  eight-foot prospecting  shaft  which  has  been sunk so that it encroaches upon two  feet  of   the   trail.     Tliere   is   no  guard  against this and persons travelling over  the trail in the dark run the risk of losing  a horso or tlieir life.    The petition recites  that for a small  expenditure  the Rover  creek tributary to this trail could be extended to catch the trail to the head of  the north fork of the Salmon river. From  this summit to the Columbia & Kootenay  railway the distance is  but  12 miles as  against 23 miles from   Erie,  the present  starting point.      With this connection  made   it   is  thought that   considerable  business might be  secured  for the local  merchants.  Until the .Sandon stock is sold, A. Fer-  Jand & Co. are not only selling tlie goods  in that stock at extremely low prices, but  they are selling their ordinary stock, including new goods that are being opened  daily, at reduced prices.  The ladies' aid society of St. Paul's  church have had their opening meeting  aud given out the work for the sale which  the society .will have during the month  of November. The opening meeting was  in the nature of a social and was attended  by a large number of ladies.  The Blue Bird Mining Company of  Spokane has <a number of men at work  building a two-mile wagon road in from  Deer P.'irk to the mining property which  hits  been  under  development for  some  p.-ist. The officers of the 'company state  that a trial shipment will be made as  soon as the road is completed. A depth  of about 100 feet has been attained upon  the propert3r '"id ore from the paystreak  gives assay values of from .$50 to $12S in  gold.  Hon. _���"**. Clarke Wallace, grand master  of the Orange Lodge of British America,  passed through Nelson yesterday on his  way to Kaslo. Upon his return the grand  master will be given a reception by the  members of Nelson Lodge No. 1002 in the  opera house on Monday evening.  The architect who has charge of the  work of constructing the Baker street  offices of the London & British Columbia  Coldfields announces that there has been  no change of mind with respect to the  company's lirst intention of putting up a  brick building. It will be a two-story  building and entirely devoted to the  company's use.  Edward A. Crease will leave on Monday on a trip to his home in Barrio. On  his return lie proposes bringing his mother and the other members of the family to Nelson to reside.  A special service in the nature of a  children's llower service will beheld in St.  Paul's church tomorrow morning. In the  evening Rev. Robert Frew will take as  the subject for the sermon the text  "Angry Men."  OTTIR,   Gr^IE_A_T  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Having sold our mill, wo .are offering our  Kl.nek nf Jill Y IjUM UKU (��X),fHK) feel) for sn-lc, e<>i'��i-i��ins  of l-inch ll(>(>riiiK, i-iihlic, hhiplup, inch lumber. 2\l. 2x(i,  2.\8, -Jxl-J, iill leiifjllis. ('orresponileneo Miliuiled. Shook  & Ai'iiol, yioenii Cily.  Furnished rooms to let.   Apply to Mrs.  L. jr. Jameson, Carney Block, Bakor street, wesl.  Owing to a death in the family  of the  o\mioi, Ihe follow 11)^1)1 opci I j is olleicd foi iiiiiikiImIc  s.ile, n mich, Hie Ilonie Teniptiance llolol, (o^elliei  w iill .ill the fuiiuliiie The kiuuikI is.">0 bj IM fuel, il  (he hoitlic.t-st eoinei of Veinon .inrl JI.ill sheet-.. Apply  on Ihe picmiscs.  Wanted���A    good    general    servant.  Mil".! be .1 coot! all imnuL woikci, .mil alw.xxs \m11hik lo  lend a h.iiid in t.uiii^ for a lj.iln. A|>|)h lo I\l 1 -. 11. .I.  Kvans, nuiflie.ist comu Hall and C.ubon.itc slicels,  Nelson.  Lost���On Baker or Josephine streets, a  ioil of papci^ tjpc wulten villi inbbei bind Kinder  will Jsindli letuin to John J'aleisan, Cl.nkc Hotel,  Nelson  WILL BE  CONTINUED  UNTIL ALL THE  SANDON STOCK  IS DISPOSED OF  Til? "Wonder"  MILLINERY OPENING  Latent  New York and I'm is iut loins to be shown at  I ho "Wondoi " Itooins on  Friday and Saturday, September 23 ar*d 24  TEA SERVED ON AI-TERNOON OF OI'ENING  ALL AltE COKJUALIjY INVITED.  Uakci si 1 eel, two doois MISS McDERMQTT  west of M.utin O'lteilly & Co's      iv en utc.i:  MILLJINBRV  We do not advertise  one or two lines of  goods to be sold at a  low rate for one or two  hours, instead we sell  at prices_ which jdffy  competition until all  advertised is sold out.  i-or.tlie fall season our stodlcOf millifiory anil  millinery novelties isi.Uio iijost eonijilete antl  extensive  we  have yet; been able to . flMHv  .  yiiLjNicJKon.^aiHLjWiLo^  ^Vvas! a roost successful'oiio. jWi��s Kay ot Now  York liitseliarKO of lire trliniiiitig department.  J'oscphino Street, near Baker.'  \S'$ JTAVK SUCWKKI) TUB AflBXOV l<*01fc  u ti i f maw  XXI a ���tew n  ��� Wlion pj-opijrly liotlled the kn<��vlotlj,*<; tlint'il.is  llal'eyoii walei' fs all the recoiilliieiv  <l,al ion thai, it jieefl.s-.  Nkijson, J*. 0.  & go., m  HERE ARE SOME SAMPLE PRICES  -\IE\S' STKT-  SON   HATS,       MKVS'  HKAVY JUJMPKItS ��� ��� ���  IjAIIIH-pS  I'-LANNKI.-  KTTIC NIGHT OO\\ \S��  TICKING  PHI I YAM") ��� ���  .$4.00  . 50 cts.  50 cts.  10 cts.  :��  NOTICE.  Notice is liereby given Uiftt in���.���Uiirl'.vdays, I, intond to  apply In the chief iH,iiimis.sloiier of lamlh- and works 1W  Ijei-iniHKmii to cntand euri-y away timber oil' the below  (lesieribed liiluls:  (.'ounneiicint; at ft post, about two-and a half miles up;  from I lie riioiif.li of a creek rimninj,' into Crawford Hay,  on JMioUsiiay lake, anil known n�� Gray creek, niarked  northwest corner; (licnce eiiKt. forty cliains;, thence north  ten obaiiiK: tlience eaHl. twenty chains ; thence north  lenebaiiiK; tlience east thirty-live chains.; thence smith  two chains.; liicncc east seventeen chains; tlience south  sixty chains; thence west fifteen cliains; thence '.north  ten chains; tlience west, twenty-Jive chains; thence  south ten chains; tlience west sixleeil chains; thence  Koulh ton chains; thence west sixteeii cliain.s; tlience  north leu cliains; thence west forty chains; I hence north  forty-two cliains to the place of coriimenceiueiil;.  Signed. HAKUY HOUSTON.  Nelson, H. C':., September lil.h, iSIIfJ.  "~ NOTICE.  Nofico is liereby ftiven that, in thirty days I intend to  apply to the chicl coininissioner of lands and Works for  pciiiiissiun lo cut and carry away timber oil" the below  described lands:  C'tmiinem-iiti; at a post fen chains soul h of H. Jlousion s  iiorlheasf corner liost, on Gray creek, riiniiinginlo Crawford Jlay, on Kootenay lake, and thence east. 1'iirty chains ;  thence sou lb eighty cliains; tlience west ten chains;  thence south, eighty chains; Iheilce east ten chains;  tlience soul If forty chains: thence west, forty'chains;  tlience north liffy chains: tlience west I en chains; thence  noi'lh one hundred chains: llicr.ee east ten chains;  thence jiorlli iifl.v chnitis to Ihe place of commencement.  A' 1-.1. sizosof IHank THooks. with every'kinii of special ruling find . jiriiited ' Jieadings, niaiiiifact.ijreil right licrc in I ��� .Signed, THOMAS SI'llOAT.  Nelson, by weH-tmid workmen, who spend tlieir earnings in Nelson; .Tribune Association, Liiiiiteil, Vernon St. ]     Nelson, M. I-., BCptcruow ..nn.   .  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete EUeefcrle Ba*alP*mo��ts fov Hleetrle powef Transmission and JJififhtlng for Mines, Towns  Electric Fixtures, "Lamps; Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  P. O. BOX 60S, Josephine Street, Nelson, B. O.  s  Have just reooived a coiiHi^rmiDnt of Harris homo  made.tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FEED J. SPIBB, Baker Si lelson  The supply Is limited, bo call early and examine this, stock.  A. Feiiand & Co.  ELLIOT JiLOriC. BAKER S rillSKT. NELSON,  Notice is hereby giveil thai, in thirty days, I intend to  =apply^tk>4!ie=ehiuf-ei)ii!iiiis=il0nev oMaiulS-abdi"\vorksrfor"  perriiissifin l;o cutund carry away timber oil' the below  desciibed .lands: ..  , ConiiiieirciiigiittlieiibvlhcrtSft coriier of IT. D. Mencr-;  iiii'd's' tlntb.iSf elaini, on Lati-apce creek, on south arm of  Kootenay Lake, thence east forty chains, tiiciice south.-  leu chains, tlience ei'isj, ninety chains, thence north ten  chains; thence oii-st forty-five chains, thence spnt.li llfl.y'  chftiiis. blicnc.e west live cliains; (hencesouth towchaihs:;  thejfice west Seventuen chains. ;��� theiicto sont.il ,fi>n chains;  'thence wesl eighteen chains.- thence iioitf.h ten chains;  1fbeuce"wost, fcsh.y cliains, thence-South ton chains, tlieiiee.  west, forty chains: thence south ton cliains:, tlience west;  fbi'ly-JlVe eliaiits; fhoitce north eighty cliains to place of  ebiilinenecufoiit;, Signed, GKO.   GJtAY.  Nelson, Ji, ,0������ SO.p(e.n���C!tS*J'iIrt, W.h .  .. NOTlCi!, ���  Notice is .hereby given that in ��� thirty days,. T inlcnil In"  iipiVl}' to the chief eomiiiissiiinor of lands and .workts, for  fH!riiiissi(iii to cut nnd carry away timber oil* tlie below  itcsg'rihcd' lands:  ���C-oiniiiiiiii-iOKiita. post." aboiil.' two and a half miles up  Jjiifi-ance ei-e.CK.. on the south,avin of Koot-entiyJake; coni-  ineiieing nt the iiorfiiwesteni-iter; l.lient'igiea-st live chains;  thence north forty cliains; tlience ciisf, twent}- oliaiiis;  thence north ten chains; t-hehee eastuiiie chains; fIieiicco  'north ten chains,; thence cast live chains; thence nol'tii  ten chi.i-i'us,; thence east ten chains; thence north ten  chains; thence east , fen chains'; thence noi-t.h ten  chains,; thence cast twelve chains; thence north five  chains; thence eas-f thirty-eight chains; thence .north,  twenty cliains: thence east faurteoil cliains; tlience  south twenty chains; thence west eighteen chains;  .thence south six cliains:; thci'tco west twenty chains;  thence south twonfy-fi va chains: tjiohco west ton chains;  tlience south twenty chains; tlience west twenty chains;,  thonoo smith (tfteen chains; thence west ten chains;  thence south twenty-live chains; thence west eight  chains -..thence south twenty five chains; thence west  seventeen chains; thence south eleven chains: thence  west twenty chains; thence north thirty-two chains lo  the place or coirimeiicoineut.    ���  Signed, II. r>. McDEKMJI).  Nelson, ��. C, August 2t)fli, 1S5M.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that in thirty days, I intend to  apply to the chief commissioner ot lands and works,  for permission to.eul.aml carry away timber off the below  described lands:  ���('oniinenoihg.at a post about live miles up Yuill creek  on the west anil of Kootenay lake; tlience north eighfy  ehaitis; thence west ten chains; thence north sixty  chains; thence west ten cliains; thence north forty  chains; thence west ten chains; thonoo north forty  chains; I hence west ten chains; thence north forty  cliains; thence west leu cliains; fhenco..north forty  chains; 1 hence west Ion chains; thence north twenty  chains; (hence west forty chains; thence south twenfy  chains; thence east ten chains; thence south forty  chains; thelico east, fen chains; thence south' forty  chains: I hence east ten chains; thence south . forty.  chains: I hence east (on chains; thence soiith forty  chains ;.l hence east ten chains; thence south sixty  chains: (hence east I en chains; thence south eighty  chain*": (hence east forty chains lo tho place of coin-  monceincnt. ..-      .Signed. OIIAHLKS IlJLLYKIt.'  Nelson, H.C., Augxsf lSlh, lfifflJ.  A  LARGE  CONSIGNMENT  JUST  OPENED  We can supply you witf] Cartridges:  TO SUIT YOUR RIFLE  Carpenters' Tools  A  FULL  LINE  SHELF HARDWARE  THE BEST ASSORTED  STOCK i  IN THE KOOTENAYS  STOVES AND  KITCHEN UTENSILS  . dyers  NELSON KASLO  Go.  SANDON  ARE YOU BURNING UP MONEY  Because Your Stove or Range Cannot be  Regulated to Save Fuel?  IT WILL PAY YOU  TO EXAMINE  OUR NEW STOCK OF  STOVES AND RANGES  Tlio saving in fuel effected will soon equal  the cost ofotho ran go. It can be so quickly  and easily ^regulated tliat tliere need be no  waste of heat or fuel. New patented .improvements offer' you more convenience and  comfort than you'll'find in any other range.  TWO CAR LOADS TO SELECT FROM  LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO.  OUR CLEARANCE SALE OF  Crockeryware  IS STILL ON  GIVE US A CALL AND GET BARGAINS  Kirkpatrick & Wilson  14 Baker Street, West Telephone 10  Special  s  Mustard wife Horse Radish  Sweet Mixed Pickles  Sweet and Bed Hot Relishes  pisay ��*& Co.  Get the Best Jams  We have just received a large consignment of the  DYSON-GIBSON  COMPANY'S  JAMS  AND   PICKLES  Also a complete assortment of the '  TORONTO BISCUIT COMPANY'S SWEET BISCUITS  Baker Streot. West, Nelson   John A. Irving <fr Co.  Strachan   Bros.  _?i^tJ_i4:*B*E3**esT bio.  O-FJE-R^a.. __EOtJS*E3 block  "js^-i


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