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 m  CHAMBERLAIN GAINS HIS POINT  Time Secured for Keinforcement.  PiKTrcRMARrmun.fi, Natal, September  20.���The troops that were yesterday  moved from Ladysmith to Dundee, including the Leicestershire regiment, the  Royal Dublin Fusilecrs, 200 mounted infantry, and the Eighteenth hussars, ���will  form ti new camp at Gloncoo, their places  being filled by others en route fiom  India. The movement was executed so  smartly stud unexpectedly that the Boers  were unaware of it, until it was actually  accomplished.  London,  .September  2fi.���The  general  feeling, including that of the  pro-Boers,  as indicated by articles in  the afternoon  newspapers today, is  that the published  despatch of the secretary of state for the  colonies to the British high commissioner  in .South Africa, sir Alfred Milner, clears  the way for peace if the  Moors desire it.  IU any event, it is pointed out,  it .affords  further delay, which in the case of Great  Britain is certainly advantageous,  as   it  gives time for the  reinforcement  of  the  garrison at the  Cape.    The  papers generally, however,  express  the  hope  that  president Kruger will see  his   way clear  to meet Great  Britain's  views,  and  tho  Westminster Gazette,  which   is  not  an  an ti-Boor paper, says: "President Kruger  and his advisers still liave  a  chance  of  securing peace  with   independence."    In  the meanwhile, the despatch of troops to  South Africa  proceeds ������uninterruptedly.  Three held batteries  arrived  .at Birkenhead today and will-embark for Durban,  Natal. A cablegram from Capetown says:  "Quantities of stores and ammunition arj  leaving hero  daily.     The  movement  of  troops to Natal is merely a precautionary  measure to secure the coal mines, and in ���  no wise in tho nature of a menace. There  are no-imperial troops on the immediate  border.    Rumors of collisions   should bo  received with caution."  Capetown, September 20.���The South  African   News  today  prints  a dispatch  PUBLISHJi.^-|^,*'yf^r.S'ON  WEDNESDAY MOBNING, SEPTEMBER 27, 1899.  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (EY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  who organized the forces of Mataafa, has  been going about the country interviewing the Mataafa chiefs. This was objected to by the British and Americans,  as likely to accentuate the hostile feelings. The correspondent of the Gazette  at Samoa litis received cable instructions  to remain tit Apia. ��  NEW DENVER NEWS.  from Pretoria saying the alleged change  in the British public opinion and tho  alarming reports subsequent to the meeting of the cabinet are considered hopeful  signs. There is no official news from  Bloeinfontein, but there is not the slightest doubt though about the attitude of  . the Orange Free State. At .a meeting of  the Scandinavians there it was unanimously decided to support the government. . Only twenty members of the  Free State raad arc in town and it is  thought the legislature will dissolve at  gpfiyS'ilf^  OoqD     a.:    <In_.   -^^jijTTp-. D      Lr  ��� n_    .    IT._r-.ff, 0? lit) ij     *^    n 11   . s>"-.|j , nD B ���   .u-tf ... tf "."L'n    (|''if.u   :    ���." "^f  jfj  f.   f  ySpfrei^J;.^  ;jbtS;|ttfipp  ���/���'vi"(!t"'t^ ^Hi$tj��)6fc%}i'--.  .-il'Qtyi-tyls;.tiiW'g'0-y'��bi%'i\Ydn/t,':s cluiby to ihforhiy  '������:. jvlYeyi'iripeiiii^  ���'"- fopntiliVgy of "fobopsy Willybe considered:.���������.  A: fetep'ttinyttohip  read! .spying' the '���������j*d��evfa$xp\\ii?\v'ii& working'  fi'-rypeaee. The: ni^ttng,flYot\vith  '. passed' t heir resolution w!htyii; j\?as'- 'Sup>  ported/Iiy two Vjxjs _>iGe��, of tlie; peace.  : Jpipi#'8i^itUU'Gy,.: SlptWin'bci" ���....Stk.^-.iit-  mahifes'tO'lias been; issued -here/by. a nil hif-  ber of IKshmen iir;��iifg the Irish to" strike  iigood blow at England wlvieh lias held  the.'-'Jli'isli people i'UJbqndiige;''  The indications ijst the' agency of tlie  Trahsvaal government in tihiis' city point  to the Relief tlutt war is iiveviciVUl'O, Preparations tire being made for removing  the ftiiruitiu'e ffaSm. the hetidqnui'tei*s and  . the gloomiest .impression ill regard to the  outcome of tho crisis seems to prevail;  Mr. Montague Whiter consul-general of  the South  African republic  iu  London,  __j_j____fl to rotiirn to Pretoria,; tat was i iv-  forinetrby^lxii ^>vewii��,dn'"if"tlur'B^i1fi=t1iiT  event of war he would be more useful at  ���Brussels.  London,; September 20.���-The Times today has a despatch from Pietet'niai'itz-  burg, Natal, reporting that a meeting  which has aroused a strong-feeling among  tlio royalists was, hold by thd Afrikau-  ders, A strongly worded resolution was.  passed asking the goveruinont to recall  the colonial forces on the border, as their  presence there is iuiniieai to peace .and" is  calculated to cause trouble witli then1  fellow Afrikanders; and form a casus belli.  Thei'tv is feverish activity lu-.all the departments, and tlie dispatch of riders  carrying instructions to towns removed  from the telegraph lines is continuous,  Windermere District News.  WiNiM-iRMERi*:, September 22.���R. R.  Bruce has returned from a short trip to  Nelson, and is now at the Sitting Bull,  arranging for a winter camp.. The fine  weather of the past two weeks has sent  the prospectors back to the bills. The  last few days has witnessed a rush to No.  2 creek. Joe Lassord brought In some  very fine, specimens of gray copper-galena  ore. This is the first find on the creek,  aud it proves to be iu the same mineral  belt as Horse Thief. J. Whittier and J.  . Miller of the Trail smelter are visiting  different properties of the district.  Bower, the New York expert, is here  again; this time looking at the Frasier-  Powers property ou Toby creek.  More Trouble Brewing in Samoa.  Auckland, New Zealand, September  20.���Advices from Samoa, under date of  September 20, received here, today, say.  quiet prevails there, but the feeling  among tho whites is that, there is trouble  ahead.. It is added that Voii Buelow, the  former lieutenant, in. the Gorman army  P. Angrignori will build an ore house  and stables on the Queen CityHat, so as  to better handle the supplies to and the  ore from the Marion anil Hartney during  the winter. His pack train will make  two trips a day'to the mines, while his  teams will haul the supplies and ore to  and from the Hat and the town.  It is a most encouraging sight to witness the heavily loaded pack train going  out every morning from town to near-by  properties. Quite a contrast to the order of things obtaining hero in past years.  The travel on the Carpenter creek wagon  road is increasing materially.  Among tho properties around the town  that will be worked this winter aro:  Tho Lost Tiger, Hartney, Marion, Home  Run, Anglo-Saxon, Neglected, Bosun and  Lake Shore,' on Silver mountain; and the  Mollie Hughes and Capella. on Goat  mountain.  .1. C. Bolander and -partners arc erecting a camp on the Adlai, close to the  Noonday mine, and will work the claim  during the winter.  ��� O. J. Marino and- wife left this afternoon, to take up their residence in  Pueblo, Colorado.  The Minnesota Silver Company, operating the Ivanhoe, have at last secured a  site for their concentrator, wliich will be  erected just below Sandon, and close to  the C.P.R. track.  The Marion looked better Saturday  than at any time since work commenced  under the new management. An ore car  jind the necessary T rails have arrived  for the Marion and they will be packed  up and put into place at once. There is  little doubt of the bond being lifted, on0  the property.  Yesterday A. A. Bluemenauer, who re-.  Kineu npwiemilljto^oiiimeiicetlie^ereetiotfe;  spfeywurter^  :4jmld'm^^y.d|^yJltis.. ai'ii^j^  ' jimij&'lveVtijis'^        ;' '$T}b-i&v��b0VYiti40&'  iaix-- %he / bond' ywilliyf i^lp^tugv ;$hes<3;' lir^.  jjaiyatioiis; ;be iiiefc ���' .^veyi'^iytons.-'; of ilsiip-  i)lies;ha\��e; been '��� ��� _ vde^ed .��� and1 live; feeing:  jpMkeil.'-a^  News From. Alaska,  Sj'U'p'i?^!?, S^)teiubdj} 2(5.*^The; steamei*  Ajfta/ijce af-riyed frdm St. Mieliael .'$xi&  ii^ouiiiiig: Xvitli."] 5-iy Ijasseii'gersy iiicbidiug;  coiiijt de ���j3v.i"efe&-twvft-'c^iitsili'3:' J^icjliarGliaou  and Walker j, tMiSedy 'States ttiuy. The  former was succeeded in coinmaiid of th<s  Yukon soldiers, by colonel Rtity. He and  capfeaiM "Wiilkof have been ordered to?  '. S'a'ii FfanciseOi. .Captain. Walker; coni-  miViided: the! St. Mfcliael and Cape Nome  ; forces now in elili;i*ge of lieutens%iit: Gocli-  ifane of the 7th itifeiitry; Captain Walker  spent several weeks at Ctxpe Nome.before  Ids return,  M& declared tlie district one of great  richness bvtt says 1200 or 1500 people  must lciive before the close of uavigatioii  =to'a-v'oifl-di��t-ressf='S'houldHaH=of^the-ppe-='  sent population attempt to pass the  winter at Capo Nome, lie believed there  woMl'd be a Shortage both of provisioils  aud fuel. The beecliwood supply is already* .running short. Captain Walker  said: "Men wlio came in from Dawson  caused the meetiug of miners which- was  dispersed, There was talk that thearmy  stood hi with tho corporations and rich  individuals. That is it bundle of nonsense. Wo did as .we thought .proper. It  was our dnty to break up the meotiiig."  LUCKY STRIKE IN WINDERMERE  Hall Mines Developing a Prospect.  F.  M.   Chadbourn returned to Nelson  last evening  from  the  Windermere district, where he has been in  the  interests  of the Hall Mines, Limited.    He  reports  that the miiiiug industry in that district  is yet in its primary stages, but there are  two or three properties sufficiently developed to ship ore, and arrangements  will  lie made with them for shipments to the  local smelter.    During the early  part of  the  present  month   Mr,  Chadbourn  secured a bond on behalf of the Hall Mines  on the.Black Prince  group  of claims on  Boulder creek, a tributary of Horse Thief  creek.    As there had been but two assessments done upon the  property, the bond  was seen red upon exceptionally good terms,  being for $11,000, with a very small payment down and no substantial payment  for one year. Mr. Chadbourn started a tunnel in upon the property and broke  into  good ore after he had gone two feet. The  tunnel was continued for forty-five  feet.  and  disclosed  a  very  lino body of ore.;  The ledge  appears  to be about ten feet  wide.    The  tunnel  has  boon  driven  in  along the footwall, upon which there is a  two  and  a  half foot body of bornite, or  as it is locally known  ruby copper.    No  assays  have  been   made, siiice the work  was started, but the croppings gave very  high returns in copper, and there is  also  the  likelihood  that the  ore will  carry  good values in silver.    With the showing:  on  the property at present it would be  impossible to bond it  for  $50,090,-which  is  rather  encouraging for  three weeks'  work.'   A short time prior to the securing of the bond by Mr. Chadbourn one of  the locators of the property sold his'half-  interest for $50.  Sold for Forty Thousand Dollars.  The well known Lardeau property, the  Towser, the next location to the famous  Silver Cup mine, owned by D. Ferguson  of Ferguson and J. Kuowles of Revel-J  stoke, two prominent old-time Lardeau  prospectors and mining men, was sold  *;out_iglit;on ^Thursday?tOpJESkcafE^imana  tpaid'^asj-foi'tp^li^  r3eitijr'-!*WhJ^^^  i$nis& witii:|ihe;''pi^ii0x^t^:^Mi}s0^t��^^  I ^'ii6.iiei-^yv:\:ijil:d; .''x.e'Steh'liye' '.4develo'pii^ii;t:  Wf5rjt-W;ilffe: :'rtii(leeJ^^n^itii��'::a viS"Cy;6i  IShoroiigijiy te^tiiig*: "tjie ^aiiiii. "yp;the.r ihi^'  poi;te��i'i't!^eiils for-iLfiprde^uy^ propeiltiies m\f-  noWp0Udmg. 'n..\ \ r ;.*;;        ������ -;-  FIRE ALARM SYSTEM HUNG UP  Committee is Short of Funds.  The public works committee liad a  lengthy session yesterday, when several  matters which had been referred to the  'committee from the council wore disposed  of. No action was taken by the committee with respect to the .purchase of the  land in the vicinity of the electric light  dam. The committee some time ago  offered F. C. limes $1200 for the land in  dispute as well as some additional land  which the corporation thought it would  require, but as no response had been received from Mr. limes the committee  could make no finding.  The matter of wharfage dues for the  use of the city wliarf was again discussed, but action was deferred until the  committee could make some arrangement  with the transportation companies using  the same. Tlie committee, while desirous  of making the wharf self-sustaining, does  not relish the idea of charging a fee upon  every one who travels over the wharf  with a handbag. The present idea is to  secure sufficient from the tr.arisportation  comptinies in a lump sum to keep the  wharf in repair, and then throw it open  for general use.  A. Pfeiffer's communication calling  attention to the necessity of repairing  Carbonate street in front of his property  Wits again laid over. To make the repairs  requested to advantage the city wouldalso  require to do certain other work around  the schoolhouse, and just at present tliere  is-some doubt as to whether the committee has the necessary funds.  George Ritchie's request fora sidewalk  on Ward street, from the corner of Latimer to Mill, street, was granted. The  city engineer will be instructed to lay a  three-plank walk, and at the same time  remove his owii fence, wliich encroaches  some four feet upon the street.  The petition asking for the grading of  a roadway on Baker street from Railway  to Slocan streets''was'.thrown out upon  the ground that there was no money  available for the work. "  ���  ^Jey-aiidiQthep,;  or make other arrangements satisfactory  to the council.  Action was deferred upon the application of A. E. Ifodgins for permission to  put an area into the basement of the  Madden bloek. The chairman of the committee will take the matter up with Mr.  Ifodgins and ascertain just what the intentions of the owner of the building aro  with respect to tho area.  The committee decided to recommend  that a handrail be placed upon the sidewalk on the south sido of Silica street  from Hendryx to Cedar street.  NELSON.  Ttis reported that thelocal telophon company will on October 1st increase its usefulness by giving subscribers the benefit of  an all-night service. In this event the  city council will endeavor to make some  arrangement with the company and the  users, of telephones in different sections  of the city whereby the telephones may  "be used for sending in fire alarms during  the night.  .Taoeb Dover and Dr. Hall have evidently decided to get the rock bluff, off  the corner of Silica and Hall streets  Avhether tho city council assists or not.  The former removed all the loose earth  for the purpose of "making a lawn in  front of his Silica street residence, and  yesterday the doctor commenced quarrying the stone out for the business block  which he is building on Baker street.  The steam launch Vidette, which was  built by George Hale, was launched yesterday. The Vidette is expected to be  the speediest craft of its kind on the.lake.  from  relief  This Tribune is in receipt of $5  the  Irene Arnold for the fund for  of Mrs. Sinclair.  Yesterday the Dominion Express Company brought in a consignment of Concord grapes' from Winona, Weutworth  county, Ontario. They are the equal of  the Concords shipped from Ohio or New  York state.  The Oddfellows gave a banquet late on  Monday night at the friendly societies'  hall iii honor of grand master Welch.  Abouty90 of the members  were  present.  s^  ,' 8..*  ���"���fsi  ��� Boilermakers onyStrike;.  . ;San- ���FiMJ^i^fSQi' -Septeliiiber !2&,-~&ti '"ii  meeting ;Pf the stiikiiigy. boii^rjilaiioj-s; a;  motion that anen of al 1 sjiflps" that AVOrle  on all tUivn&pOTts���wiietliev government  or chartered--TStay .out" until the eif litj  hotiiygiiaranteeel by law OH goverjlinent  woi'k, i& griVhtMd them op all transport;  work, was. tinahimonsly carried, -A. motion  that yiis-actiou! be final was also carried  By this action, the union men working for  the tfnion Iron Works on transports are |  called Out as well as the men of the  Eureka Iron Woi?kf��, who are working on  the Centennial and Were grunted1 their  demands by the contractors.  Serious Illness of Or. B. Btaxwell, M. F.  Special to Uio Tribune.  ViOTOltiA, September :i0.���Kev. George  R. Maxwell, M. P. for Burrard, as the district including; Vancouver is called, was  brought down by tlie Tees from Skagway, a very sick man, his life even being  despaired of. Mr. Maxwell had just  started oil a trip to Atlin when he was  taken ill with intestinal trouble. He was  landed at Vancouver.  Renewed Rioting in Spain. ' !f?j?]_|l  Fbiiroi., Spain, September 20.-^There  has been renewed rioting here. The  strikers, women and children, attacked  the men at work in the 'arsenal. Stones  were thrown and revolver shots fired.  The gendarmes charged and dispersed the  mob. A number of persons wereinjured,  including the commander of the ironclad  Cardinal Cisneros. Troops are now  picketed along the leading streets.  A Fito Thousand Dollar Fire.  Rossland, September 20.���A;t 7.55 tonight a fire started just below Nickel  Plate flat, on the west of Center Star  gulch and south of the Second avenue  bridge. A very strong north wind prevailed, and hi a few moments five or sis  buildings were in flames. Owing to tlie  prompt action of tlie fire brigade the fire  was confined to a, comparatively small  area, about nine building.s being entirely  Consumed; For ����� time it looked as if the  whole western portion of the city was  doomed, if not the entire business section, and people weue greatly alarmed.  This is the first real fire with a gale blowing and the buildings hard to get at tliat  Rossland has experienced. There was  plenty of water and good pressure. The  loss is about $-5000.  Interpreted as Meaning War.  New York, September 20.���The Commercial Advertiser's London financial  cablegram says: "The markets here  were idle" and heavy today pit account of  Mr. Chamberlain's curt and" emphatic  dispatch to the Transvaal, which was interpreted in some cniarters as meaning  war."' ���"  "���  ���   '.':.. -*.-'���������'���'l ���..=."-        "...*;���  Australian Gold.  New YoRic, September' 20.���J. & W.  Seligman, agents for tlie Anglo-Califor-  niau Bank of Sitn Francisco, announced  today a consignment of gold amounting  to $1,000,000. The consignment will probably be received in the form of sovereigns and is expected to reach San Francisco within a week or ten clays. It will  ultimately be transferred to this city,  adding to the reserves of the banks.  Juno Group Reported Bonded.  It is reported that Wilson brothers  lnwe taken a bond on the Juno group on  Morning mountain. They already have  the Birdsoye and Aberdeen under bond,  and the acquisition of the five claims  comprising'the'.'."Juno group would give a  Targe piece of ground.: .; Itis.said that the  Juno bond calls for the payment of .$500,  down with a substantial .payment in  sixty.days. The total amount . of the  bond has not been made public. .,.. y  ���|[jg��o*<feed^^  ' :*" TJil^ef^ ������tiiM^^i^  to: ��������gi%lei";: J^t^ld^  :bliyrt*f?tp tjite;' east t>�� P. hjii%\^^&s^^x��ik';-:  Wa|*eh;QT i|3("|.%a^  tlie' ;et)imhitteey- "&$����� ftat-' && ���Pi-B)iiri,,&$;;  yCompany idi'^dyy.'hasir ail* lejiyti^raceyt'o  .tlieii** .waKehousertlie.:.pr_PQsecl jj-i:a;din^  ^v'as-not'Wrgen^^ e'VeiiiS tli^r|i.  ^f^iye:'no?;fuiidsiy�� ���'���':;'"���-., -v  v;��;f-|Che^teii4��*s-'for; th;e- ihst^l^ti^tt>'';0f'��ii;  Mtfe^ditiTO-'sy^ w* go^'intfe;  ^iig- cost of' *i*lijS! systein' fifeni*ed up to  Sfliiiethang likev$2Q0%..^nd.t}ie coniinltte's;  wputil. not entertijtui tlie proposition of  speudiiig:":so: -liiiicii iiiOnSy, Al^eriiian  pietciiBr said., that the: only basis upon  which the conimittee -conld recominenti  sxich a system would be that some com'  pahy would pitto.it in and; allow the city  to purchase it upon the Installment  plan. He thouglit tlmt the city cottkl  Obligate itself upon this scheme to the  extent of ,$40 a 'mouth. An effort will  be made to see what can he done tipon  rtliis-basis.y       --=���===^==~=-==.  A commniiicatiou was received ft'om  the local telephone company stating that  the Company desired to replace the present poles oh Biiker street and wished to  know how the corporation desired to  have the new poles' placed. Alderman  Hillyes thought tliat the new poles should  be put up in the alley way instead of upon Baker street. Chief Thompson added  that tliere wasAilreitdy more or less difficulty ih raising fire ladders against Baker:  street bttildiiigs by reason of the tolc-  phane and other wires. The result was  that the mayor and alderman Fletcher  were appointed a committee to interview  tlie telephone company and see what arrangement could, be made respecting the  placing of poles in the alleyways,  The committee decided to proceed at  once with the construction of the first  section of the sewer in Addition A. Tlie  sower will run up Kootenay street from  the Mines road and up the alleyways in  blocks 15 and 23- from Kootenay street to  Stanley street., Tlie total distance is  about 18-65 feet. . The,work will be done  by day's labor under the foremaiisliip of  Archie McDonald, the outside cost of the  work being estimated at $*.:*55. Out of  the .$1<),000 received from the sale of the  1899 debentures and the balance carried  forward from the previous year there  yet remains a balance of $3000, so that  the committee estimates that there will  be sufficient to complete the odd pieces of  work iii id carry the sewer outlet into  deep Witter without overdrawing tho  account.  In the matter of the drainage from the  Clarke hotel the. city engineer was instructed to.: take steps to prevent the  owners of the. property from further  draining into tho surface-water .drain.in  Ward street. The hotef will bo'required'  to connect with the Victoria street sewer  ADMIRAL DEWEY'S HOME COMING  A National Event,  NEtv York, September 20.���The Olym-  piti, with admiral Dewey on board, arrived and anchored in the lower bay at  7:40 this morning. Soon after noon a  health officer left the quarantine on a tug  to board and inspect the Olympia.  Many vessels putting out to sea steered  close to the flagship. Among them was  the Cunard liner Aurania. Just after  the Aurania passed, a launch from the  Erin, with sir Thomas Lipton on board,  went alongsido the Olympia. The dispatch boat Dolphin with rear admiral  Sampson or his representative on board  hailed Dewey's ship shortly after one  o'clock and fired the admiral's salute of  seventeen guns.  An American Disaster in Manila.  Washington,'September 20.���The following dispatch  wiis received  from  admiral Watson :   Manila, September 25.���  To the secretary of  navy,  Washington.:  The  gunboat  Urdamata, cadet Wei born  C. Wood commanding, has been captured  and destroyed by the  insurgents  while  blocading.  The Avreck is hard agrouud in f-  water two feet deep near  Orani'Ph  the ���  Orani river at the  northwest corner  of ;  Manila bay and is completely   gutted. ^  The displacement in tons  of the Urdamata Wits forty-two, with a battery con- y  sisting of a  one  pounder' R. F. C,  one  machine  gun  (Colt automatic) and one  machine  gun   (Nordenfeldt)  of twenty.-''- ���  five millimetres. ^  The reason of its presence in that river  is not known.    Commander Corn well was y  preventing  the   landing  of   arms   with ^  forty men.    His force was  too smallto ..  attack the armed insurgents at the  vil- '  lage.    The water is only six feet deep on  the  bar  at  the  mouth of  the river.    I  cannot obtain any authentic information   :  of the crew as yet, because the insurgentsy,  will  not  respect a flag of .truce.    Giidetyy  Woods, with, the crew of nine enlisted  men  and   one   Chinaman,   are   not   tic- ;  counted for. ������_  ��     '.:;-..' ��� ��� ���:.  '  ;'";'.   y  - Exhibit for Spokane.  The committee appointed by the boardy  of trade to arrange for the ore exhibit at y^  the Spokane exposition met yesterday at;  A. H. Kelly's office. F. W. Swannell re^t  ported that he had collected $211 in sub-; ^  scriptions towards the exhibit. Accouutsyjy  amounting to $91.70 for expenses^:iivyy|  making the collection were pvssed. Itwa,sy|;  decided to publish a smallypamphletyy|  giving a, list and description yof; the :^yavyy:  ���'���ious^ptecimerij^  ffiiyii6fe��^ill!|i|4'c^  ���S-a-^rfa*r-it''^'^<-��-^ ���^ci<&.-^r*^&fWn?~?a"'*i$-.n&tf ~ .v'-t-S'-.'Tr/ "'',d^ITn Dfl:y3;n'D.-.i^9Dr'J.D.. -r:ya-'.  ���Sl^el6l!sS^itfiiSti|>usJlM^n^  yJphii^tone'sJpi;ch^d"-^g-;^ppp^  !; ice'egi^i ngtiSi'o  ythe^-fe^jittQtay^riu^ $$th ''^W&Xv,^^,  'th0:.���Sll^c5tQr;��6f'*t^^^ j��erf!��f<".'i��?  exerMmij*- Yi\��;' jiDi*i)icn'it|i rSd-ingehml j| i&^S.  ^stli-tfi^.o^Jiel'^l^ y:-.- "-���>' ���.,}?/  -': '^&i^v^i^ii0'lip^^&V��^4: ^i^P^'W'S'S  a^^t "^^h'*^^  biacl|"i;f i^vrpr^inifm��$3)&: |iie; : Sliqi��st iit^,  pe^ii^od^l^iir^v i ���Sb^^'^hejf;^  :"'"c(isesyof-^ny impor^n^  ; .���^''i^temioted iinu^i'vaud tlie tnil'd; a��  ���tlipf t;| ipm, Jiiey pelion  , that of Jl^gina: vSs ||^ .iii -tlie niti?  ������ cp&e;:^f;;t3.|e;^0otli%?iiv'^ li?  ywliic'ii -ii6'[ bjersOii; wi^'i; ilSjured'. The  "leepnd iS'dpwn::;i"*S: Rie^iia vs EOiiKiyeston,  * a lo&ij^ cti^ei Tlite^thef 11roin tlie person  case, Iiegina vs Tuiinbiill, copies from  Criihbfedkyythe prisoner Tni'nlSiill being  out oil I5aii.  Nelso-fi liiis thirteen barbers who are so  afrMd of   oVei:%Vorking tiiCmselVCS that  they have petitioned of the city conncil,  ^o-piissa-byliiw-to-keeptiicni-fi-oni-w^  ing seven days a Week.  w. Tl G. Haultii'in, son of the late  colonel ffanltai.ii (Itoyal ��� Al'tillery) and  cousin of H. IS. T, Haiiltain, manager oi  the, Ycifowstone mine,, is staying at the  Hunie Iiotel Avith his wife.  A promhient citizen, and a rnembor of  the same church as aldci*man Beeiv made  tlio rounds of Nelson's stJ'eets ou Sunday  night; He found but one store open, for  business, nnd that was. in a: buiIdi tig. on  Ward street tlitit is owned by the Sunday-closing alderman for the Fast ward.  Messrs. Wilson & Hai-shaw liave sold  their ice business to the Nelson Ice Company, which will take the business over  on the first of the month.  ���Horsefly Earning a Dividend,  Vancouver, September 20.--Robert  Ward, of the Hoi'sefly mine, visited Ash-  croft last week and left witli the Bank of  British Nor tli America a.substantial si nn  of gold from tlie Horsefly mine. Tlie  Horsefly has so far this season shipped  $25,000, the expenses having been only  about $8000.  feaylng the expensesMfScollectSlI  | Silg^te^I^M^IP^  pai'iy iss-Qf; ii^i^.iiii^Mv&^^^jiMg^i^.  the  pauy'i  U.O- 5>J -i-., .�����..**.-^.4 ^....^fy.^^ -^.��..^,..wn? .,..,...v-^'j; ^'-^o-^**/,'.^:-'!  expenditu res -fbfi-f iietaiwi^ti^plie^  ���gave ii total* ^^^^^t^%^^t^'  did- not eo;v-&* tiie:;dlsbu^se!^nt^  itccatiiit-for'thp^ulway.' 'i3ii,ifiii'g;'iyi(p;jn^g|i||  =mofl.tlkM,i;e^cJ5fii!piftp  men, tliey lOCOiiicjtive depii;rt.ueiit��; rdiilklil  house, station   men,  freight shedv :of|i0��|f;|  men, bridge g*uig and section ci*ew�� \vo;i*k^^  ing out of Nelson amounted, to  m  Custom House Officer Suspended.  Ottawa, September 26.��� Chief inspector McMichael of tlie customs department,  Ottawa, has made an investigation of tlie  amount at the Revelstoke customs office,  and its a result of tho inspection tho  Revelstoke collector was suspended for  irregularities.  Well Known Lardeau Property Sold.  VANcriuvi-'u, September 20.���A Chicago  syndicate has paid $10,000 in cash for a  well known. Lardeau property, the Towser, the next location to the famous Silver Cup mine, owned by ]*).;��� Ferguson of  Ferguson  and ,.A.  J. . Kuowles of Revol-  This total, fidded to the " expend itvfres.-..3>f%  the steamboiit department, gives it "tp'felf^  of ;$33;O00 for the mo nth, ��� y^i:  News fi-ora the; Par North,- Sy$i  Vax*"',ouvj.-*.r^' Septeinber 2'fl. ���-Tl|p(|  steamers City of Seattle a/tid Gbtt?4^5l,  City arrived at Seattle on Sunday ,ft^'nX,��,  Lynn .ettnah ' Ngarly ^<JD' p^sse'ii:geM''_^ei*feS  on the returning liners*, %%Y(i mniViW($0$?-  gold dust Ci,U*|?aof the two bottts pi'ijjiiitij^y;::  reitchcd $5>50;jQOO. v.  The Bttiik of Rritish North AmeViCa &t y  Dawson had a single Klondike shipment; -J  of nearly $100,000 which Caine on Uml  Seattle. It was consigned through tlns,'.^  Aliiska-I^iclfic 'Express Company, tin iici> J  junct of tlie Northern Fiicifie, to the i  Settttle government assay oniee froiu ]  the steamer. The gold was removed iiiider =  police escort from the City of Seattle to ;  the Northern Paeific'sclepot express office i  and later in the day was conveyed to the '.;  assay establisliiiient. ���  Opposed to Alderman Hillyer's Music Hall.   ;  The members of the Epworth League  met in the Methodist church last night  and discussed the question of the Couneil  granting a license to a variety theatre or  ti music hall. A resolution was passed  condemning such action, and a committee Wiis appointed to take the matter in  hand and oppose it before the council.  Vancouver's First Automobile.  Vancouvkr,   September    2(5.���Messrs.  Armstrong & Morrison, wlio are the chiefy,  movers in a local syndicate organized toy!  place  motor cars  on   the   Vancouver  streets, exhibited tlieir first automobilti  stoke; two old-time Lardeau prospectors.^ \ in the city yesterday. THE   TRTBUKE:  NELSON, B. C,  WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER   ?7,  1899.  ^"^���"^���;"^ *"&'���':"2;''^'^^  %  m  m  We have paid the most strict attention to this Underwear  Department of ours, but feel amply repaid by the expressions  of approval of the hundreds of men who come to examine our  goods.    Today we are offering- greater bargains than ever:  m  Men's Fine  Underwear (& $1.50 the suit.  Men's Special All-Wool  Underwear <_/>' $2.00 per suit.  Men's Shetland   Wool,    Plain   or   Stripes   @  $2.50,   $3.00  and  $3.50 per suit.  Men's Extra Heavy Shetland Wool @ $4.00 the suit.  Men's Natural  Cashmere Underwear (UJ $5.00 and $5.50 the suit.  We have quality to suit anyone, prices the lowest���of course.  ��**���  %  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  BANK  OP  B. C.  BUILDING,  NELSON.  te**r:m*s  O^S-Jrl  iUDSGff S BAY  COMPANY.  w  October  Delineator  m Nowinstock in  uA*7��'i5:r*'=-'r'&*':&'5-:��v4(  T-& ^'.^'.$��:&^'.&^$sy-&^& ��"&��: ^��:'^'^*&'^S":Q"^'3":'^��"f:'8-:  INCORPORATED 1670.  We have just opened up a  consignment of Cigars consisting ofthe following standard brands:  Bock Superfinos  Bock Conchas  Bock Puritanos  Henry Clay Conchas Extras  Henry Clay Puritanos  Upmann Conchas  Triumfo Conchas  La Lola Conchas  We also carry a full line  of Domestic Cigars at prices  to suit all trade.  W  S  #  ^  #  ^  ��!/ Latest Novelties  it ^  to Veilings        ^m  S3a^  We are now showing1 a complete range of new fall  and winter goods in all departments, and invite careful inspection of our dress goods, ladies' suitings,  ladies' silk blouses, dress Skirts, golf capes, mantles,  flannellette wrappers, shirt waists, children's reefers  and eiderdown coats.  m  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  Overalls an  We keep on hand the "Levi Strauss," "Boss of the Road,"  and other well made garments at reasonable prices.  MEN'S OUTFITTER  Sign of the RED  HAT, Baker St., Nelson  J. F. WEIR  2Dte ��rtbmt��*  Daii,t Edition   -Wkkkly Edition........    KmST Yk,\R, No. 227   Seventh Yeah, No. 3U  ' In the next general elections; both'provincial' a ml Dominion, lire, inclepcndcnt  party "will have to he reckoned with]  Fully 25 per cent of tlie total vote will  be pollccLby men who avc no longer partisan's ; men wlio no longer believe in  party pledges and party platforms.  'The Globe of Victoria. was killed  through reproducing tlie editorial utteiv  auces of the Nelson Miner.  , There is no more prosperous section  * of Canada today than the  Kootenay and  Yale districts of  British Columbia.    But  . had the mine,owners and mine managers  of the Boundary and Rossland and Nelson and Ainswortli and  Moyie and Windermere and Lardeau and Revelstoke fol-  , lowed tlie  lead of the mine owners and  liiine managers  of the Sloctin, the coun-  -   try would have been any tiling else than  prosperous.   Nelson need not fear competition from  any city in British Columbia, if only her  ���-merchants-will^ carry���stockfi_and���rustle  for orders. The location of the town is  an advantage that cannot be overcome.  From the summit of the Rockies west to  the .summit*- of the Cascades and from the  International boundary line north to the  PETER GENELIE & CO.  Headquarters for  FIRSJ-CiASS BUILDING MATERIA!.  main line of the Canadian- Pacific is  territory that is within easy reach of  Nelson and its trade is the cream of that  of the entire province.  That room of yours J needs  ��freshening up" for the winter months.  You  can give us the size (length,  breadth, and height of ceiling)  of the room, or rooms,  We  will do the rest. In price,  beauty of design and quality  Our Wall Paper  bargains will surprise you',  Canada Brag and Book Oo.,  ���"LI-MIT-EIiD '  Corner of Haker and Stanley Strenta. Nelson  Hudson's Bay Stores  West Baker Street.      Tolcphono 13.  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  NELSON", 11. C.  CoiTcc roasters and dealers in Tea and CoIToo.  OfTor fresh roasted coireo. of best quality as follows:  Java and Arabian Madia, per pound    Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pounds   Fine Santos, 1 pounds   Santos Blond, 5 pounds   Our Special Blend, (i pounds.   Our Uio Roast, C pounds   A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms 2 Doors  East  of   Oddfellows   BlocK,   West  Baker Stsent  Brick and Lime  Lime 70 Ceqts per 100 pounds.  Will deliver in ton lots  Brick $12 per thousand.  40  1 00  1 00  100  1 00  1 00  A-ISTD   1VCI  lTD"'V"  m  I We are selling* blankets and wool comforters at f  I bottom prices. Ladies' sailors and walking felt hats ��  if and novelties in millinery.  OUR GOODS ARE ALL NEW AND STYLISH  At yard or on scows at government wharf,  The WestX?otenay Brick & Lime Co,, Ltd.  Haker' Stroot.  GOAL!  <B  W  #  *  <��  T. G. PROCTOR, "Manager  J?J-5_-J-3-$_-3.-_3-3^  y      Boys nnd       VB-  s - fffa-  fx Youth's' Clothing ;&.  m ' ���"-_/.  m    . at Cost     jjj  GREAT REDUCTION  HABD COAL.  AflTHBACITE  $9.50 pep ton  3D*BXJX-V"*E*R*E3ID  Special rates for carload lols for outside points,  TELKPHONK  33  C. W. West & Co.  Telephone 93.  FOR  ICE  CREAM  AND  FRESH  FRUIT OF ANY KIND.  WANTED!  150 men; axemen, tie makers, right-  of-way men, etc., for contract work  near Duncan City.  FRANK PREVOST.  Wo mako a specialty of  Sljlplap ai*d Double Dressed iVjalerial  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Shingles arid Lath Kept in Stock  Omco and yard flair C.P.R. depot   J?. Q. BEER, Agent.  Special Notice to the People of Kootenay  I am now prepared to test the eyes  of the people, as I have in my department a first-class optician. I have a  large selection of gold frames and the  very best of lenses. Call and get your  eyes examined at  JACOB DOVER'S The Jeweler  LODGE   MEETINGS.  XrNJGIlTS OK PYTHIAS-Nolson Lodge, No 25,  ���*����������� Knights o�� I 'j-thins, meets in 1. O. O. ��. Hall, corner  Haker ana Koctciwy streets, every Tuesday evening nt  8 o'clock. Vihiting JCnights cordially invited lo attend.  T. LILUK.G.C. K, a. JOY, IC. of II. & a.  NKLSON LODGK, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojournlm?  brethren invited.  "VrKLSON L. 0. L., No. I!i!i2, Jijcetsjn I. O. C . V. Hail.  -1-'    corner linker and  Kootenay slreol.s, 1st and 3rd  Kriday of each month.   Visiting bretheni cordially invited.  JOHN TOYE, W. M.      F, J. BItAI>LR*Y, lieo. Sec.  nal Order of  Wednesday in  isttiilB liretlircn we!-  .T, It. WJiAY, Secrotaiy.  Come in  and try our Ice Cream Soda and  Refreshing Drinks.  "Next Door to  P. Hums & Co.  HUMPHREYS & PinOCK  ���KtVtfLSON   MKXK,   Number  22,   '.rater:  J-Y   Kuglfes, nieetsevory seeoiid and fourth  each month iii Fraternity Hall.   Via'tint;  cfflMfi,  J. HIVING.  rnity j  President,  ���jVrHLSJOX MI NIC US'  ���*���*    AR'elri in IC. I', rnr.  UNION  NO,  Mi,  \V. K. of iVL-  iWiK, Frulornfty, If.'tll the Ilrist and  third   ijuturil.a.y uveilingK in   eauli  iiioiilh at, 8 o'cluek.  Vtsitiut; ini;iiil)i:i's welcomo.  ���lAMlCS WILKS, .Suc'.v..     C1L\S. A. aic-K'AV, I'm-,-.  ARCHITECTS.  THWART & CARItlK-Arclijtocts.   Rooms 7 and 8 Ab  J-1   erdcon block. JJakor stroet. Nelson.  APPLICATION TO__TEANSFER LICENSE  NolicoJM hereby Kiven that I will, at the expiration of  thirty days from tiro rt.-ito of this notice, ap|dyat tlio next  Kil.tiiiff ofthe Lieonsiiij? Jjoanl of the (;ity of Nelson  Jlritixh Coluinhia, (o be allowed lo trfthsfor the retail  lir|tioi- license now behl by niO for the JCxulieqtier .Saloon  Hil.nale on JjOtl Jlloc-k 12, in the City of Nelson, JJi'iUsh  Coluiiibia, to James Neelands. A. IT. (JLMM.JfiNTS.  ���JUtted at Nelson, II. (J., September J si., JJSt/J.  ANNOUNCEMENT  Having'leased the bnsiiscss of tho Nelson Soda Water  Factory. I am prepared to supply tho trade with all kinds  of carbonated and aerated waters. Family orders bolici-  tcd.   Prompt delivery.  Beer or H��alf=  aiidhHalf ��� ��� ��� ���  lO Cts  Always Fresh  Always     Cool  THE BEST GLASS OF BEER IN NELSON IS  AT THE  Theo. R/iadson's Cheap Cash Store  CO  CO  CO  -es  o  o   .  s.  CO  o  -Ctf  CD  O  CO  CD    ���  CO  CO  Sim  <D    -  (U  G>  _C2    C  "C3  CD  sr  JZ2  ��  sr  S  3  r  cc  c  bo  bX)  O   3   LZ  o  CD  CO  J���  ST  ctf  CO  "co  CO  Ctf      ��>  o   oa  H  .=  ctf  CO  ��2.  Ctf  c_>  5  ctf  o  ctf  CO  ���a  o  c_>  "ctf  s-  <**���*>  *>  Corner Silica and  Slanloy Slreots.  Hotel  E. .. CUfiRAN, Prop.  JUST ARRIVED A CARLOAD OF  Anheuser=Busch  Lager Beer!  Factory on  Koovor Htrcoh,  N. M. CUMMINS  JVIfJULIINBRV  J<'or tho fall season our stock of millinery and.  millinery novelties is the most complete and  extensive wo have, yet been able to show  in Nelson, nnd our opening on Wednesday  was a most siicccs.sfril one. JVli-s Kay of New  York haseharK'.) of the iriminiiiK department.'  MRS.  E. McL,A.UGHI^ir*V j  Josephine .Street, near linker. j  SHERRIFF'S  Province of JJrillsh 'Columbia, Nelson, VVust ICootenay,  l:o-wit:  Ily virtue of a w|-it of Kiur'i. I'-afcias issued out of the  ^I't'Ul'ctiTt.'C'-i'nrl.nrlir.lt'Hli'Col'il.iidiittAL'I'liuKUi'toir'C.'Jiitilfls  CJiillahan, excel)Ioi* of (lit! esUto <rf the Into William  Callahan, pliiiiiti.ir, sijjuinsl, Alonzo 1). Coplen, (lefeiidaill,  ���AMI to rue dtrecleil aKainst the-goods and ehattolstif (fie  late Williitm (.'ulM'h.rtn,. now being ailiniiiistei'cd: by  Charles ('illlaban, 1 have seized andinkuii in execution  all. the right, title and interest of the ��aid plaintill',  Charles Callahan, executor of the estate of tlio late William (.'Stllaliaii. in tlie mineral claims "Cody Ii'i'iioUoh"  and "Joker Kraetion," both situato near the "t'roddie  Lee," "Cube Lode" and "Jbidicet" tuiiieral clannsin the  Slui-iin mining division of file West Kootenay district,  and recorded in the ollice of the mining recorder at New  Denver, IJ. C, to recover the sum of six hundred and  twenty-nine dollars and sixty-nine ccnt-s (?(i2!).fi!)), and interest, on ��(j2!l.(il�� at six per centum por annum from the  27th day of Juno 189!), until payment, besides slieiill"'.s  poundage, cosLsand .-illollior legal inelilent-il expenses.  All of wliich I shall expose for sale or siillioiont thereof  to satisfy said debt, anil costs, at. the front, of,my olllco  next the Court .House in the City of Ntilsdn, li; C��� on  Kriday the 2!)th day of Hoj��lember, IS!)!), at the hour of  eleven o'clock in, the forenoon.  Norrc��� Intending purchasers will satisfy themselves as  to interest and title of said plainl ill*.  Dated at Sandon, Ji. C, Sept. l;">th. 1S!I!*.  S, P. rUCMC, Bhoriir of South ICootenay.  Notice to Contractors.  Sealed lenders will be received by the undersigned for  the oonsti'uution of flic Madden Hlock from the foundation up.  I'lans and specifications can be socii nt, the architect's,  olllco.   ��� "���:'������   ���'.-:      ���..��������� .-..;���. ������ .���'���,.. .i-.-.'.-.'.i? ������;'���.���  Tenders lo be in by noon .Siil.urday,:!ol.h .Sepfeiiihor, iSif.K .  The lowest or any lender not necessarily iiucepted.  '.    ..      - ARTHUR J'l. JIUHtJIiN'S, ArehiUxf,  ��� ��o  A.  Highest class Lager produced.       On  ASK FOR  R. P. RITHET & CO-^J-td., Victoria, Agents for B.  -Bi-GRAYr-Agenrfor-Kootenay, Bakor Sfc,, Nelson, Next OdclfoIIows Building  sale by the trade in Nelson.  IT  _C.   The Finest Residential Property in Nelson  ROYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS   in  [BOGUSTOWNJ  the   Fairview  Addition  to   Nelson  are   now  on  UNION   MADE  Kootenay Cigar Mflfc Co,  Nelson, liritish Columbia.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BRKWKBS AND BOTTLEKS OI?  Fine Lager B-ee-p,.  and  Prompt and regular  delivery to tho trade.  All  the   unsold   lots   ���   .    .. ..  lw   ,.ciaw���  tUe   now on  the  market at reasonable  prices and on easy terms.    This pronertv  is verv  desirable for residences.   Apply to *-���-/_  T. M. WARD, Local Agent.  Apply  West Baker Street, Nelson.  Brewery at Nelson.  NEAR NELSON & FORI" SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  THE BEST BEER BREWED AT HOME OR    ON PR AUG-HT OR IN BOTTLES.  ABROAD  T*E3X,-fiJ*Es-H:o*15:T*El  136  . During tho, season we will deliver ice nt private residences  and buninoHS houscM daily in any  dcHircd quantity at casonrablo  prices.  WILSON & HARSHAW  HAIB GOODS AND HAIB OBMMENTS  Switches from $2 up.  MHS. J. W. ICEARNKYhas opened a Ladies Hair Dressing J'jirlor iu room 1, Vieioriu bloek, Nelson, and ia prepared to fnnisli. everything'in the-way of liair goods  and hair tonics.   Treatment of Uio scalp a specialty.  is the  Order of the Day  Audi want to bo in it. I have jnsfc received  Jail. Bfiiiipfeg of Suitings and Ovcr-  otiatniKH representing a ?50,fl00 stock to  choose from made lo your order at p.. ices  iievor before heard of in Nelson, All the West  fads in i-'iuioy VestinRs for Fall and winter.  Steveris, Tl|e Tailor  Nelson Iron Works  MANOTACTUftEKS OF  BNGW33S, BOILERS. SHAFTING, IRONVAND  BRA33 CASTINGS OP BViilRY DESCRIPTION  Eopairs. promptly 'attended to.      V. O. Box 173.  Rest&ap&ni  Baker street, between Josephine and  Hail streets, Nelson.      ���    >   '  MJSALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  ��� . ���.. BAJKKRY IN CONNECTION i"JW"wl  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP KMPLOyId UXAIjTY  *gL    ���EsTj-R^t-sr,    ���E>**Ro_*?aai-E3a.o_a  Palace Bakery  Broad delivered to any part of the city.  Cakes, pastry, and confectionery a specialty.  orawfordIbrothers  Next to Royal Hotel, Stanley Streot. Noison  y MINERS WANTED.  Tho Tangier Mine. Limited, Albert Canyon, on tho  mam lino of the C. P. R., 22 miles east of Rovolstoko, requires six good miners.   Wa��os *&50 per day.  ...tfj'.-iSf THE TRIBUNE:  KELSON, B. C. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1899.
all paid
«P,     -
ROYAL, Prosidont
.. .General Manager
*isr*KjrJso"isr *B*R-A.isrc"H:
N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.
     HRANCnKS IN    	
LONDON  (Enfflanti).   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO
and in tho principal cities In Canada,
Buy and soil Sterling Exchango and Cable Transfers
available in any part of tho world.
Is it not strange that a man forty-fh'c
years of age, with fair intelligence, sober,
and who liave knocked over this world n
great deal and have always boon skeptical, and .abhorred the idea of such things
as ghosts, to be made to believe in such
supernatural agencies this  late in  life?
Such is  our  case,  and   we   are   almost
ashamed to own it, but  nevertheless  it's
true.    We will state right here tliat Ave
are looked upon as a sober, truthful, honorable man by those who-know me (aiid
their name is legion), and what we relate
below, my wife, children aud self are all
willing to make sworn aflidavits, if necessary, that  queer things happen around
our home just as stated.    We reside in
Florida in a small new town, right on the
main  line of the Plant System railroad
leading from Waycross, Georgia, to Tampa,  Florida.    Our  residence   is   a. nine-
room, two-story structure, with barn and
stables, situated about one. quarter of a
mile  from the heart of town.    The first
indication  Ave had  that strange  things
happen around the place was about three
months ago.    About cleA-en o'clock in the
forenoon we came up home on our bicycle
and just before Ave got to tlie lot gate avc
heard a terrible hammering in the buggy
shelter.    Wc made sure that it was one
of our little boys out there, and avc called
to him to come and open the gate for us.
.lie heeded   lis not| and  avc called twice
more in a very loud tone, to come and
Open  the gate.,   lie failed, to come and
we got mad and intended to correct him
for,, not-coming .when Ave called' him to
open  the gate  for  us.    We opened the
gate ourself, gathered up a switch,  and
made for the buggy shelter Ayith the full
intention  of switching him.    When aa-c
got to the buggy she! tor we found no boy
there.    We Avent into the house and tolcl-
our   Avife  about   it.    "Why,"   she   said,
".Johnnie, nor any of - the children have
booh about the stables today."
We havo a small outhouse situated out
about forty yards from the" residence and
the door is hard to open. That door -will
open and shut twenty-five times a day
Avithout any human being near it, and it
is awful hard to open with your hands.
The other morning about eleven o'clock
my Avife Avas sitting in the dining room
near tlie table pealing some peaches.
We were sitting opposite her. Our
pointer dog AA'as in the room, picking up
crumbs from around the table,' and all at
once Ave heard him hallowing aud looking
in the direction where he was at the time
avo saAV him getting up from the lioor.
"lle~got"out""of"that_roonrin a ilurry; My"
wife says that she'wits looking right at
liim and heard the lick that knocked hinl
doAvn, The first thought struck us was
that a stray 'bullet* had coine in the Avin-
cToav and struck him. But after an examination of the canine, ivbaudoned that
idea. "
' A couple of Saturdays ago our little
boy brought a peek of Irish potatoes froiu
town and sot them on the dining table.
My wife A\ras iii the kitchen when tlie boy
came in, and avc were sitting iu tlie back
pia'/syl . opposite the table, reading.
Pi'etty soon i,ny Avife came into the dining room, took the potatoes and placed
•"heiii further on, tlie table—about two
feet. She had no more than returned to
tlie kitchen, when I heitrd soinething fall
to the floor. On looking around tliere
Was the bag of potatoes laying on the
floor. There were "no children about
the house nor, nothing apparently to
thrOAV them off. Tliere .Avas plenty of
rooiu for them to have caught upon the
table—but they didn't.
A, few nights ago, after the children
had all gone up stairs and retired and
everything Avas as still as death, my Avife
and self Avere sitting by the centre table
reading, wlien all at once Ave heard a
loose stream of water pouring from sonie-
Avhere, and it sounded like it AA'as up
stairs. We hallooed and asked the children who Avas that pouring water up
there. By that time they Avere all out of
bed, coming down stairs. They said that
it AA'as none of them, and that it sounded
like it AA'as down stairs. It Avent like you
Avere pouring a stream as large around as
your leg into a barrel about half full of
■■.water. Finally, after we quieted the
:■.children and .they.went back.to bed,.the
Avaterpouriiig started up again—and this,
time it seemed to be in the parlor. .We
looked that night, and we looked next
Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters
of Credit on Sl^aguay, U. S., Atlin, B. C, and
Dawson City, Yul^oii District.
morning, and avc haA'e not been able to
find out Avhere that Avater came from, nor
Avhere it Avent to yet.
Night after night you can hear somebody walking up stairs and down stairs
with an old slip-shod pair of shoes on.
We Avill venture the assertion, that Avithin the past three months that A\ralking
has caused us to search the house fifty
times, Avith pistol in hand looking for
burglars. The walking at night is get'r
ting to be so common that our children
don't pay any attention to it.
A few nights ago, after my wife and I
had retired, and everything Avas still, I
Avas laying in bed fanning the mosquitoes
oil' Avith a. newspaper , as it is my custom
at nights. Pretty soon I heard something fall iu the next room like a large
folded newspaper. Pretty soon I heard
one fall in the hallway, then one fell at
our chamber door, then one fell behind
our door. My wife got up and looked
and sure enough there Avere the papers.
In the meantime, avo had ceased to fan
mosquitoes aiid had laid the paper Ave had
over on the bed. When my Avife retired
again she put her right foot over the
newspaper'that I had been using. She
had not been in bed more than tAvo
minutes the second time, when "slap'!
Avent the paper right down by our bed!
My wife raised up in the bed and looked
on the floor, and remarked, "that it Avas*
identically, the same paper Ave had."
And sure enough it Avas, for aa'c got out of
bed, picked the paper up, and carried it
to a lamp that AA'as burning low iu tho
room, and looked at the date. The reason
that  avc are so positiA'e that it Avas the
30 by  120, Haker streot. between Josophino and
AVard streets '. '"'8000
50 by 120, Daker street, between Josephine and Hall
streets, corner	
25 by 120 with improvements, south sido of Vernon
street  5000
50 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vernon
street..... *....:...\ ;....  6000
2J- lots with cottago rented at 813per month, Victoria
street-...^ .-_. ■  3500
2 lots with cottage rented at 920 por month, Stjinloy
street  :  3000
G lots in block UV), all cleared and fenced in ,\. 2500
-W"_A_IR,:]D BBOS.
■Real Estate and General Agents, Baker St., Nelson
Tlie Nelson Electric Tramway Co., Ltd.
Large number of choice building lols adjacent to the
line of their tramway. Kor price and terms of sale apply
to the oflieeof the company, Macdonald block, corner of
Josephine and Vernon streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary.
Charles  D.  J.  Christie
iisrs"cr*R^.3sro"Ei  .
5-Rooin House........ SliiOO | 50-IToot Corner. .... ,,$300-
J-Hooni House, '.».... .$000
CWes k Water mail & Oo.
MMi mm. and GEIEH1L ffiUTS
Baker Street, Nelson
We give the very Bust Teums to those
•wishing' to borrow money on improved real
The only company, in the province that gives
you the privilege of paying off your whole
Loan at Any Time without a Bonos on giving a 60 day notice of your intention was so.
British Columbia Permanent Savings & Loan Company.
Globe Savings & Loan Co., Toronto,
Lots for Sale
?550 Avill purchase a choice residence cornor, 100 by 120
S2100 will purchase a central lot and residence.
$100 will  purchase  two nice lots and shanty, Robson
street. Hume addition.
S3000 will purcha.se four nice lota and residenco.
1(1,000 ljoolod Fairmont 4 cents.
JJlackcock (Ymir) shares 20 cents.   "     .
5000 Utica at li cents.
. Turner & BoDCkh block, Nelson, JB, C.   .   .-
paper Ave had ou the bed is, it was the
Toron to Globe of ti late date that Ave had
been reading before avc retired that night.
We have a son sixteen years old, and
two smaller boys, who sleeps up stairs.
They are not scarry, but last night had
to quit their room. Soon after tliey had
retired something caught hold of one of
the little boys' hands and come near pull
ing him out of bed. It scared the little
fellow badly, but finally his older brother
eofixed him back to bed. My oldest son
come downstairs three times during the
night, and said that hr c mid not actually
sleep for some one walking around the
room all the time. He said one time
there AA'as a light that went all around
the room, and then Avent out. He has
changed rooms, but I don't kno\Ar whether
he has bettered himself or not.
Header,  AArhat avc have Avritten is the
Front Doors
Inside Doors
Screen Doors
Inside Finish
local and coast. .
local and coast.
Newel Posts
Stair Rail
Rough and
Dressed Lumber
of all kinds.
If what you want is not In stock wo will make it for you
J. A. Say ward
t ^   '
Contractors and Builders
-"      ' WILL DO "WELL TO
' ■   AT      ,
A largo stock of first-class dry material on hand, also
a full lino of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.
Yard: ,Foofc of Hendryx stroot, Nelson
Telephone, 91 Jolll!    R&B,   Ageilt
The Royal Agricultural and Industrial Society
of British Columbia.,
ltd, #h, m m&
$15,000 IN PRIZES $15,000;
A. Round df Pleasure for J'our Whole Days
irorcsj-j rao^s    meyono hacks    aquatics
Mil JTAItY STWltTS miliar AN A
Magnificent illuminations <
Grand concert every evening.
Special attraction at the Ne w Westminster opera house.
BlOiiHtei'oKetirsions from all points^ at greatly reduced
For special features see small hand bills;
No entrance foe charged for exhibits.
li'XteOUTfVR-ins-worship mayor Ovens, T. J. Trapp,
W. J. Mathers, Geo. I). Jlrymiiei*, R. F. Anderson, Aid, J".
F. Scott, Aid. Al. Sinclair.
For prize lists, entry forms and full partibulars, write
President. Secretary.
VV. H. KKARY. Commissioner.
Crow's Nest Pass Goal!
Orders may be left with C. W. West
& Co., or with.
Office on Haker street, two doors from Bank of Ii. C.
Containing' 120 acres of land within one and a
Quarter miles of Nelson.   Pur further
particulars apply to
FRED   J.   SQUIRE,   Helflon,   B.   C
truth. We never was superstitious anel
liave visited several places during our
life that was said to liave been haunted,
but as we 'were an unbeliever in such
things, never saw nor heard anything
until lately that made us believe in
ghosts. AVe tried a long time to make
ourself believe that these voices and
strange occurrences around our home
were rats, imagination, etc., but it was
no go when you come face to face with
things like we have narrated, what are
you to do?" You are obliged to believe.
Especially when there are six other souls
on the place who hears and sees the same
The Tremont Hotel
Wool Carpets Art Spares f
Headquarters fop Miners and Prospcetops
and fti
ops ana uigars
One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.
Heated with Hot Air and
Lighted by Electricity
Largo comfortablo bedrooms and   first-class  dining
room,   Samplo rooms for commercial mon.
■KATIES   &2   ■E'ER   *D.A.-*Z-
Mrs.  E. G.   CLARKE, Prop.
Lato of the Royal Hotel, Calgary,
(-j. D. HUME, Manager.
The finest hotel in tho interior.
Large samplo rooms.   Steam heat and electric light.
Madden House
The only hotel in Nelson that has remained under one
management since 1830.
Tho bed-rooms  aro woll furnished and  lighted by
The dining-room in not second to any in Kootenay.
The bar is always stocked by tlio beht domestic and
imported li _uors and cigars.
THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.
,   VIVIIR,   B.   O.
J.  W.  SMITH,  Proprietor.
Largo and well lighted Heated by hot ai
Reasonable rates Samplo rooms
Electric bells and light In oyefy room
Renovated and refufniBhbd throughout)
JT: V. PERKS;, Proprietor
Kree bus meets all trains _!Waie___o   R  ft
Hourly street ca* to station SiBVOlSlVm, «■ W»
$?ight Grill Room in cbnneotioh, for tho coiiveuicnco of
guests arriying aiid doparting by night trains.
.Province of Ufilisli aoliiinbia/iVelstjn, Wank 'ICootenay,
JJy. virtue «fa •A-fti-rant p:f axeu'utiwi issued, oiil of tlio
Comity C'oiirt of'Kcitltotirvy. Ii«lrl.Unut ICiislo. HI. tlie sirtt
of Jw.se-ili Lyneli. plalittiJl',i.uid i<» me directed upainst
tlie j>ood« and: cbiittciM of The Ivfiotoiiay Air S:ii|i|>ly
C'r/fiijiany. I.lin1t(iil,(lfcfeiidaiil., 1 li.-n'o gal'/sud :ilid tnUna
in 'execution all tlie rfglu,. title iuld iiitoi-est. of the sjiJiI
doft-ndant, The Jvootenuy Air Siti-inly < 'iimpany, Utruted,
in the dam, flijn.ii-. iiunntiiok, piiiitij;. slitifl..«ii- (jliaitibei'.
plant and tii,-toturt»!t'y used l»y Uii'j said TlU: Kootenay Air
.Supply Company, l.lnfiteil. roi'eoni}i|-es.-(.liiit air fiir com-
niei'cial punioses, tdj^ui lim* with niiy jiermRsivw, legal or
other litf.lit which lite wild The iCootun.'V.v Air Supply
Coinpnivy. I.,itiiHe(l, tuny have fol- the erection and maintenance of ita woi'kw and iiweliinory upon the " Hl.ixizurd "
initioral olaliii. mill other adjoining, liropoi-ty, nnd one
"R4Viid" machine drill,una "Kno.vles pnni|> 'So. ;'r\'M\f
nnd One " Snow " pump No, M,S)l„ono upright lioilol'., one
bellows, one anvil, one, vice, vat'ious bineksniitliK' tools,
one boiu-diiig house, one store house, one engine bouse, a
quantity of piping of varlbuct si/.es, one ore huc.-.lcet and a
(liiaiitityof Hteel and wire rope, one cooking stove with
cooking utensils', and otic heating stove, to recover. 1 ho
sum of eleven hithdred and forty-six dollar*- and nine
cents (Sll-Mi.f.pil'.ainoliiituf said exceiilioii, besides sheritrs
poundage, costs and all other legal and incidental expenses.
All of wliich I shall expose for sale or sulllcicnt thereof
to satisfy said .iudginciit, debt and costs, at the front of
my olllco noxtto tlie Court Jloliso. in the City of Xelson,
on tho 23th day of September, A. J>. IS99, at the hour of
eleven o'clock In the forenoon.
Notk—Intending purchasers will satisfy thcawehes as
to interestaud title of said defendant.
Dated at A ins worth. II. C., .Septeinber 2Uth, iSilll.
S. V. TUCK, Sheritrof South Kootenay.
On and after the 1st of October ISM, the Grand Central
Hotel will be run strictly on l.ho.Kuropean plan.
We have fitted tip a new (lining room with a seating
capacity for one hundred people 'which, will be run-in
connection with the hotel. All meals twenty-live cents,
payable in the dining room. Will ho pleased to furnish
meal tickets on application.
ltooiiiK by the day, week or nioulh.
Thanking yon for your generous patronage in the past.,
and trusting to be favored with a continuance of same in
the future. - - I remain,-ro^pcctfiilly yours,   *• ■
-.■■•,.--..■ ' K.SIMl'SUN.V
ing- a 3-Ply  Wool  Carpet or Wool Art
^ Square. We have a large Assortment of each. A
ffl Pew Sets of DINING CHAIRS received yesterday.
^  They are polished and in oak.   Do you want one.
# —     . ' -    . "       .
| Don't forget we have a $20,OOQStock to choose from
D. McArthur & Go.
We have a stock of one and a half million
feet of logs at our mill and are prepared to cut
all kinds of dimension timber and ship to all points
on Kootenay Lake by scows or steamers, also by
rail to all points on the Canadian Pacific or Nelson
and Fort Sheppard railways. In stock roiigh arid
dressed lumber, shingles, mouldings, sash; do
newels, turned ver^^^pIS^^
Factory, work of alfiiiilillliiplii®S
OFFICE ANDr MILLS C|)||r^:5^i||^*|'^p|^
n-.    .-.■■"-■■ °"-. -'■   '- ..cf1. --■   -J1'-
"VD'^^n'"-°"'^ "D ■■■"■^-$$'!p* '^'^■'°'v;. &-,:&";-oa.„So'"tS>v?n-'
<: s.;."'.y^:s3'^S;il^fp.:S
"'" '%>%--"d%:'
IIkad Okkici"; at
Wholesale Markets at Nelson, Rossiand, Sandon and Groanwood,
_ •■'■''■■K^y^'^^^j^
^ ...■ ^''';b%';?:;y'v^;;V.;'\yy^^^vv;2*.:||;'§^
]lcL:iil Markets nt Nelson, K(is)o, .Sswuloiij: Silvertow, Itfew ]-)en;yei', 'S^rili'-': Traljj' !@t*feri''fcj!^ij_^^,^___|^
 G.isGadcrC^'ceirfVrt^ :     :       ' :   ; . '.'■'■IHv^^v
MaM Orders Promptly Forwarded*
■ MAi KliVTIS 01'*
."■■■"■   WllQhKSAhR axi» . lucrA-n/" '
I C. T
3 j«uiUW11     fc.|   VB    iB_rmwiu.'W|
oitDi-mS by jviAit rkoKivij: carKfui. ANii rjiQ.Mi^ attkis"J,i0n.
Cori'tt!" of VVart'l anrl Iloovor filrccls.
c. K. tmtiy.y.Ki.i.i-:. vaui.x., j-j-oI'iuktou
."p0,fK»Q of the i;liolcC«l \-nriotios foi full ulunlHik t-o arftve
hi a few dayn tlircct from the kw-'c)'."! in '.Mollimd, ewt-
sisl.intj of Hyacitttlis, Tulips, Dall'otlil.s, .\"ai'ci.s.s1ts. Hcillas,
Iai.ly uf t ho Valley, Croon.-*. .It»n(|'lils, Snow Drops, Anc-
inottes, Manunciiluft, It-i.s (Miinoiloxa. clc. Orders to Ihe
value of two dollars and upwards sent. !>y mail or express free, and al, less f hnii eastern prices.
1175 Haro Street, Vancouver, B. C.
HoarditiK nnd day school for girls will ro-open on tho
15th day. of August. Vacancies for boacders. Kor terms
and prospectus apply to
The undersigned his a lnrKQ.quantity.of'.flr, codar, and
tniiuirac slabs, in lfiincli and I-foot-leiigths,'suita*ulo for
stove wood,,which.wiirbo sold:for.$1 a load at tho mill
NoImoii, August 1'JUj. 1838. :
Wacon repairing promptly attondod to by a fiwt-einsa
Special nttontion given to Ml kinds of ro_ alritig and
custom work from outside points.
St]op:   Halt Street, betwoet- Baker and Vernon, Nelson
Bulbs  for  Fall  Planting*
20,000 Hoi la nd Ilulbs to arrive in Setitcmbor; flOOO Japan
Lilies to arrive in October: 1500 JtUoflodendroiw, Azalea-1,
Mattitolia^. Hoses, etc. to arrive iu October. Thousauds
of Hoses, 'Camulins, l-'ruit an<l Ornuniontal Trees. Slirubs,
etc., growing on nty own grounds for the fall trade.
Catalogue free,
M. J. Henry
Vancouver, B. O.
(Ex-ShorUT of South Kootenay)
I        Cash ftdvanood on consignment-" of merchandisn.
Pcetoffloc Bok 5K_S5Sa_tiJ^___3!I3 INelsoii. B. U THE 'TRIBUNE:   NELSON, B. C:,  WEDNESDAY SBPTEMliER 27,  1899.  DON'T  WASTE  YOUR  MONEY  ON  BOTTLES  WE  CAN  SELL  YOU  PERFUMES  IN BULK  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  And there are no perfumes in Nelson  equal to those which we have just received. We are now opening up full lines  of Roger & Gallet's and Legrand's celebrated French Perfumes, as well as those  of the Crown Perfumery Company of  London. These orders may be purchased  either  in  bulk  or  in   bottles.    See our as-  o  ".>.  sortmcnt  of French  Toilet Soaps.  o  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  New  Arrivals  BARBERS' REGULATION COATS  Arory Nobby  BARTENDERS' REGULATION VESTS  WAITERS' COATS* INy SEVERAL STYLES  COOKS' CAPS, APRONS,  Etc.  dt A.  Qilker  The   Leading   Purnisher  Remember the Nan^e  The wholesale men of Nelson wlio do  business with Boundary points are in a  fair way to experience the advantage of  a rale war between the Canadian Pacific  and Spokane Northern Telegraph Companies. The former company lias readied  Grand Forks and established a 2:.-cent  rate for ten-word messages from Nelson  and announces that when the line gets  through to Greenwood this rate will apply  to Greenwood as well. The Spokane  Northern Company is already in Greenwood and is now building into Grand  Forks as rapidly as possible. It announces  tliat.it will meet every cut wliich the  Canadian Pacific makes in the rates, so  the prospect is good for a cheap telegraph  service from "Nelson to Boundary points.  Chief "justice Tuck of St. .lohn, Nuw  Brunswick,who is on a visit to the Coast,  will arrive in Nelson next week'on a visit  to his brother, sheriff Tuck, and his  daughter, Rlrs. Freeman Lake.  It is reported that Alfred J. Andrews,  mayor of Winnipeg, has interested himself in the case of the young man Parker,  who has just got into difficulties with  the Parsons Produce Company, and will  see that he lias counsel when the case  comes to .trial.  Tenders for the erection of the superstructure of the London & British Columbia Gold fields offices on Baker street  will be called for tomorrow. Ellis &  Martin, who have tho contract for the  foundation, will commence work upon  the same today.  Constable Christie of Slocan City  brought in Albert Thompson from that  point on Monday evening upon a charge  of insanity. Thompson was brought before Harold Selous, J. P., yesterday who  remainled him for medical examination.  "Joe" Club is making good- progress in  the erection of the trolley poles for the  tramway company. At four o'clock yesterday lie had made a record for. that  day of twenty-eight poles. He expects  to have the "job completed next week.  The maxim gun for "the. use of the  Nelson company of Kootenay rifles was  shipped from Ottawa on September 13th  and is expected to arrive in Nelson daily.  Rossland has a new weekly ���'���paper  named the Industrial World. It is devoted to the interests of organized labor,  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Monday  lumber.  as neither the Miner nor the Record of  that town appear to be particularly  friendly to the men who work for wages.  P. .1. Russell, manager of the Parson's  Produce Company, returned last night  from a three-day trip through the Boundary country, which he reports booming.  He did business.  A. Macdonald & Co., wholesale grocers  of Nelson, have seventeen cars of merchandise moving. What house in Vancouver or Victoria has more?  G. O. Buchanan received on  from Kaslo a linrge load of  shingles and lath. The consignment was  made up of lf,0,000 lath, of which one-  third was sold direct from the barge  within four hours after their arrival,  ;"(),00() shingles and 100,000 feet of lumber.  Calgary Herald: "R. Uehne, route  agent for the Dominion Express Company, arrived in the city yesterday with  his family on their way to Nelson, where  they will in future reside."  Tliere was a noticeable improvement  in the electric light service last night.  This was due to the removal of a quantity of lead which"1 finding its way into  the pipe, blocked up the nox/.le at the  water wheel. Hugh Nixon will put in a  sluice-gate at the dam this week and  clean out tho debris which has accumulated in the dam from the Athabasca  mill.  OTXIR,   GKRZE-A.T  A  LARGE  CONSIGNMENT  JUST  OPENED  We can supply you witl] Cartridges  TO SUIT YOUR RIFLE  Carpenters' Tools  A   FULL  LINE  SHELF HARDWARE  THE BEST ASSORTED  STOCK  IN THE KOOTENAYS  STOVES AND  KITCHEN UTENSILS  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON  M-M&^i^0&M?0MM -A^i%'ffi%^��^  Having sold our mill, we are offering our  stock of liUY'jjUj-.IBKIi (�����K),()00 feel.) for sale, consisting  of '1-inch flooring, rustic, shiplap, inch" Iiiiiiber;i;*.vl, lixli,  ���2x8, -2x12;-alllengflis.   Correspondence solicited;'.' Shook  l1jS^>'��^��!-i>��;*t';'.fii^ ��  Will be Continued until all  the Sandon Stock is  disposed of.   .  IISSONV  ���"���^l ��*Tr"V��,''j5' B&1!"B !*"'________  ^^^^^^^i^^^^^^&. $ke '���uia^&'-6f00,  |;|��f^<^ leaMng sic&ffks^  *Jw;:-:ff^ that ca%be snoMn^  ^������(Xnw^0^^::'^0^y &QQ&S not to be had cititiy^  wher��W$&r'   ��� "V '.-'..'  ��'$.���  &*  We handle, and in this Une show evodnsi/ve  styles, whioh commendthemselves to cUisiom-  ers whp are particular as to the class of  'Nelson  OStp^l^llfly^  jtroJIc^ipwJer^  tw'illi-kiiiillfe'.xotittii '.=tD_J.Ul"i'it''^Mt3ii^ii.-'Ql��'S''feQ.-��^6toli's  ^mmyc'iryvf,^; iy~:^yy.:y /:?.& v. :y ���?:'?���?&.  4i:op.n:isj.'p!cKba.l^ .-�����:.; ���.-���?���. ,;..-������  '^!^^Mt^6^Mi^MWY^ri^ '"'-^M',  ���"^Wav^^^^w^y-'^W^M'���!�� C/ts'Oi'ofIs","finii'jSs;  yiiofioi^.: y;y y^y;y~^;/.y..::y <������'������-^ ���"_* ,   -.y;:;,  '": ^^t^'%<^}f^j^M^^^fy^- %i- 'y^oMi^  ^^^l%M^'^^v\^^\^^-&V^s^'S^>- "A.].iTj1}T t;6:-iJoljii'V  ;,-lji'}.^ojj;jL$f^ '���" y'. :'���'.'" ��� '���/':.-yy-'1  We do not advertise  one or two lines of  goods to be sold at a  low rate for one or two  .���.: 'fi.'. ���"'���.  Jiours, inste*ad we sell  safe ^pr^esvy^nx^M  ARE YOU BURNING UP MONEY  Because Your Stove or Range Canrjot be  Regulated to Save Fuel ?  ?;*li  ^Sf^la^^^i��it��6^rt.  jVy    .jin'T'-JWI "��� fon'Sr-.."fr   ���if"     . n IVn.��� .-'jff^:'��.i I'lVl /'���'.--1r..u   mr^'-P ���    n        ���       ?_: ,  %  Ml  y&  ?":  "I  #*���  'w  IT WILL PAY YOU  TO EXAMINE  OUR HEW STOCK,OF      ���  STOVES AND RANGES  The .saving in fuel efTccted will soon equal  the cost of the range. It can be so quickly  and easily regulated that thei'o need be no  waste of heat or fuel. New patented improvements offer you more convenience and  comfort than you'll Jind in any other range.  TWO -CAR   LOADS TO  SELECT  FROM  LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO.  Latest Nc>y V_i<k and ftvi'is jiaUovnS M be sliowh at  FHdayand Salurdajf, Septeitijber 23 anjd 24  TEA SEUVKD."03* AFTERNOON OF OPKNIJCO  Al.ii AtlK GQRI*iAl,i.Y iNYll'JSD.      ���.  Bator Klrecl, two dooi,^ MISS McDERIVIOTT  wesl of MaHin O'ttoilly fe Gp'H    ��� IN' ciiaurb ��  ���^^Kt&p^iM-^:--'--'--  :-;  -��oj?^��^y;0';y-  i;$��i^,i^^ij$i&:i. y  :��� jiA'nt j'iiS^^riA^ii')ri:":v  tieTTic ������yioi.i'i''���ao'\V'*vs ���  yT'l��Ivl:S<5;y ���;i'.\.  ��� iMflliiSAHJ);; *'������'.���.;* v':��  WkMo  %Mmi:$, ;Co.  "KT.Tv.roi? BfiOCJC, ibVKER St.JtF>fe*r;.NKLSON.  NGTItJE;  BlamoaflS' and all fFeetotis Stones  Are seBimg now us never ^bef&re. This de^  partmeMi of cur business is strongly com-  mended t& ypur attention. We have all sizes  and gMaJMies und at prices that are right.  In mounted pieces <we nave a comprehensive  line from smaM diamond, ^u/welry up to the  costliest rings and brooches.  WE SELL AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  :if  WE IIJVVK SI'-CL-liKl) TlIK AGfcKBT I-'QK  Whcii.Wl'OI'lpi'Ij* l��)l.|!t!(l the kljoVvlWlKO I hill, if, IS  .JlUle^oii \viili:l' is all lliu i'i!(;cmjilicn-  (l.ulioii l.ljal, itniiufls'-.  Vi>;jt.\'ON S'l'RJSKT  N'lO'JSUK, J!. C,  THOKPB & CO., lid.  "j*.-  -��S*  BAKER STREET, NELSON, B. G.  W. P. DICKSON  B. H. H. APPLE]V.HAITH  J. McPHElB  leetrie Supply mi Gons  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  ill  Complete Electric Equipments tor Electric Power Transmission and Llsfhtlng for Mines, Towns  Blectric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, "Etc.  P. 0. Box 806, Josepfainn Street, Nelson, B. O.  SPECIALATTENTION  Havo just received n consignment of HivrriK home  made tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FEED J. SQUIBE, Baker SL Mod  The supply Is limited, bo call early and examine this stock.  A IjT' hizos of in:��iU I^cioUrs.��� W'^> ��^��';y k��*d .of Hiicclal nillnK and prlnleil."'hoa<linBK. maimfiMrl.iircd rit?l��l, 'licre in  �����*-  Nelson, by well-paid workmen, wfio fpcrid UielrcnriiiuKs in Noli-ou,  Tribune AsMOciuUpii. Liniitcd, Vernon St. 1  NOTICE.  Notice is lici-el)}- driven tluit in tliirl.j- days, I intend to  apply to the clliufttiiiiiiis'siuiicl-of JhihIk and w-oiks for  pci-niiswioii lonutiind cai-iy away tinihci' off the below  described: lands:  Ooininenciiiffut h V<ist, atiout two and a half miles, up  fi-fliti Ihomouth of iicreuk ruiminK into (Jiawford- Hay,  'on Ivooleuay lake, ahd knowh as Gray creek, marked  liortliwest corner; tlience east forty chains; tlionec nrtrlli  ton cIuliiiK; thence oust twenty chains'; tliciioe north  ten chains; 'tliencecftstthirty-five chains; tlience south  two chains; thence cast seventeen chains; tlience south  sixty chains; I hence west ilftceii cliains; thence north  ten chains: tlience west twenty -five chains; tlience  south ten chains; tlience west, sixteen cliains; thence  soutli ten cliains; tlience west; sixteen chains; (hence  north ten chains; Ihoneo west forty chains; thence north  forty-two chains to the place of conuncnceiiienl,.  Signed, HAHKY HOUSTON.  Nelson. B. C��� SeptemberTlth, 18!W.  "KFOTIGE.  Notice is hereby Riven (hat in thirty days' I intend lo  aiiply lo the chief couunisKionei-of lands and works for  permission to cut ami carry away timber oti" the below  described lands:  C'onuiieticiiif'- at. a post ten chains south of If. Jlouston's  northeast corner post', on Gray creek, runninginto Crawford Hay, on Kootenay lake, and thence cant fori y chains;  thence south eighty chains; thence west ten cliains;  tlience south eighty chains: thcmio.cast tuii chains;  thence south forty chains; thence west forty chains;  tlience north fifty chains; thenee west ten chains; thence  north ono hundred chains; thence cast ten chains;  thence north fifty clmins to the place of coiiiiticiicentent.  .Signed. THOMAS SPKOAT.     1  ���  Nelson, B, C, September Oil). 1  Notice ishereby gifeii ���tluit in tiiirty days, 1 ihtend to  allply to 1 lie chief cOinini.ssioiujr of lands ulfld .Works, for  ���pcr|iiission to ciil:iind otrry iiwii^ tiiiSber oir the below  xlesui ibctf; liiiids: ' ."'.','       .  dfjifluiencjng at (lie 'northeast corner of II. Il, MeDer-  jnid'i* tiinhcr claim. Cm..bafraiiCe ci'Ccli, on sofith Ann of  Kpotcuily Janke, tlience cast foct.y chains, .tlience south  ten cliaiiiK, thcnCc eiisVuinety cliains, tlience .lioi'tli.ten  chains; tUence'Cftst, forty-live ��l.iain>-,,thO!iCC .south fifty  chains, thence west: live chains; ll.iCiiccKoi.itii tenchaiiiti;  thenco west seventeen chains,; lli.ence south, fen chains:  iiiortec west eighteen, chains,, thence .north ten cliaiiisj  tliCtiCC west foity chiii/l.-'',tliejicCsOjltl! ten uha;ilnss.,tlic(ice  went forty chums-, .(hence south ten cliains; thence west  '���fbciij'-HVc.cHuI'fjfi,. thence ijorUi'eighty ciisiiii.s (o place of  cO'iinicncciiicni,. ���igncdf tiJ-IO., CfitAV.  Nclsoii, u. a, .September _2ntt, ismk  UOTIOE.  Notice is, hercTiy givoti, thati in, t;l,iii;f;y days, I liife.nd to  apjiiy to the chief coiiuuissioHci-iof lauils. a,n.d, works, for  Ilgi'it-Hsifln to cut and: carry ttiviijf tiiinbcr oil" tiiC bclbw  dfisiei'Ibed. laiute:  OoiiiiiiCiicing at. a fKJst about..two and a half miles up  Ijafrail.eC crcclv, o.rt llic south null of Kootenay laikc, com-  )liciiciiigaf tire north west co'Ciicr; thenco cast live chain.S;  iiiioiiCo north forty chain*: tlience cust, twfnt.V chains';  tlience north fen chains; fhciiceca.st.iiilie chains; Mieiicc  north fen chains; thence east ilve chains; thence north  ton chains; thence enst. ten chain.1-; thence north ten  Chal��.<-; thenco east ten cliiiins; tlieii.ee north ton  cliains; thence cast; twelve chains; thence north five  chains: thence cast thirty-eight; ehaiitti; Uionce north  twenty cliains: thence eas-t fourteen chains,! thence  soutli twenty Chains; thcnCc west eighteen Cliains;  'thenee south six chains; thcrico west twenty chains;  thence* soutli twenty-live chains; thence west ten chains;  tlience soutli twenty chains; thence west twenty chains;  tlience .south JI.ft.een chains; thenee west ten cliains;  t.lieiice south twenty-five chains: thence west eight  -cli'iiii.s; thence south twenty live chains; thence west.  seventeen chains; thenco south eleven chains: thenee  west twenty chains; tlience north thirty-two chains to  tlie place of commencement.  *.                                          Signed, II. D. McDEHMII).  ? Nelson, B. C. August 20th, 1S!H).           NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that in thirty days, I intend lo  apply (0 the chief commissioner of lands anil works,  for permission to cutand cany away timber off tho below  described lands:  Commencing nt a post about five miles up Yuill crock  on the west arm of Kootenay lake; thenee north eighty  chains; tlience west ten chains; thenee north sixty  chains; thence west, ten chains; thfiuco north forty  chains; (hence west ten chains; thence north forty  ohain.s; thence west ten clitiinri; thence north forty  .chains; fliciice west ten chains; thence north forty  chains; thence west, ten chains;  thcitcc north twenty  OUR CLEARANCE SALE OF  Crockeryware  IS STILL ON  GIVE US A CALL AND GET BARGAINS  Kirkpatrick d? Wilson  14 Baker Street, West Telephone 10  Sweet Mixed Pickles  Sweet and Red Hot Relishes  Get the Best Jams  chains: thenco west forty chains  chains;   thence  cast ten  chain*  chains; liienco cast ten chains;  chains; thenco east ten chains;  chains: tlience cast, ten cliains;  chains; tlience cast (en chains;  chains: thenco cast ten chains; tlience soutli eighty  chains; thence cast forty chains to the place of coin  nienccmcnt. Signed. CIIAJUJCS UILIA'lOJt:  Nelson, B. C, Angxsl 1st h, IH��.  tlience south twenty  :   thenee south  forty  (hi rice  soutli  thence south  thence  south  thence south  forty  forfy  . forty  sixty  We have just received a large consignment of the  DYSON-GIBSON   COMPANY'S  JAMS  AND   PICKLES  Also a complete assortment of the  TORONTO   BISCUIT COMPANY'S SWEET BISCUITS  Baker. Stroot West, Nelson  John A. Irving <�� Co.  PLtTMBEES,   *E3TO���  0*3*?*E*E_j__   *E3:OT*rS'Ei   B^OCK*  :,3^S;;35%KSS*  P*g��jki,tt*PP^&TPii7n> J,-,***v&K*e*>Xr*t+-?,,


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