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 THAT DREYFUS WILL GO FREE  Is Not Considered Probable.   .  RKNNK.S. September 8.���That captain  Dreyfus will bo condemned is tlio almost  universal opinion hoard in Rennes tonight. Hitherto there has always been  a divergence, but now both camps, the  Dreyfusards and the an ti-Dreyfusards,  seem to be unanimous in the conviction  that the verdict will go against him.  Upon just what grounds this is based,  and the precise reason for their conclusion are a mystery, but there is no disguising the fact that from iM. Ltthori  down to the numerous Dreyfusards who  crowd the hotels and cafes, and who last  night were still hopeful that Dreyfus  would be saved, all seem now to agree  that his last chance is gone.  Tho  one  source  of   hope   is M. Labori  himself,   who said   this  evening:     "We  fear  that  captain   Dreyfus   wiil be condemned, but we don't intend to throw up  the sponge.     We shall go on fighting for  him."    M. Jauaurs,   the  Socialist leader,  tind   other   prominent   Dreyfusards expressed a similar opinion.    Excitement is  at fever heat,  aud   nothing is discussed  but   the   verdict  of   the morrow.    Tlio  military  precautions  tire of tlio most elaborate character, and no attempt at disorder is likely to have the slightest success.    Orders    have     been     issued     to  repress     any     symptom     of      trouble  with   tin    iron    hand.      A   small   anti-  Semitic mooting was held here this evening, and the complete calm that prevails  is an indication of a quiet day tomorrow.  A strong force of gendarmes guarded the  approaches  to   the  building   where   the  meeting was held and the orders were to  arrest the first man who raised a seditious  cry. Nothing, however, occurred. Indoor1,  the  inhabitants, of   the   town   seem   indifferent and  tlie   neighborhood  of   the  Lycee and the prison is deserted, save for  a few gendarmes.  The news of the publication of count  Von Buelow's speech in the Roichstans-  y.ciger reached Rennes tonight and is  considered very important on tho ovc of  a verdict wliich, in some quarters, it is  thought, will be regarded tis a' slight by  Germany if it be a condemnation, as being  'tantamount to a public refusal to take  the word of emperor William, as his minister is merely his mouthpiece. According  to the latest report, the verdict may be  delivered between 3 and 5 o'clock tomorrow morning, the court adjourning after  M. Demange's speech until-3, o'clock.  Thereris some criticism of M. Labori's  decision   not   to  speak   to the friends of  une  SATURDAY  MORNING, SEPTEMBER 9,  1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON. BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  '"%      $b '*_'"    ���   j_      T*D   "^Un   a*'ana'S"       ^Ino^g  ��� iiEo'tV     D[pa    _Qo ���     o1  ���"./".3ti_."^1ii*t'i':d*:o'_.tiit4^^ra.  Ji    _ n n    aHfl.muiiM _ * iff   DtiDrv. JH flnB     T.   "    n n    n    . ���     ���?   n n    1.     .,   9,_h_r_  '  American journalism, and nothing is safe  from the attempts of these journalistic  thugs, for they are nothing better than  that. Tho lieutenant-governor���probably  because he  would  not  listen to the demands of these  writers  that  lit!  should  adopt an arbitrary and unconstitutional  course���is now deliberately charged with  manipulating public affairs   in   order to  advance the political fortunes of a near  relative."   He is held  up to public scorn  and contempt by  assertions   that   he  is  guided by tho advice���not of his responsible ministers, but of the members of his  own family, to Avhom  he  is  represented  as  giving  that   full   information   on  all  'matters of state which is supposed to be  confined   within   the   four   walls  of the  council   chamber.      Has  anything  more  disgraceful been seen in  the columns of  the     provincial     press    in     the    past.  We    think     not,    and    we    should    be  very   much    surprised     if    this    style  of       political       warfare       does       not  bring down on the heads  of  those  who  liave   originated   it,   a  chastisement as  signal as it  is   deserved.    The highwayman is a character  that calls  for   some  respect compared with these  journalistic  assassins, who  stab in the  back  a  high  official     like    the    lieutenant-governor,  knowing his position makes it impossible  for him to defend himself.    Not only our  public men, but  the  members  of their  families and their friends,  are  also considered   as   affording   opportunities for  wounding those on whom these cowardly  assailants desire to wreak their spite.  Wo are, however, coufideut that in the  ranks of tho Opposition���among Conservatives and Liberals alike���a'ro many wlio  view such actions as these of their two  journalisticsupporters with disgust, while  tliey must also be convinced that such a  style of political controversy will assuredly alienate many of those now iu the  ranks of their party.  Getting Ready For Dewey.  New York, September S.���The National Sculpture Society today submitted  plans to commissioner Brady,:":of the  building department, for the erection at  Broadway and Fi fth avenue af the Dewey-  TOO   MANY   POLITICIANS  ARE  - ^"Jja^J;\^iittM;^siigh*'a' ;pi'Onijinen;tp.i!::blii,  "'>���'t|i^"pr;oe^.dJw|(S:n. �� '        .  ��: ",. ���   :.' ��� giM^y SQApjMptJS.    '' . '  "Vancouver Js'Kw^rA'i. QClitSfr.,  " ��A li\tlp, inore" tlaiiL a Av_6ek ago," we.  '   FrgfeiH* _d .to .the  ijidi'ciiUr whfcl'i  the. t\v"0  "JoppftSitioii p^vsiia^ei's*, .in^VI'etoj'i'a Were  ���B". _jg��. "jH-mx itlmu'isejfeesiV by'  their, iijisu-c-*  ���fefesff'. ill"_ llQiigh despprt .to efforts to, make'  "   people bplieve that th-Ot'o was it ot'.isis ill  provincial  political   _��� fftEvs.     Falling  in  this ti.tte.n;pt, they havte no\v, i-eeojlrse to  methods   w4iieh    every  intelligent   and  JToiiest. person  will  condemn,    in   every  issue Of those newspapers appear attack.  of a  person til character  On   the   nielli-^  bers;  of  the ���government   aiid   soiiie  of  tlifj.il' Supporters.    Some tliey are pleased  to .designate as knaves;  others as fools.  One journal will publish ah item absolutely false;   the other takes  it  up  as  _=tli ough Jtaveraaiu the u tic-Oi^endorsetiUbyJ  tlie goveriiiuent, and on sue'li A fraudulent  foundation builds tip a fabric of false^  hood aiid   deceit,     Even'   this   is   not  enough  cto    appease   the    hunger    of  these  villifiers  of public   men,  and  we  have   had   recently    some    scandalous  exposes    of    the    means    wlueli    those  newspapers adopt when   tliey Cannot secure tlieir ends in a more reputable way.  It has been proved beyond   the  possibility of doubt that interviews published' in  tlie cdhimns of these newspapers had no  other foundation  than   thp attempt of  some penny-liner to niako a. few dollars  by pandering to tlie demands of his employers  to furnish  material to support  their statements,    hi one ease it has been  shown that the gentleman with whom an  interview  was published  had never spoken to the reporter; in another  the person   interviewed   has  declared   that  he  never uttered the statements attributed  to  him.    But notwithstanding  this, the  substance of'these interviews is made to  serve as the text of ''editorial articles in  the hope that some of the mud thrown  may stick.  The last few days have, however, developed a state of things which, while  new to this province���and, we think, to  the Dominion���discloses a lower journalistic level to have been reached than we  should have thought possible even with  the incidents which have lately been witnessed. We are accustomed in a certain  class of newspapers to read disgraceful  and calumnious attacks on members of  the government or of the legislature.  But it was not until the two opposition newspapers ventured on it  a few days ago that the representative of the crown���the lieutenant- governor of tho province���had ever  been made a target for abuse. We have,  ��� however, now reached the worst style of  ./dfilie^fc.^^  n    ^    in_ _o*H'i]    rtfi i��   m i" "   *',^   d>  u n      .|[_u     Jw&u       ^     n H  '*"' *u -d  t    _ u     ^ tL,       - " ���[,    _i      n    u  -'dnJ ti - -  ��fii|);S.t.ijt'i_|&^  ���'���.Ji-iw.-'llj^  xt])L. 'T^he'toj^d.'w  -Ire-h' xti'Q "ri'O'vy practically 'tfoii!^.!^ .tl^a^pSV  .the first of tji^htwillbe ta.k;eu Tip- itp^ftte  ' .tirc'lt. fej^  fbet "iij;"height and weigh��� approximately"  IMi p.OUndsh . F^'atik, '.*\V. ^aiiggi* ,01? the  Uui .iC eoitimittee liacli. _on. gi^Tce' t��3diiy  Viixtlx ",p!:es.ide:)it!r WermxfGJhtVpJ' ���tlve: "..Aijoift  society siiii'd |5r,esHJont3^t. eiidql-ff "*:0f tlies  l.ie:derkrVi^i/r Society.] = It swascfecfdedrtliat  |l��� lihiite^, .li-oiPii. ������of .35.0" voices" fioiil ike  tAvo       Organizations      sljalt n    gQ  Mining in the Slocan.  New Drnvbr, September 8.���Several  mine mtinagors passed through here on  their way home from attending tho mooting at .Sandon on Tuesday, among them  being J. Roderick Robertson of Nelson.  They would have little to say about their  deliberations, or the results arrived at,  stating that they were all pledged to  secrecy. However, they were till unanimous in denying that any caucus of  the association of mine owners had been  held hist week, other reports to the contrary notwithstanding. One party when  asked as to the results of the meeting,  stated that he thought the situation was  even worse now than before. Another  vouchsafed that very little business was  transacted, but the secrecy pledge debarred him from saying what. It is a  big mistake, he added, tothink that this  present difficulty is a struggle between  the mine Owners and the miners, for tho  latter were truly the best friends of the  employers. It was rather a struggle and  quarrel between the mine owners and  the government, the latter being entirely  in the wrong, .in,.making the'iniquitous  eight-hour law.  Despite these protestations, however,  the feeling amounts almost to a conviction and a certainty that the mines are  about to resume operations, and that by  October 1st everything will be in. full  swing. On every hand there are tangible  signs of this, and each creek and section  of the camp affords evidences of preparations being made for winter operations.  One point, to wit, the Queen Bess. They  have increased their bunkhouse and  boarding accommodation, and put things  into better shape. Moreover, Avoid  comes from their London house this week  that a new 2000 foot tunnel is to be commenced at once on the property, which  will take ayear to complete. In the meantime the mine.is to ship '100 tons per  month steadily while the new tunnel is  being driven. On the Rambler-Cariboo,'  Dardanelles, Marion and Noonday, opera  tiQiiSskare t,()be ctwu'iedjjn^with full energyy,  .with a; uunibei'���_;Oi*"()thers,.vsu0hy.as��stl:ie��"  ^��alena.^Farmv^^  ^tlie-.slmtp^Wi^of^ii&rlJi*^  afs^iltiugi. "in ^i^ie^eiff u;tur e* t^JSa^Wtci>tltes!,  THE L0ND0Nj;ST0CK EXCHANCE  Does Not Look For War.  London", September 8.���The cabinet  council here today attracted greater public interest than any meeting of the ministers for years past. A well dressed  crowd of people cordially greeted most of  the prominent cabinet ministers and impatiently thronged tho precincts of the  foreign office throughout the session.  The first indication of .'impossible decision  of the cabinet came from the stock exchange, where the markets recovered on  the report that the ministers had decided  not to send an ultimatum to tho government of the Transvaal, but to insist that  the Transvaal must agree to si conference  at Cape Towu, but it is too early yet to  pretend to give this as definite information of the action contemplated' or to be  taken.  The council was marked by absolute  unanimity, and in spite of a lack of official information and the presence of much  corroborative evidence thatthe question  is less strained, there is no sign of any intention to convene parliament, and no  immediate necessity exists to call out the  reserves. It is probable, however, that  the appeals from the government of Natal Avill result in the dispatch of a large  body of troops from England and India  to Cape Colony.  Tlie Times, in its second edition today  published a dispatch from Mafeking  which said: "Colonel Baden-Powell will  review the troops at Raniathlabara  tomorrow. Large numbers of Boers aro  moving about the border near there.  There is an uneasiness over the number  of the Transvaal Dutch here. It is feared  they might join the invaders in case of a  raid,  Amsterdam, September 8.���The members of the Dutch Transvaal commission  haA'e cabled to queen Victoria, imploring  her "in the name of humanity and God's  kingdom to preserve peace."  ; London, Septeniber 8.���Mr. Montague  White, the consul general of the South  African republic in London, said to a re  in  the float "Peace" and accompany  the Oiynipia nil the harbor* ;and sing  hymns and songs of welcome. _?eijera.i  Roe has received tippl. eatioils for places"  hi the land pai'Acle from a brigade of New  Jersey militia from 1;500 to 2000; strong.  From Connecticut he has' learned of 1000  soldiers coming and colonel-Stein of West  Point lias announced his intention of  marching' in the parade at the head of  300 West Point cadets. The indications  areJJutt. the_viSiting_;troops_WiU exceed_  10,000 in, number.   Will be a Finafleial Success.  Manager Amiable is assured of tlie  financial success of the Godfrey Band  concerts this affjornoon and evening.  Last night lie had sold 050 of the 1.000  scats. One hundred and twenty -five  tickets were sold at Kaslo alone, iind 200  people are expected from that town and  the Slocan. A gentleman who attended  the concert tit liossland on Thursday  niglit says the performanee of a cornet  soloist alone is worth twice tlie priee Of  admission. Tho concert will be given in  the skating rink, tit the-corner of Stanley  and Houston streets.  Work Commenced on a Smeltei? Site.  Paul Johnson has com men ced work on  the smelter site at Greenwood. Monday  morning a force of surveyors were at  work running levels at the mouth of Copper creek, which runs into Boundary  creek about three-quarters of a mile from  the center of the city. It is reported  that negotiations are on foot for the purchase of all the land iu the vicinity held  by private individuals.   Another French Duel,  Parts, September 8.���It was announced  here today that as a result of newspaper  politics in the Dreyfus affair, M. de  Pressences, editor of the Temps, had  fought a duel with M. Maurice Barre.  Four shots were said to have been exchanged, with no results. The seconds  of M. Barre assert that the duel did not  occur, as they withdrew their demand  for satisfaction.   Silver Quotations.  New York, September 8.���Bar silver  50c.    Mexican dollars 47k:.     Silver cer-  tiiic.ites:59fe.'-    ���;...;        .������"���;.-���;  *__,'&'_iel'.'?g ^  featlf'.ore.V��i^ 'ipei^casing-the5  value of<th;e; pfodUet fully$20, per ton.  Itis.Sti"ild'rjj|iyF"��,p_i't._}ti:fe liOAv'io/alltl^at  bolities have*phiye"d the."largest .��,.rt in  the j)l'esen|;:laboi'l!tro>t^ iitf tlie":^10cuaii  ���eanip,m;and 'that';fi-Qiil tiie'"'first"^h;ele"��'h.a,yen'  : b0eil antrigiieS folltrivihgiutrigifes, to-the  cleti'iinent of the countiy aiid tlie w;el&  being of the canip. The- retrogrkde  movement^ of the mine owners nlay be  judged fi'onl^jiese fact. :  At the outset of the trouble the'oAyners:  and lijaiitvgers fOpned an assqeiati(3ii  k��iio%vii as the Silver-Sead Mine 0jV;uet'S'  Association Of Btitish ColUiiibia. This  title was afterwards seen to be aja'ayiug  capital too strongly against labor, following closely upon the heels of the aiu  liounceiiiont of the $._��� day, so they  changed it to the present_api'ielUVtiOii of  the Sloeau Milies Association. At "first  the owners were loud in their 'denunciation of tlie nieu and union ttictics, asserting' that hos.ts of laborers were easily obtainable .elsewhere. Failse telegrams  were sent to, and erroneous statements  made in. vtii'ious nliniiig sections of Canada, in tlie hope of securing men, but till  to no effect.. Now the owners come  down humbly, and state that the minors  are their best friends, and that tile labor  troubles are due to the government  alone.  The assertion also has been frequently  made in newsaper interviews that tlie  Slocan niines weie in the luinds of  Americans, hence the strike. This is contrary to facts, as witness the following  properties controlled ill either Canada or  Great Britain. The Whitewater, Ruth,.  Dardanelles, Rambler-Cariboo., Wclling-  ton, Payne, Queen Bess, Idaho, Bosun,  Wakefield, Vancouver, Enterprise, Com-  stock aud a number oi others. The fact  is, the mine owners see they must give  in and pay the $3.50 scale, but they want'  to let themselves down easy.  Ball Games Yesterday.  .Syracuse 9, Rochester 4.  Toronto 8, Montreal 7,  Springfield 5, Providence 9.  Brooklyn 5, Boston 0.  St Louis 12, Cincinnati 8.  Chicago 5, Cleveland 1.  Washington 2, Philadelphia 4.  r"riefcii.i:^  -vviththe'jTtsiiUsyaaly iH^faet'thaqueen whll>  i.npt\pevmit^vixv,Kyj,uaix:a' a.telegranrd'rQmi  _,Bret0.i'|a%jtoday^��;,^  ^Wns-yrt'fis'iov^nhi^  the"ppsitiou Regarding? the: .peace1 .party  �����:    TO', "'", .*"J'"1>"">���?_ ��"���"*?��' "   "     *    ! " .���'*"'>S. "A *" 1-- "'_     ��".'  in ISnghtiuJj ttncl.'ig.in^iio/wi_cJ\inigledby  .Sp'e.edheS" oil d^ipifsli'^tioiiil,^".."*  " l.dJjipO^^'Septeii^rO.i^Iie^  eorri^poiideiit of .tlfe " D>ily  Chronhiie  ��sj!^��� ��� it" wtisB�����tli'e" Ti^iirvaaFs'"^^!.^!^!'?.'!.'.��-  gat'dih^;; tlie- Suzerainty   question.1 .'that  'eS?is4d';%hii��.-Af*. iktjtitfler leadei:^* ijx C|ij}e  'CoJ'qi^j^a.ncl. ^ihe^'Ortuige. ��'M(&o :State^ -to ;  " '0J|:',pfoii "  reSuiimd  fossor Hart of Winnipeg in the morning.  R. T. Lowery, editor of the New Denver Ledge is in Nelson. In speaking of  the situation in the Slocan the visitor  said that since the difficulty over the  eight-hour question had come up he had  quarrelled with both the miners and the  mine owners, but that in spite of this ho  had taken in more subscriptions than he  had received previously in two years.  Lowery says that it looks as if $."1.50 is  going to win iu the Slocan. '   "  .  .,  Fred Trvine ifc Co. htive out invitations  for a millinery opening for two days next  week���Tuesday and Wednesday.  Ralph .Smith, the labor loader who represents .South Nanaimo in the provincial  legislature, was in Nelson yesterday.  He made two predictions while here. The  first was that the Semlin government  would not even consider the matter of  repealing the eight-hour Law, and the  second that there will be no general election in this province .within 'the next  year. Both of these predictions will be  verified.  They Propose to Maintain Their Rights.  Pretoria, September 8.���In the first  raad this morning the debate was resumed on the interpretation of the government respecting the concentratioiHof  British troops ou the border and the  stoppage of ammunition consigned to the  Transvaal. The house adjourned shortly  before noon, after adopting -unanimously  the following resolutions:  " The volksraad haying considered that  friendly correspondence is still passing  between the two governments, that the  concentration of troops in great numbers  nearthe border has a detrimental and  restless effect on the inhabitants of the  state, and the Transvaal has  lived in friendship and peace  with all nations and desires to  continue to live in such friendship and  peace, how declares its regret at the concentration of troops, aud expresses the  opinion that in the case of eventualities  which might lead to enmity or war between the two governments,' the cause  would not lie with the republic.  AS regards the stoppage of amnuinition  Cotton and Jute Workers Strike.  Dundee, September 8.���The cotton and  jute workers' strike here has assumed  serious proportions. Ten- mills were  closed today and 10,000 mill workers are  now idle. Slight disturbances have occurred, but have been quelled by the  police.  *GpQl "Off <pfoihjtJtly.. Tjhe". T.i:aii��y{i.a_"'ha$;  nqAy iteSxiiired a liraptteal ^tojieAndthe  s Afrikrtiiders.tiire' exerting aSvtfiiie.u. effoist  to' expedite a setblonleti'tL The eoi'fces'-  poiitleht of the Daily "Graphic, says:  Therle is no doiibt tliat Mr. Sehi:%ineiythe  O'tpe !_reiu'iei,, and, the Afrilfander leaders  liave thrown in their lot with sir Alfred ���  Milner andthis fact* explains the ii'Htt.-  ���tiiot _ displayed iii the volksraad in-the dc-  bateOu the interpretations. It is reported  from BloeiiifOUteiu that a ballot will be  taken throughout the Orange Free State  to decide whether tlie goveriiiuent shall  jleiiiai'i'__=ne.utl'aiL^oi^\v_. otheiL_they_=ahalL'  assist the Transvaal.  AccOrdijtig to a dispatch to the Daily  Mail from lirussels, Rr, W. J. Leyds, tlie  pleutipoteutiary of the SOuth African  Republic' to the European governments,  does not believe there will be war between  Great Britain and tlie Transvaal, but the  Boers will fight to the end, lie says,, if tin  iitteiiipt is made 011 their independence*  London, Sbptcinbef 9.���Tlie Anglo-  Transvaul situation today wears a more  peaceful aspect. The Associated Press  'account of the action taken tit tlie cabi*  neb council yesterday, i. con finned from  the best sources of inforniafcion. Jn .addition to the troops from India a brigade; of  four battalions of infantry is under orders  to start for .South Africa Immediately���  One from home and three from  Mediterranean stations. The sailing  of the Castle liner Harlech Castle has  been cancelled and tlie steamer will probably be employed' to transport the troops.  A semi-official statement comes from  Pretoria, through Capetown, to the effect  that the Transvaal government has explained to the British diplomatic agent,  Mr. Conynghahi Green, that its hist dispatch Was meant as an acceptance of the  proposed joint inquiry.  .'|r(iU.TSl"^^  ;t1>Mteb'-��lie%natter^  ,\of:troppsiOW^*lie'^b#der^for'.the'"p  fi^ffi*t>e;pvli^^  . rorn;iation_: obbauii6d��" :i. * ujii.{itiSf:��etory.^  iSevei'theless^iitlw^  _ itlt no|"fii;e;- h6gai$��^  ing:, tljei^Vaji-"d. eiargs ratsellh-'detotij'^unicll'.  ���111- the ujeaiitpre; to. "ijifai||aiu the;rights'  of ,-fciye-ifi^jjitbn|_tnc;"��n- -n ��. \'"'" �� '  �����* -�� ',* ���* "''." n-  ��� 'TlieygOyierahie'nb^ ml' fen.ftaj  ^_^nii^uijcem%ntthatvits.I,tlst\d.^  4ntended*as :an aefieptaiiee" pfi th:e - aoiift  inquiry".' " 'STlre "iniKta'keh" ^iirtel^rel^vtioj.  a;roseVtliroti:gh'a doiifhsion erf ideass "Botli"  president " Kruger and vjee-pl'tg. IVleift  Joifbert de^elare tliat they are detei'ininOd  to wbl'k.lor a peaeeftjl settloment.:  Germany After Chinese Ttafae;  BisftoiN, September 8.���Gernnijty is  slowly but stii'ely advancing her efforts  to acquire trade in the fttr east. Iter  preSeiit poliey is to obtain the loeal tind  eoastitig trade,, bringing it to ports vt^liet'e  the gtfeat steainors call. It is iw ,1111-  _noun:eed_bh;itsi to Wi 11 mtikc ti bi d. f 6r the  ANOTHER HARE-BRAINED SCHEME  Of the Political Mugwumps.  Special to the Tribunei  Victoria,   September   8.���The   latest  hare-brained scheme of the political mugwumps represented by the Victoria Globe  is to circulate a petition for the dismissal  of the Heutenant-govei nor.    Tho  text of  the petition has been published and fails  to include any valid reason Avhich might  be   urged.    Meanwhile,   the  Vancouver  News-Advertiser    joins    today   in   the  denunciation of W. AV. B. Melnnes for his  anarchistic   preaching,    and   there    are  those     who     say     that     if    Melnnes,  in    . turn,        were        to        tell      what  he   knows   of   Cotton's   political    plans  something stirring might result.    For instance, if it could be shown that Semlin  and Cotton have recently repeated Turner's folly  of  inviting  Melnnes  to join  the cabinet the lieutenant-governormight  be moved  in   self-defence   to  show  his  resentment of what would be  called  au  attempt to improperly influence him.    It.-;,  is said   that the lieutenant-governor  is  not impressed with the strength or popularity of his ministry, but is at a loss for  a proper man to replace Semlin.  ��������� ���      Taylor.    .:  The Kaiser Expresses Satisfaction.  CarlsrijiiI'V Baden, September S.���  Emperor William, addressing the burgomaster of Carlsruho today and expressing his satisfaction at the bearing of the  troops, said: "Many, centuries musts  elapse before the theory of permanent c  peace attains universal application. At  present the surest bulwark of  peace for the German Empire consists  in its princes  and   the  aimy they letid." ;  After the parade a banquet  was given  at   the  castle and  the  grand   duke  of  Baden   proposed  the   emperor's health.  Emperor William  in  responding  to  the  toast, congratulated the grand duke upon'.:?  the brilliant achievements  of  the  Fourteenth army corps, and indulged  in  historical     reminiscences,    lamenting *  the  absence of the heroes who led   the corps  twenty years ago.    "Ours  is the task,"  said     his   majesty,   "to    maintain   the  inheritance they have left  us.      Today's   :  parade is a source of pride to our people  and country and ah admonition for other  lands.      These  colors  range  themselves-  around the golden banner of our empire;?  to protect and.safeguard,it.      The surest ji  cemenb holding together the fatherland J.:  is tho 'mutual co-operation of oii r princes 7H  and the blood jointly shed on the field Of ;:*  battle.    May'the  century aiowi 'draWihg.S?:  Wi|(|p^e|ii^bli|hu^)^  ,5SvgI:ij5^s_^i|^|^^ .  ^etu.rigs;plA4'hS6��6^l^^  ^������^>��v.s|  ��� w MBJ-'..--: ���  NELSON.  A. Perland & Co. did the greatest business yesterday that they htive done since  they opened their doors in Nelson. It  was the first day of their great bankrupt  sale, and as the sale was well advertised  in Tub Tin hunk, it kept five clerks busy  all day disposing of goods. Some new  goods which arrived late will be opened  for today's sale.  Two men well known in the West will  occupy the pulpit in the Prcsbyteritin  church on Sunday, namely, Professor Gordon of Halifax in the evening and Pro-  Yaugtse Kitting, hitherto exclusively in  the"hands of the English and Chiuosc.  Eight first-class steamers of tlie style of  the new Mississippi boats arc being eon>  struetod. They are of steel, with powerful engines to obtain great speed, of  'small dragghb, and, thus capable of service  on the river throughout tlie year; Hither"  to Yfiii Ivan, 080 miles, inland froni  Shanghtii, has been tlie utmost point  I'etiched by ���_ teamot's. The Germans intend to ply regularly to Gluing Iving,  1500 miles up the river.  Peruvian; President InauRurated.  Lima, Peru, September .8.-���Seiior Kdu-  jti'do Roniana, foi'tner senator for A re  quipa, was today inaugurated its. president of the republic of Peru for the term  of four years in succession to S'onor  Nicolas Pierola.  The eeremouics ptissed off in almost .absolute silence. The crowds in the streets  did not raise a single viva after scnor  Rouiana liad taken the oath, which was  at 4 o'clock this afternoon. Senor  Pierola returned to his private residence,  followed by a large body of artisans,  whom he tuldressed from a window, recommending them to promote peace and  to give their support to the new government.   His remarks were 'heartily cheered.  Minto Has Received No Invitation.  London, September S.���Captain Las-  cellcs, aide-de-camp to the car! of Minto,  governor-general of Canada, telegraphs  to the Times as follows: "The governor-  general has not received tin invitation to  the Chicago festival. His acceptance  would depend 011 his Canadian engagements. He much 'appreciates the suggested compliment. Sir Wilfrid Laurier  has not communicated with the Veterans  in any way.".  Working" for Persona,!, Jift^sts."  Kingston,, fiimu^&f B^M^x"B&f3M4i^"M  ^GUiinicaii, ���irhaih Hyhicli ihl$k> ,|u%f ^fieil'^  'reeeived,"]iei'e,.Kt..ys' fhaST flie^.^iitirisiitl^^  enthusiastic!- and .'OSteii��iy^^^tiol.:al:;"^  demonstratioiipi.5:^  for ..tu.ii Is'isgj'O JiiXX'uiQX, the-^i|tu|er!.f0f^^����_  feh,e 'S't'iceeSsl!itl:i;eyo,]utio']i.'iiitl.;,a#,e^  'by 'geive'r?.il Inibert 'and tl'le"le^,d;e��'^.*qf����,^'.  Ji,miuez's inunediate politjicAl ^icti^n^^:;  is not alt'tjgether rept'oseiitative pf�� ":tht)f"{ *"���  Tea 1 ^loiiiiltir^outiinW"^"^  ginning to apilear that wliile the whole1  nation accepted the revolution, thus reii  dering ti prompt and bloodless suecess  possible on the tacit iiiid,ei'StaiHling  that the intolerable inpnbns of  party jiolities would bo po .nuinently rc-  removed, securing ait Aniel'lcaSi protee-  torate, .Jjmiuc���' party Mre.i"a: retilly woiili;-  ing for Ijis ijersontil ititeVestS, to the ti,"cj  eoiiiplishnientof wliicli. tlipy lio\y, iit'Apjlse  trti.li.zing the victory", it they 0111 coiupa'sa  his coii,.l,ttubional oleetioii.  No HTasty Ejeetments.  Cnu'-Miix, Septembor Si���The Eocltf  Lslaiu! Kftilwtty Couvpatty has issued iti-  stt'uctiotis to till it. conductors that hero-  tiftoi' no person is to be pub off a train oti  account of defective ti.inspoitation or  for otlicr reasons where thei'e is the  slightest doubt in favor of the passenger,  or until the ti'tiinniali hits received ejectment orders from the executive '.officers iii  charge tit Chicago. When a forged 01s  mutilated ticket or pass is found, the  conductor is to take up the same and  wire for instructions.  fie Gets Another Jot.  Bkiu.lv, September 8.���-The Lokal  Au/eiger today says that barpu Vou Der  Recke Von der Horst, the fornier Prussian  minister of the interior, has been appointed governor of Westphalia. He  succeeds Dr. Studt, who httvS succeeded  him in the ministry.  Knezevic on Trial.  Bi'.i.GRADrc. September 8. -The trial of  Kne/.ovie, the Bosnian, who July 0th attempted to assassinate ex-king Milan of  Set-via, firing four shots at liim and  wounding Milan slightly in the back,  began 'today. Most of the morning wa*��  j spent iu reading the indictments.    ..__,.._ THE TKTBITNTC:  NELROX, B. C.  SATURDAY, SEPTEMEU 0. 1899.  SiB:--?"*)^^  _3> ���/_?���_=?��� "2" *3"  _S>. ��� S5> ^J�� ^S> j. _j -. IS. ^S5i vV^; ���."��> -JS*  iS-c^-7S-&-^'-l^'^'^-7^-'r-y\^''��y-''.-''7ririr->  %  Ladies'  ���^%.^^^^j^j-'^.55>;.,a\.^..^a^a.i2.^..tN  AND UNDERSKIRTS  m  #  m  /%.  We still sustain our reputation for nobby, first-  class goods by securing the most complete range of  Ladies' Top and Underskirts either you or we have  ever seen. As a result of close buying we are enabled to sell you a first-class skirt nicely made  and well lined at 50c. A complete line of skirts  at" $6, $6.50, and up to $12. Underskirts at 75c  and up to $12.50.  MARTIN  O'REILLY & CO.  The effect of the new treaty is to put  Japan on tho same plane as the other nations of tho Avorld, and to make foreigners amenable to Japanese Laws, and to  open the whole country to trade. To  think that a half-century ago Japan was  leading a hermit life, and that she was  practically forced to trade with the  world, is to recall one of the most wonderful awakenings in history, for there  can be no doubt as to the intelligence,  capacity and position of the Japanese  people, or tis to their progress in industry, commerce and education. Japan is  now rocogniy.ed as one of the powers of  tho earth. Her now life shows progress  in all directions.  BANK OF  B. O.  BUILDING,  NELSON.  te-r'M's o_s_s_3:  #  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  White  WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED OUR FALL STOCK AND  SHOW THE BEST $1 SHIRT IN THE CITY.  MEN'S OUTFITTER  Sign ot the RED  HAT, Baker St., Nelson  J. F. WEIR  Lifihtning Work on "Pants."  Now Orleans Timos-Doinourat.  "Pantaloon-making   has been reduced  to  a  great  science in   the  big  factories  both here a.nd in tho North," said a Now  Orleans   clothing   dealer.    "I   refer,   of  course,   to   the  cheap garments that   in  this section   are  sold -almost  entirely to  the negroes.    A pair of  'pants'   of that  grade contains twelve pieces, the outlines  of which tire represented  by slits in the  top of a heavy  table.    Twenty-four sections of cloth are laid on the table, and a  revolving knife  like  a .buzz-saw travels  through the slits.    As it does so it  cuts  the fabric into the  exact  patterns.    Tho  whole thing is done with incredible swiftness, and the pile of cloth is  scarcely deposited when it is fully cut.    The  pieces  tiro thou sent on an electric, carrier to the  sewing machines, which arc also run  by  a motor.    Each  operative has only one  thing to do.    The first one will put in the  leg  scams,  tho  second   will  sew up the  body,   the  third  Avill   put  on tho waistband, and a< fourth will attach the straps.  The buttonholes are worked  by machinery, and as a rule the buttons themselves  are of the automatic staple  variety and  are secured by a single  motion of  a sort  of punch.   It is very interesting to watch  the garment passing from hand  to hand,  and ib reaches the inspector all complete  with a  celerity  that  nearly  takes one's  breath away.    It is then ironed by being  passed   between  a series  of gas-heated  rollers, and is ready  to   be  ticketed and  placed in stock.    Under the present system the outputs of some of the large factories htive boon quadrupled   during the  last four or five years.  ^k-^^^^^^S"**^*^^*^  tar m  m  w  w  %  %  Leading Attractions in Dress Goods, Mantles, Flannels,  Flannelettes, Skirting, and Wrappers.  Special Discounts in all Departments  Balance of Shirt Waists to Clear at  Odd Sizes in Best Makes Corsets at  PER PAIR  m  m  Fall Millinery Opening of Paris and American Hats on Tuesday and  Wednesday, September 12th an,d 13th.  m  m  m  Daily Edition First Year, No. 212  Wkekly Edition Skvknth Ykak, No. 33  . Accordinc; to the Kaslo Kootcnttian,  the total value of the goods imported  during the month of August through the  custom,house at--Kaslo was $25S'1.01 and  the duty collected .$2382.97. Duties must  rangeJiigher,at Kaslo than at any other  port iu the Dominion of Canada.  J> tiie Nelson. District Mine Owners'  Association would only quit attending  secret meetings of the Slocan Mines  -Association, -the chances arc every  mine jn the Slocan would resume work in  a month. The Nelson District Mine  Owners' Association, which is made-up of  one man and a politician, is almost as  much, of.a nuisance as the Opposition  party, which is made up of the Victoria,  Globe and "Billy" Melnnes. What this  section of British Columbia wants most  is men who will saw wood.  tho Turner opposition. More: People  do not take kindly to backsliders. "Joe,"  by backsliding, is no longer a political  factor in British Columbia.  Notwithstanding  all reports  to the  -.contrary, there is but one defection from  bhe ranks  of the  Semlin  party  in  bhe  legislature,     ".foe" Martin of Vancouver  When Joseph Martin. M. P.P., of Vancouver was in office as-attorney-general  .the Victoria. Globe had no word of cdm-  incndatidn-for him. Now that Mr. Martin is out of office tlio Globe calls him a  prophet. We predict that Mr. _ far tin is  no more a prophet out of office than he  was a scoundrel in office.  cannot take a single member with him to  PETEB BKNELLS & CO.  Headquarters for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  Wo make a Hpccialt.y of  Styplap ai|d Double Dressed Material  fioqd Dry Rustic and Flooring;  Shingles and Lath Kept in Stock  Ofllco and yard near C.IUt. depot   K. 6. BEKI . Agent  Ralph Smith, M.P.P., of South Nanaimo. is in Nelson on his way to Sandon.  Mr. Smith is generally considered one of  tho safest and most conservative members of the legislature.  Tun best way to get rid of objectionable Chinese and Japanese laborers in  British Columbia is not to hire them or  patronize those who do hire them.  Japan's Place in the Family of Nations.  A new era for Japan and for Oriental  diplomacy bogan on the 17th of July,  when the now treaties between Japan  and the United States, and Japan .and  South American countries, went into  J^1_"__".___Un__doi_.l'he_old_troaties,--iiliens -in-  Japan tvere amenable to the Laws and  jurisdiction of the consuls of their own  countries, and foreign residents were confined to certain open ports outside of  which they could not reside, own property, or engage in trade. Those foreign  residents were also free from taxation,  and altogether there were many complications.  That room of yours needs  "freshening up" for the winter months.  HUDSON  COMPANY.  INCORPORATED 1670.  We have just opened up a  consignment of Cigars consisting ofthe following standard brands:  Bock Superfinos  Bock Conchas  Bock Puritanos  Henry Clay Conchas Extras  Henry Clay Puritanos  Upmann Conchas  Triumfo Conchas  La Lola Conchas  Irvine  Co.  VICTORIA   BLOCK,   ���_3_Su'K:*E!*R   ST"R"E3"E!0?,   XT_iI__SO*Esr:7   33. C-        '   "  .FECIAL ATTEITM  Havo just .received a consignment of Harris homo  made tweeds froni Talbot Harris, Scotland.  FEED J. SQUIBE, Baker St. Mod  The supply is limited, so call early and examine Shis stock.  Do You Want One?  If yon want a stylish perfect fitting suit, made of the  best cloth over imported to Nelson, leave your order  with mo.  Six hundred dollars worth of new j.oods now waiting your inspection.   I guarantee satisfaction or no sale.  We also carry a full line  of Domestic Cigars at prices  to suit all trade.  You  can give us the size (length,  breadth, and height of ceiling)  of the room, or rooms,  Hudson's Bay Stores  West Haker Street.     Tclophono 13.  a,*E33^333?_3:03Sr33  During the, season wo will deliver ico at pmnlc residences  mid business houses daily in any  dchiitd quantity at cabonrablo  prices.  WILSON & HARSHAW  HOTIGE.  SUITS $25 J. R��� Wf|AY  Nelson's up-fo-datc Tailor, next Kootenay Codec Co.  Cut Prices is the  Tlie Nelson Electric Tramway Co., Ltd.  LOTS FOR SALE  ON EASY TERMS  FOR SALE  BUSINESS AND RESIDENTIAL  PROPERTY  Larcc number of choice buildiiur loK adjacent, lo (he  lino of lliuir tramway. Koi'pi'lvo and tonus of sale apply  to tlio ollice of tho company, JVIncdonald block, curnor of  Josephine and Voniun si reel..  T. O. DUNCAN, Secretary.  Charles  D.  J.  Christie  GENERAL  BROKER.  .And! want tobe in it? riin_c_jnst._____ccij_____rL  -Kail���samples^���of: Suitings and 'Over-  eoalinps representing a $o0;(i00! sWek to  cliooho froni made to your, order at Uiices  nover before heard of in Nolson. All thcliftesfc  fads in Fancy Vcstitijjs for Fall and winter.  BLACKSMiTHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  FIRE, LIFE, ^tfOiPEiSfT AJTO SlOKJNESS  i_srs*t^3=a__.i>rt3jE3  REAL; ESTATE AND __j__pA'*ftB   TO LET���Several: houses ot different sizes.  FOB SALE���Real estate in all parts of tho city.  THE GRANVILLE  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver, B. C.  ���501.Vy ,120, I<Ilker street, between Josophino and  ward streets..      <-  50 by 120, Maker street, between Josephino and Hall  streets, corner,, *   25 by 120 with improy.jmojits, south side of Vernon  street .___.   50 by 120 with improvements, south sido.of Vernon  street   2} lots withcottagorented at. lopor month, Victoria  .8000  5000  G000  3500  2 lots with cottage rented at $20 per month, Stanley  street....,.....,..., e< ..... 3000  ��lots in block ill), all cleared and fenced in...*. 2500  AGKNTS FOR  J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  W"_a_:r:d beos.  Real Kstato and General Agents, Baker St., Nolson  will do the rest.   In price,  beauty of design and quality  Oar Wall Paper  bargains will surprise you.  ANNOUNCEMENT  Having leased tho business of tho Nelson Soda Water  Factory. lam prepared to Ktipply the trade with nil kinds  of, carbonated and aerated waters. Family orders solicited.   Prompt delivery.  Factory on  Hoover street.  N. M. CUMMINS  Canada Drug and Book Co.,  3_.i_vra_?__ir)  Corner of liakor and Stanloy Streets. Nolson  WANTED.  WANTKI')���To purchase a second-hand steam boiler,  8 lo 10 If. I'. Must be in good condition. Stale  lowest canli price and where to lie seen. 1'rosto I'. O.  Nelson,  . Notice is hereby given that, from this date I will not. be  responsible foi'any debts contracted by my wife, Kltza-  both Kelly. _AMB8 JvELLV.  Nelson, August 2��Mi, 18SW.  ���FOB_EB]SrT  Dining-room and bed rooms of the  Rosebery Hotel, at Rosebery, on Slocan lake.   Apply to    J. T. NAULT.  Rosebery, September 2nd, 1899.  APPLICATION TO  TJBANSPEE  LICENSE  Wagon repairing promptly attended to by a flrst-class  wheelwright.  Special attontion given to all kinds of repairing and  custom work from outride points.  Sfjop:   (fall Street, betweer. Baker and Vernon, Nelson  Notice is hereby given that I will, at the expiration of  thirty days from Ihod.-iCc of Ibis notice, apply al, (he next  Hitting of the Licensing Hoard of the City of Nelson  Jlritish Columbia, to be allowed to transfer the retail  li(|iior license now held by trie for the Kxeheaucr Saloon,  situate on Lot 1 Week 12, in the City of Nelson, British  Columbia, to .lames Neelands.        A. If. CLKMFNTS.  Dated at Nelson, B. C, September 1st, !��*!��,  ���  ��  ROYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS.   .    .   .   .   .  Boarding atid day school for girls will reopen on tlio  15th day of Augiist., Vacancies for boarders. For tcrriis  aiid prospectus apbly to  AtAD-KMOIgEKLK KKUN, Principal  Bulbs  for  Fall  Planting'  211,000 Holland Hulhslo arrive in September; (1000 Japan  Lilies to arrive in October; IStXlHhddotitiidrous, Azaleas,  oVIagiiolias, itosoH. etc to arrive in October. Thousands  of Hoses* Camulia-f, Fruit and Ornamental .'rocs,.Shrubs,  etc., growing on my own grounds for tho fall trade.  Catalogue free.  JL^U^XOIV!6^BROI^ER0=  AUCTIONEERS  EIAL Mm and GEMMt AfiffiTS  Bakei* Street, fSJefspn  FIRST DOOR WEST ��ANK B. 0. B0ILDING.  Mi J. Henry  Vancouvei', B. G.  UNION   MADE  Kootenay Cigar Manfg. Co.  Nelson, liritish Columbia.  "~MINERS~WANTED~  Tho Tangier Mine, Limited, Albert Canyon, on tho  main lino of tho C. I\ K��� 22 miles east of Itovclitokc, requires six good minora,   YV;i#on ^3.50 por day.  ONE X>OLhAR A tOAB  ��� The undersigned has a largo quantity of fir, cedar, and  tamarac slabs, m 10-inch and 4-foot lengths, 8Uita:ble for  stove wood, which will bo sold for 91 a load at tho mill  yard.  ��� , NKLSON* SAW & PLANING MILLS, Limited.  ;   Nelson, August liltii. 1899.  HAIB GOODS AM HAIE OBMMBNTS  Switches from $2 up.  MRS. J. W. KRARNE Yhas opened a Ladies Hair Dressing Pirlor in room 1, Victoria block, Nelson, and is prepared to funish everything in the way of hair goods  and hair tonics.   Treatment of the scalp a spocialty.  STYLISH   DRESSMAKING  COSTUMKS FOR ALL OCCASIONS  FURNISHED ON SHOUT NOTIOK.  Josophino Street,  NELSON  Wei give tire very Uks'I* Tkimis ta those  wishing to hoifow money on impi-oved real  estate.  Tlie only company in tlie province Unit gives  you tju; privilege of paying oil' your wliol.  Loan at AnvTimk without a Bonos on giving a 60 diiy notice of your intention was so.  OAJVI'BI-.H^.O'RBlC'LrY, Agta  British Columbia Permanent Savings & Loan Company.  Globe Sayings & Loan Co., Toronto.  Mrs. E. McLaugp-jfin  (Ex-Shcriir of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cosh advanced on cOKSiKuineiits of inerchanditio.  PoatoiHco Box 572 Nolson, B.C.  $550 will purohaso a choice residenco corner, 100 by 1201  feofc.  82100 will purchaso a central lot and residenco;  $100 will _purcluwie  two nice lots and shanty, Robson:  street. Lumo addition.  fffiLY?11 ,P_*'9l,!!J'(> four ,,ico lots and residence.  10,000 Pooled Fairmont, i conts.  Iilackcock (Ymir) shares 20 cents.  5000 Utica at li cents.  ALEX STEWART  Tumor & Bocckh block, Nolson, li. C.  SQUIRE'S.   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Contalninfi' 120 acres of land within one and a-  quarter miles of Nelson.  Por further  particulars.apply to  FRJB.D J.  SCIUIRB,   Nelson, B.  C,  \..A^b-Sii^i^^^SvlSSi^^^' THE  TRIBUTE: NEL'SOff, B.C., SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER  9,"1899.  ANK OF  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATHCONA AND  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND.  K   S. CLOU8TON   MT  ROYAL, President   Vice-President  ...Qoueral Manager  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  ���isr-B_ai.soisr  *_3*E.-A.ISrO*EI  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.       nilANCIIKS in      LONDON  (England).   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO  and in tlie principal cities in Canada.  Buy and sell Starling Kxohango and Cabin Transfers  QKANT COMMKKCIAT, AND TKAVKI.I.KItS' OliKDITS,  avadablo in any part, of the world.  diukts issukij   cor.i.KO'i'ioNS madk; kto.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRKNT RATIO OK INTKRKST PAID  COLONEL PICQUART'S CHARMED LIFE.  Tho eablo news  of   the   reinstatement  . of  colonel Geot'ges   Picf.uart   make   that  distinguished soldief an   ob.jeet of  great  interest.    Before the  infamous  proseeu-  tion oi' Dreyfus ho  had   been   recognized  tis one of the ablest military  generals  in  France.    His persecution aiid suffering at  ; the hands of tho  anti-Dreyl'nsites  liave  ! but served to demonstrate  him   to   be a  : hero of the noblest   type.    Many  of the  : tales told respecting the conspiracy which  tried to add him to its list of victims are  now becoming public.  When Picquart started tlie movement  tending toward a retrial of the Dreyfus  case the general stall* aviis filled with  alarm. They only saw one way out of  the difficulty, and that was to get rid of  the fearless and truth-loving officer. He  was removed from his office in November, .1890, and sent away upon tin important mission, the inspection of the frontier regiments in the west of France. He  was hampered with orders which required him to give all his time aud  thought to his work. The 'moment he  performed his task he was sent to the  southern and sautlieastern frontier.  Thence he was rushed on during the unhealthy season to'Algiers, .Tunis and  Tripoli, and was required to devote most  ir of his time to those places where .Euro-  |:feppti;u^dic��'fr1��'^the' ' "  " " "  |;",,re��sG'��4"'ftis: ".1'Ko.ii  ViMxM'x^xfij\lfj^fM^xi4i iaMS^Bi y/j  |>^:'JCli_4=a1.6jispiAtbl30'fe - sbu|.:fliliui'*ihtb*  I3.$lifgiu^  L sfayage-." Ai^nds^aiiiitieal'; if ^eejooptei's: ��� w4io  1 ;d|t��eeiji. iit^^p^ivil^'ge^tp^jii'i'l' -i .��� ��ixris^_%,"  |&^e^fe��t5ccnii"Llt,pf1,fi.iie'' p'f the  bJackest iiici-  '^.et��tS��-ifiii"u,TiO,��� ;liis?tpi:y ;o:r>'thc,?...Cpii1spii'adcy.-Di  I��lih"afcBiid;of peeeivrVi|��: the-usvffil escort, Jitsa��  ll^&pfixils. lining "dfcfciv'ciBiriO'ii t V��s cup dOYfn  ?;.feimfehidf _}ii'0,;rlsgtil:ar M uiS^v&Rcr it/ife��'  pstilid:"- |ii0rO'emeivts ' weVO ��� goffered     i)}$:  ftimiiivegs., tp; �� ,,gifcta<elc, "��'Ki'��V. t^ifef- .ji^vves  ��� wsrt'. toiv,,- -w)io;"%���al':, i-inprttdly�� A.jdi|]X$ _c|Mtr,  l^hfecOnfliet' fired twice at" Piequart.' 0.1ie>  VjiV^t" bidler/ stiftclc  the  CPlpiipl% Word.  "liiOclving  it ft'Oni  liis   hand.  "When -lie  I fired���again, tlie ball iaoi'tall_/> wOi/ilded a  |*J. t'eiibli soldier about Six feet, feoifr til��  ieolOnel.   -  Clie Tpiu. regs were _ oufced with, slaugli-  I'fcef. aWd aiiiohg the capjbives "vyas this  Ijiian. " Pie" declared that Picquart wore a  jlfijittrin or else wits in league wifih the  tclevij, for he liad Jived, twice, at him, aiid  l&ld never before missed his mark.  When one considers all that this iii-  lirepid yjaiiiig^goloti.l lias iri^<xI__j__M'__  ifftWt^to7^^'^^^^!!�� irr~the Dreyfus  Inatter, one is forced to admit that in the  lust of niueteeiith century heroes" the  name of colonel Georges Picquart deserves  ji place near the head.  .TRAVELING  WITH   MAIN'S   CIRCUS.  Mitliteapolis Tribune.  "If you liave been working where is  J'Our money?" asked tlie court, giving the  |,iice'lookiiig man in tlie greasy overalls  ji, sharp lookt  "J haven't any," he replied, in a very  |'rank manner, for a vag.-.  a "Thiit's what your companion said,  t appears very funny to ilie that you  I'nen have been wifch the circus since  "une 12th aiid haven't any money to  ..how for it."  '���Yoii never roustabouted with a cir-  jfls, did you." asked the bright young  ���jnan. "You never left home to follow  [lie tents for a season and see how it  f oeined to be a dog?"  "N-iio, I think not," said the court, "I  j night have had a hankering, but I never  |>vent."  'Well, it's a clog's life without .any mis-  Jf-ake. The pay is poor and you get little  rmtofit."  'But you should have had enough to  |;how some money when you left.     You  |iay yon were going to harvest and you  eft Sunday morning.    Now,  you must  ,iave had some money coming."  'AH of which shows that you never  j travelled with a circus," was the reply of  ] the young inan, while his bald-headed  companion in the prisoner's chair nodded  Ihis Iiead emphatically.' "1 was with the  [horse outfit and this niau was with the  jblack teut gang. The pay is not large���  ]i$18 a month, if you stay all the season  ,vaud go into winter qtiraters,and if you  [don't $15 a nioiith.'.'       -. "  Is qow prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlit], B. C, and  Dawson City, Yuk_oii District.  *,You had your board and lodging,"  said the court, .sententiously.  "Yes, but that shows how little people  know .about a circus life. Jf every boy  had my experience, or knew of it, he  wouldn't hanker to travel with ti, show.  You see, we had to be up at till hours in  tho morning, usually 4 o'clock, and from  then until seven it is tis hard work as  you ever saw. At about that time you  tire as hungry as a horse, and breakfast  is not served until 0 o'clock. That is one  of the schemes of the show. So to fix it  for us they have a privilege wagon,  whore we can go and buy a cup of coffee  and lunch, and we need that every morning. Then ,ue have dinner, a good one,  at I o'clock, and'supper at 5 o'clock.  "Now, it is after that when we again  begin to be aware of our appetites, and  we get so hungry by about 10 o'clock  that we have to go after the privilege  wagon again, and that takes in on ey.  Then we arc always needing things. The  hard work wears out and tears clothing,  and we htive to have little odds and ends.  The circus is just like a travelling city.  You think a town gets some good out of  ti circus, but not much. None of the  hands buy anything in town.  "You see the circus people have a commissary wagon, in wliich they keep all  kinds of necessary clothing, shoes and  outfitting, and the little things men need.  It is like a mine's general store. Wecgo  there when we need anything, and it is  charged up to us. .So when the day for  pay comes around there isn't much, and  sometimes less than nothing for us, and  we htive to work a few days on the next  month to even up with the show. Thtit's  why we left the show business, and had  a mind to go harvesting."  "You look as if you had been hard  worked." said the court. "If I let you go  do.you think you can get out of town  today?"  "Yes, sir, avc want to get right out to  the" fields." ���"'���'."���.:.:'���������:' ���'-": ���'������'" -:-��� ���.._��������� -;.. '������_ ������_-,,.,'.. _.'  f6r";ai"i ei%loyVH0nt;p1iiGel  INlS^II^L^ifES:  "..^JaaiVra; J^kiiisi  Who'practices;^ht)y. *i\i;  ^ifl^honiti 0ty, and is y^y.,!?^'tfJlM.;- is-a'  half-blood" Sha.vu;ee   wpmah.   ��%fip." was-  ,.;gi'g,c1u'rt:6 .d* li'oip  thfe law deiMvrliiieiit'pf;.  the-Cai'teslO Indian:^ehopl i_���18P5s " "' .v  -  ;" GO:v.eiu'nOi' Ileslie-M. Sh^JKfo��'fp\va;,���.tvhp1  iyis%eeii;ifoi:iiihat terma's  eiiiel"executive 6$ tilaib ^sttite,���"rpbjfcts. t'd;'  ���dancing, aiid .efiis6.d at hiSUiist/i-n'aijgiil'jj;-"  ' tion to saitdtioii the", customary ball.  The place ef the p��ofesgpr pf gepgi'apliy\  at the iiuiversity of "13erliii, left vacant by  tlie cloath of SeiiiVich Kiepert, is to be  filled by Dr. Williaiu SiOglin, at present  professor o�� historie geOgi'tipliy at tlie  ���university of Lcipsic.  Miss Alice do Rothschild, Who was re-  Oentiy naturalized iu SSiigliiUd, was sin-:  cerely devoted to her brother, the late,  baron  Nathaniel, and  inherited a large  life interest in his immense fortune.   The  She often acted  as  many would hold what belonged to it,  find would claim all to which it was entitled.  A good story is told in Mainly About  People renarding the duke of Connaught's  son, young prince Arthur, who was overjoyed at the fact that he had got out of  the Saxe-Oobiirg succession. He was sent  over to inspect his possessions, and, on  returning to Eton, ho confided to his  schoolfellows that what finally decided  him to "chuck it" was his being asked to  play tennis, with three other German  princes, and finding they had balls fielded  for them by a squad of soldiers, who  saluted at attention each time they  handed the ball. This was too much for  the healthy, independent English schoolboy, ho explained, so he promptly decided  to remain English.  Alatau T. Atkinson, recently appointed  special agent of tho Census Bureau for  Hawaii, though a thorough-going American, was born in Siberia of English parentage. His father was T. W. Atkinson, an  artist and-traveller, who wrote "Oriental  and Western Siberia" and "The Upper  and Lower Amoor," which for many  years were standard works on the subjects of which they treated. His mother,  too, w.as an author, having written "Tartar Tents and Their Inhabitants," a  charming, account of the domestic and  family life of the Tartars. Mr. Atkinson  was superintendent of the Hawaiian census in 1800, and a member of the legislature in 1S98. Since 1897 he has been  editor of the Hawaiian Star.  The announcement of Walter Well-  man's early return to his post as Washington correspondent of the Times-Herald, will be hailed by delight by those  who have been interested in his efforts to  reach the North Pole. A treacherous  snow crevasse caused a severe injury to  Mr. Wellmau's leg, which necessitated  his retreat, although his party had already .advanced 200 miles nortlnvard and  discovered new lands north of Freedom  island. Mrs. Wellman has been called  from Washington to London, where her  husband  is receiving  such  medical and  FULL LINE Or  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  ^nMisk^silS  surgical attendance as will doubtless enable him to save the limb. As soon as he  can make the journey across the ocean  they will return to this country.  Woman's Quick Wit.  The following story illustrates a woman's quick tact in an emergency. It is  about a college president who is a great  gardener and wears a glass eye. One day  this college president���it being summer  and he on his vacation���rushed in from  the garden all soiled and spattered and  without his glass eye. His wife was  seated with a caller of importance. She  perceived the special unfitness of her husband's condition and frigidly said to him:  "John, go tit once to the library and tell  your master Mrs. wishes to see him."  He went and soon reappeared, clothed,  eyed and in his right mind.  This college president, it is plain, is  himself .a man of presence of mind.  There are plenty of men who, confronted  by such ti remark of genius as this would  have stared and faltered out: "But, my  dear���" and spoiled it all.  The Tremoiit Hotel  *. Burns & Co.  IIkad Office at  NELSON, B.  C  Wholesale and Retail   .  .   .   Dealers in Meats  IPUP & TRECILLOS  PROPKIKTOE3  Headquarters fop Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND'  One  of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  !���.:>?���:���..<��� _�����*_��������������� ^Mo^ring^ :���?__.*���. A-: -,,  ' :'���  ���   ;���:"'��� :^&3l^fe::Sil@i; ''��� ���  .'.'   '  ; ����� '        ;(-Jfei|di_iS8^" ."��� ���-���''".  Bri3sse^|Liiml^  ���Itwhat you wiiift. is nothin stwfcwo'w-ilKmakoitfor yoii  CALL ANO' O'llT'lPRl^ES.    "'  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  ^���Eaisjctf  .rfof)m.:  RATES   $2   -E'ER   r>__.*_T  n    *   "    E_,nDn".      n' " D "" "* n "   BH   n    n     "__."  _,���   if _P _" ��  0������ "^  HALL AND LA^K STREETS; NELSON  CHARLES HILLYER,  i>KU8lDENT  'HARRY nptJSTON.  SECRETABY  Ti social success,  hostess at the large  houscparties at Waddesdon, when ladies  were invited, though she never took up  her "residence on the estate.  Priixce Hepry of Prussia, the younger  brother of eijiperor William, who for  some months has beOh in command of the  Gernian squadron on the Asiatic station,  is coining ta San Francisco this fall on liis  flagship, with the purpose of crossing the  continent and calling upon president 3Vi��*  Kinley*. He is imiiiensely popular among  all classes of Germans, and is regarded tis  quite a hero. It was to hiin, when he  sailed for the Chin-, seas,.that emperor  Willitim used th6 expression "mailed  fist." when  voicing a pledge that Ger-  MsOH'Saw^-Planmg-Miils^  l(. D. HUME, Manager.  TKo flhest hotel in the, inferior.  Largo samplo foorns. * Steam. hSntand electric; light.  OOKNPR OF WARD ANp VEliisTON STS., NKLSQN  BAEER AND WARB STREETS, NELSON  iJi"*iv_*ra'E*D^  manukacl'ubeks ov and  Sealers in  Beer or Half"  and=Half  Always  Always  Fresh  Cool  THE BEST GLASS OF BEER IU NELSON IS  AT THE  Club Hotel  E. J. CURRAN, Prop.  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings  Doors and Sash  Fence Posts nnd Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  FACTORY" WORK DONE TO OKDKH.  SUCU AS  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  IN STOCK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  The only hotel in Nelson tliat has Temainod under ono  management, since 1890;  The bed-rooms aro woll furnished and lighted by  electricity.  Tho dlning-rbdni is not second to any in Kootenay  .    .      ...... ......    ...     ��(   ....  Tho bar is always stocked by the  imported liq/uors and ciprarfl.  THOMAS MADDEN  est domestic and  Proprietor.  MoLEOB    HOTEL  VMIR,   B,   Oi  J.  W.  SMITH, Proprietor.  Sawmill oii Government wharf.  Factory and office, corner Hall street and C.P.R. track  Cor.iracloi's arni Builders  WILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A largo stock of flret-class dry material on hand, also  a full lino of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, otc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Corner Silica and  atiinley Streets.  Yard:  Foot of Hendryx streot, Nolson  Telephone. 91        Jofall   Rae,  Ag6Ilt  E V E R YTHIN G FIR^T-CL A SS  Large and well lighted Heated by hot al  Reasonable rates Samplo rooms  Kloctric bolls and light in every room  Renovated aiid refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. V. PRRKS, Proprietor  Free bus moots all trains Bauole. nlra   R  fl  Hourly street car to station n����BI��UllO| O. U.  Night Grill Room in connection, for tho convenience of  gUests arriving and departing by night trains.  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephine and  Hall streots, Nolson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  RAKBRY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  2S_     _3:'t3'*R*R--rj,      3P3aO"��3RIE!1,0*R  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  NELSON, B. C.  Coffee roasters and dealers in Tea and Coffee.  Offer fresh roasted coffee of best quality as follows:  Java and Arabian Macha, per pound. .$   10  Java nnd Mocha Blend, 3 pounds...  ,   1 (X)  Fine Santos, 4 pounds ��� ;  1 00  Santos Blond. 5 pounds  1 00  Onr Special Mend, C pounds   1 HO  Our Rio Roast, 8 pounds. ,,,   100  A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms _ Doors  East of  Oddfellows   BlocK,   West  Baker . Stsset  ARCHITECTS.  EWART Sc CARRIK-Architccl*. .Rooms 7 and 8 Ab-  ordcon block, JJakor streot. Nelson. . \  comfostablo bortrobinsffandi S flratclass ��� [dining ���  SiimplCiixioms for'.commorcialsrjien.;11. ��� \ "�� _ nJ >��  Wholesale Markets at |lelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  Rctn.il J\liukcfcs at Nolson, Ktislo, Sandon, Silverton, New Denver, Ymir, Trail, Grand Forks,  Cascade, Greenwood, Midway, and Sirdar.        Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker street,jieison E. G. TRAVES, Manager  ORDERS BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  Nelson lent and Owning Factory  Hf|ANUFACTOI.Y OF ALL KINDS OF CANVAS GOODS  Horse Covers, Wagon Covers, Tents in all sizes���if not in stock made up on  shortest notice���Canvas from thirty inches to nine feet wide. .   .,'���."'  MAIL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO  Baker St, IVelson     THBO.   MADSON  Calgary Brewing &M  A CAR LOAD OF THEIR  FAMOUS   LAQERI  HAS ARRIVED IN NELSON  TURNER, BEETON^&������.  AGRNTS FOR KOOTENAY DIS'I'RTCT.  Complete Electric Equlpuuents for Electric Power Transmission and Lighting for Mines, Towns  "'".""    ''<''^���^j_ie&tiric_Fixturi>^  "*5.*"'.';S?sal  'J.**.'  THE OK'-IaV NATy'te\fL.M;I_;MiiAfc WM\Ml  isorrfiiej} in jjiliTiaii ._0_.1JiMj.1tA....  "': �����:'"-fHOtPE 4'"Q& "'Ltd;  4ime^0=Gei*|ts-peMOO=-poahdsr  Will deliver in ton lots  Brick $12 per thousand.  At yard or on scp>vs at Kovcriinicnt wlinrf.  The Eoyal��jS.gricultfiral '._$ indiislriSl Society *  of' UfitisiifGolumbia. *  W.14; M-Jfkpp- A?r'  Uiw leiiiijiifili  ON ������"    '������  Mi -iStf Sift m$  The West J(dotenay Brick & Lime Go., Ltd,  Baker Street.       T. O. 3PBOOTOR, Manager  0, W. West & Co.  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  AGENTS FOR  The Imperial Oil Co.   Standard Oil Go.  Washington Brick aqd Liqe Co.  The H. W. IVJcNiell Co., Lid., Canadian Anthracite Coal (Hard)  Dealers ir\  S  $15,000 IN PRIZES  OPEN   TO   THE   WORLD  A Round pf Pleastire for i'our Whole  JfOttSIf' llACKH       ,I,��PVCfcl�� KA.OKS        AQUATICS  autoi'inN'sii... i.a.-iwssi?        n.-Wa^a'nd  MllJTAltV ��I'0'��'I\S GY.MIvIIA'N'A  BASK IIAIVI.    TOOT I'lAkl.    HANI*     "  TOOIt.VAXlKiVT.  MAGNIFICENT iLLUMINATiONS  f/imitil uoileui'1 uvel'y (!totuiiK.  ��� SjiL'cS.'il attract ion nt tjiy .\V.JV \\*Utiti1iii.ii.s|,��ji;unci"ii,li,on����o.  ^iDiisjt*;!' uxewsiWlK fft*|it all )loiiit:s,ivl, (>f'Oii|,ly rj}(Juol'<l  ftiliw. , .  I'lll' S|l. ijlll fWttlll'US Mill .stlllVll iHUKl Utlls*  No Hiiti'inicu fi"C i:inii'KCil for exhibit..  K.\K<,,t."r.lVK--Ili'.* wws��li[p nifn'oilOvcus', "P. J. 'rj'.app,  \V..),. .Minlxti-s. lino. I>. U��'J-ln.iiui>. It. . . Amlui*on. Altl.,.1.  V. Sts .t, AM. Al. Sincl.'lii'.  Kiii- iri'izis If.-jij-i. uiit.rj" f<>l'n'i>! nn<( .full ijartllMlnrM, ivritc  'I'..I. TILM'I . ARTHUR MAUXSl  I'rowiyteiit.. B S��ci'ct4i.ry.  VV. 11'. IvKAltV,'Ctoiniii.ftssiouur.  Nelson Iron Works  MANUKA0TUHKI18 Of  ENGINES, BOILERS, SHAITlNO, IKON AND  BRASS OASTINOS OF HV_KT DBSOBIPTION  Ropjiirs promptly attended to.    . P. O. Box 173.  "- '���        iib^^E^MEETING^  KNIGHTS Oh- PYTHIAS-Nelson l^Odfro. No, 25,  Kniprhts of Pytliifts, meetH in I. O. 0. F. Hall,corner  Raker and Kootenay stroota, ever}* Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock.   Vinitiug Kniffhts cordially i  T.ULUEiaC.  R. G.  invited to attend.  JOY, K, of It & S.  NELSON LODG E, NO. 23, A. KY & A. M. Moots  second Wednesday in each mouth. Sojourning  brotliren invitod.  KL-SOV I.. O. h.. No. USB. meets- in  I. O. O. V. Hall.  ���ornor linker and Kot^j-enay .strools,  1st  and Snl  Friday of each month.   Visiting brcthcrn cordially in-  ^'JOHN TOYl<3, W.'M.      V. 3. HRAlHJiY. Roc.'Sec.  KLSOX    Jh'MlK,   Number   22,   Fraternal  Order  Of  HiiK'sc, meets (ivory Kucond and fourth Wodnondivy in  each month in Fraternity Hall.   VinitinK brethren welcome. ���   ���'    ���  J. IRVINQ, I'rcHideut.       3. B. WltAY, Socrotary.  R. REISTERER & CO.  RRKWtCRS and BOTTLERS of  Fine Jjb^bp Beei5,  Ale and Porter  Brewery at Kelson,  Prompt and rofnilar  delivery to tho trade.  APPLICATION TO TRANSFER LICENSE.  Thirty days notice is hereby trlven that I will apply at.  the nextsiuini; of the Licensing Board of tho City of  Nelson, 11. C . to be allowed to transfer the retdd liquor  license now hold by mo'for the Clarke Hotel, situa'c on  lots numbered eleven and twelve (11 and i2( iu block  numbered live (f>) of tho City of Nelson, Hritish Columbia,  to Frank Campbell and Goorj.0 VV. Rartlotl.  K. G.CLAKKK.  Dalod at Nelson. 11. C., this I5th day of August, IKK)  APPLICATION    TO    PURCHASE    LAND,  Notico is hereby given that thirty dayK after date, I,  the undersigned, inland lb apply to tho chief cottitliis-  sinner of lauds and works, Victoria, li. C, for tho purchase of the following described piece of land, situate on  the Nelson side of Kootenay river, aud being about seven  miles uj) from Nelson:   Commencing at �� post marked  "Goo. C. Tunstall, Junior's S. W. Corner"; thence east  eigh'y chains; thence, north forty chain* to whoro tow-  wator mark is; and thou following the sinuosities of tho  Hboro to tho point of oonimencemont; all containing,  more or lo<w. IliO acres, GEO. C, TUNSTAliU JR.  i    Au��uat7tU.18!��. m  I 111  ll  'I!;  ���it  m  ��>���  1st'  l*f-'  THE TTifBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1899.  DON'T  WASTE  YOUR  MONEY  ON  BOTTLES  WE  CAN  SELL  YOU  PERFUMES  IN BULK  And there are no perfumes in Nelson  equal to those which we have just received. We are now opening up full lines  of Roger & Gallet's and Legrand's celebrated French Perfumes, as well as those  of the Crown Perfumery Company of  London. These orders may be purchased  either in bulk or in bottles. See our assortment  of French  Toilet Soaps.  F. TEETZEL &. CO.  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  Special Reduction to Giear  I have a number of broken lines of Men's Shoes which  I have reduced below cost in many instances to make  room for fall stocks. These goods are first-class, including  all leading makers, such as GEORGE T. SLATER & SONS,  AMES-HOLDEN, JAMES McPHERSON, D. W. KING <& CO.,  and other makers.  Postoffice Store  BAKER STKE&T, NELSON.  J. A. .QILKBR  iiW*��$   h/^  i:..lPDn:..-..! ^  1 !���(& "^."i  B "^        n. ft d�� D  *  "���  ���*"-.&"     _  '!):.��� -    -  It Will Be a Good Service.  City engineer McCulloch has received  word from the manufacturers of the  Pelton water wheel that tliey will ship  the six-foot wheel ordered by tho city  within two weeks from tlie receipt of  the order. The new dynamos will be in  ti position within three weeks when considerable improvement is expected in the  light .service. The water from the electric light llumo is making a considerable  difference in the (low of the creek and  the city engineer estimates that with the  present arrangements he will have sufficient wti.ter at the lowest stage to develop  (lower for _*"*()() Iti nips of ](> candle power  for a continuous run of It hours. This  will mean that at the lowest stage of the  water there will be power for _500 lamps,  which with economy in the use of light  could be increased by one-third.  Messrs. MeBeath & Peters commenced  work yesterday on tlieir water main contract, putting afewmen tit work clearing  off the brush. The delivery of pipe will  commence .today and trenching will be  started on Monday."  Charles Lyons was brought to the  provincial jail yesterday by constable  Kelly. Lyons was sentenced on Thursday to four months' imprisonment upon  a charge of vagrancy by ,J. Bull, J. P.  A. VV. Musson, who is superintending  work at tlie Exchequer, reports that the  showing in the property continues to improve. Two sample assays 'were made of  the ore which is now being taken out for  the first shipment, the returns being .$77  and .$9S respectively. There will be  thirty tons of this ore in the first shipment.  A. D. Westby, who has been operating  at Ainswortli for several years, and who  is president of the Canadian Mining &  Milling Company, the properties of which  are located on Woodberry creek, has  gone east for a 00-da.y trip.  When work is .commenced upon the  water main .contract there will be close  upon seventy men employed on city  Avoi'k. Hugh Nixon has about live men  working on sidewalks, there are six at  work on streets tinder foreman MeDon-  nel, at the electric light power house  there are four men employed in making  alterations, another six are at work making extensions to the city's electric light  system, on sewer work MeBeath & Pe  ters have about five, and when work is  commenced in earnest upon the water  pipe Hue there will be employment for at  least another twenty men.      ^^  The baseball dance was a social success  and paid expenses.  Slot machines tire just about as common  now in public places as dice-cups���and  just about as useful.  Chief Thompson gave the members of  the fire brigade a. practice run last evening. The alarm was turned in by telephone from the Club hotel shortly after  seven o'clock. It was unexpected, and  the men therefore had no chance to prepare. Kivo minutes after the alarm was  given the hook and ladder truck was on  the scene and the water turned on. Chief  Thompson wtis well pleased with the  test, which was very creditable to the  boys, as their horses are new atfthe business.  Roisterer ��fc Company's new brewery  is now completed, and the company will  commence moving its plant into the new  quarters within the next few days. The  new brewery will have a capacity of fifty  barrels per day, and will be up to date in  every respect. It is not so very long since  the sales of the Roisterer brewery did not  average a keg of beer a day, but the brew  has grown in favor, and the present demand will tax the capacity of the new  brewery to its utmost.  Frank M. O'Brien of the Yellowstone  mine is at the Hume. He reports that  the sawmill at the Yellowstone is running  getting out lumber for the flume ..and  stamp mill. If no hitch is experienced a  gold brick may be expected from the  Yellowstone mill some time in February.  BUSINESS   MENTION*.  artri  A  LARGE  CONSIGNMF.NT  JUST  OPENED  We can supply you witli Cartridges  TO SUIT YOUR RIFLE  Carpenter's Tools  A   FULL  LINE  SHELF HARDW  THE BEST ASSORTED  STOCK  IN THE KOOTENAYS  STOVES AND  KITCHEN UTENSILS  Mfis^l^iM^A^^^^1.  ' a.afili^iit|)fe. stock G;f>lobfcSi1id:|)ioqs.;Vlw?e1  liiiiii'liii  R;_4��h'g^ &T'Cb.., MrS S];ar',Sli6e'."C.oV^ts^!  �� a$chulji��j&i;0p.', &trii_fpi'ici Shoo. :Go.j Aaies. Heft-.  f/deii "2ji 30p.j and; pilteri leading Makers,  OUR  ".�����. **���. rzif��-  V\^*^_Esa_y_!ki ���    .' i '".',"��� .  Wanted���Girl for general housework.  .Apply l.o Mrs. Mwannoll, Mill stroot, opposite Itoinan  Catholic ohiii'oli.  To Let���-Neatly furnished rooms, at corner' Ward arid Victoria streets. Apply l.o A. II. Clements.  Situation Wanted���As general servant.  Address P.O. box Sill, Nelson.  .  For  Sale���Lots  13  and   14,  block  42,  with improvement.*.. Apply to II. ti. ,loy, Star Bakery.  Furnished rooms to let. Apply to Mrs.  L. M. Jameson, Carney Block, Haker struct, west.  To Bent���Two stores orollices and btt.se-  1110111,23 by ;")0 feet, also two living rooms on lirst. floor,  opposite postoflieo on Victoria street, .or sale���Lots K!  audit block ������Mo, 8700; lot 7 bloek Iii. addition A, Siii;  lots 21 and 22 block 5. Apply to W. A. Jowett, Victoria  streot. Nelson.  Furnished  Rooms ��� With  baths and  electric Ii_.li 1.   Silica street,.opposite Knglish church.  A young man wants position as bookkeeper. Also experience ns clerk in 'groceries, boots and  shoes and dry woods. 'Address box 2.'IS.    Kirst-oluss rof-  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON  J\re You Going for a Holiday?  Why, yes;  on a fishing excursion and I intend to  buy my tackle from  The Lawrence Hardware Co.  Who keeps the best and cheapest goods in Nelson  WE STILL HAVE A FEW HAMMOCKS LEFT  which we are selling at a snap ���  ALL KINDS OF CAMPING SUPPLIES  The Law  we advertised to s&ll oii $at-  #_^ayvarTwad";ia "P_#oel yes-  teda^ two ^ays��soo:fier fciian"  ��w& expected.   We  are  now  s  om   ~'~~~ *m  "* * ���"-*������  SALE.-^hick^will^co_B_ne_iGe=  on Friday morning. The stock:  represents $5000   worth   of  Furnishings  Boots  mm  Telephone 93.  FOR  ICE  CREAM  AND  FRESH  FRUIT OF ANY KIND.  Come in and try our Ice Cream Soda and  Refreshing Drinks.  'I'll _ great stock-biiyiiig center is Nelson. It has the  indsl, wholesale houses, largest stock, bosl. opportunity  Tor selection of goods and. host prices.  We sell at wholesale.and retail.   We have tho largest  Stock in H.'CI.  If you want, a good diamond ring, goto Jacob Mover's  If yiju wnnli.ii nice piano go to Dover's  If you want, tlie latest in fundersgo to Dover's  If you want a sowing nmehiuo go to Dover's  If yon Want, a wedding present go to DovorVs  If you want, to buy at, wholesale:go to Dover's  If you wulit ilrstrclass goods try Jacob Dover's  Watch repairing a specialty, nil work guaranteed.  JACOB DOVER, Jeweler, Nelson.  Crow's Nest Pass Goal!  PAYS FOR A PINT OF NICE RICH.  ANY FLAVOR  M. DesBrissy "dp Co.  Next Poor to  P. Burns & Co.  HUMPHREYS & PITT0CI(  NEAR FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY-DEPOT  _ET_E3Xi'S03ST  THE   FINEST   PLEASURE   RESORT  IN   KOOTENAY  Special Notice to the People of Kootenay  I am now prepared to test the eyes  of the people, as I have in my department a first-class optican. I have a  large selection of gold frames and the  very best of lenses. Call and get your  eyes examined at  JACOB DOVER'S The Jeweler  DELIVERED  Orders may be left with C. W. West  & Co., or with.  CHARLES St. BARBE, Agent.  Ollice on linker street, two doors from Bank of Ii. C.  Palace   Bakery  Broad delivered to any part of tho city.  . Cukes, pastry, and confectionery a specialty.  CRAWFORiTbROTHERS.  Next to Royal Hotel, Stanley Street, Nelson    .  . j  Get the Best Jams  We have just received a large consignment ofthe  DYSON-GIBSON   COMPANY'S  JAMS   AND   PICKLES  Also a complete assortment of the  TORONTO   BISCUIT COMPANY'S SWEET BISCUITS  Baker Streot West, Nelson   John A. Irving & Co.  Strachan   Bros*  3E��*JCXT*M:*BE!3aB,  363070.  O-E"JE3ES_a,  3HLOTJSE3   BLOCK  J  -Ji


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