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 BETTER KISS AND MAKE UP"  And Get Down to Business.  Tho mine managers  and   mine owners  ���who   have   been   standing   out  for  the  three-dollar wage 1'or the eight-hour day  had better acknowledge  defeat  and call  the lockout oil' and put the boys at work.  The agent they sent I'.nst to hire men has  returned, and while he is not likely to report to Tub: Tiiiiwne before Ire reports to  his principals, it is well known   that his  mission was a failure.    The   men   in the  Hast Avere posted  on the  situation here,  and they could not be  induced   to come  lure as long as the men her said "Stay! "  And   it   is   the  same everywhere.    IS von  \\ here the men   arc   not  organized   they  "will not accept less than the wages asked  l.y  the   men   who are   members  of   the  union.    This   is  as  it should be.    Tliere  should bo no   feeling  of antagonism   between organized   and   unorganized mine  workers in a country situated  as British  .Columbia   is.    Many  of  the   mines  and  camps are isolated, and it is a well-known  '..'���fcxporience that unions cannot be successfully    maintained    in    communities    of  small population.    There are no unions iu  Northern   Kootenay,   and   efforts   have  b on   made  to  induce   miners   to  leave  ���, there  for   points  in the  Slocan, but the  1 .'efforts have failed, as the following from  the Rovelstoke Mail of Saturday  shows:  The Sloe-air mine  owners  must  be  in  desperate  straits  ito  open   their    mines  without   recognizing   tlie  miners'  union  ���and all the union stands  for  when   they  have to adopt such despicable methods to  secure men as w.-is attempted   in   Revel-  stoke this Aveek by Joseph Hrrington, who  claimed   to   bo   a representative  of the  Wakefield mine, Silverton, which  is represented in the Mine Owners'Protective  Association.    To the credit of the miners  of Revelstoko district, bo it said, that not  one  of. them   would   take  advantage of  their fellow workers' victory in the south  country, and to a man   refused   to  scab.  They recognized that the  mine  owners,  now   practically   beaten, were   trying to  rise  them to "break"   the minors' union  and would have none of it.  The mines iu the Slocan must be  opened before October or the snow will  prevent them from being worked until  next May, and this explains their anxiety  to secure men, so as to prepare for tiro  winter's work. So far they have been  unsuccessful in securing sufficient scab  ���labor, and at present it looks as if the  owners'would, have to acknowledge themselves le.iten or keep the mines closed  this winter. -  '|?jy^'ij^M&u^  ^^M^^^^^fim^MP^'^  ii^yfot* ^ Ml^a^el io!:fe'jHoy ,.aIso' ,*  PUBLISH^ ���TffQfc-ZX'i  TUESDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 19,  18��9.  X.SON,  JS0  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  a round of shots had'been hied and wore  overcome by gases. Dr. Gordon, the contractors', physician, who is stationed at  the tunnel, did everything possible to resuscitate the men, but without avail.  A special train, bearing the remains of  the dead men, left; the tunnel at 10 a. m.  today (.Saturday) for Cascade. That  Pease and Gilbert were esteemed by their  fellow workmen i*> shown by the fact  tha.tiifty of them are on the train and  will attend the funeral, to be held heie,  Rev. Joseph McCoy officiating.  TEXT OF TRANSVAAL'S  REPLY  To Britain's   Ultimatum.  London, September 18.���Tho second  edition of the Times contains a dispatch  from Johannesburg which .says: "There  is, 1 am informed, some early coup in.contemplation. Quantities ��� of impressed  forces, forwarded in the direction of the  Natal border, indicate some move on the  part the troops in that quarter. The  government is buying horses freely  today."  PitETOitiA, September   IS.���The  reply  of the government of the South African  republic to the latest dispatch dated September ,12th, ofthe British  secretary of  state for tho colonics, Mr. Joseph   Chamberlain, after acknowledging the   receipt  of the British  note, proceeds  in   part as  follows:    The government deeply regrets  the withdrawal, as the  government  understands it, of the invitation contained  in    the    British    dispatch     of    August  23rd,       and       the        substitution       in  place    thereof    of     an     entirely     new  proposal.      The    proposals    now   fallen  through, contained in the Transvaal dispatches of August  19tlr  and  21st  were  dieted from this government by suggestion   made   by   the   British   diplomatic  agent in Pretoria, which this government  acted upon   in   good, faith,   and   after  specially    ascertaining     whether    they  would be likely to prove acceptable to the  British  government.     This  government  had by-.no-incaus  an  intention  to raise  again    needlessly   the    question   of   its  A MINE MANAGER BELIEVES HE MINISTER OF FINANCE COTTON  UVCi'ift'ixJ^  ���; "j!Sli^-.6f:��tQ.Ui'.  ':.'/'������.,--'' ���-���������.;������ ��� .  -.-���-   :J5vidMr'iT^..yhjS  ilrip^pl'Qaehecl:.e~*vch yrrnin  ���-.^ttltfiijdfMjreht;stiiii^y-: 7:'iMy&i&'e. s��_tlev;6$i  '".'tttowis; :*^��?i:itei|��:i^^.fcuie!ti;?-n ;3S|a"S*Sijil<.��ii^ .Jfti  '^ti'fci'j^^yAv'^fei.'. ':'������' Pi$Qy.fiJr-;. $glib/';Ji��prs,;  .^pforkiy   llhtjre v^��r#:npy.ineX t0-.be got  ;yfcji��r^yiiitiQii;;^.'-B^i-Jl_XOivyineti.,^   |>ld;JtOfc:  ���'��� "Ku:oW fit -j y tliihg ^feftit; iiii 'V;'; 'tin ion. ���    ��<Som -  ;$&$$ 'dii'^nOt' WjX.iVfc'' toremjiioy union : nren  nory a'^cognli'e   "the  ruifon  in any Hvay.,  Made h0 tirifar'eucei union -(fir: jrOn-nhioni  . !Close;; eases Were being, Jsept on Hi*,i*higton  and the men posted: as;: to, the jn*ebtf;Uley  condition of-'ivljitii-^   xDoicoiu;pai'iiighG)tes  they became su��piere.rts and decided to  send one of their mnnbar dovtfn to Sliver^,  ton to ascertain ^'B f&cfe*.'     On  Friday  Charles TLiawson visited; thatcampi, and  that   evening, wired  back to the ���rneiJ.  "Sfeiy at hoine,"*   -Ho is expected to return   tonight.     Meanwhile a wire had;  been sent to J. D. Knowies, secretary of  ^tlr^SilveTWr"MihTlrs'=tTO  about the Wakefield, and stating that  Has   a Bonanza.  Nisw" Dknveh, September  IS.���W. IT.  Sandiford,   manager  of  the   Northwest  Mining   Syndicate,   has   returned   from  .Spokane well satisfied with tho result of  his trip.    It was undertaken   to arrange  the final  details   with Scott   McDonald  and his associates of the  amalgamation  of the fidelity mine with the Bosun, adjoining   this   town.     This  arrangement  has  already  been   detailed at length in  Tun Tiuisune, but the true secret of the  affair has  but  now  been  made  public,  though  known  to a  few for some time.  It is nothing less than the discovery upon  the Fidelity ground of one of the largest  bodies of clean galena yet found  in  this  famous  camp.      Some   months ;rgo Mr.  Sandiford had  empioyed iu  tracing the  vein on the Fidelity two trusted miners,  and these were engaged three  weeks  at  their task.    They ran a number of cuts,  and in one of these encountered  an  immense body of float, which  upon being  traced rrp was soon located in the lead in  place.    One of these men affirms that the  lead shows a solid front of  four  feet  of  clean galena, and it has been  opened up  for   upwards of  100   feet.    The  former  owners  of the Fidelity played  iu hard  luck,     otherwise     they     would     have  uncovered     the     chute,   as     but     six  inches    of    earth     remained    over     it  from  one  of their  workings.     In  fact,  .when the wash fell  away,  the mark "of  tlieir picks Avas discernible upon the ore.  W. Drewry, P. L. S., subsequently ran a  line over the now find, showing it to hold  a course through  the  Fidelity and just  below the present workings on the Frisco,  theuce heading towards Silver mountain.  The effect of this find upon New Denver  in the future is at once apparent, and it  is the intention of Mr. .Saudiford to work  the combined properties on a big scale as  soorr as the  labor  question  is  adjusted.  [We would mildly suggest  that  as Mr.  Sandiford has obtained so "hirge'^a thing  at so small a cost that he settle the labor  difficulty   by��� ���������paying-   miners   Avorking  ni'eiit^^vHtihr Satisfy-her; hntj eisty 'sjgo^feiaji  "lllQlXtl..      - ���  'y   ���_,'-,:     ".".   ������::'...���-''������;���.   ^^v"'-'"'-'  y '.'As^'egiiiijd^tj]^  ^r;ansv/a:aF$acceptance of\$hte-"iiivati^pn  .- the r*eimte^iA''eh'iby n^K^  ymentand e)t^  ��� cp.h\m|i8$J!V^ -b^^^n^i-"Vh^  ..rieeessaryyiafid^  such. Inqu'rry , :be ihoriglit ypassih'%  to declare tlris law inadequate. J?irr'~  'tlrer "there must' Tie a misa"gpreheusion  if it be assumed that this govei'mneut  was pi'ep-ti'ecli to -lay pl-ojipsals foi? a liye;  years' friiirohi^seiiind i*. cftiii'irter .r-iijprgsen-  ttttiou of tire Iioav. popuTatiou befprb tlie  volksjrtnvti for unconditiciii'ai aceeptauqe  as to the language; This goArerumerit)  never made .any olfers such as are're*  fei'i'Od to, eohsidering, ��s it did, such a,  nieasnre both unnecessary and undesirable, ^_     Season^Has^'Glosgciin^Atlin,   .iw ._ij;di;i.A--��n|i'and��anen*Ay^  l&p^uin^so'SGn'feATh'a^^  Av^illiollaw is?a matter.oiieonrsej.and;the  Had a Field Day at Kaslo.  On Friday last tho minister of finance  spent a fully  occupied   day   at   Kaslo.  From about ten o'clock in   the  morning  until nearly midnight lie was interviewed  with  reference  to  the   eight-hour  law.  There  was  no   formal    delegation,   but  singly aud in pairs the mine owners, mine  managers,     their    representatives   and  sympathizers came to Mr. Cotton   to  express their views upon  the so-called   in-  quitons measure.   The occasion  was not  of sufficient  importance  to  call   George  Alexander  from   his   studied  seclusion,  but lie was represented by his chief clerk,  who     is      also      his      talkative       representative    upon    the   Kaslo     board  of   trade.    One    prominent    gentleman,  Avhose /.eal Avas in advance  of his intelligent study,upbraided the minister upon  the injustice   of   a  law  Avhich  euacted  $"J.:jO  pay for   tin  eight-hour day.    He  Avas more astonished than abashed when  informed that the  law  enacted  nothing  of the kind.    Another, Avhen  told that  ' the present government would  not take  any steps to  repeal the law, announced  that he Avould leave the town iu a month.  Ho  AA^as  told  that  Avhile his  departure  would be \'ery deeply regretted, and the  loss to the erty Avell nigh  irreparable, it  Avould scarcely serve to change tlio policy  of the administration.   Another-representative  of the  mrue managers,  more  zealous   than   judicious,   informed    Mr.  Cotton   that   the   eight-hour   law   Avas  passed at the behest of a body of miners,  not more  than three per cent of whom  were British subjects, another placed the  percentage at. ten, while a third said that  possibly there might  be tAventy-live ]rer  cent   of   British   subjects  amongst the  operative miners.    All, however, sneered  at lir.F.  Green's  estimate of fifty  percent.    Yet Mr.  Green  was Avell  within  the truth, for of the 500 members of the  Sandon Miners' Union, upwards of seArenty  per cent are British  born  aud  have remained British subjects.  . All^ Depends  on. the .Engineer's. Report.,,.  *ywsy ''%y^yzi^-&> ars s *:4-^^"^.iiP  f>yItaS"repor.ted that"OhedjondQn'syndrcate'.  men were being engaged for that nnue.  Mr. Kuowles' reply Avas: "Non-union;  have men stay there." This was handed  to the miners, and they at onee decidetl  to stay at home, Pickets were at the  station this rnornrug to stop those who  could not be notified last night.  ILiast evening at the Central Mr. Brrrng-  tdn was looking very dejected, evidently  i eeogiuisiug the .'fact that the jig was iti).:  A IVtail man struck hint for a job, was  immediately engaged, and is expected to  leave for Silverton Monday. Ho then  liad another story to tell, Avhich in some  particulars differs from the facts. He  said there were only a few men in tlie  lower eouutry���agrtatorSj etc.'���but tliey  -would not accept Avork at any price. It  did not make any difference to him  whether- ineiMvere union or not. Had a  gang of forty men engaged, but his Avork  had been spoiled by agents of tire union  posting men. Had sent one of the miners  down���paid his fare, in fact-���to report  to the men here. This man had wired  the others that he Avas coming back, so  he supposed that he could not get any  men to go down. No irse to try to get  men here; Avas going home disgusted.  A few carpenters Avere going down, Monday, he said, and tlie reporter was assured  plenty of work if he would come.  Mr. Brriiigtoh went south this morning, though he Avas supposed to go down  with tlie carpenters, four in number, on  Monday.   Lost Their Litres at the Big Tunnel.  Ciisnuilo Record.  Friday night James Pease, a foreman u n-  dor Olaf Oleson, and J. Gilbert met death  at the long tunnel through Bui I Dog mountain, near Brooklyn. It is srrpposed that  they went into the tunnel too soon after  VicTOUiA, Septeniber 18.���Tho steamer  Alpha, Avbich completed a (jttiek trip  frotti the north last evening, brings news  of another earthquake at .SkagAvay. It  was on the 10th September, and there  Avere several distinct shocks. The dis-  tur-bniuce Avas felt as far inland, as the  Atlin district.  f, J. Jones, liianager^of the Great West-  ei'ii, Aliniiig Company, was arrested on  his way down tlie Yukon arid returiied  to Dawson to answer a charge of at6-  tempting to defraud hi'* creditors. Some  three thousand dollar's i$ tile arrioiint iu-  volv-ed.  It is announced in the Atlin Ciaiin  that gold commissioner Graham orders  tliat the close season, in which placer  claims jioed not be represented, shall  commence on September IStlr and continue until July 1st, 1000, Speaking of  his reasons for setting these dates, Mr.  -'Grahani' said he already had complaints  of ice in the sluice box, and therefore  thought September 15th the proper date.  The opening of the season on July 1st,  1000, Avould give eA'erybody plenty of  time to get in and not liave to make the  trip over the ice.  Insurgents Gain Ground in Venezuela.  Washington, September 18.���United  States minister' Looruis is hurrying his  departure from Washington because of  the gravity of the situation in. Venezuela.  He left today for New York aud Avill  take tho first steamer from that city for  Venezuela, which ���will be not later than  Saturday next. The minister regards  the situation as critical if the newspaper  reports of the insurgent successes are  accurate. The town of Maracay, Avhere  tire revolutionists were" reported to be  Saturday, is only about 80 miles distant  from Caracas, the capital.     ;  ^e";disl'|��yei^^  y|iile;d:;!u^i|*aing ifiiekiSisiial-'. 'Oii-";  ysei'^ei^ ir^h|ltg-fe'isiipi^  ''^u'Sfi'tlreflilny ' ��� ���' ,::  ^tOttar-ySilv^ property ySVill  ehange-haiids^thisAv^elc: . ':.; ".'y-'f,';>". '.:���-.  ... Tlrey j|ii0ylEd;rth.' rhirie |tt :;^jljy'^t<S.i;is'���  AVor:it ing��� -jv ;Jfe wy^%ei;iK;nnxl^figronud" '^d;  :'p;ajyrii:g':tl|em.,!|j8^peri^ ..-'."���;' .  *VV.. iSocjti *?! IfeAV.D^nvei'is^a'brisy'ihan.  justuow^.iravhiga-nniriiber of contvadtK  near Silvfei'ton, !He is/biiilding a wagon  i'Oad to the ��� EUiiiy yEdlthi: elear?ing;; the !  ground for the Wakefield trahiAvlity arid:  concentrator:; and building a flrrnje for  tlie latter, with Mrirdock McLean in  charge,  Biisitless sIioaVs an imprSvetnent at all  lake points, and iu0i;e Or less work is being done at a majorrty of the interior  mines.  The  Slocan   shipments of  last week  _iv_ei:e^qtti;te^i^speetablerj=8i0^tons=iii=ttlU  being   sent   Out,   of   AVhieh   the   Idaho  shipped 180 tons, -  Big strikes of ore have been the order  during the Aveek in the Slocan, tire Payne  being credited Avitli four feet in the No.  5 tunnel; tlie Madison also in tlieir No. 5  AVorkings shows four" feet of galena,  assaying over 500 ounces ; and a promising body also on the Sunshine; Tlie  dark clouds of labor troubles show many  rifts of silver lining.  Work lias been commenced on tlie long  tunnel on tlie Last Chance.  <$didK>tiie1��h^  'lKm|11nj^gnft]|l^y-^^^  Mdecl)-.t(-r>0xpi|rrliy^v ':eeVta;iri:,i,Jij|i.ronnt -;df  Mon^'iri^tiiet .ideveioinnenij. ;ol: .the pipp-  ;.#tie��, and ri|jori^th0shO^vin-g;nia"de.de^^  -Mietlier';to tafe��rrptiie,ljOird op rioyt. Tjje  ^yridicate^ en��iiieers. Will p@y�� isnbmlt  ::t|i'^ir.a'epQt;itr?^s-;to the.^ppelivanee. ofythe  ^^peyrtyv .sOy,.:tl"iht-. ;ai.'"dc#iirojii;nymal?' he.  ariav^fcl^tiyby .tlie; JiiSt- w^el^.;i'u:N^^h}_er'  A\Ihferijffe'i&*nh l^a'vy- jjayinerrt  intrst^lijifeih to'keep the bon4 alrve,  Aii0ro;jrg|rit^sy^riei'aljy uirder'stoodythat  :sri^isfitctorsy results has, followed thje Jtle-  vejfej^^nt, it AVili; i-einairr to he seeh wiiat  aetiCpii^ vvill be; tailcen upon the strength of  tIieFengiheer!s W e;|io^t.,  Beauty of Hebron i^otatoes that Avould  take prizes at an agricultural fair. Instead of sending so many collections of  mineral specimens to the Spokane Fruit  Fair, the people of the toAvns along Kootenay lake should make collections and  send down fruits, flowers, and vegetables;  or, Avhat would be bettor still, let a fruit  fair be held at some central place in  Kootenay every fall.  TRANSVAAL 0UT1O0K  IS  BAD  Mines May Be  Confiscated.  Prktouia, September IS.���The A'olks-  raad today readopted the mining article  in the gold law, eliminated last year, empowering the government to confiscate  the claims and mines belonging to people  convicted of treason or conspiracy against  the state, and empowering the government to order that the mines be Avorked,  arid if this instruction is disregarded to  work them through its own agents. The  readopted article comes into force immediately.  Big Building Collapsed.  MoNTitiSAr.,  September   IS.���At   eight  o'clock this evening the southeast corner  of the Queen Hall building, in Avhich was  located W. H. Scroggie's retail drygoods  store, fell  in.    The  building fell   gradually and Avarning Avas giA'en the few people on the street at tho time, so that no  one was  injured.    The building  Avas an  imposing  one, occupying  a whole block  fronting on St. Catherine streot between  University and Victoria streets, and Avas  four stories in height.    On an ripper floor  adjoining    the   Scroggie    establishment  was situated the  Queen's theatre.    The  building    Avas    an    old-fashioned    one,  and    this    spring    the    Scroggie   firm  took in four stores adjoining, .rip  to the  theatre entrance, put in a modern flout  and remodelled their end of the building.  The repairs had only been  completed  a  short.time.    This afternoon at 5 o'clock,  the Avatchman employed in the building  heard ominous sounds  and immediately  notified the agent of the Ogilvie  estate.  beingewtiong.  fl.t-.wasj.-'rrotiun  Wifi ?:������":��� - 'ii-.f&i"..-')-? V�� %*-1 ?: Kiwi."ii-^  d^o'^oek^  Things Are Not Running "Well.  It lias been eiaimed all along l^ the  Nelson District Mine Owners' Association  that tlie Athabasca mine at Nelson had a  full throe-dollara-day crew, and that  they AVere doing as satisfactory work as  was done by the old thr-ee-dollar-and-  a-half-a*day er6\V< The words quoted in;  this paragraph are from the Toronto Star  of tire 14th instant. From them it would  appear that the Athabasca is short-  handed : "According to a despatch -received in Toronto from the management  of the Athabasca, the clean-up for August  amounted to $8500. This Avas with but  half a crew, and Avould under ordinary  circumstances amount to $20,000. It is  expected Avhen everything is running  Avell that the monthly run aa'III amount  to ,$25,000. No dividend .will be'paid  until everything is running well. A  dividend might be paid now, but the  management apparently believes that it  is better to Avait until it can maintain  the payment regularly."  Valuation of the Flower Estate.  W-ATKRTOWN, Ncav York, September  18.���The appraisal of the personal property of the late Roswell P. FloAver put  its Araluc at ..$3,781,900 on the basis of  avhat stocks Avoro worth May 12th last.   .  _'$'d-ibfr^2aeiiitie��$d. liy Edssland i*rleri(l&  .Jldssljiiul UucOrtl.  The'many friends of A- U. Buchanan,  Avho Avas the iiioneeTr manager here of the  Bank of Moucrea], and is now marl tiger  of the bj-atich of the saine bank at Nel-  .sonjJhaA^e^deterniiUcHl-to^take-advtiiitage  of liis recent marriage to show their  apiireciation of liis services to .the city of  liossland. On Tuesday next a deputation of leading citiy.eus wilt leave hero  for Nelson, and avIII present Mr, Buchanan,  on behalf of his friends here, with a very  handsome cabinet of solid silver4.  ah|ft1i|Sh,6Wc;^df^pli.te?gliv^.m  ;they,sidjj\\��l;fc-/^"vI5yerfybo^  .gp!6'��i'i:4:<yf'-4lie^a^;^  , ;Sie.;wiili'--fi-Sni|^fy^i^  ���$1;0A)*]^' t?)p|^I'_^^eii |7ijt%^  Wiiil-oii.; tlier "'Tilki.v^i^t^;ys  felly" , *' ' '*.'���.'��� y;^:;V.h';'-' y":' ���'���.''-":*' "  INSURANCE    RATES   ORDERED  Readjusted in Nelson,  Thanks to the efforts of the  local insurance agents, the board of' mainland  Underwriters have consented to an immediate  readjustment  of the insurance  rates upon.the business property of  this  city.    On Friday and Saturday the  local  agents, taking advantage of the presence  in the city of so many general   agents of  the companies carrying risks  in   Nelson,  wired   the  secretary  of  the  Vancouver  board asking that it instruct sonic of the  general  agents  to    readjust   the   rates.  There wore in Nelson at the time Robert  S.Day of Victoria, representing tho'Imperial, A. A. Bonk of   Vancouver,   representing the Caledonian, James S. Reed of  Portland, representing tho  Connecticut,  Tudor .1. A. Tiedman   of San  Francisco,  representing   the   Scottish   Union,   and  Charles E. Dickenson  of Victoria, representing the Atlas, Queen and   Lancashire,  companies.    In   response to the request  of the local agents, the Vancouver board  held a meeting yesterday and decided to  authorize  Mr. Tiedman   of  the  Scottish  Union and Mr. Reed of otho  Connecticut  companies  to   make  the   desired  readjustment.    The   former   is   now  in  the  Slocan and the  latter  in  Boundary, but  steps Avi 11   be taken  to secure   their   return to  this  city Avithin  the  next few  days.    By the readjustment a considerable reduction will be made on the buildings in the old  frame  ranges  on  Baker  street^ Avhich have recently been  broken  up by the erection of brick  blocks.   This  deduction will apply to the old buildings  in most of the blocks, as the  splitting of  the frame ranges by bricks will  tend  to  reduce the .rates upon all the buildings in  the blocks.    The  readjustment  will  not'  result in any general lowering of the iir  surance rates, as Nelson is now using the  same rate'as--Victoria;'aiid 'it.-is', more  than likely an increase will  be  made on  some of the  risks, particularly  in   block  No. 1, Avhere the risk  Avas  increased  by  the moving of the  old  Merchants'hotel  building from block 5 to block 1. ��.:  Plans of Mackenzie & Mann.  Montreal Star.  William Mackenzie, of the well knoAvn  firm of contractors, Messrs. Mann &  Mackenzie,.arrived in'this' city last CAren-  ing and is staying at the Windsor. AskV  ed about the mission of his" partner j Dan.  Mann to China, where, it is understood,  the firm have secured a large contract for  railway construction  from the Imperial���  Good Ore on the Damp.  Ityvulstuko Tlofalel.  About twenty mm are working at  present on the Tarigior, tvventy-eiglit  mites north of Albert Canyon. Between  the main shaftairda winze sunk in one  of tlie galleries a depth of M0 feet has  been gained. Tliere is considerable good  looking ore on the dump. No work is at  present, going on the sister 'property, the  \Vaverley.   Right Action at the Right Time.  The city council does not intend to  allow any rebates on Avater rates this  winter if it can avoid it. Notices are  now being sent out calling the attention  of -consumers to tho fact that where  freezing ol" pipes results from the pipes  being put iu at an insufficient depth no  rebate for- interruption of water service  will, be allowed.  Talking Through Its Hat.  The Greenwood Miner can predict Avith  certainty that the government will be  defeated at the opening of tho house.  What Avill happen then let others say  who'knoAV.  Fine Specimens of Vegetables.  City clerk Strachan is the only fanner  in the present-city government. Out on  his Hoover Addition ranch lie has cauliflowers that Aveigh 12 pounds and measure  IS inches across tho fLower.. He also has  Egyptian beets that weigh 6. and.'?..  pounds, ; and.  short-horn     carrots    anil  ��� '-'.'. ���. .Mentfe^li^^^^^rft;-.-  .syhdiea-t^'-lrej'tde^y.-'By ��� W>-'.T* .Cohiiors &$',  Buffalo and;;&;I>y;i3ohldeii^ oy| Clcvekud^  are determined to.- get h CljrRiee' iit tijlxe,  big increase in the .business, wliicir the  deepening Of tihe Canadian caiiaisstoloiir-  teeii feet Is expected to, te'ihj. to Jftoh-  treaK,   Messrs Conrror's aivd 'C'orildjen are  willing to concede a4utost airy demand  the Jrarbor coinhrissiouBis will inalce ifr  they ai-e givei> tiu elevator site at "Wjnd-  mill point Avith a depth of Avater alongside equal to that m t>\\e ship cliaune! between Montreal' and Quebec.    The syndicate  is  prepared  to spend $1,000,000 at  ^onCe=aud^nibre=ilUireeessaity^=Mi'.=Con-=:  nor'S expressed tlio opinion that his  company Would not desire to htive anything  to do Avith the schcrno  if they  did  not  believe   they   could increase   the   grain  shipments from Montreal from forty millions   to   OA'er one hundred  millions at  once.     There  is a strong opposition to  the Buffalo plan in-cortain quai'ters, but  ljeople who are not -directly interested in  the grain  carrying   business  look upon  the-scheme- with more favorable eyes. ....  "Will Be Built to (Greenwood.  Ol'JiUil.WtlOll Mtl.!(,!l'.  it having been reported throughoiri/  tire country in the tn*oss thatthe railway  -WonId riot be built into Greenwood this  winter, and that tire terminus Would r.ts-  tnaln at Columbia for a long time to  come, the -editor* -of tile Miner' wrote to  tire eliief superintendent at Trail, and received the following message by wire:  TllA 11., Septomliw i it li. ism.  To it. K. OoNiicll, Griiuiiwocul,;  liofcrrhrg toyour lutltsrsitli, wi! nrc iloiiw ovoi-rlttijij;  [xwslltlo to reatsli Clrucitwuoil a|. Ojti*Ti����t iio^tihlc Anita.  Wo havo no intoiilion or stoftpini? work, till we roin'.ll  Midny. Woar43as atjKioiis Uigct to Orceinvood jim the  [)<;oplo of Creyn.vuod arc to liavu iik cotnc, mid arcs doiiiK  uvurytliing wo know to <;i��ri|iltilo ull projected bfiiiiulics  an well as main line. W, V, 'I'vn,  tlhSW*':;'0f ������''paiiinpii^:!^  Jp%s^:tJli.at^r^aic1l^  .l.Hliye:.i:ir-Aye\^.a|ram^i;^  ��� t&iistr ii dt'fftii--' ^fe|��ti|in sye^n^lli^lifa-l��'r%1;K''  w;ay:-li;hfe.lrMvtiiMlS|^i^  <fi&. yThil' 'qii.e#^^wa|;itl;i>rsii|5^(Jji^p^  *.'good,^deiv&('if,s..3'i^iissl-o',h';.n  '���^ittntiM' iltst; :Se^i_��6^*':Ml4*|;M.^ '"'*  . ahyle ���najWO'.-jfei^tji^-;^^^  '.'line.;. WJ.i:fl,Dy 'liO'|;iljSai|^:^||^in  'with existi i. g [ *ai|\v��a.'^y|vc|g9a|. ^hew'c^i^||^3;s:?f  "ueutj M'i��, ffaetee)*^  ������the ne'w t-oad AvJliynot;;ton|y; ':tfp��o^v$^^f$��ii  ^ettlonierit -Vast'. ��rjiets.^'af ���^'���atna'blftf.'^J/i,^:^!8^  ciiltiu-al kuid;-s)l)nfc.;it:5W.ili;.ivll,oi'4*-ait'/o':)^^  lot to the i:iorthei*u.4fetifets.'.��f";i\la*^^  and the Northiv'est'.'ToiTitOaes '.andr-il!e;^3.^S*.'i  vast l-nrfte.ral region Of :CaSsiai> iViiil "KoV -.'.;���??i$.""'  tliern Britfeh .Cohnn-bhtj ���        ___,; - '^-T-.f;  All Preparations Declared Oif.  Chicago, September IS.-���The difficulties between tho labor' unions antl the  committee of arrangements of the Chicago fall festival reached a climax today,  Avhen instructions were issued from festival headquarters suspending all preparations for tlio celebration.    .  Ore Shipments for One Week.  The mines tributary to Kos.sltind, Nelson, Ymir, Ainswortli, Kaslo ami Sandori  shipped an aggregate of 7000 tons for  the week ending.Saturday, the 10th. Tlie  ore AA'as worth $105,000;  TlwrtTis, Mr, Mackenzie thinks, ample  room in Canada for' another trahsttonti-  nental railway to open .'up this vast northern eon ii try which is not jn any Avay  sct'ved by the Canad'iaii Pacific iHihvay.  The Avork of coustrnctiou on the lilie of  the Ontario and Bahsy 'K'iyo-r rarlAvay Is  progressing very Avelh One iittudred  miles-of tlie line froni I'ort Arthur weift"  vyard is under contract to some dozen or  more eoutraetotw. Tire Work on these  coiiD'ncls was delayed-ifor a ti.ine throtjgh  the iiiipiissibility of getting laborei's-, owing to. the extraordinary deiiraiid ���kni  labor hi the Northvvest. r��he work is  now being ljuslied aheatl, and it is expected that before the end of the presen t  season fifty miles of lino will be emnplot*  ed. With regard to the prnii-ie sectiOus  of the road, Mr. Mackeir/ie is in hopes  tliat 1.50 nriics w'ili be eornplefcetl before  the wiuter season sets in. Speaking  with regard: to tire engineering diHicnl-  ties expected iii building a railway  through the Fellow Head pass in tire  llocky mountains.' Mr.' Mackenzie said  that he had not any definite information  as to what difficulties might be expected,  more than that engineers agreed thatthe  Yellow Head pass was an easy one to  build through. ThcAvork of construction  from the mountains westward to the  Pacific, Mr. Mackenzie-thinks, Avill bo by  all means-tlie most difficult and costly.  Highly   Indignant.  A  Avell-knoAvn   resident  of Kaslo, old  enough to have better sense, has Avorked  himself up to such a pitch of indignation  over tlie eight-hour law that he threatens  to leave the town within a month if the  law is not repealed.    He does  not  state ,  whether he will return to the Northwest  Territories and engage in farming or  to  NeAV  BrunsAvick  to engage   in  politics.  Colonel, stay iii Kaslo and be one of the  1 boys. THE   TRIWJNE:   NELSON,  15. C., TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER   ID,   1899.  ^^'^���HS-^-lS'lS^iS^ ^:'&^ *2^*^@ ���:B-'B^B^B^^'-  :SiB*^:S*S-S^S*^^  % A visit to this department of our store will give  �� you an idea of the various styles in this season's  % Dress Goods, Crepon, Covert and Costume Cloths  S are still amongst the leaders, while we are showing  S Poplins, Cheviots, Biarity, Soliels, and Fancy Silk  �� and Wool Mixtures in great variety; price right.  -$ We will be pleased to show you good whether  ^ you buy. or not.  &  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  \$  Hi  W  ii)t)  W  W  0k  BANK  OP   B. C.   BUIJ.D1NG,   NELSON.  TEEMS   a^-S*E"C  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street,, Nelson.  that the Orleanists had a wonderful organization aiul the duke de Orleans .av;is  on. the point of entering Paris. Ire also,  said that the anti-Semites and patriotic  leagues at a sign from De 'Ronlode could  have put 20,000 men in the streot of  Paris, and that tho republic had escaped  coup tie force by the   narrowest  margin.  Ball Games Yesterday.  Chicago 10, Brooklyn 10.  Washington ���!, Cleveland ~>.  AVashiiigton (i, Cleveland *>.  Boston ;*), Pittsburg 7.  Uoston" 11, Pittsburg I.  Cincinnati 2. Baltimore .'5.  Louisville (i, Philadelphia 1.  DSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  "CHRISTYS' LONDON,"  JOHN   B.  STETSON  and other well known makers hats  now in stock.  See our new FEDORAS AND STIFF HATS  MEN'S OUTFITTER-  Sign ot the RED HAT, Baker St., Nelson  J. P. WEIR  ��he ��rtim��e*  Daily Edition....  WKKKIpY KWTION.   Kirst Ykar, No. 220   Skventii Ykak, Nu. ".I  Advjchs from the Slocan are that some  of the mine managers are Avilling to  resume Avork and pay $3.50 a clay, but  they are unwilling to employ members of  tho local unions. , If the mine managers  insist on keeping up their organization,  they surely should' concede a like .privilege to the*-mine workers. The mine  managers in this fight have acted more  like'babies thaii full-grown men.  Rksuaii'Tion of Avork in the Slocan  means that the output of the mines of  West Kootenay will amount to .a million  dollars a month, one-fourth of Avhich Avill  be disbursed in Avages to miners and mine  laborers. No other section of the Pacific  Coast Avill Ijo more prosperous. The investor will bo receiving fair dividends'  and the Avago-earnorfair wages. The only  people avIio Avill not be happy will be the  few who are always unhappy Ayhcii they,  see their friends and neighbors pros-,  perous.    TriK Slocan furnishes a striking exam-  -ple-of-Avhat-the polrcyof the-mine-oTvTF"-  '   *    '"   INCORPORATED1670.  We have just opened up a  consignment of Cigars consisting ofthe following standard brands:  Bock Superfinos  Bock Conchas  Bock Puritanos  Henry Clay Conchas Extras  Henry Clay Puritanos  Upmann Conchas  Triumfo Conchas  La Lola Conchas  We also, carry a full line  of Domestic Cigars at prices  to suit all trade.  PETEB GENELLE & CO.  Headquarters for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  ors' union is doing to depreciate the  value of the holdings of their shareholders. When the eight-hour laAv.eame  into effect, the,majority of the miners at  tho Payne mine avoi*o shut out, for the  purpose of killingthe eight-hour law before it Avas given a trial. A feAv men  Avcro kept on development, and their  Avork disclosed great bodies of high-grade  ore, which will enable tho company to  ship 2000 tons a month at a net .profit of  .$120,000. Tot'the shut down knocked 40  cents off the market value of every  -Payne-share. -The Rambler-Cariboo furnishes the contrast. Jt A\-as not shut  down. Development on it also disclosed  a big ore body in the lower tunnel, and  the fact that there Avas no cessation of  Avork permitted the shareholders to get  the advantage of the improved appear-*  anco of tlie property. Ilanibler-Cariboo  stock, instead of falling, increased fifty  per cent in value Stork that Avas .selling at 33 cents is now Avorth 50 cents.  -     ���      -      - i  If it be true, as tho local  mine  mana-'  gers  say, that  the eight-hour law has-  paralyzed the chief industry of   the pro-  vince, one would   naturally expect pro-  -vincial-socurilics���in--London- to- remain-  stationary at least, if only for'  decency's  sake.    Yet this has not been the case, for  the pesky things rose on September  2nd  from 113 to IIS,"whileother government  securities are unchanged," as   tho  press  dispatches put it.  Paris Had a Close Call.  Paws, September 10. ��� La Libertc  publishes n report of an interview with  deputy LaCrese, who was received by tlie  premier,. I. Waldeek-Roussoau yesterday.  The premier, the deputy slates, declared  Hudson's Bay Stores  West Baker Street.      Tolophono 13,  Brick and Lime  Lime 70 Gerjts per 100 pounds.  AVill deliver In ion lols  Brick $12 per thousand.  At, yard or on scows at government wharf.  The WestJ(ootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Halc.-r Stroot.        T. (>. PROCTOR, "Manager  GREAT REDUCTION  HARD COAL  ANTHRACITE  )9o50 pep ton  DELIVEEED  Special rales for airload lots for outside points.  e.-WrWesr&-Co:  33  Wo make a specialty of  Sljiplap arjd Double Dressed fr|aterial  Good dry Rustfc and Flooring  Shingles arid Lath, Kept, in, Stock  Office and yard near C.PJi. depot   Ji. O. PEEK,. Agent,  That room of yours needs  i(freshening up" for the win-  termonths.  The floyal Greenhouses  c  Corner of Ward and Hoover HI reels.  K. CilliZZKLI.rc, K.IUl.M, l'ROPIilKTOK  can give us the size (length  breadth, and height of ceiling)  ofthe room, or rooms,  We  mmmmm  ' Having leased the business of the Nelson Soda AVator  Factory. I am prepared toFiipply the trade with all kinds  of carbonated and aerated waters. Family orders solicited.   Prompt delivery.  Factory on  Hoover street.  N. NT. CUMMINS  will do the rest.   In price,  beauty of design and quality  Oar Wall Paper  bargains will surprise you.  Canada. Brag and Book Co.,  ���LIMITED  . Comer of Bakor aud Stanley Streets, Nolaon  DOLUS! KU1J.S! Ul'LIiS!  fMV)of tho ulmicut.1 varieties foi fall planliiiK to arrive  in a few days dlivct froni the growers in Holland, t'on-  sislinj,' <if Iljai'iiulis, Tulips, llalludiln, Xnrei.sMis,>Hcllliu>,  l.ily i f l lie Valley, Croi'im, .lonijuilw. .Snow Drops Anemones-, itainimjnliis, Iris Cliinodoxa, ere. Ordurn l<r tliu  value of two dollars and upwards m-ii! by intii! or express fiee, urn! ut k'*s I ban eastern price;*.  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  NELSON, B. G,  Goirbo roasters and doalcrs in Tea arid Coffee..  Offer fresh roasted 0011*00 of best Quality ils follows:  .Java nnd Arabian Miicliu, per pound..,, ' ?  40"  ��� Java Mid Mocha Blond, 3 pounds......  1 00  Kino SantoSp4 rJOuncis   1 IX)  Santos Blond, & pounds .'.  1 V0  Our Special Blond, 0 pounds........*  1 WO  Our Jiio i��o.'lSt.r o pounds '..',.......:..  1 00  A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms 2 Doors  East  of  Oddfellows   Block,,  West  Bakar Staset  Special Notice to the People of Kootenay  I am now prepared to test the eyes  of the people,.as I have in my department, a first-class optician. I have a  large selection of gold frames and the  very best of lenses. Call and get your  eyes examined at  JACOB DOVER'S The Jeweler  Nelson Iron Works  MAOTTFAOTUKBIW OK  ENGINES. BOIIJBRS, SHAFTINGl, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OF "SyBBY DESCRIPTION  P. O. Box 173.  w  ib _ _    *��V\  _�� "ss^s?:!^ C=^fer<^=: S^sS^fe^: S?:fe<  iti  iii  iii  ��*>  Mew iii Stock    ii;  October  Delineator  in Latest Novelties Wv  ii)  iti  its  li.  il>  il/  Veilings        ^  U'-_--_'33'3:-3a.'3'33  We are now showing* a complete range of new fall  and winter goods in all departments, and invite careful inspection of our dress goods, ladies' suitings,  ladies' silk blouses, dress Skirts, golf capes, mantles,  flannellette wrappers, shirt waists, children's reefers  and eiderdown coats.  ESTID   llNipOZH-LIIL^EIR,^  m  m  ^  # We are selling blankets and wool comforters at  ^ bottom prices. Ladies' sailors and walking felt hats  M and novelties in millinery.  #     ��� ��� .=           OUR GOODS ARE ALL NEW AND STYLISH  W  36  Baker  Street  W        See Our f  nAf ;���  rancywerk fa  Deparlment - r,\  %  W  2       Boys and       #  ta;Sia ia-<a^ ia^3-^ ^--SiSs  Boys and  % Youth's Clolliing ^  at Cost     ^  SPECIAL ATTMffl  Havo .just received a consignment of Hnrrix home  made tweeds from 1'albot Jiarrih, Scotland.  FRED J. SQUIRE9..Bakep St. Nelson  Thf> "!'iiioly it Hmitod, 80 call early and examine thlq stock.  Do You Want One?  If you want a Myltsh pf-rfort flttinpr tmt, made of l.ho  "hc��t plnili ever linjuirled to Kul.ioii, leavu your order  with mo.  Smx liundrcrl dnlliir^ worth of new ffoodf now wnit-  .int; your i'i��>_octiioii. s I j>ii)irnnieu rial isfaet.on or no sale.  SUITS $25  Nelson's TU'-lo-flnl'1  J. R. Wf?AYl  T.-iilnr, lu-xl KooU'imy (Wee Co.  Cut Prices is the  Order of the Day  ���And rwauvlo he in  it.  Kid I     .-.niiplf's     of     i  ( O.sUllKh     ILpn'M-llllllg .      .  clinrisi' from imiili: li> your   ordo  neverljuforr hoiiid of >�� Nelson   All Ihe lalost  fads in Kanej   Vc-linjft. for i-'alliuid ivmkr.  1 have just received  uliipp- i.nd (Kuril S.)0,i(J0 hlock 10  U   |i ii-cs  -The Kelson Electric Tramway Co., Ltd.  LOTS FOR SALE  ON EASY TERMS  L.'ii'Ko mliiilierof choice building; lols adjacent lothc  line oi I heir Irani way. Kor price and lerins uf Mile .ippl.i  lo Ihe ollice of Ihe coui|>iiiiyr iM.icdoiiald lilock, corner of  ,losei)hine mid Vernon slreclw.  T. U. DUiVCAiV, Sociclary.  Charles  D. J. Christie;  GENERAL.  BROKER.  FOR SALE  BUSINKSS AND KKSUIKNTIAL  I'llQPliltTY  30 liy  120, Haker strcol.  Ward p-l reel s ..:   between Josephino and  SSOOO  50 by 120, Haker street, between Josophino and Jlall  streets, corner ���   25 by 12(1 witli improvements, south sido of Vernon  "Iroel :   5000  50 by 120 witli improvements, south side 'of Vernon  "'���"-'et- ���   GOOO  2J lols with cottage rented at?I5pernioiith, Victoria  street  3500  2 lot -; with cottage rented at ��20 por month, Stanley  street    3000  <u lots in block-111,), all cleared and fonced in  2500  AOENTS Foil  J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  z 3sr s rr-E^. *isrc *e  RBAJj ESTATE A3MD LOANS.   FOn'FAL-iJ  5 Itoom 1 rouse    $i:'00 150-Foot Corner   -l-Koom IIoupO, ��!M)  ....?3t0  Steyeqs, T!]e Tailor  He D. Ashcroft  BLACKSMITHJNG  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wngoh repairing prompt,!}' attended, to by a Urat-clasB  w'lieolWriKht,  Spoclal attoiitloii Klv��?n to all kinds of repairing aud  'eustoiri work from outside points,.  .  s  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver, B. C.  Hoarding and day sctis.ol for girls will ro-opun on the  l.lili day of AuguM.   Vauanuifti for boarder.-.   l'*or terms  A1)K1VIOISKIj1J<: ICKKN, Principal  ami prufpuulux apply to  aLv'"-  Bulbs   for   Fall  Planting"  20.000 Holland "Hnllw tonrrivo in Ser tcniber; 51100 Japan  J.ilic |,i uirivo m Ocloher; l.lno Khoiloili ndroni, Annleas,  iMattnulias, Huse.s, etc. to arrive in Octolier. "riioiinamls  of Ilexes, Cainuliai, KriiiluiHl Uniiiniuiiliil Trees-. tShrlili*,  etc., jjj-uwiiiK on my own giomuls lor tho fall Irudu.  1'atnloKiie free.  Krai Kstate and Ootieral Agenl.s, Haker St., Nolson  Charles A. Waterman & Co.  CUSTOMS-BROKERS  AUCTIONEERS  SEAL ESTATE and GENEBAL AGEITS  Baker Street, Nelson  FTKST DOOR WKST HAiVK H. C. HUILUINO.  Notice .o Investors and Bnilders  M. J. Henry  Vancouver, B. O.  Slrop:   liall Street, betweeij Baler and Vernon,.Ne|son.  9 9 ��-  BOYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  OXGrARo.   .    ��    .   . ..  UNION   MADE  j       Bopairs promptly attended to.  Kootenay Cigar lanfg, Co.:  Nelson, British Columbia..  MINERS WANTED.  Tho Tangier Mine, Limited, Albert Canyon,, on the  main lino of the C. P. It., 2-i miles east of Rovelntoko, re-.  _uiroH six good ttiiuors.   Wages f3.S0 per day.  ONE DOLLAR A hOA��  The under.-iglied has a lai^C .flwantlt)' of fir, cedar, and  temaraeshibs, in Ill-inch and 4-foot leiiKths, suitable for  Htin-o wood, ���.yliich will be sold lor $1 a iu.id at Uio mill  yard.  ^      NKLSON SAW fc PLANING AHX.LS, Limited.  Nolson, AllKUst l!)l.h, l��>l��.  HAIE GOODS AM) HAIfi OBf AMEITS  Switches from $2 up.  MBS. J. W. XvKARNEYhas opened a Ladies Hair Dress-  liiK I'trior in room ,1, Victoria block, Nelson, and in prepared 16 fu jiish everything in the way of hair .goods,  uii&hair.totiiori.'   Treatment of tho scalp a .specialty.  STYLISH   DEESSMAKINci  COsl'UMlSS FOIt ALL OCCASIONS'  FURNIdlllCU ON SliUltT NOTIOU*.  Josophino Street,  NKLSON    :  Wo give tin, very Bkht Ticiims to tliosc  wisliirig to byiroiv money on iiujiruvcd roal  enintu.  The only coiiijiany in tlie province Uifitgivns  you the privilege of paying oil' your wholes  Loan'at Any Time without; a. Konus ou gjv?,  ing a CO day notice of your intention was so,'-  Mrs. E. Mciaugl|!in  (Kx-tihurirr of Boutli Kootenay)        .  GENERAL AUCTIONEER ;  Cash advunod on consignhicnts of niorchandiRO.  1 Porttolflco Box 072:;, ... Nelson, ii. C.  OAMBua & O'REILI^Y, Agts  British Colirmtu'a Poi^irni)cii-|. .Savings & Loan Company.  Globe Savings & Loan Co., Toronto.  Lots for Sale  ?.*io0 will purchase �� choicoresidenpe.corner,. 100,by. 120  .   feet.  $2Um will purchase it central lot and residence.  SiOO will   purchiiRo  two' nico lots and .Rhatity, Robson  street. Hume addition.  $,'j(XX) will purchase four nice Jots and residi n :a  10,000 Pooled Knirmont; i cents.  Ulitckcoek (.ymir) shares 20 cents,  5000 Utica at li cents. .  ALEX STEWART  Turner & Boeckh block, Nolsoli, li. C.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres of land within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson. For furtnef  particulars apply: to .  FRED  J.  SQUIRE,   Nelson,  B,  C.  .J^.rffii*'*w,3*W����  J^&fe&^-ft^ THE   TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, TUESDAY, SEPTEMER   10,   1899.  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,     -  ONTEEAL  $12,000,000  6,000,000  1.0111) STIlATirriONA  ASH   JIT   ROYAL, President  Hon. OICO. A. DIIUMMONI) Vico-lViwIdont  _   S. OI.OUSTON tloncral Manager  �� BANK OF  H COLUMBIA  NELSON  "ISTHlXiSO'ISr   *B*Rja.*N*C*E3:  N. W. Cor. Bakor and Stanloy Streets.       nilANOMKS IN       LONDON   ("F.nnrlanrt).   HEW  YORK  and in tho -principal cities ii  CHICAGO  Canada.  liny and sell Sterling 'Kxnhamro and Cahln Trannfers  RltANT COMMKKOIAT. AN1> TKAVKtXKKS' nKKIIITS,  availa'ilo in any purl, of tho world.  nilAKTH IHRUKn    COM.K0TIONS MAI1K;  KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  (���|*I*I*KNT HATK OK INTKIlKST PAID  GOVERNMENT   OWNED   RAILWAYS.  The.state owned railways of Aiif*i,r;ilia  are often referred to as indiwiting tlie advantage of government ownership, but in  trutli tlie cost of carriage is much higher  ou the roads -than on Canadian roads,  and must be, because the railways of  Australia aro corruptly conducted as  political.machines. -By'way of confirmation,, wo give below tire evidence of one  of the best known men living, and one of  the shrewdest observers, S. L. Clemens,  bettor known as Mark Twain. This  famous writer had occasion a couple of  years ago to go upon a lecturing tour  that included the principal points in Aus-  ; tralia, and the weakness of the railway  system did not escape him. Ho lias an  Australian gentleman traveling with him  to a little town called Maryborough tell  the story, wliich is Jn part as follows:  "Tlie government chooses to do its- niil-  way  business   iu^ its  own  Avay,   and-it  doesn't  know as  much about it as the  French.    In    the  beginning   they   tried  -������idiots; then tliey imported the Frenclr--  which   was  going  backwards,  you  -see;  now it runs the roariMtsclf���which is going backwards again, you see.    Why, do  you know, in order to curry favor with  the voters, the government puts down a  road  wherever anybody  wants it���anybody that owns two sheep nnd a dog; and  " by consequence we've got, in the colony  of Victoria, S00 railway stations, and the  business done at eighty of thorn doesii.'t  foot ii p.twenty shillings a week."    -  -i'Fivo dollars? " Oh, come!"  'it's true,    it's the absolute truth."  "Why, there are three or four men on  wages at every station."  "I know  it.    And the station business  doesn't pay for the sheep-dip to sanctify  their coffee   with.    It's   just   as   I say.  And    accommodating?       Why,   if   you  shake  a rag  the brain   will stop in   the  nlidst of the  wilderness  to pick  yon up.  All  that kind of politics costs, you see.  And then, besides, any town  that has a  good   many   votes    and   wants   a    fine  station, gets it.    Don't you overlook that  Maryborough station, if you lake an interest in governmental curiosities.    Why.  you  can  put  the   whole   population ol  Maryborough  into it, and give  them a  sofa  apiece,   and   havo  room  for   more.  You  havoif b fifteen stations in America  that are as big, antl you probably haven't  five that are half as fine.    Why, it's perfectly elegant.    And tho clock!    Everybody will tell you about the clock.   There  isn't a station in Europe that's gob such  "a-clock:    It-doesn't   slriko^uul-tJiat's  one mercy.    Well, of course,  when they  build and' rail 720 stations, at a loss, and  a, lot of palace-Stations aiid  clocks like  .MiiryborOugh's at another loss, the government has gob to economise somewhere,  hasn't it?   Very Weil���lookat the rolling  -stock! That's where they'siwe the money.  Why, that train from Maryborough will  consist of eighteen freight cars and two  passenger keimels; cheap, .poor, shabby,  t-lovonly: 110 drinking water,.no sanitary  ���aiTftngen.eiit*'; every imaginable  ihcou-  venr^iiee; and slow?-���oh, the gnii, of cold  .molasses;  no 'aH'brake, no   springs, and  they'll jolt your head off every time they  start or stop.   That's where they make  their  little  economies,  you   see.     They  spend   tons   of   money   to   house   yon  palatiaHy while yoii wait fifteen minutes  for a train,  then degrade  you  to  six-  hours' convict transportation to gob the  foolish outlay back."  ���Mew Zealand's steam railroads are  owned and'operated by the government.  Compared with American railways, they  seem like toy railroads and the lneir  "playing   train."      The    locomotive    is  LODGE   MEETINGS.  trNIGHTS OV PYTHIAS-Nelson Lodge; No, 25,  ****- Knisrhts of Pythias, meets in I, 0. 0. F. Hall,comer  Baker ana Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock. Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  T. l.ILLIK. C 0. R. G. JO V, K. oe It. & S.  NKLSON LODGK, NO. 23, A. _V& A. Al. Meeta  second Wednesday in each morith. Sojourning  brothron. invited.  NKLSO\T L. O. L., No. 1G92. meets in  I. O. o. Ji\ Hall. ���  corner Baker and Kootenay streets.  1st and 3rd  Friday ot1 each month.   Visiting brethern cordially in-  * JOl'lV TOYE. \V. M."      F. J. BRADLEY, Hoc. Sec.  ELSON   JRKtli,   Number  22.   Fraternal  Order  of  K.-iglse, meets every second and fourth Wednesday i n  each month in Fraternity Hall.   V biting brethren wel-  .T. It. WftAY, Snnrnlflry.  Is n��w prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on SKaguay, U. S., Atlin,, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yu^on District.  queer  nnd   small.      The    engine   driver'  blows   two  loud  blasls   of  tho  motive's  whistle    before   starting,   niiieli    like   a  steamer.      A.   large   hand    bell   at   bhe  stations   is   loudly   rung   prior   to   tho  shrieks ol' the loeomotivo's whistle.    Tlie  guard   (condu.'tor)   walks   up  and  down  the platform and says:    "Take your seats  ���everybody take seats," instead of "all  aboard." .after which he blows a. poeket  whistle signal, like  some United .States  trolley   car.  conductors,   and   the   train  starts, but does not go much faster than  a. horse's slow pace, except down grade.  The   train   stops   in  the   bush,  nnd   you  think an axle is broken or something is  wrong probably a "hold-up," which they  call   a' "struck:'up;"  but no,  the stop  is  merely to let the guard apply tho brakes.  Why do they want the brakes .applied  after .stopping?    Well,   you see, there is  ahead of us a slight down grade, not very  much, bub enough to require brakes, and  the solitary guard could not apply  all  the brakes quick enough,   so they wait  ten  minutes for  him to do so.    It is almost like stopping'an ox team in pioneer  days.    Air brakes are unknown, and the  locomotive  has no bell, but must always  Avhistle.  The railway carriages have a plain,  square," flat board seat against the sides,  of the coach lengthwise. Some have a  leather cushion to sit upon. A few late  coaches have six to,eight" narrow reversible seats. A solitary step high up, made  of one piece of board aids the passenger  to enter. The windows are small and  near the roof.    Baggage checking is nn-  Big Scl]oo!|er  Beer or Half=  and=Half....  known. You paste a label on your baggage, they gather it up and take it, but  yo i must see that they pub it oil' ab your  destination, and must claim it in the general scramble before some one helps himself to it. Letters posted in a 'mail car  must pay from four to twelvo cents extra, according to their destination. No  trains run at night or on Sunday. Live  stock cannot travel on Monday or I<Yi-  day. The cars for horses and cattle are  called carts; other freight cars arc termed wagons. They are built like packing  cases, and have no opening except the  missing roof, the door closed tightly.  They are scarcely one-fourth the si/.e of  American cars.  There are no trolley cars in all of New  Zealand, notwithstanding a. population of  00,000 in Auckland aud other towns almost as large.        An Absurd Claim.  Toronto Telegram.  James Hamilton Lewis of Seattle may  as well abandon sentimental claims tore-  dress of alleged grievances 'incurred on  American citizens by reason of British  Columbia's statutory  protection   to  her  FULLLINEOF  *5  Alyvays Fresh  AI\yays     Cool.  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts   .  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles.  Rough and  Dressed Lumber,  of ill kinds.  If what you want is not in stock wo will mako it for you  CALL AND GKT PRICES.  mineral wealth. Mr. Lewis, iu presenting  what he declares to be legal claims  against the British Columbia government,  never loses a chance of describing the nn-  neighborly and unfriendly legislation  that evicted American miners of Atlin  Lake. If Mr. Lewis has solid claims, he  will in all probability get justice from  the proper authorities, but there is not a  shadow of reason why he should win  sympathy because of the "unfriendly and  unnoighb. rly" legislation that prevents  his clients carrying away the wealth of  British Columbia'* placer mines. British  Columbia's anti-alien legislation does not  approach the severity of the laws which?  Washington put on her statute books to  exclude Canadians from mining rights.  Now that Canada has the gold and Americans the desire to profit from it. Mr,  Haniilton Lewis had better look to bhe  courts for law aud nob to the public for  sympathy.       Will Not be a Senator From Michigan.  Detroit, September 18.���General Alger  today gave out a letter in which ho announced his withdrawal .from the candidacy for United .States senator. His  reason for this determination he says is  personal and of a business nature.  The  Price of Silver.  Nrcw York, September IS.���Silver certificates ..0@!)0-|-e. Bar silver 5S'|e. Mexican dollars 47ic.  TheTremojit Hotel  rvlALOfpE & TREGILLU3  ���: PROPRIETORS  | id.  :iN^^:RT:E3:-cr:R, & con    1  Headquarters fop Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  ft  JUST ARRIVED  An Entire Car of  Iron Beds and  Springs  From George Gale & Son  ��� ���*���������  A Large Shipment of  Baby Carriages  and Garts  From The Gehdron Mnfg. Co. ,  b  K  BT:  ��  is-iss---"--^^^-^**^^  SS-  The Finest Residential  Property  in  Nelson  and  ars  J. A. Say ward  ."HALTi AND JMKE STREETS, NELSON  CHA1U.KS HILLYER,  I'KKSIDENT  HARRY HOUSTON,  8ECKETA11Y     "  Nelson-Saw & Planing Mills;  ALWAYS ON HAND!  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEERS HOTEL  JBAKEK STREET, NELSON.  LIMITE-D-  THE BEST'liLASS OF BEER IN* NELSON IS  AT THE  Club Hotel  E. J. CURRAN, Prop.  Corner Si'icn, and  Stanley eSirooi*.  1899  1899  PROVINCIAL  TION  UNDKK   THE   AUSPICKS   OK  The lloyal Agricultural and Industrial Society   of--Britis_.-Colum.bia.   MANUFACrUllRRS OY A.HX)  DEALERS IN  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings  Doors and Sash  Fence Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  KACTOUV* WORK DONK TO OIHJKK,  SUCH AH  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  IN STOCK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  [BOGUSTOWN]        ������  '".���'���'  All  the   unsold- lots  in   the   Fairview   Addition  to   Nelson' are   now :dn  the  market at reasonable prices and on easy terms.    This property  is very  desirable for residences.   Apply to  West Baker Street, Nelson. TV M.   WARD, Local Agenty  P.Burns&Co. I  ���*- * - _ "���$'��� *b;*'is  Wholesale and Retail   .||  . - *.   .   Dealers in Meatk'  Hhad Office at  .  nelson.-b; C  Largo comfortftblo bedrooms and   llrst-class  dining  roonl.   Samplo rooms for commercial men.  ������R^TES   ��2   -F-E-R.   IXAy-Sr  Mrs.  E.  G.   CLARKE,  Prop.  Late of tlie Itoy'al ITotol, Calgary,  WILL   HE   I1BI.D  AT  Sawmill on Government wharf.  Kuulory and ollice. cornor Hall rtrcot and C.P.R. track  ON  OCTOBER M, Ith, 5fh and 6th.  come. _  .1. mVTiVO. President.  ARCHITECTS,    ....  EWAKT & CATlltlK-A.-chitcct-s.   Rooma 7 aud 8 Ab.  ordeeu block, Bakor mrerit, Nolson,   ....  $15,000 IN PRIZES $15^000  OffiW  TO   THE   WORLD  A Round of "Pleasitte for i'ouf Whole Dal. s  HO!,*-'!'' .HACJiS       iUGVcM.K IlAOK.*!.       AQlilATKiS  Ot W Ml 'K '1-NS-l I li" LA CHOSSIt; SA V A U A N1!  .Mll/i'rAUV' .Sl'OK'I'S    , OY.MlvIIAXA  JlASM HAM*    l-*(.10'l" llAIVIi    11A.\*I��  'TOVI���t.V A "MB.VT.  MAGiTiHCEIfT ILLUMINATION'S i  Gi'uiul concert every cvoniiif;.  ��� ���   ���"      ������ ���    ���'���    "      *i\ osliniriHtcroiier  retlueoni  SuecMiUl.i'ivcliohalillie.Vupv W'o.sl.inirintci'onerahoUKd  Moitsler oxuiin-ionn from all peintH, at gi'oally  rales,  Por spcuinl fuftttirof) see small hand bills.  No entrance fee ehdr^ed for eXliibitJs.  KX.KOUT1VK���Ifis \vovshl|i inayur Ovcuh, T. J. Trapj-n  W. .1. MuMi-ei-M. Geo. I). -Hrymn-er, It, K Anderson, Aid. ,1.  K. Scott, A hi. M. Sinclair.  For urine lisU, entry forms and full parfcibular.s, write  T, J. TRAl'l"*, ARTIIUIt MALINS,  I "resident. Secretary.  W. H. KKAU'Y, C/'ummissioner.  a?"Ei*r_*E3E,"E3:o'*N"E  136  Purftif? the, season wo will deliver ice ot private residence!'  and biu-inosK houses daily in any  desired quantity at easonrable  prices.  WILSON & HARSHAW  "VVlLt DO WELL TO  1  AT  6. 0, BWHANAN'S  Wholesale Markets at -flelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  Retuil Markets ut Nolson, Kaslo,'pS;uidion, Silverton, New Denver, Ymir, Tniil, Grand Porks,  Cascade,; Green wood, Midway, and -.Sirdar.        * .    . -  Maii Orders Promptly Forwarded.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINOS OI-*  J{. D. HUME, Manager,   The flnest-liotelintho interior.   Largo samplo rooms.   Steam heat and electric light.  CORNER OK WARD AND VERNON* STS��� NKLSON  BAKKB AN�� WAIlp STR KKTS^ NKLSON  A largo Rtock of flrst-class dry Jiiatorlai on haiid, ttltio  a full lino of sash* doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIAtTY  Yard:  Foot of Hondryx stroot, Nelson  Mop!,���., m   Jofen Rae, Agent  R. REISTERER & CO.  BUH:WKR3 AND BOTTLKRS OF  Fine Lagep Beer,  Ale and Porter  vTot^y Xlr^. \  Brewery at Kelson..  SHEEIPP'S SALE.  Province of Ilritisli Coluinbia, Nolsoii, West ICootcnay,  to-u-il::  By virtue of a warrant of execution issued, out ol the  Ooimty Court of Kootenay.. liolden at Raslo. at tho suit,  of ller'iiiali Clover, phiintiH', and to me directed a'sainst  the goods and chattels of Frank Lacasto, dofendant, I  have seized and- taken- in exeention all the rlfthl,-Mlte  and interest of the said dufendaiit, Frank Lacasto, in the  miiiefal claims ."Slocan Chief No. Id" and "Kootenay  Queen," both situate nt the tieail of the west, prong of the  South Fork of Kaslo Crook, in the AinsWorlb mining  division of West Kootortoy district, and recorded in tho  ollice of the mining recorder in the City of Kaslo, lo  recover the sum of two hundred and fbrty-ttvo dollars  and eightv-six cents ($21">,K(*) besides slientl's poundage  custs and all other legal and incidental expenses.  All of which I shall expose for salo or siilliciciit. thereof  tosatisfv said judgment, debt, and costs, at the front of  my ofllco next to tlio Court House, in the City of Nelson,  on the nth day of .September, A. 1). 189!), at the hotif of  eleven o'clock in the forenoon.  Notk���Intending purehasei-s will satisfy themselves as  to interest, aud title of said defendant..  Dated at Nelson. H. C, August, _)th, 1881).'--  S. 1'. TUCK, .Sherill'of .South ICoolciiay.  The abovo sale'  day of September.'  . . S..1*.  s postponed until Thursday, tin; 21st  1.1). IS'M. at. the same place and hour.  TUC'K,..Shoriir of South Kootenay. .  Tho only hotel in Nelson that has remained nhder one  niatiagoiuont siiioo 1890.  . Tho" bed-rooms tiro Well furnishod  arid  lighted tjy  oleotrlfiity.   ���  Tho^ining-roflm is uotscGond to any iii Ifootenay.  Thobftf i.��t jtlways stotSked l)y the best domestic and  imported liquors and oigft-rft.  THOMAS :*MADDKN. Proprietor.  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE ANO UKTAIL '   ,     ���_  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  BaKer Street, Jlelson  E. C. TRAVES, Manage  OHDKRS HY "MAIL HECErVK CAKKKUL AND PROMPT ATTKNTION.     "   ��  " "  Tjieo.  iVjadson's Cheap Cash Store  *���$"'  s_^  .._  :C3.   *?&������  4.  f  CD  *��_���    ���������*  0>  O  C9  ���3  O  45"  -��"  C3  .CO  O   QC5  **^C    ._ -  Co  J*?'-  G3  3fc  ������jff-  Proprietor.  EVERYTHING FIRST-CLASS  Large and well lighted: Heated by hot ai  Reasonable rateo* -��� Samplo rooms  Klectiio bollB and liKht In overy room  Renovated and rofiirniahed throughout  HOTEL  VSOTORIA  J. V. PBRK8, Proprietor  Vrao bus moots all trains Rovalchnha   R  f!  Honrly Rtroot ear to station nBVBl&lUKW, B. U.  Night Grill Room in comieetion, for the convenience of.  guoste arriving and departing by night trains;  Vienna Restaurant  Bakor street, between Josephine and  Hall Htrnets, Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  BAKERY INT CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKINO A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  ���R.     *E3Ci_r"R*R**5r,     *PBO*P*RI*BTO*R  Palace   Bakery  Ilroad delivered to anypart of'the city.  Cakes, pastry, and Confectionery a specialty.  NEAB FOBT SHBPPARD EAILWAT mPQT  THE   FINEST   PLEASURE   RESORT   IH   KOOTEIMAY  JUST ARRIVED A CARLOAD OF  Anheuser-Busch Lager Beer I  Highest class Lager produced.  ASK  sale  IT  by the trade in Nelson.  On  FOR  R. P, RiTHET ��& CO., Ltd., Victoria, Agents for B. C.  A,  B.  GRAY, Agent for Kootenay,  Halt or St., Nelson, Next Oddfellows BuiMiiij;  W. P. DICKSON  B. H. H. APPLEWHAITB  J. McPHBB  Kootenay Eleetrie Supply and Construetiofl M  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  CRAWFORD BROTHERS  , ���   Noxt to Royal Hotel, Stanley Street, No!npn  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission an<l lighting tor Minos, TownB  ���  Blectrio Sflxturea, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Bto.  P. o. Box 606, Joasphtoe Sttrftat. KelBOB, B. o. THE TRIBUNE: NELSON, li, C.   TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER ID,  1890.  DON'T  WASTE  YOUR  MONEY  ON  BOTTLES  WE  CAN  SELL  YOU  PERFUMES  IN BULK  And ihcre arc no perfumes in Nelson  equal to those which we have just received. We are now opening up full lines  of Roger & Gallet's and Legrand's celebrated French Perfumes, as well as those  of the Crown Perfumery Company of  London. These orders may be purchased  either in bulk or in bottles. See our assortment of French  Toilet Soaps.  F. TEETZEL & CO.  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  Special Reduction to Clear  1" have a number of broken lines of Men's Shoes which  I have reduced below cost in many instances to make  room, for fall stocks. These goods are first-class, including  all leading makers, such as GEORGE T. SLATER & SONS,  AMES-HOLDEN, JAMES McPHERSON, D. W. KING & CO.,  and other makers.  Nelson is Generally Healthy.  .Although there are Kever.il capes of  typhoid fever in Nelson the disease cannot  he said Io he epidemic. Dr. L.in.-m, the  health officer for tlie city, computes the  number of cases, including those from  outside points, at twelve. Compared with  the corresponding period of the previous  year he says .that there is not one-tenth  of Ihe number of cases that there were  iu 1.S0S. The improvement he considers  is due to the extension of the witter and  sewerage systems and a.so to the grading  of streets, which in many instances litis  removed or covered up bad ground. ]Je  considers that; there should be quite as  marked an improvement in the health of  t he city next year as theie has been in  the ]>resent over the fornier year. Jn his  opinion the city council should ;is a precautionary measure insist upon all who  have either water oi*, sewerage services  within reach of their premises connecting  with the same. Particularly should this  regulation be enforced in the case of  private hospitals in Avhich patients suffering from contagious diseases are  treated. If this is done Nelson should be  as free from typhoid in the fall as any  city in the province.  Postoffice  BAKKK STREET,  Remember the Narne  Store  NKLSON.  J. A. GILKER  see our largo  NEELANDS'  SHOE  EMPORIUM;  Neelands' Shoe Emporium  Tt will 1)0 to your advantage to  and complete stock of Boots and Shoes. We  carry the following jincs: J". &. T. Uell, J.  ])., King" it Co., North Star Shoe Co., Foots,  Sohultz & Co.,, Stratford Shoe Co., Ames, llol-  don & Co., and other leading makers.  21? AND 28 WKST BAKKK STUKKT, NELSON  merican Watches  Have been a part of our business to which  we have devoted years of unceasing energy  and a> great deal of capital. It is an accepted fact that we know the wants of the  trade and carry a stock adopted to the present demands. We have the leading staples  in endless variety���all that can be shown by  anyone, and many goods not to be had anywhere else.  Oases. Win! IB-'.Karat  We handle, and in this line shonti exclUisive  styles, wMeh commend themselves to custom*-  ers who are particular as to the class of  goods they bu/y,  ��laiiionds aid all Precious Stttes  Are seMiMg new as never before. This de-  partmeut 0 our business is strongly com-  mended to your aMention* We have att sizes  and qualities and at prices thai are right.  In mounted pieces we have a comprehensive  line from smMl diamond juwelry up to the  costliest ririgs and brooches.  WE SELL AT WHOLESALE AND RETAiL  Hciiry Flannigan, tlie acting city  poundkeeper, has succeeded in capturing  a stray hog. lie is now endeavoring to  study the intricacies of the meat market,  with a view to ascertaining whether he  would make or lose money by fattening  the aforesaid hog for a rise.  Humphreys ifcPittock have'purchased  the entire fruit crop of the Collin ranch  from Onslow Newling. The crop consists of some late blackberries, plums,  peaches, apples and pears, .a portion of  which is now being picked for the market.  This home-grown fruit has many advantages over that which is imported in that  it can be allowed to .mature, before  marketing. '  Work' has been commenced on the  erection of the city weigh-scales at the  corner of Ward and Vernon streets. The  scales are now desired by coal dealers as  well'as coal consumers, in that they-will  enable the dealers to check tlieir weights  against the mines and the railway companies as well-as enabling the consumer  to check against the retail dealer.   ;.-   &  At the meeting of the city council on  Monday evening tenders will be operrcd  for the installation of a" fire alarm system. As at present proposed there will  be ten call boxes located as follows:  Canadian Pacific raihvay freight sheds,  Hall and Front streets, Willow andhVcmt  streets, Vernon-and Cedar streets; Baker  and Kootenay streets,' "Bilker and Hall  streets, Stanley and Silica streets,  Ileii-  BUSINESS   MENTION*.  .   Having sold our mill, we are offering our  slock of OR V _U7W]"Kli ���������fXU.OO foot) fur salo, c��jip.ii.tiiig  of 4-inclt/louring, riihlio, slii*|)lii]i, inch luniliui'. 2x1, 2xli,  ?.\S, 2x12, nil luiiKilis Coiiospondunoo Mjliuilod. Shook  & Ariiot, Slocan Oily.  For Sale���Lots  13  and* 14,  block 42,  wiLh improvements.   Apply to U. G. .loy, Star Dakcry.   .  Furnished rooms to let.    Apply to Mrs.  L. M. Jiniichon, Carney Block, Dukcr-.trcel vt'os>t.  Furnished   Rooms ��� With  baths  and  electric light.   Silica blrcol, opposite Kiifjlibh chiireh.  Wanted���Good waitress.    Apply Silver  Kini? Hotel.  Owing to a death in the family of the  owner, (lie fellciwiiiKpioporly N oll'ered for imniedUte  (,.ile, iiiimely, I lie Home ToiiU'ciiinoo Hotel, together  Willi sill (hcfiirniliire. The ground is.id hj 120 ieel, ;it:  tho iioHlioiihl eoi ncr of Vernon inul /lull streets. Apply,  on t lie premises.  Wanted���A    good    general    servant.  jllti-ilp ho a good all-round worker, und always willing to  lend a hand in caring for a luby. Apply Id His. JI. .1.  ICvans, northeast comer Hull and Carbonate xtreol',,  Nelson.  dryx and Mill streets, Latimer and AVard  streets and Kootenay street and Mines  road.  P. J. Russell, manager of the Parsons  Produce Company's branch at Nelson,  is back from a trip through East Koote-  liity. He reports all the people over*  theiejairly busy and eating three times  a day. At Moyie niining is being carried  on on quite an extensive scale.  D. A. Van Doren of Silverton passed  through Nelson yesterday on his way to  Hossland, where he goes to look after a  ileal which he has pending, lie reports  that the general opinion along .Slocan  lake is that the wage diflieulty will be  settled in a few days and that work will  be resumed upon the basis' of $'.\.~>() per  day of eight hours.  Charles McNichol of Silverton, one of  the original owners of the Noonday property, which changed hands a short time  ago, is in Nelson on his way to the hot  springs of Arkansas, where he expects to  get rid of his rheumatism.  Miss' McDermott and Miss Taniblyn  have opened millinery parlors on Bilker  street, two doors west of Martin O'Reilly  & Co.'s. They announce a special millinery opening on the 23rd ami 24th.  Dr. Hall has t made arrangements to  build a two-story and basement brick  building on his lot on Baker street, to  the west of the Tremont house.  From the concrete foundation of the  Madden block to the top ,of the 10-foot  flagstaff is just flu feet.  Mrs. E. McLaughlin expects every lady  in Nelson to visit her millinery and dressmaking parlors on Josephine street on  Wednesday.  On Tuesday afternoon an unknown  man hired a row-boat from George Hale.  He failed t.o return the boat and yesterday the matter was.reported to the provincial police. As a result the boat was  discovered hidden away at Five-mile  point and the further discovery made  that the man who took it had. stolen a  .quantity of clothing from a camp -along  tlie lake and made his escape to Kootenay  Landing by tho steamer Moyie.  It. F. Perry of Five-mile point will appeal* before si ipohc'lia't y 'magistrate Crease  today in answer to a charge of selling  -liquor-at-his promises without a license.  As Mrs. Perry has applied, foi* a license  for the ](remises it will not improve her  chance of securing the same should a conviction result 'from 'today's proceedings.  Tho Mayor Will bo Sole Arbitrator.     '  It is understood that mayor Neelands  will inet tis sole valuator in the dispute  which has cropped up between the local  tramway company and'the owners of the  Hoover Addition as to certain undivided,  blocks of land*iu the Cottonwood Smith  creek bottom.. The tramway company  holds an option on the blocks in' dispute,  but the blocks not being sub-divided the  values wwo not fixed as iu blocks which  were sub-divided,* and the two parties  cannot now tigrr.o tis to a price.  &Z  :��  U ���  When properly bottled, the knowledge that, it is  Hiileyuit waifer in .nil the reconiuien-  iliilioli that.it needs.  Viiurs'ON' Stmkk'C  StKhSON, .11,C  THORPE & CO., W,  THE RUSH IS NOW ON  OUR GREAT BARGAIN"  SALE IS PROVING-  area  telephone 93.  FHUIT OF  KIND,  Gome in and try our Ice Cream Soda aiid  Eefreshing Brinks.  Heavy Ghry Woo! Blanket!-? ��� ..... .$2 50  Heavy   wool  Shirts and   Drawers  each .�� .,..��,,.,      5D  Tweed Pants . r.::...': y.'. ',.'.' .-*.'.', .���.'���' 1 ()_-  Millers' bailed Shoes . ..,  . .  S 00  Itcgafcta Shirts.,       JS0  Ladies' Kiel Oxford .Shoes ,. 1 00  BAKER STREET, NELSON, B. C.  E.  S  ttcxfc Door to  P. Biu-iiK & Co.  HUMPHREYS & PITTOGH  Respectfully invites the ladies of Nelson  to her J-all Opening of French and  American l-jats arid Bonnets  Wednesday, Sep. 20ili  i fjave secured the services of Miss Rea  of New York City io take charge  of tlie triming departniertt  JOSKP11INK STliKCT.-nKT.WKKN IJAKKlt AND VERNON. STJl.KKTS, NKLSON.'  Latest New York add  Paris jiiil.leriis to be shown at  [lie " Wonder" KooniK on  Friday and Saturday, September 23 arid 24  TEA. SKUVrcl) ON AI.TKIINO0N OK OPENING  ALL AUK CORDIALLY INVlTiCD.  linker street, two doors MISS McD.ERMOTT  went, of Martin O'Reilly & C.'o"n      in 01 until?  APPLICATION TO  TRANSFEB  LICENSE  Notico is hereby wivon thul. I will, at tlio expiration fit  l.hirtv diiyw from*!in:.date tif this notice,apnlyal. Mm next  .sil,l.in*K Of the Licensing lionrd of the City of Nelson  irrit.ish Columbia, t" he allowed lo transfer (he retail  liiiilor lieenso now hold by me for tho ���''xohequor Saloon  situate on Lot 1 Mock 12, in the City of Nelson, British  ('oliniibin, to.lames Neelands.       A. If. OLKMKN'l'S.  Dated al; Nelson, li. C, Sojitember 1st., IS!)!'.  All  other goods  in  (lie  portioiiately  low  Store   ��t  jirieea.  pro-  A. Ferland & Co.  ELLIOT BLOCK. BAKER STRIOKT. NELSON.    ,  Crow's Nest Pass Coal!  A  LARGE  CONSIGNMENT  JUST  OPENED  We can supply you mt\\ Cartridges  TO SUIT YOUR RIFLE  Carpenters' Tools  A   FULL  LINE  SHELF HARDWARE  THE BEST ASSORTED  STOCK  IN THE KOOTENAYS  STOVES AND  KITCHEN UTENSILS  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON  /\re You Going for a Holiday?  Why, yes;  on a fishing excursion and I intend to  buy my tackle from  The La wrence Hardware Co.  Who keeps the best and cheapest goods in Nelson  WE STILL HAVE A FEW HAMMOCKS LEFT  which we are selling at a snap'-''-i.-  ALL KINDS OF CAMPING SUPPLIES'' .  The  Lawrenee Hardware  Co.  OUR CLEARANCE SALE OF  Crockeryware  IS STILL ON  GIVE US A CALL AND GET BARGAINS  o  Kirkpatrick c�� Wilson  14 Baker Street, West Telephone 10  PHONE 8  BOX 577  a. 1 Car of Canned Goods.  JUST UNLOADED  SEVERAL OTHERS TO FOLLOW  ri^say  Get the Best Jams  DELIVERED  Orders may be left with C. W. West  & Co., or with.  CHARLES St. BARBE, Agent.  Oilioo on linker .street. I.vvo doors from JLiank of 11. C.   ,  We have just received a large consignment of the  DYSON-GIBSON   COMPANY'S  JAMS  AND  PICKLES  Also a complete assortment of the  TORONTO  BISCUIT COMPANY'S SWEET BISCUITS  riuker. Streot Went, Nelson  John A. Irving' & Co.  Strachan  ���p-t.tJJB^BS-BS,  *E3*X-C  O^EK-A. JE2COXJSE3   BLOCK


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