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With Great Britain.
London, September 0.—Mr. Chamberlain remained at the foreign ollice until
shortly before midnight. He declined to
make a statement regarding the Transvaal situation, but expressed a desire to
see a copy of tlie following transcript of
the Transvaal government's reply, issued
by the Transvaal agent in Brussels tonight, Avliieh was furnished to him by
the Associated Press. In reply to the
dispatch of the British government the
Transvaal government on Saturday
handed the British agent at Pretoria a,
response, of wliich the following is the
purport: The government of the South
.African republic regrets ('rent Britain is
of opinion tliat. it is unable I'.o accept the
proposals made by the Transvaal dispatches of August H' and 21st, by which
the term for obtaining the .-franchise was
fixed at live years and the representation
of the Witwaters and district was included. The government regrets the more,
as it considered itself warranted in deducing from the negotiations previous to
its formal proposals, that the latter would
be accepted by the British government.
In these conditions the Transvaal considers its proposals are annulled and
finds it necessary to .submit them to the
Volksraadt and the people. It remains
of the opinion that its proposals tiro
extremely liberal and more extensive
than those presented by the British high
c .tninissioner tit Bloemfontein. It is also
of the opinion that the conditions
attached to these proposals tire reasonable. The Transvaal never desired Great
Britain to abandon any rights possessed
by A'irtue of international law. The
Transvtial still hopes that these declarations will lead to a good understanding
and solution of the existing difficulties.
With regard to the question of suzerainty, the Transvaal government refers
to.the dispatch of April Kith, .1 SOS,, and
considers it unnecessary to repeat that
The reply then proceeds to say :    "The
government'has already, made known to
the  British   agent   its  objections to accepting the   proposals  contained in   the
British high   commissioner's   telegram of
August 2nd, suggesting the appointment
, of delegates to draw   up a, report on the
last   electoral   law   A'otcd   by the volks-
i'add.    ''if the one-sided-.examination referred   to  in  the  last  British   dispatch
should show that  the existing electoral
law .can   bo   made   more efficacious  the
„   „  TransAjtuiLg/jyerni^^
fct«: a^_>° j3%i^@lr'fcf^^"?b ^yr>pc^jt£/vifl :^t*Jf«M^"p$; i
iy vv.iii&lr"^ "'$m ;ejifig.hfco"iK:
.: "n" "'°{iiiei.i;tl5ols'Sible",.'!ibn';t..'it "is/of ^opinion .tlfalfc"
.thb''lff§\n-t'/'\f su.qlfr.j__. jiu-cpiiry, "so .^jt.'asj
'" "*-'''»-^e^irlis/''ti^plic:al1SKu;8.»f" tiiejhfe^'ifr^e-
.rof'lit°tI'c;Vjirti,e'i:' n.cAveis'th.t!sle%s_th.e° government i _-desi roiis ' 0_f stitisfying Kfeealj Brtt-
ailii. in the matter of the electoral Ijiav,
And tfe t'^resentiifclon o| the inftitng dis-
"■ "f.,'iiJib.r" The reply then rj.fe.-s to" Mr.
Chaniberlain's proposals respecting a
|bint   iiiflJiJi'y  and.  says:     "Conliideriiig
- thtvt^ by these proposals, Great Britain
does not'aim tit .aiiy interference in. the
'Ulfiiir.. of the Transvaal, and tliat the
action \vould not" be regarded'-. lys a precedent, but litis solely for its object to
ascertain whether the franchise hj,AV ful-
iiils its purpose,; tlie ri%in _ A'tlal Will a Wait,
the ulterior proposals of Great .Britain as
to the eventual "constiittitioTi of such Coln-
niife'Sioii lis well as; the place and time for
tlie meeting."
The Transvaal gp,vei.muen't furthei" proposes, tit ail, early date, to send a reply to
the 1 otter of July 27th and to -express satisfaction that Oh'C'vfc Britain had do*
cltired ti readiness to negotiate on the
==qiiestion^of^a—court="of ^I'bitrationr^It"
says it aVouIcI like' to learn. hoAvever,
Avliether the fi'ee state burghers Avould
be admitted to such a court, and what
would be the scope of the court's discus^
sion, it appearing to the Transvaal gOA'-
ernment that tlie restrictions imposed
Avill prevent the attainment of the objects aimed at.
With regard to the ulterior conference
the Trajisvaal .awaits tile Communications
of Great Britain. The Brussels agent of
the Transvaal claiihs that in making its
recent proposals" the Transvaal govcrn-
jnent litis ticted on tho. advice of tlie British agent in Pretoria, Mr, Cbyugham
Farly this morning the colonial ollice
began to receive the reply of the Transvaal government direct. Mr. Chamberlain, on being again requested to make tl
.statement, declined to do so until after
the cabinet council meeting Friday.
Lonijon, September 7.—-The Standard,
referring to the abstract of the reply of
the Transvaal gOA'ernmeut, as given out
by the Transvaal agent in Brussels, says:
"The dispatch is a positive insult to the
British, government. Clearly Ave are
Avithin measurable distance of an ultimatum."
Cape Toavn, September 0.—Lieutenant
General Sir Frederick Walker, Avho relieved general sir William Francis Butler
as commander of the British forces in
South Africa, arrived here today. He
Avas met by cheering thousands and giA'en
a splendid reception.
Durban, Natal, September.6.—A number of natives are applying to the an-;
thorities for licenses to carry assegais.'
A relief committee lias been formed here
for the purpose of 'caring for refugees
from the Transvaal.
. London, September 7.—The Capetown
correspondent of the Daily Mail says that
three days ago, the lion. J. II. llofmcyer,
the Afrikander lender in Cape Colony,
telegraphed president Kruger warning
him that unless he complied with certain
specified conditions, Avar would be inevitable. Mr. Kruger. replied, promising
compliance. President Stein, of the
Orange Free State, is also urging president Kruger, according to the Daily Mail
correspondent, to come to terms Avith
Great Britain. 0
.loiiANNK.Siim.r;, September 0.—-At a
meeting of the war commission, held at
the fort today, a, complete scheme was
drafted, it is said, for protecting and provisioning the town in the event of hostilities. Commander Arolkjeen, of the
Transvaal forces, says that .martial ltiw
will be proclaimed immediately on the
receipt of an ultimatum from Great
Britain, and a tribunal has been established to assume the necessary functions
Avhen the state of siege is proclaimed.
■London, September <1.—The colonial
ollice officials Avere busy after 'i o'clock
this morning. Dispatches htwe been
passing by special messenger betAveen
the queen and lord Salisbury for the last
few days. There is a persistent rumor
that in the oA'ent of Avar general sir
Evelyn Wood, adjutant general to- the
forces, will htiA'e supreme command, sir
Rod vers Buller having the field command. The Times advises the government to convoke parliament immediately, if necessary, toyote the needed supplies, adding that further loss of time
may be dangerous and humiliating.
They Get Off Easy.
Frank Kennedy, in whose possession
Avas found nine of the rcA'olvers stolen
from the Nelson Hardware Company's
store came before judge Forin yesterday
foi-election upon tAvo accusations, one for
receiving stolen goods and a second for
breaking prison in making liis escape
from bhe city lockup. " Kennedy entered
a plea of guilty to both charges and
asked for summary trial. He said he had .to.Avhy sentence,should
'ilotbe-passL^l^ifpoinhJin^-r-'Tive "^mst^rii-y
_nie1:i_|>0 jn ". we _':;pfententia. y -' .u*_>oiii■ &ajblV
-'Avas; ■Av8li?pleits$C^
Austin J, Kelly who waslcaught.!in*E()he';
tiet ftf breaking into the .resilience of __„
M., Pari', on Cedar street, „on, ..Monday
afternoon, came up fbr eieetioil upoli tlie
charge of breaking into, the bonse with
intent to commit an indictable offence.
Ii. elly. entered a, plea of guilty and asked
f<M» a, sui.i'inaiy trial. He explained before
sentence was passed upon liim that h,P
had .merely atteinpted to en for the/house ;■
but bact not actually entered it. He Avas
sentenced to one year's imprisonment
\vhich he Avill spend in the N^lsoti jail.
ThOjuas Cajnet'on Avas put in the box
£br'■ election upjon the, charge of" theft
froni the person. The oltence consisted
in the tlieft of a $15-0:5 check fi-ojh John
Leech, A\rhieh after 'Leech's name had been
forged iu an endorsement the pris_>ue_
and a comrade, endeavored to cash. Cameron admitted taking..thecheck butadded
that ho had Leech's consent to do so. A
plea of not guilty was entered and Tuesday next AA'as settToin&lie^triai;
Good Strike on United Empire.
Special lo the Tribune.
Nrav Dhnvkr, Sejiteinber ii.—The strike
made on the United Empire, Ten-mile
creek, last Aveek is a most pronounced
one. An assay made yesterday on the
rock gave $21.80 in gold and 102 ounces
silver. The United Empire is tin old location and is the second claim on the north
from the Enterprise. It staked by
R. I. Kirkwood and A. Ttuikcs, Avho
afterwards sold to the present owners,
principally VancouArer people and George
Williamson of Ncav Denver. The lead
Avas uncovered in a small creek, knoAvn tis
Printer creek, and is eight inches Avide.
Its course is northeast into the We3r-
mouth ground. The ore carries a great
deal of arsenical iron, AAdiich holds the
gold a .dues. It is one of the best showings uncovered oh Ten-mile.
Professor Montgomery of Trinity College, Toronto, came in on Saturday and
has been inspecting a number of properties, chiefly the interests of P. W. Ellis,
the Avholesale jeAA-eler. He Avent down to
Ten-mile yesterday to examine several
There are a number of important deals
on the tapis in this vicinity.
Norman Morrison came in from the
Bird claim on Ten-mile yesterday. He
states that the ledge has greatly improved, shoAving bunches of nice ore.
The Bird is just beloAv the Dalhousie
Anderson and McWhirter haA'e a promising group of claims on the summit of
Ten-mile, opposite the Enterprise. Ore
•shoAvs on all, but one in particular, the
Eagle's Nest, giAres strong evidences of a
coming mine. The ledge is a,,
and carries a line paystreak of galena.
C. B. Taylor Avas in toAvn Saturday
from the Butte, ou the north fork of Ten-
mile. He and his partner-have.driven 25
feet on the ledge and have several streaks
of ore standing in the breast of the drift.
One of these carries exceptionally high
values in ruby silver.
■„ The Jeannette gronp^oh, Wilson ..creek
^svk^ v.v,... v; n *- v i'lf'st
■'." °" - Wilson, ciseekv prftpea:,Sie'ss .areiihli'avoi^
*ijWSldni^:jEiijgh;es, fexiiig; „ Up "4jiiUgS £by
'i}U^°opii'a.^ioh';f»i the mine;" "Develoj'nient,
■ Avjill be qomnieneeci on tlie °$o\ 1 tunnel
and gliaft, s<5 soon as a" blaclisiuith shop;
Can; be erected-..
Development of the Wilcox.
The Broken Hill Mining and DoA'elop-
mont Company has a comprehensive programme iu hand for the development of
its properties in the vicinity of Ymir, tho
most promising of which are the Wilcox
and the Fourth of July. claims. The
shaft on the Fourth of July claim, adjoining the Wilcox and OAvned by the
same company, is on the same vein tis No.
2 tunnel on the Wilcox. This tunnel has
now been driA'en 255 feet and it is
the intention of the company to dri\'e it
another 700 feet, Avhen it Avill reach the
ore chute on Avhich the Fourth of July
shaft is sunk. This shaft is down (50 feet
and has opened up a fine chute of, ore,
consisting of galena and oxides mixed.
Two average samples taken across four
feet in this shaft gave respectively r$85
and .$90 in gold and silver per ton. When
the Wilcox No. 2 tunnel has reached be-
Ioav the shaft a large body of high grade
Ore Avill haA'e been developed.
Tunnel No. 1 is now in 340 feet and a
raise has been made to tlie surface, a dis-
ttmce of 110 feet, from a point 300 feet
from the mouth of the tunnel. A shaft
has also been sunk to a depth of 00 feet
below this raise, making a total depth
from the surface of 170 feet. Another
tunnel will be driven below this to connect AA'ith this winze, Avhen another large
body of ore Avill have been developed.
No. 3 tunnel has been driven a distance
of 75 feet, making a total of 890 feet of
work accomplished on the property, all
of Avhich is on ledge matter. A A7aluable
discovery Avas made a feAv days ago Avlien
a neAV vein Avas uncovered twenty feet
from No. 3 tunnel and running parallel
with it. This neAV vein carries ore
exactly similar to the parallel vein in No.
2. ■    ,
A large block of ore has been deA'el-
oped between the No. 1 tunnel and the
surface, and two other blocks are
partially developed beloAv No. 1 tunnel
and on the Fourth of July. As by far
the larger proportions of this ore is free
Independent Party.
The Vancouver Trades and Labor
Council declined to support the proposed, new party, preferring to be
"Strictly constitutional in polities," as:
one leader of the conncil put it. Therefore the present provincial goA'ernment
Avas supported on high principles by the
workiiigmeu of Vancouver.. As a reflex of the prevailing sentiment of
the delegates arid unions of tliis city
the following platform Avas drawn Up
and [jrose.ft.ted to the different candidates for a seat in the legislature, and
endorsed by the successful ones as .vellas;
those Avho AVdre defeated tlie polls: (1)
That till beneficial labor laws be enforced;
(2) anti-Chinese and Japanese clauses be
inserted in all charters; (3) that an in."
spectof of stationary boilers be appointed,
antl tliat none but certified men be
allowed to take charge of steam boilers:
(4) that an act be passed recognizing the
eight-hour laAv; (5) adoption of measures'
for the health and safety of those engaged in mining, manufacturing and
building; (0) free school books and supplies to pupils.	
A Train Falls into a Ravine.
London, September 7.—The Daily Mail's
Cairo correspondent says: "Adviceshave
been received from Berber on the Nile,
near the confluence of the Atbara, that a
railway train fell into a ravine, OAvitig to
the collapse of a viaduct, with the result
that fourteen persons Avere killed and
thirty others injured."
;:C..JP- ;R.,.l_ra-_ic:,Receipts.
Montrkai.,.  September' (5.-—0.'". P,.: .R.:
traffic   receipts   for    tho    week    ending
August   3.1st   were':.'-   $003,000;  for  the
same week last year $718,000, -
Endorse the Go.-fernnierit's Pjoiicy.
ViVNCOiJVisR^ Ser)$en,ber .ff.-^TM work
doiie by the* provijieial "lands and" Avqrks
department 'in tlie Atlin district has been
mUeh commended by the .reptesenttitives
of European  capital interested   in the
northern  JMtish Columbia gold* region,
In the first place tlie provincial: government saved the tOAvnsite from the land-
grabbers, then the lauds and .works department turned its attention to 'having
roads       made       from       the       toAvn
to      the      gold     creeks.     That     the
Avork     Avas     done    well      is     Certain
from the remarks  made  by Messrs'.  Ti
James de  Lainare and  E.  Crom.   They
have  just  returned   froiii  DtiAvsOii and
north.   Mr.   de  Lamtire   is enthusiastic
over the good roads to the different Atlin
Creeks. ThetAAOgentiemeiH'epresentaniu-
flnentia! French-English syndicate. They
have secured hydraulic rights over 1200
acres of rich gold-bearing gravel laud, and
have also secured over half of the Atlin
tOAA'Hsite, and are the largest OAvnei'S of
town  lots  in  the   country.   They are
enthusiastic over the future before Atlin
city and its goldfields, and tire arranging
for hydraulic machinery to be shipped to
their resident engineer immediately.
Disease Plays Havoc.
Manila. September 0.—The Iowa regiment, the last of the volunteer' organization, on duty in the island of Luzon, has
been Avi'thdraAvn from Calulut to barracks
at Caluean, preparatory to departing for
home.   The number who Avill sail is 800.
Less than 300 of the regiment Avere left
on duty  at  the  front  when  the  order
came for their relief, 408 being ou  the
sick  list.    This regiment has  undergone
hard  outpost duty   for   three  months,
during   which  it has  been ■ very much
exposed to the rains.    Seventy-five members (if   the  reghneht lm\"e  re-enlisted.
Although   the   loAvans   participated   in
some   of   the  hottest  of   the    fighting
between  Msilolos   and   San  Fernandino,
not one of them AA'as  killed in  battle, 89
'members'-of the regiment Avere  Avounded
and 9 died  of disease.    The  insurgents
continue to make demonstrations  in the
vieiiiity'of Ainus. The American outposts
Avere obliged to fire volleys the past three
nights.    Mail   advices  from  Zamboanga
report that the toAvn has been practically
deserted. .
;Ka°"f^":be^iFJtiict|pi.|edf 'oifr^Wild.JJjoijse .iy^'tl|'
to*the^:iniife»iAj'ill.%|b©i".completed: in«:t]iet
course M°"4t'b"^jfi'lr.|hKeM',\V;e^ks:;ps.''     "   .'."-'
Silver Quotations.
NiiAy York,, September 0.—Bar sih'er,
59JI; Mexican dollars,  47__.j silver certificates, 58J@59.'';;' .■.-■; "'
The Latest .American, Version.
WASitiN;«TON,Septeiiiber (j^linporttint
aoneessioijs have been made by Gi'^at
•Britain, acting foi; jCimada iu the liiatte.'
oFthe Alaskan boundary dispute,. Avhich
eucoiu'age the belief that: tin agreement
£or"the establishnient of /a temporai-y
bbiindary line niay be readied next Week,
^he"officitiis are reticent concerning tjie
chai'actei," oi'these. concessions, but it is
understood .tliat in,the final draft of the
modus Vivendi tinder cousideration no
provision aa'HI be made for a free poi't oft;
the Lynn .Canal fOi5 Xjanada. It seems to
be the general, iiftpixession tluit in the permanent arrangement for the settlement
of the dispute it Avill be agreed that
Great Britain shall have a po.fc on the
Lynn Canal undei' a letise from this
government ' for ninety-nine years no
matter how other points of the conti'O-
^vei.'.sy=inay=be'settled. •==
Although Canada has app'areutly
-changed hoi' attitude and agreed to
make the concessions which Great
Bt'itaiii has advanced, it may be stated
that secretary Hay has not withdrawn
from the position assumed by this govorn-
iiient tiuit the boundary line be placed to
the nOrtliAvard of tlie village of Khick-
Avan. Noniatter whether the dispute is
temporarily settled ot; not, tliis govet'ji-
ment thinks- that it Would not do to
relinquish a foot of territory Avhich is undoubtedly Aiiioricali, and Gretit Biuttiin
fully understands the purpose of tlie
United States not to Avithdraw. Secretary Hay will thoroughly discuss the
Alaskan question tomorrow Avith the
president, and determine the attitude of
the United Sttitos, now that thoj'e is a
prospect of a temporary settlement tit
least of the boundary controversy.
John Weiler Dies in Victoria.
Victoria, September (5.—John Weiler.,
the founder of the firm of Weiler Bros,
of this city, died this morning as the result of illness extending over six mouths.
He avjis in his 7(5th year. Mr. Weiler
came to America Avhen a young man from
Mayence, Hesse-Darmstadt, settling first
in the state of New York. He joined in
the rush to the gold fields of California
in 1850, and. in 1801 drifted north to
British Columbia. Shortly afterwards
he commenced in a modest Avay the business Avhich has since become the largest
of its kind in the province. In 1880 he.
turned it over to his sons, aa'Iio with his
AvidoAV survive him.
his seat because of the Laurier govern-
ment'sactionin A-etoingBritish Columbia's
anti-Mongolian legislation. He said that
at the next session the matter Avould
come up again. If the government then
refused to do anything the people A\rouItl
htive to. take the matter in their oavu
hands. It was a serious thing to counsel
violence, but there Avould be no other
course open to them. The text of tho
resolution passed by the Nanaimo people
is as follows:
"Resolved—That   this  meeting   vieAvs
with    alarm     the    recent    decision    by
tho  privy  council,  which   pronounces it
ultra vires for the provincial government
to  legislate against the  employment of
Chinese.    That   Ave belieA'e  that   unless
the Dominion government  aids, the  provincial authorities  by enacting  legislation AA'hich Avill restrict oriental immigration an incalculable injustice Avill be done
to the.labor and to the business interests
of the country.    That the Dominion government and the people of the  east  generally do  not  seem  to  be aware of the
gravity of  the  situation, and  that  it is
necessary for us iu  British  Columbia to
initiate missionary  Avork  in  the  east to
open   their  eyes.    Therefore  Ave   pledge
ourselves to support morally and  financially any scheme looking to the  accomplishment of the above aims, and would
recommend that one or more able speakers  be  sent to  the  east and supported
there in active campaign along  the suggested lines.
After Giving a Fair Test.
Special to the Tribune..
Nisw D.3NVI3R, September 5.—As hinted
in Till'! Tuihunk, another deal has been
closed Avhich Avill haA'e a marked effect
upon this toAvn. This is. the bonding of
the Merrimac claim by the Toronto syndicate Avhich is operating from here
under the management of D. W. King.
They secured the Marion a month ago,
and the development since done on that
property induced Mr. King to secure the
.'■Merrimac/^Yhieli.'atijohja.'JjJi^'fMaia on'-ber.'.
$$$£ Tlie ■WW.a^-J^iW^^^*eI
?[%ee;4uare^prtA«ite. „Q'U,*Mh'evP'ond.a-§8fQX'.a
Is Still Under Disciission.
Washington, '"' September    0.-
gratifyiug    progress    has    been
iff feCi5»^0n,>"thle^]ead"""AA|bieii.j idn'.-Sa'tui.'Isty :
Uight shoWea^LS'iMcliesi Of iclean"oTsdj :i'uli-
nirig-n 1i;j ounces SUveis^vhilie""the i|_cl[jp,_iX-
iug' led'ge-jiat. ^l.<"ras§ay| ilosinices. °* "
By the addition of "the Slerrimac inucli
gvetitei! depth can 'be'hftd oh tlie vetn>
and it is tlie ihtentioii to cOnUneuce ti
nqW tunnel oft: ijhis. grotind as soon as the
elainl syii'Oyed -f01' avcrowtl .grant.
The eOmpaiiy htiAre '.on trot of excellent
thnbei' resei*ve.4 fbr' milling" purposes,
with siifncieiit \vatei' fOr caiiip use. Last
; ThuisSday the force of employes were ii_-
ereas^ed tp ten men, and this nuiiibef Avill
be added to as opeuiugs occur for tlieir
George Long is the foreuiaftj aiid he
states tlie men are doing, fully as inucli
wo.i'k"in tlio eight-hour whift as formerly
C'Oiiid be done in ten hours, while the pay
remains the same. About a carload of
ore is now on tlie dump of the Marion,
but it Avjll not be sliipped for soiiie time.
ment so far letives little doubt that tlie
bond Avill be taken up. Next spiiug a
wagon j-oad is to be built up to tlie properties on Silver mountain, tapping tlie
Marion, California, etc., and the government lias promised to defray half of the
expense incurred. The operations of
Mr. King's syndicate in this vicinity is
having a most beneficial effect upon the
tOAvard   the   arrangement   of   a  modus
vivendi, temporarily defining the boundary line betAveen Alaska and British Columbia, and the officials concerned  in the
negotiations are hopeful that success will
attend tlieir efforts, it can be stated that
at this moment the negotiations  are still
running, and therefore it cannot be said
that tin arrangement  has  been   reached.
It is still possible for  the Avhole scheme
to be disarranged, owing to the injection
at this [joint of some  such  counter-proposals as Avreckcd  the modus thought to
have    been    tirranged    by   ambassador
Choate    and     lord        Salisbury.    State
department       officials        insist        that is not within reason to expect an
arranngement fair  and   satisfactory  to
both parties, still, it -will be found, Avhen
the result is made public, that the United
States  has   secured  a   majority of the
points in contention, and that the opposition has made concessions of the greatest importance.    But one of the difficulties of the situation is that the  department is excluded from  making that fact
officially knoAvn out of regard for the obstacles that Avotdd be  placed iu the way
of an  agreement by  those elements  in
Canada  and  this  country who  are opposed to any sacrifices.
London, September 7.—The .Standard
makes an editorial protest this morning
against insinuations from America that
Great Britain has rejected Canadian dictation and abandoned the Canadian
claims in the Alaskan affair.
Dreyfus's Fate Hangs on Emperor William.
Rennes, September- 0,—The sah'ation
of captain Dreyfus hangs on aAvord from
emperor William. This is the general
opinion here tonight. If the kaiser consents to allow colonel Schwartzkoppen,
German military attachee in Paris iu
1894, to testify before the courtmartial
or to send a deposition, or what is considered still more probable, to iiIIoav his
deposition to be accompanied by the
actual documents mentioned in the bordereau, then Dreyfus is saved. If tho
emperor, however, decides that • it is not.
in the interests of Germany for colonel
Schwart/.koppen to intervene, then Dreyfus's chance is hopeless and his
condemnation certain tonight; The
eyes of France are looking
across the frontier to Stuttgart, Avhere'
the   kaiser-is  :staxinjg,;:ai^
ik'inf ^a\mk^t^^!^^^^^^m^c
tloli b;etW.$|en fjbMir^vro^ jnjii*iria^iijes/»j|s||":
■£ :v&,. I
f «£■<?!
appetd. "it fepossibje'l^^^
The Chinese Problem.
Vancouvku, .September (i.^-W. W.B.
Mclnnes, M. P., avjis somewhat inflammatory    in    his  .speech '-at.' Nanauiio ■ oti
I.Liibor Day wheii'ho said lie would".resign
Justice Drake's Judgment Upset.
VlGTOKiA. September O.—Tho full court
today aliuA. ed the appeal For a new trial
in the pack train case of Bord vsVeifch, on
tlir grounds that justice Drake erred at
the trial in '(..during tlie defendant's
exclusion from the court while the plaintiffs case Avas being given. Tlie court
decided as follows: "In our judgment the
parties to tin action have the right to be
present during the trial, unless some good
reason is shown Avhy any of them should
bo excluded, and tlie mere circumstance
that these defendants Avould, or might,
be called as Avitnesses did not entitle the
plaintiff to require their exclusion. It is
sufficient for the disposition of this appeal
that no reason whatever avjis even suggested for the exclusion other than the
plaintiffs supposed'right to call for it.
Will Improve its Facilities.
Vancouver, September (5.—General
superintendent-It,. Marpole of the Pacific
division of tlie Canadian Pacific railway
has been to Rossland looking over the
property of the company witli some of
the engineers. Ono pf the objects of his
visit \vi\b to arrange for additional loading facilities and. sidings for. the War
Eagle, Centre Star and other mines on
the'same belt. A few days v. ill'se'6 a re-
hiai'kabh .change in the facilities afforded
these niines for hawllmg ore shipments.
tillow .colonel.'SehW'''w't^k^l.i)eii 'aud-,cd]6n|
net Paniii^audi' - to. lie ^Mhifed|:b^tlp*|^|§|
positions to Ije-senttq - RenUeS^i^i^i^pJ^^||
piementary evideiiCe °f."-on*.the--o»s|g;i|i)^_flf^!
of Fstei"ha/y^sD.'treason.ib'le "'lel^ml;l|i^E|!;p^'',,
tfons,.     The "''a:»iti-l^'eyfusar<iS^ai^K"t^|^
treinely exasperated* tit  What tl¥ey. O'liBllJ'^^'
acte-i'is'.e  M.  Labori'^' "'trick." ' " He'^lmd's;^
long been  seeking tin excuse to biyoke;*/*"
*"fl    • "  ii ff a" . ^   S__L'a "d^ ,rl11
tlie i i iter veil tioh  Of the GeEiuaii-rtiiJiaii^^s
sov'creigiis. arid^sei^cd the^-appcaitauce-bf4|
Gernusiii  as  his  opportunity, ,deeh#iug""°f
that the admission of tliis foreigner justified his application regarding S:cl;m^dr_Xr ..'
koi>peii nnd J*ann'i'. ard-i.
( - ii.-a ■■■. i-n   "ii ■ n B.J1   r.^i  n
Valuable Mineral Discovery,
The officials connected with the' depart-  "
ment of niines of New .South Wales iiaA'.e  .
discovered in tlie colony vastd^ptisits^if  -
Ijetiuxite.    Sampler   of   ore   Irom   Whl~
gello, in tlie «oi.*thi..-n [tortioti of the ck)1*
"ony,   were analyzed by thy New yu,iith'-n
Wales niines department, and found to1
contain   a   considerable    pefcentugo   of
alumina.'     It has been sin_e ascertained:
tliat variously tijited Ijeauxite ores Occur;
in  unornious npiantitios  in  tlie district.
iu the southern Connti»y liave been Ibund
iron ores containing a considerable C[nau-
tity of ahuniua, and Avhich in some re
spects resemble  the  ferruginous beaux-
ites of Wingeilo, passing  by  iuseu.ib.l'&
■gradations into basalt.     Through ignor-
."tnce  of  its  real  character the Ore has
been largely used for  road-lnakitig purposes.    Three  samples  of ore  on   being
analyzed  were  found to contain  58, #5
and 10 per cent aluniiuuin.
Duke of Orleans Would Make Trouble.
London, Septeniber 7.—The Paris correspondent of. the Daily Telegraph, referring to the report Avhich the public
prosecutor will submit to the senate,
sitting as a high court, to try the persons
charged with conspiring to bring about
a. change in the form of government,
says: "The report will include Avritteu
evidence of a collusion between the a-nti*
Semites and royalists. A letter from the
duke of Orleans to M. Andre Buffet has
been seized, proving that the pretender
lias been subsidising and fomenting the -
labor agitation with a view of provoking
the government to call out the troops aud
thus produerog a-revolutionavy outbreak. THE TBIBUNE:  KELSON, B.C., TlTUJiSDAY, SEPTEMBER t, 1890.  ...^ :._--.^^--W^|  ���*^2-^-^'*=^-^'*s^'^-<3'*t  ��  w  Ladies9 Top  AND UNDERSKIRTS  m  m  Hk  We still sustain our reputation for nobby, first-  class goods by securing the most complete range of  Ladies' Top and Underskirts either you or we have  ever seen. As a result of close buying we are enabled to sell you a first-class skirt nicely made  and well lined at 50c. A complete line of skirts  at $6, $6.50, and up to $12. Underskirts at 75c  and up to $12.50.  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  BANK  OP  B. O.   BUILDING,  NELSON.  TjEJRUVCS   C-A.S___  '���&'  &&&&&*  &.&.&��� &-&-&\^-&-&i&\&'&-&-.&-^0.  w  xtii  w  ���&  r.&  ?.&  "^-g^g-.��.^'^  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  White  Shirts  WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED OUR FALL STOCK AND  SHOW THE BEST $1 SHIRT IN THE CITY.  MEN'S OUTFITTER  Sign ot the RED  HAT, Baker St., Nelson  J. F. WEIR  Daily Kdition Fjiist Ykak, No. 210  Wekkt.v Kdition Seyknth Vkau, No. :j:i  "Sjnc'I'* the eight-hour law. has been en-  foi-ecd much litis been heard from mine  managers in Nelson, avIio oerasionully  , visit London, of the paralyzing effect  which such legislation must inevitably  have upon the investment of British  capital inj the mines of tliis province.  Those avIio ai'c not in touch with conditions as they exist in London are unable to reply convincingly to such assertions, and consequently tlie statements of  -the"mine managers htive been alloAvcd to  co almost unchallenged. Fortunately,  -for those who desire to arrive tit the  truth of these assertions, there is in  Nelson at the present time a man who  can lay claim to being a mining broker.  His name is .J. If. IJroomhead and he is  travelling through Kootenay as the  representative of The Statist, a financial  paper rather well known, Mr, Broom-  head      among      other      things      is     a  &  Headquarters for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  Wo make a specially of  Sfyplap aqd Double Dressed Material  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Shingles arjd Lath Kept in Stock  Ofllco and yard near C.P.R. depot   K. Q, BKKI. Agent.  member of the firm of Linnsden <fc  Myers, Avho do business in London as  mining brokers, nnd when it is slated  that they employ a sin IT of seventy-three  clerks" in their office, it can readily be  imagined that tliey do a fairly large  business. Yestei day Mr. Broomhead-Avas  asked Avhat effect the eight-hour laAv had  had in London. His reply avjis that ho  liad not heard anything about ir>. lie  then asked Avhat the law aviis, and Avas  informed that it Avas tin enactment of  the legislature Avhich limited the period  of Avork in the mines for miners to eight  hours in the tAventy-fonr. The ansAver  came as a surprise to the questioner. His  surprise A\-as that miners in British Columbia mines ever Avorked more than  eight hours. His company, he stud, had  had considerable experience Avith mining  in Ncav Zealand and a. the Cape and  eight-hour shifts had been recognized  there for years. If an eight-hour shift  AviiJ not ruin mining in New Zealand or  at the Cape, it is rather difficult to nn-.  dbrStand Avhy it .should; do. so in Ivootenay,  Ji? the members of the Melnnes family  =ai'e=uot-AveIl%nOAV'irin=British-6\jiuinbia'  it Avill not be due to any inactivity on  their part. The daddy of the family  earned a name for himself by dismissing  Turner, POoley <fc Co. from office, to accomplish which, they say, he gave to the  Old British; Constitution a black eye.  Then the son, and private secretary to  his honor, tlie father, avou fame by Ids  contributions, to the political literature  of the province, lit which lie demonstrated thatthe Mel lines avCi-c all right  and everyone else all wrong.     The other  boy is haA'ing his innings over again iioav.  A while ago he offered to save the province from impending ruin* but reckless  old 13. C. would not haA'e it- Now he is  to the front again. He is going to s_we  tho province from Laurier and the Chinese���that is if the people of thcproA'incc  Avill recognize him as their stwior and  pay due homage to the great family of  Melnnes.  It is reported from the Coast that  Forbes George Vernon Avill re-cuter pro-  A'incitil politics and endetiA'or to patch  together the pieces of the late Turner  party. The ex-commissioner and agent-  general is spoken of tis the leader of the  Opposition forces.  Defeat Sometimes a Good Thing.  Since .Spain lost her colonies in an experience which showed that she Avtis  sadly deficient in modern methods, she  has begun a iioav life, and the reports are  that not for years haA'e her industries exhibited the actiA'ity that they are sIioav-  ing today. It aviis a hard and costly  lesson for her people, but from all  accounts they have taken it severely to  heart, and htive begun to catch up.  A more interesting instance is that of  China. After she discovered that a firecracker Avar did not belong to the nineteenth century, and had paid many  millions to Japan, for her ignorance and  blindness, she opened her eyes to the  needs of the hour, and thus avc read  almost every day of some great Lchange in  the vast empire.  That the Chinese AA'all AA'as to be torn  down AA'tis, of course, an amusing fiction,  but in a figurative sense the Avail is being  torn doAvn. and commerce and capital are  being AA'elcomcd to parts of the country  which have hitherto been closed to civilization. New railroads are being projected, telegraph lines are being built,  cotton mills are 'increasing, and modern  industry is preparing many vast enterprises. The Chinese government is buying armor-clads, and cruisers, and field  guns. It may yet be that the jellyfish of  nations Avill get rid of its inertness and  join in the swim of progress.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  m  <^y &> S=- ��S=- ^ |g. g__ ��>��� gS_ S=_ o  "'    ANDALUSIAN  ?   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Stevens, Tl|e  _ TjirjLro iiimilicr or choice building lols adjacent to I lie  line of (heir li.miw.i.v. l''oi' price and lennsofsale apply  lo I he ollico of flic company. JVIiicdomild block, corner Of  Josephine and Arei'non Mrecta.  T. U DUNCAN, .Socrelary.  Charles  D. J. Christie  GENERAL BROKER.  FOR SALE  KUSIXJSSS AND RKSIDKNTIAL  PKOPJUlTY  FIRE, LIFE, AGOIDEWT AND SIOJfCNESS  i��rs*trfe.A;"N"C'E  REAL ESTATE AND* LOANS,  TO LET���Sevoral houses of different sizes.  XTQIX SAliI5-Real estate in ail parts of tho city.  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver, B. C.  3sroa?ioE.  Notice is hereby given that from litis date I will not be  ru.^poiisiblo for any debts coiitrnelcd by my wife, Kliziv-  bcth Kelly. .    JAMK8  KKLLY.  Nelson, August 29th. 1899.  APPLICATION    TO    PURCHASE   LAND.  H. D, Asheroft  C)  BLAOKSIVIITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended to by a'flrst-clasB  whoolwright.  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing and  custom work from outside points.  Sljop:   l(all Street, between Baker and Vernon, Nelson  Canada Drug and Book Oo.,  li:m:jtjs:d  .    Corner of Baker and Stanloy Streets, Nelson. |  Notice is hereby given that thirty days after date, I.  tho uudersigncd, intchd to apply,to the chief commissioner of lands and works, Victoria, B. C, for the purchase of the following described piece of land, situate on  the Nelson side of Kootenay river, and being about seven  miles up from Nelson: ' Commencing nt a post marked  "Geo. U. Tunstalt, Junior's S. A\7.. Corner"; thence east  eighty chains; thence north forty chains to where low-  water mark is; and then following the sinuosities of Ihe  shore to the point of commencement.; all containing,  more or less, im acres. GKO. C. TUNSTALL, JR.  August 7th, 1899.  APPLICATION TO  TEANSPEE LICENSE  Notice is hereby given lluit I will, at the expiration of  thirty days from I he date of this notice, apply al the next  silling of the ijicciittiug Hoard of the City of Nolson  British Columbia, to be allowed lo transfer the retail  liquor license now held by mo for the Kxolie<|Uor .Saloon,  situate on Lot 1 Block 12, in the City of Nelson. 1 It'llish  Columbia, U> James Neelands.       A. If.-ClilCMKNTS.'  Dated at Nelson, li. C, September 1st, 18.HI.  9 �� 9     '  ROYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS.   ......  Hoarding and day schcol for girls w'ill re-open on the  15th day of August.   Vacancies for boarder*   "  and prospectus apply to  For terms  'Xlf$MC. SKLLK KKttN*, Principal  BOOT AND SHOE  NOTICE  30 by 120, Haker street, between  Jo.scp.iine and  Ward slreots .-  .$8000  50 by 120, Haker street, between Josephine and Hall  slreots, corner   25 by 120 with improvements, south sido of Vernon  streot,  goOO  50 by 120 with improvements, south Side of Vernon  street    gooo  2} lols with cottnfsoi'cntod at $15. or month, Victoria  street  3500  2 lota with collage rented at ��20 per month, Stanloy  "ti'cet  aooo  (5 lots in block JIO, all cleared andfonccdin  2j00  AGKNTS KOR  J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  ^Tj^-Br) BEOS.  Real Estate and General Agents, Baker St., Nolson  A*  &  STO^SSRO^EBST  AUCTIONEERS  ESTATE anlfflMMAGSra  Baker Street, Neisbh  FlttST POOR WKSt BANK B. C. I?UILDlKG.  tfee to Jayeste md Builders  UNION   MADE  Kootenay Cigar Manfg. Co.  Nelson, British Columbia.  "^MINER^ WANTED.  The Tangier Mine, Limited, Albort Canyon,. on tho ,  main lino of thoC. P. U., 22niilos east of Kevelstoko, ro- i  auiros six good miiiont. Wages J3.50 por day.       ���..':���'  The undersiignod having piirchased tjlio Maslonka stock  of Hoots and Shoes, they \vill be told at greatly reduced  prices,   itcpali'lng done tit old prices.  GKORGIS U. MilJ-iKK,  At Maslonkil's old stand on llall street.  Nelson. Atigust _3rd, XWJ.  ONE DQLLARaIx)AD  The undersigned has a largo quantity of fir, cedar, and  tamanic slabs, in IG-iuch and 1-foot lengths, suitable for  stove wood, Avliieh Will be sold for .1 ft load at tho mill  yard.  NELSON SAVV & PLANING MILLS, Limited.  Nelsoii, August 19l,h, 1899.  HAIB GOODS AND HAIB OBIAMfTS  Switches from $2 up.  MRS. J. AV. KEABN15 Yhas opened a Ladies Hair Dressing Pxrlor in room J, Victoria block, Kelson, and is prepared to fii'nish everything .in the way of hair goods  and hair tonics.   Treatment of, tho scalp a specially.   !  STYLISH   DRESSMAKING  COSTUM1CS FOR ALL OCCASIONS  FURNISHKD ON SHORT NOTICK.  Josephine Streot,  NELSON  We gi\r��  (Jul very Bust TkHms to those  wishing to boi'i'ow inonoy oh iiupfoved retiil  os'tatp.  The only company in fcheproviiieo that gives  yon tiio privilege of paying oil' your .whole  Loan at Anv Timk without a Bonus oii giving ft. 60 day notice of your intention was so.  GAMBLE ��&0'R.eiL,.UYs Agts  British Columbia .Permanent Savings & Loan Company.  Globo Savings & Loan-Co., Toronto.  Mrs. E. McLaUjgfjIin  L Pope  MANUKACTUHEK OV  HEAVY TEAM HARNESS  EXPRESS HARNESS, PACK HARNESS  SADDLES, WHIPS, ETC.  $550 will purchaso a choice residence corner, lOOby 120  feet. \  82100 will purchase a central lot and residence.  ��100 will purchase two nice lots and shanty, Robson  street. Hume addition.  $3000 will purchase four nice lots and residenco.  10,000 Pooled Fairmont i conts.  Ulackcock (Ymir) shares 20 cents.  6000 Utica at li cents.  ALEX STEWART  . Turner & Boeckh block, Nelson, B. C.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing-120 acres of land within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson.  For farther  particulars apply to  *Wabd':.. s-r-BB-EJT,.'VisrB*ii.'3pJCjr^��;^R^Dv;J/'/SQUiptE,' 'Nelson, ;...B..:'0... THE TMBtJKE: NELSON, B. C, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1809.  BankoeIohtreal  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LOltl) STltATIICONA AND   MT   ROYAL, Prosldcnt  Hon. GKO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President  K   S. CLOUSTON Gonoral Manager  jsrELSonsr _3R-a."N"0*e3:  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.  BRANCHES IN   LONDON  (England).   NEW YOKE,  and in tho principal citlos In Canada.  CHICAGO  Buy and sell Sterling Exchango and Cablo Transfers  GItANT COMMKKCIAT. ANI> TKAVKr.T.KRS' ORKDITS,  available in any part, of the world.  DRAKTB ISSUKD    COr.I.KCTIONS MADKt KTO.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CUMtKNT KATK OK INTEREST I'AID  AMERICAN  NOTES,  enfranchised  in  Women    have   been  Western Australia.  Andrew Carnegie lias giA'on $250,000 to  Bii'ininghtun, England, university.  Mayor Jones of Toledo will run as an independent candidate for governor of Ohio.  Pittsburg railroad and river coal trusts  likely to combine witli. $00,000,000 capital.  The trust controlling produce in New  York has been reorganized Avith $2,500,-  000 capital.  There are 132,000 preachers in the  United States drawing salaries ranging  from $000 to $15,000 a year.        " *  Butchers of New York and Brooklyn  are preparing to build a large co-operative slaughter house and "fight-the-trusfc."  ���Better  to   keep  your money  for bread,  boys.  The eight compressed air power companies of the United , Statedhave been  combined Avith $100,000,000 capital. W.  P. Whitney representing Standard Oil influence is at the head. _  Noav it is reported that the $00,000,000  ice trust, wliich has secured control of all  the large plants iu the leading cities, has  fallen into the clutches of the Standard  Oil influences.  On account of a sudden raise iii price of  material by tlie trusts, trunk manufacturers will have to iill all contracts'previously, made at a heavy loss.   'They are  |ffffn^H;;achf^  _S-:_::*][M^ ��� _���""���> n " .  Si" "'.������" j^^���,gti?_i^,J^.}^S��i:"b3tl'iic_Si_��fnr��i;i,i^��liis'totxy/  ^%;.s0:f -��� '^iX _."��� _"���_ pltyiXst/ _s|fStOJtf '"Iki. in just been  f�� -"pi'oj.i'QiuHje^l -ij. _ Jolin.stOAA.^ 1'%.. ".vliei*.  \ ��� \ skUfed'" nijilwpi'k.ei;.. wh:<j tfeceivc. 1" ���$l(>'to  f. *����$|t) a"eta.;, have beeh'���cu;t"do\<;ii to $1,50  l     ,}\,ni\$%4rep-'di*;y.,       " ���  1�� '. A n^\vfolding/jh-aqljiiiMSis Ijeinjg: placed  .. . in the big, book .printiivg\. toy the  "��� p"||B.i'ati0u of wjiic'h t\V 0-mpix can.turn out!'  <"���"������ rife/.iiilijefi vvorkits, tAveiSty-foiir did fpi'iiitW*  s" .ly. ^ .n*e\y. ijqtlti'y preSs, fcieclitig ft'om  * rolls, is being intvodhced hi the Same es-  ,��     tabiislimeiitSi   Three  men   can   do   Mm  Ayqi'jv of thirty-eight,  ? EtlvYartl Boyce, president of tlie West-  ', e'ru Fedet^tioh of Joiners,, litis, made H  1 jnuiibei' of socialistic Speeches to immense  Ef crOAVds in Montana and" other states. It  is rumored that tlie \vestern trade unionists, headed by the miners will take up  the. Social $emocrtitie party an si inaugurate an aggressive campaign for socialism.  Tli�� state capitol coinniissiou of Arkansas has decided to establish a plant for  ^the^iuaiinfaeture^of^the^brick^necessary"  for the construction of a new state house  to be built in the near future. In this  way tlie state wilt furnish work to a large  number of laborers and secure tlie ueces-  . ary material at the lowest possible cost.  According to the Ncav York World,  United States officials at Havana lire alleged to be utilizing the Cuban revenues  to maintain themselves in Jujcury, the receipts derived froni the taxation of the  Cubans being spent freely "to preserve  the dignity of tlie position'"' of those  charged Avith the duty of supervising the  Americtui occupation of tho country.  Mr. 1*. J. Morgan iii ah article in tlie Atlanta Constitution, says: "As an illustration of the manner in Avhicli the farmers of tlie country liave lost heretofore,  it is only necessary to repeat a statement  recently made by Mr. Hestei:, of New Orleans, that out of an annual cotton, receipt of one million three hundred bales  in that city over thirty-seven thousand  bales Avere made up out of samples Avhich  had been ruthlessly plucked from the  bales by the men who handled them,  which should have gone into tlie parishes  of Louisiana."  The Arkansas hot springs supply a conclusive example of the benefits of government OAvnership of land and a\ .iter. Instead of selling or giving, them away, four  sections (2040 acres) of laud, of which 800  acres has been laid out as a park, has  been reserved and held by the government. The Avater rents are used to improve this reservation. The springs yield  9,500,000 gallons daily. . The receipts  from bath-houses, etc., for the fiscal year  ending June 30th, 1899, Avere $18,374, and  the disbursements for salaries, repairs,  fuel, light and cold Avater Avere $12,288,  leaving a net profit to the United States  ������of ���-nearly $6000. Indigent persons arc  supplied free and have also access to a  Is n��w prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on S^aguay, U. S., Atlin, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yuk.on. District.  free dispensary under a United States  surgeon. The resident population of Hot  Springs is 8000, besides 7000 visitors.  How much better it would have been if  all such natural benefits had been held by  the state or the general government for  benelit of the entire people.  THE FATHEB OT   SANTA CLAUS.  The Successful Author dropped in at  the club and looked around for some one  to Avhom he might talk shop. He spied  the Timid Aspirant in the corner and asked him to sit down. The Timid Aspirant  blushed till over, and felt that better  days Avere dawning for him because the  .Successful Author's name Avas in every  one's mouth.  "Have much trouble to sell your stuff,  my boy?"  "Oh, I suppose I oughtn't to complain."  "Never destroy a manuscript, my boy.  You don't, do you?"  "Sometimes, sir."  "Ah, don't. You never know when it  Avill become valuable. Anything Avritten  has its niche somewhere."  Then the Successful Author sank back  in his armchair and continued reminis-  cently: "I'll never forget Iioav one of my  articles fared. It Avas the fourth or fifth  thing that I had written aud it Avas called The Father of Santa Glaus. I liked it  better than any editor has ever liked  anything of mine."  . The Timid Aspirant nodded sympathetically, and the Successful Author continued: "I sent it to The Prospect and  it came back promptly. Did I destroy it?  Not at all. I pigeonholed it, and next  year I sent it to them again. Again it  came back/and once more I laid it to rest  for a twelvemonth and then bombarded  The Prospect Avith it. This sort of .thing  went on for several years, until at last,  to save time, the editor had a special  form of rejection printed for it that ran  about as follows:       " '���' _.'������'���������    .  I j,;.]Jbia"1S.' 5 �����.'JGUo'iiiii&Wf"*oitraii^oniie'^o0o_iMm_>vheni*!.*sc^  'dill* "n*��C="l,iuv _ ��� Af.olniHQe. ttf. iftifen ����i1��. injyiif "'Xofii's'jrc?-,  ;^iibo!iniUy;':;\ - ���_=���";" >?jja. v. oi^a-ai.^ijo^  ',' .f 'Eit^^oiiidowE" easyAeanM*yAc*.;"��-didlig:L��  ,he.?"   ���������'*-..".":  ���   ���"."���."'    '-" ;"-' ���-���'    "  ��    ."��..;  "1t'"ck,/ ' t\te11; |u bourse .o����tuH6?iny piipe  Av'enc iip.   i. t ..the sfca&t f?d/Jiaye b0eii��;  tickled to death to get five dollars lor the"  .thing*; but uoav �� kupAv that if the editor,  eA'er-did dhahge liisVniihd IM. get at l^afej;  fifty, So 1! ke^t .at it.    "VVell;,, It \yas: ,la$��t  year ���-thaf, riiy colldction o�� stoi'ies made  S.ucll a hit, aiicl since th0h I've beeu s$  busy filling Orders for shrot:<?;stori. s tiiat I  f0i'gont/to seiicl;,iny dfiar old iiiossback out  tliis year,, - Bijt ��lay before: ^(.isterday I  refeeivfed ti note frdiK the editor of The  Prospect asking; for a, Christinas sketch.  Np-Ay Avas m y oppoi'tuiiity.,   I, "Wrote back:  ''Soi'i'y li.lliiA'Gii't, itfi.v.tiiin_,!ic.w,-.buf. it. Ktruekme tluit  .you niiglit Hk_ to Ionic at. :ui nld _lfi�����_r of,1 -mine culled1 The  Katlior oTSni.itii ttlju.isi and if, "yon,..cure to- coiisidui'1 ifo  iiTibliei-Uloi'v I'll lot it kb fbtivi'.oi'tiilc o'�� Ji/mdred, Just ifot  tlie stiko of Old tiiiies/'  X enclosed feh _��� story, aiid -just befoi-e  edmiug here I received a chedk for $200."  "What Moral do you deduce from this,  sir?"' .  "Don't ever- sell anything until you've  got a big reputation."  _=^l^o^ybu^aniad==taIkiug=a=little=more=  shop:?" asked the Timid Aspirant.   Somehow he lost his timidity Avhen talking to  his renoAvned friend.  "Of course not. No one really does,  though some affect to. Most talk is shop  talk. It may relate to plumbing, or to  dry goods, or to painting, ot: to babies,  but it is of the shop, as a rule,  only literary shop talk,' as Ford calls it,  is more interesting to tin, outsider than  the other kinds. What particular de-  paf tn lent of our shop did you want me to  handle?"  "I wanted' to ask you if you believed iii  cutting .-a man's avo. k���in other, words, do  you believe in blue-penciling?"  "Ah, my boy, I see tliat they have been  coloring your manuscript with the hate  ful crayon. No, I don't belieAre iii it. I  dislike it iioav because it mars liiy work,  and I used to hate it because it took  money from my purse. Let me tell you  a little incident.  "One time years ago I AATote an article,  and after it AA'as done I figured on Avhat I  Avould get for it and with it. If I sold it  to a certain monthly I had in mind I  should receive enough to buy a new hat,  a neAV suit, a pair of shoes, ditto of socks  and a necktie, for all of Avhich I stood in  sore need. I hied me forth in all the exuberance of youth and bore my manuscript to the editor. As he AA'as feeling  good, he said he AA'ould read it Avhile  I AA'aited. At last he laid it doAvn and  said, 'That's a pretty good story.' My  heart leaped like an athlete. 'But,'���my  heart stoped leaping and listened���'itAvill  need a little cutting, and I'll do it iioav if  you Avish."  "Poor felloAA'," said the Timid Aspirant  sympathetically.  "Well, the first thing that editor did  Avas to cut the socks off of it; then he  made a deep incision in the hat; then he  slashed away at tho trousers and did  some scattered cutting, and at last handed the manuscript to me that I might see  the havoc he had Avrought in my prospective Avardrobe. Dear man, I had a  vest and necktie left, and that Avas all.  And it Avould have been the same if it had  been my dinner."  The Timid Aspirant shuddered.  "Many a young author has seen the  soup and the vegetables, and at last the  steak fade aAvay under the terrible obliterating poAver of the indigo crayon,  and lucky is he if a saiuhvich and a glass  of AA'ater remain after the editor's fell  Avork. Blessed is that editor Avho does  not care to Avork in pastel���to Avjioni the  blue pencil is taboo���for he shall be held  in honored remembrance of all Ayriters  and his end shall be peace."  "Amen!".said the Timid Aspirant.  roundup of the gambling fraternity of  that city. 'Fifty and six' or $50' fine and  $0 costs is the sum total for each man iii  eA'cry establishment, and this, in the  course of tweh'e months, segregates o\'er  $100,000. There are uoav the folloAving  places, Avith employees, shoAving also the  amount of money each contributes to  DaAA'-son's general fund every month.  Employees Fines  Monto Carlo..'.  21  Madden          7  nomiillelds  21  Openi Hniisc    HI  NiKKerJim  II  Horse Shoe  13  Melbourne.    "  Dominion   17  ItnduKii    II!  Aurora    IS  S117fi  :��.2  1171!  HUM  7SI  728  :����  'Xri  s.x;  728  Tolal  IIS  S.S288  The Tremont Hotel  NIALOJIE & TRECILLUS  P.Burns & Co.  Hkad Office at  NELSON, B.  Wholesale and Retail   ���  .   .   Dealers in Meats  PROPRIETORS  What Gamblers Pay in Dawson.  Over $8000 in revenue  public treasury at  pours  into  the  DaAVSon with  every  FULL LINE OF  Headquarters fop Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HANDJ  One  of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  "l^^n^CfW^fa^  Inside Finish  j!j*.s'-._��";. 6'c/vJ(and'p!oiiB'^v")S�� *  -^^"Flpofingi.;;  "loeaite'd^epft'sti:''" '  ������: .���-;Stai^njRia;ii: _   / ;-'    .���'  J^rtiings " .  SMilgl'ais  Botrgi. and*  Dre>s��?es(i; Lumber  of alf kirids.  tf what;: you \varifc is not; "in stock Ave will Wake it for? you  CALL AND GET PR1CISS: "  Largo comfortablo bedrooms nnd  first-class dining  room.   Sample rooms for commercial men.  RATES   ��2   PEB   DD-A/ST  Mrs.  E. 0.   CLARKE,  Prop.  Late of tho Royal Hotel, Calgary,  Tho finest, hotel, in tho ititeribtv  Itfir%. saiftpl6 rptiiiis." I*jg3nam heat iirid, electric light,  ���COjiNERfflf :-WA%D AKgyEftjfQN S'I*8., NELSON  .'" !BA_k;15R A.ND' W,ARD- STREETS, NELSON.  HALL AND LAKE STREETS, NELSON  CHARLKS HILLYER,  BKK8IDKNT  Ifton^aw=f  HARRY HOUSTON,,  SECKKTARY  LI"M:"IT_33D.  MANUFACrURKRS OF AND  DEALKltS IN  Beer or Half*=  anci^Half.....  Always  Always  HressH  Cool  THE BEST GLASS OF BEER IN NELSON IS  AT THE  and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings  Boors and Sash  Fenee Posts and Pickets  Office and $tore Fittings  tfACTORV AVORK WON* TO OKI>KK,  : 8UOH AM  Scroll Saiwing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work    ���  m STOCK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  The only .hotel iffl Nelson that has remained under dne  nwnageiireht Since 1890.  ;Th0' bed-rooms: a>6' Avell fxirniflhed and   lighted by  blectrieity. "  Th'o dihihg-rOomls. not Recorid to any In KodtOnay.  iTHo'';always���Btockbd bythe best dbniestic and  iiflpoi'fcedliqti6rsaiidrei^ars. . ���"  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  MeLEOb    HOTEL  YJVII-R.   B.   O.  J.  W.  SMITH,  Proprietor,  EVERYTHING FIRST-GLASS  Largo and well lighted. Heated by hot ai  Uoasonablff rates . Sample rooms  Electric bells and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOT^t  VICTORIA  J. Vv PEHKS, Proprietor "  gVqo. bus.i.moofe all, trains Uf>valttin\ia    R   R-  Hourly street car to station nBVH.5>T.URBj  P. V,  NiKlit Grill llooin in connection, for the convenience of  gilertts arriving and departing by').Igh't, tfivinH.  Restaurant  Sawmill on Government wharf.  Factory and office, corner Hall street and C.P.R. track  :WILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT - '    "  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S    hand, also  a full lino of sash, doors, mouldings, turnod work, etc.  A largo stock of first-class dry material on  ��� - ��� --"-   '--    ~    ildi  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Comer Silica and.,  Stanley .SU-eets. ���.  E, J. C08RAN, Prop, j  Yard:  Foot of Hondryx street, Nolson  Telephone, 91        Jphn    Ra��,  AgGUt  Baker street, between: JoHophiho and  Hall Htreots, Nolson.  MEALS AT ALL ifO-D'ftS. DAY OR NIGHT  BAKKKY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYKD  ���r.    ���E-riJ-RjiEtrsr,    pbo'E'Bietob  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  NELSON, K, 0.  Coffee roasters and dealers in Tea and Coifoe.  Offer fresh roasted colTee of best quality as follows:  Java and Anvbian Maclui, per pound $   10  Java and Mocha Blond, 3 pounds ���  1 00  Fine Santos, 4 pounds .......���  1 00  Santos Blond. 5 pounds   1 Ot)  Our Special Blend, 6 pounds.   1 00  Our Kio Roast, 0 pounds ,. 100  A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms 2 Doors East  of  Oddfellows  BlocK.   Wost  Baker Stseet  ���w\ je>��� iRoiBxn^scasr  (Ex-ShorifF of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash ad vane )d on consignments of merchandise.  PoHtoffico Box 572 Nelson, B. C.  ARCHITECTS.  EWAUT & CAHKIE���Architects.   Kooms 7 and 8 Aberdeen Mock, Baker stroot, Nelson.  WANTED.  WANTED���To purchase n se<:iind.-luiiic'I'sl(!iini liniler.,  .. �� l�� 10 11. P.- Miisl. lie in goo��l eondilion. Slate  lowest, cash, price and where to Aw seen..-J 'reslo'l'. t).  ..NelSOll, ;. ...... ;j~,:.���;-: ���������'-'-  ' .-:���>..- :l Jr'~.-:':y. '-'���'���''V.."J-  ?:':^:/W?,'.' ���  Wholesale Markets at kelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  Jlcttiil M.'iikcts at Nulson, K.-uslo, .Siindon, Silverton, Now Oonvor, Yniir, Trail, Grand Forks,  Ciuscjule, Greenwood, Midway, and Sirdar.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  BaKer street,jieison E. C. TRAVES, Manager  ORDERS BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  Nelson Tent and Awning Factory  MANUFACTORY OF ALL KINDS OF CANVAS COODS  Horse Covers, Wagon Covers, Tents in all sizes���if not in stock made  shortest notice���Canvas from thirty inches to nine feet wide.  MAIL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO  up on  Baker St. Nelson     THEO.   MADSON  algary Brewing ��� & Malting Co., Ltd.  A CAR LOAD OF THEIR  FAMOUS   LAQERI  HAS ARRIVED IN NELSON  TURNER, BEETON & GO  AGENTS FOR KOOTENAY DISTRICT.  JAMEBWHAITB -  J. McPHBB  liK Construction Co.  Qorn:ple^4"��lpctrlb:M^]|Ti^ and Lighting for Mines, ToWna  .   "     y    �� r Bleet^lp r^    "   -  ���   Pi.'blsBoi'eoS,"'������.���.''"} ���" *% "*"""' -,-n"-V"'v':n��",��'n; _����i ��S; ;-/-?.' "����"���:iroaephlno Street. Nelson. B. O.  St ^||<i|>;^TFlB  m"Krprr{4|i^iI��TRiu.rfiri,t-'l'<)'rl ^j'li-iitKw.;.-,- " ���;  T'I'I'E .0NLT. NAP'I/R^i Sil.Vil. 1. i .L \VyiTKJl  JlOTTLlMj IX lJJtfri.SlJ CfevlAJMIMA-  f HORPH &. CCv Ltd.  PROVINCIAL  189Q  4ime=70=Gerjts=per=1CfO=poufidsr  Will deliver in ton: lots  Brick $12 per thousand.  At yard or on spowe at government  The West Kootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Bakor Stxdoli,     ��� *T. Q. PBOOTOR, IVTanagef  0.W.West&0o.  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  AGENTS FQU  The imperial Oil Co.   Standard Oil Co.  Washington Brick aqd Liqe Co.  The H. W. MJiell Co., Ltd., Canadian  cite Goal (Hard)  Dealers lr)  Melspn Iron Works  MAiVUJTACTUKBKa OK>  ffiNOINBS, BOILpERS. SHAFTING, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OP BVBET DESCRIPTION  K.1JKR   TUB  AUSPICES   OF  TKe Royal Agricultural and Industrial Society  of British Columbia.  WILL   I!K   HELD   AT  few Westminster  " ON  OCTOBER 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th.  $15,000 IN PRIZES $15,000  OPEN   TO   THE   WORLD  A Round of Pleasure for four Wnplfe Ijays  ���HOll.S'R ItAOrcsS        IIK'VCI.K UACKS        A'(jiSA%?10S  C;i:i;AMI'��l(��N'J"!M.I  ^I!;I.1TM��V HI     .    ,  .  IJA'SK' IIAI.Ij   KOOT ha li.  iumOh^axicxt,  IIK'VCI.K UACKS       At.UaTUS  I'.A^'UassK.'     .     N��A*VAI. AJsgl)  UAXP  MA&^IFIOENTr IIiIitl^lNAiEIOiJ'S !  (<. tnil <-c��iw<:*'l Bvisrv livejHjiiK.  ��� ftiici'iiil jit Ii-iu'IIkm nt tlirt N'i;w W'uHfmliui.uruimcu !s*>U^.  SicjijsUsr'u. (Jitmia.. ffoiH fill IMlfiil-*, H1 Kl'^Uly felirt,  niti'w.  Jt'or siwvjul flW��fes( !��.���(.��� ��t. Jill lift.flll Wis,  Xoitnt.riiiti'iffL'BtthftfjSwl ftfl;.o.lfWitt* .    .  liXi-a��� I''I'lvj?-*.l. Wfij-sililj.j-jtuynr f.H'i,siK T: .1. Ti'vpJt.  VV. .J. .Vlfttlifci���* r.iUh l��, tiryum&r. ti, F. Anlrtiirtton. A Id.,. .  It*.'1. Aid. M. Siiuilai-r.  Fur ii-riznli,*!^, <mtf'j' ftirins iiiiiX fftlt ���imrtilXjIiH*. Vvfllti  IU T. ,1. "rUAl'l*. AllTHUlt SiALlK.S,    "  I .CKitlenl, S(;*si-<:Ui  VV, 'II,. KKAJ'tV. t.'t. nilili��8i(HU.M'. "  Bf.n*".  RopairH promptly attended to.  P. O. Box 173.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS   OK PYTHIAS-Nolson    Lodge,   No,   25..,  Knights of Pythias, moots in I. O. O. F. Jlall.corttor-  Uaker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  T. I.1LLIK. C. C. K. G. JQY, K. of It. & 8.  NKLSON LODGK, NO. SI, A. K. & A. M. Moots  second "Wednesday in each month. Sojourning:  brothron Invited.  NKLSOM L. O. L.. No. ttilte. ineots in  I. O. r>. V, Hull,  corner Uakor nnd  Kootenay streets  1st and 3rd  Friday of each month,  vilcwl.  JOHNfTOYK, W. M.  VisitiiiK 'brothcrn cordially in-  r\ J. HKAULKY, Hoc. See.  NKI.SO.V'  /I'JHIK,   Nmnbor   22." Fraternal   Ortler  Ki  of  'awlae, moots every second and fourth. Wednesday in  each Fraternity Hall.   Vitsiting brethren welcome. ���: ���','���"'  J.: HIVING, itesidout.    ; J; If-;WBA.Y. Secretary.  R REISTEREF? & CO.  BltKWfcltS AND BOTTLEItS OF  Fine Lagep Beei*,  Ale  Prompt and regular  dolivory to tho trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  NOTICE TO CONTRACrORS.  .Sealed tenders will be received by the undersiKned ��P  to 12 o'uIi��;k noon on Tuesday, .eptembcr nlli, 1SSC.I. foi'  tlie (Mmstriletion of ft two-story framu .mblic s<thool  huN(lin_ in tlio Hume Addition. I'lans and speoiltcations  can bo soon at. my residence. v  The lowest ot" any tender not necessarily necepted. A  marked check amounting to 10 per cent, of the tender  must accompany each tender.  FltKU HUH.KV.  Hesidence in Hiiuio Ailtlitioh, Nelson.  Nolson, AUBUst2SUi. 18!^   APPLICATION TO TRANSFER LICENSE.  Thirty days notice is hereby given that I will apply at  tho next sitting of tho Licensing Board of tho City ot  Nelson, B. C, to be allowed to transfer the rotft'l liquor  license now hold by me for tho Clarko Hotel, situate on  lots numbered eleven and twelve (U and 12) te block  numboreil five (5) of the City ot Nolaon, British Columbia,  to Frank Campbell and Goorgo W. Bujtlott.  E.C.CL.AEKK  Dated at Nelsoa, B. 0., this l&th day ot AuRUBt, ISO�� THE TRIBUNE: NELSON, B. C��� THURSDAY, SEPTEiVlBEi!  f,  1899.  DON'T  WASTE ~  YOUR  MONEY  ON  B0TTLES  WE  CAN  SELL  YOU  PERFUMES  IN BULK  And there are no perfumes in Nelson  equal to those which we have just received. We are now opening up full lines  of Roger & Gallet's and Legrand's celebrated French Perfumes, as well, as those  of the Crown Perfumery Company of  London. These orders may be purchased  either in bulk or in bottles. See our assortment of French  Toilet  Soaps.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  Special Reduction to Clear  I have a number of broken lines of Men's Shoes which  I have reduced below cost in many instances to make  room for fall stocks. These goods are first-class, including  all leading makers, such as GEORGE T. SLATER & SONS,  AMES-HOLDEN, JAMES McPHERSON, D. W. KING & CO.,  and other makers.  Postoffice Store  BAKEIt STltlflKT, NKLSON.  ���*J��      jf\m  ��� L ":.?_I$ f^iirJb*._bi^_p.w^a&^^  __*_BdJd ^   '   tf.    S%    V. D��    (in   ffl-ftdtf .P._�� ^n"V'-SU�� ...ft."     U'��    ,�� nfln.T_��.n,J       _*��n   ?D    n   ��    _,    % _'. P ��      "    "������    ^ "C _? "^  zSv&A \��;a,n^_com^lejDe "sto^Jfi.tif. ;B|)Ots; .and,- !��jj<1*|S." - "$Eg;���'  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  The ball which will bo given in the  opera house this evening by the members  of the Nelson Baseball club promises to  be a very enjoyable a'fair. The committee  in charge has given careful attention to  details which should ensure a good attendance and a very pleasant evening. Those  desiring tickets can secure the same tit  W. F. Teetzel & Company's store, the  Canada Drug <fc Book Company, or tit S.  Neelands slide store.  A meeting of tho executive of the  Ladies Hospital Aid will be held on Monday afternoon at H.'M) o'clock in St. .Paul's  church.  The bankrupt stock which A. Ferland  & Co. purchased from theestate of Citiw-  ford ��fc McAlillan in Sandon reached Nelson yesterday, two days sooner than was  expected. .For this reason the big  slaughter sale will commence at A. Ferland &.Company's store tomorrow morning instead of Saturday as previously  announced.  Alike Ottillo, an Italian, was charged  before police magistrate Crease yesterday  Avith carrying a revolver. The magistrate  ordered the impounding of the revolver  and imposed ti fine of .$25. The prisoner  rustled the amount of the fine from his  friends and forthwith packed his  blankets and got out of town.  A meeting of the license commissioners  for tho Nelson license district will be  held on Saturday, when the application  of Theodule Cyr for a hotel license for  the Mountain 'View Hotel on the Yellowstone road near Salmo will be considered.  .Judge Forin will hold a session of the  county court today. There are a number  of cases on the list, but none of them are  of much importance.  The tramway company will commence  work upon the western end of the tram  line within the next two days. Hails  will be laid as far east as Park.street,  when the eastern end will be abandoned  until the road is completed through the  business portion of the city and up Stanley street to the skating rink on Houston  street. The work upon this piece of" the  line will be rushed ahead as rapidly tis  possible.  About fifty of those who-attended- the  Labor Day celebration at Rossland returned last night well satisfied with their  outing.      .  F. C.  Potts, late  traveling represcnta-  of  the  Manitoba   Free   Press,   has  a])] loin ted to the position of  travel-  the  Crow's Nest Pass  tive  been  ing  salesman  for  Coal Company.  A meeting of the city council will  probably be held this evening, when a  decision will be reached with respect to  the purchase of a six-foot w.ator wheel  for the electric light power house. The  opinion of the engineer and the city's  electrical experts is that the wheel is necessary and it merely remains for the  council to find the money.  A meeting of the cyclists of the city  will be held in the city hall on hYiday  evening at S o'clock, to consider the best  method for preserving the bicycle track.  The (|iies(,ion of the formation of an athletic association or cycling club will .also  come up. All those interested in cycling  are requested to be present.  Baseball Games Yesterday.  Providence 2:5, Springfield "J.  "Worcester.!, Hartford 1.  Chicago -I, Pittsburg 5.  Boston 8, Baltimore 5  New York 4, Brooklyn 0.  Buffalo S, Milwaukee 7.  Kansas City 5, Grand Rapids 0.  BUSINESS   MENTION".  Notice of Removal���Dr. R. J. Hawkey  has his ollico in Hooins 2 and tl Aberdeen Itluck.  For  Sale���Lots .18  and   14,  block  42,  with improvements. -Apply lo K. CI. Joy, Stui- linkcry.'  Counters,   shelves,   and   store-fixtures  foi sale.   Apply to Thco. -Mailson, Haker strcol., Nolson.  Furnished rooms to let..   Apply to Mrs.  Ij.' At. Jameson, Carney Block, Haker stroot. west.  To Rent���Two stores oroHices and base-  monl��� '2H by 50 foot, also two living rooms on lirst lloor,  oppnsilo poslollico on Victoria street. For salo-^l.ols lit  and M block lie, ��71*1; lot. 7 block 15, addition A, .225;  lol.s 21 and 22.hlook 5. Apply to W. A. Jowett, Victoria  street, Nolson.  Furnished  Rooms ��� "With  baths and  electric lijfht.   Silica street, opposite Kntflish clmreli.  A young man wants position as bookkeeper. A Iso experience as clerk in Kibcories, bnols and  shoes and dry goods. Address box 2,'iS. _ irst-olass reference. ���  .... FAHYS  (Mmfcmti  OUR  following  on urn  2G.ANT)28 WEST BAKER STREET, NELSON  ��� '^D__  ^'..^  ^H#'W?'*>!<;^i" ���" "���  V    a W'n    W _  m mMm DAmI'pIU^ dd       a s   _a   ���g o   ���  ��SIiliiil��8  B2T0I:  ��������._;  '* "    .    "    "      "     ���     & "' .l-suSSi  Tin  re*  n  pr-  _PY3  ��'*g  ���'"T--*1  ���pr.i  CjTJ\  jl  MS  5J  s"..  -j  Stan  IM  Mu*  V-i  q___t  ���.?/"  "  .",- ������  U_     "  .~-  m"    n    r  .."- im \  IV.�����!. �� W "  HMfire  j��  ���8.  Spriapi  &  ,%e~-:a&fef$se&''h@ Sell; ati 'BMP  j*lii|^k��\��^rri*vfeii iti "irjtacm #*es_.  \ijj0&Q#fiMQx4w$ soonier "tihdm  w|:- eixp���fcjbGci. W& ara ��&w  ��t��s$ m^kmg &G goods fbr  on Friday inorning. The stock  fsBpreseiits $0OO6   worth, of  From <_f(BOrg#  &  m  s*  ��� #  d  A Large SMpm^iit of  K  &  M  Mtt  Boots  ^Jic:Kr6ajyilwk__^j__nK_cenlox-!'_iN_il_Qi^  "iiroHtrwliiilqsall! liSiTSoui largoSj, Sjiick, rb*is|. opportiliut.y  foi;.sefedlJit)Ji.of goiods nail best; prieeg..  Wis sell,nt wholesale: iirtid retail.   \Vc have the litrfjesfc  stock in II. O.        *      . ���        ,        :  If you Wilnl. a good, (iiainoiid :riilg, Ro.'to JacoI)'Dovw"��  If you. .H-anl a nice piani, k<�� if) DovcY.m  1 f you wiint the latest, in fenders go Itf Jlo.vw'tf  If you waiit a sctVinVtiiu'oliiiYo (?6 I���<> DovjUi''���  If yoii Wanta weddiiig presentftoto Hovels  If you want (<5 buy a(, v-hcilosaioHiO to.Dover's!  If yon want, tirslrclass goods try Jiiisqb Do.ver'H  "Witt-Oh repair'i,�� a specially, all >vt. rk;giiiSniiiloeil,  JACOB DOVER, Jeweler, Nelson.  From The Gendroa Mnfg. Co.  I3_  Mi^_^.3a?s:TJjR & co.  85  A. FerJ  TelepHone 93.  FOR  ICE  CREAM  AND  FRESH  FRUIT OF ANY KIND.  Grove Hotel  NEAR FORT BHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  isTEx.soisr  Come in and try our lee Cream Soda and  Refreshing Drinks.  -$,  DELIVERED  Orders may be left with G. W, West  & Go., or with.  CHARLES St. BARBE, Agent.  Ollice on Haker street, two dooi's from Ilaillc of li. C,  IFOJB EE^STT  Dining-room and bed rooms of the  Rosebery Hotel, at Rosebery, on''-'Slocan lake.   Apply to    J. T. NAULT.  Rosebery, September 2nd, 1899.  A  LARGE  CONSIGNMENT  JUST  OPENED  We can supply you with Cartridges  TO SUIT YOUR RIFLE  Carpenter's Tools  A   FULL  LINE  SHELF HARDWARE  THE BEST ASSORTED  STOCK  IN THE KOOTENAYS  STOVES AND  KITCHEN UTENSILS  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON  Why, yes;  on  a fishing excursion and  buy my tackle from  intend to  The Lawrence Hardware Co.  Who keeps the best and cheapest goods in Nelson  WE  STILL HAVE A FEW HAMMOCKS  which we are selling at a snap  LEFT  ALL KINDS OF CAMPING SUPPLIES  ��mmrence-- Hardware  14 WE��T BAKEK STREET  Telephone f&   Posl&ffice Box K & W  12  2  PAYS FOR A PINT OF NICI RICH  ANY FLAVOR  M.  Get the Best Jams  Next Door to  P. Burns & Co.  HUMPHREYS & PITTOCK  THE   FINEST   PLEASURE   RESORT  IN:* KOOTENAY  Speoiai Notice to tlie People of Kootenay  I am now prepared to test the eyes  of the people, as I have in my department a first-class optican. I have a  large selection of gold frames and the  very best of lenses. Call and get your  eyes examined at  JACOB DOVER'S The Jeweler  Brond delivered to any part of tlie city.  Cakes, pastry, and confectionery a Hpccialty.  CRAWFORD BROTHERS  Nnxt lo Hoya! Hotel, Stanloy Street. Nelsian  Bulbs  fbr  Fall  Planting-  20.000 Holland Bulbs to arrive in Sor.tcmbor; 5000 Japan  Lilies to arrive in October: 1500 Kliododfiiflrons..Azaleas,  Maffiiolins. Hoses, etc. to arrive in Oetobc. Thousands  of Uoscs, Caniolhis, Fruit and Ormuiienlal Trees. Shrubs,  etc., growiitK oii Jny own grounds for tho fall trade.  Catalogue free.  We have just received a large consignment of the  DYSON-GIBSON   COMPANY'S  JAMS AND   PICKLES  Also a complete assortment of the  TORONTO  BISCUIT COMPANY'S SWEET BISCUITS  M. J. Henry  Vancouver, B. O.  Baker Stroot West, Nelson   John A. Irving & Co.  Strachan   Bros.  PLTJMBEBS,  *E3TO-  OPESA  ia:0*ET��3E3   BLOCK  ^.-��i&��.fr..  tr_. .a*-_KKLi-1S^wfe*rfJ^iWi>r^_-rMfc��w^


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