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 KRUCER'S REPLY IS RECEIVED  Anxious Time in Britain.  London, Septeniber 10.���Sunday Avill  be an anxious day for Great Britain. Tho  reply of the Transvaal government it is  known tonight has been formulated, and  is in the hands of the British agent at  Pretoria. Furthermore, the wires at the  foreign ollico are busy with a long dispatch from the British high commissioner  in South Africa, sir Alfred .Milner, to the  secretary of state for the colonies, Joseph  Chamberlain, which is being rapidly repeated to the hitter's Birmingham home,  so that the.contents of the Boer reply  will probably rest tonight with Great  Britain's colonial secretary.  Unless South Africa is peopled with  false prophets, the Boers have either'  evaded or delied what practically  amounted to an ultimatum from the  British cabinet. From the tenor of their  recent communications to Mr. Chamberlain the Hoers could hardly be expected  to do otherwise. However, as frequently  ]iointed out, this presumed action upon  the part of the Boers does not make war  a certainty, though it docs place the  British cabinet in a position whore it  must take steps so aggressive that war,  or an ignominious submission, will be the  SUNDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 17, 1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  only alternative remaining to the Transvaal.  This now serious phase of the crisis also  gravely increases the probability, that  the Boers would take time and diplomacy  by the forelock and confiscate the mines,  arrest the Uitlanders for high treason,  and otherwise resent, while the British  troops are in mid-ocean, what they believe is an attempt to rob them of their  inheritance. If the course of diplomacy  is not fore-shortened the British cabinet  will meet again and formulate specific  demands far more sweeping than the  recent ones. These will be transmitted  to president Kruger in the shape of an  ultimatum.  As the members of the cabinet are  scattered throughout the country it is  improbable that a council could be  gathered until Monday night at the  earliest, and there is every reason to believe the British government will exhibit  no undue haste in forcing Kriigcr's hand,  for it is nioro important to have tht reinforcements on the scene of action thau  gain the gratitude of the importunate  Uitlanders who .for weeks have been  crying for immediate aggressive action.  The logic of such a policy must be equally patent to president Kruger. It is  *ns jh a^dl^gqu^eiyg^  son ted with an address, and grand master  Thrift handed him a handsome gold-  mounted walking stick, which he asked  him to accept as a souvenir of his visit to  the Pacific Coast and as a token of the  moral and physical support that he would  always receive- as head of the association  from the Orangemen of Vancouver and  British Columbia as a whole. In replying  to the address and acknowledging the  handsome souvenir, Mr. Wallace dwelt  upon the progress and development of  Canada, of its vast resources and loyal  people; loyal and energetic alike in peace  or war, as illustrated by tho Dominion's  present prosperity and by tlie successful  termination of the warlike scenes and  events of IS.tf'.iT-Ot* and of IS 12-13.  A Famous Swindler Recaptured.  'Washington, September   10.���An  accomplished swindler,  shrewd  confidence  man,  and   a.   fugitive   from   justice  for  years, IJ.ov. Dr. G. T. Howard, was captured today by post office  inspectors  Baird  and Gould at .Jackson, Michigan. Howard  escaped from the penitentiary at Columbus, Ohio, about two years ago after having served less than three years of a nine  years   sentence   for   using   the   United  States   mails   for   fraudulent   purposes.  Howard  is. a  doctor  of divinity and a  a     lawyer,    and    was    the    editor    of  two    or   three   "religious     publications.  His  conviction   necessitated    two   long  trials,       both       of      which      resulted  in    a   "jury   disagreement.      Witnesses  were subpoenaed  from  all 'parts of the  country and Europe, among-, them  being  being the Hon. Robert T. Lincoln, United  States minister,   to  Great Britain,  and  Hon.   Jolrn    Carew,   consul   geneial   to  London.    By sending broadcast over this  country circulars representing that the  recipient's were the  heirs  to estates  iu  various places in Bur-ope, Howard under,  the  name  of E.  Ross,  manager  of  the  European   Claims Agency,  obtained  remittances from many of".'his  victims  on  the pretext that he would prosecute their  claims to the estate.  Subsequently, operating from London  under the name* of. William .Lord, IIow-  awlrf:=r,eijr.es.en"tqds. to^lris4;co.t'r'es,ponde.utsr,  $h!lfe?RrMs"^  ���Jj��)er-,pm5t"piia��ysnMr-n���j'j^-Ec. .^smaJji; yt __-;  Ei|yl ^i^rs j;";yn.^T-i -Viet/;; a|.0:"t^i"stc|l-:- fio.��5':l;.S't\?l;p: i ��^;I ;TJlV*"_ ^0 .^  ;^$tesidcn%  '���'"''MVe^flate^^ ' "ijaC3bs$��!  ,4lu.;ei&*ioi        ""' "  ���:;4'i6;t\y.,;  ::y^^a;yyipiij6l|"ul. 'fiivyji? ib��f y^ieyTr^ifsAyiiftl,7;  y"|lioyi|gJi'-' Llt:-;i& :apareej^y^-^lio^cl.tjlbviij the  ���'Oi^illge- Free, Sytate ^ll :Wce/-4uj-IveOfoto.,  .part,^iiorp tikejly iuhfiivfii&i'tself to passive u'ri;re_ogriiKejl asslsfctiriceva& fii/the,-"war  .-.'oftpijO.-    -  ^lie- :se1fic��ion oif general sir George  SteyAA'.irt 'White to c6li|ii"ij_nd/.:tlie troops  $U _eM With uluVerisiil.approval, as. alsO  /Ipes the ahiiouneenient' that in the event  of yvtlv generalsir Redivers Bullei' AVrll  take supremo command in South Africa.  Both nieii-ate of great experieii coy bravery  and forceful .tress.    Tlie departure of tlie  =troops"f iWirSou tl tfuwptoITfb^  avivs marked by such scenes its have nob  occurred in England fbr many years. The  Avhfes, daughters, sAVeefchearfcs and friends  crowded around the Northumberland  Ftisilders or as they are better known  tho lighting FiPtl'r," on the stations and  lit t'I.i,_ docks, crying and waving hats and  Jlaudkerchiefsv cheering and: luixing grief  airfi patriotism as men and woman only  do to those dear to tljein that go to Avar.  Most of the special service ofTrcors wove  civilian clothesy but as they Were avcI-1  known they received ovations. The  "Fighting Fifth*' nearly all wore the  Khar tonMi medals.  How^rd'spu^  :pbxtr>Hi$f;|:-j?^  'w^''--'sav"?_-n^'";-:'',:*' v^"s *i>*��Ae*..^:n%'S.=^"-Lifm^;��**S!  i?conrt%feji?hanceisv",*the;;^  K'-te'fS'.S^v-^"* .'i*",'fe-'--"&'t'��>'Ai'' W ����-"S?,p'��*rf.";.ii*s J;*  :iugrJp$epl:r'Leg6i^tilieynarue��*H^  Still Hope for Peace,  GaPWTQWN, September loWTho Afrikander leaders have received a telegram  saying the reply of the Transvaal government to tlie British demands still  maintain the government's 'position as to  British suzeieignty. It offer's ii seven  .���years' franchise and declares the Transvaal's strict adherence to the terms of  tlie ISS'1 convention. The delegates of  the agricultural union were entertained  nt lunch yesterday by Cecil Rhodes.  The delegates from the Transvaal made  speeches predicting that peace would be  'maintained. Mr. Rhodes offered them a  fine lion, which, although it embarrassed-  them somewhat, the delegates accepted  it and took it to Pretoria today.  An Orange Lodge Instituted.  Vangouvkr, September 1(5.���Hon. N.  Clarke Wallace, sovereign grand master  of the, Orange Association of British  North America, last evening instituted  the new N. Clarke Wallace Lodge, No.  1715, and installed its officers. The ceremony took place in the presence of a large  gathering of representative Orangemen  if the Mainland.    Mr, Wallace was pre-  ?tli$iy^tj:sr^  �����i;'6_'r$fehjK^^  ' ::Qn rt]i-e.y;i^menti^ -'^i'Thyr^  ysc^ine,��n%t^^  ''|jrr^':-:^'if:^  ' ;peil|^iitIi!Jli:j^: :.lfbivy 3i1|i^2|^af^v10^.!;-oiiey'  injoiiti li:,yy:Syi:ii|:ey:y'Wfey'.es*e^i!)e".' lre-">hS?*3y .-tSicSeii;  operating iri;,the,weyst> liis?. v^eiliiiis priij^  Qi"I,&Ui.Y" r'esicIiH'gyiuiGreiat Brltftiih "He i$  i'e|jarvcied by; the jrostalauthorities as,one  tfrf tlie;inb��t '^tuge^Olrs 'Codn#3iiCe'merl,iii  ��� the-<;Oli;titt-|-.''; ,/ ..." ���'''/.'[ ^  y. "���'  Haney Got the .Coiitract.  VAN:eojav,ijii;fs Septeirvber " iij,^-.^ ji:  lfrw"ie'y lias been awiir'ded the eontraet for  grading tlie extension Of tne White Pits;?  <fe "JTukoii laihvay frorn G.Criboo Crosslug  to Levves river, below White Horse  lipids, iiistead of the Pa^ilrc Con"  J>iuctJCam.;pivuy.=M-t\^ivu'ey=\��ilLstippIy^^^  tlie necessary provisions for tire camps  purchasing and forwarding tliem himself, so tliere is a eliahce for Vancouver  and Victoria merchants to bid for the  trade.  A PACKTRAIN THAT IS STILL IN  Competition With a Railway.  Away back  in   1SJX),  when  the  then  president of the  Canadian  Pacific   Hail-  way Company  hadn't a handle   to  his  name, a railway was being built between  the Columbia river and navigable water  on tho west arm  of Kootenay  lake,    it  was being built as  cheaply as possible,  and the reason given   for  so  doing  was  that as long as trains ran over it as fast  as ".Toe" Wilson's pack train  covered the  same distance it would fill the bill.     The  road was completed and "Joe,' Wilson's  pack train was sent to grass in the Kettle  River country.      That  was nearly  ten  years  ago.    The  then  president  of the  Canadian Pacific Railway Company has  retired from active business pursuits, but  that old packtrain is still doing duty, and  competing with the Canadian Pacific, as  the following will go to show:     The contractors who are running the big tunnel  on the Columbia <fc Western  railway,  a  few miles" from Brooklyn, use a good deal  of beef, and draw tlieir supplies from P;  Burns & CY>. at Nelson.     The rate ou the'  beef by express is two cents a  pound  if:  deli vered at the tunnel; but the old pack-  train,  running  in  connection   with  the  railway, delivers  it  on  the  ground for  $1.1.5 a hundred.  Meeting of Coal Miners at Fernie.  A mass meeting of coal miners and  mine laborers was held at Fernie on  Wednesday under the auspices of the  local union of the Western Federation-'of  Miners. Ralph Smith, M.P.P., aud James  Wilks made addresses. The coal company gave their employees ii half holiday  to allow them to attend[ the meeting. The  next day Messrs. Smith and Wilks inspected the mines at the invitation of  Mr. Jaffray and the officials of the coal  company. This would.<go to show that  the officials of the Crow's Nest Pass Coal  Company believe that the employees of  the company are entitled to some consideration. ,The chances are, every  such evidence of .good will will be repaid  witliybetterywQrk -��� andlinoEe ^iirterestjinj  ;&^rg'^m|t!|J  nitteiuli*-4Ue."a."m:tt^^  SSonl^l&f^  ..p*"*"1"^' D-ri^Po-   ,������- .".--'"ft.nn �����%-"%>la,= 4fl'V^-_ v*Jfv--V"-F'��'1^ u- ���toli.-'Vi.?--"  '"rr-     J"-   - "  RAILWAY AND STEAMBOAT NEWS  ,   New Bates For Nelson Jobbers.  The new rate issued by the Canadian  Pacific. Railway company to Nelson jobbers was received here yesterday and  goes into effect at once. The issii.tnee of  this rate to the jobbers of Nelson is an  admission by the^railway company of  Nelson's claim to being the distributing  center for all that section of country  from Fernie on the Crow's Nest branch  to Greenwood on tho Robson-Peuticton  branch and south of Arrowhead. Tlie  reductions made to the jobhers amount  to something better than a cut of,, 25 per  cent under those which formerly obtained. For Crow's Nest Pass points, between  Fernie and Nelson a. common rate of 42  cents if fixed for straight or mixed carloads. This rate applies to canned goods  of all kinds, which- includes the bulk of  Nelson's jobbing trade. For Arrowhead,  Slocan points, Trail and Rossland the  carload rates for'the same class of goods  is reduced to 28 cents and the rate for  less than carloads is reduced to 40 cents.  These jobbers rates will probably be applied to, the Boundary district as soon as  the Boundary bronch is taken over from  the construction company.  Crick and H.Christie became known as  being good for any reasonable'' amount.  Two days after the men had left for the  north a Scotland Yard detective arrived  in. town, and did not want to hear anything about any one but the two gentlemen named. He said that one of them  hud stolen government bonds worth  .$57,000 from a house in London and that  the other had arranged their negotiation. Tho detective was just preparing  to make chase along the trail for them,  when Christie came back to town for  some things they had forgotton in the  hurry of departure, and he was promptly  arrested. Arrangements are now being  carried out to capture the other man.  NEWS OF TOWN AND DISTRICT  Tackled the Wrong Man.  Constable Allan Forrester of Robsoit  last evening brought George McDonald to  Nelson upon a charge of having broken  into and damaged the house of a woman  named Cailyle. McDonald was around  Robson for- several days and. became a  nuisance by begging money. He announced that he was a prize lighter and  that he had an engagement in this city.  When constable Forrester went to arrest  him ho said that he might as well commence work upon the constable. The  result was that Forrester knocked him  out in a few minutes. When he was  brought before stipendiary magistrate  Crease McDonald pleaded guilty to a  charge of vagrancy and was sentenced to  three mouths' imprisonment at hard  labor. It will take him about this time  to recover from the effects"of his mill  with constable Forrester.  |tjj]|$||��m  landi���^Ilcs''IaBe^^  NELSON.  IV' '��"""  ��� 9l :.-.Vfl n  f''^Aweeting;"6^  y.heldwsfceve.n-iu:^  v*in-# ii'jt^c'bn isi't'l'^  :*_oMumgi.-,.'!iA^  Five carloads of copper matte from the  Hall Mines smelter are now en route over  the Crow's Nest Pass branch to New  York. Of this shipment, (50 tons went  out in the Moyie on Friday night and 40  tons on last night's trip. The value of  the shipment is given as in the neighborhood of $28,000.  E. R. Red path, who Jras been agent for  the Canadian Pacific railway at Robson  for the past two years, has been appointed  agent at Greenwood. He Avill assume his  .new duties as soon as the road is through.  F. W. Peters will accompany superintendent Tye over the Robsou-Penticton  road on. Monday on the. first passenger  train which will be run through to Gr.and  Forks. The train, which will consist of a  first-class    coach    and   a    combination  .braueli-iSjin  heMlaiit^ofi,  '  "JduLflSriV'*   "   "'" "' "  ���iiiT*.   j::^/': S*^ ZH ��^D  'VP;;���.I;--*-^���Tt'.-..,.  A Slanderous Simile.  Toronto ToloKrimi.  Lack of intimate acquaintance with  the conditions governing the northern  half of this continent to which we belong  can alone excuse the extreme wildness of  lord Rosebery's recent assertion that railway presidents in America in power and  influence are equivalent to English dukes.  The earl of Rosebery has not been a close  student of railway presidents' performances in Canada, or he would hesitate to  thus slander the names of Van Home and  Shaughnessy by conceding them the  simple sphere of influence controlled by  a titled aristocrat of England. In this  matter of power a British duke is a bare  office-boy at Downing street, London,  compared with a C. P. R. president on  Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario. A  British duke is uoav the supreme head of  the empire; neither does he .aspire to  ownership of the English navy as a  means of perfecting a fast Atlantic service. Yet here in Canada we have a  railway magnate -whose., modest ambitions tend'' towards the absorption of  our national railway, and Avhose simple  request is apparently as much the law at  ���Ottawa as the command of Abdul Ham id  at Constantinople. If lord Rosebery is  looking for individuals to illustrate the  power of the American railway presidents, let him seek emperor Bill of Germany and czar Alexander of Russia.    Au  ^nijustice^iasj beer^donsjsir^^^lliaiu^iErr?  |Ho!u'$an^  iMM#ftt^-&M*e ^au^sSsottirSi fj'oltewliicliS  the mistake lias emanated, lord lloseberv  "yy^yfs-:'s��  ���"dfeeiflsil^d^f Gioii. ^vdli'&pifJsVjl[i't>"d;:^f ^  ���E.  ���Jkhe Commonwealth of Australia,  London, September Hi.���The first address praying for confederation arrived  this week from South Australia, Others  are expected soon. The secretary of  state for the 'colonics/ Mr, Chainberlitiu*  is expected- to bring hi the federal enabling bill early next session, which is the  only step now required to fulfil the desire of tlie Australians. The majority  in favor of the common wealth in the  colony is estimated" at 200,000, Lord  Jersey, it is rumored, will bo the first  premier.   Aeronaut Lands Safely.  Dover, England, September 1(5.���Perci-  val Spencer, the aeronaut, wlio star-ted by  balloon to convey the greetings of the  British Association to the French Science  Association uoav coriA^ened at Boulogne,  has lauded safely near Dunkirk.  Troops Start for Esctuimalt.  Halifax, September 10.���The first  military train for the Pacific left here  today. It had a contingent for Esqui-  malt. Late iu the fall a line regiment  Avill arrive here-from the West Indies for  the Pacific.   Baseball Games Yesterday.  Chicago 7, Brooklyn 9.  New York 0, St. Louis 0.  Cincinnati 5, Baltimore (5.  Price of Silver.  New-York, September 1(5,���Silver certificates, .50 @ 59je. ' Bar silvor, 59c.'  Mexican dollars, 47.U'."    ���' \  A* ':Creas^i--'Krv 'isii^uY^cfer;matr5-''Me^  WC-. A: ��� -feAvettijS^Si 'TiSyior*. % G^;  ;-'T.,-Robie:iMr. PifeDcy; aritl���;���_��-.- G ��ftyies Of  ,'Toronto. .    ' .;  ���.'  Bisittu_>6 BpiiM'vllle ^wa^ tlie���. godfather  andyili-s. W. -K;'Ti^Kn^y..,ASts'tjre'.. goei-  ; .mother ot the first c1iiid.c}ii:i'��te'i>*Qd'..iii,..t]i0  irew Gatholie church. -Mm, eiiildi Was  naiired Augnstiti 3\Iarie Alfred, and is tire  infant son of Mi1, arid $Ifs. A. Ferlarid of  Carbonate street. .    ���   . .  The city clerk is getting .after all  who are deliiiqiieht in tlieir license fees.  Notice Ayiinjgjsepved jjpoujyjl Mrjhjihiit^  Tf"tlie licenses are not paid oil dr^before  Monday week legal proceedings will be  taken against them.  Tlie city council has decided to collect  forthwith a sewerage tax, The tax will  be levied upon tire basis of 20 cents per  foot on the improved frontage of the  property.  Representatives of the city looked over  the ground in tlie vicinity of the electric  light dam yesterday'. It is said tliat a re*  portvvill come before the council froni  tire public works committee feconinieiid-  ing the purchase of sucli land as the corporation Avill require for the raising of  the water in the Greek four or live feet.  The 'company's ternls are $1200 cash.  A Victim of Eeligious IntoleranGo:  London, Seiitember 1(5,���The president  of tlie board of agrieulturo, Walter Long,  is the latest -victim of the church dispute,  liis Liverpool constituents censuring liim  because he.voted against the church discipline bill, thereby gaining a reputation  as a defender of tire ritualists. It is likely he Avill resign soon, as another . seat is  vacant. The irony of this lies in the  fact that Mr. Long is an extremely low  churchman, and voted because he thought  the bill flimsy from a legal point of view.  But such explanation is powerless against  the " No Popery " cry of his constituents.  Dealt With Russia and Not Germany.  Berlin, September 1(5.���Many'welt informed people believe Dreyfus dealt with  Russia and not Germany. . The reported  relations of Dreyfus Avith Russia is common talk in diplomatic, circles, Avhere it  finds credence. It is also stated ..that  evidence of this was .produced at the  secret session at Rennes, and M. De  Laeasse's hurried visit to St. Petersburg  just before the court martial is,cited in  support of this theory. , '";-  ^dueeld!^our-.miles;; whfeiiftthe^oii^tuirnel ���  '*aDov,ee1B'Eoofelv-n��::ia~!eom-pl��cod.*A.FarJes-,o.iv  "|lip:- JiriMch/jvill-'-l^  "d^ts.";|fif mileriyl^is y^h^  |ia||eh>oJyei^:��� ''-"-'^ ":'*���'.'.....:.-T-y,��y..vy... y.'.-'..;---"y  y M\ ilge ;feiie"f reif .Irf^r'aiM  .��^r-y5|i# i^ol^Srl^I^i^  Stlfe'f^reilf f/te h iiivbeeh:-; sele^BtF ,6'iifc of;.;thei'  '||lst*|^li'soS:^i^y--g  pelvrs'tiif iih4i^liai)^;i^'"i-!i- "tfie*-: ri^ilAvpty' iyiiti ii".  �����^::^r%i^d-l?of|^jriiiicli of Ayhich liftstolie  il^Med'yi^'Oti^ir W  i_rio^!#lth,fe ;:actiV:rt^-yfiioin''.Bb'ssbuij^     a  i;tpiiCitr'iri|f jioiht. tov��fy'aiid- l^OfclvSi ���  y":Ati.;tti,3 ,yC> P. %���  sliijiyard:' ��� another  ��� transfer   1ba;r?gef    cajiable   ;of   carr'ying  'fiftg^iltd'il'rs, i�� m couiise of Cohstrtrcfcioii.  This^wlli be tlie- third fifteen-ear ibarge  employed; iu traiisferring betAveen Jrfoofce*  nayLiinding aiid Nelsori,    Thij finishing  touches are. also beiirg given to a barge  Avarehouse to be used by the conipliny's  steamer at Kaslo,.   Shouldbe Mide Equal to Rossland's.  The tramway company has decided to^  put the skating- rink at the head of  Stanley street in first class shape for the  coming Avinter. The company's engineer  has been instructed to arrange for ox-  tending the second sheet of curling ice,  repair the roof, build a 'grand stand and  enlarge tho Avaitiug. rooms. The company has not decided yet Avhethcr to run  the rink or lease it. The rink should  prove a good venture ��� this'winter Avith  the matches between the tAvo, hockey  teams and the growing interest in curling with the prospect of the boirspcil of  the Kootenay Curling Association. The  rink should be made the equal of or  better than the.rink at Rossland. Nelson  must not play second fiddle to  Rossland.  A. C. MeArthrvr, formerly ageirt for the  Canadian Pacific at IileeiHeAvaet and  lately at SandOn, has been transferred to  Rossland as agent.  The Canadian, Pacific is rushing, empty  cars up the Obiririibia river1 as quickly as  possible. Tliere is a great demand at the  Coast for cars fox' the moving of tea and  salmon across the continent.  During tlie past AVeek tliere arrived in  Nelson 1SS ears..of iiierchandtse over tlio  Canadian Pacific. Of tliis 140 cars came  over tlie OroAv'siSTest Pass briincli, 'Kicars  eatrie around liy tlie Slocan branch, and 12  Cars came down tlie Columbia river. The  local outgoing freight for tlio week  amounted to about 40 Cars, of Avlibh 10  Avent over the Crow's. Nest, (5 up Sloean.  river branch, 18 to Rossland and; Columbia river points, and (> to Boundary  points. To facilitate the handling of  ear's in tlie Nelson yard tin additional  1000 feet of siding is being put in ber  tAveen Hall andWartl streets.  .iVS'sayyf 0.1110^:^ 11 ��^l|ie^j6 j^l^jl^  ���s1iipyi$l/*^a;u'd^ v  ;;;:thp,ACanadia;.ri;S^|W  ftT^g^jfclllA^i'^  ^b^fe^ isi;^ii4d ^0y wii^ sofe"  tli<fe; stj^uii^ji|^;;;^vi4iiitfe '' $id|fy' f ^&0t.  luiiyilig:"ytJljeiiiVj&ar^teired. -By;.tile. 4Jiiite4  ^tatQS%S^riiiiiieriyt- i\^- a? ^My^pbi^,- (jie-  ygotd;%as^h^ji|^1.d0vii- bythe Gleyelaiid.  The::clia'ij|er^s'of: :Wie;'��teAfyari:d'-iiow; de-  mai^d^i0ib^;|reigli;t .clrar-gesi AyJiXJei the  bjwifeg: 0\vi!iiig; ytl!��| gold, i>raietica!ly \iv&r  pose'iii ^rptiirM tffiliay .oiie-eiglr^h of one  per: cent o�� the -'Vain'��. Of tlie.. gliipiiient.  T^��^r|iiciifiid^Ontimtioii those A^tiorwe  aetrng for tlie pAAjuets of the gold is that  the Cleveland's Charges arte excessive.  Anthracite Coal Will be Cheaper.  Anthracite coal will be much cheaper  ' in Nolson this_winter  than   it  Avas   last.  W.  F.   Little,  general   manager  of  the  MacNeill    eolleries   at  Anthracite, is  iu  Nelson,and he brings Avith him the assurance that, oAA'ing to 'reductions,, made at  the mine in the selling  price,  and  considerable '.reductions"  made   by  the    C.  P. R. in the freight rate, anthracite coal  for stQA'e or furnace use Avill be delivered.,,  to the consumer this winter for $9.50 pery-j  ton.    The preArailing rate last Avin ter AA'as v  $12 per ton.    C.  W.  West  &  Co.,  localrt  agents in Nelson for the coal, have ])lrtin y  a shed at the "Y"   in   theT C. P. R.; yiirxl'SJ  capable of holding two tons. v      ':r-:^v:'&yy  A Once* Famous Town Excited.  Tlio town of Donald, at one time the  best-known town iu the mountains of  British Columbia, Avas throAvn into a state  of excitement one day last week by tlie  appoaranco of tAvo self-announced noblemen, Avho proceeded to buy up the town  in all the lines that could possibly be  taken for a year's visit into the new  Tete ��� Jtt'ane Cache gold fields. They  bought out several stores' almost completely in their efforts to have everything that Avas going, and, in fact,  seemed to have money to burn. They  bought, fur robes and fur, coats in great  galore, and did not enquire the price of  anything .un-.il they had exhausted the  whole list of goods on the shelves of the  outfitting., stores. They .apparently, had  plenty of money to pay up, and Avithin a  couple.of days  the  checks  of .W. G. O.  Marine Engineers Are Scarce.  LoNtiiQK, September Hi.���The Bl-itish  admiralty is experiencing tlie saine difficulty as Was eMC'Ouutered by the United  States liavy depai'thient last year in  finding good nnicliinists for ships at  smaller salaries than is paid by tlie iner-  cautile -;marbie, Tlie Bi'itiah navy lucks  500 of tliese men to iiian Vessels, To  remedy the serious deficit) it is proposed  to divide tlie country into, fire - atari tie  engineering recruiting districts, each  Avyith an admiralty agent, who will be au  engineer in toiicll with the shipping tion-  tors, aiul receive a substantial salary and  so much for each recruit. The system  lias commenced; at Liverpool and Siinder-  land with signs of success.  Great Activity at the Yellowstone.  The sawmill at the Yellowstone mine  was started up last Aveek. For the present it is .driven by Avater power, the  water for- which is brought in by a temporary can-vas flume. The .mill is cutting  lumber for a 5u0()-foot ,fiuinc, which,  when completed, will furnish sufficient  water' to run the company's stainpmill,  compressor plant and sawmill. Tliere  are two machine drills Avorking in the  mine. There are seventy-five men  working in and around the property.  An Unpopular Order Revived.  London, September 1(5.���The secretary  of war, the marquise of Lansdowne, has  issued a circular to the general officers,  saying he has heard that a preclominent  fashion exists among young officers to  shave tire-upper lip, and,adding tliat. this  is.'much to be regreted. The result is  that ,many unfertile..officers are being  coerced for moustaches. The regulation  against.shaving the upper lip has been  little.Observed of recent years and its revival is uuno_mhiiv '  y^iSujiiiit!^^  H)rlfthaAVnti&d'^^ .���. .���,.  *i nyetEQiri;, jsthcy ?in<|utlrvof |th &: buhneh* "���?. ^\&l^MM\  - ledge*^itti',^iu��twO;^feetyAv^deyaiid-;:-ear  Ft'0Prmjlkngj43m-rtKs^Nc^A.Ssa^  c:u;t:{  .'Wa:g%.i::'j;oa^;nlliy��i^SlM|f-Sm  b'esides-'ieonti;sf|H^|rj;ft^.l|^  .i-ichi ��� JHjJlte'-aw'fe  Winds :arof.l M^V^^Si^e'af^)^  Ci��osiji ng'  fefie MM^-:hy^A$^$^^^hi^0^-M^$  Wd'CCu-t*' 'OiieVctu-riied;'.1^^^  $2i5 iti gold.,.- *wVd/-t'H'#-'..'��^  assayed^ a\^.11..   % liH:^to^fx^Mi^i^^^^0,\  who rvre acfpi#hte^v--^vijfi|ry "4>ffq;"�� ^ie^'iliii^i^fJf^}'^>#  that the- building of tfie -ifpiit-t;"jAiyiJ-l'"^"^^^^'^^-^  y;l;i_^fisci_\_ji!y_>i__y3iiiS^iia:t^  -work.. ., "'"'.'���"' y'$$^  A Prosperous People'. : ���-^���^  Up to date the dity liivs received :$'800'0y.Sf��  in municipal taxes.   This is two-thii'ds ofiy-yfe*  the entii'ts anioiint estimated, ftrid is con*  siderabJy iii excessof tlie amount; received1,  .iii-) to the correspond ing period last yeatSJ  As the rebate for prompt* piiytiiCiit tlilsy  year does not amount to inore than: W;  per cent of What it Avtig in $B��Sa the .fU'el)-.  that the taxes afecoiningiiiiinprequick'ly;  this year rjray Ije tiiken, to mean tliat the"^  pcojile- of Nelson aro much Mof'e prosper*  oris this year than thuy vtmv in i;S0'S,'  Prompt Result of a Froniise.  tlanies Wilson, head push of all: the  Canadian Pacific's telegrapli lines iii  British Columbia, Avas in Nelson yesterday afteruobii, and AA'trs interviewed regarding the quality of tlio press -despatches his company furnishes the daily  papers of this comiiiereial metropolrsi  fie promised to 'do better in the near  future, arid, as a result of that promise  the following Avas receiA^ed last night:  " Vakcouv.su, September 10.���The house  of Mr. Pell'ey of Glulli.\rack Was destroyed  by fire last Wednesday."  A Fine Specimen of G-old Quartz.  Charlie Olson of Ainswortli aa-ivs in  Nelson yesterday exhibiting a fine specimen of Avhite quartz carrying free gold,  which he said Avas found in the bed of  Coffee creek. The piece hail, apparently,  a value of $0 to $8.  A Thirty-Ton Shipment.  The Exchequer mine has commenced  moving the ore which-. Avill comprise its  first   shipment.     Some   500  sacks have  been sent  over the  first section of the  I ropoAvay.   "There will be about 30 tons of  I high-grade ore in the first shipment. THE  TRTI3TJ]STE:  NELSON, B.C., SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER  .17, 1899.  *  m  m  m  m  m  A visit to   this   department of our store will   give #  you an idea of the various   styles   in   this season's Sj  Dress Goods,   Crepon,  Covert   and  Costume   Cloths S  are ttill amongst the leaders, while we are showing W  Poplins,   Cheviots,   Biarity, Soliels,   and   Fancy  Silk \$ii  and   Wool   Mixtures   in   great  variety;  price   right. M  We   will   be   pleased   to show   you   good   whether Slip*  you buy or not. *k.  I MARTIN  O'REILLY & CO.  W BANK  OP  B. C.  BUILDING,  NELSON. TEEMS   0-A.S"*E3*  aster of Pari  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  advertising patronage, supply the.inoney,  and tho brains can be secured when the  men that have them are not required to  prostitute their abilities, as they would  be if they were the mere hirelings of the  Nelson District Mine Owners' Association.  Till"; people of British Columbia have  little use for either the walking delegate  or tho pompous mine manager. Both  are alien to the soil and should not be  allowed to take root.  Not one pound of ore mined in British  Columbia that can be smelted in the province should be smelted outside the  province.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  W  October  Delineator  \6  ib  \A  iii  H) it  m    Now in Stook    $  AND  * Latest Novelties  Ui  Hi  tV  ito  Ui  iti  in  Voilings  0��*��-3i33:-S9-93afl  �� We are now showing* a complete range of new fall  H and winter goods in all departments, and invite care-  g ful inspection of our dress goods, ladies' suitings,  j| ladies' silk blouses, dress Skirts, golf capes, mantles,  g flannellette wrappers, shirt waists, children's reefers  $ and eiderdown coats.  "CHRISTYS' LONDON,"  JOHN   B.  STETSON  and other well known makers hats  now in stock.  ��� See our new FEDORAS AND STIFF HATS  MEN'S OUTFITTER  Sign of the RED  HAT, Baker,St., Nelson  J. F. WEIR  C��-  ��Jte ffiritone;  INCORPORATED 1670.  We have just opened up a  consignment of Cigars consisting of the following standard brands:  Dock Superfinos  Bock Conchas  Bock Puritanos  Henry Clay Conchas Extras  Henry Clay Puritanos  Upmann Conchas  Triumfo Conchas  La Lola Conchas  We also carry a full line  of Domestic Cigars at prices  to suit all trade.  id  #  m  to  w  m  m  ��  #  m  ��1  ������   .   # ��� ������ : : ���"~ : =============  |We- are selling blankets and wool comforters at  jjjj bottom prices. Ladies' sailors and walking felt hats  ^ and novelties in millinery.  m  w  OUR GOODS ARE ALL NEW AND STYLISH  36  Baker  Street  m  m  DATLV EDITION.....  ���WKKKr/r-EnrriON..  ....Kirst Ykar, No. 21!)  . Skvknth Year, No. 34  l^^^^tm'^le' ;j|i&i$jS^ ,t  /���$riey; ^sOiifeiiw tfitti-^ie^^lal^^  ytioji :that.��iiteifs rntox a fjgjit a^^irr|t :prrt)-i  lie opinion cininot possibly- wiir:  #uo)ie  qpiuioii in iBritish 0olurubra; fav^x&'af'air  ^a;fiS4wt3_JiHUJVJMr^  sensible member of a labor oi-gaiiiif'.atioii  Im  should demand more. Public opinion in  British Columbia can see no good reason  why laboring men  should  bo  debarred  from  organizing  associations ���tQ.jpvotecty  waiid.jpfQstfei^  S  Ssi _'>":  ���S^^es^Bi^  ��i|i$^i|S;;*|iS^  $��rirlc^a$  ''���|)^^|pehdte(ly"o& iioy wcfr.-asyiui^e'yc^  ^y^i^^ii^��Ai^(iifi .;agr .^oi;^aii��i-^fe  ^i^-eysMiii^^ -.- ;yy-.'��� *:''r^:;kKi  ^fe��r?Sr'r'i3s^ -tire '-M^l^fP  *1$Mtf��:&0iixe phn%^l\J^^q(^iiiMn -My^ij'?  yso^aydistress. jytlrougli:' regirlaj^^ parrf;  :.$6p\?jp$>|W 0nSyii'd^��}.,  ��� soin^hoAy itydoei? not do the ^-ork: saiii^:  rfactbriljr.- Ipr^-tiatth is, no nuvh; wixd--hjii:  y^b;i;iit^ '(joultl   -ii'li." tiio-  -positioii  .sivtis^  ��� iafeto^ily:. A nowSpajjer that has tofe  srrbsidi^ed to be kept running is .Mot  Wanted bythe peoplei and -Vvithoutthe  aupporit Of the people, il newspaper is as  Useless as a fifth Avheel would be to a  �� '.^^D'-o-y"^'*  Si ���"^?'"--V"'-;?"y^*|i^iivc^in:'ym;i6S;jK ; y^  i-'ij-V"/ -.A^y^mi^'fi^r^^i^Bo^f^^i^'^&e^    *-i-"S  iH_vt*yy-*S��R3^! ty^y?si,^sj-y^yy y^ ���' ���"'; "-".'^  [i-y^BaKor^ti5BiB^---:;.: Tl:"li.-��^JTO"C3dT'p'B,-.,^ia'��ti&.e'r;--.\;;  ;fe6&-'g-:��S--����-:S-:&1J  '   '   See Our       *  f;"'---/'-     [���:/���������:���' -*.w.:''  ;:Vf:Jpcyv^.pfc#,.0"ffi-^i'i,w  m^:im$%;yA^^yy%,  ��MmtP1iI^My0ii:  -   W3:-33:_**_:-_3-_./  j-       Boys and   .   ^  l    ��     -"n^-lill  ^  -ft?"'  y^iposty  I  F* 'S,I,**Blfl".aD"Dni"?  n';n.ni  'f.>'l��ir....Hav^j.ti��^i^ei^cd|a.coii^igninont;t>f4lDam8',hoini  ?.': 'vr-'^j':'-���^^MlV:%^"h^��s"-^������ ,^W'l^'^:^%p?i^'^tl��i"'i*f^'-''  .��1^  I  JlcaaqilttrtorW tor  FiHST-GLASS BUILD'NG MATERIAL  IpVo mnko a spcclnily of  Sfjipiap aqd Double Dressed  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Shingles ar-d Lain Kept in Stock  Offlcoand ynrd near O.P.It. depot  K. O. BJffEK, Agent.  ^Wigow. There~is Jtot room in Nelson foi"  two daily papers^ and the money poured  into the Miner by tlie mine owners will  be lilce pouring it into a rathole, for the  people wjll have none of tliat paper.  Nelson, if it is to lieconio to Soufcher'n  British Coluiiibia "what Spoliane is to  iflastern W^asliington, ryust have a newspaper that willi in a liieasui'e, Btarid olf  the Spokane J&evicw, rj'o inake such a  nevvspnpei* l'eipiires the expciiditui'e of  riioriey and tlie use of brains, lire business, iiiterests of  Nelson  ean, by their  03*EL*l"V'*E"R'E3iE>  Speciivl nilcg for cllrloail lolls tpv-outbido pointe.  yriraKKPiroNio^i  33  ;it��yotti.niin t i> SiylisB ��;pdi;lvcct flttitig. siiifernadlj ot:ih'c  Ibesli.blofli ever.hiJiio?WSd- j;a.-;*W-M��>V^VH':J;*Sff\ppd'C*'':  avith iiic.   ... "-"' ���'��� r�� ''":"- "������ ���'���  ������', :'���������*.-?'������ "���  ._ 'Six lijihdrcd dollars ,jyor|h?-f>f .nftw Koodp ,n6w;sw"<lit-  iiriityyp.Sr.'iispiJlGiio^  NelSori's iip-to-d��t^Tailoi;. noxt Jyc^tenrtyCqilgEi'Co;  Amll ^ant to lie in, it. I havrcjtiSt recoivod  li'all sampltw of S(iltiii_s lUHl Ovisr-  MMIitiKS rc'TircHeiitihg a f.W;(:0O Ktoi'lc id  cliooso fruin loado to "your ordBr i��lr. ii icus  lievcr bofiyre 'lictml of in Nelsoii. All llifiliilcsfc  fads in Muicy Vcsiiiiks for Kail aiid >vinlcr.  Corner of W'ai'd: and JToorer Slroets.  C. !<;.. mttZ//ltjLIJM, l?.l|.ir.S, I'ltOI'RIltJ'l'OR  ANNOUNGEMENT  . Having leased the buBinoss of the NelROn Soda Water  "Factory. I am prepared, to supply the trade with all kinds  of carbonated and aerated waters. Family ordcrw solicited.   Prompt delivery.  Factory on  Hoover Btrcct.  N. M. CUMMiNS  That room of yours needs  ^fre0vertd%g up" for the win<-  ter months.  can give us the size (length,  breadth, and height of ceiling)  of the room, or rooms,  We  will do the rest. In price,  beauty of design and quality  Our Wall Paper  bargains will surprise you.  Canada Drug and Book Do.,  3QJI*M:lT.fiI*D  Corner ot Baker and Stanloy Stroote, Nolson  ito Mist nuniiS! liuwisi  f>000 Of tile glmiCOSjt varieties foi fill! jiliuitiny lo arrivj;  iiiaf(S(v il.'t.vs (lirwit I'l-din MieproworH in Holland,.<'rtn-  sistintf of n.viii:inlli.s,, 'I'lilipSi, Ital'Vsuifc, .Vur��jlsp!ii>!..St:illas*i  "I.ily (��f the Vjilley* Cit��rtis, .[onifiiil^, fs'iujw 'Prop.4; Ai;u!��  jiiunen, ffitiiiiiKjii-Iiisti lr��s OlilniHloxa, olo: Order* to i.ho  Vjilnft bf two tfgllin'K and iipwai'dK uenl. by jpail or <iX-  l.irutiS Tree, and at iL'ss Ulan ea.��(l(!ni- prices.  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  NMLSONi p. C.  ColTco roasters and dealorH in Tea and Coircc.  Glrer fresh roatjted colfeo of bent quality rh follows:  Java and Arabian Macha; per pound $ 'JO  Java and Slocha Blertd, 3 pounds......  1 00  Fine'Sanlot,, 1 pounds" ;.u  I 00  Santos Blond, 6 pounds  1 00  Our Special Blend, 0 pounds....... ' 1 00  Our ltio Roast, 6 pounds.....:..,.y.  1 00;  A trial ordor solicited.  Salesrooms 2 Doors East of Oddfellows  BlocK,  West  Baker Stseet   ���   Special lotiee to the People of lootenay  I am now prepared to test the eyes  ofthe people, as I have in my department a first-class optician. I have a  large selection of gold frames and the  very best of lenses. Call and get your  eyes examined at  JACOB DOVER'S The Jeweler  Nelson Iron Works  MANUFACTURERS OB"  ENGINES. BOILEBS, SHAFTING, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION  Repairs promptly attended to.      P. O. Box 173.       ;  ���St&vens, Tf|0 IwMr  S  BLACKSMITH ING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  .Xi.a-rp'C'njlili'lwr'^.qliOiQ&.ln'iiliU'i'i^UolA' .t'ljnCohlHp.tliS  :'iinb:o"ft;lfcHr.'i,ranXW��'ij''.   l,oiv.')iiviee..aii,d.X"di''in';yy^  fcd..iho;ol|'ieb of'M eoi'iicr bf  Jb^b'iirtiji'o^'iid^'*3rVioirf'H!)i'^p2i��s. "������..-''.  ���:"   * "'.;--   . :��������� ':-'���'.:-. \'Pr'C.;'J)ii.Na*N|?.sc#i;i;if..: '  '    :fJ__|**EiyLi�� .feitQJ__EB.  I*1>3:SXJ'E1-A,*N"C*E3  KEAti ESTATE AND "tOANS.  t,,K  *i"^ *%.^&Ji&^m^:H&T:%^  ;%JM'$7��!' ;llafey;stircet.- -bt^eonly^b&c^lVinb :!f.ndl  tt, .���W"OT<psl.re^ts-v;v/^-;?^.fivy;|i;^;��f^;- -'��� ���"������'"���    *"���' -  i^ljM^^i^r^irfciffi;:^  .��f ^irects,'..ociriierl;t:s;.". ^ y..,ys^ ^.y.S-'".^/^^^:^^'.--1'-  '.'25, i>y jp^^���.wjtji?iiinpi"S K-i^i}if^'e&u&:M&oiM^(ii-'':'-':''J��,  ^Rtre#'..,.l;;^-.5^,.,^^  .^bK.C'M^iitJ^-itifproyenie'n^  ^Mptoitlincbl,jii^are'i)tcd!ttte|15pbi^ontl.;W -*���"  ���:��strept.ji��: ii, h$>��'iZ��:i?j.^l'^ej$$.*-fM .'fe-J.ivirS'.rf;H-;r(3500?  f.'2%fe^iwi^to_o'ffi  ^Jol^n^bloSk^il),"all!jScared'.aHd��ftnMd::in��ivi'L^:> $5UO-  ��� ."   ���..,     .   -. ���. .^feNTSitfipk. \ -.--.���;-..���: :.-���-; .���- :��� y/  Ileal Estate:,ahd ftciieral Agentij,' !Bal��eKi3t., -Nelson'   n      "- F0R SALE  S-rtboin House...'.... $1M) ISOtPoo't Cothp.p...  ���1-Koein House.,,.�� .SiJoO  .S&O  1J75 Haro Street, Vancouver, B. C.  Wagon ropftlring promptly attended to by a flrst-closa  -ttdieclwriBht.  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing and  custom work from outside points.  Shop:   H&" Street, between Baker and Vernon, Kelson  ROYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS.   .    .   .   .   .  Boarding and day schflol for girls will rc-open on the  151 b day of AugiiKt. Vacancies for boarders. Korieriiib'  and prospectus apply tb  AlAUKMOlSKLLlS KMiS. J'rlnoipal  Butltes  for  Fall  Planthig1  20iOOO iJollaml Bulbs toarrivo in September;; 30()!).lapan  Jjiliuij to arriro iu UeWber; I5tK) KliouockindroiiH, Asiuloiis,  AhlKlioliaHi KoseA ot'o. l.o arrive ib October, 'rilousunds  pf Hose��, Uniiiolias, h'ruit and Urnauieiiiai 'jfrtsOn, shrubs,  ulc., urovviiiK on my oWn Krotriidfl fur the fall tinido.  CatttloKuc friie.  SfOMS-BRaWffSr  AUCTIONEERS  Baker Street, Nelson  FHIST I)O0B WKST BANK jr. G BtJiMlim  M. J. Henry  Vancouviei', B.C.  UNION   MADE  Kootenay Cigar Manfg. Co.  Nolson, British Columbia.  MINERS WANTED.  The TanRinr Mine, Limited, Albert Canyon, on the  main Hno of the C. P. Ji., 22 miles east of Itcvolstokc, requires six good minors.   Wages |3,50 por day.  OHE DOLLAR A LOAD  Tho undesigned hasalarKo ouantify of flf, cedar, and  tamarac slabs; in 16-inch and 4-roOt leiiKtli.-), suitable for  stove wood, which will be sold for #1 a load at tho mill  yard.  ���,    NELSON SAW & PLANINO MlhhS, Limited.  Nelson, August 181 h, 1899.  HAIB GOODS AND HUB OfilAlENTS  ���    Switches from $2 up.  . MRS; J. W. KEARMYhas opened aLadies Hair Dressing Parlor in room 1, Victoria bloek, Nelson, and is prepared to furnish everything in the way of hair goods  and hair tonics.   Treatment of the scalp a specialty.  STYLISH   DRESSMAKING  COSTUMES FOR ALL OCCASIONS  FURNISHED ON SHORT NOTICE.  Josophino Street,  MIOpSON  We gii-ti Mic vevy limv fiwas to; tlinso  visliijiy to boi-mw money on iiiippoved real  asfcate.  Tho only eoiiip.-iny in. the province tltftfc gitos  you the privilege of pitying oil' ymir whole.  Loan at AnyTimk wrlihoufc a Botfus on giving a CO'-day notice of your iritoition was so.  Mrs. E. McLaugljIin  (Ex-Shorilf of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash, advanced on cousignmonte ot morcliandiso.  Postoflico Box 572 Nolsou, B. 0. I  OA1WBL.E ��&'O'REIL,.^ Y,���AKts  British Columbia Permanent Savings&Loan Company.  Globe Savings &' Loan Co., Toronto.     .  Lots for Sale  $550 will purchaso a choico residence corner. 100 by 120  feet. ..�����������*  ��2100 will purchaso a contral.Iot and residence,  .100 will purchaso two nice .lots and shanty, Robson  street. Humo addition.  $3000 will purchase four nice lots and residi�� :o.  10,000 Pooled Fairmont i cents.  Blackcock (Ymir) shares 20 cents.  5000 Utica at li cents.  ALEX STEWART  Turner^ Boeckh block, Nelson, B. C.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres of land within one antl a  quarter miles of Nelson.  For further  particulars apply to  FRED  j.  SQUIRE,   Nelson,  B.  0,  i  'TT-ii Viti r**"w�� THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C.,  SUNDAY, SEPTEMER 17, 1893.  3  lANK OE  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up,    -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATHOONTA AND  MT   ROYAL, Prosident  lion. GKO. A. 1.RUMMON1) ....Vico-Prosidont  K   S. CLOUSTON ....Gouera! Manager  N.W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Sl^aguay, U. S., Atlin, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^oq District.       TIRANCnKR IN       LONDON  (Hnffland).   NEW YORK,  and in the principal cities iu Canada.  CHICAGO  c  Buy and sell. Storting Rxchango and Cablo Transfers  GRANT COMMICHCIAT. AN1> THAVKr.T.KUH' CKKDITS,  availablo in any pari, of tlio world.  DRAFTS IBSUKD    C0I.LK0TI0N8 MAOK; KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BKANCH.  CUllHKNT riATK Olf INTlflllKST PAID  PASSING   OF   THE   WALTZ.  To  thecai'pet knights whoso dancing  days  came  to  an  end  a  generation  or  more ago the announcement of the danc-  .   ing masters at their convention last week  ._(. that the wait/, is no longer popular, must  ���'���  have come both as a surprise and shock.  -All the statistics, however,- seem to justify the declaration ofthe masters and to  indicate that the good old waltz that became popular.a  hundred years ago, and  was danced iii Germany no one knows  how  many years before that, is giving  way to .the quicker two-step.    The dance  ��� 'that-pur grandfathers and grandmothers,  learned  only after patient practice has  been  succeeded  by the two-step that a.  girl or boy can learn in two minutes of  sidewalk dancing to the music of a hurdy-  gurdy.  It is not with any pleasure that the  dancing masters make their semi-official  announcement of tho change, for to them  the transition means loss of business.  Of all the round dances the wait/, is the  most difficult to learn, and that fact  alone has always made it profitable for  the teachers. Nowadays when knowledge of the two-step is all that is required to enable a person to go through fully  half of the list of dances at any function,  there isn't apt to be such a demand for  professional instruction. So tlie masters  protest and it will bo no fault of theirs if  the decline of the wait/ is anything moie  than temporary.  ' Dealers in sheet music have the same  .Story to toll. They declare that the de-  maud for waltz music has been steadily  decreasing for several yeans and that the  sales of music written in two-fourths,  four-fouvths, and six-eighthb time suitable for the two-step have increased in  proportion.  There are almost as many theories advanced to explain the decline of the  wait/, as there are myths and legends relative to the origin of dancing. All are  agreed, hoAvever, that the ease and quickness with which the two-step may be  learned is the principal reason for its  present popularity. Some of the old-  tiinert, wlio were iu their ballroom prime  ten years ago declare that the recent  death of Strauss has had something to  do with the case. But the yonng folks  laugh at this, and say that Strauss was a  back-number in this city long before he  died, that his music was seldom played  at dunces, especially at fashionable ones,  and that if there is any one now who  should be called the "wait/ king," it is  ^Waldteufel Another explanation    is  that the wait/ has suffered the fate of  the bicycle, only by a slower process. It  became too popular-:,, arid ttiien prizes  were given for the best "lady and. gent  "walt/ers" at Bowery festivities, it 'hurt  that particular* dance iu other parts of  the town.  But this talk about the deeline of the  waltz rule, applies to the large cities aiid  to certain .pai'ts of tliGin. Tlier'e are  some Ifffeli avenue anthor-ities who do not  itgree with the aVei-age dancing master  tliat tire waltz is going out. They a<!uiit,c  however, that tlie tw'ovsfcep is just its  popular as the waltz eveii in their own  iiiuited ciiX'les. The dalieing niariager  fyr .Sherry's said yesterday tliat it was a  ease of half aiid half. "I am sure," lie  COlitiimed, "that I have found plenty of  waltzing at all the summer places this  season. Of course the city season liasii't  opened yet and we can't tell what will  happen when it does."  Anther authority declared that one  can't learn a thing about city dancing  from, what is the style out of town.  "Why, I was in Newport it few  year's  LODGE   MEETINGS.  KNIGHTS OV PYTHIAS-Nolson   Lodge  No,  25,  Knights of. Pythias, meets in I. O. O. V. UaU.cornor  Maker and Kootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock.   Visiting "Knights cordially invited to attend.  T. LI LUE, C. 0. JR. G, JOY, IC. of R, & 3.  ago," said, this dancing master, "and saw  New York society people dancing polkas  in the Casino. ' They wouldn't have  thought of doing such a thing ac home."  The dancing out of town is altogether  different anyway, and the further out  one goes the more ho will learn about the  dances that used to be popular in this  city but are now forgotten. A young  .man from a New -Hampshire village  won't to a dancing master in this city recently. 0    "'  "1 want to learn the Portland Fancy,"  said the applicant.  "What?"' asked the dancing master.  "Say that again. It brings up a lot of  memories. Why you must be forty  years older than you look. I'm nearly  sixty and haveu't heard of a Portland  Fancy since I was a boy."  "Why they have been dancing it for  the last three winters up in my place,"  ���replied'the iranyfrom.. New Hampshire.  They, think its great aiid doir't even dance  the Tempest now."  The dancing master looked dreamy and  reminiscent again. "The Tempest," he  said half tohimself. "I remember now.  Every one in the room dances in tho  same set and they are.drawn rip in two  long lines."       ������-.'. ������  "Yes, just like a big Virginia Reel," interrupted the young man. ��  "And after the line-up tho rest of the  Tempest is sort of a stampede. Something like a football game, only instead  of rushing at each other the two lines  race up and down the hall. So you got  through  with that, only three years ago  Big Schooner  Beer or Half=  and=HaIf. ...  10  Always  Always  Fresh  Cool  THE BEST GLASS OF BEER IN NELSON IS  AT THE  Club Hotel  Corner Silica and  Stanlr, Sheet-..  E. J. CURRAN, Prop.  18Q9  18Q9  PROVINCIAL  EXHIBITION  UNDER  'HIE  AUSriCES  OF  The Royal Agricultural and Industrial Society  of British Columbia.  V,\Lh  ]J_  HELD  AT  ^  NKLSOJ? LODGE, KO. 23, A. V. & A. M. Moots  second Wednesday in each mouth. Sojourning  brothron Invited.  NKLSON* I.. O. L��� No. 1(132, moots In I. O. ���">. F. Hall,  corner linker and Kootenay streets, 1st and 3rd  Friday of each mouth.  Vited.  JOHN TOYE, W. M.  Visiting "brethern cordially in-  F. J. BRADLEY, Ilec. See.  NELSON   /BRIE,   Ntimbor  22,   Fraternal  Order  of  ICaglso.nieetsevor.vseeondund fourth Wednesday.in  each month in Fraternity Hall.   Visiting brethren welcome.  ' .  .1. IRVTNO. President.        J. R. WHAT, Secretary.  '-"      ���     ~.       ARCHITECTS. "     ~  EWART & CARRIE���Architect.   Rooms 7 and 8 Ab  crdcou block. Baker street, Nelson,  s  ON  3rd! 4th, 5th and 6th,  $15,000 IN PRIZES $15,000  OPEN   TO   THE   WORLD  A Round of Pleasure for l*our Whole Days  JlOR.SK JiACte,      WCVCLK RACES       AOUA'HOS  OHAMMOiVS-rn'P l.A'UlOSSK NAVAL AS'il  SrilJ'rARM SPOUTS OYSllCIIAXA:      >  HA.SK BALL    FOOT HALL    HANI)  TOUftN'AM ISN'T.  MAGNIFICENT ILLUMINATIONS !  Grand concert every evOHiilK,  Special al.l.raelion at the "\'ew Westminster Altera house*.  Monster excursions from all jiOinUs, at _roauy reduced  rates.  .or-special features see small hand hills.  No entrance f��0 charged for ftxfiibil-s.  KXKOUTt VK^Kis worship mayor Ovens. T. J, Trapp,  AV. ,1. Mathers, Goo. 1>. Hryinncr, 11. K Anderson, Aid. .1.  K*. Scott, Aid. M. Sinclair.  For prize lists, entry forms and frill partibulars, write  to  T. J. TRAM**, ARTHUR" MALtNS,  President. Secretary.  W. H. ICE A RY, Commissioner.  __EIJ*E!*E>S:0]SrE  ise  During the, season wo will, do-  livcr ice fit private residences'  and business houses daily in any  desired Quantity at easotirablo  prices.  WILSON & HARSHAW  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREWERS ANI> BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Beep,  Ale and Porter  Prompt and regular  delivery to tho trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  up in your place, and then took up: the  Portland Fancy us something new'?"  "Yes, but Ave like it and Ave've danced  the Virginia reel for- years and years.  That's the only real and original American dance."  "Nq it isn't," said the dancing master.  "There isn't any real American dance, except perhaps the scalp dance and the sun  dance of the North American Indians  and tlrey's never be popular either on  Fifth avenue or on the Bowery. The  Virginia Reel AA'as arranged 200 years ago  irr England and the last name it wu  known by oA'er there was the ''Sir Roger  de CoA'erly," and avc renamed it the reel  over here. All of our dances came from  Europe just as they are now, or else they  are modifications of tho foreign article.  The Avalt/,, for instance, is of Slavic origin  and Avorked its way through Germany,  Prance and England to us. Lord Byron  once Avrote a denunciation of it. The  polka-AAras inArented in 18*U by a girl in  Bohemia. The redowa came fronr the  same country and tho rnazourka had its  origin in Poland, where the Russian soldiers took it up and then carried it homo.  FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish i  local and coast.  Flooring  local.and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of ill kind.-.  If what you want is not in stock wo will mako it for-you  CALL AND GET PRICES.  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS, NELSON  CHARLES HILL_ER,  PKfcRIDENT  HARRY HOUSTON,  SECRETARY  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills,  LIMIT-Ep-D.  MANUKACTURKRS OK AND  DEALERS IN  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings  Doors and Sash  Fence Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  FACTORY WORK DONK "10 ORDICR,  8UCH AS  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  IN STOCK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  Sawmill on Government wharf.  Factory and ollice, corner Hall street and C.P.R. track  "WILL DO WJ-LL TO  at".  G. 0. roCHAMFS  A largo stock of tirst-class dry material on hand, also  a full line Of. Hash, doors, mouldings,! turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hondryx Btroot, Nelson  Telephone. 91        Jollll' Rae,   AgSIlt  SHERIFFS SALE.  Province of British Columbia, Nelson, Wcsj. Ivootcnay,  to-wit: ���  By \4rttic of a warrant of execution issued out of the  Ooiiiil.y Court of tvootonay, hidden al. Kiuslo. at the suit  Queen," both situate at. the howl of the west prong of the  South Fork of Kaslo Crock, in tlie Ainswoi'lh mitiinij  division of West Kootonoy district, and recorded' in tlie  ollice of the ntiniiiK recorder in the City of Kaslo, to  recover (lie kiwi of two hundred and forty-live dollars  and eighty-six centa ($il5.Wi) besides shuri.H"K |ioUndajj;b  costs aiid all other legal and incidental expenses.  All of which I shall expose for salo or sullleient thereof  to satisfy said judgment, debt and costs, al. the front of  my ollice next to the Court House, in the City of Nelson,  on the lllh day of Septeniber, A. 1). 1899, at. the hour of  eleven o'clock in the forenoon.  Notk��� Intaiidiiur purchasers will satisfy themselves as  to interest aud title of said defendant.  Dated at Nelson, li. C, August Bllli, 18!)!).  S. 1\ TUCK, Sherill'of South Ivoolenay;  ..._ _ ..___  _ ... until Thursday, the'21st  day of Sop'ouihoiv A. 1>. IK'.fil, at. the same place and hour.  ��� S. 1'. TUCK, Sherill'of Soulh Kootenay.  Tho above sale is .postponed  And so on through the untire" INt of  dances, old and ne.v, .s(jtiarc and round,  all can bo traced back to a foroijjn  countiy.  Pointed Paragraphs.  Cranbrook Herald.  The noxt thing, wo "will .hear of Joe  Martin as the Canadian Dreyfus.  Italian climate is at a discount compared with the brand that is being turned out in Southeast KooLonay these  days.  The Rossland Miner fired a three column editorial at the C. P. It. last Saturday, and strange as it may seem, all  trains were on time on Sunday.  Eber Smith is propesirg tostartadnily  paper in Greenwood, notwithstanding the  fact that the people of that city have always been a peace-loving people.  While the New Denver Led go and the  .Silverton Silvertonian are lighting each  other, it would be as well to strike those  two papers off the Y. M.-C. A. files in the  province.  fi-     1 X).   M^j^BTHUB   &   CO  ;��**g  JUST ARRIVED  An Entire Car of  Iron Beds and  Springs  From George Gale & Son  ��� e  The Tremont Hotel  N|AL0NE & TRECILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters fop Miners and Prospectors  �� ��� ���    ���     -  THE BEST BRANDS OF  A Large Shipment of  Baby Carriages  and Carts  From The. Gendron Mnfg. Co.  &  t  ID.    "JVCS-A-i^THtJyR   &   GO.  Liquors ant* Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND|  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEERS HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  The Finest Residential  Property in -N^lspn  Largo comfortable bedrooms and   first-class dining  room.   Samplo rooms for commercial men.  RATES   S2   2?*H!*R  JDA.~Y-  Mrs.  L C.   CLARKE, Prop.  Late of the Rojal Hotel, Calvary,  H. D. HUME, Manager.  The finest hotel In tho interior.  Largo samplo rooms.   Steam heat and electric light  [BOGUSTOWN] -y"    >y  All the unsold jots in the Fairview Addition to Nelson are now on  the market at reasonable prices and on easy terms. This property is very  desirable  for residences.   Apply to  West Baker Street, Nelson. T.  M.   WARD, Local Agenty'y  P. Burns&Co,  lili  JTl'AD   OrKIClf^X^'i.^V^  '.',m.��  'i��<��&  'PSJ^i  Wholesale Markets at fielson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  Retail  yyy  .:��S'  ��II  'MSI  CORNER OK WARD AND VERNON STS., NKLSON  Madden House  BAKER AND WARD STREETS, NELSON  Tho only hotel In Nelson that has remained -undor ono  management since 1890.   The bed-rooius aro well furnished and lighted by  oleetrieitj  The dining-room Is. hot second to any iii Kootenay  Thfbar' is al way's stoeke<J "    '" '   "  Imported liguors Oiiid^iijarSi  Trifbar' is alwa.yS stoeked by tho best domestic anfl  ".ciuarS;  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  -yiviiR* p, e.  J.  W. SMITH,  Proprietor,  EVERYTHING FIRST'  Large and well lighted Heated by hot, at  Roaiiouublb rates.    , Satiiplo roomrf  Klfictrie bells and light In every rodrh  Renovated arid rofurnfslied througliont  MOTElv VICTORIA  j. V:. PERKS, Proprietor  Krcc bus mootB all.feralttg Dou&Ictftl/a   R  fi  Hourly Rtreot. car & fitation tflf3*8l}>lOR8, D. U.  Night Orill RoontHn connncttoii, for tho con voniciico of  guoKts arriving aiKliderKirting by night trains.  Vienna Restaurant  Baker streot, between Josephine and  Hall streets,. Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL "fTOURS. DAY OU NIGHT  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITB HELP EMPLOYED  B.     JHTTET'RR'y,      F-*E*tO"*E:>*RI"E!'rO*R  Pala.����   Bakery  Bread delivered to any part of the city.  Cakes, pantry, and confectionery a specialty.  CRAWFORD BROTHERS  Nisxt; t.o Royal Hotel. Stanloy Street, Nolnon  APPLICATION TO TBANSFEE LICENSE.  -���'���';--:---: ~yys-'::'*,�� ���". ^'y^XAMSkisv^vis^.' -y^'-i^yy' 3^$iy  SEASON  Balder Stfiitj lleJioh  %  orders irt ffl^i^6$x*r$.-��^miJ'ii AND:pROMj^'|gi^Nfiip!;  mi  -,-.<�� sftff,'  Thirty days notice is hereby tfiven that I will apply at  the next sitting of tlio Licensing Hoard of the City of  Nelson, B.C., to hoallowod to transfer the retail liquor  license now held by mo for the Clarke Hotel, situate on  lots numbered eleven ami twelve (II and. 12) in block  numbered II vo (51 of the City of Nelson, British Columbia,  to Frank Campbell and George VV. Harriett.  K. C. CLARKK.  Datod at Ncl*on. 13. C��� thin 15th day of August 18119  KBAB ^OBT SHEPPARB BAIL.WAY DEPOT  THE   FINEST   PLEASURE   RESORT, IM   KQOTEmAir  JUST ARRIVED A CARLOAD OF  Anheuser-Busch Lager Beert  Highest class Lager produced.  ASK  sale by the trade in Nelson.  IT  A. B.  On  FOR  R, P, RITHET & CO., Ltd., Victoria, Agents for B..C.      ,  GRAY, Agent for Kootenay, Baku.- Sb., Nolson,, Noxt Oddfellows. Building  W". P. DICKSON  B. H. H. APPLBWHAITB  J. McPHEB  Kootenay Eleetrie Supply and Constmetiaii Co.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Bqutpmsats for Bleotrle Power Transmission and Lighting; for Mines. Towns  Electric Fixtures, Ltamps, Bells, Telephones. Annunciators. Bto.  P. O. Box 600. ' Joaepnlne Street, NolBon. B, O. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C.   SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER Iv,  1899.
And there are no perfumes in Nelson
equal to those which we have just received. We are now opening up full lines
of Roger & Gallet's and Legrand's celebrated French Perfumes, as well as those
of the Crown Perfumery Company of
London. These orders may be purchased
cither in bulk or in bottles. See our assortment  of French  Toilet  Soaps.
b 3
I have a number of broken lines of Men's Shoes which
I have reduced below cost in many instances to make
room, for fall stocks. These goods are first-class, including
all leading makers, such as GEORGE T. SLATER & SONS,
and other makers.
BAKER STIIKET, NKLSON. %3'..m        J~\» V_l 1 l_-*jt^J__ IZl V%i
Remember the
Tfc will he lo ^our .idv.inb.rge bo seo oar largo
and complete <>U>ck ot 1 Soots .irid S).o<>s>. Wo
c.uiy Uio following lines; J. <£ T. Loll, J.
1). King & Co, Koif.li St.ir Shoe Co., "Foots,
y.hult/ <t Co, titration] Shoe Co, Ames, Holder! <te Co., and other le.idmg makers.
elands' Shoe Emporium
The Issue .Still in Doubt.
S. S. Taylor, Q.C., rot.nnie.l from tlio
Coast on Friday ovening, whoio ho a.p-
penied in tho case of tho JMorehants*
Hank of Halifax vs John Houston and
Thomas 31. Ward, hssignoo for tho estate
of Thomas W. C'r.-iy, which has not got
out of tho courts yob, although the principals agreed to a seblle.nieiit some time ago.
Mi: Taylor appeared for tho Nelson Saw «fc
Planing Mills, Li in iter I, which now controls
the Houston interest in the estate. ' .Sir
Charles Ilibberb Tupper appeared for the
plaint iff, and W. 11. Lawson of the firm
of Hodwell t*c Duff appeared for tho assignee. The argument in the case was
commenced on Tuesday and lasted over
Wednesday, when Mr. .justice Martin reserved judgment [lending bhe receipt of
cerl.ilicd copies of mortgages upon which
the issue burns. It is understood that
Ihe dispute ill this case, which involves
bhe question of ownership of some logs
at (he Cray mill, was practically settled
■•is between (he Merchants' Hank of Halifax and the Nelson Saw <fc Planing Mills,
Limited, but. that they were prevented
from carrying out the terms of settlement agreed upon.
E. 0. Davies of Toronto, general manager of bhe Provincial Huildhig & Loan
Association, of Canada, is spending a few
(lays in Nelson on business connected
with his company. The company has
$00,000 loaned out in Nelson and a-fter
seeing bhe town Mr. Davies is be satis-
lied to put out as niueh more.
Alexander Stewart,' who is in the
Crickmay hospital suffering from typhoid
fever, is making good progress towards
recovery. He expects to be about in
another week.
The Nelson Coke & Gas Company is
calling for tenders for the delivery of 2*50
yards of building stone on the company's
site.and foi- the placing, of the same in
the foundation walls. It is estimated
that the superstructure, which is also to
be built of stone, will require- an additional 1000'yards of stone. The company will furnish lime for the building.
Five carloads of merchandise is a
pretty fair shipment for one firm to
receive in a day, yet D. McArtlrtu; & Co.
of Nelson received and handled ii-ve'• ear-
loads of furniture one day last! week.
This is merely a straw that goes tb show
that Nelson is a commercial, as well,as a
mining and smelling toun.
Constable J f. W. J3ai nes of Fort Steele
brought in an Innian named Michelle on
Friday evening ulio has been sentenced
to one yeai 's impi isonment by J. F. Ai in-
strong for cattle stealing.
Hoietofoie. all the hotel logisters used
m Kootenay "\\eie  inanufactuiecl  at the
Coa^t   Or   in    the   cast.
Today   The
215 AND 2J> \\ FST JiAiCKIl SI IU K'J. _. h-LSON
American Watches
Have been a part of our business to which
we have devoted years of unceasing energy
and a great deal of capital. It is an accepted fact that we know the wants of the
trade and carry a slock adopted to ihe present demands. We have ihe leading staples
in endless variety—all that can be shown by
anyone, and many goods not to be had anywhere else.
Gold Cases, 14 and 18 Karat
We^awMe^^ fiwie stiow exctusi/oe
styles, wlmo% comm&nd themselves to customers who are partiemtar as to the class of
goods they buy.
Kamoiids and all PmmoBs Simes
Are selliwg mow as never before. This de-
partrfteut'Qf.GUr business is strongly com*-
mended to your aMention. We have ail sizes
ani qualities arii, at prices that are rigM.
In mounted pieces we have a comprehensive
line frcm srmM /diamond fouwelry up to the
costliest rings and brooches.
TiuiiUNio is m.inuiacturing a lob ofthe
finest legators e\oi made on tho Pacific
A. >S. Faiwell is in Goat Itiver district
sin \eying a number oi mineial claims so
as to enable the oh nets bo obtain ciown
Alexander Dick of Itosslahd is at the
*Jhc editor of Tun Tniiiuxu is in leceipt
JhiA ing sold nui null, v eaie olfoiingoui
sloclvfil UIO LLAIHI U <«HH(0 Iu I'iui <-ilc c iiii-i-lm,*
ol I im Ji lluui niK limlii, -lii|i!t]>, inch Jiimliu, Al i\ii.
_\A,-'\l' .ill luntftlis ( uiics|io>i(lciii o sulicildl Shook
v"v. Al not. Mix iii C il \
"Wanted —Four    good     stone   cutters.
\\\if,».>. ^."i .1 <11\ A)i]ilj lo .l.inio-i L i\\ ii ctiiili iclm new
( mill lleiiso, KYiv-l ii il
Wanted—Twooi thiee fin nished looms
Ioi Iiichl liousckoopni!,', willim ieii imiuilo. u ilk of Ihe
(juodi'h liulct    Aililicss \\   ll,Bo\')"U  Nelson
For Salo—JiOts 13 and U, block '12,
with inipio.oiiiuiis    Apiil) to 11 O  Im  SUu 1'ikeij.
Fin lushed ioohis lo Job. A]>p]y to Mis.
I< jU J.iniL'-on, Cm noi LIot.lv. il.ikci slice! «ovt.
.ineiiti 2;"> by 30 feet;, .also lwolK'iit}*.r0pii:is,oi) lirsl. flooi-,
oiitto!|ilo1n3Sl.(jfli<:o on Victoria street. Foi' satc—LoW 13
nmlU -block Ile. .$700.; lots' block, 15, addition A, $?2?>l
lofs'il unci ifi*. black, 5. Apii.- to W.'A. Jowett, Victoria
street, iS'olson.
Furnished Ilooins —'Witlr baths and
electric light.   Silica .street, ;0]vi>o..sltfe',Knijli.s'h clnireli.
Wan ted—Good; waitress. Apply Silver
KiliK 1'Ic.te!..
Owing to a, death in tlie fanrily  of  tlie
owner:, (lie! TfJlfuviitK property is -uH'ercd for iiiiiiied'iito
KnJo, mititoly, the Jit.mo Tui.ii|sci:iii.c« Hotul., f<»jj;t;(,-iiC!!-
wfl.h nil,-the I'liHiiliiru. 'I'liuKiMi-iiiitl is;5(> liy la) foot, n\,
l.lic iH'U'l'liuniii'. ciif Her of Verrmn ami Hall xti'Duls. -Al'|il.V
on lliu;(n'oirti.si!s.   ..   .•...■........-■■■■
of tin invitation to attend the Now Westminster Fair and its attendant entertainments.next month. Ib will have to
be declined. We attended the celebration of Labor Day at liossland this
month, anil we are no longer young.
W. K. Ma.uu, a mine operator' of Montreal, is at the Hume.
A. L. Knox of the Ymir Miner is at tho
Queen's. He reports a fair amount of
activity iu mine development in the
neighborhood of hi.s town.
!<Ycd Jrvine & Co. advertised their fall
millinery sale iu Tiuo Tuiiii'NK only.
The result was they sold their entire
stock of felt hats. They have consequently ordered by wire a further shipment of up-to-date goods,' which will
ariive. on or about the 2Sth instant, when
they will be displayed iu their showroom. Fred Irvine A: Co. have demonstrated that it pays to advertise in a
newspaper that circulates among people
who have-ready money.
Ab the meeting of the tramway company's directors on Friday evening it
was decided to call for tenders for the
construction of car barns on the corner
of Mines road and Kootenay street. The
building will be 2;*3 by SO feet, capable of
.accommodating three cars, and will include repair shop and storeroom. It will
be built of corrugated iron.
Fi. A. Crease, chairman of the board of
school trustees for the Hume school district, last evening'received'a. contract to
be executed by Charles .11. Leicester calling for the election of a $2:*j7;*) school
building in the Hume addition. The
owners of . the Hume addition have do-'
nubed five lots in block 12 for school purposes, and as soon as the contract' is
executed work upon the building will be
Yesterday wis rather a dull day on
the street, bub one linker-street firm
reports taking in $"MO.*)0 in cash during
the day,' which means a business of over
*pl0(),0(j(),a year. .      '..'.-. '    j
A. E. I ifodgins has 'prepared plans for
the erection of a two story frame building on the north west corner of Baker
and Kootenay streets. Ou the ground
may Avill be two 'stores 24 x 45 with a
frontage on Baker street. The second
floor will be fil.led up for the use ot the
Masonic lodges of the cif.y.'
Tenders for the construction of. the
Madden block, on the southeast corner
of Baker and.-Ward streets, will be
called for on Wednesday.' As before announced, the buildiuir will-have a "-".("-foot:
ft outage on B.ikei siiuet and 120 hob on
Waul slieet. In the coiner, on the
ground floor, mil be a stoieO\">] by 2(i
feet, and on Wai d sfi.et theie will be
two stoics ]0] b.> 2'i loot, together -with
an entrance to the =econd stoiy. The
second flooi is to bodmdod ij.to fifteen
looms for ollice |imposes. Tn the basement under the coinei stoie provision
will be m.ulc for a barber shopuibha
sbieet. en! i.ince on Waul .-I icet.
wis rtAVK JsnnjiiierJTiiH aouxcv i-'o'ie
« H1J ,rVft\l'  'IV i TE?» "
Wlion 1.11'oporly hnUlefl tluS Klmwledge tliat. it is
Jiuloyoii win or is all, till! roctiiiHiieii-
,ilal ion Uli.it> it, necdij. '
V!«ft .VOX S'IM fKKT
N'KheiO.V, li. C
Iflpe .ape a Few Sifflij^fl- -Mbkji
Heavy Gray Wool Blankets ;. .$2 50
Heavy   Wool  Shirts and   Drawer's
each .,,.,..,       i50
Tweed Pants   1 00.
Miners' Nailed Shoes■'. ,"'.   8 00
Itegaitta Slrirts,       50
Ladies' Ivid Oxford feltocs  • I 00;
We can supply you with. Cartridges
^re You Going for a Holiday?
Why, yes;  on a fishing excursion and i intend to
buy my tackle from     '
The Lawrence Hardware Co.
Who keeps the best and cheapest goods in Nelson
which we are selling at a snap
The  Lawrence Hardware  Co.
Kirkpatrick & Wilson
14 Baker Street, West Telephone 10
All other goods in  the  store   at   proportionately lovv pi ices.
Respectfi/IJy invites the laOies of Nelson
to her fall Opening of French and
Americai"! Ijats artd Bonnets
Wednesday, Sep. 2
I Ijave secured the services of Miss Rea
of New York City to take charge
of tlje triming department
Telephone 93,
Gome in and try our Ice Cream Soda and
Refreshing Drinks.
Noxt, Door to
I'. Hum* & Co.
Notice is liortiby given that. 1 will, nt Ihe aspiration of
thirty (ln.vs from tlio dale of this notice, niit'il.r nl. tlio next
MiltiiifC of tlio Liccnsinff Board of tlio t.'il.y of. Nol.won
Brili.-ili Columbia., to bb allowed to transfer tlio rolitil
iiijunr liegiise now' hold by mo for tlio Exchequer Saloon
HiltuUcon Lot 1 Illock 12. in the. City of Xcl-son, Hritish
Columbia, to .lumen Noolnnds.        A. II. fJLKAlEN'l'S;
Dated at Nelson, li. C„ Seiileiuber 1st, U>'.?.h
Crow's Nest Pass
Orders, may be left with C W. West
& Co., or with.
Olliee on Baker street, two doors from Bunk of J3. C;
. 1 Gar of Canned Goods.
Get the Best Jams
We have just received a large consignment of the
Also a complete assortment of the
Baker Street Went, Nelson
John A. Irving & Co.
*E»iL,*cr*M:*B*E*es, -ej-xc.
o-jpej-r-p^. isorrsE *block:
.   +4   ■   i-^»;.flft-.iI^.^ST:l^S^«W
tri'iUliirUimir^win^iiii»i   -L'fir-¥-%--'H''-"^-----	


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