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 TEN  THOUSAND IN THE HOLE  Alderman Fletcher's Financial Forecast.  Compromise was tlio predominating  characteristic of last evening's meeting  of the city council, and in the end it was  decided to entrust alderman Beer with a  check for $1200 for the .settlement of r.he  reservoir land dispute, and to charge tho  members of tho public works committee  with the responsibility of settling the  Innes claim for compensation for land  affected by the city's electric light dam.  All of the unsettled questions were introduced by city clerk SLraohan in a report which he made to the council touching the work he accomplished in Victoria  while upon pleasure bent. Before proceeding to discuss the several matters referred to alderman Beer moved that the  report be received, and coupled with this  a formal vote of thanks to the clerk for  the attention which he had given to the  city's interests.  The lirst matter taken up was the dispute with the Nelson City Land fc Improvement Company. This dispute was  occasioned by the construction of the  city reservoir which led the owners of  the wild laud built.upon to put in a claim  upon the city for .something over $0000.  Two city councils offered $750 in settlement but without result, and tho city  clerk was commissioned to bring the two  ends of the dispute as closely together as  possible. He reported last oveningthat asa  result of a conference had with l_. Crowe  Baker of Victoria he thought tliat tlie  city could settle the claim for $1200 and  at the same time secure title to some  , thirteen lots, instead of five as was  originally wanted, on'the mountain side.  Mayor Neelands at once advocated a  settlement. He reminded the council  that alderman Beer was about to leave  for the Coast and suggested that lie take  a marked city check for what might be  agreed upon as sufficient to settle the  claim.  Alderman Fletcher was not very enthusiastic over the proposed settlement.  He considered that the claim should be  settled for less money. The other members of the council all thought it desirable that the dispute should be settled,  and on motion of alderman Hillyer, seconded by alderman McKillop, it was decided to request alderman Beer to effect  a settlemt upon the basis suggested.  The dispute with F. C. Innes over the  land covered by the electric light dam  was then taken up, the -opinion of city  soliutoi Gillihei being taken as a. slat tei  JIii .uhice to tho council vsas th.it something should be done at onto, as the city  .it piesent did not ou n the giotind upon  ���which the dam wis built. He h id been  given to mulct stand that tlie difficulty  could bo settled foi S1000, and the city  at tin1 sune time could weenie tlie light  lo i.ii'-o tho A\atcr in the icseiAou iiom  loin to fno feet  AldcLin.in I'.ctclioi thought th it befoie  any expondituie u.is inclined on the  i.usingol the dam it should be iscer-  t lined whelhoi <i bettoi stoi.ige oi v\<itei  could not bo obtained, highei up the cieck  at a smallei expense  Tho question \\as e\entually di' posed  ot upon a motion by aldciman Hillyei,  seconded by .ildeimin Beet thatthe mat  tei be icfeiied to the members ot the  public woi ks committee to elleet the bosl  possible settlement  Whethci oi not the tity "\\ ill chai ge  Avhailage l.ites foi the ir-e of the a\ haif  lecently tin nod ovei to the city "will de  pond upon the membei _ of tlie public  "uoi ks committee to whom the question  was icfoi ted  With lespoct to the .^ -5000 woi th ot  senei pipe a\ Inch tho city has fallen lieu  to fiom the pioviuctal go\ eminent, i  lesolution was passed requesting tho  ���govci muent-tO���gi\ o���the���city- an���oi doi-  upon Tuinei, Beeton ��fc Company foi the  deliveiy ot tlie pipe  The meeting closed with a. squabble  over finances. Alderman Beer asked that  a small expenditure be made ou Victoria  .street at its intersection witli Cedar, so  that 'delivery wagons could get froni  Cedar street along Victoria street.  Alderman Fletcher thought that before  any further work was attempted something should be kuoAVn with regard to  tlie city's finances. His coniiuittee had  been m-ithorfcod to spend $1,7000: Of this  ahiount $13000 had been spent, so that  there should remain about $1000 at the  disposal of the committee.  'The mayor disagreed from the statement of tlie ease. He Informed the chairman of the .���public works committee that  it -liad'.not one dollar to expend.  Alderman Boer then added that instead of tlie public works committee  having a surplus of $-1000 there had been  an excess Of expenditure of about $0000  on debenture account.  Alderman Fletcher retorted that the  council might have spent the amounts  stated, but it could not be charged to the  public works committee. Iu any event  he thought it was time the finance coui-  inittee furnished figures so that the  members could know where they were.  Tliey had been sitting in the council for  about a year and had but three statements from the committee in that time.  If the public works committee had spent  all the money which the council had  available he as a member of the committee desired to know it. He wanted a  statement showing the whole thing.  The city clerk in  reply    said  that  a  statement of the calibre desired by alderman  Fletcher  was  being  prepared and.  would be ready shortly.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON  BRITISH^  ^.^��BIA.  SATURDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 16,  1899.  3b- ��  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  Alderman Fletcher added that ho had  gone into the figures with alderman McKillop of the finance committee, whereupon tho chairman of the finance committee volunteered the information that  upon this occasion alderman Fletcher  brought the council out at the eiul of the  year���just $10,000 in the hole.  Money is Not Scarce.  A merchant who advertises exclusively  in Tun Thiiiuxk says that there appears  to Imv plenty of ready money in tho hands  of tho men who work for wages. His  trade is largely with those who are classed  as wage-earners, and his daily cash sales  run from $200 to $100. Yet one would  suppose that the country was ruined because a few mine managers refuse to  adapt themselves to the conditions  brought about by limiting men working  underground to eight hours a day.  rgy ...   "WHE PAYROLL OF ONE  MINING  ENGLISH  CAPITA  IS SEEKING  Investment in British Columbia Mines.  Vancouver World.  No less a person than lord Ernest Hamilton will bo a passenger  on  the  City of  Seattle leaving Vancouver  on  Saturday  foi1   the north.     He  is accompanied by  colonel JTaggart, and the  two  are   going  north on one of the largest mining deals  on record. . They are the representatives  of the English company who have bought  out   the  Atlin   interests  of "Sailor Bill"  Partridge,   who  left   Vancouver   a  few  clays ago.  Lord Hamilton and his friends  are now in Vancouver awaiting  the sailing of tlieir steamer.    Partridge went to  London in .June, and through the firm of  mining brokers, Haggart, Hall & Prixley,  he   succeeded   in   selling, the    Flormau  quartz claims in Atlin district for $250,-  000, to be paid to him in Skagway  on or  before      October     1st,     and     $250,000  to    be    spout   in   putting   up. a   large  stamp mill and other  machinery at  the  mine.      Then   a   corporation   is   to   be  ioi mod, and if tho capitalization is in excess ot S 1,250,000,  Paitndge  is  to  have  one-tenth  of  tho   excess.    Three  weeks  ago experts  i cached  Atlin,  and  if tho  mines ,nc a\hat they aie i epi center! to  be on opening up, they will be piuchased  according to the terms  and agicements  of the sale     The claims aie known as the  Anaconda gioup, and embrace fom lodge  claims,  aggregating 2J(>  aoios     Ouo  ot  these  ledges  is  slated  to be  1000  foot  wide, 3000 feet long  and 100  feet abo\o  the mill site, and is said to have   17,000,-  000 tons ot oi e in sight a\ ithout  a  shaft  or tunnel  being  made     The cue  assays  from $7 to $27 to the ton     Loid Hamilton   is  the  president of  the pin chasing  company,  and  he   bungs  authority  to  diaw on London foi the  $2*50,000  which  is to go to pay Paitndge     If  the plan is  can led  out, as  has  been suggested, the  stamp mill Mill be one of  the  largest m  the woi Id, and the new  pioperty  will in  a few ycaro vie with the famous  Tieacl-  uell   Tho Deal Put Through  Agieements weie signed m Spokane on  Thiusd ry whereby the Bosun and Fidelity mines near New Dcnvei aie consolidated, and they will m future be operated nuclei the management of tho  NortliAvest Mining Syndicate, which is a  London coipoiation, icpicsented in the  Sloeau by_\V JLI Sandrfoul ���The owners  ol the I'Vlehty a\ ei e Scott McDonald, F.  J Finucane and T. J. Lendntiu The  deal is riot a sale, but is rather a combination of interests whereby the two  mines���Avhielradjoin each other on the  same vein���are made one property, to be  operated as* a whole. The exact terms of  the -agreement are not made public*. Tlie  amount of cash passing is sinall, and the  Fidelity owners are still largely interested in the property under the new  arrangements. The Bsstui mine is a famous property. Mr. Sandiford took a 80-  day option oil it a year ago last May.  The agreement was that lie should do the  assessment work for the option, and at  the end of thirty days he might buy tlie  claim for $7500 or bond it for a year for  .$1.*5,000, witli ten per cent down. He was  ���ridiculed by the old-timers of New Deliver for his credulity in having anything  to do with the property, which had always been considered a rank wildcat and  had originally been deemed valuable only  for ranching purposes. But Mr. Sandiford is a.-mining man of wide experience.  He has represented his Loudon company  in niining regions the world around. For  years he operated a silver-lead mine in  Servia for his principals. He has been in  South Africa and on the eastern coast of  that continent. He has mined in India  and operated in Argentina. He was not  talcing other people's views, therefore,  when he invested in the Bosun. Mr.  Sandiford was at the Phair last night on  his way back from Spokane.  Baseball   Games.  Boston 9, Pittsburg 4.  New York 10, St. Louis 5.  Philadelphia 9, Louisville 10.  Baltimore 2, Cincinnati 7.  Brooklyn 2, Chicago 8.  Camp in Kootenay.  Tho pay-roll of the mines in the immediate vicinity of Itosslaiid for the month  of August  was  in the  neighborhood of  $125,000.    This would  indicate  that tho  niining  industry  of  that section of the  province was in  a fairly healthy condition.    But  tho  payroll should not alone  be considered.    The reports  of the mine  managers  aro  what investors  consider.  No one who knows him will  accuse manager Carlyle of the Le Roi mine of being  either a gusher or a booinster.    In his report to the board of directors of the company in London he says : " I am  pleased  to say that the development work  done  during  the  past  month has  been  very-  satisfactory in its results, disclosing, as it  has, much more ore of good value on each  of the 500, (500,  700  and 800-foot  levels,  audi am .more  than  convinced that if  for some time to come I devote most of  our eltorts to the thorough development  of this property, making  the  shipments  of ore altogether a secondary matter, as  I am practically doing now,  the  results  will amply repay  us.    During  the  past  month, owing to holidays and the accident  to   the  compressor,  wo shipped  for  24  days, 0307 tons of  ore,  which  contained  2885 ounces gold, 0471 ounces silver, and  193,482 pounds copper.    The above goes  to.show that mining is a profitable business under present conditions in British  Columbian  The pay-rolls of the Rossland  mines for the month of August were:  ONE OPPOSITION MEMBER WILL  Name of Mine���  Lolloi   Wiir ICiiKlc... .-.  Center Star    Columbia & Kootenay   lion Mask   Number One   "Vickie Plate   Josiu and Annie   Sunset No. 2....   White Hear -.   Velvet. ';...  Groat Western   Kveniiijj; .Star..-   Bnnkei'inil.....   llomestako   Mascot  \u_mi i  Gull udc  Mountain Trail  l)oor Park  Si 1 Imo  C.icLii Mount nn  .Jumbo  1 \ I  ( o\c\  CiLOlRL  A\ullinnfoi(l  lIciLlitl Hull  Suulliun Utile  nul Snapshot  Al ibel  lot il  Amount,  \: $32,000  ... _-,.(KX)  ...  1.J.000  .. <i,000  ... 3.0IK1  ...     J.700  :���>..   3,10(1  ... 2,!W0  ... 2,138  ... 2,000  ... 2,800  ... 1,000  ..-. 1,050  .-.. 1,9.50  ... 2,500  ... 2,500  ... .2,500  ... 1,500  ... 1,000  ... 1,300  ... 1,000  050  ..." - 700  .w--A.��n5Q.  ^iy,ftfSu-i  -jw? ":.--,i5iy  3...VV81oy  JV.S" . s,BHo0r  '^mM:  iyfiSsJisy  "Vote With the Semlin Government.  Vancouver Province.  C. W. Clifford, M.P.P. for Cassiar, in an  interview with a Victoria Times  representative,  said   that if  the government  was  to  he  attacked  and   its   existence  threatened hecause of the eight-hour law  he was prepared   to  support  it, on  that  measure   at   any   rate.    "I   am  an  old  miner," ho added, ."and I think I  can do  as much in eight hours on ordinary drill  work as in ten.    The day resolves  itself  naturally  into  three parts, eight hours  for work, eight hours for sleep, and eight  hours for recreation. Any company which  is iu a pesition to pay .$3.50 for ton hours'  work can pay thesame foreight,and if they  have to close clown on account of the two  hours'  difference, it is only a question of  time when they would  close down  anyway.    Yes, I am as strong a supporter- of  ���the eight-hour day as ever." Mr. Clifford's  attitude makes it certain that a majority  of the legislative assembly will support  the eight-hour law, no matter what the  uncertainty may be  in  connection  Avith  other .questions.    There  is  a  somewhat  curious statement made to the effect that  in  the  Lardeau   niines,  where  there  is  little work done underground, the working day is generally of but eight hours.  The limitation need only apply to underground work, arrd if tlie Lardeau owners  voluntarily make it apply to  all work,  tlieir action is rather significant.  GRAVE   AND   GAY   STORYETTES.  A French delegate to the recent Women's Congress in London resisted for a  long time the efforts of lady Aberdeen to  induce her to "draw her remarks to a  close." , At last the chairwoman. Avas  obliged to order the speaker peremtorily  to resume her seat. The French lady  turned in hot indignation, and Avhisked  herself back to her chair. As she did so,  she angrily crumpled up her priceless  manuscript and mufcteied audibly "Mon  Dion' C'est tin autre Faslioda'"  silence. Cody could contain himself no  longer, and blurted out: "Startit at live  thousand, and niehbe some of the rest of  us can get in."  .Terry Simpson tells a story of a traveler who, just as he was writing his name  on the register of a Leavenworth hotel,  saw a cimex lecticulariiis which took its  way across the page. The man paused  and remarked: "I've been bled by .St.  ���Joseph Ileus, bitten by Kansas City  spiders, and interviewed by Fort Scott  graybacks, but I'll be darned if I was ever  in a place before where the bugs looked  over the hotel register to find out where  your room was."  Mrs. Sallie Marshall Hardy, wlio is a  descendant of chief justice Marshall,  visited the supreme court chambers in  Washington recently and was introduced  to justice Harlan by a functionary of the  court. She was then seated under the  bust of her distinguished ancestor, and  justice Harlan whispered to chief justice  Fuller: "That little Avoman there under  Marshall's bust is his great-granddaughter." The chief-justice looked towards  the little woman, and then said: "Tell  her 1 am afraid the bust may fall on her."  "I'm not afraid," returned Mrs. Hardy;  "nothing on earth could please me so  much as to have my great-grandfather's  head fall on my shoulders."  THE CENTER J5TAR MINE IS ON  The Market for Millions.  The Goodcihani-Blaekstock syndicate  are placing the Centei .Star mine or Rossland on theToionto market for $3,500,000  One half of the stock amII be oiler od to  tlie piesent holders of tho War Eagle  nunc at $1 50 pei share, each War Eagle  holdci bung entitled to pur chase as many  shares ot Contei Star at that figure as he  holds of War Eagle. War Eagle stock is  selling at $4 00 a share. Four-sevenths  of the War Eagle stock is held by tho  Goodeiham-Blackstock syndicate. The  placing ot the Center Stai on the market  at a tune Avhen  J.  Roderick  Robertson  and   11    E     Cioasdaile,   who aie both    and lemaiked-   "Is this pig���"     Tin*, unscientific mining men, declaie the mining    mediately diew foi th the iem.uk horn .i  In .Justin McCaithy's "Rcniinscences"  theie is a stoi y about Thomas Carlyle and  his fiicucl Alhnghrim, the poet and  e%cayist, one of thegentlest of men One  thing that Avould nevoi have occurred to  any of his fnends as possible Avas the  chance of Ins taking on himself Lo dispute  with Cailyle But once Avhen Cailyle  Avas denouncing an English statesman, he  gently in god that something might be  said ou the othei side "Eh, William  Allingliam," Cailyle biokc foi th, "you re  lust about the most disputatious man I  eA'ei met Eh I man, when you're m one  of yom hmnoisyoud prst dispute about  anything."    A young couple weieeuteltaining then  fi rends, and among the guests was one  whose continued 1 udeness made linn e\-  tiemely objectionable to the ie->t of the  company. His conduct �� as put up with  foi some time, until at suppoi he held up  on his fork apiece of meat A\hich had  been solved to him, and in a vein oi intended  humoi,  he  looked  lonnd  lound  lnchrstiy of Bntish Columbia is being  ruined through the workrngs of tho  eight-hom law would seem to be a prece  of���recklessuess-oii���tho-pa.it of Geoige  Goodciham and Tom Blackstock.  "Wants to Hear From Them All.  WASiiiNCJTOtt, September 15..���It is said  at the war department that the return  of the two members of tlio Philippine  commission remaining? in Manila (Denby  and Worcester) is in order to advise the  president respecting the very latest aspect of affairs, so that lie may use tlie information in his message to congress,  There is no intimation conveyed that the  advices brought by president Sehurmaii  and senator Bevoridge and other persons  recently returned from Manila are not Oil  all points in strict accord, though  the items of divergence are not  known beyond the White House.  It is said that as admiral Dewey is Hearing tlie United States, the opportunity to:  liave a meeting of the full commission, of  which he is a member, is one tliat should  not be lost, and the report that may bo  expected to sum up their work Av.il 1 be. indispensable to congress in its efforts at  legislation for the islands. No statements  can be had officially as to the future of  the commission, but it is not regarded as  probable that it will return to the islands,  at least not without a considerable change  in personnel. The recall of Messrs. Denby  and Worcester Avill leave general Otis the  sole representative of the United States  in the Philippines.  Sympathy for Dreyfus,  Mhi.bournic, Australia, Septeniber 15.  ���A large public meeting Was held here  this afternoon, at Avhich resolutions expressing indignation at the Dreyfus verdict, and sympathy with niadaine Dreyfus wore passed. The whole of Australia  has been worked Up to. a great -'.pitch of  excitement over the verdict.  quret looking individual sitting at the  othei end of tho table, "Which end of  the folk do you lelci to,J"  Johannes Gelert, the New York sculp  tor, an as m his studio one day Avhen a  man and woman called. They Avere ap  pareiitly a Avell-to-do farmer and his wife,  Avho were making their first tour in the  Avorld of art. The sculptor explained to  tliein the mysteries of modelling and  casting. At the end tlie man snid': "1  think I understand it pretty Avell Uoav,  but there is still one thing tliat puzzles  nie." "What is iti?" asked the artist. "1  understand Iioaa'a statue is hi the piece  of niai'bie that you buy, but how do you  cut away the stuff' which is around if?"  A boy of thirteen sends a story of a  German who, being pursued by a policeman, ran into the store of a friend avIio  Ava.s a crockery merchant, and hid hini��  self in a bag. The policeman, coming in  after liim, knocked on all the bags and  baskets to find out where he Avas. When  he came to the bag Avhere the German  Avas hid lie knocked, and, not hearing the  rattle of china, said : "Tlio German must  be in here, foi* if i,- Avas china it would go  'tinkle, tinkle." " "Dingle, dingle," said  the German inside. Tlie boy neglects to-  state Avhether or not the policeman aviis  deceived.  Colonel Cody helped to build a church  at North Platte, and aviis persuaded by  his wife'and daughter to accompany  them to the opening. Tlio minister gave  out the hymn, which commenced Avith  the Avords: "Oh, for a thousand tongues  to sing," etc. Tlio organist, avIio played  by ear, started the tune in too high a  key, and had to try again. . A second attempt ended like tlie lirst. in failure.  "Oh, for ten thousand tongues to sing my  great������" came the oponjng Avords for  the. third time, followed by a 'squeak  from the organ and a relapse into painful |  LATEST MINING AND LOCAL NEWS  From the Slocan.  New Denver, September 15.���Sixteen  mon are employee! on the Jeaunette  group, Wilson creek, and they are rapidly  making it a mine. It Avas bonded to  Messrs. Blumenauer and Kelly of Spokane  for ,$1000 a year ago by J. Wereley of  this toAvn. Since tlieir last payment a  lot of Avork has been done and a promising chute of high grade ore exploited and  proven. Commodious quarters are being  erected for thevvinter, and lots of supplies packed in from Rosebery, Avhich is  within sight of the property. The Jeaunette Avill be the first shipper from Wilson creek,  The OAvneis of the Mollie Hughos con-r  tunic taking out ore fiom their hoa\  AAorkmgs, stopmg to the sulfate as thev  dmre foi Avar d It maintains its great  l ichness, and is being sacked up ready for  shipment The pi opei ty has been visited  by a numbei of mining men lately, avIio  ha\e Avi thout exception been impiessed  Awth the richness of the oie  Seveial membeis of the Mining Institute passed tluough lieie yosteiday fiom  Nolson on loute to a Arisit of inspection to  tlie Payne and othei famous Slocan  mines  Theie  is  quite a lespectible stall   of  men employed at  the Payne, under con  tiact  A Tunkes came m fiom tho Lrmted  Empno, Ten Mile, yesteiday, and st.ited  that the lecent strike on th.it clum \v,rs  a good one, shoAving up bottei A\ith the  additional Avork done The ledge ay as  found in place a little faithei up the hill  fiom tho creek, that in tho bottom being  a slip Theie is eight inches of nunoial  shoAung.  Beats aie plentiful on Ten Mile and  .tie Avoiiymg the piospectois con  sideiably.   Tlie~NoTthA\esfTMining .Syndicate Iliac  added to then possessions by the staking  of the Ti umpct Kiaction neat heie  J. Marino, formerly part oAvner in the  California and Marion niines^ will leave  hero shortly for Pueblo, Colorado, accompanied, by his AVife, making that city  their future honie.  A. Wallace has: sold his block on sixth  street to P. A. Munro. The latter left  for Montreal yesterday; and on liis return ooiitemplates going into tlie grocery  biisniess.  Pet�� Augrignon has purchased the  draying business of P. A. Munro. The  former now has the monopoly of tho  livery, (fraying, freighting, packing*  electric 'light, water and Wood business  of the town,   lie should  mafve money  tit it,  'On'Tncsdayapae'k train passed through  .here headed for the Jeanetto mine, on  Wilson creek. It afforded a striking  commentary upon the business principles  in vogue here, Avhen a directly tributary  property should have to obtain their  supplies elsewhere. Modern methods are  hard to adopt in this  high-priced  camp.  Several'properties aro being opened up  on Wilson creek, Avith encouraging results.  WAR CLOUD LOOMS UP AGAIN  Kruger Will Stand Pat.  London, September 10.���A special from  Pretoria says the Transvaal reply Avill be  on the folloAving lines: The Transvaal  adheres to the seven-years' franchise  laA\r, but is Avilling to consider, and, if  necessary to adopt any suggestions Great  Britain may make with regard to the  Avorking of the law. In regard to the  other points of Mr. Chamberlain's dispatch the TransA-aal boldly stands by tho  London convention. It is said the reply  is couched in polite terms.  .State secretary Rcitz, in the course of  an interview today expressed some doubt  as to Avhethcr any alteration Avould he  made in tho existing franchise law, but  said he believed a Avay should and could  be found to establish an arbitration  court. As to suxoraiuty the least said,  the soonest mended, remarked the state  secretary.  In the forecasts of president  Kruger's  reply  there  is  undoubtedly a  basis  of  truth, Avhich seems to bring the dispute  Avithin  a  measurable  distance   of ��� Avai'v  Last evening the press association issued  a curious statement to the effect that as  soon as the garrison in  Natal  had  been  sufficiently strengthened  the  Transvaal  goA'ernnient would be called on to accept:  a neAV convention already drafted, Avhich  AA'hile guaranteeing the integrity  of the :>  Transvaal state, provides for the demolition of the forts,  and  limits  the armed  force   of   the  Transvaal   to' a   number  deemed   sufficient  to maintain  internal  order.  According to the press association the  convention will demand that the diplomatic agencies be suppressed and that  the judiciary be made independent of  the executive. This statement, Avhich  realizes the extreme 'demand of the  Uitlanders must be accepted with -reserve  at the present, but it is iiot unlikely to  be a semi-official hint as to the next move  of the government should president  Kruger prove obdurate.  The morning paper editorials regard  the crisis as having reached its most  acute phase. The Daily NeAA's says:  "We refuse to believe that president  Kruger is so foolish as to reject Mr.  'Chamberlain's moderate demands.  The Daily Chronicle, wliich appeals  again to Mr. Kruger to accept Avhile it is  time, and'before England's terms become  harder, says : "A. refusal of the present  terms Avill iiivoh^e the ruin of the state '  OA'er which"' president Kruger presides.  The   British   government : have   played G  tl&  Iiiherals in Quebec Split.  There is a breach in the Liberal ranks  in Quebec, and efforts to heal tho same  have so far proved unavailing. The loading Libera] whip, James .Sutherland, paid  a visit to the ancient capital, and remained there a few days, but his efforts  Avere not quite successful. Tho premier,  himself was also there several clays at  ���tho end of last.Aveek.. Ernest Paeaud appears to. hold the strings, and it is said  that he , is using them for - his envn aggrandisement. , ,  Ava^n^'itf*  j_f riday mMin^i���&^iki$ l^^hfe^n^lj-tiiti'^^l  pi'%pivi!mti'a^^^  c-d#e^aijd&^ ieilj. -S^l  says.;:,; ^Tli^r Bo^/a^  1 ui'ruy ��r een:e"j "fjlji tisil.^)lb)!ha^ S[|  I ''riSoi-'S&kjiA^  .idAiit'itlie i^t'fc^ii^v^lire^yji"^A^;t^^it^-Iijgifl^^l  cb.rti'a;f0c^  niand,.:a'nd tihcJ \''syteiij^.';M.^  uendoes, for- -wh'te:^  Milner ti.re j-osj^rigilafe, .Tja^e/.pisdji<^^i|g^||  official ^atnixSSp'here;m^AV}i|iehy -iiii^|in^itg|5i!^  possible.  "Afi ;MQ-'-':iaii^  meycr and' pjia#t.tea1^  (.(ape Afrikanclmi*'in Itil'ita.'-^^'.if��S:"yyev^fife!^.^?^  urging-  accieiJ-fejiilee  of ��� the-BiiflHsife-de)1^  "  mahd's-.:" __:  '. '��� ��� - ���'-'''. %^yym��  Tjreyius- Expects; & .I^ijiio'd!-'���'-"';b- ':;-fS  Loxpos, Septeniber -IB'.���3^,3Sel3lpv',|i^;||  the Paris coi'respOijd'ent of Mq -^iyitt^si  ^ iyj^=^Lle'iiyiJ?hat^eapfc^^  shortly withdraw liis appeal for a iWis-:;-  ion of the Rennes trial, Avhje'h Avill. leasee; ���  the ground clear for the gcivernuieijit to. ���  take ininiodiate steps to pardon uiiiit-;  This-pardon Will not annul the civil; aiid -';  military consequences of the Vei'diG% and  ho will, therefore, no longer belong to they y  army. There is nothing,, however,, to.,  prevent liim from-applying' to the fiourt  of cassation, to quash the Itennes trlak  whenever the new fact required by laW  is produced..' When liberated ]m will'  settle in tho south of ^riMce its tlie ineiusi  hers of his family do not wish to expose  him to such demonstrations of SVUipathiy  abroad as nright be used against him by  liis adversaries at home. The Paris eor-  respoiidoiit of the Daily News says, tlie  premier, M. Wakleck-Hoiissean, lias  promised definitely to propose a pardon  for Dreyfus at next Tuesday's council.  The Reply Ready.  PftETQiuA, September 15.���At the close  of the day's session the Itaad met in  secret session to discuss the final draft of  tlie Transvaal reply,, wliich Avill be  handed to Conyngham Greene, the British agent here,, in the morning. It is understood the reply is courteous, urges the  acceptance of a joint conference, and  maintains the convention of 1884.  The Price of the Metals.  Nrcw Your, September 11. ��� Bar  .Silver, 5!)e. Mexican dollars, 47|c. Sri- .  vorcertificates, 50@59|c. Copper quiet;  brokers' $18.50, exchange $18.50. Lead  quiet: brokers' $-1.40, exchange $4.60  (��$4.��2A. y ;   The Crew Wouldn't  Work.  London, September  15.���The   British.  brig G. II, C, captain tlomeril, from Ari-  , chat, Cape Brotou, for Santos, has put  J into Peniainbuco with a refractory crow. THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, ISATU.DAY, SEPTEMBER   10,  1899.  I  ' *^>:' :S>���t"? 'IS5:<S��� -S5��� <"y>��� c3>  ���*�� ..ss> -3--M ..'^a.  %  3'"2>^v-N^'^',::'"^\;'i^vJvi'-f>P',0-^,^v-l-y^v^,A\a  f  A visit to this department of our store will give #  you an idea of the various styles in this season's W-  Dress Goods, Crepon, Covert and Costume Cloths $$j  are still amongst the leaders, while we are showing M  Poplins, Cheviots, Biarity, Soliels, and Fancy Silk #  and Wool Mixtures in great variety; price right, g  We will be pleased to show you good whether  you buy or not.  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  BANK  OP  B. O.   BUILDING.  NELSON.  TE-ROVCS   CASH  %  M  for them. It is Avith her that they go  out for walks cA'ery day, it is she avIio  tolls fcheni amusing stories to make thorn  laugh Avhen her own heart is hca\ry Avith  grief. One; day long ago their father did  not come homo at night. To appease the  children's curiosity madanie Dreyfus said  tho minister of war had ordered their  father a-Avay on a mission to a very far oil  country, and this pious deception has  boon practiced on them ever since. At  last tho groat news arrived tit the house  that Dreyfus had. come back to Kraiu-o.  Then the pious deception had to be complicated in all kinds of ways to allow of  the mother going to Men nes to soo hoi  husband. The children did not hear very  patiently this separation from their  mother. Madame Dreyfus received a  letter at Bonnes the other day saying  that Pierre was quite angry, and that lit!  and .Joanne AVero not convinced that it  was necessary for their mother to stay  away so long. "Why." Avrote Pierre,  "does not father after having boon away  for so long, ask for IS hours leave of absence to come to Paris?" lie said he  could not believe tho minister of war  would refuse his father such a small favor  as that, and now what .story will the poor  mother tell thorn V  HUDSON'S BAY  -*��:(& i5?. ���>:^���>'^!S>'3-  ^K-^^^^-is"*''-^^'^'^*^  tidf , %  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  HATS  "CHRISTYS' LONDON,"  JOHN   B.  STETSON  and other well known makers hats  now in stock.  See our new FEDORAS AND STIFF HATS  MEN'S OUTFITTER  Sign of ihe RED  HAT, Baker St., Nelson  J. F. WEIR  ��tte ��rttmro<  Pa iry Edition  AVkilkiy Fdition  Fiiwt Yfar, No 218  Sevkvtii Ykak No. JI  E B, EnnA of Hull, Quebec, ono of tho  largest employe! s of laboi in Canadi,  aviis in Nelson .ibout three A\ceks ago  On his A\ay home he stopped oil at Winnipeg. He is lcportcd as saying "Jn  " twenty fiAO yeais there aviII be moie  " people AAe'-t ot Rat Poit tge th.in theie  " are at piesent in all Canada, and Wm-  " nii^eg aviII be the con tie ot trade."  Tim Rossland Record laments tho fact  that Nelson Avholesale meichants aie <il-  icady getting a good shaieof the Boundary drstuct business. Woll, Avhy shouldn't  they? TJieie aio no evclusrvely  Avholesile houses in any other toAvn  nearer than VancouAei on the west, Spokane on the south, D.iavsou on the north,  an Winnipeg on the e ist. Nelson lias  wholesale houses that sell to the tiade  only, they do not compete Avith lotail  tiadcrs That is Avhy iNehon is getting a  shdie of the Boundaiy business, and its  share will increase, not deciease Nelson  does not sit down and wait for business;  she lustles, and she gets the icAvard of  -the i ustlci.   PETER 0SNELLE & CO.  Headquarters for  HHST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  Charges of Conuption Made.  Ddn vj n, Septeinbci 15.���Napoleon E  Gnpot, iatc pnvate ot comijany G, Fust  Colorado volunteers, avIio, dining the hist  tlnce months of 1898, served as a clerk  unclei maioi Kilbourno, aud latoi lieutenant colonel Pottei, auditor of public  accounts, Manila, publishes tin*- evening  a signed statement m ay Inch gr.iAest  charges of ( on option aie m ule against  the American ofu.ci.ils in ��� Manila He  says mi c\amiuatiou of tho A'ouchois foi-  Avaidod to Washington aviII show that exorbitant pi ices nie paid foi all kinds of  supplies pm chased in Manila, th.it vast  quantities ol Ingh-class aviiics and othei  supplies ha\e been inn chased ostensibly  for tho Spanish hospitals, Avhile m tlio  American hospitals only the coai cost supplies aie tin rushed He "-ays con it mai-  tr.ils of pnvatc soldiers ch.ugod A\ith selling goAcinmcnt propeity Iliac been  stopped because they anouIcI tesultin the  exposeoloihci.il lascahty. Tho lobbet-  ies, ho asseits, aviII aggregate an eiior-  nious sum.  Wants More Ofhcers  Washing ton, Scptembci   11 ���Gciiei.il  Otis h is cabled the \\��.u ch ]>,u tnient a 10-  cjucst for addition il staff office! s for ^ei-  vrco m the Philippines He asks foi ono  additional judge .uhocate geneial, tAvo  inspectoi gcneials, eight quai toi masteis,  nine commissaries of subsistoncc, and  tAvo engineer-olTiceis   INCORPORATED 1670.  We have just opened up a  consignment of Cigars consisting of the following standard brands:  Bock Superfinos  Bock Conchas  Bock Puritanos  Henry Clay Conchas Extras  Henry Clay Puritanos  Upmann Conchas  Triumfo Conchas  La Lola Concha,s .  We also carry a full line  of Domestic Cigars at prices  to suit all trade.  We offer as special attractions this FRIDAY  the balance of our Paris and American Pattern Hats at COST PRICES, also a special  discount on all Cash Purchases. 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In the old  days when long-suit openings, wore the  invariable rule all the play of the second  hand was based upon the theory that tlie  original lead of any high card showed  certain other high cards in the leader's  hand and that any small card led Avas  certainly a fourth-best, showing, that a  certain'number of higher cards were out  against tho leader.  The old masters attached more importance to second hand play than to any  other part of the game, and if we may  believe tho accounts wliich have come  down to us of the play of Dcschappelles  it was that for which he was 'chiefly  famous, one writer describing it as  "terrific." An examination of the old  text books will sIioav that,they devote a  good deal of space to the consideration of  tiro various situations in which the second -hand will probably find "himself in  difficulties and need advice. Mathews, in  liis "Advice to the Young Whist Player,"  devotes more of his maxims to second  hand play than to tiny other subject, and  his remarks, although made 100 years  ago, are well worthy of our consideration  today, and show that his ideas agreed  very closely* with the best, modern prae-  ,-tiee. The principal points ho- gives are  the following:  With only three carets in the suit led,  put tin" honor on an honor, but pass if you  hold four of the suit, ,except that ace  should be put on the jack. It will be ob-.  served that ho does not mention the exceptional Ciises in which the four cards  contain an imperfect fourchette.  With king and one small, good players  sometimes put it on second-hand, and  sometimes not. If it is a trump it should  generally bo played, and always ifjt is  turned "up. The queen or jack should  never be played from queen and ono  small or jack and one small except in  trumps when a superior card has been  turned rip on the right.  With ace, queen and others play the  small card .unless the jack is led through  you, in which case play ths aeo invariably. With king, queen and others play  the quceu when a small card is led.  With queen, jack one small play the jack,  but with two small cards play tlie smaller. With ace, queen, toii^ Mathews recommends the ten, and says nothing  about the general weakness, which sug-  _gc_itsjLo_the_inoclorn_pJa.yei^that-it_worilcl-  bo safer to go iu with tho queen.  The modern school of common sense  players holding A Q J second hand, or A  .1 10, invariably false-card the queen,  froiii the first and tho jack from the  .seeoiid, so fts to conceal tlie terrace  from the adversary iVhcl induce liim to  believe that one more lead will cleav his  suit, Mathews says that with A .1 10 of  trumps we should play the ten, biit  should .'PiH-y* siirtiil in plain suits, lie  gives as the reason for passing in triiin|)8  tliat they* are so often low ft'our both  king turd queen, while i�� pliiiii suits the  high eitrds Avould be led* lie says if one  of the high cards- must be behind you, as  in a plain suit, it is useless to put in the  jack or ten second hand. It is tliMitjji It to  See why the same reasoning does not apply to truirips, from which it is very corn-  inoir to lead witli a single honor.  Mathews makes one rather peculiar exception to the almost universal rule of  playing imperfect fourchettes. In his  '07-th maxim he says: "If the queen is  led on my right and I hold king, ten and  small, or ace, ten and small, I invariably  Is qow prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Sl^aguay, U. S., Atliti, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yu^o-l District.  pass it, and for tho following reason:  Hy passing it, if partner has the higher  card, I clearly lie; lenace and the leader  cannot possibly make a trick in the suit,  which he must do if I win the first trick-  as he would then lie tonace over my  partner. If your partner has the jack,  you lose a. trick, but the odds are greatly  against this."  With ace, king and two others of a suit  led, Mathews says there are two ways to  play if you are strong in trumps: l.ither  pass the first trick altogether, or put on  the ace and play the suit on in hopes of I  forcing your partner. If you are weak  in trumps, put on the ace, but do not  continue the suit. Almost all the old  masters Avili be found to recommend this  system of false-carding the ace when  holding both ace and king second hand,  but none of them call attention to the  obvious inference that when second hand  plays the king he cannot hold the ace, or  he would false-card it, and that when he  plays the ace he must have the king or  no more.  If you have the best card of the adversaries' suit, with a small one, the first,  round having been Avon by the player on  your right, avIio immediately returns it,  always play the small card. If your  partner has the third best he will-probably make it if the adversary on your  left is a good player. If he is a bad  player,. Mathews says you should never  attempt'this coup, because such persons  never finesse Avhen they should do so.  If, on the first round of a suit, the  player ou your right plays either a jack  or  queen third hand, and your partner  Big Scljooqer  Beer or Half=  and=H alf  Always  Always  Fresh  Cool  THE BEST GLASS OF BEER IN NELSON" IS  AT THE  Club Hotel  E. J. CURRAN, Prop,  Corner Silica and  Stanloy SirccN.  1899  1899  PROVINCIAL  XHIBITION  UNDEIl  THE  AUSriCHS  OF  The -ftoyal -Agricultural-and-IndustrialSociety  of British Columbia.  wir.r. rtn iikld  LODGE   MEETINGS.  ....   ��� Nolson   Lodge,  No,  25,  , meets in I. 0. 0. V. Hall, corner  .   , every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  T. LILLIK,C. C. .       R. Q> JOY, K. of R. fc S.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren Invited.  NELSON* L. O. L., No. 1C02, meets in I. 0. O. F. Hall,  corner Haker and Kootoimy streets, 1st and 3rd  Frid.'vy of each month.   Visiting brat hern cordially invited.  JOHN TOYE, W. M.      F. J. BRADLEY, Roc. Sec.  NELSON   MRIK,  Number  22,   Fraternal  Order  cf  Rugl^o, meets every second and fourth Wednesday in  each month in Fraternity Hall.   Visiting brethren welcome.  J. IltvrNQ. President.        J. R. WRAY. Secretary.  ~~ . ARCHITECTS.  EWART & CARRIE���Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Ab  crdcen block, Bakor btrcct. Nelson.  XT  ���  ON  3rd. iib, Stli and 6th,  $15,000  $15,000  IN SEIZES  OPEN  TO   T$B   WOffiED  A Round of Pleitsure for four Whole Days  .roWi-p-rc UAf'K*'      UTCVKLE RACKS-      AQllATU��  irilAMlylONSltlf' LACROSSE N'AVAL AN'l)  iMlMTAKy SWHW'S OYMKH AN'A  UMiU li&tA*    FOOT IJAWi   JUND  XOmttf/ViVlKNT.  MAGNIFICENT ILLUMINATIONS !  0 rti ml concoM; every evoiiifitf.  Siiisoiiil, attraction at. the No\v Woslimiisforoficriilioinjo.  51 onstor cxoui,.sw)n�� from all jioiuls, at, greatly rodtioed  rates.  For special features see small hand bills.  No cnlriuicu fee clvfu'ged for exhibits.  KXKUfJTI VIS-Ills worship mayor Ovens. T. .1. Triiivp,  W.,1. Minimi's, Goo. 1). IJryiuner, 11. ,_. Anderson, Aid..J.  F. Scott, A I'd. M. Sinclair.  For prize lists, entry forms and full pavtibulars, write  to  T. J. TRAP!', ARTHUR MALLVS.  President. Secretary.  W. H. K.KAKY, Commissioner.  i'EiiJ*E]"p"H:0"isrJS  136  During the, season wo will do-  liver ice at- private residences  and business houses daily in any  desired quantity at casonrable  prices.  WILSON & HARSHAW  R. REISTERER & OO.  BREWERS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lag'ep Beep,  Ale and Porter  Prompt and regular ���.  dolivory to tho. trade.  Brewery at Nelson,  wins with the king you should invariably  play the ten, if you hold it when the suit  is led through you again, unless the ace  conies out.  If the fourth player wins tho first  round of your suit cheaply, and immediately leads it through yotr, put up the  best card.you have, especially if you havo  led from a king and the ten or jack wins  ���fourth hand.  Mathews lays down as one of the few  "universal maxims which cannot be too  closely adhered to," that you should  never ruiT an uncertain card if strong, or  omit doing so if weak in trumps. He advises us to follow this rule even when we  know tliat partner holds tlie best card of  the suit led, because it has tho double advantage of making a useless trump and  letting the partner into the state of tho  hand. Unfortunately he does not limit  his statement as to trump strength, and  leaves tlie beginner under the impression  that with eight trumps, which is certain-  strength, it would be advisable to pass a  doubtful trick.  In tho modern game we have several  rules which arc not to be found in any of  tho  old  masters.    The  principal ono  is  FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local aud coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  If what you want is not in stock wo will mako it for you  ��        - CALL AND GET PRICES.  that giwn in the Whist Manual: "When  you hold any combination of high cards,  from which you would lead a high card,  if you had to open tlie suit, play one of  these high cards second hand." In tho  common-sense game this rule is extended  to cases of ace and four others, even when  one of the interior cards is tire .queen.  Many common-sense players put in tho  king second hand when they hold king.and  three or four small cards and have a good  lead with wliich to follow it. This often  works very well when opposed to those  that lead low from ace to live.  J'orhaps the most striking change in  modern practice has been the recognition  of the importance of covering with imperfect fourchettes. An imperfect fourchette is the card above and the one next  but one below tlie one led, such as K 10  over a queen, or Q !) over a jack. Many  persons make the mistake of calling K 10  an imperfect fourchette over a jack, or Q  0 over a ten, but these arc not true fourchettes at all. The higher card must be  the one next in value over the one led.  The Tremont Hotel  id. iivcs^irtihitkr, & co.  &  JUST  ARRIVED  An  Entire Car of  Iron Beds and  Springs  From George Gale & Son  b  $  K  0:  H/|AL0JIE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND,  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  J, A. Say ward  HALL AND, LAKE STREETS, NELSON '  CHARLES HILLYER,  PRESIDENT  HARRY HOUSTON,  SKCRKTAKY  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills,  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  Largo. comforlaMo bedrooms and  Hrst-claBS dining  room.   Samplo rooms for commercial men,  BATES   S2-PEB   XD���TST/  Mrs.  XjI-JMriT-B-D.  MAN-irKACTURKKft OF AJTD  DKALEItS IS  E.C.   CLARKE, Prop.  Late of (,hc Royal Hotel, Calgary,  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings  Doors and Sash  Fence Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  FACTORY WORK DONE TO ORDER,  8UCH AS  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  IN STOCK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  r|. D. fjUME, Manager.  The finest hotel in tho interior.  Large samplo rooms.   Steam he��t and electric light.  CORNER OF WARD AND VERNON STS.. NELSON  Madden House  BAKER AND WARD STREETS, NELSON  Sawmill on Government wharf.  Factory and ollice, corner Hall street and C.P.R. track  WILI. DO WELL TO  AT  G. 0.  'S  A largo Stock of .-fl'ratrCliim dry material oh hand, alfio  a full llho of Ba��h, doorn; moulding^, turned work, ptc.  FACTOR! WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard: Foot of Hendry*.at*cot, Nelson  Tol0phono,9i   John Kae, Agent  SHERIJT'S SALE.  Province- of Britten Columbia, Nolson, West Kootenay,  to-wit: . ���   ,  By virtue of u. warrant of execution issued out. of the  County Cuurt of Kootonay, hokloii uLKaslo. at the suit  of Herman Clover, pkiintiir, and to inc directed ftgitiiiHt  the goods und chsiUels of Frank Laoaslo, defendant, 1  have seized and taken in execution all the right, title  And interest of the said-dufctitlal'it. Frank Laoasto. in Ihe  mineral claims '��� Slocan Chief No. 10" and " Kootoimy  Queen," both situate at the head of the west prong of the  South' Fork of Kaslo Crock, in the Ainswortli niining  division of West Kootcnoy district, and recorded in the  ofllco of the .mining recorder in the City of Kaslo, to  recover the sum of two hundred and forty-live dollars  and eighty-nix cents ($M%Sli) besides sherilrs poundage  costs and all other legal and ineidont.-il expenses.  All of which I shall cKpn.se for sale or siifllcien t thereof  to satisfy said judgment, debt and costs, al, the front of  my olllco next to the Court House, in the City of Nelson,  on the I lib day of September; A. I). 189!>, at the hour of  eleven o'clock in the forenoon. .  Norn-Intending purchasers will satisfy themselves as  to interest aud title of said defendant.  Dated al Nelson. B. C, August 24th, 18iW.  H. 1'. TUCK, Sheriff of South Kootenay:  The above sale is postponed until Thursday, the 21st  day of Scplember, A". I). I8HM. at Ihe same place and.hour.  '    . S. IV TUCK,. Shcriirof South Kootenay..  Tho only hotel in Nolson that has remained under one  management.tinco 1800.  Tho bed-rooma" aro well furnished and lighted by  electricity.  Tho dining-room is not second to any in Kootenay.  Th6 bar is always sleeked by tho 'bi '  imported liquors and cisfars'.  Thbbar is always stopkud by tho bost domestic' and  "citearS',  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  MeLiEXm   HOTEL  YiyiJRi  B. <&.  J. W. SMITH, Proprietor,  EVERYtHINQFIRST^QLASS  Largo and woll lighted Heated bf hot al  Reasonable rotes .Samplo roomff  Electric bollji and light In every jodib  lidno-Vated: and refurnished throughout  MOTEL,  VICTORIA  3. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Kreo bus moots all trains Rauafafnka   B fi  Hourly fltrnot e��r��to station neifWioiURO, o. u.  Night Grill Room lit connection, for tho convenience of  guests arriving ami departing by night trains.  Baker street, between Josophirto and  Hall streets, Nelson,  MEALS AT ALL HOURS. DAY OR NIQHT  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  ���jr.     -_3:*cr*Ei-R-sr,    ���_?3BQ*g'-Rl*Ei-jO*R  Palace   Bakery  Bread delivered to any part of tho city.  Cakes, pastry, and confectionery a spocialty.  CRAWFORD BROTHERS  Next to Royal Hotel. Stanley Street, Nelson  APPLICATION TO TBANSFEK LICENSE.  Thirty days notice is hereby given that, I will apply at  the next sitting of tho Licensing Hoard of the City of  Nelson, B.C., tobo allowed to transfer therein 1 liquor  license now held by me for the Clarke Hotel, situa'e on  lots numbered eleven and twelve (11 aud 12) in block  numbered live (S) of the City of Nelson, British Columbia,  to Frank Campbell and George W. Bartlctt.  ��� - K. C. CLARKE. ��� .  Dated at NoIhoh. B. C; this 15th day of Augusty 1S��  ��  fl  A Large Shipment of  Baby Carriages  and Carts  From The Gendron Mnfg. Co.  _iyC^^.KTS:TTJR   &   CO.  fr  The Finest Residential  Property  in  Nelson  FAIRVIEW  -.,.���'.<* [BOGUSTOWN]  All the unsold lots in the Fairview Addition to Nelson are now on  the market at reasonable prices and on easy terms. This property is very  desirable for  residences.   Apply to  West Baker Street," Nelson. T.  M.   WARD, Local Agent.  P. Burns & Co.  Wholesale arid Retail   .  .   .   Dealers in Meats  Hikn,0.i.'icK at  NELSON, B.  G.  Wholesale Markets at fieison, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  Retail JNItirkets nt Nelson, ICsuslo, p^indcm, Silverton, Now Denver, Ymir, Trail, Grand Forks,  Oiscado, jUrwiiwooc!, iMiciwuy, suul Sirdur. -- -   '"  Ma.il Orders Promptly Forwarded.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  AJA, kinds or  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AjVU Kia'A il.  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  BaKer street,-veison E. G. TRAVES, Manager  ORDERS BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AKD PROMPT ATTENTION.  Nelson Tent and Owning Factory  iVlA-JIJFAGTOfiY OF ALL KINDS OF CANVAS Q000S  Horse Clovers-, Wagon. Govers, Tents in all sizcs--if not in stock made up on  shortest notlee���Cativas from thirty inches to nine feet wide.  MAIL OR0ERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO  Bate.  St, NetecM    THEO.  MADSON  eer  Garden  ���.KFBAR^OBT SH3SPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  THE   FINEST   PLEASURE   RESORT  IM   KOOTEHAT  Highest class Lager produced.  ASK  JUST ARRIVED A CARLOAD OF  Lager  by the trade in Nelsion  sale  IT  A. B.  On  FOR  R. P. RITHET &. CO., Ltd., Victoria, Agents for B. C.  GRAY, Agent for Kootenay, Baker- St., Nolson, Next Oddfellows Building  W. P. DICKSON  B. H. Bt. APPLEWHAITB  J, MoPHBB  Kootenay Eleetpie Supply and Constpuetioii Go,  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments tor Electric Power Tra.namlaalon aud. IAgfcting tor Mloea, Towns  Electric Fixtures, lrfimps. Bella. Telephones. Amaunclfttors, "ffltc.  .   P. O. Box 606. JbsepWna Street, "Nelson, B. O. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C.   SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 10,  1899.  ii!  DON'T  "WASTE  YOUR  MONEY  ON  BOTTLES  WE  CAN  SELL  YOU  PERFUMES  IN BULK  And there are no perfumes in Nelson  equal to those which we have just received. We are now opening up full lines  of Roger & Gallet's and Legrand's celebrated French Perfumes, as well as those  of the Crown Perfumery Company of  London. These orders may be purchased  either in bulk or in bottles. See our assortment  of French  Toilet Soaps.  THE LOCAL HEWS OF THE TOWN  EETZEL .ft CO.  The California Wine Company's Transfer.  Yesterday a formal transfer- was made  of tins deeds and loijal papers in vol veil in  tho purchase of the California. Wine  Company by tho recently incorporated  California Wine Company, Limited. Tho  now company is incorporated with an  authorized o apilnl of $*">l),()0(>, and L.Ernst  and H. Vernon Thomson, the owners of  the old coin puny, lake stock in tho new  concern in the amount of $2:1,000. L.  Ernst, who is the largest shareholder in  the company, has been elected pre.-ident,  and K. V. Thomson, thesecond largest holder  of stock, becomes secretary-treasurer.  As the company lias already built up a  largo business, the management does not  contemplate 1 lie issue of more than 10,000  shares of stock, the remaining 1;1,00()  being held as a reserve.  eoial  I have a number of broken lines of Men's Shoes which  I have reduced below cost in many instances to make  room for fall stocks. These goods are flrst-class, including  all leading makers, such as GEORGE T. SLATER & SONS,  AMES-HOLDEN, JAMES McPHERSON, D. W. KING & CO.,  and other 'makers.  Postoffice Store  BAKTCIl STUKKT, NELSON.  J. A. GILKER  Remember the Narrie  BiiBiiiaiiii  i  ;���. .don. .^^o^-aria^: ,p��]ier/Je^ -���  llii;  ���TA.i"c&''p;-tjS^  .^w^iy-iffl:.;^ .  Wmmmm  -d&W *���'%  .]. Brydeii, who represents North Nanaimo iu tin; provincial legislature, arrived in Nelson yesterday from the  Slocan. Mr. JJrydon has tlio management of the Dunsmuir collieries on ���A'an-  couver Island, ami his visit to tho Slocan  was in connection with tho development  of the Noble Five group, which is also  controlled by the Dunsmuir interest.  Mrs. S. J. .Roberts, wife of the proprietor of the Home Temperance hotel,  died yesterday morning after an illness  wliich lasted seven weeks. The funeral  will take place at ;.i o'clock this afternoon  from the .hotel. -  The Kootenaian this week has a good  half-tone illustration oi" Kaslo bay and it  is well printed.  Work is now progressing satisfactorily  on the Bank of Montreal building and  the land registry office building. The  first-floor joists are being put in place in  the Burns block, a few more blocks of  " marble " are being added to the Houston block, and tho foundation walls of  tho Madden block Eire abovo ground.  John Breckinridge, of tho linn of  Breckinridge & Lund, railway contractors, came in from Cranbrook yesterday.  He reports work on tho North Star  branch of the Crow's Nest Pass road in  full swing, and that his firm have a line  piece of work.  .The official gazette of Thursday contains a notice of the appointment of John  Boultbee to the office of police magistrate  of Rossland, vice G. A. Jordan.  Swiss Guides Show Emotion.  Banff,    September    15.���The    Swiss  guides who have boon  employed  by the  !'Bailit.Springs hpj-yk J'ot.; |;ha piist,. sqa^orr  proximate profit oil month's Avorking,  ij"."{7;1(). Returns from smelter amount to  $S2:10. Tho ore milled was from tho  dump, and consequently poor."  Railroad and Steamboat Notes.  A crew of eleven men was put at work  yesterday extending the Canadian Pacific railway siding in tho rear of the P.  Burns A: Company's and the Bracknian  & Ker .Company's warehouses.  Tho present week has been a record  breaker at tho Canadian Pacific yard for  the receiving of cars from the Crow's  Nest branch. With the cars which will  come in today the total number received  in Nelson for the week will be l.'jil.  Three carloads of stoves were received  in Nelson yesterday. They were consigned to the Lawrence Hardware Company and II. Myers As Co.  A. L. Clements, who was formerly in  tho employ of the Canadian Pacilic railway at Ashcrnfl. has been appointed  agent for the company at (irand Forks.  Notice of Clements' appointment was received at the freight ollice at noon yesterday. This will enable the company  to send merchandise through to Grand  Forks collect. A mixed car will bo sent  forward from Nelson this morning.  Tho Vancouver Hardware Company of  this city yesterday shipped a mixed car  of rails and: dynamite to the St. Eugene  Mining Company at Moyie City.  As an evidence of the business which  the merchants of Nelson aro doing with  the surrounding country, it may bo stated'  that the Canadian Pacific railway handles from five and a half to six cars of  way freight from Nelson every day.  Every day except Sunday .a car is sent  over the .Slocan River branch, one car  goes to Boundary points, two cars to  Rossland and Columbia river points, one  car every two days goes to Poorman station, and the steamer Moyie takes something better than a car of mixed freight  every night for points along tho Crow's  Nest line.  The steamer Alberta is now engaged in  moving 000 tons of Lucky Jim ore from  tho Kaslo .-sampler to tho Nelson <fc Fort  Sheppnrd road at .Five-mile. This ore  carries an excess of /.incand will bo taken  to Europe for treatment.  A  LARGE  CONSIGNMENT  JUST  OPENED  We can supply you witf] Cartridges  TO SUIT YOUR RIFLE  Carpenter's Tools  A   FULL  LINE  SHELF HARDWARE  THE BEST ASSORTED!  STOCK  IN THE KOOTENAYS  STOVES AND  KITCHEN UTENSILS  Go  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON  &^^^e^:W:}::p(^;:. ^o^^s'iimess to.-. wMMi  '0^'^^et;^^^^^^^s O^^cews'wvg erv&rgfy  }al^y^'i^0ti:^&c0y. ;ffi:0$$ai.'  It' is. dti dp*  l��0i^y^ff:'WiiM;i:4iei: Mi��&{ the _ wavvts'of the,  flt*^^ to the '$re��-  W^.^^^0S^, ���Zw% $��&& the leading staples  ;/i-9^ ^^#(5^s?^ ^ci^^^^r^^-^ ^/fcc&i^ cam be slvown by  :ap0^e,,^c$bd rhoWy 0ods not to de had anywhere else.  teW-��QasesH4^Rd4i^KaFa^  We handle, and in this tine show exclusive  styles, which co.m,mend themselves to customers U)ho are particular as to the class of  goods they buy.  md all Preeioiis Stones  Are selMng now as never before. Tlvis de-  pwrtrrbeut of our ���business is strongly commended to your atteniiow,. We have all sizes  and qualities awd at prices that are right.  In mounted pieces we have a comprehensive  line from small diamond, juwelry up to the  costliest rings and brooches:  WE SELL AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  ^ .l;t;:M"$*3^  Sbe'ailti&f6l!���3?a,i6ft*C: ��� -/Mast' ����� ga'siiii ;&ficgjii ii M  ($\0- i)$:^&j^ibi$w$ y fe'i&ftti? ^loijrytoiTiyr'sii1  ^s._ihfi��ey'i'iiy^ .       '-y--r ''���  ;������'."''������"���������..-. . /.y33%|^ ^hit^$?%$^:��^VCxi3Gis.y:    :"' ���  " .':;3_ir&:i6]lb^ Lojidpl  ofi'iee'io!"'^ tav '%]\&i  ���$j^ii!^ip\\Vrjii^iti0i-.iT ���*-^.u*iiijg. tfio n^iivtii  ;;ofej&i^i^t- -|ila0iy^iis;,^ftS*e;':!"*��ei;i ir iiii^d,.  Having sokf ou:r Inili, w&are ofl'ering o:rr  ���Hlq.eU.of;K!t*v;jLWM;jft��U'l!M):'tt feel:)"fbr' ..s.'tlo, <;on��"iaf,i!.|*y  ijf.-.l^ndlt/.-llfioi-iiifjv.iriiftlji^, sliritliii), '���iftclr'ln'iiiboivS^I'iJxiJ;'  &S,..2.\12yal.l.,.li.!.l.jgl)te: t,'o.!;i;cisliUrtUiiiicci. soJiuiletl. 'Shook.  ,&��A:f'i.iol;,'Sl'o&_S1.<!Jtliy. '"���  'Vy?'a-ii:te.d--":FbJiV'   good    stoive   etitters^  NVitKiSi-S" fi.dity.   Ajfl'Jy tp J.Hii:eft J.aWU.. conXraoJt'or new ��  "CQiii-li.l?oiia(}, liossiitiirl.  Wfiiited --Two oi' three furnlslied ropnis  .foP'liKlvt'htmsaktiotriiift, witftiii ten .liiiimles wulk of l;iio  Queuhfe lioteli   iVildi'oss W. tf., BoXiWA,, Nelson,  For-'���Sale���Lots 1% and 14,  block 42,  with iiuiiTOtfoments.   Aiijily to it. Gi.Ioy, Sliirniiivoty.  Fiirilislied robins to lofe,, Aiipiy to Sirs.  .*fj..te.Jitift(Mou..Ga��,nfl.vJliae���.J^ik^r-^i,cc'tJA^st.  ^re You Going for a Holiday?!  Why, yes; on a fishing excursion and I intend to  buy my tackle from  The Lawrence Hardware Co.  Who keeps the best and cheapest goods in Nelson  WE STILL HAVE A FEW HAMMOCKS LEFT  o which we are selling at a snap  ALL KINDS OF CAMPING SUPPLIES  '^^^iZ^!!r^T^^~.  ���T��"rt_ ���nr^'-^^'g"1^ '^'"  To Bent���^T\vo stores or dffiees and hme<-  merit, 2ji byfiO ffiet;, niso two living foomnoji fli'st, tlbor.  oiipoHile lioslollico on Victoria ��l��ot. Vtit SivlOwLolw 13  and 1! block lie, S7U0; lot7 block 15, ivdrtitfen A, $225f  lots 21 tma 22 block 5. Apply to W- A. JoWJ-'U;, Victoria  streot, NeLsoil,  Furnished  Rooms ��� Witlr   but lis and  olectriG: li(,'lit.   Silica .sli'eot, oiiposile ]5)ij;iisln;|.mreli, (  Wanted���Good Avaibress,   Apply Silver  lvi��K ilotul. ���  Owing to a dtjath in the faiiTily of tihe  (iwiier, tlie following ijrtijmrl, fe'oll'ured ;f'or inimuclialo  jSal'Q. nittiloly, the lliHiie 'l'uHl)Wi'i'nt:u TI.<���tfil'. t..JKftlilloi'  wil.li iill I.he fiii'nlt'iii'o. U'Ji'aftiwurtl isr/i by 12.') fuoi. Jtt  Qxv iiorlbuiiMl. (SD.I.IIU1" ot Vei;;iion jind Hall, Kl,re(;l��k Ajrjily  on l'.lr(j i>r��i-jilse.<l.  ���msmM^-  ^^^S^^^^W^'^^^-  14 WESr 6AKIR STRE'Et  T-elepliona K>.   PoMptTm B.6>t K & W  BBGCmSB^  mi  :m,  9  BAKER STREET, NELSON, B. C.  The ladies of Nelson are respectfully invited to an opening of Fall  Millinery at my store on Josephine  street, on Wednesday, September  20th, The services of Miss Rea of  New York City have been secured  to assist on the occasion, and afterwards she will remain in charge m w, .... .  of   the   trimming    depia^m^Tbt^   mm��*   JuV   MyJjflllg.  AVK .|IAVRKK��H7HVJ> 'I'lllO .UJK.N'PV IfOlt  Wlioli |irO|i(srly bol.llcd the UimwIedKC Hint it iw  Halcyon wilier is all Uio ruciiiinilen-  (ItiUim tlmt it nue��l��. ���  VliUNON S'l'ltHKT  XjfflsSiiS, 15. C'.  THORPE S CO., Ul  H ��e m a ���_���e w Sanipte Wees  Jfevvy Gray Wool Bliinkpts . (.... ,$2 m  Jletvvy   wool  Shifts and   Drawers  each ........    Tweed Mints   Miners' Nailed Shoes   Itegatta. Shirts...���.��   Ladies' Kid Oxford Shoes. .......  80  1 00  .'i 00  50  1 Of)  PHOriE 8  BQX 677  All  other  goods  in  tho   store   at  liortiotiateJy  low  prices.  pro-  -SS  Telephone 93.  FOR  ICE  CREAM  AND  FRESH  FRUIT  OF ANY KIND.  Gome in and try our Ice Cream Soda and  Refreshing Drinks.  Next Door to  P. HuriiH & Co.  HUMPHREYS & PITTOCK  APPLICATION* TO  TRANSFER  LICENSE  Notice is hwoby K'ivori tlmi, I will, lit. tlio expiration of  l.lu'rl.y (InyK froni tlio'dittu of tliis notice, iipiily (il. Hie .next.  sitUiiK- of tlie  IiicensinK Hoard of l.li'o i;iUv of. Nelson  Hrilisli  C!oliinibiii,  to be allowed  lo transfer the reliiil  litliinr license now held hy nie fur Uio Kxeliuinier Saloon  Kilualeoii l.ol. 1 liloek 12, in the Cily'of Nelson. Urifi.sh  Coltiiiiliia, UiJniiHiK iVcelnndH.     -  A. II. Ol/KMKNTS.  . Muted lit. Nelson, It: V., SeiitcliilJcr IkI, 18!)!).  mm  El.T.IOT nr,Oriv. nAICKU STHRRT. NKliSON.  Crow's Nest Pass Coal!  $6.25  DELIVERED  Orders may be left with C. W. West  &. Co., or with.  CHARLES St. BARBE, Agent, y |  ' Ollice on Haker street, two doom froni Hank of Ii. C  .; J  o. 1 Gar of Canned Goods.  JUST UNLOADED  SEVERAL OTHERS TO FOLLOW  Get the Best Jams  We have just received a large consignment of the  DYSON-GIBSON   COMPANY'S  JAMS  AND 'PICKLES  Also a complete assortment ofthe  TORONTO   BISCUIT COMPANY'S SWEET  BISCUITS  Baker Street West, Nolson  John A. Irving d* Coi  Strachan   Bros  3?_i,XJ*M:*BE3KS, *Eia?o��,  Q*E?E!*R-A.   BCOXTSE   *JB3^0C*K  i-aSc-wj*


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