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 THE COURT STOOD FIVE TO TWO  Against Dreyfus.  RI5NNHS, September 0.���M. Demange  concluded his address at .11:.*��5 a. in:, and  a loud clapping of hands greeted the  finely delivered peroration. Dreyfus,  however, appeared impassable; but as lie  left the stage he exclaimed to those  around hint, "lam not guilty!" and his  hearers replied with cries of "Courage!"  Courage!" The court adjourned until .3  o'clock p. m.  At   "hlO   they retired  to consider the  verdict.      The   votes   were   taken   separately, beginning at the inferior grade  and the youngest in the grade, the president of the court having to give his opinion last.    The decision of the court was  tis follows:    "The court declines on the  (.Mention  by a. majority of live votes to  two that the accused is guilty."    The majority agreed that there were ex ton tinting  circumstances,  in consequence of which,  and   on the request of the commissary of  the govern inei it, the. irosidoi it put the question and received  again the votes iu the  above-mentioned  order, "tlio court   condemns by a majority of five to two Alfred  Dreyfus to the punishment of  ten years'  detention."    The judgment then, quotes  the   Code   and   the   Constitution   under  which the  sentence   was delivered, with  the article of the law enjoining   the government commissary to   htive  the  judgment immediately read in the presence of  the prisoner before the assembled   guard  under arms, and to   notify him   that the  law allows a delay of twenty-four   hours  in which to lodge an  appeal.    The judgment was read to Dreyfus in   an   adjoining   room   by   the  clerk   of   the   court.  Dreyfus listened impassively and did not  show the slightest  sign of emotion.    He  did not utter a word, and  marched   back  to prison like an automaton.  The crowd outside greeted the verdict  with cheers for the army, but the gendarmes did not interfere and there was  not the slightest disorder. As the people'  emerged from the court-room the gendarmes kept them moving away.  It is reported this evening that as  D eyfus has been'condemned to ten years  detention, and as he litis already suffered five years solitary imprisonment,  which counts as.double the ordinary detention, he will be released at the end of  a fortnight. \n the meanwhile, unless  the president of the republic pardons  him, which many think certain, this being tho only solution-of the present situ-  tion. Dreyfus will htive to be degraded  again withing eight days.,  .  1'Aitis, September i).- At an early hour  tlie .boulevards 'presented a scene of uii-'  wonted., animation..   The. demand' was  .enormous for  the successive  editions of  the "various   papers   giving   hourly   tic-  counts of the   proceedings of the trial at  Rennes.   The police, although re-en forced,  were lost among the masses' parading the  streets.    Large bodies of police were kept  in   readiness  at  various   points   in   the  vicinity of the  boulevards, and mounted  .police and municipal guards patrolled the  main   thoroughfares.    The  masses  were  undoubtedly  hostile  to Dreyfus, but  in  privatecireles the verdict was  criticized  in  strong terms.     The  anti-revisionists  continued   to issue  editions  suppressing  the fact that Dreyfus  was condemned to  only ten years detention. In the presence  of this  extraordinary sentence  it is believed that  the  tribunal  recognized the  prisoner's  innocence, but  was  afraid  of  the  generals'  and  public  opinion;   and  that  as Dreyfus  litis  suffered live years  solitary imprisonment,  which in France  counts double, he will be immediately released.    As this despatch is  sent  excitement was wearing away and people leaving the boulevards.  "~~IlK"NNl<:s7SelItenlb"el^0r;^ScoTies of great"  excitement occurred  at  Rennes tonight.  Tlie anti-Dreyfusards   broke loose   and  started a demonstration, which, but for  prompt and  rigorous measures  by the  SUNDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 10, 181)9.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  upon La Dame Blanche called them cads  for insulting a woman and snatched a  menu card in a heavy metal frame and  threw it at the head of her insulter, narrowly missing him. The other diners,  seeing the trouble, rose en masse and  threatened to throw the men out of the  garden. In an instant the place became  a perfect Babel, everyone shouting at the  top of their voices,  calling the men cow-  creetly withdrew. Just as the threatened free fight was on the point of breaking out, a detachment of gendarmes arrived and, after a scene of intense excitement, put the men who had caused  the trouble into the street. Strong repressive measures, however, alone can  prevent disturbances. The cafes in the  neighborhood htive been closed, some by  the police and'others through panic, and  tranquility is now practically restored.  Mathieu  Dreyfus  Avas not  present in  court   this   afternoon,   but   visited   his  brother after the verdict had  been   rendered.    He found him perfectly calm and  without any manifestation of surprise at  the   finding  of  the court.    The prisoner  simply  shrugged   his shoulders, uttering  tin expressive " All," as he  embraced   his  brother, mid as the latter was preparing  to leave: " Console  my  wife."     The general  belief is that Dreyfus will he pardoned,   but   this   will   not    satisfy   his  friends, who vehemently declare that they  will refuse to accept the verdict and will  continue the battle  until  the judgment  is reversed.    Tlie verdict, they say, is directed more a gainst the Jews than against  Dreyfus,   and  if allowed to- stand  will  make their existence iu  France  impossible.    M. Labori and M. Demange took the  midnight train to Paris.     They drove to  the station in ti closed  carriage  escorted  by four gendarmes.     The road wos practically deserted and no demonstration occurred   en route.     M.  Demange and  M.  Labori .will tomorrow sign an application  for a revision of the case  although there  is   no   hope  that  the   verdict will be reversed.  Paris, September 9.���The boulevards  this evening presented tin animated scene,  but on the .whole the Rennes verdict was  calmly'discussed. The representative of  the Associated Press hero learns ou good  authority tliat one of -the members of  the cabinet ,told a friend that Dreyfus  Would not, have to undergo further im-.  prtsonnient, and.that if he were sent.to  prison, his place of confinement would  probably be the island of St. Marguerite,  near Cannes, whore Marshal Jiacine was  incarcerated aud whence he escaped.  SOME RICH GOLD ORE SAMPLES  THE POORMAN MINE IS REPORTED  return  to  to the Poorman  From Kootenay Mines,  very   rich   pockets  of ore have  police, Would htive Undoubtedly developed  into serious disorders. The first sign of  trouble manifested itself immediately  after the verdict became known. The  iitunonneetneiit of the prisoner's eondera*  nation was agreeable to a majority of the  people, and  cheers and cries of  "Vive  ���- rArlnee!" were raised, the gendarmes  jind troops looking on without making any attempt at interference. The  terrace in front of the loading  cafe in Rennes Was filled with  people taking their afternoon drinks*  and when the verdict of the court avjis  .announced the customers rose to their  feet and demanded that the string btUtd  should give the Marseillaise. The band  struck up the air aiid the crowds joined  in the national song. As dinner hourap-  proaehed the streets became empty, but  about 8 o'clock a crowd gathered at the  cafe and in the.square beside it and the  adjacent street. Just then an incident  occurred at the Hotel Moderue, which is  known.-as the Dreyfus center. Two men,  notorious anti-Dreyfusards, entered the  garden inside the hotel and  stit q.t one table under the trees .and ordered coffee. At an adjoining table  sat La Dame Blanche with a companion,  while at other tables were seated  Madame Bernard Lasso-re and Forzineti,  with other Dreyfusards. The two newcomers at once began to make offensive  remarks about Dreyfus and Jews generally. One of them, turning to La Dame  Blanche, said: " Oh, these dirty Jews,  these dirty Dreyfusards." La Dame  Blanche replied, telling him not to address her. The men persisted  .and   added   .personal,    insults,.- where-  Somc  been struck recently in the gold propel  ties jn Kootenay. At the Athabasca a  short while ago a pocket of ore was  broken into which gave returns of from  $1 100 to $1300 in gold. Mayor Neelands  received a '30-ponnd sample of this ore  which gave ti sample value of $1405. At  the Porto Rico property also some very  rich pockety tire being met with and  every effort is being made to keep the  value of the ore from being known. The  management, however, have arranged to  send a ten-pound sample to the Spokane  fruit fair, the sample value of which is  -$]00,"~This-AVOuld~mean"tliat���a-toii~of  such ore would be worth $20,000.  The Lade group, situated on Gainer  creek, a tributary of the south fork of  the Lardo, about ten miles from Ferguson, is probably the most uniformly  rich property in Kootenay. It is a gold  ore and assays frequently indicate values  of $800 to the ton- Ten tons- 0f sorted  rock Weld shipped from the property,  A_"bi __�� after deducting all charges for  mining, packing and freight 'and treatment, yielded the owners a profit of $240  per ton. It is n,. 'small property, but the  oWi.er.s-���the Lade brothers--recently refused a cash o If or Of $'10,000 for it.  Shot an Indian in the Back.  jMauinks, New York, September 9.���  The St. Regis Indians lire greatly excited  tit Hogausbftrg over the shooting of one  of their nnniber lust night. Frank Torrance, half-breed, became involved in a  quarrel witli it saloonkeeper on the  Canadian frontier near Fort Covington,  New York. After leaving the place to go  home lie aviis shot in the back by Frank  Deinarce, the proprietor, who, tifter  learning that the Indian was seriously  wounded, assisted in taking him to Fort  Covington for treatment. This morning  the doctors had only slight hopes of Torrance's recovery, whereupon his assailant  came to Malone and surrendered himself  to the sheriff.  The Queen's Pet Idea.  London, Septeniber 0.���Queen Victoria,  it is reported, has sent to emperor "William a prized copy of her family tree;  showing king David at the top. A pet  idea entertained by the queen is that  she is descended from the Psalmist  through Zedekiah's eldest 'daughter, and  it is stiid that emperor William's conviction of his divine origin is greatly due  to his grandmother's foible. ...  In Good Condition.  Major C. C. Bennett, on  his  Vancouver from   a   trip  mine at Nelson, said :  "I spent, three days at the Poorman  mine and found everything going on  most satisfactorily. The mine is looking  better than ever and the ore in the  present workings is showing better  values. A good deal of surface Avorking  is being carried on, getting everything in  shape for winter operations. The mill is  being ptit iu order and bunk houses and  boarding houses being made comfortable.  It is proposed at an early date to light  both mine and buildings by electric light.  When the electric power is installed the  Nelson-Poorman will have ono of the  most complete plants in the Kootenay.  It Avill be really the first property to be  entirely run by electricity.  "The lower drift, Avhich is 320 feet  from the surface, has been extended  south 90 feet, since last report, aud uoav  shows in its face over two feet of ore  assaying $25 to the ton. This drift will  be extended another 90 feet Avhen it will  be connected with the intermediate level,  a .distance of 140 feet. Work in this  drift is being done by machines and is advancing at the rate of about four feet  per day of three shifts.  The intermediate level is being driven  north aud south of the old Avinze, and  two upraises to connect Avith No. 1 level  are being rapidly pushed ahead. The ore  on-the upraises is from two and a half  feet to three feet in width,'and assays  ft on $18 to $25 per ton.  "There is uoav actually blocked out  and ready for stoping between 5000 and.  (5000 tons, on a very conservative, estimate. This does not include any of the  ore in the bins at the mine or mill, some  600 or 700 tons, nor that exposed  in the lower tunnel and upraise. From  assays I htive made 1 consider $18 a fair  .average value. When the Avork now in  progress is completed it is estimated  there will be in sight more than double  the quantity of ore mentioned in the  report. ', r n  ." Owing to the continued  shortness of  water and its  uncertainty during   the  winter months, the directors  concluded  it   would   be   necessary to   install   ad-j  ditional power, either  steam  or electric.  After  careful _ consideration  arranged   AA'ith    the     West  PoAver   Company,   on    most  terms,   for   sufficient   power  plant  at Bonniugtoii  Falls, to run both  mill and compressor.    This  ensures  con-  continuous  Avorking during   the   Avhole  year.    The power AA'ill be placed tit the  mine by  October 1st, after Avhich date  the  management  confidently  looks   for  large   and    regular    monthly    returns.  Another feature of the Poorman mine is  the fact that up to the present none of  the  treasury  stock has been Offered to  the public, but it is understood that the  directors will shortly place a block on the  market to. provide  for additional plant  and development work.    There is iioav a  force of tAveuty-four men at Avork, which  Avill  be largely increased as soon as the  mill starts running."  Major Bennett also stated that the  miners would win in the contest Avith the  -Mine-Owners1���Association���aud_that_he  had suggested a compromise on a basis of  40 cents an hour.  TORONTO MEN MAKING MOYIE  they have  Kootenay  favorable  from   the  A Good Mining Town.  Several of the mines in  the neighborhood  of  Moyie, in  East Kootenay,  are  owned by Toronto men, and every one of  them  is at Avork.    There are  iioav four  big mines Avithin  a radius of four miles  of Moyie and many promising prospects,  some of which will probably develop into  good   properties.    All of   the big  mines  are    in   the    hands . of   Avealthy    companies and   are  employing   many  men.  Manager Cronin is  now  Avorking about  50 men on  the St. Eugene, a controlling  interest in Avhich was recently sold to the  Gooderhain-Blackstoek syndicate of Toronto.    This force Avill beiucreased to oArer  100 men as soon as the new concentrator  is  started, -'which  Avill  probably  be   in  about forty days.    Forty men are Avork-  ing'oh the Ltike Shore, the property purchased a short time ago by J. C.'Drewry  for the  Canadian  Gold .Fields, -another  Toronto   company.     The Queen of  the  ."Hill   and   Moyie   properties  have   been  floated in England for $450,000.    Nothing  is now being done upon them, but under  the flotation a large amount of money is  provided   for   development   Avork.    The  Society Girl,  Avhich  belongs to  Farrell  'brothers, local men, is also in good condition, because it is being worked.    Toronto  men are mine Avorkers and not politicians.  A Wise Decision.  At the meeting of the license commissioners  for the  Nelson license  district,  Avhich was held yesterday, the application of Theodule Cyr for a license for the  Mountain View hotel on the-Yellowstone  road, some three-fourths of a mile from  the Yellowstone mine, Avas refused.    F.  M. O'Brien appeared before the commissioners   on  behalf   of   the   YelloAvstone  niine, and opposed the application for the  license.     He  stated  that the men  employed tit the Yellowstone mine were the  only    residents    within    the    five-mile  radius, that the management of the Yel-  loAvstone Avas opposed to the granting'of  the license, and that but one of the hundred men employed by the company had  signed the applicant's petition, "fn'view  of Mr. O'Brien's statement the a pplication  Avas refused, as the petition did not eon-  ttiin the names of tAvo-thirds of the residents.-        - .  -No Let,Up to EailwayConstruction.  Cr.    O.   Buchanan ��� came   from    Kaslo  yesterday  to  hear  Godfrey's hand,    lie  reports   that   there is  no  let up in   the  railway construction which the Canadian  Pacific and   the Kaslo As Lardo-Duncan  railway companies  htive  in   hand tit the  head of   Kootenay hike.    The  Canadian  Pacific has  accomplished more  than  its  rival in the Avtiy of railway construction,  but  the Kaslo & Lardo-Duncan is keeping at it in a  manner Avhich disposes of  any theory that the company is attempting anything in the a. ay of a bin If.   Work  on the big bridge is going ahead steadily.  the   piles   haA'e   been   driven   and   Mr.  Buchanan has received  an  order to turn  out the timber for the same as quickly as  possible.    lie expects to htive his saAv-mill  at Duncan City in running order iu about  a  Aveek.    The   railway  contractors   are  paying  tis  high  as   $2.75   per   day  for  laborers.  Avorth. Mr. Stevenson made a small pavement upon the bond, the balance of which  becomes due in October. Mr. Stevenson,-  who spent several years in the Ainswortli  camp, will take charge of the development of the Tariff. The men Avho are  financing the venture are Messrs. O'Don-  nell, Wilson and Thomas, avIio are wealthy  farmers near Walla AYallti.  The Alaskan Boundary Dispute.  London^ Septeniber 9.���Were it not for  the extreme friendliness now existing between the United .States and Great Britain, the Alaskan boundary dispute would  be regarded here as a serious secondary  complication, and the rumors of its ten-  tati\re settlement are hailed with delight.  As it is, the public takes little interest in  the matter, the general idea being to get  it   settled  as  soon  as possible  without  hurting Canada's pride.     A representative of the Associated Press learns fr.om  a good source that the tentative agreement provides for Canada having a free  port in the Lynn canal, but without entailing tiny recognition by the Americans  of sovereignty.      This is to be in force  until the boundary line is adjusted, the  United  States'  government adhering to  its    claim  that   it    must   be  delimited  from mountain top to' mountain top.    In  return for this free port concession, tho  United, States will, it; is said, gain additional privileges for Ncav England fishermen, including the bank right, which was  so   stoutly advocated  by the late  congressman Dingley.  He Prefers to Be Boxed Up.  London, September 9.���Lord Rosebery  presided this evening at the dinner of the  Caledonian raihvay employes tit Carlisle.  In proposing a toast to the railroad interests of the United Kingdom, he alluded to the recent correspondence in the  Times on the relative advantages of the  American and British, systems of traveling, and said the American system  suited the Americans and the British  system suited the British. One difference, he said, Avould strike every traveler  in the United States. The Americans  did not like the aristocracy, but did not  mind 'plutocrats. "But America," continued Lord Rosebery, - "has- .an*  aristocracy so ' exalted that our  proudest "can hardly* compare with  them'. They are the raihvay presidents,  who are little-more than English dukes,  but they have almost despotic power,  travel hi a style that no English duke  could aspire to and exercise a control unparalleled in England." Lord Rosebery  (lecliired'thtit he preferred the-British to  the American form of traveling.  PEDDLING, WHISKY PERMITS A  WAR IS NO NEARER NOW THAN  It Was a Week Ago.  London,   September    9.���The    actual  status of the Transvaal  crisis appears to  be unchanged.    In spite of all the clamor  and excitement raised by the rumors before the  cabinet  council, Great Britain's  ministers apparently have done  nothing  more than strengthen the  hands  of Mr.  Chamberlain,   thereby    confirming    the  prognostications of the most conservative  element as  already  quoted   in   the despatches as far as   the   international relations are concerned.    War  is  no  nearer  now than a Aveek ago, though the friction  in South Africa itself is keener and likely  to produce a conflict.    Putting aside the  countless diplomatic intricacies that have  arisen during  the  week, suzerainty  remains the A\'ar issue.  President Kruger  has cracked the nut  and  found   suzerainty in the kernel.    If  he refuses to swallow it, then  there  Avill  be  Avar.    There   is  no  doubt   that   Mr.  Chamberlain  hoped  the   cabinet  Avould  take more  radical  measures than  they  did.    The general understanding of their  action is-well founded.   They have  only  countenanced still further delay, specifying  a  day  AA'hen  such  delay must end.  For some Aveeks   Mr.  Chamberlain  has  been telling president Kruger that Great  Britain could stand no further parleying  about   it,   and   intimated   by   speeches  that     the    day   and    .even     the     moment   had  almost arrived  when   GreatV>"  Britain's  patience a.ould   be exhausted.  Hence  this  cabinet  exhibition   of  prolonged  British  patience   has  tended.to  create a more pacific feeling, but Avhich  after all is probably only a general- realization  that  until   tlie people take  the  initiative avc Avill have to Avait some time ���  before the crisis conies to a head.     Compared with this the Avarlike sign of sending  out   10,000 troops has small significance.     The public mind in the interim  between  now and the .date belieA'ed  to    ;  have been set for ending the negotiations   "  is likely to be replete Avith the same^coh-  fusing offers and rejection of offers that  have marked the recent weeks.  ���Pretoria; September 9.���In the course  of an  iutervieAVy today   state   attorney r  Sin tits  said  that the  Transvaal, having  AvithdraAvn its offer of a five  year frau-   :  chise,  the  conditions  thereto   attached,  namely the relinquishment of suzerainty,   "  also falls fo the ground.    He also under-f��  stands      the     Transvaal's      last,    'des-;;,  patch    as    an    acceptance     of   a   pro-'...  posal   for   ti   joint    commission r of^.ih^feg  quiry.  The Transvaal, he stiid;f:is^i^i^i_is?��i  to terminate the tension exi^|i!te"Ii^i^u^|^|  'M\  goyern nii@^eiiii|p^i|||  of ��� the difficUlty^andSlf^S  A Shake-Up at the Le Hoi.  Thk Tribune av��s the first to announce  the statement that W. A. Cat'lyle, manager of the Le Roi mine, had been tendered the superintendeney of the Rio  Tinto copper mines in, Spain. The Rossland papers uoav confirm the statement,  and there seems to be a shake-up till  round at the Le Roi. Superintendent  Tregear has severed his connection with  that property, and is to be succeeded by  W. B. Wilson of Cripple Creek, Colorado;  It is not improbable that other changes  in the Avorking staff of the mine will  folloAV  the advent of the neAV siiperin.-  tendent.   The Venus Improving.  Dr. Doolittle continues to strike it good  on the Venus. Iii the No. 2 tunnel, which  is iioav in about 150 feet, the ptiystreak  has widened out to about 1\ feet and appears to be still widening. Another improvement noticed is that the ledge,  which heretofore has been very flat, is  straightening up.. The ore is also giving  uniformly higher assays. Where the big  showing has come iu in the No. 2 tunnel  a depth of from 80 to 75 feet has been  attained.          Cancelled a Gun Contract.  London, September 0.���From Constantinople comes the report that Russia has  objected to the sultan placing pneumatic  guns at the northern entrance of the  Bosphorus,on the ground that such action  implied that he doubted the czar's friendliness. The result is that the sultan has  agreed not to place the guns there, and  has cancelled the contract made Avith the  New York Pneumatic Gun Company, who  luul arranged, to supply theweapons.  Paying Good Wages in the Lardeau.  "Dave" Booth and "Bill" Feeney htive  returned fron] afour AvCek's prospecting  trip through' the Lawleau. ThcV got  iplenty of cariboo and trout, but cante  across no mineral worth speaking of. All  through the Lardeau they i'e|)ort miners  tire receiving tlie union rate of waget.���  $8,50 per day for eight hours. Although  nearly all the properties in this district  are in the prospect stage, the claini-  OWHers paid the '.union scale Without a  whimper. At Ferguson they found surveyors at work laying out the townsite  of Ferguson. "Dave" Ferguson, the locator, is reported to have given the  Kaslo <fc 'Slocan Railway Company a half  interest in the townsite in consideration  for their bringing the Lardo branch into  it from Ivootenay lake. The railway  company has a year and a half to get  their road there and secure the interest.  The Official Scorer Was Absent.  The regular Aveekly.shoot of the Nelson  Gun club was held yesterday afternoon.  Tlie official seorer Avas not on hand, and  the seoi'es as furnished by the members  themselves were as. fol lows: Dr. IIti.II  got 10 straight birds, when he was  called aAvay. Alexander Carrie was credited with 25 straight; George Steele got  24 out of 25: and Dr. Armstrong and R.  II. Williams claimed 22 out of a possible  of 25. It aviis the greatest shoot that the  club has had since it was organized.  Another practice shoot will be held on  Saturday afternoon, when all members  who can make it couveuientaru requested  to attend. ,   A Deal for an Ainsworth Mine.  II. Stevenson, acting on behalf of a syndicate  of  Walla   Walla   men, has   purchased Frank A. Teap's. interest  in the  Bradcn bond on. the Tariff initio at-Ains.  Profitable Business.  The folloAving case of peddling a Yukon  liquor permit, and consequently  putting  ti   large   profit  in   the   pockets of   the  ftiA'ored original grantees and  any associates  of  theirs, reaches  the Vancouver  NoAvs-Advertiser on undoubted authority:  Some time since, commissioner Ogilvie  of Dawson granted   to Adams & Burns,  well known liquor men of Toronto, a permit calling for the import into Yukon of  5000 gallons of spirits.     Adams & Burns,  knowing they had a  very  good thing  in  the permit, sought to dispose of it ou a  -bouus-of-$5-a���gallon-to-licenscd-viettial--  lers    or    others    iu   British   Columbia,  themselves,   however,    to    supply    the  spirits at  usual wholesale rates.    They  found some  little difficulty in   getting  their big bonus price of $5  ti  gallon, but  at last secured this or figures  approaching' it from  an, enterprising  Vancouver  syndicate organized  by William  Quann.  The permit thus realized its " increment"  of about $25,000, for the lucky men interested' in it, the Qiiann  syndicate expecting to niakeionly  the  further  considerable business profit  realizuble by liquor  jobber's in the Yukon's land of liquor i:n,i-  port prohibition subject to exemption by  favor.    The deal with the syndicate AA'as  made so  late   in the day that Adams <fc  Burns could not get the litjuor  hither in  time to ship promptly, so it was arranged  to  get   tlio  live  thousand  gallons from  Max Leiser of Victoria, a. ho will, it is understood, reciprocate  by'Obtaining a like  quantity of liquor for business  purposes  in  duo  course  from   the Toronto   firm.  The five thousand gallons of liquor went  north by the steamer Danube on Friday,  representing, if the $25,000 bonus on the  transfer of the liquor  permit, be .added,  cash, of about .$51,000.    The Dominion authorities not only gave the original permit, but on August 'list last, sanctioned'  the transfer of it to the Vancouver syndicate.  Tho transaction sheds as regards  its beginning in the Yukon, ;i flood of  light on the strange methods of goveriiiuent that are practiced in the Yukon.  Clearly a Mistake.  It litis been frequently stated tliat  newspaper men are lacking in a due appreciation of music and the lino arts,-but  judging from the number of editors who  visited Nelson yesterday for the purpose  of hearing Godfrey's band the statement  would appear to be without foundation. I from India.  menf.   -He declared  that.  Moved the  British  peaceful  solution  expressed  the  opinion, tlipa-S^ieO^iiiip^^  vtial's last dispatch  Avould. furthei^lfal^S  cud.  i-_^^V^'W^  The End of Eacing and ^0S^��^^^��  London,   September   0,-^llj.^li^'^fcli^^l  coteries and cliques de'sci ibecVj.y^u^^g^f^fi,  Kipling  in  his  stories  of  ^lfgiloriudiant'.&liSl  society are  threatened   AvitlKSXterjn^i^^_^��^?j||  tion,  by  the  recent  order tl.ktr'jn^h^��  future the troops must speiid^tli^ bettiel^  part of the cold  AVoather  tiSqer_;"���ean.'a^"  instead of in barracks.    Thi.^.^f':-^^^'!^.  chock  the  ravages of cnteri&'^eS^^^i^/j  to be due to the  proximity pjE^^lieJqiiSS^  ters to  the  bazaars.    Living.j?isr4^en4u*^;-  vas means exile from all centef .^Qf^ei^ill^Vj  zation.    Already prophets foresee;rith��0mjfe  of racing and polo and society." t :in�����.i  Volunteers Eeturning Froni",Manila."; ������"  Sax    Fkanuisco,   September   _.���Tji%  "traiisiioit'.Shei'idturAvti^tlwklHl^at^la^AVi^"  today and the Thirteenth Minnesota aiid  the South Dakota volunteers wer.edanded.  The soldiers were given a fine receptiOnv  The streets along the line Of march were-  thronged witli people,; wlio decked the"  soldiers Avitlv wild!JoAvers. The men will"  go into camp at the Presidio and will tye  mustered out in a few Aveeks, Tlie general health of the troops is good., They  all show that tliey liave passed throngli  a hard campaign. '    "...  Trouble in the Church 6f England. '  London, Sbpteinber '9.���The Church of  England fight continues to attract attention. Most of the bishops, including'the  bishop of Lincoln and the Kb. Rev. Ed-  wat'd King, who avjis tried several years  ago for ritualistic practices, have issued  letters to the various dioceses ordering  obeyarice to the archbishop's decisions.  Many of the clergy, however, frankly announce that they will not do so.  Too Many-Americans in London.  London, September' 9.���Hundreds of  America-bound tourists are iioav swarming in the London streets, and hotels and  boarding houses are unable to accommodate them. There aro from '500 to 000  Americans stranded in London. The  manager of a tourist agency told a representative of the Associated Press here  that he had as much tis a thirteen guinea  premium offered to secure the right to  sloe]) in a barber's chair of  the St. Louis.  The Troops Ordered to South Africa.  London, .September 9.���The* troops going to South Africa as a result of the decision   of  yesterday's  cabinet  council to  s nd 10,00 ) soldiers there, will proceed to  Natal, bringing the total number of  men  in that colony up to 15.005.   Reinforcements numbering o000 men Will be drawn THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, KG.. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1899.  hi1  I  Ladies9 Top Skirts  1W  ".'/>  AND UNDERSKIRTS  m  & We still sustain our reputation for nobby, first-  % class goods by securing the most complete range of  ik Ladies' Top and Underskirts either you or we have  % ever seen. As a result of close buying we are en-  i4 abled to sell you a first-class skirt nicely made  ... and well lined at 50c. A complete line of skirts  24 at $6, $6.50, and up to $12. Underskirts at 75c  # and up to $12.50.  I MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  iH  <��  IRk.  BANK OF  B. C.  BUILDING,  NELSON.  o?Eii*i'M:s 0-A.s*__:  ��� ��_?��� ^^ *?_? *^ *^ *-?���  M>  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  White  WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED OUR FALL STOCK AND  SHOW THE BEST $1 SHIRT IN THE CITY.  MEN'S OUTFITTER  Sign of the RED  HAT, Baker St., Nelson  J. F. WEIR  Daily Edition First Ykar, No. 213  Wkkkly Kdition Skvknth Ykar, No. 33  ��� Wiihn the city council meets on Monday evening some, member of the public  works committee should move for ti statement of the city ii nances to.date. Some  time ago a statement of this kind was  prepared, but -as the showing made was  not creditable to tlie liuance committee,  the statement was suppressed antl withheld from the press. The statement has  been made that up to the end of August  the council had s])ent or contracted for  the'spending of the whole of the estimated revenue for the year, and thatthe  'deficit at the end of the year could not  beioss than ijtfOOO. If there is no truth  in the statement thatthe present finance  committee is going to end the year with  a big overdraft, there can bo no objection  to the issuance of a .statement which can  be submitted to the ratepayers.  Jt  is  reputed of alderman  Beer that  when  he and  his colleagues  transacted  the business of the corporation in secret  sessions he did all  that he could to coni-  juitthe council���to- .i-hen.v_.-expenditure  Mil mmm & go.  Headquarters for  first-glass building material  upon"a city hall. So great was his desire  to temporarily inflate tho price of real  estate that he proposed when the loan  bylaws were under consideration in camera that the $30,000 for waterworks be  reduced by $15,000, that the appropriation for sewers at the outside should not  exceed $10,000 and that the same amount  avould be sufficient for electric light extension. With the sums pared off the  appropriations for these revenue-producing utilities alderman Beer proposed to  build a showy city hall, which would  have enhanced the value of adjacent property and facilitated the turning of the  same, as the hall was not to have been  built on the lots owned by the city at the  corner of Josephine and  Victoria streets.  Already the Nelson people are making ready fort he  noxt iii.-iym-iility election mid alderman Kiel chci-V friends  uio milking im active canvass in his liohsiir. IClltuis jiro  lioinj,' made lo induce aldci men Hecrm-J\l<!lCilh>p lo oppose hiin. _In_,or John Houston in preparing lo cmilosl  tlio soul now hold in the Icgi-sUI in _ by lion. .1. .rod  Hume.  The above is from the Rossland Record,  and is the result of'the silly rot printed  in the Nelson JMiner. John Houston is  not mayor of Nelson and lie is not preparing to make a contest for anyone's seat  iii-or-out of-the legislature.   A Lost  Suit.  "No, I am not going out in the evenings just now to .anything but strictly informal affairs." remarked a friend of the  Saunterer of the Philadelphia Inquirer  the other day. "Why? Well, because  just now J am not the possessor of a dress  suit, and  lack tlie  wherewithal  to pur-  That room of yours needs  "freshening up " for the winter months.  Wo make a specialty of  Shjplap arid Double Dressed EV|atsrial  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Shingles arid Lath Kept in Stock  (Mice and yard near C.P.R, dopot  K. G. BEER, Agent.  can give us the size (length,  breadth, and height of ceiling)  of the room, or r0oms,  will do the rest.   In price,  beauty of design and quality  Our Wall Paper  bargains will surprise you.  Having loosed the Ihikiucsh of the Nelson Soda Water  Factory., I am prepared tosupply the trade with nil kinds  of carbonated and aerated waters. Family orders solicited.   Prompt, delivery.  Factory on  Hoover street.  N. M. CUMMINS  Canada Brag and Book Co.,  LIMIT_*J"D  Corner of Bakor and Stanloy Streets. Nelson  WANTED.     .  WAiVTKI)���To purchase a second-hum! steam boiler,  S lo III J I. 1'. iMiiKl, ho in K"0(1 condition. Slnle  lowest cash j>rice mid where to be seen. j.'roslo J . O.  Nelson.  chase another. It happened this way. T  had a friend, a pood fellow, who came to  mo one ni^ht and asked me if I wouldn't  lend him my swallow-tail. 1 consented,  lint I fold him I wanted the clothes back  the next week, tis I had a function to tit-  tend myself.  "Well to make a long story short, the  week went by and not a word from my  friend or not a sign of my evening duds.  I had to miss my date, and was pretty  mad, but I didn't say anything. Another  week went by, and still no word. Then  I decided to go out and hunt up my  friend and find out if he intended to keep  my clothes forever.  "I called at his boarding-house and  rang the bell. His landlady came to the  door. When 1 asked if my friend was.in  she gave a'gasp of astonishment and exclaimed: "Why, didn't you know he was  dead tind buried ?"  "it was my turn to be knocked out.  After I recovered my breath 1 explained  that I had not heard tho news, and had  merely called to take back my dress suit.  1 would doubtless be found among my  friend's effects, 1 explained.  "The landlady turned pink, white and  then pink again. 'Why,' she gasped,  'that must have been the suit we buried  him in. It was the only good one we  found among his wardrobe.'  ".So you see the reason why I say no to  It. S. V. P. notes just now."  The Horse Colorer.  "See that man who just went out?"  asked a blacksmith, referring to a middle-  aged nitin who had left the shop a moment before.  "Well, he's the greatest horse colorer  in the country and the only man who litis  got the business down to perfection."  "A horse colorer? What kind of a profession is that?   Never heard of it before."  "Well, the business ain't generally  known to the public, but nowadays the  horse colorer is the whole thing in racing  circles. For some time there.litis been an  opening for a clever horse colorer, and  the man who just went out has made a  good many thousand dollars during the  past few years working around race  ti'tieks.  "Of course, you know that the outlawing .rules on the race track are pretty  strict, and it has become very difficult to  start a 'ringer' on any track. A 'ringer,'  you know, is a good horse made to appear  like an old skate, so that he can be entered in the slower races.  "This professional ,,colorer is nothing  more nor less than a 'ringer preparer,'  and he's got the slickest methods you can  imagine. He can take a btiy mare into  hisj barn and within-twenty-four hours  bring her, out as white as snow or'jet  black, just as-you please.' ' The old fashioned way of coloring horses was done by  a liberal-use of paint, but I've known, it  to go pretty hard with owners when,  their colored horses happened to be  caught in a shower.  "The new method is-fully known only  to this one man, but he says that he uses  some kind of chemicals and can give any  color to any horse. He can give a bltick  horse white feet and turn a sorrel into ti  dapple gray on very short notice. Jn  another twenty-four hours he can bring  back the original color of the horse. He  charges $25 a. transformation."  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  4,  INCORPORATED 1670.  o  We have just opened Mp a  consignment of Cigars consisting ofthe following standard brands;  Bock Superfinos  Bock Conchas  Bock Puritanos  Henry Clay Conchas Extras  Henry Clay Puritanos  Upmann Conchas  Triumfo Conchas  La Lola Conchas  We also carry a full line  of Domestic Cigars at prices^  to suit all trade.  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Vy did DrilTus hit dot Fellow Bordereau  oFer der hotul mit a stiffed chip, nnd vy  did DrilTus gif dot follow Dossier some  Chim ChefFries punches below der belt  ven he vas not looging?"  "Katarina," I set, "der vay you vas  tvistod abouid dis madder is der vorst  . mixing ub vot I el'er sawanyvun raddled  abouid. Der DrilTus case id is der mosd  simblicidy etise vot id is possibilidy to be.  Id.is so blain nnd so siinbicidy dot eFery  intin, vimmeii and children in der Union  Sdades understahts id in a different vay.  Now, uf you blease, Katarina, make some  attention ad me nnd I vill exblaimition  der whole madder :  ...'���"Vim, day.'abouid  seferal  years   ago  ;V^_CiV��WjH-fei*^ei^Vl'^iii .)\t{$&m$iiitjp'.Jg'Mii^'i  ;/4fbruil::fe\ia>  ^��4'iii4_'JCJ_ie^e'!:,JcS*-t^: ���Ol'^'J'.1�� l'ie; V^tSi,' dQryfaii;|t��";  ������ :t|).J$e^iii'"uf'' C*'0"mlpi.fei:y_'fi,. ^titiiOiS'ap{;Uft,ii'd-",  ���"'���-'tit dei'Sdalle -if Mei'i-ylttnt. Dtyre alvays  ytis -ti gread: rivali.ies.s but! ween (tern.  . ^^to^ehts!' set I5H1&1S '.to. Lee"dleneek  ditmis; 'vilLyoii elipiu me mit a absent  i'rilJpy, vi-ixi.. s yet?'  " 'jlo\v dare yoii set votyou set to itijpS1'  .set Ifelfteiieii. Letsdjeneek Olaiiis. geddfng  i'Qt in ctei* ft'Ojit bai'tnf life l_tte0i  " ".' Vot ditI set vleli I slioiVlcl llj. _��� haf  set ven X se��;-Mf vBai& Priifus, ge^ttiitg  l-'ot'ty to figljfj a duel.  '"Yoii -set "'.vie gehts" ah. dot is vOt"  yoii set,, nnd I belief dai-e is some ;ti'_as<3ii-  abjeness behind id," said Leetjleneek  Clams. 'I have a siispiousness dot der  words vieli you set dey vas Cljei'iuan,  liird. I vlill sbeak abouid it to a enbble uf  goot liars v.Ot I know nnd perhaps ve can  separatum you from your ch&b, yet.'  "Den Leiftonem Leedleneek Clams  valked; off down der Rue, und Cabdalu  DrifFus vent in Bauersehlnidt'S und toojc  his^^ absentfiippy_mj__yM_uie__f__  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Sl^aguay, U. S., Atlin., B. C, and  Dawson City, YulyOfi District.  in dor south, vtire  de  dolfol   gets his hot  air to varin ub his reception rooms.  " Vim day, afdor cabdain DrilTus vas  pcrpii'a/.ioning For abond seferal months  on dev island, vich tier French borrowed  From dor dolTel, der minister uv der var  voke u b.  " Ach, flimmel!' said dor minister uv  der var to dor ollice boy; '[ haf made a  awful misdake. Run oud nnd tell der  chenerals uv dor army und dor colonels  to come here right avay qvick !'  "Zwei huiineit \md fifdy-seven chenerals und dree tousand colonels rushed ub  der sdtiirs. 'Aeh, Hinnnol!' sed der minister uf dor var, vot a misdake ! "  'Vot id is?' set all de clienertils und der  colonels.  "Der veepihgs dey vas running down  der face uf der minister uf dar vtir. 'How  could ve haf mate such a misdakel' he  excltimationed. 'Id is awfullness! I vill  never fergif you For doing vot I dit!'  " 'Vich vay viil ve yell!' set one uf der  chenerals. 'Ve vant to make an a has  und ve doan'd know vich vay to make id.'  " 'Ach, Ilimmol!' set der minister uf  der var, 'chustice niusd be done, even uf  der heavens fall ouid. Ve haf mate a  awful misdake; derfore led us rectification id ad vunee. Ven ve sendenced eab-  dain DrilTus to his lifedime ve forgot to  fine him anydings. He; may haf money,  berhaps. Ve haf oferlooged sonio bettings,  Chustice, efen uf der heavens fall ouid.  Led tis pi'ing him pack from de Deifel's  Island und fine him a cubblo uf million  francs, uf he has id."  " 'Vive le France! " set der chenerals und  der colonels, und den dey all rushed down  py der dellgraf office und sent a collect  message to cabdain Driffus to come home  on der next steamer, vich he dit.  "Und dare he is now down ad der Cen-  dral before sergeant Smeltzer und der  minister uf der var, und all der chenerals  und der colonels dey are drying to proof  dot he haf zwel hunnert uiid ninedeen  tollars in a building und loan assissiation,  svic.h.(:le?y ne _t jn><^i��pitwi<3ss�� _  of today than  they were  in  those  of a  quarter of a century ago. ��  The baron carried to extremes the London custom of business exelusiveness.  Shut up within antechambers of impenetrable ground glass, behind heavy mahogany doors and guarded by liveried porters, he nevertheless somehow gave forth  the suspicion that while there was no  doubt of the money there at the moment,  yet the stability of the fabric might  weaken when the boom of 1S72-73  reached its inevitable end. And although  the baron's antechambers each held, for  hours at a time, separate and shut in, representatives of some pretty prominent  people in the world of business and fashion, yet the baron lost few chances by delaying and consequently disquieting his  visitors to prove to them unmistakably  that his own importance would not be  hurried. In this way he sometimes overdid the role of great man, but ordinarily  he could give points to all imitators.  One of the baron's first American ventures was the purchase, in 1S72, of the  real estate bonds of the Western Union  Telegraph Company. He was a brave  buyer, and took these at par before even  the purchase of the land at the corner of  Dey street and Broadway, in New York  city, had been completed. He transmitted  the gold for their payment before the  bonds had beeu engraved, even; If all  his purchases had been as wise he would  have esctiped bankruptcy a few years  later. But lie got into certain overcapitalized American railway bonds.  Among scores of ventures he also floated  a small South'American loan which John  Bull at first took to very kindly. He  did not speculate much on the turf.  That sin and foible cannot be charged  with his downfall, nor did the charms of  Argentina lead him into financial failure.  He built a palace, however, after  he had given to the city of  London a regenerated park called  Leicester square, Avhich previous to baron  Grant's purchase of it, had been a vile  spot. The gift was a magnificent one  and made a great deal of talk.     It might  FULL irNE OF  have been worth as an advertisement all  that it cost him iu Lombard street, but  somehow Emma mine never stilled its  reminiscent comments, and. it is undoubted that the very clever and entertaining plunger failed to reach the social  position that stupider men with shadier  reputations might have grasped.  Baron Grant's energy Avas untiring.  He grasped a proposition and criticised it  on tlie instant with the maturest observation. Many good tilings owe their advent to him, and if he might serve as a  type for a Barnato or a hero of Harold  Frederick, he had cultivation and general  information along with his ambition that  made his society .attractive. The baron's  brother and former partner was a gentleman of whom friends and business acquaintances spoke approvingly.  P. Burns & Co.  Head Office at  NELSON, B. C.  Wholesale And Retail   .  ���   .   Dealers in Meats  The Tremont Hotel  Wholesale Markets at /Jelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  Retail Markets at Nolson, K.uslo, .Sandon, Silverton, New Denver, Ymir, Trail, Grand Forks,  Cascade, Greenwood, Midway, and Sirdar.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded.  ���^JfiTaboimftwo weeks a debudy eheriff  valked ub to cabdain Driffus und he set,  'Otfcoos me, etibdaiu Driffus, bud I vill  haf to pinch yoii, yet. Come mit me  down to der Central, uf you blease!'  "Der debudy eheriff lie took Cabdain  Driffus ub before der .sergeant. Der sergeant his name vas Snieltoer. Snielteer's  fairst vife vas a. cousin to del- Poofnickles  vot li If on Second afemie.  '"Yon are gtiildy, oahdtuu ; vot dit you  dit?' set der,sergeant.  "' I doan'd know vot dit I dit, bud I  vill pay der line uf you neet der money,'  set der cabdain.  "Und yust den eighty-nine chenerals uf  der rekultir army und forty-sefeii colonels  und der minister uf der var und liis whole  ftmlily valked into dor station house.  " 'I vant to haf fair blay here,' set der  Minister uf der Var, ' und darefore I belief dis man. to be ��� guild'y no madder  vedder dit lie dit. auyding or nod. Uf  you blease, sergeant, sendencc dis man to  der resd uf his lifedime in eliail. I haf an  eneagement to go ouid on der guff-links  und blay some gulf dis afdernoon, bud  perhaps abouid next Fritay or Skitteraty  afdernoon I vill loog ofer der efideuce to  see how much is he guildy. Aus mit  him!    Aus mit him !'  "Und den der eighdy-nine chenerals  Und der forty-sefen colonels, dey ehumped  ub in der air und dey cricked deir heels  togedder, nnd dey set'Vive le France!  To der dog-catchers mit Driffus! A bas  Driffus a cubble uf dimes, also!"  "Und den Leedleneck Clams poked his  head by'der door und he set, 'Now vill  you set "wie gehts!" to me any more,  alretty, ven I do nod comprehension vot  id is you mean ven you set it?"  "Und den der sergeant'und der general  he sendenced captain Driffus to spend tier  resd uv his natural!ifetime on  an.island  ^uil]dC;*''|.iSJI?Jri^i^'; i~hix0- .v'oS -dxtif frab'tlaiii  $)Wt'fi��i$ife $ eii lie/is ���aa���ddlg.uld?y/;itf.'di"fettng  &.?*. ��� ." ' ���._�� ;_-V-":- "'���^>.--.>_.; " "X .'���_,':;  ��� Ach^tenuiieH VimmensMs.ldfei^.d4ilel;  fOi^sbetdci. rg dfern foofi.li 'vbjt'd . vjeli is in.  deir vvoices, ai!nd Id?  IMPRESSION   G|  BAftON   GEANft  The death on August _(}fell of baron  G;vaut, the Well-kilowtii Khglish Cttpitalist  and'promoterj has Called fbr tl. liirtiiy interesting reminiscences .concerning him-  Tixerie is little donbjb Ihttt the1 London  . pitpei'a avhII no^e qift in good tithe the anv  teccde'nts' of this remarkable hiaii. He  came conspicuously before the London  world about 1870, and the subsequent  floating of the Emma mine and its prompt:  foundering hurt more healthy reputations than the baron's?". He had been to  Paris for some months aiid was persuaded  to return to Loudon, probably to live it  down, aiid in the winter of 1871-72 lie  took offices; in the thick of the banking  quarter, of a sort that left no doubt as to  liis meaning business. There the baron,  under the firm name of Grant Brothers,  isOon^sui*oun.ded?^himself===wth=-.very--:  clover exploiter who had a good thing to  sell aud a glib tongue with which to sell  it. His talent for presenting a business  proposal was alluring. He was a blond*  Jew. rather undersized, with a fine expressive fitee, an agreeable voice and a  refinement of utterance that left little  impression of ti parvenu. His reputation,  which the unsavory Fiinma mine principally had smirched, had not been im-  paired ...to. the. point, of ...preventing:, the  baron from again appearing in print as  the sponsor for Intlny new enterprises,  nor did it prevent his getting about him  some really respectable retainers, who  generally are called guinea pigs, and are  of more doubtful  use in the enterprises  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  ^^LL���8111^   I Baker Street, Nelson   E. C. TRAVES, Manager  OKOERS BY MAIL UBCffilVlS CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  Nelson Tent and Awning Factory  IVjANUFACT0f.Y OF ALL KINDS OF CANVAS GOODS  Headquarters for Minors and .Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND.  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  Largo comfortable bedrooms and  flrst-class  dining  room.   Sample rooms for commercial men.  _S-A._?_ilS   $2   _?*___S   3D__-*X-  n  ?T~1 * ocP'���>���������        ul       n       nS'     a   V��ddd     o  . _,n^. tyKinislt;-���'. ������ .-.���'.-/-  ,'   ��  , '. "������^"*tt"f*^locaf,;a'nd��^a||,Vi��J��w s���.,..  ���-������������������ ���..* /.N.iVMoorinte- ���_./. ��� -���-  ���   _, u-    _.-^^nn|Qcnl^an'd.5'coast." nDn.  ���  '"'���'. '���'���^e^e^^oillis  .   .'��� :S'Mr-:li^ii;  -J^iilding^  $Mng$e_|-      ���  ���  BougK-anGl  Dressed fjuniber  of," <U< kinds.  If what you'want is not in stock wo will make it, for you  Call Akij get prices.  Mrs. E. C.   CLARKE, Prop.  ���S: f ���" "7,Lafco>lbc>R*oyai:SIIotei; fCalgMil- ^Jffi%." _  H. 0. HUME, Manager.  HALL AMD LAKB.STREETS, NELSON  CHARLES HILLYER,  PBMSIDKNT  HARRY HOUSTON,  SECKKTAKY  Beer or Half=  and=I~talf  �����'-���  Always  Always  Fresh  Cool  THE BEST (JLASS OF BEER IN NELSON IS  AT THE  IIebii]i-iS��N^%[^iiH��l-^-  XaHvEITEIX*).  MANUKACTURKBS OV- AND  DKALEIta IN  Kough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings  Poors and Sash  Fence Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  KACTOKV WORK RO.VK Tt> OH1JBR,  SOCJH AS  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  IN STOCK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  Tfio.flffeHt hotelDinnthd[interior.  Jjarge" satnple tp onto ipfcamiheat aild"relectric light.  CORNER Of ���WARP AND VERNON' STS��� NELSON  IWieii House  fiAKER AND WARD STREETS, NELSON  Sawmill on Government wharf.  Factory and ofllco, corner Hall street and C.P.R.' track  Contractors  WILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A largo stock of flrHt-closs dry matorial on hand, also  a full lino of sash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Corner Silica nnd  Stanley SLrueUv  CURRAN, Prop.  ' Yard:   Foot of Hendryx stroot. Nelson  Toiophone, ?1   John Rae, Agent  The only hotel in Nelson, that has remained under ono  mahafeemenC since 1890.  The Bod-robms are well furnished and lighted by  electricity".*" \  Thodining-irodni is not second to any in Kootenay.;  The bar' is always stocked by the best domestic and  imported liquors and cigars,  THOMAS MADDKN. Proprietor.  McEEOlPTiOTEi:  YMIR,   13.   ��.  J. W, SMITH,   Proprietor.  EVERYTHING FIRST-CLASS  Largo and well lighted floated by hot ai  RoiiHonablo rates Samplo rooms  Electric bells aiid light in every room  Renovated.and refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  Jt V, PERKS, Proprietor  Frco bug moots all trains Rou-lclnl/Q    R   P.  Hourly Rtreot car to station ne��BI5lURB|  B�� U.  Night Grill Room in connection, for the convenience of  guests arriving and departing by night traiiw.  Restaurant  Baker street, between Josophino and  Half streets. Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS. DAY Oft NIGHT  BAKBRY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  ���r.   _arxr*R"R"s",    -���e'iRO-PRiETorEi  Bread dolivcred to any part of the citjr.  Cakes, pastry, and confectionery a specialty.  CRAWFORD BROTHERS  Noxt lo Royal Hotel, Stanley Street. NrIkoii  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  NELSON, H. C.  Coireo roasters and dealers in Tea and Coffee.  Offer fresh roasted cofTee of best quality as follows:  Java and Arabian Macha, per pound ; ?   Id  Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pounds......   1 (X)  Fine Santos, i pounds  1 00  Santos Blond, 5 pounds .'.'   1 00  Our Special Blend, 0 pounds :   1 no  rOur ItiO Roast, 6 pounds.....,.,;. ...................... 1.00.  A trial order solicited.   :    .  'Salesrooms 2 Doors  East  of . Oddfellows   BlooK,   West  Baker Stseet  ARCHITECTS.  .!CtS.  crdecu block, Baker, street. Nelson.  EWART & CARltlK-ArchiUicts.   Rooms 7 and 8 Ab-  Horse Covers, Wagon Covers, Tents in all sizes���if not in stock made  shortest notice���Canvas from thirty inches to nine feet wide.  MAIL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO  up  on  0 "    .  Baker St. Nelson     THEO.   MADSON  ���__���i I���, i- ^ ' -���_...--  Calgary Brewing & Malting Co., Ltd.  A CARLOAD OF THEIR  ^FAMOUS  HAS ARRIVED IN NELSON  TURNER, BEETON & CD  AGENTS FOR KOOTENAY DISTUTCT.  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power TransuiiRslori and Lighting for Mines, Towns  '"'" '"   "   ��8P^rie FixtS'r^s;���^ampli ��fiell&  P, QJBbx 606!.'     "... ��.   ��. ��� ���' ""' �� '   ' ��   " ��� "  (.osephiiiei, StrigetfaNelsbli. ���M.'Ql, '""'''  a^����  _,J*&��|  m. ALlgt;WATBF.  O       'E.ronj li'uf.'jTarfisOji ifyji "Ipriiigs.  ���.llR'O-STftY N^'UItALAU^fcltAL W.VTRR  J10TM-3l_D" M JIRi'flSli'CrJliOJyfBTA.  Tl^OR^E. &. QO^ Ltd.  _l___eJIIUGents_pe^  Will deliver in ton lots  Brick $12 per thousand.  At y^ird or on scows at sovcrnincnt wharf.  un'.,ei_ :wie, ASsi'fcBs ��y .\:  The Boyal Agricultural a&d;Trfdiisi;#a^  of iBfitteh. GblttmBia."      "     ""'  V/lXib   llli, lOil/D  *T,  OS*  OCTOBER 3rd, 4th, 5tt and, iii.  $!5i000  #1.5,005  The West ^ootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Hijkcr Stroot.        T. G. PROOTOR, Manager  0.W.West&Co.  GENERAL TEAMSTERS  AGBNTS FOR  The Imperial Oil Co.   Standard Oil Co.  Washington Brick ar}d Lin|e Go.  The H. W. KjcNiell Co., Ltd., Canadian Ai]trtra-  ci-te Coal (Hard)  Dealers In,  STOVEWOOD  IN PIIIZJBS  OPEN   TO   THE   WOELIJ  A Round of Pleasure for four Whele Days  IKJltSK \h\CKH       UIOYCM*: RACKS       AQUATICS  oHAMi'-ioxHrrir- lacrossk        kavat. an'D  .MM.ITAKV Wl'OltTS OYMIvlTAKA  ,HASK BAI.l,    KOOT O'Al-Ia    'HAND  TOOKiVAM'BN"!'.  MAGNIFICENT ILLUMINATIONS !  ftiv��nrl eniit'4!rl ttvovy cvuiiiiJU-  Wiiuuitil :tl I ftml ion ill the Si:\V H'esl.MiiiWt-.'Ji'rt|��!ni IiWitw:  '' Si .nt.'!.)!!'*(X.ii.if.i��iji��from nil |>oint.s�����.. gi'cuily reduced,  nil ck,���  Imm' .-spc'cinl r'i._n iir_s mid kiiuiII hand bills;.  Si).fiiitiiHiri,' I'lie chaiKlid for .Niiihft^.  KXKi'l-TlA'K -lll.-s vwirsliip miivqi- ()��-wi��,T. .1, Tini'l*.  '\V.,I. Mathers. CJeo, l>. Hfyirtner, It. K. Ailiturson. Aid..).  R rii'olt. Aid. M. ."Sinclair.'  .Or .prize list's, entry forms mjd full iwirlibltl'illvi, write  ID  T. ,1. TH A I'l'. Alfi'H Ult ,.M A l.tKS.  I'lesidunt. ��� Seerutory.  VV. ft,. KKARV, Commissionei".  Nelson Iron Woi?ks  MANUKACTUUKKS OH"  SNOINBS. BOII.E1RS. SHAFTINO, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OP EVERT DESCRIPTION  Repairs promptly attended to.       P. O. Box 173.  ______________ _  NIGHTS  OF PYTHIAS���Nelson   Lodfjo.   No,   %\  Knight* of I'ythiiis, uicets in 1. O. O. RHnll,corner  linker and Kootenay strceU, every TuoKday evonlng at  ViiiitinK KninhtH cordially invited to attend.  K  8 o'clock,  T. LIIJ.IK, C. C.  K. O. JOY, K. of It. & S.  ^  NKDSON hODGB, NO. 23, A. K. & A. M. Moota  second Wednesday In each month. Sojouniin&r  brothron invited.  KI..SOV I_ O. 1... No. Hue.  mools in  1. O. n. y. Hull,  joiner Haker and  Kootenay Kireel.s,  1st  and 3rd  Friday of each month.   Visiting brelhcni cordially invited.  ������JOHN.TOYK, W. ii.      .K J. Il.ltADI.KY, Rcc.Sec.  NKI-SON    .V.HiK. .Ntimher . 22.   Fraternal  Order  of  KukWu. meets every ��ucoiid and fourth Wed nonday in  each moiil.li in .Fraternity Hall.   Visiting brethren welcome.   ' .���"������'������'  'J. IltVINO. I'TCessUcuU        J. It WUA.Y. Secretary.  -1-'    oo  R REISTEREF? & CO.  brkw*;rs and bottlers op  Fine Lag'ep Beer,  Ale and Porter  !_5_^ra'o'rado.     Brewery at Nelson.  APPLICATION TO TRANSFER LICENSE.  Thirty day." notice is hereby given that I will apply at  the next-sitting of the Licensing Board of tho City of  Nelson, B. C to be allowed to transfer the retail liquor  liiiense now held by mo for the Clarke Hotul. situa'o on  lots numbered eleven and twelve (II and 12) in block  numbered live (5) of the City of NoIkoii, British Columbia,  to Frank Campbell and George W. Bal'tlett.  K. O.CLARK HI.  Dated at Nelson. B. C this 15th day Of August. 1S)0  APPLICATION    TO    PURCHASE    LAND.  Notice is hereby given that thirty days after date, I.  the undersigned,, intend to apply to the chief commissioner of lands mid. works, Victoria, li. C, for the purchase, of the following described piece of land, situate on  tho Nelson side of Kootenay river, and being about seven  miles up from'Nelson:   Commencing at a post marked  "Geo. 0. Tiuistall, Junior's S. W. Corner"; thence ciwt  eigh'y :chaius; thciioo north forty chnim to whovo low-  vatormark is; and then following Uio HlnuosiUesof tho  shore to the point  of commencement; all  containing,  mare or losh. 1U�� acro��. GKO. CTUNSTAJLL, Jit  August 7tU. 1899. THE TRIBUNE: NELSON, B.C.   SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER in, 1899.  DON'T  WASTE  YOUR  MONEY  ON  BOTTLES  WE  CAN  SELL  YOU  PERFUMES  IN BULK  And there are no perfumes in Nelson  equal to those which we have just received. We are' now opening up full lines  of Roger & Gallet's and Legrand's celebrated French Perfumes, as well as those  of the Crown Perfumery Company of  London. These orders may be purchased  either in bulk or in bottles. See our assortment  of French  Toilet  Soaps.  . F. TEETZEL & CO.  Special Reduction to Clear  / have a number of broken lines of Men's Shoes which  I have reduced below cost in many instances to make  room for fall stocks. These goods are first-class, including  all leading makers, such as GEORGE T. SLATER & SONS,  AMES-HOLDEN, JAMES McPHERSON, D. W. KING & CO.,  and other makers.  Postoffice Store  BAKKlt STREKT, NKLSON.  J, A.  QILKER  THE LOCAL NEWSJF THE TOWN  Stanford Chapman, who was employed  as a, boll-boy*_ifc the Lilian, received his  preliminary hearing before police magistrate Crease yesterday upon a charge of  theft, which was preferred against him  by E. E. Phair. The articles stolen consisted of a solitaire ami tin opal ring as  well as a scarf-pin, all being recovered.  Chapman -was committed to stand his  trial at the next court of competent  .jurisdiction.0 He will probably elect summary trial and come before .judge !<Y>rin.  The Chinese market gardeners in tlie  Cotton wood-creek, bottom have given  over their light against progress antl  are not working overtime in removing  their vegetables from the ground included in the ("as and Coke Company's  site or in tho street reserves.  The men employed in the Canadian  Pacilic Hail way Company's yard had a  busy time yesterday. They moved fifty-  four cars out of Nolson.  The regular meeting' of the city council will Lie held on Monday evening, when  the Sunday-closing by-law will bo sent  to committee for consideration. As the  introduction of the by-law has aroused*  considerable feeling a lively time may be  expected.  A petition requesting the city council  to grade tho north side of Baker street,  from Raihvay to Slocan streets, so that it  will be passable for teams, is being freely  signed by the owners of property in tliat  neighborhood.  Messrs. MeBeath <fc Peters yesterday  commenced the delivery of pipe for tho  water-main which they will lay from  Cottonwood creek to the reservoir.  Editor McAdanis of the Sandon Pay-  streak is in town. He reports about 200  men at work in the niines in the neighborhood of Sandon and that the mines  are looking well, the Rambler in particular.  The Vancouver World is authority for  the statement that P. Burns & Co. will  rush 200 beeves and 400 sheep through to  Dawson this fall.  There   were   just   sixty-seven   guests  registered at the Hotel Phair last evening.  Captain  J. W. Troup has returned to  Nelson  after a trip to Alaska and Coast  points. ���    . ���"'  The Nelson Coke & Gas  Company yes  terday received two carloads of lime  from Arthur's kiln, which will be used in  the construction of the company's building. A carload of small pipe was also received yesterday.  A. JI. Kelly has made -application under the Water Clauses Consolidation Act  for 2oO inches of water from the east fork  of Giveout creek and a like quantity  from tho west fork of the same creek.  Tlio applicant states that the water is to  be used for power and general mining  purposes.  Fred Hogg, who was formerly steward  on the steamer International, lias taken  over tho dining-room of the Nelson hotel  and will conduct a   lirst-class restaurant.  The regular monthly meeting of the  South Kootenay Board of Trade will be  held on Monday evening at 7..'JO o'clock.  Hev. Arthur K. Roberts of Now Denver  will occupy this pulpit of the Methodist  church today, morning and evening,  Angus MoGillivray of Now Denver  dropped down to hear Godfrey's band  and see if Nelson was holding her own.  Tie reports the town in wliich he lives as  a trifle quiet this summer, but that the  people aro sanguine that a change is not  far distant.        BUSINESS   MENTION.  Wanted���Girl  for general housework.  Apply lo Mi's.- .Swannell, AIM street, opposite Roman  Catholic liliiiruli.  Situation Wanted���As general servant.  Address P.O. box'K), Nolson.  For  Sale���Lots  13  and  14,  block  42,  witli improvement.*.   Apply l.o I!. (A. ,loy, Slar Bakery.  Furnished rooms to let. ' Apply to Mrs.  L. Al. Jameson, Carney Block, linker street, west,.  To Rent���Two stores oroffices and base-  1110111,2;") by fill feel, also two living rooms on llrsl, door,  opposite poslollieo on Victoria street. Kor sale��� l.ols l.'l  and M block lie, S7O0; lot 7 bloek l;'i, addition A, $'i'5:  lots _l and 2_ block' ;">. Apply to W. A. Jowett, Victoria  street, Nelson.  Furnished   Rooms ��� With  baths  and  electric light.   Silica street, opposite Knglisli church.  A young man wants -'position as bookkeeper. Also experience as clerk in groceries, boots and  shoes and dry goods. Address box _iS. Kirst-class reference.  A  LARGE  CONSIGNMENT  JUST  OPENED  We can supply you with Cartridges  TO SUIT YOUR RIFLE  Carpenter's Tools  A   FULL  LINE  SHELF HARDWARE  THE  BEST ASSORTED  STOCK  IN THE KOOTENAYS  STOVES AND  KITCHEN UTENSILS  Remember the Name  ����� v.  - _��i  �����-'wil] bja. to- y,Qm-sadvantage", to seerour _ at'ge.  SHOE  OUR  GREAT  Go.  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON  Are You Going for a Holiday?  Why, yes;  on a fishing excursion and I intend to  buy my tackle from  The Lawrence Hardware Co.  Who keeps the best and cheapest goods in Nelson  IVI  .Splvuffcz*�����_��'iC?OySfrirtforHj" Sficrib���0o., Ajiiigs. Hol>  ^3qny<_ ��06i,.',smd" &��J|er leading m&Kefs. ' ���   '  -2(5 AND 28 ^^^^KR^jJ^JS^'.^MSQ^l  2��  just AmMXw'mm  $  __f__An_Entire_Qar��� of-  onum  "8  55  Iron Beds and  &  pnngs  From  George Gate & Sob  ��  B  ��� ���-# $ ������  8  A Large Shipffie-it of  68  K  Goods  Pmrnishings  ^Tlio-grealHstQetebbying-e^  most; wholesale licmsos, largest, stock, best opportunity  for selection, of goods and best prices.  Wis sell at Wholesale and retail.   Wc have the largest,  stock in li.'0.  If you want a good diamond ring, go to ,Tac6b Dover's  Xf yon want, a nice piano go to Dover's  If you want, the latest in fenders go to Dover's  If you want a.sewing machine, go to Dover's'  If you want a wedding present go to Dover's  If you Want to buy at wholesale go to Dover's  If you want !li"s(,-clas.sgo6(l��- try Jacob Dover's  Watch rupaii'itig a specially, all work guaranteed.  JACOB DOVER, Jeweler, Nelson.  PAYS FOR A PINT OF NICE RICH  From The Gendron Mnfg. Go.  m  Id.  m^aethtjb fe co  m     ...��  enan  Telephone 93.  FOR  ICE  CREAM AND  FRESH  FRUIT  OF ANY KIND.  Come in and try our Ice Cream Soda and:  Refreshing Drinks.  DELIVERED  Orders may be left with C W. West  &. Co., or with.  CHARLES St. BAR.BE, Agent.  Ofllco on Baker street, two-doors froni Hank of B. 0.  jNTOTICDED.  Next Door to  P. Burns & Oo.  HUMPHREYS & P1TT0CK  NEAR FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  3_TEXiB02Sr  THE   FINEST   PLEASURE   RESORT;j: IN*KOOTENAY  Special Notice to the People of Kootenay  I am now prepared to test the eyes  ofthe people, as I have in my department a first-class optican., I have a  large selection of gold frames and the  very best of Senses. 'Call, and .get your  eyes examined at  JACOB DOVER'S The Jeweler  Notice is hereby given that, from this date I will not bo  responsible for tiny <leb'ta contracted by my wife, Klizii-  beth Kelly. JAMKS KELLY.  Nelson, August 2ni.li-, 18IW.'  jposjE^Bisra? ~  Dining-room and bed rooms of the  Rosebery Hotel, at Rosebery, on Slocan lake.   Apply to    J. T. NAULT.  Rosebery, September 2nd, 1899.  APPLICATION TO TRANSFER LICENSE  ANY FLAVOR  Get the Best Jams  Notice is hereby given that I will, at, the expiration of  thirty days from the date of this notice, apply at. the next  .sitting of the .Licensing Hoard of the Oil,)' of Nelson  British Columbia, to lie allowed to transfer the retail  iiipior license novhold by mo for the Kxoho<iuor Saloon,  .situate on Lot 1 Block 12. in the City of Nelson, British  Columbia, lo .lames Neelands. . A. If. < 'LKMJGNTS.  -...��� Dalcd at Nelson, B. C, September lsl.,.lWI!l���.   , ..     -;. ,..'.  We have just received a large consignment of the  DYSON-GIBSON   COMPANY'S  JAMS  AND   PICKLES  Also a complete assortment of the  TORONTO   BISCUIT COMPANY'S SWEET BISCUITS  Baker Stroot West, Nelson   John A. Irving' iff Co.  Strachan   Bros.  _?*H.*CT*M33E13S, Etc.  O^EJB-a.  JEa-OTTSE!  BLOCK  ..��_i_;^___ Si*:/.:  ���tf'1W'-JtW'5l_li"W^*'  ~yr*_S_rW~*-���,;,������..���  n-'-V).  wjs��39faU*^~_-��


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