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 '��,./.  WAR AGAINST THE BOERS SEEMS  Certain Now.  London, August 30.���The Pretoria correspondent of tlio Morning Post says:  Tlio Boer officials, after reading the cabled  reports of Mr. Chamberlain's Birmingham  speech,.consider that war is inevitable.  The Boers an! now all armed except those  in Johannesburg. Their coininissiariat is  fairly good and all the forts are amply  victualled. Tho ammunition which Mr.  Schreiiier allowed to pass through Cape  Colony tame direct to Pretoria, it was  never intended for the Orange Free State.  President Kruger does not hesitate to express the opinion that Avar is inevitable.  He has stocked the presidency with ample supplies of provisions "to secure his  own person from privation, and he is  often iicai'd repeating tho 73rd psalm.  The Boers are energetically engaged in  poisoning     the    minds   of   the   natives  against tho  British, and   they  have  approached   the  Zulu  chief  Dini/.uhi, who  appears undecided what cause to espouse.  But the Zulus are prepared   for  the  expected lighting, and it  must  be  remembered that Dinizulu was deported to  St.  Helena with several other chiefs and kept  there a prisoner by the British  for  several years.    The  Times  says  editorially  this morning:    "There is the best reason  to believe that the  recent  note  of  Mr.  Chamberlain      willl     be     almost     the  last       occasion       on        which       Great  Britain .    will     ask      president      Kruger      whether,     he      is      in      earnest  in his promises of concessions.    The note  undoubtedly   called   for   an   immediate  answer, and when a reasonable time for  answer has elapsed Great Britain will no  longer pay much  attention to  president'  Kruger, but will form her judgment by  his  actions.    The Boers  should  bear in  mind that throughout the  whole controversy the  Cologne  Gazette   has   warned  the Transvaal that it  was placing itself  in an  unfavorable position, and   that, in  the  event of war, nobody  would, lift a  linger to prevent the destruction of the  republic.  London, August 31.���The Daily Mail  says it learns that a large consignment of  cartridges for the Boer's has recently  been shipped through ''Gorman agents.  These, it says, were manufactured in  England.   ?i>M  THURSDAY MORNING   AUGUST 31, 1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR; WEEKLY, $2.  Dreyfus' Enemies are Divided.  Rrnnks, August 30.���The air of Bonnes  this evening is filled with rumors of conspiracies  and  predictions of coups, but  nothing precise can be ascertained.    General   Mercier's  attitude  during  the   last  , few days has  mystified  his followers in  ' the case..  He'is extremely clever and the  "general 'feeling is  that he is preparing  - something, the existence of which will be  'revealed  in  a few days.    It is now ac-  - cepted beyond question that there is i\,  serious division of opinion on the part of  the generals. While the c.ise was running smoothly against captain Dreyfus  they all pulled together, but since the  tide of evidence began to turn in his favor, as was notably the case during  the testimony of captain l<Yey-  staettcr and colonel Cordier, which  proved much more damaging to the  general staff than the latter anticipated,  certain dividing lines having become  manifest between the various cliques.  General Roget, major Lauth, captain  Cuiguot, and M. Gribellin, the principal  keeper of the archives of tlie Avar office,  form ono coterie, general Morcior and  general Gonz; form another, and general  Billot and general de Boisdeffre a third.  According to one report the first two coteries intend to throw over general de  Boisdeffre, whom they feel to be faltering  and declare that'he is responsible for all  the  errors  and illegalities  of the court  ���nmr tial-of~1 SOi~tlruTTTrnlkiiTg" 1 iim   tluT  scapegoat.   According to another report,  general Roget, who was not implicated in  1804, and who only fought against Dreyfus  because he inherited froni his predecessors  the responsibility for so doing and placed  ovet"co!ifideuce in   the accounts of the  matter   furnished   liim   by the general  staff, will cut himself loose froni geiiei'als  Mei'ciei', Gonze and  de Boisdeffre.    This  is a 'plausible hypothosisj since Roget has  assumed throughout tlie role of defender  of tile; ai'iiiy, thus making himself popular with the army and  with it large section of the nation, ami ho pi-obably would  not lose by separating himself from the  wrong-doers of 1804 and  declaring that  liis opinion had been changed by the evidence   given   during   the  present trial.  Still another story is that the geuerals-  are going to give way on the authorship'  of the bordereau in  view  of the strong  expert   evidence   and   will admit   that  Esterhazy wrote1 it, allowing however,  that Dreyfus furnished the information,  not direct to Esterhazy but to another  party.  In this connection it was asserted  this afternoon that madame Rastial, who  was .housekeeper for colonel Schwartz-  koppen, the German military attache in  1894 and who is understood to have acted  as a French spy, has been seen in Rennes,  and will be summoned as a Avitness concerning Sohwartsskoppen's espionage system.     All these rumors may be without  foundation, but iu  any  event they are  symptomatic of the feeling  in  Rennes  that  something  is  going  on  under the  surface, and that the complexion of the  trial may be altered by some coup atauy  moment.  In the matter of evidence, today was  quite a Dreyfus day, only the deposition  of the last witness, general de Loye, being  (unfavorable.   Tlie testimony of M. Pieot,  a member of the institute, is unlikely,  however, to serve the cause of the accused materially, if at all, because his introduction of colonel Schneider, the  Austrian military attache, as a champion  of Dreyfus, was rather calculated to  arouse resentment and adversely to influence the .judges, especially as it was  followed by general Roget's tactful pro-  test against colonel Schneider's uncomplimentary allusions to Fredch officers.  Tomorrow's proceedings behind   closed  doors will deal with the question whether  captain     Dreyfus    was     in   a   position  to      divulge       the       information     ���regarding   tlie   army   which    was   promised    in    the    bordereau.     The    session  will be very important and is  hound  to  have tremendous influence on the judges  one way or tlie other,  because  they aro  all artillery officers,'and will   be  able to  appreciate such evidence bettor than the  cryptographic intricacies that have been  laid before them by the handwriting experts.-     The   Dreyfusards   express  confidence   that   their   artillery   Avitnesses  major   Haremann    and    major  Ducros,  will effectively satisfy the judges that  Dreyfus   AA'as  ignorant of   the  matters  mentioned iu the bordereau, as an artillery officer Avould not have been guilty of  stating  the errors  which  it contained.  The local'papers  publish   the doubtful  statement that M. Charles de Freycinet,  on  leaving   the   court   room  yesterday  after his deposition, remarked to a friend:  "I am leaving an atmosphere of acquittal."  JOHN A. TURNER HAS RESIGNED  His Many Government Offices.  John A. Turner has sent in his resignation as government agent, gold commissioner, etc., etc., etc., the resignation^ to  take effect not later than September 30th.  This action was not unexpected,, as  Mr. Turner only accepted ollice, in  the first place, for party reasons. During  his incumbency of office, he has found  it that is.difficult to conduct public business on lines that would be considered  good in private business; there are too  many-regulations that conflict and too  many heads of departments that are  working at cross purposes. Mr. Turner  can retire from office ..knowing -that he  has been in his office daily during office  hours, and that he has transacted business in a business-like way.  Bryan on the Stump.  Winnbmucba,   Nevada,  August 30.���  Hon. William J. Bryan in passing through  on his'way to California delivered an address to a large crowd.     In part he said :  "I believe the outlook for success in 1900  was never' better  than  at present.    On  tlie   old  questions of  the campaign  of  1S00, AAro are stronger than avc Avere dur-  ing that campaign.     On  the new questions,  avc   are   gaining   steadily.      The  Chicago platform at the convention next  year Avill be affirmed entirely.    In fact, I  doubt   whether   any opposition  to  the  platform Avill manifest itself in the cou-  ' volition at all.   Two of the greatest of  the neAV issues that are befoije the country are':   First;���the  trusts,"' second.���the  Philippine question.   Many methods have  been  suggested   for   the   extermination  of      the    , trusts. ' _   The    .most    feasible  -  it    ' seems    "to- . mo,      is      to  require  every corporation .to  obtain   a.  license from the federal government before it is permitted to do  business outside the state.    This license can be granted under Conditions  which   AvilL squeeze  the Avater out of stock and   prevent the  monopolization   of any -industry.     This  nation must choose between a republic or  tin empire.    An imperial policy cannot be  defended on any grounds.. From a financial standpoint it Avould be an expense to  a large majority of the people and a profit only to the capitalists, avIio  would organize syndicates to develop  the Philippines.    From a religions point of view it  cannot   be   defended.     A despotism  at  Manila  is  inconsistent with a free government in the United States.     This nation cannot endure while half its people  arc citizens and half vassals." .  Works Satisfactorily.  The Tribune has contended that the  eight-hour law should have been given a  fair trial before.it Avas condemned. This  many of the mine managers refused  to do. At AinsAvorth a mine manager  working fifteen men has given the  laAV a practical test. In June, under  the eight-hour system, the cost of  mining was less per foot than during the  month of May, .under the ten-hour system. During July the showing Avas still  better than that made in June, and this  month is equally as good as in July.  This manager states -that he would not  return to the ten-hour system, as he  believes that better Avork can be got from  the men under the eight-hour system.  HOW AN ESCAPED PRISONER WAS  Captured Near Northport.  Special to the Tribune.  Northport, Washington, August 30.���  A  clever capture  was made  now  hero  yesterday by officers Tripp and Knutsen.  Thomas Burns,  alias  Bennett, avIio  was  implicated in the robbery of a saloon at  Rossland    and    sentenced    to   eighteen  months for his share in 'the hold-up, and  avIio escaped from the  provincial  jail at  Nelson, managed to work his .way across  the line to this place,    yesterday at noon  Canadian customs officer Nolan informed  the officers  that  Bennett  was -here, but  the latter, getting Avind of it, at once left  'town./ Tripp   and   Kiiutson  got horses  and succeeded in  coming  up   with their  man at ftfarble.    Burns was seated in the  Marble hotel .when  the  olficer-s  arrived.  He had  a  gun in  each  hand, 'but.was'  ���thrown:off his guard by the officers Avalk-  ing up  to  the bar and enquiring for a  room for the night, then suddenly  making a dash for Burns from behind.   After  a desperate struggle they disarmed him,  and  brought  him  back, and  he  is uoav  held in the city jail.    Officer Devitt arrived  today today to take him back to  Nelson, but he refused'to go Avithout  extradition  papers.     He  Avill be tried on  Friday here before  United  States  commissioner   Hughes,   aiid   if   the  proper  papers'are  presented  he avill at once be  returned   to   Nelson   to   serve   out  his  sentence.  Slocan Mine Owners to Meet.  Rosskind Miner.  The mine owners of the Slocan district  Avill meet in Sandon on September 1st to  discuss the wage question. It is hoped  their consideration of the matter Avill  result in some arrangement with the  miners by which it Avill be made possible  to resume Avork iu the mines of that  district.  From Transvaal Via Seattle!  SbattIiB, August 30.���David L. Wilson,  _\vho_cl_:iims_to_be_an_ageut_of_the-British-  governmont and to have  important pa-  pers for the Home office, has arrived here  en route to London from  tho Transvaal.  Mr.   Wilson  says  he  has no doubt that  there Will be a Avar.    " I have been three  years in  the Transvaal and  knoAv the  leaders of   the   Boer government well.  President Kruger does not   want Avar.  He is now an old man, and, as such, he  lias not the control of the eabinet that he.  had  once.    The cabinet is composed of'  young   blood   who want' independence,  and who, I nuiy say, will never give up  until they have either attained their end ���  or been Aviped out of existence by English forces.    This is why I  say there Avill]  be Avar." .,  '  A Little Amateur Diplomacy.  PiSKiN, August UO.-���Joseph Wilton, j  Liberal member of parliament for tile-  Barn sby division of the west riding of  Yorkshire, has had audiences with L  Hung Chang and prince Clung. He urged  them to settle promptly the differences  of China Avith other nations and to employ English and American aud Japanese  officers in the immediate reorganization  of the Chinese army and navy, as the  only hope of avoiding the partition of  the Chinese empire. Mr. Wilton reports  that during his recent A'isit to Japan, the  politicians hemet, including the marquises  Ito, Okuma and Acki, expressed a strong  desire to co-operate with Great- Britain  in the best interests of the tAvo nations.  A Fatal Fire.  Yu.ArA, Arizona, August 30.���A fire today iu E. F. Saginetti's merchandise store  resulted in tlie loss of six lives and caused  $150,000 damage. A crowd of men Avere  carrying goods from the building when-  tlie second floor fell upon them. Besides  killing six, a number wore injured..  J. R. McLean's Platform.    -  .  Paynes vi LJJ3, Ohio,, August 30.���J.. R.  McLean of Cincinnati was nominated for  governor'  of   Ohio   by the1 Democratic  state  convention  today. - The   platform  adopted was radical.   -" We heartily  reaffirm   the   entire  Chicago platform  of  1896,  and  Ave especially' emphasize  the  financial plank thereon and aa-c  continue  to demand the free and  unlimited  coinage of- silver and  gold and equal in primary money at the rate of 16 to 1, independent of all nations in the world. Hon.  William J. Bryan still retains our entire  confidence, and Ave demand his renomina-  tion in 1900.    We are radically and unalterably  opposed  to  imperialism   in the  United   States of America.     When  Ave  have     solved     some      of      the      race  problems   that   confront   us   at   home,  then, by example, Ave can proclaim the  blessings that fioAv from free institutions  and  thus  procure "benevolent assimilation Avithout criminal aggression."    We  are opposed to entaugling alliances Avith  foreign kingdoms and empires.    We profoundly regret that American soldiers are  being unhiAvfully used to crush and de-  sti-oy daAvning republicanism  in the ori-  ent. and avc denounce the_seerot_aud-odir_  ous  alliance   uoav  in  evidence  between'  England and the republican administration, Avhereby this nation may become involved in Avars Avith foreign nations.  We  declare that all unlawful combinations of  capital are the legitimate fruits of a gold:  standard  and  other corrupt republican  legislations ou questions of the tariff, and  Ave demand  that   articles   the price of  which  are 'Controlled  by tho  trusts be  placed on the free list."  An Absurd Contention.  Washington, August 30.���-James 'Hamilton Lewis of Washington is about to  leave for-London to press lipoti the attention of the British government tlie claims  Of a largo number of American miners,  aggregating ,1>15,000,000 to $25,000,000,  Many Americans, relying upon the freedom which the laws Of British Columbia  seemed to assure, went into that territory  several years ago and engaged in the  mining of gold. Later the parliament of  British Columbia drove the Americans  out by the passing of a laAV prohibiting  any alien from owning a mineral claim in  that province. Many Americans were  thus compelled to forfeit valuable property. Mr. Lewis, who has been in the  city several days, placed their cases before the. state department, Avhich has  taken cognizance of their claims by giving their representative a letter to ambassador Choate. If Mr. Lewis fails to  get satisfaction in direct negotiation, he  will endeavor to haA'e tho state department take up the claims of the miners  and press them;  The Metal Market.  Nkav  York,   August   30.���Silver  certificates,-58f@00.    Bar   silver,   59 1-10.  Mexican  dollars,   471.    Copper,   steady;  brokers', $1.35; exchange, $t(J0@$_.02i. '../.-  ..[j NELSON.  ,: Although considerably delayed by AA'et  "'weather, three miles of .the wagon road  up Kokanee creek to the Mollie Gibson  mine has been completed.  !The California Wine Company of Nelson yesterday shipped a full car of merchandise to Ashcroft. From Ashcroft the  goods Avill be distributed throughout  Cariboo district by teams. *" When Cariboo draws upon Nelson for its Avines and  cigars, even the skeptics Avill begin to believe that Nelson is a commercial center  A meeting of the city -council will be  held today for. the purpose of taking action Avith respect r.to the collection .of a  poll tax ofr$2 per head. This expedient  Avill be adopted byn the council for the  purpose of offsetting their probable deficit upon the-year's operations/ When  the previous council ^adopted a similar  policy last year, its members were round-  Iy denounced by the "men-Avho this'year  have charge of municipal affairs. If a  poll tax \Aras wrong in 1808, can it be right  iu 1899?  The charge against Joseph- Clark for  using,abusive language and threatening  to knife' Osmond P. Long was dismissed  by stipendiary magistrate Crease yesterday Gomer Davis, aa'Iio witnessed the  roAV, said that Clark had a bunch of keys  in his hand and not a knife. Long Avas  called upon to pay-the costs.  There Avere no fresh developments yesterday regarding the burglary of the  Nelson Hardware Company.  Throe of the miners imported from  Sudbiuy by themauagement of the Ymir  mine have brought a test case in the  couury -court against the Ynn> Gold  Mines, Limited, for the full amount of  their wages. The management had deducted a portion of the wage due them  -in-pay menfrof theirraihvayfaTeS  Maud Stockton was taken to the asylum at New Westminster yesterday by  Mrs. Aid ridge.  The city taxes are being paid up avcII.  It is only about fifteen days since the notices Avere sent out, and something over  $4000 has been I'eeeiveel, Tliis does not  include a check for $1600, over which a  slight misunderstanding exists^ Tile total amount of.-taxes due is about $12,000.  The hook and ladder truck has been  fitted up so that 700 feet of hose can be  .���tarried in a box underneath tile ladders.  It is now, in fact, a combined hook aiid  ladder track and hose wagon.  T. M, Gordon, wlio opened fihe up-town  office for tire Dominion Express Company and avIio .afterwards was branferred  to Winnipeg, is spending his annual vacation in Nelson.  Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Byers will be at  home at Nelson after September 10th.  The Nelson Saw & Planing Mills  shipped four carloads of lumber to Poor-  man Siding yesterday, consigned to B. C.  Riblet, the tramway contractor.  It is rumored tliat the police commissioners intend to make a clean sweep  of the present police force.  George Mitchell of Kaslo is in Nelson.  He reports the rising commercial centers  of the north country, like Duncan City,  Lardo, and At'genta, as quiet.  According to the Rossland Minor there  is said to be a scanty of young Avomcn in  Nelson between the ages of 19 and 30.  F. .1. Weber, general manager of the  Steel Storage & Elevator Construction  Company of Buffalo, New York, 'passed  through Nelson yesterday "on his way to  Armstrong and Vernon, Avhere he Avill  erect steel elevators of a iioav pneumatic  pattern. '.-   .  The uniform. rank of the Knights of  Pythias gave a most successful ���-, dance at  the Knights of Pythias hall last night.  Passengers are complaining very much  that the conductor on the Spokane Falls,  & Northern train makes no announcement at the Mountain station, directing  those bound for Nelson to alight. The  result is that several strangers lately have  been taken round to the train depot' and  have had to walk a mile and a half .with  their baggage. ���      ���      ' .  The first carload of Calgary beer shipped to Kootenay AA'as received by Turner,  Beeton & Co. yesterday.  Excursion  Drawn by a Threshing Machine.  Erin, Ontario, August 30.���Today being civic holiday has been one of the most  successful yet held in Erin.    The weather  was rather warm, but on the whole'very  pleasant.    One of the chief attractions of  the day was Bogg's excursion from Alton,  managed by engineer Madill and conductor Boggs.   This excursion was a neAV and  original idea and Avas very laughable.    It  did not take the  railroad for its course,  as is customary,  but  took to the country   roads,    travelling    over   hills   and  through  sandy and   graA'elly. stretches,  reaching    here    about   11   o'clock.      It  consisted  of three  large 'canopy-topped-'  carry :alls hitched together in the form of  railway   carriages.  .-These ���'were- drawn  from Alton to Erin by a traction threshing engine.    The vehicles  Avere gaily decorated Avith  paintings of different'descriptions, and the'wheels adorned Avith  colored bunting.    The outfit presented a  unique appearance aud showed that the  thirty or forty Alton  boys who  rode in  this caravan had spared no time in making  it a  success.    The  day's sport consisted of horse races, boat races,  bicycle  races and a baseball game; Erin v. Alton,  resulting  in a  victory for the visiting  team.    Score 6 to 8.  CANADIAN NEWS BY TELEGRAPH  Caught Stealing Chickens.  Brampton, Ontario, August 30.���John  Butchart, avIio describes himself as commission merchant from Toronto, was  caught by farmer Fred Brown of Streets-  ville stealing his chickens. BetAA'een  Brown and the neighbors Avith shotguns  Butchart Avas captured and a wagon full  of chickens, including many Avhich -Brown  identified jis his. Butchart is waiting  trial.  Hamilton, August 30.���Con tracts haA'e  been let for the construction of a building at the junction of Lottridge street  and the Grand Trunk railway to be temporarily occupied by the Edgerton .Storage Battery Company. A larger building  is to be erected later. The company Avill  ���be capitalized-at $500,000. The factory  will be a branch of the Philadelphia company. The Hoefner Zinc Refrigerator  Company Avi 11 shortly erect-ii. large fac- :  tory in the vicinity of the same works.  "   *  MoNTRBAr,, August 30.���JamesJ. Herrfs  bert, the missing cashier of the Villeg  Marie bank, is believed to be in/LondpiV/  England. Chief --Carpenter has sent/a;i��  photo and full description over, but no-;  information has yet been received. /���//  Woodstock, August 30.���Mrs. WjUter |  Atkinson, avIio had been poorly for some i  time,  died .very   suddenly   on   Sunday  ;  evening  on  hearing from a neighbor'of  the serious illness of her  brother, Leon-;  ard Kitch.   The brother has since died.  -M  Toronto, August 30.���Mrs. Charles Ed-/  Avards, Avife of the guard at the  Central  prison,, fell  iu a fainting fit on the exlii-;  bition grounds yesterday and died in a>-  feAV minutes from heart failure.    '  Baron Grant Dead.  London,    August   30.���Baron   Albert  Grant,- the company promoter,--is dead.  Bis title Avas conferred upon him by king  Humbert in  1868  for services ini connection Avith the Victor Emanuel gallery at  Milan.    Grant Avas the Hooley of h|s day  Grant was best known iu coniil^ttc%!Av;i1il^  the Emma silver mine scanda ll��^?Cl|eieanp^  ital Avas fixed at a million slili^s^uf*Ji2'0?  sterling.    Three  members 'of^jj^^lii^i^fll^-  AA'ere'on the board of dircctoij|;��jfed^pJ3^i  ert Gumming Schenck, the UiliteH^SltfMH  minister to.Great Britain, Avri^i^s@-"4"^|"^  rector. Before-the actions broiighfea%au.S^  Grant and   directors  Park -and/:St��wart*  > were decided,  Grant failed, aiid^B|ffitf>i'ug|'  tees appointed   by  the  cour^l'e^l^'^yd^;,  with the proceeds of Giant's qst{i$^v��**pu'l  ing the days of his i)irospcritj?".0r"an^in?ei1  sented Leicester  square, to tffildQjtat4=  cost of JC50,000 (sic), and buil^^tgiiifiv'  cent Italian  marble  palace jit .a!%Ost*Q&"  ��i,ooo,'ooo. -*,'������ V..-."."'-";  A German Press Opinion.* /" "  Berlin,     August    30.���-TheX 'NeBes'te;  Nachrichten, Avhich reiterates* yjfef. "decja-i.  ration regarding European neif|%lxfcy iin/  the event of hostilities in  the T^ws^aal,-  says: The Boers should have f6}t^iij;;tiie;  epics tion on tlie basis of tlie-BfoeinfonV/  teiu discussion.    The anti-Boer feeling iii:  Great Britain Avould pass away if. Great"  Britain's demands were granted..    Fkliice  Avithout Russia cannot stir a fingerj and  Russia Avill   not.    Austria -Hungary de-  clarefl-iicutrality-in���lS9(;,-aiRt=Italy=vvilf  do nothing.    Firmly convinced that the  German  government Avill  maintain  the  strictest neutrality, Ave consider it all the  more our duty to  Avarn  the Transvaal  against a destructive policy.  Toronto, August 30.���The Thirty^  second annual meeting of the Canadian /;  Medical Association 'opened in the Noiv- V:  mal school this morning. About 400: /  delegates were present from the various ?  sections in the United States and Gaiiiida;/;  One of the most important matters dis-//  cussed will be that of inter-provincial/  registration hi Canada, the prinripal diffi- /  culty in the Avay of Avhich is the Ioav//  standard adopted by some of' the minor xl  institutions in Quebec. '.���'-',     ''./'/��� ��� ^-.v-//^;-Kv/  '. ' ---'-     ��� ~      ~-    ~^    '.:- ':   : ' ~ /'-'������ /-,   ���'. '/.7^/''''''/7  Toronto, August 30.��� A- man nanieid;|t  Ross arrived yesterday-from;. South;Afri^xS  ca, where he went from Torontotwenty-.5||  six years ago;;   NeAvs7 of his death caine^  /i?%|  lit!  'Efpf  j^s;t^i^  :..Haetfifr$;.-^^  ;3a*tpn^px^%t^  ���panyv -kf(fe. tjieiBl/western^- grai ft%3AsMes> "S#��a<  ��� eapoei t& ofi%SblWlls^^^^  ^^l^^^^^f^^%r��0^��^  fttrikers^au-fl^  ^  Since"   Jutiey  A Drawn (Jame,.  LivISRi'OPL, August 30.���In a cricket  match between the Australian and !>ui-  citfihiro elevens, which began liei'O on  Monday, the Australians in the Ill'sit in-  uings today were .'ill out for 140 runs.  Ijiinca&hire in their first innings yesterday woi'e all otit for IS4 riuis. The Lancashire team declared their second innings closed .after they luul scored 07  runs, with no Avickets doAvn. At the  close of play the Australians in their  second innings had, scored .3(5 runs, for  one wicket down, and the match. Avas declared a draw.  Japan Paramount in Korea.  London, August 30.���The Shanghai  correspondent of the Times, wlio recently  visited Korea, telegraphs that lie lias  found Russian ascendency completely  supplanted; by Japanese. He does not  believe that -the new influence will be  easily displaced. The correspondent  says: "Tho .Japanese iu Korea encourage  reforms. They in cot every Russian move  by a counter move, and multiply Japanese  interests in every direction with enormous rapidity."  Swedes Won't Fight.  Capmtoavn, August 30.���At a meeting  of the Scandinavians of Johannesburg  just held only two of them voted in favor  of forming a -volunteer force in case of  Avar. A. deputation of Uitlanders has  called upon the British agent at Victoria  regarding the great depression. A merchant whose-stock is valued at ��40,000  said his daily sales now were about JB8.  ^808;i;-^i^t^toj-sor||-^da;  ��� witter .��ii,e,tj6ry��� ihas^ i-efeiyld8:^^ ^MallOiis*!  .d.ftfflJ.W.TBpfifri^ ... . ���������...  : faet^y-sjail ha^"p.ftluiii|l;$0,$&  of Hale von wafe'irTni_oici^;,r"' v\ r^y^s'd^^M^M  A meeting Or-ipe .police '-'QOiEnitfT^  Was held- yestel'diiy ;fo> tli^^puj^Hj'^&fli^^^^f/i  cei'taining AA-Jiitt'^'teps, .s,hmil;cf''b'$^  cheek the. 'Operatmns; 'Of-jthe 'on^,l'____[o?_s____k-l  4'uivne=be0n^ma#iu-'g-fVe^  the Baker street niercllanfcs for ther}n$$f ^f%i"'"'  two Aveeks. Ju;.stt >A'hat coiiclusl^ui tii%7v^ic  commissioners arrived at Was not niade/.;��'V  public save tliat no change aviIL be niitcje^s^'i  in the police force w.lli'diSiij'tOtl-j-epi'.l^t.v.;^?^  has apparently been unable to cajtefe t-h%�� t&p$\  'Culprits. o "'-*" *i"^;fr  The iii'st section- of the aerial; i>dpeWfty;" ^^p ;  counecting the1 Exehecjucr ijiine witll &ffi�� * IJ-  Ifiill Mines ti-ainAvay; avivs cbiniileteityt'SJ 'f.!3  tiM'day. . Tliis sectioii fe SOjO1 fcetrl^Jllg"aiid:"jJ^,[  if; g-ave every salisfacjtioii,   The second    "}'\-&  Hoctiou, Avhich Will   be   i\ha\i\s  700 feet   '.��*��"��:*  long, will be eoiupleted  wi^'liiu, the njfxiS      :" ���*  few days.    The likclietfuar  itopewity is a "���  very simple affair* but wten. l'luuiiug the ����j  'mauageiii-eii'l: .expects to be able  to nun'o ��.  the oi'c I'ioin the mine, to tlie Hall   Mines  tramway for s30 cents per  tan.    The fii'-st  shipment from the Bxcheqitei|1A\rtn bo put  over the  ropeway  by  the loth of September.   The Venezuelan Arbitration,  Paris, August 30.���-At the session today of the Anglo^Veue/.ueIan boundary  'commission, sir Robert R. Reid, Q.C., former attorney-general, continued his argument on Ijehalf of Great Britain. He  said he had examined carefully the contentions in the Oregon case of 175)2, and ���  the Louisiana controversy of July 5th,  contending that the rights of the United  States commissioner Avere identical Avith  the United States, and lie urged that  Spain and Venezuela Avere not .entitled  to claim special rights over the Dutch  and English.           The Kaiser at Prague.  Praciltb,' Bohemia, August 30,���"Env  peror William arrived here today On his  Avay to the manoeuvres. He addressed  crowds of Germau Czechs and expressed  his good wishes for the future of  Bohemia. 2  riTE TRIBUTE:  NELSON, B.C.. THURSDAY,-AUGUST 31, 1800.  i-   %   i  I-'M  i.  t1  ���-S'.S*0^  ���^���^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  ���?=>���(=>  New  %  m  m  New Dress Goods  Hosiery  Kid Gloves  Mantles  Top Shirts  Lace Curtains  Chenille Curtains  EVERYTHING  INEW  IIN  FALL  GOODS  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  ct  cc  a  C(  a  %  BANK  OP  B. O.  BUILDING,  NELSON.  ������&  ���&Z^^Jl^l <^l��2^&.> <&����.  #  %  %  M  &.&&&&&&&&&&15:&fs:&&&&:&&:&&&^:&  Plaster of  NELSON HARDWARE OO.  Baker Street, Nelson.*  SOCKS AT  MEN'S OUTFITTER  Sign of the RED  HAT, Baker St., Nelson  ABOUT 100  DOZEN PAIRS  OF SOCKS TO HAND  OUR HEAVY ALL-WOOL  ARE A SNAP  J. F. WEIR  Dailv Edition First Ykak, No. 201  Wkkklv Edition Seventh Ykak, No. :vi  .Toijn A. Turner, government agent at  ; NelsqnJ lias tendered liis resignation, to  ' takC'CtTcct not later than September SOLli.  Mr. r Turner, accepted ,tho ollice - much  against fhi��� will, and' Avill lea\Te it  with bhe record nf,Jiaving attended to the  government's business on stiiclly business  lines, as far as the regulations would permit of his doing so. There Aviil, no doubt,  be many applicants for the position.  . Tun opponents of the Semlin  govern-  - +  ment are clamoring Cor a conference, to*  "be held at Kamloops. Wc would suggest  ,. that the Nelson district delegates to the  conference be J. Roderick Jlobcrtsou,,  head push of tho Mine Managers' Com-,  bine,. and the one Sudbury miner re-'  maining at "work in the Ymij' mine. ;  . 'Ai/DKRMAN 13iokr insists that his fool  ideas shall be incorporated into bylaws,'  and the other aldermen all seem to be!  .willing that the city should suffer from-  his foolishness.  PETER GENELLE & CO.  Headquarters for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  Gold Production Increasing.  There is a marked activity in gold production in all the Australian colonies this  year, and evei-y one of them sIioavs a considerable inci'Ciise over last year's output.  The gains have been greatest in Western  Australia and Ncav Zealand ; that in the  f'ti'st mimed'' colony coming chiefly from  the mines in the Jvalgurlicdistrict;'while  in New Zealand the developmentn Avork.  done during the past tAvo years in.1 tlie  ITaui'Laki and other districts is beginning  to show results in bullion. The returns  of all the colonics for June arc not yet  available, but for the five months ending  with May the reports show this year a  total of J,1*508,130 ounces, an increase of  22.(* por cent over the coi-rcsponding  period in JS'JS. Jn several of the colonies  these returns arc based "on tho exports, so  th.at the actual production Avas fully  J.,(>00,000 ounces. ]f the same ration of  increase is kept up through  the balance  THOMSON'S  The Wall Paper House  OF THE WEST  The difference, between the Judge aiid the'  Eishyp-i)iay-be="        ��~���-       --==^=  of 1890, the gold returns l'oi* the year  from Australia Avill produce a total of  .'j*7(;,0<)(),00(). It is possible that the later  months Avill shown hnver rate of increase,  but the prospects for a lui'gc production  are favorable, especially as there have  been rains in several parts of the Austi'a-  lian continent, Avhich have sun'erc<l  severely from drought dining the past  three years. A good supply of water  will mean a large production of gold.  Napoleon and the Cobbler.  On Napoleon's arrival at Mars-la-Tours  the mayor, a farmer, tried in vain to  make the speech that he had prepared.  Bowing and scraping, he stood fascinated  by lionapartc's sci'utini/.ing black eyes���  .an unhappy squirrel in the ga/.e of-the  rattlesnake. Close behind the trembling  mayor stood an old shoemaker, iu figure  a true Don Quixote, clad in his working dress. "Why don't you speak, you  fool?" he muttered from time to time  to his leader. At hist his patience gave  Avay. He pushed the mayor aside, advanced, Avith his left hand removed his  greasy -cotton Uightcap, with his right  lifted the horn spectacles from his nose,  made his bow and delivered the oration :  "Emperor, you arc on your Avay to thrash  tlie IVussian rogues once more. 1 hope  soon to see you rctui'ii crowned Avith  glory, and J Jni/vc nothing "more to say,  but that Cajsar and Alexander Avere  blotches iii comparison' Avith you."  The emperor laughed and inquired of the  old -man Avhethcr lie had .any sons. "Yes ;  four Avere in the army���two- of these in  the guards."-��� Their names Avere taken  down, .and the honest shoemaker.. soon  saw them raised to the rank of officers  and found himself provided Avith a comfortable pension.  They Know Each Other.  Toronto Telegram.  Canadians and Americans are nearly  always able to bring off sporting events  Avithout tlie slightest suggestion of ill-  feeling. The Englishman expects to run  his contests with the American on a basis  of Anglo-Saxon good fellowship. The  Canadian makes no such -mistake, but  goes in expecting to get the Avorst of it if  he does not take care of himself, and by  hard-headed'common sense in the beginning averts the misunderstandings Avhich'  have embittered the concluding phases-of  so many contests betAveen the representatives of England and the United States.  #  <z>.(Z?.^. (^>.<^.<S .(S>.(Z>.Cg. *=='���!�����  ��:%?& g^fe S^S^ ^@:  ANDALUSIAN  AND SHETLAND  WOOLS  4-PLY  BEE HIVE  WOOLS  m  %*_.__*-9i��:**_*_:_.��*_^  FALL GOODS  JUST OPENED  FANCY AND PLAIN EIDER DOWNS, ENGLISH FLANNELETTS in plaid, pink,  blue, white, etc., also in FANCY STRIFES AND CHECKS, BOTH LIGHT AND DARK  m  ��  m  Y good washing colors  Dress Goods  \ib Ladies' Cloths in all the newest shades.    These goods are of just the right weight  ���av and texture to fit and hang nicely.   We have them in medium and good qualities  $  3  ��  m  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  Black French Crepons  For handsome dresses and separate skirts  BLACK AND  COLORED  WOOL  POPLINS  WHITE TIBET      WHITE IMITATION BEAR  For Children's Coats  Navy and Black Serges     New Goods Arriving Daily  Fred Irvine & Co.  .VICTOEIA   BLOCK,   B-^-ECEJ-R   STREET,   XfT^T^SOJST,   13.'C    - - '     -  m  ���m-<  #  *���  #  Si  mmmmmmmmmmmm^m^fmmm^^^  ^��3-^-iff> ^5>-p5'i=>^3'e5^ T^.-��5\-& r^.^T^/ T^T^T^ f^T^T^<  tliatrthe���Jtidge call  c_L_k^  INCORPORATED 1670.  We have just opened up a,  consignment of Cigars consisting of the following stand-.,  ard brands:  i i  Bock Superfinos j  Bock Conchas i  Bock Puritanos |  Henry Clay Conchas Extras':  Henry Clay Puritanos  TJpmann Conchas  Triumfo Conchas  La Lola Conchas  SPECIAL ATTENTION  Have just received a consignment of ITm-ris Jiomo  made tweeds from Talbot Hum's, Scotland.  FEED J. SQUIBE, Baker St. Mm  The supply in limited, so call early and examine this stock.  Do You Want One?  If you want a stylish perfect fitting suit, made of the  best cloth ever imported to J*JcJkod, leave your order  with mo.  Six hundred dollars worth of new goods now waiting your inspection.   I guarantee satisfaction or no nale.'  WHAY  say  - ���   yon  ha hanged," while tlie Bishop; Can say "you  be daiuucd." On tlie other hand when the  Judge says "you bo hanged," you ai'e hanged,'  .Next to the value oflcfed, the most marked.    peculiarity of our Wall  WHAT THE JUDGE  AND  Tf(E BISHOP SA.Y  Riper is that when tlie  Judge has made his  selection and says "you  bo hanged," it is  Iirtnged; jtot even tlie  cheapest gisades giving  trouble. There are papers that arc* beyond  the jurisdiction of the Judge asui come mxlcr  tliat of tlio Bishop.    Tliei'e is an art in avoid-  0  carry^a  Domestic Cigars at prices]  to suit all trade.  M  &  SUITS $25 J. R,  Nelson's up-to-date Tailor, next Kootenay Colfee Co.  Cut Prices is the  Order of the Day  And I want lo bo in it. I have just received  ____|_dI,___Sa-nipI^__iol_=^Suitiliigs==iiJid=is01voi'-^  CbatinKS' ropre'i?entihg a $50,000 stock to  choose fi-bm niadc to your order at p ices  neverbefore heard of in Nelson. AJ-l'lho latOlit  fads in Fancy Vcstiiijts fop Fall and wintori  Tlie Nelson Electric Tramway Co., Ltd.  LOTS FOR SALE  ON EASY TERMS  FOR SALE  BUSINESS AND 11ESIDBNTIAL  PKOPJSKTY-  0  West Baker Street;     Tclophoiie 18.  Wo mako a spbcfalty ot  Sf|jpfap arid Double Dressed Material  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Shingles afjd lath Kept in Stock  Ofllco and yard near C.P.K. depot   E. G. BKEK, Agent.  ing this kind  -this art has been our study.  ANNOUNCEMENT  Having leaned the bu.fiiiCKs of the Nelson Soda Walor  Factory. I am prepared La supply the trade with all kinds  of cnrboiintttd and aerated waters. Family orders Kolici-  tcu.   Proxnpt dolivory.-  'Thomson Siationepy Go,, M  ���N'SXjSo'isr, as. C-  ���I'Ex.'BaPHroisrE  136  During the, (Season wo will deliver ice al. private residences  and business lionses daily in any  desired quantity at easonraWo  prices.  WILSON & HARSHAW  room of yours needs  "freshening up" for the winter months.  L Pope  JtANUFACTUKKIt OP  Factory on ���  ��� Hoover street.  N. M. CUMMINS  HEAVY TEAM HARNESS  EXPRESS HARNESS, PACK HARNESS  SAUDJjKS, WHU'S, Id'C.  *xv^._si*)    stir-eeio?,    asrauLsoosr  ^^ x3. jRCDBiisrsoiq1  ��� (Kx-ShoriJT of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Canh advancjd on coiisjgumentH of merchandise).  Vostofllco Box &72 Nelson, B. C,  can give us the size (length,  breadth, and height of ceiling)  of .the room, or rooms,  We  will do the rest: In price,  beauty of design and quality  Oar Wall Paper  bargains will: surprise you.  Canada Brag and Book Co,,  Corner of Baker and Stanloy Streets, Nolson    -  STYLISH   DRESSMAKING  'COSTUM'KS FOIl Ahh OCCASIONS  .   FUHNISHKJ) ON SHOUT NOTICE.   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Special attention given to All kinds of repairing and  custom work from outside points.  Shop:   Hall Street, between Baker and Vernon, Nelson  FIRE, MFB, AOOIPPNT ANp SldKNESS  REAL BSTA'JWG) AKB LOANS.  TO UCT���Soveral Iipuhom of (HJJci-ont, hI/.ch.  KO-U' ^AtK,*-lteftl UHtiito in all ftArts of tlio city.  1176 Hiiro Street, Vancouver, B. G.  "Vir^___R_ID BEOS.  Ileal K^tiito and General Agents, Baker St., Nelson  Charles A. Waterman & Co.  __CU^TOJVIS-BROKERS -  AUCTiON   ERS  BML ESTATE and 6HMBALiaT|S  Baker Street, Nelson  FIRST DOOR WEST BANK B. C. BUIbDING.  ��� �� e  BOYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS.   .    .    .   .   ���.  Boarding iilid (lay Hchrol for ffirls will ro-ojten on tho  15tli day of AnjjiiKt;, VniatnutfiH tot boivnler.-). For tornm,  and prostiectiw attitly to   MABKMOlglS^lili. ICBltiN-, Principal  APPLICATION   TO   PUBOHASE   LAND,  Notice is liei-ftby given that thirty rtayw nflur dutey J,  tho uudersignud, iiitoiid fo ��JM>ly to thu clilof c(mimi>  Hioner of liuuisand wol'k.j, Vietoriii, H. 0., for tlio pnr-  ehitse of tlio follow lug (lowei'ibod piece of land, ��ilunto on  the Nelson wide of Koolumiy i-ivt'l-, and being about seven  miles up fruJn NuIkoh: Coinnienetiignt it pout marked  "(���co. V. Tnnslall, JiiniorV B. W. Ciinnjr"; Hlciicu east  eighly chailisi thence norlli focly uhains tu vvboro lovv-  watcr mark is; nnd then follo-vlng the slimosltieH of tho  shore lo the point of conmieiicoihont; all containing,  more or Icrr. KlOaarc.--. G.KO, 0. TUNSTAUv, J K.  August 7tli, JS!W.  UNION   MADI3  Kootenay Cigar lanfg. Co.  Nelson, British Columbia.  MINERS WANTED.  The Tangier Mine. Limited, Albert Canyon, on the  main line of the C. I3. It., 'tl miles east of Kcvelstoke, ro-  quires six good minors,   H'ogea ya���50 por day.  BOOT AND SHOE  NOTICE  Tlio undersigned liaving purchased I ho Wftslonkn siock  of Boots and Shoes, they will bo i-old at greatly reduced  jn-iccs.   Repairing done at old prices.  CIKOKGK 1). MlM.KIi,  At Maslonlta'H old stuml on Hal! street.  Nelson, August; 23rd, 18!��),  ONE DOLLArXlOAB  Tho undci-gigned ha.*) a largo quantity of fir, cedar, and  tamarao slabs, in IB-inch ami 1-foot lengths, suitable for  stovo wood, which will bo Hold for. $1 a load at tho mill  yard.  vT    NKLSON SAW & PLANING' MILLS, Limited.  .VelHOn, Augijst 19th, JKJ��.  Two 161s with U-o-stoty ilioiiso on LaUiiior:  street, near Josephine ..,��1800  Terms:   $1200 cash, balance on mortgage,  faixly-u'crc I'.lneh, nino iniles from city on lake  shore   ;.... ., iSjooo  One-half cash, balance on mortgage.  On loan cbndijious aro the cheapest and best  pllercd, You can repay at any time without  bonus).  British Columbia Permanent Savings & Loan Company,  Globe Savings & Loen Co., Toronto.  I*ISrSX7-K-A.i^O*E3  "Pire, Life, Accident, and Sickness,  OAJVIB'L^JB ��SrO��RE!lwUYs, Ajgts  Baker Street West, Nelson, B, C.  Lots for Sale  .$550' will purchase a choice residence corner, 100 by 120  feet.  $2100 will purchase a central let and residence.    "     ���'  $Jl��(�� will  pureluiRo two nice lots and shanty, Robson  street, Hume addition.  SSOOO will purchase four nico lots and residence.  10,000 Pooled Fairmont 4 cents.  Blackcock (Ymir) shares 20 cents.  5000 Utica at li cents.  ALEX STEWART   Turner & Boeckh block, Nelson, B. C.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing-120 acres of land within ono and a  quarter miles of Nelson.  For further  particulars apply to  FRBD   J,   SQUIRE,   NeJOOIl,  9,'C  ��� ^>niA^.*f^fl> THE  TRIBUNE: NELSON, B. C, THURSDAY, AUGUST 31, 1899.  3  BaikofIontbeal  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATHCONA AND  MT   ROYAL, Prosidont  Hon. GRO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President  B   S. CLOUSTON Gonoral Manager  ���N-'ELSO'ISr   BH^-ISTO-EC  N.W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on S^aguay, U. S., Atlin,, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^on, District.       nBANCHKS IN       LONDON  (England).   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO  and in tlio principal cities in Canada.  Buy. and sell Sterling Exchange and Cablo TranRfors  GKANT COMMKKOIAI, AND TKAVKI.T.KI18' CKKDIT8,  availal>Io in any part, of tho world.  DKAFTS I8SUBD    COW.KCTIONS MADK; KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRKNT RATJS OK INTKRISST PAID  THE STONE Y CREEK BATTLEFIELD.  The Dominion government with commendable  liberality  has    been  building  monument's on the different battlefields  of 1812-13, to do honor to the patriotism  and "bravci-y of the men  who fought in  the defence of this fair Canada of ours.  The minister of militia and defence, Dr.  Borden,  gave   notice  that   the sum   of  $2500 hail been voted for a monument to  commemorate the battle of Stoney Creek.  The    Women's   Weutworth    .Historical  Society oll'ei'ed to donate.a site for the  monument, and that oiler, was officially  accepted.    A few persons who opposed.a  site on the Gage farm claimed it was not  the real-site of the battle.    Tho fact had  . never been questioned'before, but it lias  -.resulted  in bringing to light many new  facts and proofs of the correctness of the  Gage site.    The' write!-,  who  is-.corres-  .ponding seci'etary of the society, has had  much   valuable  information   given  vher,  that she would probably never have received had .not recent events set people to  talking and 'recalling what they knew on  the subject.    The Into Daniel Dewey, wlio  died in 1SS7, at the age of ninety years,,  came to Canada from  the United States  in   ISIS, five  years .after the battle.    Jn  coming   from   Niagarti   to   Hamilton   lie  stopped to examine tho battlefield.    Jlis  children  and   grandchildren  have  often  heard him describe the place as it was  then,    lie found bullets and bullet holes  in the Gage house, and also in the throes  and ���fences, and said  the.hotiso and sur-  roundings plainly showed .the effects of  the battle.    A gentleman now living in  Toronto, who used to visit tho Gage farm  -\ when it boy, described a very large chest  ? .,which stood on   the   verandah that was  used to store the blankets and heavy bedding in summer.    After tlie battle it was  found to be riddled with bullets, inanyof  them being found lodged in tho bedding.  The late Hon.  William Hamilton Mor-  ritt, M.l\ for Lincoln, district of Niagara,  was  a   lieutenant  in   the   2nd   Lincoln  militia.    The following extracts from his  journal will bo of* interest at this time:  "A reconnoisance  by   colonel  Harvey  and coronet Mclvenney revealed the fact  that the enemy were encamped  for the  night at Stoney Creek.    On their return  to .Burlington  Heights,  near   midnight,  when Mr. Morrittand a number of officers  were lying asleep on the grass, a- suggestion was made, either by coronet JMuLCcn-  noy or ensign George,  that it would be a  good idea to attack the enemy in camp  and surprise them before daylight showed the i-eal state of their numbers.    Colonel Harvey approved of tho plan and  proposed it to general Vincent, who after  ==a^i_ttlexliilikonU'i<>ii-procee(.led_t()-cai'!w-it  into cll'ecti"   Mi'. Merritt say.fi, "In  the  dead silence of a \varin siininier's night  tlio order to advance was quietly given,  aiid never were preparations for a deadly  givlpple with iln invading foe more heartily-received'.    It has been truly and eloquently Said that the battle of Stoney  Creek w.'is neither a Waterloo ilor an f u-  .kerinan, but >that the issues at Sttlfee for  the men of the Nisigai'a peninsula Were,  everything equal, ����s it" por tail t in their  results as tho success of the Most dearly  won field that ever the eonqueroj-s rcstitid  .tipoui't   Mr; Merritt in his journal of the  war gives the following account of the  .light:   "The. order   came to. move forward; W(3 had to march six mites before  *\ve eanie tip to their pickets; our force  consisted of only five hundred wen, with  one field piece in the rear, which Was of  no.manner of use.   All my hopes depended upon this bold enterprise, for liad we  not 'attacked them they would liave advanced thenext morning, and in all probability we should have retired without  risking an action, as our force was not  oue.-third  of  theirs.     Proetoi'   and   the  whole upper 'Country would hatfo fallen.  On our arrival at Davis's we heard a report of a gnu from their picket; the detachment halted, formed   into  sections  and  the loading  was drawn   from  bach  guii.   The right companies of the  '10th  King's were in advance; .general Vincent  and staff at the head of the column in the  rear.    I  was   attached   to  him   for the  night.     The,, enemy were encamped  on  Gage's fields," in   a   very   advantageous  position; two thousand of their men were  on the hill to the right of the road, and  five hundred in a lane on  the left, in advance of their artillery, which  was situated on a-hill directly in front of the mud  that our troops must come; their pickets  nearly half a mile in advance, also in the  woods. These Ave made prisoners without giving alarm. On our entering the  clearing .-Ave. wore fired on bythe second  pickets, avIio Avere more alert. The five  hundred on our left Avere the first that  were discovered.  "General Vincent ordered a .charge, .and  our men set up a tremendous shout, Avhich  continued along the whole line, and Avas  the.cause of throwing the enemy Into the  greatest disordei' aiid confusion imaginable." Our  two  light companies of the  49th  routed the five hundred before.the  main body had time to come up.    Coronet George was by my side, and told me  tho fight was OArer and the victory ours.  ���I happened to cast my eyes around and  discovered' the   fires   of the  main   body  which   I showed  him.    Colonel   Harvey  and tho officers were using every exertion  to get  the men formed Avhen the enemy  opened  a  most   tremendous fire  on   us  from   the   hill,    and    likewise    opened  from    their    guns     on     the    opposite  side.     Our     men   - Avere    dispersed    iii  every   direction,   and   had   not   colonel  Pendorlethe, Avitli . thirty  men,  charged  and captured their guns, we should have  been completely defeated.    I never heard  so rapid a discharge of musketry; the hill  was ji continual sheet of fire.   .However  af ter capturing their .artillery'and both  their generals, they thought proper tore-  treat from the field.    At the appearance  of daylight  Ave: foIloAved their example,  fearing that  Avhen they discovered our  force they would reneAV the.attack.  "After Ave left the field, colonel Harvey  desired nie to return, and if possible, find  major-general" Vincent,' supposed to be  either dead or wounded. Not thinking  of the enemy, I avii-s challenged by a sentry under old Gage's house. I Avas ou the  point of surrendering, as my pistols Avere  both in my holsters, Avhen I adopted the  stratagem of enquiring 'Who placed liim  there?' aiid rode up to him. He, by my  bine military coat, took me for one of his  oavh party, and answered, his captain  Avho had just gone into the house with a  party of men.' T then enquired if he had  found the British -general aud pulled out  my pistol, which made him drop his gun.-  At that moment a man Avithout any gun  ran'down the hill: I called him; lie came,  When T had the good fortune to secure"  botli and bring them off. This stratagem  succeeded once before or I should not  have thought of it. The enemy retreated next morning, folloAved by chwes of  Indians and militia, Avho ou hearing of  the fight gathered from all points.  William Hamilton Merritt was a son of  Thomas Merritt, Avho came to Canada in  179(5. having seen the proclamation of  goA-ornor Simcoe offering settlers faA'or-.  able inducements in the province of Upper Canada, and avIio settled ou lot 20,-  fourth concession Niagara district, on',  TAVolvo-mile creek. W. H. Merritt Avas'  born in 1793, and AA'as three years old;  when his parents came to Canada. Iuj  1S0O* he was sent to Mr. Cockerell's school!  in Burlington, Avhere he received lessons-'  in mathematics, surveying, etc. He  served through tho Avar of 1812-13. Although his home AA'as always in St. Catherines he took an active part in the af-  fa irs of Canada. He_was_the_originator  old and continued as long as he liA^ed, is a  valuable historical record of early days  in Upper Canada.  When general Vincent and his army  retreated.from Port George, they marched along the road parallel to the Niagara  river to St. David's, and thence to IJnr-  lington  Heigths,  May  29th, 1813.     The  ground they occujiied embraced the western part of Avhat is now Hamilton cemetery, and where the barricade thrown up  by them still remains, the whole of Harvey, park and a portion of Dundurn park.  The handsome mausoleum of the late senator San ford is built on the top of the  part of the barricade which runs through  the cemetery.    Tho  position  of general  Vincent's army aviis perilous as they were  within forty miles of the American army  under  generals  Winder   and �� Chandler.  The night of the battle the ii()l) incn tinder general Vincent and.colonel Haiwey,  marched.down Avhat is now York street,  and  Main  street.    It AA'as a A'ery dark  night and they marched in silence and  perfect order.    When  they .reached the  Red Hill they niet the late Peter Gage,  then  a boy,  driving  home his  father's  sheep to hide them from the Americans.  Colonel Harvey questioned him about the  road to Stoney Creek, and he.told him of  the ravine running nearly parallel  with  the road.    The British marched through  this ravine until near the.enemy's, camp.  A British scout saAV a sentry standing'  near a tree and advanced towards .him.  and drove his bayonet through his body,  pinning him to the ti'ee so tightly he had  to -wrench the bayonet off. his,-musket to  regain it.    Next.morning the sentry Avas  found standing against  the :tree as   if  aliAre.    The    American countersign   Avas  obtained by Peter Corman Avho had been  taken prisoner but Avho succeeded in getting aAvay.    He gave^it to the celebrated  British scout, -William Green, avIiq at once  reported to colonel Harvey.   A grandson  of Peter Corman, W. E. Corman, is now  treasurer of the Stoney Creek Historical  Society.  My version of the origin of the name  Stoney Creek was given on the authority  of the "Historical Atlas of Weutworth  County," but Mr. Van Wagner, avIio is a  great authority on all matters pertaining  to Stoney Creek and vicinity, gives nie the  following account:  "For more than seA'enty years to my  certain knowledge the accepted spelling  has  been 'Stoney,'  until quite recently,  when   some  unwittingly   Avritc  'Stony.'  In  any event, seventy years  should be  sufficient  to establish  the spelling of a  proper noun.    However, the first settlers  ���Isaac Gorman, in 1791; Adam Green, iu  1792; and John   Galbrenith,  some  years  later,  ga\'e  their descendants, many of  whom.reside in the neighborhood, an account of their arrival at 'Stoney\s Creek.'  There,  tilling a small patch of clearing  sojourned a trader named Stoney, avIio,  Avhen     the   government     issued    land  patents, departed.    His  name, however,  has attached   to  the  locality  for  more  than one hundred .years,    ft is apparent,  therefore,   that  'Stony' does not apply,  the more so, as the locality is not particu-  lai'ly  stony.    But the world moves, 'tis  said.    Take as an illustration the agoni/.-  ,-ing Ni-ag-a-ra compared Avith tho sweet  old Ni-a-gar-a of the Indians and the early settlers." '  I have been fortunate enough to secure,  copies of the official reports of the battle  of Stoney Creek which the American officers furnished to the secretary .of Avar at  Washington, and I will give them in my  next article.  P. Bums & Co.  Head Office at  NELSON, B. C.  Wholesale and Retail  .  .   .   Dealers in Meats  Wholesale Markets at fielson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  Retail Markets at Nelson, K.islo, Sandon, Silverton, Now Denver, Ymir, Trail, Grand Forks,  Cascade, Greenwood, Midway, and Sirdar.    Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker street, Nelson E. Ci TRAVES, Manager  OltDKRS BY MAIL RECKIVK CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  NlALOjtE & TRFCILLUS  MINERS'  WORKINGMEN'S  MILLIONAIRE'S  At Prices That  "Removal Sale" Dealers  Cannot Touch.  PROPRIETORS  Front Doors  ' Inside Doors,  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish.  local and coast.  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Therefore  Avhen it is stated that during the past  foiii' weeks the Canadian Pacific handled  4427 tons of purely local incoming freight  to Nelson, and sent out 29.17 tons of local  outgoing merchandise, it must be admitted that business in Nelson is growing. The Canadian Pacific is doing a big  business on all its branches, save that in  the Slocan, and the returns there are  small by reason of the mine owners' determination towoik small forces anil  ship no oi'o for the present. Since the  .Boundary Creek blanch has been opened,  the Nelson niei'chants htwebeen foi'ward-  ing from three to five cat loads per Aveek  into Boundary, and avJioii the road is  through to Grand Forks and Greenwood,  the volume of business Avill bcc considerably increased. Freight Avill probably  be sent foi'Avard for Grand Forks by the  first of next week, and already there are  two carloads on hand aAvaiting shipment.  Work upon the construction of the gas  and coke Avorks is .si-ill dependent upon  the directors of the Hall Mines, Limited.  Although several weeks .have elapsed  since the gas and coke company arrived  at an agreement Avith the management  of the Hall Mines Avith respect to the  purchase of the site, the same has no:  yet been ratified by the Hall Mines directors, and construction of the plant is dependent upon such.  The collections of the 'port of Nelson  for the month of August Avill aggregate  about .$15,000. The month ends today  aud at noon yesterday the total collections Avere $13,73*3.30.  A rifle shoot is being arranged for  those avJio remain in Nelson on Labor  Day. It Avill be governed by the rules of  the Nelson rifle association and will be  open to everyone. Entry money for the  shoot Avill bo fixed so that it Avill pay for  the markers and the ammunition used.  Any person desiring to shoot should communicate with. C. E. .Beasley or N. T.  Macleod.  The Hall Mines, Limited, yesterday  shipped 347 sacks of copper matte to the  refinery at Ncav Jersey. There Avere 39,-  507 pounds in the shipment, Avhich aviis  valued at .$5582.  j Blake  Wilsoti^  returned  fi-oin  Grcen-  .Avood on Tuesday,    lie  says  that Paul  Johnson is the biggest man in Boundary,  and is known generally as Onr Paul.  Passage on the'North Gentian Lloyd  steamers, running out of Ncav York, can  now be obtained from C. E. Beasley.  Hitherto it has been impossible to book  passage here on that line.  W. F. Tye has been appointed superintendent of the Columbia & Western extension, Avhich runs from liobson to  Grand Folks. J. S. LaAvrence, who has  been trainmaster at Nakusp ever since  tlie Nakusp & Slocan road opened, has  been appointed trainmaster of the same  division.  On Monday tho Pacific Coast Bullet,  the new fast freight for Pacific Coast and  Kootenay points, left Fort William for  Dunmore. At this point the train is  split in two sectionsj one-going over tlie  main line to the Coasfr and the other OArer  the CL'oav's Nest line to Kootenay Laird-  iiig., The Ivboteiray section of the fast  freight Avill ti-avel the 1500 miles betAveen  Fort William and Kootpnay Landing in  101 hours which is it) rather good gait fdr  a freight.  Tlie   West   Kootenay   Brick  <te Lime  Company of Nelson yes tor* lay shipped  two carloads of brick to Poottnan station  on the Columbia ��fc Kootenay railway.  The brick Avhich were made in Nelson  aviII be used in the buildings Avhich the  Duncan Mines are erecting on their property.  William Sutherland Avas committed for  trial by magistrate Crease yesterday  upon the charge of stealing $2(>.25 front  A. B. Gray, in Avhose employ Sutherland  \Aras. The evidence showed that Sutherland had received the money on his employer's account and had not returned  the same to him. S. S. Taylor, Q. C,  avIio represented the accused, did nob  offer any evidence. Sutherland Avas admitted to bail, himself in $400 and tAvo  sureties in $200 each.  Some of the members of the city council are considering the advisability of  going to the rescue of local merchants  avIio desire to closet their business places  on Sunday, but are afraid of losing trade  thereby. The measure Avill probably  take the nature of a general Sunday  closing bylaAAr, prohibiting the sale of  everything save milk and drugs and  meals, Avliieh no one will observe.  The charge against Joseph BradshaAv  for assaulting John Howard was dismissed yesterday. The tA\o men had  made up their quarrel and the complainant asked that the matter be alloAved  to drop.  Charles Rutherford West, infatit son  of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. West, died yesterday and Avill be buried this afternoon.  The regular Aveekly drill of tho Nelson  rifle company Avill be held this evening.  A large attendance is particularly requested.  ' Frank Kennedy, the man avIio AA'as  caught under the bed above Morrison &  Cakhvell's on Tuesday, Avas charged with  vagrancy yesterday before the police  magistrate and remanded for three days.  Fred Meredith, the man found under the  sidewalk, was sentenced to $a and costs  or ten days.    The fine Avas not paid.  BUSINESS. MENTION.  Notice of Removal���Dr. R. .T. Hawkey  lias liiw ollico in Rooms i.and '.i Abci'iloon Klciulc.  For Sale���Lots  13  and  11,   block 42,  wit.Ii improvements.   Apply to R. 0. .Joy, Shir Rakory.  Wanted���^Private nursing by experienced nnr.se. (*"ln!i'|j;o.s reasonable. Address Al. S. A.,  Nelson, JI. C.  Counters,   shelves,   and   store-fixtures  foi sale.   Apply In Tli'oo. Madson, Jiakor strcol, N'oNon.  Furnished rooms to let.    Apply to Mrs.  lj. SI. JainoMMi, C'ni'iioy J'looU, Haker struct, west,   t  To Rent���Two stores orofneesntid basement, '-'."i by,VI I'ucl.nlsn t,wi)IiviiiK rooms on lirsl lloor,  opposite pnslollice on Victoria .strcol. l''or sale���Lots l.'t  and 11 block lie. $700; lnl 7 block I.i.i.ul.liliiin A, $-li-~>;  lols.l and 'li block ��. Apply lo \V. A.-.Jowuti, Victoria,  ^tt'cel, NeNon.  For Bent���The residence at ,tho corner  of Victoria anrl Ward streets, roccnliy occupied by \V.  A. iAl.iudoiiald.   Afi|)ly.loA. II. Clements.  Furnished Rooms ��� With baths and  electric lijjliI.   yiiica street, opposite IOnt;lKJi elmrcb.  AEOHITEOTS.  EAVARf & OARR1K���Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Aberdeen tilock. Raker street, Nelson. i  To Wide  Awake  Customers  Anticipating  the early  opening of a  prosperous  =seasonr  :ei  Beer  NEAR PORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  nsTEJOiSOisr  THE   FINEST   PLEASURE   RESORT  IN   KOOTENAY  Baker street, between Josephine and  Hall streets, Nulson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  RAKKRY IN CONNKOTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPKCIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP KMPLOYKD  ���B.      ECXT-Et-R-y,      F^O*E-'JRI-_i1'0_=i,  Palace   Bakery  Broad delivered to any part of tlio city.  Cakes, piustry, and confectionery a opcc'iiUy.  CRAWFORD BROTHERS  Next to Royal Hotel, Stanley Street, Nulson  we have prepared for  an unusually  great  demand for  goods by  personally  selecting a  stock  thati.will  undoubtedly  insure  large   sales and  increased   profits to  oiir customers.  The importations will comprise a  rare selection of Statues, Bronzes*  Clocks and Art Goods; also Fenders  and Fire Irons of all kinds. Manicure  and Toilet Articles in infinite variery,  covering a wide range of prices., E-very  well-known maker of American Clocks  are also represented.  While East Mr. Dover conferred With  the leading ahd most enterprising manufactures of gold and silver jewelry  and is having specially made the finest  stock ever gathered together for the  Kootenay trade. It is almost unnecessary to suggest the advisability of seeing these goods before buying elsewhere.  We make a specialty in our watch  department. As we only employ the  best watch makers. All work guaranteed. Orders by mail receive our  prompt attention.  JACOB DOVER, Jeweler, Nelson.  HAIR GOODS AM HAIB OBMMTS  Switches from $2 up.  MRS. J. A\r, KKARNKYhas opelicdu, Ladies Hair Dress;  inf? P-irlor in room 1, Vicroria block, NcIkoii. and is prepared to fn nihji everything- lit tlio way of Jiuir Kooda.  and Jmix tonics.  Treatment of tho tfculp a. specially,  A  LARGE  CONSIGNMENT  JUST  OPENED  We can supply you witl] Cartridges  TO SUIT YOUR RIFLE  Carpenter's Tools  A   FULL  LINE  SHELF HARDWARE  THE BEST ASSORTED  STOCK  IN THE KOOTENAYS  STOVES AND  KITCHEN UTENSILS  NELSON  Co.  KASLO  SANDON  Are You Going for a Holiday?  Why, yes;  on a fishing excursion and I intend to  .        buy my tackle from  The Lawrence Hardware Co.  .. Who keeps the best and cheapest goods in Nelson  WE STILL HAVE A FEW HAMMOCKS LEFT  which we are selling at a snap  ALL KINDS OF CAMPING SUPPLIES  The Lawrence Hardware Co.  Kirkpatrick <�� Wilson  14 WEST BAKER STREET  Telephone 10.    Postoffice Box K & W  mg  Mind  your P's and  Q's is all  right when  properly applied  What always applies to the careful housekeeper is  Your T's  Pay the strictest, attention to them and whereto buy them and you'll always have comfort  in the house.  We are having a big run on Teas lately; why not join the race?  FRUIT JARS!    FRUIT JARS?  Direct  from the manufacturer in pints, quarts, and  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  JOHN A. IRVING ��& COMPANY  Baker Street West, Nelson, B. C.  Strachan   Bros,  ���JRLXT'MI^'EIU��,   35070.  OPERA  HOtTSE   3BX.OOK:  jl&iiS^lrtr^^ -> ���


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