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 YESTERDAY'S COURT MARTIAL  A Drawn Battle.  Rennes, August 20.���Neither siTie was  pleased with the outcome of today's proceeding's before the  court  martial.    The  Dreyfusards   expected    colonel  Cordier,  who was deputy-chief of the intelligence  department under the late  lieutenant-  colonel  Henry,  would  testify   that  the  bordereau was received directly  by  the  late colonel Sandhorr.    Had   this expectation been fulfilled the testimony would  have been a strong point in favor of the  accused because it would have been  a  reply to the anti-Dreyfusards, who have  al ways contended that Henry received tho  bordereau, and forwarded it to Sandhorr,  a tiling he would not have done had the  bordereau    been,    as   the    Dreyfusards  assert, written by his accomplice 'Esterha/.y,    for    in    tliat    event   lie    would  have     recognized     the     writing    when  he    deceived      the      bordereau      from  the     German     embassy,      and      would  have suppressed it instead of forwarding  it   to  Sandlierr.    Colonel   Cordier,   however, testified today that he   was  absent  from the intelligence  department when  the  bordereau arrived, but that  he believed it was received by Henry.    Naturally this statement elated tho anti-Prey-'  fusards, but  the Dreyfusards  had good  reason to congratulate  themselves  upon  the remainder of Cordier's testimony as it  was wholly in favor of Dreyfus.    On tho  other hand the procession of the general  staff, who demanded  an opportunity to  confront colonel Cordier, was a good piece  of tactics from the  point of view of the  anti-Dreyfusards because, though all the  points they  contested  were  not of the  first importance, yet  their very  appearance on   the  stage and  their contradictions  of   some   of   Cordier's statements  left a disagreeable impression.    The appearance of general Mereier to question  .colonel  Cordier  came  as   a surprise  to  many  in   the   audience,   who had  supposed tliat  after  last  Saturday's scene,  'when    Mereier     was    confronted    with  captain     Freystaetter,    he     would     remain    quiet,.'   but     Mereier    is    game  to    the    death.     His    action    today   is  interpreted as intended to show that  he  is not going to throw up the sponge. The  part he played in 1S9-1 lays 'him open to  arrest, and this is a constant topic of discussion in the cafes and at other meeting  places  in  Rennes.    There  appears to be  an excellent reason.why the government  would not take any such  step  until the  trial is over.    Colonel Jonaust, president  of the court  martial, could  adjourn   the  trial indefinitely if Mereier, who is an important witness, werearrestod. If tho trial  were adjourned more than 'IS  hours, it  would lapse and the proceedings would  ��� have to be gone over again from tho beginning.  - Today's- attendance, was * the  largest since  tho  opening  of ihe  trial.  Everybody was on the qui vivo" to hear  the testimony of M. Charles de Sanies de  Freycinet, senator, former  premier, and  former minister of foreign affairs.     This  adroit politician, the "White Mouse" of  French politics,  sat upon   the  fence  as  well as  he could.    His  expression  of a.  fear that the  Dreyfus  agitation  would  injure   the    discipline    of   the    army,  greatly,     annoyed      tho      Dreyfusards  as   calculated   to   influence  the   judges  against the accused.    But he followed it  with a eulogy of the pioneer of the Dreyfus   campaign,   Scheur-Kcstnor,   former  vice-president of the senate, whoso character he said he held in   tho  highest esteem.   Maitre Labori then secured  another  concession,  favorable   to   Dreyfus,  by getting M. do Kroycinot to admit that  lie could not recall a single fact going to  prove that inouey liad, been sent into  Franco fi'oui abroad ,t0  promote a campaign in fa Vor of Dreyfus.   The general  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  CANADIAN NEWS BY TELEGRAPH  WEDNESDAY MORNING   AUGUST 30, 184)!).  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  In reward for this citizens of tho  United States are to have absolutely free  access to the Canadian fisheries, Avith  rights of landing to secure bait or to prepare the catch for the market. Great  Britain also consents to the modification  of the treaty regarding the building of  warships on the lakes in such a way as to  permit of the creation of a reasonable fleet  of modern ships to be built abovo Niagara falls.  Quebec coal is to have free entrance  over the New England boundary, which  will relievo tlie mills of that section of  their present dependence on Pennsylvania and West Virginia. In return for  this the western coal, including that from  the bituminous fields of Ohio, Indiana  ami Illinois, is to be admitted free across  the Canadian border.  feeling is* Ij^WjoVc^tlw^  ^ih^f|]rCWit1^sWtllTltI=has not materially  helped the counsel of the accused.  Modus Vivendi Reached. "  Washington, August 29���In spite of  .the apparent 'abandonment of the negotiations with Canada, itls learned on the  iMithority of aii official whose connection  with the bouiidary question has been  constant nnd confidential, that a secret  agreement hud been reached as the result of which a. temporary iirrangeniont  will be Jieconiplished before congress  meets in December. As tlio result of negotiations conducted frith the utmost  secix'cy assurances have been given tlie  American commissioners, it is said, that  if they allow matters to rest until after  the Canadian elections in October a temporary agreement will be readily reached.  lb is suggested that the basis of the new  modus viVendi has been sketched out and  practically agreed upon by the American  and the Caudaiah commissioners.  This temporary arrangement will provide that the Canadians shall have use of  a port on Lynn canal. Pyramid harbor  being the most likely one. The arrangement will provide, however, by means of  a special protocol, a distinct declaration  that this temporary occupation of a port  ���ou the Lynn canal by British customs  officials shall in no way affect the final  settlement of the boundary question, but  both British and American interests and  claims to be fully reserved. The use of the  port is to be temporary until the question  of ownership of the disputed strip is  finally settled to the satisfaction of both  countries.  Under this temporary agreement also,  Canadian white pine lumber, not dressed,  tongued or grooved, but including logs  and rough boards, is to be admitted free  into tlie United States.  MCPHERSON PJLEDCES SUPPORT  To the Eight Hour Law.  Special to tho Tribune.  Victoria, August 29.���MePherson has  signed a letter in the' News-Advertiser  intimating that the Colonist correspondent, whose catechism was printed the  other day, is a mendacious liar, and stating in general terms that the interview  misrepresented him. Tho letter is not in  MePherson's style, and possibly he was  not fully aware of its contents when he  signed it, but it thus commits him to the  eight-hour law and alien exclusion act.  "If the government make any attempt  to repeal the eight-hour or alien labor  legislation I shall oppose them. If they  leave this legislation alone and introduce  further legislation which I can approve,  I shall support them."  These are the two measures which Hel-  geson demands repealed as the price of  liis support, so that the government must  lose either Macphcrson or Helgeson, besides Higgins and Martin, which means  defeat. Macpheison does specify as incorrect any particular statement in the  interview, and the Colonist's correspondent has made an affidavit that all statements made,-are as made by Macpherson.  NELSON.  Tho team of the Nelson soda water -factory' ran away yesterday. The teamster  ran violently- after them, only to find  they had pulled up of their own accord  at their next-stopping place, 'opposite  Pete Emerson's saloon.  Tho Hall Mines, Limited, intend constructing a floating dock on Shrooder  creek for the convenient shipping of  limestone to the smelter.  The management of the Porto Rico  mine, near Ymir, made a shipment of  two bars of gold bullion on Saturday to  Seattle. There were 235 ounces in the'  bars, tho value of which was entered at  the customs as being $4003.  At the meeting of the license commissioners for the Nelson license district,  wliich wtis held yesterday, an hotel license was granted to John Gosgrove for  the Valley hotel near Ymir.  Tlie Merchants Bank of Halifax yesterday exported a gold brick valued at $700  to the United States mint at Helena.  This gold brick is the result of the treatment by the cyanide plant of the tailings  left over by tlie late management of the  Fern mine from the last run Of the stamp  mill,   JJoctorsIJoian and^HaH=yesterday^ad^  judged Maud Stockton, tho girl confined  in the city jail, as insane* She appears,  howevei1, to be slightly recovering, and  her destination is not yet decided  upon.  Thomas Burns, who recently got out  of the provincial jail here, was arrested  in Northport yesterday evening, and the  police expect he will be handed over to  tho provincial authoi'itiqs and brought  back to Nelson today.  Alexander Stewai't yesterday sold lots  1 and 2 block 5, in the Joshua Davies  addition for $550.  The street fail way company lias a gang  of 25 men at work laying the tracks on  Front street east of the city wharf. The  line will bo continued east past the city  limits to the Grove hotel in Rogustowu,  and then south, up Cottonwood street.  Tlie Hall Mines smelter has contracted  for a part of the output of the Center  Star mine at Rossland, and 00 tons were  delivered last week.  The attendance at the public schools.of  Rossland averages over 480 a day. Tliis  is a much better showing than is made  at Nelson. '  A general meeting of the subscribers  for the Merchants' Exchange has been  called for tomorrow evening in the  Bodega saloon.   It Will he Arbitrated.  Pricin, August 29.���It has been arranged between the Russian minister  here, M. de Giers, and the British charge  d'affaires, Max Ironsides, to submit the  Hankow incident to arbitration.  NEW DENVER LOOKS FORWARD  To Prosperous Times.  New Denver, August 28.���-Once tho  labor question is settled, this town will  enter Jipon a new era of prosperity, with  more assured resources than in the past.  The west slope of Silver mountain will  be the main cause of this, tho prospecting of the numerous claims passing into  the developing and permanent mining  stage. The stocking of the California,  work upon which will be resumed shortly; the successful developing of the Marion,, together with the operation of the  Hartney and Lost Tiger groups, will  bring this place to the front as it should  be. At the same time these properties  will give employment to many men and  encourage adjoining claim holders to  more thorouglily prospect their ground.  A wagon road from the Three Forks road  is being agitated to connect these properties with the town, the connection being  made near the Mountain Chief. An easy  grade is assured, with an estimated small  cost for a. good road. Down on the Lake  Shore events are maturing and shaping  themselves towards great things, in  which English capital will have no small  part.  Development on the Marion is proceeding with most encouraging results. In  the new drift a foot of ore is showing,  though.but a few feet under ground, one  shot oh Saturday knocking down fifteen  sacks of mineral. A crosscut tunnel to  gain greater depth ou the lead will be  commenced shortly. The California lead  has been traced down on to the Marion  and stripped for several hundred feet.  The owners of the Hartney group anticipate the bonding of their property  this Aveek to Nelson parties. There is a  difference of $5000 between those interested, which will be satisfactorily adjusted*  On the Arden group, above the Mountain Chief,,a" strong lead has been exposed, showing small bunches of galena. 0  Work is being continued on the Lost  Tiger group with the best of results.  Some fine ore is being piled on the dump.  - Things are looking-bright with the Arlington ou Springer creek just now. A  few days ago the drift from the shaft  broke into a splendid body of high-grade  ore, which has set everybody* in .good  spirits^'' The force is being gradually .increased. ' Tt is expected the company will  complete the wagon road to the mine this  fall, There aro some .-big developments  pending on the Arlington and vicinity,  _ P. Perkins, one of the'New Denver "con-  tingont prospecting in the Windermere  camp, is meeting with "pronounced success. He has located a free-milling gold  proposition, that carries about two feet of  quartz, giving the highest values yet obtained iu the district.  A. Tunks has a contract on the United  Empire on Ten-mile, die second claim  from the Enterprise on the north. It is  to be crown granted.  J. C. Harris is continuing the development of tho Wee-Wee Fraction, adjoining the Bosun. He lias a promising ledge  to run in on.  KOOTENAY MINES AND MINING  Breaking Away From the M. M. XT.  A contract has just been let to extend  the crosscut tunnel of tho Miller Creek  niino in tho Slocan another 100 feet.  Work is to be started upon this tunnel  at once and it is expected that the lead  will be struck within the next few days.  The Miller Creek tunnel is now in 30S  feet and it is thought that the face of it  is within 25 or 30 feet of the vein. The  contract has been let for the full 100 feet  in order to be certain of striking tho  Arein, however, much may be its dip. The  long tunnel avi'II strike the Miller Creek  vein''at a, point-far..-below the old workings. The original tunnel was run in on  the lead and for 108 feet it was in ore.  For that distance a solid body of ore,  three feet iii width, can be seen in the  bottom of the tunnel. It is impossible to  work in this tunnel, however, because of  the trouble with surface water. The  tunnel runs directly through Miller  Ci-eek, which has resulted in its being  subjected to a continual flow of wator,  preventing any kind of work. Work  has been suspended upon the Miller  Creek for some time, but the management, which is in Spokane, have decided  to break away from the Mine Managers'  Union, and work is resumed under the  contract system, and it is not probable  that there will be any further delays in  the development.  A Rumored Deal.  It is rumored that the Hennessey brothers have made a cash deal for their property on the Kootenay lake slope of Ymir  mountain. The figures are given out as  $100,000,  May Yet be Settled Amicably,  Mayor Neelands yesterday received a  telegram: from city clerk Straehau to the  effect that he had met EL Crowe Baker of  ^Victoila-on^Moudayt^and^tliscuSsed^tlfe"  matters in dispute between tliq city and  the Nelson City Land & Improvement  Company. The conference lasted over  two ho'irs and proceeded So satisfactorily  that Mr. Sti'achan is hopeful of securing  a solution of the dispute Which will be  acceptable to the city conncil. He lias  requested that the papers In the case be  again forwarded to him at Victoria and  the request was complied with.  Mining Operations at Moyie.  Moyiu Leaden*.  The Lake Shore mine never looked bet-0  ter in its history than at the present  time, forin all three workings there is  plenty of-high grade ore. The new air  compi'essor is working to perfection and  ,the men operating the machine drills are  (breaking ground at a rapid rate. The  large ore bin near the siding is well under way and when finished ore shipments will begin. For the present the  clean ore is being stored in the old ore  bin near the-No. 2 tunnel. It is now an  assured fact that the Canadian Gold  Fields Syndicate will erect a concentrator  this fall. At the present time there are  fifty-two men oh the syndicate's payroll  in. Moyie. Carpenters are now at work  putting up the jigst in the St. Eugene concentrator; . and the" painters areo giving  rthe building its first coat of painf?. R. K,  'Neil, the designer of the eoncentrntiv,  and John A. Finch, one of the largest  owners of the St. Eugene mine, arrived  in Moyie from Spokane this morning.  All Are Getting the Union Scale.  Encouraging reports continue to be received from the mines on Crawford  creek, back of Pilot Bay. T. G. Roy,  superintendent of tho Richelieu Mining  Company, writes The Tribune that the  mines of that company are not only  looking well, as are the properties of  other companies in the same neighborhood, but that all the miners working in  the camp are receiving tho union scale or  wages, that is,-$3.50 for miners and $3  for muckers working an eight-hour shift  underground. No underground men are  required to put in two hours additional  on the surface.  A Dastardly Falsehood,  DtnuyiN, August 29.-~J. M, Sinclair,  high sheriff of Donegal, committed suicide by shooting hiuisolf yesterday on  receipt of the announcement that his  daughter, IS years old, had been drowned  in another part of tlie county. The  latter story now turns out to be 'false,  and has caused an immense sensatiou in  the county where the family is most  prominent. The author of the falsehood  which caused the father to commit suicide is unknown.    Want Blake as a Leader.  Toronto, August 29.���-A strong movement is on foot amongst prominent Liberals iii, this city and throughout the  province to persuade Hon. Edward Blake,  M. P. for South Longford, to leave the  field of Imperial politics and return to  Canada to assume the task of directing  the affairs of-government in Ontario, becoming premier and attorney-general.  Was Not After Information.  Ottawa, August 29.���Hon. Charles  Fitzpatrick, solicitor-general, reached  here after his tour to England, this morning. He states that his visit was solely  for private business, and that he submitted no questions concerning the redistribution bill aud the senate to English;  lawyers or counsel.  Shore Question Settling Itself.  St. Johns, Newfoundljind, August 20.r���  wThe-gOvernoi^of-Newfouiidlandrsir^Hii'pdi  jtfeCallrini, in iin interview published today, says that during liis recent visit to  the French treaty coast, lie ascertained  that the number of French fishermen  there this year is less than ever before,  that the French lobster fishery is a failure and tliq French cod fishery much below the average. He believes tlie practical abandonment of the region by tile  French is merely a njatter of a few years  Already Oiie of their .stations has been  closed and several others narrowly escaped tlie same fatOi  Cuban Soldiers Paid Off.  Havana, August 29.���Tlie commission  whieh has been engaged in distributing  the $3,000,000, appropriated for the purpose of paying off Cuban soldiers who  surrendered their arms to the American  officers, has returned to Havana, ft reports that 33,6*92 persons have received  their share of the money, and that the  total amount of money is $2,520,000,  No Bonus for the Ferry.  Special to tho Tribune.  Victoria, August 29.���The city conncil  has put a damper on the Port Angeles  ferry bonus foolishness by virtually declining to submit to the ratepayers the  bylaw authorising a bonus of $350,000,  notwithstanding that the promoters of  the scheme got a sufficient number of signatures to the petition for the bylaw.  Daring Fakir at Victoria.  Spcciul to The Tribune.  Victoria, August 29.���An Australian  fakir called Edwards got a full house at  the Workmen's hall last evening'*by advertising a free variety performance, and  their proceeded to do business by offering  some extraordinary bargains in watches,  ami jewelry.   His method was to enquire  who will make me a present of $10, and  bills being quickly passed up by boosters  he would return them wrapped around  the jewelry. Then innocent citizens  rushed in their bills until he had  several        hundred        dollars, upon  which Edwards then announced  that there would be no more presentations that night, but that he would return next week. Tho shorn Iambs proceeded in a body to his hotel and, in a  few instances, by threats and physical  violence, got their money back. Citizen  Stadhagon not getting this satisfaction  laid a charge of swindling, upon which  Edwards was arrested on the Islander  just before the sailing of that steamer.  His case stands over till tomorrow, with  a good prospect of tho charge fajiing, so  smoothly is his graft worked.  WAR AOAINST THE BOERS SEEMS  Daily More Imminent.  London, August 20.���-The Times, referring editorially to the statement of  Hon. W. P- Schreiiier, the cape premier,  that in the event of war he would do his  best to keep the Cape Colony aloof from  the struggle, says, "This is a startling  misconception of duty. When the government of the queen declares war, it is  the duty of all loyal subjects to do their  utmost to bring the struggle to a sucess-  ful end."  Capetown, August 29.���The members  of the progressive party in the Cape house  of assembly freely '"declare, their dissatisfaction with the speech of the premier,  the Hon. W. P. Schreiiier, last evening in  the debate precipitated bythe right Hon.  sir John Gordon Snriggs' motion to adjourn as a censure of the policy of the  government with respect to tho transit of  arms intended for the Orange Free State.  They have announced their intention of  .'organizing.';.public' meetings to protest  against Mr. Schreiner's course in the  matter.  Despatches received here from' Pretoria show that the 'Uitlanders are suffering greatly from the strain involved in  the political crisis. Many ladies are leaving Pietermaritzburg, the capital of  Natal. The women-'are preparing a petition to Queen Victoria in favor of peace,  which will be sent to all parts of the.col-  ony for signatures.      , L '     '..  Jomannkshukg, August 29.���The Standard and Diggers' News credits genera!  Joubert, the commander-in-chief of the  Transvaal forces' and vice-president of  the republic, with the statement that although he-is personally desirous to do  everything to preserve peace, the situation is such that the republic must be  prepared for war.  London, August 30.���The Capetown  correspondent of the Daily Mail, says :  "A pitiable scene was witnessed at the  railway station today on the arrival from  Johannesburg of a hundred and fifty  children whose parents are too poor to  come themselves. It is estimated that  15,000 people have left the Transvaal  since the crisis began. In the house of  assembly today the government announced that it was considering a pro-  posal to afford greater facilities for  women and children to leave Johannesburg.  Beehtianalaud is in a state of ferment,  =OAVJflg=toJ'eai!S.=af=a^ioet���i"iklif==-Colonel-  Baden -Powell's forces there are wholly  inadequate to protect such an extended  f 1,'ontieiv as the Boers .appear to be quietly  eOiieeutrating in the Wester,)! part of tlie  Transvaal. A Bdeivspy lias been arrested  in Ramnttabaiua eamp in British Bech*  Wanaland.  London, August 80.���The Pretoria correspondent of the Daily CtiEOnJcle, liOfe*  graphing Tuesday, says: "JSveiHs have  taken an alarming turn. Great Britain,  at the request of the UitliUidei's' conncil,  has enlarged the original demands of sir  Alfred Milner, bile British' liigli, commissioner, and is adopting the view of Cecil  lihodes that president Kruger will, never  withstand, an ultfmatum. I have* however, higli authority for asserting that  president Kruger, tlie Volksraad and tlie  nation will unite iu resistingan "Unconditional demand for giving effect to the  Milner programme, but will concede reforms on the conditions already reported*"  Fred Cook Coming.  Fred Cook, the Veteran Ottawa newspaper man, who fills the position of supreme grand vice president of tlie Sons  of England society, will arrive in Nelson  on Friday evening for the purpose of  meeting tjie members of the order in this  city. Mr. Cook was a member of the  press excursion party, but while in this  province he will endeavor to do a little  lodge business by bringing the members  of tlie British Columbia lodges into closer  touch with the supreme grand lodge. All  members of the local lodge are ret)nested.  te meet in the lodge room at eight o'clock  sharp. After the preliminary business of  tno lodge is disposed of..and:-Mr. Cook has  taken the;; chaiiy an open social will be  held iii which songs and speeches will  form a part.  Deaths Everywhere.  Lakefield, Ontario, August 29.���Mrs;  Catharine Parr Traill, a well known  authoi-ess, died in her 98th year at her  home here. The funeral will place on  Thursday.  Ottawa, August 29.���Tho report appearing in a morning paper of the likelihood of a reassembling of the high commission at Washington to frame a report  to congress is not confirmed here.  Canada has taken her stand in the.  Alaskan boundary matter, and till that  is disposed of, other, issues cannot be  touched.  Windsor, Ontario, August 29.���Arthur  Collier, aged 21, was killed in the Michigan Central railway yards this morning  by being run over by a locomotive. He  was employed as a car checker, and began work only yesterday.  Toronto,   August   29.���The   body  Of "  Peter Green, a well-known-'...horse.' dealer,;;  was found on the Grand  Trunk  railway-;  tracks near Whitby this inorniiig.  Green ;J  left here last evening with a shipment of .%  horses, and is  supposed  to  have  fallen'.%  from the ears while in motion.    He  wasx;;  reputed wealthy. ;<]���[^--J  ,. Kingston, Ontario, August 29.���Cap- ��  tain William 'Power, aged 78, died 'this '  morning. Capt<*iin Power was a native of i  Prince Edward Island, and a well-known \  shipbuilder.' Many ocean and lake steam-r/  ers and schooners were of his construe-';>i  tion. ���'"''. s    ,:: ":. "  "'-.���'. S./������'.'���: ;':-:Wl':  Ottawa,    August    29.���The    Eighth!  Royal "Rifles of Quebec captured the Davis ���;;  team prize in the Dominion  of Cauada%V;  match  today..    Weather was very hofijH  but the wind is fairly steady, and  at a J-  "kickers" meeting tonight there  will- be ;;  loud  complaint   regarding  ammunition.:>*;���'  Shooting was at the Queen's  ranges. -'In  B  shootiug for the Patterson challenge cup,  which goes to the party wiiihing it twice'   .  consecutively,  0. N.  Mitchell, 90th  bat-'S  taliou, missed the top score by one points  The cup belongs this year to lieutenant j;;  Monroe, 44th battalion, whose  score was   ^  98     Mitclicll wins $20.    Private A. Fl em; j J  ing, Brandon  infantry,  won  $0   with a i5;;f  score of 94.    Sergeant Gilroy, 8th' bat'tal-;^Sfi||  ion, won $0 with a Score.of;93..:!';^..'"''v;:'!--��.-'^;g;-;"'"*  atio@'Bfslyffi^  iidj|^\tHG;..*^e;$^  -Vh^.S-?A.,-.--l..i^'Sr.da:���:;0^--::'.'^-^---^-'^nu7^u.'i;n.tf.'-l'-"-'���^J   ". "���"fn n'.^ f. ffi^'>i".'^'-- ' i^V^-'  , at"Q��ad y is���jii gliifti jsxoJsa t^��v.B^ni|^>tq-.;Sa>i to';|  IJ^nifiV&Qnfdi^^  cllan Ige;1 ��� "-u^ ;^lH^^]Jo'hi^l%4p^^un<?li|^sg!:  biTEtt  .-H-' rv^Vl^^iAeitf;.^^^*  dustiiaT uiuiAeommei'cIai^  such that-the��;_u^  'ia1$'' ���tilxix yfimWs.i^^f-  [afe'thenjehtj.  aiijiexaftioir sclfemS  solution.- ���   ����?'��\'-$\��i/^yy^jt*  -Wheeief Glyejtt a ^ojninand!  jSLvj^av .August^ 2iiJ--^G^uiei%l^?\v iiejyer/,  litisJB'eeu" 0^-^i^\'&^4^\3^'^1i^^&n4f^%  Macaj'thur.'  He ^Vfjl^!t|^Ifej"^i^*^:"*^^��j'%:i''!^^^^,1^,  geuewil Fimsfoh%^  Lisu'irin hft'S eoj,nniah4eA^^  Ho 'will proceed to:San�� i?efiiantlb,v4^i]0jt{���|  row, after having spent a week; iib:":eiieif  getieally   visiting;   tlie ���' liiieSv__j^ng|:itt_  HV%eeler^aid^o^^  Associated Press : "I am mucli pleaseti"^  with tlie. sitnittio'i" 'I thiujc wjieiirjnajpi^^  general Otis lias niOj'o troops here* he/:��'  will make rapid progress. The eOVinti-y'"^  is more favorable for military Opoj-atioijs" *,:"  than I liad supposed. The impressiori ;���-s  tliat tins generaPs ljeftlWi'iS'Uiiil'i'&wr^iJijf.*'"'' '*  The railroad to A,ugeles will ))6 .vX&tj$4ih: .<  ''Within a w:_cjc ami! geiiejnil AliicCirfiliuiv;/  will  advance  his lieiiilqiiartfci's  to  tiliafc  ;:  place,- ������ �� ���* ��� ���   :: ..".:.;  Inspecting :Shamfdek's Tender,. -i  Boston, August 29.-*DaVjd ^artfe; the  Ai.ner.icwn representative of iniv TJionnis  Lip ton, .owner of the Shamrock/ \\_is in  tliis city accompanied; by captain Mat*-  thews of tlie steam ya.cht 13iin today to  inspect the steanSer Plymouth, which has  been seemed as a tender for tlie Sham*'  rock. Today's visit was for the purpose  of making a more critical examination of  the craft than has been accomplished  previously, and as to the progress* Mr.  Barrio made notes of the improvements  which will be made for sir Thomas Lipton's purposes. Mr. Barrio left at noon  for Newport. - ^^  Yachts May Eace Again.  Toronto, August 29.���There is a chance  for another meeting between tlie Beaver  and the Genesee when the weather is not  likely to bo the halcyon days of last  week; that is in case of a match next  month for the Fisher cup, which tlie Rochester yacht club holds.  Fire at Kingston.  Kingston, Jamaica,  August 29.���The  premises of the telephone exchange aiul  public works warehouse lucye been destroyed by lire, caused, by some mishap  to the street car trolley wire.   The loss  I is estimated at ��6000  -'��s^|l THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C. OT-WESDvVY, AUGUST 30, 1809.  New Dress Goods  Hosiery  Kid Gloves  Mantles  Top Shirts  Lace Curtains  Chenille Curtains  EVERYTHING  NEW  1IN  FALL  GOODS  ci  a  a  (C  #  %  HUDSON'S BAY  M*7*' ANDALUSIAN _  g AND SHETLAND $  $ WOOLS |  ^ rf*:6 6 ��Srf:S-K t*f:tf &&&ff��� tfe**  rvine  4-PLY ��  BEE HIVE (jjji  WOOLS ^  *^:*_._!2*-_.3:-_:*-aa:*3a:*-3-?l3?l?'  #  %  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  BANK  OP  B. O.  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F. WEIR  ��tte ffovilmw.  Daily Edition   Wkkkiv Kditiow    - Fipst Year, No.: 2at   :Seventh Ykak, No. 32  ; Tub Stcin-winder ancI^Ji|ffej:^^iJi^��4^n:i��*'  the Boundary country pli^^cl^'IccirdSp^n^  along about Juno 1 sl����� ifa|pjfrfpljSjf���i^|yv  miners $3.50 for the eiglii-hoitr^Uay^Jin^  del-ground, have, rc.siimed%ffiOc.anll "are  paying t-he^standard w/age/ Tli<J Slociinj  mines slioiild do likcAviSe;  Tun f reight-an(l-treatifl&��jti*a;t6" oil" fclile  >- ;U,-;V. ".."���   ��� j  gold-copper ores-of the Hossland; djsti'iftfc  lias dropped to $1 a ton., ^oj^- ifVblie pro>  vincial government woM��fe^iikg��ia"��.i"e'Bjijt.d  of tlie mineral-tax ou tjve* but|)���ut*,?'af*the  mines shipping their oifcS ijp tn_vsine1ters;  , in liritish Columbia, bli'dre wpiiltl be tl,  ",��� good profit in mining .tejiTdollat! QKe8 of  which it is believed, there ai'6 itijllioiis of;  tons in Kootenay and Yiile disttticfesV  ' 'Smbi/trhs in continual operation Vyill  - play an important part in upbulldjiig  this province. Nelson lifts, thieved  through tlie operation of tlio Hall llines'  smeller. Were it nob foi' the smelter,  there would be no Trail. The Granby  smelter will make Grand_^IJ'orlcs^aiid!=_the^  smelter that Pa-ul Johnson is to build will  do likewise for .Greenwood..  All/the  mining companies 'operating:  mine'iiS-.ai'id';"$���$'���" fetf ���M^$^g%$,v��xlx!-! aeigTi't1!  flin0ti;rg,iXn^'3'iTg;'ijt>1in.t]��.. ������ Th',i|5" Is  si^nnifjeaiili.���'  ����.'.n :Cre#t^rs//Cdme ta^p, >A-^eement.n . . o ���  . TojiQSTOj ,Asigiis!b 29.*^An arritirgejiient  hilsljeen arj'itcd at amOng; the  cj'edifcoies  of Wi<3 de/filiie^FarnierS1 L^an  <& Sayings  Gpnjpaiiy   wliiftli: promises   to   greatly;  '\^\\X%x\.t^'^x&f\shy\i^\x^\^roi, thatc-oncei'il;;  , The jf'eprOjSpja'tatiAr&s-ox\ elebgiitnii?�� J).Q>])iei?s'!  siird jifcb 6. tleijoslitjoi ss ;:h0j4 inej&jjijtgs at ^O's-  "'go/^le.'hkll'"|:iistne.t?day a|teru60n, ftird, cpiiT'  Jeltidbd/vs^ .regard-,  iiig, tlni division Of "tlie assets of   the  estijjtes  No Mtorc iConcessioii'Si  IjONH.fi'N, August 29;*-lleplyiiig to the1  latest proposition of the Kritish secretary  of state fyr tjio eoloiHes,: ���_j\ Oli-tmbet'-  'I'&i'u.'i%\\b govei'iinieiit of the Trahsvaiil  has iiotiHctl him tliat it a4h/eres to the  latest offor and will not make further  concessions.     -  Baseball Games Yesterday.  ^Em^xXMJJ., JGi*oAdden"ec=!���,=- ���-  fludson's Bay Stores  West Baker Streot.      Telephone 13.  That room of yours needs  "freshening up" for the winter months. c  You  can give us the size (length,  breadth, and height of ceiling)  of the room, or rooms, \  ��� ::   We*;.;,'^j;..  will do the rest. In price,  beauty of design and quality  W  m  ains  :staripr/t0 '.yjdu,.  *#.  Black French Crepons  -  For hcundsome dresses and separate skirts  BLACK AND  COLORED  WOOL POPLINS  WHITE TIBET      WHITE IMITATION BEAR  For Children's Coats  Navy and Black Serges     New Goods Arriving Daily  Fred Irvine & Ca.  '#  ���iferf:.-^  ;^*g3P2.GS35?��_;_aL J_33_,'Q:<_J___,!j  |JB^>S^  .    _n    nfihn     D an   n     M/V    _     mD      ���     -   Oft      n n   n D D ' an   ������       "     D     aP  M  Wi  "CoriioifottBaJtgjf aii4*StanJoy 3treots;. Nelson  .' �� vfjT&fioj-yrtixixi to.  AS  _. 0. IIWHANAU'S  A-largo Bt"o/ek of flrRfrclasB dry material oii haiid, also  ii�� fuiriiue��� of s!is!i, tloora, mouldings, turned worJt, elc.  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CUMMINS  The Wall Paper House  OF THE WEST  The dilToronec between the Judge and the  Bisliop may be tliat the Judge can say "you  ho hanged," while the Bishop can say "you  be dimmed."   On the other hand when the  Judge says "you he hanged," you are hanged.  Next to the value offered, the most marked  peculiarity of our Wall  Paper is that when the  Judge  has   made his  selection and says "you  he     hanged,"    it   is  hanged; not even the  cheapest grades giving  trouble.    There are papci\s  that are beyond  (lie jurisdiction of the Judge and come under  that of the Bisliop.    There is an art in avoiding this kind-  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Ditess Skirts  CAMiON  rs,    E.   McLaughlin  .TOSKPHINK.STltKli'T. NELSON,  ���ilEX, E_?_3:03Sr*E!  13��  Diiri'iiK the, -season W'o will de-  ..'liVci" ft:i! nt jtrivale rcwidencCH  and hnfiii'esB lionMcR daily i�� any  (ICKired qnnnlity fit eabOiiraJile  prioeH.  WILSON & HARSHAW  ^==AiHlJI_mt^tJoJycJi!uiiy.=tIlaVOtjn>jt=rcceivcd====  Fall .sainjjlcs of Suitii)K�� and Over-  coaf.iiiKs .roprcHC'iiUng a $50,000 fttock to  ohoy.s'o from made f.d ypm" order at p icoH  never hofbre hoard Of in Kelson. All tho latest  fads in i-Yuiey Vesting^��� for J''all and winter.  ON EASY TERMS  ��� XiV'smK��S AKlt Tl'KSU>��ftK'*riA!fi  /l?ro;fjoi^y  MW-, 12P.���Iiafco** uveofc, bQtWeeif do^eplifflo "and,, "  ,  Ward, fetrqeia,.,, , , .,... v .���./���..;;;,,,. ,".���;���; .f$8M)  ���5Q,by*l20, lin^oi; street, lietweeiriosephiiicand Half8 "  StreeiB", corner?....,. ,.,/���,.,,.-.t.;,,.,,,.",..��./.,;  25',by \% with ililprovcmojil�����floutU sido-of ycrnoii     - ..  street,.!...,. j.,,.,.^,.,,.^. s..,,.:.,.,.,.;;.": ^sooj)"  50 by 12ft wftii irnp/rovcjiisnts, southjffido, of Vcrndii^   ��*'  sti*o(*t.4t j,,.. ".,.is�����v^;..r..:....,*:..,..��.,*.��-jjofjip  2>telKW.IUidQl^gitjronte[d,fttfj8'15pown'&>ith/Vlc#fi|k.'" ��  Street,....���..,.-,,..,..\u^ ��.....'.,.'..;.,,.,.,.':..;., i3S00".  2 lota witlf cottage rqjitcd /at S_0 perinorith, -$fi\iil_y ���     ���  street1.... ....���..'. ...,���..".;,.....���.;...���.;.,'.. '3000  0 lota in block Xlbf. all cleared and fonccdiii,.,..'.., / 2500  AGENTS Jf'OK,  J, 8c J. TAYLOR SAFES  Lafg*e number of choice building*  s��  lots adjacent to tlie line of their  tfaniway. For price and ternzis of  sale apply at the o.flBce of the Company, Macdonald Block, corner of  =Josephine"aiM=Vifmo1FStreetsr  T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary  GENERAL BROKER.  JLJL*   - JLJf t  ue  WHAT THE JUDGE  AND  TfjE BISH.0P SA.Y  -this art has been our study.  Thomson Stationery Co., JM.  M.ANUFACTUHKK O*'  .   jLVftuu   HEAW TEAM HARNESS  EXPRESS HARNESS, PACK HARNESS  SADDLKS, WHIPS, KTO.  ���VCT___*RI>      Sa?B"E*E3TJ      _Sr*EJIjS03Sr  l^T. _P_ BOBIWSO^  (Kx-Sheriff of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash advanced on consignnjonts of mcrchondiso.  Vostofllee Rox .i72 Nelson, B. C.  MeLEOD    HOTEL  Y1V1IR,   b.   a.  J.  W. SMITH,  Proprietor.  EVERYTHING FIRST-CLASS  JPa.la.-ce   Oakery  Broad doliA'ercd to any jiart of tho city.  Cakes, pastry, and confectionery a specialty.  BLACKSMITH ING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended to by a Urst-blass  whcelwriKht.  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing and  custom work from outaido points.  PIKE, LIFE, ACCIDENT AND SIOKMESS  i*isrs*cr^t^.*isrc^Ei  BBAIi ESTATE AND LOANSi  TO liKT���Several Iioiikos of difl*orctit sfstes;  KOK SAJ-fc-'K����1 oK^ito in all j)artn of Uio city.  1176 Haro Street, Vancouver, B. C.  Real Estateand General Agents, ftakerSt,', Nelson  A��  l  STOIVIS^BROKERS^  AUOTIOIM   ��RS  B1AL ESTATE ami fiifflSAL AfiEM  Baker Street* Nelson  Ji*Ht'ST POOR WJSS1' BANK B. C. flUILDING.  Sljop:   f]all Street, between Baker and Vernon, Nelson I  0 ��  BOYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  OIGrARjS.   .    . ���' .  UNION   MADE  XTELSOiCr-   B. O-  CRAWFORD BROTHERS  Next to Koyal Hotel, Stanley Street, Nc'nou  Kootenay Cigar laDfg. Co.  Nelson, Uritish Columbia.  MINERS WANTED.  The Tangier Mine, Limited. Albert'Canyon,  on tho  main lino of tho U. I". It., 2Jmiles cant of ItevclHtoke, re- 1  quires bIx good miiiors.   Wages $3,50 por day,  hoarding and day Kchool for girls will rc-opon on the  15th day of August. Vacancies for boarders. For tennis  and iJrospcetus apply to  JVLADEMOISELIfR KKIIN, Principal  APPLICATI01T    TO   PURCHASE   LAND,  XTotice is hereby given that thirty days after date, I,  ���'the uudersigncd, intend to apply to the chief coniiuis?  sionerof lands and work.j, Vietori.i, U. C., for tho.pur-  ��� chase of the folio" ing described piece of land, situate on  the Nelson side of Kootenay river, and being about seven  miles up from Nelson : Commencing at a post marked  "Geo. C. Tunstall, Junior'.s S. VV. Corner"; thence east  eighty chaints; thence north forty chains to where low-  water mark is; and then following the sinuosities of the  shore to the point of commencement: all containing,  more or loss. ISO acre;. GKO. C. TUNSTALL, JK.  August 7th, JSD9.  BOoTaND SHOE NOTICE  The undersigned having purchased Ihe jWaslonkaslock  of Boots and Shoes, they will bo sold at greatly reduced  prices.   Itupnirlug done at old prices.  GKOKGKr). MILLEK,  At Maslonka's old stand on Hall .street.  Nelson, August 23rd, 18M).  one^ollarTalqap  The undcreignod has a largo quani.ily of fir, cedar, and  taniame slabs, in UJ-iiich and 1-foot lengths, biiitable for  stove wood, wliich will be sold for SI a load at tho mill  yard.  NELSON SAW & PLANING MILLS, Limited. -  Nelson, August 19th, IWJ.  I'wo lot* with two-Stoi'y house oil Latimer  street, near ,JostSj)hine ��...,.. '!.fl'SUU  Terms.-   $t2txi casli, lialant-e on mortgage,  ,hl,��ly-tti!i-_ ranch, nine miles from oily on Iiiko  shore .;... ,.,.. jjUoO  One-half cash, balance on inorigago,  X.oJai._srs  Oil  Joan coiidil.ldns aro tho cheapest and besfc  oirercxt.   You can rojiity at any time without '  bonus.  -A-GrEDtsrCDS   *F*0*R  British Coliinibia Perniiinent Savings & Loan Company.  Globe Savings & Loen Co., Toronto.  I3>TS1_r_a^k.X*TC!-E3  Fire, Life, Accident, and Sickaess,  GAMBLE ��& O'RBIJUUV, Agts  Baker Street West, Nelson, U. C.  Lots for Sale  ?550 will purchaso a choice residence corner, 100 by 120  feet. ��� i  ��2100 will purchaso a central lot and residence.  $J00 will pui-chtu-o two nice lots and shanty, Kobson  street. Huiiio addition.  $3000 will purchase four nice lots and residence.  10,000 Pooled Kairmont i cents.  Blackcock (Ymir) shares 20 cents.  5000 Utica at li cents.  ALEX STEWART   Turner & Boeckh block, Nolson, Ii. C.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres of land within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson.; For further  .particulars apply to ������������-  FRED  J,   SQUIRS,   Nelson,   B.   a THE  TRIBUNE:-NELSON, B.C., WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 1899.  Bank ofIontbm  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LOItl) STItATHOONA AND  MT   JtOVAL, Prosidont  Hon. GKO. A. DltUMMONO Vice-Piesldont  K   S. CLOUSTON Goneral Manager  3ST"E3T_.SO'N"   *B"R-A._STC-E-i:  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON       T1HANCHK8 IN       LONDON  (HnRland),   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO  and in tlio principal eitios in Canada.  Hny and soil Sterling Kxoliango and Cablo Transfers  OHANT COMMKKOCAT. AND TKAVKM.KK8' OKKDITS,  available in any pari, of tho world.  DKAKTS ISRUBO    COrXKCTIONS MADIC; KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CUItKKNT'KATK OF" INTIflltKST PAIR  IT   IS   NO   LONGER   AN   ISSUE.  l-'crnie l'"rue I'loss.  Labor troubles have not hitherto made  themselves very inauif'esfc iu British Columbia. This is no doubt due lai'gely to  the Tact that there has been a general  scarcity of hired labor, which, on that account, has been able to fix its own re-  muneration, as is invariably the. case in  the .earlier stages of colonizing. .With  the advent of population, duo 'cither to  the construction of railways or some  great influx to a particular spot, the laws  of social economy begin to operate, and as  a rule it is not long before wo are face to  face with the universal pi'oblems of the  labor market.  There are not wanting indications that  this stage has been reached in. this province, and it is thorefoi'o an opportune  moment to'review the conditions. The  foremost .and most potent factor today  in all labor questions is the "Union."  Whatever ones private opinion may be���  and there are some who conscientiously-  believe that a trades union is an unnecessary and unqualified, evil���tho day has  gone by for asailing the pi'inciple. The  union is in tlie world to stay; it is a growing power and has to be accepted; and  unless we are prepared to adopt the Ger-  man system and enforce the edicts of  capital against labor at the point of the  bayonet we must work in friendly co-op-  peration with and not iu hostility to the  labor organizations. -All the great inch is-*  ti'ial countries, but notably the two  gi*eatest���Great Britain" and thd United  States--have adopted this platform, and  iu-spite of tho'pi'evalenec of strikes, which  aro mainly due to crowded population  and excessive competition, no attempt is  now made to challenge the right of working men toeo-opurnto.  The Western federation of Miners has  already made its presence felt in this  province. The eight-hour Jaw for miners  working underground is ono of the nYsfc  results', as it was undoubtedly at the instigation of the West Kootenay minors''  unions that it was introduced. Another  recent intervention is in the case of the  workmen who were imported from Sudbury to work in the ymir mine in violation of the Masters' and Workman's Act  at a lower rate of wages than were ruling  in the camp. This case is exciting con-  sidwable interest and is now befoi-e the  eOut'ts at Kelson. At the, first hearing tlie  plaiiitin.'$-~tik' men Who were imported���  wove non-suited through having summoned tlie wrong oHiei.il, but as the Judge  said that 't'l.i.o manager was the responsible party a fresh sumUions was Issued and  the case has yet to be tried.    IJiuToutotiecI-  =3 y= Dhe^wh ol'esiiTe^inl poftlcti otr~of���elieap  labor to break down an established rate  iii tuiy district is an unfair and iiideed an  impracticable tiling, for it cannot succeed  in the eild. High rates established in; the  pioneei' stages of a country are certain to  Jitid their proper level by a natural process, and are bound, to be governed more  or less by the cost of living.  Tlie recent action of the federal gov-  r eminent hi voting $50,000 for the salaries  and expenses of .agents to enforce the  Alien Labor Act is another Mdicatioii  that public opinion is (dive to the ftvils  turned! at by that important act, and  while we cannot complain at the decision '  of the Itnpei'ial privy eoniieil in revoking  tlie decision of the Suprcnio court of British Columbia on the question of the employment of Chinese and, Japanese labor  in niines for reasons of Imperial policy,  we cannot but endorse the action of the  government in amending theI. Mines Kegu-  latiou Act to meet the requirement of  the case. It is contrary to common souse  to say that the great coal mining' companies on the Coast, which haA'e, as  everyone knows, made millions, cannot  carry on their mines without this inferior  imported labor. We are of those who.  think that any inine which cannot .afford  to pay for decent white labor had better  be closed in the public interest, for while  capital should and will h;iAre its just return the rights of a community also have  to be respected. Those mine owners on  "Vancouver Island who insist on employing Chinese and such like should pay a  visit to the works of the Crow's Nest Pass  Coal Company at Fernie aud Michel,  These mines, we might say, are as yet in  the development stage, and so far the  outlay has been far in excess of the receipts, but despite these facts good wages  arc paid and nothing but the best of  lvhiU) labor employed.. ���,���"'".. -  . :.���-;|.  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Sl\aguay, U. S., Atliq, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yui\on. District.  Low wages always mean discontent on  the part of the worker and lead to the  very evils which are most to be avoided  in the interests of capital and labor.  Tliey also mean a starved community,  poor* business men, and dull, miserable  towns. These conditions are bad for all  alike, and it should be a long time before  they reach this province. The unparalleled mineral wealth will yield sufficient to pay good wages.for the next century at least if half that the capitalists  say about their mines is true, and we believe that for many years British Columbia will hold her own as the banner province of the Dominion for good wages,'a  contended labor market, and a prosperous people.       '       BANQUET   TO   PAUL   JOHNSON.   '.  Gn.RKN.woon,   August   20.���For   sonic  time the question of the site  of the big  smelter which Paul Johnson, the representative  of. the JSrcw  York  capitalists  owning the Mother Lode,: at Greenwood  camp,  which  is  opening out the biggest  copper lead in the Avorld, came into the  Boundary country, to establish has been  much in doubt, but Avas definitely set at  rest last evening by that gentleman at la  banquet tendered to him  in  the Pioneer  hotel by the board ' of "'.trade  of Gi*een-  Avood.    It was one of the most enthusiastic and representative gatherings ever  held  in  the -Boundary district.     There  Avas a  toast  list  representing the most  interests of the district,  but  the chief  sentiment was "Our Guest" proposed by  F. J. Finucane, manager of the Bank of  Montreal/who spoke-very strongly and  highly complimentary of Paul Johnson.  He was the biggest man  who  had ever  come into the Boundary���big  in   body,  mind and heart.   As a  smelter  man  he  was  a  recognized   authority and  stoo'd  easily at the head of his profession, with  probably the Avidest and most varied experience of any man  in  America,    Personally, herhad known Paul Johnson for  sonio   years   and  could  not   speak   tdo^  highly of him. - There Avere, however, the  assurances of the great smelting capitalists,   the   Guggenheims,  ajid   the  other  New \'ork financiers associated with tlie  B. C. Copper Company, of his status.    He  Avas a Saul among the prophets.    As 'a  citiy.cn  of  Greenwood  interested  in   its  affairs and a  well  wisher of  tlie  great  Boundary district, he Congratulated them  upon the great acquisition of such a man  to their ranks.    Paul Johnson had occupied some of  the  most important  positions in his profession in various parts of  the  Avorld.     A  graduate  of the Royal  Technical    High     School    and    Mining  Academy of Stockholm, Sweden, 1S81, he  had successively been superintendent and  constructor of Helsingborg Copper Works,  Hclsingborg,   Sweden;    superintendent,  Sulitelma Copper Mines, Sulitelma,  Norway; manager, Gold .Mines and Mills of  Com pixi tia In d us trial, Argentine ROpnbl it;  supeiiuteudentj Ely Copper Mines aiid  siheltet;, Bly, "Vermont; assistant superintendent, 1S1 P(tso Siueltiiig  Works, M  Paso,    Texas';    superintendent;.   GdiisOl  iViinsas     City    Smelting    and     Refill'  _j��g GQuipany1^^Ai-gejiti)je,,^__=Kausagi;,  constructor and superintendent, Hall  Mines smelter, Nelson; superintendent  La Gran Fundicion, Central Mexico,  Agnus. Calicntes, Mexico. He Avas now  superintendent of the British Columbia  Copper. Company and no longer of Mexico,, but a citizen of GreeiiAVood and Boundary Creek. His advent iioav with1 his  pi'Osout mission was of the utmost iinpor-  tanco. It assured the future of the place  beyond ii)oradventorej,and gave the mining industry a dofiniteuess and pei'lnn-  neiicy noViii* heretofore attained. It  meant a great industry, tis it was the intention of the company, he understood,  to smelt all the ores that offered and to  increase the .capacity as the demand iii-  ereased, until ultimately it would' be the  largest .copper snlelter in the world.  Paul Johnson was greeted with tremendous enthusiasm when he rose to  speak, cheer after cheer went up, glasses  reared aloft, and for seveiul minutes  there Avere singing and "tigers " galore.  As the personification of good nature  and good living, his infectious smile,  beaming face and his rich Swedish accent  at once established an entente cordiale  with his audience. After thanking those  present, for the reception he had received  and paying compliment to his friend, Mr.  Finucane, Mr. Woodpowiier of the town-  site and Mr. Ileffer, superintendent of  the Mother Lode, iie said: "I was . in  British Columbia four years ago and  Avhen I left to take a position with a  higher salary I got a banquet like this  one. I told them then that as soon as  my contract was expired in Mexico, I  Avould come back to tliis country again  because it avjis the country- I liked. I  have been a Avhole lot in this Avorld  (laughter) and in inany countries, both in  the northern and southern hemispheres.  It agrees.with j'ne'better, iii a northern;  couuti'y.   I was born, there and.it: Is my  country. There is a big difference between the two peoples. The people of  the north are the people I prefer. They  are the choice of my heai't. This western country country i like.  "Civilization goes from the east to the  Avest. The people east are slower than  you are. They are happy and contented  and comfortably off, no doitbt, but tin-  people of the west have more push, go  and energy in them, so I came up to  British Columbia. I had a great many  mountains to come over. That is  all    right,    too. I   am    not   afraid  of mountains. I am at home in  them. It     is     my     business     to  he there; and lot me tell you Avhere you  have big mountains there you have big  mines. (Applause.) I have seen a Avhole  lot of mining camps in my time; and  Avithout any-bosh or nonsense about it I  want to tell you you have got them right  here. (Cheers.) As a man of experience  I tell it to you as a fact. I have not had  time to go all round your camps���1 will  do so pretty quick, (laughter)--but from  Avhat I have seen and from what your  mining men tell me, who have been here  a long time and know the country well,  there are very lai'ge veins and large deposits of ore. You have big things here  and lots of them. (Laughter and applause. I tell you Avithout flattery���and  it Avould not do for me as a mining man  to say what I do not believe���the biggest  mines on this continent Avill be right  around Greenwood in this district. (Loud  cheering.)  I came to Boundary to establish a,  smelter. Renewed and prolonged applause. There are the mother lode and  other lodes. (Laughter.) I am not going to say that their vein is 170 feet wide,  as was stated here tonight. It is-not'ray  business to tell you Iioav big our ore  bodies are. (Laughter.) If it be true���  and I do not deny that,it may be true-  that they are very big, it mean's large  quantities of ore to be smelted at low  'prices.;.,  (Applause.)  "I have not been here a very long  time, but I have kept my eyes open and  my wit's about me. I have seen a good  deal and I have come to the conclusion  that Greenwood is a natural point of  gravitation for all the ores of all tlie  mines of all the camps around here. It  "is the best place-for a smelter. I havo  looked over all the country around���  "_aken stock" as you say���and Ave can establish a good-sized smelter at onoe riglit  iii the City of Greemvood. (This announcement was greeted Avith tremendous enthusiasm.)        ^  *"J hope," continued the speaker after  quiet had boen restored, "you Avill heartily support nie in this matter. You have  my Avord for it there is no better place  'for a smelter in Canada, and Ave  will smelt as cheaply aft any other  place in it. We Avill smelt all the ore  you can bring to us and Ave Avill treat you  FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors *  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast;.  .   MFewel Posts  Mouldings  Shingles  Bough and  Dressed Lumber  of ill. Kinds.  .If what ybu want is not. in stock too will make it for you  CAtL ani) gk'Ppricks.  J. A. Sayward  IXAJjh AND liAKR STKKETS. NELSON  CHAULKS HILtiYKK,  I*I��WI'DKJ*T  HAItKY HOUSTON,  SKCRKTAKV  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills,  li*m:i__-E3i__  MANUKACTUnKKS OK AND  DKALKliS IN  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings  Doors and Sash  Fence Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  FACTOHV WORK DONK TO OKDKB,  SUCH AS  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  IN STOCK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds ;  Sawmill on Oovorniiiont wharf.  Factory, and ollice, corner Hall, street aiid C.P.K. track  all square. I Avill go farther and say, Ave  ���will give you cheaper smelter rates than  any other persons can give you. (Loud  and prolonged cheers.)  "My belief is and 1 have no hesitation  in saying that Greenwood Avill be a place  larger than Butte, Montana. (This was  followed by another outburst of deafening cheers.) There are other places that  sound Avell on paper, hut Greenwood is  on the ground���it is the center, it has the  ore all around. You can eomo���e\rory  mine manager can pome���down to. our  smelter IVom the mines and see that he is  treated fairly. A smelter that hits to  haul ore up a hill and down again cannot  smelt as cheaply as avc can. To Grcen-  Avood it is all down hill.' You have simply to put on brakes and the ore hauls itself. (Loud cheering.) You have the position and they cannot got aAvay from  you. You can just make up your minds  that this Avill be a great mining center���  no greater in America.  "I have told you you will haA'e a smel-'  ter. That is sure. It Avill be between  Greemvood and Anaconda, aud Avill be  going full blast next summer. I Avant to  say this befoi'e I sit down: Dig up your  ore, bring all you can of it to the smelter  and Ave Avill smelt it for you. = We Avill  do it cheaply and Ave will do it square.  I thank you, gentlemen, for your great  kindness to iiie."  The members of the assembly here rose  en-masse, cheered, and sang "He's a jolly  good fellow ".'until they were hoarse.  Frederic. Heffer, superintendent of the  Mother Lode mine, Avas then enthusiastically called upon. He heartily endorsed  what Mr. Johnson had said. Greenwood  Avas certainly destined tO be a large mining center; it was a natural center, and  any smelter ejected in the Boundary  .country to treat oi'es advantageously  should'-be iu Greomvood or its vicinity.  -As announced by their guest, if nothing  Avent wrong they would have a smelter  in.a yery short--time.    (Cheers.)  A number of mine managers aud business men then followed in responses to  toasts, the tone of Avhose speeches Avas  congratulatory and optimistic as the result of the announcement in Mr. Paul  Johnson's remarks. ,  The Tremont Hotel  P. Burns c�� Co.  Hkad Okficr at  NELSON, B. C.  Wholesale and Retail  .  .   .   Dealers in Meats  Wholesale Markets at jNelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  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O ', to boaUowed to transfer tho rdUv.l liquor  license now huld by mo for the Clarko HoWl, situii'o on  lots numbered eleven and twelve (11 and 12) in block  numbered, five (5) of tho City ot Nelson, British Columbia,  to Kraiik Campbell and George W. Bartlctt.  K. C. CLAKKK.  Dated at Nelson. M. C. thin 15th day of Aiwust, ISDO THE TRIBUNE: NELSON, RQ, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 1899.  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The thieves broke the back window, lifted  the latch of the back door, and went out  the same  way.    It  is   not thought that  these are  the  same thieves who perpetrated  the   former   burglaries,   as they  were apparently not after cash, but took  fourteen out of the sixteen revolvers displayed in the window.    Most of the guns  can be readily identified by the firm. Two  men have been   identified by parties in  town, one of them a Chinaman, as having  tried  to  sell   them   revolvers  yesterday  morning.    In consetpience of information  received the  chief of   police and patrolman Smith   went  down   to the Klondike  hotel, where  one  of  the  suspected men  was.    The chief  went  out  for it minute  and the suspect immediately made a bolt  for it.    Patrolman Smith and others followed, and .after ;ui exciting chase he was  eventually captured  hiding   under a bed  above    Morrison   &   Caldwell's   grocery  stoic.    The other man was captured during tlie afternoon.    He was found by the  chief lying  under  the steps opposite the  side entrance., to   the  Elliot  block.    No  arms were found on either man, and they  are at  present  being held on suspicion.  In the meantime  the  Nelson Hardware  Company is offering $100 reward for the  apprehension of the burglars.    The goods  stolen are valued at $150.  morning fi'om a month's trip to Niagara  and the east.  W. F. Brougham would rather fish  than write, and when he fishes he always  remembers his friends, wliich is more  than he docs when he writes.  The manager of the Bank of British  Columbia has one more hair less on the  top of his head. He is the father of a  daughter.  Dave Clark of Pilot Bay is back from  Toronto, whore he spent nearly two  months.  Tmo TmiWNi-i's bindery and ruling department is now ready for business. J.  T. Edwards, recently, of liossland, is iu  chai'ge.  An old-timer is losing wood which lie  has got in for winter use, and as he is no  particular lovei- of "splitting," wishes us  to ask his "friends " to leave his labors  for his own enjoyment.  On Sunday Harry Asheroft of Nelson  spent four hours fishing in Kokanee  creek, and got his reward in the shape of  tin; nicest sti-ing of brook trout ovei*  bi-oiight to Nelson. He had 1.2(5 that  aveiagcd from three to five to the pound.  Work was resumed ou the Bank of  Montreal building yesterday.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  is  employed  as a  &  Fort  Shcppard  Postoffice Store  -       BAKE It STREET, NELSON.  Joseph Clark, who  wiper in the Nelson  round.house, will come before magistrate  Crease today upon the charge of using  abusive language to his foreman, O. P.  Loney, and threatening him withaknrfe.  Constable Robei't Bullick yesterday  brought in John Lecroix 'from Fernie,  who is sentenced to two 'months' im-  piisonment for assault.with intent to do  bodily harm.  A raihvay man will come before sti-  pendiary. magistrate Crease at two  o'clock today upon a charge of assault.'  Ho is charged with having hit another  railway man.in the eye.  It is not unlikely that a meeting of the  board of police commissioner's will be held  within the next few days for the purpose  of deciding what steps shall be taken to  prevent the systematic housebreaking  which lias been going on in the city for  the past two weeks. Recent experience  lias shown that Nelson evidently has an  organized gang of housebreakers to deal  "&*Mtli%nd4ili"G&^^  thfeoperAtor^owfrMjbnsiness.1'  For  Sale���Lots  13  and  14,  block  42,  wilh improvements.   .Apply lo Ii. .1. Joy, Slur UaUery.  Wanted--���Private nursing by experienced mii-tio. Charges reasonable. Address M. S. A.,  Nelson, Ii. C.  Counters,   shelves,   and   store=-fixtui*es  foi sale.   Apply to Then. IHadson, Haker street., Nelson.  Furnished rooms to let.    Apply to Mrs.  J/. M. .Jameson, Carney liloek, linker street west.  To rent���Two stores or offices and basement, 25 by 50 feet, also two living rooms on first floor,  opposite jiosloffice on Victoria street. I-'or sale���fjol.s J.'i  and 11 block lie, S7U0; lot7 block 15, addition A, $2_i;  lot.s 21 and 22 block fl.. Apply to W. A. Jowett., Victoria  street. Nelson.  For Rent���The residence at the corner  of Victoria and Ward streets, recently occupied by AV.  A. Jlaedonald.   Apply lo A. 11. Clements.  ARCHITECTS.  EWAKT & CAR1UE���Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Ab-  ordnnn block. Raker street. Nelson.  "TheUlispufeovjei' ^ift��^e*i''iH|i"tO>viisi���ei,  ;,b^tw.een^lie^j^  i Ijaiiyr, lias ^eeril.*3ettl|3d lo .tl|e;s��sJtMfH_"Sl^i'i;  ''.o)!Mso\\l''&6n^&��A'r4tiiiHri&d-'��jn��  "���"���"    ��� Jjbpfh.o'r'jBaltcr. 'Sndf^&jtcT.Sfcrejsts.'  %Y&t&nnclon?f IWoVA'p^le^/vfta^itil other iFruite  in &ea&on"Tcp,ei;vcd; Ballys       " " v  "Milk* ^feakfes, ja'h&^Bu'ttertellJt''  5w'eefelCreaI^^rS,celre^i��Tu^(i^i^Sa3f8n1tJ)a, Fridays  ��� licavc"your'orders. .Prdnrpt/dclii'cry  'Atitijji'^afifi'jgS  stlie.eaclte'.  ?P��0(ng^��fa  .p ros^peffdus";  -. ;*�� :s���easp.ni?.-\.:  #!e. hafl^rp^  ���pai^a-fpT:  anrfupSi��u4l!y  MILLS & LOTf  Agents to  Haziewddd Ice Oreain,  CREAM  FRUIT  OF  FRESH  1CINJD.  and try our Ice Cream Soda and  Refreshing Drinks.  HUMPHREYS & PITTOGK  rove  Garden  NEAR PORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  IsTEIJLSOIsr  THE   FINEST  PLEASURE   RESORT  IN   KOOTENAY  LABORERS  AND  tEAMSTERS  WANTED  Tlio underH'Kiiod want fifty laborers and teamsters to work on the North Star branch of  tlie Crow's Nest, Piiss I'aihftvy, and about the same nuitl-  bor of Hl.ul.ion men. We have four miles of good station  work, which will be let in the next ten days.  liHKCKKNlUDGK & LUND, Contractors.  Cranbaook, I J. (,!., August 23rd, IS!!).  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between Josephino and-  Hall streets. Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS. DAY OR NIGHT  RAKKRY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING- A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HKLP EMPLOYED  ���r.    ���Btrxr-B-R'sr*.,    fbofbi-btob  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  NELSON, U. C.  OofTco roasters aiid dealers in Tea and CofTce.  OiFer frcBh roasted cofTeo of best quality as follows:  Java and Arabian Maeha, per pound $   40  Java and Mocha Blond, 3 pounds  100  Fine Santos, 4 pounds  1 00  Santos Blond, 5 ponnds  1 OO  Our Special Blend, 6 pounds    100  Our Rio Roast, 6 pounds ;  100  A trial order solicited. ...-.'  Salesrooms 2 Doors East of Oddfellows Bloc(\, West  ������   Baker Steeet.      ��� ."j  gQodsf.by  : (Personally"  seleGting; a,  ^tn'a'fewill:-  .��  _��ru ih,  >.j.  . uoaoubjedJy  ���'",.-     ���. . -"    JfiSure   "  laj:ge* sales apd  increased  profits  to  ��u^�� cug|^mpr;|i " y _      " : "v r      ���  The irnportations Will _ei#ipur|se a  rare s'eleGtijon of StatiJeSj Bt:ohj_es��  Gjp.cks and Art Goods; also lenders;  and Fire Irons of efli- kinds. Manieure  and Toilet Artieres��in infinite yafiery,  covering a wide range of prices. Every  well^knowh maker of American Clocks  are also rerjresentedi,  While East Mr. Dover conferred with  the-leading-and-most-ehterprisingrman-  ufactures of gold and silver jewelry  and is having specially made the finest  stock ever gathered together for the  Kooteheiy trade. It is almost unnecessary to suggest the advisability of seeing these goods before buying elsewhere.  We make a specialty in our watch  department. As we only employ the  best Watch makers. All work guaranteed. Orders by mail receive our  prompt attention.  JACOB DOVER, deweleri Nelson.  'i '���- ���      '- II    iii.i.. ...ii-i       hi..      .I.-...I    _     ���   i T,. ,;,i,". ii.     p.1...   ii f -������ i ,n  NOitOE   TO   GONTBACT0ES.  Sealed tenders will bo received by the tiiidei-sijjiied up  to la.n'nltick- noon nn 'I'b'ii's'dny. Atifjiist,..'{I.s-t;t ISliii; forlde  b.-tseinenl. (ia.) by "M feel) of flic Muddeli bloek.on the earner of IJukei- and Wart! streets. I town and sjieeitleiitihns  nmy be soon nl.tlKJ Jireliiteet's oillee. The lowest. Or any  tender not. neccssarilj" tieecptud. A. inarked ehOek jUnoii nt-  int* to Oilier cent, of the lender must ueenni|>aiiy <saeh tender. AlfTUUIt K. IIODGINW, Architeut.  Nelson, August 2(ith, ISO!).  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS.  A  LARGE  CONSIGNMENT  JUST    .  OPENED  We can supply you witf] Cartridges  TO SUIT YOUR RIFLE  V  I  Carpenter's Tools  A   FULL  LINE  SHELF HARDWARE  THE BEST ASSORTED  STOCK  IN THE KOOTENAYS  STOVES AND  KITCHEN UTENSILS  H. Byers & Co.  .NELSON KASLO SANDON  Are You Going for a  Why, yes;  on a fishing excursion and I intend to  buy my tackle from  The Lawrence Hardware Co.  Who keeps the best and cheapest goods in Nelson,  WE STILL HAVE A FEW HAMMOCKS LEFT  which we are selling at a snap  ALL KINDS OF CAMPING SUPPLIES  ;*ia I A  14 west baker street   "  "Fefephonfe 10.    Postp-ffice E56x K i& #  The Latest  Mind  your P's and  Q's is all  right whe  properly apjalied  Mind Your T's  Sealed tenders will bo received by the undersigned up  to 12 o'ulock noon on Tuesday, Sejrfoiiilicr ofh, JS1I!), for.  the. eonstruet'.ion of a two-story frame public school  building in the Hume Addition. I'laiiHitndspecitlciitious  can be seen at. my vesideneo.  The lowest or any 1 under not. necoKsin-ily ncuoj)t.cil. A  marked check amounMntj to 10 per cont of the tonder  imiKtiiccoiiiiiany each lender.  FKKD'HUmtY.  Kosidcnco in Hume Addition, Nolson..  Nelson,, August 2811., 1811!).   IsTOTICE.  Not ice is horeby Riven that from this date I will not bo  responsible for any debts contracted by my wife, Klixu-  betli ICelly. .IAMHS  KKUIA'.  Nelson, August 2flt.h, 18!K). ______^^_  HAIR GOODS AND HAIB ORNAMENTS  Switches from $2 up.  MRS. J. W. KEABNKYhas opened a Ladies Hair DrcRs-  iiiB Parlor in room 1, Victoria block, Nelson, and is prc-  pnred to.fu iiisb everylhing in the way of-hair goods  and hair tonics.   Trcnlmoul of thp sculp a specialty.  -  What always applies to the careful housekeeper L  [J  i  Pay the strictest attention to them artd'wHe'rfj  to buy them and you'll always have cOmfoi]'  in the house.  We are having a big run on Teas lately; why not join the race?  FRUIT JARS!    FRUIT JARS  Direct  from the manufacturer in pints, quarts, and  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  JOHN A. IRVING ��& COMPANY!  Baker Street West, Nelson, B. C. i  3PXiXJ*ft_:_3*E3**RS, *E3TP-  OPEEA  KOXTIBB   BLOCK*  K$fc&-;vw-  i.ffS��j����-Bw^��te^*'��raK^a��jV'^


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