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 if--- t-*-^���-�����~^--_n iti-i_t _THa>n^marrrtTg;fi  M. BERTILLON'S CRAZY SYSTEM  Excites Derision.  Rennns, August 25.���The court martial  of Dreyfus opened at 0:30 t.Iiis morning  Avithout extraordinary incident. Tlio  clerk of the court read a medical certificate signed by tAvo doctors Avhose names  wove unknoAvn to the audience, declaring  it impossible forcolonel duPatydoClani to  leave his bed to come to Rennes and  testify.  M. Bertillon  AA'as called   as   the next  witness.     He   woro   a   dark   bluo   coat  and.    to     the      general      surprise     of  the   audience    entered  the court   room  without a single paper.     But tlie astonishment Avas short-lived,  the lirst words  of Bertillon lining  a  request  to  permit  his diagrams anrl papers  to  be  brought  in.     The request being granted Bertillon  retired for a  moment.    He  returned   at  the   head   of   a  squad   com posed   of  an  infantry sergeant and   four privates,  all  staggering under the Aveight of immense,  leather satchels bulging with documents,  charts,    etc.,     Avhich     they     deposited.  0ou       tlio       stage       as      a      roar      of  laughter    echoed    through    the    court.  Bertillon   commenced   his   deposition   at  8.30 a. m.    it occupied the  whole session  and  Avill   perhaps occupy-the. Avhole of  tomorroAv's   session.       Bertillon,   whom  Dreyfusitcs   describe   as  "a   dangerous  maniac," spent the three remaining hours  of the  session  explaining  the  unintelligible terms of his " infallible system "of  proving Dreyfus Avas the authors of the  bordereau.    After M. Bertillon had concluded  the  lirst  instalment of   his so-  called demonstration of theguiltof captain  Dreyfus a prominent Dreyfusard referred  to him as "the fin-de-sioclo  Cagliostro."  Dreyfusards  refuse    to    regard  him  as,  anything but the prince of quacks. They  cover liis remarks Avith ridicule and  protest that the admission   of  his  fantastic  theories  as    evidence   before  the  court  martial  is a disgrace to Prance.    "C'est  line honte" Avas the remark heard on  all  sides  Avhen   the  session  closed  and the  audience, mainly made up of Dreyfiisards,  AA'as being pressed out by the gendarmes,  avIio  clear  the  court  room  as   soon  as  court adjourns.    Nevertheless, even   tho  Dreyfusards do not deceive themselves as  to the effect of JVI. Bertillon's ��� testimony,  or " Demonstrations " may have upon the  judges, avIio, they fear, Avill be gulled  by  what the Dreyfusards consider spurious.  All the judges haA'e  passed through  the  ecole polytechique, the highest school of  science in France, and they are thus pre-  SATURDAY MORMNG, AUGUST 2G,  1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $6 A YEAR; WEEKLY, $2.  cup to be competed for between yachts  representing Canada and those representing the United Stales, the races to take  place some time in September, the exact  rlate of Avhich has not yet been set. It is  very likely, Mr. Swouey says, that both  the Gcuussec and the Beaver Avill enter,  as the conditions of tho races, which have  not yet been fully developed, will include  their class. The series of races are to be  sailed in American Avaters, and will probably take place off the port of Charlotte.  GRAND FORKS BALLTOSSERS WILL  Try to Humble Nelson's Pride Today.  The Grand Forks team, Avhich plays  Nelson 'today, is one of the best teams in  Southern British Columbia. They haA'e  played eight matches, and aa'oii them all  except that against Nelso n on July 1 9th.  The teams they beat include Nortliport  and Rossland. The Nolson aggregation  has played six games, of which they Avon  five. They lost one against Rossland,  but beat them in the return match on  July 1st. The Grand Forks team has  been strengthened since the last match,  and a close game is expected. The game  will begin at 3 o'clock. The teams are  composed as follows:  Grand Forks���Davy c, Fleming p, Russell J b. Sullivan 2b, E. Davy 3b, Fitch ss,  Welch If, Connors cf, DeRush rf, and  Foley spare man.  Nelson���Waters c, Rockenfield p, Partridge }h~, Eaeritt 2b, Campbell 3b, Houston ss, S. Neelands If, Phair cf, Moore rf,  and Smith aud HaAvkins spare men.  " Billy " Connors, one of the best ball  players in Spokane, is Avith the Grand  Forks team, and will no doubt catch in  the game today. Nelson brought  " Billy" up from Spokane in -1895 to help  out in a game Avith Rossland, but the  Rossland team kicked and Avould not let  him play. He is a clean ball player and  .will-show our boys Iioav to play the position of catcher.  ...; .;JNELSpN.,-i;,;,.,/,.i  A marker  has  been  engaged for the  rifle shooting this afternoon, and by next  Saturday the ne\^^  yrblepTt/Allah'fl^ifefolrd? j\fe  iiv: of; #>jiii��M:CMar^  ' Vslio^yissi-ft^  ^uin'ohC^^  filjfe.iitv^as^uiviicda^vte  .^x&dfespaee^^  " �� |iiii^|;li^c^viflsiBJj-^f WeSjTii^jAd;obt;iti"��^  {i   ���jVb��s;^yibi'f:"';<?'f. * .^^Iti'^^jSj^11'^   nienj-/  r/"*'fti$)ie$V%^'^  i . -���wi:rtiil|f �� Avhif^p;^l&y; Aybu^d/^rpdiiee- in/  3   "-c^urfe���{neM^wfej3loi^ 'TIiiS  ; ��� .c^re'^^ Press iii-  qiiirfecl as to1 this" ;iti, doinpeteiifr $r"eyfijsr  /tfar^VrJi^i^ . ^liejw&s as"-  sui'ed that the stilbteiiieht Avas" erroneous,   j.mtTjwna also told_that ���__the���defetice__1'q_.  ;��� ble>iS}if nibhtlis^oldjisbij  wCek  tended/ iii Ihe" event of captain Dreyfus  being re-coridenined', to ask the German  grtv_rii,infi-eii't to communicate these documents, proving liis innocence, aiid that  they had reason to believe such a request  Avould be granted.  Guerin Causes Trouble.  Paris, August 2.1���M, Gueriy aud his  jFollowdi'S are Still besieged in the heud-  quartei'S Of tlie Anti-Semite League aiid  created some excitement till is. afternoon  by distributing circulars froni the aauih  doAVs denouncing the Jews. When  the police preA'ented the people  from picking them up tlie Gnei-inttes  bombarded .lie police Avith bricks.  At a late hour thi& evening a reporter  fi oni the anti-Juif tried to revictual the  fortress, but AVas prevented by tlie police.  M, Gneiiiij greatly incensed, fired tAvo  sliots at a polieeimmi. Neither reached  the mark,, but the incident will probably  precipitate matters.  Columbia to Race Defender.  . New York, August 25.���Next in importance to tlie actual race for the America's cup will be the formal and final trial  the Columbia and  which are to  NeAvport on Sep-.  (5 iii accordance Avith  by the regatta committee of the NeAV York yacht club. The  Gom-ses AVill both be triangular and to  AviudAvard or to leeward and return, out  from Brentou's reef lighthouse.  races     betAveen  the       Defender,  be     sailed     off  tember  2,  &  and  a  circular issued  Fresh International Yacht  Eace.  Rochester, NeAV York, August 25.���  Manager George W. Sweney of tlie Ontario Beach Park Association  has given    ,  notice that he Avill turn over to the Ro-.  the  roads  up Porcupine  creek and the  Chester Yaclit Club a large and valuable J uortli and juitiu forks of Wild Horse.  about^pberrlmud^^  becii{chTly;��sjgned0%audt��aY  pandit ii\C*r^  " j-Ci' "J.:iHil"l';" .ciist^Ms, cbljeItoi^ijt���",Pbr,t  jiilk. .jyah.%'/t;lias���nai^^%iG^  Ryk^ists ^y|iBi;r|���,'he,��sa^  of ^ninlii^db^elbp^ .��� ��� ���   -t\  $lle KailiiVTi nesrSiWel^  f.'_hMJmeutCof..DJa^y/iOre-Qft',|Eliui^d:a^!" -.":?  ;' ; 'T;iiB;:2^t6nti^opper|bBst^  ���Haii',Siiues' smeltcl-'.^li-sJb^oAyn.in., |rest%iV .���  day.   Tlie Cxcav'atipii fpKtlie^igrmcehaiii-  ical roaster'.to Be e'rCcged "iliere; has;b|en  Completed, ^ "     :s  Tlie sas'npli of tlie Nel^pn" Sa.Ay and  PlainugMillsi' Ijiiiii|ed, fenoAy one of the  =inost=c6iupletc^n^tlie^iitefaofc.=^A=n6^^  boiler has been installed); and aii ingenious contrivance has been arranged by  Avhich tlie only fuel used is sawdust. The"  millhas a capacity of 40,000 feet a day  and there is about one million feet of  logs ill the mill-pond.  A. Williams, oiie of tlve leading lawyers,  of yancoitA'ei^, Avas iii Nelsott yesterday,  and left for Kaslo diiring the afternoon,  J, A. Wliittier, a Slocvin iniiie 0W;jier  and operator, Was in tcAt/ii yesterdivy.  Jake Sersoh lia�� left for I)tinr3an City  to build bridges for the G. P, R., arid  Janies Citihieron left yesterday for Koka-  n ee Creek.  Mr. nnd Mrs. Jj. Ernest i-eturued last  night from a two-Aveeks' visit to Halcyon  hot springs. ..  Erl Billings,, advertising agent for the  Spokane Industrial' Exposition to be held  this fall, arrived ill Nelson yesterday.  YMIR. .,���...���  Ymjr, August 2o.'--Ohris Creamer has  secured the contract for putting up tho  school house and will commence work  right aAvay. It "will be a handsome building, but one lot is not sufficient. The  toAvnsite people should donate tAvo more  lots for the purpose of a playground. E.  Cliarles, the agent for the toAvnsite, will  be in Ymir next Monday and Avill look  into all affairs touching the toAvnsite. A  Mr. Burke, a mining engineer, arrived  yesterday. He is a partner of R. W.  McFarlane of this town. He made a  quick trip from Liverpool to Ymir via  Montreal and Crow's Nesb Pass hi fourteen days. If the mails could only come  the same AA'ay it Avould be as quick as via  New York.  The trail up Hidden Creek is iioav completed and rapid work is being done on  SPECIMENS OF ORE FOR PARIS  Boxed and Ready for Shipment.  W. F. Robertson, provincial mineralogist, has been in Nelson for seA'eral days  boxing and getting ready for shipment  specimens of ore for tho mineral exhibit  of tho province at the Paris Exhibition.  In all he has secured 120 specimens froni  mines and claims in Ainswortli, Goiit  Itiver, Nelson, Slocan, and Slocan City  mining divisions. From Nelson Mr. Robertson will go to .Rossland to look after  the specimens from the mines of the  Trail Creek diA'ision. The following list  goes to show that the Avork has been well  dono anrl that" the several districts are  A\'ell represented:  AlNSWOHTII    MlNINO     DIVISION���IJECOUD    OKKICK ���   AT  IvASI.O.  Antoino, McOufean.  Blue Boll, opposite Ainswortli.  Ciiiiiulian Pauilic Mining & Milling Company, AA'ood-  bury Oicek.  Gertrude,'Duncan llivor.  Highland, A ins worth.-  Highlander, Ainswortli.  Humboldt., Crawford Creole. �� "  Indiana Consolidated Gold & Silver Mining Conipnny,  Whitewater.  .Jackson Mines, Jackson liasin. '  .Josepliino, Ainswortli.  Lucky Jim, Hear Lake.  Little Phil, Ainswortli.  Little Mamie, Ainswortli,  Maggie, Ainswoith.  President, Upper Kootenay I>ake.  Sunset, Vvhitewater.  Stranger, Jackson Jlasin.  Star, Ainswortli. '  True JJ1 ue, ICaslo.  Tain G'Shantcr, opposite Ainswortli.  Tariff, Ainswortli.  United, Ainswortli.   .      ;  Whitewater.AVhitowatcr.  ������;  West  Kootenay Brick <'& Lime  Company,  opposite  Ainswortli.  . VVashingtou, McGuigan Hasin.  Si.ocan  Minino1 Division���HucordOfkice at Neav  Denver.  .Best,-Sandon.  Kinily Kdith, Silverton.    ,.  Kishor Maiden, Silverton.  Goodcnough, Cody.  Hustler Fraction; Three Forks.  Last Chance, Sandon. .       .  Monitor, Three l'\>rk.i.  Mountain Chief, New Denver.  : Noble Five, Cody.  Noonday, Silverton.   v  Ocean, Sandon. ���''.'���  Piiyno, Sandon.  Queen Bess, Three Forks. ���;'  Hod Mountain, Silverton.  Itnth, Sandon  Trade Dollar,-Cody. ;.  Vancouver .'Qrouji; Silverton. .'������,'��� '  AVakoilcld, Silverton.,v :' l      i  . :  Si.ocan Ciua;' Mining  Divisions-Record Office at  ;:  Slocan Citv.  Eyciiing^SlAr,.Slocah���City:.u  ^Ayo^rloTiaij, -S prihgoii'|3rei  S'iST:i5rS'o. N?M9i-NXNff-l^iA';i&N|iItB^       6'iaarM?���fe lf*ii_6tS!  :���";j.V'U&basei^Morni!ig^oiH"itAi^     f.^ s ���>' ���:����� /��iv'**'-;4  i;Agi;ic;61.S.(Ili)ad';Molin'(jvi  Vi^llaQk'fco'ckryililTrS'^s,���-^"7.* tf/si*":"^^;^"'M��i-p ;  ^USnvHm-fVmi^  s ^C!6pper;ciow<iiropnposite rildutlispfcFortyiniiio"Ore%fe?  ."V.qiav-Qiirlc.Ndiso'ii,- $J."���- .,�����!-1""*" "���"���*"   "" "'"   "'"  ;^-Cp.ppcr5K-iiigV'l<Wt%ii|)fe;C.reSki5��  ^Daiitly,^ToaU'��l:6iliifi.i,iii:.    ��"  #*^uiiil0B-,"*iftlfe.*r$-.i,ii-..n.S  t^SD'uiiia'Si.'jYiiiir���\\s\-"u<* ���>��,  "  '-' B&clKiquei'SToad Jfouhto'lii  'Fuifti'iDiil, \'iiiirJ " V~-M  f !-Fen'i-,���HMr'Grcpk,i.-"  . Graii'itc^l,Sifgle;;^i>cek:,  ���" ���Hidueii-.T-reasaro'Z' *. ���  'JiffljlCe^YiiiJiiv.-  fcreqSS   '*.  oidtrjoiopyViSaiiiio;.  b. "Poftovlricd,yiiiir. ���.   .-  - ���        ,       ...-t-.n-  -  :"^.Svl.yia."TortdJMauliTain,:��"      �����*.." = "���   ."*��    ��� ���; .  ,   Btarlight.:T6kd, MojinlMh. "'��������.  ,^��,SilVe'r"D6'llli'r{"Sal,Ill.o.u������ \, ."   -'"   ;��� ."- "���  "����� ��� ���'  "��SiS)tteldaiQfBon,'*i'i!iir>;Js    t'} "fe��"'"���"'. ''i '" ."/"" :'.' .   .  ;V^ilv:e��',King;".Toad;M6un!tAin; *��  -"������#"'. "�����  **���"���, ���".-��. ���  '%Taniara,e;Hrmii'."a ��� ''. i�� 1   -".-  ���    " "��� "        .-  ."^Teijn'cS'seo.A'iiii'ri,' '". "  ,���" :VeiiUK^"Toarl#Ibliht*;iii:,  S". ��yictr)rianv��F6rty-iiiiic ��� Creek. ���       "������.  i" AVilcos.'-Yiiiir.*    "*" , ���',   i  , .^"f'^P^inir., ���,'���.'.  Goat Mivek Mining)   Divi&Toftv&JedHD Okkioe, at  KusiioNdoif.  .Alice,,GtxtbMbiuiIaijw B "sn.,  Annie. Goat Motiiilain,"  Accident, Duck Greek". ,  BhSuliofiii, GoatjMo!irit��jri.  Black I'riiice" Goat Mountiu'ii.  ^^IMttelc-KiiiglltfGriiit-MQiiiiUiiilr^   Copper'Ojioen, Duck Ci'eek.,  Caplcfoh, Goivt Mountain.  Duiiifrieshirc, Goat Mouritftih.  K.nl-1 Hand, Goat Mountain'.  Homcsbike, Goat Mountiiihi  Iris, GoatMoiintaihi  Josfe, Goat Mountiiin.  Jennie, Goat Moimlaiii.  Kaffir; Goat Mountain.  KirlvClibriglitsliire, Goat MonnfoUn.  Lajiland. Dtick Crock..  Listard, Duck Crook1.  moKisHtoloi .Itu-Ksojl Crocki"  Morning Sl.ar, Goal, Miiuht.aih.  I'atriuk, Gotiti Malinfaiti.  Slipw Jiiiwii. Goat,Moiifitaini  St. (jlcoi'gc, fJoat JWpuiitaiii;  'Si. Andrew, GontMoinilain.  Selkirk, iTifcirOrceiVi.  Sitiiipsiiiii Arrow Qfuek.  SI. Patrick, GoiiKMoiiMliiin.  Tl'iilyTtuiral, Duck Creek.  AViscrtilsiii,, Duck Creek.  U'libaslf, UoUl, Moiiiilain.  Hi lo I, Duck Ci'eek.  In addition to the above there Avere  specinteiis froni the Headlight, oil Horse  Thief Greek, Windermere distrietj and the  Niekle Flate mine at Rossland.  THE STANDARD RATE TO BE PAID  But Union Miners Are to be Barred.  Neav Djonvisii, August 25.��� Tlu-ce men  were added to the forco of the Marion  yesterday, having been hired in toAvn.  The rate paid is $J{.50 per day for eight  hours, but union 111011 are not accepted.  In this connection it might be stated that  it has been semi-oiTicially announced that  the mine owners will, re-open the Slocan  properties on October 1st at the above  rate and on tho same conditions.  The Mollie Hughes group Avas exported  this Aveek on behalf of outside capital.  On the Mabou, Ten-mile, the NeepaAA'a  lead has been traced through the entire  property. It sIioavs ore wherever cut,  displaying black sulphides of silver. as  Avell as the native article in Avhite.  This Aveek Avill finish the hauling of ore  from the Enterprise. There has been a  larger cleanup than anticipated, and the  grade of the mineral has been higher  than expected. The bunk-houses are being cleaned up. aud put in shape for the  early resumption of opei-ations.  The contract  on  the   Neepawa, Ten-  mile, is completed and the meii employed  came down yesterday.  They report good  ore in the face of the loA\rer drift, with.a  ;full breast of quartz.  Pete Angi'iguon Avill start up the electric light plant on September 1st. He is  getting the system into shape, puttings  up new poles and tightening up the  wires. ;  The steamer/ Slocan, iioav undergoing  ��� repairs at Rosebery, is to be ready for  service in three AVeeks.  Snow has fallen daily this Aveek in the  hills. ���    .';-���. _2_______________V  " ���       ''     '  Thanked the Captain and the Crew.  After all danger Avas past, the passengers aboard the steamer Rossland deemed  it their duty to present the captain and  creAv of the steamer -'with', an address of  thanks. : This Was done iha lieat speech  by .T.'Roderick. Robertson of Nelson.. The  testimonial is given below:   >     , ;  SS. ROSSLAND,  ABROAV LAKES, August 23rd,. 189!).  ,. . ....... ,,ciii:ei;-engjiieeivKyi;c,piiTse.r��TaKlOi^aiHi .  .^Jje 111(1001% raiid"ci%wi op'llW^^  i��&lvc:#ill' "c'fiiiibilti'ng^aiyl'' c^ti'n'gi'ii.^i'iiigS'tliQ'm'-oyvvllicri?  bVoke 1oitt^dn*tlic,.steain^  ^a'hferjfcgtilarjti'i'jv^ojii.iVtro^lieM  .���l��:1iiycng'ard,J:ftn;tli<3'ir>sii^  teered an explanation regarding the transit through Cape Colony of ammunition  of rifles for the Orange Free State. Mr.  Schreiiier contended tthat except in time  of Avar, tho prohibition of' such transit  would be a breach of tho customs convention. Ho laid upon the table papers  confirming his statement as to the details  of the materials transmitted, and then  added that if .war should unhappily ensue, he would do his duty as an earnest  and loyal subject of the epieen.  TOURING PRESSJEN AND WOMEN  The City's Guests Today.  The folloAving is a list of the newspaper men anrl Avomen of Eastern Canada  avIio will arrive in Nelson today, and avIio  will be the guests of the city during their  stay. Many of them have 'friends and  relatives here, and their, stay, although  short, should be made, pleasant:  D. jv. I'rieo, The lOmpress, Aylmcr.  .James JI. Little. Advertiser, Owen Sound.   -  A. F. I'irieand wife, Hanner, Jlundas.  Miss Ida Simpson, Telegram, Toronto. .  Miss Wold, Fanners'Advocate, London.  J. M. AValkor, Courier, I'ert.h.    ���  K. J.I). Penso. The AVhig, Kingston.  Col. A. J. Matheson, honorary member, Perth.  Cupt. D. M. Grant. Kntcrpriso, Iliinl-sville.  John W. Kddy and wife. Journal, SI. Mary's.���'  W.  V\\ Cliff andiAvifo, Central  Canadian,  Carleton  Placo. "���'-.'...-'  Charles N. Robertson, The Journal, Ottawa.  Mrs. R. jA. Robertson, Tho Journal, Ottawa.."'.'-.  Andrew Miller, Citizen, Ottawa.  Mrs. Miller. Citizen, Ottawa.  Charles A. Matthews and wife. Globe, Toronlo.  A. F. Wallis, Mail-Kinpiro, Toronto.        ..'.'  A. T. AV'ilgross, The Times, Brockvillcl  A\r. J. Taylor, The News, Tweed.  Rev. Dr.-C. Goodspeed and wife, Canadian Baptist,  Toronto. . '  : :*���'-'  AV. S. Given, Reporter, Millbrook.  G., K.   Gibbard  and   wife,  I'harmaceutical  Journal,  Toronto. ".,..  Xi. AVay and wife, honorary members.���Hamilton:.-.'."  George K. Scroggic, The News, Toronto.  Miss Scroggie, The News, Toronto. .._...-���  ,  Miss May Scroggie, Guclph.  VV. II. Steele, AVatchilian, jArnprior;  Charles Clark.'Review, Kincardine.  James Harper. Witness. Montreal.  R. J. Harpoi, Witness, Montreal.  : II. J. Short, AV'itnoss, Montreal.  Miss Giinii, AVitness, Montreal;  V\r. II. Koller, Journal, Uxliridgo." '.       ..  .'.' Miss White, Kxetor. ' ���    j ;'-"'."'���;'  Miss Mayinie AVhite, Brandon.  \V. S. Dingman, president C. P. A.; Herald, Stratford.  A.'G. V. Macdonald, second vico-prosidont C!: P. A.,  News, Alexandria.  John A. Cooper, secrclnry, C. P. jV.,,Canadian Magazine,Toronto. .'. . :.-'���.. ...���.';.'/      :;���  -. AV. M. O'Bioine. Beacon. Stratford. : .. ���/..:v--.-;"j.;  :Mrs. aiid Miss Siiraggc, British Realni,- of London. .V.":.,.-  J. S. O.'BryaivCIironicld. Halifax,  Dr, audjti  ";'frsAVPHjpl*l3.K3-'T,iS,56k>IiG'^ ���������-.: -j-^-  "^a^OliKSTfSjiokariSj, :v*-j.\ �����?...":'  ,':F.":C3tKNARY-,sNoli5d,ii",s - L , "> ��\ -  VS.AV:, A." -JSs -pt)SWN>Eos: jAiigeles,",'  The Kaiser's Scrapbook,  Bi'jRiJN, August 25.--The correspondent  here of the Associated Press Avas informed today at the court martial Office  that the statement made On the witness  stand at Reiines yesterday by M. Mertin  de Metter. a friend of M. GlGsuay rle  Beaurepaire, the former judge of the civil  section of the court of cassation, tliat lie  had seen a neAvspaper, the Libre Parole,  bearing a postage stamp, in emperor  William's bedroom at Potsdam, having  on the paper certain Avords in German  meaning " Dreyfus has been arrested,"  could nbt possibly be true. It Avas pointed  out that his majesty invariably puts Ins  desk in order before leaving his room and  that nothing is left lying around or open.  Rut, if he should fail to do so, it is the  duty of his A-alet to put his things away.  Besides, it is said, the emperor does not  read Avhole heAvspapers, but only marked  clippings which, later, are incorporated  in scrapbopks. ...'^  .,'..,,-.  ^*AVM'."A.b1KI1GG0T.T, Anp'aiif)li��.,      -  !" "    ;MRS.'G:H;!TtO;B,KRTS,,Tdrbnte;  ;. ltvl-?A,UL.Rofe-Hni��,���,..     I .��  ,'   ���-.,    ..stilt ROMHflItEES.IRbsSlftlid,  r " - "  '���",*-.' ^V^OiMtL'A^IfoNelsdTi^ ��D f,   \     '���",.'���  ;..; f���" I." ,.T:,,I��>D^BRl'p.K;R:0uB,KRTSON; Nelson^     "'  ��� "      " "'^niljin\ini^^of?6.tlicr��,1infiIurliii_r^'it��tiriaiHe��.  McE^nley  Gushes.  '".��gran; GRQA^E^New. Jersey, j^ng1118* 2��t  ���Presidents. Mcliiiilfey aefdressed 3,2,000'  persbiis1 in tliC ratidiijor|uhi, "this iifternoou.  =He=Avas4htrodueed-by-bi^  avIio Said there is no conflict betAVeen the  stars) aiid stHpes aud the flag of the  Crosse aiid that" tfiey flow side liy side for  huihanity, liberty and1 truth* The president laid: "LovC of Oonjltry is not inconsistent With rejigiousfaith. I believe  that there is niore love for our countfy  and more people love tlie Hag tlitm ever  before. Wherever that ihig is raiserl  it; stands noli for despots aiid  Opposition, but - for liberty, opportunity ijiiul hliuianity, aii'd Avliat  that Hag lias done for us Ave Want it to  do foi; all peo|il'c and till lands Avhich by  the fortune of \var have come wi'thi'n its  jurisdictioii. That ilag does Hot mean  one tiling in the United States and  another iti Porto Rico and the Philippines. There has been doubt in soine  quarters respecting the policy of the  government in the PhilippiiieS. I sec no  harm in stating it in this presence. Peace  first, then Avith charity for all, establish  a government of laAV and order protecting life and property and occupation for  the Avell-behig of the people AVho will  participate iii it under tlie stars anrl  stripes.'* When .the president finished  the big building s^ook with the intensity  of the applause.  Evading an  Unjust Law.  London, August 25.���A dispatch to the  Daily Mail from Johannesburg says the  British agent, Mr. Conyngham Green, has  advised the British farmers that they  will be justified in ignoring the prohibition regarding the export of cattle.  Tries to Square Himself.  Capetown, August .23.���In the Cape  house of assembly today, in anticipation.  of a motion on the subject by sir John  Gordon Spriggs, former premier, W. R.  Schreiiier, the present  prejaaier,   voluu-.  TROUBLES ARE NOT ONE-StDED  In the Coeur d'Alenes.  The importation  of mine A\'orkers for  the silver-lead mines of the Coeur d'Alenes  lias   resulted   in  making  that   country  worse off than Avhen  under the rule of  tho  miners'  unions.    According   to the  Wallace Tribune, e\'idence is not wanting  to sustain the assertion that the troubles  in the  Coeur d'Alene  mining district is  not entirely one-sided.   The fact of the  matter is there is  not a single mine in  tho Cami' d'Alenes that has pairl one day"  of profit since the neAV men Avore  put to  Avork, and some of them have fallen far  short of paying  even running  expenses,  and operations are  carried  on  Avith unusual friction aud irritation.    Mine managers anrl bosses look  worn  and  forlorn  and the situation is anything  but  pleasant to them.   To successhilly operate the  Coeur d'Alene mines requires  a class of  skill acquired only through  long  experience iii  them, and  Avhile  the  new men  brought here are  doubtless  doing  their  best and making  every reasonable effort  to satisfy  their employers, it  Ls reasonably certain that they  are not succeed- '  ing and ah  undercurrent .of dissatisfacr  tion is growing bu both sides;'   Inside advices  say  that about September 1st the  permit proclamation Avill be reeihded and >  the mine operators will be given free lati-"  tude  to  employ  Avhom  they please.   If  this is done it will  open  the';'way for the :  re-employment of a  large number of the  old force and .will, again  place  the Coeur  d'Alene mines on a  firm  basis  of-iprofit  and  productiveness.     An order of this  kind Avillbe> hailed with deiightjbybbth  miners 'j and-    mine   " operators:    and  will   dp   much   to ;healv .oyer ?the   Old ���'.���-.,'���  sores     arid     the      radical     differences  groAving out of the  recent troubles.    As o  matters  noAv stand  the   entire distiietJ  is rife  with  internal; dissensions.      The ^  soldiers and the deputies quarrel.     The  soldiers and the non-union miners quarrel.  The non-union ''.miners from Missouri and; v  the non-union miners  from- theiBiinlier  Hill quarrel.    Some of the mine managers';';.-;.'  and the soldiers quarrel, and : tlie board-v  ing   hr.use   keepers   aiid ;tlie non-union ;  miners quarrel.    In fact; there  is  a  hot t  time in the old district and an early Crisis   a  in    ailairs   is   imminent.:,     The  permit;  system has proven -an  ignominious fail;-s;  ure, inflicting a greater ^injury  on : mine ^  owners than on miners, against whom; it ; i;  Avas directly applied^; and  several mine; ^  managersni-e becoming; yel^y^aniicli^dis^^l;  satisfied after opera ting theiiv "mihes^for ;r,;  nianagei s vAvliOmrev antagoiiistic^tO: ilabop;S�� ;4j;  organization!:?.��.��K-vs^' ?;|s?��?.jj"*��- *��,b^,-"*��/..^.-4iSp^��  'oii iMj^hilfes" SlQcaii ^:i|tlSi'cC-had^.ffitSi^w  -. G-:,ll?'"'I.t ��aVie'v/I?cldgiJa-i5li;sA\'ollivn'd��� ,. .... ���   ��� ��� -.��� ������  'Ji'i;e(:i,X'.ookVrtilUB5?i(dvj3Qii;doli|rii "   " "..  ffl;:S.'Scbt:i;::Gl6'Jj'b,ua'9i*on,((p'."1 s"!"-\iv'.L'"\   -��" .-   ; !  AVin.- Wjflit;s.ri}'"Hiia!'M.isft" AVatt��' Jibjl'drSiry,iiin6iuliei!si  Bi':vntf(5i'd.,,  I-'I>-B/--'  Mi^*Wittiffl.w,We��triMi��*'.��Iii'Sd!5iiki.T^  inpHdiiglftl'id'tvorury iiidiii.lJof>Tdi:&nlV. *��� .   v  Ci, W. .RiitIed^c;"ariHl' Vife,",.S|aii<l!Ci-('I', Markdale:  K. DiX;gi!fltttr^wld; Tortfiito.  - Tfrjpps Iletuxii to Brisco.. ���.; *' ,,.  San FftANtJifeco, .August ;2S.^-Tlie\(3!lli>  fornia reginient/iauded"���fi'toiiithejtifalis-  -pOit ship Shci'iiian todayLanrL?nai:cJierLtO-  the Presidio." As this Avas San Pran:-  cisCo's home.regiment the dciuOnstration  today exceeded in enthusiiigm 4he I'Ccep-  txon accoided to other regrmentg. ihe  troops lauded at 7 O'clock and brerik-  fasted at the ferry building. Then they  inarched to the Presidio,, escorted by the  Third arijiiJcry. the Colorado regiiiient  anrl the NrfctiOnal Guarr}. Jminense  .crdjkVfte lined the stioets for milCK and,  gave, the soldiers a musing Avelcoine.  Johaiinesburgers Getting Tired.  London, August 2i">,��� Tile Johannes^  bnrg co'rifeSfpoiidenb of tlie Times, who  expresses strongly the feeling Of impatience hero at the protracted erisls and  the continued inaction of the imperial  govci'iulieiitt says1: "Joliaiiiiesburg cannot live for ever on statesmen who put  their hands to the plough and stand  resolutely still."  Baseball Games  Yesterday.  Toronto 7, Worcester 17.  .Rochester 12, Springfield I.  Syracuse 4, Hartford 0.  Cleveland 4, Ne\y York 2.  St. Louis 7, Philadelphia. 2.  St. Louis 3y Philadelphia 1.  Pittsburg 7, Boston 0.  Farmer found. Dying.  Memta, Man., Aug. 25.���Alex Smith, a  farmer liA'ing near Sourisford, Avas found  yesterday in his stable in a dying 'condition. When found he 'was. apparently  unconscious but uttered a few Avords.  r*^m;g|-^;Q^;���ii;oJr^^^ ^ecesfe; j  ". Hurryin gSou^.tO.a^ojd-n tli'rgn i:$:t;sho���tyfReitb'".  'IhiKl^holea^-^ienfitfab^^^  Alie^"s"c��cqu^a^-Be"te^^  bf:poWr^���^i^&^!:t^  ."had-presence of:-��inniEa^iUli<aeiitottoI-fer%\\%^;-.:  aiici>���lie  ^iledl  f.Avpuld* sundoU  ,'ha'vie\��b'e1erh">���  Senator Price May Die,  Que I not:, August 25.���From reliable information received this ��in ni tg the condition of senator E. J. Pri :o is most  critical and the worst fears were entertained.  LoN;0'ojsr, August" 2'55^TJie^���'_JBiiip-'r^{t^g,  .i'espoiidehft-of/ d'tl i 4��J^'fc^u 3-sM '<^|�� -^i^ii^lKTtti--^  ^jCroi^'Sllhlu)-^  ; mind  regardiiig ^iie"jdissojiit|bUs, qt.MfQ'"  Prussian diet Oii l|Baftiihg,ifi,'0.iK,;iSfi'eo, ^vrib^. \  ;latir)u of their ,neAvj|j3ap!r^V^ .  the Liberals AverC"fobn;g\1i3\(":'M��^:��^'Vi%as* "*  ui'es, in playing a bi'ealv'heCw'eeii ilihe"e��i= ,;  pcroi1 and'the Conservafbives."    " ^����":  The VeneZUelaH AjrBifraliojr.       "^*"��  Paths; August 25WTh<S 'slttiirgs; # ifVo  AugloTeiiezuelati  ConUhife&|oij; -iveJiq i'eV -  , sujned 'todivy:.     Vi;6:t^&l\n(%^^^^iii-:\  tin 11 ing lila al:guni^iist^ iri .br|li;aif,. qfeijthej -  Venezuelan' caSei Sitid &!iafe wiiil^viilrjiictj  of British sovcreigu^ avjvs tibsen^prOo|s  cxistrsrl of :A^eneznela's cojitroh   Ffe 4S-  voterl infieh of liis thiie to an intei'prefca-  tion of tire ar|i!rijlinUiif of' J'BBO.:   '���'���*.'  Dynamite Mbnoipiqily Continued;  PitjaroufAs Augilist 2^).���-The vojksraarr  today, by a vote of JtS to 0, atioptdd tlie  report of the majoritj/ Of tlie dyiiauiite  conmiission, foutinuing the nionopoly.  Well KnOAyh Publisher Dead.  London,    August   S^���Mr.   Edmund  Ron tied ge, head Of the well known .publishing firm of Routledge  ��fc Sons,  Lini-  ited, died suddenly today.  Colonel Gossage Dead.  St. Tiro���iAS, Out., August 25.���Colonel  Brooks Wright Gossage died   this  morn  ing. He Avas born  ago ami had resided  years.  in England G7 years  in St. Thomas for 31  Destructive Brush Fire.  Hamilton, Out., August 25.���A brush  fire   in.  West  Flalnboro   township   destroyed about; $3000 worth of timber  belonging to Win. Laking of Hamilton.  Senator Temple Dead.  St. John, KeAv Brunswick, August 25.  ���Senator Temple   of  Frederieton died  1 this eveuiiig at Falmouth, Nova Scotia. 2
!%!_ nvi?5     Sip
I %?'mn n-"i ..fl   " ,Cli
.- »A'!i:'*,» I
14; Ti
■;- °jh
Every housekeeper knows the value of good house
linen, and the continual stream of such purchasers
at our Linen Department is ihe best evidence that
the values are right. We have lately added a few
jobs that we are sure will interest you:
54-inch Unbleached Table Linen at 40c.
60-inch Special Bleached Linen at 45c.
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66-inch Bleached Table Linen at 75c.
74-inch Bleached Table Linen at $1.       °
// you wish, see them, if you want ycu can buy.
teirlvls a^sia:
Plaster of Paris
Baker Street, Nelson.
glad to'have had captain Parker and the
t-rcAV of the Meteor, but doubtless emperor William considered it Avise to
withhold his r-ouseiit. 1 leave tonioiTO\A\"
Close Margin, Indeed.
New Denver J.ertge.
The mine owner's lookout is rather
amusing, aside from the evil effect it is
having ujion this particular section. It
is a lockout that injures most of the mine
OAvners, or they who carry the key.
Since the association niines shut doAvii to
$:{.50-a-day men, they haA'e been losing
money daily. On the other hand, the
miners who Avcro throAvn out of AA'ork by
the shut doAvn have secured situations
elsewhere and have been making money
daily. Kvory miner avIio can be spared
has either gone outside of this immediate
vicinity anrl secured employment or is
away in the hills. The whole trouble
has now centered in this A'icinity, and.
with the exception of the Yinir mine in
the Nelson district, all the mines that are
refusing to pay the standard scale of
wages are situated within a, radios of ten
miles of New Dem-or. Nino out of ten of
them aro dividend payers, Avhen Avorking.
The managers ought to recognize the
hopelessness of their case and proceed to
business like men of reason. If they had
succeeded in operating a single mine under the association scale in the past three
months thereinight be some excuse for
their hanging on, but they haA'e failed
utterly, and they stand iu the position
today of the boy who has locked himself
out of the jam closet. While -every.man-
attempting to do business in the district
is suffering AA'ith the mine owners, the
mine.Avorkprs are not injured by the folly
of the situation.
Qy.^ fe?*^5^- sK^^fer- es^fes^^
^   ANDALUSIAN     §
\$ WOOLS |
•(£-(£Li (£>!£*•(&.
\6 4-PLY ^
Fred Irvine & Co.
% blue, white, etc., also in FANCY STRIPES AND CHECKS, BOTH LIGHT AND DARK
^ good washing colors
1        Dress Goods
% Ladies' Cloths in all the newest shades.    These goods are of just the right weight
W and texture to fit and hang nicely.    We have them in medium and good qualities
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Sign of the RED  HAT, Baker St., Nelson
j. m WEIR
,,l€KinRST, Tka^ 'N6.«; 1$
■ Skvbnth Yk.vr. No. 31
^^Ei^l^il^iJtleimptiiVjgS P
";beehl as?
n .aldermaiivlias
^vOmafi Since".liis electiontahdf%u§t^a^b1tt°:"
vas 'useless;^>H„.?«>V-:... .■■">* .-„"."».";.;»""
" „.„="' 3-Tn»A.if:1"..". ,*;>-"&rV."k?;»"".   ; "^."«: vvV--Eha":rt"" :'»'
.^CjgSlatM-res „ ..The «TMBPNE9prep|;cts ..that,
not cou
■' AvJlio, ^piil<| 'iiot;
°:J1?lieaveiS.."    «" ■■
.    »Bee(6R;1»! importing liuiie labo5^ersJ^i|ojiii
^Eastern" C/auada and from Eiigl*iil<$ i|ftO
^boteriay, a" committee of : piue "m"an--
mines of the Cd3ur d'Alenes atfcl see £dr
theniselves hoAy the mines jthcre aM."bei|ig
"Avheitheinth^y. prefei#hr3„iieA?..cpudi^      to,
Black French Crepons
For handsome dresses and separate skirts
|^UU»nXcHiJll.|«"„     [      fl -nn n °     n-0"-0 d*      -nD       n.un       n       an P      n      3)1
fl°|pl|EiT|tji^if'is%fe4 the; Sjj&ij,
»:jmue.s^tlj§t:!*§fc^^^       nyjLt>, union ^miuci'-s*
I ^pei&ceijt of. MiC" 'besfi, -AA^ork in en in ef ei^/
frazil ..are "'.ttieipjbe'rs' ''0|;B unions, "ari^l^ftlfe!-
^locaniim ne-maiiagei's - are foohs:h Vflf&Xf■
-they ..im'agbie'.at.liey.^cali': %rji.ig,' aboiit/.?*,
>(i3hanSo,"mG.tlte ^ne^ujSeifsjji'p0 of the. uhiibja 1
thi^t controls; tile big ihetalliferohs* hiinefefi
of "Am^ei'ieal" Biit there .are.always, r)ieh.;
syilfihg to bu.tt their heads against, ii"
stOne Wall, and the Slocan^nine managei's
seeiii to fej 'pphdrxg tlxe nuuiber
-    -—A—S_uare^&-i?ee-Thi_-Ti__e: r"
London, August 25.-—Sir Thohias Lip-
ton i OAViier of the Shamrock, interv/ievKed
today regarding the secrecy maiutaiucd
.about the Shamrock's huild' said: "When
the oflicial measurer does his Avoi'k every
detail Avill be knowii. It AVill be a square
face. At the first attempt at interfering;
Ave Avill {ibandon the race and make protests; Mr. Istsliii is as determiiied as I
aw to have a clear course, if avq have to
start tAveoty tiines.   1 should liave been
We have just opened Mp- a
consignment of Cigars con-
^t!^pGk4^perfinmj:<,t' kj&s-r.ffii*
3p. Bock^OgnGjfcasj:^:?■*• ij-^.;. i ■: >j: .-^
tV*'Wi'^*''4*"*'!''".''"'lJjy>p^ v-X-'i't '-BV"''."^*': ■        ."»
x:Upp£ayin"Comchasi< * * -     ■ *;
^^^t!^i^?: ■■.'■•'■ '"^i
ksMalMla^dW^i^:-]:. ■ ■    ; r"/
o -,
For Children's Coats
Navy and Black Serges     New Goods Arriving Daily
.__._ st^s
V » ;Hay«sfgust .roeeiA*ed"a coiiSignrnciitJ.;OJ!*iIari:is,lioiiiuo.,
\ I,, -tXiA^^^^^^i^^^^^f^ax^^p^^^yi^^^^
■, :;3?pe|. room of \ yours, needs
{(;fresfaenvni][ up   for the w^n^
....... _.tf .«...„j *.%"   *  ;,*=   ». ;   . .. ...-j.'C*. fj.**^."1"..".... i
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"Feste cloth; eVcr !ihipoftcd^tb.*NelB6ij;, 'Icityb^yoiir,.ocrlcr ,,
w'ithv-nic/ .-;" ■ : ..':""'-"   -!" ' "nn%""..",*".5"= ..,,s- "•'■■"*■"   .-,
Six-.hrindroa rldllars.SAVorth ofihoAV„gOQds;riiJW .wftit-,
3>i°&,j'rjur 'ijijbp'«|ctl0n: ^r'g'juaraiitca^siiiti^lafcMoji^
■" #clsr)S .n^ty'date„ Tajlorj Wfeafl? Koqfcnay'-GBiirde Og.
tritef of the Daf
" "FIBB^IFH,.^CO|pBN.T ^N;p".:stC!,K-]SrBSS
..^ -"^ ... - ;"^^^^^^°j^y-^ „ y ",-.".=
' . ^^lJestAtb^n&bo^^
S^^A^^Kl^^i^fo|fn^ f aT||;o^'tlhricity..
■;;30".by "'j'.2a". 'Bark"pE)D nstfde6i,;»"'bo^cfiV,'J6soiiiiiiiorand°i
■* i\
Qlp.ts fifblp.cli fl'liy '^0l64rSbd'*|ii4^iid«ci;iB:v.."
Real":lS8&ifce: arid".OoneraLAgents/BaKer Si3L8NplIoa
cjxmgive us thestze (length*
breadth, and heigKt of ceiling)
of the room* or rooms,
Wo niako a Hpoclalty of
S^ipiap aqd Double Dressed Material
Good Dry Rustic and Flooring
Shingles arjd Lath Kept in Stock
Office and yard near C.P.R/dopot JB. Q. BKER, Agent
Wall Paper House
The difference/between the Judge and tlirj
Bifihop may be that the Judge can say "you
be 'hanged," while the Bishop can say "you
be daimied." On the other hand when tlie
Judge says "you be banged," you are haiigijrl.
Next to the value offered, the most marked
  peculiarity of our Wall
Paper is that when the
Judge  has   made   his
Having leased the businosH of the Nelson Soda Water
"" e trade with all kinds
Family ordera solid-
Factory, I am prepared to supply the trade with all kinds
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ted.   Prompt delivery.
Factory on
Hoover street.
selection and says "you
be     hanged,"    it    is
_ hanged j not even the
cheapest grades giving
trouble. There are papers tliat are beyond
the jurisdiction of tlie Judge anrl come under
that of the Bishop. There is an art in avoiding this kind—this art has been our study.
do tlie rest. - In price*
beauty of design and quality
Oar Wall Paper
bargains will surprise you.
Canada Drag and Book Co,,
Coi-nor of Baker and Stanley Street*. Nelson
And I want to be in it. I have jtisfc -received
Fall samples .of Suitings, and. Oyer-
qoatiiiSW reprc'seifttng- a $50,000 stock to
choose from made Co your order at t).ices
never before heard of in Nelson.;.All the latest
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Sf   I p
and Faney Dress Goodfe
Blouses and Dress Skirts
rs.   E.  McM
oolenay Ci|ar IaB|. Co.
Nelson, British Columbia.
auction t m
Baker Street, Nelson
Tliomson Stationery Co., ]M
3Sr3SJX^SOX?T,   33- c
Tho riiiderSiened hnviiig pnreiiased the Maslonka stopk
of Boots and Shoes, they will be s-old at greatly reduced
prices.   Repairing dono at old prices.
A t Mftslonka's old stand on Hall street;
Nelson, August 23rd, 1SS9..
Notice'.is hereby giron that thirty days after date, I,
the undersigned, intend lo ajiply to the-chief commissioner of lands and works, "Victoria, B. C, for tlio purchase of the follow ing described piece of land, situate on
the Nelson side of JCootcnay river, rtnd being about seven
miles up fruin Nelson: Commencing at a post marked
"Geo. O. Tunslall, .Junior's S. VV. Corner''; thunco east
eighty chains; thence north forty chains to where low-
water inark is; aii'd then following tho sinuosities of the
shore to I ho point of commencement; all containing,
more or loss, IliO acre.-. GEO. C. 'TUNSTALL, Jit.
August .7th, 18U0.
Tho undersigned lias a largo quantity of fir, cedar, and
tatuaraC slabs, in ICinch and 4-foot lengths, suitable for
stove wood, which will be srld for $1 a load at tho mill
yard. -
Nelson, August lilth, 1&I9.
If75 Haro Street, Vancouver, B. C.
Boarding and day schrol for girls .will re-open on; tho
15th day or August.   "        "    "   "    --■■■-    «    ■
and prospectus apply to
"Vacaueieafor jbbardera.' For terms
Duncatt Mines, Ltd*, Nelson, B.G,
The Duncan Mines Limited are open to receive
ton ers for the construction of a flume from Sandy and
Eagle creeks to tho penstock at tho head of pipe lino of
tlio Granite mill.
.Also-'tho construction of the penstock, with flood gates
and overflows.
.PlaiiR and specifications of above can bo inspected in
the offices of the Company in Nelson, and tenders'.will'.bo
received from August 2ist to 2Cth.
The above Company aro also open to receive tenders
for .the construction of a wagon road from the Granite
mill to tho Royal Canadian mluo, a distanco of nearly
two-miles. Partes wishing to Under for tho job can
insijcct tho route and obtain particulars of the work any
day from Augu»t 2tst lo 24th.
Switches from $2 up.
MRS. J. W. KEARNEYIiasopencdaLadics Hair Dress
ing Parlor in room 1, Victoria block, Nelson, and is prepared (o fiinisli everything in She way of hair goods
and hair tonics.   Treatment of tho scalp a specialty.
■ Wagon ropainng promptly attended to by a flrst-class
Special attention given to all kinds of repairing and
custom work from outside points:
Sh,op:   ((all Street, between Baker and Vernon, Nelson
During the, season wo will do-
liver ice at privatb residences
and business houses daily in any
desired quantity at casonrnblc
lwo lgt% with two-story liormo ou Latimer
streel.., neiir Josephinl} .,,,,.. -.,.;.,.,., .,Si8O0
I'etniM:- ijiip) ciush, bftlanco on nrorlgiige.
bi^ty.acro l'liilch, nine miles from city e-nlako
shore...,.,.. >   s.  .si(KH)
One-half cash, halauce on iiiortgage;
On  loancpniiitipns are tho cheapest nnd best '
pllcrerL   You can repay at any time without
Britisli Golmnbin Permanent Savings & toiin Company.
Globe Savings & Loon Co., Toronto^
Fire, Life, Accident, and Sickness.
Baker Street AVest, Nelson, B. C.
L. Pop
"W- ^„ _Rosiisrso3sr
(Ex-SheriiT of South Kootenay)
_    Cosh advanced on cousignmonts Of snerchandise.
Vostofllce Bo:< 572 Nelson, ii. C.
$350 will purchase a choice residence corner, 100 by I"»0> I
feet. '.*,i
|2UXI will purchase a central lot and residenco.
$m will purchase Uvo nico lots and shanty, Robson,
street. Hunio addition.
?H.Yi11 ,pu,r_.hlrso four "ico lots and residenco.
10,000 Pooled Fairmont i cents.
Blackcock (Ymir) shares 20 cents.
5000 Utica at 1J cents.
Turner & Boeckh block, Nelson, B. C.
Containing: 120 acres of land within ono and a.
quarter miles of Nelson.  For farther
particulars apply to
FRED   J.   SQUIRIS,   Nelson,   B.  C. THE  TRIBUNE:  KELSON, B.C., SATURDAY, AUGUST 26, 1899.  BankofMontreal  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,    -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  LORD STIIATIICONA AND   MT   ROYAL, President  Hon. GEO. A. DJtUMMOND Vico-President  K   S. CI.OUSTON General Managor  N.W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       nRANCnRS IN       LONDON  (England).   NEW YORK,   OHIOAOO  and in tho principal cities in Canada.  Buy and soil Sterling Kxchango and Cablo Transfers  OKANT COMMKllCIAT, AND TKAVKrXF.ltS' CREDITS,  available in any part of tho world.  DBAKTB IBSURD    COI.I.KCTIONB MAHK; KTO.  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  ot Credit on Sl^aguay, U. S., Atlin, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul<,oq District.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRKNT JtATK OF INTKItJCSTIJAl��  GRAVE   AND   GAY   STORYETTE8.  Scuor Miguel Saiielioz, iioav in this  country in the interest of the Porto Rico,  public school system, aviis at ono time on  the stall' of general Gomez in Cuba. " I  Avas skimming one of the New Yoi-k Sunday newspapers Avhile I AA'as in the general's headquarters in Guba," said the  senor the other day, "'and it Avas the first  to reach us for seAroral months. I noticed  an article on the newly discoA'ered nicwe-  ments of the earth's surface. Now, you  know the general liked to be consulted���  to be asked questions���no matter Iioav  unimportant they might be, so in reading  the article I stopped and asked: ' General, how do you account for the daily  revolution of the earth, anyhow ?' 'That's  easy to aiiSAver,' he replied instantly, ' so  long as ITayti, Porto Rico and Cuba are  parts of it.' "         Sometimes it is a pleasure to ansAA'cr  questions CArcn if the questioner may put  them in an unpleasant Avay: "What do  you do for a living?" asked a lawyer  frrnvning horribly at a hatchet-faced  young man avIio aviis undergoing a cross-  examination. "I, sir," answered the Avitness hastily, diving into his sidepocket,  "am agent for Dr. Korker's celebrated  corn and bunyon destroyer. Greatest  remedy of tho age; used by all the  croAvncd heads of liurope; never knoAvn  to fail to'remove the most obstinate corn  in,less lhaiwtA\'enty-four hours or money  cheerfully refund���������" Here the court  interfered;    ./* _-._- .=/.."        -*_  A. Philadelphia AA'heolwoman gnve a  bicycle party the other day��� There Avere  ; over, fifty- guests, and as the hostess knew  the trouble that might arise if fiheAvheels  should get mixedj she' instructed tlie  servant to cover them by tlie check  system,'the same that is used to keep  track of hats, coats, and-umbrellas at a  ball. When "good-night" AA'as reached,  the Avheels Avere all restored to their  owners without the least confusion.- But  there followed a painful scone oi' suppressed profanity. The servant, it Avas  discovered, had pinned the checks to the  tires, and," where tho pins' Avould not penetrate tlie rubber easily, had driven them  home Avith a hanmer.  The lato colonel Ingersoll Avas riding in  a street-ear one day, Avhen the Rev.  DeWittTalmagc got iii, and they presently fell into an argument. Finally  Thgersol! said: "Then you Avould like to  live in a place, brother Tahnage, Avhere  every one had to be good by law?" "Certainly," said Tahnage, "Yon Avould like  to live. Avhere every one had to go to  ^cjYui,Cilin'e,gidat'ly=eveiy=St\ndayi?t '^esf  that would- suit me*" "Where no man  could get a drink and SAVeariug was not  periiiitted ?"' "Yes, that's the place for  me." "And Avhere every1 man Would  have to keep regular hours?" "Tliat  would be heaven and earth'," sairl fEiil-  mage, siiiiling and striking his knee With  his open palm. "Well," said Bob, looking  over his glasses, "you'd better go up to  Sing Sing: That's the Avay they do  there."  Philip Collins, aaho liad marie: money ui  iuili'OilrlSiSiijjplied tho< funds with   Aviiicli  Preachers to be Watched.  .iFapattfs neAAr law regarding faifeh? ancl  ubefi<^s-bas^��one^^  coiinjiient has arisen, in consequence. A  copy of the regulations has been received  at the Japanese consulate here,, AccOrdr  ing to it all sects, pagan or christian, fire  placed Under absolute control of the local  governor. Without his permission a  church cannot be built or meetings held.  The,regulations go so far as to deiliaifd  detailed iijformation regarding the pastor. Before cOniiiifeiiciug religious work  the prGpogators of a faith Must gO "before  tlie governor Avith full detail.^ The  scheme Ofthe faith must be fully .explained', tlie ehurcli finaiic&s accounted for aiul  GOD SAVfc THE QUEEN "UP, GUARDS, AND At *EMI  RATING Rl  AT 3 AND 8 O'CLOCK P. M.  Under the sole  direction  of Mr. Charles A  LIEUTENANT DAN  .   Harriss  EBF  GODFREY AND  The Bntis  Julian's Army Qmulrillos.  Dt-pciiplivc UaUlc  I'ieco in Musio.  Mililary Martial Ail's.  Dnu   Godfrey's    Famous   Nautical  JTantniiin, cnt'tlcd ���Kiiglftiid   and  Amcrioi.   Descriptive of Llio visit  to tho United S atcs of a British  fleet;  A-i givm in New Yorlc before 10,000  March 2i>tl>. and iialronized by ProsidPiit McKinlcy, the governors of Rhode  Michigan, Kiv Has, Utah, and Nebraska. , ���  Afternoon and evening priceH, fl reserved uciitM.   Admission limited.   23.CO0 iicojile heard England'*: band in  Qannila. lout May aud June,  Patriotic National Melody as given  in Kansas City before 18,000 pco-  peo|)Ie, May 30th...  slaiid, New York, Massachusetts,  he, Mr. McLaughlin and Mr. McClure  started the Philadelphia Times. The day  before the ncAvly organized journal AA'as  to make its appearance, Collins came into  the editorial room. The editor aa-Iio was  writing an article that subsequently led  to the doAA'iifall of the higlnvay ring that  had the municipal life of Philadelphia in  its clutch. Collins walked up and down  the dingy, dirty room for aAvhilc, anrl  suddenly said : " McClure, excuse me one  moment. This is a great enterprise that  avo'a'c gone into. I have put more money  into it than any other man, and AvhateArer  the outcome may be I AA'ill not squeal ;  but in conducting this newspaper I AA'ould  simply like to address to you one suggestion.". The editor looked up inquiringly, poised his pen, and said: "What's  that?" "Why, run it as you damn  please."  The London papers are telling tho story  that a AA'ell-knoAvn American jockey Avas  dining a few nights ago, Avith kindred  spirits, at a hotel in the Strand. "Let  me introduce these lads to you," presently remarked a passing acquaintance.  "Say, you felloAA's, this is Mr. Bland, manager of the Frisk Variety Theatre."  " Pleased to meet you," Bland observed  affably, shaking hands AvitiY the' avcII-  knoAvn jockey, "and all of you. I hope  some night to see you at the theatre. I'll  send you stalls some day." The jockeys  remained dumb. " I can send you stalls  some night," Bland repeated, "almost any  night, Avhat night shall it be?" The  popular jockey glanced up at him carelessly. Then, " What's the matter with  the boxes?" ho asked, dryly.  French Domestic Life.  A curious episode of Parisian domestic  life has just been lwealed by the courts.  Two families living in the Rue Ilivoli determined to join forces aud set up housekeeping, thus lessening expenses. The  arrangement did not last long. Thei'o  ,A\'as a general grand break-up and each  husband Avent to liyein undisturbed felicity Avith the other man's. Avifc." Double  divorces,'Avere^ soon "obtained and",two  fresh marriages celebrated.. Finally the,  children in the case constituted, the element of dissension, iii the harmony of the  new arrangement.:. One of the husbands,  who had three of his oavh by his first  wife, volunteered to take tlie tAvo child-  'dren of liis second wife by, her  first Husband also under his care.  But before, long the'fond father and  foster-father began "to find' that liis  'household was rather- expensi\'e, and  after trying in vain ; to have the other,  couple contribute their share for the support of/the children, "brought an action  against his former Avife and his Avife's  former husband for forty-five thousand  francs, being half the amount expended  by him on the children since thetAA'o  divorces aiid subsequent Aveddings.  About ten days ago the court dismissed  the claim, on the ground that " the duty  devolving on parents of bringing up their  children is not a matter of solidarity."   ;  a. personal and religious history of the  applicant preacher and members outlined  in writing. The order' further decrees  that all who desire to establish or build a  temple, church, preaching or lecture house  for religious purposes must apply for permission, furnishing the folloAving particulars: "Why such a building is necessary.  Information relating to the site and  structure* also a plan of tho edifice, the  name of its religion, method of control  and maintenance; AA'hen there is a church  Avith a preacher, his qualifications and  method of his election." If the building  is not completed Avithin the term stated,  the permit .will bo null and A'oid. If  pi-eachers are to be changed or their number increased or if any change occurs  bearing on any tenets or plans or anything connected with tho faith, if it is desired to.moA'o the building or if anything  is AA'anted the preachers or those in  charge must go to the governor for permission. Even if a sect is to go out of existence the governor must likewise liave  his say about it.  V  A KemarkaMe Lake.  The most remarkable body of Avater in  the Avorld lies in the vicinity of the Colorado river, in southern California. In  this region of ugly volcanoes, desolate  Avastes and slimy SAvamps, the strangest  phenomenon of all is Avhat the,naturalists call a "lake of ink." No other description fits as Avell. The strange black fluid  that forms the lake boars no resemblance  to water.. The pool of ink is situated  about half a mile from a volcano. It is  about an acre in area. The surface is  coated with gray ashes from the volcanoes to the thickness of about six inches,  thus concealing its real nature. Experience has proved that the black fluid of  the lake is not poisonous. It acts as a  dye, and cotton goods soaked in it keep  their color for months, oven when exposed to the sun. They also acquire a "stiffness''similar to that produced by Aveak  starch. The fluid has been analyzed, but  its component parts have not been made  known. As to the source of the supply  of the lake, nothing definite has been ascertained.    It is undoubtedly of volcanic  FULL LINE OF  origin, but nothing more definite is  known. This is a bad land that has  nevei* been traversed. Human beings  haA'e 'tried it, but they never return to  tell of their experience or their discoveries.  Osier is Bellicose.  Toronto, August 25.���Speaking at a  smoking concert held last night liy officers attending the Ora mutches, E. B.  Osier, M. P., said he Avas opposed to doctrines of universal peace and Avas of the  opinion that a strong force of soldiers  was an an attractive feature of any  country. "Wo used to be taught to  spread abroad the doctrines of peace,"  remarked the speaker, "but I do not believe these arc correct. You knoAv the  lesson about turning the other check I  think there \A'as some misqake in that. I  belicA'o Avhen a man hits you your duty  is to hit him back before lie gotsa chance  to hit you again. Loud applause Avhich  greeted these expressions of opinion  shoAverl how thoroughly his audience  sympathized witli him.  Rioting in Austria.  Kr.AORRPUitTn, Austria, August 25.���  The rioting Avhich broke out here last  evening was.resumed torlay. In yesterday's conflicts between the military and  the mob a number of persons Avore  Avounded and numerous arrests Avero  made.  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  , V_ Windows.   -^.  J Inside Finish  r,     " _  - local and "coast. ,..      '-".-.' -\ .  Flooring.    : :  local and coast. * . " L  Newel; Posts  Stair, Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  If what you want is not in stock wo will make it for you  CALL AND GET P1UGES.=  Labori's Request Granted.  Paris, August 25.���-The minister of  Avar, general the marquis do Gallifot, has  transmitted the dossier of the Tavernier  enquiry into the conduct of colonel du  Paty do Clam to the court martial at  Rennes as requested by maitre Labori,  leading counsel for the defence, ou Wednesday last.  The Treraont Hotel  NIALOJIE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THK BEST BRANDS OP  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HAND  One of the best and most popr  ular hotels in Nelson. --.  QUEEP HOTEL  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS, NELSON  OHARTiES'HILLYlSR,,  pkeSidMt  HARRY HOUSTON,  SECKBTARY  S  Xjiavnx^EiE)-  MANOfACTUKKRS OF AND  DKAMSRS IN  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings  Boors and Sash  Fence Posts and Pickets  'Office and Store Fittings  FACTOKV WOKK .DO.YK Trj OUDKH,  SUCH AS  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  IN 8TOGK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  Largo comfortablo bedrooms and. llrst-class dining  room.   Sumplo rooms for commorcial men.  BATES   SB2   3c��El.R   TZATST  Mrs.  E.  C.   CLARKE,  Prop.  Late of tho Royal notel. Calvary,  % P. PME, Manager.  Sawmill on.Government wharf.  Factory and office, corner Hull street and C.P.R. track  WILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A large ntock of flrst-clans dry material on hand  mouldings,  a full lino of Bash, doors,  FACTORY WORK  . also  turuod work, etc.  A SPECIALTY  Yard: . Foot of Hendryx street. Nelson  Telephone. M        John    Ra6,   Ag&llt  The finest hotel in the interior.  Largo sample rdVms:   Steam heat and electric light.  CORNER OF AVARI/* AND VgliNON STS��� NELSON*  BAKER AND WARJ> STREETS, NELSON  Tho only hotel in Nelson that has remained under ono  management since 1890.  The bed-rooms are well furnished and  lighted by  electricity.  The dining-room is not second to any in Kootenay.  Tho bar is always stocked bythe best domestic and  imported liquorsaud Cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  YMIR,   B.   C  J.  W.  SMITH,   Proprietor.  EVERYTHING FIRST-GLASS  Largo and well lighted Heated by hot at  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Eloctrie bells and light In every room  Renovated and rofurnished throughout  HOTEL,  VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Free bus meets all trains SouolcfnlrQ    R   fl  Hourly strnot car to station n_VUJt��lUKB, ��. u.  Night Grill Room in connection, for tho convenience of  guests arriving and departing by night trains.  MINERS WANTED.  Tlio Tangier Mine. limited. Albert Canyon, on. the.  main lino of the O.-IVU.; 22 miles cast of Itovelstoko, requires nix good miners.   Wages fX50 per day.  P. Burns & Co.  Huad Office at  -NELSON, B. C.  Wholesale and Retail   *  .   .   Dealers in Meats  Wholesale Markets at flelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  JlHuil Markets nt Nolson, Ksuslo, Sunilrm, Silverton, Now Denver, Ymir, Trail, Grund' Forks,  a Ciisciirle, GroonwoorJ, Mill way, imrl Sirdar. .  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson   E. & TRAVES, Manager  ORDKRS BY MAIL RKCKIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION. :"'. . ,<f ���;���?'  '  SPEQAL SALE THIS WEEK ONLY  ABSOLUTELY AT COST  No 20 or 50 Per Cent Discounts. No Fake RemovalSale.  Underwear  Pants  Sweaters  Hats  TAN SHOES  MINERS' SHOES  AND  ALL KINDS CLOTHING  Colored Shirts  Cotton top Shirts  Negligee Shirts  Regatta Shirts  Remember, This General Sale Will End on Saturday, the 26th, at 10 p. m.  Baker Street  Opposite Postofflee  T.HEO MADSON  Calgary Brewing & Malting Co., Ltd.  A CAR LOAD OF OUR  FAMOUS   UAGERp  WILL ARRIVE IN NELSON IN A FEW DAYS.  TURNER, BE ETON & G ��  AGKNTS FOR KOOTKNjVY DISTRICT.  W. P. DIOKSON  trie  B. H. H. APPLEWHAITB  J. McPHBH  ii  :-M  ELECTRIC SUBElilEJ^  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmlssi.qrijjand-;^^B^n^fbR^M^si^^^hJ.;  ". - ' Bleetrlc Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telev^fi^^^^ta^^l^j^^&sy/^ i%*i��-M^^}��Y��  "P. o. Box floe."  V       \ [        .'.---?   '. \f':Vi^-'^j^ep]di��^Mit^tt'^iii^^^^ps^   ?Cf I  K'p��l'\  Vf �����..  .S/5JM  ALLEN'S  APPLE  CIDER;  THORPE  &  CO.;   LIMITED  Brick aqd Lime  Mine 70 Ceqts pm 100  ;      ^VMnr(lclivcr=iri"t6h=lots  Brick $12 per thousand.  At jtafd or on ebows at government wlinff.  The West f^ootenay Brick & Lime Co., ltd.  JJitlfor Strootu       T; O, PliOOTpa. Manager  &W��VeBt&6&.  GENERAL TEAIVISTeRa  AGENTS' FOE  The Imperial Oil Co.   Standard Oil Co.  Washington Brick ar\d Litrje Co.  The H. W. %Niell Co., Ltd., Canadian Anthracite Coal (Hard)  Dealers iij.  THE BEST (JLASS OFJBEEKl M 'MtEi&Bm JS���  "#T TM'iS/  COrnoT Silicii aiid  ijlHlilssj; Si CU��U.  & <i mm^^.  Among Daily per Express, filll Lilies of Fruits  in Season,.  The Trade Only Supplied.  Write or Wife lor Regular Shipttiei\ts.  Iron Works  MAN-UKACTUHKltS Or  BNGINB8. BOILERS, SHAFTINa, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OP BATEJBY DBSORIPTION  Ropalrepromptly attoiulixl to.   .������ P.O. Box 173.  LODGE   MEEWNisT Z'~~  KNIGHTS  OF PYTHIAS-NolRoii   IxidKO;   No.  25,  Knights of 'Pythias, meets in I. O. 0. K Hiill.coroor  Baker and Koototlay fitrcots, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock.   Visiting KiiiKlitB cordially invited to attend.  T. hlhhTK. C. C. R. G. JOV. K. ot It. &.S.  "^IEIjSON IjOHOK. NO. 23. A. K. & A. M Moet-i  second AVodnoaday iu oach month. Sojourning  bmthron invitod.  NKLSON h  O. U, No. \W>, meets in I. O. f>. J". Jjull,  corner Haker and  Kootenay streets.  1st and 3rd  Friday of each month.   VisitinK brothcrn cordially invited.  JOHN TOYK, AV. M.       F. J. IlHAUliKY', I tec. Sec.  NKI.SON    jI'MUK,   Number   22,   Fr.iterna!  Ortlei"  o��  KiiKl��e,'itiectHiivery.Keeond and fourth VVedncwlny in  each inonth in Knilcrnity Hull.   ViHitiitg brethren welcome.  J. Ill VINO. I'rotddcnL       3.VL WUAV. Secitstary.  Nobou, U. C.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BltEWK^tS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Seep,  Ale and Poptep  l*rompt and regular  delivery to the trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  APPLICATION TO TRANSFER LICENSE.  Thirty days notice is hereby given that I will a;  the next sluing <>f tlio HceJHUig Board of live  . . . Jiti- of  Nelson, H. C , to be allowed to transfer the retft 1 liquor  license now held by me for tho Clarko Hotel, situa' o On  loU nuiiibtTed olovuii and twelvo <tl and. vl\ in block  numbered flvo 15) of tho City ot NolBan, British. Columbia,  to Krank Campbell and Qoor^o W. BarUott.  UwUsd at Nojjtou. B. C,  15. G. CLAllKK  , this ISth day of Auuust, 18U9. THE TRIBUNE: NELSON, B. C, SAT'UlfMY, AUGUST in, 1809.  Mail Orders Filled Same Day as Received  STOCKS THE LARCEST IN KOOTENAY  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  Assayers' Supplies  Drugs and Drug Sundries  CRUCIBLES  BRUSHES,  every  kind  SCORIFIERS  SPONGES  CHEMICALS  TURKISH   BATH  TOWELS  CHEMICAL GLASSWARE  PATENT  MEDICINES  FLUXES of all kinds  PERFUMERY, best manufactured  FURNACES  FACE   POWDERS  BALANCES, best  makes  only  MANICURE   REQUISITES  Corner of Baker and Josephine Streets, NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA  Special Reduction to Clear  I have a number of broken lines of Men's Shoes which  ������/-. have reduced below cost in many instances to make  room for fall stocks. These goods are first-class, including  all leading makers, such as GEORGE T. SLATER & SONS,  AMES-HOLDEN, JAMES McPHERSON, D. W. KING & CO.,  and other rnakers.  Brick Buildings and Blocks.  Tlie Maloue it Tiegillus brick building,  to the I'ji.st of the Trenuint, is Hearing  completion. The AA'ork aviis done by day's  labor, under tlie immediate supervision  of ex-alderman Malone. The Hudson's  Bay Company's block is np one story, and  the contractors are Avaiting for steel girders. All the steel beams for the Bank  of Montreal building are on the ground,  the longest one being -IS feet. They A\'cre  made at the Cambria Iron Works in  Pennsyl\?ania, and aro the longest steel I  beams in British Columbia. The provincial land registry ollice foundation is  almost completed, ami bricklayers will  lie at Avork next week. "When the building is completed it is to be hoped the  government Avill put in force the Land  Registry Act passed at the last session of  the legislature. The foundation of the  Burns block is under Avay. A ground  slide knocked about 20 fei.it of one of the  Avails down dining the week. The  Houston block is up one '.story.  Postoffice Store  BAKER STREi/T. NELSON.  It Avill bo to your advantage,, to see our large  Land complete stock of Boots and Shoes; . We  carry-tho following lines: J. &, T. Bell, J,.  D. King .&, Co., North, Star Slioe'Co.,. Foots.  Sclmltz & Co., Stratford Shoe Co., Amos, Hoi-'  den <fc Co., and other leading makers.  The grading up to the entrance of the  fire hall has been completed, and now  theia is nothing to hinder the hook and  ladder truck and team coming out at full  speed on an alarm of fire.  The members of the Grand Forks baseball team got in last night, and will play  Nelson today. The admission to the  grand stand is 25 cents, and it is hoped  there Avill be a.large number present, as  the local club has been to considerable  expense in bringing the Grand Forks  nine here. The game should be a good  one and Avell Avorth watching.  Paul Nipou, proprietor of the Nelson  laundry, is having new and commodious  premises ei'ected on Water street. He  will move in'shortly.  The big specimen Avhich A. H. Kelly is  sending to the Paris exhibition is Dandy  ore, and not Exchequer ore, as stated in  the Miner.  J.';D. Kelly pleaded guilty yesterday to  stealing a pair of shoes from S. Neelands  and Avas sentenced to six months hard  labor. Kelly Avas one Of the meu brought  in from Slocan City about three months  ago, charged Avith stabbing. He Avas  afterwards given three months for vagrancy. On being let out of prison a  couple of days ago he AA'as provided Avith  money to get out of toAvn on, but preferred to get drunk with the results recorded above:  The gas and coke company haA'e received tho advice of' a carload of small  pipe for .house connections, ordered  through the LaAvrence Hard ware.. Company.    The pipe should be in  Nelson to-  '.inoiTOAW   '  '.'.\    .'[   .__'-.-  ' C..AV. West is the happy fathciv of a  bouncing.boy. Both mother aiid'sqn are  doing'well/'.       ' " J. '--,'"-���  Those wishing to attend the banquet  to5be.tendered this-OA'cning to the Canadian Press Association are requested to  apply for tickets to the mayor  or W. A.  Jowett not inter than noon today. The  banquet will be in the opera house at !)  p. in. Tickets for the banquet Avill  cost $2.  Miss Hall, a niece of Dr. Hall, has arrived from Victoria on a A*isit to the  doctor.  A marriage license has been issued to  John Archer and Mary A Markham.  The license commissioners for the  AinsAAorth licensing district met at Kaslo  on Wednesday oA'ening, and granted licenses to Nelson & Johnson of the halfway house betAveen Argenta and Duncan  City, and John Cainiichall of the 12-mile  house between Duncan City and Trout  Lake. They also sanctioned the transfer  of the license of C. J. Campbell of Duncan City to Joseph Haneson.  Chief-of-police Jarvis is making an inspection of the back-door fastenings in  tlie business portion of the town. Were  business men more careful in securing  iheii* back doors and Avindows, there  Avould be fewer complaints against the  police.  \Y. 11. Saunders, late deputy mining  recorder at Kaslo, iel'u yesterday evening  for England via the Crow's Nest I.'ass.  / Captain Hodgins' uniform arrived yesterday, and the other officers' uniforms  are ordered.  N Isaac B. Roeken field arrived fi-om Duncan City yesterday on the ^steamship  Kokanee.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Furnished rooms to let. Apply to Mrs.  Jj. M. .Jameson, Carney, 'Mock, linker nixed, west.  To rent���Two stores or offices and basement, 25 liyflO foul, iilso two living rooms on lirst. floor,  opposite posl.ollioe on A'iclnria struct.. 1<'or wile���Luis l.'i  :ui(l II block ���He. S7C0; lot.T block If,, addition A. S2A->;  lot.s ���_! nnil ��2 block ii. Apply lo AV. A. .Jowol.l, Victoria  street, Nelson.  The members   of  the  Sons of England  Mcnelll- Society aro requested to nicei. at. I'Yatomil.y Hull  on .Saturday nielli, al. 7.S1 o'clock sharp, to make iutiiiiko  moots lo muel. I<'rod Cook, .supremo grand vice of I.lie society, who is a member of' Hie visiting Canadian 1'russ  Association.  For Rent���The residence at the corner  of Victoria and AA'iml streets, recently occupied by AV.  A. JAIncdonabl.   A|i|ily to A. 11. Clements.  E  ARCHITECTS.  WAUT & CARIUK���Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Aberdeen block, linker street, Nelson.  Does it Ever  Occur to You  'JHAT T1IKHK ARK OTITKK KSSIOCTIALS  BKS1DKS CllKAI'NKSS 01'' PlilUK THAT  SHOULD 'APJMiAL  TO  TJIK  PUJtClIASKIt?  The Nelson -Electric Tramway Co., Ltd.  LOTS FOR SALE  ON EASY TERMS  Large number of choice building-  lots adjacent lo the line of their  tramway. For price and terms of,  :saie�� a'ppjy at the office of fhfe Goms"  p&ny, Maedonald Block, corner of  ^JiosepMn e^an d=Vw  t, C. DUNCAN, Secretary.  K00TENAY OOfFES 00.  NELSON, B. <X  Coffee roasters and dealers ill Tea, find OOU'ce.  Offer'fresh roasted coffee of best quality as folloAvs:  Java and, Arabian Madia, per pound. .��. .$  40  Java and Mocba Blond, 3 pounds  ..��� , 1 00  Kino Santos,! pounds ,   1 w  Santos Blond, 5 pounds   ., 1 00  Our SjtccitU Blend, d pounds    1 no  Oiir Hib KbSUSt, tl polinds  100  A, trial order solicited.  Salesrooms 2 Doors East  ot? Oddfellows  Blook,,  West  Baker Stse_t  Vlmna fgestaarant  Baker Btroot, botAVOon Josephine aud  Hall streets, Nelson.  MEAl-S AT AM. HOURS. DAY OR NIGHT  BAKKB.Y IN eONNKC'i'JON  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WBUTlfi HJCLP HMPJbOYKD  -Merit in Style  Quality and "Finish ;  ARK Tlll.Vr.'S 01'' INTKKKKT  TO MAM' KUVlCllh WHO  KIN 11 IT iS'l'X'KSS.UlY KOJt  TUB . UUll.llIXG l/l' 01''  A   SUOCKftSKUl,   li.USINlCSS  Our Diamond  Department  WHICH JIAS BKEN IN KX-  ISTENCE J'"OR MANY YKARS-  BEAJtS KVIOKNCK CONGI.U-  SiVKLY THAT AT LEAST PER-  FECT1A' CUT DIAMONDS AHE  AJ-TRECIATICI) - BY   INTEIjLIGKNT   CUSTOMERS  WK AttIC ALWAYS IN A IIUKItY TO WAIT  Ul'ON YQH, HU'I' WK IfKVEH AVAIT WON  A'OU IN A "IJUKRY.  AVIJ WAUT 1'flU TO*TAKK HOMli A  l'JiKAsANT  KKMEMItlJAiSCE    OK   A'.Oyit   A'lfelT    TO    Ol)M,  StOltHi   ,EV_N.  THOUClt   A'OU    TAKIi   JfOMK .  NONK'OSf^Odlt G'OOIJB.  TllO.OOII   TISIK   IS   MOjVKV  VO0   CAN   1IAVK  Ajvi. ok QVii srisiK that you want without PAYING A GENT *0ll IT.  WB TALK POK OUlt OfiODS AND OUR GOODS  TALK fO'J'l US.  AVB IIKWBA'K HI* IS TO OUIi HUNKKIT TO ItKN-  EKIT OUIl CUSTOM BUS IN BVKICV WAY l'OS-  S3.ltI.K-  BIIKAr'NKRfi IS A MISIHJ HVtAVOlUt IN 'SOME  STOISKS ; IT JIAS ITK TJJU'K MKAN1NO IIKKK.  Jii All. OKDKliS UKCKIA'K OX/It, l!ltO*M!'T ATTlON'l'ION  WATU1T  KKI-AJKINO A 8i*ClAliTY  Jacob Dover, Jeweler  NELSON,,B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B.C.  DEALERS  IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORE  CARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  G-iant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  WOODEN    W   *ron>  Steel,  Sheet  MATERIAL     \*\ ^ ?ron> T;Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:  Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  Are You Going for a Holiday?  Why, yes;  on a fishing excursion and I intend to  huy my tackle from  The Lawrence Hardware Co.  Who keeps the best and cheapest goods in Nelson  WE STILL HAVE A FEW HAMMOCKS LEFT  which we are selling at a snap  ALL KINDS OF CAMPING SUPPLIES  The  Lawrence Hardware  Co.  <�� Wilson  Telephones 10 and 41.    Postoffice Box K & W  14  EAST BAKER STREET  14  WEST BAKER STREET  iarden  NEAR FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  IsTEOLSOIsr  Bread delivered to any ysirt ot tho city.  Cakes, pastry, and confectionery a apeoialty.  CRAWFORD BROTHERS  Kexfc to Royal Hotel, Stanley Street, Nelson  Corticr Baker and Ward Streets.  Watermelons, Pine ApploK, ami all other Fruits  in tieason roceiA'cd daily.  Hazlewood lee Cream  Ice Cream Soda and  Milk Shakes and Buttermilk  Sweet Cream received Tuesdays and .Fridays  Leave your orders.   Prompt delivery  Mind  your  P's and  Q/s is all   right When  properly applied  What always applies to the Careful' housekeeper is  Mind VfltiP T^'q Pay tne str'ctest attention to them and where  ���_I5_?'J , ,, * 9JVI* . ��__g_ to buy them and you'll always have comfort  in the house.  We are having a big run on Teas lately why not join the race.  2*HJ5   FINEST   PLEASURE   RESORT   IN   KOOTENAY  NELSON LICENSE DISTRICT.  Kotino is heroby given that the uiKicriiioiil.ioned porson  have made application under the provisions of tlio "Liquor Lieeii-HU Act, S!)!)" for u hotel license at the place set  opposite to his name:  Tlicodulo (Jyr, at jMoiiiiluiu View Hotel, noar Salmi.  A meeting of the board of License Commissioners of the  Nelson License district will bo held to consider such  application at tho Court House, at. tho City of Nelson, on  Saturday, the !)th day of September, 185)1), at the hour  of cloven o clock in tho forenoon.  WM, H. BULLOCK-WKIiSTldt,  Chief License Inspector.  Provincial Polic" Ollico,  . Nelson. U. (V2fltli August, 1889.  MILLS & L.OTT  Agents fo   Hazlewood Ice Cream. ,..  one  FOR  ICE  CREAM AND  FRESH  FRUIT  OF ANY KIND.  Come in and try onr Ice Cream Soda and  Refreshing Drinks.  FRUIT JARS!  JARS!  Direct from the manufacturer in pints, quarts, and  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  Next Poor to  P. Burns & CO.  HUMPHREYS & PITT0CK.  JOHN A. IRVING & COMPANY  Baker. Street West, Nelson, 1). C. .  Strachan   Bros.  S'r.XJas^CBEJKB, ETC.  OPEEA XZOTJB&   BLOCK:  ft


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