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 DREYFUS' GREATEST ADVOCATE  In Court Once More.  TIKNNT2S, August 22.���Maitre Labori  was present at court tliis morning when  the trial began at G:.'30. The arrival of  M. Labori at tho Lyeee was tlio signal for  scones of extraordinary enthusiasm. The  carriage contained Labori, his wife and  physicians. The crowd about tho building rushed up to the carriage to greet the  distinguished lawyer. As lie entered the  court room the audience greeted him by  standing. Dreyfus entered the court  room soon after. Saluting the judges in  the usual manner ho turned to Labori  with outstretched hands, and a smile of  pleasure lighted up his pule and usually  impassive features. Colonel .louaust  next read from n. paper an address to Labori, the tone of tho president lining,  rpiite sympathetic. The lawyer made an  impassioned reply.  The first witness today was M. Grenier,  former prefect of Mel fort. His testimony  resulted favorably to Dreyfus, inasmuch  as his deposition was distinctly hostile to  Estcrhazy.  Major Rollins  of the  intelligence  department'was asked during the course of  his testimony by M. Labori how  certain  documents of a later date than   Mereier's  ministry,   came   into   general   Morcicr's  possession.    Roll in  said   it was   not his  business to explain, but  counsel  insisted  .upon   asking   whose   business   it     was.  Finally Labori 'asked colonel   .Jonaust  to  request general Mereier to explain.     The  general   rose   and   said   he  declined   to  answer.     Labori   insisted- emphatically,  but Mereier refused to answer and major  Carriere,   the   government  commissary,  .supported    him   on    the    ground     that  the examination   was entering   upon  a  matter which ought not; in the interest of  the   country   to   be  discussed   publicly,  Labori then declared  in   a,  loud voice he  ���would reserve   to  himself ..tho   right  to  take  the  necessary  .measures to obtain  the desired information.  ��� The next point was   made by  Dreyfus  iii his reply to major Rollins.    The hit e.f  had   remarked  that   all   the  prisoner's  papers were sei/.crl when liis rooms were  searched   in    lSOjj,   and   colonel   Jonaust  said1 that  certain   papers  front his   text  book,   the   school   of'.war   woro   found  missing.    To this'.-the., prisoner  retorted  "hot in LSOi, my  colonel."    This caused  a sensation  as,the obvious  ontcrprota-  tion was that pages were torn out at the  war oil ice, and the fact was used  against  liim   as.  an   insinuation   lie   had    communicated the  missing pages to  foreign  '��� V  WEDNESDAY MORNING, AUGUST 23, 1S!)0.  PUBLISHED AT NSL.SON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR; WEEKLY, $2.  iii Phoenix park, Dublin, of Lord Frcder-  ick Cavendish, chief secretary for Ireland, and T. if. Burke, permanent undersecretary, wlio were assassinated by  stabbing by four men known as the Tn-  vincibles. An order of release was signed  iu the case of Laurence Ohanlon, sentenced to penal servitude for attempting  to murder members of a jury engaged in  the trial of persons charged with murder November, JS82. Fit/.harris and  Ohanlon left the jail this evening.  SmiiR the C. P. Ii.  Chicago, August 22.���Van S. .Dresser,  associated with postmaster Charles U.  Cordon in ,the real estate business,.has  begun suit in the superior court against  the Canadian Pacific railway company'  for .$1950 damages for the loss of  time and hardships which ho  asserts, he suffered while attempting to  reach the Klondike. Dresser, whoso  ollice is in the Title and Trust building,  says tho railway sold him a ticket to  Dawson City, agreeing to transport him  there in one..month. .Instead, it was almost a year before he arrived at his goal.  CIVILIAN MARKSMEN CAN JOIN  \  '..'ijjfnig b'l/t-lrjk^gq^?.^ '���  &stit$. u^u Jroi 4^1 tfes f oo tljigjydjs^ .Avas��� So ���,  ;.��...r(|ajjjir3!^^^  ���; .;iia|f^!jxft��"- rn���gHi|i<;M  ^%( j'��}$ito.fs^. riittt^;"|lj^>^q:a��fr��� ���. X��61n  "'-'{ynd? "��"|;re=>h/=:ligkt jiiYco" $&.- pl'0,seb.d)in:gs���.  ���_T#$[qH.' d$i? Vftift- iM^Ur hitsi;^.ij)dc!fei.  >. ,JIc'���gid;va.niz&l;t1io��flo;r;m .into  tSnjfieiive li^i'nug11tuiiLi^.n n< Maitro1 DeiilatigO  -Vvas eoneitiit^Or^ to fear  tp--ftretttl ^oti, 'ffio^iiiii^ai^eOrii.' "=*Labori is  -a- .gladiator ivixd 'iiifefays speaks, to; touch  ��� hi�� ;f:O0 to *|b.6- .rj:ui^'k'.-.V Let ��� there - be -,the  :sli|:li��tc9t" ofje-hl 'iii;g0J]Hs'O.ii'PQu6j'!i'.j3isd'6Bcijr.'Q  lj.[n|j; he tlfl'ijsts Iipmft; -���  Today  AvhOii   luivibro  DOinange found  .ngtl.ii.iig tq.aslc-a witii^ss, mai'tise Litbori's  , ��quiclta Sye had riiBefevcrerl weak spots aud  he eamo forward; with searching quos-  _J;l6.ii'��.____J_cL^^^^  eloquent spcopli itud tlie audience could  have listened for all hour to his rich  Voice. The excitement under which he  labored seemed to actus a stimulant although inaiiy frioilds'j noting' his flushed  face, feared that fcltore might bo a- relapse. So far from this being the ease,  lie was able to go for a drive with liis  wife'in an auto*ear this afternoon and on  Ids return ho held a reception", afterwards " spending the tiing fell dinner in  going over the evidence and preparing  for tomorrow. The scurrilous attacks of  the aivti-Dreyfilsard newspapers may be  illustrated by a paragraph appearing in  their organ hore this evening, declaring  that the attack ou Labori, wliich it in-  siruuvtes did very little harm, was made  solely to arouse the pity of tlio people of  Rennes for tlie lamcntablu lot of an escaped   cbnvicb__from     Devil's    island.  Tache is Not Dead.  Victoiua, Aug. 22.���There is no truth  in the report published hero tonight, and  no "doubt telegraphed' to other points,  that J. C. Tacjhe, engineer of the public  works department, had been drowned in  Five Finger rapids. The story had its  origin in a Dawson newspaper, which,  hearing that an engineer had been  drowned, jumped at the conclusion that  Tache was the man, whereas tlie victim  was a surveyor, Frank Richard, of tho  telegraph construction party, news of  whose death was wired yesterday.  Assassins at Largo Again.  Dur.LiN, August 22.-���Earl Cadogan, the  lord lieutenant of Ireland, today signed  the expected order releasing from Maryborough jail James Fit/.harris, alias  " Skin the goat," who in May, 1888,: was  sentenced to penal servitude as an ac-.  complice inthe murder on.May (5th, 1S02,:;  Baseball  Games Yesterday.  Hartford :?, Montreal 0.  Worcester 4, Rochester 0. ��� .  '���Boston 2, Brooklyn :*i.  Washington :">, Baltimore In.  Washington 5, Baltimore (i.  New York 2. Philadelphia l.'J.  St. Paul 5, Grand.Rapirls 1.  Detroit 11, Milwaukee H.  Indianapolis 4, Kansas City 3.  Minneapolis 9," Buffalo 4.  Cincinnati 2,Pifctsbiirg 1.  Cincinnati 4, Pittsburg 4. (Unfinished.)  Springfield S, Toronto 1.  Providence -'5, Syracuse 0.  From Paris.  Pah is, August 22.���Colonel Schneider,  the Austrian military attache, has arrived at his embassy here. The officials  of tho embassy declare the attache will  say iiothing regarding the letter incident  until the Dreyfus court martial is concluded. ���-.������'���- ���;];���.  -'i'^'.'���-������;- ':���:;\ '.."'".���������t?"--. ���;./���.  Ten of the liieii; arrested for taking part  iii the  Sunday doniqiVstratioii were com  PP^Mii-tf  ���JSP",  (Sit,e>'EQfi:a^ii;^'__ifJS'cripei  ^m.Ms" .JirMid, ^rJ5u"i|E���%lqcTOroife5ofc^t^:  'at^st^e��ob|S&ujr^i%\^l^ '  vbGi-ngsconst^^  The Rifle Association.  Tho  Rifle  association   has  been  duly  formed and tho constitution and by-laws,  after having been submitted  to the military   authorities,   were   passed  by  the  meeting   last    night,    wnicli    consisted  chiefly of  members of the  Nelson  rille  company, with captain A. V). Ifodgins in  the chair.    The ride association  is open  primarily to the members of the Nelson  ride company, who contribute $;"0.    Any  member of the active militia of Kootenay  is eligible on payment of an annual subscription of $2.i)0, retired officers and noncommissioned  officers  of the army and  navy   on   payment of $", and  civilians  on an annual payment of: $5.    Any rifle  company" in Kootenay may join as a company on payment of $50.   The range is a  good one,  and  captain  Ifodgins has already spent .$180   on  it  out  of his own  pocket.   About  $100  more is needed to  place it iu the desired condition, and tlio  subscriptions raised  Avill  be  devoted to  this end and then  to tho reimbursement  of the captain.'. Under the rules governing such ranges, tho association is necessarily primarily a military ono, under tho  control of.tho local company, and the following committee has been .chosen;    Patron, mayor Neelands; vice-patrons, II. E.  Croasdailc  and  .1.  Roderick  Robertson;  president, captain  A. EMIodgins; treasurer, N. T. McLcod; secretary, C. E. Boas-  ley; committee,  G.  S. Beer,  R. W. Day,  ���W. J. G. Dickson, A. Trogillus, N. F. McLcod, S. P. Shaw, .1. Wadds and E. G. Leo.  A competition will be held some time this  fall,  and  H.  E.  Croasdailo  has already  promised'a cup.    All civilians Avishing to  join the association are requested to send  in their names in  writing to C. E. Boas-  ley-'  There aro at present but a limited  number of rifles, and as <all marksmen  prefer to always use the same rifle some  difficulty was felt iu devising a scheme  whereby civilian marksmen could.be accomodated in this respect. After much  discussioutlio following plan was adopt-;  cd :    Six rifles 'will: bo sot aside for.-the  THE TOWNS AND THE DISTRICT  an'o^fts/tlie'^^^  v Doctors Will Appeal.  A joint meeting of the hospital directors and the local doctors was held  yesterday evening in tlie board of trade  rooms to settle arrangements whereby  tlie latter should form a consulting hoard  for the hospital, and also to find  a way out of tho trouble arising  from Dr. Rose not yet being  entitled to practice. The doctors were  Avilling to assist, and they will look over  tlie by-laws of the hospital with a view  to making some necessary alterations.  The doctors also expressed their willingness to; write a-joint letter to the College  of: Physicians and Surgeons at 'Victoria  asking that Dr. Rose be permitted to  perform his duties in the hospital until  such time as they arc ready to examine  him. Doctors Forin, Arthur, Isabel Arthur, Hall and Hawkoyc were present,  and a letter from Dr. Symonds was read  expressing his concurrence in the sentiments of the others. Judge Forin, W- A.  .Towett, F. W?Swannell, Mrs. .T.-Laing  Stocks, J. Hamilton, Angus Shaw, 13. A.  Crease, A. Forland, and C. E. Miller wore  also present.  Greenwood is  Prospering.  Ed Thomas, who is well known in Nelson and Slocan districts, is uoav located  at Greenwood,, running a livery stable  along with the Cameron boys, avIio were  in Kaslo at one time. They use forty  head of stock, but claim that the cost of  hay and grain eats up all the profits,  Oats sell at four cents a. pound. ��� Greenwood-is prospering, but Mr. Thomas is.of  the opinion that "Phoenix, a town at tho  mines, and four miles this side of Groon-  Ayobd, Avill be a good point in the near  future. The railway should be at Grand  Forks Avitliin tAvo Ayeeks, as the grade  riiiis alongside the Avagon road all'the  Ayay between Cascade and Grand Forks.  Mr. Thomas Avill be in Nelson for a day  or,two. " '.".    .' '���".��� ''"-:.  phino. The owners Avill .ship  carloads this fall, and there is  rawhiding this winter.  several  talk of  Jii  i   The" Money, is Provided. !';      '  order  to   carry out: its   proposed  works,"the. Kt)btenayR^^^  ny'l�� ��� Bot ��qRth^AM���^ipinj:Alliamg. ,jy a��-  , lit an oj|iei?d'"'aiitiB"f-"^ aEs"biilS6.:  les'Sf,;tiljeirij:#r)f^'A'_U'^!6^eg  tho .Bontb' Anioriciin''repjniJix|io��: .^gjyliis^,  their best ;eustomr}iltf<jr���ribfi^  Sfcato^t hl1^' l?,it|Jei.���y fibiigfiros1 th'c specrjla-  i/'i'oii 'Avhicli, it aays, is h.aviiirl a rlo"p"rc|!Sr  iitg, effect tipoi'i'business;" ��"     '���*'-���*     - -��� ." -  Jamaicans are' lloyal.* ��':  IvfNic;saf0N,,J Jamaica, August M"���The  Jamaican govfif jiifcieiit Jias ofi'eifed a con-  tiiigeut of jbliroc hund-fced' hatiVO luilitia  =for^tho=sii{)pQut=of=tIio^A\^iite=tra,ops^Or--  rlerOdhcnOO for servi'eo' in tho Transvaal,  Wonderful enthusiasm has. been manifested in enlistments ;f_v Srjutli Africa.  AVhau A'Oluntoers AVOrO called for all on-  tiro regimont at once veaponddd.  Riots at Oporto.  Oporto, August 22.-^Thc demonstrations Avhicli the police Avere callerl rtii, to  break up in this city yGsterc'lay "\Voi'o  caused }xf tho atr.ong popular feeling  against Dr. Jorge,of thebacfeerirtlogicai iii-  stitute ivere. Tlie police also disiiorsod a  crowd whicK had coljooted, oAvilrg to a  member of tlie ehamber of doptitios attacking the doctor.  Congressman Reed Resigns.  Augusta, Maine, August 22.--Tho resignation of Thomas B. Reed as congressman in the first Maine district, Avas  received by 'governor Powers today. Tlie  resignation is to take effect September  4th, and it has been accepted by tlie  governor.  Chinese Emperor Going Crazy.  Shanghai, August 22.���The Shanghai  Mercury published today a coinmurjica-  tion from Pekin to the effect that the  emperor has developed symptoms of insanity.  Bubonic Plague on the Increase.  Mauhji), August 22.���Four additional  acute cases of the bubonic plague have  been recorded at Oporto. The streets of  that city are now patrolled aud the town  is 'completely isolated.  A Big Score.  Lonjion, August 22.���In a cricket game  today between the visiting Australians  and.the Middlesex eleven, the former in  their first innings were all out for 4-in  ..runs....' -:.';:-: \,:-':.'/.'.  MELSON.  II. D. Beck again occupied the police  magistrate's attention yesterday morning, anil was fincd*$l() and costs.  Trallic and travel along Ward street  has increased 500 per cent within the  last twenty-four hours, and yofc some  people say the town is suffering from the  conditions brought, about by the enforcement of the eight-hour law for men  working underground in metalliferous  mines.  The four men who woro sentenced by  judge Spinks ab Rossland for.holding up  a saloon in that town recently wore  brought to Nelson last night by provincial -.constable Devitt. OZ tho four,  Thomas Burns will serve eighteen months  at hard labor in the provincial jail, Frank  Lewis Avill servo a year, and the other  two, Austin J. Kelly aud R.Peck, will bo  liberated at the end of a month.  Tho Nelson lawn tennis club Avill hold  its third annual tournament on September Oth. The events comprise: Gentlemen's singles for the championship of  Kootenay, ladies' singles, men's singles  'handicap,.and mixed double's handicap  open to all comers, and a men's singles  handicap for club members only. Spectators will be charged an bntrance fee of  50 cents. :  .       .     ���..';'; >  News has been received that Charles  Wilson, a younger brother "of Herbert  and Ernest Wilson of this city, made '10  and 205 hot out the other day ]ilaying  cricket for Surrey against Lancashire.  There will boa baseball game on Saturday between the team from Grand Forks  and- the Nelson team. The Nelson team  guarantees the expenses of the -visitor!?,  and the boys expect that the people -who  witness the game Avill purchase "tickets  for the grand-stand, Avhich can bo procured from members of the clulx        ?  A meeting of the members of the lacrosse team - Avill be held at the hre hall  on Friday evening for the purpose-of  '.winding up tho business; of their recent  " |pr|i^;|i^plm^:e.r  BOERS' POWDER STILL DETAINED  By the Portuguese.  Pretoria, August 22.���Tho government of the Transvaal has rceeiA'cd a  communication from the governor of  Lorenzo Marque/, relating to the stoppage  of arms there to the effect that Portugal's  obligations to all nations including Great  Britain, required the enforcement of the  Transvaal-Portuguese treaty.  Tho Transvaal government regards the  communication as "extraordinarily  \raguo."  It is ascertained on the highest authority that no definite reply has been sent  to the proposal of the British secretary  of state for the colonies, 'Mr.' Joseph  Chamberlain, to submit to a joint commission of inquiry into the effect upon  tho Uitlanders of the recent franchise reforms. The precise situation is that  as a result of the pour 'parlors,  a communication was dispatched yesterday to Sir Alfred Milner, British high  commissioner in South Africa and goA-er-  nor of Capo Colony, Avhich embodies certain -alternative proposals. For A'arious  reasons these are kept secret,- but it is believed they'will admit of the conclusion  of a modus vivendi. ;  It is understood front unofficial sources  of information that tho alternative proposals, of the Transvaal ��� government are  for a five years' franchise and a one-fifth  representation  of the Uitlanders in'"tlio '  first rnad,-provided the imperial government  does not further' interfere in the'���;  affairs of tho .Transvaal.    '" ���'"   "'���,:   :  .-    Gapk ;Town, August 22^r-In the: Capo  assembly today Mr. Cecil Rhodes, referring   to  the    Transvaal   question,   said:;  " No, there will be no bloodshed.'     Prcsi-  doiit  Krueger  like a sensible man  will  climb down.    The less the Capo Colony is .  concerned tlie better."     Continuing, Mr.  Rhodes   said   it  Avas   certain   t'.nt   the  TransA'aal ���woiikr   become":.-.aii   English-  speaking community and. the Uitlanders  being in a vast'majority;^: Avould  form: a  government in keeping Avith their views.  He 'expressed- hope that the  settloineiit  would be fair and that Capo Colony would  let tho  imperial '���"government  deal: Avith  that matter also, it is rumored .Jio.ro' tliat\,:  the Boers  intend   to   attempt a cbup.Jto -  obtain forcible possession  of the"ammii-^  nition detained by the ."Portuguese.'-.-.  .���'���-; PjiidTORiA,  August 22.���OITicial circles^:i  at present regard the  situation as tend-:;::  ing  to   iniproycineht.:f Tiie aninninftioii-  consigned to the South African Republic :  isstill dotaihed i by"'the Portugiiose riiith-1  ^-.f^Jn;J^l;agjp|^B^  ���i'ly-^i  _ nA^Carihd-r|^Cfe|^^Mino.   ��� jT*;^ "*�����  ." ��.AsLlL 'GraceyJj4s��' re^iiiletlf-'fr���pni -JfJi'iiV'  t,6n;'��City, H'tljere Ifc" jhasVlifJeSr" iiisilectling .���  ��� t'liO' ;-d;0'v.e'r6'piu"e"iit;���� ���AVO;rk. -on. -" - th _\ n B-i'l-iVer-��  !-Ci:ueei]fc ja^.prqppisjEyTgff^^  iCliii^gp. _n..���TlipvfcSijy'0"r; ^ner|n",sojigtvatecl -b,y  ���tlio reoiifpiui^s6f^tl^ef.5jftj  edon Siao^v^ereel^ amt is, dSvelri}iod hf <  ���oi^e%:culs.a,nitJ t|wq tiiHivcfeiv6ue of, Avhicli  ll-idiX:bfi& driA'Oii 10d: Bf<3e:t> "jvn_.'8.'4ho" "other  [-1(jQ feet* ��� At:prejcii,t opOratiOns arc confined to surface worli iand; to running a  ' crosscut from; tlie end���o�� the lpng;  tunuol  to eiit tlie." "Vbim      ConsidOrablo   money  has boon spoilt oil, the property, Avhich is  eqjiippod Avith a compressor plant, and if  ^tlio-vcin^ioicisHts^vahie-s^anrl^si/io^AVitlr  depth, the company Avill put up, a concentrator.    Tlie ore is a  dry  sLJver -ore,,,  and   some   high-:grade   stuff   has    boon  shipped. ���  Steamer Had to Retiirn.  ST. Johns, Newfoundland, August 22.���  Tim British steamer Monmouth, captain  Criggan, twelve days out from London  for Mon trcal, wiuh Avater ballast, lias put  in liof'cv She broke two sidesnf her pro-  1 'feller from contact Wtth ice off tlie straits  of Rolle Isle. An effort was illado tr> effect repair^ at sea but aviis not successful, eompolling captain Criggan to put in  at this port.   ' .  Germany 3Srothing to do With Dreyfus.  Hamih/RGj August 22.���The Manibnrg-  ischo Corrospoiideiit, discussing' the assertion that Germany would publish certain documents proAring the innocence of  Dreyfus, says: "The answer to this is  that documents of this nature cannot be  produced for this reason, that Germany  never had anything to do with captain  Dreyfus." '  Typhoon at Manila.  Manila, August 28.���A typhoon' has  boon raging for tho last two days. The  United States cable ship Hooker, which  grounded off Corregidor island about a  fortnight ago, Avill probably be knocker!  to pieces. A hundred miles of cable and  $10,000 Avorth of instruments are on  board the steamer.  s.-An ^ast!rKbo,tehay��;T^  ��;",l'7"����*."   "*�� "^![J,xifift?a-%i-'"��'*' .      /"���  'M' fljloaif': ras GHir^^d'^.feiil-dit'Tifi'fc'^l'^l^a^lo'l^  this aniOUiit' OVei" .��|0,O9.O;aVcW paicl '01;it>��b%��;  ,ijho"'Str En-gOnocbinpaiiyl, ���.. Tjip' ba'taiice of"  Ritualism Must Cease.  London, August 22.���The bisho]) of  Loudon,"the- right Rev. Mandell-Creigh-  "ton, D. D., has issued a letter asking, the  clergy of his diocese to obey the: decision  of the archbishops, ami to abandon ritualistic observances,.incense and .lights... *.  soea^i "lluWM^yle; Tfas a^payrOIl, bat-Icing  hOi<lhii*��"feAV tOWns ���'hi.^ast I^Ootenay caw  ^boasji Of. - -V-v .  ;_   - ���  ������ -."'��� .'"��� '  / %nN'_)|lRM��'RB. . "     .  WTNUBjl^i^iMSi. August ,__.���Jffliiu Bcr-  niaii is down from his Claims oil Boulder  ci'eek, tie is dbihg oo,iisideTa]jle work on  -tlic=Gijonnd?FI6or-gtOiippaud-,rei5orts^feho=  showing very satisfactory. His property  consists of the Ground Floor, White Cat  and the Heavenly Twins,  Recent arrivals at Hotel- Windermere  are: D. J. Maocl'onald:, Vancouver;'Tom C.  Gray, Trai I; Harry Am in Le, Fort Steele;  E; J.Griftith, Golden; F. C.Lang, Golden ;  Mr. and Mrs. E. A. St. George Smyth,  Ilfi'aeombe;, lBiiglaiKl; J. F, Harr, Glasgow, Sep tl And, -  Not in the memory of thy oldest  Settlers lias thei'o been such, a cold August.  Beginning SiHida.y evcliijig tlie temperature fell i'apidly, and for-'four flays the  weather has been as cold, and disagreeable as mid-AY'iiito!'. Reports from the  mines say at the Setting Bull the snow is  two feet deep, and at the Rod Lino about  three, but it is going away very fast.  Harry Ainmie has been appointed foreman Of the work on the Red; Line  property.  F. C. Lang of Golden, avIio lias charge  of-collecting mineral exhibits of tliis district for the Paris .Exhibition, is in town  aiid tomorroAv Yvil'l start On a visit to the  mines. While .'Windermere seems the  last district tO'come to the front, it will  not be the least in its fine specimens for  the exposition. Mr. Lang is already assured of some prize winners, one from  the Dclphino derserves special mention  It is a block weighing one hundred and  forty pounds, and assays about 400.ounces  iu silver. People visiting the fair ���will  see the district Avell represented.  A number of prospectors will put in  winter camps. A rawhide trail is being  builder] from the Red Line, the .Silver  Thread and the Setting l^ill.- It is reported that the Pretty Girl .is making  preparations to rawhide ore ;this winter.  ; A.good -trail-, luus just -'booh- completed  from the Chilbcry and B: C. and the De':  =thixi>*=''-;tiirdm:|S\toidi^��!eh-te-l5_  '   " ~    "   '^^^m^^mliHk   ...,.,,.. . ��� ��� .M^^mm,  ji is VefeiiOit -of -the^tf aiisi %^_'Vj_og'6{ .tiial  M lllS ^,tf��^lslf:^i1|"Jt '"b^n^'arli^r  t^m���b��^aty%^arijiteiei i#||Y^^r^i|^tir!e".;  to j^^V"^^ "aikl tdti-"'  'fitfeneei:'ofs:4.1ie'ftpeople;..o;f"^^^  doaii si'fs) -fimik iffiMJktiM* 'tSorae*of those;  ;lJi'bsb%��'?SiBi.ioa..-. R v*OstfeJl0j;ate$E,l4,,  cfe F, :S:3 R^'JolW McLeocf; postmaster>  Frerf W. Bun),. HSiiry C. C!arr,# -JJU"��*  B. Mather^ ^rihn Carroll (mining IjirSlvOr],  Malcolin MrM-uTeyj (tlio suiiposcd; prisoner). J. W. Cline.  An Extraordinary Accident.  S^ltAGiisis, August 22.���One of the  mogt siiigular accidents in the history of  railroading occurred this morning near  the'iroii, pier at tlie extreme north end of  tliis city. The west bou-iid train was  wrecked by a broken axle and the cars  piled up on top of orlo another toppled  over o>i to a pushing oiigiiiOi 'file engineer and, fireman of the pushing eiigiud,  Thomas McOable, Syi-aciise, and Ihii'vey  Van Antwerp Of tirceu l^oilit, were  pinned under the wreck. Dejitiis Long,  Syracuse, the section boss, \vho was  standing by the engine, was- thrown on  to the track and the tencW toppled over  on liis legs. The engineer am! fireman  were rjiiiclvly takeij out, but Long could  not be i*eleaser] until two hours after tlie  accident. Both engineer MeCablo aurl  firoinan Van Antwerp Were, badly injured, the latter dying of his injuries this  afternoon. The Now York ears Avere  piled up in the wreck ami the tracks have  not yet been cleared.  Details of tho Loss.  Victor, Colorado, August 22.���-The  total number of buildings destroyer! by  the fire Avhich broke out here at 1:^0  o'clock yesterday afternoon is estimated  at S00. Nine-tenths of these Avero wooden and the fire spread with great rapidity.  Fourteen blocks, comprising almost the  entire business portion of the city are in  ashes. The total loss is wuriously estimated at $1,000,000 to $2,n00,000,aiirl tlie  insurance at from $100,000 to $800,000.  Dreyfus to be Vindicated.  Viicnxa, August 22.--The Neues Wic-  ner Tagelilatt says it ���understands that  100 documents are about to bo published  tliat will prove the innocence of Dreyfus  nnd the guilt  of Henry  and Esterbay.y.  f_SfoirtC'*��_j^  - Yellp.^���.^cver-;;at^_?ana.m:a.^-,.-s,��-f���/..��:$���,������>  CasOs of/ yelljSvV"vioV4'ri��.4i.a-v;,^ -fe*  :. PaiVa-ma.-,,���th<yy.Mase%^'h^ !��  ,ed froni G-uayaqu:U,������l*B'(|'l.uldpI^,,^��,A^|l^  appeal has beeiH��ad-<S,fest%1lfle^  =itie&^b)=d!Vy-i.'.u-i>_|?,ai^Ho-fflre4t_^%^^^  tlroimmddiatOiCOustructKm of'a fe^Arel^o  ���  ill.   Panama.. I|i Avas ��� pQin;ted   oufe. ..thatv.  otherwise the rCooutly 1 iicreased ti'a^ljftof  the isthnWs with the PadfiC \yfortililVi'fier  a 'rieorease. ���     "  Londoners Hissed <a Blackj|iiard.  Lonoon, August L22.---CoiiiUiamlaiit -  comto Ferrlfiianrl VValsin fist:orlia'/.y ivas  rccegni^ed today vvluie w-J-UJ^i-iij* 'akj'ng  Oxford street, London, {thdUsas-soOTi sirr-  ���rouiirlcff. by a eiwvd" ol" poopte avIio hissed  and groaned, I&terhaMy \vh% able \x* iiild  refuge in a oafe niitil the polirie liAd dis-  pftpsod, the peopji*.  Distress hi tho Transvaal,  London, August 2:1--The Johannesburg correspondent of the Dally Mail  says the situation here is all the more  alarming on sicemiiyb ��f the general stagnation of tnule, wliieh, causes acute distress to the small storekeepers and their  employees.*  Winner of Badminton; Plate.  London, August 23,���The race for tlio  Barlminton pluto Avas won, by lord William Beresford's Stoile, rirlrlon by Martin. Yukon was second and Maquoreau,  third.    17 horse ran.  Said He Was  Innocent,  Pa it I*, August 22.--A magistrate today  interrogated Sebastian Fa ore the anarchist orator, who denied the slightest  participation in the attempt to murder  police commissary Goulier.  New  The Metal Markets  York,   August   22.���Bar  silvet-  i>fl5,c; Mexican dollars IT^o; silver  certificates   (i0��0U'|c.    Copp-r   firm,   brokers'  $lS..r>0;  exchange  $1S.50.    Lead,  steady;  I brokers', $4.35; exchange, $4.ti2.V. THE TRIBUNE: .KELSON, R C..   WEDNESDAY, AUGUST SS, 1890.  # WE HAVE SILK NEEDS  Shrewd   wcrr.en   are  quickest  to  appreciate these silks.    In fact  the wcrnen who keeps  fully posted  en values are our  most  regular  customers to this department.    Are ycu a shrewd woman?   Then we  will expect ycu to share this offering.  20-incli Plain Japanese Silks at 35 cents per yard  21-inch Plain Japanese Silks at 50 cents per yard  27-inch Plain Japanese Silks at .60 cents per yard  Striped Wash Silks for Waists at 45 cents per yard  Plaid Wash Silks fcr Waists at 50 cents per yard  Checkcc ���Wash Silks for Waists at 60 cents per yard  Checked Wash Silks for Waists at ��� ��� ���: 70 cents per yard  This is a money saving opportunity.  iti  iHs  W  iti  iB  iti  iti  MARTIN  O'REILLY & CO.  /8k  BANK  OP  B. C.  BUILDING,  NELSON.  a?__E_v_s o__s__:  iti  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  anrl bickering in public, with the result  that they ha\'C apparently killed the  p.'irty that placed them in power. Tiik  Tuiiiunio predicts that 1 lie. government  that succeeds the present one ���will not  lake any timber from either of these tAvo  cities. .The members from the interior  and the tAvo coast cities of Nanaimo and  Now Westminster Avill probably be able  to care for the province for a decade or  two without any assistance from cither  Victoria- or Vancouver.  The Individual Employee is Helpless.  Capital cannot, in justice, insist on its  right to form combinations and deny the  same right to labor. A corporation cannot reasonably insist on treating with its  employee only as individuals while itself  joining other corporations in disciplining  laborers. Either organized capital must  recognize organized labor, dealing with  labor organizations as entitled to recognition like organization -of capital, or the  conllict between labor anrl capital will  produces results more serious than have  yet occurred. Confronted by a great organization of capital, the individual employee is helpless. If his demands are  backed up by the power of an organization of his fellows, he has some chance of  securing just concessions, and correcting  the abuses of Avhich he complains.  When the rights of both labor and capital to organize and to act in their organized capacity are recognized, mutual concessions wil! bo made and many of the  antagonisms which now occasion strikes  aud lockouts Avill be unknown.  pvme  BARGAINS  SEE OUR $9 SUITS WORTH $12  ^EN'S OUTFITTER  Sign of the RED   HAT; Baker St., Nelson  J. F. WEIM  ^M^^MmM^mM  "j?ft'.,.v^'  t%$,  W&��$l  �����%>8-tl-ieiiiiieig:h{j|3rs���tOfthe :"'^rintli*no,n:C3iis1?-!*cj.s,  '    ��       '.n^'^.'^^n^^^.^^A^ft-.V^^t'l^n^rf0..?^--0-!";   ?'  i;awij  "i. ���\>mllrjVCIplorj(itl;Q .are tfr 0the mimug���states  .���% lu&l,��.feeWto"i:'.iQs,.'of ��� the-.Jln-iitgdsi..jStaifeps.  "������V'Tiiisljsisoii|etliing i3ia,ti ''^ana^i'a^^s]i|kip."|  C*#ti'$jzqu& y.di? $&i;- it gees tp"i'-sho'Av'-stlm-t^  ��� DC\a"i:iadiaiis are botii progressive and self-,  *���".   T*.,n  ;.���" " : ���-.������."���������������.'  -  ".reliaiit.  E_i;E'Gi^AirIfaI%^  laud  to lending: Tciroiito and" Montreal  n0Ai*spapei's wliich eoxit&irrs ^oim^";ti!vitli  iMJ<^^^ i^H^l  Tho French Shore Question.  St. Johns, August 22.���The colonial  government has been informed by the  imperial secretary of state for the colonies, Mr. Joseph Chamberlain, that negotiations for the settlement pf the French  shore dispute are in progress between  Great .Britain and France, aud that he is  hopeful of a speedy and satisfactory arrangement. It is.'believed.- that matters  are going avcII. The French have withdrawn-, from tlie coast, at the close of  August, two months earlier than usual.  ������"���-"������'.. A Footpad- Caught.:..; w -   '  TONAWANDA,  N.;Y.,   August 22.���Jollli  Dunrlas, .wanted by the police of Thor-  old-, .Ontario, on a charge of highway robbery, was arrested here this afternoon-.  Xhin'rlas Is cliargcd" with , hold ing upland  .lobbing William.-'^  Ontm-io.-;-';.;''"''.^^=;-'7;i'';''';' .- '---!^��������� ���'-:-'-' "��� ? .'"'���'���  Hi  iti  ilh  0)1)  m  iB  WE ARE GOING OUT OF THE  BOOT AND SHOE BUSINESS  BOOTS  AND  MEN'S SLIPPERS  THE ABOVE GOODS AT COST  B  "W  ��  m  i%p d>J^lfg,]Sg^ilie]i;ica^^   ��,avc IJfixf' 6!6n_ t'kii'jv ��  _ Ptf '*^Jh^o a    n'Pg'" Qr n-        D   - ti    ^r       ?n i tP   'D ���l&i'^^P D fl <h a    ^^^ -n    ^iS  sx0AAr;Krial?a>iii5&fe  cr||ii|jljci'j|B?Vf'^l^nl^loye^i'it^ liecifi' set,tl��tls|  ^Wud^rs-itfi. e;.jnp^isip'iis^-of.-iijii." -itrb'ijtratipfj'.;1  ; lyi^tl;;" ^^i.XciJ^I'fi-j. 6i\Vjx^_^��a liii:xlii;r" vt:o==j(ili 0��; q n e. 4vp��=  *ht��ve*flijtjfe ^i iVrI3.i^tii,sTr.oDr��olnjufllj[l{t��   In Njca���v|  ^Zeii1and'ftli;6>iieo'p%  ^isia^fefdiro;*^  *Cr)lCpjnli;ia?;|tiV\*.s" ai'e - pissed A\*itl��out; chie  I ;eoits;id^f'atipiis tlieii before-��felje5y are given  a trial they aii*e condemned and "their ro":  peal is elaniororl for.  FRED J. SQUIRE, Baker St. Nelson  Tb�� supply is linijtod, so call oarly aud oxamluo this stock.  &  IlcarlqifaftcrSfor  FIIST^lASS BUILDING MATERIAL  Wo niako a specially of  StjipJap &r[d Double Dressed Material  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Shingles arid Lath Kept in Stock  Ofllco and yard near C.P.It. depot   K G. BEER, Agent.  "^YANGtjpvfiBlias ��� much to kar'n f roiri;  yiOtoria iii thd gfihie of politics. tVliOij  V"i;etorlji.; ppliticiuns Avere in control of the  liroviiieial govciimtcnt-, the CroAvd that  Avere in office did all their cju^rreling and  biel<;Orriig in private; to the public they"  AVere appat'ently Working in harmony;  Sfot so Avith tlie Yaheotivcr eroA\'tl. They  ho sooner got control of the proAnnoial  govoriiiiient than they beg.an qiiarreling  ������ ^|':;4sJ���j%e*>sr3tf|e/et3e-(^ "l-fee^Aiyegri;  ?'���' ^_'i_s% #M.&.^'sa'hte. -" ias\\ 'b'felwge i^"'" thw,  p*tY\V;;.;"'���'"."'*���������"���"'?"'\ /.^"j-'V'������������.' . * -: '��� ������   \,-'  ^tHatoaslea.it_ingi:n%'_ =#_;i^cf'a;ffQy ��� ori'o of Ahrj.  ;K;u4"dre��l.j-i' !&f'^iTd*:_&t_*'it'-n|if h@ve Be��en  exploited  irt the'; pasi years. V. i  .. - ���-"-��..-���   *���-.��    .   ���  ���������     .   ;-    " v-  ��� - '; u       ':���'.'��� i0.��   ?  ExpserieriGe has ..ptspved'. ihe, valtie ^of  ythQr^tb n e;r=*Fh e^pthe^^FS=migjH^be=goodi  (put is it worth your- vyhrle experi-  rVlentirig when you Sari get sure returns by investing in the giiiaranteed  article?  the   ONLY   package  'D'VJi^'��n,.���ft-S!;.lS'"-f *..V/s'B��"/��-?f ,?;"-/,.sy.p�����:'j;��\��./s*q,,."��J;'"'��"*'"i**n,P '��",'  ���Jf yx��ir.%j'aiJl>W'^ylishipr^cc6.'ttttinK9ivfMnia^o.oj^l.ho?  7b.6Sl>cIoi.hrfOiVC_ifirtpciJ5tcd,Hti',^'oIgoft,'l,6HV��S^'o"iir order.  " n;hix���Jvii!)(lrtcil dollars AvorthJpf "..ncwRoodffjiiow/wait'"  ;in_fyourJ)u_)c&ll_iK Jl^et^'ftii'l^b^U^avt^iiiMiransalo^  's':-fefrlfl^p=1^r&t^  , &,  iSiiisiiillfiiiii  *>pii".'SA_i^jii.6|,fts!5^^ (.Kovcifjv ���-*"���",  ,.?hiKS'rfion..��Ki:^_S4'ii'��*   iiJJ,���v-t.���.st.lV.*..."���*�� i.'*-S ����������.<*"'i  2500 r  "Aiiill wftnt lb lju in iti 1 Ivavo jjist received1  Kill wimples oi SuMnfja; smej Ovdi"-  fdtitinfts i^proHCiitiiig a S.IQ.MJO.-feloclt 16  ,clioosft"Lfi'cjii(l :i[ilHlO-'lou Jour*-ordtt- ill' pietjs  never btifftTO heard of in IS'olnpli. All (ho, latest,  ,fml--i iii  Kftney ..Vtosliiifgi f6r Bill aiid AviiiloK  AVCfit Baker Strecii.      Telephone 13.  Having leased tho 1msiiics�� of the Nelson Soda AValer  Kacliory. I mil prepared tosupplytlio trade with all kinds  of carbonated unci aeralud wut&r.s. Family orders solioi-  ted.   l'rompt delivery.  The Wall Paper House  OF THE WEST  Tho difference betwerm tlio Judge and tlie  Bisliop may bo that tho Judge can say "you  be 1 landed," Avhile the Bisliop can say "you  be 'dimmed." On the other hand when tlie  Judge says "you be hanged," you arc hanged,  -Next to the value offered, the most marked   peculiarity of our Willi  Paper is that when the  Judge has made liis  selection and says "you  be     hanged,"    it    is  WHAT THE JUDCE  AND  THE bishop s^y  Factory on  Hoover sti-cct.  N. M. CUMMINS        hanged; not even the  cheapest grades giving  trouble. There are papers that arc.beyond  tlie jurisdiction of the Judge and come under  that of the Bishop. There is an art in avoiding this kind���tin's art has been our study.  Thomson Stationery Co., Iff  asr:_a__so:_T, _3_ c.  5 gallons Moot Meer  .   ,   10c  2 gallons Lemonade    .   , 25c  Effervescing Health Salt   25c  Bromo Sei&litz.'...   ...   . 25c  Bromo Seltzer . �� , . 25c  Lime Fruit Juice, pts . 50c  Lime Fruit Juice, quts \ $1  Abbey's and Eno's Fruit Salt  The Genuine Montserrat  GET THE BEST ���  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  CALL ON  vs.   ��*   McLaughlin  JOSEPHINE .STBBRI'. NKESON  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver, B. C.  ��� ���.[.-.WrtJi-1���^~**~ ~.*~' ��'~ ��~"���"d-"  tJl^ION   M__i>E  lootepay eigar tonfe. ���o>  ���Hlptirwith'-'cottaBerS  MRpallEs.t^te ahd'.Gc,ilcrai^;gdi|ts,^Balcefc,^i;^ " ':  Nelson, Ilrit&h Columbia^  eLAOl^aMiTHlNG  AND EXPERT  HOHSESHOEING  Wagon reiiairing promptly attohded to by a flftt-class  whcclwriKlit.  Speolal attention given to all kinds of rcpatrinu. and  custom work from outside pointa.  Baker Street* Nel&on   '���"  Firtsx t)oo�� ^kst b_*tic & c. BtriipiNd.  Canada Drug and Book Co.,  3_,iiv_i'_?__r)  Corner of Baker and Stanley Streets. Nelson  HoardinK.anddayschcolfor (jirls will rc-open oa tlio  15Ui day -{.-August. Vaeanoies for boarders. Kor terms  and prospectus apply to  JVLcVDEMOISTCLl.R KEEN, Principal  ���   Duncan Mines, Ltd^, Nelson, B.C.  The iJuiicin Mines Limited- arc open lo receive  ton-ers for tho const me'tiou of aflmne from Sandy and  TCnglo crocks to tho penstock at the hoad of pipo line of  the Granite mill.  Also the construction of (ho penstock with flocd Rales  and overflows. ���  Plans and specifications of abovo can lie inspected in  theollices of the Company in;Nelson, and tenders will bo  received from August 2is-t to Slitli.  The abovo Company aro also open to receive tenders  for tlio con-tructiun of a wagon road from tho Oraiiito  mill to the Hoyal Canadian mine, a distance tl nearly  two miles, l'urt'os wishipg' to tcncler for the jolt can  inspect the route and obtain particulars of tho work any  day from August 21st to _llh.  MINERS WANTED.  The TanRior Jliuc, Limited, Albert Canyon, On the  main lino of the C. V. It., 2_mile'K oast of Kevclstoke, ro-  ciiiires.riix Kood miners,   H'ukcs I3.S3 per day.  Shop:   Ha" Street, between, Baker and Vernon, Nelson  _?_3I_ _03_?I-IO3Sr__  136  'During tlie, season wo will deliver ice at private residences  and business houses daily in any  desirod quantity at easonrablo  priecs.  WILSON & HARSHAW  'J'woi lots with two-story IStiuso oil Latimer  street'-.-neariloscJpliinB ....., ; .��.,,���<i$l_p()  'J'cjriUK:   ?W0(�� ciisfi, balance oh jnoriifhjfie.  ^ixt,y-a<ji-g raneli, ninoinilerf frbjirriity liiiiiffto,  shore ..,.,.... f .flWU  Ohclmlf cash, balaliclo On lUortgnge.  _-0__.3sr!3  Oil loan conditions nro the clieapqst unci best  oirered,   You till! repay at any Mine without  tonus.  --.eg-EjasT'i'S -roia  Itxilish Coldmbia 1'erniancht Savings���& Loan Company.  GJobe _ft-vin_a & Won Co., U'orohto.  I_>TS XT ��.__.3ST C23  Fire, Life, Accident, and; Sickness.  OAJVIBI_E <5_ O'RBIiUiU Vi Agts  Baker Street West, NOlson, B. 0.  L. Pope  MAXUFACTUUEU OF  HEAVY TEAM HARNESS  EXPRESS HARNESS, PACK HARNESS  SADDLKS, WHIPS, ETC.  ���yyr-v_ax>    s-?_a_--_a?.,    3sr-_2-SO-sr  "VsT- _P��� _RO_BI_ESrSO_-sr  (Kx-Shoriir of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  n  P";?.'1 advanced ��n consignments of merchandise  PostoMco Box 572    . Nelson, U. C.  $550 will purchase a choice residence corner, 100 by 120  feet.  . ��2100 will purchase a central lot and residence.  $100 will  purchase  two nice lots and shanty, liobson  street. Hume addition.  S.')000 will purchase four nice lots and residence.  10,000 Pooled Fairmont i cents.   ���  Blackcock (Ymir) shares 20 cents.  ,5009 Utica at 1} cents.  ALEX STEWART  Turner & Bocckh block, Nelson, B. C.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing' 120 acres of land within one and. a  quarter miles of Nelson.   For further  particulars apply to  iF&ED   J.   SQUIRE,   Nelson,   B.   C THE   TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 23,  1899.  Capital,��  Best,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATIICONA AND  MT   ROYAL, President  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMON!) ���Vice-President  K   S. CLOUSTON Qencral Manager  _sr__a_so_sr _3_a__.isro_?c  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Sl^aguay, U. S., Atliq, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yui\on. District.  SHOUT   PARAGRAPHS.  Thoy say.that the typical English girl  is growing taller, slighlo;", and nioro thoroughbred in looks and gait. Is this owing to her coining in contact so frequently with young Avoinen from the United  States and Canada?   nitANonica m     LONDON  (England).   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO  and in the principal cities in Canada.  liny and soil Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers  OKANT COMMKItCI.lI. AND TKAVKI.I.KUB' CKICDIT8,  available in any part of tlio world.  DRAFTS ISSUKD    COTXKCTIONS MADKi I5TO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRENT RATE OF INTEREST PAID  MOYIE   BECOMING  A MINING   TOWN.  ....   Moyie  Promptly at five o'clock last Thursday  evening the steam was turned oil and the  first air com pressor and the largest piece  of nuning machinery in the whole of  East Kootenay was sot in motion. This  was the starting .of the Lake Shore air  compressor plant, owned by the Canadian  ���Gold Fields Syndicate, Limited,-of'Toronto, that now has the Lake Shore .mine,  which is situated within a stones throw,  of the principal street of Moyie.  At live o'clock a large crowd had gathered at the Lake Shore power-house-at  the foot of Victoria street to witness the  starting of the new machinery. J. C.  Drcwry, lnaiuiging director of the company, was at the throttle, and Mrs. Foley,  wife of Martin; Foley, the foreman, was  at the whistle when the wheels were  started in motion. Everything worked  like a charm. , In a few moments the ma-'  chinery was shut down, and Mr. Drpwry,.  turning to the audience, said :  "I christen this;compressor plant the  George Sumner, in honor of George Sumner, chairman of the executive committee  of the Canadian Gold Fields Syndicate,.  Limited, of Toronto."  Refreshments and cigars were then  placed, at the disposal of those present..  Tho.crowd then 'ascended, the hill to the  No. 8 tunnel of the mine to Avitness the  starting of tlie first finachinc?idri|l-ever  J"7'*o-]-i*i\tTi&;si-ii} 9ii^ftipi%^V\Nitlli;gv^bjrte^v'6te67���.  .. "yJ,io.ui\slij: pcsiC -��jiiy*^leJE),o���nganlJ j^v-ho^suparA  "mCgiXSO..  ;^'-;T.hasbif$  l.oncrat  ���ty, J\\x^X todi^yj ^ve^fin.ct .iiia^hiiiQi^ "ins-fcill/  ^6di^a^fiue%i!ff^ "iimir>  ���"���_fijubiSet't ^ttiv'all" 't-lie*fdo-nvenfeiicos ;iSicT  ",a-15plMi ries! i ^vJv^X^W^^^^fi^v-^^^n^  '��� JyStfhfiii'Mc; ��^ca|cl'*' ��"-l!4��W ;|fifec-:��"eiliY���"-iiii-eri*'  1. wei^5a;arfa(t^t��.b' -#iq"^frebv >%\p-fil:.Q3u1ii.y  " SeverilL Xnftclcol'Ss aiid'in^ ssbrteVs' will ��bi>  l-iiife ai)  work  ftlirl  Ou fi-fittt day'iripg.Ma'.l-  -lilpiHew'tS "will; coiuiiieliee. - rJ?May there  fire> fthii'tyvfrvVO nien oil-tiio payroll Of the; ;  Jjarke Shore: mine, ttnd by" liQjtt Saturday  5=tii c=i i ainber���will-ben iiBfeased^to^a t=leas t-  fbrty-two.  Sdilip ��� twenty-three carpenters and  laborers; arc now eniploycd oii, the; St. Eugene ���coilceiitrator building:^ and I. L.  Cole, the siiperiiitehdent, said yesterday  that if tho luachiuory arrived on tune  and nothing uuloi!osCr)n happened, tlie  Work AvOuld be coiupletGd ih anotltor  Month, and six' \Y0eks at tli*> outside.  1'jie btiildiiig is now all onclaserl and ar-  rangcnients art) being made for putting  iii tlir) jig,?. Th��e Huntingdon niill anrl  one of tlio ciuisliors arc in place, and tho  reinaindcr of the niacliiiiery cah be iii-  sbalied inimediatoly upon ifcs arrival.  Quite a force is employed excavating for  the foundation of the air compressor  building. Tin's buildiijjj Will likely be  started within the next throe or four  weeks. This will bo a ten-drill plant and  will be fitted with two boilers. The concentrator building will be heated by  steaui from, the engine room of the compressor building. All the derricks for the  St. Eugene tramway are up, anrl the  cables anrl buckets can bo put up as soon  'lis the terminal at the concentrator is  finished. B. O. Riblcfc, who hag the contract fordoing this workj arrived bore  from 3STelSon yesterday niOi'uing.  NEW SYSTEM OF FREIGHT HANDLING.  [loi'fection. The oflicials of the company  are greatly pleased;with tho success of  the scheme and are preparing to put it  into force at the other large centres on  its lines.  The company's sheds at the foot of  Simeon street present a scene of great activity. Over 500 tons of freight are forwarded to outside points every day, and  it is all handled easily .and .carefully.  The packages are trucked direct from the  dray to the car, and nothing is stored in  the sheds.; n  .   . <  Each morning seventy empty freight  cars arc placed in position on the north"  side of the freight shed.' Each car is  numbered according to its destination,  and the freight is marked, as it leaves the  dray, with the number of its ear and also  the number of the porter or trucker avIio  handles it. About- twenty-five, of the'  cars are marked "empty," and these are  used when one of the others becomes  filled up. Freight is received from the  drays at fourteen doors. At each of  these stands a checker, and these individuals form the most important feature of  the .system. They check each parcel of  freight on the bill of lading and also  mark on it the unmoor of the ear and the  number of the porter. The freight is  then weighed and put into the car.  Tlle gl'cat ad van tago. of this sys tem is  that the freight is not stored at all, but  is delivered .direct from the factory or  warehouse to the car. A dray load of pianos Avas received atone of the doors yesterday afternoon.; These Avere addressed  to Winnipeg, Chatham, Smith's Falls and  Hamilton. The first Avas run to car iS,-.  the second'to car -19, the third to car IS,;  and tho fourth to car 35. The four Avere  loaded iu their respective cars in less than,  five minutes from tho time of the arrival  of tlie dray. ;        ;  " V/  As soon as a car for a particular point  or section is filled it is taken out and one  of the empties is used for further parcels  of freight to that destination. This pro--'  cess begins" af;>;7;;;o'clock^ in tho/hiprniug  The freedom of Canadian girls from  gaueherie must be a revelation to some  of tho English peojile avIio meet them.  Put them into any society, they can successfully carry the situation, anrl if, by  some rare mischance, the situation turns  against thorn, they quickly reco\'or it.  It is,'no doubt, the opportunity for  mixing Avith so many classes of people  that gives to the Canadian or the United  States girl the knowledge how to meet a  situation Avith credit to herself. Her  English sister, accustomed to strictly observed class distinctions, is afraid of the  consequences of taking tho initiative.  She might speak to people Avho Avould  snub her, and she doesn't like to bo snubbed. On the other hand she might speak  to people she ought to snub, and she  doesii't like to miss the opportunity of;  snubbing somebody.  Then, too, AA'hen English girls, or theirv  pastors and masters, mothers and governesses, once got it into their heads that  there Avere other AA\iys than English ways  that could obtain in the world, they began  to study the advisability of imitating  some of the graces and physical pretti-;  ness of the girls on tho Avestern side of  the Atlantic. AVTith the result that the  English girl is going to tiiko a'place second to that of no other European or  American. Recause, iioav that the English girl has started in that direction, she  Avill not stop until she has reached the,  head "place-.in tlie front rank. This is  characteristic of the race.  FULL LINE OF  Cost of Living.  Except in one or two lines  tho cost  of  liA'ing generally has increased in tho last  twelvemonths.    The price of metals and  textile   materials   have   advanced from  fifty to one  hundred per tent, and such  staples as print cloths are higher by from  iif toon to tAventy per cent than this time  last year.    Buyers for  large  houses  report that shoe manufacturers  liave become more independent and prices in this  line are on a higher level. The pine boards  from  Avhich  the boxes  for  packing the  goods are  made aro about fiftceen per  cent more  expensive  than formerly anrl  labor is  fully ten  por  cent higher than  two years ago.  In all classes of hardware  and hou-so furnishings there have been advances ranging from   ten   to fifteen per  cent.    Carpets aro about fifteen per cent  higher, Avhile stoA'cs and kitchen utensils  show  a twenty  per cent gain.    Furniture  has also   been   placed   in   the  increased list, and  the  advance in manufactured   articles    is    at   least   twenty  per cent.    In groceries  there is a sjight  advance     all      round,     and      in     fact  tho housekeeper today pays considerably  more tliad she did a year ago. The change  has been so gradual and has been masked  by ; retailers so that the a Average .housekeeper docs not realize that she is paying  more for any given article than she did a  year ago; nevertheless the cost of living  has increased all round..   The reason that  the public has not noticed the change is  that there is plenty of work, and Avages  are fully up to'a normal figure.  The Tremont Hotel  P. Burns & Co,  Head Ofpicb at  NELSON, B. C.  Wholesale and Retail  ���  .   .   Dealers in Meats  IV|AL0NE & TREGILLUS  ^1Wi^;^y5 ^-ftfl^SSiex^  jevoniug.and/ai^  o3j^fenlc::X^  ������earsX\iTliG��omc,iijte:i'n*(sharge<or"W  ;out*q>f.i!eig.h baoinces-^���chuni> that-J1-A ���  Toronto Globe.  Economy of time is a prime consideration in the management of ali branches  of commerce at the present day. No-  Avhcre is that fact more evident than iii  the case of the largo transportation companies. The Canadian Pacific railway  has adopted a system of handling freight  for shipment from Toronto which is as  ingenious as it is labor-saving. It has  been in vogue for over two months iioav,  but has only recently  been .brought...to  '-tlMeTt^li^oid^yS^  ��i a. iil^j^^^,^^^Sia^fbh(Hfi\o^'d ed/ 'into-  kdrtxrkf -i^pxx 7Wf��& �� 'S^ik^h-hl :)tfp/- igs'M%  \hi4o^i\ Mi^r^nfeH^ltKaB^  -.Woi;.kqd'��, trfi'tii"- pni��d4ijj;nrtf^  ^^y'Sjfvciigl.ifes .J^)jV��,,e;Vc^;)^hhi]^i$;rr>a^| '���  jfOjl":.='tlt'ei �� -^i.'-afi.5JJie��p" -*By '^-..6{ylc^eEk��\^/tl|.0;|  j.atcS.s-tj,. afid". iiJlCf rqigli'l; -.del-Lvei-ed^ ^at'lSiq*  sliMd'sf ��fo^o ��4i^o?Mr|^  for its 4'es;Uhatiou. ofti-ly iir: tlie'J.e^eii.iS'gfr,  ^lic" system ."nirJaiis "pasiel-.AyorlJ .aiftt8'  shorfcotf hours "fgr  tliQ 'tiui^in^ii;,;.safer."  handling Of gOod��(ttnd cfuigj&er fdciivci'y"  Of^tlie freight at its=dcsfeiuation;,   Ii is ii",  ���credit t.6 the geiiitis and eiiterpriso of  Alfred Price/J^��.JjPaAVsey and the 5thej^  ISiitiiffiH^dl^^^  veloped it hero. Mi;. Price is the supeif  iuteiicfcut of the Tbi'onto section of tlie  Canadian Pacific lfailway and Mr* DaAVsey  is the general foreman of tlio eonipany'g  freight Offices.  A Dead Issue.  Toronto Telegram,  Conservatives" held: ;po\v?6r in Caiiada  through four parliauioijtS, and the ..giieafc  mii/jority wliieU they seclhrcd in "the s;o;n^  ate during that long tiiiio will disappear  in the natural term of t\A>a pairlialiients.  Thus the people rule, by-tlie operation of  natural laws, permitting a party Avliieh  can be twice victorious at tho polls to re-  jilaee dead eOcnlieS Avith..ftw'ing friends in  the senate. There is no nioiiace to popu^-  lar govorninent in tlie occasional liostili��y  of the majority, wliich does not represent  the pefsp^le in the senate to. the imtjority  which does represent thept'Ol>lo in thecom-  liions. The deliberate judgment of tho people can -prevail Avithin the lifetiiiio of tAvo  parliaments by the inevitable changes  Avhich will bring tlio senate into harmony  Avitii the people's representatives hi the  commons. It is not essential to popular  gOAreriimentthafc a party should be able  to snatch absolutely supreme poAver as  a result of an accidental success at the  polls. A party which can win two general elections can secure control of the  senate, and there is no good reason Avhy  the senate should not act as a check on a  party Avhich may reign by virtue of a  lucky chance and has yet to prove its  title to represent the deliberate judgment  of the Canadian people. Senate reform  is a. dead issue. The Liberal journals  Avhicli have been shrieking themselves  hoarse on the subject are hung up high  and dry on.the rocks of ridicule'by their  leader's refusal to echo the Avar cry  Avhich he encouraged them to raise. '���,  Front Doors  Insicie Doors  Screen Doors  ^in  Inside ^Finish     ^  1    local and coast.  ; vK ;-SFlo'6ririg;;^  y^t|iiiii#��^:?'^i'  if'S";1 &��'Sf,,iFi'i:Y',w?-'Sni:-losll?*'��-s*"'i��--ft"' r�� *���!!&'&%  ���% S .       of allfkinds��*���!��� .J>"��:���,"=!������"/".���.����������;.;  llflivhiit'.j'ou jrarirt;isyobsTh."st^elt*AAio��^ililHw  '��� -""'' '**-"' * 'a'fei^KA^'vafeT-"^iaE's;l"s ��" 'M""��"''  PKOPRIBTOltS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors a"d Gjgars  ALWAYS ON HAND  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  ^BAKERSSTRRET." aNELSpN. S ^��  HALF, AND I.AKK STRKBTS. NELSON  !^^i,_S^tedf��%y>Bf;ee1t/yQiitvK.��'i��i  .'J-.'*.",    "l.  Lfa���orconi.Jdi;.iSbie^liPpar^M  inm,"i��SiiT��riln- rnrtnlS for. rmillllOrfiial men/. .����..  .   ,:?&,  .__>_9_:y  pff Wi.p'        p�� ".   HH        "Cfl a^_  Wr|5:E;'^9 ........  CIIAKT.BS niLIA'KR,  1.-j> ..'^l'KB_lJ>_wi ��y-l yv  IIAIIRY- rtoustd^  I.....  it^I_vi:X_i!__ir>;  itixpFAcJr.UitRicJJiO^ and'  riEAIiKlJS.I.V  ^==^Roifgh^an(|^Bress ed^tumbW  llOtilcliftg's.  Boor^ aii��i;Sasn  ' Fett0e Posts and Piokets  Offioe and Store Jottings  tPAClXlBV WORK OOM-K TO .OHDKH,  SUCK, AS'  Seroll Saving  JBand Sapiiii'  ^ardrolbfes aiid  Gen0i'al |oiheiy ^ork  IN'StOCK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  tJUME, Manager.  Tho finest hotel in tho ifitCEion  largo sainplo rooms.   Steaui; hoat aiid electric litflit.  C6RNJ5R OK AV^tRD ANP WEItNOS STS., NELSON  Sawmill' on tJdvormnoiit Wharf,  Factory aiid olllco, corner liall street arid C.l\It. track  s m Mimn  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  Win* DO WELL TO  A largo stock ot Jlrst-claKS dry material, on         " *      '    * ildi       ._ hand, aluo  a tuiriino' of sash, doors, mouIdiiiB-'jj turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard::  Foot ol? Ilondrj'x street, Nelson'  Tolophono, 91   John Rae, Agent  ONE DOLLAR A LOAD  Tlio uhdeivigned nai alnrpto rjuatitity of Iir, rodar, and  tamanic slain, in 10 ineli and 1-foot IoiikUis. siiitalile for  fitovo wood, which will bo uric! for $1 a load at the mill  yard.  NELSON SAW & I'LANINO MIfil,?, Limited.  ..Nolson, Aufc'iHt Will, 1.S93.  IJAKEll AND WARD |3T;It&K.S, NELSON  Tlict eiiriy hotel iii Nelijpri that lias rdmamod under one  nmii.'iKeinoiitKinco lSK).  'I'lift: bod-robins aro wbll furnislied and lighted by  oldctrioilyi  Tlio diiliii(?rro6in in not, second to any in ICooWnay*  Tito bar. i:s iShvays Htobkod by the bent domen!io and  imported liquorJi and'ntei'iw.  THOMAS MA DDKN. Proprietor.  YMIR,   13.   C��  xi.  W. SMITH,  Proprietor.  EVERYTHING FIRST-CLASS  Largo and woll lighted Heated by hot at  Reasonable rates   ��� Sainplo rooms  Electric bolls and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL,  VICTORIA  J. Y. PERKS, Proprietor  tfroo bus moots all trains HovaMn\ia   R  fl  Hourly street car U> Hlation nUYBI5lUlHJ|  u. U��  Night Grill Room in connection, for tlio convCriicnee Of  guests arriving and departing by night trains.  KOOTENAY COFFEE Go"  NKLSON, II. C.  Coiroe roaster.-! and dealers in Tea and ('od'ec.  Offer fresh roasted cofTco of best quality as follows:  Java and Arabian Macha, por pound.  Java and Mocha Jllond, 3 pounds....  Fine Santos, 4 pounds   Santos Blond, 5 pounds  ....  Our Special Blond. G pounds   Our .Rio Koast, G pounds... ,  A trial order solicited.  HI  1 IX)  1 00  1 no  1 (10  1 00  Salesrooms 2 Doors  East  of   Oddfellows  Baker Stseot  BlocK,   Wast  Wholesale Markets at jSelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  Reliiil M.-irkcts"ut Nolson, Kiuslo, S.aiulon, Silverton, Now Denver, Yniir, Truil, Gninrl Forks,  Ciiscndc,'G recti wood, Midway, and Sirdar.    ' ��� ���   Mail Orders Promptly, Forwarded.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson  E. C. TRAVES, IVIanager  ORDKRS BV MAlhllKCKlVE CAUKFUL AND I>ROMPa' ATTRNTION. ^ si     l  SPECIAL SfflE TflllWEEONli  ABSOLUTELY AT COST  No 20 or 50 Per Cent Discounts. No Fake Removal Sale.  Underwear  Pants     .  Sweaters  Hats  TAN   SHOES  MINERS'   SHOES  AND -���::. :-S-  ALL KINDS CLOTHING  Remember, This Gjneral Sale Will End on Saturday, the  Colored Shirts o ,  Cotton top Shirts^  Negligee Shifts ;  Regatta SHirts     ;  26th, at 10 p. m.      ft ":;  Baker Street  Opposite Postofflce  THEO M^DSOLN  Galpry Brewing 1 i||Wi&^^i|  A CAR LOAD QF; OU R���;  WILL ARRIVE IN NELSON IN A;;;FEWi:DAYS.'���\>iK'';';>.;^7V  TURNER, -Sitiesfiii^K^  AGBNTS VOR 1COOTKNAY niSTIIICT.  ���jbbmRletef_!.l-ectrlcj'*_ii;g^lp.ta^^^  ���:f^;J&^drf^-^^;^^.;;;:^^tJ.^  iif^S*|  .MEDiGlN^feiBEy^^Gm  mmmm&mmm  usiiffeu? ������'-#;'  time TO Cerjts per TOO pouncis.  -    Will deli vet1 In ton lots  Brisk $12 per thousand,  At yard or oft gco\>-s at gavcirulnont wlwff.  The West kootenay Brick & Lime Go., Ltd.  Jlalrfcr Street;       T. O, PROCTOR, IVfanager  GENEf?AL TEAMSTERS  AGKXTS Kdft  the Imperial Oil Co.   Starjdai'iJ Oil Co.  Washington Brick aqd Linie Go.  The H, W. W|cNieir Co., Ltd.* Cariyian Atjtlira-  ci.e Coal (Hard)  THE BEST^GL Agg,O'EMEEMlMsJSMMONMu  (.!oriiopSilic;i,jui(l  1 yt.ui.iI6y ,.SLhfei.i.  % -Jl -G;URp^:|��$ii:'  am@f}B  Dealers it)  Nelson Iron Works  MANUKACTUUKIIS OK  ENGINES. BOILERS. SHAFTIN_% IRON AND  BRASS CASTINQS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION  Rnpair�� promptly ntlonded to.       P. O: Rox 173.  LODGE  MEETINGS.  Lndgn,  0. -".lln.il. comer  Nn.  KNIGHTS  OK I'YTHIAS-Nelson  ICiiiKhtK of Pythiiw. moots in I. O.  Baker iiiicl ICOolcnay sCtreotK, every T.uasday evening at  8 o'clock..   ViKitiliK Killfthts cordmllv invited toattond.  T. ULMK C. C. It. G. J'OY. K. of It. & S.  ^ NKIjSON l,OI)G K. NO. 2), A. F. & A. M. Mctct-i  socond Wodnewlay In each pionth. Sojourning  brothron invited.  Among Daily per Express, Full Lines of Fruits  in Season,.,  The Trade Oftly S.pplied.  Write or Wire for 1{egular 'Shipments.'  Nelson. 1J. C.  R. REISTERER & CO.  niliaVKUS AND BOTTLKRS OF  Fine Lager Beep,  Ale and  NK  Friday of each  vltcjil.  .lOlLV TOYK. "VV. M  K Hull.  .. .   _  .   and 3rd  VlsltinK" bretlicrn cordially in-  KI.SO.V J.. O. I-., Xo. WM. nieuts in   I. O. <  k<ir aiic  inontli.'  I'\ J. llltADIiKY. Hno.Scc.  NKUSON    /ICIUK,   Number   22.   FiMl.crnnl  Order  of  KnKl.se, mods every Kooond and fourth WednCHday in  c��ich month in Fraternity Hull.   Visitiit_: brethren Svel-  cioinc.  J. IRVING. President.       J. It. W It AY, Secretary.  Prompt and regular  delivery to tltci trado.  Brewory at Kelson.  APPLICATION TO_TEANSFEB LICENSE.  Thirty days notice U hereby Biven Lhivtj 1 will apply at.  llieiiext��itliiiK o'f tho LiceiiVrtig Bitard of the C-ity df  Nelson. It. C , to be allowed to tfivn-'fer the vela 1 .liquor  liceii*i now held by mo for tlio Cl.irkq lloiel.siuni'e on  lotsiiinnhered eleven and twelve (H and 12�� in Woelt  numbfred five (5) nf the City of Nulanii.llrilwh Columbia,  to Frank Campbell ftiul George \V. IlarUdtt.  ., Dated at Nolrtbn. B.C., this lSth day of Au��u4t, 1SH.' TUB TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 23,  1800.
Orders Filled Same Bay as Receive
Assayers' Supplies
FLUXES of nil kinds
BALANCES,  best  makes  only
Drugs and Drug Sundries
BRUSHES,  every  kind
PERFUMERY, best manufactured
Shipment s Increased.
For the \veok ending Saturday, August
Iwtli, the shipments of'ore from niines in
West Kootonuy amounted to OtflO tons,
oi'nn appro* iniiilo v.-tlue of $in!,.S00,anin-
err-ase in tonnage over the previous week.
To the list of shippers printed in yesterday \s Tiiini'NU the i'ollcr.viiig-iKiiiiorl are
addde: V/hi I o water mine to the Kaslo
samplers! tons, Lueky ,')im mineto (he
(Kaslo sampler I 10 tons, and Jar-hsnirmine
to the Kaslo sampler .')i. I.op.s.
Sampling Works Ready for Busiuess.
The Sioeaii Ore Purchasing Company's
sampling work's machinery was started
up yesterday anrl everything in eon miction with (.lie establishment worked satisfactorily. Tlie company is now prepared
to receive ore for treatment.
Corner of Baker and Josephine Streets, NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA
Just a few left of these nice crash suits
Just the thing for this hot weather ,
Come and get fitted out and  do not suffer
with the heat
We also have a nice line of crash hats which
we are selling at very low prices
J. A. Gilker
The Furnisher
Enough Said.
Ifarry Wright, manager of tho lacrosse
team, snys that tlio team were accorded
good treatment and fair play in every
town on .the Coast except at. Victoria.
Ho is not complaining ; but wants it distinctly understood that the .Tames' Bay
Athletic' Association aro not square
sports. ■ ■   ;•
E. T. II. Simpkins, registrar of the
courts'at "Nolson, leaves- today via tho
Nelson & Fort Shopparrl railway for a
two-months' holiday trip. On Ids trip
he will visit Salt Lake City, San .Francisco and Victoria. During his absence
T. A. J\JiiIs Avill be acting registrar.
Itosslaiid has more children of "school
age than Nelson, but Nelson has more
telephones than Itosslaiid.
S.A.Kelly has been-appointed-a provincial constable and "will be stationed at
In reference to an article which appeared in yesterday's-Tiniu/nh, the city
engineer desires to state that for sonic..
mouths' past thc°water supplied liy tlie
city waterworks has been dcriveddirerit
from the Anderson creek flume, and does
not pass through tlie reservoir. The
reservoir Avil 1 be cleaned before the water
from it is used again by the city.
The Nelson Gun Chib intend resuming
their weekly shoots, and will hold, a trap
practice next Saturday.- There is talk of
a fall competition being held.
J. O'Toole Avas brbnglit to the provincial jail i'rom: .Cranbrook yesterday, seii-
tciiced ' to';-six luontlisViinprisom.nent by
justices oStlie peace Leach'and Moffat
f oi- steal inga^y atcli.:"" "    ::     ;—.- ■;. ; ■-
teams (New Westminster preferred) and
the Nelson team, the game to lie player!
the second day of the celebration.
The lacrosse team returner! home last
night, sound in wind anrl limb. They
say that playing four" lacrosse games
within a week on strange grounds among
strangers is not as easy as it looks. Anyway, they claim, they played their best,
and believe that on the home grounds
they could make it interesting for either
of the Coast teams. Devlin and Menary
were left behind, owing to the illness of a
relation of the former. "
On tlie ai rival of tho. Nelson lacrosse
i-ciiiu at Victoria, the committee that;met
them at the wharf anrl welcomed them
to the Capital City was composed of
Percy G'oopel and Harry McCarriia.
James McL'heo returned last night from
a (rip as superintendent of electi ical repairs on the C I'. It. boats plying on the
waters of Sloean's inland sea. He reports
all the mines around Itosehery working
full forces eight hours and [laying standard wages.
At an informal meeting of the public
works committee held yesterday aflor-,
noon, it was. decided to immediately lay
a crossing from tho corner of the new
post office along Ward street across'Victoria, street. A certain amount of grading will also have to be done in this connection.
/ The eastern Canadian militia liave been
charged with making captious objection
to the English officers sent out to boss
them.    No. such  charge is  likely to  be
marie against tho Nelson militia.
To rent Two stores or offices and base-
nieiit, 2:"i liy Sis feet; siJan I \vo living rooms on lip I, llnor.
opiicHil.u iH-sli.lilc&nn Vit-.lcii'i.-iKLi't'cL. >'or ulu—Low. IB
'.•incl"ll bl'-i-l. tic, >7(;0; lol. 7 block IS. uclclilicii'!A, $225;
1 ts 21 and 22 block 5. App y to W. A. Jowett, Victoria
.street, Nelson.
Wanted—A   large
iicnr lv.i-incss centre of town'.
Giant Powder
Canton Drill Steel
Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal
Pipes, and Fittings
Giant, Caps and Fuse
Tools, Cutlery, Tin
and Woodenware
Stoves, Ranges,
Iron,  Steel,   Sheet
Iron, T-Rails
Paints, Oils, Glass
nnfiiruished    room
Apply Tribune Oflico.
-The residence at the corner
of Victoriahncl Ward Mrcot-i. now orrup'ril-by W. A
Mncl iiitl i,. will bo for runt alter tlio l;Hb instant.
Apply lo A. II. Ciomcnls. "
Furnished .'rooms to let.    Apply to Mrs.
F. JI. .I.-nioson, ('i.i'iioy T.lock, Haker street, west.
NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:   Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.
NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.
or a
Why, yes; on n fishing excursion and I intend to
buy my tackle from
The Lawrence Hardware Co.
Who keeps the best and cheapest goods in Nelson
r~, »jCItilhuprjk »vbi'lsc^r.*'«j£V/v&> ""'£" 1°*f° '-'$ >°i
.."m ."    ,j™_1 .«„: -.""„"""■" ,,"5"*  -".US «.» .v*,»i,J''"„„,..   '   -   "-»t
•     "   ——-~"->->    ■-' nigig.       no       °».'»w^
Ehiire, Ght of"
From George (Sale <& Son
A Large Shipment of
■ tra'rnavay-'.» -r or Partes »*ant*-.tenuis. «dr
-sale, apply at tk^bpefe. df the Cotji-.
Josephine and Vernon Streets.
f. C, DUNCAN,, Secretary..-
I'HrjntiulcDvtiittnoil iHivinBt'ti^c'itwcclllvo^IiuMolikaStoek
fTJcio'"-'--1 tJ':"-'' '' '•■•«'''- '- '■■■"'-■'■'■■*-• ■-■■■ '<"■
to'f J'JcioUaiKl-yivatfs'.-lihcy will' Bo fold ns ureutly totiictld
'   as.   Ub,n«iJii)g tlonu at Olll r»ri«rs.       "
,    {JliORGfK X)i MIT Llvlli
At Mnsloiika'ii old stalid on Hull ntroul.
NclBbn. Ailftnst; Sii'iV, I8'J).-   '
From The G-endron Mnfg. Co.
1     |_D_    3VE^-A_K(T_E3:TJJR   &   OCX 1     1
APttil-A^rjOK   W   PURCHASE   LAND.
Stttieo ja tierdby kIvchi tliiit (lllrty dftys pflcr (Into, 7,
111. uuder!%.i!!;<l, iiitijjill: to; -npirty To tho cjliirjl' eommis-
Kioneror I(ind«ftnil wwk*,, ViriWi-ii, B. C, for- l|io inn-..
ChiVfic1 of Lists follow'jnjj dc«uii'*od i'iIoi;b of litnd, «diiuiLo oil
tlio Nolson Hiclo (Jf litioLetirty river, .alifl being about sjven
wiles d[) frJin N'eteon: Coininoncin^Si,t li.jiOHt innrked
•'(Jco. t.'. TiilisfaU. ..luntotfVS. \V. Olil'iicr-'; Miuncti onsl.
ofgli'y cfialnsr trljcftci! north forty cliaiin tu whtiro low«
Water nil!rk \£; and thou follocViiij,' llilj siiuiositios c3f the
b'lnJro to tho point Of commcTiiCMiicilt; al oontiiigiiiiK,
more or 10k*. UiB-nero.-. GKO. U. TUNS'I'ALIj, Jll.
Aiifcust 7tli. lSa»:
Switches from $2 up. !
MRS. J. W. KBARNEYhas oucned aLadicsIfnlr DrcSs
in{j I'urlor in mom 1, Victoria block, Nolson, and is prepared tofuiiish evorylhilig in the way of hair goods
and hair tonics.   Treatment of the scalp a specially.
Vienna flestattrant
Baker Btrcet, between Josephine and
Hall streets, Nelijou.
■JR.      I5C"Cr_Sl?Tr,      FKOPBIETOR.
Al.Ii OV Ol?K 'J'i.\r_ TI'IAT Vpli \V„NT0\ViTJl-
wK,trA!.|{ F(3n ri_k ftodns "anWour g'oods
■avAT-K, vmi us. •
wi<: iiRiiii;vR' it its Td opu iirnekIt* Trt.riE.v-
"M-VVV (JUll t'USi'OMKKS l.\" KVEftY WAV I'OS-
<:iiii:ai'.vi:ss is a siSUe iiy-woitn J.v sojirc
srfjnii's; !?'has via tuue mkani^r iikke.,
si»\ui oitiwiss uicokivI': ouii, imoaiW Ai;:i'EN,'nrS.\
watch iwii-AJidxri a sifKciAU'cy
Jacob D^ver, Jeweler
Corner Baker and Ward' SLrcetf?; a
\\'atcrmeion«, Pino Apples, mjtl all other Fruits
in season received daily.
Hazlewobd Ifce Cream
I_e Creatti £»pda and
Milk ShaKes and Buttermilk
Swort Cream recoived Tucsdnys and Fridays
Leave your orders.   Prompt delivery
nrond delivered to any part of tho city.
Cukc.-c, pastry, and confectionery a specially.
Next to.lloyal Hotel, Stanley..Strool, Nelson
AgciitB fo   Hazlewood Ico Cream.
ids to tire careful housekeeper
Pay the strictest attention tp theiri and wheja
to buy iheiri and you'll always have comfort
in the house.
We are having a big run on Teas lately why not join the race.
Come in and try our Ico Cream Soda and
Refreshing Drinks.
Next Door 1,0
P. Hurns.S: Co..
Direct  from the manufacturer in pints,  quarts,  and
half gallons.
Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.
Baker Street West, Nelson, 1?. C.
OI?13K_e_   BCOTJSEJ   _3I_003_:


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