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 THE PRESS ASSOCIATION WINED  And Dined by the City.  Tlio members' of tlie Canadian Press  Association duly arrived in Nelson yesterday evening to the number of about  70. They Avere met at Robson liy members of the reception committee and light  refreshments Avere served them on the  ...���steamer. At Bonnington Falls the train  ! was stopped for a while to give the visitors an opportunity to visit the poAver  house there. On reaching Nelson a banquet AA'as in readiness for them at the  opera house, at Avhich the guests sat  down about 9 p. in. After discussing the  excellent vcoal provided by the management of the Waverloy restaurant, a number of speeches, all of them interesting  and many of them witty, Avere delivered  by the city's guests and their entertainers. Tho visitors one and all dilated  ., upon the Avay their eyes liad been  opened, during this trip, to the resources  of this province. They came, many of  them, expecting to find rough 'mining  camps built of log houses, and they found  cities replete with all the eotiA'euiences of  an eastern metropolis. They also spoke  Avarmly of the reception accorded them  in Nelson, Avliieh, they said, exceeded  anything they had received hitherto-on  their extended tour through the west.  After the toast of " The Queen," had  been drunk Avith the usual loyal honors,  colonel Matheson, M.P.P. for South Lanark, responded to the toast of the Dominion -parliaments. He', dwelt, upon the  rapidly groAving poAvers and responsibilities oi' provincial legislatures, Avliieh Avere  once considered little more important  than county councils, and urged the  necessity of sending to them the best  -'-men of the province. George 13. Graham,  ��� of the Broekvillc Recorder, followed and  pointed out the advantages of tlie Canadian' constitution, under. '.Avhi'ch the  Avishes of the people A\'oro speedily followed by congenial legislation or a change  of goArernincut. Mr. Dingman,.president  of the .Canadian Press Association, also  spoke.  D. .1. Beaton then proposed the healths  of the Canadian Press Association in a  feAv avcII chosen Avords, pointing out that  the factthat Montreal and Ontario journalists could meet British Columbia journalists in Nelson on such an occasion  emphasized the,-.effectual union of the  great land of Canada. The toast Avas  coupled -'.with the names of president  Dingman and Messrs. Gardiner, Burke,  Cooper, Burue and Picric.  ���"**:^$:  SUNDAY MORNING   AUGUST 27, 1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $6 A YEAR; WEEKLY, $2.  any one," he added,  looking  steadily at  the judges.  After a. brief adjournment the goA'crn-  ment commissary major CaiTiere called  upon captain Valerie of the artillery to  explain M. Bertillon's system and to  give an opinion on the subject. The captain said ho thought M. .Bertillon's evidence might be summarized in a sentence,  "The bordereau was doctored ami the  document fabricated by means of secret  writing or Avrittnn with a key, the key  word "interest" being found on the  "blotting pad letter" attributed to Dreyfus.  "Tho system," continued the captain,  '���Avas evidently devised to offer the  prisoner two means of escape. Either he  AA'ould deny being the author of the bordereau by pointing to the difference of  the handwriting, or he Avould contend  tliat it Avas a plot by shoAving the documents avci'c traced over liis Avriting.  However complicated the ingenuity of  the plan might appear," continued the  Avitness, "I propose to sIioav, first, that  the document Avas fabricated. Second,  that" it was fabricated by means of tlie  key, 'interest.' Third, thatthe documents  were 'written by the prisoner in the war  office, and contained Avoids Avritten by  means of the same key. Fourth, thatthe  forgery was intended to enable the piis-  oner to plead there AA'as a plot against  him. 'Fifth, that the prisoner alone could  be the writer." Captain Valeric then  'attempted to prove liis hypothesis', traversing tlie same ground as already  covered by M. Bertillon.  Then Dreyfus "was'asked the usual  question, .and.-'.the- prisoner pointed out  that the evidence of captain Valerie Avas  only a repetition of M. Bertillon's, and  in consequence- what he..replied to the  matter applied equally tooValcrio.      , -    -  Major Carriere asked the court to'.confront colonel Maurel and captain .Freystaetter. As Freystaetter, his breast glittering with decorations, adA'aneed Avitli a  firm step and an air of energy, he created  a good impression. He deposed, saying:  " I Avas a judge  in  the  court  martial of  ?^vfejm  �� %'i>n-thWi��T )tS'r;Q &?aVgi>afeti .;&<? ^s&M-b^$?t  j ,:dlipei^^fe)i;tly'itf^ ^dijifehtf  "!..",. ?'"--:".    "'   ��^(S^tifiloltb,ftftilai'no.'i: >?\* "*"    "I �����'"  ';"�� ^^;^S^''|)i,1^Jfiij^ cot-  : .toi/jaftd'f Hnine, will" '��*<%��� vfei����� "Kfelfeon  �� A^ithin��-t!ij^'D"he53i" ��<3W  weeksy .A$ten\:the  jjcrip.Ie, of Ij0"0fena"y'h-M have "as definite  rti^$&xi$&x��jpiiih kfyx$$X 'by- the. oiglift-  Jvojie law.   Tlri$;is"'"nnot even a,pttrty issue,-,  (ii/tb.at iev^ra1^vaAA'e<l; .oi^3'0.ii'ojvbs"-0.t:.;iitlie-  nn" fepv.pi'ii'jn^n,iX",^Vi|'oi; fti^al^nside. front'  " ftliis'ti^re ll"n"q- lhatttef' Trpbn ' which tire  gOyer|miBiTSt''s.��[poIy:y' can be  suc��essfnlly  assaileit s*Thei^ i�� j)^.rti'OiHsia:".i^>pUt't<teil  nlatfce*rsl ^TlSr.6  lias  been; dissent  lipfrii  the   pjtrt   ,of    .governiiieni    stTpporberS,  __jbut.ln^e��oWj;iis,er���e;^  3��.tn 0a:.|rr.stKt'W ogi'ap|ni?amos^e|:,.uni7i!#  a..rn.gj1^Dr��yfns^  5t.tL"th��0-.-|l6}yle:cnirfi|^  ^feifff$} seteOhdj./tlle"! doei-in 1 ents��; ���ki$SAvt!r;,a"s,  ttjhLi 'FtlV' Jl^^fefeaa?^ ;"vs5^!>-"i;al*,'s ^S?:^ "��l^.icfCyj^i-j-^ -a-0g^S|��  THE EXCHEQUER MINE CHANGES  Superintendents.  A meeting of the directors of the  Exchequer Milling Company Avas held  last night to consider tho following communications from superintendent Kelly:  k jolly's  resignation.  Owing to business affairs Avhich Avill  require my personal attention and Avill  not allow me tho necessary time to de-  A'ote to the best interests of your company, I beg leave to tender my resignation as superintendent of the Exchequer  mine. J might add that as I am a large  .shareholder in the company I Avould not  feel justified in doing this Avere it not  that aa'c haA'e already secured the services of a very reliable and competent  man, in whom I have every confidence,  and Avho, no doubt, Avill prove', of .great;  A'alno to the company.  Herewith I hand you a summary of tho  work,done under my management of the  Exchequer mine since about the 1st of  October, 189S, at Avhich time Ave arranged  to recommence work on the property.  SUPERINTENDENT KELLY'S  REPORT.  The mon th of October Avas devoted to  initialvpreparations,. such as .making  'trails, repairing cabins, blacksmith  shops, etc. ~ '  In the beginning of November actual  mining and developing commenced, and  up',to' date the work consists of tunneling, sinking and drifting for the puspose  of developing the main ore chute.  The first Avork done was to sink a  shaft 5 by 7 feet iu the clear and 75 feet  in depth on the lead. Then a tunnel of  the same dimensions was driven, about  50 f_et in length, Avhon a short crosscut  Avas made to'the north, discovering what  Avas supposed to be the same vein as  appeared in the shaft. I then made a  slight angle in the tunnel and struck the  vein in about 80 feet, upon Avhich. Ave  drifted about 70 feet, shoAving a Avell de-  lined veinabout three feet AA'ide, but of  loAver values than we had in; the shaft.  I engaged the '.'services' of a mining engiit-:  eei" (Mr. Musson, of the Athabasca  Com-  GRAND FORKS BASE BALL TEAM  Outplayed Nelson's Braves Yesterday.  Grand Forks was jubilating last night  and Nelson Avas in tho dumps. Nino ball  tossers from the capital of tho Kettle  RiA'er valley rolled nine base btill players  from Nelson in the mud, metaphorically  speaking. For a. time it looked as if the  game would have to bo postponed, as a  driy./.ling rain that commenced Friday  night continued all forenoon and avcII  into tho afternoon. Game Avas called,  hoAVOA'er, at .').45 with the visitors at the  bat. The first man Avas retired on three  strikes; the second hit a grounder to  shortstop and Avas thrown out at first;  and the third sent a high -fly to center  field, which Avas accepted by Phair. Nelson's fii'.st man at bat (Houston) hit the  lirst ball pitched him for two bags,  and got third on Avild fielding, Avhich AA'as  the result of the visitors trying to make'  a double play off Waters' grounder to  short. .The'third.man grounded to short1  and-was throAvn out at first. Partridge  popped up an infield fly and retired.  Eacritt made a safe hit and Houston  scored. Mills sent a high fly into left  field and Waters scored. The next man  retired the side Avith a grounder, leaving  two men on bases. Y  In tlio second innings Grand Forks  made one run and Nelson . did'-'likewise.:  Neither side scored in the third. In the  fourth, Avitli two men oti bases and���;.t'woi  men out, and the jnan "at the bat fanning'  the air, Houstoh dropped the third strike5  and threAV hi gh to first, and Grand Fo'rksgot:  a life. ; Tlie next man hit a low fly into:  right that the umpire declared, fair and:  the spectators foul, and Grand Forks  scored tAvo runs. The side Avas their  retired, asAvas Nelson "when they came in  for their half of the innings.  Neithei; side scored in the fifth "innings ;���  but in the sixth Davy of Grand Forks,  Avith a man on secoud; "sent ; a high fly  over'.tlie'. grand stand that brought in  tAvo runs. Nelson didn't score in their  half and the'game stood 5 to 3 against  theni. Botlvsides failed iii the seA'enth,;  although.- Nelson had .-three men oii; biases  ���col���i.sidcire'dJiX^ttiyisiiljl'le, "tb-iilaile? air tip--  rai se ,ai���id .couitdct avitli #fe bottom ..of.tlie  ShliM"'Avjiieli wa"i:'��^i||r"2^a^^ cilice"  l^\'      ^      *   n I1 ���   * U P fl      a'    ��S! -   'in n_ Dm       J"    D    n D ��� Tl   o.ji*-'ri.o  and Hjggins, it has been _ inagn%-  iied. Trouble is not anticipated  by the government from the Gariboo members, and Prentice will probably sit sev-  ' ei-al sessions before the opposition proceeds to unseat him. Against the reported loss of Martin and Higgiiis, the  government staiids tq make gains on Vau-  convor Island, where it is inoi'e poptilar  tluiii ever before. BetAVeen now and the  liifjctsession the goA'eifnjneiit bitfefaieto  be stronger than it was Avhen it last mot,  the house.     ,  IlilNAviCK.  Anti-Dreyfusites Disagree^  JlMNKCiSj August 20,���When tho coui-t  mai'tial of captstin Dpeyfus began early  this morning in the Lycee M, Alplioiise  Bertillon, resinned his testimony interrupted yesterday by tlio adjourniuent of  the court for the day. In tliis case M.  Bertillon is testifying as a handwritbing  expert and gave his reasons for believing  Dreyfus to be the .author of tlie famous  bordereau upon Which the cross-examination depends to establish tlie charge  against the prisoner. M. Bertiiion atone  jiolut advanced alleged fresh proofs  against the prisoner, namely in Dreyfus'  papers seized at the Avar office and in  which the specialist said he found two  -Avords had been traced. His lecture delivered in funereal tones began, to pall on  the judges, avIio finally paid only the  most cursory attention to the examples  submitted.  .Referring to his paper Avhich Avas seized  ���at the war office, Dreyfus said it Avould  not be strange to see notes written by  officers altered. Referring to the so-  called "blotting-pad paper" .Dreyfus'said:  "This letter is perfectly genuine. Madame  Dreyfus can. testify to that point. No  . one hear will doubt the Avord of niadame  ^Dreyfus, and you gentlemen less than  : thlfitiy asseveratil-ig thV pri|.o"ii_r'S g\ii'lt^  ' Tlj'is' telegVaui y if JTf reiiioihbev rigjitly, a���M,s  in tlte folltfAVsiu"^ ierhis : ��'Drey|fusi |S,.aY-��  ^psted's" Ehlis;saryjvarned.''���":   A ���'',.. "������    -. '"  At .this jitnCtiire geiiQral Mferliiei'.aiid"  Cblouel 'MftW:seI jumped' ,u;p^ tbgei^i'efe^iliid;.  aslctklfor peumissiOii to Speivk. ��� ��� Their��;a*c-  tion caiiset} intense ex0iteiueut, Apiich, be-  catijie bi'dabhless as, colOii'ei 5la\irel'Stood  up aud both -the ionfier .fudges, cOfifrquted  each either Avith de0!��it �� looks. (3o|oiiel  =Ma^vlr\,el���said^^I^llsW^^iily^ii^^^oi'd-to^  say. The other day Labori drfiw me fi-oiii  the ground of argument to the ground of  secret deliberations; I told him I had  Only read a single document. These Avere  the AA'Ords: 'I only read onedQcumeufc' 1  did not say only one document liad been  read. (Sensation.) I did hot go further  than that as I did not wish, to violate the  secret of the judges' deliberations." Continuing colonel, Movirol said: "In reply  to questions of counsel for the defense",  who would have Made me say indrc titan.  I Wished, I deeiamd I ifftxl only read ojie  docuhventr Aftei' heariiig tliat docujiieiit  I handed the doeipneiit to the clctSk, saying. 'I .ant tii'eil.' " Colonel Maurel, as he  spoke, was greatly cxcitexl and trembled.  The fingers of his light hand opened and  shut nervously. Captain Freystaetter  ���steadfastly regarded liis former colleague,  his cold and determined attitude having  an immense effect on the audience.. M.  Labori asked whether colonel Mauifjcort-  firnied tire explanations of captain Freystaetter and what the latter had said regarding colonel Maurel. The latter replied: "I answered with all frankness  and all truths I only listened to the reading of the documents very absently; i|t  Avas not interesting," :  Captain Freystaetter Avas then asked to  definitely give liis recollections concerning the production of secret documents  at the court martial of 18U1. His manner  was quiet and collected as he replied:  "Not only did I see them but I assert  colonel Maurel had them in his hands and  Avhat is.more I assert he made a voluntary commentary on each document as it  passed through his hands." Colonel  Maurel, very pale, vigorously protested  against the use of the word "commentary." "I could not have acted as captain  Freystaetter asserts," said Maurel.  Av-a^.fojthd1 i'h")lihe".plKvf &..,  sit rfivce an d m ado several- Do^ei t eh is '$&��  .monstratihg the "^  l-.on thcs'irrlitce-s ��..,."���..���������. ������"      . :'������{���   ...        '   ���  ��� n/gh't4i'e;arv6Jiuliy''20.O;.4d.ttS���of"Ove how ori  ^^Sdj^ti^Airdj -a! shipment iof;:���the,s>fil!S,t?  .clas^vore; i|;^reaqly to >be jittade;'"  :    .'_Si,eVqun6sfcibTit'of''the!jeJufe40^s*  ?thct tiesi)  iltodO of ciiri-ying the Ot-Q froih theshaff;  to tl'te HidtlHne^ft'a'uiiway hals been nuclei: my consideration, a,nd after  coilsiil*  tatioiis With s0rpe eiigiiieeKS��.on  tlje Siib-  jeet,I have arrived at a conclttslon, and  the^cable^JiKl^o'tliSr lipp] iaTFcel  at the mine ready to  sition.  ing this shaft the atmosphere groAV  Avarmcr after the lode A\ras jjassed  through. There Avas no A'entilation except that artificially supplied by the air  compressor, but this A\'as satisfactory.  At that tiine,as ever since, it has been  lack of ventilation that made the temperature in the Ioaa'ci- AA'orkings uncomfortable at times. The big shaft is uoav connected with No. 4 at several levels, tho  connections being made at every third  level, the leA'ols being sixty feet apart.  At the bottom of the shaft the temperature is 85 degrees, The increase per 100  feet is very small,1 but in order to determine exactly Avhat tliis'increase is, a careful test of the temperature of the rock  has been under Avay for tho past year.  In order to make this test-holes haA'cbeen  drilled in the A\'all rock. In these slow-  registering thermometers''- haA'e been  placed, and the holes plugged up. In a  month from the time of sealing the holes  are opened and the temperature taken  and l-ecorded. This plan has been followed from the surfsiee to tho bottom of  the shaft, it being the purpose' of the  company to make a-thorough and trust-;  Avorthy test, so that it may be applied to  the future Avorking of the property at  greater depths than ever yet attained.  It is desired to ascertain correctly the  temperature of the different elevations  as Avell as of the rock strata. r,   v    .-������  The circulation-'of' air in the tnihe  groAA's steadily better as the levels, are  connected with the Avorkings by' cross-  en ts." This mine has tAS'elve shafts upon  its conglomerate, .and all.are connected.at  many lc\'els. In the upper 'portion of the  mine,"iwhere the . rock: Avhich holds the  copper has been mined and sent to'the  surface, the opening at the end of the  shaft is walled up. This is found to  greatly improyo the A'entilatioti, the.circulation of the air being more free and  rapid than if the old openings Avere not  shut off from the shafts. Iu this line of  openings some of the Shitfts are dowjt-,  casts,'"drawing the air (loAviiAyard froht  the surface,'while';.ijlieVotliers are nircasts,-  through Avhich the . air rises; from the:  mine to the surface.���.���.,;Tliis Avorks satisfae-i  torily, except at''aVsh'ort. time duriiig; tliel  are uOW  be placed ih po-  After. tendering superintendent Kelly  a vote of thanks, his resignation Avas  accepted, and Mr". MvtsSon, who is iioav connected Avifch the Athabitsca mine, Avas  eleeted stqierintendent, tho appoiiitinfeiit  to date from, September 1st. There is  pt'obably two huudi'ed tons of ord on tlie  ���Exchequ'Ot1 dump tliat can be sorted, and  shipped,-and Mr. Kelly Avill undertake  the enaction, of a train way from tlie  mine to the Hall Mines tramway sy that  the ore can be shipped to the smelter- ��t  Nelson, Several fine specimens of this  ore haA'e bean secured for tlie Sjiokaiie  and Ncav Westihinsfcer exhibitions.  Not Princes Enough to Go Ai-ound.  Lotfuox, August 2(i.~-There is a pros-  nectof many ntorgauatie marriages within  a few years,��� as there are 110w seventy-one  European princesses of reigning houses of  a marriageable-age and only forty-seyen  corresponding princes. If the young  Avomeit AVaut to escape single life their  only chance is to sacrifice their j'ank and  marry men avIio do not belong to royal  families, as did the princess Frctleric of  Hanover.         Lumbermen Have Troubles.  Messrs. Oliver and Fletcher arrived in  'Nelson yesterday Avith a raft of shingle  bolts. They encountered some difficulty  in landing oAving to the strong'current  and heavy Avind. This is the second raft  that has come doAvn from their limits  this season.    .  The Metal Market.  Neav York, August 20.���Bar silvor  5�� 11-16; Mexican dollars, 47 5-8; Silver  certificates, (30 @ 01.  :^i|l(i^-f!5i#-s%i|��� Avcak *M W;p"#/: "!TJ'^'  visitors ��#6^;$JiU^  sinfi,;*at-|i i,h"'(3Si M%tlje;y .g^n^feMts ;kt,  iti^li-lgitfeSib^^hSi^^  r on   ^U IJL-"^      .-I.* Dd."^" n0'"       -nn"n  Tn"       n    on ^_     li    Dj   .*��     " "    mTO* ij 4i   ^ ��      ,. a  ��frir"^fqrdy���\%iis^ijt|!S,;"a;Sb'!V  :Sp.sl3llihd:"nn  jfairiiess.." - -" rfhfi-r-e'"- \. \& "'.".pxi^i--, ������������thiXig  ^liiit'./'.^p^efettp^i'. "sfio^jk-fr ,,/jlp--' at  ^itrtiife^fVnic's.j' tMii't" is? ��i^ej6n,p/ljafc'k, a rea^  ��ojh*\;H!V'di$i^^  ^lije'rin'^."' ferO"v^n|g::i;i.i* Ohithievliii^si^'un1  fair, t,(i:f;'he pla^V^'.aflji'if��'b ^6 nrnpiUe''., -Qo tv  nnoi:s:.of tile yisj'fciu^" tepiv ^o'ta littTe fifi-  ger.Vnocked  out" of joint4"by^"a. foiil tip ,  ;ancli exchanged places with Davgy.    Wat;  e>s^ jjitched: go6,dV steady ball   for.  the  bonre   teiini   and"   stopped   several   hot;  grou n 4ers.��   Flehiihg. 'AA'aS ;eq;nally steady  for the AiiSl'fcofs.    Roekeiifield and Fiteii  both played short as the ftPSitiOn should  Hi}6^played;^HoustTO  higli foul  fly and   Avas  applauded by all  the Small boys on the ground.  the scoit-fc ax iNxfiVCiS.  i.i-eetedf'ivi'ijhf:a'n"otihS:.^^Co.]in-ect  "''���"- '"^inSrle|e^;fe^i|^iin(^^  1   2  3  .1  f> r��� ���%  8  !!  Gftiiul Forks. .  .,....,..  ..���.,,  '0   1   It 2  0,   a' 0   2   (K-7  Nulson,   ��#,...��...    2" i   0   0   fl   0   ()   (I   ()-,:!  TEMPERATUBBS   IN   DEEP   MINES,  George 13. Jsfe\V'ett, vvho i;ece.ij tly voti red  from the oliicc of eolrntiissifwiefr of lriinei^  al stabisticS of Midugitn, which' he ably  filled for tvyo ternis, has, afLei; an e.vhaus*-  tivS investigation of tlie sitbj,oet, re|,nied  to tlie extensively published statement  i>olati:��0 to the hot copper niines of Micl,ti>  gan. The articJe refei'fed t<> stated that  alia depth of 0500 feet in the CaJuntet  and Hecla mines it is so hot that the  miners can Work only tor a. few moments  at a time Avithout becoming wholly exhausted, tlie temperature being constantly 100 degrees Fjlbrenhoit.  lit his very interesting statement ex-  comniissionerNewett says that the greatest depth of the Calumet am! Hecla is  not Avithin 1500 feet of that named. The  deepest shaft in the Avorld is the lied  Jacket shaft of-this mine. It is vertical  and is 12Aoc2s5_ inside of the timbers. Its  location, is at the northern end of the  iiiinc, directly in front of shaft No. *l,  Avhicli is inclined and has followed the  belt of the copper-bearing conglomerate  doAVtiward from tho surface. The Calumet conglomerate Avas encountered by  the vortical shaft at a depth of -3285 feet  beloAA' the surface, this corresponding  Avith the fifty-sixth level of the mine, and  has been carried dowiiAvard past that  point to a total depth of 1900 feet. This  Avill be the bottom of this opening for the  reason that from its lowest point tho  company can secure all the ore in this end  of it3 property.  The investigation shoAyed tliat in sink-  ifilX  THE GOVERNMENT AND THE CgTY  Straightening Out Tangles.  .Special to Tho Trilmiie.       '������--rl  Victoria, August 2(5.���City clerk^tra-  chan today had a final interA'ieAV Avith  the ministers touching matters awaiting  settlement betAA'een the eitjr and the go\r-  ornment,AA'hich upon the AvholeAvashighly satisfactory. At today's conference  Mr. Cotton and Mr. Hume promised to  give instructions that; an order-in-council  be prepared at the next meeting of the executive investing in the city title to the  gOA'crnment wharf aiid also the laid  upon which it is built for the full Avidth  of Hall street. This will insure to the  city absolute control of the Avharf and all  approaches to it.  With respect to the city's application  for permission to record water on Kootenay river for poAver purposes,  the  ministers expressed  a  Avillingness  to'intro-  duce and support an amendment  at  the  next session conferring upon city municipalities the sam e privileges as ai-e at'present"  enjoyed   by  commercial companies!    As  this is a matter for the consideration of  the AA'hole house,  the  promise made by  the ministers is'as^far as they could con- :  sistently go, and  amounts to  a ^ylrtiial  assurance that the  desired  ainehameut;  AA'ill be 'ihserticd. - " ?w'  The recreation ground ntatter.Avas gone  into Avith Mr. Cotton and Mr. Gore of the  lands  and "works  department;  but; the  documents on file in  the department did.  not commit the raihA'ay company-tb anything^ -'-The;- understanding : Avas-*:clear  that the: railway com pahy; would /accept  the governnient's  offer to "exchange the  unsold portions of blocks  88gahd : 89|fpr  the jtresent recreation grounds, but1 there  is nothing legally, committing  the  company to,.the bargain,; which it is uoav trying to Avriggle oiit of.    The rail Avay company has:uot been given title to  the ex-V-'1  changed Jots,.andi.the .city has a chance,  of   forcing   the   company  to hiaklj  tlie]���."���  transfer or lose a block which;it;requires  for yard facilities.   If theistsuid is|takeii'\.  by the city!' ther govcrnihehfcjjwill  refuse  to grant blocks 88 aiid 89;to the railway;  company.;:-,;-        ''-'--.'���;. '.',':':.:; ;;A;..:.-.';,;.  As the result of a  former  interview,  .Mr. Straicliah; was  informed tliat  plans  have been .'forwjirded to  Nelson; for tho  school house to be erected in, tltq. Hiuho  Addition/ ;Fburlots; have- beeii' granted^  for the pth'boserand tlie?plans call': foiOit::;  building,; tAA'o^stqrics;:27;;by;;3Iif^t,s^apiv;':  able of accommodating 120 pi^ils;"CTho' ?  building isdesignedi^ vafmain^tructu  with; contemplated;;iidditiqjis^isivwings^i;  ;tii4it?;ijh'.e.^er.05yi}>^S-^  ., '5^iSl��ieMti^fi:i^dl  neucetion��0��-.af-cn3tom;isin.elt;ei%��-^  ,0tq result 'of?an:��uifer45ie^  ..Tcuteh; th* .1S(45& by4Miiclb;J;lie-eoiii patty  ' ���* ?It;is'^l&iiited^���]ia>ite  ���'tlie:w6:r-ldVAA��het'e.intii!:lug.iS.calf^fed! olifto.a"  'd^th^aelding *2600'^lii^^t^Hi#rl^ :  icdefrees ,atr a-d epj  20t3U-."feel\li;tid tliat ���tihd.s^ui)e^'.bjJ;-l||J;^7oTS  .Ayo;rld>gXfiAAf.;l}otyei"y lJaKtefik.*^|e^:"^d0i  feefe ��haslj been i:eachfed��.' ������!<? i^elteyed;.tp';  'he   ee'rfaln- tliat/ fa^e.soSlV0^l9X*,^';'iltSl^^���'  Avhicli th;e'.rockS"ofjtlie ^alijtn^feo;njiio:ih-  eraifcedip, an|l bhe vA'ater of "W4ii1dli>'is��� only  a few degrees aboyeCice^ing fox tlie^uin-  nter, absorbs the heat of the t'Ocfes.  ==M t^Ne,Ay ttt^  of the Sotttlt Afiieau, jniites arc equipped  Avith the intentioii of going 'd'oAVn,'7000  'Soat, but he lias no knowledge ou the subject, |le; thinks the temperature tnust be  httich. higher thati in tlie niines of the up=-  per peninsula of Michigan,, as there is  nothing to take up the heat of the meks��  Tliat tlie Oaluiuet atul Hecla find the  Tamai'ack mines can be Avorked at a far  greater depth than they have yet afctaiused is assefted to be certain, but jitst AVhat  the inci'ease of Jteat AViil be iif tet- jiassjitg  5000 feet is nrobleinatical. Tfee expert*  ntcnt now wider- Wny at tlie Cahijuefcaiul  Hecla, tho resttlt of ^Iriteli will lie Ihade  public In a short tlm_j, is e.tpecited to  ilelinltely settle this ffiiestioii.  The effect upon theiiiiliei's of existing  atmospliereie conditions lias been greatly  exaggerated. Sir. Newitt asserts tlntt he  has ���conversed*AA'ith many men who regularly work ab the bottom of the.'l'oAvcst  shaft for eight hours each day, and that  they are fully tis strong and rugged: as  their brethern Avho work at higher levels.  Get Fighting Mad Over Politics.  Reports front Kaslo are amusing in the  extreme. Within a week four of the  most prominent men in the tOAVti have  engaged in rough-and-tumble scraps, all  over poll tics. One fight was betAveen two  men, both J. P.s and old enough to be  grandfathers; and the other was betAveen  two men who if they keep on fighting  never will Ha'c to lie grandfathers. Nelson Avas supposed to be tlie storm-con tor  in all questions political, but Kaslo must  be awarded that honor. Here in Nelson  the head push of the Mine Managers'  Combine and the head push of the Semlin government "smile" together at The  Oflice, and never discuss politics Avhen  they are discussing Collinses and gin fizzes at the I'hair or the Hume.  . ^-liiy-lias-r^pAyet; *tp'*^^ro^ri4t^h^S;i  ^t^fcC^tlt^l^  ;4ij|ii|i taiuingV '^nl^fetlet;; ^td^f l^tjShlnd^t  Mtii  ^tv^!^i)^T^���tffi��he��s^  ^pj|tte|ie^un'tS^iln^  ���Jf.^sfSl  �� wini x'jf.���sjtisu>v-��.j.*ii-ft.u:r^i)L.-���ii��^y-i&vAi��^U>Jl;;-.y*>".<������*  ^he^dkwnte ^itiri^^i_��it^il^Stod:M"'  i lun>r^W!npn^;G^^ty^^'|;^^    _ , *y b^i^^al^^-^M^ity'i  prop^3sitioi^wliielj7i|||!^in:p^a^^  refused eA'cn to heal:.,  -   .. ^bJ^vv"!^!  Order More Sidewalks Xaid;  A short meeting of $ie iWblie;"Works  coirutlittee was, hel'cl yestel'dfyy Jin^i-niug  in the city tUTiceS:-""!��;4was'-ii|scitl_0Jf3O'  lower the sid'ewalk Qp"|i|jfe. soyitiji" ^tjle^f  Victoria street bebv\'��en' .linsjepli-ino arid,  iSbitilfty to grade} a;bl ^oiinfect the slili!1  walk nit the lloTtlV si'd'e of 'Sjjjca streefe  with, the Ivootyftiiy spt'egl sltie^yalfe" anti  to lay a crossing Across Jtootonttiy Street.  Tlie state of tho Wads in tlilfere'nt ���pitrfis  of the city was also " brought up, especially the condition of Front street, the  main thoroughfare to the Nelson & Fprb  Sheppa I'd depot. H aa'us suggested tliat  additional ttten should, be put on, but as  the city finances will nob pennitof tliis,  Archie McOonclFs gang Avill be kept on  for a Avhile and be put to work- fixing up  Front street and also filling tip depressions lit Other streets.  "VV. P. Dickson's suggestion, of a new  Sft-inch pulley for the pOAvor lioitse AA'as  discussed, but the city engineer had a  plan by which the uoav machinery AA'ouhl  be driven by the existing gearing. Action Avas postponed pending Mr. Dickson's return to the city.  Defied and Humbled.  Lonoox,    August    20.���The    English  weekly   newspapers make no effort   to  conceal their satisfaction at the rejection  of the German canal bills.   The  Speakei?  says: "The emperor has been defied a,ud,  humbled iu his oavu kingdom by tlie representatives  of  the class he has Vieen  accustomed to regard as the pillars of the  throsae." i THE TRTTUTNE:  ^EtrSOK, B.C..  SUNDAY, AUGUST 27, 1M9.  #  ^  #  ^  ^  ��  New Dress Goods  Hosiery  Kid Gloves  Mantles  Top Shirts  Laee Curtains  Chenille Curtains  EVERYTHING  NEW  I IN  FALL GOODS  it  CC  u  ((  ii  %  HSf  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO  fflk  BANK  OP  B. C.  BUILDING,. NELSON.  TEEMS- CA-SUH:  M  NEW3QN HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  FROM'  Sign oiAherRED  HAT; Baker;St., iNelspn,  SEE  OUR, SHOW WINQOVV  FOR THE  LATEST     '     i  IN  NECKWEAR  UP  mmmrmR  many of the Caroline Islands, the Saturday IvCA'ieAV says: "If the next great  struggle is to be betAveen Germany and  America, as admiral DeA\roy thinks, the  Americans Avill realize their mistake in  allowing Germany to acquire this remnant of Spanish dominion in the Pacific,"  and adds that "Great Britain Avould  probably long ago have left Germany and  America to fight it out on the Samoan  fjuestion between them but for anti-ocean  objections. It Avill be a surviA-al of tlie  fittest."  '  An Experienced Mother's Advice.  London, August 20.���Queen Victoria is  said to have Avritten to the Avidow of a  British officer, killed at tho battle of  Oindurman, having a posthumous.baby,  a letter of sympathy concluding wil.h  the Avoids: "iMy Dear���if you Avill take  the advice of an experienced mother, you  will fed him on donkey's milk."  Have Seven Miles of the Road.  Breckcnridgc & Lund of Nelson have a  contract to grade seven miles of the  North Star branch of the O'ioav's Nest  Pass raihvay. They figure on the Avork  lasting about three months and Avant  men. About four ������miles-of the Avork is  good station Avork.  Effect of; Marriage on Salaries.  , Chicago Ilccnrd.  A young man and a young -woman .employed in a bigisupply- house in Chicago  fell in Ioa'c and Avere engaged to bo mar-.'  ricd. The aggregate salary of the tAvo  Avas $18.   ��� ���':,;-,  . JAInn's railury ...: -   $8 a, week  WiiiimiiV salary .... ���.. ��� ��� ��� ��l<Vn week  The young mail notified his employers  that he Avas about to inarry and rather  hinted that an increase of salary AvOiild  be acceptable.", The youiig'Avoiiian iibti-  fied the firm that she,was about to marry  and hoped that she would be permitted  to keep her place, . .','.���; '.������',".''''  ��� On the first pay day after the,marriage  the envelopes came as.follows:';   '    ;.";':���'������  Man's salary .'..".'. ��� ���  ��l(j'a week  W on inn's salary....................���'.....'.'i ::���:..   $8 a wuok  HUDSON'S BAY  W  #  m  ANDALUSIAN     gj  AND SHETLAND m  WOOLS jg  rvine  4-PLY  BEE HIVE  WOOLS i$l  FALL GOODS  JUST OPENED  j�� FANCY AND PLAIN EIDER DOWNS, ENGLISH FLANNELETTS in plaid, pink,  $ blue, white, etc., also in FANCY STRIPES AND CHECKS, BOTH LIGHT AND DARK  ^ good washing colors  W  m  m  m  m  m  m  ify Ladies' Cloths in all the newest shades.    These goods are of just the right weight  ���vj and texture to fit and hang nicely.;   We have them in medium and good qualities  itii  W  ons  W^w^yMn^.  .'��� Daily Edition. ....'.  WkkkIiT Edition...  ,.-... Fikst -Year, No. 201  7SEVKNTII Ykar, No. 31!  ^.Ka^tOw^dhiiiiteoyx  -- ----- -0--^i-a-��� ------  y&thm eananagersi  miners thoroughly orgaiiizedi and-they  fr.ankly;admitv;that 'they prefer skilled  union men.;tp,uiiskincd non-union,me  Ma  refes.,��  ;#"���  f^:|^^!f^W4^^��^^^i?  ���"Im^'B  ���["fl   -('.--fl^.n      q  Ife",  ^   XXXXXX^^^  rt4a!^^p|jfia?v^^ii:  KleffemsecnHtig"  ���"��'^'!.-Ma6tjOVy^!T]|ev*��do"npt^^  :i#'  Ms  f>\>i^r,ts*a%g|h|it;Jho^n  - -^.^tle^j^y^iifesi^^^^ite^k^  Hjn|^^|l>^g^an^i^| ^H.cil^j^e^^-^^^^lixjf*'  ���/:?��rf>a>a^_d>witfeli��eVhietf  .- - Ntpokv; ThenithereVts -\aiJfQmi^^t]iTjigf��*hel-  ��    :>,Maiiagers do:not hkejMhat =iS,^the*lnker.i  ^'MHe&'bHi- ���he .experienced5Mhagers"=��ofs  ..��A/n|sriclan niinfes who Bav;e -gOjre; ^hroitijh  ��;a"^triifie:"oJ,"''tvvo :an'd ; Avho" ,haf e;��d|aEge ^iftv  -^=Mieres*ts4n:=Bi_fe  For handsome dresses and separate skirts  WHITE TIBET - [-WHITE'.IMITATION BEAR  For Children's Coats  Navy and Black Serges     New Goods Arriving Daily  <", Vfi&r-  MM^^^^f^fM^^^^MS^S-  ^eiipi^a^d^ncgit^. %5r^HS-^?ffi  -tfeiij;;"J"  :<*'.  '^���Jfelp^lgjitrifelio^^  ..ajlt'rstknpAV >vhat it is to  ijgiit;"skilled,  i^.^^mts^tp0SM- :ther.;IieadV' ���,. ^$  ^J$-'&K'>f^j^ ��� .-:   ^��'f  !4^1i,9^M|Spj^il%ifi��' *{>J.Ji*iiiGhttti grf-oiisS aiij  ^^^^���l^ir^^iltjthf^? ��i3^'^tili^^ifeneij wii(&cls 3S4utf_J_ip  "(S,1|yl?|. ^.^liiiVt'hoJJjt'&vinfee iie'eds. juosfe'is1;  ^jV^A!3am|il|^^^ /aiKi*leA$ej��  'Mv^ers'^inV^o^iCic'es;'"8:", iBtite. gp./.'^^yrei^'.  *niif?ht felOse'ctoWu'sAvitli" ,proI'ft.-t6 a'i't'^dn-!  cerncd, bitt \ve Avotildvsuggest'to the Trif.  "bnne��thaij'ex;'ijinple is better tltaii.prec^pt;"  me:mavm;W^homned%mp:."M  tconsmnme'ntf m^(fomrs^vom^  sdMA0iMd^^^^&  w^'^C0^O^1i:_^-?BijO^j3B_.  = SS��*",��3S��* ������ �����i5&";��',��.ij,:*-,"^s   -^-f.;v��"i51'"'j:i8-iik";;'-,;  '^'jfB-pSI^Eg^BLSO^B}.��^  i��'iS"iS��iiS-iSiiS'"^-'iS��^'^'^'^i  HcadqusrtcM for  FIRST-GLASS BUSLOIHG MATERIAL  May. Ifet Have to Fight for Supremacy,  London, August 2(5.���The Saturday Re-  VieAy;/in ������aii"^avti_le: oii "Ainerica ih tlife  Pacific;" deals exhaustively-" in' ,-a icatts1jj,e'  vein, on the future, tliougli it refers to  (jhe actions of tiro United States in the,  l^liilippiiies as liibtle short Of ainaylng;,  aitddeclilrcs Kussia,, Japan, Great Ofeiti-;  aiii %xicl "th6 Witiled States iit'd prOttigou^  ists for thn preiiiiei'sltin iii the Pacific,  Goiniheiiihig tipon- the acfjuisition by Gci?  :^M^i^i^'dy0sj:^:i^^'-' ���  Henry Clay Conchas Extras  ^e(nm^^^^V^^^0^''^ ���������>;  w^fp^aflM-C^0has^e��.���*����� -^ -i-  :?Ts^^0>foj':Conchws]r%;-4\'-''^''-  ^LaMola Conchas ���    : -iv - ���:.;  lioiiid  Scotl!in*djt If  ;'^JI'am��jits'tTttcei#i|��'a11c6ife  .^:^^!ihadf^Av%M^fto1ihcXMb6t��HrfoJ8;��Sc6Mti,:  .?\'Sa^^'i$!Eh*,8$vply4?^^ ""i "���*  '  ��^.��K^:1  ?"\  ";"���"���',Jf "��y6wsw;a;nfeial s'tylish perfect. 'Hfti'jiil Snii;��|ii"ftild"'ol!*tlrc 4  Gtyrr0..a  \^p^m��e^��ic^0^gM^ '^& '^|c��Si  ���4(j&i��sJi$&', aU$ra@,e.'   '..'."'".-:Z��� *  Wost I3aker Street.     Telephone 1&;  That room of yours needs  <xfre^Jwn/iMg up "for thewin-  $ms mori^hs^  ''J.^crsoii'X^Pltogato^T^^^  ^U||p^tI^;RS_JjiENT  ?sooo  '.^. ^D.-...",n  ?��^ifc|elS,teortVorl2;.^i':'v'i|'  ;F^g^^il^p^i>y<^i|te;^ti^^  r:flO!by'12tf;wi&'rnf|Qr^^  soiw ;..  a   aAhdi���frant'tobe;in,it. Xlifiv-e^juijfc feceivdil^j^  "-���UtollT-saniplos,���iof���Suitiiifjs- nnd^Oycr-  rSatfiiKS' 1 l'dprEseifting" ��� n,���� !:$56,(;(kJ" ^tpek   to.  choose fvoni niiflle to yom;   orll&r1 n(, jiices  nfevei'boi'bre lieanUpfiniKelHoiu, All the latest"  .-huts in "Pkiicy Vfc.sfjitifea'fJai-FaUirntl, AVihtor.  S|' iip  -off a  . n'o  T  Wb make n spooialty of  Sl|iplap aqd Double Dressed SVjaterial  ,  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Shingles aqd Lath Kept in Stock   .  Office and yard near C.P.R. depot   E. G. SEEK, Agent.  Haviug leaned the business of the Nelson Soda Wntcr  Factory, 1'ttm prepared to supply the trade with all kinds  of carbonated and aerated waters. Family orders solicited.  Prompt delivery.  .Factory on  Jfoovcr Ktrpct.  n. m. mmim  IS Paper House  OF THE WEST  The difference betAveen tho Judge nnd the  13i��jl.iop may he that the Judge can sjiy "yoii  bo haitged," while the Bishop can say "yon.  be ckiMied." On Uic other hand Avheu tho  Judge sitys "you bo hanged," you are hanged.  Next to the value offered, the most marked  . peculiarity of our Wall  Paper is that when the  Judge has made his  selection arid says ^'you,  be     hanged,"    it   is   ___..    banged; not even the  cheapest, grades giving  .trouble. There are papers that are beyond  the jurisdiction of the Judge and come under  that of.the Bishop. There is an art in avoiding this kind���this art has been our study.  can give us J?he si&e (length,  hreamh, and Keijfht of ceiling)  of the room, or roonis,  will do the rest.   In price,  beauty of design and quality  bargains will surprise you.  BLAGKaMllHfNa  AND EX#EBf  Wagon repairing promptly attended to by ot flrst-class  wheelwright,. ���������...,..    ...-��������� ..-.��r       ���, - ;  Special attention glA'cn to" all kinds of repairing and(  cuHtom work from" outai4o points.   , ;  Ltjfec nura:Jllr���oF;"Gli0i6e"E  tramwa^/   "Eof pfcljpe' "arid ^teritis^f;  sale apply :at tfte ��Meg "of :,th�� C*o"aif  p^iiv." Mac^6nat<i���iKl^il<i Cpftie^-df  Jo^ephf^  f"'"' ''"':T.��� ������,. WJMpJLHr' JeErekfy.  D, 4  GENERAL  BROKER.  - fHM^M^'Wt^m^M:  WHAT THE JUDCE  AND  TrjE BISHOP SA.Y  Bpsob Stationepy Co., LM  Ganada Brag ���ind Book Oo.,  Corner of Baker and Stanley StreetB, Nelson  Shop:   Hal! Street, between Baker and Vernon, Nelson  FIBB, LIFE, AGOIfiENO! ��NE> SICEUBSS  ��� _��� ��� ��� ';ae^:^T^_=t?^L3Sr'C5as,'!  &W'aL^^,estate ikNp Loans,  TO IjKT���Several lipuae^pf/tiironont nhc��.  i'Olt ^4iiK-Real citato in .ail partK of fl.10 city.  1175 Harb Street, Vanifaouveri &. C.  AiTdTi^ ���.,;����� W  Baker Street* "Nelson  FJltsT no0R west j|ank 8. &, nuiijiriNqj;  ROYAL SEAL AMD  KOOTENAY BEL.LB  OIGrAIvjS.   .    .    ...  and Fancy Dress Goods  ." Blouses and Dress Skirts  CAi.Ii ON  Mrs.   E.   McLaughlin!  JOmPBW$ 8TJRBBT, NEIiSON 1  UNION   MADE  Kootenay Cigar Manfg. Co.  Nelson, British Cohnnbin.  MINERS WANTED.  Tlie Tangier Mine, Limited, Albert Canyon, on tlie  main line of the C. P. R., 22 miles east of Itovelptoko, re- ,  quires six good minora.   Wages $3,60 per day,  _ Boarding and day school for girts will rc-open on the  lSiliday of Atigii��t. ��� Vacinicienfor boarders.   Ji"ortcrniw  Und prospectus apply to.   ���  ���        '   ;      f    MADJfiaTOISKJjtJi; KTCRNT, Principal ,  APPLICATION    TO   PURCHASE   LABP.  ''Ji'btieb' is hereby given fclmt thirty days alter da tot T,  ���the .midersignqd, intend >io>ai>ply to the chief canitnh)-  Riorierof laiiilsand Avbrkr', "Vietoriti, fi. C.,' for tlie pui'-  ' chiise of the following (tcsoribed piece of land,; Sittnito on  tlio JAJolHon Side of Koolenay ri ver, and being aboii t a?von  miles lipfri'-m Ncbon: ' Cornnlenoirig'at a post marked  "Geo. t'i Tunslall, Jiliiior's S;;AV. Corner"; lihoiieo, east  eighiy chatnB; thenfco north forty chains to .where low-  water mark is; and thou folio wing the niiinosities o'ttho-  shore to .the point of commencement; all containing,  inoro or Idas, lGfTacrdA GEO. 0. TUN STALL, JR.  August 7th, J899. ���  .   ;  BOOT AND SHOE  NOTICE  "I'M1 tote, Wifill t.wo^toiV'fiou'tio di?'��iitti'ricr""��  fitMOt.. noMr iJo^QPUHld ...., ,.,..:..,. .SiaiO'  ..  jrerinf:   ^tl'lHKCSBh, bali.iiolj, 011 rjlOrlWiftiT  _     ;S��Sty'fl^eTiMlcl^!iiino>n^Jji!otlvci;i;y.lOll1a.k_  ,ftlV%^^^v������aY'\'���^���;'���'���������������'���'���������r���'���'*���','������"���,*I,*���<J;  Oi.lo-hiJ,ir ca-sljt b.'ilanca on inort|i"a_o;  .'.! JP?n :??!'a;ill0"�� 'M'o the ei!capc��t ana host.  pllered.   You ��u 11 repay at any�����tijiio .without  British Columbia Permanent Sw'vftigs & J^oiin Cohipany,  .      Globe Saving & Loon Co.,.Toronto.  Fire, liifei 4"ceicieht, and Sickness.  Baker Street West. Nelson, li.C  The undersigned Iiaving purchased the Maslonka stock  of Boots a>id Shoos, they will bo-Mild at greatly reduced  prices.   Repairing done at old prices.  - GfcORGE D. MIOjER,  At Maslohka's old stand on Hall Htrcet.  Nelson, August 23rd, 1899.  ONE DOLLAR A LOAD  Tho undersigned has a Inrgo quantity of ilr, cedar, and  tamaruc slabs, in 10-inch unit 4-foot lengths, suitable for  stove wood, which will be sold for 81 a load at tho mill  yard.  ��������� ������.��� ��� ���'������  ������;.-. / ���.-���������  ^   , NELSON SAW & PLANING MILLS, Limited.  Nelson, August 19th, W9. , .  ,   '  r isaie  S��50 will purchase a choice rosidenco corner, 100 by 120  - feet.  , .    . 1 -. -   .'.,���-���  S2I00 \yfll purchase a central lot and residence.  $1(X) will  purchase  two nice lots and shanty, Robson  Street, Hume addition. ���  a���11,1"!^ ^our nice lots and residence.  10,000 Pooled Kiurmont i cents.  Blaekcock (A/niir) shares 20 cents.  5000 Utica at 1. cents.  ALEX STEWART  ;;���,���: Turner &; Bocckh block, Nelson, B. C.  SQUIRE'S "RANCH   FOR   SALE  OoBtalning 120 acres of land within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson.  For farther  partlcuJars apply to  FRIED J.  SQUIRE,   Nelson, ��. O.  m   f  #  m  '^1             !!  $1    1  m   ii  m , ii  (MS          !'  .;":-B-?S'����1*B��t;SC%?��4  :ai:5��;ii^;l|^'lSi!gg]gg^#*^vS^ THE  TRIBUNE: NELSON, B. C, SUNDAY, AUGUST 27,  1899.  ankofIontbeal  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up,    -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATTTCONA AND   MT   ROYAL, I'rosidont  Hon. OKO. A. DRUMMON!) Vieo-l��residont  E   S. ULOUSTON General Manager  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.  ���  nitANonKR in     LONDON  (HnKland).   NEJW YORK,   CHICAGO  and in tho principal eltlnR iu Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Kxcliango and Cable Transfers  OllANT COMMICIlClAr. AND 1'HAVIiM.KRH' OKKWT8,  available iu any part of tho world.  DltAKTS I88UKD    C01.I.KCTIONH MADK! KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CUitltKNT BATE OH' INTK1U0ST PAID  A BIT OF POKER ETHICS.  "Let go.tho anchor," cried the skipper.  "Four poker hands .wore shipped cIoavii  on the cabin table and four landlubbers  started . in four different directions to  obey the order.  "You'i-e it," Penfield," said the skipper',  to "the man who'carn'o" nearest, to obeying  the order. "That is the ropo right in  front of you."  PonJiekl let tlie anchor drop and the  yacht Avas presently riding quietly.  ��� '���" "Now, see here."' said the skipper, a  little inan Avith large inspirations. "I  have put up Avith you fellows long  enough. It is quite evident that you Asrill  .ji'ever learn v��ho rianies of the ..different  partsof the yacht and I am going to fix  things sov that you will know at once  Avhat I want dono-ancl you can obey nie  iu turn instead of all jumping on deck at  once." '���'-,-���: ���.���!'.'���-.-;: ' --���<- '..'-���������  Acting on his inspiration, he took a dis-  cai-ded poker deck and.fastened a cai-d jto  each article "'regarding'' Avhich lie might  be obliged to issue an order. .Immediate:  ly he had an intelligent aiid serviceable  crew. When he called out to "let go the  king of clubs" or to "take in the queen  of hearts," tlie j landlubbers . jiimped to  their proper places like old sea clogs. ;  With this satisfactory arrangement they  Avere able to continue) their pbkergaihe  Avith but few interruptions. When air  order "Avas called oue man could attend to';'  THE BANK OF  BRUSH DOLUMBIA  NELSON  ^%ii^i^^r^^^mm  .dosjee;u,sioii*t<  Bial^^lffiS^^ssh^iap^iftj.  \-.sec\oi\diw^J3ai^t;.fbr ��� lie^^lajjil-d^l^he^ iimi ���  *'"1u6:re"'S'lia;u>{in;yJh  ^yIi.eu;|liey,*botj|Jsf^tl.rtheiU-��� hands l.h, the.;  kifraAf^" ��3^"4����e-K^cfyife^i-glvtit^^us^^yei^,;  'I $$$t^ teoYiUT pljseiwe; ii|$, .'glatftiPf. ��� of* pofcer ���.  ;^^^li|*k&ini5Bs^'>C IjiS %s.^ji^atiou. w&&  ^jliki:^ell6t(s;   Ifeis reQ6rdsd^ that on oii&  :." occasion he. met- a man;AyJti> iy coi;pdi:ation  ^jfii%vvlio-p^o1^  ;"Sj* cji)?t of closes AA?ittehiug,  UoAyeVeiv he  filially discovered tliiiit his ju'val Ijficl one  Aveakivess.    "Wliei! lie bettered his baud:,,  although, ho. never changed a muscle of  , liis face Of showed  the slightest  tremor  "'"of his"A^e1J-tntiiied:v��oic��e; tiieiigtls fingOr  ��� of   his 1'eEfc hand twitched perqeptilste  Banking on  this kiioAvledlje, IJain had  1 '.Beaton; the  other; inaii to a staiidstill.  >  With such .a^player la the.game it uatiir-  . ally folioWed tliat' everyone "aVu,s Jkoyed  "lip :to slils best,- for tile smooth, leafchei'y-  liico feeg and steel grey eyes  lntulo one  J feel tliffit tlibgaiiib av?is presided Over by  tile fates tlie!U,sel\'os.  ���'     _$ie*,mos6. enthusiastic player wag Will  f -.Ipeufli9ldr.avy6itl3g married inrtin who usexl  to toll about bis Avonderfii] baby, Avlion  they were itob playing, and \vlio"*as eii-  ��� joying his first Outing since his married  >Iife began.   Frohv his eouvei.'sation at AA'as  easy to see that ho was one of the most  uXoiioirs of nien. His Avife kueAV all about  ��� liis lailsinesfi and Avas his chief adyiseiv  'Jfiie sole reason for his pi'esence in the  party AA'as that his  Avife Avas still young  -andhad ideas about ������allowing a husband  Ua, proper amount of freedom.   She had  I urged him to take liis holiday and be one  s; of-tlie  boys  .again.    He  enjoyed himself  like a half-broken colt turned out to pasture, and, kept uj) enthusiastically the  game of poker  AA'hich  Bain   took part in  so stolidly.    Elkins, tlie third, member of  the  party,  need   not   be  especially described, for  ho   Avas   one of those self-  effacing meii Avho enjoy themsehres without the inobtrtisive and  may be bored  Avithout shoAving it.    He could ahveays be  counted oii to take  a hand in a game of  poker Avherever and Avheiiever proposed.  As for the last member, Smith,'he possesses some high-priced information about  the gtme wjiiph lie would willjygjy dia  ls now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Sk,aguay, U. S., Atlin, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul\or| District.  liose  of to   some   rich  beginner  avIio is  nobly blessed with a beginner's hick.  For live days of tlio cruise they played  most of the "days aiid all of the nights  without any occurrence especially exciting. During the daytime, Avhile they  wore ci-uising, the skipper stood at tlie  Avheol and issued his orders from time to  time. I'Yoin Avhence he sat ho could  AA'atch the game by looking do\yn jnto  tho cabin and could take part in any conversation that took place. During the  cwoiiings lie liaturally took part in the  game.  ' ���"������'. * ���' --��� ������ - -;,'-   ,-  They touched at Ararious toAvns and  clubhouses along tho Sound, and owing  to tho varying luck of tho game had each  cashed checks, so that tliere .-was considerable nioney in circulation" about the  yacht. As is usual Avhere a game is kept  up continuoiisly the limit becaino: "irksome. Withionly a; dollar limit ho:One  could do any bluffing, so avIioii Penfiold  finally exclaimed : "Say, -folIoAvs, this is  the last day of ���our cruise. Sn,y Ave wind  uj) with a game of poker that will be  really a game. I raoA'e that;Aye thrqAV  tlie limit to the 'fishes," all agreed aiid  the ganie proceeded. Pen field wasfthe  largest'-winnerj and so the others had-nO  compunctions about letting hiin into a  gaine that was niuchitop warin for;him.  Tliey tookiafresh deck of j cards; and .began. The'���"���'skipper interrupted them  from time to time, but in spite of that  tliey Continued ^to get more and more  iuteresteVl. The bets continually crept  higher. At last there came a jackpot  that seemed as: if it woiildl Viover open,  and even with the ten cent ante there  was ! several; dollars -vihTit, Finally it j  canio to Bain's deal. The cards '.were.I  dealt to Penlield ou his left, Elkins oppo-|  site and Smith.:on Ids right. ".-.' |  ��� "This pot is worth' opening for two ;  dollars," said Penfield, after looking at-  ���..his.'eards.J'.'..;'    . ',. ;,-.':.   ���'���-���.'!  The pot was worth opening for muehj  more, and. tlie others all knew that he j  iSvasibhlytryiiigftp ccmx'ijihem ih.^^ElkluS;  ling? lusj* ;fcijO\vledgo ip% pQ&exi1 jis^hat/ia."  ';siieokledl'ineclLocu��ito\r.���Ayln��kshoAVs>Ji  Pan"     V.'3'n.-S."     *?,__rPmSnL'      D     '_?���!,    ^0���n    r.nVj,'        ���"��bn"     .���.���=��ii|U,      '��       if\  .^.,^^ljdt:go^%e!apefRf;��iiad"es.f-  I ">Beltg;tlie J^t*iiiJrpfiii^io^f;oygoe^.ScljS  's'^lfe^#^'f^"��^f^s#^H  iG^''4iKht.mkead,w-bpy^,*I��.;amfniot'ignM  ���^tlii^'i^ ^ v S'^^^i^fS' t^��ai XZ- V *��� ��^  "tjirliedS.tb^iisf.plaS^^^  axa^waxiiigifu-iaoji'S^v^i":^"..;;"^ . c ��,,���"..."-, "  "^Brllso'-yo^anolHeE"- lrundf&d?'/Pei$'  ^eld^&#i|ang|Sc|t^ .���*������?. ;���"���? /:}  "���'" "'Mf^leiftiiitefoiitjSrSaid, Elkiii^^tlii-pwn  ing xlbAA^ij his�� hand.  Penfield realized that it looked as if he  had played the baby and with a forced  liuigh lie pushed the'money'toward' Bain  avIio hadinade lio'iiioyd to pick it up.'  "Hold on," said the man of iron, quietly^  "I airi "not siire"that I caii honestly take  that pot."  ���" If yon think I'm going to ' do tlie  baby act," exclaimed Penfield, angrily,  '"you tire mistaken.    Take it."  "It isi not that,'"said Bain. "Beforo I  take the pot, I want you fellows'to decide  a point of honor for 'ine." You knoAv I  always declare that I"liavci" a right to  anything I observe iii a game of poker.  Well, I made one obseiwation in this  gamo that I feel I had no right to."  All the other  players   AA'aitod  breathlessly. ������'������' '���' ^ '^  By an agreement with our skipper aa'c  AArere all to stop playing when he called  out aii"order, .while ono of "tlie party  attended to it. Just as Penfield AA'as  asking for his draAAr of two cards tho  skipper called out 'Let go the ace" of  spades.' Penfield involuntarily caught  biie of the cards in his hand and I kneAv  instantly tliat he liad three aces.r I had  .'three kings 'myself, and knew that he  had me beaten. But I.also had the jack  and qiieen besides the king of hearts','and  .I'threw.;,:awaythe other tAvo kings. I  dreAV tAAro cards: iii the hope that I might  either catch a straight or a flush on the  two-card draAV;' As yoTi can see I caught  botli. 'Now, I am not'sure that I had a  rightr to "make ��� use - of ���;"���'what I: noticed  about Penfield's hands for" it was shoAvn  to hie by sohiething that was outside the  game. - I leave;it to you."        '       '.'._.  A moment's consultation sufficed to  niakothe players; decide that a. man with  a keen-seiiseilof hbiiorwoiild hbt'p'rbfitby  such an acbidont in a gentleman's game,  and it?was decided'to divide the pot.;' J  It Avas" sbiiie week'si.. aftei'wSirds before  the players.not directly coiieeriied began  to Avonder if Bain had really; thrown tAvo  king^'iiitb-tlie discard or had siihply let  Penfield out with a f ai ry story.  High,"Wages: Means, Prpsp  "Earnii^^a^|i^v;witlv^       betweon  heats.tb'pitclif"quoit's)" is^oiiebf the oddities of labor in the iron Avorld.'  The man  miilNtOF  ft- fl  referred to is a roller in one of the submir  ban   rolling''.'mills  at Readilig,  Pennsyl-  Arania.    He AAras only one of a typo of expert  AArorkers in  the iron milis.    There  are thousands more!    Nearly all, in fact  all high-class .AA'brkei\s' are making good  wages just now, especially those A\rbrking  oii finished iloii. " The' rollers have time  between heats to rest, and if "there is a  qiioiti'iig ground A'ery near the in ill they  can take' a" turn at that "iitit.il! the next  lioat is ready!    Iron Avorkors ai'e generally .1 ��11 y and  are fond of sport.    Steaiii  hammermen, spanner men and pipe AA'old-  ers are  also high class  iron  A\'orkers  at  froni five to soVon dollars a day.    In tho  West tho prices are higher.    Heaters in  the Fust" earn $130 a month.    Piiddlors,  by hard work, can make $100 a month.  A veteran  ironworker says:    "Of course  Ave   are  all  glad  for  the  present  good  showing  in  the  iron business.    Wo are  also glad for the AA-ork and the present  AA'.ages.    But  fifteen   years ago,  or   say  t\A'eh'e years ago, rollers got $12 a day.  Some got as high  as $15 a day for the  same AA'ork as they now got $(5.    Spanner-  men got $12 and $15 a day.    It AA'as all  theirs,  too.   They did not have to Pay  any helpers as the puddlers did.    Why,  right here iii this town, I kiipw'.-.a.Jiain-  merman, Jim Smith Avas his name, avIio  got $S a day right along, if themill, AAras  running or noti   I knp\v pipe���Avclders got  $7 a  day and  a bonus for  extra   good  Avork, so that their Avages sometimes ran  as high as $10 a day.    The mills were  fairly busy, too, right along, the same as  they are now.    I don't think necessities  of life Avore higher than  they are now.  War prices ha,ye disappeared. < .Bii.tj the  mill.;''owners were getting higher prices  for their output, but not much higher  than. noAv, if .figures keep on going up.  But it's all right.    We're getting, our.pay  prpniptlyi our ; families  are "happy- and  present wages will do.    It's only here and  there you hear of a small strike. ;; Why,  coinnion labor is getting $1.05 a day."  >  Head Okfjcf, at  NELSON, B. C.  Wholesale and\ JRetail  .  in Meats  Wholesale Markets at Nelson, Rossland. Sandon and Greenwood.  "��� - -   '���'���-���*    ;���'<.  - i--?    ���;.;'.���;���.;.;���    *j-,'r.'--r i U*      ���; C^c> -ijA v'j     &';..;.-'./  Retiiil Markets at Nelson, Kaslo, Sandon, Silverton, New.Denver,'.Ymir,.Trail, Grand Forks,  .Gisciulc, Greenwood, Midway, and Sirdar. ;__ ..���.-.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded.  West Kootenay Buteher <)o ���  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS ;  '   FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  BaKr sireejy#i$onj|.| Gi TRAVE^ Manager  ;;   OHDRRS BY MtVIL UKCRIV'B CABKFUt ANDPKOMfTP ATTENI'ION;' is?V-fe  r^ALOfJE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Front J5$Qfs  Inside Doors  ^\  ^������> fJJlopai'*andi���^ojist..  i-AM;rIoc;vI|and��coasfcn  jtliuea"sli^,r\fbr.- I"l\p" lia^l.-' figr jinlejttJLoKjf^  ' alCotfing, i'ufefi "D��a"���� '.f iiine\ ".MleIv;tlief;t3Lui��e^  b.egftn>:" Still "lie ejoujdi say nofeli^^yii^;"  this jJptf 'aa'Sis iiiider diseussiM);; Wi^��i'vdixf  th;o way he v^as fidgetiiig at the jAlhepl it  Avas pvMetxt that lie iiite^djejl_CjtlU|ig;^  ^fjJTiTSOoPU as, possible^  "I'll haVe to go you a liundited better,"��  gakl Bain, pushing the money into the*  P'Otv '���/'.''  Penfield counted the mOhoy he had left,1  fojind tljeifP was nfot; eiipugh,.a;ud ..then  drew liis check book from his poelcet;  "^he money J lnivo here with AVhat is  ijrtwn oil tl;iP stub of i)iy cheek.Jbook  makes'.){j^0;?  I Ki^seyoii ^(ipi, ' .���,% f "  Bain &id pbbjiing,Dbn|DdreAv Put; a fresh  AV'iul ajul laid $80$ on Chetable.. .  ilt lnwe four aoes," exoiaimod, penfield:  truiniphaiitly.   .������������.��� .; . ,*  ...  ^*No gbodC"Bitid Bain. '*! have ii sti-aiglit  Jliish/* and lip laid down the king, qiioeuj  jack, ten;and hine'ofjipjirts. 's       "'. Mv   >  Pen field fell bacli in liis ehaife rigad.: ''It  AVas evident tliat he had lost all the  money ho had in the Avorld. Hb gasped  a couple of times and then said iuyohtn-  tarily, ���   '"      '���"    '''' '  '"' '  "Good God 1   What will Eliza say?"    i  The others said nothing.    Iii <a moment  ���iasLEi phoasrEi  iise j  Durtng the, Benson-wc will "de5-  . liver ice at private residences  and business, houses .dailyjirfiitiy  desired :quai)ti��? 'at eiisonrable  ��� '.-.prices. ,,-'��� ";���;,��:    ���, ���% .     .-.-.    ��  WILSON & HARSHAW  L. Pope  MANUFACTUnER QV  HEAVY TEAM HARNESS  EXPRESS HARNESS, PACK HARNESS  Saddlks, whips, ktc. '.'-'  ���w". 3P- _R03BHsrso2sr  ^Ex-Sheriff of South Kootenay)   :  GENERAL AUCTIONEER   .  Cash advanced on consigTjnients jj.;inereliat3dlsb.  ���  PostoOtoo J?px 572 .,      Nelaoo, H. C ,  '���A'"-..   ���      ���  ��jN��**'^/"s^'��yji1^9i?Y*��"'-."SJ'i.  *ff whnt��yt)tt��*warnteii hotjln stbclt jveWiil-inalcd'it  I f'L""."i", r"t3AfiijfiNi^ifi3a!i.iPiu&M�� '~'^��'  MINERS'  WORKINGMEN'S  }' iVULLIONAIRE'S;  BAKER STREET  NELSON, B.C.  At Prices That  "Removal Sale" Dealers  1;      Cannot Touch.; ;fS  THEO iVtADSQlSf  WILL ARRIVE IN NELSON IN A FEW DAYS.  Headquapteps fop Miners and Frospeetdps  iT^jfiEB^tiRSkjrag-^;^  ALAVAYS ON HAjND.  for'^oAii  'tf KAUfcK"a; tiiric y^ft;  �� I'KKSIDltNT  UkURY' HOUSTON,  .--;"      SKGlUB'rAUV i      i  I  IiI3yni'3E'BI>-  SIANtlPAOTUKKKS 'OF AN&  ...    ,       DBAI.KK8 IN  Rough ffiijSL ��Mi$SJBa Lutribeif  MoiiIcHn|ps ]  W&<$s-"'apii iJaslr ; f  -.. Forief^vfbsts aiid Pickets;    I  FACfiiKAf AVtJRIt IJONK TS OKDKK,  byqn asS  Scroll Rawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Jdinery, Work i. \  in stOor: "'  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  SaMTnili on Governnjont Avharf. !  Factory and ofllco, corner Hall street and O.P.R. track  WILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G.O.BUCHANAN'S  A large stock of flrst-class dry material on hand, also  a full line of sash, doora, mouldings,  FACTORY WORK  turned work, etc.  A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx street, Nelson  Telephone. Vl  John Me, Agent  Mrge^comfoft4|��lq anfL'- 'first-elfish dining!  ^roo'inV-^Sa.mplo'roomsffBr^emri^^ " h  BATES  ia"  J  AGRNTS FOR KOOTICNAY DISTRICT.  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and Lighting for Mines, Towns  �����!��; OKBox eoe;.  Josephlne.Street, Nelnon. B; O.  . Xatoof the: RbSallKote!, Oalgary,     ������  H,UME, Manager;  The lincst hotel in tho lntorior.  saniplo rooms.   Stca.ni heat aiid oloctric lih'hU  CORNKR OF WARD AND VigRKON STS., NKhSON  iSAKER AND- WARD BTREKTS, N'BLSON  The only hotel in Nofeon that has remained undor one  inanagomonf.shico 1890.      ' ���;-.���'-.   ������ _ ���  Tho bed-rooms aro.Avoll furnished and  lighted py  ioleclricity.  ���The dining-room is not second to any in Kootenay.  Thenar, is alwuya stocked by tho . befit domestic and  importedHquorBand cisKaiu _  TfitlMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  HOTEIi  McLEOJD  YMIR,   B.   G.  d.  W.  SMITH,   Proprietor.  EVER YTH ING FIRST-OL ASS  Large and well lighted Heated by hot al  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Electric bolls and light in every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  Free bus meets all trains K aval at nit a   R   C  Hourly street car to station neveifclURBi  D. U.  NiKht Grill Room in connection, for tho convenience of  guests arriving and departing by night trains.  WjiyiilclKtcr In? toil lotij  .   Brick $J2 per thr$sarid,  At yard or on Hcdws at fjoVerilnidut *viiarj>  The; W?st s^pptenay Bricl.fi time Co., tti;  JWk?r Stroofc.        fT. O." tiTLpbtblt. Manager  SIi^eSal teamsters  AGKN'TS FOR  The Imperial Oil Co.   Standard Oil Co.  Washing-ton 8ric(c and Linje Co.  The Hi W. KJcMiell Go.r Ltd., Canadian Atttl|ra-  - cile Coal (Hard)  Dealers iij  Nelson |pon  E1N&INE3, BOILERS, SHAFTIN&, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION  RojMirs promptly attended to.       P* O. Box 173.  KNTIOHTS1 Or* PYfHIAS^- Nelson   Lodge,  No.  25,  Ivliighta of Pythiaa, nicote in 1, O. Q. P. Hall,corner  Baker and Kootenay streotfl.ovcry Tncsday ovotting at  8 o'cloclc.   Visiting Knights Cordially invited to attend.  T. LI Mjlfc. On,     R.O, JOY.IC. of R.&S.  " NELSON LODGK, NO. 23, A. V. & A. M.. Moots  second Wednesday In oach month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  NRLSON L."D. U, No. ir,!)2.  meets in  T. O. O. K. Hall,  corner Ritkor and Ivootonuy streets, 1st and 3rd  HYitlay of.ottoli month.   Visiting brelhern cordially in-  UJOHN TOYK. AV. M.       I". J. HUADLKY. Rec. Sec.   "  NKJ.SGN   MlUK,  Number   22,   l^iiaternal Order, .ot.  Kaglso.iiieotH every second and fourth AVcdnesday in  each month in  corno.  J. IEVINa. PrcsldoBt.  Fratornity Hall.   Visiting brothrou wol-  J. R. WilAY, Socrotanr.  "Wcffiih'a- ��    ���^.-'1"Beffl.?-'*l'; r^.M-n;" a��-W-'b' Wa n-^n �� _i "i* ���   n a  THE BEST GLASS OF BEER IN NELSON IS  n . n    iflfin    rf      D      (l, R        n  Among Daily per Express,  in Season,.  The Trade Only. Supjilied,  Write or Wife for Regular $hipmen!s.  Lilies of" Fi-uits  Nelson, K a  R. REISTERER & G��.  BREWERS AND BOtfTLRRS OF ...  Fine Lafer Beei5^  Prompt and rogulftr  delivery to tho trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  ABPLIOATION TO TBANSFEB. LICENSE.  Thirty days notice is hereby giyen that-1 will apply at  the next sitting of tho liiceiHing-Board ot the City ot  Nelson, 13. C , to Ho allowed to 'transfer the retail liquor  license now held by irie for tho Clarke Hotel. s\tua<o on  lots numbered eleven and twelve (11 and 12) in block,  numbered ftv-e (5) of the Cifey ot Nelson, British Columbia,  -to l?��uik (ijj>ropbeU and Goorgo W. BarUetU  K. C. CLARKIS.  PrtodiO,Ma��cm.B.C���Ujl8l^b.daTrfAAi��w!��lH�� THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. <VSUNDAY, AUGUST T,, 1890.  uiea Same Bay as Received  [STOCKS THE LARGEST IN KOOTENAY  Assayers' Supplies  Drugs and Drug Sundries  CRUCIBLES  BRUSHES,  every  kind  SCORIFIERS  SPONGES  CHEMICALS  TURKISH  BATH  TOWELS  CHEMICAL GLASSWARE  PATENT  MEDICINES  FLUXES of all kinds  PERFUMERY, best manufactured  FURNACES  FACE   POWDERS  BALANCES, best  makes  only  MANICURE  REQUISITES  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  Corner of Baker and Josephine Streets, NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA  !!���'���-  m  I have a number of broken lines of Men's Shoes which  I have reduced below cost in many instances to make  room for fall stocks. These goods are first-class, including  all leading makers, such as GEORGE T. SLATER do SONS,  AMES-HOLDEN, JAMES McPHERSON, D. W. KING & CO.,  and other makers^  ;"Sl(*'JE?!iSnri:iif��i .;f  Exs hut Not Has-Beens.  All the ox-eity oilieials sire doing well.  Kx-alderman Alalone,along Avitli liis parl.-  ner, Al Tregillns, lias.built a brick block.  Ex-alderman Doaa' has- a large rent-roll  from no end ol' residences; ex-alderman  "Whalloy can alTord to Ha*o at a summer  resort. Ex-alderman Gilker can erect  buildings and tear them doAvn Tor a-inu.se-  nient; ex-alderman Madden is calling for  tenders for a tAVo-story and basement  brick building. Ex-mayor Houston is  working two eight-hour shifts a day in  order to keep nine expert stone-cutters at  work. The exs are not has-beens, by  any moans.  A. H. Fischer, who has been manager  of the Spokane Northern telegraph ollice  in Nelson for three years, has resigned,the  resignation to lake effect on September  1st. The'company will do aa'cII if his successor is as well liked liy the people Avith  whom they i.lo business.  W. F. Teetxel left last night via the  CroAv's Nest J'a.ss road for the liast. He  intends to return by the way of Denver  and San Francisco.  J. J J. Combs, avIio has been Avith the  ���Rossland Miner for three years, is in Nelson on his Avay homo from a trip through  the Slocan. lie reports- tlie towns quiet,  but times A\ill be good once the little  difficulty uoav existing between the mine  managers and mine Avorkers' is settled.  The bookbindcry department of Tun  TidiiUNis Avill probably be in' operation  on Tuesday or Wednesday of  this AAroek.  J. E. Boss, mining   operator,   is  at the  Thair.  An accident'which might have resulted  fatally happened to E. G'ordingly's little  girl yesterday about 5 p.m. The child,  who is about four years old, was playing  with matches with her young brother in  the basement, Avith the result that .the  sleeves of her dress caught'fire.-' Aroused  by the cries Mrs. Cordingly rushed doAvn  and put the lire out 'with her hands; but  .not.until.the arms and wrists of the little  .girl and her oavu hands had been very  severely burned  McPiierson Lets the Colonist Down Easy.  ".-:'..���.'��������� Special' Lo Uio Tribune.  Victoria.; August 2(5.���The Colonist  has succeeded in iiitervieAviug MePhei-  son, M.P.P., of Vancouver, on the political  situation, ;and, the catechism resulted :  ; Question���-" Do you believe ;that -the'  'present gbAfcrhmcnt is done fpi- ?'���'.  ''Answer���" .1 f the papers ..haA'e correctly  reported, Helgesen and Higgins 1  believe  the Opposition? Neither party is strong  enough alone to carry on the government. Therefore there must be an appeal  to the country."  Q.���As a champion of labor, you believe in the eight-hour I.w?"  A.���'"1 think it should be giA"en a longer trial."  Q,���" What is the nature of the measure  ��� upon which you  Avould vote against tlie  goAisrninent?"  A.���"The nature has not been made  public yet, and I am bound to secrecy."  Q.���"is it to rescind tho eight-hour  law?"  A.���"No; tho goA'ornment is not strong  enough to rescind that laA\'."  in conclusion, Mncphorson said he did  not care to absolutely commit himself  while matters are at sixes and sevens as  at present. Tayi.ou.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON,  B. C.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  -Smart boy to deliver parcels.  Wan tod-  JliirMn DHoill,  Counters,   shelves,   and   store-fixtures  I'fii wilo.   j\|��j!l.v loTlirti. lA'liulsiin, linker street. Nelson.  Furnished rooms to let.    Apply to Mrs.  I.. Al. Jameson, Carney Ulnok, linker >;l.rccl. west.  To rent���Two stores or offices and base-  iiiuiil.. _:1 liyiil) feel, also two living rooms nn llrsl. Ilour,  opposite postollleo mi Arii;liirin street.    Kur sale���l.otn Hi  $7110; l��.'i.7 liliick !;i, addition A, $*!5:  A|)|ily to AV..-A. Jowol.t, Victoria  DEALERS  IN  !ielf and  ardware  mill J1 block  iii  lolsUlaml '����� block  street, Nelson.  For .Lieut���The residence at the corner  of Victoria and Ward slroel-s, recently occupied bv W.  A. Miicdnn.-ild.   jAji|)1j- to A. 11. CMomcnls. n  ARCHITECTS.  TTiAArAKT &��� OAltHIE���Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Ab-  ���"-*   Grrioon block, JJaker ntrout,, Nolson.  Does0 it Ever  Occur'to You  'IHAT TlTKUW.AttK OTHER KSSKNTIALS  JII'SILKS CIIWAPNKSS 'OF I'RIOK THAT  SHOULD M'X'KAh  TO  TIIJ'M'UKCHASKU?  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Pow  TRUAX  ORB  OARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel;' Iron, Coal  Pipes, a.nd Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges, ��  Iron, o Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  Merit in Style  Quality1 and Finislr  AUK THINKS OK INTKUK8T  TO 5IASY HUVKltS' WHO  KINM) rlT NICUKSS.WtV   K'llt  tiii.;   nuii.niN'c;    up   ov  A   SUCCKSSKUI.   UUSIX1&8  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:  Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  Are You Going for a Holiday?  Why, yes; on a fishing excursion and I intend to-  buy my tackle from  The Lawrence Hardware Co.  Who keeps the best and cheapest goods in Nelson l  &ilVKoii 11 lie ���Uoy ai:  A" .(iuciiinbof  iiyoiimus  ;liIHjrli��-iKo'E'iSS'Uo,aWlafe'gi��fiuo  "��." '���������"' "-'lifeiijrc,!).'    ���"*    -  XJiliili^iiiB4lJs^XWjn*^'iloSiiS��S'c.  .:"/'".*     s JSKSlUtElSSi ,.  ahivivfninolj^vitlifillM^ "OystevPatffi��1ii��Tit'I-ii'-riVce,Ss.  .  1'Vii:.a%i"V.i( .Vjiftl     " Qftoeil'.Kl'jlHa^Pbl'l.'WSiiq! Sailfio   ".  "'.;������     ���      "ittJA&i*   ���"        " "���*-���"  Sjii-lntf F'li^Jliowal.'i GriyoiiAor     ,,, 1'rin.ru Riljff jiffl "Bcof.  Yo.rksluj'O^iidrfi.iiK- . .-Lcgef ,Uimh, IMjnliSiilieb.'s  ������. ���'". �� "��� '' fiorjc, A luilb''Si(trco "-"."A.,  '    '    ^10^:|5'.f>Ai;ilHi?g:      '" " '    " ��*  JVtaSJicd^iiit^gl'.OiUiiGd.j^btitteGtjs L-f6ii{iliJloVuiMtii-Oril.lihi-J  ~    "~   " FpcitKJli Pens,'  l;).KSg.l��HT. .  QbpagQfn t; Ctistiitdf Brnmlj S.'iljcc.  iliftl.Lcijl^illil'ic  COIT-klSIC,  Grciiu AiHlJC'Gj'iljie  Mlfilv  it  J"TllO]tfClH,.lHMfelSCMpN��V.^\'0:M.TBfV*r��ri'>vyiS'  !   Al#/ut>Fn.OU'J%J^1,;J'l!!fA;TAO\-��VA-N* AV���lTll:  ���I��'OUTii>A^-cf.:A"ei3y-:iy'k6']t>"j'T.   -�������'   :  .sAV'iS^rA'jy^'ifoitJ&i^i^pQuS'.iv&y'.'OiJWdolH^f'i  . TAi,ic"i>i;ijiiiua."=,-"*.'.'?"? '.*���'."���.'. u<�����'.''���'���" * '   "���"  -  J.AViriXlCI.flOASK, y%lS.3''0'dt)ft,J!l.;NKi.;j*TO"l'tE-N-  .'Kb'ffii&iii "OlSsTiB^Tii'ittJn.iSr eVkhy jVAi; j-dis".  ''Vri|A)^S8'.l!i-jvVlE]'ll!; !fl?-AWtfe4R. JiN WlB  WE STILL HAVE A FEW HAMMOCKS LEFT  which we are selling at a snap  ALL KINDS OF CAMPING SUPPLIES  ���VAl  '���T��^h^^f(i"^'% :"$M<>fmeMmi%^m  ��� '   ^XAthOiii-iv.iis.nxbiiivKi o^lfIe%[ifevw,V^j���K^^TlQN������  d,��� Ay.tsciijiiBi'jMJtrN'cS ^ si;|;ciam:v  ���^.^gojisrTSTa;  .W^EST Bm��0 ���SiBEE^  13,   Js^J^JEt^-SLXTM   &  COJ  TEAjyflSTERS  WANTED  *riKj iiiidcr����!i'ilud waul, fifty idbor-  nrSfii.itdl-enui.sfcfa (Jj wofktiH I'lw tVorlli .Stitr liftmtsli of  this CitntV/Xetit. 1'iUis r!(ii.I\v4i,y, mill Hliou't. tlio wulm iiiini��  Uoi'.of H|it(J.iim Tiwii. \V,(: (iin*l! Jlitn' uiII&h of wioil Htitfcitm  WOrli, vvliiclJ will 1��J M iii Uio ricxi; lc,il ilayfc,  JiirKC'ltojt'lJitiM fc WXIXU, Clout meter*.  tfnijii'iuotik, H. v., AnmiKt. iSJni, ito.  ���ttm&ovt, ii. o.  Coffco roastftiw and llcaloi's in Tea and ColJtoo.  Offer frcRh roasted coflco of liest quality as followR:  Java wifl ^Amljian Madia, por pound $  40  Java and Moolia Ulond, 3 pounds..   1 00  Hiio Santos^ i pounds >> ��   1 00  Santoi�� Blond, S pminds    ,  l 00  Our Special Blend, 6'pounds...... ���   1 00  Out: Eio Roast, 6 pounds.  1 00  A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms 2 Doors  East  of  Oddfellows   BlocJ^,   West  Baker Siseet  Corner Haker and Ward Streets.  -Wiitorincloj'i'S, Pine Ajrjilcs. sftid jill othen Fruits  iii season reoeh'Gil dailj".  ifaziewood Ide (dueain.  Ice 'Cv'eani Soda and  MUlc Shakes and Butt^pmllK;  SwetSt:-Olfani rc'cdvetl TCuowliiSyH afld' Mdnyic  licave your Ordprs,  :Proiii"i;t tU'li\;6ry  NEAR FORT SHEFPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  ISTELSOlsr  Restaurant  .AfcotOi* fo   Haxlowood I*3o firoaim.  FOR  ICE  CREAM  AND  FRESH  FRUIT OF ANT KIND.  Mirid  your P's and  Q's is all   fight Wheii  properly applied  What always applies to the; careful housekeeper -\���'A  F*ay the strictest attention to them and where*  to buy them arid you'tl always have comfort!  in the house.  Come in and try our Ice Cream Soda and  Refreshing Drinks.  ;-;NcXt Door to  P. liurtis&Co.  HUMPHREYS & PSTT0CK  9?HE   FINEST   PLEASURE   RESORT   IN   KOOTENAY  Baker Htrtiet, between Jo.iophino and  Hall .streets, Nolnou.  ���     M35AXS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OH NIGHT  KAKKKY IN OONN.KUTION  FAMILY ANU PASTKY 'COOKINTO A SI'KCIAJjTY  ONLY WHITE HKUP EMPLOYED  PaLMoe   Bakery  UrCail delivered in any jinrt of the city.  Cukes, pastry, and confectionery a specialty,  CRAWFORD BROTHERS  West to Boyul Hotel, Stanley Street, Nclsoii ..  NOTICE   TO   CONTBAOTOBS.  Sealed (ciidora will bo received by the undoi-signed up  to XI o'clock noon on Thiirralay, -A iiKtist HlKt, IS!!!), for tlie  l)iiseitiunl.'(J'JU by :H) fuel) of the Madden bloek, on the eor-  , nor of Baker aiid AA'awI streets. J'lan.s and upeuilicji/tiniiK  may he Keen at the arehiieet'fi ollico. 'J'lio lowest or.'iny  tender not. 'iioeGwnivilynccej iled. "A marked ntieck an lount-  iiiK- to 5 per cent of tlie leiider must accompany each louder. ARTHUR K. l'lODUIXU, Archileet.  Nelson, August Sith, l!i!):).  HAIR GOODS AND HAIB OBIAMENTS  Switches from $2 up.  MRS. J. W. KE AUNKYhas opened a Ladies Hair Dressing Pirlor in room 1, Victoria block, Nelson, and Im prepared to fti-iiinh everything in-the Avay of hair Booda  and Jiair tonic*.  Treatment ot the scalp a specially.  We are having a big run on Teas lately; why not join the race?  FMIT JARS!    FRUIT  Direct  from the manufacturer in pints,  quarts, and  in stock.  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour  JOHN A. IRVING ��Sr COMPANY  Baker Street West, Nelson, U. C.  Stracha.n   Bros  FUtJ3Vt33HJ3RS, ETC.  ooPEie_^. sio-crsE 3i_oC3k:  m"  ',$*���!,< ~ Vi^f eT-trt t X��"%.K"����\" "


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