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 M. LABORI SCORER HEAVILY OFF  Lying Witnesses.  Rennes, August 23.���Maitre Labori  anrl Madame Labori were present at the  opening of the Lyeee at (5.30 this morning. Tlie session began "with tho testimony of minor witnesses, includingcomptroller Roy anrl major Drovill. TJic  fourth witness, M. Peubrcuil, who described himself as a. private gentleman,  proved most entertaining, and. moreover,  gave Labori the (irst opportunity of  making a few points in favor of Dreyfus.  Duhrieul told a gossipy story of meeting Dreyfus at the house of an ncquaint-  �� �� ance in IS!)!, when Dreyfus was a lieutenant, and to seeing him eon versing  with a man described to the witness as a  German attache. This was tlie sum of  his testimony. Labori took Duhrieul in  hand and ascertained he only knew the  visitor was a German attache because lie  was told so, and did not know whether  he was a military or civil attache.  After the Dubrieiil testimony, captain  Valdant deposed tliat, at the end of May,  18!)(>, major Lauth came out of colonel  Picquart's room exclaiming: "Ah, ah!  never in this world!" When witness  asked what was the matter, the major  replied : " He wants me to certify that it  is the handwriting of so-and-so. I will  certify nothing."  The session of tho court-martial today was comparatively'uneventful. The  depositions were not productive-of any  really thrilling incidents. The systematical production of the flimsiest trash  which the prosecution deems profitable  to inflict on the judges, aud which the  latter accept as evidence, was proceeded/  with. Much of the ridiculous testimony  of the morning was devoted to an.  attempt to blast_Dreyfiis' private character, though When maitres Labori anrl  Demange had finished with the witnesses, their bubbles and tittle tattle  were badly pricked. Much of the time  was occupied in reading the testimony of  Esterha/.y and mademoiselle de Pays before the court of cassation, during which"  many of the audience left the court. M.  Labori again distinguished' himself  in laying bare the weak, points of  the evidence. He was less fierce  however, than yesterday, though quite  aggressive enough to arouse the latent  hostility of the. judges which showed itself in various little ways. M. Labori is  110 favorite either with-'major Carriere  and the latter makes no serious effort  to conceal his feelings 'towards, the  lawyer. : M. Labori  ^^'^l^ieJIJecfesof;' ihe,  r ��f -JTiT ���. 5l 1. S*/f. 1* s,^ .V ft'  THURSDAY MORNING, AUGUST 24,  ]8��9.  !JJ_   PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $6 A YEAR; WEEKLY,  $2.  staff. Bortillon's theory has already  been introduced by some of the military  witnesses, who declare their confidence in  it. The trial in my belief will last about  another twenty days."  Paims, August 23.���-The Figaro gives  an extract/ from a letter written just before he rlied, by signor Wossmaiin, the  Italian ambassador to Kranee, to whom  colonel I'aniz/.nrdi is said by general  Itoget to have addressed a. letter implicating Dreyfus. The . following is the  significant sentence: "I have only one  regret, and that; is to rlie without having  seen the innocence of the unfortunate  Dreyfus established."  Loniion, August 24.���Official permission  to appear at the Rennes court martial, if  cited, has been, according to the Rome correspondent of the Daily Mail, granted to  colonel Panixzardi, formerly Italian military attache in Paris, who recently denied in a communication to tho Figaro,  the statement of general Roget in his evidence at Rennes that Paniz/.ardi addressed a report to signor Rossman, formerly ambassador to France to the elfect  that colonel Schwaiv.koppen, formerly  German military attache in Paris had  relations with Dreyfus.  SITUATION IN THE TRANSVAAL  bore  little trace  of  r^rjyia^q^ji^rin-i^hlnij;  Lipton on Shamrock's Chances.  London, August 28.���Sir Thomas Lip-  "t'oii, iu an interview.--with, a reporter of  the Associated Press today, said : "I have  read the remarks of American yachting  experts, many of whom have seen the  Shamrock through their telescopes, but  while these good people know all about  yachts, they have not data upon which  to base their opinions, except patriotic  wishes. Any man knows the Shamrock  has done nothing yet beyond wearing  down the Britannia on time allowance,  and that pretty easily. So, to whittle  tho Shamrock's chances down to tihe luck  of heavy weather is beside the mark, for,  in my opinion, Fife has designed an all-  round yacht. There is nothing absurd in  the secrecy maintained. We have reasons  for it. It is quite true I asked the prince  of Wales to witness one of tho races. No  one "would be happier than he to accept  ^���as<ui1abfc��tx> ^tfesf ir^;4W&<9$  ��^w;it$d-iig>^.$;��  .:%^p^(ife'Mrfiis>lififiiit��� ?'tffl_o-rcbUj_8_1 j$(�� tite?  f:->M$!S^ -'tin ti* Ms'ft^'-  ^w.yih;-a.iquick:st^-])-"ai.\d;^ppa'rejtMy4'a.  ithpai'5t;..bu-:tdu�� ;left���.mbaldily^-nKtuuled:'  i stage.  alight  - jby:|\fe*Labor.i:%   * ��� }��� ; �� ���*,���   ,i'f,",a^ Z'-jl  =Sif tG:(?;.nr.vi^t^Gbh"z;f�� J,l^gi|ii vby> dpeljtring lie ���  teaimr t0'fl |^  ^d,l'i>fc$iii'g^^. ltiiil| lfn%. jvholi. liiS;:  .'''.:.^i^s!^o>:tiinhi'Ulvti,rSni�� \vp$& ^fifpjdied  fie- ',rQ-��  , %nr nfd"ti:i;1iis:?��� |"|$| /^ylilif|itetc.Q{��fetevJt ,^)Q"  tfrvv^gn $n$i'���gxi��<i}:�� if^ J^?1'' -$fed"dftve&  " linn, ialio rii p.oVner*:on��n 'thc.attpin|st& of the  '. .^(jjtjpi'rtf: ^fetI:%�����^^%1^1^VbiJ^y'' (and .hivd-  sjipwed" tli^t.-'tlie' ;^gnet'a'r:s,tajJij "for whiclj  -Qon~ was i!osp^iisible,.had engineered Jjls-  tpriia'/.y's, escape from, tho hands of jpsf  4|ice. TheocofifidrJh;t tones of thp general  liad by thSli subsided into tlie proverbial  =^stfl)rSmall^  ing had changed into the abashed air of  a school boy caught tolling \i lie. The  day proved certainly a poor ono for tlie*  general stajf.  Tavo good samples of the men put'up  to sully .Dreyfui' private character were  the third arid fourth witnesses. First  major dp Ghatelot 'repeated 'an alleged  conversation of Dreyfus regarding a lady  at whoso lioiuse Dreyfijs is alleged to have  gambled aiid Ipst money; biit When cross-  examined dn Chatejet's memory failed  him entirely, especially when asked the  name of the lady, tho street she  resided on, and the sum Dreyfus lost.  M, Deubrrsuil .sh.ovv.ed; oq-ually astounding frtrgetfuhidSH on essential points of  his evideiice concertiing Dreyfus' acquaintanceship with it, foreign attache,  and M. Deiniiiuge capped his successful  examination on these points by promising  to s'how that M. Deubreuil's record in the  courts is far from clear, with tlie result  that the witness left the stand badly discredited.  The correspondent of the Associated  Press talked this afternoon with M.  ".Tanres, the socialistic leader,, who with  M. Mathieu Dreyfus sees Maitre Labori  every day after tlie session and who is  acquainted with the entire tactics of the  defence. M. Jaures said: "I am convinced that Dreyfus will be acquitted.  Ho must be acquitted, for no new facts  have been brought up against him. The  generals, I believe, are going to make  their last stand on Bertillon's system,  which thoy intend to submit as proving^  Dreyfus guilty. Intelligent men laugh  at it, but it is very ingenious and has the  merit, iu the eyes of the generals, of being incomprehensible to an ordinary man  and thus calculated to impress him, if  supported by the puppets of the general  sto? Svjii:, - nfrid^if- M  sh  on  ,^M$ek���;-i%l#^  rfriye/ijieal^^ f o^rksipji"; Sinn i  3^e^i3^!i1,:7ii1d^^^��!eiei?iimi^  40rj'acaiii'thefcupi5:"n^" ���" -*i "?."<"���"  _ /��f  aJ  ���j���- ;..?.T"hnei:Steamer;fR.pjn^ :'  Tr��tCrdh".y"wliph ,i]V'iVtlirl"*��JNfi.tri,nOAVfJs " of'  ,thfi''d3o_%fiil^a)^tvji|i*/ .aboiTjj**^. 'iiiije .'ajOioTi^-  B'lfl'tou :"dft:yj fii^rf Jwi/- disgrivfrdcl ;r|n;-nSiij*��  ,gteaiuer^��^r^f4l,*4���� ���,' 'She* 'W��i-s�� tjitirra^hoi^  ; afid siJ'C'''t!li',fe r'6ii-g!_3ij|:^r-1isV.|-<sri,s ^it.-/^^ ".3ifai^{  work the Fire \vas |)u,t t>nV after itjiadj  .'btirrierl 'th'roirg-h: "ablie^il^jo^ 'OflD",tl_fe "miliri  caibiiv fOiHVii.rds ;1?ai^*:Of th"k ca.Eg6pW��S4  ni ad6up Of hrn'ses ariidcaittje", itjid !a num-��  ber of tlieui got {xsliore and were left tie-  hiiirh Bad tlie fires broken, onit.when the  steauier was rtn the lake ifi'is dbubtfiil if  Is Still Uncertain.  Cap^tow'X, August -23.���From an excellent unofficial sourer! of information it  is ascertained-that the substance of tho  Transvaal communication to the British  government in reply to the lattcr's demand is a concession of a nva years' (retroactive) franchise, a share in tlio elections of the president, anil an increase in  the representation of the gold fields, probably eight .additional seats, and a stipulation that all other questions are to be  submitted to an arbitrator, but not a foreign power, that Great Britain shall not  use the present interference as a precedent, and that the British government  shall relinquish all sovereignty rights.  Pretoria, August 2.'3.���Mi;. Conyng-  haino Green, British agent and charge  d'affaires at Pretoria today presented to  the government a further despatch from  the British secretary of state.for the colonies, Mr. Chamberlain, the nature of  which has not yet been divulged. The  presumption is that it is connected with'  the recent pour parlors. Tho members  of the executive are apparently more  cheerful.  London, August 23.���The Johannesburg correspondent of the Times says  disquieting reports have been received  here from Natal...' It is said that on Sunday a train from Johannesburg was fired  on in Transvaal territory. The feeling  near the border is bitter and the disloyal  Natal Dutch are armed with Mausers. -':..-,  Towing Extraordinary.  Laciitnb, Quebec, August 23.���An unusual and very dangerous feat of towing  was performed here.yesterday. Davis &  Son s, con tractors for th e Mon treal waterworks, had a dredge and three scows  working just abreast of the big chute in  the Lachine rapids, known as tlie Verdun,  or the Lost' Channel. As tho dredging  job was com pi eted they wished if possible to take the dredge and scows out.  of the rapids and use them elsewhere. When this was spoken of most  men shook their heads as though the feat'.'���]  sw^s^!iiripr^slbl63: iTlie ^G&K��m> ^reckiiife  'Cqinj)any:beiug^applied:4o,r  "on^tjie^sh-pals^  ���'afeiearrfovth^f^red^^^^  ���slble^viTMiou^^  :���Eii:onr tlierc ^about��shalf/ sni-mi'lo ^ofrs.te.eli,;'  d i%dke>,afid* iSefo'jiykf 'k'nlft$fv.i.fct:ii ekpfty&ev$'  ruhsteam ^wiii.chesy .���Q,n,��;0QneiV^t^wo.isteani��  slie cotild liave been, sayed. The passengers were somewhat excited, and it is  said a lew of them _j>r_w their haiid bag1-  gage overboiivd before t',e bojSt. readied  tlie shore. Before the steamer reached  Robson tlie captain was presented with  an address aiid a box of chanipagiip by  the passengers us a slight token of their  appreciation of tlie way in wdiich he handled the boat and the crew during' the  excitement.       Scandals in at Lunatic Asylum,  San Francisco; August 23.���Governor  Gage today presenter) the lrtujicy cOm-  niissioii with Ills report of hisinV'estigatioii  into the management of the^ insane asylum sit Ague ws. A great deal of the report is unprintable. Dr. Spouagle, iwedt-  eal superiiitendelit of tlie asylum, lia^  been removed iis were also Drs. Stoeking  and Crista!.  ������  McCoy Will Try Again. i  Chicago, August 28.���Billy Sfciffc today  signed to meet "Kid" McCoy September  Sth for six rounds. The agreement is  conditional upon Stiffs winning his fight  in Denver toriionwv with Jimniie Sean-  lon. Should Stift be defeated in Denvei-,  McCoy will probably fill the engagement  with Choyuski.  Only a Canard.  Paris, August 23.���A rumor was current in the various newspaper offices late  tliis evening that president Loubet had  been assassinated at Rambonlliet. Subsequently the report was officially declared untrue.  THE TOWNS ANDJHE DISTRICT  An East Kootenay Property.  I'oi'l. Slcjulo lYospoolor.  Four men are now employed in the development of the Brittle Silver group of  claims, which are situated on the head  waters of Sheep creek, over the divide  from Wild Horse creek. This work is to  asceitain if at depth the ore body gives  the same showing as was apparent on the  surface. The development sofar consistsof  an open cut of 15 feet in length from which  a tunnel will be driven to crosscut the  the ledge at a depth of fifty feet. On  the surface the lead was stripped across  the vein for six feet, and the indications  arc that it is fully twenty foot wide. At  present it has the appearance of being a,  true fissure, but this cannot be determined until the ledge is crosscut and both  walls shown up. It is the intention to find  out what there is in it, and as speedily  as, possible put the property on a shipping basis; in fact, the ore now being  taken out is of excellent quality, but no  ore is being taken out except such as is  encountered in the course of', develop7  ment. J. W. Arthur of Spokane is largely interested in the proposition, arid he is  of the opinion that ore for shipment  can be taken out much easier than is  usual on properties which show .so little  development. Mr. Arthur further states  that in shippi ng, the ore will have .to  come down Wild Horse creek and pass  , through Fort Steele.  Mining on the Upper Duncan.0  ; George N. Taylor has just returned  from a visit to the Upper Duncan river,  at a point 30 miles above Duncan City,  says the Rossland Miner. His mission  was to look after the Standard group,;  which is being operated by the Standard  Gold Mining company, and of the group  which is being operated by tlie Imperial  Gold Mines of British Columbia. These  properties lie alongside of each other and  tlie same vein runs through, each. In  speaking of the Standard group, Mr. Taylor said -there are two claims in the  group.    There  are seven .men  at work  yi^l^ljr^r^/a^ei^gcjifjJj  im!!g&  ^lfce'ofiHO-O^teiet)*  ''.loljl!^^  countered. A new tunnel has been commenced '150 loot below the shaft, and is  being driven on the ledge. It is in 22  feet, in ore.  Uncle Sam is Slow Pay.  Santiago dk Cuiia, August 23.���Five  men aro dead and ten wounded as the ro-  sult of a fight last night between  gendarmes and disappointed Cuban soldiers at Cucvitas, three miles from Santiago, where the payment of Cuban troops  is progressing. Five thousand Cubans  had gathered there to receive pay, anrl  after three days only 580 had been paid.  Thousands who harl been disappointed at  other points had come to Cucvitas as the  last place of payment in the proviuce.  The imperfect lists caused great dissatisfaction, and a rumor circulated yesterday  that the paymasters would leave today,  alarmed the men who, had not been  paid. They began to collect iu  .groups anrl to show their aniioyance.  Finally their threats became serious.  Captain Baliat, with twenty gendarmes,  were present to preserve, order among the  applicants, and the United States troops  protected colonel Moale, the officer having charge of the payments. Suddenly  captain Baliat, who was .mounted, was  surrounded by a mob, struck by stones  and bottles and shot in the arm. Hisnien  promptly fired, a volley into the mob,  three persons being instantly killed and  thirteen wounded, two of whom rlied this  ' '        ��� ��� i  morning. ��� Colonel Moale's guard promptly surrounded the -money/office,-but took  no part in the fighting. For a few minutes there was a lively conflict, carbines  and i machetes being used freely. Captain Biiliat was the ��� only gendarme  wounded. All the dead were colored soldiers. This morning payment was resumed under a heavy guard. .There were'  rumors that a force is .being-iorgjiiiized-'to'-  attack'-, the-.pay. office, but these are probably unfounded. c  Baseball  Games  Yesterday.  Detroit 7, Mil waukee;4.    -      r- >  Indianapolis 2, Kansas City 5. "  ^Indianapolis 5, Kansas City 2.  Worcester 2, Rochester 3.;.'-:.  , S prj lig fi el d; l,.%ov6xito,  e3Ju#ly>  ^M<3'  ���S'-OW  Silver Going Down.  New   York,   August   23.���Bar  silver  50 1-10; Mexican dollars 47\; Silver certificates 00 ��00-,'.  ��� ,s|r|am��-a1\d,:tOAyorXa) iu^4l��t|i-0* Iseethifit^  "teuvi'Srit ���th^oiigiEMirjJ_a_}inse"^t^'g_,'iu5d?1  thrmee/iijito the r��abal." Tlie'.strSiixijei's^liftr  -h'e.r"e;D._at'5h".0"Clo-ck:- p,��'lris.���"to ;td,w��� .jt-lieiiifcp^tOi  ��� '0avdi-ija1^\dj[SK^thgfjf Jn'!lJyb(&n/iis^.i!ls,"|;TMs|]'  , is! reOri'SidleSeli-sOn ^  '"tp#iitg��|ob���s-"."ev'dtf * =��n -. :. .  ��� -:. ���.|, ^' "McPlilli-ps-' 'Noi the" Qiily -"pMe*   -  ,-. ^I^xiaftOi:nSy-geiieral Maistin is" "brfitt ;oir  .'trlrlxi'gito'iget'.'.rev^ij-ge' "fo^r. .the, itctj^rt P'E  tlie-benchers iti suBpeudihg hiihs lie has":  written to: the Law Society makirig ,(t  charge of '* unprofessional coiidiiefe"  jigaiiiftt^Jj. JL ^fej^illips^Q. a, of Vtui-  iSi^iWeTT^MiT'Blartitvit^ilti^^^^  throatened to make complaints against  othef practitioners.  A Champioii Beaten.  Atlantic Otty,- New Jersey, A;ngus|,  23.���J. A. Hi KHiott, the recognizer)  chanipion wing shot of the world, today  lost the eastern oliaiiipidnship ailrl aside  bet of .$100, to W, R; Crosby of Ratavitt,  New York. The total was 139 to 1_8 out  of a possible IjjQ.  Sultana Mine Sold.  Mix.vBAi'ouSj Miiiiiesotaj August 23   A special from Dtilutii says the largest  mining deal ever made in the Western  Ontario goldfields lias just been closed in  the sale of the Sultana mine to the British Capital Corporation for $450,000.  Only 257 in Attendance.  The attendance at the Nelson public  schools yesterday in the, different rooms  was as follows: Mi's. Pearey's 1*5, Miss  Wickham's 03, Mr. Clarke's 48, Miss  O'Reilly's 53, aiid principal J. II.  Soady's 18.   Portuguese Stand Pat.  Lorenzo Marquee, Delagoa Bay, August 23.���The detained ammunition intended for the Transvaal has been removed to the Portuguese troopship India.  It is reported tliat the Boers contemplate  sending demands   for the ammunition.  Slanderers Prosecuted.  Rennes, August 23.���Maitre Labori  has decided to prosecute La Croix, one of  the leading clerical argans, and La Libre  Parole, together with M. Drumont, proprietor and director of tho latter paper,  personally, for declaring the recent murderous assault upon kiin "a fake."  ;f>iamei^ j%i^^^Jj^fljh^tql^4 "n." -.j,  :"\^-*:/^4^^ "- �� -"^  ^.SnM.*|l4 - ffl,oii����� eilij^lB^i/fftidi-i-rg'  -faifd;\ut^h-igbB ii>igl.tt:o'f^ayB. .oii, tjie^ Jiiiip -Q.f"'"  iStli"p^M\, "M^f''- fe.���' 'bi)a;ii cjlV"tjplv'* fljiclpV coij -:  Vti"n��&ti��pnV''"E "Tlio, -ifo,m��'-���&��,*''bitildiMg' t)ie*  \va��goilri'Oad betVvQeii  the forty. On Diin-*  crtiY.'Styei'- ''rtncl th:e^ .foot*' pf '.Ti?ou���t1ni.ike' is"  pi^g^eiSn:ig"-lJwtpMi:y.���  "Already, tlie. meii  ::a;re Vithiii less th|m  foiirteeil liiiles: Of  Selkirl'C Cityj  and   it  is   expected  that  the %rpad    =w;ill    bec coinpleted    in    a,  mofttlfs    tlote:    n It    is    the    intention  pfthe'C���r^itr4fetors tp set a force pf men  itojtVorfeoiuthis^elirLo -f_i t=j iirf t^as=soou=as=  supplies can be  got in.    Tlie  grade  obtained betwebii the foot of Ti'out lake  and the li_ad. of Ivootenay lake, with the  exception  of  two  points, 0116  near this  end aticl: tlie other at Ounean Pass, is one,  per "cent,    ft is Stated that  the work be-  ���tweeii Dinicjvn Puss: and Selkirk City is  expeed i 11 gly 1 i g)it.  Developnient on the Fern.  Tlie I^ern mine fa working a full force  r)f ineij again, ajid the upraise fi^oin No.  4 tiitinel to No. 3 is being active}^ jiirosfr-  cutod, At pi;,esent it has been dfivcii  about sixty feet, aiid another 100 foot remains to be done. Koi 4 ttiniiel is in  nearly 700 feet.. The tailings from the  last run of tile mill before tiiO company  was reorganised liave just been treated  by the Cyanide j)!ant with,, it fa understood, siitisfactoi-y results, though the returns liave not been made publics The  management of the Fern pays the standard wage.  A Two-Thousand Foot Tunnel.  The individuals interested in the Last.  Chance mine, in the Slocan, have commenced work on a tunnel that when completed will pierce the mountain. The  Work will be done through the No. 4 tunnel on the Last Chalice, and will be under  the direction of John O. Regan, who is  considered an expert in such work, ft is  expected that several ledges will be  crosscut by tho tunnel, which will be over  2000 feet lon^   Development on the Estolla.  Fori Steele Prospector.  Development is rapidly progressing on  the Estella.    The main shaft is down 02  feet.    A  cross-drift  has  been   run from  the bottom'"'of the shaft for a distance of  , fourteen feet, all in ore, and. 110 wall 011-  ;^cretai"y^a��ide^li|i^hi^  ;c4)l-lector"pf;fdustoiiiS;,/of=4p--t'|^  ^ffiolgtj^iijsjtf^i^r^  jv^ji^-Gjwfatliaii^fiSHing'iYes^  tk n^#.(feii\'ttXo3on\rit;icfil^.rfPD ^I'l^^ii^tir-u^ipixs^  ��� Avpi:|i!,baspdo"joii," a^cai'eful^n^estigaaom by-;  '^.m'UniilpclJ^ptlll^i^tftp^  jpoi'ted^tp-ftto in- "felB^'iisjiai-fiaG'.^lie^ \va.S  ;'_u^ltj^"^��*-tift)^  :.'nii$b!KlEL-p"w  ddh:r|f ii|^Mli1oi:,t of-'thM ���view' -lof the"'^^^  GENERAL   OTIS'  REGULATIONS  A Surprise at Home.  Washington, August 23.���That the  campaign in the Philippines is to be  pushed vigorously and promptljr, is evident from the remark secretary Root  made to the reporters today. He was  determined, he said, that every man belonging to tho twenty regiments of volunteers now being recruited shall eat his  Christmas dinner in that country. - This  statement was brought out by a reference to the published report that two of  these regiments wore to be held in the  United States as a reserve force. Regarding the reports that general Merrit  has been at Lake Champlain in conference with tho president, and is to succeed  general Otis iu command of the troops in  the Philippines, secretary BootAvas lion-  connnittal. He evaded all "questions  on this point and declined \ to  make any positive statement Whatever in  regard to the subject. D  The state department has been informed   through  a diplomatic  channel   that  general Otis has 'applied' the Chinese  exclusion laws to the Philippines.    The information Avasa surprise to the authbrit-:  ics here, both  state anrl military,'as...the',-'  matter had been under consideration for.  some  time and   it was  not known ithat  general Otis had ''put"the exclusion  law.%  into force.    The Chinese .government has-  shown more anxiety as to the course of  this government toward- the  Chiuesc  in,  the   Philippines    than    towards    those  in Cuba,   or other   parts  of the   world,  mainly  because   the  Philippines? are|so&  near China, and large liumbers^of Chinese >  are   already  "est^  carry; oh: th e bulk  of tlie^retail {trade,;  have ah/extensive quarter iii Manila, and  ;  send   out Vtravelihg   salesmeni; earryiiig  packs   to   the   remote . interior -of:; the :"  islaiuls. -* The^pnly paction taken'���'��� hei-b  as;  to  the  Chinese^exclusion has been  theV.  ruling "...'.tliat^^ they���". ;'are  not a part of tlie  ihiihigrjitibn  act  and  do  not apply; to  Cuba OivPoi-to Rico. V    ^  Eace May Not Finish.      -     , "    ";  : Toronto, August , 23;���-It  looks yeryv ;  finuch as if the  Ciiiiadit's cup race woulrl?  not be:finished-inVthe tiuie allowed toda^.^  The boats did not start until 12.25 rnving   ;  to the light wind,  j By 1-30 the boats had ^  gone oiily three lnilbs^ the Genessi&hay-  ;ing again ;/secured   the   load,  but yeryfe  sliglitly.    Attliisrate the race willi;libw-:M  ever,;be  iinfinished/:and: will not count. >"  The wind is{still:.yery|iglit.-f,Gi^wds rup  ?  ^rjrmhrlitliryiuwsbape^  ^UnlJ^in^  :a#%%shp>f(^ If 4^y^^feb#u!b^  ���3.-VW^Hiya^-  -�� -^^^^--r-^'X:!;*!.^-'-''-^'--''^  ���^feSh'^.iU'n.^m  MtomJmifimiinxizibH..;^^  fedaySlf trirn ��9R!^>g^i#fe^j��^iJ^#��t.  mteiNnd_/��tiMfiP  ;'. 1^ feis%, a)|rl "-Mi^ ^^tei'Bon-i ^ .ipe^gh b|>i^��ifv&  Ji$\  o:,^ ta^w.....  . ��� - "K-e'ceiyer- - Appointed.,-v""��"- -'X-n  . 0"l^Vn3'Ll,kp, Oliip^ 'Augifet; ,a*3.^jTtfdge��  T:hw,n!'psou pf  the tlnited' Sta'tes'pii'cuit4  court tpd|i,y appbintcd  Percivali" "^1��s.C3I"o--.  hicjit=pfMfeiflapd,^ea^  the dgdeuslntrg'TrtviiSijaffa  on tlie application of Ii,redeivir;fc Hi. l^ripce.  The fiction was begun  On the-gi'OtiUd of  rlefanlbby the eoiUiiany ah tire lia^ment  of $13i()00 to thp sinking fund to trustees.  ^^____  ialm to the Henpecked.  T?lie ''Td'jcag court of upixealH hiis a:f/irmed  a deCis'nm. giving to a hiisband the right  ; to enjoin uijy thb'd persOli fi'ojn 3jinking  to. writiiig to or in liny svityaomxniiiywvt-  iug with liis \vjfe, whaue^ef witch act shall  be prejiiilrektl to 'sair'l Jjusbaiid,, ��� _!*|iis  gives liim. idjsohite control of his mother-  in-law, although the decision was rendered at the instance of a jealous  husband.  *l! "I1.' ��� ||   " 'I .|J 1111  ���'"II n    "  Negroes Are Shocked.  Ni3\v OuI/ea.Vs, La., Augitst 23.���Two  negroes Were kiilcrl outilight,, two Wcr6  seriously burned and eighteen others  severely shocked while engaged in the reconstruction of St. Charles Avenue'  electric car line in this city today. The  men had placed a rail against a  charged with 500 volts of electricity  to defective insulation.  -j*- ���_&���  ,i:ive:d:''"piiei'e"���,'  ${��& _3^ni|r^rS^ie^!j  ^���'-,'sAl.^'a'U���^lv/4Wihlc.h?,"-",������^,*"  "llpi:'e";'tftdrvy>jWPt;p-*tWo.?f��urpp)itei:'S"A,"''i  fflGJ fey laot'ne py^0^^^^^it}^^^x^^^^ ?  jrlesigner ��� ofstfe'e^Shitife^ockl  Editp?;Sro^iied.  )i:ifA��l^^i^|arip|,  the Canadiiui   iMiniStbi; ia  pole  due  Carriage Struck by a Train.  Nbw York, Augitst 23.���While crossing  the tracks .of the New Jersey Southern  railway at Seabright, New Jersey, a carriage containing six persons was struck  by a train. Miss Louise Terry, 'Charles  Trippe and C. Terry, were instantly killed,  and the other occupants of the carriage  were badly injured.  After the Postal Service.  It is stated that an investigation of the  way that stage companies handle the  mail sacks in the Boundary week district  has boon commenced by Hewitt Bostock, M.P.  Rat POiifAXii^^ijftarlpl, Aif#hS#���'_��.,v���,.  John, 'Ritchie] )^d^!Khe^��^-siiia|bi^^ly^  paper 'culled1 "tire 'A}:iirsti;c|^ai> l^eeAYfitiiS^*  was disowned ut IfdA,ifriinejjji'^iC^;o"nrliiJy *:  -evening�� .   He   \vns; %.= nie^9k>i-8, :pf^hje;  Iveewatin b/ttid', Ojiid' hiw ^ife' {.tcju^iilpijjiiiS ���  ml  tire,  excu-i'siop   to   'fei'i  Fftt,��0|S"titt" .,.  Satiii'dtty eveniiig., '  . ShQid'^ Arhitf;���t4���. ������"���������..s'' ...���;...������  I')iHcussiug';as state|iieii>by Jifoii^i^id^'^  .Mills-on the A^l^lW-Ifonw^i^'^ijo^^^  the   Chicago,"  argument   ol  eomi'MK't, logical and comprehensi'vej apd  while his conclusions may not receive the  concurrence of Aiiiericaps \vho have examined thri rji'mstion they slirinld enipha-  size the iiirpol'taitce of i'oferriog the whole  mutter to arbitration as the olily nifetltod  of satisfuctory adjustment."  No Trouble in East Kootenay.  D'ort 'Steele Prospector.  There is no trouble between the mine  owners and miners in Bust Kootenay.  The owners are.paying $3.;">0 per day for  eight hours' work, and find it dillieult to  get men in sufficient numbers.  The Beaver's Designer.  The Beaver, which is now defending  the Canada's cup against the American  challenger Ccnessee, was designed by A.  E. Payne of Southampton, one of the  most noted and successful of British  naval architects.  &"��*._,.  ���'t'-'&sV.  A Princely Salary.  Berlin,, August 23.���It is reported tliat  Maurice Gran has engaged tier.' Brouek  of Berlin, leador of tlie Gefrituu. opei1^, for  the sejvson at a salary of ��5100. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON",  D. 0... THURSDAY, AUGTST S4-, 1890.  WE HAVE SILK NEEDS  iti  Shrewd   women   are  quickest  to "appreciate these silks.    In fact w  $a    the women who keeps  fully  posted  on values are our  most  regular yg  (m    customers to this department.    Are you a shrewd woman?   Then we ^  ^   will expect you to share this offering  m  M  %  20-inch Plain Japanese Silks at 35 cents per yard  21-inch Plain Japanese Silks at .'���. 50 cents per yard  27-inch Plain Japanese Silks at 60 cents per yard  Striped Wash Silks for Waists at  45 cents per yard  Plaid Wash Silks for Waists at    .' 50 cents per yard  Checkee Wash Silks for Waists at 60 cents per yard  Checked Wash Silks for Waists at .70 cents per yard  This is a money saving opportunity.  %  %  MARTIN  O'REILLY & CO. ��  BANK OP  B. O.  BUILDING-,  NELSON. _?_I!I._V_S   0-��_S_H_ Tj/lf  NELSON HARDWARE GO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  gone out to the shop   girls   of   the   great  city who arc without homes  and live   in  c-liciip lodgings and boarding houses.-      In  1lic.se  places tin.! accommodation is usually   comfort-loss and   often   wretched,  but  I,he poorly-paid girls can afford no better.  Air. Parker's   plan   is lo organi/o   a company to provide working girls with comfortable boarding-houses at a lower price  lor board anrl lodging than they now pay.  It   is   a   well-meant;   scheme,   anrl  does  credit to Mr. Parker's warm  heart.    Hut  it is very doubtful if the lot of the wage-  earners can be permanently improved by  such   methods.     The   chances  are   that,  even   if   this   particular    project  should  temporarily succeed, the ultimate   result  will lie injury to those whom it is intended   to   benefit.    To  supply  any   class of  wage-earners   with   cheaper   board   and  lodging is to reduce   the  cost  of   living.  The inevitable tendency of reduced   cost  of living is to bring about a reduction  in  wages. Those who live more cheaply than  others  employed   in    the  same   field   of  labor'can afford   to  work for less wages,  ill do so when pressure comes. This  is especially true of tlie unorganized classes   of  wage-earners.    For   these   reasons  women and girls have taken tho place of  "men in stores, factories, oil ices and schools,  and girls who can live at home and whose  expenses are small  arc taking the places  of   girls  .who' have   to   pay   for   their  board  and   lodging.    Wages   constantly  tend down  to  the  lowest romunoiatiou  for  Avhich  wage-earners   are   willing   to  work, and so long as there is competition  among the  workers the..minimum  wage  will   bo   proportioned   to the living   expenses of the successful competitors. The  best directed efforts-in   the cause of the  poorly-paid   classes   of   workers are not  efforts  to  reduce ' the living-expenses of  the workers, but efforts to increase thei  wages so they may increase their living  expenses. ���������'"J\ _".-._  ;    . . -   ;���'.  >-: c?-fZ:.&- <2^<��i:��2; ���sS.-'Si*  L&k  -/==������<��?  ^@ir  <����<��� <_?%s*te? <?�����_���:*_? *_?:<��?��: S^^ S^^ S?:<s:@:&-:��:& ^^^^^fe^Q^^^^^^.^^.'^^^^fe fe^fe?  W' " -_=_=  iti  iti  iti  I      The postoffice has move*  iti  m  Examine the Underwear we are Selling at 75c and $1 a Garment  REGULAR  PRICE   $1 AND  $1.25  ���l���^;;MEN���S::OlJTF!TTER^^���;::  S:gn pt the RED   HAT, Baker St., Nelson  -^-'^^^'^on  l��'Sf/"  ���;�����  Slf1|��_fefi?^^  ^^J^^  ,V"V~��. "H'^&tfi s?ve�����*i   ����injj���rf" "��� .".* v*��, -j "'��������� �����������&. ��,.%��� J)i  ������i. zlxQeihhe&M^Wm MiS%�� Upious- Jpitig'.  ^ul&jiil!^  ��� ;��p^y$ei;|$i^^^ * always ,*  ,a; ��� 'a-re* >iot/^y0rtlf" 'it,;;*Dth;at",-^pwin-g*>tot"���thej  :��i.i.'S"i��^_A."j..-:e.J^fe>"i:i":?  3/*���"B8'-  {lcl��ially^ MBife -por^niair^-^ay^"Pi:^M:;  \* ^00>i ^lie^#@Ptentid#;\fill^|^'^  ;������:|^d;-:by���,f?'iy -jaW w;hp M^ 4��l^f|"  ' "^^xii5fciiK: fel|iiy.Qyiti ey* ,of IjibourVlw%^0p^  - skilled  Or  utiskilledj prpfe^sibnai ���oi?" pii^  ���   tjilofeSgioiiai.   tjpless tl mitu  takes :pi'juV  .=j>l(.py^Np,fo,m���pl,r^;|r���;^  ^liO^lfsPr^lne'dftiijeij^  U*3j * 'PP^jv ;.^;_____s  ;-iw��,t[;ij  lifmBel|iWt|3adf6i'��W.'satldl^  alprffegipie^^  ,#.Q.r��is,|,vp^.h"]s^ti|iipsppJt5^  zussiynXij^id"mv^lie^|-!iJtte,i^"Case' n��;j[i;fei'gki:i  ^ld/us/gpiploy^^ ^silhulait  iii.liis AVOrk, the result will be ppaatisv-  factQisy to tlie man who eliiplpySihim.  Tlid bf^'St men in all pursuits aije ��he.pieh  jyjio take pilrle in the e^cefflen^b pf their;  Hill  Jiua(ir]��ari4fM for  FSRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  a'h:d;-r^np;lpt/Of'=p|vSj,:.foj: Jliii:nselft it e.��.nres4j  ;poiidl|igf''#|puiitf^  ���;ipie"fpilip;'��vlto\;id''^ld;S .seqoiI.d.ilPi'SP'^hat.  i^"$o Bay, "Ills batfgih Jii, sonie regiin*et3t��X'  tipltil Spiii:pai^��|v����3y-rocen:ijly,:it %as;r|jli|e!  'ifgi\(yl'jb-' one niaii to <$W)i -t'eft trr t'wefvo \  jj^aWisT^i^eviai-an^SnTliri^trT^^  ; th&ii this, it w^a�� li ot till Usual fer aw^s^  sitmi to bo left by will to d: man's wift) ,pr,  infant child, in which case the efceentors'  employed a Siibstitute (n-lvas ki(lniat) to  I'ide for the woman or ehilrl, thus enabling thfe oSiVner to draW horse pay.  Tjiis praetiee is still eommon In some5 ha-  tive HXiidpgtHii at;i}tes.  iM'&ixerfte'cl PhilaiitHropyi  Gilbert ]?i>r]��j1^ the Ojuradiiui iiovrjfjis^,  is: leiidiijga pliiliii:)lil).ilr.:ipic Jno^eilten't" in  LOPrlpp, Sngfiind.     Mi's. Syfnpatliies have  t;<|xjDJ|Ht;e^ ���'."!  *��3 E-x'p'eiti!en.c'e'4has^pfe  ffee^S^rfe^rdf}@r^^-mig^  dhB ,to D '  �� - ��       0un"-ia     n��     a    ��  J'      rtn   un      ffid>-     ill UJ..J n[Jj     S��    go D P,!5-^i      ��   " " on OhnttP "     Lw' "n^  %ienf i|^i|rv;npbl?^_^ - r e-T  ^m&^y^^e^ij^^iW^n^ 'Spara nteed ���'  ;|i^S*^\ ;f ::^: :b^�� ^T ;f �� ;^;c/J �� v^;: ���:; '��������� ���/ ������  'T_ai-"s.0:!-'d-^b.y.-,..'' ��-   "'���'   ��  .���n.       -. "���  -*"'^"" ���^"���The^ftippl^48',llw-i;t;Ba;:,sb}0(��Ujp-a^ ��,"'"���.':"" "\--"-"'-n".r.t":*  '-��� l: -4��l_l_ffl^i^:B_.di^&v  Wp nlako n Specialty of  Stjiplap aqd Double Dressed Material  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Shingles arjd Lath Kept in Stock  Olllco and yard jioaf C.IMl. depot   K. G. BKEH, Agent,  -^Wc^t-Biijkcr-StroGtj=^'cic5tiho:ti6^3;  ffhat ro&m of yours weeds  i ^freshening up" for the winter months,,  ,�� ,Jfeyoinvv%ani^a: slylfelf.'pM  ''licsfc-'ClpP^cver riiop6rl;ed^l'c^��'KotsrWia4cli'VpT1,j;,otn!��rQi_i;j'ii  " \ 'HxD4��iYiclrcdVcl6tfais,|'Woi-��ii0��o-fs tiewfg'podf!inb��r;����alt^;  {"^cBo^Sip'i^atrT^tlQft'np^  ["'". - nn";'KE'4&BSoTAJp?f4NfeK^ ""?"*  5-TpVBKT^S>veral lio_R__!ofs-iirWriVi)ii��ifRr ;:��'=*��"' ���   ��r  '- ,K<3jt .sa^EJjga6ai 'i^^^f^i^i^^l^'jf  ��� ..w"i>^lM;:ll���k;e^"trceM,b iiijii; -Ii" Kl' I  ��:si;W6l^ic'p|nprX?.lt^*,#  _  ;stre(jti.;W^,.^jS'..,;.:,.Sjs=;^;j; ^l.:.".-^,",;.".^?,-,-'--  ��� vj,  , ;?J ilOts fi'tii ^t|ife./oritWf4)f i^ti"r;m:oiith "1  , "-..sU'ee^.IrfceJsV- -,���>,. .'i1,"*.."...'.^J: Vs" V*;"*' ^* "'"s>"'mD0" ",����I  VXA^^t'.ig^^^ai^^i^-iK^tjuooy'' _ P  ���'-"���  ",u8tF(jbIiqi.f."ll.���..!,A..",>.��.v.., , -.i.f.,.".Sa��:.��,.4iu.:��'s,.s".-.'-*"*"?"., " 3000  :_-l,6feii^l_pii ^fDfell^lcarcdf^nct^oiftied;^ .Il't:^-: "'"'  2306  Having lOiiHCcl UiclmKiiiGsK of tlio Nelson Soda Wnlor  Fcictory. 1 urn prepared lo Kiuiply t,ho Irrtdt! with all kinds  of c-irboiiatoil iunl oisrsvlud WalxirH. Jb'umily onlorH HoHel-  tcd.   Froiiipldclivciy.  JFVtctory on  .  jSoover street  N. M. CIMMIHS  House  OF THE WEST  The difference '.between the Judge and the  Bishop limy be that the Judge cun say ''you.  he hanged," while the Bishop can siiy "you  ���bo rlioniieri."    On  the other hand  when the  Judge says "you be hanged," you are hanged.  Next to the value offered, the most marked  peculiarity oi our Wall  Paper is that when the  Judge  has   made   his  selection and says "you  be     hanged,"     it    is  hanged; not even tlie  cheapest grades' giving  trouble.    There arc papers that, aro beyond  the jurisdiction of the Judge and come under  that of the Bishop.    There is an art in avoid  ing this kind���this art has been our study.  can give us tm swe (length,  b/fea&th, and height of  6f4hs room, of foor&s,  pity da the rest.   In price,  fteawty of design and quality  bargains will surprise you.  Audi want to be in it. I hay'o, jfjfe.ll foceiVcd  Jc'ftll jiiiiiipleft of Suitings Wild Over-  coulinKK ropiTByniiiiiJ. ad $oj),r00 SWr'k to  eliocisu ifi-om "fiuvdo IW your ordc ul. p iee.s  never 'before; board of in N'elijOU. AH tlio latest  fadH in Ii'iuicy  VctilSiiKf' for KalMnVd vviiitor.  UNIG0   MADJS  s  ?l  WHAT THE JUDGE  AND  THE BISHOP SA.Y  Canada Drug and Book Go.,  3_.x_\_:x _?-__!?  Comer of rtakor and Stanley Streets, Nelson  BOOT AND  SHOE .NOTICE  aftd Fjancy Dress Cfoois  Blouses aiid Press Skirts  CAIili ON  Irs,    E,   McLayghliti  iO_KPH|NTB STBEKT. NKtSON  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver, B. C.  gap  H'elKQli, iMtltH COluilibiiVi  g.  jlteiil "K#Atp" arid rjfqiiera^  illiiiS^-k%  AUOTIONEERS  BLACKSlVllTHiNG  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon ropatrtnft lirririipliy ttttondod to by a flrst-cteu  wheiSlwrlKhl,  Spncial attention given to all kinds ot ropairiiig aiid  cuBtom work froni outtjido poinln.  ��.8Aii m& and mmkk mm  B^kef Street, Nelson  Fiiisft ftoOft ivus- ,b__*k: tj, p. cwiiiDiNq.  Tho undorsigiiecl having purchased tho Maslonka slock  of JioOt�� ii'id yiioos, Uiey will bo Mild al KVoal.ly rod need  itricics.   Hepaii'Ini'clone al old nricuft.  0'KOU.GK I). MM.LlCIt,.  Al-MnslonUa's old sltind on Hull sctroel.  Nelson, Augiini 2:ird, 3!����>.  APPLIOATION    TO    PUBCHASE   LAND.  Thomson Stationery Co., L^  3sr_3i_so_sr, b. c  NoliiCo is bnrobj- given Unit, thirty days nfler dnl.e, T.  tho tiuder.sigiiccl, int.isnd lo ajiidy lo tho tliluf comniiri-  Kioner of lands and work^, Viotoria, H. C, for the pur-  chapo of Uie following do-ei ibud |iiuco of land, situate on  tho Nolson Hide of Koolcnay river, and boing about S'lvcn  miles up fr.m NcIkoh: rjoininenciiigiil. a post nntrked  "Geo. <J. TunstuTl, Junior'n S. VV. Corln-r"; theneo e��.>-t  oiglliy ohaiiiw; Miouoo tioi'Ui forty cliuiiw to whore lovv-  wutcr mark is; and then following the siiiuotdtii'x of tho  Hlioro to tlio I'oint of conunoireeinoiit; a'l contait-iiig,  morn or W.n->. 1(X) acre;.-. GKO. V. '1 UNHTAhU JJ{.  AuKiwt 7Lli. 1SB.     . ' ." " ' ���  Boarding nnd day sehrol for girls will rcnopou on tho  lotli day of August.. Vacancies for boarders. For terms  and prospectu.M apply to  JVlAUKMOlSEliLB KBKN, Principal  Duncan Mines, Ltd., Nelson^ B.0,  Tlio Di!iic:in Sllnos Tjiiuitod aro open to receive  ton urs for tho coiikIruction of a Hume from Sandy and  Kaglo crockH to the pcnaloe:k at the bead of pipe lino of  tlio Granite mill.,  Also 1,1m construction of the penstock with (lond gates  nnd overflown.  Plans and specifications of above can bo inspected in  the olllces of tho Company in Nolson', and tenders will be  received from August _iM; to __Lli.  The above Company are also open to receive tenders  for Ihocon-lruelion of a wng��u road from the Granite  mill to tho tloyal Canadian mine, a distance ��f nearly  I Wo miles. Fiu'Ves wishing to lender for tho job can  inspect the route and obtain particulars of tho work any  day from Aiigu-I. _mfc to 24th.  MINERS WANTED.  The Tangier Minof Limited, Albert Canyon, on tho  main lino of tho 0. J'. XI., 22 miles cast of Kevclstoko, requires six good minors.   Wages $3.60 por day.  Sh,op:   lfa.ll Street, between Baker and Vernon, Nelson  T__5IJa_!_=��_3COlsr__3  ase  During the, season wo will deliver ico nt private resideiwof  and business bouses daily in any  desired quantity at oasourablo  priecsi  WILSON & HARSHAW  L. Pop  MtANWACTUKKH OF  HEAVY TEAM HARNESS  EXPRESS HARNESS, PACK HARNESS  SADDLES, WHIPS, KTC,  ���WABP'    STBBET,     _ST3_3I_S03Sr  "W"_ _p. _E_OBi2srso3_^r  (Ex-Slioriif of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash advanced on consignments ot merchandise.  Vostoffico Box S72 Nolson, li. C.  a Wo loin witlf two-^toi'y tiUuMO oil J;atinlor'  ht^h boiir-Josoplu|io ..;....,, . .$18(10  ,'I-ferins: $I*10'c��fth, liitlaneo on moi'lkiittOi "  bij��ty-ac;ro l-anctl|, rijifo iiiilcij from (ji|,y uu lako  shorn. , .���,��� ...,..�� ..;...,. .aKXio  One-half ciish, balapco on niorlftntfe.  0u loan opildltioiis aro tho olioaposi, niul best  ollered. ion cab repay lit any tinio without  bonus.  British Columbia Permniu'titSavings &Loaii Company.  Globo Havings & Locn Co;, 'I'Oronto.  ��_sr sxJ" _a____sr gjes  Fire, Life, Accident, arid Sickness,  GAMBLE ��St 0'RjHiUI_,v, Agts  Jlaker Street West, Nolsoll, U.'C.  Lots for Sale  $550 will purchase a choice residenco corner, 100 by 120  feet.  $2100 will purchase a central lot and rosidoitcc.  $100 will  vmruhaso two nice lots and shanty, Robson  strict. Hnmn addition.  ��3000 will purchase) four nice lota and residenco.  10.000 1'ooled Fairmont 4 cents.  Waokeook (Ymir) shares 20 cents.  5000 Utica at Ij cenls.  ALEX STEWART  Turner & Bocckh block, Nolson, B. C.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres off land Within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson.  For fartha.  parttculars apply to  FRED   J,   SQUIRE,   Nelson,   B.  C,  ,"..< .Bb..*,^-- THE   TTUr.UlNTl.:   NELSON, B.C.,  THURSDAY*  AlTGURT-24,  1S09.  IankofWontreal  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up.  $12,000,000  6,000,000  I.OIU> STRATIIOONA AND  Hon. OKO. A. DltUMMOND,  K   S. CI.OUSTON   AIT  ROYAL, Prosldonl   Vico-I'resident  ...(leiic'ral Manager  E BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.       nUANOHISS IN       LONDON   (JKhiKland),   NHW  YORK,   CHICAGO  and in tho nrlnnlpiil nll.ioi in -Oiiiiutla.  liny and sell Sterling 11xoham?o and Oahln Transfer-  OKAN'r COMMKUOIAI. AND TKAVKI.I.KItS' UKKUITO,  available) in any pari, of tho world.  nUAIH'K  IPUIIKD    COI.I.KCTI'lONfl MAIWI  KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  ni/RIIKN'T RATIO OP INTBU.KST PAID  ROCHEFORT SAYS DREYFUS IS GUILTY.  ITdiiri lloclifforfc is  editor of tlio Paris  Tufcraiisitfoaiit; and a. not.ud agitator.    Ho  diHrlnrod, iiftor tho flight; of major listor-  iiiw.y.iii. Soptoinbor that; ho had paid tlio  ox-oilioor .$200 for all th.0 dooiiiiiouts that  lio  had  in   tho Dreyfus cast', and  $(50 a  month   to   koop   him    from   starvation,  while ho was waiting to secure a pension.  Rochcfortcharged liim with boing bribed  by the so-ca.llod Dreyfus syndicate to fly  to London a.nd to admit, that lie was the  author of the bordereau.    He has always'  assumed   that   Dreyfus  is   guilty-of. the  charges laid against him.  ~. lien ri Iloeliofort d iseiisses the Drey fus  affair  as   follows:     The   proceedings   at  Ilcnnos, though merely formal, mark the.  ".opening  of  France's   trial    for  her   life.  The nation stands or  falls  with tlie decision of the guilt or innocence of Dreyfus.  Who is this central figure to whom.degenerate Frenchmen have paid homage in  the ancient Breton  town,   redolent with  memories  of llonan  and  Deiuenais?   A  self-confessed traitor you would rightly  call him.    The Arnold of France.  This man is not now and never-was a  Frenchman, no more than AValdorf As-  tor was an American. The latter is by  nature an Englishman,' the former is ,by  instinct a. Gorman.  Let  the 'Rennes court  martial decide  what it lnay, .all French ; generals know;  <|h JS^tf* )_$& rWS 'rM^irjp^^g^  Is now prepared to issuo Drafts ard Letters  of Credit on Sk,aguay, U. S., Atlin, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yulr^on District.  will throw snl'lirieiit light to demonstrate  that this man trallicked with our national .defence.  Rochofort then asserts that maudlin  sentiment, is playing a part iu favor of  Dreyfus. His wife ami children have  nothing to do with the fact of his guilt  or innocence'. Me continues: The shape  of a man's nose is of no consequence to  us. 'lint when any man or body of men,  whether .Jew or (ieutile, becomes by  shaii']) practices a bleeding sore upon tlie  body politic it is time to apply a cure.  Men -say 'there is an absence of motive  in the theory of Dreyfus's guilt. In answer���and 110 one knows- this better than  Max Norrleau, liis defender,���I say degenerate natures need 110 special incentive to  their peculiar crime.  In conclusion he says: If Dreyfus is  again condemned in .spite'of'a cabinet  pledged to liberate him, the matter must  enrl right there. "If he is aoequitted, we  are not prepared to bend the knee to the  German emperor or declare that members  of the first court-martial were fools or  knaves.  PUBLIC    OWNERSHIP    OF    UTILITIES.  This is a question of great importance  and it should' be fairly met and carefully  considered.-      .  Jf the work of 'furnishing light,Water  and transportation for the people can be  niorc economically and satisfactorily  conducted by means of private ownership  than by private corporations, advancing  eivili.J5at.iou- surely demands that the  plants be purchased and operated by  the municipal authorities.  This movement would dispense with  the expense anrl inconvenience incurred  by rival companies, and if a monopoly is  valnable thureis.no reason why the great  public may not receive the benefit, instead  of pouring the golden stream altogether  into.-.the pockets of a few-shareholders.-.-.'  It is true that the  political corruption  Gits plants it.ro also Operated \vith tnoic  nr less success by RriiKscls* Amsterdam,  and many cities in the" Rritish colonic'*.  41 fcjvery American city." says Dr. K. J.  James, " which has permitted computing  gas companies to lay pipes in the streets  has suffered through-the consolidation oi'  the companies, the capital ..having been  increased and consumers forced to pay  higher prices for their experience.  "Tho following cities have received  this treatment:. New Orleans, Louisiana.,  Providence, Rhode Island. Charleston,  South Carolina, Brooklyn, Memphis, Jersey City, St. Louis, Newbnrg, New York,  Chicago, Trenton, New Jersey, I'tullalo,  New York, ilarrisburg, Pennsylvania,  Detroit, Michigan. Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Albany, New York, Baltimore,  Maryland, New York City. Savannah,  Georgia, Poughkeopsio, New York, Pater-  son. New Jersey.  "Before consolidation the price of gas  in Now York City was 7H cents per thousand, but as soon as the six "companics  came together they raised the price $1.00  (per thousand, making it $1.75 per  thousand."  At present there arc twelve American  cities engaged in the manufacture of  their own gas. Tho list includes Wheeling, West Virginia, Alexandria,and Richmond, Virginia, Louisville, Kentucky and  Philadelphia.  "In Wheeling tho city., took charge of  the gas works in 1879, paying for them  by issue of bonds. These bonds have al!  been discharged out of the profit  011 gas, and the works are now free from  debt, and returning a substantial yearly  ^profit by selling the product ab 7;"5 cents  per. thousand feet, anrl this, too, in face  of the fact that they furnish the city  with $(5000 worth of gas every year free  of cost., ..'.-'.-.  "The city of Richmond, having niiuin-  ftietured' gas  siue'e  1852, so 1 Is  it  for  $ 1,  FULL LINE OF  and makes a large profit. This city has  secured the passage of an act by the legislature prohibiting a sale of its gas plant  except, liy a. vote of her people.  "Even Philadelphia, which has made  gas since 1811, although the nianaKoimM trims been bad in many respects, gas has,  almost without exception, been 75 cents  Cheaper than in New York."  A report by the New York state senate shows that the citizens of New York  are paying into the pockets of the private  gas companies $:j,000.000 por year more  than they would be compelled to pay  under municipal ownership and with good  management. The city rr01111c.il of New  York has decided to own and operate its  own gas plant and is working to that  end.  About seven hundred ami fifty gas  plants which are owned in the United  Slate's by private corporations pay their  stockholders over sjW.000,000   per  annum.  P. Bums c�� Co.  Hear Omen at  NELSON, J J.  C.  Wholesale and Qeiatt \  *.   .   Dealers in Meats  Telephones.  Berlin is putting "up slot telephone machines all over the city, and they charge  only one cent for telephoning, while  Americans are paying ten cents.  Jn Switzerland, under municipal 'ownership, telephone rales are only $12 a  year, and long distance messages five  cents. A message may bo sont for five  cents to any canton in Switzerland,.'  Wholesale Markets at jNeison, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood,  Retail  Markets at Nelson, Kaslo, S:iinl..ii, Silverton, New Deliver. Ymir, Trail, Grand   Porks,  Cascade, Croon wood, Midway, anrl Sirdar.  "' Mail Orders  Promptly Forwarded.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON -  BaRer Street, Nelson   E. G. TRAVES,, MmagW  ORDERS HY MA I'll RKCKIVR .CARKKUIj AN1> .PROMPT ATTBNTION.* V   ��  iWiiirj-ylns,   ^    n        ���������.���,���    ���,.    .-���   .���-���.   .  ��Vw')icia;:t'li:erIit^  v$!fiiV(Mffi-��#fe  i.tts^-WiS'h^  's.i ��'i__.fj* *.i_l'f'c"i,i '^ft ^ ��r         ^:Ell"^"Ui&%aiD  'Gr'iXS,  ���J^orksr  111  . Wij-fc^r ^''Iib-eyeui: U'^X W& lo^fHh, ntit qx.-  ce|ifcitig jiis Bif}shia;hi ,sfiicl;ts��Isca,,fiot..  T_oplc at tho per^oii (lei lofi the cioirrt  liijIi'tiiV'l trTpOh 5,vJIqs_ '.ilycfiiji'oiV '^.^l1^' *'lt}  rtliStiiiy' pf the ihosit ailligltteiHjd naifcicbn o��  tlio "world. _It_ js composoct of" soveii ob^  synrO ofliyOrSj .Tivjirt o^ofi i'f^hojiest aro in-  ririiiipetenb. Not olie of them is kiiown  outside }u$ fegjinent. It�� president,  >Ton;viisL i.s a wqak Oreature. If nefies-  sai:y, war jniui.storGivliifet Will browbeat,  bi'ibo andboguilofilioseseven,little:pawns.  It Vvill be niai'V'eUous if these &in hold  out against the intrigues of the German;  (sniperrn;, throats of irnn'derous, Ciallifet  juiil iilhiroments pf .Jewish inojvoyhags.  Tholocid rrieial and pc;i]itican.>aroiiJOI:or  't\t ISoniuM inilicittes that our lianditgovr  eriiiheiit has pledged itself to the -Jews  atid tljo 'O^i'iiian einperot' to free fclie  trait;r)i\ A Jewish syndicate is refirosent-  ed thei'ts in all the inigiit of its money  bitj^s to piii'dvaso tho liberty for liim who  sold the knowledge of ouriniiitary mobil-  iy,a>fcio'u.  King Pananiaist Loubct. pi-ehiioi'��� Wal-  deck-Ilousseau, whose uiou.innci.it is robberies conliectecl with the Eiffel tower;  Delcasse, aptly naiiiod Due do Pashoda,  for tho iudecciit haste with wliich he  hauled down the French flag; Miilorand,  renegade, and Gallifot, assassin, arc all  responsible for out jiresent iilight.  In spite of the vigorous agitation iii  faVOr of Dreyfus, carried On by a subsi-  di/.erj press; in spite of the influence of  the enormous amount of money Contri-  lmted- by the Ilothschikls 'of the world,  and collected, in synagogues of all nations, a vast majority of the French people'believe this man guilty, having been  condemned.  Tho burden of proof is upon those who  assort his innocence. Anil what have  they to show? Merely blunders, of some  yahoos, who joined with honest men in  trying to give tho traitor his deserts.  The fact of having detected fools endeavoring to prop up the truth with lies does  not make truth less true. I still have  hopes that the secret dossier, wliich will  be examined on Tuesday and Wednesday,  fftf��Js3f]ju|^r8b ^  ����,$i;i>id\5iiiW^  "    ���      U     *"    DU rP"     U_n n   ^rPr, D    " 4j       "^       'A, " '^ '- D Q?.   "> D D 'h  ^ljjM ����'��ii ^iiuttittJtfeioEf:^U'_de^f/il��yBii6ju%1'  in tlilli dii;ddtibn, abaiidiyifily" teStii^y" tfo  ;tlib^��aibili,t|y1 of ^lie^fu^i^-fciu:ffe \~ ��.��� ;  "' 'Gas"4ifc^i''t^tyr&��"Oi3^Vat^ ��Jt)'y���" 0:ii;e����-*Jmps-*  dis^tl .rt-iXri* ��� "sixifcy^ight/pities' ,".o��'.'iffiglaiMi  ^an<!l"S'co,foud*,"in^  ipx e6ivsoc|uence exceptJ_pndj;),UY {  Jju li8-75, ^i|inCh^h>Vilii. focfughti otit tixe  private gtts cSfiipiiny at an endrinbiis;  |5ri'c-Oj xtnd during tWeuty-Oiie yearS P"f  succosSfitl operation it hasj, rerlueerl fchO]  pried of gas from '75- edufcsi tp 55 cents  per thSusitiid feet; has nutde 'a,net_prO��.  ~_lt^ir$3;a^I;7Vf)"rSSi��tl.PSi acoiuuidatihg a"  reserve fitiici of $500,000.  JNrafK'lieHter lias Operated l\0r gas \vorks  since 1825. She, sells gas at 50 cents; atid  yet (litring tlio year of 1895, tho city  made a not pfplit of $210,000. During  -the same ydai" I&linburgli inadea net pro-  fib froiii lier gas works of $100,000, tli6,  soiling IM'i'ee being about tlio same as that  of Mftiieliostet;.  In 1809, Glasgow ptiiShoSed tiro, gas  works, from, a private corporation, paying therefor Jiiore than $2,(100,000. Since  that time the city has expeuriled: $2,700,-  OOo in iiiiprpviiigitiid onlargiiigthe phtet.  But the reports made at tlio end of  twouty-fivtj years sliOAved that tlie city  harl paid off More than half of the  cnorinous debt thus incurred, out of the  receipts of gas aloiio, and had also accumulated from the saine sousco a sinking fund to be applied to the balance of  tho indebtedness. While pouring this  groat volume into the treasury, the city  has at the same time reduced the price  of gas from $1.15 to 5<1 cents, and has increased tho product three fold. During  the year of 189(5, Glasgow made a profit  On hergas of $150,000.  The city of Limerick has owned its  own gas plant and manufactured gas for  thirty years. The workingmen receive  higher wages and work shorter hours,  while the consumer gets the gas at  cost.  On the ���continent we' find that in Germany alone .'530 cities are engaged in the  manufacture of: their own gas. This list  includes, thirty, of the largest Gorman  towns, such as Hamburg, Dresden and  Berlin.  Iu Berlin, although gas is supplied at  less than one dollar per thousand, yet the  work has become so, remunerative that  the profits therefrom defray eighteen  per cent of the expenses of tho municipal  government.  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  "Windows  Inside Finish  local mid coast.  1s.^nF_dor__-_f>;;  ^'.Shingles';  Thus we find that the testimony of  facts is undeniably to the effect that in  a multitude of instances the-municipali-  zation of street franchises means substantial profits to the corporation, reduced  rates to the -public;; and better wages,  with greatly improved conditions to tho  employe-;.  ���e Tremont Hotel  N|AUP & TREGILLUS  SPECIAL  ABSOUUTEL.Y AT COST  No 20 or 50 Per Cent Discounts. No Fake Removal Sale!  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HOUSTON,?  ."SsJcftjjfffeXBX0. -  IaI^ia:i1!3_3.I3,  ",Ii>rS<S iGanifbrBvlite hbdroomij antt  tlcst.-claas  .'piolri,; '^3!\iiiuiilq jronm!}, fprj^oni.inc'rci-al.-in'cn."  diiiiiig  _������     U��  ���'f;jit"c��'��o-f^tl1.c; ]foy,ai, ,,H&.t^l;��"dii!_'fe,  M.us'UKACTaft>:ns ov and  i>E������ERS IN'  Riough and Dressed Liimtoer  li&tildin^  Doors and Sash  Fence Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  kaCtohv wohic bomi f o ohdkh,  stirjit As  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wapdrbbes and  General Joinery WopK  wr stock  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  Sawmill on Govot-mnont wharf.  Factory arid olllcrs, corner Half nf.inoot. and G.P.R. track  HUME. Manager.  The 'fhnjBt hotel iii tho interior.  J_irge sainplo i_on)^i,  Steam heat ami electric light;  COHNKft QV SVAHtl A&'.D VKU.VOJJ 3tS.. NEJ.SON  UAKKK AND \VA��D BTUIfi^S, NKJ.SON  Tho only hotel in N^on that haa romathod iindor otic  mansiKoment wiiiun IdW.  The bod'rooltirt aro well furhiHhed and lighted by  electricity.  WILL 1)0 WELL TO  BUT THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUGHANAN'S  A largo stock of Jlrst^clivsR  a full lino of .Hash, doow. mod  dry material on hand, also  IdiiiKH. turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hendryx Htrcot, Nelson  Telephone, 9. Johll    Ra6,   Agent  ONE DOLLAR A LOAD  Th"> u!idor=iffiinil has a lnrun onanl.ily of Mr. cedar, and  tamaracMl ibs. iu Hi inch and 4-foot lcii({l.Iw, Miitiihlc for  Hlovo wood, which will bo ��rld for .$1 a load at the mill  yard.  NKLSOM SAW & PLANXIMti MILLS", Limited.  Nol��oii, AoBiut.lUih. 1����. -..  The dining-room is not .scconrl to any in Kootenay,  Tho bar Is always stocked by the ban    '  imported'''liquors and eiifarH.  Tho bar la alway|stocked bythe best do��iontic and  .eiWHV. ^    ..���  THOMAS MADURA. Proprietor.  MeLEOD    HOTEL  YMIR.   B-   O.  ,L[m&=70=Ger|t?=peiM00=pounilss=  Will deliver In ten lofa  Brtt?k $12 per thotisartd.  At yard or on kcowr at Koycrifhieilt wharf.  The West ^oatenay Brick & Lime Go,, Ltd.  Pnkor Strool.        % Q, P.HOOTOB, Vanttgrer  ^ttE?BE_^U%D&SS^"BEM  tJoX  (SEISIERAL TEAMSTERS  AG'JSNTS. KOlii  The Imperial Oil Co.    Stat]dard Oil Co.  Washington Brick aqd litx\o Co.  The H. W, fttcNiell Co., Ltd., Canadian Anthracite Coal (Hard)  Dflafers In,  J. W,  SMITH,  Proprietor.  EVERYTHING FIRST-QLASS  Largo and well lighted Heated by hoi. ai  Reasonable rate! Sainplo rooms  Klectric bells and light in every room  Kcnovated and refurnished l.lirouKhoilt  HOTEL,   VICTORIA  J. V. PKRKS, I'roprli^t^r  Kreo biiR meeta all traiim Qoualc^nlVo    R   fi  Hourly ftTPP.i far to��� sfjiMnn R-VBIMURB,  u. u.  Niurht Grill Hoom in connection, for the convenience of,  guetSUs arrivinK and departini? by night trains.  HAIB GOODS AND HAIB OBNAMENTS  Switches from $2 up.  . . M11S. J. W. KKAKNKYhas openedu'Liwlies nnlrl)ress  inK Pirlor in roOml, Vicioria block. Nelson,anrl Is pre:  pared to ru nish evcrythiiiK in tho way of. hair KOodH  aiid liair tonics. -Trcatiiicnt of the scalp a sjsecially.:  STO��EWOOD  parsons pro4<i<jf  ���V^-aC-J^-ElS^-I-'E'   '   -  '8  �������  -���^^  Nelson Iron Works  MANUFACTUllKitS OK  ENGINES, BOILERS, SHAFTING-. IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OP EViSRY D_JSORIPTION  Ilepairs promptly attended to.        P.O. Hnx 173.    ":  . ____^-________. __  KNIOHTS  OK  PYTHIAS'-Nelson    Lodge.   No,   &i,  KnlKhU of Pythiits, meets in I. O. O. RTInll.eoriiur  Haker and Kootenay streets, overy  VIhIUhk ICni|?hts cord fall v invited to attend.  8 o'clock  T. hi 1,1.11-  ,C. C.  Tuesday  evening al  llv invited toatten "  It. G. JOY. JC.oflt. &t>.  NKLSON IjODG'K. NO. 23, A. K. & A. M. Moot'  socond Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren inviUid.  NHI.SOS' I,. 0. I,., No.  corner Haker anil  Friday of each month.,  vit-'d.  . JOHN TOYK.-W. M.  IIKW. .meets.in I. O. ". P. Hall.  ICnoteiuiv streets, l-t and Srd  Visiting brulhcrn  conlially  in-  .: K. J. liltADI.KY,'lice.Sec.  NICI-SON . />:.IUI0;:"Ni'iinlmr 2:2. Kr.iternal Order of  liiglse,iiie('t��i!very necnn'latid fourth Wednesday in  (Mich month in Fraternity Hall. Visiting brethren wel  come. .  . .  J. IRVING. PrOBirlenU       X IL WRAY. Secretary.  Among Daily per Eicprossj Full tines oi Fruits  in SoaSon,.  The Trade Only Supplied.  Write or Wire for Regular Shiprnerjts,  Nelson, B. O,  R, REISTERER & CO.  IHtHiWKItS AND BOTTJ^KHS OP  Fine Lager Bee^  Ale and Porter  Prompt and regular  /lotivory to i.hn trade.  Brewery at Nelson*  APPLICATION TO TRANSFEB LICENSE.  Thirty days notice is hereby ;��ivon that. I Will apply at  tho next sitting of the Licensing U0ivr.ilpt (ho City of  Nelson, H. U , to beallowod to transfer tnu rtstal liquor  llcunsu now held by me for tho Ulnrko Hotel. sit��a'o on  tour imirthiTwV eleven and tWolve-(H and 12l (ri bloete  numbered live (5) of. UuvGUy Ot Nolmui, RrltUhColumbia*  U> Frank CampbeU and Goor(?e W. Bartlotl.  K.C, CLAltKR.  Pated at Nelson. B. C. this 15tb day of AuKUst, ISC. THE Tltir.UNK:  NELSON,  B.C., THURSDAY, AUCHJST 24,  1899.  Mail Orders Filled Same Bay as Received  STOCKS THE LARGEST IN KOOTENAY  Assayers' Supplies  Drugs and Drug Sundries  CRUCIBLES  BRUSHES,  every  kind  SCORIFIERS  SPONGES  CHEMICALS  TURKISH   BATH  TOWELS  CHEMICAL GLASSWARE  PATENT  MEDICINES  FLUXES of all kinds  PERFUMERY, best manufactured  FURNACES  FACE   POWDERS  BALANCES, best  makes  only  MANICURE  REQUISITES  Corner of Baker and Josephine Streets, NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA  |J ���  i  I. .  If if  ?!  Summer  Suits  Just a few left of these nice crash suits  Just the thing for this hot weather  Come and get fitted out and do not suffer  with the heat  We also have a nice line of crash hats which  we are selling at very low prices  J. A. Qilker  The Furnisher  THE LOCAL HEWS OF THE TOWN  Two Eusiness Houses Burglarized.  Tho burglars who are favoring Nolson  with their attention made their presence  i'elt again early yesterday morning,  breaking into two business places on  Jiaker street. The lOast End grocery  store, at the corner of JSakor and Hall  streets, was burglarized. The robbers  dirl not get much, limvovor, as there was  only about $.'���> in small change in the till.  The burglars were apparently annoyed  at this, for they carrier! oil' the till bodily,  though no goods were taken. They eY-  IVcted an entrance by unlocking the. back  door. Tlie Exchequer saloon, owned by  A. If. Clements and J tunes iS'eelands, was  also visited, and with better success front  the point of view of the robbers. They  took $.'50, which they found iu tho till and  marie oil'. They also appeared to have a  key which fitted the side door without  any difficulty.  Went Back on His Tender.  It is rumored that J. R.Gross of Wel-  land, Ontario, has finally decided not to  ]iurcha.se the city debentures. His tender was as follows:  I lief; to.submit, for Ihe consideration or your tininic;i-  iml council the following lender for (ho piirnliuso of S;m,-  (will of (luhciil.ni'ori of your city, licui-ing interest. ,-U, ||ns  pel1 cent,unil puyjiblo in l.woniy ye.-.rn from ihe ail.li day  of July next, iiuon (he (onus and conditions set. forth in  your nili'crl.iwmciit. in the Toronto Uloho. 1 will pay one  dolbir .and seven cent,'; for each dollar of the fnco value  of Iho debentures and will take the whole issue. This  oiler is subject, io the bylaw beins legal nnd regular.  There were eight other tenders submitted, ranging from !J9�� to 105. Tho debentures wore printed and signed, and  placed in .the .-Hank of.-Montreal, .where  they have been for a month awaiting Mr.  Gross's pleasure. A number of letters  and telegrams have passed between Mr.  Gross's lawyers in Toronto and the city  authorities. It is not likely tliat the debentures .will go a. begging, for former  issues, bearing the same rate of interest,  are held at 10.(5"; but it-is a trifle annoying to have a good deal fall through.  The Semlin government ."needs, only to  saw-Avood and say nothing. The majority of the-'people like workers and not  talkers, in or out of office.  The excavation rendered necessary by  the proposed lowering of a 100-horsopower  Pel ton Avheel at the electric light poAver  house is" well advanced;  F; TV.: Peters, district ..'.freight agent of  the C.P.R., left . last night, for Fernie,  where he will confer with general freight  court here  has  been   changed from September 5th to September 7th.  The committee in charge of the arrangements for the entertainment of the  Canadian Press Association, who are coming here next Saturday, met yesterday  afternoon and decided upon the linal details. Tickets for the supper, price $2,  can be obtained from the mayor or W.  A. Jowett.  The west bound train over the CroAv's  Nest Pass was detained all day yesterday  by a landslide at the Loop.  The gas and coke company has temporarily laid off their men employed on street  Avork, as the next consignment of pipe,  though daily expected, has not yet arrived.  The Economist is kicking about the  location of the post ollice. The Economist can take it out in kicking.  Ed Devlin anrl Krcd Menary of tho lacrosse team returned home last night.  They both say that with practice, Nelson  should be able to hold any team on the  Coast, oven at lacrosse.  Chief engineer Hall expects to begin  traeklaying on the street raihvay this  week, and intends to keep the work going continuously until it is finished.  Three stalls have been fitted up in the  fireball and a team will be kept there  hereafter. The hook and ladder truck  has been altered so that 700 feet of hose  can be carried underneath it.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  The. members  of the  Sons of England  Benefit Society are rerptoslcd to moot. at. I'Yaloruil.y Hall  on Sat urday nifjlil., at. 7 .SI o'clock sharp, to make arrange  incuts lo meet. I'Tcd Cook, supreme tfrand vice of the society, who is a member of the visiting Canadian J'rcss  Association.  To rent���Two stores or offices and basement, 25 by so feci, also two living rooms on flr.-l. floor,  opposite ro.sl.olllco on Victoria street. Kor >ale���Lots III  and 11 block -Mo, 4700; lot,7 block IS. addition A.$2&'i;  l.U 21 and 22 block 5. App.y to W. A. Jowett, Victoria  street, Nolson.  Wanted���A  large  .unfurnished   room  mm business centre of town.   Apply Tribune Ollice.  For Rent���The residence at the corner  of Victoria and AVarrl streets, recently occupied by W.  A. Macdonald.   Apply to A. 11. Clements.  Furnished rooms to let.    Apply to Mrs.  K\ M. Jameson, C-.rnoy Block, 13akor street west.  Does it Ever  to You  that Tiranrc aue ottttck ksskntialp  BKS'IDKS   blllOAPNICSS   of   prick   that  SHOULD ABEKAS TO  T1IK -PUItCITASKU?  ; d&h ft&ftr$e$;^d  jw&tiSfeiVgm,ns-t *^v liiclii" ^$r|i^iK_Iai;mSi ������i\fe:  ^lig-^stvaiglitiJiierj,^ out:" Jiind "ffc-lie,���e��mpar1y-.'  ;.|ry;i,����"'" ���-���������-���������  \\llflffilUN*Ofg.O tflGNTK IlKPT  '���lib-"j__i��J��:nrfi.\3*us ,\vno  iVhvjy i i:v" wsgKijg'AliY-i��< ut;  ,2iiiii'i.'";uViiiiriNri'-" "M;j 'b\'���  Our Diamond  s_i_?Kl.,iKI),*A.sihftnll fiirlda inindbaby.  ���--"Giaiilvels&WVSiltoii/.     -   ������ -'��� "���--    "'",  Apply oBico,  JPAA^AltT. .& OARKIE���tocliitc'GUs., Mmir.  ir^j;. ordcen .blcSelc,- B#<rf litroelj, Nelso'i).  isVanot 84.15-.,  WlllCSt  li'A'S" BKKN>1$   EX-"  TjjiiiX'tt^ >ot-$kn."c?k��� .qoNcff.ij-;  "SitfjffiiSV; Ti-IAT "XT j'.RASl; PKIt-  .";" " *�� :" "'"- -s"p.v .'Jj\KQTL'r'e.U:iSDtAMn0LNJ)SJsitiRIj;--  iWPRlSeil'A'T'KI.)   BY   lN^lBfjlJl,GKN1T,"OUST0MasilS,  ON i~ASY TEBiVIS  ID.    Dyc^_A-E,T_EaCTJS,   &   CO,  m  m,  isss��8^3^^^^s:^^^a'^^sg^^^&^^^s's^^8^^^��&^^^  rove  NEAR FORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  n_T_E3i__soisr  THK   KHEST   PLEASUR.E   RESORT   IN   KOOTENAY  Large number of choice building*  lots adjacent to the line of theif  traroway. For price and terms of  sale apply at the office of the Com-  Macdonald Block, Cornet* of  Josephine and Vernon Streets.   T, C. DUNCAN, Secretary,  K.OOTBNAY GOFFEEOO^  ���NKLSON. XI. C,  C'olTeo roasters aiid doalors in Tea and (Joll'oo.  Oiler fresh roasted coll'co of best -quality as follows:  Java and Arabian JMaclm, per pttuitd ��  In  Java and. Mocha P.tetid, a pounds......  1 oo  Kinr* Santos, i founds   l 00  Santos Bland. ��i pounds.....  i (to  Our Special Blend, (5 pounds...  i or)  Our Kio Koast, 6 nomrds    I op  A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms 2 Doors East  of . Oddfellows   BlocKi  West  Baker Stsest  Vienna Restaurant  ...  Baker street, between Josephine and  Hall Btreeta, Nelson.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  . IUKKRY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY ANI1 PASTRY COOKING A SPKCIALTY  ONLY WHITE HELP KMPLOYKJJ  M.    3a:xT_=��_R-_r,    FiROFBi-B'i'rrm  PaSaee   Bakery  Brcnd delivered to any part, of the city.  CakoB, pastry, and oontectioncry a specialty.  _U  MVoff V,6u���.ii_T avk Kjiyioii, wait 0ijon  you iN' a ii'lmuY./  V.fK WA.VT XQV T0 'I'AKf; lIOM>f A n.HASANt  jtusii'fttnirANgu  oi,' vouit, vifeix  to   ouii  StOliK,    EVEM   THOUGH   VOD    TAKK  JIOSIIS  Jrq.S'B qf oyrr goods.  ��� i'ifqwrur tdik-is monky Toff fcW jtAvic  JU Ot'1 00K ti.me that vou avant without HAYlNrs A CICN'T Vtftl IT.  WE TAtilt  MB OU.K GOODS AND.''0.0ft GOODS  TAHC l.'ptt US;,  Wtl HKlMKyiO IT IS TO OOft JIUNKI'MTTO ItBN-  KKIT OUft CUSTOMIiKiS IN  KVKftjf WAY I'OS-  ���si-ni.K.  CMKAI'NIJS.S   IS A JIISKB   llY-WOKh   IN  SOSIK  stoiu:sS; it has its'ritin-: mha.n'Ini? iikhis,  JUll. OHIVKHS  IlKOStVK 1)1111 l'ftO,1tl''l! AtTls'NtlON  WA'l'Wt   ftrtl'AtHINt:  A SI'ISOIAWV  Jacob Dover, Jeweter  jfcq-__j__,303sr, _3. o.  Corner Baker and Ward Streets.  Watermelons, Pino Apples, tail nil other 'Frails  in season received daily.  Hazlewood Ice Cream  Ice Cream Soda and  Milk Shakes and Buttermilk  Sweet Cream received Tuesdays nnd Fridays  Leave your orders.   Prompt delivery  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS  IN  Shelf and Heavy  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  o OARS  Canton Brill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Ca.ps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron, Steel,   Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:  Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  Are You Going for a  Why, yes;  on a fishing excursion and  huy my tackle from  intend to  The Lawrence Hardware Co.  Who keeps the best and cheapest goods in Nelson  WE STILL HAVE A FEW HAMMOCKS LEFT  which we are selling at a snap  ALL KINDS OF CAMPING SUPPLIES  The  Lawrence Hardware  Co.  ^lephorje^^ afrqV^ 'grj^taffirje:fe\K^'W V'""  ��� :"-- '.V   :iSy r     . '���  EAST BA"^B 'STREET  WIST BAKER STREET  Mind  your  P's and  Q's is ail  properly applied  right when  What always applies to the careful housekeeper is  Your T9s  in the hodse.  We are having a big run  Pay the strictest attention to them and where  to buy them and you'll always have comfort  on Teas lately why not join the race.  CRAWFORD BROTHERS  .'.  Next, to Boyal Hotel, Stonloy Street, Nclwii  MILLS & LOTT  Agonta fo  Haiilewoocl Ico Ctoain.  Telephone 98  FOR  ICE  CREAM  AND FRESH  FRUIT  OF ANY KIND.  Come in and try our Ice Cream Soda and  Eefreshing Drinks.  M*   DesBrisay   &   Co,  FRUIT JARS!    FRUIT JARS  Direct from the manufacturer in pints, quarts, and  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  Next, Door to  P. Burns & Co.  HUMPHHEYS & PITTOCK,  JOHN A. IRVING <& COMPANY  Baker Streot West, Nelson, B. O.  Strachan   Bros.  PLXTMBEES, ETC.  o_?__;:e.__. ECOXTS33 _3X.OC2S:  Ji'..


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