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 MERCIER SEVERELY QUESTIONED  By Maitre Labori.  Rrnniis, August 21.���When tlio court  martial of captain Dreyfus opened in tho  Lyceo here at <>:10 a.m. today, colonel  Jonaust, president of tho court, ordered  that the evidence given by M. Penot, a  friend of the late colonel Sandhorr, chief  of the intelligence department, be read  by the clerk of the court, lb was to the  '���effect that colonel Sandhorr said that the  Dreyfus family offered lfiO,()()0 francs on  condition that he would clear Dreyfus.  Maitre Demange for the defence, disposed  of this allegation by reading the actual  note on the subject written by Sandherr,  thereby proving that the colonel's remarks had been distorted. Preyfus's  brother only having said in his letter:  "Wo are convinced of tlie innocence of  our brother and will spend our entire  fortune to discover, tho truth."  The testimony of the first witness of  the day, that of Linollo, a former official  of the government, was also in favor of  Dreyfus, as it was in direct contradiction  of what M. Dubreuil deposed yesterday  regarding the alleged intimacy of Dreyfus with a German attache, at the house  of M. Rorlson, a mutual friend.  The president of the court then called  colonel Maurel, who aviis president of the  Dreyfus court-martial in ISO I.    Complete  silence fell upon the court as tlie infantry  sergeant, Avho. Avas  acting  as   usher, entered   the   hall   and   conducted   colonel  Maurel to the   bar.    The  colonel, attired  in a black frock coat, wore the ribbon-of  the Legion of  Honor in   his  buttonhole.  His hair is grey and he has a ragged iron  grey mustache.   His face showed anxiety,  as though he were conscience-stricken, as  M. Labori lashed him Avith   pointed questions.     The   colonel   hesitated  and   answered in a  short,  choppy maimer, and  Avhen M. Labori finally-disposed   of  him,  the Avitness left the platform with a pale  face and the scared  look of  a  man who  has  awakened   from   a nightmare.    The  counsel harl drawn from  the  colonel  the  confession   that  the  secret  dossier   was  communicated to the judges of the court-  martial  of  ISM  by  colonel  du Paty do  Clam.    This aA'owal produced a sensation  in   the  court,   and   Mam-el's  declaration  that he only read one of  the  documents  did not affect the main  fact.    AVhile  his  protestation that the reading of the document had no effect upon him, as his ���mind  'was' already  made  up, aviis  nullifed   by  his subsequent declaration that this  one  'document.sufficed to convince him.  The .colonel'' said  lie. only  desired   to  r,���   n    n    -_1 __? .lift   ^!.H;^nl.��n     nt.]nna&..^n��  - nf.no        ....  ���K  tttt��  ^m'r'iJtuy.  FRIDAY MORNING, AUGUST 25,  1899.  PUBLISHED ATJl_       JN, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $6 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  ���fb;ui!b^dlifL:^ ���  >fc-i:ufdii%{ud?^  ^og^wi in gt-;ife ..five,  teon;t|!iii||cl{: *"���he   "bdh-ev^cl/ ��frle,n.i:V=-,l\ad ���  ' ���siJ^Jjf^n=\yjifil>Silt? liiifiriSfJ-ra:!: "^ife��j$ife* '��� TJh.e  'j��rj-jso'iu3r'|! 4tttiljiule f%thpn ti<iaj n \va-s. cLpr,  "Ir.eeVnnrJJiate  - protest!?;" wore far f/oiii astonislnng "the  tfi'fcii_lik They :seeni��&"p6tJ^;tIy, "riabitf-8  "m/\ ^T]re"^ii1y^"l,dfer!1i|i^^<lv|o colonel:  ��Sl��tii^rc1riVm-g!"ftre.' Go5fn^";0'f:"thlS' "fell'''  "aviiS,-'" "not" '"bi''0nglint' -by/-"colonel ",Pi<?qii'ai.:t:  Tlie !-'et|ie:i;v morooAier;, %as teturner! thp  SaMo'eAj&Auig,,^ AAfh.o.lii/ohghti'fc.:  ��"lieplyiug'to _i. Tjao'Ori, Ma��r$l  sajd lie  did nofe knoAV  general^ Mereier and liad  "ireAier-seGiKlibirMiice^tlie^trial^iin  last.  M< Labori^-" Giiiii -colonel Maiirel tell us  to 'what he attributed, tlie secret comliiii-  nieatiou of the dossier,? "  Colonel Maurel���" I have notthe slightest idea."  These replies Avei'e tantamount to a  confession that colonel Siiiirlhew and  licufconant-colouel Henry played with, 'tlie  nnnistor of war, And even that genoffat  (*<(��)'/:, assistant chief of the lieartquarters  staff oi: tlie intelligence depar'tjnonti, Was  shown as keeping. from the lattoi' jnst  what he pi eased'. Tlleh Laboi'i proceeded  to trap tlie Par'isszarcli despatch and  bring out contradictory translations of it  and the falseness of the filial version.  After hearing general Mereier and general Chanoine on the' subject* colonel  Jonaust declared the court would rule  the despatch out of evidence. The examination of general Mereier having  been concluded, colonel Jonaust asked  Dreyfus if he had anything to say, and  the prisoner, iu a calm voice, replied to  Mereier'-, statement that lie (Dreyfus) could have obtained the  information 'about the artillery  promised in the bordereau Avhile staying  at Bourges, where: the artillery trials  Avere being held Dreyfus entered into  an explanation as to how he spent his  time, showing he could not inform himself about the trials of tho new gun-  brake.  General Risbourg recounted Avhat captain Tehran Renault said about Dreyfus  and this brought the latter to liis. feet.  Avith a thrilling declaration. He pointed  out that the captain shook him by the  hand when he returned to the prison,  which is at variance with what general.  Risbourg recounted. "MoreoA'er," continued Dreyfus," when a frightful charge  has been hanging over a man's head for  five years, people ought not to talk of convictions but should bring proofs, otherwise 1 cease to understand the matter."  This indignant protest caused a deep sensation iu court. Continuing, Dreyfus  proceeded to deny the story that  lie made a confession to captain Lebrun  Renault/.  In the cross-examination of colonel  Maurel, one of the members of the court-  martial that condemned Dreyfus, M.  Labori asked : "(Jan you tell us the name  of the officer who brought the private  letter?"  Colonel Maurel���"It was du Paty de  Clam."  M. Labori���"Were there many documents in this secret dossier? Can you  state Avhat they Avere?"  Colonel Maurel��� "1 only siiav one of  them. I did not look at the others, because my mind Avas already marie up."  M. Jjabori���" Had tlie other members of  the court also made up their minds?"  Colonel Maurel���"Yes." Witness added, that,, two .-members of the court  confided in him on this subject.  M. Labori���"Can you tell us how,  knowing, as the judge, that it AA'as your  duty to seek conscientiously for information and to expect a sincere communication from the public prosecutor, that is  to say a communication setting forth all  the points;--, in the case, both for and  against the prisoner, yon could be of the  opinion your mind was loyally made up  after reading a single document."  Colonel Maurel said he failed to clearly grasp the question and M. Labori repeated the query, Avhereupon the Avitness  replied that he could not answer, because  if he did he Avould haA'O to speak of the  first document in the dossier, "which convinced the court of the prisoner's guilt."  At this point M. Labori said he would  like to confront colonel Maurel Avith captain Freystatter, another of the judges  at the court martial of .1804, but Freystatter was not present and colonel Maurel promised to wait'a few days and give  the captain an opportunity of attending.  A  lively incident folloAA'ed.M. Tjiibori  haying asked leave to in terrogate general  ��m{t$S"tiw^p  .'ffi' ,,��,��.���-��:�� >.K��/i    ."���^f.-"^-r^'"   "    '"'"       ���"  -- iu     "  'in  ;imi  Ws$l0  'ii'j$fi\re"r^^  1 it.v-i-all?/.V'TJigEiinjir.essU>n},4the  the contradictions in the eA'idenoe of the  officers of the headquarters' staff regarding the importance ami nature of the  contents of the bordereau, and ��� asked  general Mereier Avhere Dreyfus could  haA'e obtained particulars about the  pneumatic brake. Mereier then said he  thought Dreyfus might hiwc had cognizance of the brake at Bourges, adding,  "in any case he harl a better chance to  obtain such knowledge than Esterhax.y  could possibly have had-"  M. I_abori���"General Mereier says Dreyfus might have had cognizance. I desire  to enipha.si/.e that expression. We shall  uoav prove. Dreyfus could not have had  cognizance of the brake."  The counsel proceeded to demonstrate  Iioav rigorously the secret of the construction of the brake Avas guarded, and  asked Avhy in 1894 the charges regarding  the robin melinite shells Avere not dealt  with.  General Mereier���"That arises from the  simple fact that it Avas not knoAvn until  1S05 or 1S97 that information on the subject A\ras being divulged. The existence  of treachery in regard to the distribution of heavy artillery among the army  corps was unknown until 1895."  The passages-at-arms betAveen M. Labori and general Mereier Avere followed  Avith the keenest interest. Both men  were -wary and ...-mutually'- suspicious of  each other, and there was considerable  acerbity, colonel Joiiaust finding difficulty  iu preventing the discussion from Ayan-  dering outside the legal paths. Continuing, M. Labori asked AArhy general Mereier did not have a report -prepared regarding the confession Dreyfus is alleged to have made to captain Lebrun-  Renault.  Mereier���" The question of the confession was of uo importance, as a revision  of the case seemed impossible."  M. Jjabori���" What does general Mereier think of Esterhazy and the part he  played?" ;  General Mereier���"I do not know Es-  terhazy and I do not think about him at  all." '.. ���  M. Jjabori���" Did he knrnv you at his  trial in 1898?^' ; ^  connected with the preliminary inquiry.  General Gonz said the document had  been in the possession of colonel Sandherr and it AA'as by him placed in the  secret dossier for comparison with other  papers.  ���M. Labori asked for explanations in regard to the commentary- on the secret  dossier, and general Mereier admitted he  destroyed it in 1897. General Gonz, Avho  was examined on the same subject, declared that it was by order of general de  Boisdeffre that he returned the commentary to general Mereier. Answering  another question, Mereier said the Pan-  izzarrli telegram was not communicated'  to the court martial of 1S91. He was ordered by general de Boisdeffre to include  it in the secret dossier.    (Sensation).  Counsel next discussed the three page  document, claiming that the false reading of the Panizzardi telegram aviis to  point directly to Dreyfus as the traitor.  Mereier asked to be allowed to converse Avith general Chanoine before  attempting to explain. General Chanoine thereupon ...advanced and explained about the document .which  had been handed him by general Mereier.  He said he conceded inaccuracies in it  and resolved not to use it. Witness, had  been carried away by testifying. He  read a page of the document, and it; was  after a friendly conversation with maitre  J-abbri that he read the entire document  in court at general Mercier's request anrl  returned him the document. General  ���Mereier .acknoAvledged' the accuracy of  general Ghanoine's statement, adding  tliat it Avas colonel-du-.Paty de Clam who  had given him the documents. (Sensation.) Counsel had the document re-read  aud offered the two Versions of the' two  telegrams of November 2nd, one designating Dreyfus as communicating documents to Germany, M" Labori pointing  out M Paleologue, of the foreign ollice,  denied,tliat the minister of foreign affairs had communicated -this: version, and  asking Avhy general Mereier had'received  it through dn I'aty de Clam,  :At     this     juncture    general    Roget  mounted the platform and expressed sur-  tfr#$^e$TO_\^  ^0liut^��eSte"rjl^  ferring to the Aisit of du l'aty de Clam,  the minister is Avell  aAvare  that  I am  innocent.   What I meant to intimate was  that I   had   apprised   the  minister,   in  response to steps which du Paty de Clam  had   taken    against    nie,    that   J   was  innocent.      Du    Paty-de   Clam   visited  me    and    asked     for    information.      J  replied     to    him:       J    am      innocent  absolutely.   I replied verbally to du Paty  de Clam, and in writing to the  minister  that J Avas perfectly innocent.    That Avas  what I meant-by the AA'orrls : 'The ministry  is  Avell  aware  that J am innocent.'  Then J reverted to the A'isit  of du .Paty''  'do.Clam  and  said  to   captain  l_obrun-.  Renault: 'Du Paty de Clam asked'ihe if  [had not giA'en documents of no importance  in  order  to  obtain  others  in   exchange.'    I replied only that I  Avas absolutely innocent, and that  I  desired that  the whole matter should   be  cleared up.  Then I added I hoped that within tA\'o or  three years my innocence Avould bo established.    I told du Paty. de  Clam  that I  wanted full light on the matter,���that..an"  injury  had  been  done  and   that it \vas  impossible for the government to fail to  use its influence  to "discover the whole  truth.    'The  government,'  I  said,  'has  means,   either    through    the    military  attaches or through diplomatic channels,  to  reach  the  truth,'  and   I  also   said:  'It   is   aAvful   that    a    soldier    should  be     convicted     of     such    a    frightful  crime.    Consequently it seemed to me, I  who only asked for the truth  and light,  that the government should  use all tho  means at its disposal to secure that light.  DuTaty de Clam   replied :     "There  are  interests   at   stake higher, than   yours,  these channels cannot be employed,"   He  added, however, that the inquiries Avould.  be continued.    It Avas on the strength of  du ]?aty de Clam's promise to try  Avhat  means could be found to reach/the truth  about this aAvful crime that I said that J  hoped that in two or three years , my in-  nocenco Avrmlrl be proved, for'.du lJaty de  Clam told me   an   investigation   Avhicli  Avould  be  of the inost delicate' nature  could not be undertaken immediateljr. ,1  think I lnwe expressed my .'������"whole '"mind.'  If you still have liny "doubt  I: ask  yoii,  ^.WWW4^g3^^%l^dofl^-Jrd  fgt-ljfr.'Wojilfl' l^iii^s^'pi^S^^iiinh ���" "Wi  '7jal|rji.;levsa'icl;fhue. dbsi^ds-jjo % ki'irlAV if' ^ftla?  'erlll:D '^I'teer^tl^i^^l^ ^rl^M'iiig: ��� ��6ojjb1i0t  MiiiufeLtOAefihn"^  to tlte cr])iirt^n^tialjp|;i8W4::. ->*..,  .OjreueraJ /M4i^ir3i^";i���.3<jno.4V;���nI.sdid .iip;|:  jniy,e-.:the?Si^h.tlpu ,glvr��;_-|Q.ri|ii.ilP ^rxfer.idi'b:.  ,:.th��& &wh"'4t:> fei?i l^#e!'5i'%pei orders An a  ] jiia"!:i.u,er ��iiffici;ejitl^ elear>" ;,?>->  - 'ijep|yuig *fep .���^^s^_?Lo^.sfi^%���lJLts'/^l^cs�����HiI,: f^ifl:  ���that AvfienJjrQyc'jffSjS^fS ajriistr>(^;imJjpeAA>  fto< otlier prrjrifS aga-iiist liiih '|iuln,�� the;  bord_fBeau, '_?hpirc were, t,he.i>efoRe; only  suspicions, biit���lt lyas iirgently necessary  not to lose time in. ni'restiiig hiin," iii- order  -tow$tQpr^h^^,ti^a_^  Jjabori asked colonel Jouaitst to secure  the evi.cten.ee of M, Pappile and the editor  of La. Jjibi'e I?ai?ole iii regard to the  "Dixi" letter, in which, the name of  Dreyfus Avas disclosed as tliat of the officer arrested for espionage. As colonel  Jouaust hesitated;, M* 'Labor! insisted  upon the necessity for an examination of,  tlie letter, " iii oi'dot* to reach the. truth J  am siieking foi'i fJvhe Avhole ,i?osponsibiiity  for tlvis ease, I believe, really rests ilpon  the late r:olonel Jleiii-y and colonel dn  Paty de Clam." Rosuiiiiiig iiiaexivin'iiia-  tion of geiiiiral 'M-ufclcuv M. Jjabori asked  liiin several questions as to AVliy  lie at first ascribed the data of  the bordereau to the month of April.  General Mereier said that iu 1894 he Avas'  only acquainted with the general reasons  Avhicli. existed for believing Dreyfus  guilty, and had not paid much attention  to the details. The general refused to  reply to any further questions. For instance, he declined to say Avhethcr lie  had examined the proofs advanced against  Dreyfus.  M. Jjabori���"In short yon considered if  iu the nature of a sensational move to  have Dreyfus prosecuted and sentenced,  Dirl you examine previously the charges  against Dreyfus?"  General Mereier���"I only examined the  nature of the documents betrayed."  M. Labori���"Was it not necessary for  that purpose to fix the dates of the  bordereau."  General Mereier���"I do not think so,  further, I declare that Labori is discussing the whole trial of 1S94. That may  have some interest from a historical  point of view. But since the court of  cassation met it seems to me it is not for  us uoav to revert to the various features  of that trial."    M. Labori pointed out  " >"&' X/Olbor 1^$!$^ j r^^iS^^rr ogatlng1.  jbli e:'Afi tn$Ss, !s/ "tqf/lfJtS^Q^fe^H \b;ijS/��0-vi3^y_c��^*^':  �� ,^.^iterall%*ere&t^'J |ii''otes.tagai:iBt, the'"  .AV.ord. jntei^iegii-tdCy^ ^di\\.^ %iu,,=iiot��� a���'  "iji%dnerV*'"-=v'" ���' < -rf.�� "-/".��� "���. '���" ������"". ":"��n#: ���  ��("M,.B-.^Intei\rd.gattQr_y   1-n^jt'ei,iej�� law  igeiie-rally lipplieS'-tpitUe' " r^^nifijiitKni ���of;  .aa/aedusetl-pprsonj'by^ii* : ��   ..  ".:- rR:t,tLab(>nii-i5r   "'|t i& nob ,?a* 'ftn'eSliTou-, of *  ^^.lJ%t��^^gatqr^y.-��� .J-3-nse.d .the, ^y��ffd��� .'iii/^he "  iiiost.^resp.erjifcfnl. serine..     Will "general';:  Mereier say:wliat henfeanS by '��jm eliiii!ge  preferred, against tlifi piiistisans; of Dreyfus of liaviiig. spent thfrfey-'five mjlliftns  and AA'hat Avas tlje suih  nsed  ftir?   The  antount is siinply iridieulous."  ="CMiTemJ^Mei��iei:'^="I^im-flTtn  ask you."  M. Labori^-Do yoii nieau to suggest  that it was spent in advertisements, and  in buying consciences ?"  General Mereier���J gay nothing whatever."  Counsel next Avished tp^kno'w AA'hy the  borderrjitti was cominnivieated to the court  inartiftlrsf 181).'}, AVlieii it was considered  iinpossiblb to show tlio other doeuine.nts  of the secret dossier.  Genefal Mereier���"Beeause the bordereau aviis not rlated or signed."  M. Jjivbo-ri jioiuted <mt that the plticeof  origin had been mentionud in court, lyld  then asked for explanations in regard to  the peipetration of tlie 1891 forgery.  The croSs-exainiiiation of general Mereier  ber'aine more and inore heated, and so  rapid that it AvaS dinicult to '.olIoav:, and  many of the answers were confusing. As  the questions of the counsel touched upon the secret dossier and a certain document in blue pencil, general Gonz, general Roget, M. Gribblin and major Jjiitith  also participated'in the discussion which  almost degenerated into a wrangle.  The commissary, major Carriere, protested against such a discussion. The  commissary said an attempt was being  made to show there afresh forgery Avhich.  was used for the purpose of comparisons,  to Avhich M. Labori retorted that major  Carriere Avas mistaken. The tendency of  his cross-examination Avasonly to demonstrate the truth.  Major Rautli said he believed a clue to  the bine pencil document existed before  the trial of 1804 anrl M.Labori asked Avhy in  iii that case, it Avasnotproduced at the trial  since it incriminated the prisoner. General Mereier said he did not knoAV of this  clue and major Lauth disclaimed all responsibility iu the matter as he was not  [aeceptfcRWesl^^^  .^aitif ej-;-���liddingj - h"^e'vi3r",***th6> ad'njisfioii  thaS; -lie; Otad\ ,iji^t^!ife^-n,''fefii|ko.;!1, .fidroiiel'*  .|^6VaWHta.ntJ1maied.tli^t^tl^  rlik"e��"ivov{iHie'e.,'pf. th^froyfuiVfi't^li^inesi^  ��$Mnt'^'' j'' 4 ["    ��"    ���'"..'"    ���": :"" 'z:^?- ���".'j?  hOAv4ie* employed his vtiivie at B&urgesdn  ^ctqbei:,nDi88l|.tO' I^elMm^ry,, lfe)P," m aiicl  ��� :ijl%t��.aS',ije ^'as.pi'epiU'iug fo/1. his exiMni^  i" iliiiCi^ijslh'o had iiij, time to .go' 'tct�� ."edfo &v  !"<^_hi^���^^^  !''j|li.i,s^w|i.s'��, reply %^'^geHo.ftvI, Mftrrsle^s ,ra,i- :"  sej'bjonf ^l|��at;mJie"���:eoutd  have, learned  tlie  secretof tlie^pneuinatiebifixjce there., The  i"pri*?pn^i"SJniicl:-  "j Avas :pl}omrjterl eaptaiii Septetjlbrii'  l;2, 188*9, and i-emained at Bourges from  Detober, 1889^ to February, 1890, Avheji  -bhe^AVfi'lfctefi^e^Miiiiia^^  college took place. J was then, called to  Paris, obtained two months' leave and  was married in April. I spent iour  mouths at Bourges. As I AVas preparing  for my exaininatlmi j had no tiime to go  to cafes or to think of anything outside  of my duties."  General Risbolti'g. avIvo was eoiinnander  of the Republican, guartl in J'.'iris in ISO!  aviis tile next Avitness. He described the  Scene-Avitli captain ���.Tjcbrun-Ii'dirnfll'd thr^  day 'ni'tei* the prisoner's d,ogra,d.-itk>n. tn  couehtsron the general eulogized the services of Lebrnn-ileniiult and said that lie-  foi-o tlie incident of tlie eonfessiou there  aviis uotliing against him. He was an  exisClieiit officer, a good comrade and incapable of injuring! anyone.  Alter being asked the usual questions  Dreyfus protested against general Ris-  bourg's evidence. "I am surprised," the  prisoner said, "that captain Jjebrun-Reii-  ault could haA'e made the statements attributed to him." On the Avay from the  prison La Sainte, captain Ijebruli-Renault  shook hands with me, a fact .which is  contradictory Avith his statement.  besides, when such a, terrible charge has  been hanging over a man avIio has resisted  for five years, witnesses should not come  here to merely speak their beliefs, but  ought to bring proofs, positive proofs,  otherwise, I am completely nonplussed as  to Iioav I can reply," Continuing, Dreyfus said: "Reference Avas also made to  confessions. I will statu the exact terms  of the so-called confessions of mine. The  day captain Lebrnn-Renault and I. were  together in a room I said to him: 1 am  innocent, 1 will declare it and face tlio  Avhole .people. That is the cry of'my  conscience. You know that cry. I repeated it all through tho torture of my  degradation    Afterwards I iulrled, ro-  ^trdiSto^M  :) ��6||ni^i!|l;��|\fefcl6r^'^  '" fen;- "xxi^,��0ii% ��3ics"i-Q-| fflecj- i^^^UiskMxi? ��  ���eiieir; "s^e;iri���ed,P"'to,���� liave" ���li.egfn  did'  ��. ^nalsiiig.,  you   IVOt;  avowals: ��itJj'onls; ,��u-iTfc,." why  MftWy t'fets n|i%ter'-np?"    ' ������..-.������..-  GCffrJiai" Mej*ier���"f ni!gnt��""ptsrhapSi  lia've" tliOiight of "It, "bitt. it r||d '.iX^pdeUr  tome." .  ��   .      "���       "��     .. ...�� ".."  The prisoner protested that the 'inquiry ought to have been followed up,  'beeatise'itnvolitd^aw^  the fiction of a ooiifession to \vhieh such  iinportafleo is u0W attaqhed. (Sensation). 'ContiiiniJig, Di'eyl'us said :  "Will yon permit me, my colonel  to make a small reinai'k Avitii reference to the fiction of my confessions.  I remained hi the prison of Jja Sviute for  two of three weeks anrl saw M. Demange  durilig fcjiat period., and also then anrl  after,Aysn'ds 1 Avroto tlie ntln1f?t-ei> of War  and others. I 'bolieVe tin* letters f wcitc  are fioiit all red in, tlie secret dossier."  ���Replying (,o the gen'ornment eonunjs-  sjify, M. Roche declm-erl tliat general  Billot, who was minister of w"iii'ttolrl him  lie must cease to i'litDi/csfc himSoTf in  Jfeterliaviy, not only/ for ppivatO' ftnri legul  reasons, but for other reasons still more  peremptory. (Sensation); I>abori insisted upon having further details of  general Billot's statement. Tlie avi tliess  ���said he could not recall tlie exact avokIs  of the minister, but their effect then was  such that he felt under a moral obligation to cease to interest himself in  Esterh.'tzy.  M. de Vyruine, special commissary of  the minister of war, deposed that colonel  Picquart Was ordered to have Ksterliazy  watched. Estorhazy was seen entering  the German embassy on several occasions,  ahvays quite openly but dressed in eivil.-  ian clothes.  WORK HAS FAIRLY STARTED ON  The Big Tunnel at Ainsworth.  The big tunnel that the Highlander  Mining Company is driving to tap the  Highlander and other mines at great  depth is in 140 feet, and by Monday it is  expected that the poAver drills Avill be at  work. A pipe line 1000 feet long has  been laid from I_rao creek, Avhich gives  10S0 feet head to drive a (5-foot Pel ton  wheel. It is expected that this Avill give  ample power, at any season, to driA'e  both the compressor and the concentrator.  The tunnel is 8 by 8 feet in the clear,  and Avill be double tracked. About (JO  tons of ore froni the Little Phil mine is  being run through the concentrator  daily. If this tunnel outs tho veins that  show on the surface, Ainswortli will be  one of the best camps in British Columbia.    Semlin Saws Wood.  (Special U) the Tribune.)  Vjctoiua, August 21.���Alain's circus  Avas the lending topic of .conversation  yesterday on account of their levying a  dollar rate for admission in place of the  usual four bits, but today the political  ring again engages the attention of those  with time to spare from their oavii business. Premier Semlin politely informs  intervioAvers that he has nothing to say-  on the situation, so, iu the absence of  fresh facts, the opposition continues  figuring. The Colonist counts that the  government uoav has but sixteen supporters, classing Martin of Rossland  as independent on the authority  of his own declaration, treating Helgesen  as conditionally opposed, Pi-entice as unable to take his seat, and giving Higgins,  Joe Martin and MePherson as straight opposition. The lieutenant-governor relieved Turner because he could not show  lip more than nineteen supporters of his  government, and" the Victoria Globe  shrieks with indignation at his continuing to ignore tho defections which have  brought the Semlin party, down to..six:  teen.  Cuts Both Ways.  ; It is AArell known that the members of  the Mine Managers' Combine haA'e attempted to boycott and intimidate and  wheedle merchants anrl business men in0  Kaslo, Nelson, Sandon anrl Silverton. If a  nierchant was outspoken, he Avas boycotted; if he was lukewarm lieAvas intiinidat  ed; if he could neither be boycotted nor intimidated he aviis Avhcecilcd. But two can  play such tactics and merchants, are beginning   to -.find   that   the ^aiue'-cuts-  ��������i;'4p'&'..?ft:k  jtslia^liMn;l!eh?Sv:lJ_|w  mm  -������Vif'E."!  tll..;,^ffcf2��"-^i!,"..,.Tx:.����^^  *m^tifc$fi<im$ Sii����;����vi  l^^Sij^'^^^^^*i^^0^r:  - snie] tef4s. coUs;irJ^!jbig:t^]e-^  a,cc-eplb--ig- oro;a%'il����'iirit"'ra|e'PO0 ,.fil;!|d -,j| j'tSij"V  for freight h:nd't1^laimi?nij; -T^iis^villibe^  ,a substoktial .fcitfll&faf^r^  ���rate, aiid' w'ill Iii-iiig3- $li,e" ilay:"1'.i3ni^^d%Vnl  'Jvj^ry^oW.illdmd'^m'bling.ji.ieai^  Business Changes.  R. R. Strong, druggist of Trail, has assigned for the benefit of his creditors. A.  Boitrke ��&Co. have opened a general store  at .Phoenix. Li.-es, Stitt & Co. unit Value  iVsKernian have both opened general stores  at Grand Korks. John Hull is about, to  move his 'general .store from Lardo to  Argenta. Miss L. Wilson of Sandon is  closing out her stock of  fancy   goods.  Rossland com pan ibs "with ���fliji^^odi^g.^f  ore to mine at a profit. -  J. D, Kelly AA'as placed in- the* cjty .{uiiJ  yesteirlay afternoon for ^stealing; ��Jv pitii:  Of shoes, froni 8. JSfeelands,, wlijlo J^lie  latter \v,.��is attenditig ta, 'a'Cits-t^inei;!. 'Mt.  Nrsehliids missed both iteljy Uficl a piuVsjE.  .shoes, but Kiibsefpiently saAA* liim oii tli^  street 'with a piti^el .ppdey hl��: arnj-r .$.  McKinnrju ntrreatej^bbn Avitli-I^jo^shpes |u��  his possession, audlw siiJjsefji-iQntly. j-HU-dja.  a full confbssfon. Jfe-i's.an'ohl r^f&nder;  ha ving served Keveral. terms c��f iiiiprisrln-  moiit. Ho gave H good deal of trouble in  jail, making a desperate eitor#to:getout.  lie also made a blnlf at hanging hiniself  with bis own shirt,  Mr. and Mis. Ii. JJ. JjUther of Ains-  Avorth were in Nelson yesterday for the  first time .since they wtSro uiarrierl here,  three years ago. Mr. Lufcher says Ainswortli camp is picking up; and that it  will yet rival the Slocan as a producer.  Tlie old postoffico Avill soon be a thing  of the past. It is being torn down to  make room for the Burns block.  Captain R G. TatloW of VancoiiVei-,  one of the few residents of that town, at  all Familiar with the geographical location of Kootenay and its principal towns,  is in Nelson.  It is reporter! that the family of A.  Maslonka, who is in jail awaiting trial for  firing a pistol in a hotel at Y'm-ir, are destitute. Here is a chance for some of tlie  numerous ladies' aids to show AVliat they  can do in the Avay of practical charity.  Price of Silver*  New   Youiv,   August   24:,-���Bav silver  5i) 11-ltt; Mexican dollars 471; SilVoi1 certificates 60 @ 00J. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C. FRIDAY, AtTOTST S3, 1800.
Every housekeeper knows the value of good house
linen," and the continual stream of such purchasers ^
at our Linen Department is ihe lest evidence that Jjg
the values are right. We have lately added a few ^
jobs that we are sure will interest you: ^
54-inch Unbleached Table Linen at 40c. y^
60-inch Special Bleached Linen at 45c. Y
60-inch Unbleached Table Linen at 50c. ^
66-inch Bleached Table Linen at 75c. M
74-inch Bleached Table Linen at $1.
If ycu wish, see them, if you want you can buy
TIE-IBjV_S   0-__S_Ht
Baker Street, Nelson.
bin are no longer mossbacks, and moss-
back methods will not bo tolerated. The
fifth portfolio should be fillerl, not by a
la.Avyer or a cheese-parer, but by a, hroarl-
guagr^l businoss man, who is at the same
time a practical politician. The1 people
were tired of the olrl Turner crowd, avIio
Avere mere agents of the Dunsinuirs, or
they would not have voted them out of
ollico, and they are in no mood to try a
government marie up of more agents of
the alien mine owners of Kootenay and
An Unusual Complaint.
On tho evening of the first representation of the late M. Pailleron's play, " Le
.Monde ou Ton s'Hinnuie," Mine. Madeleine
Rrohau, the distinguished actress, was in
the foyer preparing to go on, anrl in the
same place was the late marshal Canro-
bert. Mine. Jirohan was nervous anrl her
usual charming smile was conspicuous by
its absence. "What is the matter, my
dear?" asked the marshal, who noticed
her uneasiness. "What ails me?" replied Mine. 13roha.ii, " Jiion .Dieu, it is very
simple. I haA'e the true." "The trac ! "
exclaimed the A'otera-n, Avith an air of
astonishment, " what is that?" "It is
that?" "It is fear, my dear marshal."
"What, fear? Pear?" "It is quite true,"
said the actress, with a return of her
smile; "but you do not kiiOAV anything
about that." Anrl turning to Pieard, the
olrl huissier, she said : " I'icard, fetch me
the dictionary to teach ,French to marshal Can robert, avIio does not know AA'hat
fear is."
£K Q^^ €_?§!& S?^®-: €s^@ s=?6^ S^^e^fe? &§: Sstfe&fefe®*
e postoffice has moved
at we haven't
Examine the Underwear we are Selling at 75c and $1 a Garment.
REGULAR   PRICE  $1 AND  $1.25
Sign of the RED  HAT, Baker St, Nelson
fa i,J>A'VLTjEB'ITfoS,-:<f.«i.>.;.s .-1 #.-. ".Ts l _lWt8_- _JEiVR? *NO,4T!)!i-"t
• ^aliillp'to^the^^aiTcouver - Wbrld akout
" i,Blfltlsli .aij^ilal?;-/_lte:-«ayss^u^-jyi<aiQj-i$;-
"^^:^a"gadiair> PacMaT-ralKy^y-^pa^adS^
J     !:^r,Dm'nofl9
^Ixe^jlij^resM^p'tlijit '\".goodly"|iui\iber.,pf:'
ttlie..metii^f-Itb' marie CSp^tc^r^^iifll^^d'^'
;>ya.sya;b6Mntry; iotig befo'i-e theGatladianS
"PiCcinCi VaiiAyay Avas builf>-^Avef e .°ija;tiy"e"s■■"
Clivc Phjlliljs-Woolley also sa^s tihat
JJiJitish Colunibia is silriply not .advertised
at-alii   British Columbia mjty not be as
'litiiMlquu.rtidi- lot
We have just opened up a
consignment :of Cigars eo^
'%mUpMann^Sp,nc%as\T-\^' „*?'.'
;£s^;;st^mfin>^£i:§t;r|(|»Avlily'" d&es^iCliye';
*|^i|l|p^W8li:r^:^ii:i|j^ :Cr^nftry"'arIy$r>
AVa make A Hpccinlty r)f .
Si^iplap aqd Double Dressed Material
Good Dry Rustic and Flooring
Shingles aqd Lath Kept in Stock
Ollice aiid yard iiciir C.P.R. depot   E. O. BKKR, Agont,
f^^)llr|y^ hwxixl: - "J&l^&Finian' as Jie/.isji
AvSnld-'iiVtl'Sduee liis" "tr>ll6Af-cohntryni-ii*
■;oi.i, "bldj?"' «to sj> "p.odpl'G: •" AVhom lie. :s$y& -aij_«-
fariking jft crsininoh1 honesty.   '0live,: :ydn
■ are,'|i'"c1i,iT.ilnp;
■."TlJJj) latest advices received from the
ment is iii no great danger.   By the time
the  legislature   meets,  the   fences  that"
Avere destroyed .by the Martin cyclone,
and bloAvii doAvn by the IJiggins Ayind.-
stoi'in Avill be rebuilt and  repaired.    The
government needs only to: keep iii touch
AA'ith the coram oii people to retain power..'
Sdine of, tjia inethods   adoptcd: in tlur
transaction   of public. business must be-
changed, for the people Of I^ritislj Cohllij
": :^Tiy^°^^P^^*lliuft^Wp*mS|l'.lM*lj/ and'tfxamtn^ttila/.stoqlcJ-'
- *Mnado■ tAvcddSj;frdlif lialtjotjHS;Ffis;vScdtraiid."?^ rf
roof®" of jyoiws '■nwdsi
7^0eWm<ripri0 up'1'for
ier monms.
can give us me sim ^length,
; W&frdilh, and height of ceiling) {
0f the room, or rooms,
e wan raper ifouse
The rliilei-Cnce between, the Judge and the
Bishop may be tliat the J udgo c'an say "you
bo hunger]," while the Bishop cuil say "you
ho diininerJ." On the other liimrl wlien the
Judge says "you be hanged," you are hanged!
Next to the value offered, the most marked
peculiarity of our Wall
In price,
beaatyj of design a,nd quality
^ ier "
bargains wiU surprise you.
Canada Drug and look Ik,
Cornor of Kakcr and Stanloj' Sfrcots. Nolson
.'/' "   I ,_:^s;@--k%'^<b%":°"'. ";."'*;
TO ■LiRJ^'SrSvcral" kouscs, :d.f ."difercnt"? s'izds./ '■•'."• •:
"E6_£S-t'lS^-rSo-l'pestkitb'ili■■ aU:.parts|o'fe*tho»,Gity.( .,..::
° 30^'*°)2(?<„ ^^or^st^kv,Xmi\f^^J^i^iAaii^^:ifi
:•■■■»"# ■■
Aiid I wauls:fo bo iTTit. I Have jlisl. rcediA-p
li";lll ffimi!|jlu8 of Buitiilgs Bud Ovoi-
coathiga rcpreftemiilg |i ?5O,C00-stock*. to
clioosd Troin inadcS tp your oi'dcr" at ivicck
r.rsvor licroci) Heard of in jVcigriii. All tlie latest
fads iii Fancy Vehtiiigs for l'-nllaiid iviiltor.
H:evef|s, Tl|e
Having loaHcd live lm«iii(iK.s of the Nelson Soda AV'ftlcr
f'actory. I am jirepau'i"
»f carbonated and aurc
ted.   Prompt delivery.
Factory. I am prepared to supply the tnulo. wllli all kinds
of carbonated and otimtcd Avatura.   Family ordurii nalici-
Kactory on
JUoovur Htroet,
Paper is that when the
Judge has made his'
.selection and says "you
bo hanged," it is
hanged; not oven the
cheapest grades giving
trouble. There arc papers that are beyond
the jurisdiction of tho Judge and coma under
that of the Bisliop. There is an art in avoirl-
this art has been our study.
ing this kind
Thomson Stationery Co., Iff
Tlio undersigned liavfilj; p'urchnm'd llwi j\JaslOnka s(;oclc,
Of Hoots .vd «iioi.s, l.li«y will bo !-(iltt at Kireatly reiluced
tivicoff   Hupairii'K rfono at old i-rieos.
Al. MaslonkaV old _tniitl IM llall Hlnset.
Nel.i'nn,, AtiKilst |23rd, 18l«f.
Notice is licrcliy givfin that thirty days after date, I.
the utidei'.siglii'd, iniclul lo apply to the chief rammi.--
Hionernf IiiiiiIkqiiU work^, 'A'l'utori.-i, J*. 0.. for the purchase of the follow iii|,r dCscribod piece of lnnd, sitiiHto on
tlie Nol.-mi side of Koolminy river, and lioing about; s.;vt:n
miles up fivm Nelson: r"o:inii<iiicit>yat a post, marked
"Oeo. r:. ThiihIinl!. Junior's 8: W. Corner"; l.henco oast
uitfhiy chains; Ihuiicu north forty chain; to where low-
water mark is; and then following the sinuosities of tho
shore to tlio point ofcoinliiuiicciiibi.it; ail eontainini'
mors or loss, ICO acre . GKO. C. TUNSTAJU,,, Jit.
jVllKUst 7th, 188!).
Tlie'tindnrsignerl hnaa-lai-HO Miianfify of llr, ccdnr, and
Uunarac slabs, in !(J Inclt ami 1-foot leiiKlhs, suitable for
Btovcwood, which willbcsrld for JH a load at the mill
Nolson, AiiKiiht Kith, WJ.
and. Fancy JDress Goods
Blouses aLiid Dress Skirts
fSw    E.   Mg Laugh fin
.   °    "."'     AfiENJS-FOli ". '     .    .„   ....4"'."
jiltdakKsUtfo .and r3riiroria^Aj|o;nt4":Ba.k6r St^N^oS^,
kootenay Cigap lanl. Go*
Nelsonn Uritish Gbltmibia.
and ^WMAW'TS
Baker Street, Nelson;
1J-75' Haro Street, Vancouver, B. G.
Boarding and day schcol for girls will ro-dpen on the
, loth day of August.   Vacaiicies for boarders.   For terms
a fid prospectus apply to .
Duncan Mines, Ltd., Nelstin, B.C.
The Dtiiicnit Mines Tjimitcd aro opon: to receive
ten -oris for the construction of a Hume from Sandy, and
JOaKlo crci-ks lo the penstock at the head of pipe lino of
the Granite mill.
Also the construction of the penstock with flood Kates
and overllows.
I'Jans nnd specifications of above can he inspected; in
the olliees of the Company in Nelson, mid tendofs will bo
received from August 2isf to aith.
Tho above fompany arc also open to receive tendfrs
for the construction of a wagim road from the Granite
tiiill.to. tlio Ifoyul r.'iinartiait inilic, a distance of nearly
I wo miles. I'art. lis wisliing to t< ndur for the job can
inspect the route anil obtain particulars of tho work any
day from August 21st to 21th.
Switches from $2 up.
MRS. J. W. KEAnNKVhasopencdaLadicsHairDrcsa
P irlor in room 1, Victoria block, Kelson, mid is pre.
^Vagon ropafring promptly attended to Ky a llrst-class
Special, attention givcli to all; kinds of repairing and
custom work from ouCsido polnta.
St)op:   fjall Street, between Baker and Vernon, Nelson
-hiring' the; season wo will do-
liver ico at privatd resiliences
and business houses daily in any
desired quantity at easonralile
Jswo lots wif:li two-.^tory lionle on Latiincr
StriSet. near JosopliimS ...... ...;..,, ..Sl&X)
'ieriim;   81200eiisli, balance on inorl.giige,
Bixtj^acro raneli, nine miles from riily oil lalto
shore...«.    ..„,...,. .^liKH)
Oiic-luvlf cash, balance on mortgage.
Oil  loan conditions aro tho cheapest and licst
olferod,   xou iftii rcilHy at any time without
British Columbia L'oiwaneiit Savings &,Loan Conipftny.
Globe Savings & Loon Co., Toronto.
Pire, Life, Accident, and Sickness;
Baker Street West. Nelson, B.' d»'
L. Pope
W-ABD      i3_?_H.__l__3lX'J      _ST__!l-SO_Sr
.   <Kx-ShcrllT of South Kootenay)
Itiif,    ■    »i.j_>i     a.i   infill if    » *\*\.*JI iti.   UiKiXJtlt  inutnvii, ibiiii  *n   |ii u- —        ■ ~       -   - —    —     -        — 	
pared lo fu nihh everything in the way of hair goods I       Cash advanced on consignments ot merchandise.       |
and hair ionics.   Treatment of the scalp a specialty. Postoflico Box 572 Nolson, B, C.
$550 will purchase a choice residence corner, 100 by 120
S2KKI will purchase a central lot and residence.
$100 will  pur-luwc  two nice lots and sluuity, Robson
street-, flumo addition.
?3000 will purchase four nice lota and residence.
lO.OoO Pooled Fairmont 4 cents.
Blackcock (Ymir) shares 20 cents.
5000 Utica at 11 cents.
Turner & Bocckh block, Nelson, B. C.
Containing 120 acres of land within one a_i_ a
quarter miles of Nelson.  For farther
particulars apply to
FRED   J.   SQUIRE,   Nelson,   B,   O. THE  TRIBUNE: 'NELSON, B. 0., FRIDAY, AUGUST 25, 1899.  BamofMontbeal  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STUATHCONA AND  Hon. GKO. A. DUUMMOND,  E   S. CLOUSTON   MT  KOYAL, President   Vice-President  .. .Goneral Manogur  JSTEILSO-Sr   _3_=.__-3STC_3:  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.       BRANCHES IN       LONDON (England). NEW YORK, OHIO AGO  and in tho principal citios in Canada.  Hny and sell StorliiiK Kxchango and Cable Transfers  OltANT OOMMKHCl.tr. ANI> TRAVKI.I.KUS' CHRD1TB,  available in any part of tho world.  nilAKTS  ISKUKD    C0I.I.KCTI0.N8 MARK; ETO.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is now prepared to issue Drafts aiid Letters  of Credit on Sl\aguay, U. S., Atliq, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yui\on, District.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  niJIlltKNT IIATIC OK INTKRKST 1'All)  THE   CUP   CHALLENGER.  "When llorbnvii frl.-idstoiio declarer 1 in  liis speenli m, Mie laiincliiiif? of tho Shamrock that every man and woman in tlie  eriuntry admired sir Thomas Lipton's  "tfererosily, pluck, and determination in  his sportsman-like endeavor to win back  tho cup," he recognized tlie popular interest in the owner of tlie new yacht,  liis predecessors among tlie cup-challengers were not known as sir Thomas is  known. The people have read the Lipton  advertisements for years, there are Lip-  ton shops everywhere, and Lipton teas  and Lipton jams are household words.  These facts are intimately connected  with the possibilities of tlie present, for  they have given sir Thomas a power  which sir Richard Sutton, lieutenant  Jlenn, or lord Uunraven rlid not liave���  the possession of millions of pounds  sterling.  Notwithstanding the general acquaintance with sir Thomas Lipton's challenge,  anil his lavish expenditure of funds in  preparation for the international contest,  his project is not made much of by thy  journals. Indeed, it would seem that  the sentiment of loyalty alone was responsible i'or what little is said of it.  The launching was a private afiair, but  among the guests were the carl of Clan-  william, countess (Jlaiiwilliain, admiral  lord Charles Bcresforrl, the marquis of  Dufferin and Ava, anrl the right ITon.  ' Herbert Gladstone. Lady Russell performed the ceremony of christening the  vessel, and while the few words she sairl  were reported in the London newspapers,  there was no extended^description Jof the  great central figure of the event: At her  - trial before the breeze ab Cowos,,which is  a yachting centre, there were nob more  than three-score spectators on the beach,  and though tho prince of Wales visited  tlie yacht���at some risk to his royaLpor-  son. as the sea was rough���the initial  races'were not set down as scenes of excitement.  Tho .owner of the Shamrock does not  " mind this evident coolness. * He" is able to  measure the value of journalistic aid and  to command it,as occasion may seem to  require. Thirty years ago he began in  poverty tlie career which placed him ac  the hear! of the great tea-merchants of  "the world, with branch concerns and  connections in all civilized" countries.  His name is, perhaps, as well known in  America as here, for in your great Western centre of trade, Chicago, he owns immense packing-houses, and a line of refrigerator-cars is managed from his  offices there. Yet sir Thomas has earned  his   prominence   fairly.      His   charities^  "have been numerous, and-in one instance  ��� that of his maguilicent subscription to  the princess of Wales's fund for the poor  during the queen's jubilee���are almost  unparalleled in the history of beneficence.  His knighthood, bestowed upon him last  year, was a reward for his business-like  philanthropy.  Although Glasgow was sir Thomas's  birthplace, his parents were Irish, and  that he lias the pride of race is shown by  his selection of the name Shamrock for  his yacht, anrl the fact that she flies the  flag of the Royal Ulster Yncht Club. His  latest efforts to bring still greater honor  to Ireland were recognized by a pretty  gift recently sent him from Fontafoi'ry,  County ��tfwn, in the shape at (i box of  Irish linen handkerchiefs of delicately  beautiful \Vorkmansbip, embroidered in  shamrocks surround ing the Celtic word  signifying "good luck." These tokens of  esteem came from a regatta committee of  forty members from the' district club at  Belfast.  From the moment he decided to challenge the eup, sir Thomas gave his orders  without regard, for expense, and now that  the Shamrock is across the Ocean, the  maghiMde of his plans becomes apparent.  Yachting lias been his diversion for  years, and even if he does not rank with  the great experts in this line, he is able  to engage the services of the best. Tho  racing vessel is accompanied on her western voyage by the Erin, sir Thomas's  steam yacht, which he purchased from  count Florio of Genoa. The Shamrock  has two captains and a crew of twenty-  seven men, and this force may bo doubled  at any time���and will be ou racing rlays  "���by a draft on the crow of the Erin.  Accompanying the sailors are some of the  most skilled among the builders, polishers, and sail makers of the great Thoruey-  croft yards. The Shamrock was insured at Lloyds' for forty thousand  pounds just before starting.  Sir Thomas will go to America on a  steamer which he has charterer! for the  voyage, and will be accompanied by a  large number of guests, who will bo entertained by him during the entire stay.  Mr. William Pife, Jr., the designer of the  Shamrock, who goes to Avitness her contest with the Columbia, has been in  America twice on decisions similar to the  one now engaging his attention, as he  saw the cup races in which the Thistle,  anrl afterward the Valkyrie, took part.  His interest in this event is second only  to that of his patron. There are whisperings, as usual, that some new secret of  especial value is hidden iu the construction of the Shamrock, and her performance may demonstrate that his faith in  his latest creation is fully warranted.  Some show of secrecy concerning the  shape aud appearance of the Shamrock  has been attempted by correspondents,  but her officers contend that this is entirely unnecessary. The points in her  description which seem intelligible to  those of the nautical world may bo stated  in a brief paragraph. She is sairl to be  one hundred, anil twenty-five feet long,  her water-line eighty-five feet, beam  twenty-five feet, and draft eighteen feet  six inches. Her sail area is much greater  than that of any previous challenger for  the cup, anrl is not less than thirteen  thousand feet. Unlike tho Valkyrie, she  is steered with a tiller instead of a wheel.  She is very handsome in her coat of  emerald-green, with highly polished  bronze mountings. Her trials showed  that she turns with extraordinary ease,  and that she sails up to windward closely  with remarkable speed.  Whatever may be the outcome o�� the  races with America's cup-defender, Sir  Thomas seems prepreparcd to accept the  result with good nature. In an address  to his crew just before the Shamrock  sailer!, he told tho men that he avould appreciate their success in a way that would  be satisfactory to all, and tliat they could  depend ���upou it that they would get as  fair play'iu New York as anywhere in the  world.' Should sir Thomas be forced'into  the ranks of those who have challenged  only to, meet rlcfeat, his striving will have  been sportsmanlike, even if spectacular.  PUBLIC    OWNEESHIP    OF    UTILITIES.  Electric Lights.  Ohio has forty municipal electric light  plants; Michigan has thirty-five; Illinois,  thirty-four; Minnesota, twenty-fivojlowa,.  twenty-three; Missouri, ' nineteen ; Indiana, eighteen ; New York, fourteen ;  Pennsylvania, thirteen; Massachusetts,  eleven. Tho average saving over private  ownership is abovt one-half.  Jacksonville, Florida,-gets about $1000  per month from its municipal electric  plant, besides furnishing tho city with  free light worth about $1700 per year.  Chicago paid $250 a year oer light under the system of private ownership.  Avhile under public ownership the city  pays only $90 a year por light.  Many British cities also own and successfully operate electric light plants,  TuKrtlicTe^Iii^tlnrteTmnt^vns in Germany  and some iu the Australian colonies,  which are engaged in the same work.  Kail ways.  In many instances the great nations  of Europe own their railways, but in  the United States and Canada the  railways seem to oavh the nation���that is, the government has very  largely paid Avith enormous land grants  the expense of building the roads, which  are nevertheless owned by private corporations. Iu the UnitedStatestherail way  companies own over two hundred and  fifteen million acres of land, which has  been given to them by the government,  The Pacific railroads (Union Pitcific, Kansas Pacific, Central Pacific, Sioux City &  Pacific,. Southern, and Western Pacific)  embrace 21,495 miles.  The total cost was $95,000,000. They  are capitalized, stock and bonds, for  $2(J8..302,42o, being nearly three times the,  ���cost. Tlie roads were practically built  by land grants, United States and municipal aid. They show a net profit of  nearly $300,000,000. Ex-governor Pati-  Son says that the people have already  been robbed of nearly five hundred millions of dollars by these roads.  What have the people's representatives  been doing all this time?   If the  people,  through land grants, etc., built the roads,  why don't they own them?   Their earnings ou a legitimate basis would go along  way   toward   paying    govern meat   expenses. _______  Street Railways.  In the matter of carrying passengers  upon street rail ways, the trend of thought  in the United States, Great Britain and  on the continent is strongly in the direction of public ownership.  It is only about fifty years since this  improved method of transportation was  used in New York city, and it was hardly known elsewhere in America until  about the time of thecivil war.  Of course the first developments in  street railways, both in Europe and  America, Avere due to private enterprise,  and at first the private ownership of  the lines Avas universal. Noav, hoAvever,  street railways are owned and operated  by thirty-three cities in England and  Scotland. The city of London has acquired the plant of several operators and  in a feAv years will be prepared to operate  a complete system.  The case of Glasgow is again Avorthy of  especial study. She began the operation  of street railways in 1804, and one result  of tho matter is that thirty-nine per cent  of the ear fares in that city are only one  cent, the general-avorage being about  tAvo cents for all the passengers carried,  as they have a schedule of prices for the  various distances Avhich are traveled.  The directors say: "It is doubtful if  the public fully realize the benefits they  are deriving from the present fares of  the trannvay system as compared with  those charged before the city took the  Avorks into their oavh hands. Supposing  the 90,000,000 who traveled by the tramway last year had paid the fares charged  three years ago, it Avould havo cost them  about 180,000 pounds storling more than  it has done."  Here is $900,000 saved on their car fare  to the inhabitants of a single city in one  year, and that city only about half the  size of Chicago. To employes the directors have granted an increase of Avages  amounting to about $2(3,500 annually.  Two uniforms each year are also supplied  to employes, and still, Avith high wages,  low fares, and good service, they are  making excellent profits.  Sheffield completed her first year in the  street-car business in August of 1S97 Avith  a net gain of over $40,000 to the corporation. They also reported 2,000,000 extra  passengers. They paid to employes an  increase of Avages amounting to $12,500,  besides furnishing uniforms and allowing  shorter hours. We might cite also tho  successful ventures in  this direction by  FULL LINE OF  Dublin, Halifax, Huddersfield,'Plymouth,  Newport, Leeds, Leicester, Bradford and  others.  Switzerland, Holland and Germany are  also falling into line along these great  reforms.  In the city of Berlin no attempt has  been made to reduce the fare, but the  street railways thero are paying millions  into the government treasury.  In America there are very few cases of  public ownership of street railways. The  combined cities of New York and Brooklyn, however, have since 1S83 successfully  operated a cable road one mile long over  Brooklyn bridge. At Port Arthur, iu  Canada, the municipality operates a line  eight miles long. >  Water Works.  At the beginning of the nineteenth  century the water., supply of nearly all  cities Avn-s obtained from private sources  or private corporation?, but there is now  no city having public water works Avhere  intelligent voters would deliberately go  back to the olrl methods.  The city of Chicago, for  instance, built  a maguilicent and expensive water system,  by issuing bonds against it.    The big engines haA'e Avorked away, pumping Avater  into   the   mains,   and   money  into  the  treasury     until     they     have      earned  ��� enough to   pay off all of the .bonds, and  ,last   year   harl     three   million   dollars  to    their    credit,   anrl   this,   too,   notwithstanding  a   bail   civil   service   and  much political  corruption.    In   1882, St.  Paul,  Minnesota,   purchased   her  water  Avorks for $510,000,  the total investment  to date representing about $4,000,000. She  I has reduced  the  rates very materially,  'and still  has  the  plant  more  than-half  paid for.    These arc only fair samples of  Avhat many other cities have done.  The Tremont Hotel  Head Opfiok at  NELSON, B. C.  Wholesale arid Retail   '..:���  .   .   Dealers in Meats  Wholesale Markets at kelson, Rossland, Sandon and Creenwood-  Retail Markets at Nelson, .Kaslo, Sandon, Silverton, New Denver, Ymir, Trail, Grand Porks,  Cascade, Greenwood, Midway ( and Sirdar.    .  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded.  West Kootenay Butcher Go.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  BaKer Street, Nelson   L C. TRAVES, Manager  OIIDKRS JJY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION.  SPECIAL SALE THIS WEEK ONLY  ABSOLUTELY AT COST  No 20 or 50 Per Cent Discounts. No Fake Removal Sale.  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P. DICKSON  AGENTS KOR KOOTENAY" DISTRICT.  B. H. H. APPLHWHAITB  J. McPHEB -,  Kootenay Electric Supply and Construetion .Dpi  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  ��� Largo  comfortable  bedrooms and   flrit-class dining  room.   Sample rooms .for commercial mon.  BATES   S2   E'ER   rD-A/ST  Oomplete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and Lighting for Mines, Towns  Bleetrle Fixtures, Lamps, Balls, Telephone's, Annunciators, Etc. ��� ��       '   i"  P. O. Box 606. ,.   . - . -        Josephine Street, Nelson, B.-O.  ALLEN'S  APPLE  CIDER  THORPE  &  CO.,  LIMITED  CHARLES HILLYER,  I'KKSIOUNT  HARRY HOUSTON,  HKCRKTAUY   Nelson Saw & Planing Mills,  T_,I_WEIO?E3X3.  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KnffiKo. moots u very second and fourth Wednesday in  each month in Fral.ornity.Hall.   Visiting brethren wel  come.  i. IRVING, President.       3. Ii. WHAV. SemoUwy.  Nelson. Ii. O.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BRKWSRS AND JSOtTIrteRS" OP  Fine Lager Beer,  Ale and Porter  Vrbmnt and rogulat  delivery in tho trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  1  APPLICATION TO TRANSFER LICENSE.  Thirty days notice is hereby niveli. that twill apply at  the next sitf ing of the Licensing .Board of UtO City of  Nelson, B. C, to be allowed to transfer the rotu.l liquor ..  license now held by motor tho Oiafko Hotel, situate on  lots numbered eleven aiul twelve (11 and 121 in block  numbered live (Sjot'thoCity ot Nelson, British Columbia,  to Frank CatnpbeU and. GoorKo W. Bortlott.  s.     ������ .    .   K.C.GLAUKK.  l��ato4 at. Noluon,U* C��� Uii�� I5lh day of Au#rist. UjDa. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C., PTilDAY, AUGUST 2IS,  1800.  Orders Filled Same Bay as Receive  STOCKS THE LARGEST IN KOOTENAY  Assayers' Supplies  Drugs and Drug Sundries  CRUCIBLES  BRUSHES,  every  kind  SCORIFIERS  SPONGES  CHEMICALS  TURKISH   BATH  TOWELS  CHEMICAL GLASSWARE  PATENT  MEDICINES  FLUXES of all kinds  PERFUMERY, best manufactured  FURNACES  FACE   POWDERS  BALANCES,  best  makes  only  MANICURE   REQUISITES  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  ���     10  Corner of Baker and Josephine Streets, NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA  ��>./���������:!  ffi" ;-���'-'  IIS  Just a few left of these nice crash suits  just the thing for this hoi weather  Come and get fitted out and do not suffer  with the heat ^  ��  We alsorhave a nice line of crash hats which  we are selling at very low prices  J. A. Qilker  s The Ftirnlsher  Hospital to be Enlarged.  The contraet 'for  tho  construction   of  the addition to the Kootenay Lake  general hospital has been awarder 1 to Toyc &  Gardiner, and the plumbing work in connection therewith to the LaAvrence Hardware  Company.     This    work  will   cost  $���1200.    The question of heating is under'  consideration, but the  contract has   not  yet been let, though it is estimated   that  this item will amount to at  least  $1000.  Towards this expenditure the committee  has    in     hand     only    $2500,   but     tlie  town    has    not    yet   been    thoroughly  canvassed, anrl no doubt   is   entertained  but that  once   the   work   is   begun,   the  needed money will be easily secured. The  contracts lot must be  completed by November loth.     The "main entrance to the  hospital will be on   the  ground   -floor  of  the now addition, and the whole is so designed that a  second   wing  can   at  any  future time be added to tlie new addition  now   being   made   without   in   any  way  interfering with the interior economy of  the hospital.     Tho  directors  anticipate  the necessity of such a further  addition  before  many  years  elapse.    The  rooms  on the ground floor will be nine feet high,  or    a   foot   higher  than   those  on   the  ground   floor  of   the   present   hospital,  and will consist of  a  spacious   reception"  room,   a   dining   room,   kitchen,   pantry,  laundry, boiler   room, etc.    On  the  first  floor are the operating  room   and  three  wards.    The dimensions of the latter are  14_ by 101, m by -10  and   _7_   by  15j.  Very   complete   sanitary  arnangoments  and two bathrooms are  included   in' the  design for this floor, where the rooms are  11 feet  4 inches   high.    There   are   five  wards on the second floor, IS  by 10J, 14i  by-lOi, 11J- by 10_,"i'l_ by 15, and   10  by  lOi.    The building will  be  a frame one  with a  stone  basement,  and  the  plans  Avere drawn byBwart & Carrie.  Vancouver hospital.   The remains will be  brought to Nelson for interment.  I!. J I. Hell amy returned yesterday from  a. two weeks' visit to the Cariboo district,  Avhere he investigated the Avorking of tlie  different placer mining dredges in the interests of the Kamloops Placer Alining  company, in wliich Nelson parties are interested. '  E. A. Crease yesterday received the  official notification of his appointment as  police commissioner for this city.  The hose team of tho Nelson fire department have accepted an invitation to  compete in the hose reel races at Jioss-  lanrl on Labor Day, anrl started to practice last night.  A telegram was received yesterday  from captain Gore stating that the damage done by the fire on tlie Kossland was  not so serious as at first imagined, and  that her regular run Avould not be interfered Avith. The damage was originally  estimated at $500.  The westbound CroAv's Nest train due  at Kootenay Landing early "Wednesday  evening did not arrive until yesterday  noon, and yesterday's train aviis two  hours late. The trouble was caused by a.  landslide, but the line is said to be iioav  perfectly clear.  .,   Professor Mobins delivered a free  lecture on the single tax question list night,  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Tlio Money-.is. Ready,'-"but���  The rumor that J. F. Gross liad decided  not to purchase the city'debentures appears to ha\'e ho foundation. Yesterday  mayor Neelands telegraphed to Mr.  Gross's solicitors in Toronto, and the  reply aviis that tlie money was ready, but  they were aAA'aitiug information tha  'Avas mailed from Nelson on the". 15th  instant. The mayor states that ho has  an -offer from other '"pal-ties for the Avhole  issue of the debentures at the price  Gross;offered, that is,107. ;;  Seven Teachers  Furnished rooms to let.    Apply to Mrs.  V. M. Jameson. Carney, lllock, linker street wosl..  To rent���Tavo stores or offices and basement, i"i by r,(l fuel., ulsii two living rooms on lirsi, Moor,  opposite |u;slollii:u nii'Vietoriii street. I'Vir sulo���Lots IM  and 1-1 block l!t\ $71111: lnl.7 block lo, iiililil.ion A. Sii/i;  lols -21 and -J. block .r). Apply to W. j\. .lowol.l., Viuloriii  street, Xolson. ���     ���  The members  of   the   Sous of England  Jionolii. Society nre ifn.iipsl.ed i.o mod. :il. Kmlomil.y Hull  mi Sal.imlay mikIiI. iii. 7.:��) o'clock sharp, lo make ii.iranjro  mollis In l'li-i'l. h'ral r^ook.r snpionio tfnind vice of I ho society, who is a ineiniior of i.ho visiting Ciiiiiulian I'ross  Associai. Ion.  WantcD���-A  large   unfurnished   room  near business centre of town.   Apply Tribune Ollice.'  For Hont���The residence at the. corner  of Vicforin, and AVanl streets, recently occupied by AV.  A. Macdonald.  .Apply to A. II. Clements.  ARCHITECTS. ~~ ���  tfiWAIlT '&���' CARRIE���Architects. Rooms 7 and 8 Ab-  ���*-'.   erdnen block, Haker street, Nelson.  <oes It Ever  to You  THAT THKUK-AUM OTHKU KSSKXTlAhS  HKS1DKS OHKAPN.ESS OF PRIOR THAT  SHOULD APP.I���\.L  TO.'THK  PUllCHASKlt?  35  13.  ���Js/��^jQsJRT^BrO'��t   St  CO.  ��S  mmimm&8^^  NEAB FOBT SHEFPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  building'  lots adjacent to tlie line of their  tramway. For .price and terms of  sale. Apply, at-the office; of- the Company, Macdonald Block, corner of  Josephine and Vernon Streets.  T, C.  DUNCAN, Secretary.  KOOTENAY COFFEE GO.  KLtftSON, B, 0.  Coffee roasters .nnd rleulors iii Tcit and Codec.  011'or froni! roasted coifco of best quality as follows;  Java and Arabinn Mticlia. par pound  $  10  Ja*a and Mocha Blond, 3 pounds.  1 no  Kino Santos, I pounds  , 1 00  Santos Blond, o pounds ,  ,  1 O'O  Oni* Special Blend, (1 pounds���  i on  Our Rio Roost, 6 pounds.  , l 00  A trial Order solicited.  Salesrooms 2 Doors  East  of  Oddfellows  Baker Stspet  Vienna Restaurant  Bnkei' street, between .Josephine and  Hull streets, Nelson, -  MKALS AT ALL HOURS, PAY OR NIGHT  BAKKUY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITK HELP KMFLOYKD  24.     ^TXfSJSTS:,      E>K03?JSX33T'0JBl  "Ave ;akk".ALWAYS  IN  A itOT&y  TO* AVA'lT  ���UI'jJN   \'L0.l3[,, HPT   AVJS   NKVKlt   HfoVlT   VX'ON  ' vVOU'iN.'A'AllUBltV!   .   "     .   ��.f "'������������ "   ���-.:  ��\H AVANS VlJ'U TO TAKE HQMic A I.T.I2ASAN3'  " i^I5ii|;m;huaScj':  op ySuk v.isirr  To "ouir  "STORB1,   KVKN   TUOl'Oll   YOtJ   T.��iCK" "l'tOMIi1  .JtOjJg OV QtiU GOODS.   TXIOUCfXl 'TOME! IS. M&N.1SY   A'Otf   CA'N   UAVE  xr.h (hk oxjit 3-iMB TiiJiT \-r)o WAS* AviTit-  O'Ui' i'AVINO ��A,.'CLB$'J' VOli IT.  avktaijic iron ouh oooiig and our. noons  TALK KOR US.  AVIS HKI.1BVI! IT IS TO 017H I1ENI5FIT TO liEJf-  ICKIT OUK OrJSTO.MKltS IN KVKItY WAV I'OS-  Blllf.i:.  1   .S'l'i  ClniAlWKSSi   IS A MKKE   I1Y-AVORI)   IN  SOMI5  OKISSi IT MAS ITS TKlM? JfMANlirfi jlUllf;.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B.C.  SANDON, BVC.  DEALERS   IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  CARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse-  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,   Sheet  rron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:  Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  Are You Going for a Holiday?  Why, yes;  on a fishing excursion and I intend to  huy my tackle from  The Lawrence Hardware Co.  Who keeps the best and cheapest goods in Nelson  WE  STILL HAVE A FEW HAMMOCKS  which we are selling at a snap  LEFT  The  ALL KINDS OF CAMPING SUPPLIES  Lawrence  Hardware  Co.  c�� Wilson  Telephones 10 and 41.    Postoffice Box K & W  !:���                  '   u -  14  EAST BAKER= STREET  WEST BAKER STREET  ���  #  MAIL QllOKItS ItKlJKlA'K Oglt iniOMI'T ATTRNTrON  ��� WA'lt'll  iSiCl'AiniffR A SfKdJAT.TV  Jacob Dover, Jeweler  Cbrnor BaliOr nnd AV'ard' .Streets;  Waleriiiclons, Pino Appltfs, arid all .'other1 Friiite  in seufton received daily.  Hazlewood lee Cream  Ico Cream Soda and  Milk Shakers and Buttermilk  SAVeoli Cream recehx-d Tuesrliiys nnd Fridays  Lenvo your orders,   Prompt delivery  TBM   FINEST   PLEASURE   RESORT  IN   KOOTENAY  Brertd delivered to any jmrt of the city.  Cakes, pastry, and confectionery a specialty.  CRAWFORD BROTHERS  Next to Boyul Hotel, Stanley Street, Nelson  MILLS ���& LOTT  Agents fo  Hazlewood Toe Cream.  always applies to the careful housfek&epei*  Pay the strictest attention to them and where  to buy them arid you'll always have comfort  in the house.  We are having a big run on Teas lately why not join the race.  rtsa.y  FRUIT  FRUIT JARS!  FOR  ICE  CREAM  AND  FRESH  FRUIT  OF ANY KIND.  Come in and try our Ice Cream Soda  Refreshing Drinks.  and  Next Door Ia  iJ. JluriiK Si Co.  Direct  from the manufacturer in pints,  quarts, and  Woods Flour in stock.  half gallons.  Lake of the  JOHN A. IRVING & COMPANY  Baker Street West, Nelson, B. C.  HUMPHREYS & PjTTOCK  ^��X.TJ3MC��3B3Ete- lEttC  OPBEA  BCOXTS3S   BLOCS:  jii  *'.. ^oistf-Spifc';' .i;V-^-^-i'i?'-ifl*��"~IJs^'-"<


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