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 n itir'   ���"-���  -*��--- ^-^= -*-~-.-~���*fiT- *.���* ���- -*h.^~  A FIELD DAY FOR THE EXPERTS  In Handwriting.  Rrnnrs, August 2S.���The first Avit-  ness called today Avas JI. Paraf Javal, the  di'iuiglitsinan aa'Iiosc eA'idence Avas interrupted on Saturday by adjournment of  the court. Javal AA'as called by the defence to refuto the .system by Avhich Al-  phonse Bertillon attempted to prove that  Dreyfus had written the bordereau in a  disguised hand, and by means of a key  word, " interest," and that it could not  have been AA'ritten by Esterhazy, although  the document was in haiidavciting resembling that of Esterha/.y. With the aid  of a blackboard M. Javal demonstrated  the fallacy of M. Bertillon's calculations,  and criticized the hitter's unfairness in not  fi submitting ISstorhazy's handwriting to  ���' the same tests as Dreyfns's. At the  same time the draughtsman declared,  even if Rf. Bertillon had done so, the results Avould piwe nothing.  In brief, the   morning   session   may- be  said   to  haA'e   been   a   field   day for the  handwriting experts, Avho dcA'oted tliem-  seh'es to demolishing  one  another's evidence.   M. Lessoniore's testimony against  Dreyfus followed, and then.M. CharaA-ay,  the expert who previously declared Dreyfus was the author of the bordereau, AA'as  called   as   a    Avitness.      His   testimony  proved to be of the  greatest  interest,"as  lie came to confess he had made an error,  and  said   he  Avas  convinced  Esterhazy,  not Dreyfus, had Avritten'the  bordereau.  "In   1S!M,"  said    M. Charavay, "I, with  tAvo    colleagues,   though   acting    under  separate instructions,  Avas commissioned  to examine the bordereau, and a number  of documents, for comparison, unsigned,  and   in   different   handwritings.      I  examined first the latter documents, and by  the process of elimination, fixed upon one  .resembling  the   bordereau.     I   was also  furnished with specimens of handwriting  in question, but. was not told the name of  the  writer.    I  asked   if the  documents  could be regarded  as  genuine,  and Avas  told   the   place  whence they emanated,,  which could  not  be  mentioned  by  me,  and -which could lea vo no doubt in regard  to its  value.    I   make  this   remark, but'  I     think     it    ''explains     my     opinion,  for     I    could     consider    a     document  of this nature Avhich was not marked by  a certain kind of hanchvriting.    I therefore attributed to dissimulation the difference I Avas careful to note  in  my  report.    Now I must inform the court, that  in A'ieAV of the fact  that  a  handwriting,  which-' AA'as  not  produced   in   1S94, and  which-is evidentlyakin to the haiulAvrit-  ^/eei%im'Cyvtho"eon|l^^  ^rej^r^ja^y^  TUESDAY MORNING   AUGUSTo29, 181)9.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $6 A YEAR; WEEKLY, $2.  ^en^i&iiely^i^li^ ^ClijihdSvrjtP  "I haA'e only to oppose facts to general  Mercier's inferences," said M. Pelletier,  "On October 22nd I Avas entrusted with  the verification in question. I handed in  my report on October 20th, and it was iu  November that I Avas summoned to  undergo a cross-examination on a complaint lodged by the military authorities.  General Mereier in short, had not the  slightest reasons to suspect the conclusions Avhich I had reached." After  replying to a question or tAvo from the  court, M. Pelletier continued: "After  settling this personal matter there remains nothing but to maintain in their  entirety my conclusions to tho effect that  there is no likeness in the Avriting of the  bordereau and that of the prisoner."  Continuing, the Avitness said after a  fresh superficial examination of the  writing of Esterha/.y .and Dreyfus, he  expressed the opinion that the bordereau  could only be ascribed to Esterhazy.  Before adjourning the court for the  day colonel Jonaust announced that M.��  do Freycinet, former minister of Avar, M.  Gallichere and colonel Coddiere Avould be  examined tomorroAv. The government  commissary, major Carriere, rose and  said: "I'have handed the court a letter  regarding the health of colonel du Paty  de Clam. It indicates that dn Paty de  Clam is Avriting his evidence, and that he  Avill send it to us. That deposition has  not arrived. I therefore ask the president to instruct the reporter of the court  martial t.6 have the evidence of du Paty  de Clam takeu by commission. Colonel  Jonaust assented to this, and at 11.45 the  court adjourned.  Rrnnes, August ��2S:���The balance of  eA'idence today Avas in favor of Dreyfus.  Five Avitnesses Avere for^ him and tAvo  against him.' The most interesting testimony was that of chief handwriting expert Charavay, who-had come to declare  he had changed entirely his1 opinion,  which in 1894 Avas against, and iioav is iu  favor of Dreyfus, whom he today affirmed  aviis not the author of the bordereau.  The most important incident, hoAyever,  A\'as colonel Jouaust's acquiescence to  major Carriere's request that a rogatory  commission'be instructed to take  colonel  avnieaSure ibe  on     d    nnUii-'tt,L".[lMuuJ     notion"   J"}i'  if which'  " between ifrh&AA^itm^  ":Sl^^d���qq^^��le^���^1^s^^n3!Ji!|'���i,^l f^'fc^JWt^riSqn,,  ^n^^k^jittfe' t^e^'M^'lf' fe not feting  ^���sB^l^bjfeu^^i'fe "��b.o;v;d��%ui. ���n$iX, the, uAw.  ��� jyi'ntl'^'iibl-ng^" - *Af���te^I,��0.enj;ij>gi file, e;vid-  [ veii'(l(j"liap"ga'A>"��. il3afor^"���%e ;eoini"it.p p'f cass"-"  ^vtipu;,4^  ��"<|lBin��en4 the iiaiid^n'ituig" of Esterhazy,  - AVhieJi'l&i hiiii tdsdeelare lie?did hot ad- i  ^iifrfe |ot|ife".eoijeiiisic)i)| ji\ 1S|4.    In cou:  *|ute!?Si;ei%^itieiW3kBi;^i)''^ adding ;tbat what  "copvineed "him that; be had -iiiade a mistake jii; ISWj' "'as tho publication of  l^terlHtey'g Jeti)(5i?, tlie discovery of 'the  Henry forgery, the inquiry; of the court  of cassation aiid Esterhazy's confession,  Tlie copscfehpe of the Avitness compelled  Jixin to jSav that in 1804, he Avas mislead. ''It is a great relief to  my conscience/ M. Charavay added, "to  be able to say before you, and before him  who is the victim of my mistajkei tliat the  bordereau; is pot the work of Dreyfus but  of Esterhazy/' Aii immense sensation  Was caused in eourt by this stateineiit.  Replyiiig tq..colonel Jonaust, the Avitness  said that the mere examination of the  bordereau ftind the documents presented  for Comparison were sufficient to convince  hini that the bordereiin was not in the  liaiidw''ith'g of Dreyi-us. The p^isouer,  on being asked the enstoniary questions,  requested thitt Charavay give firi-tlier par-  ticulars of the reasqils Avliieh led him to  modify his opinions in regard to the  writer of the bordereau, Avhereupen the  Avitness Aveivt into a lengthy detail. He  expiitiued Iioav lie found unmistakable resemblance betAA^een the bordereau and  Esterhazy"s Avritin g<  M. P'elletie'r, another expert, prefaced  his evidence by saying he desired to  make a definite statement on the point  upon which he Avas in entire disagreement Avith general Mpreier. Tlie latter  had testified-that the Avitness refused to  tise clsitaiii documents submitted to him  for comparison in common Avith the  other experts, and said he had been led  to regard M. Pelletier's Avords wifcli sus-  jjicion, because of certain incidents. M.  Pelletier being summoned to appear simultaneously iu two different courts, had  Avritten to both excusing himself on tlie  ground of attending at the other. General Mereier declared this made him suspicious of M. Pelletier's report in faA'or of  Dreyfus, inferring that his failure to  comply Avith the summons of the examining magistrate in November 1S94, AA'as  contained in his report, whereas the report, the Avitness pointed out, Avas handed in ou October 20th.   ..    '...-.'  '.liavang* xim faitlif hrfsnen  '. escape \ ^c"rqss>ex!> ljfin atiqn^ WavIi ich^ *���}$&,  ."((lie "no'l\ly�� rtjiiitjif����^^ffcV����^ -n"llii%  '*f;h"o'' prese;iit*��?c|reuj;ns^ ��. ��35h* J'Sfy/idei  .-Gl'aiii ��h"p\iXg, ft; ^itnes'slferstlfe -|>i'ps''e,cuiiqip,.Di  iksijor'Carijier^ sl^  'of ^'��-Iw>\#j'#ijS "wl4el}"^  ' fcrate Wilfopiit' ���to."il,vi.��jSji$y icl'1^^^'"' -S'i'iS  r'esiifence^ and -fto^'qd^ni|q;Bp^B^|1ia.<), the  A,vi tijelii" AviiilVbenyery *iu;ueh5 ^einbai'ralsed-;  by��'thei. 4iitelf cjgat��||;iesV"; "Captain",,, EreJi-��  StaetMr Ayill" n'qt' ��� Kemani/vheiie^%irtil|��the.  e-ncViqf'tlie triitljsb|it ���\Ajirt^e^,fe.;Il^i)'i}eS in  i> fe'Av diiyS.   ��� H. cle5 l^re^ciiiets"-��foiau%,;  Hii"iiit5ter of war, arrived  this aftei3no0n  i tend will testify tomorrow".  In and Around, SilATeftpn.  Hilv.bi^o-Jj'-, AtiguSt 28.^|K6ste.rday i\,  gang of men left tOAvnfoi' the Wakefield  mines, AVliere they will begin putting in  ti^e flume for the proposed eoneehtrivtOr.  It is expected that Avork on the traihAvay  at this property will be coihDaeu^d itt  once,  AjAvagon road jg_tp_j3e^b_uilt_fjiom.jj[yj3:  KOOTENAY MINES AND MINING  The Situation Sized Up Right.  Speaking of the probable outcome of  the dispute betAveen the Slocan mine managers and the mine Avorkers, one of tho  best known railway contractors in British Columbia, avIio is uoav in Nelson, said:  "The miners have practically avou the  fight by leaving the country. Had they  remained in the toAvns idle, there Avould  haA'e been more or less desertions from  their ranks and more or less trouble.  There does not seem to be an idle man in  the country, for Ave are paying $2.50 a  day, and even then can't hold our men,  for many of them are quitting for the  harvest fields of Washington and Oregon,  Avhere harvest hands are getting $3 a day  and board." That contractor has the situation sized up about right.- There is a demand for skilled and unskilled labor all  over the country, and Avages are going up  instead of doAvn. The Slocan mine managers had better get in out of the Avet.  Silverton Ore Shipments.  Silver ton Silvcvtoniiin.  Forty tons is the total for the ore sent  out from the lake region for the week.  This ore consisted of tAvo carloads shipped from Silverton to the Trail smelter  by the Noonday mine of this place. This  brings the total shipments for the year  from this propeity up to 480 tons, and  brings the amount of ore shipped from  Silverton since the first of the present  year up to 1503 tons. All ores so far  shipped from this point have been heavy  galena ores, and it is safe t�� s^y that it  has averaged 150 ounces iu silver and  OArer 40 per cent lead per ton, so that the  value of the amount of Avealth that the  mines of Silverton are contributing to  the Avoi-ld can be easily estimated.  More Power for the Noble Five.  Sandon Paystrcak.  Another compressor is to be put in bythe Noble Five company. The plant  uoav in use is not more than adequate to  supply the poAver required for the Noble  Five mine Avhen all the drills are work-  uig^;^je:cqn!panj:i^  rd-Hll>$t$]^  ^e^id^rf^  ;i&hfti^  '"���wi&t'^n^v��^^^  *'1,0*fr,on'"jaud-an ex-  byftt^#jwe^^aCits4l:disp^  *,tei)Siye;:;ajr. .-."supply "sjjatenij,: is - ��� eontem-:  ';piatfea:;^: egtfeTg:A^: ]^t"$M$:i  /^eVen^Miiei3��;fr^jn;; Grand'*"TJsjF&Mi"\f,   ;  On Satni'/liVyithe^tijackj of stile Colunibnt'  iSs Wes|ernT B|A>^'~was ^aid'^^jioint;  rt-bqttt -"hrtijf". vi%\r ��vb'et^ye^h:. ��panica||S ..^iitl'  ��� (Sriitird Forks"; jtiid��as��s there l��re"two��b^idgeS  to "build'.,;:befo/e> ��� 0^and%iFo;r|cs,p'.,can b���e  THE CITY COUNCIL TRANSACTS  Considerable Business.  A good deal of miscellaneous business  AA-as got through yesterday evening by  the city council, at Avhich there AA'ere present the mayor, in the chair, and aldermen  Hillyer, Kirkpatrick and Beer.  The finance committee recommended  the payment of salaries for the various  city officials and others to the amount of  $1533.73, also the following payrolls:  Streets, $08.12; water construction,  $!)0.18; seAA'cr consti'uetion, $170.25; side-  Avalks, $103.50; electric light constriict-pji,  $123.50. and also the following bills and  accounts:  Campbell & Deacon, sewer contract...  Melloalli & Oo., newer contract   XX. 0. I'otlcry Co., sower pipe   S.Tytler.....   L. I'oguo   Dominion Express Co    Cling Surface ManufacturiiiK Co   Canada customs.-...   Canada customs   Grout Northern Kxprcss Co   Laclilan McKay..   T. Karrcl....   Mel lornlan & Korbes.. -.. .  Ludlow Manufacturing Co   Gomur Davis   C. A\r. AVcst & Co   L: AAr. ICribs   J. A. Gilker   .1. K. A unable    H. D. AshcrofI, ;   AAr. Kutbcrford   Turner lieoton &Co   Nelson Brick Manufacturing Co   McLeod & McDonald    Minor I'rinting& 1'ublishing Co   Victoria Colonist (advertising) :  G. Holbrook   II. Kyers& Co....   Hank ofMontreal (exchange)....   Nelson Kconoinist   J. A. Honevinan   Mcleod & McDonald ..............;....  An account from the Kootenay Electric  Supply & Construction Company amounting to $350.80 Avas held oA'er for further  consideration.  The report of the public works committee, AA'hich Avas published in a recent  issue of Thk TRinnNK, Avas then read and  adopted.  The city clerk Avas instructed to send  round a circular letter to the consumers  of city 'water.that the city Avill not be responsible for any pipes freezing up this  Avinter, that all consumers 'must-'liave a  stop and Avastei cock, and that Avater connections should be buried at least three  ���^eet'40'.ivsq.id^f't^e^hr^  J^A-'MtittOir-iwfeM^^  -���Aralk^to^b|��%ilfeli;.the;n^^^^^^^^^  '.street, "bejtwe^eu^getl'ai'^aip   S.t')". (52       ���!(!_ (13     1(151  11         Hi CHI         Xt'Mi           If)-,  7 ;Vl           1 S!J  3 :��i           1 50         58 50  .1 75          5 25         13 20          !) 25          3 10  '2 50          3 00          (i 25  .       15 81)          3 85        a 20       :�� 10   ......     12 10  ....         1 50         13 Id           1 00           3 25           5 75       2(5 00       252 12         13 90  rgaehed|thp rO|i;driAvill"^  September lOjfc* *,The> li^ilww eoVpan'y  : and1 the <SriftidjForM people haH^e^iiade^  eoilipromise.   Tlie llafion w|H he btjilt iii  Cohiilibia, but  jj>_ ^vili be pained; ^ritii/l  l^orks. Tlie djepot "Avill "be"' "abouli^inilo/  aiid"three qh|ijrters from" the Yale hotel,-'  Aviliieh is C/rMtt JJorlS's "pride.  Emily Edith inine tb cOnueet with the  trunk road up Fonr "Mile creek. Men for  tliis A^ork have been coming in from Nelson.  Phil Rowe, a local carpenter, has secured the contract for putting up the'new  school house hei-e. The necessary lumber  has been ordered and the A\>ork of clear*  ing the site has begun.  A football match betAveen the Slocan  City and Silverton tenuis Will be played  here on "VVednesday. The game Avill  break tlie tie .between tlie tAA'o clubs,  Considerable building is jjoiiig on here,  and lumber is being delivered daily from  the two sawmills oh tile lake.  P. O. Matmkson.  The Canadian Mining Institute.  Tlie next regular meeting of the members of tlie Canadian Mining Institute  will be held iu Fraternity hall, Nelson,  on Tuesday evening, September 12th, at  3 o'clock, Avhen the appended list of papers will be presented and other business..  transacted. A meeting Lof the members  Avill also be held in the Miners' .Union  hall, Rossland, on theeveuing of Friday,  September 9th ; 1. " On Mine Costs," by  John E, Hard man, S. R��� Montreal. 2.  "The Small Economies in Mining," by  HoAvard West, A.R.S.M., New Denver.  ���3, "Mining and Milling Practice at  Ymir," by S. S. Fowler, E.M., ' Nelson.  4. " The Direct Gyanidation of the Oras  of the Dorothea Morton Mine," by W.  Pellew Harvey, F.C.S., Vancouver. 5.  William Blakemore, M.E., Fernie, ou a  subject not yet announced. The eastern  members of the institute will leave Montreal ou September 1st.  Baseball Games Yesterday.  Syracuse 7, Springfield 1.  Hartford i, Rochester 1,  SSippinig Two Carloads a  Sandon: PtiystrOuk,  There are now twenty-eight men wo'rk-  iilg on the Jiiieky Jiin, at Bear Lake, and;  the property is shipping tVvo cars of ore  a day, The Ore, Which carries large per-  =ceiifaiges=of==yinc;)=4s=shipped^tO_Mau^  Chester, England. Arthur C. Browne,  who represents a heavy ziinO sineltitig  coneern of that city, is haiidliug the  property. Edward Ward, formerly of  the   WhiteAA'ater,   is in charge of   the  AVOl'k. _.  The Yellowstone Eioad Gonialeted.  H. 13. T, Hanltain, superintendent of  the Yellowstone mine, arrived in town  last night from SalluQj and reports that  the tAvelve'inile Avagon roiid fi'Qin Salnio  to the mine will bo coinijleted today and  wagons Will start hauling over it to-  lharrowv The road Avas only begun a  nioiith ago and,, considering there has  been a. fortnight's AVet Avcather. Dave  McBeath has done some very ijHiejk good  work. A lO-.stamp mill has been ordered  from Eraser & Chalmers of Chicago, but  owing to the nnniber of orders at tlie  factory it will be some time before it is  installed and working.  i ' ��� -  "    | Solely Still Talking.  PAhis, August 28.-^At the session today of the Anglo-yenexnelau boundary  commission, professor J. R. Solely*-continuing his argument in 'behalf of the  Venezuela case, dismissed the line of  sir; Robert Schojnberg as, valueless,  and as based on grounds now  kn^Avn to be fallacious. * He maintained  that Great Britain had violated the  agreement of 1850, since Avhen, he added,  she; had been stripping the contested territory of its valuable products of gold  and silver. -   Paris' Police Get a Move On.  Paris, August 28.���The police today  visited tho home of president du Bois of  the youlig men's anti-Semite league;  where many important papers were  'seized..  - ^f^,%5|dj"nin|nafj&iit;" ^asj;|:le��i;ded>,Qii flio-f  /ti(|u -olilllM^nMlBeery to" layja^otuvfdo't?  "siaewalk .onvtllfe iforth .���de-"of "Mill street,'  betweeit Cedarand-HendrA^x^      -  "��: T%^:fojloA\�����g"��� teMdei!&'* 'for-^-ifi^iiig^ "the"  ^1^^: li&i$P   iM&my %*tlPnwX>Oidif"SniitW  ���^cveefe"t6�� "i!i|al! tlie " res*eryoir����� Avere "then  ^|>eiied;r.:^p^���Ih^o;h^  ^6'��cp^r,!��lcJ-ubi'c�� yard' "fftis .i'ottK.^v.bf'Jt'j, X  $$ohipsoK "|i:599^. "atlct.."fe.^-jfcto   rofak  Avscjric|  A; "CampbglJi F, ��1t)eacon and ��.;  M^iCac^alo^ and' $5  for rock" work;  "J(ilm::;MMnro,yf(J000^  aiftl $^ for  reek  Av^oKk;," M:e]3eath #;Co.; ��7|> cents per foot,  AAjlueh wtJi'ke;:! Out at $^808.75; and, $5jS0  fSr-roelc worfc, "The  couneii considered  alPtlte figures too Ji%h, a-nd it wns Sng-  gestedi that it could be eheaper  doiie by  day lahor.   The.matter was referred to  the public Avoi'ks coninlittee AA'ith iJOAver  to act.  The   city   engineer   stated   that   the  teamsters wanted $&jjOji/toi^for hiuiUng  HEhe steellSipe, audTt~^vas decidetlto rise  the city team, uoav stailding  idle  iii the  fire hall, for that purpose.  A eoiumuiiieation was read from, B, S.  Tayloi-, announcing tliat the Hamilton  and Giant Powder Companies hud removed theft' powder to their new maga-  /,h.je, iUitl asked the leave of the eoiiiieil  to 'keep 8000 pounds of powder in their  old niaga'/.iiie on Hoover's point. The  mayoi- was strongly opposed to granting  tlie companies any favors, and asked, for  a inotiion to the effect that the companies  should only be allowed to store the  alnoui.it fixed by law. Alderliian rjillyer  thought they inight be allowed to keep  1500 pounds at the old inagazine,  lie said that niiriiiig men, especially in the Ymir and Suhno  districts, wore being put to great  inconvenience througli not being able to  secure suftieient quantities of poAvdor under tlie neAV arrangement. The powder  Could not be brought in on a passenger  steamer, nor in a row boat in rough  Aveather. Alderman Beer Avished the matter: left to the mayor with poAver to  ac't��--\ Eventually"the' communicatiori A\'as  laid on the table, until the next meeting  of jthe council, Avhen, it was hoped,  there would be a larger attendance.  Jjssias Thompson, contractor, here made  a ! personal reipiest to the council  fori the sum of $125 which had  beep disallowed by the city engineer.  He'claimed he had done work Avorth this  sum over and above Avhat the contract  called for. He also said his contract Avas  for $185 and he was $300 behind on it.  The city engineer subsequently explained  Thompson liad had tAvo pieces of Avork,  and that owing to a clerical error, he was  instructed in his contract Lo excaA-ate  two feet too deep on the ,one, and two  feet less on the other, though the total  amount of AA'ork to be done remained the  same. Thompson Avanted to be paid  extra for the extra tAA'o feet in the one  case, but objected to having the two feet  Avhich he had not exciiA'atcd deducted in  the other. The mayor Avas authorized to  look into the matter, with power to  act.  A letter Avas read from J. F. Gross explaining that the delay in sending the  purchase money for the city debentures  AA'as due to his Toronto laAvyers not  having yet given their opinion upon the  bylaw. He Avill Avire the money on  getting the lawyers' opinion.  The request of C. II. Bi'oavh for the  sewer, at present laid to the Star boarding house, to be extended up the alley to  his house AA'as referred to the public  Avorks committee.  The city  engineer AA'as instructed to  put   in  catch  basins  at  the corner of  Stanley and Mill, and  at  the corner of  Stanley and Victoria Avhen he deems it  advisable.  Alderman Kirkpatrick called attention  to the state of the road to the cemetery.  It AA'as so bad that at a recent funeral  the hearse AA'as upset. The hearse was  no longer taken to the cemetery, but the  coffins Avere transferred to ' Avagous. He  suggested that an alternative route to  the cemetery could be obtained by going  doAvn Houston street, Avhich could be  fixed up at a small cost. The alderman's  suggestion Avas agreed to, but no motion  aviis made as it Avas held that the geueral  clause in the public Avork's committee  report empoAA'ering the city engineer to  fix up the streets covered the case.  Thequestion of additional seAvers came  up, but it Avas decided to do nothing until the report of the city engineer had  been handed in.  Attention AA'as drawn to the destitute  condition of Mrs. Sinclair and Mi's. Maslonka and their respective families, and  the mayor A\ras authorized to look into  the matter and take measures for their  relief.  The advisability of calling a special  meeting of council to pass the road tax  bylaAV, a tux Avhich the council intends  levying at once, Avas discussed but no ac-  tiqn^akgn. '���:,���'������ .' ��� \-%' "n"n ������';V;-;-v-"-;���;::-���:-;:,''-^-���::  |^"j^h'e?:ni!v^^^^  Mlll/cq'htia^  CANADIAN NEWS BY TELEGRAPH  But it is Not Very Important:  Markham, Ontario, August 28.���William Miller of Markham toAvnship and  tAA'o children of the late William Beatty  of Stouffville, a boy and a girl, aged ten  and tAvelve, Avere crossing the raihvay  track in a buggy, when they Avere struck  by a train and all three badly hurt.  Young Beatty is not expected to recover.  Ottaava, August 2S.���The Dominion  rifle association matches opened today.  Weather fine, but very warm. Entries  are one hundred more than last year,  numbering 450 in all. First match shot  AA'as the Tyro, for new beginners, in  Avhich the best score made AA'as only 33.  Sapper Fur/, of the. Charlottetown engineers ami sergeant Morse of the 09th battalion led for first place. Pfce. Youhill,  90th battalion, Avon .$4 Avith a score of 90.  Chatham, Ontario, August 28.���William H. Tige, a prominent grain and commission merchant here, is missing, and it  is feared that he has made aAvay AA'ith  himself, ill-health having affected the  brain.  QUEIU3C, August 28.���R. Gaiumore, a  merchant of St. Jean des Chaillous, announces himself as a candidate in the  Liberal interest for the vacancy in this  county caused by the appointment of Dr.  Rinfret to the inland revenue collector-  ship. Notary Boisevert of Lotbiniere is  also spoken of. A grand Liberal rally  and demonstration in honor of premier  Marchand Avill be held September 3rd at;  St. Michael de Bellechasse. v, ��  u  ^���i���igfeagg::i!egate::"inoBt'e��.^  ��� '     ������ ���"" '��� .""^vLpyltl^p^p^ltion,  llOH^= OitSs^4iS'6ly:"Ei0igath "cldbtSii i%- $&K  ina.ds:/to5S^  . Wi\iiU^iiii\iei\\i{l "��b .jiis " "f|f'HoAy.ei!|t "-N?- )'&":  ttrain'fronf ���iii,ii_\vbnrih-g the" cPitieiSiiiS!of the"  0]jp|��s]tionv4esft 'tixuf shprild" V"el:eiAf5 words",  of ill.i&lin"g,����" Tliei eptii%.oppositihjr ro^?e  to support jbhe motion  foradjplii^ineut  Uiatle by  the right hoU- sir Jjlliii "Giji"'  don "^prigl;,   the  iornrer"   i5|teC��lei:s  wlio  repealed;  tlie atigiiiiieiits" lie  had! usecl  in the previous  debates, aiKl�� asked tlie  premier what  actioi!   tlie  .Cape, eabiilet  l>i'<yiiosed tp tiike in tlie uiattev,    He said  that the recent speeeh of   the .British:  ^eerefeiry of stateLfoi; the colon ij^'jjfosepijt  Chamberlaili of iJirTsiiughaiil, i?iigland7  had forced alt to the conclusion tliat  South Africa Avas on the brink of Avar  unless tlie TraiiSA'nal met the British  dbmaiids. In his opinion the Cape  government Ought to .follow tlie example  of Portugal ixt Delagoa Bay, aiid refuse  to ijerniit the transit of anus us long as  the crisis lasted.  The lawyers' Way of Butting it.      "' VH-Tolt'M, Anifiis"! i'llfi. (sill.  To'llie J''il[li,ti*of The 'IVIlnihus' .AI,y nlriiiJliiHi tiimIk;cii  railfud to Hie ft-i.llnv5in(j ill n' 'I'llfftl;^)-: slKW-ial ,fi:i>tu Vlfc,  U��rl,n; 'VM.i'. Witl-lfliw >i.U<> liml :\ talk wifli Tiini-ieV, I'gii.*  i& I'otls ovgr tliiilr wilidtor t|lMl client lilliUX^i Tim VI*;-  Ifii'llt lii.wyef!." KCiiile l.iilK! hk'��'Mli!fti'l��e<l Hie cttuiioil with  mi iiecontii. Cm' $7ij*l. It liviiM. uxeuNrih'Dl '"t Ufiiny SH:  t!iillih(.'.r"jjat the, Itiw.i'as lo ftwfiiil. ��,Wf�� in .sellliMueiil."  Thin st life i mi iii is unftiif l-o jAlesssiw. TiifiJiw, l'l.'.Uilw iSt  f'lit'lii. "I'lle fiiel-s nf lliis iiii,il,li.;r tir<! flint Ihe tl<j��oiiiil numi  iii by ftl'iMtffH1. 'I'iumwi*. I'��terH Si J'olfo \Vit�� not eoiisiih'red  cxeuiwivo. Vint \VhOii it aviis rcfismid lit iiums dl.y Multe'l"  tor I fiiiiml UiiU tin's lilii���ii'li<)rt wliich had heen emci-u*.-  fully (MU'iried on. !m<! reHtilted l.ft ajiuilftiiuitit lit fnvoi: of  the city for n Uii'i^e umiiunt of costs, wdiicli lnul not hi'-en  I'eeovered from the ui>|.M��lt_ imrty, anil itiiiler tlie��; ��ir-  enmslfinces 1 u.-tkeil Mess'rs. Tiifijior,. I'etcrs & Potts l<>  make Home reiljiiuttoti, lo which proposition tliey at once  tiKi'uctl, not; lieeaiiso either I or tliey eoiusidored Ihe Hill  exoecfive, but Himply because tlie costs of siiecessful litigation had fallen entirely on the city.    A'ours truly.  : \\", A.(IAl.,I,UIKIt.  KiNCisviLi.K, Ontario, August ^28.���  James Emery, aged 70, a pioneer of Essex county, fell dead Avhile driving his  coavs from the pasture last evening.  Winnipeg, August 28.���-Prederick Johnson, farmer, formerly of Portage la Prairie, but more recently of Gilbert Plains,  shot and killed his Avife aiid three children on Sunday at his home. Johnson  afterAvards committed suicide. There.  Avere no Avitnesses to the crime, Avhich  came as a great shock to the community,  iii Avhich the Johnson family Avere Avell  known'and generally respected. Johnson  Avas seen by several people the day before  the shooting, Avhen he appeared to be perfectly sane and in high spirits. His relar  tions Avith his family had ahvays been)  most happy, and it is impossible to find a ;  motive for the aAvful deed.  Copper Finds; in the Yukon.  ffC2|>niiJv''*'Ii>.is^\^r/^ifty'?"nnle.S3iTi?^^  "l&#*'fi!^.&El^  -pu^i^rHlmg^orBhillP'f^ete"^^^  twol |eafefeago.^b}fe ^',MAtep  ^\veHt}mox\Mm^ia}x^i^\j^  .aY^tri^ffi\faiV^ej^>^  ���jJCrty^". .di^'Yi^Sjttys'iijl^^  ^ms-  Situation in JohannesburK.  Cai'ictoavn, August 2S.--Aceording to  reports from Johannesburg the burghers  are everywhere changing martinis for  mausers. A heavy load of ammunition,  including 300 mausers, arriA'Cd at Johannesburg on Friday from Utrecht in the  Netherlands.  JoHANNKSitiMUi, August 28.���The Ui.t-  lander council held a long meeting today  to discuss the acute business distress that  has followed : the); pnilonged political  crisis. 'It-was:decided to bring the situation to the notice of the Imperial government.  J,0ilitiSii. Aine-i$cii '^ri^ivtioiji^  A, Local, IS^'an- j(teota"$Ke\Qpni��^^  The laiid-S im& 'W'a^ini^piw^l^iM^Mff  ���awiWd'ed tlie co!-itl'andtifor*thc el;fe"c"t|pn &o&)  LaAvii, a cOiitraetOr" 4fBo^s%iu3i^ie'!e^n:i^  =traet^priee-beihg=ihrrth6^n��sighborho"o^^^  $4.0,0.00.    In tliis cohjieetfiOh it  i$-AVorthy .  of note that the goV^rnnieiit has  givjgjn  tlie  iiUpoi'tailt  Wpr)c to a Ideal inah,"i��- ;  stead yf folloAving tl'yj, practice ojf tlieir  predecessors   in    selecting   i|on*l:esideirt,-  coiitraetors.    The   people   of  RpssslaM^l "  Will also be pleased liJutt they are to  olj??  tain a eoiii't house ih keeping with' tli^  importance of the" tir't$,, thb- tivljejj^Htiiire;"  of  $10,000   now aufiljori/.ecl,   eOiu||C!Jiug E  very fa vorably Avith   that  of- $ni*)00= i\\)- *  propria .ted for  the saine Avjirk Ivy " the"  Turner .gpvenijuewt.    \V?pi;k aHR be ctjnv  liiei:i(;ui'| at on.ee.n  Ladies Disappointed.  London, August 2$.--The ofllcijils tit'  the (Creator Britltin exhibition at I'inrls-  court, London, decided today on account  of! the recent scandals to close agjliust  As'omon the Ivaflir kraal peopled by 300  African nativesj wlio depict scenes of  savage life in��� connection with the exhibition. Ka otticial notice of the closing  Avas tiosted, and an exfcraorflinary scone  ensued this eA'euiug about <1 o'clock when  sonic 500 Avoiiien appeared' at the gates of  the kraal seeking admission and protesting at their diHappoiutinent.  Eight of the Imprisoned Miners Escape.  Eight of  the ��� minors  confined  in  tlie  military   stockade  at   Wardner,   Idaho,  escaped on Friday night.    Their  names  are:    Pat-'Adducllc, Jerry  Crouin,  Alexander  Wills,  George 'C'raddock,   Joseph  Iiiimin,    Joe   Billie,   Chris   EH,   and  %,  Cozy.oglio.      A   sergeant  of   the  guard,  named Crawford, passed   them   through  the gates, on the pretense that they Avere  being  taken  to the  hospital.   None of.  them  have been recaptured,    Crawford  Avas   arrested    at   Missoula,   Montana.  Addudle, Croniu,   Wills, Craddoek antl  Iuiuau. aro nuder iudictmeut for murder. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C.. TUESDAY, AUGUST-SO, lfiflO.  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By that date, too,  the Nettie L Avill be AA'ith in four miles of  steamboat and railway transportation, as  it is expected that tA\ro railways AviII be  built and in running operations to the  south end of Trout lake and steamer connection betAveen the end of the track and  Trout Lake City.  A Clever Kootenay Boy Dead.  Golden Kra.  Last A\rcek Clifford Kimpton, oldest son  of Mr. and Mis. It. A. Kimpton  of Windermere, awls brought to the Golden hospital for treatment,   Avhen it  aa'ms found  that lie A\'as suffering from an   attack of  appendicitis.    Dr. Syh'ester  of Toronto,-  avIio' came through   A\rith  the   Canadian  Press  Association,  and   Dr.   Itichardson  operated on him.    On Tuesday Dr. Brett  of Ban IT AAras sent for and performed a  further  operation, but still   Avithout relief, and the patient died  that  night of  peritonitis.    Mrs. Kimpton'was with the  deceased through his illness at the hospital, and Mr. Kimpton came doAvn on Saturday.    Deceased Avas a clever  and promising  lad, aud  much  sympathy is expressed for the parents in   their bereaA'e-  nient.    The funeral took place  on Wednesday, the procession leaving St. Paul's  church for  the  Golden cemetery.    Ven.  archdeacon McKay and llcAr. M. Turner  read  the  burial   services.    The   funeral  Avas  largely  attended, many friends of  the bereaved parents coming from Donald, their  former  home.    The pupils of  the Golden school, under their headmaster, Mr. Bates, formed iu procession to do  the last honors to their fellow  schoolboy  from Windermere.    The coffin Avas beautifully clothed in floAvers and'.wreaths.'  M* ANDALUSIAN $  ||J AND SHETLAND |  T$ WOOLS |  Irvine  FALL GOODS  4-PLY ^  BEE HIVE ^  WOOLS $  m  JUST OPENED I  W FANCY AND PLAIN EIDER DOWNS, ENGLISH FLANNELETTS in plaid, pink,  m, blue, white, etc., also in FANCY STRIFES AND CHECKS, BOTH LIGHT AND DARK fl  B  J? good washing colors  W  ^  Dress Goods  $  fTf\  \j_y Ladies' Cloths in all the newest shades.    These goods are of just the right weight %  W and texture to fit and hang nicely.    We have them in medium and good qualities 3fe  m  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  ��ite QErUnme*  Daily Edition   Wkkklt Edition    First Ykar, No. 202  .. Seventh Year, No. 31  .  WiTiiIall  the principal' producers in  the Slocan refusing to ship, tlio. mines of  West' Kootenay are  marketing  close  oil  to $700,000 Avorth of pre a- month; or at  the rate of $8,400,000 a year.   This is a  good shoAving for production.    But the  showing is still better when  it is vieAved  from the treatment side of the question.  Of the 6000 aud  odd tons,of ore mined  and -shipped  last  Aveek, over" 4000, tons  -were"treated at local mills and smeltci's.  The'ore  smelted locally  not only, gives  employment to. a large number of men.  directly,-but it gives employment indi-  ' rectly to hundreds of men in the Crow's  Nest coal mines, for every ton of coke  - and  coal used' at both  the Nelson and  Trail   smelters   is tho   product   of   the  Crow's Nest coal mines and  coke ovens.  "If'British  Columbia is to have its full  measure of prosperity, the product of itsn  mines must-be treated iu British Columbia.    Kootenay is making a good start in  .that direction, and the men Avho are do-  _ing-thegood-work-sho5ild-be-encouraged  in every legitimate way by the provincial  mm mmmii  Hoiulquartors for  FIRST-CLASS BUilBJKC MATERIAL  government. One Avay in which this  could be done would bo to remit the mineral tax on the output of all mines treated  locally and doubling it on the output of  all niines shipping to foreign smelters.  ;    The Chief-End of Man.  Ki'in Artvocalo. '���  The lust for gold has justf skilled  another clover man. An ex-mayor - of  Haniilton is added to the long list of  Klondike victims. Here is his record: A  clergyman's son (his mother the daughter  of a Scottish.lord); an actor and athlete;  a medical student: a bank clerk; a laAv  clerk: an evangelist; a chief of police; a  politician;' a captain in the militia; a-  game warden; an alderman and mayor;  an auctioneer; a saloon keeper; a gold  ���seeker.' The mistaken creed'that "tlio  chief end of man is to make money" has  brought to ruin many men of magnificent  physique and strong intellectual ability.  The Richest in the Lardeau.  licvclsiokc Herald.  A feAv days ago the Herald announced  a iioav and important strike of over three  feet of clean  ore on the Nettie L, near  Ferguson.      Yesterday   the   importance  and richness of the ore in this body aviis  demonstrated  by assaycr iloldich  when  he made an assay from samples brought  _to_to_wn_by_the_managor,^W.-B.��� iVooI-  The assays gavo the astonishing result as  follows:    717 ounces silver, $19 gold, 70  per  cent  lead and   10 per cent  copper.  Mr. Pool was as much surprised as anyone when   the  result, of the assay was  Made known  to liiiu, although he Was  Satis/iGd that the stj'ike was a rich otic,  .yet lie did not figni'o that it would reach  the figures  tliat it did;   Manager Pool  has made a fifihotrs mine in one single  yioxv out of it prosjsect that had notlfiiig,  Black French Crepons  For handsome dresses and separate skirts  BLACK  AND  COLORED  WOOL POPLINS  WHITE TIBET      WHITE IMITATION BEAR  For Children's Coats  Navy and Black Serges     New Goods Arriving Daily  Fred Irvine & Co.  ��� m  ��  '    INCORPORATED 1670.  We have just opened up a  consignment. of Cigars consisting of the following standard brands:  <   Bock��� Superflnos  Bock Conchas  Bock Puritanos -  Henry Clay Conchas Extras  Henry Clay Puritanos  Upmann Conchas.  Triumfo Conchas  La Lola Conchas  We also carry a full line  of Domestic Cigars at prices  to suit all trade.  %  %  VICTOEIA   BLOCK,   tt^^limS,   STEEET,   ISTEU-SOasr/ 23. 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Victoria  street..'. ���  3500  2 lots with cottage rented at $20 per month, Stanloy  Ktrout - T  3000  6 lots in block UD, all cleared and fenced in...  2500  AGENTS FOR  J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  W-^IRID BEOS.  Real Estate and General Agents, Baker St., Nelson  Charles A. Waterman & Co.  S|  can give us th& size (length,  breadth, and height of ceiling)  of the room,, or rooms,  WHAT THE JUDCE  AND  THE BISHOP SAY  do the rest,   In prim,  beauty of design and, quality  bargains will surprise you.  BLACKSf^itHiNG  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  ,\y��  on repairing promptly attended to by a flrst-class  Josephine and Vernon Streets.  T. C.  DUNCAN, Secretary.  GENERAL  BROKER.  FIRE, LIFE, AOQIIJBNT AND S-tOKNESS  ii^s*i_rR^3src3iE3  REAL ESTATES AND LOANS.  TO LET-iSovoral houses of dlfferont sIkos.  KOB SAIiE-Ucal estate iti all parte of tho city.  GUSTOMSBROKERS  AUCTION   LRS  BEAL ESTATE and MEBAl MEMH  Baker Street, Nelson  FIRST DOOR WEST? BsOTT. ft C. B\7I:IiDIK[G.  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver, B. G.  wheolwrighi.  Special attention given to all'kinds of repairing and  cualom work from outside points.  BoArding and day school for girls will re-open on titer  isthidny of August. Vacancies fo'tr boarders. For tefms  and proepoctuH apply to  MADEMOISELli'G KERN, Principal  Thomson Stationery Co., Ifi  ���jsr-ELsoasr, jb. a.  Canada Brog and Book Co.,  'X.X3S��X_?*Hir>  Corner of Baker and Stanley Streets, Nelson  FOB STILISH MttLfflRI  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Dress Skirts  CALL ON  Mrs.    E.   McLaughlin  JOSEPHINE STEEET, NELSON  Sftop:   Ha" Street, between Baker and yernbrt, Helsoit| ^PMCATI0*N*   TO   PURCHASE   LAND,  Notice is hereby given that thirty days after date, I,  tho undersigned, intend lo apply to the chief commissioner of lands and works, 'Vlctorin, B. C, for tho pur-  pnaso or the following described piece of land, situate on  tbo Nelson side of Kootenay river, and being aboutseven  miles up .from Nelson: Commencing at a post marked  'fapo. q.Tnnstall, Junior's S. AV. Corner"; thence east  eighty chains; thence, north forty chains to Avhere low-  water mark is; and then following the sinuosities of tho  shore to the point' of commencement.; all containing,  more or less, 1��0 acroi, ' GEO. C. TUNSTALL, Jit. .  August 7th, J899.'  BOOT AND SHOE  NOTICE  9 9 0  ROYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS.   .    .    .   .   ,  Two lots* with two-sjtory hbuso oh Ijatimor  Streeti licitr Joscjihiiie1,,,,.��� ����.',.��.... jliJOO  .Sonus:  *li��H! ijaSh, baliiiijib oh hi6rl��au;c.  Sixty-acre iaheji, iiihe miles froin cfty'OiWako  shore.  s .>.. .'..  .81000  One-half cash, bnlanco on niortg^ge. ���  On loan coiidltipiis arc life cheapest and bent  oflerod.   You can, repay at any" time without'"        ,  bonus:  ^A-G-asatSTTS  FOR  British Columbia Permanent Savings & Loan Company. .  Globo Savings & Loon Co., Toronto.  *r*i^s*rj*R^.asrGE   ,  Wire, lilfe, Accident, and Sickness.  GAMBLE ��Sr 09JRiBiL,iUy,',A^t��  Baker Street West. Nelson, B.C.  UNION   MADE  Kootenay Cigar Manfg. Co.  Nelson, British Columbia.  MINERS WANTED.  The Tangier Mine, Limited, Albert Canyon, on /.he  main line of the C. P. K., 23 miles east of KereJstoko.tro-  qaires six good minors.   Wages $3.50 por day.  The lindorsigncd having purchased the MaaJonka stock  of Jloots a��id SJioea, they will bo sold at greatly reduced  prices.   Kepairiiig done at old prices.  GEORGE IX MILLKR,  ._ . . At Maslonka's old stand 011 Hall street*  Nolson, August. 23rd, 1899.  ONE DOLLAR ALOAp"  The undersigned has ft large quantity of fir, cedar, and  tamarac slabs, in l(i-inch and 4-foot lengths, suitable for  stove wood, wliich will bo sold for SI a load at tho mill  yard.  NELSON SAW & PLANING MILLS, Limited.  Nelson, August 10th, im.  $550 will purchaso a choice residence corner, 100 by 120  feet.  $2100 will purchaso a central lot and residenco.  $100 will  purchase  tAvo nice lots and shanty, Robson  street. Hiimo addition.  $3000 will purchase four nice lots and residence,  10,000 Pooled Fairmont i cents.  Bhickcock (Ymir) shares 20 cents.  5000 Utica at l| cents.  ALEX STEWART  Turner & Boeckh block, Nelson, B. C.  ���SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing: 120 acres of land witbln one and a  quarter miles of Nelson.  For'fnrtlier'  particulars apply to  FRED  J,  SQUIRE,   Nelson,  B.  C  '�����:��"��������tf??I THE TMBtft-TE: NELSON B. 0., TOESDAY, AUGUST 20, 1809.  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up,     -  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LOKl) STItATHCONA AND  Hon. GKO. A. DKUMMONI).  K   S. CLOUSTON   MT  UOYAL, Prosldcnt   Vice-President  .. .General Manager  _sr-E3XiSO*N* ���B-RA.-isro-iH:  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       BRANCH K8 IN       | LONDON  (Brig-land),   NE3W YORK.   CHIOAGO  and in tho principal cities in Canada.  ��� Huy and soil Sterling Kxchnngo and Cablo Transfers  OIWNT COMMKKOIAL AND TKAVKF.I.KK8' 0KKIMT8,  available in any part of tho world.  DKAVTR ISSUKD    COI.T.KCTIONB MADRj KTO.  [SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURUKNT KATK OF INTKItEST PAH)  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Sl^aguay, U. S., Atlin,, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yin\on, District.   -  THE   OLD   MINER.  Utitfo Mining World.  Every old minor is not a rich man, nor  lis every rich .miner an  old ono.    Many,  very many, who joined in blazing trails  to the El Dorados in the far Ave.st, Avho  [have built their humble log cabins where  [prosperous towns or cities haA'e long since  [displaced them, avIio set their stakes and  Jspent months or years to develop pros-  ipects into paying niines, Avhose hopes of  [striking -wealth  ended  not  in  fruition,  I whose tenacity of purpose and  bull-dog  lliang-onativeness led them, over and over  jigain, to venture their time, their labor,  [their all in other equally disastrous ven-  [fcures, haye either passed "over the range"  [to prospect for a home "not made with  hands, eternal in  the heavens,"   or are  [now Avith whitened locks, and .furroAved  [checks,  with  bent   forms and faltering  [steps, patiently Avaiting for the summons  [to lay aside their picks, pans and shovels  and drills and spoons and hammers, and  go up higher .where short, Avater and bar-  I ion rock aro knoAvn no more forever.  AVe  say  there are  many  old  miners  I waiting to join their comrades avIio "nave  [gone to find a bonanza iu  the Great lie-  jyoiui and Avho leave the world as they  [entered it, with nothing to claim save the  lair they breathed.    Hut tliey have done  Ji good  Avork,   they  lived   not  in   vain.  Il^ifty years ago they crossed the Missouri  (river and entered the "Great American  [Desert," into an' almost unknown coun-  Itry,  bearings their lives in, their 'hands,  [iiecting  and  overcoming; obstacles  and  lungers of Avhich they knew not, fright-.  [tiling or driving the savages of-the ]>1 tins  Yoni their pathway, and the less savage  (tniinals from 'theirJ lairs, but defying all,  followed tlie setting sun on its course to  hho  golden sands  of  tho Pacific, whore  jihoy founded an  empire   in domain, a  storehouse abounding in gold.    But they  [juiided   better  than  tliey knew.    They.  [>pened the AA'ay for others to follow.    In  luliixiiig' the   trail   to   the   Pacific   they  pissed over great stretches of plains and  Inountains, out of which Nebraska, Color-  l.do,  Wyoming,   Utah,   Idaho,   Montana  nd 'Nevada have been carved each treasure vault "froni Avhich countless millions  avu been emptied into the busy Avorld's  lhannels  of trade,  creating millionaires  jnd   multi-millionaires  while   the trail-  [la/.ej'S themselves wereawakening echoes  It camps that added more millions to tlie  I'oalth of countries and their people.  All hail to the old miner! He opened  [io gates through which the more for-  [mate passed to wealth. He unconi-  'iuliihgly ���euttui'ed the jirivatioos and  itrdshipsJAvluch^are o^eiLjlieihandinliids^  |"tlie pioneer. His youth .disappeared- in  combats with an adverse fortune.  Jid<ll6-aee claimed him before he fi.ui_.h-  his battle,and old age lias seized him.  |lysieally broken, 'down, but rejoicing,  i :liiis lived to see an empil'e in the west,  111 of whieh lie saw and part of which  Was." Envy possesses not the old  liner's soul. It��� -Will be a short timeoilly  lieii the busy, hustling, bustling throng  |��W around hini, grasping for the "al-  |ighty dollar," Will also fern,vol the road  jidiiig to the uiifciiowii hereafter, which  is prepared to. take when tlio signal is  Ivdtt' to "strike en/nip.'*  mouth an' say nothin'; an' more'n that���  you'd better mosey aAvay from here."  The man rode away, and the inspector,  addressing the postmaster, asked : "Why  didn't you give that man his letter?"  "Kase ho Avorked agin me when I  run for justice of ther peace."  " Yes, but the government doesn't  care anything for that." "lleckun not;  but I do." "But you were appointed to  'swerve tlie people." "Yes, an' i sarvo 'cm  too���sarve some of 'em liko old nick."  "My friend, I am  a  travelling  postoffice  inspector  and- "     "All   right  then���  travel."    "If I report you  to  the post-  office department, Avhich 1 shall  be yory  apt to do, you'll  travel."    "Reckon   not.  This establishment b'longs to me, an' nobody's got a right to tell me ter get out."  "How   long   have you  had  the office?"  "Ever since  I  built  it."    "I mean   Iioav  long have you been postmaster?"    "Bout  a year, I reckon."   At this juncture an  old follow  who  was  cautiously  picking  his AA'ay among  the  bushes approached  the  postmaster,  who  upon seeing  him,  sprang to his feet and exclaimed, "What  in thunder do you want here, Abe Smith?"  "Come after that paper."    "Didn't I  tell  yer that yer kain't git it?"    "Yes, but I  'lowed that yer might change yer mind."  "Wall, I hain't.     When  yer  refused  to  lend me yer slide 'an hoss t'other week I  told yer that yer couldn't git nothin' else  outen'this office."    "I'm  er goin' to  git  that paper."    "Not 'lesson  yer a better  man   than  I  be."     "An'  that's   erbout  what I think."     "Wall,  help  yourself."  With agility surprising for such old men,  they grappled  each  other and  began a  desperate struggle.   Abe Smith succeeded in throwing the  postmaster.    "Now,"  said    Smith,   as    he    began    to   choke  old  Plunnner,  "going   to   let   mo   havo  that   paper?"     A  gurgled  "Yes,"  came  from tho postmaster's throat.    Smith released his hold, antl suffered Plummor  to  get up.     "Wall," said the postmaster, as  he   stood   brushing   tho   fragments    of  leaves   and   bark   froni  his   beard.'   "I  reckon I Avas sorter mistaken  in  yei\    I  didn't know yer was' such  a  nice  man.  Come in, Abe, an' git yer  paper,  fur yer  have earned it like a man."     "Ain't thar  a letter for me,, loo?"    "Yas.'\ "Well,  I  want it."     "Kain't git it, Abie.     Yer  fit  fur "the  paper an'  not  fur the  letter."  "Got to have it, Plummer."     "Not lessen  yer Avhip nie-ergin."     "B'lieve  I  kin  do  it."    All right, Abie."    They AA-ent at-it  again, pranced around,  striking  at eaelr  other.     Finally Plunnner  struck Abe a  heiwy blow and felled him ; then, seating,  himself ou the 'prostrate  man,  he  said,  "Don't want ther letter,  do yer,  Abie?"  "Reckon-not,  Plummer."   "All" right���  come erhead an' git  yer  paper."    When  Abe had gone, the postmaster turned to  the inspector and said,  "Want anything  outen mo?"    "No, I think not."    "Ef yer  had er letter here an' 1 didn't Avant yet-  to haAre it, yer Avouldn't argy ther p'int,  would yer ?"    "I don't think so." ' "Don't  want no ti-uek Avith nie?" "None." "Wall,  then, good-bye.    Got ter go in  iioav an'  make up ther mail."  to groAv larger. It Avas now too late to  do anything, so I just pulled her Avide  open and old 211 hit that buiich of cattle  'kabif.'  "To paraphrase the language of Tennyson, avIio glides into raptures of admiration over the charge of the Light Brigade  at Balakl iva, there Avere just simply cattle to the right of us, cattle to the left of  us, and more in front of us. After it Avas  over our thoughts reverted' to the hobo  on the pilot. 'Go out and see if he is still  there,' I said.  "Well," said an old brakeman, under  Avhose feet the frosts of many Avinters had  crackled as he Avended his way in the  dark over many a long train of box cars,  avIio had been listening to the story,  "Well." said he, "was he killed?"  "No," replied the engineer. "There he  sat, as large as any hobo could sit on the  pilot, with an oyster can milking one of  those durned coA\rs."  A Burglar Paid for His Protection.  All sorts of odd incidents occur in England's banking circles, Avhere strictest  measures are taken to protect treasure  from the robbers and burglars. Some of  the institutions pay cash for information  of, and in some cases from, the criminals  themselves. The Bank of England's  yeai-ly budget always contains an expense item due to such outlays. The  first experiment of the kind dates back  to 1850, when the directors of the bank  listened to a startling proposition made  by; a "ditch digger." The laborer told  the directors that he had discovered a  neAV and unsuspected method of getting  into the cellar vaults, Avhere the gold and  silver bars Avere kept, aud that he Avould  sell''his secret to them for money. The  directors hesitated, believing that, they  had taken every precaution against loss  ���from' the vaiilts, in putting up heavy  masonry, with plenty of iron bars, and:  by manning the building Avith armed  watchmen. But they finally granted the  man, Avho seemed to talk fairly, a chance  to try his plan, and a night was named  for the undertaking. At the appointed  time a committee of the directors  descended to the cellar and heard a pecu  liar scratching sound  under  their feet.  Two hours later the floor opened aiid the  ditch digger bobbed up serenely, like the  evil  spirit in a spectacular drama.    All  "around them lay bars of precious metal,  totalling in value $1.*3,()00,()()0.    The man  explained satisfactorily how it was done,  and  as a rewai*d  the directors assured  him an income for life on an investment  of ��10,000.    The crook AA'as content, and  it is believed he  remained  honest ever  afterward.    But other cracksmen   Avere  tempted  by  his  luck  to  try  the  same  game, ond the directors AA'ere inundated  with    suggestions   and     tips    on    neAV  methods of burglary and how-to prevent  them.    Among  other  things  they   paid  $20,000 for a process invented by a young  chemist, for copying ink, paper, water-'  marks and designs  of the banknotes so  perfectly as to defy detection.    The directors found they could employ his system  more  satisfactorily and  profitably  than the ojie they Avere using in the production  of their currency.    Despite the  fact that these expenditures have run up  into big figures in the last half century,  tho directors  of today say  that all the  money Avas well invested.  The Tremont Hotel  P. Burns & Co.  Head Office at  NELSON, B.  C.  Wholesale and Retail   .  ���   .   Dealers in Meats  Wholesale Markets at Jtalson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  Retail Markets at Nelson, K.-uslo, Sandon, Silverton, New DenA'cr, Ymir, Trail, Grand Forks,  Cascade, Greenwood, Midway, and Sirdar.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson  E. C. tljAVES, MaXiZgW  ORDERS BY MAIL RECEIVE CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION. '   '��� ��� "/  N|AL0NE & TRECILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  FULL LINE OF  A WSSTERftf' POSTMASTER.  !A traveling postoffice inspector went  I) into the wilds of Illinois a few weeks  h> for tlie purpose of investigating re-  >l'te<l irregularities;   One afternoon he  Inched a small cabin situated near a  Jiely road.    He stopped, intending to  It a drink of water, and, as he -drew  jar the house, was astonished"  at seeing  signboard bearing the following iuscrip-  I3n : " Poost.ofls."    A shabby old felloAv  line put, and, merely nodding to the in-  jiector, sat doAvn oii a stump.    "Hoaa'  le you ? " said the inspector.    " Tol'ble."  [Have you some fresh AArater handy?"  Plenty 11 v it doAvn thai'  in  the  branch.  pie of ther boys shot'my bucket all ter  jeces, an' sence then I hafter go to ther  ranch AVeu I Wcvuter  drink."    Just then  [man mounted ou  a mule rode up, and  Iked; " Mr.  Plummer, got any letters  i.r me ?"   " Yas, there's one here, Bill  latterson, but you kain't  get it.    Go on  pay from here, or I'll make you avusIi  ju  hadn't  come."    "Wush   yer would  tve it ter me."    " Yas ; and  ther niggar  lushed that ther coon would come down  liter ther tree,  but   he didn't come."  lay,   Mr.   Flmmuer- "      "Shut   yer  A Gool Hobo.  "It_W*s :jv_|_y JjackJnWi^T^j'^sj^jWL  .TSlffeiigilleer. "I Was ivuiling the limited  east frofli Council Bluffs to Chicago OA'er  tlie Rock Island. The night was bitterly  cold* We Avere aibout twenty iiiiles out,  and had stopped at a higlit office for or-  ders, and liiul started up again when the  fireiaan reached over and said:  " 'There is a Iiobo oh the pilot. SaAV  Jiiiu get on at tlie d0pot,' 'Sure?' I said.  ���Go out o�� M\g riJuiiiiigTboai'd antlijee if  he's there yet.' Tlie fireinan did its ho  aVus ordered to clo, and returned Avith the  information that tlio hobo was still tlicro  "'Well,' Jsivid* 'it%s a bitter jjold iiighii,  and if he can staud it out thOi'e Inm w'ill-  ilig he should rjdo AA'ith mo.'  "And Ave Avent tOAVard Chicago Avith  old 211 barking like Sixty at the Ioav  joints ahead, and forgetful of our headend passenger on the pilot. By and by,  bythe faint glimmering of the headlight,  I thought I saAV ahead Avhat seeined to tie  a bunch of cattle on the track.  "AsAveapproiiched it the bunch seemed  Front Doors  Inside Doors  , '     Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  louiil and coaac.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.r  If what you want is not in stock wo will mako it for you  1 CALL AND GET PRICES.  Liquors and Cigars  MINERS'  WORKINGMEN'S  MILLIONAIRE'S  BAKER STREET  INEL.SOIN, B.C.  , At Prices That '  'Removal Sale" Dealers;  -; Cannot Touch.        f  THEOMADSON  ALWAYS ON HAND.  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEER'S HOTEL  BAKHR STREET, NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  ,   Lighted by Electricity  Largo comfortnMo bedrooms and   ilrst-class  dining  room.   Sample rooms for commercial men.  'B-iVT'ES  'S3   3?*E5*R   X3^T3T  A CAR LOAD OF OUR  FAMOUS   LAOERI  WILL ARRIVE IN NELSON IN A FEW DAYS.  TURNER, BEETON & CO  W. P. DIOKSON  AGKNTS FOR KOOTENAY IIISTIIICT.  B. H. H. APPLBWHAITB  J.McPHBB  ���.it- '  Kootenay Eleetrie Supply and CiraiiiSi  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES^  L-s  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS. NELSON  Mrs.  E. C.   CLARKE,  Prop.  Lato of the Royal Hotel, Calgary,  D. HUME, Manager.  The finest hotel iu the interior.  Largo sample rooms.   Steam heat and electric light.  OHARLESHTELYER,  PRKaiDBNT'  HARRY: mUSTOM, JCQBNM Qy WARJQ'AND VERNOljrs'gS., NELSON  SKCRKTABV"  X.I-JVEII'-EIiP.  o?jEiri*E3-E'3H:ojD*raa  136  During the, soasdn we wilt deliver ico nt priA'Bte residences  and bUHinoHR houses daily in any  dct'.ired quantity at easonr&ble  prices.  WILSON & HARSHAW  L.. Pop  MANUFACTURKK OK  HEAVY TEAM HARNESS  EXPRESS HARNESS, PACK HARNESS  SADDLES, WHIPS, ETC.  ���VTM.HX3     S_?*R"E}*E31',     _sr_3r,so*Jsr  (Kx-Shorifl' of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash advnnc id on consignments Of merchandise.  Postoffice Bos oJ2 ..'.;......��� Nolson, B.C.  MANUKACTUKKKS Oir AND  '    DK.ALKlia IN  Rough arid JDressed Lumber  Mouldirigs  Doors and Sash  Fence jPpsts aiid Pickets  Office and Store Fitlings  YA&tOHY WORK OONK TO OKDRK,  SUCH AS  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  IN STOCK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  Sawmill on Government wharf.  Factory and ofllco, comer Hall street and C.P.R. track  iBteanlBilta  WILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A largo stock of flrst-claRS dry material on hand, alRO  a full lino of sash, doora, mouldings, turned work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:  Foot of Hendryx street, Nolson  Telephone, 91        Johll    Ra6,   AgGXlt  BAKER AND WAJSD STREETS, NJELSON  Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and Lig-hting- for Mines,: Towns  Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annafiqlatqrs^Blto"^"ffili'i'^T/z-^l'f-  P, O. Box 606. . , , Jo8eph^^^^J^t"^ei(��5n��BK!ffiv".��^/'  *S**' eiSS""  mi1  ALLEN'S  APPLE  CIDER  THORPE  &  CO.,  LIMITED  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained under ono  management, since 1890.  The bedsroonw, are well furnished and lighted by  olectricity. '  Tliodiijin{J;room��U not second to mis' in Kootenay.  *rho,b(8f ii�� always, fitockod by tho best domcriUO and  imporlwl UqitorH and cigars. .  '      ;r'  THOMAS MADDKN. Proprietor,  d. W.  SMITH,  PropHetor.  EVERYTHING FIRST-CLASB  Largo.nnd well lighted floated by hot al  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Electric bolls and light in every room  ' Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOiriSJU  VSOTORIA  J." V. PERKS, Proprietor  Free bus meets all trains RaualetalfO.  H  fl  Hourly ��troet ear to Rtatibn I1����oij��ioro, o. u.  Night Grill Room in connection, for the 0011 veniince of  guests arriving and departing by night trains.  Vienna Restaurant  Bakecstrect, between Josephine and  Hal! streets. Nelson.  MEALS AT'ALL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  BAKERY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY OOOKINO A SPECIALTY  ONLY WHITE HKLJ' EMPLOYED  ���R-     _=T*tJ*R*R'-r.,     PHOPBIETOB  I_^OTENAY COFFEE CO.  NKLSON. H. C.  ColTee roasters and dealers in Tea and CoU'ce.  Offer fresh roasted colFeo of best quality as follows:  JaA'a and Arabian Macha, per pound ...?   10  Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pounds    I DO  Fine Santos, 4 pounds '...,..  ;.....   1 00  Santos Blond, 5 pounds  1 00  Our Special-Blend, (5 pounds   1 W  Our Rio Roast, 6 pounds   1 00  ���   A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms 2 Doors East of Oddfellows 6lool_  Wort  Baker Steeet  Brick and Lime  =Iime=70=Ceqfs^per=100  Will deliver In ton lOtsi  Brick $12 per thousand.  At y"rtrd of oii gcows at government wharf��  The  Kootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.  Baker Stroot,.       T; GJ. PROG*?OR; Mariager  aENERAL TEAMSTERS  agents For  The Imperial Oil Co,   Standard Oil  Go.  Wa8hiqgion Brick arjd Liqe Co.  The H. W. fll|cNiell Co., Ltd., Canadian Ar|t})m-  cite Coal (Hard)  \�� Schooner  T       ^^^ D ���Dl&_n d-nn7  = /'n     f    n     m       D DQn,_n,--a��0    B E�� S    _ fl 0 1�� rv _,  �����-;,���.������/��. I  THEBEStllESSSQF BEER IN JNTELSpNilS;  attwe  ("briior SiliCJi and  Stimlej SircetB.  i. ^ m&%%x  parsoQS prodi^ .^j&v  ^���_?oiu*H3S^.'��JiE*i  Dealers In.  Among Dally per Express, Full  Lines of Fruits  in Season,.  The Trade Only Supplied.  Write or Wire for Regular Shipmeijta.  Nelson Iron Works  MANUKAOTORKrtS QV  ���QNGINHS, BOILERS, SHAFTING,  IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OF BVERT. DESCRIPTION  Ropairs promptly attended io.       P. O. Boix 173.  lodge MMimms,  TT-NIGHTS  OF PYTHIAS-Nolson   Ixwlge.  ICnightsof Pythias, moots in I  Haker and '"  Ige.   No,   25,  ......    ..        O.O.F.Jf all, corner  Kootenay strouts, every Tuesday evotiing al.  8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordiallv Invited tonttond.  T. LILUK. C. O. XI. G. .JOY. K. of R. & S.  NELSON LODGK, NO. 23,- A. F. & A. M. Moot*  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren Invitod.  NKLSON L. O. L., No. Ifi!��, moots in  I;0. O.-.F. Hjill.  corner  Uakur and ���Kootenay .streets,. Nt  and 3rd  Friday of.uaeh  month." Visiting bretheni cordially  invited. ���'  JOHN TOYK, W. M.:      V. J. BRADLKV, Hee-Sec.  NKT*SON ��� ^ItlK,   Number-  22.   Fraloriial  Order   of  Englse.incetsevory secondaud fourth Wednesday In  each mouth in Fraternity Hail.   Visiting brethren welcome.  J. IRVING, ProBkUmt.       J. It. WRAY, Secretory.  NylsOn, 11. C.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BItKWKRS AND BOTTLERS OF  Fine Lager Beer,  Ale and Porter  Prompt and regular  delivery to tho trade.  Brewery at Nelson.  APPLICATION TO_TBANSFEE LICENSE.  Thirty days notice is hereby given that 1 will apply at  the next sitting of tho Licensing Hoard of the City Ot  Nelson, B. C, to be allowed to transfer tho retail liquor  license now held by mo for tho Clarke Hotel, situate oh  lots numbered eleven and twelve (11 and 12) In block  numbered five (5) of tho City ot Nolson, British Columbia,  to Frank CampwJll and, George W. BartletL-  K. O. CLAHKR.  Dated at Nolnon. B. C. this 15th day ot AurusI, 18U0 THE TRIBUNE: NELSON, B. C, TUESDAY, AUGUST 29, 1809.  Mail Orders Filled Same Bay as Received  STOCKS THE LARGEST IN KOOTENAY  Assayers' Supplies  Drugs and Drug Sundries  CRUCIBLES  BRUSHES,  every  kind  SCORIFIERS  SPONGES  CHEMICALS  TURKISH   BATH  TOWELS  CHEMICAL GLASSWARE  PATENT  MEDICINES  FLUXES of all kinds  PERFUMERY, best manufactured  FURNACES  FACE   POWDERS  BALANCES, best  makes only  MANICURE   REQUISITES  W.F.T  &C0.  Corner of Baker and Josephine Streets, NELSON. BRITISH COLUMBIA  Special Reduction to Clear  I have a number of broken lines of Men's Shoes which  I have reduced below cost in many instances to make  room for fall stocks. These goods are first-class, including  all leading makers, such as GEORGE T. SLATER & SONS,  AMES-HOLDEN, JAMES McPHERSON, D. W. KING & CO.,  and other makers.  Postoffice Store  IJAKKlt STKKKT, NKLSON.  J. A. GILKER  Remember the Narrje  NEELANDS'  SHOE  EMPORIUM  K   Neelands' Shoe Emporium  TL will be lo your advantage to see our -largo  and complete stoclc of Boots and Shoes. We  carry the following lines: J. &.,T. Boll, J.  D, King &, Co., North Star Shoe Co., Foots,  Scliultz &, Co., Stratford Shoe Co., .Ames, IIoJ-  ��� den & Co., and other  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  Scaled the Wall and Escaped.  yet another limn has escaped from the  provincial jail, making four men in little  more than two months.      The first three  got away i'rom the chain gang when  out  at work,   but  on   Sunday,   between   one  and two p. m. Thomas Burns got out of  the prison  yard,   Avhere   he   and  other  prisoners   were    taking   exercise.      The  jailer on watch was called into the office  where a. friend desired to  speak   with   a  prisoner.    Sunday  is   visitors'   day.    lie  was absent in all about half an hour, and  when lie returned tlie bird had flown.   ]t  seems that by some means he got  up to  one of tho windows, climbed up the bars  and got  hold   of   the  gutter under   the  cave of the building.    1-1 o went along this  hand   over  hand   until   he   reached   the  stockade, then   lie;  swung   himself over,  dropped on the other side and made  off.  He is supposed to  have  taken supper at  McBoallfs camp, near the Hume which is  been built  to  Cottonwood   lake,  and   if  that is the case the provincial police are  confident   of   intercepting   him,   though  they are by no means certain  that he is  the  man.     Captain  Fitzstubbs, warden  of the jail, attributes his escape to the  fact that owing to there being no inner  or outer guard appointed, the jailer has  to'be in two  places  at  once.    The  men  are supposed to be constantly watched  while at exercise, and the rules also state  that   a   jailer  must  be  present  during  interviews between  prisoners  and  their  friends.     The warden was out at church  at  the time.    Thomas  Burns  was  sentenced to eighteen months' imprisonment  for holding up a saloon at tlie ball ground  at liossland.    Professor Frank Lewis and  several others are  undergoing  terms of  imprisonment   for   being   implicated in  the same scrape.  Are Over 2500 Strong.  .Tames Wilks, secretary of the Nelson  Minors' Union and district organi/.er of  the Western Federation of Miners, is  back from a trip through the camps of  Southern Yale. He organized a union at  Phoenix with a membership of 54, one at  Greenwood with 45 members, and one at  Camp McKinnoy with 45 members. There  are now unions at liossland, Phamix,  Greenwood, Gamp McKinney, Nelson,  Ymir, Silverton, Sandon, Whitewater,  Fernie and Lethbridge, with a total membership of 2500. The unions pay a sick  benefit of $10 a week and are not formed  to antagonize capital.  doctors enquire into her sanity, and if  they adjudge her insane she will be sent  to the New Westminster asylum. She is  suffering from the delusion that detectives are after her, and that someone is  trying to poison her.  Paul .Johnson was banquetted by the  Greenwood board of trade at the Imperial hotel on Saturday night. Tickets  were $(').  A public meeting will be held on  Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock at the  Waverley hotel, on Victoria street, in  the interests of tho Nelson minstrel club.  All singers and those interested in minstrel work are invited to be present.  When tlie railway is completed to  Grand Forks, the fare from Nelson to  Grand Forks will bo in the neighborhood  of $5.    Jt is now $10 via Bossburg.  The stonecutters.of Nelson have challenged the bricklayers to play a game of  baseball for $50 a. side, the match to take  place a week from next Sunday. The  proceeds from the sale of seats in tlie  grand stand, as well as the side bet, will  be donated to the Kootenay Lake General  hospital. The game will be played for  the sport of the thing. It should boa  good game and its object is a meritorious  one. Lovers of sport in general, and  baseball in particular, should turn out in  large numbers to witness .the event.  W. A. Galliher and George Tunstall returned to Nelson yesterday, the former  from Victoria and the latter from a trip  through the Boundary, where he reports  business as lively. II. Ken wick of This  Tinijunk likewise returned from the  Coast last night.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  lending makers.  20 AND"28 WKST BAKKH STHK1CT, NELSON  SS  IX   M^j^BTHUB   &   CO  8*  <$*  Thercustoms collections for the month  amount, up to date, to a trille over $12;-.  000, notwithstanding' the blue ruin  shouters.        *  Mrs. George  Neelands  returned   home  yesterday after being  away nearly two  -months,1  A man working that antiquated graft,  the .pen knife bunco game, is openly pursuing liis avocation without interruption  These gentry who make a living by lleec-.  ing the public should be given an hour to  leave town.  The license commissioners for the Nelson licensing district will sit this morning at the court house at eleven o'clock.  Tho carpenter work ou tlie addition to  Reistei'er & Co's brewery will be finished  today, and then, the work of placing the  vats and other browing appliances in  position will begin.  Maud Stockton is confined" in tho city  jail as being insane. The police magistrate  yesterday  gave   orders   that  two  Wanted���Private nursing by experienced nurse. Charges reasonable. Address Al.' S. A.,  Nelson. It. C.  Counters,   shelves,   and   store-fixtures  I'oi sale.   Apply lo Theo. JVIiitlsmi, linker street., Nelson.  Furnished rooms to let.    Apply to Mrs.  L. jYI. .Jameson, Carney lilnck. Maker siroet. west.  To rent���Two stores or offices and base-  iiient, 23 liy 30 feel, also two living' rooms on first, lloor,  opposite pnsiolliee on Vielorin. slieet. ' Km" sale���Lots IK  and II block llu. 87IHI; lot.7,.block 13, addition A. $��.'3;  lot.s 21 and L'2 block 5. Apply t.o W. A. .lowott, Vielorin  street. Nelson.  For Rent���The residence at the corner  of Victoria and Ward streets, recently occupied by W.  A. IVlnedonnld.   Apply to A. II. Clements.  ARCHITECTS. "  ���pWAUT & CAHIUE���Arcliitccts. Rooms 7 and 8 Ab-  J-1   erdeon block, linker street, Nolson.  To Wide  Awake  Customers  DEPOT  Corner Baker 'Arid. Ward Streets,  Vfiitcrmcloilft Pino AjjptcH, nnd nil bthor Fruits  ill season received daily.  Hazlewood ice Ci?eam  tee Cream Soda and  Mill!: Shakes and Buttermilk  Sweel Gtrotuii received Tuesdays aiid Fridays  Leave your orders,   Prompt delivery  MIXiLBfe LOTT  ^|ftic|patiiji|;  nDy��tB?e��,e^ai|i^;\  bp^ffirig bf a;  - P^os^poxciuS;  ^season'-,  ��parecj sfox. .  a'ri*"0ii;*isuaijy  TEAMSTERS  WANTED  Tlio undersigned wuuMlflylobor-  ersand teiimsterH to work oti tlio North Star liniiic.li.nl:  tlie Crow's Nest I'ass Railway, and about the same number of station men. We liave four miles of good station  work, wliich will be let. in the next ten days,  UKKCIvKNJUlKJK & I,UND, Contractors.  Cranbaook, H. C, August "fitrd, ISO!).  Bread delivered to any purl, of the city.  Cakes, pantry, and confectionery a specialty.  deYtiariel ;f#r  ..gepds %y  'personally  selecting; a  stock  that wilt  undoubtedly  irisure  arge   sales  and  increased   profits  to  our customers.  The impprtations; will comprise a  rare selectloji of Statues, Bronzes^  =Gloc%s-and=^rt^G6#ds^alsp=F(&nders-  and Fire jrons of all kinds. Manicure  and Toilet Articles fn infinite varieryy  covering a wide range of prices. Every  well-known maker of American Clocks  are also represented.  While East Mr. Dover conferred with  the leading and most enterprising manufactures of gold and silver jewelry  and is having specially made the finest  stock ever gathered together for the  Kootenay trade. It is almost unnecessary to suggest the advisability of seeing these goods before buying elsewhere,  We make a specialty in our watch  department. As we only employ the  best watch makers. All work guaranteed. Orders by mail receive our  prompt attention.  JACOB DOVER, Jeweler, Nelson.  NOTICE   TO   CONTRACTOBS,  Sealed lenders will be received by the undersigned up  to Xi o'clock noon on Thursday, August Hist, 18!)!), for tho  .biuwaficitt (lfl) by :��) feel) of the Madden block, on the corner of Haker and Ward streets. Plans and .HpuoificaUoii.s  may be seen at the architect's ollice. The lowest, or any  tcixtcf not necessarily accept cd. A marked cheek amount  ing to o per cent of the tender must accompany eaeli tender- ARTHUR K. irollGINS, Archil  Nelson, August.20th, IS!)!).  rcluteet.  CRAWFORD BROTHERS  Noxl to Royal Hotel, SUuilcy Street, Nolnoii  NOTICE TO OONTBACTORS.  ;' *   ���  Scaled tenders will be received by the undersigned up  to 12 o'clock noon on Tuesday. September ofcli, ISilfl, for  the coiistrtiolioi! of a two-story frame public school  building in the, ITtniie Addition. Plans and spocilicatioiis:  can lie seen at iny'rosidoriec.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily nccojiled. A  marked check amounting to 10 per eont of the lender  must accompany each tender.  FKKD HURRY.  Residence in Hume Addition, Nelson.  Nelson. August '28th, 1_!)<J.  HAIB GOODS AND HAIB OBIAMENTS  Switches from $2 up.  MRS. J. W, KKAttNJE Yhns opened a Ladies Hair Dressing P*rlor in room 1, Victoria block, Nelson, and is prepared to fir nisli everything in the way of hair goods  and hair tonics.   Treatment oi the scalp a specialty.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS  IN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  OARS  Canton Drill Steel  CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron, Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:  Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  Are You Going for a Holiday?  Why, yes;  on a fishing excursion and I intend to  buy my tackle from  The Lawrence Hardware Co.  Who keeps the best and cheapest goods in Nelson  WE STILL HAVE A FEW HAMMOCKS LEFT  which we are selling at a snap  ALL KINDS OF CAMPING SUPPLIES  The  Lawrence Hardware  Co.  14 WEST BAJCEI^ StpBEt  Telepfigiie 10.    Pbitoffiee Bo* K & W  Mind  your  P's and  Q's  properly a  is all  right when  What always applies to the careful housekeeper is  Your Ts  Pay the strictest attention to them and where  to buy them and you'll always have comfort  in the house. ' ,-:    \  We are having a big run on Teas lately; why not join the race?  ��&  FRUIT JARS!    FRUIT JARS!  *    Direct  from the manufacturer in pints,  quarts, and  half gallons.  Lake of the Woods Flour in stock.  JOHN A. IRVING & COMPANY  Baker Street West, Nelson, B. C. ���    ���        .  Straehajn   Bros  PX.1J*|W_3'E3R��-  ���E3TO.  o^er.^ laroxrsEi. block  >TSs-Kiy,#fe?.".v *;;>'��?


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